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December 17 - 23, 2019

A Laundromat, a Laundry Sink, and Igor Kolomoisky
The Bucket in Flames is the Bill-Barr Trash Can
A Police Knock on My Window May Promise Delivery from John Durham
Gregg Jarrett was in Mamie's Garden

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Just as Bill Barr was out telling Republicans that he's got full confidence in Wray, the latter was on ABC making a total Democrat-like idiot of himself:
In an exclusive broadcast interview on Monday with ABC News, FBI Director Christopher Wray undercut the theory that the government of Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election.

"We have no information that indicates that Ukraine interfered with the 2016 presidential election," said Wray...

You can't get more-Schiffy than that. It's Schiffy-equal. It's Nadler-equal. It's horrible, and Barr hasn't told Trump's voters that these are Wray's sentiments. The cat is out of the bag: Barr is a fantastic actor, a fraud, a sham, trying to make the world believe he takes our viewpoint while tolerating a Schiffite-look-a-like at the charge of the rotting FBI. Rot has replaced rot, and Barr is licking this rot with his own tongue, disgusting.

Barr even said in his own televised interview, last week, that he knows nothing about Ukraine. FRAUD! He knows all about it, but wants us to think there's nothing there. CREEPY CRIMINALLY-LIABLE OBSTRUCTIONIST at the head of the DoJ. He actually deserves jail time for this. He's protecting the president's enemies, not in the Ukraine only, but inside upper-level America. He's protecting crime of the highest order, don't you get it? Call a spade a spade. There is no misunderstanding here. Barr himself he's not interested in the rumors from Ukraine. Don't you get it? He's exposed his RAT. We have passed a milestone in this corruption saga: Trump picked another rat, on top of Sessions and Wray, to "cleanse swamp." Three strikes, he's out. Woe unto these actors.

Trump is at least acting as though he and Giuliani oppose Barr on this matter. There is nothing I'd like more for Trump but to be sincere in his position on this controversy, but at this point, I'm asking whether this is not all orchestrated.

If Barr and Wray have decided to oppose Trump, it's got to be for the sake of Bushites like Mueller and Comey. You will note that when Wray was asked about why he's taken his nothing-going-on-Ukraine view, he didn't even address the "conspiracy theories" that he himself accuses Giuliani and others of. He didn't address even one point in the messages from Ukraine's "DoJ." He just swept the entire controversy away without giving evidence for his own position. Is that any way to treat the people? Yes, if you are Wray, that's how he always treats the people.

Giuliani just delivered some new things to Barr's desk from a recent re-visit to Ukraine. Imagine that, Giuliani doing Wray's job. But, I caution: isn't Giuliani the one who protected Mueller and Bush in the 9-11 crime? Giuliani knew it was an inside job. And so did Mueller, and so did Bush. Assuming that there is no theater being played out by both sides, there is a raging war on as to whether or not the facts of Ukraine come out. We have the whistle-blower to thank for this war, though he was a CIA player, and as the CIA's media is foremost the Washington Post, we note that this media released the latest news that Barr wants Giuliani off the Ukraine case (not to be taken as truth without evidence).

The last update focused on Mr. Fix, at whose restaurant I started to build a BAR, about 150 feet from my former residence at the home of Mr. Archibald. The RefiCIAR" motto term of Archibalds can suggest a pointer to CIARamella, but the term can also be viewed as, "reFICiar," as part-code for Fix's/Fecks. This Mr. Fix went on to work at, or own, a Lada dealer a couple of years later, and because I owed a Lada at the time (which is how I know he worked at the dealer), I used the Lada to suggest that Fix-related pointers have to do with Russia, for Lada's are a Russian car. To follow better, get lots of time, and load other surnames at the Fix link tab above. You could enjoy this it if you're viewing Coats.

Some months ago, I clinched Albert Oosteyn as God's pointer to a whistle-blower. Ciaramella had not yet made the news. I lived at Albert's apartment while building the bar at Mr. Fix's (I had lived at Archibald's earlier that year). I got to know Mr. Fix's cook, Mr. Papp, to the point that he moved in and shared Oosteyn's apartment with me while the latter went to work at WHISTLER mountain for about six months. The Whistle surname is listed with Whistlers, you see. And the Papps show a Papadopoli variation smacking of George Papadopoulos, one of the whistle-blowers on Russia-Ukraine matters.

The pointer of Oosteyns to a an as-yet unidentified whistle-blower was supported by an event with Mamie and my taxi. I took her on a last date to Mr. Fix's before taking her home to Albert's (Papp wasn't there at this time) that evening. The Tax's/Dachs have two, white crossed swords, as do Feschs/FECHters who not only linkable to Fix's/Fechs, but share the ESToile with Fisks/FISCS. Barrs share the Este eagle, as do Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's, first found in GENOVA with Fieschi's (see Wikipedia). JOE diGENOVA is virtually a partner with Giuliani in uncovering Obamaite crimes in Ukraine.

I will make a prediction: the Council of Foreign Relations, and/or some similar group, is barking up Barr's tree to get Giuliani out of Ukraine. It's groups like that which can influence members of both parties with secret, private contact i.e. not recorded on government documents. These groups thus possess invisible leaders, and even they have still-more invisible leaders not officially in the organizations. These are the pieces of ratty garbage who continually call the shots to OUR future. It is inconceivable that they do not exist.

Although Horowitz did his best to keep Comey and his underlings out of jail, he still reported that the whole FISA affair was illegal. However, the way one frames the words are possibly capable of getting one out of a criminal prosecution. Horowitz tried to phrase his words in that way. But, in this case, I don't think Horowitz is going convince any normal, honest judge of any innocence. Comey has a 50-50 chance of getting a leftist judge if Barr does his job to get the jurisdiction outside of Washington for the court case. He has much-better chances inside of Washington, which is why Barr should argue outside of Washington. But wait. Barr's not going to have Comey arrested at all, is he? Not unless pressure from pro-Trumpers forces his hand.

Horowitz: Comey was sloppy. Normal judge: you've got to be kidding. Throw Horowitz in jail.

Yes, Horowitz should be arrested because he covered-over a lot. If Trump had ordered his own paperwork, before Horowitz got to the job, he would have gotten a lot more guilt on all the players. But Trump was either a wimp or a fake, which, in either case, makes him a traitor to the people. Make no mistake about it: Trump acts like he cares for the people, but is handing them this same deep state in anger in just a short while, even if he wins in 2020.

It's time for the White House to take Intelligence, and all the major media toting Intelligence leaks, to the supreme court. And when the four Democrat judges on the supreme court vote in support of the deep state, it's time to use or create a law to uproot corrupt judges. This job is on Trump's shoulders, and he should enjoy this task. I reiterate: unless harsh jail terms are secured now, there's no end of similar men/women who will do the same. It's not enough to fire this bunch and humiliate them to the ground so that they will not arise again to high government positions. There's are thousands of others to pick from to replace them, and unless they have something to fear for performing corrupt schemes, they will perform corrupt schemes. This is the biggest problem the United States has, costing the people innumerable dollars and democratic breakdown. Just ask Wray about rot replacing rot. If jail terms start coming, you would see Wray behaving differently immediately, though he should still be fired even if he acts correctly by force of fear. Genuine servants of the people need to be secured for law enforcement.

As Bongino well-showed at the 44th minute of Monday's show, the media were all reporting, with Clapper too, that NONE of the accusations in the Steele dossier had been disproved as true. Horowitz reported that ALL of them lacked proof of being true. How can a country survive, let alone tolerate, that kind of political-charged garbage from the Intelligence and media people? It is things like this for which God made the Commandment, you must not give false testimony. It is a gross sin to accuse people falsely in court. They used that tactic in the kangaroo court for Jesus, THE MAN. When they get caught giving such lies, they lay the blame elsewhere: I heard it from such-and-such, I was wrong to repeat it, I wasn't lying, though, just repeating a lie I thought to be true. And they escape prosecution in that way. That's why they repeat things said from FORMER Intelligence agents whom they don't always name. Who's going to arrest a former Intelligence agent? Media are somewhat protected, anyway, by the rule / law that they are not required to reveal their sources. So, the media are both masters and snakes at assuring court-excusable excuses for repeating lies from fellow snakes. It's that simple, not complicated.

Skip the commercial in the Blaze video below to the 2nd minute to see Giuliani's messages this week. He says that Shokin's medical records tell of his dying twice by poisoning, but being revived each time. No kidding? It's of course all-possible, because if they didn't get him once, they would try again. Will Giuliani release the medical records? Are there rules / reasons that forbid him from releasing them now? Will he assure that he's given the documents to Barr?

Giuliani says that he has documentary proof that Biden himself was involved in money laundering. It's not enough for Giuliani's enemies to announce that the Ukrainian documents cannot be trusted. It's not enough for Barr to excuse all of these documented proofs of corruption involving Obamaites. It's not enough for Wray to sit back smugly to denounce the evidence without his proof that the evidence is false. If the wee-little evidence against Trump justified 22 months of Mueller, then the gigantic finds of Giuliani deserve a 10-year investigation by someone other than Wray or Barr's puppet. Barr can no longer be trusted, and his game will be over as soon as Giuliani reveals his war papers?

Barr can no longer be trusted, but, there is a possibility that he's hiding his good hopes for Giuliani's mission, for fear of being poisoned or something. Even so, I'm taking the tack that Barr is seeking to distance himself, whether for fear or for something else, from real crimes he knows of, involving Obamaites. He may feel that he cannot tell Wray about his being on Giuliani's side for fear that Wray will rat him out. When Barr chooses to replace Wray with a good cop, I'll give Barr another chance. Until then, he's going in the way of criminally obstructionist by keeping Wray. It's on Barr's head; he can't claim that he doesn't know better than Wray. Wrays obstruction and accommodation of criminals is on Barr's head, before the eyes of God and any other sane person, make no mistake about it, Mr. Barr; somebody had best warn him.

Trump believes that the Schiff version of the Trump-Zelensky phone call was the "official" one that the Democrat deep state were going to fly with. When I heard the Schiff version, it sounded so outlandish that I thought he was simply putting his exaggerated spin to the literal phone call, to make a bigger splash, but Trump thinks Schiff meant to claim his version as the literal one. Schiff was so ridiculously accusative in that toxic version that Trump seems intend on having a senate trial to uncover Schiff's entire whistle-blower scheme. This could happen with Graham and McConnell powerless to deny it due to the political cost of seeming to be a deep-state puppet. This is how this situation has changed through the Trump years: the ones once ridiculing conspiracy theorists are suddenly in danger of being seen as conspirators or their accomplices.

However, we've seen Trump make promises one day, then turn 180 degrees the next. He does this to feign that he has the disgust and anger of his voters at heart. Hopefully, he's sincere this time, and there will be a senate trial with real (sincere, passionate) digs into the witnesses.

When a corrupt group finds corrupt servants to control the FBI, Intelligence and the military, they have a police state. A mere president alone is a pushover for that sort of power. If Trump were truly vehemently opposed to such a police state, then we could praise him for it while supporting him, but not so fast, because he's showing two possible colors/faces. He could be of either side, I personally am not persuaded that he's on our side, and I lean toward his being a fraud, one who would join the deep state if he could come to tolerable agreement with it (he uses it for his purposes; it uses him for its purposes).

I came across this preacher video on women pastors. I haven't watched much yet; it opens with the typical background information, which you can skip if you've heard it all before. In the 9th minute, he mentions his mother's involvement in the feminist movement, new York, and that, eventually, she quit the movement because the leaders were all ugly humans and lesbians seeking to unmale the male species. It's satanic, in other words, intended to cause division. If you have an hour to spare at any time, I'll leave the video here:

There are two ways to put it when we realize that God made women to help men. We could put it negatively, that a man should have a wife to be a slave for his comforts. Or, we can something more to what God intended, that a man is a guitar without the strings. Throw in a woman, the strings, and the guitar is made complete and useful. Or, the woman represents the frets; the guitar won't make good sounds without the steel bars to shorten or lengthen the strings. That's the way that I view creation, except that women became corrupted too. The guitar body became cracked, and the strings would not hold tight, needing constant tuning. So, the man gets frustrated, and the woman rarely has her nice music, knowing that in every round of life, things are going to get more sour before they get better again.

What's the solution. Pray you don't marry a feminist who has liberal spin on things. The modern feminist has this idea that she can produce a better world than men have. So she's apt to say, man, move over, let me play this guitar alone to show you how it's done. But, for this analogy, we need at least two instruments. You see, there can be no music unless all the instruments submit to one another. each musician is careful to play with the flow of the other instruments. No one musician can go freelance-happy. They have all got to "play" together, though in fact making music is work. It's pleasant work, but so can housemaking be pleasant work. If you have the liberal spin on housework, you are probably the spoiler of the home. There is a difference between a house and a home. Can we say that making a home is like making nice sounds? Like, when the family members get home, they make nice sounds instead of complaints. It's a big deal, isn't it? The housewife is a really-big deal, isn't she? I have some really nice pictures in my head of a devoted housewife, a servant.

Oh dear, I said the dirty word. Women don't want to be viewed as servants anymore. Well too bad, lady, because we all serve someone. When men go to work, are they not servants too? What were the men of old to do, send the women out to the cows and plows while they did the easy work at home? No, but men were taking responsibility on their own shoulders, and they would have been ridiculed / despised by all if they sent their women to work instead. A man is like a hero to go out each day to the toil, but feminists have stripped him of that honor. And feminists have created a situation where woman now almost MUST go to work, whether they like it or not, thanks to the increase of home costs due to double-income families. Well, thank you feminism for ruining the home and the kids all in one lousy guitar lick.

Practice makes perfect. If you have a negative view of a housewife, get better at it. Serving now is our heavenly crown later in life. How small a crown do you want, lady? Are you griping with the house chores? No kidding. But the crown gets bigger when we serve in pain. Your husband doesn't have all-good days either; there's plenty to gripe about at his work too. To be a man, they say, don't gripe, just do it. They used to say, whistle while you work, but today they say, please, just don't whistle, I'm too depressed for it. Work is no place for a song bird only because most people can't sing well, but everyone can whistle.

But wait. That beautiful image we have of the perfect home with the perfect housewife, it's an image only...because God made sure to spoil life. Yup, that's right, we cannot mock God; He has given us pains after pains because we have neglected him. So, when we strive to be good servants again, just because He wants us to be, the pains will become fewer. That's how this game of life works. When we work, do it as though working for God. Ahh, we have the secret, and liberal witches do not. They rebel and suffer more for it, guaranteed. Pain was given us by God due to rebellion, but they wish to rebel more than women have ever rebelled before. Result after just one generation: a ruined society, because the guitar doesn't have frets anymore, and the strings are frayed by the vanities of the feminist movement. You can't start a sexes war and come out unscathed, stupid. The man is stronger than you, stupid.

You don't attack someone stronger than you and expect to win, stupid. So, the feminists recruited male feminists to help win the war. They used psychology to force men to support feminism, otherwise they would be castrated, or ruined by some other threat. You push the baby carts, the women are now demanding of men. You change the diapers. Otherwise there will be a divorce-hell to pay. I'd hate to be that man, subjected to the new rules by force of The Rebellion. As a Christian, I resist it, but it's worming itself into the churches.

I like to remind people that Jesus was a radical; he never did what the world expected Him to do if God wanted otherwise. If He wanted to send apostles into the world that rejects apostles, then into the world He would send them. If He wanted six female apostles and six male ones, nothing could stop Jesus from doing it. You get it. There was a reason that he chose not one female, though I don't know the reason. And so far as we know, the Spirit never advised the apostles to choose female church leaders. The message of Jesus is not beyond the ability of females to grasp and deliver. So, what's God's "hang-up"?

Men were hard as nails in those days. It wasn't the male heart who wanted to visit Jesus' tomb as soon as possible after the Sabbath. Jesus was telling the men that he had to rise from the grave, and yet they were sleeping-in that Sunday morning??? Their abilities to mentally grasp things doesn't look very good. While the bags of wind were snoring, it was the women who had the guitar strings that Sunday morning, and they it was who saw angels. I wouldn't say that the woman cared for Jesus while the men didn't. I might say that the men were slower, though. So why not pick the women to rule the world? My guess is: because the world is hard as nails, and needs hard-as-nails to deal with it. But women today don't think that men have any-such advantages for spreading the Bible tune. Some women are conforming to a guitar body and giving up their strings to the men. It makes me nervous because God might not approve.

Indeed, this looks like a test from God. If a woman resists church leadership due to doubts on whether God will permit it, then I'd say she has a bigger crown coming. She's concerned with what God will say about it. But if a woman wants the leadership position based on an extension of the feminist movement into the churches, ouch, that looks deviously dangerous to me. I won't attend a church with a female preacher because I don't know whether God sanctions it. She might be able to preach as good as other men, but if her motive for being there is the war of the sexes, ouch, what a hypocrite.

Well, she might not view it as a war of the sexes anymore, because she expects men to lay their weapons down and happily allow them 51 percent of the reign. That's right, she's not in this for 50 percent, but for an overthrow, a turning of the tables. Isn't that right? How do I know? Because I know human nature. Feminists are rebels, not prone to being happy with a 50-50 split, once they achieve a 50-50 split. The history of man shows greed is under every movement.

Does it seem to you that this world is headed for a cure, to be followed by an established righteousness on earth in the Holy Spirit? No, instead, anti-Christianity is the trend, with destruction of all sorts in its wake. This is not the time for the expectation of greatness in any way. You cannot say, as Bongino does, that he LOVES his country, without admitting that you love Sodom. Beware these sorts of statements. I'm not suggesting that Bongino loves the sodomy of his country. Instead, he says that he loves the extraordinary freedoms that the Unites States preaches...which are the very freedoms that have given fruition to its sodomite nature. Be careful. Don't say "love" in the same sentence with "United States." Don't be oblivious to its spiritual breakdown, and consider it's stress on money as a fundamental part of that breakdown. The Lord has taught us these things; don't deny or ignore them.

Beware the so-called Kingdom-Now preachers who think the world will enter the Millennium apart from the visible appearance of Jesus. That's a set of MOVEMENTS utilizing politics to achieve its aims, a recipe for a greed-based Christianized disaster. Can we see them wishing to use elements in the Trump administration? Keep it simple; practice true religion, serving others as you take care of your own needs. This is the only form of evangelism required in these days. The Message is all over the place, but we need to add natural or even expert servitude to that message.

My hope is that politics will turn around the anti-Christian direction of end-time Sodom, because the latter movement has used politics and media to succeed. In other words, my hope is that Republicans will sever the political strings and their puppets that have brought anti-Christianity to power. My hopes are being seriously slashed, however, under Trump.

If I ask youtube for feminist videos, then click on an anti-feminist video, youtube will not suggest many more anti-feminist videos, but will lure me away from the topic. If I ask youtube for news, and click any liberal media, I won't stop getting videos from that media for the next two or three weeks. That's how liberalism is infecting this world, not just the United States. What is Trump going to do about this? NOTHING. What is Lindsey Graham cooking up to fight this? NOTHING. We don't stand a chance aside from the power of the Holy Spirit to restrain this snake until the final hour, when the wicked will have been prepared to be completely wicked. Judgment Time, they never saw it coming. In an instant, humiliation without a cure. This is a good time to become a humble servant. It will be good, when Jesus returns, if He finds us being humble servants. But let's not say to self, okay, I'll do it later, closer to when He returns.

A young girls becomes a teen, hears of the feminist movement, and decides, yeah, I'd like to fight for women too...against men. See any problem there? There are a lot of nasty men out there who will unload nastily on women who fight this war, and the latter will say, see, I told you so. War begets warfare, folks, so you don't want your young girls contributing to it. Yes, men will repay nastiness with nastiness, no kidding. Want to be ugly in your attitude? Reap ugliness. Enjoy your life, stupid, fighting this vain war. You are only piercing yourself. Instead, fight for Jesus, because that's not in vain. Put your passions toward that fight, because we will be the winners by miles and millions of miles. They will be burned by the flames of their own nastiness. Produce nasty; be burned by it. That's why we should do good to our enemies when they get nasty toward us, to keep from getting burned. It takes a long time for us to learn this lesson; take advice from someone who's learned it the hard way like most-everyone else. Spare yourself the heartaches; get angry only to fuel your wars, just don't fight the wrong wars.

I don't know about you, but as a new Christian, I became very angry with the anti-Christs I had never known before. It takes becoming a Christian to learn that people hate Christians. If only they merely hated, but they go beyond. I wanted to join the fight against them, hoping to salvage the world around me from them, but became discontented by the stark reality that God's going to allow them to prosper, in glee, and to grow some really long horns. I saw IDIOTS without rationale, and felt powerless to change them. We all needed to deal with this; how are you doing so far? Do you know that their spirits rub off on us, and that demons are everywhere fighting us too, to thwart our services to Jesus? You won't hear that on Fox. Don't let Fox be the master of your societal engineering. Always-always go with the values of Jesus; you won't be disappointed. Endure. Be the deep soil, grow a deep root. The way to know whether you have deep soil is if you don't fall away. I've maintained faith for over 40 years; I guess I have deep-enough soil, so glad.

The Lada

Good morning, it's Tuesday. Yesterday, after the last update was uploaded, the following quote was added to it. It was immediately after saying: "I assume that God put out the radiator FAN in my Lada so that I would hook up a make-shift manual switch to it, and thus I would remember, 35 years later, that I had a fan that didn't work properly." I was actually thinking of telling that the fan came back to mind while I was in Chicago for a six weeks of missionary training, and one day, the group went out someplace in the Lada. It is on that outing that I remember this typical, household electrical switch attached to the door or the dash so that I could I run the fan manually whenever the car was at a stop light, or on hot days.

The interesting thing is that Chicago is in Illinois with Urbana, and the reason I was at Chicago is that I had been to a missionary show (a lot like a trade show) a couple of years earlier in URBANA. The reason this came to mind is that I was on this map (see far-center left) yesterday, seeing an Ad LADios location between the Oeneus river of the Maezaei and the URBANus river of the Ceraunii. Is that not cool? Actually, Ad Ladios is on the Urbanus river. I already know that the Massena/Messina surname (version of the Masci Coat) shares the gold-on-blue Zionist stars on a blue bend of German URBANs, you see, which is how I know that Masci's are from Maezaei (or at least their stock). Spanish Urban(a)s probably share the stars of Maceys (share gauntlet gloves with Vane's).

Maezaei were Amazons, who lived at Mazaca and the neighboring Moschi mountains at Lake VAN, and I have assumed, due to the VANE surname's links to Maceys / Masseys/Maceys, that Amazons named Mus at Lake Van (Armenia). The nine mythical Muses probably apply, whom I think were Mysians (land of Amazons), the ancestors of LATins. Maeonians are also said to have been ancestors of Latins, and Maeonians were probably from Mannae of Armenia. On the map, see the LATOvici on the upper Sava river from Ad Ladios, for I trace Leslie's to Lesce upon the Sava very near the Latovici. Lesce is where you see EMONa, and it just so happens that Vane's were first found in MONmouthshire (Wales) while Masci's have a version of the Leslie Coat. Many others do too, but a Masci-Leslie connection is being made here because the green Leslie GRIFFIN head is shared with Fens'/Venns/FANs. Fane's/Vane's share "Ne vile" in their motto with Griffins, you see, and while Griffins are traceable to the family of Julius AGRIPpa (see last update), Leslie's use a "GRIP" motto term.

The Fane's/Vane's have a "fano" motto term while Fano is beside RIMINI, where Maschi's were first found. Rimini is related to the namers of the Rimna river, at Wallachia (proto-Walsh's/Welsh's), home at least closely of the ROXolani RUS. A Lada is a RUSsian car, and king RUSA's lived and ruled at Lake Van, can we believe it? The Rusa royals were conquered by Cimmerians, in about 720 BC, from what is now Ukraine. And the Lada was pointing us, in the last update, we can assume with all my other pointers of late, to the Russia- / Ukraine-collusion scandals. They say that Cimmerians founded the Welsh (Cimmerians of Wallachia?), and the Vane surname, a branch of Fens/Venns/FANs, you see, was first found in Wales. The fan switch on the Lada in Chicago speaks. Can Chicago point to Obama?

I didn't have a car between the taxi cab and the Lada. There was no way for me to drive to Urbana aside from having the Lada at that time. Ad Ladios at the Urbanus river, it's just so perfect, like yet another proof that God has created events in my life, with props, pointing to surnames. But He's also pointing to Ukraine news with such events, I have realized over the past few months, especially the Biden-Obama scandal. I kid you not, that when the Lada was gone the year after Chicago, I bought a VAN (Ford).

The Ladds/Ladons were first found in Somerset with the BURleys/Bourleys, and Greece had a Ladon river smack at/near BOURa. The Burys can apply, the point being that Burys, sharing the Masci bend with fleur-de-lys, are also Buris'/Boris' (nice Russian name), an apparent pointer to BURISma gas. Buris' were first found in Devon with Fens'/Venns/Fans, can we believe it, and the latter share white scallops with Masci-branch Meschins while the latter have a Coat looking awfully linkable to the Ladd/Ladon Coat. As Amazons were at Pisa, at the Ladon river, it seems there is a clinching here of a migration of Lydians of the Ladon to Ad Ladios i.e. beside/amongst the Maezaei.

I haven't mentioned before is that the Hilden bull head must be the Fane/Vane bull head because Fane's/Vane's are said to have had a seat at Hilden (of Tunbridge, where Meschins married Clare's). But these are also the bull heads of Buckle-branch Buckleys/BULkellys and Haughts (both first found in Cheshire with Masseys / Maceys and the Meschin earls). Leslie's use buckles. Hildens are in Hill colors. The last update was entertaining a Hunter-Biden link to KoloMOISky (could have a Moisk root) with a shark tank, and let's add the Tunbridge's share the Saracen Coat with Baud crescents while Bauds had played to the Russian medallion.

Now the Haughts can be gleaned from Sigrid the HAUGHTy, otherwise known as SWIEToslawa, daughter of Masci-line Mieszko. I was able to glean that her line was somehow to Siward (sometimes "Sigurd") of Northumberland, the known line to the Swords who happen to use "hilt" in their description, looking like a code for the Hilden bloodline, and, indeed, Mieszko's wife was Oda of HALDENsleben. The point is, I was seeking surnames like "switch" as per the switch to the radiator fan, and came up with Suite's after thinking of SWEITs/Sweets. The latter can be gleaned with Swietoslawa because they share two chevrons in the same colors with Siward-like Sewards, and Suite's are listed with SEWERs/Suters. The Sewers were brought up by God when I was in Obama's billiard hall (it was in a dream). In Chicago?

Alright, so we followed the white Fane/Vane/FIEN bull head to Hilden to Haughts, and now we can add that French FEINs have the triple Haught fesses in colors reversed, tending to nail Haughts with Mus of Lake Van. The Mose's/MOSS can be gleaned with the Haughton Moss location of Haughts. And we can go to the white bull head of Albins, for Albino's were first found in Modena with FANano. German Albini's share the blue wing with German Feins. Wings (used my Masci's) are code for Vinkovci, home of Valentinian I. His line goes to Coats having gold borders, one of which is the Spanish Urbans. Vinkovci, the Cibalae on the map above, is near the Urbanus.

Spanish Urbans were first found in Basque country with LOLITA's/Loyola's, the ones who point to Jeffrey Epstein's plane. As Lolita's/Loyola's are expected in the motto of Macey-like Mackesys/Margesons, while German Urbans were related to Macey stick, the black wolves of Lolita's/Loyola's are very linkable to the same of Irish Mackays. Urbans were on the Urbanus river of the Ceraunii, who are in heraldry when Ceraunii-like crowns are around the necks of animals, such as the crown around the neck of the Archer dragon. I'll bet that points with the Lada to Devon Archer, for Archers use arrows while Arrows/Arras' share the Fix fleur-de-lys while Mr. Fix worked at the Lada dealer (Richmond Hill) when I went there to get repairs. Note that Fix's have a wavy fesse in blue on white, same as Sodans, for you are about to see an amazing thing from the first three sentences of this last-update snippet:

Both Ladds/Ladons (beside Devon) and Sodans -- Devon, same as Fens/Venns/Fans -- have a wavy fesse with scallops on either side. We thereby have a Ladd-Fan link, you see. The Sodan scallops are even colors reversed from the Fens/Venn/Fan scallops. Fens/Venns/Fans share the same scallops as Pattersons/Cassane's, who are in turn said to be from Sodan-like Sodhans. In the sleeping-bag dream, Mrs. Kilpatrick was at the HOOD and therefore at the RAD(iator), we could say, suggesting God wants that scene to link to the radiator fan, but why? The Fens/Venns/Fans were first found in Devon with Hoods. Hoods come up below as I continue along this path.

As per the Pattersons/Cassane's, we can turn to English Cassane's/Cassandra's (beside Ladds/Ladons) who share the triple EPPstein chevrons too. I always trace Apps/Epps, without doubt, to the Apsus river, and I always trace Pattersons and KilPatricks, without doubt, to AntiPATRia on the Apsus river. PATiens'/PATENTs/Putins were first found in Dumfries with KilPATricks; the other Patents/Pattens (share the Apps/Epps lozenges) happen to share the green griffin head of Fens/Venns/Fans. Patents thus look like other Antipatria liners, what I trace to Antipater, father of the first king Herod. But is this thing Intended by God to point to Putin along with the Lada? Did God arrange a Putin variation for Patents? As CASSANE's/Cassandra's were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, is this linking the Joe Biden to Jeffrey Epstein's Ukraine / Russia connections? Why did God have Mrs. Kilpatrick in a dream on Epstein's island? The Kilpatrick cushions are for the Cush variation of Kiss' who share the fountains of CASS'/Cash's and Waterfords/Waterville's while Waters/Waterville's share the triple Epstein / Cassane chevrons. Was she in the dream so as to get us to Putins as per this paragraph? Didn't we just see Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's linking solidly to Ladds/Ladons and Fens/Venns/Fans???

The Fens'/Venns/Fans share a blue fesse with Italian CASSANO's/Cassandra's, an obvious branch of Cassane's/Cassandra's, and it just so happens that king Cassander of Macedon (near the Antipatria on the Apsus) was the son of king Antipater. Do the math, connect the dots, draw your lines, this is easy. Patents/Pattens are said to be equivalent to a William of WAYNfleet, and it checks out where Waynfleets/Wainfleets (lilies) share the Patent/Patten lozengy. [Wayne's share gauntlet gloves with Fane's/Vane's/VEYNES'].

Cassano's/Cassandra's were first found in Modena, location of Fanano, which has for its Arms a fesse colors reversed from the Fens/Venn/Fan fesse. Connecting the dots is real easy here. I've come across evidence that Modena links to Modane on the Arc river, where ArchiBALDs, and Herod Archelaus out of Vienne, ought to trace. Balds are a Baud branch while Hoods have the Baud scallops in colors reversed (recalls that French Bauds share the ram in the Arms of FINIStere). Emailer Wilder is a Patterson on one side, and Modens with Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Wilders and Wilds/Walds (Ladd/Ladon colors and format). Welders have a gold version of the Rad/Rade Coat. DEVON ARCHer is/was Hunter Bidens partner in Burisma.

The Phone's/Fane's/Vane's/Fiens (branch of FINIS'/Fiens) are also Fame's, expected in the "fama" motto term of Gale's (Cornwall, beside Sodans) because the latter have a version of the Sodan Coat...making the Gale lions look like the Finis/Fien lions.

I just want to say that, after pasting the quote above, I went to town to purchase carpet. Upon getting home, this Solomon piece was shared by the Bongino Report with news on LATvia:

As the U.S. presidential race began roaring to life in 2016, authorities in the former Soviet republic of Latvia flagged a series of “suspicious” financial transactions to Hunter Biden and other colleagues at a Ukrainian natural gas company and sought Kiev’s help investigating, according to documents and interviews.

The Feb. 18, 2016 alert to Ukraine came from the Latvian prosecutorial agency responsible for investigating money laundering, and it specifically questioned [not necessarily meaning there was doubt] whether Vice President Joe Biden’s younger son and three other officials at Burisma Holdings were the potential beneficiaries of suspect funds.

...The flagged funds were “partially transferred” [no doubt implied] to Hunter Biden, a board member at Burisma since May 2014, and three other officials working for the Ukrainian natural gas company, the Latvian memo said.

Wow. Solomon strikes again. The good news is the article's addition of: "The memo was released to me by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office and confirmed by the Latvian embassy to the United States." It means that Ukraine is not entirely wanting to sweep this story under the carpet if it's giving material to Solomon. I assume, anyway, that Solomon received these papers recently, though the assumption may not be correct. The bad news is: "Latvian authorities said they did not get any incriminating information back from Ukraine to warrant further investigation and did not take additional action in 2016." The good news is, there's a new sheriff in Ukraine, and it may be better news because Trump called up the sheriff and asked him to nail the Bidens to the wall.

"Latvia" is not exactly "Lada," but close. The timing looks right for the connection. On this story, Solomon was given a few minutes only on Hannity's Tuesday-night show, but, as usual, Hannity doesn't give Solomon more time to elongate on his new finds. Solomon thinks that a break-through from Ukraine is imminent on this Latvia story. Solomon has not said that the payments to Biden / Archer went through a Latvian bank, but only that a Latvian watchdog caught wind of payments appearing to be illegally laundered.

I'd like to go back to Wilders and Welders because one can link the latter to the Wild/Wald motto term, "victrix." It should first of all be said that Wald-like Vlads use a white version of the Zionist Welder star, or Hyksos-suspect hexagram. We're going to assume here that Vlads are from Vladimir "the great" of the Ukraine capital, as I did in the last update. He was a VARANgian, a term like "Frank." Varangians appeared in the 9th century, and the first Franks were from the family of CHILDeric, the line to Childs. The proto-Varangian VARNI were known in the 1st century, and Varns are in Wild/Wald colors.

We can now go to the Tricks and Drigs expected in the Wild/Wald motto term, "vicTRIX," for they share the lion of Lorraine's who in-turn share the Child eagle. Like I said, the last time I saw a girlfriend in my 20s, whom God set up for heraldic pointers, she was carrying a child at her breasts. I don't know if she recognized me from behind, but I looked up at her while she walked right by me (three feet away) from behind...while Paul Smith and I were having COFFEE. Coffee's use a "victoria," motto term, and Victoria's/Victors can be expected in "VICTRix," you see. Paul drove a red Jeep in those days, what I happen to drive now. Jeepma's/Cheps share the hexagram of Vlads, what are the chances?

The Vlad / Jeep cinquefoil hexagram on a blue Shield is used in gold-on-blue by Welders, Urbans, and Talls. The Urbans at the Urbanus were with the crow-line Ceraunii, and while a raven is a crow, the raven-banner vikings were likely of the Varni / Varangians. In any case, we can find CERAUNii liners with crowns around necks, such as in the CRAUN/Crane and Wild/Wald Crests. Welders were first found in Thuringia with Talls and Childeric's wife, Basina. Her bloodline is the reason that gold bees were found in Childeric's tomb, and Talls share bees with Basina-like Bessins. Connect the dots. The Talls share three hexagrams on a blue bend with Urbans (and crow-line Massena's), you see, so that Varangian-suspect Welders hooked up with a line of Franks.

Or, instead of the crown around the stag head of Crauns, we can find a chaplet around the stag head of Hyksos-liner Hicks, who happen to be in Craun colors and format. The Hicks stag is called a "buck," appropriate for Hyksos king, Apachnas. Urbans and Talls share the Massena HEXagrams on a blue bend, and Massena's almost have the Craun patees because Massena's are from the Maezaei beside the Ceraunii. That's why Childs were at Wanstead while Wansteads/Weiners share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys/Maceys (almost the Hicks fleur-de-lys), and why Bessins were first found in Cheshire with Masseys/Maceys and Maceys. Meschins were rulers of the Bessin centuries after Basina. When Miss Hicks and I moved away from Texas in the same year, she moved into a home owned previously by a Mr. Childs, no guff. The fleur-de-lys is code for the Lys river flowing to Gaunt, the latter being the reason for the Wayne / Fane/Vane / Macey gauntlet glove.

Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Musts/MUSCATs. Sharks use the crane, a potential symbol of UKRAINian lines i.e. proto-Ukrainians named the Ceraunii (a theory). Saraca's lived near the Ceraunii. Welders had come up because Miss. MUSCHATov lived on WELDRick rd. Recall the wavy fesses of Gale's, Ladd/Ladons and Fens'/Venns/Fans, all three related the Lada's rad fan. Gale's (part of king Arthur's birth, important below) are from king Gala of Numidia, father of king Massena. Well, another wavy fesse is used by Hicks'. The Hyksos' (or at least some of them) were from the Mus area of Lake Van. The Rusa kings of Lake Van, subjugated by the Cimmerians from proto-Ukraine, must have named the Rus, which included Varangians, which can explain why Varangians returned to Ukraine 1500 years later (they may have returned earlier without historical incident / record). The Rusa kings were so near to Ezekiel's life that they must have been of the Biblical Rosh, a fellow tribe with proto-Massey Meshech. Varangian Rus founded Moscow of RUSSia.

The Fens'/Fans came to topic as per the FENCE on Weldrick rd., at Muschatov's house. It was an antenna-fence night (see last update), and then the Paul Smith mentioned above showed me the TV antenna of his father's house fallen on the backyard fence. As "bellows" are used in heraldry, I see the Bellows as part of the shark's teeth around the BELLY of the bullDOG, for Bellows share the cinquefoils of Dogs/Doags. What could it mean that the bellows in the Shipton Coat are fans (for fanning flames)?

Giuliani Intimidated, He and Solomon Press On

Here's Giuliani, at about 2 minutes, talking on the Latvia laundering that paid Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. He says the money entered Latvia, to a "phony company" in that country. I've said it a few times, that after working for Mr. Fix, when I was living at Albert's place, I moved out of there to a place a few houses down on Levendale (it just happened to be up for rent), a house that was immediately beside a strip plaza with a LAUNDRomat at the very end, right beside this house I lived in. It may have been while living there that Mr. Fix went out of business at the snack bar, and began working at the Lada dealer.

By the way, when I lived at Albert's, something made me do a silly thing for my mid-20s age. I built a partial-GLASS, two-story cage (glass front, glass "houses" too) for a couple of black HAMPSters (they were the size and shape of mice). There's no Hamster surname coming up, but the Hamps'/Amptons share the Lord/Laud cinquefoils while Lords are in the motto of GLASgows. Irish Hamps' share the fleur-de-lys of Fix's. I'm not sure why this is working out so well. I was just about to delete this paragraph due to what looked like a dead-end, and not enough to speak of, therefore, when noting that English Hamps'/Amptons (Suffolk) were at WOLVERhampton, matching the wolf head (white) in their Crest. The Wolvers (Suffolk) use white wolf heads too, around a wavy fesse on black. The Fix's have a wavy fesse on black too, I realized, but I think I would still have deleted this paragraph...until realizing that the Wolver fesse is colors reversed from the wavy fesse of LADDs/Ladons!!! Amazing. The Wolver Coat is probably a wolf-head version of the Meschin Coat; the latter uses scallops instead of wolf heads, and Ladds/Ladons happen to have scallops too.

So, it appears that God moved me to get those Hamsters for perhaps more reasons than can be gleaned at first glance in the paragraph above. They were both males, and the one brother would always hump the other as though it were a female...possibly a code for criminal faggots that God wants to point to. " 1066, Woolverstone was held by a Norman Noble, Robert GERNON, and as was the Norman custom, the second son adopted the name of the manor or village for his surname." The son of Ranulph le Meschin was Ranulph de GERNON. The white wolf head was used by Hugh Lupus, le-Meschin's uncle.

As I've said a few times, my new place beside the laundromat, where I recall letting the hamsters loose on the floor (until I sold them, cage and all), was the location of a rabbit being clubbed to death by my landlord in my "kitchen" sink. It was a basement apartment, and he lived upstairs. I don't think he knew I was home. I walked down the hall (probably in quiet socks), and turned the corner into the kitchen just as he gave the rabbit the first club (it took a few more to silence its squeals, it was brutal). The point is, as I've said before...well, let me quote from the 1st update in September, 2017:

I will add here, in case it's needed, that on the first outing we had, when [Lorraine] met me at the laundromat, I was living three doors down from the plaza in which I did the laundry, but later moved to the house directly beside the plaza, where the landlord killed (clubbed to death) a rabbit in my sink (the laundry sink was acting as my kitchen sink) while I walked by. I've had this on mind for months, but this is the first mention, as I can't figure out how it can apply. I don't recall anyone's name in that household. There were two laundromats in the plaza, one at the far end directly beside the house where the rabbit was killed (for food), but, while I usually used that one, I met Lorraine in the other laundromat (it was a nice one by comparison). All I can say is that Landers/Landens use the Langley bars while Bra is at Langley.

Lander is like "laundry," and Bra of CUNeo was a topic with the CONys and Conns who use white coney rabbits, you see. As you read above, my kitchen had the old, concrete LAUNDRy tubs that acted as my only kitchen sink. Coincidence? The reason I'm adding this here is that Conys and Conns have the colors and format of Wolvers, from Wolverhampton. My last night with Lorraine was due to the grass stain on her PANTS, which was resolved as a pointer to Pansys/Pantzers, and the Conys use a rabbit holding a pansy, can you believe it? (This is being written after mentioning the pansy below).

Much later in life, it became my claim that God arranged a bag of red BUTTONs in a kitchen sink. The Biden connection to the sink above? Looks perfect to me. I didn't have a laundry sink at the time. Besides, the Kitchens are also KETCHins, what could be a pointer to John Kerry's wife, from Heinz KETCHup. Her son from another marriage, I think it is, was involved with Hunter Biden in "Rosemont Capital, the alternative investment fund of the Heinz Family Office." That works.

Earlier on the day when meeting Lorraine at one of these two laundromats, I asked her out at her bus STOP, which was a pointer to Stops/Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire with Pepin-branch Pipe's, which is why the Landen variation of Landers is so important, as per Pepin of Landen. The new point here is that the Hamps/Amptons lived at Wolverhampton in Staffordshire, can we believe this on top of all the above? How can God not have been in all of that? The Stops/Stubbs are even in the colors and format of Pipe's and Pepins, but the creators of that heraldry didn't know I'd be asking Lorraine out at a bus stop. Pepin of Landen married Ita of Metz, and Metz is in the province of Lorraine. You've just got to be amazed. Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's are in the three colors of Wolvers, Conys and MUSSELs (Metz is at MOSELLE).

More: The Fix fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from those of Pipe's, and in the colors of the fleur of Arrows/Arras', the latter first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's! I kid you not that Mr. Fix's snack shop was probably closest to Lorne and Yonge (Richmond Hill, Ontario) than any other intersection. It was virtually across the road from Lorraine's bus stop. Across the intersection from Lorne, the latter turns into Arnold crescent, and, I kid you not, Arnulf of Metz is Arnold to the English. Arnolds share pheons with Stops/Stubbs. Wow, Wayne's, in Arnold colors and format, have an "omniBUS" motto term! The bus stop was technically at Yonge and Arnold (she lived at Lorne and Church). Here's the map.

Repeat: "Like I said, the last time I saw a girlfriend in my 20s, whom God set up for heraldic pointers, she was carrying a child at her breasts." Childs were at WANstead, and Wayne's/Wainmans (Essex, same as Wanstead) look like they could have formed Wansteads. Does it not seem that God arranged the names of those streets for proving that he set me up with Lorraine on that 24th BIRTHhday of mine? It pointed to Berthe, Mummolin's wife, a Merovingian couple on the border of Lorraine, not far from Metz.

Repeat: "There's no Hamster surname coming up, but the Hamps'/Amptons share the Lord/Laud cinquefoils while Lords are in the motto of GLASgows." The Stops/Stubbs share white pheons with Lords/Lauds, and the Hamps/Ampton besants are in the colors of the similar annulets of Ladd-like Lady/LAUDymans i.e. who look like the reason for the Laud variation of Lords. Glasgow is right beside Lanarkshire, and while her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Lorraine-like LORNE, the Lanark's "territories were first located in Lorne..." I kid you not, the Lanarks/Lurnacks share the BUS cinquefoil.

The bus stop is important for yet another piece of verification that God caused me to ask her out there. Stubbs can be gleaned by their PHEONs to be from the PAEONI city of Stobi, and these same Paeoni had a city of AstiBUS while Asti province is smack at Bra and Langhe, where the Lander/Landen surname took us via their LANGley branch. Langhe was resolved as a location of the Dol Alans, and while the latter became the royal Stewarts of the Glasgow area, let me repeat from the quote above: "Their territories were first located in Lorne and they became associated as a sept of the Stewart Clan." It doesn't matter whether Astibus is related to Asti province; it's enough that God has made a word-link with the bus stop to verify the event.

I must now repeat that, a couple of weeks after Lorraine and I split up on the night of her grass stain, I was getting off of a bus at the Finch bus-subway STATION in busy Toronto at rush hour, when she was first in line to get on. What a fat-chance event. We saw each other, but I walked past without saying anything, for which reason I wondered whether the Station / Finch / Subway surnames were being pointed to. There is a Station/Statham surname sharing the lozenges of Pinch's/Pinks, and the video above tells of Hunter Biden receiving the Latvia-LAUNDERed money through the Latvian company of Victor PINCHuk (Jewish Ukrainian). Victor-surname variations are not a far cry from Fix variations, by the way, and the Gernon family we saw above in the Wolver write-up were at MontFIQuet/MontFITCHet. Pinch's/Pinks use FITCHees.

Plus, Gernons share the double lions in pale of BRUNswicks while German LANGs (share Pelican with Stewarts) were at Luneburg while Brunswick-Luneburg were politically connected. If that's not enough, the Bruno's tell of there branch at Asti province, smack at the LANGHE theater. You don't need grade-three education to draw the migratory lines here. And, if I recall correctly, the Barrs of Este at Brunswick were Welfs while Wolvers use wolf heads, as do Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus'. Those Barrs named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, that is so right, as though God had his sights on Lorraine's bus stop from centuries ago, to dazzle you, reader, with this handiwork...which He's not doing merely to dazzle you. Wouldn't we like to know why He's doing it?

Who arranged the Pipe variation of Pepins, and why were Pipe's related to Stops/Stubbs? can we say that God wanted to pin-point the Pipe's? Looks like it, and LATvia-like Late's/Lets happen to use "organ pipes." Pinchuk even has a pipe company: "Pinchuk is the founder of EastOne Group LLC, an international investing, project funding and financial advisory company based in London, and of Interpipe Group, one of Ukraine's leading pipe, wheel and steel producers. Pinchuk is the owner of four TV channels..." Is this why God caused me to climb Muschatov's TV antenna? I'm writing this section after discovering below that this antenna points hard to Tony Blinken, and so I best repeat here what's below, that Blinkens were at BlenCARNE while Carnys share the Lord/Laud cinquefoils while the latter's Coat makes them look like kin of Fens'/Venns/FANs. God had put out the fan of my Lada.

I always link Pincs/Pinks to PUNGs/Pings/Pongs/Paganells (for good reasons), and while "PUNGit" is a motto term of Rims/Rums, wow, they share the Coat of Wolver-like Wolfers/Walfords exactly! Plus, Wolfers/Walfords were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels while, in the door-handle dream, I was dropping a container on its RIM immediately after dealing with the door handle's barrel-shaped part. That's a new clue for the door-handle scene.

As I see Pincs/Pinks and Pungs/Pings/Paganells branches of PANICo's/PANE's (likely Paeoni liners with Pansys), note that the Wolfers/Walfords (probably a Wolfin/Walwin branch) have what's often called a PEN in Crest while sharing the PENdragon motto. Pendragons are from the Penestae Illyrians beside the Paeoni. Lorraine's pant stain pointed not only to Pansys/Pantzers (share doves with the pheon-using Page's), but to Panters (share helmet with Pendragons) using "spur rowells," the name for the pierced hexagrams of Pagans/Payens/PAIONs. Panters were first found in Angus with SEWERS/Suters (if you know what that means) who in turn have a good reflection of the Pinch/Pink Coat.

The Wolfin/Walwin write-up: "the family claim descent from Gualgnain or Gwalwynne, who was King Arthur's sister's son..." This Arthur was made the son of Pendragon.

The Sewers were pointed to by my dream in Obama's billiard hall, which was all about (without doubt) the Hillary attack on Trump using Obama's FBI. These new finds here suggest that Pinchuk applies to that attack. It makes a lot of sense as per the DNC's use of Ukraine elements. Wolfins/Walwins share the Rodham bend. The "RYNwedd" motto term of Wolfins/Walwins suggest the Ryne variation of Reno's. The latter share the Pinc/Pink lozenges because their Panico branch were at the Setta valley, a tributary of the Reno river. Panico's are also Panetta's, and Leon Panetta was Obama's trusted right-hand puppeteer.

Reno's share the lozenges of MontaCUTE's while Cute's have a bend-version of the Pen/PENCE fesse (reminds of the pen in the Wolfer/Walford Crest). Other surnames sharing the feathered pen are the Michaels who happen to share the wavy fesse of Wolvers, tending to clinch the Wolvers with Wolfers/Walfords. These wavy fesses are the colors of the wavy bars of Webbers (Somerset, same as Ladds/Ladons), but these bars are in the colors also of the wavy fesse of Ladds/Ladons!!! We're back to that Russian Lada, for the Webber fleur-de-lys are shared by Fix's!!! You can't argue with the fix-is-in. Webbers share the blue roundel with Arthurs, and moreover probably have the Pipe / Pepin bend-with-fleur (in colors reversed). The Webber branch of Weaver's love Este's in their motto along with the motto of Pepin's (Este horse heads), and Kiev-suspect Keeps use a weaver's shuttle. Weaver's love wolf-head Fiddle's/Fidelows in their motto.

Wow. I didn't plan on all of that. The hamsters made me do it while I was supposed to be on the news. In the video with Giuliani, I can barely believe my ears. I've not heard this before, and if it doesn't make it to Fox, then Fox seems complicit with Barr in a cover-up. Giuliani says that Devon Archer's name is on a money-transfer document in Cyprus, in the amount of more than $14 million. This is the same money that had been routed through Pinchuk's "phony" business in Latvia in attempts to hide (launder it), though no money amount is beside Archer's name. Giuliani then obtained court papers regarding an insider-trading conviction of Devon Archer (a year later in New York), in which there is shown a $3.2-million payment to Archer from Cyprus! Wow. How much did Hunter Biden get? Let me repeat that Latvia-like Late's use organ pipes while Pinchuk owns Interpipe Group.

In other words, it appears that God compelled me to ride over (on my bicycle) to Lorraine at her bus stop, to ask her out, and to suggest our meeting that evening at a laundromat as a pointer to Kolomoisky's money-laundering operations through Latvia. I had planned on doing laundry that night before seeing her at the bus stop.

The video is only in the 3rd minute when Giuliani's already blasting the FBI / DoJ because the Bidens are still not under investigation. This Giuliani fellow is single-handedly unveiling the hypocrisy, corruption and criminality of Bill Barr, make no mistake about it. It's going to force Barr to direct Durham to make some show of this Burisma crime syndicate.

In the 4th minute, Giuliani gives up the documents he claimed about a week ago to possess, concerning two attempted poisonings of Viktor Shokin. It's unbelievable that he's on Glenn Beck with this instead of a major media. The claim is mercury poisoning, if we can trust the doctor's report in the first place. Giuliani says that Bill Taylor will not allow Shokin to the United States, but I don't see that Taylor has jurisdiction to keep him from coming. Here's the video again if you didn't click to it earlier but would like to now:

I remind you of the chocoLATE treat on Helen's door knob, for when we read it as CHOColate, SHOKin comes to mind. Just a thought. The Shocks/Shake's have the coney-rabbit design of Conns and Conys, though I don't know what the Shock/Shake Crest calls theirs. I know that Haas' have a hare, but it's not in the same design.

I would say that Giuliani is touching on things that the deep state didn't want Trump to unveil. John Solomon would be interested in this story.

When I google-search, "john solomon," google won't even bring up Google is sick and so disgusting for supporting world-class liars and frauds. Truth is being thrown to the ground, an end-time requirement.

Thanks again to the Bongino Report: "Robert Powell, the husband of Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla., reportedly took $700,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch named Igor KOLOMOISKY [!]. Mucarsel-Powell sits on the House Judiciary Committee, the committee that drafted two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for his alleged abuse of power with regards to Ukraine. In 2018, the Daily Beast reported that a number of businesses linked to Kolomoisky hired Powell as an attorney. One of those firms paid Powell at least $700,000 over two years, according to public records." I didn't know shark-loving Kolomoisky until late last week, and here we are. Kolomoisky's trying to impeach Trump with his money, by the looks of it. The shark versus the bulldog!

As the Powell family is now found to be in cahoots with Kolomoisky, note that Powells are the fourth surname in this update to share the green griffin head, with Fens/Venns/Fans, for one. Powells are said to be Howells exactly, and while I don't agree with putting it in those words, Howells were first found in MONmouthshire with Fane's/Fane's. The Fens'/Vans may use the Powell griffin head more closely than that of Leslie's or Patents, yet Leslie's were at Lesce, beside Emona, the entity I suspect as the namer of Monmouth. Leslie's became earls of Rothes, the latter named by the raven-viking line of Stouts. Stouts are also Stows, and ChepSTOW is in Monmouthshire, possibly named by the Chep variation of Jeepma's.

Note how "Chep" is like the Ship variation of bellow-fan Shiptons, for one Below (one 'l') surname shares the giant, double Chep/Jeepma eagle. Also, the eel in the Shipton Crest is shared by Irish Foys who might have the CHEPman crescent. I don't think it's a coincidence that Shipton-like Skiptons share the purple Lacy lion while English Lacys (purple "fret-knot") share the six pellets of English Foys. Bellows use a FOX in Crest while one of the French Foy/FOIX Coats has a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Hunters/Hunts. Hunter Biden, right? In the last update, the Hunters and Sleeps were connecting as a common theme, and, thanks to the snoring of my tenant (which I can hear from the computer table), I found the Snorr surname about 30 minutes ago with the Below / Chep/Jeepma eagle in one quadrant. The other French Foys (more pellets) have eight stars in the colors of the nine Baily stars. Without explaining the reasons, the Baily motto is partly for McCabe's. Bellys share the Moray stars while Bellys were at Moray. It's the belly of the whale, you see.

As I've heard that Kolomoisky has murdered enemies, let me repeat about a not-great friend on mine at age 13, Robert Powell, for I heard (at about my age 20) he was thrown off a bridge on a drug deal gone bad. The Powell character in the news is also, Robert.

It gives more background info: "The Miami Herald reported Powell was working for companies tied to Kolomoisky for 10 years. Powell made most of his money in the two years leading up to his wife’s election in 2018." Yes, but if she was a political-nobody before that election last year, how did this upstart get to be on the Judiciary Committee so fast? It's obvious. The invisibles behind Nadler and Schiff includes the Kolomoisky shark. But he's just a piece of dirt, isn't he? Doesn't the deep state have better heads than that? They might not be so scary as we might think. Stupid people make mistakes. The more pressure you put them under, the more mistakes they make, but Trump takes his sweet time attacking them, allowing them to go on the attack while planning better defensive strategies.

Now watch, for there is a chance that "KoloMOIsky" is rooted in "Moi," since "sky" is a common suffix for Russians and Slavs. I should repeat here that the Selepitanoi, and therefore the Sleeps of SALOP, are suspect by me as proto-Slavs (Selep > Slav). I've just loaded the MOIers to find them listed with German Moors sharing the Coat of Morano's. Hang on to your bridges. Morano is a location in the foot of Italy smack beside Shark-line Saracena! Zinger, but there's more, for both locations are on the Sybaris river, known to be inhabited with peoples from Boura of Greece at the Ladon river. I mentioned this shortly above when going from Ladds/Ladons and Burleys/Bourleys to Burys/BURIS'!!! Mr. Kolomoisky is, supposedly, a controller or silent partner of BURISma gas, and we just saw Hunter Biden of Burisma in the Bellow discussion that linked solidly to the shark's teeth around the belly of the bulldog.

It's not necessary for Kolomoiskys to be a line / branch of Moiers; it's enough if God wants to use Moiers/Moors to point to Kolomoisky's shark tank just to stress this man as a chief of the shark attack against Trump.

But there's more, for Morano's, Morinis' and Marano's were all first found in Modena with Fane/Vane- and Fens/Fan-liner Fanano, the line that God linked to my Lada. The ladder in the last update was at ARCHibald's place, and I walked it on my shoulder several blocks to HUNT street. See the last update for how that discussion panned out. Modena elements are expected with the naming of Modane on the Arc river, and Arc-river elements are expected with Artois-related Archers (branch of Lurchs/Larchers). Devon Archer was on Burisma's board with Hunter Biden!

Archers use arrows as code for Arrows/Arras' in Artois, and Arthurs have an --- hold on to your chair -- ArchiBURE variation!!!! I had forgotten the Archibure's when on ArchiBALDs in the last update. Balds were from the Bautica river, which has an Ivrea location, home of the proto-Arthur Arduinici. The Snorrs even use an ostrich in the colors of the giant one of Lois', first found in Artois. Marano's might just be sharing the Snorr lion closely, wow. Scottish Moyers/Moirs share Moor heads with German Moiers/Moors. More arrows are with Mormans/Moormans.

Bare with me if you've heard me repeat it too many times already. The shark in my 1979 dream was code for Saraca's at Kotor, near or amongst the Selepitanoi, who moved to Ragusa in the Ardiaei theater, a location also called, "Laus(a)." The fact that Italy has a Laus location near Saracena and Morano (on the Sybaris) is therefore evidence that Saraca's were there, especially as Wikipedia says that inhabitants of Sybaris founded Laus.

There's been a question as to whether "SyBARis was named after Bar in the land of Selepitanoi, but see also Burisma-like SyBARIS. Perhaps God arranged that to help clinch the shark in His dream (in my head) with Kolomoisky's shark tank. It all fits well enough for me to go forward with this claim: Kolomoisky is the shark of the dream, and all American deep staters seeking to silence Trump supporters on these matters are expected to be ultimately supporting Kolomoisky. There is a BARIS/Barry surname with white fish heads, and the Arms of Saraca has a white fish. There is a Bares/Bareis surname looking linkable to the double-headed eagle of Snorrs, and so perhaps God arranged Snorrs to link with Selepitanoi at Bar just because snoring is a sleep theme. One Bar(r) surname has HUNTING horns, we may wonder why?

While Scottish Moyers are also Moirs, they look like a branch of More's/Moors/Muirs/Moormans. The latter's "DuRIS" motto term can be for Rice / Rise liners out of Rhizon, smack beside Kotor. Selepitanoi were suspect with "Saluvii" Ligures, the stock that could have named Saluzzo, and it just so happens that Dure's, expectable in "DURis," share the Saluzzo Coat. Kotor-like Cutters have the Saluzzo Chief-Shield color combination in colors reversed. Reminder: Saluvii-like Sullivans have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Hunters/Hunts.

How can it be true that the White House would abandon Giuliani just for his announcing the goods to put the Bidens into court? Who's in the White House attacking Giuliani? Does Trump care? Is he behind it? Let's put it this way, that as this news below hits White-House staff, we'd expect many staff telling the opposite, that they support Giuliani's Ukraine investigations. If those reports / people don't appear, Trump is to blame. Trump's priority should be the dissemination of Giuliani's information. Trump should be ordering five bodyguards in Giuliani's life at this time, but if we get a cold White House toward Giuliani, it's on Trump's head, in my opinion.

Giuliani took a shot at Barr, saying that there are many Ukrainians wanting to come to testify in the United States...but, Rudy implies, the United States won't entertain them. Barr, that sham, pretends he knows nothing about it. It's interesting that the sea gull that God used in pointing to Giuliani was alone in the empty parking lot. No other gulls, no cars, because the building that once used the parking lot was abandoned. It was an abandoned parking lot. It reflects Giuliani going at this task alone, as it were. Everyone is waiting for Trump to abandon him too. What's Sekulow doing?

The white Volkswagen Rabbit was on the shoulder of highway 69, when I saw this gull walking fast (in the parking lot to my front-side) to the sound of the car's fast blinkers...which is pointing to John Kerry's deputy, Tony Blinken, while the VOLKswagen is pointing to Kurt Volker, who appeared with Bill Taylor (just announced he's quitting Ukraine) in the Ukraine president's office the day after Trump called him. Taylor is the Ukraine ambassador to be replaced, hopefully, by someone who wants the goods on Biden and the other Obamaites. If another deep-state obstructionist gets hired here, it's more evidence that the people are being shammed. Giuliani will probably inform us right away on whose side the new ambassador is on.

It was Pompeo who chose anti-Trump Taylor to replace anti-Trump Yovanovitch, just as though Pompeo is oblivious to all that matters to us. No, he's not ignorant of this deep-state war. But he hasn't lifted a finger to help, and acts oblivious to it by never referring to it. He doesn't want to get on the bad side of deep staters. Trump chose this loser. Trump has chosen loser after loser, deep-state sympathizers all of them. How can this be, unless Trump is himself one of them, a masterful deceiver? What could Trump do to help? It's so easy. He finds just one lawyer, such as Sekulow, who can be trusted, and Sekulow is directed by Trump to know EVERYTHING Wray is doing in matters pertaining to the corruption in the news. How easy would that be? How happy Sekulow would be to do the job. "Mr. Trump," he would say, "Wray isn't doing anything to punish the wrong-doers. You need to replace him with someone who will. You have no choice, Mr. president. You'll look stupid for replacing him, but you have no choice because you will look more stupid in the end when he still does nothing, laughing at you with that smug face of his."

What about the peoples absolute right to have the FBI rats arrested? Laws come with punishments on behalf of the people, to protect them from continuing rattiness. Every judge, cop and attorney general knows what punishment is intended for: deterrence.

The white Rabbit points to John Podesta and his deputy, Huma Abedin. As I said, Bobby Orr was born in Parry Sound, and while he played for Boston, the Boston surname shares the Hume lion. HUMa Abedin. Joel, the driver of the Volkswagen, was a cook at Boston pizza, and Podesta's white-rabbit theme is about pizzagate. The Joel/Jewell surname uses "gillyflowers" in the colors of the Anthony "flower" on water, and Anthony Weiner is Abedin's husband while Waters share the Epstein Coat. Weiner was after young girls, the Epstein theme, making Weiner look like a potential pimp / recruiter for Epstein's young maidens. The Anthony surname is also, "Tony," and John Podesta's brother, Tony, has relevant links to Ukraine. What a coincidence? Parry SOUND became suspect with Gordon SONDland, who was dragged into the Ukraine scandal from his post as ambassador to the EU.

We were on the SHOULDER of highway 69 in Parry Sound. Parrys use one of the two Parr fesses, and Parrs use a woman "with head and shoulders." It just shows how meticulous God is in verifying that His directed events in my life are to be explained through surnames / heraldry. The last update showed why heraldic shoulders links to Schutz's, whom were Scoot and Scott branches from lake Scodra, location of Selepitanoi, Kotor and Rhizon.

I'd like to go back to the shoulder-like Shoultz's with the "Orate" motto term expected with the Rats/Rate's having a cross in the colors of the Shutz/Schutz saltire. Rats/Rate's and Rusa-like Rose's were both first found on NAIRNshire, suspect from Nairi at Lake Van, where kings Rusa's ruled. See how nice that works? Well there's more, because Shoultz's use their eagle in the colors of the Leslie buckles while both surnames share griffins in Crest, though not in the same colors. That's not exactly great proof that Shoultz's were Leslie kin, but there are a couple of other pieces of evidence. First, the "VIGILate" motto term of Shoultz's should be for Spanish Vigils because they share the tower of Howells, kin of Fane's/Vane's, what a Vanincidence? Howells and Fane's/Vane's were first found in MONmouthshire of Cimmerian Wales, and Cimmerians made king Rusa their vassal. Leslie's are suspect from Lesce, smack at Mon-like Emona. If you look on the map presented above, to the north of Emona, there is am IVENNa location. Plus, we are already to the immediate east of the Veneti in this upper-Sava region.

And that's not all. For we can read "VigiLATE" as code for Late's/Letts and thus appeal to the Latovici found on the map smack to the south side of Emona and Lesce. Late's/Letts were first found in Gloucestershire, beside Monmouthshire, that's right. On the Somerset/Gloucester border is CLAPton. Claptons are also CLOPtons, like the COLAPis river to the south side of Latovici, and it just so happens that Mrs. Kilpatrick was born from Mr. Hicks while Hicks' had married Arthurs of Clapton, the kin of Wayne's who share gauntlet gloves with Fane's/Vane's, another Vanincidence , only this time along with a Hyksosincidence. Arthurs, Wayne's, and the Meads whom Arthurs of Clapton also married, use pelicans while Pellicans share the Howell (and Vigil) tower too, and the first Vanicidence was the Howell-Vigil-Vane connection.

I can now move this over to the dream with Mrs. Kilpatrick, but first, there's more to prove a Shoultz-Leslie merger (or even a direct marriage), because Leslie's married Pollocks (and thus became earl of Rothes castle near Buckie), the latter first found in Renfrewshire with the Orrs/Ore's and their kin, the Knocks/Knox's who in turn share the giant and gold eagle of Shoultz's (different background colors)...tending to confirm that the "ORate" motto term of Shoultz's is partly for Orrs/Ore's. We can now go back to Bobby Orr of PARRY Sound because Parrs (Parry branch) are the ones with a woman with "head and shoulders."

The reason that Joel stopped on a shoulder in Parry Sound was check, with his PHONE, our coordinates (or to get a map), because we overshot the turn-off to our destination at Shakell Rd. Shakells use "buckle-lozenges," and lozenges are cod for elements at Losinj, an island off the Croatia coast from Rijeka i.e. near the Lesce location suspect with the buckle-using Leslie's. On the map above, Losinj is Apsorus, from mythical Apsorus of Colchis (explains "COLapis"), in the land of the Lesce-like Lazi Circasians (at Losinj-like Lazona). Pharnaces, in Parr ancestry, was around the corner of the Black sea at the Pontus. We are right back to the neighborhood of Lake Van and the Moschi mountains.

Next, a Latovici pointer to Hunter Biden, with Latvia in mind. We need to put this beside God's Parry-Sound event with Joel. Joels/Jewells were first found in Wild-like WILTshire with Latovici-like Latins, in Latter/Latto colors. Wilts are listed with German Wilders having a savage while Savage's are also Sava's. Perfect, for Latovici are on the Sava. I didn't know until now that Dutch Wilts/Wildts share the Welder hexagrams.

My method in discovering surname ancestry in peoples and places is unique by addressing many surnames with their symbols, codes, and write-ups all traceable to the same things / areas. It works, but one needs to have many years of wanting to remember hundreds of Coats by memory, and I've been doing this 50+ hours per week (keeps my memory refreshed) for about 15 years. The only thing that kept me going was my realization, thanks to God's many hints, that God was going to use this work for something worth all my work. As it turned out, God did a lot of work in setting up events in my life, and arranging heraldic symbols and marriages to be capable of doing what we now see them doing as pointers and story-tellers.

Joel and I were parked on the shoulder in PARRY SOUND when the gull walked fast away from me, swinging its tail from side to side as a possible pointer to Bill Taylor, for Taylors are also Tails. Oh wow, Tails could be a branch of Talls who in turn share the Wilt / Welder hexagrams. These surnames are suspect from Vladimir of Kiev, and Bill Taylor is still the Ukraine ambassador at Kiev! This can explain why Miss Muschatov lived on WELDrick, for I would never have come to Weld liners had the Weldricks not played a role in the last update.

Okay, so, in 1979, God gave me a vivid dream that had a woman, who turned out to be Mrs. Kilpatrick. She ended up asleep in a car, and I was directed to wake her up. I've already told that Wake's are Orr/Ore kin and that they point to Nelly and Bruce Ohr, and we saw Orrs/Ore's pop up with the Shoultz's having a "Vigilate et ORate" motto. Wake's use "VIGILa et Ora." I've told this before, that the leg on my wood stove broke off. I took it to a local WELDER, and while there, the pastor of his church dropped in, and we talked in this house, and for another reason I began to attend his church, which is where I met Mrs. Kilpatrick for the first time (saw her twice years before, but never spoke with her). I didn't know she was attending there.

She was born Charlotte Hicks. As she's suspect in a pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks, I'll add that a globe is shared between Hope's and Welders. RICK Legge was at Muschatov's place on WeldRICK when I walked her fence as a pointer to Fens'/Venns/Fans, but here I can add that the stove LEG had broken off needing the welder. Ricks are from Rijeka (Tarsatica on the map), smack near the Latovici, and Legge;s were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks.

Now is the time to tell that the two Kilpatrick surnames have the two Latin saltires in two color schemes. You see, the sleep symbol of Mrs. Kilpatrick has become bonded to the Hunter/Hunt surname, and the latter's split Shield is also that of Latins. Laytons/Latons were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and Hunters/Hunts. I carried my LADDER to Hunt street on my shoulder, and while living there, ALBERT Oosteyn called asking me to keep his apartment while he went to Whistler mountain for the winter. What could this mean? What whistle-blower is it pointing to? Why does the description of English Alberts say: "A savage with a sledge hammer over his SHOULDER"? Incredible, is it not? Well, for God it's easy to arrange, but it's incredible to humans because of the way He went about bringing us this information. Sledge's (owls in Howell colors) are with the Slicks/Sleighs of the last update, if you think there's something to that you'd like to check out.

Repeat: "Joels/Jewells were first found in Wild-like WILTshire with Latovici-like Latins, in Latter/Latto colors." Wiltshire is where Mortons were first found while Mortone-Say is in Salop with Sleeps, Hunters/Hunts, Says, and the Laytons/Latons sharing the Say quadrants! Zinger. Just look at all of those Lat-like terms all over the Hunters/Hunts. What could this mean? Hint: John Solomon. Mortons are likely from the Morano's at shark-line Saracena, the thing that pointed heavily to Kolomoisky and Burisma. The Cheshire Mortons use buckles.

BLED is smack beside Lesce / Emona (i.e. beside/amongst Latovici), and BLEDA was the brother of Attila the HUN, which should explain HUNts. By what coincidence do Bleds have a "tous" motto term while Tous' describe their Coat with a "man" wearing a shirt with BUTTONs!!! Hee-hee, Someone has fingered the Bidens real good. Hunter Biden has been fingered again, this time with Latvia-like Latins / Latons in the picture. We get it. Look at the timing of this find, for I had forgotten about Latins having the Hunter Coat until now, just a day after the Latvia news came out from John Solomon. That news said that Hunter Biden's laundered money was found by Latvia. We could say that God arranged for John Solomon to acquire that piece of information. God's going to reveal what He will whether Barr will or not, and I have almost zero confidence in Barr at this time.

The Latin and Hunter/Hunt Shields are identical aside from Latins using their saltire enGRAILed. The Arms-of-Rijeka eagle stands on a ROCK, a rock being the Grail/Neal symbol too, and so I can glean that the ROXolani Rus-Alans were at Rijeka, the ones who named Roxburgh. Rutherfords of Roxburgh, and neighboring LETTERs of Lauder, use a goose standing on a rock. Same theme. Letters are kin of Tooths suspect with the shark's teeth, for Letters were first found in Berwickshire with raven-liner Teets/Tate's. You'll see below that Latins were at a raven-line location.

It's now important that the Arms of Rijeka has the double-headed eagle of Maxwells (Roxburghshire), who share the Kilpatrick / Latin saltire. Maxwells/MAKESwells are in the "make" motto term of Kilpatricks. This is why Latins can be traced to Latovici. The latter were between the Sava and the Kupa (Colapis), and while Maxwells were from Maccus of Man, Christine's were first found on Man who share the cups of Sava-like Shaws, and then Cups/Cope's are also Colps because they were from the Kupa/Colapis river. It's just another way of saying that Meshech-line Maezaei were either at Rijeka with their Rosh partners of old, or they merged with those who were there. Probably, Rijeka/Reka was named by Roxolani. Maxwells had a Maxwell-Ros family sharing the water bouget with the Nairnshire Rose's, the ones expected from the Rusa kings at Van.

Christine Peare almost married Kup-like Kepke, a Ukrainian whose surname is suspect with the namers of Kiev.

For your information: "Hence Walter d'Estouteville became Walter Latton of Wiltshire about 1100." It's in the Latin write-up. Stouteville's share the Teet/Tate saltire. As Stouteville's have a version of the Latin Coat, note that Stouteville's were at Lydesdale (Roxburghshire) with Liddle's and Little's, explaining why the latter have the Latin saltire in both colors. Stoutville looks to be of the Stout-raven vikings from STUTTgart on the Neckar river, where I trace the "Nec" motto terms of Rutherfords and Rodhams. Liddle's (spurs) have a rose and a "Hinc" motto term while Hinks share the saltire of Italian Latins (stirrups).

Wikipedia: "The state coat of arms of Ukraine, officially referred to as the Sign of the Princely State of Volodymyr the Great or commonly the Tryzub (Ukrainian: 'trident'), is the national coat of arms of Ukraine..." The Geds, who love the Rats/Rate's of Nairnshire, use a triDENT, and Tooths are said to be from a Mr. Dentibus. Geds were on the Nith river of Kilpatrick castle. In the 1979 dream that started with a shark, Mrs. Kilpatrick was on Epstein's island, LITTLE SAINT James. The Saint variation of Sinclairs (almost the Latin / Kilpatrick saltire) can be in the "sanitas" motto term of Liddle's. The latter's spurs are for Spurrs and/or their Super branch having the engrailed Latin saltire (the Sinclair/Saint cross in engrailed).

The Arms-of-Saraca fish is in the colors of the Ged and Neil fish. Geds became the Geddes' of...Nairnshire, that's right, Rose (Rusa-of-Van) kin. The Nairi at Van can be suspect, for one reason, with the later Neuri on the Bug river of Ukraine, for English Bugs share the water bouget with Rose's. German Bugs have ravens. Mythical NEReids (named after mythical Nereus, husband of Doris) had a fish symbol, and were with Daorsi at the Neretva river near the Ragusa Saraca's. It's always made me wonder whether Saracens were named after some Sarmatians once in Ukraine. SarMATians were also at lake MAEOTis, and Saraca's at DalMATia. In that picture, Neuri Sarmatians could have become the Saraca's.

The last update showed how Fens'/Venns/Fans and PHONE's/Fane's/Vane's linked to WINDows and WINDsors, no doubt from the WENDS (POLand), also called VANDals, from the Veneti who named Venethi up in Poland or thereabouts. Well, this topic came to mind after I said above that Albert called me, on the PHONE, yes, to ask if I'd keep his apartment while he went away for the WINTer (so that he could come back to live in it). So I checked Winters and found the German branch sharing a blue, engrailed border with Fens'/Venns/Fans. And while a couple of Nordic Winters use POLER bears as code for Vespasia-Polla lines, the the English Winders happen share the motto of Pullens/PULLERs/Pullys and Patents/Pattens (share green griffin with Fens'/Venns/Fans and Leslie's at the Latovici theater). The motto includes, "culpa," code for the Colapis river...where the Latovici were. Is that not very, very cool? Polars share red scallops with Pullens/Pollers/Pullys. The map above has a Pula location to the near west of Losinj.

Where did Albert go? He went to work at the Whistler-mountain SKI resort, and so it looks like a set-up by God again where Alberts use a sledge hammer while Sledge's are also Sleighs / Sleys. The paragraph above seems to justify linking the Sledge/Sley owls to Howells, kin of Phone's/Fane's/Vane's. By what coincidence are the checks filling the Winder Shield in the rare yellow-green colors of the vair fur filling the Vigil Shield while these Vigils share the Howell tower? These Winders share the white bull head, with head slightly turned, with Phone's/Fane's/Vane's...suggesting that the latter are indeed Veneti liners.

Howells share the Pellican tower while Pullens/Pullers use the pelican, as do Pelles' in the Pullen/Puller motto, yet the only reason for the Howell towers to be in this discussion is Albert's first name. What are the chances that we are on this part of the discussion as per Albert's PHONE call concerning his WINTER trip some 1,500 miles away, while the WINDERs above share a white bull head in Crest with Phone's/Fane's/Vane's? This is new material right here; one just never knows what God has in the smallest of details in the events He's directed.

The Winders are also WinDERE's while there's a deer (crown around neck) in the Crest of the Winters (Gloucestershire, same as Late's/Lets, and beside Howells) who share a Shield of checks with Winders. Deers are also Dere's. These English Winters (Bils Shield) have the checks of Pelaiz'/Baez' who in turn look linkable to Polar- / Puller-like Pollocks. The Winter deer is white, as is the Polar stag in the same position. The Polars have one Pollardus OSTarius ("arius" is the suffix because they also have one Pollardus Forestarius), suggesting the Osts/Hosts with more white bull heads, as do Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as Osts/Hosts and pelican-filled Clapton on Gloucestershire / Monmouthshire border).

As we saw, Polars and Pullers came to topic with Wends / Vandals of Poland, and then Joel, a week after we drove to Parry Sound, went to Poland. One of the board members of Burisma was a previous Polish president. As Windsor castle is beside the Tooths of London, and as Tooths have the Palmans/Pelhams in their motto, I'm guessing that the English Wends have the giant griffin of Tooths and Letters...but it's also of the Chethams/Cheetams (share black border with Parrs / Furness'), and it just so happens that Sledge's/Sleighs/Sleys (very linkable to Austins via Quints) were apparently related to Chethams while Alberts have the sledge hammer. I'm reminded that while there's no Vindman surname coming up, WINDmans share the three lion heads of Finis'/Fiens (branch of Phone's/Fane's/Vane's), in the colors of the lion paws of WINDows, how cool, for in colors reversed, the Window lion paws are blue, the color of the Austin/OSTEIN lion paws. Albert OOSTEYN!!! He's a topic only for his WINTER trip, which got us down to Windmans and Windows, you see. The Austins/Osteins (Quint chevron) even share a white stag in Crest with Polar(d)s. It recalls Polardus OSTarius. That is amazing since Albert's father didn't know of any heraldic links when he named Albert. Alexander Vindman was one of the anti-Trump witnesses at the impeachment charade. It's not necessary for Windmans to be a Vindman branch; it's enough that God has used Windman's to connect to the Lada fan and/or to the Muschatov fence (if that's what He's done here) to suggest that Mr. Vindman is one with Russian / Ukraine ties. He was asked by the Ukraine to occupy a high post in that nation.

Enter Lake Louise

This brings me back to Helen, for, while with me, she spent a week away at Lake Louise ski resort with her airline company (on business), almost as far west as Whistler. It's just that one of Helen's pointers was to Brest in FINIStere, where I see Finis'/Fiens. Plus, the Helen surname was at nearby Saint Brieuc while the Breuci people group were smack beside the LATovici. It's not easy to accomplish such a "coincidence." On the same stairway that she got the Brest pointer, there is a door upon which her former man left a chocoLATE (this story is in the 1st update of this month). In fact, I took her from that man when leaving a LETTER on the stairs, telling her how I felt about her. Don't ask me why I wrote a letter; maybe ask God.

From here, we go to LOUISE, a girlfriend in my late teens, who appeared on a platform in the sleeping-bag dream, along with Miss Peare. Until now, the only reason I know of for Louise to have been on a platform is to confirm that the platforms could double as stages, for she went on to a job in choreography. Stage's/Staggs were important for confirming Peare's several pointers to Bouillons, for Stage's/Staggs are a branch of Eustace's while Godfrey-de-Bouillon was a son of Eustace II. In fact, the stages were important for confirming that Bouillons are indeed from Godfrey de Bouillon.

However, I now have a second reason for Louise's appearance on one of the stages, as per Lake Louise. After seeing Louise on a stage with Peare, the latter came over to my platform, next to theirs, and I was pulling her toward me by her waist. It was well-confirmed to us that Waistells/Wessels were the reason for that scene, and it just so happens that Whistlers are nearly identical to Waistells/Wessels with their Whistle/Wissel variations. Therefore, it justifies our link of Lake Louise to the Whistler-Mountain event of Albert. But what's the reason?

Before long after my letter to Helen, she, my basement tenant, was up for tea, and a couple of weeks later, she left a Christmas card in my mailbox, saying, "I love you." It was way-too soon for that, but, if it's unusual, maybe God did it. About ten years later, I learned that the Card surname uses what looks like a card in Crest, but it's called a letter. Hmm, yes, we can see the stamp on this letter. Why do I remember that she came up for tea? I'll show you below how "I love you" points to Louise, but let me repeat what I've said several times, that while living with Louise, I painted the album cover, "TEA For the Tillerman," by CAT Stevens, on an entire kitchen wall floor-to-ceiling. It turned out to be an act of God because Tillers (pointer to Rex Tillerson?) were at the Cetina river while Cetins/Cattans use the CAT. Besides, Cat Stevens looks applicable to Steven, the guy who tool Helen away from me (I was probably lucky for that). More cats are used by Catch's/Ketch's who look like a branch of Kitchen.

Not only was the album cover painted in a kitchen, but the stairs that the letter was left on had my kitchen at the top of the stairs. As Kitchens (Lancashire, same as Banisters) share the water bouget of Banisters, I've got to repeat an event from God where I was given a white, Kitchen-like kitten by a woman who's banister I was stripping and refinishing. I named the kitten, Sassy, and she sucked her TAIL regularly as an adult as though it were a pacifier. It just so happens that Tails/Tailers share the Tiller lions. God used this Sassy to prove that Tillers are from the Cetina river, also called the TILURius, because Sassys share the Saracen head with cat-using Cetins/Cattans. Is that not wild? The Cetina is near the Saraca's of Ragusa.

When Helen's trip to Lake Louise first came to mind, and even the second time, I decided not to tell of it because I couldn't see how it related to Albert's discussion on Whistler. Then it was recalled that her breast event on the stair landing pointed to Brest in FiniSTERE. As per the letter on the STAIRs, the Stair surname shares the Capone Coat while Austins/Osteins (Quint chevron) and the other Austins (Quint chevron) are expected with the Quint lion paw. Quintus Caepio was the ancestor of Capone-line Caepionis'. His great-granddaughter was Junia Caepionis, the line to Yonge's, and then June's/Youngs/Jungs share the upright, white stag with Austins/Osteins (tends to prove that Quints are from Quintus Caepio).

[I got many paragraphs below before realizing that Lake Louise ski resort is in ALBERTa!]

When starting the paragraph above, I realized that The Brests/Brix's share the lozenges of Louis' in colors reversed. Is that not incredible??? Lake LOUISE. I didn't realize it until ending the paragraph with Brest. Do you see how God works in setting up events in my life, many years apart, yet related. The Brests/Brix's don't have their three lozenges in the same positioning as Louis', but both Coats have nothing but the lozenges. Recall the link of my kitchen with Louise to my kitchen with Helen, or my tea with Helen to Tea For the Tillerman in Louise's kitchen, because, I kid you not, the Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers, though Tillers were also first found in neighboring Monmouthshire with Phone's/Fane's/FIENS, a branch of FINIS'/Fiens! I always link Finis' to Windows having more lion paws.

If the gold Quint fitchee is in the Sledge/Sleigh Crest, then the latter's owls can indeed be in Howell colors because Howells were likewise first found in Monmouthshire. This is beside the Loius' of Glamorganshire who share the white Sledge/Sleigh-Crest lion in their own Crest, apparently. Did we expect it? Nope.

Alberts Monmouth traces well with the Fens/Venn/Fan Crest to Emona at Lesce, but I had traced "Emona" to Mons in Hainaut, and while La Louviere is beside Mons, Louvier's come up as LouVAINs/LoVEYNE's, looking like a Love line merged with the Vain / Veynes variation of Phone's/Fane's/Vane's. As LATOvici were at the Lesce theater, and as David left the chocoLATE on her door knob of the stair landing, but what coincidence do Tillers look like they have a version of the Latter/Latto Coat? Tillers put pellets on their lions while Phone's/Fane's/Vane's put pellets on their bull head. Perfect, for Pellets (branch of Pilotte's), first found in Sussex with Coopers/COPPers, use cups as code for the Kupa river of the Latovici. Cups/Cope's/Colps (Copp branch) were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Lesce-liner Leslie's sharing the Fens/Venn/Fan griffin head. Things like this don't happen by chance.

I'll record here that there is a cooped chevron (shortened chevron) in both a Cooper Coat and the Christine Coat (cups) while Christine's have the Pellet Coat otherwise, and then Peare's share gold leopard faces with the other Coopers. Peare's (Oxfordshire), by the way, share the stars of Late's/Lets.

Get ready. I think I have figured out the I-love-you riddle with Helen's Christmas card. I first looked Love's/Luffs up, recalling that they were said to be first found in Suffolk with Musts/Muschats. The two surnames share symbols. During the two months maximum I was with Helen, God caused Miss Muschatov to bump into me at a grocery store, 20 years after I was no longer with her. I then noted that Love's/Luffs were first found in Oxfordshire with the Crispins/Crippins who's fessewise bars the Love's/Luffs and Musts/Muscats essentially share. I will also say that Mr. Luff, a friend who lived about 10 houses away from me, knocked on the side door when visiting me, which is Helen's front door, the entry to the stair landing. After noting the Love's/Luffs look like Crispin/Crippin kin, I caught sight of "Yhone Luyif was a tenant in the barony of Glasgow, 1521...", in the Love/Luff write-up. The LUYif variation caught my eye because I knew from a day or two earlier that LOYs are listed with Loius!!!! It's the same Louis' that have the Brest/Brix lozenges (colors reversed). Amazing landincidence.

I kid you not, that the mailbox (it was actually a milkbox-sized hole through the wall) was right along the three steps up from the landing to my kitchen. That's where she left the Christmas card. She came, left it there, then drove off, instead of handing it to me personally, and I think that needed to be done to make this link to Mr. Luff, who entered at the door right beside this mailbox. I can't remember whether he came while she was living there, but it was in that ballpark.

But there's more, for Loys/Louis' were first found in Lorraine with French Crispins/Crepons! Dang. The Love/Luff BARs must be for Bar-le-DUC of Lorraine, and, was said years ago, I remember the BROWN pants I wore when taking Helen out for DUCK dinner!!! Bars of Este, you see, were at brown-line Brunswick, and they became the Barrs of Bar-le-Duc. Plus, God provided a girlfriend, Lorraine, who got a GRASS stain on her pants the last night I was with her, and the Grass surname can be a branch of Grazio's, the ones sharing the pomegranate with French Crispins (i.e. in Lorraine)!!! INCREDIBLE. Plus, her white pants pointed to the PANSY/PANTzer surname years before I recently discovered that the Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses pansies!!! Incredible. The Ducks (fessewise BARS) were first found in Westphalia with Pansys/Pantzers. I'm laughing things up, this is funny. It takes me years to unravel God's heraldic "tricks," and when I do, it always gives me a thrill (when things get complicated yet undeniably His handiwork).

There's more. First repeat that "Yhone LUYif was a tenant in the barony of Glasgow, 1521...". Glasgow is the location of Paisley while English Pasleys were first found in BERKshire, near/beside the first-known Love's/Luffs of Oxfordshire, and both surnames share three fesses in the same colors. BERKs/Burgh (use "ung" three times) are the ones with the "loy" motto term, which is why I checked Loys earlier this week. It appears that Berks/Burghs, from John de Burgo of Conteville, named Berkshire.

In the 5th update of March, 2017, I was connecting Helen to Orion the hunter, saying, "I...had duck / buffalo dinner with Cretan-liner Helen at a hunter-theme restaurant...And I remember that I wore brown pants that night, not my favorite pants (which is why I recall them), but God must have put me into them because the Place / Gernon lions are also those of Brunswicks." I don't want to re-visit the heraldry of that section; I just wanted to show verification that I did wear brown pants, but I didn't know that they connected to Lorraine's white pants until now. One of us had duck, and I think it was me. Bruno's were first found in the general area of Mosca's.

Doesn't it seem as though God had me eating with Helen at a hunting-theme restaurant as yet another pointer to Hunter Biden? As you can see, it involved Must/Muscat kin. Lorraine is at the Little MEUSE / Moselle river. Here's from two updates ago when telling that Helen left me for Steven (about the first of February): "In the spring, the day I was leaving for Texas, Steven drove up with a refurbished, red, mid-1960's convertible MUSTang. Can we believe it? MUSTs/Muscats/Mousquette's..." but there's more, for I also said in that same update: "I can go further because I saw the flowers Steven brought over to Helen for VALENTINE's day..." The VELENs once showed ducks, and Velins still do, both surnames first found in Westphalia with Ducks and Pansys/Pantzers.

Same update: "I cannot recall Helen's surname (it was a fleeting relationship). After our first kiss [i.e. some time after we became a couple, after more than one kiss], she put a Christmas CARD into the mailbox, signed, "I love you." The Cards/CERTs use another blue lion, as do Love-suspect Louvains, and the Massins/Masons from king Massena of CERTa of Numidia." Recall the phrase, "Cretan-liner Helen at a hunter-theme restaurant," from the 2017 update, for "Certa" looks Cretan. Note that Louvains (Kent, same as Masons/Massins) are also LOVings i.e. linkable to Love's/Luffs. In the 2017 update, I was referring to the Cretan Orion. He was the mythical Hunter from Boeotia, but he must have had a cult on Crete (I can't recall the details). The mythical-hunter theme was of the Amazons, and king Massena was very-likely of north-African Amazons (Amazighen/Mazyes).

Back to two updates ago: "Pohls use a buffalo. It was PAUL Smith who first showed me that restaurant, and then French Pohls are also Pauls..." When writing that, I had forgotten the Helen link to Orion, but here I can repeat (from many updates over the past year) that Orion elements named Orne, and then the Orne's/Horns and their Heron branch share the heron with the Crest of English Smiths! That's how God works.

My first day with Lorraine pointed to two cities of the Paioni people group, Stobi and ASTIbus. I was happy with a trace of the latter to Asti, and it just so happens that Bruno's tell that they had a branch at Asti. It's in Cuneo, and Conys use a PANSY held by a white rabbit, you see. God's verifying that my brown-pants-with-Helen links to her white-pants event. While Pohls use a buffalo, German Pole's/POHLs use a frying Pan, and Pans happen to be listed with Payens/PAIONs, as Paioni as a surname can get. The familiar hexagrams of Pans/Payens/Paions are called "spur rowells," and there are "spur rowells" in the Chief of PANTers, the second choice I had for the white-pants event.

Well more than ten years ago, I was repeatedly writing that mythical Pan, at Panias of Phoenicia, was from the namers of Lake VAN. There were good reasons for that connection, and so I'd now like to add that Panters have a fesse with items reflecting that of Fens/Venns/Fans. Note the LoVEYNE variation of LouVAINs, for Fane's/Vane's/Veyne's (Pan/Payen colors) are also Vains. Louvain in Belgium is also, Leuven, and Italian Leuvens, first found in the land of Veneti, almost share the Muschat/Montfiquet Coat while Love's/Luffs were kin of Musts/Muscats.

A spur rowell needs to have hole at the center (so it can spin on a pin), and Spurrs do use a star with hole (probably called, pierced). So, as per that star, it seems that someone invented the cowboy spur to act as code for their Spurr kin. Someone else related to Spurrs, perhaps directly of Rowells, created the spur rowell. Rowells look like Sinclairs of Roslin.

I'm trying to wrap my head around how Luffs of the Luyif branch could have named the Loy variation of Louis'. I tried for a Lough surname and got one (listed with Lochers), which happens to have the three Latter/Latto piles in colors reversed. I carried the LADDER to HUNT street, and Loughs/Lochers also come up as "Laughs," recalling the God-given dream where my dentist was laughing at the red BUTTONs on my shirt after we had played a Guelph-suspect game of golf. Hunter BIDEN? Apparently, yes, for Hunts/Hunters share the Coat if Latto-like Latins, and Latter's/Latto's might have a wolf in Crest as code for the Guelph-line Welfs/Wolfs. If I recall correctly, Barrs of Este were of the Este-branch Welfs.

LUFFkins, I've just noticed, share the Knock/Knox eagle in smaller form. Luffkins were first found in Salop with the proto-Pollocks and the Alans who both removed to Renfrewshire, where Knocks/Knox's were first found. To help prove that Luffkins were Luffs/Love's, the latter were, for ten years or more, said to have been first found in Suffolk, where Edins were first found who have a good reflection of the Luffkin Coat. Edins look like Seaton/Sitten and Sedan kin, and as Seatons were first found near EDINburgh (six miles from Roslin), I'd say it was named by Edins. There is a Seaton location in Devon, and Devon is where Spurrs and their Super branch were first found. Edins can be connected to Eatons who in turn may have a version of the Sinclair cross. Compare "Seaton" to "Eaton" and "Sedan" to "Edan/Edin."

Seatons share the Tiller crescents while Tillers look like kin of Latters/Latto's, and Tillers happen to share the lion of Mackesys/Margesons. The latter's "LOYalite" motto term thus looks linkable to Loys/Louis', because I painted Tea For the Tillerman on Louise's kitchen wall. The Loyola's have the upright wolves of Salfords/Savards while Chethams (cat liner?), sharing the Letter griffin (!!!), were at Cheetham of Salford. My letter on the kitchen stairs! These upright wolves are in the colors of the wolf heads of QUOIDs/Quade's (and Mackesy-like Mackays) expected in the "Quod" motto term of Chethams. As Loyola's are Lolita's too, the elements of the discussion that has brought us here may be pointers to Epstein's empire.

THIS IS GOOD. Chethams (Seaton variation) share the black border with Parrs and Furness, all three surnames first found in Lancashire. Seaton-branch Sedans ("sed" motto term), with another black border, named Sedbergh, where Dents were first found, and while Tooths were from Mr. DENTibus, Tooths share the Chetham / Letter griffin! Tooths have a "palman" motto term while Palmans/Pelhams shows swans in the colors of the Swan/Sion/SINE swan, and Sion in Switzerland, beside a Saxon location, is also called, Sitten, which happens to be a Seaton variation. Compare "Seaton" with the Sexton/Septon variation of Saxons, and connect the latter to Septimius SEVERus, the line to Salfords/SAVARds (compare with Lovetts). "PerSEVERantia" is the Tooth motto. The "sino" motto term of Sedans gives away their being a Seaton/Sitten branch.

You need to appreciate where we are now, for the Parrs sharing the Sedan border have the woman with head and SHOULDERs, and Joel pulled over and stopped on the shoulder of a highway in PARRy Sound township. The Joel/Jewell surname became suspect with Julian liners when I saw the GULL stepping along precisely to the sound of his blinkers while stopped on the shoulder. Gulls, you see, have the German-Julian pale bars, and Gullys/Gollys share the cross of English Julians. Gulls and Gullys/Gollys both use "sine" to match the "sino" of Sedans. It was Alberts who had the sledge hammer "over the SHOULDER," you see, and it was Sledge's whose estates passed to Chethams. There is much more to all of this than I can now capture. I wish I could say that Sledge's/Sleighs/Sleys have been clinched with Kolomoisky, but they haven't.

Ahh, almost forgot. Parrys share the lozenges of Loys/Louis'! It's likely that Rick Perry (Trump's energy minister) of Texas was involved with Burisma gas, but if he wasn't trying to discover its crimes, why not? Perrys use a hind while Hinds have the Parry Coat in colors reversed.

What could it mean, as per Ukraine crimes, that Helen went skiing at Lake Louise in Alberta in relation to Albert at Whistler? Why did she point to Love's/Luffs who in turn pointed to Louis'? Why was that pointer so heavily on the Barrs at this time when Bill Barr says he knows nothing about Ukraine scandals? French Louis' share blue lozenges with Penningtons, and my Louise worked at Penningtons clothing when I was with her. This picture seems to be pointing to the HalfPENNY variation of Albert-like Halpers. I had DUCK dinner with Helen, and while Halps are also Halfs, Haafs/Have's use ducks. Duck-liner Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, where Louis' were first found. There seems to be something in this, a definite pointer to Stefan (or Steven) Halper. Recall Tea for the Tillerman by CAT Stevens, for Penningtons have a cat in Crest, and REX Tillerson has a first name as per the Rex variation of Ricks, potentially from Richeza of Lorraine. Tillerson led American policy in Ukraine before Trump cut him off.

Tillers were first found in Morgannwg with Louis' and Lewis', and Morgans were Moor liners i.e. from the Saracena-Morano shark line that included Saraca's of the Tilurius theater. It's begging whether Louis' were originally from Laus and/or Lausa (Ragusa). Morges, if I recall correctly, is in the canton of LAUSanne.

Lorraine my girl was a pointer to Paeonians, which included Pennys/Penes' for certain, and so why not Penningtons too? Pennys were from the Penestae peoples on the DRIN river, and Drin elements are to Dragons/Drainers, which can explain why Welsh Lewis' have a dragon. Dragons/Drainers have helmets, the symbol of German Helms while Helms/Helions link to the Helion elements of Helens. How tidy is that, yet neither Helen nor Lorraine had anything to do with heraldry. Dragons/Drainers (Kent, same as Mynetts) use the helmets of Mynetts, and the latter's are open, as is the PENdragon helmet.

Shoultz's/SHOULDhams could be with the LUFFkin eagle (different-colored backgrounds), and while the latter's is the Knock/Knox eagle in both colors, Mr. Ray Luff did KNOCK on Helen's door, if she was living there when he came over. Note that French Rays share the escarbuncle with Angers and Hangers, the latter using the Albert griffin, I assume. Stefan Halper was in cahoots with a Jim Baker of the military; both men, if I recall correctly, were working to silence a WHISTLE-blower by the surname of LOVinger. That works here with Whistler mountain and Helen's pointer to Love's/Luffs. Whistler's/Whistle's (lozenges, trace to Losinj in Croatia) were first found in Somerset with Rex's/Ricks (Rijeka/Rika in Croatia).

Hmm, Helen parked on my driveway upon what could be construed as the shoulder. Although I myself was only renting this house from a relative, I personally filled in the ditch beside the driveway, and created a one-car parking spot over the ditch for tenants (I had a great deal with the price of rent). When I left for Texas in May, I waved goodbye to both she and Steven, when they were at that part of the driveway with his convertible Mustang. Albert drove a CONVERTible Malibu. Converts/Conyers were first found in Durham with Sedans. Call it a coincidence, but Ditch's, I've only now realized, share the three cinquefoils of Sedans. Is this a pointer to Bill Barr's John Durham, or his being ditched or covered over by Bill Barr?

On my first day back to Texas, three days after waving to Helen, I met Mandy (Christian), and, after I returned home some sixth months later, she flew up to see me. I took her skiing (Blue Mountain in Collingwood). I can't remember whether it was during her trip up at that time, or the following trip a year later, when Albert died, when she and I attended his funeral. What are the chances that he would die while she was up for only a week, at the time that we went skiing? She was born with a Simpson surname, but she had married Mr. Deeter. Deeters (Agrippa-kin suspects) are also Teeters, what looks like a pointer to Teets/Tate's (Berwickshire, same as Tooth-related Letters), or the shark's teeth. Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS would qualify for being a part of the shark's teeth.

When she was married to Deeter, they lived at a place having a sign out front, "Wine Cup." I'm mentioning this because the Wine surname (Carnarvonshire) has three eagles only, as does the Arms of Carnarvonshire, in the same colors. Carnarvonshire is part of Gwynedd, what I trace to the Gwenea version of Vannes in Brittany. It appears that Wine's/Gwinns could be Vannes liners i.e. Veneti, same as Phone's/Fane's/Vane's of Wales. Parrys were first found in Carnarvonshire. Wine's/Gwinns share a gold, spread eagle with Vienne's, the latter first found in Burgundy i.e. near the first-known LOYs/Louis' sharing the Parry lozenges! That exclamation mark is because it was just remembered, in mid-sentence, that the Wine/Gwinn eagle is the Luton/Lewton eagle while I've just noticed their LUYton variation. Good one, and we got there via Mandy, met three days after last seeing Helen at my place.

The giant Vienne eagle is also that of Strong's, and the latter's motto has "est" while Este is in the land of the Veneti. I always identify Veneti in king Arthur's wife (GUINEvere, looks like the Gwinns), and king Arthur was made born in Tintagel, part of the Tint surname first found in Somerset with Strongs and TANTONs. The latter must be in the Strong motto term, "TENTanda" while Tintons (Cornwall, same as Tintagel) use "royal tents." I slept in Mamie's tent. The Strong-like Strings (Nottinghamshire, same as Mamie-line Mamesfelde of Mansfields) share the gold, spread eagle with Strongs, and even have yet another green griffin head, symbol of Fens'/Venns/Fans.

The griffin-like Grieve's use the Wine/Gwinn eagle and the Vienne eagle together while Deeters/Teeters can be gleaned by their grapes, and Pomeranian location, to be Griffin / Agrippa kin round-about. The Grave variation of Grieve's is like the Grape variation of Gripps/Grabbers, and when I was at Albert's funeral, they needed an extra pallbearer, and asked me to do it. I was one of four to drop Albert into his GRAVE, so sad. He died after about 20 years of fighting multiple sclerosis. Miss Wine Cup was there. Alberts use a griffin.

We should ask: Hammers can be gleaned as a branch of Hams (Sussex, same as Hammers) who in-turn share the McCabe salmon, wherefore did God use Albert to point to that FBI deputy by the Albert sledge hammer? Hammers, Hams and McCabe's are all in Scottish Simpson colors, and it just so happens that English Simpsons share a giant lion (different colors) on a diagonally-split Shield with German Hammers/Hemmers (could be the lion of Grave-like Graffs). We should be attentive to any motto terms that God have used to make additional pointers. For example, German hammers share "ad" with FISCs, while Glenn Simpson's Fusion GPS was the broker that provided the garbage for the FBI applications to the FISC judges. The "Nil" motto term of English Simpsons can be for the Neils (Tyrone, same as Sharks) sharing the Arms-of-Saraca fish, a picture that should now be pointed to shark-tank Kolomoisky. Look at the BURISma quote below with the "laBORES" motto term of German Hammers/Hemmers in mind. As per Richard Smith / Naked Capitalism:

Burisma is officially owned by Mykola Zlochevsky, a former Ukrainian Minister for Natural Resources who (illegitimately) issued oil and gas licenses to companies he himself owned. But Richard’s trail shows that Burisma was sold or raided with the help of various shell companies and that the real owner is probably the Nazi loving criminal oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

I know next to nothing on Kolomoisky. I didn't know he loved Nazi's until now. The shopping carts mentioned in recent updates point to Scherff Nazi's, and so while the Scherf surname is also the SCHERE surname, note the "palleSCERE" motto term of Winders. Winder and Fane liners were to topic with my knock on Muschatov's window, and her parents still had Ukrainian accents i.e. they migrated from Ukraine about the time of her birth. I introduced the knock-on-window story to check out whether it would point to KoloMOISKy.

Repeat from above: "By what coincidence are the checks filling the Winder Shield in the rare yellow-green colors of the vair fur filling the Vigil Shield while these Vigils share the Howell tower? These Winders share the white bull head, with head slightly turned, with Phone's/Fane's/Vane's...suggesting that the latter are indeed Veneti liners." Okay, so the Winders, with the potential pointer (in motto) to the Nazified Scherff>Bush rulers in the United States, are firmly connected to the knock-on-window event. It can be viewed as a knock-on-glass event because Glass-line Glasgow is at Paisley (Renfrewshire, same as Knocks/Knox's) while English Pasleys have the Moise Coat in colors reversed while Moise's are under consideration for pointing to KoloMOISky. I'll remind you that the Pasleys have the three fesses of Love's/Luffs while Luffkins have the Knock/Knox eagle. Looks like perfect verification.

Wow. I told many times that God gave me a fistula BUMP on one molar tooth to show that Tooths are related to Bumps/BumPUSS'/BonPASE' (Pasleys are from Pase's/Pasi's). Look it up, a fistula bump has the purpose of releasing PUSS (to remove bacteria). Is that not wild? But now look, for God gave the shark nasty teeth, and the PUSS surname shares the triple Moise fesses!!! I get it, ha-ha-ha. That's why it was important to give me this infected tooth. It split in half perfectly one day, when the filling fell out, and got rid of the fistula. The half symbol is a pointer to Stefan Halper, but I am now more convinced that God is pointing to Kolomoisky both with Moise's and the shark.

The Puss' come up as "Poussins," like "poison," and Viktor Shoken was poisoned twice, with mercury, according to Giuliani. It looks like we have a real story here. This molar once had a mercury filling, but I asked a corrupt dentist to remove it, and to refill with a white filling. He left bacteria under the filling so that it would need a root canal eventually. He even left some mercury at the bottom, wasting my money right from the start. Mollars are listed with Mallards/Millwards, for whatever that could be worth. Molers share the hexagram of Rotens (that fits), perhaps a pointer to Rodhams/Roddens. Wow, just after finishing the last sentence, I was singing "Flawless," by MercyMe with passion because this paragraph made me so happy. I sang its chorus a few times until the very last one, before realizing I was singing "no matter the BUMPS." God does this sort of song-line miracle regularly to let me know we are going places. Can't wait to get there.

I'd like to go back to the Wine-Cup sign out the front of Miss Simpson's former home. Wine's could easily be a branch of Weiners/Vieners, and the Anthony's of note are the Italian branch with a flower over some water, which tends to point Anthony Weiner to Jeffrey Epstein as per Epstein's sharing the Water Coat. In the shark dream, I was transported away from the shark scene to a body of blue water, ocean waters I now realize, off the shore of Epstein's island. The point of the Wine-Cup sign is that, when I arrived to Texas in May, meeting Miss Simpson, it was in time to get her mother's day FLOWERs. Hmm.

Seamans: the Key to the Door Handle

I'd like to go back to the theory that Kolomoisky might be pointed to by the two shopping carts I've been writing about. One of them was at the "Saint Petersburg Russia" medallion found on the hood of my Jeep, and the other was in a dream just before the scene of my complaint to the previous owner of my Jeep. It doesn't appear coincidental, and it could be that Kolomoisky has some big ties to Saint Petersburg. I have realized a new thing: a way to decipher the reason that the previous owner of the Jeep was in the dream. Keep in mind that he lives/lived in Seguin township while Seguins look like they use a seagull as some form of play on "Seguin." Where else did we see a seagull? Oh, yes, in Parry Sound township, to the immediate north of Sequin township.

He was born in Italy's BeneVENTO, a Veneti-like term. He's therefore of Italian Simons. I had loaded the Shops/SHERland/SHIRlands/SHARlands again upon investigating whether they can point to Kolomoisky. We can clearly see how those variations are like the Shere's/Share's who share roughly the fitchee of Schere's/Schare's/SCHERFs suspect in the "palleSCERE" motto of Winders. As the Shop Crest has a SEAhorse, I was reminded of the Sea's and their Seaman branch, and when re-loading Seamans, there was a seahorse in their Crest too. At that point only did I put "Seaman" together with "Simon," the previous owner of the Jeep.

I've only been including the Schare variation of Schere's/Scherfs recently, which is why I loaded "Sharland" to see whether it would bring up Shops. It did, but lookie, for it also brought up Irish Sharlands/Sherlocks/Sharlooche's sharing the giant Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys! Zinger, it's like a thing God would arrange. It reminds of when I checked Trade's, as per fallen Trade towers, to see what God may have pointed to, to find the giant Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys.

The Seamans/Seman happen to have a gold crescent and a black crescent. The Bauds, who were fundamental with the medallion on Jeep, use black-on-gold crescents in colors reversed from the Hood crescents. There's not much evidence there that the Seaman/Seman crescent is that of Hoods except by way of the medallion on the hood of the Jeep previously owned by a Simon liner. But it gets very interesting because the Hood motto, "ZEALous," looks like code at least for Seals, who have wolf heads in Hood-crescent colors, though the wolf head in the Seal Crest is white, as is the wolf head of Scherf-like Scarfs...and it just so happened that the ermine in the Arms of Vannes wears a scarf. One can also add that while a scarf is used by Polish Trabys/Sadowski's, Trebys were first found in Devon with Hoods.

The "ZeaLOUS" motto of Hoods can be gleaned for the Lous'/Lou's/Loo's (like the Looie variation of Loys/Louis'), for wolf heads are shared between Seals and Fiddle's/Fidelows of Vis-de-LOU, you see. It's probably why Lows (Louis- / Lewis-like Lowes variation) have wolf heads colors reversed from the Seal wolf heads. I have seen that location as " Vis-de-LOOP," suggesting Lupus's/Wolfs/Welfs, first found in Cheshire with Hugh Lupus. His personal wolf head was white-on-blue, the colors of the Scarf wolf heads.

Hugh Lupus was of AVRANCHes, what I see in the Branch surname which happens to share the Coat of SHERwoods, who share roses on stems with SCHERE's/Scherfs. How about that. I've assumed that Hugh Lupus was a Welf/Guelph. But how does this point to Kolomoisky?

There's a little-big more to be had where the Baud crescents are those of Shark-liner SARACens, who happen to share the black wolf with Seals and their Sailer branch. And the big-terrific part is that Bauds use the trident, but I didn't know that the Arms of Ukraine has a trident until this update. The other surname with a trident is the Geds having fish in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, and this shark entity is indeed pointing to Ukraine's Igor Kolomoisky. The Sailer-branch Sea's have a fish in colors reversed to the fish above. If it's God's idea to be using the wavy Drummond fesses for Sea's and Seamans/Semans, I don't know why. {Hours after writing here, I think I got the answer, explained below.]

Now for the goodies, if you haven't been convinced (don't blame you) that Seamans/Semans link to the medallion on the Jeep's hood: "The surname Seaman was first found in Suffolk, where the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 list: Seman de Reston; Seman le Carpenter..." Restons and Carpenters are both good for this discussion. First the Restons, likely the reason for the "rests" of Arthurs (Berwickshire, same as Restons). The three Reston leopard faces are in the colors of the Door leopard faces, and, as soon as I ended by ride on the shopping cart, I was complaining to the previous owner of the Jeep, with Seman-like surname, about the missing part in the DOOR handle. It's just that Semans are the ones at Reston.

As for Carpenters (globe), they share the Belly motto in full!!! The belly and the shark, you see. Bellys are the ones with the Morano Moor heads, and Morano is beside SARACena on the SyBARIS river, the best pointer yet to Kolomoisky's Burisma. Here's another quote from the article above:

The German state funded DW notes an additional candidate:
In late 2013, {Zlochevsky} denied that he owned Burisma, and an employee in his office reported that he sold the company – but no evidence of this has come to light yet. Two oligarchs, Ihor Kolomojski and Viktor Pinchuk, have been named as the possible new owners.

… DW could not reach Kolomojski for comment about Burisma. Pinchuk refused to comment, but is said to have a good relationship with the Democratic Party in the US, and is also believed to have been a long time friend of former Polish President Kwasniewski

Italian Belli's have a version of the Carpenter pale bars, and German Belli's (could be the Groce Shield) share the beacon with Fullers (once had them in the same design) who in turn have a three-fesse version of the Italian Belli Coat. Who else had three fesses in the colors of the Fuller fesses? The Muscat-related Love's/Luffs, and the English Pasleys. In colors reversed, these triple fesses are used by Moise's/Moisens. Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys share the ROSES of Bellys (Moray, has border at Rothes), and Peter Pollock of the Paisley area built a castle at Rothes beside/amongst the Rose clan there. If Fullers are from the progenitor of Pollocks, then the Fuller link to Bellys / Belli's (i.e. the shark) can again indicate that God is indeed using Moise's to point to Kolomoisky. The last time I was on Pasleys and Moise's together was with the Tooth-Bumpuss pointer to the shark's teeth i.e. which were around a belly. Is that not astounding, to now find Belli liners linkable to Moise's?

I have the sense that God wants to use my JUMPing into the shark pool to point to Gomer, for Jump-like Gumps are listed with Gumms/Gomers while the fistula bump at the molar tooth was on the GUM. Biblical Gomer was at least beside the Moisky-like Moschi mountains.

Irish Fullers have the motto, "FORTiter et RECTe." As Pollocks were a sept of Maxwells while Maxwells were related to Rijeka/Reka, it's a good bet that Fullers, named possibly from FULbert, father of Scottish Pollocks, love the RECKits (ROSES) in their motto. The Reckit Crest as a scimiTAR while Rijeka was previously TARsatica. The English Forts in the Fuller motto share "audax" with Roxburghs, and Forts have a rock in Crest as code for Roxburgh elements. As Pollocks use "Audacter," it appears that Fullers are at the root of Pollocks.

NOW LOOK. We haven't yet dealt with the Fuller and Belli beacon. The Beacons/Bacons are suspect as pointers to the Washington Free Beacon, home of Bill Kristol the never-Trumper. This Beacon media has been accused of starting the Steele dossier in efforts to thwart the Trump up-start before he won the Republican nomination. My staying the night in CRYSTAL City was an event provided by God to point to Rockefellers of the Roach and Rauch/Smoke kind, yet the wonder was whether Bill KRISTOL applied. The Smoke's/Rauch's could be sharing the Jewish Rothchild (no 's') and Jewish Pollock bend, for Pollocks (proto-Rothschilds) do link to proto-Rockefeller Roquefeuil, a location in AUDE province (recall "AUDax" of ROXburghs and Forts, and "AUDacter of Pollocks). Repeat: "Irish Fullers have the motto, 'FORTiter et RECTe.'" It just so happens that Crystals have a "RECTi" motto term while sharing a calvary symbol (steps with cross) with Moses'/Moesens, possibly a branch of Moise's/Moisens. While the latter have the triple Fuller and Pasley fesses in colors reversed, by what coincidence do the Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys -- from Paisley, virtually at the Pollok location of Pollocks -- share the thistle with Crystals?

There's no Biblical reason that the calvary symbol of heraldry needs stairs or steps. I suggest strongly that the heraldry symbol is either part-code for Stepps or Stairs. Stepps share the Coat of German Bush's/Buschs. George Bush has been a never-Trumper too, a Republican like those at Washington Free Beacon. Bush was gunning for Jeb Bush, of course, whom Trump solidly beat up. I don't know of any English / Scottish surnames using this Bush / Stepp fleur-de-lys in giant form as they do, but one of the Stepp-like STEPHensons has the fleur in colors reversed. The other Stephensons share the bend of Rodhams/RODDENs (Northumberland, same as both Stephenson surnames), which happens to be the bend of Jewish Rothchilds and Smoke's/Rauch's, as well as the arrow-bend of Rothschilds/RODDENsteins. That all seems to be telling a mighty story.

The Stephenson motto loves the Lum variation of Lambs/Lams (Northumberland), who happen to share the cinquefoils of Bush-like Bus' and French Bacons. Lumbers (Northumberland), with a black version of the Lum/Lamb Coat, have two stars in the colors of the two of English Bacons/Beacons? What might it means that the Lumber stars are on a fesse in colors reversed from the two stars on a fesse of Barrs? Barrs share the Este eagle while one Stephenson surname has a Coat version of the Valentins, first found beside Este. Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with the Nons in the Stephenson motto. Barrs were in Lorraine while the other Lums/Lombs share white-on-red eagles with Lorraine's. As Lorraine was home to Richeza, wife of Mieszko LAMBERT, that's why were' on Lumbers / Lambs at this time. Yes, Stevensons were merged with Mieszko elements.

The Lums/Lambs share their cinquefoils also with Dogs/Doags who've in turn pointed to the bulldog in the dream, the one with the teeth around its BELLY. Bellys were first found in Moray with DOUGlas', and the latter share the Chief of Stephensons. Douglas' share the red heart with the Trade's sharing the Bush / Stepp fleur-de-lys. I'll show later why Sedans, with a "PRUdentia" motto term, can link to the Rodham-Stephenson bend; the point here is the LAMPrey eels of PRUDE's/Pride's. Lamps/Lambys, sharing nearly the Lum/Lamb crozier, share the Cassey motto while the three Cassey eagle heads are colors reversed from the same of Lums/Lambs. That's just one way to learn that symbols and mottoes are not chosen out of a hat by personal fancy, but are passed down by marriages.

Now here's the kicker: "Kolomoisky is the sponsor of the current President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky." WHAT? This is the same Zelensky that Trump requested damning info from on the Obamaite and Biden crimes...for which Trump is being impeached! How can we explain Kolomoisky being a supporter of Zelensky? Or, how can we expect Zelensky to deliver Trump's request under these circumstances? It could be that Kolomoisky is feigning support for Zelensky as an age-old infiltration trick, to have potential powers of buying off his winky-winks. Do this for me, Zel-baby, and I'll get you re-elected. Close your eyes to Hunter Biden, and I'll get you rubber polls. Snub Trump, and I'll get a cash cow.

Okay, the next task is to see if heraldry showed a link between George Soros and Kolomoisky. It was recalled that the Soars/Sors'/Sores' were first found in Dorset with the George's who descend from prince George of Hungary, father of the first Drummond, Maurice. The theory had been that my sorrel weeds were a pointer to George Soros, and so the Sorrel surname was stressed. It shares the double lions in pale of Scottish Mars, first found in Yorkshire. I had read that Maurice Drummond was called, Maris de Yorvik (York). Yet more, the Mar clan of Scotland ruled as earls out of KilDRUMMy castle, tending to nail the Mars from Maurice Drummond.

It just so happens that Maurice-like Mericks (somewhat beside Maurice's) have a sea horse. It recalls the sea horse of Sea-related Seamans who can be both be gleaned with the wavy fesses of German Drummonds (see also Tokers/Tuckers). Mericks have one, wavy fesse.

Ahh-ha, while English Morris' share the lion of Maurice's, Welsh Morris' were first found in Herefordshire with Maurice's, Doors and Barrels. In the shopping cart dream, I had complained to the previous owner of my Jeep that the DOOR handle was missing a BARREL-shaped part. We saw earlier my confidence that the previous owner's Simon bloodline is to Seamans/Semans, and here we are connecting Seamans/Semans to Drummond-liner Maurice's / Morris'. The bigger point is that, immediately after complaining about the door handle, I was up high dropping a bucket- / barrel-like container. As I said, I didn't see the ladder, but I felt as though I was at ladder height when dropping it, for I jumped down after dropping it. The Welsh Morris', the one's first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels, use ladders!!! Finally, this part of the dream is getting deciphered in a logical / compelling way.

[In the 2nd update of next month, I realized that the container is also to be viewed as a DRUM container; how did I miss that here?]

I'll even bet that God provided a "scaling ladder" for English Trips in order to verify that the Morris ladders apply to the dream, for German Trips were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds, the ones sharing their triple wavy bars with Sea's. Now that scaling ladders apply, we can ask whether God is pointing that dream's scene to Scalia's/Scalise's (another ladder) i.e. to Scalia's murder and/or the attempted murder of Steve Scalise.

This success at deciphering a good chunk of two scenes of the dream comes soon after the Stepps made it to topic, and so let me remind that the ladder I didn't see in the dream, which I assumed I was on, was a STEP-ladder. I was as high as a typical step ladder. As Stepps use the German Bush/Busher Coat, by what coincidence do ladder-using Morris' have the same lion as English Bushers/Buschers (Dorset, same as George's and Soars/Sores')? As Drummonds probably formed the Ross clan at Moray, note that Handle's share the Moray Coat. Handle's were first found in Silesia, beside Moravia, and Moray was called, Moravia. "Maurice" could have been a Moravian name, though he was also, Marot, like king MenMORAT of the Khazars on the MURES river.

Aha! I dropped a bucket from the ladder, I now assume, because Drummonds use a "Gang" motto term while Gangs/Geggs share the cinquefoils of Buckets! Zinger. The goat head of English Bush's (Yorkshire, same as Warrels/Worells and Mars) is almost the one of Warells/Worells while the Drummond motto is, "Gang warily."

The bucket landed on its rim, and Rims/Rome's were at ANNANdale with the Bruce's who climbed the Scottish throne, and then married ANNAbell Drummond. It seems that AnnaBELL was named partly after the Bells, first found in Dumfries with Annandale and heart-in-flames Bullys. The rim of the bucket exploded into flames once it hit the sand. I was on a STEP ladder, and the Pungs expected in the Rim/Rome motto share the STEPHenson fleur-de-lys, colors reversed from the Stepp fleur-de-lys. Pungs were first found in Yorkshire with the Drummond-suspect Mars who in-turn share Crest with Pungs, and the latter's is an eagle / falcon, the brown symbol also in the Drummond Crest! That tends to nail the reason for the bucket landing on its rim. Whether it caught flames for the heart of Bullys, I am not yet ready to say, but Trade's use a heart.

AHH! YES! As I said, I JUMPed when the bucket caught flames, and Jumps (Yorkshire, brown Crest) have Roger de Bully in their write-up! As Jumps share the Trump stag head, one can now suggestively decipher the flames as the Bush attack on Trump. Just as I jumped into the pool, trying to save the Trump BULLdog from the shark's throat, so I jumped to smother the flames while yelling to other concerning the fire. The Drummonds were the key needed for deciphering the last three scenes of the dream as has just been. The first scene, the shopping cart, pointed well at the Bush presidents.

OH WOW, MORE. As I said, I yelled, "fire,' and Fire's happen to have a giant unicorn in the colors of the unicorn heads of Wombwells (Yorkshire again). Here's from the Jump write-up: "The Anglo-Saxon name Jump comes from when the family resided in the hamlet of Jump, which is in the parish of Wombwell in Yorkshire. The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de Bully and Walter d'Aincourt at the time of the Domesday Book..." As was said, I yelled fire during the jump, perfect for fulfilling that write-up. Wombwells have a Coat version of the Scalia-like Skulls, and it just so happens that Skulls were first found in Herefordshire with Doors, Barrels and ladder-using Morris' (could be scaling ladders). The Skull lion heads are in Mar-lion colors.

I cannot now fathom why the missing door part was BARRel-shaped unless it pertains to a Bush-Barr partnership that will turn Barr away from helping Trump. On the other hand, the barrel-shaped part was followed immediately with me at ladder height holding a barrel-like container, though smaller than a typical barrel. Perhaps it means that the Barr-Trump team will be set on fire. Or, it could second as a barrel of oil as pertains to Bush oil. God can walk and light fires at the same time, and He provides verifications for the things He's trying to convey.

Compare Wombwells and Fire's with the horse and bend of Jewish Rothchilds. It turns out that Wombwells come up as WomBELLs, and Woms are listed with Wine's/Gwinns almost having the Drummond Crest.

The key was in Drummonds, but Drummonds were summoned by the Simon-like Semans. Plus, Drummonds named Drymen in Stirling, where Chappes'/CHEAPs were first found while the Jeepma's are also Cheps. Perfect. The Bauds suspect earlier with the Seman crescents were first found in Stirlingshire. I had claimed that the ship in the Arms of Shetland was a symbol of Maurice Drummond, for he piloted the ship that brought Leslie's, Sinclairs and princess Margaret to Scotland from Hungary. Bauds and Balds share the same ship.

The Italian Simons must have the Montfort lion in colors reversed as per Simon de Montfort, ruler is Leicester upon the SOAR river. The Soars/Sores' were first found in Dorset with Drummond-line George's. Sorrys (very-possibly the lion of Italian Simons) happen to have a colors-reversed version of the Skull Coat. It recalls that Sorrells share the Mar Coat. If the barrel has been correctly deciphered, I think the entire dream has been deciphered aside from the round patch of sand upon which the bucket caught flames. Sands have one fesse in the colors of the three of Scottish Drummonds, but there should be more to it, unless God provided the sand solely for me to put the flames out. However, God can have multiple pointers from the same props of some scenes.

Although the Sorrys use a "SIMplex" motto term while there is a Simple surname (Renfrewshire), in this case that term can be for two separate surnames, the Simon-like Simms, first found in East Lothian with the Faucets expected in the "FACTisque" motto term of the Sorrys. That's what tends to clinch the Sorry lion as the same of Italian Simons. God could have chosen a Mr. Seman to be the previous owner of the Jeep, but as I'm assuming he chose Italian Simons, we saw how that goes to Simon of Montfort in Leicester, location of the Sorry-like Soar river. In other words, the shopping-cart dream, or at least it's door-handle scene, is pointing to GEORGE Soros rather well, especially as George's have lions heads in the colors of the Faucet and SIM(p)son lions. Is that not a spectacular piece of work? The Barrel write-up even has a Barrel location in Leicestershire. "Simplex" is a motto term also of Perkins/Parkings, first found in Leicestershire.

As Faucets, Seatons and Simms were first found in the same place, beside EDINburgh, it's notable that Edins ("sit pruDENTia", love Seatons/Sittens / Sedans) have a version of the Luffkin Coat while the latter is in the colors and format of Simms. I can think of no better surname to fit the "Si" motto term of Edins than the Sea's/See's sharing the sea horse of Semans. How perfect is that for a Simm connection to Simons?

God may have pointed to Love's/Luffs with Helen's door because she involved a chocolate treat on her door handle, and Semans are all about a door handle too. Love's/Luffs were said to have been first found in Suffolk, where Edins were first found along with the Love/Luff kin of Musts/Muscats. The latter is of the knock-on-window event while Luffkins share the Knock/Knox eagles. I can create instant sparks if the axe of the Simms is per-chance called a halpert / halbert axe. I've seen axes called by both of those terms as apparent code for a branch of Alberts and/or Halpers. The Halperts/Halberts do use axes, and their Coat is almost in Simm colors and format. Halpers/Halberts were first found in Perthshire with the Drummonds in the wavy Sea/Sea bars, but we can also say that the Perthshire Drummonds share three red fesses with Love's/Luffs. There's good linkage all over the place here, but why?

Stefan Halper was a spy for the dossier concocted by Glenn SIMPSON, you see, and so God may have arranged, in the door-handle dream, a pointer to Italian Simons in order to get us to the Simpson-connectable Simms that then connect with Halpers. It's probably not coincidence that the Halper branch of Halps/Helps/Halfs share the raw Kerry Shield for a pointer to John Kerry's role in Burisma-related corruption.

OH WOW, it just so happens that while Alberts use a SLEDGE hammer over the shoulder, Shoultz's/Shouldhams may have the Knock/Knox eagle too, but, in any case, Sledge's/Sleighs are in the colors and format of Halperts/Halberts (!), and, moreover (hang on to your whistle), Halpers and Sledge's/Sleighs both have lions holding a gold fitchee!! Stefan Halper was involved with Mr. Lovinger, the whistle-blower whom the deep state persecuted for spilling some corruption beans. I'm not sure whether this is the full extent of why Luffkins / Love's/Luffs are making it to topic. Mr. Lovinger was persecuted by Jim baker, and so I'll add that English Bakers were first found in Durham with Sedans. For what it's worth, German Bakers have the Jewish Pollock Coat.

I just want to clarify that Edins (armored arm of Sorrys) are said to have had a branch in West Yorkshire's Stainton while West Yorkshire is also the location of Sedan-line Sedbergh, location of Dents, half-explaining the "pruDENTia" motto term of Edins. However, there is a "William de Diss, rector of Denton, Norfolk in 1317", in the Dice/Diss write-up while Simon-line Sorrys have a "DICtis" motto term. The Dice/Diss Coat is even reflective of the Edin Coat, and so I think this all warrant the Dentons, first found in Northumberland with the Rodhams/Roddens whose cinquefoils they share. Hence, a Soros link to Rodham Clinton even while Luffkins, who look like Edin kin, were first found in Salop, location of a Rodden river found in the Rodham/Rodden write-up.

Recall that I filled in the ditch at the shoulder of the road that eventually served as Helen's PARKING spot, for Ditch's are listed with Dice-like Dike's (Cumberland, beside Rodhams and Dentons) and share the three cinquefoils of Sedans, black, same as the Rodham / Denton cinquefoils. The latter two were first found at least near Sedbergh. The "Simplex" motto term is shared by Perkins/PARKINGs while Hillary herself helped to pay for Glenn Simpson's dossier through her Perkins Coie law firm. WOW, the DNC also paid for the dossier, and the DNC at the time was directed by Debbie Wasserman SCHULTZ!!! Shoulders are suspect with her surname. Shoultz's/Shouldhams were first found in Norfolk with Diss'/Dice's and Dentons!!! I showed how the Shoultz's/Shouldhams ("VigiLATE et Orate") link to the Ohrs, and Nelly Ohr worked for Glenn Simpson!!! Incredible work, O Lord, and I did COVER OVER the ditch, while the Clintonite deep state is TRYING to cover over its crimes, but failing badly. Thanks to Trump, their enemy, they are getting away with it.

By the way, Fulbert, father of all Pollocks, is known to have been in Salop, and Fullers share the three fesses of Love's/Luffs. Plus, Hunts/Hunters of Salop could be considered as a branch of Hounds who in-turn share the Dent lozenges while the double fesses of Dentons are in colors reversed with Salop's Sleeps (remember, the Denton Chief was at the Rodden river of Salop).

I've just remembered that, when leaving for Texas, I waved goodbye to Helen -- as she and Steven were at their cars at this parking spot under discussion -- while I was at the front of a house owned by DEBBIE, the lady who was operating the phones of my business. Is that a pointer to Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Note that while she was in charge of the DNC when Jack Sava played a role in Seth Rich's murder, Wassermans use a savage (in wavy WATER) while Savage's are Sava's. Debbie lived just four houses from Mr. Luff. It's a lot interesting that the Wasserman savage holds a fish in each hand half in the colors of the McCabe fish, because the green-and-white (white water) Wasserman Shield is not a bad reflection of the wavy McCabe fesse. It gets even better because the McCabe salmon are those of Hams (both colors, first found in Sussex with same-colored Hammers, and beside the Alberts (Kent) with the savage said to have a sledge hammer over his Schultzer, so to speak! Is that not absolutely wild?

Wow, there must have been a reason that I was unsatisfied with the way I was describing the Wasserman Coat, for I decided to add the brackets under some inner compulsion to do so, and as soon as the brackets were written, "white water," the Whitewater scandal of the Clintons came instantly to mind! It appears that God arranged the white water, in McCabe colors, for the Wasserman Coat. McCabe's wife was herself involved in a Hillary-related scandal. My only regret is that Bill Barr won't convict the Clintons. I don't like this moral-facade, this Bill Barr. I lay the blame for this cover-upper on Trump. Thanks to Barr, Hillary is about to jump back into another presidential bid, and Biden's still the front runner. Where are your true morals, Mr. Facade?

Hmm, the Whitewater scandal involved MacDOUGALs/Medals. The McCabe motto term, "mori," is feasibly from Morano, beside Shark-liner Saracena, which is the area of ancient Enotri whom I see in the "nutriOR" motto term of Simpsons (McCabe / Wasserman colors).

Here's another riddle to chew over. "The Whitewater controversy, Whitewater scandal, or simply Whitewater, was an American political controversy of the 1990s. It began with an investigation into the real estate investments of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates, Jim McDougal and Susan McDougal, in the Whitewater Development Corporation. This failed business venture was incorporated in 1979 with the purpose of developing vacation properties on land along the White River near Flippin, Arkansas." I therefore checked the Flippin surname (giant purple lion) to find it listed with Philipons. Louise Phillips on one of the PLATforms in the mall comes to mind as per Platte River Networks. She was on the same platform as the CHRISTINE Peare who pointed to Godfrey de Bouillon. It just so happens that Bouillons ("bello CHRISTi") were first found in Auvergne with Flippins/Philipons.

Christine's share the Pellet Coat. It also just so happens that Foys/FOIX's were first found Auvergne while sharing pellets with English Lacys, while Irish Lacys share the giant purple lion of Flippins/Philipons. Irish Foys share the eel with Skipton-like Shiptons while Lacys share the purple Skipton lion. Shiptons are the ones with an eel in Crest, same as Irish Foys, and the FOX is used by Bellows (like "bello" in the Bouillon motto) who are from the bellows of Shiptons. English Foys (beside Pellets) use the same Coat as English Lacys.

I did all that, but found nothing to say in connection with the Whitewater quote above until seeing the "Foyot" variation of the Auvergne Foys/Foix's. Only the other French Foys/Foix's share "Foyot," and they have the vertically-split Shield of Hunters/Hunts, good one. The point is, we saw the MacDougals in the Whitewater quote, and they come up as "Medals," the surname relating to the Saint Petersburg medallion found at the PARKING lot of FOOD Basics grocery store. Foods are listed with Foyot-like Foots. Coincidence?

Flippins in Auvergne with Foyots; MacDougals on my hood at Food Basics in Bracebridge. Bracebridge's use the crozier while French Crozier's were first found in Auvergne, and moreover Brace's/Bras' share the armored arm with Medals/MacDougals. Bracebridge's came to topic by my emBRACE with Miss Hicks.

However, when Miss Peare came off of the platform having Louise Phillips, she was on my platform alone with me. The only thing taking place there was by pulling her toward me by her waist. It's brilliant, because I could have had my hands on her waist while pushing her away, or perhaps just touching her waist with one hand if God only wanted Waistells to be pointed to. Yet, in pulling her toward me, I was embracing her, though the dream ended before the tight embrace took place...perhaps because God didn't want me to view it as an embrace until now that Flippins/Philipons were discovered. For Bracebridge's point us to Auvergne elements.

As I've said, the Coat of Scottish Croziers is the Arms of Chalons-en-CHAMPAGNE while Scottish Champagne's use the vaired Shield of Bracebridge's. While Lums/Lambs and Lamps/Lambys use the crozier too, they are from Mieszko Lambert, and then French Lamberts come up as EMBRace-like Ambers with a good reflection of the Platte Coat. In fact, the Ambers/Lamberts are the ones with a two-chevron version of the Billiard / Hillard/Billiard Coats, and when I sewered on Obama's billiard table (dream from God), it was with the cue ball fashioned as a paper plane that I deciphered with Plains/PLATTers! Wow. That billiard shot had pointed to the criminals of the dossier plot. Plains/PLATTers were first found in Suffolk with the PELLET-using Foys! These Foys use the lacy Coat while the other Lacys share the Flippin/Philipon lion! Excellent, we're cruising down the Whitewater rapids.

Both the Bracebridge and Lum/Lamb croziers are laying flat and pointed to the Shield's left side. There is also an Ambers/Embray/Embury Coat looking somewhat linkable to Brace's/Bras'. Mieszko Lambert married Richeza from Lorraine (where Louis' were first found), and I first asked Lorraine out at the corner of Lorraine-like Lorne street. The Medals/MacDougals (branch of MacDonalds) were at Lorn. Plus, I have just found verification that Food BASICS is God's pointer to the Baskets.

This is incredible because it takes us back through Semans of RESTON to the Jeep's door-handle scene, and the medallion involved this same Jeep. I had showed how the three Reston leopard faces are in the colors of the Door leopard faces. It just so happens that the Reston Coat is a very-good reflection of the Basket Coat. That's it, that's all, but powerful, made ready for what's yet to be gleaned from it. Every key gets us into a new door of discovery.

Plus, wow, the chocoLATE on Helen's door handle. The Late's/Lets use "organ pipes" while Arthurs, first found in Berwickshire with Restons, use organ RESTs!!! The Pipe's are Stubb/Stop kin while I asked Lorraine out at her bus STOP at the corner of Lorne street. She lived at CHURCH and Lorne while KIRKs, with a crozier, look like they love MUMmolin in their motto, a ruler from Chalons-en-Champagne (Lorraine border area), i.e. the Arms of which has the Scottish Crozier Coat. Mummolin's ancestry was in Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne (where French Crozier's were first found), which should explain why German Kirks/Kurks share the tower of the Auvergne surname.

News Continued

In the Ingraham video above, Giuliani says he plied Pompeo with help against Yovanovitch's obstruction of justice, but that Pompeo was no help at all. Giuliani is single-handedly confirming for us that Trump's chosen leaders are all hypocrites, doing only what they need to, saying only what they need to, to stay good with voters, but protecting the deep state. This is what God's revelation must be half about.

Giuliani says that "law enforcement" won't look at his material, yet Wray says there's nothing to it. By "law enforcement," Giuliani is pointing to Barr too, who says he knows nothing about it. How can they say there's nothing to it if they won't look at it? Mr. Giuliani, who I thought was for the Bush deep state, is now being opposed by the Bush deep state. I don't know how much of that deep state survived eight years of Obama, but Trump installed some of it. Accidental or deliberate? What's really going on? Stay tuned, we might find out.

The deep state has now come, this week, with another bombshell, a bogus-likely claim about corruption money into the pocket of the wife of Giuliani's associate, Parnas. The timing, and the dressing on the story, are just right for this report to be a concoction as part of the ongoing effort to silence Giuliani by removing all news platforms from him. They want to tarnish him by association. And it mirrors the Powell story. It gives the leftist media an alternative story to talk about so that it can stay off of the Powell story. The deep state is still attacking like a hog, still abusing the better people with Google and other Internet media, still capable of swallowing us all alive, and Trump's not doing his job to cripple this thing. He now has Sessions II on his hands who will play the cover-up game better than Sessions did, by acting genuinely interested in, and even passionate toward, stamping out corruption.

Comey was on the news finally admitting he wrongly handled the FISA applications. Is that it? Is that all? Is this how this story will end? Is he suddenly rehabilitated?

Hannity thinks it's a bombshell that the FISA court has finally issued a statement, this week, rebuking the FBI and demanding remedies for it's use of false evidence. Ah, achem, the FISA court was waiting, waiting, hoping it wouldn't need to issue this rebuke to make itself look innocent, but seeing that Horowitz was forced to admit some (not all) FBI criminal misbehavior, it decided it was time to portray itself as the FBI's victim rather than part of the corruption problem. Of over 1,000 FBI applications to the FISC for warrants to spy, only one was turned down by the court, and, I think, that was the original one from the FBI request to spy on Carter Page. In other words, the court winks on every request without verifying whether the FBI evidence is true. The court simply trusts the FBI, which of course gives the FBI the bright idea of bending lousy evidence to look good enough for the "easy" court. Why can't the court have some boot-strapped workers to verify the submitted evidence? That would be an easy fix if not allowed to become corrupted. It's obvious that FISC was developed by the corrupt deep state in the first place. FBI applications for warrants is not new with FISC. The fact that FISC is not being abolished says it all about how America is hardening into a banana-republic police state.

Gregg Jarrett has a piece this week on the Fix-like FISC. Look at his choice of words in light if the Fix/Feck surname:

On Tuesday, presiding [FISC] judge Rosemary Collyer issued an order slamming fired director James Comey’s FBI for presenting “false information,” concealing exculpatory evidence, and misleading the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. But her judicial FIX is FECKless. She is now demanding that the FBI present the steps it will take to remedy these problems in future surveillance warrant applications. If this is her idea of a solution, it’s a joke. And shameful.

I think we can safely assume that High Judge in the Sky takes Jarrett's position on the FISC judges: imposters. Jarrett concludes: "It means that the FISA court doesn’t really care that it was lied to by the FBI."

This is amazing, because God arranged one last date with Mamie, at Mr. Fix's (our first and only date there). One our first day as a couple, God gave her a thigh symbol at her garden, and he did point to the Gardens to prove that they were of the Babons. Now the Gardens share the giant boar head of French Jarrets/Jarre's (one 't'), revealing that Gregg Jarrett is a Garden/JARDen / Jardin liner. We just saw what looked like God's writing through Gregg in relation to the Fix/Feck surname. So, it seems possible that God is using Jarrett to unveil the deep state. English Jarretts were first found in Salop with the Dol Alans while French Jarrets/Jarre's are said to have been at Dol. The wavy Dol fesse is in the colors of the wavy Fix/Feck fesse, believe it or not.

More. The Crest of the English Jarretts is that of Drummonds while German Drummonds use three of the wavy Dol fesses. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire, beside the Gardens and Jardins in Angus (location of KilDRUMMy castle), and also near Rothes while the Jarrett lion is probably that of Rothes' (were said to have been first found in Salop until this year). As the Arms of Ghent (Belgium) uses the same lion as Jarretts, I'm guessing that it's the lion of Loius', first found at Glamorganshire, which, I think, is part of Welsh Ghent. Rothes' are now said to have been first found in Kent, where Virgins were first found. The lion in the Arms of Ghent is with a virgin probably for that reason.

Angus is where those Sewers/Suters were first found. This surname was pointed to in a dream, when I took a sewer shot on Obama's billiard table. The next two scenes featured Obama in a SUIT, and Sewers/Suters come up as "Suit." I realized that the Suter variation was a pointer to Obama's surname, Soetoro. The point here is that Mamie got her thigh symbol because she was in a bathing SUIT (the sight of her thighs just captured me; I think God made that sight unique / impressive for the purposes here). I think this works to incorporate Obama's sewer elements that Jarrett would like to expose. Shoot from the hip, Mr. Jarrett.

We saw Sewers/Suters earlier with a reflection of the Pinch/Pink Coat. While it can point to Pinchuk, it may also be pointing to pink Americans, those who are part-Communist, such as Obama and John Brennan. My guess has been that Sewers were from Siward of Northumberland, and then married to Shot/Shute liners to form Suters, for a took a SHOT in order to sewer. It just so happens that Brennans share three swords in the colors of the three of both Siward-line Swords and Shots/Shute's (GAUNTlet glove). That works, and it's new, thanks to the tip from "pink." You can read online that Brennan was a member of the Communist party. That's probably why Obama had him as his CIA director. To lead the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Obama chose Martin Dempsey, and Dempseys use the same swords again.

Hmm, the three Shot/Shute swords form three fesses in the colors of the three Moise fesses. What think ye of this? Shots/Shute's are traced suggestively to "archer." My last night with Mamie was with the TAXi, and while the same swords once again are used by Tax's/Dachs, this surname got suspect with "Dachau" because the Arms of Dachau uses a sling SHOT.

This update discovered that gauntlet gloves are code also for Welsh Ghent, and the Gardens happen to use a "junGUNTER" motto term while Gunters use gauntlet gloves. Mamie may have been a virgin. The night before her THIGH symbol at her garden, she got a tease symbol, for the Tease's/TYES' that have three white stars on a red fesse in the colors of the three stars in the red Chief of Jardins. Pretty compelling.

So, it appears that those events, together with our last date at Mr. Fix's, were to link her to Gregg Jarrett for to point to this article with "fix and "feckless," or, more generally, to point to Jarrett as a mouthpiece for the work of God, whether he knows it or not.

AHHHHHH, there is a FENCE in the Arms of Ghent, and the Fens'/Venns/Fans were at Monmouthshire, the Welsh place that's called Ghent (in the carne write-up)! Fane's/Vane's use gauntlet gloves. So, that FENCE at Muschatovs DID REALLY point to the FENS surname, wow. And the page seems to tell that, inside the fence, there is the "GARDEN of Holland"! Amazing. The virgin is blonde while Mamie is a brunette, but Muschatov is a sun-bright blond. The Fane's/Vane's share gauntlet gloves with Maceys, probably a branch round-about of Muschats. The Ghent lion is crowned gold, as is the same-colored Jarret / Rothes lion.

At for the flag of Ghent, we read, "The Maid of Ghent," as opposed to a virgin, but then Maids share the Monmouth Coat, wherefore its just code for the Maid surname, but no one's telling such things; they are all covered over, and we get bogus explanations instead. We are little pieces of junk to these big pieces of true junk.

By the way, as per all of those wavy fesses above, including the one of Dols. The Dutch Gaunts/Ghents have one too.

As for McConnell, he called Schiff "sloppy" more than once this week, when in fact he's been criminal. You see, the congressional elite protect one another from criminal prosecution lest it come round to them without the support of all.

Now we hear, as though we're all dopes: "Surveillance footage recorded inside a Lower Manhattan prison at the time of Jeffrey Epstein’s first apparent suicide attempt has mysteriously gone missing, officials admitted Wednesday." Okay, they're playing games. They know that Epstein didn't kill self, and so do we. Barr is a sham, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I am ever-so glad that he came out to take the side of Epstein did kill self, no monkey business, because it was a glaring sign that he's a deep-state sham of the highest order. Protecting the Epstein circle when you're the Attorney General is an unpardonable sin in America. The article, like a good bonehead, states that Epstein killed self as a fact. The media is all that's wrong in America, only this time is a conservative media dishing out the crap.

Late in the week, we hear from some rats who talked to the NY Times that Durham is now wanting to investigate John Brennan. What? Durham has been on this case so long and hasn't yet checked out Brennan? Has he even checked out the CIA at all???? No? Then is this Durham yet another sham? How can he hold off this long for CIA records when it's obvious even to people who haven't got his inside information that the CIA played a chief role with the dossier? Did he give the CIA months to get rid of / alter records? Apparently, yes. It's all looks like a stinking, cursed sham.

Bill Barr gave a news appearance this week. He gives the impression that he wants the DoJ to investigate Ukraine independent of Giuliani's work there. But wait, you phony-baloney, what's wrong with the DoJ taking Giuliani's work and incorporating it into the DoJ investigation? Why didn't he just say that he'll look at Giuliani's work? PHONY-BALONEY! He doesn't want to investigate Ukraine. Giuliani has already sent him his material, and here's Barr telling the entire country that he's rejecting it out of hand just because it's not from people under him. Barr appears to be wishing to CONTROL what information makes it to his Ukraine investigation, isn't that right? I can sense that he already knows what outcome he wants.

As you can see, after Martha presses him, he finally says what he knows is right to say, that he'll look at Giuliani's work. He admits again his glaring failure, that he has yet to look into Ukraine interference in Trump's election. It's his most-important criminal issue, yet it's not even on his desk many months after Trump nominated him??? BARR KNEW darn well that Trump wanted an attorney general who would absolve the president if the president is innocent of the countless charges brought against him by Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, etc., etc., innumerably. Why isn't Barr doing the job he's responsible for?

This piece of garbage then tells Martha that he doesn't want to tell Durham what should be done as per Ukraine, like Barr thinks it's perfectly fine to be wholly disconnected with it. Tell you what Barr, go get another job. He says he doesn't even know whether Durham has gotten into the Ukraine crimes. Baloney. I now know that Barr has plainly indicated to Durham not to get involved there, except to make some good show of it in a final report. Barr's dancing and dodging, trying to put his best false face before Martha.

So, after Barr makes himself appear totally UNINTERESTED, Martha asks him if he's interested in seeing evidence. Barr knows he had best say he's interested in seeing all evidence, and that's what he says Sham! Everything he said to that point showed raw disconnect. He's wasted months and months and intends to waste many more. Martha asks him if he interested in CrowdStrike or Burisma, and he plainly says, no I am not interested. Durham might be, but I have no idea about that either, Barr says. SHAM! It's not that he's not interested; it's that he's decidedly opposed to investigations. WHY WHY WHY?

He goes on to say that he and Wray are leaving FISA in place because it's a "critical tool for protecting the country." No, it is not critical, because there are many other courts, normal courts, that can be used for protecting the country through warrant provisions, as has always been the case. An FBI pet-court like FISC has just exposed itself to be corrupt, but Barr and Wray think it should continue. Why do you think that is? Why does Barr admit that FISA has been an unfettered political spy weapon, yet when it's his choice to cancel it, he chooses to keep it? WHY WHY WHY? Who's he listening to?

I can barely believe that Barr claims openly that he is oblivious to what Durham is doing? It just seems bizarre. Doesn't Barr want to know what's been found? How can he be so genuinely uninterested? Impossible. It could be that he and Durham are not getting along, that Durham wants to do more than Barr does, and so they don't speak since having a disagreement. That's the best-possible scenario at this time, but Barr may think he can, in the end, remove from the Durham report whatever he wants removed. Is Barr not embarrassed to reveal his nakedness on these matters? I suppose not. I suppose this man doesn't have what it takes to do what needs to be done at this time.

I can't stress it enough: there is an attorney general who doesn't care to know whether Hillary's campaign colluded with American diplomats in and around Ukraine to sabotage Trump's chances at the White House? This disconnect is still his attitude this week as Trump is being impeached after a longish list of Ukraine diplomats gave their lob-sided evidence against Trump. What do you think of Barr's indifferent, uncaring attitude under these circumstances? Am I not correct to report him as a PIECE OF GARBAGE? You bet. The barrel-shaped part must have been a trash can. Close the lid on him, leave him alone to his own misery.

See this on Trump and evangelicals support:

The 30 percent of evangelicals who want Trump impeached and removed include the 20 percent of evangelicals who voted for Hillary in 2016, suggesting they are strange-o Christians willing to support the anti-Christ movement. They could be predominantly Catholic evangelicals / charismatics.

Woe, lookie: in the door-handle dream, the door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part. Immediately afterward, I was holding a cylindrical container midway in size between a bucket and a barrel, and a trash can can indeed apply...because there is a Trasher/TRESURE surname with the rare, off-red color of the double-TRESSURE border of Scottish Flemings/Flaments!!! Do you get it? When the container landed, it caught FLAMES! Amazing. Someone might now say that Barr is a trasher or the deep state, or that he's a piece of trash for putting a lid on the deep state. The container in the dream fell upside-down, open lid to the ground.

These Scottish Flemings were from Flanders, and as the double-tressure border always comes with fleur-de-lys, they were probably on the Lys river. I was on a LADDER with the trash can, and Letters/LAUDERs happen to use another double-tressure border. You can't argue with the facts. Flemings use a "Let the" motto phrase, looking like code for Lethe's/Leiths (Edinburgh, beside Seatons), for they share the crescents of Fleming-liner Seatons. Plus, wow, these crescents are colors reversed with LATTER/Latto's, first found in Ayrshire with Barrs! Lethe's/Leiths have the motto phase, "to the," and Tooths with their buried "tine" motto term can be gleaned with the griffin of Letters/Lauders (Lauder is near the Tyne rivers).

Or, recall how the flames at the container's rim worked well with the heart-in-flames of Bullys (same place as Rims), for the Bully lozenges are colors reversed from the hollow lozenges of Lethe's/Leiths. "... one of the first records of the [Bully] name was William Bully was listed as a bailie of Edinburgh in 1403." That's where Lethe's/Leiths were first found. The Bully lozenges are in the colors of the hollow lozenges (mascles) of Quincys, who are in-turn in the write-up of Faucets, the latter being in East Lothian with Seatons and Musselburgh (four miles from the Fawcett castle), where mascles trace.

Question: why did I need to smother the flames around the garbage can's rim? If this scene refers to Bill Barr on fire, or starting a fire, why did I smother it with sand? I suppose that whatever Barr will do, I will oppose it. If the fire was to my liking, I wouldn't have been shown trying to put it out. As I had to jump to put the flames out, we might just see Barr starting flames on Trump's pants (something dire that Trump won't like), for Jumps (have Roger de Bully in their write-up) share the Trump stag heads. Jumps were first found in West Yorkshire with Sedan- / Seaton-related Sedbergh.

The trash-can scene was deciphered well as a bucket for the Buckets and Drummond-beloved Gangs, but this trash-can view is not a contradiction, for God can have multiple resolutions. It just so happens that the other (English) Bucket surname, the one without the Gang cinquefoils, has the same-type triple piles as Latters/Latto's. Hmm, a small barrel is a keg, and Gangs are also Geggs.

Bill Barr may now be on the hook to look into another Biden scandal, much earlier in Obama's presidency, when he handed Joe Biden the reigns of Iraq: "It was in June of [2011] that HillStone International, a relatively new homebuilding concern, landed a $1,500,000,000 contract to build homes in Iraq. Vice President Biden’s brother, James Biden, had landed an executive position at HillStone just months earlier."

I remind myself that this Biden scandal may have been released publicly as a Hillary-camp trick both to weaken Trump and Biden, so that she can have a way to run again in 2020. The Clintonites may even have drugged Biden to make his mind not work well, so that he will suffer at the polls and step aside, at which time she can come to the rescue of the Democrat party. Will Barr then have her arrested? He has all the evidence in Ukraine, but he doesn't want to go there. Is he afraid of the Clintons? Has the Clinton team threatened him? Then he needs to expose the threat for all to hear, as that will eradicate the threat. The Biden article above was from the Bongino Report, and we can assume it's a true story.

Falcon Killing a Duck

Here's something interesting. Look at the timing. At the article above, it features a video on Rep. BARRy LOUDERmilk. There is a Loudermilk surname having the six Lacy / Foy pellets on gold, and even having a "viRUM" motto term. The Rims are also Rums. As we saw the ladder in the SHOPping-cart dream deciphered through Letters/LAUDERs, can the ladder be a pointer also to Barry LouderMILK? By what coincidence are Milks listed with Shop-like MilkSOPs? I almost missed it (I probably knew this in months past): Letters/Lauders use an "alaRUM" motto term, clinching their representation of the ladder. Look at the ladder in the Loudermilk write-up: "Historically in Westmorland, Lowther was first recorded as LAUDER c. 1175 and it thought to have been named from the River Lowther." Westmorland is where Livings/Levins were first found while Livingstons have a double-tressure border. Is God pointing to Barry Loudermilk as one of His instruments against the deep state?

Lookie: "'...Other authorities make Sir Hugh de Lowther, knight for this county, in the 28th of Edward I., as the first recorded ancestor; his great-grandson was at Agincourt in 1415.'" Agincourts are also Aincourts, and Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Lacys) have: "The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de Bully and Walter d'Aincourt at the time of the Domesday Book..." I jumped from a ladder when the rim of the container caught flames. How about that. Plus, Letters/Lauders share the goose with German Gas', a potential pointer of God to Burisma gas.

My dream with Michael's kids jumping on a yellow mattress started with a fake store, suggestive of money laundering. Michael's, first found in Surrey with Gastons (owl), have a Scottish branch with the wavy Ladd/Ladon fesse in colors reversed while the latter's is in the color of the Yellow fesse. The English Michaels share gold scallops with the Gastons, and the latter share the checks of FISCS and English Gas'/Gasts. French Gas' are also Garcons, which means "boy / young man," and the Gas/Garcon Chief is almost the Kid Chief, suggesting that this surname is part of the meaning of the kids jumping on the mattress. The Gas'/Garcons even have a duckling / gosling (young, in either case) in the colors of the Verne tree while the Verne Chief is that of Kids (tree), which recalls that, when I was renting at the home of Verne Archibald, he had young men living there (I don't know if they even paid rent) prior to discovering that he may have been queer. Is this pointing to sex-trafficking of young boys through money-laundering retail stores set up for the purpose? I'm still not content with this picture as a resolution of the kids on a mattress, but it could be a start.

I do want to remind that Archibalds ("RefiCIAR" can point to Fix's and Ciaramella), who share a white crescent in Crest with Kids, were important in multiple ways, which recalls the ArchiBURE's, a potential pointer to BURISma gas. The motto term above can be for the Reef variation of Rise's/Rice's because they too have a tree. While Verne's have nearly the Kid Coat, Verne-like Varns share the scallops of the Gastons, and as the Fisc checks are involved here, we might ask whether the FISC warrant on Carter Page was set up to protect the rackets that Burisma' people were conducting. It makes a lot more sense to me that the line of Hannity, that the motive was merely hatred for Trump.

I'm going to repeat here that while Flemings were shown to well-explain the flames at the rim of the trash can, they have a "LET THE" motto phrase suspect with Lethe's/Leiths while the latter's "TO THE end" phrase looks like part-code for the Tooths because they share the Letter/Lauder griffin. Kids have an "impLEAT" motto term that should be for the Leat variation of Lethe's/Leiths because Imps/Amps share their crescents. We could even throw in the "to the end" motto phrase of Hume's (Berwickshire, same as Letters/Lauders) as per HUMa Abedin (see Hume's in the last update). The Amp-like Hamps/Amptons bring us back to the Lords/Lauds and Ladys/Laudymans, but this is amazing since Hamps/Amptons were at WOLVERhampton while Wolfers (same place as Doors and Barrels) share the Coat exactly of the Rims/Rums in the Letter/Lauder motto. It's a little complicated, but there seems to be things to it.

The "VIRum" motto term (Loudermilks) that tended to justify Loudermilks for the ladder scene can be partly for Vere's from the VIRE river between Manche and the Bessin. It just so happens that Trasher- / Tresure-like Tresse's/Trasse's/Tracys have this write-up: "...Norman family from Tracy near VIRE in Carne in Normandy." I find that compelling as part of God's work in all of this.

I remember that Lorraine came over to my place on RUMble avenue, which looks like a set-up from God because Rumble's share the Bus cinquefoil. Rims/Rums can be from the Rimna river near the BUZau. Rumble's ("VIRtutis laus") have the chevron of Imps/Amps (Essex, same as Quints) in colors reversed while having a RumBOLDswyke location in West HAMPnett. Netts/Natebys share the black lion paw with Quints (share Rumble chevron). The Nett/Nateby paw probably holds the "bird bolt" arrow, in honor of German Bolts (arrow), for English Bolts/Bolds (Whit griffin) look connectable to the Rumbold variation of Rumble's. Boltons "(VIRtute"), who probably have the bird bolt, share a red chevron with Rumble's. I sense that I'm not getting everything there is to get, but perhaps John Bolton might know some of it.

Boltons are said to have named BODELtone while German Bodels (near Handle's) look connectable to Kids, but also to Handle's as per the door-handle scene immediately before the ladder scene with trash can. Kid's share a black, gold-striped hunting horn with Lothians/LOUDons, and both horns hang off of a tree (the Vire river is beside the Horn-related Orne river). Lothians/Loudons happen to use a "DORmit" motto term. The door handle? Lothians/Loudons happen to share the pine tree with Trashers/Tresure's! Zinger. Maschi's, with pine cones, were at Rim-like Rimini. Flemings from Flanders settled heavily in Lothian (with Mussels/Muscels), home of the Seaton Flemings sharing the crescents of Lethe's/Leats, Imps/Amps and Bellamys. The latter surname is said to be behind the Beems that could be in the "impLEAT orBEM" motto phrase of Kids. Maschi liners were all over the Orne river.

The Orne river flows past Caen while Caens are also Cans. The trash can? Caens/Cans share the leopard face of Rumble's/Rumbolds ("VIRtutis"). What's going on? How do we iron out this riddle? Does the Caen/Can Coat have the Rim/Rum fesse? Looks like, because it fits the dream great. I was on a ladder holding a trash can that caught flames at the rim. As Caens/Cans use a "PERimus" motto term, their leopard face must be that of Pero-line Peare's, and then the Pierro's/Pero' use a version of the Bute/Butt/Boet Coat (!!!), itself having the Caen/Can Button/BIDEN fesse! But of course the trash can it should lead to this? Trasher-like Trasse's/Tresse's/Tracys were near or even at Caen, perfect, especially as Trashers/Tresure's are Flemings. Masci's share the bend-with-fleur of Burisma-like Buris'. The Caen/Can fretty is probably code for a line of Ferte-Mace (off the Orne). My mother's a Masci on her mother's side, and I dropped that trash can.

Now one Barr Coat has hunting horns, and, as was said, I was holding the barrel-like trash can immediately after complaining about a barrel-shaped part. Doesn't this now suggest that Bill Barr is the trash can since the Cans were along the Horn-related Orne river (Horns are listed with Orne's)? Why else would there be a BARRel-shaped part before a scene having a barrel-like garbage can, if not a pointer to Bill Barr? The Bill Chief (pelican heads) is even in the colors of the Barrel Chief (dog head). Another option is Barry Soetoro, Obama.

Minutes after lamenting again that I'm not happy with my progress thus far on the circular mound of sand that the rim fell upon, I saw the Bolton le Sands (Lancashire) location of Boltons ("VIRtute"). That works super, as though to grant verification for Boltons being involved with the trash can. A Tracy-Bolton merger? I'm going to guess that the Bolton chevron is that of Tiss'/Teece's, as per the "virtuTIS" motto term of Rumble's/RumBOLDs (share Tiss/Teece chevron too). I trace Tiss'/Teece's to the Tessin/Ticino river, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found. In fact, while Rumble's/Rumbolds (share Caen/Can / Peare leopard face) share the Bus cinquefoils, Bus' were first found in Norfolk with virTUTE- / VirTUTis-suspect Tute's/Tuits. Bus' are suspect from the Buzau, near the Rimini-like RIMNa.

The Maschi pine CONE's are definite code for the Cone's and their Conte branch, while French Conte's can be gleaned with French Falcons/FalCONTE's (same place, share a crescent). Tracys are the ones suspect with a falcon killing a bird of some type.

Oh wow, I just went to seek my files to find whether the Tracy bird is killing a duck or stork, and found this: "Cecily de RUMilly, Lady Skipton by another name, was a busy gal. She first married the Tracy lords of Barnstaple." Skiptons share the purple Lacy lion while the English Lacys have six pellets in the pattern of the six of Loudermilks!!! So, "viRUM" is partially for Rumilly liners. But we find Tracy involved so that Tracys might be a Trasher/Tresure branch. Rumillys (rock) would have the Kid / Verne Chief if only they didn't stick in the same crescent as used by Falcons / Conte's / Archibalds. All three Crests for Archibalds, Kids and Rumillys ("PERseVERE") have a white crescent. There's a Rumilly location in upper Savoy...near the Fier river with a MOTZ location. (The Fier flows into Seyssel while Says have the Vere quadrants in colors reversed.)

I apologize if I have more information than absolutely needed for Ukraine purposes. The Rumilly Crest (Roque rock, could be the Mott crescent) can be linked to the Henrys of Motte, whom I trace to Henry of Rodez, husband of Miss Roquefeuil, for Saint Carne is near Motte while the Rumilly Chief looks linkable to the Carny Chief. It's just that I expect Rimna-river Benjamites at the Colapis, near the Carni peoples. Bled is near the Carni, and Bleds love the Tous'/TOSINI's (buttons) while Tosni's were at Les Andelys with Rumillys. The latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Tracy-like Tracks/Tricks, how interesting (are Trashers from TARSatica at nearby Rijeka?). The Track/Trick branch of Drigs were first found in Cumberland with Fier-county liners (Albania), and while Motz is on the Fier river (not in Albania), the Motz surname shares three upward-pointing spears with the Tracks/Tricks and Drigs. That's a great migratory-route clue.

I just remembered that Caens/Cans trace excellently to the Ceno tributary of the TARo river. That's the trash can right there! Tarrs/Tara's/Tarres' were first found in Somerset with Trashers/Tresure's!!! Ahh, but of course. Why did God put this in the dream? The Maxwells were of Rijeka (near Colapis), who share the black, double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps (I trace them to Benjamites at the Colapis, perfect), bringing Ghislaine Maxwell to mind because Fier's (and Cumberland's Fare's) are related to Apps/EPPS' while Ghislaine was EPStein's manager.

Just remembered: the five ostrich feathers in the Caen/Can Crest are in the Crest of this Arms of Traby probably because the Ceno is near the Trebia. The horns in the this Traby Arms are black and striped gold, same as the hunting horns of Lothians/Loudons (and Kids). Isn't that part of the ladder upon which I stood with the trash can? Lothians/Loudons share a green border with Livingstons who in turn came to topic with Loudermilks. The Trebia flows to Placentia, and the latter's Ananes > Annandale elements are in the "placit" motto term of Rims/Rums. Amazing, is it not, what a dream can tell us if one has about 12 years of full-time heraldry experience. I wonder how God convinced me to plug away at this for 12 years or more? There's a lot of work in that alone; this revelation ain't for nothin'.

Just as the last paragraph ended, I was singing, "HONEY from out of the CONE," from the song, "I'd Rather Have Jesus," by Selah. It reminds that the Chief-Shield colors of Livings (Westmorland, same as the Lowther/Lauder location) is shared by Tanners while German Tans/Tanners have pine cones. Honeys (possible Huns from the Bled / Rijeka area) share the bee and hive with the Kerry Crest. Bluds/Bloods share the lodged stag with Maxwells, from Maxton, and Maxtons share the bee in Crest with Honeys. Lesce is suspect with the Leslie HUNgarians, and while Leslie's became earls of Rothes, the Rathers are also Rothes!!! "I'd RATHER Have Jesus." I don't know how God manages my writings with such exceptional timing, right on topic with the playing of a song to which I'm often singing. It's pretty cool, there's no lighting flashings or any fearful sensations. The fearful God of Moses has become cool. For now. Wrath cometh for a Day. The Scottish Rathers/Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs were first found in Moray with Rothes castle of the Leslie's.

The Maezaei line of king Maccus named Maxton, and I think I can now explain MaxWELLs as a Maccus-line merger with Wells. Maxtons look like they love the Pero's as well as the Avitus-Maesa line in their "Providus" motto term. If we assume that Carni merged with Maxwell elements at Rijeka, we follow to the Welsh Carne's having a pelican-on-nest on a red Shield, same as German WELLs. The latter were first found in Westphalia (lots of Stewart kin), home of Duck liners while ducks are used by HAVE's/Haafs. "I'd rather HAVE Jesus." Just another day of song-line miracles, ho-hum.

German Wells are Whaler-like Wellers, and then we find a whale in the Coat of Dols while Alans of that place came to use the pelican-on-nest as Stewarts. Whalers ("Avito" no guff), who are said to be related to a Carne-like Carron entity, happen to share the Track/Trick lions, and the latter surname got us to the question on whether Trashers were from Tarsatica = Rijeka. The Irish Carron Coat shares the camel head with Pattersons/Cassane's while Scottish Pattersons (Ross-shire, near Rothes) use pelicans. Bellows use "vita." French Carrons were in Caen i.e. near Carne, what a trashincidence.

The two Below surnames (share fretty Shield with Caens/Cans) share both a vessel pouring water with the Arms-of-Rijeka eagle, and the Jeepma/Chep eagle in both colors. I trace the Roxolani in the Buzau / Rimna area to the rock in the Arms of Rijeka. In the dream, the trash can was immediately after the JEEP scene. That works. Bellows share the Bus / Rumble cinquefoil. Fretty-using Belows can be gleaned with the Thwait branch of Tute's/Tuits, both first found in Norfolk with Bus'. "Bellows" are used by Skipton-like Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Caen-beloved Peare's), which brings us back the Skipton-related Lacys (English branch has a purple FRET-knot). Fretty Belows are said to have been at Louth while Louths are also Louds/Lud's. Lots (probably share the Lothian/Loudon dog) share the double-headed eagle in both colors of the same from Maxwells. The amazing thing here is that while Lolita's/Loyola's point to Epstein's plane, they share the black wolf with Louths/Louds. One can't get more trashy than that.

Lacys can be from Lesce, which on the map above is at Emona in the area of the Carni people group. We just saw Tracy "near Vire at Carne." In the write-up of purple-lion Lacys: "The name of this place is derived from the Gaulish personal name LASCius, which is of uncertain origin..." We can see Lesce elements there.

The same update (2nd of November, 2018) has this: "The Tracys can be suspect somewhat now with the Tracks/Triggs, first found in Cambridgeshire with Rumillys, and sharing the green Lorraine lion in both colors. One Tracy Coat, if I recall correctly, includes a duck, the symbol of French Alans, Velens and Velins." Bar-le-DUC is a Duck kin in Lorraine. The Tracys either use "killing a duck" or "killing a stork." Hang on another minute. I'm back, found this in my files: "The Maidens are listed with Maddens having a 'falcon volant seizing a silver mallard,' evoking the 'falcon KILLING a stork' of Varns/Warnochs." The Maiden/Madden Coat shows identical (colors included) with the Tracy Coat. Although it suggests the Mallard/Millward/Milwood surname (branch of Milks?), the Mallard variation could have been named by marital involvement with a Duck liner. Oh well, sorry, nothing definitive so far as I can tell on whether Bill Barr is at issue in being killed. If he does what's right, he can have God's protection, we pray. Otherwise, God could abandon him to the demons, or even kill him if his cover-up actions become gross enough in His sight.

Maidens/Maddens were first found in Galway with LYNCH's/Linch's while LINKletters use the Mallard duck too. Linkletters were first found in ORKNey, where I trace the ORGAN PIPES of Late's/Lets. LATOvici were beside Carni while mallard-using Tracys were at Carne. WOW, Tracys were at Vire while Vires'/Vairs/Verona's share the Lynch/Linch Coat (!) and throw in what could be the Arms-of-Saraca fish. Works real good. And Kolomoisky owns a pipe company and is suspect in using LATvia to launder money. Another surname with the mallard is the Devon surname. Linkletters could have been Lynch's/Linch's merged with Letters/Lauders, kin of Tooth's.

I have just got to repeat what I think was an event from God, in Texas, where he pointed to the Howells on Gilligan's island, and from that, I felt that we were pointed to Jim Baker of the military, who was working with Stefan Halper. It floored me to find that Jim Baker was persecuting Mr. LOVinger while God pointed originally to LOVEY Howell. Her husband was played by Jim Backus, you see, which is how I arrived at Jim Baker. Well, I have more to add on this right now that's new, and, besides, you just saw Lacys who share the purple lion of SKIPtons while Gilligan's Island had the SKIPPer. I think there is something to all of this, especially as Spanish Falcons share the Halper / Steele checks. In this picture, it could be Halper killing Barr...though I have no idea whether God is using the falcon-killing-a-mallard imagery in the first place. I can't find record in my files as to whether the Lacy Crest has a falcon versus eagle or hawk.

Dutch Bakers came to mind above because they share the chevron of English Falcons. What a hoot. To verify that this is the right picture for us to go with, the Chief of English Bakers shares the lion in the Chief of Cabbage's while cabbages are used by French Planque's/Plants. It just so happens that the first PlantaGENET (suspect as a Plant-Ghent merger) was a FALCon-like Fulk. Plus, English Planque's have an upright lion in the colors of the passant lions of Cabbage's and Bakers, which can be gleaned with the upright Loius lion, for Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers who happen to have the passant lion of Cabbage's and Bakers.

Now for the killer. I have proven that Planque's/Plants are from PLANCia Magna (a Herod), the line to Plunketts who share the Coat of KILLINs! The FALCon KILLING a mallard, at your service. You see, Plancia was married to Tertullus, and then someone in-the-know (of the Plancia line) created a mythical Tertullus for the great-grandfather of the Anjou Fulks, the ones who birthed Geoffrey Plantagenet. The Fulke's/Volks share the fleur-de-lys of Lys'/Lisse's, from Lissus of the Cavii Illyrians, the line to the Chives' who share the Mallard/Millward moline.

It just so happens that French Louis' were in Lorraine, location of Bar-le-Duc, and Trashers/Tresure's happen to share the green dragon with Welsh Lewis' (Glamorganshire). MONmouth is beside Glamorganshire, and the Monmouths happen to share the MAID/Maud Coat while we just saw MAIDens/Maddens using the Coat of Tresse's/Trasse's/Tracys at/near CARNE. Isn't "MONmouth" (named after the mouth of the Monnow) from EMONa at the Carni people group? Looks like. And Welsh Carne's/Charme's were first found in Glamorganshire! Zinger, proof that Emona elements named that Monnow river at Monmouth.

Monmouth is even close to Colapis-like Clapton, and then Clapps/Clappers share the Beach / Beacher/Becher Coat while English Beckers use it in blue while Bakers are also Beckers. You really need to be impressed here because German Beckers share the Halper checks too, but they do it on a bend, as do Steele's. Who arranged for this heraldry, and why? The Claptons no longer showing a Coat once showed a giant patee in the colors of the Planque/Plant patee. The Claptons still showing a Coat were found to have the bend of the Wards who in turn point in their motto to Comey and possibly Fusion GPS. The MillWARD variation of Mallards could indicate Wards.

Monmouthshire is the location of Magor, and while English Majors are Magors too, Spanish Majors share the checkered Halper and Partridge Shield. I'm including Partridge's because the manager for the Partridge family (TV show) was Dave MADDEN. Pretty amazing. The Chief of French Majors shares the rose in the Halper Chief, is that not incredible, since Halpers are thus linking to the area of Howells? God wanted to point the Howells on Gilligan's Island to Halper. The Beachers/Bechers share the white demi-lion with the Sledge's/Sleighs having Howell-connectable owls in Howell colors. The Sledge/Sleigh lion holds a gold fitchee, as does the Halper/Halfpenny Crest while gold fitchees can be found with Halps/Helps/Halfs (duck-liner Haafs?).

WOW, unbelievable. We already saw how Albert Oosteyn had a whistle-blower pointer to Stefan Halper. It just so happens that PARTridge's were first found in Kent with PERTs/Petts, Petits, and Alberts, and I had checked Alberta's earlier, while on Lake Louise (!) of Alberta, to find that they share the mascle of Perts/Petts!!! I might have missed that link had the Partridge's not brought Perts to mind, and so just look at that dynamite: Partridge's share the Halper Shield! Wow.

As Plunketts and Killens look like they have a version of the Brace/Bras Coat, I'll repeat here that Bracebridge's and Champagne's have a black version of the Beach / Beacher / Becker Shields, looking linkable to the black checks of Halpers. Then, the Helpe river is the location of Avesnes, near Mons (Hainaut), and nobles of Avesnes married a family in Champagne, tending to clinch the Halper-Champagne link. The Carni were on the upper Sava while English Savage's/Sava's are probably a branch of Sauvage's, first found in Champagne.

Partridge-like Partons were first found in Cumberland with the Falcons (sharing the Baker chevron) and with Fier-county liners such as Daggers and Fare's, while French Falcons have a "fier" motto term as well as a version of the motto of the dagger-using Comyns/Comine's; the latter's "Courage" motto is played upon in the Falcon motto. This is perfect because the Courage surname shares the fleur-de-lys of Perkins/Parkings, kin of Plunketts i.e. the line to Fulke's/Volks, first found in Norfolk with Comyns/Comine's. Avesnes above is near Comines, explaining why the Comyns/Comine's share the Coat of Avesnes-like Avisons.

Lookie: Brocks, sharing the red Carny lion, use a "VIREscit" motto term, and Tracy is near Vire at Carne. It just so happens that Petits share the Carny / Brock lion, but it must also be that of Italian Simons, for French Simons (Louis lion?) use a "mon" motto term. Both lions of Simons are expected as different-colored versions of the MONfort/Montfort lion, especially as red-lion Mounts are also Mons'. I can link French Petits (Burgundy, same as Pilate's) to Mont Pilat while Carnys share the Pilate pheons.

The Montfort lion is also that of Malta's who in turn throw in a column while Columns/Malcolms have a "petit" motto term. The "ARDua" motto term in the Column/Malcolm motto is explained somewhat with the Ardevro location of Petits, and then these same Petits had a Sayer entity while Sayers/Sarah's could be with a version of the Carne/Charme cinquefoils. The latter surname, with possibly the Partridge bend, share the cinquefoils of Ardens while "Ardens" is the full motto of Perts/Petts. Sayers are suspect with Sava-liner Sauers. The latter's write-up can identify the Petit lion with Gallerys/Galloways. The MEDALs/Dougals were first found in Galloway, and the MEDALlion on Jeep was suspect with Mr. Mifsud, the Maltese professor. Hmm.

If that's not enough, Welsh Carne's (pelican on nest, links well to Saint Carne of Brittany, near Dol) were first found in Glamorganshire with Louis' / Lewis'. The Bracebridge's tell of their being married to Ardens, and Bracebridge was the scene of the medallion-on-Jeep event. The Chep variation of Jeepma's looks linkable to Monmouth's Chepstow, and other variations of Jeepma's look like they are from the line of the Biblical Jabesh, for I happen to trace Jabesh-Benjamite merger (for good reasons) to the Japodes smack at the Breuci / Carni theater, and to nearby Rim-like Rimini. Italian Simons are the ones at the Jeep's door-handle scene, the scene immediately before I was on a ladder as a pointer to BARRY Loudermilk. Rimini-like Rimmons (Rumilly-Meschins and/or Rims/Rums?) were involved with McLeods (isle of Skye-LEWIS, same as Rimmons) along with the Malcolm branch of Callams.

The mythical partridge, PERDix, smacks of the PERDrix peak at Mont Pilat...tending to nail French Petits with Mont Pilat. These Petits were at Bressy, perhaps part of the namers of MontBRISon (Breuci liner) near Mont Pilat. Bressys (named Brecy) share the fesse of Forez's ("travers" should be Tarvisium elements) while Mont Pilat is beside the Forez mountains.

OH WOW, here's from the Monfort/Montfort write-up: "'Hugh de Montfort, son of THURSTAN de Basternbergh..." While Howells were first found in MONmouthshire, THURSTON Howell, husband of Lovey Howell, was played by Jim Backus! This is new right here. OH WOW, as per BASTERNbergh, Basters/BosTARD (Devon, same as Darts/TARDs) happen to share the chevron of Dutch Bakers, as though this is all verification that God was in the pointer (through Miss Hicks) to the Howells on Gilligan's Island for the purpose of pointing to Jim Baker and Lovinger.

The Baster/Bostard Crest is a gold glove holding a sword tilted from the erect position, same as the Carnys. Stefan Halper was one of the first to be traced to the shark in the Hicks dream, and the Bellows do trace to that shark scene while "bello" is a Baster/Bostard motto term. One Below surname shares the Jeepma/Chep eagle. Recall the English Falcons sharing the Baker (and now Baster/Bostard) chevron while Spanish Falcons share the Halper checks, for the latter Falcons were first found in Catalonia with the Lara surname having a pot. Basters/Bostards have a "POTior" motto term while Spanish Majors (near the Falcons), share the entire Halper Shield, were at BAZTan. BASTars are also Bastards while Bustards can be gleaned as a Bush branch. I have seen the Lara's at a Google page with pots covered in black-gold checks, half the colors of the Major / Halper / Falcon checks. Again, English Majors/Magors share the same rose in Chief as Halpers! Bingo.

The passant lions of Bakers and Cabbage's are shared as mountain cats by the Chives' (and by Tiller-like Taylors/Tailers; Bill Taylor comes to mind). The reason that Chives' call them cats is that the Tilurius is also the Cetina while a cat is used by Cetins/Cattans; the latter even share the fitchee of Tarves'. Chives', you see, first found in Tarves (with Lesce-liner Leslie's), share the moline of Mallards/Millwards. Is that not a piece of work? Yes, because Bakers have the Falcon chevron while Cabbage's are from the Plunkett-Killen line. A falcon killing a mallard. Tarves-like Travis/Travers share the scallops of the particular Bakers sharing the Cabbage / Chives lion.

Trasse's/Tracys were first found in Devon, where Chives' were said to have been first found until changed to Tarves (were Trasse's / Trashers from Tarvisium?). Devon is also where the Moline's/Moulins were first found who share a black moline cross with Chives' and Mallards/MILLwards (Tracys use the mallard). Moline's/Moulins smack of Milners/Muellers, and I've had reason to link the Moline/Moulin goat heads to the same of Blowers/Bloors as per a whistle-blower in relation to the Mueller report.

As per Tracys/Trasse's near Carne, it's probably correct to enter the German Karens/Kerns (like "Carne"), not only because they share the sleeping moon of Roets (Somerset, same with Trashers/Tresure's), but because Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel found in the Milner/Mueller Coat (Moline/Moulin colors). Catherine Roet married John of GHENT/GAUNT, which recalls Planque-liner PlantaGENETs, and it just so happens that there's a GAUNTlet glove (could be holding a dagger) in the Chief of Carnys, and that the Chief-Shield colors of Carnys are those of Roets (beside English Planque's) and their Bill kin. The Welsh Carne write-up tells that Monmouthshire was previously, Ghent (a thing I didn't know until now)...explaining the gauntlet gloves of Phone's/Fane's/Vane's (Monmouthshire). The Bill Chief looks connectable to the Halper Chief. Bill s use WOODbills, as they call them, and Mallards are MilWOODs too. The Planque/Plant write-up: "...De Planques in the region of Pas de Calais in the arrondissement of Montreuil sur Mer." That's where the father (Payne Roet) of Catherine Roet was.

The Welsh Louis lion suddenly becomes a good candidate for the same-colored lion in the Arms of Ghent (Belgium)

If Carnys use a dagger, then the "ABStine" motto term looks like code for the Abbs variation of Apps (Middlesex, same as Fier's), for DAGGER-using Comyns'/Comine's were from Kuman in Fier county...upon the APSus river, home of DEXARoi. The addition of "SusTINE" in the Carny motto suggests the motto of Tooths, and the Tyne rivers around Lauder, for Tooths share the Lauder/Letter griffin. Lauder was the entity very connectable to the ladder in the trash-can scene, and the Trashers look like a branch of Tracys at Carne. It works.

The Comine-like Comeys are the only ones I know of with a tooth showing for a cat, and as the bulldog was exactly HALFway down the shark's mouth and throat while it's teeth were around the bulldog's belly, I reasoned that Halpers/HALFpennys and Helps/HALFs were to be identified with the shark. The English Plants/Plantagenets were first found in London with Tooths ("obTINEbit"), and it just so happens that the Chief of Plants/Plantagenets has one rose, in the colors of the one rose in the Halper Chief.

It just so happens that Karens/Kerns were first found in Silesia with Brock-branch Brocuffs who can thus be traced to the Breuci a little down-river on the Sava from the Carni. Brocks are the ones with a "VIREscit" motto term while Tracy is near Vire at Carne. The Brock Crest has the Carny lion, and holding a dart, while Moline's/Moulins (Devon, same as Darts) were at Dartington. I always link the Sleeps, from Bar at lake Scodra, to Darts, and we just saw sleeping moons from Carni suspects, and this likely goes back to the moon goddess of Caria, who was loved by the eternal sleeper, Endymion. The Brock motto is shared by Stewarts (probably the Brock / Carny lion), and Stewarts share the pelican on nest with Welsh Carne's.

I have a repeat of an event at my age 25, when I fell asleep in my taxi cab at the corner of Keele street (in Concord). A KNOCK on the WINDshield was then heard. I awoke to find a police officer, and he recognized me from when we last saw one another in grade eight, 12 years earlier. He was NORMAN MILES. We have a story here, but I'd first like to address the Knocks/Knox Crest, because it's the falcon design of English Falcons, the ones with the Baker chevron. In fact, I've been calling the Knock-Shield bird an eagle, though it may be a falcon. In any case, Tarvisium is only about 75 miles west of the Carni, and the "moVEO" motto term of Knocks/Knox's can be for the Vio variation of Vito's, first found in Tarvisium, now Treviso.

My knock on Muschatov's WINDOW led quickly to the Finis/Fien bloodline from the Veneti, and Treviso is smack in the land of Window-like Veneti. The Travis'/Travers share the motto of Buckley-branch Buckleys, and the Leslie's of Lesce use buckles. We can thus expect Carni liners at/around Rothes castle, upriver from Buckie (I've been calling it Buckle, my mistake), and it just so happens that I can trace the Carny pheons to the "Lord" motto term of Glasgows, Glasgow being where Pollocks lived who built Rothes castle. Jewish Pollocks share the German Baker Coat, and Travis'/Travers share the scallops of English Bakers.

The Lords are Lauds, and can be traced, thanks to Amptons, to the Ladys/LAUDymans (NorthAMPTONshire), a potential Lauder/Letter line. This is important now because Carnys are suspect with the lion of Italian Simons whom God pointed to in the dream with the Lauder-like ladder and trash can. As was said, both lions of two Simon surname as expected to be the lion of Simon de Montfort (MONfort), and this lion is shared by LODge's/Loge's who, because they have one of the tressure borders of Lauders/Letters, and a giant lion in the colors of the giant Lauder/Letter griffin, look like a Lauder element.

Norman Miles knocked on the window of my TAXi, and Tax's/Dachs happen to share the crossed swords of Borders, the latter first found in Somerset with Tresure's/Trashers. I assume that "double-tressure BORDER is part-code for Borders, especially as it appears arranged in honor of Borders that Lauder is in the Borders region. Tax's/Dachs can be a branch of Decks/Daggers, connectable to Carnys if they use a dagger. Lauder is near two Tyne rivers while "tine" is buried twice in the Carny motto.

The Dagger branch of Acre's shares the black fleur of the Suffolk Normans while the other Suffolk Normans (Chief of Fleet-related Feltmans) have a version of the Ghent Coat. The former Norman surname has three fesses (probably the Stur fesses) in the colors of the same of Scottish Drummonds while German Normans (common savage with a club) were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds.

Get ready. Norman Miles figures into things best, I think, with Scottish Normans, due to their motto, "AuXILLium ab ALTO." The Mauds/Maids, who share the Monmouth Coat, are said to have been at Mont Alto (somewhere in Italy), and then the MAIDens/Maddens have a falcon KILLing a mallard while Mallards are MILLwards, very linkable to Miles' (mill rind) and Mile's/Meiles'/Mills. The latter share the moline with Mallards/Millwards. English Miles' were first found in Lincolnshire with Cheile's and Keele's/KILLs. "AuXILLium ab ALTO." Be amazed, for, as I said, Norman Miles knocked on my taxi-cab window at the corner of Steels (and highway 7). I had fallen asleep on the shoulder of the road, I kid you not. It was a busy road, explaining why a police officer stopped to check me out, for I could not be seen from the outside while slumped over toward the passenger seat. Cheile's are in the motto of Camerons who in turn have the triple fesses of Normans in colors reversed, no guff at all.

Hold on. The shoulder of the highway now seems to verify that it's not coincidental where Knocks/Knox's and Shoultz's/Shouldhams share the same giant bird (could be a falcon) in gold. The Shoultz/Shouldham motto term, "Vigilate," means, "stay awake." It appears that God set up the Norman-Miles-knock event to point to Halper, Wasserman-Schultz, and Mueller, for Muellers are easily linkable to Miles liners, and the Halps/Helps/Halfs have the motto, "Auxilia Auxilliis." Can you believe it? It's like the "Auxillium" of Scottish Normans. And the Keele's/Kills have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Schultz's, while Wassermans share the savage with German Normans.

It can be added that while Wassermans were linked earlier to McCabe's and Simpsons, the Miles' share the Chief-Shield colors of Simpsons. The armored arm of German Schultz's is that of Carnys in the sense that the sword / dagger is not erect, but tilted. The heraldic / Templar lamb always comes with a tilted flag / banner, and the Crest of Scottish Normans (the ones with "Auxillium") has one.

Now watch this, lo. Both Schultz surnames together have Coats linkable to that of Brace's/Bras'. I trace Savage's to Savigliano, beside BRA. A sub-point here is that Nancy Pelosi has a surname first found in Savigliano. The main point is savage-using Wassermans, for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced to resign the DNC directorship (thanks to a WikiLeaks dump), and was replaced by Donna BRAZile. Wikipedia says that her surname descended from BRASwells. Is that not amazing?

If you're thinking that we can't decipher "falcon killing a mallard" with both Killins and Keele's/Kills (Killin colors), it's perhaps a remedy where Brace's/Bras' have a version of the Killin Coat while sharing the armored arm with Keele's/Kills. Brace's/Bras' and Killins share the same bend as Dutch Schultz's/Schilds, though the latter have two of them. Believe it or not. It seems that God is pointing to Wasserman-Schultz and Donna Brazile as protectors of the Seth-Rich secret. The police might come knocking soon.

In fact, just realized: I liked to spend my parked, taxi time in the Keele area where I fell asleep because its where Canadian National Railways taxies four men regularly to its Oshawa location (it's the longest regular taxi fare, by far, from my company). Oshawa happens to be in DURHAM region! Wow, that's encouraging. CNR is at 1 Administration Rd., very close to Keele and #7.

As though God wants to prove that he set me up there asleep (probably only about 15 minutes), the Pickerings share a blue paw in Crest with Windows. Norman Miles knocked on my window, and Pickerings were looked up because I thought that Oshawa might have been in Pickering township, which is in Durham region. Oshawa is at least near Pickering, but lookie at what I found in the Pickering write-up: "Sir James Pickering ( fl. 1383), Speaker of the House of Commons, was son of Sir John Pickering of KILLINGton, Westmorland." This job is one surprise after the other. The Window lion paw holds a gold fitchee, as does the Halper lion paw. Windows were first found in Yorkshire with the Pickerings (probably the Bruce lion), you really need to give God praise. He might yet use Durham in spite of trashy Bill Barr.

I remember where I fell asleep on the shoulder, closest to hwy 7 and HILLside. As the sleeping-bag dream had me PICKing up a sleeping bag on a hill, this Hillside ave. in conjunction with Pickerings looks interesting, especially as bags share the lozenges of Pickers/Peckers/Packers. I don't know whether Hillside was there back then, but I do know it was not far east of the main intersection at Keele and 7. In those years, hwy 7 was a plain road, not two lanes as it now appears to be. Pickerings are also Puckerings/PIKerings while Clappers/Claps, with a Shield much like that of Bags, use a pike fish.

God once indicated a stool pigeon with the only pigeon I've ever seen at my place in ten years. The pigeon landed on the ground at the corner of the septic tank, then walked over the septic = stool tank, you see, and then flew away. I learned that day that Stolls (Somerset, same as Whistle's/Whistler's), share the lozenges of Whistle's/Whistlers, yet the Stoll lozenges form the same cross as do the Picker/Pecker lozenges (same colors even). As French Pigeons (compare with English Falcons) shares the Baker chevron, I suppose that a stool pigeon has arisen, or will arise, to support Lovinger (whistle-blower) against Jim Baker's nasty reaction to his whistle-blowing. The Bakers/Beckers are linkable to the Beckers ("Bis") sharing a black stage head with Vise's, and "vis" is a motto term of Stolls.

Stolls have a dove probably indicating Cuppae (city of doves/PIGeons) off the PEK river, possibly arranged by God as verification that I'm on the right track. Cuppae elements seemed to have named the Kupa, the home of the proto-Bruce Breuci, and Pickerings do use the Bruce lion. You might want to check out the "barrelling" term in the Picker/Packer write-up.

I've just checked "Hillin" in case it's a Killin branch. Most variations shown on the Hillin page are not at all like that one. However, not only do they have the Bruce lion in colors reversed, but they share a gold tower with Patiens'/Patents/Putins, first found in Dumfries with the Bruce's of Annandale. Patiens'/Patents/Putins even share the Keele/Kill crescent, and Hillens happen to have a gold-tower version of the Kelly Coat. The Kellys make the tower white, as is the tower of French Falcons and Hills. English Falcons have a good reflection of the Pigeon Coat. In the Hillin Chief, the VIO/Vito annulet, I figure. "MoVEO" is a term of the Knocks/Knox's with the same bird in Crest as English Falcons.

Whitby township is between Ajax and Oshawa, and the Whitby-surname motto has, "VITium." Matt WHITaker comes to mind, Bill Barr's deputy i.e. possible working with Durham.

Ha-ha. I was taking a long time re-finding the white griffin in Crest to match that of Shoultz's, important because Shoultz's share the Knock/Knox eagle (or falcon). Finally, by eliminating all others, my last option was one of the two Pigeon surnames, and while the first one was loading, sure enough, Martina McBride sang, "let the white dove sing" (song: "Independence Day"). The white griffin was found with English Pigeons, though not the Pigeons with the near-Falcon Coat, but close enough. It's Saturday, the day that God often grants song-line miracles like this one. I was on the SHOULDer with the taxi when the police came KNOCKing. Is that not amazing? God Almighty.

Shoultz's (Norfolk, same as Flecks/Flags and Fulke's/Volks) have the Vigils in their motto who in turn have the split Shield of Falc-like Flecks (Belgian) and Fulke's/Volks. This is the place to repeat that Soar-like Sorrys share "simplex" with Perkins/Parkings, the latter first found in Leicestershire with the Soar river. The points are: Perkins/Parkings use "Simplex VIGILum veri," and I was PARKED on the shoulder sleeping! The Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks!!! It never stops.

The other Patents share the lozengy Shield of Schultz-like Schole's/Scayle's. The Scayle variation is like, "Scalia," and the sleeping-BAG dream first pointed to the murder of judge Scalia. Bags were first found in Norfolk with Shoultz's, and, wow, Bags share a Shield of lozengy with Schole's/Scayle's.

I was SLEEPing on the shoulder, near the intersection at KEELE street, when he came knocking. That is amazing? Is John Durham going to check out the KILLING of Scalia? Keele's/KILLs have the SCHULTZ quadrants in colors reversed, and the DNC, highly motivated to kill Scalia, was run by Wasserman-Schultz when Scalia was killed. Wassermans have a savage, and Jack Sava probably helped to kill Seth Rich while the DNC was yet under Wasserman-Schultz. Jack Sava (chief hospital surgeon) oversaw the recovery or murder of Steve Scalise (they chose to let him live, I figure, with Scalise's promise to cease his investigations).

Wow. This is amazing. We saw above how God may have been pointing to Pickering township, which happens to beside Ajax township (itself beside Whitby), and I have traced Jacks to mythical Ajax at Cetis. Did God get me the taxi job because He wanted to use the CN railway company to point these things to Pickering and Ajax as part-pointer to Jack Sava? I got the job when moving to Hunt street, and meeting a taxi dispatcher living there. Did Hunter Biden's people in Ukraine provided Guccifer 2.0 as the faked alternative for the DNC heist by Seth Rich? I can't remember where exactly I dropped off the CN employees, whether Pickering, Ajax or Oshawa, but it was in that area for sure.

I have just found a Nock surname sharing red leopard faces with Anton(y)s. I needed this when the last update started on my KNOCKing on Miss Muschatov's window from her home's TV ANTENna (the kind one can climb like a ladder). It doesn't matter whether Knocks were a Nock branch; it matters only that God may have verified the antenna event as His own by this heraldic "coincidence." We can then ask, why Anthonys? OH WOW. Was Tony Blinken born, Anthony? I've just finished a treatment of Carne liners, and here I find: "The ancestors of the Blinken family lived in BlenCARNE, in the parish of KIRKLAND, in the county of Cumberland." The Kirkland Crest has the Knock/Knox falcon exactly!!!! WOW. Falcons were first found in Cumberland too.

I added the paragraph above to the last update, what a shocker. Tony Blinken was the deputy (second in command) in John Kerry's state department. Kerry's son-in-law was involved with the Bidens. I was probably not living at Hunt anymore when the policeman came knocking on the windSHIELD. I've just realized that Shields are like the Schild variation of Dutch Schultz's! And OW-WOW, German Schultz's share the stars of Kirklands! Can we imagine Wasserman-Schultz with the state department's crooked affairs? Of course. Who but she helped the DNC set-up the anti-Trump program in Ukraine?

Irish Shields look linkable to Carnys on two counts. Scottish Shields (Carny colors) share the dove-with-branch in the Stoll Coat, and borrow the motto of English Shaws while the other two Shaw surnames come up as "Seth." Scottish Seths/Shaws use cups for a trace to the Kupa river, the Carni-people theater. The snake design in the Shield of Scottish Shields is shown also for Whitbys (Yorkshire, same as Pickerings and Ajax-suspect Jacks), and the latter share pheons in Chief with Carnys. The Carni were not more than 75 miles from Vito's of Tarvisium, and Whitby have a "Vitium" motto term. Moreover. Travis/Travers share the scallops of Biss' while Biss' have a reflection of the Whitby Crest. Carni were at/near Bled while Bleds use a "tous" motto term while Whitbys use "VirTUS."

Tony Blinken brought us to Kirklands, first found in Cumberland with Kirks who in turn have the Chief-Shield combination of Whitbys. What could that be about? Are WHITbys part of "VITium"? Was Avitus a line to at least some White surnames? Julius Avitus married a descendant of Julius Agrippa's sibling, and while Agrippa's are suspect to Griffins, Whits use a giant griffin.

WHITbys may be linking to Carne liners because Blinkens were at BlenCARNE while Blinkers are Blanchards, easily altered to Blanks > White's / Whits. The Whitby snakes could be for the Snake's. The Snake write-up together with the Nock write-up both trace to "oak" phrases, which reminds of the "AUXillium" motto term of Scottish Normans. I've just noticed that the latter term ends in "lium," like the ending of "vigiLUM" of the Perkins/Parkings. The Lum/Lamb Crest shares the lamb in the Crest of Scottish Normans. Norman Miles came a-nocking while I was parked.

There's an Anthony Weiner in our DNC story. The Lums/Lambs use a "palma" motto term while PLUMers use a Coat version of German Weiners who in-turn share the fleur-de-lys of Palms (Yorkshire, same as Whitbys). Although I don't know what it is officially, the griffin-using Whits show a PALM (of a hand) in the Crest.

Some 35 years ago, I decided it was best for Christians to show backbone. I decided, all on my lonesome, not to celebrate Christmas for typical reasons. It's not Jesus' birthday; it's a day intruded upon by paganism. If we're serious about Jesus, we can do what we need to do, no matter that the world frowns. This is why I'm not going to wish you a merry Christmas.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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