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December 10 - 16, 2019

I Knocked on Diane Muschatov's Window
And Almost Got Shot For Telling This Biden - Kolomoisky Story
The Mr. Fix is In
The Grimm Denver Story of Platte River Networks

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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If you know the gist of the Biden crime, you might want to start the video below at 4 minutes. The rest is a good explanation, with personal theories / options, of what transpired close to Biden's official authority to control American loans to Ukraine. I was enjoying the presentation until the narrator got to a dastardly Ukraine killer (Mr. Kolomoisky) who has a tank filled with sharks. Hmm. I've paused the video at the first hearing of that tank (15th minute), to write this paragraph. Take a look:

So, the narrator claims that Burisma's owner is "under the control" of Kolomoisky. The narrator's theory is that Kolomoisky is the invisible boss of Burisma, and that the Bidens had to deal with him, or even serve him, if they wanted to prosper with the American loan money re-directed into their pockets. This makes the shark-tank man the potential king-pin of Ukraine interference with Trump's election bid. Wow, that really does fit the shark-bulldog dream. Yes, Kolomoisky would have wanted Hillary as president because the loans to Ukraine could not have been taken advantage of only by the Bidens, and who more than the Clintonites would have wanted in?

I was looking at the Muschat surname for KoloMOISKY, to see whether God would use it to point to him, because Muschats share the Epstein Coat. As Muschats are likely the Muscats merged with Montfitchet/Montfiquet elements, I also looked up Fitchets/Fitts and Fiquets. Fitchets/Fitts use leopard faces, which suggests the leopard of MOSCA's/Muscas'. That seems to be a super pointer to Kolomoisky, if God wanted to use one. I didn't have anything to say about Fiquets. I decided to say none of this because it may seem prematurely hokey...until I realized that I had wrongly spelled "fit" in the paragraph above, as "fot." The Gernons are said to have been of Montfitchet, you see, and I always link Gernons to Foots/Foods and their Fothes/Fittes'/Fette branch. So, in case God caused that error, I decided to jot this all down. It may mean that one of Epstein's partners, maybe Bill Clinton, was/is involved with Kolomoisky.

If Burisma is pointed to be Buris', the have what looks like a right-side Masci bend-with-fleur. That can work with Mosca's. Use the Buris tab to open other Coats; you'll follow the hunt for clues much better, but it will take a lot more of time, I know. You have all week before my next update.

I had a girlfriend, Diane MUSCHATov, a Ukrainian, that can point to this man. A story I've told about her is the night I climbed her TV antenna to knock on her bedroom window. It must have been lucky that the antenna was at her window, of all possible places. her parents didn't want me seeing her; they didn't like my new-found, zealous Christianity, and, besides, they had already chosen a man for her. After I climbed the antenna, I got up on the privacy fence, and walked along it in case her parents were watching out the front window. I was protesting, and it was night. I remember Rick Legge being there that night, and Legge's have a giant stag head in the colors of the giant Trump stag head, though the heads don't face the same way.

It just so happens that the stag head in the Arms of WATERFORD County was once shown at Wikipedia facing to the viewer's left, as is the Trump stag head. But Wikipedia changed it to facing the viewer, same as the Legge stag head. The point is, I'm writing this part on Saturday, late in the week, after discovering (you'll see it below) that Waters, who share the triple chevrons of Muschats and Epsteins, are also Waterville's while WATERFORDs are likewise Waterville's. Just look at that, because it touches upon the fence at the Muschat-like Muschatov's.

On top of this, my Russian car, a Lada, makes it to topic in an impressive way along with Mr. Fix. You will be impressed by the outcome of that discussion. I met Mr. Fix, an Israeli, very near to the time that I was with Muschatov, if not bang-on that time. I was considering a story about the Lada's radiator fan, but decided not to include it. I try my best not to make stretches or wrong assumptions on which events in my life are being used as heraldic pointers by God. It turns out that, while I found the Fens'/Venns/Fans when seeking a potential pointer for my walking on Muschatov's fence, the Fens/Venns/Fans (definitely of Fanano) come up as "Fan" too. The fan in the Lada would go on automatically, as it was built to do, so I had to wire a switch to the driver's compartment, and I used a household electrical switch which made it look funny and stick to my memory. That's why it came to mind while I was linking things about Joe Fix to Russian collusion. He ended up working for, or even owning, a Lada dealer. I didn't notice until now that Fens'/Fans share a blue fesse with Fix's.

Later, I remember that Lada was made by Fitt-like Fiat.

Now there are three "bellows" -- FANS -- used by Shiptons, who look like they could be Skiptons...of Craven. It just so happens that while RICK Legge was with me at the fence-walking scene, Cravens and Ricks use the same Coat in colors reversed from one another, and, to boot, they both trace to Croatians at Rika/Rijeka. If you got halfway into the last update, you will see why Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's partner in crime, is a topic as per this same Rijeka location. You will even see the Bellow-like Bello's entering that topic because they have a Crest similar to the Arms of Rijeka. It's impressive "coincidences" like this, hundreds of them, that has convinced me, over a few years and counting, that God taught me to make heraldry links in respect of the events and dreams he's engineered in my life. The purpose is to tell you of these things as pointers to certain things.

CRAVens were first theorized from "KRVati," an alternative name of Croatians, BEFORE I discovered Rika-like Ricks having the Craven Coat i.e. the Ricks/Rix's tended to verify the correctness of the theory. We can now see the fruit of making those discoveries as pointers to Jeffrey Epstein's organization in connection with Ukraine scandals, and it comes just after I showed a couple of other pointers to Epstein and Ukraine.

The first time I caught wind of Mr. Muschatov not wanting me to date his daughter was when I was at the home of Mr. Mellanson. I was calling her on the PHONE, but she said she couldn't talk to me anymore. Steve owned a VAN, and Phone's are listed with Fane's/Vane's, a branch, likely, of the Fens'/Venns/Fans. It's another example of how God arranges an event in my life to point to heraldry links that then tell part of an Intended story.

As the Muschatovs lived on WeldRICK road (Richmond Hill), I've just looked up Welders, since no Weldrick surname comes up. Welders/Welters share the Zionist star on blue with the Vlads who come to topic later with Joe Fix, because the Joe's/Josephs have a "wlad" motto term. Vlads then get us to Vladimir "the great" of Ukraine, you see, whose peoples founded (and perhaps named) MOSCOw. It just so happens that the Watters are listed with English Walters, you see, and Waters share the Epstein Coat.

Lookie: the Wies' (Silesia, same as German Walters) have one fesse in Weld-fesse colors while their Weis' (not "Wies") branch shares the Welder hexagrams / Zionist stars, half in the colors of the same of Vlads. And behold, for as I WALKed the fence at her place on WELDrick, while Rick was there, the Walks/Wachs have a solid reflection of the Wies Coat. Plus, the Wach-like Wake's can apply because I walked the fence after waking her up at the antenna. Antons are listed with Anthonys, I wonder if they apply? This update stresses Anthony Weiner (messed with under-aged girls) and his wife, and sees links to Epstein.

By what coincidence are the Coats of Welders and Vlads looking completely linkable to the Fix-like Vicks (one giant Zionist star in the colors of the Zionist stars of Welders, both surnames having the person in blue in their Crests)? I found this below when on the Victor link to both Fix's and VANS/Vance's. Fanincidence?

Many paragraphs after writing here, it came to mind from the fan RAD(iator) that Rads share the Vlad Star!!! Wow, so we use JOE Fix of the Lada dealer to get to the "wlad" motto term of Joe's, and from that we get the Vlad / Rad though God had to ruin my rad fan in order to prove that Joe Fix was His pointer to Josephs. There will be more on that much later.

You will see why Michaels and James' are pointers to Epstein's business, and you will also see why a certain Michael, who involves kids, points to the Rangabe's who married the Ukraine Varangians ruled by Vladimir "the great." Emperor Michael I Rangabe was married to Procopia, and Procops are listed with Brocuffs, first found in Silesia with the Walters above who have a different-colored version of the German Michael Coat.

You will see later why the nebulized Weld and Swale fesses are from the marriage of Alice in Saluzzo to the Dol Alans at Salop, where Sleeps were first found. I'm adding this because, after writing the above, one webpage claims that Weldricks are a variation of WoldRIDGE's (swans in Dol colors), and the latter were first found in Salop too, along with the Rudes'/RUDGE's who in turn share the Ridge cross. The Woldridge swans are for Swans/Sions/SINE's in the "sine" motto term of Welds. The Woldridge Crest shares a tree with Swale-branch Swallows and the German Wilds/Wilders ("victRIX") expected in the Wildreck/Wildridge variation of Woldridge's / Weldricks. English Wilds/Walds were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle, and with English Wilders (could be Gore fesse). "VICTRix" look partly for Victors who share the stars of Scottish VANs/Vance's/Vaux's, and Feschs/Vechters will be shown connectable to Fix's/Fecks. Welds are said to have been Wilds in ancient times.

Oh wow, the Wilds/Walds share the Coat, virtually, of Howe's/Hows (both first found in Berkshire), and Windows are said to be from Williams de WindHOWs. The Hows'/House's, first found in Berkshire! That's the best evidence yet that Windows were a Windsor branch? Apparently, the nearby Yellows were related to Wilds and Hows. I'd like to record that Wilds/Walds have a "Veritas" motto term in case Project Veritas uncovers something linkable to this part of the discussion.

Note how "Vance" is like the only FENCE I know of, circling the tree of Baumgartners/Baumgardens. I've read the description; it's called a fence. Garden liners can be from lake Garda, beside Brescia. The Baumgartner tree and background is in the colors of the same of Woods, who throw in a savage, symbol also of Wilds/Wilders. It begs whether Woods/Wode's and Wolds were branches. (The two Baum surnames together can be gleaned as kin of Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels, Pasleys, and Speers/Speyers.)

Woodhouse's/Wooders were first found in Leicestershire with Woods/Wode's, and have a Windsor-like Coat with the "hoc signo" motto phrase of Fessys/Face's, a potential Fix/Feck / Fesch branch, for I trace Fessys/Face's with good Segni-reason to Fieschi of Genova. Especially as Windsors have a "me" motto term while Mee's/Meighs share the Fessy/Face cross, I think it reveals that the same-colored saltire of Windsors is for linkage to the Meigh-Fessy bloodline. Emailer Wilder told me of a blue-lion dream that I considered to be from God right away because it pointed perfectly to Macclesfields, who share the Meigh / Fessy cross, isn't that wild? Savage's were first found in Cheshire, location of Macclesfield. All she said was that this blue lion was named "something like Cappeo." One Arms of Macclesfield has the blue lion and a "copia" motto term.

She had a horse (Palomino) named, COPPERCHIEF, but I didn't know back then that earls of Macclesfield used leopards, the Copper Crest's symbol! AHA! The COPPER CHIEF uses leopard FACES, I kid you not; this is new right here. The write-up speaks on Coopers of Cheshire. If they have half the Mosca leopard in Crest, Coppers can be with the Messey/Messier saltire in colors reversed. The Copper saltire is blue like that of York's while Yorks have a "cupias" motto term. As I said, the dream was from God, but why? If Coopers have the Mosca leopard, then Diane Muschatov on Weldrick fits nicely with emailer Wilder's link to Coopers, especially as Coopers were first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans. So, God perhaps passed the dream along for the Mosca bloodline, for one reason anyway, though He is able to do numerous things with one simple scene.

It recalls my first kiss with Christine Peare at Palomino-like La Paloma, which God did set up, and Christine's, first found on Man, use cups as code for Cups/COPE's. The Berkshire Wilders ("Maenia") look like they are Man liners, with perhaps even a "man" in Crest. Wilder-related Savage's have a "PRO" motto term expected for Peare-branch Pero's who use one of the two Paloma pale bars. God set up my riding the horse of Miss Peare to link to the end of the sleeping-bag dream some 40 years later.

Woods, their Pick kin, and the Solomon kin of Vans/Vance's were all in my PICKing up the SLEEPing bag on a HILL in the WOODs (pointed to John Solomon of The Hill news, one of the best, if not the best, news breakers for Ukraine scandals). The "defend" motto term of Woods is suspect with the Fenders (otter), kin of the Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire, same as Fenders) who are said to have been proto-Windsors. We now have another sleep event / symbol with the ANTENna-window event, to add to the clues of what God wants to point to with two sleeping bags. Anton(y)s use a giant leopard face, and, I almost neglected to say, Italian Anton(y)s place a flower in WATER!!! Waters were first found in Essex with their Muschat kin! Where was my head that I had never noticed that before, so far as I can recall? They both share the Epstein Coat so that, apparently, the antenna event is for some Epstein-related Anthony character or another. This find comes (as though it was Reserved for) immediately after the earlier-written part of this update, below, stressing Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, in Hillary's emails scandal. The Peare scene in the sleeping-bag dream was a pointer to Hillary's secret / criminal email server.

[It wasn't until late in the next update that I wrote this feast: "I have just found a Nock surname sharing red leopard faces with Anton(y)s. I needed this when the last update started on my KNOCKing on Miss Muschatov's window from her home's TV ANTENna (the kind one can climb like a ladder). It doesn't matter whether Knocks were a Nock branch; it matters only that God may have verified the antenna event as His own by this heraldic "coincidence." We can then ask, why Anthonys? OH WOW. Was Tony Blinken born, Anthony? I've just finished a treatment of Carne liners, and here I find: "The ancestors of the Blinken family lived in BlenCARNE, in the parish of KIRKLAND, in the county of Cumberland." The Kirkland Crest has the Knock/Knox falcon exactly!!!! WOW. Falcons were first found in Cumberland too." Don't miss this section in the next update, packed with revelations.] There are many surnames linkable to Diane asleep inside that window I KNOCKed on. This is probably new right here: Knocks/Knox's have a giant eagle in the colors of the near-same eagle of Fien- / Van-line Vienne's! Can you believe it? That's why I had to knock on the WINDow and climb and walk the fence too. I have told a few times of the TV antenna in the backyard of Paul Smith's home. When I was there, I saw it fallen on the fence. I have told this story in relation to the antenna at Muschatov's place. Why did God do that at Paul Smith's home, I would like to know.

Wikipedia on "Vienne": "Of disputed origin. Possibly from the Roman name, Latin VINDObona..." That Vindo tends to solidify the knocking on the WINDOW if Knocks use a version of the Vienne eagle. As one Vienne location in France is where Herod ARCHelaus was banished, note Mr. ARCHibald in the quote below, and that Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Windsors / Wilds/Walds and Wilders. The latter share the Gore fesse while Gore's share the Windsor crosslets. Knocks/Knox's have a Fix-suspect "proFICior" motto term, and so let me repeat what was said way below late this week:

I was living at Hunt street when building Mr. Fix's bar. Why do Scottish Hunters have a "perFICio" motto term? Fix's are also Fick(o)s, and, wow, just realized: Fix's have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the split Shield of Hunters and Alexanders! Joe Fix is also pointing to Hunter Biden. Buttons/Bidens have "horns," and Scottish Hunters have hunting horns.

I canst-barely believe it. The Archibalds, looked up only after writing the above, have a "reFICiar" motto term. Wonders never cease. "RefiCIAR" can be partly for the Chiaro variation of Charo's, for they share a blue bend with Archibalds. It just so happens that "charo" is a motto term of Joe's/Josephs!

ARCHibalds have got to be Arc-river elements with Bautica-river elements, and the Arms of Finistere even has the upright ram of French BAUDs, can thou believest this? I always trace Bautica-river elements to Baldwin I of Jerusalem out of Artois, and the Artois capital is Arras while the Arras surname shares the fleur-de-lys of Fix's. The Ardon/Artois surname share's a giant, gold eagle in profile with Knocks/Knox's. I just know that Herods would love to own Fort Knox. The "MoVEO" motto term of Knocks/Knox's is probably partly for the Vio variation of Vito's, from Julius Avitus, whose father-in-law was the nephew of Julius Agrippa just two centuries after Jesus i.e. could be descended from Herod and BERENICE Agrippa. I trace "Agrippa" to the GRIFFins, and a giant griffin is used by Battle's, first found in BERNICia with Artois- / Arduinici-liner Arthurs. Battle's are in the battle-axes of Biens who are in-turn in the "bien" motto term of Vienne's. Arduinici were at Ivrea upon the Bautica river. You can't fight with the facts, historians. You can try to leave wicked things in Israel out of your professions, but they have filled the power structures of the world because they were power-hungry sub-humans who stop at nothing to rule and amass gold. Their children did the same.

ArchiBALD. I find in heraldic write-ups derivations that are wrong yet intended as code for kin. For example, the Caiaphas-suspect Chaff surname, which shares the giant griffin of Battle's, is said to derive in "chauve = bald," but this could be an intended indicator that Chaffs were from the Bautica (otherwise the Baltea), for the Chives' of Chivasso were on the Bautica. There is a Chauve surname in the colors of the griffin above. Therefore, compare BATTle's with "BAUTica/BALTea." Walt-like Balts/Bolts use a giant griffin.

Julius Avitus' father-in-law was stationed at Dalmatia. I've read this is at least two articles. This explains a few things, first, why the Carricks, with a "bien" motto term, were from emperor CARACalla, a son of the sister of Julius Avitus' wife. The Carrick dog is in the Coat of Spanish VITals, you see, and the Brittany Vitals (share annulets with Vio's/Vito's) share the moline of the Sarasens (Brittany), we can gather, while Saraca's were at Ragusa of Dalmatia. It can be repeated here that while the Vital and Saracen moline is with Vallans, the Valiants use a Saraca-like shark.

I'd like to add here that this line from Avitus / Caracalla could be so fundamental to heraldry (= power structures of Europe) that ii provided the many symbols shown in proFILE. That term could be a Pero merger with File's, the point being that File/Vile variations are like those of the Brittany Vitals while Phone's/Fano's/Vans (share Macey gauntlet) have a motto, "Ne VILE fano." Knocks/Knox's use "PROficiOR," and since the eagle in profile of Knocks/Knox's is in the colors of the Vienne eagle (not in profile), let's add that the second Vienne location in France is not far from Orleans, for the ORLeans' surname shares red roundels with the Orrs/Ore's in that motto term, and with the ORELLs, while Knocks/Knox's share the ORL border of Rutland and Rutherfords. Red roundels are used in the Arms of Boulogne, the Artois location of king Baldwin I.

What could it mean that Mr. Fix was an Israeli? When I first met him, I had walked into what was then a COFFEE shop. Coffee's love the Victors/Victoria's in their motto. Mosca's/Muscas' of Sicily were from Montechiaro and/or Chiaramonte, a thing that ended up in the Joe/Joseph motto. The Muschats (with an 'h') had obviously been married to elements from MontFIQuet, a place that is also Montfitchet while Fitchets are said to be from "Vits." It sure looks like the line of Avitus and his wife, Julia Maesa, probably the proto Masseys/Maceys of FERTE-Mace, explaining why the giant Ferte eagle is a colors reversed one from the Vienne eagle. The Vardy/Virtys were barons of Ferte-Mace, and they are from the Vardaei, another name for the proto-Arduinici Ardiaei at Dalmatia. The question is whether Fix's/Fechs are Montfiquet liners.

The Ukraine Muschatovs may have been Julia-Maesa liners through the Varangians, who descend from the Varni near the House of Griffin in Pomerania. After all, God must have put me together with Miss Muschatov for this reason of being "related." And He had me knock on her window by providing her bedroom, not that of her brother's, at the antenna. That event just brought to you this Herod-related heraldry. Note that the Orleans' Coat has bars in Lyon colors, for while one Vienne location is near Orleans, the other is near Lyon. I trace Knox-like Noss'/Ness'/Nessans/Nice's, sharing the two fesses of Muscats, to queen Nysa of Cappadocia. I now see Herod ancestry in Cappadocia.

The "bien" motto term of Vienne's must be for the French Biens especially, for they were first found in Gascony, which at least bordered the province of Vienne. The Orleans' can be using bars for Barrs of Brunswick > Lorraine because the Gernons of Montfiquet share the double Brunswick lions, in the colors of the Knock / Vienne eagle. The Gernon write-up: "Another early notable of the family was Ranulf II (also known as Ranulf de Gernon) (1099-1153), a Norman-born, potentate who inherited the honour of the palatine county of Chester. He claimed descent from the Counts of Bessin in Normandy." Bessins share bees with German Biens. Yet Eustace II, father of Baldwin I of Jerusalem, is called, "Eustace aux Gernons," in his Wikipedia article, though the dopes (or cover-uppers) claim that it means "Eustace with MOUSTaches," perhaps an ancient code for the Must variation of Muscats.

The same scene pointed to by Peare's horse also pointed to three member's of Eustace II's immediate family, and by that route to the Catholicized PIERleoni JEWS of Rome. The Templars had a man-on-horse symbol, as well as the same cross as Fessys/Face's while Peare's have LEOpard faces traceable to PierLEOni, for the latter were named after pope Leo. Did I ride Peare's horse to indicate that Templars were centrally my mother's Grimaldi and Masci lines, since Fieschi were in cahoots with Grimaldi's who share the Bag Coat? Is the sleeping bag also a pointer to the centrality of Bags in Templarism? Something to keep in mind.

The Province of Vienne has the Poitiers location and Poitou, which can conceivable be a Bautica line, for Pots/Paut variations are like those of Bots/Bauts. Besides, pots are used by Lara's (and Paloma's), first found in Catalonia with Spanish Vitals. Spanish Lares' share the fleur of Massey-branch Masci's, and throw in a swan while Swans/Sions once showed gauntlet gloves, symbol of Phone's/Fane's/Vane's (Veneti suspects along with Vienne's). Lake Van (Caucasia), off the Moschi mountains, had a Mus location that probably applies to Muschatovs too, perhaps independent of linkage to Masci liners in the West. Diane's share the Chief of French Masseys, first found in Savoy with the Ark river. Archibalds can apply.

As I said, I was on the PHONE with Diane Muschatov from the home of Mr. Mellanson (French ancestry), who drove a VAN, about the time he made me his assistant coach for a hockey team, and Hockeys, first found in Essex with Muschats/Montfiquets, look connectable by their Coat to the Mellanson Coat. As the Hockey fesse with crescents is that also of Hazels, kin of House's/LaHAUSE's, note that Haughs/Hause's/Hawes' (Oxfordshire) are colors reversed (and therefore in Mellanson colors), for Musts/Muscats were at Haughleigh, a term like the Hockley variation of Hockeys. Cool. There's a Haughley location in Suffolk (where Musts/Muscats were first found), a couple of miles from STOWmarket while Stows/Stouts have a good reflection of the Mellanson Coat. It looks like God set that event up, but our hockey team didn't do any miracles, that's for sure.

Until recently, Love's/Luffs were said to have been first found in Suffolk with Musts/Muscats so that one could link them for more reason than their sharing nearly the same Coats. The point is, the FITCHee in the Love/Luff Crest is in the style in the Stow/Stout Chief. It verifies that God set me up to call Muschatov from Mellanson's (I was at the kitchen table, it's burned in my memory) when it was a crisis for me; otherwise, I would have forgotten the call. I went straight over, I kid you not, after the call, to KNOCK on her front DOOR, when her father answered. That's all I remember. That day, Diane knew I was in LOVE with her. Doors are suspect with the Daorsi at the Selepitanoi theater.

I mention Mellanson's asking me to be his coaching assistant in the 1st update of November, 2016: "Mellansons use a 'bundle of RODs.' I wonder what that's about? Bundle's use talons, as do Talents/Talons, suspect from the Taulantii Illyrians..." Man, that's to the near-south of the Selepitanoi. In the 5th of March, 2017: "my problems with Diane's father started in a my phone call to her from Mellanson's house, which was why she left home for a couple of days, to protest against her father..." Just so you know, I'm not making the stories up this week. The Bundle's likely use eagle's legs, and they happen to be in the colors of the Vienne eagle so that we once again have a potential Lake-Van liner / relative. Bundle's have another griffin head, and while it's got an eagle's head, it's gold, the color of the Vienne eagle.

The Mellanson fesse is colors reversed from the Pot/Paut fesse, and although I can't make a direct link between the latter two surnames, "mello" means "apple" while an apple is on the same fesse as Pots/Pauts in the Coat of French Paris'. Then, Ile-de-France, in Paris, is where French Mellons (Mellanson colors) were first found, and Spanish Paris' look like they have a rock on WATER because Waters (same place as Muschats/Montfichets) share the Muschat/Montfitchet Coat. I've told this many times before, that God, I feel sure, broke Diane and me up upon her going on a trip where she played her saxoPHONE, perhaps half a pointer to the Saxons/SEPTons (CHAPlets, look related to Orrels), possibly from the Septimius name of Severus, father of Caracalla (descendant of Avitus). SEVERus is definitely to the Saffers below, but just look at how we get to them.

Ile-de-France of northern Paris, where a Mellanson branch was first found, is also where Levi's and Chappes' were first found, who are like the Chaffs and Chauves', the latter being in the colors and format of English Paris' (and Bundle's) who in turn share the unicorn heads of Saffers. The latter have a "vita" motto term, you see, and Vita's are listed with the Vito's/Vio's suspect in the Knock/Knox motto. The latter share a giant eagle in profile with the Botters/Bodins, first found in Hampshire with POTTers and Buttons/Bidens, the latter being a branch of Bots'/Boets from the Boethus house of Sadducees. Bots/Boets share almost the Coat of Pierro's/PERO's, the ones suspect in "PROfile" who were in the Pavia location founded by the Laevi Gauls suspect with the Levi bloodline of the Sadducees. "ProFILE" can also link to variations of the Avitus-suspect Vitals (CAP in Crest).

For new readers, there is a super way to trace Laevi Gauls to Quadratilla Bassus/Bassianus (a queen beside Cappadocia), wife of Laevi-suspect Lupus Laevillus in the first century AD. Get a grip of this, very important, very covered up by ancient historians, because Julius Avitus married Julia Maesa Bassianus, whose father (Julius Bassianus, an Agrippa on one side) was the nephew of Julius Agrippa about a century after LUPUS Laevillus (had a son, Charax, probably the reason that Caracalla chose that "nickname" for himself), and the English Lupus/Wolf/Welf surname shares the wolf heads (same colors) of the Chauve's. It's got Joseph Caiaphas all over it, and we got to this topic (wasn't my plan) largely thanks to my knocking on a window. As I've said, Caiaphas has been suspect in the ancestry of Laevillus, but as a descendant of Quintus Caepio, the line to the Quints (Essex, same as Muschats/MontFITCHets!!!) who share a lion paw holding a gold FITCHee (!!!) cross with Windows!!!!! I didn't plan on this when starting out on Miss Muschatov!

I've said this before, I'm not making it up. Me, Romeo, climbs her antenna around 11 pm, maybe later, and knocks on the window real quiet so as not to wake the others up. And she opens the window, and scolds me, "Are you crazy My brother could have shot you." He had gotten his HUNTER's rifle out when she got scared for someone knocking at the window. You can run, Hunter Biden, but you can't hide. I hope she enjoyed my making the effort to speak with her, because Juliet didn't climb down with me, nope. I didn't expect the reception I got, but God wanted the Hunts/Hunters to be pointed to, I assume, first found in Salop with Sleeps. I'm beginning to see the sleeping bags as a way for God to point to Hunts/Hunters.

Wake's have been connected to Nelly Ohr, who was actually involved with Ukraine elements in opposition to Trump. It bingos KoloMOISKY to mind. Coffee's share the McCabe fesse. Nellys share the Chief of Ore's/Orrs, almost, and the latter were first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks. Now look again at the "proficiOR" motto term of Knocks. Isn't that cool? Yes, it is, because I can now blame God for climbing the antenna. Plus, as was said, the border of Knocks is probably the so-called "ORLE" border of Rutlands and Rutherfords, code for the Orrels who share red roundels with Ore's/Orrs, Wake's and Nellys. The Renfrew surname share's the ship of BALDs and Bauds (Stirlingshire, same as Chappes'/Cheaps).

Just so you know I'm not making this story up, below is from the 3rd update in July, 2017; note that Catch's have a cat in the shape of the Mosca leopard, and the same scallops as Fens'/Venns/Fans. Cato's/Chattans were kin of Italian Botters, first found at Lucca, beside the Pisa of the Mosca's. Lucca's use the cat:

The Fens/Venns (share the green Leslie griffin) first came to topic within the last year, when I told a story on my girlfriend, Diane MUSCHAtov (Mus-Catch / Mus-Cato merger?). I kid you not, I had climbed her television antenna to her bedroom WINDOW at night, when her Ukrainian father / mother wouldn't let me see her anymore, and immediately after that I got up on a high privacy FENCE at the front side of her house, and walked along it in protest, which is why I was looking for a fence-like surname, coming to the Fens'/Venns for that reason.

Later, but not much later, the Fens'/Venns would figure into the Macey-related Fien/Finis' and Fien/Fane/Vane surnames as per a FINIStere location in Brittany. Earlier, I had linked this Finistere bloodline to Windows (the Italian for "window" is "finestra")...

Muschats are the ones with the Epstein Coat. I was really getting serious with Diane; it hurt lots when I lost her, but even though she gave me another chance, I turned it down, because she had been with someone else by then. And then after that, I saw her drive in with a man to the Steer Inn while I was inside sitting with the sister of Mr. Archibald. They didn't come in. I've told this story before, but I don't think I mentioned the WINDOW. I think I only mentioned the glass.

The entire front of this Steer Inn was glass, a row of large windows, and when I looked out one window, a man drove in, with Muschatov in the passenger seat having fun (laughing) with him, and just then we made eye contact, at which point the man promptly put it in reverse (at her request for sure) and left. Ouch. It was only a year or so since we split up. But there you have the window theme again, and perhaps also the Steer surname and/or the steer of Backs/Bachs. Amazingly, the latter surname once showed a gold calf, the symbol of File's/Veals, the ones with variations like those of Vitals. I realized right away that the gold calf of BACHs was a symbol of the golden calf in the Exodus wilderness, and discovering a way to prove to myself that the Exodus pharaoh was a Hyksos (historians don't properly time the Hyksos), I figured that Bachs were from king APACHnas (French Packs share the bull with Bachs/Backs). After mentioning this a few times, houseofnames changed the calf to a full-grown bull, called a steer. Compare "APACHNas" to the Pagans.

English Packs look related to Coopers while the Packs (Sussex, same as Coopers) can be with the PASley/Paisley anchor. English Pasleys (Berkshire) have the Moise/Moissen Coat in colors reversed while the Pek river is in Moesia. "Pas" looks like a soft "Pack" in this case, and to this I'll add that Paisley is at GLASgow (Renfrewshire, same as Knocks/Knox's), a Glass liner. I saw Muschatov through the GLASS at the Steer Inn, suggesting a Glass-line link to the Back / Pack steer. I always trace the Pincum elements from the Pek river to Panico's/Panetta's, first found in Bologna with Pasi's/Pace's. Off the Pek is Cooper-like Cuppae, "city of doves," and I kissed Miss Peare first at La Paloma while Italian Paloma's share the PAGE dove. LePage's share the Pero / Paloma pale bar(s). Recall the Palomino, COPPERchief, owned by the woman who gave us the "something like Cappeo" dream that turned out to be the "copia" motto term of Macclesfields. Davids (Cheshire, same as Macclesfields), part of the sleeping-bag dream, use "PAX et copia." In the last scene of the sleeping-bag dream, I was pulling Miss Peare by her waist, and Waistells have a white horse "on a GALLOP" that pointed to my riding her white horse (in real life some 40 years ago). The Gallops have a version of the David Coat. It works. God is pointing to Cuppae's Moesians, and Christine's even us cups as code for Cups/Cope's/COLPs (the COLAPis is also the KUPa").

Now look, for this explains why I saw MUSchatov at the Steer Inn. For after seeing the Bach calf, I theorized that the Exodus pharaoh was from Mus at Lake Van, because it explained (theoretically) why his daughter named the babe from basket in the river, MOSes. It just so-happens that the ancients arranged (as could be expected) a Moses surname, from their Moesian (Meshech) ancestors, with a so-called CALVery symbol. The steps with the cross on top is the heraldic calvary symbol. Calfs = CALVary, you see. Just compare the Cauve variation of Calfs/Caufs to "Chauve," and we get some tips on what this is all about. "Chauve" is in the Chaff write-up as meaning "bald," and I was sitting with Miss ArchiBALD when Muschatov's boyfriend drove in. Remember: Van liners came up with Muschatov's window and fence apart from my planning on being at the Steer Inn and this discussion. Hicks use a chaplet too, and the Chaplet surname shows black swans in both colors of a single swan shown once for French Josephs. Hyksos were called Asian Hebrews, and Lake Van is where the Assi / Hayasa-Azzi lived.

While English Joe's/Josephs (share "ne" with steers) share the double chevrons of Chaplains, Steers can be linked to German Caplans by way of GARDNERs. The latter share the split Shield of Steers, and BaumGARTNERs are the ones with the fence. Baumgartners were first found in East Prussia with split-Shielded Mieske's/Mesechs (probably the Cole/COLD bull), a surname like the Biblical Meshech of the Moschi mountains next to Lake Van i.e. the proto-FENS'/Venns. This is excellent, because Mieszko I of Poland descended from mythical (codeword) Piast KOLODziej, a perfect couplet of names for "Kolomoisky!" It's important because I didn't start this section for Miss Muschatov, but for Kolomoisky. I entered Muschatov to the discussion in case she could lead us to pointers to Kolomoisky. And here we are.

The armored arm (very extensive symbol) of Mieske's/Mesechs is in the VYCHan/Vaughn Crest, and the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Jewish Baumgardners. Muschatov's home on Weldrick is in Vaughn township. So ask whether God arranged the following blood link for the Moses/MOESen surname: "The name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to Vychan, Lord of Mostyn." Vychans/Vaughns (same chevron as English Gardners) and Moses'/Moesens were both first found in Salop with Sleeps and Hunts/Hunters, how interesting, and the Hunts/Hunters have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Shield of Jewish Baumgardners, in case this comes to apply.

Kolodziej was called, "the Wheelwright, and it just so happens that Wheelwrights share the antelope design in Crest with Musts/Muscats. Amazing, but not really surprising. Obama's Singletary line has the Must/Muscat antelope in the same color.

I almost forgot: the Steer Inn was purely a hamBURGER joint while one of the Dutch Burgers once showed three red chevrons, the color of the three of Muschats/Montfitchets...and Waters. The Burgers had them in both colors of the triple chevrons of Clare's, first found in Suffolk (beside Muschats/Montfitchets) with Musts/Muscats. You can see the glass windows in the photo at the webpage below, where we read: "After more than 50 years, the iconic eatery is no more. Steer Inn Burgers, the classic burger joint located on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, closed its doors Sunday at 11:59 p.m." Muschatov lived in Richmond Hill.

Watch how Gard liners are all over this, noting that Gards use griffins in colors reversed from the griffin heads of English Gardners. Irish Gards even share a brown wolf with Finis'/Fiens while lake Garda and its Garda location is at least beside the Veneti theater. The single pale bar of Moses' is shared by Spanish Paris' (I see WATER under that rock), and then the French Paris' are of the Lorraine Crispins/CREPons (Agrippa suspects) while the bars of English Crispins/Crippins (Oxfordshire, same as English Gardners) may be of the Moise's/Moisens, like the Moesen variation of Moses'. We could be on Pek-river Moesians again. Moise's/Moisens (knew to me in this update) were first found in Burgundy with Van-like Vienne's (excellent), the one's who love the Biens along with the Carrack motto, "GARDE bien." The pomegranate ("pome = apple") of French Crispins/Crepons (in the Lorraine area of apple-using, Pharisee-like Paris') can be code for a Griffin kin out of POMerania. The latter (at their Wikipedia article) are said to be associated and/or related to the Mieszko's of Pomerania. The pomegranate is also in the Grazio Coat with a black rooster traceable with Kopple's and Gallus' to Goplo, home of Kolodziej the Wheelwright.

English Crispins were first found in the same place as Peare's/PEARs (kin of Bott-possible and pear-using Abotts of the same place) while Jewish Baumgardners use a parrot while Pierre-branch Parrots show the same pears as Abotts. German Botts are listed with the Boets = Boethus house of Sadducees, who use a Coat like that of the Peare-branch Pierro's/Pero's. English Botts/Botters/Bode's/Bodins, first found in Hampshire with Caplans, Joe's, and Boet-branch Buttons/Bidens, have the Knock/Knox eagle in PROfile in colors reversed.

You can run, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, but you can't hide from God. Confess your sins and rat-out on those who committed gross corruption with you, for it will go better for you when you confess and come clean. The Moise/Moisen fesses are in the colors of the two of Sleeps, the latter first found in Salop with Moses'. KoloMOISKy. The Mose's have the Mosce's in their write-up. Suddenly, the sleeping bags, and other sleep themes I've mentioned, are pointing well to Kolomoisky's relationship with the Bidens proposed / claimed by the video at the top of this update. It should be interesting to discover why Bags relate to the Kolomoisky empire.

As the root of the name of the owner of Burisma has a Slock-like look, it would be good to record the Slochs/Slacks/Slaggs in case they ever come to apply. The Sellicks come to mind, but there's also a Slick/SLIEGH/Sleech (!!) surname with owls that I can something with. Those exclamation marks is because the video above, if I recall correctly, said that Kolomoisky was a Santa CLAUS of Ukraine. Hmm, I always trace Mieszko elements to Kopple-like Koplik and nearby Dober on the CLAUSula river, and even once suggested that Masonic creators of Santa Claus were secretly citing Clausula elements. DOBRawa was wife to Mieszko I.

By the way, I first saw Muschatov when at a party with Joe Oullette, the latter surname suspect, if not resolved with, Owl liners. I think they were identified as Owls.

Lookie: Slocks were first found in Yorkshire with Wheelwrights and English Dobers, while German Dobers (Crispin/Crepon bend?) have familiar griffin heads. Dobermans (Pomerania) even have the same fesse as Slocks, wow, and this comes just after noting the similarity between Crispins and Moise's/Moisens as a possible pointer to KoloMOISky, said by the video above to be the invisible owner of Burisma. That's a compelling set of heraldic links for a pointer to Burisma's official / visible owner, Mykola ZLOCHevsky. By what coincidence is the Clausula river at the theater of Sleep-liner Selepitanoi?

Did Sleeps name a variation of Slicks/Sleighs/Sleech's/Slays? I can see a Sleep > Sleeve progression to "Sleigh." There are heraldic sleeves, but no Sleeve / Sleve / Sleive surname is coming up, though the Saluvii Ligures could fit that surname. Sullivans share the split-Shield of Hunts/Hunters. Slows/Sloughs share the gold unicorn with Saffers and Paris', but it's the full unicorn design of Abotts too. Saffers have a Coat like that of Sleive-like Silvia's/Silvers (probably the Gernon lions = connectable to Muschats/Montfichets). Wayne's/Wains use a white-ermined chevron, akin to the white-ermined fesses of Sleeps. Wayne's/Wains (Wanstead/Weiner colors), a branch of (share gauntlet gloves with) Phone's/Fane's/Vane's, look like Arthur kin and can thus be from other BAUTica/BALTea-river elements. It's notable that Scottish Balds share the stars of Slocks. Silvia's/Silvers were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, who were in turn in Wain-like Wanstead (neighboring Essex, same as Quints), suggesting that the blue vair of Silvia's/Silvers and Saffers is closely that of Quints. Vere's of Essex are also Vairs. Austrian Weiners/Vieners are said to be from Vienna of Austria, and may have the Silvia/Silver lion.

The Owls/Howls (Suffolk, same as Musts/Muscats) are expected as a Howell branch while Howells share the Coat of Gaywoods while Bags were at Gaywood. It just so happens that Howells were first found in the same place, and were related to, the Phone's/Fane's/Vane's. If that's not enough, Wayne's/Wains and Arthurs use the pelican while Pellicans have a giant tower in the colors of the Howell towers (they don't show anything else). That essentially makes a Muschat link to Slicks/Sleighs while Muscats have the double-Sleep fesses in colors reversed. The Slick/Sleigh Crest has a lion holding a gold FITCHee, like the Crest of WINDows and QUINTs, the latter first found in Essex with Slicks/Sleighs, Muschats/MontFITCHets and the Wayne's/Wains. It begs whether "Quintus" was a Romanized Veneti liner. In the last update, I told the story when, to my great surprise, Muschatov went to SLEEP the entire night long in the bedroom of Mr. Quinn i.e. like "Quint." I think I now know why. Look at the timing of this repeat, while on the question of whether Sleeps and Sleighs were the same family.

The last update also repeated: "Katrina agreed to go out [with me], and we used the red Valiant of the Quinn family." Valiants have the only shark I know of. It's now pointable to the shark tank of Kolomoisky.

Parrots and Archibalds share "Ut," suspect from lines of Uts, son of Nahor. Nahorites are suspect from the Nairi of Mus at Lake Van. Nahor's second son, Buz, can be proven with Hamiltons to be to the Bus', and Wayne's/Wains even use an "omniBUS" motto term. With ArchiBALDs working so deep into this discussion, I've got to remind of God's medallion-on-hood event, with a Russian medallion, for that event pointed to Bauds and Balds. As it turned out, Bauds use the crescents of Shark-liner Saracens, and Kolomoisky owns a shark tank. I see four links of a chain on the collar of the Must/Muscat antelope, and the medallion still had four links of its chain when someone left it on my hood. As I said, the medallion was found in a grocery store, and then, 20 years after splitting with Muschatov, I bumped into her, and we greeted cheerfully and spoke, in a grocery store. I had knocked on her window when she was asleep.

This is important for tracing PHARnaces (line to Furness' and Parrs) to Parrots, and therefore to similar others. While Parrots and Archibalds share a motto term, let me now remind that I carried a 32-foot ladder (16-feet long) on my SHOULDER from Archibald's on Church street to Hunt street. This looks like a set-up by God, for Parrs use a woman with "head and shoulders" (I've read the description). I've just found a shoulder-like Shoultz/Shouldham surname with an "ORate" motto term and the same, gold eagle in profile (different-colored background) as Knocks/Knox's (first found in Renfrew with Orrs/Ore's) that in turn have a Fix-suspect "proFiciOR" motto term. The Knox's were already suspect with the Noss variation of Parr-related Ness'/Nessans (same double fesses as Musts/Muscats (on or near the RAT river), and so let's add that Nissan share the double-Parry fesses, in the colors of the Parry fesse while Bobby Orr was born in parry Sound. The point is that, while Weiners/Vieners look like Vienne liners, and while Knocks/Knox's have an eagle in both colors of the Vienne eagle, the Wayns/Wainwrights are in Parr colors and share a black border with Parrs and Furness'. The "PROficior" term is expected for the Parr-linkable Pierro's/Pero's, and Pierre's are in the colors of Pero's/Perino's.

The Rat river flows at Stowmarket and Haughley (likely the Haughleigh home of Musts/Muscats). Rats/Rate's, have the motto, "Spero meliORA," while Pasi-related Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's and Knocks/Knox's. Pretty amazing, but there's more. Rats/Rate's can therefore be expected in the Or-suspect "oRATE" motto term of Shoultz's/Shouldhams, and Rats/Rate's were first found in NAIRNshire, suspect from the Nairi of Lake Van. Amazing "coincidence." Mus was at Lake Van, and thus the ladder on my shoulders just revealed that Muscats were from Lake Van, even as was the claim of my knocking on Muschatov's window.

I didn't want to carry the ladder down busy Yonge street, and so I took it as far as possible up Church street, and Church's share the black greyhound head with gold collar with Shoultz- and Schultz-like Shutz's/Schutz's. It looks like verification that God wanted the paragraph above written. In colors reversed, the Shutz/Schutz saltire cross is essentially the Rat/Rate cross. Rose's were first found in Nairnshire too, and English Yonge's (same place as Muschats/MontFIQuets) emphasize roses. Once to the end of Church, I had to take it a block west to Yonge, and Scottish Yonge's happen to share three piles, in colors reversed, from those of Latters/Latta's (no Ladder surname comes up). Scottish Leavells share the Yonge piles while Ladds/Ladons (share scallops with Fans) were first found in Somerset (beside Fans) with English Leavells and Church's. I assume that God put out the radiator FAN in my Lada so that I would hook up a make-shift manual switch to it, and thus I would remember, 35 years later, that I had a fan that didn't work properly.

Both Ladds/Ladons (beside Devon) and Sodans -- Devon, same as Fens/Venns/Fans -- have a wavy fesse with scallops on either side. We thereby have a Ladd-Fan link, you see. The Sodan scallops are even colors reversed from the Fens/Venn/Fan scallops. Fens/Venns/Fans share the same scallops as Pattersons/Cassane's, who are in turn said to be from Sodan-like Sodhans. In the sleeping-bag dream, Mrs. Kilpatrick was at the HOOD and therefore at the RAD(iator), we could say, suggesting God wants that scene to link to the radiator fan, but why? The Fens/Venns/Fans were first found in Devon with Hoods. Hoods come up below as I continue along this path.

As per the Pattersons/Cassane's, we can turn to English Cassane's/Cassandra's (beside Ladds/Ladons) who share the triple EPPstein chevrons too. I always trace Apps/Epps, without doubt, to the Apsus river, and I always trace Pattersons and KilPatricks, without doubt, to AntiPATRia on the Apsus river. PATiens'/PATENTs/Putins were first found in Dumfries with KilPATricks, and the other Patents/Pattens (share the Apps/Epps lozenges) happen to share the green griffin head of Fens/Venns/Fans. Patents thus look like other Antipatria liners, what I trace to Antipater, father of the first king Herod. But is this thing Intended by God to point to Putin along with the Lada? Did God arrange a Putin variation for Patents? As CASSANE's/Cassandra's were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, is this linking the Joe Biden to Jeffrey Epstein's Ukraine / Russia connections? Why did God have Mrs. Kilpatrick in a dream on Epstein's island? The Kilpatrick cushions are for the Cush variation of Kiss' who share the fountains of CASS'/Cash's and Waterfords/Waterville's while Waters/Waterville's share the triple Epstein / Cassane chevrons. Was she in the dream so as to point her surname to the Putins as does this paragraph? Didn't we just see Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's linking solidly to Ladds/Ladons and Fens/Venns/Fans???

The Fens'/Venns/Fans share a blue fesse with Italian CASSANO's/Cassandra's, an obvious branch of Cassane's/Cassandra's, and it just so happens that king Cassander of Macedon (near the Antipatria on the Apsus) was the son of king Antipater. Do the math, connect the dots, draw your lines, this is easy. Patents/Pattens are said to be equivalent to a William of WAYNfleet, and it checks out where Waynfleets/Wainfleets (lilies) share the Patent/Patten lozengy.

Cassano's/Cassandra's were first found in Modena, location of Fanano, which has for its Arms a fesse colors reversed from the Fens/Venn/Fan fesse. Connecting the dots is real easy here. I've come across evidence that Modena links to Modane on the Arc river, where ArchiBALDs, and Herod Archelaus out of Vienne, ought to trace. Balds are a Baud branch while Hoods have the Baud scallops in colors reversed (recalls that French Bauds share the ram in the Arms of FINIStere). Emailer Wilder is a Patterson on one side, and Modens with Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Wilders and Wilds/Walds (Ladd/Ladon colors and format). Welders have a gold version of the Rad/Rade Coat. DEVON ARCHer is/was Hunter Bidens partner in Burisma.

The Phone's/Fane's/Vane's/Fiens (branch of FINIS'/Fiens) are also Fame's, expected in the "fama" motto term of Gale's (Cornwall, beside Sodans) because the latter have a version of the Sodan Coat...making the Gale lions look like the Finis/Fien lions.

Mr. Fix was at a Lada dealership when I had the Lada, but he was not there just a couple of years earlier when at his snack shop. If one were to hop the fence in the back of Mr. Fix's snack shop, one would be on Church street right about smack at Archibald's home. Lorraine lived a few houses up on Church at the near-corner of Lorraine-like Lorne. I had to pass her place with the ladder. She was the BUS-stop girl i.e. God pointed to Bus' with her, and Nahor's third son, KEMUEL, must be to HAMELtons (Renfrewshire, same as Knocks/Knox's and three-pile Orrs/Ore's) because they share the ermined-white cinquefoil of Bus' (Norfolk, same as Shoultz's with the Knock/Knox eagle). Nahor's second son was, Buz, and Uts is suspect in the Parrot / Archibald motto. The Bald ship is that of Renfrews. See a pattern? Pharnaces and Nysa ruled the Pontus and beyond, right-real close to Lake Van (they may have ruled over Lake Van, I don't know enough about their territory off-hand).

So, all of those piles we're seeing, shared by Pile's, can be for the line of PONTIUS PILate. I think that's the case.

I was living at the home of VERNE Archibald with three or four other young men, and later, a neighbor said that he was a homosexual. I never suspected it, but I then come across some proof when he wouldn't answer, for too long a time, my KNOCK at the bedroom door of his only permanent tenant (all other tenants were as though through a revolving door, coming and going). They were in there together, and when I first knocked, he said, "just a minute," as though he needed to get dressed or something. Just so you know, when I bring the Kids ("ORbis") to topic, Verne's (same stars as Vere's) share a version of the Kid Coat ("orBIS", Biss' share Meschin scallops). Epstein's customers were into kids. I met Verne about four months after splitting with Muschatov.

The LADDer at Verne's. It was Michael's kids jumping on the yellow mattress. The Yellow fesse is that also of Ladds/Ladons, the latter very linkable to two Michael Coats, believe it or not, as well as to Michael-related Meschins. As Ranulph le Meschin had a son with Gernon surname, le-Meschin looks very much descended from Muschats/Montfitchets (where Gernons were involved). I think that, with Mr. Fix's snack shop about 100-150 feet from Verne's place, the Lada can thus point to the jumping on the yellow mattress as a Russian thing. In a previous work, this same Lada (made by Fiat) pointed to one of the murderers of princess Diana. DIANE Muschatov. Oh wow, I didn't realize until after writing "Fiat" that it's like the Fittes variation of Gernon-connectable Fothes'/Fette's, or the Fitt variation of Muschat-related Fitch's!

While Muscats come up as Musts, the Masts/Masters share a Coat like that of Windows; both use emBATTLEd fesses in the same colors, and Battle's share the griffin with Masts/Masters. The griffins share "Ne vile" with Phone's/Fane's/Vane's/Fiens. Windows were a Wins(sor) merger with Hows who share the Yellow fesse while the kids jumping on the yellow mattress will be a topic later, noting here that the Matres surname has Master-like variations. Joe's/Josephs, linkable to the CAPlans with the Master griffin heads, share "ne" with Battle's, and the Battle griffin is that of Chaffs, a branch of CAPES-related Chauve's. "Chauve" is said to mean "bald" in the Chaff write-up, though I don't think Chauve's were named after baldness. Repeat: "ARCHibalds have got to be Arc-river elements with Bautica-river elements, and the Arms of Finistere even has the upright ram of French BAUDs, can thou believest this?" Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with the two Window-related surnames above sharing the Yellow fesse. Suddenly, the yellow-bed dream looks connectable to Verne Archibald.

Wolds are also Walds, and the latter's leopard faces are for Fessys/Face's sharing the Ridge / Macclesfield / Mea/Meigh cross (earls or Macclesfield used leopards). Mee's and Fiens can be expected in the "me fie en" motto phrase of Windsors (share white stag head with Legge's). Fessys were from the Fieschi to whom I'll link Joe FIX later, and so let's add that the wavy Fix fesse is colors reversed from the same of Dols. The swan-using Walsh's are of the Walsers/Walss'/WALTz's, who were named after Wallis canton, location of Sion, thus giving a good clue as to where Weld liners have origins / links.

Compare one of the two Rigg Coats to that of Ricks/Rix's, for an early Windsor was at GreyRIGG...of WestMORLAND, where Morland's were first found who share the Morley symbol, and then Morleys/Mauls use a "RIGore" motto term while it can be read as "riGORE," for Gore's (Alan kin) share the Windsor crossets. I met David Morley, who circled the SLEEPing bag in the sleeping-bag dream, at the Pentecostal church on Baif blvd., shortly after dating Miss Muschatov. No Baif surname comes up. On this map, see that Baif is one block from Weldrick. I climber her antenna and her fence, and Climbers are listed with the Clements in the Morley/Maul motto.

Oh wow, note that Clements/Climers use nebuly fesses, for one nebuly fesse, in the colors of the same of Swale's and WELDs, is also in the Snow Coat. I recalled the Snows with that sort of fesse because I took the snowmobile of the Muschatovs out when going up to her cottage. As one of the two French Clere's/Clairs once showed a leopard and the Clement/Climer Chief exactly, it explains why Clements/Climers come up as "Clermonts." The point is, Epstein's share three red chevrons with Clare's (Suffolk, beside the Waters with the triple Epstein fesses in both colors). Launays use the leopard too.

It just so happens that Scottish Clime's are with MacLANE's/LAINE's, evoking GhisLAINE Maxwell, but, in any case, Lane's are of the Lane's/Lano's of Brest-line Brescia, and to the Launays of Finistere. That's a tidy package because it just so happens that Rigg-like Ridge's look like kin of Waterford's Corrys (share WINDsor saltire). It just so happens that while I climbed the antenna to her WINDow, the Windows have been resolved with the lions of FINIS'/Fines, a branch of Phone's/Fane's/Vane's/Fiens!!! I had forgotten about that. I then walked her fence as a pointer to Fens'/Venns/Fans! This entity can be gleaned in the Windsor motto, and Alans of Dol did become the royal Windsors...who recently visited Epstein's island. The last update shows why Maxwells were of Rika/Rijeka, where Riggs and Ricks trace.

It works like this: the Finistere (Finis Terrae) area of Brittany is like the Italian / Latin / French word for "window," and while Brest is in Finistere, you can find Miss Muschatov in the last update in connection to Helen, who pointed to Brest. The Finis variation of Van liners is expected at Finistere because it's north of Vannes, home of the Brittany Veneti while the Italian Veneti were near Fano. Phone's/Fane's/Vane's/Fiens have a "fano' motto term. Plus, I've just remembered, Italian Veneti are traced back by ancients to mythical ANTENor, looking linkable to the antenna, as though to say that Muschatovs, and even my mother's Masci surname, were from Antenor's proto-Veneti Heneti.

The Veneti named the Vandals, who were in France and Spain with the proto-Dol Alan Huns and Goths of around the 4th/5th century (the Goth surname shares the Vlad star). The Windows can be gleaned with the Windsors, from Vandals/Wends, for "Fien" is nearly in the Windsor motto. Windsor castle is in Berkshire while Berkshire's share the fret with the below.

Look: Fano is beside CATTOLica, the latter suspect with Cattle's/Cattels sharing a giant fret with Wildrecks/Wildridge's, and Muschatov's fence is on Weldrick road. Amazing. The WilDREDGE variation caused me to load Dredge's, listed with the Drake's who love the Muscas variation of Mosca's!!! It makes sense that Muschatov liners married Drake's who then married Weld / Welder liners to become Weldrick elements. In fact, the Weld / Dol fesse is in the colors of the fesse in the Arms of Fanano (banner), and this place is definitely on the gonFANON banner of Montforts while Montfort is a location near Dol (not very far from Finistere).

[See the fence in the Arms of Ghent late in the next update, for that's a powerful small section proving that the Muschatov fence is a pointer to Fens'].

Alright, this added section is finished, you can pick up where I originally started this update.


I just knew this was coming: "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made clear he’d like to dispatch quickly with the House’s articles of impeachment, ideally without calling any witnesses." Yup, he doesn't want a trial to expose the deep state, just as one could have expected. He talks like he's on our side, but he eventually reveals his cards, ditto for Graham.

The US supreme court has decided in favor of pro-life in a case that requires doctors to show the mother the ultrasound pictures, and even to have her listen to the heartbeat. Doctors are being forced to feel their complicity in repeat-murders when mothers so choose to commit murder of their own children. This is where this world has been for decades. I really am shocked that God would permit this slaughter to continue for this long.

Jesus didn't come to rescue us from our sins only, but to teach the great teaching that mankind veers toward thinking for self only, spoiling the world for all. In order for a country to become great, He taught, we need to care about one another. The problem is that, unless the entire batch of society becomes respectable in that very way, the weeds spoil it for those who put Jesus' formula into practice. Over the past generation, some of the supreme judges of America, and many of the lower ones, opened the floodgates for those weeds, and to this day, even though some Trump supporters celebrate his supreme court picks to turn the court conservative, I don't know of anyone taking advantage to remove Internet porn, a most-disgusting program of the worst sort of weeds, who will make their living selling "product" such as that shameful thing.

Once I became a Christian and got grasp of Jesus' formula for society, liking it, I was unable to fathom a judge who thinks that a person's right to make money trumps society's right not to defile people with porn, but it turned out to be worse than such ignorance: the judges, and a good lot of the people, wanted porn as a "good" thing, if they wish to view it as a good thing, or, at least, not-bad. This is why the Fire is coming, so that the truly good can order society the Right way. Make no mistake about it, America's leaders will pay the very-big price. Jesus will have His Society. That's why forgiveness was offered, to create the human society that God will create. Forgiveness is only the start, only the ticket, part of the vehicle to the end-game. Let us press on, past the fundamentals of faith and grace, to perfection of the heart.

Let me tell you that the Creation of the universe was child's play for God in comparison to building the Kingdom. That is, laying bricks is easy as compared to dealing with human hearts. There is no other thing as slippery as to handle the human being. We are unstable. We can turn-coat easily. The devil can make us like him ever so easily unless we are willing to hear Jesus. And this is the problem with the weeds, who wish for all to forget that Jesus even exists. Liberals have their own cure for mankind, which in reality is the disease. They are too daft to recognize their own blame in the ruin of society over this past generation. We don't need more "progress" to more technology; we have more things than we need to live a good life. What we need is each other in more-caring, considerate, polite ways, all under God. That is the better progress. Liberals shall not have the monopoly on progress, but we should define it unlike they do.

The pursuit of money is a fundamental part of the machinery, but when the worker becomes dissatisfied with being a mere worker, and wants to break-out into a business of his/her own, suddenly, if there is success, the me-me doctrine can take over, the thing that ruins the machinery intended by God. Personally, I disliked working for someone else, but that was probably due to the owner(s) of the companies being, not like my family member, but a me-me monster who views me as a mere tool. I don't think anyone would despise working for bosses who share the profits with the workers as the first priority. That's good machinery, where the bosses understand that making sacrifices for workers creates great machinery. Instead of corporations maximizing profits in order to expand business for more profits endlessly, corporations, if they wish to practice Jesus, should circle profits to workers, the nuts and bolts and gears and cords of the industry.

I decided to work for myself, and I did practice Jesus with my pricing. I remained poor all of my life while in business, intent on charging low prices. I had a steady stream of work, but counted it as nothing because I knew that working for God is where the cake is. If you have never thought that a lifetime of working for self is like a waste of time, energy, sweat and tears, or if you've never had the conscious knowledge that we may as well be working for God as the much-wiser thing to do, then you haven't understood Jesus. This is the open "secret" to success. You will not be disappointed if you apply yourself to God in any way that you can, not giving up, but laying on him (not being concerned for) the burden to reward you. Grapple with working for God. We are not saved just to float around in clouds. We are not called to salvation to do nothing. Practice makes perfect. Practice makes a thing become natural. It's awkward at first when learning a thing, but before long you'll be an expert. That's the nature of work. I wish you well; become the good, strong bolt today in the machinery of Jesus.

The Bongino Report is where the conservative world can now go for news in an effort to ruin liberal-leaning Drudge. The Drudge Report is largely a sickening mass of garbage. I feel dirty after reading through the headlines. If you eat garbage, garbage you will become. However, there's a question as to whether news is a helpful-to-Jesus thing. It can't always be. If we eat the news, we become like what we eat. That's why I am ever-so-glad that reading Drudge headlines has me uninterested to click to the stories, because it tells me that my Jesus appetite is still strong. How's your Jesus appetite? Have you come to realize that His program is the solution for EVERYTHING? Jesus knew that God's solutions for mankind are true and reliable. This is all that matters, getting on board with The Solution.

The problem is, it takes faith to work for Jesus. No one who thinks that Jesus was a false messiah is going to be able to spend a life working toward His program. That's why the many anti-Christs are hard at work, even dedicated to, destroying faith. That's why Jesus works harder at creating and reinforcing faith, that we few might work and produce product. Our enemies think that they have cause to celebrate because they have the greater numbers of followers, but a big heap of stupids is no match for a small heap of wise ones. Speak Right, and the demons become foolish and weak. When one speaks the Jesus-Right, there is Jesus with him/her. Speaking is a big part of the Jesus work, and the reactionary attacks on us for our speaking out are a great thing because their condemnation is our victory. If we speak out, it gives the Father desire to come to our support. You have lightning bolts backing you up, so don't be lame.

The Internet is an open forum to speak, and the war rages there. Our enemies are all of the liberal media, and some conservative media too. That's why we should not become addicted to news. So far, for me, I am not adversely affected by news organizations, though I've covered news daily for more than a decade. The more I see the headlines, the less I like news. I wouldn't want Bongino's job, but if the Bongino Report can have the mind of Jesus when choosing headlines, that could become a powerful force for fixing the machinery. The problem is, a wholly-Christianized news sight doesn't get a large audience, because the Chosen are few. The temptation is to offer news that gets a larger audience, especially if the purpose is to make money. That's a perfect example of how money spoils a good thing.

I can't stress it enough, that when we disappoint the demons with loyalty to, and worship of, Jesus, they get downcast, our weapon. Make a demon depressed today. The mere mention of Jesus makes our human enemies falter, draw back. Yes, they may draw back nauseated, but that's the point. Having no justification for hating us, they become defeated. It's only when we fight with their own weapons that we become defeated. That's why we are commanded to love enemies, so that we don't fight with their weapons. Give them the Holy Spirit for their thirst; give them Jesus for their food. Watch them coil away in defeat. A nauseated army is a sick army. Make your enemies sick today; do them common good things, the most powerful weapon in the world. Punch their daylights out with a Jesus sandwich. Go to their CNN videos and give them a Jesus dinner in the comments section. You can feel them cringing. Weaken them with your glistening faith. The worst of them will puke if they see you trying to steal some of the readers away for Jesus. A puking army is an army in disarray. They will trip over a popsicle stick as they attack you, when you flash the Jesus Shield. Your very own firewall protection. Make your life exciting today: join the battle.

If you are fighting something else, the choice of whether or not to join the world to make your mark there, uh-oh. That's not a good definition of "know your enemy." We are not called by the Father to happily melt-in with the fornicating world. International bankers are the ones who grease the wheels of money-go-round. Put to death the love of money; your job as a Christian is to put food on the table, and to pay the bills. Your job is not to choose a home you can barely afford just to make a better impression with friends. You don't go into debt to purchase impressive furniture. The Jesus calling conforms you to a non-materialistic lifestyle; how else can we practice that but to be modest or less-than-modest with the things we decorate our homes and bodies with.

Drive your car until its good and rusty; be the biggest person at your church parking lot, the one who's best able to handle this kind of self-inflicted humiliation. You don't want to be humiliated by God for buying the most-impressive car for when you make appearances at the church parking lot. It's more of a spiritual problem than you may think. It's a small sign of a big problem if you want to be the best-dressed, most-respected person at church. You may as well get yourself some nice long tassels.

Working for God isn't necessarily with muscle-slugging. Just keeping faith is actually a great work for God, and also keeping away from fornication and other unlawful practices. Resisting porn might be a big job for you; it's not for me. Fortunately, I can overcome that monster, thanks lots to how demonically-disgusting porn is today. I don't load porn, and I am happy to surf with ad blocker because advertisers continuously bombard us with sexuality. I don't need my sex drive stroked. As Christians, we don't play to that thing, right ladies? You don't get all dolled up for church, do you? You don't choose to wear the sexier outfit, do you? You have your reward, if you do, if some men look a second longer at you than they would otherwise. Or even if you just think they do.

A great work of God is often the small thing, the thing that most don't think of doing. Does someone leave shoes scattered at the door all the time? Try straightening them out for them rather than blasting someone. It will be noticed that someone moved their shoes, but didn't get upset. I guess that's called love even when it hurts. I clean the toilet for my tenant weekly even though it's his toilet where he splashes all over the place. I was going to ask him to clean it, but decided to please God instead by doing it for him. I wonder how many fluffy clouds I'll get in heaven for that? Yes, I straightened his sandals at the door today. And I took out some French bread so that I can make him some toasted garlic bread tonight smothered in butter. He came here a big-banger type, the intellectual type, but has since started to talk about God in a way I really appreciate. His boss is a Christian who invites him to Bible studies at times. This man could be one of the lost sheep that needs finding.

He shares my kitchen, and I become his servant here, because that's what Jesus wants us to be like. He gets a clean kitchen every night, and I do his dishes, unless he insists on doing his own. I said, buddy, you have a "wife" here, don't knock it. Yup, I even vacuum his room. I clean the tub weakly even though he's the one who blows the drywall dust out of his nose in the tub. Yuch. So, you see, we don't even need to leave home to serve God. Just be the biggest servant of all; fight for the opportunities. Make God smile on you today. Wherever you go, ask what little things you can do for anyone, especially if they need it. Look for needs, and fulfill them without blasting your trumpets. The bigger the task, or the more it hurts to do it without complaints, the bigger your fluffy cloud on Pay Day.

Set yourself free from a life based on money, and feel good about doing kind things for others, because life is on the inside. How you feel on the inside is part of the definition of life. If you're a depressed person, do something for someone else today. Your doctor and your Freudian psychiatrist are often too dimly worldly to give you that cure. When you please God, even your cancer can be cured without your knowing it, because He can cure it before you know you have it. God's enemies like to say how God doesn't save people from horrible things, but what about the things He does that nobody notices? Our days are almost-always filled without horrible things. The person who accuses God of evil will be condemned / humiliated by all the non-horrible and even good things in his/her own life.

God Points to Hillary's Email Crimes

In the last update, I shared the dream where I was riding a shopping cart, and gleaned as much as I could from it. That dream had a road upon which I rode the cart, though I don't know whether it was a pointer to RODham Clinton. There was a road in my sleeping-bag dream that I've talked lots about over past weeks and months. I'm going to add to that latter road in this update; I think you'll be impressed.

I started to tell readers about this in the last update, but when I got to Weiners, I realized they were not the ones with the Zionist star of Rodden-like Rotens (Jewish), though I thought they were prior to loading Weiners. It was important because Rodhams are also Roddens. Today, Tuesday, I found the ones with the Weiner-like Coat, but with the Roten Zionist stars, in the German Plume's/Plumers. I wondering why this is, for the sleeping-bag dream had Miss Peare as a pointer to Hillary's private server when she was head of the state department.

So now look at this. Mr. Kepke was probably still with Miss Peare when he started to work in plumbing. He got me a job at a Plumbing Mart store when I was 20 or 21, so, yes, he could have been with Peare at that time. His career turned out to be plumbing, and he still works it today. Plume's/PLUMERS (new tab for you to use), you see, happen to share the Zionist star of Jewish Reitmans, and, as I've said many times, Miss Peare worked for Reitman's clothing when Kepke first met her. I'm wondering why God would have set that situation up, if indeed He did. The Plume/Plumer Coat is a version of the Weiner Coat, and it's known that Hillary's state-department emails were transferred illegally to the computer of Anthony Weiner. This scandal may be resurrected by John Durham, we hope.

[Insert -- BINGO, you'll not believe this. It was found later in this update when re-visiting this topic with Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr in view. The Carts were looked up as per the shopping CART, and this surname shares the palm tree of German, Plumer-like Palms/Palmers, and then the English Palms share the Weiner fleur-de-lys!!! It tends to assure that Plume's/Plumers do apply along with Rotens to Anthony Weiner. The Brittany Plume's share vair fur with English Palms. End insert]

As you may know, the sleeping-bag dream was about Hillary's email crimes, and the road of the dream brought me to Weiners by a simple method, where the Roads share the Child eagle while Childs were at Wanstead while Wansteads are listed with Weiners. It tends to explain why God chose to put me walking across a road in that dream. From the road, I walked into the parking lot of a mall, and Parkings are listed with Perkins while Hillary hired Perkins Coie to do some dirty work that turned criminal. Upon entering the mall, I was on a wooden PLATform with Miss Peare, whom I haven't seen in almost 40 years. Once I deciphered the road and parking lot, it seemed that the platform was code for PLATTE River Networks, Hillary's private email server when, if think I have this straight, she was working as chief of the state department.

I then discovered that Perkins Coie had one office in Denver, location of Platte River. Denvers and English GRIMMs both share green footless martlets (never take derivations at houseofnames as fact even if they state them as facts). We can therefore enter Denvers in with the hunt for clues because GRIMaldi's share the Bag Shield, and moreover Bag's were first found in Norfolk with Denvers. I still haven't figured out to my satisfaction why the sleeping bag was in this dream. It needs to connect to other items in the dream, especially to the scenes closest to its scene. I picked up the sleeping bag, and my mother's maiden name is, Grimaldi, but so what? What does that have to do with the rest of the dream?

VERE's/Weirs are a branch of Irish Wiers; the latter essentially share the Bag / Grimaldi Coat, indicating that DenVERs/Danvers were a Den- / Dan-Vere merger. It is difficult to know whether the Dans/Dans use checks or lozenges because they are on a diagonal within a chevron. If they are lozenges, then, whammo, they are in the colors of the bag / Grimaldi lozenges! In that picture, it becomes NECESSARY to include Denvers, which in turn points to Platte River and Perkins Coie. That is neat. As I can't think of any way for God to point to Grimaldi's with any item, I suppose my picking up the bag was used for pointing expressly to Grimaldi's so that the Grimm-Denver connection can be made in order to solidify the pointer to Denver, Colorado. I can add that my parents lived in Gormley while Gormleys are also Grimes', like the Grime variation of Grimms.

German Grimms have the same quadrants as English Forts while Denvers have a "Forte" motto term! Zinger. The Denver wyVERN dragon can be a code for the Varni Germanics in the DANE theater, you see, and Vere-possible Varns are kin of Grimm-like Grahams/Gramms. Denvers are claimed to be Anvers rather than a Dan entity, yet we find in their write-up, "...D'Anvers of Dantsey, ennobled under the title of Danby, and D'Anvers of Horley." Horleys/Harleys share the Varn bend.

NOW, to stress the great importance of that logical and brand-new argument, by what coincidence do German Grimms have two quadrants with the same lion as the two quadrants of Bedins? The latter were looked up as per Huma ABEDIN, wife of Anthony Weiner, and partner-in-crime with Hillary Clinton. Remarkably, as an additional Denver link to this picture, Bedins were first found in Shropshire with Horleys/Harleys (probably HARcourt Danes). Compare the Bedin and Grimm quadrants to Duttons of Dutton/DUNtune who in turn share the frets of Irish Horleys. Duttons were at Ness of Cheshire, a place owned by Walter de VERNon, and Ness' have the double fesses of Sleeps (Shropshire, same as Bedins and Varn-suspect Horleys/Harleys) in colors reversed. Horleys/Harleys probably use the Berk/Burgh cross because Berkshire's (same Shield as Duttons) share the Horley/Harley frets.

SURPRISE. Bedins were only-now loaded and looked up, after this update's mention of my RIDING the shopping-cart down, which was down a PAVED ROAD, and while the Ridings/Readings were important (last update) for pointing to George Bush and Loretta Lynch, they share the three boar heads in the other two quadrants of Bedins!!! Wow. In other words, both roads in both dreams point to Hillary's email scandal with Abedin and Weiner. Abedin is the one who transferred the emails to her husband.

Ridings/Readings share the Booth/Both Coat, and Bothwells share the Lynch Coat.

Now be stunned as I repeat from the last update: "I rode the shopping cart, with my FEET near the wheels, down the PAVED road, and English Pavia's/Pavys, first found in Somerset with Roets [Road-like], share the Feet/Fate Coat. Go ahead and check to see that the Feet/Fate and Pavia/Pavy Coats are three times in the Coat of English Grimms!!! It's as though God arranged the heraldry to assure that Grimms apply so that we can make the all-important pointer to Denvers, and therefore to Colorado. I am stunned by that outcome.

Let me repeat the entire paragraph, for there are more verifications:

I rode the shopping cart, with my FEET near the wheels, down the PAVED road, and English Pavia's/Pavys, first found in Somerset with Roets, share the Feet/Fate Coat. Very neat and tidy. I was ROLLIN' down the paved road, and Rollo's happen to have boar heads colors reversed from the Roet / Speyer boar heads. I was riding the cart while rolling down, and Ridings/Readings share the black boar with the Rollo Crest. The Rollo Shield has blue boar heads, and there's a blue boar head in the Wheel Crest; it just looks like God arranged ancient marriages to compliment this dream's scene. Rollo's were first found near the upper Spey river, as were black-boar-head Gardens.

Rollo's share the blue boar with Vere's, and we saw that Denvers look like a Dan-Vere merger. God had pointed to Gardens with Mamie, explained in the last update, and Gards happen to share the green martlet with Denvers and Grimms! You see, God knows all the details of Hillarys crimes with Obama. Obama has come out lately to make himself appear level-headed, because he wants to drum up public support against any potential backlash against him by the Durham investigations.

There's more, and it's incredible, for Miss Peare went on to work for Sony electronics (I think it was along the Don Valley Parkway) while she was still with Kepke, about the time that he got into plumbing. I therefore looked up Sonnys because there's no Sony surname coming up. Sonnys/Staneys/Stoneys look like a branch of Stanleys (said to have had Stonleys in their past) because both share three gold items along a blue bend. The first amazing thing is where I suggested that "GriMALDi" is a Gris- / Grey merger with Malta's and/or Mallets, and here I can point out that while the Sonnys/Staneys share the mallet scallops, Sonns/Soams use mallets! Zinger. What are the chances that Grimms were first found in Cheshire with Sonnys/Staneys? That's right, chances are good, and that happens to be the case.

But there is more. For the Sonns/Soams have a bird in Crest with a so-called lure, symbol also of Cheshire's. While it's usually a hawk's lure that I see in heraldry, I think I once saw a falcon's lure. As I cannot access the heraldry website anymore that describes symbols, I don't know whether it's a hawk or falcon. However, I do know that Hobs/Habs use hawks, and I happen to identify Hobs in the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs (Berwickshire, same as Hobs/Habs). Sonns/Soams are in the colors and format of Arthurs, and "ObSTANtia" looks linkable to "STANeys" (as well as Stans/Stants). So, if the Sonns/Soams use a hawk, we go to the Hawk surname to find so-called 'pilGRIM's staves"!!! Incredible. We got here from Miss Peare's second job at Sony, while her first job at Reitmans helped to point to Rodham Clinton (Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's) and Anthony Weiner.

It's very helpful that Pilgrims, who have pilgrim staves of their own, were first found in Norfolk with the Bags sharing the GRIMaldi Shield. That could be another usefulness of the sleeping bag, though there are many other kinds of bags God could have used; why a sleeping bag? The staves of Hawks are purple, as is the lure in the Cheshire Crest.

Staves are another word for staffs, but Stave's are also a variation of the Northumberland Stevensons. What are the chances that Rodhams/Roddens, first found in Northumberland, share the bend of the other Northumberland Stevensons. That's right. The PilGRIMs have brought us round to Hillary Clinton. To boot, if the Stave/Stevenson stars were gold, they would have the makings of the Clinton Shield.

While Stave's/Stevensons are also STEINsons, English Steins (Norfolk, same as Pilgrims and Denvers) have a colors-reversed version of the Stevenson bend, and both have leopard faces on their bend, though Steins share the leopard faces as Peare's (same place as Clintons). The Stein bend is in the colors of the Denver bend, and the three green Denver martlets are therefore a match with the three green leopard faces of Stevensons upon their bend in colors reversed. One can then compare with the Valentin bend, noting that Valence's and their Velin branch share footless martlets with Denvers.

I can glean that Stave's/Stevensons are using the fleur-de-lys of neighboring Burns, but in colors reversed because they didn't want to use exactly the same chevron-fleur combination. The last update showed why Burns and Bernice's were of the Saraca's of Ragusa, a location near the island of Melita, where Mallets trace well who share the Sonny/Staney scallops. Miss Peare worked for Sony when it was at 115 Gordon Baker Rd. (Toronto), along the 404 highway otherwise called, DON VALLEY Parkway. Just to verify; "Sony of Canada recently announced the company has moved its Canadian corporate office from 115 Gordon Baker Rd. to..."

The DON VALLEY name of that highway struck me because Joel came up one day, by an act of God for making points and pointers... that turned out to be for Ukraine's news of late in excellent, multiple ways. He also pointed to Don-like Donna Brazile, which I am certain involves Trump's request to Ukraine for information on CrowdStrike, for Brazile wrote a book, roughly at the time of that drive, in which she covered the CrowdStrike-DNC affair...that revealed some of Podesta's emails from WikiLeaks. The dump was a solid factor in causing Hillary to lose the election, but Brazile blamed it on a Russia-Trump collusionary alliance.

Brazile was pointed to when Joel said he was going, the following week, to a VOLLEYball championship in Poland with a Brazilian sports writer. That's the start of how Donna Brazile became one of my topics. The first thing I did soon after was to check the Don surname ("dona" motto term). The Valleys are listed with Volleys, you see, though I can't see at this time why Sony, which place I could see while driving down the Don Valley Parkway, should apply, unless it's to point out that Christine's share the three cups of Seths/Shaws (Miss Peare is Christine). That looks good because the chief (Assange) of WikiLeaks said that SETH Rich provided to him the DNC emails, not Russia. It was Brazile's job along with CrowdStrike's to "prove" that Russia was behind the DNC theft of records.

The Volleys/Valleys share the cross of English Julians, and Assange's first name, Julian, looks applicable to the Joel/Jewell surname. It's all clicking along, and, immediately after writing the last sentence, I loaded Polands to find scallops on a bend all in colors reversed from the SONNY/Staney scallops on a bend!!! Talkin' about Sony.

On that day when Joel came up, we went to Shakell road, a pointer to one of Trump's lawyers, Jay Sekulow. This story is probably in one of my October updates. The point is, the so-called buckle-lozenges of Shakells are in the colors of the buckles of French mallets while English mallets have the Sonny/Staney scallops (Sonns/Soams use mallets in the colors of the Mallet buckles). That's pretty impressive for linking Sony at the Don valley to Joel's drive. Joel even drove through Bracebridge that day while Bracebridge's are BRASbridges. (Sonnys/Staneys are probably using a version of the Leslie bend with buckles.)

The drive Joel and I went on that day was to PARRY Sound; I can now add that while Parrys use one of the double Parr fesses, Dons (Cheshire) have double fesses in colors reversed. Parrs and Furness' were from Pharnaces of the Pontus, husband of Nysa, the line to Ness'/Nice's, and therefore to Ness Cheshire, where Dons were first found. Wikipedia says that Donna's ancestry is in BRASwells, who have double chevrons in the colors of the double Don fesses. But there's more, for Parry Sound is the birthplace of Bobby Orr while Orrs/Ore's were already used of God, I assumed, in pointing to Nelly Ohr, one of the key people in the Trump attack from the Ukraine. Nellys share the red roundel with Orrs/Ore's, and, believe it or not, Orrs/Ore's share an "omnia" motto term with Dons, as though God wants to connect Donna Brazile to Nelly Ohr due to their working together.

Joels/Jewells use "gillyflowers" in the color of the one "flower" of Italian Anthonys/Tonys. I wasn't going to tell this part unless there were something else linking the Joel event to Anthony Weiner. And then I found one where Bobby Orr played for the Boston Bruins while Bostons share the giant lion of Hume's. HUMA Abedin-Weiner! Joel was a COOK at Boston Pizza! [You'll see the cook theme link to George Papadopoulos later in this update.]

There's more for Abedin was directly under the authority of John Podesta, the alleged pedophile, brother of TONY Podesta: "The Podesta Group [Tony and John together] was one of six lobbying firms that participated in a 2012–2014 public relations campaign organized by Paul Manafort on behalf of the ECMU and UKRAINE's [!!] pro-Russian Party of Regions..." Can we believe it? This tends to explain that the kill-Trump program involved John Podesta to Tony.

Watch this. Joel came up during the time that I was discovering that God provided a white rabbit in my youth as a pointer to Council of Foreign relations, for one. earlier, this white rabbit pointed to Bra of Cuneo, which speaks to Donna Brazile again. When Joel came up that day, I was telling him about this white-rabbit theme, when he promptly informed me that his car, which he bought just four days earlier, was a Rabbit model (Volkswagen). And it is a white car I noticed with some glee. Well, as things worked out, I later found Alex Podesta online, where he dresses up in a white rabbit suit, as would little kids, and he does sexual-connotation things while dressed that way.

And about that time, I found a white rabbit in the ESQUER Coat when seeking the meaning of the "ESQUIRE's helmet" of Poindexters/PUDDESTERs! Surely, God arranged that white rabbit for pointing to the Podesta's. We now need to ask whether God arranged Dexters to have two chevrons colors reversed from the two of Braswells; both surnames using nothing else. PoinDEXTER. It's as though God is linking John B Poindexter and/or the Podesta group to Donna Brazile. Poindexter is a murder suspect of judge ANTONin Scalia, and some think that John Podesta knew about the murder before it took place. While the sleeping bag in the dream pointed immediately to this murder, there needs to be more reason for the use of a sleeping bag.

The first pointer ever of the sleeping-bag dream was to the murder of Scalia. In Italian, "scala" means "to climb." I climbed Muschatov's ANTENna. Hmm. Someone pointed a HUNTER's rifle at me when I was at the top of the antenna. Hmm.

Now in the last update there were three GROCery stores, and I got to a point which tended to clinch the pointer of those stores to Groce's/Gragg. I'm bringing them up now because they have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Poindexters/Puddesters. Then, as per the grocery store when finding the Russian MEDALlion with shopping cart at my Jeep's hood, both the Medals/Dougals and the Bauds with Hood crescents (colors reversed) have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Fasts while Poindexters/Puddesters have the fist of Fists/FAUSTs.

The Fasts share the quadrants of the Arms of Rothschild and their Petty kin, and wow, the latter have three martlets on a bend, as do Denvers. The Denver martlets are green, what the Petty martlets would be in colors reversed (colors reversed often indicated kin by marriage). Plus, English Grimms surname have a green martlet while German Grimms (the ones with virtually the two Bedin quadrants) has the sun of Needle's/Nadlers, for example, while another Petty Coat has a "needle."

It was shown in the last update that this sleeping bag can be connectable to Mamie's sleeping bag. As I've said many times, I did not know Mamie, even after we danced at her party, when she plopped herself on my lap at a camp site with the gang sitting around the fire. [I didn't realize how relative "gang" was when writing this. You'll see below.]

Huma Abedin was the second in command, after the alleged pedophile, John Podesta, in Hillary's election campaign against Trump. Abedin's bound to know a little something about the inside details of the attacks, which largely depended on the Steele dossier that Perkins Coie purchased on Hillary's behalf.

It doesn't matter that the Bedin/Beddow surname has nothing to do with Abedin's bloodline. God can use any surname, identical or similar, to make a pointer. We just saw that Bedins (compare with Seconds/Segurs) essentially share the Denver quadrants, but there's wildly more, for Denvers have a "loyalte" motto term, like the "Loyalite" of Mackesys/Margesons that I've deciphered for Loyala's/Lolita's. It points, apparently, to Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express airplane...which was used at least 26 known times by Bill Clinton. A co-pilot of that plane has testified that he was not allowed to the back of the craft while in the cockpit, because it was outfitted with beds and young ladies. Weiner went to jail for hunting under-aged girls from his computer camera.

As Mackesys are listed with MARGesons while Mackeys come up as MARGys, I was able to tell that the latter surname points to Epstein's jail cell, for it uses ravens "hanging" on an arrow. It's not hanging from a bunk bed, but I think the rarity of hanging heraldic symbols plays well to verify that the "Loyalite" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons is indeed a pointer to Epstein's sex trafficking / blackmail.

I'd like to go back to where Bedins share the Riding/Reading boar heads and the Bedin lions-in-quadrants. I can tell you with confidence that Bedins are from Badon, a grandson of Mummolin, and the Grimms are from Grimo, another grandson of Mummolin. Grimo's father was Babon, and Babons share a black boar head in Crest with Bedins. The Bedin boar heads are those of Boths too, and while Bothwells are from Bute, that's where I trace BODEgisel, Babons brother. As per BodeGISEL, Gisels are listed with French Gris' while German Gris' are also GRIIMs.

[I have a song from the BAGGY Bottom Boys that I like. I looked up Bottoms a few paragraphs below after loading bags to see their Baggy variation. So Bottoms were loaded to find them as BOTHams/Boothams/Bodhams (Yorkshire, same as Booths/Boths), in Booth/Both colors and first found in Norfolk with Bags. Bottoms/Bothams share the six Lacy pellets, and pellets are the symbol also of Foix's/Foys, first found in Auvergne, and of Bed-like Bede's/Bedels. As per Baggy Bottom BOYS, it's pretty amazing that Boys'/Bois' are a branch of Bush's/Buschs (Yorkshire again) sharing black-on-white boars with Bottoms and Booths. It's simply amazing here that while BAGs were first found in Norfolk with Gangs/Geggs, with both having cinquefoils in colors reversed to one another, Gangs/Geggs have three of them bendwise, as do Boys'/Bois'. BAGGY Bottom BOYS. What think ye of that additional coincidence (or not)?]

Having said that, I now recall that Huma Abedin was caught on camera, at John McCain's funeral, walking up to Lindsey Graham, and, totally unexpected, giving him a hug. They are supposed to be political enemies. As Grahams/Grame's compare with "Grime," it could be God's message here that the hug was a sinister thing on Graham's part. Another camera caught Graham walking over to John Kelly, and putting something he received from Abedin into his inner jacket pocket. Kellys happen to be king of Monaco's while Grimaldi's were at Monaco. Kellys may be a branch of Keele's/KILLS, and the bird in the Graham Crest is said to be a "falcon killing a stork." This paragraph's heraldic connections are a bit of a stretch; I'm not impressed.

However, God showed that Mamie was a symbol for MUMmolin, and Mamie even left my Bible gift under her bed on a trip she went on. Mamie's Mansfield/Mamesfelde elements suggest that she be of Mens/MAME's/Meme's, who were first found in Midlothian with Grahams, how interesting. The bed she left the Bible under was entertained with Bedins, and with Huma Abedin therefore, though I don't know that I knew that Bedins were from Badon until this update. I'll come back to the Bible.

Grimo-like Greme's are listed with Greens, first found in Kent-with crozier-using Greenwich's, and Scottish Crozier's have the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne (Chalons-en-Champagne), where Mummolin ruled. French Crozier's were first found in Auvergne with Mummolin's ancestry at Clermont-Ferrand. Bedins have a version of the Second/SEGUR Coat, and the latter were first found in Limousin with Clermont-liner Clairs/Clere's (for years showed the besants-in-chief of Clermonts'/Clements but now show a white lion). Segur-like Seagars and Segurana's use MOLINE's expected for the namers of MumMOLIN, and Segurana's were first found in Genova with a branch of GRIMaldi's i.e. from Grimo, Mummolin's grandson. Badon, his other grandson, was not Babon's son, as was Grimo. The new Clair/Clere Coat must be the giant Greenwich and Odin lion without the crozier. Babons (share Bedin Crest) were first found in Suffolk with English Clare's/Clairs.

Bible's/Bibo's, suggesting Babon liners, share the red rooster with their Hann kin and with BABcocks/BADcocks (share Cock rooster). Cocks share the Bag / Grimaldi Shield. That's why the bed that Mamie left the Bible under is expected for a surname from Badon. later, Mamie was used as part of a pointer to pizzagate, and Abedin along with her husband could very well have been into something like that. I've told that story before. It was when I took Mamie out to a youth group's night outdoors, when I walked over to her and KISSed her (we were essentially alone) at the HOME plate of a baseball diamond. Kiss'/Cush's use the red Bible/Bibo rooster because the latter is on a CUSHion. Home's are also Huma-like Home's, believe it or not.

That event pointed to the attempted murder to Steve Scalise, begging whether the Abedin-Podesta duo were in on it. I had read that Scalise was starting an investigation into pedophilia before he was shot. After he was allowed to live by Jack Sava, the same physician that was in on the murder of Seth Rich, Scalise was never again to investigate pedophilia. The only other person in the baseball field, when I was kissing Mamie at home PLATE (Platte-River Networks?), was the pastor's daughter (Cindy Richardson), who was eyeing us from second base. Scalise got shot at second base.

Homers use more reed roosters, I've just learned, and, wow, openHEIMERs share the sphinx with Hips!!! Scalise got shot in the hip!!! That's why a kiss had to happen at home plate, so that Homers could justify Openheimers. Besides, we were hugging while kissing while Hugo's (Basel) share the mermaid with Babe's/Babells. Basels share pellets with Bede's/Bedels and Bottoms/BOOThams, and so I'll even add that German Trips once showed BOOTs while English Trips have a "SCALing ladder" as obvious code for the ladder-using Scalise's/Scalia's.

The pastor's daughter (Cindy above) walked into a pizza restaurant with her parents, just weeks after the kiss at home plate, if not less, where I was working briefly. As I recall it, it was the only night I was asked to serve tables for filling-in, and when the trio walked in, I served them. I recall that they ordered wine, to my surprise. I've told this story many times before. Weiners look like they can apply to wine.

Another mermaid is used by Lapps, recalling when Mamie sat on my lap uninvited before we had even been acquainted. We had met just once before, and while camping, she plopped herself on my lap while the gang was around the campfire. That was the night we slept in her sleeping bag, and, wow, look at that use of "gang," for I did not use it for heraldic purposes. The Gangs/Geggs, first found in Norfolk with Bags, happen to have cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of bags!!! I have never made that realization before, but I have used "gang" before. For example, here's from my 3rd update in may, 2019:

After the dance with Mamie [the first time we met], I left the party to go see Lorraine, and we broke up that very night (nothing to do with Mamie). I don't recall talking with Mamie after the dance, but maybe I did. I didn't expect to see her again, but Barry called me a few weeks later, inviting me to a camp site with the GANG [caps added only now]. I turned it down, but when he said, "Mamie's going to be there," I changed my mind. When arriving...I don't remember what happened next, that night, until she sat herself uninvited on my lap (total surprise, she was a virtual stranger to me) at the camp fire (the whole GANG [caps added only now] sitting around it), and I put my left arm around her waist, what else?... I don't remember what happened next until we were in her tent laying a sleeping bag on the ground...

That gang was needed to verify that God used the event as a pointer to certain things. Bags were at GAYwood. Why that? German Trips were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds, whose Scottish branch has a "Gang warily" motto. I once checked the Mail surname to see whether God may have arranged a pointer to Hillary's email crimes, and that worked out not bad. The point here is that Mails (same place as Malls) were at the WIRRAL peninsula, a term like "warily."

WOW-WOW-WOW. I was just writing that Cindy Richardson at SECOND base causes me to add that Richardsons and Mails were both first found in Cheshire while sharing the same lion heads, when I remembered that Seconds have virtually the same Coat at Bedins!!! HUMA Abedin was pointed to by my being at HOME PLATE, and the email scandal concerns PLATTE River Networks. After I kissed Mamie there, I looked out toward the field, and there was Cindy all alone at second base looking with displeasure toward us. I kid you not.

The Richardson motto seems to have a code for Ritters/Rutters (Cheshire, same as Richardsons), in the colors of the Richardson-related Belwoods and Malpas', and Ritters happen to look like Riders who in turn share the three boar heads of Bedins. German Ritters are Ridders too. The only difference between the Bedin Coat and the Second Coat is these three boar heads (Seconds don't show them). If they are the Booth/Both boar heads, then we remind that Bottoms/Bothams/Boothams were first found in Norfolk with Bags, and moreover the Bothwells share the Lynch Coat. The Bedin / Second lions-in-quadrants are shared by Grimms while Bags share the Grimaldi Shield. The other Grimms were first found in Cheshire, and they share the green footless martlet with Denvers while Platte River is in Denver.

[A day or two after writing this section, I happened to find COOkseys with three bend-wise cinquefoils in the colors of the same of Gangs/Geggs, and so this tends to verify that Gangs had married Bags because Cook-like Cocks share the Bag Shield. I'll elaborate on this later in the update as it touches upon Papadopoulos.]

Horowitz Protects Comey Best He Can

Bongino has a good introductory run-down (he'll have more) on the Horowitz report:

This week, the Democrats are out in full force reminding the country that Russians were trying to upset the 2016 elections. This is a good thing because it opens the door for Republican talk on election interference from Ukraine, which has to do with the real collusion between the Clinton campaign and foreign powers. Don't knock it when the Democrats walk willingly into a trap. Feinstein says its time to move on, of course, because Republicans are getting very hot.

Horowitz is in a congressional hearing as I speak, on Wednesday, and he claims many witnesses to which he spoke, but he did not interview Carter Page, how disgusting on his part as he tries to appear non-biased. The first thing he says in his opening remarks is to congratulate his own team for "independent" reporting because, I assume, it was not independent at all. The left uses lie's as a weapon to reinforce in our minds the opposite of what is true. It's their staple method of operations. This is the lowest class of people on this planet.

Horowitz himself claims that the start of the FBI's Trump-attack was started on July 31 (2016) with a claim from Papadopoulos which the FBI read as Trump's collusion with Russia. It staggers the imagination as to how that event could possibly justify an entire, organized "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation, for Papadopoulos is a weapon to used against the FBI. Horowitz is following the Mueller-people storyline which banks on the Russian-interference baloney. A little activism from a few Russians on social media is not a reason to start an investigation of Trump; they purely concocted his guilt as a false premise to begin a sinister spy campaign. But this is not how Horowitz is framing things, even though his own report shows how reckless the spy campaign became, with self-inflicted guilt all over the place that he portrays merely as common screw-ups. No, they were not screw-ups, but signs of guilt for first-degree political murder. Such things are the stuff of assassinations.

He says that Crossfire Hurricane (sounds like an intrusive attack) was officially started by Bill Priestap upon consultations with the highest levels at the FBI. Yup, Comey and McCabe. He doesn't mention the latter two by name, and goes on to say that Priestap's decision was justified. This skunk is going down in infamy regardless that he revealed many sore spots for the FBI, as Bongino expounds upon above just for starters. Priestap was assistant director for FBI's counterintelligence at the time of the Trump-attack.

He says that, when inspecting the emails and other communications of Priestap and the others, no evidence of bias was found for the basis of starting Crossfire Hurricane. But Horowizard, thou fiend, what about the rest of the operation? Are you going to absolve this crew just because it successfully hid its bias in written records over the first few days of the conspiracy? But of course they didn't write down in official records that they were engaging in a crime! But what about their actions over the next 100-200 days? Didn't they show bias then??? Didn't they show signs of an illegal attack? If so, why are you bothering to state that they were justified to begin? How does a clean-appearing beginning wipe away all the dirt that fell upon their faces afterward, while they too-fast produced a reckless program of sedition? If you were merely an idiotic ninny, we could maybe go soft on you, but as you claim to be intelligent, you admit to us that you are a diabolical fiend in sheep's clothing. Thank you for this admission.

Next, still in his opening remarks, he talks about an initial application to spy on Carter Page that the FISC refused to grant, but only as a "close call," Horowitz is sure to enter into the record. He then takes a leap from that standpoint / premise to make it appear meritorious that the FBI's use of the Steele dossier, in their next application to the FISC, put the issue over the top i.e. it changed the mind of the FISC judges so as to grant the first 90 days of spying on Carter Page. This is where we need to really consider how it came to be, whether God is in it or not, that Horwitz's share the Shield of Fiscs.

He then goes on to point out the sins of the FISA applicants, admitting that false or misleading information was fed to the FISC, because he has no choice but to admit it, but concludes that his panel did not find "intentional misconduct." There is only one way to read this: Horowitz is trying to protect the Comey crew from prosecution. The question must then be raised as to why he referred Comey for prosecution in an earlier report? The solution to this riddle may be that Barr talked him into using "no intentional misconduct" in a wink-wink conversation. It's a theory only; there's no way for me to know one way or the other. The theory is based on how quickly Barr came out to PUBLICLY announce that he would not be prosecuting Comey on Horowitz's recommendation, as though Barr wanted to send Comey and Mueller a message to relax, I'm here covering for ya. Under such a scheme, I'm not surprised that Barr came out quickly to show disagreement with Horowitz on this latest report because it gives the impression that there was no wink-wink taking place. Again, just a theory.

To nail Horowitz as a fiend, he then uses "performance failures" to sum up the FBI guilt in this FISA matter. Put that together with mere "misconduct," which he found to be unintentional, and he's clearly a spin master of the Democrat kind. "Misconduct" means only that there was a bad attitude. In no way does it get even close to criminal sedition, but when you front the term with "unintentional," the perpetrators come out smelling even better than Walmart shoppers.

When he's done, Lindsey Graham speaks. Graham traps Horowitz by making him admit that the FBI, when discovering that the Steele dossier was fraudulent, failed to do what was required, to inform both the FISC and their higher-ups in the DoJ. You see, Horowitz, in his opening remarks, took the time to tell us what is not worthy of time, that the FBI had no requirement to alert the DoJ of the first FISA applications. BUT, he now admits, they did have that requirement once their guilt was discovered for using the Steele dossier in the first place. Horowitz had said that the dossier was central to their getting the first application approved. But about the time of the second application (for another 90 days of spying on Page), Horowitz admits that the FBI was required to reveal that the dossier was fantastically false. When Graham asks Horowitz's feeling about this heavy-duty misconduct, this betrayal of FBI principles, this exposure of criminal guilt, Horowitz says, "I don't know." FIEND! He won't admit the obvious if it means criminal dirt on Comey's face.

Horowitz then says he didn't have a clear record (what could "clear" mean) that Priestap's Crossfire Hurricane made it up to McCabe's of Comey's desk at that point. This is the far extent to which he's going for protecting Comey (McCabe is Comey's deputy; if such an issue gets to him, it's by force going to get to Comey). Horowitz SNAKE. It is inconceivable that Comey didn't know everything from the start. I would suggest that written records from the chief investigators to McCabe and Comey were deliberately disappeared during the time that Trump gave the FBI to disappear them. It was incumbent upon Trump, seeing that Sessions and Rosenstein were not doing their jobs, for he personally to seize those communications.

When Graham asks whether the FBI misled the FISC, Horowitz didn't answer, yes, but said, "that was misleading to the court." The tone of that response is such that he's trying to make it appear unintentionally misleading, because intentionally misleading the court is a vicious crime. Achem, judges always say that ignorance of the law is no excuse. And people get prosecuted even for making mistakes that happen to be a breaking of laws i.e. even if they commit crimes unintentionally, but Horowitz is not holding Comey to that normal standard even when all the evidence as a heap of sky-high dirt points to an intentional conspiracy. Horowitz is playing just like Comey did to excuse Hillary's email crimes based on her committing them unintentionally (Comey's word).

Graham soon reveals his soft side, when he asked, "so are these [men] the best and brightest we have"? You see, he's giving Horowitz exactly what he wants, a portrayal of Comey and his crew as bumblers. Graham doesn't really want arrests, does he?

Horowitz refuses to use the "lie" word for when the FBI agents did not put on the applications all that they were required. Such resistance to an admission is what we expect Comey's defence lawyer to say. On the top of all four applications, the FBI stamped, "VERIFIED," but Horowitz refuses to see this as a lie, because a lie to the FISC is criminal, and because Comey signed three of the applications.

Graham, with zero passion in his voice, then goes into questioning where he admits on behalf of the entire anti-Trump side that the Russians hacked the DNC. Horowitz nods in agreement, but this is a crux of the Comey / Mueller / Rosenstein defence. Graham knows that the FBI never did verify that the Russians hacked the DNC, but he lays this concoction on his senate table as a fact. How can we explain this? How can we explain that Graham is without passion here while questioning a person who defacto amounts to Comey's personal lawyer?

When Graham asks Horowitz whether the FBI alerted Hillary's campaign about the alleged Russian nastiness (it didn't exist to speak of), the response was that he isn't sure he knew of any warning, but a denial like this could be due to a hot potato he knows of. Graham claims that they did go through the ropes (non-sincere, shallow effort) of briefing Clinton's team, but this was probably done as part of the ruse to do the same to Trump (sets up the excuse to do it to Trump too), at which time they used that meeting for spying on Trump rather than warning him.

Once he gets Horowitz to admit in soft terms that the FBI sent an agent to spy on him under the pretext of warning him about Russian collusion, Graham doesn't press Horowitz to admit that it was a spy program, even while Horowitz is trying to wiggle out from making that admission. That's a typical no-nothing Republican having no passion for undoing the wrong. Graham did get Horowitz to admit that fooling the FISC amounts to "illegal surveillance," though he won't admit that it's "spying." Yes, he's admitting that it was illegal, but he's trying to get them off the jail hook by saying it was unintentional. That's the kind of mush that Horowitz is.

When Graham starts to slam the side of his palm down, he's getting upset with the FBI for knowingly going ahead with the spy program unjustifiably. But what he should be doing here is to be getting upset with Horowitz for not coming clean and demanding Comeys arrest. Why isn't Graham making an issue of Horowitz's denials? Why isn't he plying Horowitz until he makes a fool of himself with steady, unjustifiable denials? In the end, Graham is happy to say that the FBI must never do something like this again. Oh, yes, it will, and will be more careful next time to spy on the radicals within the department, to make sure they leave no guilty paper trail such as Strzok left. Without jail terms, this will happen again tomorrow morning.

Horowitz admits to Feinstein that his people requested assistance from Barr and Durham. Horowitz says that neither Barr nor Durham provided any information that served to alter his opinion that the FBI had justification to open a full-blown investigation of Page/Trump. Feinstein asks Horowitz whether there was any evidence found that Obama played a certain role, but she would never have asked such a question unless her Democrat bloc knew beforehand that Horowitz's answer would be safe for them. It shows Horowitz collusion with the Democrat camp.

I'll now go to Bongino's video above and give some highlights. He enters the fact that the FBI did not inform the FISC judges that Carter Page had once worked for the CIA. It's of course imperative to disclose this because the accusation was that page was in fact working for the Russians. A judge would have a head scratch to learn that Page was a CIA operative too, and of course that would change everything. Horowitz doesn't see this omission as bias on the part of the FBI. Unless he finds an FBI communication that reads, "I am bias," he says there's no evidence of bias. That's what he's saying when he says he found no evidence. He refuses to make his own assessment on the high number of evidences such as the many omissions and falsifications in the application. He can see that the applications were a farce, but he still hasn't got evidence of bias, he says. If I recall correctly, Horowitz's first report claimed likewise that he found no bias, and I do think he meant Strzok's texts too.

The question is whether it's true at all that Strzok was a minor player in deciding whether to go ahead with the investigation, for he clearly did show bias. In other words, Horowitz and the FBI players he's trying to salvage may have made up the story that Priestap is the one who decided to start the investigation. It's all-too possible that it was Strzok's baby, as per his "insurance policy." So, he may have gone to Priestap with his insurance-policy plot, and Priestap only role may have been to agree to it, and then sign on.

As Comey and Halper have been found to be a part of the shark I've been talking about, which had its teeth round a bulldog's belly, the belly event I've been calling the belly-PRESS (see last update) can include Priestap because Priests are also Press'. It just makes a lot of sense. One problem is verification that Priests/Press' apply to Belly / Belli / Bellow liners. I can't find any, but it just so happens that the Priest/Press' Chief is the Neil Chief while Neils, using a fish in Arms-of-SARACA fish, were first found in Tyrone with SHARKs. That's one great argument that Priestap applies to the shark. Moreover, the Neils compare well with the McCain branch of Keons. Plus, Neils and Keons share double lions combattant with Irish Comeys, all three placing a human hand between their lions. And the Abreu's/Abruzzo's having double lions combattant look like they are related to Priestlys/Presleys. Halpers have been shown to link to Abruzzo's Avezzano by way of their Help/Halp/Half branch. Without getting into it all again, German Neils/Nails/Nagle's are linkable via Haafs/Have's, Velins and Velins to mount Velino upland from Avezzano.

Oh wow, Priestly/Presleys can even be linked to McCabe's starting by the former's so-called "grappling IRONs" (previously called hooks). The Iron/Hiram surname is at AIRAINes, like the Arran island where McCabe's/MacABBE's were first found, and ABBEville is near Airaines.

Look here how the Priestlys/Presleys connect us to members of the same this deep state. Priestlys/Presleys share the three towers of Gaywoods, and Bags were at Gaywood for whatever that might be worth (wow, after this paragraph was done, Backus' were found as "Bagus" while Bags come up as "Bages"). The Howell and Gaywood Coats are identical while I expressed a story in my real-life's events (about 2005/6) which pointed to a married couple on Gilligan's Island, the husband being Thurston Howell, played by Jim (James) Backus, who turned out to be a potential pointer to Jim Baker, the lead council for the FBI under the FISA-abuse crimes. Jim Backus pointed as well, or better, to another Jim Baker, of the military, a partner in the Trump-attack with Stefan Halper. You just saw Halper above with this discussion of Priestap-like surnames. The Jim Baker of the military was involved with putting down a good-guy whistle-blower by the surname of LOVinger, and Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island was LOVEY Howell.

There's even a slight resemblance between the Coats of Backus'/Bagus' and the Halper branch of Halps/Helps/Halfs. Halpers/HALFpennys share the Steele checks, and Loveys/Love's/Luffs share the Steele lion head. Make of it what you think, but it's suddenly adding a new, potential meaning to the sleeping bags.

One of the reasons for my having thought that the Howell characters were rightly pegged involves the Kilpatricks. You see, one day (at about age 50), when the pastor asked everyone to wear a cowboy theme to church, Miss Hicks -- Mrs. Kilpatrick-- came looking like Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island. I hadn't seen that show since I was a young teen, but, don't ask me why or how, Mrs. Howell came to mind when I saw Mrs. Kilpatrick coming into the seating area. She had no cowboy theme at all, but looked like a spoiled, rich man's wife, too dolled up, for one thing. As English Bakers share the saltire of Kilpatricks, it was added verification that God was using the Howells to point to Jim Baker's attack on Lovinger. It just so happens that Halper was involved with Baker so that the pointer touches on things Ukraine, where many other pointers are now pointing.

For what it could be worth, Dutch Bakers show the leaf design of House's/Hause's ("cabbage leaves") and Hazels ("hazel slips") so that the lion in the Chief of English Bakers must be the same lion in the Cabbage Chief, which, in colors reversed, could be the Kilpatrick and Levi lion. Now this is amazing, for Hazel-branch ISLIPs/Haslips share the lodged Maxwell stag, and both share holly with Cabbage's.

Now that the Horowitz report has come out with a fraudulent premise, it comes as news juice for the liberals. The only potential (read as maybe) bright spot is with the Barr report yet to come out. Here is both the light and the dark:

[The light] Attorney General Bill Barr said in a statement that the report "makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken." He added that "in the rush to obtain and maintain FISA surveillance of Trump campaign associates, FBI officials misled the FISA court, omitted critical exculpatory facts from their filings, and suppressed or ignored information negating the reliability of their principal source."

[The dark] Barr did note that "most of the misconduct" was committed between 2016 and 2017 by former FBI officials, and that he has "full confidence" in current FBI Director Christopher Wray and "the thousands of dedicated line agents who work tirelessly to protect our country."

Barr told the country very recently that he has full confidence in Wray to fix the FBI, and then, ha-ha, Wray was on the news right about that time looking just like a Schiff or Nadler, blowing Barr's crap all over his face. Barr is a sham, guaranteed. Don't be deceived by his correct words. Wray is so obviously a Comeyite that BARR IS A SHAM. He'll need to be coerced into doing the right things, and Trump's not up to the job, not even close.

How can we explain that this report by Horowitz was held off for six months or more past the slated date of release, with everyone thinking that he had more bombshells to add, and yet it now comes out like one covering for the deep state? I now know why the Horwitz Shield is also the Fisc Shield.

Horowitz claimed that the FBI had cause to begin the FISA process, and moreover denied political bias in the FBI and DoJ against Trump. Need more be said to tell where he sits? Wray came out to applaud Horowitz for these two things, and then flatly added that Comey's FBI did not have it out for Trump.

Nunes is suing yet other organizations, which will quell their nastiness for some time. I think AT&T is one on his target list. My understanding is that Schiff and company demanded, by a legal order, an illegal phone search of their political enemies, and then got caught. How long has this been going on? How can there be a legal order that's in fact illegal? By having Democrats controlling the shots. They are lawlessness incarnate. They lie about the guilt of their enemies to convince phone and tech companies to give up recordings. You see, it's a legal process they use, but it's illegal because they lie i.e. have no justification to get the information. If Barr doesn't jail this bunch for this, SHAM IS BARR. He seems to me to be a flake. He hasn't got the iron. A rod of iron is needed to the backside of Christopher Wray like one takes a whip to a stubborn mule. But Barr says he just adores this jack-ass. SHAM. There's all you need to know on whether Barr intends to deliver. Not if he can help it.

Horowitz reported that the Steele dossier was in fact the basis for the four FISA applications, a thing that Democrats have been disputing since the beginning. As the Federalist puts it:

In an astonishing admission, the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz conceded to lawmakers Wednesday that the FBI’s FISA applications used to continue surveillance on the 2016 Trump campaign were based ENTIRELY [caps mine] on sources for the widely discredited Steele Dossier funded by the Democrats.

Horowitz reveals that Comey and McCabe did not "press" Steele as per who was paying him for his dirt on Trump. But Horowitz knows the ultimate sources of the dossier, and it's a farce for Horowitz to side-step the knowledge that Comey and McCabe also knew. Horowitz is entering this part of his report as a slap against Comey and McCabe when, by the looks of it, it's rather their protection by making the duo appear oblivious to the fact that Hillary and the Democrat National Convention paid for the dossier. In other words, Horowitz has considered all of the legal jeopardies for the director and deputy of the FBI, and is protecting them...which is exactly what his no-bias claim is all about, because, if they duo had political bias, it could land them in court. I expect Barr to handle things in exactly this way, slaps on the wrist but protection from arrests.

Hopefully, John Durham's immediate response is not made-for-news theater. On Monday, he said: "Our investigation has included developing information from other persons and entities, both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. Based on the evidence collected to date, and while our investigation is ongoing, last month we advised the Inspector General that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened." Hopefully, he's not hanging out a carrot on a stick for the downcast.

Here's the bone of contention that will be rattled and chewed over in days and weeks to come:

“Given the low threshold for predication in the AG Guidelines and the DIOG, we [Horowitz] concluded that the FFG information, provided by a [foreign] government the United States Intelligence Community (USIC) deems trustworthy, and describing a first-hand account from an FFG employee of a conversation with Papadopoulos, was sufficient to predicate the investigation [the thing was a rigged set-up].

This information provided the FBI with an articulable factual basis that, if true, reasonably indicated activity constituting either a federal crime or a threat to national security, or both, may have occurred or may be occurring.”

So, there you have the Papadopoulos bone-of-contention. Horowitz is riding on that thin ice. He's placed his own reputation on the line for Clinton's sake. Horowitz is himself biased, and that's why he lies about the bias of Democrat FBI / DoJ agents. If the Democrats claim that a man is impartial, that's exactly how to know that he's secretly biased.

Here's Apple Pie's reaction:

The Inspector General’s report now makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken. It is also clear that, from its inception, the evidence produced by the investigation was consistently exculpatory. Nevertheless, the investigation and surveillance was pushed forward for the duration of the campaign and deep into President Trump’s administration. In the rush to obtain and maintain FISA surveillance of Trump campaign associates, FBI officials misled the FISA court [crime], omitted critical exculpatory facts [crime] from their filings, and suppressed or ignored information [criminal] negating the reliability of their principal source. The Inspector General found the explanations given for these actions unsatisfactory. While most of the misconduct identified by the Inspector General was committed in 2016 and 2017 by a small group of now-former FBI officials, the malfeasance and misfeasance detailed in the Inspector General’s report reflects a clear abuse of the FISA process.

I agree with it all, spoken eloquently. Thus far, Barr is in no hurry to give the people a hint that iron judgment is coming. The country needs a speedy super-hero, not a chubby-cheeked babe locked to a departmental high chair snorting pablum. Did you come to play law school, Mr. Barr? Are you merely shaking your rattles with both hands for a little irresistible fun? Where're you keeping your made-of-steel police uniform? You've just admitted that the U.S. government committed a coup attempt, and yet you can't find it within your arsenal to arrest anyone? Are true and impressive ga-ga-words of law all you got?? Are you just turning on the charm?

You can't arrest only Comey; you need to arrest McCabe and Strzok too, as well as the Ohrs, Simson, Halper, Mifsud, Elias, and Hillary. That's just for starters, because there were other accomplices. They worked as a team. There's a crime ring in this government bastion. People like Manafort who do far less go to jail at the direction of this bastion. Whoever used Manafort to frame Trump needs more jail time than Manafort, don't you think. Are you up to it?

Barr this week: "No one is more dismayed about the handling of these FISA applications than Director Wray. I have full confidence in Director Wray and his team at the FBI, as well as the thousands of dedicated line agents who work tirelessly to protect our country [stroke-stroke] I thank the Director for the comprehensive set of proposed reforms he is announcing today, and I look forward to working with him to implement these and any other appropriate measures." That's how you can know that Barr is nothing but a patch job, merely trying to give the FBI a brand new reputation. The moment he's not looking, and especially when he's gone, the bastion will be at it again, only more careful not to get caught.

Lindsey Graham is full of excuses for protecting the deep state, but he talks like he's opposed to it. "Lindsey Graham: I want this Senate trial over with ASAP — so no, we won’t call Schiff or some other witnesses Trump wants to testify". That's what you call a hypocrite, a RINO. Schiff failed to appear in Monday's House session because he didn't want to be questioned, and here's Graham giving Schiff exactly what he wants. It's hopeless, the American government and its congressional affiliate is a walking corpse forbidding good people to rule. I look for hope and light while covering this saga, but experience continuous disappointment. The things one expects don't materialize, and we get excuses instead as to why they don't materialize.

The House session on Monday was nothing more than the continued effort to stop the Trump side from discovering American corruption in Eurasia (probably goes beyond Ukraine). It stands to reason that the Democrats are losing on this front because God is behind the Ukraine exposure. It may mean that God intends to keep Democrats from power in 2020.

Here's from Matt Palumbo (variation of Italian Paloma's): "As Mike Cernovich discovered in Chapter Five of the [Horowitz] report, there’s extensive documentation of the FBI not following FISA procedures, and then lying to judges." Lying to a FISA judge? Isn't that jail-time worthy even if it's done small-potatoes against an ordinary man on the street? But it was part of a massive, global conspiracy involving much more than FISA applications for to spy on, not Carter Page, but on Trump the fledgling president. Doesn't Trump want to know how the Ukraine side of this effort materialized? The House is trying to frighten him into ceasing Ukraine investigations.

How convenient for Horowitz that his job description was only on the FISA applications for one man. Who's looking into the Lisa-Page statement that Obama wanted to know everything the FBI was doing at the time of the Trump-attack? It means that there were many communications between the FBI and Obama's representative for receiving FBI messages. Who was that representative? Who in the FBI was transferring the messages? It's Barr's job to get those communications, but Trump could order them upon his desk three years ago. He acts as though he only found out about the Horowitz report today as I write. How can a president with daily briefings be this out of touch? Barr has had the report for a long time. Don't they communicate on a matter such as this? Is shambles the reality, or are we being deceived by this president? Will this issue turn out ironically to be an exposure of Barr, Trump and Graham for complicity to protect the deep state?

On Tuesday, Barr made his opinions plain that he's unhappy with Horowitz's fullness of reporting. It's a good sign. In short, Barr is of the opinion that the FISA crime was in fact criminal, not just a set of screw-ups, but intentional maneuvering to commit undue and uncalled for damage on Trump. Whether he'll treat is as criminal, we aren't going to be told at this time. I've got to say, I'm happy to hear that Barr wants immediately to disconnect himself from the Horowitz report, dispelling any ideas we may have had that the two men were talking for the purpose of aligning their stories. Barr had no authority to tell Horowitz how to conduct or conclude his investigations, but that doesn't mean the two couldn't have talked. Staging investigations requires such talk, and Horowitz did talk to some, I think we can be sure of that. For now, the bright spot is that Barr seems independent of Horowitz, and wants the people to know it.

On the pessimistic side, he could be putting our fears to rest as a farce, wishing to procrastinate on the outing of the During report well into election season, hoping no one will be calling for arrests anymore.

I had a feeling that Barr asked Horowitz not to refer Comey for prosecution on the FISA issue, because it would have been Horowitz's second referral for Comeys arrest, and Barr would have had a very hard time with voters if he then waived this second opportunity to arrest this goon. It is completely strange that Horowitz would refer Comey to arrest on merely a lie, but not on the FISA scam amounting to a bloodless coup of a sitting president. It could have been others besides Barr who talked Horowitz into going criminal-wise soft, but I think Barr had a motive if he's decided not to touch Comey.

In his report, Horowitz pointed out that the FBI did not prove any of Steele's dossier to be factual. But he then gives Comey a pass for signing three of the four FISA applications, suggesting by a stretchy implication that Comey was simply mislead by the dossier, or in any case took it seriously just-in-case. That can't be true because Comey knew that Hillary's campaign paid for it. In a situation where his FBI was acting normally, respectfully, it would have been a-b-c, 1-2-3, to discover who paid Steele to compile the dossier, and who paid Fusion to pay Steele. Bango, the FBI would have been at Perkins Coie's doorstep just like that.

The rush from Barr and Durham to announce that they have extra information, that Horowitz had no access to, could be, not good news, but a warning to Comey and others not to talk too much on media appearances that could complicate their cover-up on their behalf. Durham needs to deal with, as Horowitz did too, things already discovered that made the news, but they can also develop ways to sweep much of it under the rug. I'm not at all convinced that the Barr team is gearing up to condemn Obama's FBI with a strong judgment. I have eyes on anything that could indicate their tricks to feign a hardline while planning a softline. I hope this will not be the case.

When Cruz questioned Horowitz (much-more passion than Graham), we learn that the latter deferred the case of an FBI lawyer, Mr. Clinesmith, to Barr for handling on whether he will be charged with a crime. Here's where Barr has a clear-cut case of a crime, of misrepresenting a document to the FISA court. If Barr arrests Clinesmith, he must arrest Comey too, for the latter was in charge of a process that had many falsities, Clinesmith's being only one of them. If Barr won't even arrest Clinesmith, it's hopeless for America. Corruption in law enforcement will GROW. Law-enforcement boss', and even underlings, did not start considering themselves above the law with Obama's FBI. It's been going on for a long time, probably in parallel with the corruption of society with Hollywood productions. Hollywood framed human attitudes, you see, and bad attitudes, where bad is viewed as good, is what makes bad police officers. It's that easy to figure.

If human attitudes can be changed back, as Barr would like to see them, there can be hope for a good human machinery. But the wicked must be quelled with serious punishments, because light punishments makes the school bully more defiant. Not until the bully / sinner is crushed in spirit might he rebuild his personality in a better way. If the other bullies see that the punishment for the one is light, all the bullies will remain bullies. If the their is fined $100 for steeling $200, he'll stay a thief. If Comey et-al are let off the hook, they'll celebrate and teach others how to get away with abusing the system.

Barr the Broken Door Handle?

Barr starts off likeable. Listen to his story as he sits under questioning in NBC news:

I have a problem with Barr where he says that he hasn't yet made a determination on whether Comey's FBI acted with political bias. It seems to me that he's planning on keeping Comey out of jail, for if there was a political bias, then the entire motive for the spying was illegal, seditious. But you clearly see him saying that, until the Durham investigation is finished, he will not take a position of whether Comey was biased politically. That's what's wrong with this man, Barr; that's where he's being dishonest for the sake of sparing Comey an arrest. May Durham not go down that wicked path. Bill Bar the police chief seems open to letting Comey walk. How typical of a police chief to be a team player first, a police servant-of-the-people second.

On the other hand, Barr seems to contradict himself by saying that law enforcement weaponized its tools against a political campaign. If that's not based on political bias, then perhaps it's based on worse, some fear that the Obama people had of Trump's presidency. But even so, the underlying process was an attempt to undermine and replace a political figure, making it an operation based on political bias.

To deny this in December of 2019 makes Barr appear out of touch, though as that is untrue, he is clearly acting out an evil, not merely an evil of denying the bias, but the evil of the underlying motive for the denial. It could be solely the typical police-chief syndrome as said above, or it could be worse, or it could be that Barr has been threatened should he arrest the higher-ups. A police chief is not permitted to act as a threat would have him act. He is to resign if he's afraid for his life, rather than to be manipulated by the mobster. Every police show back in the 1960's taught us those types of values, but Hollywood corrupted police shows soon after.

Abut half way into the interview, Barr makes a promising revelation, that he wants to know the MOTIVE(S) of the FBI (though he's also looking beyond the FBI) for the continuation of the Trump attack after it became clear that Trump was innocent of all charges. Hannity and others would say that the motive was political bias only, same as hatred for Trump, or a similar poor sportsmanship for losing the election and wanting power back as soon as possible. But Barr seems to be looking past that, and rightfully he should, for the mobster powers showed they wanted power too badly, not just because they'd love to see Hillary's beautiful face every night in the political news, but because there was money to be made with that witch in power. This is an accusation that Fox cannot make at this time, but, hopefully, it will become the common news once evidence for it justifies such talk.

Barr then adds more light to our world by talking about his visitations to other countries for to expand Durham's "spy" powers. Although he may allow Republicans like Comey and Mueller to walk, I don't think he's planning to treat Democrats with any mercy, let's put it that way. My prediction: Barr is genuinely aghast at what they did to Trump, and someone's going to pay.

Then comes the darkness from Barr where he says he's happy with, and has confidence in, Wray for cleaning up the FBI. Yet, as we all know, Wray cares ZERO for punishing the Trump attackers. Wray never once showed common dismay for how the FBI abused Trump. This is Barr's gross sin, and we do not yet know why he's committing it. My predication; Barr was ordered to lay off of Wray and Rosenstein, and the other Republicans. But by who? By a Republican invisible, I assume.

Barr's appearance on NBC was a significant aid to good values for his department. He's looking inward, but admits he knows very little about Ukraine, and seems not to want to know. He couldn't answer affirmative to whether Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election. Let's hope he's just hiding his passion for revealing the true goings-on in Ukraine...because he CANNOT divorce Ukraine interference from the overall Trump-attack conspiracy that he's charged Durham to investigate. If there's nothing in Durham's investigation on the Ukraine interference, than I would charge barr as the culprit for that. You see, this goes to Mueller's unreliability. Mueller wants Russian interference, and so does Barr according to his answer when questioned on Russian versus Ukraine interference. Barr's very shaky on Ukraine, even suspicious, because he didn't answer that he aims to find out concerning the reports from there.

We'll celebrate when he arrests Hillary for being the basis of the Trump attack, but also for the money-making, conflict-of-interest schemes she was lining up...that motivated her to destroy Trump through the use of the FBI and Intelligence. If he is really serious when he says it's his responsibility to keep his Law house clean, then he'll arrest his counterpart, Loretta Lynch, for allowing that house to become a shambles, and for pleading the 5th when congress inquired as to what was going on. Does Barr want to know what was going on in the DoJ before he got there? What was Rosenstein doing? What was Sessions doing? Barr seems to be a man of values who easily succumbs to turn-a-blind-eye obstruction of justice for the sake of something. He says he hasn't gotten into the Ukraine thing. WHAT? Not even the Biden thing? Is Barr a stinking rat in half his soul? Is he a good catholic in one half, then a deep-state fink on the other? Barr is apparently uninterested in the Guccifer hoax, and it's things like this about Barr that twists my view of him. Half-a-sham is unworthy to be the police chief.

On the question of when the Durham reports comes out, Barr said that he's not wanting to cut any corners with the time-consuming accumulation of evidence against parties toward which "action" will be taken. It sounds like he's planning heavy action, but how does a cake-eater define "heavy / hard"? I call him a cake eater because he's flaky while showing mild disgust for the orchestrated attacks on Trump. He's disgusted, yet he speaks publicly as though he doesn't want to go all the way into the known conspiracies. A half-way man is a flake. Barr: the almost-achieved-glory guy who's on a crash course to the looks of it.

It's possible that he's a flake due to media tricks. For example, CNN this week: "Some federal law enforcement officials are warning of a chilling effect inside the FBI amid attacks by President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr over the bureau's handling of the Russia investigation." The idea is to apply public pressure on Barr to curb "harsh" punishments on the FBI conspirators. But if Barr were a true man, he would arrest CNN's bosses for abusing media powers, and seek a 20-year jail term just to scare the bow-ties off of the other media bosses too. Instead, Barr appeared frightened to be a full-way man when interview by NBC. I've been wondering whether that door handle was missing a BARRel-shaped part to indicate that Barr is like a broken handle. One goes to open the door of justice, but, oops, the Barr is missing so that no one can get in to see what's going on. Barr, the closed door? Just wondering.

Not only was Graham sparkless (and his meeting way-too short) when questioning Horowitz, but Graham announced he probably won't try to get Schiff before his committee. Why does Hannity have this quasi-RINO chameleon on his program? And here's on the unreliable senate hypocrite: "However, it is still not clear what form the expected [impeachment] trial will take. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has suggested a scenario in which no trial even occurs, although he has not yet made a decision on the matter."

The impeachment trial is badly needed to expose the political demonics. The reason that Graham looks lifeless while questioning Horowitz questions, or at best trying hard to make himself appear concerned, could be because he doesn't want his fellow Republican senators to catch the joy of throwing fire at Democrats while they're down. He let Comey-protecting Horowitz get away unscathed. I could see the relief in his face once Graham was finished asking questions, not necessarily because Graham was too hard on him, but rather because the hard stuff never materialized while it was threatening to do so. Graham seemed like a half-way Republican.

The door handle with missing barrel-shaped part was a scene immediately after my riding the shopping cart. I've made some new discoveries since last on the topic earlier in this update. It started with my looking up the Sessions surname to see if it would somehow link to that shopping-cart dream, for Barr has replaced Sessions. The first thing of notice is that the Sessions Coat ("Hope") shares the split-Shield colors of Groce's/Craggs, and a shopping cart comes from a GROCery store. The second thing of note is that the Sessions Coat is a good reflection of the Masters Coat while Masters happen to share the Roet motto term. We saw why the wheels of the shopping cart, and the ROAD I rode it on, should apply to Roets...whose Karen/Kern kin were in Silesia with Handle's. Moreover, the Roets (Somerset, beside Caplans of Hampshire) have a version of the Caplan Coat which itself has the Masters / Sessions griffin heads. We have a story.

I've not checked Grosers/Grossharts before as per "grocery," and they happen to sport three stars in the colors of the Handle stars. The Handle's share the Moray Coat, and while the Moray border is at the Spey river, Roets share the Speyer/Speer boar heads. Masters can be shown to be a Mason branch; the latter share the Moray-Crest mermaid. The Mason lion is in the colors of the Gros lion. The Spree river to which I trace Speers and Spree's flows, I think, through a part of Silesia, but if not then close to it.

One can now add that while a medallion was found at a grocery store, Medals/DOUGals are in DOUGlas colors, and the latter, first found in Moray, share the Moray / Handle stars now found with Grosers/GrossHARTs. Douglas' happen to use a HEART, code for their Hardy/HORT ancestry, and Hardys/Horts happen to use the same black boars as Bush's, in the colors of the boar heads of Ridings/Readings. I was riding the shopping cart. The Douglas Chief with white Shield is almost the same of Clintons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Grocers/GrossHARTs and Horts/Hurts. What are the chances that Horts/Hurts share the cinquefoils of the Bests found in the Sessions motto, and that Bests were first found in Kent with Sessions-linkable Masters, Hartys and Shops? The Shop variations are the Scherf kin all explained in the last update. French Bests even use one of the Moray / Handle / Douglas / Groser/GrossHART stars.

If Hartys use eagles, they can be using a version of the Bush/Busch fesse-with-eagles. It just so happen that while Hartys were first found in Kent with Shops, Hartys (Shop / Scherf Chief colors) are said to be from Sheppey (alternative name of the Isle of Harty, in Kent). Hartys were at Swale while Swallows share the swallows of Arundels, and the latter had married Alice of Sales-suspect Saluzzo, beside Busca, explaining why SALEmans have the Bush fleur on a bend, all in the colors and format of Cheneys. (Swale's look related to Welds.)

Wow, this recalls the SALESMAN in the fake store (suspect as a money-laundering retail store) who suggested I buy a yellow mattress / bed. There is a Matres surname with Master/Mester-like variations. The dream then had Michael's kids jumping on this yellow BED, and Michaels were first found in Surrey (beside Kent) with Salesmans. The Kids share the Douglas Chief and white Shield.

You'll forgive me for introducing another dream mid-stride with the shopping-cart dream when I tell you that Matres'/Maistre's look like they have tulips, the symbol I know to be used by Kidd-like Kitts (I've known and told this before). The Kitts are a branch of Kite's, whom I know to use kites (falcon / hawk), but what's really cool is that the Kitt bird-head design (not the same as the Kite bird-head design) is in the Harty Crest. Look at the timing of this find. Hartys were at Swale which led to Salesmans. The Hartys even happen to share the Yellow fesse, amazingly enough. I've never been this far with this dream's interpretation.

The Yellow fesse has been known to be colors reversed from that of Michaels and Scottish Michaelsons (near the Kids of Dundee), explaining why it was the kids of a Michael (someone I know) who had purchased this bed before the salesman tried to sell it to me. Michaels are in Hort/Hurts colors and format, and Hurts/Horts (fesse colors reversed from Yellow fesse) were first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows. Although these surnames appear to be correctly identified for that dream, I can't make sense of it. The kids were jumping on the mattress, and Jumps share the Trump stag head. I still can't make sense of it. Perhaps the future will reveal it.

I have it! Michaels (English branch has James scallops in colors reversed!) were first found in Surrey with James' (DOUGlas kin) who share the Medal/DOUGal lion, and Little Saint JAMES island is where Epstein brought kids for bed sex. The Michaels are also MITCHells while the Mitch's bring up (known it for years) the Muschats that have the triple Epstein chevrons!!! Wow, that works. The Masters/Mesters/Misters/Masts/Mests pointed to by the mattress can then be of the Must variation of Muscats (near Surrey). Reminder: Michaels are in Hort/Hurt colors and format while Douglas-related Hardys are Horts too.

But why would sex be depicted with jumping on beds? Does the jumping have to do with Trump, or not? The medallion was stamped with "Saint Petersburg Russia," and I think that Christopher Steele had tried to nail Trump with some foul play in that city. Trump was considering a tower in Muscat-like Moscow.

I am not happy with this dream popping up like this while trying to finish the shopping-cart dream. I've just checked Musters/MusSARDs (sharing plates with Muscels/Mussels) suggesting a marriage of Must liners with the Shard variation of Shirts, for the latter have roundels colors reversed from the plate roundels of Musters/Mussards. Roundels are code for the Arundels mentioned above, in likely connection with the Swale location of Hartys. "Hurt" is the official name for the blue roundel (used by Irish ARThurs, we get it). Swale's are highly suspect as Sales', Salemans and Sallows because the Swale fesse is in the colors of the Dol fesse while Alans from Dol were the Arundels who married Alice of Saluzzo.

In the shark dream, I appeared on Epstein island, and saw myself waking on the beach with JEANS only, NO SHIRT, the scene suspect as a pointer to Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Masseys), you see. And here we are with Must-possible Musters/MusSARDs. Wow, the Sarde's are listed with the List-related Lizarts, and, I kid you not, I've said it many times, that when I walked into the fake retail store, the salesman showed me a page with a LIST of products...when he pointed at the line with the yellow mattress (the store could have been a real business but propped up to act as a front for pedophilia sales). Plus, the Jean surname looks like a James branch, believe it or not. Musters/Mussards were first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada of Warenne, whose father was from Surrey i.e. where James' were first found.

Oh wow, French Jeans use a version of the French Best Coat, both first found in Languedoc! The English Bests (Kent, same as Hartys) are the ones sharing the Hort/Hurt cinquefoil. Plus, the "LEGibus" motto term of English Bests can be for the Leggs having a stag head in the colors of the Jump / Trump stag head.

The shark dream featured Mrs. Kilpatrick. LITTLE Saint James begs a loading of the Little's in case God arranged something therein to link to Epstein: "By 1350, [Little's] had become an established Clan closely affiliated to the Douglases and their territories were located in the Scottish West Marches, approximately twenty miles due north of Carlisle." That puts them at the Dumfries border, and so let's first add that French James' use a bell while Bells were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. Kilpatrick castle is near Castle Douglas, you see, and the Douglas motto looks linked to the James' and their motto, yet the namers of Little Saint James had no intent to play on a link between Little's and James'. The Little's share the saltire of Kilpatricks/Shera's, you see.

Unless I go back to read my early tellings of the shark dream, I can't be sure which came first, a close-up of Mrs. Kilpatrick in which I remarked, "She's beautiful," or seeing myself without a shirt. I think they were back-to-back scenes with the no-shirt scene first, both of which came after seeing her from a distance at her hood / rad. Anyway, the Beauty-like Beaty are said to have been Little neighbors. If you know why heraldic spurs link to Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle, know that Little-branch Liddle's use spurs and maybe even a version of the Weiner Coat.

Ahh, I think I have it: Beatys are also BEDys while sharing the Michael mascle, thus suggesting that the yellow mattress / BED refers to Beatys. Michael's kids were jumping on the Little-related Beatys??? What could that mean? Scottish Kids, remember, share the Douglas Chief, and Little's were Douglas kin. English Kidds have the bird design in Crest as the Arundel Crest, and while the Arundels use swallows in their Shield, the Children, first found in Kent with Hartys of swallow-like Swale, and with Rundels even, have the same bird design though God is interested in pointing to underaged ladies on Epstein's island. The Scottish Kids/Kidds almost have the Clinton Chief and Shield (it's the Saluzzo Chief and Shield) while Bill Clinton took too many rides in Epstein's plane. The Clent hills are in Worcestershire, where Lilys were first found who are in the lily of Dundee's. Scottish Kids lived in Dundee. It just so happens that the Lille's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) have the same bird design once again. There are a whack of people online (most probably suppressed by Google) insisting that the Clintons are involved in child-sex trafficking. Just look at the logic of that claim in this part of the heraldic pointers.

English Kidds have upright goats in the colors of the one upright goat of French Bauds, and so we can now repeat that Scottish Bauds share the quadrants of Medal/Dougals, and apply also to Hoods so that we have been brought back to the medallion at my shopping cart. Lille's were at SHIRburn, a term linkable to the Shirland variation of Shops. Bauds are from the Bautica river, home of the Arthur-line ARDuinici, and we are all over Arthurs here in this Harty / Hort/Hurt discussion. Arthurs were first found in the area of Liddle's, Little's and Beaties. ("Shirburn Castle, the seat of the Earl of Macclesfield".)

Hmm, lookie: Arduinici married Doria's while the Doria Coat has an upper-half match with the upper half of Austrian Weiners/Vieners. It's just that Liddle's look connected to German and Belgian Weiners/Wansteads while we can expect Anthony Weiner in connection with Epstein's industry. Italian Anthonys have a flower in the colors of the Dundee lily. I've just remembered that Wanstead is about 10 miles from EPPing, a possible branch of Eppsteins. Lilley is in Hertfordshire, where Childs were first found, though Childs are said to have been in Wanstead. Keep in mind that God may have arranged Childs here as per kids, children, underaged sex objects. Kids were at Dundee, and we just saw the Dundee lily. Lilys are in Child colors, and while the latter are from king Childeric, the fleur-de-lys, a lily, is said to have been from Clovis (I don't know if that's exactly right), Childeric's son and heir. Childeric's wife (Basina) is to the Bessins/Beastons (kin of Sales'), like "Best." Weiners/Wansteads use the fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Lys'/Lisse's, and also the one in the Arms of Lille (Artois, near the Lys river). It's used in the same colors by Masseys (Cheshire, same as Beaston). Spanish Jeans share the Massey quadrants.

Wanstead happens to be in Essex, where Waters/Waterville's were first found who share the Epstein Coat. And, wow, water lilies are used by Waterfords/Waterville's! Zinger, I didn't expect that. I luckily loaded Waters to see if they were first found in Essex, then noted the Waterville variation, which recalled the Waterfords with same variation! And there were the water lilies in Dundee-lily colors. The Arms of Waterford County at Wikipedia once showed a stag head in profile, in the colors of the same of Trumps and Jumps. What are we to make of this, since Trump is in an online photo posing with his young wife and Jeffrey Epstein? It begs whether Waterfords/Waterville's are a pointer to Epstein and Trump together.

I've just realized that the retail store where I was shown the yellow mattress could be viewed as a shop.

I'll now go back to the shopping-cart dream, and pick up where I was before introducing the mattress dream. I had said: "If Hartys use eagles, they can be using a version of the Bush/Busch fesse-with-eagles. It just so happen that while Hartys were first found in Kent with Shops, Hartys (Shop / Scherf Chief colors) are said to be from Sheppey (alternative name of the Isle of Harty, in Kent)."

As was said, the shopping cart pointed to the Scherf background of the president Bush's, which is expected to involve absolute corruption in the CIA. Sessions' job, along with that of his "boss," Rod Rosenstein, was to enhance and protect Mueller, and the latter was chosen by Bush, six days before the 9-11 disaster (inside crime), to be the chief of the FBI. We should absolutely assume that the FBI was corrupted from at least that day-forward. Bush didn't chose Mueller for nothing at that critical time. Mueller was chosen to cover the 9-11 crime. And Trump should know too much in that regard. All the war hawks know that 9-11 had the goal of Middle-East intrusions by corrupt actors. Bill Barr was the attorney general of George Herbert Walker that yes, that barrel-shaped part looks like it fits Mr. Barr.

Barrels (Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's) emphasize the EAR of a dog, and "ears of wheat" are used by Schere's while the other Schere's are Scherfs. The missing barrel-shaped part came immediately after the shopping-cart ride. Ears are expected as code for Eyers/Ayers, and Ayrshire is where Barrs were first found.

There is a question as to whether the Master fesse with embattled pattern is a version of the double fesses of Rivers, and, if so, whether God arranged River heraldry to point to Platte River Networks. I can tell you this, that while Rivers are a branch of Revere's, the latter share the Coat of Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with Masters (i.e. Masters and Masons were branches). After writing to this point, I checked the Carts for a phenomenal find, which was inserted earlier at the paragraphs with Plumers, but let's repeat it here:

[Insert -- BINGO, you'll not believe this. It was found later in this update when re-visiting this topic with Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr in view. The Carts were looked up as per the shopping CART, and this surname shares the palm tree of German, Plumer-like Palms/Palmers, and then the English Palms share the Weiner fleur-de-lys!!! It tends to assure that Plume's/Plumers do apply along with Rotens to Anthony Weiner. The Brittany Plume's share vair fur with English Palms. End insert]

This find has good timing coming after mention of Platte River, the company knowingly supplying Hillary's illegal, State business. Why did Huma Abedin transfer all of that business, or at least most of it, to Weiner's computer? Why would the email lot be backed-up, in other words, if not for the plan to delete the entirety from Platte River's systems. Or, Weiner was in charge of making money with the emails. Either way, Weiner was absolutely trusted with Hillarys / Obama's State business with other nations.

Weiners/Wansteads came up as per the Wanstead location of Childs because the Road Coat shares the Child eagle. It has apparently proven to be the track that God wanted me to take with the dream's scene, and, in fact, I was riding the shopping cart the way a kid (CHILD) would ride a skate board. Roets were first found in Somerset with Carts (said to be of Cary castle, also of Leavells), beside the Carters (cartwheels) of Hampshire, and while Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, it's used by both German and Jewish Muellers.

The Catherine wheel is used also by Wheelwrights and COLTers, who are in the mythical KOLODziej, otherwise called, Piast the Wheelwright. This was the mythical ancestry of Mieszko-line Poland, and then the Piast eagle is also the Lorraine eagle because Mieszko II married Richeza of Lorraine. Her name is to the bottony-cross Richess/Rich surname (Button/Biden kin), first found in Hampshire with the Caplans (and Buttons/Bidens) who in turn have a version of the Roet Coat. CAPLans are expected to link to the chapeau cap of Buttons/Bidens and CAPELLi's. Having said that, the Piast / Lorraine eagle is also the Road and Child eagle.

Hunter Biden was partnered with Devon Archer, and the Archer Crest is a lot like the Master Crest. The latter's unicorn head is that of NewPORTs, both having a gold mane and gold horn. Ports, first found in Hampshire with Caplans and Yates-related Porters, have a version of the Caplan Coat. Sally Yates was Obama's deputy attorney general i.e. her business was followed up by Jeff Sessions and then Bill Barr. This all gets big, for Masters have a version of the Sessions Coat while Sessions love the Hope's in their motto while Hope Hicks was dating Rob PORTer when both worked for Trump's White House. Therefore, as Newports apply to things right here to which God is pointing to, it's a big story for reasons we don't yet know.

The Russian medallion was found when I had my shopping cart at my vehicle, at Food BASICs, and BASKets, first found on Wight with a Newport location, are in Mackay colors and format. I had traced Newports and Lice's/Lees' (in the Mackay motto) to Mackays i.e. Isle-of-Man liners, and the latter is where Christine's were first found who share the white unicorn head with Masters and Newports...and Cnuts (Canute/Cnut invaded England from Hampshire / Wight). Cnuts, who share the Newport / Christine unicorn head, were first found in Derbyshire with Hope's, and are in Hope colors and format while sharing the chevron of Chanuts/Cheynue's/Chenu's. Here while on a CHENEY-like surname, we can repeat that the medallion had four links of its CHAIN, and then link-like Lynch was Obama's attorney general when Sally Yates was her deputy. Very impressive heraldry work by God, though this has taken me a long time to iron out this well.

The medallion was at the Grocers, and Grosers/Grossharts might just have the Hope besants closely. Christine's, you see, in Hope colors and format, and related at least round-about to Hope-related Cnuts, use cups while Cups are also Hope-like Cope's/Colps. The latter trace with the door handle to the Colapis/Kupa river, but that's another story I am to tell later in this update.

It's important because the shopping cart of the dream was about the Scherff-Bush's who loved Dick Cheney, and that Cart is expected to link to the shopping cart at FOOD Basics. Cheneys love the FEETs/Fade's in their motto, and Foods are also FOOTs, which seems to clinch God's pointer to Dick Cheney. George Bush Jr. is the one who got Hope Hicks into politics, and Trump met her in real-estate. I have the suspicion that Trump was messing sexually with Hicks, and that Trump fired Porter to separate he and she, but that she then quit the White House promptly in protest.

It seems, therefore, that God arranged the Sessions to have a "Hope for the BEST" motto because English Bests ("legiBUS") share the BOAST/Bois/Boys cinquefoil, and while the latter are said to be a Bosco branch (Bush's are Buschs too), they even have a version of the Cheney Coat (share gold martlets with Feets/Fate's). Feets/Fate's are three times in the English Grimm Coat, the one sharing the green martlet with the Denvers who came to topic with Platte River and Perkins COIE of Denver. COO's were from Cowes on Wight. German Grimms are the ones virtually with the lions-on-quadrants of Abedin-like Bedins. The latter have the boar heads of Ridings/Readings, but we can also bring Ride's/Riders into this because they share the Cnut crescents.

The medallion was found on the hood of my Jeep in the parking LOT. The Lots, who share the brown dog with Waterfords/Waterville's (pointer to Epstein and Trump together?). share a black and double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps. Lots were first found in Kent with Hartys who jolted the jumping-on-bed dream to topic, and with the Matres-suspect Masters/Masts/Mests that can be a branch of the Must variation of Muschats, the other surname sharing the triple Epstein chevrons. About nine months after the shark dream on Epstein's island, I dated Miss Muschatov, whose parents were Ukrainians still with their Ukrainian accents. It's telling me that Epstein was involved in Ukraine's corruption.

Repeat from the emphasized ear on the BARRel dog head, for Lots use a brown dog head: "Ears are expected as code for Eyers/Ayers, and Ayrshire is where BARRs were first found." Brown is for Brunswick, where Barrs of Este ruled, Barrs of Ayrshire use the giant Este eagle.

WOW, this is awesome. While at the Waterford/Waterville page, my eye caught sight of the WaterFALL variation just while clicking away from the page. I went back to see if I had read it right. Yup, and the Fallis'/Falls came to mind, but I didn't bother mentioning it. BUT SUDDENLY, I've recalled what I've said many times in the past few months, that the bulldog in the shark dream FELL (went for a FALL) into the WATER of the POOL!!! That's why I've told that Fallis'/Fall's share the Pool / James lion, and the theory was that the dog scene could be interpreted either as falling or jumping into the pool, because it was a bit of both, or, in any case, I can't be sure which it was. It didn't go for a flying leap or it could not be viewed as a fall. So, the WATERFALL variation of Waterfords/Waterville's -- the new thing here -- applies to the fall into the water, and the Arms of Waterford County happens to share the Jump / Trump stag head!!! Remarkable indeed.

On top of that, Fallis'/Falls' are Rockefeller liners, and as they are said to be nasty people (the ones who rule / desire power), it's simply excellent work on God's part that Epsteins apply to Waters/Waterville's. The shark dream was indeed half on Epstein's island. In fact, if he had a swimming pool there, even the first half of the dream can apply to his island. In the dream, the pool was kidney-shaped.

OH WOW. KIDney-shaped! There is a Kidney/GEDney surname with the Ged fish in colors reversed. It tends to reveal that Kids are from the Geds on the Nith river, because it's near Castle Douglas while Kids have the Douglas Chief. Isn't it amazing that the swimming pool was shaping up as an Epstein pointer while, immediately after, Kid liners were found with Kidneys thanks to God providing a kidney-shaped pool. The Geds even have fish in the colors of the fish in the Arms of Shark-liner Saraca's. As Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils (same fish again), I see Nagle's/Neils/Nails in the Kidney/Gedney saltire. Nagle's named Oneglia (or vice-versa), where Arduinici married Doria's. There is another Waterfall surname with WaterFALE variation (they both use so-called "fountains" while Fountains have a Fix-like "Vix" motto term). The upper part of the Fale Coat (Velis/Volley/Valley colors and eagle) has the black-on-gold spread eagles in the upper half of the Doria and Weiner/Viener Coats. Dinkincidence? A song is now playing , "How GREAT is our God," and Nagle's do share the Great saltire (from Gratian the Elder) as a blood-related fact.

In case you think I'm making up the "kidney-shaped pool," that phrase is in five of my updates, the earliest being the 1st update of January, 2017. "Kidney-shaped" is in nine updates. Here's from the 2nd of February, 2010: "In 1979, just weeks after my conversion to Jesus, I had what I considered to be one of the only God-given dreams I'd ever had, about my re-marriage (I was single at the time and didn't know it was about a RE-marriage). My future wife was depicted as a mean shark mangling the family (I didn't know it until our separation that the shark would be my first wife). A feature of the dream, a British bulldog (with Holstein-type spotting) ran past me, fell into a KIDNEY-SHAPED swimming pool (symbol of my wife's worldly aspirations), and got caught half-way into the shark's teeth-ringed mouth. The dream came true in real life. The bulldog was no ordinary one, and it wasn't a pet, but a $5,000 fiberglass one related to the business (that my wife had bought years before). Just months before the separation, I bought the dog myself apart from connecting it to the dream (which by then I had totally forgotten, and abandoned as a dream from God)."

My dreams and events from God can have multiple fulfillments. I don't want to re-explain why the fiberglass bulldog fit the shark-bulldog scene, but there is one thing I must say. My wife's maiden name is, Burger. She's Dutch. I saw with my own eyes, and reported many times, that Dutch Burgers were once shown with three red chevrons (on gold Shield), the colors of the three chevrons of Epsteins! Unbelievable. I would have missed it had I not mentioned the kidney shape here in this update. Look at the timing, just as Epstein was fitting into the swimming pool scene.

I was wrong about the dream predicting my second wife, but if not for that belief, I would not have gotten close to Miss Hicks to discover that she was the one in the dream. It turned out that her embracing with me was just a pointer to Saraca's and other people groups, and especially to the medallion in Bracebridge, very intriguing.

The Papadopoulos Fix Was In

After ending above, I went to check out Bongino's tips for Thursday, where he starts out with a logical theory that Page and Strzok were informed, by May 11, 2016, that Alexander Downer of Australia had met George Papadopoulos on May 10, the day before. In my guess-timate, Downer was working for the Clintons to set up an FBI / Intelligence spy campaign of Trump via Papadopoulos. The trick was to give appearances that Trump was touching upon Russian intrusions into the election. It was a very cheap trick, so cheap that Horowitz just passed on emphasizing it. I don't agree with Bongino on Horowitz not knowing about the Page-Strzok communications of May 11. The Downer-Papa meet has become a hot potato for the deep state; they just want to stay clear of it, apparently, just as Mueller feigned his knowing nothing about the Steele dossier / Fusion GPS. The Papa-Downer meeting is all in with the same batch of mashed potatoes.

While Bongino was talking, I recalled Steve Papp, a friend who worked as a cook at the restaurant of "Joe Fix." I saw that name on his business card, but it seemed to me to be a fake surname, for he had an Israeli accept. The Fix surname looks linkable to Fisks/FISCs, who in turn share the Horwitz Shield, which are almost the Shields of Bags and Cocks. You see, as soon as I recalled that Mr. Papp was a cook, the Cookseys came to mind, and when seeing their Coat, I inserted the following earlier into this update: "A day or two after writing this section, I happened to find COOkseys with three bend-wise cinquefoils in the colors of the same of Gangs/Geggs, and so this tends to verify that Gangs had married Bags because Cook-like Cocks share the Bag Shield. I'll elaborate on this later in the update as it touches upon Papadopoulos."

The Papps are also Papadopoli's, you see, and I had invited him to share "my" basement apartment at the time when the regular tenant, Albert, was away for the winter at WHISTLER mountain to work a job. There was a reason that Whistlers/Whistle's became suspect with an unknown whistle blower, and that reason had to do with my dating Mamie one last time, when I took her to Joe Fix's place, and later back to the apartment of Albert...during the time he was gone to Whistler. It had to be close to the time when Papp was living there. I will forego explaining why my time with Mamie that last night points to Whistlers/Whistle's, but will mention that I was driving TAXi at the time. A year or so after we stopped seeing each other, I was called, apart from any will of my own, to pick her up with the taxi. After the second time, I asked if she'd like a date, and she agreed. I see God setting that last night up.

First, Tax's/Dachs share crossed swords with Fisc-like Feschs, which is why I think God set up the date at Joe Fix's. As the Arms of DACHau has a sling SHOT, one can figure that the Shote/SHUTE swords are in the colors of the Tax/DACH swords for that connective reason. But there is then the coincidence that Shute-like Scoots share the red border of Cookseys while the Scoot branches of Scotts have a bend with items in the colors of the same of Cookseys. It just so happens that one of the Scott write-ups has descend from ALEXANDER, brother of king Balliol, and while Balliols have swords in the colors of the crossed Fesch swords, We just saw Alexander Downer. If the Balliol Shield were red like that of their SWORD kin (from SIWARD of Northumberland), Balliols (Northumberland) would likewise share the Downer chevron.

I had checked Downers, but had nothing to say about their Coat until seeing the Chamberlains. The two surnames share the same chevron. Chamberlains were looked up because they share the Cooksey motto, explaining why French Chamberlains share the Cooksey / Scoot / Scott border. The "PROdesse" motto term of English Chamberlains must be for Pero's, for the Peare Coat is reflective of the Chamberlain Coat (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's).

There's another surname having white-on-black, crossed swords (that of Feschs) in the BARRows, who can be shown to be Barrs. Barrows come up where Coke's were at Barrow (Derbyshire). The Coke's (Child eagle) share the Barr / Este / Segurana eagle, you see, and the Cooksey-related Bags always come with the sleeping bag, a symbol used for Mamie along with a tent. The Tints are expected as a branch of tent-using Tintons, and the couchant lion of Tints is the Whistler/Whistle lion. The Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi at a modern BAR location, right beside Scoot- / Scott-like lake Scodra. How neat is all of that?

SELEPitanoi may have named both Salop and the SALUVii Ligurians, who in-turn seem to be the Salyes Ligurians, and thus can be the capable ancestry of Saluzzo's, Sallows, Swallows, the line to the Alans of Salop. The FitzAlans who married Alice of Saluzzo lived at Salop's Clun location. I've read that. And Cluns are listed with Cline's, sharing the Saluzzo Coat. Mr. Clinesmith is coming to mind, a possible pointer to Hillary Clinton. The Clun/Cline Crest is a brown-orange wolf, and Salyes lived near or even at Orange. The Clun Chief-Shield colors are shared by CLINtons. Amazingly, I've just found that Clunys/Clowneys share the Clun Coat but make their upright wolf black, as do Saracens (Sarasens were first found in Brittany). The Clun and Cluny wolves hold a green trefoil, the symbol also of Sharks! Sharks use a crane for their trace to Ceraunii Illyrians, and Alans originate at Aulon/Avlona, beside the Ceraunii mountains. Avlona liners named mont Velino, up at the Salto river to which I trace Sales'/Salletts (Cheshire, beside Salop).

The sleeping bags are now linkable to Cline's and Clintons. The sleeping bag was picked up on a hill, and hills were first found in Worcestershire, location of the CLENT hills. Clents are also Clints. Plus, Mamie's sleeping bag goes with the tent we slept in, and Tints are from the Atintanes (lower-left of map) smack at the Aulon area! Zikers. It's in Epirus, the namers of Abruzzo, location of mont Velino.

Note that while SALVators can apply to Saluvii liners, Saviours/Savers (definitely from Caracalla's father, SEVERus) have a colors reversed version of the nebuly Swale fesse (both in Saluzzo colors). Swallow-branch Sallows (almost have the Salvator pale bars) were first found in Salop. It makes me realize that Severus looks like a Selepitanoi cousin through some Saluvii / proto-Saluvii elements. Saviours/Savers share the Vito annulet, and Vito's are from Julius Avitus (see him in the Saffer motto), son-in-law of Severus' father-in-law. Avitus married Julia MAESA, from the Maezaei beside the Ceraunii. Julia's father, Bassianus, was stationed by Caracalla in Dalmatia, location of the Ragusa Saraca's, of Saracens of Sicily's Ragusa beside Maezaei-liner Messina. One Savard surname, with more upright black wolves that trace Bassianus-liner Quadratilla Bassus, is also SALFord, a Saluvii-like term. You can glean that Savards/Salfords, and Salford locations, had Saracen / Saraca blood. Savards/Salfords look to be using a version of the Bush/BUSCH Coat, and Saluzzo is beside Busca. Bush's/Buschs share the black boar with SULLIVans (could borrow the Shield of Salop's Hunters).

The Fitchets/Fitts are said to be of the Dutch Vits'/Witts (crescent in Vito colors), looking like a possible Vito line, and while the Rance location of Vilaine seems to be in the Fitchet/Fitt motto, the Vits/Witts share the Chief-Shield of Vilains. Dol is smack beside Rance, and Rance's/Rands have the triple Epstein chevrons in colors reversed, in case that means anything. Rance's/Rands were at Clavering (Essex), near SAFFRon Walden. "[Saffron Walden] has three ceremonial MACES." The Waters having the triple Eppstein chevrons were first found in Essex, and therefore very linkable to Rance's/Rands. Epping is in Essex too, not far from the Capes' sharing the scallops of nearby Apps'/Epps'. The latter are expected from Apsus river through Fier, and Fier's are a Vere branch first found in Essex too, as were Yonge's/Yonge's from the Una/Oeneus river of the MAEZaei.

Claverings look like Vere kin, yet Vere's share the Massey Shield. The EastWOODs (share tree with Woods), first found beside Claver-related Meschins in Shropshire, share the blue Vere boar, and have a "SYLVA" motto term. The Vere-related, Chaff-colored Capells/Keppels (can explain why Vere's share the Annas star) use the Arms of the Earls of Essex (because the Vere-Capells became those earls), and the Buttons/Bidens (Boethus-of-Sadducee line) share the chapeau of Capelli's/Capelle's. Waldens (Essex), sharing the Alan martlets, probably have three of the Masci eagle wings on the Lorraine bend, for Waldens were near the Childs (share the Lorraine eagles in the colors of the Walden wings) of Wanstead. Lorraine's share the bend of Keppel-like Keeps. Wansteads/Weiners share the Massey/Macey fleur (Maceys use the mace), all explaining the three maces of Saffron Walden (but don't expect the masonic goons to inform us honestly), from the proto-Masci line of Julius Avitus' wife, Miss/Mrs. Maesa. The Rance's/Rands are expected from RAN(D)ulph le Meschin, who's son had a Gernon surname from the Vits-related Fitchet/Fitt line. That explains it. Masci's / Messina's / RasMUSSENs own the left-rising bend, shared by Wilds/WALDs. Waldens share the Gormley/Grimes martlets so that the earls of Essex may have been using the Grimm lion.

Alice of Saluzzo (Piedmont, same as Masci's) was the daughter of Luis of Ceva, and Ceva is at the Cevetta river. It just so happens that Cavetts have four of the five fesses of Strattons, all in the colors of the Dol / Swale / Weld fesses. Strattons are in this curious quote from the Welds who share the nebuly fesse of Swale's: "They were descended from Edric, surnamed Stratton or SYLVaticus, created Duke of Mercia by Ethelred...Edric Wild or Weld..." It just so happens that one Silver Coat has the Weld crescent, tending to prove that Silv-like / Saluvii entities were at least distant cousins of the namers of Saluzzo. WELDers share a globe with Hope's, and French Savards/Savarys share the Hope Coat while Hope-related Cnuts share the unicorn-head with Saffers (version of SILVer Coat). Repeat: "The Wies' have one fesse in Weld-fesse colors while their Weis' (not "Wies") branch shares the Welder hexagrams / Zionist stars."

Hope's were first found in Derbyshire with Coke's of Barrow, beside Salop. So, Bar in the Selepitanoi area likely named Barrow as well as Barrels who almost have the Saluzzo / Clun/Cline / Cluny Coat, but it's also the Coat of Door-like Dure's, and Daorsi were probably with Selepitanoi. The door handle can therefore perhaps be a pointer to Dure's and Doria's. The vertically-split Shield of Coke's is colors reversed from that of Doors/Dore's (possibly the namers of the Durance river of the Salyes), first found in Herefordshire with Barrels. Scottish Doors (why a BROWN lion paw?) have leopard FACES as code for the Fessys/Face's who love the Segni's/Segurana's of Genova. where Doria's were first found whose eagle might be that of Salvators. Dure's love the black-wolf Quids/Quade's, the line from Quadratilla Bassus (great-granddaughter of another Severus).

My last night with Lorraine was my first with Mamie, but I saw Lorraine for the last time, about two years later, carrying an infant CHILD. Coke's use the Child eagle, but it's also the Lorraine eagle, and Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine. My last night with Lorraine was when she came home with a grass streak on the butt of her white PANTs, a pointer to the Pense's who use eagles in two color schemes, the same two as Coke's i.e. one color scheme includes the Lorraine / Child eagle. The other color scheme is that of the Segni/Segurana eagle, and while Fieschi-line Fessys have the Segni's in their motto, Fieschi were in Genova with Grimaldi's (share Cock / Bag Shield), where Segni's/Segurana's were first found along with the Doria's whose bottom-half eagle is that in the top half of the Fix Coat. That's how Fix's can be linked to Feschs and Fiscs together. As the Segni's/Segurana's share the Barr eagle, I have a bar story to tell below that seems to be pointing to the FISC abuse of the FBI.

It has become my opinion that the ostRICH (one in the Coke Crest) is part-code for Rich's/Richess', said to have had a branch in Lorraine, and that's the line of Mieszko and Richeza, the Piasts whose eagle is that of Lorraine's and Coke's. I don't know what's coming to your mind as I dazzle both you and myself with these links, whether it's confusing us on how Downer and Papadopoulos fits in, but we need to ask how it can be that the fleur-de-lys of Barrows are also those of Fix's? Simple: the Fix's were a branch of Feschs, from the Fieschi of Genoa who married the Segni's/Segurana's and thus got Barr blood. It's apparently revealing that the BARRel-shaped part missing in the DOOR handle involves Doria's and Fix liners.

Now this is amazing, suddenly. I have told many times how I saw the business card of Joe Fix; otherwise I wouldn't have known his surname. I did a job for him in the basement of his restaurant (where Papp worked as a COOK), to build a dance floor and BAR, I kid you not, and when I got to the bar, I started to spread the BROWN stain with a cloth, though it turned out to be regular wall paint, and so I ruined his BAR which I had personally built (he fired me). The Barrs of Este are known to have been in Brown-line BRUNSwick, you see, and those Barrs were kin of the namers of Bar-le-Duc. The dance floor causes a look-see at the Flora-branch Flore's who share the BROWN fleur-de-lys and thus trace well to Bruno of FLORence, and therefore to Brunswick, where Bars ruled, can we believe how neat that is? I did lay the dance floor.

It appears that God set up my building Fix's bar, which never got done, and he went out of business shortly afterward, anyway, though I wouldn't have known it if I had not met him, dressed in a suit, at the town's Lada dealership. Yup, after using the taxi as my full-time car, I bought a Lada, a RUSSIAN car, you see. And when it needed a repair job, I took it to the dealer, and there was Joseph, as I called him. He handed me his business card, "Joe Fix." A car's repair shop has to do with things like FIXing a door handle missing a barrel-shaped part, right?

The Barrow and Fix fleur-de-lys are almost those of Cockers, first found in Norfolk with Bags and their Gang/Gegg kin sharing the Cooksey cinquefoils. But these cinquefoils are used also by French Buckets, and, as I've said many times, I was up high holding a large barrel-shaped container, smaller than a barrel and larger than a typical bucket. When was I holding this bucket? Immediately after the door-handle scene with missing barrel-shaped part. If you're confused as to what this could mean in deep-state news, so am I. But it is making many family links solidly.

While up high, as though on a step ladder, the bucket FELL out of my hands, and landed on its open RIM upon some white sand, where the rim caught flames all around, and so I JUMPed to smother the fire with the sand. End of dream. You see, I had to be up high if God wanted to point to Jumps again. The flames look like deep-state flames against Trump, therefore. There was a jump-fall theme with the Trump bulldog in the KIDney-shaped pool, and it just so happens that Fells/Fells' were first found in Dundee with the Kids (share Handle stars), as per Michael's kids jumping on the yellow mattress, how about that. Fallis'/Falls' share the Pool / James lion, and James' were kin of Michaels. James' share the ostrich with Coke's and Cooks (cocaine rings with Epstein?). Those flames around the bucket's rim might be for Trump's former associations with Epstein, a hot potato that he has so-far deflected away.

In order to properly decipher that scene, though, one needs to understand why the flames were smothered with sand, or why the bucket fell on a circular patch of sand (about ten feet wide) rather than an entire beach. Sands (could be the Alan Coat) use ragully, as do Alan-line Stewarts and Ragusa-line Raggs' (share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs), and Ragusa was home to the shark. Oh wow, I wrote this entire paragraph before going to the Sand write-up to find, to my great surprise: "They held a family seat at Farne and FELLS." Amazing. I must have seen that before, but don't remember it. OH ZOWIE, the Farne's have a Coat version of the Place's (Brunswick lion?) while Rims have a "PLACit" motto term!!!! That scene is now deciphered like never before, for it can be linked solidly to the kids jumping on the yellow mattress (Fells' in Dundee with Kids), for ladder-like Ladds/Ladons share the Yellow fesse and the James scallops! Unbelievable. The Sands led us to the understanding of the dream's ladder scene. That's why there had to be a patch of Sand rather than a beach, to know that the Sand surname applies as a clue for linkage to the other two jump events. Three dreams with three jump events.

I didn't see the step ladder, but I assumed I was on one because my height was about as high as a typical step ladder. There is no Ladder surname, but it sure smacks of my Lada suddenly. Lookie: "The surname Ladd was first found in Somerset where Godric LADDA was one of the first records of the name c. 1100." Hee-hee.

The Lada needed fixing, and the door handle too, and the door handle is of the Doria's who share the Fix half-eagle. There is a Latter surname sharing three piles with the English Bucket surname, is that not impressive?

I have told the story quite a few times of my carrying a 32-foot extension ladder, on my shoulder, a few blocks to my new address (Hunt Street). A taxi dispatcher was renting on the upper floor, and he got me the taxi-cab job. It led to my seeing Mamie one more time at Mr. Fix's. I would not have gone there if it was after he fired me for ruining his bar, but I can't remember if I was building it at the time of that last date. Hunts are also Hunters, and we might start to assume that Hunter Biden had played a role in the Trump-attack from the Ukraine.

Ukraine interference in 2016 involves Nelly Ohr, the one pointed to by Orrs/Ore's sharing three piles to a point with Buckets and Latters. The Bona's in the Orr/Ore motto have a lion version of the Coke Coat. The trick of the Clinton-FBI plot was to suggest to Papadopoulos that Putin had dirt on Hillary, and so it's Papp-important that Cook-related Coke's play to this, for they have a "patiens" motto term while Patiens'/PUTINs have flames, as did the RIM of the bucket that fell out of my hands while I was on a ladder. There we have a pointer to Putin, and the Patiens'/Putins were first found in Dumfries with Rims. My Lada was a Russian car.

I have got to say, God is amazing. He's not a do-nothing God, but always works impressively. Much of our heavenly rewards will be to watch God work, to KNOW this amazing being that never had a beginning. I really want to know how He can exist without a beginning. It's impossible for me to imagine a beginning or creation of God. How lucky we all are that He is.

I just got the task of finding why God arranged for JOE Fix on the business card. The Joe's are listed with English Josephs. I see nothing at all in the Joe/Joseph Coat or motto that can apply to things said this far, except possibly the "wlad" motto term, which can be for the line of VLADimir "the great" of Kiev (Ukraine capital), whose Varangians founded Moscow. Pointer to Vladimir Putin? In fact, Joseph Fix may have been a Russian-descended Israelite, possibly of the which the "Cas" motto term of Joe's/Josephs may apply. Cass' share fountains with Waterville's and WaterFALLs/WaterFALE's (it's got an Epstein-Rockefeller alliance all over it).

I can tend to prove that God is pointing to Vladimir. The Michael in the bed-jumping dream, in real life, married the sister of the wife of a Vladimir, who's from the Ukraine (still has Ukraine accent). German Michaels share the Zionist star of Vlads (WestPHALia, same as Alan-liners Velens/FALens/FELens and Velins). Vlads have just one in giant form looking linkable to the Israeli flag. Vlads have variations like "Flaad," the name of the founder of the Dol Alans. But in the list of variations, there's also "LATTen," which may indicate a Vlad marriage to Ladds/Ladons (Somerset, beside Joe's/Josephs), for they have the Yellow fesse and the James scallops (colors reversed from the Michael scallops). To this I can add that the Vlad Zionist star is shared by Jeepma's/Cheps, and my Jeep was used for the Russian medallion, another reason to see the Lada as a pointer to Russian / Ukraine collusion with the Clinton camp. The wavy Dol fesse is colors reversed from the same of Fix's.

It was resolved that God made this Michael character a pointer to Michael I Rangabe of Byzantium. His daughter or granddaughter was Melissena Rangabe, a royal Khazar on her mother's side. Melissena married Inger of the Varangian guard. Inger lived at the same time as Rurik the Varangian founded Varangians of Kiev. Therefore, Melissena must have married a Varangian of Kiev. She had at least one child, Eudokia, a line of Khazars, you see. Khazar kings were called either begs or kagans, and so note that Kagans are listed with Jewish Cohens while German Cohens have a Shield of checks in the colors of the vair of English Beckers/Bechers. A Shield of checks in the colors of the Halper checks are used by Beggers, and these checks are on the bend of English Steele's and the bend of German Bechers (Prussia, same as Steels), the latter very linkable to German Steels who in turn, wow, share the red, upward arrow with INGERs/Enders.

To this I'll add that Joe Fix's snack shop / restaurant was closest to the intersection of MAJOR MacKenzie drive (Richmond Hill, Ontario). Majors are also Magors while the Joe/Joseph motto includes, "wlad a'i MAGO." There happens to be a Magor location near CHEPstow (Monmouthshire) to which I've considered tracing Jeepma's. Spanish Majors share the Shield of Halpers, though my original point with Major MacKenzie drive was to Spuds MacKenzie. It was in the last update; here's some of it:

...The McCains/Keons, believe it or not, share the fish of Shark-line Saraca's! Yes, for Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils who in turn use a version of the McCain/Keon Coat! Plus, amazingly, Tyrone's share the Dexter Coat!!! ZINGER, that's why God set up Mr. Kilpatrick with the bull terrier, Spuds MacKenzie.

Well, the German Neils/Nails/Nagle's, of "Oneglia," home of Fix-related Doria's, were first found in WestPhalia with Vlads. The original point is that Spuds MacKenzie was in the photo with Mr. Kilpatrick because his team, or perhaps that of his wife, had won a COOKing contest, and Mr. Fix had a cook of the Papp/Papadopoli surname with a first name, Steven. Stefan Halper, Russia-collusion clown, had sinister contact with George Papadopoulos in an effort to frame Trump the bulldog. Steve Papp worked near the corner of Major MacKenzie drive. Kilpatrick's wife was the TROPHY girl at that cook-out. The TROPE/Drop Chief shares the lion in the Chief of Tolle's/Tulls, and the latter surname shares the pyramid with Fiscs and Steele-related Battistelli's.

Steele's share the Major / Halper checks, and Halpers were related to Avezzano liners i.e. from Avezzano at Mont Velino i.e. the line to Velens / Velins above. German Steels have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Tullia's/Tulls. If you've understood all of that, ask: what are the chances that the four-word motto of Fiscs is shared by MacKenzie's but for one-letter difference alone? This entry of Major MacKenzie is new, and it just pointed Joe FIX to the Fisks/Fiscs, and to the Steele dossier that was used to pull the blinds over the FISC judges, and to the FBI / CIA trick played on Papadopoulos. The "Sic" motto term of MacKenzie's and Fiscs should be for the Sichs having more fountains.

At the start of this section, I think the heraldry made the case as a pointer to Papadopoulos and ALEXANDER Downer. It already seems like a miracle that a Papadopoulos-like surname should even come up at houseofnames. The Ukraine scandal is now turning to ALEXANDRA Chalupa's role with Nelly Ohr. Alexanders were first found beside McCabe's of Arran, who share the salmon of Hams, first found in Sussex with Downer-like Downs (stag in Trump- / Jump-stag colors). Nelly Ohr was taking ham-radio lessens, and obtaining her license, just before her part in the Trump attack. Did God arrange Alexanders to make this picture materialize? in this way? Why is the vertically-split Shield of Alexanders that also of English Hunts/Hunters? I was living at Hunt street when building Mr. Fix's bar. Why do Scottish Hunters have a "perFICio" motto term? Fix's are also Fick(o)s, and, wow, just realized: Fix's have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the split Shield of Hunters and Alexanders! Joe Fix is also pointing to Hunter Biden. Buttons/Bidens have "horns," and Scottish Hunters have hunting horns.

Also, as I've said before, the ladder I carried on my shoulder to Hunt street, which points to Mr. Fix's Lada dealership, was at the home of Mr. Archibald to begin with. If one were to hop the fence in the back of Mr. Fix's snack shop, one would be on Church street right about smack at Archibald's home. Lorraine lived a few houses down on Church.

I canst-barely believe it. The Archibalds, looked up only after writing the above, have a "reFICiar" motto term. Wonders never cease. "RefiCIAR" can be partly for the Chiaro variation of Charo's, for they share a blue bend with Archibalds. It just so happens that "charo" is a motto term of Joe's/Josephs! The whistle-blower now being sought by Republicans with an axe to grind is Mr. CIARamella. Is Mr. Fix pointing thus to the fix-was-in program by Ciaramella's boss? He worked for both the CIA's Brennan, and Joe Biden. I built Mr. Archibald a deck with Rick Legge, and Legge's may be with the Trump / Down stag.

To help prove that the Archibald motto is partly for Fix's, Archibalds were first found in ROXburghshire with Scottish Walsh's while Irish Walsh's use a "transFIXus" motto term. My girlfriend when building his deck was ROXanne.

I didn't realize until now that Legge's ("TENTa") almost have the MacKenzie Coat while being first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, which plays to Spuds MacKenzie at the COOK-out. The COKE's are the ones with a "patiens" motto term for Dumfries' Patiens'/Putins, and the latter's Crest shares the gold tower with Spice's/Spicers expected in the "AuSPICE" motto term of Walsh's, and the "reSPICE" motto term of COOKseys.

The Coke's: "The surname Coke was first found in Derbyshire at Barrow, a parish, in the union of SHARDlow..." The Shirts are also Shards, first found near Shardlow. I was without a shirt on Epstein's island in the dream that featured Mrs. Kilpatrick (I showed in the last update that the Walsh and Wooten saltires are those of Kilpatricks, and that Woodens helped to clinch Kilpatricks with the bulldog in the shark / Epstein-island dream.)

The Coke's again: "Another ancient branch of the family was found at Billingford in Norfolk. 'At Beck Hall, in the parish, the birthplace of Chancellor Bacon, and the ancient seat of the Coke family, an hospital, with a chapel dedicated to St. Thomas a Becket, was founded in the beginning of the reign of Henry III.'" Okay, so we see the Becks and Beckets (Cheshire, same as Shirts/Shards), linkable to the Beach's/Bechs, and I was without my shirt on Epstein's beach, in Little Saint James island, and then the "Victor" motto of the James' can be connectable to the Vechter variation of Feschs/Fechts whose Coat well-reflects that of Billingfords seem in the Coke write-up (does this have to do with Epstein-Clinton cocaine sales?). German Billings were first found in Saxony with Fix's/Fichs (Luneburg, same as pelican-liner Langs) and Osts/Ostens. The related Bills have a "patria" motto term. (Osteins/Austins were Quint kin, and I do trace Quintus Caepio to the Rijeka area's Kupa river, where Rich's can trace.)

Billingfords (Norfolk, same as Beckets) have the two "wood bills" in saltire of the Bills (probably the Roet Shield), who in turn share the pelican with English Becks who in turn share the giant moline of shark-liner Sarasens. It thus appears that the beach in the dream links to Beck liners in contact with Coke's (and I didn't re-realize until a half-dozen paragraphs below that COKEnach (and Lilley) is one location owned by Beche's in the Beach write-up!]. This is the time to elaborate on the OSTriches of Coke's, Cooks and James', suspect with a merger between Osts/Hosts and Rich's, both first found in Somerset with Bills. The Osts/Hosts are expected in the "Hostis" motto term of Shirts/Shards. Coke's were at Shardlow.

In case you doubt these links, Coke's were at Barrow of Shardlow while Barrows (Fix fleur-de-lys) have crossed swords in the colors of the same of Feschs/Vechters, and in the colors of the crossed wood bills of Billingfords. No mistakes here. Barrows (love the Parrs) even have a "sufFICIT" motto term, not to re-mention "PaRUM". Rums/RIMs are the ones with a "PLACit" motto term, and Place's have a version of the Farne Coat. Lookie: "sufficit ORBIS" is the motto term of Bonds while Orbis is the name of the company owned by Christopher Steele. Bonds have only a fesse in colors reversed from the Yellows having only a fesse. The motto term wasn't, of course, formed for the Orbis company, but God can use things that way. "ORbis" looks like an Ore-Biss merger. Biss' were first found in Surrey with the Scottish Michaels sharing the Bond fesse, and England Michaels share white-on-black scallops with Biss'. "Bis" is a motto term of Bechers/Beckers (Vise stag head?), and Biss' share the Baker scallops. Jim Baker and the Ohrs. Scottish Michael's have a "supero" motto term while Supers have a reflection of the Baker Coat.

Back to the Sands of Farne and Fells, for there is another Barrow area near Sands of Lancashire (Billings, sharing the cross of Fieschi-liner Fessys/Face's, were first found in Lancashire). In the shark dream, the beach was of white sand, and Sands use RAGully suspect in part with the Shark line from Ragusa. Sharks are kin of Irish Neils while German Neils were first found in Westphalia with German Becks i.e. likely a Beach branch. The Farne lion heads come in two color schemes, both shared by the Beckets in the Coke write-up along with Becks.

It's now curious that while Fells sharing the lozenges of Whelans/FAILins (no surprise), the latter surname has the Coat of Bricks who come up as "Bacher." As the Bricks use the Massey fleur because they are from Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of Le Meschin, I'm going to assume that this Backer variation, not from "Briquessart," is from the Bakers sharing the Meschin scallops. It's to be expected that Jim Baker of the FBI spoke with the lawyer(s) for Christopher Steele. Things are working out here such that Steele is in my shirtless trek across the beach, and the Shard variation of Shirts should be the reason for "BriquesSART," for Masseys and Meschins were in Cheshire with Shirts/Shards. I was headed toward Mrs. Kilpatrick when walking on the beach, doing nothing else but walking, and Bakers share the saltire of Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Walks/Wachs. Feschs are also WACHters, hmm. I'm seeing that Jim Baker was a key opponent of Trump.

After i arrived to her, a voice from behind me suggested I go WAKE her from sleep, and Wach-like Wake's/Waiks use "Vigila et Ora" while Wachts/Wachters (Hesse) use "vigilantia." Wake's/Waiks share red roundel in Chief with the Ore/Orr Chief, and as Nelly OHR was pointed to when finding Nelly with more red roundels, I concluded tentatively that God was using Mrs. Kilpatrick as a pointer to the Steele-dossier schemers. That was probably the first clue for that end for the entire dream. And now look at what's been wrought. The quadrants of Wachts/Wachters (share "Industria" with the Arms of Rothschild) are shared by Bauds and Medals/Dougals, the ones who pointed to the CIA's Mr. Mifsud.

Vechter- / Baker-like Bechers/Beckers show themselves as a Beach/Beche branch, and the great thing with German Bechers is that they share the checkered Steele bend, supporting the argument above, but also making a loose Steele-FISC connection, for the Fisc Coat is a checkered version of the vaired Beach/Beche, Beacher and Clapper Coats. Clappers share the Hesse sun, making them potentially linkable to Wachts/Wachters, and moreover Clappers were first found in Surrey with James' and Michaels. Again, BattiSTELLI's, who share BILLets in Chief with the Steele Chief, share the pyramid with Fiscs, and Billets/Billiards (Maine, same as Pellicans) share the stars of German Bechers having the Steele bend with black-and-white checks. All neat and tidy, and Steele's were first found in Cheshire with the beach-connectable Shirts/Shards. In the dream, I was shown simply walking along the beach, doing nothing more, shirtless.

Back to the Patiens'/Putins in the Coke motto; they use crescents while Cressents look linkable to the Pungs/PING/PONGs in the Rim/RUM motto. "ClaRUM" is a motto term of Penns/Pence's. Pings/Pongs were a branch of Pincs and Panico's/Panetta's/PANE's, and the Pense's, who share a version of the Coke Coat, are also PINCons. Papadopoulos was also approached by the mole, Stefan Halper, and it just so happens that Halpers/HalfPENNys share the checkered Shield of PEPPoli's, the latter first found in Bologna with Panico's/Pane's. The latter can be shown to be related to Page's / Pagans and a branch of Pansys/Pantzers / Panters.

Whatever Papadopoulos was in the beginning, he turned out to be either a stool pigeon or whistle-blower. I haven't used anything from the Papp/Papadopoli Coat in this discussion because it has just a giant lion, though it does have the unique feature of tail in or at mouth. Tails/Taylors (Penn/Pence colors) have a single pale bar in the colors of the same of Pense-loving Eskins/Erskins.

If I load one MSNBC youtube video, youtube won't stop feeding me MSNBC videos for weeks even though I don't ask for others. But although I load Bongino videos several times weekly, youtube rarely presents a Bongino video for me without my asking. This is the cheapness of the leftist snake seeking to rule over us. What kind of rulers will they be if the stupids in our society give them power? Only the stupids would empower them. I say fight the war now before it's too late. Stop them, humiliate them, expose them.

Here's Bongino's Thursday-night presentation:

Bongino on Friday is very good at the first section, telling that the FBI was told by McCabe in September (2016) not to have contacts with the Steele garbage even before the FBI used it (October 2016) as the sole material to secure the first FISA application...making Horowitz guilty as gross sin for not suggesting arrests of EVERYBODY from Clinesmith up to Comey and even the Ohrs:

I suggest, based on the Strzok texts, that McCabe didn't tell the Strzok people to leave Steele material alone for sincere / respectable motives. I suggest that McCabe furnished for himself a record of opposing the Steele garbage lest he get caught and charged for participating in it. Every FBI fiend involved in a conspiracy like this needs written records to "prove" they had nothing to do with it. The FBI fired Steele when he was putting his info into news media immediately before the election because the FBI wanted to distance itself in official records from Steele, yet they maintained contact afterward through Bruce Ohr. That is, Steele contacted OHR, and Ohr relayed Steele's messages to the FBI. It's just a bunch of goons, not smart people, just a bunch of dirty clowns that need to be punished hard. I'd give Wray 20 years in jail, I kid you not, due to the gravity of this gigantic conspiracy. If Comey gets 10, Wray deserves 20 because he's the police chief who should have arrested Comey to set an example for others who might consider such corruption.


The people should gang up on the FBI. Look at this old video from 1996, with Richard Jewell (Joel-surname variation), presented late this week from the Bongino Report, and read some of the comments to see that a justifiable revolt looks imminent from a new movie:

The weight upon Barr to make a massive number of arrests is growing. He won't need to apologize for making them. Making arrests will cause the deep state to launch what could be its final attack, all or nothing. That would be the opportunity to crush it ever-so-hard. There should be pressure to send Wray packing. Barr's sore spot is his respect for Wray. Wray is an obstruction of justice for the justice department, and this is what should scare us most about Barr, as though he's depending on Wray to go soft on the guilty.

A headline on a Fox show, "[Horowitz] Clears FBI of Illegal Surveillance," says it all. A dastardly crime against a president was committed, and no one's going even to court to answer for it. Instead, Comey is celebrating, just as he celebrated when Barr let him off the hook. Even Trump is a sham. "President Trump tweets that FBI Director Christopher Wray didn't read the same IG report he did and doesn't have the attitude to 'fix' the bureau". Well, achem, you picked him, so fire him.

This president has had long enough time to fire him, but this amounts to a sham stringing voters along to 2020. But it's a learning curve: we get to see how useless for the nation even the leaders of law are. God's calling us to put off nationhood, and to draw near to Kingdom Values. If you still think that Trump nationalism is a saving grace, think again. Even Trump has been useless to correct this corruption in his own government. He acts like he's not the head of it all. Why did the people elect him, so that he could show disgust from the sidelines, like one who has no power over corrupt actors? If Wray isn't interested in cleaning corruption, don't just complain from the sidelines, STUPID. Here is Trump's opportunity to replace Wray, with a great excuse, but Barr comes along and makes Wray look like his fave. It just figures if the entire thing, from Trump down, is an orchestrated sham.

Reports this week that Barr advised Trump to get rid of Giuliani need to be confirmed, because I'd expect political tricks like this from cheap leftist media. There's a headline: "Rudy Giuliani hoping to submit his Ukraine report to Congress, AG Barr this week." We can follow that story for a better idea of how establishment Republicans cover, or do not cover, the Biden crimes. The only reason I can think of for covering them is that certain Republicans have things to hide, or are guilty of similar conflict-of-interest tax-money theft. By bet is that Barr will linger on Giuliani's report. Or, this is just fun-and-games news juice from the deep state to tantalize / tease us without delivery of what we hope for.

Britain just voted for nationalism on Thursday. "Jeremy Corbyn had hoped to become the vanguard of a global socialist movement [far-left GLOBAL dictatorship in the works from Illuminati powers] but will step down in humiliation after overseeing his [Labour] party’s worst election defeat since 1935." I always believed that the normal people in the world were the majority, but that leftist media was able to deceive them into supporting liberalism. That's changing because leftists thought that they could come clean out of the closet, showing their true colors, and still be loved forever. Instead, they are being dropped like a lead ball...achem, by too few. Lovers of liberalism are still way-too many. In the U.S., they are still capable of getting to power, if they once again disguise themselves as normal, moral-high ground agents.

Globalists wanting to make the money they hoped for by forcing everyone on alternative energy are now back-firingly ruining the Democrat party in trying to force their candidates to push "green." Excellent destruction of those worthy of destruction. I wish they would never rise again, but they are way-too strong for comfort at this time. The FBI, DoJ and Intelligence in their hands will be potentially furious against us.

It seems that God is serving a good pounding upon His enemies at this time by exposing American liberalism for the lawlessness and hypocrisy (not moral) that it is. The Internet allows this thing to go global. We Christians have been wondering for decades why God has allowed the world to go down the anti-Christ dumpster. There's only one answer, and it's not because He's dead or indifferent / uncaring. It's an exposure of the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Israel is packed with leftist powers willing even to sabotage Israel, suggesting that leftism is a global-kingdom cancer run out of a "headquarters," we might say. There are invisible powers running that snake, and it goes back to the British Illuminati that set up Communist Russia. It's been growing in the United States and Israel from Rothschild powers ever since, though I don't think that all Rothschilds have been on board with that philosophy. It would really be nice to find what goes on in this invisible world where Rothschilds almost never say anything in the news. Will this thing be exposed too?

I think that Soros is a king-pin of this global village philosophy, the agenda to reduce us all to paupers, if possible, so that killing us will not make them feel so bad, since poor people are "worthless," in their sight. Yet they appeal to the poor for votes. You cannot figure them out if you govern yourself by some morals, for their lack of it explains why they do the unthinkable for normal people. Abortion has been one of their "necessary" population-control programs, and in the meantime they have a bonanza with it because it vastly increases fornication. For anti-Christs, anything that violates and angers God is a bonanza. But they even get to make money selling fetal parts. Like I said, the unthinkable for normal people. And they are the ones mixing the genes of different animals, and even animals with humans, guaranteed, this unthinkable thing is happening in their shadows.

It needs to be wiped out, but Trump is a useless tool for doing it. At the rate he's going, it will soon be back in power. All he cares about is winning 2020. When you as a Christian see the many anti-Christ threats, with Trump not addressing them as he should, how can you go with the merry hail-Trump bandwagon? You see, because I have the hope of Kingdom Values, Trump looks like a useless tool in my eyes. Whatever he's accomplishing, it's not going to cure the world by setting an American example and trend, especially as the Republican party despises Biblical Christians (but uses them for their votes). Catholicism is at the helm of the Republican party now even though Catholics have traditionally been spurred by vatican agents to vote Democrat, even when the vatican agents saw Democrats pushing an anti-Christ, globalist world. That should frighten you to death, that this morally-indifferent wolf is now at the charge of the supreme court and the Republican party. The only reason a wolf dresses as a sheep is to do the sheep murder.

Beware flu shots. Every year we hear dire flu-season reports to increase flu shots, but I think the goal of the globalists is to force us all into flu shots, and even some other shots when they think they have the power to do so. For them moment, globalism is suffering, thanks to Trump. But I don't think Trump opposes globalists on their liberal, anti-Christ philosophies, but rather due to it's goal of stamping out nationalism. This latter thing is the only thing standing in the way of the desired globalist government. With England voting nationalistic, and Israel still hanging on, there's a chance now to kill the cancer. And that's my point: those in a position to kill are content to win elections. When in power, they don't work extra hard to kill it. It's been my point all along. The do-nothing Republicans convince Christians to vote for them, then do nothing for us when winning elections. Trump did the very same, but is being wiser than Bush by exerting efforts to make a better impression of serving Christians than Bush had. The Bush family then chose anti-Christian, globalist McCain, and after that chose Mormon Romney, anything but a solid, Biblical mind.

How did Jesus know that we would be hated by all nations? Did he say that we would be hated by all nations except for the one having a green-copper statue of a goddess holding a torch? Did he say that, in the end-times, we should take cover in the biggest, richest country of all? Anyone who knows Jesus knows this isn't His logic. Part of the end-time exposure is against Mystery Babylon's trade (Revelation 18), and Trump is front-and-center in love for trade.

Snakes like the former CIA chief: "'I would defer to the bureau on the FISA matter, because they’re the ones that actually initiate and then follow through on it,' Brennan said Tuesday on MSNBC regarding whether he would make a determination if there should have been an approved FISA warrant application." Brennan looks like a dope before the entire liberal audience because he can't gather, from what was in the report, whether the FBI was justified in all four FISA applications. The problem is, there are too many, dangerous Americans who will gladly push forward that willful blindness in case they can find fuel to take Trump out by yet another scheme. They want all the bad, Trump sentiments they can garner. And once they get Trump out, they can go back to murdering nationalism on behalf of their globalist leaders, many of whom are likely in the Counsel on Foreign American company of invisibles who are not committing themselves to it for no money at all.

Republicans want to know what Brennan's part was in the Steele > FISA conspiracy. For whatever reason, Horowitz felt compelled to disclose the sin of Clinesmith. It's a short but dastardly sin because the FBI was keeping the FISC judges in the dark about Carter Page's previous work for the CIA. Brennan would have known about that work, right? Well then, why hasn't Brennan come out to defend Page all through these times when he's been slandered by the leftist press as Trump's Russia-collusion agent?

We are probably hearing correctly that, had Comey alerted the FISC about Page's previous service for the CIA, the judges would not have given them the applications to spy on his communications with Trump team mates. What Clinesmith did, and not apart from the knowledge of his FBI superior, was to change a textual statement telling that page had worked for the U.S. government to "'not a source' for another government agency". If it was given to the judges in the original form, the judges would have scratched their heads: "what, an American-government operative is instead a Russian operator instead, and working for Trump?" I would have opened the door to the guilt of the judges if they didn't ask for more information about page, because a judge is not permitted to betray a CIA operative in that way without a thorough check of potential guilt. But it was even worse for Comey, because he didn't tell the judges, four times in a row, that the entire case against page was paid for by the Hillary campaign. You can't more laughable than these juggling clowns, who dropped all of the pins to the floor while standing naked before us. And Brennan is a part of those jugglers.

There's no way that Clinesmith would have attempted that small-little but huge alteration apart from Comey's consent, for Comey would have known that page had worked for the CIA. There was great potential for an honest Comey to come down on Clinesmith's head for truing to get away with a trick like that. But Comey was not honest, and he either winked at Clinesmith's idea, or directed it, or perhaps it was the idea of someone else in the FBI, who decided to task Clinesmith as the one to do it. The best outcome now is that Clinesmith becomes a stool pigeon, telling the whole truth because he felt compelled by the Comey gang to play that trick. But, the question is, will Barr permit a Clinesmith arrest in order to turn Clinesmith into a stool pigeon?

See John Solomon's latest:

On Wednesday night, the youtube channel, Jesse Watters Fox, which I think is a legitimate Republican channel, was reduced to two-seconds long by 10:40 pm, just 40 minutes after the end of the Hannity show. It suggests that youtube is knocking that channel off so that viewers are forced to watch other Hannity shows from fake Republicans youtubers who slice parts out when they wish to, when they don't want us to hear things, but even their videos are reduced to two seconds a day after they come out so Fox commentators do not get much youtube visibility.

On the same night, for example, the brand-new youtube channel, Soul Garner, showed Hannity's first 31 minutes (Wednesday), but then cut out the rest by repeating the Graham interview. Hannity viewers are being conditioned to accept sliced-out parts of Fox shows. Finding the part of Hannity after 31 minutes, it turns out to be a segment on Schiffs former falsehoods in regard to FISA. So, this youtube channels' owner, who changes his/her channel name regularly, is not a pro-Trumper, but a Democrat and/or deep-state operative seeking to reduce the parts of Fox shows that do the most harm against the Democrat party / deep state. And there are others doing the same trick nightly. Another channel left out Sara Carter.


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