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October 22 - 28, 2019

Tillers Everywhere
I Smelled the Hair of Miss Hicks Biden Style

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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Trump's campaign is suing CNN thanks to the disclosure last week from Project Veritas. Very good show by Trump, may it be repeated. The more the world sees this, the harder for liberal media to work so openly amuck. Cripple their abilities to control employees, and their schemes suffer pace. You can't kill liberalism with stakes to the hearts because it has no heart, but it can be slowed down where the money line meets the road. The other liberal media, fearing the same fate from whistle-blower employees of their own, will now start to play more fair...unless their need to win 2020 is so strong that they fornicate with their own stupidity right on camera for all the world to see. Even CNN's, like, uh, employees were squinting at Zucker's obscenities.

Dan Bongino adds an element into the dossier scandal I've not been familiar with in this one-hour video:

When you get to James Wolfe late in the hour, the article below might help you to grasp what may have been happening to him. Although I'm unfamiliar with the Wolfe ordeal, my first read of the article suggests that the FBI under Sessions wanted to scare Wolfe with a lie-to-FBI charge because he was discovered (by the FBI) to have leaked at least parts of the FISA applications, on Carter Page, to a journalist(s). It goes to show the culprits how things can get very bad very fast if they can't contain things. In the case of Wolfe, they may have contained him. Yet, on the other hand, he may have spilled some big beans, when questioned by Durham, just to pay back (vengeance) Wray's FBI. Let's hope so.

The Democrats are crumbling in their insistence on having full secrecy. Here's Ratcliffe like a little light shining out to us:

Ever since Trump shamed Ratcliffe, he's been scarce in the news. Ratcliffe would have made a great Intelligence chief because his heart is right-on what the nation needs at this time. But it would have come at great risk to his family in the same way that drug cartels in Mexico kill family members of police chiefs who dare try to take down gang chiefs. But if no Ratcliffe kind-of-heart can be made the Intelligence chief, then the alternative is a Mexican drug cartel at the top of Intelligence. Somebody has got to take the risk who will have God's protection.

Ratcliffe asked, in the secret meetings, whether Trump's enemies knew of even one Ukrainian who knew that American aid to Ukraine was on hold for any reason. Neither the Democrats nor RINO's have provided one such person. On Tuesday, the Democrats had their fixed hay-day with Bill Taylor. He's the one who apparently fixed a statement earlier this year such that it claimed a Sondland admission that there was a deliberate delay of Ukraine aid, at the president's request, until Ukraine should announce an investigation into the Bidens. Near the end of this week, word came out, though perhaps as fake news, that Sondland himself admitted that there was a quid pro quo. We should hear about that next week (when you're reading this) if it's true.

For those of you who know or believe that the VOLKSwagen event to PARRY SOUND (see 1st update this month) was looking like a pointer of God to Ukraine-scandal participants: Kurt VOLKer, Gordon SONDland, Rick PERRY, Jay Sekulow, Rudy Giuliani and Tony BLINKen, I'd like to add the following on a Volker connection to Bill Taylor using Wagens from "VolksWAGEN." In other words, the theory here is that God uses a Volkswagen at the Parry-Sound event to add Bill Taylor to the list of His pointers. The theory depends on whether the heraldry merits such a pointer, for my claim is that heraldry has been arranged by Him to make pointers. Here's from the first update of this month: "...Kurt Volker has been Trump's American ambassador to the Ukraine. Volker looks very much like part of the Trump-attack shark..."

[Insert -- On November 7, this appeared in the news: "Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, will be represented and assisted by Robert Costello and the Pierce Bainbridge firm, in particular, Eric Creizman and Melissa Madrigal." Costello's share three, blue lozenges with Parrys. end Insert]

We begin with the sharing of the same fesse, as well as the swan, between Wagens and English Wagners. It may be due to a blood link that Jewish Wagners have bends in the colors of the English Volker bends. It's important here that English Volkers were first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy TAILLebois, for this surname is expected as a branch of TAILs/Taylors. English Volkers use PLATES in the colors of the Tailbois scallops, and they are white scallops, same as those of English Plate's. German Plate's use the swan too. (Use Wagner page to load all Coats for following much better.)

When we go to German Wagners, we likely find the red griffin of Pomerania, and it has a giant tail in Crest as if to honor Tail liners. The fleur-de-lys of German Wagners, upon a pale bar, are in the colors of the bend-with-items, upon a bend, of French Talbots. English Talbots/TAILbots use the Grey/Croy/Groy Coat in colors reversed, and Greys can be found in the GREYhound in the Coat of German Wagners along with the red griffin. Roets, known to be descended from the Croy / or Groy variation of Greys, owned the Catherine wheel that's in the Coat of German Wagners, but Talbot-related Scotts (griffin) use this wheel too. On either side of the Catherine wheel, the German Wagners share the fleur-de-lys of French Talbots and Masci's, the latter being highly suspect for the naming of Ranulph le MESCHin, husband of Lucy Taillebois.

Okay, we have exhausted the Tail-line link to Wagen-branch Wagners, as far as I can see, and we saw a hint of a connection to the Lincolnshire Volkers. From there we go to Fulke's/Volks, for they share the Tailbois scallop. When we go to German Volkers/Volks/Fulchards, they share the split Shield of English HUNTers, that surname suspect as a branch of Hounds in the greyhound we saw with Wagners, for Scottish Hounds (HUNTing horns) even use the greyhound. German Volkers/Volks put a giant thistle upon their split Shield, and the Thistle's have a Coat reflecting that of Scotts / Talbots Masci's, tending to solidify the Tail-line link to Volkers. English Volkers were first found in Lincolnshire with the Johnsons sharing the Thistle pheons. As Tails/Taylors/Tailers share the Tiller lion, let me repeat from the first update of this month:

Volker was in the CIA two years before George Walker Bush brought him to his state department. Volker looks like a war-hawk globalist of the Bush-McCain kind. He was not appointed by Trump, so far as I know, to Ukraine, but by Rex TILLERson. Did Trump force Volker out last week due to bad behavior? It seems that Volker wants not to be seen supporting Trump's Ukraine-corruption program.


Taylards/Tailords, with quadrants in Hunter-Shield colors, were first found in Huntingdonshire. The Taylard/Tailord quadrants are colors reversed from those of Chives', and the latter's mountain cats are decipherable as the Tail/Taylor / Tiller lions but fashioned as cats in honor of cat-using Cetins/Cattans who in-turn share the fitchee of Tarves'. Chives' were first found in Tarves. It just so happens that, early this week, Burrs were looked up when hearing that Richard Burr was the anti-Trump, Republican chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Burrs have upright lions in the colors of the Tail/Taylor and Tiller lions. The Burr write-up: ""Burr is an old name in the district of Tarves, Aberdeenshire..." When Burr was the senator of North Carolina, he served with Thom Tillis. Tillis' could be sharing the TalBOT lion. Burrs were first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy Taillebois. "Bot" is a motto term of cat-liner Clan Chattan.

This week: "Responding to emailed questions by The Washington Post, Sondland's lawyer Robert Luskin said his client did not recall conversations recounted by Taylor in his House deposition" (The Hill). Taylor may have been putting words in Sondland's mouth, a tactic we can expect from the rats when there's no evidence to use as a big stick.

On Wednesday night, Lindsey Graham appeared on Hannity. The latter asked him if he would bring Schiff into his senate committee, and Graham said, no, because the whole matter has been committed to the Intelligence Committee. I'm assuming he means Burr's committee, where Trump's side stands no chance, just the way Graham likes it, right? Right? Graham speaks a good game for Trump, but he won't even get lame-duck Schiff to come in to answer questions he cannot answer without incriminating himself. Why is Graham happy with the Schiff matter overseen by Burr's committee when he knows Burr's a rat? "Since 2015, Burr has served as the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In his service to the Intelligence Committee, Burr has subpoenaed Donald J. Trump Jr. for questioning about coordination with Russia...In 2017, Burr reacted to Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey by saying, 'I have found Director Comey to be a public servant of the highest order.'" Was Burr another Bush mole in the Trump camp??? A mole must act like a team player, by which he nets a mountain of goodies for his real boss.

I don't know anything about Burr aside from some things in his Wikipedia article, which includes: "Burr's car, a 1973 VOLKSWAGEN Thing, is 'something of a local celebrity' on Capitol Hill." I didn't know this until writing all of the above. It looks as though God is pointing to both Burr and Volker with Joel's Volkswagen.

Below is Volker's testimony to the House where he clearly exposes his reasons for quitting on Trump, which includes his being a stooge of the Bidens. Nothing more needs to be said. Volker is one of the deep-state stooges pushing the corruption of the new Ukraine government in order to give the Bidens an out on their corruption. However, Volker also reveals his siding with those American agencies -- the war-hawk shadow government, more or less -- who wanted to sell weapons to Ukraine, and this is very possibly part of the corruption that the Democrats hoped to engage had Trump not defeated Hillary.

Anyone wanting to get a good grip on the broader Ukraine scandal should read Volker's testimony, intended, obviously, to do Trump harm. We might even surmise that Volker quit Trump's administration recently in preparation for this testimony. Volker cries for bringing the situation back to where it was when the world was angry with Russia for annexing the Crimea. I can understand that position, but Volker's others nuances suggest to me that there was corruption in the works using the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The entire bag of animosities from both the Democrats and the war-hawk Republicans, against Trump, seem centered on these matters...because Trump was not a partner with them, and moreover was showing divergence from their policies.

Volker says that he was upset with the new Ukraine for assisting Trump because it touched upon his re-election. But this is nonsense, the empty heart of the impeachment drive. Volker has painted himself as that type of animal, denying the president his right to defend himself based on an empty argument. Moreover, Volker is willfully blind to the reports that the old Ukraine was seeking to get Hillary elected, which says it all. The only thing Trump's side needs is the evidence that Volker is wrong in suggesting that this evidence was fabricated by the new Ukraine.

Yes, what Ukraine needs to do now is to provide the glaring evidence that the old Ukraine was pro-Hillary for corruption purposes. If Hillary is thinking of running against Trump in 2020, she needs to consider that this evidence could come out during her mid-stride.

Immediately after showing his disagreement with Giuliani's Ukraine role, Volker states (still in his testimony) that Rick PERRY "led the delegation" to Ukraine to celebrate Zelensky's election win. That's new information for me, and Volker adds that Gordon SONDland was a part of the delegation. The VOLKswagen in PARRY SOUND. Volker paints a picture in which he wanted to affix the Zelensky government to his side of things while Giuliani was dashing his hopes by bringing Zelensky to Trump's side. This was Volker's complaint in a nutshell. He and the war hawks wanted to make Zelensky their puppet, but Trump interfered in the worst-possible way by seeking to expose the Russia-collusion scam. Volker's air of respectability, which he applies to himself in the introduction of his testimony, vanishes the moment he pretends not to see the conspiracy. It's like a man who shoots himself when asking his audience to get on board with him.

Volker then says that, in Toronto, he tried to talk Zelensky out of his appreciation for Giuliani. What evidence did Volker have that Trump and Giuliani were wrong concerning the pro-Hillary Ukraine scandal? Yes, indeed, what evidence did he have that it was disinformation? He doesn't say. He portrays it as a mere hunch. You dope, Mr. Volker. You don't go before Congress with your story unless you have proof that the old Ukraine was not gunning for Hillary while trying to bring Trump down in a CIA-led frame-job...because, by doing this, you have just shot yourself in the head. You are going to be the loser, Mr. Volker. If it's not already obvious to you that the old Ukraine was trying to bring Trump down, you are already the loser. On with the revelation.

Still from Volker's testimony, he says that, while hashing out a public statement from the Ukraine in which he and Giuliani participated, he cautioned Ukraine not to give any impression of meddling in the American election. But Giuliani's part was exactly to mention election-related issues: Burisma and the Trump-attack prior to the 2016 election. So, Volker is at odds with Giuliani in this: Volker wants to cover the Trump-attack, the real election interference, plain and simple. He doesn't want Zelensky to be involved in revealing those things. The article doesn't allow me to copy and paste.

Volker says that Bill Taylor, more brazen than Volker, was sharing the same sentiments -- to ignore Burisma and 2016 election interference -- in various of his meetings. Cover-up mode.

Back now to the English Volker Coat, sharing the split Shield of English HUNTERs. Doesn't that look like God's pointer to HUNTER Biden? How can we believe that Volker is so stupid that he sees nothing wrong with Hunter's role in Burisma? Volker, you absolute loser. He claims that he was volunteering (without pay) as a Trump-team diplomat, but perhaps he's being paid secretly by a deep-state org. Volker's testimony is dated October 3, three weeks ago.

Bongino discusses the woes of Joseph Mifsud as per a Washington Times article of early this week, which are deep-state woes too because it tried to fool the masses into thinking that Mifsud was something other than a U.S. Intelligence agent:

Mifsud is perhaps the number-one candidate for becoming, or for having already become, a stool pigeon. This guy is obviously a Western mole. There's no way that he could get out of a question period with John Durham without confessing that his job was to act like a Russian operator seeking to harm Trump's fortunes. If he doesn't admit it, he should be charged with giving false testimony. There is no way he can get out of this jamb unless Durham or Barr let's him off.

As the story goes, the FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane, a crusade to frighten and, if possible, cripple Trump, when Papadopoulos was told by Mifsud that he should check out the thousands of Hillary emails acquired by Moscow. Even though Papa didn't check out the emails, according to his testimony, the FBI yet started the anti-Trump onslaught because, it said, Mifsud was a Russian operative. In short, the FBI staged Mifsud's approach to Papa, and used that meeting as an excuse to accuse Trump of being a Russian agent. If Barr doesn't jail Mifsud, Strzok, McCabe, Mueller and Comey for this act, Barr is a pathetic fool. The entire, blasted den of deep-state operators need to be shot to death by massive stampedes of angry, Republican elephants. Enough is enough. They have sacrificed their right to life amongst the living.

The article above: "The 448-page Mueller report mentions Mr. Mifsud 87 times, mostly about his Russian contacts but no Western contacts." Look, Mueller, the trusted law man, tried to frame Trump with this and other pre-packed lies in conspiratorial partnership with many others. He has given up his right to live amongst us. If Barr does not jail this pathetic excuse for a human being, worse is Barr. The evidence to jail him is in Mifsud himself; Mueller knew darn-well that Mifsud was a Western operator. "Mr. Nunes said Mr. Mifsud 'is a former diplomat with the Malta government. He lived in Italy. He worked and taught FBI, trained FBI officials and worked with FBI officials.'" Mueller wasn't able to harm Trump for fear of a backlash, for this Mifsud agent was discovered sufficient to kill the entire Trump-attack. Now it's payday. Now Barr must pay them what they deserve, for they did not repent. Instead of coming out to say that his probe was a farce, he came out to deliver the Trump-attack baton to Nadler.

Bongino, at the end of the video above, suggests that the FBI might not have known who Mifsud was, in the time frame of his meet with Papa. But that idea doesn't jibe with the quote above. Bongino speculates that Mifsud was a CIA plant but perhaps unknown, as such a plant, by the FBI. That doesn't seem correct, yet the Comey FBI would like to paint such a picture in order to shift the blame on Obama's CIA.

Uh-oh: "In an interview in November 2017 with Italy’s la Repubblica newspaper, Mr. Mifsud denied everything. He said he never told Papadopoulos about Clinton emails and that he knows very few Russians." Obviously, Mifsud doesn't want to get caught in the seditious plot. But what will happen to the FBI now with this entry by Mifsud? Didn't the FBI need to base it's Trump-attack on Mifsud's Papa meeting? Will Strzok / Comey now deny Mifsud's statement above, or go with it? Is it the new story for all players to abide by? The guilty change their stories as needs arise. I saw it with their false-flag operations.

On Wednesday, AP comes out with a story to deny Trump his "perfect" virginity on the Zelensky phone call. It concerns a first phone call at an earlier time. BUT, as can be expected, AP does not reveal its Ukraine sources and therefore the story cannot be trusted. Ignore this story, therefore, until the evidence is sound.

Besides, American leaders and diplomats have forever made deals with foreign nations on certain conditions. That's quid pro quo, is it not? A deal always involves quid pro quo. Why would it be evil for Trump to hold up a Ukraine gift basket until Ukraine agreed to look into Americo-Ukraine corruption? Why is deal-making disallowed in this case? Because the Democrat ninnies say so? Who cares what they say? They say black one day, white the next. They have no morality, no stable principles.

If I were the president, and Zelensky refused to look into Crowdstrike, Mueller's claims, FBI claims, and Biden's theft, I would likely feel like denying Ukraine its gift basket. What's wrong with that? Oh, is it because it appears self-serving? Wait a minute. Am I to accept that Mueller and company can use whatever powers the nation offers them to attack the president, but that the president is not permitted to use his powers to strike back??? Yes, that is the way to think this through, for a Democrat ninny. As soon as the shoe is on the other foot, Democrats will argue arse-backward. So, ignore them.

Trump-attackers have created this situation to make Trump and his team believe that the president is in no-way permitted to use his powers to defend himself against slanderous and seditious attacks. This is outlandish and wrong. Trump should be able to use ALL powers at his disposal to clear his name. Sure, it can be interpreted as self-serving, but so what? But of course it's self-serving when one strives to defend self against either true or false allegations. Nobody thinks evil of anyone who serves self in that way, but the Dem-fools are seeking to fool Republicans into believing that Trump must stay out of any investigations or revelations if it serves his own interests. The rats will naturally portray his involvement as election-tampering. But of course it's to his political advantage to clear his name, but too bad for the guilty. Trump should not need to take off his boxing gloves just because they help his re-election. Defend yourself, Mr. Trump, using every lawyer you have, in any way possible; order any document within the government at your disposal.

John Solomon has obtained the letter sent to the FBI by Ms. Kavalec. You might have better luck, but when I go to the letter at webpage below, I get blank pages:

Here's part of the letter: "'Network logs show a distinctively human pattern of communications between a hidden server dedicated for use by the Trump Organization and the Russian financial company Alfa Bank, which has close ties to the Kremlin,' the document Kavalec forwarded to the FBI stated." No one was able to verify this ludicrous accusation, not even Mueller. Solomon was on Hannity for a couple of minutes only, Wednesday night, to reveal his obtainment of this letter. Hannity may have him on again to expound. It's revelations like this that hold Barr's feet to the fire in case he wants to sweep issues aside.

Lookie at what liberal media have ignored: "In a December 2016 meeting with Bruce Ohr, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson pedaled the Alfa Bank rumor again, information that Ohr subsequently provided to the FBI. Simpson told Ohr that a New York Times article dismissing the Alfa Bank theory was wrong, according to Ohr’s own notes." Durham's job should include discovery on whether Hillary was pushing Fusion to proliferate the Alfa scheme. Surely, if Fusion knew that it was hired by Hillary in the first place, its owner would not push the Alfa story it knew to be false without Hillary's wink first. Fusion would simply not do that due to the high risk of getting caught pushing a fabrication on her behalf.

The plan was not to let the public know that Fusion was purchased by Hillary's lawyer, but the risk always existed, and they knew it. The situation demands a scenario wherein Hillary was herself pushing Fusion to spread Alfa and other lies, exactly why Barr has been loathsome in not having both she and Fusion's owner arrested. When an American can do that to a president and get away with it, it's loathsome on the part of the top cop.

I'm not willing to over-celebrate this week's announcement that Barr's department has turned its investigations, on Trump-attack schemes, into an official criminal process. I'm not anywhere near confident that this isn't a sham for making good appearances only. I'm thinking they want as much time to pass as possible so that, when they end up doing next to nothing for justice, Republicans might not be as angry. Besides, this investigation is narrow, specifically on how the Russia-collusion scam BEGAN. Why did they limit investigations on how it began? Why not call it something else, such as how it began and developed to its end? Does Barr wish to protect Mueller and go after only such Obama-team characters as Strzok, McCabe, Brennan and Clapper? How can that be proper justice when Mueller partook, by far, in the most over-reaching part of the scam? Fusion and Steele were the coal, but Mueller was the train...that pretended it didn't know about the coal.

About six months have passed since Durham was commanded by Barr to investigate beginnings, and here we find this week that they didn't have subpoena powers all that time to demand documents and character testimonies from those withholding them. That's what one calls a big waste of TIME. It's as though Barr has demanded from Durham that he pretend he doesn't yet know who the guilty parties are, nor the ways in which they are guilty. Like, uh, he needed Durham to spend months first to discover if there was any criminality??? Fusion's boss has already plead the 5th as his own testimony that he's incriminated. "Federal investigators need only a 'reasonable indication' that a crime has been committed to open an investigation, a much lower standard than the probable cause required to obtain search warrants" ( Rosenstein and Mueller didn't spend a preliminary six months seeking the first hint of criminality on Trump's part alone, and Trump wasn't even guilty, but Barr takes six months on a great host of criminal actors -- all working in cahoots = conspiracy -- before turning it into a criminal process??? Are Republicans this scaredy-cat useless? Why weren't we told that Durham wasn't yet allowed to arrest anyone over these six months? Because it was embarrassing to them, what we might describe as loathsome of them?

Have they ever thought to practice courage? Courage is the "magic" to success. Do right with courage, because courage can't make a wrong a right, and because doing the right gives courage. Turn the wrong-doing enemy into the scaredy cat with courage. Don't let the demons make you believe you're doing wrong when you're not. If you're on the right side, courage is yours for the taking.

It's absolutely RIGHT for a president under lethal attack to use his own DoJ to strike back. Don't let the demonic Democrats make you believe that it's shameful to do so. If a president can't use his own DoJ to get speedy justice, before more harm is done, then what shall he use???????? Hello? But Trump has refused to make himself appear as though he's working with Barr to plaster his enemies to the wall. Trump = dope. He refuses to do the right for fear that Democrats will claim he's doing wrong. TRUMP = DOPE.

COURAGE + RIGHTNESS = SUCCESS. Cowardice + Passivity = Failure. Trump has emboldened his enemies by refusing to deal with them on his own powers. It's risky to give the job to Barr because the latter might allow the Democrats to make him believe that he has no business using the DoJ to protect his own president. That's such a ludicrous argument. Barr has the absolute responsibility to protect the president whether or not he's of the same party, if the president is being unjustly threatened or ruined. To suggest that the attorney general cannot support a president if he happens to be of the same party is ludicrously WRONG. An attorney general who behaves that way is an utter jerk, a traitor to his own party. Ask Sessions about that. He left Trump to the sharks because he didn't want to react politically. JERK!

In a few days, a new book: "The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History" (by Lee Smith).

An Obama-appointed judge has ordered (this week) Barr to give Nadler the Mueller report fully unredacted. Barr had said that he was unable to do this because it's against the law. But the lawless judge had no sympathy for Barr's points of view. Who should have supremacy in this case, the judge who will violate the law for Obama's sake, or the law man upholding the law? Will Barr appeal?

Trump's been duped. No sooner than announcing his Syrian pull-out, ISIS fighters escaped jail, and then threatened the oil fields. We heard nothing such as this for a long time, meaning that the American globe-trotters arranged these new threats. And Trump has agreed to send American troops to protect the oil fields, just so you know. One who gets duped is a dope, temporarily anyway. Until Trump controls the CIA, it will continue to ply him like a puppet. The CIA continually fixes things in order to report fake news in order to get its way when someone stands in its way. Is Trump not yet up to speed on this routine? Go ahead, Mr. Trump, deny the troops at the oil fields, and then listen in the news for ISIS blowing up an oil pipe or something similar...because the CIA will claim and/or do it in the name of ISIS. The CIA or one of its affiliates then sends its "news releases" to any one of its puppet news media, resulting in bad press for Trump in order to get him to send troops to the oil fields. That's how that criminal enterprise works. Get up to speed, sir.

The moment that Giuliani was all over the news revealing Biden's sins, bango, Giuliani's associates were probed (persecuted) by the FBI. It appears that they were willing to leave them alone, yet keeping the probe plan as back-up in case they needed to scare Giuliani into silence. Isn't Trump going to toss him a lifesaver? Oh-no, can't do that because it gives appearances of being self-serving. Oh-no, can't have that. If you make decisions based on leftist clamoring daily in the news, you evolve into a traitor = do-nothing Republican. The political war is raging, and calls for some offensive bombs from Trump, yet he's relying on Barr / Durham alone. What if the Intelligence enemy compromises them both? Trump has never said anything I've heard to suggest that the CIA is under his command. He had his chance when Pompeo was there, but did NOTHING so far as is known. He left the CIA in enemy hands. By failure to act, he left the people we hate in power over the nation's strings.

At least part of the Pentagon brass seems to have swung in Trump's favor, I don't know why. "A slew of high-profile witnesses have defied White House, State Department and Pentagon orders not to cooperate with the impeachment probe. In each case, lawmakers have issued a subpoena, which the officials have relied on to justify testifying over the administration’s objections." The article claims that such a witness, Tim Morrison, will appear before the House next week; he has what sounds like the best evidence to date, and, of course, it's likely manufactured evidence. Or, if it's a true claim, then it appears that they started this Ukraine-Trump story for to climax with Morrison's claim.

Again, I don't see anything wrong at all, regardless of Trump's motives, for his asking the Ukrainians to reveal Hillary's election interference and Biden's conflict-of-interest, even if Trump withheld aid to the Ukraine until the deal was made. The Democrats are trying to make such a quid-pro-quo appear unethical or even illegal. Deals are made all the time, and Trump has a right to vindicate himself from Mueller and Hillary together even if he needs to make a deal with a foreign power who has the stuff of vindication. Any normal judge in the land would grant him such a right, especially with Biden running for his White House, and Hillary threatening to do so again like a washed-out, looming cloud.

The situation at this moment is perfect for revealing Hillary's role in using Ukrainian elements (interference) to spoil Trump's presidential chances in 2016. The bigger the head-to-head between Trump and Democrats, the bigger the revelation ought to become. In the midst of the Morrison news (could last weeks), the Horowitz report is expected to be released (this time for real).

The Trump side should not abandon the revelation of Schiff's "whistle-blower." This alone can reveal that the Democrats and the CIA together were fabricating slanderous news. Trump has every right to call in the CIA chief (which he nominated / appointed) to request the identities of the whistle-blower and those from whom he claimed to receive the information. If that CIA chief refuses to grant Trump's request, he should publicize the refusal at the cost of looking like a dope again for choosing his own enemy to run the CIA. What in tarnation are Trump's lawyers doing? Nothing? Trump has every opportunity to discover the whistle-blower and details. Why hasn't that happened yet? If it has, why hasn't Trump made them known?

The Politico article above: "According to Taylor, Morrison said he then relayed details of the call to then-national security adviser John Bolton as well as NSC lawyers." Morrison was snitching to Trump's enemy, Bolton, and Bolton will, probably, become yet another witness against Trump. By the time that Bolton came onto Trump's team, the president should have been wise enough never to say anything to him that could be misconstrued in a betrayal. Bolton seems ready already to betray Trump, and may even be of the type to falsify the realities against him. "Van Gelder [Morrison's lawyer] declined to comment on a CNN report that indicated Morrison would corroborate the key details of Taylor's testimony." So, if the whistle-blower and Taylor together have failed, the deep state just manufactures another witness, until the accusations stick enough to ruin a president. This is why Trump has been a dope to leave his offensive until this year. Nunes implored him to declassify, but the Dope refused. The Dope had every opportunity to request all the information he needed to vindicate himself, but he relied on others to do it. DOPE!

As soon as the Trump side proves that stories are being fabricated against him, the sooner any major blow against him will be rendered impotent if it has no documented evidence. Once it's established that the enemy side is fabricating stories, word-of-mouth accusations will not (should not) carry water on behalf of the enemy side. There is great opportunity at this time to prove that Mueller was fabricating news, but Trump went and appointed Mueller's friend to be his next attorney general, a laughable thing when you think about it. Trump can be redeemed from that poor decision only if he made sure beforehand that Barr was willing to trounce upon Mueller's guilt (a president asking the AG to trounce on someone without guilt is the unlawful thing). Barr managed to get the votes to become the AG, and the political head-butting is so heated now that it promises to require Barr's betrayal of Mueller on behalf of truth and justice. The alternative is Barr's going down in infamy by his own neglect of proper justice.

Trump needs to take on a new media policy: I have the right, and the responsibility to my voters, to defend myself with any powers / documents at my disposal. That's the brightest way forward...if he's not guilty of the charges. If he refuses to so-defend himself, why?

Morrison Heraldry

Tim Morrison had not yet hit the news when I did the Taylor-Volker heraldry above. I've just loaded several Coats in relation to Morrisons, and can link them to Taylors. Furthermore, the lightning BOLT that God threw at my home at my age, 11, seems to be applicable to this picture as per Morrison's apparent league with John Bolton.

At age 11, I was waking one morning repeating, "No, I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in..." Pow, a lightning bolt struck the chimney and sent BRICKS rolling down the shingles just as I heard myself repeating it the second time (I don't know whether it was audible, probably not). To help prove that this was an act of God intended for decades later, as per my heraldic projects used of God, I dated a young lady (when I was 20 and long moved away from that street) who lived on the street where the bolt had struck. Her Whalen surname shares the BRICK Coat and Crest.

Furthermore, she lived at the corner of my street and a Henry CORSON Place (Markham, Ontario) while Corsons/Carsons share the BRIX/Brison lozenges, in colors reversed from the Brick and Whelan lozenges. I should probably not deny that God set up that lightning-bolt event. I've been wondering lately whether it's a pointer to John Bolton.

Whelans were first found in Waterford, the county of which shares the Trump stag head. Waterford is also where Currys/Corrys' and Correns were first found who look connectable to "CORson." Scottish Corrys'/Coreys (griffins) were first found in Dumfries with Corsons/Carsons. The Griffin family was from Pomerania, where Trumps were first found, important because Bolts use the griffin too. To prove that Corrys' apply to Whelans, Corrys'/Coreys share the griffin heads of GARDners, in colors reversed from the Gard griffins, and then Val TROMPia is beside Lake Garda while Dutch Trumps are also Tromps.

Currys/Corrys even share the saltire of English Brisons, in colors reversed from the same of Placentia-liner Annandale's (Dumfries, same as Corsons/Carsons). English Brisons share the hunting horn of Brick-like Brake's/Brecks (Shropshire, has a More location).

If that doesn't prove to you yet that God arranged for Miss Whelan to live on Henry CORSon, let's add that BRIXia/BREScia is right beside Val Trompia while Whelans and BRICKs use the BRIX/BRISon lozenges in colors reversed. But there's more, for while I see the Place surname from Placentia, very-near Brixia, her street is called Henry Corson PLACE. Half of the Place lion might even be the Bolton lion, how about that. God not only caused her parents to move there, but my parents to move there, and He then arranged for my friend to date her sister in order to get me with her. Consider how important that lightning bolt was, for it terrified me.

Having said all of that, by what coincidence are Irish Morrisons listed with Brysons?!?! The list of variations: "Bryson, Briceson, Mrieson, O'Mrisane, O'Morison, Morison and many more." It appears that God arranged those variations for pointing to both John Bolton and Tim Morrison's acts against Trump. But Bill Taylor already appears to be part of the Morrison mission, and while both Talbot Coats can be linked to both Scott Coats, one Scott Coat shares the black griffin with Bolts. Taylors are connectable to Chives', as was shown earlier in this update, and Chives' share two Bolton motto terms.

The heraldic "bird bolt" is an arrow, suspect in the arrow of the Bolton Crest to assure that Boltons were a Bolt branch. German Bolts (Mecklenburg, same area as Trumps) use the bird-bolt arrow, we may assume. Morrisons/Brysons even share the same saltire as Arrows/Arras...and Sinclairs. The latter were at Roslin, beside Morrison-suspect Moray. Besides, I see Sinclairs from Rollo and/or Malahule of MORE. It appears that bird-bolt liners were Arrow/Arras kin for obvious reason. The Arrow/Arras Coat is a near-replica of the Scottish Morrison Coat, thus tending to clinch Morrison liners with Bolton liners. Boltons even share the lion of Propers/Roberts who in-turn share "haec" with Scottish Morrisons. Arrows/Arras' are said to descend from Rollo's / Malahule's Normans. Propers/Roberts have a write-up suggesting a Roper branch, and Ropers happen to share the Ardon/ARTOIS Coat.

Miss Whelan was placed on HENRY Corson Place, and Birds happen to share red footless martlets with French Henrys. Is this evidence that God was pointing to Bolt liners with the lightning bolt? Looks like.

German Bolts, German Tile's, and Adams of Annandale share the single arrow up the center of the Shield. English Tile's/Tilleys share the black wyvern dragon with lightning-like Lightens/Leightons, in case this surname was Intended by the lightning bolt. Lightens/Leightons (Cheshire, same as Malls and Bolt-related Birds) share the quadrants of Malls, suspect from Malahule of More. The namers of More are suspect with the namers of Moray, and Morris' are very traceable to Moray.

I met Miss Whelan shortly after drawing and painting the album cover, Tea for the TILLERman, on a full kitchen wall. Rex TILLERson chose for Volker to be Trump's man in Ukraine. The latter's city, L'viv, is suspect in the "Vivit" motto term of English Brisons. I painted Tea for the Tillerman while living in an apartment with LOUISe Phillips, whom I met when working in a MALL, when she worked at Pennington's clothing in the same mall. After asking her to leave the apartment, I went to Markham and met Miss Whelan. Penningtons, with nearly the motto phrase of Phillips, share blue lozenges with Bricks and Whelans, but French Louis' have blue lozenges in both colors of the Brick / Whelan lozenges. It doesn't appear coincidental; it appears as though God is trying to get something across to readers.

My mother's Masci line was to the Meschins, and the first-known Meschin was a son of Mr. BRIQUESsart, explaining why Bricks / Whelans share the Massey fleur-de-lys. Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Taylor-branch Tillers, can you believe it? Welsh Lewis' are expected at the isle of Lewis, where Scottish Morrisons were first found. Tillers are from the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina, and then Cetins/Cattans happen to share the cat with Penningtons. While Phillips' are also Philps', Phelps' (Monmouthshire, beside Glamorganshire) have a blue wolf in colors reversed from the Flynn/Lynn wolf (interesting). The Arms of Placentia has a blue wolf. English Lynns happen to share the gyronny and the annulet of Lonsdale's while Penningtons (share four, blue lozenges with Whelans) were at Lonsdale. Therefore, if Flynns/Lynns look connectable to English Lynns, "FLYNN" looks like the FAILIN variation of Whelans merged with Lynns.

It's interesting that Phelps' share the fitchees of REX's/Ricks, for Rex Tillerson suggests the Tillers of neighboring Glamorgan.

While Welsh Morris'/Maurice's have been established with Maurice, father of Drummonds, and son of George of Hungary, the latter has been resolved with the George's, first found in Dorset with Tile's/Tilleys. Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs while English Trips (from Trypillians of Ukraine) use the scaling ladder. There are ladders in the Coat of English Morris', you see, that surname first found in Herefordshire, beside Phelps' of Monmouthshire. The ladder-using Trips (Kent, same as a Gore/Core branch) share the crosslets of Gore's/CORE's (recalls Corrys and Coreys), and the white Gore/Core wolf is upright like the Phelps wolf while the white Flynn/Lynn wolf is in the position of the white Gore/Gower wolf. When I met Louise Phillips, I was selling shoes, and Trips/Treffs happen to use shoes.

I met Miss Whelan after asking Louise to move out. Miss Whelan lived on Henry Corson Place with Mr. Kepke, a Ukrainian on his father's side. Kepke was born Lawrence by first name, and Lawrence's were at Lonsdale, where we saw Penningtons. Lonsdale is south of Sands while there was a Bolton le Sands in that area. I'm assuming that God arranged for Kepke to become my friend for this heraldic project. It started when he and I (age 12) would collect GOLF balls in three side-by-side golf courses on the same stream (along the 9th line of Markham and down to Steeles avenue). I had a dream (not more than about three years ago) where golf balls were popping up everywhere in white ground which, I think, was SAND.

Thus far, golf themes are suspect with the Guelph = Welf branch of Este, and it just so happens that Welfs/Wolfs share the wolf with Flynns/Lynns, Gore's/Core's and Phelps', including the Yonge's/Youngs (Essex, same as Gore's/Core's). Rick Young lived on Henry Corson Place too, and he was the one who was dating Miss Whelan's sister, i.e. he's the reason I got together with Miss Whelan in the first place.

Henry Corson PLACE. Place's are suspect from Placentia, near BREScia, and Bruce's/Brus' / Brush's have a lion in both colors of the lion in the Arms of Brescia. Brescia is where Brests/Brix's/Brisons were from. English Brisons look linkable to the Bruce-related Annandale's. It just so happens that the Flynn/Lynn write-up has the surname from "a senior branch of Clanna RURY of Ulidia," suggesting that the Flynn/Lynn wolf is indeed the one in the Arms of Placentia.

The Flynn/Lynn Crest shares the green snake with Seagars while the Este eagle is in the Chief of Segurana's. Rorys/Rurys were first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and the Arms-of-Saraca fish is assumed by me to be in the Coat of German Bute's/Butts/Boets for a good reason. Rory MacDonald of BUTE is at the root of Rorys/Rurys (because the Rory lion was used in Bute), and then Welsh Bude's share the gold bow on blue with Dutch Bres' while English Bude's look connectable to Morgan le Fay of Avalon (= Bute) for sharing the Morgan / Moor lion. Glamorgan was once, Morgannwg. Morrisons/Brysons were first found in Donegal (topic of the last update), a county beside the Sharks of Tyrone. I suggest that we lump Tim Morrison and John Bolton in with the shark trying to swallow Trump.

Saraca's were at RAGusa, suspect with the ragully pattern shared by Lawrence's who in-turn share the white fish with the Arms of Saraca. The Lawrence Crest is a turbot tail while Turbots show fish in both colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish. I have said that Lawrence Kepke was a symbol of Donald Trump from as much as a year before concluding that the shark, in my 1979 dream, was a symbol of the deep state. In the dream, the shark (resolved with Saraca's) had Trump (a bulldog) half way into its mouth and throat. I jumped into the swimming pool to save it, and Jumps share the Trump stag head.

Both stag heads look to the viewer's left, as did the stag head once shown at Wikipedia's article on County Waterford. Wikipedia replaced that design with a stag facing the viewer, I wonder why. Here's the County Waterford Arms with the head facing our right (unless it's been changed by the time you're clicking to it). Again, Whelans/FAILINs were first found in Waterford, and Flynns look like a Lynn merger with Failins. There seems to be a slight pointing of the lightning bolt to the predicament of general Flynn. Perhaps it's because his Middle-East views are at odds with those of Bolton. Note that the Jump Crest shares the brown stag with Boltons.

The description of the Arms of County Waterford includes: "The Deisi is typified by the eagle's head with three ears of wheat in his mouth, being the ancient crest of a Faolain, principal family of the Deise." Faolain?

Kepke was a pointer also to Chappes'/Cheaps who share "ears of wheat" with the eagle in the Arms of County Waterford, and these Arms share the long and solid chevron of French Chappes'. Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Hood-related Bauds. Cheap-like CHEPstow is in Monmouthshire with the first-known Phelps, and the Phelps wolf is colors reversed from the same of Flynns/Lynns. Bauds came into play with my JEEP's hood, and Jeepma's are also Kepke-like Cheps.

Weeks after Kepke and I sat on my hood (age 18) as a pointer to the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, he and I went to sell shoes in the same mall. Shoe's are used by Trips/Treffs, first found in HAMburg with Trump-like Drummonds, and near the first-known Trumps. That's why it seems relevant that the waves in the Arms of County Waterford look like the Drummond Coat. Moreover, these waves are in the so-called "fountains" of the Waterford/Waterville Coat. HAMS (McCabe Salmon) and same-colored Hammers were first found in Sussex with Keeps (share galley ship with Arms of County Waterford), and with the Vise's/Vice's sharing a cross between antlers with the Arms of County Waterford, Stage's/Staggs, and Stacy-branch Eustace's. Mr. Kepke met and dated Miss Peare when he was selling shoes, and she was in the dream upon my STAGE when God made her a pointer to the family of Eustace II of Boulogne. That family included Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons (Auvergne, same as French Bauds) have the Bird flory in colors reversed. French Bauds are also BAUDELs while Boltons are said to be of a BODELton location.

There's a Scottish Bodel surname, the houseofnames link of which wrongly brings up German Bodels. Scottish Bodels can therefore be of Scottish Bauds, wow. One Bird Coat looks linkable to Bute's/Butts/Boets. German Bodels (Prussia, same as Decks/DECKERs), have this: "The surname Bodel was first found in Prussia, where the name BoDECKER..." Then, English Deckers, first found in Sussex, have an item on a chevron in the colors of the lions upon a chevron of Boltons! Super. It means that the medallion upon my Jeep's hood can be a pointer to John Bolton.

Recall the Corrys / Corrys'/Coreys, for Chorleys (Bolton chevron?) use Bodel-like bottles, and were first found in Lancashire with Bottle's/Butels with this in their write-up: "The Count Poitou (Pictaviens) held BOLTelai and numerous other Lordships in Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire." The black griffin head (eagle head, really) of Bolts is virtually the black eagle head in the Chorley Crest. Bolton is a location in Lancashire. The Chorley chevron is in both colors of the Chimney chevron, making it appear that God struck our chimney with a lightning Bodel, so to speak. Boltons were even first found partly in Yorkshire, where Chimneys were first found, suggesting that the lightning bolt was indeed a pointer to a Bolton character. But why might it be to John Bolton? Was it a symbol of God's wrath against the Bolton-type globe trotters?

See also Corleys/Curlings, suspect with a version of the Irish Kern Coat, for German Kerns are Karens too while Miss Whelan (CORson Place) is Karen by first name.

I had a dream pointing to the Bush-Nazi circle (probably still in the demented sectors of the upper CIA), a dream that included a missing part in the door HANDLE of my Jeep, and it just so happens that German Bodels share the three Moray and Handle stars. I knew in the dream that the missing part was "barrel" shaped, and then, wow, Barrels/BARwells (Herefordshire, same as Morris') use a white dog-head in the colors of the Flynn/Lynn wolf. Plus, while Louise Phillips pointed to Louis', first found in Lorraine with Bar-liner Bar-le-Duc, Penningtons and Phillips love (in their motto) the Amore's ("MALis") who share a white dog head with Barrels/Barwells. Amore's are said to be of More's, suggesting the Malahule-of-More (or Malahule-of-Moray) line through the Meschins. Amore's share the black bend with Malls.

English Deckers are also Dickers while Dice's are also Deise's who named Deise at Waterford. The motto of the Arms: "Deise oc DEClan" co BRATH. Dice's/Deise's share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne. In the description of the Arms, we also find: "The stag's head with the cross of Saint Hubertis taken from rest of the great Hiberno-Norman family of Power." Hiberno-Norman powers should include, or be centered upon, that of king Maccus, whose grandfather ruled at Dublin, near Waterford. Maccus' grandfather was Sitric CAECH, suspect with Cake's/CakeBREADS, and it just so happens that Breads/BRATHs ought to be in the "brath" motto term of the Arms. Breads/Braths were first found in Midlothian with Sinclairs and Man-liners Mens'. The DICKERson/Dickensons lions are in the colors of the Bread/Braths/BRATTs lion head. BRATia is an island off the mouth of the Tilurius river. These lions are white, as are the Tiller / Taylor lions.

Plus, Dickersons/Dickensons were at Lancashire's Wrightington, and, on the Boltons: "More recently, some of the family were found at Wrightington in Lancashire." Wrightington is in Eccleston while Ecclestons were at Chorley, all in LEYland, wow. The lightning-like Lightens/Leightons are also LEYtons. God struck our chimney with a Lighten Bolton, so to speak. Leightons/Leytons can be traced to the Legro river of Leicester. It just so happens that Wrightingtons were at Lancashire's Worthington while Leicestershire had another Worthington. Worths were in West BUDleigh. Wrightingtons/Worthingtons (Lancashire) share the trident with Lawrence-beloved TurBOTs. The latter's spelling look like a line of Trypillians, for they had a city amongst or near the BUDini, and this was south of Kiev, a perfect picture when discussing Lawrence Kepke! This is, I think, the first time that Turbots have struck me as Trypillians, and if I recall correctly, Miss Florida, who tipped me off on Trypillians, has ancestry in Ukrainians. She contributed many leads over the years.

Notice that the Saint Hubertus cult places Jesus between the antlers. When Jesus is shown still hanging on the cross, one has the option of using it as an Illuminati symbol, where they celebrate his murder as the end of His road. This article has: "Known as the Apostle of the Ardennes, he was called upon, until the early 20th century, to cure rabies through the use of the traditional St Hubert's Key. Saint Hubertus was widely venerated during the Middle Ages. The iconography of his legend is entangled with the legend of Saint EUSTACE." ARDennes (roughly at Artois, home of Eustace II) looks linkable to Declan of ARDmore.

Saint Eustace is a mythical figure likely in secret honor of Eustace II. "According to tradition, prior to his conversion to Christianity Eustace was a Roman general named Placidus, who served the emperor Trajan. While hunting a stag Placidus saw a vision of a crucifix lodged between the stag's antlers...Saint Eustace is honored in County Kildare, Ireland." Kildare is where Eustace's were first found who share the black Vice/Vise cross between antlers. In the latter case, having no Christ upon the cross, it likely stands as symbol of Cross liners, for Crozier's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons (de Bouillon was a son of Eustace II), and de-Bouillon's brother, BALDwin of Jerusalem, looks like he's part of the Baud / Bald bloodline from the ARDuinici of the Bautica/Baltea river.

Laura Ingraham contributes attacks against Trump attackers on her show, The Angle. I'd like to say that Angle's use three of the four Pennington lozenges, and that since I see them linkable to the lozenges of Louis' of Lorraine, it's interesting that Lorraine's have a "Lauro" motto term.

Going back to my kitchen-wall painting of Tea for the Tillerman, when living with Louise, I'd like to take this to the Tea's/Tease's (Lorraine colors, share Annas star), first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas' who in turn have a version of the WIGAN Coat. German Tease's/Tess' have a saltire colors reversed from the same of Standish's, and Standish is a parish in Lancashire's Wigan. Kitchens/Ketchens, who look like a branch of cat-using Catch's/Ketch's, were first found in Lancashire with Angle's, and with the Banisters whose black-on-white water bouget the Kitchens share, which recalls that my customer, whose banister I was re-finishing, gave me a white kitten that I named, Sassy. God caused her to suck her TAIL as an adult, because Tails/Tailers/Taylors are from the Tilurius/Cetina river while Cetins/Cattans use a cat and moreover share Saracen heads with Sassys. Yup, that's right. Standish's were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens, and Tea for the Tillerman was sung by CAT Stevens. You decide whether God is in that. It sure looks like it.

Welsh Louis' (compare "Patriae" motto term with that of Penningtons and Phillips'), in Penn/Pence colors, have an upright lion in the colors of the Tiller and Tail/Taylor lion, and were first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers. You see, God made Sassy suck her tail for some clues on surname derivations, and possibly for an apparent pointer to the anti-Trump alliance between Rex Tillerson and Bill Taylor. I don't know much about the affinities that Mike Pence may have shared with Rex Tillerson, but maybe you do.

Volker and Taylor are working off of one another's testimonies, and one Volker surname shares plates with Penns/Pence's, though this alone is a weak link for making any sort of statement. However, the Volkers with plates have them arranged like the Lorraine eagles on a bend (all three colors the same for both). Then, Pense's/Pincons, in the motto of Erskins/Eskins, share the Lorraine eagle, and Erskins/Eskins share the single pale bar of Tails/Taylors. Just a coincidence?

Some of you may know my story on my girlfriend, Lorraine, when her pants pointed to Pense-like Pansys/Pantzers. The PINCon variation of Pense's is interesting because the tip of Sassy's tail became PINK when she sucked it (the wet fur allowed her pink skin to show through). Can Mike Pence be trusted, or will he join the Trump-attack rebellion to replace Trump with a new, war-hawk candidate?

I had to give Sassy away when going down to live in Texas for the winter. I purchased the Texas property from Mrs. TEAGUE, and Teague's/Teegers even use a version of the Kitchen Coat. Tea for the Tillerman in my kitchen, and Tea's/Tease's/TIGHs (Wigan stars) were first found in NOTTINGhamshire while Sassys happen to have a near-copy of the Notting Coat. See-est thou the miracle that God did? Compare Sassys also with Buckinghams, for Pennington-like Penns/Pence's (Buckinghamshire) have a version of the Leyland Coat while Wigan of Lancashire is in Leyland.

As soon as my family moved into the new property, I bought a black Labrador pup, and the kids named her KATY, out of the blue, I have no idea where they got that name, except that God apparently chose it to reflect cat liners, for the heraldic "talbot" happens to be a Labrador species. Talbots = Tails/Taylors, right? I didn't know any heraldry at the time, and French Talbots happen to use gold items upon a blue-on-gold bend, as do Sassys. Incredible, but I'm not making this up. Katy died when getting run over by a car while chasing a cat. That's right. I miss Katy.

Katy was of a litter bred by HUNTERs, and here it's interesting that Hunters share the split Shield of German Volkers. The latter use the thistle while Thistle's have another version of the Sassy / Talbot Coat, and then English Volkers were first found in Lincolnshire with the Johnsons sharing the Thistle pheons. The Crest of Scottish Johnsons shares a spur between gold wings with Wigans. Thistle's were first found in the Channel islands with PoinDEXTERs while Dexters/Decksters were first found in Leicestershire with Sassys. Judge Scalia was murdered at the ranch of John B. Poindexter, in Texas, when he went hunting with 30 or more men from the International Order of Saint Hubertus, a hunting-theme group. We saw saint Hubert above.

Huberts share the crescents of Leylands in both colors, white like the Sassy crescent, and LEYtons/Leightons can trace to Leicestershire (where Sassys were first found) via the Legro river (also called the Soar) because the Soars share the Leyton/Leighton quadrants. As Soars/Sores' were a heavy-duty topic not many weeks ago in regards to pointers at George Soros, let's remind that the lightning bolt (symbol of God's fury) is suspect the Lighten variation of Leytons/Leightons. Suddenly, I'm understanding that the lightning bolt was speaking to Soros globalism. The Saracen heads of Sassys puts that entity into the shark category. Leytons/Leightons were first found in Shropshire with Hunters and SLEEPs, and beside the Leys/Leghs of Cheshire, where Huberts were first found too.

In my SLEEPing-bag dream, which pointed immediately (same morning of the dream) to Scalia's murder, I picked the sleeping bag up on a hill, resolved to be a pointer to the Hill surname without question, which happens to use a version of the Leyland Coat, perfect (I'm not familiar with Leylands). This is new: Leytons share the Hubert crescent in both colors, and John B. Poindexter was/is a leader in the International Order of Saint Hubertus. That works incredibly well with the Hills for a pointer to Scalia's murder by the Hubertus cult. Between the Leyland crescents is the same lion as used by Welsh Louis' (Glamorganshire, same as Tillers), a piece of evidence that Leytons relate to Sassy elements from the Tilurius, and the Saracen heads of Sassys and Cetins/Cattans ought to be of the Saraca's of Ragusa, i.e. near the mouth of the Tilurius. Huberts were first found beside the Sleeps and Hunters.

My theory was that Scalia was poisoned either to sleep or to death, for Poindexter testified that Scalia went to bed early, from the dinner table, saying he felt tired. He died in his bed, they say, later that night. To hasten death, it's possible they put a BAG over his head as he slept with some form of poison in his bloodstream, for Poussins, a term like "poison," use the cat. I kid you not, that when we got back from Texas, we got a new kitten, but when she returned sick after being in the neighbor's yard, we concluded that she was poisoned by some bait put out by a neighbor. The kitten died. We took it to the vet, who said there was no hope; we put it to "SLEEP." There is also a Poisson surname.

The blue lion of Soars/Sores' can be the one in the Dickerson/Dickenson Crest, for the latter surname was from Wigan of Leyland. Soros was suspect with my sorrel weeds, and Sorrels happen to use black ermine spots on double-white passant lions, like the black pellets on double-white passant lions of Tillers. Would George Soros have reason to kill Scalia? Yes, to make the American supreme court left-leaning again. I've only just loaded English Tillers to see that they share crescents on a fesse with Leylands! Tillers were first found in Glamorganshire, Monmouthshire and Herefordshire, the latter being right beside the first-known Hills of Worcestershire. Hills use a version of the Leyland Coat.

The sleeping-bag dream ended with Miss Peare on my stage, with me pulling her by the waist. It was resolved as a pointer to Waistells/Wessels, but not until the Soros work recently did I link that act to GEORGE Soros due to English George's (Dorset, same as Soars/Sores') sharing blue DOVES with Waistells/Wessels. Remember, the stage was a pointer to Stage's/Staggs sharing a cross between antlers with the Eustace's, and with the fictional Saint Eustace that's linked to saint Hubert(us).

PLUS, as I've said many times, I tried to take Miss Peare from Kepke when he first invited her out for an evening at a bar, with myself going along at his request. When he was at the washroom, or maybe ordering something from the bar, I asked Miss Peare if she wanted to step outside (for a kiss, wink-wink). We almost ran up the stairs = SCALA, out the front door and immediately got to kissing (we were excited teens). Decades later (a few years ago), I checked the Paloma's because the bar was named, La Paloma. Italian Paloma's use another DOVE, as if God wanted to link that evening to the stage in the dream, because Spanish Paloma's use pale bars in the colors of the pale bars of Peare-related Pero's, and in colors reversed from the pale bar formed by the ladder of Scalia's. Stairs or a ladder are called, scala, by Italians.

Can you believe that there's another dove in the Crest of German Tillers? The kiss with Peare is important because Kiss'/Cush's connect well to heraldic cushions shared by Redmaine's. Lawrence's were at Redmaine, and then only about three weeks passed between that kiss and Peare going over to Kepke. The Redmaine beacon is suspect with Beacons/Bacons, whom I trace to Bacau, up the Siret river in the land of Trypillians. Kepke's Ukrainian father is suspect from Trypillians at Kiev, and, as I said, Kepke met Peare when he and I were selling shoes, important because Trips/Treffs show shoes. French Bacons share the Bus cinquefoil, and Bus' can be from the Buzau river, a Siret tributary.

It can be added that my first kiss with Peare that night was shortly after Allison Bauer left me, at Knob HILL Farms (grocery store where she, Kepke and I were working at the time). Knobs happen to share the arrow on red with German Tillers (and Rothschilds/Roddensteins = Bauer liners), and these arrows might just be bird bolts, for English Allisons (Farm / Keppoch fesse?) use "black BIRDs". Scottish Allisons use dogs (probably talbots) in the colors of the Tiller lions, and share a red border on a white Shield with Talbots. More arrows are with Bauer-branch Bowers, and with Sorrys/Sawreys (Lancashire, same as Leyland) who look linkable to the Lorraine / Volker bends-with-items.

Spanish TELLs/Talles' have a gold-Shield version of the Talbot Coat, and Allison was a TELLER (cashier) at Knob Hill Farms. It's suggesting that Allisons were Tilurius-line elements, perhaps Tilurius liners in their own stead.

Long before investigating Soars/Sores', Sorrys and Sorrels as per George Soros, I had deduced that the Russells (Dorset, same as Soars/Sores' and George's) share the lion of Sava-river liner SAUERs. That's why the same lion is with Sorrys/SAWReys. I can now add that while Leylands are key for pointing to Scalia's murder, Wrightington is in Leyland while the Wrightington/Worthington Crest has the goat design in Russell Crest. Both goats are white.

The "sed" motto term of Wrightingtons/Worthingtons is shared by Sedans, whose elements named Sedbergh, home of Dents, explaining the triDENTs of Wrightingtons/Worthingtons. Sedbergh is in Yorkshire with the first-known WheelWRIGHTs, and Wheelwright-related Colters were first found in Lanarkshire with the Keppoch-related Allisons. Wheelwrights share the red antelope in Crest with Chimneys (Yorkshire). The lighting bolt to the chimney was looking partly like a pointer to Lightens/LEYtons, and Leyland can apply.

The Dents remind me here that I was golfing with my DENTist in a dream, wherein the last scene had him laughing at the red buttons on my shirt. Dents happen to share the lozenges of Hunter-like Hounds, the latter in Hunter colors. Hunter Biden? Why would Hunter Biden be pointed to in a dream about golf? I've explained recently why the dentist's surname, Hawthorn, traces to the Boeotian home of the mythical hunter, Orion, and why Boeotians were a line to Buttons/Bidens, but there's also Butua, the area pointed to by the shark dream. That dream was on the island of Jeffrey Epstein, and Joseph Biden has been seen to be very unusually fond of young girls even in his aging years.

A blue wolf is used by Wolfleys (Cheshire, same as Wolfs/Welfs), and they are said to have been associated with Chertsey elements while Chertseys/Curtseys/CHARTseys happen to have eagle heads in the colors of the Este / Barr eagle. Obama descends from a mayor Wolflin (or Wolfin) while that family is said to have changed to "Wolfley." I trace Obama's mother, born Dunham, to Dunham Massey of Cheshire.

Our favorite golf course (for collecting balls as kids) was Cedar Brae, at STEELES avenue. Didn't general Flynn get arrested in conjunction with the Steele-dossier plot? Steele's were first found in Cheshire with Wolfleys, and share the Partridge and Halper checks while Chertsey-like CHARTs (same garb as Arms of Cheshire) use partridges (I've read the description). Chertseys/Chartseys are in the colors and format of Dickersons/Dickensons (LEYland) who in-turn have lions looking very linkable to those of James', the latter first found in Surrey with Chertseys/Chartseys. The latter are Curtseys too, which recalls that Miss Hicks did a curtsey toward me one day, so unexpected.

WOW. I smelled Miss Hicks's hair when she was holding my hands in prayer. I did, I really did, because her head was close to mine. It smelled like old dust, not shampoo, suggesting that her gorgeous hair was a wig. After she prayed, she left my seat to the center isle, but turned toward me, and started a curtsy...though she didn't finish it because she maybe thought to self, what am I doing? Then she went back to sit beside her husband. THE POINT IS, Joseph Biden likes to smell the hair of ladies!!! WOW. You can find videos online where he's smelling womens' hair. So, as the Curtsey surname is linkable to the James Coat, let me repeat from above: "That dream was on the island of Jeffrey Epstein, and Joseph Biden has been seen to be very unusually fond of young girls even in his aging years." That fits, especially as Epstein's pedophilia island is called, Little Saint JAMES.

Miss Hicks is the one in the shark dream upon the BEACH, where I saw myself without a SHIRT but with jeans. In the dentist dream, after the golf game and while we were in his car, he laughed at the Bidens of my shirt, so to speak. The James-like Jeans/Janes' (Worcestershire, same as Halpers and Squirrels) share the same demi-blue lion in their Crest as does the James and Dickerson/Dickenson Crest (Deckers and Dyke's use squirrels). Shirts (Cheshire again) are also Chart-like Shards. While a demi-lion is a HALF lion, the Samsons, first found in Gloucestershire with Halper-branch Helps/HALFs, have the same blue lion only in full. Helps/Halfs are of the Helpe river, location of Avezzano-branch Avesnes, and Avezzano's were first found in Shard-like Sardinia. Our favorite golf course, the one with the richest golfers i.e. best balls (we sold them back to golfers) was CEDAR Brae. What are the chances that Cedars/Cotters use lizards while Lizarts are also SARDE's???

At the end of the dream, God had her rising into the sky as a pointer to Rhizon at Cotter-like Kotor. It was a necessary part of the dream because it opened with a shark while Saraca's of Ragusa were firstly at Kotor, according to Wikipedia's Saraka article. So, it now appears that there's a link between the shark dream and golf balls popping out of white sand, and golf balls at Cedar Brae. The Arms of-Saraca fish is in Este colors, and Este's put forth the Guelphs. Golfins/Gollers/Gollers have a giant gull in the colors of the giant Este / Barr eagle. Compare "Barr" to "Brae." There's a Bar location (on the sea coast) not far west of Kotor. Lookie: The Sand surname shares the so-called RAGully pattern with Lawrence's of the Sands theater, and we can read that term as raGULLY as part-code for Gull-branch Gullys/Gollys i.e. expected with gull-using Golfins/Gollens! That just crept up unexpectedly.

In the shark dream, I was walking on the white-sandy beach without my shirt. Beach's use the Clapper/Clapp Shield while Hicks' married Arthurs of Clapton, a location between Gloucester and the first-known Charts...who come up as Chars too while Miss Hicks is CHARlotte. By what coincidence were Clappers/Clapps first found in Surrey with Chertseys/Curtseys/Chartseys and James'? It looks like God's trying to link Obama's Wolfley line to JAMES Clapper, and the two of them to Jeffrey Epstein's island, for the beach I was on with Miss Hicks was resolved as Little Saint James.

Clappers share the Beach and Beacher/Becher Shield while German Bechers share the Steele bend-with-checks. What maketh thee of thiseth? The bulldog was in the Shark's mouth with a ring of shark teeth showing around the dog's belly. Bellys were first found at Moray, and Morays share the stars of German Bechers. Bellys share the rose of Jumps, and I jumped into the pool to save the bulldog. The Tooth's were first found in London with Beachers/Bechers, beside the Beach's of Hertfordshire. Tooths use the Feather feathers while Feathers are suspect with the Fetter's whose sun can be in the Clapper Coat. Feathers share the antelope head with Chimneys (Yorkshire, same as Jumps), but in the red of the Derby/Darby antelope head, in case it means something I don't yet realize. Chimney variations could indicate Cheneys who in turn love the Fetter-like Feets/Fate's (Yorkshire, same as Bolters/Bolders) in their motto. The lightning struck the chimney for an apparent pointer to John Bolten, and Boltons (share Chimney chevron) share the brown stag in Crest with Jumps. WOW, just realized, Bolt-like Bullets/Bullheads share the bull's scalp with Cheneys. Bolters/Bolders use what should be a bird bolt.

After the shark had the bulldog half-way into its mouth as code for the Halpers/Halfpennys / Helps/Halfs, I jumped into the pool to save it, but before I could see the outcome, I was transported to a body of blue WATER, an ocean apparently, and Waters share the Epstein Coat. I then walked onto the beach. There is an overhead view of Epstein's island, showing a white beach on one side with a driveway to it i.e. allowing a car to park upon it. In the dream, there was one car parked on the beach, with a beautiful woman (Miss Hicks) with it. It's pointing to James Clapper as Epstein's current master.

Wow, Irish CURTis' share the dolphin with the other James' (Surrey, same as CURTseys), and moreover these Curtis' share the Steel and Halper checks. As Irish Dolphins/DOLfins use dolphins in Dol-whale colors, the Chertseys/Curtseys now look like they share the Dol fesse. While the Dolphin/Dolfin dolphin is in the white-on-blue colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, Italian Dolphins/Dolfins almost have the Arms-of-Saraca fish that's shared by NIHILLs/Neils, the latter first found in Tyrone with Sharks. It just so happens that Irish Dolphins/Dolfins use a "NIHIL" motto term, excellent. Vere's use a "nihil" motto term while Verys/Fairys (share the combattant lions of Nihills/Neils) have a plow linkable to Curtis'.

The Curtis checks are on a fesse, same as the checks of Dol-liner Stewarts / Stuarts. The latter's checks are those of Tolle's/Tulls who in-turn share the pyramid with BattiSTELLi's (share billets in Chief with Steels). English Curtis have a plow over the shoulder of a FARMER, and Plows do have a Coat like that of Curtis' but throwing in the fleur-de-lys of English Dole's. Irish Dole's happen to have a double-billet border in the colors of the Steel billets, and, not surprisingly but still surprisingly, Irish Dole's/Doile's share the red stag heads of English Farms/Farmers while Irish Farmers share the red lion heads of Steels...and of Dance's (Alan fesse) in the dancette of Curtis' and Plows. These red stag heads are suspect with the Trump stag head because it's in Dol-whale colors while Dols (Drummond fesse?) were first found in the Mecklenburg area of Trumps. Dutch Tromps/Trumps share the acorn with Corners/Garners who in turn share the Plow / Dole fleur-de-lys.

Italian Dance's (Piedmont, same as Pero's) use four of the Pero pale bars, and then while Alans of Dol share the fesse of Pierro's/Pero's, in the colors of the bend of Dol-beloved Whale's, the Whale's share the black canton with Whaleys (whales) who in turn have a "PROfundis" motto term suggestive of Pero's. Whaleys were from ORMSkirk (Lancashire), and the Orms of Ormskirk share the blue dolphin in Crest with Irish Curtis'. Scottish Orms/Orrins have Orion-possible variations as well as a lozengy Shield in the colors of the similar checks of Irish Curtis', which gets more interesting where the Orms lozengy is shared by Schole's/SCAYLE's, for the Pero pale bar along with that of Spanish Paloma's is supposed to tie to the ladder of Scalia's.

Wow, I can actually trace Orms' to mythical Orion and even mythical Ogyges of the same general area in Boeotia. This is stunning. Whaleys were at Aughton (Ormskirk), and Aughtons happen to share the Stick Coat. On the day that Miss Hicks did the curtsey, I wore a tie for the first and last time to her church (I attended about 100 times). I've told this story before. After a three-year absence from Texas due to border problems, I brought down some dress clothes thinking that Miss Hicks might be a widow by then, for I thought our embrace in the shark dream meant that we were destined to be married. Her husband was more than 30 years older than she, and about 80 at this time.

Someone had given me a tie with treble clefs upon it, for my birthday during the three-year absence. I thought I'd never wear that. On second thought, Miss Hicks was a singer, and so I decided to wear it. I had a blazer on too, and new shoes, and, maybe she liked it, for when the pastor asked people to go stand with someone to pray for one another, she came over to me with a what-the-heck-I'll-do-it body movement.

Okay, so here she comes to my spot, takes both my hands in hers, and stands there praying. I smelled her hair (just once), now suspect as a pointer to the Bidens i.e. from Boeotians (Buttons/Bidens share the fesse of Butts/BOETs). I figure that HUNTER Biden was so-named to have Orion the Hunter of Boeotia point to him. The Auchtons can be shown to be from Autun (France), the Aedui peoples of which I have traced to mythical Aedon, queen of Boeotia! Zinger. Plus, Boeotia overlapped with an Acte region, like "Auchton," and Acte was home to mythical Ogyges (a monster).

I wore a treble clef, and Cleffs/Cliffs are said to have married the Stichs (Cheshire) who share the Auchton Coat exactly!!! God must have had all of this planned. He must have moved someone to give me that tie for my birthday.

I trace Sticks and Stichs to Astakos in Calydon, home of mythical king Oeneus whom I identify with a line of pagan Levites from Laish. I actually suspect them in Shechemite Boeotia (same place as Orion) because the Sadducees, who were required to be of Levite blood, were of a house of BOETHus. The Sadducees came forth from Maccabees, and one Maccabee was CURTUS i.e. like the Curtis' who connected above with Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia, home of the Laevi Galls that I see as proto-Sadducees! Wow.

I expected Aughtons to be of the Actons, and the following tends to verify it: "'Achetun' was held before the Conquest by UCTred, the Saxon proprietor of Dalton and Skelmersdale..." Daltons/Aultons (look like they use Robin HOOD) look like they can be a branch of Datons, the latter said to be from "Autun." Hang on to your tie knot, because English Daltons, with the Acton fesse (!), were first found in Knot-liner Nottinghamshire (home of Robin Hood), where the Tie-like Tease's/TYES' were first found along with Annas' who star they share!!!! Annas of Israel was the Sadducee at whose home Jesus was condemned to death at Passover!!!! Incredible! Tease's/Tyes' are suspect from the Ticino/Tessin river, location of Pavia!

Zikers, look at all that God wrought with that one treble-clef tie. I assume that the TREBle part is for the Trebia river, for Annas was also called, Ananus while the Ananes Gauls lived at the Trebia (flows to Placentia).

God must have stuck it into her head to start a curtsey toward me, a Massey liner, as a pointer to Curtus Maccabee. Maccabees were initially from MODI'IN of Israel, a location existing since Joshua, and it just so happens that MODON/Methoni, a real location in Maccabee-liner Messene (Greece), was made the mythical daughter (Methoni) of Oeneus of Calydon! He must have named the Oeneus river of Illyrium, home of Messene-like Maezaei.

Messene-like Mycenae was a suburb of Argos, and then Melia, the honey goddess of Boeotia, married the founder of Argos (Inachus). Mycenae and Argos were home to Danaans, suspect from Dan, the Biblical city that was earlier Laish. The namers of Dan, as goes the account in the book of Judges, stole Oeneus-like Jonathan, a Levite but pagan priest, from Micah, and made him their own priest. Thus, we can expect Levites of that line in honey-goddess Boeotia. Some say that "Merops" means "bee this" or "bee that," and mythical Merops happened to be the grandfather of Aedon of Boeotia. Her father was Pandareus, suspect from Pan-liner Panias, a couple of miles or less from Laish, and this Pandareus character was from Amazonian Ephesus, where there was an essenes bee cult. Perfect. The essenes cult can be from "Esau," for he was king of Edom, where there was a Kos god...while mythical Merops was from the island of Kos.

There is a Treble surname, first found in Devon (beside Sticks) with Trebys/Treebys. The latter share the lion of Eagle's (and Stocks), who are from the ACHELous river, location of ASTAKOS (ancient Calydon). The Sticks were from the ASTIKAS' of Lithuania, who married Traby of Poland. God knew what he was doing with that treble-clef tie. I smelled her WIG (I assume it's a wig), and Wigans share a version of the Annas Coat. Wigtons have three stars in the colors and format of the Stick garbs, and the Wigton stars are also the Cleff/Cliff stars! This must be why God caused Miss Hicks to wear a wig. Annas of Israel was a son of Seth, and Stick-like Sithech is a term to which the Seths/SHAWs are traced. Between the Cleff/Cliff stars is the trefoil of Irish Seths/Shaws!!! SAVA's/Savages (Cheshire, same as the Stichs married by Cleffs/Cliffs) have six lions in the pattern of the six of the Eagle's, and in colors reversed. Cleffs/Cliffs were at Moreton-SAY while English Shaws are also SHAYs (share "qui" with Stocks).

Wiggs/Wigstons were first found in Leicestershire with Simon de Montfort. Monforte is beside Savage-like SAVIGliano. The Astakos-like Stacks share the Montfort lion but with one tail, though Stocks do share two tails with the Montfort lion (all three lions are white and giant). What are the chances that English Simons share the trefoil of Cleffs/Cliffs and Stich-suspect Seths/Shaws? That's right.

Simon de Montfort may have been named after a long line of regular Simons from Simon Maccabee of Modi'in. French Simons share the Stock lion, and the giant Italian-Simon lion is colors reversed from the Montfort lion. The "mon" motto term of French Simons should be of Mons, where the counts of HAINaut shared the three Levi chevrons. The Montfort lion is definitely used by Marano's of Modi'in-suspect Modena (home of the proto-Bohemian Boii). My belief is that a tribe named after Modi'in named Modon/Methoni, and later, a people from the latter named Modena.

Mons is beside La Louviere, and Louvier's share the gold-red checks of the Laevillus > Leavell line, which is also the line of Waleran de Leavell while Walerans have three bulls in the colors and format of the three Whaley whales. Whaleys were at Aughton, which started this discussion back to Orion / Aedon / Acte Boeotians. Waleran married a daughter of the Beaumonts if Meulan and Leicestershire, and this very family married Simon de Montfort. The Louvier Coat is also the Arms of Meulan, and it just so happens that these checks are used by Beatle's / Bedwells while beetles are used by German Stocks. The latter share the double-tailed lion with Montforts, and the latter's is the Arms of Bohemia, which argues well for a Boii trace to Boeotians (also "BOIOtians").

Don't Beatle's and BEDwells/BIDEwells (Bedfordshire) suddenly look like Boeotians? Indeed, Savage's and Stocks share the lion paw with BEDfords. Beatle's were first found in Berkshire with Shaws/Shays. The Savage-related Eagle's/Aigle's are also AGLES' while AYLESford is in the Stock write-up. German Stocks use beetles. The Ayles' have three pale bars in the colors of the triple chevrons of Levi's. I trace Shaws/Sheaves' to Italian Sheaves' of eagle-line L'Aquila.

Why are Sassys from Orion?

On Monday morning, the day after writing above, I discovered some key finds. I was doing the spell check when it asked me to change "Zucker," and it recalled that while Sassys are also Saucers, Suchs/Suckers/Zouch's had been looked up too because Sassy SUCKed her tail. Suckers/Suchs were first found at Ormskirk along with Whaleys...what might this be about?

Sassys/Saucers and Suckers/Suchs share besants, and I always trace besants to the Bassianus bloodline, which I saw in and around the Tilurius river BEFORE discovering that this is the river to which Sassy's tail points. More specifically, I traced Julia MAESA Bassianus to the Tilurius along with her husband, Julius AVITus, and for this reason I saw a trace of "Maesa," from the nearby Maezaei Illyrians, to Masseys along the Orion-line Orne river at the Bassianus-like Bessin (Normandy). Perfect.

Well, this morning, I asked google about "Orme," and it brought up a Wikipedia article concerning an Orme headland in the Conwy part of north WALES. As Whaleys were at ORMSkirk, it appears that Whaleys and Whale's were Welsh liners. Perfect, for I trace Walsh's/Walchs to Wallachia, and that's at the Buzau river of the Cotesii that I trace to the Cottians of Sassy-like Susa. As I've pointed out many times, the Buzau is near the Rimna, named by some Benjamites of Rimmon (Israel), for one Walsh/Walch Coat shares the annulets on a saltire of Benjamins. I don't have time to get into it, but I discovered that these Benjamites named the Romans from their Rimmon / Rimna line, and Wallachia happens to be in Romania, named by the Romans. I always suspected that they named Romania after themselves because they knew to have ancestry there. The Rome surname is also "Rim."

Cottian-line Cotta's are also Cotys', but "Cotys" curiously brings up English ArchDEACONs/Archdickens (share triple, black chevrons with Levi's), yet that speaks to DEGANwy, a location across the Conwy river from Conwy. Cottians were at Susa, suspect with Susans, first found in Berkshire with Arks/ARCH's, making Archdeacons look like an Arc-river liner, excellent because the Ark is over the Cottian peaks from Susa.

I should repeat that while I saw ROXolani Alans stamped upon the Buzau river, the Walsh's/Walchs having the Benjamin saltire were first found in ROXburghshire. Roxolani are to the Dol Alans, and Dols use the whale. Amazingly, while Mr. Kepke left Miss Peare to become engaged to Miss Walsh, the Whale's (Berwickshire, near Roxburghshire) share the bend of Keeps. The Buzau was home to the Trypillians, and I've read that Trypillia was south of Keep-like Kiev, as were the Button-like Budini! Zinger. The Biden scandal involves political goons in Kiev! Keeps were first found near the first-known Bidens/Buttons, and Keppochs share the Button/Biden and Rome/Rim fesse. Recall what looked like a correct discovery when Turbots were identified as a Trypillian line, for Turbots share the Arms-of-Saraca fish with Geds, and the latter are suspect from the Geta ancestry of emperor Caracalla, son of Domna Bassianus.

Scottish Ormes' are also ORUMS while Rome's/Rims are also Rums. Rumneys/Romneys share the Tancred scallops for a trace with Tancreds and their Tankerville branch to Tanagra, Boeotian home of Orion's father. Luck? Rumble's/Rumballs use an "ACTio" motto term.

As Orme is in Conwy, I happened to load the Conwy article to find that this area was also called, Conway, and so I loaded the Conway surname to find red-on-white annulets, the colors of the giant VITO annulets, the Vito's being definitely from Julius Avitas!!! Wow, a shocker, and the Bitini variation of Vito's looks like the Biden variation of Boeotian-liner Buttons. Sassys use Saracen heads for a Saraca line at or around the Tilurius, and Sharks were first found near the Donegal location of the first-known Conways. The Tilurius is from the Tillers, and German Tillers have annulets colors reversed from the Vito annulets. English Tillers were first found in Wales.

The Rome/Rim fesse is in the colors of the August fesse, suggesting the Augustus-line Romans (did Augustus name Romania?), and while the Augusts share the eagle leg with Brae's/Brays, Kepke and I collected golf balls at Cedar BRAE golf course. Cedars are listed with Kotor-like Cottars, first found in Oxfordshire with Gullys (share English-Julian cross). Cottian-line Cotta's/Cotys' are also COTTARds. It's probably not coincidental that Coats' share six pale bars with German Julians and tending to clinch our golf-ball theme with Julian liners as per gull-using Golfins/Gulls, especially as Augustus was adopted by Julius Caesar while the latter's mother was Aurelia Cotta. Caesars were first found in Kent with Gulls. French Julians were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cotys'.

CONways look like they use a version of the Amis Coat. The latter have the giant Burgos annulet in colors reversed, suggesting John de Burgo of CONTEville, for Conte's share the CONE antlers. It tends to verify that Conways were of Conns / Conys, for the first Meschin was a son of a Conteville (Emma's daughter), explaining why Conns with Conys use a version of the Meschin Coat. Amis' were from Orne, same as the Ferte-Mace of Maceys/Masseys, and beside the Caen area that was the male ancestry of Meschins. French Amis'/Amote's were first found in Languedoc with French Conte's and Cottian-suspect Cotta's (red version of the Caen Shield) and French Julians (share the stars of Maceys and the Chief of Massena-line Galli's). Julians could have been from Julius Caesar through Julius Bassianus. Royal Cottians were in Piedmont with the first-known Masci's (version of the Massena Coat). Recall cat liners (Sassys and Cetins) at the Tilurius, for John de Burgo is of cat-using Irish Burghs/Berks (share Italian Conte lion), and the cat-using Croms of BERKshire share the white quatrefoil with English Amis'.

Caracalla was either ancestral to the Craig > Carrick line, or a branch of the line to Craigs, which can explain why Craigside is in Conwy. Craigs share the Mott/Mottin crescent. Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) have a colors-reversed version of the Goz Shield, and Richard Goz married Emma de Conteville to birth Hugh Lupus and his sister (forget her name), the first Meschin's mother. It can explain why the Craigie Shield is in the colors and format of the Macey/Mace Shield. Instead of the gold Macey/Mace stars, Goz's use white ones in both colors of the Aurelia stars. Aurelia's were first found in Padua with Este.

It's interesting, as per golf balls, that while English Balls were first found in Cheshire with the Conteville liners, including Hugh Lupus, and with Guelph-liner Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus, French Amis'/AMOTE's share the large ermine spots of French Balls, first found in Brittany with Mott, location of the Motts/Mottins who share the eight-pointed ESToile (Este's had Guelph elements) and a large and white crescent with Irish Degans. Deganwy is in Conwy at least near to Orme. This area is not far from Cheshire. English Ormes' almost use the Este / Aquila eagle.

After Kepke and I collected balls, we both became golf caddies at his suggestion. The Caddie/Kade Chief looks linkable to the Catti-line Keith Chief. Keiths are from the Tilurius. Their pale bars are in the colors of the Coats pale bars. When Sassy was given away, we got a black Lab, Katy, and Kate's share the hexagrams of Hagars (MODeste CONabor"), suspect from the Agarus river, now the Siret. The latter is beside Wallachia, traceable to CONwy in Wales. Kepke, who got engaged to Miss Walsh, owned a black Lab too (Blacky), but he also kept a pet RAT, and Rads share the same hexagram while Mr. Ratcliffe was nominated by Trump to replace Dan Coats as the Intelligence chief. The Kate / Hagar / Rad hexagram is shared by Cotta-like Goths. The "ModESTE" motto term of Hagars (Este colors) plays right-square into the golf-like Guelph line. Rats were first found in NAIRNshire, suspect with the Neuri on the Bug river (Ukraine) because Bugs share the water bouget with Rose's, first found in Nairnshire.

Aurelia was the name also of emperor Caracalla, and it was he who stationed Julius Bassianus in Dalmatia. The Saraca's and the Tilurius are in Dalmatia, and Julius Bassianus was father to Julia Maesa, wife of Avitus. Brae's/Brays were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's (beloved of the cabbages of Plancia-line Planque's/Plants), and the latter's "angustis" motto term is like an Angusta location of the Trypillian theater. I've pegged Angusta (probably named after Augustus) up the Trotus river from Bacau. The Welsh Bachs were first found in Denbighshire, beside Conwy, and the Welsh are suspect with Wallachia, not far from Bacau.

Plus, the Brays/Brae's have shown evidence for a trace to Bra, in Cuneo, and as I see the Conns and Conys from Cuneo, note CONway. Bra is beside Monforte, and so here I've got to go back to Italian Simons, likely having the Montfort lion in colors reversed as per Simon de Montfort, whose children descended from Waleran de Leavell. I see the Leavells bars with those of Amore's, and "amore" is a motto term of Conways. The Whale-Crest lion is split in two colors, the color of the Simon, and of the Montfort, lion. I'm going back to Italian Simons because this was the line of my landlord, whose Jeep I purchased, The Jeepma's are also Keep-like Cheps, and while the Chappes'/Cheaps can be linked to French Chappes', the latter share the Moor head of Conways.

The major point is that, in the dream of the Jeep's door handle, there was a RIM scene. I was complaining to the landlord that the door handle has a missing part, and immediately after this complaint, I was up high dropping a container onto a circular patch of white sand. It landed on its open lid, when flames appeared all around the rim. I jumped down to smother to fire with the sand (Sands use ragully), and was YELLing, "fire," at others while on the way down. Yells happen to share the Stick / Stich garb. Yells even look linkable to Isle's (Hill branch?); Miss Hicks was in the center ISLE when she curtsied toward my treble-clef tie.

Trypillians (probably at Rimna) practiced burning their own houses ritually, their Wikipedia article said. Trypillians are suspect at the naming of the Trebia river because it's a tributary of the Po, once called, BODENcus, like "Budini." This element is suspect at the naming of the Bautica, another Po tributary. Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps.

I'm sure there's much more to be gleaned, but I'm out of time for this week. All the below was written earlier in the week.

Aztecs Look Like Calydonians

Did Taphian pirates from Astakos name the Aztecs? Mythical OENeus was play on OENomaus, mythical king of nearby Pisa. Pisa was at the Laish-related Ladon river, home of Taphian-liner, mythical Daphne, named from a Daphne location smack beside Laish. Panias was also beside Daphne, and it's Tyrian (= sea-farers) inhabitants named the Peneus river at Pisa. Oenomaus was Amazonian, and Amazons (proto-Maccabees) were from Mazaca (Cappadocia), a term like "Mexico," home of Aztecs. Mexico was once in Texas, and the Texas surname shares the Arms of Meulan and the Louvier Coat. In this picture, Aztecs may have included wayward Israelites from Laish. The latter is suspect in naming Elis, likewise at Pisa.

In one myth, Orion, while drunk on OENO = wine, raped Merope, daughter of OENopion of Chios. It's a clear link to the Oenomaus Amazons, and Orion was always paired with the Amazon, Artemis of Ephesus, home of mythical Merops' son. Merops was on Kos, off-shore from the Pisidians at Atlantean Attaleia. Merops was the ancestry of Aedon-line Boeotians, and Orion was in Boeotia too.

Some think that Picts painted their bodies and thus founded some American natives, but then Picts had a Caledonian tribe. I trace Picts to the Pyxites river of the Thermodon-area Amazons, location of the KHALDI peoples, whom I see as the namers of CALYDon. Coincidences? Pisa was named by PISIDians, like "PYXITes." Pisidians were at Antalya, also called Attaleia, like "AETOLus" at Calydon. The trefoils of English Simons not look linkable to the Sticks / Aughtons, or to the Pict-like Pike's (Devon, same as Simons, Treble's and Trebys), but are in the colors of the Cleff/Cliff trefoils. I see TREFoils as part-code for Trypillian-suspect Trips. The English Trips have a SCALing ladder while the Arms of Traby (Poland) shares five, white ostrich feathers with Scale's. Something tells me that Pero's and Peare's were from Trypillians.

Another mythical king of Calydon was MELEager, suspect with Melia of Boeotia, and then his wife was Atalanta, a play off of ATLas, king of mythical Atlantis, and first son of Pisidian-like Poseidon (according to Plato's mythology). It's my personal discovery, I assume (because historians were asleep at the wheel), that Atlas was code for ATTALeia. It's right beside Perga, the namer, I feel sure, of mythical Perkunas of Lithuania i.e. home of Astakos-liner Astikas'. Lithuania had a Lada goddess, suspect with Ladon-of-Pisa elements, but then Lycia had a Lada goddess too, and Lycia is beside Attaleia. The Roman Latona seems applicable, especially as she was the mother of Apollo and the Amazonian hunter goddess, ArTEMIS (from THEMIScyra on the Thermodon i.e. near the Pyxites).

The parking LOT that God has stressed in my work is from Perga elements (to Parkings/Perkins), and then Lots share the brown dog with Lotan-like Lothians. Lotan was a seven-headed dragon of Syria, and Ladon of Greece was likewise a dragon, very connectable to mythical Ogyges.

Artemis (did not exist as a person) had a temple in Perga, but also in bee-line Ephesus, home of the Pandareus > Aedon line. The Herod-Maccabee line to Plancia Magna oversaw the Artemis temple in Perga, and Plancia was descended from a Glaphyra of Cappadocia i.e. location of Mazaca. In other, more-standard mythology, Poseidon was a Tyrian, ancestor of Cadmus of Boeotia. Tyrians committed human sacrifices both in Tyre and in Carthage. Aztecs did the same. ATROCIOUS GOD-FORSAKEN MENTAL CASES.

Didn't Curtis-like Mr. Cortes sail to the Aztecs??? Curtus Maccabee. MEXICo. The Cortes surname is listed with two Curtis surnames, but a third Cortes surname is from Spain's Aragon, and Argos-like term. Spanish Cortes' share the fleur-de-lys of Curtis-beloved Plows and Dole's. The Alans of Dol were once in Spain as the Alan Huns. Spanish Cortes' almost have the Tarr Coat, and Tarrs (Somerset, same as Sticks) are suspect from the Taro river, home of Ananes Gauls at the Trebia theater. Recall that Sticks married the Cleff/Cliff bloodline, for Cliffs are also Cleaves while Cleavers are also CLAVERS, whom I trace to GLAPHYRa of Cappadocia because she was the ancestor of PLANCia Magna, the Plancius line to Plunketts (in Vilaine, same as Dol) who share the tower of Cleavers/Clavers. The latter look like they share the Meschin Coat, a surname from Mazaca (ancient Cappadocian capital). "Vilaine" looks like "VILNius" probably because the Astikas who married Traby lived in Vilnius (Lithuania). English Curtis' were first found in Warwickshire with Tree's while Trebys are also TREEbys.

I purchased my Jeep from a landlord with the Italian Simon surname, and the CHEP variation of JEEPma's can be from Cappadocians, and before that from Cheops. The great pyramid of CHEOPS (Nile delta) was possibly built by Israelites in slavery to the Hyksos. Aztecs built pyramids. Dol-liner Tolle's/Tulls use the pyramid. The landlord was from Benevento, near CAPua, a place from mythical Capys Trojans. Italian Capone's/Capua's are likely a branch of English Capone's, first found in Cambridgeshire with CHEPmans/Chapmans. Jeepma's/Cheps use the eagle, and Eagles/Agles' are from the Achelous river at Aztec-like Astakos.

Tree's/True's are very linkable to Lyons, Lannoys and Herod Archelaus, husband of Glaphyra ARCHelaus of Cappadocia (same as Glaphyra above). The Arc river is at Modi'in-like Modane.

Curtis' are in the colors of Courts/Coverts who love the Grands in their motto who in-turn share three gold crowns with Curtis'. Courts/Coverts, first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts, are expected as a branch of Coffers/Coffee's whose dolphin is naked and riding on a Dol-suspect dolphin. It should be noted that the dolphin is a symbol also of mythical Daphne of Delphi. Dauphine of France uses the dolphin. It could be that Tulia of Lyon had the dolphin symbol before her line named Dol after it, for Dauphine is at Lyon. The Taphian pirates (sea farers) at Dauphine, right? It can explain why the Tuffs share a giant and green lion with Lyons, and colors reversed from the giant one of True-loving Hume's/Home's.

The Arms of Taranto uses a naked mythical Tarr-like Taras, son of Poseidon, on a dolphin. And Taranto was home to Modi'in-suspect Motel-and-Mota liners. "Immota" is a motto term in the Arms of L'AQUILa along with an eagle. The ACHELous was home to mythical Oeneus, father of Modon/Methoni. Motels share the horse with Caffer(t)ys, and the latter can be gleaned with the knights of Tree's/True's and Lannoys. Lyons (share the Lannoy lion) were first found in Perthshire with the Wings/Winks who in-turn share the single pile of Eagle-branch Hagels.

As Modon-like Modens were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's while Modane is on the Arc, and because Modens share the fretty with Taffs, it's begging whether "Archelaus" was a form of "Achelous." Glaphyra Archelaus married two Herods, the first one banished to Vienne near Lyon, and the second one a Maccabee-Herod the line of which could very well have settled the Modane theater. The second Herod was Alexander, and Alexanders share the Mott/Mottin crescent. It's also the Leyland crescent, but then Leylands use a version of the Hill Coat that itself shares the tower of Glaphyra-liner Clavers/Cleavers and Plunketts. Clappers (pike fish) can certainly apply.

The Scottish Morrison Coat is not only a version of the Elis Coat, but looks like the Sinclair cross on gold, the colors of the same-type cross as used by Rats/Raids. The latter became suspect from Radziwills, who were part of the Astikas', believe it or not. Elis of Pisa was smack in the land of Daphne, the namers of the Taphian pirates at Astakos. Elis was even politically partnered with the Astakos area, as mythology bares out. Henry Sinclair of Orkney is said be some to have been in America 100 years before Columbus. Sinclairs were earlier Claro's, from Clarus (beside Ephesus) of Caria, home of pirates and of mythical Leto, mother of the Amazonian Artemis (named after Themiscyra at the Pyxites / Khaldi theater). It just so happens that Leto-like Letts/late's use ORKNey-suspect ORGAN pipes. Leto was Latona to Romans, the Lydian line to the Ladon river, home of Taphian elements.

"ORKney" got suspect with the ORCHomenus Boeotians on the mythical Argos ship when I read from JJ Tolkien that he had some fictional Orks/Orcs in league with his mythical MELKOR. I deciphered that latter term as Tolkien's conscious code for mythical Meleager, king of Calydon at the Taphian theater. Luck? He was on the Argo ship. The Picts were in the Sinclair-ROSlin theater, but may have been in the Orkney islands too. Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids. Irish Morrisons share the Sinclair cross in both colors; it's in the colors of the pirate-flag saltire (skull and bones).

Atlas' daughter, Maia, looks like it was named after a people group that named the Maya of Mexico and Central America. Maia was made the mother of Hermes (born in Arcadia, beside the Peneus and Ladon rivers), father of Pan at Panias, the Phoenician line to Elis' Peneus river. "America" got suspect from the sea-farer, Richard Amerike.

Atlas' wife, Pleione, birthed Hyas, perhaps code for the Hayasa-Azzi. The Assi surname, first found in the Orkney theater, is related to the Sire/Siret/SIRON surname while the mythical, all-female Sirens (killed sea-farers = Amazon pirates) lived in Calydon with Taphian pirates. I have been saying for years that Sire's/Sirets/Sirons are linkable to the Arms of Vilnius, home of the Radziwill-Astikas family. The Arms shares the SCALES of justice with Assi's and Sire's/Sirons, and Scale's share the five Arms-of-Traby ostrich feathers.

"Pleione" looks like code for an Apollonia location. I found Orion and his urine symbol after telling, a few times, of my accidentally peeing on the head of PINO, my neighbor. We were both about five years old. Orion raped the daughter of OenoPION (Paioni?). There is a Pion surname using a large anchor, a symbol also of Sire's/Sirons. As I've said many times, I peed on Pino' head when living at the home of Pepin TAFF. Taphian liner, right? If I am not mistaken, Pepin was brother to GusTAV. Pepin's house was on RoseCLIFFE off of DUFFerin. Cliffs married Astakos-line Stichs! Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids, suspect with the Radziwill-Astikas' that you can see in Wikipedia's Traby Coat of Arms article. That's amazing.

I don't remember doing one thing with Pino, besides peeing on him, but I do remember the day when I was at his garage. I don't remember being at his house at any other time. At the garage, I remember only one thing, a man, which I assume was his father, showing me a rifle. A HUNTER's rifle right? yes, for Orion is the mythical hunter. In other words, God caused me to go pee from the porch railing just as Pino was coming around the porch corner below the railing. Would God do that? It looks like He did.

From Orion's Wikipedia article: "...who tells a different story of Orion's birth. Here the gods Zeus, Hermes, and Poseidon come to visit Hyrieus of Tanagra, who roasts a whole bull for them. When they offer him a favor, he asks for the birth of sons. The gods take the bull's hide and urinate into it and bury it in the earth, then tell him to dig it up ten months later. When he does, he finds Orion; this explains why Orion is earthborn." Earthborn is code for Gaia, wife of Orion-like Uranus, who likewise had a urination symbol.

Deep-State News Crawls Along

As has gone my theory, leftists are providing Fox videos in partnership with youtube so that they can edit out parts they are afraid of / don't like. As another example, the judge-Jeanine video below has Dennis Prager saying that he just learned of something now, but just as he opened his mouth to tell of it, a few seconds after 32:00 minutes, it was sliced out of the video:

The video above leaves out Sara Carter at the end, which has a very promising scenario as per Barr and Durham. A video of the same show by Josey Oficial had the same segment cut out exactly, from Prager, as though both youtube channels are from the same person(s). Another video that leaves the segment in reveals that Prager's film ("No Safe Spaces") did stunningly well, a film about leftist tricks / cheating against conservatives. Youtube didn't want that segment in, of course, because youtube is part of the cheating. I don't believe in unfettered freedom of speech. I have the option only to advance speech as God desires it, without falsifications, without demonism, without the lure / call / sanction of sin. Sorry, America, but you fall way short of this bar.

At what point are news media to be brought to court on the charge of attempted coups / toppling politicians with false stories from Intelligence goons? Is that permissible under "free speech"?

A liberal judge, Ms. Howell, ruled that the impeachment inquiry is legal without the vote demanded of it by Republicans. There should be Fox talk on this in the coming week; I'd like to hear whether it really is legal. But even if it is legal, the fact is that this "inquiry" launched much on the whistle-blower testimony, but, as Trump asked in a tweet Saturday: "Where’s the Whistleblower?" I would ask, where are the ones who supposedly heard the phone call who then gave the whistle-blower his testimony? Instead of the whistle-blower and his claimed sources, there is Taylor, Volker and Morrison like a gang of mutually-upholding voices that, so far as I've heard, did not hear the phone call personally. The real crime here seems to be the whistle-blower and those who propped him up. Trump needs to learn from this that releasing documents works wonders to silence enemy attacks. How many hundreds of key documents are there that Trump has failed to release, each one of which can put egg on their Democrat faces.

If ever you have trouble finding step-by-step deep-state news, BCP can usually be of help. He is interested in exactly the same as I. In this video, he shows that Lisa Page helped to alter 302s at Strzok's request, but altering 302s (mandatory memos) can be a crime to one extreme, or something fully innocent at the other end such as a betterment / closer-to-the-truth fix. In a normal situation, I don't think an FBI agent asks someone else to better his mandatory memos. I don't think it's the job of a lawyer (Page is an FBI lawyer for McCabe) unless the alterations need legal checks or reflection from McCabe. This story could become critical for the duo and their bosses.

Pay special attention to the point just before 16 minutes, when the Fox lady asks Papa what sort of accent Mifsud has. Papa is afraid of the question, and does not answer, pretending that she asked about something else. The lady is not very happy, even suspicious as Papa goes on off-topic. It gives me the impression that Papa never met Mifsud. My theory has been that Papa agreed to be used by Intelligence to frame Trump with the Mifsud scam, but that he wanted out from the scam before it could be fulfilled, and has since gone on the attack against his former Intelligence bosses for fear that he might get prosecuted along with them, or that they might throw him under the bus to protect themselves. In short, the original script was for Papa to join the Trump team, and then to partake in the Mifsud theater.

However, it now seems that Papa needed only to feign meeting Mifsud. If this is correct, then Papa is guilty of pushing a meeting that did not happen. What are the ramifications? It explains why he couldn't give the answer as to what accent Mifsud had. Eventually, when asked a second time by the Fox lady, he says that Mifsud had no specific accent (expected answer if he didn't know), but that he was not Russian.

So, my question is: how did Papa really get his job as a Trump advisor, by deep-state fingers? That's my theory. I'm not strong on the theory, and do admit it's on the slanderous side without hard evidence. My take is: it's very unlikely that Intelligence would find him so soon after sincerely joining the Trump team, and then use him, a virtual nobody on the team, to ruin Trump. It's more likely that Papa's joining of the Trump team was feigned for the Mifsud purpose, and that Intelligence had a worked-up bunch of garbage to make Papa look more important on the Trump team than he really was, for news-media purposes / propaganda after the plot had succeeded. Papa could now be a bona fide stool pigeon, knowing the plot well so far as goes his own role. BUT, I now have evidence that he never met Mifsud. You may see his refusal to answer the lady in a different light.

Talk now is that Mifsud has disappeared so that Papa, even if he's still fully a CIA tool willingly, doesn't need to worry much as per Mifsud's reaction / response against him. Really, where is Mifsud's response to Papa and others?

If you google search, "take a kill shot at Flynn," no article from CNN, and the rest, are to be found anywhere (as of Sunday morning), just as though they no longer exist as news media. And they do not exist as such. Nobody, only a few years ago, would believe that major media would collectively remain silent on such a controversial statement from the highest Intelligence chief. Media silence tends to mean that the story has no way out i.e. it's true and non-bashable, but when all the major media stay silent on one story, it tends to mean that there's an invisible source directing all of them.

New court documents released Thursday night...allege that President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, called Washington Post reporter David Ignatius to “take the kill shot on Flynn.” It is believed that ONA Director James Baker had leaked information, including transcripts from General Flynn’s calls, to Ignatius. Director Baker is believed to also have been the handler for Stefan Halper who may have been tasked by the FBI/CIA to slander General Flynn personally.

The page above has the 302-altering story (with good details) from the same batch of court releases, though Jarret doesn't say who got them released to the public. FBI evidence (FBI not willing for its release) is shown tending to prove that the FBI fabricated a few phone calls made by Flynn (to Russian ambassador Kislyak) that he probably did not make. The FBI altered a 302 to say that Flynn remembered making four to five calls, when previous 302s (or other forms of FBI personal notes) say he did not recall. This lie is no doubt for the purpose of making Flynn look like a partner with the Russians.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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