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September 17 - 23, 2019

Addition to the Bridge Event

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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After the last update was put out, I added the following quote, in case you missed it. The last update emphasized: 1) Lorraine's blond hair unto the Blundville's of Chester; 2) The Parker earls of Macclesfield; 3) the street names where Lorraine lived; 4) president Bush and the 9-11 crime. I began to see a pointer of the park across the street from Lorraine's to Parkers of Macclesfield, and then this added quote below supports the idea. I also stressed the Verne surname as per my living at the home of Verne Archibald, who lived closest, as did Lorraine, to the corner of Church and Lorne streets.

If you check the map above, or this google map, Lorne becomes Arnold at Yonge street, a thing I didn't know until now. Therefore, I asked Lorraine out at a bus stop on the corner of Arnold and Yonge, not Lorne and Young. That map is why Arnolds were introduced here, and they share pheons with Stops/Stubbs. My Masci mother must be a Mosca liner. Also, on the other end of Lorne, it's attached to VERN Dynes Way, a new street at some point since I stopped living in that town. Unbelievably, Dynes' are listed with Diens/Dives', which I think named Chester as Diva.

AND WOWWWW. I loaded the google map to get the name of the park across from Lorraine's, and it has an ELGIN Barrow arena (not on the map above). Elgins, in the colors and near-format of the English Arnold Coat, use what look like wolves, but the same Coat by Elkins has what looks like leopards (without spots), the Earl-of-Macclesfield symbol! That leopard (= the Mosca leopard) is also in the Crest of English Arnolds!!! What are the chances if God did not arrange this?

The Elkin creatures don't have heads like lions at houseofnames, but do have heads like leopards, and they are in the colors of the leopard faces used by the PARKer earls of Macclesfields, is that not wild? Centuries before them, Macclesfield [Cheshire, same as Chester] was ruled by the Meschin-Blundville line. Repeat: "Earls of Macclesfields used leopards and leopard faces, the latter being the symbol of Fitch's suspect with Montfitchets. It's linking earls of Macclesfields back in earlier times to the Gernon>Blundville line."

As the Elkin leopard is gold, as with the Covert/Coffert leopard face, the Elkins (leopards in the colors of Dean/Diane lion) look like they are sharing the Covert/Coffert Shield. This is wilder yet, for a long-time emailer to me in the past, Miss Covert, was married to Mr. Dein while Diane's/Deans and Diens/Dynes'/Dives' were both first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts. I link the Dean/Diane crescents to French Masseys/Masse's who in turn have a "tree without leaves" (I had read the description when the website was still active for me), and so the heraldic tigers without stripes can be a Massey-line ploy along with the leopard without spots in order to become code for a Stripe- and Spot-like surname. "WITHout" must be code for what we find in the write-up of Tattons (share Dean / Massey crescents): "Robert Tatton...who married the heiress of William de WITHenshaw, alias Massy..." One of my great-grandparents, on my Masci side, was a Taddei, as if to confirm that Taddei's were a Tatton / Tout branch.

Miss Covert and Mr. Dein were topics as relates Aryan Nations, for this organization (Idaho) was smack in/beside their home town, and there was more to it, including Mr. Dean's sister having married Mr. SCHERIFF of West Islip, Long Island, right beside the Patchogue county/district that was home to William Hitler, Adolf's nephew. It doesn't matter to me whether Dein was part of Aryan Nations or not, for God can use anything/anyone to point to things, and he was definitely used as such. Dein's mother was Miss Abbott, and that surname was first found in Oxfordshire with Elkins. The Scheriff-like Sheriffs were first found in WARWICKshire with the Tree's suspect in "tree without leaves," and Mr. Dein had an address in Warsaw, Indiana, home of WARS, a white supremacist group. I have traced Warwicks to Warsaw, Poland, for longer than I've known of Mr. Dein.

The Arms of Warsaw (Poland) shares the mermaid with the Moray Crest, and Elgins were of Elginshire at Moray. This mermaid id the Melusine beloved of the satanist "prince," Nicholas de Vere von DRAKenberg, and the dukes of Masovia, where Warsaw is the capital, used the red wyvern of Mosca-loving Drake's. Vere's ruled Oxfordshire for centuries, and so the Elkin-of-Oxfordshire - Elgin-of-Moray duo looks like a part of Vere-Drakenberg make-up.

Charles Mangel of Montana (beside Idaho), who could have been related to Hitler's Joseph Mengele, was a white-supremacist leader involved at some point with Aryan Nations. Hitler's Otto Skorzeny, the one who reportedly told on his death bed that George Herbert Walker Bush was born, George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi, also said at his deathbed that Adolf Hitler escaped to Montana. It all seems to check out, for God seems to have verified it in my life. God must have planned to have Miss Covert contact me by email from as long ago as His naming Elgin Barrow arena, for it was the Elkins that got me to the Covert topic at this time...perfect timing because this update has been much of the bash topic. Flight TWA 800 was shot down (from the ground) as it crossed Long Island at the area of Hitler's nephew (renamed himself William Stuart-Houston).

Abbotts (same place as Peare's/Pears) use pears so as to be of the Pero-Peare line, and Leaves-like Laevi founded Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found. Peare's/Pears happen to use the leopard face of the Parker-Macclesfield earls! I spent the weekend with Miss Peare as little as a month before meeting Lorraine, and never saw Miss Peare again. I was driving with Peare in my firebird, and Fire's share the white unicorn with Abbotts. Is this a pointer to the Abbott-Scheriff marriage? By what coincidence do Schere's/Scherfs share the giant fitchee, in the same colors, with BROXtons while Birds were at Cheshire's Broxton? BROCKs were first found in Essex with Fitch's. The Fitch Crest is comparable to the Skene symbol, and Skene's (beside Elginshire) have wolf heads in the colors of the Elgin wolves (they look like wolves).

I can add here that "ABOTT" has been suspect in the past with Boethus-liner Boeotians, and German BUTTs/Boets happen to have a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat, is that not wild? Buttons/BOTTons share the Butt/Boet fesse. Abotts share the Peare chevron. Lookie: Skene's/Skins were first found in Aberdeenshire with SCHIMs/Schiens, and SCHIMatari is a location in Boeotia. The Schims/Schiens use the boar head of Molle's (connectable to Bush's), and while Schimatari was home to a line of the Biblical SHECHEMites, SHAKE's use mole hills. As Shechemites were in some league with the Kenites married by Moses the Levite (yes, the Moses of the Ten Commandments), we can expect Shechemites with the some wayward Levites, to the Laevi Gauls at Pavia, and there you just say such a trace between Boeotia-like Abbots and Pavia elements of a Boet kind.

The Peirs/Peers, with a Leopard-like Lepere variation, and in Shake colors, were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs. How about that, it's new right here. It's interesting that Peirs/Peers (Wear-Were bend colors reversed) are in all three colors of the Coffert-like Coffers/Coffee's. English Leopards, sharing the gold leopard with Coverts/Cofferts, were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts!!! Incredible, as though God had set these things up. Compare Trade's with Italian Leo's and German Leopards.

Miss Covert didn't marry Mr. Dein with an Abbott mother and a Scheriff brother-in-law because she knew her heraldry was linkable to those things. Who arranged this heraldry to so neatly tell these stories? It appears to me that God is mocking the creators of heraldry, because while they think they have operated in corruption secretly, He's been manipulating their heraldry, for centuries, to expose details about them, and even to point to their end-time attache.

I didn't have this link of my Firebird, in the last update, to the unicorn in the Abott Crest. I think the Firebird, a symbol of the 9-11 planes, I now believe, was used by God to point to the Abbott-Scheriff marriage, as though to confirm that Hitler's nephew moved to Long island to be near the Scheriff family. William Hitler had three sons, according to his Wikipedia article, and we don't know anything of their movements / details. We can definitely ask whether those boys, along with their father, were/are part of the invisible shadow government as set up by the CIA's George HW Bush. The Fire's (unicorn) have fuhrer-like variations.

Sheriffs (Leopard colors) have not been much of a topic at any time, but I've just loaded them to see that they share fleur-de-lys and roses on a fesse with Birds. Sheriffs share the griffin heads of English Caplans while German Caplans are split in the split-colors of the Fire unicorn. There you have Fire's and Birds linking to a Scheriff-like surname.

English Caplans have a crown around the neck of a griffin head, a symbol for the Ceraunii to which uniCORNs trace. Caplan variations look like branches of the Capelli's who share the "chapeau" (cap) with Boet-branch Buttons i.e. kin of Peir-like Pierro's/Pero's. Peirs were first found in WARWICKshire with Sheriffs, and Peirs are in the colors of Boet-linkable Shake's. German Caplans were first found in Switzerland, location of Ticino canton. Pavia is on the Ticino river from that canton. Abotts were first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins whose French branch were at Parez. The Periz'/Petro's happen share with Birds their fleur-de-lys (same colors) and a flory cross (different colors). And the Peris' are listed with Pero's/Perino's. There we have the Firebird linkable again to Abotts, as though pointing to the Scherf-like Scheriffs. Do you see the reasons behind this? I do. Pero's/Perino's use "flaming stars" while Stars, in all-three Peir/Peer colors, have a chevron colors reversed from the same of Shake's.

Lookie: Pettys (parrots), easily of the Pierro's, were first found in Warwickshire with Peirs/Peers and Sheriffs. Parrots have more pears linkable to Peare's/Pears, but the Parrot pears are even in the colors of the Abott pears! Miss Abbott's daughter didn't marry Mr. Scheriff because she knew of an heraldic link of Abotts to Sheriffs.

Of further interest is the Babe connection between Lorraine and Bush liners (see last update for that). The Babys even entered the last update, and Miss Abbott has/had an address in BABYlon (West Islip) at Intelius. Islips use "hazel slips" because they were a branch of Hazels (SQUIRREL), who in-turn have a fesse-with-items colors reversed from the same of Sheriffs. It looks Arranged. If I recall correctly, the mother of William Hitler (beside West Islip) had a surname sharing holly with Islips.

On the night of the 9-11 memorial (I've been discussing for weeks and months in a row), God gave a sign on the road to Leakey, which locals call the Leakey road, and Leaks/Leakeys share the Bird fleur-de-lys too. It's added evidence that God chose the Firebird for me for making these points, and other points in the last update.

AHA! Perino-line Perrins (share leopard faces with Peare's), first found in Yorkshire with Scarfs, have a motto phrase, "ImPAVIdun FERiunt," and I've read their description in the past, with "FIR cones," and Firs are listed with Fire's!!! I was in the Firebird with Miss Peare! French Perrins were even first found in Lorraine with French Crispins and their Parez location.

As Crispins/CREPons and their Grazio branch at PERUSia were of the Greats/GREEPs i.e. the line of Gratian, father of Valentinian I, note that Valentins share a white bend with Peirs/Peers while putting squirrels upon them. The Squirrels are not only Squire's, like the Schire variation of Scherfs, but Squirrels/Squire's use a "Tiens" motto term while Tiens'/Thames were clearly related to Peare's and Abotts!!! That is incredible. The heraldry speaks from the rooftops. Spanish Valentins, I've just learned, share the gold border with Great/Greeps and their Justine kin (Justine was wife to Valentinian I). Justine's are in the motto of Squire-like Sire's.

Sire's use so-called panels on their tower, and Panels/PINGs/PONGs/PAGANells (Yorkshire, same as Perrins are a branch of Payens/Pagans (stars called "spur ROWELLs") who share the hexagrams of Pero's/PERINo's, perfect. And the latter's are in the design of the so-called "comet" of Reines', while the latter's Coat has the PISA Coat in colors reversed for a pointer to pedophilia corruption at Comet Ping Pong PIZZA. Panels/Pings/Pongs (same place as Scarfs) share the fleur-de-lys of Scarf-like Sheriffs. Rowells have two chevrons in the colors of the one of Perrins.

Perrins use a "ruinae" motto term while a Ruinel location of MerCHANTs was come by two updates ago. Chants are like the Chand variation of Schims/Schiens, but MERCHant variations were suspect with the Marici, co-founders with the Laevi of Pavia. One can now add that Merchants are also Marchions while "Sir Stephen Perrott married Helen, the daughter of Marchion Ap Rice, Prince of South Wales..." That's in the Parrot write-up. "MarCHIONE" looked like it might explain the fir CONEs of Perrins, and so I tried for a Marchone surname, which got the Markhams who definitely trace to the Marici (see Markhams in the last update). The Firebird is now linking, as per fir cones, to Markhams.

For what it could be worth, Marconi's (Crema) share the giant eagle of English Sparks/Sparrs, possibly of Norfolk's Sparrows or Sparhams, for the Cressy kin of Marchone's/Markhams were at a Beeston location in Norfolk. Scottish Sparrs have the giant eagle of MacDonalds, both of whom share the Alexander motto. Alexanders are suspect with the Seleucid line of Alexander Balas, wherefore see the further Seleucid possibilities below. Sparrows have a white unicorn in a crown, and while they were at West Harling of Norfolk, Norfolk's Harlings use nine of the German-Bush / Trade fleur-de-lys. That's Firebird-interesting. What could Harlings bring to this table? No Hartling surname comes up, but Hartels/Hearts share a heart in the base of the Shield with Trade's. And while we saw flaming hearts, the Hartel/Heart Crest has a flaming sword. Markhams use "miTIS" for the Tiss'/Teece's, and Hartels/Hearts use "ForTIS." Tiss'/Teece's share the Sola/Sole chevron, and Sparrows have a "solo" motto term.

Sparrows have a "salus" motto term, the latter possibly for a Seleucid line. Cressys share the engrailed border of Seleucid-suspect Sellicks. Solo's are listed with Boethus-suspect Salome's/SALAMANNs, where one would trace the salamander of Sellick-related Selkirks. This is my first inkling that "salus" is for some Seleucid line. Gore's/Core's use "Sola salus," and while French Gore's/Jore's share the greyhound with, and the split Shield of, Loops (from the Vis-de-Loop location of wolf-head Fiddle's/Fidelows), the hexagrams and crescents of Loops are shared by German Walkers. What could this mean? Gore's/core's share the white wolf with the Gowers/Gore's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with white-wolf Scarfs.

I'll get to Allisons later, but for now I'd like to say their Scottish branch were at Loupe, and Loupe's, suggested as being from Saint Loup of Troyes, use towers in Troyes-unicorn colors. It's a white and giant unicorn, same as the Fire unicorn, and English Allisons happen to use "black birds"! The other Troyes' have griffins in the colors of the Sheriff griffin heads, and we just saw a potential Gore link to Scarfs. The Loupe towers are important if God has arranged some heraldic towers, or even the tower-using Tower surname, as a pointer to the Trade towers. The Trade heart is shared by Walker-like Wagers (both first found in Yorkshire), probably of the Wagrians in Mecklenburg, where unicorn-using Troyes'/Troys (Trump colors) were first found. With God's work, there's often more than meets the eye at first.

St. Loupe is said to have stopped Attila, and Allisons almost have the Hun/Hungate Coat while Huns/Hundts share the greyhound with Loops and Gore's/Core's. I trace Gore's (similar to the Craven Coat) to the Gorski area of Croatia, near Bled (Attila's brother was Bled). Huns/Hungate's (Yorkshire, same as Gowers/Gore's and Scarfs) have dogs colors reversed from the wolf head of Fiddle's/Fidelows of Vis-de-Loop. HUNgarian lore traced to a stag in Hungarian ancestry in Attila, and Bloods/Bluds share the lodged stag with Islips. Mr. Scheriff was at West Islip. Maxwells, whom I trace to Croatia's Rijeka, use the lodged stag under a "holly BUSH," no guff, to nearly match the holly (I think tree) of Islips (Yorkshire, no guff). Tree's/True's were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs, absolutely no guff at all. How did I get here so neatly? Someone must have arranged the heraldry to get me here. I follow the steps one at a time, and Someone works in my heart / mind to get me to take the right steps at His pleasure and timing.

Sola's/Sole's (engrailed border), in Sole/Salome colors, have the Panel-like Painells in their write-up, and the Sire tower top, which is also the Walker tower top, has panels (the only tower I know of to have panels). This is perfect, for Panels/Pings/Paganelle's have three bends fesses colors reversed from the three of CRESSents/Crests. The Cressy kin of Marchone's/Markhams were at Norfolk, same as the Sparrows with the "solo" and "salus" (Gore terms) as well as the unicorn in a crown as code for Croatia's Ceraunii, who named the Ceraunii Epirus, origin of Seleucids. Cressys were near Crey (now we know what heraldic crescents are often for), and Cressents/Crests are also Creys. It's evoking the Croys/Greys and the Gore/Core greyhound.

So, we went from Fire-related fir cones to MarCONI's to the Cressy kin of the MarCHONE's I didn't know before, until looking for a MarCHION-like surname from the MerCHANTs. Chants use a sun, as do Spanish Sols/Solana's.

Gorings of Arundel (Arnolds?) likewise have a reflection of the Craven Coat, and even more like the Shirt Coat while Shirts use Arundel-related roundels in the colors of the Bullis/Bulliard roundels. The Bullis area of Epirus is suspect in naming Alexander Balas. Bullis is near the crow-line Ceraunii mountains. Gorings of Arundel share the annulets of Vito's, the latter from Julius Avitus, son in law of Julius Bassianus of Dalmatia i.e. proto-Croatia. English Tile's share a black wyvern with Italian Arnolds whole German Tile's have the Goring / Shirt annulet in colors reversed. It's the first time I've seen that Arundel may have been an Arnold line. Arneys/Carneys share the pheon with English Arnolds. If Arneys/Carneys use a dagger, their "ABStine" motto term gives away their origins from the Apsus-river Dexaroi (Dassaretae on the map, beside Bullis). To the north-west of the Dexaroi, on the Genusus river, there was an ARNISus location (on this dark map).

There's a Ceraunii-like Carni area on the old map between Croatia and Austria. Carni is a little up-river from Bled (not shown), and Bleds use a "tous" motto term while Tous' tell of a man wearing a SHIRT. Not far north of Carni is a Murus river, and beside it is an Anisus river while Annas'/Anis' are also Arney-like Arnes', suggesting an Anisus-river merger with Carni elements. The Kearney variation of Arneys/Carneys suggests Silesia's Karens/Kearns, kin of Roets (Carians) who are in-turn kin of Bills having a Chief reflecting that of Arneys/Carnys. Bills can be deemed a branch of Billiards/Billets.

This next is pretty good, for I had looked up the Corbetts a few hours ago because I painted my Firebird "CORVETTE blue," as it was called. I didn't have anything to say about Corbetts until coming to Marchon ap Rice, for Rice's share the ravens / crows of Corbetts, and I lived on a Reesors street in Markham while Reesors are a Rice variation. It's where I met Kepke, and God put the latter on the hood of my car with me for one event while Hoods share the white anchor with Hiedlers/Hitlers. We were on the hood together as little as two-to-four weeks before we were both selling shoes at SCARborough Town Center, where we met Miss Peare. Scarborough's were first found in Yorkshire with SCARfs and Keppochs, and we were on the hood watching Alison Bauer (lived in Markham) leave me for another fellow worker. Scottish Allisons were of the Keppoch branch of MacDonalds, and English Allisons (red border in both colors of the Cressy / Sellick border), who share the Keppoch fesse, even share the bird design of Hoods. Allisons call their birds, "black BIRDs," that's right.

Markhams/Marchone's were at TUXford. The "auDAX" motto term of Markhams can be for the Texas-like Dax's/TAX's/Dachs whom I trace with little doubt (for good reasons) to Dachau, headquarters for the Bavarian branch of Hitler's concentration camps. You see, Miss Covert has been used by God to point to American-Nazi elements. The PAPER plane in the Obama dream might even be a pointer to Operation Paperclip (brought Nazi's to America with U.S. government in favor).

I lived in Markham with Miss Peare's boyfriend, Mr. Kepke, of the Keeps, first found in Sussex with Coverts, Deans and Unions. Miss Peare was beside Markham in UNIONville, and Unions, a good surname for UNIcorns (i.e. used by Fire's), have the Arnold colors and format, which was the Coat mentioned above as being in Covert colors and near format. That event like a Peare link to Covert's Nazi themes, and it just so happens that on my last weekend with Peare, with the Firebird, a few weeks before meeting Lorraine at the corner of Arnold and Yonge, I took Miss Peare to a small pub in Markham. I drove her home to Unionville, and never saw her again. As a teen, I had gone to MARK II school in Unionville, no guff.

The Firebird was no longer on the road when meeting Lorraine because, I think, God wanted to stress the Walks / Walkers with her. A couple of weeks before meeting Lorraine at Arnold and Yonge, I walked by her across the street at the corner of Lorne and Yonge, which was the first time I had seen her. Dougals are said to descend from a Duncan of Lorn while Duncans use the BUS cinquefoils, though they are also the cinquefoils of TANKERville's, from TANAGRa at Boeotia's Schimatari.

When Miss Covert was emailing me, she was divorced from Dein and with another man having had an address in Markham, Texas. The Texas surname, by the way, shares the Shield of Babys as a potential pointer to Babylon. In fact, the Arms of Warsaw shares the mermaid with Babels. The MerMAID is code for Maids/Mauds, I now realize, from Maud of Gloucester (see that in last update), grandmother of the Blundville's.

Heraldic towers can be pointers to the Trade towers. In the last update, BerTRADE, mother of the Blundville's, became suspect as a pointer to Trade's sharing the fleur of German Bush's. I neglected to mention that BERTrade looks like a pointer also to BIRDs, cool stuff. Repeat from the last update: "After writing here, the Fire/Feuhrer Coat was loaded to see if this mystery could be cracked by one of the variations. Spotting the Fewer variation, the Fews were loaded. To my astonishment, there was a heart with flames (fire) upon it in the two colors of the Trade heart!!! I was right. God did arrange the Trade's to use the Bush fleur for pointing to president Bush! I now recall that Bullys and Don BOSCO use hearts in flames!" Hot stuff.

I can't find any "salus"-like surname but the Sales'/Salles', suggesting the Salesians of Don Bosco. " Thomas, son of William De la Sale, held twelve acres of land in ICKLEford, Hertfordshire." It just so happens that ECKLEstone's have a motto, "SPERO meliORA," while it's the Sparrows who use "sola" and "salus." Ecklestone's share the fleur of Walks/Wachs and Perkins/Parkings while Wake's use "ORA." Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with SPEERs and the Simple's expected in the "Simplex" motto term of Perkins/Parkings. Mr. Simplex was a relative by marriage of Plancia Magna while English Walkers have "Magna."

This is remarkable, for Ecklestone's have a black cross in the colors of the saltire of Sparrow-like Supers, and the latter's is a version of the Blair saltire while George Bush conducted his Middle-east raids with Tony Blair. The Blairs have EGLUSTONE's in their write-up: "Brice de Blair and Alexander del Blair, who witnessed an agreement between the burgh of IRVINE and Brice de Eglustone in 1205." It tends to assure that "spero" is for Sperers / Sparrows / Supers / Spurs. Walks were first found in DUMfries with IRVINGs and SPUR-using Close's, and I know of a few surnames using "Dum spero."

The Blairs seem arranged by God to point to the Bush-Scherff criminals. Blairs, with a "proBOS" motto term, share a lodged, brown stag with Islips who in turn share holly with Irvings. Bos'/Bush's/Bosco's share billets with Supers. Mr. Scheriff was at West Islip's BABYLon, and Babels share the mermaid with "Dum-spero" Massins/Masons (Kent). Blairs share the "Amo" motto term with Scotts (brown stag), while the other Scotts "claim descent from Alexander, a younger brother of John de Baliol, king of Scotland, who had settled at Chilham Castle, county Kent." Baliols and Bailys got suspect with Alexander-Balas liners because Scotts share the border of Sellicks.

So, as the Blair motto links to Seleucid suspects of the Balas kind, we can ask whether "BLair" is a Balas liner to such things as Bell-related Bellers, for example. Bells were first found in Dumfries with Walks and the Kilpatricks who share the Super saltire, for Kilpatricks were on the Nith with Closeburn i.e. with spur-using Close's while Spurrs were first found in Devon with Supers. Instead of the ten, white billets upon the Super saltire, Blairs have ten, white mascles on their identical saltire, thus tending to identify Blairs as Bell liners with an 'r' ending such as Bellers. And Bellers happen to use a lion version of the giant, white Rasmussen unicorn, and moreover the split colors of Bellers are those of Fire's who share a giant, white unicorn. Are we thus back on the Firebird = 9-11 entity with Blairs? That's a big deal, isn't it?

Fire's were first found in Austria with Hesse's/Hessels. I'm seeing that the "solo" motto term of Sparrows touches upon the giant sun of Hesse's/Hessels, a Hazel-like surname (Hazels are a branch of Islips), and Hazels come up as Hessels. What are the chances that while Hesse's/Hessels are also Esse's, Sheriffs, with the Hazel/Hessel fesse in colors reversed, use an "esse quam" motto phrase while Walkers use "quam Magna." And the Rasmussens sharing the Fire unicorn were first found in Hesse! Look at all that dragon guts piling up on itself. The Sheriff Coat is reflective of a Bell Coat.

"Quam" is used by Cambridge's so that it looks like code for peoples on the Cam river through Cambridgeshire, and it just so happens that Bellers were first found in Cambridgeshire...with the June's sharing the Sales fleur-de-lys.

The Scotts with the Sellick border have the Catherine wheels of Catherine ROET, while Roets share the Spear boar heads. "Dum spero" is a phrase of Cruce's in the motto of Roet-likes Rudes. The Assmann variation of Rasmussens named Assmannshausen at RUEDesheim/RUDESheim (Germany). When we load Rudes', their quadrants are in the colors of the split-colored Fire and Beller Shields. Roets are using a version of the English Caplan Chief that itself has the Sheriff griffin heads (half the colors of the griffin of Jewish Hesse's). Rudes' (Rhodes cross in colors reversed) were first found in Shropshire with Bellamys (share Bell fesse) and Nadlers; the latter share the giant Hesse/Hessel sun (same Coats), and Bellamys have the Hazel/Hessel fesse in colors reversed.

Shropshire is also where English Rothes' were said to be first found who share a version of the neighboring Sales Coat. The Rothes lion heads are in the colors of the Beller lion. German Rothes are Rothchilds (no 's'), and Jewish Rothchilds share the Rodham/Rodden bend, which can be gleaned from the arrow of Rothschilds/Roddensteins (with the 's').

Lookie: German FELTmans share the Chief Shield of German Caplans while the two have vertically-split Shields in colors reversed from one another. The Bellers thus use the Caplan Shield. Then, God provided an event and a dream having Miss Peare in both that pointed to the Felts having the Bird cross! The Fire's have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Caplans / Feltmams! And the logic for that event and dream seems to be where Peare's/PEARs are in the pears of Abbotts, for God led me to Miss Abbott (lived near William Hitler), whose daughter married Mr. Scheriff.

The Felts were pointed to along with a pointer to Bouillons, making Bellers looks like they belong to the "bello" motto term of Bouillons. The pointer to Godfrey de Bouillon was irrespective of the pointer to Felts, yet both pointers were made by the same event and dream, which floored be because the Felt Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Bouillon Coat. In the dream, David Morley, looking like a WW2 Nazi on a motorbike, rode on a road beside a mall, and I would later find Miss Peare in that mall with another woman that I think her friend, Louise...interesting here because (this is new) Welsh Louis' can be sharing the Beller lion. The Louis-branch Lewis (Glamorganshire, same as Louis') share the green dragon with the Morley/MAUL Crest to which the mall obviously pointed, and zowie, I think I have finally made sense of why Louise appeared on a wood platform, in the mall, with Peare, for French Bells/Labels were at MAUleon. Suddenly, the split Morley/Maul Shield looks linkable to the Caplans / Feltmans.

David Morley RODE his bike down the ROAD while Rhodes', now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls, were once said to be first found in Lincolnshire with the Tailbois' sharing the Morley/Maul scallops. The English Morleys use leopard FACES while Fessys/Face's share the cross of Baths who in turn have the Rhodes Shield (minus the Rhodes besants) in colors reversed. As the Bath cross, along with a Bath-like bat, is used by the Randolphs of Moray, Morleys look like a Moray branch, especially as Rothes castle and it's Spey river are at Moray while Roets share the boar heads of Speers/SPEYers. Supers and Spurrs, as well as Sparrows, Sparhams and the namers of Norfolk's Sprowston, all look like Speer branches from the Spree river of Lusatia. And the "laus" motto term of Manders, because they have a version of the Rhodes Coat, looks like code for Lusatians, from LAUSitz. This is a new trace; watch how it works. The Silesian Schlesingers happen to share the gold-on-black leopard faces of Morleys, wow.

"Laus Deo" is shared by Moray's Arbuthnotts and Manders. Morley-like Morells share the backward-looking lion with Scottish Lise's/Lease's/Leish's while English Lise's are a branch of the LAUSITz-like Lists in-turn first found in Silesia and Lausitz. Moray was also "Moravia," and European Moravia is beside Lusatia / Silesia. Spree's love the Simple's, first found in Renfrewshire with the Pollocks who ran Rothes castle, and who married LESlie's. I've just checked Sillys to see if there's indication of a Silesian entity, and they have three red chevrons to nearly match the two red ones of Lists.

Wow some more. Shells share white fleur with Sales' (Cheshire, same as Masseys and Massey-related Malls/MARLEYbone's), but in both colors of the Massey fleur, and in the colors of the Meschin scallops as used by Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Meschins-of-Skipton and related Lacys). The wow part is that Shells share the colors and format of Lums/Lumbs and Lums/Lambs (all three share a white fesse with Schlesingers), and Lums are in the "solum" motto term of Irish Shields/Sheels. It makes Sole's/Sola's (Derbyshire, same as Morleys) and Solo's/Salome's (have a salaMANDER-like variation) look linked to Seleucus-like Silesians. Salome of Boethus is expected with Maccabees = Masseys, right? The salamander is used by SELkirks! It makes Selkirkshire look like a Silesian entity.

The Shell fleur are also those of Palms (Yorkshire), and "Palma" (relates to Mosca's) is a motto term of Lums/Lambs...probably the Lamberts from Mosca-like Mieszko II Lambert of the Lusatia theater. English Lamberts (Lam/Lamb colors) are in the colors and format of Sellers, and French Lamberts share the Moray stars. German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with German Sellers. Antiochus SOTER was the son and heir of Seleucus, and SUTHERlands are said to use the Moray stars in someone else's colors; the Sutherland stars are also those of Solo's/Salome's. The Seleucid line merged with Herod-Maccabees was at least near to the family of Salome of Boethus. Solo" and "salus" are motto terms of Sparrows, how about that. It's raining Silesians and Lusatians all of a sudden, and the Sorbs of Lusatia named Serbs of the Croatia theater, whom I see in ancient "SERVitium," wow, where I trace the motto, "Sola salus SERVire Deo," of Gore's and the "serva" of Mieszko-liner Cole's/Colds (share the Mieske bull, are likely of Piast "KOLODziej").

German Lamberts use ducks while English Ducks (Norfolk, same as Sparrows, etc) share the Solo/Salome stars, and the Gore-related French Alans once showed ducks. Ducks/Logans share nails with the Arms of COLchester. Aha, SHELdons (Patty kin) have shelDRAKE ducks and therefore likely the Schlesinger fesse. Sheldons are even in the colors and format of lamb-branch Lumbers/Lambs. The Lums have a fesse colors reversed from the one of ShelDRAKE's (ducks). Mosca-loving Drake's are said to be named after the walk of a duck, which is quack-quack garbage, though it looks like insider code. Mieszko's ruled Masovia as dukes, and they used the red Drake wyvern (here it is). Bar-le-DUC is a Duck liner because the Arms of Bar-le Duc use pansies while Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks. Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, and Lorraine's, as well as the Arms of Lorraine, use the Piast eagle because Mieszko II Lambert (a Piast) was married to Richeza of Lorraine.

President Bush Sr. was adopted by the family of the Nazi sympathizer, Prescott SHELDON Bush, and the latter was called the father of this president. But no photos are online to prove that Prescott had the president as a child, even though there are online stories that they were not related. Where's the proof? Why doesn't anyone want to know that Bush was a Nazi in the CIA? Amazingly, not 15 minutes before writing this paragraph, I put a paperclip into my kitchen junk drawer. Wikipedia; "In July 1942, [Prescott's] bank was suspected of holding gold on behalf of Nazi leaders."

It follows that while Morleys are definitely looking like Moravians, Morland and Westmorland must likewise be Moravian entities...which I see as Merovingians, who included the Marsi of Maruvium at Monte Velino, the line of Westphalia's Velins and Velens, both of which use ducks (though the latter are now showing the martlets of French Alans). Livings/Levins share a version of the Selkirk Coat, and Selkirkshire is beside the Berwickshire of the Shields sharing the dove with Leafs/Leve's/Leave's (Shield chevron), first found in Norfolk with Sheldon-like Sheltons. I see the Marsi behind the Marici partners of the Laevi Gauls. Skeltons were first found in the Westmorland theater.

The Keith Catti were from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and the triple pale bars in the Keith Chief are colors reversed from the triple pale bars of Scottish Walkers. The latter's are red, as with the triple pale bars of Knights whose spur in-turn tends to identify "Night" with the Nith. Nightons almost have the German Duck Coat.

Hmm, let me repeat here a topic of the past several months, that God gave Mamie a THIGH symbol for the Tease's/THYS', first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde of the Mansfields. The latter share the Mangel/Mansel Coat suspect as a pointer to Josef Mengele. Let's go back to Prescott's Wikipedia article to see a THYSsen surname:

[Prescott] Bush was a founding member and one of seven directors (including W. Averell Harriman) of the Union Banking Corporation (holding a single share out of 4,000 as a director), an investment bank that operated as a clearing house for many assets and enterprises held by German steel magnate Fritz Thyssen. In July 1942, the bank was suspected of holding gold on behalf of Nazi leaders. A subsequent government investigation disproved those allegations but confirmed the Thyssens' control, and in October 1942 the United States seized the bank under the Trading with the Enemy Act and held the assets for the duration of World War II.

Mamie's and my taxi were in the last update, for she pointed by that taxi to Duck-like Dachau with the Tax's/Dachs. Dachau was headquarters of Hitler's Bavarian concentration camps. It looks as though God was pointing to Thyssen for the purposes of pointing to president Bush. I've often told the story where Mamie and I were at HOME plate, and event that pointed well to Home's/Hume's because it involved Cindy while Cindys share a white-on-green lion with them. The Home/Hume lion is that also of Tyssens/Thyssons. The latter were first found in Lumber-like NorthUMBERland with Lumbers/Lambs and Lums/Lambs...and the Swords who have swords in Tax/Dach-sword colors.

On Friday, there was a Mr. Bullard in the news, like the Bulliard variation of Bullis', and the latter are also Bullards. I've not known Dutch Bullards until now, however, and while the Craun-related Ceraunii mountains are near Bullis, the Dutch Bullards share gold patee crosses with Crauns (same place as Bullis/Bulliards). This is good evidence that Bullis'/Bulliards are in fact from Bullis elements. Plus, it just so happens that the base of Dutch Bullards has two, white and combattant lions, same as the SALESbury Crest. Dutch Bullards even share the white chevron with Billiards/Hilliards and Billiards/Billets, and the latter almost have the French Lambert Coat, both sharing the Baily stars. How about that.

Aha! I almost missed it. In the center of the Bullard patees, there are small circles that could be the same-colored ANNulets of Bulls/Bule's! Bullis'/Bulliards share the ANNas star. Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset with Roet-related Bills...and the latter share "soLUM" with Shields/Sheels! Zinger. Bills use pelicans while Pellicans were first found in Maine with Billiards/Billets. And Lums/Lambs (have a DUNCAN Lam) share the cinquefoils of English Billets and Bellows (and Duncans). The black rooster with red additions of Billiards/Hilliards is in the Crest of the Riggs who share the Walker chevron-with-annulets. The Rigg / Walker annulets are those also of Ladys.

The color of the lone Bill rose is a clue that "SOLum" is part-code for Sols/Solana's (sun in Bill-rose colors). When we view the Patria's in the Bill motto, we not only get a sun, but a good reflection of the pelican-using Pullen/Pully Coat. The PATRia Chief shares three scallops with the PATTERson/Cassane Chief, and the latter surname is from elements of AntiPATRIA (near Bullis). Scottish Pattersons (Ross-shire, beside Rose's and PETER Pollock at Rothes) even have more pelicans. Jumps, who share the Patria stag head, were first found in Yorkshire with Pullens/Pullys. Patria's are shown properly as Petrys who come up as PEARtree's, suggesting Pero/Pierro/Petri's liners, and the latter have roses in the color of the Bill rose. The Bill Chief-Shield colors are of the Seleucid-possible Saluzzo's. Saluzzo is not far from Pavia.

The Spanish Petro's (share the fleur of Maine's Demaine's) are highly suspect from Flavius Petro of Rieti, the line to Bill-related Roets, and to the Flys of Flavian having the Pullen/Pully martlets in colors reversed. The Pullen/Pully martlets are those of the Maine's Josephs, from Flavius Josephus, a turn-coat Jew "adopted" by the Rieti Flavians. Pullens/Pullys are from Vespasia Polla, the wife of Flavius Petro's son.

I Almost Died Horribly

In my first update of this month, I told a story of how I think a border guard/officer had resolved to throw me over the Rainbow bridge to my death. I've decided to tell the following story as some possible background information, though I've resisted telling this until now. I'm telling it now because God may want me to, and so it's better to err on that side than not to tell it at all.

At the 9-11 memorial I attended in 2002, Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks. I had seen him sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with her in church twice before in that same year, both times when her husband was not there. Her husband was not at this memorial.

The memorial was on a Wednesday, and I had called Miss Hicks up four days previous, for the first time ever, because I wanted some sign from God that she would one day become the wife, promised to me in 1979. I thought I might need to wait until she was a widow, for her husband was more than 30 years older than she. On the phone, she indicated she wanted to see me at church Sunday evening, and so I went. She took a seat in front of me and handed me her music cassette. A few minutes later, Stanley walked in, entered a row of seats with no one in the row but Miss Hicks, walked past seven or eights seats and sat next to her leaving no air between them. It's not as though he had no choice but to sit there. There was obvious reason to suspect her in an adulterous relationship. Therefore, when I saw Stanley sitting beside her at the memorial, I walked up to her from behind, leaned over to her ear, and asked not very kindly, "is that your 'buddy'." I wasn't enjoying myself.

"He's just a friend," she insisted with thick lines on her forehead.

I didn't know how hard she took what I had said until a couple of weeks later. Part of me is fearful that God may find displeasure in my airing this dirty laundry, but on behalf of the bridge event, I can't find a way to leave it out. There's a chance that she was not, or at least not yet, sleeping with him, but I was convinced they were active by the scenes I saw.

By the time of the memorial, I had over-stayed my six-month limit in the United States for a reason I could not overcome until that month of September, and so, you see, I think God arranged for me to be there until this memorial, otherwise I would have gone back to Canada in June. The details of the memorial proved to me to have heraldic value that God wanted in my writings now. I left Texas roughly at the start of October.

There was reason to believe that Miss Hicks was plotting to do me harm, due to the buddy event. She would naturally think I might spill the beans with others. She might have noted that I was there for longer than six months, for someone at church confronted me about that six-month issue. Then, shortly afterward, another person from the same church, John, called me with an unexpected request to help him work his stock-market ventures. He said he sends his profits (or some of them) to missions. But I had never spoken to John about the stock market, and he never as much as asked whether I had any experience in that field. I therefore reasoned that John (in his 60s/70s) was testing me to see if I would work in the United States. I think he was happy to hear that I turned the offer down, because I told him I wasn't allowed to work in the United States. In my mind, his call signalled that my purposes in Texas, whether legal or not, had become a wider issue amongst others in the church. I assume that he told the others that I refused the job for the right reason.

My senses are that God would find displeasure in Americans ganging up on a son of God, a Canadian, over next to nothing. How would God feel about Christians being Americans first, Christians second? Being concerned about an over-stay in the United States is an American issue. Is it possible that God would despise an act of loyalty to a national government that showed undo recklessness to a fellow believer? I was lucky; I needed no work in the U.S. over the years there. But suppose that, at some point, I absolutely needed a few months of work to eat. Would the gang at church have reported me, unconcerned about ruining my entire Texas project over that minor violation?

But wait. If they were thinking to report me to Homeland Security, it wasn't necessarily based on loyalty to government law. Did they have something against me, and were they using that law to punish me? If they did have something against me, shouldn't they have reported it to the pastor, and then the pastor could speak to me about it? If Miss Hicks told them that I was after adultery with her, it can explain why they might want to use a convenient government broom to sweep me out of the country permanently. There was nothing else about me that they would want to punish me for. But I never made a sexual move for Miss Hicks, and she confessed to that in the pastor's office.

The six-month limit is to help assure that foreigners don't work in the United States, because some foreigners can't be trusted. If everyone could be trusted, the six-month rule wouldn't be needed. A foreigner is permitted to stay longer than six months, but must go to a border crossing after six months to request an additional entry. My border crossing is a two-to-three day drive from by Texas property, one-way. I opted not to make the drive, and so I broke the law. Are American Christians required to report me, or would God view that as a malicious act against a fellow believer?

A couple of weeks or so after the buddy event, I attended a wood-fire event put on by the local football team. Our church tried to make this an outreach, and for this purpose it operated a snack bar for the event, which was worked by the pastor and Stanley. On this night, Miss Hicks let me know how disappointed she was for my buddy question, and tried to convince me that nothing was going on. I wasn't believing her, and let her know. We ended up talking at the snack bar, and when she got into her car to leave, I was looking toward Stanley when I saw imaginary bars between us, and he was proudly smirking (the proper word) toward Miss Hicks at that very instant. I didn't know why I had seen these bars until later.

A few minutes after the bars, the entire place was cleared out. I was now alone at this event, talking to the pastor over the counter at the snack bar, with Stanley in the booth ignoring us. Eventually, I asked the pastor why he wasn't busy closing the booth, for he was just talking to me as though there was all the time in the world, and it just seemed that Stanley was delaying the closing down. The pastor asked me when I was planning to return to Canada (it was Wednesday), and I said at the end of the week. I'd say it was a minute or two after that question when headlights came toward us; the car parked, and a sheriff got out of the car, then walked toward us. As the officer never said a word to me, the pastor maybe signalled to him to call off my arrest, for I had just told him I'd be leaving soon.

That seems to explain the bars as a vision of jail bars ON MY BEHALF. God gave the vision to me, to verify that Stanley and Miss Hicks were in on this thing. God was snitching on them. It explains Stanley's smirk as he being part of this "conspiracy." That's how I saw it. I could be wrong, but it seems that even the pastor was in on this "problem." But I was not a problem, and I think Miss Hicks spurred them on to get me out of the country as fast as possible, with Stanley of course in full agreement. In this picture, the issue is not loyalty to a country's visitation laws by foreigners, but of a grossly-sinister action. I was being framed. What was she telling the others, I wonder.

Two evenings later, I attended the football game. I was sitting up in the bleachers when Miss Hicks walks up the bleacher stairs to my left, then walks across the front row of the bleachers looking up at me, looking like she was going to cry due to seeing me. She was not happy. She ended up in that front row at the opposite end of the bleachers to my right, where Stanley pops up the stairs. He was chatting with her casually, leaning with both arms on the railing i.e. not going anywhere fast. But of course. That's why she must have been upset to see me, because the two planned to meet at the corner of the bleachers, and she knew I would probably see it. It appears that Hicks wanted to walk alone across the people on the bleachers to fake that she had arrived alone, and then make it seem that she met Stanley at the game. They may have planned to sit together.

He did not sit with her to watch the game, for she undoubtedly told him that I was there. I was planning to have an eye on him as soon as the game ended, and sure enough, he bee-lined straight to her, as could be expected if they had arrived together. So, when getting home, I called her on the phone about this (her husband was in Houston), but before I could say anything, she hung up on me. I called back in the morning, but her daughter answered, who promptly accused me of desiring her and other teens. WHAT? She was 13 years old and 300 pounds, I kid you not. And she was saying to me, "I see the way you look at me." WHAT??? I resolved that Miss Hicks had put this thing in her daughter's mind to make me look like a creep in case I spilled the beans about she and Stanley. Did she call the sheriff with this report that I'm a pedophile? Bad, very bad, if she did.

I called a meeting with Miss Hicks in the pastor's office, and the pastor agreed. I called the meeting to denounce her for this charge of pedophilia against me, but she denied putting the idea into her daughter's mind.

Miss Hicks thought I had told the pastor about Stanley, but I did not, and wasn't going to do so. I chose to leave it in God's hands. So when she started talking about Stanley on her own initiative, in front of the pastor, I added that she was with Stanley even a fourth time, at the football game. She then lied to the pastor, saying she and Stanley were passing out tracts together. I think the pastor caught on at this point that she was lying. I think that Miss Hicks unveiled herself to the pastor at this late point.

Imagine if Miss Hicks had been trying to bait me, to catch me in making a sexual proposition, so that she might inform the pastor and/or his wife, only for she to be caught in adultery with Stanley. Ouch.

When trying to get back into the United States the following year, I was refused, though I can't recall the details aside from needing to appeal to a higher level in Virginia. It may not yet have dawned on me that Miss Hicks may have called the border people to give them a bad, false report about me, to keep me out for good. When finally I did get back, almost three years later, I learned that two of the church members had died, one in a truck crash, and the other, the John above, of cancer. I think that both of these two men were involved in looking into my over-stay...but there was no way I was going to believe that God ended their lives so terribly on their merely being desirous for reporting me to Homeland Security. Although that idea entered me head, there's no way I was going to entertain it, which is why I've not told this part of these events before.

However, after telling about my near-fatal bridge event a couple of weeks ago, I'm no longer so sure that God didn't end their lives on account of how they may have treated me. In order for this to be true, the two men would have needed to be a part of the report to the border people, but I think it's also necessary that they needed to contribute to a false report about me, not merely reporting me for an over-stay. This story can put a new light on why I may have been framed by the border people, which is not to say that the border people were justified in breaking the law to frame me falsely.

I had a dream with Miss Hicks in it in 1979, about a week after my conversion to Jesus, and within that same month I had the dream where I was drowning in a large, dark body of water (see 1st update of September for that story), which was the clue for me that I would have been murdered at the Rainbow bridge (Niagara Falls border crossing) had not God intervened. Why was the Hicks dream back-to-back with a dream concerning an event gone bad for me at a border crossing? Why did I consider them both as being dreams from God from the time I had them? I just hope I'm not disappointing God by airing this terrible story wherein it looks like Miss Hicks was partially responsible for the false arrest at Niagara Falls.

So, I ask you; if the malicious report of a Christian leads unintentionally to another Christian's murder, can God punish the first Christian harshly by taking away his/her life? Would God relent if He saves the second person from the destiny of murder? Or would the guilty party yet be responsible for a murder that did not happen? It's a good question. Human courts are unable to convict for murder where no murder takes place, but if God saves a person from a murder, then, in His mind, the murder took place. That is, he could hold all responsible as guilty and punishable for their particular role's. I cannot be convinced, by what I have to go by, that God took away the lives of those two men for anything they may have done to me. But I did want to tell this story in case He wants me to deliver the message in this paragraph.

Let me put it this way, that God knew I'd be writing on the Internet, and so maybe He wants to send the message that Americans have got to STOP being patriots first, Christians second, because if that's your attitude, you could end up betraying your own brother/sister to an American demon for patriotic causes. Americans are being deceived as we speak into believing that 99 percent of law officers are good guys. To the contrary, most police chiefs are corrupt, it's obvious, for they all protect their officers when they are caught in corruption and even murder.

If your love for Christians is not miles higher than your love for the American kingdom, you have a severe problem that better be dealt with right away. Never mind fighting for the American flag or any other national flag, but fight instead for the righteousness of God in all countries, and make your patriotism toward the Israel of God. You cannot love both the American kingdom of money, and the kingdom of God. It is good and fine to fight politically for a country against the sinners who wish to control the nation, but let a righteous society be your goal, for that's what God wants to see. Never mind placing one country, your own, above another country, for God does not take that position, obviously.

No one at church asked me why I was over-staying the six-month time limit to check if the reason helped to justify it. Regardless of the reason, however how good or bad, they should not have reported me if I was not working in the county, nor involved in some illegal activity. No one ever asked me how I made a living being in Texas for six months. I had a business back in Canada which I ran over the phones. I had about ten employees who would fulfill orders for me. The border people were aware of this business.

The appeals people in Virginia were slow, but after the 30-month process was done, I went back south, and eventually decided to build the framing for an addition to house bedrooms. But there was delay of some sort in getting the roof materials, and the absolute need of getting the roof on caused a three week over-stay.

The following year, I was refused entry in smack-down fashion. The officer didn't bring up the issue of the over-stays. I became visibly upset at what seemed like an automatic refusal for no good reason, but it worked, somehow. It got me interviewed with another person...who asked me if I was planning to get married in the country. I'd never been asked that before. He allowed me to cross, but the supervisor, unhappy with the decision, slapped me with a two-month limit. These constant border difficulties and related worries made me decide to sell the Texas property. I called the supervisor above to request a longer stay while I sold the property, but nope, he wouldn't give an extra day unless I drove back to the border to make the request.

Instead, I drove 90 minutes to the Mexican border to request a longer stay (the two months wasn't up yet). But they refused to interview me unless I first stepped out of the country into Mexico. That's nuts. Surely they can do better than that. But they wouldn't do this for me no matter how many times I "begged." I couldn't take the chance of being refused entry, stuck in Mexico with only my vehicle.

A kind officer there told me that, while she was not allowed to tell me what was on my file, I had best apply for FOIA request to discover it. That's what I did, but, grrr, they sent me redacted files that told me NOTHING.

My last option was to write a certain office for an extension of stay, but I can't recall what the outcome was. As it turned out, the property sold while I was back in Canada. I tried to get back into the United States to pick up my tools, clothes', etc., and that's when I was arrested on a false charge and brought to the crest of the Rainbow bridge, after dark, where the unmarked car was parked for 20 minutes awaiting another man, or men, who were likely to toss me over into the river. They didn't arrive, and so I was driven to the jailhouse to await court the next day. When my court-appointed lawyer came to me initially, she said, "Are you the pedophile"? WHAT??? She then motioned that she had mistaken me for someone else, but I think she did not make a mistake.

As I said, the judge in that case (Mr. Scott) made me promise not to bring a law suit against the border office, as a requirement in return for my freedom. Like I said, systematic corruption. I saw it with my own eyes. The judge protected the corrupt officers. People must not accept this situation as "that's life."

I think that my border file had someone's pedophilia complaint against me. It sure looks like the work of someone in Miss Hicks' residence. I think my court-appointed lawyer wanted to see my reaction when she asked, "Are you the pedophile." I think she wanted to see if it was true or not judging by my reaction.

I was let out of court that day a free man, all false charges dropped, probably by a miracle. I am a normal person who cannot understand how anyone could have sexual desire for a child, or, even if a twisted adult does have such desires, to carry through with it. This is on par with abortion, cannibalism and war amongst the sickest of human activities. I frankly think that a pedophile should be tossed over the Rainbow bridge, no court case granted and wasted for his defense.

So, this is a different, POSSIBLE backdrop to my bridge event that wasn't mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't justify the false charges brought against me, nor does it justify my being tossed over a bridge on the scanty evidence of someone calling in to report me as a pedophile. Border crossings are not ignorant of Americans calling in with false reports against foreigners they wish to persecute. My point a couple of weeks ago was that God opened my eyes first-hand to corruption in American law spheres. Multiple officers winked together to break the law in framing a person innocent of the charges, and they signed affidavits (for court purposes) with their lies written therein. It's exactly the sorts of high crimes we see in the news today. No one has a problem believing my story now.

Let's back up to my return to Texas after the three-year absence, three years after the buddy event. Did someone report me as a pedophile to explain the three-year absence? It makes sense.

In church, the pastor asked everyone to find a partner to pray with, and Miss Hicks stepped out into the isle, turned to see me standing, motioned with her body movement, "oh, what the heck," and came over, took both my hands on her own initiative. She prayed a long prayer. When she left, she turned and curtsied toward me when reaching the isle; I have no idea what was behind this kind offering. Perhaps she had started a gang-up on me three years earlier, but now wanted to make-up for it, or apologize in front of everyone. That would have been extra-big of her. If there had been bad rumors about me, what could have happened during the three years to convince them that they had been untrue?

Three years earlier, on the day when the 13-year old daughter said, "I see the way you look at me," I went straight to the pastor to make this an issue, and while in his office that day, I told him that Miss Hicks was a "future investment" due to this dream I once had. I was trying to explain to him that I was not interested in having Miss Hicks while she was married. I was just trying to get in line for what future I thought God had for me. Is this why she came to take my hands? In front of her husband? Hard to believe.

It was sickening. Here was the woman who might be my future wife, yet I believed she was committing adultery with Stanley (and maybe others, who knows?). On top of this, I was being despised by her family. I figure she told her husband I was after her for adultery, for on Sunday morning in church, the day after I was in the pastor's office, he looked me in the eyes with fiery eyes warning me to stay away from her, and confessed that I wasn't the first one to try something. I left for Canada that Sunday night, after the evening meeting with Miss Hicks in the pastor's office. Three years later, on the next occasion of seeing her husband, he came to me in church and hugged me. I had never seen two men hugging in that church, but this is what he did, which I figured was his apology to me. And soon after, she comes to hold my hands. It was the most-unexpected outcome. I wish I knew the details behind it all. It's even possible that they may have been extra-good to me out of guilt for turning me into the border guards on a severe false charge.

Did Miss Hicks get caught in adultery with Stanley while I was away, and was I largely responsible for her getting caught? I hope so. It remains a mystery resembling snake guts in a cesspool, when she pushed me into it. If only it had been a pie to the face for my getting too close to her, but this was much-more painful. There really are some thorny things down in Texas.

I confess: I did call her up one Sunday morning to investigate this woman, to see if I could find some clue that she was my future wife. I confess: it's not the acceptable thing to do. She naturally thought I was after adultery, exactly why I kept some distance from her. She spoke with me for hours in that phone call, and would not let me get off the phone when I said twice I should get going. At the end of call, she asked if I was going to church that evening. "I wasn't planning on it," I said.

"My daughter's singing tonight."

"In that case I'll be there."

I suppose she could view that last sentence as my having the hots for her daughter, but of course that's not the intent at all. I was just trying to honor the mother by going to see the 300-pound daughter sing. She was not attractive at all, but this mattered nothing to me. I respected her all the same as a human being. I do not make fun of obese people; I do not view them as sub-par.

So, I was glad to go to church that Sunday night at what was virtually her invitation. It was a good start to my investigation. I got there first. She walked in, sat in front of me, and handed me her music tape. And, maybe, God set this event up, because in came Stanley to sit should-to-shoulder with her two feet away from my eyes. If she had any conscience at all, she must have been convicted by this. No one sits that close to a woman unless they've been in bed. He didn't mind doing this in front of me perhaps because he spotted me as a threat to his relationship with her. So, I was enlightened that very day about what she was doing, on the first-ever day I called her. Did God move me to call her in order to deal with this sin?

The church had coffee time in the lunch room that night. She didn't sit with Stanley so far as I saw. I recall putting her cassette into my shirt pocket just as John above greeted me, and we even sat down at the same table. Was something going on with this? After sitting with John, I sat elsewhere, and Miss Hicks got up from her seat to come sit opposite me at the table, a thing she had never done before. When I watched her sit down, I saw a dirty thing (her), so I promptly stood up and walked away like one walks away from snake-and-guts. She put her hand to her aghast mouth, looking or acting deeply offended. I left anyway, I really did. Her daughter didn't even show up for church that night, let alone sing. What was going on? Was she trying to bait me as an adulterer? I suppose I can't blame her. Yet, in that one event, she had all the evidence she needed that I was not after adultery, for if I was, I would have been delighted with her coming to sit with me.

Four days later was the 9-11 memorial. While at home, I determined not sitting near her. But when I saw her sitting down, I went to her to ask if she'd like me to set up her video camera, for she was carrying it with a stand. What got into me? And after standing it up, I went back to her and asked if anyone was sitting beside her. What in tarnation got into me? Remember, four days earlier, I stood up and walked away from her, and here, in front of others already seated, I go to sit beside her. She actually breathed a sigh of relief, I think it was, as I sat down. Perhaps she had been offended, and perhaps she wasn't trying to bait me. I was way too committed to Jesus to let this slip into adultery. I put an absolute-high value on a married couple. My name is not, Trump.

Later that evening, I got up and left my seat. I went to the pastor, asking him if he would call Miss Hicks up to sing a second song. No one in the hunt for adultery goes from sitting beside her to the pastor. No criminal in the act of conducting the crime goes to the police. I sincerely enjoyed her first song, and wanted to hear another.

When coming back to my seat, I almost entered the seat, but stopped behind her, deciding to sit elsewhere so as not to give appearances of our having a relationship. I didn't know that Stanley was attending; he wasn't on my mind. But after her second song, I looked over, and there he was sitting beside her, in the very seat I had occupied minutes before. He must have disliked my sitting there, and so he went over to claim his "property." Perhaps there's an acceptable explanation, but that's what it looked like. I left the issue in God's hands, and had no intention of telling anyone what I thought. Yet here I am putting it online, wondering why I'm doing so. Is it necessary to tell this old story?

In the 1979 dream, a voice from behind that was God's voice said, "What are you waiting for, it's you she loves, go wake her up." Over the past week, I've been asking self whether this part of the dream means that I've got to initiate contact with her at this time. But either the snake-guts of the past makes me uninclined to do so, or it's just not the right time. Something tells me I'd enjoy a longer life, safer, staying away from her.

In my first call to her, she talked and talked. She told me of a great church in Crystal City that I should go try. I took this either as her trying to get me at that church without her husband, or her baiting me to catch me as an adulterer. Is the latter the reason that she talked and talked? I didn't take her up on going to Crystal City. That should have been her definite sign that I was not trying to get alone with her. If I was after adultery, I would have gladly risked sending her the signal, "I'd love to try out that church," and I'd be hoping she'd go with me. She knows I didn't try that. It's exculpatory evidence in my favor. No one at that church necessarily knew that she was married, for I don't think her husband went there. He attended another church without her while she was there.

It goes without saying that I have sexual desires. The question is: how much will I let them destroy the purity that God calls us to? He's not asking us to be inhuman, but to control desire, not to open the door to adultery and fornication. I believe that manual sexual release is fine in moderation. Stay away from porn, for the leaders of this world are damned to hell for permitting the deluge of this pollution. They concern themselves with climate change instead. We're in perilous times because the leaders are reckless while thinking they're trucking down a golden road to a brighter future for liberties. Liberation from men infected with demons is all the liberty that matters. Someone should ask Dan Bongino to clarify whether his adoration for his brand of libertarianism takes God's laws into consideration. Christianity is much about restraint, not the seeking of liberties or absolute liberties. Laws were made to guard against harmful activities, and liberties today are often harmful activities.

I regret that the dream didn't come to pass as I thought it would. It confuses me to think that God would string me along to getting close to Miss Hicks by making me think she's a future wife when the dream-scene of our embrace was instead a pointer to other things. It would be an amazing topping on the dream if she had become my wife too, but I'm not even liking this woman. In the dream, she was with a car that I took to be her boyfriend's, for she was lamenting that he was out and about, maybe after other women. There's an adultery picture. The car was a refurbished 1950's model, the kind a playboy might drive. He seemed to be a playboy, but then why was she with him? What commonalities are there in the dream's particulars and the story above on Stanley?

The call of Jesus is always to make sacrifices. Don't invite your friends or the rich to your dinners, but those too poor to pay you back. Give gifts to the poor which the Trumps of this world have made. Money hoarded by the rich make the poor. Don't be fooled into thinking that Trump created a lot of jobs when he made all of that money, for he was sucking money to himself, taking it away from others automatically. Instead of the money being spent by the average person, Trump got to spend it, and he spent it to make more money. That's what causes the poor, what has always caused the poor.

When someone enters a market with a new business, he doesn't create jobs at all. Instead, he takes profits from others selling the same product. He creates jobs for his business but thereby causes a loss of jobs from those selling the same product. That's the basic gist of how it works. If Trump is telling the truth that there has been no inflation during his "booming economy," and if he's been responsible for no inflation, then I applaud that. The tendency of corporations is to raise prices when there's a boom in corporation profits. It doesn't take much for the domino effect to raise prices across the board.

In my area, food prices have gone up what looks to be 30 percent in the last year or two. That's easily enough to take a $1,500 savings in annual taxes, from Trump's tax cuts, fully away. I doubt that any average person has seen a noticeable difference since the tax cuts. It's a sin to give the lion's share of tax cuts to corporations. Tax cuts are literally instant cash. By not paying the higher taxes, corporations were gifted with free money. The right thing to have done was to give the tax cuts -- the free money, no work at all needed -- to the workers. Corporations would benefit when workers spend the money; in this way, companies need to work for their extra money in a booming economy, instead of getting it for free. Instead, the workers get it for free. Makes sense. Elect me, because my plan is better than Trump's. I have the Jesus factor that he does not. Nobody tops Jesus for power, honesty, wisdom, guidance, and for doing the right things. NOBODY. That's why I'm smarter and richer than Trump, for I've learned from Jesus the things that really matter, and for my learning, I've received part with a Spirit that Trump knows nothing about. The Bible says that Trump is a miserably-poor and dead man walking. If I were a voting American, I might give him my vote, but only to keep Democrats at bay.

We who have learned from Jesus are on the high road of all that matters. We are being prepared to run a Kingdom in a way that God needs of us, to expose what a Kingdom should really look like. We see all-too glaringly what the American empire looks like, about makes us want to puke. Power to American Christians, but not Republican power to them, for Republicans are not running with Jesus. Some believers have devised a partnership, or even a mistaken identity, between America and Jesus. Are we going to pollute the table of Christ with the pollution on the American table? Leave mingled things like that to the popes and cardinals, but you do much better by adding nothing to the table of Jesus. Don't look back to Jefferson and Washington, unless you wish to be a moron. Look forward to Jesus. Make America Like Jesus Always. Buy your MALJA hat today.

The founding fathers opened the gate wide to satan's sons for participation in democracy, one result of which has been google's clutches upon us. The people of Jesus don't do things like that. Keep Jesus pure, don't mix Jeffersonian nationalism with Him. God gave Americans no rights from birth. Everyone is born a prisoner. God in His mercy allows us to live in hopes that we turn to True Liberty, at which time we are allowed to walk out of prison into Everlasting Life. That's the true world, and it has nothing to do with the American constitution. You do not have a God-given "right" to pursue happiness. You have a responsibility to make good the gift of life by honoring God, by asking for the get-out-of-jail-free card. A person is out of his Christian mind to print, "In God we trust," on a piece of money. This god is not the father of Jesus.

You do not have a right to life from birth. All of us are equally condemned from birth unless God chooses to grant us Grace at some later time. It depends on how we approach this GIFT of life. A gift is not a right. You do not own your God-given right to life, Bongino deceives you. There is no God-given birthright to life. If Bongino does not understand this, he's trying to twist the crux of the story of Jesus, which is His Cross, our UNDESERVED GIFT. He can't be a brother in Christ if he doesn't understand this fundamental thing. We come to deserve the gift of life only inasmuch as we confess we don't deserve it. Only then do we deserve it, when we understand and confess that God is all there is. That's when we've "come back home," as they say, though we were never there to begin with. We certainly were not born there.

If America doesn't want Christians, fine, but let us not bend our rules for engaging with them, hoping they will think like us. If they become one of us, not merely like us, then we can engage with them. You will know them by their speak, but some of them have learned to parrot Christian phrases. We all have the God-given right to be happy, to enjoy peace, to learn security, and to be rich, in Jesus. His definition of these things are not like those of typical gentiles.

Jesus was most of all a cut-through. He would cut through all of the praises that the religious leaders had for themselves. He would cut through and expose the realities. Come here you impersonator, and let me slice through your facade. Slash-slash, snake guts come into full view. Jesus liked to show their golden cups full of guts, and so they killed Him, adding abysmally to the filth in their cups. It's going to happen to us, as happened to Him, as we slice through end-time respectables. Are you one of the slicers and dicers, or are you one of the praisers?

It's not a wonder that Jesus is portrayed coming at Armageddon with a sword out of his mouth. It's the Slasher coming to open wounds, exposing the worms in the body of world empire. It's going to be pathetic. Be an out-cast rather than a fit-in. Make Dejected your middle name, for you will give Jesus a reason to smile upon you. Celebrate your hating this world, not because you are hatred-prone, but because it's hateful. They testify against themselves when they act the part of respectability, for by doing so they admit they know the right they should be doing, yet it's just an act.

Trump is a tax collector, can't you see it? His job is to enrich the empire, to give gifts to those who surf the stock-market wave. John started a Bible study at his home, and my attending got me invited me to dinner one night. After dinner, John brought me into a side room. Entering, I was shocked by the giant flat-screen TV hanging on the far end of the long room, with the stock-market channel left on. There was a business desk at the other end. The screen looked like a god to me. And John told me that he makes profits this way for Christian missions. For me, this was his secret snake guts. Call me out-of-touch, because that's exactly how I want to be in this regard. Do not touch, do not handle, keep away, Christians. Do not seat drunken Mys. Babylon at the table of Jesus, unless you want the blood of murdered Christians spilled on your white table cloth. That blood will be hard to get out, and all your Christian guests will see it, sooner or later.

If John had given God displeasure with that stock-market business, may Jesus forgive him. And if it has not been God's will to mention him in this update, may Jesus forgive me. I was just about to delete the entire discussion on the border, Miss Hicks and Stanley, but I didn't know whether I should. If I remove the parts about Stanley, then I can't add the part about the false charge of pedophilia that seems to have gotten to my border file. In that case, I may as well not have started this addition to my bridge event, and then the event might not be fully backgrounded.


This week's Kavanagh story is being witnessed by the entire supreme court. It's pressing the buttons of the Republican side of the top court to ask whether the top court should punish political tricks or downright abuse from the leftist press. Of course it should punish, as should the DoJ. What's taking so long? It's clear that, apart from punishment, free radicals will continue until the brats (understatement) have utilized it to gain full powers back. What kind of a country will that be?

This is how Republicans should always treat Democrats, making Trump look like a powder-puff:

Speak that way against Democrats OFTEN, and they won't falsely accuse anymore. Guaranteed. When they feel the fire coming back to them for pointing a torch at someone, they'll turn their torches off. Gaetz, Jordan, they all did a good job on the offense. Near the end of Lou Dobbs below, Gaetz makes a revelatory statement dreadfully against Paul Ryan, who's now an official at Fox news. What's wrong with Fox? Will it betray? Fox watched Ryan betray everyone seeking to punish the deep state, and Fox hired this RINO. Maggots. Fox has maggots. It's dead for doing anything good. It only serves self. The world needs a better leading news outlet than Fox. Down with Murdoch. He's compromised. He's hearkening to the wrong voices.

So far as I've heard, Lindsey Graham hasn't yet said that Barr has replied to his declassification request. Is Barr just snubbing the leader of the senate? Why can't Barr at least respond with something promising? Did Trump tell Barr not to declassify anything when he himself gave Barr the directive, publicly, to do so? Was that a trick from Trump? Republicans should NOT have a lump in their throat from wondering what side Barr's going to come down on. I think that Barr and Wray want to give the impression that there's nothing to worry about, as per corruption, because so long as Comey and his team are removed from the FBI, all will be well again, because 99-percent of the FBI is clean as shining white. Spit! Trump's not good enough to remove Wray because it looks bad on Trump.

Hannity continues this week to push the right buttons for making it hard on Barr not to make arrests.

On the 18th, Dan Bongino said that he met eyes with Robert Mueller at an airport while he, Dan, was on his way from an interview with Carl Levin. Before we think that God set this up because he wants Bongino to keep-on against the Mueller crimes, he should consider that, maybe, he and similar others are being warned to shut-up. Mueller may have deliberately crossed paths with Bongino. The latter should not go to lunch, for example, if an old friend suddenly pops up out of nowhere.

As DiGenova and others keep repeating that they have full confidence in Barr to give full exposure of deep-state crimes, Barr's just permitted (if not spear-headed) a law suit against Edward Snowden for violating his non-disclosure agreement with the NSA. Wait a minute, I agree that all Intelligence employees should not disclose operations if the company stays within the law, but if the NSA violates its spy rights, then all Edward Snowdens are COMPELLED to blow the whistle WITHOUT FEAR of the DoJ. If blowing the whistle under proper channels endangers an NSA employee, then the NSA leaves whistle blowers little choice but to blow the whistle through public channels. I TOTALLY AGREE with that process, and congress should make it legal to do so at Barr's request, especially RIGHT NOW that the world has witnessed Intelligence abuse beyond everyone's past imaginings. The whistle blower takes a risk by going public, but if the evidence is in-hand to prove guilt, there should be no risk. Who's going to expose Intelligence crimes if no one's permitted to snitch??? Mr. Barr, you are starting to look like one dirty cop.

I didn't hear of this massive US-bombing scene in American news:

Apparently, the bombing was in Iraq, and should have required Iraqi permission. Why didn't I hear of this in the news? Sanchez says that 80,000 bombs were dropped. What? Did he mean 80,000 pounds (40 tons)? I think so. Was the error deliberate?

I do not believe that Iran has been firing missiles in the Persian gulf. Someone's trying to blame Iran in false-flag operations. I just don't think Iran would risk war with Trump like this, missile-stunt after missile-stunt. The deep state desperately needs a giant news story with the Horowitz and Durham reports are imminent, but the Nadler circus isn't cutting for it, and so maybe they need a US-Iran war to tie up the press. I definitely think that the deep state is capable of such false flags. Trump has no right to inflict Iran with heavy sanctions apart from evidence that Iran is the culprit in this latest event.

Fox news had a photo of a misfired missile, said to belong to Iran, which is how I know the deep state is trying to frame Iran. The photo isn't the missile at the site of the missile's landing site, but of partly crunched missile parts displayed on a table. What a joke. You can't go to war based on a mere photo like this. The military, or the faction of it that conducts false flags, would have the entire nation at its mercy if a mere photo of missile parts on a table can act as proof of a strike by a specific country. Those parts could have landed elsewhere 10-20 years ago.

The American military is hot to go to war at this time on American backs already too-weighed down with debt. That's how I know the American military is a demon. There's always "evidence" that Iran shot the missiles; but of course there's always evidence, or the false-flag would be wasted. "U.S. teams are on the ground in Saudi Arabia collecting the debris from the weapons used in the attack, which knocked out half the Kingdom’s oil capacity." But of course they are on the ground collecting, and of course this has to be in the news, because it's the crux of the frame job.

Trump didn't go to war in previous false-flag operations, as though he's wise to these operations, and so the deep-state created more havoc this time, but still Trump isn't inclined to go to war. Good for him. One of his finest moments in my eyes is when he told his military that they were evil for wanting to kill 100 Iranians or more...for a ship disaster in which there was insufficient evidence that Iran was the culprit.

To justify sanctions now, Trump needs to show the proof that Iran did this attack on Arabia. He needs to demand proof from his military that the parts on the table actually landed in Saudi Arabia. He probably doesn't want to make such a demand because he doesn't want to create waves between himself and the military bosses pushing this hoax. Besides, the leftist media (another demon) would pour fire down his back if he were to show that he doesn't necessarily believe a military report.

Trump this week confessed that he thinks Intelligence is listening in on his calls, or at least his calls to foreign nations. Is this not sick? How can a president tolerate this? Is he asking the people to tolerate their being recorded on EVERYTHING? How can criminals in Intelligence ever be caught and punished when the people can't organize against it because the spies follow the details of organized movements against it? This man is not a good president if he doesn't make an issue of all-encompassing spy programs. IT MUST NOT BE PERMITTED, PERIOD, but Trump says, ho-hum, they are listening in on my calls. That's life. It wasn't life until Bush Jr. made it so. It can be brought back to where it was with a single presidential decree. No more spying without a warrant from a normal, non-FISA court. That's the lesson Trump should have learned, but apparently he hasn't wanted to.

Here's Gohmert saying that Horowitz played a good tune, but was compromised on behalf of the deep state:

This week we discover that Trump and his lawyer had asked the Ukraine to get Joe Biden in trouble. If I'm not mistaken, the Ukraine offered to help the United States to expose Hillary's camp in election interference, but so far as I've heard, neither the White House nor the DoJ took up the offer. Is that not strange, if true? Is that not corrupt, if true? Is this Trump denying his own voters the things they've wanted from him, the things he promised them? That issue may go back to before Biden had announced his candidacy.

If I'm not mistaken, Trump didn't ask for Ukrainian help against Biden until after Biden was a presidential contender. No one I've heard has said otherwise. It sure looks self-serving on Trump's part, therefore, and I think Giuliani may have been responsible for this blunder judging from what he's saying on television. In any case, the deep state is framing this as Trump's seeking to clobber Biden in case he wins the Democrat candidacy.

Giuliani said that he was investigating Biden's Ukrainian crime only as a result of going to the Ukraine to investigate how the former Ukrainian government acted against Trump in the election. Did Giuliani convince Trump to look into Biden's crime to get Trump in trouble? It sure supports this latest accusation against Trump. Is Giuliani secretly a Bushite? Why was he making the admission above while on a leftist media? My hope: Trump is investigating the Ukraine because he cares for proper justice against Obama's mobsters. But if that's true, why have I seen Trump do nothing else against Obama's mobsters? Why hasn't Barr done his job to arrest Biden? Is Biden untouchable? Barr needs to be forced to do the right things.

I say that if Trump called on the Ukraine to knock the snot out of Biden, nice move, Mr. president. There is nothing wrong at all in exposing and punishing crimes, no matter what the motives. Does Biden want to run against Trump? Then Trump has every BIG RIGHT to disclose Biden's crime in the Ukraine. The people should know about it, absolutely. The leftist media and the deep state want to portray this as Trump's crime for using a foreign nation against a political opponent. Achem, Hillary did it, and she's not being harassed by the media.

If Trump had been going after Obama's mobsters for the past 30 months, his going after Biden at this time wouldn't look bad at all that, but it seems he's going after ONLY Biden, and the media is therefore making the biggest mountain it can. To be sure, the deep state at the speartip of this charge cares NOTHING for Biden's being the ripped-to-shreds by-product of this story, and, hopefully, the shredder will move on to Obama too.

So, Trump's created another problem for himself by not doing the right things. To be sure, the real criminals are the leftist media for not persecuting Biden on his crime. It's just incredible that the one trying to expose the criminal is the one being punished, but he probably deserves this treatment because the most he wants to do is expose Biden, not jail him, not look into Obama's part in the crime(s). You see, Trump is a poor excuse for a man of justice, a hypocrite who will expose crime only if he gets something out of it. It's better than nothing, I suppose. And Barr is like a silent partner of the leftist media for not yet arresting Biden. Biden admitted with his own mouth that he blackmailed the Ukraine government. Giuliani is calling it bribery. Blackmail can be defined loosely as; if you don't do as we say, we'll punish you (usually by exposure). Biden did that to the Ukraine in this case, and he may have had Obama backing him up.

So, Trump can't do anything with anyone to undo the deep state because the deep state has absolute spy powers to complicate his moves, or to turn them back upon his own head. What should be done about this? What is more important than this Intelligence criminality? Iran? Korea? ISIS? Palease. The real enemy is within. Forget the Democrat candidates and their utter folly; use up the news to undo Intelligence criminality. Move the people to attack and destroy that mob. What's wrong with Fox? Is it nuts? Night after night, focusing on the Democrat clowns??? What for? Attack the deep state and destroy it utterly in pain. Have no mercy, for it would destroy the nation to protect itself and keep powers. The leftist media is a part of the Intelligence mobsters. They operate even if a Republican heads the spy agencies. Call on the Republican head of the CIA to undo mobsters in the CIA, Mr. president. Call on Wray to undo criminals in the FBI. It's no use. Trump is a piece of soft rubber, without the backbone needed for doing the right things.

Here's Giuliani late in the week looking like he wants to spill all the beans he knows on Biden's Ukrainian woes:

The Intelligence deep state could have as a secondary ambition to destroy Biden's presidential bid. Or, it could be the primary goal while the secondary one is to shoot at Trump simultaneously, for this charge against Trump is going nowhere. The gun has no bullets.

With demands for Trump to release the transcripts of his call to Ukraine, perhaps Trump will feel more disposed to release transcripts of Biden's / Obama's calls with Ukraine. So, don't cry over Trump's woes, because they can get the things done he's refused to get done. If he were doing the right things, he'd be miles ahead of his enemies, and would be able to knock them down with the bat of an eyelash. As it is, his enemies feel protected by his fear of exposing them. His enemies have a lot more to be afraid of, we can be sure, which is why they keep knocking him. Instead of silencing them with a deluge of bad exposures in Obama's camp, he's done none of it. How can his enemies successfully knock Trump for the dust on his desk if Trump exposes the stinking mud up to their necks?

Trump gave the spies more spy powers, and now its coming to bite his rump, for they will listen to what he says to seek choice scandals by it. The evil of spying is in the spies. Trump called for snakes to wrap themselves around his arms because Trump has decided to be more the deep-state fool than wise. If he thinks he can appease the deep state by being half on their side, two-halfs guilty is he for half supporting the deep state.

Here's Trump making a pretty good show of himself, with some rare humility, I do detect. It's on his border-wall success. I just hope that there will never be an anti-Christian uprising, a real possibility, which gets dire due to this wall not allowing escape from the country. It looks like escape will need to be into Canada. I detected that they plan a roadway along the wall to monitor activity. Tunneling isn't easy under that circumstance, especially as it's a see-through wall.

Trump said that this wall cannot be cut through. As it's showing in the video, yes, it can be cut through, because a torch can cut through the tube and the re-bar, with the only thing left to do: knock the tube hard enough (not exactly easy, but doable) to crack the poured concrete. However, even if the tube is cut and the concrete cracked, a tube cannot be pushed or pulled easily in either direction to allow space for a human body, because of the large plates that run along the top of the wall. The plates are attached to several tubes so as to disallow any one tube to be pulled or pushed easily out of it's perfect-vertical position. People would need to crimp/bend a plate, when pulling or pushing a tube, because the tube will not bend, especially with the in-fill of concrete. If there are plates on both sides of the fence, it looks virtually impossible to get a tube out of its perfect vertical short of using a powerful truck. No one's going to go through that sort of trouble for a temporary entry point. Each compromised tube can be replaced fast.

In mid-September, news came out that Mifsud, a CIA operative disguised as a Russian one for deep-state election purposes, attended a Russia Today dinner (December, 2015) where general Flynn was attending with Putin at the same table. It is believed that Mifsud was there as a spy against Flynn. The question would be: under what circumstances was Mifsud invited to this dinner? Did Obama fix this thing? It's a good theory. Under what impression was Putin as to Mifsud's identity? Did Putin know that he was CIA, or was Putin told differently by Obama's state department?

This week, a new youtube channel, LIONKING198628, is covering Fox people. In this channel's offering of Hannity on the 27th, it deleted a small segment from Tom Fitton mentioning that Nelly Ohr worked for Fusion GPS. It's another sign, along with information shared in my last update, that liberal imposters at youtube are "owing" Fox shows with youtube as a partner, in order to cut out damning, deep-state information that relates to the Horowitz report, and, later, to Durham's report. Youtube is apparently not permitting any Hannity (or similar) shows to come up in searches if presented by Republicans. It seems the ones that do come up keep cutting out parts of the shows to condition viewers to accept it, and they (could be a group) change their channel names weekly at times.

Hannity's show on September 18, by a new-to-me channel, Domingas da Pas, skipped a segment while Hannity asked DiGenova a question. This is a regular occurrence, and youtube MUST be involved in this because I can find no apparent Republicans offering Hannity shows, though for the past two years previous to this one, there were always no-problem Hannity videos. This is the new youtube game. The skipped portion (seen in another video) has DiGenova saying that the FBI committed fraud, absolutely, on the FISA court.

Some good news seems to be that invisibles in the Democrat deep state are willing to sacrifice the Democrat party's 2020 fortunes by forcing Nadler to play the loon...for applying pressure on Trump in hopes of toppling him, or at least getting him not to declassify.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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