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December 24 - 31, 2019

The Trash Can at Food Basics is a Waistell Basket
What's Bill Barr Hiding in a Pick-Up Truck?
Chests, Toots, Juggs and Breasts of Landerneau

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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This is unfamiliar to me:
Israeli archaeologists have announced [2011] the discovery of an ossuary (a stone box used for a secondary burial of bones) containing the bones of a members of the family of Caiaphas, the high priests mentioned in the New Testament in relation to the crucifixion of Christ.

The ossuary contains an Aramaic inscription saying: “Miriam Daughter of Yeshua Son of Caiaphas, Priests of Ma’aziah from Beth Imri.” According to the archaeologists, the ossuary and its inscription are genuine and ancient. The ossuary was found in a burial cave in the area of the Valley of Elah, in the Shephela.

Below is an excerpt from The Jerusalem Post:

The high priest Yehosef Bar Caiaphas is known for his involvement in the trial and crucifixion of Jesus, but the prime importance of the inscription is the discovery that the Caiaphas family was related to the Ma’aziah priestly course, one of the 24 divisions of Kohens [priests] that took turns maintaining the schedule of offerings at the Temple in Jerusalem.

This is the first reference to the Ma’aziah course in an epigraphic find from the Second Temple period, which was the last of the twenty-four priestly courses that served in the First Temple.

The list of courses was formulated during King David’s reign and appears in the Bible in I Chronicles 24:18.

When I see Yeshua as the name of Caiaphas' son, with Mary as Yeshua's daughter, and Joseph as Caiaphas' first name, I think fraudulent make people think that Jesus was Caiaphas' relative. Just because archaeologists are said to have spent years trying to prove this find authentic doesn't necessarily mean that it's authentic. Those tasked with proving authenticity may have been part of the fakers.

I do find it interesting that "Ma’aziah" reflects the Maezaei Illyrians mentioned in at least half my updates in recent months. In fact, I have traced the Maezaei back to Caiaphas' veins through Julia Maesa Bassianus and further back through Quadratilla Bassus and her husband, Lupus Laevillus. Very interesting.

The ossuary of Caiaphas himself was found in 1990, if it be authentic. "It was inscribed 'Yehosef bar Qayafa' on the long side, and 'Yehosef bar Qafa' on the narrow side" (Wikipedia). Two versions of the spelling on one bone box.

For a while, God gave us dreams through me on a regular basis. Some may have been mainly for lesser purposes, merely to prove to me that the dreams were from Him in connection with heraldic symbols / surnames. It's been important to Him to prove this to me, otherwise I wouldn't take the risk in telling readers about the dreams, or how I interpreted them. I don't want to sound unnecessarily prone to being coo-coo.

The last update clinched the container of a shopping-cart dream as a "trash can." From the start, I had said that this container was larger than a 5-gallon bucket, and smaller than a barrel. A typical trash can fits that size, though in my eyes it didn't look like a garbage can. At this time, I'm entertaining the trash can as some aspect of Bill Barr due to "barrel," and because the Bill Chief is in the colors of the Barrel Chief (use this tab to load all other Coats for comparisons). The dream took place before anyone heard of Bill Barr as Trump's replacement of Sessions. It was introduced in the 3rd update of June, 2018. I had said:

The dream I had yesterday was packed and crazy. I was riding a shopping cart on the side like one rides a skate board. There needs to be a reason that I was riding it down a road on a hill. After that, I arrived to the place where the previous owner of my red Jeep, Mr. Simone, was. I was telling him that the door handle to the Jeep needed a part, and that it had the shape of a barrel. I kid you not, I had to describe to him what it looked like, and said it had the shape of a barrel. This was immediately after the shopping cart.

After telling him that, I was up high (about ten feet), I don't recall if it was on a ladder or what, and I had a large bucket (or was it a small barrel?) full of things that I don't recall, and I dropped the container to a pile of sand-colored material on the ground. It landed upside down, with the rim to the ground, and a fire started from inside the container, and started to become visible around the outside of the rim as it sat on the ground. I rushed and yelled, "someone get some sand" (to smother it), but I smothered it with the sand-colored material (I don't know what this material was for sure, but I assume sand). End of dream, I awoke at that time.

Every dream has heraldry that points to a group of related surnames. In this case, the sand can be to indicate that the Sand surname is Flemish. The trash can was discovered as per a Trasher/Tresure-like surname that named, Tracy, near or at Caen (Caens are also Cans). Trashers/Tresure's use the double-TRESSURE border owned by Flemings. I'm pretty sure that the sane was in a mound, for it was a circular patch of material, and Mounds are Mons' too while Mons is in the land of Flemings. Plus, French Simons use a "mon" motto term.

I will add here that my first pointer to Gregg Jarrett took place in the last update. The Jarrett lion is also that of French Simons, and it just so happens that I linked the Jarrett lion to the one in the Arms of Ghent, near Mons. The latter location is right beside a le Louviere location while French Louvier's (wolf of Lupus Laevillus) happen to share the checks of Irish Flemings and Dutch Flamings. I showed that Jarrets apply to the garden where God gave Mamie her thigh symbol, and Dutch Thighs (in the colors of the checks above) happen to share a giant and upright wolf with German Flemings.

There's more, because the Italian Simons were gleaned with Simon de Montfort (ruled Leicester), whose family married the Beaumont rulers of Leicester and Meulan/Mellent, and the checkered Shields above were the Arms of Meulan too, as well as those of English Vaux's/VALLIbus', the latter likely from Humphrey de VIEILLes, ancestor of the Beaumonts of Meulan. The dream has Intelligent Design, you see, a necessity if readers are going to conclude that I'm not coo-coo. Only after convincing readers that the dream's props have heraldic connections can we use the dream to point to deep-state actors that God wants to expose. Note "ValliBUS," for the Arms of Leicester has the ermined Bus cinquefoil. The Beaumonts of Meulan married the Leavells, the line from Lupus Laevillus.

French Simons use a "PLAISir" motto term that's probably partly for Sire's. The Place's/PLAISE's are strongly expected in the "PLACit" motto term of RIMS/Rums, you see, that the trash can caught flames at its rim, indicating that Rims/Rums are Flemings too. It's known that Flemings of Flanders settled big-time in Lothian, and that's where Ferme's were first found that are probably from Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este, explaining why French Simons use a "C'EST" motto term as well. Ferme's use a "firme" motto term, and Sire-branch Squirrels/SQUIRE's use "ferme." Ferme's are a branch of Fairs/Fare's, the latter first found in Cumberland with the Vaux's/Vallibus'.

But there's more, for the Place/Plaise Coat is a version of the Farne Coat which shares the red lion head with FARMers, and so we can glean that we are all over Fermo liners who had connected with the Sire- / Squirrel-line of Justine of Picenum (north side of Fermo). Justine's line is to Justine's, and Assi's/Asse's of Shetland, and the latter island is the location of Yell while I yelled to others that flames had developed around the rim. There is an Asse location to the near south-east of Ghent/Gaunt, a location that's beloved of gauntlet gloves, used by Fane's/Vane's (MONmouthshire, links to "C'est MON plaisir" motto) out of Fano at roughly the northern end of Picenum.

Barrs happen to use the giant Este eagle because Barrs were related to Este. Note that the Assi's/Asse's, Justine's and Sire's (and Arms of Vilnius) use scales of justice, a symbol appropriate for Bill Barr's attorney-general position.

I'm sharing these details to show that the dream has Intelligent Design. I've really wanted to know why a trash can was used, whether to point to surnames only, or to some deep state thing that He considers trashy. Bill Barr is conforming nicely to a trash can. He was promising at first, but is turning out to be garbage. The EAR of the Barrel dog is emphasized by being in a different color than the dog head, and I see ears as code for Eyers/AYERs while Barrs were first found in AYRshire. The other Barrs use hunting horns partly as code for Orne-river liners, and Caens/Cans were at the Orne river. The evidence is building that the trash can refers to Bill Barr, and Bills were first found in Somerset with Trashers, Tarrs/Tarres' and Sticks.

English Simons share the trefoils of Irish Shaws/Seths while the Arms of Ayrshire has a "shaw" motto term. The Shaw trefoils on a chevron are used in the same colors as quatrefoils on a chevron by the Ayers ("VIRtus"). Yells share the STICK garb (sometimes called "ears of wheat") while Shaws/SETHs are said to be from "SITHECH." This was the line of Traby-related ASTIKas (Vilnius), and the Arms of Traby shares the five, white ostrich feathers of Caens/Cans for reasons told in the last update in connection to Trasher-branch Tarrs/Tarres' (Tracys are also Trasse's). Tracy is a location near VIRE while Yells, who show an ear of wheat in Crest, have a "VIRtute" motto term. See that motto term in this repeat from the last update: "Minutes after lamenting again that I'm not happy with my progress thus far on the circular mound of sand that the rim fell upon, I saw the Bolton le Sands (Lancashire) location of Boltons ("VIRtute"). " The mound has been explained in this update as code for Mounds/MONS' (show a mound possibly with grass), and it works too well not to be a correct interpretation. The Mound/Mons lion is that also of Leghs while a leg is used by Ayers, and then Leicester (where Simons trace) has the Legro (or Soar) river.

The question now is whether the flames at the rim upon the sand are a pointer to some grievous thing to be started by John Bolton, who has become Trump's looming enemy. As it was me who JUMPed down to smother the flames, I take it that the flames represent deep-state malice against Trump (Jumps share the Trump stag head). Will Bolton talk to Barr to create another crisis for Trump? Bolts happen to share the black griffin with the Scodra-line Scotts while Bar is a location beside Lake Scodra.

Wow, this is new: Boltons not only share the chevron of English Mounds/Munds/Mynds, but Boltons use the same lion as Brunswicks, on their chevron, and Barrs ruled Brunswick. The double lions in pale of Brunswicks are shared by Gernons, and Wikipedia's article on Eustace II reveals that his Gernon name came to be symbolized by a mustache. Bolton wears a mustache, doesn't he? It's got to be secret code for the Must variation of Muscats, for Gernons were at MontFITCHet while Montfitchets are also Muschats. Bolts are also Balts while I trace the family of Eustace II to the BALTea river. You see?

This is a good place to transition to Fitch-linkable Fittons (Cheshire, same as Ranulph de Gernon). A couple of days ago (Sunday), I realized that the Barry character who was in the back of a pick-up truck with Mamie may not have been a pointer to Barry Soetoro = Obama, as I had theorized, but rather to Bill Barr. I'll explain this later, but first, I was looking last night at some very interesting heraldry starting with Fittons. I want to get to that.

First, let's remind that heraldry of the last update traced hard to the area of Lesce, where I trace the Hungarian Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Gernon-linkable FOTHES'/FITTES'/Fette's. Gernons, first found in Cheshire with Fittons and Foots/FOODs, use a "cyFOETH" motto term. It just so happens that Fittons use a garb version of the Leslie Coat, with the garbs that are the Arms of Cheshire, and thus Fittons are very linkable to the earls of Cheshire, for those earls would have been able to use these garbs. Ranulph de Gernon was an earl in Cheshire, and his family (uncle, I think) married the RUMilly-Skiptons. All right, we have a good backdrop to Fittons, and I was wondering (last night) whether Tom Fitton has to do with the medallion found at FOOD Basics.

But before loading Basic-like Baskets, the Cords were loaded as per the "cordi" motto term of Fittons. It was noted that Cords are also Courts while Tom Fitton's main line of work, as president of Judicial Watch, is to report from the court cases that Judicial Watch launches against government organizations, including, at this time, Bill Barr's DoJ (Dept. of JUSTICE). So, we have our first clue, in Cords/Courts (Ayrshire, same as Barrs), that God may have arranged this heraldry to point specifically to Tom Fitton. By this time, I had checked the Toms, though I didn't have anything to think about their Coat, until moments afterward.

Cords/Courts share the YELLow fesse while Kyle's of Ayrshire use candleSTICKs linkable to the Stick garb in the YELL Coat. As soon as I dropped the trash can, I YELLed. This caused me to recall that I was in the trash can at Food BASICs just days ago, for I did my grocery shopping again there. How many times have you put your hand into a garbage can at your grocery store to pull something out? Well, that's what I did when walking by a trash can without its lid on, and seeing it stuffed with newspapers from the store's own adverting. I took some of the newspapers for lighting my wood stove, and dropped it into the shopping cart.

Hmm, the trash-can interpretation of the shopping-cart dream came just days later. Hmm, so I scrolled back to the Basic-like Baskets, to find them first found in the Isle of Wight, location of NEWport (could apply to the News'/Nuce newspaper). I have traced the leopard faces of LICE's/Lees' to the same of Newports, and Fittons happen to have a "dupLICi" motto term to match the "LICitis" of Caens. That is one piece of Intelligent Design. The two mottoes match because Caens are the Cans!!! It's the trash-can line, and Baskets, can we believe it, were partly first found in Dorset, where Caens/Cans (share leopard faces with Baskets) were first found! WOW, but that's not the end of this comedy.

It soon came to mind that a waste basket is a trash can, can we believe it? The Baskets are for Food Basics, where I took newspaper from its trash can, and now I'm thinking, waste basket. So I tried for a Waste surname, without luck, but then remembered WAISTells...who share three garbs on a bend in all three colors of the same of Fittons!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE!

It's not a coincidence that the West dancette is colors reversed from the same of Dove's/Dows ("Patiens"). Waistells share blue doves with George's, first found in Dorset. It's like topping on the pie. Jesus has a sense of humor. Good one, Lord. What am I missing here? There must be more to this than funnies. Why is Tom Fitton being lumped in with the Saint Petersburg medallion? The Waistells were pointed to by the waist of Miss Peare in the sleeping-bag dream, and that was about Hillary's email scandal, which Judicial Watch is now all over. In fact, I think it was Judicial Watch that uncovered the payments by Hillary and the DNC to Perkins COIE, and Cue's/Kews happen to share the Fitton garbs too, and Coo's/Koo's are also Cowes', having named Cowes on the isle of Wight i.e. where Baskets were first found.

Aha! Cowes is on Wight with NEWport while we got here from the trash can's NEWSpapers, which recalls God's event when I stopped in Victoria (Texas) just to pick up a coffee and a newspaper, an important event that, years later, revealed the "victoria" motto term of Coffee's/Coffers. The naked rider on a dolphin in the Coffee/Coffer Crest is the Arms of Tarr-like Taranto. But there's more that leads right to TARSatica.

It just so happens that "Coffee" is like "Cowes" while Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset with Trashers and Tarrs/Tarres'. Wight is just off-shore from Somerset. Checking, Coffee's do come up as Cowes-like "Coffees." Keep in mind that Coffers/Coffare's are in Pollock colors because I trace Pollocks, a sept of Maxwells, to Pula/Pola, not far from Maxwell liners in Rijeka. The point here is that I trace Pollux, the mythical PUGIList, to PUGLia, also called Pula-like Apulia, location of Taranto. [Pollocks were in my scoring event with Steve Tarr, which I happen to explain later with the Knee' surname important in the picture, important here because the News' were considered as a Knee/Knees / Ness/Kness branch. French Ports share a blue bend with Knee's/Knees'.]

Ports and Porters were first found on-shire from Wight too, suggesting now that Newports were a News-Port merger, especially as the Port Chief is reflective of the same of neighboring Coppers/Coopers (Sussex, same as COFFERts/Coverts and Courts/Coverts), who are in turn in French-Port colors...and the Copper/Cooper chief even shares leopard faces with Newports. Plus, the leopard in the Coppers/Cooper Crest looks like the Chives-Crest leopard, and Cavii were near Butua while the Port Chief has the Bute/Butt-Chief estoiles. The Copper/Cooper leopard holds holly, telling us that Coppers/Coopers are of the Kupa river's Maxwells and Islips/Haslips (use a holly bush / holly tree respectively), and Ports even share the chevron of Cups/Cope's/Colps (Aberdeenshire, same as Chives') while Coffee's/Coffers use "cups." It just so happens that I trace Maxwells to Rijeka, which is TARSatica on this map! Wow, the Trasher line right? Tarsatica is at the sources of the Kupa, called the COLAPis on the map, the line to the Colp location of Cups/Cope's.

Scottish Porters were at Kyle, in Ayrshire along with NONs/Nevins (share Ness/Kness crescent). The Ness'/Kness' ("ANIMO NON") were first found in Perthshire, beside Moray's Pollock castle at Rothes, and beside the Nimo's and Chappes'/Cheaps, can be gleaned with the Moray stars. The Craigie's of Ayrshire have an "HonESTE" motto term, and share the Ness/Kness chevron and almost the Ness/Kness crescent, suggesting that the white bird in the Ness/Kness Crest is a RISING Este / Bar eagle. Rhizon is near Bar and closer to Butua. Cavii were to the near south of Bar and the related Butua (Bute's/Butts once showed the Este horse head).

The night before I bought coffee and a newspaper in Victoria, I was mugged in Galveston during my SLEEP in the back of my NISSAN pick-up truck (my knee was involved in that event), and the Sleeps, with the double fesses of Ness'/NESSANs (branch of Nissans), were from the Selepitanoi at Bar. Coffee's use "cups," yet I think the MUGGing points to coffee MUGs, suggesting that Coffee's/Coffers were related to the Cavii through the Kupa/Colapis river, or that Cavii were from Cuppae (I'll come back to this). Craigie-branch Craigs share the horse-and-rider with CAFFERys/Caffertys (Coffee/Coffer colors).

The Este's are also Easts while it's only a little interesting that Eastwoods (share tree with Woods) share black stags with Knee's. The Eastwood Crest is the blue boar in the Crest of Irish BARone's, suggesting the Este-Barr relationship, especially as Italian Barone's were first found in Florence with Brunswick-liner Bruno's (French Port Coat in colors reversed). The "Fortuna" motto term of Irish Barone's is shared by blue-boar Rollo's, who were in turn first found in Perthshire, beside the Nimo's who look like they have a version of the Irish Barone Coat. Rollo's love the Parrs sharing the double fesses of Nissans.

After all the above, I remembered the Toms, that they have the same dancette as Wests!!! Bingo, for the DANCEtte has got to be from king Donnus (Piedmont), the line to Piedmont's Dance's/Donnas', you see, and Donnus was the grandfather of West- / Waistell-like VESTALis. So, there we go that God is indeed pointing to Tom Fitton with the trash can and with something at my medallion-related Food-Basics event. It can't be coincidental that the medallion was found on the hood of the Jeep when returning to it with a shopping cart of groceries, while the shopping-cart dream had the door-handle scene at the same Jeep, followed immediately by the trash-can scene. God's obviously linking that dream to my medallion event.

Julius Caesar's mother was Aurelia Cotta, and Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with French Julians. The cross of English Julians is in the Coo/Cowes Crest so that, perhaps, Coo's were a shortened form of a Cott-like surname, which I happen to trace to Cottius, Vestalis' father and Donnus' son. Julius Caesar made a pact with Cottians probably because his mother was related to them. It's VERY INTERESTING that the Julian cross is superimposed with crossed, white swords in the Coo/Cowes Crest because Borders use them too while being part of "double tressure border." Borders were first found in Somerset with TRASHers/Tresure's, hee-hee, and the ten pale bars of Tarrs/Tarres' (Somerset) are in the colors of the six pale bars of Cotes'/Coats!!! The Baskets were first found on Wight, location of Cowes!!! That looks more than interesting, especially as Dance's/Donnas' show only pale bars too. Why are the Cottians thus linking to the trash can and to the waste basket? Cotta's even share a Shield of fretty with Caens/Cans.

When first coming to the Court variation of Fitton-beloved Cords, suspecting that it was God's pointer to the court cases that Judicial Watch fights, I was wondering whether I would come across white-on-red boar heads, symbol of JUDDs/Juggs, for I see them from Judicael of Rennes, since Jugon is near Rennes. I then came to the "ma" variation of Wests, and it just so happens that Mea's/Meighs are expected from the Meu river at the Jugon theater because they share the white-on-red boar head with Judds/Juggs. The point is, "Judicael" is like "Judicial Watch." So, we have a Tom-surname link to Wests, and now this from Wests. The "ma VIE" phrase (Wests) is the dead give-away for the Viu tributary of the Riparia, for the capital (Susa) of kings Donnus and Cottius (Vestalis may have been a king too) is on the Riparia.

Susa was earlier, SEGusia, and Segans/Sagans have a SALamander in FLAMES (Salyes Ligures were probably at the Cottian mountains). The salaMANDER is likely code for Manders, who have a "Pro" motto term while Pero's (Piedmont, same as Segusia and Dance's/Donnus'), have one of the four pale bars of Dance's/Donnas'. The Segan-like Segni's/Segurana's are beloved of Fessy/Face's in the leopard faces of Caens/Cans and Baskets. Baschs can apply because they have the gold border, a symbol of the line of Justine of Picenum. She was the daughter-in-law of Gratian, the line to Greats sharing a gold border with Justine's. The latter were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks, from VINKovci, Gratian's home town off the Save river. Seagars/SUGARs, with the Segni/SEGURana moline in colors reversed, have WINGs in Crest, along with the green snake of the BASQUE snake god, SUGAAR. The Food BASICs grocery store. Amazing. Sire's (Burgundy, same as snake-using Save's) have a green snake, and are a part of the Justine-of-Picenum line.

Aha! I have figured out why God arranged for my removal of newspapers from the trash can at Food Basics. The News'/Nuce's not only have a newspaper in Crest, but share chaplets with Saxons! I've read both descriptions, they tell that they have chaplets. I was just looking for a SEGUSia-like term, and came to Sacks' when I recalled SAXONs, for the royal Cottians were essentially beside the SEQUANi! It's surprising that Sequani should be a line to Saxons, but the great thing is, the Saxon / News chaplets just linked not-bad to the trash can / waste BASKet, yet more: the only three surnames I know of with the off-red color are Trashers, Flemings and Saxons! The Saxon chaplets are in that off-red color, and now we know why! The Fittons (WAISTell garbs-on-bend) brought us to the Cottian-line WAIST basket, so to speak, and Trashers have FITCHees (Fitch's have leopard faces). It just floors me that even the newspapers in the trash can apply to this picture. Plus, those newspapers are being used at this time to make FLAMES in my wood stove.

The Sequani were at Geneva while the wing-using Geneva's are also Genova's while Segni's/Segurana's were first found in Genova. The adopted daughter of Miss Hicks was born Geneva Daddy, and Daddys can easily be a branch of Deeds/Dade's in the Fleming motto. Hicks' have a chaplet (!) around the neck of their 'buck'.

I'll jot down here that the Fix/Fick eagle may be used by Westons because the latter were first found in Staffordshire with the Arrows/Arras who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Fix's/Ficks.

The GROCery store got suspect with Groce's/GREGGS, and maybe GREGG Jarrett fits into this along with Tom Fitton's organization. After my writing on Fix's/Fechs last week, Gregg Jarret wrote an article with "fix" and "FECKless" in the same phrase. He was referring to FISC judge, Rosemary Collyer, saying, "But her judicial FIX is FECKless". That was pretty eye-popping. Collyers (share "Nemo" with Poindexters/Puddesters) look like Colapis-river liners for two reasons; 1) they have a version of the Cope Coat ("aNIMO"), that being a branch of Cups/Cope's/COLPs from the Kupa = COLAPis river; 2) they have UNIcorns suspect with Ceraunii on the Una/Oeneus river beside the Colapis. As Collyer was involved in a COUP attempt, note that Cups/Cope's are said to have included a Mr. Coup. James Comey and the others who applied criminally to judge Collyers were cops while Copps/Cops share a version of the Cope and Cup/Cope Coats.

I'm jotting down here that Miss Simpson, whom I speak on from time to time, owned a border COLLIE when I knew her. Collyers/Colliers may apply to Collys/Collie's (crown around neck - Ceraunii liners). Her first name, Mandy, allows us to use the Mand variation of English Mounds because Scottish Mounds/Mons' share the giant Colly/Collie lion. There is a good argument here for God's use of Miss Simpson to point to Glenn Simpson. When she was married to the Deeter bloodline (grapes), she lived at a home having a SIGN out front, "Wine CUP" (perfect for KUPA/COLapis river along with her COLLie). "SINE" is a motto term of Collyers/Colliers along with "beatus," and Beats/Beates' were first found in Midlothian with the Mens' who were in-turn at GLENlyon. WOW. Glennys share the Mens Chief-Shield colors. Glenn Simpson!!! Beatys, by the way, show a "COELeste" motto term, and even a "LuMEN" motto term! The Este motto looks like it loves the Vance's/Vans'/Vaux's of East Lothian, where Simms were first found too.

Note that the "ADeste" motto term of Cope's, for "ad" is a motto term of FISCs/Fisks. It's suspect for ADA of Warenne, who married Henry of Huntingdon, and then there was "Thomas le Colier in Huntingdonshire". Huntingdonshire and Ada's father in Surrey were near the Colchester suspect in "COELeste," having the same ending as "adESTE." Este's merged with Barrs using hunting horns, and English Este's were in Essex with Colchester.

I'm going to take this opportunity to teach something new. Scottish Hunters ("PerFICio") and Barrs (both first found in Ayrshire) share hunting horns with Huntingdons, only Hunters use BOWs for their horn strings while Barrs (probably kin of wolf-line Welfs) use LOOPs (like "Lupus") for their horn strings. There are reasons for this, I've just realized. HUNTers, Cutts, and Carters (beside Carter-like Cutters in Dorset) all have a white greyHOUND in Crest, and then LOOPs, who have another white greyhound, throw in the sleeping moon of Kerns and Roets (I'm assuming), the latter sharing the motto of BOWs. Bows have a "veRUM" motto term while Rims/Rums share the WOLFer Coat. All found in 15-minutes work...after 15 years of full-time heraldry experience. Catherine Roet owned the wheel as play on "Roet," and Carters (cart wheel) may have formed from neighboring Cutters (who in-turn married the neighboring Roets) just so they could use the Roet wheel as a cart wheel. Huns/Hundts use another white greyhound, in Grey colors, and Hounds were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cutts.

Now you're going to like this is you're familiar with the last update's Late/Let liners in linkage to Latvia' money laundering on behalf of HUNTER Biden. Keep in mind that carters were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens while Carter Page was spied on by the FBI and CIA to assure that trump people had not discovered Ukraine scandals. That's the real, untold reason that they spied on Trump's team, not because they merely hated Trump. Horowitz may have unleashed Page-Strzok texts that gave the impression only that they hated Trump, while he allowed others to destroy texts that told the real story for the spy programs.

Hunters use a "Cursum" motto term while Cursons have a motto phrase, "LET curzon," which I'll assume is part-code for the Let variation of Late's. The latter's "organ PIPES" linked to the Ukraine pipe company of Igor Kolomoisky in the last update. He's suspect behind the money laundering for Burisma's HUNTER Biden through a Latvia company set up by Pinchuk. And we just saw a quick Hunter link to Late's/Lets. There's more.

Yesterday, while discussing Norman Miles, who pointed to John Durham's program to crack these criminal mysteries, I remembered Cathy Froggit, for she and Norman Miles are nearly the only two fellow school mates, in grade eight, I can remember both names of (besides Mr. Quinn who lived near me). I attended that school only two months. The Froggits proved important for tracing to Brogitarus of Galatia, the high priest of the Great Mother of Phrygia.

The birds in the Shield of Cursons (Derbyshire, same as Froggits) are popinjays. The parrot with a "BUNCH of cherries" in the Froggit Crest, which is in the design of the bird in the Curson Crest, is why I had loaded Bunch's yesterday to see again that they share the three lozenges of PINCH's/Pinks, a possible (if not probable) pointer to "Pinchuk," you see. I find that very compelling as Intelligent Design thanks to the "Let" motto term. It appears that "Bunch" is a wayward variation of "Pinch." Cherrys were first found in Derbyshire too, in case you doubted that the Froggit Crest is code for surnames.

It may not be coincidental that Bunch's have a fair reflection of the BUTT/Bute/Boet Coat, and that they share the BUTTon/Biden fesse. In fact, the Popins, beloved of Cursons, were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens. But there's more, for Popins, who share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens'/Mame's, share a "Mens" motto with Pipe-branch Pepins, and moreover the Popins have a "MANSit" motto term while Maness' share the double fesses of HOLDs while the Curson motto is, "Let Curzon HOLDE what Curzon helde." To the "Let" term, one can add Helen's chocoLATE treat because Helens share the Pepin horse heads round-about via Este's. I think this is pointing to Kolomoisky's pipe company (very possibly in the game of gas pipelines).

WOW. There are several designs for the heraldic fitchee. By what cosmic coincidence is the Hold fitchee the same one, in the same colors, as that of Pinch's!?! The Poroshenko government in Ukraine was installed by a coup performed by the Obama CIA, we can assume, on behalf of Soros. Yet that coup ruined Russia's South Stream pipeline to Europe that was slated through Ukraine, and we can now figure that Kolomoisky and the Bidens wanted to profit from Ukraine gas sales to Europe instead, but they couldn't have been the only ones lining up for opportunities. Joe Biden must have been securing Burisma's share of that blockbuster opportunity, but not without Barry Soetoro. The English Gas Coat shares the FISC/Fisk checks. Coincidence? Wasn't the FISC court abused by the FBI and CIA to protect (cover) the Ukraine gas schemes? There may have been other schemes aside from those with Burisma.

So, maybe, the trash can was linked in the dream to a barrel-shaped door part to indicate barrels of oil, having nothing to do with Bill Barr. Then again, Barry SOETORO can be in this where the Pinch Coat is a version of the Sewer/SUTER Coat. English Berrys (Cameron fesses) almost have the Coat of Punch's (compare with Pinch Crest). The Pinch's were a branch of Panico'/Panetta's, and then Obama chose Leon Panetta (Clintonite) for his CIA chief (Mike Morell as his deputy) during the reset-button years. Obama then made Panetta his defence minister in-time for the Libya project as preparation for Obama's Syrian war.

What's interesting here is that both Obama-like Baums trace to Bologna, where Panico's/Panetta's were first found. German Baums share white-on-blue spears with Pasi's, first found in Bologna with Guido's. Then, the "guide" motto term of French Baums must be for Guido's because the same motto has a Pasi-like "pas" term. French Baums (Dunham colors) share a dancette (different design) with Dunhams (Obama's mother was a Dunham), and Dunhams themselves use spears. The Baum motto includes "guide MES pas," and the Mess' are listed with Masseys, said to be from DUNHAM-Massey. Amazing, this is new to me, suggesting that Baums were kin of Dunhams by an act of God to create some Obama pointers. German Baumgartners (share fence with the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt) share a giant green tree with Panico's/Panetta's (off Reno river, near lake GARDa), and the latter, with the Masci fleur in Chief, put a "bird" in the tree while Birds, with a version of the BUNCH Coat (share Pinch / Reno lozenges), were first found in Cheshire with Dunham-Masci (same as Dunham-Massey). Jewish Baumgartners/Baumgardens use a parrot while the Froggit parrot has a BUNCH of cherries (suggests that Baumgartners do use the Panico tree closely). The Shield of German Gardners can be linked to Feltmans while Felts share the flory of the other Birds.

I'm not done. Gardens love gauntlet-liner Gunters in their "JUNGunter" motto term, and the Gardner brothers, my friends in my teens, moved to my village of Gormley directly across the JUNK yard. Gormleys/GRIMES' share red martlets with Birds, and colors reversed from the martlets of Grimms who in turn share the green martlet with Gards. As Panico's/Panetta's use a "green" tree while Greens come up as GREME's/GREEMs, I was wondering how Grimaldi's might have been linked to Panico's/Panetta's, when it was realized that Grimaldi's have lozengy in the colors of the Pinch / Bunch / Reno lozenges.

To help prove that the Baumgartner fence is for the Fens/Venn/Fan surname, Baumgartners were first found in East Prussia with the Banners sharing the fleur-de-lys of Jewish Baumgartners, and BANNERs have been resolved with the PANARo Modena, location also of Fanano. The Arms of Fanano has a banner, and the Fens/Venn/fan fesse in colors reversed. Panico's/Panetta's have a PANORmo variation, and they share the fleur-de-lys of Burisma-like Buris'. Unbelievably, just as Obama is being clinched with Baum liners, the German Banners have been found with the vertically-split Shield of English Hunters. This is not to say that "Obama" is of the Baum surname, but only that God can be using Baum liners to point to an Obama-Hunter Biden relationship in Burisma, etc.

The hit a home run here, the Dunhams have a Martin mammal in Crest, and Italian Martins (Brescia) share the Panico/Panetta Chief, four-pointed label and all. The same Chief with label is used by Bologna's Fantes', which pointed to James Alefantis of Comet PING PONG pizza, the basis of so-called pizzagate pedophilia. The Fantes' even have what look like boys in their Shield, and though I pointed those things out before, along with the same red, four-pointed label in the Chief of Rim-beloved Pungs/PINGs/PONGs/Paganells, I can now add that the Martin Shield shares the double and upright goats -- in the same colors, in the same positions -- as the English Kidds!!! Scottish Kids share the tree with Panico's/Panetta's. Zikers, that looks like God's pointers to men He absolutely despises, whom he will kill without mercy. Isn't Obama a faggot?

So, is the missing barrel-shaped door-handle part a pointer to Barry Soetoro rather than Bill Barr? The next section takes a look at the Barry surnames.

In the quote earlier, where I first told of the door-handle dream, I said that I saw a things inside the barrel-like container, but couldn't remember what they were on the day the dream. No matter, there must be a reason that it was filled with things? Obama monkeys in a barrel? Or Barr's prosecuted-to-be's? Whatever was in there, can we say that it/they started the flames on the sand? Remember Bolton at Sands. It's near Barrow, and Barrows, with the crossed swords of Feschs, I assume, have a motto, "PaRUM sufFICit," as well as the FIX/Feck fleur-de-lys. What make ye of that? It sure looks like Bolton at Sands applies to the rim in flames. Barrow is beside Furness while Furness' are also FURNACE's. Hot stuff. Furness' (Lancashire, same as Furness, Barrow, Parrs, and Sands) share the black border with Parrs, explaining the "Parum" motto term of Barrows. Feschs are expected with Fieschi of Genova, where Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's (look linkable to Barrels) were first found who share the Barr eagle. How do we interpret the dream with these things apparently applying?

Why should Mr. Fix of the Lada dealership be a part of this trash-can / barrel picture? My last DATE with Mamie was at Mr. Fix's restaurant, where I had built him a BAR in the basement at about that very time. It's probably why I took her there. The Date's are listed with the DEEDs/Dade's in the Fleming motto, "LET the DEED shaw." There's the Latvia-pointing Late's/Lets again. These are the Flemings who share the so-called "double-tressure BORDER" with TRASHers/Tresure's, first found in Somerset with the Borders who in turn share crossed white swords in the colors of the same of TAX's/Dachs. I had picked Mamie up in my TAXi, you see, and asked her for that last date while driving her home in that cab. Is that not remarkable, that the taxi event is apparently linking to the flames at the trash can's rim? Crossed white swords are used also by the Feschs, as well as the Barrows who share the Fix/Feck fleur-de-lys. The taxi dispatcher who got me the taxi job, who lived at Hunt street in the same house as myself, was Bill. I don't know his last name.

Bill Barr in the Pick-Up Truck

One day in 1981, BARRY called to ask if I was going up to the camp site for the night with the gang. I declined, but he said, "Mamie's going to be there." Well, having danced with her at her party a few weeks earlier, and liking it, I decided to go to the camp. I had not known her before the dance, and can't recall talking to her after the dance.

When I got to the camp, I asked where Barry was, and someone promptly lifted the hatch of a pick-up truck, and there at the back of the box was Mamie and Barry together. So, Mamie saw my disappointment, and later made amends, but the point here is that I want to know what God had in mind with Barry and Mamie together in that truck, for later that night, Mamie got her tease symbol, and the next day she got her thigh symbol at the front garden of her home.

A couple of days ago, I was working hard on solving this problem without writing it out. I'm writing it out now. I was led to believe, for reasons I'll show, that this Barry character was a pointer to Bill Barr, but I hadn't yet remembered that the Hatch's share the double lions in pale of Brunswicks. The Barrs were at Brunswick, and the Hatch's are to topic because someone lifted the hatch of the pick-up to expose Barry and Mamie. That works. But what could Mamie represent as per Bill Barr?

I'd like to start with Irish Barrys: "'...Their early residences at Barryscourt and BUTTevant were also extensive and strong.'" Barr-related Este's once showed the black horse head of BUTTs/Bute's, both in their respective Crests. The white horse of French Barrys/Barrets (named Barrel-like Barrault) can therefore be gleaned with the white horse heads in the Este Shield. The "pour" motto term of Barrys/Barrets is shared by Manners/Maness', who in turn share the red Chief of the Pepin-beloved Mens'/MAME's/Meme's. The latter are a line to which God pointed Mamie, and Pepins and Pipe's share the Este horse heads. We are thus-far on the right track, but where are we going?

Barrys/Barrets share the black dog (just a head) with Furness'/Furnace's, a family that settled the Barrow area. The Barrault-like barrels share a dog head with Barrys/Barrets. The "bien" motto term of Barrys/Barrets reveals that this is also the black dog of Carricks ("GARDE bien"), first found in Ayrshire with the Barrs who share the Este eagle. The next day, God gave Mamie a thigh symbol at her Garde-like garden.

Just because the Barry surnames link heraldically to Barrs is not reason necessarily to indicate Bill Barr. But recall the scales of justice used by Sire's, for example, which tends to point to the attorney general. The Barrys/Barrets have a "deSIRer" motto term. The tower top in the Sire Coat is said to have panels, and Panels are listed with the Rim-beloved Pungs/Pings/Pongs/Paganells. We're back here to Pinch / Panico liners, but we're also at the rim of the barrel / trash can. Okay, dandy, and we now have the scales of justice in the picture, shared by Justine's, first found in Perthshire with DOJ-like Dogs. Hmm. The line of Justine of Picenum is also to the Assi's/Asse's, who not only have the scales of justice and the Justine sword, but a so-called fasces, suggesting the Fieschi...and the Feschs who share the crossed swords of Barrows as well as of the Balliols in the write-up of Scotts, the line to lake SCODra, location of Bar and BUTua.

If I recall correctly, the fasces was the Roman symbol of capital punishment. Will Barr call for capital punishment? That would be a revolution. But I think he likes apple pie and other comforts too much to start a revolution. Here it is: "The fasces lictoriae ("bundles of the lictors") symbolised power and authority (imperium) in ancient Rome, beginning with the early Roman Kingdom and continuing through the republican and imperial periods. ... The axe indicated that the magistrate's judicial powers (imperium) included capital punishment." In the case of Assi's/Asse's, this axe portion can be for Asse-like Axe-river liners. The Baths were on/near two Axe rivers of Somerset, and Fieschi-line Fessys share the Bath cross. Biens in the Barry/Barret motto use axes.

Next, we go to the "Pour" motto term of Barrys/Barrets, and the "Pour y" of Manners/Maness', which I think is for the Pureys with a Barry-like Burey variation. Pureys/Bureys have a black fesse with three white stars, virtually matching the two white stars on a black fesse of the Barrs having the eagle of Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's (Genova, same place as Fieschi, may be pointing to Joe diGenova, who I think wants capital punishment).

The "Pour y PARvenir" motto of Manners/Maness' (share two blue fesses with Parrs) has got to be partly for the Parrs, and so we are still on families from the Barrow / Furness / Sands area of Lancashire. Manners/Maness' are said to have had a branch at GLENlyon (Perthshire), and then Glennys (Chief-Shield colors of Manners/Maness' and Mens'/Mame's) and Glenns share the martlets of Pureys/Burrys, tending to verify that the "Pour y" motto phrase is for the latter.

The Parr Coat, minus the black border of Furness', is used by Glenn-like Gallans. It was a lucky strike, because I was deliberately looking for what Glenns may have been otherwise. While the entire Gallan Coat is just two fesses, they are in the colors of the one fesse of Gallan-like Gale's (and Parrys). Parrys (axes) share blue lozenges with Sire's who in-turn share the scales of justice with Axe-river suspects, Assi's/Ase's. The Gale's will play right into the rest of that night at the camp site, unbelievably enough.

It's very interesting if Mamie and Barry were intending to hide in the back of the PICK-up, for Perrys (with an 'e') use a Hide-like hind while Hinds have the Parry Coat in colors reversed while Hide's have lozenges too, this time in colors reversed from the Sire lozenges. Is Bill Barr trying to hide things? Absolutely. Barry and Mamie were in a covered pick-up.

It was daylight when I saw them in there. It's remarkable that I cannot remember what I did after that, until Mamie walked over to my spot at the PICnic table, and sat herself down on my lap without a word, without asking, in front of the gang around the FLAMES of the camp fire. It was dark by then. I've been wondering whether Mamie represents Flemings, and indeed, Mens'/Mame's were first found in Lothian, which was stacked with Flemings from Flanders. That works. The SEATons of Lothian were Flemings, and she took a SEAT on my lap. Laps have a green-tailed Melusine, a mythical woman once with a snake tail but later showing a fish tail. Her mirror is in the Sire Coat, where the green snake is looking at itself in the mirror. You see, it's as though God needed to have her sit on my lap to emphasize the scales of justice of Sire's.

She sat on my lap at the PICnic table, and Scottish Picks/Pike's (emphasized by the sleeping-bag dream for a pointer to John Solomon) were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs of Este and Craigie's ("HonESTE"). Plus, Prestwick is in Ayrshire while Prestwicks use this same Melusine merMAID, possible code for the Maids/Mauds sharing virtually the Monmouth Coat. Laps were first found in Wiltshire, near Monmouthshire. Maids/Mauds share a triple set of double fesses with Irish Barrys. Monmouthshire was Ghent while Ghent in Flanders uses a "Maid of Ghent," otherwise called a virgin for the Virgins of Kent, who share the Maid/Maud lion, we can assume. Monmouths were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels. Aside from their mutual giant and upright red lion, both Maids/Mauds and Virgins (this is new material here) have a red lion head in Crest. Perfect match, and it started with the merMAID of Laps.

It must have been God who caused her to sit on me uninvited, because it led to our sleeping in a TENT in her sleeping bag (not even a kiss, just sleep, it figures if it was God's will). You see, the Tintons, who use "royal tents," were first found in Cornwall with Gale's, and with a Tintagel location that was fashioned by a Tint merger with Gale's (once showed a pure-blue unicorn, the Tint symbol too). Tintons were at Chepstow of RAGLAN in Monmouthshire, not far from the first-known Parrys (share Gale fesse) of Carnarvonshire in Ghent-like Gwynedd. RAGLANs (Monmouthshire) share the unicorn design of Gale's, and Tints and Gale's together have blue unicorns. We clearly see TintaGEL. But why would God want to point to this picture, and with Monmouth again? Well, first of all, He pointed my trip, in a Volkswagen, to PARRY Sound very hard to Ukraine's deep-state impeachment news, and Barry owned a Volkswagen beetle at the time he was in the back of the truck (I don't know who's truck it was, and how they both got into it is a mystery).

Beetle's and their Bedwell branch, with flames on their castle-on-rock, have lozengy in the red-gold colors of Fleming and Flaming checks, how about that. Beetle's / Bedwells were first found in BEDfordshire, and Bedfords (Bedfordshire) share the black border with Parrs and Furnace's from Barrow. To help assure that Parrs were involved with Bedfords, Parrys were first found in Carnarvonshire, the Arms of which has the Wine/Gwinn eagle, but it's also the eagle of Lutons, from Luton of Bedfordshire. Soon after, I gave Mamie a Bible, but she said she left it under a BED while away on a trip. Bedins, who pointed to Huma ABEDIN, wife of Wine-like Mr. Weiner, share the Garden boar head, believe it or not.

Bedfords use their black BORDER thicker than Parrs do, like the thick one of MontaGue's/MontaCUTE's, first found in Somerset with Border-related Trashers and BORDERs. Are Gue's/Cute's the king-Cottius-line now expected in marriage with Trasher elements? By what coincidence do Gue-like Cue's/Kews share the Waistell garbs! Nailed it. It explains the Gull-like "reGULA" term of Montacute's, for German, French and English Julians can be gleaned with Gulls, Galli's, and Gullys respectively. Nail-related Gale's probably apply here

She sat on my lap with the gang around the camp-fire flames, and Laps use a mirror as code for Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou, where the satanic Vere's place Melusine. Anjou is where Fulke's/VOLKs were from! The next day, she got her thigh symbol at the garden, and while Thighs share a giant and upright wolf with German Flemings, I showed why gardens love Gaunt elements i.e. probably out of Monmouthshire.

Recall the Trasher-linkable SEQUANI, for while Bedfords use a "SEQUAtur" motto term, Bedins have the quadrants-with-lions of SECONDs/SEGURs. It's the Segni/Segurana / Seagar line, right? To my surprise, Mamie's going to bring up the Bedfords below.

In the sleeping-bag dream, I PICKED UP the sleeping bag, and here we have Bill Barr and Mamie in a PICK-UP truck hiding. I suppose that God wanted to make a link of Bill Barr -- and something specific that Mamie represents -- to the sleeping-bag dream. But I've also just found that Peach's/Peche's -- suspect on a whim with God's pointer to IMPEACHment -- share the six crosslets of Tints! Zinger.

As we are on the waist basket, so to speak, I've got to repeat the two waist events on the same night with Mamie. When she sat on my lap without asking (without even knowing me), I happened to put my arm around her waist to make her feel welcome. The alternative was to make her feel unwelcome, but it just so happened that I liked her, and the proof is where I got into her sleeping bag and stayed with her a couple of months (probably would have married her if she became serious about Jesus). I don't remember every kissing session I had with the ladies of my youth, but I DO remember that night in the sleeping bag because I was going in for a warm hug as soon as we got in nice and cozy, when her body or her arm gave me a don't-do-that signal, or more like "get away." I couldn't believe it. She was cold, and that's why I assume that God gave her a tease symbol at that time, because it was necessary along with the thigh symbol the next day for to point to Tease's/Tyes', first found in Nottinghamshire with a MAMESfelde location of the MANfields (Tinton colors and format).

As I said, she turned around and faced away from me, in the sleeping bag, and I DO remember that I had to be satisfied with a draping of my arm around her WAIST. She was okay with that, and we went to SLEEP. The SELEPitanoi were at Bar. (There were others sleeping with us in this tent, though we may have been alone when first getting in.)

The only thing I remember the next morning, at the camp site, was our sitting at the PICnic table, and then we went for a wade in the lake, with her two-piece bathing SUIT, and we waded about waist deep (our hair stayed dry). Suits/Sewers were first found in Angus with Gardens. And we emBRACEd in the lake while the Lake Coat is a good reflection of the Brace/Bras Coat while the Food Basics store is in BRACEbridge.

There was no way to miss her large breasts in her bathing suit. MAMESfelde is wrongly said to be named after breasts, but I get it: God provided a woman with a Mamie name and large breasts to verify His pointer to MANfields. The Mens' are also Mame's/Meme's. See? Later that day at the garden (she was back in her bathing suit, probably wearing it under her clothes), I learned that "MAMie" was also to trace to MUMmolin, father of Babon, for Babons share the boar head of Gardens. The Lake's are said to be from Bideford while Bidefords/Bedfords have an "AniMUM" motto term. "'The Lakes of Devonshire may take their name from a hamlet near Okehampton. In the 17th century the name was established in Bideford. There was a John Lake of Bideford". It just so happens that Mummolin's other son was father of BADON, like "BED(ford)" or the Bedin surname. I get it. We had to be in that lake in order to come round to Bedfords again. Badons/Battins were first found in Somerset with Baths, and she had her BATHing suit on at the time. Boy, I wish God had given me other difficult tasks like those ones in less than 24 hours. I'd work 24 hours a day. I didn't sleep with her (had at least two chances I can remember) because I wanted to honor my commitment to Jesus.

The question now, with the Lake's of BIDEfords, is whether God is pointing to Hunter Biden with our wade in the lake. Lookie: the Button/Biden write-up tells that Buttons were at BATH and Wells, and, yes, that's the Bath location in Somerset...not far from Monmouth, and even closer to Clapton, a possible pointer to James Clapper, whose job was taken over by Dan COATs. We saw the Cotes'/Coats with six of the ten pale bars of Somerset's Tarrs/Tarres'. Clapper and the Bidens are about as trashy as one can get. The lake was inside the camp grounds so that it definitely had a beach, and Beach's share the Clap/Clapper Shield. It reminds me of Miss Hicks asleep on the beach of Epstein's Saint JAMES island, for Mamie and I slept together before this outing on the lake. The Waters, reminder, share the triple Epstein chevrons. We were emBRACing in the water, and Bracebridge's have a black version of the Beach / Clapper Coats.

We were embraced in the lake, and Brace's/Bras (look like Lake kin) were first found nearby in Herefordshire, where Barrels and Doors were first found who preceded the trash-can scene. We read in the Lake write-up: "William de la Lake, Salop (Shropshire.)" That's where Hunters (Lake colors) and Biden-like Bedins/BEDLows (like "Bedwell / Beetle") were first found, can we believe it?

Recently, I've been bringing Helen's breast symbol back to topic, and here I can link Mamie's breast symbol to Helen's with the Bide-like Bede/Bedel surname which shares the acorns of Dutch Tromps. Val Trompia is at Brest-line Brescia, perfect set-up. As the Arms of Brescia shares a lion in Bruce-lion colors, I trace Brescia elements to the Breuci, and from that I gathered that Helen's breast symbol relates to the Breuci, for Helens were from Saint Brieuc, near Brest, all in Brittany with the Helen-like Alans. Then, in the Bede/Bedel write-up, amazing: "ALAIN Bedel, a knight, is mentioned in historic documents. The members of the different branches of the family became the lords of la Reignerais, in the diocese of Saint-BRIEUC, and the lords of Lairye and of Tertre, in the region of Vannes." That tends to explain another reason as to why God wanted to point Mamie to Bed liners. Helen was my tenant, and Tenants (Lothian) share the boar heads of JUGGs/Judds, which I trace to Brittany's Jugon.

WOW, note "Lairye" in that quote, for Lairs/Layre's (Dol, Brittany) have a black-Shield version of the Bidel/Beadle/Bedle Coat, and are in the colors of English Layre's (Lincolnshire, same as BRACEbridge's) who in turn share the vertically-split Shield of Hunters (Shropshire, same as the Dol Alans)!!! Mamie's bed elements just got us to Hunter Biden again! It never ends.

We saw God pointing Mamie to the Tints. They were from the Atintanes at the proto-Alan area of Aulon/AVLONa, the element that named mythical AVALON, where the satanic Vere's located Melusine, the merMAID of heraldry to which Mamie links. Well, English Layre's share the blue unicorn in Crest with Tints. Tintagel is in CORNwall, named after the Ceraunii namers of the Ceraunii mountains at Aulon/Avlona, along with the tent-using Tintons and a Bude location suspect from BODEgisel, another son of Mummolin.

Alans became the Stewarts of the Lanarkshire area, and the royal tents of Tintons can be expected with the Roys (Lanarkshire) due to their "TENDis" motto term.

If the Arms of Rijeka use a jug, then the Juggs/Judds above, suspect from Judicael of Rennes / Brittany, become Bill-Barr important. I took Helen to a hunter's theme restaurant and had duck dinner while bar-using German Ducks, who named Bar-le-Duc, were first found in Westphalia with German Judds. Helen, who may thus be pointing to Juggs/Judds by her tenant symbol, was promiscuous, and for that reason and others she appeared to be a possible pointer to Epstein's sex-trade, or whatever it was. I would like to repeat that Helen, while going down the stairs to her basement apartment one night, just up and raised her top over her head, and let her bare jugs hang out in my presence. That's why I gave her the breast symbol. We had become a couple by then, but, the point is, wasn't that act a teaser? Isn't that the best thing to call it, since she then continued down to her basement for the night? I didn't follow. Teasers are listed with Tease's/Thys' (same place as Mamesfelde), the same that Mamie's tease, thigh and breast symbol pointed to, and I'm bringing this up again because Teaser-like Teachers/Tass'/Taque's are in Teaser/Tease colors.

Teachers (new to me) were looked up because Bill Barr's father, a principal of a school, was at least involved in hiring the young Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher of that school (pedophiles and schools don't go well together). This situation is what I was aiming at when pointing to the Juggs/JUDDs, because Judicael of Rennes is a good pointer to Bill Barr attorney-general position involving judicial law. It just so happens that the Raines' ("JUDICium" motto term), in Laire/Layre colors and format, are Rennes elements (near Dol) while Reines' (with an 'e') are the ones with a comet and the Coat of pizza-like Pisa's in colors reversed, a pointer to Comet Ping-Pong pizza of pizzagate-pedophilia infamy. Mamie pointed to this thing too when she was at HOME plate with me, which I also realized was a pointer to HUMa Abedin and the pedophile, Anthony Weiner (see two updates ago). This couple had downloaded Hillary's emails from PLATTE River Networks. Home PLATE. Compare Plat(t)e's to the Dol's Laire's/Layre's and Bidels/Beadle's.

It appears important that while Mens'/Mame's were at GlenLYON of the Lyons, the latter share a giant and green lion with Home's/Hume's. I think I've shown above that God is using Glenlyon to point to Glenn Simpson.

As was said many time, pizzagate was pointed to when Cindy walked into the pizza restaurant I was working at, and God arranged for the waiter/waitress to not come in that night so that I was asked to serve tables for the first and only time. I served her table, and her parents ordered WINE. As little as a week earlier, Cindy was at second base when Mamie and I were at home plate. There was no one else in the baseball diamond. Cindys happen to share the two pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine, that being the province in which Dol and Rennes are located. Cindys also have a lion in Home/Hume-lion colors, and even share red cinquefoils with Teachers/Tass'. As Cindy at second pointed to Steve SCALise, shot at second base, it's interesting that Bidels/Beadle's share the scallops of SCALE's, and moreover the Second surname has a reflection of the Abedin-like Bedin Coat (Salop, same as Dol Alans). There's heraldic links and apparent pointers everywhere.

The Scalise surname is listed with Scalia's, and judge Scalia's murder came to topic immediately with the sleeping bag in the sleeping-bag dream, and yet we now have Mamie and I in a sleeping bag. Why her? English TRIPs (share Hamburg crosslets) use a SCALing ladder, and she left my Bible gift under a bed when she went on a TRIP. Scalise's/Scalia's use a ladder. German Trips/Treffs (Hamburg) use shoes while the lone star of Shoe's is that also of Poindexters while Scalia was murdered at the ranch of John B. Poindexter. Trips/Treffs once showed boots as likely code for the line of Bodegisel, son of Mamie-depicting Mummolin...and Bute's/Butts/Boets are a Button/Biden branch.

Home plate has batters, and the Batters/Betters are in the colors of the Beats, the latter first found in Midlothian with Mens'/MAME's. Coincidence? Beats were looked up earlier when I was on the Collyers/Colliers (share Maurel acorns), because they have a "beatus" motto term. Has judge Collyer been privy to Scalia's murder? Batters/Betters share the chevron of Dutch Bakers while the last scene in the Obama dream was suspect with a Jim Baker but also with the CIA's Michael Maurel, which causes me to repeat that the Brittany Maurels share the acorns of Collyers/Colliers, Bede's/Bedels and Dutch Tromps.

I'd now like to visit my old theory that the "I zal" motto phrase of Mens'/Mame's is code for Islips/Haslips. The latter share a lodged, brown stag under some holly with Maxwells, and Epstein's fixer was Ghislaine Maxwell, a political animal said to be hooked up with British and Israeli Intelligence via her father. This picture is giving me the impression that God chose "Mamie" to be in the pick-up with Bill Barr due to Bill Barr's father being at the hiring of Epstein as a teacher. It explains why Bill Barr has committed the crime of covering (obstructing) the details behind Epstein's death...though I'm not convinced that he was killed.

[Insert Late Monday -- Okay, let's go back to Barry hiding in the pick-up with Mamie, for when someone opened the hatch real fast, he was very happy to reveal the two alone inside the hatch, as though everyone there knew what was going on. And it looked to me that Mamie was bare breasted and now in the process of putting on her top. She was sitting with her back against the far back of this box, and Barry was facing her in a half-laying position beside her, as though he may have been preparing for sex. I can't be sure, because it was medium-light in there, and perhaps she had her bathing-suit on. I'm suggesting that this could be a pointer to Epstein's prostitution, because Barry was maybe seven years older than Mamie (she might have been as young as 19, hard to say). In other words, due to his name, this could be God's pointer to Bill Barr trying to hide, but getting caught, Epstein's sex-ring enterprise. Bills (Roet kin) use "wood bills" and Woods (share Roet and Pick tree) share the Pick fitchees.

It's not conclusive. But the next thing I remember, Mamie sat on my lap while Laps have a bare-breasted mermaid...with a mirror, code for Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou, home of Fulks, the line to Fulke's/VOLKS. Barry owned a VOLKswagen. The Laps are traced in their write-up to "lapin = rabbit," and while this is likely a wrong derivation, it can be God's arrangement as a pointer to Joel's Volkswagen Rabbit, which was a pointer to pedophilia. Amazingly enough, Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Joels/Jewells! It now appears that God arranged her sitting on my lap as a link to things-Ukraine to which my outing in Joel's car pointed. What do Epstein and Ukraine corruption have in common?

It looked to me that she was without her BRA, and God used a Bra location in Cuneo to point to white-rabbit pedophilia of John Podesta via the white coney rabbits of Conys and Conns. John's brother, Tony Podesta, had/has business in Ukraine! I get it. Rabbits (rabbit heads) are in Tinton / Mansfield colors and format, and Mansfields have the erroneous derivation of "Mamesfelde" in "breast." Rabbits are said to be from BRAmfield, and, WOW, Bramfields/Bamfields/Banfields (look Lorraine-ish) share the Teaser/Tease/Tyes stars!!! Mamesfelde is in Nottinghamshire with the first-known Teasers/Tease's/Tyes'!!! Can we believe this verification of what was proposed above?

The Bamfields are said to be from an old BAUMfield surname, and while she got her thigh symbol at her garden that day after she sat on my lap, it now suggests that Baumgartners/Baumgardens (FENCE) / Baumgardners verify that I'm on the right track with a Rabbit-of-Bramfield find. The fence can be for a branch of Vance's/Vans'/Vaux's (share Pick/Pike / Solomon stars) who almost use the Bramfield/Bamfield / Solomon Coat. AHH, BRAMtons have the Hatch/Hacch Coat in colors reversed!

Bramtons (Bramfield/Bamfield and Bamton colors) have one Mr. Bamton in their write-up while Bamtons (probably the Alan fesse) were first found in Devon with Bramfields/Bamfields (Levi / Capone lion?), fence-line Fens'/Venns/Fans, English Stewarts (share Bamton lion), and the Walerans (Bramfield lion?) with the "Lord of Brampton" in their write-up. These locations are all beside the Tintons, and the latter were at Chepstow of Monmouth while Monmouths share the Coat (almost) of the Maids suspect in "mermaid."

It's interesting that while I used "epst" as a short-form to find an instance of "Epstein" on this page a couple of hours ago, in order to get to this section for adding this insert, the computer's finder stopped first on "CHEPStow" (because it has an "epst" term) many paragraphs above, and here we are to that location again. I had wondered if there's any evidence to show the Epsteins as a branch of Chepstow's namers. End insert]

The deep state, in these times, needs to increase its spy powers to keep tabs on potential enemies, many of them jailed by the deep state to scare them into silence. When the deep state finds a certain person about to reveal details about the deep state, they will become persecuted, and sometimes put in jail on an option of true or false criminal charges. Once in jail, they can become whistle-blowers, and so they can be dangerous there during times like these when there's a hay-day of deep-state attacks. So, one way to keep men in jail quiet, who were blackmailed by Epstein, is to feign Epstein's arrest, jailing, and murder in jail. All other inmates will think that, if the government can kill Epstein with Barr's nod, they can also kill them if they turn into stool pigeons. This is half the deep-state battle, to keep its turn-coat puppets and other enemies quiet.

God brought a stool pigeon to my stool / septic TANK, and Tanks/Tancreds can be gleaned as a branch of Teachers/Tass'/Taque's. Tacks ("NobiliTAS") are said to be a branch of Tanks/Tancreds. It suddenly starts to reveal that the stool pigeon promised by God will be on Epstein, or possibly on whatever Bill Barr is hoping to cover in the Epstein case. But that theory is based on whether or not the Teachers are a pointer to Mr. Barr's hiring of Epstein. Isn't it amazing that while Epstein's island is Little Saint James, the three James lions, and the chevron between them, are shared by the French Blanks having a "sans TACHE" motto. It was unbelievable to find that. I had to search my files to discover who it was that used that motto, and felt confident while doing so that something of a proof would be provided by God. Tache's -- probably one of the triple-red Clare chevrons -- are listed with Teachers, no guff at all. Epsteins have three, red chevrons.

In the meantime that I was writing "Little SAINT James" in the paragraph above, I recalled that one Saint/Sant surname shares the cherub with Tacks!!!! WOW. Saints/Sinclairs even use a "thy" motto term that can be for the Thys variation of Teacher-colored Teasers. That looks like a God determined to punish the Epstein industry. Chalants/Chalons share winged cherub heads with Saints/Sants, and they are suspect from Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Mummolin.

Saints and Sands (Clare colors) are expected (by me) from SINTians at Marne-like Myrina of Lemnos, for the Santone's who named Sainte were beside the Lemovices of Lemnos. The Sinclair-branch Clairs were at Limousin, city of Lemovices. The CLERMONTS'/Clements share the Marina bends. Mummolin was descended from Tulia of Lyon, wife of Rusticus of CLERMONT-Ferrand, which tends to explain why Men's/Mame's were at GlenLYON, a location of the Lyons in Perthshire. Mamie was at home plate with me, and Home's/Hume's have the Lyon Coat in colors reversed. Cindy, whose name as a surname I can link via Conte's/Comitissa's to the "Commit thy" motto phrase of Saints/Sinclairs, was at second base while Seconds/Segurs were first found in Limousin with Clairs. God sure did his heraldic homework before setting me up with heraldic-related events.

Tancred-branch Tankerville's share the cinquefoil of English Blanks while "Sans tache" was the motto of French Blanks. The leopard face of English Blanks can be that of Peare's because "Sans tache" is the motto also of PEERless' (Perthshire, same as GlenLyon) who happen to use the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire in colors reversed. We're clearly on the Pierro's / Pero's of the Tessin/Ticino river. For those of you who understand a little from my past writings, this Tankerville line is from Boeotia's Tanagra to the blood in the veins of the Levite killers of Jesus through the Laevi Gauls on the Ticino.

After writing the above, I went to catch the latest youtube news, and found a video featuring Joe diDenova. He was talking about Mike Rogers, the whistle blower persecuted by James Clapper for notifying Trump personally that the Obamaites were spying on him in Trump Tower. Joe thinks that Rogers is talking to Durham about everything.

The Roger surnames were loaded to see whether Mike Rogers could be the stool pigeon at my septic tank, or anything else that might apply to these matters. I read the write-up of English Rogers to find them in a Home location of Salop. This Home branch of Rogers were at Norbury while Norbury was ruled also by Bulkellys, explaining why Buckleys/Bulkellys share the NorBURY/Norberry Coat.

Shropshire was home to Fulbert, father of Peter Pollock at Rothes castle on the Spey river with a Buckie location (I've been calling it Buckle, sorry, my mistake). It just so happens that Buckle's are a Buckley/Bulkelly branch, and moreover the latter share bull heads with Pollock-like Bullocks. The Leslie's who married Pollocks at Rothes use the buckle as well as the same bend of French Rogers. The latter use roses beside their bend, and the Rose clan was at the Rothes theater, perfect so far.

English Rogers with a "Nos nosTRAQUE" motto phrase can suggest Tracks/Tricks sharing a green lion with Lyons, and throwing in spears while Speers/SPEYers (same place as Pollocks) are probably the namers of the Spey river. Pollocks of Renfrewshire were beside the first-known Astys (Lanarkshire), who share the Track/Trick lion in both colors, and English Rogers have a "Nos nosTRAQUE" motto phrase. Consider the NORtons below, and then know that Northens/Northams/Nothings (in the Suty motto) share the green dragon with flames/fire of Suty-branch Seatons/Sittens, wherefore the green dragon of TRASHers could possibly indicate that they are a TRACK branch, or at least the namers of the Track variation of Tricks/Triggs / Drigs.

NorBURY could possibly have been a Nor-line merger with Burys who come up with "Buris" because this surname has a version of the Leslie bend-with-buckles. Irish Burys/Buris' (cross in Pollock-saltire colors) have another spear through a boar, the Pollock symbol almost. Irish Burys/Buris' happen to be in the colors of English NORtons (have Rogers in their write-up), first found in Kent with Rothes', and using the Track/Trick lion in colors reversed. Rothes' (Rennes lion?), once said to have been first found in Salop with the Home location of Rogers, were at "BADDENville, near Wrotham in Kent..." Nortons share a green Shield with French Rogers/Rosers, Irish Burys/Buris', and Bauer-suspect Burleys/Bourleys (Somerset, same as Tarrs/Tarres' and Trashers). And Irish Nortons, upon their green quadrant, almost have the three, crossed white swords of Brennans. Did Mike Rogers tell Trump that John Brennan was spying on him?

English Nortons have Mr. COIGNIER, father of Roger, explaining why CONNERs share the English Norton Coat. If Conners are Cuneo liners, then the Conner / Norton Coats can be the Asty Coat (in colors reversed) too as per Asti of Cuneo. From here we take Bruno's of Asti to Brunswick, noting that the two Brunswick lions are in the colors of the two lions of Brun-like Brennans. It could again seem that there's a Roger > Brennan link for some reason. One of the two Irish Conners were first found in Connaught while Nortons are also Connaughts, and so the green snake in a Conner Crest looks like the Marsi-of-Abruzzo snake, which can explain why the double lions combattant of Brennans are used by Abreu's/Abruzzo's too. In fact, one Brennan Crest is virtually one Conner Crest too, how about that. While I see Bruce's rooted in "Abruzzo," we then find that the other Irish Brennans share the Bruce lion.

English Moors share the same Crest as Conners and Brennans, while Irish Moors ("CONlan"), first found in Leicestershire with English Moors, share the Conner / Norton lion. The Arms of Leicester at times shows the Hasting / Toeni sleeve (or maunch), and Hastings thus look like Asti / Asty liners. Irish Moors even share the Bressy/Brassy/BRESCI Chief.

I recall the Bauer-brand hockey skates I wore when God provided two events at my age 12, as per my goals off of Steve TARR's assists. A Mr. Bauer named the Rothschilds, yet the latter descended from Rothes-castle elements under discussion. In the first goal, Tarr took a slap shot from the blue line; the puck bounced off the goalie and came to rest on the goal line. It was late in the semi-final game, and I was skating toward this puck with the goalie sprawled on the ice. It was such an important gift -- because the score was tied 2-2 in my first year of organized hockey -- that my knees gave out in the excitement. I slid in on my knees and POKEd (Pollocks are Poke's) the puck in with the tip of the stick's BLADE (almost the Pollock Coat, in Burley/Bourley / Roger/Roser colors; compare Blade's and Pollocks/Poke's with two Frank surnames). Decades later, I learned that the Knee's share the black stag with English Rogers and the bend of French Rogers. Yet it's the bend of Leslie's of Rothes castle.

One can now add "Henry Bederic or De Bury," showing that one Bury/Buris surname was named after a location of the Bederic family. Beders/Baads happen to be BADENius' too (!), and their stars are in the colors of the Badden/Batten axes. We are back to the Baths, where Buttons/Bidens had a branch! There you go. Baths share the cross of Rudge's/Rudes', and the latter were first found in Salop with Hunters and the Rogers of Home while Rogers were also Rudge-like RODGers. Ruffords, in the colors and format of English Rogers, are said to have been from a Rudford location. It could appear as though Rogers are a variant of whatever named Rothes.

Buckley's/Bulkellys were first found in Cheshire with Dunham-Masci, and English Burys/Buris' share the Masci fleur. Buckleys/Bulkellys are in the colors and format of Lairs/Layre's. Repeat from above: "WOW, note "Lairye" in that [Alain Bedel] quote, for Lairs/Layre's (Dol, Brittany) have a black-Shield version of the Bidel/Beadle/Bedle Coat, and are in the colors of English Layre's (Lincolnshire, same as BRACEbridge's) who in turn share the vertically-split Shield of Hunters (Shropshire, same as the Dol Alans)!!!" The same colors differences between Lairs/Layre's and Bidels/Bedle's are in effect between Buckleys/Bulkellys and Bullocks, and all four use a chevron to boot.

Welsh Rogers/ROSers have a Chief in Home/Hume colors (not exactly a hard link), and their Chief-Shield color combination is shared by Simpsons of Buckle-like Buckingham. Buckings/Buckinghams have a bend-with-besants in the colors of the Leslie bend-with-buckles. The Home/Hume lion is colors reversed from Lyon lion, and Lyons (Perthshire, same as Glenlyon) named GLENlyon, we may assume, not far from Rothes. Does that spell Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS? French Rogers have a lord of Fesson that may have had a Fusion-like entity, and the Rudge cross is also in the colors of the Fessy/Face cross. Fusils/Fusie's/Fusiers were first found in Dauphine, not far from the first-know French Rogers.

I'd like to go back to Mamie and Bill Barr, so to speak, in the back of the pick-up TRUCK. There is no Truck surname coming up, but I'd like to assume that the Truck is a pointer to Tracks/Tricks because the Astys sharing their lion were first found in Lanarkshire. To set this up, let's repeat from above while on the tent I slept in with Mamie as the first thing I remember after seeing her in the truck: "Alans became the Stewarts of the Lanarkshire area, and the ROYal tents of Tintons can be expected with the Roys (Lanarkshire) due to their "TENDis" motto term." The ATINTanes will play to this momentarily as per their being beside Aulon/AVLONA, which I trace to mont Velino in the Marsi area of Abruzzo. But first, I'd like to jot down the motto of Swans/Sions, first found in Lanarkshire: "FideliTAS." The Tass'/Teachers are in Teaser/Tease/Tyes colors, and she teased me in that tent, yet Teachers are being considered here as a pointer to Barr's father's hiring of Epstein.

Okay, perhaps that motto term is coincidental in this case in pointing to Teachers, yet the Swans/Sions once showed GAUNTlet gloves, and we saw how Mamie's thigh symbol, and her sitting on my lap, pointing to Gaunt elements. But there's a couple of other points yet to be made: the Roys share the James lion for a potential pointer to Little Saint James, and the Roy Crest has a white dog of the kind that's white also in the Barrel Coat. The EAR of the latter's dog is of a different color to emphasize it; I see ears as code for Eyers / Ayers, and not only is Ayrshire near Lanarkshire, but Ayer is a location about 10 miles from Sion. The Swans/Sions. plus, I see Ayr of Ayrshire named after Numidians (probably the Shawia) of Aures, and the Aures Coat shares red lions in both Shield and Crest with Mauds and Virgins while the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt has a virgin. "The town is continuous with the smaller town of Prestwick to the north," and Prestwicks use the merMAID. Mamie sat on my lap just before we slept in the tent, and Laps use the mermaid too.

The Swans/Sions themselves use a lion in the colors of the Roy / James lions, but at this time I can't see a way to link Roys to James, which would be an important link for the Teacher topic at hand. As Ducks were Barr kin, recall how the falcon killing a mallard duck is used by Maidens while Maids share the Coat of Gaunt-related Monmouths. The latter were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels, and the Swans/Sions suspect with the Barrel dog now show FALCONer's gloves instead of the gauntlet gloves of Monmouth's Fane's/Vane's. This is all pretty amazing in the way it's linking to things-Mamie, and it all started with the ROYal tents.

[Insert -- I wrote a few paragraphs below before realizing that the Brittany Roys share the Teaser/Tease/Tyes stars! WOW. That's why God had to have me sleep in a tent with Mamie, clearly. That's why she teased me there. But He could have arranged something in a tent with her besides sleep. Why sleep? The Selepitanoi were at Bar, you see. And right next to the Selepitanoi, to their south, were the Abri (version of ABARi?), suspect with/from Abruzzo's namers. As per Mamie in the PICK-up truck with Bill Barr, lookie here: the Roy / Teaser stars are in colors reversed in the Coat of Scottish Picks/Pike's/PICKENs (Ayrshire), and my Masci-line mother was born and raised in PICENze, a village in Abruzzo, thought to be named after the woodpecker (probably the other way around), a known symbol of mythical Mars. Incredible.

It makes Mamie herself suspect from Picenze, so to speak. That is, her representation as MumMOLIN may indicate that he, a Merovingian, was from Picenze. The Marsi (their region is Maruvium) are said to be from Merovingians, and MOLINE's were first found in Devon with English Pike's! Zikers.

I think I get it. The double Sleep fesses are in colors reversed with Masci-like Muscats, first found in Suffolk with Teachers'/Tass' (!!!), and the Muschats (with an 'h') share the triple chevrons of Epsteins!!!! That's why I had to sleep with her in a sleeping bag, especially as Bags share the Grimaldi Shield while my mother's MAIDEN name is, Grimaldi! The neighboring Clare's (Suffolk) have triple-red chevrons of their own, and by the time of this insert, I was digging into the mythical Lares, connectable (theoretically) to Clare's, as you will see. I just happened to recall that Clare's share the triple chevrons of Dutch Burgers/Burgens (the latter's are now showing again), which is why I've just checked Virgin-like Birgins/Burgins to find the scallops, in both colors schemes, of the Teacher/Tass scallops! Wow. Mamie may have refused my snuggling in the sleeping bag because she was a virgin, and wanted to remain such. Mamie was my last lady before my marriage, whom I met while handing out Christian TRACTs in front of MacDonalds with DOUG JAMES (Douglas', sharing the KID Chief, can be linked to James'). The Sabine's, easily traceable to mont Sabina, share red scallops with Birgins and Teachers/Tass'.

It's notable that while Kirks can be traced to Mummolin by their motto and their crozier (see "Kirk" last update for explanation), the Kirk crozier is in saltire with a white sword, similar to the Crest of Birgins. The Kirk Coat looks linkable to the Annas Coat, and Annas' (Nottinghamshire, same as Teasers/Tyes'), share the star of Teasers/Tyes'. It's got Mamie all over it, and while Joseph Caiaphas married the daughter of the high priest. Annas, "Caiaphas/Qayafa/Qafa" is suspect from the Cavii on the immediate south of the Abri! I get it. The Cavii are to the Chives' who share a black moline with Mallards. The Arness variation of Annas' is like the Arnissa location south of the Cavii's Mathis river, and Mathis' (BURGUNdy) share the Chives moline, you see. The Birgins/Bergens happen to have variations that are the French spelling of Burgundy! That's why God had to connect Mamie to Maids and Virgins.

Dutch Hacks share goat heads with Moline's. Birgins were first found in Devon with Chives-related Hykes'/Hacks, who remind of the Hacch variation of Hatch's!!! Someone opened the hatch of the PICK-up for me to reveal Mamie and Barry in there. Hatch's/Hacch's (Cornwall, same as Tintons, beside Devon) are the ones with the Brunswick / Gernon Coat. Chives' were said, for about ten years until recently, said to be first found in Devon. This is all impressive, but it always depresses me when God uses me in events to point to Caiaphas and Annas. Hykes'/Hacks share the scallops of TRAVIS' (and Gernon-related Meschins) while Chives' (share the Hykes/hack quadrants) are now said to be first found in TARVES. Tarves was probably related to earls of Mar in Angus, and Angus' share the star of Angus-like Annas'.

Kirks (Annas Shield?) have a "PRIMum" motto term that can be for Prime's or Primo's, the latter first found in Burgundy with snake-using Save's. Primo's share the mirror with Sire's, but Sire's (Abreu tower?), related to Justine of PICENum, give their mirror a green snake. Recall that Bill Barr is being linked to the scales of justice of Sire's, and that Bar elements could have named the Abri. Justine married Valentinian of Cybele-like CIBALae (Sibals have another moline), and so note "VALENtin des Roys" in the write-up of the Brittany Roys, part of the duck-liner Velens. The moline of Sibal ("Justitia," same as the Arms of Vilnius) is colors reversed from the same of green-snake Seagars/Sugars, from Sugaar the snake god, husband of MARi, we get it. Back now to the royal-tent / gauntlet discussion before this insert. End power-packed insert]

I can now add that Royals, first found in Kent with Virgins, share the red-on-white bend with Cheile's (Prime Crest?), first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/KILLS! Excellent, the falcon killing a mallard. The Cheile's add red bendlets to their bend, as do the Gaunts (Kent, same as Royals) in the same colors!!! That wasn't expected; snuck right up on me. Lookie: the Ryle and Riall variations of Royals can indicate a branch of Rileys/O'Reillys who share lions combattant with Kellys! That can't be coincidental. It appears that O'Reillys were a Royal branch. Kellys even share the Roy / James lion...and one can readily see why a line of Rileys would turn into Royals if they had married a line of royal James'.

O'Reillys share the lion of the Lanarkshire Astys (and Tracks/Tricks). If Astys are from Asti, that's where Bruno's had a branch who named the Brunswick location of Barrs of Bar-le Duc. This duck topic plays right to the Velino-line Velins (ducks) and Velens (Alan martlets), for Velens once showed the ducks that French Alans once showed. The Marsi of that area had a snake goddess which can be traced in multiple ways to the green heraldic snake. Her name, ANGITia, may have named Angus, because earls of Mar were at Angus. They were at KilDRUMMy castle while the Tremond variation of German Drummonds looks like "Teramo," a city once the capital of Abruzzo. The city was then called, Aprutium (namer of Abruzzo), which I trace for good reason to the Epirotes people of Epirus, who lived at Aulon/Avlona. It can be gleaned that the Epirotes were the namers of Aphrodite, for her lover, Ares, became Mars to the Romans probably for this Marsi-Abruzzo reason. It's known that the Aphrodite cult was especially at Lemnos, by the way. While Innus' are said to be related to Angus, the Innes' have a green snake. Abreu's/Abruzzo's, by the way, share lions combattant with Rileys/O'Reillys.

Lares and the Mythical Thigh

The Lara's, first found on/near the Abreu-like Ebro river, use pots filled with green snakes. LARens/Clarens have two of the three Clare chevrons, and Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Teachers'/Tass' expected in the Swan/Sion motto.

The Lara-like Lares (both Spanish surnames) happen to use the same swan as Swans/Sions, and as the latter were first found in Lanarkshire, by what coincidence are Lanarks (share heart with Swans/Sions) also LARnacks? It appears that Lara / Lares liners named Lanark, possibly from the mythical Lares' of Romans, named after mythical Lar, a female indicating Amazons. The Lanark/Larnack write-up mentions Lorne's, and I first met, and got a date from, Lorraine at the corner of Lorne avenue. Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine.

Wikipedia on the Lares': "[The mother of the Lares'] is named as Mania by Varro (116–27 BC), who believes her an originally Sabine deity". The southern end of mont Sabina edges onto the Abruzzo land of the Marsi. "Mania" suggests the Maenad Amazons who were given a wild / insanity / mania symbol. The Lars / Larson surnames have a giant bull head that could indicate the Bacchus cult of Dionysus, for he was followed around by Maenads. I'm writing this on December 26, and the pine-cone symbol of the Maenads (MAEANDER river, near the Great Mother cult of Cybele), from the pine tree symbol of Attis (husband of Cybele), probably ended up as the Christmas tree as rude pagans intruded on Christmas (which they love to do to this day). The salaMANDER is used by Hardy-descended Douglas' while Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire with the Larnacks sharing a heart with Douglas'.

There happens to be a green snake under what could be a falcon (falcon killing a snake?) in the Crest of Bacchus-like Backus'/Baccus'/BAKEhouse's, for Dutch Bakers share the Falcon (and PIGeon) chevron. This recalls Jim Backus, who played Thurston Howell. Abreu's/Abruzzo's share the tower of Howells, first found in Monmouthshire.

In Wikipedia's Mother-of-the-Lares article: "She appears twice in the records of the Arval Brethren as Mater Larum, elsewhere as Mania and Larunda. Ovid calls her Lara, Muta (the speechless one) and Tacita (the silent one)." Muta could have been the myth writer's code for the proto-Mota's suspect in the "Immota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila (Abruzzo capital, seven miles from my mother's birthplace). Portuguese Mota's have a Coat somewhat similar to that of Spanish Lares', and Portuguese Abreu's share the Masci wing while Lares' share the Masci fleur-de-lys. This goes back to the Moschi mountains of Amazons, at the PYXites river.

The Lares' share the swan of Falcon-loving Swans/Sions and Readys. While Lars and Larsons are said to be from "Laurentius" along with Lawrence's/Laurence's ("Ready" motto term), the latter could have the Saraca fish because they have a RAGully cross. Lawrence's are from the area of Sands, and Sands use ragully too.

I'll now go back to ugly, lame Hephaestus of Lemnos (off of Moschi- / Amazon-liner Mysia), mythical husband of proto-Abruzzo Aphrodite. The island of Lemnos had the chief city of Myrina, suspect to Chalons-sur-MARNE, home of MUMmolin. The Saraca's of RAGusa were right beside AsaMUM (on the map above), and I saw HephAEStus/HephAIStos with AIX relatives, suggesting the Picenum-related Assi/Asse's with an axe head. It could appear that Pyxites-river Amazons were on Lemnos before they named the Picensii Moesians (between the Axius river and the Pek river) en route to Picenum and Picenze. The Azzi in the land of Amazons, to the south of Colchis and smack at the Moschi mountains, make sense here because Jason of the Argo ship stopped at Lemnos, en route to Colchis, to mate with the Amazons of Myrina. It's just myth code for those who knew that Colchians (beside the Eber-like Iberi) were at Lemnos.

The Rize location beside/near the Pyxites river is very traceable, with its Ardahan area, to the Ardiaei at and around Rhizon, smack beside Kotor, original home of the Ragusa Saraca's. The Ardiaei as VARDaei > Vardy/Vertys (moline) named FERTE-Mace. Jason sailed up the Glaucus river of Colchis, home of the Lazi, and the Lares are said to have been "Lases" too. What are the chances that the mouth of the Glaucus, was at Poti while Lara's use pots filled with green snakes? Yum-yum. Mythical Glaucus was a green fish, though he had snake symbolism too...evoking mythical MeluSINE (Swans/Sions are Sine's too).

Lemnos was home to Sand-like Sintians, who named Santones, and the Sanders happen to share red bull heads with Lars' and Larsons (I'm trying to figure out why)...not to mention the red bull of Sabine's. The Maenads were of Dionysus, and he was placed on LEMnos (with a Cretan wife) while being given a LAME symbol too (Phaistos on Crete probably applied). I don't know if there was a lame-meaning term that the myth writers knew of, that could stand as code for Lemnites, but it's Lars-interesting Dionysus had the bull cult, Bacchus, of Zeus (his mount Olympus was beside the Iolcus home of Jason above, and beside the all-female Muses). The Lame/Lammie Coat happens to share a white-on-blue saltire with Backus'/Baccus, perhaps not coincidental, for heraldry comes from paganized "Christians" (the Normans), some of them expected to be pure pagans.

The Lame/Lammie Coat has the crozier for a trace to the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne. Remember, the Chalon surname shares winged cherubs with Saints/Sants. Backus'/Baccus' were first found in Cumberland with Vardys/Vertys and Falcons suspect in the Backus/Baccus Crest with the Marsi snake cult. Vardys/Vertys have vair fur in the colors of the same of Bracebridge's and Champagne's while Bracebridge's share the crozier with Lame's/Lammie's. Chalons-sur-Marne is now Chalons-en-Champagne. Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with same-colored Keele's/Kills in case the Backus/Baccus bird is killing a snake.

The Chalons were first found as Chalants as per Lawrence KEPke saying to me, "be non-chalant." I then found that Callons share the bend of Keeps, and now find that keeps were first found in Sussex with Lame's/Lammie's. He told me to be non-chalant while i was getting to go speak with my girlfriend, Miss Whelan, when we caught her on a date with another man. Whelans use lozenges, suspect from a Lazi line to Losinj, in the Colchian area of the Adriatic sea off of Croatia. It's a big deal because Losinj is otherwise called, Apsorus, the name of the mythical brother of the Colchian princess, Medea (witch), wife of Jason of the Argo ship. Witches go together with snakes in pots. Poti, right? Why were Pyxites-like Pictones at Poti-like Poitiers?

Whelans share the Brick Coat while Breuci were at the COLapis river suspect with COLchians. She lived at the corner of Henry Corson place and Senator Reesors drive, and while Corsons/Carsons (Brix/Brest lozenges) have the Whelan / Brick lozenges in colors reversed, Reesors are also Rhizon-like Reasons. Here's something new, so far as I can recall: Corsons/Carsons share the crescent of Nons. Be NON-chalant! Zinger, that's good.

The elephant heads of Sanders are expected as per the Elaphiti islands, beside Ragusa / AsaMUM. I therefore have a good reason to suspect that Mummolin was named after whatever Asamum was named after, in marriage to the Moline's / proto-Moline's. This is a good place to add that Mole's and SCHIMs share the boar head of Googe's/Gooch's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's) and Goughs/Goffs while Gophers/Gofers share the saltire of Backus'/Baccus' and Lame's/Lammie's. Corsons/Carsons use the SCIMitar, as do Lawrence-beloved Readys, and Lawrence Kepke lived on Henry Corson place too! Wonders never cease.

Okay, so the Lame/Lammie / Backus/Baccus saltire is shared by Gofers...who can be linked to Gog-like Googe's by way of Goughs/Goffs. Gogarene/Gugar of Gog was perhaps within Colchis but in any case near the Moschi mountains. This can all be linked tentatively to Mamie's tent symbol where Tints use a "COUCHant" lion while Googe's are also GOUCH's. Then, as she got her thigh symbol the day after the night we slept in the tent, by what coincidence was Dionysus limp symbol due to his thigh? Dionysus was born from the thigh of Zeus. She got her thigh symbol at her garden while Gardens (share boars with Googe's/Gouch's and Goffs/Goughs) were first found in Angus with Readys (Googe colors) and Jardins (Teaser/Tyes' stars). The SWANs of Readys (and Lare's) trace to lake SEVAN (Lychnis on the map below), once named after the Gogarene/Gugar location to its south-east side. It's suggesting that Gog / Sevan / Soducena elements were merged with lake Garda elements. Brescia/Brixia comes to mind.

Lame's/Lammie's and Lams/Lambs can be traced to Mieszko Lambert while Mieske's/Mesechs, first found in Prussia with German Larsons, share the giant Larson / Lars bull head (different colors). We could assume that Mesechs were from the Moschi-mountain Meshech.

This is amazing. Someone actually arranged the Lame's/Lammie's to have a Limp variation, and Bacchus was given a limp symbol while Backus'/Baccus' share the Lame/Limp saltire. Lookie from Wikipedia: "Nonnus, in his Dionysiaca, writes that the name Dionysus means "Zeus-limp" [not really, it was just fanciful word-play] and that Hermes named the new born Dionysus this, 'because Zeus while he carried his burden [Dionysus in his thigh] lifted one foot with a limp from the weight of his thigh, and nysos in Syracusan language means limping'." Syracuse is near Sicilian Ragusa, home of Saraca-line Saracens, and the Sarasin surname even has another moline, extra evidence that AsaMUM at Illyrian Ragusa was a Mummolin-related entity.

Illyrian Ragusa was also, Laus, and Maeander-river Manders use a "Laus" motto term. Maeander-river liners probably named the Manner-related Mens'/MAME's, you see. Dionysus of the thigh was a partner with Maeander-river Maenads. Nobody else will tell you that Maenads were code for Maeonians on the Maeander, because they have failed to understand mythical and heraldic symbolism and links / traces. This was God's teaching to me out of necessity for telling His story on the bloodlines to His end-time enemies, those who love Caiaphas and Annas and the Herods. For love of Jesus, the Father will utterly punish these world rulers like when an eagle eats a rabbit alive, without mercy for their horrors and pains. It is coming; get yourselves on the Right side. Start with respect for your Creator, and KNOW what pleases Him. Practice it until it becomes your nature, for the Spirit of Jesus in you, and with you, will support you in such tasks.

The saltire of Lame's/Limps / Baccus' is shared also by Oddie's (Ottone/Otto colors), a branch of Odins (Yorkshire, same as Oddie's) who in-turn share the crozier with Lame's/Limps. OTTONE Visconti had a green-snake symbol with a Moor infant in its mouth, a clue to descent from the Marsi with the Angitia witch cult. Symbols inside MOUTHs are probably code for something, perhaps the Motts / Mota's / Motels. Ottone's were probably kin of the Chappes' who in-turn have the Moor head. It traces to Morano, beside Saracena, and related to Italy's Laus.

Just remembered that German Otto's (Prussia, same as bull-head Larsons and Mieske's) use a giant bull head, and it's colors reversed from the same of Lars'. The annulets of Ottone's/Otto's and Bulls/Bule's together with those of CRAUNs tell me that the Otto bull is from Bullis near the CERAUNii mountains of Epirus, in the land of the ATINTanes who formed the Tint surname, first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's. The cups of English Bole's tells that the Bulls/Bule's got mixed up with Colchians at the Colapis, for the Bole's put the Googe/GOUCH / Goff/Gough boar heads into their cups, and Tints are the ones with a COUCHant lion. Belgian Bole's share ears of wheat with Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps.

It's interesting that the medallion-on-Jeep's-hood got suspect as God's linking of the Chep variation of Jeepma's to the Chappes'/Cheaps (Stirlingshire) because the MEDALs/Dougals share the quadrants of Bauds (Hood crescents in colors reversed), first found in Stirlingshire. But get a load of the following because the Baud crescents are also those of Saracens. The German Bole's, I noted, have the split Shield of Groce's/Greggs, which have been resolved with the medallion event, and because they have compasses, I checked for a Compass surname and got one listed with Campeau's. It reads:

Perhaps the most important branch of the name was found in the south in Provence at Marseille, recorded there since the 15th century and found to be related to the Royal House of Monaco, the Grimaldi's. Valentine Grimaldi was adopted into the House of Campeau by an aunt, and it was ordained by the Prince of Monaco, chief of the House of Grimaldi, that henceforth from 1909, the family was to bear the name Campou Grimaldi-REGUSSE.

It sure looks like "Ragusa." The Arms of Ragusse has the Grimaldi Shield. I was hoping to find a Bag-like location nearby, but no luck. The good news is that Regusse (near Comps) is at Vardy-like Verdon while Vardys/Vertys were barons of FERTE while Verdons use a giant FRET (it's also that of Mells, Somerset). That works, and tells us that Verdon was named from the Vardaei spelling of the Ardiaei i.e. at the Illyrian-Ragusa theater. Compass'/Campeau's share the Sinclair / Conan cross, which recalls a statement that a Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, daughter of Rollo, which can explain why one Bole Crest shares the black Rollo-Crest boar. Rollo's even use a "passe" motto term to go with "ComPASS." Crispins happen to be a branch of Grazio's who in turn smack of Grasse not far from either Monaco or Ragusse. The Monaco lion could be that of German Rolls/Raels too, who share a white-on-blue chevron with Ottone's/Otto's, first found in Perusia with Grazio's.

The Grazio bend is shared by Tennis', first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins and the Peare's with whom the Tennis' share gold-on-red leopard faces. Perfect, because Peare's also share the chevron-with-stars of Oxfordshire's Teans/Thames', an obvious branch of Tennis' who smack of Caucasia's Tanais, where I've traced these surnames prior to my knowledge of Tennis' (have jessant-de-lys leopard faces).

Then, "Grass" is not far from "Groce" while Groce's/Greggs have the split Shield of compass-using Bole's. The Greep variation of Greats goes excellently with the Crepon variation of Crispins, and Greats/Greeps share the saltire of Nails/NAGLE's/NEILs, of/from ONEGLia (beside Monaco), where Ardiaei-liner Arduinici lived. In just so happens that Saraca-line Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Irish Neils. The Nail/Nagle saltire is shared by Gale's, kin of Tints, believe it or not (the other Nagle's use nightinGALEs).

Oh wow. A few weeks before Mamie and I became a couple on the night of the tent, we had danced at her party. I then left abruptly to see my girlfriend, Lorraine, but she came home, from a walk with a married man, with a long GRASS stain / streak on the back of her THIGH (not all the way back). It was beside her BUTT, and Butua (very near Saraca's of Kotor) was related to nearby Bar, the thing both she and Mamie point to. Was she ROLLING in the grass with that man? That's what I thought, and it ended the relationship. English Rolls/ROWLES' use a DANCEette. Hmm. ROWELLs share the double fesses of nail-using Clovis', and while king Clovis was a son of CHILDeric, Lorraine's share the Child eagles.

In case it applies, the Nail/Nagle saltire is colors reversed from the same of Lame's/Limps / Baccus' / Odins.


Drudge headlines on the 26th: "HOLIDAY HORROR: Christmas Party In Philly Turns Tragedy When Mother Stabbed To Death...," and, "Family Suicide By Jumping From Boston Parking Garage...". Thanks Drudge, you sick moron; the world couldn't have been happy without you sharing those headlines. It was just too hard for an ailing zombie like you to resist feeding your readers' heads such pictures. You walking death, you never cease with demented or garbage headlines.

We can see exactly Horowitz's excuse / strategy for not getting damning information from Comey:

When the Department of Justice inspector general released his report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse...

..."Certain former FBI employees who agreed to interviews, including Comey and Baker, chose not to request that their security clearances be reinstated for their OIG interviews," read the IG report. "Therefore, we were unable to provide classified information or documents to them during their interviews to develop their testimony, or to assist their recollections of relevant events."

...The IG report also stressed Comey’s lack of a security clearance in discussing inconsistencies between his and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s statements to the IG."

In other words, Horowitz is a hypocrite, a protector of Comey, not the independent inspector that he's paid to be. There's no reason that he couldn't have plied Comey with the required questions without showing him the classified information. Moreover, he could have made a simple request to Bill Barr to allow Comey to see / hear classified data that pertains to his answer to questions on those matters. This is an obvious farce, with deep-staters probably using this tactic long ago for covering other insider abuses and crimes.

The article reveals that Jim Baker of the FBI was a stool pigeon at one point, anyway: "Baker further stated that 'he learned that Ohr was providing to the FBI information that Ohr had received from Steele,' and, in Baker’s view, 'this {was} not good.'" Right. This was after the FBI fired Steele from the payroll at election time (November, 2901) because it wanted to get rid of a hot potato (Steele) it didn't want to get caught conspiring with. But Steele was advised to transfer his trash to the FBI through the DoJ conduit of Bruce Ohr, and no doubt this information included that of Glenn Simpson, the boss at that very time of Ohr's wife. We easily see the shape of this conspiracy: from Hillary Clinton and the DNC, owners of the Fusion-GPS dossier, the dossier was shoveled like typical trash to Comey's offices. Bongino is probably right that the Steele dossier was that of Nelly Ohr's and Glen Simpson's, but with Steele's name on it to get the hot potato as far as possible from the legal system of the United States in case this crew got caught.

Look at how slow justice moves its wheels on this outrageous crime. What's wrong? Barr's wrong, that's what. He's not being slow because there's so much to look into. That was a farce they used for the extending of the Horowitz report. Don't fall for that again. What a bunch of useless dogs over at the DoJ. Barr has yet to arrest any of the criminals. Don't hold your breath with this all-bark zero. In the end, the deep state will dilute Durham's report, if they can get this wash-up Barr to do it, that is. And he's not to be trusted anymore than a sausage provider who stuffs the meat with pie crumbs to get a better profit.

"Investigators with the IG’s office were unable to resolve the conflicts or to fully assess Comey’s complicity in the filing of the fraudulent FISA applications because Comey claimed limited recall and then refused to have his security clearance reinstated." Well, then, Barr now has the responsibility of re-questioning Comey without the classified-excuse used by Horowitz. But Barr will use the excuse that this is Durham's investigation. Barr might try to say that he has no contact with Durham, without telling us that he speaks to Durham through Whitaker or some other middleman. I don't trust this bunch. But God, I think, is promising more revelation in spite of them. My hope: that God humiliates those trying to cover these crimes. That is to our joy, when the Just Judge has His turn to act. Horowitz conveniently reported that he was just powerless to discover how much of the Crossfire-Hurricane project Comey had knowledge of. You can't let Comey off the hook any better than that. What a cursed sham, a den of vipers. Here's the article if you would like to see the rest:

Lindsey Graham is talking up a storm, but what credibility does he have left? He's just promised to call every witness in deep-state news for the past two years. Why has he taken so long? Why now at election time, when he needs to get re-elected? Then, if he does call witnesses, what sort of mere theater will the people be served?

On the Pelosi news, where everyone at Fox is saying that a nutty Pelosi is withholding the impeachment papers from the senate, nothing could be further from the truth. This is not a decision by Pelosi. Furthermore, as per the motive, no one at Fox is willing to state the simple truth lest the people all realize the theater that's being played out. The motive is to keep a trial from taking place that would unveil corruption touching upon congressional expenditures to Ukraine. People above Pelosi, at the expense of more DNC dives in the polls, are withholding the impeachment papers as a bargaining chip to iron out a deal with the senate Republicans that disallows certain witnesses from appearing in the impeachment trial, or, even better, no trial at all. McConnell wants exactly no trial, as I understand it. Why not? It will be great for revealing corruption. Yes, exactly why McConnell doesn't want a trial, right? He's the head cheese in the senate; he knows all about its corrupt actors, and he's probably one of them because the mobsters in government assure that they have one of their own at the top. Am I right?

Let's take this to the Biden crime. What happened there is that congress allotted money to Ukraine, and certain people lined their pockets with that money. Just multiply that situation hundreds of times over, because, it should be obvious to us by now, congressmen are tasked with passing expenditure (appropriation) bills intended for lining American pockets, and some of the key congress people who succeed in creating an expenditure bill, or who are successful in increasing the money to be allotted for it, know beforehand that they get a reward in their own pockets for succeeding, or for just plain doing what the chief criminals want them to do. That's my take on why many in the senate don't want a trial that involves calling in the Bidens and related operators. Many there are guilty of the same things, and some / most voted for the money that went to Ukraine (I don't know what the vote tally was).

Another ridiculous piece of theater coming from congress via Fox is that AOC defacto runs the House. You really need to be an idiot to think that this is true. This is part of some scheme; one of my theories is that the powers have chosen to boomerang her on a fast-track to running for the presidency one day. They did the same with Hillary Clinton, and they worked together with her to scam the tax system. This is why the invisibles are so angry that Trump defeated her. AOC is a perfect enemy of the United States, easily convinced to rob her. They did the same with Obama, and he (they) took $800B in his first year on the excuse that the country would sink into a depression otherwise. Distribution of the money was, we can safely assume, via the decisions of his congress (at the time, both the House and Senate were Democrat-led).

Mr. Hannity, it's not mere political / ideological hatred for Trump that we are seeing today; it's for the pursuit of illegally-obtained tax money, but also for hiding that pursuit in the Obama years. Of course, Fox won't tolerate Hannity making statements to that effect, and he doesn't need to be told either (he knows it all on his own). Horowitz wouldn't even go so far as to label Comey a hater of Trump, let alone one who was trying to keep Trump from uncovering FBI corruption. Shouldn't it be obvious that the Comey deep state was trying to keep Trump frightened so as to shut his mouth about what he may have known? What's the criminal label for that sort of chronic intimidation? It's insubordination, for one thing, with the threat of a lethal attack or coup.

Barr claimed that he didn't have input into the Horowitz report, and rightfully he should not have. But Bongino, while hosting the Hannity show for Monday night, made it plain that Horowitz and Durham were talking, for Horowitz was planning to add a footnote into his report, stating that Durham agreed with all of his conclusions. Apparently, Durham was successful in vanishing that footnote, but I'm wondering how Horowitz could possibly have written it in the first place. First of all, it looks so political on the "independent" inspector's part, as though he's trying to feed gifts to the anti-Trump side. It also looks self-serving, to prop up his false portrayal of Comey as a mere bumbler. But, surely, he could not have used such a footnote without talking to Durham about all of the issues.

Secondly, if Durham and Horowitz were talking, might Durham have relayed some messages to him from Barr? What would Barr have wanted to tell Horowitz? I think he would have wanted to tell him: don't refer Comey for prosecution. Don't make him look guilty of a crime. That explains why Barr came out, after the report was out, to appear anti-Comey, because when a man in his high position commits obstruction (a crime) like that, he'll want to give the opposite impression to everyone he talks to about this case. It may be that Barr wanted Durham to be agreeable to Horowitz, but that Durham would only go so far.

There is an interesting piece of information out there this month that could reveal Q-anon as a crafty tool of the DoJ. On or about the 11th of December (not sure if I have that date correct), Q put out a message in a photo of a watch that showed 1:29. I don't think the photo came with any text. Then, just days later, the similar opinions of both Durham and Barr, on the Horowitz report, came out at 1:29 pm. Someone in charge of uploading DoJ messages for public consumption put both messages out at exactly the time on Q's watch days earlier. Coincidence, or is Q a disinformation tool for the DoJ? Yes, disinformation, for if he works for the DoJ, the last thing he would do is to reveal that Mueller and Rosenstein were really on Trump's side, if it were true. Do you think we are all being played?

The possibility is that the DoJ has decided to make Q look very good lately because it needs Q badly at this time to move pro-Trumpers into a certain direction. Let's face it, if he's been a DoJ employee all along, in good standing with Rosenstein and Sessions, his promising the "storm" of arrests was his laughing at Trump supporters, knowing all along that the DoJ planned no storm at all. The trick, I thought, was to make Trump supporters less active online my making them simply wait for the storm. Alas, I can't know the reality about him. I can only make theories. I don't follow his messages.

Bongino does a better job on Hannity than Hannity, but then the latter is probably burnt out, can't blame him. Bongino makes his guests feel better, more welcome, but then he's fresh at this.

I appreciate Sara Carter on Hannity's December-26 show stating bluntly that the FISC judges are likely corrupt too. The show tells that the FISC is not ordering an investigation into previous FISA applications of FBI operatives guilty of crime in the Carter-Page applications. That's probably due to the FISC being guilty of colluding with corrupt FBI players since the inception of the FISA court. Isn't that right? The FISC is ordering an investigation (or review) only into the Carter-Page applications because it has no choice now. Barr wants to leave the FISC intact because Barr is a government criminal. Mark my words.

John Solomon says the same, that FISA is way out of control as a rubber stamp for government spy programs. Youtube will likely reduce all Hannity shows to 2 seconds by the time you read this. The country is on-track to a potential lethal stab into the heart of the deep state due to its playing dirty like this. People will witness this corruption as corruption seeks to save itself with dirty tricks. That's why I do my share to remind concerning these undemocratic actors. Several at Fox are doing this with good-to-maximum effort. The ball is rolling against the deep state, requiring some save-the-day strategies from it, but if Trump were to hurry this thing along right now, the speed would cause disarray in deep-state camps. Trump has been too slow in doing next to nothing aside from encouraging news talk against the deep state. This lack of attack on his part has allowed the deep state to maneuver, regroup. We are far from victory at this pace. The Democrat deep state is Soviet Communism.

Gregg Jarrett shows disgust with the chief FISC judge because she called out only for a remedy of what the FBI did rather than holding the FBI chiefs to a contempt-of-court charge. I agree. And I think Barr will play her slap-on-wrist game too, destroying all confidence in the dispensing of true law and justice from either political party, not at all meaning that people won't get jailed, because innocent people will in the name of deep-state empowerment. This is what's going on before our eyes, people being jailed and punished in other ways to keep both they others from talking. Therefore, talk everyone, and make these fiends run.

The remedy of Jesus for this planet will be to chain demons after a 6000-year spree of roaming free to-and-fro through the earth. Once chained together in "dungeons," they can play their nastiness on one another, in close quarters, to suffer mutual, mind-bending hatred and destruction-of-spirit, the things they tried to inflict upon humanity. They will eat their just rewards, perfect.

Dan Bongino and others are celebrating Trump's replacing Democrat judges with conservative ones. But wait. If Trump has goofed in picking his DoJ, FBI, CIA, DIC and state-department leaders, what makes us think he's picking judges that will be good for the country? Maybe the people should keep tabs on his judicial picks, to see what they are standing for. There is a big Catholic problem in the United States that Trump is supporting and strengthening. The vatican is probably our enemy once it has the political power over us. The vatican has shown signs of being in bed with globalism, meaning that there are well-kept secrets between the two bent toward demonism. The vatican closet is filled with demons masquerading as holy men bent on exploiting and defiling humans. I do not trust catholics in power. Fox appears to be a catholic solution, like when vinegar mixes with water. Catholics are too prone to mixing with the worldliness that Christians are called to resist, but this has become a Protestant problem too, in this generation. When was the last time you heard catholic leaders calling catholics out of the Democrat party? Trust me: the pope is one sick animal to be content with a catholic-Democrat partnership.

Any catholic not calling catholics out of the Democrat camp at this time, when Democrats are showing their demonic colors brilliantly, is a traitor to Jesus. Yet these animals are right-now trying to make Christians in the Republican camp look like traitors to Jesus for not joining the Democrats. Here we have a false-Christian movement in the Democrat camp in efforts to keep their catholic voters. In the same way, Republicans are accused of being racists as a tactic to keep Blacks in the Democrat party. Shame you Blacks, shame you Jews, who vote Democrat in these days. The dungeons await you, for this is no mere game. The Democrats are blatantly showing their deceptive craft. If you can't learn now, you are as good as hopeless. Republicans should think twice before coveting these traitors for their own party, because that is a toxic solution too.

I don't see any hope unless there is a revolution to despise liberal values flowing from people. There needs to be a passion to root out anti-Christian liberalism. It is insufficient to say, "I'm for freedom of religion," as though this is good enough for Jesus. The King doesn't want vinegar for His Kingdom, sorry. He'll spit it out. Jesus prefers to be on the painful end of the stick rather than the guilty end, for the Father will justify Someone like that, like a Glowing Pillar of Hope he will be for everyone immersed in this demon-filled world. If you don't see the demons at work in the human race, you are no Christian. If you view all as being well and wonderful in America, that's bad enough, but if you teach that all is well in America, or in Canada, or in Europe, then you are an unwitting partner with demonism. You may not be practicing black magic, but you are a friend of demons if you have a wonderful report for the condition of the world today. The nation is not glorious because the sun shines on the statue of liberty. Sunlight is glorious, but don't mistaken it's landing on a female goddess of sinful freedom as one and the same with it. The Constitution forgot to mention sin. The Constitution deliberately left out the prohibition of sin in the pursuit of happiness and in freedom from the king of England. The Constitution does not read, "Seek first the Kingdom of God, and then God will add to you your needs and heart-felt joys in Him." In fact, a nation seeking God's pleasure will be the great nation, but America is so far from this greatness that Trump is President Shambles. In money he trusts, shame, Mr. Shambles. When a nation's members are all in the free and jolly pursuit of money, there's a Hell-hole result. The Constitution "forgot" to mention Jesus because the founders didn't want Him for the nation.

The founders got loyalty from the people with the facade of desiring their happiness. The people didn't want the king of England and his peasantry class, so the founders of America caused them to rebel against England by promising them a new system based on the pursuit of their personal happiness. Men died for that cause, and the leaders called it glorious. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating loyalty to the king of England; I'm just calling out the masonic founders for the frauds that they were, the frauds they are to this day in making the people believe they are pro-the-people when in fact they pillage their taxes relentlessly and turn blind eyes to criminality / corruption in government. Obama was a master of pro-the-people garbage. Obama the trash can; Hillary the contents. He wasn't only tolerated by the party while he stole tax money; he was worshiped. As I see it, the "science" of seizing tax dollars by granting tax dollars to endless causes has made Democrats exceptionally lust-filled for regaining power again.

The situation now is that Bushites are pressing to re-take the Republican party, alongside a Democrat-globalist partnership acting as a trash can bursting into a national crisis, and with Bill Barr, I predict, being out to lunch i.e. absent / broken = not doing the liberating job for which he was made. With the power to save the nation from both the Bushites and Clintonites, he's going to let them control further. The Trump era is predicted to end in 2024 with heightened catholic power-houses over the nation. Catholic leaders will show their truer colors once they think they have sufficient upper-hand over Biblical Christians. True catholic colors are a mixation. There are some catholics who lean toward the Biblical calling, but my experience has been that catholics are by-and-large Christian in name only as by the "blessings" of the papacy. To put it another way, catholics see mainly what their eyes see; they have no practice to wonder how the Invisible Jesus sees things, or what He thinks about this world. The true Christian routinely / naturally has eyes on what Jesus thinks. This is the True Spiritual. You are not spiritual if you meditate with yoga or new-age music, stupid. "Spiritual" means to dwell on the values and words of Jesus. If you operate only with what you see with your physical eyes, you are bound by (tied / prone to) the world, one of its members.

It's Saturday Again

Good morning. What to do? One thing I'd like to know is whether Coffee's were Cavii versus Cuppae liners. If so, we can view the Coffee/Coffer cups as evidence that Cavii were through the Kupa river along with it's namers from Cuppae (city of Doves). I don't think I've proven that the namers of Cuppae, or some of its people, named the Kupa, but both locations have been pointed to be what I claim to be God's pointers. I'm going to make an effort to unravel the realities.

Cuppae always goes with things on the nearby Pek river, at the mouth of which was Pincum, the line to Pinc(h)s/Pinks and Panico's/Pane's. In the meantime, I see Pek-river liners to dove-using Page's and Lepage's, the latter having had a branch first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's. Does this indicate that Caiaphas-suspect Chappes' were Cuppae liners versus Cavii? I don't know off hand. Why did God provide a dove, in the presence of Jesus' religious enemies, to represent the baptism of Jesus? Was Caiaphas from Moesians of Cuppae?

Let's see what other clues crop up. The chevrons of Levi's are in the colors of the Gernon-related Foots/Foods and Fothes'/FITTEs' (same place as Cups/Cope's/Colps and Tarves), and Fothes/FITTEs are linkable to Fitchets). The Lepage's and Page's/Lepage's (Dauphine, same as Pagans/Payens) have fesses in the colors of the split-Shield of Tarves' (FITCHees), which are in the colors of the Pinc(h)/Pink fitchees. English Fitchets, first found in Essex with Quints and Muschats/MontFICHETs, are in Coffer/Coffare colors. It could seem here that the triple Levi chevrons were at one time the triple Muschat/Montfichet chevrons, but in being merged with Gernon liners from Montfitchet, the Levi's changed the colors to match their Foot/Food / Fothes/Fittes kin.

Irish Heffers (County Clare) share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, and the latter were first found in Somerset with English Heffers ("mon") who in turn have three of the two Gernon lions in pale. These lions must be in the Place/Plais Coat because Wikipedia's article on the Montfitchet family has: "The nearby district of PLAIStow acquired its name when Phillipa de Monfitchet married Sir Hugh de Plaiz". I see Place's/Plaiz's in the Rim/Rum motto along with the Pink-related Pungs/Pings/Paganells. The Annandale's / Ananes of this picture go back to Ananus/Annas, father-in-law of Caiaphas. The Ananes were at the Taro river, and its Ceno tributary is to the trash-can Caens/Cans, right-near Montfitchet. The Tarrs/Tara's/Tarres' were first found in Somerset with Trashers/Tresure's, Coffers/Coffare's and Heffers.

In the trash-can dream, the trash-can scene came immediately upon complaining to the previous owner of my Jeep, who's of Italian Simons while French Simons ("PLAISir") share "mon" with the Somerset Heffers, whom I'll assume were a Coffee branch from a Cavii > Chappes line, which reminds that the only thing I know of sharing the triple Levi chevrons were the counts/county of Hainaut. Mons is the Hainaut capital. I peg the lion of Italian SiMONs with the Mon(t)fort lion in colors reversed, but that's also the lion of Mobrays of MONbray, beside Montfitchet and the trash Caen, so to speak. Brays were first found in Northamptonshire with the Fessys who in-turn share virtually the Calvin/Colvan motto. "Calvin" is almost "Cavii," and the Mobray Crest has the Mosca / Chives leopard. The greyhound (whippet breed) dog of Calvin Young (Rick's father below) was named, Simon, I kid you not. Whippets are also Whipple's while Wibble's share a green with the Scottish Mounds/MONS', believe it or not.

I trace Mons to ancient Emona, at/near modern Bled. I had kept a theory that Bleds became the Blake's, and afterward, thanks to Mr. Kepke's black Lab, Blacky, I found that Blackeys have two of the three Bled chevrons. Sandwiched between the two Blackey chevrons is a blue-vaired chevron (= triple chevrons), the color of the Quint vair, and then the Blackey Shield includes gold fitchees, the color of the Quint fitchee. The horse of Caffers/Caffertys is in the colors of the horse of Quint-like Quinns. We can get the distinct impression that Quintus Caepio was a line to Coffee liners. I even claimed, before finding the Blackeys, that Mr. Kepke was a representation of both the Caiaphas line and the Jeepma/Chep surname (Scottish Chappes' are also Cheaps).

The green dragon head in the Blackey Crest (a good match with the green griffin head in the Leslie Crest because Lesce is beside Bled) has a crown around its neck, as does the white griffin head in the Crest of English CAPlains (Hampshire, same as Josephs). There happens to be a white griffin in the Crest of Blakemans/Blakehams (gold border), and moreover the double-gold chevrons of Blackeys can be the same of Caplan-like Chaplains, only the latter's are in both colors of the double chevrons of Josephs. It dawns on me here that "CapLAN / ChapLAIN/CapLAIN" was as per a merger with Lains/Lane's ("Garde le roy") because their three "English lions" are those also of Heffers (beside Caplans). The "Garde" term suggests Lane's/Lano's of Brescia, beside lake Garda. There you have, likely, the Breuci (mouth of the Kupa) from the Bled area.

Mr. Kepke lived beside Mr. Young, and we were all three friends of the same age. Youngs (Essex, same as Quints / Muschats/Montfichets), are from the Una/Oeneus river, beside the Kupa. I think that explains why Kepke lived beside the Youngs (Leavell kin), as per Kepke elements being the namers of the Kupa. Mr. Young is Rick, and Ricks are definitely from Rijeka/Rika (TARSatica), smack beside the sources of the Kupa. Rick was dating Miss Whelan while Whelans share the BRICK Coat, no coincidence. Bricks and Whelans even share the same gold stag head in the Crest of Calvins/COLVins, and Rick's father was Calvin. Note how the Colvin variation can be from "COLAPis." Youngs (wolf) share the piles of Leavells (wolf line), the latter being from Whelan-like Waleran de Leavell...whose family married Mon(t)forts.

While the Larrys/Laurie's of the Annandale area use a giant CUP, Kepke's first name is Lawrence, and the Lawrence Coat (virtually the Calvin/Colvin cross) has a ragully cross colors reversed from the same in the Arms of COLchester. Colchesters (Essex, same place as Youngs and Quints), who share the Quint chevron, were once said (I have them recorded such) to be first in Somerset, same as Coffers/Coffare's / Heffers / Tarsatica-suspect Tarrs and Trashers. Larrys/Laurie's share the LOWry cup, and this line might just be from Saint LO of the trash-Caen (or Tracy-Caen) area. Yes, because Lowrys share the motto of Greens, first found in Kent with the Greenwich's/Grinadge's who in turn share the giant lion of Mobrays of Saint Lo (almost the Lower/Lowe lion). The Greenwich/Grinadge crozier is in the off-red color of the Trasher fitchees. The Greenwich crozier points to the sinister side of the Shield, as does the Bracebridge/BRASbridge crozier, and Monbray of the Mobrays can easily be a Brace/Bras branch.

English Lowers share the three roses of Sachs'/SAX's, and the Greenhedge variation of Greenwich's suggests Hedge's/Hegge's (Kent, same as Greenwich) showing the three swans of Lawrence-beloved Lawrence's and Spanish Lare's/Lares'. Aha, the Hedge-like Edge's/Eggs have a version of the Larry/Laurie Coat, and both use the split colors of GARDners while the Edge-like Adige river flows past lake Garda. Swans/Sions/SWAYNE's (same swan), though first found near the Laurieston location of Glasgow, were at Sion, near SAXon, and it just so happens that the Saxon chaplets are off-red like that of the Greenwich and Odin croziers. Odins and Oddie's can be of the Italian Ottone's/Otto's who have a Coat like that of Pucks while the Puck chevron is of the style used by Swedish SWAYNE's. Laurieston is about a half mile from Pollokshields sub-division of Glasgow. In light of my trace of Pollocks to Pula on ISTRia, and therefore to Stur-like surnames such as Stirlings/Sturlings, see here from Wikipedia: "Pollokshields is a conservation area which was developed in Victorian times according to a plan promoted by the original landowners, the STIRLING-Maxwells of Pollok, whose association with the area goes as far back as 1270." Maxwell-related Rijeka is at the northern end of Istria. The "STRenue" motto term of Pollocks can be for an Istria line, though it's interesting that Strains ("caveo"), first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's, use a "timeo" motto term while a Moray Coat no longer shown by houseofnames has a "time" motto term. Time's/Timms (Kent again) share the fleur-de-lys of Pollock-related Muriels, from Muriel Pollock of Rothes castle (Moray), whose family married Leslie's...from Lesce near Rijeka. Cuppae is not far from a TIMaeus river. The Strain stag is colors reversed from the same of Greens (Kent), though the gold one of Greens can be in the Strain Crest.

The Strain stag is in the colors of the stag heads of Staggs/Stage's, a branch of Stacy's, EUStace's and, I think too, the Vise's (Sussex, same as Buckle's). Now that I've found what I thought was a Buckle location as, Buckie (shucks), I've got to make a slight change, though I still think that Buckie applies to the Leslie buckles, even though Buckie's/Buckeys are listed with Buckets (share holly with Maxwells). The latter share three piles to a point with Vise-like WISharts/Guiscards, first found in STIRLINGshire. That works with Pollocks of Stirling-Maxwell, especially as Stirlings/Sturlings use, buckles, that right. It looks like we've just found that Vise's/Vice's are a Guiscard branch...yet the Vise/Vice cross between antlers is that of Eustace's. Wisharts/Guiscards probably have the Crest of neighboring Drummonds (Buckie/Bucket colors), and Drummonds have three fesses in the colors of the three Stur fesses, that's right, tending to clinch Sturs with Stirlings. More: Drummonds use a "Gang" motto term while Gangs/Geggs share the cinquefoils of French Buckets, no guff family historians. Moreover, the Eustace branch of Staceys has the saltire of Nimo's (Stirlingshire). Historians haven't caught on that Buckie was named after a surname, and they fail this way time and time again with place names. The more I learn, the more I learn that our modern educators, thinking themselves wise, are daft airheads.

"The origin of the name of the [Buckie] town has caused some debate and although the folk etymology is that Buckie is named after a seashell (genus buccinum) the reality is that the shared marine background is merely a coincidence. The name Buckie would originally have occurred in identifying a place that was not immediately adjacent to the sea so we must seek alternative etymological sources...[but unfortunately, we admit that we are all daft if not completely stupid]." That's the way it has been for thousands of surnames even though they know that thousands of places are named after surnames / people groups. Seashells = DAFT, I feel so bad for those they teach. I'm not raising myself above them; they lower themselves below even me.

Pollock-like Bullocks (Child colors and format) share "Nil" with Buckle's (Leslie lion in Crest?), and Buckle's are said to have had a Buckley Hertfordshire, where Vince's (and Childs) were first found who share the Bullock motto. Buckle's of Buckley were in St. Albans (Hertfordshire) while Albans'/Albins/Aubins share the white bull head with Buckleys/Bulkellys and Bullocks. Albans'/Albins share the fitchee of My's/Mea's/Meighs in the "my" motto term of Buckie-related Wisharts/Guiscards. My's/Mea's share the cross of Vince-loving Fessys.

As Stur liners are also Steer-like Styre's, I feel confident that the bull heads we're seeing belong also to Backs/BACHER (steer bull) because I was given a dream where I placed a bucket in the BACK SEAT of a white Volkswagen beetle owned by Michael. Steers (Surrey, same as Michaels), with probably the BAKER lion, have a "cede ME" motto phrase suspect with the Cedes variation of SEATs, and with the Mee variation of Mys/Mea's/Meigh's. Backs/Bachers use "mea," no guff at all. Italian Albini's have the look of the German Caplan Shield while English Caplans were first found in Hampshire with Sturs/Styre's (beside Stur river), and then the split Shield of German Caplans is colors reversed from the same of Steers.

I think I have something new. The Back/Bacher steer is in the colors of both Demonte surnames, the Italian branch first found in Piedmont with a Demonte location along the STURa-Demonte river that happens to have a Bra location a dog's walk from its mouth at the Tanaro river. Albans-like Alba is very near Bra. This is excellent for a coupe of reasons, first because the French Demonte's have the Maschi lion while Maschi's share pine cones with German, Tanaro-like Tanners, and then Masci's were first found in Piedmont. It looks like the Back/Backer steer is for Stura-river elements, and Bakers even share the Meschin scallops.

Then, I need to tell about the rest of the dream. After I put the bucket into the back seat, I had to go to the bathroom, and so I walked into the mall to find it when I saw a sign at the ceiling with a bent arrow pointing to the bathrooms. First of all, Arrows/Arras' are from Artois, where French Demonte's are said to have had a branch. In heraldry, a bent arrow can be called a broken arrow, and I think this points to the flax breaker of Bra-line Brays/Brae's, you see, first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's. The latter are important first because their Chief has the Baker-Chief lion, tending to clinch Bakers as a Back/Bacher branch, especially as the Baker lion is in the colors of the English-Planque lion.

Secondly, cabbages are used by French Plants/Planque's (Pas-de-Calais = ARTOIS!), who are from Geoffrey Fulk-Plantagenet, the line to VOLKs/Fulke's (the reason for the Volkswagen), first found in Norfolk with flax-like Flacks/Flecks (Meschin / Baker scallops). It looks like God knew what He was doing with that dream: pointing at surnames. The BATHroom was suspect with a co-founder of the Middle-East Baathists, Mr. Flack-like Aflack.

The other co-founder of the Baathists was Mr. Bitar, and there happens to be a Bitar/Butter surname to which God can point if he wishes to. It has what could be construed as a black version of the Bath Coat. Then, by some coincidence or not, Batters share the chevron of Dutch Bakers and English Flack-like Falcons while the latter show the falcon design of Bathers, very remarkable. It's possible that God is pointing only to these surnames, but not the Baathist founders, and perhaps the broken arrow pointed to the bathroom in order to bounce us to Bathers (Scarf wolf heads) and Batters for verification that Bakers apply. Why so much stress on Bakers? So why didn't God make me hungry for a bakery item so that, instead of looking for the bathroom, I'd be looking for the bakery? Why was I in a mall?

The Volkswagen was parked in the mall parking lot, and Parkings/Perkins are from Planque-liner Plancia Magna. Plunketts were first found in Ille-de-Vilaine, the Arms of which shares the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes'. The bucket in the back seat. but there was another mall parking lot through which I walked into a mall, in the sleeping-bag dream, and that dream pointed heavily to Hillary's Perkins Coie crime. The Malls speak of their Malbanc kin, and Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) share the ermined-white bend of Rodhams. That explains the need for the Malls. What do Clintons and Baathists have in common? The Rodham Crest shares a brown tree stump with Mottrams, and so here's the Mall write-up: "But Saxon surnames survived and the [Mall] family name was first referenced in the year 1250 when Ellen de MALBANC was the heiress. She married Sir Robert of Stockport. The family held a family seat at MOTTRAM."

Do you see how nicely that works as verification that God is pointing to Clinton crimes, and Mottrams in the MALL/MARLYbone write-up are verified even further because an old friend, David Morley, was riding a MOTTRam-like MOTOR bike in that dream, and, quite a while after the dream, I learned that Scottish Morleys were also MAULs with the split-Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. Morley came from the RODham-like ROAD with his bike, and then circled around in the area where I had picked up a sleeping bag upon a bank (slope) from the road. Believe it or not, the "jessant-de-lys" symbol of Morleys is used by Aids/Ade's who in turn have a version of the Rodham Coat as well as a version of the David Coat (version of Gallop Coat sharing MOTER/Mottier bend). This goes to David of Huntingdon, whose son married Ade-like Ada of Warenne, and it's then interesting that the sleeping bag pointed to the International Order of Saint Hubertus, a hunter-themed group that was hunting with judge Scalia the weekend he was murdered at the hunting camp of John B. Poindexter, a member of Hubertus.

David Morley has multiple pointers to Hillary Rodham, especially as he rode back up the bank and down the road just as I was crossing the road (on foot) into the mall parking lot. The Banks (Mottram colors), but share the gold-on-black fleur-de-lys (in jessant-de-lys fashion) with Morley-branch Morlands/Mauleys. As much as I'm convinced that the Clinton camp had the motive and the will to kill Scalia (Republican) in order to tilt the supreme court back to a leftist majority, I can't figure out what God intends to do about it from clues in the dream. I would love to be able to make deep-state predictions from Intended-for-the-Purpose clues in several of the string of dreams that God gave me/us over a two-year period (they have stopped coming). I'm hoping that the clues are there for the realizing at the proper time not yet arrived.

Here's a possible deep-state value in getting us to ADA of Warenne through David Morley. The Warrens (share checkered Shield with Fisks/Fiscs, different colors) were first found partly in Suffolk with the Fisks/FISCs who use an "AD" motto term. Clean-cut. Hillary Clinton was the reason for the FISC applications of those who were pushing the Steel dossier paid by the Clinton campaign.

Plus, to nail this thing, Warrens ("nostRUM"), said to be the Varenne's = Warenne's, were first found in Sussex with the Bone's expected in the MarlyBONE variation of Mauls. David Morley at our service. Marleys (of Morlaix, Brittany) were first found in Cheshire with Malls/Marlybone's (and Steele's). We can then consider why Morley-like Morrels have a "Bono" motto term while Italian Maurels were first found in Milan with Bono's, while French Maurels were first found in Brittany with Morlaix. One of the locations of the Brittany Maurels was Scalia-like l'Escale, and another was at La Chapelle, which I assume is La Chapelle-Launay because its Arms shares the checkered Shield of Fisks/FISCs and French Vairs while English Vere's/Vairs ("Vero" motto term) share the Mall/Marlybone quadrants while David Morley's sister is VERA. That does not look coincidental, and we got here via the Maurels. Why? It looks like it's fingering Hillary Clinton's campaign all over the place in its effort to ruin Trump by the most-dastardly methods short of an assassination plot.

Now La Chapelle-Launay is not at Brittany's Port-Launay, but the latter happens to be smack beside Morlaix (and even closer to Brest in case this applies). This explains why Stockports share the lozenges of Launays while the Mall/Marlybone write-up speaks on: "ELLEN de Malbanc was the heiress. She married Sir Robert of Stockport." Note how Hel(l)ens (of Hillion) were near Brest too, while Helen got a breast symbol on my stairs LANDing, for ELLEN de Malbanc looks like a Helen liner.

Let's not forget that Malbanks have the ermined Rodham bend while the dream had a bank on one side of the ROAD, and a mall parking lot on the other side of the road. Port-Launay is near LANDERneau, and, I kid you not, my LAUNDRY machine was under the three steps from the landing to my kitchen. Helen thus looks like a pointer to Ellen Malbank. But why?

Repeat: "Helen was my tenant, and Tenants (Lothian) share the boar heads of JUGGs/Judds..." The Chapelle Coat has the Macclesfield, Mea/Meigh and Fessy cross while I say that Fessys were a Fisc/Fisc branch. The cross of Bouillons ("vero") is in the same colors but has fleur-de-lys ends. MOTTram (Mall/Marlybone write-up) is in "one of the eight ancient parishes of the Macclesfield Hundred," and Mott of Brittany is at/near the Meu river to which I trace Mea's/Meighs, all near Jugon, which is why I see the Jugg/JUDD boar heads as those of Mea's/Meighs. The point is the "JUDa" motto term of Warrens, suggesting rather well that Mottrams were from Mott or the namers thereof. We saw the JESSANT-de-lys symbol of Morleys, and while Jessants are said to be from a "son of Judd" (looks like code) of the Jordans, one Jordan Coat does share the Jessant fesse while French Jordans were first found in Brittany with Mott and Jugon.

The Warrens speak of a "Frances Maria Warren, afterwards Lady Vernon," and Vernons (Cheshire, same as Macclesfield and Mottram) are thus interesting for sharing the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire with the Cue's/Kews whose Crest is a colors-reversed version of the lion-holding-garb in this Arms of Macclesfield.

In my last update, there was a section on Norman Miles, the police officer who pointed well to John Durham's police work against the deep state. It's a theory I'm holding too, and here I can add that one of the English Norman Coats shares the leopard face of Morleys and Morlands/Mauleys. It becomes more compelling because the Miles / Mile surname shares a mill rind with Felix's, and because Rodham-pointing Malbanks are also MILbanks while Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Morlands/Mauleys. There's yet a little more to link this part of the sleeping-bag dream to Norman Miles, where he pointed to Durham county (Ontario) with Pickerings, a subtle allusion to my PICKing up the sleeping bag, and it should be added that Pickers/Peckers/Packers share the lozengy-cross of stool-pigeon Stolls. There's a mystery stool-pigeon implied in all of this, and he may be talking to John Durham.

The last scene in the Obama billiard-hall dream looked like a stool pigeon to me, who ratted-out Obama, and I first pointed that stool pigeon to Michael MAUREL of Obama's CIA. As you saw, the sleeping-bag dream points to Maurels solidly. I later pointed the last scene in the billiard-hall dream to one of the two James Bakers (one in Obama's FBI), and only after that dream did God send the stool pigeon to my sewer / stool tank, which pointed hard to the Sewer / Suter bloodline of Shitts/Shots/Shute's and Swords, even as the billiard dream pointed to Obama's part in the Steele-dossier crime with the my sewering a shot on Obama's billiard table. One Pigeon Coat shares the chevron of Dutch Bakers. The Sword / Sewer bloodline was from Siward of Northumberland, and Malbanks/Milbanks were first found in Northumberland with their Rodham kin.

Now while the Hillion location of the Hellens is near St. Brieuc, which is the Breuci line to Brest-related Brescia (where Lane's were first found who named Launay) and Bruce's, it just so happens that Pickerings (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's and MOTTleys) share the giant Bruce lion. Although I don't know how Helen my tenant can point to Pickering in Durham, it just so happens that Hallams (Yorkshire) share the Bruce / Pickering lion too, and they come up as Hallens, how about that. This lion should be in the Crest of Irish Miles' just because Norman Miles knocked on the WINDOW of my TAXi.

As was said, Windows share the blue lion paw with Pickerings, which is how I assumed that Mr. Miles pointed to John Durham. TAX's/Dachs are probably from Dachau because it uses a sling SHOT while Shitts/Shots/Shute's share the Tax/Dach (and Sword) sword, which happens to be also in the Coat of Irish Miles'. Let's now repeat that Hellen- / Hallen-suspect "ELLEN de Malbanc was the heiress. She married Sir Robert of Stockport." The "inFELICi" motto term of Stockports (tenants of the Masseys at Dunham-Massey) suggests the Felix's (share mill rind with English Miles'), first found in Sussex with the Bone's who pointed us to Maurels and Malls/Marlybone's, and through the Cheshire Marleys, to their Morlaix location near Helen-pointed Brest.

The Stocks share "Fortis" with Forts ("auDAX") who in turn have the Felix quadrants in colors reversed, tending to nail StockPORTs as a Stock branch. Stockports are also shown as StopFORTs, while Stocks share a white, double-tailed lion with MontFORTs (see also Stake's). Stockports were at Bootle while Butts/Bute's share the estoiles of Ports and have a version of the Italian Maurel Coat.

There's a lot going on here in the way of obvious links to verify Intelligent Design behind them, though, because not all links are likely to be Intended by God for our considerations, it confuses / spoils a predicting of the future through the clues in these links. The trick is to hammer down the links that God is definitely making, and then figure whether He makes those links only to verify the dream as His own product, versus which links are pointers to the deep-state crimes / criminals. It gives me a headache when there are as many links as we are seeing here.

Note that while my mother is a Masci on her mother's side, from Pickering-like Picenze, Dunham-Massey was also Dunham-Masci, run by the baron, Hamon de Masci. It's the line to Obama's mother, which can underscore why God chose to make Stockports (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's and Masseys) kin of Malls/Marlybone's (Massey quadrants) and Rodham-pointing Malbanks/Milbanks. In the meantime, there's this Helen women whose breast symbol was given over the PIPES of my laundry machine (money laundering again?). This landing, pointing to LANDERneau (right beside Launay and Brest), was also over the chocoLATE treat (see last update) that points to Late's/Lets using "organ PIPES." Helens can be gleaned with the Pepin / Pipe horse heads as they relate to Este's horses. And Stockports were tenants of Dunham-Masci's barons while Helen was my tenant.

My mother's maiden name is Grimaldi, and baron Mascy of Dublin came to the Grimaldi's when Grace Kelly married prince Grimaldi of Monaco. The Kelly / Monaco lion is colors reversed from the Hallam/Hallen lion, as though, perhaps, Hellion was named by a softened "Kelly" line. [After this update was out, I found a version of the Kelly Coat with Hillions/Holohans!] In any case, Brests/Brix's are a branch of Bricks (Massey fleur, you see), probably from Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of Ranulph le Meschin, earl of CHESTer (Cheshire). Breasts are on CHESTs, right? I don't think I've ever realized that last funny before. It works.

Oh wow. KELLY, my lady friend (my age 22) had large breasts, and her father was a music writer. Music's/Musseys (Brittany) look connectable to Muscats / Muschats/Montfichets, and Diane Muschatov was my ladyfriend immediately (weeks after) after Kelly. The son of Ranulph le Meschin was another earl of Chester, Ranulph de Gernon, and Gernons were from Montfitchet! I get it. As per music WRITER, Riters/Ruttys were first found in Cheshire, and Wrights are definitely kin of Alan-of-Brittany liners.

There's more because Stockports are also STOPforts while Stops/Stubbs, with a version of the Pepin / Pipe Coat, were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. I met LORRAINE at her bus STOP at the corner of LORNE, and when asking her out there that day, I suggested we meet at the laundromat, where I was planning to do laundry. I felt embarrassed to be asking this high-caliber babe to a laundromat, but blame this on God's forcing me to make the date that way, for Landerneau is at the mouth of the Lorne-like Elorn river. I now get it. Clarification: I now get the link, but I haven't much of a clue as to why this link was made. I start sections trying to be clean / clear-cut, but the links pile up and confuse me to a scatter-brain condition.

Okay, so Lorraine and Helen are both pointing to the Landerneau location, and the only commonality I can think of between the two is the Barrs of Este in Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, the line from the Duck kin of Helen-branch Alans. I had duck dinner with Helen when wearing my BROWN pants as a pointer to Brunswick, home of the Barrs who branched to Bar-le-Duc. Okay, wonderful, we have a tight story, not scatter-brain here. My only guess is that it refers to the money laundering of the Clintons and related others, especially as the duck dinner was in a restaurant having a HUNTER's theme. Money laundering through Hunter Biden is all over the news at this time. Can we fathom the Clintons not getting a piece of laundered money in / through Ukraine?

Duck DINNER. The Dinners share the quadrants of Bedins, who had pointed well to Huma Abedin, the deputy leader of Hillarys 2016 campaign. As Ellens/Alans and Helens are Brittany Alans, by what coincidence do Dinners come from Brittany Alans:

The surname Dinner was first found in Northumberland (same as Rodhams!!!) where they were granted lands by William the Conqueror, and were Companions in Arms to the Lords of Mitford and Bothal. Sir ALAIN Dinan was the scion of this family. In Brittany he was descended from Baron Foulke de Dinan, and the family still retained the Barony in Brittany from 1295 to 1509. The name in England became Dinner, Diner, and Dinar.

French Alans once showed ducks, believe it or not. This is not so much a pointer to Alans, but rather a pointer of Helen to Clinton money laundering. Apparently, God is using the Dinner Coat to point a guilty finger also at Huma Abedin. She came up when I was riding a shopping cart down a ROAD, for Ridings/Readings share the black Bedin boars. Alans of Dol were in Shropshire, where Bedins were first found. HUMA Abedin came up when Mamie and I were at HOME plate at a baseball DIAMOND, and there just happens to be a Dinan/DIAMOND surname (Devon, same as English Stewart-Alans). (Home's are also Huma-like Hume's). I cannot recall whether the pizza restaurant was a Boston pizza, but, if it was, let's add that Bostons share the Home/Huma Coat.

As I've said many times, God created link between Mamie and I at home plate, and Cindy Richardson coming to DINNER with her parents at a pizza restaurant where I was serving tables for one evening only, and I happened to serve them dinner with WINE as a suspected pointer to Anthony WEINer, Huma Abedin's husband! Zinger, I've told this story before but without the Dinners involved, but even if I've told it with Dinners / Diamonds involved, I have never done it with the Bedin = Dinner quadrants! That is amazing. It clinches God's use of Bedins as a pointer to Abedin.

I'll add here that there's a Launay location in Eure, at Abreu-line Evreux, home of the Eburovices. I had read that Eburovices were in BREScia, and that was after realizing that Brescia-liner Bruce's were from Abruzzo, or even from the Abreu/Abruzzo surname. As Presleys/PRESTley use two symbols of the Abreu/Abruzzo Coat, by what coincidence is there a "prest" motto term in the Dinan/Diamond motto? Helen (average-sized breasts, not small though) pointed both to Launay elements from Lane's of Brescia, and to Dinans of the Dinner kind. It is pretty amazing that a Miss Abreu (very large breasts) was my employee when I knew Helen, and that I afterward became a tenant of Miss Abreu (about 2001), which can suggest that the BOAR head of Tenants is for EBUROvices liners. Ebers/Aberlins show nothing but a black boar. What are the chances that black-boar Bedins share the Abreu/Abruzzo / Prestly lion?

It may be off-topic, but it's valuable to add that the "FINEm" motto term of Prestleys should be for the Fane's/Vane's/FIENS, kin of Howells, because the latter share the three Prestly towers. Actually, it's not off-topic because Fine's are listed with the Finis'/Fiens whom I trace to FINIStere, location of Brest, Launay and Landerneau! You see, God linked me up with huge-breasted Abreu with this paragraph's verification that He did so. It's interesting that Miss Abreu always looked like a DOLL, and she had probably 24 dolls (expensive made-for-display) spread throughout her home (until someone got her to stick a few in the closet). Dolls are listed with Dols!!! Incredible.

I am reminded of the squirrel that bounced off my chest / breast twice over a period of about three months, which is why I found the Brest surname to begin with, which finally led to what we are now reading. Squirrels/Squire's are a branch of Sire's who happen to share the Stockport / Launay lozenges. The Duck liners above are the Velens / Velins, a branch of Valentins who use the squirrel as the Rodham- / Ade-related Stevensons use their leopard faces. I am now reminded that Helen and I were seated, by the restaurant host, right beside the gas / wood STOVE, and Stove's are listed with the other Stevensons, though both were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams and Dinners! It was likely not a wood stove because restaurants aren't going to be bothered with wood, and so, as a GAS stove, it could be a pointer to Burisma.

The Stockport / Launay lozenges are also those of Scottish BEDINs/Beetons/Beths. The English Bedins now pointing to Abedin have quadrants shared by Tute's/Tuits while royal-tent Tintons were at Tudy. The point here is that Mamie with the large breasts = TOOTS slept with me in her tent while Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with English Bedins and TOOThill-related Eytons/Eitons. The Tudys, who use nothing but a blue chevron, which is the case also with Batters/Betters, have toots-like variations. The other Tute's are also Toots'. OH WOW, the Turtle's/Tuttle's/TOOThills (share crowned lion of French Toothills) share the Batter/Better chevron in both colors! Mamie and I were at huma plate, so to speak, where batters come to hit home runs. Toothills share the Coat of Eytons.

This link of Brest liners to Toots liners is super where David Morley circled the sleeping bag while I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag in a Tudy/Totte-related tent. It's super because the Davids (beside Salop/Shropshire) have a red-Shield version of the Toothill / Eyton Coats! Davids were found (through that dream) to have a version of the Ade/AID Coat while the latter were first found in Berwickshire with Eyton/Eiton-like Aytons/AITons and Todds. The Ade's/Aids pointed us to Hillary Rodham, whose deputy was Huma Abedin.

OH WOW. With Davids linking to Shropshire elements, as we just saw, and with the jessant-de-lys symbol of Morleys being that of Morlands (and Ade's/Aids), by what coincidence do ADDingtons use a leopard (part of jessant-de-lys) while sharing the Morland fleur-de-lys (both colors) and the vertically-split Shield of Shropshire's Hunters?!?! Perfecto! All this time, years now, I didn't know that David Morley was a pointer to Hunter Biden as well as to Hillary Clinton.

NOW, what can it mean if God arranged Tottens/Toddens to use an "AD" motto term, while sharing an "ad astra" motto phrase with Fisks/Fiscs? It looks like His pointer to Hillary's FISC crimes. Ade-like Atha's/Attys even share the Fisk/Fisc Shield while Attys are listed with Ade's/Aids. As the chief of the FISC Court was Ms. COLLYer during the Trump-attack crimes, by what coincidence do ADDisons (leopards) have the following: "In this case, Alicia relict of quondam Johannes filius Ede de Colly was granted four acres of land on the north side of the town of Colly in 1367. Addisons share the unicorn with Collyers, and Addisons have an arrow through their unicorn head while Arrows/Arras' have the same fleur-de-lys as Addingtons / Morlands.

TINTs share a blue unicorn, and white crosslets, with the Layre's having the split Addington / Hunter Shield, that's right, just as though God intended for me to be in Mamie's sleeping bag and TENT in order to link her pointers to David Morley and his pointers.

The Tute's/Tuits are said to be a branch of Thwaits, and, thanks to the Twitch variation of Twiggs and their Totten/Todden dancette in colors reversed, we can add Twiggs/Twitch's to this tootsie picture. If I had not had a muscle twitch under my arm at the SHOULDer, I wouldn't have discovered that the white helmet in the Twigg/Twitch Crest is that also of Armo(u)rs, a surname that married Obama's grandfather. It's very interesting, therefore, that Shoultz's/SHOULDhams were first found in Norfolk, with Tute's/Tuits, Thwaits, and the Dunhams who named Stanley Armour Dunham, Obama's grandfather. Dunhams share a dancette with Twiggs/Twitch's. To prove further that the twitch under my arm at the shoulder relates to Tute's, etc., Armors, first found in Berwickshire with Toothill-related (round-about) Aytons/Aitons, happen to share the Tudy chevron while having a "TUTissima" motto term. The ArMOR stars are likely those of Morays.

When I was changing "shoulder" above to "SHOULDer," the song (WWJD) by Baggy Bottom Pants sang, "over there on the shoulder." The last time there was a song-line miracle like this with Baggy Bottom Boys was just two updates ago, when I learned that Baggys/Bags and Bottoms/BOTHams were both first found in Norfolk...with Twitch/Twigg branches and Shoultz's, what a "coincidence." To what are we being pointed to here? BOTHwells share the Lynch Coat in case this is pointing to Obama's crime syndicate with Loretta Lynch. The shoulder can possibly be a pointer to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. There's a Mr. FitzIVO in the Shoultz write-up while German Ivo's have more white Helmets, in the colors of the Helm helmet.

French Ivo's share black boars with Boths/Booths, and are traced to a count Ivo of BEDAUmont. Bedau's are listed with Bede's/Bedels of St. Brieuc, and it just so happens that the latter place is near Hillion while English Helms come up as Helions, like the Herve-de-Helion in the write-up of breast-depicted Helens at Hillion...which recalls the Helm- / Hellen-like Hallams/Hallens who share the lion of Breuci-line Bruce's.

Just so you know I'm not making the gas stove up, here from my 5th update in March, 2017:

The Ward motto term, "fus," can be for Fusie's/Fusils that share lozenges in the colors of the same of Launays, from Launay of Brittany. The Brest location in Launay is of the lozenge-using Brests/Brix's and Bricks, like "Brieuc."...Wards [Warren Shield] share the blue lion with the Arms of Brescia/Brixia. I, connected by my mother to Briquessart's Meschin son, had duck / buffalo dinner with Cretan-liner Helen at a hunter-theme restaurant. We sat at the firePLACE while Place's share the lion of Gernons, and Ranulph de Gernon was the son of Ranulph le Meschin. Fire's use the Rasmussen unicorn, and Rasmussens use the Jeune fleur...And I remember that I wore brown pants that night, not my favorite pants (which is why I recall them), but God must have put me into them because the Place / Gernon lions are also those of Brunswicks. Browns [can be traced to Bruno's] share the Brock [and Maurel] fleur.

Okay, it was not the open type of fireplace, but the ones with closed doors and gas-stove inserts. I remember the closed, black door(s) clearly. Hunter Biden of Burisma, by the looks of it. But what's a duck / buffalo-meat dinner with Helen got to do with Burisma? Buris' share the fleur-de-lys of Stewart-related Brocks, and it can be gleaned closely-related to the same fleur of the Brittany Maurels. Hunters were first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol/Doll Alans. Anyone have a clue for this mystery? Why do the Dols/Dolls have this: "The northern branch of the family found themselves in Mecklenburg at the beginning of the 15th century, and later spread to Pomerania and Latvia." Coincidence? Latvia is where the money laundering took place that was intended for Hunter Biden and Devon Archer of Burisma. The GAS stove speaks, with Hillary's name upon it too. As was said recently, English Gas', with perhaps the Brunswick / Gernon lions, share the FISC Coat.

Just after writing "money laundering" above, Moneys were loaded to find the FISC Shield yet again. This is feasibly God's way of showing that the FISC crimes were all about hiding (from the Trump administration) money-laundering and related crimes. It required a spy program on everyone in the Trump administration. It wasn't done only to defeat Trump politically, but to hide from his supporters all of the crimes committed under Obama. This is why Bill Barr will go to Hell if he doesn't expose this. God is not playing games. If the attorney general turns a blind eye to such crimes, he will not be welcome into God's Kingdom. God will not be mocked by these fiends. They will PAY harshly. Get your ducks all in a row, and start shooting for the kill, Mr Barr. It's a way to win the prize.

Here's from Wikipedia's page for the Nunes memo: "Fusion GPS, the firm behind the document, started its research into Trump with funding from the Paul Singer's conservative news outlet The Washington Free Beacon as part of the Never Trump movement. However, the news outlet stopped funding this research during May 2016 when Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee on May 3, 2016. Attorney Marc Elias then hired Fusion GPS on behalf of his clients, the Democratic National Committee and the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, to continue this research and compile what would become the Donald Trump–Russia dossier. Fusion GPS paid Christopher Steele to write the dossier, and the FBI also paid Steele for the expenses he incurred on 'a trip to Rome to meet with FBI officials'."

Septuagint Versus Mesoretic

I didn't know that the Septuagint and the Samaritan Pentateuch both had an extra 100 years for the ages of six early Hebrews in Genesis, and an extra 50 years for Nahor. I'm wondering why no one has ever informed me of this who's attempted the dating of the Flood at 2350 BC. If correct, this would push the Flood back to 3,000 BC, as this video below shows. I feel abused. How could the scholars not have mentioned this to us? Are these extra years unreliable.

It's a pretty good video (with silliness not needed) that also claims that Egyptologists have about 200 years too many, which is about perfect for making a Hyksos king the Exodus pharaoh. Take a look:

In the 14th minute, note the "Phaleg" spelling of Peleg, for mythical PHLEGyas was a Lapith king, a people group having named Lapithos in Cyprus, the island where Hebrew-liner (non-Israelite) Aphrodite (proto-Abruzzo) was given her birthplace when she was called, Kypris. In Genesis, the sons of Peleg's brother, Joktan, lived on the edge of Sephar, which I reason was Subartu of Assyria, and the larger Zab river of ancient Assyria was called something very close to "Kypris / Cyprus." Arabs now call it the Kabir. It has a source near Lake Van, where I see the Hyksos Hebrews. Arphaxad -- grandfather of Eber (father of Peleg and Joktan), founder of Hebrews -- named ArrAPACHitis/Arrapha in ancient Assyria, smacking of the Hyksos king, APACHnas. The ARABkha version of "Arrapha" looks like it named the Arabs i.e. I think it reveals Arab origins in non-Israelite proto-Hebrews.

Mythical DioNYSus (also called Zagreus) originates at Nuzi of the Zagros mountains above the Zab river(s). It's possible that his Hebrew line named Nazareth, not at all meaning that Jesus was related to such Hebrews. Aphrodite was made the husband of Hephaestus probably because she represented the namers of the Hebros river (mouth near Lemnos). As Kypris, she was made born at Paphos (Cyprus), smacking of Apophis/Apepi, another Hyksos king. Pepins were rulers of the Merovingians, and Merovingians were from Veneti, suspect earlier from Lake Van or a branch thereof, and it just so happens that myth traces Veneti back to PAPHlagonian Heneti while Romans called Aphrodite, VENus (probably code for Veneti). Do not mistaken these Hebrews as Israelites, for there were many Hebrew tribes before Abraham birthed Israel.

The wheel symbol of mythical Ixion, and the claim that Hyksos introduced chariots into Egypt, suggested to me that IXION, son of Phlegyas the Lapith, was a Hyksos, and pharaoh "KHYAN" looks a lot like his name. Ixion was the brother of Coronis the crow, the line to the Ceraunii I talk much about. The Lapith-like Halybes were in the ballpark of the Paphlagonian Heneti.

The video at 15 minutes and into the 16th is seems excellent. Why didn't our trusted scholars inform us of these extra 600 years, both Christian and anti-Christian scholars? My NIV / Zondervan footnotes for Genesis 11 doesn't even tell that the Septuagint gives each patriarch until Nahor longer lives. There's a chart on the page below showing three different time spans between Adam and the Flood. Our regular Bibles gives 1656 years; the Septuagint gives 2262 years. The Septuagint adds a son, Cainan, between Arphaxad and Shelah, an issue addressed in the 19th minute of the video.

The video goes on to show that modern translations are based on a set of scriptures (Hebrew Mesoretic text) often at odds with, or ignoring, the Septuagint. I hate to think that this was deliberate in order to deny us the extra 650 years. It's possible that, even as youtube allows Republican enemies to present Republican videos to leave out important information, our enemies may have gotten the monopoly on distributing modern versions of the Bible...though their translators were able to do only slight damage with the translations lest they be exposed as frauds. But, even then, it reflects badly on Christians, for they would ultimately be blamed.

I think I'm going to need to confess that I was wrong, along with most everyone else, in saying that the Flood was in 2350 BC. The video shows reasons as to why 3,000 BC is a sheer necessity, especially in its population-growth section and the timing of the birth of Peleg. It almost feels -- no it does feel -- liberating. Caution, because it doesn't move everything back 650 years. It doesn't move Abraham back 650 years. It doesn't move anything later than Abraham back at all, though Egyptologist dates need to be brought forward toward the present by 100-300 years for the ballpark of 2500-1500 BC. In other words, their events in 2500 BC could in reality have been in 2200-2300 BC, and their events of 1500 could have been 1400, for example. Evolutionists are by nature dishonest stretchers of mankind's history, always wanting to stretch further back as far as possible.

I think this video needs to get out. I'm hoping there's nothing much wrong with its main premise. One comment: "It has been over 17 months since I first watched this video. I have checked out everything he has said and he correct." The video producer thinks that the missing 650 years was a hatchet job from first-century anti-Christian rabbis seeking to discredit Jesus as a possible candidate for the priesthood, though this idea didn't well with me. I'm wondering whether the hatchet job was done by proto-evolutionists in Darwinian times.

The great-pyramid location is not very high above the Nile, and was possibly (I haven't looked into the elevations) on the river front during seasonal floods so that blocks could be sailed in rather than dragged over. Some water damage at the bottom is expected, but that's not nearly the same as being wholly submerged in the Flood. The pyramid sits on sedimentary rock, and that was formed by the Flood. Case closed.

Sea level was much higher in the remote past, and the great pyramid might even have been on an ocean shore. The great pyramid is about 200 feet above sea level now, but it's on a plateau that drops significantly, immediately, to only 60 feet above sea that the ocean could have been very near to it. If I recall correctly, the Nile at Cairo is (or recently was) 52 feet above sea level. Hyksos lived / ruled north of Cairo in the Nile delta.

Some comments insist that high stones on the pyramid have salt traces, but this could mean that the rocks were shipped on rafts that allowed sea water to soak them. Inside the pyramid, there's no rain to wash the salt away. I'm very sure that no exterior rocks still have salt.

Question: why didn't Jewish Bible scholars reveal those extra 650 years? What's the excuse of Christian scholars??? This really stinks, it really does, of a conspiracy. But how can that be true? Something is very wrong somewhere.

The same video producer, NathanH83, shows how one missing word ("Canaan") from our Bibles upsets a statement. Here he's rectifying the 430 years that are obviously much too-long for the Israelites in Egypt alone:

It's pretty amazing that Josephus agrees with Paul the apostle though the two didn't know one another. Actually, it's not amazing if they both had access to the same scriptures that told them so. Our version of the Bible doesn't quite have the statement correctly worded when it says/implies that the Israelites were slaves for the entire 430 years. That's forgivable. We don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. I can't recall the exact date of the Exodus, about 1450 BC, which is a reliable date, which would peg Abraham's birth 505 years before the Exodus if Paul and Josephus are correct in ending the 430 years at the Exodus.

In the 4th minute, the video seems to imply that the Septuagint was copied from an unknown Bible, but, surely, there was no one Bible in those days, just separate works. We never hear of a Bible in the temple. We never hear of a Bible owned by anyone, not even the Biblical prophets. We don't even read of one prophet owning a multiple number of Biblical scrolls. The Septuagint proves that all of its material existed prior to its time, prior to the latest Biblical prophets.

It doesn't necessarily matter that the Septuagint added non-Inspired works in its canon. That is, it doesn't necessarily mean that the Septuagint translators had malicious intent when translating the true Hebrew scriptures, just because the canon accepted other works not considered true scripture. There are people who would have you respect books and portions of the Septuagint because some early Christians respected them, but it doesn't therefore mean necessarily that the works are God's words. Just because the Septuagint has better translations of God's works than later translations doesn't mean that all works in the Septuagint are God's works. Similarities between Jesus' statements and statements in ancient books we are not familiar with doesn't necessarily mean that Jesus was quoting from those works, or respecting them as God's words. Be careful when you see online productions egging you to respect books we are not familiar with.

In fact, the Septuagint (Greek translation from Hebrew works) as we know it today was not likely a full book in the days of the Apostles. The works in the Septuagint were likely floating around independent of one another in those days, and so even the Apostles had to choose which to respect or reject. Best advice: stick to the words of Jesus we can trust, which matter for eternal life, and don't worry about some questions on minor matters due to translation problems. It's okay if we don't have the full words of God. It's not going to make the sky fall or void salvation's Promise. It's the demons and their anti-Christ pawns who would urge us to toss Jesus away entirely just because there are differences in translations. Some of the Greek translations of our Biblical books were not necessarily translated by Greek translators of works we are unfamiliar with. Besides, how do we know that all extra-Biblical works in the Septuagint were translations from old works versus original writings of late times pretending to be from God's ancient words? Who decided what books got into the Septuagint? Hopefully not a pope. Having said that, see this video stressing the Biblical parts of the Septuagint:

As you can see, the Mesoretic (Hebrew) texts may have been altered by anti-Christian Jews to their liking so as to dilute / destroy pro-Christian texts, and then scholars arise in the "enlightenment" period, when snakes abound, and translate our modern Bibles from the Mesoretic texts while perhaps ignoring the Septuagint versions if it suited them. I'm not saying that all modern translations are bound to have diluted texts, but boy does it bother me lots that Zondervan's NIV did not inform me about those missing 650 years. I feel abused and deceived by those I trusted to give me the word of God.

If the Dead Sea Scrolls are indeed dated correctly to the 1st century BC, then we can assume those texts not to be played with by anti-Christian rabbis. I'm not suggesting that all the works in these scrolls are the words of God, but, at least, when they do provide things like Isaiah, their versions should at least be respected. I wish I were an expert in these matters so I could inform you well, but I'm not.

During the rise of the Latinized translations of the Mesoretic versions (of the Bible only?) from Jerome, the vatican was hiding the scriptures from its members, and simply telling them what was holy, which of course was themselves. Little gods they were making of their priests, as popes started to form partnerships with Roman / Byzantine emperors. Ouch, dark ages indeed. King James I was probably not a good Christian, if at all, but, by his time, the English church had adopted the same holy-priesthood dogma as the vatican. Instead of the vatican being the true church, the king of England and his Anglican church was now the true pope, you see. Power-politics, not holiness, was their game. The kings / queens wanted the Christians to support their politics, just as Trump would like Christians to support him. That's his only interest in Christians, right? You know it. Mr. Trump, you are not any god whatsoever, even if you think that special wisdom operates in you. And clearly he does think so.

Okay, in the 17th minute, the video producer makes a good point, that New-Testament quotations from the Old Testament are not always identical with what we find in the Old Testament. That's because our translations of the Old Testament were from Mesoretic texts while New Testament writers were quoting were from the Septuagint. Even the King James version translated from the Mesoretic texts. As many have pointed out, there is no "sign" or miracle if merely a young woman gives birth, thus implying that the Septuagint had it correctly translated as "virgin."

In the video's next offering on Micah 5:2, the Mesoretic text translates that the one born in Bethlehem has origins "from of old, from days of yore." "Yore" means from old times. But the Septuagint has "from the beginning, from everlasting," suggesting an eternal one, God Himself. Big difference, but the video producer misses this one.

I frankly think that the writer of Matthew 2:15 wrongly used Hosea 11:1, but please don't call me a heretic just for that. I just think he made a mistake for using it as a prophecy about the deviation of Jesus' parents into Egypt. I'm also of the opinion that all of Matthew 2 was not written by a proper Christian, because the entire story seems added to the book by a gnostic (catch-all phrase for twisted teachers) who appreciated magicians and astrology. I don't see these themes in the rest of Matthew, however. I wonder how this book came to be named, Matthew. Remember, Matthew is a compilation of material obtained from multiple others, and we don't know whether the apostle Matthew was taking notes all along the events of Jesus' life, or whether this book was even written by that apostle.

If you don't know whether Jesus was resurrected because the anti-Christs and apostates are confusing you into a hellish mental state, trust the shroud of Turin, and don't believe our enemies for a minute when claiming that they have reproduced a shroud just like it. The shroud "of Turin" was formed by radiation long before man had radiation-making potential. Power from God striking the shroud burned a thin layer of fabric. The closer the fabric was to Jesus' body, the more the cloth was etched by the radiation (or energy). This is God's gift to end-timers battling the onslaught of anti-Christian books and other presentations. Don't doubt the central messages of the Bible just because there were writers who contributed false scripture. Don't deny that false scriptures exist, as though you are oblivious to realities, because those who really want to know the truths will think that you are easily deceived, and therefore unreliable. God has not preserved every stroke of the pen for us, but the word He wanted to get out has gotten out loud and clear. Jesus, salvation with repentance, and Hell for our enemies. Loud and clear, unmistakable.

Matthew 2 slaughters another Old-Testament passage about Rachel, wrongly interpreting it and applying it to a story he seems to be inventing about Herod. Christians like the ones who wrote Matthew 2 should be rebuked for their mishandling of Scripture. I don't recall such problems later in Matthew. If we try to explain Matthew 2 as God's word, those we wish to convert will think us to be easily brainwashed, or, at best, unable to reject obvious error. I say simply that Matthew 2 should not have been allowed into the New Testament. After Matthew 2, we are into another story altogether, about John the baptist, where the writer properly uses Isaiah 40:3 (the video has this in the 27th minute).

The video producer then takes us over some scriptures where the Mesoretic version has no reason to mistranslate, and so we find that the differences in translations are slight and even acceptable. But when we get to a prophecy about Jesus, in the 34th minute, we see how the Mesoretic text violates the Intended meaning. Unlike the Septuagint reading, we don't get the impression that the root of David is another person to come, who will rule the nations with Gentiles looking to Him for their salvation. That's a huge omission to be expected from anti-Christian Jews, and the people who put together our modern translations may fail us here (I haven't seen how they translate it). The Mesoretic text tends to make the root of Jesse mean the root of Jesse, not another person who will come from his bloodline. This text is from Isaiah, who lived long after Jesse and his son, king David. We easily understand why anti-Christian Jews wished to slaughter this text, but God supplied a response to them with the survival of the Septuagint, making the Jews look like the ones who slaughtered Scripture rather than the Christians.

In the next quote, in the 35th minute, the Mesoretic version of Isaiah 29:13 attempts to eradicate the traditions/teachings of men from the text. The rabbis with their oral traditions have become infamous for fabricating ideas, and being proud of themselves, they don't want their traditions to be disrespected, and so they eradicated from the Septuagint that which clearly shows God's disgust with doctrines from Jews being placed alongside (mixed with) His commands. Instead, the Mesoretic translation is gibberish: "their fear of Me has become a command of people." What does that mean? It doesn't necessarily mean, and definitely doesn't bring to mind, that God is disgusted with human-originated doctrines.

I wonder how the Septuagint reads for Isaiah 53. If you download a Septuagint version of the Old Testament, make sure you don't start reading its non-Biblical books, thinking them to be Scripture.

It's not easy to find some clean comedy anymore, but here's one from Newhart, the guy that actually wears those sweaters, whatever they're called:

Here's some easy-going nature TV on Sava-river waterlife, with no evolution-related comment so far as I watched to about 45 minutes. I was able to give God glory for his creations, though it makes me sad that living things need to be eaten every day. There's a brutality in the Creation that will be done away with in the next age.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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