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September 10 - 16, 2019

The Senator-Cardin Question
The Blundville's from Lorraine's Hair
Unveiling the Earls of Macclesfield
My Firebird Really Looks Like God's Code for the Imaginary Planes Used for 9-11

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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Democrats are pushing the "Green New Deal" on behalf of global-warming scammers who wanted all governments to dish out money that the scammers could exploit. We're not naive; some of the pushers wanted to make a killing on alternative-energy stocks and sales, preferably 20 or more years before their deaths, which is why they fronted their jack-asses claiming the end of the earth SOON if we don't get off of fossil fuels. That's what this Democrat push amounts to. It should be their suicide platform, perfect for taking away the advantages google and other cheaters hope to provide for this party in 2020.

What percentage of the air do you think CO2 accounts for? Judging by the hysteria, one might venture a guess of 4 percent. Wrong, it's not even a tenth of that. Suppose that CO2 made up .4 percent of the air, and then figure that most of that is from forests and other plants. Does it seem to you that the itty-bitty contributions of CO2 by humans is going to make any change at all in temperatures? Below is a good video on the global-warming impossibilities. It shows verification that CO2 makes up, not .4, but .04 percent of the air. That's virtually NOTHING. And it also shows a global-warming nut admitting that humans contribute just 3 percent (possibly an exaggeration of the warmers) of that .04 percent. It means that humans contribute, at most, 1/33rd of .04 (.0012) of the atmosphere in CO2.

Let's do an experiment. Let's get an enclosed box made of glass, and stick a full 1 percent of CO2 in that box's air. Does anyone really think that the temperature in the box is going to rise as compared with natural air alone in the box? Let's not be stupid. Here's the video:

We are talking a world-class rip-off of billions upon trillions of dollars in this very-organized global-warming scam. Its proponents in high places, in conjunction with national leaders, are clearly mobsters. What more does anyone need to know to learn that conspiracies of a global magnitude are the norm? Did they start to rip the nations off only at the advent of global-warming hysteria? Who are behind the "scientists" propelling this scam on their behalf? Wouldn't we like God to reveal their names.

The video deals with the absence of sea-level rise, a sure-fire way to shoot down the continuous scare tactic wherein the glaciers are claimed to be melting in increasing amounts with each passing year. Can you believe that the scientific establishment would sit idly by in silence in the face of such a lie, knowing that sea level is not rising? What exactly is the scientific establishment? God wants to expose it. Everything will be laid BARE like a specimen on a table under the lights. The gross sins of this generation's leaders will be made known.

Does general Mattis look like a globalist in this video:

"The Cohen Group says one of its primary focuses is in helping businesses clear regulatory hurdles to do business in other countries...Alongside the number of senior U.S. military leaders [at Cohen] are former military leaders of other NATO countries and various ambassadors with ties to NATO." Note that German Cohens and Mattis' share the same checkered Shield.

In case Barr's DoJ never comes out with Hillary's email crimes as they should come out, every American should hear Tom Fitton's accusation against the present DOJ, that it's covering for Hillary. It's possible that Barr simply doesn't want Judicial Watch to publicize what is needed temporarily secretized until the investigations into Hillary are completed, but it's also possible that Barr is in fact covering for Hillary. We need to see what Durham comes out with. Watch at least until the end of the 9th minute:

Hannity wants to show new documents from Judicial Watch, but the video producer, MiguelRamirezTv, seems to skip them at 2:16. He looks like Hannity's enemy seeking to hide the most-damning materials, and I think youtube is helping that video owner, because his video comes up when I ask for Hannity's show. There's another skip approaching 4:40 while on McCabe:

The same Hannity show below shows that the video above left out more than one minute after 2:16, which segment involved Hannity pointing the guilty finger at Obama:

In the 6th minute, Sara Carter unveils that the DoJ is after McCabe's text messages. We might choose to assume the purpose to be not good for McCabe, but wait. What if the DoJ seeks certain emails that exonerates McCabe from the trouble he's already in? This storyline of a DoJ seeking emails from Obama's FBI officers is strange. We've not seen it before. Is it not stranger still that the DoJ still doesn't have McCabe's texts? How possibly could Barr decide whether McCabe should be prosecuted without first seeing McCabe's own agendas, purposes, and words? It's been several months since Horowitz suggested the arrest of McCabe to Barr, and BARR STILL DOESN'T HAVE MCCABE'S EMAILS / TEXTS? What in tarnation is wrong with Barr? Does he have no employees to do the foot work?

Hannity never did show some of the new JW-obtained documents for our reading.

At about the 1:00 point of the video below, there is a story on google's latest woes, and the video skips an uncertain amount of time at that point, just as a speaker starts to discuss the woes. Is this youtube channel, Nha Tien Tri Vu Tru TRAN DAN, working in cahoots with youtube (owned by google)?

Lou Dobbs in the video above reveals what Hannity did not on JW's new documents, but the video owner seems to skip at 6:54 right in the start of Fitton's description of Obama appointees sharing classified info with senators. Hannity needs to be notified of this/these video owners, who changes his/her/their name(s) every few weeks. Here's the JW story:

Judicial Watch today released 90 pages of heavily redacted U.S. Department of State documents showing Obama State Department officials’ efforts to disseminate classified information to multiple U.S. Senators immediately prior to President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The information, which included raw intelligence, purported to show “malign” Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Among the senators receiving the classified documents were Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Sen. Robert Corker (R-TN).

You see, Hillary's supporters were trying hide their part in the coup attempt behind Russian interference. They frame it in such a way as to think it justifies keeping a secret eye (spy-eye) on Trump, but especially "investigating" his entire election team without his knowing about it. This is the very nature of Democrats, to cheat to re-gain power, because they still think they own American power. They worked hard building their media empire, and then came to floundering starting on November 7, 1994, when Bill Clinton lost congress for the Democrats. It's never been the same again for them. They were hopeful with Mr. Hope Obama, but it turned out to be a lingering disaster. Obama wanted Hillary to have her private server. Obama was the sneak, the cheat, the liar, the one skilled at giving a false impression of himself. He played his games so that others would take the blame.

At the 90 pages link above, we find emails CC'd to a variety of person, including "Hillary R." Why would they be sharing this business with Hillary Rodham in January 2017, four years after she was no longer with the Obama government??? You got it: this was part of the coup attempt on Trump for a far-reaching hope (dream on) of making her the president by default. She believed that her presidency was written in the stars. Why were they so frantically in a hurry to get this Intelligence information to congress? Who provided the information, and who demanded the Obama team to get it to congress? What was the information? It was obviously rigged to make the public believe that Russians were involved with Trump's election, and thus they hoped to replace Trump on the argument that he didn't deserve the election win. Hillary becomes president by default, if this process could have been successfully utilized in good time i.e. before to much time passed after January 20. I believe that the "EUR" throughout the emails refers to Eurasian affairs. In some emails we find, "Classified by: Victoria Nuland."

They were frantic to forward the information to senators CARDIN and Warner. In my last update, and recent ones before that, I became convinced that my emBRACE with Miss Hicks, in the 1979 dream (why 1979?), was God's pointer to the Brace liner, Bracebridge's. It's therefore interesting that the Brace/Brase Coat is a reflective version of the English Cardin Coat. Let me repeat from the last update:

I was interested in sitting beside her [at 9-11 memorial] because the dream of 23 years earlier (yes the one with the hood and her knee) had me thinking that she was going to be my wife. I now see that our embrace was God's code for Bracebridge's and Love's / Amore's / Lovers, not for our marriage. My bet is that Bracebridge's share a Champagne Coat as per the known Champagne connections of HUGH de PAYENs.

I probably wouldn't have mentioned the Cardins had they not been showing an "amore" motto term. The Cardin PHEON (probably the one of Nichols) has been suspect as heraldic code for Paeoni liners, which I see to Payens/Paions/Pagans. The Cardin pheon is shared by Stops/STUBBs, which I see from the old Paeonian city, STOBi. It just so happens that Stops/Stubbs use an "arma" motto term, which can go to the arms in the Brase/Brase Coat (they substitute for the Cardin pheons, which are also the Stop/Stubb pheons). It then gets very interesting that while Armors share armored arms with Brace's/Brase's, Obama's mother had a father, Stanley ARMOUR Dunham, who married MADELyn Payne, if I recall correctly. Miss Payne died two days before Obama was elected president, very suspicious as a political murder to conceal things about Obama's past.

To boot: Amore's come up as "ARMER," how about that. We now have this additional pointer, apparently, of my embrace with Miss Hicks, to senator Cardin and Obama himself. It's not necessarily a contradiction if the embrace pointed elsewhere, for God can walk and spit lukewarm water at the same time. The Armor chevron is colors reversed from the two of BRASwells, adding to the evidence that the embrace was pointing to Obama. My Obama dream was in the first week (or at least first half) of February, 2017, about the time that the Intelligence reports got to Cardin. I don't recall seeing the date upon which he finally received the information.

During the course of the Obama administration's effort, the State Department sent documents marked "secret" to Cardin, the top ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the [NY] Times reported. A Cardin spokesman said in a statement that the senator requested the documents. The spokesman declined to answer questions about whether he had shared those documents and what, specifically, they contain.

"In the course of his oversight responsibilities as ranking member of the Committee on Foreign Relations, in December Senator Cardin requested information from the State Department about Russia's cyber attacks, malign influence, and disinformation campaigns worldwide, with a focus on activities in the European region," Cardin spokesman Sean Bartlett said in a statement (, March 2017).

Judicial Watch, January 31, 2018: "Judicial Watch today released 42 pages of heavily redacted State Department documents containing classified information that was provided to Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)..." Trump could get these pages unredacted. I think God wants Trump to do that, don't you? Who spurred Cardin to request these documents? How in tarnation did it enter his mind to check up on Russian interference in an election, a thing never stressed before?

In the dream, Miss Hicks was on a beach, and while Hicks married Arthurs of Clapton, Claps/CLAPPERs share the Beach Shield. It seems that James Clapper (top spy chief for Obama) was behind this Russian-interference scam. It helps this scam when Republicans admit that Russians interfered with the election? According to who's Intelligence? A few social-media posts by Russian people (not necessarily connected to Putin) is not interfering in an election to a point of warranting this Cardin story. In that case, we might say that every nation had representatives interfering.

It was John Kerry's state department that ran this Cardin effort, and Kerrys share the Shield of Helps/Halfs who in-turn share the fitchee crosses of HALPers/HALFpennys. Stefan Halper is an old Intelligence stooge of the Bush family. The Kerry HIVE can be code for a Half / Have/Haaf branch. It would be especially relevant if the hive is for a branch of Hovers/Hoffers, for Miss Hicks was HOVERing when she popped into my arms for the embrace. It therefore seems that we have yet another pointer to this Cardin-related hoax. I can't find a Hive-like surname, but the Ives' could apply (though Ives heraldry doesn't seem connectable to any of the above). In fact, Ives' were first found in Lincolnshire with Ivo TailleBOIS, and the bees with the Kerry hive go super with the ending on that surname. The Ives' share the Orrel Coat exactly, and Orrels share red roundels with Ore's/Orrs and Nellys whom have previously pointed to Bruce and Nelly Ohr! Bingo, it looks like God arranged the heraldry hundreds of years ago to point to Obama crimes rings. There was no doubt communication between Kerry's state department and Bruce Ohr to assure they were all on the same page with their coup plot.

There is also an Ive surname. Use Ives link above to load other Coats to follow better.

The Wake's are obvious Orr/Ore kin, and a voice said to me, in the dream as Miss Hicks hovered, "WHAT ARE you WAITing for, GO WAKE HER up." The Her's share blue wings with Here's/Heyers (Derbyshire, same as Are-branch Eyers/Heyers), and English Hare's/Hairs have the double Wake fesses in colors reversed. Scottish Hairs/Hehrs, first found in AYRshire with Are's/Ayers, even use the Dunham Shield, by the looks of it. Bill Ayers comes forcefully to mind. AHA! To help prove that God chose those words, Hixons/Hicksons and hover-like Hoovers/Hubers share the eagle leg, and Hoovers/Hubers share the blue wing in Crest with both Here surnames!!! Zowie. The reason that Hoovers/Hubers are definitely pointed to is that Miss Hicks was at the hood of the car before she was hovering in it, and Hoovers/Hubers use the Hooter Coat exactly while Hoods are also Hoots. There is a question here on whether Mr. Huber (do-nothing) of Utah is being lumped by God into the deep-state sewer.

The Waits/Weights are in the Dexter Crest, called, "weights," and English Here's use two "DEXTER wings" (I've read the description) as obvious code for Dexters (BRASwell Coat in colors reversed!). Therefore, God chose those words in the dream to make these points. The Are's/Ayers not only share the Wait/Weight chevron, but use QUATRefoils (as do Weight-like White's), which I see as code for the Quade-liner, Quadratilla Bassus. The Whats/WadCOTE's could be a branch of the Wade variation of Quade's (Wait/Weight colors).

The go-like Gows/McGoo's even have another "arma" motto term (points to Obama, I figure), and a "decORi" motto term to boot! The Gow/McGoo write-up: "The Clan was also located in Nithsfield in the 12th century..." The Nith river is the location of Kilpatrick castle, and Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick. This tends to verify that God named the Get'n GO gas bar in Camp Wood, Texas, especially as Gowers/Gore's (share Mota fleur-de-lys) use a "FranGAS" motto term. I suggest that Gows/McGoo's are in Coffer/Coffee colors because they and Gowers were a Coffer branch.

Hixons/Hicksons, Hoovers/Hubers, and Brae's/Brays share eagle legs, and while the latter have a FLAX breaker, Flacks/Flecks are suspect in the "flectes" motto term of Gowers/Gore's. The Halpers/HalfPENNYs were first found near the first-known Pennants; the latter had a Pennant location in Montgomeryshire, where Kerrys were first found.

The Get'n Go where I was impressed with the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks for the first time (saw her in dresses many times before), which caused me to link the 9-11 memorial of that night (September 11, 2002) to her knee in the dream 23 years earlier. For when I was told to wake her up, I was leaning over, and saw my hand graze her knee, at which instant she was in my arms for the embrace! Bingo. The dream does connect to the 9-11 memorial absolutely, suspect with God's pointer to 9-11 crimes under the Bush administration's Intelligence and military leaders.

To show that I'm not making this up now, I can share from my 2nd update of May, 2016:

...That's when I heard a voice, which I assumed to be God, saying, in effect, "What are you waiting for, it's you she loves, go wake her up." I thought to give her a kiss on the cheek, and I saw my hand contacting her knee as I leaned over. As soon as I touched her, she leapt up, into my arms, and we rose arm-in-arm together into the sky i.e. as if into the blessings of God.

That's the earliest I can find the quote, and it just so happens that the Loves/Luff lone-red fitchee is that also of Newlands (no Nuland surname comes up). I had a blind spot for a long while, not realizing until three weeks ago (details in 4th update of August) that my coffee and newspaper in Victoria, Texas, was God's pointer to Victoria Nuland. Can we believe it? Newlands use an "armes" motto term! Bango! It squares with the dream's loving embrace and again points to Obama. It was logically an Obama-Nuland team that set up the Cardin hoax. The ARMES/Amies Coat (another quatrefoil) even looks like a colors-reversed version of the arm-using Brace/Brase Coat. You've got to admit, this is incredible material put together from merely a dream.

I was at the Beauty Coat and tackled the surname's Netherbury location, coming up with Jewish Netters. The latter have an armored arm! As I was trying to focus on the items on the Netter bend, realizing they were rocks, just at that split-second, "on our KNEES" sang from the song, Hosanna. This was amazing, for while Netters were loading, I was recalling the Knee Coat used by Netter-like NEEDhams, and realized more yet that, due to the knees belonging to Mrs. Kilpatrick, Needhams and Netters must be Nith-river liners. English Netters are also Nitters/Natters'. Netters use a sinister-facing lion, and Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use sinister features, suggesting that Netters are Nathan liners, expected with Nitts/Naughts.

Knee's were resolved with Nysa liners to such things as Ness'/Nice's. NETHERfields are also NESfields while Ness' have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Sleeps, the latter first found in Shropshire with Tournai's/Tourneys. The latter share three black bulls with Beautys, and Miss Hicks was turned into Sleeping Beauty when I touched her knee. That's why I loaded Beautys again above. Tournai is where Childeric ruled, and his son, Clovis, is suspect in the Clovse variation of Closeburn-related Close's (Kilpatrick castle is at the Nith's Closeburn).

Tournays named Tournay-sur-Dives, and this river is where Bellamys (Shropshire) were according to the Stop/Stubb write-up. Both Bellamys and Tourneys are traced to Roger Montgomery, and two Roger Coats look connectable to Knee's. I asked Lorraine out at her bus stop as a pointer to Stops/Stubbs, and the latter are the ones sharing "arma" with Gows/McGoo's. God then gave Lorraine a BEAUTIFUL foot / feet symbol, and, zowie, this is new: the Tournays, with the Beauty bulls, share the chevron of Foots. God gave Lorraine the beautiful feet symbol at the same instant that she got her babe symbol, and while God verified that the Babe's link to Blonds with a foot in the Crest, Babe's were first found in Dorset with Beautys! Perfect. Blundville's were even descended from Ranulph de Gernon-Meschin, the very one to which I always link the Foots! Fothes/Fette's (share foot chevron) can be gleaned with the stars of Netherfields, and the latter use the Hamon Coat, I reckon.

I suggest that Bellamy liners created the Bellmonts/BEAUmonts, and from the Beaumont-Leavell family of black-bull Walerans, the Beautys were formed after the beau = bella = beautiful theme. Leavells share the three Yonge piles, and Lorraine's beautiful feet were spotted on Yonge street.

The McGoo theme had pointed with Lovey Howell (played the wife of Jim Backus = Mr. McGoo) on Gilligan's Island to Mr. Lovinger of a Halper-and-Baker-related scandal. Lovey Howell entered my work from the day of our outdoor church service (2006), when, for some reason, she came to mind as I saw Miss Hicks arriving. I hadn't seen Gilligan's Island since I was a teen, yet Miss Hicks reminded me of Mrs. Howell. The pastor asked us all to dress in a cowboy theme, and it just so happens that Cowes'/Coo's (brings a coup to mind) use so-called pennants while Pennants were first found in Flint, fairly near the first-known Halpers/Halfpennys in Worcestershire. Pennys happen to use a lynx, symbol also of Lynch's. Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general...after Eric-Mobster Holder had to be ousted from that position. Holders (Albert griffin?), first found in Gloucestershire with Helps/Halfs, and beside Worcestershire, share the seated lion with Halpers/Halfpennys.

Penny happen to share the black and courant greyhound with COWerds/CoWARDs (look like Palmer / Fleck kin). English Wards were first found in Northamptonshire with Pennys, perfect for identifying Cowards as a Cow-line merger with Wards ("Comme", that's right). Pennants use an "animo" motto term, and Cows/Coughs/Cuffeys (another arm) use "Animus," tending to reveal Cowes'/Coo's as a Cow/Cough branch. Wards have a Thomas Warde of Clopton, revealing the ermined bend of Wards as that of Claptons/Cloptons.

I can see Cows/Cuffeys (share black bend with Huffs/Hoffs) as a branch of Coffers / Coffee's / Gows. Cowes is a location on the small isle of Wight along with Newport while Newports share the black leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers. Hoods/Hoots use a "Cornish CHOUGH," and Hooters share the Hoover/Huber Coat. I've just found HUFFers listed with POVEYs/Povers, first found in Gloucestershire with Helps/HALFs, and sharing a black and striped hunting horn in Crest with Waits/Weights. English Pavia's (share Coffert) are also PAVEYs.

Just realized: "What are you waiting FOR, go wake her up." I woke her by touching her knee, and when she and I moved away from the Nueces river in the same year, she moved to ForNEY. I'm not suggesting that Forneys were named after Ney / Knee/Nee liners, but that God seems to be using "waiting for" to support this claim that he formed the words in the dream, and that the woman, unidentified in the dream, was in fact Miss Hicks. FORneys are in Ney/Nie colors, and the latter use the Babe bars! Neys/Nie's might be connectable to the pale bars of Nuse's/Newes'.

Just realized: I've had the suspicion that the Forney chevron is that of BalFOURs with "FORward" motto, and Balfours use an otter while Otters/HOTTERs share three gold crescents on a bend with German Neys/Nue's!!! Zikers, for gold crescents are shared by Hoods/Hoots too! The Balfour chevron with otter looks connectable to the chevron-with-stars of Watch's/Wage's expected in the "Watch" motto of Otters/Hotters.

German Neys are also Nue's and therefore possibly at the root of Nulands. This is a good find because the Ney/Nue Coat is shared by the Heidlers who in turn share a white anchor with Hoods/Hoots and Hiedlers/Hitlers (Walk-like Welks have a black one), and then the latter share gold crescents with Neys/Nue's. Again, the latter share the six Babe bars while Babe's were first found in Dorset with Bushers/Boschers, the line I assume that God was pointing to with the bus stop. Newports have a "Ne" motto term, and happen to share the Newland/Nieland chevron. The Ney/Nue Crest is virtually that of the Bosco-line Boasts/Bois' found in the motto on Nimo's...suspect in the "animo" and "Animus" terms above. There's a Newport location in Shropshire with TourNEYs...and Needle's/Nadlers (sun), a possible branch of Knee-branch Needhams.

I almost forgot. Forney is near the border of Rockwall county while Rockwalls use a near-copy of the Balfour Coat. Forney is in KAUFman county, and Hoods/Hoots use a Cornish CHOUGH (holding a white anchor) while Watch's/Wage's were first found in Cornwall. Ahhh, one Kaufman/Kaufer Coat has another white anchor, and Jewish Kaufmans share the Otter/Hotter crescent in both colors! It's a set-up by God, it appears.

I'd like to go back to the resolution that the Hicks dream took place on Epstein's island. Epstein's plane was pointed to by the "loyalite" motto term of MACKESYs/Margesons, and Newlands use "Loyaute" while "Loyal" is used by English WIGHTs/White's. Newport is on Wight. Compare this Mackesy Coat with that of Irish Days/Dea's (Mackay dagger?), noting that English Days are also Deie's, like the Die variation of Dee's who share the lion of English Wights/White's, and moreover Dee's/Die's have a "Hic labore" motto connectable to the "labore" of Scottish Wights/White's. The latter happen to use a version of the PLAIN/Plater Coat that I think was pointed to by the Obama dream's paper PLANE. Epstein's plane is called the Lolita Express, and Lolita's are also LOYALs, you see.

It's all a reason to view the paper plane with Epstein's operations. "Loyalite" tends to make a Mackesy/Margeson link to Lolita's/Loyals (share black wolves with Irish Mackays). But there is emphasis on Newlands because their "Armes" motto term suggests Armes'/Amies' who share the white quatrefoil uses for the Chief of Scottish Wights/White's. It tends to nail Newlands to Newport of Wight, beside the Cowes'/Coo's suspect with the coup attempt. Margys/Mackeys, looking like a branch of Mackesys/Margesons, were first found in Ayrshire with the Noms/Nons/Nevins in the "Nom" motto term of Newlands.

I shot the paper plane on Obama's billiard table with a POOL CUE suspect as a pointer to Perkins COIE, yet the Pools from Poole were directly on the English mainland from Wight. COYs happen to share the green snake with Days and Mackesys/Margesons, and moreover Coys have the pheons of CARDINs/Cardine's, how about that. And Coie-like Cowie's/Covie's were first found in KinCARDINE, just look at that. It's telling us that senator Cardin was mixed up with the dossier purchased by Perkins Coie.

And, by the way, while Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has announced the Cardin scandal, Fittons share the Cue garbs while Cowie's/Covie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Fitton-like Fothes'/FETTE's (and Dee's), while the Cowie/Covie Coat is a version of the FEET/Fate (and Pavia/Pavey) Coat. The Cowie/Cavie boar heads are those of Turins, and Turin is near Chivasso while Chives' of Tarves were in Aberdeenshire with Turins. Cowie's were Chives liners, right?

We should ask why the brown tree stump of Rodhams is in the Cowie/Covie Crest while Tarves' share the six fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys. It looks like God was busy arranging marriages hundreds of years ago so as to point to the Clinton crime ring today. It must be one nasty ring for God to prepare that early for it.

Bauers in Unexpected Places

It's September 11 Today. The shadow government of the day has yet to be visibly punished and exposed for that gigantic crime. It struck me (months ago) that God might use the Trade and Tower surnames to point to 9-11 crime ring. Trade's share the Bush/Busher fleur, and Towers share the giant tower with French Tournays. We saw a Tournay-Knee link (written yesterday) while in the midst of discussing the Get'n Go on September 11, 2002. The 9-11 crime, for you who don't know, was on September 11, 2001. We saw Lorraine's BUS stop work into that Tournay discussion.

English Tournays even have the look of English Bush's to a degree, and Bushers/Boschers were first found in Dorset with the Beautys sharing the three Tournay bulls. Bussys (from Orne, same as the Dives river of Tournays) almost have the Coat of the Dorset Babe's. Towers, can we believe it, were at Lofwick while Lofwicks have three black bull heads! Beautys are also BOwoods while Bo's/Boys/Bove's/BOETs have a giant bull. BoWOOD-suspect Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Pussy-like Bussys (three of the Bush fesse), and Pussys/Poussins share three fesses with Bussys (neither have anything else). Pussys/Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's and LOFwick-suspect Luffs/Love's (connects to Miss Hicks' knee), and the latter have the three Pussy/Poussin fesses in colors reversed. French Poussins/Posse's (Maine) share the sun with Babe's and Blonds.

I have some new and very-interesting material now, concerning the 9-11 memorial's mystery in which I expected it to point to Bush yet that event also pointed to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. What would Assange have to do with Bush and 9-11 now that he's in prison?

It starts with the day I fell off of my scaffold while finishing up the very-last bit of STUCCO on a CORNER of my house. English Corners share the Trade and Bush fleur-de-lys, and German Corners share the black boar with English Bush's, but this leads to a Bush-version Coat with moles, and the scaffold scene of that day is right where moles dug tunnels on the week that God sent a stool pigeon to the septic tank buried in the ground at the photo's left side (under the ladder). There you can see the white stucco corner, and the scaffold slipped off the wet blocks, which sent me for a tumble onto the rock steps.

On the day I fell off the scaffold, I went in and came to an article saying that scaffolding was being built up the exterior walls of the Ecuadorian embassy holding Julian Assange. Some photos showed what looked like listening devices attached to the scaffolding. That day marked the downfall of Assange, toward his arrest, we could say, which is why I fell off the scaffold, I might assume.

I've talked about this scaffold event before, and had looked up the stucco-like Stucks, listed with German Stocks showing beetles. This jibes with my theory that, since there is no Assange surname, and for other reasons, I feel that God is using the Sanger/Singer surname to indicate Assange. The latter surname shares the garbs of Stuck-like Sticks. It's not much of a point, so let's move on to Beetle's, said to have been at Mitford. It's the Mitford surname that shares the black boar with English Bush's, and has the colors and format of the Bush Shield while using the same mole design as Dutch Molle's. And German Molle's share the German-Bush / Trade / Corner fleur-de-lys. Finally, German Mollers are listed with Muellers, and Bush hired Robert Mueller as his FBI chief just six days before September 11, 2001. Is this not very interesting?

On the day that God sent the first-ever pigeon I've seen here in 10 years, to walk over my septic = stool tank, moles (one maybe the last one) were tunneling under the gravel around the front deck. A few days later, I saw tunnels right over the septic tank, and finally it/they went down the hill along the rock steps seen in the photo, never to be seen again. What could it mean that they were never seen again now that Bush's have been discovered as Molle kin? How could Assange possibly get Bush into trouble? Or will it be WikiLeaks in general?

Wow, another song miracle. I knew that the Grave eagle is the one of Lutons while Luton is in Bedford, where the Bedwell branch of Beetle's (they share the same Coats) were from, but I was lamenting that "Grave" is not "Gravel." The moles were under the gravel...but maybe they went to their graves when seen no more. Just as the Grave's loaded, a song (Before the Throne of God Above) sang, smack-dab on timing: "GRAVEn on His hands." The eagle in the Grave Crest has red wings, linkable, I suppose, to the red Molle / Knee eagle.

German Molle's were at lake Constance, right near the Leck river to which the Leaks/Leakeys pointed that were part of Miss Hicks' knee event (on the Leakey road) a few minutes after I left the site of the 9-11 memorial. The Knee Crest is also the red eagle (same design) in the Crest of Scottish Molle's, what are the chances? German Boschs, with a double-fleur version of the German Bush Coat, have the three feathers in the Arms of Rothschild in colors reversed.

I'd like to go back to the cinquefoils of Huffers/Poveys, asking also whether Boveys apply to Poveys. English Boveys (Devon, beside Bude) have a bow-and-arrow version of the Bower Coat (Pavia-suspect Peebles-shire), the latter sharing five bunched arrows with the Arms of Bauer-descended Rothschilds, and having the green Bauer Shield. I therefore checked Bower-like Bovers, and this brings up the Boi's/Boys/Bove's/BOETs sharing the Bauer stars. While German Boets are Butts/Bute's too, Bude's share the bow with Boveys and Bowers, and so I'm seeing / seeking the Boethus house of Sadducees (included Salome Boethus) in the Bauer > Rothschild line, especially as Salome's were first found in the Rhineland region with Mayer Bauer (Frankfurt), the first Rothschild. Bovers were first found in Yorkshire with Pavers. English Bovers use a saltire version of the Arrow/Arras Coat, explaining the Rothschild / Bower arrows.

As I trace Sadducee ancestry back to the Laevi once at Pavia, this is where Poveys come in as well as the Pavers who share the checks of English Vaux's, important because Scottish Vaux's virtually share the Salome Coat. Vaux-branch Faux's use a giant MASCLE. Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Musselburgh and the Keith/Mascal Catti, the latter being from Hesse-Cassel's Chatti; Mayer Bauer got some of his financial start with a prince of Hesse-Cassel. Musselburgh was from the PLATE-using Mussels/Muscels, and we will momentarily see why it's important that Mussels/Muscels use a form of the Meschin Coat. Maceys share the Bauer stars.

German Franks were first found in Boii-line Bohemia. English and Scottish Franks share the saltire of Pollocks and the PLATE-like Blate's/Blade's. The English Franks, the ones with the Pollock saltire, are said to have been in Shropshire, where Fulbert, the father of Peter Pollock at Rothes, is known to have lived. English Franks use a different-colors version of the Bover Coat. Rothschilds descended from Pollocks and Leslie's (married Pollock) at Rothes, and Blate's are expected from Bled, beside Leslie-liner Lesce on the upper Sava. The upper-most Sava is in Austria, where Bauers were first partially found. Blade's are said to have been BURSEblade's too, and Burse's/BOURceys (Somerset, same as Burleys/Bourleys) can be gleaned as a branch of with Bauer-like Burleys/Bourleys, the latter in Blate/Blade colors and sharing the green Shield with Bauers, Bowers and Boveys.

Leslie's share buckles with Roslins, and the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Le Meschin's wife, Mrs. TailleBOIS. The ending on that name can be of the Boi's/Boys/Bove's/Bovers, you see. Or we could go to the boy in the Crest of Bute-liner Bothwells. Mrs. Taillebois was of Bolingbroke, and Bolingbroke's have three white feathers in Crest to almost match the three feathers in the Arms of Rothschild at the link shortly above. Bolings happen to share the Coat of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks, and the latter's escutcheon (same as the Burse/Bourcey escutcheon) is colors reversed from the same of Mascals (Sussex, same as Saddocks/Sedgewicks). As Keiths come up as "Mascal," it seems a no-brainer that Mascals were a branch of Mussels/Muscels in the land of the Keiths and the Salome-related Vaux's. Blate's/Blade's have a talbot dog in Crest, and English Talbots were first found in Shropshire with Meschins.

English Bovers were at Teignbridge, in Devon with Teign, and TEIGNs/Trails share the mascle with Tiens/TEINs/Thames' (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's), the latter happening to share some of the Pero-like Peare Coat. Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with Italian Franks (suspect from Frankfurt, right?), and Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia. German Franks share the column with the Teign/Trail Crest, and with the bull-using Pelosi's (Piedmont) having a Plate-like Pilati variation. The Pelosi bull thus looks linkable to the Boi/Boy/Bove/Boet bull.

I didn't know that Trails came up as "Teign" until now. Trails show a Teign variation, but it either meant nothing before, or I didn't even notice or speak about it. Trails were looked up when I found a bag of new, red BUTTONs in my trailer! Buttons/Bidens (HORNs trace to Orion at Schimatari) share the Boet/Butt/Bute fesse!!! Zikers. I was tearing the trailer apart (purchased it used) as scrap, when the buttons I never knew of fell out of the kitchen cabinets, into the kitchen sink. Trails/Teigns use a good reflection of the BOTHwell Coat. I suggest that Trails/Trellys merged with Tiens/Teins to acquire their Teign variation.

Bauers and Bavier's were first found in Austria, though Bauers were first found also in Bavier-like Bavaria. Some say Bavaria was founded by the Boii. Bavier's have a "Recte" motto term suspect with Recketts/Ricketts, the latter using a scimitar for a trace to the Schimatari BOEOTians, perfect. It's the entity expected as the proto-Sadducees of Boethus. If Bavier's use the goose, that's the RUTHERford symbol. Rutherfords were first found in Roxburghshire with Molle's and their Goose/Googe/Gooch kin (the latter almost share a Pollock / Roxburgh motto term).

The Devon Boveys are the ones with the Bude bow, suggesting that heraldic bows are for Boii liners, and Boii may have been from Boeotians/Boiotians at Butua (now Budva). "The surname Bovey was first found in Devon, at North Bovey, a parish, in the union of Newton-Abbot, hundred of Teignbridge, CROCKernwell." Crockers, sharing the raven with the Bavarian Rothes', were first found in Devon with the first-known English Stewarts. Eschyna de Molle married both the Alan>Stewart line, and Crocker-suspect Robert CROCE while her daughter married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter of Rothes. Peters share the raven with Crockers. Rutherfords use a goose on a ROCK, thus revealed as Rothes liners. The Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs (Moray, same as Rothes) share the chevron of French Boveys/Bove's/Bauve's.

Molle's (share boar head of SCHIMs) are in the mole hills of Shechemite-liner Shake's, and Shechemites were at Schimatari. The Molle and Schim boar head is shared by Marone's, suspect from Murunum/Morano on the Sybaris river. It's known that peoples of Sybaris were from Greece's BOURa, near the Laish-liner Ladon river (a home of mythical Daphne suspect with "Devon"), and Burleys/Bourlys (beside Devon) were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds. The same-colored Molle / Schim / Marone / Goose/Googe boar heads are white, as are those of Burleys/Bourleys (and Rockwalls/Rokele's). Boura is not far from the ancient LaceDAEMONians whom I trace to the Dumnonii, founders of Devon and Somerset. Laish was beside a Daphne location. Are we making sense? Greatly.

Croce's were first found in Lincolnshire with Roslins/Roselands and le-Meschin's wife. Rosels/Rossals (probably the Bellamy fesse) were first found in Shropshire with the Meschins (and Bellamys) who migrated to East Lothian's Musselburgh (in Haddington, at InverESK)), right beside Roslin. Musselburghs (share the Haddington Coat) were first found in Midlothian with Roslin. Roslins (share buckles with Leslie's, earls of Rothes) are said to descend from Rocelin of Rigsby, and Rigsbys (share blue bend with Leslie's) were first found in Lincolnshire with Roslins/Roselands. The Rose's lived right at/beside Rothes. Leslie's came to Scotland with princess Margaret, and she gave Roslin to the Henry Sinclair at that time. Rigsbys share the cinquefoils of Huffers/Poveys

The Rigsbys use multiple wavy bends in the colors of the three, wavy bends of Platters, thus nailing the Mussel plates to Platters and the Rigsbys to Roslins. Platters are a branch of Plains/Platers, for both were first found in Suffolk (with Sinclair-liner Clare's). A blue bend is used also by Claro's/Charo's. When God gave the Obama dream, I rifled a paper plane (as the cue ball) into the corner pocket without hitting a ball, and thus it was a pointer to the Sewer/SUTER surname. To prove that God intended this pointer, the Playtors of the Platters are said to have held SOTTERley. In other words, God wanted that paper plane in the dream. This part of the dream pointed to Perkins Coie, the Carter-Page FISA scam, and therefore to LISA Page's part in the scams, and to help prove it, the three Platter bends are in the colors of the three-and-three Lise pale bars, and Scottish Lise's use two of the three Clare chevrons. The plane started off as a PAGE on the table (which I turned into a plane). Page's (Devon, same as English Boveys) share the chevron of French Boveys.

French Boveys/BAUVe's were at Marne, home of Mummolin, father of Babon. We can therefore assume that Boveys were a branch of Babons/BAUVents (Suffolk again). Babon was the brother of BODEgisel, thus making his line trace very naturally to Bude's (share the triple arrows of Devon's Boveys). Welsh Bude's even share the green Shield with Bauer / Bower liners, and thus we have discovered that Bauers descend from Babon. I'm assuming that Bodegisel was named after Boeotians out of Butua/Budva.

Bude's use a blue roundel in Crest, called a hurt, and Hurts/Horts share the cinquefoils of Huffers/Poveys and RIGsbys. The RICH's (bottony crosses), first found in Hampshire with Buttons, Lise's and Charo-loving Josephs, are said to have been from Lorraine, and Marne is the Lorraine border. Hurts were first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens/Teins while English Boveys were at Teignbridge. As the latter smacks of Tunbridge, home of Clare's, the red ox in the Arms of Oxford is now suspect with the red Claro/Charo bull. The Oxford Arms also has a beaver linkable to Bauve's / Bavents.

The same Arms of Oxford has an elephant suspect with the Elaphiti islands beside the Saraca's of Ragusa, for Tunbridge's share the Saracen crescents! This is big first because the Sarasins (Brittany, same as French Clairs) have a MOLINE cross suspect from MumMOLIN! Excellent, and secondly because Wikipedia's article on Saraka's tells that they were first in Kotor, smack beside Butua/Budva! Zinger.

I first met Mamie, a pointer to Mummolin, on my last night with Lorraine. I spoke to, and asked Lorraine out, for the first time on my BIRTHday, and Mummolin's wife was Berthe. I was at Mamie's party on my last night with Lorraine, when Mamie walked by me and abducted me for a slow dance in her LIVING room. I don't think I had ever spoken to her before. Livings/Levins use a version of the PLAIN/Platter and PALIN Coats, and Palins (Dorset, beside Burleys/Bourleys) are from PALINurus down at the Laus bay of Sybaris' peoples...from Boura, that's right.

I did not leave Lorraine for Mamie; it ended with Lorraine that night for a different reason. And a few weeks later, I was at a camp site with Mamie, when she plopped herself on my knee uninvited, on only our second meeting. I remember nothing else after that but getting into a sleeping BAG with her, and Bags share the Shield of Grimaldi's suspect from Grimo, Babon's son. It's also the Cock Shield, and Cocks share the red rooster with BABcocks.

The Rutherford goose on a rock is shared by Lauders, and their Lauder location is not far from Roslin and East Lothian. Lauder is near both TYNE rivers, suspect now with the Teigns/Trails / TIENs/Teins/TEANs (Oxfordshire, same as Mummolin liners above), the latter suspect with the Teano location (Campania) in Italy of a Seaton-like people, the Sadducee-like Sidicini. Seatons/Sittens named Seaton of Devon, but were first found in East Lothian. Seaton looks to be about 40 miles up the coast from Teignmouth, with SIDmouth between them. Seatons share the Bellamy crescents, and Rosels/Rossalls share the Bellamy / Bell fesse. The giant Lauder griffin is white, as is the giant Berta griffin traceable to Berthe (Mummolin's wife). Berthe's father, MAURILion, is to the Maurels/Maurini's (probably from Murunum at Sybaris), first found in Milan with Gallia's. The latter are expected from Gallia of CLERmont-Ferrand, ancestor of Mummolin. Galli's and Gays (Numidians suspect with Boofima > Baphomet) share the gold rooster with Roslin-liner Sinclairs.

It just so happens that Gallia's have three bends colors reversed from the three of Platters, and linkable therefore to the wavy bends of Rigsbys, who in turn have a black goat head in Crest, symbol also of MumMOLIN-suspect Moline's. The latter were at Devon's Dartington, not far from the Teign river through DartMOOR. Murunum-liner Morano's use Moor heads in the colors of the Moline goat heads, suggesting the Boofima cult's goats. Darts share the ermined fesse of Riggs, and I see Raggs' from Ragusa's Saraca's, who were at Saracena, on the Sybaris with Murunum (now Morano). The goat is used by Rossall-like Russells.

I'm assuming that Roslin and Rothes were named before the Normans arrived to it, and it just so happens that the former name of Bute was Rothesay! I almost forgot that detail. It's proving the Rothschild-Boethus link.

What strikes me here is the time when Miss Hicks was the trophy girl for her team's victory in a cooking contest. Her husband is in a Baytown Sun photo with a bull-terrier mascot (Spuds MacKenzie) of BUD LIGHT beer. Buds are listed with Bude's, and Lights share the feathers of Lauder-related Tooths. We can be sure that Tooths and Lauders have the same griffin because Lauder is near the Tyne rivers while Tooths have an "obTINEbit" motto term. One of the many proofs that Miss Hicks is the beautiful woman in the 1979 dream is where she's the trophy girl with a bull terrier = bulldog, and then to boot, the dream had the bulldog in its mouth with a row of TEETH surrounding its belly. Perfect. Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset with Lights, and beside the bull-using Beautys. It's making the Light chevron look like that of French Boveys/Bauve's i.e. from Babon, tending to assure that Lauders and Tooths do use the Berta/Bert griffin. Berts were first found in Devon i.e. with Bude-related Boveys, looking good, and Boi's/Boys/Bove's/Boets do use a bull.

Devon is where Darts/Dards were first found who were from the Dardanians not far from Rhizon. The Hicks dream had her RISING with me as a pointer to Rhizon, smack beside Bud-liner Butua, can you believe it? Rhizon is also beside Kotor, home of Saraca's, which is how I know that God put the SHARK in the dream as a pointer to SARACa's. Cool. Dardanians are on maps a little ways to the east of Rhizon, closer to, if not right in, TROPoje. The latter is where I trace her as the TROPHy girl. Cool. She was asleep as Sleeping Beauty, but we were rising into the sky as soon as I awoke her. That's why Sleeps have two of the one ermined fesse of Darts/Dards. God knows what he's doing. In colors reversed, the double Sleep fesses could be the double red ones of Babons/Bavents.

Berts are also Burts and Burtons were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and with the Rosels/Rossals who share a version of the Burton Coat. Drago de Bewere is in both the Blate/Blade and Burton write-ups. In the Rosel/Rossall write-up: "...the Isle of Rossall, held by the Church of St. Chad." Chads were first found in Norfolk with Berte's (with the 'e') who share the Bert Coat, and Norfolk (beside Rigsbys) is where Platters and Bags were first found; the latter share three cinquefoils in Chief with Rigsbys while the latter have the wavy bends (almost) of Platters. Rossall-like Roslins were at Rigby, tending to nail Rossalls as a Roslin branch. Rigsbys were in East Lindsey while the Lindsey Crest has the swan design in the Light Crest. It begs where Lights/Lite's had been Line's / Linds and/or Lints, for Lints are also LinTOTTs (Shropshire) while Tooth-like Totts share the swan in both colors of the Palman swan. "Palman" is in the Tooth motto!

The Bulls and My Tooth

I'm going to go far to show that Bells, Bellamys and Bullys are from Bullis/Byllis of Epirus, but it's notable that Bullis'/Bulliards were first found in Suffolk (beside Norfolk) with PLAINs/Platters and Platters. As this section is being written on September 11, the planes of 9-11, which were pasted into scenes not taken on September 11, are coming to mind with the paper airplane I shot on Obama's Bulliard-like Billiard table. It's not going to be short, so it's step by step with details cropping up as I go along. The first thing I'd like to say is that Rigsbys may indicate that 9-11 was a rigged scam.

Billiards, with a Byllis-like Billet variation, were first found in Maine, beside the Perche mountains of Bellamys. Bellamys were near ALENcon, a good reason to understand the Alan-Bellamy relationship, important because I trace Alans to Aulon/Avlona, near Bullis/Byllis. Bells share the Bellamy / Rosel/Rossall fesse, and the latter two were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans. Bells were first found in Dumfries with Bullys and the ancestry of Miss Hicks' husband, Mr. Kilpatrick; the latter surname was of Antipatria, one major north of Bullis/Byllis.

Kilpatricks love the Maxwells/Makeswells with their "make" motto term, and both share the same saltire, yet Maxwells had a Maxwell-ROS family (definitely of Scottish Rose's) while Spanish Rosals/Rosa's share the black, double-headed eagle with Maxwells. It appears that the Rose's were a Roslin / Rosel/Rossall branch, and so let's add that the latter surname shares the martlets of Apple's and AppleBYs, the latter having the same ending as Rigsbys and AilnBY, the latter being in the Rigsby write-up and looking like ALANbys. The Rosa/Rosal Coat is identical with that of German Belows/BELLau's, can we believe it? And it was recently shown how the chalice of English Belows/Bella's links to Bellows/BILLETs of CALOUville (Chalice's have Calou-like variation). English Belows/Bella's have a Tooth-like "Tout" motto term shared by Hicks.

The Montgomerys are said to have been close to these Alans, and "Belmeis," in the Stop/Stubb write-up "was a follower of Roger de Montogomery who was Sheriff of Shropshire and later Bishop of LONDON [caps mine], about 1100." In the Hicks dream, the shark had teeth around the BELLy of the BULLdog, and Tooths were first found in London! Zowie, that's new right here, and we saw the Saraca shark work into the discussion above, especially if Rigsbys / Riggs were a branch of Ragusa-like Raggs'. JUST LOOK AT THAT, for God gave me a bump on the GUM of my tooth that caused me to find the Bumps (Tooth griffin) and GUMMs/GOMERS, and here Mr. MontGOMERy of Shropshire is the central link to the shark's teeth around a belly!!! WOW! UNBELIEVABLE, but there we have it.

Stick with me over lots of details. Alans share the Lindsey fesse-with-checks. The swan design in the Lindsey Crest was that of the Joseph swan once showing, and Josephs were first found in Maine with Billiards/Billets. Josephs now show a martlet, the Apple and Appleby symbol too, and by bet is that the Palmans in the Tooth motto are a branch of the Appleman variation of Apple's. Apple-like Apollonia is smack beside Aulon/Avlona, and while AVLONa is the obvious root of mythical AVALON, the latter is said by some to mean, "apple orchard," now understandable for obvious reason as a trick of the bloodlines. It doesn't mean anything to do with apples, of course, but it's their code for a peoples once in Apollonia. See the latter with Aulon and Bullis at the lower-left of this map;

Aulon is beside the CERAUNII mountains, explaining the CROWN of CRAUNs/Crane's. I've realized that items placed into a crown are code for Ceraunii elements, and that's what we see in the Lindsey Crest. Lindseys, the namers of Lincolnshire, were from Lindos of proto-Rus Rhodes. The city of Kamiros, on Rhodes, is of the Cimmerians thought by many in the past to be from "GOMER." Montgomeryshire is in Wales, and the Welsh are thought to be from Cimmerians. The flag of Wales is a RED dragon probably for Rhodes elements, and Greek myth even had a CHIMERA dragon (in Lycia, on-shore from Rhodes), obvious code for Cimmerians of Kamiros. The Chimera had a goat head growing from its back, and Russells use the goat while Roussillon is in the land of Redones, also called, Russi and Ruthene. In Greek myth, the Chimera was attacked by BELLERophon. The end of that term is suspect with Phoenicians.

Repeat: "Rigsbys were in East Lindsey while the Lindsey Crest has the swan design in the Light Crest. It begs where Lights/Lite's had been Line's / Linds and/or Lints, for Lints are also LinTOTTs (Shropshire) while Tooth-like Totts share the swan in both colors of the Palman swan. "Palman" is in the Tooth motto!" The Lights/Lite's came to topic with Miss Hicks trophy-girl event, or more specifically with the bulldog (Spuds MacKenzie) at that event, and the shark had its teeth around a bulldog now indicating that this dog was code for Bullis/Byllis because that location is near Apollonia, the peoples of which are suspect to "Palman."

Wikipedia once had in an article the descent of the Seleucid kings from elements of ThesPROTians of Epirus (called EPIROTes / Epirotians). The Bible tells that Seleucids are somehow the runners-up to the anti-Christ, and there was a Seleucid king, Alexander BALAS, thought be some to be directly related to Antiochus IV. It seems that "Balas" is of "Bullis."

The colors of the Rosel/Rossall / Apple martlets are in the martlets of English Mountains while French Mountains (Languedoc, same as Roussillon) have white-on-blue bulls, the colors of the Bull/Bule bull, tending to verify that Apple's/Applemans were from Apollonia. The Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as Bulls/Bule's) have bull heads in the colors of the Host/Ost bull head, suggesting strongly that Osts are from the Aous river, location of Bullis. Bulls/Bule's have the Craun/Crane annulets in colors reversed, assuring the Bulls/Bule's were from Bullis, and that Crauns/Crane's were from the Ceraunii. The elephant of Grounds/Crannys thus goes well to the Elaphiti islands near the Ragusa shark. Melita is an island beside the Elaphiti islands, and the Malta-like Mallets use a "deer" (has no antlers) with a crown around its neck, and one can glean a Saraca-Ceraunii merger in the creature (has no antlers) with crown around its neck of Crauns/Crane's (Suffolk, same as Bullis'/Bulliards and Plains/Platters). Malta is beside Sardinia.

Lookie: the CERAUNII have been resolved with the mythical crow, "CORONis," and she was an Elaphiti-like Lapith. Ceraunii are on the map at the SAVA river, and SHAWs use the antler-less deer ("hind") head too! The Sithech ancestry of Shaws is from "Astakos" in the Greek land of Taphians, a term I link to "Daphne," and Shaws are said to descend from DUFFs. Duffys share the lion of organs, who were placed on mythical Avalon as the witch, Morgan le Fay. Duffs and Shaws were in the land of PICTs, a people group having a Caledonian branch, and Astakos is at CALYDon, from the "Khaldi," peoples near or at the PYXITes river. Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Khaldi-like Celts/Cults/Colts. The dagger of Shaws connects them to king Maccus, a Macey / Massey liner from the Maezaei, beside the Ceraunii. The Shaw cups are of the Kupa tributary of the Sava. The DAGGER is for the DEXARoi ("Dassaretae" on the map) at Antipatria i.e. near Bullis.

"Hostis" is a motto term of Shirts/Shards, suspect from SARDinians, and while Avezzano's (rose) were first found in Sardinia, Avezzano is right down a mountain range from Monte VELINO, no guff, in L'Aquila. In their bend, Avezzano's use a form of the potent pattern in the Champagne bend, and while French Champagne (also called Campania) has an Avallon location to its southern end, Italy's Campania has a Velino-like Avellino. An Aquila surname (shares the Este Coat with giant Barr eagle) was first found in Campania's Benevento, where the previous owner of my Jeep was from. L'Aquila is in Abruzzo while the Abruzzo/Abreu surname was first found in Padua, at the Este theater. Keep Avezzano in mind until my tooth topic comes back up.

Alans of Dol lived in OSwestry, which may have formed from an Aous-Westry / Ost-Westry combination. The Westry write-up suggests a Mr. Westray in Orkney when Henry Sinclair of Roslin ruled there, and Roslins are in illegal gold on silver, colors reversed from Westrys.

Portuguese Abreu's share gold wings with Hosts/Osts, and while the province of Molise is to the south side of the province of L'Aquila, Epirus had the Molossians, making "Abruzzo" look named after the Epirotes, especially as Aprutium was once the Abruzzo capital. The Abreu's can be gleaned with Salisburys in the Dorset theater.

The Apollo surname is also Polloni, like the Pullens/Pullys who share the martlet of the Maine Josephs. The Pullen/Pully pelican is code for the Pellicans, first found in Maine. I trace Bellamys to the Arve river into lake Geneva, and Pully is a location on the Geneva coast. Nearby is swan-liner Sion, and swan-line Lindseys were first found in Lanarkshire with swan-using Sions/Swans (share heart with Bullys). It just so happens that Plain-branch, Polloni-like Palins were first found in Dorset with Russells (beside Bulls/Bule's). PALINurus is down by the Saracena (shark-liner) theater. There seems to have been a Bullis bloodlink to the Saraca's / Saracens. Pullens/Pullys were first found in Yorkshire with Billiards/Hilliards, an obvious branch of Billiards/Billets. It could even be that Apollo elements, once called, "Abello," named Bullis.

Again, the swan design once shown by the Maine Josephs is in the Crest of Lindseys, but also with the Crest of German Plate's. Rigsbys are the ones suspect with the wavy bends of Plat(t)ers, and Palins named that Plain variation of the other Plat(t)ers. In this way, the shark-bulldog scene in the Hicks dream connects to Obama's billiard table, or pool table for a trace to Poole, in Dorset i.e. with the first-known Palins. The shark was in a residential swimming POOL, that's right.

Sara Palin was chosen as the prospective vice-president when John McCain wanted to be the president. The Arms of Saraca fish is in the colors of the McCain/Keon fish, and the latter's lizards, and the "FeLIS" motto term give away that McCains/Keons were kin of Lise's and their Lizart/Lazard/SARDe branch. As the latter's Crest is a near-match with the Chives/Shewas Crest, the Lise's, Lizarts and Lists look to be from Lissus of the Cavii Illyrians (= Celts, probably from the Khaldi).

As McCains are also Closkeys, they look like a Cain merger with Close's of Closeburn, the latter at the Nith river with the proto-Geddes Geds and the Antipatria-liner Kilpatricks (another dagger), kin of king-Maccus liners. The Ged surnames happens to share the Arms-of-Saraca fish. It appears that we have just traced the shark to the area to which the husband of Miss Hicks should trace, which is in Dumfries with the first-known Bullys.

If I'm correct in tracing Geds to the Geta line of emperor Caracalla, it seems that his grandfather, Julius Bassianus, whom Caracalla placed in Dalmatia (location of Ragusa), may have been part of the proto-Saraca's. Indeed, it explains why the Arms of Saraca shares the fesse of Bernice's, the latter suspect from Berenice Agrippa. As Julius Bassianus' uncle was Julius Agrippa, it seems that Mr. Bassianus married a Herod-Agrippa liner. Bassianus' trace to the naming of the Bessin, location of Cain-like Caen. Not only McCains, but Kane's and Cains use fish.

One of the Irish Cains happen to have a wavy bend in colors reversed from the wavy bends of Platters...jibbing with the McCain-Palin duo. The Cain bend is in the colors of the Chattan / Chatan bend, and I do claim Bassianus' at the Cetina river and therefore with Cetins/Cattans (Tarves fitchee). The latter loves the Cautes variation of Cotta's in their motto, and the latter share a Shield filled with fretty with Caens. It seems that Cains, Kane's and McCains/Keons were branches of the namers of Caen, the latter having a "liCITIS" motto term suggesting the Kennati of Cetina-like CITIS/Cetis. Caens share the Shield of Cavii-like Cave's, and the "VIDet" motto term of Cave's must be for Vito's/Vido's, from Julius Avitus, husband of Bassianus' daughter, Julia. The Chives' (Tarves) probably use the Tailer lions but call them cats for obvious reason. Yet they call them mountain cats as code for the Mountains we saw earlier with the Bull/Bule / Host/Ost bull on the one hand, and the Apple / Rosel/Rossall martlets on the other.

One queen of Cetis was QuadraTILLa Bassus (or Bassianus) while the Cetina was also the Tilurius, where Tillers and Tailers (suspect with the Chives CATs) trace with little doubt. Her father was QuadRATus, perhaps from the same entity that named the DassaRETae (at Antipatria, where lines trace to the Nith), and moreover the Rats/Raids are definitely in the "Durat" motto of Geds (on the Nith). Note that the Geds became the Cetis-like Geddes', first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids and Rose's.

Reminder: the "palman" motto term of Tooths looks like the Appleman variation of Apple's, and to this I'm adding that the six martlets of Applebys are in the pattern of the six fitchees of Tarves' and the six lions of SAVA's/Savage's (expected with the Shewas variation of Chives'). I will add that the six Tarves fitchees are used by Clintons on the Saluzzo Shield, and while Saluzzo's married FitzAlans from Aulon/Avlona, that the spot beside Apple-line Apollonia and Bullis on the Ost-suspect Aous river. I'm going to link this to my bad tooth. It all started when a dentist removed the mercury filling and replaced it with white material. He left bacteria at the bottom of the CAVITy. The entire filling fell out some seven years later, making the tooth better.

There is no doubt that God manipulated this tooth situation for heraldic purposes as pointers to Tooths, Bumps/BumPUSS' and Gumms...but also to the cavity-like Cevetta river, location of Chives-like Ceva, home of Luis, mother of Alice of Saluzzo. FitzAlans married this Alice, can you believe it? The Lois surname uses a giant OSTrich, which looks like code for the Hosts/Osts because they were first found beside Rich's. OstRICH. Rich's are said to have named Riche in Lorraine, which is where Lois-like Louis' were first found. Very impressive. Rich's are fundamental to Lorraine because they are also Richess' while Richeza of Lorraine was wife to Mieszko II the Piast, the reason that the Piast eagle in is the Arms of Lorraine and with the Lorraine surname.

The so-called fistula bump that formed on the gum was issuing PUS prior to when the filling fell out, and so God must have arranged for the Bumpuss variation of Bumps to prove that he is the author of this tooth story. But then the Pussy/Poussin surname uses a cat, as do Chives' expected through cavity-line Ceva. FitzAlans were at a Clun location of Shropshire, explaining why Cluns/Cline's share the Saluzzo Coat, but then the Dure's in "DURat" do too, and Dure's with Cluns/Cline's were first found in Perthshire with Wings (and Shewas-like Shaws), explaining the wings of Hosts/Osts. Rosels/Rossals were at a Rossall/Rosela location in Shropshire, and Rozala of Ivrea was of a Tuscany family.

We can add that while Shirts/Shards have a "HOSTis" motto term while the TISS'/Teece's expected in that term were first found in Hampshire with Rich's (bottony crosses) and Buttons/Bottons. The Tous'/Tosini's (Tuscany) are said to have a man wearing a shirt with buttons, which can expect a Button/Botton (Boet branch) link to Hosts/Osts (Somerset, same as Bath and Wells, where a Button branch was). I expect the Boethus liners in conjunction with Laevi, especially as Pavia's Pierro's/Pero's have a version of the Boet/Butt Coat. It's interesting that the Apple/Appleman MARTLets (from Charles Martel) birds form two pale bars in the colors of the Pero/Perino pale bars.

It's just incredible that this bad tooth's pointers have not yet been exhausted, for the tooth split in half after the filling fell out, and Halfs are listed with Helps while the Avezzano's named Avesnes on the Helpe river. Avezzano's were in Sardinia with the Shirts/Shards (I believe), and with AVESnes-like VISconti's.

Earlier, we saw the Boeotians going through the Mummolin-Berthe line, raising the question on which of that couple was descended from the Sadducee house of Boethus. Mummolin descended from 4th-century Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne, same as Bouillons), a locality named partly after Tuscany's Firenze, and related to Tuscany's Taddei's. Chatans share the tower of Auvergne's, and here it's interesting that Auvergne-like Overs/OFFERs can be a branch of the Huffer variation of Bovey-like Poveys. Tooth-like Tute's (Norfolk, same as Berte's) share the Tatton quadrants so that Taddei's (Bouillon kin) could be a Tooth branch. The Tooths and Bumps share a giant, white griffin with Berta's.

Quadratilla's husband has a name suggesting descent from the Laevi founders of Ticinum (later Pavia), and as the Ticino river of that place is also the Tessin, that's where I trace Tiss'/Teece's. Tiss'/Teece's show nothing but a chevron, in colors reversed from the nothing-but-a-chevron Boveys/Bauve's, suspect earlier as a Mummolin>Babon line to Babons/Bauvents (named Bavent in Caen). There's a good chance that Boveys/Bauvents share the chevron of Childs, from king Childeric (loved bees), whose wife, Basina, likely had a line that named the Bessin (location of Caen and the Meschins), for Bessins (Cheshire, other home of Meschins) use bees, as do Meschin-related Boys and Laevi-like Leafs/Leve's/Leave's. Italian Boys, with perhaps the Mountain bull in gold, are also BOETs. There's a good chance that Mountains are of the Mounts/MONs', and therefore from the Levi partners of the counts if Hainaut.

The cats we saw are code for Cato's/Chattans / Chatans and/or their branches, and this cat links hard to the cat of Lucca's. Lucca is where Canossa's originated who use a dog in the colors of the Rigg dogs, and Riggs, perhaps sharing the Tiss/Teece chevron closely, happen to have a "cano" motto term. There's a question on whether "TusCANy" was named after a Tous-Cano merger. Cano's happen to share the Pussy/Poussin Coat. "Tous" is a motto term of Bleds, and a Bled location is near Rigg-like Rijeka. Ricks trace well to Rijeka, and share the Rigg fesse. Bleda, the brother of Attila, is expected to have named Bled, especially as Bled is beside Leslie-liner Lesce while Leslie's were HUNgarians. The Huns were Cano-like Kuns too. Attila and Bleda were of a house of Dulo, suspect with "Dol" because Attila had partnered with some Alan Huns, and moreover "Dol" is expected from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, Mummolin's ancestor. Mummolin's father, MUNDeric, is like "MUNDzuk," Attila's father. Both men lived around the same time, maybe one generation off. The house of Valentinian I was having talks with Attila's Huns, and the Berta's happen to share the gold border with Greats and Justine's, from GRATian (Valentinian's father) on the one hand, and Justine of Picenum (Valentinian's wife) on the other.

[I didn't know of (or was not familiar with) two PenderGRASS surnames until writing below. The second one I'm not familiar with shares the Great saltire, tending to clinch Greats with Grass' / Grasse's / Grace's.]

As Minds/Munds use bees, we could ask whether Attila's line merged with Childeric's, for the Mind/Mund chevron is colors reversed from the same of Childs. As Leafs/Leve's use bees, we could ask whether the Mind/Mund chevron is that of Tiss'/Teece's for a trace to Laevi on the Ticino. That would make the Mind/Mund lion heads look like the Levi lion, and they happen to be colors reversed from the lion heads of Rothes', first found in Shropshire with Minds/Munds and the Dol Alans, and beside the bee-liner Bessins. Mandys/Mundays were first found in neighboring Derbyshire. On the map, Mandy-like Amantini peoples are stamped beside Cibalae, home of Valentinian I. The Ceraunii crow liners are right next door, and Rothes' are crow liners. Rothes is a location beside the first-known Justine's.

This makes "VALENtinian" look like an Alan-of-Aulon/AVLONa liner, especially as Greats share the saltire of Nagle's/Nails, first found in Westphalia with Velins and Velens/Volans'.

As we saw that Bell liners are very linkable to Bullis elements, we can assume that the shark had its teeth around the belly of the bulldog to make the Bell-Bullis link in a snap. Tooth-like surnames trace well to queen Teuta and/or Etuta of the Ardiaei, and the latter lived in Dalmatia with shark-line Saraca's. The Nagle's are of "Oneglia," where Ardiaei-liner Arduinici lived. Bulls/Bule's use three fesse-wise items in the colors of the same of English Nagle's (nightinGALE) and Gale's (Nagle/Nail saltire).

The Gale's are a super example to teach how one may read heraldry to expose important people-group traces to surnames. Gale's were first found in CORNwall with TintaGEL, and the can be gleaned with the ending of that place, for they share a blue uniCORN in Crest with TINTs. The UNIcorn is not a code for Cornwall's namers only, but for the CERAUNii Illyrians, thus exposing that the latter named Cornwall. The proto-Tint ATINTanes are on the map above smack beside the Ceraunii mountains (Epirus). The unicorn is also code for the UNA (Oeneus) river of the Maezaei (beside the Ceraunii), and that's why I can glean that the Gale lion heads are the lions of both Fiens/Finis' and Maschi's (Rimini, beside Fano), for Fiens/Fane's come up as Fame's while Gale's have them in their "fama" motto term. Plus, the Maezaei are on the Sava, named by Shawia Numidians, which is how one can begin to see that king Massena's Numidian tribe named that Maezaei, for his father was Gale-like Gala.

It is astonishing to be able to make wide traces like this on a grand scale, but let's add that myth writers coined king Arthur as part of the Ardiaei through Oneglia to Gale's, and they (wickedness) gave him a birthplace in Tintagel because Ardiaei were meshed with Maezaei liners, especially the Maceys of Ferte-Mace. I suggest that the Fien/Fane bull head is for Bullis at the Atintanes theater (both on the Aous river). Family and national historians aren't very happy, I assume, to trace British elements to Albania in only about 200 BC, but too bad, that's the fact. No neanderthals needed; no humans in the ballpark of 10,000 years existed. They give themselves over to ungodly, wicked lies, and then play "science" tricks on us to "prove" their position. Cursed be google for suppressing the bulk of my work just because its censor inspectors don't agree with it.

The Fien/Fane bull head is white like that of Bulls/Bule's and Hosts/Osts. It's the bull head of Albins (Devon, beside the above) because Albino's (Albanians, right?) were in Modena with Fanano. The Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as Tints) are the ones with the CRAUN annulets in colors reversed, and we saw the Tint and Gale uniCORN trace to proto-Craun Ceraunii. Tints are said to descend from Arundel, and then while Alice of Saluzzo married FitzAlans of Arundel, Alice's mother was Luis while king Arthur's mother was made the wife of mythical GorLOIS of Cornwall. Lois', first found in Arthur-line Artois, are the ones with the giant OSTrich as part code for Hosts/Osts, first found in Somerset with the Ricks whose six crosses are in the colors of the six Tint crosses. Riggers have a giant crane (or maybe heron) in the colors of the Lois ostrich. The Gale's love the Semans in their motto, whose fesse-wise bars are in the colors of the Cavett/Chevet/Chevee fesses. Luis was of Ceva at the Cevetta river. One wavy fesse in the colors of the Seman bars is with Dutch Gaunts/Ghents, beloved of the Fien/Fane/Fame gauntlet glove.

Ricks share the fesse of Riggs while Rigsbys have wavy bends in the colors of the wavy fesse-wise bars of Semans (and Sea's). That's why Riggs and Ricks are from Rijeka/Rika, near the Una river of the unicorn.

Just compare Tints to Gore's, and you'll see why they created GORlois. Gore's are from Gorski Kotar, and probably honor lines from Servitium, near the mouth of the Una, with their motto.


Blundville's were from a son of Hugh de Kevelioc of CYfeiliog (earl of Chester), which can explain the "CYfoeth" motto term of Gernons, for this Hugh was a son of Ranulph de Gernon-Meschin. "CyFEILiog" might be of the Feil/Field/Felde surname having the derby Coat in colors reversed, for Blundville's are said to be BLOMEvile's and BlunVILE's too, and Blome's were first found in Derbyshire, beside Chester of Cheshire. This goes to Morleys (Derbyshire) of Shirt-suspect Shardlow, and to Morleys/Mauls with the Tailbois scallops (Morleys were at Morleston at Shardlow).

The "vile" motto term of Fane's/Vans should apply to Blundville's as per their Monmouth location. This reminds that while Fane's/Vans are also Phone's, Lorraine's babe symbol was right at, or very near, a phone BOOTH where I saw KIM Thomson last, from my Firebird, about a year before meeting Lorraine. Booths/Boths can be of the Boy-loving Bothwells (Boys are Boets too), said to be from Bute, where Kims were first found who share the Thomas cinquefoils while Thomas' (of Saluzzo) look like they share a Thomson Coat. Babe's look connectable to Monmouths, but more-importantly, Monmouths share the triple set of double fesses of Oullette's, and it was Mike Oullette who blurted, in my hearing, "what a babe," when he first saw Lorraine, at the instant that she got her beautiful feet symbol. That's how I know that God linked her to Babe liners.

Babys share the checkered Shield of Louvier's, and La Louviere is a location smack beside Mons, suggesting a Mons link to something in Monmouth. The Fane's/Phone's of Monmouth were merged with the Howells of that place, and while Owls are Howell-like Howls, lookie at Owl-like OULlette! That's incredible. If it were not for Kim at the phone booth, this concise piece of discovery would not have been made. I waved to Kim that day because she slept over at my place (on Demaine crescent) one night (no sex) soon before. Kim was a sun-bright blond. Demaine's (Maine) share the lone fleur of Leeks/Leaks. The Blond-line Blundville's were at Leek. The same fleur are used by Birds, and I waved to her from my FireBIRD.

I've missed the Oullette write-up where it has: "...Robert D'Ouillie, at the command of William the Conqueror, rebuilt the [Wallingford] castle...He [Robert] gave much of his estates to Roger D'Ivri, his sworn brother in Arms. This Robert also ceded to Roger his Barony of St. Valery." D'Ivri looks like the Yvery of Leavells, for Blonds have a version of a Leavell Coat. Scottish Leavells share the piles of Yonge's, and this beautiful feet, and the phone booth, were on Yonge street.

Maud of Gloucester, grandmother of Mr. Blundville, makes OulLETTE's looks like Letts/Late's, first found in Gloucestershire. Mauds/Maids even share the Monmouth and Oullette triple twin-fesses! That's a good piece or two for the entire puzzle. Demaine's were first found in Maine with the Pellicans sharing the Howell tower, and Wallingford- / VALERy-possible Wells/WELLERs use a pelican. Of the four Oullette brothers, my friend was Joseph, and Josephs were first found in Maine too. I became a Christian, while living at Demaine, after Joseph's mother spoke to me about God and the Bible.

Aha. Oullette's have Will-like variations while Willertons/Wiltons use an owl! And this reminds me that Joseph Oullette used to wear those big-round sunglasses at the beach, i.e. like owl eyes! Recently (5th update of August), I traced Oullette's to Owls after I had a dream having Joseph Oullette in it with his van. In that dream, I walked up to someone's home to get a container, as Joseph's request, and there was a man at that house having owl-like eyes...which I thought were round glasses. I didn't remember at the time that Joseph wore sunglasses like that. Now I know why: God did it. Willertons/Wiltons probably use the Quint chevron and fitchee.

Blome's share the Coat of Talbots, the latter first found in Shropshire with Meschins and the Oswestry location of the Dol Alans. The Blundville write-up has one writer claiming that "Blundevill" was another name for OSwestry. The wings of Blundville's are goldish-white, suggesting the white or gold Masci wing, or even the gold wings of Abreu's, but then Hosts/OSTs use a gold wing while Blundville's share the chevron of the Shirts/Shards (Cheshire) with a "HOStis" motto term...suspect partly with the Tiss'/Teece's sharing the Shirt/Shard / Blundville chevron. Shirts share red ROUNDELs (code for Alan-related Arundel / Rundel liners) with Bullis'/Bulliards.

The mother of Ranulph of Blundville was a countess of Evreux, the Abreu line. At Wikipedia's article on Ranulph le Meschin, his lion is a red one in colors reversed from the same of Abreu's, and the Talbots happen to use a red lion too. Hugh Kevelioc was the son of Maud of Gloucester, daughter of Robert de Caen, and as the Caen fretty looks linkable to the Cable/Cabel fretty, "KEVELioc" may have been a Cabel liner. In fact, the Cable/Cabel Crest looks like that of Bessins/Beastons / Bistons, and Blundville's are said to have been at Cheshire's Beaston. For what it's worth, Cue's/Kews (Hughs?) use the same Coat shown for Robert of Caen.

I happen to trace Cables/Cabels with good evidence to Cabyle on the TONZus river of Thrace, and Shirts/Shards are beloved of Tous/TONSo's. The latter use a shirt with buttons while Buttons share the chapeau of Cablye-like Capelli's.

It just so happens that French, Blome-like Plume's were first found in Dol. Plus, English Plume's, sharing vair fur with Blondville's, were first found in Suffolk with Blonds and Blondville's (not "Blundville"). Blondville's use black fitchees while Ranulph de Gernon was of MontFITCHet. The Montfitchets were at STANsted Montfitchet, and Stans/Stands share the double fesses of Plume-like Palmers and Jewish Blume's/BlumenTHALs. Talls/Thals use bees and were first found in Thuringia with Bessin-related queen Basina. Childs, the line of her husband, were first found in Hertfordshire with Chester-related Vince's, and German Plume's/Plumers have a version of the Wanstead/Weiner Coat (share English Palm fleur) while Childs were at Wanstead.

English Palms ("justus") share the blue vair fur of Blondville's. Palms married Watterville's while Montfitchets share the Coat of Waters; both surnames were first found in Essex with the Quints sharing the blue vair in Chief with Palms. However, Quints were first found partly in Dorset with the Babe's I link to Blonds. Palms cleverly use a palm BRANCH while Branch's are linkable to "AVRANCHes."

It appears that Blonds, Plume's, Blooms, Blume's and Palm liners were all branches, and then there's the PALMans suspect with Apple's/Applemans from Apollonia down at Alan-based the AOUS river, a people's of which may have named OSwestry. Hosts/Osts use the bull, and Bullis is on the Aous while Bullis'/Bulliards were likewise first found in Suffolk with Plume's and Blonds, begging whether a Bullis variation named Blonds somehow. For example, Balls' were once said (now obliterated) to be first found in Cheshire. And while Balls' share the lion of Blond-like Ballons and Ballon-like Palins, French Ballons were first found in Brittany with Dol, and share large ermines with Balas'/Bayliss'/Baylifs (antelope), first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers. Balas'/BayLISS' (share cross of Lyse's/Lyle's) look related to the Lisle variation of Lyle's ("SeDULO"), the latter from Oxfordshire's "Shirburn Castle, the seat of the Earl of MACClesfield." SHIRburn is a great place to trace Schire's/Schere's/Scherfs because Scarfs share the wolf head that belonged personally to Hugh D'Avranches (it was once shown at his Wikipedia article), first earl of Chester. Bingo.

Earls of Macclesfields used leopards and leopard faces, the latter being the symbol of Fitch's suspect with Montfitchetts. It's linking earls of Macclesfields back in earlier times to the Gernon>Blundville line.

Now is the time to say that Alexander BALAS was a SELEUCid king while SELLICKs were first found in Herefordshire, beside Shropshire. The Arms of Herefordshire has a white bull head, and the Sellick border-with-Shield looks linkable to the same of Scotts and Talbots (Shropshire). Both Scott Coats look like versions of both Talbot Coats. Alexander Balas made a political pact with Jonathan Maccabee, and the latter is suspect from proto-Masci's / Meschins / Maceys/Masseys. We might now understand why, after I pointed these things out years ago, houseofnames obliterated all mention of Cheshire in the Balls/Balls write-up. Palms (Yorkshire, same as Meschins of Skipton) share the Macey/Massey fleur.

Hugh de Kevelioc was viscount of Avranches, and I had read that a Robert D'Avranches, of Ferte-MACE, married Miss Dol, daughter of a ruler of Oakhampton. The Oaks (linkable with Oakhamptons to Alan-related Gore's) look to be using the Meschin fesse with the Alan oak leaves upon it.

The Crest of the Suffolk Plume's has a red, seated dog, probably as talbot dog. Palmers have a seated GREYound while the Talbots use the GREY Coat in colors reversed. Grey liners can be gleaned with both Hun surnames, one have the talbot dog and the other a greyhound. The Riggs who have three talbots in the colors of the three of Huns/HunGATE's (Yorkshire) have a red talbot in Crest along with the same fesse as Italian Palmers and WESTERs (possible branch of the namers of OsWESTRy). A red dog is in a Plume Crest. Rigsbys were first found in Lincolnshire with Mrs. Taillebois, wife of le Meschin (the first-known Meschin, father of Ranulph de Gernon). French Blonds use what look like GATES.

Jewish Blume's/Blumenthals (same fesses as Palmers) use the FRET, and Ferte-Mace is suspect with the naming of a ManFRED(s) in relation to Mosca's of PALMa di Montechiaro (Sicily). Palms are said to be from Manfred Palmes, husband of Miss Watterville.

I'd like to mention that the other Riggs share the black rooster with Kopple's, from Koplik on the CLAUSula river suspect in the past with the Klassens who use "Lady Fortune." These Riggs happen to share the annulets of Ladys, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Quint-branch Quince's. This line is suspect from Quintus Caepio, whose descendants were "Caepionis," like the Cupionich version of "Koplik." Lady Fortune can be code for Fortuna's/Fortune's, who have a the Arms-of-Canossa dog looking very linkable to the greyhound of German Huns/Hundts. These Riggs have a "cano" motto term, and, again, the English Huns/Hungate's have the three dogs of the other Riggs. The black rooster with red additions of Billiards/Hilliards is in the Crest of the Riggs who share the Walker chevron-with-annulets.

Lady Fortune waves a BANNER, code for elements from the PANARO river in Modena. German banners share the giant fleur of Cake's/Cakebreads, first found in Cambridgeshire with Caepionis-like Capone's. The Panaro is the location of Marano, and while the gonFANON banner was owned by Montforts, it explains why Marano's (Modena, same as FANANo) use the Montfort lion (minus one tail). MORleys share the Cake/Cakebread fleur. Montfort is in the Dol area of Brittany, which may explain why English Banners are in the illegal Westry colors. The Arms of Marano sul PANaro (purple Shield) share's the tree with PANE's/Panico's/Panetta's (Masci fleur), the latter first found in Bologna with Pace's/Pasi's while the Cheshire Pace's have a purple Shield. BERTrade of Montfort was the wife of Hugh de Kevelioc and mother to Ranulph of Blundville. It all looks linked to the sharing of gauntlet gloves between Fane's/Vans and Maceys of Ferte-Mace. I don't know why the link above has Hugh as the 3rd earl when he was the 5th. He was the 3rd Meschin earl. Hugh is said to have died in LEEK. Leeks/Leak(ey)s, with a bend in the colors of the Rigsby bends, were first found in Lincolnshire with Rigsbys. It now appears that Rigsbys were Rogers liners, for while two Roger Coats are linkable to the Knee's, the Leek/Leak bend is the engrailed one of Knee's. The third Rogers are Roslin-like Rosers, and Roslins (Lincolnshire) were at Rigsby (Lincolnshire, same as Rogers!). Rogers/Rosers have a form of the Simpson Coat, and I trace Simpson kin to Saracena, on the Sybaris river with Marano-branch Morano. Rogers are said to have had branches in Derbyshire and neighboring Shropshire.

It just so happens that Albino's, first found in Modena, share the trefoils of Barnstaple's and Blundville's while Albins/Aubins were at Barnstaple, though they are said to be from Evreux, same as the wife (mother of Blundville's) of Hugh Kevelioc. Albins/Aubins share the blue fitchee of Mea's/Meighs (share Macclesfield cross), from the Meu river flowing by Montfort to Mott. Motts are Modena-like Mottins. Perfect. The Albin/Aubin Crest has a white bull head, symbol also of Fanano-suspect Fane's/Vans, Hosts/Osts, Bulls/Bule's, and the Arms of Herefordshire. Rogers/Rosers were first found in Herefordshire along with Seleucus-like Sellicks, and king Seleucus is suspect from Balas-like Bullis. That works. Roger-like Riggers use a bird often called a crane as code for the Ceraunii, who named the Ceraunii mountains down by Bullis! It's in Epirus, the line to Abruzzo's/Abreu's, and so let's repeat that Portuguese Abreu's share the gold wing of Hosts/Osts, suspect in the Blundville Crest.

Roger of Montgomery is, I think, in both the Stop/Stubb and Tourneys write-ups, both of which trace to the Dives river through the Bessin. The Bessins are Beastons too while Blundville's were at Beaston, perhaps God's way of pointing to the revelation beast, for Daniel 8 and 11 has this beast connected back to king Seleucus for reasons hard to ascertain and not explained. The Diens/Dives' are suspect with the white Masci wing because Chester was also called, Diva. The Blundville wings are goldish, but also whitish, you see, and Blundville's ruled Chester. Sellicks share the pierced gold star with Maceys.

Stops/Stubbs came to topic when God caused me to ask Lorraine out at her bus stop on my BIRTHday, and while Berths are listed with Berts (Rick fitchees?), I've been eyeing BERTrade, mother of Blundville's, in case she was from Mummolin and Berthe. Births's/Berts, wow, share the Blundville chevron, a thing I may not have known until now. Bert-branch Berte's (same Coat as Births/Berts) were first found in Norfolk with Bus'!!! Fitchee-using Brets, with feasibly the lion of Ranulph le Meschin, were first found in Somerset (beside Babe's) with fitchee-using Ricks.

Shortly after I asked her out, God gave Lorraine a babe and feet symbol, and Babe's connected excellently one day with the foot on sun of Blonds. BRADys share the sun with Babe's. Lorraine was a "sun-bright blond," I was telling readers while explaining her babe and feet symbol, and that's when I looked up Blonds to find the Babe sun, almost the Babe bars, and a foot on a sun. But as it seems that God inspired my phrase, "sun-bright blond," note that Birth-like BRIGHTs and Bride's (Savoy, same as Rogers and BRIGantium!!) share the Macey stars.

In fact, not many days before I first asked her out, I was walking by her at the corner of Lorraine-like Lorne and Yonge street, when I blurted, I'm going to marry you." She didn't respond, as expected, and kept on walking by. The point is, there's the allusion to Bride's. I asked her out at the corner of Lorne and Yonge, directly opposite of where I blurted out that line. Marrys were first found in Norfolk with Berte's and Bus'. Impressive, is it not?

Brigantium is about 25 miles from Modena-like Modane on the Arc river, and Modens/Modeys with Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with the Shaws sharing the full motto of Chesters. The latter share the white griffin with Berta's, and moreover the griffins of Chesters ("VINCit") are apparently those of Vince's/Finch's (!) in colors reversed. As I said, a week or two after Lorraine an I split up, God arranged by a miracle that we should see each other, as I was stepping off a bus at the FINCH bus-subway station, when she was first in line to get on this same bus, in a big city of Toronto, with more than two million people. We eyed each other as I walked by her. What are the chances? Apparently, God was pointing to the Chesters because they have the Berta griffin. I saw her by chance a year or two later, one last time, carrying a child, and Childs, sharing the Lorraine eagle, were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's; the latter happen to be in the colors and format of Bus-like Bush's.

Oh wow, while I think that George Herbert Walker Bush was born as George Herbert Scherff, of a Nazi family, the "conSCIRE" motto term of Vince's/Finch's must be for the Schire Variation of Scherfs. The earls of Cheshire's Macclesfields were at SHIRburn, and that's the importance of Vince's/Finch's sharing the full motto of Chesters! Schire's/Sherfs share (almost) the fitchee of Shire's/Shere's. God was pointing to the Bush-Nazi thing in American deep state through Lorraine. We separated because she came home (where I was waiting for her) with a grass stain on the butt of her pants when on a WALK with a married man (about 10 pm). (Just realized the song, "MARY Did You Know," was playing while writing this paragraph.) The Bush-line Bosco's use "Tufts of grass" on their pillars, and Tufts/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs (share green lion with Lorraine's).

This recalls that German Molle's share the Bush/Busch fleur while Mitfords, in English-Bush / Vince/Finch colors and format, use moles. Scottish Molle's share the red eagle in Crest with the Tuft/Tuff Crest, and the Lorraine eagle is red in colors reversed. DUFFys have a giant lion colors reversed from the Lorraine lion. Duffs share the giant lion of Dutch Bos'/Boschs/Bush's. You can readily spot that God caused Lorraine to go on that walk, and to get a stain on her white pants. I don't know for sure how she got it, but as she was entertaining her friends that night, the married couple, I doubt that she would put on a pair of pants already having the grass stain. Can one get a grass streak on pants by merely sitting on the grass? I don't think so. Why would she sit on the grass if on a walk with her friend's husband? How did they slip away into the night, leaving the wife at her home alone (I found her there alone when I arrived). She lived on Church street, and Church's are in Bush / Vince/Finch colors and format. She lived nearest to the corner of Lorne and Church in RICHmond Hill, and Rich's are from Riche of Lorraine. Coincidence, or arranged by God?

She lived directly across from a park, and the earls of Macclesfields started with Parkers. Chances are, her grass STAIN was gotten at this park, and Walkers, suspect in her WALK, were first found in Yorkshire with the Bush's in Church colors and format, and even with the Palms. The Church greyhound heads are in the colors of the Palmer greyhounds, and Church's have one of the two Palmer fesses. Stains (Yorkshire, wow) share the double fesses of Palmers and of the Flacks (Norfolk, same as Palmers and Bus'). Flacks were a branch of Fleetwoods and Flatts/Fletts (Palmer trefoils in colors reversed) expected in the "flatu" motto term of the same Parkers (Derbyshire) having "FLUCtu." Flacks just came up as Flucks! Wow, how can Lorraine's residential set-up and walk event point to all that "coincidence"?

Walkers have a "Magna" motto term for the Herodian line of Plancia Magna, whom I link solidly to Park-like Perkins. Perkens (with the send 'e') share the feathers of PALMan-loving Tooths. Palmans are suspect as a branch of Apple's/Applemans who in turn nearly use the Fleetwood Coat. The Fleets/Flete's (Meschin scallops) are the ones who prove, by their version of the Flack/Fluck Coat, that Flatts/Fletts and Fleetwoods apply to this discussion. Perkins share the fleur of Walks/WACHs, and Perkins look like they love the Vigils in their motto, as is the case for the WAKE motto, and Italian Vigils look like they use the Shield of Belgian Flecks and of the Fulke's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Flacks/Flucks/Flecks! You can't argue with the flacts. Early Walks look like they had merged with Hope's, the latter first found in Derbyshire with Parkers, making it appear that God set up her walk to the park for pointing to Hope Hicks, who got her start in politics under George Bush Jr.

In gold, the Walk fesse is that of Bells (Dumfries), and also of Bellamys of Park-like Perche. Bellamys married Ferte-Mace, and Walks (and Close's too) share the Macey stars. Bells share bells with Porters, and Hope Hicks was fooling around with Rob Porter in Trump's White House. As Walks of DUMfries can link by this discussion to English Walkers, note that the latter share the chevron-with-annulets of the Riggs who use a "DUM" motto term.

There's a "Flotman, Norfolk" phrase in the Blundville write-up, and Flots/Floats (Norfolk, same as Palmers and Flacks/Flucks) have a version of the Flatt/Flett Coat. Blundville's are thereby linking to Flys (Foot chevron?) of Flagi expected with Mosca elements in the earls of Macclesfield.

Palma di Montechiaro and Chiaramonte had the Mosca's/Muscas' who are in the motto of Drake's. The Drake' translate their "muscas" motto term as "fly" cleverly, for Flys were first found in Hampshire with Drake's (from the Drago river near Montechiaro). There are two major points here: 1) Flys were at Flagi while Flacks/Flucks are also Flags; 2) Mosca's/Muscas' use a leopard in the colors of the leopard faces in the Parker-Macclesfield Arms. It interesting that while leopards are also panthers, I traced her pants with stain to Pansys/Pantzers and Panthers/Panters. But the clincher for God's fingerprints upon her grass stain took a while to discover, in the PENDERgrass surnames! It's funny making such discoveries. A pansy is in the Crest of Conys who in turn have Meschin colors and format. And pansies are used in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc, a location in Lorraine. Conys had linked to Bray-suspect and Bar-like Bra in Cuneo. Brays were in Evreux with BERTrade, mother of Blundville's.

Did God arrange "BerTRADE" to point to the Trade towers. I wish I could recall whether I still lived on Levendale on my first date with Lorraine. If I wasn't there, I was freshly moved out. In any case, I asked Lorraine to meet me at the laundromat that evening, at the corner of Yonge and Levendale. I had asked whether LEVENdale was a pointer to September ELEVEN. I met her at Levendale on my BIRTHday, and Births are with Berts, and then there is this BerTRADE while Trade's share the Bush fleur-de-lys. God used Lorraine's blond HAIR to point to Bertrade's son, Ranulph de Blundville, 6th earl of Chester. Chesters share the motto of Vince's/FINCH's (Bush / Church colors and format), and she took the Bush-like bus every day to work to the Finch subway station. Hairs share the double fesses of German Walkers who in-turn share a vertically-split Shield (and rose) with Schere's/Scherfs.

My Room at Rumble

I recall doing my laundry when she walked into the laundromat. I think I had freshly moved from my apartment on Levendale to a place at Rumble. I had lost my FIREbird by then, forcing us to WALK, but it's incredible that I can't recall walking home with her. Earlier in the evening, I recall riding my bicycle to a PARK to meet another lady, for that date had already been set up before asking Lorraine out, and all I remember of that event was riding past the laundromat above, feeling bad about this other date, and being at a BUSH, I kid you not, with her (never saw her again after that, can't remember her name). I remember being at a BUSH, I kid you not. I've highlighted the Fire's in "Firebird" for a reason, but one of the Bird Coats needs mention here because it share's the Leek/Leak fleur-de-lys while Birds were first found in Cheshire. The Parker earls of Macclesfield were out of Leek, in Staffordshire, where Stops/Stubbs were first found. I was also on that bicycle when riding up to her BUSh stop, so to speak, earlier in the day.

Rumble's, can we believe it, share the Bus cinquefoil and the leopard face in the Arms of Parker-Macclesfield!!! I think I can now prove, for the first time, that I was living at Rumble when asking Lorraine out. Wow, I've talked about Rumble's before on this story, but don't recall including the Parker-Macclesfields. Rumble's/RumBalds/RumBows may have been a branch of the Rumilly-Skiptons married by Meschins. The Rums/Rome's were first found in Dumfries with Walks, but more in particular the Rums/Rome's were in Annandale, home of the royal Bruce's, and while Libbys (Yorkshire, same as English Bruce's) share the giant Bruce lion, I lived at the corner of Libby and Rumble, as though God had set that up.

I trace Bruce's to the Breuci at the junction of the Kupa and Sava rivers, near Lesce of the Leslie's, which once again asks whether MaccLESfields were part-Leslie. The Breuci were near the junction of the Una and Sava rivers, and the Fire's have a UNIcorn that I see, for good reason, as part code for the Una river. It was also the Oeneus, expected from mythical Oeneus of Calydon, where I trace Levites out of Laish, which Levites may have named Libbys. And LESlie's may have been from "LAISH." In this picture with the Bus stop and the bush in the park, my Firebird suddenly looks like a pointer to the fake video have planes exploding in fire into the Trade towers.

I had the Firebird when with Roxanne over a full winter, when living with her in her parents' home, the Bennets. My previous home was on Church street about a half dozen properties from Lorraine's, though I had never seen the latter yet. The first time I saw Lorraine, a few months after ending with Roxanne, I was walking toward Church from Yonge, suggesting that I was going to visit my previous landlord. In other words, God must have placed me on Church because he wanted me to meet Lorraine. There was no way I could avoid blurting out, "I'm going to marry you," for God must have given me the impetus, for she was absolutely gorgeous. He knows what I like (we never had sex, I tried my best to be Christian with all of the ladies past my conversion in 1979). The reason I wouldn't marry Roxanne (she wanted marriage with me) is that she wasn't a blond like the woman in the 1979 dream, but this Lorraine was as beautifully a blond. Alas, she was not my future wife. The reason I wasn't serious enough for Lorraine is that she was a Jehovah's Witness, and I just could not marry her unless she was willing to abandon it. The JW's were founded by a Mr. Russell, crackpot satanist, and Russells were first found in Dorset with Babe's. Russells have a chief linkable to SelKIRKs.

Roxanne was with me when I was at Church, and Church's are in Bush colors and format. I had the Firebird while with RoxANNE. The reason I think her name is what it is is that Anne's have to do with the Ananes Gauls at Placentia, near BREScia (has a lion in Bruce-lion colors), the latter being the Bruce line as well as the line to BRESTs/Brix's. This recalls my being at a motel with her almost directly across Yonge street from Lorraine's bus stop. That night, I snapped a photo of her, in the motel room, wearing a pink jacket with nothing on under it, with her bare BREASTs exposed. I had framed this photo, and when moving into the place at Libby and Rumble, I put this photo on the dresser in remembrance of her. I feel ashamed of this, because I was a Christian at the time, and made the wrong choice. Or did I? Is God big enough to see this is a small and allowable thing for making this point on the Bruce's of Annandale? This photo on the dresser has now convinced me that I moved to Rumble and Libby BEFORE asking Lorraine out, for had I been with her before moving in, I would NOT have taken out the photo of Roxanne. Libbys use the Bruce lion!

As I've said before, her parents lived on Bathurst street in the HOLLAND Landing, and while Hallands (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's and Libbys) share the giant Bruce / Libby lion, Hollands use it in colors reversed along with the same fleur as Trade's and German Bush's / Boschs! But there is more, for while the earls of Macclesfield were at Thame, the Thame surname comes up as "Tien," a term in the Bathurst motto! Astounding.

This recalls the story I've told several times, that my tenant, Helen, was fresh in a relationship with me, when going to her apartment in the basement. In my full view, while on the LANDING of the stairs, she up and lifted her top, covering her face, exposing her bare breasts for me. She then went down the rest of the stairs. It's a funny story, and I've asked whether God would do even that, for Helens (likely Alans) were from Brittany's St. Brieuc! The Breuci Celts, you see. St. Brieux is even near Brest and Launay while Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia. Now we know why God placed Roxanne Bennet (and myself) at the Holland LANDING, for her breasts are thus related to Helen's breasts with Bruce liners.

Look. Helen was on the landing of the stairs (I'm laughing happily as I write this), and the Stair surname has the Capone Coat! The Caepio's > Caepionis', suspect from the namers of the Kupa river, home of the Breuci, have long been suspect in my writings with the ancestry of the high priest, Joseph Caiaphas, the one who had Jesus murdered. Caiaphas was the son-in-law of Annandale-suspect Annas. Holland Landing looks linkable to the LANDERs/Landens who were definitely pointed to by Lorraine and I meeting at the LAUDRomat...just a few months after I moved out of Holland Landing.

Keep in mind that Roxanne's surname, Bennet, is of the PIERleoni Jews while Peare's share a part of the Tien/Thame Coat. It's incredible, for shortly after (weeks, at most a couple of months) spitting with Roxanne, while living at eleven-like Levendale, Miss Peare called me up, and we spent the weekend together (no sex). We drove to her apartment with the Firebird! It's begging whether lines from Pierleoni Jews (from pope Leo BENEDictus) were behind 9-11. The Leo's have a lion in the colors of the Holland lion, but if that's not important, it just so happens that the Libby LEOpard face is, not just the one in the Arms of Parker-Macclesfield, but the ones in the Peare Coat.

I recall riding my bicycle to view the room at Libby and Rumble, which is how I know I didn't have the Firebird at the time, which is how I know I was at Levendale when spending that weekend with Peare. Were the Pierleoni Jews of the elephant-using Levens (Shropshire)? Just go ahead and compare the Leven Coat to that of Rumble's, a near match. What are the chances? Note that instead of the white Bus cinquefoils upon the Rumble chevron, Levens use, upon a same-colored chevron, white stars, those not only of Annas', but of Bennets! RoxANNE Bennet!!! Jesus was sentenced to death at the home of the former high priest, Annas. He is also called, ANANus, like the Ananes Gauls who merged with the Bruce's of Annandale, where Roxanne's breasts pointed when sitting on my dresser at the corner of Libby and Rumble. The landlady here turned out to be a friend of my old friend, Miss Quinn, suspect with Quints who in-turn share the Leven and Rumble chevrons. Remember, Rums/Rooms were at Annandale, and Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's and Una-river June's from Junia Caepionis, daughter of Libby- / Leven-like Mr. Livius.

Rumillys were merged with Skiptons of Craven, and Cravens were from the KRVati = Croatians, who lived at the Kupa river with Breuci. Craven is in Yorkshire with the English Bruce's, and the Craven motto loves to Actons (Cheshire) expected in the "actio" motto term of Rumble's, which does well to prove that Rumble's were a Rumilly branch. The Breuci were near Rigg-suspect Rijeka/Rika (Croatia), and Riggs happen to share the Acton fesse, in colors reversed from the same of Cravens. The latter use the Rigg-like Rick Coat in colors reversed.

More. As the Rumble and Leven Coats are a near match, let's go to the "laus actio" motto phrase of Rumble's, for Saraca's lived at Ragusa = Laus, and the Levens have elephant heads for the neighboring Elaphiti islands. Perfect. That's another reason that God set me up at Levendale, and then to Rumble on my BIKE. The Biks happen to share the stag heads of ANNE's (Yorkshire, that's right). The landlady at Libby had a pool, and when she learned that I invited ANNette to it, she asked me to leave. The Annette's have stars colors reversed from the Annas stars.

Annas' share the stars of Tease's/Tyes', both first found in Nottinghamshire with the Mansfields (said to be named after breasts, but this is wrong) who in-turn share the maunch with Tickhills. Anne's were at Yorkshire's Tickhill. Ticino-like Ticks/Touque's were first found in Kent with the Axton location of Actons expected in the Rumble motto. Leven-like Laevi were on the Ticino, also called the Tesson, where I trace both Tease surnames, and this is why I see the Tiss'/TEECE's in the Rumble motto. The Rumble motto in full is, "VirtuTIS laus actio."

The Mansells/MANCells (probably the maunch-like Manx of Man), who share the Mansfield Coat, were first found in ROXburghshire's Kelso with Maxwells (black, double-headed eagle). I trace the latter to the Arms-of-Rijeka's ROCK upon which there stands a black, double-headed eagle. I assume that ROXanne Bennet was named such for some Annas elements in Roxburghshire, and here one can go to Seleucid-possible SElkirks (beside Roxburghshire), for Mansells share flames with Douglas' and James' while Douglas' have a SALamander in their flames while Selkirks have a salaMANDER alone, the Douglas heart, and even the Douglas motto in honor of the James'. This makes SelKIRKs suspect with Church-like Kirks who share "quod" with Mansells. The MANders happen to share "laus" with Rumble's!

I met large-breasted Mamie on my last night with Lorraine, when Mamie danced with me in her LIVING ROOM. You can clearly see the Rums/Rome's/ROOMs there, who link to the Bruce > Brest line as discussed above. Her large breasts convinced me, on top of other compelling things arranged by God, that Mamie is a pointer to Mamesfelde (said to be named after mam = breasts, but this is wrong) of the Mansell-branch Mansfields. And the Leven-like Levins/LIVINGs have a version of the Selkirk Chief, only the latter use white stars, potentially the Annas / Tease/Tyes stars. On the first day that Mamie became my girlfriend, in the garden event that gave her a THIGH symbol for the Tyes variation of Tease's, she pointed to the family of MUMmolin, whom we can glean in the "mum" terms buried in the Kirk motto, thus tending to clinch Kirks with Selkirks.

The Seleucus-like Sellicks share the stars of Wigtons while Wiggans (Cambridgeshire, same as Rumillys) have the Annas stars upon the Annas Chief-Shield combination (i.e. Wiggans and Annas' have almost-identical Coats). The same Chief-Shield colors are used by Kirks so that SELKirks look like a SELLICK branch but married to Kirks (use a white sword in place of the white Annas / Wiggan star). Sellicks use two stars on a black Chief, and Selkirks three stars on a black Chief.

ROXanne Bennet looks like a pointer to Rooks and Rookbys. Here's how. Bennets are a branch of Benedicts, and the so-called boilers of German Bennets should be code for Boullier's (rooks), possible Bullis liners to the earliest Seleucid-Maccabee (part-Jewish) merger. Benedict-liner Pierleoni were Jews of Rome wanting into the papacy. They are suspect with the Rita's of Rome sharing the James lion, which is probably colors reversed from the Bruce lion because royal Bruce's were followed by royal James'. From the Boullier rooks, we take it to Yorkshire's Rookbys (have a form of the Rook Coat), in Mansfield colors and format: "The owner of Rokeby having become proprietor of Mortham, in the parish, by marriage with the heiress of the Manfields..." What are the chances that Mansfields should pop up also in an investigation into what ROXanne might mean in God's heraldic work? How can it be a further coincidence that Rookbys were as TEESdale while Mamie, the pointer to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, was given a tease symbol the night before she had her thigh symbol. The Swiss Tease's/Tess', probably from the Swiss canton of Ticino, have LEAVES on what I expect to be the Annandale saltire in colors reversed.

Teesdale's/Tisdells, from the Tees river, have a hand holding a sword's BLADE, and Blade's share pheons with Teesdale's. This can trace to Bled, beside Lesce i.e. in reach of the Breuci. Teesdale's were first found in Durham with the Tees and Wear rivers, and Wears/Were's share the Bruce / Brush motto. Brush's (Annandale saltire as used in gold by Bruce's) were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's having the Bled Coat in colors reversed...another indication that Bruce's were from the Breuci. Teesdale's share the thistle and sword with Kirks while Kirks share the crozier with Wears/Were's and Yorkshire's Odins. Crozier's (have the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Mummolin) were first found in Auvergne while German Kirks share the tower of AuVERGNE's, which reminds that I lived at the home of VERNE ARCHIBALD when living on Kirk-like Church street! Zinger, that works.

Verne's/Lavernes' (Forez) are in Auvergne (and Pilate) colors. Verne's even look connectable to the Archibalds where the latter share the white crescent with the Crest of the Kids who in turn have a version of the Verne Coat. Plus, Archibalds share the crescent of Rumillys having the Kid Shield, apparently. Keep in mind here that Rumillys and Kids have the Chief-Shield colors of Seleucid-suspect Saluzzo's. I see Maccabee-liner Masci's all over Saluzzo elements so as to suggest the Seleucid-Maccabee merger in such things as Alexanders and Bailys (share the Kid / Verne stars). Mont Pilat is near the Forez mountains, and the Pilate pheons are colors reversed from the same of Teesdale's. This is incredible, for ARCHibalds must be from the Arc river at Maccabee-suspect Modane, for Rookbys of Teesdale married Mansfields and thus acquired MORTEham while Motts/MOTTINs (Alexander crescent) come up as Morte's. Thus, the white Kid / Rumilly / Archibald crescent looks like the Alexander / Morte crescent.

When I crossed the James' above while on SELkirks, I jotted down that Lorraine had the look of JAYNE Mansfield, for Jayne's/Jeans/J'ANES' (Bruce / James lion) look like a James branch (Lorraine was better without make-up). I then went to Jayne's Wikipedia article to find how much she looked like Lorraine, finding that she was born Miss Palmer. So I looked for Palmer Avenue on this map of Richmond Hill, to see how close to Lorne and Church it intersects with Church street. But as Palmer is about three blocks south of Lorne, I deleted the mention of Jayne Mansfield altogether. However, I decided to mention this because I lived, when Roxanne first became my girlfriend, at an apartment building on Church street, which so far as I can recall, is right at Palmer. This update had Palmer liners earlier, connected especially to Macey liners, and Maccus of Man, where Mansfields trace, was a Macey liner.

I built a DECK for Verne Archibald, which is how I met him, and Roxanne was new to me (maybe a couple of weeks) at this time. The Decks/Daggers are suspect with the Teck variation of Tease's/Tess', and we just saw ROXanne-suspect Rookbys at Teesdale. All of these "coincidences" suggest that Kirks (share thistle with Teesdale's) were a Church branch.

Lorraine lived on Church a couple of properties north of Lorne. She lived directly across Church from a PARK, and, zikers, Parks (Cumberland, same as Kirks, haha!) share the red stag head with Celts/Cults while the latter share the Teesdale pheon!!! Again, it's colors reversed from the Pilate pheon, and Celts/Colts were in PERTHshire while Mont Pilat has a PERDrix peak. Mont Pilat is at or near the first-known Verne's! I'm simply amazed. Verne lived a couple, or at most a few, properties south of Lorne, and the first-known Mr. Lorn was Angus. Angus' share the Annas stars. RoxANNE. In fact, I now remember that Roxanne was the tea girl!!! That's what we called her when she served us tea from Verne's kitchen as my two partners (Rick Legge and Trevor) and I built Verne's deck. Tea's are listed with Tease's/Tye's with the Annas stars!!! Incredibly funny, this really is. Tea's/Tease's look linkable to Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia i.e. on the Ticino river. For years I've been thinking that German Decks/Daggers are a branch of Tease's/Tecks, and here we are.

English Daggers were even first found in Cumberland with Kirks, and the Kirk saltire formed by a sword and crozier is like the saltire formed by the two swords of Tax's/Dachs!!! INCREDIBLE.

Lookie: After Roxanne, Lorraine and Mamie, I moved back to Verne's place, where I purchased a 32-foot extension ladder to paint the three-story apartment building I had lived in at Church and Palmer. I can't recall why I moved out of Verne's at that time, but recall walking this ladder on my shoulder north to Hunt street, because I didn't have a vehicle at the time (I do remember the Firebird with Mamie). I moved to Hunt, where lived a dispatcher of a TAXi company, and that's how I became a taxi driver with a full-time car rented for the purpose. Eventually, I was called upon to pick up Mamie twice with this taxi, and that's how I discovered Tax's/Dachs...suspect with the Fesch swords-in-saltire because, on the second occasion of picking her up, we dated one last time and went to the restaurant of Mr. Fix (Jewish). Fix's have variations suggesting Fesch variations, and Feschs were first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tecks. Soon after finding Tax's/Dachs, thanks to the white-on-red Shot/Shute swords and the sling SHOT in the Arms of Dachau, I realized that Tax's/Dachs (white-on-red swords) were from Dachau, headquarters for Hitler's Bavarian concentration camps.

If you check the Fire surname, you will see variations like fuhrer, Hitler's middle name. That can explain why I had a Firebird as a pointer to 9-11. Plus, when it was gone for good (can't remember what happened to it), it was replaced by a taxi that I drove 24/7 like my own. That's Nazi-interesting.

[Insert -- After writing here, the Fire/Feuhrer Coat was loaded to see if this mystery could be cracked by one of the variations. Spotting the Fewer variation, the Fews were loaded. To my astonishment, there was a heart with flames (fire) upon it in the two colors of the Trade heart!!! I was right. God did arrange the Trade's to use the Bush fleur for pointing to president Bush! I now recall that Bullys and Don BOSCO use hearts in flames! Here's from the 1st update in January, 2018: "...the Arms of the Salesians of Don Bosco, showing a man (purple robe) beside an anchor with a coiled rope, and a purple flaming heart". As Busca is beside Saluzzo, the Salesians look like Saluzzo liners." It even appears that Seleucids could be a part of this, though I've not proven that Saluzzo's were Seleucids.

The Trade towers are likened unto pillars, and perhaps God arranged Scottish Bosco's to use so-called, pillars, albeit three of them. By what coincidence do Pillars/PILOTs share the lion of Palins, the latter being a branch of PLAINs/Platters??? Who arranged a Pilot branch to have a link to Bosco's? Plains/Platters share the fleur-de-lys of Sales', a term like Don Bosco's "Salesian." Was this Arranged too? The Boasts/Bois', said to be of Bosco's, share the cinquefoils of Rigsbys who in turn have wavy bends in the colors of the wavy bends of Platters, first found in Suffolk with Platters. is that a wow? It's one indirect, but strongish, link of Bosco liners to Plains, if anyone wants to see it. We can now fathom why one of the Riggs Coats has the Walker chevron-with-annulets, as though God arranged it to assure that Plains/Platters are a part of his 9-11 exposure.

The Boasts/Bois' are in the Nimo motto with Shows, and the latter's variations connect us to Schore's (roses) having pillar-like columns in the colors of the Bosco pillars. Then, columns are used by Pelosi's having a Pilot-like Pilati variation.

The Walker-like Wagers (hearts but no flames), first found in Yorkshire with Walkers and Bush's, have a bent arm holding what looks like the gold annulet of Walkers and/or Walchs/Walsh's. Walkers have the same bent arm holding a "green lizard" (have this recorded in the 4th update of June, 2012), which is good for supporting my prior claim that the paper plane (started off as a page on the table) in the Obama dream was a pointer to LISa Page, for Lizarts/Lazards share the pale bars of LISE's (and Lists), looking much like the three bends of Platters. Plus, Page's share black-on-white pheons with Irish Walchs/Walsh's.

Repeat: "Sara Palin was chosen as the prospective vice-president when John McCain wanted to be the president. The Arms of Saraca fish is in the colors of the McCain/Keon fish, and the latter's lizards..." John McCain was a part of the Steele-dossier assault on Trump, and the paper plane on Obama's pool table was exactly pointed to that dossier crime. The plane acted as the cue BALL, and Palins, though I'm not sure why, share the Ball / Ballon lion (not sure if Ball liners were a Palin branch). Italian Ballons (probably the Vannes/Ness fesses) happen to have a split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. The Brittany Ballons use large ermines, a symbol of Vannes. In fact, the Arms of Vannes has an ermine mammal wear a Scherf-like scarf.

I do wonder why there is no Plane surname coming up if God wants to point to the 9-11 planes. The Birds were at Broxton, and the lone Broxton fitchee, black as with the lone Plain/Platter fitchee, happens to be in the colors of the Shire/Shere fitchee, as well as the fitchee-like cross of Schire's/Schere's/SCHERFs (Austria, same as Fire's). There you have evidence that Birds are a potential pointer to the fake 9-11 planes. It's like God is sending us a message about the true identity of the president Bush's. The Schere's/Scherf even use roses for an indirect link to Bosco's. The paper plane in the Obama dream was a fake plane, and while it was sewered as a pointer to Sewers/Suits/Suters, Swiss Sewers (rarely mentioned, happen to share stems with their rose, as do German Walkers, Schere's/Scherfs and SHERwoods (white roses, as with Sewers). Houseofnames once showed the English Bush's with a red fesse, which then gives the Bush fesse-with-items resemblance to the same of one Bird Coat (with rose).

The same 2018 update has: " From my 4th update in June, 2015: 'The Ratterys/Rattrays use "a flaming HEART"...'" While Hoods were in a Rattery location, the Sherwoods happen to mention Robin Hood (probably mythical, probably code for surnames in merger). Hoods share the crescent of Bird-like Bauds (from the Bautica river, as with Rose-suspect Rozala of Ivrea). Lookie: Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with Bosco-related Rose's.

It may only be a small point for now, but while Birds use a FLORY cross, the Flory surname shares the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs. It seems that the Few heart with flames links especially well to Trade's, and all of this then links to the Firebird. By the time of this insert, the Firebird was found to link to the street corner where Lorraine had her BUS stop. You'll see this below. End insert]

I had the Firebird for Roxanne, and for Pierro-like Peare, but not for Lorraine, and then had it again for Mamie (it must have been unusable for a few months), and this may be due to the Firebird being God's pointer to 9-11, suspect as a crime from Bush-circle, Nazified Americans in high places. I'm assuming God wanted me to be WALKing when with Lorraine, and she points to Bush in multiple ways.

One last thing about RoxANNE Bennet before moving on: Bennets with the same stars as Annas / Tea's/Tease's have the patee cross of Ceraunii-line Crauns, and the latter's ANNulets are colors reversed from the same of Bulls/Bule's. It looks like Bennets / Pierleoni can be Bullis / Balas liners. If "Roxanne" is a pointer also to Rooks, then let's add that Alexander-beloved Terras' use rooks too while one half of the Alexander Coat (Mort crescent) is in the colors and format of Rookbys (of TEESdale and MORTEham). There's argumentation to be made that Crauns have a colors-reversed version of the Tea/Tease Coat, if annuLETs are of the Annas'. The Lets/Late's (Chief-Shield colors of Annas') were first found in Gloucestershire, where the Tewksburys (possible branch of Touque variation of Ticks) of that place married Arthurs of Clapton (Gloucestershire border), as did the Hicks whose heraldry I link to Crauns. The Clapton Coat no longer showing shares the Craun patee.

I invited Annette into the pool at Libby and Rumble immediately after breaking up with Lorraine. Annette is the sister of Diane (wife of Joseph Oullette above), and the latter was with me when meeting Lorraine at the Finch bus station at roughly the same time. I think it's indicating that the gold lion in the Rumble Crest is that of Diane's/Deans, for they were first found in Sussex with Rumble's (and Diens/DIVES', lest we forget the Blundville's of Diva). Rumble's are the ones with the gold Parker-Macclesfield leopard face, in both colors of the Diane/Dean lion. I first saw Diane in the Mr. Donut COFFEE shop in the LEVENdale plaza, and Levens share the Rumble chevron. Coffee's/Coffers are thus looking like a branch of Coverts/Cofferts (Sussex again) because the latter have a gold leopard face in Crest. Coverts/Cofferts share the fesse of Actons (Cheshire) expected in the Rumble motto. Plus, Levens (same place as Meschins) share the elephant with Mascals (Sussex again) and with Grounds/Crannys (crane) while Grounds/Grundys share the Covert/Coffert martlets. Courts/Coverts (Sussex again) love the Ground-like Grands/Grants in their motto. It's speaking to the crane of Sharks because the "laus" motto term of Rumble's has got to be code for Laus = Ragusa (i.e. beside ELAPHiti islands).

I didn't have all of this when first mentioning, not long ago, that Rumillys look like they could have a hint of shark teeth. That really works. In my door-handle dream, there were flames developing around the RIM of a container as soon as the rim hit the SAND on the GROUND. Rums/Rooms are also Rims, and while Sands (Rumble colors) use a RAGully pattern, Irish Sanders use more elephant heads while German Sanders use BULLs. I think it's clear that Rums and Rumble's were Ceraunii liners.

I didn't expect a Donut surname when writing on Diane at Mr. Donut. I intended only to emphasize the Coffee surname. Donuts (not familiar with them) happen to share the Coat of Dent-branch Denets (SUSSEX AGAIN!), speaking to the teeth of the shark around the bulldog's belly, all suspect with Bullis elements at the Ceraunii mountains. It appears that God set Diane up at Mr. Donut for a Diane-Dean link to Donuts / Denets. French Denets probably have a Coat version of the Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Dents) and of the Pierro's/Pero's (Denets use "PER Dei proviDENTiam"). This seems to play to my dance with Mamie in her LIVING ROOM, for Livings are Leven-like Levins, and Rooms/Rums, expected with Rumble's, share the fesse of Dance's and Denets, and even have a lion matching the Dance lion heads.

Crowns around necks, used for the greyhound of Donuts, have been resolved, with Crauns, as Ceraunii liners. Grands/Grants use crowns. Irish Sanders have an elephant head in a crown, and share the motto of Vince's/Finch's and Chesters. Irish Sanders are in MANSfield colors and format while sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Midlothian's Mens/Mame's/Meme's, the latter suspect with MAMESfelde of Mansfields. Midlothian is beside Musselburgh, and Mussels/Muscels (like the Mascals sharing the elephant with these Sanders) share plates with the Sander Chief.

Now this is a good place to repeat that "laus" is a motto term also of MANders and Elaphiti- / elephant-like Oliphants. As Herods were known Edomites, we go to Harald, father of Maccus, on Mansfield-line Man because Haralds are also Herods. As Haralds/Herods were first found in ARGYLLshire, I see this place from Herod ARCHELaus ("laus" ending, hmm), and consequently I see Argyll named after elements on the ARC river. The Kintyre island of the first-known Alexanders is in Argyll and Bute. MacDonalds, sharing the Ferte eagle (colors reversed from the Vienne eagle) expected from Ferte-Mace, were of Argyllshire. This Herod was banished from Israel to Vienne Isere, not far from Forez, which is mentioned because the Forez fesse is also the Harald/Herod fesse, and because the line of Pontius Pilate was at the Forez theater. I lived at Verne's, and Verne's were first found in Forez...and Verne's surname happens to be, ARCHibald.

Verne-like Auvergne's were first found in Dauphine. Vienne was the capital of dolphin-using Dauphine, but Verne Archibald didn't know this when he was named. Both the Auvergne Shield and that of French Chambre's (from Chambre on the Arc river) use a Shield filled with the same fleur-de-LYS (could easily be Laus elements), but Verne Archibald didn't know this when he was named.

DOUGLas-beloved James' use the dolphin. The other James', in the colors and format of Maccus-line Mackays (Sutherland), share the DOUGal lion. The James motto is "Victor" while Victors share the stars of Sutherlands and SALOME's while Douglas' have a SALAMander. The Sutherland stars are said to be the Moray stars (in someone else's colors, and Douglas' (Moray) share the normal Moray stars with Verne's, believe it or not. Dougals (Galloway) have been resolved as kin of Scottish Bauds (triDENT), and the latter share the ship of Baud-branch Balds. I wrote this before going to the Dauphine article to find that the Arms of Dauphine share the quadrants of Dougals and Scottish Bauds! And French Bauds were first found in Auvergne! Amazing. The Chambre and Auvergne fleur-de-lys are in the Arms of Dauphine.

Verne ArchiBALD lived nearest to the corner of Church and LORNE, and Dougals are said to descend from a Duncan (Bus cinquefoils!) of Lorn, but Verne Archibald didn't know this when he bought his house near Lorne. Archibalds look like Arc-river elements merged with Bautica-river elements, and a LYS river is a Bautica tributary. My bet is that Archibalds have a version of the Biggar Coat (same as Dallas'/Doleys of Moray) because Douglas' were in the Biggar area. Dallas'/DOLeys and Dougal-branch Dowells/Doule's could be a branch of dolphin-using Dolfins (Pilate colors and format).

The Dallas'/Doleys are said to have been Ripley liners at Dolays MYKEL location while Michael's were first found in Surrey with James'. Mickle's, who have a Mr. Mykl, share the spur and hunting horn with Brisons. Spurrs were first found in Devon with the Spurr-like Supers in the "supero" motto term of Scottish Michaels. Supers share white billets with Besancons/Bassets of Forez, and the latter's are in both colors of the Etienne billets while Montbrison is beside St. Etienne. Supers share the Hunt(er) saltire while Billet-like Bullits were first found in Huntingdonshire.

English Michaels (same place as James') have scallops colors reversed from those of James'. God showed me that Michaels are from emperor Michael Rangabe of Byzantium, and Italian Dolfins (gold fish), with a split-Shield in Rangabe-cross colors, trace to: "...Calocino Delfina served in the Byzantine administration as Captain of the area of southern Italy." I trace scallops to Sicily's Messina, and Michaels are clearly a branch of scallop-liner Meschins. English Michaelsons, whose Coat looks linkable to salamander-using, Douglas-related, Seleucid-suspect Selkirks, have a "proSIM" motto term and share the lion of Sicily's SIMons. While Dougals were first found in Galloway, see the Scottish Michaels: "'This place, which is of remote antiquity, derives its name, in old documents Corse-Michael, from the dedication of its church, which was granted to the abbey of Sweetheart, in the year 1275, by Dervorgille, wife of Allan, Lord of Galloway, and mother of John Baliol, King of Scotland.'" Are we on the Balas-line Seleucids here?

WOW, immediately after re-reading the paragraph above, when inserting Michaelsons, Francesca Battistelli sang, "Got a couple of RIPs in my JEANS." These words were sung just as I finished reading the "Balas-line Seleucid" question. Dallas'/Doleys are said to be RIPleys at a Mykel location. That looks like an act of God to verify that Jeans/Janes' are a James branch, and that Dallas' can apply to a James-Michael merger. Compare the English-Michaelson Chief to the Chief of Etienne's, for the latter has a star in the colors of the two Sellick-Chief stars, perfect for proving that Selkirks were a Sellick branch but merged with Church-like Kirks! Wow. Etienne's were first found in Lorraine, and Lorraine the babe lived closest to the corner of Lorne and Church, same as Verne Archibald. Ripleys (Forez colors) share the lion of Lorraine's! The songline above is by Francesca Battistelli, and Battistelli's use more billets. When it rains, it pours. French Billets/BILLIARDs share the Zionist stars of German Michaels, and English Billets share the Bus / Rumble cinquefoils.

In the Crest of lion-using James', I expect the lion of royal Bruce's, Jane's/Jeans (share scallops with James'), and Galloways. In the Hicks dream, I had no shirt on but did have jeans. Shirts share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards. Shirts use a "Hostis" motto term while dolphin-using James' use an OSTrich suspect with Hosts/Osts and Rich's / Ricks.

Mont Pilat is near MontBRISON, and Brisons are listed with Bruce-liner Brests/Brix's. Rulers of Montbrison ruled over Forez, and Verne's were first found in Forez. Forez's share in their Crest double-white lions combattant with the Crest of Seleucid-possible Salesburys. The "travers" motto term of Forez' suggests Travers/Travis' sharing the Meschin scallops and having resemblance with the English Michael Coat.

I was side-tracked from Annette in the pool, though Pools share the James / Dougal lion in case it applies. Recall that Annas' share the Chief-Shield colors of LETs/Late's, for Annette's have a "compLETum" motto term. Annette's have the Annas stars in colors reversed. Annette's are also ARNotts while Annas' are also ARNess'. The ARNo river flows from Fire-like Firenze to near Pisa. As Mosca's were first found in Pisa, it appears that English ARNolds (pheons, "VIGILa") are using the Mosca leopard in Crest. Italian Arnolds have a wyvern dragon, which traces to Mosca-loving Drake's. Now that we have Arnolds nailed to Arno-rivers liners, let's go to German Arnolds (Austria, same as Fire's) sharing the red FLORY cross of Birds (FIREBIRD!), in colors reversed from the same of Taddei's, first found in Firenze (FLORence). The Taddei Chief can be gleaned in the Chief of Firenze-like Ferrands (Yorkshire again). Ferrands (governed Skipton castle) share "Justus" with the Yorkshire Palms as code for Justine's/Justus', kin of Wings/Winks in the wings of German Arnolds.

If you check the map above, or this google map, Lorne becomes Arnold at Yonge street, a thing I didn't know until now. Therefore, I asked Lorraine out at a bus stop on the corner of Arnold and Yonge, not Lorne and Young. That map is why Arnolds were introduced here, and they share pheons with Stops/Stubbs. My Masci mother must be a Mosca liner. Also, on the other end of Lorne, it's attached to VERN Dynes Way, a new street at some point since I stopped living in that town. Unbelievably, Dynes' are listed with Diens/Dives', which I think named Chester.

AND WOWWWW. I loaded the google map to get the name of the park across from Lorraine's, and it has an ELGIN Barrow arena (not on the map above). Elgins, in the colors and near-format of the English Arnold Coat, use what look like wolves, but the same Coat by Elkins has what looks like leopards (without spots), the Earl-of-Macclesfield symbol! That leopard (= the Mosca leopard) is also in the Crest of English Arnolds!!! What are the chances if God did not arrange this?

The Elkin creatures don't have heads like lions at houseofnames, but do have heads like leopards, and they are in the colors of the leopard faces used by the PARKer earls of Macclesfields, is that not wild? Centuries before them, Macclesfield was ruled by the Meschin-Blundville line. Repeat: "Earls of Macclesfields used leopards and leopard faces, the latter being the symbol of Fitch's suspect with Montfitchetts. It's linking earls of Macclesfields back in earlier times to the Gernon>Blundville line."

As the Elkin leopard is gold, as with the Covert/Coffert leopard face, the Elkins (leopards in the colors of Dean/Diane lion) look like they are sharing the Covert/Coffert Shield. This is wilder yet, for a long-time emailer to me in the past, Miss Covert, was married to Mr. Dein while Diane's/Deans and Diens/Dynes'/Dives' were both first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts. I link the Dean/Diane crescents to French Masseys/Masse's who in turn have a "tree without leaves" (I had read the description when the website was still active for me), and so the heraldic tigers without stripes can be a Massey-line ploy along with the leopard without spots in order to become code for a Stripe- and Spot-like surname. "WITHout" must be code for what we find in the write-up of Tattons (share Dean / Massey crescents): "Robert Tatton...who married the heiress of William de WITHenshaw, alias Massy..." One of my great-grandparents, on my Masci side, was a Taddei, as if to confirm that Taddei's were a Tatton / Tout branch.

Miss Covert and Mr. Dein were topics as relates Aryan Nations, for this organization (Idaho) was smack in/beside their home town, and there was more to it, including Mr. Dean's sister having married Mr. SCHERIFF of West Islip, Long Island, right beside the Patchogue county/district that was home to William Hitler, Adolf's nephew. It doesn't matter to me whether Dein was part of Aryan Nations or not, for God can use anything/anyone to point to things, and he was definitely used as such. Dein's mother was Miss Abbott, and that surname was first found in Oxfordshire with Elkins. The Scheriff-like Sheriffs were first found in WARWICKshire with the Tree's suspect in "tree without leaves," and Mr. Dein had an address in Warsaw, Indiana, home of WARS, a white supremacist group. I have traced Warwicks to Warsaw, Poland, for longer than I've known of Mr. Dein.

The Arms of Warsaw (Poland) shares the mermaid with the Moray Crest, and Elgins were of Elginshire at Moray. This mermaid id the Melusine beloved of the satanist "prince," Nicholas de Vere von DRAKenberg, and the dukes of Masovia, where Warsaw is the capital, used the red wyvern of Mosca-loving Drake's. Vere's ruled Oxfordshire for centuries, and so the Elkin-of-Oxfordshire - Elgin-of-Moray duo looks like a part of Vere-Drakenberg make-up.

Charles Mangel of Montana (beside Idaho), who could have been related to Hitler's Joseph Mengele, was a white-supremacist leader involved at some point with Aryan Nations. Hitler's Otto Skorzeny, the one who reportedly told on his death bed that George Herbert Walker Bush was born, George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi, also said at his deathbed that Adolf Hitler escaped to Montana. It all seems to check out, for God seems to have verified it in my life. God must have planned to have Miss Covert contact me by email from as long ago as His naming Elgin Barrow arena, for it was the Elkins that got me to the Covert topic at this time...perfect timing because this update has been much of the bash topic. Flight TWA 800 was shot down (from the ground) as it crossed Long Island at the area of Hitler's nephew (renamed himself William Stuart-Houston).

Abbotts (same place as Peare's/Pears) use pears so as to be of the Pero-Peare line, and Leaves-like Laevi founded Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found. Peare's/Pears happen to use the leopard face of the Parker-Macclesfield earls! I spent the weekend with Miss Peare as little as a month before meeting Lorraine, and never saw Miss Peare again. I was driving with Peare in my firebird, and Fire's share the white unicorn with Abbotts. Is this a pointer to the Abbott-Scheriff marriage? By what coincidence do Schere's/Scherfs share the giant fitchee, in the same colors, with BROXtons while Birds were at Cheshire's Broxton? BROCKs were first found in Essex with Fitch's. The Fitch Crest is comparable to the Skene symbol, and Skene's (beside Elginshire) have wolf heads in the colors of the Elgin wolves (they look like wolves).

Another wyvern is used by Walk-like Wilkins upon the split-Shield of Schere's/Scherfs. It's the green wyvern of Lewis (Glamorgan, same as Wilkins and Tillers), but Tile's use yet another wyvern. The green wyvern is that also of Guerra's, suspect with Guerin of Provence, and then the Lizarts/Lazards, expected in the lizard of Walkers, were at a Mons location at Provence's DRAGuignan. Guerins might therefore have the Mons/Mount lion. Markhams (suspect with the Ticino's Marici) have the Guerin Coat, almost, and their "MiTIS" motto term should be for Tiss'/Teece's, first found in Hampshire with Drake's and Lizart-branch Lise's. French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with Laevi-suspect Levi's and CHAPPES'. The Markham Coat is a version of the CHAPPUS/Capote Coat. Marici co-founded Ticinum with the Laevi. Markhams use an "auDAX" motto term, and the English Dax's/Ducks share the stars of Tea's/Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, same as Markhams), and have lion heads in the colors of the Markham-Chief / Guerin-Chief lion. German Dax's are with Tax's/Dachs.

Markhams have Cressys in their write-up while French Cressys share the engrailed border of Sellicks. Cressys were at Beeston Regis while Blundville's were at Cheshire's Beaston.

Now that Arnolds are plastered to Mosca's, let's go to the "Ut vivas" motto phrase shared between English Arnolds and Craigs, for I trace the latter to ACRAGas, the alternative spelling of Agrigento, location of the Drago river of the Drake's / proto-Drake's. It's proving that Craigs and their Carrick descendants were in Agrigento. As "Vivas" is code for Vibia, mother of Laevillus of Cetis, we note that his son's name was CHARAX, thus tracing that line to Agrigento for a reason we might like to discover. It's probably got to do with the ancestry of CARACalla's father, known to be from north Africa. Caracalla's brother, Geta, is suspect with a Geta family from Getuli Numidians, and it just so happens that Cetis- / Geta-like Geddes' use three pike heads in the colors of the three pheons of English Arnolds while pheon-like "pikeheads" are used by Piccots...and those pikeheads are in the design of the items used from French Ferrands in the colors of the Stop/Stubb (and Nichol) pheon. Ferrands are suspect as Fire liners, and Birds (Cheshire, same as Piccots and Nichols) happen to share the martlets of Hips'/Hipkins while the Drago is also the HYPSas.

But I didn't have the Firebird with Lorraine. Why not? Was it because God wanted to stress Walks, first found in Dumfries, same as the proto-Geds on the Nith river? Walks share the fleur of Perkins/PARKings, and the latter have a "vigiLUM" motto term to match the "vigila" of English Arnolds. Mosca's (probably the Masa CARians) were from elements of PALMA di MonteCHIARO, and a "Palma" motto term is used by LUMs/Lambs (share Bus / Rumble cinquefoils), suggesting that the Lums are in the Perkin/Parking motto. Both Lum surnames share the colors and format of Riggs (Lancashire, same as Lums/Lumbs), and the other Riggs have the chevron-with-annulets of English Walkers ("Magna"), can we believe it? That's cool stuff because Plancia Magna was related by marriage to Mr. Simplex in the Perkin/Parking motto. The latter Riggs share "vivo" with Craigie's (Craigs use "Vive ut vivas"). After finishing the paragraph above, I was fixing the misspelling on the second mention of Walks, at which instant a song (You Raise me Up) sang, "to walk (on stormy seas)." Just as I was adding "can we believe it" in that paragraph, not a second later or earlier, the next song on my playlist, Write Your Story, sang, "I want to tell you now that I believe it." If ghosts are not in my house, it appears that God watches over, and guides some of, my writing. It keeps me going with this strange work.

On my first date with Lorraine, on my birthday, in the evening, we walked toward her place from the laundromat, and kissed at this park across Church street from her place. Kiss'/Cush's share the fountains of Wat(t)erville's (Northamptonshire, same as FLAX-breaker Brays/Brae's). Repeat: "...Ferte-Mace is suspect with the naming of a ManFRED(s) in relation to Mosca's of PALMa di Montechiaro (Sicily). Palms are said to be from Manfred Palmes, husband of Miss Watterville." Kiss'/Cush's share the fountains of Custs, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Conys.

I have no idea how Mosca's of Sicily linked with Meschins of Britain, aside from the Guiscard invasion of Sicily. The Samsons -- suspect from the Samsam Saracens of Sicily (i.e. in the area of Montechiaro and Chiaramonte) -- share the Meschin scallops and have the Flags in their motto. Samsons were first found in Gloucestershire with Maud, the wife of Hugh de Kevelioc i.e. the ancestress of Blundville's to which Lorraine's blond hair pointed.

As I said, her grass stain was on the side of her butt, which can be regarded as the lower hip, important now because the Drago river is also the HYPsas. Samsam and another fellow Saracen, TIMnah, went over to the Guiscards in the Sicilian wars. A Moray Coat no longer shown by houseofnames had a motto, "DEUM TIME," strongly suggesting the Time's/Timms, first found in Kent with "Dum"-using Massins/Masons. The latter share the merMAID with the Morays still showing, and Maids/Mauds (Cheshire) can thus be suspect with Maud of Gloucestershire. Maids/Mauds use three sets of double fesses in the colors of the double fesses of Palmers / Fleets / Flacks/Flags / Stans/Stains. Recall the Blundville-related STANsted Montfitchet location. At the 9-11 memorial I keep mentioning, STANley took my seat after I left it, and he was holding the American flag there.

Samsons ("letho") were first found in the same place as Late's/LETTs while mythical Leto was at the center of the Artemis cult overseen by the family of Plancia Magna. The particular Walkers with the "Magna" motto term share the annulets of Late-like Ladys. What might it therefore mean that Late's/Letts use organ pipes while Pipe's are kin of Stops/Stubbs (version of the Pipe / Pepin Coat), both first found in Staffordshire? French Samsons share the martlets of Fleetwoods while Flatts/Fletts (comparable to Blundville's) were first found in organ-like Orkney. French Samsons were in St. Lo (Manche) with MowBRAYs who in turn have the Mosca leopard now realized as the Macclesfield leopards. Brays/Brae's were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys.

Is it MaccLESfield-important that Stops/Stubbs share buckles with Leslie's? I see Macclesfields with Maxwells, whom I trace to the double-headed eagle in the Arms of Rijeka, right close to Leslie-line Lesce. Rijeka-like Riggs share the Lady annulets too.

As Bra is beside Monforte, note that Mowbrays share the Montfort lion, I'm assuming. Doesn't the flax breaker of Brays/Brae's link to Fleetwood branch of Fleets using the Flag/Flack fesses? As Breakers share the brown antelope with Balas'/Bailiss', it's notable that the latter's cross is in the colors of the Broken saltire...surrounded by trefoils, the Flatt/Fleet / Fleetwood symbol too. Flatts/Fleets were in Orkney with Henry Sinclair of Roslin, and Roslins were matched earlier with Rosels/Rossals i.e. who share the Fleetwood / Samson martlets. French Samsons: "held a family seat at SAINT-CLAIR-Sur-Elle in Manche in the arrondissement of St. Lo..." Sinclairs came to Roslin when Leslie's arrived with an earlier Henry Sinclair from Hungary. Rigsbys have bends in Leslie-bend colors.

The Balas' are important here because I've talked in the past of the FLAT tire that I say God gave me after church one Sunday morning. It was the day when Miss Hicks came to take my hands in hers, and she prayed for the request of the pastor for all of us to find someone to pray with. It was a rare request by this pastor; I recall him doing this only that one time. It was the day I wore the blazer with small black-and-green checks. I had said that I know of only one surname having checks in those colors, the Linkletters, first found in the Orkneys with Flatts/Fletts. You see. The point here is the flat TIRE, for Alexanders, long suspect (by me) from the Alexander-named Maccabees, whom must themselves been named after Alexander Balas, were first found in KinTYRE.

Kintyre is beside Arran, and the latter had the Maccabee-like MacAbee's, related to Abbeville near Arran-like Airaines. The Scotts have an Alexander, brother of king Baliol, and Baliols were a branch of Bailys, both said to be from a location just six miles from Abbeville. One Scott Coat shares the Coat of Terras' in the Alexander motto, and the other Scott Coat shares the white Shield with red border with Seleucus-like Sellicks. And so the Baliols and Bailys look to be from the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas.

The Moray Coat still showing have a "pret" motto term. The Cheshire's look like they can be with the lion paws of Bret-like Prets who in-turn share the stars of German Brets (and Salome's). The endings of German Brets/Bretsnyders suggest the Snyders, who may be with the Coffer/Coffee cup. Coffers/Coffee's (probably the Somer fesse) pointed to Motels and Mota's, and Motts/MOTTINs share the Alexander crescent while Alexander Balas made a pact with Jonathan Maccabee of Israel's MODI'IN location. Just looks at that. English Brets were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's (Snyder colors). Amazingly, I met Laurie Brady (male) shortly after knowing Lorraine, and while one of Laurie's sons was Bret, Laurie's share a giant cup with Snyders. I tend to see formation of "MaccaBAEus" with a branch of the Boii of Bologna and neighboring, Modi'in-like Modena.

I see Bradys from PodeBrady of Boii-line Bohemia. George, son of king Andrew, married a woman from Podebrady, and George fathered Maurice Drummond, who in turn came to Scotland from Hungary with Henry Sinclair of Roslin and the Leslie's. Might George's wife (I can't find her identity) have been a Seleucid?

See on the map above a Boius area near Antipatria, for elements of the latter founded Herods out of Cappadocia, home of Glaphyra Archelaus. She married two Herods, the second one being Alexander, known to be a Maccabee liner from when a Herod married one. Glaphyra and Alexander birthed another Alexander, and he was the grandfather of Julius Alexander, husband of Iotapa. If I recall correctly, Iotapa's ancestry was part-Seleucid. Herods were descended from Antipater of Edom, but an earlier Antipater, king of MACEdon, was father of king CASSANDER, and then Cassandra's/CASSANO's were first found in Modena. Works like a charm. Patria- / Pater-like Pattersons are also shown as Cassane's. I might even add that English Cassane's share the triple chevrons of Waters and Montfitchets i.e. linkable to Maccabee-liner Meschins of Chester. Seleucids were empowered by Alexander "the great" of Macedon. It could appear that Maccabees were Macedonian elements, which I see from Megiddo, at Israel's Armageddon.

Morleys are said to have had their manor(s) owned by Chester's rulers. Repeat: "MORleys share the CAKE/CakeBREAD fleur". That's expected from Sitric Caech, grandfather of Macey-line Maccus. Bret-like Breads/Bradds, with possibly the Russell / Marry lion, were first found six miles from Roslin, in Midlothian, where the Mens' were first found. Mens' (probably show an old man) were from the Isle of Man, where Harald and/or his son, Maccus above, was ruling. The Mens Chief-Shield colors are shared by Leeks/Leaks (and Balas-possible Bells), and the latter's bent, human leg is in the Arms of the Isle of Man, and in the Arms of Fussen on a LECK river. Lecks share the chevron of Blundville's, and Lorraine was the one for which Blonds came to topic. Lecks love the Prime's who use another bent, human leg, as do Feet- / Fette-suspect ProFETTs. Fette's are a branch of Foots -- now bang-on to Lorraine's beautiful feet -- suspect in the "CyFOETH" motto term of Gernons. Ranulph de Gernon was the grandfather of Blundville's, and the father of Cabyle-suspect Kevelioc. Cabels/Cabels share a fretty Shield with Modens/Modeys, but in the colors of MacAbee's. The latter share the salmon of Hams, first found in Sussex with same-colored Hammers. Family historians thought that "Maccabee" was named after a hammer, but they were, and still are, wrong. Hams and hammers were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts, feasibly from Curtus Maccabee.

The Blundville / Leck chevron is that also of Shirts/Shards, beloved of the Tous'/Tosini's/Tonso's (from Cabyle on the Tonzus) who use a "MAN" wearing a shirt. The Tosini-like Tosni's / Toeni's are in some Arms of Leicester along with the ermined Bus cinquefoil, and Hose's/OSE's (Host/Ost branch?), said to be from Tosnys (known descendants of Maul-like Malahule), and first found in Leicester, use a bent, human leg. Malahule is the known ancestor of the counts of the Bessin i.e the Meschins, and one of these descendants included Balas-like Balso D'Espaines. The Bessin is on the Orne river, and the Orne's/Horns share a version of the Heron/HAVERAN Coat (Ham / Hammer / MacAbee colors) suspect from AVARAN Maccabee. It begs the question on how Maccabees were related to Boeotians, especially as the Sadducee house of Boethus is expected from Orion-line Boeotians. They say that the Baiocasses of the Bessin were from the Boii. Note that a HORN is used upon a leopard face in the Coat of Hovers whose variations can be of the Haverans/Heffrons.

I now see that Riggers use the same bird (heron) as Horns/Orne's and Herons, but it must be a play on the Ceraunii-line crane. I think houseofnames has the same bird design at times either for a heron or a crane. One Ground/Cranny Coat has the crane (in Horn/Orne-heron colors), and the other Grounds/Grundys must have the engrailed Macclesfield cross in colors reversed because the Ground/Grundy Crest is the Mosca leopard design. As Grounds/Grundys share the Feet/Fate martlets, I suggest that the Grounds are Gernon branches. The Grounds/Grundys disclose that the Rhodes Crest is the Mosca leopard.

As Christine's were first found on the Isle of Man, I'd like to go back to the Lysle's/Lyle's of Shirburn castle, seat of the earls of Maccus-like Macclesfields. Shirburn is in Oxfordshire's PIRton, at the Thame are, and then Thames' and Peare's (both of Oxfordshire) share parts of their Shields while Miss Peare is Christine. Looking into a Peare link to Pirton, I found Pertons/Purtons (of a Piritone location) sharing pears with Oxfordshire's Abotts, and also found PEARtons listed with Partons who share the Chief-Shield of Mens', in colors reversed from the Chief-Shield colors of Perrots who in turn have the Perton / Abott pears (both colors). In the Wikipedia article for the earls of Macclesfields, their Arms are virtually the Peare Coat (minus the latter's black stars belonging to Thame's.

Of interest is that PRETs were first found in Staffordshire with PERTons.

The first earl of Macclesfield was the son of Miss Fitton, explaining why Foot / Feet-like Fittons (Cheshire) share the Arms-of-Cheshire garb in the Arms of Macclesfield, and in the Coat of Cue's having a Crest colors reversed from the central symbol in this Arms of Macclesfield. Cue's share the Coat shown for Robert of Caen, he being the ancestry of Blundville's, which can suggest that the Perton chevron is the Blundville chevron.

It's now interesting that MaccLESfield looks like a Maccus merger with a Leslie line, for Fittons have a version of the Leslie Coat, and Fothes'/Fette's/FITTES' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's (buckles). Pertons had a Perton location in Staffordshire, where Stops/Stubbs were first found who share black buckles with the Cheshire Mortons. These Mortons share the Perton / Blundville chevron. Purton/Piritone was/is in Wiltshire, where the other Mortons were first found. Stops/Stubbs share pheons on black with the Cords (Ayrshire, same as Margys/Mackeys) expected in the Fitton motto, and with Aberdeenshire's Cardins. CORDins (Mackay colors and format) share the white goat head with the Wiltshire Mortons.

I kissed Lorraine for the first time at a PICNIC table in the park, and this item was resolved with two things: the Piccots, first found in Cheshire with NICHols, for the latter share the pheon of Stops/Stubbs. At the time, I was not involving the Parker earls of Macclesfields, and here I find on the first earl, "Parker was born in Staffordshire, the son of Thomas Parker, an attorney at Leek [Staffordshire] and his wife Anne Venables, daughter of Robert Venables of Nuneham, Cheshire...On 23 April 1691, he married Janet Carrier..." The Cumberland Carriers share the so-called "pikeheads" of Piccots. Italian Carriers are listed with Carrara's, expected with Massa-Carrara, near Pisa i.e. where Mosca's were first found. Mosca's are in the Drake motto, and Drake's share the red wyvern with the Venable Crest. The Drake's seems to form a 666 out of the tail. I see Drake's with Dreux's, from Dreux of the Evreux area, where Venable's are said to be from. Dreux's are said to have married Salisbury, and Salisburys are Abreu / Evreux liners.

Introducing Mr. Salisbury

I'm going to guess that Venable's were partly a branch of the Van/Vane variation of Fane's, or even of the Fens/Venns, for the Arms of Fanano has one of the double Venable fesses (they are the Parr fesses too). But lookie at the Venable motto; "VenaBULIS VINCo." Who was it that had the Vince/Finch motto? The Chesters. This is amazing, for I once lived across the street from the Salisburys, and my friend there of about my age loved to DIVE into his POOL from his roof, I kid you not. Salisburys were near or even at Poole, and Chester was also, Diva. The Dive Coat looks like the Meschin Coat on Tailbois-red.

This friend with Salisbury surname must have been a Seleucid liner from Alexander Balas, for I can't remember much of what we did (I was about 20 years old), but one day he said that a female probably saw my balls (part of them) as they stuck out one side of my SHORTs (swim trunks?). Sorry, but this happened. Why do I remember this? Why did he even bother to say it? I was getting into the back seat of his car at the time, if I recall correctly, letting her into the front seat (a song, Strangely Dim, just sang "I've got a front-row seat," incredible!). Balls were once said to be first found in Cheshire...with Chester, Shirts, Piccots and Sales'; the Short-connectable Shirts share red roundels with Bullis'/BULLIARDs. I now recall that we did play BILLIARDs in his home. Sellicks/SelIOCHs (same ending as "KevelIOC") were first found near the Wiltshire location of SALESburys, and I've been wondering whether Sales' and Saluzzo's were Seleucid lines. Alans of the Bullis area married Saluzzo, and these Alans were the Arundels = Rundels/ROUNDELs. I purchased his set of drums, in case it means anything.

[Insert -- It took me a while to come up with this: as per the song above, Strange's share the double lions of Mars while the earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy castle. Is that not impressive work by God? Didn't He time that song just as I was writing, "letting her into the front seat." The song's chorus goes like this: "all my WORRIES FADE and fall to the GROUND..." Fade's (Yorkshire, same as Mars) are listed with Fate's/Feets who share the martlets of Grounds/Grundys, and this plays perfectly to Bullis elements. Worrys have a lion in Mar-lion colors. The song is by Francesca Battistelli, and Battistelli's share the pyramid with the Tolle's/Tulls who have the Tool lion, which is one of the two Strange / Mar lions.

Below, I get to the Pool-beloved Pollets, which recalled the Bullets who share the bull's scalp with the Cheneys who in turn are suspect with the Fade's/Fate's in their "fato" motto term. Pools (share griffin with Shorts) were first found in Dorset with Shorts. Pools use a "virTUS" motto term while Tous' use a shirt as well as stars in the colors of the Short estoiles. Shorts share the griffin of Hangers/Angers, first found in Hampshire (beside Dorset) with Tous-beloved Buttons. Oh wow, Hangers are in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts, and Mr. Salisbury was a pot smoker. The Short-Crest wings look linkable to the Crest of Here's, first found in Derbyshire with English Cnuts. Shirts were HARcourts Danes, a Hair branch. End insert]

I was on the roof with him, but I didn't want to dive (head first) into the pool from there. He would accelerate partially sideway down the sloping roof (bare feet) and fly through the air in a dive. It was easy, but there was the risk of choking at the last second, not jumping properly, and landing on or hitting the concrete patio. Unbelievably, the Pollets in the Pool motto share the swords of Baliols! God must have set up that roof dive.

The Roof Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Shark Coat (crane can trace to Epirus' Ceraunii mountains), which recalls the shark in a residential pool. The Roof raven clinches a Roof trace to the Coronis crow = the Ceraunii Illyrians. I have identified the Ceraunii with Carians (had a Masa/Maso sea peoples), very traceable to Carriers, especially to Massa-Carrara. Plus, the uniCORN is a Ceraunii-line symbol, and while Balls use a so-called "fireball," Fire's have a giant unicorn. [The square brackets above were not written until an hour or more after this paragraph was written. I can add that the song sang, "front ROW seat," and that Rows, said to be from a Ralph, were first found in Norfolk with Roofs/Ralphs. God wants to nail this work, and must have exposed my private parts for it. Would God do that? Danish Cnuts share the Shark / Roof trefoil, and while Sharks were first found in Tyrone, Tyrone's share the double Dexter chevrons while Here's use two dexter wings and were first found in the same place as English Cnuts.]

Oh wow, Mr. Salisbury was a DRIVER for a living. He asked me to come along on his work-related drives maybe twice, and that must have been how the private-part exposure took place. The Drivers share two gold wings in Crest with Hosts/Osts (Somerset, same Poll-beloved Pollets). Hosts/Osts are not only share the bull head of Bulls/Bule's (Somerset), but are loved by Shirts sharing red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards, and sharing the chevron of Blundville's share two gold(ish) wings in Crest with Drivers (Cheshire, same as Blundville's). Gold wings are used by Portuguese Abreu's while Salisburys (beside Somerset and Dorset) share the Abreu lion (and probably a white version of the double Abreu lions in Crest). I see Bruce's (old "Brusi" from the "Abruzzo/Abrussi" listed with Abreu's, which should explain why the Drivers have the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's and Brush's (Suffolk, same as Bullis'/Bulliards). Mr. Blundville was a grandson of de Gernon, and Gernons have double lions passant in the colors of the double rampant lions of Abreu's.

Drivers are said to have been Rivers, they being a branch of Revere's sharing a giant, blue lion with Bruce's, though in both colors of the Louvain/Louvier lion.

Aha. Compare the Piccot Coat to French Balls/Ballons/Balots, noting that English Ballons share the lion of English Balls while being first found in Ceraunii-line Cornwall. Crauns were first found in Suffolk with Bullis/Bulliards. Italian Ballons (Venice, what Van liners would trace to) share double fesses with Venables, and those of Ballons are also of the Vannes'/Ness'! Bingo. I'm getting the distinct impression that God wanted to lead me right here by first leading to the earls of Macclesfield, and the latter topic became emphasized with Lorraine in the park.

The Ness' are from queen Nysa of the Pontus, and Parrs are from her husband, Pharnaces. Venable's use the double-Parr / double-Nissan fesses, and it's known that queen Nysa of Cappadocia, daughter of Nysa above, was descended from king Cassander of Macedon, within reach of Bullis / Balas elements. Bullis'/Bulliards were first found in Suffolk with the Babons/Bauvents (black boar of Edom) sharing double-red fesses with Ness'.

Let's go back to crane-using Grounds/Crannys, for they use an elephant, which I trace to the ELAPHITi islands smack beside the shark-liner Saraca's of Ragusa. As was said, Coronis was of a LAPITH peoples! There you go, the Saraca's were likely of the Coronis-line Carians, or at least they married them. The Elaphiti islands are suspect from Eliphas, son of the Biblical Esau, king of Edom. Did a tribe from Esau name the Aous river (location of Bullis)?

The Bailys share the Moray stars, and I connect Eliphas-suspect Oliphants to ArBUThnotts of Moray. Boths/Booths have the black boar of Edom. The Moray motto, "Deum Time," must be code for Timna of Edom, wife of Eliphas. Arbuthnotts use a "laus" motto term, and Ragusa was also, Laus. Another Laus in Italy is near Saracena, the latter right beside Morano. The Morano's were first found in Modena with Cassander-line Cassandra's and Morinis', and the latter share the double fesses of Venable's and Parrs.

The first Parker earl of Macclesfield was the son of a Venables and he married Miss Carrier. French Carriers have a version of the Poitvin Coat, and while Poitvins/Poitvans (Venables?) were first found in Poitou, named by PICTones. English Carriers use the same symbol as PICCOTs. It just so happens that Poitvins/PoitVANs use the Jay while Jays were first found in Hereford with Sellicks. Jays are expected with Gays and Galli's while Venables is a location in Gaillon. Pictons were first found in Flintshire, beside Cheshire. "The Picton family lived in Flintshire, now part the county of Clwyd, Wales, at Picton." Clwyd must be from the Khaldi near/at the Pyxites river. This area is around the THERModon river, where I've ventured to trace "Drummond." Mr. Salisbury sold me his drums.

It took me a while to get this: if the Venables had one more fesse, it would be the three of German Drummonds. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Celts/Cults (and Oliphants), and the Khaldi are suspect to the European Celts, otherwise called Galli/Gauls, where we could trace Galli's.


According to a Fox article this week, McCabe's indictment is a done deal:

On September 10, all Hannity shows were presented at only a few seconds long. The Sean Hannity youtube channel had is at 2 seconds long. The QTN Fox youtube channel had it at 19 seconds long. Nha Tien Tri Vu Tru TRAN DAN has it 38 seconds long, and at 21 seconds long by the same channel for the same day. The same channel as The Five at only 17 seconds for the same day, and 24 seconds for Fox's American Newsroom video. Youtube's Hung 1542 has it 48 seconds long. Kelly Irbey has it 4:45 long. Nguyen Thuy Vlog has Hannity at 2 seconds. They are making their spellings hard for when we might list them, as I am here. These creeps change their channel names regularly. Political News Today (youtube) is doing the same, and this goes beyond the 10th only. If you are not getting videos with these time spans, then youtube is giving them specifically to me.

TV1Mumbai has Tucker for 2 seconds on the same day. Fidelia Gwneth has Tucker at only 2 seconds, and Fidelia Zelda has Hannity for 5 seconds long (still on September 10). i. It appears that youtube contributed to blacking out Fox shows so that viewers will just accept this when it really matters in blocking them out. Most or all of these channels are new this week / month.

Don't Make Me Cry has Hannity at 35 minutes long, but when the video is clicked, youtube gives a black screen saying "Video unavailable." Clearly, gooftube is prepared to cheat Fox and its viewers when important deep-state news comes out. One of Hannity's topics on the 10th was the false-accusation from CNN on Trump exposing an American spy. MAGA Newsweek Network (he/she is a beggar) has Tucker for 43 minutes, and it's up and working. So, jot down this youtube address for future use (just don't donate, let him/her work for a living), or subscribe to it. Youtube is showing only three videos available for MAGA News Network, all for September 10th, all working fine. It looks like a new channel. In the evening, I searched for this channel again, and saw that it has a total of 86 videos today. When clicked MAGA News Network's link showing that it has 86 video's, it goes to this page, but at present, there are no videos showing, but instead a message, "This channel doesn't have any content". I must assume that youtube deleted its three videos that were showing earlier in the day. In this way, the only Fox shows available will be from the cheaters who edit the videos as they please. A few minutes later, I clicked the very same link to go to the MAGA's page, and this time there was one video, the one on The Five for September 10. Here it is:

On Friday, I did another search for MAGA above, and this time youtube had it with 186 videos, but when clicking to MAGA's page, only one video was showing, for The Five on September 13. Even the video above was gone. Youtube is thereby guilty of cheating people of their videos for political purposes. The owner of the channel might not know that this is happening to him/her. If you have a username at youtube, why not notify him/her? I don't want google / youtube (linked to Intelligence) to know my email address, so I don't have a username there.

CNN is lying to people, deceiving even my own son. Trump's is messing around with Korea and Iran but practically ignoring this brainwashing by leftist media of tens of millions of people daily. This bothers me, Mr. Trump. Many people's children have been made liberals by these media. Isn't it time to do something about them? Is there no way to force them to keep honest? Can't there be three strikes and off the air for 30 days they go? Just have a three-judge panel to judge whether certain media stories are inexcusably false. If one or more on this court proves to be politically biased, replace them. The very existence of this court will keep media much-more honest.

About a week ago, John Solomon called on Trump, essentially, to declassify documents in an article at The Hill. We are still waiting for Barr to do so. It's been months since Trump gave Barr that order. It was an order, wasn't it? I like Solomon's foreign-policy views (non-globalist) when it comes to the use of the military. Here's his article on Bolton's replacement:

Solomon opposes military globe trotting. He thinks it's good for Trump to invade Russia's neighbors with American fuel sales. The concept here is to keep Russia poor by disallowing Russian fuel sales to Europe for fear that wealth in Russia will make it a formidable U.S. enemy. But a hate-Russia attitude for creating an excuse to steal its fuel sales will only egg Russia to become a formidable enemy. So what do they misunderstand about that logic? Why doesn't it matter to them, including Trump? Plus, instead of bringing the bacon home on these new oil exports, which is to say that it should be given to the American people, Trump's party is spending it in same-old-same-old government expenditures. And Trump has been so ludicrous as to announce new space missions, like a wild teenager who doesn't know enough to get his debts paid off before going gang-buster at the national fair. Luxuries and play-things can wait, but Trump's not programmed that way. He's been spoiled all of his life. It's engrained in his nature.

This president is stuck in the eye of a needle. A betting man wouldn't place his bet on Trump entering the kingdom of God. That's right, there's a good chance he'll reap eternal damnation. They say people at his age rarely convert to Jesus. It goes without saying that we all hope for his true repentance and kneeling before Jesus with a softened, human heart. But until then, he's the epitome of a man of the world, and this is the way we should view him. He's out and about, chasing worldly things, even as president. Instead of protecting his own people from evil, he's spinning his wheels doing worldly affairs. He's excited about the average worker making $2,000 more each year, but hasn't shown concern for battling the evil that robs them of far more than money. Trump loves corporations, the biggest robbers of all, always over-charging. From God's perspective, he's not doing well at all.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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