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May 1 -- The Death or Rescue of Osama bin Laden

Is Osama bin Laden Dead?
Panettas are Paynes/Payens
Malahule>Meschin Line in Pappenheim Bavaria
"Geronimo" is Code for Bavarian Meschins

While Donald Trump was taking credit like the braggadocios man that he says he doesn't want to sound like, like the braggadocios man that everyone takes him for by now, Obama started bragging that he was able, with the release of his Certificate of Live Birth, put Trump's conspiracy theory to rest. And Obama then joked mockingly against all conspiracy theorists who've been aiming at him since he's become the president. Obama's strategy is clear: to send a warning to all others who might start ganging up on him.

Today, the president of the United States must by force be involved in all sorts of conspiracies that only a few in his inner circle are aware of. The strategies for his re-election campaign, for one, are a well guarded secret, but Obama's attitude, and some of his friends, bring forcefully to mind that he's nothing but a conspiracy addict. When I got up to read that bin Laden had been shot and promptly "buried at sea," what came to mind but another conspiracy theory? What is being hidden from us?

Osama bin Laden, the face of global terrorism and architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was killed in a firefight with elite American forces [May 2], then quickly buried at sea in a stunning finale to a furtive decade on the run.

...The U.S. official who disclosed the burial at sea said it would have been difficult to find a country willing to accept the remains. Obama said the remains had been handled in accordance with Islamic custom, which requires speedy burial. Obama said the remains had been handled in accordance with Islamic custom, which requires speedy burial.

Those words reveal that Obama was involved in the speedy "burial," and yet they reveal to me that bin Laden was not killed at all. For all we know, this claim is just one of Obama's pre-election tactics. Obama is taking the credit, all too braggadocios, for finally getting him. Note that the U.S. officials above are not named, what we'd expect in a conspiratorial sham.

There are different possibilities. Perhaps bin Laden was not at the shoot-out at all, or he was taken into custody alive because he was a pro-American agent. Perhaps he needed hospital treatment badly. Perhaps he wanted out. Perhaps Obama or others needed him "dead."

There is just no excuse (there's been a few floating around) for the sudden discarding of Osama's body while all the conspiracy theorists in the world want evidence that he has been alive all these years, when conspiracies abounded to the effect that there may have been at least two Osamas, at least one of them faithful to the American military.

The "killing" of Osama must have been a well-calculated sham. It's suspicious that the White House released the Live Birth certificate just before the bin Laden announcement, and then announced the bin Laden death while Trump was in the middle of his Celebrity Apprentice show. Apparently, Obama wanted to wound Trump so that Trump would be fearful of starting another national gang-up for Obama's swift "burial at sea." We will have to wait and see how wounded Trump has been. One can assume that the bin Laden "death" was prepared and perhaps even fated long before Trump started up on Obama's birth details. So much a threat was Trump that Obama ordered the Certificate (or a fraudulent look-alike) to be released.

Another article on the morning of the announcement: "The United States is conducting DNA testing on slain al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and used facial recognition techniques to help identify him, a U.S. official said on [May 2]."

It's the early morning of Monday, May 2 as I write. The Obama plan may have been to get him on May 1, the most important "holy" day in Witchcraft (dedicated to Bel, if I recall correctly), the day that the Bavarian Illuminati was founded. So far I haven't read the hour that bin Laden was taken (important to know because Pakistan is ten hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time), but in any case, an article by the Guardian (one media I strongly suspect for assisting these sorts of conspiracies) confirms: "But it took only 40 minutes on Sunday for US special forces to kill both the courier and Bin Laden."

Sunday was May 1 all day in Washington.

The next day, I found this: "The ceremony [to bury him at sea], done according to Islamic law, began about 1:10 a.m. today EST and lasted about 45 minutes, according to officials." That suggests an operation conducted on May 1 and concluded before midnight, May 2. The article claims, "It was scheduled for Friday afternoon, but because of weather, was postponed until Sunday." I'm going to ignore that and view it as a statement for the purpose of discrediting anyone bringing up the May 1 date.

The writer of the Guardian article has a MacAskell surname, and I've known off by heart that a bell-pattern Shield in the colors of witchcraft (black and white) is all that the Askell/Haskel Shield uses. I entertain that the heraldic bell pattern, called "vair," is a Vere-Massey symbol in honor of Massey ancestry in the Bellamys And of course I root the Bellamys in Baal>Bel (Bel was the Celtic Baal). There is a MacAskell Coat (strikes me like the Wolfley Crest and colors), where the write-up has the clan first in Skye and Lewis, the home turf of the McLeods.

Entering "Vair" brings up the English Vere Shield , but also a French Veirs/Fer/Vair clan first found in Burgundy. That's important as per the Nibelung/Autun topic in the last update. While the Askells/Haskells use just the vair pattern, French Vairs use just checks, a witchcraft symbol. The Vairs lived in Dijon (just a red Shield), the Burgundy capital. As Cheshire's capital was "Diva," "Dijon began as a Roman settlement called Divio..." Hmm, Meschins ruled the Cheshire capital. [The design belonging to the Haskels, personally, comes up surprisingly, later in this update, as a symbol of Pappenheims, in new talk on the Bavarian Illuminati].

Dijon, using just a red Shield (ignoring the symbols of Burgundy at the top) is in Cote-d'or, the latter using just a gold Shield. Hmm, I think I'm on to something new to explain why the Veres and Masseys use a gold-and-red quartered (checkered?) Shield. "Dijon" brings the idea to mind of France's upper-class snots...sort of like the "royal witchcraft" that Nicholas de Vere honors.

Neighboring Autun uses a gold Shield with red lion, the color of the Magdalene-cult lion. While Wikipedia tells that the colors of the lion and Shield in personal Arms of Ranulf le Meschin are unknown, it uses a red-on-gold lion, and because the Lee/Ley/Legh Coat (I say a Ligurian clan) uses a red-on-gold lion, I think that Wikipedia is accurate. The point is, the le Meschin's lion may have been Autun's lion.

Entering "Sion" brings up a swan (= Ligurian) symbol. Both the Saone and the Seine (i.e. Sion-like terms) flow through Cote-d'Or. Autun is in Saone-et-Loire.

Nicholas-de-Vere lore (or however you might view it) says that the Melusine Veres of Anjou were linked to a Rainfrou character (I haven't decided if he was myth code or historical) that I traced to Rennes in Brittany. Entering "Renner" brings up the Rainor clan with an ermined Shield; it's known that ermines are a symbol of Brittany in particular. Entering "Wren" brings up a Raines clan using a chevron in colors reversed to the Raines-Coat chevron. The Wren/Raines write-up traces to Rennes, Brittany. This implies that the Vere-Stewarts of Brittany had some hold on Rennes, supported by the fact that the Alans=Stewarts moved promptly from Shropshire to Renfrewshire.

The Wren Crest uses a broken spear that I assume to be code for the Speers (they use spears), first found in Renfrewshire. I once knew a Raines clan living a minute's walk from a road sign that read " Vance." In other words, a town of Vance was nearby. I say this because the Speer motto is just "Advance," and I think that is code for Vannes (a Veneti location at Merovee-like Morbihan), Brittany (Vannes and Brittany took turns ruling Brittany), but I read that the ermine fur symbol belongs to Vannes in particular. I once had in my possession a map of the Autun theater showing a Morven location that I traced to Morbihan. The Arms of Morbihan: ermines. The Arms of Vannes?An ermine, the animal, with greyhound supporters (and "A ma Vie" motto, in case i need it later).

The MacAskell motto is simply, "Spae," which brought to my mind Henry of Speyer in the bloodline of Worms, Germany, a bloodline to which I traced the Veres. At that very time, I had suggested, without sufficient evidence, that Veres were not only in Melusine-related Anjou, but, while connected to Robert the Strong (count of Anjou) from the Worms bloodline, were also in Autun somehow. Spree-surname variations include Speier (too is "Spei") and Speyer!!

I suspected that Henry of Speyer was a Hohen patriarch, and it just so happens that entering "Hohen" brings up just a red-and-white-checkered Shield, the color of the Vair Shield checks (and the colors of the Speers). Remember, Melusine is used in the Crest of the Massins/Masons, and the motto of the latter is "Fum spiro spero." AND, entering "Vance" brings up the Vaux clan, the English branch of which uses nothing but a Shield filled with red and gold (Vance colors) checks!

That tends to prove that Speers/Speyers were from Henry of Speyer (the latter's brother, Brun, was pope Gregrory V, just so we know that we're dealing elitism). But then I had traced the Speers and similar Sprees to the Spree river in Lusatia, with makes sense because I independently traced mythical Melusine, known to be of LUSIGnan elements (near Anjou), to LUZICa=Lusatia for more than the similarity of terms.

Again, Lower Lusatia uses a red bull, the color of the ox in the Oxford Arms, and Vere-like Warsaw, Poland, uses Melusine too (besides that, I recently traced Vere-Masseys to Massovia, Poland, where Warsaw is situated). Therefore, if the ancestry of Henry of Speyer is being kept from us at any point, think the Spree river.

Henry's mother was Judith of Bavaria, not forgetting the beaver in the Oxford Arms. On his father's side (Otto), Henry was of the German-Salian dynasty...that we can suspect to be a carry-over from Merovingian Salians...who I trace to Silesia, smack beside Lusatia! I traced Sellicks to Silesian elements, and due to their cloud-like border, I suspect Sellicks and certain Silesians to have been Nibelungs (see below for cloud-border evidence).

I wrote a chapter called, "It's a Good Day for Cohen Salian," if that helps to make the Speyer link to Cohens>Hohens (I say "Conrad," name of Otto's father, means "red Cohen" = Hohens). The Vaux surname evokes the Fulks, whom in Italy use a Shield with nothing but blue and white checks, same as the French Fers, same as the Italian Massis/Mattis', same as the German Cohens, and used by the Scottish Stewarts to a central degree.

I say that the Magdalene lore surrounding Rennes le Chateau (Languedoc), a Magdalene church of which uses a black and white checkered floor, is linked to Rennes elements of Brittany. I recall reading that the black and white checks on police helmets in England was a design granted by Stewarts. It's beginning to appear that Veres of the witchcraft sort are behind the Da-Vinci-code propaganda.

When I made the Vere link to Autun/Nevers without the evidence I needed, that has cropped up only this morning, I was trying to find out whether Robert the Strong injected Nibelung elements into the Vikings that he warred against. The investigation petered out unsuccessfully.

Robert was count of Anjou just before the Fulks took that position, and so the idea presented by Nicholas de Vere, that Melusine-related Veres were counts of Anjou before the Fulks took it, would seem to superimpose the rule over Anjou of Robert the Strong. And so I held that important Vere ancestry went back, not just to northern Italy, but to Worms via the bloodline (called the Capetian bloodline) of this Robert.

Rennes had been ruled in Robert's time by Erisproe, whose father (Nominoe) was called, Tad d'Vro, by the Welsh. I assessed that Nominoe was therefore a Vere, which could explain Robert's support of Erisproe: "The revolt [of Robert the Strong against king Charles] had been sparked by the marriage alliance between Charles and Erispoe, Duke of Brittany..." If you're interested, Wikipedia has a good tree on the dukes of Brittany, showing them to be ancestored by Nominoe. The tree shows that Rollo married Poppa, a Nominoe line out of the Bessin that could have been a Pepinid due to her name.

In the last update, we saw a Nibelung in Grimoald the Younger, son of ""Pepin II 'le Gros' NIBELUNG". (It just so happens that Crespina, Poppa and Rollo's daughter, married Grimaldis of Monaco.) The question is, from whom did Pepin II get his Nibelung surname? Here is his tree, with the Landen ancestry of the Pepins shown on one side, and with his father (Anchises), a Merovingian (whose name evokes the mythical father of Aeneas, mythical founder of Rome).

If one follows Anchises' mothers side to Arnoald, then clicking to Arnoald's parents and following his mothers side to Merovingian king, Clotaire, we find Clotaire's mother from Burgundy. That could be a Nibelung connection, as well as others. Clotaire's father was Clovis I, and on his mother's side we go back to Agrippine, a potential Maccabean and/or Herodian. Agrippine is the one who gave birth to the Burgundian side. Her husband was CHILperich (his father was a king of Burgundy), and their daughter, ChroteCHILDE of Burgundy.

Hmm, on Robert the Strong, we read (Wikipedia): "His success against the Vikings led to his heroic characterisation as "a second Maccabaeus" in the Annales Fuldenses." Hmm.

WOW! If you missed the last update, it was on the cloud symbol of the Nibelungs, the related McClouds, the Magdalene cult's roots in Nibelung elements, and a proposed Nibelung presence in Nevers/Nievre (to the immediate west of Cote-d-or). I have in the past year or two used "cloud-like border" as my personal description for the heraldic borders used in such Coats as that of the Talbots, Sellicks and Scotts, but just now I've found the same cloud-like border in the Arms of Nievre!! I don't recall ever making that point. The same type border is used by neighboring Cher.

Back to bin Laden. Did they take a piece of bin Laden's body to conduct the DNA tests? Even so, if the 9-11 sham was carried out by the West with U.S. government support at high levels, a DNA sham should be a breeze. Another article: "U.S. officials tell me [reporter Daniel Foster] the last thing they want is for his burial place to become a terrorist shrine. To avoid that, an informed source tells me, the intention is the bury his body at sea -- leaving no definitive location for the final resting place of his body." Again, the names of the officials, we can be suspected as part of the conspiracy, are not given.

The article goes on, "A senior administration official tells my colleague Jake Tapper this about the body: 'We are ensuring it is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition. It's something we take seriously and therefore it's being handled in an appropriate manner.'" That's the excuse for hiding the body should conspiracy theorists start ganging up. But I say that every person in the world has got to be a conspiracy theorist at this point:

Bin Laden was located at a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, which was monitored and when the time was determined to be right, the president said, he authorized a "targeted operation."

"A small team of Americans carried out the operation," Obama said. "After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body."

The smaller the fighting team, the shorter the battle, the better it might go for the conspirators. In all likelihood, a firefight did take place, one that the Pakistani government should verify, unless Obama cut a deal with that government for it to help stage the event. Perhaps that deal went something like this: "Okay, Pakistan, we'll leave your area if you help us get bin Laden."

Assuming that the bin Laden just "killed" was not a pro-American agent, it's likely that his death is being announced so that he can be questioned...and tortured...without the Arabs loyal to him knowing about it. Surely, Obama would have given the order to take him alive just for the information in his head. If the battle was just 40 minutes, that could have been arranged easily, don't we think? Trump has all the ammunition in the world to make Obama look moronic for not taking Laden alive, and yet I think Trump would be shy at this point to start up on that. We'll see.

While others remain anonymous, we see John Brennan speaking too-openly about it, as one among the planners of the operation. There's even a leaked memo from the CIA director, who was reportedly in charge of the operation. Since when does the CIA leak it's operational tactics? Brennan even tells to a large and insightful degree, too insightful to be believed (it sounds more like marketing appeal to make Obama a hero) , how the operation was conducted, and why bin Laden was not taken alive (because his men did not surrender, but came out firing). The O-dministration even goes on to describe the invasion of bin Laden's bedroom, where he was, of course, firing back on the U.S that they had no choice but to kill him.

In the original story, there was no prior plan to try to take Laden alive. We are to think that no such plan existed because the only viable option was to go in and kill him before he killed an American fighter. Please, he was trapped in a walled compound. It's a perfect scenario for taking him alive and getting him up into a helicopter before one could say, "hoisted out of here."

The article above says that one initial option, the option of choice, apparently, had it not been for a couple of PR complications, was to blast the entire compound. That in a nutshell tells me that Brennan's report is a scam, for it can be realized with certainty that the option of choice was to take him alive.

The article above asks: "How did the helicopters elude the Pakistani air defense network?" Perhaps there was no need to. Perhaps the Pakistanis were part of the plot. If the Pakistani officials do not come out angered enough at the intrusion , that will be a clue. But if the Pakistanis were involved, they are expected to fake anger. The trick is to decipher whether the anger is sincere or faked. If it lasts a week or two, it's probably faked. If the Americans start to talk large about a pull-out from Afghanistan any time soon, it was probably staged with Pakistan in full agreement.

At the headline, "U.S. team's mission was to kill bin Laden, not capture," we read definitively: "The U.S. special forces team that hunted down Osama bin Laden was under orders to kill the al Qaeda mastermind, not capture him, a U.S. national security official told Reuters. 'This was a kill operation,' the official said, making clear there was no desire to try to capture bin Laden alive in Pakistan." But wait, won't that start a worldwide vengeance program by jihadists? Perhaps that's exactly what Globamists want as an excuse to remain in the Middle East. Have we hit the nail on the head? In such a scenario, it's not likely that Pakistan was a willing part of it. We'll need to see whether the plan now is to stay in, or leave, the Middle East. It's up in the air.

Not even the name of an official who gave very mild info was revealed:

..."There's no doubt it's him," says a US official who has seen the pictures [of dead bin Laden]...

The argument for releasing them: to ensure that the public knows and can appreciate that he's dead. There is of course skepticism throughout the world that the US government claim that it killed bin Laden is true.

The [O-dministration's] argument against releasing the pictures: they're gruesome. He has a massive head wound above his left eye where he took bullet, with brains and blood visible. If the plan is to release the photo(s), and I think it is, and if the photo(s) is fake, then I'd expect fellow plotters in the media whose jobs it is to make statements to the effect that the release of a photo would prove that Laden is dead. Most people do not believe that a conspiracy of this sort can be gotten away with, but I do because I think it has become routine "business."

I also expect the Telegraph media to do it's best to fight conspiracy theories on this one, and here's a Telegraph article already with the headline, an explosion of conspiracy theories, where it gives Obama thumbs up and has Republicans trigger-happy to believe in conspiracy theories. Another article by the Telegraph claims the U.S. knew that Pakistan was protecting bin Laden, suggesting that Pakistan was not involved in the bin-Laden death plot. But can we trust the Telegraph, or is it using the WikiLeaks report to make us believe what isn't altogether true? Or put it this way, that even though it may be true that Pakistan was protecting bin Laden, the United States may have winked because it too wanted him alive, especially if Laden was a Western agent.

There was even an eye- or ear-witness account of the helicopter raid, but was this an authentic witness or a plant? The Telegraph already knows the truth, that Obama is sincere and not faking things. How does the Telegraph know this so soon? Could we say that people at the Telegraph are naive, gullible? Or are some of them, including some in the leadership, part of the conspiracy?

If Nazis infiltrated America decades ago, shouldn't we expect them to have agents planted in many positions of influence by now, and all over Britain too? Shouldn't the Thulists that became Nazis have had agents in America even before Hitler came to power? Why did America take so long to engage Hitler in war? Did the U.S. finally cave in to attacking the Nazis on Europe's west coast but with the aim of rescuing as much of Hitler and his inner circle as possible, once the writing was on the wall that Hitler couldn't win the war?

We tend to think that England and Germany were dread enemies throughout the 20th century, but then the Rothschilds had representation in both countries, and surely they had great influence in both countries. To be sure, Hitler killed some Rothschilds and apparently sought their end, but that may have been a family dispute gone very bad.

Knowing now that George Bush Sr. was from a Hitlerite Nazi spy organization (see 4th update in April for evidence), and knowing that modern Aryans trace themselves to Afghanistan, how is it that Bush's son, as soon as he became president, seized Afghanistan? In that place there was anciently, and still is, a Khyber Pass where an Afridi peoples lived. If you read all of the last update, you'll know that Aphrodite, also called, Kypris, was an integral part of the "Kypris"-like Kabeiri cult. You'll know that I traced that goddess to the "Kabeiri"-like Khabur river because it was a tributary of the "Aphrodite"-like Euphrates. And so this is why I realized (years ago) that Aphrodite/Kypris was also from the Afridi peoples of the Khyber Pass.

The same George Bush Jr. who invaded Afghanistan then invaded Iraq...where the Khabur and Euphrates flow. Coincidence? The British took southern Iraq as their "job," which was ancient Sumeria, where the Aryans had a very early empire. The Americans took Baghdad, just 20 miles from Babylon, where the Sumerian Aryans moved when forming the Ishtar cult. By that time, the Ishtar cult belonged to the Amorites of the Euphrates river (capital at Mari) , and the Amorite king that took Assyria after that, and brought the Ishtar cult there, lived on the Khabur. I have that recorded somewhere in my works as an historical fact. Assyria was the part Iraq along the Tigris river, and the last parts of the Bush military are stationed at and around what became the Assyrian capital, Mosul.

I don't think this Nazi-based story is over by any means in Iraq. I think Aphrodite named Africa, and that the area of northern Africa that was home to the Aphrodite dragon bloodlines is now under seizure by the same neo-Nazi (Americanized) leaders that were behind the Bushes. There is something much more important to these leaders than Americans, and America is valued by them only for the tool that it can their global lusts. The game is on to re-take their ancient heritage, and they're not about to stop if they can help it.

It's now the second day on the bin-Laden news, and Pakistan has come out to grant conspiracy theories the hairiest of legs:

An operation to hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden was run jointly by Pakistan and the United States, Pakistani sources said on [May 2], belying perceptions of a rift in relations between the two countries' spy agencies.

..."Without our involvement, this operation would not have succeeded," one Pakistani official source said.

"Was it possible without our help? No," another Pakistani security official said. "It was a joint intelligence operation."

...A senior U.S. official, quoted on the White House website [apparently un-named, but why?] suggested at a press briefing that Pakistan had been excluded.

...'In fact, only a very small group of people inside our own government knew of this operation in advance.'

Pakistan's High Commissioner to Britain, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, told Reuters, however, that the operation would not have been possible without Pakistan's help.

...'It is a joint operation, secretly collaborated, professionally carried out and satisfactorily ended,' he said.

'Yesterday's operation has belied all the allegations in the past that the CIA and ISI were not cooperating and that there was a rift between the CIA and the ISI,' he said.

Why would Pakistan come out and betray the official statements of the United States like that, if this Laden plot was a duo-deal to begin with? Possibly, logically, the few Pakistani plotters let the scheme get out to certain Pakistani officials who were not privy to the plot, and it is on account of the latter that Pakistan now feels compelled to admit that the plot was a dual effort. Otherwise, the not-involved Pakistanis would regard the involved Pakistanis as complicit in a...(shudder) conspiracy.

Once again, for Obama, what he plotted to be a political victory is turning out to expose him as a hypocrite, the smallest kind of human there is. But I see in Obama's face one that isn't going to quit, one who will yet try to achieve glory. On May 4, the story in America regarding Pakistan's involvement was changed:

US special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman has made it clear that the cooperation of Pakistan helped lead the United States (US) to the hideout where Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces. The incident, he claimed, would strengthen ties between intelligence agencies of both countries.

BUT, the words above are NOT necessarily an admission that Pakistan was clued in on the final operation that got Laden. The article makes it clear that, when Grossman was pressed by the press to clarify his remarks, he said Pakistan didn't know about: "When asked about why Pakistan was not taken into confidence over US operation to hunt Osama, [Grossman] said, there were security reason." However, his words in the quote in the paragraph above can be taken quite differently, and I suggest that those words were to be taken differently by Pakistan. Apparently, the White House commissioned people to get on Pakistan's case as soon as they came out admitting their involvement in the Laden operation. The O-mission was to pacify the Pakistanis and shut their blabbing mouths. Other articles are telling that all is well between Obama and Pakistan (really, is it?), and that the mutual war on terror is still on.

CIA chief Leon Panetta denies that Pakistan knew about the raid. Panetta appears to be too open for the CIA chief, as if he's dishing out info that was decided beforehand to be dished out. He speaks on one option of sending in a cruise missile, but that suggests the utter impossible, that the Americans didn't want bin Laden alive. I find it hard to believe that the Pakistani government would maintain, openly, that they were involved in this event if in fact Panetta is telling the truth. So ridiculous is the report that there was no will to go in and take him alive that the White House has started changed the story:

The new narrative provided by the White House also provides details of bin Laden's burial at sea, done in accordance with Muslim traditions.

The narrative:

On orders of the president, a small U.S. team assaulted a secure compound in an affluent suburb of Islamabad to capture or kill Osama bin Laden.

Aha! Now it's "to capture or kill." The official line was that they were afraid of being caught by the Pakistanis as the copters snuck in lying low. We can see why the Americans cannot admit that Pakistan was involved, for if that was the case, not only would their story be proved a lie, but bin Laden would have been taken alive. Just surround the compound, and get everyone inside to give up.

If they did kill Laden, it doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't an American agent, or at least an American tool. Perhaps Laden was threatening some affliction on the globe trodders (what I call Western intrusions into the Middle East). Perhaps Laden just knew too much, and the time arrived when it was best to do away with him. Or, if anyone could spill the beans on the 9-11 conspiracy, he could. We are told that there were no phones at the compound where Laden was staying. Might not the CIA have demanded that situation of the Pakistani government over the years, so that Laden couldn't communicate anything to the outside world?

Yes, the CIA may have known that Laden was in the compound all along, and treated him as a man in a prison, and perhaps they pressed the Pakistanis, who also knew this, to assure he didn't get out of the compound. Perhaps the day came when Obama-ites needed to kill him to score political points when needed badly enough. As we heard them say, "everything is on the table." Unfortunately, what's on the table now doesn't make sense.

The O-plan, we are told, was to take no captives, not even other men inside that compound. A headline at Drudge: "Mission was to kill, not capture; no prisoners taken..." Perhaps the Americans didn't want to take risks with bringing men in custody, who would blab too much about what was really going on.

Another article says: "...22 people were killed or captured," but we can't be sure what to believe because the flip-flopping has already begun:

A woman killed during the raid of Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan was not his wife and was not used as a human shield by the al Qaeda leader before his death, a U.S. official said on Monday, correcting an earlier description.

John Brennan, President Barack Obama's top counter- terrorism adviser, told reporters earlier that the slain woman had been one of bin Laden's wives and had been used -- perhaps voluntarily -- as a shield during the firefight.

However, a different White House official said that account had turned out not to be the case. Bin Laden's wife was injured but not killed in the assault.

Was she or was she not his wife? In a hoax, "wife" and "human shield" plays better. That article claims that bin Laden "did not return fire", all the more reason to have taken him alive. Later, it was disclosed that he was unarmed. My suspicions are that the official report would try to convince us that Laden returned fire as justification for killing him, but perhaps that story has been deemed unlikely to succeed due to the wife's survival...i.e. her ability to be an eye-witness. Perhaps the original plan was to kill all eye-witnesses, but that her survival has caused the change in Brennan's story. I'd say that Brennan's story, soon to be minimized by those involved, is not to be ignored because it, coming out so soon and so boldly, should be the official pre-planned statement that we were all to be fed.

Apparently, the operation went too fast, and a sloppy detail was missed, that the wife was not shot dead:

The updated version says "a woman -- bin Laden's wife -- rushed the U.S. assaulter and was shot in the leg but not killed."

"Bin Laden was then shot and killed," the narrative adds at that point. "He was not armed."

This sounds like the typical case where a police officer is charged with murder, taking for his defence the claim that the victim was thought to be pulling out a gun when in fact no such thing took place. I doubt very much that bin Laden, if he was alive in that room, tried to reach for a pen or anything else at the time, and certainly the claim that the wife was rushing the navy SEAL sounds like a false story to justify shooting her. Whether she was only shot in the leg may or may not be true; she may have feigned being dead at the time, we will never know the truth for certain.

I personally was charged by Homeland Security with assaulting their officers after about a half dozen pounced on me and took me to the ground abusively and without cause, much like the police-abuse videos we've all seen. I was not resisting at the time, just going for my coat to leave because the one officer I was speaking with said that I had a right to leave. As I went for my coat at that instant, he said, "But sit down first." I continued going for my coat, and they all pounced on me as though it was planned, Yes, there were not a half dozen of them standing around for no reason; it was planned. I was jailed for seven hours, cuffed behind my back, a very painful position; I think it's against the law to leave a person like for hours.

Three officers wrote sworn affidavits telling that I had raised my fist to strike them, and even tried to reach for one officer's sidearm gun. If this were true, I wouldn't be mentioning it here in a public article. If you don't believe my side of the story. I don't care (keep in mind that the judge did believe it). I did nothing of what was said in the affidavits. THEY TRIED TO JAIL AN INNOCENT MAN after going through my computer, where they found nothing for to lay a charge against me, but did find, I assume, my tribulation- and Laden-book materials.

While in the jail cell, I was telling them angrily through the door that they were at risk of losing their jobs. Seven hours later, they charged me with assaulting the officers. Try to realize how an innocent person feels at that point, because such a charge could bring years in prison. On the way to the jail house at the very time, before my court hearing the next day (I was released quickly that day though forced to plead guilty on a minor charge of resisting an investigation), the two officers in the vehicle stopped and parked for 20 minutes at the top of a bridge, with a large river flowing in the dark far below it. We were parked at the curb just a sidewalk's width from the bridge's railing, and they had me in the back seat to the door closest to the railing. When I enquired, they said they were waiting for another officer to arrive before proceeding to the jail house (an unlikely story, and he never did arrive).

I don't know whether that event was mere scare tactic, or whether it was what they do at times to some people (i.e. throw them into the river). This happened to me, and it happened so that I could report it to you. I am waiting for the right time to tell the fuller story in a chapter. I was surprisingly calm during those 20 minutes, thanks be to God. But even if it was only a scare, it's a detestable thing for a law organization to do. It reveals the demonic nature of the people who run the West.

As time goes on and the laden story modifies, there appears to be free-flowing flux without the expected media scrutiny, as in the "underwear bomber" case. From the headline, "White House modifies Osama bin Laden account":

...At a Pentagon briefing earlier in the day, a senior defense official said bin Laden used a woman as a human shield so he could fire shots. "He was firing behind her," the official said.

In another background briefing early [May 2] morning, a senior administration official also said bin Laden put up a fight. "He did resist the assault force. And he was killed in a firefight,"the official said.

We can fully expect that to have been the pre-planned statement in order to justify killing bin Laden, and to demonize him as much as possible. That's how the people who "protect" America now operate, as liars and hypocrites...because American gave way to a spirit of immorality that pushed the good cops down and raised the bad ones up. And the bad ones learned to put up a good front.

For some reason, the original story needed to be changed. Why? The article continues:

However, during a background, off-camera briefing for television reporters later [May 2], a senior White House official said bin Laden was not armed when he was killed, apparently by the U.S. raid team.

..."The bottom line is the team that entered that room was met with resistance and took appropriate action," said a third American official [that's not "appropriate action" on an unarmed man, but do note there was NO will to take him alive in the original story, meaning the story is not credible].

The White House on [May 2] night declined to elaborate on the nature of the resistance bin Laden allegedly put up...[best to keep the mouth shut if it can't keep the story straight].

...Another official familiar with the operation said it did not appear that any woman was used as a human shield [sounds like he was in bin Laden's room], but that the woman killed and the one injured were hurt in the crossfire...

"Two women were shot here. It sounds like their fates were mixed up," said the U.S. official...

I wish they'd elaborate on this "crossfire." How many armed men were in the room, and who were they? At least, the way it's put above, It sounds as though the women were killed in bin Laden's room. But in a USA Today article, where we read of the new White House narrative of the operation:

On the first floor of bin Laden's building, two Al Qaeda couriers were killed along with a woman who was killed in cross-fire. Bin Laden and his family were found on the second and third floor of the building. There was concern that bin Laden would oppose the capture operation and indeed he resisted.

The door is left open as per the method in which bin Laden resisted. The White House wants time to think about what it should say in that regard. If indeed he resisted sufficient to warrant being shot in the head and chest, we could be sure that the narrative above would have mentioned it as a point of priority. But by not describing whatsoever the way in which Laden resisted, we realize that a scam is under way to re-thread the story as best fits the need, according to how objectors (and conspiracy theorists) respond as the story unfolds. The Pakistanis:

Two senior Pakistani security officials, citing their investigation, said there was no firefight because the inhabitants never fired back.

"The people inside the house were unarmed. There was no resistance," one of the officials said.

The Italian Panetta/Pane Coat uses an oak tree with a bird on top, but the write-up doesn't tell what sort of bird. It looks like the Kay bird, having several official names depending on whose using it. The colors in the Panetta Chief could suggest linkage to the Payens. When we enter the Pane variation of the surname, the Payne Coat comes up with "foederi" motto term! AND, ZOWIE, as per the bent arm and bent leg that I linked to Foetes/Fussen, note the bent spear in the Payne Crest!! Not to mention that the Payne Coat uses a...fesse!!!

I would link the "Malo mori" motto phrase of the Paynes to Malahule of More (uncle of Rollo; see the first update in May, 2011, for key new details on the Malahule bloodline). Both the Pane/Payne and the Panetta/Pane Coats use red Shields, and as per my trace of both the Malahule bloodline and a green mound to Libya and/or Cyrene, I see that the Panetta Coat uses a green mound.

By the way, the French Paynes are said to be from Payen in Normandy. They use a fesse too. Members of this clan are therefore highly suspect in the early formation of the Templars.

The bent or broken spear is said to be a tilted spear, and so I checked for a Tillet surname (wyvern dragon) and got one out of Calvados, at Caen. It just so happens that the first update in May leads to the Caen surname (lattice), and identifies it with the Guiscards (relations of Rollo), and moreover links the Caens, as a central point and opening more doors of understanding, to the Moors among the Guiscards! I see that the Caen and Tillet/Tilley surnames were both first found in Dorset, where the Russells (some call them a leading Illuminati a clan) were first found.

Panetta had a man with Raven surname to lead the mission:

In his first interview since commanding the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, CIA chief Leon Panetta tells TIME that U.S. officials feared that Pakistan could have undermined the operation by leaking word to its targets. Long before Panetta ordered General William McRaven, head of the Joint Special Forces Command, to undertake the mission at 1:22 p.m. on Friday...

This statement seems to contradict the earlier one claiming that the mission was scheduled for Friday. I don't think one gives a military commander an order, for the most-important operation of the war on terror, after 1 pm Friday to do a job on Friday. It makes more sense that the job was scheduled for Sunday, giving the commander time to do the final preparations properly.

Is it typical for the CIA to test the authenticity of an audio or photo of bin Laden and come out with a definitive opinion in a day or two? Yet, about a day after the raid, Panetta speaks: "'Obviously I've seen those photographs. We've analyzed them and there's no question that it's bin Laden.'" Obviously. But Panetta has his troubles as the days roll on:

Pakistan alerted the US to its suspicions about a compound where Osama bin Laden was found hiding as far back as 2009, Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir said on [May 4]. Bashir also hit out at "disquieting" comments by CIA Director Leon Panetta that US officials had ruled out informing Islamabad in advance about Sunday's US raid on the Pakistani compound which led to the Al-Qaeda chief's death.

Asked in a BBC radio interview about the compound in Abbottabad where the Al-Qaeda chief was discovered, Bashir said: "This particular location was pointed out by our intelligence quite some time ago to the US intelligence....although he added it was not known at the time bin Laden was hiding there and there were "millions" of other suspect locations.

It sounds as though Pakistan had direct knowledge of the actual raid plans, not just peripheral intelligence that led to the plan. It also sounds as though Pakistan didn't know whether bin Laden was in the compound right up until the raid, meaning that bin Laden may not have been living there at all (i.e. as per Alex Jone's belief; see later in this article). If true that Pakistan knew of plans to raid the place, the Americans may have felt that they had to rush the raid before Pakistan could do it's own version of an operation. Will the Pakistanis reveal any details of their involvement? Not if the O-pacifier has his way. If interested, here's an article zeroing in on Pakistan's nuances.

Let's go to a Pakistani media, written by an Pakistani American:

...It is impossible to accept that all [Pakistani] satellites were jammed and Pakistan, a nuclear power, was vulnerable to attack from all countries of the world for over 40 minutes. And if the satellites were operational then what about the reaction time; where were the [Pakistani] armed forces?

The assumption by all is that Pakistan was unaware of the operation therefore could have easily supposed that it was an attack on its sovereign homeland and fired back, but it did not, why not?...No mistakes were made, no lives were lost, no neighbours were harmed, no hiccups, no hitches. That is good news but incomprehensible without Pakistan's prior knowledge and ground support? Why is the world media not picking up on this is baffling.

...Anyone who knows and understands Pakistan absolutely realizes that the success of this covert mission was impossible without the help of Pakistan.

The article says that Obama's press secretary was forced to admit: "close cooperation with Pakistan that lead to the mountain of information that eventually routed to the operation on Sunday." Again, it sounds like the raid was being planned while Pakistan was informed to some extent, but that the CIA gave an order to conduct the raid without Pakistan knowing, before Pakistan would have liked the raid to occur, and in a way that Pakistan didn't approve of. But it's often impossible to correctly read official statements of nations, and for all we know, Pakistan is merely acting ignorant when in fact it knew virtually everything, and had agreed to it.

Pakistani equipment would have picked up the two helicopters during the raid, but I suppose one could argue that Pakistanis didn't know it was a raid. Perhaps they thought it was a pre-raid mission. Yes, the only reason that Pakistan was notified of the plan to raid may have been solely to allow the copters to fly in without complication.

We may never know what the Pakistanis were planning as their part in the raid, though we might hear of things to the effect that the Pakistanis regret Laden not being taken alive. Why would the CIA conduct the raid without Pakistan involved directly? For the same reason that the body, dead or alive, wasn't given to the Pakistani's, I suppose. Another article by the Pakistani media above indicates that details at the compound don't easily allow the theory of Alex Jones to be correct:

The terror chief and his family kept well hidden behind thick walls in this northwestern hill town they shared with thousands of Pakistani soldiers. But glimpses of their life are emerging -- along with deep skepticism that authorities didn't know they were there.

...Also unclear was why bin Laden chose Abbottabad, though at least two other top al-Qaida leaders have sheltered in this town.

Wouldn't the many Pakistani soldiers in town have known what was going on inside that place? The article makes apparent that some inside were not Pakistanis. Surely, if two other al-Qaeda chiefs had taken refuge in that town, Osama would not have done so too...unless the soldiers were protecting him. This doesn't necessarily mean that there was active protection or that the bulk of police and soldiers in and around town were all notified that Osama was in there. It may rather mean that the police and soldiers were directed to ignore the place, not to consider it a place of interest because of such-and-such.

Alex Jones, the quick silver of conspiracy theories:

The controversial US radio host, presenter and researcher Alex Jones has made the shocking claim that Bin Laden has been dead for many years.

...Jones quoted an interview he did with a White House source back in 2002 saying "He died he is frozen, literally frozen and that he would be rolled out in the future at some date."

He went on to say that back in 2003 Madeleine Albright admitted that they had killed Bin Laden "Yes we have been told by intelligence that they've got him, Bush may roll him out but because they exposed that at the election they didn't do it."

...If these statements by Alex Jones and the late Benazir Bhutto are correct it would more than explain the reason why the body has apparently been thrown over the side of a ship at sea.

The Americans may well have DNA video and photographic evidence of Bin Laden's body but are we looking at a thawed Bin Laden who, instead of hiding in the Pakistani and Afghanistan mountains, has actually been hiding behind the frozen peas and oven chips?

It's your imagination, you can do with it as you peas. If Jones has the correct conspiracy theory, it explains why we didn't hear emphasis on going in to take bin Laden alive. The photo of the dead man has been released by the Obama White House, but frankly I don't want to see it, let alone study it closely for freezer burn. But you can bet all your oven chips that others are sure to do just that. It may turn out that the head wound is covered in...ketchup.

Alex, who usually backs up his cases with various forms of evidence (not necessarily always proof-positive), believes that bin Laden worked for the CIA, period. Proof-positive does exist that bin Laden worked for the CIA when Russia was in Afghanistan. It's not conspiracy-theory nutty, therefore, to ask whether he still worked for the CIA when the son of a Nazi spy invaded Afghanistan. As some have pointed out, that son (yes, George Bush) who invaded Afghanistan had some oil deals with the family of bin Laden (I don't know the details on that).

Note his wife at the scene who reportedly identified her husband by name in the presence of the Americans who shot him? Couldn't that little part of the story have been part of the fabrications serving to "prove" that it was bin Laden whom they shot? Some say that the string of videos and audio of bin Laden since 9-11 were made by imposters/fakes, and so there needs to be "proof" that this was the real bin-Laden. BUT, close but no cigar: "...the CIA admitted yesterday that there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound as further doubts emerged about the US version of events...Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, revealed there was a 25 minute blackout during which the live feed from cameras mounted on the helmets of the US special forces was cut off. " SUSPICIOUS. I saw "A photograph released by the White House [that] appeared to show the President and his aides in the situation room watching the action as it unfolded," and it was very apparent, because everyone's face was showing, and because two of the people were bending necks in order to be clearly visible, that they were posing for the cameraman. Therefore, the looks on their faces were...uh, what word can we use. How about...FAKE! Obama is the mascara administration.

Hmm, after writing that I entered "Mascar" to get the Italian Masci surname. Remember, Obama's Wolfley bloodline(s) in Cheshire has been linked to Foetes, where the Meschins have proven to have had branches, and Obama's Randolph>Dunham bloodline was independently traced to Cheshire Meschins.

Look at how the Laden (properly, "Ladd") Coat reflects the Meschin Coat. That's quite a shocker in light of my predictions, made independent of this similarity in Coats, that the anti-Christ would be partnered with the Baathist and al-Qaeda Sunni and associated with a False Prophet of the Meschin bloodline (that latter theory was arrived apart from considerations of Obama's bloodlines, yet a mouse-using Coat had been found that used a mouse on a bar that was also the bar of the Cheshire Davids', the line that I think is the primary Obama bloodline.

Panetta made the special point of saying that it wasn't Obama's decision to kill bin Laden. Still, Obama had the right and the ability to ask the SEALS not to kill, to whatever degree was possible, and Panetta did not say that this was the case. If the story is changed tomorrow to that effect, don't believe it. The team even had a pre-planned victory code, "Geronimo" (note the GERON part) to indicate that the mission was a success. HMM, it was the Gernon Coat that convinced me that Meschins were from Foetes due to the CyFOETH motto code (Ranulf le Meschin's son was Ranulf de Gernon). AND LOOKIE HERE: entering "Geron" brings up a Massi/Mattis-like Coat using an upright red lion on gold in the Chief, the personal symbol of Ranulf le Meschin!! It's clinched by the fact that Gerons/Guerons are said to be from Gueron in Calvados...where Meschins had lived.

Remember, General Mattis at Central Command must have been specially involved in this bin-Laden scheme.

The Pakistani article above adds: "Bin Laden found it safe enough to stay [in this town] for up to six years, according to US officials, a stunning length of time to remain in one place right under the noses of a US-funded army that had ostensibly been trying to track him down." We also learn that the compound was built starting seven years ago (i.e. after 9-11), and having walls as high as 18 feet topped with barbed wire. What local police force and military wouldn't have been briefed on who and what was going on in there? Many townspeople shared a view that drug smuggling was taking place there, all the more reason for the military/police to conduct spy programs on the place.

Something doesn't add up. I don't think bin Laden would have lived there if he was on the run from the Pakistanis or from the Americans. He would have done much better in a more-typical home, without conspicuous 18-foot walls, and would have moved regularly to different towns. But, the problem for Alex Jones is: wouldn't the survivors of the raid be able to prove that bin Laden was living there?

I've read in an article above that many of the children, and some women, survived as American troops rounded them up. Perhaps it was the Pakistani job to round up the survivors further, and to deal with any "wrong" leaks of information they might otherwise make public. In any case, the survivors would ultimately be able to attest to the habitation of bin Laden at that compound, and that's a hard ball for Alex Jones to dribble. Depending on the scenario we adopt, the reality may be: 1) bin Laden was not at that compound for six years, but was there only from time to time, or, 2) bin Laden was there much of the time and even for six years, but protected by Pakistan and/or the American president(s) and/or the CIA.

For fear of being labeled conspiracy nuts, the major media will outright come out and say that bin Laden is, dead. Period. I'm not necessarily saying that he isn't dead, but that there are reasons (the supposed sea burial, for one) to suspect that he isn't. I recall the theory that Hitler was not killed, but that only a rumor of his death was perpetuated to get people off his trail. A theory (presented in the 4th Iraq update of April) based on the word of Hitler's right-hand man is that Hitler lived in America until 1997. Might bin Laden be alive in the United States now? I know this, that topics (here in the updates) directed by some readers, and the Hitler topic above was so directed, often align very timely with what's in the news because God wants to use us to expose the American leaders for the fakes and fiends that they are.

WOW. I had been wondering what the gold-on-blue stars in the Geron/Gueron Coat might represent, thinking them to be a version of the Payen Zionists stars, but then deciding not to mention that without evidence, I didn't mention it. Then, after writing the paragraph above, I entered "Mullet" because the Geron stars (five pointed) are pierced and therefore called, "mullets." The Mullet Coat uses pierced Zionists stars, gold on blue (!), three of them just like the Geron Coat!! The Payen Coat uses...three gold-on-blue mullets!!! AND, Payens were first in Dauphine, beside Auvergne, where the Mullets were firstly found.

It just so happens that in the first update of May (during which time this page is being written), the Malahule surname becomes an extremely important topic, which is phenomenal because I had (years ago) suspected traced a Mullet trace to "Malahule," the Rollo-Rus-of-More ancestry of the father of Ranulf le Meschin. Remember, the Payne motto phrase, "Malo mori." The entire motto: "Malo mori quam FOEDari."

It looks very much as though Leon Panetta and the Geronimo code are one and the same bloodline. That tends to prove what many of my writings tend to show, that idiotic globalist leaders have blood lines on the brain. They are trying to take the world for certain bloodlines to which they belong.

In the second update of March, 2010, where Malahule is already mentioned, I showed that Malahule's grandfather was Ivar Halfdansson, of Oppland, and that a variation of "Halfdan" had been "Halbadan," smacking of "Calvados." I was saying earlier in that paragraph: "The Meschin line from Halfdansson of Oppland came to live in Calvados, upon Rollo's conquering of Normandy. Think about it. The line from Eystein through his son, Ragnvald, conquered Normandy, and the Claros [i.e. the Sinclairs] therefore settled at Calvados [so says the Sinclair write-up]; the line from Eystein through his other son, Malahule, leads to the proto-Meschins of the Bessin/Bayeux, also in Calvados..."

WOW, the very next paragraph after that bit starts off like so:

[Tolkien's mythical] Nine Nazgul ("gul" should be a suffix as in "Strongul") could represent the Nasi/Nazo surname [a fesse] from "Naso in Messina province, Sicily"!! I don't have to tell you that the Nazi/Thule Scandinavians/Rosicrucians may have been from this Nazi clan.

The Nasi Coat is in Macey colors, not surprising because I trace Maceys/Masseys to "Messina." I've just learned that the Nasi Coat uses "mill stones." MILL is yet another suspected surname from "Malahule" (the "hule" portion is proven, in the first update of May, to be code for the Hull and Hall clans, likely linked to Halland in Sweden). The red lion in the Mill Crest could therefore be the personal lion of Ranulph le Meschin, which he might have obtained from his ancestor(s). The Arms of Normandy use lions in colors reversed to that of Ranulph. Irish Mills use a "moline" cross and a footless martin...that I've traced to lame/limp-from-birth DioNYSUS and Hephaestus at Lemnos, which is being repeated here because the Italian Nasi clan could be named in honor of Nusi, the Horite city to which I trace "DioNYSUS.

I did trace the wine-god, Dionysus, to the wine man, Oeneus, founder of Methoni in Messene (Greece), and it's known that Messene elements named Messina in Sicily! There are multiple arguments for tracing Methoni (also "Modon") to northern Italy, one being the trace I make to Modena. But another argument is that the other mythical wineman, Oenomaus of Pisa in Greece (not far from Methoni), who was depicted with a chariot wheel, traces to Pisa in northern Italy, in the land of the Etruscans. This is being said because the Etruscans had a capital at Florence...where the Nasi surname was first found!!! YES, although the Nasis were from Naso in Messina, they were first found in Florence.

It is just incredible that the Malahule topic, in the first update of May, veers to the Biblical valley of Eschol (Hebron), the land to which I had traced Dionysus' wine cult. All of that was written days ago, before getting to the Nasi/Naso topic here. It just happens to fit like a cork into a wine bottle.

The "moline" code may refer to the Milner bloodline; the German-branch Milners/Molners (said to derive in "mulinari") were first in Bavaria, where Foetes is located. A "Jewish" clan of Milners is shown, but like so typically, there is no write-up on that page. Both it and the German Milners use a wheel, which may be the mythical chariot wheel disguised as a miller's wheel.

At the genealogy page below, we see a "Ralnulph Count of Bayeux" (born before Ranulph le Meschin from Bayeux ancestry), a son of Malahule. If you click on Ralnuph's link, then click on his son, Balso, then click on his child, Ancitel, you'll come to Ancitel's son, Ranulf of Bayeux (also called "Briquessart"), the father of Ranulph le Meschin. This genecology has Poppa, wife of Rollo in other genealogies, as the wife of Ancitel, and that jibes EXCELLENTLY with the Pappenheim surprise below, a surprise I wasn't yet at, at this point in this page. The surprise is that the Pappenheim "kettle hats" are code for the Ancitel bloodline.

The genealogical information in the paragraph above was furnished (not for the first time) in the 6th update of April, 2010, the same update that I linked the Bellamy>Massey line to the Haskels ("vair" bell-pattern Shield). It was a complete oversight on my part then, and I believe it has been an oversight until this minute, that the Haskells were from the Malahule bloodline, namely from Ancitel above, for the Haskel write-up shows "Anschetill" and "Anketill" variations. I did not know this when, at the top of this update, I got onto the MacAskells and linked them to Haskels.

Again, the Vairs were from the Burgundian capital, Dijon. I was thinking when I write that (above) that the location may have been in honor of "Dion," possibly short for "Dionysus."

ZOWIE, a couple of hours after writing that, I came across the Jerusalem Post to see a story on Nazi war criminal with Kepiro surname. It reminds us of the Jewish Shapiro surname. It reminds me of finding other "Jewish" surnames in the Nazi leadership. The Shapiro-Coat write-up: "Per fesse. The top is silver with a black fesse." There is a Shaper variation shown, but the write-up traces to "schaf," evoking the "shape-shifter" term (I believe it was the "Jewish" Schifts who co-owned a house with the first Rothschild). The Schaefers (first found in Hesse) are evoked, and they too, like the Shapiros, use a sheep. Kinship clinched. English Chaffers (in Schaeffer white on blue) use footless martins on a cloud-like band (i.e. suggesting Nibelungs of cloud-border-using Nevers in the Burgundian theater). I would ignore the stated root in schaf=sheep and trace instead to the Saffers (vair bell pattern) and Savarys (traced by me to Sava-river clans, and Sabines/Safini elements). LOOK, the French Saffers were first found in...Dijon of Burgundy!!! I kid you not, that I discovered the above in the precise order that its written. There was no pre-plan to make it fit like a cork to the ideas presented earlier.

I should add that "schaf" is much like "Scherf," the Nazi bloodline that I think George Bush had direct ancestry in (see 4th update in this past April). LOOK, after writing that, I checked the Sherrif Coat for similarities, and it not only has a "quam videri" motto phrase smacking of "quam foedari" (of the Paynes/Panes), but an "Esse" term smacking of Hesse, perhaps revealing that Sherrifs and Schaeffers (first in Hesse) were one and the same bloodline.

The Scarfs/Scharfs, first found in Yorkshire, are conspicuous, not only because I trace the Parisii Gorgons, and therefore the Paris-surname unicorn, to Yorkshire (the Saffers/Savarys use unicorns), but because the SKIPtons were of Yorkshire. I don't recall seeing the possibility of a Skip(ton) link to Shapiros/Shapers et-al. Previously, I linked the Skiptons to Shiptons (use "bellows" for the Bellamy>Vere bloodline), said to be derived in "scip-sheep"! WOW!! It's true, Skiptons, a Meschin-family clan, were sheep-using Shapiros!!! (I don't think that the surnames are rooted in any form of sheep, however, but rather that they uses a sheep symbol so that members assumed it to be so).

I had linked the Shiptons to Veres/Vairs of Oxford. On Shiptons: "First found in Oxfordshire...were Lords of the manor of Shipton-on-Cherwell...Conjecturally the Shiptons are descended from Alfsi of Faringdon who held the King's land, or from Ilbert who held his lands from the Bishop of Bayeux..." The SHERwell location smacks of the SCHER(f) surname, and LOOK, for as the Scher(f) Coat was linked to the German Walker Coat (the president Bush clan married Walkers), so we find that English Walkers were first in Yorkshire. The latter use, once again, a "quam" motto term, and Scottish walkers show gold-on-blue mullets of the Zionist-star kind!

The "quam" term was used further above by Foetes-related clans, and as that was a Bavarian location, it's not surprising that the German Walkers are said to be from Weissenburg, in Bavaria! The Weis surname of Bavaria also uses gold-on-blue Zionist stars, and on May 1, 1776, Adam Weishaupt ("haupt" means "head"), a "Jew" who betrayed the Jesuits, founded the Bavarian Illuminati.

The Shapiro Crest uses three ostrich feathers, a bird that I trace to "Osterreich" (German version of "Austria") Foetes is "in the district of OSTallgau [caps mine] situated 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the Austrian border. " It is suspect that Sava-river clans (whom I had linked to the Lohengrin swan-depicted Ligurians, from Sabine-related Savona), because the clans were of the Sabines who evolved into the Suebi Germanics, were in Swabia (the latter location is known to be founded by a branch of Suebi). Foetes, on the Lech river and for other reasons identified by me as Lug-based Ligurians, is in the Swabian part of Bavaria!

On the region surrounding Foetes: "Before 1803 the [Ostallgau] region was split into several tiny states, most of them clerical states. When these states were dissolved in 1803, the Ostallgau region became part of Bavaria. The kings of Bavaria soon evolved a special relationship with the region and built their famous castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein there." The latter two terms are rooted in "swan." We now can thus link the Templar swan line of Godfrey de Bouillon to the Bavarian Illuminati.

At the Weissenburg article, I saw that a Schroppel surname is now that Lord Mayor of that place, and reflecting "Scherf" well enough, I find it derived, supposedly, from "pile of earth," which brought to mind the heraldic green mound, before I saw that the Coat uses a green mound! The oak on green mound is seen often, in fact, and it can now be assumed that this oak is always code for the Schroppel bloodline.

The bigger point is that I had traced the Wassa (proto-Washington) surname to the Bavarian "Weis," and so NOW SEE that the Schroppel Shield uses two red bars much like the Washington Shield.

Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen, the area surrounding Weissenburg, uses a vair bell pattern, and perhaps also the two red bars of the Washington Coat. The write-up on the Arms is a little devious by not reporting the black eagle as that of the Hohens, who ruled Swabia. That write-up calls the bell pattern, "kettle hats." Is that not amazing??? The Haskel Coat uses nothing but the bell pattern, and the surname is rooted in (or at least related to) "AnsCHETILL" and "AnKETILL"!!! Now you know for certain that the names of heraldic symbols are often codes for surnames.

There is also a Kettle/Ketill surname using "malum" in the motto. And because the Malahule topic, in the first update of May, veers surprisingly to the Bone surnames at the root of the Skull and Bones cult, it should also be mentioned that the Kettle/Ketill motto uses, "Bone." The Kettle/Ketill lion is in the colors of the Bonne/Bone lions (the latter surname was first in Vair-infested Oxfordshire, and uses the Ferte eagle). The Kettle/Ketill stag is so much like that of the Keiths (said to be a Catti peoples in Scotland) that the kinship is made plain, and this then traces the Kettles/Ketills to Hesse, or at least to the Catti that founded Hesse.

The Weissenburg "kettle hats" are said to belong top the Pappenheims. I did not know this when the Malahule topic veered to the Moor heads of the Mortaine clans, and so see the Moor head in the Arms of Pappenheim. LOOK, for as the Moor-head topic in the May update is centrally joined to the Savoy's House of Candida, so I now find that the Italian Papp surname was first in Piedmont, home of the Savoys.

INCREDIBLE!! The MaluHULE topic in the first update of May enters the discussion while on a revelation of Hull and Hall roots. Both of the latter clans use talbot dogs in black on white, wherefore see the black-on-white talbot dogs of the German Pape(n)s!!!!! AND, the Papes were first in CAITHness (a place to which we can assume links to the Keith Catti), while the Hall and Hull topic, in first update of May, shows that the Scandinavian Halland bloodline married the earl of Caithness!

Then, I almost missed it even though it's in the only sentence (now, anyway) that Wikipedia's article on the Pappenheim location: "Pappenheim is a town in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on the river Altmuhl, 11 km south of Weißenburg in Bayern." AltMUHL!!! That can't be coincidental. There's a Gunson clan (fesse) first found in Cheshire, and though the Coat shows no Meschin-like hints, they may yet be related. There's a German Gunson/Gonsham clan, using only a fesse, and it was found in MECKLENburg, a term similar to the Masculine variation of the Meschins.

On a map of the Altmuhl river, see how close it is to Bamberg, where Babenbergs lived. Babenbergs proper are said to have been founded by a Poppo, if that helps to make the link to Pappenheim. Nuremberg is very near, ruled by Hohenzollerns for a long time, whop, like the Masseys and Veres, use a quartered Coat (traditionally black and white quarters). The Lech river is also shown.

BEHOLD. I see a Munchen (= Munich) near the Lech that could possibly link to Manche, where Masseys and Veres were first found in Normandy (I had suggested a "Manche" trace to the Manx Scots). Indeed, Meschins were in Bayeux, and Munich is in Bayern=Bavaria. Hitler's Nazi party was founded in Munich. "Its native name, Munchen, is derived from the Old High German Munichen, meaning 'by the monks' place'." Whether that's correct is not the point, but rather general Mattis is code-named, the "Warrior Monk," and when I investigated (months ago) the Monk surname and similar spellings, I entertained a Mattis link to the Munich location. But that is not yet the BEHOLD. It's in the paragraph below, making all things very understandable that Julie wanted to understand.

As the Lug-related Manx peoples (of the Isle of Mann) were in Foetes not far from Munich on the Lech river, it seems clear that they named Munich. Yes, for entering "Munich" brings up an Irish Mannix/Mangan surname...said to be derived in "monk"!! I know that I traced the Bavarian diamonds=lozenges to the Grimaldi "fussily" diamonds, and that term was identified as code for Fussen=Foetes. I also know that the Grimaldis used for a symbol a monk (!!) hiding a sword under his cloak. AND BEHOLD, I know that Grimaldis were, and still are, in Monaco (!)...of Liguria!! AND BEHOLD, I guessed that the "LohenGRIN" mythical term for a swan-depicted Ligurian bloodline was code for Grimaldis. AND BEHOLD SOME MORE: I recently guessed that "lozenge" is code for the German Logen surname (using swans) that I am sure was encoded mythically as "Lohen(grin)"!!!

The eyes of Nicholas de Vere have popped out of his head in shocking surprise. God is signing, sealing, and delivering to the world what we are not supposed to know. The rulers of the world have come from pirates and vikings, schemers and liars, the most despicable lot of ceaseless stupid animals ever, seeking world dominion at any cost to the human race, which it uses as friends on the one hand, where necessary, but exploits simultaneously, when opportune. The guts of the dragon will be splattered all over the planet, in God's good time. Make no mistake about it.

Where was I before getting on to the Geronimo code? In the article telling that video footage of the bin-Laden "death" was not taken. We read: "Lieutenant General Asad Durrani, former head of the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence service, said it was "inconceivable" that his government was unaware of the US raid on Osama bin Laden's compound. He claimed his country was forced to deny any knowledge of the raid to avoid a domestic backlash." We also read: "According to Pakistani authorities one of bin Laden's daughters, who was present during the raid, claimed that her father was captured alive before he was killed."

There's a headline, Shot dead 'with money sewn into his clothes': Bin Laden was captured alive and then executed, 'claims daughter, 12' But did she actually see him killed, or is it being assumed by both she and the reporters that he was killed. Is the reporter's story true, in any case? It certainly doesn't sound as though her story is an American plant, for it makes Obama look bad, like he never gave the order to capture him alive, if possible, like the swat team was not trained or drilled to get him alive, if possible.

The article says that the U.S. seeks custody of bin Laden's wife for obtaining what she knows in her head. But that's exactly why bin Laden should have been taken alive. Clearly, there was a motive for killing him (if indeed he was killed) that trumped the interrogative benefits of having his head alive. On the other hand, if bin Laden was taken alive, meaning that the death was staged, not true, it can explain why the U.S. seeks to have his wife now, though that implies that bin Laden is an agent of the CIA. "US Navy seals had planned to take her with them after the raid but had no room when one of their helicopters went down during the assault."

Even bin Laden's son was killed, as if what they had in their heads was a total threat to American plans in the "war on terror." The article above was accessed by me from a Drudge link/headline, "Pakistan: 'Not a single bullet fired from compound'..." That is, Pakistan's side of the story, after investigating the event from townspeople, is that no gun shots were heard. Or so I read that sentence. THEN:

Photographs acquired by Reuters and taken about an hour after the U.S. assault on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan show three dead men lying in pools of blood, but no weapons.

By Thursday, we get wind that Obama's will was simply to kill bin Laden: ""More details to come later, but here's what [U.S. Sen. Saxby] Chambliss said: "I hope they went in with the idea of killing him, not capturing him. We needed to take this guy out. And I know that's what the executive order said." Why did they need to take him out? That's the big question. Or, if that makes no sense, did they really take his life, or do they merely want us to believe it? How did Chambliss get that sensitive information, anyway, when there is not supposed to be video footage of the event (I think Panetta was lying about there being no video for 20-25 minutes)?

If Osama is still alive, and if he has been either a CIA agent, or an unwilling CIA tool (to justify the war on terror), then the following makes sense:

The CIA continues to examine evidence seized in the military operation that killed Osama bin Laden. Officials are analyzing a virtual treasure trove of information found in documents and on computers.

But former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, speaking on WMAL's "Morning Majority," questioned why such a discovery would be publicly disclosed.

Exactly my feelings. Why is the CIA releasing so much? Doesn't it strike us as though Osama is being used to advance the war on terror? I had the same feelings when I thought that the underwear bomber was a fake Western plot to justify intrusions into Yemen. With all the talk now on revenge attacks, might the stupid Western animals do another 9-11? Ask Kissinger, he might know. It just so happens that Laden's wife is Yemeni; apparently the marriage was made for beefing up the terrorist network, but with stupid animals reporting the "facts," we can never know the truth. The whole world is being created in the stupid image of the world's leaders. We can only wonder how stupid the "image of the beast" will be.

It's therefore not surprising that Obama made statements prohibiting the release of dead Laden's photos, for there is just too much controversy already to risk still more on what the photos can create in the way of (shuddder) conspiracy theories. There was even a photo of a living bin Laden that the White House has in it's possession but will not release. The assumption, as per the articles' write-up, is that there is proof in the photo that it was taken after bin Laden was supposedly shot. It is being ruled and reported as a fake, but one wonders how they proved it to be a fake so soon. In this conspiracy theory, the truth may be that bin Laden was rescued by the SEALS, not killed, and then released elsewhere. Perhaps there was a threat on his life in the compound, that the CIA got wind of.

I suppose it's possible to doctor the photos of the dead bin Laden if it happens to show potential problems that the public would be seeking according to the many doubts that it has.

Fox news has an excellent article, so far as I've read down just now, on the contradictions coming out of the White House. In one line that I'd like to mention: "Was anyone else in the room with bin Laden and his wife? 'I don't know that,' [Obama's press secretary] Carney admitted." Of course he knew, and it sounds like there was no one else in that room, otherwise he would have said, flatly, "yes."

So, why wouldn't an administration lying like this not also have the photo(s) doctored before releasing it/them, it only to save its own skin from being discovered as a fraud? The article also has this:

[Obama said, just before midnight May 2, that the] "operation that resulted in the capture and death of Usama bin Laden."

Applause at that moment obscured the detail the president had let slip: that bin Laden had been subjected not only to death but also to "capture."...CIA officials soon waved reporters off the claim, dismissing Obama's remark to the lawmakers as a simple misstatement.

From a May-13 article, here's the fire-fight that never happened on the day Bin Laden's bedroom was entered. The article tells that all 25 SEALS had camera's on their helmets, but to this day Panetta claims that the video feed was interupted/cancelled (who knows?).


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