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September 3 - 9, 2019

The Knee of Miss Hicks Finally Deciphered
Paul Ryan is the Paine in My Killer Tooth
The American Baldwin Eagle of Hainaut

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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I'd like to start this update by telling how I was probably going to be murdered by Homeland Security, had God not intervened. This story is for those familiar with my heraldic writings of late, but especially for those who believe that God has been behind this work since a 1979 dream I've been stressing for many months in a row.

The U.S. immigration people at the Canada-US border, which came under the umbrella of Homeland Security, always made me feel 50-50 as to whether I would be allowed to go to my Texas property to spend winters (we could run our business / employees from any phone). I was refused entry initially at the Buffalo crossing, because I with my family were a high risk, they told me, for working in the United States. That's because we were on the young side for snowbirds. Some days later, another crossing point permitted us entry with the full knowledge that we were going to purchase property. I say that, if a country allows a foreigner to build / purchase a home, there needs to be a good reason for that country not to allow easy future crossings, without fret. I never did work inside the United States, and attended church for all my time there. But on every crossing, they said that the onus was on me to "prove" that I would be returning to Canada. That's a fretting situation. At any time, an officer could turn against me, barring me from entry, and that's what did happen. I had to appeal the rejection to Virginia, and although I "won," it took almost three years. That's a huge loss.

Those of you who know my Victoria or Crystal-City story might know from it that God had planned for me to live on the Nueces river of Texas. I was through Victoria and Crystal City alone, six months before coming down with the entire family on the occasion above. A problem arose, after I won the appeal, with the border crossing I had been using at every entry. This crossing point gave me the writing on the wall that convinced me to sell the Texas property, which happened to sell while I was in Canada. Instead of returning to the same crossing point, when going down one last time to retrieve some of my belongings, I went to Buffalo, the crossing that had initially rejected me some ten years earlier. I think they probably had me on file as being rejected, and shocked that I was let in by another crossing, the interviewer refused to let me in. I got upset and let him have it, because ten years of border frustration was just wanting to cut loose.

I didn't say much, in my opinion. I said something like, "You're just an immigration officer and that's all you'll ever be. Put up a %&($@ sign on your wall to let Canadians know they aren't welcome to have homes in your country." I kept this volcano sharp and short. The officer, who I think was the supervisor, escorted me out with a few others, but when he put his hand on me to push me faster, I demanded, "unhand me!" This guy's ego was hurt, that's all, and he wanted to show all his underlings, who heard what I had said, that he was "the man." But when he took his hand off of me, he didn't lay it back on, and his fellow officers saw his weakness (he was an aging man, not muscular). He told me never to enter the United States again.

When getting home, I called up a supervisor of another crossing point, who told me that if I was not given any papers by Buffalo, I could retry an entry at any crossing I so desired. And so I went to Niagara Falls two days later. Upon arriving, I gave them my driver's license, and was told to have seat in a wait for my interview. But while seated, there walks into the door the guy who's ego I had hurt two days earlier. He goes in and talks to the officers there, and a few minutes later, a guy comes out to me, leans down with ugly face in mine, and says something like, "don't you try the same thing here." This Italian guy was the one who, not long earlier, ordered an officer there, Mr. Rhodes, to arrest Ms. Zhao. Rhodes beat her face into the concrete, this story is online (note that the culprit, Robert Rhodes, wears a black leather jacket in this article). Here's her face. She eventually won a civil suit against him. Rhodes should be in jail, but that's not how the system works, is it?

In the article, Zhao's face has nearly healed fully, and one can glean that while the U.S. government was going after Rhodes to begin with, it changed its mind probably due to behind-the-scenes efforts by the corrupt. There's no other explanation. Rhodes claimed he didn't abuse her, but just look at that face. You don't do that, especially to a woman, when arresting someone.

While waiting for my interview, I decided to not have one, for obvious reason (they were not going to let me in). I was there to request entry, and I had a right to change my mind. I went into the interview room only to retrieve my driver's licence. When there, I asked the Italian guy in charge of the interview: "Can I go home"? There were about six officers standing there with him.

He said, "yes, you can go home, but first answer a few questions." All I wanted to hear was that I could go, never mind answering questions (about what?), and so I started to leave, but an officer rammed me from behind. They all pounced on me, with my resisting, yes, of course, but not fighting them. I was just tensed up, resisting their putting me to the floor, the natural inclination when a half-dozen goons man-handle you. When finally they got me to the floor on my stomach, with hand painfully behind my back, and a boot on my neck, I found myself blurting and half-laughing (for lack of a better term), "Ohhh Lord forgive them for they really don't know what they are doing." I was just so amazed at what ridiculous and childish they were acting out on me.

So these goons picked me up, pushed me roughly down a hall, into a jail cell, and cuffed me behind my back. They left me cuffed seven hours behind my back, a most-painful position to leave arms in, because it blocks a lot of blood flow (arms go painfully numb). But they would not come in to remove the cuffs from that position no matter how I complained.

I complained through the door, but wasn't getting any attention at all. I warned them that they could lose a job for this, how naive I was. Then I remembered that I had written down the name and phone number of the supervisor who had said to me that I was allowed to retry entry. I left the note on the passenger seat in case needed. So I yelled through the steel door that this note was on the front seat, and the officer finally paid attention, looking alarmed. They were violating me, and this note proved it. They were taking the position that I disobeyed the man's order never to retry entry, and this note countered that order.

I learned the next day that they had removed everything out of my vehicle, and threw it all back in like garbage into a garbage dump (literally)...but the note above was gone. They hid the evidence. I figure they went through my computer for a few hours because, seven hours after they threw me into the cell, they came in with special officers to announce that I was under arrest for assaulting the officers. My heart sank. The computer had anti-Mason / anti-globalist material, the post-trib book...nothing criminal, just material I had online.

Assault? I did no such thing. They cuffed my feet, took the cuffs from behind my back, and cuffed the hands to my front (so no one on the outside would see me cuffed behind the back). They put me into the back seat alone, of an unmarked, small car that no one would mistaken for a police car. They put two men in the front seat in ordinary business suits so that no one would mistaken them for police officers, and they drove to the high bridge above the Niagara river. It was dark, not long after dinner. They stopped at the crest of the bridge. I was sitting at the passenger side, closest to the railing of the bridge. I thought they were going to throw me over.

"What are we doing here," I asked.

The driver said that they were waiting for a third man to arrive. What for, I asked myself. I don't think I responded. I don't remember saying anything more. After about 20 minutes, the driver pipes up, "Well, let's go." He started the car and drove to the police station, where they keep people awaiting court the next day. The third man didn't arrive, and I got the impression that the driver decided to leave the bridge on account of his not arriving.

Question: was this bridge event a scare tactic, to give me some fright, a joke they play on some people? I was going to court on a false charge in a country not my own, where I had no rights, no rights even for bail. That's no joke. I can't tell you how horrifying it would have been for me to be tossed over that high bridge's railing, in the dark, to my doom way down there, for doing nothing wrong. What would God have done to those goons to pay them back had they thrown me over?

Back to the 1979 dream with Miss Hicks. I had been converted to Jesus by the Spirit attending me alone, no human agency, about a week earlier. About a week after the Hicks dream, I had another dream. It started with me tumbling down in a dark (pitch black) body of water. Is this dream my evidence that Homeland Security would have tossed me over the bridge had God not intervened? Did He delay that third man, or cause him to decide not to come at all?

In the dream, while tumbling in this dark water, I saw a passenger airliner swoop down from the sky and do a curve over the water surface. I was whisked (no details shown) into this plane. I was then standing looking around, but there was no one in it, not even a pilot (I knew instinctively). I then saw the plane curve up over three brick buildings, one taller than the next. I was dropped out of the plane on the third building's roof. In the real event, there was the border-crossing building, the jailhouse, and the court building; three buildings.

I scaled down the walls of the third building like Spiderman, and jumped to the ground, safe and unhurt. It was all quick. It was dark out, I could see the bustling city traffic in the near-distance (suggesting shortly after dinner time). I then saw a man in a black leather jacket with hair much like mine, though older (I was in my 20s at the time of the dream). I walked over to him, and we watched the plane fly and disappear into the distance. I said something to him to the effect of, "There goes God." End of dream.

During the three years while awaiting my appeal to see whether Virginia would let me into the United States, I bought a black leather jacket. I had never owned one before. It was made of LAMBskin. This dream was of course not on my mind when purchasing it. I didn't realize that the man in the dream was probably my older self until years after purchasing the jacket.

In the dream, I distinctly recall a long strip cutting across the lit-up city scene that I saw from a distance. If it wasn't a bridge, then it was an elevated roadway. I'll bet it was a bridge. I think it verifies that I would have been drowned to death horribly, had not God intervened. I've developed a very soft spot for God due to this thought.

I say that God is very wrathful toward the American government for allowing frame jobs and even murder of innocent victims. I say there is Hell to pay. I say that He allowed me to see the corruption first-hand because He had planned for me to write on the American deep state. I know I didn't plan on it.

The next day, I appeared in court, upset and eager to speak with the judge. I learned that day that three officers -- not one, not two, but three -- swore in affidavits that I had assaulted the officers. One of the three claimed that I tried to pull out an officer's gun. They lied, and were not fearful of breaking the law in this way. Why the need for affidavits since they had a video of the event??? Because, the video would reveal their guilt.

In court, I demanded from their lawyer the video of the arrest scene, but their lawyer said only that they were in the process of getting the video. I think the judge saw through this farce and let me go. There was no reason that the video couldn't have been prepared for that day. The office where it happened is manned 24 hours a day. They had almost 24 hours to produce a one-minute scene, but they didn't produce it because they were lying. The judge (Mr. Scott) knew what was happening, for he made me promise, as a condition of letting me free, that I wouldn't bring either a criminal or civil suit against those officers. What a sham the system is, I learned that day, from the judges on down.

I can't remember the names of the officers who abused me. In my late teens, I heard that Robert Powell, a friend of my early teens living on my street, was thrown over a bridge to his death. The Zhao article above is interesting as per Mr. Powell of the Bush administration: "Within days of [Zhao's] arrest, then-Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing had discussed the incident and agreed on the need for an investigation." Robert Powell's house backed up on Sherwood Forest. Sherwoods are a branch of Schere'/Scherfs. Coincidence?

I have mentioned Powell being thrown over a bridge more than once in the past ten years, in connection to my bridge event, and moreover have told a few times that his house backs onto Sherwood Forest. I'm not making it up today. I have also told that, of the only time I can remember being in his house, I asked him to play a song again, Silver Bird (By Mark Lindsey of, Paul Revere & the Raiders), on his record player. It's about a silver, passenger plane. Why do I remember that? My dream had a silver bird sweep over the waters, a Sign of God sparing me from my death over a bridge, right? That's what it looks like.

Here's from the 2nd update in April of this year: "...the swan design used was the same one in the Crest of Lindseys and Platters. This is unbelievable. Hold on to your thermite. Let me first tell that Lindseys were first found in Lanarkshire, beside Glasgow, with Swans/Sions, but for the explosive part: Silver Bird was sung by Mark LINDSEY, and the Plains are shown properly as Platers/Platters! Zing." My bridge event, Powell's death over a bridge, along with the Mark Lindsey, are in the 5th update of December, 2015.

I remember the date on which I first entered the United States to purchase property. It was November 7, 1994. I'll never forget that night, because the supervisor who interviewed me had the election on television or radio. I could hear it. He looked depressed, because that night, Bill Clinton lost both the Senate and the House. If I have my facts right, that night ended a long-streak monopoly on congress by Democrats.

Here's what I think it tells readers that I should happen to enter the U.S. at that very election: God started to punish the Clinton crime ring, and the deep state, starting at that time. That is, He was preparing for it by empowering Republicans, and one product is Nunes, for example, or Jordan, or Ratcliffe, and a slew of others who are sounding like Republicans never sounded before. Their concerted message has gone out to the ends of the earth in spite of leftist media trying to black it out. Republicans still hold the Senate thanks to Bill Clinton, but thanks also to Obama, who re-lost the Senate and House in his second year too.

What I'm saying is that my entering the United States while Republicans were winning empowerment seems to be related to this unique work I've been doing since Trump won the election. God seems to be showing that He's not aloof from, nor indifferent to, deep-state mobsters and anti-Christs. November 7, 1994 led to the impeachment of Clinton, for starters, a lame-duck Obama, and then the bitter irony of Hillary on November 8, 2016. I don't think it's over at all.

What could it mean that I purchased the Texas property from the sister of the owner of a ranch (rented to hunters) upon which the cut-to-pieces body of Madalyn O'Hair was found. What are the chances? This murdered woman was the atheist responsible, by a court case back in the 1960s, for the eradication of prayers in American schools. Anti-Christs used the courts to effect their anti-Biblical agenda in many ways, forcing Christian groups to do the same in reaction. We didn't want this fight; but it's either fight, or lose the minds and hearts of our kids to deceptive anti-Christ goons. I so appreciate the fighting Christians in the United States, but their using political channels has proven to be mainly in vain aside from keeping the Democrat party out of majority power. I don't think Republicans even wish to see the Supreme Court supporting Christian causes. Where are the cases to the supreme court that serve to give Christians school money for sending their kids to Christian schools? The Republican party is not a Christian organization; stop hallucinating, people of God.

How you view being owned by God tells you a lot about how you view God. Liberals don't want to be owned because they just don't like God. They have twisted views on a lot of things they don't wish to correct. It really is pshycoPATHic. They love being down the path disconnected from reality, to make their own realities. Through Jesus's death, God purchases us. When any person takes Jesus seriously enough to speak / cry out to Him with a cut heart, that's the right path to reality. We don't mind being owned because some mighty-big perks come with it, including a get-out-of-Hell-free card, but also a healthy knowledge of reality in all sorts of ways. The Solid Rock is to know The Reality so that we don't get blown by cheap, faulty philosophical winds into wastelands. When God owns you, he also protects you. It seems like a great deal to me. You can't sell your soul to Almighty Jesus because its not worth anything. All you can do is ask Jesus to make it have some value with His living in you. When you ask God to live in you, you have arrived to your Treasure. Liberals (a wasteland, everyone of them) think He's terrible, which is why they remain aloof.

When you are owned by God, you stand as a citizen of Israel far above earthly Israelites. Some of the latter lead the liberals and anti-Christs. This is God's war. He has a spectacular Show to put on, and it comes in stages, bitter-for-them stages, until they break down in every way and are punished all at once.

Don't call yourself an American; consider yourself an Israelite. If Canada does not fight for Jesus, I cease to call myself a Canadian, which is what I've done. Canada has become my enemy...though I do the nation no harm, no wrong. The controllers in the Republican party are enemies of Jesus; you will have no part with them if you desire loyalty to Jesus. You can join the party without having part with them. You can be a Canadian without honoring Canada. You can say that Canada has abandoned you, not vice-versa. It was Canada that changed, not the Spirit who overrides all authorities. It is not shameful to despise a despicable country (I'm talking the leadership, the human infrastructure). No one's going to get me to hallucinate about the pumped-up grandeur of my country. Why are some Republicans pumping-up American grandeur? What's this all about? Is it about shaping a false image?

Stop mixing Americanism with Jesus. Non-Christians have no right to life, no right to happiness. They have not gained those rights yet. Americans have no right to free faggotry, to porn, casinos, pot, prostitution and massage parlors. Americans have no right to obsess over the lure of big money. There is no outcry from Trump against these "rights." Not even Republican presidents have shown animosity against these things. Stop hallucinating, people of God, the Republican party is not God's servant. God might use some Republicans, as He might use Trump to keep Democrats out of power, but we of course don't assume that Trump is blessed by God on that possibility alone. Do we?

Our enemies are alive, enjoying the sun along with us, because God gave the command to fill the earth with humans. But the Bible tells us plainly, for example, that the dead can bury their own dead: they who still walk have no life, they will have no life, meaning they have no right to life, no right to enjoy what God has made enjoyable, for they seek sinful things for their enjoyment. They are in the category of those who will be cut off from life. This concept that Americans have the right to life and happiness from God is a mistake. We are not all equal. Some of us have grabbed hold of eternal life, others are steeped in different levels of their REBELLION. How is that equal? Since when does a rebel have rights from God? Since when does a Mason have rights from God? The founding fathers were hallucinating to think they had rights from God. We are all equally under the patience and generosity of God that allows us enjoyment of the sun temporarily, all of us equally in need of life through our bowing the knee to Jesus. Jefferson forgot to mention that part.

A right from God is conditional, not guaranteed. We do better to call it a gift. No Christian claims to have rights from God, for we respect Him too appropriately to phrase it in that way. We don't pray, "Lord Jesus, you owe me the right to pursue happiness in the American dream." Are you nuts those of you who mix Jeffersonian writ with Biblical doctrine? The Mormonic Glenn Beck came to newsland with that concept, but we are not Mormons who dementedly mix a fake Bible with the real one.

Take the warning; don't mouth off to the deep state when you are interviewed by their officials, or they might toss you over a bridge. Why? They are walking guts of Hell. But don't tell them this to their face.

Under the banner of "true patriots," there is a current movement seeking to swallow Christians. What happens when you are swallowed? You end up in the dark dead, and you give power to the one who swallows you. Bill O'Reilly was feeding and pushing patriots. Will he be your Christian model? Will you set your table with his circle of friends? He has/had befriended Glenn Beck in a youtube partnership. He doesn't mind schmoozing with those who don't properly understand Jesus. What forms when you mix the demented with Jesus? Dragon guts walking. Are American Christians going to give a snake its wings so that it can fly? Republicans look to Christians to give them that little extra push for winning elections, but that is all they "love" Christians for. And that's why the party heads are snakes.

Yes, the Republican party has the better people than Democrats do, but the better people should not mutate to the shape of the non-Christians in the party, because mutations create a beast. Don't mutate your values. Keep them pure as the driven Bible. The alternative is a pollution involving a twisting of words and full concepts until evil is made to appear like the good. It's due to pollution's affect over minds that you will not likely be able to bring the maniac to his senses who'll be thinking he'd like to end your life for not partaking in his image, or the image of the beast. As the Bible states, they will not view it as murder, but as doing a service to God, to kill us.

When officers drove me from the court to the crossing point, an officer called the driver to ask what had happened in court. He must have been gravely disappointed to hear that I was being set free. And when the driver and I got talking about him, he motioned to the crossing-point building, as we drove by it, and said that "he owns that house." The goon on the phone wanting to know -- immediately, no time to waste -- if I was thrown into the slammer without bail, must have been the goon whose ego I had hurt, the one at the root of trumped charges against me. It was he who "owned that house"? What does that mean? He controls it in corruption. He can do whatever he pleases, and get away with it...he thinks. He thinks. Mr. Barr, this country is spiritually sick and mentally deranged from the top down. They all act like the angels they know to be, but are on-the-ready to become vile.

Madeleine Westerhout

At the start of the last update, I had the following quote, though I'm skipping some of it here:

WesterHOUT who? "President Trump’s personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, whose office sits in front of the Oval Office and who has served as the president’s gatekeeper since Day 1 of his administration, resigned on Thursday, two people familiar with her exit said." Hmm, he picked a lovely Westerhout, no surprise, to attend to his personal business, but all of the leaking kept him from being foolish enough to have a "romance" with his servants. It recalls his choice of Hope Hicks, and here it's interesting that Hope's/Hoods share the anchor with Westers and Hout-like Hoods/Hoots/Houds. You can load other Coats at the link above.

Ms. Westerhout resigned, the NY Times is saying, because she divulged some of Trump's business to journalists. "Ms. Westerhout, a former Republican National Committee aide who also worked for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, reportedly cried on election night because she was upset over Mr. Trump’s victory. As such, the president at first viewed her warily, as a late convert to his cause who could not be trusted." But he chose his enemy anyway to attend to his affairs. That's Trump the dope, beyond my understanding.

...Madels were first found in Oxfordshire with the Clintons whose Coat is a version of the Dolin Coat. Does this speak to us? Madels were looked up in case God was pointing to Madelaine Westerhout with them. Westers have three OWLs in the colors and format of the Howells. Madels were first found in the same place as SKIPton-like Shiptons, and it just so happens that Madels add the chevron-with fleur of Cope's/Coaps, which I regard as a version of the SKIPper Coat (because Meschin rulers of Copeland married Skiptons). Skipper was on Gilligan's Island with the Howells (topic of last update), and per chance the Skipper Coat is linkable to that of Hope's. Gilligans come up as Galligans, and so, possibly, the white Waistell horse on a gallop is the white Gilligan horse. Gallops ("GalHOPE") are said to derive partly in "Hope." Gallops were first found in Dorset with Ghans/Caens (share Peare leopard face and have a "PERImus" motto term) so that "GalliGAN" may have been a Gallop-Ghan merger. Don McGhan, Trump's former lawyer, had caused a problem for Trump, and became recently sought by Nadler's, along with Hope Hicks, on his impeachment drive.

...Arthurian myth was stacked with codes for surnames, and that cult is likely the one which invented the holy-grail theme around Mary Magdalene. Madels are also Magdeleine/MagDOLins while Westers are also WesterDELLs. Madels/Magdolins use the Cope/Coap and CUP/Cope chevron, and hence the "grail" is just a stupids code, of the stupids, for these cups. Marys share the lion of Delaneys, the latter suspect as D'Allens of Dol, though more like a line of D'Lane's / D'Launays. MadeLEINE Westerhout. Launays were kin of Brests/Brix's, and Brecks/Breakers share the brown antelope in Crest with the other Irish Dalaneys/Delaune's (a song just sang, "BROKEN heart," like the Breakers, causing me to load Brokens). Lane's/Lawns (Bright / Bride stars) share the three lions of Brians, from Brigantium along with Brecks. Ahh, the Irish Lawns share the Gallop Shield while the horse of Waistells/Wessels is said to be on a gallop.

Plus, when I got to loading Dolins, there were the Broken-surname trefoils in the Dolin Chief!!! God is still directing this revelation. I've got to assume that this likely entry from God is because Westerhout has been a mole. Eschyna de Molle married the line of royal-to-be Alans, when they married Brest-liner Bruce's. Dolins were first found in LEINster with Delaneys, yet Dolins are evident in Magdolins... ...John Kelly, Trump's other enemy, was working in cahoots with Hope Hicks to block from Trump the things he needed to know. This week: "But some of Mr. Trump’s top officials — like John F. Kelly, who has since left as chief of staff — tried to turn Ms. Westerhout into an ally who could help them manage Oval Office traffic. They hoped that she could block individuals from reaching the president on the phone or in person, and that she would report back on the calls and meetings that made it through." A conspiracy in Trump's own White House of his own making. How do you put finger and thumb on the bone of the nose and wag your head in shame for the man?

I left Harry Reid out of that quote to shorten it here. I added the following to that quote in case you missed it:

Madels evoke the Saint-Petersburg MEDALlion that I found on the HOOD of my Jeep. Medals/Dougals are linkable to Scottish Bauds sharing the Hood crescents. Dougals are a branch of Dowells/DOUL's, and so it appears that the MEDALLION is a pointer to MADELEINE, how about that. Note how "Dowell" can explain "WesterDELL." Wow, DOWLings share the Dolin Coat, and Madels are also MaDOLINs! Why was the medallion placed on my hood so long ago if it pertains to a discovery at the time?

I just thought that this was amazing along with Madeleine's surname, WesterHOUT. Let me spell this out. Medals/Dougals share the lion of Dowells, and it's known that they are the same family. Then, Dowell-like Dowlings are a Dolin branch while Medal-like Madels/Magdeleine's and also MaDOLINs. There is also a French Madeleine/Magdeleine surname. I'm not necessarily suggesting that Dougals have a Medal variation due to a marital relationship with Medals/Magdolins, though that's easily possibly; I'm saying that God pointed with the medallion to Madeleine Westerhout. BUT WHY? She's not even been in the news until now, and I can't see how she'll even return to the news.

Note that the double billet border of Dole's, who come up as Dougal-like Doyals, reflect the double saltire, in the same colors, of the Brokens/Brogans to which I think God pointed with the songline above. It's suggesting that Medals/Dougals were Alan-of-Dol liners.

Dole's/Doyals almost share the same stag head of Scottish Reids/Reeds, and while English Reids/Reed use a "PAX COPIA" motto, FOODs/Foots are a branch of the Fothes'/Fette's with a cornuCOPIA. Not only was this medallion found on my hood at FOOD Basics grocers, but Madels/Madolins share the chevron-with-fleur of COPE's/Coaps, a branch of Cups/Cope's, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Reids/Reeds and Fothes'/Fette's. It's perfect, adding to the evidence that God wants to point to Westerhout. Miss Peare of REITmans was in the sleeping-bag dream pointing to Hillary's email crimes with Wester-linkable Waistells, and so it's important that Dolins and Dowlings have a Coat reflection of the Pax-like Packs and Clintons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, Damorys, Amore's (almost the LOVell/Leavell bars) and Medals/Madolins. Madels/Madolins use the six fesse-wise bars of Damorys/Amori's, a branch of Amore's.

I found the medallion on my hood immediately after (two or three hours) leaving-off my writings on Miss Hicks at her hood (old 1979 dream). Shortly after that scene, she and I were in LOVE (in the dream). "Amore" means "love." The Madel/Madolin/Magdeleine fleur-de-lys are even shared by Italian Damori's, and the latter share the Chief and red Shield of Pek-liner Panico's. The quote above had gone into Pek liners, including those connected to Miss Peare.

While asking self whose stars the Damori's share while at the paragraph above, a song (Wayfaring STRANGEr) sang, "Jordan," which recalled that Jardins/Gardens share the Damori stars. Jardins/Gardens ("ADsum") have a version of the Morley/MAULE Coat, and David Morley of the sleeping-bag dream pointed to ADE's/Aids as well as representing the MALL where Miss Peare played her part. The Stanger surname has an apparent off-topic mention of mythical Pan, who was worshiped at Panias (beside Laish), where I think Payens and Paine's trace. It just so happens that Strangers share the double lions of English, Roet-related Paine's/Payne's. David Morley entered the dream from a Roet-line ROAD that included Rodhams (version of Ade/Aid Coat), and he was on a motor bike i.e. having WHEELs, symbol of Catherine Roet (daughter of PAYNE Roet). It therefore appears that God just used the word, "Jordan," for this cause of pointing to Hillary Rodham.

There's more, for Strangers were first found in Derbyshire with Hope's, which has just made me realize that Hope's have a version of the Payen Coat. Payens and Paine's are even a branch of Pane's/Panico's, and the latter were in the very paragraph in which I was asking whose stars the DaMORi's use. French Mars are MORE's too while Scottish Mars share the Stranger Coat. Guido le Strange of the Strange write-up thus looks to be from the Guido's, first found in Bologna with Pane's/Panico's.

I neglected to mention that while Porters use a portcullis gate, Hope Hicks had a White-House relationship (sexual) with Rob Porter; it seems from a quote above that Hope was a gatekeeper along with John Kelly, yet CNN calls Westerhout a gatekeeper. That can be either a good or bad thing for Trump, capable of abuse by controlling / steering his agenda. Ports, having had a branch in Derbyshire with Hope's, have an estoile version of the Clinton Chief. Scottish Porters were first found in Kelly-like Kyle.

By the way, the Damory bars are very linkable to those of Crispins (Oxfordshire, same as Damorys), and while French Crispins share the pomegranate with GRAZio's, I GRAZed the knee of Miss Hicks (in the dream) with my hand, and that's the instant when we embraced in LOVE. That works, for Damorys share the bend of Knee's. This is now the very best explanation I've come to for touching her knee (the meaning has evaded me until now), for Damorys use the Madel/Madolin/Magdeleine bars, can you believe it?!? That's why I left off writing about her hood scene (because God timed it so), then going to town and finding the medallion. AMAZING. In short, the grazing with my HAND looks like a pointer to a Crispin-Damory merger, and the touching of her knee wants me to identify the Damory bend with the Knee bend. But why? What's the big deal about Knee's? Nie's/Neys share six fessewise bars with Damorys.

Wow. The Hands happen to share the Madel/Madolin chevron, in Knee-bend colors. A song (I'd Rather HAVE Jesus) sang "hand" just as I was on the Hands, not a second before or after. Note that Have's/Haafs can be a branch of Helps/Halfs who in-turn share the fitchee of Halpers/Halfpennys. Wow, after writing the last line, I went to the toilet, and immediately upon sitting back down, the word "HELPless" was sung in the song, Cry Out To Jesus. The line is: "HOPE for the helpless"!!! It's as though God wants to point this Westerhout discussion to Hope Hicks.

As soon as I touched her knee, we emBRACEd; I've told this about 20 times, I'm not making it up. The Food Basics grocery store is in BRACEbridge!!! The Bracebridge's have a Shield of vair in the colors of the checkered Shield of Halpers, and while I touched her knee on a beach, Beach's and Halper-like Clappers/Claps likewise have Shields filled with vair fur. The clarion trumpets used by the Hicks of CLAPton are probably a pointer to Trump, and while LOVERS/Levers have a rooster standing on a trumpet, Knee's were first found in County Down while Downs have a stag in Trump stag-head colors. That works because we were lovers as soon as I touched her knee. And Downs were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's who happen to share the black stag head with Knee's, and with the Needhams in the Halper write-up. It appears very solid here (if one trusts in this unusual method of discovery) that Madeleine Westerhout was working with the known mole, Stefan Halper. The Mole's even share the same Crest as Knee's, which is a red, spread eagle used also by Reids/Reeds.

In fact, as this case builds, we can add that Columns, expected in the Hout columns, share the Reid/Reed stag head while Pelosi's use columns too. Nancy Pelosi is the head of the House while Reid is the former Senate leader. That's interesting.

Ahh, the "foeNUS" motto term of Mole's/Molle's can be for the Nuce/Nuces variation of News' that God used, the day after I used VICE-grips on my NISSan, in pointing to the NUECES river that Miss Hicks and I both lived on. Does it indicate that Hope Hicks was a mole? Nissans (beside Trumps) almost have a black (deep-brown) stag head. The Mole/Molle motto phrase, "FUNera FOENus" can also be for the Fone variation of Fens'/Venns, like the Phone variation of Fane's/Vans. Fonners are listed with Fennels/Vennells.

As per tapping phone's, it's interesting that Tapps use a white symbol on a blue fesse to nearly match the three scallops on a blue fesse of Fone's/Fens'/Venns. Lookie: the Tapp Coat is even reflective of the CASSANo/Cassandra Coat that I link to the Fone/Fens/Venn Coat because the latter share the scallops of Pattersons/CASSANE's. Cassano's were first found in Modena with FANano's, and the Arms of Fanano has a fesse colors reversed from the Fone/Fens/Venn fesse, and, to boot, the Arms of Fanano has the fesse of Dutch Gaunts/Ghents (same as Dol/DOLLEN fesse) while Phone's/Fane's/Vans have GAUNTlet gloves! ZIKERS, it appears that God set up the Tapps and Phone's / Fone's to point to spies in Trump's White House...especially as Fone's were picked up from the Mole motto! Eschyna de Molle married a Dol-line Alan. Dols/Dollens were first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Trumps. German, Trump-suspect Drummonds have three fesses in the colors of the Fanano fesse.

For what it could be worth, German Molle's/Mollenkopf's have a MollenSCHADEL variation while Schade's/Schadels/Shade's share the fesse of German Suters/Sauters while Hicks are said to be from a Mr. Sauteby. Miss Hicks was born Charlotte Hicks, and Hope Hicks has a Charlotte middle name. I'm still wondering whether Hope Hicks was a mole, and now wondering whether she worked with Westerhout. They're both young. I didn't know until minutes after writing the last line that Wersterhout was succeeded, in her job as Trump's personal secretary, by MOLLy A. Michael. Schade-like Skate's/Sheets share the potent cross with Croce's, and Eschyna de Molle married Mr. Croce.

By the way, Schade's were at Constance while their Suter/Sauter branch share the fleur-de-lys of English Constantine's. Everyone should read on my latest dream, in the last update, as it touched heavily upon French Constance's/Constantine's. It was definitely a dream from God. Lake Constance is near Fussen, which was part if her knee symbol on the Leakey road, for Leaks/Leakeys share the engrailed Knee bend, and that bent leg in the Leak(ey) Crest is in the Arms of Fussen. This was a pointer to Fusion GPS with little doubt for other reasons not to be repeated here. Fussen is also, Foetes, highly suspect with the Food/Foot surname, and then Ryans use a "fodari" motto term that is "FOEDari" in at least two other surnames that share the full Ryan motto.

I didn't know until this week that the following took place months ago:

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is joining the board of the newly slimmed-down Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News.

Ryan and three other board of directors were appointed on Tuesday. Appointing these directors was a necessary step as the Murdoch family wraps up the Disney-Fox deal. The Ryan appointment is the most noteworthy, given his history near the top of Republican politics. Ryan and Rupert Murdoch have been friendly for many years. In 2014, he named Ryan as a presidential contender he had "particular admiration for"(CNN).

Now you really have a much better idea on what's wrong with Fox. The story was out in March of this year. That the time when Hope Hicks said she would be leaving Trump. Yes, and she went to be an official with Fox. Hmm. Did Ryan (closet Democrat) have something to do with that? Why is the middle name, Rena, of Charlotte Hicks, like "RINO." Paul RYAN. Could we say that a rhino has one big monster tooth growing out of its nose?

Did Hicks wait until Ryan secured the job with Fox before quitting on Trump? In another article: "Fox Corporation has emerged as a standalone entity following Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox. The company has also formally announced the full management team and board members which includes Hope Hicks who previously served as President Donald Trump's Communications Director and Paul Ryan who previously served as the 54th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives." And from a Fox piece: "Hope Hicks is the Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for Fox Corporation. In this role, she acts as the Company’s chief spokesperson and leads all communications initiatives." How did a spring chicken land that job normally reserved for seasoned people?

Why is the Ryan Crest and Coat ("Malo mori") looking like a version of the Tooth Coat? One thing: since March-April, talk on the deep state on several Fox shows has not been outlawed. There's some liberality on that topic. However, it pales in comparison to the coverage of Democratic politics. They say that even bad press is better than no press, and Fox is making its viewers sick with daily coverage of Democrats. Is this the idea of a RINO group at Fox? Is this Murdoch's method of increasing ratings = money? Who gives a piece of sewage about what Democrats are saying? We already know what they are saying. And we will be puking a lot sooner than the arrival of the next election to see show after show of what Democrats are saying. Bongino says it's necessary to debunk what Democrats are saying, but have a heart, Dan, by airing hopeful things instead of garbage.

Miss Hicks was in a bathing SUIT while at the hood, and the Obama dream had him in his suit upon a skateBOARD immediately after he was dancing in his suit. Suits are listed with the other Suters having a reflection of the BOARD Coat. A news organization doing a documentary on Julian Assange showed him dancing in a nightclub; and the very next scene had him on a skateboard in London's embassy, and it just so happens that God gave Miss Hicks a knee symbol, in real life, on the evening of September 11, 2002, in relation to Julian Assange (details not to be repeated here).

Sometimes I wonder that, due to a victorious event upon touching her knee, it's good news from Hope Hicks rather than bad news, yet the inclusion of Paul Ryan (Mr. Cover-Up) into this picture doesn't give me confidence in that direction. Will Hope Hicks undo that which Ryan hopes to do? My tooth symbol had linked to the teeth of the shark at the start of the Hicks dream, and the shark was resolved as a symbol of anti-Trumpers, or deep-staters in general, into which heap we can lump Paul Ryan now that I've seen how Ryans link by their Coat to the Tooths. The latter were first found in London with Assange's enemies at 10 DOWNing Street (address of British parliament), and Knee's were first found in Down. Downings share a giant griffin with Tooths, and were first found in a Downing location of Oxfordshire (beside London). Downs use a stag in Trump-stag colors. The bulldog in the shark's mouth was a BRITISH bulldog (no mistaking that), perhaps a helpful pointer to the British, the same that provided Mr. Steele, for example, or who would be zealous to persecute Assange. The dog either fell and/or jumped into the pool, but in any case, I did JUMP into the pool to save it from the shark, and Jumps, with the Trump stag head, share roses on blue with Irish Downings. This piece is new material and interesting. Is it a coincidence that while Giffords share the entire four-word motto of Ryans, Giffords share the ermined lozenges of Dents? Tooths are said to be from HUGo of a Dent-suspect entity. HUGs have three fesses of the one of French Paine's while English Paine's share the same four-word motto, "Malo mori quam foeDARi." Hugs share the Chief of DERE's/Res', linkable to Dare's, Daro's/Darrows and Rosa's, the latter two sharing the split Shield of Giffs/Giffhorns. Paine's are a branch of Pane's/PANICo's at a tributary of the Ryan-like Reno river, and Reno's (PINC lozenges) are also Ryne's/Rine's/Rheina's.

I repeat my belief that, after being in incredible PAIN all-night long for a few nights, almost killing the tooth, God gave me a BUMP at the GUM of this tooth which released a little PUSS every two or three weeks. I repeat this because it shocked me to learn that Bumps/BumPUSS' share the two griffins of Tooths, both the one in the Tooth Crest (shared by Ryans), and the griffin in the Tooth Shield (same colors as the griffin heads in the Ryan Shield). It confirmed that God provided this tooth. And Jump-like Gumps are listed with Gumm/Gomers, I kid you not, so that the meaning of my bad tooth, in Comey and Halper, is to be linked to the meaning of the shark teeth around the bulldog's BELLY. That's why Bellys share the Jump roses. "Through his decades of work for the CIA, Halper has had extensive ties to the Bush family. Through his work with Sir Richard Billing Dearlove he had ties to the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6."

The Rose clan was probably on the SPEY river through Rothes to Buckle. The Paine motto term, "Malo," must be for Malo's who share buckles with Stirlings/STURlings, and while Mifsud taught at a university in Stirling, Paine's are said to have had a location on the Stur river. It's a no-brainer that the Somerset Paine's went through Payne Roet, for the broken spear in the Paine Crest speaks to the boar heads of Roets (Somerset) shared by Speers/SPEYers. There's a lot of meat to swallow here on a bad tooth. Poole is near the mouth of the Stur river. I jumped into the pool. Pools share the lion of Roet-related Rita's.

Earlier that evening when spotting her terrific knees, while at a 9-11 memorial put on by our church, Miss Hicks said I could sit beside her, but that I could SCOOT over if her daughter arrived to take my seat. I was interested in sitting beside her because the dream of 23 years earlier (yes the one with the hood and her knee) had me thinking that she was going to be my wife. I now see that our embrace was God's code for Bracebridge's and Love's / Amore's / Lovers, not for our marriage. My bet is that Bracebridge's share a Champagne Coat as per the known Champagne connections of HUGH de PAYENs. We could even say that out embrace was a HUG, for Hugs share the fesse of French Paine's. And while English Paine's share the Gifford motto, Breacebridge's share the crozier with the Were's/Wears who tell of their relationship with Giffords on the Axe river. Hugs were of an Aix entity.

Paine's can be gleaned with the Tool / Tolle/Tull lion where Ramonds (Languedoc, same as Hugs), said to be from TOULouse, use part of the Hug Chief. Raymundo's, first found in ICE-cream line Cremona, share the Shield of Fisks/Fiscs while the latter share the pyramid with Tolle's/Tulls. Might Ice's have been of this Aix / Axe entity? Ice's have the same trefoils as Pike's, first found in Devon with Were-Giffords. Leo's, from the Pierleoni, probably use the Paine lion too. Rita's, first found in Rome with Pierleoni, use "PIECes of wood" while there is a Mr. Piec in the write-up of Peaks, who were in-turn taken from the Pike write-up. Peach's/Peche's share the fesse of English Paine's. Woods were first found in Leicestershire with ChamPAINE's.

The hood of my vehicle is of a Jeep. A few months ago, I recorded in my personal notes that an Ath location in Hainaut shares a double-headed eagle on gold with Jeepma's/CHEP's. It could be important here that a bald-headed eagle could be used as secret code for any Balder of Flanders, especially Baldwin IV, count of Hainaut, founder of Atha. The Great Seal of the Unites States has an "ANNUIT Coeptis" motto, and so compare with "Hainaut"! This motto is above a pyramid." The other side of this Seal has the American bald eagle, doesn't it?

The points are: 1) Atha's were first found in Cambridgeshire with CHEPmans; 2) Atha's happen to share the checkered Shield of Fisks/FISCS, thus pointing the FISC, the FISA court. Atha's even put a black chevron on their checks to coincide with the black pale bar of Fisks/Fiscs. It really appears that the Masonic founders of the United States were honoring Baldwin of Atha! Plus, Atha's have a "Duci" motto term while Dossier's/D'Hosiers' have a split-Shield in the colors of the Atha / Fisc checks, and the Dossier's/D'Hosier's even put a black fesse on their Shield. It looks like a hit! It looks like the Jeep is pointing to the Steele dossier with its multiple mentions of Saint Petersburg.

Amazingly, the Hoods are linkable with little question to Scottish Bauds, who share the Scottish-BALD ship!!! Bauds were even first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs. It's great proof that God arranged the medallion on my hood! But this couldn't have been done apart from the Arms of Ath, thus causing a loading of the Atha's. The latter surname was new to mere a few months ago or less.

Aha! Scottish Balds share a version of the Schim/Chand Coat with the MOLE boar head, and Schims/Chands use a "duce" motto term to match the "Duci" of Atha's! Bingo. The Duce's/Ducie's have two lions in pale colors reversed from the Robert / Proper/Robert lion, and it just so happens that Robertians are from king Robert, husband of Rozala of Ivrea!!! Ivrea is on the BAUTica/BALTea river to which I trace Bauds and Balds! Zowie. Plus, Rozala's son with Robert was Baldwin IV of Flanders, though he was not Baldwin IV, founder of Ath.

By the way, I happened to check the Newes-like Novas surname (Coffer/Coffee colors) from the "Novas" motto term on the Great Seal, and the Novas Coat is a version of the Portuguese Mota Coat! The Newes'/Nuce's (connectable to CHEPmans) had pointed to Motels, a branch of Mota's. The Newes/Nuce Shield is almost that of German Balds! "Immota" is a motto term in the Arms of eagle-line L'Aquila. Plus, "Great SEAL" can itself be codework for surnames, and Seals were expected in the "ZEALous" motto of Hoods. The Seals (very linkable to the Cliff-Stich marriage) have a Coat version of the Bernice's, suspect from Berenice Agrippa. The Seal-branch Sailers have a "GREATest" motto term to indicate that "Great Seal" is part-code for Gratian-line Greats.

The medallion on my Jeep was at Food BASICs, and, firstly, Baschs share the black eagle with L'Aquila and Atha (not forgetting that the Arms-of-Atha eagle is that of JEEPma's/Cheps). Secondly, Baschs (probably a Bush/Busch branch) share the gold border with Greats and the related Justine's. Baskets were first found in Dorset with Bushers. The Bush-Scherff relationship was pointed to by the shopping cart in the dream with the door handle of my Jeep, and I found the medallion on the Jeep at Food Basics when getting there with a shopping cart of GROCeries. Foods/Foots have a Fothes branch with cornuCOPia as code for Cups/Cope's and Coaps (share the stemmed rose of Schere's/Scherfs), perhaps the intention of "Annuit COEPtis." The medallion pointed to Scottish Bauds, and Coaps have an "aNIMO" motto term while Nimo's/NEWmarch's (have Bush liners and Bush kin in their motto) were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Bauds and Cheaps. The Shows (Baden, same as GROCE's/Greggs) in the Nimo/Newmarch motto share the three crescents of English Hains, and the Schaw variation of Shows is like the Shawland variation of Shops/SHERlands. The three crescents above are also used by Oldens while Jeepma's/Cheps were first found in Oldenburg.

The Great Seal is said to have an "unFINIShed pyramid." The Finis surname is listed with Fiens, who look like a branch of Fiens/Fane's/Vans/Phone's, the ones whose gauntlets are code for Gaunt (in or beside Hainaut). The Hainaut surname shares the Coat of Great-like GRAZE's/Grasse's (and the Arms-of-Flanders lion). FLEMings live in Flanders (at Hainaut), and Bullys, with a heart in FLAMES, share the mascles of Scottish HAINs/Hannings, first found in Dumfries with Bullys (looking like Bouillons here). I now have no doubt that the Great Seal is in honor of Baldwin of Atha.

Scrolling back from Wikipedia's page on Baldwin, founder of Ath, he was descended from Rozala. I now recall the Atha checks in a painting of Tedald(o) of Canossa (Italy). Rozala was of royal Italy.

The Jeepma/Chep eagle has the same hexagram as Goths/Gothels, suspect from Gothelo, gr-great-grandfather of Baldwin I of Flanders, first official king of Templar Jerusalem. Baldwin, Rozala's son, is shown at his article with the gyronny of Roans/Rome's (Role / Flame colors), and while Rollo ruled Rouen, Rollo's have a motto connectable to Fortuna's/Fortune's who share the Arms of Canossa. In fact, Schims/Chands use a "fortuna" motto term! Flemings of Flanders and the Rollo-line Normans were the chief Jerusalem-smashing crusaders. No, they didn't do it for Jesus. They did it almost-certainly because they married the line of Caiaphas, especially in both Chappes surnames, the Jeepma's/Cheps and Chepmans (Cambridgeshire, same as Chaplet-loving News'/Nuce's and Atha's). French Role's (could be the Levin(e) Chief) use the cross type, in colors reversed, between the antlers of the Eustace / Vise/Vices stag, and HoroVICES is a location found in the write-up of Hurwitz's who in-turn share the checkered Shield of Atha's/ Fisks/Fiscs / Raymundo's.

Aha! Eustace II was father of Baldwin, the first official templar king of Jerusalem. The first ruler was that king's brother, Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with French BAUDs. Bouillons love Bello's, and German Bello's/Belows share the double-headed eagle of Jeepma's/Cheps (!!!) and in the Arms of ATH! You see, it takes me a lot of time to work out the reasons for God's choice on props in special events and dreams in my life, but they prove to be from Him.

Aha!! Italian Bello's/Belli's use six pale bars, almost those of German WESTers, which recalls the WAIST of Miss Peare on a STAGE, for Stage's/STAGGs share a cross between antlers with of Eustace's, a branch of STACEys. And Miss Peare is CHRISTine while the Bouillon motto has "bello CHRISTi." The sensation I experienced in the dream, while pulling Miss Peare toward me by her waist was exactly the sensation when, in real life, I awoke in the middle of the night pressing her BELLY toward me with my hand. She was not my girlfriend at the time, but we slept in the same bed (no sex) anyway, along with Louise. The latter went on into choreography i.e. stage work.

Horovices is in Bohemia with column-using Franks, and we saw a column in colors reversed with the Houts suspect in Westerhouts. Ms. Westerhout was pointing to the medallion-on-hood, or I wouldn't be on that topic now. German Westers (Eustace cross in colors reversed) use the same cross type (different colors) as Eustace's and Vise's/Vices'. English Westers use three OWLs in the colors of the three towers of HOWELLs, first found in MONmouthshire while Mons is the Hainaut capital. English Bello's/Bellows (Calouville) have a "PECtore" motto term while English Torre's/Thors have the Howell Coat in colors reversed.

English Fortune's have gyronny too. "Gyronny" looks like code for the Gernon name applied to Eustace II of Boulogne, father of Baldwin I of Jerusalem, For, the Gernon Coat is colors reversed from the Duce/Ducie Coat i.e. Gernons have the Robert / Proper/Robert lion. And it just so happens that Gernons ("cyFOETH") is the line I link to Foods/Foots! Foetes is also Fussen on the Leck river, a pointer to Fusion GPS. Dossier's/D'Hosier's can be expected in some relationship with Hose's who share the bent human leg with Leck-like Leaks/Leakeys and the Arms of Fussen. Duce's/Ducie's and Gernons share double lions in pale with Jewish Levi's/Levine's.

Eustace II was descended from a Baldwin II (shown with gyronny) who birthed Arnulf I of Boulogne, the latter having been the ancestor of Eustace II of Boulogne. Picards are like the Picker variation of Packers/Peckers.

By the way, the dream in the last update was largely on a Snow trace to Tonys = Toeni's / Tosnys of Leicestershire, though earlier from Les Andelys. Hose's (Steele lion head?), first found in Leicestershire, are said to be from Tosnys of Noyers/Nie's (Les Andelys) while Noyers ("pacis") are in Schim/Chand colors, and both share the same dove in Crest suspect with Cuppae-Pek liners due to the Noyers motto. Noyers even share white crusader's crosses with Peach's/Peche's. Packers/Peckers are expected with the cross of neighboring Bath's who are in-turn said to derive in "Atha," which can suggest someone's knowledge that Baths had merged with Atha / Ath liners. Baths even share the Atha-Crest lion. Miss Hicks was at the hood in a BATHing suit.

It's interesting that Baldwin IV of Ath married a woman of Namur while Name's/Neme's have the Medal / Baud quadrants in colors reversed. The Name lion head is in the Crest of Trahys/Troys, we may assume, because Atha's use a "trahi" motto term. Trahys/Troys share the griffin of Alberts, first found in Kent with Flanders-line Louvains/LOUVIER's, whose lion the Name's/Neme's may also have, and La Louviere is right beside Mons, the Hainaut capital whose counts used the triple chevrons of Levi's (Ile-de-France, same as Chappes'), first found in the same place as the Lys'/Lise's who named the Lys river shared between Artois and Flanders. Hugh de Payens of the Jerusalem templars married Elizabeth Chappes. Hugh was the templar grand master when Jerusalem was ruled by the Baldwins of Artois (Boulogne).

The FBI's Mifsud is/was the Maltese professor. Malta's use a column colors reversed from the Hout columns, and we saw Magdalene lines with the introduction of Madeleine WesterHOUT of Trump's White House.

The following is from an untrusty source, but I'll let you chew it over, anyway:

Although Westerhout wasn’t in the spotlight during her time as a Trump staffer, she did enjoy a level of closeness to the president, with her desk “just outside the Oval Office,” according to The Washington Post.

...On Election Night 2016, Westerhout was reportedly so upset after Trump won that she was crying and “inconsolable,” according to journalist Tim Alberta’s book American Carnage, according to the Washington Post, which obtained an advance copy of the book back in July...

But despite her disappointment over Trump’s win at the time, it doesn’t appear that Westerhout necessarily wanted Hillary Clinton to win instead. In 2015, she posted an article about how the RNC used the words “stop hillary” as their WiFi password during a debate, and included the hashtag #StopHillary in her post.

That latter paragraph doesn't in the least prove, nor even necessarily imply, that Westerhout was opposed to Hillary. I can think of only one reason for her tears, if in fact the story is true: she wanted Hillary's feminist stance to rule the country over Trump. Thus, she could act as a White-House spy both for the Bush-Romneyites and the Clintonites. It's interesting that Halper married a Clint-like Cline surname sharing the Clun and Saluzzo Coats to which I link the Clinton Coat.

In the photo of Westerhout at the article above, she stands looking at Trump with a hand over an arm that, in my view, is a body position showing that she wants to hide some secret thing she feels guilty for. I can hardly believe it, a song just sang "hide" as the last sentence ended. The song is, Be Born in Me (Francesca Battistelli), and the songline is, "everything inside me wants to hide"!!! Wow, it's right on theme.

The BBC calls her a gatekeeper, and adds: "Several White House officials had long suspected Ms Westerhout of disloyalty to Mr Trump, with one former official telling CBS: 'She was a spy from day one who sought to use her proximity to the president to curry favour with his detractors.'...According to CBS, Mr Trump has also often referred to her as "my beauty"." The article above has: "Trump reportedly called her 'my beautiful beauty'", though we can't fully trust much of what we hear on the negative side about Trump if there's no corroboration. If 100 leftist media simply parrot one another, that's not corroboration.

In the scene before the hood scene, I said, "She's beautiful," when seeing a close-up of Miss Hicks. Was the hood scene, from that perspective, a pointer to WesterHOUT? After all, her first name was just pointed to by the medallion on hood. What's Saint Petersburg got to do with Westerhout? Her link to MifSUD? Sudys/Side's are a branch of Sutys/Sideys, and the latter have a "have" motto term. Have's are linkable to Halpers as seen above. The Suty/Sidey motto is, "Nothing hazard nothing have," and Nothings happen to share the green dragon in Crest with SEATons while the latter share a 'hazard" motto term. After seeing her at the hood, I was transported to the SIDE of her car, seeing her hover over the SEATs. The Nothings are NORTHens, and "The Palmer National Bank, where Halper worked, was described as 'the DC hub by which Lt. Col. Oliver NORTH sent arms and money to the anti-Sandinista guerrilla Contras in Nicaragua. One of Palmer’s founders, Stefan Halper, had no previous banking experience but was George H.W. Bush’s foreign policy director during Bush’s unsuccessful 1980 presidential campaign.”" Just interesting. Government criminals were with Halper.

I wonder: is Trump the biggest mole of all? Does he acquire moles knowingly to assure that certain Republican agendas never get done, and/or to learn how various Republicans operate and think? That's a very good explanation as to why Trump dumps moles only when they get caught by others: Trump gets rid of them to hide that he's with them??? Maybe.

Did God arrange things so that Halper's being a Life Fellow at Magdalene College is indication of his link to Madeleine Westerhout? Is she a Bushite? Halper was way up there in the administration of George Bush Sr., as was Bill Barr. Does this explain Barr's decisions of late? "Four decades ago, Halper was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Reagan campaign – using CIA officials managed by Halper, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush – got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration. The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about Carter’s foreign policy to Reagan campaign officials in order to ensure the Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering" ( Later, Barr was H.W. Bush's attorney general.

Merchants married Massey Liners

The write-up for the French MerCHANT/MerCHAMP write-up, to no surprise, says that the surname came from those selling goods. It's the erroneous and simpleton "logic" again. Family historians tend to assume that surnames started with dictionary terms, and then developed into non-dictionary terms, but my finding are that it's usually the reverse. CHANTs were first found in Dauphine with MerCHANTS, and English Merchants share the gold-on-black griffin with Camps/CHAMPS. It should be obvious either that Merchants/MARchands were a Mar/Mer-line marriage with Chants on the one hand, and Camps on the other, or that Chants and Chands proceeded from the Merchant and Merchamp families. Camps/Champs were first found in Yorkshire with Scottish Mars while French Mars/Mers were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's (share gold saltire with French Merchants).

Family historians should be disallowed from stating derivations of surnames unless they have a solid grasp of heraldic connections from symbolism comparisons, or until they first check with those who do. Merchants (Masci / Massena colors) have a version of the Galli Coat, both surnames first found in Dauphine and both likely sharing the Macey stars, making the Mars/Mers look like they have a version of the Mackay Coat. Scottish Mars thus look like they have a white version of the Gernon / Base Coat, from Ranulph de Gernon-Meschin (Cheshire, same as Mere's and Demere's), but much-earlier from the BASSianus' whom I trace to the Tilurius river. King Massena's father was Galli-like Gala, or "Gaia," explaining why Gays share the gold rooster with Galli's. The Merchant Crest looks like a two-TAILED rooster or cock of some kind, and Meschins were related to Tail/Tailor / Tiller liners from the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina, where I trace Cetins/CATTANS (cat), which should explain the MerCATor variation of English Merchants, and the "merCATANs" term in their write-up.

Gays were first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's, and Chattan / Chatan liners were with elements of Massa-Carrara, and with the cat-using Lucca's expected from Lucca, beside Massa-Carrara and the Mosca's of Pisa. The Mosca's are in the Drake motto while Dragons/Drainers (Kent, same as Minute's and Hamons) use the Minute helmets in colors reversed. Messings/Messingers (share the winged horse with Masseys/Maceys) have three helmets in the colors of the three on Minute's, and throw in a chevron so as to be in Hamon colors and format, a surname likely from Hamon de Masci (or Hamon de Massey) of Cheshire. I trace Minute's and Hamon(d)s to the Galatian, Amyntes, ancestor of QuadraTILLa Bassus (proto-Bassianus') of Cetis. Thus, we are on, I do believe, the line of the Laevi Gauls.

Dutch Mers/Meers even share the giant Massin/Mason lion, and the latter were first found in Kent with Louvains/Lovings/LOUVIER's sharing the same lion. I expect Mars from the Marsi namers of the Marici, co-founders of Pavia with the Laevi Gauls. I therefore expect Marsi liners to be branches of MERCHant-like Marks. A good argument for tracing "Laevillus" to the Laevi of Pavia is where Pavers share the checks of French Louvier's while the latter have a wolf in the colors of the Quade wolf heads, for Quade's are from Laevillus' wife. If that's a gold chain from the neck of the Messing horse, it should be added that gold chains are with the Quade wolves, and that Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire with Merchants/Mercators.

It's perfect, for Cheney's are expected to love the Feets/Fate's in their motto, who in turn share a Pavia Coat. Plus, the MarCHAND variation of Merchants can be a Cheney / Chaine/Chenay / Chain branch, but, to boot, I trace Laevi to elements of mythical Orion at SCHIMatari, and while Cheneys likely use HORNs (call then a bull's scalp) as code for Orion elements, Schims are also Chands. The Cheney write-up: "The family originated in "Quesnay (Chesnay), near Coutances, from which came De Chesneto or Kaineto in England."" "KAINETo: smacks of Caen at the Orion-line Orne river, and yet it can go back to the Kennati priests of Cetis, for I expect the Biblical Kenites with the Shechemites of SchimaTARi.

Hmm, it's possible for "Hainaut" to be from a Kennati variation, for the Kennati priests presided over the god, AJAX, and JACKs have a fesse-with-scallops colors reversed from the same of Scottish Hains/Hannings. The latter share the scallops of both Bullys and Quince's. The latter were first found in Northamptonshire, same as Cope's/Coaps suspect in "ANNUIT COEPtis". Tiss'/Teece's were first found in neighboring Hampshire. Jacks share the fesse of Buttons/Bottons, and the cross in the Arms of Atha looks like a bottony cross. Buttons are said to have been at Bath, and Bath's are said to be from "ap-Atha" likely as code for Atha-of-Hainaut liners. Baths could be with the Hain/Hanle lion, therefore.

The Ceno river of Cain relations is a TARo tributary. The Ceno was likely named by the Cenomani, a branch of which, the Aulerci Cenomani, seems to have been at Maine / Le Mans, where French Josephs were first found who have the Cheney martlets in colors reversed. Shechemites are to Shake's and ShakesPEARE's (potential Pero of Peare line), and the latter have the double-tipped spear seen also with German Marks. The Mark spear is pale-wise in the colors of the Pero pale bar, and these Pero's share the hexagram of Jewish Marks (looks like they have the Coat of Boet-possible Boyds/Boids/Byats).

Shakespeare's have a bend colors reversed from the same of Merchants/Mercators. French Marks are said to have included Ramond de la Marca, and Ramonds (orbs) not only share a part of the MerCHANT / Alan / Galli Chief, but are said to have been from CHANTemerle (and Eu-like d'Eoux). Ramonds were first found in Languedoc with the Julians and Hugs whose Chiefs stars they all-three share.

The write-up of French Merchants: "This important family is first recorded in 1287 when Lantelme is mentioned at DIE and Ruinel." The Ruins/Rone's/Rowans/Rome's (beside York) happen to use Gernon-suspect gyronny in the colors of the same of CAMPbells, the latter first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Camps/Champs. The Payens, first found in Dauphine with Merchants, have "spur ROWell" stars in the colors of the Galli / Merchant stars. As the latter surname uses what looks like a form of the Res/Dere lances, I'd say the Res/Dere stars are those of Merchants. Rome's/Rooms/Rums/RIMs, sharing the Jack fesse, were first found in Dumfries with Hains/Hannings.

This recalls, from the door handle dream, that I dropped a container on its rim, and that FLAMES then appeared all around the rim! I think that nabs that scene's meaning. It's telling that Rome's/Rooms were of the Hainaut-line Hains. HANdle's could easily have been of the Hannings. Ahhh, yes, for Handle's were first found in Silesia with German Hains/HAINLe's!!! The latter could have the Rome/Room lion. In fact, the Hain/Hanle lion is shared by Italian Simons, and, in the dream, I complained about the missing part of the door handle to the Jeep's previous owner, from Italian Simons (he was Italian). French Simons use a "mon" motto term! Bingo. The Hain/Hanle lion is also in the colors of the Montfort lion, speaking to Simon de Montfort.

DIE's/Dee's share the lion of English Marks, a good reason to see Merchants as the Marici. The Die's/Dee's, who probably named the Dee river partly in Cheshire, have a "Hic labor" motto, and Hicks (Yorkshire, same as Labors) share the fleur-de-lys of English Marks. This adds to our understanding of the Hick bloodline. The Labors (probably Richmond kin) are said to be, as a fact, from laborers...but of course, no evidence is presented.

Spanish Rosa's come up as "Dero," and the latter happen to use the double headed eagle of German Marks and Jeepma's/CHEPs, while Chappes'/CHEAPs were first found in Stirlingshire with Daro's/Darrows. Italian Rosa's (could be the Avezzano rose on stem) are split in the colors of the Daro/Darrow Shield. This double-headed eagle is used on white with Maxwells who had a Maxwell-Ros family (share the water bouget with Scottish Rose's). Both eagle color schemes is shared by Doria's, tending to identify Dere's and Dero's, etc,, as Doria branches...suspect from the namers of ArtemiDOROS, son of Amyntes above. These Galatians are suspect with the Laevi Gauls, for Gauls named Galatians about the time that Gauls appeared in northern Italy with the Laevi. Doria's were first found in Genova, which can explain the Merchant write-up; "The Marchant family of Savoie had many important members, such as the Judge of Genevois in 1600." The Genevois/Ganay surname (Burgundy) happens to share the giant Doria eagle, making the Mark lion look like that also of Genova's/Geneva's. This recalls the broken-handle dream, from the DOOR handle of my JEEP. It looks like part of that Message is that Jeepma's/Cheps use the Doria eagle.

The DOOR handle is now expected to be an Hainaut element, and the Doria eagle is thus looking like the Arms-of-Atha eagle. Irish Doors share the Sforza lion, and the Sforza lion holds a "quince" (flower) while Quince's share the mascles of Hains/Hannings.

The DUGANay variation of Genevois'/Ganays can suggest the Dugans/Degens (Roche's Country) said to be from a Ui MAINE region along with the Pattersons/Cassane's who share the Mar/Mere scallops, and, moreover, Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, beside Scottish Rose's.

Dero's/Rosa's are also Rosals, indicating Rozala of Ivrea, location also of the Arduinici who married Doria's of Oneglia. The stupids: "The Dero family originally lived in a place where wild roses grew." One can glean from the Maxwell-Ros' that the royal family of Rozala went to Scottish Rose's. Maxwells are from Maccus of Man, an island possible named after the peoples of Le Mans. The Le Mans/Lemon surname has dolphins, traceable to Dauphine, where Merchants were first found.

There is little doubt that French Alans share the Chief-Shield of Saluzzo's, Cluns and Dure's, and as the Lance's have the fesse of English Alans in colors reversed, the Lance-loving Res'/Dere's look like a merger with Dure's and Dare's/Derrs, for the latter have a Coat version of Cutters (Saluzzo Chief-Shield in colors reversed), who smack of the MerCATOR variation of English Merchants. Catters have a fish-version Coat of the Fish's and Glove's (Perthshire, same as Cluns and Dure's), and Glove's are in the Clan Chattan motto ("bot"), making Chattans / Chatans and Cattans look like they are from Saraca's of Cutter- / Catter-like Kotor, beside Butua. Dare's/Derrs were first found in Rhineland with Salome's, suspect from Salome of Boethus (Sadducees). Dare's/Derrs share the Coat of Kennedy-beloved Avis'/Avisons, from the Marsi at Avezzano, and Kennedys are from the Kennati of Cetis.

Boeotians are expected to Boits having variations looking like Poitou elements, and the Poitvins of Poitou have stars in Salome-star colors. If the colors of the Poitvin Chief-Shield are reversed, the Coat seems to be a version of the Galli Coat, and therefore a version also of the Merchant Coat. Was Poitou a Boethus liner? Looks like. Poitvins even use the jay while Jays were at De Gai, a now-obvious reference to the Galli-branch Gays. Why don't Wikipedia's history writers learn from me; I have mountains of new things for them? Oh, yes, it's because they would need to change so many of their theories, but rather than stab themselves looking stupid while claiming to be experts, they chose to continue in their errors. The problem with being an expert and proud of it: you don't fix your mistakes. Jays use roses, that's right.

French Alans are said to be from an Alan of Launay (Brittany) while English Dare's use a version of the DeLANEY Coat, both of which has the same lion as English Stewarts. The Liers/DAIRE's are said to be from Dol along with proto-Stewarts, and they share the scallops of Hykes'/Hike's/Hacks (Devon, same as English Stewarts. Scottish Stewarts (Boyd/Boid/ kin) share the checkered fesse of French Marks.

The lances, or whatever they are, of Merchants, has what could be bottony ends as code for the Boethus line through Boeotians of Schimatari to Boets/Butts/Bute's and Buttons ("horns" in Crest). It was Miss Hicks in the dream that took us to Rhizon, beside Butua. Rhizon traces very well to Rize off of the Moschi mountains (Caucasia). It's where the HYKSos-suspect Hayasa-Azzi lived, and it's at the Armenia theater while the chief Armenian god was Haik/Hayk. The Moschi-suspect Meschins share the scallops of Hykes'/Hike's/Hacks. The Lance fesse is colors reversed from the same of Pavia's Pierro's/Pero's (version of the Boet/Butt Coat). Wikipedia's article on the Hayasa-Azzi, which is now pretending to oblivious to the Hyksos Asians (God forbid that a Wikipedia writer should borrow from me), has a link to mythical Hayk. "The similarity of the name Hayasa to the endonym of the Armenians, Hayk or Hay and the Armenian name for Armenia, Hayastan[,] has prompted the suggestion that the Hayasa-Azzi confederation was involved in the Armenian ethnogenesis..." It's just another small step to "Hyksos," stupids, so why did you neglect it? Wikipedia is a control-freak, liberal bastion of new-age education...explaining the stupids and half-truths / cover-ups.

I can't recall exactly where the Pyxites river was in relation to nearby Trabzon, but as Hayasa-Azzi were near and/or in Trabzon, could we muster a Pyxites-people trace to the Pictones Gauls, the namers of Poitou? The Gauls were from the GALLI of Trabzon's Khaldi people group, and Khaldi were partnered with Halybes suspect on the Halys river of the Hatti. The latter are suspect in mythical Hades, a son of GAIA. King Gaia/Gala was from this Moschi-mountain picture, wasn't he? Hades had a domain at the STYX river, and Trabzon-like Traby married Stick-liner Astikas'. This latter family was from Astakos in CALYDon, a line from "Khaldi." Stick with me, historians, and you might cease to be liberal neanderthals stupid enough to believe that the ice age actually took place. La-la-land evolutionists: it snowed for thousands of years non-stop until half the world or more was covered in thick ice sheets. The WICKED, happy and willing to lie as an alternative explanation of reality.

The Stick-branch Stichs were in Cheshire with king-Massena liners, and the Shaws/SETHs reflect Seth, the Hyksos god. The Sithech ancestry of Shaws/Seths looks like it's from Stichs. Shaws are from the Shawia Numidians, and Massena was a Numidian king (near Tanis-like Tunis). It seems clear enough that Massena belonged to the Meshwesh that ruled Egypt from Tanis as per the so-called 21st dynasty (the Egyptologist stupids exaggerate the number of dynasties on behalf of their evolutionary idioticism).

The Hayasa-Azzi were near or at Lake Van which named Gog-region Sevan, and then there's the PotVAN variation of Poitvins. The Moschi-like Maschi's were beside Fano while Fane's are also Vans. Schims/Chands share the GOOGe boar head. Did Gog include Hyksos elements? Why did God chose the Hyksos to typify his destruction upon the world?

The stupids (have no mercy on these liars, for they will not repent), wanting to give the world the false impression that mankind goes back a million years before Noah (around 2400 BC), tried to stretch history records back to 3200 BC, anything they could do -- the best they could do -- to make it appear that man existed before 2400 BC. To explain why records only go back to 3200 BC, instead of 32000 BC, they invented the ice age. WICKED ZEROES. If man existed 32,000 years ago, the population of the earth would be unimaginably higher than it was 4,000, or 2,000, years ago, and that's another reason that they created the ice-age catastrophe.

Therefore, with king-list "documents" and so forth stretching back to 3200 BC when they should only go back to about 2200 BC, events that took place in 1400 BC will be erroneously said to have been a hundred-or-so years before 1400. Therefore, they have the Hyksos about that span of time before the Exodus when in reality the Exodus pharaoh was a Hyksos king, possibly Khyan, for while the first-born child and heir of the Exodus pharaoh was killed in the 10th Plague, Khyan's son did not follow him as a Hyksos king. Instead, Apepi followed, and northern Egypt was on its last leg during Apepi's reign probably due to the weakening of the kingdom by the 10 Plagues. The problem with Khyan being the Exodus pharaoh is that he had a daughter who found Moses 40 years before the Plague's. One explanation is that this daughter was from another of his marriages, and that his first-born from another mother was the one killed in the 10th plague. I say that the daughter or her father named Moses after the Mus people group at Lake Van...because it makes sense.

"Apepi" is suspect to the Pepins among the highest classes of the Marsi-line Merovingian Franks, who were from the Veneti i.e. from Lake Van, right? Vannes in Brittany was a Veneti line to king Arthur's cult, and Arthurs were from Ardahan, at the Hayasa-Azzi theater. Arthurs of Clapton married the Hicks. The Veneti were in / or beside BONonia suspect in the "bon" motto term of the Hicks. The Veneti-suspect Windsors have what I see as the Fien variation of Fane's/Vans in their "fie en" motto phrase, and the gold antlers of the Windsor stag head could be a remnant from the gold buck head of Hicks (Buckingham palace comes to mind). The ermined bend of Claptons is shared by Wingers/WINDgate's.

Clapton is at the Gloucestershire border, and the Merchants/Mercators (Gloucestershire), I now realize, use a gold-bend version of the Winger/Windgate Coat! German Wingers almost have the Merchant/Mercator griffin. Motto terms like the "Dieu" of Windsors can be for the Die location of French Merchants and Hick-related Die's/Dee's. The martlets of Wingers/Windgate's are shared by Khyan-like Cheneys.

The Maruvium region of the Marsi is at the upper Salto, and another Hyksos king was Salitis. I think that Marsi were from the Marsyas Phrygians,, and while Phrygians lived in the land of the Hatti, Khyan's name was found in the Phrygian land of the Hatti. "Phrygia" looks like that could have been the proto-Frank. It's easy to track Hyksos to the namers of HATTUSa, the Hatti capital, for it's from the CADUSii Armenians that named the caduceus staff of Armenia-like Hermes, which was shared with Tiresias, son of Everes, and father of Manto and Daphne. In this light, it's more a shepherd's STAFF than the similar Asclepios ROD, yet note that Asclepios rods are used by HUCKabys/Huckstable's. Asclepios was the son of Ixion's sister (Coronis the crow), and Ixion was punished with a chariot wheel, symbol of the Hyksos. "Ixion" looks framed to honor mount SION, at the foot of which is Laish and Daphne. Sion is the same as mount HERMon, easily deciphered with "Hermes," for he was the son of Pan, and Panias/Banias, smack beside Laish and Daphne, is known to have been a worship center of Pan.

I say that Pepin elements named Papia, i.e Pavia. The pagan Levite of Laish is expected by me to have formed a line of debauched and heretic Levites to mythical Oeneus of Calydon, then onward to the Laevi of Pavia. The Hyksos were at Avaris, but were eying nearby TANIS as a co-capital or new capital. I think that the so-called Danites of Laish, who forced the Levi-line priest above (Jonathan) to be their priest, was of the proto-Danaans of Greece, from Tanis' namers. I think they were Hyksos escaped from Egypt and into the Philistine theater. They joined some Israelites (possibly from the tribe of Dan) and took the name of Danites falsely to mask themselves, I believe, and went far from the land allotted to Dan, to Laish, to conquer it as their own, because they had no plot in Israel. It's possible that a Levite descendant of Jonathan added things to the end of Judges, starting with Samson, said to be a Danite.

It doesn't seem coincidental that the Hyksos historian, Manetho, looks like he's named after whatever named mythical Manto, sister of Daphne. In fact, there is no coincidence, for while Daphne was a real location beside (easy-walking distance) Laish, the grandfather of Manto and Daphne was mythical Everes, the so-called "shepherd seer," and then Manetho call the Hyksos, "shepherd kings." The Hyksos ruled at Everes-like AvaRIS, possibly named after an Avar peoples at RIZE. As the Rice surname has the raven, it's a good bet they were from Avar- / Frank-like Varangians. Pepin-laden Merovingians married European Avars. Hyksos were said to be Hebrews, and Avars of Caucasia were amid the Iberi. "Avar" could have developed into Kabars, who in turn formed part of the Hebrew-based Khazars. But not all Hebrews were Israelites.

When the famine took place in Israel, sending Jacob to Egypt, I assume that the king friendly to Jacob's family was one of the Hebrew Hyksos, though followed by another king who thought that the Israelites were a threat to his dominion. On the son of Khyan, Wikipedia has this: "On the stela – which was probably dedicated to the god Seth, lord of Avaris – [Yanassi] is called the eldest king's son of Khyan." Some of the historians may have wrongly framed that translation to give the impression that Khyan had multiple sons when the true translation may mean only that he was the first without others implied.


First up in the news this week is what looks like Jay Sekulow getting the green light, finally, from Trump, to expose one or two more Trump-administration moles not known before. If Sekulow loses his job with Trump, then it looks like Jay revealed these people without Trump's blessings:

Consider how much harder it now is for Barr to let Comey off the hook...if Barr wants to. I can't know whether he wants to or not, but he's given us reasons to believe that he could want to.

One new name is Jordan Rae Kelly. According to Jay Sekulow, she replaced Ferrante. How did Comey manage this plant? Who recommended these two people to Trump? Jordan Sekulow says that Comey hired Ferrante for the White House job, and that only Comey could fire him. Makes no sense to me, except that the deep state would aspire to create such a position / situation in order to have instant moles at easy will. If I'm hearing Jordan correctly, the FBI has power to install a person in Trump's Security team (National Security Council, not NSA). Well of course the bulk of them are going to act as moles, STUPID, for a corrupt FBI boss / sub-boss.

"The White House National Security Council (NSC) is the principal forum used by the President of the United States for consideration of national security, military matters, and foreign policy matters..." Trump is the chief executive of this body, but apparently, the FBI gets to choose its own representative for parts of this body, how convenient. We are learning something on how the deep state spies on presidents. Create bodies in which the presidential business overlaps with Intelligence business, and disallow a president to hire and fire people therein working on behalf of the Intelligence side. Clearly, these overlapping bodies must be scrapped. Instead, the president should have his body fully under his control, and they then meet with Intelligence bodies when needed. That's a lot less interaction between the two.

The evil can be that, when Intelligence bodies do briefings with the president, they are picking his brain, gathering info on him, to manipulate or even subvert his plans.

"Jordan Rae Kelly is a Senior Managing Director in the Cybersecurity practice at FTI Consulting and is based in Washington, D.C. Ms. Kelly has more than 12 years of experience managing cyber policy planning and coordinating incident response....Before joining the National Security Council in 2017, Ms. Kelly served as Chief of Staff and Chief of Strategic Initiatives in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Cyber Division, where she managed daily operations and strategic and policy planning for the FBI’s national cyber program." Mole potential there, especially as she was at the NSC under Wray, I am assuming. I'm assuming that Ferrante was initially at NSC while Comey was still the FBI boss, and that Wray was using him to spy on Trump. Another website says that Ms. Kelly has been the Senior Managing Director since January of 2019.

As this Sekulow scoop continues, Ms. Kelly forms a partnership with Ferrante, and the latter, by this time, is in mortal opposition against Trump as some good proof of his having been a spy. The Sekulows are saying that these people worked in the White House, but is the NSC stationed in the White House? They don't say in the video above whether Ms. Kelly was partnership with Ferrante while she was in the NSC.

So, one mole easily follows another if the FBI gets to pick them. These sorts of tactics didn't start with Trump. The deep state / shadow government has been infiltrating with moles for a long time. It appears that the NSC started under Obama: "Prior to the NSC in 2015, Ferrante was CoS for the FBI’s cyber division under James Comey. Ferrante stayed in his position as director for cyber incident response at the NSC through the Trump administration, until April 2017, when he left to join FTI Consulting [that's where Kelly joined him]. January 2019: Ferrante went on to become an analyst for CNN." Ah, so as soon as Kelly gets in-the-know at NSC, her partner in dossier crime goes to reveal top secrets to CNN, as needed. You never saw such a pack of rats in action before, and Christopher Wray was in charge of Kelly's position, I assume.

As we can read below, FTI Consulting was hired (by fake-news Buzzfeed) to verify the Steele dossier, and Anthony Ferrante was in charge of that effort. He would have communicated with Mueller, we may assume, on Comey's behalf, anything usable to take Trump down through Mueller's probe. The Sekulows even say that Ms. Kelly was close to Mueller. But the dossier scandal blew up in their faces, and Mueller was unable to use it. The buffoon came on TV after a two-year crusade in secrecy, like a man standing on half a leg and a broken foot, pretending to know nothing about the dossier.

The next mole mentioned by the Sekulows is Tishina Gower (I think I heard the name with that spelling). Sekulow says that as of late July of this year, she was at the DoJ "national security division" (not sure if caps are required there), and may also have been with NSC. She might be working at the DoJ keeping tabs on what Barr's up to. She might even turn Barr rabidly against Comey, now that she's been caught, or if indeed she has been caught. If she has been in some contact with Barr, and Barr didn't know she was Comey's spy, look out. Push the apple pie over, and get out the crow bar. However, in the clip from BCP, Sekulow doesn't tell why he's singling out Gower as a spy or potential spy.

In the BCP video's 13th minute, Jordan Sekulow says that Comey created this special position allowing FBI picks into the NSC. It figures. It says it all. And the claim is made on the same video that Ferrante was keyed into the NSC about the time Trump took office. IT SAYS IT ALL. Comey created the position to spy on Trump's foreign affairs, and, surely, the CIA and the globe-trotting demons at Military wanted to know all about it. In the 14th minute, Sekulow says that while these NSC employees were not owned by the FBI, no NSC person could fire them; only Comey could fire them. It makes no sense unless the deep-state is responsible for such a twisted circumstance. No-choice moles in the president's foreign-affairs office. To make matters worse, Trump was persuaded to hire John Kelly of the military rag to oversee day-to-day White House business of every kind.

One thing is to listen to the Sekulow show itself (heads up: skip from 5:00 to 7:00 on the long commercial):

At about the fourth minute, Jay Sekulow laments that he's got to apply to FOIA to get further information on this matter. But he's Trump's own private lawyer; he should be able to ask Trump for information, and Trump should be delighted to cascade upon the Sekulow desk waterfall after waterfall of glorious and damning material on the topic. Right? Not right, for Trump is a fraud. The Sekulows have been on deep-state investigations from the start of Trump's presidency, but, so far as anyone can glean, Trump hasn't given these men a drop.

Sekulow admits that until the FOIA request is granted, the evidence needed against Comey will not materialize. In the 9th minute, Jordan clarifies that the "new position for Ferrante" created by Comey comes from a claim by ClearRealPolitics, itself using an unnamed source (assumed to be pro-Trump) in the NSC. This story came out months ago, and we expect Durham to clarify long before the Sekulow FOIA is received, and we expect Barr not to put a shade screen over the details of this important matter. This is bloodless treason by Comey, and the people have a right and a duty to understand its workings fully, and to change the machinery of Intelligence to deny deep-state mobsters easy manipulation / destruction / facilitation of future presidents.

A new youtube channel, Political News Today, was showing judge Jeanine (September 7), and then cut the show off in the 20th minute just as Bongino started to speak on the Ferrante scandal. The title claims to have the full show, but it's not true. So, you see, Democrats can be pretending to be Republican channels so as to cut off the most-damning stories when they come out shortly. One can expect youtube to facilitate this type of news cover-up. When asking youtube for judge Jeanine because I want to watch the whole show, youtube gives her videos on September 7 from Political News Today as the top two to pop up. But youtube gives no others for that date. Doesn't that look like a cheat job? When I ask for judge Jeanine on September 7, her video comes up also with a new channel, QTN FOX, but it too cuts some of Bongino off about a minute before he's done, at which point the video ends altogether, a botch-job unexpected from a Republican. It appears that they are trying to make Republicans accept sliced and cut-off video as normal.

The problem with the three moles under discussion is that no evidence was presented that they were moles aside from what common sense would tell us. A crafty lawyer can smash common sense into heresy. Where's the evidence that Kelly and Gower were reporting back to the FBI? Will Fox investigate this story and elaborate? Will Barr investigate? How could Barr / Durham not already know about this special position from Comey. Was Barr hoping to hide this? If he knew about it, wouldn't he have fired Wray immediately? Hannity has the story super-fast, but doesn't opinionate yet:

I'm hoping that Fox won't ask Hannity to drop this story, because elaboration is needed. Jay Sekulow, just after the 9:00 mark, says that Comey "dispatches" the spies to National Security, and that "indications are that those individuals were reporting directly back to James Comey"." What are the indications? It's important. Can't we know? It amazes me how Hannity changes the subject from this important matter. Instead of asking questions to clarify / broaden what Sekulow is saying, he goes back to Trump-Tower spies. Grrr.

Nunes in the Hannity video above (about 24th minute): "we have to go to the courts." He's right. He's taking Fusion to court. He'll win if he doesn't get a Democrat judge. It could be a big win. Fusion now has to watch its step due to this court case. Fusion won't feel so free now to continue corrupt acts to cover for itself, because the company will soon be in court. It can't afford a backfire or a big mistake with court pending. Taking people to court gives you legal right by force of the courts to have information from the defendant. A judge can harshly judge the defendant if he/she tries the smug / deflective attitude that deep-staters practice in congressional hearings. Nunes is setting a great example as a leader in this effort. Even if Democrats get the White House, deep-state attacks can continue in the courts; it would be more climactic to expose the deep state under a Democrat White House. Here's Nunes on Gorka telling his story versus slanderous / fiendish Fusion:

Comey was not guilty of leaking only. The purpose in Intelligence / FBI leaks is often to publicize a story that Intelligence created in the first place as fake news. Yes, they go out to create a story, make it appear true as possible, and then leak it. They are framing someone(s) to destroy them with official American power. Ask fiendish Fusion about that. This is what Barr's given Comey a pass on, not just a leak, but a leak to create a real story from nothing real. Barr's excused Comey, not just for a lie involving a leak, but the known motive behind the leak: to start the Mueller probe based on nothing real. The Comey leak, according to his own words, was all about creating the Russian-collusion fake job through Mueller. That's why Barr's letting him off, because Barr's family is in cahoots with Mueller's family, isn't that right? What does this make Barr out to be?

When I first saw the headline this week that the U.S. military is going to play a chief role in subduing fake news, I thought, in a knee-jerk reaction, oh goodie, the military's going to put the leftist media out of business unless they tell the truth. Wunderbar. On the other hand, what if the military sides with leftist media? Oh no. In fact, this story is not new at all. In my opinion, the military has already been playing a chief role to subdue news people who call out the military as demonic, or something similar. Here's BCP's view on this story:

This could be wonderful in a way...unless it's operation is fully in the dark. If the military starts to do what liberal social media has been doing, and in the meantime it doesn't threaten or change leftist media, then the military will expose itself for what it is...unless it operates in full secret, punishing "rebels" without public knowledge. Once the nation sees a military cloud over its sharing of opinions, the military will become exposed. It's going to polarize the nation even worse, in the same way that we now oppose social media that persecutes our voices. It would be nice to see the military persecute leftist media, but what happens when Democrats get back power and the military then conforms to their views. Oh no.

The very mention of this idea in the news is already an exposure of the military, but also those in the Trump administration who gave this idea a green light. Surely, Trump gave this a green light. Nuts. The military is using terrorism to control those who rebel against its globalism. It's clear: it will define anyone's news, who speak against a military program, as "fake news." The military will consider its own claims on its programs and ambitions as the truth, and will label those who disagree as liars.

I didn't see Bongino doing a segment on this news. He's for free speech but also respects the military and law officers. Will Bongino be okay with a military thought-police? This is not the way to solve the problem. This risks a vivid totalitarian government in our faces, the expected development from the over-intrusive spy system set up by Bush. Trump did nothing to alleviate the people from that program. The way to solve fake news is for the DoJ to take to court those who make false statements in big media. It would be a travesty if the military started poking at small, social-media news outlets / commentators instead of the big goons who daily polarize and brainwash some 10 million stupids. If they were not stupids, they wouldn't watch leftist media. It is no longer regarded as a theory that leftist media is a wicked conspiracy.

Here's an update on Julian Assange, his prison conditions, his isolation:

Judge Jeanine is cut off by Gorka at 3:30 when she says that the only reason Comey got off for leaking is that Bill Barr's "got his eyes on the price." I can't quite make out the last word, but it sounds like "price," because "pride / prime / prize" doesn't fit the sentence. Gorka knew the sentence was juicy, but instead of discussing it, he cut her off.

Watch this until the 3-minute mark Bill Barr looking like a fraud:

Why why why is Barr's DoJ fighting in court against Judicial Watch's attempts to uncover Hillary's crimes? Where's Trump on this obstruction of justice from Barr? If it's not obstruction, what is it? What excuse will he give for this? Don't let Barr off the hook for this. Beware this man. The people have the legal right to Hillarys communications. Barr has ZERO right to withhold it, unless for some good reason it can't be publicized because the DoJ / FBI is about to arrest Hillary itself. We'll believe it when we see it.

I can see Barr coming out to say that no one technically lied on the FISA applications. Just some carelessness and over-reaction. That's what Comey wants Barr to say. Otherwise, if Barr arrests Comey, he's got to take a backlash because the leftist media will say that no one lied, not even Steele. They will say that there was justification for suspecting Trump-Russia collusion, and they will depend on "Russian interference" if they can't depend on Steele. However, there is clear evidence that Comey lied due to his own words. He would need to convince Barr that maybe he was wrong when telling that there was no basis in the Steele claims. Barr could be persuaded in that direction for a number of reasons, or if Trump indicates to him not to rock the boat. However, on the other side, there would be harsh reaction against the Republican establishment if Barr lets them all skate. He's got to live with it, whatever he decides, whether or not to defile himself and make himself the mother of all DoJ clowns (joker).

Eric Trump says he will sue MSNBC on behalf of his dad. Why doesn't dad do the same to all of the big stations? It's not like he hasn't got the money, and he's had every opportunity. He doesn't need to lift a finger because lawyers will do it all. This should be done for the better people, to cool media slander against them. It doesn't matter who Republicans elect, the media will slander him/her. Where's Trump's plan to hit them over the head with a sledge? Is Eric the only hammer he possesses? Eric would be doing a great thing, except that he says he's doing it for the family name. Oops, not the highest achievement or motive. Anyone can do it for family, but not everyone can do it for others.

Trump likes money matters, and we know the spirit that drives that sort of thing. Jesus told us. I have no right to judge him, so if I criticize him, it's because Christians should beware this man's motives, and the spirit that leads him, because it's not God's spirit. The reason that we are not to be of the world is that there is never any hope for it precisely due to spirits that affect human hearts. Our happiness needs to come from other things. If we can find a job that supports Jesus, we can find our happiness in that.

BCP was singing the praises this week of entrepreneurs. They put all of their talents together, and work hard, make a lot of right decisions, get a little luck, do some shaking and moving, until they make it big. But wait, isn't that just another way to say get-rich-quick? Yes, and the entire motive is usually to get rich quick, not to help others. So, that's the difference between me and Christians like BCP. We are on opposite poles in this regard. I do not respect America for this "American dream" scenario. I believe that God wants us to be a community with no one greedy. If that starts to look like communism, it's not the type that leaves out a Creator. Under God, we serve the Government, so, yes, it is communism. However, it's not what we normally think of communism because the Government of Jesus actually cares for the people, and becomes one with them. That's what I espouse, and capitalism (as normally defined) is of the devil in comparison. Put any spin you wish on it, it's usually money-driven ambition. You can tell me till you're blue that money's not necessarily evil, but the fact is, humans under 100 years of age cannot handle lots of money. It ruins them. They are not mature enough to remain Godly when they have billions. Ask Trump about that. Money causes men to gravitate toward loose women and casinos. Ask Trump about that. What is it that a Christian can't understand about this? You cannot love both money and God. Lots of money will take you away from God.

The reason that people hate us is that we have become "crazy" in separating ourselves from their world. They are offended that we have drawn away. They believe that, since there's not much time before we die, it's the right thing to enjoy life as much as possible before death arrives. But we have decided not to go that way, and instead are in a wait mode, waiting for better things after this life. They think we're crazy. We should all do some work for Jesus, because I don't know how terrible it will be for believers who do no work for Jesus. Think of something, do it, and see whether Jesus supports it. Trump doesn't think that way, does he? I wish he did, there is always hope, and if I see it, I'll applaud. Imagine working for the Almighty, how He would swell in heart over such a person. Why not put your whole thrust into it, with your whole heart? He's the super-intelligent (under-statement) Almighty. Teach, preach (point in the right direction), uplift, help out, encourage, warn, all of them good works. God will not despise the smallest work because most people are doing nothing at all for Him. A small deed will get you a stepping stone to bigger things. If you can be trusted with little, you will come to manage a lot.

A bank thrives on the misfortunes of others. Ahh, you had a bad knock, and you need money. Step right up, I'm here to "help you," the bank says, as long as you're dependable for paying the bank back. The bank is not there to give gifts, and you never did see a bigger scrooge than the penny-pinching banker. The bank sets itself up to make money. It's a money-making machine. Ditto for the entrepreneur. He doesn't want to work for a living, ultimately, and neither does anyone. The entrepreneur is different because he's willing to risk the family fortune in order to get to that magic position of financial glory. But it's a spiritual trap if he wins. He's better off losing and struggling like the average man. I've got to admit, struggling to pay the bills is a terrible curse on all of mankind, but it's the rich entrepreneurs who force us to struggle, for when they are in the driver's seat, they raise their prices. Their workers are, generally, mere objects of their profiteering. Thank God for a few Godly business people. If all were that way, workers wouldn't feel like they were struggling, and prices would cease rising with no end in sight. But many Christian businessmen have become spiritually ruined by a new business way of thinking that is not in the Bible.

Democrats want to take the money of the rich. But I would rather see the government make a law forbidding companies to charge beyond a certain percentage above their costs for any product. That way, workers benefit with greater purchasing power (one dollar buys more), and the Democrat government is out of luck for stealing anything from companies because the latter don't get rich quick when forbidden to set prices according to what the market can bear. That's a nice way of saying: as much as the market can grab. I try to think as Jesus would, and I think Jesus views "as much as" as greed / money-lust / gouging / not loving others as you love yourself. Where is the entrepreneur who doesn't act according to that rule? The reason that companies now need to charge, in many cases, as much as the people are "willing" to pay is: 1) they give people little choice in paying what they ask; 2) there are too many companies selling the same products all hoping for the American millionaire's dream. Any year now, the greedy can gang up on us and raise their prices to unbearable levels for the lower incomes. Already, they are depressed / frantic about making ends meet, and many are being forced to share homes in cities because basements are too expensive.

A home in 1980 valued at $90,000 is now 1.6 million. This house has gone up about four times more than the increase in wages over that same period. Ask the liberal program of forcing or coercing women to work about that. Guaranteed, that if there was a third sex in a marriage, with three married people owning a home and all working, house's would go up wildly because the greedy see the extra income per home, and they jack the prices, all legal, shame-shame. They forced women to work for almost nothing, for companies took almost all of a woman's wages on their increased prices. But liberal women are snap-happy with this situation because; 1) they don't care if their kids are raised by day care; 2) they don't mind forcing husbands to contribute to house chores and cooking or coming home to a cold building rather than a warm home; 3) it gives them the opportunity to become more financially important than husbands. Way to go, liberals, way to go.

The only way to combat the coming robotic machines taking away jobs is to forbid companies from selling products more than a certain percentage beyond their costs. They are allowed to produce machines to lower their costs, to make more profit, but if the rule above stood, they wouldn't bother paying for machinery if the only purpose is to reduce labor costs. We are a community; individual rights to make more money is not in a vacuum; it hurts others, and therefore community rights trump individual rights when the latter is based on selfish gain affecting others. Where is the business referee? Mr. Free Market and Ms. Entrepreneur have abducted him. Trump calls it "regulations." I can agree that too many regulations are upsetting tie-downs to company owners, but I think only one regulation is necessary, the one above. Force companies to live with a modest price increase, forbidding sky-is-the-limit. If company owners are not happy with a fair deal, be gone and let others do it who are content with it. Perfect. It's financial security for everyone, for insecurity arises when the few are sucking in too much money, which news organizations and business magazines call a "booming economy." Guaranteed, Trump's booming economy will increase product prices and reduce purchasing power.

I can't find the Hannity show for Monday night. This one by US Politics is dated for Monday, but there are comments telling that it's an old show. This channel did not show the entire hour. Why not? It wasn't this way last year on youtube, but suddenly this is a trend. I wonder why Fox doesn't offer the entire hour. Another channel putting last week's show on for Monday night is now new, MiguelRamirezTV. Is youtube involved with this cheat? Yes, it could be, as practice for election season. These channels last a few weeks only, then the owner picks a new channel name and does the same all over again once viewers are wise to him/her.

I've just found a third Hannity show dated for Monday night (Sept. 2), and this is quite old with Trump being "grilled" (not very hotly) by Hannity. Trump fumbles for words when Hannity talks about how he suddenly fell in love with Hillary after he became the president. He says he just wanted to move on to a new page, forget the past. SPIT! He promised to clean swamp, then did NOTHING on his own initiative to do so. Here's a fourth channel, RoNiNoNe01, offering the wrong show, the one above with Trump, but dated September 2.

I can't find Monday's Hannity show. Is this a deliberate youtube scheme to hide shows dangerous to Obama's people?

Here's a fifth channel showing last week's show but dated September 2 once again. This time the channel looks Muslim. I've never seen anything this bad. It's a way for youtube to hide shows without it looking like youtube's hiding them. Here's a sixth one, brand new, Fidelia Esperanza, showing another old show but dated September 2. This is Chaos. A comment in the last video: "How come it's so difficult to find today's fox news on this frickin You Tube". I doubt that the same person is doing all six videos. It's a conspiracy by multiple people.

If Hannity had the labor-day night off, then one of the video's above may be the correct one, where Fox just put on an old one for the night off.

I watch Bongino and BCP daily because I trust them to have anything new on deep state developments, and because I can't trust youtube, and because I can't stand getting the news from google because it fronts all of the leftist spinners. Youtube is not offering me anyone else like Bongino and BCP, and almost never offers me a BCP video; I've got to go BCP's special page to get it. Lately, half of the suggested videos are way off-topic to what I normally search out, but it was not that way even two months ago. Youtube seems to be hoping to sidetrack me into other topics at this time because it knows that DoJ reports need to be hidden from the public as much as possible. It's a conspiracy. Plus, it continually feeds me the same videos over and over for days and days, thus drastically reducing the breadth of my choices, serving well its cover-up agenda.

BCP is predicting that Barr will get arrested, and I tend to agree due to the sheer force of publicly-known crimes that he's engaged. Mueller probably had to cease with his original schemes when it came to public light that Comey led the contributions in the submittals of Steele material after he himself admitted that the material was a farce. BCP and I see no way for Barr to avoid Comey's arrest on that one basis alone. However, Bongino is not so sure. He rebuked some of his viewers last week for thinking or claiming that he's been expecting Comey's arrest. He clarified that he just doesn't know one way or the other whether Barr will do it, which doesn't speak well of Barr.

There might be a good reason for Barr letting Comey off the hook so soon on his "minor" leak job. But I don't see any good reason whatsoever. I can't see the good in Barr playing a trick on Comey by letting him off. Would it have been to get him off his guard? What for? Maybe it was to keep Obama off his guard, make all of the Obamaites think that the attorney general was going soft. Would Barr play like that? I dunno. It's the best good explanation I can't think of. My choice explanation is that Barr wanted to send Mueller a love letter by sending Comey a kiss, because the latter's leak was tied to Mueller's Trump-attack. If Barr arrests Comey for the leak, does that put Mueller's probe into a bad light? Is that what Barr was thinking? Why else would Barr instantly commit to giving Comey a pass? The clear and beneficial alternative was to let a few months pass before deciding, and to submit this report from Horowitz to a court as per Comey's indictment on the FISA abuse. Now that Barr has not indicted, the report becomes, perhaps, less weighty for such a future court case. Doesn't Barr owe the people his reason(s) for not indicting?


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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