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April 26 - May 1, 2011

Foot for Thought
The Foetes Topic is Growing Legs
Vere-ing Back to the Magdalene-cult Stewarts
You won't run through this update in one sitting even if you had three legs

If Iraq's parliamentary speaker is any indication, U.S. soldiers in Iraq are a thing of the past:

Iraq's Parliament Speaker, Usama al-Nujeify, has reiterated that the presence of the foreign forces in Iraq was under discussion by the government, but said that the Parliament had the final say to approve or reject that, according to a statement by his office on [April 25].

"Nujeify, in a reception given to the Japanese Ambassador to Baghdad, has reiterated that the people of Iraq rejects the presence of foreign forces on its territory, the statement said, adding that

The parliament gets to decide, and the parliament is already decided. Get out.

Admittedly, the sort of escalation that I was expecting from the Baathists of Iraq in the past several months has not materialized. Perhaps the Baathists don't want to give the Iraqi people any reason to keep the U.S. soldiers as some indecision and reflection on the matter grips the nation. Decision time must be soon because the American military brass needs to start evacuating long before the end of the year. But even if they are half or more evacuated when the Iraqis change their minds, I think the Americans will be happy to return. The Baathists may suspect this and would for that reason consider laying low until the military is completely gone.

Will the American military move to Libya. Not if the Russians can help it, and they are still threatening the West should it escalate its efforts there. There has been some escalation already in the form of Obama-sanctioned drones, but rapid escalation may not be the plan, anyway. So long as Gaddafi remains a potential threat, the Americans can use the fact to move in whenever they deem it necessary, wherefore the less power the West uses now to quell Gaddafi, the better for the plan. Fox:

The violence in Syria echoes that of what happened in Libya, with dozens of civilian protestors being killed at the hand of a Middle East leader [400 dead as of this article, according to one article], yet the White House is defending its response so far to the unrest in Syria by arguing that the two scenarios are different.

We get it, that when Libya kills Libyans in such-and-such a way, they are dear to the super-saviors-of-the-West coming straight away to the mighty rescue, but when Syria kills Syrians in so-so a way, too bad for them, let them die. Syrian protestors don't fit the criteria on how to die properly in order to get the attention of the saviors of the world, you understand that, don't you??? Spit!

If Democrats don't believe that Obama is in Libya for oil and other wealth objects, then they should at least give Obama a rebuke for picking on a small-timer Gaddafi while being scared of the bigger Assad. Is that any way to run a super-hero administration? Spit!

The only way that I'd view Obama as a superman, in this case, is if he'd come out and tell the truth, stop lying. Just confess that he can't do to Syria what he's doing in Libya because Russians and others would not tolerate it as they have tolerated north Africa so far. Libya and Syria too, at the same time, would be a massive war threat engaging by many competing nations.

"The [Obama] administration also does not consider the U.S. at war with Libya. NATO forces are currently bombing Qaddafi's compound, but initial reports say he was not injured in the blasts." Let me get this straight. The United States practically runs NATO, and yet the United States is not at war with Libya even though NATO is bombing the Libyan leader. Okay, so if I invaded my neighbor's house, I would not be guilty of breaking into his house because it's not his house, in my opinion, but that of his wife and kids. I get it. Totally logical. Spit!

So here is what globalists do. They pit a nation's people on people, and give support to the "kids" after convincing them to become enemies of the household's official owner. It's not unlike trying to turn Eve against Adam and his Maker. If the liberal media didn't want to report the truth last week, WikiLeaks did when it revealed that Americans are involved with a Syrian plot to turn protestors on the Syrian government. Yes, the Syrian government is bad, but it's not worse than the American government. There is nothing that Arab dictators are doing, including the killing of their own people, that Bush's and Obama's inner circles haven't done. All are corrupt, all are guilty, and all will come together like porkers in an Armageddon mud pit. That's how I read the prophetic story.

Obama is practically forbidden to offer the Libyan rebels military weaponry, but on April 27, he agreed to send millions of dollars to aid rebels in other ways: "The pledge of non-lethal aid includes medical supplies, uniforms, boots, tents, personal protective gear, radios..." This is not insignificant for beefing up the weaponry of the rebels because the aid amounts to money that the rebels will save...for which they can then put toward the purchase of weapons.

Uniforms boost their morale as a fighting force, and moreover the rebels will feel more indebted to the Americans so that the latter can take something in return while/after Gaddafi is quashed. The article goes on to say: "At the same time, the Obama administration has eased its sanctions against Libya to allow for the sale of oil controlled by the rebels. That move will allow Libya's opposition forces to use the income from oil sales to buy weapons and other supplies. The U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control issued the order [April 27]. It will allow U.S. companies to engage in transactions involving oil, natural gas and other petroleum products if the petroleum exports will benefit the opposition Transitional National Council of Libya."

So, Obama, who is not supposed to arm the rebels, is arming the rebels. And this is what the United States does all over the world: create puppet governments in unstable areas that later turn out to be anti-American. In the meantime, certain globalist financial people make money on weapons and other deliberate schemes. It doesn't exactly move the people to place faith in "foreign policy."

Here is Nicholas de Vere slithering down my tree of life and being no-less arrogant than the serpent of Eden (he doesn't deserve privacy after writing this very unorthodox rot):

I trust you have the intellect and intuition to understand that I think that your life choice [regarding a Biblical Jesus] is psychotic. As for not being able to be my friend (I didn't ask), aren't you fundamentalist myopics supposed to love everyone?

You have lost your own argument. I didn't have one to begin with. I have the mind of Christ, as promised in Scripture. The word Dragon means to "See Clearly", isn't that a part of the Biblical promise concerning the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You are lost in the wilderness my friend, perhaps you ought to ask Moses to lift the Brazen Serpent (Dragon) up to guide you. I hope the Lord helps you to grow up soon. You are not ready for the meat of doctrine yet, but, like all so-called "christians" you still suckle at the tit of truth and wisdom.

I have no intention of insulting you with these observations. I was like you once, then God drew me out of the Pulpit lunacy and showed me the Truth.

We get it. A dragon-light Christ. There are many ways to indicate the Light of God. Using a dragon symbol is not only unnecessary for the purpose, but sends a conflicting message that tends to glorify satan. Nicholas had written previously (signing off as "Nickie" originally; sounded like he wanted to be a friend...and more) saying that he is not a satanist. When he appeals to the serpent lifted up by Moses, as though somehow the serpent refers to the Light of God, he mis-judges, for the serpent of Moses was a symbol of the sin of the people, not a symbol of the Healer.

I take his email above to mean that the Illuminati sees "clearly" from its third eye the things that we short-sighted Christians don't see (thank God, we don't). For the purpose of writing to Christians, Illuminatists masquerade as Christians to implant their warped ideas. I'm going to share my response to de Vere:

The Biblical directive to love enemies means that, if they ask for something, we should give it. Or, if they are in need, we can share with them too, as we would with others. It doesn't mean that we can't have enemies if they deplore us for what we believe. Nor does it mean that we are directed by God to become friends with those who love and promote dragon blood. You get that, Nicholas, so don't think that you're shaking me up with the venom you decided to use on me. I understand that you couldn't help your natural inclination.

At least you were showing your true side, which may indicate that part of you, the real you, may want out from your natural inclination. I know what drives you, and it's not the real you. It's a part of you, to be sure, but it's a foreign invader that has merged with the real you, and leaves you deeply unsatisfied. I've experienced much of how you've felt at times due to this invasion of lusty, ruthless, and mind-bending spirits. In my case, I was found by the Biblical Exorcist before the invaders got me down the paths of their occult illumination.

You were wrong to imply that I didn't love you, for I lifted up exactly what you need, the Biblical Jesus. And for that I got hissed at. What am I yet doing in return? Giving you what you need: correction.

You knew I was a typical, fundamentalist Christian when you initially wrote in to chat. So what did you have in mind, dragon? Did you expect me to become a good buddy with someone who distorts the Biblical Jesus? Were you expecting that I would put my faith aside to chat it up with a dragon lover? Or did you just want to argue in the first place? Why did you insist that I write back to you when I was slow to do so? Were you expecting someone like yourself that you could revel with?

I am not enlightened as you are, and never wish to be. I don't know what you mean by a dragon-light Jesus, but let me tell you that if the Biblical Jesus is not the truth, I don't want to know any other Jesus...invented by anyone. It would be foolish to follow a Jesus invented by a man. The reason that you can't appreciate my belief that the Biblical Jesus was not invented is because He condemns you for latching to another Christ. And you naturally strive against those who hold in faith to the One who condemns you because you are unable to accept your error. When you become man enough to admit the error of your waywardness, then you will become the child that God wants you to be. Please don't despise me for being a child, for apart from that no one will see the Kingdom of God.

The good news is that the Day of no-more-mercy has not yet arrived. The bad news is, it's not likely that you will ever accept the Biblical Jesus. But God is one of surprising miracles. He can vaporize the spirits that have you bound, the spirits that won't allow you to think any other way than the way you do naturally. You see, Nicholas, my wish is that you become cleansed and saved. And now you cannot accuse me of not loving my enemy.

Unfortunately, you will view my words here as one elevating himself above you, and you, not wishing to be out-done, will respond that your dragon-light Jesus is superior to my old-hat Jesus. Whatever you do, should you wish to continue chatting, don't educate me on a dragon-light Jesus. For me, that picture is an oxymoron, and it makes me think that you're one of the end-time false teachers that we should avoid and expose.

On the Solid Rock I stand or fall, and you wish for me to fall. Is that love, Nicholas? Isn't it just your challenge, your mission, your desire, that I fall? I know what Illuminatists want to convince the world of, that Biblical Christians are wayward and in need of correction. That we are dangerous for our particular beliefs, and that something drastic has to be done about us. Watch out that you do not trip over your shoe laces at the most-critical time, Nicholas, when you think to do us harm.

With calls on Obama to do something about illogical run-away gas prices, Eric Holder announces he's thinking to create a special task force. But look at this one fact that applies not only to the United States, but to Canada and elsewhere too:

Attorney General Eric Holder said on [April 26] that he saw some "disturbing" things in the energy markets, which support forming the task force unveiled last week to investigate possible fraud and manipulation.

"There are at least a couple of things that are I think disturbing and I think we'll look into those," Holder told reporters...when asked...,P> ...Previous administrations have set up task forces to investigate possible manipulation and fraud in the energy markets but have never brought any significant cases or charges.

Yes, previous task forces always came up empty, to our great surprise, just as if the oil people are manipulating not only the markets, but the task forces. Or, the task forces were frauds in the first place, provided with official leaders who are secretly pro-oil people in the first place.

Obama has reasons to keep the price of oil high because higher gas prices bring in a higher tax intake. It's no secret that Obama wants to get more taxes from oil companies, but does anyone stop to consider that this is all Obama wants, that he doesn't want gas prices to go down?

House Speaker John Boehner [a Republican], a day after saying Congress should consider scaling back tax breaks for big oil companies, appeared to reel in that political olive branch [April 27]...

The Republican speaker...lawmakers "ought to take a look" at President Obama's call to save billions by ending those benefits.

Not surprisingly, the White House and its allies applauded Boehner and urged his colleagues to follow suit. Obama...called for "immediate action to eliminate unwarranted tax breaks for the oil and gas industry" -- a tax trove he values at $4 billion a year.

The evil in it all is that companies that have their taxes raised can just pass the extra costs to the consumers so that ultimately the people pay the increased taxes.

Here's a twist:

The White House today [April 27] released a copy of President Obama's "Certificate of Live Birth," a document that for the first time claims Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital [in Hawaii] as the president's birth place.

Donald Trump, who is taking credit for this twist, asks a question on all our minds: "Why [Obama] didn't do it when the Clintons asked for it. Why he didn't do it when everyone else was asking about it, I don't know." Perhaps Jerome Corsi knows (he'll be revealing new things about Obama's birth details in the middle of May). The article above implies that the Certificate of Live Birth shows Obama's "father's race as 'African'," but we already knew that. The question is, was Obama Sr. his father?

Obama's attitude and evasiveness is the real cause for the birther movement, and yet he said: "the nation can't solve problems if 'we spend time vilifying each other...if we just make stuff up and pretend facts are not facts...if we get distracted by side shows and carnival barkers." Well, then Mr. president (with small 'p' for the time being), if you didn't want to distract the nation, why didn't you leave the Certificate up for public viewing these past two years?

Why is the birther movement portrayed "crazy." Why is it crazy to suspect that something's wrong when the president of the United States spends millions of legal fees to keep Americans from seeing his birth records? Why is it crazy to think that something's wrong when Obama has taken this long to make the Certificate of Live Birth available for American scrutiny? Obama's election team had disclosed a short-form Certification of Live Birth, claiming that there was no longer form...until World Net Daily disclosed a long-form Certification of Live Birth belonging to twins born the day before Obama's official birth. The O-team promptly removed their short-form document from the public view when questions about it's legitimacy sprang up. So, why is it crazy to suspect something?

...Barack Obama was given a higher certificate number than the Nordyke twins [No. 151 -; 61 - 10638].

Barack Obama was given Certificate No. 151 - 1961 - 10641, even though he was born Aug. 4, 1961, the day before the Nordyke twins...

World Net Daily has a slew of articles at this time if you're interested further, claiming that the Certificate provided by the O-dministration is a fraud. In one article stating that professional graphic artists have caught the fraud red-handed, we read: "Hawaii Department of Health spokeswoman Janet Okubo explained to WND in an email that the certified copy issued to Obama is a photocopy on safety paper 'of the original Certificate of Live Birth.' She confirmed the state's previous statement that Department of Health Director Linda Fuddy 'personally witnessed the copying of the original Certificate of Live Birth and attested to the authenticity of the two copies.'"

The point is that a Fuddy surname was involved in EARLIER efforts to protect Obama's birth records, at a time when no officials were releasing the long-form Certificate. It could be that those in the Fuddy circle had everything to do with the evasive activity and the false reports, for I had linked Obama's Wolfley bloodline solidly to the Fido and/or Fiddle/Fidelow surnames...long before I discovered the Fuddy surname just now.

The Fuddy/Fudas Coat uses a talbot dog centrally, officially called a "mastiff" in this case. The Fotty variation evokes the Foetes/Fussen location in Bavaria.

Zowie, "mastiff" was just looked up to get the definition, and here's what I got: "A mastiff is a type of large dog often used as guard dogs." When I first linked Obama's Wolfley bloodline to the Fidos and/or the Surrey Fidelows (the latter use the Wolfley wolf, albeit only the head), it was linked simultaneously to the Gard(e) surname! The Irish Gard Coat uses the Wolfley-Coat wolf, and the sleeved arm in the Gard Crest is reflective of the same in the Wolfley Crest. The latter clan was first in Cheshire, and a hawk's lure, used in the Gard Crest, is used also by the Cheshire surname. Hmm, variations include ChesSHERE.

Wow!! The paragraph below was already written when I noticed the Chesshere variation and inserted the fact above. I was insinuating the possibility of a Cheshire link to the Scher(f), Shera (etc) clans discussed in the last update. While I was writing the last sentence in the paragraph above, the Shire surname was loading to check for links to the Cheshires, and what came up but a black talbot, and a black-on gold Shield, both features in the Carrick Coat. Again, the paragraph below had already been written by that time, which implies that Carricks were from (or at least closely related to) Cheshire elements to the Moray Randolphs.

I had traced Obama's Randolph bloodline (Moray) back to "Ranulph" le Meschin, who married the Talbot bloodline, and I had found evidence at Wikipedia's article on Thomas Randolph, first early of Moray, that Thomas was related to the Carricks of Ayrshire. The Scottish Carrick/Kerrick Coat, which uses talbots officially, has a "Garde Bien" motto!

Back to the Shire Coat, which has previously been shown several times over the years as "Shere" or similar terms ("Sheer" in the last update). It uses black crosslets like the Davenports of Cheshire. BUT ZOWIE, compare the black-on-gold crosslets of the Shires/Sheres to the Sher/Schere/SCHERF Coat's black-on-gold crosslet!!! (The latter Coat comes up when entering "Sher" too!). In the last update, it had been discovered to my satisfaction that a Nazi spy of the Scherf surname was U.S. president, George Bush Sr.

Both the Fidelows and Shires/Sheres were first found in SURrey.

From the last update:

As the Bavarian Illuminati was connected [by others too] wholesale to Hesse elements, note the "Esse" motto term of the Sheriff Coat. There you see two red roses, a symbol in the Scher(f) Coat.

I share that because I have argued many times that "Ches(s)hire" is itself rooted in "Hesse" elements. As the Cheshire surname was first found in Essex," it dawned on me that "Essex" may also have been named after "Hesse" elements rather than the standard claim that it was derived from "east."

The English Mayze surname uses "Garde ti bien" in the motto, making it suspect as a Carrick and Gard bloodline, and indeed it uses Carrick black on gold. The German Mayse surname (in Carrick but also Scher(f) colors), first found in Austria where the Scher(f) surname was first found, uses a mouse on a white bar that I've linked in the past to the Welsh/Chesire Davis and David surname, important because I say Obama was a Davis bloodline on his true father's side.

That plays well into a topic that I intended to re-visit before the paragraph above was added as part of the topic, that topic being my identification of many cartoon characters as codes used deliberately by Illuminatists to indicate their "sacred" surnames. One such cartoon character was Maisy Mouse, which I connected to the Mayse surname above for obvious reason. Daffy Duck was another, for "Daffy" brings up the Welsh David Coat above, which is very much like the mouse in the Mayse Coat!! But another character that I treated was Elmer FUDD, Daffy Duck's hunter.

I had concentrated on the Elmer/Aylmer surname when treating Elmer Fudd, but it can now be suspect that he was code for the Fuddy bloodline that protected Obama's birth records. Assuming that Obama was born in Hawaii, what might be so important about his birth details that he should wish to hide them? Recall the topic in the last update where there were anomalies in the birth records of the Bushes and Walkers...because they were Nazi spies. Frank Marshall Davis was a spy of sorts too, and I think he's Obama's real father. Obama's mother was in some cahoots with Davis, and in all probability, the Rockefellers that Obama's mother worked for were of the same Nazi elements that George Bush Sr. worked for.

LOOK. BEHOLD. I'M NOT CRAZY AFTER ALL. The Elmer surname uses the same black-on-white black cross as the two surnames, Bitar and Aflack, that I trace to the founders of the Baath Party in Syria (the Bath Coat uses the same type cross, as does the Moray Randolph Coat with BAT in crest). The Bitars/Buttars were first if Fife and Perthshire, locations beside Angus. Aflacks were first in Angus (and Ayrshire). THEREFORE, Elmer Fudd was a symbol for the Elmer/Aylmer clan as it merged with the Fuddys!

I even recall tracing an Ale river (of Roxburghshire) to "Ayrshire" because the latter location was also "Aleshire," thus potentially explaining why the Aflacks were also in Ayrshire. Remember, the Ayer surname is in Carrick colors, and Carricks were first in Ayrshire. Obama was linked to the anti-American, Bill Ayers. Obama was elevated to power by neo-Nazi spies/internationalists, therefore, in all likelihood, but perhaps loosely speaking (because rigid neo-Nazis are anti-black).

I thought it reasonable to trace the Daffy/David surname to the mythical Daphne cult out of Devon, and to the Deva location of Cheshire that was later named Chester, probably after the Catti>Hesse elements there (I suspect the Chee/Cheatle surname of Cheshire, using a dancette (in Daffy/David colors) like the Carricks but as do the Randolphs/Dunhams too). In support of that trace, I showed the dolphin (Dauphine of France symbol) in the English Elmer Chief. The Elmer dolphin is in the blue-on-gold colors of the Dauphine dolphin.

I also felt that this Devon>Daffy bloodline led to the DAVENports of Cheshire, which are now extremely suspect as part of the Scher(f) line to the Bushes and the formation of the CIA. The English Mayzes (not to be technically confused with the German Mayses) were first in Somerset, smack beside Devon, suggesting that Mayzes and Mayses were the same bloodline.

The Elmer/Aylmer write-up suggests potential links to Hagels and therefore to Hagarites that I've traced between Perthshire and Ayrshire (I think that the Hager/Ayer surname first found in Perthshire, along with the Hagar(d) surname, applies to Hagarites). It's therefore reasonable to identify Baathists, whom I link fundamentally to the anti-Christ's end-time kingdom, to Ishmaelites (Hagar was Ishmael's mother).

Reading the Hayer/Ayer write-up just now, it dawned on me that the High surname should apply, and what was found to pop up but yet another black-on-white (i.e. Baathist) that of the Elmers, etc. Keep reading, for it begins to appear solid that God knew, long ago, that the end-time anti-Christ would be merged with Abraham's bloodline via Hagar.

English Hykes/Hacks use a cross in the same colors as the Highs, but also use Meschin- and Samson-colored scallops, which tends to prove that the Highs were, not only Hagarites, but of Baathist roots, because the Samson Coat uses a flag-like motto term as code for the Flags/Flecks (!!!) (because the latter also use scallops in the same colors). I trust that you didn't miss the obvious, that Flecks should be a branch of same-colored Aflacks.

Irish Higgins are in the same colors again, and they use blood drops, a symbol used by other surnames that I've already traced to Hagarites. The Higgins blood drops link to the oft-mentioned Patterson blood drops because both surnames share a similar motto. Higgins are said in their write-up to be a Neil branch, and German Neils/Nails, I just realized, because they show a Nagel/Negel variation, were likely from "Hagel" (it's linguistically appropriate in some cases to modify an capital 'H" to an 'N'.

The Nigel surname could be key for making the Hagarite link to Meschins, for Nigels use gold-on-red diamonds, colors reversed from the diamonds in the Arms of Thomas Randolph (earl of Moray). As I trace Thomas' surname to Cheshire's "Ranulph" le Meschin, it's not surprising (but is gratifying) that Nigels were first found in Cheshire.

I was about to mention, then decided not to, then decided to mention it again as per the paragraph above, that the High surname could link to the Hugh term (I theorized that "High" and "Hugh" were from "Gug/Gog," anciently meaning "sky," or "blue"), and that because I have previously traced Meschins to both Meshech Aryans (Meshech and Gogi were one, and are predicted to be one in the anti-Christ's line-up) and to Ishmaelites (as they merged in ancient times), it's interesting that Ranulph le Meschin had a mother (Gos surname potentially linking to Kos elements) from the same family as wolf-using (i.e. a white-on-blue wolf, Gog color) Hugh D'Avrances, a ruler in Chester/Cheshire who transferred power to Ranulf.

I had every suspicion that Hugh's wolf symbol linked to the Wolfley and Garde wolf, then back to the Nahorites (as per wolf-depicted Neuri peoples in Ukrainian/Slav regions) that I identified solidly as key Hagarites.

I had told Nicholas de Vere that his bloodline links to the Ferrer clan to which some of Hugh D'Avranches titles passed, and that Thomas Randolph of Moray was a Vere-Meschin from Cheshire. The Nigels (and the Arms of Thomas Randolph) are in Vere-Coat colors, which I mention now to lend support to the idea that Nigels and Negels/Nails/Neils were of the British Neils/Neals. For I have been tracing the Veres to the Neils/Neals for many months now because the latter are also "Nihill" while a Vere-Coat motto term is "nihil."

I'm keeping in mind that I've traced both Nahorites and Hagarites to Har(r)an, the ancient location that I think was foundational to "Hurrian," for Nicholas de Vere claims to descend from Mitanni Hurrians.

The Nagel surname was loading as I was writing the above (I'm back on dial-up service, very slow), and seeing it just now, it too uses gold diamonds, the colors of the Nigel diamonds!

Considering "High" versus "Nigh," I entered the latter to find a dove in Crest. I think the Nagel Crest, though officially a nightengale, has been in other coats called a dove. The blue and white Nagel Shield could surely ink to the same of the Nigh/Noye(r)s Shield because the Nigh motto term, "Nuncia," must be code for the Nanegle, Nangel, Nangell, Nangale, Naingale, Naingel, and Naingle variations of the Nagels. The nightengale term appears as code for the same variations, especially "Naingale."

Suddenly, my trace of Nahorites to NORtons comes alive, for Nortons were also NAUGHtons. I had traced Nortons to the Neuri because the latter lived among the Budini (Nahor had a son, Buz), and because the Norton falcon/eagle looks quite like the Bode-surname falcon/eagle. I had, moreover, traced the Geloni peoples among the Budini and Neuri to "Holland," strongly entertaining a Batavi (peoples of Holland) link to the Budini, for I trace "Batavi" to "Padova" in Venetia, where the Po river was also the Bodencus. I don't forget that "Veneti" can trace to Lake "Van," Armenia, where the Nairi had an empire very long ago. (It should be said that Dutch Nagels are pre-fixed with "Teng".)

THE POINT is that the DUTCH Bode(s) Coat uses gold diamonds (officially "lozenges") on blue, the very colors of the (Irish) Nagel diamonds!!! THEN, there is a DUTCH Nagel Coat in the same colors! This tends to prove that Nortons/NAUGHtons (and Bodes) were of the Nagel>Nigh (Hagarite?) bloodline, and that in turn can trace Hagarites to the Neuri/Budini elements.

I had traced the Hague/Hate surname (this Coat could be related to the German Nagel/Nail Coat) to the Heid surname (shows a HAGELsheimer variation), which is one reason that I viewed the related Hiedler/Hitler and Heidler surnames as Hagarite ones. The discoveries now pouring forth (here in the updates) that America is currently ruled by neo-Nazi elements, and Hagarites, is quite astounding, and frightening, but FULLY EXPECTED (by me).

(This paragraph was inserted after the below on Hagels was written.) There are Belgian Heids first found in Flanders, and as they use a Hedel variation, which I can assume is from "Hegel," note the Hagels below, for they too were first found in Flanders. Like the Hagues/Hates, the Belgian Heids/Hedels use white-on-blue crescents.

As per Hegels ('e' instead of 'a') said to be derived in "eagle" (not necessarily correct, more like simpleton deduction and/or traditional musings), I see that Eagletons use an "adler" eagle in the same black-on-white colors as the Highs. etc., suggesting that the adler eagle is a Hagarite symbol of the Hagel>Hegel branches. ZOWIE, this paragraph was written and sitting here before I inserted all the above on the Neils and Nighs/Noye(r)s, etc., and so see the French Noye(r)s Coat, an adler eagle!

The idea above that Hagarites were a wolf line is supported where the English Adler Coat uses wolves. In fact, the Adler wolf heads are the Fidelow wolf heads. [It wasn't until the day after writing the above that I realized the similarity between "Hedel" and "Adler," assuming the "er' on the latter is just a suffix so that "Adl" is the root.]

Elmer/Aylmer colors (same black-on-white as the Highs and Higgins) and motto ("Hallelujah") suggests links to the Hulls and Halls, both of the latter using talbots. Hagels (said to be from Flemings of Flanders i.e. Holland), not to mention Elmer-colored Hegels, might just be from Hague elements of the Netherlands (the Hague in the Netherlands should represent the Hagarites among the Neuri). German Halls were first found in Baden, where German Hagels (Fleming red and white) were first found, suggesting that "Hall" and "Hull" were Hagel variations. Compare the German Hall Shield (in Dutch Hall colors) to the English Elmer Shield, a near match. It's interesting that the person who revealed the Scherf=Bush article to me has a Hall bloodline.

Hmm, the phrase, "doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" may now indicate that "Jekyll" represents Hagels. ZOWIE, the Hyde Coat (eagle in Crest), gold-on-blue diamonds (!) like the Nagels and Dutch Bodes. There is a Jekyll/Jackyll Coat, suggesting that some Jacks and Jakes (surnames) could belong to Hagarites. YES, the Jake Coat just loaded as I was writing that: adler eagles in the colors of the Eagleton adler eagle. English Jacobs? Black (greyhound) on white again.

Hmm, I am reminded of the Jocobite Illuminati of Scotland (included Drummond clans, all pro-Stewart), and the related Jacob-named parts of the Bavarian Illuminati, by which I mean to imply that they were Hagarites. The entire Illuminati must be Hagarite, both the Zionist circles and the anti-Zionist circles.

BEHOLD. I almost forgot to look into this. I had linked the Nails/Nagels (the surname is said to derive in "nail" but that's got to be traditional falsification), to the nail symbol in the Lohan/Logan Coat. If you care to see it, there's strangely a Duck variation listed as part of the Logan clan. If Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck are indeed code for Ayles>Hagels on the one hand, and therefore this "tribe" of peoples includes the Nagels/Nails, then surely the Daffy cartoon character was made a duck (instead of a horse, for example) as code for the Nail/Nagel-related Logans. Reading the Logan write-up: "...The annals tell the story of how the men of Teffia (County Meath) slew Cuan O Lothchain..." Compare "Teffia" with "Daffy."

Without explaining again here, the Taffy Coat's lattice was traced (by me) to Cottians, at the Alps facing Dauphine, which was also the Ligurian theater, more or less. I didn't know (at least not recently) that both the Taffy motto and that of the Logans/Lohans/Ducks uses "hoc" until now, adding to the evidence that "Daffy Duck" is a combination code expressing the same bloodline under two surname variations. AND, I'll repeat that the LOHENgrin mythical character, the so-called Swan Knight, was traced by me solidly to the swan-using Logen/Loch and Lock surnames, and was therefore trace-able to the Ligurian swan cult.

It can't be coincidental that the Germo-Swiss Hock surname uses the same swan as the German Logens/Lochs (and Locks)!

Did you happen to notice that the Taffy Coat, minus it's lattice (used by the Cotts too), is the Bath Shield(and the Randolph Shield), so that it's not likely coincidental that the Scottish Logans, who likewise use the nails, have this write-up: "The Logen family lived in Logan, near Auchinleck." I don't think I've ever seen that the Logans were Aflacks, for in the write-up of the latter: "It was a name someone who lived in the barony of Auchinleck in Ayrshire or from Affleck in Angus"!!

Shown Aflack variations include Auchlek, Athlek, Achleck, Achinfleck, and Authinlek. The Athlek and Authinlek variations are suspect as "bath" variations because the Bath write-up traces to "Ath" (or, more exactly, to "ab-Atha").

Therefore, suddenly, the Baath Party can be rooted also to the Logans/Lohans, or at least those in Auchinleck (East Ayrshire, where we can expect Hagarites). I've ignored the bath surname derivation in "ab-Atha," thinking that to come later, but tracing "Dath" to "Baden." As we see that Logans are said to have been Bernicians, so I traced Bernicians to the Zahringers of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Arms of Baden are red on gold, the colors of the Logan Coat. The Baden/Batten surname was first found in Somerset, as with the Bath surname.

It's a good bet, therefore, that the Budini that I traced to Batavi(ans) (Netherlands, where they were fundamental to Salian>Merovingian make-up) were related to Baden>Bath elements, which in turn tends to reveal the Baath Party as Buzite-branch Nahorites. Let's not forget that Bute is off-shore of Ayrshire, and that Masseys>Mackays were in Bute. If you've read my reasoning that the VEY surname (Dutch branch uses a boot) was the representation of the Muses=Masseys on Bute, the Muses being depicted in Arthurian myth as Morgan le FAY and her nine witches, see that the Bute-surname Coat is a chevron in colors reversed to the English Vey Coat.

Recalling that Baath elements (i.e. the Bitar and Aflack surnames) were first in Fife and neighboring Angus or Perthshire, I'll repeat my trace of the Vey/Vivian surname to "Fife," not only because "VIVian" smacks of "Fife," but because the English Vey Shield (not including symbols) is the Fife-surname Shield. "Morgan le Fay" is a composite code for Morgans and Veys, and that's generally how myth codework works. Bank on it. Let's uncover them all!

As Masseys were also in Holland (there is a Dutch Mackay Coat that is a Massey-Coat variation), and as the Masseys use red and gold (Fife/Vey colors), compare the red and gold triple chevrons of the Dutch Hall Coat with the same of the English Mathie/Matthews Coat.

I can't recall the details as to why I linked Obama's Wolfley bloodline both to the Fidelows and the Fido surname. It wasn't until this point in this discussion that I finally got round to entering "Fido" again to take a look at the write-up. And there we see a Fudes variation, the same variation shown in the Fuddy write-up! The Fido/Fudes Coat is in Carrick et-al colors!! Remember, the Fuddys use a mastiff guard dog that is the Carrick talbot, and the Carricks use a "Garde" motto term.

Here's a list of Fuddy variations: Fuddie, Fudas, Futhie, Futtie, Futter, Foty, Futty, Fotty, Fodie, Fody, Foddie, Fudes.

Here's a list of Fido variations: Fiddes, Fotheis, Fuddes, Fudes, Futhes, Fouthas, Futhois, Fothes, Futhas, Fudas, Fittes, Fette.

The Fuddys were first found in Angus, for which I can repeat my trace of the Scottish Mathies/Manns to Angus. That is, I had linked the Mathies/Manns to the Irish Mathunas/Manns, and traced the latter (though I can't recall the details, I recall it having to do with the Innes elements of Angus) to Angus. This Fuddy link to the Manns of Angus elements then underscores the above suggestion, that the Fuddys were from Bavaria's Fussen/Foetes location, for the Arms of Foetes use the three legs used also by the Isle of Mann.

The Arms of Foetes was mentioned in the third update of April, and several times previous to that. In the first update of February:

I had traced the Mattie motto phrase, "Fac et," to the fox-derived/related Fawcett surname (much like the Fawkes variation of the Voss'), but didn't notice then the following evidence: that Fawcetts use the same theme (black lion on gold) as Welsh Matthews.

...entering "Foss(en)" gets a fox-using Foss/Voss clan (Somerset). This surname evokes Fussen of Bavaria. ...The Voessing and Voeske variations of the fox-using Voss' caused a look at the Ossen surname (Westphalia), found to use an Oessen variation. Though I nearly ended that line of investigation immediately, I recalled the Hose surname...and found it to use three human legs, highly reflective of the Arms of Isle of Mann and of Fussen!!

The first place that I can find Fawcetts recorded in my files is the third update of last December. I wrote: "The CEO of the Guardian media has a Miller surname, and I would suggest the English Miller surname in particular, showing wolves and a Shield (ermined) that could link to the Jordan/[YARDen] Coat (Brittany)....The Guardians' board of directors is currently chaired by a Fawcett surname."

I was making links between the naming of the Guardian media to Guard and Yard-like surnames. The quote above certainly suggests the Gardes and the Wolfleys et-al. In the same December update, I mentioned the English Guard/Garde Coat (the Guardian media is British), using Carrick colors in the Chief (important because Carricks use "Garde"), and smacking of the Italian Massi/Mattis Coat, the surname of which I traced, not only to the Matthies/Manns, but to the Massins/Masons of Kent (via the Brittany proto-Stewarts). I repeat this because the Guards/Gards were likewise first found in Kent.

English Guards/Gardes use the Macey and Mackay Shield, and Mackays use a "manu" motto term that I think is code for Mann/Manx (and Massey-of-Manche) elements. The link mentioned above between the Scottish Gard(e)s to the Fiddles/Fidelows was proven where English Guards/Gardes use "fidele" as a motto term.

Back to the Hose surname (the variations of which smack of "Huckabee") and its three legs. The clan was first found in Leicestershire, a location that I link to Ligurians. It can be said that the three "leg(s)" should link to the Leg-like river that named Leicestershire. In this picture, the Hose legs traces back to Ligurians, in my opinion, but that does NOT contradict a trace of the Hose legs to Foetes/Fussen or to the Isle of Mann, for mythical Lug retreated to the Isle of Mann when being forced by war out of Ireland. I've maintained that Lug depicted Ligurians, and so the Leicestershire Ligurians ought to have been a Lug branch.

As I trace owl-using Hucks and similar blue-chevroned Huckabees to Kos, near Rhodes, I would suggest that the Hose/Husaby surname traces to "Kos."

The Luck surname was entered as per seeking Lug-honoring clans, and I see that it uses mascles and greyhounds (I trace Masseys and greyhounds to Meshwesh=Amazons=Graeae of north Africa. I the discovered that the Carthage cult (the ancient one from MelQART Tyrians) had joined mythical Lohengrin Ligurians (there can be no doubt about it).

Hmm, as per the gold diamond on blue mentioned two or three times above (as per Dutch Bodes, Nails/Nagels and Nigels), the Percy surname was just entered and found to use them too. Lohengrin was made the father of Percival, the Grail king, you see. NOW, ONLY NOW, I've NAILED it, for these diamonds are called "LOZENges, very reflective of "LOGEN." Remember, the Logans/Lohans use nails as code for Nails/Nagels.

The Perkins, first in Leicestershire, should apply to the Percival/Percy line of Ligurians. I faintly recall tracing the red fleur-de-lys in the Perkins Coat to a Ligurian clan, and thought it may have been used by the Legges, so I entered it only to find a stag head. After that, I tried Parker for Perkins links, and whammo! The Legge stag (in the colors of the Logen and Lock swans) and the Parker stag are matches (!) meaning that Parkers are of the Perkin-clan Ligurians that settled on a Legge-like river that named Leicestershire. (The Leicester/Lester surname uses a swan, if that helps further to link the location to Ligurians).

NOW, as the Parker Shield and Crest evoke the Wolfley Shield and Crest, and as I traced Wolfleys to the Fiddles/Fidelows, it can't be another coincidence that the Parker motto uses "Fideli certa" (the latter term could be for Carthage elements). The Alternative Parker Coat is gold and green, the colors of the Wolfley Coat.

As I'm breaking the sound barrier in these revelations regularly now (it's about time, I've been at this for years like no one on earth), they may be becoming so routine and common-place for you that you are no longer dazzled. Chances are, you don't read all the updates so that you're more dazed than dazzled. There is no one in the world doing what I'm doing to the extent that I'm doing it, thanks be to a few key individuals who send in the info, with very Providential timing, that keeps this revelation going. I've come to the point that Illuminatists are learning their own roots better than they knew them. And thanks be to God that, because this is His revelation, anyone who wants to harm us must first try to harm Him.

Take Julie, who introduced the Foetes location to me recently, just as I was on the Oliver surname. It turned out that the "foedera" motto term used by the Olivers should link to Foetes. It couldn't have been coincidental that while Olivers traced to Laevi Ligurians that Foetes was named by Lug>Ligurian elements. As you may know, Sicily also uses the three legs that Foetes uses, and the Sicil founders of Sicily were joined by the co-founders, the Sicanians, who look like "Sicyon" elements (see relevance below).

Julie was inquiring with me on the Swansea location of Bavaria at about the time that she revealed the Foetes location, also in Bavaria. My Find feature does not work properly with this computer, and so the only place that it finds "Swansea" recorded is in the second update of last January (I mentioned it at more times than that). From October on through to that time, Lohengrin's swan line had been a repeated topic, and it just so happens that Julie also introduced Lohengrin to me (as per seventh update in October). I don't think she had any idea that Lohengrin's swan line would connect with Foetes, though she wanted evidence for her theory that Lohengrin linked to Swansea. In the seventh update of November, it was shown that the ruling Meschins of Cheshire were definitely from Foetes, as per the Gernon motto code, "foeth."

What all these things reveal is, not only that Arthurian lore was a tracking system, but that the most-important Illuminati bloodlines go to Arthurian lines. Did you happen to notice the pelican in the Luck Crest, for it's the Arthur Crest too, and both Arthurs and Lucks were first found in Berwickshire (= Bernicians). The nail-using Logans are also said to be Bernicians. Therefore, Ligurians merged with, or else even defined, the Bernicians.

LOOKIE at what was found immediately after writing the above. Recalling that Bernicians are depicted with bears (Berne and Berwickshire both use bears), and recalling that the "muzzled" (code for Maceys/Masseys) bear of the Maceys and Mackays was traced to Bernicians, see another muzzled bear in the Percival Coat!!! I think I may get it: PERcival = BERnician.

In any case, Parkers and Percivals were first both found in Somerset, near to where the Pendragon surname was first found, in Cornwall, and where myth laid the foundation, also in Cornwall, of king Arthur's birth (I don't think he existed). Somehow, therefore, I had reasoned that the Cornwall Pendragons were linked to the Arthur surname first found in Bernician Berwickshire.

But DOOZIE, something EXCELLENT can now be added, starting with what I had discovered online some years ago, that the Arthur surname was (merged with the Hicks surname) in Clapton, a location in Somerset. LOOK! The Percival Coat uses the same style cross as the Clapton Coat!!! Therefore, if Percival is rooted in "BERnicia," therein is the Cornwall link to Berwickshire. Indeed, the Percival Coat uses a bear, the symbol of Berwickshire!

A flying horse is used by both the Massey and Bernice Crests, and the Bernice Shield is colors reversed to the Bellamy Shield. As I'm about to re-enter the Bellamy topic below, let me repeat that the mythical Pegasus flying horse was the ally of mythical Bellerophon (in the Lycian theater). But Bellerophon was an entity of Corinth, and smack beside Corinth at a distance of a mile or two was SICYon, a location depicted in myth by the king of Corinth, SISYphus. From this encoded info, I was able to glean that SEGOvesus (see below) was named after Sicyon elements that were allied to Bellerophon elements as they evolved into the historical ruler, Bellovesus, brother of Segovesus.

In the past, and recently at that, my best shot at identifying "Percival" was with Perche, a Normandy location where the Bellamys lived who became the Bellamys of Ferte-Mace...after which the Maceys and Masseys were named (see third update last October for that topic). The Percival surname was first found in Normandy's Calvados area, and I think Perche was in Calvados, but in any case the Meschins and Masseys were in Calvados. The Ferte surname was from Calvados too. Unicorns are used also by the Paris/Pares surname, very much like "Perse."

ZOWIE, the French Paris/Parizot Shield is the Bernice Shield! Percival/Parzival and Perche were from the Parisii Gauls...Gorgons from Parion in Mysia, where the mythical Muses lived...before they moved to Bernicia-like PARNassus!!!! It's clear that "Parion" and "Parn" are related terms.

I just went seeking whether I had recorded where Perche was located, and came across a clue in the fifth update of November. It was there that I found Julie introducing Swansea to me as "Schwangau" (not a wonder that the Find feature couldn't find it). The clue is: "The Touques is a small 104 km long coastal river in Pays d'Auge in Normandy, France...Its source is in the Perche hills, south of Gace..."
The webpage tells that the river flows through Calvados.

You can bet all your marbles that the mystery of Percival was none other than the Bellamy-Massey line from Perche to Ferte-Mace, explaining why the Percivals and Maceys both use a muzzled bear. I suspect that "muzzle" and "mascle" both depict the Masculine variation of the Meschins, though I also trace the bloodline to Musselburgh (Lothian), where the Keith-surname Catti lived.

I had traced the Bellamys to a Gaul named Bellovesus, whom I was able to connect with HannibBAL Carthiginians, they being named in-part after Baal (and in part after Baal's wife, Anat, in my opinion). The point in repeating this is: I don't know whether I ever linked the "val" in "Percival" with the "Bal=Baal" that Bellamys were, in my opinion, ultimately named after. In this picture, certain Val-Valley surnames may have been derived in "Baa/Bel."

Segovesus had taken/conquered the Baden theater's Black Forest. Bellovesus took the Po/Bodencus river, where the Laevi/Laeves Gauls lived, whom at least one website calls, Ligurians. I was able to track the Laevis to the Lief/Leaf/Leave surname (uses dove with olive leaves we get it), and consequently to the similar Olive and Oliver surnames (suspecting other clans that use a dove with olive branch). I'm repeating this for a good cause, for the French Levi Coat (surname first found in the Paris area founded by the Percival-like Parisii Gauls) uses three fat chevrons, and the Scottish Oliver Coat uses two fat chevrons, red on white...just like the two fat chevrons, red on white, of the Perche Coat!!

That is excellent evidence for my claim: that Bellovesus led to the Bellamys of Normandy. It is my STRONG suggestion that anyone seeking the roots of Masonry would do their self a great disservice to ignore the Bellovesus line to Bellamys>Masseys.

I was just back to the Bernice Coat page and wondering whether an entering of "Berce" would do any good for linking to "Percival," when, just before clicking to fetch the Berce page, I spotted the Bernice motto term, "PERSEverantia." The Bernice Zionist stars are officially termed, "rowels."

No Berce Coat comes up, but Berks are suspect, and back in October I traced the double Perche chevrons to the Dutch Burg/Bergs, who used a triple chevron (no longer shown). AND LOOK. The Perse/Pearce/Pears surname (uniCORNs) was first in Somerset, where the Percival surname was first found.

As for the so-called "rowel" Zionist stars, the Rowel term brings up the Rothwell/Rosswell surname that lived in Rodewelle/Rothwell of Lincolnshire. This all smacks of the Lindos Rhodians that I trace on the one hand to the Redones of Rodez, France, and then to the founding of Lincolnshire, once called, Lindsey, where the Rhodes surname was first found.

The Rothwells are in the colors of the English and German Rothes. The English Rothes were first in Salop, where Bellamys and Meschins lived when jumping the channel from Normandy. This is all Rothschild conspicuous, not only because I equated them with the Mackay-branch Maceys, but because Rockefellers, whom most view as a Rothschild branch, were from (with certainty) a merger with the Rodes clan of the Rodez theater. The Lincolnshire Rhodes clan uses gold bessants, used also by the Rowels/Rothwells of Lincolnshire.

For some talk on the Roque and Roquefeuils surname that merged with Rhodians of the Rodez/Languedoc theater, see the third update of last July, where the Rowe (i.e. Rowel-like) surname is mentioned. My apologies to Lee if I've been wrong for giving credit to the Roquefeuil merger with the Rhodians to Tim. In the first update of August, 2009, it's Lee that is credited for writing in to reveal the merger.

ZOWIE!! I had checked the Rowe surname moments ago before finding it in the July update, and wasn't going to mention it all, not even the Rowe-Coat so-called treFOILs that I link to "RoqueFEUIL," but then I loaded the Rodes spelling (i.e. not "Rhodes") to which the Roquefeuils were merged, and got...trefoils!!!

Therefore, YES, the Bernice surname that uses "rowels" was indeed a Bernician clan. IN FACT, long ago, based only on the De Beer surname that got involved with Rhodes clans in diamond mining, I had made the Rhodes connection to Bernicians.

Julie seeks Herod-related clans in modern times, and who thinks that Roman-emperor Claudius (one of the seven heads of the Revelation beast, in my opinion) was from king Herod's bloodline, She might be interested in the "Hrod" term that the Rowel/Rothwell write-up traces to. Julie has been enquiring twice on what I think of some online theories that trace emperor Claudius to Herod blood, but I was unable to help her. BUT, the only reason that I mentioned it here is because I've just remembered that the Herod surname is listed as a sept of the McLeods/Clouds...who I had traced to king Clovis, also known as "Chlode." Incredible, if this little exercise could reveal that Clovis was named in honor of elements from emperor Claudius.

ANOTHER SURPRISE! I've just checked the Claude Coat. First found in Languedoc! I had shown the Claude Coat before in regards to Clovis=Chlode, but now Claudius comes to mind forcefully.

It's suspected that Magdalene lore out of Languedoc/Septimania was all about Merovingian royals, especially Clovis. One can now link that lore solidly to the Rockefellers and Rhodians out of that place. I had suggested that the clover (= trefoil) symbol was rooted in "Clovis," and suddenly there seems to be no contradiction to tracing the clover/trefoil both to Clovis and Roquefeuils.

Should we consider tracing "Herod" to "Rhodes." I have done much on the Rhodes topic, and if per chance the Herods were named after that place, or the elements that brought about mythical Rhode, then suddenly one can finally know the ancestry of the Herod clans. Interesting along this line is that Herods were Edomites, and I traced Edomites to Kos, near Rhodes. IN FACT, WOW, how could I have been so blind??? I had traced mythical "Merovee" to mythical "Merops" of Kos!!! That Merops had Aedon for a granddaughter, and she was traced (by me) up France's Rhodanus valley river to the Aedui peoples of Autun. Wow!

WOW. The Herod bloodline was in the Merovingians, I can now be sure. I feel it in my bones, and I'm rather good at all this by now (it's about time). What does this revelation do to the theory that Merovingians were from the blessed Messianic bloodline...of Jesus Himself? It topples it.

I should say that the Dayton surname, said to be derived from "D'Autun," uses the so-called "patee" cross used also by Claptons and Percivals.

MORE surprises. I wrote much of that while waiting for the Robel surname (in Rowel colors) to load, and I had forgotten that I had shown it in the past. I loaded it to seek Rowel relations, and LOOK! The Robels use the Masci and Bauer wing! That proves what was just insinuated, that Rowels/Rothwells were Rothschilds! Yes, for the first Rothschild proper was Mayer Bauer. (Both Robels and Rodes'/Rhodes' were first found in Prussia.)

How do you think it makes me feel that I am from Edomite blood, probably from my Grimaldi as well as my Masci side, but surely also from the Ferrari bloodline that my Masci side married? What does it matter, since blood counts for nothing? How depressing it must be for writers such as Nicholas de Vere, who place utmost vast, god-like importance in Merovingian blood, but who might not know, until now, anyway, that Veres are from God-despised Edomites...who I think are destined to rule the earth when Christ returns as a Furious Conqueror of ALL nations and ALL rulers, no matter how respectful the ruling Veres think they are.

I've read that Nicholas had some part in writing a "holy blood" book where the author was officially a Lawrence surname. That evokes the holy grail symbol used by the Lawrie surname, a surname I traced to Lorraine in France. The Lawrys were first in Edom-like DUMfries-shire.

ZOWIE, I never realized before. The "Repullulat" motto of the Lawrys smacks of code for "Robel."

The Lawrence motto uses "ready," while the Ready surname, with Reddy variation smacking of the Redones, uses swans. Ligurians were of course in Redone country from the beginning. The Reeds/Rieds of course come to mind, who use adler eagles (black on white, the colors of the Adler-surname wolves) ) and stars (in Adler-surname star colors) on a RED chevron.

The "Pax copia" motto of the English Reeds suggests links to the David surname (motto = "Pax et copia") of Cheshire, not losing sight of the gold garbs in the Reed Coat, a Cheshire symbol. And we don't forget that the Irish Davis surname, said to be from the Welsh Davis'/Davids that include the above Cheshire clan, use trefoils. These Reeds were from a Read location of Lancashire, and it just so happens that the ready-using Lawrences (red cross) were first from Lancashire. The Lawrence fish is officially a turbot, suggesting the Turbot surname (in Ready colors) of neighboring Yorkshire.

I've linked the "copia" motto term to Meschin-ruled Copeland, in Cumbria/CUMBERland, which I think is in Lancashire, and to the Copes (Ready colors). The Copeland surname was first in NorthUMBERland, where the copia-using Reed surname was first found. Evidence that Copeland was depicted by "copia" is where the Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire) use both "copia" and a blue lion, the latter being a symbol also in the Arms of Copeland. Lancashire was near Cumber, and moreover the Copps (who use the Copes symbols, including red roses, expected of Rhodians) were first found in Lancashire.

Those look like the Lawrence and Turbot turbots in the red-Shielded Cobb Coat. Compare the Cobb fish and white-on-red chevron with the so-called "hake" fish of the Hykes/Hackes. That reminds me of a recent discussion on the Hicks surname links to Childs (made on circumstantial evidence). The Caleb-ite Jews of the dragon cult had been assumed (strongly) in the white-on-red chevron-ed Hebron surname (another red rose), and because the Hebrons (Bernicians, by the way) lived in Chillingham, I assumed they were related to the white-on-red chevron-edChills/Childs (adler eagle).

Now look. The English Hebrons were first found in Northumberland, where the English Reeds were first found. And these Reeds are said to have had a Reed location in Hertfordshire. The Childs were first found in...Hertfordshire. I had traced Calebites (who lived in Hebron of Israel, according to the Bible) to (C)Halybes and therefore realized that "child" refereed to the "Khaldi" whom some equate with Halybes though I view them as a fellow tribe. The point now is, I had traced the Halybes to Ialysos, a city on Rhodes, but also found other evidence that Halybes were on Rhodes. For example, "Helios," who married mythical Rhode (= symbol of Rhodes), was very likely a symbol for "Halys," the river upon which Halybes lived.

When I was recently on this Calebite>Halybe topic, I linked them to the Edomites of the dragon cult, and so i should remind you of when I was investigating potential Herod bloodlines in terms such as Hard. Hart...and Hert, i.e. I'm thinking Hertfordshire, where the Childs were first found. I showed that the Scottish Hert Coat uses the colors of the Herod/Hurl Coat (hawk's lure, used also by the Cheshire surname). Herods/Hurls were first found in the Ayrshire theater.

Hurls/Hurrells (and many similar spellings) are likewise, as with Herods, a sept of McLeods, and so as I trace McLeods to trefoil-depicted Clovis Merovingians in Redone country, see the trefoil in the Hert Coat!

I had traced the "copia" motto term to Cappadocians long before I knew that Satanic elements in Israel, the ones that crucified Christ, had been from mythical Capys, a symbol of Trojans in Cappadocia, on the Halys river. I had traced the Pharisees (not to mention "Caiaphas") and Maccabees to Cappadocia, and Herods had been closely related to Maccabees. With this potential Herod link to Cappadocians, and because Herods were Edomites, what of the elephant in the Crest of the Copes-related Cobbs? Esau's son, Eliphas, may just have been given an elephant symbol by the masters of heraldry. The point is also: the Cobbs' white-on-red chevron had just been linked speculatively, moments above, to the Halys-river Halybes. Coincidence?

The Hobbs (more adler eagles) could be a Cobb branch because the Hobb Crest is a blue lion, the color of the Copeland lion. AND WOW, while I was writing that, the Alternative Hobb/Hopp Coat (heron, with fish in mouth) was loading: a white on red chevron!!!

Is it any consolation if the Masseys et-al were part Jewish as well as Edomite. Who cares, so long as we do not give away our God-granted rights as sons of God for a bowl of soup. Nicholas de Vere has done just that, or so he says that he abandoned the true God for some dragon-light Christ. It's called breaking off from the Head, the Apostasy. But then, I don't know that Nicholas was ever a true born-again believer. He may merely have been a church-goer.

BEHOLD. I'm getting good at this, better and better. When I saw the "Faith" motto term some time ago in the Arms of Copeland, I recalled the faithful surname, that it had been important at one point. So "Faith" was entered to find a surname with Foetes-like variations such as Feidt and Feit. I wanted to come back to the topic. Just now, in continuing the Hobb/Hopp investigation, I took a look at the Hopper write-up (surname uses Faithful colors), and saw the "fidelis" motto term that I tend to trace to Foetes elements. "Fidelis" is translated as "faithful"!!

Back to the "cyFOETH" motto term of the Gernon Coat (the son of Ranulf le Meschin was Ranulf de Gernon, likewise a ruler of Cheshire's capital). The three legs of the Arms of Foetes makes it easy to deduce that the Foot surname could link to Foetes, and what do we find but that the Meschin-colored Foot/Fouts surname (another trefoil!) was first found in Cheshire. The griffin holding a flag in the Foot Crest should definitely be code for the Flag/Fleck Coat, for it uses white-on-black scallops, the Meschin-Coat symbol too. AND, after writing all that confidently, I loaded the Flag/Fleck Coat to find them first in Norfolk, where the same-colored Faith/Faithful surname was first found! That clinches it: Faithfuls were from Foetes!!!

I should perhaps repeat that Meschins were from Calvados, a region I trace to "Chalybe."

There's a Dutch Foet/Voet Coat, just a white fleur-de-lys on green Shield. But as the Gernon write-up traces to "grenon," I see that the Grenon Coat is also a white symbol (Jerusalem-Templar cross) on a green Shield. I have mentioned a few times that the Gernon cross was that of Godfrey de Bouillon, a chief Templar founder. Gernons were first found in the Bessin, as with the Meschins, and I think "Fussen" may be a variation of "Bessin."

The Voyt variation of the Dutch Foets/Voets may indicate that Boyds are related, and so I'll add that English Boyds were first found in Shropshire, where Meschins were first found when coming from the Bessin/Calvados. AND ZOWIE, I almost missed it. The Boyds use "ConFIDO" as their entire motto!!!

Knowing now that Boyds were from Fussen=Foetes, and then because the Bessin's founders, the Baiocasses, are thought to have been from the Boii founders of Bohemia, I'd say that "Boyd" fits the Boii part while tending to support a "Fussen" relationship with "Bessin." Both the Bessin and Boy Coats use the same bees.

I almost missed it. The arm and sword in the German Faith/Feidt/Feit Coat. There's just such a symbol in the Bessin Crest! That clinches the Fussen>Bessin link. Not only the German , but the Bohemian Boehner surname, also uses a similar symbol.

Back to the McCloud and Chlode topic for a great point coming to mind for explaining much mystery. .I was debating how it could be that the name can trace both to the cloud symbol of Greek myth, which was mythical Nephele, and to the Khaldi. It's just so excellent that the Khaldi>Child topic came up in the same update as the Chlode>Cloud bloodline, and that's what brought the question to mind. I was therefore wondering whether the Anglican term, "cloud," somehow derived from "Khaldi," just because mythical Nephele might have been a fundamental part of the Khaldi. I wondered and wondered how I could trace her to the Khaldi by using Ixion, her husband.

To set up the importance of all this, I had practically equated the Nibelungs of France with the Merovingians for various reasons/insights, and traced "Nibelung" to "Nephele: for which reason I argued that Clovis/Chlode was named after the cloud symbol that Nibelungs carried. Ignoring for now whether "Claudius" was also after that symbol, I'll add for new readers that I traced Nibelungs to Nevers, smack beside the Merovingians at Autun. I was even wondering whether "Foetes" was from "Boiotia," for mythical Aedon was a queen in Boiotia.

The reason that I'm writing all this is because Nephele was easily re-proven, moments ago, to be from the Khaldi by the fact that her husband was Athamas. I had trouble with that code for years until after discovering that "ArTEMIS" (Amazon goddess who was related to Calydon because myth writers chose her to send a boar into Calydon) was a symbol for the original Amazon homeland of THEMIScyra, on the Thermodon river, where the Khaldi were located! You get it: ATHAMAS was the Themiscyra Amazons married to Nephele, meaning that proto-Nibelungs did come out of the "cloud"-like Khaldi theater...which evolved into Amazons at Calydon.

But I can locate the Nibelung cult in the other Amazon theater -- Mysia -- as per Hephaestus and his wife, Aphrodite. It stands to reason that "Hephaestus" was code for "Ephesus," a city said to be founded by Amazons. Ephesus was on the Mysian mainland facing Lemnos, the Amazon-infested island appointed by myth writers to Hephaestus, meaning that Ephesians lived on Lemnos.

Now I think that words beginning with 'H' modified, in some cases (and probably applied only by a certain language type) to a capital 'N' to denote "of". I learned this where the Lydian lion was the Hercules lion (though technically the lion was the god, Sandon, who smacks of Lemnos' Sintian peoples). Believing as I did that Lydians provided the Nephele-related golden fleece, and identifying the fleece as code for Lydians evolving into the Laz Caucasians, I realized that the Lydian Lion, Hercules, was the god (of Cutha), Nergal, the husband of mythical Laz(i). I therefore gathered that "Hercul(es)" modified to "Nergal," and figured that the latter meant, Na'Hercules i.e. "of Hercules."

Well it just so happens that I see the H>N modification occurring again among the same Nephele-related peoples as the golden fleece cult. Firstly, I'm suggesting that "Nephele" did not depict an historical peoples that used the 'l' of "Nephele," for I assume that the 'l' was added just to create a cloud symbol for the Amazons that she represented. I think that Nephele depicted NEFERtiti, an Egyptian queen that some say was a man dressed as a woman, and she happened to be the wife of Pharaoh AkhenATEN, whose Atun/Aten cult I trace to "Aedon" of Boiotia, and then to Autun of France, smack beside "Nefer"-like Nevers. And that was the clue that revealed to me that Nibelungs, known to be Burgundians, lived at Nevers and Autun (Burgundian theater).

So, Nephele depicted the historical Nefer entity. But what had that entity been? When I asked what word, fronted either with an 'H' or capital vowel, "Nefer" might have modified from, "Aphro" came to mind, especially as the two words, "AphroDITE" and "NeferTITI," have the same essential ending. Therefore, I must trace Aphrodite from the Nefertiti cult. And the trace works excellently in certain ways. Note first that Aphrodite depicted a Lemnos entity, which is a place that was involved in the H>N modification from "Hercul" to "Nergal" (the Etruscans, who derived from Lydians too, used "Hercle" for Hercules).

The following is a super key in the migrational route of the Aphrodite cult. It's not a contradiction for me to have traced Aphrodite to "Euphrates," and more specifically to the country that lay where the Khabur river flowed into the Euphrates, and then to trace Aphrodite also to "Nefertiti." The Mitanni Hurrians had lived where the Khabur met the Euphrates (not to mention that royal Amorites who had carried the Ishtar-Tammuz cult lived there too). THE POINT: it just so happens that some online writers identify the ancestry of Pharaoh AkhenAtun (that is, his ancestry in Yuyu, Tiy and Teye) as Mitanni. I happened to agree with that assessment BEFORE realizing that "Nefertiti" was a term in honor of the Euphrates>Aphrodite cult...from the Mitanni theater! Therefore, what I'm saying about Nefertiti's roots on the Euphrates wildly supports the suspicion of others that the novel/unique Akhenaten sun-god cult was Mitanni by blood.

There are so many points to make that I'm tripping over them wondering which to make first. Lets go to the birthplace of Aphrodite proper, which myth writers placed in Cyprus, where Aphrodite was known as "Kypris," very close to "Khabur" and "Kabeiri." You get it, the Khabur-river peoples named Cyprus. I had discovered a Lapithos location on north Cyprus, for which reason I traced the Lapiths there, and it just so happens that Ixion was a Lapith king. Therefore, we expect Nephele on Cyprus too, and that's the evidence that the Nefertiti cult evolved into the Aphrodite cult on Cyprus.

THEN see the similarity between "Akhen(aten)" and "Ixion." Also, as Nefertiti=Aphrodite in Cyprus removed to Lemnos with Hephaestus-branch Amazons, and because Hephaestus was the leader of the Kabeiri cult there, it jibes with my trace of "Ixion" to "Iasion," the founder of the Kabeiri cult. In that picture, Akhenaten was the ancestry of the Kabeiri cult, you see. It makes perfect sense where some suspect his "wife," Nefertiti, to have been a male dresses as a woman, for it's known that the Kabeiri cult was transvestite. Even the ancient term, "Hermaphrodite," was in reference to transvestites.

Akhenaten built a place called Amarna in Egypt. Before making the AkhenAten trace to Aphrodite, I suggested in my book that "Amarna" linked to "Myrina," the Amazon capital city of Lemnos. But before arriving to Lemnos, Ephesus, Samothrace, and other Amazon regions of Mysia, , I say the Akhenaten-Nefertiti cult was living in the Thermodon region that was the original home of Amazons. And it's that which can. once again, trace Nephele to the Khaldi.

On a completely independent trace, I realized that Lapithos (on Cyprus) was named after Aleppo/Halab (Syria,) and therefore after the Halybes i.e. partners with the Khaldi. It therefore makes sense to trace the Akhenaten-Nefertiti cult to a merger with Halybes and Khaldi too, and that's where my identification of the Galli transvestites with the Halys river comes in. Moreover, it was said (though it's hard to come across online) that Lapiths named Lesbos, and it's known that lesbianism came out of Lesbos.

I perhaps cannot trace "Ixion" to both Hyksos pharaoh, "Khyan," and to "Akhen(aten)" too. But I do recall tracing Akhenaten's Mitanni ancestry to the Hyksos of the Nile delta. I will maintain tentatively that "Ixion" was a term fashioned from "Akhen" with the intent to indicate Sion at mount Hermon. And that's where the Cadmus-cult migration to Thebes comes in, where queen Aedon ruled. I see the Sion-Hermon cult going from Hermon to Thebes via Cadmus and his Hermon-like wife, Harmonia. I am adamant that Aedon depicted the Atun cult of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, but I've also realized that "Aedon" was an n-version of "Edom," of the Tammuz cult, and this goes to the heart of Merovingians.

I have debated with myself whether "Tammuz" derived from "Amazon" elements, or from "Edom" elements, for Tammuz on the Euphrates was "DUMuzi." The point is, it's well known that, in Phoenicia, Tammuz was ADONis, and the latter was a god that made it to Greece too. One can suspect the Edones, but right now I'm tracing "Adonis" to Aedon of Thebes, you see. It is reasonable to suggest that "Edom" became "Edon." As I trace Aedon to Merovingians, and as I've identified Merovingians in many ways as Edomites, the Edom>Aedon suggestion needs to be taken a little seriously.

The idea that Aedon was the Atun cult and therefore linked to Hephaestus is supported where Aedon's father (Pandareus) was made (by myth writers) a ruler of Ephesus. Hmm, as I mentioned the nightengale symbol earlier on in this update (symbol of the Nagel clan), I should add what I just re-discovered in the Aedon article above, that Zeus turned Aedon into a nightengale.

The fact that proto-Nibelungs from Nefertiti have just been traced to Aedon supports a Merovingian root in Aedon. Quite often, when reading about mythical Aedon, you'll also read of her sister-in-law, Niobe. You get it, the Akhenaten-Nefertiti cult evolved also into Niobe, sister to Pelops, he definitely being the golden fleece line of Lydians. LOOK BELOW and compare the quote in the paragraph below to the fact that Pelops ruled the Heneti at Eneti. (The paragraph below was written here before all the above on Nefertiti was inserted.)

ZOWIE, another break as per Frixos. I claimed consistently on some historical evidence that I can't recall that Nibelungs were in Frisia. I just checked (always at your service) and found this in short order: "Theodelinda [daughter of a Frisian king] married Grimoald 'the Younger' DE NEUSTRIE Mayor of the Palace of Neustria (695-714), son of Pepin II 'le Gros' NIBELUNG Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia and Plectrudis D' AUSTRASIE." This Pepin, a Merovingian, was somehow also a Nibelung. I traced the Pepinids to Heneti Paphlagonians, and although the Heneti lived at/beside the Halys, I found them also near the Khaldi at a Genetes location.

There we see a Grimoald surname in conjunction with a Nibelung, reminding me of my trace of Nibelungs to a hill (can't recall the spelling) beside mount Gareb, but also reminding me of my trace of Gareb elements to the old Bavarian duke, Garibald (born about 555), whose successor after a few generations was Grimoald too (it appeared to me with circumstantial diamond evidence, that an r-to-m switch had modified "Garibald" to "Grimald"). It was the other Merovingian, Grimoald the Elder, who lived at a time when he could have been closely related to Garibald. Note Grimoald's son, CHILDebert, an apt character for founding a Child surname. I had thought that "Garibald" should connect with "Grabfeld" on the Bavarian border, which was the location held by a Pepin-like Poppo, founder of Pepin-like BABENbergs that I traced to double-p Paphlagonians.

Now behold. I felt confident for making a Grimaldi link to Garibald because I suspected that Bavaria's lozenge symbol, which are diamonds, are used also by Grimaldis, though in a different fashion. As per the deduction made earlier in this update that "LOZENge" should be code for the Lohengrin swan-line Ligurians, how is it that, months ago, I suggested the "grin" part to be code for the Grimaldis (because the latter developed ruling stations, for example Monaco and Genoa, in Liguria)? But that's just the setting up of the point at this time, for the Grimaldi diamonds are officially called, "fussily." What do we see in that code but Fussen, the Ligurian location in Bavaria!!!

You get it, the Grimaldis were for certain in Bavaria, and they were just where the Meschins had been, in Foetes. The Fussell surname could apply to "fussily" because it's a moline cross in Grimaldi colors.

The English Pepin Coat uses what appears to be a Massey horse head with tongue sticking out, the Meschin-Shield colors-and-configuration, and the Masci fleur-de-lys. French Pepins use the Kay-surname bird on Macey and Mackay white on blue, and a Chief with three crescents in colors reversed to the three Bellamy crescents. Who would have thought when I started this dragon hunt several years ago that I am perhaps more related to the Pepinid Merovingians than the Illuminatists (albeit I'm from the peasantry). I get it; that's why God has been helping out this project to the extent that He has.

Aedon's son, Itylus, smacks of "Atlas" whom I traced to Antayla/"Attaleia," the city depicted by "Tantalus," father of Niobe. We get it better now, that Aedon and Nefertiti>Nephele elements were in Antayla.

Next Frisian point. I appealed to mythical Frey, god of Frisians, then linked Frey to "Frigg," and she to Phrygians depicted by mythical "Phrixus," son of Nephele and Athamas. Once again, a Nibelung link to Athamas is made just like that. I was at the Athamas article just now and saw what I don't recall previously, that Phrixus was also "Frixos," a Frisian term if ever we saw one.

At the Frixos article, we see Phrixus, before his golden-fleece flight, stationed in Boiotia (expected where Nibelungs joined with queen Aedon's line to Autun), but also at Halos (in Thessaly, the stomping grounds of Ixion!), a Halys-like term if ever we saw one. You'll also note that Phrixus escaped war to Aeetes, son of Helios, which supports my rooting "Helios" in "Halys." I happen to identify Aeetes (of Kutaisi) as the Phrygian sun god, Attis, symbol of Hattusa on the Halys river!

Note that Helios, Attis, and Atun were all sun gods, and that Ixion was given a chariot wheel as symbol, which was the symbol of the sun(god) too. As Ixion was made a sort of husband to Nephele, one should suspect that Akhen's>Ixion's cult was in Themiscyra simply because Nephele's official husband was Athamas. One should even be able to follow the Akhenaten cult via ArTEMIS.

By the way, Athamas was made the brother of Sisyphus of Corinth (it's known that Aeetes elements were heavily in Corinth), meaning that we should expect Athamas elements where Segovesus and Bellovesus were rooted, which was in Dauphine and Provence, basically the south side of the Autun theater. Many years ago, before knowing much at all about mythology, I took a stab by identifying Artemis' Calydonian boar as Corinthians. I now have every reason to trace Artemis elements to Corinth, you see.

Now look. Jason/Iason, son of Aeson, was in Corinth married to the dragon witch, the daughter of Aeetes, and Aeson>Iason was recently discovered by me to be Iasion, founder of the Kabeiri (this cult was symbolized by Attis, the transvestite), who was then discovered to be the same as "Ixion." In other words, Aeson>Jason was the Akhenaten cult, plain and simple. As Jason depicted Boiotian elements (at Orchomenos), we expect his Nephele side to be the Aedon line to Autun and Nevers.

As I'm thus linking Jason to the Akhenaten cult, it should be added, as per that cult founding the Lemnos Kabeiri, that myth writers placed Jason in Lemnos as a fundamental principal while he was headed to retrieve the golden fleece.

A further point is that, while I traced the Khaldi to "Celt," I traced the Galli priests of the Kabeiri to Gauls, and Bellovesus was a Gaul ruler. It can thereby be reckoned that Athamas and all his brothers were of Galli elements, or of the related Celts. Sisyphus, grandfather to Bellerophon, was married to Merope, yet another code for the Merovingian bloodline to Autun (remember, king Merops had Aedon as granddaughter).

I find online that "cloud" derived from the proto-Germanic "kludas." I say that proto-Germanic was mythical Hermes elements. Hermes and Phrixus were closely allied because the fleece belonged to Hermes. Aeetes left Corinth in the care of a Hermes bloodline. Attis was father of Lydus=Lydia, and the Hermus river was downtown Lydia. If the question is (and it is) whether all this can make a "kludas" derived in the Khaldi>Calydonians, yes, it can. If true, it would seem that Nibelungs were fundamentally the Khaldi. If not mistaken, the "nebula" term is cloud for Latin, and of course I would root that term in the Lydians (= proto-Latins) i.e. where the proto-Germanic Hermes cult was located.

I did trace Herminone-branch Germanics (as per their god, Zio, or was it Sio) to mount Sion. Actually, Sion was a summit of mount Hermon. If that "Hermon" trace to "German" is accurate, we should follow the Sionists alongside Nephele elements through "Ixion" and Iasion (the latter on Samothrace), from the Amazon location of Samsun to Samos>Samothrace, then to Iason>Aeson of Boiotia, and then to the Nibelungs and Merovingians, but be clear that this Sion was a pagan cesspool at Tyre/Phoenicia, not in holy Jerusalem.

Aside from the Herminones, Germanics were broken down into Ingaevones and Istaevones. The Ingaevones are thought to the Angli/Angles, and Istaevones are named after the Ister (= Danube) river. It is said that Franks derived from Istaevones, and this can jibe with my trace of Merovingians, said to be the first Franks, to Edomites...if the Ister river was named after Ishtar, wife of Dumuzi.

A clue to the difference between Germanics and Gauls is in Nerthus, the mother goddess of the Varni, Angli, and other Saxon-related Germanics. If "Nerthus" was from "Enarete," while Athamas and his brothers represented the Galli line to Gauls, then Gauls and Germanics were closely related as per Enarete being made the mother of Athamas and his brothers. Little is told online of Enarete's ancestry. Perhaps she was a N'Arete term as code for Arados, or some other proto-Arthurian Rus bloodline through Rhodes.

[The day after writing the paragraph above, I recalled suggested a trace of the Aedui of Autun to the Eudoses, one of the Nerthus-worshiping peoples. Many are convinced that Eudoses were the Jutes/Eotens...who I traced to Edones long before I knew of Eudoses. "According to Bede, [the Jutes] finally settled in Kent (where they became known as the Cantuarii)" (brackets not mine). I don't agree that "Jute" or any form of it evolved into the "Cantii" that founded Kent, but I did trace the Cantii to the Ixion line of Centaurs, a horse-depicted people who were assigned Nephele as their mother. This jibes with my equating Nephele with Aphrodite because I had independently identified Aphrodite as the Heneti peoples, and on yet another independent occasion, I identified "Heneti" with "Centaur."

It could be, however, that Athamas and his brothers were not Gauls, but strictly proto-Germanics like Enarete their mother (assuming), and that the outcropping Nerthus-worshiping Germanics only merged with Gauls. BUT, Enarete was married to Aeolus, a potential Galli or Helios variation (I equate the latter two). And that's important, for Aeolus was depicted as the four winds, and winds have to do with...clouds. Picture a cloud with human face blowing the wind. Moreover, Germans proper view themselves as Allemanni, and that term too can derive in "Galli."

The Galli link to Herminones is easily explained. The Galli transvestites used a serpent around a rod as their symbol, but that was the symbol of Hermes too. I say the Galli were named after "Halys," and the Hattusa location on that river was traced (by me) to the "Cadusii" Armenians. The two Hermes serpents around a rod were called, a caduceus, no doubt code for the Cadusii Armenians. I identified the one Hermes serpent as the Gel/Gileki peoples (beside Cadusia) who appear to be the roots of the Galli. Once again, it's hard to make a Germanic distinction with Gauls, except that in this picture Germanics were from Cadusii>Hatti Armenians (mythical Cotys was made father of Attis, suggesting that "Cotys" depicted the Cadusii to Hattusa) while Gauls were from Gileki Iranians/Deylamites.

As Nazis were dogmatic concerned with roots in Aryans, perhaps they considered themselves from the Gileki Iranians instead of the Cadusii. Perhaps a schism developed between the two serpents of the caduceus, explaining why we only see one serpent at times. Perhaps that schism carried forward into the future resulted in World War II.

The Phoenician alphabet (one of the earliest) was Semite, and as mythical Cadmus (depicting Phoenicians to Boiotia, to the city ruled by Aedon) was the Cadusii>Sion cult out from mount Hermon, it stands that some Germanics, or Germanics proper, were part Semite in that respect. The Aryans side may have come to despise them, and vice-versa. Hmm, I wrote the above forgetting what I had found at Wikipedia's swastika article, that an ancient swastika jewel was found in the land of the Gileki!

I just realized that a C-less Cadmus is quite like "Athamas." Often, I trace Cadmus from Cilicia straight to the Thraco-Greek theater (with few details in the migrational path), but now that I'm in the midst of tracing the Sion cult via Thermodon/Themiscyra, it supports a Cadmus>Athamas equation. I do recall tracing "Cilicia" to "Gileki" elements!

I suppose this means that Nazi Rosicrucians were Cilicians>Gauls, not Germanics. That's new. But then that might be splitting hairs far too much. Here's an online quote from Nicholas de Vere, just so we know where he stands:

People think that the Anti-Christ will emerge from the ranks of the [Vere] Dragon Court? How intuitive of them [sarcasm]. My views on Nazism are well known. Nazism was a peasant movement populated by the worst in German peasant scum. Its "Aryan" philosophy and aspirations were a complete joke, and its blind devotion to nationalistic jingoism was the height of psychological blindness and wishful thinking. You can't make genetic Aryans - a race of kings - out of a nation of genetic turnip-peasants."

That's the good news, one might say. The bad news is that Nicholas speaks in the same insulting way against Biblical Christians...but doesn't realize or acknowledge that he's being insulting. Nicholas may not know that his roots are Nazi roots too, or he may know but despise merely the idea of lowly Nazi peasants rising up against the "race of kings" to which he wants to belong. Nicholas approves of an Aryan bloodline, that we know, a bloodline of the Dragon Court, and because he's involved in the cults now trying to spread the Jesus-Magdalene heresy worldwide, it's important that my traces of Vere roots correctly/compellingly goes straight to Edomites and pagan Hebrews.

Nicholas is emailing me at this time trying to convince that he's a real Christian, yet the article above goes on:

The contemporary Dragon Court is furthermore a combination of what Aleister Crowley [major Satanist of the Bavarian Illuminati] would term several "currents", of which the major external one to the family proper was bestowed via the Black Country Covenant of the Baphometic Order of the Cubic Stone, who trace their origins back to the Knights Templars. This was given in recognition of my family's hereditary involvement in Royal Witchcraft and the historical Dragon tradition."

Boy-o-boy, something for Nicholas to be really proud of, roots in "royal" witchcraft. And he emailed this, not mincing:

A thought for you John.

Who is pulling your strings, God, or the Fundamentalist Church? Because it's the Papists that control the Fundamentalists. It certainly isn't God.

Neither the popes nor the Protestant Fundamentalists have God, says Nicholas, but his witchcraft cult does have the true God, says Nicholas. My constructive reply (it isn't easy to re-build a demolished house, but first thing's first, to clear away the debris):

No, Nick, the Vatican does not control Biblical Christians. I've known many Christians who read the Scripture "as is," believe it "as is," and they listen nothing to the pope. Your animosity toward the Vatican is, loosely speaking, shared by me (not for the same reasons, though).

How do you reconcile being proud of witchcraft and then turning around saying that you have the correct view of Christ? Why confuse the world like that and then bring ridicule upon yourself? Your followers are the deluded and the crazies. Really, the drug addicts and the occult lunatics. By now you know this first hand, that the world of normal people are not latching onto your writings. So, keep on and suffer for it, but don't blame me and others like me. You're a contradiction, and you made yourself that way, proud as you are to be the/a leader of the organization. Better to be a mere soldier in a good band than a leader in a band that no one is following.

I know for a fact that he'll come back fighting (until he decides to stop writing). He'll probably say that his followers are many noble and/or respected people. Unfortunately, he's not revealing who his followers are. I don't imagine.

Although Foetes was a large topic in this week's long update, it actually overlaps with the Aedon topic if indeed Foetes was rooted in "Boiotians." I think it was made solid earlier that Foetes was a Boii(hemian) entity. We should therefore expect the Ixion-Nephele cult in Bavaria, and of course in the Bavarian Illuminati. That Illuminati was linked to Hesse, where the Catti settled...that I trace back to Cadmus (Cadusii) out of Thebes/Boiotia. See how nicely that works to reveal the reason for the Hesse alliance with the Bavarian Illuminati? AND the idea now on the table, that "Aedon" depicted "Edom" elements, jibes with a "Hesse" trace to "Esau" elements.

As Hesse is also "Hessen," take note that I think it's Freemasons who like to trace John the Baptist, and therefore Jesus himself, to a cult of the Essenes. The purpose is to destroy the reliability of Jesus as Son of God. In that picture, the Essenes may just have been Esau-ites, and therefore related more to the Herods than to Mary, mother of Jesus.

I should add that as per the common r-to-l switch, "Herod" and "Clode" could be cognates. In this picture, which argues well for the Claudius=Herod theory, the Herods were of the cloud-line Nephele-ites, and as we saw that Nephele-ites were part of Enarete (married to wind-depicted Aeolus), perhaps the "arete" in "Enarete" was for the same Rhodian elements that put forth the Herod name. I am reminded of mythical Erotes, son of Aphrodite (= Nephele!) and Ares (the word, erotica, comes from that Aphrodite-Ares transvestite/homosexual/pedophile cult).

As it's well understood that Ares (Aphrodite loved him more than she did Hephaestus) was Hera, and that explains why the myth writer made Hera look like a cloud before Ixion. That is, Nephele was portrayed by the myth writer as an aspect of Hera, and no wonder since Nefertiti>Nephele was Ares' mate, Aphrodite. It's known that Ares and Hera were the Horus cult out of Egypt, a cult that I trace to Edom's Horites. Yes, I now recall suggesting that Herod was a name honoring Horites out of Egypt.

Thus, Enarete, the mother of Germanics, was from the Aryan Horites, they being from the Hurrians. Horites had also lived at Nuzi (the Nazis may have named after Nuzi elements), smack in the Assyrian theater of Arrapha, the city of the Arphaxadites that I trace to Arados (the latter was the Greek name for Arpad in Syria). traced Arphaxadites out of Arados/Arpad to the dragon of Ares, and to Rhodes, and to the Harpassus river that flows into the Maeander that in-turn flows down toward Rhodes.

The suggestion above that Enarete>Nerthus was the proto-Arthurian cult can be evidenced where I had traced (in the Myth Codes link below) the Harmonia-Cadmus marriage that constituted the Ares dragon to ArCADia, a place depicted in myth as Arca the bear constellation...that to the Latins was "Ursa." Compare the latter with an N-less "Nerthas." It can now be added that Atlanteans were summarized by at least one myth writer as Aeolus the western wind and a Boiotus character.

In the chapter at the link above, the Boiotians are said to be the principal Atlanteans, out of Antayla of the Poseidon-related Pisidians. Remember, Aedon of Boiotia was assigned a son, Itylus, and Atlas was the first/chief son of Poseidon in western-Atlantean lore. It therefore seems that the Cadmus-Harmonia cult in Thebes depicted the European-landmass Phoenicians allied (in Thebes) to the sea-faring Boiotian Phoenicians that had Aedon elements as their foundation. The latter went up the Rhodanus; the former became the continental Veneti and other Po-river peoples headed west across northern Italy to meet the Rhodanus branches.

In the Homer myth, the Odyssey (or was it in the Argonautica by a writer of Rhodes?), Odysseus left the Edoni theater before finding adventures on the west side of Italy. And I think there is a great case for trace mythical Lycurgus, king of the Edoni (same as the Edones), to the founding of Ligurians on the Rhodanus. This is the Jesus-distorting dragon cult, world, plain and simple: the monotheistic Atun sun god.

The publicized belief of Nicholas de Vere in a God, and his rabid opposition to Catholicism, as well as his support of royal Stewarts of England, suggests that he's of the Rosicrucian circles that created the Anglican Church under Elizabeth I to compete against the Vatican. It was Elizabeth and her bloodline that God set up to rule the world, they announced, not the Roman popes. I don't know of any such God, and moreover the Bavarian Illuminati, as per the London Rothschilds and others, infiltrated the Anglican church further, but of course it wasn't their purpose to reveal such tactics to the members in the pews, for the peoples in the pews were to be fed a Biblical line to some point to keep the money flowing in. We can't imagine satanists in the churches working any other way.

The more we learn about the nature of the God that de Vere takes to, the more we can know what sort of circles he's involved with. I repeat that Tactitus mention the Oxonae as yet another branch of Nerthus-worshiping peoples, and Veres ruled Oxonia, or Oxford as it's now called, the place where many Christian-disguised Illuminatists came out of, including the duo, Westcott and Horte (founders of the Ghost Society but also translators of the Bible). Cott = Catti? Horte = Herod??

The WestCOTT/WestCOTE Coat is in the colors of the Cotts/Cotes (= Tancred>Guiscard elements). I was reluctant at first to link Cottians to the Catti of Hesse, but recently made the link based on sufficient evidence. I had identified the Catti as the holy-grail bloodline before identifying any other line as such, and so see the grails in the Westcott Coat above!

You probably know that Magdalene holy-grail lore came out of Languedoc, and so see that the Cotts were first found in Languedoc...suggesting that the WestCOTT grail symbol is from the Magdalene cult. And that could be why the Westcott Shield looks like the Brittany Allen/Alan Shield, for I had identified the MagDALENE cult as code for the D'Allen clan. The commonality between the Alan and Westcott Shields is their so-called "fesse," another potential code for Foetes/Fussen.

The Hordes were first found in Shropshire (!), the place to which the Brittany Allens moved to. The Hordes are in blue and white, the Stewart-check colors, and the French-Fer check colors. Nicholas, world dominion belongs...not to Edomites. Sorry. Complete ruin is reserved for Edomites. Hasten, act accordingly, fulfill your needs as in the Lord's Prayer, your need for, "Thy Kingdom Come," your need to, "forgive us this day our sins."

I had traced the red lion on white of the English Stewarts to the same in the Irish Dallen Coat, but see the German Dallen pine-tree design, how it matches the pine tree in the Constance surname of...Languedoc! The Daytons, said to be from "D'Autun," and therefore lived near Cottians (in the Savoy Alps), also use a red-on-white lion.

The Hort/Hurt Shield is similar (same fesse) to the Allen and Westcott Shields, but in different colors. Horts/Hurts were first found in Oxfordshire! Assuming that it's correct to trace Edomites to the Nerthus-worshipers, the Horts could have been part of the Herod-associated bloodline(s). It's interesting that the Horts are properly Hurts, for that evokes the N-less "Nerthas." AND "erthas" recalls the HERTfordshire location mentioned earlier in this update, for that location was in the London/Oxford theater!!

The Arms of Oxford uses an ermined elephant (and a beaver that I trace to "Bavaria") even though there are no elephants in Britain or Brittany. There was one son of Esau, however, and so expect Esau-ites and Eliphas-ites among the Hesse Catti.

In this picture, the holy grail cult attributed to Jesus and Mary Magdalene is more a concoction of Edomites than Israelites. It figures.

The Horts/Hurts and the Bavarian (!!) Herts/Harts both use stags, as does the Hertford surname. The Hortons use the same stag head mentioned earlier in this update as per the Legge and Parker stag heads. Those clans were traced to the Ligurian>Percival holy grail line...that naturally spread into the Languedoc area.

Just realized. "Eliphas" looks like "Halybes." It's a potential problem in my Caleb-ite=Halybes theory, though I'm sticking to it just because the Hebron and Chill/Child Coats are the same while the Hebrons were first in Chillingham. The Chills/Childs (suspect from the Khaldi, remember), by the way, are one of the clans mentioned earlier as being first in Hertfordshire!

I've just realized (can't recall whether I did before) that "Eliphas" smacks also of "Lapith." Eliphas-ites in Aleppo and in Lapithos (Cyprus?). Let's not forget my trace of the Samson cult to Edomites, for the Lapps of Scandinavia are also called, Sami (that is, the Lapps may have been Eliphas-ite Edomites).

Christo-Rosicrucians must not believe on the Bible literally. It's known that Freemasons think they have the true God figured out that Christians badly malign when interpreting Him literally as defined by the Bible. This is the attitude of Nicholas de Vere in his emails to me. Christo-Rosicrucianism could become the False Prophet cult yet to be disclosed, a cult that will tend to persecute "fundamentalist" Christians.

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