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How should we feel when tax-payers foot the bill for the West to intrude into the Middle East for the purpose of profiting business-wise? Maliki must have been offered something by Obama, belonging to American tax-payers, because he's now changed his mind suddenly about whether to allow American soldiers to stay longer than this year:

Iraq's prime minister said [May 11] he might ask thousands of U.S. troops to remain in the country next year provided that a solid majority of the main political parties back the request at a meeting this month.

Nouri al-Maliki's comments indicated a shift...

The prime minister told reporters he will meet with Iraqi political leaders by the end of May to gauge support...

The Obama administration has said it wants to know within weeks whether Baghdad will seek to continue more than eight years of a heavy U.S. military presence in Iraq. During a trip to Iraq in April, Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, urged the Iraqis to decide very soon, saying they had a matter of weeks, because the U.S. must begin planning its exit.;_ylt=AlGRyCeoY3vJFWWq6Vv5UJn5SpZ4


The article says that both the Sunni and Kurds of northern Iraq want the Obamilitary to stay. If the Shi'ites don't get their way by ridding the country of the Obamilitary, there could be a civil war. It will all depend on how badly the globe trodders want to stay, or how much they are willing to pay (of the peoples' money) the objectors to get their way. The article says that the deadline for an answer from Maliki one way or the other is August. Plenty of time for wheeling and dealing. The price will be very high because Maliki is in trouble with Shi'ites (the Iraq majority group) just for bringing the issue to a vote.

On the same day that the article came out, we read that the Iraqi president, a Kurd, arrived to the United States for a medical check-up. That just can't be true. There must be a secret meeting with O-dministration agents set up, and the discussions will be to carry out a plan to get the Obamilitary to stay longer. It's the Kurds who put in a request (formal, I think) to have the Obamilitary stay longer. General Mattis must be involved in this.

Think about this. There would be an increase in scums setting up road-side bombs to target the military should it announce a longer stay, and young American men then need to take such risks just because globe trodders want a bigger piece of the Middle-East business world. You don't really think that Obama wants to keep the soldiers there to help build Iraq, do you? Or, put it this way, that the West wants to build Iraq into a West-like West-friendly nation so that the West can have a bigger piece of the action, as compared to an Iraq leaning toward Russia or Iran. And the American businesses that do get Iraq pie wouldn't be there to do the American tax payers any favors.

The evil of "governments," before American democracy was born, is that kings would take the money of the people to build their armies for to expand their empires so that they could steal the money of the losers-in-war and buy more soldiers and weapons to expand their empires. The Democrats railed against Bush for using young men in this way and for these purposes, and yet here the Democrats, from the top, are doing exactly the same now. Remember, the Weir Group (Scotland) admitted to acting illegally when conducting business with Saddam Hussein. We then wonder how many Rothschild-associated companies and families are seeking Middle East oil and other lucra-inroads.

It seems certain now that Obama has been found guilty of breaking U.S. law by being complicit to forging his own birth certificates. See that the form submitted by the O-dministration, number 19641, was taken from the form number 10611, where the middle '1' was transformed into a '4'. This doesn't necessarily mean that Obama's true form was the one numbered 10611, for it could be that this is the form, belonging to someone else, by which the forgers created Obama's certificate. If that turns out to be the case (i.e. if 10611 belongs to someone else, then we can assume that Obama was not born in Hawaii, otherwise, if 10611 belonged to Obama, then we would assume they would use it only to change the information thereon that they Obama didn't want the people to know. It is being suspected that they chose to use 10641 because that number belonged to a child who died at birth, meaning that using that number wouldn't likely have been discovered by the birth parents. Article at:

Speaking of a corporate-state partnership, "Billionaire Alexander Lebedev announced [May 20] that he would give up his banking business because of [blah-blah] harassment from the Federal Security Service [end blah blah] and team up with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's All-Russia People's Front."

corruption You see, as expected, "Vladimir Putin has decided to run for the presidency next year" The article tells that Putin's looking for excuses to bump off Medvedev, and of course that includes painting him as an unsatifactory president. Politics is a dirty business, no matter how sweet Medvedev may be.

Adel Abdul-Mahdi, with Marxist tendencies, and some France-friendly as well as Iran-friendly ties, has been re-appointed to the Iraqi vice-presidency, on decision of the Kurdish president. Apparently, Mahdi is also Kurd-friendly.

On Obama's announcement that Israel's borders should revert to the pre-1967 borders: just watching the reactions, and whether Obama will ever have the political opportunities to really dig the knife into Israel's back. This latest development is more like a poke to the outer skin, though Netanyahu is using it to cry murder just the order to prevent a deeper betrayal, which we all know hypOcrite wants to commit if only he could get away with it.

Death toll in Syria now at nearly 1,000, and yet hypoOcrite has not done in Syria what he claimed to be valiant action in Lybia and Egypt. Medvedev has now been signalling a new cold war (or a stepping away from the reset button). Standard leveraging diplomacy, but it could be the reason that Syria's leader is getting away with murder. Although the E.U has decided on May 23 to level sanctions against a baker's dozen of Syrians, it has not done the same against the Syrian leader, obviously fearing reprisal. One fear is that Syria will openly tilt more toward Iran and/or Russia. However, sanctions were leveled at Syrian interests, and EU threats are being made to place Assad on the sanctions' list. He's already on the O-list. Russian media is too unexpectedly silent on this matter, evocative of the silence when the Libyan intrusion began.

Is the following spoken by a high-level Vere: "'We have been calling on the High Representative (EU's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton) for several weeks now to get agreement on tough and targeted sanctions on the Syrian leadership and not just on second tier officials,' said this week Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Liberal group at the European Parliament." The U.S. goal must be to replace Assad with a pro-West leader, and so we'll need to see how badly Russia wants Assad to stay in power as the process runs on. While the purpose of slicing off Iran's right arm (i.e. removing Assad) may be deemed admirable by Americans, such a bold move could set Russia's trigger in shoot-mode.

In Lebanon, the look of the next government has not been fully decided upon:

US President Barack Obama accused Hezbollah of carrying out political assassination and pledged Sunday that the United States will stand up to the Iranian-backed militant group

"Iran continues to support terrorism across the region, including providing weapons and funds to terrorist organizations," Obama said in reference to Hezbollah

...Hezbollah reportedly threatened to kill Jumblatt and members of his parliamentary bloc if they did not vote for their candidate (Mikati) during the presidential consultations aimed at appointing a PM designate to form a new government .

Emailer Patterson wrote in to remind me that one of her mother's sides is a Hill, and suggested that Hills are therefore Halls. She made a good case in just the Moratin tower shown on the Hill Coat!! We might think that Hills should be all over, and yet only one Hill Coat comes Hall and Hull colors, and a BLACK fesse.

The Hill motto, Avancez," smacks of "Avranches." The motto is interpreted as "Advance," the Speer motto!!! Those exclamation marks are for the expected Hall links to Speers. It now suggests to me that Speers were linked to the D'Avrances bloodline, and if I recall correctly, the Vere-Meschin line from Cheshire to Moray (via BLACKwood elements) was from a Ralph character in the D'Avrances fold (someday I should dig that up from my files). Blackwoods use a crescent, but the Black Coat (Kyle and Cauley stars) uses a crescent in Speer-crescent colors.

Speaking of garlands last week as one is used in the Gilmore Crest: the Hill Crest is "A silver tower surmounted with a garland of laurel." Hill=Gil???

The Blackwood crescent is in the color of the Savone crescent, which I say because Savones were linked to the Savary-branch Speers, while the Gilmore Coat motto has a potential Savary code in "PerSEVERanti." Hmm, the other Gilmore motto term, "dibitur," has a "bitur" buried within it, and the Bitur Coat (BLACK cross) uses hearts in the colors of the Lanarkshire hearts, apparently related to the topic at hand because the Blackwood location is in Lanarkshire.

The Blacks are also Blakes, leading to a Blake clan using a Caddel variation because Blakes were at first Caddells. A separate Caddell Coat is in Cassel colors, potentially defining Caddells as Catti of Hesse-Cassel. These Blakes/Caddells use a fret, which I define as a saltire cross with mascle at the center, wherefore note the mascle at the center of the Blackwood Coat. Then, English Blakes use a "BLACK pale" and a "dragon's heade PALLETee."

It recalls the pale (under fitchee crosses) used by the Creeks/Crichs, who were linked to Carricks, very relevant because I traced the Vere-Meschin line among Blackwoods to Thomas, earl of Moray, thought by historians to be from the Carricks...first found in Ayrshire where Blackwoods were first found. And Gilmores were also first found in Ayrshire.

Now, for further support of Gil(more)=Hill, the Hill write-up: "First found in Worcestershire, where one line is descended from the De Montes of CastleMORton [caps mine] in Worcestershire. The manor of Hillend in Castlemorton, Worcester was likely built on land held by Odo de Monte, or Hill, in 1238-9...Other early records of the name include GILbert [caps mine] del Hill, listed in the Pipe Rolls for Norfolk in 1191... Put that MORTON castle next to the MORATIN tower (on the Hill Coat), and we have a Hill trace to the tower symbol that has been tentatively defined as a Tuareg tower to the Halland Norwegians (and no doubt to other Thor entities, perhaps even to the heart-using Swedish Thor surname). Then compare "Hillend" in the quote above "Halland."

There is a Hillend Coat ("annulets" in Chief) showing a Holland and Hool variation. It uses two lions facing one another (found also in the Spanish Gil Coat), but with a tower between them tending to prove that Hillends were indeed a Hill branch. ZOWIE, just realized that while the Hillend tower is also the Abreu tower, the two Spanish Gil lions are very comparable to the Abreu lions!

As it was predicted at the outset of the Hill topic above that Hills should be of Blackwood elements, so the Hillend crescents are in Blackwood-crescent colors.

The Hillend write-up shows an early "attehill" term, said to mean, "at the hill," but if that sounds corny, perhaps Catti-Hill may do better. Or even Atha-Hill, where the Atha surname is the Welsh Bath surname. As I trace Athas/Baths to the Bitur surname (that co-founded the Baathist party, it could explain why Gilmores use a bitur term buried in their motto.

While the Moratin tower is on a Spanish Coat, Scottish Mortons were first in Cheshire. The assumed link between Hills (of CastleMorton) and Blackwoods assumes further that Hills were linked to the Meschin-Vere line out of Cheshire (the one that went to the Blackwoods). The BLACK buckles of the Mortons should be code for the BLACK-Shielded Buckles/Buckleys of Cheshire, styled at one point as "Bulkeleys-of-Mascy."

Obama is in Britain. The first article I got to this Monday morning said: "...Irish deputy prime minister Eamon Gilmore and his wife Carol Hanney..."

Emailer Patterson/Hall/Hill emailed after this update was already published, and it led to some further interesting points, but they were located as a follow-up at the end of the previous update, which you can go to direct, here. It shows how Rockefellers appear to be the Hall bloodlne, which turns out to imply a logical Helen-cult migration to Poland, but also to Herminone Germanics (the latter are emphasized in a hunt for proto-Helen in Phoenicia).

Here's a series of Lindsey Williams videos on the Middle East. I haven't seen them as I can't view videos where I'm now staying.


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