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October 29 - November 4, 2019

Baghdadi Timing
Alexander Vindman May be Pointing to Baathists
Charlie, Erik Ciaramella, and the Cute-Pence Mystery Perhaps Pitted Against Trump
It Felt So Good Twice With Miss Peare -- New Developments

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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I'm going to start this update with things coming to mind late in the week. This is evidence that the medallion-on-hood event points to Loretta Lynch with some new means. I'll start with a quote that comes later in this update: "There's more to be gleaned here because the gold-on-blue Bodel/BODE wing is that also of French Goblins while English Goblins, sharing the BUDE bow by the looks of it, are GoodBOLDs and even "Godbolt"!!! God's lightning bolt! It struck our Cheney-like chimney, and the Saint Petersburg medallion has four links of its CHAIN left while Chaine's/Chenays use a white-on-blue wing!" I don't need to enlighten you here on what that's all about. I only want to say that the MEDALlion found on my hood caused me to find the Medals/Dougals sharing the quadrants of Bauds (Hood crescents) who are like the Bode variation of Bodels, for Scottish Bodels are expected with the Boduel/Botel variations of Bothwells who in-turn share the LYNCH Coat. That's said because the abandoned medallion still had four LINKs of a chain. It makes for a story deserving more investigation.

Use the Medal/Dougal tab above for loading all Coat for to follow much better.

The lightning bolt above gets suspect with John Bolton, but you will also read that I thought, at age 11, that the lightning struck my pillow. That's why I'll mention the Pillow/Pilotte Coat. While reading it's write-up, I found the family at CHANTrans, which led me to load the Chants and then the Chands/Schims. I usually load the latter as Schims, only this time they were loaded as Chands, which brought up a second Chand surname listed with the Chaine'/Chenays above. I then struggled to see how these surnames could relate to the medallion's other aspects...until I remembered the Bodel quote above...that led to Lynch's very neatly via the Hood-related Bauds.

In the Chand/Schim write-up, I focused on: "The Earl of Bath, Philibert Shaunde, was created by King Henry II of England and Normandy..." I therefore loaded Philiberts to find the cinquefoil of Flowers and Potters, interesting because I saw a flower in the Chant Coat. It's going to get important that Chants are also candle-like Chantel, because the Kyle's who use CANDLEsticks share the Chand/Schim stars. Then, Porters/Pawters were first found in Hampshire with same-colored, Pawter-like Potters. The giant cinquefoil of Flowers is colors reversed from the same of dove-like Dovers, and there happens to be a dove in the Chand/Schim Coat.

You might want to keep in mind that Schims are from a line of Schimatari of Butt-line Boeotia, for Bodels, Bothwells and Bauds can all apply.

The "fortuna" motto term of Chands/Schims recalls "LADY Fortune" in the KLASSen Coat. It just so happens that Kyle's (CANDle's) and CHANDs/Schims share the stars of Glass', first found in BUTE. That's right, and I've read that Bothwells were Bute liners. Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire, right near Glasgow, and this was near Cumnock, where Kyle's were at, though Kyle's had a nearby Kyle location in Ayrshire, where Craigie's were first found. Well, it just so happens that I loaded Kents because I had recalled that Candle's are also Kentwells, and this caused me to recall that KENTs use a version of the CHAND Coat, suggesting that Chands, Candle's and Kents are same-stock branches (with slightly-different variations). Dover castle is in Kent.

Proto-Craigie's were from CHARAX Proculus, son of LAEVillus, and the latter is highly suspect from Laevi Gauls whom I trace back to proto-Sadducee Boeotians. This should partly explain why ATkins/AITkins were first found in Lanarkshire with Bothwells, for French Levi's love At-like Aids/Ade's (Berwickshire, same as AITons) in their motto. Plus, the Atkinson Chief is that of Chands/SCHIMs, believe it or not. The latter share the Chief of Scottish Mochs/Mochrys, first found in Lanarkshire. As Mochs/Mochrys have a SCIMitar, it's a good bet that they have a version of the Butt/Bute/Boet Coat, tending to prove that Bothwells/Boduels are a Boet branch. Mochs/Mochrys share "esse quam" in their motto with swan-using Cambridge's, and this swan is used by Swans/Sions (Lanarkshire).

The Kent write-up: "Radulfus de Kent received some lands in Ennyrwic from Walter the Steward c. 1165, and before 1177 he witnessed the gift of the church of Cragin (CRAIGIE) in KYLE to the monks of Paisley.'" The Kent Coat is like that of Brocks, especially like that of Brocuffs, but also like that of Kotor-like Cutters. Brocuffs use the Spink-like sphinx, and Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/Laudymans.

Paisley is at GLASgow between Ayrshire and Lanarkshire. Glasgows love the Lords/LAUDs in their motto, and Laudymans are listed with LADYs, proving that Klassens are a branch of Glasgows because Lady Fortune is in the Klassen Coat. Ladys/Laudymans happen to share the Candle/Kentwell annulets. We can't argue with the facts. Klassen-like Gleasons share the Glass / Kyle stars...but, again, so do Candle-like Chands/Schims who in-turn have a "fortuna" motto term. Fortuna's are also Fortune's. Paisley is from Pasi's/PASCELs, and Rollo's, who share the boar head (different colors) with Chands/Schims, use "fortuna" and "passe" while Passe's are with the PASCALs. Rollo's share the black boar with Bothwell-possible Boths/Booths and Bush's.

Problem: none of this looks like it knows John Bolton or anything to do with the lightning bolt...except the pillow. Mystery: Pillows/Pilotte's are a branch of French Pilotte's/Pilote's, and the latter share the Lord/Laud pheon. What could this mean? GLASgows have Lords in their motto. Loretts are a branch of Lords beloved by Buteshire's GLASS'. The Pillow/Pilotte Coat is shared by Scottish Shaws, said to be from Stick-like "Sithech." The candleSTICKs of Kyle's sharing the Glass stars. English Shaws were first found in Berkshire with Kents and with the Batters/Beeters looking ,linkable to Chanuts/Chenu's i.e. a possibly branch of Chands/Chaine's/Chenays.

Chands/Schims share the boar head of Mole's while Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croc. Irish Crocs happen to use the hand holding an object (I think it's a sleeve) in the Lord/Laud Crest, and then Glasgows, Pollocks and Eschyna-like Eskins/Erskins (probably share the pale bar of Beatys, first found in Roxburghshire with Molle's) were first found in Renfrewshire while Eschyna's daughter married Robert Pollock. Mythical Creusa was at Agrigento/ACRAGas, where I trace Craigie's, and the Crocs should be a branch, Creuse-like Croce's/Cross' ("cruce"). Having said that, Agrigento is at the HYPSas river while Scottish Crocs, sharing the HIPS martlets, were first found in Shropshire, home of the Alans whom Eschyna de Molle married, but also home of the father of Robert Pollock whom her daughter married. It's very interesting that the Shropshire Crocs shave one of the two fesses of the Shropshire Sleeps. Kents share one of the lion heads of Pollock-liner Peters, and to the blue lion head of Peter's looks like the Mason/Massin lion partly because the latter were first found in Kent, and partly because they share the mermaid of Glass' who in-turn have the Masse fleur in colors reversed. Jewish Glass' are therefore suspect with the Masci wings.

I almost forgot. Hips' share a gold sphinx with Brocuffs! The latter share the potent cross with Croce's/Cross'! Hips' were first found partly in Suffolk i.e. with Loretts and Lords/Lauds. Lorts happen to be in Lynch colors and format while sharing boar heads on blue with Chands/Schims (version of the Brocuff Coat).

I traced Glass' and Klassens to "Clausula," a river draining ultimately into lake SCODra, and later found that the Glass border is that also of SCOTTs and SCOOTs. God showed us that Sleep-line Selepitanoi were at or near Kotor and neighboring Butua. Cutters have the Chief-Shield colors of Kents, Brocks, Brocuffs and Chands/Schims, perfect for tracing the namers of Butua to Boeotians at Schimatari. I trace Kotor to mythical "KODRos at Athens (beside Boeotia).

Amazingly, while the Lux surname claims to derive in "lynx," the Lynch symbol, Brocuffs have a "lux" motto term. There may therefore be significance where Candle's/Kentwells were first found in Suffolk (beside Kent) with Loretta-like LORETts and LORDs/Lauds!!! Zikers, that similarity snuck up on me, didn't expect it at all until it was written down. Loretts are a branch of Lords beloved by Buteshire's Glass'. Neither Loretts nor Lorne's show Coats, but they do have a page.

Lookie: Ladys/Laudymans were first found in NorthAMPTON with Pennys/Pennes' who in turn use the lynx!!! Amptons share the Lord/Laud cinquefoils, tending to nail Ladys to Lord / Lorett liners. This looks like Intelligent design for pointing to guilty parties.

The "LUCtor" motto of Glass' might apply to the Luch variation of Lux's, for Glass' were in Buteshire, where I think Bothwells were from who share the Lynch Coat (reflective of the English Bute/Butt Coat). Excellent logic. The Kyle-Society webpage claims (or did so 10-15 years ago) to be from king Cole, and then the Cole's use a full bull in the colors of the Lux/Luch bull head.

Kims, linkable to the Schien variation of Chands/Schims, were first found in Bute and have white cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of Lords/Lauds. For what it's worth, Kims share a Fraser Coat. Bill Priestap (Trump-attack conspirator) will be pointed to later in this update, and so let's add that Priests/Prests/Press' (share estoiles with Butts/Bute's) look to be in the "prest" motto term of Kims.

The Lort boar heads are those of Pasi-related Spears, first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow and Paisley (perfect). The Renfrews even share the Baud / Bald ship. Schims (share Mole boar head) are from SHECHEMites at Schimatari, and Shechem-like Shake's (mole hills) are probably kin of ShakeSPEARE's. There is an inkling here that Lort-like Loretta Lynch is connecting with the Chand/Chaine's expected at the chain of my medallion.

Aha! Blonds were looked up because it was noted that their six fesse-wise bars are in the colors of the same of Blonds (foot on sun, linkable to Babe's), and there in the Blond Crest was another "Lux" motto term. I'm on Lorraine's babe and foot/feet symbol later in this update, which absolutely applies to this paragraph, and so those of you who know her story know that I first met her, and asked her out, on my BIRTHday at a BUS STOP at the corner of Lorraine-like Lorne street. Lorne's, said to have a Lorne location in Bute and Argyllshire, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's and Banners ("Pro"). Foots look like they have a banner in Crest, and Lady Fortune waves a "banner" (I've read the description).

It just so happens that PhiliBERTs, suspect with Berts/BIRTHs, share white cinquefoils with Bus', and are in Stop/Stubb colors. I'm wondering how her babe event can link to Loretta Lynch, but all I have now is that Blonds were first found in Suffolk with Loretts and Lords/Lauds while the latter share white pheons with Stops/Stubbs. It's a good start, especially as Lords/Lauds share white cinquefoils with Bus' and Philiberts. The latter have fesse-wise bars in the colors of the one fesse of Phils/Vails/Falls/MCFAULs. Michael McFaul was Obama's point man in Eurasia i.e. includes Ukraine issues.

Ah, as I said, her foot/feet symbol was given when I spotted her BEAUTiful feet, and Beautys/Bowoods, first found in Dorset with Babe's (almost the six bars of Blonde's), share the black bull with Lux's/Luchs. I discovered the Blond link to Babe's immediately after telling readers about her "sun-BRIGHT" blond hair (Berts/Births can be a Brights / Bride branch) and her beautiful-feet symbol.

Is it not amazing that Philiberts just got us to McFauls while Philiberts were brought to topic by Chands/Schims (Aberdeenshire) while Chands/CHAINE's were expected with the chain and LINK of my SAINT PETERSBURG RUSSIA medallion. Uh-oh:

Michael Anthony McFaul (born October 1, 1963) is an American academic and professor of political science who served as the United States Ambassador to RUSSIA [uh-oh] from 2012 to 2014 [under Obama and Kerry, uh-oh]. Prior to his nomination to the ambassadorial position, McFaul worked for the U.S. National Security Council as Special Assistant to the President and senior director of Russian and Eurasian affairs. In that capacity he was the architect of U.S. President Barack Obama's Russian reset policy...

...While an undergraduate at Stanford University he spent time in the Soviet Union, first in the summer of 1983 studying Russian at the Leningrad State University (now SAINT PETERSBURG State University)... (Wikipedia).

I smell corruption. Lynch was Obama's attorney general in his latter years, during the Trump Attack that involved some things in Saint Petersburg. As you can see in the photo, the medallion has four links of a chain. but connected to the main link on the medallion, for a total of FIVE links. The Five/Fify and Fife surnames, along with Fife-related VIVians, are suspect with L'VIV in Ukraine. Coincidence?

If God wanted to point to McFaul with the medallion, he might have a clue in Stanfords because McFaul was at Stanford while at Saint Petersburg. The Stanford goat design (compare with Mallings) is shared by Wrightingtons while Boltons were at Wrightington while Bolts (Lancashire, same as Wrightington) use a black griffin head (griffins have eagle heads) while a black eagle head is in the Phil/McFaul Crest. What think ye? Is John Bolton in the McFaul circle?

The medallion was found on my JEEP, and Jeepma's/Cheps share the double-headed, black eagle with WORTHs while Wrightingtons are also WORTHingtons. Moreover, the Jeepma/Chep eagle is in both colors of the Phil/McFaul eagles. The latter's Coat is in the colors of the Food/Foot Coat while the medallion was found in the parking lot of a Food Basics grocery store. Wow, Phils/McFauls use two black and spread eagles at the top corners of the Shield, as do Basic-like Baschs! That looks compelling. Worths were even at West BUDleigh (near Bude of Cornwall) while Medals/Douglas share the BAUD quadrants (Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Chep-like Cheaps). I'm very impressed.

Baschs are also BescHEFERs, and, if Hefers/Hevers use lions, they are partly in Bolton-lion colors. In a dream with shark, a bulldog jumped or fell into a swimming pool. I resolves that it could be either one, one for the Jumps share the trump stag head, and one for Falls/McFauls. In that same dream, a woman was standing at the HOOD of a car, and later she was HOVERing over the seats of the car. Hovers are almost Hevers. Plus, as I've said many times, I ended off my writings for these updates on telling about that woman at the hood, and then went to town, when the last thing done, before returning home, was to buy groceries. It was the medallion-on-hood event that very day, which suggested that the hood on the dream related, and so it seems that Baschs/Beschefers are indeed Intended by God, or, rather, that he had Miss Hicks hovering so as to connect that dream with the medallion event. McFaul likely was a part of the Trump-attack team under Obama.

As I've been saying for years, the woman in the dream was hovering in the car when a voice behind me that I understood as God directed me to wake her up, and when I did so, we went into an emBRACE. The Food Basics under discussion is in the town of BRACEbridge. Bracebridge's have a "will" motto term, and English Wills share the black-on-white griffin with Bolts, how about that. The Will Crest share the blue griffin with Hefer-like Jeffersons. Scottish Wills/VELIS' almost have the motto of English Wills, and while the Griffin motto uses "velis," there is another Velis/Vale surname sharing the eagles of Phils/McFauls.

I almost missed it. While the Hoods are Hoots, Hooters share the Coat of Hover-like HOOVER, and McFaul was "A Hoover Institution Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow"! BINGo. After quitting with Obama, "McFaul returned to Stanford as a professor of political science and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution." McFaul is an enemy of Trump.

The bulldog did not take a flying leap into the pool. It walked past my left leg/knee and essentially kept walking into the water, though at a fast walk so that, yes, it can be deemed either as falling or jumping. But if we say it fell in, we can also add that Fellers almost share the Lynch Coat! Bingo. I win. Fells/Fell's even share the lozenges of Whelans and Bricks (the lightning bolt hit our chimney and scattered bricks on the roof). Fallis' not only share trefoils with Fellers, but the Medal/Dougal and Pool lion (the dog fell in the pool). Logically, plenty of links like this are necessary if God's to prove that He's behind them and the story they tell.

Fells/Fells' were at Finlay Fells while Finlays might be of Fiens/Veynes', the ones with the Veyn-like variation of Phils/McFauls. Suddenly, God's pointing to Rockefellers. The Finlay Coat has slight resemblance to the Basch/Beschefer Coat. Fiens/Veynes' share "Ne vile" in their motto with Griffins.

The last update had the details of the lightning bolt, which story included Miss Whelan, and that surname has variations like Phil/McFaul variations. Boltons named BODELtone, and BUDLeigh's (named Bodley) look applicable as a branch. Scottish Bodels are expected with Boduels/Bothwells, the ones sharing the Lynch Coat.

Baghdadi in Heraldry

The biggest shark seeking Trump's blood now is the military deep-state, for his impeachment-or-not depends on whether war-hawk, Republican senators can be convinced to vote him out of the White House. This week, a new revelation that might explain why the democrats are thinking of going public with their impeachment hearings:

A White House national security official who is a decorated Iraq war veteran plans to tell House impeachment investigators on Tuesday that he heard President Trump appeal to Ukraine’s president to investigate one of his leading political rivals, a request the aide considered so damaging to American interests that he reported it to a superior.

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman of the Army, the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, twice registered internal objections about how Mr. Trump and his inner circle were treating Ukraine, out of what he called a “sense of duty,” he plans to tell the inquiry, according to a draft of his opening statement obtained by The New York Times.

He will be the first White House official to testify who listened in on the July 25 telephone call between Mr. Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

It seems that pressure from the Trump side has brought out one of the snitches to the CIA whistle-blower. The question is, what does Vindman have against Trump that he would view his phone call as "so damaging"? Oh-no, hair on fire. How can it be damaging to ask the Ukraine to uncover the previous Ukraine government's collusion with the Hillary campaign? Achem, that's called remedy, not damage. Vindman, you useless piece of embarrassment for the Democrats. Full-speed ahead, Democrats, to exposing your fecklessness.

We can see where this train crash is going, that while the Democrats are trying to frame Trump on little more than nothingness, the Ukraine exposure of Hillary's "secrets" (not anymore) is going to call for a questioning of what Obama knew and did to support the collusion. This train is about to run over Obama, Comey, Mueller and the rest. If that doesn't happen, shame on Barr. It's his job to tie them to the tracks ahead of the train. The outcome rests on Barr's lap, though Trump has the ability to do the investigation on his own, through his lawyers, nothing at all to be ashamed of. Yet, it seems that Trump has reined-in Giuliani lately, perhaps because Barr doesn't like what Giuliani has been doing. Why should Barr be opposed? There seems to be no justifiable answer. What's Sekulow doing these days? Shouldn't he be keeping in touch with the Ukraine to assure that they complete the investigation and send the results to Trump's desk. This president has the absolute right to defend himself against the murder train. His voters have every right to join in.

Plain and simple: it is Barr's job to investigate Hillary's election interference, regardless of whether Trump asked the Ukraine to help out, especially due to the long-winded Mueller "investigation" on Trump's collusion. There is no way for Barr to get out of this justifiably. It's going to shame Mueller, Rosenstein, and many others badly, but Barr has the further responsibility to jail them, for it should have been obvious to the Mueller-Rosenstein team that Hillary was the real culprit, though not Hillary alone, but the specific Democrats in cahoots with her Trump-attack plots. It's already known that the DNC paid part of the Steele dossier. The Horowitz report cometh in days, and it had best not leave out that established fact concerning Perkins Coie. That was a fundamental part of beginnings, and was facilitated by corrupt / winking FISA judges not above the law. To date, no FISA judge has come out to demand justice against Obama's FBI, a telling sign that they are corrupt judges. Virtually the entire capstone of the American nation is a sham, but if Barr decides to bury this to keep the world from seeing, then it will continue to control.

Those who trust Barr need to ask why he has yet to demand that the case against Flynn be dropped. The case against him is so flimsy, so minor in comparison to what Barr let Comey off the hook for, that this says LOTS about Barr's mindset. I listen not to Barr's words so much, but to his (in)actions, for the two are not jibing. The fact is, Flynn's attorney is right-now exposing that the FBI committed the crime by framing Flynn, and still Barr has not sounded out a public statement to give Flynn a well-deserved pass. Here's the lawyer on Lou Dobbs telling that the FBI has until the end of the week to explain itself:

To this day, the Senate keeps on spending more and more money the American people have not agreed to give. Money is what corruption in high places is all about. The Republicans had their opportunity to topple the liberals with George Bush, but his administration, with the Senate, continued to throw money around lavishly no doubt with schemes to pocket some of it (we're not talking nickels and dimes). If Republicans would be true to their promises, they would cut spending and forever be done with Democrats (they'd never get back power so long as spending is reined in)). Alas, the Republicans want the money too badly, and thus go into elections neck-and-neck with liberals. I just saw a headline telling that the Republican-led senate refused Rand Paul's bill to cut spending. The senate is stacked with the wrong kinds of Republicans, obviously.

So, in the midst of Trump's drive to pull out of Syria, a military man starts the ball rolling to impeach Trump on a Ukraine phone call, with the charge that Trump is asking a foreign nation to help him win the 2020 election. The military that wants to continue the obscenely-expensive Bush program for the Middle East is upset that Trump is knocking the legs out from that program. This military faction is no doubt the reason that Baghdadi and company were so strong in the first place, propped up by the Americans to create the Middle-East monster that justifies spending more military money. That's the backdrop.

Scenario 1: assuming that Baghdadi was indeed killed over the weekend, I'm taking the position that the military faction above was opposed to it. I'm taking the position that Trump may have discussed the killing with general Mattis and John Kelly, but that both found excuses (eg too risky) to douse that idea. Trump then gets rid of them both when he sees their duplicity. Trump then finds military factions who want to get rid of ISIS, and works with some who want to leave Syria. Finally, Trump kills Baghdadi as a slap in the face to the military faction opposed. It explains why the Washington-CIA Post and other liberal media came out shooting at Trump rather than celebrating Baghdadi's death.

Although Putin has doubts that Baghdadi was just killed, I have doubts that the military wanted Baghdadi dead...unless it has decided to replace him with another made-for-TV monster face. That would be scenario 2. It seemed to me that when they feigned the death of bin-Laden, they replaced his TV face with Baghdadi's. I can't believe that the American spy system was unable to track Baghdadi all these years. It seems that Trump did so, probably very fast lately, because it's not hard at all to track him, if someone gives the CIA that job. Did Trump demand from his CIA head that Baghdadi be found? It's a good theory. If that's what happened, the timing of Baghdadi's death is both strategically and politically advantageous to him.

Another possible motive of the military for killing Baghdadi, or staging it, is to ramp-up an ISIS backlash in order to fight back at Trump's pull-out. That makes sense. The report that Baghdadi was screaming as he fled down the tunnel makes sense where he felt that he was being betrayed by the American military, for I assume that, in previous years, he knew he had a deal with it. By the way, how could he be so irresponsible, seeing he has lots of money, as to hide out in a cave or tunnel with no second or third exit? Makes no sense. How little would it cost to dig-out multiple exits for when needed?

WOW, the VOLKSwagen I've mentioned of late finds a new pointer right here! As I've said a few times, soon after Joel took me out for a drive in his white Volkswagen Rabbit -- a pointer to this very Ukraine issue -- I had a dream that started with seeing Michael, Joel's brother, standing beside a classic, white Volkswagen beetle. It was parked in the parking lot of a mall so as to point to Perkins Coie. My sleeping-bag dream (see recent updates) likewise had a mall and its parking lot. The point is, MICHEAL and his VOLKswagen:

The colonel [Vindman above], who is represented by MICHAEL VOLKov, a former federal prosecutor, declined to comment for this article.

That's in the article above! Wow.

Here's from my 3rd update in April, 2018:

Yesterday as I write here, my mother's relative, Michael, dropped in while doing some work in my area (two hours from his home), and he took me to work with him for a while just to install a check valve in a sprinkler system. This comes a week after I had, and explained, the dream with him in it. He told me that he sometimes gets work from a company called, PEERless, in my area. There is a Peerless surname...

But what floors me is that while his only appearance in the dream was for a split-second with a VOLKswagen Beetle, Volks/Fulke's share the Shakespeare spear while Shakespeare's (Cumberland, same as Daggers) use a "sanz" motto term [like the "Sans" of Peerless']. And the Peerless fleur is also in the Volk/Fulke Coat. Amazing.

I don't think I had yet started the Orion / Shechemite topic at that time. The Beetle surname was a part of the last update's talk on these Laevi-related elements (which include Peerless'). The Peerless motto, "Sans TACHE," is expected as part-code for the Tache's who share the scallops of Tancreds/Tanks, a branch of Tacks and TANKERville's from TANAGRA (home of Orion), beside or at SCHIMatari, the latter being named by Biblical SHECHemites that named Shake's... and therefore Shakespeare's. When Joel came up with his Volkswagen, we decided to go see a friend at SHAKell road, which turned out to be a pointer to Jay Sekulow, as the first update of last month will explain. (Open the Beetle tab above to load other Coats and follow much better.)

WOW! The Orms' were a topic of the last update, and their Orrin variation got suspect with "Orion." It can now be added that the English Ormes' share the spread eagle of the Sans'! Bingo. The Sens' were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino/Tessin river (home of Laevi) to which I trace Tess'/Tecks (i.e. like "Tack / Tache") having a saltire (with LEAVES) in colors reversed from the PEERless saltire. Pierro's/PERO's were first found in Pavia i.e. on the Ticino. These Laevi are expected from pagan Levite blood through the Schimatari area.

After I saw Michael with the Volkswagen, I put a bucket into the back seat, I wonder what that could point to. I then had to take a leak, and that's a pointer to Orion. If I didn't need to take a leak, I wouldn't have gone into the mall, meaning that this leak was necessary to inform me that I was in the parking lot of a mall, and so this dream is connectable to the sleeping-bag dream, I figure.

God strikes again, now pointing to colonel Vindman. No Vindman surname comes up, but Windmans/Windhams can be gleaned as using the lions of Fiens/Finis' (Kent, same as a Horn/Ornes branch), and the same-colored lion paws of WINDows (Crest linkable to the Quint and Halper Crest). Fiens/Fane's/FAME's, in the colors and format of Fiens/Finis', are likely in the "FAMA" motto term of Amis', and the latter came up in the last update with the Conways after finding an Orme area in Conwy/Conway. The Amis' share the white rose and black annulet with the Droits in the Windman/Windham motto. I don't know how any of this can have something to do with colonel Vindman or his Trump-attack, but it's here now for the record.

I always check Winters / Vinters when on the Windows, and it just so happens that German Winters have checks in the colors of the similar lozenges of Beetle's (Boeotian suspects in the last update), though I wish that Windmans did so because it makes it more compelling to see the dream as a pointer to Vindman. To help prove that Winters / Vinters may apply to Windmans/WINEmans, Vinemans/Vinehams/Finnings (Fien branch?) share a giant grape bunch with English Vinters. The WINchester location of Vinehams/Finnings suggest Saer de Quincy (of Winchester) because the Sforza lion, which is the Fien/Finis lion too, uses a quince. As the Windmans have lion heads in the colors of the Sforza / Fien lion, it seems that the Sforza lion is that also of Bone's, for "bon" is a Windman motto term. Bono's share the FINNigan lion on the one half of the Shield. Irish Finns ("like "Win") have mascles in colors reversed from the Quince/Quincy (like "Win") mascles, and in the colors of the Winchester mascles.

Quince's seem to be a branch of Quints where Winchesters share the gold fitchee with Quints. Windows use the Windman lions as paws alone, and sharing a blue lion paw with the Scottish Austins who in turn share the Quint chevron. English Austins share the lion paw in black with Quints, and both the latter and the Windows have the paw holding a gold fitchee. Austins, first found in Bedfordshire, share the black lion paw with BEDfords, and the Bedwells who share the Beetle Coat were first found in Bedfordshire. Austins share the white stag with WINDsors whose "fie en" motto phrase looks like code for Fiens/Finis'.

Norwegian and Danish Winters/Vinters use the polar bear, and Polars/Pollards, sharing the Pully/Pullen scallops, have the scallops in a form of the Tancred Coat for a potential trace to Orion's Tanagra. I had to go pee after seeing the Volkswagen Beetle, and Vindman's lawyer is Mr. Volkov. Here's from the last update:

From Orion's Wikipedia article: "...who tells a different story of Orion's birth. Here the gods Zeus, Hermes, and Poseidon come to visit Hyrieus of Tanagra, who roasts a whole bull for them. When they offer him a favor, he asks for the birth of sons. The gods take the bull's hide and urinate into it and bury it in the earth, then tell him to dig it up ten months later. When he does, he finds Orion; this explains why Orion is earthborn." Earthborn is code for Gaia, wife of Orion-like Uranus, who likewise had a urination symbol.

Guiscard of Sicily was the son of Tancred, and Guiscards share the three, red piles (different background) with Buckets. However, I took an indirect route to the Buckets, not very direct from the Windman surname. Once in the mall, I had to find the BATHroom, an event I traced to the Middle-East BAATHists. It's actually likely that American war hawks have been seeking a long-term alliance with Sunny Baathists, and perhaps the message of the Volkswagen dream is that Vindman is such a one.

Baathists were founded by Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq, and Fulk-like Flecks/Flacks were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/VOLKs, you see, and, besides, Norfolk is where Gangs/Geggs were first found who share the cinquefoils of French Buckets. The Gang/Gegg cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of BAGs, first found in Norfolk too, as were Windmans. BAGHdadi???

Wow, like I said, I put the bucket into the BACK seat while German Backs are Bachs too while Buckets are BUCHets too. Plus, Welsh Bachs are also BAGHs! WOW. By what coincidence does Baghdadi's death (or feigned death) come as Vindman is about to testify (he did so Tuesday, today as I write here).

Perhaps God provided it, I wouldn't know, but Bitars/Buttars and Aflacks share the same cross, and it's the Conon/Conan cross too while the Wishart variation of Guiscards was at Conon. Guiscards/Wisharts have a "my" motto term while My's/Mea's/Meigh's share a version of the BATH Coat; this may now be the reason that we had to get to Guiscards before making the link to English Buckets. This is very intriguing suddenly.

BEHOLD. Bitars/Butters, who use HEARTs, were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds ("gang" motto term!), beside the first-known Guiscards/WisHARTs, and while Irish Harts use the heart too, Daddy share the saltire of Scottish Harts!!! BaghDADI!!! This must be why there was a mall parking lot in the sleeping-BAG dream too. The bag looks like a pointer to Baghdadi, or, better yet, to the Clinton deep-state suspect in propping Baghdadi (a Sunni) up. Buchet-like Bachets/Bagots share the double chevrons (identical Coats, actually) of Tyrols/Tyrone's while German Baghs/Baggs were first found in Tyrol, tending to clinch the bucket with Bag liners, though allowing entry of other factors / revelations / pointers in Buckets and their branches. Bags, by the way, share lozengy, in half the colors, with Beetle's.

The Bitar/Butter, Aflack and Conan crosses are of the type, and in the same colors, as that of Sunni-like Suns/Sinclairs. Did God arrange this? A Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames had fetterlocks, and Fetters use a giant sun. The fetterlocks were in the design of the lock seen in the Windman Crest.

OH WOW, as I've said many times, Michael Boucher, lived right next door to Barry, and their driveways were one driveway, which is where Barry parked his blue Volkswagen Beetle! English Buckets/Buchets are also Buchards. Just so you know I'm not making this up, here's from my 5th update in March, 2017: "I had a feeling that Michael Boucher (my age) would enter this Cretan discussion. When one walked out the door from Barry's side door, there was Boucher's side door, for they shared the same driveway (two as one). Michaels have already traced to Cretans, and Boucher's/Bouchier's/Bowsers [load "Bouchier") use water BOUGUETs..." I've read that water bougets are water containers, and that spells "water BUCKET." Here's from the 2nd of April, 2018: "Now, the following throttles me. I went camping several times in the blue Volkswagen Beetle of Barry. He's the one living beside Michael Boucher."

AHHH, the Bouchier's/Boucher's in the quote above share the Beetle checks!!! That's why I had to put a bucket into the Volkswagen beetle i.e. to prove that God is in this dream (because he knows heraldry, and planned on teaching it to me for these revelations and messages). French Bouchier's/Boucheys have an engrailed saltire in the colors of the engrailed cross (looks relevant) of Rats/Raids, the latter first found in Nairnshire with the Rose's having water bougets. The BAATs/Bats share a black, engrailed saltire with the two above, only it's in both colors of the Bitar/Butter cross. Baats/Bats share the bat with water-bouget Bugs (Rat/raid / Bouchier/Bouchey colors). How did these coinci-consequences come about? Mr. Bitar couldn't have controlled heraldic symbols centuries ago? He didn't know of my dream with bucket and bathroom. The dream had a Volkswagen BUG!

Lookie. Bugs are in Bogan colors, and Bogans use the bow, a symbol of Robin Hood. Bugs were, for many years past, said to be first found in Nottinghamshire, location of Robin Hood's SHERwood forest. The Hood crescents are shared by Bauds/BAADs. The latter's bald branch can be deemed a branch of Balders because the latter were first found in West Lothian with BATHgate's. What are the chances that Balders have the Bitar/Butter cross? That's right. Mr Bitar didn't control these heraldic Coats centuries ago. How can these coinci-consequences be popping up here?

The Balder motto, "ConSTANce," and "stan/stain" ending on Balder variations, suggest linkage to Stans/Stands/Stains sharing the double fesses of Aflack-like Flecks/Flecks, no doubt a branch of Fulke's/Volks. Balds share the stars of Tease's/Tyes'/Tighs, first found in Nottinghamshire. The Flecks are also Flags, and while fly's were at Flagi, Tullia's/Tulls use BUTTERflies! Tullia's/Tulls were from Tullia of Lyon, and the Lyon Coat is shared by Sherbourne's!!! We are on it. for the Bugge variation of Bugs are said to have been in Sherwood-like SHERbourne, in Dorset, where Tile's were first found whose giant wyvern dragon is colors reversed from the same of English Bogans. The Altons, first found in Nottinghamshire, share a man (Robin Hood) with pointed hat and bow with German Bogans. Scottish Bogers/Bogie's were first found in Fife with Bitars/Butters. There you have another Bitar link to Bucket-like Bug elements. I put the bucket into the BACK seat of Volkswagen bug! Italian Fulks (Florence) share the Toole/Tull Shield, and Tullia's line in Clermont-FERRAND was definitely of Florence/FIRENZE elements. For the record, German Bogers/BOGNers, in Nail/Nagle colors, look like they use a nail.

Toole's/Tulls use the pyramid, and the pyramid in the Great Seal of the United States is said to be "unFINIShed."

Belgian Flecks, linkable by their split Shield to Fulke's/Volks, have a version of a Vigil Coat while Parkings/Perkins use a "vigilum" motto term. I always trace Parkings/Perkins to Perga's Plancia Magna, wife of Tertullus, the line to Tertullus, ancestor of the Anjou Fulks and of the Plants/Planque's. It just so happens that Planque- and Plancia-like Plunketts were first found in Vilaine with Tullia-line Dol, and then the Arms of Villiane share the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes'. I put the bucket into the back seat.

English Boucher's, first found in Lincolnshire with Buckets, have this write-up: "Boucher is a name for a person who was a butcher." Hasn't Baghdadi's murderous cult been likened to butchers? As I've said many times, Michael Boucher was with a lady, the last time I saw him, whom I had previously kissed in a kitchen, and Kitchens use water bougets too. I was at a party and just stole a kiss from her as she walked in (she didn't mind). We never did become a pair. Does God allow things like that for this revelation? Looks like.

When I was in the mall (dream) seeking the bathroom, I saw two halls up ahead that turned to my right. I didn't know which hall to take, but then a SIGN appeared at the ceiling with an arrow at 90 degrees indicating a turn at the far hall. The dream ended there, I don't remember going down the hall. Why the sign? Is it a coincidence that Arrows/Arras' share the same type cross, in the same colors, as Bitars/Butters and Aflacks??? That is much the reason that this dream pointed to Sunni-Baathist Muslims.

Arrows/Arras' (from Artois) were first found in Staffordshire with Bachets/Bagots (share the Shake motto), and the latter are even said to be of Artois elements (looks like God knew it). Arrows/Arras' share the fleur of Flys of Flack-line Flagi. It appears that God set up the arrow on the way to the bathroom to assure that the bucket was His idea, and this Bucket link to Bagots once again suggests a link to the mall parking lot in the sleeping-bag dream. I had to cross the ROAD to come to the parking lot, which pointed to Hillary RODham's use of Perkins Coie. I then walked into the mall's door and immediately saw rough-wooden PLATforms, indicating Platte River Networks, Hillary's private server by which she conducted Middle-East work for Obama. ISIS, whom Obama loved due to their being anti-Israeli, probably has many Sunni Baathists.

Why a sleeping bag instead of some other type of bag? Sleeps use the Dart/Dard fesse, I reckon, because they are from the Selepitanoi Illyrians, beside the proto-Artois Ardiaei and the door-line Daorsi. I walked into the door of the mall. King Gentius of the Ardiaei, who married a Dardanian princess, is suspect as the line to Ghent/Gaunt and therefore to the gauntlet gloves of Fiens/Fame's and Maceys/Mace's. In fact, the Ardiaei were also called, VARDaei, and Vardys/Vertys were barons of Ferte-Mace, named partly by Maceys/Mace's. Fiens/Fame's were a branch of the Fiens/Finis' who essentially share the three Windman lions.

The sign-like Sions/Sine's/SWANs use the same heart as Bitars/Butters, as though to indicate that the bathroom was indeed a pointer to Baathists. Sions/Sine's once showed gauntlet gloves, The Fife branch Bitars/Buttars were near the first-known Conans/Conans, and Conwy is beside Denbighshire, the latter being where Bachs/Baghs were first found. Wagens and Wagners use the SWAN. VolksWAGEN.

As a piece of interesting heraldry that tracks to Fier county, we start with the Fier/Fere moline shared by Vardys/Vertys, the latter first found in Cumberland with the Fere-branch Fare's/Fairs/Phares' (suspect from Pharia off the Ardiaei coast) and Daggers. Keep in mind that Fiers/Fere's are a Vere branch while Vere's share the Massey/MACEY Shield, itself with the fleur-de-lys of Parkings/Perkins ("veri") in colors reversed. The Vere and Massey quadrants are colors reversed from those of Malls (Cheshire, same as Masseys and Maceys/Mace's).

Daggers are from the Dexaroi further up the Apsus river from Fier county. The latter has a Kuman location tracing to Comyns/Comine's because they use a dagger. Vardy-like Bardys share the Dagger Coat (Vardy/Verty colors and format) to show that there was an Ardiaei merger with Fier-county elements. Comyns/Comine's named Artois' Comines, and they are in the colors and format of both Fien surnames to no great surprise. Recall how Daddy's surprised use in a pointer to "BaghDADI, for English Dade's nearly have the Comyns/Comines Coat except that they use Vardys/Verty colors. If you give the Dade's the blue Shield of Comyns/Comine's, they are then in the colors and format of Windmans, first found in Norfolk with Dade's and Volks. Vindman and Volkov. Does this indicate that the people fronting Volkov have been in cahoots with Baghdadi (for to advance American military in Syria?), and did Trump kill Baghdadi to strike at Vindman's group just as he heard that Vindman was about to testify against him? I hope so.

While German Deckers are Daggers too, the dagger-like Dexters/Decksters, first found in Leicestershire with Parkings/Perkins ("SimpLEX"), share the Bachets/Bagot Coat. I actually trace the Antipater > Herod line forward to Plancia Magna (relative by marriage of a Mr. Simplex) back to Antipater/Antipatria, smack at the Dexaroi part of the Apsus river.

Recall that Scottish Hearts/Harts (like "Herod") share the Daddy saltire, for German Harts use a red stag called, a hart, and a red stag is in the Coat of Irish Dade's. The Irish Dade's have a version of the Simpson Coat, and Perkins Coie purchased the Steele dossier from Glenn Simpson's Fusion GPS. We are now learning that the guts of this dossier, probably produced by a Hillary-Simpson conspiracy more than by Steele, are intricately linked to a conspiracy from the Ukraine (of 2016) in support of Hillary over Trump. Joel's Volkswagen Rabbit was all about uncovering Americo-Ukraine scandals.

"Hillary Clinton named Marc Elias [of Perkins Coie] as general counsel to her campaign." Elias' not only share the ELIS Coat, but the Simpsons having an "ALIS" motto term share white crescents with Elias' and Elis'. The Elias motto terms, "quo" and "QUOmodo" looks like they had eyes to see Perkins COIE. Elias' were first found in West Lothian with BATHgate's, and I recall Bathgate's (no longer showing a Coat) using Sunni-like suns. Bathgate's are also BathGETs, and Bitars/Butters have a "DiriGET" motto term, just as though Bathgate's had eyes to see Mr. Bitar, co-founder of Baathists. If the Geddes' are in BathGate's/BathGets, note that they are like the Cedes variation of Seats (red roses), and that Geddes, who married water-bouget Rose's, were first found in Nairnshire with Rose's. I put the bucket on the back CEDES, so to speak.

The Geddes fish heads are in the colors of the fish of Butts/Bute's/Boets (red roses), an appropriate surname for Bitars/Butters. There is a Gettes variation of the Jette surname, first found in Anjou with the Fulk counts (ancestry of Fulke's/Volks). There's an argument to me made that Cedes' were from Sadducee's or proto-Sadducees at Cetis, and it just so happens that Sadducees of Jesus' day had a house of Boet-like Boethus. The Boets above come up as Bottes'/Boets'.

Immediately after writing that, I checked for a Boethus-like Botts surname (pot in Fulk-wing colors) to get the two wings of German Fulks, by the looks of it! The Fulk wings are in the colors of the eagle in the Chief of Italian Fulks, but go ahead and compare the red bar in the Fulk Chief to the red bar in the fesse of English Wagners, the ones who share the WAGEN swan. The Fulkswagen, so to speak. In fact, the Wagner swan is on water, as is the swan of Locks/LOCHES' (Peebles-shire, same as Baud/Baad-branch Balds), and then Miss Loches was the mother of Fulk II of Anjou! AHA! French Loges' (Burgundy, same as Locks/Loches'/DesLOGES') share the Coat of Gettes/Jette's!!! Look at the timing of that find. I was ever-so lucky to realize that the two swans above are both on water, and that was just a few hours before seeing, just now, the thin red bars shared between Wagners and Fulks. Look at the amount of work I had to do to discover why God used a Volkswagen. Yet it's also an obvious pointer to Mr. Volkov, but also to Kurt Volker (American diplomat to the Ukraine) now testifying against Trump in order to get him impeached.

[During the spell check, I checked Beets (Midlothian) while crossing Beetle's, to find that Beets use only a cross in the colors of only-a-saltire Loges'. It's extra evidence that the VOLKswagen is a pointer to Fulks. While writing this insert, Beatons/MacBeths were checked to find a gold version of the Hind Coat, itself colors reversed from the Parry Coat. We drove through Parry Sound with Joel's Volkswagen, and Perrys use a hind's head with a pear "SPRIG" while Spriggs are connectable to the sprig of broom (see it in the Broom/Brome write-up) in the hat of Geoffrey-Fulk Plantagenet. Amazingly, Spriggs share double-blue pale bars with Seats/Cedes! I put the bucket on the back seat. Seatons (Beetle colors, share flames with Beetle's) were first found beside Beets. The Seaton crescents are colors reversed from the same of Otters in the Beaton/MacBeth Crest.

Beets were first found in Edinburghshire with Breads/Bradds who come up as "Baid," and then Cake's/CakeBREADs have a fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of Dutch Beets and June's (Cambridgeshire, same as Cake's/Cakebreads. As Breads are suspect from PodeBRADY, where George of Hungary got his wife, it's very interesting that there is an online article telling of an historical document that George (father of Scottish Drummonds) was in Scotland in 1055, the year after Siward of Northumberland defeated king Macbeth, and two years before king Malcolm III (loved the Drummonds) killed MacBeth. Siward is of the Swords, and Fenders (Huntingdonshire, same as Otters) have an otter at the tip of a sword, comparable to the symbol of Baits ("fortuna") sharing the Sword sword and the black boar with Rollo's ("fortuna"). The line of Malcolm III was to Henry Huntingdon. Malcolm married princess Margaret, whose cub bearer, Henry Sinclair, was granted Roslin, six miles from Edinburgh.

During the writing of this insert, houseofnames pages started to load differently (not good) than they have before. I hope it's a temporary glitch, and that it doesn't happen to you. End Insert]

The Botts' are also Pots (Fly colors), and then Potters were first found in Hampshire with Flack-line Flys, Caiaphas-suspect Josephs, and Buttons/Bidens, the latter being a branch of Butts/Boets/Bottes'. The FOOTless martlets of Flys (Foot colors and format) are even colors reversed from those of French Josephs, and while Feets/Fate's are in the "fato" motto term of Cheneys (share martlets with Feets/Fate's), the Cheney martlets (all footless) are in the colors of the Fly martlets. The Feets/Fate's (comparable to Butt/Boet/Bottes Coat) have a Pavia Coat, and Butts/Boets/Bottes' can be gleaned with the Pierro's/Pero's, first found at Pavia with the Laevi Gauls that I trace to the blood of Joseph Caiaphas. Who arranged for him to be JOSEPH Biden?

My heraldic work has repeatedly suggested that Joseph Caiaphas was ancestral to Lupus Laevillus of Cetis, and while Cetis had a priesthood to Ajax, which I trace to Jacks, the latter are in the colors and format of Feets/Fate's, first found in Yorkshire with Jacks. The Pullys/Pullens, first found in Yorkshire too, share the martlet of French Josephs (both colors). And while the green footless martlet is used by Gards who in turn have a version of the Pully/Pullen Coat, Grime's/Grimms have both a green martlet and three of the Feet/Fate / Pavia fesses-with-martlets.

Let me stress it: Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat, and Laevi at the Ticino have long been suspect (by me) as naming LAEVIllus. The martlets on a red fesse of Feets/Fate's and Pavia's are in the colors of the fish-on-fesse of Boethus-suspect Butts/Boets/Bottes. Pierro's/Pero's (who aren't showing anything on the red fesse, yet have five of the six Butt/Boet/Bottes roses on either side of the fesse) PERICHs, and English Botters/Budins, first found in Hampshire with red-fesse Buttons/Bidens, Potters, Josephs, and Flys, have an eagle STANDing on a PERCH. It appears that Bottes-like Botters are part of the House of Boethus. Bellamys were at PERCHE, and Porters/PAWTER (i.e. like "Potter") are in Potter colors and first found in the same place. STANDs/Stants (in Arthur motto), first found in Yorkshire, as with Palms, share the double fesses of Fly-related Flags/Flecks/Flacks and Palmers (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks/Flacks). Pierro's/Pero's are also Pietro's while Peter-suspect Pettys use gold-on-green martlets, as well as green parrots as a possible substitute for the green martlets seen above. Green parrots are shared by Peeble's/PEOPLES', while Pepins, suspect in naming the Papia version of the city of Pavia, come up as "People." German RASmussens share the bend-with-fleur of Pepins and Pipe's, in colors reversed from the fleur of Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's and Petty-related Yardleys), and Ras' are listed with the Rose's beloved by Pierro's/Pero's and Butts/Boets/Bottes'. Staffordshire is also where Prets were first found who are in the motto of Arthur-related Meads (pelicans) who in turn share the Joseph martlet. As Arrow-related Arthurs use the pelican, as do Joseph-related Pullys/Pullens, the red tower in the Arrow/Arras Crest should be the tower of Pellicans (Maine, same as Josephs) in colors reversed, for Maine's even share the double-red fesses of Perche's. That's a Joseph link to the Perich variation of Pavia's Pierro's/Pero's, isn't it? Just trace the Pero's to the Perche mountains beside Maine.

Laevi-suspect Levi's, CAIAPHas-suspect Chappes', and fleur-line Lys'/Lisse's (from Lissus of the CAVII) were all first found in Ile-de-France. That's where the Brittany Pierrots/Parots are said to have been. They were also at Geneva, where I trace Alan-beloved Bellamys. Alans of Dol use a fesse in Pierro/Pero/PERICH fesse colors, we get it.

Pierrots/Perots were also at Port Launay, near Brest and in the province of FINIStere, where I trace Fiens/FINIS' and Windows. The latter are highly suspect as Windsors (descended from Dol Alans), but as word-play on "Finistere," a term like the French / Italian for "window". Launays are from the Italian Lano's/Lane's, first found in Brest-line Brescia/Brixia (Brests are also Brix's) over by lake GARDa. I had read that Eburovices of Evreux (Eure) were in Brescia too, and it just so happens that Eure has another Launay location that, although they use footless "merlette" birds, they seem fashioned to look like ducks. The French Alans (like "Launay") once showed ducks, and these were definitely related to the Velin ducks, and to the ducks once show by Velens, namers of mont Velino near L'Aquila.

By what coincidence do Merlette's/Merlot's/Merle's share the martlet of Josephs!? English Merle's/Merlays have them in colors reversed, and have a Coat looking linkable to Claptons, and virtually identical with the Coat of English Wingers/WINgate's. German Wingers/Wengers use the duck (it looks like). Arthurs of Clapton are online in marriage to Meads (share pelican with Arthurs), and Meads have footless martlets in the colors of the same of Merlette's and Josephs (same place as Pellicans).

The Arms of L'Aquila shares the eagle with Pierrots/Perots, and I strongly suspect the Dol Alans to have had some "special" blood in L'Aquila (in Eburovices-line Abruzzo). The Evreux-like Abreu's/Abruzzo's share the Pellican tower, and the Geneva/Genova and PRESley lion. The giant Pierrot/Perot eagle is white, as is the giant eagle of Aquila's. The Drake's (Hampshire, same as Botters with eagle on a PERCH), who share the red wyvern with dukes of Poland's Masovia, look linkable to the red cockatiel (almost a wyvern) of Presleys. The Pierrot/Perot Coat is shared by Balance's, first found in Warwickshire with Parrot-loving Pettys, and Warwicks are of Warsaw, the Masovia capital. The "conSULTO" motto term of parrot-using Pettys suggests the Salto river, for mont Velino is off of that river.

The beakless birds in the Arms of Launay surround a red chevron that all looks linkable to the Coat of Kennedys, from the Kennati priests of Cetis who worshiped Ajax. If correct that Ajax lovers are to the Yorkshire Jacks, then these jacks show evidence of being from Pierro's/Pero's/Perichs, perfect for a Laevi-of-Pavia trace to "LAEVillus." The latter was married to Quadratilla Bassus, who traces through Caracalla to Kennedy-related Carricks, the latter being from Charax Proculus, son Laevillus' son. Kennedys use the Arms of Carrick. Carricks descend from Craigs, and the latter have a motto looking like code for lines from Vibia, Laevillus' mother.

Again, the footless merlette's in the Arms of Launay probably look like ducks deliberately. In fact, they are almost exactly in the design (both black) of the Velin ducks (if one or the other changes by the time you load this, chalk it up to a cover-up), though Velins add beaks and legs. The merlette's are also beakless while Beaks have three fesses in the colors of the three FEIN fesses. Fiens/Finis' are expected at the PORT-Launay theater. It just so happens that Port-like Pierrots/Perots, who are said to have been at Launay (probably Port Launay) share the red on white border with Feins. The latter's triple fesses are those of Umbers/Humbers too, and Allers happen to use an "UMBRa" motto term. Beakless eagles are called allerions in honor of Allers (Westphalia, same as Velins, Velens and Ducks), for the Aller Coat's escutcheon is that of Holdens who in turn use allerions.

Anyone who reads this page or any of my heraldic works would be as lying scums to continue to push the theory that heraldic symbolism is chosen by people out of sheer fancy for what they like. In reality, heraldic symbols are passed down my marriages and guarded by law. There are all sorts of liars online indicating that the heraldry masters sent them to deceive the world. Why? Because everything in heraldry traces to the killers of Jesus and to the Herods, or, more recently to everything that some call the (anti-Christ) Illuminati. This is not a small revelation, underscoring one of the reasons as to why God's doing it, and in the meantime He's pointing to end-time anti-Christ forces using their own heraldry. We are closer than ever to Pay Day. The Wrath Cometh, liars, horned schemers. You will indeed go to where no man has ever gone before, your "crowning achievement." Anti-Christs don't know better than to heap sin upon sin without ceasing. They, like demons, enjoy the moment deliberately neglectful or oblivious to their certain future in Wrath.

I know that yellow borders trace back to Gratian, father of Velin-like VALENtinian, and therefore to Greats/Greeps who share the saltire of Nails/Nagle's. Greats/Greeps can be gleaned with CRISpins/CREPons who share the pomegranate with Great- / Cris-like GRAZio's, first found in umbra-like Umbria. As Allers use "umbra," it seems that Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with Allers (and Ducks) for a marital-related reason. Ducks/Logans use nails for obvious reason (i.e. Ducks of / out of / into Westphalia married Logans).

Black nails in Velin-duck colors are used by Proctors (Proculus liner?), who share the red martlet with French Alans, Velins and Valence's. The Velen martlets are fessewise so as to appear linkable to the Feet/Fate / Pavia martlets (in colors reversed). Proctor and Gamble were said to be an Illuminati organization. Proctors (and Meads) share "Toujours" with English Yonge's/Youngs (share the Pierro/Pero/Perich roses), and then Scottish Yonge's/Youngs have the three black piles of Laevillus-line Leavells. As the three Proctor nails are black too, it seems that were are on the line of Laevillus and his son, Proculus. I've known all this before, and it made me wonder whether the three nails became an Illuminati trophy as per the three nails in Jesus' body.

The pile-using Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire with Maxton, and Maxtons ("PROvidus") have a fitchee version of the Scottish Austin Coat. The latter happen the share the stag of German Jungs/Youngs/June's. The Maxton-branch Maxwells had Pollocks as their sept, and Pollocks had Peacocks as their sept, and Peacocks ("Be," should play to the Maxton bee) share the motto (includes "JUST") of Tapps who in turn share the Maxton fitchees. Tapps, whose Coat looks linkable to that of the Dorset George's, were first found in Dorset. George's share black items within gold roundels with Peacocks.

Tapp-like Tape's (bougets) look like they have some of the bars of Babe's, first found in Dorset. Beautiful, for Babe's share a hand pointing to the sun with BRADYs, and George of Hungary married a woman from PodeBRADY! That's perhaps the best evidence I've seen to prove a George-surname to George of Hungary, father of the first Drummonds in and around Ross-shire, home of the bouget-liner Rose's and of Peter Pollock at Rothes castle. Tape's were first found in Lincolnshire with Perich-like Paris' who in-turn share the fesse of Tapps (could be a branch of Table's/Tapleys).

On my 24th birthday, God set me up with a lady, Lorraine, and He gave her a babe and a feet symbol in the same minute, with her feet on the PAVEment of Yonge street in Richmond Hill. Feets/Fate's share the PAVia Coat, and the French Paris' were first found in Lorraine. It seems to be verifying that Leavells were from Pavia's Laevi Gauls, and that Pero's were a Paris Branch. Parrs use two blue fesses, and Paris' and Parrys one blue fesse. Parrys (near Welsh Louis'), comparable to Tapps, share the three lozenges of French Louis', first found in Lorraine. Parrs are definitely from king Pharnaces of the Pontus. The Lorraine-babe event was in RICHmond Hill, and Rich's were in Lorraine. Perrys ("Recte", Hampshire, same as Rich's) happen to have a lion colors reversed from the same of Tapps. The Perry quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Dorset's Soars/Sores'.

I have record (5th update of November, 2014) of the Perry Crest: "A hind's HEAD ERASed, holding in its mouth a pear tree sprig." It explains why Hinds share the Parry Coat in colors reversed, and why Heads have white unicorn heads, the color of the ERAS/Rasmussen unicorn. "Erased" means that there is a ragged shape at the neckline, and a heraldic head must always have a neck (otherwise it's a face for Face's/Fessy descendants). It checks out because Heads can be gleaned with the Este and Pepin horses while Rasmussens share the Pepin bend-with-fleur. Ras' are listed with Rose's beloved by Pierro's/Pero's. The horse head of Bute's/Butts (ESToiles) now showing was in the Este Crest at one time.

I broke up with Lorraine a few weeks after my birthday when she returned with a grass stain on her pants. Grass' are suspect with Grazio's (PERUSia) who in-turn share the pomegranate with Crispins, the latter said to be from Lorraine's Parez. French Paris' are Parez's too.

I had theorized that "Proculus" was in-code for the PORTCULLIS gate of Porters, for Gate's can be from "Cetis" along with "Geddes" (probably share the Butt/Boet/Bottes fish). The Pawter variation of Porters looks connectable to Potters, and while Potters share the Flower cinquefoils, there is a gold annulet, the symbol also of Yonge's/Youngs (NorthUMBERland, same as Amis'), upon a rose flower in the Crest of Amis'. The QUATREfoil of Amis', suspect with QUADRAtilla, Laevillus' wife, happens to be in Flower- and Potter-cinquefoil colors. Amis' love the Fiens/Fame's/Vans for a trace to Launay elements. Launay is near Brest, and God showed me that a ladyfriend of mine, Helen, applied to Brests/Brix's aside from the fact that Helens (sharing the Este / Pepin / Head horse heads in black) are said to be from Brittany's St. Brieux, near Brest.

Amis' share the black annulet with Hogans who in turn have a colors-reversed version of the annulet-using Yonge/Young Chief. It just so happens that while Charax Proculus is to Carricks and Kennedys (both first found in Ayrshire), Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Hogans...extra proof that Youngs/Youngs were married to the line of Laevillus. The Ayrshire Kennedys love the Avis/Avisons, from Avezzano at mont Velino, and so let's repeat that the Ayrshire Kennedys (share the Arms of Carrick) are in the colors and format of the Arms of Launay.

The theory had been that Caiaphas descended from a JUNia Caepio(nis), child of Julius Caesar with Servilia Caepionis, daughter of Quintus Caepio. It just so happens that English Yonge's/Youngs ("Toujours JEUNE"), suspect with the Pierro/Pero roses precisely because Yonge's/Youngs are Leavell kin, were first found in Essex with Quints while Fein-like Finns have mascles in colors reversed from the same of Finn- / Win-like Quints. Colchester (Essex) has Arms with Nails, that's right, and the Colchester surname even shares the Quint chevron. Colchester share the red estoiles of Irish Neils (and Press'/Priests) while Nails/Nagle's (same place as Velins, kin of Ducks/Logans who use nails) are Neils too, and the Colchester estoiles are in both colors of the Finn estoiles. Neils, Colchesters, Yonge's/Yonge's (Essex, same as Brocks) and Proc-like Brocks (branch of Procks/Procops/Brocuffs) all share the red lion with Caepionis-line Capone's, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors, June's and Jeune's, and Julians. Having said that, the Yonge/Young and Pierro/Pero roses are shared by Caesars.

The two lions combattant of Neils are colors reversed in the Finnigan Coat. There is a sword between the Finnigan lions, same as between the two lions combattant of Carols, first found in Tipperary with Fien-like Lafins/La Fonts/La FIN (Carol lion in colors reversed) in the motto of the Ayrshire Kennedys. It just so happens that while the Proctor nails are in pale (vertical), ditto for the pale bar of Nailers/Naylors who in turn share the Lafin/La Font lion.

I have never developed an alternative theory to tracing Caiaphas back to Junia Caepionis, and one would think that, if God is using me for this work, He would have given an alternative if I were wrong with the Caepionis > Caiaphas line.

Austins not only share the Quint lion paw and Quint / Colchester chevron, but the upright and white stag of German Youngs/June's. We at lest have the solid evidence here that Quints were from Quintus Caepio. I can add that Procks/Procops/Brocuffs use a SPHINX while Spinks (share mascles with Quince's) were first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's. Spinks could have the black Carrick / Crag dog, and the Spink eagle happens to be that of Sans' in the PEERless motto so that we have another apparent trace of PROCulus to Pero's at Pavia. Proctors use "Toujours fidele," and "Fidelis" is the entire Spink motto. Assume that the wolves of Fiddle's/Fidelows are to Laevillus' Lupus name. (The giant Sans eagle is shared by Dutch Volkers.)

Repeat from above: "For the record, German Bogers/BOGNers, in Nail/Nagle colors, look like they use a nail." I didn't know we'd need the quote so soon. Bogers/Bogners were first found in Silesia with Procks/Procops/Brocuffs! The Proctor nail is exactly in the design of the Boger/Bogner nail. Bogner-like Bogens have a bow in Proctor-nail colors. l

Impeachment Developments (Laughable)

Tuesday night: "For the call between Trump and Zelenskiy, Vindman said he listened in the Situation Room with colleagues from the NSC and Vice President Mike Pence’s office. He said he again reported his concerns to the NSC’s lead counsel." Basically, Vindman, now working for the White House's National Security Council, is a globalist tool who thinks that he can override or alter the agenda of the president. He thinks it improper for the president to ask a foreign nation to "investigate an American," but Trump thinks differently. By whose will shall the country abide by, by the president's or by Vindman's? If we say, Vindman, then he becomes the de-facto president. Can we have that? It's fine to disagree and seek to alter the president's will like a gentleman, but can we have the Democrats acting as the de-facto president by attacking him until he's subdued by hook or crook until raising the white flag? Is that the definition of a democratic process?

Where's Vindman's passion for prosecuting high-level corruption? Nowhere to be seen, which tells you EVERYTHING about his heart. He claims to care more about American imagery in global affairs than pouncing on a former, American vice-president thieving American tax payers by exploiting weaker governments abroad. Pathetic. Vindman cares nothing about Mueller's gigantic crime against Trump, meaning that Vindman needs to get the hell out of the White House. He doesn't deserve to be working for Trump, for he has decided to notify the world that he's Trump's mortal enemy. He's a part of the whistle-blower drive to impeach. I say YES to creating a good image around the world, but please do it by doing good, not by hiding deep-state crimes. Vindman: delinquent. He's one who strains out a gnat and swallows a camel. He's a patriot? A corrupt patriot? Who needs those? If he turns a blind eye to high-level crimes, he's not the patriot you want, unless you're the government mobster. Even the Schiffs and other delinquents claim to be patriots.

"Vindman served as the director for European affairs and a Ukraine expert under Fiona Hill, a former official who testified earlier in the impeachment probe. Hill worked for former national security adviser John Bolton" ( I'm seeing lightning bolts. Already, on Wednesday, the day after his "secret" testimony, word was leaked this is standard procedure by the cheaters) that the transcript of the Trump phone call is missing some phrases,. One may never prove this to be either true or false, but Democrat leaners will soak this up as fact, and spew it repeatedly as fuel to continue persecution. "...Vindman's testimony did not mention the motive of the White House in omitting key references to the Bidens and Burisma Holdings by Trump and Zelensky." There we go. The thrust is to make it appear that Trump was focused on Biden primarily, for the impeachment effort centers on it.

If there was more emphasis on Biden during that call, good for Trump. Bad for Trump if he allows this impeachment push to scare him into calling the Ukrainians to get them to not announce the investigative results into the Bidens. This rattling impeachment ghost is intended to scare Trump and the Republicans.

Fox has an article with an update of Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy by a doctor Baden, hired by Epstein's brother. If the brother has been a part of the deep state's cover-up by getting a medical examiner to provide fabricated details of the autopsy -- to give the false impression that Epstein did die -- then we wouldn't expect Baden to claim that the body has marks of murder. But that's what Baden is saying, suggesting that I've been wrong to claim that Epstein was set free alive.

The original medical examiner, hired by the state, I assume, is adamant in insisting to this day that Epstein hung himself. As the evidence leans toward murder, it seems that she is lying as her part in the cover-up, though she may have been compelled by force to make that statement against her will.

On Thursday morning, realclearinvestigations revealed the name of the whistle-blower, who was essentially a CIA mole in the White House whether it was intended by the CIA or not:

Further, Ciaramella (pronounced char-a-MEL-ah) left his National Security Council posting in the White House’s West Wing in mid-2017 amid concerns about negative leaks to the media. He has since returned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. "He was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump," said a former NSC official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

...And Ciaramella worked with a Democratic National Committee operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, inviting her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues said. The operative, Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who supported Hillary Clinton, led an effort to link the Republican campaign to the Russian government. “He knows her. He had her in the White House,” said one former co-worker, who requested anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter.

...Federal records show that Biden’s office invited Ciaramella to an October 2016 state luncheon the vice president hosted for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Other invited guests included Brennan, as well as then-FBI Director James Comey and then-National Intelligence Director James Clapper."

That all sounds logical and expected: the whistle-blower is just one more Democrat operative joining the ongoing, conspiratorial black train. It appears that Ciaramella was a part of the conspiracy from prior to Trump's election, and thus he was likely called upon to be a mole, and was likely one of the major leakers from the start...who should be jailed, of course, along with all the names in the paragraph above, but not discluding Obama, the co-engineer of the black train.

A Mr. Fleitz (in the article) says that everyone knew the name of this whistle-blower, including Trump. If true, why did Trump withhold the name since it's not illegal for him to divulge it? It's not illegal, apparently, for realclearinvestigations to divulge it.

The article goes on: "Several U.S. officials told RealClearInvestigations that the invitation that was extended to Ciaramella, a relatively low-level GS-13 federal employee, was unusual and signaled he was politically connected inside the Obama White House." Well, then, the same officials told Trump too. But this braggart who brags like no one I've ever seen acted like he didn't know the whistle-blower's identity?????

How logical is it that the deep state would wish to infiltrate the White House NSC? This is the organization spear-heading this particular impeachment push. It's the NSC that's being asked to advance the quid-pro-quo program, and here we discover that "[Ciaramella] was held over into the Trump administration, and headed the Ukraine desk at the NSC, eventually transitioning into the West Wing, until June 2017." Pity Ciaramella, whose job it was to keep eyes open for anything that could hurt the president, even while working in his White House, even if he didn't deserve harm, even if the weaponized material used was twisted out of context. That's a dirty rat who wears his traitorous accomplishments on his head as a trophy.

The American government is flush with these types, and the president has no right to say that America is great again until these rats are flushed out of upper-level government orgs. It's no good to flush them into the ditches of unemployment, for they will get their jobs back when a few rats rise to power again. It is necessary to scare the daylights out of these rodents, with looooong prison terms, no pity, so that the big rats will not do again what they have done for at least a couple of decades or more. Anyone who uses a government position to bash an opposing but innocent party member must be jailed. Anyone who does not bash a member of the opposing party when guilty is equal to an accomplice in crime. It is admissible to act politically when the other side is guilty of crimes; otherwise no guilty one in either party would ever go to jail, with the result of what we have today: rat infestation.

Once again from the article, we find that Ciaramella was complaining about Trump's ties with Putin to John Kelly, Trump's pick for his Chief of Staff and himself suspect as a Republican / war-hawk mole: "In the end, Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no conspiracy between Trump and Putin. Ciaramella’s email was cited [merely] in a footnote in his report, which mentions only Ciaramella’s name, the date and the recipients 'Kelly et al.' Former colleagues said the main recipient was then-Homeland Security Director John Kelly..."

The article is not dogmatic concerning the whistle-blower identity of Ciaramella, but, regardless, he and his friends in the White House were surely appointed or self-appointed as moles. "Earlier this year, Schiff recruited two of Ciaramella’s closest allies at the NSC — both whom were also Obama holdovers -- to join his committee staff. He hired one, Sean Misko, in August — the same month the whistleblower complaint was filed. During closed-door depositions taken in the impeachment inquiry, Misko has been observed handing notes to the lead counsel for the impeachment inquiry, Daniel Goldman, as he asks questions of Trump administration witnesses, officials with direct knowledge of the proceedings told RealClearInvestigations." So, it seems that the NSC is an outside-of-the-White-House spy organization on the White House, with people that Trump doesn't know or see. One can't get a much better shadow-government tool than the NSC, especially when it's in active cahoots with the CIA and/or the FBI. This is the rat infestation. Under the guise of national security, the rats can keep secret their documents based on the need-privacy-for-security-reasons argument. The American government is in the tight-squeeze of a hairy, complicated octopus the operations of which only the inner brain knows.

Strike the inner brain. But how can anyone, until it's identified? Obama knows the inner brain by now. Many in Washington do too, but no one's been talking. Perhaps God will soon reveal the black train's conductor room. The conductor's job is to spew thick black smoke to hide everything. If hiding is their game, it underscores the importance of revealing. Hurry up, Trump, you slow poke. Stop bragging and start revealing. Same article:

Republicans participating in the restricted inquiry hearings have been asking witnesses about Ciaramella and repeatedly injecting his name into the deposition record, angering Schiff and Democrats, who sources say are planning to scrub the references to Ciaramella from any transcripts of the hearings they may agree to release.

What? Democrats changing transcripts even while accusing the White House of doing so? Yes, but of course, this is their jekyll-and-hide game. How long have they been altering government documents to hide their schemes and tricks? It's what cheaters do. Who couldn't have guessed it the moment they realized that a shadow government runs the country? It took love of Trump at Fox to make its anchors and commentators into "conspiracy theorists," but it could never have happened without the corruption of a deep-state alliance with the liberal media, thank you all for making yourselves so blatantly obvious. How long will Fox remain as it is now? If you give the left enough time, it will destroy Fox too. The key is to attack the left hard and fast, Mr. Slow Poke. Don't give it time to plan offensives, keep them on the defensive, but not with words / free speech alone, because the left just deflects all accusations against itself, and about 40 percent of Americans are easily duped into believing their spin of any issue.

It seems that Republicans have finally started to do a little leaking of their own. Unfortunately, Democrat behavior requires war-like reactions, and, yes, leaking is offense. If I understand the below, Gohmert got the Ciaramella ball rolling:

In an open House Natural Resources Committee hearing last week, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) seemingly out of left field asked a witness about “Eric Ciaramella of the Obama National Security Council,” in what the Washington press corps took as a bid to out the whistleblower. He later told a Dallas radio station he knew the whistleblower’s name. “A lot of us in Washington know who it is,” Gohmert said, adding he’s a “very staunch Democrat” who was “supposed to be a point person on Ukraine, during the time when Ukraine was its most corrupt, and he didn’t blow any whistles on their corruption."

Louie, like his comrads in arms, is turning this back onto Democrats. There's a whole lot in the Ukraine scandal for them to become defensive about. The time for the all-out attack is now, but it needs more than a casual Republican invasion of the congressional basement. It needs documentation. It needs court-useful pieces of paper that talk up a storm to lock up the government criminals. Trump has failed to be the general or even the captain of the documentation canons. Let others take the glory if he wants to be the dope. Walk over his slow-poke body and leave him behind to carry the water.

Republicans appearing on the news to announce the impeachment sham is not offense, but defence. The impeachment is the offense. People playing defense all of the time look like losers. Get up for rumble time. Use the courts and Barr to get paperwork. What kind of louse is Barr if he can't spare a few pieces of paper for some preliminary attacks? His mission to uncover corruption is not his baby to cherish and keep as his own; it belongs to the people. Crying the blues every night on the news about Democrat lies can give the impression of losers. Instead, go to Barr and get some paper. Barr owes the people some realities to date; Fox is the medium between government and people. If Trump's useless for this, then let Fox go straight to Barr simultaneous with 25 Republicans. How can Barr turn them all down? Don't march into the congressional basement where they won't give up any secrets; march to Barr's house, demand war papers with the entire community listening on to his answer. Don't treat Barr as though he owns the investigation. Fox guests should do something like demand from Wray an indication of what he's doing against the deep state. But, no, Fox guests would rather cry the blues about Democrat tricks, which is a spinning of wheels.

Hannity repeats himself so much, as does much of Fox, that the points made will lose their sting long before the election. Humans turn off with too much repetition. Get new news. Get the papers yet unseen. Demand them until they are obtained. Make new news. We need to celebrate, not cry the blues. Reporting every move of the Democrat candidates ad-naseum is the stupidest thing the conservative media can do, especially when there are "war papers" to be obtained. It's time to start shaming Barr in public outbursts if he keeps the Republicans hanging on like this, so pathetically, another day. I've given up on Trump, but there are some reporters who can start to pester Barr a little, or a lot.

If Barr has nothing whatsoever to offer Fox, week-by-week, for fighting against his own Democrat enemies, what kind of an attorney general is that? If Barr doesn't mind being this kind of attorney general, he seems to me to be a glass half full of swamp water. Those who nightly fire their amo via news outlets, partners in crime, must me met with amo in return, but Barr hasn't provided any yet. What kind of a Benedict Arnold is this? Months of criminal-minded assaults against Trump and his fellow Republicans, but Barr can't afford one piece of paper slipped to Fox???? So afraid of looking like a partisan, he chooses instead to be as good as a traitor.

There is an argument to be made that a prosecutor shouldn't let the guilty parties know what is known of them. Not only is this a useless tactic if Wray refuses to prosecute, but Wray is highly likely to inform the guilty parties of what Barr is doing through him. What kind of an assistant to the deep state is Barr, to keep cracked-pot Wray in such an influential position? What do cracked pots do?

There is an argument to be made that it can be productive to let the enemy know you have the "goods" on them. It subdues both them and their media supporters, evaporates their spunk in being productive, free radicals. If I were in Barr's position, I would not treat the people like this. I would not let the people wait to the end of the investigation before revealing all guilt. It is not partisan politics for an attorney general to leak the guilt of people who happen to be of the opposing party. Leaking the guilt of the guilty announces to the enemy that they are marked men and women. It starts to dampen the spirits of their media arms, with less murk sprayed at viewers to bring them on-board with a mass-defence of the guilty. Did you see Clapper's fearful and confused face immediately after Durham announced a criminal status to his investigation? Clapper and company might be more likely to cease the offensive if Barr leaked a few of Clapper's DNI papers to show guilt of various of his employees. And the media would look a lot more stupid than it already does if it continued to defend the guilty when the guilt is laid bare for all to see.

In short, Barr's procrastination in revealing guilt, and his public admiration of Wray and Rosenstein, has given spirit to Trump's enemies. Barr is therefore responsible for the mud that the media had dragged the president through for about the past six months. Trump gave Barr the directive to declassify, but Barr has not shared one document. Is it really because Barr doesn't want the enemy to know what he knows? How many incriminating documents has Wray disappeared? It's on Trump's head, and Barr's head. They both saw what type Wray is, but didn't out him.

Lindsey Graham continues to be a piece of garbage into this week. He has the power to call Schiff to answer questions under oath, as well as those who listened in on the telephone call, any of which may have forwarded their messages to the whistle-blower. Instead, Graham is a piece of garbage, useless for anything. His job is to put on a show, to air a phony concern, to play politics to his own advantage. As there is no official investigation into Schiff's contacts with the whistle-blower, he has no excuse not to answer key questions. This war at present can be won by discovery of the goings-on between Schiff and the whistle-blower crew, but Graham won't help out. Why does Fox tolerate him on its show? Why isn't Sara Carter appearing more often? Why has Hannity shed DiGenova? Why does Hannity repeat himself night after night instead of stressing the latest developments? Who at Fox is watering down Fox's effectiveness against the deep state? Is Paul Ryan or someone similar in some charge of Fox polls?

Back in the middle of May of this year, DiGenova said on Ingraham that Horowitz had deemed the last three FISA applications illegal, and that he was on the verge of doing the same to the first application. Why can't that one thing, for example, be leaked to the public as part of a declassified informational? It calls Trump's voters to war, and offensive is what is needed. Where's the Horowitz report??? Why is Barr taking so long to let it loose? I think Barr's hit-and-miss, mediocre, untrustworthy, sneaky, snaky. Prove me wrong, I'd like to be proven wrong. I'd like to see a strong general Barr in war boots, but I think he shrinks back from being a warrior. Instead, I have the sense that he wants to be Mr. Fair to both sides. WHAT? Fair with liars, cheats and seditious con-artists?

If I see just one more Pelosi story from Fox, I'm going to commit suicide. The end of the world is here if Fox doesn't have sense enough to ignore her.

There is no hope for Christians in the current situation. Even if Republicans win the entire war, their human natures will pollute government in their own ways. It's hopeless. We can take comfort only in that lesser Republican evil is better than greater Democrat evil. It's a first step, but no one knows whether the second or third steps will be toward lesser or greater. Various forces may unite to crunch the Democrat machine, but then they will bicker with one another and eventually engage one another in social warfare. Our calling as Christians is, not to happily waltz through life, but to trudge...through a weed-ridden reality carrying our salt. I think what Jesus meant by our having salt is to carry weed-killer.

If you carry salt, it's because you place your joy in the Kingdom to come. It's because you realize that this world is hopelessly rampant with weeds tending to choke out the righteous society desired by God. We can't change this reality because God in His wisdom has allowed the wheat to grow with the wheat until the Kingdom's Ruler comes down. But God has not left us hopeless, for he has pulled his own out of the weed patch and turned them into wheat. Every head of wheat has a mouth spraying salt, which is why weeds hate us.

As of Sunday night late this week, Trump had yet to tweet the word, "Ciaramella," nor do the terms "whistle," "Sperry," or "realclear" come up in his recent tweets. How do we explain his black-out on this important story shed by Sperry? Don't we expect Trump to be jubilant about the revealing of the whistle-blower's name? Is Ciaramella NOT the whistle-blower? Either way, we expect Trump to tweet about Ciaramella, yet nothing. I'm suspicious. I don't trust Trump.

The best hope now is that the House goes full-speed with impeachment, only to hit a bomb in the tracks if, during the heat of the process, Ukraine delivers on Biden corruption and Hillary's election interference via a foreign nation. Trump should not shrink back from doing his parts to unveil American corruption for fear of the impeachment train...or he will hand the deep state that which they wish for. If it costs Trump his presidency to cripple the deep state for even 15 years, he should consider it worth it, and he can consider himself a hero. But he may also win a landslide if he plays this as a hero should. He now has the upper hand on the Democrats.

Who's Charlie?

After writing the above, Bongino's show for Thursday was loaded, and he had the Ciaramella story. Once you get a little ways into this video, see my comments below:

Dan starts off with some talk between Strzok and Page about an as-yet unidentified Charlie. Dan then shows how Paul Sperry breaks down, "Ciaramella," in the way it's pronounced, as "Char-a-MEL-ah." Dan asks why a reporter would do this unusual thing, to show pronunciation, and thinks it could be Sperry's hint on CHARlie. Dan doesn't ask why "mel" is in all-caps. The idea is that Ciaramella was given a secret alias, Charlie, by Intelligence people. I therefore started to load a few surnames, finding English Charleys sharing the blue fleur-de-lys with Norwegian and Danish Eriks/Ericsons (no variations shown). Eric Ciaramella. It could be a coincidence.

In fact, I laid out a suggestion briefly that Peach's might be a pointer to ImPEACHment, and can now add that Eric(son)-like Ricks/Rixons use virtually the Peach Coat. If this Eric Ciaramella is indeed the impeachment whistle-blower, not too that Ricks were first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels. The latter's lions are in the colors of the Charley lion. The crosslets of Peach's are shared with Tints (Somerset again), only Tints have a lion in Whistle/Wissel lion colors, which looks like a big deal where Tints were at Rex-like Wrexhall. The neighboring Rich's, with BOTTONy crosses, were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bottons/BIDENs. Isn't Ciaramella and company trying to save Biden? On second thought, they are actually throwing Biden under the tractor trailer because they are so feverish about destroying Trump that they'll destroy Biden in the process.

Gale's happen to be kin of both Tints and Nagle's (nightinGALE) while Nails/Nagle's and Gale's happen to share the saltire of Eriks/Ericsons. Gale's share the lion head of Vindman-like Windmans.

Plus, English Charleys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills while Sperry paired Ciaramella with Fiona HILL. Fions are listed with Fiens/Finis', who came up in this update with Windmans. It is fully expected now that Ciaramella is working with Vindman.

Next, Chars/Charts share the gold-on-blue garb with Waistells/Wessels, suspect as a branch of WHISTLE's/Wissels, and Ciaramella is suspect as a the mystery whistle-blower. That alone is interesting but it just so happens that Waistells/Wessels use a horse on a "GALLUP " (I've read the description), and Ciaramella has been in cahoots with Alexandra CHALUPa. In the article below, there's a photo with Chalupa and Ciaramella together.

As a sidenote, CHANTrans ("mon") share "courage" in their motto with the Comyns/Comine's having the Char/Chart garb. The Courage surname shares the three fleur of Parkings/Perkins, and I pulled Miss Peare by her waist after walking through the mall parking lot. After Kepke left Miss Peare, he was with Miss Walsh, and one Walsh surname loves the Trans/Trents/Trends (Somerset, same as Whistle's/Wissels) while CharTRANs' are also CharTRENDs. The vertically-split Tran/Trent/Trend Shield is shared by Dossier's/D'Hosier's.

Waistells share the dove with Italian Paloma's while I first kissed Miss Peare at La Paloma. The Paloma dove is in the colors of the Page dove. Spanish Paloma's use two of the Pero pale bars and what I thought was a caldron. It's the same pot (different colors) as used by Pots/Botts'. Not all pots have feet, but both of these do likely because Feets/Fate's are Pavia kin. For the record, I have a Mexican tenant, Mr. Lara, and Lara's use these pots too, for whatever it's worth. Walsh's happen to share black pheons with English Page's, and, can we believe it, French Page's use four of the Pero pale bars. Wow.

Page's have a Coat comparable to Peks/Pecks, and these are also comparable to Peach's. Is that impeachment meaningful? See PICKers/Peckars/Packars, and compare with stool-pigeon Stole's, first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels and sharing their lozenges. How did that come about? Someone's been watching and moving. English Page's were first found in Devon with PIKE's who in turn have the split Shield of the Somerset Trans/Trents and Dossier's in colors reversed. I PICKed up the sleeping bag (on a HILL) while Scottish Pike's/Picks share the pierced Solomon stars, which is partly why that scene pointed to John Solomon of The Hill. However, it's now pointing to FIONa Hill, and Fions/Fiens/Finis' (Pick colors) were first found in Kent with English Picks. The sleeping bag was picked up in the woods, and Picks share the Wood fitchees. God knows heraldry. Note that "Fion" is like "pheon," the Page symbol.

About one or two seconds after writing "English Picks," a song sang the word, "picture." There is a Picture/Pictall surname with possibly the Pek/Peck chevron.

Pickers/Peckers/Packers have a rose version of the Bath Coat, and Baths (Somerset again, same as Whistle's/Wessels) have lions in the colors of the Whistle/Wissel lions. The Bath Coat is a colors-reversed version of the RHODES Coat (Rose's are from Rhodes), and I walked up the hill and crossed the ROAD as soon as I picked up the bag. This road is a pointer to RODham Clinton, for I entered a PARKING lot as soon as I crossed the road. As I crossed, David Morley rode away down the road on his motorbike, and this scene was placed there, for one, because the Morleys (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') are also Mauls. It was a MALL parking lot. And Morleys/Mauls have the split Shield of Dossier's too.

But David Morley was placed in the dream for his first name too, for Davids (version of Gallop Coat) have a version of the Aid/Ade Coat while their kin, Aitons (Berwickshire, same as Aids/Ade's), have a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat. From Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's, we go to the similar Coat of the neighboring Rodhams/RODENs. Aids/Ade's are suspect from Ada of Warenne, who married the line of King David I. There is a Bath area at the Roden river of Shropshire [more on this later].

Waistells entered the sleeping-bag dream as the very last scene, and Hills were in the very first scene when I picked the bag up. The hill can have more than one pointer, especially with God's brain. In fact, I found that the hill, because it sloped off from a road, could also be a bank. The Banks came to topic when discussing my first and only ride on Miss Peare's white horse. It started to run or gallop as I clicked my heels into its belly, but this was before I turned 20, more than 40 years before the sleeping bag dream. The last scene in this dream was my pulling Miss Peare, whom I haven't seen since my age 23, by her WAIST. Waistells have a white horse said to be on a gallop, and this was why I told readers, several times, of my being on her white horse. The horse rode to the top of four-foot slope (what I called a bank), and that's when I stopped it and turned back. God's mission accomplished, I assume. So, the hill in the sleeping-bag dream can thus be linked to Waistells, and thus to Chalupa and Fiona Hill together.

Waistells/Wessels share blue doves with English George's (Dorset, same as Soars/Sores' and Gallups), a point that was on George Soros in my second update of last month. I started the Soros investigation in that update without knowing how entrenched Soros was in Ukraine; he virtually owned the country's reins. Surely, Democrat corruption in Ukraine was in league with Soros. Mr. Kepke, whose father is Ukrainian, was with us that day I took the horse out (she and he were a couple). They just up and asked me, out of the blue, if I wanted to take it out. I got up onto the horse, now assuming it to have been God's doing.

I've linked "Kepke" to "Syphax" of Numidia (200ish BC) because the latter's image on a coin (Wikipedia) looks like Kepke in his youth. I was able to trace Syphax to such surnames as Spice's, Spicks/Specks/Spocks and Speccots/Space's thanks to Kepke's particulars. Spice's appear to be in a Walsh motto ("AuSPICE numine"), and when Kepke left Peare, he got engaged to Miss Walsh. Spicks/Specks/Spocks share the double-headed and giant eagle with French Alexandra's. Alexandra Chalupa, surprise-surprise. Scottish Alexandra's/Alexanders share the split-Shield of Hunters and Volkers.

Another double-headed eagle is used by RUSSIAN Alexanders. Speccots/Space's share the Keep bend, as well as a fret-on-red with Mels. Char-a-MEL-ah. The Speccot and Keep bends are colors reversed from the same of Chalupa-like Gallops. Speccots, Spice's and Spicks were all in Devon at their early British history. Mels were first found beside Devon, in Somerset, where Whistle's/Wissels were first found. German Wissels use red wings in both colors of the Spick/Speck eagle. The latter are SPIKE's too, perhaps named such after a Spick-family marriage with Nails, for the latter were first found in Westphalia with Wissels.

An organization representing Trump, Bongino mentions (26th minute), has sued the Democrat National Committee, especially in regards to it's hiring Chalupa to gather anti-Trump propaganda, the same task as had Hillary via the dossier and no doubt other schemes. Now when I pulled Miss Peare by her waist as a pointer to Waistells and Chalupa-suspect Gallops, it felt so good. That was the end of the dream, it felt so good. That looks like a Trump victory over Hillary, the DNC and Chalupa, but we ought to toss Ciaramella into that garbage bin too. "Chalupa" may not look like "Clapper" for nothing, and while Charlotte Hicks pointed to Clapper in the shark dream, Charlotte's are listed with French Charleys.

There's a question as to whether the "bolde" motto term of Gallops refers to Bolds/Bolts and therefore to John Bolton, but it seems that Bolders/Bolters apply for having a dove colors reversed from the Waistell/Wessel doves. Lookie from the last update:

...Boltons are said to be of a BODELton location [= consonant reversal from "BOLTon"].

There's a Scottish Bodel surname, the houseofnames link of which wrongly brings up German Bodels. Scottish Bodels can therefore be of Scottish Bauds, wow [they are part of the Saint-Petersburg Russia medallion that God left on my Jeep]. One Bird Coat looks linkable to Bute's/Butts/Boets. German Bodels (Prussia, same as Decks/DECKERs), have this: "The surname Bodel was first found in Prussia, where the name BoDECKER..." Then, English Deckers, first found in Sussex, have an item on a chevron in the colors of the lions upon a chevron of Boltons! Super. It means that the medallion upon my Jeep's hood can be a pointer to John Bolton.

Recall the Corrys / Corrys'/Coreys, for Chorleys (Bolton chevron?) use Bodel-like bottles, and were first found in Lancashire with Bottle's/Butels with this in their write-up: "The Count Poitou (Pictaviens) held BOLTelai and numerous other Lordships in Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire." The black griffin head (eagle head, really) of Bolts is virtually the black eagle head in the Chorley Crest. Bolton is a location in Lancashire. The Chorley chevron is in both colors of the Chimney chevron, making it appear that God struck our chimney with a lightning Bodel, so to speak. Boltons were even first found partly in Yorkshire, where Chimneys were first found, suggesting that the lightning bolt was indeed a pointer to a Bolton character. But why might it be to John Bolton? Was it a symbol of God's wrath against the Bolton-type globe trotters?

The reason I've quoted that here is that Chorleys come up as "Charlie." In the Page-Strzok texting, they used "Charlie." It should be added that Obama's mother's surname, Dunham, shares virtually the Coat of BUTLers (Prussia, same as Bodels).

There's more to be gleaned here because the gold-on-blue Bodel/BODE wing is that also of French Goblins while English Goblins, sharing the BUDE bow by the looks of it, are GoodBOLDs and even "Godbolt"!!! God's lightning bolt! It struck our Cheney-like chimney, and the Saint Petersburg medallion has four links of its CHAIN left while Chaine's/Chenays use a white-on-blue wing! The chimney's bricks were strewn on the roof as a pointer to Massey-related Bricks (see reasons in the last update), and here it can be added that both the gold and white wings above are in the Masci Coat. I trace Obama to Dunham Masci (location), also called Dunham Massey. I get it.

Beside's, the Chimneys share the antelope in Crest with Singletarys (Lancashire, same as Bottle's/Butils) in Obama's Dunham ancestry. The antelope design for Singletarys is shared by Wheelwrights, who were put into myth code as Piast the Wheelwright of the GOPLo mouse tower (Poland). I trace "Goblin" to "Goplo."

The current Masci wing design is shared by Goblins and Chaine's/Chenays, but previously, the Masci and Chaine/Chenay wing design was the one now showing for Bodels/Bode's. I have no idea why houseofnames made such an insignificant change. French Gobels can be gleaned with a version of the Macey/Mace Coat.

Ahh, Scottish Bodels are likely the Bothwells/Botels/Boduels sharing the Lynch Coat. As God's lightning bolt was terrifying for me, though only for a second or two, I expect it to point to some very damnable characters, such as Obama, but why not his attorney generals, including Loretta Lynch? Bothwells/Botels/Boduels had linked to ArBUTHnotts of Moray, and the Moray stars are shared by German Bodels.

So, having found Boltons of Bodelton to be important as just described, the bottle-using Charlie's/Chorleys (same area as Bolton) could in fact be pointing to the secret agent, "Charlie." Some think that John Bolton is involved with this whistle-blower conspiracy.

As I said in the last update, the flash of lightning was so powerful as I was looking out the window (age 11) that I thought the lightning bounced off the pillow onto my forehead. Pillows/Pilotte's (at ChanTRANS) happen to share the Coat of Christine's, and Miss Peare is Christine.

H.R. McMaster, the former national security adviser for Trump's White House, not only came out against Trump on his asking the Ukraine for the favor, but had once been Ciaramella's boss. "A reporter asked, 'Is it appropriate for the president of the United States to solicit foreign interference in our political process?' McMaster said, 'Of course not. No, it’s absolutely not'" (Breitbart). The question's context is Trump's Zelensky phone call, but wait. McMaster, you louse, it is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT to ask a foreign power to bring into the light a crime of any American running for the presidency, especially if that crime cannot be discovered by American police without the aid of the foreign nation. It's a no-brainer, McMaster. Clearly, McMaster cares not to catch Biden in his sins, but does wish to ruin Trump. Lookie at what I didn't know until now:

As we reported on October 11th, in a hit piece on conservatives in July, 2017, Yahoo reported that Mike Cernovich targeted an individual who worked for former National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster, claiming the individual wanted to ‘sabotage’ President Trump and also claiming he is ‘pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia’.

...Cernovich reported in June, 2017, that McMaster promoted Ciaramella in spite of being connected to Susan Rice in Obama’s White House –

West Wing officials confirmed to Cernovich Media that Eric Ciaramella, who worked closely with Susan Rice while at NSC, was recently promoted to be H.R. McMaster’s personal aide. Ciaramella will have unfettered access to McMaster’s conversations with foreign leaders.

Although Ciaramella was not technically a mole, though he could work just as well as one, McMaster looks technically like a true mole, which I define as one pretending to be in the Trump camp, loyal to it, for spy purposes. I doubt that Ciaramella, a Democrat from the Obama team, pretended to be a Trumper. Much of the fault for the leaks of that period was Trump's for choosing the wrong people to represent / support him.

Recall that Bellys have an "acuta" motto term while Cute's/Cutts share the white greyhound head with Spanish Guts. This was the CUTE GUT theme that linked to the Pence/Penn plates. I now come to the following at the article above, though quoted from the leftist media, politico: "The latter, Eric Ciaramella, reportedly left the NSC after receiving death threats. Another staffer targeted by conservative outlets was Fernando CUTZ, a Latin America expert and top aide to McMaster..." By the way, German Goods/Guts' share the Stick / Brook / Aughton Coat.

What are the chances that Masters share the griffin heads of English Caplans while German Caplans, first found in Switzerland with Goods/Guts', share the split Shield of German FELTmans in colors reversed (both have a white Chief to boot).

It looks like English Feltmans/Felthams have a BROKEn, double-tipped spear of Shakespeare's and Fleck-like Fulke's/Volks. Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with the Brooks ("PERseverando") sharing the Feltman Coat. Note that while the father of Godfrey de Bouillon was Eustace over by Comines, Brooks are traced to a Eustace (husband of Good-like Goda) Just as I was writing the brackets, a song (Yeshua Hamashiack) sang "He is Good." Eustace's use "PERsequeris," as though this family was already married to a Pierleoni Jew, though it may have happened after de Bouillon's life, or even by himself. Eustace's (Pierro/Pero colors) share a cross (probably the Burgh/Berk cross from John de Burgo of Comines) between antlers with STAGE's/Staggs, and when I pulled Miss Peare's waist in the other it-felt-so-good event, we were on a platform that was resolved secondly as a stage. That's right.

English Feltmans/Felthams were from Middlesex along with Apps' and Fiers, both from the APSus river through Fier county of Albania along with the Kuman location of the Comyns/Comine's in-turn using the Coat of German Feltmans on a blue Shield. It-felt-so-good strikes again.

The "PALMi" motto term of English Feltmans/Felthams reveals them to be a branch of Fletts/Flatts or Fleets because the latter two are related to Flecks/Flacks (Norfolk, same as PALMers). Flecks/Flacks, Fleets and Palmers have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Feltmans/Felthams. The interesting thing here is my first kiss with Miss Peare at Palm like La Paloma. The BELLy press was as little as a month later, and while Spanish Paloma's (two of the Pero/PERINO pale bars) are now suspect with the Botts/Potts pot, Potters (Hampshire, same as Ports) look like a branch of BELL-using PORTers feasibly in the "PORTanti" motto term of Feltmans/Felthams. The latter can thus be part of God's "it felt so good" belly press. Why does Greg GUTFELD sit beside Dana PERINO on The Five? [I wrote four paragraphs below before realizing that the Hampshire Ports share estoiles in Chief with the Press/Priest Chief!!! That's amazing seeing that it comes off from a FELT liner motto term.]

Bell-branch Bellamys were at PERCHe while Pierro's/Pero's are PERICHs too, and Bellys share the Pierro/Pero rose. French Ports/Porters have this write-up possibly arranged by God: "Jacques Laporte, born in 1621, travelled from Perche, France to Canada in the 17th century." French Ports/Porters are in the colors of Bellys ("PER acuta belli"), and Bellys share a blue chevron with the Hampshire Ports who in-turn have a Coat version of the Hampshire Caplans. The blue chevron is shared by Hands, important because I did the belly press with my hand. As I said, and as is logical in a feel-good-with-a girl moment, one has the open PALM on the stomach (not a fisted hand, right?). That's pretty amazing seeing that I didn't plan on going to Palms. They were in the motto of Feltmans/Felthams, believe it or not. I don't think I've ever said this part before.

My question, the answer of which I'll never know, is whether Miss Peare was allowing me to hold her so affectionately as I slept. I don't know how long I was doing it, but as soon as I awoke, I let go without a word, signalling my apology, and went back to sleep. The Sleeps share two white-ermined fesses with Feltmans/Felthams, and the it-felt-so-good waist pull was the last scene in the 1979 sleeping-bag dream.

Just as I was eyeing the Moor heads (Chappes symbol) of Bellys, and simultaneously wondering whether to mention that the Hand (and Port) chevron could be blood-related to the so-called PERchevron of French Chappes', a song, Majesty, sang "in Your hands." Then, while doing the Ports in the brackets, the same song sang, "desire," which I know off-hand to be a motto term of Guiscards, first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'. As Pierro's/Pero's are also Perichs, the solid chevron can be read either as PERCHevron or PERchevron. Belly-like Bellamys were at PERCHE.

The Pierleoni who I say knew Jerusalem, temple-gold secrets are suspect from the line of the high priest of Israel, Joseph Caiaphas, highly suspect to the Chappes', but Caplans and Chaplains may apply too, seeing that Feltmans (Jewish surname) share the German Caplan Coat roughly. The Ports and English Caplans (Hampshire, same as Josephs) can be gleaned with the Joseph Chief, and Chaplains even share the double-gold chevrons with the same Josephs (and Orms/Orrins). The Joseph Chief shares the garbs of Comyns/Comine's (named Comines in Eustace's Artois theater) and Waistells/Wessels.

Hands come up as HANS', and Caiaphas married the daughter of the chief priest, ANNAS. But why was the belly press done with my hand / palm while sleeping? Why should the SELEPitanoi Illyrians be important here? Because, they were beside the Caiaphas-like Cavii, and the Arniss variation of Annas' looks like it can be from an Arnissa location on a Genusus river to the near-south of the Cavii. Might the Annas/Arniss star be close to the same Caplan star?

Isn't it amazing that Palms are Parms while Palmers are Parmers while Parma is at the Taro river while Annas was also ANANus while ANANES Gauls lived between the Taro and the Trebia? Italian Palmers even share the fesse of Darts/Dards/TARds (beside Tarrs/Tara's) who in-turn have an ermined fesse in the colors of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps. The Darts/Dards are from the Dardanians near the Selepitanoi.

Can this explain why Press' are also Priests? Did the proto-Priest surname know itself to be from Caiaphas and/or Annas? If Potters are from Botts/Pots, can't Ports and Porters be from Bottes'/Butts/Bute's/BOETs i.e the Boethus house of Sadducees to which the chief priests belonged? Why do the Ports, first found in Hampshire with Josephs and Boet-related Buttons/Bidens, share the Bute/Butt estoiles. The answer seems obvious. Ask me how it feels to be a part of the belly press with a Peare surname when it traces to the arch enemies of Jesus? Palms share the Massey fleur.

I was PULLING Peare by her waist, and Pullings/Pullens share the martlet of French Josephs (Maine, same as Pellicans in the Pulling/Pullen Crest).

I'll now turn to some evidence that the "recTUM" motto term of Pence's/Penns is for a line of Tume's/Tombs and Thoms / Thomas' from Thomas of Saluzzo. His daughter, Alice, married FitzALAN of ARUNDEL, explaining why Rundels/ROUNDELs use a version of an Alan Coat. It signals that heraldic roundels, which include the Pence/Penn / Cute/Cutt plates, are code for various, special lines of Arundels / Rundels. And the Waistells entered the discussion with the PLATform that Miss Peare and I were on. If correct that it was a pointer to PLATTE River Networks, then Josh PITcock and his wife, Katie (and Mike Pence too?) are predicted to be on Hillary's side. While the Dol Alans became the Stewarts / Stuarts, the latter share the checkered fesse of Pitts (gold roundels).

As Pitts use an "ARDua" motto term, ARUNDels may have been an Ardiaei-Illyrian line. Yes, for Ardiaei were to mythical king Arthur (son of Pendragon), who had a ROUND Table code; and Table's use blue roundels called hurts, symbol of Irish Arthurs. You see, I've cracked heraldic codes to a far degree, but no one in heraldry land shares my findings, partly because google doesn't allow my pages to be found, partly because I mock them, and partly because they can't stand the basis of my findings. Too bad for truth. If some of them do share, google can suppress them too. I have a tracker, and hundreds of heraldry-related pages, yet the last time I checked the tracker, virtually no one came to them from google.

Pendragons share the fleur-de-LYS with Saluzzo-suspect Sales'. Rounds look like they have the PENdragon chevron-with-items in colors reversed, and Rounds use round annulets (can be construed as hollow roundels) in the colors of the PENce/PENN plates. We get it...but what could ANNuLETs be code for? Scratch my head I wonder; could it be as easy as it looks to crack that code?

I read the description of the Round Crest when the website was available to me (not anymore); is has a "SLEEPing lion." SELEPitanoi were to the south of the Ardiaei, and they likely merged. Selepitanoi were near Arnissa (lower-left of map), while ANNas' are also Arniss'. Lets/Late's (in "annulet") have the Annas/Arniss Chief-Shield colors, as well as the Chief-saltire of Annan(dale)s in colors reversed. Why do you think that heraldry experts (laughable) choose to deny me this discovery on the meaning of annulets? Why are heraldry-like Heralds listed with Herods? Not only are the heraldry masters laughable, but despicable.

Note how Selepitanoi are on the map directly beside the Ardiaei and Dor-like Daorsi, for Pitts were first found in Dorset.

Selepitanoi were beside the Caiaphas-like Cavii, at Lissus, which reveals to the "experts" why Pendragons use fleur-de-LYS, and why Artois is at a Lys river. Cavii-like Chappes were first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/LISSE's. Cracking heraldic symbols can't get any easier than this: they are code for sound-alike surnames / locations / people-groups. Pendragons, Pennys/Penes', Pence's/Penns and similar surnames are from the Penestae people group to the east of Arnissa, and on the river of the Cavii. This is such a huge revelation, and i have hundreds of similar ones, but the laughable heraldry experts refuse to open the floodgate of revelation to the world. Freemasonry is from the killers of Jesus, and I mock your ignoring and denying it to the world. The Pendragon motto is essentially in a Shaw surname, and Cavii-line Chives' are also SHEWas'.

King Arthur was made a KNIGHT. Why do we think this was? Well, Sallows, who connect to the swallows in the Arundel Coat, were first found in Shropshire -- also called Sleep-like SALOP -- with the Dol Alans and with the Sleeps in the sleeping lion of Rundel-like Rounds. Making sense? Yes, and even a child can grasp this, making the heraldry masters more guilty of a cover-up. Even a child can see the similarity between "Sallow" and "Salop." The Sallows almost use the three pale bars of KNIGHTs, that's right. And Shoe's share a knight and a tree with Sallows. It should be obvious that those who named the Round Crest knew of their merger with Sleep liners. Again, Rounds use the Pen-liner plates as annuLETS, and Lets have the Annandale Chief-Shield in colors reversed while Annandale is in Dumfries with the Knight / Night-related Nith river, and with Nitts/Naughts.

Not only is "Naught" like "Knight," but Annas'/Arniss' were first found in NOTTinghamshire. Knaughts (KirkCUDbrightshire) are listed with the Scottish Knight having a "duRUM" motto code while Rums/Rooms were first found in Dumfries. This is so easy, how did the laughable experts miss it? Are they really that dunce-cappy? And "DURum" must be also for Dure's who share the Saluzzo Coat. CUDBERTs/CUTHberts (KirkCUDBRIGHTshire) share the Alan / Rundel / Pierro/Pero fesse. I'm not trying to act like a smarty-pants for no reason. I have hundreds of pages proving that motto terms are code for surnames, but the secret-keepers have yet to disseminate this eye-opening, educational thing: Europe was ruled historically by-and-large by the bloodlines from the killers / enemies of Jesus.

If I recall correctly, the Cudbert/Cuthbert Crest is a DART, and Sleeps use two of the Dart fesses. Cudds (Herod fesse?) have a similar Crest and share a green Shield with Spanish GUTs (in the colors of the Arms of Kirkcudbrightshire). Peare and I were SLEEPing when I did the gut press. From the 3rd update in February, 2015: "The Crest of the Cuthberts (Kirkcudbrightshire) is, like the Maine Crest, a hand holding a dart..." Maine's have a similar Crest, share the pheon with Cudds, and have a Pero-suspect "PROjeci" motto, and while the Maine's share the Perche chevrons, Pierro's/Pero's are Perichs too. "ProJECI" looks like code for Jacks because they have a reflection of the Pavia Coat.

Brights and Bride's are suspect from BRIGantium (near Cottian capital), and a Bryges people group are on a map above between Arnissa and the Cavii. KirkcudBRIGHtshire. Another Bryges people group are stamped beside the PENEStae, and Cuth-like Cute's/Cutts, sharing the greyhound with Pennys/PENES', share the plates of Pence's/Penns. We were both lying on our SIDEs in the gut-press event, and Side's with Sutys can be shown to be a branch of Seatons/Sittens (share "hazARD" with Sutys), suspect from the SETANtii BRIGANTians. I think that can tend to nail Cudberts/Cuthberts with Gut liners. The western Bryges group are beside the Taulanti, and Talbots (beside Brights) were first found in Salop with the Sleeps and Sallows, the latter sharing the snake with Cudberts. The latter use a GAUNTlet glove, and Side's share the Chief of Gaunt-liner Ghents. Conte's/Cuntys/Comites' were first found in Durham with Seaton-like Sedans, the latter sharing a black border with MontaCUTE's.

Conte's/Cuntys/Comites' were, I say, from / of the Conteville of Comines, and the Comyns/Comine's love the Courage's in their motto who share the three fleur-de-lys of Perga-line Perkins, and while Perga is beside ANTALya, Conte's/Cuntys/Comites' use ANTLers, as do Conan-like Cone's while one Conan Coat shares the cross of "Commit" using Sinclairs...from Clarus of Caria, near Perga and related to its Leto > Artemis cult. German Gunters share the LADY annulets while Lets are also LATE's. The latter were first found in Gloucestershire with Helps/Halfs from the Helpe river near Comines. The Helpe has an Avesnes location, from the Avisons sharing the Comyn/Comine Coat. The latter were from Kuman on/off the Apsus river of the proto-Daggers, and then Daggers were first found in Cumberland with the Waistells who share the Comyn/Comine / Avison garbs. The other Conans share the Sales fleur.

The Sallow-like Swallows in the Arundel Coat look like a branch of Swale's, the latter said to be from John of Gaunt, which proves right where the Swale fesse is shared by Dutch Ghents/Gaunts, as well as by Dols. Royal Cottians of SUSa may be in the "JeSUS" motto term of Swale's (Yorkshire, same as English Jesse's). WOW, bingo time. Just discovered that Jesus-like Jesse's (German) have quadrants colors reversed from the same as are under the Waistell horse...tending to verify that Waistells were from Vestalis of Susa! (English Jesse's/Jessants may have a Farmer Coat. Swale's speak on a Stain-like Stainley location of West Yorkshire).

[Insert -- The Meese river just seen in Shropshire has made me learn that Meese's use a crown version of the Macey/Mace Coat. Add Meese's to the long list of Massey branches. The Meese crown is in the design of the Besant/Bessen crown. English Besants (Middlesex) have the Massey/Macey quadrants. Meese's have a version of the Maso/Mason Coat. The Maso's/Masons are said to be from "Tommaso, but this is not correct since Maso's are so obviously Masci > Massey elements. The truth must be more like a Maso / Meese merger with Thomas of Saluzzo, for Maso's/Masons and Masci's were first found in Piedmont with him.

There's a Telford location opposite the mouth of the Roden, and Telfords/TAILyefers (Tailbois colors), sharing the tree in Crest with Sallows and Swallows, look to be using the ermined chevron of Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs, in the colors of the ermined fesses of Sleeps. Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found in Moray with Bath-related Randolphs, and there is a Bath location (see Walcot write-up) smack at Walcot at the mouth of the Roden river. This Bath area is part of Somerset's Bath region. Walcots use rooks.

Rodington is a location on the Roden while Rodingtons have a Coat reflection of the Baliols, first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/Rodens. Baliol-branch Bailys have the Moray stars. End insert]

It could be that Good / Gut liners were Gunt / Gaunt liners, for Swale's share the white greyhound with Guts and Cute's/Cutts. Gunters use gauntlet gloves in Cute/Cutter colors. The Seats/CEDES' (gold roundels) even share the double pale bars of Conte-suspect CUNTys (lion in Gut-greyhound colors). On the other hand, Susans share the lily with Cedes-like Cetis', and Cutts come up as "Cuttes," which may indicate that Cute liners are from Cetis elements. Cutters were first found in Dorset with the George's who look linkable to the Seat/Cedes pale bars. GEDDES' are from the Nith river with Dagger liners. John Swale, we read, married an Alice...i.e. could be from Alice of Saluzzo. The Sales' have a Coat reflective of the Cute/Cutt Coat. The Cutter Chief-Shield colors are reversed from the same of Saluzzo's. The Selepitanoi were near KOTOR. Cottian-line Cotta's are COTTARds too, and the Coats' almost have the six pale bars of Sallows.

The "VOLENti" motto term of Knaughts/Nights can be for duck-liner Velins / Velens/Volens (once showed ducks), both first found in Westphalia with the Ducks who almost share the Coat of Knightons/Nitons (share the dragon head with Cutters, though in green like the Seaton / Kilpatrick dragon) Coat. Velens/Volens share the red-on-gold martlets of French Alans, and the latter once showed ducks. Make the Velen/Volan martlets in colors reversed, and they look like the Pavia martlets, perfect because the Alan / Rundel fesse is shared by Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia. The "Nil" motto term of Knaughts/Nights must therefore be for the NEILs/Nails, first found in Westphalia. Irish Neils share red estoiles with Press'/Priests.

West Knighton is in Dorset with the Pitts who in-turn share the checks of Nitts/Naughts, suggesting that the latter can have the WORK-Crest lion head because Knighton is in WORCestershire. Pitts share gold roundels with George's, first found in Dorset too. These George's share blue doves with WAISTells, and Dove's use a colors reversed version of the WEST dancette.

Look at how easy this is to make blood links; we have easy clues in all of the symbols. The Dove's have the motto, "Patiens," and Patiens'/Patents/Padyns were first found in Dumfries with Nitts/Naughts and the Kilpatricks of the Nith river. Kilpatricks have a saltire in the colors of the Sinclair cross, and Sinclairs have a "COMMIT thy WORK to GOD" motto, "God" likely being for a Good / Gut liner.

Kilpatricks use the dagger as code for the Dexaroi (or Dassaretae) at AntiPATRIA, and the Belgian George's have the Dagger Coat on one half. German George's may have the Knaught/Night lion because these George's share the dragon with Knightons/Nitons. Dragons/DRAINers (Kent, same as Minute's/Mynetts), from the DRIN river of the Penestae, have the Minute/Mynett helmets in colors reversed, and while the latter call them "open helmets," Open-like Pendragons have the helmet open.

Comyns/Comine's have the dagger too, and the CONTEville's ruled Comines while two Conte surnames have "Commit"-like variations. The Raines' share the Nitt/Naught / Work lion head, and Reines' use a COMET, which is in the design of the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's. Flames are used by Patiens'/Patents, and the other Patents share the lozenges of Apsus-river Apps'/Abbs'. Dexaroi were on the APSus river. The Flame surname shares gold-on-black roundels with Pitts and with Trebys/Treebys while Annandale was named by the Ananes Gauls at the Trebia river.

KEPke and Miss Peare DANCEd at every bar outing they went to, and Dove's and Wests show nothing but a dancette upon their Shields, as is the case with KIPlings, first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs (same fesse as Dance's) and Dance's (fesse in colors reversed from the Kipling fesse-dancette). This discussion is about to crash into the MacDonalds, and so let's mention up here that the Kipling Coat is virtually the Ronny Coat while Ronalds are listed with MacDonalds.

Keeple's/Keeblers were first found in Middlesex with Apps/Abbs', creating the possibility that Keeps (Keeple/Keebler colors), Keppochs and similar others were fundamental Apsus-river liners. The Annas'/Arniss' can be partly from Arnissa to the near north of the Apsus, and the Kiplings were at Annas-like Enison (there is an Ennis surname). Keeple's/Keeblers even share the Quint chevron. It caused me to ask whether Cavii were of the namers of the Apsus. Quints share the gold fitchee with Cappels, said to have named a La Chapelle location. Chapele's (one 'l') use the chaplet, I assume, and are said to have included Hugh de la Chapele in Nottinghamshire, where Annas'/Arniss' were first found.

As I see the Quint lion paw as the lion of Palins (Dorset, same as Quints), note that the Palin and Power Chief-Shield colors are the same, both sharing black Chiefs with Keeple's/Keeblers, tending to identify the latter's Chief as that of Palins, for both use the same three stars in their Chiefs. Then, English Powers are horizontally split in colors reversed from the same of Chapele's. Chaplains share the double-gold chevrons of English Josephs, the latter first found in Hampshire with Kippers/Keppe's/Cheppe's and Caplans (showing no Coat at this time).

The Keppoch-branch MacDonalds show their fitchee with a hand holding a black fitchee, same as the Shepper/Shepard Crest, suggesting that Shepards (MacDonald colors) are a Keppoch branch or of the same stock as Keppochs.

MacDONalds are from the Don river, aren't they, once called the Dance/Danse-like Tanais? Peare-related Thames' are also Tanais-like Teans/Tiens'. It looks as though "Tanais" and "THEMIScyra" were related terms, especially as I've just found Tennis'/Tennisons (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's and Thames') sharing the leopard faces of Peare's. I'm not familiar with Tennis'/Tennisons (Leo colors); they have the specialized leopard face (called, JESSANT) of Morleys, Morlands and Aids. Tanes'/Taneys (Essex, same as Irish Farmers) share the double-headed, red eagle with Spicks/Specks/Spocks, and while the red eagle is the MacDonald symbol, it's shared by Tyre's ("Per"!) who show the black fitchee of MacDonald Keppoch. Alexanders were first found in KinTYRE, and Alexandra Chalupa can thus be pointed to by the double-headed red eagle of Alexandra's.

I see Spicks/Specks/Spocks from king Syphax, who was imprisoned by the Romans at Rome, where the Leo-line PIERleoni cropped up in about 1,000 AD (could have been in Rome much earlier).

Amazingly, Kepke and I worked at Knob Hill FARMs shortly before we met Peare, and while Farms/Farmers have a Coat like that of Keppochs, Irish Farmers (probably a leopard) share the lion heads of Dance's/Danse's (Yorkshire, same as Jesse's/JESSANTS) and have a version of the Jesse/Jessant Coat. I did see Kepke and Peare play tennis once or twice. The "temere" motto term of Tennis' is suspect for the Mere-branch Demere's (both have the MacDonald ship), and while Mere's are also the Mare's, that's a motto term of the MacDonalds who share the red eagle with Tanes/Taneys. Kepoi is a location to the near-south of Tanais at the Don river.

Farmers have become suspect with a batch of similar surnames from Fier county on the Apsus, and while Apps'/Abbs' share the lozenges of Capes' and SCHOLE's/SCAYLE's (Yorkshire again, compare with Dance-like Dents and Denets) while Scale's (beside Capes') share the scallops of Apps'/Abbs', Irish Farmers have this: "Farmer was also a common Anglicization of the Irish Gaelic MacSCOLLog." It seems that Fier liners, perhaps Farns, took on a Farm / Farmer variation when crossing Scoll(og) elements. Scolls are listed with Skulls, and have lion heads colors reversed from the Farmer lion heads (red, like the Farn lion head).

I was 17 one day, standing on the sidewalk beside the SCHOOL, and looking at the building, feeling I didn't belong there anymore. It was strange. I quit high school and got a job at Knob Hill Farms. Did God do that? Did He want to save me from the liberalized system? Thank you. I had no idea back then what I was into, with school. It was a brainwashing program to make us fit this anti-Christ generation. Yes, one can exploit school to get a better job, but for me, God had a unique calling not requiring school education.

Scolls/Skulls share the lion heads of Monaco-like Monks, and GRIMaldi's of Monaco are suspect from "Crimea," a land mass opposite lake Maeotis from the Tanais river. Grimaldi's share a Shield of lozenges with Schole's/Scayle's. One day, Kepke saw my cousin, Mr. Grimaldi, for the first and last time. Kepke said to me, "he looks like a goof." I think I know why, because Goffs/Goughs share the boars of Gog-like Googe's/Gooch's. It suggests that Gog was in the Crimea. I lived on a Reesors street at the time, and Reesors/Reasons/Rasens are a branch of Rice's, suspect from Rize smack near Gogarene. Between Rize and Gogarene are the Moschi mountains of the Meshech, and my mother is a Masci on one side, and a Grimaldi on the other.

I kid you not, that Mr. Grimaldi lived at a RADwinter (crescent?) in Toronto, at the time, where the nearest major road is Kipling avenue. Incredible.

Also, when I was mugged in Galveston, I was in a Nissan while Nissans share the double fesses of Dons (Cheshire, same as Mere's/Mare's and Demere's) in colors reversed. Nissans (Hamburg, same as Trips) are from queen Nysa of the Pontus, and, I think, Rize was a part of the Pontus.

While in the process of getting mugged, I had to reach into the back of the pick-up for my keys in my RUNNING shoes. I've told this before, having found the Runnings to be listed with the Ronnys...mentioned above as having a near-copy of the Kipling Coat. Pretty amazing. Then, to help prove that Kiplings are a branch of Keppocks / Kepke's, God arranged for Kepke (had a WHITE pet RAT) and I to sell SHOES (at the same time) in different stores of the same mall (in Scarborough), where we met Miss Peare at Rad-like REITmans. Rads share the Zionist star with Jewish Reitmans. Scarborough's (Yorkshire) share the Keeple/Keebler chevron. German Trips use shoes while English Trips use a SCALing ladder while Scale's share five, white ostrich feathers in Crest with the Arms of Traby, and this Traby family married the RADziwills of Astikas, suspect to Rads. The latter share the Goth/Gothelo star.

Of Guts and Tummies of Saluzzo's

I was convinced, that my recent description of an event with Miss Peare, when we were teens, was a phrase that God breathed through me. That description and phrase is, "it felt so good." I don't want to re-explain again why I think this phrase is a pointer to Felts and Gutts/Goods, but I'm afraid I must re-explain.

After Peare and I were no longer a couple, when she went over to Kepke, she and her friend decided to stay the night in my apartment. Kepke went home. We all three slept in my bed, with me in the middle. During the sleep, I awoke with my right arm over her waist, and with my open palm on her BELLY I was pressing her toward me. Our bodies were tight (connected), and "it felt so good," I told readers, because the same feeling took place in the sleeping-bag dream when I pulled her toward me by her waist. I had no idea, when I used, "it felt so good," that both Felts and Gutts/Goods were kin of Belly-liner or Bello-related Bouillons. The latter use a "bello CHRISTi" motto term. CHRISTine Peare. German Goods are also Guts i.e. a belly is a gut. Did you at least crack a smile at that? God's got the English language all together.

The point is, Gutts/Goods share the lion of English Charleys, the Charleys who share a blue fleur with Eriks/Ericsons. It just so happens that Gutts/Goods were first found in Kent with Fions/Fiens, and both surnames have three, upright lions. It just so happens that these Charleys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills! Bingo, Fiona Hill linking to the Charlie in Lisa Page's texts.

This Charlie was in the texts in relation to a "Katie," thought to be the wife of Mr. Pitcock, Mike Pence's former chief of staff. Hold on to your belly because Pitcocks share a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Germo-Jewish FELTmans (Prussia). Now I have a news-related idea on why I used, "it felt so good." The two Feltman stars in two colors schemes are used one each by both Jewish and Dutch Reitmans, and Miss Peare was working at Reitman's clothing when I pressed her belly.

I almost missed it: the split colors of Feltmans are under the Waistell horse as quadrants. It-felt-so-good strikes again.

Incredibly, Bellys (Peare-like "Per" motto term) share the Jump rose while Jumps share the Trump/Tromp stag head while Pitcocks share acorns with Dutch Tromps while German GARDners share the split Shield of Feltmans and Pitcocks. Val Trompia is beside lake GARDa, and Mike Pence is Trump's vice-president. Pitcocks use a "garda" motto term. Pitcocks are also Pittocks while Pattocks/Puttocks (share the Pitt besants) almost have the Pence/Penn roundels upon a fesse. Pitts even share "Per" with Bellys. Who arranged all of this, and why?

Hold on to your CUTE GUT, because Bellys have an "acuta" motto term while Cute's/Cutts share the plates of Pence's/Penns! Wow. I'm falling upon these things as I write. I had no idea that "it felt so good" would come to this. And the great thing is, "Gut" was loaded about an hour ago, and I remember their white greyhound head, the Cute/Cutt-Crest symbol too! It's amazing what a belly press can accomplish four decades later. Never mind a lucky horseshoe, have you pressed your wife's belly today?

Strzok, the one mentioning Charlie to Page, then said to her that Katie's husband can be used as their spy tool. As the heraldry above tends to verify that the husband is Pence's former chief of staff, Pence may be or become a mole in Trump's affairs. German Belli's use the beacon, and the Washington Free Beacon (Republican media) is believed by some to have started the anti-Trump dossier, or just one of their own. Bill KRISTol worked for the Beacon, and Bouillons (Felt and Good kin) use a "bello CHRISTi" motto term. Who arranged the Michael's to use a pen while Pence's are also Pens? Michael Pence.

It's suddenly amazing that Stone's share a spread eagle on both red and blue with Pense's/PINCons, while Eskins/Erskins, highly suspect with Eschyna de MOLLE, have a "pense" motto term. MontaCUTE's happen to share the lozenges of PINCs/Pinks. It's amazing that Stone's are a part of that picture because the "recTUM" motto term of Pence's/Penns should be code for Tume's/Tombs having tomb the colors of the Gut greyhounds. BUT ZOWIE, I've just realized, after writing the last sentence, that a belly is also a tummy, tum for short!!! AMAZING. Tume's/Tombs were first found in Worcestershire with Charleys and Hills! Recall that Charleys share the blue fleur with ERIKs/Ericsons, for that line may be of whatever "RECtum" is part-code for. WOW, German Recks/Recketts almost have the Christ Coat, and rose-using Rickets/Recketts use a "Quid" motto term while these pointers collectively (including Peare / Pero liners) have been to Trump's QUID-PRO-quo troubles. English Recks are with the Rich's having a "Garde" motto term, as do Pitcocks.

Christ's even share the white wing in Crest with Tume's/Tombs. Between the two wings of Tume's/Tombs (Horse Shield colors) is a white horse head that may be blood-connected to the white Waistell horse, for I had an arm over Christine's waist when pressing her tum-tum. WOW, Waistells can be shown to be a branch of Wests, and the latter share the dancetty fesse of English THOMs! It tends to verify that the waist event is to be linked to the belly-press event! Good going Oh Lord, readers need verification that You're watching the deep state and prepared to move against it. Wests share "vie" with Pitcocks/Pittocks, a term suspect with the Viu river near Susa, the royal-Cottian capital. Shropshire has an OsWESTry location of the Dol Alans. Westrys/WestWRAYs look like a West marriage with Wrays, for the latter share red martlets with French Alans/Alengs.

Westrys were in the Orkneys, where LINKletters were first found who share a checkered fesse with Stewarts. I see Linkletters in the letters of Link-like Langs, and identify Langs as Alans/Alengs from Langhe, beside or in ASTI province, which should explain the Aston location on Shropshire's Roden river along with a SHAWbury location (may have named Shrewsbury). English Shaws share the Aston lozenges. Alans share the Brock motto while Lee Brockhurst is yet another location on the Roden.

Waistells were suspect with VESTALis of the royal Cottians from before Miss Peare was linked to Pero's, even before I knew of Pero's, first found in Piedmont with Dance's/DONNAS'. The latter have four of the Pero pale bars, you see, and Vestalis' grandfather was king DONNUS. The Dance variation explains the dancette of Wests. The question is that while Masci's, my mother's bloodline, were in Piedmont, I never once danced with Miss Peare though she danced prolifically with Kepke. Kepke liners must have been with the Cottians, because I think I know how God works by now in these events. I trace Cottians to the Cotesii near Ukraine. Keppocks look linkable to English Dance's.

Roxolani, whom I had seen on the Buzau river with Cotesii, are to heraldic rooks, and this entity includes white-horse-head Roxburghs. The "Tam" motto term of Roxburghs gets the Peare-related Thame's/Tiens'. The Roxburgh horse head is in the design of the one of Horse's, the latter first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/Rodens and KEEP-loving Hebrons who have a white horse head of their own. (Just as I was looking at the Hebron motto, "Keep TRYST," a song (You Are My Hiding Place) by Selah sang "trust.") WalCOTs (Cotesii possibility), who named Walcot at the mouth of the Roden river, have rooks in the colors and near-format of Keppocks. Rodingtons, naming Rodington on the Roden river, have a version of the Baliol Coat (Northumberland). It's clear to me here that Rodingtons and Rodens were from Henri IV of Rodez, who married Miss Aude, which is in the "audax" motto term of Roxburghs.

Rodingtons were at Wrightington, in Chorley. Chorleys come up as "Charlie," and it just so happens that the Charlie spy (or even a mole) of the deep state was working toward president Hillary Rodham. Wow, Wrightingtons have a "graTUM" motto term. Mole's were first found in Roxburghshire, and were related there to Gooch's, suspect with the Guccifer hoax of the deep state goons.

Earlier this year, God sent a pigeon, the first ever I saw here, to walk across the ground above the septic tank, which is a stool tank, and so I caught-on that God was pointing to a stool pigeon. When checking Stole's, there were the lozenges of Whistle'/Wissels, indicating a stool pigeon as well as a whistle-blower against Trump's enemies. I've told this before, I'm not making it up: I installed my septic tank and septic bed under some supervision by a Mr. Gooch. I therefore expect a stool pigeon in regards to the Guccifer 2.0 scandal from Ukraine. Mr. Trump asked the Ukraine president to look into the Guccifer claims during his now-famous phone call earlier this year.

I've just looked up my files to see when that stool pigeon arrived, and it was found in the 3rd update of May. Trump's call was on July 25. Here's what was said:

Good morning, it's a fine Sunday morning. A bird flew in to my bare lawn, in my presence, as I stood at the open front door. It landed 20 feet away. I thought is was going to be a robin, but after it stopped flapping, at the landing, I saw a pigeon. I have never seen, nor I do not remember ever seeing a pigeon here, in more than 10 years. It walked around, while I spoke to it, on the wet soil, poking at it repeatedly, apparently looking for worms. Within about a minute, it took off clear across the yard and away from the property.

As this was a rare sight, I was wondering what Sign this could be from God, and a stool pigeon came to mind, because that's a whistle-blower of sorts...It then dawned on me that it had landed at the corner of the septic tank, and that it did meander right over the tank, and flew away while over the tank. I was thinking that a septic tank is part of a sewer, right, as in the deep state. But then it hit me that the material going into the tank is called, STOOL!!! Is that not amazing?

That update is dated May 14 - 20, and Sunday was May 19, in case anyone knows what happened that day.

I suggest that Thoms and Tume's are from Thomas of Saluzzo (Piedmont). Thoms almost have one of the two Welsh Thomas Coats. It's probably not a coincidence that while Waistells have doves, the Dove's have the West fesse in colors reversed, yet the Dove fesse is ermined and in the colors of the double fesses of FELTmans/Felthams. The Paloma dove is all over this because Palmers have the double fesses above in colors reversed.

WOW-WOW-WOW UNBELIEVABLE. I'm ever so glad that I kept patience when struggling with the Thomas surnames. I wasn't going to mention any other Thomas surnames, even though I saw that one English Thomas Coat shares the Elis Coat while Thomas' daughter was Alice while Alice's are also Elis-like Alis'. At that point I could even have mentioned that Simpsons have an Alis motto term and share white crescents with Elis' and Thomas', though the Simpson crescents are in both colors of the Tume's/Tombs, but I didn't think of that until writing the last sentence. And while Glenn Simpson purchased the Steele dossier for Hillary Clinton's crime, the other Welsh Thomas', the ones sharing the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors, have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Dossier's. But as compelling as all of this is, none of it is the WOW-WOW-WOW UNBELIEVABLE part.

I remembered trying to link the Banks to Elis' or their Elias branch when introducing Banks (at Yorkshire, same as Elis') as per my ride on Peare's horse to a bank in the field. If I had not checked the Banks at that time, or if the term didn't come to mind at all with the horse ride, I wouldn't have found the "QUO" motto term of Elias' just now, just minutes after mentioning "QUID PRO quo" but not yet being able to highlight "quo." With the Elias', we now have a QUID PRO QUO even though I never did find hard evidence that Banks are related to Elias'. Or, if I did, I don't remember it, nor do I see at this moment how it can be. I don't think I would have loaded Elias' just now had I not tried to link them to Banks.

Banks were at Craven, and Cravens are related to Ricks/Rex's and apparently to impeach-suspect Peach's. Elias' share black ermines on gold with Rickets/Recketts/ Elias' share "sed" with the Sedans once said to be first found in Yorkshire. The Sedans share the black border with MontaCUTE's, and with the Furness' who share the black and seated dog with the Crest of Elis-Coat Thomas'. Cute's/Cutts were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Rumillys, the latter having been a fundamental part of the Skiptons of Craven. Cute's/Cutts (greyHOUND) look very linkable to the Hounds (Cambridgeshire) because Hounds share the ermined lozenges of Dance-like Dents while Dents are in the colors and format of Cute's/Cutts. Dents were in Sedan-suspect Sedbergh of Yorkshire. English Dance's were likewise first found in Yorkshire. Denets ("PROviDENTiam") share a "PER" motto term with Bellys, yet Bellys are the ones with a Cute-suspect "acuta" motto term too. French Denets have a version of the Dance, Pierro/Pero and Bottes/Butt/Boet Coat, yet compare the latter to the Craven Coat, and to Keppochs (Yorkshire) since Mr. Kepke took Peare away from me.

The seated dog above is a black Labrador, and I had one, named, Katy or Katie (we never did spell it in any particular way).

Hmm, MalBANKs were at Snape while Snape's (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors, and have a version of the Clinton Coat (Oxfordshire). By what coincidence do Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) share the ermined bend of Rodhams? Snape's are also Snipe's while a "pair of snips" is used by Meulers. Snape's/Snipe's share portcullis gate with Porters and Yates'.

Why are Guts/Gauters (the Guts above) also Butre's, Balters and Balderiz's? Because, Godfrey de Bouillon's brother was BALDwin. He was the first king of Templar Jerusalem probably because Godfrey III was an ally of the Jewish PIERleoni over at the vatican. That's why God used Miss Peare, and probably why Bellys use a "PER acuta belli" motto. The BALTea river is in Piedmont.

I suspect that the Pierleoni gave Godfrey the secrets of the Jerusalem-temple gold missed by the Romans, and that this is what started the crusades. It explains why Godfrey's descendants were chosen to rule Jerusalem. I'd like to record here that Christmans use a gold border.

Felts have a flory cross colors reversed from the Bouillon flory, you see, and while GOTHELo was father of GODfrey III and Godfrey de Bouillon's great-grandfather, Good-like Goths/GOTHELs share the hexagram of Kate's/Katte's/Kattendyke's...though no Katie surname comes up. Kate's/Katte's were first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Trumps/Tromps. Bolt-related Birds share the giant Felt flory.

The Kattendyke variation is interesting for the Sassy-related Cattans whom I link to Chives of Tarves, for the latter's split Shield is colors reversed from the same of Dutch Tromps. Tarves is in Aberdeenshire (beside Rothes), where Rothens (new-to-me surname) were first found who are split in Cattan colors, and even throw in a white lion (probably the Rothes lion) on top to match the white Cattan / Chives cats. Sassys (Belly colors) share the crescent of Belly-possibly Labels/La Bells, and while Sassys are Sassers too, there is another Sasser surname (Westphalia) using a LABEL and perhaps the Butt/Boet fesse. The one half of the Dutch Trump Coat can be the one half of the German Belli/Bellies Coat because both Shields are split in half the same colors. Variations of Belli's/Bellies' look linkable to Baliol-branch Bailys.

OH WOOOOW! I was wondering if I had used "belly press" for a reason, and so the Press surname was on the back of my mind. But not until loading the page below was it realized how it fits perfectly. The page below is a letter sent to Bill Barr by Chuck Grassley. The letter has the conversation on Charlie and Katie, and in the foot notes, the "Bill" of the conversation is thought to be Bill PRIESTap. Press' are Priests too!!!

Strzok and Priestap (Tapp / Tape / Table/Tapley kin?) seem to be concerned about a legal threat in Charlie's appearance to the meet, for Strzok insists on getting the decision by Page, a lawyer, rather than by her boss, Andy McCabe. Baliols were in the AIRAINES / Abbeville area that links to McCabe's/McAbbe's of ARRAN. This deep-state entity was likened in my Hicks dream as a shark with teeth ringed around the belly of a bulldog, and that creature was traced to Bullis (Epirus), suspect with the line of Alexander Balas to Baliols. Balas'/Ballies', feasibly sharing the cross of Airaines' Irons/Hirams, were first found in Glamorgan with Tilurius-liner Tillers, and the Saraca shark was near the mouth of the Tilurius. Glamorganshire is where Welsh Louis' were first found, and Louise Phillips was sleeping to my right in the belly-press event. Kings Antipater and/or Cassane-line Cassander were in league with king Philip of Macedon and/or his son, Alexander (that's the gist, I forget the details).

The mottoes of Louis' and Welsh Phillips' (Louis lion in colors reversed) is for Antipatria liners that include Irish Pattersons/Cassane's especially, and they share the scallops of Plate's. There was a second woman on the PLATform with Peare whose face I did not see, but who can be gleaned as Louise Phillips, first because she was in the belly-press event. After seeing both ladies on their platforms beside mine, Peare was on my platform, and nothing happened there aside from the waist pull. After splitting from Louise, I met her one more time, when she said she was working in choreography i.e. STAGE productions. The wooden platforms were also stages for Stage's/Staggs.

Irish Phillips'/Philbins, first found in Connaught with Pattersons/Cassane's, share wavy bars in the colors of the same of FORMans/Fermans, which may have to do with platFORMs. It works because Formans/Fermans share the anchor of Scottish Fairs/Phares' (Cumberland, same as Dexaroi-liner Daggers) while Irish Fairs have a version of the Fier/Fere Coat while Antipatria, home of Dexaroi, is up-river on the Apsus from Fier county. Miss Peare and I were sleeping on our sides when I was pressing her belly, and Sutys/SIDEys ("HAZard") almost have the WAVy bars above (in the colors of the Hazel / WEAVer fesse). Fermans/Fermans share the green lion with Seatons/Sittins and the Nothings/Northens in the Suty/Sidey motto.

That looks like a correct part of deciphering the platform. It connects the dream with platform's waist pull to the belly press, as expected. The fesse-wise Suty/Sidey bars are even in the colors of the River fesses for a potential link to Platte River Networks. Oh lookie: "The surname River was first found in Buckinghamshire at WORMinghall..." The Form-like Worms share the green Forman/Ferman dragon! Worms of Germany is known to be the origin of the royal Robertians, and Roberts share the Forman/Ferman lion. In fact, the Robert lion is shared by Propers/Roberts, first found in Cheshire with Overs (and same-colored Hazels and Weavers) who share the Worm bend. It just struck me that "OVER" is a lot like an m-less "WORm. Welsh Roberts use the Louis and the Phillip lion.

More. Worminghall happens to be in Thame while Thame's/Tiens'/TEANs (probably the Pavia martlets), first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, share a part of the Peare Coat! Bingo. The plafFORM really does bring one straight through the Rivers! This is new. Side-like Sidicini (proto-Sadducees?) were at TEANo of Italy, apparently explaining why she and I were on our sides.

More. When I suspected that Hillary's email scandal i.e. from Platte River Networks was going to somehow be enlarged upon by the Mail surname, it led to Mule's, and it just so happens that Caputh-like Italian Capote's use a giant mule head. The other Capote's share the Chief-Shield of Kate's in case this is for Katie Pitcock. Italian Capote's are also Capone's, and Capone's/Capua's (lion head in Robert-lion colors) were the namers of Capua, near Teano. Capone's are expected from QUINTus Caepio, and the Quint Chief is used by the Roberts sharing the Forman/Ferman lion.

"The ancient Teanum Sidicinum was the capital of the OSCAN tribe of the Sidicini..." The Penestae capital was USCANa.

"Tiens" is a motto term of the Squirrels in the Hazel Crest. The squirrel was used also in the line through Craigs to Carricks, and Craigs share three crescents on a fesse with Hazels. The squirrel is said to be "CRACKing a nut" when it's including Carrack liners. Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) share the Hazel crescent. Craigie's were at a Caputh location while Robertians were otherwise the Capetians. Craigie's had a Craigie Perthshire, where Sutys were first found.

Now that I have Plate's/Platte's and Rivers (Platte River Networks) worked well into the platform event in the MALL, and because Malls were first found in Cheshire with Mails, let's repeat below on the Mail-like MalBANKs/Milbanks, recalling that the platform's waist pull pointed to my gallop on Peare's horse to a BANK. Malbancs are even in the Mall write-up. The dream with waist pull had DAVID Morley while Morleys are also Mauls, and then Gallops use a version of the David Coat while Davids (Cheshire again) have a version of the Aid/Ade Coat (while Ada of Warenne's husband and children descended from king David), itself a version of the Rodham Coat. Aids/Ade's share the special leopard face of Morleys and Morlands, no coincidence, God must have named Morley's first name for this revelation (he's my old friend).

Repeat; "Hmm, MalBANKs were at Snape while Snape's (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors, and have a version of the Clinton Coat (Oxfordshire). By what coincidence do Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) share the ermined bend of Rodhams?"

It just so happens that Mails share the lion heads of Works. Platte River NetWORKs. I think that's important. Nets are listed with Naughts/Nights, and Knightons/Nitons were first found in WORCestershire. I think "coincidences" like that point to Intelligent Design of the heraldry, as when God wants to point to his enemies. The Work Coat is a good reflection of the Richardson Coat (Cheshire again), and Richardsons are said to have been descended from the Belwood rulers of MALpas. AGAIN, the Mails share the Work / Richardson lion heads so that Malpas' look like a merger between Cheshire's Pace's and Mails. Belwoods and Malpas' (both first found in Cheshire) share almost the same Coat, as do French Robins (Brittany), said to be of Roberts. That tends to check out where the Robert lion is shared by Cheshire's Propers/Robins/Roberts. The point is, the platform in the mall pointed to Formans/Fermans with the Robert lion.

Formans/Fermans share the gold anchor with Farmer-suspect FIRMans, and Malbanks happen to use a "FIRM" motto term. Is that not astounding? Mail liners are linking squarer than square to the platform and it's particulars. Formans/Fermans have the anchor of Fairs/Phares' (Cumberland, same as Daggers from Fier-county theater) on either side of their Robert lion, while Irish Fairs use a Coat version of the Fiers/Fere's, first found in Middlesex with English Robins, that's right. It's connecting Formans / Firmans / Farmers to Cheshire elements galore, and it just so happens that the Cheshire Steele's share the Farmer and Malbank lion heads. Hillary Rodham Clinton directly or indirectly hired Christopher Steele while Mail-line Malbanks share the Rodham bend. (For what it could be worth, Darlene, by teen girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms, was pointed to while Darlene's share red fitchees with Firmans.)

Cheshire is beside Salop, location of a Roden river, and while Rodhams are also Rodens, they with Malbanks share the bend of French Fairs. Roden-like Rotens share the Zionist star (or hexagram) of Jewish Reitmans, and Miss Peare worked at Reitman's clothing when the belly press took place that felt so good. How can so many things in this part of the discussion link to Peare one way or another?

It FELT so good with Peare on that platform, symbolizing Hillarys secret and illegal email account, and Felts share the giant flory cross of Cheshire's Birds who in turn were at Broxton with Mail-line Malpas' (Broxton is in the parish of Malpas). Cliffs married Stichs of Cheshire while Stichs share the Coat of Brox-like Brooks. The Malpas Coat could be related to the Rother/Ruth/Randolph Coat, but, in any case, it has the three pheons of BELLwoods/ Achem, do we see a belly here? Meschins (Salop and Cheshire) married Lucy of BolingBROKE, previously Mrs. Taillebois, and then the Tailbois scallops are shared by Morleys/Mauls.

I've been calling it the waist pull because "pull" is the best term I can come up with to describe it. However, I didn't realize until now that Pullys/Pullens, first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls, share their scallops. Morley was the motorbike rider who first circled the sleeping bag with his bike, then climbed the hill to the RODham-suspect road, which was along the mall PARKING lot for a pointer with Parkings/Perkins to Perkins Coie, which has an office in Denver along with Platte River Networks.

Wow, I've told several times that Morley had climbed the hill to the road, then drove away down the road as I was walking across it. I was CROSSing the road, which is why I've just looked up the Cross surname, for the first time as per this event, to find the Mall quadrants in colors reversed! God is very sneaky, sneaking that tricky one in there, making me take years to discover it. However, I didn't miss the MOTTRam location of Malls, like "motor" bike. Cross' were in Lincolnshire, then into Cheshire, meaning that they use the Massey quadrants.

AHHHH, almost perfect. Now that Cross'/Croce's have entered the clues, I realized that Italian Croce's can enter too, for they share the giant PULL/Pool lion that can be expected in the waist PULL. Plus, while French Croziers were first found in Auvergne with Belly-line and felt-so-good Bouillons, Scottish Croziers almost have the Bank Coat. If the Crozier Shield were black, it would be the Bank Coat. In the waist-pull dream, the hill off of the road can also be viewed as a bank! Almost perfect, for as I walked up that bank, I then crossed the road. Almost perfect i.e. just need a black Shield with Croziers. The cross style of Italian Croce's and French Croziers is between the antlers of the Eustace stag.

Banks were at Bank Newton while Newtons were first found in guess-where? Cheshire. With Mall-related Malbancs. Newton is a Cheshire location in Macclesfield, and the Macclesfield surname shares white ermine on red with Malbanks/Milbanks and Rodhams.

Mails named Meolse/MEOLIS while Mule's were first found in Devon with MALsons/Mallesome's and the Maltons said to be from "MEULES in Calvados." There we go, Mails were a Mule branch. There is a Malles/Malle surname.

Cross'/Croce's share "cruce" with Rudes', first found in Shropshire with OsWESTry and Rodington upon the Roden river. As the Rodington's "graTUM" motto term can be for Tume's/Tombs, and thus of the belly press and/or the WAIST pull, let's add that the Rudes' share the quadrants under the white WAISTell horse. Doesn't that picture make it appear that God arranged the heraldry to point the waist pull to Hillary Rodham, as expected by the PLATform? Platte's/Plate's were not only first found in Lancashire with Wrightington, but are in the colors and format of the neighboring Hillers/Hillars/Hilliards. German Hillers/Hille's have a giant white horse in the same colors, and while Tume's/Tombs have a white horse head, they were first found in Worcestershire with Hills. In the waist-pull dream, I walked up the hill to a ROAD, then CROSSed the road while Cross' share "cruce" with Rudes', first found in Shropshire with Rodens, a branch of Rodhams. Isn't that clean-cut to the chase, compliments of God?

Tume's/Tombs are also Tomes', and then the Czech Tomes' (Bohemia) share the same bend as Rodhams/Rodens.

Having come to Wrightington, the Write's can actually apply in two ways at least. In the dream, after walking into the mall Parking lot, I was suddenly outside the big mall doors, and one Door surname shares the leopard faces of English Wrights. In keeping with this discussion, Wrights share the Chief-Shield of Saluzzo's (married Alans), while Scottish Wrights share the checked fesse of Alan-line Stewarts. The Alans were close to Pollocks, who were from Pools (DORset, same as Poole location), all the way back to Vespasia Polla of RIETI. One Wright write-up has a WRIETE variation." And while the waist pull suggests the Pull variation of Pools, they share the giant lion of Rita's (Wright colors), first found in Rome with Miss Peare's Pierleoni ancestry.

Or put it this way, that while Vespasia Polla was the wife of Sabinus, Sabine's share the scallop of Pullys/Pullens.

Pierleoni were named after a Leo, partly explaining LEOpard faces, and Italian Leo's even have a lion in Rita-lion colors. Although the Leo lion is in the PASsant position (as could be expected for VesPASia liners), ditto for the lions in colors reversed of Perrys. Perrys use the pear while Peare's are also Pears. The double fesses of Wrights can now be identified as the same of Parrs, and so it seems that Perrys, Parrys and Parrs were all Pierleoni liners, tending to expose Pierleoni from Pharnaces.

As I found a KEPOI location in the TAMan peninsula of Caucasia when seeing a sphinx from a neighboring place (Phanagoria), because it had a female face reminding me of Miss Peare, I understood why God put Peare and KEPKE together. By that time, the Kepke and SYPHAX surnames were suspect with whatever named "CAIAPHAS." Peare's share the stars-on-chevron of TAMs/Thame's/TEANs while SIDICINI were at Teano and while SITTACENI were at lake Maeotis smack to the north of Taman. It appears that God arranged these things to show origins of "Sadducee" in a Sittaceni tribe.

HERODotus, centuries before the Herods, said that Amazons from Thermodon ended up in the land of Sarmatians (included Alan Huns) on, and to the east, of Maeotis, and so it seems that THEMIScyra named the Thames river though Oxfordshire, home of Tams/Thames'/Teans. And "Taman" is suspect with Themiscyra elements. The sphinx may indicate Hyksos elements.

Now Kepke had a black Labrador dog, and there is a seated one in the Coat of PHARNACes-line Furnace's/Furness' (share black border with Parrs, first found in Lancashire with a Furness location).

[My spell checker didn't like my wrong spelling of "Kepke" in the paragraph above, and suggested I correct it to "kopec." There is a Kopec/Koep surname sharing the German Plate grape vine. Kepke's girl was on the PLATform with me, and she's from Laevi elements while LeVINE's are listed with Levi's and Levins/LIVINGs. It recalls the story I've told before, that while Peare and I were embraced in my bedroom, a few weeks after the kiss at La Paloma, Kepke shouted from the LIVING room that I didn't love her but was only using her (he was making this up). She looked at me asking if it was true, but before I could answer, since no great love can develop in roughly three weeks, she walked out on me. So I walked into the living room, slamming the LIVING-room WINDOW hard enough to break the glass to show Kepke my displeasure. I didn't like Christine leaving so abruptly, and didn't try to keep her. He used her and left her hard as smashed glass.

Windows are expected as kin of Fiens/Finis', a branch of Fiens/Fane's/VEYNES', and the Vine's expected of Kopecs/Koeps are also Veyns. The window slam may be telling us that Kepke liners are also Koeps, and then Christine's happen to use cups as code for Cups/Cope's/Colps, from the Kupa/Colapis river beside the OENeus river. "Oen" is the Greek word for wine, how about that. I trace QUINtus Caepio's bloodline to the Kupa for at least two good reasons, and Windows happen to share a lion paw holding a gold fitchee with Wine-like Quints. End Insert}

If the Furness dog is said to be seated, or even if not, it can be code for a line from Seatons/SITTens, you see. And so I think I would lump Peare's in with Perry's and Pero's into a Pharnaces line. He ruled the Pontus, location of the Thermodon Amazons in centuries earlier. They were probably at Taman in his day. His wife, Nisa, is to the Nice/Ness and Nissan surnames, which tends to explain "FurNESS." The Nissans even have the double-Parr fesses. The double fesses of Nice's/Ness'/Nessans are colors reversed from the same of Sleeps, and we were sleeping during the press-belly event. We were of our sides as an apparent pointer to Sidicini liners.

Note that Lancashire's symbol is a rose, from the biblical Rosh of Caucasia, kin of Meshech = Amazons at CAPPadocia's Mazaca. Cappadocia is the upper Pontus. I suspected that PONTIUS Pilate was from Pontus elements, and Christine's happen to share the English Pilotte/Pillow Coat.

If you don't mind hearing again (35 minutes, perfect for a hot coffee) on the Trump-attack details as aired by American Thought Leaders, at the end of October and featuring Devin Nunes, see video below. Nunes speaks on "proto-dossier's" evolving into the dossier of the DNC's "salesman," Mr. Steele.

Here's what McMaster is ignoring:

Here's an update on Epstein, now making it certain that two cameras trained on Epstein's cell were not working. We are not dopes. A case like this with inoperative cameras is NOT due to ordinary / random camera trouble.

On Thursday, Tim Morrison testified against Trump, but this is of zero value because he's a war hawk in cahoots with Taylor and Bolton. Morrison needs to get evidence for his assertions against Trump. The laughable madness surrounding this issue has already revealed that packs of lies are the standard, even entire scenarios created out of thin air. The scammers need evidence; their word of mouth is useless by now. The good news: Democrats won the House in 2018, and have yet to prosper their party in any way. Instead, they are going backward, shooting self.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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