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October 15 - 21, 2019

Bielkova and Mulvaney

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It's pretty amazing that Perrys and Parrys were recent topics as per a Parry Sound event that pointed to the Ukraine crimes now in the news, and this week, on Friday, Rick Perry appeared on Fox to say that he urged Trump to make the famous phone call to the Ukraine president. Trump affirmed that Perry did urge him to make the call. Here's from two updates ago:
Here's from Fox on a good reason that PARRY Sound may have been used. This statement is from Sondland: "'We have what are called the three amigos, and the three amigos are Secretary PERRY, Ambassador Volker and myself. And we've been tasked with sort of overseeing the Ukraine-US relationship between our contacts at the highest levels of the US government, and now the highest levels of the Ukrainian government," Sondland said in that interview." Rick Perry, right? My bet is that Perrys use a hind (no antlers) because Parrys have the Hind Coat in colors reversed. There we have, in the threesome, the VOLKERswagen in Perry Sond, so to speak.

Here's Perry telling about that phone call, in the 3rd minute:

In the 4th minute, Perry says that he did consult with Giuliani, who was himself pointed to by a seaGULL in the Parry Sound event. I know how crazy this sounds; I don't expect many to take me seriously, but for God's work that this apparently is, who cares about my reputation? What reputation? Perry retired from Trump's team this week, possibly due to dangerous threats, for he shows no animosities toward Trump.

Here's Glenn Beck with a Ukrainian claiming that a Soros organization was seeking to remove Shokin, and I assume that Biden chimed in at a critical time to get the job done over the top, and of course we all know he did so in Obama's name:

Chris Farrell on Gorka's show (Oct 12, I think) said that Obama's government handed money to Soros' Ukraine project, and then tied down the Ukrainian investigators when they were seeking details on Soros irregularities. That amounts to Obama-Soros pornography. Obama has been silent for quite some time as concerns Trump's up-swing in fortunes, but Obama came out this week to support Trudeau's election hopes. Obama, the liberal, tax-thieving globalist, ditto for Trudeau. It's Obama-Trudeau pornography.

Live and learn, Mr. Trump:

Then-national security adviser John Bolton was so disturbed by the efforts to get the Ukrainians to investigate President Donald Trumpís political opponents that he called it a ďdrug deal,Ē former White House official Fiona Hill reportedly told Congress on Monday.

Hill, the former top Europe expert in Trumpís White House, testified that Bolton told her over the summer that he wanted no part of the effort, which he said involved acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, a person in the room for Hillís testimony told NBC News.

Bolton also was said to have referred to Rudy Giuliani as a "hand grenade."

...The New York Times first reported details of Hill's testimony Monday night.

...Hill testified that Bolton told her to report the situation to the top lawyer at the National Security Council, John Eisenberg, according to the person in the room for Hillís testimony during the closed-door hearing.

Wow, a closed-door hearing, and leaked (to the Times) in probably less than an hour after this particular testimony took place. Bolton sure does look like he's a part of the whistle-blowing scandal, but surely he wouldn't have said the above to Hill if he didn't think or know that she would be on his side i.e. against Trump.

The big question is why Bolton would oppose White-House discovery of Americo-Ukrainian corruption in the Obama camp. This is a serious issue, it really is. Bolton looks guilty as sin in participation with that corruption. Why else would he be so doggedly opposed? He's first of all guilty for trying to obstruct the president's attempts to discover corruption. You can never be the good guy when you oppose the discovery of corruption, but the Democrats will spin Bolton as the hero for obvious reason.

This is a GREAT turn of events, because it's pointing to the Republican war hawks engaging a Trump-attack to this day. It's what Trump needs, a splash of freezing water to his overconfident cheeks: STOP PICKING YOUR OWN ENEMIES FOR YOUR OWN TEAM; it's embarrassing the rest of the players, and crippling their potential as a team.

Not only Democrats, but some anti-Trump Republicans are right-now arguing that, if a vice president or even a president of the United States, commits corruption with the peoples money with a foreign power, neither the opposing party, nor especially a president of the opposing party, is permitted to call for an investigation, on the argument that it's a political move. But in this case, the foreign investigation has been called on a presidential candidate, which is absolutely called for because this species of dirt is an absolute necessity as per the voters deciding whether or not to vote for him. It's added corruption to hide such corruption from the voters.

It doesn't matter what Trump's motives are; if the corruption is there, the voters have the absolute right to know the details. It doesn't matter if Trump's motives are wholly for his re-election, because he has the right as a candidate, and even the responsibility as the president, to reveal his opponent's dirt of this type and magnitude. If Trump is acting for his political benefits, ditto for Biden in being dishonest about the matter. The score is tied in that regard; let the investigation be as thorough as needed, and set the proper example by jailing the presidential candidate, especially because he was the vice-president when acting corruptly. If he's not happy about going to jail, give him a few extra years in jail to help him come to repentance. Being set free from jail should be conditional on repentance. The people don't pay for jails and prisoners for nothing; they expect the process to produce repentance, sorrow for the crime, changed persons. As you can see, Biden's not sorry for stealing the peoples' money. Make him sorry, therefore. Ditto for Obama.

Another fast leak from the House to the liberal media:

ďI was disturbed by the implication that foreign governments were being approached to procure negative information on political opponents,Ē McKinley said, according to portions of his testimony obtained by The Washington Post. ďI was convinced that this would also have a serious impact on Foreign Service morale and the integrity of our work overseas.Ē

Everything I argued above is nothing that McKinley is saying or considering. McKinley is an imposter, part of the corruption, it's so easy to see. The dirt is coming out to help the dirt. "But McKinley said he had to leave his job because of 'what appears to be the utilization of our ambassadors overseas to advance domestic political objectives'..." Awwwe, asking ambassadors to help stamp out corruption, awwe, so cruel. McKinley, are you nuts? No, but you are corrupt, and you are twisting the reality to protect the corrupt. If ambassadors are claiming to be disgraced for being a part of the Ukrainian investigation, they don't deserve their jobs. But, for all we know, Trump has not asked the ambassadors to partake in the investigation, and McKinley is fabricating this charge with his circle of dirt.

Those of you who have read my "SCOOT OVER" event in recent weeks, this is pretty good: the McKinley surname shares the motto ("Amo") of Scottish Scotts (share stag with McKinleys) who share the Over bend, and the English Scotts share the red border upon white Shield with Scoots. The McKinleys share a white stag with Trumps to possibly indicate that God arranged it to verify that McKinley is being pointed to by the scoot-over event.

McKinley says he feels badly for Marie Yovanovitch, who was removed from her position as ambassador, and rightly so, for she did not contribute to the exposure of American corruption in the Ukraine, but wished to hide it. This fight is SUPER for revealing the corrupt. Keep it going. Look another one revealed: "And on Tuesday, George Kent, a top State Department official who oversees U.S. policy in the region, told investigators that he was alarmed at Giuliani's efforts to persuade Ukrainian officials to investigate Trumpís political rivals, adding that he was also concerned the president appeared to be listening to Giuliani's unfounded claims" (politico). Giuliani is being addressed by liberal press as a "shadow" worker, hinting at shadow-government characteristics, as if a lawyer is sinister / wrong-doing for working quietly / behind the scenes on a case.

Thus far, Pompeo is playing the Trump side without indication that he's upset. I'm surprised by this lopsided attitude; I expected him to be a closet, swamp-creature protector.

I find the situation super because the rats are pea-shooting at Trump while ignoring the real corruption under Obama. The timing is perfect, just as the fight over the Horowitz report is about to transpire, in the first part of election season, which is anytime now, we could say. In other words, the rats have nothing else to bank on at this time but Trump's Ukraine sin, the sin of trying to expose corruption. We are not fooled by the main charge against him, that his acting merely political is disgraceful; there is even an impeachment push based on this little-bitty accusation (as if Democrats NEVER act political). The rats are going to appear before the impeachment-push inquiry, it's as easy as that to identify them, as soon as they're anti-Trump sentiments are ratted-out by fellow rats to the rat-out media. The impeachment-push inquiry is a trap alright...for the rats.

Wikipedia doesn't reveal whether McKinley is a Democrat. Google brings up all liberal media on this story. There you have two fat rats at the service of the CIA rats.

The house vote on the Syrian pull-out had only about 60-65 Republicans voting in favor. And then there's Lindsey Graham over at the charge of the Senate. There have got to be plenty of anti-Trumpers on this Middle-East issue alone. Graham was installed as the Senate leader by the war hawks, we may assume. Graham knew this day was coming when he would need to oppose Trump, and until then he acted sympathetically toward Trump's Trump-attack woes yet never set up one Senate inquiry to expose the rats nor complicate their Trump-attack to this day. This week, Trump rebuked Graham properly by telling him that he should be focused on the deep state. There's a glaring vacuum in Graham's senate on that issue.

Graham has announced a hearing of some sort, but Lou Dobbs, on Thursday night, said that Republicans (including Grassley) in the Senate are WARNING Graham not to call in Biden on the Ukraine issue, imagine that. Who are these Republicans, and what is their excuse for this attitude? The question now is whether Graham will seek to turn some Senate Republicans on to impeachment.

By roughly a 2-1 ratio, Republicans in the House oppose the Syria pull-out, not reflecting the sentiments of the majority of people...though if you poll Democrat voters now, suddenly, they will oppose the pull out...because they are hypocrites for political advantage. Trump seems to be moving toward a military struggle with Mexican drag cartels, a very wise move. The people who pay for the military should reap the benefits with less drugs inside their country, rather than corporations benefiting with military in the Middle East. The latter is obscene. Judging by the comments, it seems that Fox's youtube watchers are vastly anti-war. The Democrats, anti-war until now, are being lulled by their leaders to become pro-war again, once again exposing their nothingness, their moral vacuum.

Within days of Trump's announcement to pull out, the Kurds were reporting that ISIS fighters were escaping their jail cells. It can't be coincidental. This has no doubt got to be a ploy from the Mattis-circle military, making a suggestion to the Kurds to release the ISIS fighters so that the deeps state can put the story out into the American media to create talking points that oppose the pull-out.

The Democrat House has the agenda of making Trump nervous by sending him the message that it's going to interview all of his White House staff, if possible, any one of which could grant some dirt upon him. To have your enemies checking out your every move, and very willing to make mountains out of molehills, can't be pleasant for Trump. If the initial purpose was to keep Trump from making revelations against his enemies, it may no longer work if Trump simply decides to go full-throttle with revelations. At that point, his enemies won't be able to be on the offense. They will go on a worrisome defensive strategy, and there will be many whistle blowers pouring it on for Trump, once he decides to do the right and wise thing. Why he's waited so long is beyond me. Why has he deprived his voters? Has he been nervous?

There is cause to be nervous, because, if Fox turns against him, he's a dead duck on the swamp. I'm sure that the Fox boss is a war hawk, and even Hannity has been one, but so far they, the anchors haven't turned into a shooting gallery at the duck, and it seems they even let Shepherd Smith go due to his conflict with Tucker. The latter is ecstatic about the pull-out. Fox as a whole seems to be accepting his Syrian pull-out, and this may be thanks to the delinquency of the Democrat stage (better Trump or one of them). The candidates have criminal minds without shame. They don't mind telling their voters that they wish to rob the tax pool without concern for the workers whom they pretend to adore. Their voters are so daft that they are actually prepared to vote for one of them.

Here's Project Veritas with another CNN whistle-blower; he's telling us what we already know, but confirming it as a witness. It becomes obvious that the CNN chief is not reporting, but acting as the bottle carrier for the House's impeachment push. CNN's employees have been ORDERED by the chief to elevate, magnify, and inflate everything useful that comes out of the House, and, sure enough, some employees are going to frown, others silently rebel, and others blow the whistle. My question is: who has ordered the CNN chief to conduct the impeachment crusade? Is it really Zucker's own project?

You can hear (7th minute) a CNN employee reveal that Zucker holds a 9 am conference with employees to tell them what he expects. Here's the game for today, play along. It's a news dictatorship, as we always knew it was. Some CNN employees are wrongly telling that, a decade or two ago, CNN was real news, but that has never been the case if it could help it. CNN has always been left-leaning; it just had a better facade at one time to mask it's spinning wheel. With Zucker, it doesn't try to hide it anymore. The liberals want to unveil their sins and have the left accept them as a good thing. That's how badly leftists have twisted whole realities.

Zucker taught his employees to believe that Fox was the fake-news network, like one deflecting back at Fox's audience all the realities spewed at his own network. The liberals have become crazy, right? So, Zucker, to get his employees to play ball his way, just teaches that Republicans are crazy. We see it over and over again, deflecting, projecting, keeping CNN viewers hooked to a self-blinding lie, ever pushing viewers toward more insanity. It's exactly what satan would do to the human race. When minds have nothing to work with but lies, it's going to get insane inside of those minds.

You can't make numbers add up if they aren't the right numbers. You can't achieve sane logic if you have lies to work with. You come out speaking nonsense, like you're disconnected with reality, because you are disconnected. That's about half of America, all going down that road even without CNN's effects, ever since they threw off God's realities. CNN has just been a part of that militant march, though it became the leader at the front. CNN is just nailing their coffins, for they look to CNN and their liberal politicians to win the world for them, to assure them that they are on the right and truthful side. They want to win badly because they are not comfortable in their skins with lie-packed minds. They are addicted to the spin machine, and they love the conflict with Republicans because they have tasted victory in the past. They are not able to handle defeat, however. When CNN played more sly, they were winning. But then they elected Clinton, it's been tough slugging ever since. CNN "elected" Hillary to give their masses euphoria, but was defeated in the most delightful way, with deep pain to the spin masters.

We have seen it; we have all been witnesses: CNN and her like-minded media supported criminals, yet Trump has been slow to reveal the crimes of these criminals. Barr has been slow, and Trump is dandy with this turtle. He hopes the turtle will deliver a sound blow, but this is a risk. We don't yet know whether Barr will side with the anti-Trump Republicans. There is no way that he's going to fool me once we get the facts on his revelations. He can't withhold the evidences for the crimes and fool most of us. We will see it.

If Democrats win the White House, part of the blame can go to Fox and their like-minded ones for stretching things for Trump. The political middle doesn't blindly go for the stretches. The more Fox highlights the Democrat stage, the more it gives it respectability, it's ironic, I know. How can that be? Fox tries way too hard on debunking Democrat candidates. It's counter-productive. The middle is more-easily fooled by leftist spin, and Fox airs that spin daily, way too much. The middle is in the middle because it respects some leftist spin. With Fox trying to convince the middle, using spin of its own, that the candidates are all spin, isn't helpful. With Fox trying too hard, it looks like spin to the middle even if it isn't spin. The middle gets confused because the CNN side works hard on the conflicts. Sometimes it's better not to stress the madness of the left, but just give it a laugh-off in a passing mention.

My take is that Fox concentrates on leftist propaganda because conflict is good for ratings. All the conservative media are having a money ball with this conflict. People have been taking sides on this war, wanting to know the step-by-step developments, especially if they can celebrate more victories than the other side. Trump has stretchy spin of his own; he doesn't report the entire truth at all, but only the favorable-sounding phrases. The middle will respect it much more if the whole truth be told, the downside as well as the upside. The middle is not fooled if Trump merely says that wages have gone up three percent. What are the downside figures? How much as the cost of living gone up in the meantime? If they mention only the increase in wages, voters are going to notice the trick, and it looks blatantly like spin. So, knock it off, Fox. Give the voters the cost-of-living figures too, and call Trump out for not doing so.

If those who provide the cost-of-living figures can't be trusted because they are anti-Trump, then make it an issue; send reporters to discover how the figures have been manipulated. Teach the middle how polls are manipulated; how polling stations are corrupted by the left. Why spend time reporting the nonsensical tricks of the candidates when the government is stacked with corruption yet to discover. If you want the United States and Canada to go the corrupt way of the Mexican government, it's on its way. Focus on the corruption before it takes hold. Once the government is too-heavily stacked with corrupt players, it's game over; the good guys will not be able to take the country back. Ask the Mexican government about that. Any good guy who tries to root out corruption gets bribed and threatened at the same time, and they more-often take the bribes rather than quit their jobs. This issue is so pressing that I've called Trump a fraud for letting corruption continue in his face. Where's your wrecking ball, Mr. big-shot president? What are you bragging about while corruption is at your throat? What have you done to wreck it?

So, our job is to announce to them the truth, to give the spiritual middle a chance at recovery. For me, Jesus became my mental health. The Truth Rock. You know exactly what I mean if you've been on that Rock. Our job is not to lose faith as God tests this world to weed out the willfully faithless. They make the world heart go cold and uncaring, lawless and desperate, because they carry false information. We are seeing it. Chaos is on the brink.

Liberals will create chaos, shake things up hoping that the pieces settle their way. That's CNN right now, shaking the bottle, hoping for the genie to come out to grant them victory. You can fight CNN tit-for-tat on TV, or you can discover their corruption and report it. Which works better at defeating the enemy? Project Veritas succeeded with CNN discovery; that's the way to go. It underscores the importance of sending spies into the enemy camp.

We should all oppose broad spy tactics that record everything we all says and do just in case anyone of us becomes a criminal. That's not the way to do it. The correct way is to request permission to spy on an organization or individual when they exude corruption. If CNN is exuding corruption, Bill Barr has the responsibility to spy on CNN using the FBI. Trump can order this for the good of the nation, but he's either afraid, or accepting of their ways? I know Bongino accepts CNN's ways as rightful under the constitution. This can be like giving fuel to enemy vehicles just when they are running on empty. Trump's inaction has permitted the vehicles to move forward. At this time he's merely waiting to see the Horowitz report so that he can use some of the choice information at his rallies. Is this enough? Has the president done enough to fulfill his promise to cleanse upper-level corruption? Sadly, Fox is not calling him out on this neglect. Yes, it is neglect, as when a person deserves to be fired. You're fired, Mr. Trump. You're waiting for others to expose the swamp, sin number one, and then using the information to get re-elected, sin number two. Unless you get at the front of the expose-swamp army, you're fired!

Fox's job should be to push Trump to force Wray to spy on leftist news to catch the culprits in their reporting of false news for political motives. The FBI then arrests them for conspiracy to falsify news reports. There is a law against that, is there not? Imagine if the leftist media even hears of Fox calling for FBI spying on its organizations? The CIA will have a fit, oh goodie, let the games begin, so much fun. Captain Trump, what are you doing at the back of the pack? To the front, you coward. Call Mr. Wray into your office and demand that he spy on the Washington Post, and then leak the operation (the president has a right to let the public know what he's doing). Just the mere sound of that operation hitting the news will straighten out the CIA and the Post all at once. Do it. Don't just let the public know that the spying is in consideration, but do some tapping of any media person suspect in spreading false information from the CIA or radical Democrat organizations.

There is so much more that can be done and should be done. The FBI has spy powers for the purpose of catching internal crime. Use it, Mr. Trump. Set up just one person to watch Wray closely, to assure that he follows your orders. You can use Barr for that purpose, we thinks. If Barr turns out to be another Wray, it's hopeless. The president will prove to be woeful. Woe is the nation, not great, if Trump has chosen yet another do-nothing Republican. Fox did choose do-nothing Paul Ryan, what is going on there??? Woe is this nation; the greatness is all an illusion created by mere words, and there is no one at this time creating word-based imagery more than Trump himself. He has his masses thinking that he alone is bringing the nation to the brink of full vibrancy and health. Woe is this nation if Trump does not crush the corruption, if he doesn't take the FBI and DoJ back from the shadow government.

It's not a coincidence that all CNN anchors are anti-Republicans. At least CNN bosses are smart enough to chose team players, a thing we can't credit Trump for. Can anyone tell us how Trump's CIA pick has proven to be a team player rather than a shadow-government stake in Trump's heart? Trump had Pompeo at the charge of the CIA, and nothing was done there, so far as we heard anything in the news. NOTHING. Stick to the truth, don't let Trump carry you away into an illusion.

Trump has been woeful in cleansing swamp. High-level corruption is America's number-one enemy. It holds the ropes of presidencies, like the ropes of masts on a ship. No matter which way the political winds blow, the deep state can sail in any direction that it chooses by manipulating the ropes or changing the winds. Until the Ukraine issue, Trump had not put a hole into this ship, not one, suggesting that the shadow government had its ropes around him. Trump has been the one-eyed pirate, seeing only one side of every truth, the side good for his re-election. Unless he uses his own ropes of power to lasso the figurehead at the front of the shadow-government ship, he's just a free-riding pirate seeking his own loot. Everytime he appears at a rally, it's only his letting the anchors down at some new shore for to pillage the goods of that area. Vote for me, vote for me, I'm good for the nation, he tells the people, but meanwhile the shadow-government spies on all that he does to keep the political winds against him.

The solution: spy on the shadow government, and put some fierce winds to their faces. As of November of 2019, his voters still don't know whether Barr is investigating (spying on) Trump's Republican enemies? What if Barr takes the Bush-whacker position, whacking Trump's legs out from under him? It's all up in the air. We don't know how this will land, three years after his celebrated election. If Barr turns out to be leg-whacker, might Trump's voters jump ship? To whose ship will they swim? There isn't another Republican contender for the White House. If Trump wins 2020, will he then put some ferocity to the deep-state face? It's all up in the air, and no one knows for sure. There is no guarantee from Trump that he will do anything, in 2020-24, judging on his lack of performance to date.

Pompeo is the head of the state department. Late this week: "The State Department has completed its internal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clintonís use of private email and found violations by 38 people, some of whom may face disciplinary action." The article reads like a slap on her wrist. It focuses on a few emails that were top secret, but does not address the motives behind hiding her government business with private email. Is the state department totally ignoring the emails (and their contents) if they were not classified / top secret? What sham is this if the people who OWN her emails don't get clued into some of her misbehavior exposed by the emails? She didn't delete them for nothing.

THE PEOPLE WANT PUNISHMENT TO CURB THIS INTOLERABLE BEHAVIOR, but Pompeo's department sounds like it's tolerating it just dandy, like no big deal. In the first offering to the public concerning this issue, the department signals no flashing red lights. Why don't all leaders get private servers, since there's no punishment attached? They can conduct their corruption freely by email, then delete all the evidence, and Pompeo couldn't care less.

Zucker's invisible bosses act the powers of the gods only when there's no opposition. Therefore, oppose them, rip off the godhood from their flesh. Look, they are less than human, we have seen it now, and we will continue to see it because this breed does not know repentance. This breed wants only to rule the world with a satanic staff. To oppose them, expose them. Their returning tit-for-tat (projection) on those who expose them makes them less than adults, mere children. They don't learn to do the right when their wrongs are pointed out. If they think they're fooling us with their projection, they are hopeless, delinquent children.

Project Veritas won't likely admit that CNN is a societal tool for satanism. Veritas will be content to portray the liberal media as political organs. That's not a good-enough description. Democrats don't want mere rights for faggots and similar things; they want its unfettered liberties, like letting demons out of their dungeons to proliferate, like when God says that He'll stop restraining satan to make a quick end of this planet. Liberals still think that an non-Biblical / anti-Biblical future is a sound, utopian principal to live by, they haven't got a clue. They either haven't realized that their liberal society is the reason for all of the dangers and wicked tones developed since the tranquil 1950s, or they don't care so long as they can spit in God's face until the day they die. This is CNN, the highest bosses make sure of it, because they pick their own kind to continue their battles, even faggot anchors. It's not coincidental. It's their war room. Therefore, treat it as such.

Captain Trump takes his ship alongside the CNN ship, and hurls...words at the ship. But captain, what about the cannons? Why do you have cannons on board if all you're going to do is hurl words? Captain Illogical wants another four years. His crowds are screaming for him to rule another four years? What for? Four more years of hurling words? I can't take it. Woe is me. The still and tranquil morning I longed for is wavy chops instead, bashing everywhere. Trump's political ship is a seasaw. I came, I saw, and I hurled words across the sea. Trump's legacy: I can boast. He boasts, and his crowds soak it up. He's at the top of the central mast in a princely bucket, speaking down upon his crew, and they see not that the deep state has him tied with ropes around that mast. I'm waiting for Barr to come rescue me, he tells them. Ahoy, I think I see the Horowitz report upon the horizon. Save me, save me, he yells across the waves of ecstatic voters. He's the president wielding institutional swords to slice the ropes that tie him down, but instead depends on the Horowitz ship. There's no hope there but some news juice. The captain Hooks of the news media will bend the report into any shape they please. Unless admiral Barr does the admirable thing, there's no hope.

We fight with words of exposure. We don't say, "homosexual" or "gay" because those are the words they chose for an air of respectability. Instead, we should use "faggot" to expose the obscenity of their acts. We don't use "non-believers" to merely make a point-of-fact, but we call their activists, anti-Christs, speaking to their willful rebellion. If we merely say that CNN is a political tool, then it's equal to most of Fox, but if we say that CNN is an anti-Christ tool, then it can't be compared with all of Fox's attitudes. At least, Fox doesn't air an agenda to create a godless society. A lot more mention of Jesus and His words wouldn't hurt Fox's reputation, would it? If that sounds like an unreasonable expectation from me, that's what's wrong (like a bad mutation) with American media. A society with Jesus' words being the norm will be a healthy society, but Fox thinks it unsightly for its news shows.

The greatest call for retaliation against our enemies, in the New Testament, is a shaking of our sandals against them. Here, take this. Don't laugh, because it's the most-dangerous act a human can effect precisely because it's non-violent, for it respects the law of God to love enemies (not retaliate), thereby handing Him the rod of justice. Watch out for that shaking sandal, world; it's not the end of the story. Jesus had warnings as well as the hope of forgiveness. Woe to those who cause sin; it would be better to be tied to a stone and hurled to the bottom of the sea. That's where CNN belongs, and where CNN will go.

God has decided to remain invisible for a reason. It's not logical to our minds. If He really wants people to believe, then he should become visible. That's logical. But that's not all there is. God has decided to test us all. Why? It's to give life or take it away from us. He decides what we will get, but how can he test us if he's visible? He watches what we do when we forget that He's watching us. He wants to know, when we disobey Him and become conscious of it, whether we will be sorry or not. He then wants to know whether we will repent of it, and, if yes, how slow or fast we repent, or what pains we endure to repent of it. The one who endures the most not to sin will get the greatest rewards. Logical. If you have no compulsion to get drunk while someone who loves it passionately resists with great difficulty, he's going to get the better reward than you, on that score, anyway. He's the one blessing God's heart more than you. And, of course, you're not going to hold it against God for roasting the fattened calf for the prodigal son, are you? I didn't think so.

But the temptation sure is there, because we are made of flesh, defined as small depth. Thin-skinned. We have no depth of heart. We can only care so much about others, and no more. But we can care enough if we've always been normal. It's when we fry our souls with sin that we go cold of heart, no longer normal. It's in the direction of a callous, criminal mind. To be normal is to care about everyone else, and about the condition of the society we must share. In their coldness, liberals call for individual "rights" to unfettered liberty of sin, to hell with what society as a whole thinks, or what damage it will do to it. The fiery spit in God's mouth is aimed at these rebels. God doesn't miss.

God didn't choose me because I was moral brilliance. He chose me because I'm not made of rebellion. Under circumstances, I would bend the knee to His authority. I ran away from him, we could say, but as an adult, I understood the bigger world-picture. He's the Creator, and I'm the mud. Be logical: respect Him. See, I was normal enough to have God forgive me, to give me a new start with a new mind, a new understanding called "the Light." It's not a light outside of my body; it's God-based understanding, on the inside, arriving after I allowed the Spirit to penetrate my flesh.

When I consider the world-picture, I become deeper with the stuff of God. His enemies have a world-picture too, but without the Light. To become deep, you need to see the world with Him in it, or how the world should be in order to please Him. For when He's pleased, the world gets bonuses. If you care about the things that matter, that's depth, but if you claim to care for netting political votes, that's shallow. How do you assess your own depth, you who have political-news platforms?

When He's displeased, the world gets irony, like an iron rod to the little or big empires we build for ourselves. We can build, but God can destabilize or destroy. Build with Him, and you get deep, rich, useful, respected, happy. Where your heart is, there will be your sorrow or happiness. If you care about a person just because he's a faggot, you are a fellow sinner, if you love the faggot but hate the Christian just because he's a Christian. This is how liberals are. They don't care for the faggot, but for his freedom to be faggots in our Christian faces. They energize DIRTY faggots against us. If they were not dirty, they would not be slated for Hell's garbage heap. Anderson Cooper prefers to have the victory over us rather than to repent of, or admit, his dirt. Our war is not against faggots, but those larger groups who set them against us.

We have shaken our sandals against them all; we don't treat any of them with respect without injuring ourselves. Be warned: respect an anti-Christ, and you're half in bed with one. When Democrats hail Obama, it's Obama-Democrat pornography in our faces. They hail him to be in our faces, to conquer us via Obama's political strings. At least Obama used his political strings, more than we can say for cowardly Trump. Obama used his strings illegally, but there are legal strings at Trump's hands. Instead of using them, he has decided to be tied with enemy ropes. Why?

Fame is defined as respected by others. It can make you happy. Fame is cheap when what you're respected for is cheap, or if the people who respected you forget you. And they will forget you. That sort of outer light is a passing light, and the result is always a dark and lonely room with you alone within it. If you're great in the kingdom of God, that's not cheap. If you're great at google, youtube or CNN, you're still a nobody, or worse: you once were, but are no longer, a somebody. You have defiled yourself, the opposite of fame-worthy. The question is not whether we are famous, well-known, but whether we are fame-worthy. If God is pleased with me, I get fame-worthy, a gratifying way to enter the Kingdom. If you are a reject here in this world, or of no empire at all, this is not all there is. Last I heard, the Father has asked His angels to go out gathering the rejects for to attend the opening ceremonies of His Kingdom. I hope to see you there. Stay clear of His spitfire.

Where is this Kingdom of God? Is it in another parallel universe? No, of course not, for parallel universes are creations of the mad-dog scientists, the stupids whom have poured lies into their own skulls until they start to entertain fantasies as replacements for truth. The Kingdom for us at this time is our oneness with the invisible Spirit. Whether we feel Him or not, He accepts us if we are remaining in Jesus, but just because He's invisible doesn't mean that there's an alternative universe occupying the same space as "our" universe. The Kingdom arrives visibly when Jesus arrives visibly, and then this visible universe is placed upon His shoulders. Yes, the weight of rulership will be on Him, and he will WORK, our husband, and serve us to provide things we've never seen before. The Provider, for now, has a middle name: Just-Get-Us-Through-This-Mess.

There are a few youtube channels (five I counted) offering Hannitys Monday-night show, but most of them leave / cut out Hannity's interview with the CNN whistle blower on Veritas. It's more proof that Democrats are offering Hannity videos on a regular basis for the purpose of cheating Hannitys viewers one way or another. The youtube channel, Porto, did leave the interview in at 29 minutes:

By Saturday, youtube forbade the video above to me unless I sign in. Why does youtube do things like this, seeking ways to rob some viewers of true news not favorable to liberals? Because, youtube's bosses are intent on Hell's garbage heaps. They want to be right beside CNN's garbage heaps. The page says that this is a private video, yet it's youtube that wants me to sign into youtube to see it, wherefore youtube has falsely claimed that the owner of the video turned it into a private video.

I'm noting that this whistle-blower, Cary Poarch, believed he was entering a reputable news organization when he got the CNN job not long ago. But if even you and I know that CNN is garbage, though we're no newspeople let alone a high-caliber one like him, why didn't he know it? How are people naive to CNN??? How does one's mind work that they should be so blind? I haven't heard what his political persuasion is. He's to be celebrated for spying out CNN corruption.

Both Carlson and Hannity claim with an honest tone that no Fox boss ever tells them what to report on, or how to do so. Every news organization makes decisions to leave out parts of the news, and this has got to be true for Fox too, at least for the news anchors, which Hannity and Carlson are not.

What will embarrassed Zucker say on his 9-am phone call tomorrow morning? Priceless. Thank you, Veritas. Now, if only some CIA whistle-blowers will go to Veritas. Some of the better comments at the Veritas Part One:

"The Democrats could learn a thing or two from this on how to blow the whistle."

"CNN has Ruined A Whole Generation of Young Americans"

"Why do all of the 'men' that work at CNN speak like 13 year old girls? 'I mean... you know... like...'"

"Really curious to know what is going on inside CNNís walls right now."

"They are trying to pervert the children through the school system they're pushing mental illness on the children telling them it's ok to switch genders, they're brainwashing children with socialism. The parents need to protest against the schools. God help us Amen"

Bongino says it's okay and constitutional for CNN to do all of these things in the name of free speech. No one has yet arrested CNN. Wray scoffs; it's what he's really good at, especially with a condescending, smug face. The devil celebrates and plans his next move of recovery, always planning the next attack. Trump goes to rallies and basks in his self-boasting. Due to Barr's procrastination, Hillary came out to advance the Russian-interference facade in this week's news.

Whatever happened to the Epstein flares in New York after Barr got involved with the case? Every hope went dark; not a peep in the news since.

Fox videos lose me when they repeatedly show the same-old photos or videos of Pelosi or Schiff or any number of unlikable bimbos while a Republican is speaking on a current issue. I often scram from such videos. Fox producers are idiotic to do this, as though Fox viewers are so in love with these unlikables that we can't wait to see their faces over and over again. I can't tolerate the punishment. I just scrammed from Pirro, couldn't handle it. It must be a conspiracy from Paul Ryan. Fox has a disease with the picking of Ryan. Something's drastically wrong there, and it's going to become visible sooner or later.

If Veritas gets deleted, here's their story from Tim Pool:

Olga Bielkova

In the last update, I used my wood sorrel weed to launch a large discussion into possible heraldic pointers to George Soros. My wood sorrel is a three-leafed petal, and very green, just like the three-leaf petal in the Zucker Coat? I'm just wondering whether this is a Sign that Soros is the invisible boss at CNN.

Jim Jordan was on Fox on Tuesday telling about that Hunter Biden's claim that his father commented to him, "I hope you know what you're doing," concerning his part in the Burisma company. Jim should have called this out as fake news. It can be clearly understood as a fabricated statement to give appearances that Joe didn't know anything about Hunter's Burisma job. The statement clearly indicates that Joe didn't know the details of this deal. It's like saying, "well, son, I don't know what you're getting into, but I hope you know what you're doing." It makes perfect sense that Joe would NOT phone or email Hunter as per this job so that there's no record of Joe's complicity. You understand that Obama gave Joe a special mission to the Ukraine at the time that Hunter was hired on. You understand that Obama would want zero communications between father and son on this matter unless it was in private, in person. Here's at least part of the interview:

The news lady in the video says that there's no questions ABC will hold back concerning this scandal. But I don't think there's any chance that any question will be asked that both Bidens didn't already agree to before the show. Note that there's not a follow-up after asking whether he thinks he was qualified, by his knowledge, to be on the board, suggesting that there was agreement not to have the interviewer press him on any matter i.e. creating undesirable / dangerous surprises. His answer is that he knew as much about gas as any other person on that board. That's it? No follow up allowed on the crux of the scandal? So why does he think he got chosen for the job if any-old Blow can have it, gas experience or no gas experience? He's half way across the world; there's lots of board material in the Ukraine theater that doesn't know anything about gas. Why him? Well, he's made to say a little later that he wouldn't have gotten the job if he wasn't Biden's son. And that's the problem. What did the Obamaites give Ukraine in return for making Hunter a million dollars per year?

The lady doesn't hesitate at all after Biden answers her questions because she knows that follow-up, penetrating questions are not allowed. She scoots from one question to the next, all pre-planned. So, it's a fixed sham, isn't it? When the lady asks him whether he was paid $50,000, he doesn't correct the figure, but refuses to answer, because he knows he was paid more than that but doesn't want the public to know. "What did you do as a board member?" "How many times did you meet with the board, per how many months?" "Would you allow us to contact Burisma to ask them why they hired you?" In the end, she let's him off the hook on his excuse that it was just a "mistake" on his part.

On China, he denies receiving any money personally, but he knows better than to do play that cheap trick, and so does the lady interviewer. Sure, as worded, Biden's telling the truth, because the payment(s) was made to a company. Surely, the New York Post has evidence of (because it made the claim) a $1.5B payment from a bank of China to Rosemont Seneca, a company that has Hunter Biden on ship. My understanding is that Hunter was right-up there in this new company...that to me looks like a washing machine to launder money. Why didn't Hunter get asked about this company, or whether he knows of a Chinese payment to it? Ahh, that question must have been off-limits by design. Does Bill Barr want to know whether this payment was made, and what it was for? We sure hope so.

Hunter says that, "I hope you know what you're doing," is the only thing dad ever said to him concerning Burisma, after dad read in the news about his getting the board job. Only a desperate Democrat activist would claim this to be an honest report. Joe's predicted to ask how in tarnation he landed such a job, for example, IF Joe had nothing to do with his getting it. A dad is going to talk more than that one bitty statement when he has his son in person who has just scored such a huge contract, don't you think? So, this picture in which Joe is aloof from Biden on this score is non-credible; there is a giant motive for such a fabrication.

On the eve of the Biden interview, Hannity reiterates that Biden did receive $1.5 billion from China. That is, Hannity didn't hesitate after Hunter implied there was no such deal. It suggests that the strong evidence exists for that deal. Hannity even tells that this money was sent / received 10 days after father-and-son Biden flew to China. This is the same, aloof Joe Biden who doesn't speak with his son concerning his occupational business. See Hannity at about nine minutes for that topic:

I doubt very much that the Chinese bank transferred money to Rosemont Seneca, a private-equity firm responsible to grow money, for only the one purpose of growing the $1.5B (Glenn Beck says $1.8B). I say that the Obamaites convinced the bank to do this in return also for some unknown prize from America. This is a crime, as I understand it, if the prize came from tax payers or any part of the U.S. government. A politician must not profit personally in inter-government deals. A politician must not arrange such deals while slipping money, from one or both dealers, into his own pocket. That's what this China issue is, and so we can expect something similar in the Ukraine. I would expect that the Obama government promised Burisma some favors in return for its handout to the Biden laundry machine.

If we multiply these tricks many times over concerning many companies and governments worldwide, that's why Trump's election pained the mobsters in Obama's government. They could not deliver (securely, anyway) what they were supposed to, with Trump in the White House. And of course they could not continue the same tricks, and likely they did not receive all of their end of the was lose-lose-lose. Ouch. But have no pity, throw them into prison for a long, long time. They didn't merely rob one bank of $100,000. They stole billions upon billions from ordinary workers, and even the poor, everyone who pays taxes.

Bongino has some unique information on Wednesday night, early in the video (climaxes at 9th minute, but see also Hillary ties with Pinchuck subdued):

I noted in the video above that the point man for John McCain's part in the Trump-attack dossier is David Kramer (leaked the dossier). At first, I didn't see much connection between this scenario and my mention of the Cramer/Cremer surname in recent months along with two ice-cream events. But then things started to click. PINCs/Pinks are a branch of Panico's/Panetta's, the latter essentially sharing the Chief of Cramers/Cremers. The Kramer story in the video above involves a Ukrainian, Mr. PINChuk. It's a good starting place to do more fishing.

It can be added that Bongino has Olga BIELkova (Ukrainian) as part of his Pinchuk story while Labels/La Bells are in the so-called "label" of the Panico/Panetta Chief. I'm not familiar with the Biel Coat (Brunswick, same as Rodham-branch Rothschilds/Roddensteins), but it seems to be a giant hatchet (I've not seen this design before at houseofnames for axes), recalling that while Cremer-like Crema (near Cremona) is at the Serio river, Zerrs/Zehrers/Zehrers/Zores' use hatchets (though an "axe" in Crest) while being potential Serio-river liners. Plus, Hatchets/Hackets use three fish in the colors of the Label/La Bell crescents, and both Coats share the same Chief-Shield color combination...starkly impressive. In other words, God might just have provided this Biel link to His ice-cream events, more than 40 years ago in my life, for pointing to this Ukraine corruption. Bielkova said that an empowered Biden would be good for Ukraine i.e. he would do favors for the country. (Use Biel link to load other surnames to better follow.)

The Serio flows from Lombardy into Cremona province, and the Chiefs of both the Italian and French Lombard surnames look linkable to the Cramer/Cremer Chief.

I almost missed it: the Hatchet/Hacket fish are in the colors of the McCain/Keon fish! David Kramer was working for John McCain's Trump-attack. This fish is in the Arms of Saraca, i.e. the shark that's going to half swallow Trump, if it hasn't already. I spot the Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') in two McCain/Keon symbols. If you know why Smoke's/Rauch's were pointed to in CRYSTAL City, note that Crystals share the so-called calvary symbol with McCains/Keons. Moreover, CRYSTAL City was suspect as a pointer to the Trump-attack Republican, Bill Kristol. McCain was a Republican too.

The Hatchets/Hackets can be expected as a branch of Hatch's/Haachs who share the Coat of Brunswicks, thus making the symbol of the Brunswick Biels look like a hatchet. That explains why the Biel hatchet (or axe) is bendwise in the colors of the Bruno bend. Neither Coat adds anything else.

Hmm, the fleur-de-lys in both the Panico/Panetta and Cramer Chiefs are used by English Buris'/Burys, a surname like "Burisma." The other Buris'/Burys sharing a green Shield with proto-Rothschild Bauers and Bowers, as well as Burleys/Bourlys. Coincidences?

Behold. The same crescent as used by Labels/La Bells is in the Chief of RAYmonds who in turn have the Chief-Shield colors of Cramers (wow), and then Raymundo's were first found in Cremona! It just so happens that while one ice-cream event was with Darlene RAY (see last update), Wrays use the Chief-Shield colors of Labels/La Bells!! Christopher Wray. The Chief-Shield colors of Wrays and Labels/La Bells (and Hatchets/Hackets) are even colors reversed from the same of Raymonds and Cramers/Cremers, pretty stark yet again. Raymundo's even share the FISC (and Hohen) Shield while the Steele dossier was fed corruptly to FISC (secret courts).

It can be added that Tulia of Clermont-FERRAND is to the Tolle's/Tulls because the latter share the checkered Shield of Italian Ferrands (Tuscany, same as Bruno's), but it's also the Shield of Hohen-branch KOHNs/Cohens, "Kohn" being the birth surname of John Kerry i.e. who's son-in-law was involved with Rosemont Seneca along with Hunter Biden of Burisma gas. LOOKIE: the English GAS surname, first found in Yorkshire with English Ferrands, shares the checks of Italian Ferrands!!! If French Gas'/Gars use the duck (could be a gosling), so do Devons. Devon Archer. English Gas' (compare with Gastons) must be with the double Brunswick lion, and it should be said that half that Gas Shield is the Fisc Shield too. It all looks Arranged.

The New York Post says that another partner was/is Eric Schwerin, and Schwerin happens to be a location very near Rostock, the latter being where the Ice's were first found, in case Ice's come to link to this Ukraine scandal closely to its cream elements, now suspect with David Kramer. Another partner of Rosemont Seneca was Devon Archer, and French Archers (grapes, traceable to Varni at Rostock) have two of the three Label/La Bell crescents.

French Ferrands (compare with Scottish Allisons) were first found in Gascony with Labels/La Bells. To assure that Tolle's/Tulls are being used by God for purposes here, English Ferrands have an axe in Crest, and the motto, "Justus PROPOSITI TENAX." The Biels have the motto, "Propositi TenAX! Amazing. PropoSITi" looks like code for the Seatons/Sittens at Sitten, beside Serio-like Sierre, for there is a Seaton location at/near the mouth of an AXE river. Seatons/Sittens share the crescents of Bell-branch Bellamys.

Tulia of Clermont-Ferrand was the ancestor of Mummolin, and while his wife Berthe is expected to the Berta's (share the griffin of German Steels), German Steels use two pale bars in the colors of the one of Tulia's/Tulls...and the latter put BUTTerflies on the bar, suggesting that Butters could be a Batti/Botto branch. Berta's use the gold border that I say is owned by the line of Justus and Justine of Picenum, explaining the "Justus" motto term of Ferrands. Is it a coincidence that German Steele share the red, white-tipped arrow with Sorrys/Sawreys, a big Soros-related topic of the last update? Soros was the owner, virtually, of the new Ukraine. A gold border is used by Crema-like Crums/Crumneys along with what could be the Rome/RUM lion so that CRUMs could be from a Cremona-line marriage to Rums. Crums/Crumneys have a "Fear God" motto linkable to the Peacock motto that itself includes "just" for Justine of Picenum.

I trace Rome's/Rooms to PLACentia, smack near Cremona. Note that LIMe's have a split-colored lion, as do PLACE's (axe), both lions half red, for Lombards are also LIMbaughs / Limbachs. German Limbachs have a goat in the colors of the fleur of French Lombards/Limbachs. Lime's share lozenges with Scottish Lombards.

The line of Justine was to the Ice-possible Ise's/Assi's, who share the fasces (topped with an axe head) with Sorrys/Sawreys. The double lions in pale of Hatch's/Haachs and Brunswicks (both linkable to Biels) are half in the colors of the same of Sorrels, and as the latter came to topic in the last update as per my sorrel weeds, let's repeat that Weeds, an appropriate term for George Soros' helpers, share the double fesses of Rosemonts. Tolle's/Tulia's share the Tool lion, and the latter's is giant and in the colors of the two, large Sorrel lions. I can thereby see a faint but solid ice-cream / Soros link to Bielkova, if Biel's use the Hatch-like hatchet.

Tolle's/Tulia's share the pyramid with Fiscs and BATTistelli's (share billets in Chief with English Steels), and Batti's/Botti's were first found in Cremona, how can that be a coincidence? Off hand, I know of only two surnames first found in Cremona, including the RAYmundo's who clinch the ice-cream event with Miss Ray as God's event. In fact, there was a Raymundo at Knob Hill Farms, where Darlene and I worked, and where she handed me the ice cream (she worked the snack bar). I distinctly recall that, my second girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms, Allison BAUER, immediately after I was with Darlene, was in the back seat of Mike Denardo's CAR when she was leaving me for him. I went over to the car to see if she would come out to me, but she refused. That's how I remember that she was in the back seat. Mike was in the driver's seat, and, I really think this is accurate" Raymundo must have been in the passenger seat at the time, for he and Mike were friends.

The Cars use the motto, "Sero sed SERIO," can you believe it? And Kepke's father is Ukrainian; I've mentioned that many times; I'm not making it up now. I've also said that we played ping-pong in his basement as a definite pointer to Pinc-like Pings/Pongs, who share the Panico/Panetta label. For more on Allison Bauer, and her link to Kepke elements, see her in the last update. She's mentioned with Kepke and I, who were sitting together on the hood of my CAR when we spotted Allison getting into Denardo's car. Kepke worked at KNOB Hill Farms too, and Knobs share the arrow, I must assume, of Rothschilds/Roddensteins, first found in Brunswick with Biels. Rothschilds/Roddensteins share eight-pointed stars with Batti's/Botta's (and Steel-branch Stelli's), a possible Button/Botton/Biden branch. Why do Crem-like Crums/Crumneys (Cromby branch), in Sierra colors, use a BOTTONy cross??? Crums/Crumneys were at CARRiden. RUMble's/Rumbalds share the chevron of French Lombards (and because the latter share the black fleur with June's and Jeune's, it looks like the Quint chevron too).

Back to Devon Archer. English Archers happen to share gold arrows with Knobs, and the Knob arrows (white-tipped) are in saltire in the colors of the two hatchets-in-saltire of Zerrs/Zehrers/Sores'! Wow, I think I now understand the Ukraine importance of Knob Hill Farms. I happened to get Kepke the job at that grocery store. The Zerr hatchets are gold-handled but the axe head is white, all reflective of the Knob Coat. Almost immediately after the Allison-Denardo event, Kepke and I went to sell shoes in the same mall, and shoes are used by Trips, expected from the Trypillians of the Ukraine.

I've just looked up the Tenas' again as per the "tenax" motto term above. Although I'm not at all seeing a conclusive link between the two, I added the following to the last update a minute ago: "The Bled Coat's triple gold chevrons are shared by TenARTs/TenARRES', suggesting Arras of Artois, the Mons theater more or less." Tenarts are brought up as Tenas', and they happen to have a Denardo-like Tenard variation, both surnames in the same colors. The quote above was added where I mentioned Mons-suspect Emona, beside Bled, but then there's also "CreMONA."

The Bleds love the Tous/Tosini's in their motto, first found in Florence with Bruno's, and i showed above why Bruno's are kin of the Biels having the motto, "Propositu tenax." That motto phrase happens to be shared by Florence-liner Ferrands (Florence is also, Firenze), and Florence is where Taddei's were first found who share a version of the Ferrand Chief. The latter's Chief is in the Reesor Coat, and I lived beside a Bruno on a Reesors street. The Denardo's/Nordi's are easily seen as a branch of Norths, and the latter share a dragon head from a crown with Archers. Denardo worked at Knob Hill Farms, and Knobs share gold ARROWS with Archers while the Arrow surname is also "Arras," from Arras of Artois. It thus appears that Tenas'/Tenards are a Denardo/Nordi / North branch, but I never would have guessed it had it not been for Mike Denardo's work place, my work place.

Having made that link to Arthur-line Artois, I find it amazing that Arthurs/ARCHiBURE's look connectable to both Archer liners and Buris'/Burys so as to point to Burisma. Devon Archer and Hunter Biden were indeed two directors of Burisma gas. It looks like God set up the heraldry to make that stark pointer.

I neglected to add above, when on the Raymond link to Cremona, that Sere's, suspect with the Serio river at Crema, were first found in Languedoc with the French Raymonds and Narbonne's. Languedoc is at Narbonne, and Denardo's come up as NarBONNE's while Bone's were first found in Sussex with Norths and Kepke-line Keeps. Archers use a "bona" motto term. Plus, Bellamy elements were at the Arve river, location of Bonneville. God had Mike Denardo in his CAR when He created the event at Knob Hill Farms, and while Cars have a "Sero SED Serio" motto, they share the Sere chevron. The "sed" motto term nails the Cars with Sitten near Sierre, and while Sittens are Bellamy-related SEATons, Allison Bauer was in Denardo's back SEAT when I went to speak to her.

It can be added that while the double-pale bars of Seats/Cedes' is shared by the Arms of Vilaine, Dol is in Vilaine while Alans of that place share a Coat version of the Rundels/Roundels who in turn have the motto, "Tenax propositi." French Alans have nearly the French-Raymond Chief, and French Alans almost have the Wray martlets.

French Raymonds share the so-called "orb" with Metz's while English MATHYS'/Mathews (the Bled Coat) share the triple-gold chevrons with Tenas'/Tenards. Mummolin (at Chalons) was likely involved with nearby Metz, and so lets add that while he descended from proto-Dol-suspect Tulia of Clermont-Ferrand, Tolle's/Tulls and Italian Ferrands share the checks of Italian MATTIS'. Scottish Mattis'/Mathys'/MAGHANs/Manns can therefore be with the Narbonne lion. Irish Maghans/Manns happen to have three lions in pale in the colors of the two in pale of Bonneville's. Welsh Mattis/Mathews share the giant lion of faucets while the latter are suspect in the "Fac et" motto phrase of Mattis'/Mathys'/Maghans/Manns. There's a lot of linkage going on to help prove that the key surnames in this discussion truly belong there. The Bonneville Coat is even a colors-reversed version of the Sorrel Coat.

Mummolin's father-in-law (Berthe's father) was MAURELion, and he traces to Milan's Maurels excellently, partly because Milan is where Gallia's were first found while Tullia above was a daughter of Gallia. Milan happens to be where the other ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson, pointed (see her in the last update). She worked at Sam's in Gormley while Gormleys share the Wray martlets. She sold me an ice cream under the same conditions as Darlene Ray had less than a year later.

Recall the BattiSTELLi's, for Batti's are listed with Botto liners, first found In Cremona, in Lombardy along with Milan. Stelli's share the pyramid with Tolle's/Tulls and the eight-pointed star of the Milan Maurels. The Maurel Coat even looks like a version of the Butt/Bute Coat. It gives me the impression that Biden fingers in Ukraine touched upon the creators of the Steele dossier.

"BONGINo" is like "Benjamin," and the 600 Benjamites of Israel's Rimmon were at the Rimna river of the Trypillian theater. Kepke, pointed by God to Trypillians, was engaged to be married to Kim Walsh, and while Kims were first found in BUTEshire, Walsh's/WALCHs, from Wallachia at the Rimna-river theater, share the Benjamin saltire-with-annulets. The Rimna was near the Buzau river of the Roxolani Alans, whom I trace to ROXburghshire, where the Walsh's/Walchs above were first found. Walsh's/Walchs share "numine" with the Mea/Meigh motto, "BENIGNo numine." Bongino's were first found in Tuscany. It just so happens that while my mother is a Masci, Maschi's were first found in Rimmon-like Rimini while Denardo's/Nordi's and Norths share the Maschi lion.

Milan is where Bono's were first found who are expected in the Archer motto. If Bono's are with the Montfort lion of that of the Montfort kin, the Marano's, I would guess that Devon Archer had something to do with the attack on Paul Manafort, for Monforts are Manforts too, first found in Warwickshire with Archers, how about that. Milan is where Maurels/MAURINi's were first found who are very linkable by way of Morinis' to Marano's, both first found in Modane-like Modena. Archer liners are expected through the Arc river, location of Modane. In fact, Modens and Arks/Arch's were first found in BERKshire while Barks/Berks (Norfolk, same as Larks) use larks while larks look like the larch branch of Archers! I'll even bet that Barks/BARCs/Berks are God's pointer to BARACK Obama, especially as they were first found in Norfolk with the surname (Dunham) of Obama's mother.

Boii conquered Modena, which should explain why the two-tailed Montfort/Manfort lion is in the Arms of Bohemia. Bone's are also Bohemian-suspect Bohums. Boii were in BONonia too.

Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and Singletary happen to share white martlets with Larks. The Lark Coat looks like a version of the Fly Coat, and God showed me that Obama is to be linked to flies. The Tulia/Tull butterflies come to mind, for Flys were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens. Flys were at Flag while Flags/Flacks were at Norfolk too, and then the Aflacks have a cross in Butter-cross colors. Hmm, the Aflack duck on a television commercial brings the Devon ducks to mind. Devon Archer.

Why do BARCs/Buschs/Birch's (Lancashire, same as Singletarys) share the fleur-de-lys of BURIS'/Burys? As Obama was once Barry Soetoro, by what coincidence were Scottish Barrys first found in Angus with Suters/Sewers? I'm going to guess that Obama was all over the work of Devon Archer in Burisma.

Nick Mulvaney Looks Like Traitor

If your plan was to betray Trump in the worst-possible way at this point of his impeachment saga, you would let a thing leak out and then take it back with some passion so as not to appear like a traitor in the political world. Mulvaney, who admitted this week that Trump withheld Ukraine money until the Ukraine agreed to look into Biden's crimes, is being considered as Trump's next chief of staff. He's the acting chief at this time. I therefore looked at the Mulvaney surname, noting that it shares so-called combattant lions with Kellys. John Kelly was the former chief of staff for Trump, and I think Kelly was a traitor. Kelly and Mattis seemed to me to be in close cahoots on these Matters, and Mattis came out this week to insult Trump outright, just when he's not popular in Republican circles for his Syria pull-out. We get it: this is the time for Trump's Republican enemies to come out and be counted with the impeachment push.

Kelly and Mattis were at the funeral of John McCain, looking like they were both eying Lindsey Graham just minutes before the latter appeared to slip something into the inner jacket pocket of Kelly. Lindsey appeared to receive (shown on camera) a note into his own pocket from a liberal, Huma Abedin. What in tarnation was Abedin (wife of Anthony Weiner) doing giving Graham a hug in the heat of the Trump attack? The point is, the Mulvaney Coat is a red-lion version of the McCain/Keon Coat while John McCain was a Republican enemy of Trump deeply involved in his impeachment push...probably for the reason that Trump was not eye-to-eye with the military deep state as concerns the latter's long-term plans in the Middle East. You would be naive to think that these plans are what they tell us they are.

So, I'm asking whether the Mulvaney Coat links to the McCain and Kelly Coats as God's work to identify Mulvaney as part of the shark attack against Trump. The shark is centrally the Saraca's, the Arms of which has a fish in the colors of the Mulvaney and McCain fish.

I have a lot to say about the Mulvaney surname that doesn't seem to touch upon news items. It's all interesting but a lot of the sort of work I'm tired of doing, but I've decided to go ahead to see what comes of it. I'll start with the Mulvaney write-up: "The Mulvaney surname was an Anglicized form of the Gaelic ” Maoilmheana, meaning 'descendant of Maoilmheana,' a personal name meaning 'chieftain of the Main (river).'...Another source claims that the name claims descent from the Donnelly line from Maolf Iona..." The Donnely Coat is identical to the Mulvaney Coat.

The factually-stated write-ups at houseofnames have proven to be wrong so many times that I'm rejecting any linguistic relationship between "Mulvaney" and "Maoilmheana," although I will accept that a Vaney element did merge with a Main-related one. For example, Fane's/VANE's were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells who in turn share the tower of Pellicans, first found in MAINE. Pellicans were Pully/Pullen kin, related to Pollocks, and this heraldic study goes exactly to Peter Pollock at Rothes castle in multiple ways. Also, there is evidence that the Main river above is an Isle-of-MAN element.

The Mulvaney write-up again: "...was probably associated with the river Meana which flowed into Lough Neagh at RANDALstown." The Rands share the Mulvaney lion, and Rands are said to be Randolphs (Moray) who had Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, beside Peter Pollock at Rothes castle. Isle-of-Man elements (suspect with "Maine") include the Masseys and Maceys, first found in Cheshire with the Hands we see between the Mulvaney lions. The Wikipedia article on RANOLPH le Meschin gives him a red and upright lion too, in both colors of the upright Rand lion. Le Meschin was likely named after a Masci of DUNHAN Masci, a Cheshire location that links excellently to Obama's mother's Dunham surname because Dunhams share the Coat of English Randolphs while Obama's Dunham ancestry actually has Randolphs. Maceys happen to share gauntlet gloves with Fane's/VANE's ("fano"), making it more compelling already to see Mulvaneys as Fano liners. Fano is beside the Maschi's of Rimini. English Randolphs are said to be from the father of Ranulph le Meschin.

Moreover, Obama's ancestry is from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to Dunham. And the triple Singletary chevrons are on the Rand lion...looking like a military symbol roughly upon the lion's shoulder. Rands were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams.

Gauntlet gloves are part-code for Gaunt/Ghent of Belgium, and it just so happen that the Arms of Ghent has a white-on-black lion, the colors of the demi lions of Randals. Mulvaneys lived at Randolstown, and lion heads in these colors are even used by Raines', suggesting that Raines', Rands/RAYNds and Randolphs were from the same source. The Arms of Ghent has the lion beside a virgin, and Virgins, first found in Kent with Rothes', Gaunts, and VENES', happen to use the Mulvaney lion. It appears clinched that Mulvaneys were Fane/Vane liners.

Next, the Rothes lion heads are colors reversed from the same of Mails of Cheshire. Rothes' (share the Mail bend) are said to be from MALLing of Kent, suggesting connection to Mails and Malls of Cheshire. Mallings were at a Mellion location, and may be with the goats of the Boofima cult, which cult I trace to Nagle's and Catherine Roet, wife of John of Gaunt. The Mule's, first found beside the first-known Malling, share the double fesses of VANNES'/Ness' (Holland).

The MULvaney write-up: "One of the first records of the name was O MAIOL Mheanna mentioned in the Annals of Ulster in 1164 where the family claim descent for the from Eoghan, son of Niall..." That's a Mail link to Neils who share the double Mulvaney lions with hand, as well as their fish. Neils are expected in the "Nil" motto term of Randals.

One of the first-known Rothes' married Maud de Cornhill while Mauds (Cheshire) share the Monmouth Coat, both having the Mulvaney lion. The Mons/Monts share the Rand lion. "The surname Rand was first found in Norfolk at Yelverton, a parish, in the union of Loddon and Clavering..." Clavers share the Hill tower, white, same as that of the Monmouth, Fane/Vane-related Howells. Clavers share the key with Beatys which I expect in the "haBEATIS" motto term in the Arms of Donegal. The Mulvaneys were at Donegal's river Main. The Beatys pale bar is shared by Erskins/ESKINs while ESCHYNa de Molle's daughter married the brother of Peter Pollock of Rothes castle. Erskins/Eskins were first found in RENfrewshire with Peter Pollock's family, and while Mulvaneys share the Donnely Coat, Irish Donnels share the Renfrew ship, the Mulvaney fish, another hand, and the calvary symbol of Keens (Mulvaneys have a version of the McCain/KEON Coat). Irish Donnels are said to be of Eskin-like Easkins. "The surname Donnel was first found in County Clare where MacDonell and O'Easkin were chiefs of the territories of Corca Baisgin or Baiscind, now the barony of Moyarta."

Saraca-suspect Sharks were in Tyrone, beside Donegal, and Keens with Keons have the Arms-of-Saraca fish, I assume. There's a white fish on a fesse nearby in the Arms of Down along with a "nihil" motto term in honor of white-fish, Keen-related Neils/Nihills (Tyrone).

Keens become important here for sharing a white escutcheon at the center of their Shield with the Arms of Donegal. It speaks to me of the white square in the Arms of Placentia, for the latter comes with a blue wolf, which is in the Crest of Randals (Rothes lion). These Randals have a "numeRUM" motto term, tending to clinch that the "placit" motto term of Rome's/Rums (ANNANdale) is for ANANES Gauls at Placentia (near Cremona). Moreover, "NUMerum" looks like part-code for NUMans/Newmans because they share the Randal Coat. Mulvaneys looked to be from Mail elements, and the Darlene's, who have a "feMALE figure" in Crest, share the red fitchee with the escutcheon in the Arms of Donegal, with the MacDonalds, and with the figure-like Viggers/Vicers. The latter's MacDonald ship is in the colors of the same the other Irish Donnels who use the MacDonald fitchee in the colors used for it by Maxtons, a branch of Maxwells from Macey-line king Maccus of the Isle of Man. Maccus was in Cheshire according to his Wikipedia article. Maccus' grandfather, SITRic, who was in Northumberland and associated with the Berwickshire Saxons, is suspect to SITTERs/Sidewells (Northumberland) whose pale bars are in the colors of the wavy fesse bars in the Arms of Donegal. It makes the "cariTATem" motto term of The Donegal Arms suspect with the Tate's of Berwickshire who happen to share the Annandale Coat. Why "CARitatum"?

The other Tate's share the raven with the Arms of Man, German Rothes', and Scottish Donnels (Ferte eagle). In the write-up of Scottish Donnels, we have the evidence that Allisons/Allisters are from the Keppoch branch of MacDonalds: "There is also a branch of the MacDonells that claim Ranald's other son, Alistair, as its progenitor (the Keppoch branch)."

Now, since the Mulvaney / Donnely Coat has the same fish as the Arms of SARACa, and as Irish Donnels share the Baud and Bald ship, isn't it amazing that Scottish Bauds share the SARACen crescents? I don't want to go over the details again of Baud involvement with the Saint-Petersburg medallion (in my last, few updates), but suddenly that event can touch upon Mulvaney. Scottish Bauds share the trident with the Geds who have the same fish, as do McCains/Keons.

French Bauds use a ram, symbol of German Cramers/Cremers. The latter entered this update's discussion with John McCain's partner, David Kramer. Cramers/Cremers had been pointed to by Darlene Ray at a grocery, and the medallion was found at a grocery store, upon my hood while Hoods share the Baud and Saracen crescents.

Irish Donnels were from chiefs of Moyarta while Moyars/Moirs almost have the Coat of Morano's, from Morano/Murunum, smack beside SARACena. Morano's were first found in Modena while French Raymonds were counts of a Modene location. It's Saturday, when God gives most of His song-line miracles. Immediately after writing "Modene," while looking again at the Raymond write-up, I was focused on "BRIGnon," where Raymonds were, and checking the Coat for signs of Brights or Bride's for a trace to Brigantium (about 25 miles from MODANE), there I saw the stars of both Brights and Bride's in the Raymond Chief. At the very split-second while noting that link, Rebecca St. James was singing a song over my speakers, and sang, at that very split-second, "returning for his Bride." Amazing. It appears that Modene, off the Durance river down from Brigantium (Briancon), was related to Modane and Modena. As the Arms of Modene share the TAILbois scallops, let me put the sentence down fully: "By the 13th century they had branched to Languedoc at Brignon, and Modene, where they became the Comtes of Modene, and through their marriage with the family of DuTAILLis became Counts of the Empire after the Revolution."

These same Raymonds were at d'Eoux, and Talbots were rulers of Eu. Eoux' is like "Egg" while Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Eggs, and beside Talbots) share the giant Talbot lion.

These RAYmonds were first found in Languedoc with Conte's, and while the latter's English branch shares the antlers of CONE's, isn't it amazing that Darlene RAY handed be an ice-cream CONE? The other ice-cream girl, who likewise handed me an ice-cream cone, was working at Sam's while Sams share the giant lion of Italian Conte's. The latter ice-cream girl pointed by German Hansons to Milan, home of VisCONTI's. The Samsons share the scallops of Meschins and Russells (from Roussillon of Languedoc), and the first-known Meschin married Lucy TAILLEBOIS. I always did figure that Massey liners were at Modane. Modon/Methoni of Greece is in Messene, which named Messina of Sicily, beside the Saracen people group who had one king, Samsam. In my first date with the ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson, I took her out in a Valiant car, and Valiants use the Saraca-like shark. Modene is in VAUCluse, and Vaux's are also VALLibus'. The checks of Vaux's/Vallibus' are shared by Partys while a Pertuis location is in Vaucluse too.

I recall a Dudo (or Dudo-like) character in relation with Eu, and while Dudo Henry was the founder of Nassau, the entity partnered with Orange, which is very near Modene. That works.

English Raymonds share the fleur-de-lys of Gellone's/Gillings in both colors, and the Gellone monastery is between Modene and Languedoc, near Narbonne. There was a certain Mr. Gellone, count of Toulouse (Languedoc), said to be the son of Guerin de Provence at the Modene theater. Nassau was founded by Dudo Henry of LAURENburg, and French Laurens, can we believe it, were first found in Provence, and share the scallops in the Arms of Modene. French Laurens are in the colors and format of the Arks/Arch's (Berkshire, same as Modens/Modeys and Crema-like Croms/Crums), and Modane is on the Arc river. French Lombards were first found in Provence.

I've looked up Snake's because there are no Snacks. Darlene Ray worked the SNACK BAR for Gill, our manager. Is this a pointer to the Barr-Wray duo? Will they actually do something of praiseworthy note? I hope so. Snake's/Snooks share red fleur-de-lys with French Raymonds, as well as the same lion (smaller) of Nassau's, and the same eagle, roughly, of Siegers/Seagers (Nassua's founder was is at Sieger / Siegerland). English Seagars/Sugars use the green snake, the original color of the Visconti snake. The brown bird in the Snake/Snook Crest looks like that of Guiscards, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with the Bauds who share the Saracen crescents. Robert Guiscard made a pact with the Saracen leader, Samsam. It's making the Moor head of Stirlings look like the Morano / Moyar/Moir Moor head. Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent with Timms/Time's, possibly from Timnah, another Saracen leader who joined Guiscard.

As French Chappes' share the Stirling Moor head while using what looks like the Ottone perchevron, I reasoned that the line of Ottone VISconti of Milan was the line Guiscards/WISharts, as per Guiscards on Sardinia. Visconti's of Sardinia used the rooster, symbol o Gays (Savoy, same as Bride's and Brigantium), but also of Bibo's/Bible's whom I see in the Cramer/Cremer Crest. The latter surname is said to share the rooster of Hanson-like Hahns', but Hanns/Hanns'/Hahnens likewise use the giant rooster. You see, God knew what He was doing with Miss Hanson, the ice-cream-cone girl. Ice's were even first found in ROSTock (Warnow river) Mecklenburg, where Hahns were first found. English Hanns are with hands who share the hand symbol with English Pucks while German Pucks have a version of the Ottone Coat. The tall and curved German-Puck chevron looks like a white version of the tall and curved red one of GUSts, the latter being in the colors of the Tancred chevron. Robert Guiscard was a son of Tancred of Hauteville. The Tancred scallops are colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Modene.

I've just read that Robert Guiscard was a bigger man than bigger men, evoking king Og of proto-Israel. I trace the latter to mythical Ogyges of Boeotia, the land also of proto-Tancred Tanagra, home of mythical Orion the hunter. Then, the International Order of Saint Hubertus is patterned after a hunting theme while Huberts (share the crescent Modene-like Mott/MOTTIN ) might just be from Hubert, a son of Tancred of Hauteville. The latter's great-grandson, another Tancred of Hauteville, "became Prince of Galilee and regent of the Principality of Antioch." Galilee is near to where Og's Rephaites were. The Motts are possibly a branch of Motels and Mota's, some of whom were in Taranto, in Apulia. It just so happens that Robert Guiscard was count of Apulia:

Rephaites are suspect to ravens and to Croatians. Mott is along the Meu valley, which I see in the Mea's/Meighs (raven), and the Arms of Croatia shares the red-and-white checks that are shown for the Arms of Hauteville at the page above. Huberts use a "COLendo" motto term while the Arms of COLchester has an "ANTIQUE crown" that came to mind with "ANTIOCH." Crowns are often code for Ceraunii, which I see as proto-Croatians. Amazingly, Oggs share the nail with the cross in the Arms of Colchester. Moreover, the Ogg Chief has the fitchee style of Mea's/Meighs, in colors reversed even, and the Mea/Meigh cross is in the colors of the ragully cross in the Arms of Colchester.

Boeotians may have been to the Boii at Modena, and also to TailBOIS' sharing the scallops in the Arms of Modene. Boii are though to have been in the Bessin (Calvados) while Bessins look related to Huberts (from Calvados). Huberts are traced to Mr. Curzon while Curzons, sharing a version of the Hubert and Hubard Coats, use poppinJAYs, important because Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Humberts while Hubert, son of Tancred, is said to be Humbert too. Poppins are clearly kin of Mens', the latter first found in Midlothian, right beside FAUXside and the Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus', suspect with the namers of Vaucluse i.e. location of Modene. Rulers of nearby Orion-like ORANge used HUNTING HORNs.

As the younger Tancred of Hauteville is said to have been a leader of the first crusade, where Godfrey de bouillon was called upon to be the first kin, the Mea/Meigh cross looks like that of Bouillons. The latter's white flory is used on a blue Shield by Orange-like Rangabe. The latter cross is in the colors of the Ogg crosses. Oggs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/COLPs, from the COLAPis/Kupa river of Colchesters. I feel sure, from my yellow-bed dream, that Kids (Aberdeenshire) are related to Oggs, but so far, I haven't got a story for it. Kidds look connectable to French Bauds, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. Kids share the Douglas chief, Oggs share the Douglas heart, and Medals/Dougals share the Scottish Baud quadrants.

Kids were first found roughly at KinCARDINE, and Sardinia-like term. Cardine's were not only first found in Cheshire with SHARDs/Shirts, but use an "amore" motto term while Damori's were first found on Sardinia (Damorys are an Amore branch). Cardine's look linkable to the Carridan location of Crums/Crumneys, begging whether Crumney-like RUMneys were of the Rum variation of Placentia-line Rome's. Rumneys/Romneys have a version of the Pully/Pullen Coat (Yorkshire, same as Tancreds), and share the Tancred scallops to as to possibly trace to Tanagra, and while Ogyges was at an ACTE area at/near Tanagra, ACTons (Cheshire again) had an Axton Kent, where Rumneys/Romneys were first found. The "Fide" motto term of Crums/Crumneys looks linkable to the "fido" of Cardine's. There is Sard- / Card-like Garda, a lake and location along the ADIGE river to which I trace the Eggertons, first found in Cheshire with Ogg-like Eggs, and Cardine's, the latter having the Eggerton pheons in colors reversed. Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's were first found in Aberdeenshire, beside KinCardineshire.

In such a high-profile setting as Mulvaney found himself, he knew better than to say that Trump was withholding money from Ukraine in connection with the request to have the Bidens investigated...unless it was true. His explanation is that governments routinely withhold goodies from other governments or bodies as a natural part of the deal process, and that's probably true. But even if this was true, or even if it was understood by Ukraine without actually stipulating it, it's nothing in comparison to what the Bidens did. And what the latter did goes to that huge Clinton-corruption mountain that continues to be conspicuous, as well as to the question of what Obama's part was. Therefore, anyone who points the finger at Trump for using a tactic to get the Bidens investigated but does not point the finger at the Clinton foundation, is not to be respected.

I've criticized the United States for using its financial gifts around the world to control governments. Trump just did this with Turkey. However, under the circumstances, where the goal was to stop Turkey's military invasion, Trump was absolutely correct in using that financial leverage. I criticize the United States if the very purpose of dishing out money to foreign governments is to control them. That doesn't sit right with me because the American deep state is corrupt. I cannot be convinced that the American military wants to be in the Middle East because it cares for the average Muslim. I rather believe that huge corporations are behind Middle-East trouncings and manipulations.

I also oppose American military people, such as Mattis, who continue to oppose Russia to the point of robbing its gas sales to neighbors, for the purpose of weakening Russia for fear that it will become stronger. This is demonism of a foreign country that can only lead to harmful scenarios, as we are seeing before our eyes. Russia has become angry with the Unites States, not a good situation at all, and Mattis wishes to go all the way and topple Putin. The very thing that he accuses Russia of, wanting to topple the United States, he wants to do to Russia. But Russia is not the country with a Russian NATO surrounding America's borders. Russia has every right to be insecure with NATO pressing in on its borders. No one is necessarily asking that the United States be in a loving relationship with a post-Soviet Russia, but at least leave it alone for the sake of clearing the air of the cold-war climate. This American obsession to be the leading nation in the world is a globalist illness. The more that Trump uses the American club, the worse it will end up for the United States. People don't get clubbed to the head without seeking retaliation sooner or later. Be good, and good will come back to you. Be tough like an ogre, and the result is obvious.

We now know that the reset button under the Clinton state department was for the purposes of corruption, lavishing Russia with uranium gifts, for example, in return for Russian tax dollars in Clinton pockets. And there were others involved who need to be punished. The American enemy is not in Russia, but in the United States. Mobsters with their hands on American tax dollars are at the helm. The fact that Russia was granted some rights to American uranium speaks to me of Obama's desire to effect his personal contribution to ruining the White-led United States. I imagine that this twisted ding bat so despises how some Whites (a minority) have overpowered Blacks that he's willing to contribute to the destruction of the United States. Yet he loves to have a big estate and vacation / play golf like so many White Americans.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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