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November 5 - 11, 2019

Chalupa-Pointed Heraldry
Obama Makes it to Chalupa-Related Heraldry

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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I added this insert two updates ago: "On November 7, this appeared in the news: 'Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, will be represented and assisted by Robert Costello and the Pierce Bainbridge firm, in particular, Eric Creizman and Melissa Madrigal.' Costello's share three, blue lozenges with Parrys. [update -- I don't see a Crest anymore for Costello's, but Costells/Castle's/Castello's have an arm in Crest].

If you've been following the Parry-Sound event that I claim points, via heraldry, to Giuliani's Ukraine dig, you might agree with me that the heraldic Costello-Parry connection appears as part of an arrangement by God.

The "extra" motto term of heraldry was suspect with Exeter of Devon, and here there is evidence because COStello's use that term while Costs and Exters/Exeters (Devon) share bells. Joe ArmaCOST, Dan Bongino's producer, comes to mind. I'm pretty sure I see ARMs coming out of a crown in the Costello Crest, speaking, apparently, to an Army / Armor line that may have contributed to "ARMacost." Costs/Coteau's look like a Cotta branch, both surnames first found in Languedoc with Giuliani-like Julians.

The law suits against Giuliani's associates / friends didn't come happen-chance while he was disclosing Ukraine corruption on Trump's behalf. I once thought that Giuliani could have been one of the Trump back-stabbers, but if his information in Ukraine corruption, as extensive as it seems to be, is accurate and not concocted or twisted out of shape, that impression may have been wrong. Or, Giuliani may have been teetering as to whether to be loyal, and decided, for the moment, anyway, to be loyal. It's not wise for Trump if he snubs Giuliani's Ukraine mission at this time. If Barr has distanced himself from Giuliani, the question I'd ask first is whether Barr wants to cover Ukraine corruption on behalf of his friends. Barr had friends in high places long before being nominated by Trump.

In the 17th minute of Dan Bongino below, Dan mentions another name he thinks was part of the Obama deep state in a John Carlin. Conservapedia:

John P. Carlin was the Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) under President Barack Obama while the Russian collusion hoax was promulgated in 2015-16. Carlin abruptly resigned the day after being forced to admit to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court [FISC} that the Obama Justice Department perpetrated a massive fraud upon the Judiciary and had violated the civil rights of American citizens.

According Lisa Page, special counsel to FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, Carlin was regularly briefed on Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

...In other words, John Carlin knew Carter Page was not a Russian agent, yet that did not stop Carlin from preparing a FISA warrant in October 2016 to hoax the FISA court into believing that Carter Page was an agent of Russia.

...Carlin quit just days [part of their plan to hopefully cover his tracks?] before the FISA warrant on Carter Page was submitted and approved. Two days later, the NSA informed the Court that the Obama Department of Justice and FBI had been abusing the FISA process since at least 2011

Wow, you'd never get that in Wikipedia. Way to go Conservapedia. It just goes to show how Carlin's name has been hidden from me until now. I didn't know that Carlin (who's he?) was responsible for the first FISA application against Page. Carlin was a spy bad-guy. Carlin was Mueller's chief of staff when the latter was the FBI director in the days of 9-11. It was Mueller's job to cover for the 9-11 crimes. He's guilty as the darkest of FBI sins, and I'm hoping that God arranged for his Trump-attack effort in order to nab him for both sets of crimes.

Mueller and company were found (by me) to be of a shark in a dream I had in 1979. It sounds crazy, I know, but I've stated the reasons for this over several weeks of heraldic evidence. It's therefore probably not coincidental that while Carlins share the full Coat of Keens, the latter share the Arms of Saraca fish. Saraca-like Sharks were first found in Tyrone with the Neils who have a version of the Keon Coat, and Carlins with Keons share the Keen fish too. Part of the Carlin write-up: "The surname Carlin...became early associated with the county of TYRONE, and in neighboring counties." John Carlin looks to be smack in with the shark along with James Comey, Stefan Halper, and similar others.

My claim is that God arranged some heraldic symbols centuries ago, then taught heraldic ropes to me in a special way, then gave a string of dreams with symbols pertaining to surnames, and finally he caused me to reveal who the deep-state players are via my abilities to make sound / logical surname links, for example as we just saw above with Carlins. Carlins are squarely in the shark zone.

The last update realized that a belly-press event of mine more than 40 years ago was a pointer to Bill Priestap, another shark-tank goon, and it just so happens that Press'/Priests share the red estoiles of Neils (Tyrone, same as Sharks and Carlins). The similar eight-pointed stars of Keons are with Batti's/Botto's who made the BattiSTELLI's, a branch of Steele's, and sharing the pyramid with Fiscs...i.e. a pointer to the FISA court = FISC.

Some excellent heraldic pointers to Rockefellers, Michael McFAUL and Loretta Lynch can be found at the top of the last update. That section includes Velis' and similar Fallis'/FALLa's. The latter, I said, share the Pool lion, important because a bulldog FELL (or had a fall) into a swimming pool having the shark (yes, in the 1979 dream). The same lion is in the Carlin / Keen Coat, and both surnames have a Velis-like Felis motto term. I have good evidence to link Pools to Rita's because both use the same lion while both are from Vespasia Polla of Rita-like Rieti. The point is, Rita's were first found in Rome with Felis'/Felix's/Felice's.

As God does so many times to verify that he's with me, a song sung "fall" just as I was writing "McFaul" above (not a second before or after). The song is, "I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe. The line is, "to my KNEES I WILL FALL." At the top of the last update, Wills were mentioned who come up as "velis," and then Velis'/Vale's share the McFaul/Fall eagle. How about that. Both Will Coats have griffins, and Griffins/Griffiths use a motto, "NE vile VELIS," The Knee's happen to be NEE's too! After seeing the Irish spelled the Knee's as, Neidhe, the song came to mind, "I NEED Thee Every HOUR," and I promptly got up to get some food. Deciding on a carrot, I came back to the computer with it, and the song was playing, I Need Thee Every Hour. It wasn't playing when I got up.

"Hour" reminds of the "heure" motto term of Hicks, for God gave Miss Hicks, who was in the shark dream, a knee symbol when she and I were at a 9-11 memorial on September 11, 2002. It's interesting that Mike ROGERs, a good guy, is in the Conservapedia article above as the one who snitched on Carlin and FISA company, for two Roger Coats gives appearances that Rogers married Knee's (heraldry is passed down through marriages).

I've always wondered why God chose me to do this work. I eventually realized it was due to my mother's Masci bloodline, to the Masons, that is, but later realized that her village of birth, Picenze, was important to God's end-time enemies. That is, not the village itself, but that the people of the village and nearby regions were ancestral to some of the big players today. For example, Picenze's patron saint was Felice. Patron saints are often fabricated as secret, Masonic code for a surname going back to a particular family. Were Fellers / Fallis" from this Felice family? Isn't there a Felix ruler in the Bible? Yup. Fellers have a version of the Lynch Coat. English Felix's share the potent cross with the Arms of Templar Jerusalem. Velis' share the black eagle with the Arms of L'Aquila, a city seven miles from Picenze. Mont Velino is not far from L'Aquila, and it's namer was the line to mythical Avalon = Bute.

The potent-liner Felix's share the mill rind with Mills/Meilles' while Miles' (another mill rind) share the Chief-Shield color combo of Mailers (Wales), Welsh Rogers/Rosers, and Simpsons. I'm not sure what to do with this. Mallings (Mule colors) share a red version of the Stanford Coat, and the latter are in Simpson-et-al colors. MALLings were first found in Cornwall with SaMUEL(son)s, beside the Mule's, and a Heather Samuelson was directly responsible for destroying Hillary's emails. Her email scandal was portrayed by God in a MALL, and I think the Mails of Meolis apply.

Here's the Bongino video with Carlin in the 17th minute:

Here's BCP explaining (about 8-minute mark) why the Fox poll over the weekend had so many unexpected people wanting Trump removed from office. It seems that Fox deliberately fudged the numbers to make Republican voters feel that the norm is now an abandonment of Trump. I smell Paul Ryan and Rupert Murdoch.

As you can see, the poll was over seven phone-calling sessions, and Fox, for the tally, consistently used about 48 percent Democrat voters versus about 40 percent Republican voters. Fox knows better than to do that, but this explains why the total number in the poll was 49 percent of Americans wanting Trump removed. Shame Fox. Good job BCP.

A new find by John Solomon wherein Burisma went crying the blues to Obama's state department, John Kerry, asking for help. Did you know that Halper-branch Halps/Halfs share the Shield of Kerrys? How did that come to be? The Halp/Half motto is suspect from Aquila / L'Aquila elements. Tony BLINKen was John Kerry's deputy. Where's the gull walking to the blinkers?

I didn't see the story above at today's The Hill page of Solomon, as though the Hill refused to air it on his own page. Can The Hill cheat him like that? Wow, such a massive exposure of rotten news outlets. Here's the story on The Angle:

As you can see, Hunter Biden himself contacts Tony Blinken with an SOS. Later, when things have gotten real bad for Burisma, Hunter's people contact Kerry himself. Do we think that Kerry acted alone without telling Obama the goings-on? I wonder: did the gull (Giuliani) slip Solomon this story? I hope so. But no; at Solomon's article, he says he got the news from "a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. (I filed that suit this summer with the help of the public interest law firm the Southeastern Legal Foundation.)"

The gull was walking to the sound of blinkers in the Volkswagen. Part of this story was in the last update like so: "Perrys use a hind's head with a pear "SPRIG" while Spriggs are connectable to the sprig of broom (see it in the Broom/Brome write-up) in the hat of Geoffrey-Fulk Plantagenet. Amazingly, Spriggs share double-blue pale bars with Seats/Cedes! I put the bucket on the back seat [of the Volkswagen]." I'm repeating this here because the Sprigg Coat is a good reflection of the Novelli/Novi/NoVELLIS Coat while the Biden team contacted Ms. Novelli (says Solomon), the state department's third-highest official under Kerry. I put the bucket into the back seat of a real event, but roughly at that time, I had a dream where I was sitting in the back seat of my dentist's car, and he was laughing at my red buttons. That was the end of the dream. Bidens are listed with Buttons. Why were they red buttons? Reds are listed with Reids.

Novelli-like Nova's/Novillo's/Nouvals have a Coat like that of Mota's, whom I found through the "immota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila. Italian Mota's were definitely a branch of Motels, and this family had been through Taranto of Apulia, the Arms of which use the nude rider on a dolphin in the Coffee/Coffer Coat (cups in Mota and Nova/Nouval colors). I have claimed that God created an event in Victoria, Texas, where the only thing done there was to buy a COFFEE and a NEWSpaper, though events later that day were also deemed to be from Him for heraldic / deep-state purposes. From the Victoria event, the "victoria" motto term of Coffee's was picked out as some proof of God's fingers in the event, and the News/NUCES surname became a topic too, because the newspaper was purchased for the purpose of finding a Texas property to purchase. It was the first time I looked for land in Texas, and seven months later, when returning to Texas, I purchased on the NUECES river. The woman in the 1979 shark dream, Miss Hicks, was living on the Nueces about ten miles from my place, and that's how I met her, eventually, in 2001 shortly after 9-11.

I now come to News' like Nova's/Nouvals having five items in the positioning and colors of the five of Portuguese Mota's, and it just so happens that Portuguese Abreu's have five wings (same as one Masci wing) in the same positioning (see Alfreds too) while L'Aquila is in Abruzzo while Italian Abreu's are also Abruzzo's. I sense Intelligent Design there, especially as I had an employee with Abreu surname at whose home I lived for almost three years when the United States border was blocking my re-entry.

Bill Priestap may be pointed to because Abreu's/Abruzzo's share two items of PRIESTlys/Presleys, and the latter use hooks called "grappling irons." It just so happens that Arran-like Irons are said to be from Arran-like Airaines, in Picardy near ABBEville, suggesting that this is where McCabe's/McABBE's of Arran were from. McCabe's/McAbbe's share the fesse of Coffee's/Coffers, what a coffincidence. "[Priestap] was the assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division from 2015 to 2018," during which McCabe was the FBI deputy director. The line of Abreu's named Normandy's Evreux (Near the capital at Rouen), and it should be noted that the two leopards that are the Arms of Normandy are in the colors of the double Abreu lions.

Evreux is in EURE and Hicks use an "HEURE" motto term.

In 2001, I attended another Texas church, and Miss Hicks happened to be going there, a thing I didn't know until going there. My situation back home that year forced me to stay in Texas until about the first of October (a few months past the six-month limit, per visit, allowed by the United States), at which time my problem was rectified, and that problem and over-stay may have been set up by God because it allowed me to attend the 9-11 memorial in 2002. That night, God gave Miss Hicks her knee symbol at the Get'n GO gas bar, which was resolved partly with the GOW/McGOO surname that happens to share the green-on-gold fleur-de-lys of Portuguese Mota's.

After leaving the United States at roughly the start of October, I had border problems and was forced to stay at the home of Ms. Abreu all that time. Mota's look linkable to Portuguese Abreu's. As Portuguese Alfreds share both the Abreu Shield and Crest, it's interesting that English Alfreds have a Coat looking linkable to Coffins/CHAFFINE's, which looks so much like coffee caffeine that perhaps God arranged that too. But why Alfreds?

English Alfreds have a sort of HOURglass design, as do News'/Nuces' (as do Halps/Halfs and Kerrys), and it may in fact have been created after EURE elements. The Alfred hourglass is in the colors of the split-Shield of IRONside's, and while there was a Saxon king, Alfred, there was also a Saxon king, Edmund Ironside, and we just crossed the Irons above as kin of Priestly-branch Abreu's. The Iron cross is in the colors of the Ironside hourglass. Moreover, the Saxon surname uses chaplets, as do the Hicks with the hour-like "heure" motto term, and, to cap it off, chaplets are used by News'/Nuce's. The five items of Nova's/Nouvals and Mota's are in the position of the five swans of Chaplets. Swans are Sions too while Saxon is beside Sion of Switzerland. I don't know what to make of this. Is there an Alfred in deep-state news that we should know about?

The Halps/HELPs/Halfs use the hourglass shape too, and they link to Avesnes on the HELPE river while I know that Avesnes was named after Avezzano's, who named Avezzano in Abruzzo. It thus appears that the hourglass shape is for Abruzzo > Eure liners i.e. the Eburovices Gauls of Evreux.

The previous owner of my Texas property was Ms. Teague, and while Teague's (Galway, same as Lynch's) show a Caige variation, Cage's (and Gate's) have a reflection of the Ironside Coat (shares the Face/Fessy motto). Cage's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the CHAPmans whom I see in the perchevron (solid chevron) of the News/Nuces Crest. Chapmans are probably from the line of Cambridgeshire's Jeune's who in-turn share the fleur-de-lys of Edmonds. The latter share a black perchevron with Teague's/Caige's; the latter's is colors reversed from the perchevron of Ticks/Touque's. Eure is by the Touques river. Is it important that Edmonds use a bottony cross in honor of Buttons/Bidens?

Ticks/Touque's were first found in Kent, same as Aflreds, and as Edmund of Woodstock, earl of Kent. The Alfred besants are in the colors of the CANTor/GAUNTer besants, and Gaunts were first found in Kent too, a county said to be named after a CANTii peoples. The Candle's/Kentwells come to mind. Cantors/Gaunters (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) use leaves and therefore probably the six bars of English Leavells. The "QUAM" motto term of Cantors/Gaunters is shared by swan-using Cambridge's, suggesting code for a family upon its CAM river. Swans/Sions once showed GAUNTlet gloves, and Sion is very near a Saxon location. Cantors/Gaunters were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's and Damore's whom I both link to the Leavell Coat. Italian Amore's were first found in Sardinia with Avezzano's.

The Cam river was earlier (under the Saxons) the Granta, and while Grants are also Grands, Coffer-like Cofferts/Courts have a "GRANDescunt" motto term that I think is part-code for Cuntys/Cindys who happen to share two blue pale bars with Novelli's. The Eure surname uses "numQUAM," and the Iver variation of Eure's could link to the Ives' suspect with the bee hive of Kerrys. It's just that Ms. Novelli was two rungs of a ladder down from John Kerry. Ives' were first found in Lincolnshire with IVO Taillebois (from the BEE-line Bessin), a branch of Talbots from the Touques river, though Talbots were rulers at Eure-like Eu, as were the Grants/Grands whose crowns are in the colors of the Blinken crown. "In Normandy, their place of origin, the name [Talbot] was originally listed as D'Eu, a baronial name." Novelli was one rung down from Tony Blinken, and Tonys/Toeni's were from Les Andelys over by the Touques river.

Blinkens were first found in Cumberland with Burns, and John Kerry had three deputies, Blinken and William BURNS included. Did Someone arrange that? The Touques-suspect Teague's share the crosses of Gullys (Oxfordshire), that latter being a branch of Gulls, both of which love the Sine variation of Swans/Sions in their motto.

The Saxon Coat is almost that of Ives' and Orrels (Lancashire, same as Saxons), the latter two being identical, both sharing the bendlets of Gaunts and Gone's/Guenets (Belgian). John of Gaunt was a ruler of Lancashire. Cambridge is so near to Kent that the Cantabrig variation of Cambridge's makes the Cantii look like they were on the Granta/Cam river. It appears that Gaunt/Ghent (Belgium) was named by the Cantii. There were EBURones at Belgium, a group looking like the Eburovices/Ebroicum of Eure, whom I see as the namers of Eboracum (old name of York), beside Lancashire.

The Saxon chaplets are similar to the Candle/KENTwell annulets, and I had read that the family of John of Gaunt were rulers in Candale (Aquitaine), a house that became the Kendels. The Arms of Gaunt/Ghent uses a virgin with a white-on-black lion, and Virgins and Rothes' (white-on-black lion) were both first found in Kent. In colors reversed, the Rothes lion heads are the gold-crowned ones of CAPone's/Capua's and Levi's/Levine's.

Back to Mr. Burns. Burns use an "Ever Ready" motto term that gets both the Eure's and the Hevers/Hefers (Kent) as Evers. The Hever/Hefer garbs are colors reversed from the same of Reeds/Reids/Reds. Readys/Reidie's (Angus, beside Scottish Reeds/Reids), potential Reeds/Rieds/Reds (Northumberland, beside Burns), show only swans in the Shield, and a scimitar in the Crest. Scottish Reeds/Reids have a book, and Books use the heraldic HOURglass (not what I'm calling the hourglass shape in Shield). As we appear to be definitely on Abruzzo elements, note further that Reeds/Reids/Red had a branch of Weston (Suffolk) while Westons are suspect with the black L'Aquila eagle, for we read of " "Felix Hall, the seat of Lord Western..." I didn't know this, nor had I come to it yet, when mentioning Felice of Picenze above. The two Reed Coats together can be gleaned with the saltire and stars of Scottish Pike's/Picks/PICKENs, PICENze suspects even before today! Reeds are from Rieti, not far down the Salto river from Abruzzo. Reeds, by the way, love the Cups/Cope's (Aberdeenshire, same as Reeds) in their motto, and Coffers/Coffee's use cups.

Wow. The Picks/Pike's played into the sleeping-bag dream where I PICKed up the sleeping bag. That was the only thing done with the bag, and Bags share the Grimaldi Shield while my mother is a Grimaldi on one side, and a Masci on the other, both families from Picenze. Why is God doing this? Two Pick surnames played to my picking up the sleeping bag on a HILL in the WOODs, one being the Picks/Pix's with the Wood fitchees, and the other being Picks/Pike's because they share the Solomon/Salome (and Victoria) stars while John Solomon works for The Hill. So, God is able to point to deep-state news as well as revealing the ancestry of Freemasonry, this time pointing to my mother's home town, and probably my own bloodlines through it. Hills (from Plancia Magna's line) and Solomons/Salome's (from Salome Boethus Herod), and Masci's (from Agrippa's) too, are from Herods, as I think Burns and Bernice's are (Berenice Agrippa). It doesn't mean that anyone today from those bloodlines is necessarily Herod-like in greed. The Weston write-up doesn't explain why Balliols are mentioned.

I didn't mean to go on that long with heraldry. I wanted to show that Novelli's can link to the Victoria newspaper and coffee, but I can't remember off-hand what that event pointed to in particular. It might come back to me. Ah yes, it pointed to Victoria Nuland, for their is a NEWland/NIEland surname. While News' are also Nuce's and Nuces', Nuse's show only a pale bar in the colors of only-fesse-wise-bars of Nie's/Neys (it's the Babe Shield), and then Nylands/Neylands/Neilans show only two horses in pale in the colors of the Nuce pale bar. There's got to be more to this. In fact, as Solomon's share the Victoria stars, I've just looked for a story with he writing on Victoria Nuland, and found the headline, "George Soros's secret 2016 access to State exposes 'big money' hypocrisy of Democrats." Part of this article: "Then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland received repeated calls, emails and meeting requests from Soros, according to the memos obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the conservative group Citizens United."

There we go: she worked for the state department, headed first by Clinton and then by Kerry to cover up what Clinton and Obama had done, and probably to continue some of the bag of tricks. I've just remembered that Nuland's deputy, when she held the position (over three years under John Kerry), Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs (it's Ukraine theater again), was Mr. Heffern while Hefferns/HefferNEYs share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, all in the colors of the Coffer/Coffee cups. That's a big wow, right? Heffrons/HefferNEYs were first found in County Clare with NEYlands/Nielans. What think ye? Is God in this pointer to Victoria Nuland? What was she doing there for John Kerry and/or Kerry's son-in-law while the latter was in cahoots with Hunter Biden??? Will Solomon get the goods? We hope so? Nuland had worked in similar capacities for Bush and Cheney.

Neylands are said to be from Neils, the latter first found in Tyrone, same as Sharks. It may be that Knee liners merged with Neil liners because Knee's were first found in Ulster with Tyrone. Knee's were first found in County Down, which I assume was named by Downs, who use a stag in the colors of the Trump / Jump stag head. The bulldog walked across my knee and jumped into the pool with shark. Knee-like Kness'/Neece's have an "Animo" motto term while Nimo's are shown properly as NEWmarsh's/NEWMarch's (News/Nuces colors). Although I don't agree with it, Kness'/Neece's are said to be from "Angus." The Nons/NAVins/NEWins in the Kness/Neece motto looks connectable to Neve's and Navys, both first found in Angus, and Navy's show just one horse in the colors of the two-only of Neylands/Nielans. German Nagle's are Neils and Nails too, like "NEYLand/Nielan," and Irish Nagle's love the Nons in their motto.

Kness'/Neece's, with a Ness variation, can be deemed a branch of Ness/Nessans because I was in Victoria with a Nissan (PICK-up). Kness'/Neece's have the colors and format of Swans, and the Non/Nevan and Falcon crescent, while Swans/Sions now show falconers gloves. Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Kness'/Neece's, and beside the Nimo's/Newmarsh's, Neve's and Navys. Ness' and Nissans are from queen Nysa and Pharnaces, the latter to the Furness' and Parrs (Nissan fesses) sharing the black border with the Neve-beloved Sola's.

Why did God point to Newland when I was in southern Texas (i.e. Victoria)? I was a long way from home. How important is this revelation? Why was I mugged terribly the night before the newspaper and coffee in Victoria? The mugging is what caused me to buy the newspaper, and to seek for Texas property. I was headed to Mexico until that night. Why was it necessary for me to live on the Nueces with Miss Hicks, or to meet her? There are many mysteries remaining to be solved.

Nuland must have been working for the Soros scheme-dream in Ukraine, forced to do it against her will, if necessary, by the Kerry gang. Below is Solomon's article on the Soros-Nuland connections in 2016 especially, where he implies, as is logical, that Soros was hoping for a president Clinton. The Ukraine was going to the American liberals, a great way to ruin any nation because liberals only act like they care for nations, when in reality they always want raw control so as to get greedy fingers tightly on the money bags. Perhaps Soros and others were intent on over-throwing Russia in the way they did Ukraine...when Trump appeared and gave Hillary a belly bash; move over witch. I was happy when Trump trounced her.

Hannity has comments on the Solomon story near the start (about 7 minutes):

By Tuesday, Gordon Sondland seems to have betrayed Teflon Trump, now saying that he (Sondland) personally told Ukraine that they wouldn't get military aid unless the Ukraine investigators did Trump's bidding. Achem, Sondland, just because you may have laid out the words as you have doesn't mean that Trump did. Sondland can't stick his words into Trump's mouth.

The mystery is why Sondland has changed his tune, suddenly. Perhaps he wanted to stick with Trump so long as his teflon was working, but now that impeachment is looking a little more likely with traitorous Republicans half-raising their hands to be counted in, perhaps (just a possibility) Sondland thought he had best get on the side of the establishment deep state. Some men just go where the winners go.

Sondland's scheme seems to be to make the Ukrainians look like liars when they say they didn't know that aid had been frozen. In fact, it may not have been frozen so much as it just wasn't released yet. The two are not the same. "Frozen" means that the green light was given and later a red one. The alternative is that the green had not yet gone on.

Even if Trump put a red light to the gift, it's not the same as bribery, because it's not sheer money for the deal, but the money was allotted for other purposes besides the deal. If Trump wanted to use this gift as a little extra "encouragement" to get Ukrainians to nab his political enemies, you can't go to jail for that if the enemies are guilty of crimes. You can go to jail only if you're asking a foreign nation to produce a frame-job on your political enemies. Do I have this said right? If the Democrats are guilty in framing Trump, doesn't he have the right to withhold slated aid to a country until they nab the crooks? Of course he does, because it's not in his interests only, but of the nation that the president is sworn to serve.

Let's put it this way, that if a president asks a foreign nation to produce dirt on a political opponent, it's questionably a crime. It may or may not be. If the opponent is the DNC that tried to frame you destructively when you ran for the presidency, then of course it's not a crime to request the help of a foreign nation if the culprits used that nation to frame you unrightly. The one concern trumps the other. The weaker concern of the two is in reality a scarecrow in hopes of keeping the other side from discovering their deeper crimes. There's a lot of hay in the impeachment push.

A Warning

I expect a lot of Republican lawmakers feigning support for Trump but helping the impeachment push secretly. It's going to build to an ambush, if it works at all.

A book about to come out this month from a White House employee under Trump verifies that there was a plot to overthrow Trump due to his firing of Comey. The anonymous writer claims that they were counting heads in the White House to see whether such a push was feasible. As this particular plot involved the 25th amendment pushed also by Rosenstein (another Republican), it puts Barr under pressure to arrest Rosenstein, Mueller and company, doesn't it?

How does one count heads unless the heads are engaged with some questions, such as, "how do you feel about Trump pushing Comey out?" Just think about that for a minute. Who in Trump's house would care about Comey after he himself was engaged in an illegal coup against Trump? Surely, this coup plot was a push from the invisibles over the deep state, and I'm starting to think it was the same who owned Epstein. I'm starting to think that there is an army of Epstein-compromised Republicans all forced to march to the orders of the invisibles that rule even the official Intelligence bosses. There is a cartel of invisibles over every American president, the stuff of conspiracy nuts. Only they aren't looking nutty anymore. Who do you think had the abilities to orchestrate the 25th-Amen Coup, as I'll call it? Mr. Anonymous is saying that Mike Pence was all for it, hoping to become the president by default. It's not an impossible claim.

I was actually hoping that Pence would replace Trump because Trump wasn't doing his job against the deep state. I was thinking there is at least the hope that Pence would, but then I saw a photo in the news of Mrs. Pence holding a white rabbit, and suddenly I was wondering whether she was holding it to send an agreeable message to the deep state. For me, the white rabbit has become a symbol of the pedophiles, now having potential to link to Epstein Operations. Things are coming together in my head as to what's going on: the invisibles are mere idiots seeking the impossible, en route to being discovered for being the most-hopeless humans ever, the reason that they must operate in secret. Their only power is their love of money and political strings, the very nature of the Democrat party. It's a good bet that Soros is a part of this operation.

Once we get more information about A Warning -- the book's name coming out this month -- we can assess whether the author was guilty of the coup plot too. Or, he may have written the book to make self appear not part of the coup, because those involved with it are in danger of prosecution...unless the author knows that Barr's not prepared to prosecute. "A Warning" (the title itself) comes across as a threat to Trump, hoping to keep him from playing a role in uncovering corruption. We can also assess whether the author is Trump's enemy, but it already seems to be the case because the book is being leaked by leftist media. The timing is exactly when the impeachment push needs to tarnish Trump more, but also as it needs more republicans on side. Therefore, this leak, this Thursday morning, that there were a significant White House operatives willing to over-throw Trump may be a lie with the purpose of urging more Republicans to betray and ambush Trump in the impeachment push.

Trump has his anti-deep-state army to depend on, as many as 30-40 percent of the population by now, maybe more in the coming months. How does one grow such an army? With "war papers," of course. Proof of the deep state's existence, tactics, and brutality grows a massive army in opposition to it, the thing the rats fear most. We are on the brink of a massive revelation concerning them, but will it happen? We don't yet know. What's holding up the Horowitz report? Murderous threats included?

The more it seems he's going to win the next election, coupled with the dismal-ity (coining a word) of the impeachment push, the more ammunition he has against White-House Republicans who wish to betray, for it is risky to their jobs if they even reveal that they are prepared to betray. No one reveals such a thing unless they think the numbers for it are there. The writer doesn't seem to think so because he didn't reveal himself. He apparently wants to keep his job while urging a toppling of Trump. He's yet another mole, and possibly a Republican mole this time.

People tend to go for the underdog, when they don't care much for the powerhouse acting against an underdog. The deep state is such a powerhouse, and its blunders to date are providing for Trump the image of the abused underdog. When we do the math on this, the answer is an excited populace for the underdog.

The powerhouse has committed blunders even with Trump's refusal to fire war papers at them. We might say that Trump is really lucky, or we might say that there an Invisible Powerhouse in the Sky who's got a bone to pick with the American powerhouse. This is the picture I've been painting, but I'm loath to give Trump any credit for God's Operation. I absolutely reject the notion that God likes Trump so much that He's going to protect him and even make him win this war. I welcome Trump's bending of the knee to Jesus, and calling on the Real Powerhouse for help, like one humbling himself before the real power. But if Trump thinks that he's winning this war on his own talents and craft, it's exactly what God despises in a man, who will not give credit to Where credit is due. If that's how Trump goes forward in 2020 war, he's going to pain himself needlessly even if he wins the election.

The deep-state cabal (unofficial rulers) always makes its opponents look like tyrants. It is therefore full-of-pain for Trump to go forward as though he's got everything under control as a one-man operation. A one-man operation is like a dictatorship, and that's how the deep state portrays him in hopes of getting his supporters to shed themselves from his ranks. Trump would love to bask in the glory of defeating his enemies all by his own craft. This is Trump's weakest reality, undeniable. He's a huge ego, and God sets himself against a huge ego. So, into the belly of the shark will Trump's head go, I predict, until he humbles himself before God, if ever he will. When he stops bragging, it could be an indicator of proper attitude in the works. It will probably minimize the number or passion of his potential enemies, but it seems that Trump would rather brag than reduce his enemy base. If most of his supporters see nothing wrong with a conceited president, what quality of supporters are they? Mr. president, your conceit is unsightly.

I do not think it is reality where Mr. Anonymous claims that there was all sorts of talk in the White House of using the 25th Amendment. This looks like garbage to tarnish the president, for such talk would come only from his mortal enemies in the first place, starting from outside of the White House. It was an activist movement, in other words, not a natural cascading of feelings from one person to another, as Mr. Anonymous would have us believe. The idea, from the pro-Comey outside, was to make workers think that the norm is to wish for Trump's ouster, and that if you're not on board, you're a freak. This is the purpose of fake polling (too-high-numbers), and so we need to ask again why Fox polls are neck-and-neck with leftist polls lately in regards Trump's likeabilities. It's all the more reason for Trump to put away his conceit obscenity, especially as it might catch on and produce millions of braggarts the nation over.

Mr. Anonymous: "Given the instability many witnessed, there were early whispers within the Cabinet of invoking the 25th Amendment, which would start a complex process for removing the president. But no one wanted to precipitate a constitutional crisis." How many whisperers, two or three, Rosenstein and his best buddy or two? Anonymous wants to give appearances that this sentiment was rampant, but if he's not naming names, he's coming up empty. There's no end to such rumors in the news all intended for coup. Word is that Barr's department wants to know who Anonymous is, but word is not enough. It's easy to feign a position with a word.

It makes sense that the deep state would use a Republican for this latest part of the impeachment push. This book can only teach us more on how the deep state operates; I guarantee you, we will see the tactics of immature children, for real adults don't behave in this way. And neither do they brag before millions of people. Surely, part of God's exposure in the last days is to the rulings structures of the self-proclaimed greatest nation on earth. God hates a nation claiming itself as such. Don't be a part of this, Christian. Don't be part of, America is great, because the nation leading in money is not the nation leading in Godliness. Just as the greatest person in the Kingdom will include the widow who gave all she had, a penny, so the greatest nation in the world could be amongst the smallest and poorest. Every true Christian knows this concept.

Trump enjoyed telling his rally audience this week on this story:

Mark Zaid, one of the attorneys representing the intelligence community whistleblower at the center of the Democrats' ongoing impeachment inquiry, tweeted conspicuously in January 2017 that a "coup has started" and that "impeachment will follow ultimately."

Then, in July 2017, Zaid remarked, "I predict @CNN will play a key role in @realDonaldTrump not finishing out his full term as president." Also that month, Zaid tweeted, "We will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters"(Fox).

Okay, that's not a big surprise but welcome just the same. It tells anyone who has ears to hear that the whistle-blower, now disappeared fast from CNN news, had an impeachment-push character for his lawyer. Nothing more needs to be said, except what Republicans are calling for emphasis on exposing / jailing these characters for one of the highest crimes possible, one rung of a ladder short of treason proper. The thing is, the CIA was the backbone of this whistle-blower effort. That's the meaningful thing here. He wasn't just any-old Democrat activist acting on his own. Mr. Barr, where art thou?

Anti-Trump leftists thought they were stronger than they really are, though I say that God is sticking his leg in front of their activism to make them fall repeatedly on their faces. Yet Trump is entering a difficult time because Republican after Republican can be called to testify against him, in the kangaroo court of appeals, each with their poo-poo to tell of. If the accusations against Trump are minor, then perhaps the great accumulation of the accusations might work to turn the political middle against him, especially if the poo-poo pies are into his face from fellow Republicans. There could be a longer list of such Republicans not yet showing disdain for him, but who come out to show it when the timing is better. Trump can be likened at this time as one with his fingers, toes and nose in five holes of a dam, to keep it from bursting.

Here's The Five with some good (and common, lately) righteous anger in the first few minutes:

I'd "like" to see a war between Trump and the Mexican gangs bringing death over the border. I'd "like" to see it for a secondary reason: will American elements in the deep state argue against such a war? Would they say that moving the military from the Middle East to the Mexican border is wrong, by any excuse? Are high level Americans actually profiting from some of the death coming over the border? That revelation would stun Americans. Why, really, are Democrats against border security?

I wouldn't like to see a war against the cartels because they'll terrorize Americans at random in the meantime. I'd like to see them lose with finality, but at what price will it come? Unless a government nips corruption as a budding snake, it will grow too large and powerful to be removed. It's now the Mexican reality, and it's what's happening in the deep state. There is no time to waste, but Trump, Sessions, Wray and now Barr have wasted the entire 4-year term of Trump. By the time that the grand jury refers criminal charges, it'll be election season before anyone is charged, judging by the snail's pace we're on now.

It's probably true that jury trials of the Comeys and Rosensteins will tend to be problematic for securing guilty verdicts, exactly why Barr needs to arrest and charge hundreds of them so that a strong message will be sent regardless of what percentage are successfully jailed. The message must be that this behavior will not be tolerated because Republicans are not afraid to punish harshly. If Barr fails here, I see no return to normalcy. Fact: no one's been arrested yet. Is this a trend?

Lioness Davis is a new youtube channel (probably by an old producer changing channel names regularly) who snipped out a piece in Hannity's November 7 video about 11 minutes in, where the a Ukrainian Justice chief is on claiming that the anti-Trump ambassador (Marie Yovanovitch) gave him a do-not-prosecute keep concealed American corruption. So, why would a pro-Hannity video producer clip that part out? he/she wouldn't. Instead, youtube is working with anti-Trump video producers to carry Fox shows in case parts like this need snipping out. Youtube the dirty dog brings these channels up front, knows the computer numbers of the guilty parties regardless of their changing channel names every couple of weeks, but does nothing against this cheating because youtube is a winking part of it.

Hannity really gets my goat when, after Solomon speaks a new issue, Hannity totally ignores delving into it. This apparent empty-headed aloofness can't be coincidental because it's repeated. There's a reason behind it. After Solomon speaks the second time on George Kent, Hannity interrupts and offers the conversation ZERO input, but just repeats himself, like a tape recorder, a thing he's said 200 times by now in this year alone. If he's not a blockhead, why's he behaving this way? He could at least say to Solomon, "go on," or, "got any more?"

If I have this correct, Solomon has a contract to appear on Fox, and so Hannity may have no choice but to entertain him against his will. Why else does Hannity seem to stifle Solomon's new directions? The mystery is that both men see eye-to-eye in opposition to the deep state. Yet Hannity claimed that Fox bosses don't forbid him to speak his mind freely.

On day two of A Warning, it's no surprise that the Washington Post comes out with the heavy bat to Trump: "In 'A Warning' by Anonymous, obtained by The Washington Post ahead of its release [I'm just so surprised], a writer described only as 'a senior official in the Trump administration' [here we go again with No-Name Accuser] paints a chilling [CHILLING, YIKES, all leftist media get on war boots] portrait of the president as cruel, inept and a danger to the nation he was elected to lead." Clearly, this author was merely part of the 25th-Amen movement, the one that God didn't grant success for. So, here we are with the next phase of the impeachment process, with No-Name Author telling us what No-Name Accuser said. Let's discover who these no-names are so that leftist media can be made, once again, to look like deep-state monkeys.

In the next accusation laid out by the W. Post (married to the CIA), the charge is that Trump is flying a government plane like a child not knowing what he's doing, which reveals that Trump wasn't pressing the buttons that the deep state wanted him to. The deep state thought this to be insubordination, in other words. It can't stomach a president not following deep-state demands, and so they urinated on him behind his back, and in the end (or even before that) they became back stabbers just like No-Name Anonymous, the itty-bitty Nobody Face whose willing to make accusations no one is allowed to test by cross-examining him. This deep-state tactic once worked well, when Intelligence and the FBI was respected, but no more is this the case. This is why it's important to bring out the war papers to make the deep state look even worse, until it can no longer stand, until it's dead on the ground, but as Trump failed the people, the entire nation, on this point, they are still attacking him with cheap shots.

We all have out irritation limits. If people repeat the same things too much that get under my skin, I'm bound to rebel and show irritation. When Jesus said that we should love our enemies, I think what he meant was not to get easily upset / irritated to the point of giving a backlash, for this shows a shallow / empty Godliness. If we become creeps real fast when people step on our toes, how will we achieve a big or Godly attitude? Try to be big. But when the enemy is not stepping on our toes accidentally, but pounding on them maliciously, I don't thing that "love your enemy" applies as much. The ball now goes into the court of God's protection of, and retribution for, the victim, and that retribution can be speedy if the victim is doing their best to honor or maintain a non-retaliatory reaction. In fact, we are allowed to be angry / irritated, but we are Directed to get vengeance by doing nothing ourselves in retaliation. Within reason: if one stomps on our foot, give the other foot for a stomping too. It's just a way of saying, don't retaliate and become a creep yourself.

Does this mean that Trump should allow the deep-state to pound on his head with a bat repeatedly while not retaliating? I suppose that, if Trump were trusting in God, it should be a winning strategy in the end. The question then becomes: is it a vengeful thing to release papers that reveal guilt of the enemy, or is it a necessary or God-sanctioned reaction to help destroy evil? When the deep state repeats a ruinous sin continuously, when is it okay to block the deep state's attacks, or even to stomp back on the enemy? Did Jesus mean that, if someone wants to take your house, we should give it freely and throw in the farm too? No. There is a limit in how patiently charitable we should be in the face of abuse.

If I were a president with rats nipping at my flesh in the White House, I'd get irritated too. The question here is to Anonymous: why did Trump get irritated? Show yourself, coward, so that this question can be answered. But even if Trump was too-quick to get irritated, he's still the elected president, and can lawfully remain as such until his retaliation becomes criminal or shameful. Does Anonymous spell out what Trump did in irritated retaliation that deserves his impeachment? Did he strike White House workers? Did he kick them in the pants? Did he put their jobs on suspension without justification? These are the real questions, and the real answer is: it's the deep state that's both creepily irritated with Trump, and sinfully retaliating against him.

Yes, the deep state will argue, Trump abused his workers, like when he fired Comey. Laughable. The president has the responsibility to weed out corruption in government, and this should not be viewed as retaliation, but as a service to the country. We can even celebrate this form of retaliation.

If Trump abused anyone in the White House, they each have a right to come public with it. But to do so anonymously at this time is a very cheap shot most-likely to be a shot from the political enemy. "'I have decided to publish this anonymously because this debate is not about me,' the author writes." Is that the only or best reason not to come clean with a name? Laughable. And here's how laughable this is: "The author's Sept. 5, 2018, op-ed in the Times, headlined 'I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,' depicted some senior officials as a bulwark protecting the country from the president's reckless impulses. Trump denounced it at the time as treasonous." This no-show face is likely working for the guilty, and so if this is their best shot, it appears that celebration time is upon us, if Barr is man enough to throw out a few hundred indictments, because that's what's needed to put this organization into a straight-jacket for a couple of decades. Do you want to see irritated: make a few hundred arrests in this control-freak brotherhood. The court cases will unveil their sins further, and the leftist media will go red-faced with both anger and embarrassment. It's the win-win, if Barr is up to it, but be prepared for a backlash (try to predict it), and gauge how bad the initial backlash is, because the initial one is bound to be their mightiest. If it's nothing, then full speed ahead to celebration.

Even liberal judges will be hard-pressed to convict if countless sins are popping up all over the law courts of the country simultaneously. If even Horowitz was forced to recommend indictments, it's likely that liberal judges / juries will convict if the evidence is overwhelming and uniform across the judicial board. But even if all leftists refuse to convict, as many as half of the cases could get convictions. It's naturally a lost cause if Barr decides to arrest only three or four quasi-high-level operates to make a good show of it. Barr then becomes a traitor to his country.

Mr. Anonymous appears guilty of sedition if Trump's greatest sins are tweeting and getting irritated easily. We can assume that Anonymous has opposed Trump's tweeting against political enemies. Anonymous then seeks to shed female voters from Trump by making Trump look like he abuses his female staff. If Trump does this, shouldn't the females themselves come out to complain? Why should we believe a no-face political enemy? Why read what he has to say? If Trump is so badly abusing White-House ladies, shouldn't Anonymous and his friends have pictures / recordings??? If there really was such a counter-movement in the White House, where are it recordings of Trump's lunacy?

What does it really mean to love your enemy? How far do we take this? Is it for a general attitude only, or an absolute law? Fist of all, I can't comprehend how God can love those who wish Him dead. It defies my ability to grasp it. Okay, fine, someone wants to say that someone has big ears, and humiliates someone in front of others. Okay, we could discipline ourselves, with practice, to feel no evil, do no evil, and even to continue to appreciate such a one, but what if they are going to kill us heartlessly and with cruelty? Is it not twisted of mind to love such a person? Why would we be required to love such a person when what they do horrifies us? Why would God put such onus on us? That's why I say that the command to love enemies has limits, for ordinary daily life, as we step on each others' toes in business and common talk. Learn to tolerate others when they get crass or when they seize our minor belongings. Learn not to hate under such smallish trials, and we'll get better and better at it. Maybe. It depends. We don't always have good days. Our nerves are not always prepared for a sudden jolt out of nowhere. If it's a repeat offense by the same person just one more time, we could maybe go ballistic. Don't let the sun go down on your anger. Grrrr...

Jesus has been tough on us. He wants tough plants. Our sort of toughness is to take abuse and endure it like what the world would call a wimp who won't fight back. That's the exclusivity of Jesus, The New Message. Don't be weak, be strong, don't fight back. There's the true man.

When I was first a Christian, a couple of months old, I had a room mate who would use the Lord's name in vain regularly in my presence in the kitchen. So I started to praise God in his presence, and told him it's because he takes the Lord's name in vain. I walked back to my room at that time; he came in after I had sat down, and the devil in him started to pound the back and top of my head with fists while standing behind the chair. I just took it, because, fortunately, I have a hard skull. But it showed me how not to behave, how small that man was to get that upset over nothing. There are worldly "men," the brawlers, short on temper, and, apparently, who hate Jesus from a young age, even in 1979.

So, I got up out of my chair, stood up and faced him while he was in the corner of my room, and raised my fists for a fair fight (trying to scare him only), and he immediately rushed out the door, scared, a mouse. Maybe he saw an angel at my shoulder, I don't know, but it surprised me that he would show such fear suddenly. My head is all the stronger for it, thank you, brother. Have tough skulls, and make babies out of worldly "men."

Way to Go Veritas

Here's a leaked hot mic from the liberal media, from Project Veritas, that looks authentic. The anchor woman can be seen, by watching the direction of her eyes, to be talking to three different people (or groups). She claims to have secured evidence of Clinton's sins with Epstein, for example:

The anchor is from ABC. NBC put out a story right away, but the video is not shared, Poo-poo NBC. It says it all, that NBC has chosen to side with ABC rather than advance the story. In the piece: "Project Veritas is known for its efforts to try and embarrass mainstream media outlets, often sending undercover reporters to catch employees making statements that display an anti-conservative bent." Veritas is thus portrayed as the bad-boy media, because the bulk of leftist-media watchers are that daft as to agree. The anchor lady, Ms. Robach, is now kissing up to her boss rather than maintaining the story she believes. There is no hope for trusting the big media. Why shouldn't ABC air the various parts of the story starting this week? Or, why can't NBC go to the same whistle-blowers as ABC had to do its own story? We know the answer, because Clinton is part of it.

Why can't Fox do the same? As of the morning after the Veritas story came out, Trump has not used "Veritas" or "Epstein" in any of his tweets. CNN has no story on it as it's still reeling from its pounding by Veritas. A major media shouldn't refuse to mention or cover a major story just because it hurts leftist media, because that only hurts leftist media more. Wunderbar.

WikiLeaks has been useless ever since Assange has been a prisoner, but Trump has not dared to support him even though Assange has the goods to condemn CrowdStrike and the DNC that used CrowdStrike to fabricate Guccifer 2.0. The leftist media's job is to keep Trump hamstrung, and it's working to a fair degree because Trump allows it. Where's Fox for the Assange story? Why can't Fox write to Assange's representatives to see if he's now willing to give up the evidence that Seth Rich was the true DNC thief? How can the media situation be this illogical / impotent all around? Fox's Trish Regan did a story on Assange while featuring Jerome Corsi back in April 12 of this year, but aside from that show, I haven't seen anything else.

Fox viewers are heavily in support of Assange, yet they don't make Trump out to be the low-down worm for abandoning him. Trump sided with the deep-state instead. Why is Trump getting a free pass with this too, from his voter bloc? It may be true that WikiLeaks went too far in revealing state secrets, I wouldn't know, but as Assange has material pertinent to Trump-attackers needing punishment, how can Trump live with himself for abandoning him?

Is the Seth-Rich scoop at WikiLeaks not a HUGE story? Will it not advance Trump's interests like a tidal wave crashing down on the DNC? Yet, Fox and Trump together have ignored Assange during his time of trial. Hannity's coverage of the Ukraine whistle-blower, or his coverage on the phone-call transcript, emphasizes the Bidens but not CrowdStrike. In the phone call, Trump first of all asked the Ukraine president for evidence that CrowdStrike is part of a Democrat conspiracy, but no one at Fox sheds light on this story...because, I think, Fox opposes it. Something is very wrong. Hannity's presentations of these matters is very limited in scope; he keeps going back to the same points endlessly like a tape recorder.

Has Fox sent reporters to Ukraine to see if Ukraine will divulge anything at this time? Isn't that what a news station is supposed to do? Has Fox shut out Giuliani just because certain Republicans are fearful of his revelations? Aren't they fearful because they are siding with the whistle-blower side? Yes, they are secretly wanting Trump impeached. Or, at least, I see no other explanation, since Giuliani has documented evidence for his assertions, yet there are Republicans siding with the Volkers et-al seeking to portray Giuliani's material as mere conspiracy nuts. On who's side will Fox go in this regard?

I'd say that Fox has cared more (hope it's changing) about keeping the various organs of government happy with cover-ups on their guilt than it has reporting their guilt, because Fox gets its news from them. Intelligence has a program of feeding news to the media precisely because it can then use this "gifting" to urge the media not to report on any guilt. The media boss knows that the gifts will stop coming if the boss' employees on the air betray the gift givers, and so the leftist media has grown the skin of the snake. But is this true of Fox too? Does Fox have a very limited scope on what it stresses for the sake of keeping the gifting lines open? In that case, Fox is a Soviet-style deep-state media at heart, and allows some anti-deep-state talk only because it'll lose much viewership if it doesn't. We were tipped off about Fox's true heart when it stifled Hannity's talk on Seth Rich, and Fox has dropped the ball on further investigations into WikiLeaks' claims that Rich was the true DNC leaker.

It really is a huge story that condemns the DNC and the media together while exonerating Trump of the frame-job he endured, yet Fox has dropped the ball. How is this any better than what we saw from ABC this week?

Even leftist Vox has this sub-headline this week: "The [Veritas-ABC] tape suggests that ABC News stopped its own anchor from reporting on Epstein’s crimes in order to preserve access to the royal family." Ahh, "preserve access" = keep the gifting lines open. That's how the deep state controls media even if the deep state's invisible bosses don't own the media by other methods. We can assume that globalist control freaks will seek to own media bosses for obvious reasons; why have any doubts about it? This ABC story had some dirt on Alan Dershowitz, who still appears on Fox from time to time. Dershowitz is to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and it would be a shame to ostracize him if he is innocent, yet this underscores why Fox should be digging to discover the truth as soon as possible, because the more Fox allows Dershowitz's face on its shows, the worse it will be for Fox if he's found guilty.

So, it appears that, for the sake merely of having access to the royal family's juicy stories (=$$$), ABC denied the people the story on a rotten sex fiend / political blackmailer. But really, did ABC snub the story only for that reason? Let's not be naive. The story included Bill Clinton, a Democrat superstar (waning now), and this story happened to be in the works while Bill's wife sought to become the president. Of course ABC wouldn't air it.

But there's more, because the whistle-blower (Giuffre) on Epstein blames the government as a whole for shunning her story for years. Did ABC want to anger a news-juice gifter as large as the government law department??? That's why ABC is a Soviet-style state media. Big money corrupts everything. Jesus was right.

Media should view it as a crown of glory to lose money and viewers for doing the right things. One can boast on such things. Media have the ability to snitch on the department of justice for all of the leaks it has given over the years to advance its agendas. Some media whistle-blowers are seeking to do the right things, more-so as the bosses do the wrong things. Below is something you haven't heard often, but it's time now, apparently, to shine light on media relationships with their gift givers:

Guiffre (a Coffer-like term, by the way) is complaining that massaging for Epstein turned her into a prostitute. Isn't that her own fault? She was free not to engage. Therefore, this woman shouldn't be fully trusted, as she may be out for big bucks via the courts. Vox: "Giuffre sued Dershowitz in April of this year after Dershowitz accused her of lying about his alleged abuse and, according to NPR, it was a call from Dershowitz that allegedly may have led to ABC News quashing the story." I find it hard to believe that a nobody would go to court against Dershowitz if there is no substance to her claims about him, but such things do happen today. There's an obvious reason as to why a woman could win against Dershowitz in such a case as this.

Project Veritas is run by Mr. O'Keefe, and Keefe's, by the way, are Coffer-like Keefers too, in the colors of both Coffer surnames (and sharing the Morgan lion).

Dershowitz has the big problem of having been Epstein's lawyer in his sex- / corruption-related affairs. One would think that Fox would cease having him on the air on that point alone. It just doesn't look good. An explanation is that the sex scandals at Fox's upper levels may have been Epstein-related. If correct that Epstein was working for Intelligence to get big players to commit pedophilia in order to control them with blackmail, then, surely, Fox's upper levels would have been targeted. It's a no-brainer.

I found that the "Loyalite" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons can be logically a code for the Loyal(a)/Lolita surname. Epstein's plane is called, Lolita. The point is, there is a MARGy/Mackey surname looking distinctly like a Mackesy/MARGeson branch, and the Margy/Mackey Coat is shared by Murdochs while Rupert Murdoch owns Fox news. Did God arrange this heraldry? I have read the Margy/Mackey description, and have it recorded in updates. It's got "two ravens HANGING from an arrow" (recorded in my 4th update in December, 2016). They're not hanging from a bunk bed, but that would have been too obvious. Loyals/Lolita's share black wolves with Irish Mackays. Houseofnames uses "MacKay/MacKaw/etc," giving appearances of a Kay/Key branch, but Wikipedia confirms that Macey-like "Mackay" (no 'K' capital) came first: "Mackay may refer to: Clan Mackay, the Scottish clan from which the surname "MacKay" derives."

Wow, I just went to Wikipedia's Clan Mackay article to see their war cry: "BRATach Bhan Chlann Aoidh!" If I'm correct that Irish Mackays (with the wolves) have Lice's/Lees' in their motto, it's interesting that the latter share black-on-white leopard FACEs with Aoidh-like Aids/Ade's. Face's/Fessys (have the Ironside motto) share the MEIGH and MACClesfield cross. "Aoidh" has somehow become a synonym, or alternative name, for "Mackay." Perhaps it's a variation of the MacHeths whom some Mackays believe they descended from. The Geds on the Nith said they gave their swords to the Mackays in far-northern Scotland, where MacHeths were too.

See Malcolm IV in the quote below, whose family married Ade-suspect Ada Warenne. "According to Angus Mackay, sometime in the 1160s, the MacHeths and their supporters after conflict with king Malcolm IV of Scotland fled northwards over the hills of Ross into Strathnaver, where they were welcomed by the Norse Harald Maddadsson, Mormaer of Caithness [far-north Scotland] who was then an enemy of the king." The McGee's were also McGETHs (according to an online article), a term easily changing to "Heth," and McGee's were first found in Dumfries with the Geds (proto-Geddes') on the Nith. Scottish McGee's have leopard faces colors reversed from the AID/Ade leopard faces, and the English McGee's have double swords fashioned like the Mackay daggers. Face's/Fessy share the cross of Meigh's who in-turn have the McGee boars heads, and moreover the same cross is used by Baths said to be from of Heth-like "Atha" term.

The Mackay motto, "MANu forti," regardless of how it's translated, is in fact part-code for the Isle of MAN, where a Mackay- / Mace-like Maccus character ruled, and which uses a raven in its Arms. That's why Margys/Mackeys use ravens. "Forti" must therefore be secret code for French Forts because they show ravens and the Mackay chevron. English Forts are expected with the bee of Maccus-line Maxtons/MACCUStons, and perhaps with the colors of Ironside's and Alfreds, for Maccus' family made pacts with Saxons. A Saxon location is near Sion while Swans/Sions (probably Macey/Mace chevron round-about) once showed gauntlet gloves, the Macey/Mace symbol too. Sion is in Switzerland with the first-known Hocks (giant swan) expected in the "hoc" motto term of Face's/Fessys and Ironside's.

Maccus' grandfather was Sitric CAECH, which I trace to Cake's/CakeBREADs. I assume a Caech-line merger with Breads/BRADs, tending to explain the appearance of the "BRATach" term in the Mackay war cry. English Bradleys share "Audax" with English Forts, and the Bradley write-up suggests they be a branch of the Brode variation of Macey-related Brights (probably the Scott star and Scott griffin). If I recall correctly, Bohemia's PodeBrady was/is also "PodeBRODY."

John Solomon Reports .com

If you can't find John Solomon's articles at The Hill, see

I watch Bongino every day these days because I can count on him to have the latest on deep-state developments. On Friday, he had the following story from John Solomon:

George Kent [of the state department], the former charge d’affair at the Kiev embassy, said in testimony released Thursday that the State Department’s main foreign aid agency, known as USAID, planned to co-sponsor a clean energy project [a business venture!] with Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian gas firm that employed Hunter Biden as a board member

Hee-hee, it's yet another log in the eyes of the leftist media. Before they go accuse Trump of the Ukraine spec in his eye, they should remove the Ukraine forest from their own. Does Bark Obama know anything about this?

It doesn't matter whether Burisma was or will be found guilty of corruption, the corruption forest here is that there were people in the O-dministation seeking money deals with Ukraine energy, and the Biden scandal is a visible symptom of some form of deeper cancer yet to be discovered fully. Kent is not dishing out second- or third-hand information, nor concocting a false allegation. Kent was personally against this business deal when he discovered it, though I don't yet know whether Kent knew, at the time, that the vice-president's son was on Burisma's board. If he did know, that alone would have caused his opposition to the deal. Kent says he opposed it because he thought it unsightly for the American government to do business with a bad-reputation company.

John Kerry, what say ye now? It wasn't in Joe Biden's interests only, but also in Kerry's, to knock off the investigators into Burisma. There is only one monkey above John Kerry, and he swings along with these games by rarely handling the dirty work himself. I don't know that it's possible for this business deal to go forward without Obama's nod. It's very unsightly for the state department to be going into Ukraine-gas deals while that department's head (Kerry) had a stepson involved with Burisma's Biden. It's abuse of the American government as well as a greedy invasion of a Ukrainian company with the clout of Obama behind it. That's right, for when the state department goes into business with a foreign company, the nation of that company sees Obama behind the deal. What's wrong with the American media if they don't see Obama behind it?

"...Devon Archer — Hunter Biden’s business associate and fellow board member on Burisma — boasted to an American lawyer in December 2015 that the pair was seeking to do a project with USAID." This story has hit the congress, and we hope to see more discoveries as Republicans dig in. The great news: Democrats have given Republicans every reason to make these discoveries because it's the Democrats who are pushing a Ukraine scandal.

George Kent testified also that the state department contacted Hannity to request he stop "smearing" Marie Yovanovitch. This "request" is tantamount to asking Hannity's boss to gag Hannity. If it worked, then the deep state will pose similar requests on behalf of other rats it seeks to protect from media review / scrutiny. This can explain why Hannity seems zipped at the mouth when Solomon is on. They may even be asking Solomon to curtail parts of his reporting for fear of retribution.

But wait. The state department is now under Pompeo. Ahhh, the ball is now in his corner to come out either for Trump's supporters or for Trump's enemies. It's what I've been waiting for, I hope. Who or what is Pompeo, really? Republicans are about-demanding that Pompeo hand over pertinent documents that reveal Biden-et-al corruption, and we naturally expect Pompeo to nail this Kent character to the wall, if Pompeo is truly a Trump-team player rather than a lip-service fake. Where has Pompeo's role been in putting down the deep state?

Just because Kent was opposed with the Burisma-Biden-Kerry triangle doesn't necessarily mean that he's opposed to those players. On November 7:

A few hours ago, the House Intelligence Committee [those who release their cherry-picked leaks] released the October 15 testimony of George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary for the State Department's Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs. Kent has served in the U.S. foreign service since 1992.

In part of his testimony, Kent harshly criticized the reporting of current Fox News contributor John Solomon...

...In the transcript, Kent explained at length that the four specific storylines that Solomon ran with about Ukraine were completely without merit, describing some of Solomon’s reporting as 'entirely made up in full cloth.'

There we go, Kent is a cover-upper for the deep-state side. Solomon's not making it up. He's got the goods, and the best these rats can do is throw this kind of reporter off until Trump is removed, soon, they dream, before the entire sky falls on them. Why should we listen to Kent at all if he's got no paperwork goods? If all he has is his words, words are cheap in this scandal. There are false accusations flying around like spit-fire dragons on their last flight. Prove your words, or you may as well not speak at all, because investigations keep making baboons of these dragons.

Even Kent himself admitted to Obama's Ukraine corruption, making himself appear as though he was not involved with it, but when it comes to Ukraine's election interference, what sayeth Kent about that? I don't think the Cherry-Pick House is releasing questions and answers on that. It's super that Kent, whose been in foreign missions since Bill Clinton's first year, has come out to embrace and protect Yovanovitch, because, as she falls, so will his name. The W. Post: "Giuliani has accused Yovanovitch and Kent, formerly the No. 2 ranking diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, of trying to protect the Bidens from an investigation by Ukrainian prosecutors." It sounds so expected and logical. "Previously, [George P. Kent] was Deputy Chief of Mission in Kyiv, Ukraine (2015-18)." That's starting under Obama. He was also a foreign anti-corruption guy, and who knows what that could mean under Obama. Perhaps it really means, corruption-assurance guy. Didn't Soros control anti-corruption people in Ukraine? A"Giuliani and the Hill had alleged earlier this year that Yovanovitch provided a 'do not prosecute list' to Ukrainian officials to protect the Bidens and other allies. But Kent, according to the documents, told his colleagues that the list was phony, pointing to incorrect name spellings that longtime officials like Yovanovitch and himself would never have gotten wrong, he said." Well, then, let there be a deeper investigation into whether this list was real or fake. To explain the spelling errors: "Solomon said the list was never written down but communicated to Lutsenko orally."

We with normal minds unaffected by loyalty to Obama know that a do-not-prosecute list is fully expected where the Bidens were acting corruptly, and where the Hillary people were calling for Ukraine interference in Trump's election probably so that the highest Democrat players could benefit another four-to-eight years in conflict-of-interest schemes. If it's Solomon's word over Kent's, the choice is obvious. In fact, this very week, Yovanovitch has been caught in perjury. For whom did she lie? She's going to carry this lie to public hearings coming straight up. Anything can happen to her, like a bug-eyed deer in the headlights, if the good-guy Republicans aren't gagged by the committee chair.

The Kent surname was emphasized for a while in the last update when finding it to be a version of the Prock/Brocuff Coat and Brock/Broke's Coats. The latter's Chief-Shield colors are those of Procks/Brocuffs, and then the W. Post article above has this: "According to the inspector general’s documents, Kent took his concerns to Philip Reeker, a U.S. diplomat in Europe, and later forwarded them to the No. 3 official at the department, David HALE, and State Department counselor T. Ulrich Brechbuhl, a close confidant of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. BRECHbuhl also has been summoned for testimony before House Democrats."

The last update entered the Chands/Schims with the Kents and Brocuffs, and here it can be pointed out that Hale-like Hallys share the Chand/Schim boar head. INCREDIBLY, the Hale Coat shares three, gold-on-blue and downward-pointed arrows with Archers! Zinger. It's as though God is snitching on George Kent by arranging the heraldry and the Kent-involved names in this way. I highlighted BRECHbuhl for being like "Brock." Brokens even have an hourglass shape half in the colors of the same of Kerrys.

OH WOW. There is no Reeker surname coming up, but Reeks share a single red rose on gold Chief with Halpers/Halfpennys while Halps/Halfs share the Kerry hourglass shape! STINGER.

Reeks share the lodged and brown stag with Maxwells, and I trace the latter to Rijeka/RIKa/REKa. Therefore, the Reeks I am not familiar with tend to prove that my trace of Maxwells is correct. Maxwells share the black and double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps, and the medallion on the hood of my JEEP was a topic in the first paragraph of the last update along with Chands, Cheneys and Loretta Lynch. Kents came forth soon after that paragraph, and here in this update, George Kent is a major news item in this week's deep-state news. AWESOME: God is watching. Look out.

Hale is one of the witnesses that Republicans wish to call up for the impeachment-drive hearing. Archer, Biden, and Chalupa are amongst other names, as well as Nellie Ohr. The latter is Ukraine-pertinent because she claimed that Lutsenko was an information source for Fusion GPS. She said this in an official hearing, no small potatoes. It's not a wonder that Kent and his friends-for-now wish to tarnish Lutsenko in case he tattles to confirm that Nellie was being truthful. There's a great chance that the deep state has affected Lutsenko's life with troubles and fears...because that's how rats play.

Schiff denied the Republicans their call to have the whistle-blower testify based on security concerns for his body / life, but this argument fails because Schiff cannot therefore have any similar witness, because any one of them could be endangered as much as the whistle-blower. It's ratty to deny the man who supposedly started the impeachment push because this man could be criminally liable himself. It appears that he is criminally liable for a seditious conspiracy. If it wasn't for the discovery of this whistle-blower monkey, the advantages the Republicans now enjoy wouldn't have materialized. So, keep attacking, jungle beasts, until Obama's face starts to come clearly into view in the woodwork.

The surprising danger is where some Republicans are arguing that Trump has nothing to worry about with making a quid pro quo deal if Ukraine doesn't deliver the dirt on its end of the deal. It looks like a trick to keep Trump feeling safe so long as the dirt stays covered. It's exactly the trick being set-up by the deep state's over-done emphasis on quid pro quo. I'm guessing that Trump's Republican enemies (whether outed or not yet) are giving the impression, in media interviews, that if Trump did commit quid pro quo, then he's in serious trouble. That tactic is to be expected. There's a question on whether a Republican enemy of Trump revealed a second (earlier) phone call between Trump and the Ukraine president. The earlier call doesn't sound problematic, but all they have now is grasping at straws.

An argument against quid pro quo is that Trump would not in his right mind withhold aid already approved by congress as part of his demands, because such an in-your-face (rude) tactic increases the risk that Ukraine could deny his demands. Then what? Trump had no authority to withhold the money on any basis. I'm going to guess that Trump was on his best behavior enough not to make the demand in that way. Plus, if he had gone that route, we wouldn't have heard him ask a "favor" from the Ukrainian boss. The boss was more than happy to satisfy the request for this favor, and, of course, the deep-staters are freaking due to that development. Let's hope that Trump doesn't shrink back, denying the world the results of the Ukraine investigations.

As for Jeff Sessions, he's devolved into a rat who now wants to act like it never happened. He allowed Rosenstein to rule his department, and to attack Trump with near-success; if that's not a dirty rat, then what is? Words are cheap, you dirty, dirty rat, and you had your chance to act. Go away, let a better Republican get the Alabama seat. Q is delusional with his views on Session. Two years wasted on Rosenstein's agenda' how can that be part of a clever plan to sucker and nab the deep state? At best, Q's view is a fictional novel / movie thriller. Q thinks we're narrow minded who view Sessions as a compromised and/or cowardly do-nothing.

We shouldn't rail against anyone faint of heart, but if he was cowardly, or for any other reason unwilling to unveil the collusion hoax, Sessions should not have taken the AG job at this time. Q has a hard time believing that Sessions could be this useless, and chose to believe that Sessions was in fact trying to nab the deep state on the ruse that he was not, as if Sessions could keep his secret operations covered from the Intelligence enemy. It's like an investigator on one leg to investigate enemy players without interviewing them, but interviewing them would instantly alert fellow enemies, and they would sound the media alarm...which did not happen. That's how I think the truth about Session's attitude can be known.

William Barr has been so slow to bring any frightening cloud upon the House that Democrats are going full-speed ahead with questioning, where their comrades being questioned are made to think that they can obstruct and even commit perjury without fear. There needs to be some fright to keep this process honest. It's just a no-brainer, but to this day, I am not confident that Barr has that sort of stuff. Sorry, he fails to give me any confidence in him. Doesn't a frightening cloud precede a storm? Where's the cloud? Is Bill Barr just fluff? Why am I even asking?

The decision for the House to go public with its witnesses seems to have the motive that Schiffites think they can make a good election-related pitch to unseat Trump. It's incredibly risky under the circumstances, unless the Schiffites have a hidden bomb or ace up their sleeve not yet utilized. With Republicans having cross-examination powers, and the House unable to stifle the cross examinations without just cause (because the public is a witness of the event), it is indeed highly risky. I think that we can already begin to celebrate another painful bout to the leftist stooges. I know that's not loving my enemies, but in this case the failure of weeds takes priority. The more pain to them, the less prone / slower they become to repeat their sins. If God had a better deterrent than pain or fear, he would have used it Himself. One certainly can't reason with beasts.

Word came out that John Ratcliffe knocked the vind out of Vindman when getting him to admit that maybe he didn't hear Trump say things not in the phone-call transcript. With Vindman not as potent, the House is indeed playing a foolish game of risk. Nunes and Jordan are on the attack too, a good time for it, which can only give the Dems some chaotic fog, a cloud of sorts, but there's no fright in this fog. It's up to Barr to make the monsters feel like death is better than what he has for them. They need to be put out of their misery. They need to be taken off the streets, out of the workforce. These monsters are callous sociopaths, dangerous. They would jail others to protect their own criminality. Most criminals don't have such powers. This is a government cartel, finks who use finks to push law finks on their common enemies. We are watching them, the children, the terrible children. They are putting themselves on display before us for having no other choice in tearing Trump down. This is all they got at the moment.

Below is interesting material from Tom Fitton, though it seems that the FOIA people giving up the material are deliberately stingy on incriminating paperwork. Another method is needed to get a load of the scarlet papers, the papers that hurt, and this is where Trump failed the party.

Fitton's organization discovered recently that Chalupa visited the Obama White House 27 times at the time that Ciaramella visited too. As puts it: "The [White House] logs showed Chalupa visited the White House 27 times and that her point of contact was Ciaramella." It goes on to say:

Former European Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland also met with Ciaramella and reportedly was involved in the Clinton-funded dossier. She visited [with Ciaramella] on June 17, 2016. Judicial Watch has released documents revealing that Nuland was involved in the Obama State Department’s “urgent” gathering of classified Russia investigation information [suggests the Fusion dossier], which was disseminated to members of Congress within hours of then-candidate Trump taking office.

On this story, adds that Nuland "was in direct contact with Fusion GPS." Clearly, this was a Hillary-DNC effort to get rid of Trump promptly. Imagine the pain in the heart of that witch as weeks turned into months into years without success. She really rammed into a pain post while drunk on power. I can't help but be celebrational. I'll pray for my enemy all right, that she crashes harder into a pain post if she tries once again these sick games, for she's still at it to this day without repentance. Pain to pain-causing troublemakers is good for humanity.

The night before my newspaper and coffee in Victoria, an event by which I claim God pointed to Victoria Nuland, I was mugged in Galveston at about 1 am on a quiet street, as I slept in the back of my pick-up. I'm still trying to understand how that event connects to Nuland, or people around Nuland, but one thing I can say is that the MUGGer was Black. Who comes to mind? The coffee the next morning pointed to Coffee's/Coffers who happen to use coffee cups that we can call, MUGGs. I was mugged the night before. It suggests a connection between the two events as God might use them for pointing to this Ukraine situation.

As I've said many times, the mugger attacked me in the passenger-seat area, knocking the front of my head into the rear-view mirror, disconnecting it from the windshield. Meaning? I don't think I know yet. He (hefty and short, not tall and thin) then put both hands around my throat / NECK but wasn't strong enough to subdue me by that method. Compare "Neck" to "Negro/Niger," or the Nuce variation of Knee's, or the Nice variation of Ness', or the Ness variation of Kness'.

he then raised his right hand high holding an object, and he started to plunge it, knife-wielding style, toward my belly, but as I was on the passenger seat in a quasi-sitting position, I was able to raise my KNEE to block the shot. The weapon popped out of his hands, and we both looked for it with our one free hand (his other hand was still around my neck). The object turned out to be half the plastic cover to an electronic / television remote unit. What might that mean? I don't know, but the News/Nuces surname is suspect as a Knee/Nee branch.

It just so happens that Knee's/Nee's were first found in County Down while Downs/Douns look like a branch of a Downham/Dounham variation of Dunhams, the latter being the surname of Obama's mother. As the pick-up was a Nissan, it appears that the Nissan fesses are those (in colors reversed) of Dons/DOUNe's for proving that God is indeed pointing to Down/Doun liners. But why wasn't the Negro tall, thin and ugly if he was a pointer to Obama?

Negro's use "ears of wheat" while Wheats/Whate's, first found in Norfolk with Dunhams, are in the colors of Coffers/Coffare's and Coffers/Coffee's ("victoria" motto term). It looks like it's pointing to Obama. The stag head in the Wheat/Whate Crest probably has an ear of wheat in its mouth because the Wheat/Whate Chief has garbs, often called "wheat sheaves."

Why do Coffee's/Coffer's share the fesse of McCabe's while the McCabe salmon are used (same colors) by Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns? Is this indicating a McCabe-Obama conspiracy on Hillary Rodham's behalf?

More stags are used by Nissans, Knee's/Nee's and Necks, and so note the "Nec" motto term of Rodhams. The latter share a version of the Ade/Aid Coat, and while the latter are very traceable to Ada of Warenne, her father was in Surrey, where MUGGs were first found who use wyVERN dragons, code, by the looks of it, of the Varni ancestry of Warrens / Warenne's. Varns share the bend of GRIPPs.

As I've said many times, the Negro had to shake the truck to wake me, because I had locked the hatch with a pair of VICE-GRIP pliers from the inside. Vice's, first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns, and sharing the stag with them, have a black-on-white stag head, the colors of the Knee/Nee stag heads. It looks like we have sufficient heraldic links to conclude that God set up the mugging event too.

How can it be a further coincidence that the Nuland-like NEWlands/Nielands almost have the Nellie/Nelly besants on a fesse while "Nell" is like "NEILand." As the Miss Hicks dream showed, because I was told to wake her up, the Wake's are Orr/Ore kin while both share red-roundels on gold with Nellie's. The Negro had to WAKE me up. On the day of the mugging, I passed the Baytown home of Miss Hicks, a woman I would not see (or know) until seven months later. Nellie Ohr (i.e. the reason for Orrs/Ore's) was taking HAM-radio lessons while digging up dirt on Trump (for Fusion GPS in 2016), and that seems to be the significance of the sharing of the same salmon between McCabe's and Hams.

Okay, this is good, another song-line miracle. Noting that the "armes" motto term of Newlands/Nielands looks like the Armor surname of Obama's great-grandmother, I loaded the Armes/Amis surnames, and while wondering why it's not showing Armer-like variations, a Francesca Battistelli song (Be Born in Me) sang, "arms," while I was staring at "Armes" on the Armes page. The reason that God may have chosen "armes" for the Newland motto term instead of an Armor variation is that Armes'/Amis' have a "Nom" motto term which brings up the Noms/Nons/NEWins/NIEvens ("ViVIS"), as if to point us back to Newland/Nieland liners. Just as I finished the last sentence, the same singer, in a different song (He Knows My Name), sang, "name." The Nom-like Name's happen to share the Newland/Nieland chevron, and have yet more stag heads. Just before writing the last sentence, the same song sang, "stage," and Stage's/Staggs (stag heads) are probably the meaning of most heraldic stags. Name's are also McNanAMYs while Armes/Amis' come up as "Amys," suggesting that Name's were related to Noms. While Needs look like they apply to the Knee write-up, the Needs are listed with Irish Name's/Neme's.

The stage in the sleeping-bag dream are now pointing (see "Gallop" last update) suggestively via the Gallops to Alexandra Chalupa, the one in the White-House logs at least 27 times. McCabe's were first found beside Alexanders. Alexandra Chalupa.

After being at the page inserted above just now, I looked up the Miranda surname, for the page has: "DNC official LUIS Miranda was coordinating with Chalupa." Hmm, look at that first name, for Chalupa was pointed to, in my sleeping bag dream, with the WAIST of Miss Peare when she was on my stage / platform. In the previous scene, she was on the stage beside me with LOUISE Phillips. Is this indicating that Luis Miranda was behind whatever Hillary tried to hide when destroying her emails?

The Spanish Miranda's use a naked blonde with some green by her WAIST, all having similarity with the heraldic mermaid, for example the one used by German Babels or Morays (share the Vere/Weir stars). I have identified this mermaid as mythical Melusine, and according to the myth or satanic lore of Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, Melusine had a son, Milo de Vere, the first count of Anjou. As the heraldic mermaid I speak of usually / often comes with a MIRROR, I deciphered that item with the MIRE's/MIREUX's/MIREUR's because they were first found in Anjou (Morrows are also Murrers). Luis MIRanda's surname looks connectable to Mire's/Mireux's. German Mirs are listed with MOHRERs/More's/Moors sharing the Morano Moor heads. German Mire's use a dressed, blond woman. Irish Moors share the MORgan Coat while Morgan le Fay was a mythical witch on Avalon, where Nicholas de Vere placed Melusine (a dragon woman).

Hmm, the Negro, while lunging at me, knocked my head into the rear-view MIRROR. It took place on GALVESton, and the Galves/Gallego surname has an upright lion colors reversed from the same of Morrows/Murrers, as well as the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's in colors reversed. Chalupa was involved in getting bad press of Paul Manafort, and Manforts/Monforts share the giant Morrow/Murrer lion. I know for a near-fact that the Manfort/Monfort lion is that of Marano's for a blood-related reason, and Marano's happen to have been first found in Modena with the Morano's above. Marano's are also Mauritano's, like the Moratin variation of Spanish Murena's. and I have said years ago that the latter's tower is colors reversed from the castle of Spanish Galves'/Gallego's. I think this paragraph makes a very good case for pointing to Chalupa's attack on Manafort. Compare "GALVeston" to "CHALUPa," for v's have a way of being interchangeable with b's, and b's with p's.

The Galves/Gallego castle is in the colors of the tower-like, so-called "walls" of Spanish Muro's/Muriels while English Muriels share the fleur of Morinis', first found in Modena. Muro's/Muriels share gold arrows with Archers (can be pointing to Devon Archer of Biden's Ukraine scandal), and Archers are probably from the Arc river, location of Modena-like Modane. The Archer Crest has what's often called a Muriel-like Mural crown, which looks like the Muro/Muriel wall. That looks pretty amazing to me. I trace Muriels to Muriel Pollock at Moray's Rothes, beside Ross-shire, suggesting that the Morrow/Murrer lion is the Ross lion.

The giant Galves lion is red, as is the giant Rand lion, and Rands can be gleaned with Randolph's first found in Moray. The Moray/Murray crest has Melusine with mirror. Rands were first found in Norfolk with Randolph-related Dunhams. English Randolphs share the Dunham Coat, and Obama's ancestry between Jonathan Singletary-Dunham and Obama's mother had Randolphs (by surname). Scottish Randolphs have a BAT and the BATH cross, and Bath-like Batti's/Botto's with Stelli's share eight pointed stars to assure that Battistelli's (share billets with Steels) were a Batti merger with Steel liners, but here I can add for the first time, thanks to "MiRANDA," that Italian Randa's (spur and maybe spur rowells) share the eight-pointed stars of Stelli's. Plus, unbelievably, Rands share the triple chevrons of Singletarys, but if that's not enough, the pierced stars of Randa's very much look to be spur rowells, and "spur rowells" are used by both Paine-like PAYENs/Pagans and PANters, amazing because Obama's grandfather, Stanley ARMOUR Dunham, if I recall correctly, married Miss PAYNE! The broken mirror in Galveston really does look like a pointer to Obama and company.

Paine's/Payne's were first found in Somerset with Baths whose lions they both share with Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset), a surname like the WAISTELLs/Wessels that pointed to Chalupa (!) via Peare's waist in the sleeping-bag dream. Spur rowells are pierced stars (used by Clintons, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's), and Pierce's, first found in Somerset too, are also Peare-like Piers! Zinger, it's as though God has verified the pointer to Obama in all of these heraldic links pointing otherwise to Miranda and Chalupa...and Christopher Steele.

Rands were at Clavering, a term looking like Clapper-like Clavers/CLEAVers (Norfolk), and so compare "Chalupa" to the Clapp variation of Clappers. Claverings have the Say quadrants while Cliffs/CLEAVE's/Cleffs were at MOReton-SAY (i.e. Claverings look like a Cliff/Cleave branch). Recall that MORleys and MORlands link to ADE's/Aids, for Claverings have an "Ad," motto term, shared by FISCs (the FISA court is the FISC), and so let's repeat that Morleys were pointed to by David Morley in a dream where Davids absolutely applied (because they have a version of the Ade/Aid Coat), PERFECT because Chalupa-like Gallups have a gold-bend version of the David Coat...but see also the David-like Coat of Eitons (same place as Says) because Ade's/AID's were first found in the same place as Aitons (similar to the Rhodes Coat). David Morley came from a Rodham-pointing ROAD and circled the sleeping bag, but we can add that the Rhodes' share the Bath Coat in colors reversed.

Rands entered the discussion with "Miranda," and their being at Clavering fits the picture because Clavers share the Hill tower while Morley circled the sleeping bag on a hill. Miranda was the former Communications director of the DNC, though I'm not reading that he was involved with Ukraine. In other words, why would God point to Miranda, if He's pointing to him at all? I was headed to Mexico when I was mugged, and Miranda was Obama's man for Latino issues. I would have been in Mexico the day after the mugging, if I hadn't been mugged. It changed my mind on going to Mexico.

Note that Randa-loving Spurrs have both a pierced star in Randa star / rowell color, and that the bend upon which the Spurr star sits is almost the Waistell/Wessel bend-with-garbs! Spurr-like Supers, first found in Devon with Spurrs, share billets with Battistelli's and Steels. The Waistell horse is said to be on a Chalupa-like gallop.

I still hold out a theory that Obama-related heraldry suggests his involvement with Sunni BAATHists in support of the Palestinian state.

Bottom line: even if Trump needed to make a deal with Ukraine to get its law people to give up incriminating information on Americans, there is no crime if on his end of the deal he's only giving the money that congress had allotted for Ukraine to begin with. If he were using other tax money to get the information, it might, but only might, be a crime, depending on how he obtained or transferred the money.

There is no crime in asking a foreign nation for incriminating information even if it politically benefits the one making the request...because in this case the information cannot be beneficial unless it comes with proof of an American crime to politically topple the one making the request. The merits behind request to unveil the crime thus trumps the political benefits that may be part-and-parcel with the request, especially as the one making the request has both a personal interest and a duty to unveil the crime. Of course it's going to be a political matter, because the ones who committed the crime were political operators and/or working for them. That's not Trump's fault. They injected the political nature into the situation by being the criminals guilty of using a foreign power corruptly to disturb / destroy a presidential candidate / president.

It is not a crime to seek or secure foreign help in unveiling a crime against self, because that's called defending oneself. If a deal needs to be made to get the help, the key question is what was given up in order to secure the deal. If Trump pays money out of his own pocket, dandy. If Trump withheld government money in order to secure the deal, there needs to be a benefit to the people, otherwise it could be deemed a self-interested crime. If other presidents withheld government money to secure deals beneficial to the people, then Trump shouldn't be persecuted for doing the same because unveiling the Mueller and Biden rats (and hopefully Obama and Soros too) is of course a benefit to the people. If during the securing of the deal it entered Trump's head, "hey, this is politically good for me," so what? Again, if it's good for him, it's only good if he succeeds in unveiling the crimes, and for that he is praise-worthy, not criminal. It is one thing to get Baghdadi, but quite a bigger bonanza to nail political rats inside the country.

Trump has an army capable of giving a crowd strike to CrowdStrike. But Trump has an FBI boss who refuses to inspect the DNC system and the CrowdStrike claims. Trump has therefore brought pain on himself. Why pity him if he refuses to force Wray to do the right thing? How can he request help from Ukraine to catch CrowdStrike, and then not demand from his own FBI boss the inspection of CrowdStrike using bona fide Trump supporters? It's not good enough to demand from Wray an inspection without any particulars on how it should be done, because Wray will use deep-state loyalists to do it. Trump needs to pilot a CrowdStrike inspection, and he can pilot it because he's Wray's boss. He actually can tell that smug rat what he must do. Wray will argue that a president shouldn't interfere with his agenda, but that denies Trump's authority over him. Does the president not have authority to set in motion an FBI investigation with his own particular goals and methods? How can the answer be, no? It can't. If the crime was committed against himself, it doesn't make it a wrong for a president to use the FBI to uncover the crime. That's just what the rats would argue to keep it from happening.

In fact, if the crime is against the president, it's even more compelling to use the FBI to nab the criminals, and so this ball is in Barr's court, not only because he's the direct boss of the FBI as a whole, but because it's his job absolutely to protect a president from criminal actions, politically-motivated or otherwise.

It doesn't matter whether a president benefits himself by setting in motion an FBI operation if the operation is to catch crime. There is no benefit to the president if no crime is caught. Therefore, if a crime is caught and it simultaneously benefits the president, the latter doesn't make it unethical or wrong to request / demand the FBI operation. Good for the president all around if he catch's criminals conducting crimes against himself. Extra jail time for Wray if he's refusing to help a president to nab such criminals, because that's obstruction of justice by the chief justice officer. Don't Trump's attorneys know this? Are they absolutely useless by their own faults, or has Trump snubbed their suggestions to force Wray into compliance?

If it looks unsightly for a president to defend self by forcing an FBI boss to do it, then the onus is on Trump's second-in-command to get the job done. The Democrats will jeer and complain even if Pence tries to defend Trump on his own initiative, but then why haven't we heard anything about Pence spraying fire at Wray's no-nothing arse? With Pence not doing it, Barr becomes Trump's second-hand man, right? YES, ABSOLUTELY, because Trump doesn't need Barr at this time for a new pair of pants or a new set of golf clubs, things that Barr's not selling, but the president does need a cop who can force Wray into compliance, and that's Barr's job description exactly. But what are we to think if Barr's investigations do not touch upon either the Mueller connections to Ukraine-Obama corruption, or the CrowdStrike issue that was ground zero for the Mueller investigation?? Isn't it at least bizarre, though "suspicious" on Trump's part makes more sense, that Trump chose a friend of Mueller to become the attorney general? Is Trump the ultimate reason that investigations haven't thus far produced the expected fruits?

How can it be possible that a Trump presidency fails to investigate CrowdStrike? What sham is this? He calls the Ukraine to look into CrowdStrike??? STUPID, you have your own FBI for this job. Is Trump just trying to make a good appearance of attacking the DNC? There are other agencies that a president can empower to question CrowdStrike. If not mistaken, a president can appoint any person or persons to do this job even if they don't constitute an established organization. CrowdStrike can be compelled through the courts to give up their information systems. Trump continues to look like a sham to me. If he plots and desires only a political result for his endless animosities toward the deep state, shame on this useless tool. Working with a useless tool is vanity. You will love this president in vain, and then be dressed in shame. My hope: Trump is not this sham. But it looks that way to me.

If I were the president: "Mr. Wray, please come by my office for a chat. Is there any good reason that you can't investigate CrowdStrike against it's will? If it's refusing your investigation, doesn't that suggest criminality on its part?" What could Wray say to that? Nothing but cheap spin to get out of a situation he doesn't want. I would then snitch on this rat to all the people. I would tell them that Wray refused to investigate CrowdStrike when I asked him to, and I would tell them the very words Wray used to argue against my subsequent DEMANDs to conduct the investigation. Now that's the president needed at this time, but Trump's failed miserably for years and counting, and he's been upsetting the strung-along voters all the while. When anyone blames the system for not punishing Trump's enemies, they need to blame Trump above all others, it seems to me.

Trump is smart for his own interests. But he's willing to leave the nation with a strong deep state still entrenched, still active, after he's gone. You can praise his tax-cut gifts to the rich all you want, and celebrate two percentage points of lower unemployment all you want, but a president who leaves the government cartel in-tact is equivalent to a disease implant of his own. Trump has drawn out a do-nothing-to-the-cartel presidency for almost three years, and I'll bet he thinks he can string his supporters along just a few more months into the heat of election season, which gives him the excuse not to go after the deep state until after the election. But he will have, and does have already, another opportunity to use threats against the swamp to get elected with what could turn out to be more false promises. And you would become a sorry piece of flesh after he wins again and does nothing for another four years.

The only good news is that Jesus is likely doing damage in spite of Trump's do-nothing decisions. I have no problem believing that Jesus is handing Trump his unnecessary pains precisely because he's not doing his job. They are unnecessary because they can be eliminated as soon as he starts to do his job. Trump's supporters are always left to believe that something MIGHT be getting done. MAYBE Barr is doing it. MAYBE, but no one knows for sure. It looks like stringing the voters along with false promise, false imagery. My hope: Trump is not stringing anyone along. My hope: if Trump is stringing Christians along, no other president will fool them again. It's failure for Republican hopes, if Trump is stringing them along. This is what Barr needs to grapple with. If there's no delivery this time, Christians and other anti-deep-staters will shrink back from voting booths, especially after Trump's second term. Their absence form the booths might just make him an extra-lame president in 2022, or even in 2020. The White House is not all there is to win.

The time could be soon coming when Democrats exercise their axe-to-grind against us, when they get full powers back. At that time, it may be best to keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves. It depends on whether they become violent or not. I see them easily brought to that stage, because they have demons. We simply cannot be permitted to have a final victory over them, with the use of this world's resources, as the very end arrives. I just don't see prophecy that way. We're going to lose here, Christian strangers, but not before they condemn themselves incurably, because that too must happen so that the meek can inherit the earth.

Every evil thing they do now, and even the righteous words they speak, will be used against them in the Court of Heaven, to dethrone them from the planet. Every righteous words they speak, while being guilty of every righteous words they speak, will be used against them. They know how to portray themselves as righteous, which reveals that they are not ignorant of right versus wrong, yet as they feign righteousness, they do exactly the opposite. This is why God will not permit their sons to rule this planet anymore after Prosecution Time. Sentencing Time is almost here, and the jailers are slated to come dressed in sparkling white light. Not all Christians are able to accept the coming of Jesus from the sky with myriads of angels, and the faith of most will grow cold. Like Lot's wife, they will be more in love with America today, so to speak.

Globalists Lose the Israeli Election

I am for American or Canadian patriotism if it means resisting the unelected globalists pushing to run the country, but I am not for patriotism if it means love of country while relegating the Kingdom of God to a secondary position. When I hear Christians talk about sticking to the American constitution rather than to the will of God, that's when I see the slick slope to a pillar of salt. Lot's wife was punished because she felt sorry for the destruction by God for the city of killer faggots and rapists. America is now that city. How many professing Christians are there in politics who don't care at all for the coming of the Kingdom and the simultaneous destruction of America? You need to include this question as you touch upon politics in these evil days, because it seems that all of end-time prophecy can be fulfilled starting in any year. The skin-chip skincode can, and should, make a come-back.

Jesus used Lot to describe the end-time punishment upon the earth, and so if we accept Jesus as the only-begotten Son of God, then we are compelled to believe that the story of Lot's wife was a real event, not a fable. As soon as lot left Sodom with Abraham, down came the fire. I claim with other post-tribulationists that the people of God are going to be led into wilderness areas, OUT of Western life -- OUT of the city, that is -- in-time for the fires of Armageddon. If any of us yearn at that time for the "city," we will be canceled with the evil-doers. Whatever we become partners with, that's going to be on our heads at the Judgment. I am very picky to discover Trump's true heart purely because masters of intrigue are predicted to operate on high-worldly levels in the end times. Before we start to say that this is our beloved president, don't we think we should assure that demons don't operate in his brain?

Some of us don't expect a demonic operator to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, because the anti-Christ will desire to crush Jerusalem. But wait. Who in their right, Christian minds would equate the American embassy with something of God? What if this embassy is a piece of stench in God's eyes? What if God views end-time Israel as a stench along with the world partners it makes? It's exactly how prophecy describes God's heart toward end-time, adulterous Israel. It's the mistaken pre-tribulationist who would have you fall in love with end-time Zionism, but the Bible plainly reveals that God is bringing the anti-Christ to Israel to destroy the stench that Zionist Israel has become, and we need to be open, very open, to the possibility that Israel has become a stench precisely for its Westernism i.e. including its political partnership (adultery, symbolically) with the United States. This is the way Christians need to view these days, from God's perspective, not the perspectives of Zionists.

In His view, His wife is fornicating with America, looking to America for security and prosperity. How many of you know that, when His wife committed adultery in the past, God brought against her, in war, the adulterer she engaged? Yes, it tends to predict that God will bring the United States against her. At this very time, with twisted political actors seeking the White House, we can almost bank on a Democrat presidency to fulfill it, especially one that puts Obama into some overseas capacity to run the Middle-East. We saw Democrat-loving globalists in love with Hamas more than a decade ago.

There are many politically-active Christians with faith not strong enough to take prophecy seriously enough to become familiar with it, and others don't bother with it at all. They haven't a clue as to what's coming because they shut the topic off even if they see / hear it. Expect this type of Christian all over American politics.

I've been waiting for Drudge to announce the winner of Israel's election, but saw no article. I've just learned that Netanyahu ended up tied, 35-35 seats, against his opponent. They say that Netanyahu will likely be the continued leader of the nation. Does it matter prophetically? Yes, for the Arabs are more likely to invade Israel if leftists don't rule it. Globalists are lamenting Netanyahu's victory. You can't hurt them more than a 35-35 score. Here's the story, and it hurts globalists even more that Trump is for Netanyahu. It looks like a win-win for Christians, but caution:

It's likely that Trump was responsible for at least one of Netanyahu's seats, which hurts the Obamaites even more. Yes, Trump was responsible for "election interference" because some Israeli's like the security from a Trump-Netanyahu partnership. But Obama was himself responsible for the loss of the leftists, without a doubt, for not too many Israeli's see security with an Obamaite-Israeli partnership.

Businessman George Soros “is destroying Israel from the inside”, his organizations “are working day and night with an unlimited budget to rob the country of its Jewish identity”, conservative commentator, adviser Yair Netanyahu said on Tuesday in Budapest.

According to the report from Hungarian news wire MTI, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son came to the Hungarian capital at the invitation of pro-government think tank, 21st Century Institute (XXI. Század Intézet), where he gave a lecture titled ‘Israel and the elections.’...

...Their common goal is to end the Jewish state in its current form, he added.

We can easily imagine Obama in with Soros on this agenda. The Soros weeds are infesting themselves. They grown by night. What kind of Jew (a Khazar?) is Soros? One that wants a Palestinian state, we can safely assume. But while we may agree that God has allowed Trump to come to power to stave off prophecy for a while longer, that's not necessarily synonymous with a God-blessed president. I strongly recommend not calling Trump a servant of God. I strongly warn that anyone who does can get God's ire. Do it at your own risk.

I don't think Soros (with his $$$ gifts) has yet revealed which candidate he's gunning for in 2020, which could mean that he's waiting for Hillary to enter the race. I wonder how Russia Today feels about Soros? Is Russia keeping him as a card in its back pocket for the invasion of Israel? "'I’m very proud of the enemies I have,' [Soros] told the New York Times in an interview published Friday [late October], in which he confidently predicted the popular opposition to his globalist philosophy was winding down and that a backlash against Trump-style nationalism was on the horizon." Ahh, and he accuses his enemies of being dictators, the same projection tactic used by Democrat media. Aren't they all fornicating in the same bed with Mystery Babylon i.e. EU globalism? His Open Society organization is an obscene orgy.

You see, after Israel fornicated with the Europeans, they turned against Israel, probably because God's allowing the demons to work that scenario out. When Israel looks to other forces besides God for security and prosperity, God lets the demons have their way with Israel. It's what you do to an unfaithful wife, though I say that loosely, for God's wife today is Christian Israel (all believers in Jesus, Gentile and Jew together).

The Russia-Today article continues: "Soros slammed the US president as 'an aberration,' predicting 'what he has done in the Middle East' – clearing troops from the Turkish-Syrian border, allowing peace to break out with a deal between Russia and Turkey – 'will contribute to his demise next year.'" Calling all war hawks, calling all war hawks. This policy is bound to turn Russia against Soros, even though Russia welcomes a leftist Israeli government. There always seems to be a stickler element keeping the enemies of Israel from invading. The enemies are not seeing eye-to-eye enough to make such an invasion possible. We could say that God is restraining the invasion until the Appointed Time. There's a good chance that Soros will be dead at that time, but others may be placed at the charge of his Open-Society philosophy. It can be defined as a money-fueled operation to change the world into a global village. Sodom. They need money to do it, and within this operation we can expect climate-changer thieves using our money instead of their own. Outrageous.

"'There are more Main Streets in America than there are Wall Streets,' he said, calling Elizabeth Warren – who wants to tax the wealthy heavily – the most qualified person to be president." That says it all about Soros' sinister brain, but why isn't he going for Biden? Why mickey-mouse Warren instead of seasoned ex-vice Biden? Because, Soros wants the Biden scandal to go away, isn't that right? If Biden get's the top spot so as to become Trump's contender, then the bright lights will shine on that scandal. Soros must have played a part with the Biden crime, or so it ought to prove true.

Why do Fox's anchors and guests not call Soros out when they cover Democrat candidates from head to foot? Is Soros just a conspiracy theory? No, he's a leading donor to any viable mental case amongst the Democrats because he's probably giving them their marching orders after buying them. It stands to reason: the fiend's not gifting them for nothing, but seeking to purchase his dream for America. That's what he does. It's not a secret. It's not a theory.

Youtube has been canceling Fox videos this week the day of, or the day after, initial up-loads, and will continue to do so as the damage comes forth from Horowitz. Where are the flashing sirens of the youtube police? Youtube can't be permitted to police self if youtube doesn't do right. If youtube isn't cancelling leftist-media providers too, then it's doing wrong to cancel Fox videos alone.

As Ciaramella has not come out to deny that he's the whistle-blower, it's good evidence that he is. His widely-known identity has made moot Schiff's excuse to forbid the questioning of Ciaramella by Republicans. The sooner the Republicans make him a household name, the faster they might be able to question him.

I really like shows that give God glory for Creation:

Jesus will come to take the earth back from evolutionist goons. Hurray. Yes, the earth was given to man to see what he would do with it, and in the end he built the NASA tower of Babel. Trump the enterpriser is all for the NASA tower of Babel.

There's a point in the video above, in the 25th minute, where the Christian speaker gives the impression that God would condemn a person for one lie to a fearful punishment. I really wouldn't put it that way because it's just not true. God has decided that anyone condemned to Hell is the one who rejects Him, at which point all sins combined are thrown at the person, like throwing the book of law at him/her, along with that one unforgivable sin of rejecting God to the end of life. Such a person is garbage no matter that they can become the president of the United States, or give corporations big tax breaks and then brag about it with a great following. God's garbage is man's jewels. I'm voting for Jesus whose treasures consist of good people. Making people good is His calling, not making corporations fatter so that the middle class (small-business owners included) can suck on some of the excess fat. The Christian speaker did a great job, by the way, with that married couple. He hit home.

God wants to forgive all of our violations of His law only if we love (= appreciate) Him, because love for Him is the first step to having the needed stuff for building us into decent persons. Having the deep root of the parable requires love of Jesus. He will tolerate our inabilities for achieving perfection if we are willing to maintain a direction toward perfection in oneness with Him. But Trump has said that he's already perfect. The devil says things like that. The devil wants the world to think he's perfect and all-powerful. Trump has come off in just that way. He's had a serious spiritual impediment.

It's not right to portray God as one who would send us to furious punishment for just one violation. Please, that's making a monster of God. You hear this said everywhere in evangelism land: if you're guilty of just one sin, you go to hell, they say. Rather, God hates people who violate as a rule due to rejecting Him for no good reason. Such people would curse God, desire Him dead, or even murder Him with their own hands.

The correct perspective is vital to people who don't yet understand: God gave this world to men to set a stage, to see what he would do with the planet with demons in its midst, whether they would go the way of rightness or the way of demons, and so upon this stage, all evils are not to be blamed on God for letting them happen, but on men who cause them to happen. I wish with sadness that God would not have permitted the extreme horrors that do happen too regularly, but such was His decision for this world.

The ones recognizing their smallness before God, and the inability to perfect their humanity, is the one who has hope. But the man who boasts of his own near-perfection is fooling self, though not as foolishly as Christians who love and follow his designs for the nation.

Until the garbage in the White House bows to Jesus, this is how I will portray this president. Like garbage, his usefulness will come to an end. He will work less effectively, gradually, which is his final wake-up call to call on God, but if even in his old age he has a high opinion of himself, I rest my case. Old age is the last call, the time for the rebellious to admit defeat, admit their vulnerabilities, their smallness before God. Old age is a terrible time to start from scratch with God, but who's to blame for this late timing? Still, when Jesus said that the last will be first, and the first will be last, part of the meaning, as He explained, is that those who bow the knee late in life will get eternal life as much as the one who was born again as a teen. What fool would not trade a few years with a declining mind and body for eternity with God in a new body? Only the one who hates God to the death.

Unless we remain in the Vine, we can do nothing for God = we are garbage. Everyone not in the Vine is garbage for the garbage heap of Hell, which includes Trump. What don't Christians understand about this?

Those who hate God would convince you that the Old-Testament God is a cruel tyrant. How so? From front to back of the Old Testament, the calling is to good will amongst fellow man, and man's good will toward God, a family relationship. How is a Father figure a tyrant or cruel? If God ordered the killings of entire peoples, it was to spare the area the evil of those peoples, the evil that comes from warped minds who despise God. God's wrath is not to be taken as cruelty, but as a gift to those who choose rightness. God will once again expose warped minds, and the people will see their cruelty toward lambs. That's what the end times is about, to expose the cruel and demented tyrants who accuse God of cruel tyranny. We are going to see this. God's exposure is not born in deep-state hatred for Trump, but in its hatred for Jesus. Their anti-Christian natures will start to exclude from their snake skins.

Here's some basic Creationism science for a little off-topic:

Did you know that so-called right-winger Matt Drudge is a human pig? This guy pollutes his website with as much leftist news, if not more, as any other. He divides people for profit. He loves the political conflict and pushes it for merely his making more money than he needs. He never ceases on sex robots, faggotry, sluttiness, tranvestites, and other perverted / sick things, just because he wants to secure the dregs of readership-land, for the little extra money he can make on that end. What a piece of human trash does Drudge like to be.

The median age of first-time home buyers has increased to 33, the oldest in records dating back to 1981, according to a National Association of Realtors report released Friday. The median age of all buyers also hit a fresh record, 47, increasing for a third straight year — and well above the median age of 31 in 1981.

The government didn't think to protect young people from wasting the first 10-15 years on rent. For those who did buy a home in their 20s, the government's inaction on home prices forced mothers into the workplace to help pay the high mortgage costs. The government allowed the price of dirt under houses to increase wildly in comparison to the increase in the price of bread. Guilty. Some governments regulated energy costs to protect consumers, but they failed to assure that home prices didn't soar for the benefits of those who increase prices for easy money they were not worthy to receive. Guilty.

All that's needed is a law with a price cap on the sale of a home. In such a law, the dirt under a house may increase in price as much as the cost-of-living increase. The owner is allowed to increase the price by: 1) a small percentage, per annum, of the owner's purchase price, plus: 2) costs of upgrades. All prospective buyers are handed the paperwork showing the costs of upgrades, as well as proof of the original purchase price. Buyers can then make up their minds on whether they wish to purchase. Problem solved. Young people can afford small starter homes, but as it is now, many married couples need to rent basements, share a flat with a friend, send the mother to work, or waste a decade or more wasting money on rent.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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