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December 3 - 9, 2019

Mayer Giuliani Makes it to More Heraldry With a Reeking Thing in Ukraine
The Third Grocery Store and Helen's Knob
The Bongino Benjamites
Nazty Bulldog-Shark Revelations at the Schere-y End of this Update

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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I went into the article below from Drudge not knowing whether his headline was good or bad about Barr. When I got to the first paragraph, it was not the darkness I dreaded, but light:
Attorney General William P. Barr has told associates he disagrees with the Justice Department’s inspector general on one of the key findings in an upcoming report — that the FBI had enough information in July 2016 to justify launching an investigation into members of the Trump campaign, according to people familiar with the matter.

...In the months since, Barr, through Durham, has pursued information related to a onetime associate of Papadopoulos, a European academic named Joseph Mifsud.

This seems to me to be a big deal, if Barr sticks to his position suggested in this story, though I don't trust the Washington Post, which could be outright lying about this to give us a false hope for a good laugh at us later. If this is going to be Barr's position, then it appears he's willing to go against Comey himself. Very likely, Horowitz is trying to protect, not only Comey, but the others involved in the Trump attack, by arguing that the investigation had merit at the beginning. The problem is, the investigation didn't stop near the start, but continued even when it was obvious to the FBI that there was no merit to continue...which argues for their being guilty of starting it in the first place...not because they got the wrong impression, but because it was a conspiracy to do evil.

I'm afraid that Barr will come out to say that while there was no merit (predicate), neither was it a conspiracy. The alternative is that Comey and/or McCabe just over-reacted on what they thought was a predicate. That's the sort of softball that I've feared Barr will turn out to be.

Mifsud could be dead, or in deep-state "custody." The latter may mean that he's in hiding at the order of the deep state for which he had worked (to interfere with the 2016 election). I am more confident that Barr's going after the Democrat rats in the CIA and IC (Clapper and Brennan) than after Comey and Mueller.

I was watching Fox's Swamp Watch, and saw a scathing attack on Giuliani by the anchor / reporter (Steve Hilton) who apparently didn't hear from Giuliani that accusations against him were wholly fabricated. Here's the story after the Swamp Watch show aired:

“I have not taken a penny for representing my friend, President Trump. I am outraged that @SteveHiltonx reported that I was trying to pursue private business deals in Ukraine to ‘enrich’ myself, when in reality I have made ZERO in Ukraine!” the president’s lawyer wrote in a tweet. “Very lazy reporting!”

“Lawyers tell me @SteveHiltonx is a wild card and I should sue him for libel,” Giuliani added. “He recklessly disregarded the truth!”

I have not taken a penny for representing my friend, President Trump. I am outraged that @SteveHiltonx reported that I was trying to pursue private business deals in Ukraine to “enrich” myself, when in reality I have made ZERO in Ukraine! Very lazy reporting!

— Rudy Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) December 2, 2019

...Calling out Fox News contributor John Solomon and others involved in the Ukraine story, Hilton also declared, “it’s time to dump these toxic chumps.”

Steve Hilton is the one who produced an excellent show last week on the guilt of the Bidens and others in Ukraine. I therefore figure that Hilton is one of us, but that he wrongly believed the fabricated report on Giuliani...unless Giuliani is lying, which I doubt. We will probably get Hilton's reaction soon.

I checked the Durham surname to see if there might somehow be a pointer to Bill Barr's John Durham. After all, he's called a BULLDOG, that's right, which God made part of the deep-state picture. For example, "AG Barr appoints 'bulldog' federal corruption-fighter John Durham to probe origins of Russia hoax investigation." Or, the headline, "Bulldog John Durham is good choice for investigation..." I don't readily see any Durham-surname pointers to the dream that God gave with shark and bulldog. See my last update for how sara carter fit into the shark. (Use the Durham tab above to load other surnames.)

WAIT, I take it back! The SHARK in this particular dream, for reasons shown many times, is a depiction of "SARACA," and my first inklings that Ms. Carter is an alternative view of the shark is where "Saraca" is in "SARA CArter." I didn't think much of that at first, just a coincidence, I thought, but upon looking into it, wow, you should see what was found in the last update (not far from the start). But I have just realized that the Durhams share a blue-on-gold fesse with the Arms of Saraca, wow. We have a story. It tends to prove that I was correct in my initial interpretation of the shark as the deep-state attack on the Trump bulldog. In the alternative view, Sara Carter swallows the deep state. At least, that seems to be the obvious implication. Let's wait and see whether she succeeds.

I did have a lot to say, that's largely new to me, about the Durham surname, and so I'd like to jot it down for the record, or for anyone finding it historically interesting. In the meantime, who knows what else might come up. The Durhams connect to both my mother's direct lines (both her parents), the Grimaldi's and Masci's (Massey branch). In fact, I now recall from Wikipedia that Durham was once called, Dunholme, reflective of a Dunham Masci / Dunham Massey location in Cheshire. In fact, Dunhams are in the colors of the Durham / Saraca fesse, and Durhams use dolphins instead of the Saraca fish. I think I can tell that these dolphins are those in the Arms of Dauphine, for that area of France belonged to Guerin of Provence, for reasons I'll now explain. The English Randolphs sharing the Dunham Coat are said to descend from Ranulph le Meschin (ruler in Cheshire), a Masci liner, and Scottish Randolphs were at Moray with the Mackay branch of Maceys. The Vere/Weir and Durham stars are also the Moray stars.

Durham is on the Wear river. The Wear/Were and Wearing/Waring surnames were both first found in Devon, and while Wearings/Warings are said to derive from Guerin-like terms, they use the Warren checks that all of these surnames can be gleaned as branches (by definition of "branch" is where individuals altered a surname somewhat for their own personal use). The Wears/Were's, whose "FiuMUS" motto term can be gleaned with the "aniMUS" of Durhams, share three white stars on a blue fesse with Scottish Vere's/Weirs while English Vere's share the Massey quadrants. So, "mus" looks like it's in honor of a Mus-like individual > family.

Irish Weirs use a version of the Grimaldi Coat, which makes me assume that Grimaldi's of Liguria, probably from Monaco, got married to a line of Guerin of Provence, for those areas are near to one another. The Monaco-like Monks were first found in Devon with Wears/Were's and Wearings/Warings, you see. The latter almost have the red wyvern dragon Vere-relate Drake's while DRAGuignan is in Provence. Monks use the wyvern dragon too, and Drake's, who love the Mosca/Muscas surname in their motto, trace to L'Aquila, place of my mother's birth, is that not interesting? Why really did God chose me to do this heraldry work while also giving me prophecy-related tasks? Why is the throne purple of the Grimaldi prince of Monaco? Wears/Were's were on the Axe river while Drake's use an axe.

The Grimaldi's liked to use a monk with a sword under the cloak as their symbol, and so we can gather that it was part-code for the Monk surname. The Sword surname, in Monk colors, are from Siward of Northumberland, who defeated king MacBeth three years before Malcolm III killed him, and this Malcolm was the husband of queen Margaret below.

As I said, when Grace Kelly married a prince of Monaco, she brought baron Massy to that family. The Kelly lion was almost-certainly the Monaco lion long before that marriage took place. It seems that the marriage catered to blood-lusting elite. The Kelly surname traced easily to baron Massy of Dublin, and Dublin is where Sitric Caech ruled who was the grandfather of king Maccus, he being from FERTE-Mace, home of Masseys/Maceys. Note the "FERT" motto term of Durhams.

It begs whether Sitric was himself from Ferte-Mace, or whether it was his wife or daughter. In any case, Ferte-Mace is along the Orne river of the Orne's/HORNS, and the HUNTING horns of Wearings/Warings suggest both this Massey-of-Orne entity and Ada of Warenne, for she married Henry of HUNTINGdon. Huntingdons use hunting horns too. As this Henry descended from queen Margaret of Scotland, a Saxon, let's add that Maccus and Sitric both made pacts with Saxons, and that the Wessex Saxons, who were in the Cheshire area, are known to use the white wyvern dragon, symbol of the Monks. It's starting to suggest that queen Margaret was a Massey of the Maccus-Saxon relationship. To this I'll add that the French Messeys/Messier's, first found near Dauphine's proto-Massey Galli's, use the flag of Mercia.

The Mackay branch of Maceys morphed into "MacDhai, or Davidson" probably because king David I was Malcolm's son. Davids were first found in Cheshire with Masseys and Maceys. The Malcolms are also Columns while Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found in Piedmont with Masci's, use columns topped with the same stars as Sutherlands. Mackays lived in Sutherland. Pilote's, first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's and Loges', have the three pheons of Davidsons in half their colors, and while Davidsons share the red stag with Malcolms, the Davidson stag is lodged like that of Maccus-liner Maxwells. Lodge's have the saltire of Messeys/Messier's in colors reversed for a related reason, and the Loges saltire is blue, as is the Malcolm saltire (probably the saltire of Nagle's, from Oneglia, beside Monaco). I'm pointing out a good number of relationships here that tell a distinct story, and it actually goes back to viking Ukraine.

Another lodged antelope is used by BREAKERs/Brechs who happen to share the hunting horns (same colors) of Wearings/Warings. The Brae's/Brays, who use a flax breaker as part-code for Breakers/Brechs (or one of their branches), are from Bra, smack beside Savigliano, where Pelosi's/Pilati's are from, and, of course, Nancy Pelosi is on-side with the attack-Trump deep state. To no surprise, flax-like Flacks share the Meschin scallops.

Masci or Masci kin of SAVIGliano are suspect to SAVAGE's/SAVA's, first found in the same place as Masseys/Maceys; they point to Jack Sava. The last update tells why Brae's/Bray and Bra point to Donna Brazile, who wrote an erroneous book on Seth Rich to cover for his murder, which took place while he was under the care of Jack Sava, chief surgeon of the hospital (Sava is a chief suspect as an accomplice of the murder). Donna Brazile was made the chief of the DNC shortly after Seth's murder. SETHs/Shaws, wow, happen to share the three cups of English Pilotte's (bingo!), first found in Lincolnshire with English Messier's. It could suggest that Nancy Pelosi was in on Seth's murder. Seths/Shaws share the dagger with Mackays.

The Lodge lion, probably the Ross lion, but in the colors of the Monk lion heads, goes to the heart of the Ross clan (descended from an Andrew) in the Varangian-Rus line of king Andrew I of Hungary. Andrew was in the protection of Kiev's Varangians along with queen Margaret (before she married Malcolm). There is an historical record telling that Andrew's son, George Drummond, was in Scotland in 1055, two years before Malcolm became the king. There's a good chance that George set Malcolm up with Margaret; she was still back in Europe at the time, perhaps in Hungary by then, I can't recall the details. The flag of England became George's Cross, and the flag of Scotland became Andrew's Cross, the latter being nothing but a saltire in colors reversed from the Malcolm saltire. The English George's use one of the three fesses of German Drummonds.

Back to the hunting horns of Wearings/Warings, for they are colors reversed from the hunting horn of Orange's, and rulers of Orange likewise used hunting horns. Orange is near the mouth of the Durance river, which named Durants, and northern Provence is along the Durance. The Durhams have a write-up suggesting Durants: "The seal of Walter Durham of Dumfriesshire who rendered homage in 1290 reads S' Valteri Dwrant." It could appear as though Durhams were a Durant branch.

This gets extremely interesting where the shark and bulldog were in a residential swimming pool. The last update showed why Pools were from Vespasia Polla of Rieti, and while that place is not far from L'Aquila, it's at the Salto river, where I trace the Sale's/Salletts (same place as Masseys/Maceys) who share the fleur-de-lys of Durants. Is that not amazing, since I jumped into the pool to save the bulldog from the shark? Just look at how many stories God can tell with the same scene. Vespasia Polla was the mother of the 4th head of the scarlet dragon of Revelation 17. That chapter makes it plain that the sixth head, still alive at the writing of Revelation, was emperor Domitian, Vespasian's grandson.

I should add that I trace the Anchor Coat to the Arms of Agrigento, location of the Drago river that named Drake's, and probably related to "Draguignan." The "muscas" motto term in the Drake motto is for a Mosca branch while a Mosca family was near Agrigento. The point is, the Anchor Coat is a version of the Lady Coat while the Lady annulet could be upon the red dragon of Wearings/Warings. The Anchor and Anger lozenges are very connectable to Nagle's i.e. from near Monaco. German Nagle's/Nails are related Ducks, both first found in Westphalia with duck-using Velins and Velens (once showed ducks), from mount Velino between the upper Salto and L'Aquila.

Well-well, after getting a little disappointed that not much of this points to John Durham -- and this disappointment came within a minute after writing the last paragraph in full -- it was remembered that Barrs share the giant Este eagle, which happens to be the Aquila Coat too! Zinger, is that not amazing? Plus, Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Nagle-beloved Nons/Nevins (fesse colors reversed from Nagle fesse). Nagle's and Wearings/Warings both us a "non' motto term, and the "nihil" motto term of Vere's is for the Nihill variation of Nagle-branch Neils. The latter not only share the SARACA fish, but were first found in TYRONE with Sharks!!! You should know when God is speaking when you see it with your own eyes. We pray that the shark of God eats up the deep state.

The shark of god eating the deep state was suspect at the victory at the end of the shark dream. Although I jumped into the pool to save the bulldog (Trump) from the deep-state shark, I didn't get to see what I did. The dream suddenly transported me to a beach scene, and the last scene was my rising into the sky embraced with a woman as though she would be my future bride. See "emBRACE" in the last update for it's pointer to my finding a medallion on my hood in BRACEbridge. You will see that Bracebridge's trace to Champagne elements of Avezzano, smack down the hills from mount Velino.

The point is, the MEDALlion was God's pointed to Medals/Dougals because they have a version of a Baud Coat while those Bauds share the crescents of Hoods...and of Saraca-line Saracens. There's the shark line from the beginning of the dream. These bauds were first found in Stirlingshire, which is where Mr. Mifsud, who was a central part of the attack-Trump shark, taught or engaged in some way, I forget the details. He also taught or learned, I forget which, at Malta, and Malta's are related to Melita, an island almost-smack-dab at Ragusa, home of Saraca's. You see, God has supplied evidence for us to get the interpretation of that medallion correct. The medallion was stamped, "Saint-Petersburg Russia." How can that be a further coincidence? It was found on the hood of my Jeep, and while Jeepma's are also Cheps, the Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire too.

The "virTUS" motto term of Cheaps and others is suspect partly with the Tous' who use a red shirt. Shirts/Shards are suspect with Sardinians, and Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia. In the shark dream, I had no shirt on, and my LOVING embrace with the woman was theorized as a further pointer to Amore's, or Amori's, first found in Sardinia. That's the island of the Visconti's who came to birth Ottone Visconti, and then Ottone's share the long and solid chevron of French Chappes' (compare with Kaips/Kaiffs and the Arms of Haifa, Israel) while Cheaps are also Chappes'/Chaips, and first found in Stirlingshire with VISconti-line WISharts/Guiscards. The Guiscards of Sicily, expected on Sardinia (Malta is to the south of Sicily), and likely engaged with Saracens of Sicily's Ragusa, had Tancred for a father, explaining why Shirts/Shards have a version of the Tancred Coat. Tancreds and their Tankerville branch were from Greece's Tanagra, in the land of Boeotians suspect to the Bauds. This Tanagra entity, at SCHIMatari, was traced to Schims/Schiens and their Skene branch, and Skene's happen to share gold wolf heads with Kaips/KAIFFs, a new thing for readers suggesting that "CAIAPHas" (a Sadducee) was descended from this Boiotian thing. Sadducees were from the house of Boeotia-like Boethus.

The Skene write-up tells of a fable wherein the family chose the skene-like "sgian = dagger" as a sound-alike code for the surname. I therefore suggest that "Skene" was created because a Schimatari-line individual was already related to the dagger-using, Chives-branch SETHs/Shaws, and to this it is quite stunning that Caiaphas' father-in-law (the former chief priest) was the son of SETH. Guiscards/Wisharts use a "Mercy" motto code likely for a Mercian family, and "merces" is used by Skene's.

I can't recall the details, but I was able to see links in some Arms of the earls of Mar with the Coat of Tarves' who named Tarves in Aberdeenshire (beside the Seths/Shaws and the Guiscards/Wisharts). Skene's and Schims/Schiens were first found in Aberdeenshire, but the points are: 1) Chives'/Shewas' were first found in Tarves; 2) Skene's are said to have been earls of Mar. It tends to solidify the Chives link to Kaips/Kaiffs, but then there is a white SWORD in the Coat of Caiaphas-like Capes' that becomes important and relevant right here. As Chappes- / Guiscard-related Visconti's were related to Sforza's, I suggest that the Sforza lion is in the Kaip/Kaiff Coat. Earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy, suspect with Drummonds (Perthshire, same as Seths/Shaws) who descended from George of Hungary, who was in Scotland when Sword-liner Siward had defeated MacBeth...explaining why Skene's share the three Sword swords. That's right, the Skene's don't use daggers, but swords. English George's were first found in Dorset with Chaffs/Chafeys, that's right, who in turn have the Chief-Shield color combination of Capes'. It's clear to me that the Chaff/Chafey griffin is that of neighboring Hangers, a branch of Angers and Anchors from Agrigento, location of the Apsus-like Hypsas river. Hangers were first found in Hampshire with Drake's, from the Drago river, the alternative name of the Hypsas.

The Chaffs are said to derive in "chauve = bald," making it appear that this is a Caiaphas line related to the Bald line i.e. from Chivasso at the Baltea river. The Chives' out of/into Chivasso have the Mosca leopard, and Mosca's were married to elements at Chiaramonte and MonteCHIARO in the Agrigento region. Josephs use a "charo" motto term likely for Charo's/CHIARO's, and this entity is likely to Massa-Carrara, where roughly Mosca's were first found.

Wow, there is a Chauve/ChauVELIN surname (Brittany) sharing gold wolf heads with Kaips/Kaiffs, and in both colors of the Skene wolf heads. The Chauve/Chauvelin Coat is the Welf/Wolf/Lupus Coat, a surname likely from Lupus Laevillus (two or three generations after Caiaphas). The Chauvron variation may have created the heraldic chevron.

As I said, I trace George's Hungarian family to the Ross clan (also near Tarves), which has upright lions in the colors of the Mar ( = Steer lions) lions, yet the Ross lion is also in the Capes Coat along with the Apps scallops. Plus, French Mars (Burgundy, same as Mercian Messeys) have the colors and format of dagger-using Mackays. The Apps' are from the Apsus river (near the Cavii), location of Kuman, the line to dagger-using Comyns/Comine's (see also Josephs) seen in the Seth/Shaw write-up. The gold Comyns/Comine's garb is shared by Cheaps/Chappes', and Caiaphas was Joseph by first name. The Comyn/Comine garbs are with the Waistells/Wessels, who in turn share blue doves with English George's.

I suppose it's for Sara Carter or John Durham to discover why Mifsud is being lumped, apparently, with Saint Petersburg. As we saw the Durham topic bring us to L'Aquila, let's add that while Cheaps/Chappes' use "ears of wheat" and a garb, both of these symbols, especially the garb, are related to so-called "SHEAVES of wheat." The Italian Sheaves' were first found in L'Aquila, how about that. Nearby Avezzano named the Avisons who share the Comyn/Comine Shield, just three garbs that could be called, "sheaves of wheat." The Arms of L'Aquila is an eagle, and then the Americans chose a BALD eagle as their symbol, suspicious because Balds share the Baud ship. Were American Masons from L'Aquila? Balds and Bauds were from the Baltea/Bautica river, location of Chivasso, the line to Chappes-related Chives'/SHEWAS' (probably the Mosca leopard), an obvious Shaw/Sheaves branch. Joseph Caiaphas (killer of Jesus) is somehow at the root of that line, I believe, and this line led to the anti-Christ Illuminati that would take the dragon symbol to itself.


For the following discussion, Avisons come up as Ave's, a term in the write-up of Nadlers/Naders/Nadels who share the stars of Salome's/Solomons, suspect from Salome Boethus, she suspect from Shechemite Boeotians. Kennedys are part of the topic below, and their "La fin AVISE" motto has got to be for the Avis variation of Avisons/Ave's. Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with the Pike's/Picks who share the Nadlers/Nader/Nadel / Salome/Solomon stars.

Repeat: "Wow, there is a Chauve/ChauVELIN surname (Brittany) sharing gold wolf heads with Kaips/Kaiffs, and in both colors of the Skene wolf heads. The Chauve/Chauvelin Coat is the Welf/Wolf/Lupus Coat, a surname likely from Lupus Laevillus (two or three generations after Caiaphas). The Chauvron variation may have created the heraldic chevron. " I've read the "chauve" term in the Chaff write-up many times, but never did try to load a Chauve surname. At least, it's not in any of my files. What timing to find it here, just as I was on the Skene's having their wolf heads.

Skene's are from Israel's Shechemites, though through Greece, and so just look at this: "In Josephus [the Kenites whom Moses married] appear as Kenetides, and in Ant, IV, vii, 3 he calls them 'the race of the Shechemites.'" That quote is from Flavius Josephus, to whom much heraldry, and especially Vespasia-Polla / Rieti / Caiaphas heraldry, traces back. The Kenites look like the Kennati priests of Cetis, and Lupus Laevillus was the king of Cetis. I suspect that Josephus, who claimed to descend from Israel's priestly class, was given freedom by Vespasian's household because he had money to pay for it. I have a pretty good hunch, and some heraldic evidences, that he was named after the Josephs in the family of Joseph Caiaphas.

The woman in the dream, where I had no shirt on as a pointer to the Tanagra-related Shirts/Shards, was born Miss Hicks, from the Hyksos who were at Cilicia's Kizzuwatna. Cetis happens to be in Cilicia too, you see. And Hicks use a CHAPlet, making it seem pretty obvious what God is getting to with that shark dream, though there is a lot more to it that I won't repeat here. The Chives'/Shewas' were once said to have been first found in Devon, where Hykes'/Hacks were first found who use a version of the Chives/Shewas Shield. Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with the jacks that I see from "Ajax," the god worshiped by the Kennati priests of Cetis. Do you understand? Moses was a Levite having married a women from the proto-Kennati, and so some pagan Kenites probably ganged up with the rebellious Levites such as Jonathan of Laish, whose marauder "Danite" owners from a Hyksos faction in Egypt's Tanis became the Greek Danaans at Argos.

In Greek myth, Cadmus of Tyre (near Laish) was made the brother of Cilix, the latter being the myth writer's code for Cilicia. Cadmus landed at Thebes, in Boeotia, that's right. And he followed the white Zeus bull there which, in another myth, had raped his sister. Well, as Argos had a white cow for its goddess, you can see the plain connections in these things, which is tracing its Hyksos elements to my shark dream.

Peoples from Laish named Lissus, a city in the land of the proto-Chives Cavii. Lissus is the line for which the fleur-de-LYS was named, the Lys/Lisse surname that is, and Hicks use them as well as a fesse in colors reversed from the Jack fesse. The Jacks fesse is comparable to that of Butts/Bute's/BOETs (share fish with Hykes'/Hake's), the line from the Sadducee house of Boethus along with Buttons/Bidens. The latter use a CHAPeau cap, what more needs to be said? Well, let's add that the Butt/Bute/Boet fish is in the colors of the fish heads of Cetis-like Geddes', and you can find an article online telling that proto-Geddes Geds (same fish as in the Arms of Saraca) were on the Nith river along with Kilpatrick castle. Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, a pilot, and one can glean in two ways how Pelosi's/Pilati's link to Capelli's, the latter likely owning the chapeau.

Mr. Kilpatrick is in a photo of the Baytown Sun along with Spuds MacKENZIE, the mascot of BUD Light beer, what a boetincidence. The Buds are in Bute/Butt colors. The Kenzie's are listed with Kennati-like Kenneths, how can that be a coincidence? Spuds MacKenzie is a BULL terrier, or bulldog, and there was a bulldog in my 1979 dream with Mrs. Kilpatrick, whom I had never seen until Christmas day in 1994. Earlier in 1994, I purchased a fiberglass, 3-D British bulldog from Hamilton, Ontario, and Mr. Kilpatrick was Hamilton William Kilpatrick III. Listen up when God speaks. There is a God, if you wish to see it and trust. I pegged Mrs. Kilpatrick as the woman in the dream in 1996, thanks to the purchase of the bulldog, and the way in which I first saw her 1994/1995, but I didn't know that her husband was in a photo (1987, I think) with Spuds MacKenzie until about 2016, which seemed to be verification that I didn't make a mistake about her being the woman in the dream. When I bought the bulldog, the dream was not at all on my mind, but God brought that dream back to mind forcefully in early 1996.

So, it seems that Kenneths are from the Kennati priests, and from this we go to quasi-mythical king Kenneth, son of Alpin. Kenneth was the king of the new, "Scot" peoples (previously the Picts), who are from lake SCODra, smack at the Selepitanoi theater to the direct north of Lissus. And the dream pointed exactly to the SELEPitanoi when Miss Hicks was SLEEPing. So, Kenites are tracing back to Jonathan, the pagan Levite priest of Laish, and expected as Hyksos there. It bears repeating here that Lupus Laevillus had a son, CHARAX Proculus, and that Kennati-like Kennedys use the red chevron that is the Arms of CARRICK. Sometimes, the Arms of Carrick comes with three fitchees, the Kennedy symbol too. Carricks and Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with Cunninghams having a so-called SHAKEfork as part-code for Shechemite liners (and Forkers).

Carricks and Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs and Pike's/Picks (Picts?), important because Cetis-like Geddes' use pike fish while Pike's/Picks share the stars of Salome's, suspect from the Sadducee liner, Salome BOETHus. After I woke Miss Hicks up, we were rising into the sky as code for Rhizon, a location smack at Bud-like Budva, anciently Bute-like Butua. Boets (probably the Geddes fish) are also Bute's/Butts. Can you see what God was getting to by arranging Mr. Kilpatrick in a photo with Spuds MacKenzie?

Modern Bar is at the Selepitanoi theater, and while Barrs share the Este eagle because Barrs of Brunswick were Este liners, Guelphs were fundamental Este liners too. God gave me a dream wherein I was GOLFing with my DENTist in what I think is a pointer to Guelphs, and to the Dents first found in Yorkshire with Dent-like Dance's/Danse's having the fesse of Jacks (Yorkshire). Guelphs were the Welfs by another name, and Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' share the Skene wolf heads i.e. from the Shechemite-Kenite relationship. It's a good bet here that Este's are from the Ister = DANube river. BUDApest is on the Danube, once called, Buda. After the golf game with my dentist, he laughed at the red BUTTONs (Budva/Butua liner) on my shirt while I sat in the BACK SEAT of his car. I have good reason to trace Backs/Bachs to Hyksos ruler, Apachnas. Backs/Bachs use a steer, and the dentist was driving i.e. steering the car when he laughed at my shirt's buttons. Seats/Cedes' are in the "cede" motto term of Steers, can you believe that I actually had this dream? I've mentioned it 10-20 times in my previous updates, explained several times as is being re-explained here. Irish Kennedys love the LAFINs in their motto, so funny. My dentist's surname, Hawthorn, is a fundamental kin of the Tancreds, that's exactly right, a Shirt-related people group from Tanagra.

"Moses" was named by the daughter of a Hyksos pharaoh, and that these Hyksos were resolved from MUS of Lake Van (i.e. like "MOSes"), which we see in the "aniMUS" of the Durham surname. The Sedans, first found in Durham and neighboring Yorkshire, were of SEDbergh, where Dents are said to be first found. Durhams share the crescent of Sedan-branch SEATons, Sadducee suspects though while Laish was a SIDONian city, Seatons are also Sittens. I was in the back seat, and Seats are also Cetis-like Cedes'. God is all over the same entity that must include the Caiaphas line, right? To what? To the end-time rulers who will wage war against Jesus, of course. Seats/Cedes', in the "cede" motto term of Steers, share the double pale bars of Kennati-like Cuntys. Italian Conte's share the Lafin lion, and English Conte's were first found in Durham. Seatons/Sittens named Sitten, otherwise called, Sion, and then Laish was beside ancient mount Sion. The "sino" motto term of Sedans is code for the Sine's/Sions/Swans. If you're a scholar reading this, you should be very impressed, that God should be speaking of these historical connections in silly dreams. Imagine what He could do if he got downright-serious to work. He could build a universe or something...with only one mistake: stupid scholars who say He doesn't exist.

Reminder: John Durham is a "bulldog," and Durhams have stars on a fesse in the colors of the fish on a fesse in the Arms of shark-line Saraca's, who lived at Kotor, smack beside Budva/Butua and Rhizon. It's as though the dream with Miss Hicks is also pointing to John Durham and Bill Barr, for Este's even showed the horse head of English Bute's/Butts. My being shirtless before being in front of a sleeping Miss Hicks can point here to the Sarde variation of Lizarts, for Shirts are also Shards. Lizarts are expected in the lizard of Kotor-like Cotars. Italian Dance's are from the COTTian ruler, Donnus, father of Cottius. Lizarts can be gleaned as a branch of Lise's and Lists, who look like Lissus liners. As for Lisa Page, it's interesting that I trace Page's to the Pek tributary of the Danube. APACHnas liner? Probably, suggesting that Tanis-line Hyksos through Dan (Laish) named the Danube.

Illuminatists -- those in competition with God for the rulership of the universe -- do not want the world to know that virtually all heraldic symbols, the American bald eagle included, are codes for one surname or another. There are groups seeking to lump Jesus movements in with Americanism. BEWARE, or become like Lot's wife. DO NOT push Jesus and American freedoms as though Jesus were on board with them. Push Jesus pure and alone, or not at all. Americanism has never been a movement of Jesus, but rather some Christians have sought to make America a Christian country against the stronger forces of satan which have never allowed it to take hold. Masonry is the push to weld all religions together, and to make all of them weak so that secularism and humanism can rule. As Jesus said, the sinfulness and mindsets of Pharisees and Sadducees spread into the whole batch of dough. That's what masonry is. We hold to the freedoms in Jesus, not American freedoms that allow freedom to sin. We have many thou-shalt-nots that American freedoms violate. The two are not the same; let's not lump them together as one.

Be humble before your neighbors; never brag about your own country in a public forum. Imagine if the English bragged constantly on how great Britain is. That's how sickening BCP is to the English who know enough not to brag about country. I dislike it when Canadians think they're better than Americans. This thing has no place in Christianity. What does BCP want, a war of words on which nationality is best? Okay, how is America the greatest country? Is it by God's definition of "great"? While BCP admits that the nation's elite and powerful have gone to the dogs (understatement), yet he has a very high opinion of the country. What's it great for? A big population doesn't make a nation great, just big. Okay, it has some very low prices which I appreciated, and it has some good people too, but please, have the greatness not to brag about it. Try to be a little bigger, Mr. BCP. I shouldn't have to be put off watching your show, brother. And while you're at it, cut down the number of pitches for your own shows. Some youtube people sound like constant beggars: don't forget to smash that subscribe button, I need your money. Sheesh. Once per week would look a lot better on you.

Jesus said that no one is good but God, yet you go higher than "good" to "greatness" on behalf of merely a country filled half with willful sinners, and half with other kinds of sinners. How can a nation be great in the eyes of God? Whose eyes are you seeing the world through, because they are not the eyes of Jesus. If you don't have His eyes, neither do you have His mind. Be more careful you Christian Americans on what you boast in, because if it's an abomination in God's eyes, you might just be shut out from the kingdom of God. One of the first things I lamented as a new Christian was the terrible state of my own nation. Dare I call it great? WHAT FOR?

Homeland Security wants to scan the faces of all Americans, such a GREAT nation, huh? There's plenty of bad, it's not time to brag about the country just because it's the land of money opportunity. Let's get priorities right if we wish to be called after Christ's name. There's a lot at stake because the American population is high. The leaders have become utterly corrupt and need to be punished to send a message to the next-generation of would-be rulers. Otherwise, the small people will languish. God cares for the small people. The parable says that the rich are too busy for Jesus, and so the angels go out to invite the languishing to the Wedding Feast. Don't you get it? God is very happy to call the abused His own. Yet BCP rocks when the rich get richer, an example of what America can do for everyone. No, it can't do that for everyone, for the rich produce the poor. Yes, the rich give jobs to the poor, but they seek to get richer, which makes the worker more poor. This is Westernism, the race to make as much money as possible for the shareholder. Did Jesus create that stock-market situation, do you think?

Did Jesus have such low wisdom that he would create a free-for-all financial empire with every child begging: please God, we trust for a financial paradise? We are children, after all, in the first stages of life. We are barely out of the egg on this earth; the last thing we need is the temptations from a free-for-all financial empire. Trump is not a holy thing, BCP. You can try to make him fit the sandal of Jesus in vain, because you risk the boot of Jesus to your backside. Out of here, He might say to you, when you walk into the wedding banquet with the wrong clothes. Better watch it, this is serious risk for your soul. This earth is a testing ground to see whether we will be awarded eternal life; Jesus did not make it a quest for lavishing ourselves with fulfillments of the American dream. Money lovers do that. Money lovers love selfishness, this is not rocket science. They love money for what money can get them, and they apply their lives wrongly, in the sight of Jesus, to get money. Once they have money, they look to enjoy it. They forget about the calling of Jesus, because they are mere children dragged away by pleasures. You probably think that, if you had lots of money, you wouldn't spend it on yourself; you'd be a self-sacrificing Christian. Oh yeah? The stupid spends his life chasing money, and when he has it, he becomes a bigger son of Hell with it. Ask Trump about that stupidity.

My biggest blessing in life may have been that God forbade me to become rich. I hope He did that for me so that my soul could be transported to the next life. That's how you should think. Sacrifice for Jesus now, reap big when it's all over. But do you trust Jesus to do it for you, that is the question? The devil would have you doubt that Jesus was anything at all. The apostates are working hard as we speak to convince you to abandon Jesus.

The parable says that if you are working hard to the point of headache to make this world work for you, you are the wrong kind of plant for the Kingdom. Some readers might appreciate my
harmony of the Olivet discourse. In it, Jesus will tell you a little about what not to be in the end times.

Anti-Christ activists will point out that, outside of the gospels, there's no support for the gospel stories, the miracles, the teachings, etc. They would have you believe that the gospels are just an itty-bitty thing, and worse, nobody else corroborates it. But wait. It stands to reason that the many stories came from MANY eye-witnesses, or those who heard from eye-witnesses. No other person has nearly as many manuscripts about him/her as Jesus does. It's not itty-bitty. The question is not what else existed aside from the gospel accounts, but rather what reliable accounts existed in the first place that became the HUGE gospel narratives.

We can assume that God tasked some people in Israel to record the accounts of Jesus in books. But some thick-headed scholars do not consider what God may have accomplished in this regard. They look at life from a purely human standpoint, and beg you to do the same as somehow being the higher road. If they don't include God in their thinking, yet come as experts of the Bible, ignore them as the lower road for snakes and scorpions.

The problem was that there were imposters in the early church, as early as Paul's pre-prison years, seeking the reigns of power over his own churches. And these men could have attracted heretics who did in fact invent stories about Jesus that fit their own mold of Him. There are fake gospels known from their ridiculous sayings, as though some "Christians" were twisted of mind and spirit or just plain led by dark spirits. We understand the concern of some who doubt the perfection of Scripture, but anti-Christs are not seeking to resolve the problem, but to capitalize for the purpose of planting seeds of doubt. Best thing: look at the gamut of the New Testament, not the gospels alone, to see if the main storyline is consistent. It definitely is. It's 99 percent non-problematic, logical, and not written in terms of mythology or some weird mysticism.

American freedom permits these anti-Christs to create doubt in peoples minds from a podium, from libraries, from colleges, from anywhere. Jesus didn't create American freedoms, did He? We all know about political spin, that a certain true story can be spun to sound false. That's what activist anti-Christs do with Bible accounts. They will tell you that no two New-Testament manuscripts are the same, that there are thousands upon thousands of differences between them (it plays badly on your mind), but they probably won't tell you that the differences are almost all minor, or that some of the differences don't change the story much, or that all of the differences combined don't kill the storyline at all. It's not part of their mission to inform you that the manuscripts agree on 99 percent (so to speak, I don't know the exact number) of all the material. But of course there's going to be tens of thousands of differences in 5,000 manuscripts each with hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of words, and even more letters. The cry should be that, out of 5,000-plus manuscripts, the storylines match remarkable well. There's not much ill-will found (amongst the copiers) to change the storyline through 1,000 years and more of copying. Pretty darn-good track record. But, sadly, look-out, the great falling away has yet to occur, in case we thought it has already happened.

And then there is the account of Jesus from more than 10 letters from Paul, which are not only outside of the gospels, but written before the gospels were circulated, some think, which is not the same as when they were first compiled. An atheist would be a full-scale nut to report that Paul was a man given to fantasies or reporting on a man (Jesus) that had not existed. Paul's words are so compelling toward his sincerity and authenticity that he's a major target of our enemies for to spin him into some crazy nut. As Paul did not ever quote Jesus, it's expected that he didn't have a copy of the records of Jesus' doings. It's possible that the priestly class frightened the Christians in Israel into an underground existence, at least to the point where they would not freely circulate the teachings and doings of Jesus in written form. That may have been like keeping the evidence of your "guilt" in your home for the authorities to use against you. But some probably took the chance, and, when the priests fled Jerusalem / Israel in 70 AD or shortly before, out came the gospels.

We can disagree on whether Jesus was sent by God, but then we have Isaiah 53, which is likewise outside the gospel, an account of Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection, centuries before He was born from Mary. And there are Old-Testament scriptures speaking subtly of God in human form. Not moved by such scriptures because he/she has no desire for a heavenly Father, the iron-hearted atheist then wants to link those ideas to mythology lest anyone think there's true prophecy to them. The option that the apostles were telling the plain truth about Jesus isn't one they will harbor because they stumble over the miracles. This is where science-minded thick-skulls have their species of proof that Jesus was bogus. The real mutations in living forms are the evolutionists themselves. The apostles were making things up, say the ill of mind, but no one has ever tried to pass off full-blown bogus systems like the evolutionists do with their science. The war is raging. WOW, just as I was beginning to write "The" in "The war is raging," a song (There Will Come a Day, by Faith Hill) started to sing, "wars are raging," but my phrase was already thought-out by then. She goes on, "The darkness will be gone, the weak shall be strong, hold on to your faith."

The gospels were sometimes compiled, from various sources, as more a list of events (not necessarily chronological) than a flowing story. Sometimes, two side-by-side miracles could have been weeks or months apart. Luke, who traveled with Paul (i.e. very-early times), opens his gospel by pointing out that MANY have already written accounts of Jesus' life; he was one more of the compilers. Possibly, the hardships in writing and copying books / scrolls in the first century necessitated short-forms of the events, cutting out the "fat," that is. If ever you think that some of the accounts are just too abbreviated / succinct, that can explain it. The need to be brief can make it appear that the stories were just some cheap concoctions. Try to imagine the big demand for copies of the gospels once Christians started to grow in numbers. They didn't have printing presses, so they had to keep the accounts short. No mystery. They each decided what to include from their sources, and, as we well know, some writers added more of one story than others. Here are two versions of the death of Judas Iscariot:

Then he threw down the pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself. Matthew 27:5

Now this man purchased a field with the wages of iniquity; and falling headlong he burst open in the middle and all his entrails gushed out. Acts 1:18

The idiotic atheist would like to argue that Luke's account has him dying in the field which he purchased, a contradiction to the hanging scene. The "scholar," wanting so badly for this to be a contradiction, won't grasp that Luke's fall was when he was hanging himself. It's a very good explanation as to how his body was ripped open. It doesn't tell us where he hung himself, or how high he was. So, Luke's account goes from purchasing a property to the hanging in SHORT order, leaving things out. What's the problem?

Iscariot made a deal with a property owner to purchase the land, then went to get the money to pay for it, but, having a change of mind, feeling guilty, he took the money instead to the temple. That's a way to reconcile the two accounts. Luke just didn't tell the whole story; he may or may not have known it, depending on his sources, whether they had the whole story or not.

The gospel of Mark seems to have had its ending cut out. It ends after speaking on the women at the tomb not telling anything to anyone of their experience at the tomb. How odd. That couldn't have been Mark's intended ending. It reads to me as though Mark meant they didn't tell anyone --passers-by, non-believing family members, etc. -- on their way home, nor after getting home...not at all meaning that they didn't intend to tell Peter and the others. It must be assumed that they did tell the apostles at the first opportunity. One apostate, Bart Ehrman, a scholar he thinks, really has a big problem with the way in which Mark ends, as though he can't figure out a logical scenario to explain it. He thinks it's a contradiction of the Resurrection account in the other gospels. Some scholar, eh? I feel bad for this once born-again believer. He allowed his scholarly approach to the Bible to feed his fears that the Jesus story might be erroneous.

He also claims that the two Iscariot accounts absolutely cannot be reconciled. He has some pretty big blind spots because he's become an Iscariot himself. He's plunged into darkness, and cannot see where he's going wrong because he's proudly committed to his new, anti-Jesus views. Laugh if you must, scholar, but unless God is a light in you, you will get things wrong about the Bible accounts. If you are closed by a bias, how can you be open to the way in which the text was intended? You are wanting to be closed, and therefore you are your own black light. Sorry that you made that choice, ENEMY OF GOD. YOUR CHOICE. There are a relative few textual problems in the Bible, yet the apostate therefore throws Jesus off on that basis alone??? C'mon. The real reason is that this person does not appreciate Jesus sufficient to serve Him. Or, if persons honestly don't know whether to trust the Bible accounts, the onus is on them to seek Jesus from the heart, and in the meantime to offer Jesus some serious efforts to abide by his lifestyle-calling, for this can reveal whether He lives or not. There is a witness of Jesus in the heart that the scriptures only corroborate. Let me put it this way, that the person who fears destruction by God tends to stick to Jesus, but, not really wanting to give up all to serve Jesus, he/she begins to notice the "problems" in the Bible, and then uses them as an excuse to wipe both Jesus and eternal damnation out of the realm of his/her reality. Jesus would have said that such a person did not have a deep root or rich soil. He/she was lukewarm, or a shooting star for a moment only, puffy clouds without rain.

Who were the most-likely people to begin listing the acts of Jesus in book form? Why, some of the literate apostles, of course. Who did you think? And those who could not write could tell their versions of events to those who could write. John probably had things written down a lot sooner than the creation of his gospel, wouldn't you think? Some of the things in Matthew, Mark and Luke may have been penned originally by John. Just because Matthew put the book together doesn't mean he personally fetched and obtained all of the book's information. Later, knowing of the gospel accounts already out in circulation, John decided to write his own gospel with much material not in the other three. Early Christians would have communicated the various acts of Jesus by letters to friends far off. Small groups that met together would have kept these letters, wouldn't you think? If you were taking up the task of recording in book form as much as you could find, you would ask around for where the letters are. You'd go find any one of the apostles, wouldn't you? There were quite a few of them.

Sure, anything's possible from a human and scholarly standpoint, the deity of Jesus may have been invented, and later wrongly believed by those who were not eye-witnesses of Jesus' life, but in contradiction to that view, the law of Moses spoke about a lamb being killed on Passover, and that's when Jesus was offered up by the priests of Israel. Jesus was not killed by a religious competitor in the streets, but by the very chief priests whose job it was to offer up the Passover lamb each year. And when Jesus came, He provoked the priests to such anger that they did the horrible deed, on behalf of salvation for some choice Jews by a Stroke of Mercy from God that no one can fully grasp aside from seeing Him as a wretch over our sins. The Struggle of God. He decided to stand on our behalf, who didn't deserve it, so that there would not be a waste of Creation. For he so loved the Creation...that he pierced himself, if that's what it took, to bring us back. God went nuts over us, and decided to kill an in-human copy of Self to say, LOOK, I WANT TO LOVE YOU that much, try to know Me for a change. It got out attention, some of us, didn't it?

God's enemies will work hard only to create a Great and Pleasurable Day. That's what Surprise Day is for: to give God pleasure. Just as the anti-Christs are succeeding in convincing the world that Christians are insane, out of the box of history comes the flashiest flash in the sky. Uh-oh. Nobody ever saw a sky like this before. Satisfaction in Heaven. So long, so long, He waited for this satisfaction. Finally, it's My turn to speak. Here's My evidence for My existence. Any arguments? Anyone? Did you think that this grand world came into existence by itself? Evolutionists and anti-Christs, one and the same, hand in hand the destroyers of mankind, the carriers of self-inflicted hopelessness. Their job is to destroy Faith in Jesus.

There's going to be an explosion of "scholars" ridiculing Jesus and proving the Jesus farce. But he who endures to the end on this onslaught will enjoy Surprise Day. It was made for them too, for their pleasure. But it's of course more than mere pleasure, and no mere common pleasure. It's going to be the most-meaningful event to the personal soul. It's not going to be a wonderland fly through the sky, as in ooh-aah, look at those views. It's going to be the sudden thrill of counting your blessings in a New Creation created far superior to the one created for murderous conquerors, or pagan stupids, or evolutionist ingrates.

If you're terrified of losing salvation, that's the kind of person Jesus wants, someone who cares to get closer until they are sure of salvation, sure of being appreciated by the no-longer-terrifying Father. Jesus will verify His appreciation one way or the other, guaranteed. He may not break in at first because, I think, because He wants to know to what extent you'll go seeking closeness with Him. Guaranteed: He prefers to be amazed by your "performance," your sacrifice. God wants that personal touch. Warm up to the Spirit of God in your heart. Just talk to God in your heart, not to someone up in the sky, outside of you. This is the beauty of the gift of faith in Jesus. Guaranteed, He will not usually respond in a way that you would like, audibly or quasi-audibly. If you feel a confident peace, it will last for a while, and that's good enough, a gift to you. Don't stop talking to God (doesn't mean do it 24 hours per day), as in don't walk away and neglect Him...because he might neglect you too.

If you've suffered a severe thing in your life, and it dulls your faith, that's not something that God would ignore. If you pleased Him before this trial kills your will to be up to full caliber, God will work to make you whole again. It's just how I view God. You will not be disappointed if you have sincerely sought after Him. Hang in there if even by one thin cord. You may nearly die spiritually, but God will wait for the flame to flare up again, and He will pump up your heart. That's where He likes to work, believe it or not, if you had given Him your heart as His own dwelling place. It is the heart of stone that He despises. If you desire Jesus, your heart is not made of stone. Take heart. But if you give up on Him, and you go back to your vomit, or to some new vomit, sad it is.

Legalism: doing God's will just because He says so. You're doing it with your feet only.

True Christianity: doing God's will because you love it. Being helpful toward the need of others because you love to love your neighbor as yourself. God's Laws are not your burden to do, but your pleasures. Those who do this best get the greatest rewards, but you can't get the rewards by doing them if goal is to get rewards, because you then work with your feet (going through the motions only); your heart is not in the right place. You do what God wants because you believe in his value system, and you want no reward for doing so. You are a repeat hero by nature. It's Jesus who makes us capable of desiring this attitude without which we don't have the attitude. Jesus allows us to know God i.e. His value system. Don't push the American constitution, stupid; push the heart of God. A nation with such hearts is a healed nation; all evil will be vanquished by God. But if the people are sinners, there will be successful invaders.

Nadler Impeachment Day One

Big Snorrre.

Nadler Impeachment Day Two

There wasn't one. Nadler made it for Monday, the day the Horowitz Report comes out. We get it: congressional obstruction of justice.

Next Topic, The Real Crimes

On November 5, Hannity featured a response from Joe Biden to someone in an audience asking him about Hunter Biden. I saw three, fly-by-night youtube channels offering the Hannity show cut the Biden response out because he humiliated / incriminated himself (denied the obvious crime, revealed how he operates, and projected guilt on the enquirer). This is more evidence that Democrats have been offering Hannity shows at youtube, with youtube winking, so that they can cut out damning things, especially when deep-state criminal guilt is shown in the future that touches upon Obamaites. All Hannity shows, and others from Fox, provided by the same persons or groups at youtube, are reduced to two seconds long the day after the show. This is a big deal to cancel this type of voice, and has been going on for months. It will become a form of cheating form of election interference. Isn't there a law against that? Fox news has it's own youtube channel, but it never offers full Hannity, etc., shows, which is understandable.

On the same Hannity show, John Solomon said that Joe Biden spoke with Ukraine to ramp up its natural gas industry, and then hire Americans wink-wink. Then his son got hired by Ukraine's biggest gas industry. One thing I don't recall hearing from Hannity or Solomon is how much of the billion dollars to Ukraine, from Obama's gifters (or maybe it was a loan), was for Ukraine's gas/energy industry. It's important because the money came down the congressional pipes after Biden was installed in that gas company. What are the details of that $1B gift / loan? Who started it?

According to this short Swamp Watch video, Biden visited Ukraine and promised U.S. money for its gas industry three lousy days after Biden's son joined the board of Ukraine's largest gas company. Why isn't Hannity framing things that way?

The host of Swamp Watch needs to respond to Giuliani's complaint against him. Waiting...

Giuliani is not backing down. He's in Kiev late this week, adding to his knowledge of the corrupt goings-on. Word is that Giuliani is working on a documentary. That could get around. Bill Barr needs to consider that big-time leftist media are literally acting as accomplices to obstruction of justice. Even while they cover Giuliani, leftist media ignore the crimes that Giuliani has begun to point out. But the bigger story may be that, perhaps, Barr's FBI has yet to question Giuliani concerning the Bidens. Is Barr's FBI obstructing justice? Why? What possible thing can be in the heart or mind of Mr. Wray if he hasn't taken up the obvious Biden crime(s)? Surely, if the FBI were involved, the Democrats would have leaked it in efforts to combat it. No leaks suggest that the FBI has decided not to pursue the Bidens. How can this be explained? What sort or cult or brotherhood pervades the upper-governmental levels?

Meanwhile, Zelenskiy’s government is pursuing its own anti-corruption efforts. Giuliani’s visit to Kyiv coincided with a visit by Philip Reeker, the acting U.S. assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. On the same day Giuliani met with former Ukraine prosecutor general Yuri Lutsenko...Reeker was meeting with Ruslan Ryaboshapka, Zelenskiy’s new prosecutor general, to discuss changes to the country’s law enforcement structures.

I wonder what Reeker's up to, whether for or against Trump. His Wikipedia article tells that he supported the anti-Trumper, Marie Yovanovitch?

By the way, Reeks are an excellent example of proving that Maxwells (a branch of Masseys/Maceys) are from Rijeka over in Croatia. Reeks share the lodged stag of Maxwells and even throwing in the Maxwell motto, beautiful. Rijeka has also been "Reka" and "Rika." And old version of the Reeks is said to be "Riki." The Reek Chief may be a form of the Halper Chief, how about that? Can this show that Halper / Reeker has been compromised by Epstein's Ghislaine Maxwell?

MAJORs are also "Mayers" (POW-WOW!). Not only do English Majors/Mayers have roses in their Chief in colors reversed from the single rose in the same-colored Chief of Reeks and Halpers, but Reeks share the ship of the DeMere's and Mare's/Mere's/MAYERS' (both first found in Cheshire, same as Masseys and Maceys). MAYER Giuliani!!!! POW-WOW. It appears that God set up Reeker's visit at the time of Giuliani's visit in order to nail this heraldry that seems absolutely to be God's pointer to the Ukraine crimes. I'm impressed.

BEHOLD. The entry of Halpers into this picture is ASTOUNDING. True, just because Halpers share a single gold-on-red rose in Chief with Reeks is not necessarily a solid pointer of God to Stefan Halper (very guilty in the attack on Trump)...but it just so happens that the black-and-white Halper checks are shared by Spanish Majors!!!!! Just look at that. Apparently, these are a black version of the red-and-white checks that are the Arms of Croatia (Rijeka is in Croatia).

That was amazing to befall. I wasn't expecting it. Giuliani's share the black eagle with Maxwells and the Arms of Rijeka (two heads, as with the Maxwell eagle). The eagle of Rijeka pours water, which may be God's clue of the Maxwell-Epstein duo, for Waters share the Epstein Coat.

The Reek rose is in the colors of the eagle of both FERTE's and of MacDonalds ("mare" motto term, share the mare/Mayers ship), and then there is a FRET on either side of the Reek rose. Reeks were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's whom I trace to Lesce, near Rijeka. Early Leslie's married Pollocks of Rothes castle, beside the ROSE clan, and Pollocks (expected to be Polish via Mieszko's) happen to be a sept of Maxwells (they had a Maxwell-Ros(e) branch). Maxwells are a Mackay branch, and French Mare's/Mars have Mackay colors and format.

The MacDonald ship is a "galley," as is the Keep ship. Keeps have long been suspect with "Kiev" thanks to a Kepke character I once knew, whose father was Ukrainian. MacDonalds had a Keppoch branch. Keep's use a weaver's shuttle while Weavers (Cheshire) were first found in Cheshire with Hazels whose fesse they share, and the Hazel branch of Islips/Haslips (holly tree) has both the Maxwell stag and holly. If you know my story on Kepke and I sitting on my hood watching Allison Bauer leave me for another fellow worker, let me add that the Allisons said to be from Keppoch MacDonalds share the white-on-black dog of Hollys. The latter definitely look like kin of Brace's/Bras'/Braz's, and then Bracebridge's/Brasbridge's use a Shield of vair in the colors of the Shield of Halper / Major checks, and as the Bracebridge/Brasbridge Shield is that if Champagne's too while Avezzano's of the Avesnes kind married a noble of Champagne, it seems that the red roundels of Hollys are those of Shirts/SHARDS as per the first known Avezzano's (share potent pattern with French Champagne's) of SARDinia.

Recall the white wyvern of the Wessex Saxons who made a pact with Maxwell-liner, king Maccus, for the Rich's (Hampshire, same as red-wyvern Drake's) not only use a white wyvern, but have BOTTONy crosses!!!! The Bidens (Hampshire) are also Bottons! Mr. Reeker's entry into Giuliani news this week has led us straight to Bidens. In fact, Rich's (said to have had a branch in Lorraine) are also Richess', from Richeza of Lorraine. Her husband, Mieszko II of Poland, was probably a duke of Masovia, and the dukes of Masovia shared a red-on-white wyvern dragon with Drake's, I kid you not, tending to prove that Rich's are from Richeza (she's suspect with the namers of Rijeka). Richeza and Mieszko birthed Casimir, and the latter married a woman from the Kiev Varangians, believe it or not. How can these coincidences be? By God.

All the leftist dodo birds are covering the Giuliani story in efforts to stop it, by making him appear as a loser. Some are saying that even Trump doesn't want Giuliani to meddle. No doubt, the CIA let Giuliani know this week that his phone calls are being an effort to keep him from being able to work as effectively on his Ukraine informational. It sends a message to Ukrainians that they'll be listened-in on. It can explain why Giuliani visited Ukraine instead of calling. All of the attacks of the Trump team at this time are squarely Trump's fault for not exposing the deep-state spy system. Trump continues to act like he knows only as much as is in the news, when the reality is that he can call into his office his Intelligence bosses to simply ask for the desired information on Brennan, Clapper and on the whomever else Giuliani or Sekulow pleases. The best face on this for Trump is that he's afraid of looking like he's investigating high-level people (I don't see why be afraid), with the down side being that they continue to attack (and probably spy on) his family, his friends, and his political supporters. No one calls him out on this omission of needed and proper action, which amounts to a safeguarding of the deep state. Yes it does. The worst face is that he doesn't mind the deep state at all, if only it would leave him alone; he might even join it at that point. Only he knows the truth.

This week: "Senior Republicans and Democrats in Congress have said they support terminating the National Security Agency’s controversial surveillance tool that collects information about U.S. phone calls and text messages, in opposition to a Trump administration push to preserve the program." Is Trump a masonic goon at heart? Or is he afraid of cutting off their spy powers? Okay, then spy they will on all his family and friends...traitor!

This week from Judicial Watch: "Judicial Watch announced today that U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg denied a Justice Department effort to block the release of any communications between former FBI General Counsel James Baker and Michael Sussmann, a Perkins Coie law partner and former DOJ attorney, who reportedly met with Baker to share information targeting Donald J. Trump during the presidential campaign. While at Perkins Coie, Sussmann represented the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the time Perkins Coie secretly paid for the development of the anti-Trump dossier the DOJ used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. The court specifically rejected the FBI’s argument that it needed to protect the “privacy” of Hillary Clinton’s lawyer." What more needs to be said to show that Barr is helping the nasty trolls behind Perkins Coie and James Baker? How else can we explain the repeat-repeat-repeat cover-up from Barr's department? Just when we thought we might get justice against the Clintonites, Barr's playing like a weak traitor. There had better be a GOOD explanation. Barr's not going to fool anyone with a weak excuse(s) for not doing what's widely expected.

Islips are also HASlops/HeSLEPs, looking like they could be a Has-Salop / Has-Sleep merger. There's a Has location in Albania at the northern parts of the Drin river. The mouth of the Drin happens to be at Lissus, smack beside the area where SELEPitanoi are placed on maps. Islips happen to use a "holly TREE" while trees share the courant greyhound with Lys/LISSE's (how about that) and Penes'/Pennys (lynx for the Lynch bloodline), the latter from the Penestae on the Drin, where I reckon Penns/Pence's trace. Lynch's happen to use the Coat of Bute-liner Bothwells, and Bute's are probably from Butua smack at the Selepitanoi theater. Butua is beside Rhizon while the Rising cross is almost the one of English House's, probably because French House's/LaHAUSE's share the leaf design of Hazels. English House's are in the colors of Hazeltons, and the latter happen to share the chevron of Shake's who are in turn from Shechemite BOEOTians. Hausels (scythes were first found in Rhineland with Boethus-suspect Salome's.

Hazelwoods (share the Alan oak leaves) share the Hazelton Coat and were first found in SALOP, that's right. The Alans of Salop use leaves. The Levites amongst the Sadducees are suspect with heraldic leaves, and French Hazels/LaHauss' use cabbage leaves while Cabbage's use holly surrounding what could be one of the three Levi chevrons, for the Cabbage lion is colors reversed from the Levi lion. The Kennati priests of Cetis, from the Kenites, worshiped Jack-suspect Ajax, and while Scottish Jacks were first found in Yorkshire with Islips/Haslops, Scottish Jacks share holly with the latter. French Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/Lisse's and the Chappes' suspect from the Cavii at Lissus. The Hazel leaves are called, "hazel SLIPs' in honor of Islips.

The leaf-using Tess'/Tease's (Switzerland) are from Laevi Gauls, who lived on the TESSin river out of Switzerland. It therefore appears that the TISS'/Teece's are in the "angusTIS forTIS" motto phrase of Cabbage's. Tiss'/Teece's show just a chevron, and it happens to be the full Arms of Carrick, a family from Charax PROculus, son of Laevi-suspect Laevillus. The "Pro" motto term of Hazeltons is for the Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia on the Tessin river. Carrick-branch Craggs use leaves. It signals that the Levites who sat in Moses' seat with Sadducees were mixed up with Shechemites, and I think Sadducees of the Caiaphas kind are in the ancestry of Laevillus. The "aris" motto term of Hazeltons can be for the Rize line to Rhizon that I see as non-deniable.

It seems that Shechemites were amongst the Boeotian namers of Butua, and that some got hooked up with the Selepitanoi namers of Salop (where Sleeps were first found). The Sleeps can be gleaned with Dardanians of the Dart/Dard kind, and Dardanians were from Trojans (see Laish-suspect DarDANus), who included a mythical Capys for some reason, said to have named Capua. The Capua's/Capone's use a lion head with gold crown matching the gold-crowned, same-colored Levi lions, and English Capone's are related to June's having the cabbage fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. The Cabbage fleur are in the Shield's "Caiaphas"-suspect Chief, on either side of the lion that is colors reversed from the Levi lion. Just compare "Capys" to "Caiaphas."

The myth writer had reason to marry mythical Dardanus (name of a real Mysia city) to Batia, a daughter of mythical Teucer. There was another mythical Teucer, founder of Salome-like Salamis (she may have been named after it), and that picture is where his brother, Ajax of Cyprus, comes in, Cyprus (location of Salamis) being off-shore from the Kennati at the Cetis area. The mother of the first Herod was probably named after Cyprus, and I am intent on tracing Herod ancestry to something in relation to queen Nysa of CAPPAdocia (beside Cetis).

Aphrodite was made born on Cyprus for a fundamental-to-Cyprus reason. In Roman myth, she was made married to the founder of Rome, Aeneas, and this line produced "another" Capys, probably the same entity as the Greek Capys. The latter was give Hieromneme (all code for something) as a wife, and the root of that term is like the Greek for "Jerusalem," which is, HierouSALEM, a Salami-like term if ever we saw one. Do you get this? I'm sure you do. Aphrodite was made the adulterous partner of Ares, who was himself a form of Hera, and the latter's husband, Zeus, was given an adultery symbol too. Hera was code for HIERousalem, wasn't she?

Now look. Mount GAREB is in Jerusalem, which I trace to JEREVan, smack at the Aras river of "Ares." On this old map, see the Sadducee-like Soducena location smack at the Jerevan area. Though Jerevan is not shown, one can see that Soducena is off west of lake Sevan, which in this map is called, Lychnis. I see that as related to lake Lychnidus, home of the Penestae and probably some Cavii, for the lake forms the Drin river of the Cavii. The Aras river comes along the Ardahan area a peoples of which became the Ardiaei of the Rhizon / Butua / Selepitanoi area. Again, the Penestae-liner Penes'/Pennys use a lynx while Lynch's (another lynx) share the Bute/Butt Coat while Bute's/Butts/Boets are from the Boethus house of Sadducees. Batia, Teucer's daughter, was likely from the Caucasian Bats (named Batumi) near or even at Soducena. I even trace GAREBites to the naming of KRVati = Croatians, and the Ardiaei were in proto-Croatia. Proto-Croatians were likely the Ceraunii, beside the Maezaei that named the Maxwell line...i.e. whom we saw at Croatia's Rijeka.

"KRVati" traces to CRAVens with a colors-revered version of the RICK Coat (Rijeka is also Rika). Having established that, lookie at the newly-found Hassle's/Astels, having crosslets in Rick-crosslet colors. The Maxwells share the stag and holly of Hassel-like Islips/HaSLOPs. Hassle's/Astels look to be with a Coat version of the Tints (Somerset, same as Ricks), from the Atintanes of Epirus, near the proto-Alans of Aulon...who ended up in Salop for a short time. Hassle's/Astels were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's (kin of Hazel-liners House's/LaHause's and sharing Islip holly).

Look it. Tints have a "COUCHant" lion, and this plays to Gooch's/Gouch's/Googe's, suspect from Gog at Gogarene, a location on the map above near Soducena. Gouch's/Googe's share the boar head Shechemite-liner SCHIMs/Schiens and of Mole's/Molle's; Shechemite-liner Shake's (Hazelton / Hazelwood chevron) use MOLE HILLS (no guff) while Hills look like a branch of Hulls'/Hule's sharing the Holly dog. German Huls'/Hilsts (Westphalia, same as Aulon-branch Velins) happen to have the leaf design of House's/LaHause's (cabbage leaves). English Huls'/Hulles' were first found in Cheshire with Hazels, and share piles in the colors of the Leavell piles, though they are also in the colors of the piles of June-liner Yonge's/Youngs.

Aulon is important here because it was home to Atintanes while Tints share the crosslets of Hassle's/Astels. While Alauna was in Manche with CROCiatonum, Eschyna de Molle married both an Alan of Salop, and later a Mr. CROC(e) while Croce's share a "cruce" motto term with Hassle's/Astels. That term and surname has got to be from mythical Creusa, wife of Aeneas above, the line to Roman Capys and therefore to the Capua/Capone surname. I had read that Aeneas was in Epirus i.e. location of Aulon/Avlona (line to mythical Avalon), but also at Agrigento, otherwise called ACRAGas, the line of proto-Craigs (themselves the proto-Carricks). The Craig Coat is like the Hill Coat, and Carricks share the dog with the below.

Huls'/Hulles' and Steele's are both said to be from Bigot de Loges while Loges elements can be traced to lake Lychnidus. Steele's share the checks of HALperts/HalfPENNYs, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Hills. Hulls share the HALL Coat with the Allison/ALLESon dog. Allesons have a fesse colors reversed from the Hill fesse. Bigods share a green snake in Crest with Hassle's/Astels. Allesons use a "Truth" motto term while Truths/Trots (Berkshire, same as Hazelwoods) are expected from the Trotus river (Romania), location at least roughly of Angustus, i.e. like the "angustis" motto term of Cabbage's. It bears repeating here that French Plants/PLANQUE's use cabbages while Hollys, with the Cragg dog in colors reversed, have a Coat version of the PLUNKetts (Vilaine, same as Alans of Salop). The Cragg line back to Charax ProCULus had married the line to PLANCia Magna, and Irish Hollys have CUL-like surnames.

"By the 11th and 12th centuries Brackley was part of the Hundred of Odboldistow and in the Manor of HALSE." Halse's are also Halls' (Hill fesse?). Hassle's/Astels are said to have been in Brackley while German Bracks/Brackells almost have the Carrick dog. English Bracks/Brechs/Breakers were first found in Salop too, and while Brae's/Brays use a flax BREAKER, they were first found in Northampton with Brackleys and Cabbage's. As Bra is at Asti, hmm, Hassle's/ASTels and the several Hassle-like terms look like they at least married Asti liners. I think that English Bracks were from Brigantium/BRIANcon, and, if so, it's notable that Irish Brians share passant lions split in gold and white with Hassle's/Astels. Moreover, in full gold, it's essentially the BRAZile lion. In their write-up, Hassle's/Astels seem to be conflated with a branch of Haskels, and the latter share the Halper-like Shield of Bracebridge's/BRASbridge's. That's pretty good stuff. Esty's happen to share the giant griffin of German Steels, wow. Brackleys happen to share the checkered Shield of FISCs/Fisks and Horowitz-liner Horwitz's.

Note that the Alleson Coat is a version of the Dragon/DRAINER Coat, the latter surname from the DRIN river, location of Has and the ancestors of its namer. Note that Clappers/Claps share the Hesse/Hessel (and Nadler) sun while Hazels are Hessels too, and then the Clapper Shield is the Haskel Shield. The Clapper Crest is a pike fish, and then Pike's/Picks share the stars of Salome's/Solomons and Pelosi's/Pilati's, the latter first found beside Bra and Asti. I see "Clapper" from GLAPHYRa Archelaus of Cappadocia, who married two Herods, and that place was beside the Pontus, where I expect the naming of Pontius Pilate. The mother of Nysa of Cappadocia was queen Nysa of the Pontus. Nice's/Ness' have the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed. She was related to Plancia Magna, the line to Cabbage-loving Plants/Planque's and Plunketts. Claptons may have the Plunkett / Bracebridge/Brasbridge bend. Clampets/Clements were at BRECKnoch, suggesting that Clampets/Clements have the double fesses of Flacks as per the flax breaker of Brae's/Brays.

Astakos elements led to the Astikas' family of Vilnius, the latter related to "Vilaine," where Plancia-line Plunketts were first found. Cool. Plunketts share the tower of Hills and Clapper-like Clavers (key), and as I see Hills using a form of the Craig Coat, note the Carrick-like Cheroke. Clave's/Clavets are very telling for sharing the keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's (from the Cavii, I assume), and then while Clermonts share crossed keys with Claves'/Clavets, Clampets/Clements (share Clair Chief) come up as "Clermonts." The dancette of Carricks looks like a design that American natives painted.

Estys share the lodged stag with Islips/Haslops, and they are both BROWN while Bruno's tell of a branch at Asti. Halpers/Halfpennys, with a brown lion, share the Steel checks. Bracks/Breakers have a lodged and brown antelope. Plancia Magna lived beside ANTALya, where I trace ANTELopes. Antalya was the Atlantis origins of the Maya peoples of Mexico, and the AZTECs were from the namers of ASTAKos in Calydon, home of mythical Atalantis. It's an amazing discovery by yours truly that involves the Amazon namers of the Cappadocian capital, MAZACa, to African Amazons (Mazices/Mazyes'/Amazighen) at the Atlas mountains (near the child-sacrifice center of Carthage) and beyond to the namers of MEXICo. Didn't the Maya and/or Aztecs conduct human sacrifices? Atlas (symbol of Atlantis) was given a daughter, Maia. Figure it out. The Tyrians crossed the Atlantic along with the Amazons. Phoenicians (at the Peneus and Ladon rivers) merged with Amazons in Grecian Pisa, and Antalya was in Poseidon-like Pisidia, though myth writers made Poseidon a Tyrian king. Figure it out, so easy, because Plato (proto-Pilate?) even made Poseidon the father of Atlas in his Atlantean myth codes.

Clave's/Clavets, can I believe it, were first found in Poitou, land of PICTones. Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila, seven miles from Picenze; the latter (place of my mother's birth) is suspect from the Picensii of Moesia (Pek river)...who may have been/become the Picentini namers of Picenum. Near the Picensii is the Moschius river of some Amazonian liners from Meshech i.e. between the Moschi mountains and Mazaca. I have solidly linked Justine of Picenum to the Arms of Vilnius.

As I see Hyksos with the Amazons, note how the Hyksos king, APACHnas, reflects "Apache." Amazons lived around the PYXITes river while they say that PICTs painted their bodies, as did American natives. Picts had a CALEDONian tribe while Khaldi, likewise around the Pyxites river, named Calydon at Astakos, home of Taphian seafarers and mythical-Siren pirates. Cool. I always link Justine of Picenum to the Sire's/SIRONs (can be linked to Mire's/Mireux's (possible Anchor-loving Majors/Mayers) of Anjou via a mirror, to Anchors and Angers / Angels suspect with Anjou by their anchor and lozenges, and to Sava-suspect Save's by their snake and Burgundy location, but see also the mirror of Burgundy's Primo's; the latter have quadrants colors reversed from the German Angels who in turn have more crossed keys).

On Friday night, I was watching John Solomon on Lou Dobbs, when he mentioned that Senate Republicans are asking for the records of Alexandra CHALUPA. She's the one who was pointed to by my GALLOP on a horse to a BANK (slope), an event that I believe was set up by God back at about my age 20. This Dobbs show caused me to recall that, about yesterday, a Republican, Jim Banks, asked Lindsey Graham to release the phone records of Schiff and some other criminal suspects. I find this very interesting. That event was pointed to be the sleeping-bag dream of a few years ago, a dream that opened up pointing to John Solomon of The Hill. In fact, I suspected that the hill in the sleeping-bag dream was also a bank.

Concerning Banks' request: "Lindsey Graham told reporters Thursday that he would not subpoena Schiff’s phone records. 'I don’t have any desire to subpoena Adam Schiff’s phone records. We’re not going to do that,' Graham said. 'When members start subpoenaing each other as part of Oversight, the whole system breaks down.'" SHAM EXCUSE! Graham is a sham! No, they cannot all start to request just anybody's phone records; there needs to be just cause, and there is just cause against Schiff at this very time. Graham seems to me to be worried about revealing too much about too many senators whom he knows to be guilty, perhaps even himself, of all sorts of malfeasance. Even Graham doesn't want to go to war; he only wants to speak as though he does (definition of a sham).

"Banks also called for the phone records of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the whistleblower’s lawyer Mark Zaid, in order to determine the extent of communication between Schiff and potential Republican impeachment witnesses." National review). Note that Zaid-like Saids are listed with Saddle's. I can't recall whether there was a saddle on the horse, but I assume there was. When the horse got to the bank, I slowed it and turned back. I called it a bank as per the Bank surname, but I have not known Jim Banks until now.

In the dream, the sleeping-bag was circled by David Morley on a motorbike. He pointed to Welsh Davids (probably the Rodham bend) in that dream without a doubt, and Gallops have a version of the Welsh David Coat. The Morleys/Mauls (share Dossier Shield) verified right-away that it was a dream from God, because, as he rode away on his bike, I entered the PARKING lot of a MALL. Parkings/Perkins pointed to Perkins Coie because I was crossing a RODham-like road when entering the parking lot.

The end of the dream was upon a PLATform (inside the mall) as a pointer to Platte River Networks, Hillary's illegal private server in Denver, which city has a Perkins Coie office too. On the platform, I was pulling an old friend, Christine Peare, by her WAIST toward me, which pointed to Waistells/Wessels...because they use a white horse said to be "on a gallop." It made me recall the time that I rode her white horse; yes that was the one I rode to the bank. It came as a theory not many weeks ago that this picture's "gallop" was a pointer to "Chalupa." And here we are. Jim Banks may even be one of the Republicans who sponsored the decision to look up Chalupa's records.

The Chalupa-Gallop theory was in my first update of November, just one month ago. I was actually watching out for a Bank surname to hit the news, and though I saw Jim Banks in the news a couple of days ago as I write here (never knew him before), I wasn't going to entertain him as the fulfillment of my horse ride without something else that could tend to verify it. Solomon revealing the drive for Chalupa's records did the trick.

Gallops were first found in Dorset with the George's sharing blue doves with Waistells/Wessels. No coincidence. The Saids/Saddle's were first found in neighboring Wiltshire (beside Whistle's/Wissels of Somerset). The George's proved to point to George Soros, a puppet master in Ukraine wishing for Hillary to win the 2016 election. One reason for the pointer is that George's were first found in Dorset with Soars/SORS', but, wow, the latter happen to share the Said/Saddle lion! The latter even share the MALL quadrants. Jim Banks wants the records of Mr Zaid.

Saids/Saddle's were at Strode while the Strode's/Strouds (rabbits) were first found in Somerset with road-like Roets (there's a Strode location in Dorset). Roets were from Catherine Roet, who owned the so-called Catherine wheel, which happens to be used by the neighboring Streets/Streeds (Stroud branch?). One could say that, in the sleeping-bag dream, I crossed the road or the street, upon getting up to the top of the hill. Sleeps were first found in Salop (Shropshire, beside Malls and Davids of Cheshire) with Leightons and Says, both of which share the Mall / Soar/Sors quadrants. Rodhams are said to have had a couple of Rodden entities in Shropshire. I became sure that the hill in the dream was a bank due to the Mall write-up's mention of MALbancs! Amazing work by God, is it not? In fact, Ellen de Malbanc is said to be the first Mall liner on record. Ellens are listed with the Shropshire Alans (Mall colors).

A hard version of "Salop" would be, Calop, like Gallop / Chalupa / Clapp(er). Gallup-suspect Davids were first found beside Salop. Italian Davids (Orange hunting horn without the string) have bendy in the colors of the Gallop bend. Italian Davids were first found in VENICE while Venus'/Venisons (clever) share the brown stag (venison meat) with Scottish and English Davidsons. Welsh Davidsons (Christine colors) are interesting for nearly using the pheons of Pilote's while Christine's were kin of Pilotte's. Connells, who were on the Isle of Man with Christine's, use the brown stag too.

Then, while I crossed the road into the mall parking lot as a pointer to the crimes of Hillary Rodham Clinton, how can it be a further coincidence that Malbanks/Milbanks share an ermined-white-on-red bend of Rodhams/Roddens, both surnames first found in Northumberland?! Smack-dab miracle. God is speaking, watch-out Clintons, this axe could be coming down slow-and-painful...though the people are tired of waiting, ouch it's painful even for us.

Perhaps as a means to verify that the parking LOT is not irrelevant, the "ResoLUTE" motto term of Malbanks/Milbanks can be partly for Lute's/Lutts said to be from an early Mr. LOTTEleg, ancestor of Luttleys of Shropshire. The Lute/Lutt Coat looks like a blue-quadrant version of the Said/Saddle Coat.

Lute's/Lutts were even first found in Worcestershire with Hills, and I was in the parking lot as soon as I crossed the road from the top of the hill or bank. We read: "The ancient pathway named Lutley Gutter runs through the area." Gutters/Cutters were first found in Dorset with Gallops, and while Gallops were pointed to be my pulling Miss Peare by her waist, that event (which felt so good) led to a phrase that I say was breathed by God: "it felt so good." That phrase was a pointer to Goods/GUTs/Guters (i.e. like "Gutter") and Felts without doubt (see "it felt so good" in the first update of November, same update as Gallop-Chalupa discussions).

Wow, those of you who read the November update may recall that Goods/Guts' linked exactly to when I pulled Miss Peare by her BELLY at/about my age 18. I mentioned that a gut is a belly, and the original "it felt so good" was in my describing that old belly event while we were SLEEPING (we were not a couple at the time). It was a topic I introduced to readers due to the waist scene in the sleeping-bag dream, for it felt just the same in the dream as it felt in real life in the teenage event. I missed the "Guth of BALE" phrase in the Good/Gut write-up until now, and when loading Bale's, they are said to have possibly been Belly-like Bailys, first found in Northumberland with Malbanks and Rodhams! Zinger. It's as though there's one verification after the other. I recognize the Bale Coat is a version of the Lutt-like Luton Coat.

As Miss Peare is a Pero liner, note the Perino variation, for Dana Perino sits beside GUTFELD on The Five. Gut-Felt. Hmm, what could this mean? I do know that The Five always carries deep-state stories unabashed. There's more verification that God is in "it felt so good" because Jewish Felds (share CAPlan Shield) share the white-on-black star of Dutch Reitmans while Miss Peare worked for Reitman's clothing when I met her. Plus, German FELTmans use a patee version of the Jewish Feld Coat, the latter using a moline in Chives-moline colors. Then, English Feltmans even share gold leopard heads with Peare's; how can this all be, aside from God's arrangement? But that's not all, for Jewish Reitmans share a white Zionist star with Goths/Gothels, only in the two colors of the other star of Jewish Felds, can we believe it?

Plus, as though God wants to send yet another message, Dutch Felds show leaves while Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, a city founded by the LAEVi. Heraldic leaves are for Laevi lines, aren't they? The nearby Pelosi's/PILATI's have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from those of Felds and Feltmans while Christine's use the Pilotte Shield. We were sleeping in the same bed, all three of us that night, she, her female friend, and myself, what could it mean?

English Feltmans/Felthams (Middlesex, same as Fier-county liners) have two white-ermined fesses, as do Sleeps, and the latter are from the Selepitanoi, right next to the Chives-liner Cavii who named Chivasso, near the first-known Pelosi's/Pilati's. That works excellently. Fier county is down-river from the proto-Patrick location of Antipatria, and Pattys, expected in the patee cross of Feltmans, have lions in the colors of the Chives lions, though the latter call them mountain cats. Mountains share the white bull with Pelosi's/Pilati's. WOW, the patee lions are also those of Welsh Louis' while Louise was the third person sleeping in the same bed that night. And while I always link the Chives cats (solidly) to those of Tillers and Tailors, Tillers (their lion in the Patty Crest) were first found in Glamorganshire with Louis'! Zinger, I get it. I may not be able to remember all of this, but it's got to be the reason for that night's event.

The Feltmans/Feltham motto links in two ways to my first kiss with Miss Peare at La Paloma, for while it uses "palmi" and "PORTanti," Porters/Potters can be linked well to Potters while Spanish Paloma's use a pot along with two pale bars in the colors of the Pero pale bar. The white-ermined Potter fesse is in the colors of the two, white-ermined Feltman/Feltham fesses. Plus, Palmers have two fesses in colors reversed.

Aha! As "pelosi" means "hairy" while "capelli" means "hair," note that the vertically-split colors of Pelosi's are also of German CAPLans (definitely a colors-reversed version of the Feld / Feltman Coats). There's a question here on whether "Felt" is a variation of the Pelati's in the Pelosi list. Louise's surname is Phil(l)ips, and Welsh Phillips' (motto suggests Antipatria) happen to share the giant lion of Pillars/Pilots while Irish Phillips'/Philbens (Kilpatrick lion?) share the broken spear with Feltmans/Felthams. I'm getting the impression that Pontius Pilate was from king Philip's Macedon elements in Antipatria, for I trace Herod ancestry to king Antipater's Macedon elements in Antipatria.

Also significant is that Potters share a sea horse with Sea-branch Seamans who in turn share the six, wavy, fessewise bars of Phillips'/Philbens. In red, they are essentially the six, wavy bars of Amore-branch Damorys (both from Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) while "amor patriae" is a motto phrase of Welsh Phillips'. As Bellows are in the "bellows" (fans) of Oxfordshire's Shiptons, Bellows look to apply to the belly-press event of that night. Italian Damori's/Amore's have a label in Chief for the Labels/La BELLs while Porters share bells with the Belly-like Bells, the latter first found in Dumfries with the Kilpatricks who share the other part of the Damori Chief.

That soft, loving (full of amore) belly-press I was giving her turned out to be a tease for me, and Tease's/Tyes' share the Damori/Amore stars. Laevi-like Love's/Luffs (kin of Muscats) use fesses in the colors of the fessewise bars of Damorys/Amori's and Amore's. LUFkins (Sleep colors) were first found in Salop with Sleeps, and the latter's double fesses are in colors reversed from the two of Muscats, in the colors of the three of Love's/Luffs. Muschats (with an 'h') share the triple chevrons of Epsteins, and then on the night of the belly-press, I was sleeping with two ladies, with me in the middle (no sex), which is what we could expect with Jeffrey Epstein's victims i.e. when he photographed / taped men sleeping with two young women. These two ladies with me were just 17 years old.

Reminder, Maxwells were at Rijeka while the Arms of Rijeka has an eagle pouring water out of a jug / chalice. Epstein's partner was Miss Maxwell. Water is poured from a "chalice" in one of the English BELOW Coat, suggesting that the BELLY-press is indeed a pointer to Epstein's blackmailing services, for Waters (Essex, same as Muschats) share the Epstein chevrons too. German Belows, can thouest believe it, share a black, double-headed eagle with the Arms of Rijeka! The Chalice surname is even traced to Pas-de-Calais, where Godfrey de Bouillon's father lived (I assume de-Bouillon grew up there). That father was Eustace II, and while Eustace's and their Stacey branch can be linked excellently to Stage's/Staggs, Miss Peare's waist symbol, which felt do good, was given on a raised wooden platform that's thus decipherable as a stage.

Felts apply to the belly-press event because they use the flory cross of Bouillons in colors reversed, and Bouillons use a "BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase while Miss Peare if Christine. Godfrey de Bouillon (someone I think God despised) was the grandson of Gothelo, and he's suspect with the Guth-like Goth/Gothel surname. It's more Verification that the belly-press event was God's doing.

But there's more, for while her waist scene on the platform is a pointer to Rodham Clinton, Reitmans share the Zionist star of Rotens while Rodhams are Roddens too. And Clintons, who share the six fitchee crosses of Hillarys, were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, we just can't go wrong about how God set up heraldry, centuries ago, to conform to that belly event at my age 18. I was pulling her toward me with hand on her belly / gut while I was sleeping, though she was my friend's girl at the time, Mr. Kepke, the one with a Ukrainian father. When I awoke and realized that I was getting cozy with her, I let go. As I said many times, Kepke kept a white rat as a pet, and Rats were first found in Nairnshire with Rose's while Jewish Reitmans use the rose.

The Stage's/Staggs are very shark-enlightening, for they share the blue Burn chevron while being in Bernice colors. The Eustace's, Stage's/Staggs and VISE's/Vice's all share a cross between antlers, and the Vise/Vice cross is even a match with the Eustace cross. This involves new material, that while the Saraca's of Ragusa were near the island of Vis (Issa), Pharia is a neighboring island while Fare's/PHARES' were first found in Cumberland with Burns and Bernice's, you see...and with the Falcons having a "fier" motto term, and, I'm guessing, the Burn chevron in Bernice colors. There's a solid argument here that the namers of Fier county named Pharia...and maybe the Pharisees. [I actually added the Falcons into this paragraph while writing the next update, and they even use a "Vis" motto term. I am not familiar with this combination of surnames, and the now-obvious Vis-Fier link. The greater thing is that the "courageux" motto term of the same Falcons is as per the "Courage" motto of Comyns/Comine's, whom I trace to Fier county's Kuman. Now you know it's a correct trace.]

As Ragusa was also, LAUS, I was able to glean that the white-on-blue Arms-of-Saraca fish became the white-on-blue fleur-de-LYS. The latter has a fish-like center with tail-like base, and two fish or dolphin heads to the side, designed as a lily as per a Lille location near the Lys river, all near to Eustace II. The fish-to-lily idea started out as a compelling theory when finding two curved fish in white-on-blue -- what I expected, as per the curves of the lily's outer parts -- in the Arms of bar-le-Duc. Modern Bar is smack next to Lissus, where I trace the Lys/Lisse surname. Later, I found white-on-blue fleur-de-lys with Ragusa-like Raggs', but here one an add that the Burns use white-on-blue fleur-de-lys too, as do Dole's while Dolfins/Dolphins, in Dol-whale colors, use white-on-blue dolphins. Alans of Dol became the English Stewarts with a RAGully bend.

I'm guessing that Raggs' use the Bruno bend because Barrs of Bar-le-Duc were from Barrs of Brunswick. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc adds pansies while Pansys were first found in Westphalia with the Duc-like Ducks (white-and-blue BARS), and with the Velens that once showed ducks, even as French Alans once showed ducks. Velens now show the martlets shown also by French Alans. Bruno's had a branch at Cuneo's Asti, and a pansy is held by the coney rabbit of Conys, suggesting strongly that Conys (Lang colors) were Cuneo liners, and that Bar liners named Bra, beside Asti and Langhe. The Cony write-up: "The Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 list Richard Conni, Salop (Shropshire)," a good reason to link the Cony Coat to Shropshire's Meschins.

Pansys are in the colors and format of Phares- / Pharisee-like PHREEZES'/Phreses'/Freys (Essex, same as Fier-branch Vere's). Lys'/Lisse's were first found in PARIS.

While Saraca's can be gleaned from Saracens from Sicily's Ragusa location, it's no coincidence that the Saracen/Sarasin surname was first found in Cumberland with Burns, Bernice's and Fairs's/Phares', making it very compelling to see the Arms-of-Saraca fesse with the Bernice's. But there's more, for Irish Fairs/Phares' happen to use the same giant moline cross as the Brittany Sarasin.

My first date with Katrina Hanson was in a VALIANT car, and while Vallans share the same moline, Valiants use a shark. That's right. As I've repeated many times, Katrina had an ICE-cream symbol because I asked her out for the first time while buying one from her at her place of employment, Sam's restaurant. Sam's was therefore a pointer to Samsam, a Saracen ruler who joined Guiscard, because Katrina agreed to go out, and we used the red Valiant of the Quinn family. So, I now gather that Ice's are a branch of Vice's, though I don't have clinching corroboration. Dols were first found in the area of the first-known Ice's.

But wait, WISE's/Weis' use a near-match with the Raggs Coat, and Weis-branch Wies' (Alan star?) have a fesse in Dol-fesse colors. Wies' were first found in Silesia with the Sitlers sharing the Ice trefoil. Silesia's Brocuffs share the Chief-Shield colors of Kotor-like Cutters, and Saraca's of Ragusa were firstly at Kotor. German Wachs, with a cross in the colors of the Fier/Fere cross, were first found in Silesia too, and the Wies Coat looks like a version of the Scottish Wach/Walk Coat (Dumfries, same as Closeburn), itself a version of the Close Coat from CloseBURN, location of Kilpatrick castle. The Wach/Walk Chief could be part of the French Alan Chief because Wachs/Walks share the Dol fesse, I assume.

I almost missed it: the Courage's, in the motto of Comyns -- from Kuman in Fier county -- share the fleur-de-lys of Wachs/Walks, which is colors reversed from the Lys/Lisse fleur-de-lys. The importance here is that Walsh's/Walchs and Walkers are from Wallachia, location essentially of Benjamite-of-Israel elements at the RIMNa river. They derive from the 600 Benjamites of RIMMON, who are in the book of Judges along with the 600 Danites of Laish, the latter city having Levite-blood elements to the Lissus under discussion. Just compare Scottish Walsh's/Walch to Benjamins. Consider that Bongino's (the only curved fesse I know of) have three stars in their Chief in the colors of the two in the Wach/Walk Chief. This Bongino entry is new and impressive. Note that Bengs/Bongs (antelope) have the Chives quadrants, very probably, as per the Cavii at Lissus. BANKs have a cross in the colors of the Benjamin saltire.

Note that the Beng/Bong and Chives quadrants are shared for a blood reason by Hykes'/Hacks, for the Benjamin saltire is in the colors of the bird-leg saltire of Hixons/Hicksons. The Buzau river was home to the Cotesii, and then Miss Hicks has a son, Cody, while Codys/Cotys'/Archdeacons (Devon, same as Hykes'/Hacks) have triple chevrons in colors reversed from the triple chevrons of English Wise's (Devon, "SaPERE"), and in the black colors of the triple chevrons of Levi's. Gallops have a "be wyse" motto phrase.

Just a reminder that the ROXolani Alans were seen on a map at the Buzau river to the near-south of the Rimna. The Walsh's/Walchs with a version of the Benjamin Coat (Norfolk, same as Bus') were first found in ROXburghshire. Again, the Wachs/Walks share the fesse of the Dols, expected from Dol's Alans, and Dol is even in Vilaine with the first-known Plunketts, from Plancia Magna of PERGa, the line through Perkins...who share the Wach/Walk fleur-de-lys!!! The English Walkers sharing gold annulets with Walsh's/Walchs and Benjamins even use a "magna" motto term, we get it!

Wachs are to topic because Brian Fair, an old friend at age 11, came to mind, and Brians, who share a "laidir" motto term with Kilpatricks, use a Wach-like "UACHtar" motto term. Brian Fair lived on Wooten Way along with Miss Walsh, and Wootens share the Kilpatrick and WALCH/Walsh saltire. By what coincidence are Wachs also WALKS??? The end of this section has been inserted here after writing way-down below on Woodens/Woddens and Wootens, in a section where Hamilton Kilpatrick points to the bulldog-shark scene. As Miss Walsh is Kim, we can go to Kims of Bute, a location traceable to Butua, right beside Kotor.

The Fiers/Fere's can be gleaned with the Fair/Phares moline, and in fact the Irish Fairs/Phares' once showed their moline in both colors of the Fier/Fere moline. Up-river on the Apsus river from Fier county, and up-river also from Antipatria (origin of Kilpatricks), there was a Kotor-like KODRium, which you can see at the bottom-left of this map:

While on GALLOPs above, I realized that they are in the GLOBE of Hope's, for Gallops are said to be a Gall-Hope combination. However, I don't think it's as simple as that, for the entire Gallop term seems to apply to "Goplo." Note how the Hope rainbow is curved like the Bongino fesse, for there is a major GALati location down the Siret river from the mouth of the Benjamite Rimna river. The founders of Goplo were called Goplans, yet Wikipedia's Goplans article has them as Gallop-like "GLOPeani" to the Latins. In this picture, Hope's look lime a soft GOP term.

The Gallop Coat is a gold-bend version of the David Coat, and the David bend is linkable to Dobermans (Dobers were first found in Austria, same as Misls). The David bend with single lion is reflective of the MISL bend with single mouse, and Goplo was a mythical mouse tower having a mythical SiemoMYSL, we get it. There is good evidence in the KOPLik and its nearby Dober location that Goplans by another name were at Koplik too, on the Clausula river that drains into lake Scodra. The Scodra-line Scotts happen to share the black griffin with Bolds/Bolde's, and the Gallop motto is, "Be wyse be BOLDE."

Koplik is very near to Kotor and Butua, and as Dobers and Dobermans (griffins) can be linked well to Jewish Pollocks (Goplo is in Poland), and to DOBRawa, wife of Mieszko I of Poland, it doesn't look like a coincidence that Mieszko had ancestry at Goplo. Moreover, Kotor and Butua are at Rhizon while Risings share the saltire of Scottish Pollocks. Koplik is near Lissus. Italian Gallus' share the rooster of KOPLik-like Kopple's, and Goplo mouse-tower myth was written by "Gallus AnonyMOUS." WOW, just noticed, repeat from above: "Italian Davids have bendy in the colors of the Gallop bend." It's the Gallus bendy exactly!!!

Hmm, as Wikipedia's article on Clan Pollock says/said that their arrow is also a dart, note that Daddys/Dowds share the Pollock / Rising saltire. As DARDanians were in the Rhizon theater, suddenly that Daddys/Dowds look like a variation of the Dard variation of Darts. King MONUNius was a Dardanian king, and Monans happen to have a "frangi" motto term while English Franks share the Pollock / Daddy/Dowd saltire too. English and Scottish Franks share the same motto, with "NOBis" term, and Nobs/Nobbes' are in the colors of Scottish Franks. Knobs are Rothschild liners, and while Pollocks of Rothes castle were proto-Rothschilds, Pollocks, Nobs/Nobbes', Bauers, Bowers, Bourlys and Franks all have green Shields.

"NoBIS" should be for the Biss' who share double snakes "respecting each other" with Nettle's. The Frank motto with "nobis" also has "nati," likely for Natts/Nathans. Nettle-like Needle's are Nadlers too, and German Nadlers were first found in Bohemia with German Franks. Mayer Bauer, the first Rothschild, was in FRANKfurt, and his first son was named, Nathan...apparently for a blood reason. The Pettys who share the quadrants in this Arms of Rothschild use a so-called "needle." It's a compass needle, and compasses are used by Nathans/Nations (arrow).

Three Grocery Stores Point to Ukraine

I can connect Rats to Hoods of Rattery, and it just so happens that, a few months before we met Miss Peare, Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my car watching ALLISON Bauer leave me for a fellow worker at Knob HILL Farms (see 1st update in November for all details on that). Ratterys share the fitchees of Woods and Picks/Pix's, and the only scene of the sleeping bag was my picking it up on a HILL (or Salop-like slope) in the woods. The Hall-connectable Hills have a Coat like that Craigs, and so keep eyes out for Craggs below, for this is the line of Carricks and Crags who share the talbot dog with Allisons/Allesons and Halls / Hulls. Hoods and Allisons share the same black-bird design, and, as I said, Allisons were of the Keppoch branch of MacDonalds, no coincidences. God set me up with Kepke on my hood that day in the PARKING LOT of Knob Hill Farms.

The hood in the Miss Hicks dream connected to the Russian medallion someone left on the hood of my Jeep at the GROCery store, and Groce's/Graggs happen to share the split Shield of German Belli's/Baleys. The latter (Bouillon kin, should link to Goths/Gothels) have an eagle in the colors of the Jeepma/Chep eagle, and the latter surname share the Zionist star of Goths/Gothels and Rat-like Rads. When Miss Hicks was at the front of her car in the shark dream, she was also at the rad(iator). You really need to appreciate this because the Baud and Hood crescents are those also of Shark-liner Saracens.

But there's more, for the medallion caused me to load the Medals for a look-see, which discovered Scottish Bauds having the Medal/Dougal quadrants, though I can't recall how the Bauds were loaded at the time, probably by a God-directed event, for Scottish Bauds have the Hood crescents in colors reversed, you see, a verification that God caused someone to leave the medallion there that day, for while Hoods were at a Rattery location, Ratterys were first found in Perthshire, right beside the first-known Bauds of Stirlingshire.

To better connect the Knob Hill Farms grocery store to the medallion event, Medals/Dougals have the red MacDonald fitchee in Crest, a fitchee used by Darlene's too. Immediately before Allison Bauer, my girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms was Darlene Ray (possibly Wray, but I recall her as "Ray"). Plus, Ratterys were at RattRAY. Plus, wow, I think I've missed this until now: the Medal/Dougal motto, "Buaidh NO Bas," has a "NOB" in it. There is a Nob/NOBBES/Nop surname having the bird design of Allisons and Hoods, and if Nobs/Nobbes' were not intended in the Medal/Dougal motto, then perhaps God arranged things to connect with Knob Hill Farms. In fact, Nobs/Nobbes' share a green Shield with Bauers, Bowers and Bourlys, and the blue eagle in the Nob/Nobbes Crest can explain the blue wings of Bauers. The first Rothschild was Mr. Bauer, and Knobs look like they have the Rothschild arrow. Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with the Knowells, like the Knobell variation of Knobs.

What's the message of God here to the obscenely rich? Give the money which you stole to the poor, or God will force it from you with your eternal deaths.

Plus, French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons while Baud-like Balds share the Baud ship while Godfrey de Bouillon was the brother of BALDwin I, 1st king of Templar Jerusalem (I say God despised this proto-Zionist bunch as self-interested intruders).

Watch how the JEEPma/CHEP eagle comes up as I link Ratterys to Clintons, and so let's add that CHEAPs/Chappes', suspect with KEPke liners, were first found in Stirlingshire with Hood-related Bauds, which is smack beside the Ratterys of Perthshire. The "siDERA" motto term of Ratterys should be for Italian Dere's/Res' sharing the gold-on-blue Clinton stars except that the latter's have a red center, as does the gold star in the Rattery Crest. The center of the Clinton stars is a red roundel, symbol of the Arms of Boulogne, the location of the father of Godfrey-de-Bouillon and king Baldwin. Both Clintons and Ratterys have fitchees in their Shields, and the Rattery fitchees are in the colors of the Clinton stars and the Shield colors of Tarves' (beside Rattray of Perthshire) while the latter have the six Clinton / Hillary fitchees exactly.

Chives', first found in Tarves, are from Chivasso on the BAUTica/BALTea river, the line to/from Bauds and Balds. The Shewas variation of Chives' must be of the Shaws, first found in Perthshire with Ratterys. That's just another way to be sure that the Baud crescents are the Hood crescents.

It just can't be a coincidence that while Dere's come up as "Res," Spanish Daro's are Ros' too while sharing the giant, two-headed Jeepma/Chep eagle. The latter is the one sharing the Goth/Gothel hexagram. The Scottish Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Rats (Jeepma/Chep colors), suggesting strongly that the "siDERA" motto term of Ratterys is indeed for Daro's/Ros' too. The Supers in the Rattery motto were first found in Devon with Hoods and early Chives'/Shewas'. The Super-like Spurrs were likewise first found in Devon, and share a gold-pierced star with Clintons, the color of the Rattery star.

The gold garb (sometimes "sheaves of wheat") in the Spurr Crest is in the Cheap/Chappes Crest. Nigro's share "ears of wheat" with Cheaps/Chappes' (I've red the descriptions of both surnames with "ears of wheat" though the designs are not showing the same). I'll show you below how God connected Nigro's to the Ukraine crimes under discussion.

I probably got my job at Knob Hill Farms from knowing Mary Nigro in high school, for we were going out as friends about that time. Kepke and I both stopped working at Knob Hill Farms (grocery store at WOODbine avenue in or beside BUTTONville) about the same time, and, shortly afterward, we ended up selling shoes as our next jobs in the same mall, where Miss Peare worked at Reitmans. As you saw, she was a pointer to Bouillon's family in multiple ways. At the time, I was driving a MUSTang, and so it was likely the hood of the Mustang that Kepke and I were sitting on. I find that this Mustang is to link to the Must surname because it's listed with Muscats. This is incredible because, at age 22, I dated Diane MUSKATov (may have been, "Muschatov"), a Ukrainian on both sides! And 20 years later (yes, I have a way to remember my age, 42 at the time), I met Miss Muskatov by chance in a grocery store! And we talked briefly.

WOW, I have never noticed the following before. The black antelope in the Must/Muscat Crest has a collar around its neck connected to four links to a chain! The medallion was a necklace with four links left to its chain!!! WOW! It tends to prove that God caused Miss Muskatov to bump into me in a GROCery store (more than ten miles where she had lived when we had known each other). Note that Groce's/Graggs are split in the split colors of Tarves'.

Obama descends from Jonathan Singletary, and Singletarys share the black Must/Muscat antelope. The latter surname has double fesses colors reversed from the double Sleep fesses, as well as the lion heads of Farmers and Steele's, in case this means anything.

Note the Button-like look of Bauds, for Buttonville, Ontario, stretches down to highway 7 and therefore touches upon Knob Hill Farms at the corner of 7 and WOODbine. Woods can be linked to Hoods via the Rattery fitchees. As you know, the Ukraine crimes to which God is pointing with Kepke and others is about the Biden variation of Buttons, and, as I said, when I threw a party for fellow employees of Knob Hill Farms, Kepke slept with Mary Nigro in the basement the entire night (no one else was there). I don't know what they did, he didn't say, but maybe they did nothing since it appears to be an act of God, since Mary lived in Buttonville, and the two didn't become a couple afterward. Buttonville was named after a Mr. Button. Buttonville is beside Unionville, where Miss Peare lived at the time, and Unions/Onions share the fret with Hoods.

It's worth mentioning that the Gardner brothers reserved a pleasure cruise in a small plane out of the Buttonville airport, and invited me to come along. I was about 17 years of age. The Gardner surname with the Gard griffins in colors reversed shares a white-ermined chevron with Unions/Onions. If the Gardner Shield were red instead of black, it would be in the colors and format of the Union/Onion Coat. And it just so happens that German Gardners use a Shield split in red and black.

The Irish Gards are said to be UNIaks too, making it appear that this Gard(ner) picture is to link to Miss Peare of UNIonville, for German Gardners can be linked to the split Shield of German Caplans due to Capes' sharing the Gardner scallop, and then English Caplans -- Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens! -- even share gold griffin heads with Gardners (I didn't expect that middle part when starting this paragraph). The point is, it just so happens that German Caplans have the Shield of Jewish Felds, a surname to which Miss Peare has pointed. It appears that God set up that plane ride, and there's probably more to it, as relates the Biden / Clinton crimes in Ukraine, than meets the eye here.

The Uniacks/Uniaks in the Gard list of variations may have been a Union merger with the Ake variation of the Hykes'/Hake's, or a Union merger with the Hack variation of the Chives-related Hykes/Hacks. The latter's scallop is in the colors of the Gardner scallop. The Chives' were first found in Tarves while Travis' share the Hykes/Hack / Gardner scallop. Not only is the Travis chevron in the colors of the Gardner chevron, but Travis' have a boar head colors reversed from the Garden boar head.

To help show that God was using the Gardner brothers, they moved up to Gormley while I was still living there at age 17/18. The brothers rented a place directly across the fence from the JUNK yard, and it just so happens that Gardens have a "JUNGunter" motto term. German Jungs/Youngs/June's happen to have a stag in Trump/tromp stag-head colors while Val Trompia is at lake GARDa, no guff at all.

I have a feeling that we might bump into a Gardner surname in the Ukraine news, so let me go on. One of the Gardner brothers, Rod, borrowed my winter coat once, and I probably would have never gotten it back, except that, one night, while driving to see my parents with Miss Peare in the Mustang, I stopped off at Rod's motel room to get it back. I'll bet that this story points to Dan Coats, the Intelligence Chief that was covering (protecting) deep-state crimes after Trump became the president.

Might Rod be God's pointer to RODham Clinton? Rod's first high-school sweetie was Kim Thomson, and it just so happens that while Thomsons have a version of the Welsh Thomas Coat, the Thomas' use the Kim cinquefoils in their Chief. As Thomas' and Thomsons both use the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, I gather that both were from Thomas of Saluzzo. Although I can't recall how, the Clinton Shield was resolved with the Saluzzo Shield. Kims were first found on Bute, and Bute's trace back very well, via Italian Maurels, to Bodegisel, son of Mummolin (son-in-law of MAURILion).

Immediately after Rod and Kim split up, I dated Kim for a very short while, long enough to be with her one more time at my age 22, days or weeks before seeing her for the last time at a PHONE BOOTH on Yonge street. The Booths/Boths use black boars in both colors of the Garden boar head, and, wow, the Bothwells, said to be of Bute, use the Lynch Coat. Loretta Lynch and Dan Coats. The Booth/Both boars are those of Bush's/Buschs (Yorkshire, same as Booths/Boths), and Saluzzo is right beside Busca. Do you see how God works to set up events in my life that would later work with my heraldry experience to tell all sorts of stories?

Phone's are listed with Fane's, hee-hee, who share the gauntlet glove with the Gunters in the "JunGUNTER" motto term of Gardens. I told you, don't doubt. The phone booth.

Moreover, as I've said many times, God gave Mamie a thigh symbol at her garden because he wanted to connect her to Babons (share the Garden boar head), from Babon, brother of Bodegisel above. Mamie became my girlfriend (my age 24) at a camp site while English Camps share the Gardner griffin heads. Her thigh symbol was for the Tease's/Tyes', first found in Nottinghamshire with the MAMESfelde location of Mansfields. Meanwhile, Mens' are also Mame's/Meme's. Her name is Mamie; she had extra-large breasts, and Mamesfelde is said to be named after breasts. It appears that God was playing on these things to send us a message.

The night she became my girlfriend at the camp site, she TEASED me in her sleeping bag. Yes, we slept in her sleeping bag, but she resisted when I went in for a warm hug. Not even a hug; I went to sleep with my arm draped around her waist, with her facing away. The next day, she got her thigh symbol at the garden (I noticed that she had the most beautiful thighs I had ever seen), and it just so happens that Tease's/Tyes' share the stars of Garden-like Jardins, first found in Angus with Gardens/ absolutely funny, it really is. Jardins share the Chief-Shield of Annan(dale)s, and Tease's/Tyes' (from the Ticino/Tessin river of the Laevi) share the star of Annas', first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes' What do you think is God's message here? When Jesus was brought to the kangaroo court, the night before his crucifixion, it was at the home of the former chief priest of Israel, ANNAS/ANANus. And while his son-in-law was Joseph Caiaphas, the Camps are in the colors and format of the English Capone's.

It's then interesting that while an Italian coat is a capotto, the Capote's/Capone's are also Chapus'. They could have the Pierro/Pero / Bute/Butt/Boet roses. Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, co-founded by the Laevi and the MARICi. From here we go to the MARKhams, because Kepke lived there, and even Knob Hill Farms and half of Buttonville is in Markham township. Markhams ("MiTIS et auDAX" suggests the Tessin river twice) have the Chief-Shield colors of Capote's/Capone's/Chapus', you see. It's a way to trace Caiaphas and Annas to the Laevi. Capote's have a version of the Wray Coat, begging whether Dan Coats was in special cahoots with Christopher Wray.

Markhams were at Nottinghamshire's MAPLEbeck, and Maple's can be traced to the Tarves Shield and to the Chives/Shewas motto. That's right. The Markham Crest seems to be a lyre, and then Liers share the Coat of Cressys in the Markham write-up.

As I said, Mamie became my girlfriend a few weeks after we met for the first time at her party, when she and I did a slow dance in her LIVING ROOM, though there was no dance floor. Nobody else was dancing; it needs to be pointed out that this dance was a "strange" event, spontaneous as can be. We had never even talked before, but as she was passing me, we somehow connected, raised hands together and started to dance in front of the people-filled room. It just so happens that Rooms were at Annandale, and Livings are also Levins...i.e. it looks like God set up the dance to point to Laevi out of Pavia.

Yes, for the English Dance/Danse surname shares the fesse of Pierro's/Pero's while Pero's/Perino's share the pale bar of Italian Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's). The Dance Crest is even the Bute/Butt horse head, sending a strong message because the Dance fesse is that also of Bute's/Butts/Boets. It's telling us that the Boethus-line Sadducees trace to Pavia's Laevi. As the Este's once showed the Dance Crest, note that Estys share the griffin of Berta's, from Berthe, Mummolin's wife, yet look even more at German Steels, for they too have the same griffin while Dance's share the Steele lion heads. I danced with Mamie on my last night with Lorraine, and asked Lorraine out for the first time on by 24th BIRTHday. Births are listed with Berts.

I say that Dance's were from king Donnus of Piedmont's Susa, for he was the grandfather of VESTALis suspect with the WAISTELLs/Wessels to which Miss Peare's waist pointed in the sleeping-bag dream. Like I said, Mamie, in the sleeping bag, teased me -- made a body motion to reject my coming in for a warm hug -- and I had to settle with an arm around her waist with her looking away...the same position Miss Peare was in when we were sleeping in the same bed, when I awoke with hand on her belly, pressing her toward me. It just felt so good, but she, awake by that time, didn't indicate that I could go on. Another tease, I suppose, created by the fact that she was with Kepke at that time (she and I dated first, about two weeks, before she went over to him).

There's all kinds of connections to make here as concerns the bloodline to the killers of Jesus, but there's also that COAT that I picked up from Rod with Miss Peare in my Mustang. It just so happens that Vestalis' father, and Donnus' son, was COTTius. And then there is Dance-like DAN Coats. The Mustang-like Mustans are in Must/Muscat colors, and the latter share the Dance lion heads, and even have double fesses colors reversed from the double Sleep fesses. Joe Biden is now "Sleepy Joe" while Buttons/Bidens share half of the Dance fesse, in the colors of the Must/Muscat fesses. Sleeps were first found in Salop with Hunters. Hunter Biden. The early Coats (English Dance colors), who share pale bars with Italian Dance's/Donnas', are said to have had large estates in Salop.

I have told several times of a mouse in my house which came up through a hole in the floor in the COAT closet. At that time, when DAN visited, I was telling him about my mouse problem, and how I was solving it, and he happened to open the coat closet door, asking about a water heater hanging on its wall. The mouse hole was where the gas pipe of the this heater went through the floor. This event was a pointer to Dan Coats through the use of a mouse, a mouse that got killed in a mouse trap in my attic on the same night I saw it on my floor, which was shortly before Trump got rid of Dan Coats. I can now add that Musts/Muscats are also MOUSquette's, and that Diane Muskatov/Muschatov is Ukrainian. So is Mr. Kepke whose line is to Keeps (Dance colors but see also Keppochs), first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans/Deins and Danse-like Dans/Dans'. It appears that Diane Muschatov can be a pointer to some Ukraine / Kiev activity / concern of Dan Coats.

I didn't know at the time of deciphering that mouse event that all/most my God-driven dreams and events would soon point to Ukraine. The Bidens, for one, were taking illegal advantage of Ukraine's GAS. The mouse came up through one of two round holes I drilled in the floor, both holes touching one another, one for the GAS pipe, and the other for the WATER-overflow hose from the water heater. The hose has not yet been installed, and so the mouse came through that hole. It's then interesting that Hose's can be of the D'Hosier variation of Dossier's, for while the dossier of Christopher Steele is now looking like a quasi-Ukraine product, English Steele's share the Must/Muscat/Mousquette / Dance/DANSE heads...what are the chances? Just go ahead and load the Mitch's/MUSCHATS to see that they essentially share the WATER Coat, you really need to be amazed at these things.

The checks of the Dans/DANS' are also the FISC/Fisk and Horwitz checks. Or, if the Dan/Dans checks happen to be lozenges, they are in the colors of the Bag lozenges.

Reminder: the Saint-Petersburg medallion had four links of a chain left, and there are four links of a chain connected to the collar of the Must/Muscat/Mousquette antelope. Obama was once given a mouse symbol when a mouse came across the steps of the White House, at the podium that he came out to speak at moments later. He descended from Jonathan Singletary while Singletarys have the black antelope of Mousquette's. So, don't we think that Dan Coats was protecting Obama when railing against Trump? Don't we think that Dan Coats did his part, along with Obama, to spy on Trump? Jonathan Singletary changed his surname to Dunham, the surname of Obama's mother, and this name named a Dunham-Masci location in the area of the Masseys/Maceys and Steele's.

The Coats pale bars look like a version of the near-same of the Keith Catti, and Keiths even come up as Mascals, serving as extra evidence that God arranged the mouse in the house to act as a pointer to Dan Coats and Muscat liners together. Mascals were first found in Sussex with the Diane/Deins and Dans/Dans', and so let's repeat that Diane Muschatov is looking like a pointer to Dan Coats. As I've said, Diane's parents didn't like my Christianity, and they had chosen another man for their Diane, but Diane left home for me, though I didn't have my own apartment. I'm sure that God tore us apart soon after she left home for me. Not having anywhere to go, except to my parents, I dropped in on DENNIS Quinn, and I started to fall asleep on the couch when I heard Dennis (adulterer) ask Diane if she would like to go into his bedroom so that they don't wake me up (sure-sure, nice excuse, Dennis). To my surprise, she went (we had not slept together to that point). I didn't barge in all night long, but she slept in there with him, how can this be explained? I didn't sleep well, and didn't hear any noises, and maybe nothing happened because this was to point to the French Dennis/Denys surname, which shares the Dance / Pierro/Pero fesse. I suppose it's to say that Diane's/Deins/DENES' and Dans/Dans' are a Dennis/Denys branch...but what's the big deal about this that it should require that strange night? My affections for Diane suddenly got colder after that night, and she stayed at my parents only one night.

Twenty years after splitting up, we bumped into each other at my grocery store, at which time I asked her to drop in on me, but had to confess that I was seeing another woman at the time by the name of Helen. She was my tenant. We never went out dancing or drinking, things she liked to do; I was hoping she'd become a Christian for me. One night, she asked to slow dance with me in my living room. And Helens happen to share the black horse with Dance's/Danse's. Mamie was the other woman that slow danced with me in a living room, and God gave both women breast symbols.

In the case of Helen, her breast symbol was for Brest, near St. Brieuc, the latter being where Helens were first found. She got her breast symbol on the LANDING of the stairs, and Pepin of Landen is apparently the target of that event because Pepins share horse heads with Helens while the Pepin motto has both a "Mens" and an "EST" motto term while Este's showed the black horse head of Danse's/Danse's. The Mens' happen to be Mamie-like Mame's/Meme's, and so I'm assuming that the Pepins were at Brest, which is itself a line from Brescia/Brixia. Note how the Brixia variation is like the Breuci of the Sava river, for it smacks of St. Brieuc.

We can now take this to one of the Irish Mackay surnames having a gold collar around the neck of black wolf heads, similar to the black wolf in the Saracen Crest. But the Mackay wolves have a chain of five links connected to the collar, though the same Coat used by Quade's has three links to the chain. The Saint-Petersburg medallion had four links of the chain, plus another ring attached to the medallion so that one could view either four or five links. The Collars happen to share a demi-black lion in Crest with Helens, and it just so happens that the Colapis river is at the home of the Breuci i.e. the Collars were COLapis liners.

In fact, Collars are also ColLARDs while Lards share the three piles of Yonge's while Yonge's are June / Jeune liners from mythical Juno, she having been code for the Una/Oeneus river, the river right beside the Colapis. The Japodes of the Colapis named Jupiter, Juno's husband. There was a Romula location between both rivers that named the Romans.

As I've said several times, Helen's previous man (David) visited her when she wasn't home, and left a chocoLATE treat on the door knob. The LATOvici happen to be shown (map above) right beside the Breuci, and also to the direct north of the Japodes. The door knob is right at the stair landing where she got her breast symbol; open the door, and one steps onto the landing. The landing pointed us to Pepin of Landen, and Pepins happen to use the Pipe Coat while LATE's/Letts use "organ pipes." The Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs while the latter's pheons are those of English Helms/HELIONs, and "Helion" is in the Helen write-up. Do we see how God works?

The Coats were also first found in Staffordshire while Pepin-of-Landen liners use six pale bars, as do the Coats. So, while we saw Diane Muschatov pointing to Dan Coats, I met her again in a grocery store while being together with Helen, who herself seems to be pointing to Dan Coats. And while the chocolate was on a door KNOB, KNOB Hill Farms was also a grocery store while Farmers share the Dance/Dance and Muscat/Mousquette lion heads. Then, as unbelievable as it should be, the Gernon Crest (collar on the lion?) shares the black demi-lion with the Helen Crest, and Gernons are said to be from Montfitchet. It just so happens that Montfitchets are listed with the Muschats. Ranulph de Gernon was the son of Ranulph le Meschin.

What are the chances that Muschats/Montfitchets were first found in Essex with the chocoLATE-like Chocks/Chicks, and with English Yonge's/Youngs? What are the chances that Scottish Youngs share three gold annuLETs in their Chief with the LADY Chief? Late's are also Lets.

What's with the Knobs? They are suspect with the arrow of Rothschilds/RODDENsteins because my girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms was Allison Bauer while it's known that Bauers/Bowers were the immediate proto-Rothschilds. Rothschilds use for their Arms the five, bunched arrows of Bowers, and the Roet-related Bows (share the Roet motto) are in the crossBOW held by the demi-lion of Collars/Collards (Colapis suspects), that being the demi-lion also of Helens and Muschats. The Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with the Late-related Pipe's, and with the Coats, you see, and the chocoLATE was left on the door KNOB. Bowers were first found in Peebles while Peeble's are Peoples' too while Pepins are People's too.

Bows use a red demi-lion holding a bunch of arrows, and a "veRUM" motto term suspect with red-lion Rums/Rome's/Rooms. Helen asked for a slow dance in my living ROOM, and Rums/Rome's/Rooms share the Dance/Danse fesse. We started in the living room as she got off the couch, but we danced in the adjacent dining room too. Dine's are listed with Diens, first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deins. As Helen traces with Rums/Rome's/Rooms to the proto-Romans at the Colapis and Oeneus rivers, where I trace Capone's (June kin) and Yonge's/Youngs, it's notable that the latter two share red demi-lions in Crest with Bows.

Helens of BRIEux have a black demi-lion while Brie's/DuBrays have yet another red demi-lion. Brie's/DuBrays were first found in Lorraine with Louis' who in turn have three lozenges in colors reversed from the Brest/Brix lozenges. It appears that Brieuc liners were part of the Brays/Brae's. These were suspect with Bra and Bars, and it just so happens that Duck-line Bar-le-Duc (uses pansys) is in Lorraine. Moreover, wow, the L'Abri variation of Brie's/DuBrays can be from the Abri (Abari?) peoples you see on this map smack beside the Selepitanoi at modern Bar (not shown)! If the Brie/DuBray lion is that of English Stewarts, they can be traced to Salop, where Sleeps were first found. Stewarts share the motto of Brocks while the red demi-lion in the Brock Crest holds a dart for the Dardanians shown on the map.

As Helens were at least merged with the Breuci on the Sava / Colapis, it's notable that the demi-lion of Helens and Gernons can be that of Sava's/Savage's (Cheshire, same as Ranulph de Gernon). The Dennis'/Denys' sharing the Dance/Danse fesse were first found in Champagne with French Sauvage's. Ellens are listed with Alans sharing the Dance/Danse / Dennis/Denys fesse, and Alans were of Brittany, as are Hel(l)ens, Brest and Saint-Brieuc. Brescia/Brixia was the line to Bruce's of Annandale (home to Rums/Rome's/Rooms), and the Alans became the royal Stewarts when marrying royal Bruce's.

It's interesting that while Sava's/Savage's ("pro") have a John Sauuage in their write-up, German Sage's/Sagers have what could be a rainBOW i.e. which can verify that the black lion holding a crossBOW in the Collar/Collard Crest is the Sava/Savage lion, making it more certain that Collars/Collards were from the Sava at the junction of the Colapis. The nearby Oeneus/Una was to the Yonge's/Youngs (red demi-lion), first found in Essex with the Quints having the Sava/Savage lion paw. With ColLARDS suspect as a Colapis-liner merger with Lards, let's repeat that the latter share the three piles of Yonge's/Youngs, for Scottish Leavells/Lovells use them too, and the latter's red fesse can be of Muscats.

The Helen link to Diane Muschatov on the day of meeting the latter at a grocery store has given me an idea thanks to the Muschats/Montfitchets essentially sharing the Epstein Coat. When we're talking pedophilia, it can be given the symbol of giving candy to children to abduct them. The chocolate on the door knob? Helen was 36 years old at the time, but, still, the idea here is that the Saint-Petersburg medallion at the grocery store can predict pedophilia for Russian elite at Saint Petersburg, but also in Muscat-like Moscow. It just so happens that while the chocolate points well to Late's, and even to Ladys, Late's share the Baud crescent while Medals/Dougals (Baud-like motto term) share the Baud quadrants. If we think that's a mere coincidence, perhaps you won't think so if we add that Chocks/CHICKs (teenage girls?) share the Medal/Dougal lion. That's pretty compelling.

Now if God wanted to use Helen to point to Epstein, how would He do it in my sight, so that I could tell about it? As I said, the side door, where the chocolate was placed, comes into the landing, with a few stairs going up to my kitchen, and the other stairs going down to Helen's basement apartment. One night, she was in my place, and when she went down to hers, she stopped on the landing, lifted her top above her bare breasts, exposing them for a second in all their glory, so to speak, and then continued down the stairs with a smile. It's funny that she was this seductively playful, and I've had a difficult time telling that this was an act of God, because Christians don't view God doing things like this. But as I showed, there was compelling evidence that the event spoke about Brest near Saint-Brieuc, where Helens were first found.

So, I'm now asking whether that breast exposure was God's soft form of pointing to orgies and the like from Epstein and company whose job it was/is to get politicians and other powerful people into compromising photographs: orgies, pedophilia, prostitution. It's making sense. Helen, it turned out, was very promiscuous. I didn't know it at first, and was entertaining her as God's promised wife from the shark dream, for she was a blond like the woman in the shark dream. I put out an ad for a tenant, and she came knocking, taking the place. She turned out to despise my Christianity, a solid liberal leftist.

She was relieved to leave me when meeting Steven at a billiard hall, and Stevens were first found in Gloucestershire with Late's/Lets. In the spring, the day I was leaving for Texas, Steven drove up with a refurbished, red, mid-1960's convertible Mustang. Can we believe it? MUSTs/Muscats/Mousquette's, kin of Muschats with the triple Epstein chevrons. It threw me for a loop because the woman in the shark dream was beside a 1950's model car, all refurbished nice. I didn't know until a few months ago that the second half of the shark dream was on Epstein's Little Saint James island. The Chock/Chick lions are the three of James', believe it or not.

It's interesting that the dream had two scenes so as to be split in HALFs, for Halfs/Helps/Halps (Kerry Shield), a branch of Halpers, were likewise first found in Gloucestershire, and so Steven with the Mustang may be pointing to STEFAN Halper. The second half of the dream started with me in a blue body of water while Waters share the triple Epstein chevrons. It started with me in the water after leaving the bulldog HALF into the mouth of the shark, and it was in the water of a swimming pool. Pools share the James lion too. Helen met Steven at a pool hall. That fits incredible well as a pointer to Stefan Halper.

I can go further because I saw the flowers Steven brought over to Helen for VALENTINE's day (I could enter her apartment to do laundry). The Valentins use a Coat version of the Stevensons (Northumberland, same as Rodhams), itself a version of the Aid/Ade Coat that is itself a version of the Rodham Coat. Then, the Velins use ducks while Velens (Valence branch) once showed ducks while I had taken Helen to Markham for a duck dinner at a restaurant known for its buffalo meat. Pohls use a buffalo. It was PAUL Smith who first showed me that restaurant, and then French Pohls are also Pauls and might just be using the Markham-Crest lion holding the sword of Aude's in the "Audax" motto term of Markhams. The Markhams have a rare lion with wings, the latter being code for Vinkovci, birthplace of Valentinian I. The Dax's/Dachs' (from/or Dachau, concentration headquarters in Bavaria) in that motto term have a sword version of the Tease/TECK Coat while Tease's/Tyes' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Markhams. To boot, Valentins have squirrels while Squirrels/Squire's/Square's (suspect with Schare's/SCHERFs) share the red squirrel with DECKs/Daggers. Things in this paragraph link to Nazi elements that I see secretly in the CIA and probably other Intelligence agencies.

They say that Epstein worked for the CIA to compromise powerful people in case they needed to be defeated / railroaded. I can see nasty Nazified elements doing blackmail like that.

Repeat: "We can now take this to one of the Irish Mackay surnames having a gold collar around the neck of black wolf heads, similar to the black wolf in the Saracen Crest. But the Mackay wolves have a chain of five links connected to the collar...The Saint-Petersburg medallion had four links of the chain, plus another ring attached to the medallion so that one could view either four or five links. The Collars happen to share a demi-black lion in Crest with Helens..." I once rebuked Helen as a "bar maid" doing sexual favors for any guy who comes asking for it. The Mackesys/Margesons are the ones with the "Loyalite" motto term suggesting the LOLITA's/Loyola's who happen to have black wolves in both colors of the Mackay wolf heads, and moreover while Helens have a black lion in Crest, Mackesys/Margesons have a black lion in Crest with a gold collar. Epstein's plane was the Lolita Express...and Helen, hmm, worked for a passenger-aircraft agency.

The Lolita's/Loyola's were first found in the land of Basques while the medallion was found at a Food BASICs grocery story, which is why I looked up the Baschs and Baskets. The Foods/Foots happen to be a surname I always link to Gernons ("cyFOETH"), and wow, Gernons are the ones sharing a black demi-lion in Crest with Helens! That's amazing. Gernons look like they use a gold crown around the neck of the lion as a substitute for a gold collar. Margys/Mackeys (share the MurDUCK Coat) share the raven with the Arms of Man while Mackays were from Maccus of Man. That's why you can be sure that Mackesys/Margesons apply to Mackays.

Well, if you know my heraldry well in regards to Mackays, do you know who they are very close to? The Maxwells/MAKESwells of Maxton. In the Maxton/MACCUSton write-up, there's a Maccus character. If you know the Epstein story, what do you see? I wrote on the Mackays to the paragraph above, almost missing the Maxwells for this discussion. That is, I did not force the topic toward the Mackays in order to set up Miss Maxwell, Epstein's manager of hookers. I guess that's why the Helens brought us to Mackesys and Mackays.

She's GhisLAINE Maxwell, and Laine's/Lane's/Lawns/Laneys (Alan / Hellen suspects) have a lion in the colors of the Launay leopard. Launays have lozenges in half the colors of the Brest/Brix lozenges because Launay is a location near Brest, and, besides, I know that Brests/Brix's are from Brescia/Brixia because it's where Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found. Thus, Helen's breast symbol has just been deciphered with this matter of pointing to Ghislaine. It seems that God arranged either Ghislaine's name and/or the Launay / Laine heraldry to work for this pointer.

For whatever it's worth, the Groce's/Graggs, taken from the grocery stores, have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of English Laine's/Lane's/Lawns. I've read the latter's description using "English lions," probably code for the English surname that happens to use a "NOBIlis" motto term, like the Knobel variation of Knobs. Not only is Knob Hill Farms a grocery store, but there was a door-knob event with Helen. It just looks like God was doing extra work to make sure we get this pointer.

But there's more, for while Helens share the black horse heads with English Este's (once showed a black horse head), the English's (in Italian Este colors) have an "est" motto term, as do the Pepins that share the white-on-black horse heads in the Este Shield. Helens have horse heads in colors reversed. PLUS, the English' share the Medal/Dougal lion, though for the time being I can't see a way to link them closely. As Helens are expected as the Alans who married royal Bruce's, it's notable that the English's have the Bruce lion in colors reversed. The Bruce lion is in the colors of the lion in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia. The marriage of Alan-Stewarts to Bruce's led to the several king James', and the James surname has lions in English-lion colors. It makes sense because the three "English lions" of Laine's are those in the Arms of England, but they have been deciphered by me as the Robert lion, for the one lion of Laine's, in the colors of the three of the other Laine's, was deciphered as the Robert / Proper/Robert lion.

A couple of hours after writing the last paragraphs, I loaded "Hallen" to find the Hallams (Yorkshire) with the lion of Bruce's (Yorkshire). It reminds me that someone wrote in to the say York-rite Masonry uses a besant. The York Coat (collar) has a central besant, the only symbol of the Lane's/Lano's of Brescia/Brixia. Plus, while Hallams smack of the Callam variation of Malcolms/Columns (Alan stars?), the latter share the York saltire. The "cupias' motto term of Yorks is like the "copia" in this Arms of Macclesfield having the Hallen/Halland / Bruce lion. Yorks and the Macclesfield Arms both use "Nec" twice. It just so happens that, in 1086, Macclesfield was called, MAKESlesfield, suggesting Maxwells/MAKESwells. We got here by following Helen-like Hallens/Halens. And that's no malarkey. MakesLESfields suggest the Leslie liners from Lesce, near Maxwell-related Rijeka, where the eagle pours water while Waters have the Epstein chevrons.

What I can add is that Barrs share the Este eagle while Bill Barr's father partook, they say, in giving a young Jeffrey Epstein his a college / university, if I recall correctly. If I recall correctly, Barr's father was the principal, but Epstein got the job about the time that Mr. Barr had resigned so that the next principal, or the school board, may have been the one(s) to hire Epstein. In any case, Bill Barr has already shown corruption by calling Epstein's murder, or escape from prison, a storm of screw-ups by the jail guards. Barr will never have my trust again, for he even claimed that he saw jail-camera footage proving that there was no murder. This was said AFTER the public was informed that the two cameras were not working on Epstein's cell the night he reportedly died. Barr did not address that fat inconsistency because he didn't want to stir up a hornet's nest. Barr is a SHAM, but God is not. Poor Barr, selling his soul to the bad guys. Have fun trying to juggle.

If the cameras were working, they should show the suicide, but Barr did not say he saw the suicide. So what's he going to say, that one camera in the hall was working to show that no potential murderer entered Epstein's cell, but that the other camera, pointing into the cell, wasn't working due to a storm of screw-ups??? And the camera stopped working only when both guards fell asleep??? SHAM! The camera was working before they fell asleep (otherwise they would have ordered it fixed), but by a stroke of a cosmic screw-ups, not only did BOTH guards fall asleep, but the camera stopped working only in the couple of hours that they fell asleep, and that's when Epstein decided to hang himself???? SHAM, I cry, SHAM. BARR IS A SHAM, spread the word.

It may just be that Horowitz's report was delayed six months because Barr wanted to soften it up, take out the worst things against Comey. This is on Trump's head. My prediction due to this development: you wait in vain for Durham's arrests. Only the small guys will get arrested, to put on a show that the DoJ is doing its job. SPIT! If good Americans want to save their country, they must hold the fire to Barr and to this Trump sham-of-a-president. They are stringing you along.

Gernons were at a Birch castle while the Birch Crest shares the green snake with this Mackesy Coat. It appears that Birch's share the Masci fleur-de-lys closely. Hmm, Birch's could even be of the Breuci, especially as Birch's share the Brock fleur-de-lys. Brocks are a branch of Brocuffs who in-turn have a sphinx, suspect with Spinks, first found in Northamptonshire with Brays/Brae's (flax BREAKer), a potential branch of Brieuc-possible Brie's/DuBrays. Oh wow, Spinks have mascles (hollow lozenges) in the colors of the Brest/Brix lozenges! The Brie/DuBray write-up: "The family also established a house in Bourgogne at BROCHardiere." It looks like a Brock merger with Ardiaei, for the latter were on the Naro/Neretva river while Brocks (Anjou, same as Fulk Nerra) have a "vulNERE" motto term.

Nazified Deep State

Christine's, first found on the Isle of Man, have essentially the Pillow/Pilotte Coat, which recalls that I bought Helen a new pillow (or two). The Christine unicorn has a gold collar. Both Shields use cups, and it just so happens that Cups/Cope's/Colps were from the Colp-like Colapis river, for it was also called the Cup-like Kupa. Helens had traced to Colapis elements. In fact, she traced there, to the Breuci, as per her breast symbol as well as per the Helen write-up, and so this is excellent, because Brix's/Brests are also Brisons while MontBRISON is smack beside mont Pilat! I bought her a pillow because, I must now assume, God wanted to show this Helen-element trace to mont Pilat. The Brix's/Brests/Brisons have three white lozenges in the two colors of the Pilate pheons, and we saw white pheons also with Helen-related Helms/Helions. Helens were at "...Hillion, near Saint-Brieux, was the birthplace of Herve d'Helion, a companion of William the Conqueror who was awarded a barony and lands in Devon."

Ahh, as Maxwells/MAKESwells are from the Isle of Man, the Macclesfields are expected from there. We saw the "copia" motto term in the Arms of Macclesfield, and it just so happens that while Cups are also Cope's while Christine's use cups, both the Christine Crest and the Crest in the Arms of Macclesfield is a white unicorn head. Excellent. And three unicorn heads, in colors reversed from the three Helen horse heads, are used by Heads/Heeds.

UNIcorns have become suspect, if not resolved, with a Ceraunii liner merger with Una-river liners, probably the proto-Maccus Maezaei. Ceraunii are represented by crowns around necks, and so perhaps also collars around necks, for the Necks use a crown dangling from the antlers of a red stag head, the colors of the Callam / Malcolm/Column stag heads. The Ceraunii mountains are at Aulon, where I trace the proto-Alans. Massey-liner Rasmussens (Pepin symbol links to Helens), with a giant unicorn in the colors of the Jewish Rothchild horse, were first found in Hesse while Hesse-Nassau is where Epsteins were first found. Jewish Rothchilds use roses while Ras' are listed with Rose's.

Heads/Heeds may even work to accentuate the Nazi-ness of the deep-state leadership because they could be a branch of Heids (Bavaria, same as Bauers, Dachau and Munich) whose single arrow is bend-wise, same as the arrow of Rothschilds/Roddensteins. The latter's arrow is in the colors of the bends of Rodhams/Roddens, HEIDlers and Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'). Heidlers share the white anchor with Hood/Hoots, and Hoovers, who share the Coat of HOOTers, were first found in Bavaria too, as were HIEDlers/Hitlers (Munich). Bauers share the stars of Hiedlers/Hitlers. It's all-too possible that certain British and American forces, in high levels, were pro-Hitler in WW2, hoping for a sweep of Europe. When the Nazi's lost, many of them infiltrated the United States...with lust for power, we can assume, and heartless deception in their hands.

Behold this paragraph. Hooters were first found in Austria with Bauers (Bavaria and Austria) and Schere's while German Schere's are also SCHERFs. The Austrian Schere's (same ears of wheat as Nigro's) have a green snake coiled around a "STICK" (probably the Astikas') and we saw a green snake with Mackesys and Birch's when we were on the Birch location of Gernons (share black demi-lion with Helens). What really was the swaSTIKA named after?

By what coincidence do Gernons have the two lions that are the full Brunswick Coat (same lions as Laine's), as well as the Arms of Brunswick, in the colors of the two stars of Rothschilds/Roddensteins, the latter first found in Brunswick? The behold part is that Gernons were kin of Foots/FOODS while the medallion was found on my HOOD at FOOD Basics. Can you see where this is linking from the Helen relationship to Heads/Heeds? I trace the Alan namers of Langhe to Luneburg-Brunswick.

The Lech river (depicted by heraldic legs) that flows in Bavaria toward Munich has a Fussen location that God has used for pointing to Hillary's Fusion GPS. Fussen (thanks to Miss Florida for this; she's probably still reading, miraculous if she is) shares the three human legs in the Arms of Man, how about that. We just saw the Isle-of-Man link to GhisLAINE Maxwell. Fussen is also called FOETes, and that's why the Gernons use a "cyFOETH" motto term. The Meschin-Gernons, descended from the stock of king Maccus, or even directly from him, were obviously married to Rothschilds/Roddensteins. Gernons are from Montfiquet, and the Montfiquets are listed with Muschats that share the triple Epstein chevrons. Do we get it? Epsteins are Jewish.

Hooters and Hoovers/Hubers both use the same bird leg, likely an eagle legs, as do Hixons/HICKsons, and, in the shark dream, Miss Hicks was at the HOOD of her car, on Epstein's island, and then she was HOVERing inside the an obvious pointer to HOOVERs. It took me roughly two years to figure out that the hovering was God's pointer to Hoovers thanks only to my having loaded Hixons/Hicksons in the past and recalling by heart that they use eagle legs. Hoovers, who share the blue wing with Bauers, were first found in Bavaria with Bauers. Edgar Hoover controlled the FBI for 48 years until 1972, right? How had he shaped it by the time that George Bush-Scherff controlled the CIA as early as Kennedy's assassination?

I had shown evidence that Hitler was protected by president Franklin DeLANO Roosevelt. Yes, that's the Lane's/Lano's out of Brescia, the kin of Brests/Brix's. Helen had brought us to them. The Lano-line Launays have a leopard in the colors of the leopard faces of Hubble's/Hubbolds, a new-to-me surname looked up just now as per the Hubel variation of Hoovers/Hubers. Hovers/Hoffers use leopard faces too. The Hubbold variation is like variations of Cabbage's, first found near the first-known Hubble's/Hubbolds of Hampshire. The Hubble/Hubbold Crest has three feathers, the symbol in the Arms of Rothschild presented above. The Cabbage lion is also that of Mackesys/Margesons, that being the surname pointing to Epstein's Lolita Express.

It's only interesting at this point that the Hubble's have gold leopard faces in the colors of the Peare leopard faces. The "esPERE" motto term of HEETERs/Heaths can apply because Peare's share the Heeter/Heath stars. Miss Peare's first name is a Macclesfield-liner from the Isle of man, right?

Gold leopard faces are used by Baskets, first found in the Isle of Wight across the waters from the Hubble's of Hampshire. Baskets are said to be from Basques, and it was the Lolita's/Loyola's who were first found in Basque country. Food BASICs caused me to look up Baschs and Baskets (another demi-lion), and we just saw very good evidence that God provided the medallion at the PARKING lot Food Basics as a pointer to Foods/Foots = Foetes liners in Bavaria. It's amazing because God used Fussen suspects to point to Fusion GPS, which was paid by PERKINS COIE to dredge up the Steele dossier. Not only are Perkins/PARKINGs pointed to by that parking lot, but the Isle of Wight has a Cowes location while Cowes' have Coie-like variations such as Coo's/Coe's/Koo's.

The Newport location on the Isle of Wight gets interesting for the black leopard faces of Newports ("Ne"), for the Hovers/Hoffers show a black leopard face with horns, and there are simply "horns" in the Crest of Hampshire's Buttons/Bidens. The Newport Crest shares a white unicorn head, with gold HORN emphasized, same as the Crest of Man's Christine's. The Newport unicorn also emphasizes the Man-like mane, we get it. Maine's are in the colors and format of Newports. Mane's share the black-on-white spread eagle with Scottish Wights.

Newports were discovered with the leopard faces of the Lice's in the motto of the wolf-using Mackays, the one's sharing the black wolf heads of Quade's from QUADRAtilla Bassus, explaining the QUATRefoils of Scottish Wights. Irish White's share the black demi-lion with Parts/Parrots, explaining the "parta" motto term of Scottish Wights. Lice's have a full black lion in Crest. Then, English Wights have a "Loyal" motto term that should connect with the "Loyalite" of Mackesys/Margesons for the black-wolf Lolita's/Loyola's. The latter's pot can be traced to potters, first found in Hampshire (on-shore from isle of Wight) with Porters/PAWTERs, and thus Newports look like Port(er) liners.

If you check out the large cross of English Julians, you might see the makings of the Nazi swastika. That cross is with the Cowes/Coo/Koo surname. In the Cowes/Coo/Koo Crest are white swords in saltire, symbol also of Dachau-line Dax's/Dachs/Tax's. The Coys have another green snake but the Cue's/Kews have the Arms-of-Macclesfield lion holding a garb all in colors reversed, and we saw why Macclesfields apply to the Isle of Man sharing the same-type human legs as the Arms of Fussen. The Hose's (share Steele lion head) use the human leg, you see, and Dossier's and also D'Hosier's. The heraldry all looks like Intelligent Design.

Plus, in the shark dream, I touched the knee of Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) while she was hovering, and she awoke from sleep while hovering at the instant I touched her knee. This proved to be a pointer to our being at the 9-11 memorial for first anniversary of that disaster which I place at the feet of George Bush Jr. That night's knee symbol of Miss Hicks was on the Leakey road (Camp Wood, Texas), and Leakeys/Leaks happen to share the bend of Knees and the Hicks fleur-de-lys, and even have another bent human leg...suggesting that Leaks were Lech-river liners in the Fussen area.

But there is more, for I had a dream that started with my RIDING a grocery-store shopping cart down a road, and Shops are listed with variations that are very connectable to Schere's/Scherfs and Shere's/Share's, noting also that Kilpatricks list a Sheera variation. As Ridings/Readings share the black-on-white boar with Bush's, this dream tended to prove to me that the senior George Herbert Walker Bush was indeed born as George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi, and then protected in the United States by disguise when claiming to be the son of the Nazi supporter, Prescott Bush. Compare Walkers to Schere's/Scherfs, and then compare the cross of the latter to Sheers/Share's. Finally, note that the Shops/Shorelands/Shoplands/Sherlands/Shirlands/SHAWlands have a dancette in Carrick-dancette colors, then compare Bush-branch Bosco's to Schore's (COLUMN with roses, as per the Rose kin of Bosco's) that look like a branch of Shows/Schors/SCHAWS.

Bosco's use pillars (in Schore-column colors) while Pillars are listed with Pilots. The Pillers (with an 'e') are listed with CHRISTine-related Pillows/Pilotte's, and we saw why Helen relates to this thing by the pillow(s) I bought her. Roses alone are used by Christ's. Bosco's have "tufts of grass" on their pillars, and Tufts/Tuffs are a branch of Touch's/Tuffs while I touched the knee of Miss Hicks, an event that I will link to another shopping cart below. The green Touch/Tuff lion (see also BOStons) can be that of Astys because Asti province is at/beside Savigliano, the latter being where Pelosi's/PILATI's were first found who use columns. Astys were first found in Lanarkshire with Bothwells while Booths/Boths, first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, share the black-on-white boar with Bush's and Ridings/Readings. In fact, Ridings/Readings have the Booth/Both Coat exactly.

Recall Helen's chocoLATE treat, for Late's/Lets were first found in Gloucestershire with the Nottings/Nutts/Knutts now showing the Pilate/Pilotte pheons, though they are also the pheons of Lords who in turn come up as LAUDs, linkable to the Late-like Ladys/LAUDimans (NorthAMPTON) via the Amptons sharing the Lord/Laud cinquefoils. They are blue cinquefoils, and there is a blue one between two white wings in the Bag Crest. Two white wings happen to be in the Notting/Knutt Crest. Again, Pilotte's/Pillows share a version of the Christine Coat while Late's/Lets share the Peare stars. Christine's share the white unicorn head with Notts/Cnuts, perfect.

I've not been able to link the Bag cinquefoils in this way before; it could help to understand the sleeping bags better. There's a lot missing about the Bags in that dream's other details, yet to be discovered. The sleeping bag of Mamie was in her tent, and Tints have another uniCORN (part-code for the Ceraunii namers of Cornwall) corn as well as a lion lying down "couchant," which could be the "sleeping lion" of Rounds (share Tinton chevron). Rounds are part of the Round Table symbol of King Arthur, who was made born in TINTaGEL, in Cornwall with the Tintons (tents) and the gel-like Gale's who have a blue unicorn head, the colors of the Tint unicorn. In the end times, the Rhodian Illuminati would use a Round Table organization. Is this why God used a sleeping bag, or is there more to it? During my sleeping-bag dream, I was sleeping under a sleeping bag that pointed in the morning to judge Scalia's murder. My first kiss with Miss Peare also pointed to Scalia. The Buds/Bude's have a Bude location in Cornwall, and God linked Buds/Bude's to the Kilpatrick bulldog.

To prove that Astys belong in this picture, their Coat is colors reversed from that of Duffys while Duffs use a motto, "Deus juvat," like the "Deus adJUVAT" motto phrase of Booths/Boths. The Cheaps of Stirlingshire share ears of wheat with Austrian Schere's.

I'll even add that the Bauds, kin of Medals/Dougals, were first found in Stirlingshire with the Nimo's/Newmarsh's having the Boasts/Bois' in their motto who are said to be of Bosco's. The Nimo/Newmarch motto even has a "show" motto term that should be for the Shows/Schors/Schaws above i.e. linkable to the Shawland variation of Shops. Shop variations end in "land" while Lands/Landers/Landens (= Pepin of Landen) share the six pale bars of LANGleys, traceable by some clues of God to Langhe, smack of the Asti / Savigliano theater. It was expected that letter-using Langs were a branch of LinkLETTERS, and therefore of Linch's/Lynch's who happen to share the Bothwell Coat. Lands/Landers/Landens were pointed to by my girlfriend, Lorraine (she pointed heavily to Pepins and to Bush branches), whom I met at a BUS stop. My last night with her involved a GRASS stain, on the night I met Mamie. My last night with Mamie involved my taxi as a pointer to Dax's/Dachs/Tax's i.e. she was a pointer to Dachau.

Repeat: "Can you see where this is linking from the Helen relationship to Heads/Heeds? I trace the Alan namers of Langhe to LUNEburg-Brunswick." Lune's happen to be with the Lyons having the Asty lion in colors reversed, and Bruno's had a branch in Asti. Bruno's were first found in Florence with the Taddei's who in turn linked to Tullia of Lyon. Lyons share the lion of Lane-like Lannoys, and Alan-suspect Lane's share the Brunswick lion.

To link that shopping-cart ride to the shopping cart in the parking lot of Food Basics, you're going to be impressed by a method that only now came to mind. The Shere's/Share's share the black dog with Craig-liner Carricks and Craggs (Yorkshire, same as Carrick-colored Gregs). The Food Basics GROCery store had caused me to look up Groce's, which are listed with Craig-like Greggs and Cragg-like Graggs!!! It looks like the Groce's (Baud colors) do apply to God's event. But that's not all, for the bend of Craggs is essentially also the Knee / Leak bend. But that's not all, for the Groce/Gragg Shield is split in the colors of the Austrian Schere's. But there's more, for the Craigie's, first found in Ayrshire, share the Hood / Baud / Saracen crescent!!! It's the nasty shark. You just can't claim that these are all coincidences. GOD HAS ARRANGED THINGS to point to the guilty sons of Hell whom He WILL deal with be it ever so painful and humiliating.

The medallion was found on my hood just two or three hours after leaving off my updates-writings on Miss Hicks being at the hood of her car. And, like I said, as soon as I touched her knee in the dream, we were emBRACED as a pointer to BRACEbridge, location of the Food Basics that I was at. The Hede's/HEDELins/Heids even have a not-bad reflection of the Craigie Coat.

I kid you not, I've told the shopping-cart-ride dream several times. After riding the cart, the next scene was at my Jeep, where I was complaining to the previous owner concerning its broken door handle. Or, at least, the handle was missing a barrel-shaped piece. I feel I have not deciphered this scene as best as can be, if at all, and this may be reserved for a future event when the time is right for God. But one thing we can see is connection to the chocolate treat that Helen's previous man left on her door knob = door handle! That's amazing, because Helen has become suspect with Nazi elements all on her own, aside from this shopping-cart dream. So, the door knob linked to the Knob-Hill-Farms grocery store, and the shopping-cart ride links to the Food Basics grocery store. The third grocery store was when I met Diane Muschatov and invited her to come see me, though I felt I needed to be honest, telling her that I was with Helen at the time (I was with Helen for two months maximum). And then Diane walked away from me.

The chocolate treat was at the door to the landing. We saw Shops with "land" endings while Landens are also Lands. It all works very well.

The dream started with my viewing a long, paved ROAD going downhill at more of a horizontal slope than vertical. I then saw myself riding the shopping cart from its SIDE. I wasn't inside the cart. My FEET were on the side of the cart (I assume both feet), down by the frame to which the WHEELs attach. Catherine ROET has a wheel symbol, and the Road/Roder eagle is on its SIDE, the only heraldic symbol I know of to be on its side. It looks like we have an additional interpretation to explore of the scene that has already pointed to the Scherff-circle Nazi's. [See how the Roads link amazingly well to Hillary's email crimes in the next update.]

The Handle's/Handels share the Moray Shield, and Moray is at the Spey river highly suspect with the Speyer variation of Spears who share the Roet boar heads. The sleeping moon of German Roets can be linked very well to the same of Karens/Kerns, the latter first found in Silesia with Handle's/Handels. The Karens/Kerns throw in Zionist stars in the colors of the same of Jewish ROTERs (like Roder variation of Roads), who are listed with the Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") sharing the Rodham/Rodden bend, though the Roter/Rothchild bend rises to the Shield's left side, a rarish thing but includes the bend formed by the three symbols of Karens/Kerns.

Now the Roter/Rothchild bend has three red roses, as does the same colored bend of Jays, first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels. In the dream, I heard that the door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part. The Barrels have the Chief-Shield colors reversed from the Brocuffs first found in Silesia with Handle's/Handels. Some of this material I've known before, yet I expect more to it in the future. What you have just read tends to prove that the props of the dream connect heraldically as evidence that God is in it. If the props of a dream or ordinary event don't connect heraldically, I or you cannot prove that God is behind it. He's obviously taught me heraldry codes for this unique job He has given Himself. Hearken. This work is not for me, but for you, someone(s) out there. He will not fail to get His message out to whomever He pleases.

There is more evidence of God's handiwork where Davers use the jay, for Door-suspect Daorsi were also called, DAVERsi. Davers, Jays, and Herefordshire's Jeffersons (griffins) all use blue Crests, and the Jay Crest has a blue griffin holding a red shield. "Rothschild," which I don't think was derived in "red shield," got the red-shield symbol anyway.

So, the shopping-cart ride looks like a pointer to Rothschilds. The German Roters are listed with the Rothes' sharing a raven with the Arms of Man, and with the Peters from Peter Pollock of Rothes castle upon the Spey river. That's right, the Rothes-like Roets had pointed us to the Spey river Speers, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. The Road/Roter eagle is that also of Childs, who might have formed "RothsCHILD."

I rode the shopping cart, with my FEET near the wheels, down the PAVED road, and English Pavia's/Pavys, first found in Somerset with Roets, share the Feet/Fate Coat. Very neat and tidy. I was ROLLIN' down the paved road, and Rollo's happen to have boar heads colors reversed from the Roet / Speyer boar heads. I was riding the cart while rolling down, and Ridings/Readings share the black boar with the Rollo Crest. The Rollo Shield has blue boar heads, and there's a blue boar head in the Wheel Crest; it just looks like God arranged ancient marriages to compliment this dream's scene. Rollo's were first found near the upper Spey river, as were black-boar-head Gardens.

The Bulldog Depicted Boe's

The Schiff surname shares the raven with Roters/Rothes'/Rothchilds. The Schiff raven has a gold annulet, the color of the annulets of English Walkers (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/Buschs), and then German Walkers have a version of the Schere/SCHERF Coat while the other Schere's were first found in Austria with Schiffs, making Schiffs look like a Scherff variation. German Walkers even share a sleeping moon with Roets and Karens/Kerns, yet the six-pointed Karen/Kern stars are used with seven points right beside the sleeping moon of Walkers. The only other seven-pointed star I know of, in the same gold-on-blue colors even, is from the Bude's/Buds. Why is there a Jewish Walker surname???

To help prove that German Walkers/Welkers have a version of the Schere/Scherf Coat, the WILKins have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Schere's/Scherfs. The "ESTOTE" motto term of Wilkens (share green dragon with Kilpatricks) tends to show that the three pale bars of Scottish Walkers are, in someone else's colors, those of Stote's/Stute's, suspect from STUTTgart, where I trace the raven-depicted vikings under the Stout surname (Chief similar to that of Scottish Walkers and Kilpatricks/Sheera's/Shera's). Again, Schiffs use the raven, and Adam Schiff is nothing but an end-time viking pirate; all he needs is an eye patch over one eye to fit the part best. See also the vertically-split Shield of STUTEville's.

The question now is whether God arranged the "Ceart" motto term of Irish Kilpatricks/Shera's (share white saltire with Scottish Walkers) because he has predestined my shopping-CART dream to tell of this Nazi story. The Shera variation sure makes it look that way. The Kilpatrick/Shera lion has a "dexter paw" (RIGHT hand, so to speak) on the head of the green dragon (can be gleaned from Wilkens and the drops of English Kilpatricks to be the Lewis dragon with drops), a 666 symbolism, apparently, though there can be other explanations, for example: code for the Heads/Hedes' or Hedes'/Hedelin/Heids, Hiedler/Hitler-like surnames to which Rothschilds belonged too. The white-on-blue crescents of both German Walkers and Scottish Walkers are shared by Hedes'/Hedelins/ well as by the Labels/LaBells in the label of Panico's/Panetta's who in-turn share the Kilpatrick/Shera chief. Bells were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, and one Bell Coat looks like a version of the Schiff Coat.

I am reminded that Mr. Kilpatrick, husband of Miss Hicks, in a Baytown Sun page for the late 1980s, is in a photo with Spuds MacKenzie, the mascot for BUD Light beer. The Buds are the ones sharing the seven-pointed star with German Walkers. This mascot is in the shark dream's bulldog. It can come with multiple meanings, including the Bullys, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. The "boo" motto term of Kilpatricks/Shera's can be for the Boe variation of Bullocks (bull heads, compare with Heaters, for Hede's are also Heeders). The Roet-related Bows come to mind because the Roet kin of Karens/Kerns link well to German Walkers, and, besides, the Roet tree has been suspect with the Panico/Panetta tree.

Lookie as per bullDOG (this is new right here). The bull-using Boe's/Bullocks are in the colors and format of Dogs/Doags (!) who share the Hamilton cinquefoils. Mr. Kilpatrick is Hamilton by first name! I purchased my fiberglass bulldog from Hamilton, Ontario, just months before I first saw his wife for the first time, the one who was in my 1979 dream with bulldog. That's new, and it looks excellent for verifying that she's the one in the dream.

The ermined Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester, and Leicester is where the important-below Woods were first found (as well as Dexters in the "dexter paw" of Kilpatricks). Woods and Ratterys have fitchees in the colors of the Stout fitchees. Hamiltons were first found in Renfrewshire with Bullock-like Pollocks! Zinger. The Kilpatricks adopted a daughter with Daddy surname while Daddys/Dowds share the Pollock saltire. Trump's ex-lawyer, John Dowd, had worked as a lawyer for Trump's enemy, John McCain, and the bulldog has Trump himself as one version of interpreting it, swallowed by the nazty shark in the same Pollock-line POOL!!! Wow. The McCains/Keons, believe it or not, share the fish of Shark-line Saraca's! Yes, for Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils who in turn use a version of the McCain/Keon Coat! Plus, amazingly, Tyrone's share the Dexter Coat!!! ZINGER, that's why God set up Mr. Kilpatrick with the bull terrier, Spuds MacKenzie.

Lookie some more: The Boe's/Bullocks are in the colors and format of WOODens/Woodhams/Woddens (white roses) who in turn have the single, red, stemmed rose of German Walkers. This is meaningful where SherWOODs/SCIREwoods, looking like a Schere / Shera branch, have a bunch of stemmed roses, as do Schere's/Scherfs. Woodens are new to me now, they came to mind with the Woods. What a stroke of "luck".

OH WOW, I remember by heart that Wooden-like Wootens use a black-on-white saltire that happens to be used also by Kilpatricks. This is astounding, because I've said, several times, that Miss Walsh, Kepke's fiancee after he abandoned Miss Peare, lived on Wooten Way, and Scottish Walsh's/Walchs share the Wooten saltire. My own street (crescent), when I lived in Markham as a young teen, started and ended at Wooten Way. The Scottish Walsh's/WALCHs, first found near the first-known Scottish Walkers (share the white-on-black Kilpatrick saltire), share gold annulets with English Walkers. German Walkers are also WALCHers, we get it. It tends to prove that Woodens connected to a Kilpatrick merger with Scherf liners.

Walsh's/Walchs have the Dog-and-Dougal-like Douglas' in their write-up, and castle Douglas is very near Kilpatrick castle on the Nith river of the Geds who share the fish in Saraca-fish colors. It appears, as per John McCain's loyalty to Bush globe trotting, that the Nazi shark of the dream was a Republican, deep-state entity.

Comey, a Republican, has already been assigned to the shark's teeth around the bulldog for more reason than that Scottish Comey's having the only cat I know of showing a tooth. The Tooth surname shares the Lauder/Letter griffin, and some Lauder branch may be in the "laidir" motto term of Kilpatricks. Lauders/Letters were first found in Berwickshire with Scottish Walkers and teeth-like Teets/Tate's. Scottish Comeys were first found in Perthshire with the Dogs/Doags to which Hamilton Kilpatrick linked above when on the Bud Light mascot. The Lights/Lite's happen to be in the colors and format of Dogs/Doags, and even share white-on-red feathers with Tooths. The Light/Lite Crest is much like that of the Hubble's (share the Tooth feathers) that were taken from a Hoover variation. Mrs. Kilpatrick pointed to Hoovers in the bulldog-shark dream. Lights/Lite's share swans with Tooth-beloved Palmans. Teet-like Tweeds, from the namers of the Tweed river where Teets/Tate's were first found, were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions, kin of Irish Walsh's/Walchs. The other Tate's are raven liners.

Trump was identified with the bulldog from Miss Peare's belly symbol and the fact that the bulldog JUMPed into the pool having the shark. Jumps share the Trump stag head and the white roses of Bellys and English Tate's. The Tate pale bar is that also of Roxburghs while Walsh's/Walsh's were first found in Roxburghshire with Kilpatrick-beloved Maxwells, the latter pointing to Epstein's blackmailing empire. It's a good question as to why God should use Miss Peare's belly to point to the row of shark teeth around the bulldog's belly. Kepke released her temporarily to date Miss Walsh, and once he called the wedding off with her, he went back to Miss Peare for a short time.

The bulldog walked past my KNEE and then jumped into the pool. I DOVE in to save the dog from the shark, and doves are used by WAISTells/Wessels. A few years ago, God used the WAIST of Miss Peare, in the sleeping bag dream, to point me back to the belly event, otherwise I would never have brought the belly event up. Waistells/Wessels share the Knee bend, and while Knee's were first found in County Down, Downs use a stag in Trump / Jump stag colors. Nice-and-neat little package. I have the sense that the belly event has more to do than touch upon heraldry, as in something in future news.

[An hour or two after writing the paragraph above, I was on the Percivals, which recalled the Bellows (version of Percival Coat) having the same cinquefoils as Hamiltons. Amazing. Bello's are also Belli's.]

In the shark dream, I TOUCHed the knee of Miss Hicks, and the Comeys have the motto phrase, "Touch NOT." There has been a question as to whether Knee's/Nee's are a branch of Knots/Notts/Cnuts, and they happen to share a white unicorn head in Crest with Christine's. Nottings/Nutts/Knutts once showed a besant version of the Waistell/Wessel bend. Nottings/Nutts are now showing the Pilate/Pilotte pheons, and the Pilotte's/PILLOWs have a version of the Christine Coat while Kilpatricks use CUSHIONs! Did God arrange that? Knights/Nights are from the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle, and so this was an argument for seeing Knee's as Nith-river liners.

To show how Waistells link to Kilpatricks some more, we go to the Daggers and Fier-county Fare's/Fairs, both first found in Cumberland with Waistells. Fier county (Albania) is the location of Kuman, the place that named Comyns/Comine's, who share the DAGGER with Kilpatricks. The Comyn/Comine garbs are used by Waistells.

I DOVE into the pool to save the bulldog. It recalls the dove of Italian Paloma's, and the pale bars of Spanish Paloma's, in the colors of the PERO pale bar, for I first kissed Miss PEARE at La Paloma (where I would later kiss, for the first and only time, Miss Walsh on her cheek). The Kiss'/CUSH's share a red rooster with Bibo's, and the latter put the rooster on a CUSHion, you see, the Kilpatrick symbol. The Kilpatricks just led us to the bulldog in multiple ways. I'm not quite sure if this pointer of Kilpatricks to the bulldog, or vice versa, exhausts what God wants to do with this version of that scene. Probably not.

The Patricks, who share the black Kilpatrick saltire, were at a Lande location, signalling Helen on her landing exposing her breasts. The Brests/Brix's/Brisons trace to MontBrison at Mont Pilat while Pilotte's are also Pillows, and we may assume that God may have a special connection between Pillows and cushions. Scottish Brisons (same place as Walkers suspect with version of Kilpatrick Coat) share a white pheon with Pilate's/Pilotte's, but also share the spur with the Scottish Johnsons having a red-Chief version of the cushion-using Kilpatrick Coat. Kilpatrick castle is at CLOSEburn (Nith river), and Close's likewise use the spur, as do the Nith-river Knights/Nights.

In Hamilton Kilpatrick's obituary, he says he was a pilot. Kilpatricks can be linked to Bells, a branch of Bellamys, and Bellamys are kin of Harveys the French branch of which has a version of the Close Coat. Harveys named the Arve river to Geneva, and the Kilpatricks adopted a daughter, Geneva.

Now the lion with its paw on a green dragon's head, in the Kilpatrick Crest, can be gleaned as the Welsh Louis lion because Wilkens share the green wyvern dragon of Lewis', and the latter three surnames were all first found in Glamorganshire. The point is, Brests/Brix's share the lozenges of French Louis'. Therefore, if the breasts on the landing link to Kilpatricks, the Lande location of the Patricks can apply to those breasts. In that case, Pepin of Landen looks related, not only to the Helen horse heads, but to Lano's/lane's of Brescia/Brixia. To this I can add that I've only just now found, for the first time, the Lovis Coat, looked up as a version of "Louis." Lovis', first found in Devon with Alan- / Helen-line Stewarts, share ducks with French Alans (once showed ducks). The Lovis chevron is in Alan colors, and the Lovis Crest is a black seated bear, the point being that Landons (with an 'o') use black bears. Landons are in the colors and format of tent-using Tintons, both first found in Cornwall (beside Devon).

Repeat from the earlier paragraph having Tintons / Tintagel: "The Buds/Bude's have a Bude location in Cornwall, and God linked Buds/Bude's to the Kilpatrick bulldog." Spuds MacKenzie, that is, is the mascot for Bud Light BEER, and the Beers of Devon happen to have another black bear, can we believe it? Didn't Cecil Rhodes, founder of the Round Table, have some business dealings with De Beers diamonds? Mythical Percival was a knight of Arthur's round table, and the Crest of Leavell-related Percivals has a black bear head. Lewis' are said to be from Leavell-like Llewylyn. Buds/Bude's share the blue roundel with Arthurs and Table's, and Arthurs of Clapton married the Hicks.

Plus, when I bought the fiberglass bulldog in Hamilton for my birthday-party business, I already had a business location in Hamilton run by my employees, the Wingers. It just so happens that Wingers/Wingate's essentially use one of the Clapton Coats (Cheshire, same as Bellows).

Repeat; "An hour or two after writing the paragraph above, I was on the Percivals, which recalled the Bellows (version of Percival Coat) having the same cinquefoils as Hamiltons. Amazing. Bello's are also Belli's." The idea there is that I bought my bulldog in Hamilton, a pointer to Hamilton Kilpatrick. Bello's/Belli's were first found in Verona with Bellino's, and the latter has a bear paw. Kilpatricks/Shera's' have a lion paw, and while both Paw surnames have peacocks, that's the symbol of Harcourts who in turn share the double fesses of German Walkers, kin of Schere's/Scherfs.

The Verona's have a fish in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, which goes nicely with this Bellino/Belli link to the shark's teeth around a belly of a bulldog that God has apparently linked to Beers/Bears for making that point. And fish heads in the same colors as those fish are used by Lings/Lyngs while Lynch's share the Verona Coat aside from the fish. The Verona / Lynch Coat is a version of the Feller Coat, and Fellers are in the colors and format of Lings/Lyngs. Beers/Bears share a raven on a gold garb with Rooks, part of RockeFELLER liners. Could we thus see the shark as Rockefellers and Loretta Lynch? Bernice's (share black hunting horns with Arms of Traby) are linkable to Saraca's, and then Bernicia is now Berwick while Berwicks and Barwicks both use bears. Note that the Arms of Traby shares white feathers with Lights/Lite's.

If you've lost why bears should link to the bulldog, it's because the Spuds-MacKenzie bulldog is the mascot of Bud Light beer. The Buds/Bude's share the seven-pointed star of German Walkers while Scottish Walkers were first found in Berwickshire. The MacKenzie's use a ROCK, how about that. God wants to point to Rockefellers again, now with this bulldog-shark scene. The MacKenzie rock is in flames, as is the Bully heart.

There's a question as per the "burn" in "Closeburn." The Berne's use the bear too, and the Burns are a branch of Bernice's, both first found in Cumberland with Kilpatrick-beloved Daggers. Bernice's share the fesse in the Arms of Shark-liner Saraca's. Berne's were from Zahringers (founded Berne of Switzerland), and the latter have been suspect with Zerrs/ZEHRers, who happen to use hatchets while Hatchets are Hackets too while bear-using Beers (raven, compare with Rooks) were at Beer-Hacket, though first found in Devon, where Hykes/Hacks were first found.

"From June 2017 until March 2018, Dowd was a personal attorney representing President Donald Trump in the special counsel investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Dowd recommended to President Trump that attorney Ty Cobb be added to his legal team to manage matters with the special counsel." The Cobbs (fish) -- in the colors and format of Dogs, Boe's/Bullocks and Woodens -- have the Chief-Shield colors of Schiffs, and both surnames place a black-colored bird in their Chief. The "STEMmata" motto term of Cobbs can be for the stemmed roses of Schiff-suspect Shere's/Scherfs.

Stems are listed with Stevenson-branch Steins, and while Stevensons (same place as Rodhams/Roddens) share the Rodhams/Rodden bend, Rothschilds are listed with RoddenSTEINs. STAMfords and STANfords were first found in Staffordshire with Hixons/Hicksons, and Stanfords happen to share the goat with German Steins (Austria). Stamfords have lion heads in the colors of the Stein leopard faces. Cobbs have the Hykes/Hake Coat in colors reversed.

Flynns, who share a green snake with Austrian Schere's, have a wolf in the colors of the wolf heads of Scherf-like Scarfs. A Q-shaped scarf is used by Trabys/Sadowski's while ASTIKas', like the STICK of Schere's around which their snake is coiled, married Traby (see Wikipedia's Traby Arms article):

On December 2, 2017, the day after Mike Flynn plead guilty in federal court and agreed to cooperate with the special counsel's investigation, controversy erupted over Trump's tweeting about firing Flynn. It was reported Dowd had drafted the tweet that stated Trump had to fire General Flynn after he lied to the vice president and the FBI. Dowd did not comment, and referred reporters to fellow Trump attorney Ty Cobb's statement; however, Cobb said nothing about lying to the FBI being a factor in Flynn's firing...

On March 22, 2018, Dowd resigned as Trump's lead attorney in the Russia inquiry. Dowd cited Trump's repeatedly ignoring advice, clashing over legal strategy, and the recent hire of attorney Joseph diGenova to the legal team as justification for his resignation, while Trump cited his lack of confidence in Dowd to handle the investigation

Genova's are also Geneva's. The adopted daughter of the Kilpatricks was Geneva Daddy, and Daddys are also Dowds. John Dowd looks like a deep-state mole in the Trump camp.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman retained the services of Dowd in October 2019. Dowd emailed the House Intelligence Committee that they would not comply with an October 7 deadline to hand over documents concerning an impeachment inquiry of President Trump. The two men had previously peddled information [this is a leftist article, keep in mind] to President Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, about Ukrainian corruption involving Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. On October 9, Fruman and Parnas were arrested and indicted for funneling foreign money into U.S. elections [this looks like a frame job extraordinaire to silence Giuliani and DiGenova]. Parnas severed ties with Dowd [no kidding, sarcasm] the following month in preparation to comply with requests for record and testimony into the impeachment inquiry (article above).

Trump always has the wrong people on his team, unless they are in fact the right people because he too is a deep-state master of intrigue.


Well-well, Lou Dobbs says that Lindsey Graham is for going forward with the investigation on Chalupa. It now looks like an act of God. Chalupa was at the speartip of the attack-Trump program from Ukraine. None of this would be happening at this time, perhaps, unless the Democrats had gone forward with their impeachment (blunder). Besides, the devil may have realized that some serious action is needed because he's realized that God is unfolding his secret power structures.

So, Horowitz's FISA-abuse report comes out Monday. All we want to see is his admission that Hillary Clinton, in combination with the DNC, paid for the Steele dossier. That's all that's needed to lock James Comey in prison because the FBI applicant for the FISA applications knew that the DNC paid for the dossier. It was admitted in the footnotes of the application(s), though it didn't outright tell the FISA judges that the DNC in particular paid for it. It was camouflaged by Comey's FBI. That's jail time on a matter such as this. That piece-of-garbage Barr can't get out of this, unless the Trump supporters let him get away with it on the false hope that Barr's going to be harder on their side in the Durham report. Trump supporters are being strung along to get Trump elected, and after that, Barr can do even less to clean swamp.

Trump in my words: "It's just despicable what they're doing to Nunes, you know, just despicable what they do everyday to my other supporters...blah-blah," but he never lifts a finger to help them. Barr snubs his nose at Judicial Watch, working very hard on donations from Trump supporters to discover what corruption was taking place in THEIR government, but Trump doesn't call Barr into his office to demand that he gives to JW what they as the people deserve to have. Instead, JW gets dribbles usually of nothing filled with key redactions. Trump allows the money, efforts and expectations of his voters to go wasted.

Here's Bongino late in the week interviewing Gregg Jarret, providing all the reasons that Horowitz shouldn't get away with a soft knock against the FISA engineers. If Horowitz leaves out any of these key, known facts, he had best have a good reason, because the country is in dire need of cutting out the cancer NOW, because the cancer wants badly to entrench itself NOW. The deeper it gets entrenched, the harder it will be to remove, later, because it fights back. Both Bongino and Jarret are unconfident about whether Barr will arrest any one of the FISA engineers.

That was a good interview. It by-far beats the two minutes that Hannity gives guests. Hannity has too-many guests per hour, trying to cover too many going stories. That's a bad format. Hannity asks a guest a question, and when the response is given, rather than adding to the response, he more-often goes on to the next question already prepared. It amounts to a train of shallow "discussions," and, more or less, he keeps control of the outcome by not allowing guests to expound. I'm wondering whether his questions need to be given the green light by a representative of Fox's bosses before they make it onto the show. That could be hideous.

If you've desired an alternative news page to the sleazy Drudge Report, which has way-more leftist articles (because Drudge is after money, not cancer-cutting), try Bongino's new idea attempting such an alternative. He calls it the Bongino Report (I've just bookmarked it; never seen it before). The play of the name on "Drudge Report" reminds me of when I thought about starting a new coffee chain, Two-Bucks. Get coffee and warm breakfast sandwich all for two dollars, because I like making people happy while putting out-of-business the greedy. I'd give my life to that. It's obscene that sales merely of coffee, donuts and sausage sandwiches can make many millionaires. It could become Three-Bucks when $2 won't cover it anymore.

Christians should all start new chains that are essentially non-profit. Be disciplined: make just enough to put food on your table; pay workers well; destroy the greedy; make God happy; be genuinely charitable; earn rewards in heaven. It's not the American way, and it's therefore GREAT. To make American great again, bring down prices to where no one becomes a billionaire. Y'hear that Mr. Trump? When Mr. Trump gives his billions away to poor, hard workers, then I will consider him great. Until then, he's a tool of the devil's economy. That's how I see it, because that's how God sees it, guaranteed.

Wow, no sex-robot articles in the Bongino Report. No faggot headlines. No transgender articles, a breath of fresh air. Even WND had regular faggot news, which is why I stopped checking it. Can we go on with life not hearing about queers, please? Is that important at all? Is sleazy, adulterous Hollywood important at all? As per my first gawk at the Bongino Report: excellent direction. It takes a lot of work to put that together. I'm wondering whether they will update it daily or weekly. I don't expect alternative, false-flag-conspiracy views on his page, however, and he may tend not to permit an over-tainting of police elements even when they deserve it.

I like to read alternative ideas that counter leftist storylines, and there is a good case to be made that media-hyped mass shootings are inside jobs to get guns out of homes. Placing a gag on that type of speech is, if it's respectable speech, the wrong thing to do. For example: Bill Barr's treatment of the Epstein hanging deserves the other side's views because they are respectable. That's what media should be about, ALL of the respectable views. If there are stories seeking to make Barr look correct when he looks awfully incorrect, that's not necessarily news but more like a rescue-Barr job. It's exactly what a deep state needs from the media. Bill Barr is now a king-pin in the deep state; he has the choice of cutting out the cancer, or protecting it. What should the conservative media do, protect him just because he's Trump's nominee? That's not true news; it's state-media news.

The article below, "53 Admitted False Flag Attacks", will wake a lot of people up: "A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that – under orders from the chief of the Gestapo – he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. Nazi general Franz Halder also testified at the Nuremberg trials that Nazi leader Hermann Goering admitted to setting fire to the German parliament building in 1933, and then falsely blaming the communists for the arson...The British Prime Minister admitted to his defense secretary that he and American president Dwight Eisenhower approved a plan in 1957 to carry out attacks in Syria and blame it on the Syrian government as a way to effect regime change." This is not new; expect it in end-time USA, even to the point of falsely framing Christians.

Also from the above: "The United States Army’s 1994 publication Special Forces Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces – updated in 2004 – recommends employing terrorists and using false flag operations to destabilize leftist regimes in Latin America. False flag terrorist attacks were carried out in Latin America and other regions as part of the CIA’s “Dirty Wars“. And see this." Why not faked terrorists also in the Middle East and inside the USA? And here's a scary part for any individual: "Britain’s spy agency has admitted (and see this) that it carries out 'digital false flag' attacks on targets, framing people by writing offensive or unlawful material … and blaming it on the target."

Unfortunately, covering Epstein gets into sleaze, but I feel that God wants me to cover the deep-state aspects behind his operations. There's an Epstein segment near the end of this Watters'-World video of this weekend; note in the comments section how many mistaken / brainwashed Q followers watch Watters:

Let me get this straight. Q says he has access to sensitive, inside information, yet he pushed the theory that Mueller, Sessions and Trump were secretly working together to nab the deep-state, and promising a storm of arrests to come. Achem, and the followers still think he's legitimate? I suppose they think that Barr is playing softball as a disguise for his coming storm. Does anyone really think that they could play this way without getting caught by the many Trump enemies? If not, then are the many Q expounders a group of deceivers working together to defeat gullible Trump supporters? Could be. It's even possible that Q is a Trump supporter having the task of deceiving Trump supporters.

The first segment of this Friday's Bongino show is a good issue to be aware of. In a society in which privacy rights are being made cheap for a broad purpose, it's not surprising that the phone companies are giving up our phone calls to any Democrat activist requesting them. This has been going on for a lot longer than Schiff of late, from the spy agencies. It's just a no-brainer that sinister people in spy agencies will ply phone companies until they get the desired results one way or another, even if it takes infiltrating the phone companies with their own people. This is the definition of "deep state": infiltration of the power structures to imbed their own operators and sleeper cells for use at a moment's notice. To best control the operators, get them from Epstein Enterprises or similar troll-making factories. For a price, pick-and-choose from a long list the operators most vulnerable to blackmail.

We are entering a dangerous times, Christians. When Democrats get power back, they will set up their reigns of power against us as one of their agendas. We are one of their key-enemy, political blocs. Their social war is already against Christian values so that we could very-well be a priority in their agendas as soon as they regain power. What shall we do?

I would not phrase Bongino's second segment as he has. I have seen nothing from Putin to suggest that he would celebrate the crumbling of the United States aside from the American globe trotters who've mistreated him. In other words, Putin seems to have a normal mind and heart that would not wish a disaster upon any country...unless it seeks to crumble Russia or other nations. It is indisputable that the Americans have collapsed Middle-East countries while getting into Russia's face with hurtful things toward it. What doesn't Bongino understand about this?

Yes, it's possible that Putin is a sinister, Soviet-style mind, but I've seen no evidence from the way he conducts business inside his own country. He's not calling the children to be brainwashed by atheism, a major tenet of Sovietism. In fact, Sovietism is inside the United States with Obama and his minions trying to get power back. Yes, these Democrats push an atheistic society. There is evidence that a Rothschild faction founded Sovietism in 1917.

The Middle-East agenda of the Americans has been confusing me for more than ten years as per whether the anti-Christ will be a Russian, as I once believed solidly, or a Rus-based Rothschild in the United States / Europe. Zionist Christians may have the wrong view of the anti-Christ. Although he will war against Christians, he is also a tool of God to attack Rothschilian, Zionist Israel. Plus, his attack against Christians has the Godly purpose of moving us out of cities and urban areas into country / wilderness locations, where we will be safer from demonic elements on the streets that abide by the directions of anti-Christ forces at that time. In this light, the anti-Christ is a good thing.

The Americans in the face of Russia could cause Russia to attack Israel with Arabs. The youtube channel, DT News, a fly-by-night-gone-tomorrow channel, clipped out Sara Carter speaking on Epstein in Watters' World. Youtube is allowing these channels to air Fox shows for the very purpose of clipping out all seriously damaging news on the deep state. The deep state is highly suspect in airing these Fox-fix shows, and youtube provides that these channels come up first, before the conservative channel owners, so that the deep state can have a near-monopoly on Fox shows. This needs to be stopped. It's skewing the free debate in the world, gagging the good guys. Someone in the comments says: "You cut out Sarah Carter’s interview Terrible recording". No, it's not terrible recording; it's deliberate. It's happening all the time, every week by many. Besides, this video has a date, December 7, but is as many as three weeks old. They do this all the time, replace a day's show with an old one hoping no one notices. YOUTUBE STINKS.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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