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October 8 - 14, 2019

George Soros

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I have a hard task if I try to convince a reader that God is using me heraldically to point to His enemies in these days. That's why I don't try too hard to be convincing, because as soon as I begin to write heraldically, things seem to fall into place easily. I seem to have a good sense for spotting situations in my life that are set up by God to point, through heraldry, to certain players of what we are now calling the deep state. I think that, over the last three years or so, every dream I've remembered, except one or two, proved to be from God, some of them overwhelmingly. The way the proof works is to take to items in the dreams, and look them up as surnames, to find that the various surnames per dream, can be linked in ways unexpected to the point of near-impossible. You can see some of that in the last update if you're new to this page. I know how crazy it sounds, so you can be sure I'm not so crazy that I don't realize it.

I've been pulling lots of weeds in my three-acre yard because my area has made weed killers illegal. One day, it occurred to me that my de-weed program (90 percent finished) might represent the Biblical weeds, God's enemies to be thrown into the fire. And then one day soon after, a few months ago, I had evidence that a certain three-leaf weed with heart-shaped petals was a thing God wanted investigated. I immediately found the weed's name, wood sorrel. I can't recall what I said to suggest that God wanted this weed investigated, or whether I mentioned George Soros or nor, but I do recall looking up Soars as per the Soar river in Leicester, fir Woods were first found in Leicestershire. WOOD sorrel. That's the sort of proof I'm talking about.

Again. I had the impression that God wanted me to look up this weed BEFORE I knew it's name. When I did discover it by a google search of "heart-shaped weed," or something like that, it was a no brainer to try for a Sor surname as well as the Sorrels. And that was what naturally brought to mind the Legro river of Leicester, which is also called the river Soar. I knew without checking that the Woods were first found there.

Well, I re-visited this topic with the Sors surname, which is the Sor/Soar surname too. This time, I wanted to check whether God might have a pointer in this weed to George Soros, for my understanding of this man is that he uses his money to plant and grow weeds until infestations arise with movements to crush and spoil that which stands in the way of his agenda, and that of his partners, probably secret partners. Soros can be expected as one of the invisibles I speak of who have some power in cahoots with some deep-state government officials. It's all nasty business, by all accounts. (Use link above to load all Coats so you can follow much better).

The problem has been, that Soros was not born with that surname. Wikipedia says he was born Schwartz Gyorgy, which seems funny because others say he was born Gyorgy Schwartz. I would reject a characterization of him by Wikipedia, treating it as a white-wash, the number-one expertise of liberals. I rarely mention George Soros. There are many claims about him using divide-and-conquer techniques to alter whole societies / nations, but the evidence is not usually presented, probably because the liberal media keeps a tight rein on it. It's helpful, in my mind, that wood sorrel has yellow flowers, for the Schwartz's use a giant "yellow" (gold, technically) rose.

As I looked into this matter last night, good evidence popped up that Schwartz's are a Shirt/SHARD variation. This takes me to the 1979 dream, which I didn't know was created by God with heraldic pointers until about 2016. It was about 2016, after more than ten years of full-time heraldic investigations, that I became fully conscious that God was using my heraldry experience in conjunction with the "props" (as I call them) in certain events in my life, and it was about 2016, too, when a slew of dreams began to occur all with evidence of heraldic pointers. Prior to that time, I was not the type to think that dreams are usually God's messages.

In the 1979 dream, about a week after becoming a serious, thankful, Jesus-loving Christian, I was coming out of the ocean onto a beach of white sand which was resolved recently with Epstein's Little Saint James island. As I stepped onto the beach, I was given a glimpse of myself from the perspective of someone else's eyes; I was wearing jeans but no shirt. I reasoned, recently (after 2016), that if I had a shirt on, there would be no reason for me to suspect the need to include Shirts in my heraldic investigations, and by that token, I should also load the Jean surnames to see what they might possible hold for the purposes of unraveling this dream. In other words, if I had a shirt on, I would see the scene as normal, neither indicating Shirts/Shards of Jeans/JANES'.

I was able to suggest immediately that the Janes variation was a branch of James' because both surnames share the blue and upright lion. But this meant nothing to me until Epstein came to the news, whom I covered, and that's when I first realized that the beach I was on was at Epstein's island. When realizing that I was in the water (before coming to the beach) because Waters share the Epstein Coat, I didn't yet know that his island was Little Saint JAMES, you see. That explains the jeans. If I can show that Schwartz's were a branch of the Shard variation of Shirts, then we have cause to see a political / globalist Soros link to Epstein...what could make a better mobsterous picture? Isn't Epstein's ranch in New Mexico called, Zorro? Was it name after Soros?

I can now report that Spanish Jeans'/Jans have quadrants colors reversed from the Sors/Soar quadrants. How about that, a jean pointer to a Soros-like surname. And what are the chances that Sors/Soars have a blue and upright lion like that of English Jeans/Janes'? That's exactly right.

Plus, before this Soros investigation was conceived on Monday, the last update stressed Bell-branch Bellamys at the Arve river, location of Bonneville. Bellamy were from Perche, near a Bonnetable (near Le Mans) in the province of Sarthe. Just compare that latter term with Shards and Schwartz's. The reason I'm bringing Bellamys back to topic is that French Jeans use a bell, and because one Bonnetable Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Sorrel Coat. What are the chances? Doesn't it all look like Intelligent Design?

The Seyssel location near the Arve happened to be mentioned in the last update along with the Seys variation of Says. It could be that God arranged the Sorrels to share the Say/Seys quadrants in order to prove, right here, that Sorrels are using the Bonneville Coat. That in-turn helps the reader to believe that French Jeans do apply to Bellamy elements on the Arve, and while ANNECy is near Seysell, English Jeans/Janes' are also J'ANES', as though Jean liners merged with Annecy elements created the latter variation. In any case, it should be mentioned that Perche's and Arve-like Garveys use two-thirds of the Epstein Coat while, as I've said a few times before, God gave Miss Hicks' daughter, Geneva, a pedophile symbol, which happens to be the symbol of Geoffrey Epstein.

See the first quadrant in this flag of Leicester. Compare it to the symbol of bell-like Bullis', for both share red roundels with Shirts/Shards, and Bullis' substitute the ANNAS star in place of the Leicester cinquefoil. The latter is the cinquefoil also of Tancred-branch Tankerville's, and Jeans/Janes' share the scallops of Tancreds/Tanks while the latter are in Shirt/Shard colors and format. What are the chances if these things were not arranged by God? It's clearly connecting to the Soar river of Leicester, and from the Sors/Soars we connect with Seysell smack beside Annecy. I've just spotted Ruffieux beside Seysell, and the last update was partially on Rephaite's through Boeotia, which is where I trace Tankerville's. Seatons/Sittens, who were at least one Say location, share the Bellamy crescents.

Miss Hicks is the beautiful woman who appeared in the 1979 dream upon Epstein's island, and her daughter is pointing harder than ever to Geneva, the city to which the Arve river flows!!! It was only in the last update when I was able to show well that the "bon" motto term of the Hicks surname traces to Bonneville. This is shocking. In the dream, soon after seeing myself in jeans and shirtless, I was given a close-up of Miss Hicks' face, when I exclaimed, "she's beautiful." This was resolved, thanks to Walerans (they married BEAUmonts/BELLmonts = beautiful mountain), as God's pointer to Beautys, who happen to be BoWOODs too. Woods were first found in Leicestershire, and one Wood Coat shares the Rattery fitchees while Hoods were at Rattery. In the scene immediately before or after I saw self in jeans and shirtless, I saw Miss Hicks from a distance at the hood of a car. Cars share "sed" with SEDans, a branch of Seatons/Sittens of Say. It just so happens that Seys'/Says (expected with Sors/Soar / Jean/Jan quadrants) share the black bull with Walerans and Beautys/Bowoods. It looks like more Intelligent Design, now pointing to that wood-sorrel weed. It's just got to be Design for pointing to GEORGE Soros, for George's were first found in Dorset with Beautys, Sors/Soars and Shorts.

It was last night, before most of the realizations in this update thus far, when I arrived to Shorts seeking Schwartz variations. But before getting to that, lets add that RATTERy-suspect Rats/RAIDERs were first found in Nairnshire (near first-known Ratterys) with Rose's expected in the big, fat Schwartz rose. Ratterys share the crowned heart of Douglas' and Sandlands/Sandals.

Here's what little I did last night. Seeking a surname to which Schwartz's and Shards could be of, the Scharts/Schards were first found who have a red griffin holding an item that looked like a rabbit. I then went to Wikipedia's River-Soar article to find that the river flows through Harborough. Wow, lucky me, for I remembered that Shirts were rulers of Harborough without loading Shirts, and the recalled that HARborough should be a HARcourt line because Shirts/Shards share the Harcourt-Crest peacock in their own Crest, and this very peacock design is also in the Sorrel Crest!!! If changes these peacock designs, or removes one or two of them, or substitutes with some other symbol, just know that I'm not making a mistake with this claim: all three surnames share the same peacock design.

Beaumonts are known to descend directly from the Harcourt, Humphrey de Vieilles, whose surname is suspect with the Wells who in turn share a double-tailed lion with Montforts. The latter's lion is in the flag of Leicester because Beaumonts rulers of Leicester had their titles transferred to Montforts. Sorrels are also SorWELLs. says that the Leicester cinquefoil belonged to earl Robert Beaumont (descended from Vieilles).

Wow, just realized only now: the Peacocks have a black item inside of a gold roundel, ditto with the Dorset George's!!! We just saw items inside of roundels in the flag of Leicester and the Bullis'. Gold roundels are used by Flame's while Bullys (Dumfries, same as Bells) use a heart in flames. At first, I wasn't thinking nor suggesting that English George's are related to Schwartz's. Instead, I figured that God arranged a George link to the first name of Mr. Schwartz in order to help prove that He's developing my work as it unfolds. But it now seems (from Sorrel-beloved Peacocks) that Schwartz's are kin to George's, and, wow, while I've been tracing George's, even recently, to George of Hungary, George Schwartz is Hungarian! Zinger. That just fell into place on the spur; I hadn't even conceived it when starting this paragraph.

PLUS, the double-tailed lion in the Arms of Leicester (SOAR RIVER!) is the flag / Arms of Bohemia, and I've read that George of Hungary married a woman in Bohemia's Podebrady!

George of Hungary (son of king Andrew I) was the father of Drummonds, and the three, wavy Drummond bars are used by Seys-like Sees'/Sea's. Seys'/Sea's share the SORS/Soar quadrants. What more could God do to prove that He's got wrath hanging or pouring over Soros' head? Those quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Evers/Eure's while Belgian George's are said to be from EVERhardus, son of Georgi, in Hamburg, where German Drummonds were first found.

I've been tracing the Andrew character (see Scottish Andrews) at the root of the Ross surname to king Andrew of Hungary for over ten years, and Ross' lived smack beside the Schwartz-beloved Rose's! When things unveil themselves like this so fast after an investigates starts, I get exclamatorily charged. I get power when I'm charged.

Lookie: the earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMY castle, beside the Scottish Drummonds (Perthshire, same as Ratterys), and Mars share the sorrel Coat!!! Proof after proof I'm not making a mistake. And even Hungary is outlawing Soros.

You've got to keep in mind that George Schwartz was not born Mr. Soros. I don't know the real reason that he changed his name to "Soros" but one doesn't expect Soros-like surnames to apply to the Schwartz rose on that name-change account alone. There's got to be more behind it, and God can be expected to point to this demented man for obvious reasons. I started to remove sorrel from my yard in this past year. The first weed species I attacked this year was sorrel, and I made sure to clear it from every part of the three acres, especially on the driveway. It's more than 90 percent gone for this year even though it popped up continually month after month. I'm sure I can lick this weed by next year. What does this mean in globalist terms? I hope so.

Okay, so after realizing that Sorrels use the HARcourt peacock, I realized that the Scharts/Schards have a griffin holding a HARE as code for Harcourts and their Hair branches. After finding Scharts/Schards, I found Shorts as Schorts. I found them happily because they were first found in Dorset with Sors/Soars. When George's of Dorset came to topic, it was good. But then I also noted that German George's could be with the Shield of Shere's/SCHERFs (Austria, same as Scharts/Schards/SCHERPons) and/or German Walkers (both use stemmed roses). What are the chances that German Walkers share the double fesses of Harcourts and Hairs? Yup, that's right. What a story this is panning out to be.

Note how one Hair Coat looks like that of Obama-pointing Dunhams, for while Obama descends from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to Dunham, Singletarys have triple chevrons colors reversed from the triple Epstein chevrons. Isn't Obama a sexual pervert along with being a sinister, anti-Christian globalist?

Peacocks share a "fear" motto term with Irish Hare's/Jarrys/Garrys. And two Here surnames share blue wings with Schorts/Shorts. The Derbyshire Here's are said to use two "dexter" wings, and Dexters/Decksters, first found in Leicestershire, are expected from the Dexaroi peoples on the APSus river that flows to FIER county. Fier's are listed with FEARS, that's right. And Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex with APSus-like Apps/EPPS! Yes, like "EPPstein." As this is the second indication that God arranged heraldry for pointing to a Soros-Epstein link, might German Epps' (Bavaria, same a blue-wing Herzogs and blue-wing, proto-Rothschild Bauers) be in Schwartz colors by Arrangement? If so, why do Epps use a giant, gold-on-black lion? Could it be due to George's (Dorset, same as Schorts/Shorts) using black-on-gold lion heads??? Peacocks, who look linkable to the Dorset George's, share a fesse with Apps'/Epps and moreover have black mascles while Apps'/Epps' have black, mascle-like lozenges.

The Dexaroi are definitely to daggers, who share one-half the Coat of Belgian George's.

Anyone interested in the gold border of the last update, note that German Here's use one along with scythes. Gold borders are for the line of Justine of Picenum, expected in the "just" motto term of Peacocks. Justine's were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds, and as the latter were from George of Hungary, note that Peacocks have a black item in their gold roundel, same as the Dorset George's. The Scythes' surname is listed with Side's, a branch of Seatons (shares "hazard" with Sutys) and the Side-branch Sutys (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) share wavy, fessewise bars with Drummonds, and throws in what should be the George lion i.e. colors reversed from the Epps lion. Sutys use a "hull" while Hulls were at Kingston Upon Hull, and it just so happens that Kingstons share the Epps Coat! Bingo, it tends to prove that the Epps' are in the Suty Chief.

Besides, the Epps / Kingston lion could be the gold one in the Crest of Belgian George's (from EVERhardus). Kingston Upon Hull is in Yorkshire with Hulls (and the Ever/Eure-colored Hicks with a "heure" motto term) and the Mars sharing the Coat of the Sorrel (Dorset). Hulls share the dog with the Crest of the Dorset George's, and George's emphasize the ear of the dog while ears are suspect with the EYERs/Ayers, first found in Derbyshire with Here's and their Heyer branch.

Eppsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau, and Schwartz's in Hesse, a location suspect with the "HAZard" motto term of Seatons and Sutys, and Hesse's/Hessels (Austria) can be suspect also with Hazels/Hessels and Islips/Haslips whom are linkable to Scherf (Austria) liners that might just be a Schwartz branch. HAZels (in the "hazard" motto term of Seatons and Sutys?) share the squirrel (for SQUARE's/Squirrels linkable to Schare's/Scherfs) with German Decks/Daggers while we saw English Daggers (comparable to Apps/Epps') in the Coat of Belgian George's. Hesse's use a sun, and the Bradys with a finger pointing to a sun in Schwartz-rose colors are suspect with PodeBrady (Bohemia). I read that George of Hungary married a woman from Podebrady. Perhaps she was the proto-Schwartz's. Points/Pointers (sleeved arm with fingers pointing diagonally, same as Brady finger), expected in the Brady Coat, are in Schwartz colors. The Fingers have a finger pointing in Hazel-fesse colors.

Having come to the Schwartz-like Schort variation of Shorts, and having included Schwartz-like Square's/Squirrels, I can now go to "satan," the name I gave for one of the 16 squirrels I caught in my attic. This one squirrel died in the pocket of my shorts months before I discovered it there. Until I need to repeat any of that story, I won't. I just want to say that Pockets have the giant cinquefoil in the flag and Arms of Leicester in colors reversed. The dead squirrel was discovered after I put the shorts through the Sears laundry machine; I'm not making it up, I have told of this Sears machine before, and here I can add that Sears/Seers (Essex, same as Sorrels/Sorwells) and Sere's are like the Shere variation of Scherfs. Laundering is a thing the corrupt do with their money.

Sorrys/Sawreys (share Sauer lion), suspect with Sava-river Sauers (Austria's Sava river) share "Simplex" with Parkings/Perkins while Perkens (with the second 'e') have feathers in the colors of the one feather in the Arms of Leicester. I'm not familiar with the Leicester feather, and so I haven't contemplated where it might link closely or directly. Perkens share the feathers of Feathers while Fetters share the giant Hesse sun. Perkins are suspect from Perga, beside Caria, which should explain why Cars have a reflection of the Perken Coat, both sharing the chevron of Fetters likely because Cars ("SERO") share the sun too, which in this case can be for Sol / Helios of Rhodes...the Rose line. I'm sure that Rose-like Russells were resolved with the Sauer lion, and Sorrys/Sawreys do use a rose. Russells use a "sara" motto term while Sarah's/Sarres'/SAYers were first found in Essex with Sors'/Soars (SAY quadrants).

If it can be shown that Sorrys/Sawreys were a branch of Sors'/Soars, I'd say that the Soros', if it's a common surname at all, were Sava-river liners. The Gratian line from Cibalae was off the Sava, and while Gratian liners were to Greats/Greetans, the Grazio's share the rare-colored bend of Seres'/Zerrs'/ZORES' (Bavaria, beside ZAHRingers), helping to nail some Sor-like surnames as at least related to Sava elements via Sorrys/Sawreys. Gratian's daughter-in-law, Justine, is definitely to the Justine/Justus surname, which shares the SCALES of justice, and the white sword, with Azzi's/Ise's. The Azzi/Ise scale is held by a bent arm, an item with the fasces of Sorrys/Sawreys too, indicating a Justine-line merger with Sava elements.

The Sorry/Sawrey fasces can be seen better in the Assi Coat. It's similar to the hatchets of Zerrs/Zehrers/Sehrers/Zores'. It was recent when discovering that Assi's come up as Ice-like Ise's, and long before that, Zerrs/Zehrers/Zores' were suspect with Sears and Sere's, and with the "Sero sed serio" motto of Cars, with the namers of the Serio river at CREMa (Lombardy). That picture was pointed to by two ICE-CREAMs in two events in my life...which gets very interesting this week because I've just noticed that the Ice eagle with split Shield is essentially the Giuliani Coat. Hmm, I've to look at that when I have time, especially as the Giuliani eagle is half in the colors of the Sears/Seer eagles. Wow, what messages could that hold? I'll come back with an answer as I get one. Sears'/Seers were first found in Essex with Sorrels, and Sorrels share two passant lion (same colors) with Whistle's/Wissels. Big hmmm. Waistells/Wessels share blue doves with the Dorset George's.

Headline this week: "HANNITY GUESTS CLAIM GEORGE SOROS' 'DIRTY MONEY' BACKED UKRAINE WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT: 'THIS WAS A SET-UP'" Here's from August of 2016, as Trump began waltzing to the White House: "American financier of Jewish and Hungarian origin George Soros is going to join the members of the National Investment Council of Ukraine this was stated today by the head of department Boris Lozhkyn." Did Trump upset Soros' Ukraine plans? Was Poroshenko's Ukraine one of Soros' biggest, new pets? Giuliani said recently that Soros is involved with Hunter Biden. The problem is, as soon as one starts to talk about Soros, it sounds like a conspiracy theory:

Here's a fuller story of Soros making the Ukraine-scandal news this week:

The last update found Rudy Giuliani with a seagull event, and thus Gulls, who share a "sine" motto term with Gullys and Justine's/Justus', came to topic. The SEAgull is now Soros-interesting because Sea's/Sees' (fish) share the three Drummond fesses. Drummonds (linked to George Soros) were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs while English Trips (Kent, same as Sea's/Sees') have a "SCALIng ladder." It appears that Scalia's/Scalise's are being pointed to by the scales of justice as well as this ladder. Might Rudy wish to bring JUSTICE Scalia back from his news grave?

The two ice-cream events were from two ladies in my life who handed me ice-creams under identical circumstances, and one worked for Sam's HAMBURGer restaurant. I asked her on a date while she gave me the ice-cream at Sam's, and that first date was in a Valiant car. Valiants, expected from Valentinian I, husband of Justine above, has the only heraldic shark I know of. Shark-line Saraca's have a fish colors reversed from the Sea/Sees' fish. Repeat from the last update: "...we take CIBALae, home of Gratian, to the SIBALs (Fife, near Justine's), noting their red moline cross, for while Gratian birthed Valentinian, Italian Vallans have the same moline while Valiants use a shark. Vallans have the moline in two colors schemes, the other being that of French Sarasens. The other Sarasens are Saracens too...shark-liner Saraca's by the looks of it."

Wow, I'm so glad Sams were just loaded, for they "descended from the tenant of the lands of Kelveden HATCH"! For the last 15-20 minutes, I've been working toward mentioning Hatch's/Haachs for two reasons, one because they are like the Hatchets/Hackets in the Zerr/Zehrer/Zores hatchets, and two because they have two lions in pale in half the colors of the same of Sorrels (Essex, same as Sams). Pretty amazing. Sorrels use white lions instead, and there is a white lion head in the Hatch/Haach Crest. Hatchets/Hackets, can we believe it, have the vertical fish like Sea's/Sees', but in colors reversed so as to be in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish!!! Wow. The ice-cream girl pointed to Saraca's, but the new addition here is the Drummond kin of Sea's/Sees', for while George Soros connected in multiple ways to Drummond-line George's, the Sam lion is in the colors of the lion heads of the Dorset George's.

[Late in this update, the ice-cream girl's home at Warden avenue enters the discussion where the Warden pear becomes linkable to the founder of Nassau, a count of Laurenburg. I just want to say here, after passing the Scale's, that they share the scallops of French Laurens, and that the Arms of Laurenburg have a couple of miner's tools in saltire in the colors of the hatchets in saltire of Zerrs/Zehrers/Sehrers/Zores'. I think there's something to all of this.]

I've now got to repeat that this ice-cream girl is Katrina Hanson, and that German Hansons share the lozengy of Scottish Lombards while Crema is at Lombardy. You see, God knows what He was doing; it's up to me to figure out what he was doing with Katrina, and it takes a lot of time to get it all if I still haven't finished it at this time.

German Hansons include a green snake, the original color of the Visconti snake, and Visconti's ruled at Lombardy's Milan. Scottish Milans/Millens share the Sam Coat. God made this link sweet and easy to find and prove, and thereby nailed Miss Hanson to the Crema river, right? It seems that Saraca's were, with their Sava-river kin, at Crema as the namers of the Serio river. Russian Hansons (swan) even use the gold border that, so far as I've found, is owned by Gratian liners.

I've repeated many times that Katrina was a tall, model-like blond, same as Miss Hicks, and you just saw the Haachs and Hackets (share green trefoil with Sharks) in Serio-like elements. I don't recall splitting "KatRINA" in two to suggest Catters (fish!) on the one hand, and "Rina" on the other, nearly the Rena middle name of Miss Hicks. The Hykes'/HAKE's use more fish, zinger, that works. The Hicks dream is now shaping up as an Epstein-Soros thing, and the Epps' have a giant lion colors reversed from the Sam lion so that the impression now: this ice-cream girl is likewise to point to some aspect of George Soros. The Apps'/Epps' share the scallops of Scale's, (STRANGEly Dim is a song playing this minute, and Strange's share the Sorrel Coat). Catters trace well by their fish to Kotor, exactly the home of Saraca's, and exactly where Miss Hicks pointed in my 1979 dream that featured she and a shark.

The ice-cream girl worked at Sam's HAMburger place (it's online in Gormley, Ontario), and Ham's share the salmon fish of McCabe's. Dutch Burgers once showed three red chevrons, the Epstein symbol too.

Aha. CATTer's/CATHERs were first found in Berkshire with Sava-suspect Shaws/Sheaves' (share "itur" ending with Vincents) and cat-using, Crema-like Croms. The latter, in Sere colors and format, share three white quatrefoils with Vincents (Leicestershire, same as Soar river) of CRAMenil, while French Vincents were first found in Languedoc with Sere's. The Arms of Lombardy use at least what look like quatrefoils. The Leicestershire Vincents were at SWINford...which is in Harborough (on the Soar river), mentioned earlier as having Shirt liners for its rulers. Swins and Swyns (Porcia boars from Porcius CATO??) share lizards with Catter- / Kotor-like COTTERs. CATHERine Roet married Mr. Swynford and Mr. John of Gaunt (love Glove's) while Catters have the colors and format of Glove's, the latter first found in Perthshire with Justine's, Drummonds and VINCent-like Wings/Winks (probably from VINKovci, the alternative name of Cibalae). The axe in the Swyn Crest is probably for an Axe river in Somerset, where Roets were first found.

Berkshire is also where the Bohemian-suspect Pointers were first found, suspect with George of Hungary's wife (I don't know her name, and it's hard to find this marriage online) in Bohemia.

Another thing. My first job as a young man was at Tony's gas station directly across the intersection from Sam's Restaurant (both were corner lots). The Sam write-up therefore seems to have God's arrangement for verifying that Sam's do apply to the ice-cream event, for they are traced to William de Sahan (13th century) in a location, Saham TONEY. The Toeni sleeve (or maunch) is in the Leicester flag. I've read that Toeni's were also the TOSNI's, like the Tosini variation of Shirt-loving Tous'. Shirts (share the Sors/Soar peacock) were at Harborough. That works to prove that Toeni's were Tosni's and Tosino's too. Italian Tony use "flowers" while Flowers share a giant and white cinquefoil that's on a red background in the Leicester flag. On the flag, the cinquefoil is on a red roundel, the Shirt/Shard symbol.

Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with the LEGhs whom I trace to the Legro (the Soar) river at Leicester. The crwflags page for the Arms of Leicester: "On a wreath of the colours, a LEGless wyvern with outspread wings ermine strewed with wounds gules." That's the Crest of an Arms of Leicester, teaching us that things like beakless eagles (allerions, code for Allers) are code for Beaks just as legless and legged items are code (at times) for Legro-river liners. They don't mention "outspread wings" for nothing. They don't mention "strewn with wounds" out of some wild fancy. Chances are, all symbols are code for past contributors to Leicester.

The cinquefoil is said to be in honor of its Beaumonts, yet one official description is: "A red shield and on it a five-petalled white flower with one ermine's tail on each petal to represent fur; a hole at the flower's centre." Ah, now the cinquefoil is a "flower," and not only do Flowers have a giant cinquefoil, but Italian Tony use a "flower." It doesn't have an ermine's TAIL upon it for nothing.

The "hole" in the cinquefoil has got to be for the line on Malahule, the ancestor of Toeni's. Malahule is suspect in Malls (Cheshire, same as Leghs) having the Sors/Soar quadrants in colors reversed. Mall variations suggest that malls were merged with Bone liners; Bone's and Bonns share the Beaumont lion, and Bonneville's have double lions in pale colors reversed from those of Sorrels. Bone's and Bonns have a Coat comparable to that of Sorrys/Sawreys, and the latter's "simplex" motto term can jibe with the "simple" motto term of Spree's/SPREADs expected in the "outspread wings" of Leicester.

MalaHULE. Hule's/Hulls share a version of the Hall/HOLE Coat. Dutch Hole's/Halls happen to share the triple chevrons of Clare's while Sinclairs are also Centers. hence, "a HOLE at the flower's CENTRE." Sinclairs were at Roslin, six miles from EDINburgh (beside SITTens), and the Leicester motto, "SEMPER eadum," can be partly for Edins/Eadons ("SIT"), in Seaton/Sitten colors. The black Edin/Eadon scallops can be linked to Hykes'/HACKs (Devon, same as Seaton and the first-known Flowers) because the Hykes/Hack Coat looks very linkable to that of EATONs (Cheshire, same as Leghs and Malls). At one time, the Eaton cross looked fashioned as axe heads, and was exactly the cross design once shown for Samsons. The latter share the scallops of Roslin-suspect Russells. It doesn't appear unrelated to Leicester's Soar-river elements that Sempers share two lions in pale with Sorrels, both first found in Essex. The Semper lions are even in the colors of the Legh lion. Hykes'/Hacks remind us of the Hatchets/Hackets beloved of Zerrs/Zehrers/ZORES' (Hack-like axe in Crest), but also the Hatch's/Haachs whose double lions in pale are colors reversed from the same of Sempers.

The use the axe in the Zerr/Zehrer/Zores Crest, an item that is part of the fasces, suggests that Assi's (fasces) could be cousins of the namers of an Axe-river. The Hayasa-AZZI are suspect as a shoot of Hyksos i.e. expected to such things as Hykes'/Hacks. Heraldic axes trace well to one of the two Axe rivers in Somerset, one of which flows to a Seaton location. Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Keiths from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and with the Faucets suspect in the "FACTisque" motto term of Sorrys/Sawreys. The giant Faucet lion is expected with Sitten-like Sitlers/Schitners sharing the Ice trefoil, yet the Faucet lion is that also of Sams while Samsons share the scallops of Russells who in turn share the Sorrys/Sawrey and Sauer lion. It just so happens that Russells were first found in Dorset (near Axe rivers) with Sors/Soars and the George's with lion heads in the colors of the Sam / Faucet / Sitler / Milan lion. Hmm, Farrah's/Farrars have a bend-with-items in the colors of the same of Sorrels.

FAUCets are expected with the Faux branch of Vaux's because the latter were first found in East Lothian with Faucets. Faux's were first found in Essex with Sorrels while Vaux's are also VALLIbus', potential Vieilles liners from the Harcourts in the Sorrell Crest. Note that the Leicester cinquefoil is that of Bus' (near Essex) who can be expected in "ValliBUS." That's a very good explanation for the formation of "Vallibus," for Humphrey Vieilles was the ancestor of the Leicester Beaumonts. The DeVAUX's/DeVAUDs share the pelican of German WELLs/WELLERs. Pullys use a pelican while Pully is a location in Switzerland's VAUD canton. Plus, the Faux mascle is colors reversed from the one of Valli-like Whaleys (expected from Waleran de Leavell, who married the Leicester Beaumonts), suggesting some sort of an equation between Waleran de Leavell and "Vieilles." In fact, the "MiraBILE" motto term of Whaleys caused me to look up Bile's (curiously listed with BISSels/Bichels) who share the Humphrey scallops.

It just so happens that Bissel-like Biss' have the scallops of Bile's/Bissels (Berkshire, same as Windsor castle) in colors reversed. The Biss Crest is "two snakes looking at each OTHER". The Others/Otters (from Lombards to Windsors) happen to share the otter with the Humphrey Crest, assuring that Humphreys are from Humphrey de Vieilles. The Wood motto is suspect with Fenders (otter), first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters. While ADa of Huntingdonshire is to the Aid/Ade surname, it has a version of the Bile/Bissel Coat. Ada's father was from Surrey, where Biss' were first found.

I've now got to go back to the sleeping-bag dream for a super, new key. The dream was about Hillarys crimes with Obama, and, who knows, maybe even with Biden. In this dream, DAVID Morley appeared on a motor BIKE from a ROAD beside a MALL's PARKING lot. The Roads got suspect with Rodhams because they are in the colors and format of the Aids/Ade's who in turn have a version of the David Coat while Davids are from king David I, the line to Henry Huntingdon, husband of Ada of Huntingdon. Aids/Ade's even share the special symbol of English Morleys and Morlands so that we can't make a mistake here with God's pointers.

Parkings/Perkins (share "simplex" with Sorrys/Sawreys) were a pointer to Perkins Coie, Hillary's legal firm at the root of the steel dossier. The mall was verification that it was indeed David Morley on the motor bike because Scottish Morleys are also Mauls while Malls (share Sors/Soar quadrants) are also MARLEYbone's. I had suspected that the bike was a pointer to Biks/BICKERs, BUT WOW, I now find Bile's/BICHERs, first found in Berkshire with Bile's/Bichers! Bingo, for Bile's/Bichers are in Rodham colors and format! Excellent work, Oh Lord...and it only took about two years for me to get to this.

Humphreys use a BOTTONy cross, and share black scallops with and Edins/Eadons. The Lex's/Lecks (Vaud canton) have a bottony cross too while being suspect in the Sorry/Sawrey motto ("simpLEX"). It was just this week that we caught wind of Rosemont Seneca, partners of which included John Kerry's stepson (Heinz surname), Hunter Biden, Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin. As part of the crimes, Hunter and Archer were on the board of Ukraine's Burisma Holdings, and had earlier joined the Chinese for a similar crime all thanks to the clout and wink of daddy Biden. While SENS' (Lex/Leck colors) were first found in Switzerland with Lex's/Lecks, the latter's mascle is in the colors of the nine mascles of Seneca's/SENESchals. It's just that Lex's/Lecks have bottony crosses for linkage to Buttons/Bottons/Bidens.

Rosemonts have two fesses in the colors of the one of Buttons/Bidens, but this alone doesn't make a strong-enough link to prove that God is pointing to Hunter's role in Rosemont Seneca. Perhaps the blue Rosemont greyhound will clinch something at a later time. Scottish Hunters share the seated and white greyhound with Huns/Hundts, the latter having a variation like the Heintz's of Heinz's. That's interesting suddenly, as though God supplied the Rosemont greyhound for making a pointer to both Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz.

On the Seneca's/Seneschals: " Crevecoeur in the arrondissement of Lisieux where Hamon Le Senechal held a strong castle that still remains in the valley of Auge. He was directly descended from Hamon-Aux-Dents." The Dents happen to share Hound/Houn lozenges, lookie-that. The Dents are still linkable to the teeth of the shark. The Settle-like Zettle's/Zettels (Suter/Sauter hexagrams) have a Coat looking linkable to Heinz's, both first found in Bavaria. Settle's (Lancashire, same as Shake's/Shocks), share the green lozenges of Stars, the latter first found in Wiltshire with SAIDs/Saddle's, and having a chevron colors reversed from the Shake/Shock chevron. Shake's/Shocks pointed to Mr. Shokin of the Biden scandal, and Mark ZAID is the lawyer for the no-name whistle-blowers now in the news.

Just a reminder that Sorrels came to topic with my WOOD sorrel weed while Woods were first found in Leicestershire, making my weeds look like a pointer to the globalist activities of George Soros and company. It was only during this week that I caught wind of Mark Zaid, who says he has more whistle-blowers coming to him, but this only makes him look like he's working in partnership with the CIA program to destroy Trump before his team discovers more dirt on Obama-Biden corruption. The Zaid surname brought to mind the Said variation of Saddle's, making it very interesting because Sors/Soars use only one symbol on their quadrants, the same lion as Saids/Saddle's. Is this God's indicator that Zaid's whistle-blowers are seeking to protect Soros-facilitated corruption?

Dents (share white tiger with Side's) were first found in SEDbergh, probably named by Sedans whose "sino" motto term is very linkable to the "sine" of Seneca's/Seneschals. It appears that Seneca's and Sens' were Sion/Sine/Swan liners. There's a Mr. Swani in the Faucet/FawSET write-up, and the Faucet lion is shared by Side-branch Sutys/Sideys (Seaton/Sitten branch) while Faucets were FayeSide's too, and at FauxSIDE. Sedans bring us back to Seatons/Sittens, first found in East Lothian with Faucets and Vaux's/Vallibus', and so it's likely that English Wells share the Faucet lion. The Faucet write-up has SAER de Quincy, and Sere's with Sears are suspect in the motto of Cars who share "sed" with Sedans. Leavells were at CARy castle, and one Cary Coat is a rose version of the Dent Coat, the latter using mascle-like lozenges in the colors of the Whaley mascle.

[Insert -- A few hours after writing here, I recalled SORensons, finding that Danish Sorensons have a giant cinquefoil in the colors of the giant Schwartz rose, and that cinquefoils in these colors are in the Sedan Coat. The "dono" motto term of Sedans nearly matches the "dona" of Dons, and while the latter's double fesses are colors reversed from the two of Parrs, Parrs share the black border with Sedans. What a lucky strike, for Dons share WHITE ARROWS on a red bend of Sorrys/Sawrys, the ones with a "FACTisque motto term. Faucets (white arrow) have SAER de Quincy.

Parrs are from queen Nysa of the Pontus, the line also to Ness'/Nice's sharing the double fesses of Weeds. God may have chosen sorrel weeds, for this revelation, to link Sorrels to the Nysa line, for while Nysa of Cappadocia (daughter of Nysa above) became suspect with the birth of HERODs, sorrel weeds have a HEART-shaped leaf. Herods descended from ARETAS III of Edom, and Arrows/Arras' are from ARTOIS. Weeds, with a good reflection of the DENTon Coat, named Weeden LOIS, and Lois' were first found in Artois. Dentons were first found in Northumberland with HeROD-possible RODhams/Roddens whose cinquefoils they share. End insert]

Quincys share several gold mascles with Seneca's/Seneschals but in both colors of the Shakell mascles. LIMEstone lake is on Shakell road (see last update for details on that), and Lime's share the lozenges of Whistle's/Wissels while Mark Zaid is the lawyer for the whistle-blowers now blowing up the Biden scandal. The two Whistle/Wissel lions are in the colors of the same of Soros-suspect Sors/Soars (Dorset, beside Wiltshire), suggesting what others are thinking, that George Soros is complicit with the whistle-blower team.

Waistells/Wessels are suspect from Vestalis of the royal Cottians whom I trace to the Cotesii peoples beside the SENSii. Waistells/Wessels are the ones sharing blue doves with the Dorset George's, the ones who linked hard to George Soros.

Lookie. If ROSEmonts could be linked closely to the Schwartz rose, that would be something. Scottish Rose's share the "WATER bouget" with Weedon-like Widdens/Wittens, and Weeds of Weedon are suspect with the sorrel weeds in pointing to any tentacle(s) of the Soros organization. It can be relevant to this pointer that Waters were first found in Essex with Sorrels. To help prove that Widdens/Wittens apply to this Rosemont pointer, they use an owl while Owls, with owls in the colors and format of the Rose water bougets, were first found in Suffolk with Rosemonts and Clare's while Clare's share triple, red chevrons with Waters. The Rose boar head traces to Lesce with the same boar head of Lesks, and while Bled is beside Lesce, Bleds have the Clare Coat in colors reversed. French Clairs use roses. It appears that God arranged the heraldry for linking George Schwartz-Soros to Rosemont Seneca. The Bled Coat's triple gold chevrons are shared by TenARTs/TenARRES', suggesting Arras of Artois, the Mons theater more or less.

If RoseMONTs were a Rose merger with Monts, by what coincidence do Scottish Monts share (almost) the Legh Coat while the Soar is also the Legro river? It's known that Habsburgs were rulers in Hainaut, where the capital, Mons, is expected in the Mons variation of Scottish Monts. It just so happens that Habsburgs share the Mons/Mont Coat, crown included. PLUS, MONmouthshire is where Howells were first found, suspect with the Howl variation of Owls.

Mons became suspect with "Emona," beside LESCE and Bled upon the Sava/Save river (near Austria, home of Habsburgs). Again, LESKs share the boar head of Scottish Rose's! Again, these Rose's even use the "water bouget" while Waters were first found in Essex with Sorrels, important where Waters share the EPPStein Coat, which are three chevrons in red, what the three chevrons of Bleds would be in colors reversed. The EPPs' are listed with Abbs'/Apps', suspect with HABSburgs/HAPSburgs.

The Sava is also the Save and the Sau while SAUERs share the lion of Rose-like Russells (Dorset, same as SAWRey-possible Sors/Soars). Save's were first found in Burgundy with Bleds and French Monts; Bled's have a "tous" motto term while Tous' are the ones with shirt and BUTTONs. French Monts probably use mountains, which are in the colors of both Mountain Coats while English Mountains were first found in Essex with the Sorrels who share the Coat of Scottish Mars while French Mars were first found in Burgundy too.

My Dentist and the Hannitys

This reminds me of my dream in which I was golfing with my dentist. If you take your time in this section, viewing Coats and letting the links sink in, you'll get a good picture of Sadducee-line history as it draped over Europe to Templar elements in Flanders.

At the end of the dream, he was LAUGHING at the red buttons on my shirt. almost use Shirt colors and format, and his surname, Hawthorn, are likewise almost in Shirt colors and format. Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with the Tiss'/Teece's sharing the Shirt / Hawthorn chevron. My Dentist works at Ann street while Anns were at TICKhill, a location linkable to Tiss'/Teece's...from the Ticino river of the Laevi Gauls, who work into this dream, as we'll see. Sorrys/Sawreys use "DicTIS facTISque."

He wasn't made to laugh at my buttons on the golf course, but in his car. He was driving and I was in the back seat. Why that picture? Why do Seats share blue dove-like with George's, first found in Dorset with Sors/Soars? Why do Seats share besants on a blue bar with the Dorset George's? Why do Seats use roses? Seats are also CEDES' while GEDDES' were first found in Nairnshire with Rose's.

Near the time of this dream, there was another dream where golf balls were popping up everywhere out of white ground, which I assume was sand, for Sanders share elephant heads with Laffins/Levins (Sand colors). Sands, Seats and Cars were all first found in Lancashire with Shake's who in turn descend from the Tanagra area. My dentist's surname, Hawthorn (Tancred colors and near-format), is of the Tanagra-line Tancreds/Tanks, and hawthorns were first found in Durham with SEATon-related Sedans (share "sed" with Cars), thus explaining my being in the back seat of the car with him. The back seat can be for the STEER of Backs/Backs, for he was STEERing the car, and the Stars are linkable to the Shake chevron. Pero's use "flaming stars," and Flemings were at Hainaut.

The Sander elephants with chevron are in the colors and format of Laffers/LEVERsage's, once again with a laugh-like variation. The latter's Crest is the leopard-fleur combo of Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's so that Laffers and Laffins look like Levi branches, especially as the chevrons above are black, the colors of the triple Levi chevrons...which were used by the counts of Hainaut (!) in both colors of the Levi chevrons.

Hawthorns have the Leicester cinquefoil in colors reversed, but it's also the TANKERville cinquefoil in colors reversed. Hawthorns are highly suspect with HAUTeville's, the kin of Tankerville-branch Tancreds (Shirts colors and format), from TANAGRa of Boeotia, home of ORION the Hunter, the line to the HORN of Buttons/Bidens (Boet/Butt fesse), and thus the dentist laughing at the buttons of my shirt pertains to this Tanagra > Button line but is meanwhile pointing to Hunter Biden, especially as Aids/Ade's are of Ada of Huntingdonshire. WOE, Italian Boets share the Back/Back Coat! This is the best I've ever deciphered this dream, and it's thanks much to the golf-ball dream. It's even verifying that Buttons/Bidens were a Boet/Butt branch. The latter use a Coat version of rose-line Pierro's/Pero's, first found at Pavia, the home of Laevi Gauls upon the Ticino.

The golf theme was suspect with Guelphs, who were Welfs, and it just so happens that Welfs/Wolfs (Cheshire, same as Shirts) share the wolf heads of Skene's/Skins, a branch of Schimatari-liner Schims/Schiens/Shands. Schimatari is at Tanagra. Excellent work, O Lord.

Hawthorns could have been part Thorns, especially as English Thorns (Somerset, beside Buttons/Bidens) share the Button/Biden / Boet/Butt fesse. German Thorns/Thors have what looks like elephant trunks because elephant trunks are used by Swedish Thors. English Thors have the Howell Coat in colors reversed. The Thor tower is expected in the Arrow/Arras Crest.

One can figure Thorns to be Turin/Torn liners, for the BAUTica flows near Turin while Arduinici of the Bautica were at Artois with Arrows/Arras'. Ivrea on the Bautica is expected with the Yvery of Leavells. Heinz's happen to share the fleur of Arrows/Arras' while Mr. Heinz was/is a partner with Mr. Archer with Rosemont Seneca while Archers use arrows (Arthurs are ARCHibure's too). Turins/Torns (Aberdeenshire, same as Lesce-liner Leslie's) have boar heads colors reversed from the same of Lesks and Rose's. Leslie's were earls of Rothes, in the land of Rose's.

Howells were at Monmouthshire, suspect with Mons of Ann-like HainAUT, itself a possible Anne-HAUTeville / Hain-Hauteville merger. Scottish Hains were first found in Dumfries with Bullys whose mascles they share, and Bullys, with a heart in FLAMES for Flemings in the Hainaut area, can be of the Boet bull. The same mascles are with Shakells, and while Limestone lake is as Shakell road, Lime's have a lion head split in the two colors of the split lion of German Hains (Silesia, same as Sitlers/Schitners). Scottish Hains share red scallops of Tancreds, and in both colors of the Tache/Taque scallops (Tacks are said to be a Tancred branch). English Hains have the arrow, tracing to Artois, which may have overlapped with Hainaut. While Ardons are Artois' too, Ardens share the Tache/Taque cinquefoil. One can also spot the Dagger/DACKer scallop in the Tache/Taque Chief.

The proto-Geddes Geds were on the Nith river of Dumfries. The Boet/Butt fish is in the colors of the Geddes fish head, and Geddes' are suspect with the Cedes variation of Seats. This thing is suspect from Cetis, where a king was Laevi-liner Lupus Laevillus, the line to Leavells who married the Leicester Beaumonts. We are back to the Soar = Legro river, and so we can add that Dumfries is where Leggs were first found.

The greyhound in the Tache/Taque Crest is Rosemont-interesting because Rosemonts were first found in Suffolk with Tache's/Taque's. The "SANS tache" motto (used by Blanche's, for example), looks exactly applicable here, for the SENESchals are Seneca's while Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were/are partners with Rosemont Seneca.

I'd like to go back to Hains, first found in Lincolnshire with Hannitys. If God has pointed to Giuliani and Sekulow as unwrappers of the deep state, why not also Sean Hannity? I first of all note that Hannitys share both a red border and the black courant greyhound with Scoots. What did God all mean with "you can scoot over" (see last update for that topic)? "The surname Hannity was first found in Lincolnshire where they were Lords of the manor of Hainton, and Sir Robert de Heneage received a grant from Robert BLAOET who was Chancellor to King William Rufus." The Blaoets have got to be the Bluets/Bloets, first found in Hampshire with the ancient HENRY Joseph who tends to explain why Bluets share the Henry eagle.

The Bluets share the Shake chevron. William Rufus above was a son of the Conqueror's so and therefore descended from Fulbert "the tanner." It just so happens that Tankerville's, first found in Lincolnshire with Hainton of the Hannitys, are from TANERdevilla. Tanagra was beside the SHECHemites of Schimatari, the line to Shake's i.e. who share the Bluet chevron. While the latter share the spread, green eagle of Irish Henrys (Tyrone, same as Sharks), the Brittany Henrys share the red martlets of French Alans and French JORE's/Gore's, the latter suspect in the "TouJOURS" motto term of Hannitys. However, the red martlets of Jore's/Gore's are no longer showing, replaced with red greyhound heads. A red greyhound is used by Majors/MAGors whole "mago" is a motto term of the Hampshire Josephs. Online: "The [Joseph] crest is a golden garb, the motto "cas ni charo y wlad a'i mago." The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Henry Joseph, which was dated 1191, in the pipe rolls of the county of Hampshire,..."

It's important and relevant that English Yonge's/Youngs, sharing a "Toujours" motto term with Hannitys, were first found in Essex with Gore's/Core's. Scottish Yonge's/Youngs share the three black piles of Scottish Leavells, while English Leavells are said to have been in Normandy's Yvery. Don't we expect Laevi / Lupus-Laevillus liners in HAINaut from what was said before coming to Hannitys? Yonge's/Youngs and Gore's/Core's both use wolves, and the "jeune" motto term of Yonge's/Youngs should be for Jeune's, the French branch first found in Auvergne with Bloet-like Blotts/Bluteau's. If that red item in the Bluet Crest is a fox, bingo, it looks like a pointer of God to Sean Hannity. Alas, it could be a wolf because houseofnames uses the same design for either species.

However, the Blott-like Ballots do use a fox head; I was able to find the description after wrongly calling it a wolf head for years. The item in the Bluet Crest matches the fox in the Fox Crest, yet the item in the Fox Shield (not the same design) is the design used for others' wolves. Check out the difference in the tails between the Fox Crest and Shield, for the fox has the bushy tail, as does the Bluet Crest! Zinger. Ballots are the Bellows/BILLETs while French Billiards/Billets were first found in Maine with French Brabants; the latter share the bend of Fes'/Faye's having the fox.

Blotts/Bluteau's were first found in Auvergne with Fes'/FAYE's while Faucets of FAUXside were once FAYEside's. The SIMsons share the giant Faucet and Hainaut lion, colors reversed in the Blott/Bluteau Coat. The Simms were first found in East Lothian with Faucets and Vaux's while English Vaux's share the Shield of Louvier's while La Louviere is beside Mons of Hainaut. Louvain is near Mons, and Louvains/Louvier's (Kent, same as Brabants) share the lion in the Sors/Soar Coat! There was a strong Leicester link to Hainaut. Louvain is also, Leuven, and Italian Leuvens use a version of the Eppstein Coat while German Epps' share the giant Blott/Bluteau lion.

The Shield of checks used by Louvier's and Vaux's is shared by FLAMINGs/Flamingo's, from the Flemings of Hainaut, we can easily glean. And Pero's use "FLAMING stars" while Pierro's/Pero's use a version of the Boet/Butt Coat. Therefore, ask whether Coat of English Brabants exposes them as Button / Boet/Butt kin, especially as French Brabants have HUNTING HORNS.

The Brabanšon variation of Brabants looks like a merger with Banks sharing a version of the Arrow/Arras Coat, both with fleur-de-lys colors reversed from those of English Jeune's. Banks trace to Simon Bankes of Craven, and the Skiptons of Craven can be a branch of BELLOW-using Shiptons. Bellows/Ballots use the fox, and German Flemings share the giant and upright wolf with Fox's.

As BraBANT is expected with Levi's, why do you think that Bants show only leaves? Does this suggest that Brabants were from Bra, beside Monforte? Hmmm, looks like. The Pelosi's, at Savage-suspect Savigliano, beside Bra and Monforte, share the column with the Bohemian Frank surname. Why do you think that should be? Brays/Brae's were first found in Northampton with Sear de Quincy in the Faucet write-up. Faucets share the Hainaut lion, which is the Arms of Flanders too.

I'd like to add that while Sean Hannity's show immediately precedes Laura Ingraham, Ingrahams (Jack Coat, compare with Ardens) share the scallops of Daggers/Dackers, first found in Cumberland with English Vaux's. English Hains share the red arrow with INGERs/Enders! Home's/Hume's use the motto, "True to the END," suspect with Enders because they share arrows on blue with Archers, the latter first found in Warwickshire with True's/Tree's. I should record the "MAGNAnimus" motto term of Ingrahams.

[Long Insert, sorry -- The day after writing here, I found an amazing thing. The exclamation mark above is because a pointer of God expects an heraldic link between Hannitys and Ingrahams, for no one in ancient heraldry knew that the two shows would be side-by-side but God. This morning, I checked Carlsons because the Tucker Carlson show immediately precedes the Hannity show, and English Tuckers turned out to have the Bluet/Bloet Coat EXACTLY!!! The latter surname came from the Hannity write-up! It appears that God is pointing to the three prime-time Fox shows.

The "Toujours" motto term of Yonge's/Youngs and Hannitys was suspect, years ago, with the Toker variation of Tuckers! Did Someone arrange this? Two Hannity surnames are also Haineys, as is the Hainaut surname.

CARLSons were first found in Suffolk with CHARLES' probably using the eagle of Childs (from Childeric, Merovingian king). While French Charles' (Hick colors) list Charlotte's, I do believe that God is pointing to Fox's Hope Charlotte Hicks with Charlotte Hicks of the 1979 shark dream.

French Charles' are in the colors and format if Diss'/Dice's (from Suffolk, same as Charles' / Carlsons), who have a gold version of the Child-related Tarent Coat. The "DICtis" motto term of Sorrys/Sawreys looks like code for Dice's and Diss-like Tiss'/Teece's (same place as Bluets/Bloets). Tuckers look linkable to Ticks/Tucks/Touque's having a variation of the Teague/Teeger chevron.

Rush's and ROSEmonts were first found in Suffolk too while Tarents named Tarrant Rushton. Rushtons happen to share "have" with Sutys/Sideys, as well as sharing the passant lion of Side's/Sideys, itself in the colors of the upright lion of the FauxSIDE Faucets/Fawsets and Sutys/Sideys. Fauxside castle was built by Saer de Quincy, and it just so happens that Quincys were first found in Northamptonshire with Rushtons, their Rushton location, and BRAbant-possible Brays/Brae's. Rushton is in Suffolk with one of the first known Seamans, Seman de RESTON (like "Rushton"), and it just so happens that the wavy bars of Seamans (Suffolk) are those of Tuckers! Tucker Carlson.

Wow, the large Seaman crescent can now be gleaned as the large DORset crescent, for Doors share the leopard faces of Restons...and Write's. The latter were first found in Berwickshire with Restons and Barwicks / Berwicks, and Barwicks share the motto of Russell-kin Sara's/SAYers/Saires'. While Seamans share the wavy bars of Sea's/Sees', Sayers are suspect with the Says/Seys' sharing the quadrants of Sors/Sores', the latter first found in Dorset, same as Russells!!! Zikers.

The "patience" motto term of Rushtons must be for the Patience variation of Patents/Padyns (flames, no surprise), first found in Dumfries with flaming-heart Bullys. The latter share the mascles of Quincys and Perts/Petts ("Ardens"), the first found in Kent with Brabants. The immediate point is that Perts/Petts have a stork in the bulRUSHes while Bulls/Bule's happen to share annulets fessewise with Rush's. The same mascles are with Shakells while Shake's share the chevron of Carlsons. It seems that God sent me to Shakell road with Joel to unveil outspoken enemies of the deep state. It looks like the Pert/Pett stork is on a mount as code for the Mount variation of Mons'/Monts. Compare the Ardens to Scottish Hains who happen to share the Bully / Pert/Pett mascles.

German Tuckers have a "SINcere" motto term while Sins are listed with Sions/Swans, right down the Seaton/Sitten alley. Sions/Swans are even mainly in the colors and format of Irish Tuckers (Tipperary). English Tuckers (Devon, same as Seaton at the mouth of the Axe river) use the axe as well as the wavy bars of Sea/Sees' because two Tucker surnames use the SEAhorse. These wavy bars are in the colors of the wavy pale bars of Hains, first found in Kent with Ticks/Tucks/Touque's. It looks like another Hannity-line link to Tucker Carlson. Hours after writing this paragraph, I came to the Henniges company, and taking a look at the Hennings, what do you know? The wavy Tucker bars and another seahorse. And Scottish Hannitys are also Hennings.

"SinCERE" must be for the Cere variation of Sere's/SAIRES'/SERRE's, now discovered as the namers of Sierre, about 10 miles from Sion, both on the RHODanus river, expected from the proto-RUS of Rhodes, and with the Redones of Languedoc, where Cere's/Seere's/SAIRES' were first found. RUSSELLS (same place as Sors/SORES') use a "sara" motto term suspect with Sarah's/SAYers/SAIRES' (same place as Sorrels), said to have named St. SAIRE. Rhodes is off of CARia, explaining why Cars share the Cere/Sere/Saire chevron. Elements of the Miletus location of Caria are expected in the Tick/Tuck/Touque motto. The Russel motto is "Che sara sara," and the Fulke/Volk motto, "QUI sera sera." The Sorrels who share the Russell lion use "FactisQUE." The Shaws/Sheaves, suspect with the Sava river along with the Sorrys/Sawreys, use another "qui" motto term, likely for the Keys / Keys/Kays.

Is "seahorse" a code for Sors liners? Might be a stretch. John Kerry was born of the Jewish Kohn surname, which shares the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild. Why do Irish Cohns/Cohens use a seahorse? They say that George Soros is the point man for Rothschild globalists, and John Kerry married Hain-like Heinz's/Hainz's. Don't we expect John Kerry, as Obama's secretary of state after Hillary, to be working the Soros projects in eastern Europe? There's a hokey reason given as to how the Kohns changed their surname to "Kerry." [The day after writing here, Irish Hannitys/Heeneys popped up as Heinds']

This gets interesting at the story I've told many times, but will be repeated here. At the end of the sleeping-bag dream, I was pulling Miss Peare by her waist (on my platform in the mall) as code for Waistells/Wessels, for she once invited me to take out her white horse. I don't know whether it went technically for a gallop, but the horse was on a run of some sort, and was headed to a BANK (a three-to-four foot decline) so that I had to steer it right to miss the bank. Waistells say that their white horse is on a gallop, and Gallops (Dorset, same as Sors/Soars/Sores'!) happen to use a version of the David Coat, important for the David-Morley part of the same sleeping-bag dream. If I'm not mistaken, Irish Cohns/Cohens have a dove colors reversed from the same of the Dorset George's, and of the Waistells/Wessels!!! Wow, that's new. It's as though she on my platform is pointing to George Soros.

The points: 1) the Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Heinz's/Hainz's, and the latter look linkable to the English Camps while Banks share the white eagle head (same design) of Dutch Camps; 2) the PLATform was suspect, due to Hillary items being all over the same dream, with PLATTE River Networks (Denver, same as Perkins Coie), the place from which Hillary was operating her private server. John Kerry, who married Heinz, had the task of hiding / destroying all of her damning government emails in the email boxes of all whom she emailed, right? It's a no-brainer.

Now lookie: The platform was in a mall while Malls share the Sors/Soar/Sores quadrants!!! That is so special because Malls are said to be from Ellen de MalBANC. So cool, give God a hand, for he wishes to destroy Soros globalism. George Soros, the very tiny man who can't keep his army strong because he's a mere human. Under duress from an attack from the other side, he'll make mistakes and crumble. As long as he's operating freely, a snake in the grass he will be.

As Banks share the fleur of Heinz's, while Mr. Heinz of John Kerry's family was involved in Ukraine corruption, and because John Kerry followed the heels of Hillary Rodham Clinton, let's ask: what are the chances that Malbanks, first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/Roddens, share the ermined bend of Rodhams/Roddens? That's right. Who arranged that? The Sleeps, first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river, have ermined fesses in the same colors.

Behold. The double Sleep fesses are colors reversed from the same of Rosemonts, and Rossals/RESSELLs (could be in the "RESOLute" motto term of Malbanks) were likewise first found in Shropshire. Repeat: "It was just this week that we caught wind of Rosemont Seneca, partners of which included John Kerry's stepson (Heinz surname), Hunter Biden, Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin." Rosemont Capital is a "Heinz family alternative investment fund," says the New York Post.

The two ermined Sorrell lions are fashioned as the two ermined Sleep fesses in the same colors, and Sorrels came up as per my sorrel weeds while Weeds (at Weedon LOIS) have two fesses in colors reversed from those of Sleeps i.e. the Weeds share the double Rosemont fesses. The sorrel weed definitely looks like a Soros-Kerry partnership. The Weed Coat and Crest is even very comparable to the Coat of Rodham-related Rutherfords ("orle" border suspect with Sorrel-like Oriols/Orrels). It sure looks like a Pointer to a Kerry-Hillary link there, as could be expected.

Hmm, in the Hicks dream, she was sleeping until I was told to WAKE her up, and we then SOARed into the sky. Wake's are kin of Orrs/Ore's who share the Wake and Oriol/Orrel roundels.

The sleeping-bag dream ended with me on a wood (rough-built) PLATform in a mall, and Platte RIVER Networks was suspect while Rivers are a known branch of Revere's who in turn share the Sors/Soar/Sores lion. It appears that God arranged River liners to point to Soros to indicate that Hillary's emails were stuffed with Soros business dealings. How big and bad is this? Platte's have a near-copy of the French Mar Coat while Scottish Mars share the Sorrel Coat.

In the last update, I talked about a seaGULL walking to the sound of a car's blinkers, seen on our way to SHAKELL road. I became sure that it was a pointer to two of Trump's lawyers, Jay SEKULow (Jewish) and Rudy GIULiani. Let me repeat this:

Back to the blinkers to which the seagull had "danced." The Blinkers are listed with Blanchards, and Parrys have a "Mrs. Blanche Parry" in their write-up. Blinkers/Blanchards were first found in Lancashire with Blanche of Lancaster, who's in the Blanche write-up. These Blanche's/Blanks share the giant, white cinquefoil with Flowers. Gilly flowers. Best of all, Parrys share the three lozenges of Louis' while Giuliani's middle name is, Louis. It's more verification that God made these arrangements. It looks like icing on the uranium cake.

It just so happens that Louise, an old girlfriend of mine, is traceable to French Louis' because she worked at Penningtons when I met her. Penningtons share blue lozenges with French Louis'. Moreover, Louise's surname is Phillips while Phillips' almost share a motto phrase of Penningtons. The point is, Louise and Miss Peare were the two women at the very end of the sleeping-bag dream. Both women were on what I've called a PLATFORM and a stage. They can be construed as stages because Louise went on to work in choreography while Miss Peare was a pointer of God to the line of Eustace II while Eustace's / Staceys can be gleaned as a branch of Stage's/Staggs.

Actually, that was the sub-point. The main point is that Giuliani said, recently, that the deep state's attacks on him only give him a "PLATFORM" to speak upon. You can see the use of this word in the 1st minute of this BCP video:

So, is the video above indicating that Giuliani is going to start the unraveling of George Soros along with Bill Barr? The latter is suspect in being pointed to by Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, and Louis' were first found in Lorraine. Nancy is a location in Lorraine, and Pelosi's were first found at Bar-possible Bra. I'm wondering whether the Pelosi factor, and even the entire big, liberal media, are taking orders from Soros' people. Are they the nasty invisibles behind the Obama deep state? Did Obama give his soul to Soros?

Miss Peare got her waist symbol for Waistells when she left her platform to come onto my platform. Again, Waistells are the ones sharing the blue doves with George's, first found in Dorset with Sors/Soars/SORES'. Giuliani is claiming recently that the WHISTLE-blower is part of a George-Soros game. These George's are from the father of Drummonds, and so compare Drummonds to the Amore's and their Damory branch, for Penningtons and Phillips' love the Amore's in their mottoes. End insert]

Irish Fox's are expected with the Italian-Simon lion because Jewish Simons use a fox. As this lion is giant and colors reversed from the giant Montfort lion, I expect the Simons to be from Simon de Montfort of Leicester (just can't get away from Soar liners). French Simons use a "mon" motto term, and thus MONTforts look like a branch of Mons/Monts sharing the giant Legh lion for a trace to the Legro = Soar river of Leicester. The Simon-versus-Montfort lion are both in the Coat of German Hains.

I got side-tracked after saying, "Scottish Yonge's/Youngs share the three black piles of Scottish Leavells, while English Leavells are said to have been in Normandy's Yvery. " Here's from the Bluet write-up suggesting Yvery: "Robert Bloet (Bloett) (died 1123), an early English prelate. He was Bishop of Lincoln 1093-1123 and Lord Chancellor of England (1092-1093.) He claimed descent from a Norman noble family that held IVRY in Normandy. He accompanied William the Conqueror's son, William Rufus to England from Normandy." Iverys are in Bluet colors, and then there's the Were's/Wears, a branch of Vere's expected from Eure elements, sharing the bend of Iverys. The Ivery write-up has them from Ivry-la-Bataille in Eure.

I can't recall the details of a Hainaut family from a Bohemian queen, but I traced her to or through Emona on the Sava river, which is what made that place suspect with Mons, and can even explain why Habsburgs ruled in Hainaut. The two-tailed Montfort lion is in the Arms of Bohemia. I can now add "Bluet" look like "Bled," a location beside Emona. Therefore, when you have Bloets in the HANNity write-up while Hannitys were first found in Lincolnshire with Hains, an Emona-Mons link looks clinched. Bled-like Blade's share the saltire of one Frank surname while German Franks are from Bohemia. As the Hungarian Leslie's are expected from Lesce at Emona, might this Bohemian line be from George of Hungary's wife, the same that provided George Soros?

For example, there was Beatrice of Bourbon, queen of Bohemia, wife of a ruler of Luxembourg who brought the WencesLAUS' of Bohemia to the Hainaut area, who had themselves married Habsburgs. WENCESlaus' (sometimes "Venceslaw") looks like the Vince's whom I trace to VINKovci off of the Sava river. Vinkovci liners use a gold border, as do Scottish Hains.

Beatrice was a granddaughter of Margaret of Brabant (at Hainaut), an empress. Hainaut was political with Avesnes on the Helpe river, and a Margaret of Avesnes (Helpe river) married "William II of DamPIERRE, a nobleman from Champagne," which should explain why French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne while English Savage's are also Sava's. The Help river is of Helps/HALFs while Haafs/Have's share ducks with French Alans, though the latter now show the red martlets of Jore's/Gore's. I'm telling this because, while Jore's are suspect in the Hannity motto, Haafs look linkable to the Haugh variation of Haws/Hause's. The latter were looked up as per HAWthorns, and it just so happens that the two surnames share red cinquefoils. English Alans share the fesse of PIERRO's/Pero's while Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Haws/Haughs. Pierro's/Pero's were on the Ticino/Tessin river, suspect with Tiss'/Teece's (Hampshire, same as Bloets and Buttons/Bidens) who share the HawTHORN chevron. It's also the chevron of Scottish Flemings whose "DOUBLE tressure border" can be part-code for Bloet-like Blois'/DEBLOIS'. Might "Blois" have been named after a Bloet merger with Lois of Artois?

Reminder: the Bloet chevron, the Buttons, and the Hawthorns all trace to Orion the Hunter. He was stressed this year starting in July, when I turned it on concerning his Boeotian lines, not knowing that God was setting things up for Hunter Biden. Here's from the New York Post article again: "Rosemont Seneca and the Bank of China created a $1 billion investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a name that reflected who was involved. Bohai (or Bo Hai), the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea, was a reference to the Chinese stake in the company. The 'RS' referred to Rosemont Seneca. The 'T' was Thornton...In 2015, BHR joined forces [took over 49 percent] with the automotive subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned military aviation contractor Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to buy American 'dual-use' parts manufacturer Henniges." Henniges' are listed with the Bluet-line Hannitys. I wonder, is this why I happened to introduce Hannitys in this update? I didn't know I'd be here, at BHR, when introducing them. It's got John Kerry and Joe Biden all over it.

[Insert -- I kid you not, I almost missed it, and didn't find it until re-loading the Blotts after ending the paragraph above, which was also after this paragraph had been written a few minutes before that. Blotts are said to be from Orion-like Rion. Can that be a coincidence? Rions are listed with Riollets and many other Riol-using terms, suggesting the Oriols/Orrels (Lancashire, same as Shake's/Shocks) who share red roundels with Orleans'. Orleans was political with neighboring Blois. Shake's/Shocks share the chevron of Bluets/Bloets (!!) and Fosters/FESters. The other Fosters (Foxters?) use the motto, "Hunter blow THY horn," and Thy's/Thigh's share the giant and red wolf/fox of Fox's while FES'/Faye's use another fox...making the Fes' look like a Foster branch. Blows/Blowers look like they can be Blois liners. Rions share the stars of Salome's/Solomons who almost have the Scottish Vaux Coat.

Make of it as you wish, but as Nellys share red roundels with Oriols/Orrels and Orrs/Ore's, I saw them as a pointer to Nelly Ohr of Fusion GPS. She's the one getting a ham radio just as the Steele-dossier crime was in-swing, and while she was in cahoots with Andrew McCabe in her Trump-attack conspiracy. McCabe's share the green-on-white salmon with Hams, though the point here is that McCabe's were first found on Arran, which traces excellently to Picardy's Airaines, for it's near ABBEville while McCabe's are also McAbbe's. The point is, you can see Airaines in the write-up of ORIONs/Hirams/Irons! I wonder: was McCabe's FBI trying to hide the crimes of the Bidens and other Obamateers? Throw the bums in jail; never let them out. Make the needed example for those who steal and squander the peoples' money, in the billions, when abusing their political offices.

Remember, the dentist dream had the Hawthorns sharing the chevron of red-roundel Shirts/SHARDs, and Avesnes-line Avezzano's were first found in SARDinia. AVEZZANo liners are straight ahead, just a herring bone toss from Mons (I didn't have Herrings on my mind when saying this). Dutch Herrings/HARings share the black anchor with AVISONs, what a surprise, and Shirts were HARcourts are HARborough (Soar river). English Herrings (compare with Brabants and Sorrys/Sawreys) were first found in Oxfordshire with Harcourts and Damorys while Italian Damori's were first found in Sardinia. Herring fish are adult sardines, named after Sardinia, how about that. Herrings can even be a branch of Herons = Horns from Orion.

I didn't use "herring bone TOSS" to indicate Toss'/MacIntosh's, but they happen to share the Scottish Comey Coat, and Irish Comeys share the Morgan (created mythical Morgan le FAY) and Duffy lions while Irish Fie's/FEYs are also MacDuffie's while Duffs are said to be ancestors of Toss'/MacIntosh's. Comeys are thus shaping up as a branch of Avison-related Comyns. How about that fish toss, coming immediately after mention of Andrew McCabe, Comeys deputy.

The Oriol/Orrel Coat is also that of Ives', suspect in the bee hive of Kerrys. Ives' were first found in Lincolnshire with Heinz-like Hains and IVO Taillebois while the Tailbois scallops are shared by Morleys/MAULs (in the sleeping-bag dream). And the Malls with the Sors/Sores Shield have the IVER/Eure Coat in colors reversed. They both share the black bend with bee-using Bessins (Cheshire, same as Malls). Ivo Taillebois was from the Bessin. The Kerry BEE HIVE. I wonder what's in that secret place. John Kerry married Heinz KETCHup, and Ketch's may have been first found in Cheshire to reinforce this apparent sleeping-bag pointer to John Kerry.

The black Mall bend is likely that of Mails (Cheshire), who I looked up a few months ago to see whether they might point to Hillary's eMAIL crimes. I noted that Mails were at Wirral, and for that I had a lot to say that I don't want to repeat here (call me lazy, but to repeat it is tiring). Suffice to say here that the Drummond motto, "Gang warily," can be part-code for Wirrals, and partly for the Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as bags) having the bag cinquefoils in colors reversed.

The sleeping bag was found on a hill while Hillarys (share Clinton Shield) were first found in Norfolk with Bags. Repeat: "Platte's have a near-copy of the French Mar Coat while Scottish Mars share the Sorrel Coat." Scottish Mars were earls at KilDRUMMy. Those earls got suspect with neighboring Tarves, and Tarves' share the six Hillary and Clinton fitchees. Moreover, Chives' of Tarves can be gleaned with Maple's (split colors of Tarves'), and Wirrals came to topic with three doves WHIRLing around my MAPLE tree. In fact, as I said, they whirled upward, as in SOARed up. End Insert]

The dentist dream went to Buttons/Bidens who share the Thorn fesse, and Thorns were at St. Margaret (Somerset) while sharing the Sava/Savage lion, making St. Margaret suspect with the line of Margaret of Avesnes. The interesting thing here is the motto of Margesons/Mackesys, suspect with the Lolita/Loyal surname and thus with the Lolita Express of Jeffrey Eppstein.

We now go to the Kettle's ("vince") who have the Hawthorn cinquefoils in both colors, though as Haws/Haughs/HAUSE's share red cinquefoils with them, we note that Kettle's, Keiths and Haws/Haughs/Hause's seem to be sharing the same stag head. The neckline of the Haw/Haugh/Hause stag head is ripped-like, called "ERASed" in heraldry, code, I think, for the Eras variation of Rasmussens, first found in Hause-like Hesse. Keiths were Catti from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and while German Cassels have the triple Bled chevrons in colors reversed, Scottish Cassels happen to use an "Avise la fin" motto, how perfect, for Avis/Avisons are like "Avesnes," and "la fin" is definitely code for LAFINs/La Fonts motto. The dentist, Mr. Hawthorn, was LAUGHIN at the red buttons on my shirt. Lafins/La Fonts were first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys while Scottish Kennedys share the full Cassel motto. Avezzano is at monte Velino while Velins share ducks with Haafs/Have's (Belgium, same as Hainaut) while Haws are also Haughs. It appears that Hauteville's were from the Helpe river, and that they named HainAUT, or vice-versa.

The Avis/Avisons probably have the Joseph garbs closely. Avesnes is near Comines (Artois), explaining why Avis'/Avisons share the Comine/Comyn Coat, but here we can add that the Arms of Comines shares the black key with Scottish Cassels. It just so happens that the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Hains and Hannitys. Cassels share the Casey chevron, and Josephs use a "Cas" motto term. The Casey Crest shares the gold garb in the Joseph Crest, yet the Casey garb comes with a cloud while McLeods/Clouds share the castle of German Cassels.

The Haw cinquefoils are in both colors of the Hain scallops while Hains share the red scallop with Tancreds; it serves as extra evidence that Hawthorns were HauteVILLE's > Tancred liners. ConteVILLE's of Comines are expected as a Conte merger with Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's while Lafins/La FONTs share the giant lion of Italian Conte's. VisCONTI's were in Sardinia. The mother of Hugh Lupus (earl in Cheshire) was a Conteville, and he's suspect with the Welf/Wolf/Lupus surname (Cheshire) that is itself expected from Guelphs, the meaning of my golf game with my dentist, I assume.

Here's Amazing Polly on a new dig featuring Soros globalism as it relates especially to some of his pilot projects in Ukraine:

Just after 20 minutes, Polly goes over a John-Solomon leak on Soros' corruption strategies. We find that Soros about owns the Ukraine politico, a thing I haven't known because I resist reading up on Soros like I've resisted reading up on Hitler. I started this update on Soros-possible pointers not knowing that he was this heavily into Ukraine's building blocks. Does anyone really think that Soros placed himself in this God-position because he cares for Ukrainians? Isn't he more like a closet Stalin? The only good news; he's almost dead of an old-age calamity to his body, and his money can't follow him to his after-life fate. He best pray it won't be painful. After his death, his secrets may come flowing out unfettered.

I find it near-impossible to believe that Polly digs up her information all on her own. I've not heard her say that she has a behind-the-scenes team. If I heard her correctly, she insinuated that Zelensky is a part of the Soros corruption, though she based this on one spoken consideration only, and perhaps misinterpreted it. It seems to me that Zelensky is very-much opposed to the Obama-team's partnership with the previous Ukraine leader. At least, Zelensky's mandate from his voters is to eradicate the previous leader's system, and so Zelensky is a sort of Trump-of-the-Ukraine, only not as rich, and probably not as boastful / self-confident.


Here's Jeanine with Trump on the phone. The latter says he'll leave it up to Pompeo on whether to fire a certain U.S. state-department, Ukraine-related employee (Marie Yovanovitch) who disobeyed White House orders this week not to appear before the impeachment proceedings. What will Pompeo do? She's clearly corrupt, or at least covering for the corruption, yet she's still working for the government??? This is like Barr retaining Bruce Ohr as his employee. Something stinks here.

Note that Trump (12th minute) complains that Paul Ryan refused to issue one subpoena against deep staters when the good-guy Republicans badly wanted / needed them. Then, as Paul Ryan stepped down, Fox news hired him for an important post. Isn't it therefore obvious that the owner of Fox news is a compromised bastard? How else do we explain Ryan at Fox? Ryan is a liberal-leaning obstructor, what people on the street call a bastard.

In the 19th minute, Trump says that "everybody wanted me to fight with the Kurds against Iraq". Wow, it sounds like his U.S. military chiefs, along with the Kurds, are the "everybody," and, I think, this information has not been public knowledge, until now. It's absolutely huge to now discover that American military hawks have plotted to subdue Iraq using the Kurds. That's why Trump is getting out of Syria, and why John Kelly and James Mattis quit. They had huge (and risky) plans to topple Iraq, then Iran, damn the American people (who must pay for it). This is why the shadow government wants Trump out, and they WILL kill him if they must, but perhaps not before the 2020 election results.

There is news talk that the original whistle-blower is in some cahoots with one of the Democrat candidates, which can reveal that there is a two-prong attack, one against Trump, and the other against Biden. That makes sense. It signals that some CIA people don't want Biden to run against Trump. Not a wonder. But who is the CIA gunning for, for the purpose of ousting Trump? A Republican, per chance? Has Paul Ryan been placed into war-hawk Fox to support this secret Republican contender? How will the Fox boss gag all of the Trump supporters at Fox? What will happen to Fox financially if Fox dumps pro-Trump talk? Keep an eye out Shepard Smith's replacement.

The weak / sudden report this week that the same whistle-blower was in cahoots with Biden in some way may be CIA disinformation to make Democrat voters not make the leap to the possibility that the whistle-blower team has as a very purpose to ruin Biden. Bongino has some new things after about the mid-point of his one-hour video:

It has been announced that Hunter Biden is quitting his board position on the Chinese firm that's made the news in conjunction with his Ukraine crimes. If he were not guilty, it's doubtful he would step down. The firm probably wanted him to step down because the firm itself is guilty of hiring him. It's obvious corruption. Hunter is acting as the firm's lobbyist, we might say. By lavishing money on Hunter, the firm was caressing the Obamaites with mouth wide open, waiting for mama bird to stuff it with juicy worms.

It seems surreal that Hunter received 1,500,000,000 dollars from China. What did Hunter do with it? Is Barr wanting to know? In which "laundry machine" is all of that money? If China did give this money, which Fox seems to have verified, then it didn't do it for any other reason than to expect a return in some form from the American tax payer.

The New York Post; "According to an email revealed as part of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, Rosemont described themselves as 'a $2.4 billion private equity firm co-owned by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz,' with Devon Archer as 'Managing Partner.'" It sounds as though they were not merely board members amongst others, but chief, sole owners. That's a laundry machine, isn't it? It hides the China money in a business set up for the purpose.

John Solomon has seen the money-transfer papers from the Burisma to Rosemont Seneca in the amounts of $166,000 monthly (split into two payments). John says that these payments were to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. That adds up to a million dollars quickly. These payments to Rosemont were in 2014-15, when Jack Lew was Obama's treasury secretary, until January 20, 2017. Therefore, Lew's books should record how much money went to, or came from, China, and what sort of deals it was for, in relation to this Biden-family deal. Trump has his own treasury secretary. How come we've not heard from him? A better question is: how much of a fool is Trump?

Trump made Mnuchin his treasury secretary: "After he left Goldman Sachs in 2002 [he was a partner], Mnuchin briefly worked as vice-chairman of hedge fund ESL Investments, which is owned by his Yale roommate Edward Lampert. The following year, he established the company SFM Capital Management together with financier GEORGE SOROS." Did Trump the deliberate fool arrange Mnuchin because Trump knew Soros' schemes and wished to protect them? Or is Trump just a sloppy fool who didn't check Mnuchin's background? The quote above continues: "Mnuchin founded a hedge fund called Dune Capital Management, named for a spot near his house in The Hamptons, in 2004 with two former Goldman partners. After its founding, Mnuchin served as the CEO of the company. The firm invested in at least two Donald Trump projects, the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Honolulu and its namesake in Chicago."

Is Mnuchin another worker of iniquity? Do you have the illusion that everyone whom Trump chooses is a God-send? That's defined as a fool, and you don't want to be that. From the same article: "In 2009, a group led by Mnuchin bought California-based residential lender IndyMac...The purchase price was a $4.7 billion discount to its book value. Mnuchin's investment group included George Soros..."

Mnuchin in Heraldry?

"Mnuchin" looks like a Munich variation. There are few Ukrainian surnames at houseofnames. I can recall only two, the Romans and the Munichs. Did God arrange this to assure that Mnuchin is with Soros' Ukraine schemes? Did one of Trump's phony / enemy advisors convince him to choose Mnuchin? Good possibility. The plot thickens. This should get out into the news as Soros begins to enter it. There has been news to the effect of silencing Giuliani's television appearances, and perhaps his entering Soros into his Ukraine scoops is at the root of silencing him. Expect Soros invisibles to become angry visibles if Giuliani continues to call out Soros. "Soros" does not appear in any of Trump's registered tweets going back to the 1st of September.

The leftist media, speaking it's native language, is naturally portraying Soros as unrelated to Giuliani's emphasis on the Bidens. "'George Soros has a not-for-profit called AntAC,' Giuliani said in a CNN appearance last Thursday. 'AntAC is the one that developed all of the dirty information that ended up being a false document that was created in order to incriminate Manafort.'...On Tuesday, he told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that Biden was somehow involved in an effort to save a Soros-run organization in Ukraine from prosecution" (

In the throes of this Soros assault, the latter came out (this past week) to praise Trump's tough reaction to China...which could indicate that Soros has no other measure to use but to fan Trump's flames against China to keep the president from discovering his Chinese fingers. That is, was Soros behind the 1.5 billion Chinese investment now in the news? Is this what he doesn't want Trump to discover? Is this why Soros wants Trump to make enemies of China, all the better for the Chinese not to do Trump any political niceties?

Why hasn't Trump mentioned Soros? Political wisdom? Is Trump more concerned for his election standings than swiping at Soros' global-village socialism? I can't find anything at Google suggesting that Trump has demonized Soros. Have the two made financial pacts in the past? His voters started a petition urging him to outlaw Soros from the United States. Soros and Trump both agree on ending the global military projects of the war hawks, which might mean only that the American military can upset his societal-engineering projects with its own brand.

I've got more heraldry. It can involve the drive from Shakell to PARRY Sound. I'll start with German Munichs likely sharing the Shield of Kohn-related Hohens, which recalls that John Kerry was born a Kohn. German Munichs have double fesses in the colors of the same of Parrs. Parrys have one of the Parr fesses. So far, not bad, because I can see more to come that's interesting.

Next, I asked why Irish Munichs share a version of the English Power Coat. Knowing that Powers were first found in Devon with POORs, I asked if this was a pointer of God to Petro POROshenko, the previous Ukraine president...which we can expect in cahoots with the Obamaites, and with Soros. The Poors happen to share the Parry chevron, and so I tried for a Porry surname, and that brought up the Perrys. Trump's secretary of energy, Rick Perry, was just called in to testify against Trump, on roughly Trump's Ukraine phone call. How about that. Pore's are even listed with Peers/Peirs/Pere's (Warwickshire, same as Parrot-related Pettys and Tree's), in the colors of the Power and Munich stags.

Let's assume that Porrys/Perrys (Hampshire, beside Dorset) are a pointer to a Poroshenko-Soros partnership, secret or otherwise, for the Porry/Perry Shield has the quadrants of Sors'/Soars (Dorset) in colors reversed. The Porry/Perry Crest has either a deer or hind, I thought, for it shows no antlers. If it's a hind, it fits with Heinz's/Hainz's, for the English Hain Crest has an upward-pointed arrow on top of a crescent, same as the Crest of pear-using Wardens. Here's the Porry/Perry Crest as recorded in my 5th update of November, 2014: "A HIND's head erased, holding in its mouth a PEAR TREE sprig." It gives reason to point to Christopher Heinz of Rosemont Seneca, the son-in-law of John Kerry. Cool. Scottish Wardens even share a gold fleur-de-lys with Heinz's.

As was revealed recently, the Parry Coat (Welsh) is a colors reversed version of the Hind/Hinds Coat, and the triple Parry lozenges are shared by Louis' while Giuliani's middle name is, Louis. We were in Parry Sound when the gull Sign was given for Giuliani. Welsh Louis'/LEWs can be a signal that Obama's treasury chief, Mr. Lew, could be guilty. It was Mr. Lew who was succeeded in his position by Soros-friendly Steven Mnuchin, the reason for starting this section on the Munichs.

The "CONfido" motto term of Porrys/Perrys should be for the Con variation of Kohns/Cohens, for while the entire motto of Boyds is, "Confido," they share the Hohen checks. Fido's are listed with Fothes'/Fette's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Cons/Conns.

The Warden-like Wards (almost the Kohn/Cohen Shield) have checks in Nassau-billet colors, and use a Comey-like "Comme" motto term, and while James Comey oversaw the FISA / FISC crimes, German Munichs share the FISC Shield. Again, this was the Shield of Hohens, a red version of the Kohn/Cohen Shield, and the latter is used by Tolle's/Tulls. The latter share the pyramid with Fiscs, and have the Tool lion, two of which makes the Sorrel Coat. Take heart, I have spent countless hours this year in a war to eradicate the sorrel weeds from my three acres. Is that a Sign of Soros destruction? We hope so.

Wardens share the pear with the Arms of Dudley, a location in Worcestershire not far from Clapton. Wards were at Clopton and share the ermined-white bend of Claptons. Clapton is near the first-known Sors/Soars who share the Dudley lion, blue like the lion head in the Ward Crest. The Samsons, first found near Clapton, share a blue lion in Crest with Wards, and recalls that Katrina Hansen, the ice-cream girl, worked at Sam's RESTaurant. She lived on Warden avenue. The Arthurs of Clapton used organ RESTS, and the Lets/Late's (Gloucestershire, same as Samsons), suspect in the Samson motto, use "organ pipes." Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire, and the Arms of Dudley use at least one Stafford symbol, a Stafford KNOT.

About a year after this ice-cream girl, God provided another one, Darlene Ray, and Darlene's can be gleaned as kin of Cnuts/Knots, believe it or not. I'm not sure what this all means, however, whether or not it's a pointer to Chris Wray, but I was living in Gormley at the time of both girlfriends (teens), and the first worked in Gormley while Gormleys share the Wray martlets, their only symbol in both cases. Gormleys can be gleaned as a branch of Grimms/Grime's, and as they have the FEET/Fate fesse-with-martlets, the German Grimms can be expected to have the FETT/Fetter sun. I'm going to guess that German Grimms have the Genova/Geneva lion because GRIMaldi's (my mother's maiden name) were in Genova. Feets/Fate's are suspect in the Cheney motto, and then Chenays/Chaine's share the white wing with Genova's/Geneva's and Fetts/Fetters (and Masci's, my mother's mother's surname). It could possibly be suggesting that Chris Wray is a Bush-Cheney tool, explaining why Wray has been of zero use to Trump's deep-state difficulties. Wake's use a knot too.

I now want to go to the Saint-Petersburg medallion I found on the hood of my Jeep, for I've just found a Shenko surname while seeking something to which "PoroSHENKO" could point to. I had suggested the Shenk-like Sinks because I had found red buttons in the kitchen sink of my TRAILer when tearing it apart (is that destruction pertinent to the Soros empire? We hope so). It suggested a Button/Biden link to Poroshenko, but I can now add that TRAILs share the lozenges of Seneca's, an apparent pointer to Rosemont Seneca. The kitchen sink may have been to point to Heinz KETCHup, for Kitch's are listed with Ketch's; the latter share the black border with Parrs, first found in Lancashire with Kitchens/Ketchens. Working good, especially as Kitchens/Ketchems share water bougets with the Rose's who likely made Rosemonts.

Ha! The Shenko's have a spread eagle colors reversed from the same of Diss'/Dice's, and while Diss was once called, Disce, "DISCrimine" is a Trail motto term. John Kerry followed Rodham Clinton, and Rodhams use a tree stump while Stumps have a version of the Kitchen/Ketchem Coat. The Sorrys/Sawreys/SORROWs (version of Kitchen/Ketchem Crest!) use a "DICtis" motto term, and while the Diss/Dice eagle is shared by Strongs, Strange's share the Coat of Sorrels.

The MEDALlion on HOOD was found to be a pointer to the Medals/Dougals because their quadrants are those of Boyd-like Bauds; the latter share the HOOD crescents, and, moreover, Medals/Dougals have a Baud-like "Buaidhe" motto term, like the old Buidhe variation of Boyds. Amazingly, the Medal/Dougal and Baud quadrants are those of Jewish Kohns (palm trees) in colors reversed, all in the split colors of the Groce Coat, important because the medallion was found in the parking lot of a GROCery store. Darlene Ray and I worked at a grocery store, and the red fitchee of Darlene's could be close to the red one of Medals/Dougals. There is no doubt that the latter's is the MacDonald fitchee, and so note that the same eagle as used by MacDonalds is with Shenko's (Silesia). The latter's horizontally-split Shield is colors reversed from the same of Groce's, and, believe it or not, wow, the Shenko's share the hexagram of JEEPma's/Cheps. I found the medallion on the hood of my red JEEP. It definitely looks like a hit on Poroshenko.

As the gold-blue colors so prevalent in the paragraph above are also those of Wrays, I'm going to guess that Chris Wray is privy to, if not deeply involved with, Ukraine corruption. Wrays were at a Wray-with-Botton location, what a bidencidence. The only question is whether Trump arranged Wray as his FBI chief because Trump too was gaining corruptly in the Ukraine. We should not leave that possibility as out of the question. Why is nobody getting rid of Wray??? It's a glaring sign of corruption in the Trump government. I can't see it any other way, sorry.

The "juste" motto term of Wrays has got to be for Justine of Picenum, the line to Justine's and Assi's/ISE's, the latter now connectable to the Ice surname and therefore to Darlene Ray, the ice-cream girl. Assi's/Ise's share the fasces with Sorrys/Sawreys/SORROWs. The latter share arrows with Knobs (Bavaria, same as Rothchilds/Rothes'), and the grocery store that Darlene and I worked for was KNOB Hill Farms. The Sorrys/Sawrey/Sorrow arrows are on a white-on-red bend having a white rose, and then Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') have three white roses on the same-colored bend. Very telling. German RODDENsteins/Rothschilds (with the 's') have an arrow to be gleaned with the Rodham/RODDEN bend, and the five-bunched arrows of Scottish Bowers are the Arms of Rothschild while German Bauers/Bowers, the known proto-Rothschild surname, were first found in Bavaria and Austria. The latter nation has the upper Sava, and Sava-river Sauers share the lion of Sorrys/SAWReys/Sorrows so that, now, aha, we have George Soros pegged as a Rothschild slime, the parasites of the planet ever taking our money to themselves, feeding on the blood, sweat and tears of our labors. If that's not enough, they make plans to control our every lifestyle, edging us onward to become slaves of their corporations = Mystery Babylon in Revelation 18.

To clinch this picture, I dated Allison BAUER of Knob Hill Farms immediately after dating Darlene. Allison left me for another employee there while I sat on the hood of my car, and Allisons (MacDonald liners) share the bird design of Hoods. I was sitting on the hood with a fellow employee, Mr. Kepke, and Allisons are from the KEPPOCH branch of MacDonalds. No mistake, God was using me way back then, at 17 years of age, to point to the Rothschild empire.

The Shenko's are excellent because their Crest is a near copy of the three feathers seen in the Arms of Rothschild. It's as though God pointed to a Rothschild-Poroshenko alliance centuries ago. Poroshenko was installed when the globe trotters ousted the pro-Russia leader in the Ukraine. Of course, they justified this coup by calling the pro-Russian corrupt. It's what the deep state always does to garner the support of the people, for the people pay for the coups, no matter how expensive, and meanwhile the Rothschilds make money when toppling leaders. This is the end times, bound to explode in their faces. Have no pity when Jesus comes to rectify. Never mind fleshy Trump, worship Eternal Jesus.

It's important that one Petty Coat shares the green Peeble parrots, for Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire while Pettys share the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants. Parrots, who share the pear with Porrys/Perrys, happen to come up as Porrs. It just so happens that the Parrots/Porrs have a good reflection of the Schiff Coat (Austria), and Schiffs share the raven with Rothchilds/Rothes'. Parasites who make up stories for the purposes of toppling leaders, now after Trump because he's not serving their globalism projects. If patriotism means rejecting globalism, I'm for that, but if patriotism means worship / adoration of country, no thanks, I'm an Israelite of God; I joined his country. Did you?

The medallion was found at a Food Basics grocery store, and so it's necessary to check out surnames possibly pointed to by that name. The Foods/Foots are a branch of Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's expected in the 'conFIDO" motto term of Boyds and Porrys/Parrys (hind). The latter got suspect with a Poroshenko-Soros alliance because they have the Sors/Soar Sores quadrants in colors reversed. That suspicion was before finding that Shenko's look linkable to Groce's and Jeepma's. That's compelling.

Food Basic was suspect with such things as Baschs, who use the gold border likely owned by lines from Gratian > Justine of Picenum. A gold border is used by Gens/Jeune's/Jennes', looked up as per the "agens" motto term of Porry/Perrys.

Repeat: "Fido's are listed with Fothes'/Fette's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Cons/Conns". CONfido, the motto of Porrys/Perrys using a "PEAR TREE tree pear." There happens to be a Peartree surname likewise first found in Aberdeenshire. Why do Peartree's share the Trump stag head? Why do Leggs have a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head while the Legro river is also the Soar. A Trump-Soros partnership at some time past? JUST REMEMBERED BY HEART, a BLUE GREYHOUND, the Rosemont symbol, is used by Legro's!!! Wow, and the same Legro's/Gros' have a lion in the colors of the Sors/Soar lion! Bingo, a Soros link to Rosemont Seneca! This is such a super place to find the Gros', for Groce's have a split Shield colors reversed from the same of Shenko's! Heee-heee.

Lookie. let me repeat that, one day, I left my writing topic off at the 1979 dream, where she was at the HOOD of her car in a bathing SUIT. I went to town, and the last thing done was grocery shopping, the day the Saint-Petersburg Medallion was found. In the dream, I saw myself with jeans on, and the very next scene was Miss Hicks standing at the hood of the car. The Porrys/Parrys (Hampshire, beside James') that gave us the above have an "agens" motto term while French Gens' are with Jeans, though I might not have mentioned this had not English Jeans/JANES' shared the blue-on-white lion with Porrys/Perrys (and JAMES'), and red-on-white scallops with Peartree's. Amazing, and the latter's fitchees are those of Suits/Suters/Sewers. Can we believe it, English Jeans/Janes' share the blue and upright lion with Dudleys, and were first found in Worcestershire with Dudley while the Arms of Dudley uses pears.

So, the dream on Epstein's Little Saint James island is now pointing to Ukraine corruption. When I had jeans on, I had no shirt on in order for God to point to Shirts/SHARDS, which is, as we saw early in this update, linkable to SCHWARTZ's, Soros' birth name! Zinger. I get it. We saw a HARE with Scharts/Schards, code for the HARcourts who named Harborough, on the Soar river, yup, where Shirts/Shards were earls. Harcourts share the peacock in Crest with Shirts/Shards and Sorrels/Sorwells.

AHHHHHHHH, Spanish Jeans/Jans share the Porry/Perry quadrants! SHOCKER. It's making the shark of the dream look very related to Ukraine (Sharks use a CRANE).

Look. Porrys/Perrys were first found in Hampshire with Cassane's/CASSANDRa's sharing the triple Epstein chevrons. Cassandra's were from king Cassander, whose father, Antipater, likely named Antipatria on the APSus river. Apps/Epps' apply to that river and look like they named Eppsteins. Wouldn't it be the just fate of liberal anti-Christs to support George Soros just because Republicans are calling him out? You just watch the stupids. The Nassau founder(s) was from Laurenburg while French Laurens (Provence, near Orange) share the Apps/Epps scallops. Laurels share the lion of French Jeans (Languedoc, same as Laurels). The Arms of Laurenburg shares a miner's lamp with the Arms of Dudley. The Dudley Arms calls it a Davy lamp while Welsh Davy's look like they have a version of the Guerin Coat. Guerin of Provence comes to mind. I'll bet that Lamps are of the lambs in the Arms of Grasse.

The Ports of Hampshire, probably in relation to Portsmouth, share the estoiles of Butts/Bute's while Buttons/Bidens of Hampshire are a branch of Boets/Butts/Bute's. Porters of Hampshire share the bell with French Jeans. As Dudleys are said to be from a Dudo, he's probably ultimately from Dudo, founder of Nassau, for the Nassau's have the Dudley lion in colors reversed. The Nassau lion is the lion of French Jeans because the same lion is in the border of Spanish Jeans, a border made of billets in the colors of the Nassau billets. That's new right here.

Nassau merged with Orange, which recalls a dream I had in which I had an orange drink that gave me ENERGY. It was back-to-back with a dream about a yellow bed, with kids JUMPing on it, and I had to urinate badly as I woke up from one of those two dreams. At the time, it brought Orion to mind, for he not only had a urine symbol, but he's to hunting horns, used by the Orange surname and the rulers of Orange. Jumps, it turned out, share the Trump stag head, and then there was that Steele thingie about hookers in Russia (Saint Petersburg?) urinating for Trump.. The point here is the energy drink, for Rick Perry is the Energy secretary, and we just saw Porrys/Perrys helping to get us to Nassau's. The Orange Revolution in the Ukraine (Bush years) comes to mind as a Soros-directed plot.

The two back-to-back dreams contributed to convincing me that Orange was named by the Byzantine Rangabe's, or vice versa. Recall the Legros/Gros surname (I think it has laurel), which traced to the Legro = Soar river of Ligurian-suspect Leicester (Provence was the land of Salyes Ligures). The Legros' (with an 's') are said to have had a Gros location, and they show the giant flory cross of the Rangabe Byzantines, in the colors of the Lamp saltire. Legros' trace to ODON LeGros, and Odins share the crozier with Lamps while Oddie's (Yorkshire, same as Odins) share the Lamp saltire, very apparently. So, when family historians tell you that the Davy lamp is a symbol of local miners, tell them to stuff it up their dunce donkey ears.

The Oddeys/HODE's (not "Oddie)" happen to share the quadrants of Medals/Dougals and Bauds (Hood crescents), making Hoods look like an Oddey / Oddie / Odin branch. Medals relate to the GROCery store, and Groce's look like "Gros." It tends to reveal that God caused someone to drop and leave the medallion on my hood when I was grocery shopping. The founder of Nassau was at Siegen while Sagans/Segans share the salamander in flames with the Arms of Dudley. But Dougal-like Douglas' (kin of Jean-suspect James') also have the salamander in flames. Siegen, if I recall correctly, is at Siegerland, and German Siegers/Seagars happen to have the Oddey/Hode quadrants in colors reversed, meaning that the Sieger/Seagar quadrants are those in the Arms of Rothschild. English Seagars (Devon, same as Hoods) have a giant moline cross in the colors of the Rangabe / Legros flory, but see the moline also of Segan- / Seager-like Segni's/Segurana's of Liguria. The latter were first found beside swan-line Savona, explaining why Leicesters use the swan.

I'm wondering what the importance is, as relates the deep state in the Ukraine, for my coming to Nassau-Orange elements at this time. Did they name the orange revolution? I almost missed it: the giant Schwartz rose is colors reversed with Siegers/Seagars.

In the first update in June, 2016, I tracked Dudleys to Dudo Henry of Nassau. Here's part of it: "Look again at the Arms of Orange-Nassau above, and see another white fesse, this time on black (owned by Veere's), for it's the Sedgley/Sidley/SEDLEY fesse [Saddock/Sedgewick colors]. Then read the Arms-of-Dudley write-up to see that it uses Sedgley symbols. See the Dudley lion in the SADDLE Coat." The latter is the Said surname too, suspect as a pointer to Mark Zaid, the lawyer of the so-called whistle-blowers against Trump's Ukraine phone call. Is it a coincidence that the Siad/Saddle lion is that also of Sors/Soars/Sores'? What could that suggest?

The Jeans/Janes' have been resolved now as a Nassau-related pointer to Poroshenko as well as to Jeffrey Epstein. And Jeans/Janes' share a blue lion in both the Shield and Crest with Saids/Saddle's. Sedgleys can be gleaned as kin of Dragons/Drainers, both first found in Kent with the Greenwich's sharing the Odin/HODDy Coat. In the Hicks dream, I was on Epstein's island with jeans on, and seeing Miss Hicks at her HOOD. She was standing beside the rad too, and Rads share the hexagram of Jeepma's/Cheps and Shenko's. Hoods are also Hoots while Hooters share the eagle / bird LEG with Shanks.

I think I can prove that Shanks apply to the Hicks dream where Hooters and hover-like Hoovers share the same Coat. After she was at the hood, I arrived to the car's door as code for the Daorsi to the north side of lake Scodra. She was now hovering inside the car, and then fell sleep. When I touched her knee, I also touched her LEG, which is the instant when she popped into my arms awake. The dream then ended with the both of us RISING emBRACEd into the sky. RHIZON is on the north side of lake Scodra, and it's beside fish-liner KOTOR, where fish-using Saraca's lived that are of the dream's shark. I'm quite sure that if we could get a hold of the description of the Shank Crest, it would be an eagle or other type of falcon said to be RISING. That's the first point, though I should also mention that the lure in the Shank Coat is for Lure's (flag), a sept of McLeods/Clouds (flags) who were themselves on the island of SKYE. We rose into the sky.

The second point is that Kotor liners are suspect to fish-using Catters, and their fish are in the colors of the Shank-like Sanks. I think I now understand why we had to be rising or SOARing into the sky as soon as I touched her LEG. The scene, along with Hooters and Hoovers, forces us to emphasize the leg in the Shank Coat so as to point to George Soros and Petro PoroSHENKo. I get it. Petro's even share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks and leg-using Leaks/Leakeys. A few minutes after the end of the 9-11 memorial, I met Miss Hicks at the Leakey road and complimented her on the two songs she SANG that night. It was the "scoot OVER" night, and Scoots are from lake Scodra.

I assume from the Shank leg that the Shank cinquefoil is the one in the Arms of Leicester. The Soar = Legro river. I was at her car door as she hovered over the seats, and the Daorsi are suspect at Dorset, where Sors/Soars were first found, along with the George's now suspect as kin of Seats/Cedes' (Lancaster, same as Sanks). The sank write-up: "The manor of Little Sankey was granted by Pain de VILERS, lord of Warrington, to Gerard de Sankey the carpenter..." The Vilers' were first found in Leicestershire.

I've got to wonder whether God provided Sanka coffee to assure that Sanks have a version of the Cuff/Cough Coat. Hoods/Hoots use a "Cornish CHOUGH." The Cuffs/Coughs and Sanks share a black-on-white bend with Huffs/Hoffs (Cheshire, same as Overs/Offers) while German Hoffs are with Hoffers/Hovers. She was hovering after being at the hood.

Trump has discovered how much fun it is to reveal documents (the phone call) for the purposes of smashing the deep-state attack. Hopefully, he is amassing a mile-high pile of documents that can do damage at a moment's notice. Why he didn't amass such a pile from the start, I cannot understand...unless he thought he'd be a shoe-in for re-election without them. The less certain his re-election, the more he'll tend to want to reveal.

It's predictable that the Democrats are not trying to bang Barr's door down to demand his keeping certain parts of the Horowitz report from the public. That's because Democrats have little hope of twisting Barr's arm. But the RINO's and war-hawk Republicans are, without doubt, trying to urge or even coerce Barr to hide certain revelations, especially on the Mueller scam. This is where Trump's responsibility, to his voters, comes in, to read the report without redactions, and to decide on his own what redacted parts from Barr should be unredacted and publicized. Trump risks a schism with Barr for doing this, but the alternative is risking loss of voter passion.

Trump's number-one job has been to raise passions, but, his problem is, he's started too soon. There is yet a year to go, and all passions will turn to boredom the more he simply repeats his same election-bid songs. I'm bored already. Please play me a new tune. But there is no new tune to play...unless he declassifies and keeps adding new elements thereby.

Giuliani has revealed that Lindsey Graham invited the former to speak before a senate committee on the Ukraine scandal. It's about time the Senate did something to hammer out further truths. What took Graham so long? If he really was zealous for righteousness, he'd have done something like this long ago. Giuliani said he'll go to the senate if his boss (Trump) doesn't mind. Giuliani says he's found Obama-team corruption with Romania too.

If Barr has decided to indict nobody, wouldn't we expect something like the announcement this week, that the deep-state investigations have grown larger and broader and therefore into the first or second quarter of 2020? Why? Because it can amount to postponement of the cold water they plan to dump on Trump's voters. Let's hope this is not the reality, but I refuse to get my hopes up with this latest news from the DoJ. Chances are, Barr wants to be the attorney general from 2020-24, and so it would pay him well if he has a lot of bang against the Democrat deep state by election season. This postponement is probably about that, not at all necessarily meaning that Barr is planning to indict anyone.

Giuliani on Ingraham early this week said that liberals of a few decades ago are to be applauded on their fight for absolute freedom of expression, for everyone good and evil; otherwise, the good might be gagged. Wrong thinking, Mr. Giuliani, you've been hoodwinked. The devil says that even the evil must be given a fair voice because when he gets power after a few decades of absolute / unfettered freedom of expression, he will gag the good. And that's what he has done with liberals as his tools.

Bongino probably thinks that lying / slander cannot be outlawed from freedom of speech because it then requires a fight on who's telling the truth versus who's telling lies. That is, he's worried that good people will be accused of lying and thus robbed of their voices. But I say that such a fight-with-risk is much better for society than unfettered lying and slander in the press. If only half of the media bosses are successfully punished for falsifications, due to liberal judges and liberal argumentation by lawyers, that's a lot better then nobody punished, as things now stand...just as Bongino likes it. Yes, he likes the rules as they now stand, even while he sees what evil it's bringing over the nation, with much worse to come if liberals regain full powers.

By midweek, right in the middle of Giuliani swinging hard, somebody in the United States arrested two men in the Ukraine that were linked to Giuliani. We are instantly made to think that this is the wrath of the Democrat deep state punishing Giuliani, sending him a warning shot, telling him to shut-up. But wait, the Democrats can't arrest anyone in the Ukraine. This has got to be the work of Bill Barr's FBI chief, that smug and detestable Chris Wray. So let me get this straight. Wray has yet to arrest anyone in the deep state whose crimes are much higher than Giuliani's friends, but as soon as Giuliani starts to share his own investigations with the people, Wray instantly make arrests on lower-level crimes. INSTANTLY. I see.

Also this week, Carter Page disclosed that Horowitz never booked an appointment to speak with him. I SEE. I really do. Horowitz was not interested in fully exploring the FISA crimes. It's mid-October, where's the Horowitz report, Mr. Barr???? If everything takes this long, you're not hot to arrest, are you? I say arrest Mr. Barr for collusion.

From the Daily Mail: "Now an intelligence source says that it is likely that the [whistle-blower from the CIA], who is clearly an expert on Ukraine issues, briefed Biden and probably even accompanied him on Air Force Two on one or more of Biden's six visits to the country. 'From everything we know about the whistleblower and his work in the executive branch then, there is absolutely no doubt he would have been working with Biden when he was vice president,' a retired CIA officer told the Washington Examiner." Biden can deny this if it's untrue. If Biden says nothing about it, the gist is true to some extent. The whistle-blower might even be a partner-in-crime with the Bidens, the Clintons and/or Obama. Makes sense, for if Biden goes down, others involved could go down too.

Fox youtube videos for the 10th have almost all been wiped out into 2-second videos, before midnight on the 10th (as I write). I've just asked youtube for CNN videos, and cannot find one CNN production reduced to 2 seconds. How can youtube's bosses live with themselves? Cheaters will pay the price first and foremost by a devaluation of their personalities and their happiness. A soul not anchored on truth and fairness is a piece of junk already, with worse to come. There are Laws in this world on how people ought to behave, but anti-Christs are blind to His laws willfully, and thus they violate not realizing their demise thereby. When they celebrate their victories, they have no idea of what is yet coming to them.

On The Five, October 7, before you get to two minutes, you will see all the evidence you need for invisibles who control a gamut of different media for to create fake news i.e. political attacks / slander:

Here's Giuliani's crusade on Sunday night. He's pushing hard:

It appears to me that Fox doesn't want Giuliani to air all he knows.

When Ukraine failed at getting the department of justice under Sessions / Rosenstein to look at the deep-state crimes, Ukraine knew that it would stand a good chance once Barr replaced Sessions, meaning it's predictable that Ukraine would have tried again under Barr. But Giuliani says nothing about Barr accepting the evidences for those Obama-team crimes. Is Barr just trying to be as secretive as possible in his various investigations? Or did he snub Ukraine as Rosenstein had? One thing seems certain, that Trump was all in favor of Giuliani's investigation on the Bidens. On his phone call to the Ukrainian leaders, Trump seemed sure that Barr would contribute to this investigation. Trump seemed sure that Barr would unravel it for all to see.

Nunes was on Tucker's Tuesday night saying that he's winning in his suit against twitter. I think this is a great example of what many others needs to do, and please have great satisfaction doing so. It's a good time to throw liberal media to the dirt while they're being bare, sore losers.

If you're in a hurry, start Tucker / Hannity below at 39 minutes to see John Solomon's new find that the United States was aware (wouldn't the CIA be aware too?) from February of this year that the Ukraine opened the investigation on Hunter Biden BEFORE Zelensky was elected as the new Ukraine leader. The onus is thereby on the CIA to prove it didn't know about this, because, if it did, it puts a different hue on the CIA's whistle-blower complaint of late. Trump was asking the new president only to continue what Ukraine's justice department was already committed to. Trump didn't exactly need a big lever to make Zelensky do it.

Hannity once again plays the dope, for immediately after Solomon reveals this, Hannity doesn't stay on topic. Instead, as he so often does on new scoops, he meanders back to older news. So why does he not dig into the new story? Is he afraid that his own storylines will lose the limelight? I hate to sound like your sister, Mr. Hannity, but GROW UP. At about 43:15, Solomon enters some new material again, and when he's done, Hannity, instead of saying, "wow, what does this amount to, John," says, "Alright, let's go back [to my older story lines]...blah-blah-blah." Hannity is regularly an insulting host in this way. If the video above is not available, see 15 minutes here:

The Hannity video above goes further than the one above that, but with Hannity's next guests after Solomon, he asks same-old rather than asking the guests about Solomon's new scoop.

White-House lawyers are doing the right thing to ignore the impeachment process as though it does not exist.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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