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October 1 - 7, 2019

God Pointed to Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow in One Event
Miss Hicks' Toenails are Great and made for Cameras
Og Rephaites Look Like the Proto-Gog
The Volkerwagen in Perry Sondland

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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You know, I keep back a theory that everything now happening with Trump versus the whistle-blower is theater from a script written by the CIA, and that Trump, Barr, and others are all actors in this script, though not everything they do and say is part of the script, of course, but must be in line with it, complimentary to it. I am reminded that everything in Epstein's jailing looked like a staged murder in which Barr participated. There was no funeral, plain and simple, and all the leftist media, and Fox to boot, allowed this detail to go unreported. If any of them did report it quietly, they didn't check with anyone for details of the funeral.

The video below blames Gina Haspel for siding with the whistle-blower. Trump placed Haspel in charge of the CIA. The video claims that Haspel had to allow the new rule to come into effect, some weeks ago, wherein any CIA whistle-blower can now be defined as one coming forth with merely second-hand information.

If we prefer not to see Trump as one of the actors in this theater, how can we explain that he placed his own enemy at the charge of the CIA just when he needed someone there who would side with him...or with his voters? In other words, Trump has chosen person after person, at the highest levels of deep-state offices, to cover for the deep state, even while he tweets endlessly against the deep though this is his major role to play for some sort of sick game the deep state is playing on evangelicals. Beware.

How can it be the case that news came out only now that Barr requested from Trump some of his assistance for contacting foreign leaders who might know and tell something of the makings of the Steele dossier, for example. For months, nothing from Barr; suddenly, Barr is himself wanting to go see foreign leaders. Is this just a ploy to give appearances for keeping the voters charged? Is it just imagery to prop Barr up as the fighter he's not? Supposedly, Barr went to Italy to investigate the Mifsud character / scandal. What if he ends up saying that there's a nothing-bar there? Where's Barr's release of the Horowitz report? It's almost 2020, and the Trump team still hasn't come out with the deep-state damage. Trump is stressing evangelicals this week, in what could be a script paragraph to charge them up. Sometimes a script is called "talking points" for media dissemination.

I'll go forward treating Trump as though he's not part of this game, but do beware and keep in mind that he could be. He's in love with his telephone call to Zelensky. I think he goes to bed with it and sleeps on it like a cloud under his head. He repeatedly called it "perfect." Why did he chose that word for his own telephone call? Nobody else would. Does he not understand that it sounds boastful? Why not use "wholly appropriate" phone call?

The bottom line: the leftists are out of luck calling the Ukraine situation foreign interference, for it cannot be so defined if the president of the United States asks Ukraine to participate in an issue. It's "interference" only when a foreign nations don't have U.S. permission to participate in U.S. affairs. Plus, if people / organizations merely give their opinions on U.S. affairs, that's not likely classified as interference, even though it technically can be. Every day, Russia Today tends to support Trump over the Democrats, yet Democrats are not now screaming about it. But when the deep-state / Democrat script calls for that particular complaint, that's what the blockheads do as a bloc. Part of this bottom line is that Trump wants an investigation into the Obama-team invitation of interference by the previous Ukraine government. It rates as interference because the Obama team asked Ukraine to vilify / upset a presidential candidate, and that's the worst kind of interference because it's invited by the opposing party. There is not way that it cannot be deemed interference.

The other bottom line is that Democrats have never been trying to remove the president by impeachment, but rather have been trying to frighten him with that threat so that he might not reveal their crimes. It worked rock-solid for a couple of years, especially with the Mueller ghost, but we hope that Trump has finally learned to play this game like an adult unafraid of the bogeyman in the closet. He seems to be doing alright at this time. His wheels are actually moving forward.

One of the highlights in the last update was what seemed to be God's pointer to Hunter Biden. I'm going to go over that now to tell how it happened, and to ask whether it's coincidental versus showing signs of God's handiwork.

It started with this online quote: "Hunter Biden’s American business partner in Burisma, Devon Archer..." Prior to this quote, in the last update, I was stressing the Ceraunii Illyrians, and telling that they are portrayed with some heraldic crowns (sounds like "Ceraunii"). There are many so-called canting symbols where a Coat of Arms uses a sound-alike term for a symbol. Online: "...canting arms are very common as, for example, trumpets for Trumpington, or a spear for Shakespeare". The Ceraunii-line Crauns/Crane's have a Craun-like crown, okay we get it. It tends to reveal that crane's are a canting symbol for Ceraunii liners. I started to realize, months ago, that Ceraunii liners and/or their kin (by marriage) liked using items inside of crowns.

So, looking up Archers, I found a white dragon in a red crown. This crown style looks like a battlement wall probably because the Latino for "wall" is mur-like, explaining why this crown is often called a MURal crown. However, it is also called a CORONal crown as code for Ceraunii liners, fairly obviously. See the Spanish Muriels/Muro's for their so-called walls look a lot like mural crowns, but don't miss the arrows that these Muriels use, for Archers use them too. (Use link above to load all your Coats; makes it much better to follow.)

In the last update and others before it, the Saraca merger with Ceraunii liners was stressed, especially with the crane of Saraca-suspect Sharks; it's the Crain/Crane crane, we may gather. It just so happens that Saraca's can be traced with certainty to Saracena, of the Sybaris river with Muro-like Murano, and Murano's were first found in Modane-like Modena with Morinis' who in-turn share the fleur-de-lys of English Muriels. How about that. It just so happens that Modane is on the Arc river, suggesting the origin of ARCHers (and their Larch branch).

It's known that peoples on the Sybaris were from BOURa of Greece, near Ceraunii-like Corinth, and this should explain the ArchiBURE variation of Arthurs i.e. they were Arc-river liners at one point. Compare "Arthur" to "Archer," for Arthurs were from the Ardiaei Illyrians who named Artois, where the capital is Arras, explaining the Archer arrows, for Arrows are also Arras'. It appears that Archers were Arthur liners from the Arc river.

Well it just so happens that Arthurs use a so-called clarion trumpet connectable to the rooster STANDing on a trumpet in the Lever Crest. The Arthur motto term, "obSTANTia," is part code for Stands/Stants, you see, and so when we find an eagle "standing on a perch," which is the description of Biden-branch Botters/Bodins, we can guess that Botter liners were related to Arthur kin, tending to reveal that Botters/Bodins (probably the Artois eagle) and Buttons/Bidens (probably the fesse of Lever-like Leavells) were related to the namers of the Bautica river, home of the Artois-related Arduinici.

Okay, we can now move on to the Crains having "a black crane STANDing on a green STAFF RAGully in base" (I recorded that description in the 1st update in December, 2016, at a webpage I can no longer load). There we can glean the RAGusa location of Saraca's, and we can also glean a Ceraunii-line marriage to Arthurs, perfect because the Ardiaei Illyrians were between Ragusa and the Ceraunii. I highlighted the Staffs because they have a white item in a red crown, same as Archers.

We are ready to go to Hunter Biden, son of the disgraceful Joe Biden. The Archers came to topic because Devon Archer was Hunter's partner in Boura-like Burisma, and we saw ArchiBURE's too. I'm asking you to believe what has proven itself to me many times; God manipulated heraldry centuries ago in order to point to deep-state criminals today. In order to accomplish this, he had to train someone in heraldic codework, and I got picked for this job. We either view "Burisma" as coincidentally like "Bure," or we are open to God making that arrangement in order to point to the scandal now blowing up in the news...which promises to put Trump deep into the throat of the nasty, deep-state shark.

Schimatari is in BOEOTia, and BOETS/Butts share the fesse of Buttons/Bidens. Plus, if anyone wants to argue that this is another mere coincidence, I traced "Orion" to the heron-using Horns (heron looks deliberately like a version of a crane here). The Button/Biden Crest is said to be, simply, a "horn." So, you see, God's making it plain that he's pointing to Hunter Biden (who, really, picked the latter's first name?). I can add that the Arms of Saraca has a fish on a fesse, same as Boets/Butts, and that ancient Butua is within a dog walk from Kotor, the latter being a previous home of the Ragusa Saraca's. We can clearly see a Biden-Shark picture here.

The Illyrian territory from Ragusa to Kotor was that of the Daorsi, who lived on the Neretva river along with the Ardiaei. The Daorsi can be gleaned with mythical Doris, mother of the NERETva-like Nereids. They were all given a fish symbol, suggesting that Saraca's were Daorsi Illyrians. Kotor-like Cutters were first found in Daorsi-suspect DORSet, beside the first-known Bidens/Buttons and the Lizart-branch Lise's. Cotters use lizards. Ragusa was also called, Laus(a), and then the Palins, first found in Dorset, are from PALINurus, at the Laus bay near Saracena.

In the last update, shortly after introducing Devon Archer, I introduced Viktor SHOKIN, the chief Ukrainian prosecutor seeking to send someone at Burisma to jail. Joe Biden must have gotten the nod from Obama to use American money, already allotted to the Ukraine, as a blackmail tool to get Shokin fired. It worked, and thus Biden (and possibly Obama) committed a crime now haunting him. I naturally looked up Shokin-like surnames to see whether God might have pointed to this scandal by them. There is a German Shoken surname, but more interesting is that of Shake's/Shocks, for they have long been traced to Schimatari, home of mythical Orion, the mythical HUNTER. Think on whether it therefore seems that God arranged a Ukrainian man with Shock-like surname to deal with Hunter Biden in order to point to Biden's crime via Orion. yet God had do accomplish more than this to be convincing. He also had to show me that the Button/Biden surname traces to Orion, and this has been clinched for months, longer than I've known this Biden scandal. (Use Shoken link above to load other surnames, or you can't follow as well.)

After the last update was out, I thought to check the Shokin-like Choke surname, and it has the Chalk Coat and Crest. I know for a fact that the Chalk Crest is a swan, assuring that the bird in the Choke Crest is a swan. Both are white, as is the swan in the Staff Crest, perfect! The Crains/Crane's have the ragully staff, and the Archers, with a version of the Staff Crest, are from the Arc river along with the Arcs/Arch's of Modens/Modeys. The latter two were first found in Berkshire with Choke's!

We might even say that the shark is choking (Shokin) with Trump down its throat! Amazing. The Trump attack portrayed by this shark is stacked with Intelligence moles, and Shake's/Shocks use mole hills.

The Choke's and Chalks use wavy fesses looking very connectable to the near-same of Damorys/Amori's. The latter are a branch of Amore's, and "amor" happens to be a motto code of Grounds/CRAINeys. I neglected to load Amore's in the last update to be reminded that they too have a white item in a crown! They even share the mural/coronal crown with Archers!!!!! Devon Archer versus Viktor Shokin.

Swans are used as a canting Arms by Swans/Sions/SINE's. The latter are in the mottoes of GULLYs and Gulls (pale bars of German Julian), suggesting that the raGULLY staff of Crains/Crane's is partly for Gullys. The latter were first found in Oxfordshire (near Berkshire) with Damorys/Amori's and Amore's, no surprise now. But what is surprising is how is how Gullys, who share the Julian cross with English Julians, look like God's pointer to Rudy Giuliani...the man currently seeking to reveal the Biden crime like no one else. The black eagle of Giuliani's looks like the black Roman eagle expected of Julian liners. (I half worry that Giuliani's going to come up with something that absolves Biden.)

I argued that "Crain" is like "Ukraine" as further proof that God was directing the last update toward the Biden-Ukraine scandal, for Crain liners were the topic before I arrived to Hunter Biden (the latter wasn't even in my plans). For readers who believe the reports that pizzagate contains cannibals, let's add here that mythical Cronus was depicted as a cannibal, wishing to eat his own son, Zeus. Greek myth writers were rife with canting terms, and so whatever "cronus" meant to the Greeks, it was made a symbol of proto-Ceraunii. Cronus was the son of Orion-like URANus, and I think that Orion was play off of "Uranus" because the people group depicted by Uranus (probably Iranians of Eran) had a branch at Schimatari.

The Arms of Saraca share the fesse of Bernice's, and it just so happens that Berenice Agrippa married (her uncle) Herod of CHALCis (Syria). Doesn't it appear as though Chalks and Choke's (and Chaucers) are from that place? It begs whether Shechemites were behind the name of that place. On the female side, HERODs are known to descend from the house of Arthur-like ARETas III of Edom. An H-less "Herod" is like "Roet," and the sister of Catherine Roet married Mr. Chaucer while Chaucers were first found in Kent with Chalks/Chalkers and Gulls. Shake's/Shocks were at Chaucer-like Shakerley. Catherine-like Cathers use fish i.e. could suggest Kotor liners, and Roets were first found beside the first-known Cutters (Roet colors). Roets share the boar heads of Spears, and SHAKEspeare's can thus apply.

Shakespeare's share the bend of Agrippa-suspect Gripps/GRAPE's, and grapes are used by Deeters/TEETers (Pomerania, same as Trumps), who were mentioned in the last update with the TEET variation of Tate's when putting them to the TEETH of the shark that circled Trump's belly. Deeters/Teeters even share a white dog with the Amore Crest. Tate's became a topic largely due to the "expecTATa" motto term of Sharks. Sharkincidence? Or has God been using heraldry to reveal Himself to those belonging to Jesus? Is God mere;y revealing himself, or is he showing that He's tracking the deep state because we are near the rapture. At the end of the shark dream, Miss Hicks and I rose into the sky rapture-style. Why do we suppose that Tate's share the raven with Rice's?

The reason that God chose Miss Hicks for that dream is to indicate that the Hyksos were at Rize, in the ARDahan region, that being of the proto-Ardiaei at the Ragusa theater. Year before I realized that the Hicks dream was stacked with heraldic surnames, I was convinced that the Hayasa-Azzi were the Hyksos either before or after they ruled the Nile delta. The Hayasa-Azzi lived at the Rize region. When Miss Hicks and I were RISING into the sky, it was God's code for Rhizon/Risinium, smack at Kotor. That's how I know that the shark was God's code for Saraca's. But God can do more than one thing with a single scene. Who would have thought that the shark choking on Trump would be a symbol of Shokin? So, our rising has it's purposes as per Rize / Rhizon liners, but it can also indicate the nearness of the rapture when the dream's fulfillment is in progress in the news.

Rize is near the ancient PYXITes river, and that river's people can be in the "exPECTata" motto term of Sharks. The latter share the green-on-white trefoil with Frosts; the latter were looked up as per the "frustra" motto term of Gulls. The Pyxites was near Trabzon, where the namers of Trips/Treffs are expected who I see in TREFoils. On the bay of Laus (i.e. where I expect Shark elements) was a Pyxus (Buxentum) location. The bay of Laus is near a Haley river while lake Tatta is off of the Halys river in Phrygia. Zeus was born in Epirus' Dodona, but was raised by Cretans in Phrygia. Zeus' brother, Hades, was likely code for the Hatti on the Halys river...begging why the Hatti got the hell symbol. Might a Gareb variation have named the proto-"grave"? We saw a bunch of hats in the last update, two of them coming with GRAPes. Gareb-like GRABfeld was home to Pepin-like Poppo of Babenbergs, and Apepi, also called Apophis, was a Hyksos king. Poppins/Pophams (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens) share a "Mens" motto term with Pepins.

Hatti were depicted by mythical Attis, the Phrygian sun god, suspect with the naming of Attica beside Boeotia. It allows for some non-Israeli Jerusalemites (Amorites / Jebusites possibly) to be in the Orion cult and/or amongst Shechemites. The Jeepma surname has variations suggesting Jabesh-Gilead at the Jordan river, land Og's Rephaites who lived with also in the Rephaite valley of Jerusalem. Amorites of king Sihon lived in the Jabesh theater too. "The 19th-century identification [of Attis] with the name Atys encountered in Herodotus (i.34–45) as the historical name of the son of Croesus..." It looks like a crow thing. See Attis wearing a pointed hat, the Phrygian cap; there was at least one pointed hat in the last update.

Inhabitants of Jerusalem's Gareb have been traced by me to crows and ravens, used by Rice's. I therefore half-expect Garebites at Rhizon, begging why Laus' (Boii-land Bohemia) use grapes and a man wearing a hat (Garebites with Hatti at lake Tatta, right?). Ragusa was also called, Laus(a), tending to reveal heraldic grapes with Garebite lines. If that's a so-called scythes in the man's hand at the Laus Coat, it's likely code for SCIDrus, beside Laus of southern Italy, which I trace to "SCODra" at the Rhizon theater. [These elements are expected in Skits/Skeochs / Sheets/Skeets' and Schutz's / Scoots, to name a few. I'll be all over the "scoot" term of Miss Hicks in this update. I regret that I've forgotten the spelling of a Scodra-like location, in Thrace, of Phrygians.]

Trips/Treffs use shoes while Shoe's/Schuch/Shook (wall) have variations like the SCHOCHen variation of Shockens. The Schug variation of Shoe's is like the Scougal surname that happens to have a border colors reversed from the same of Shockens. This is working, for Trips once showed BOOTS, now indicating the Boeotian line to Butua! Bango, it reveals Shoe's as a Shechemite line from Schimatari. The Boots were first found in Berkshire with the Choke's! Scougals/Scoots (share feather with Shoe's/Schugs) have an "ORNant" motto term and a HUNTING HORN while Horns/Orne's are from Orion the hunter!

Schimatari is at TANAGRa, the line to Tankerville's, and the latter almost have the red Shocken border. Instead of a border, Tankerville's have an eSCUTcheon (tending to form a border), code for Scute's and similar surnames like the Scoots variation of Scougals! The latter share the border of Scotts. This surname is from lake SCODra, bang-on at the south side of Butua!! Perfect, for the shark was at neighboring Kotor. Tankerville's (married Miss d'ARQues) were kin of CHAMBERlains while Chambre is on the ARC river while Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Boots (show boots). The Arc river is in Savoy, where French Masseys/Masse's were first found who once showed the Trip/Treff boots exactly. Heraldry has the "eagle RISING" exactly as the Chambers have their Crest, and these Chambers share the fesse of Boets/Butts and Buttons/Bidens. Butua (now Budva) was beside Rising-like Rhizon, tending to prove that Camerons (share Arms of Rothschild) were merged with Butts / Buttons. It definitely appears as though Butua elements were on the Arc. Chamber-like Camerons share bunched arrows with Bude's and the Shaws/Sheaves, the latter first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's and Modens/Modeys. Heraldry's big mouth speaks true history that historians have never known.

Dutch Veys use a boot while the CORNwall Veys/VIVians can be linked by their Coat to Fife's and therefore to FIVe's/Fifys i.e. from the L'viv Ukrainians...where we could expect some Button-like Budini. It was years ago when tracing the Scute crane to "UKRAINE," but I didn't know then that Scute liners were Shechemites, or at least a merger with them. Bude's were first found in Ceraunii-line Cornwall, where they named, Bude. Bude's use arrows in the colors of the ARCHer arrows!!! Devon Archer and Hunter Biden! Amazing. BUTlers use a dancette in Bude-dancette colors. Five's/Fifys were first found in Aberdeenshire with SCHIMs/Schiens/Shands.

Aha! Butlers use an item (feathers) in a crown, as do Archers, the symbol of proto-Cornwall Ceraunii. It explains why Bottle's/Butels/Bootells use crowns. The Butlers have the Dunham Coat in colors reversed, as though to point to Obama while pointing to the Biden scandal.

Sekulow and Giuliani

I want to go back to an important event set up by God. Joel came up to visit, and we went for a drive. We decided to go visit a family on Shakle (or maybe "Shakel") road. He over-shot the highway's turn-off, then pulled over to check a map, parking on the side of the road beside an empty parking lot. He left a BLINKER on, or perhaps turned on both blinkers. As I was sitting there, I saw a seaGULL in the parking lot walking away from me, and its fast steps were so perfectly attuned to the sound of the blinkers that I told Joel about this. After we arrived to Shakle road, we visited a while and left, then stopped in Parry Sound for some food at Harveys burgers.

When returning home, I loaded the Blinks and Gulls, as well as Parrys and Shakle's, for the gull and other considerations made me believe that God may have set these events up as pointers to the deep state. I suggested a pointer to Trump's media-visible attorney, Jay SEKULOW, with "SHAKLe/Shakel," but it didn't dawn on me until now that the gull is a pointer to Giuliani, the other media-visible lawyer for Trump. It now gives me reason to continue along this line, checking for whether that event was a pointer to Biden's crime.

One piece of proof that God was in the event had been Joel himself, for Joels/JEWELs use gilly flowers, and together with their JEWEL variation they look like a JULian branch. Gulls happen to use the six pale bars of German Julians. That tended to clinch the event as God's arrangement for heraldic purposes, yet there was even more. Joel had purchased a VOLKswagen four days before visiting, and while German Julians share the black wings of German Fulks, English Fulke's are also Volks. The latter were first found in Norfolk with Harveys. We stopped at a Harveys burger place.

Now look at how one can bring things over to Buttons/Bidens with the information thus far. While I trace Bellamys to the Arve river and therefore to Harveys (share the Bellamy and Bell fesse), Bellamys have crescents colors reversed from the same of German Julians, and French Julians even share the stars of French Harveys. Another piece of evidence (along with Bellamys and Harveys sharing a fesse) for a Bellamy-Harvey is that while Bellamy lived at the Perche area of France (beside Maine), Garveys share the double chevrons of Perche's (and Maine's). From all of this, we can take things to the eagle "standing on a perch" of Botters/Bodins, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens.

But, before going on, allow more evidence of links just as I've set them out. For one, the bells sharing the Bellamy fesse were first found in Dumfries with bell-like Bullys, and the latter's lozenges are in the colors of the Shakle lozenges. We can expect Button liners linking to Shakle's if the latter were from Shechemites.

It's important that the BAUTica river, which I see from Italian Botters, has a source in Aosta not at all far from the source of the Arve river. The Arduinici of the Bautica are expected at Artois, and while the capital there is Arras, the Arrow/Arras surname has a red tower in Crest, the color of the Burger tower. In fact, while I trace the Arrow/Arras tower to the Murena's, the latter's giant tower is in both colors of the giant Burger tower. The brother of Terentia Murena, Aulus Terentius Varro Murena, was a Roman general who conquered the Salassi peoples of Aosta i.e. location of the Bautica.

As Augustus commissioned Murena to fight the Salassi, it's notable that Augusts and Rome's/Rooms share the Biden / Boet/Butt fesse. I have told several times that Joel, when we were on the drive to Shakel, told me that, next week, he was going to a volleyball championship in Poland, and, due to landing in Rome, he was planning on stopping (by car) into a village of L'Aquila province to visit members of my mother's family (he's related to my mother). He dropped in unannounced, and got there during the funeral of Augusto's wife. I've never had cause, as per this event, to mention that Augusts share the Boet/Butt and Button/Biden fesse, but it now seems important. Augusto's wife was Franca, and Franca's were first found in Piedmont with the lower Bautica. It seems that God used Joel's event to suggest a Sadducee-of-Boethus link to Boet / Botter / Button liners. I fully expect the first Sadducee's from Laevi at Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found, and moreover Levi's, Chappes', and Murena-like Morencys were first found in Ile-de-France (Paris) with French Harveys. Murena's are also Morency-like Moreno's.

One can get a jay out of this for Jay Sekulow, for French Harveys share the stars of French Alans, French Julians, and French Galli's. I always link the latter Coat to the jay-using Poitvins. It's interesting that while I trace Galli's to king Gala, he was the father of king Massena while the Massena's have patee crosses colors reversed from the same of Garveys. The Attis cult mentioned above had so-called "Galli" priests, suspect with Gaia, wife of Uranus, because king Gala was also, Gaia. Didn't we see Gareb possibilities for the Hatti of Attis? So, it appears that Jerusalemites went through the urine (rain) god, Uranus, in Hatti-land to Orion the urinator. Attis was from Pessinos, which can mean, piss. Yes, for "piscina" means "fountain" in Italian, and there was even a fountain outside of my mother's birthplace, carved as a child taking a leak. Yes, the drinking water came out of his wee-wee. "Gareb" even looks like the namer of crap. Why do German Crapps have Orion-possible horns? The symbol looks like the so-called Bull's scalp of Cheneys. The latter could be from the Hyksos king, Khyan. If I recall correctly, Hyksos served a bull cult, probably the proto-Zeus.

Crapps were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs while English Trips use a SCALing ladder that can apply to whatever "SCALp" is code for.

When I get to mount Gareb of Jerusalem below, and it's trace to Croatia, location of the Maezaei, you might want to reflect on the similarity between "Gareb" and "GARVey" for a trace of those Jerusalemites (not likely Israelites) to the Arve river into lake Geneva. Geneva's/Genova's share the white wing with Masci's. The Massena Coat is a Coat version of the Masci's (Piedmont), and August above had a Masci mother. Remember, Augusts share the Boet/Butt / Button/Biden fesse, and so it seems clear that Masci's were on the Bautica river with the Arduinici, for the latter were from the Ardiaei Illyrians (proto-Croatia), also called the Vardaei, and Vardys are said to have been barons of Ferte-Mace, home of Masci-branch Maceys/Mace's and Masseys/Maceys. I had been told by a reader that Bellamys married Ferte-Mace. It's online that a Miss Dol (daughter of a ruler of Oakhampton) married Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace.

Hugh D'Avranches, uncle of the first-known Meschin, was a son of Richard Goz, and then we have "Herveus le Gos, in Lincolnshire," in the Harvey write-up. Lincolnshire is where le Meschin above got his wife. I think I have made the case well that Masci-related Joel and i stopped off at Harveys burgers because God wanted Harveys and Burgers to be a topic here. Burgers share the Murena tower, and Murena's have eagles in the colors of the eagle heads of Kellers/McKellers. Shakle/Shakel road is in McKeller, how about that.

Bellamys were close kin of Alans of Dol; there is even an Alencon location near the Perche hills. That's said because Shakle's share the Alan fesse, which is also the fesse of Pierro's/Pero's, important because the latter's Coat is a version of the Boet/Butt Coat. Clickety-click-click we go. Pierro's/Pero's share the roses of Caesars (though with a great host of others), the point being that Caesars were first found in Kent with Julian-branch Gulls. God provided a SEAgull for this bloodline, and Sea's/Sees' were likewise first found in though God wants to confirm His event. In fact, while SEYSsel is near the Arve river, German Seys'/Seis' show flowers of their own, though I don't know what they are called. Compare the pronunciation of "CAES(ar)" with "Sees."

Botters can be gleaned in the "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan, for Chattans and Chatans were merged with Italian Botters. It just so happens that while Chattans come up as Cato's, Porcius Cato is expected to Porci's and Porcia's, the latter sharing the black boar with the Crest of English Harveys. Bellamys share the Seaton/SITTEN crescents while Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian with the Keith Catti, that's right. The Says/Seys' were first found in Shropshire with Bellamys while Seatons/Sittens (Seys colors) were at a Say location. The SeaGULL. Gulls use a "Sine" motto term while Swans/Sine's are also Sions while Sion in Switzerland is also, Sitten. The Arve river is in Switzerland. The Shokin-like Shockens were first found in Switzerland!

NOW LOOKIE: the Sea's/Sees', first found in Kent with Chalks/Chalkers (swan!), and Sea's/Sees' share three, white wavy fesses with Choke's (swan)!! UNBELIEVABLE, for the seagull is being investigated as a potential pointer to Giuliani, and here we are with what looks like a seagull pointer to Viktor Shokin! Nice work, O Lord. We know Giuliani's in the news now as a leader of what's shaping up to be a crusade against the Biden family, and we have seen Biden liners all over things that the Joel event has already brought to topic. I think I can even show that Choke's and Chalks were Shechemite liners i.e. from Orion in the Biden horn.

Back we go to the gilly flowers of Joels/Jewels. Scottish Gillys ("BOT") are a member of Clan Chattan, and Chattans / Chatans share the bend of Italian BOTTers, first found in Lucca, and that's why Lucca's have a giant cat (Clan Chattan uses the cat). So, the Joel gilly flowers just brought us indirectly to English Botters/Bodins (red eagle on a perch) Buttons/Bidens. The giant eagle in the Artois/Ardon Shield is in the design of the giant Botter/Bodin eagle. It just so happens that Flowers share a giant and white cinquefoil with Porcia-like Porch's while Chattans are also Cato's.

Terentia Murena is expected to the Terents/Tarents, who have the red eagle, as does the Artois/Ardon Crest, important because Arrows/Arras' (from the Artois capital) have the red Murena tower. The red colors here could be for the English Reds/Reeds because Scottish Reeds share the Tarent eagle. Reeds were from Rieti in Sabina, and Porcius Cato, in his Wikipedia article, is said to have had land in Sabina. Previously, the same article said that Cato grew up in Abruzzo, location of L'Aquila. Joel visited L'Aquila province on his drive to the Venice airport.

With the Choke's and Chalks entering the discussion so pointedly, it's now acceptable / suitable to mention that Gillys share the red border with Shockens. It tends to reveal that God was the real namer of Joel in order to bring Joels/Jewels into this discussion that then points to Viktor Shokin. We saw a potential Flower link to Porch's, and so see how the gilly flowers link below to the line of Porcius Cato.

Was Perche named after Porcia liners? Or, as the gull was in an empty parking lot, were Perche's from Parkings/Perkins? I trace the latter from Plancia Magna (wife of Tertullus) to the Fulks of Anjou (descended from a Tertullus), and we were had parked beside the parking lot with a VOLKSwagen. The Fulke's/Volks' (fleur-de-lys colors reversed from Parking/Perkin fleur-de-lys) share a double-tipped spear with SHAKEspeare's, believe it or not. Shake's are also SHOCKs. The giant fleur-de-lys of Fulke's/Volks' (Norfolk, same as Bus' sharing the giant Blanche cinquefoil) is in the colors of the giant cinquefoil of Blanche's. The Volkswagen blinkers were playing to the tune of the gull's steps along the parking lot. The gull was walking along, and Walkers use a "magna" motto term. Is God intelligent enough to arrange all of these things in such a simple event?

English White's (probably a Ceraunii crown), potentially playing off of a marriage with Blanche's / Blanks, share the vaired chevron of Nero's (probably Neretva/Naro liners i.e. near the Ceraunii) while Fulke's/Volks' are said to be from Fulk Nerra. English White's share three gold lions in the positioning of the same of French Blanche's. Might Whitey Bulger play into this? Headline: "Hunter Biden’s China Deal Partners Include Mobster Whitey Bulger’s Nephew, John Kerry’s Stepson."

The Gilly Shield looks like a version of the Irish Fie/FEY Coat using the FAY sword for a trace to mythical Avalon's chief witch. There is plenty of evidence to prove that Avalon was secretly the island of Bute and thus a station of Shechemite liners. Monte Velino, the line to Avalon, is between Sabina and Abruzzo. The Porci's happen to share the bend of French Fes'/FAYs, and the latter were first found in Auvergne with Bautica-liner Bauts and Bello-loving Bouillons. It doesn't deviate us from the topic already tread upon above.

Bouillons use a "bello Christi" motto term while Christs (Masci wing?) share roses in the two color schemes of the Caesar roses, but the Pierro/Pero roses are expected here because I've had ample indication that Pierro's/Pero's apply to Bouillons and Bellys. While a Lys river (August-like Aosta) is a tributary of the Bautica, the Porci's share the fleur-de-lys of Spanish Petro's whom I connect with PIERRo's/Pero's, and trace to Flavius Petro of Rieti due to the similarity of the Petro Coat with the Red/Reed Coat. It dawns on me here that Aosta may have been named after Augustus, and so let's repeat that Boets/Butts and Buttons/Bidens share the August fesse, for Augustus sent Murena to conquer the Aosta region. It checks out, for Wikipedia's Aosta article has its names as Augusta Praetoria Salassorum, and, as used by Walsers, Augschtal. In Piedmont, they used, Osta, begging whether the Hosts/Osts (Masci wing) apply who share the white bull head with Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as Hosts/Osts).

The Walsers and their Walsh branch can trace us to Aulus Terentius VARRO Murena, and here it can be pointed out that Varro's, first found in BURGos (wow), have black wolves in Porcia-boar colors while Vere's and their Weir branch use boars too. Weirs share the gold boar with the Ivers/Eure's that look connectable to both Vere's and Says/Seys. The latter were at Mortone-Say while Walsh's (Morton colors and format) love Mortons in their motto, and as per the Walsh link to Walsers, one can glean that Mortons were of the Moratin variation of Murena's. Varro's even share the blue fleur-de-lys with Morinis'.

Walsers were named after the Wallis canton of Switzerland, location of Sion/Sitten, explaining the Walsh swan. Scottish Walsh's were first found in Roxburghshire with Cato/s/Chattans, and the "TRANSfixus" motto term of Walsh's is expected with the Trans variation of Terentius-liner Trents. Walser lived in the Lys river to the Bautica. Therefore, the Says/Seys' (beside Sales'/Salletts) look like a branch of the namers of SeysSEL, begging what the "sel" is from. Sales'/Salletts (Cheshire, same as Mortons), probably cousins of the Salassi, can be traced well to the Salto river in Sabina, i.e. where Porcius Cato owned land. There were a Selletae peoples on or beside the Tonzus river (Thrace) through Cybele-like Cabyle. Cybele was Attis' Phrygian wife. Cabyle was near Sub Radice while the Radice/Radix Coat looks very connectable to the Cable/Cabel Coat while the first-known Radice's/Radix's were near Garebite Croatia.

The reason that there is a "wow" after the mention of Burgos is that Joel and I were at Harveys burger in PARRY Sound, and Parrys share the fesse of Sailors/SAYlors, in the colors of the Seas/Sees fesses. Harveys were from the Arve river near Seysell, and Burgers share the Murena tower! The Harveys-burger event all looks like Intelligent Design, especially as Walsers share the goat with the Mortons while the latter were first found in Wiltshire with Joels/Jewels. Besides, the Sailors are a branch of Seals both sharing black wolves with Varro's, the Seals in both colors of the Varro wolves...suggesting that Sailers and Seals were Salassi liners married to the line of Terentius Varro Murena.

Amazingly, Seals can be traced well to the "Zealous" motto of Hoods/Hoots, and Aosta is also Hoot-like Aouta. The Hotts (Parry / Sailer fesse!), perfectly enough, share the red spread eagles of Tarents!!! WOW! Hotts are said to be from D'OUSTE (!!!) of southern France, though there's an Oust river in Brittany. It explains why Hooters share eagle legs with Augusts. With Hoods working into this, it goes to the Saint-Petersburg medallion found on the hood of my Jeep, which event included Scottish Bauds and Balds i.e. from the Bautica river.

Jeepma's/Cheps share the Below eagle, in the colors of the Keller/McKeller eagle heads. I purchased my Jeep from a man, Joseph, who was my landlord when I first visited Shakle/Shakel road in McKeller! Can we believe it, Joseph and I lived in Seguin at the time (southern side of Parry Sound), and I'm sure that Seguins (Languedoc, same as French Julians) share the seagull of German and Dutch Gulls!!! The Seguin Chief even has four stars in the colors of the three of the French Julian Chief. You can't argue with the facts. It's linking the medallion-on-hood to the Joel event that is itself all over Giuliani and Sekulow. The medallion-on-hood yet needs to come to fruition in the news.

As I've said, I discovered Pierro's/Pero's as per GiamPIERRO (Masci mother in L'Aquila province), the brother of Augusto above. Augusto had married Franca while Franca's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's and Masci's. It explains why Miss Peare was my girlfriend just before she got her belly symbol. Later, just a few years ago, she got a waist symbol for Waistells/Wessels, from Vestalis of the Cottians, at Susa in Piedmont. Julius Caesar, who had adopted Augustus for his heir, was the son of Aurelia COTTA, tending to explain why Julius formed an alliance with the royal Cottians. Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with French Julians. Did God arrange Rudys to share a fretty Shield (different colors) with Cotta's in pointing to Rudy Giuliani? Aren't Giuliani's a Julian branch? Giuliani was born, Rudolph, and Rudolphs were first found in Saxony with German Gulians = a branch of Gulls. Coincidence?

Pero's/Perino's use "flaming stars" while Stars can have the Shake chevron in colors reversed because Shake's and Stars share lozenges, and because Shechemites are touching upon Sabina elements. The daughter of Eschyna de Molle married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter at Rothes, and Eschyna herself married Mr. Alan of Dol. The Shake's: MOLE hills. Not just moles, but mole HILLs. Plock-related Plunketts share the Hill tower.

Back to the blinkers to which the seagull had "danced." The Blinkers are listed with Blanchards, and Parrys have a "Mrs. Blanche Parry" in their write-up. Blinkers/Blanchards were first found in Lancashire with Blanche of Lancaster, who's in the Blanche write-up. These Blanche's/Blanks share the giant, white cinquefoil with Flowers. Gilly flowers. Best of all, Parrys share the three lozenges of Louis' while Giuliani's middle name is, Louis. It's more verification that God made these arrangements. It looks like icing on the uranium cake.

I kid you not. Part of the above were written on Thursday, and part of it on an earlier day of this week, but the parts of Fulke's/Volks were mainly today. I knocked off for the daytime after writing the paragraph above, and went to the news to find what I didn't know, that Kurt Volker has been Trump's American ambassador to the Ukraine. Volker looks very much like part of the Trump-attack shark:

Kurt Volker, who has become a central figure in the House’s impeachment inquiry, spent hours [Thursday, today] behind closed doors as lawmakers and staff pored through dozens of pages of text messages, photos and other correspondence during the interview, according to those familiar with the meeting...

Volker resigned on Friday [looks like a quasi-veiled assault on Trump] after being asked to testify to Congress about the whistleblower complaint...

No guff, Volker has got to be the reason for Joel's Volkswagen. Volker was in the CIA two years before George Walker Bush brought him to his state department. Volker looks like a war-hawk globalist of the Bush-McCain kind. He was not appointed by Trump, so far as I know, to Ukraine, but by Rex Tillerson. Did Trump force Volker out last week due to bad behavior? It seems that Volker wants not to be seen supporting Trump's Ukraine-corruption program. It floors me that I'm writing on the Volks at this very time without having heard of Volker until now. At what point do we deem Trump as slipping into the shark's mouth? In the dream, I JUMPed into the swimming pool to save the bulldog from the shark, but that scene ended before I saw whether I helped or not. I am in favor, already, with Trump's Ukraine program. Jumps share the Trump stag head.

See Volker admit that he's a pro-Biden stooge etc. in his testimony to the House here:

Here's from the 2nd update in February, 2018, just so you know I'm not making up the Joel event: "This reminds of when Joel came up to take me for a ride in his newly-purchased, white VOLKswagen Rabbit. He said that he was flying to Europe with a BRAZilian sportswriter to cover some European volleyball championships, and as Volleys are listed with Velis' who in-turn share the black Julian cross, I gathered that Joels/Jewels were Julian liners, and that God was speaking to us through these Joel events. On the drive, he pulled over to the SHOULDER with his blinkers on, and I laughed when seeing a GULL walking along to the very beat of the blinkers. I told Joel about it. The Volleys/Velis' and Julians share the GULLY crosses, no guff." I should have added that German Fulks use eagle wings in Volley-eagle colors, and that this eagle is in the Chief of Italian Fulks.

It's possible that Volleys/Velis/Vale's are of the Velin-duck liners from monte Velino, and while Kellers/McKellers can trace to that area, the two surnames share black-on-gold eagles. The Brazilian sportswriter caused me to discover that Donna Brazile had Braswells in her ancestry, and Bra of Cuneo, which was all about my white rabbit mystery (from God), is right beside the first-known Pelosi's/ Nancy Pelosi is not at the charge of the impeachment effort. The shark.

The Cuneo-like Conys and Conns use white rabbits. When I was telling Joel about my white-rabbit mystery, which at the time was fresh and pointing to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, he said to me, "Do you know what model car this is? It's a Rabbit." And I was mildly shocked, because it was a white Rabbit. You see, God set that event up.

Although in different colors, German Volkers/Volks/Folks share a vertically-split Shield with Fulke's/Volks. Believe it or not, the split Volker Shield is in the colors of the same of Hunters/Hunts!!! Hunter Biden. There are 20-30,000 surnames, what are the chances??? While German Julians were first found in Saxony, German Fulks were at Saxony's Wittenburg, and Wittenburgs/Wartenbergs (Austria, same as Volkers and Schere's/Scherfs) likewise use a vertically-split Shield, in half the colors of the Volker Shield. The viewer's left half of the Volker Shield is gold, as is the vertically-split Shield of WILKins and Schere's/Scherfs (compare with WALKers), which can suggest some Volker-Walker relationship.

Did we see gilly flowers with Joels/Jewels? Giuliani was born, Rudolph, and while Randolphs look like a Rudolph variation, Randolph-liner Rands/RYNDs are in the motto of Rinds while Rinds use "gillie flowers"!!! Wow. It's changing the way I look at Giuliani. He must be sincere in his attack on Biden and Obama. Rinds use a flower POT too while German Pots/BOTTs (the right colors) share the black Fulk wings. There are 20-30,000 heraldry-registered surnames, what are the chances??? Italian Fulks were first found in the area of Italian Botters.

POTTERs, first found in Hampshire with BOTTERs/Bodys/Bodins and Buttons/Bidens, share the Flower cinquefoil in both colors. What are the chances for these things since Joel didn't chose his name, nor did he chose the gilly flowers?? English Pots use a "astuTUS" motto term while Tous', first found in Florence with Italian Fulks, use a shirt with buttons (so says the description). Potters are in Sales/Sallett colors while the Tonso variation of Tous' traces well to the Tonzus river of Thrace, the region of the Selletae. "Thrace" tribes could have formed the Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Potters. Drake's even trace to L'Aquila elements, i.e. near the Salto. Dreux is in Eure (Evreux), the line from Hebrew-likely Abruzzo (L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital). The Bonneville's, expected from Bonneville upon the Arve river, might just be using two of the giant Dreux lion.

[Later, I'll show why Bonneville's linked to Avezzano elements, the Helvys, mentioned here because Avezzano is at the Salto area beside Monte Velino. Drake's put out the falsification that they derive in the walk (gait) of a duck, but this has got to be code for connection to duck-liner Velins.]

"AsTUTus" can also be for Tute's, both of which are linkable to Tattons and therefore to Hatti / urine liners at lake Tatta. The castration symbol of Attis may have been the myth writers jocular pointer to circumcision i.e. there may have been some Israelites, for example the Laish Levites and/or Esau's Edomites, in Phrygia. Esau's son, Eliphas, smacks of the Halybes expected on the Halys river.

Scottish Randolphs have a bat as verification that Randolphs use the cross of Baths (Somerset), and Buttons are said to have been at Bath of Somerset. English Pots share the double Hair fesses while Hairs have a version of the English Randolph / Dunham / BUTler Coat. The other Hairs have the double fesses of HARcourts and Scottish Walkers. Shirts were Harcourt kin.

Rands probably use the Singletary chevrons, which amounts to a pointer to the Dunhams = Obama's mother's surname. English Randolphs share the Dunham Coat, and Dunhams in Obama's ancestry were from Jonathan Singletary. Singletarys were at Lancashire's Fylde, and Fylde's (Lancashire, same as hare-using Shake's/Shocks) share the Shake/Shock chevron! Bango. The heraldry cop, at your service. Obama is done-in. Let the world know what a crook he was. Losing all respect globally, that's the way his life should end so that he doesn't toy around with all that is good any longer.

Note how "Shakle / Sekulow" tends to revert the topic to Shake's/Shocks, for Giuliani is on television now demanding that Lindsey Graham invite Shokin to testify in a senate hearing and/or a private meeting, for Shokin badly wants to testify against Biden, according to Giuliani. So, in an event that pointed to Rudy Giuliani, we are even pointing to Shake's/Shocks along with Obama. It makes sense because Obama is expected to be behind Biden's crime. Obama is the one expected to have winked at the Ukrainians and the Chinese gifts (billions of dollars) to Hunter Biden, and that means Obama was willing to return the favor, with tax-payer dollars, to the Ukraine and China. The money that went to hunter Biden was, surely, laundered and shared with criminal others, where Obama's pocket is expected.

For what it could be worth, the Orrs/Ore's proved to be a pointer to Bruce and Nelly Ohr while the famous hockey pro, Bobby Orr, was born in Parry Sound. There is no Sound surname coming up. Parrys use one of the double Parr fesses, and Parrs were from Pharnaces of the Pontus in BC times. Pontius Pilate is expected (by me) to be from Pontus elements, and Orrs/Ore's share piles with English pile's while French Pile's are also Pilots. The Lords/Lauds share the Parry fesse but put the Pilate pheons upon it.

Aha. Blinkers pointed to Blanche liners while French Blanche's share the three lions of Choke-like Chicks while Shake's come up as Shicks. Tending to prove that Chicks relate the Shake's/Shocks/Shicks, the latter share the chevron of Chickens. Who could ask for more so easily? It's just another way for God to point to a Giuliani-Shokin partnership.

Chickens probably use COCKatiels because the latter are in the colors of the Dutch-Cock rooster, thus making Cocks suspect as a Shock branch. Cockers/Cocketts were first found in Norfolk with the Bus' who share the giant Blanche cinquefoil. Cockers/Cocketts share the fleur-de-lys bendwise with Coughs, suggesting that Coughs are a Cock branch as Goughs/Goffs are a Googe branch. The Cocker-and-Cough fleur bendwise are shared by Sales'/Salletts for a Cock trace to some Salassi liners, explaining why Hoods, newly discovered in this update to be from Aosta elements, use a so-called "Cornish CHOUGH." English Cocks were first found in CORNwall, yup, and in Devon (same as Hoods, yup). Cornwalls use a "Durante" motto term while Durants share the Sales/Sallett fleur because the Salyes Ligures were on the Durant-like DURANce river...suspect from the TURANo of Sabina flowing next to the Salto. Sabine's were first found in Norfolk with Cockers/Cocketts.

This new discovery on a Hood trace to Aosta liners can be important toward the multiple hoods that God has used. Give it time. Miss Hicks at her hood can now be a pointer to Hyksos king, Salitas. A tribe named after him may eventually have named the Salto river, for I trace the Sabines and SAMNites of the Salto area exactly to the Nile delta, where Hyksos ruled. I'm referring to the Sebennytos location also called, SAMMANud. It looks perfect. Who would have thought that Hoods were from the namers of Aosta? HA! As Aosta was named by Augustus, it can't be a coincidence that Saltz's share the black eagle leg with Augusts! Saltz's (probably the Durant fesse!) even have a Salassi-like Salzas variation. Italian Durants share the Auvergne tower while French Bauds were first found in Auvergne. Hoods share the crescents of Scottish Bauds (Durant ship?) for a trace to Aosta's Bautica.

The Aous river of Epirus comes back to mind, the river upon which Bullis is found. Bulls/Bule's (beside Hoods) share the Host/Ost bull head. There were a Selletae peoples between Thrace and Scythia Minor, and right-close to the Tonzus river to which I trace shirt-and-buttons Tous'/Tonso's. Hmm, as Bauds share the BALD ship, note that BLEDs have a "tous" motto term. Bleds have the triple chevrons, in colors reversed, of Clare's (Suffolk, same as Bullis'). The Arduinici of the Bautica had an Arthur branch with CLARions. If I recall correctly, the Tonzus had a mouth at Arda, which I trace to Ardahan, location of the Hyksos-suspect Hayasa-Azzi (the Azzi likely named Asia Minor).

The Blinkers led to Blanche's while Blanche's led to Shake's. It just so happens that Shakespeare's have a "sanz" motto term while "Sans TACHE" is the motto of French Blanche's. God really did prepare the gull to walk lock-step with the blinkers for getting us to Blanche's and Shake's/SHOCKs. Sans'/Sanchez's share the Coat of Dutch Volkers, and Fulke's/Volks use the Shakespeare spear. Lookie: TACKs are said to be a branch of Tancreds and Tankerville's (share the Blanche cinquefoil!), and Tache's share the red Tancred (and Sabine) scallop. Tacks have a "NobiliTAS" motto term suspect with the Tass variation of Tache's. Thus, we are on the Shechemites of Tanagra again, and on Orion the hunter, and thus it's pointing again to Hunter Biden and Viktor Shokin of the Ukraine. Tacks have a "vitTUS" motto term while Tous' use a man's shirt with BUTTONs while Shirts are in Tancred colors and format. Tankerville's share the Blanche cinquefoil. As Tancreds (Shirt colors and format) are also Tanks, I'm starting to wonder whether God placed the shark in a swimming pool to indicate a shark tank for a Saraca-Tanagra merger.

Chickens can be from the Saraca shark because, firstly, cockaTIELs are a rooster form of the wyvern dragon used by TILE's, making Tiels look like a Tile branch from the Tilurius river near Ragusa. I show later how this picture is from L'Aquila (Abruzzo). It seemed resolved above that Saraca's were of the Daorsi, and here we can add that Tile's were first found in DORset. Tiels even use elephant trunks while Ragusa is beside the Elaphiti islands.

Now that Shechemites have traced to the Arc river, where I trace Maccabee liners such as Masseys, note that Shick- / Shakle-like Sickle's are in Ark/Arch colors and format. French Chambers (Savoy, same as the Arc river) share the bend of Gaunts and Guenets while Sickle's were first found at Gaunt/Ghent. Chamber-like Camerons love the Cheile's (almost a boot) who in-turn have a version of the Guenet Coat. Gaunt/Ghent The latter is at the end of the Lys river while Lys'/Lise's share the Massey/Macey fleur de lys, colors reversed from the same of Scottish Chambers, the latter being the ones sharing the Boet/butt / Button/Biden fesse. The other Lys river is a tributary of that BAUTica (Aosta, beside Savoy). The Maceys/Mace's use GAUNTlet gloves. Scottish Chambers share "spero" with Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with Gaunts. Maccabees were from Israel's Modi'in while Modane is on the Arc while Motts/Mottins share the crescent of Glove's. The Morte variation of Motts/Mottins indicates, along with another factor, that Motts were at least merged with the Mauritano variation of Modena's Marano's.

Maccabees formed a strong partnership with Alexander Balas, and thus took on the Alexander name for generations to come. The Glove's look like they use the Alexander Coat.

The Shocken man has a hand on the belt, the waist and/or the hip while the Hips' have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Giuliani's.

I'd like to go back to Camerons/CAMERA's, who came up at the 9-11 memorial in 2002, when I asked Miss Hicks if she wanted me to set up her video camera on its STAND. Stands are beloved of Arthurs who married Hicks of Clapton, and they both shared "clarion" trumpets thereby. Stands are also Stans while Stanley (pointed to Morgan Stanley at the Trade towers) took a seat beside Miss Hicks, that night, after I vacated that same seat. Morgans and Irish Moors were given a Morgan le Fay myth code by the king-Arthur cult. Morgan le Fay was the chief witch of Avalon, which I deciphered more than a decade ago as the island of BUTE. The Fay-like Veys/Vivians are expected as Fay kin because Dutch Veys use a BOOT. Irish Fays look like they married Speers/Spears (recalls SHAKEspeare's), and thus we are finding solid reasons for seeing Shechemite liners at Bute.

As I've said many times, I walked back to Miss Hicks, after setting up the camera, and when asking if the seat beside her was taken, she said it was reserved for her daughter, but that if she arrived, "you can SCOOT over." We saw why Scoots/Scougals can work into Shoe's/Schugs/Schugs and therefore into Shake's/Shocks, Shockens and Choke's. It's important that the last scene in the shark dream (1979), when Miss Hicks and I were embraced and rising into the sky, was a code for Livers/LOVERs (rooster standing on a trumpet) but also the Amore's. I discussed this already when Choke's were not a topic. Choke's became a topic only in this update, and almost use the Coat of Amore-branch Damorys/Amori's.

Here's an interesting piece from the Liver/Lover write-up: "The surname Lover was first found in Lancashire at Little Lever, now a large village in the Metropolitan Borough of BOLTON in Greater Manchester." Can this mean that our embrace was intended by God to point to John likely attacking Trump with the rest of the shark? Bolton is in Greater Manchester, what a coincidence. Shake's were at Shakerley of Greater Manchester, and Lancashire is where Kitchens were first found who share the "Pro rege" motto with Fie's/Feys. Kitchens popped up in the last update as per red BUTTONs found in the kitchen sink while tearing down my old trailer. WOW, I think I now get it, for I had purchased it at a camp site not many miles south of McKeller. Shakle/Shakel street is on the north side of McKeller!

I've just taken the time to find the correct spelling: it's Shakell Road. Here's a map showing Shakell on LIMESTONE lake. Isn't limestone the same as CHALK??? Can God arrange that? Yes, for Chalks share the Choke Coat!!! "Chalk is a soft, white, porous, sedimentary carbonate rock, a form of limestone..." There we go. Giuliani and Shokin have been talking; we discovered this only this week!

Lime's even share lozenges with Shakells, hmm. Kellers/McKellers share the black eagle with Giuliani's. Hmm. Aha. The Lime lozenges are in the colors of the Whistle/Wissel lozenges, and the latter's lion is in the colors of half the lion head in the Lime Crest. Can God arrange that to point to the so-called whistle-blower in the Biden / Giuliani affair? I wonder what his name is. Lookie: Blowers are in the colors and format of McKellers (Northumberland, same as Greys), and in the colors and format of Owls while Shakell road starts at GREY OWL road while Greys have a lion in the same colors as the Whistle/Wissel lion. It looks fixed by God to point. Greys share the border of Scoots/Scougals (GREYhounds) and Scotts in colors reversed. Greys were at TANKERville (!!!), I almost missed this. Tankerville's are from Tanagra, beside Shake-liner Schimatari!

Wow, the Lime's

I saw her toenails when she said I could scoot OVER. They were painted green at least very close to a lime color. Lime's were first found in Cheshire with Overs, big hmmm. Let's investigate.

Lime's (Lum/Limb / Lamb colors) can be a branch in the Limb variation of Lums, the latter being a branch of Lambs and Lumbers, the Lambs (Lambert colors) having the colors and format of Lemans/Limons in colors reversed and probably using a version of the Blythe Coat because Lamans/Limons were from Blything. Once we get to Blythe's, we can go to Billets/Billiards, at the LE MANS theater (like "Leman"), and having a near-copy of the French Lambert Coat. The other Billets with the Bellows branch share the cinquefoils of Lums/Lambs. Not only was Bill Clinton's father a Mr. Blythe, but the Rodham cinquefoils are in the colors of the same of Lambert-like LIMberts. This is really wild, because the six Limbert cinquefoils are in the colors and pattern of the six fitchees of both the Clintons and Hillarys. it looks arranged. The Rodham cinquefoils are colors reversed from those of Lumbers, and both surnames were first found in Northumberland.

I've got to conclude that God arranged for Miss Hicks to wear lime toenail POLISH, for Lamberts can be traced very well to the Polish ruler, Mieszko Lambert! He was a Piast, and the Piast eagle is in the colors of the Lum/Limb eagle heads!!! That is really wild. The latter were first found in Lancashire with Shakell-like Shake's/Shocks. As Lumbers have the Potter Coat, the stars of their Lum/Lamb branch look like the Botter star, and thus we appear to be on the Shechemite-Boeotian line to Buttons/Bidens. Lemans/Limons and Blythe's do share the Button/Biden and Boet/Butt fesse, in colors reversed from the Lum/Lamb fesse. German Lamberts have a version of a Bell Coat, and these Bells have bells colors reversed from the same of Porters/PAWTERs (potter colors) while Potters were first found in Hampshire, same as Porters/Pawters, Buttons/Bidens and Botters/Bodins. The French Porters share the OVER bend so as to connect to the scoot-over event. Bell-branch Bellamys were at perch while English Botters/Bodins have an eagle standing on a perch.

The coming to Porters in this way reminds that Rob Porter, when he was in Trump's White House, was supposedly dating Hope Charlotte Hicks. Miss Hicks was born Charlotte RENA Hicks, and it just so happens that Paul RYAN went to work for Fox news at roughly the time that Hope Hicks did. The latter quit Trump's White House immediately after Rob Porter was released. It made me think that she and Porter were Bush-circle spies on Trump. Paul Ryan is probably a Democrat rat, a Republican imposter.

I'd like to repeat that, when I was sitting beside Miss Hicks on that scoot-over night, I was so impressed with her song that, when she came back to sit down, I said to her that she even had me going (I meant that I don't usually get excited about songs). Her reaction was an in-fun derision, saying "even you?", and she pushed me at the shoulder while saying that. Heraldic shoulders are suspect with Schultz's, whose stars are colors reversed from those of Lumbers. Schultz's look like Schutz's, and the latter share the GREYhound with Scoots! Scoot over. Scoots have a border colors reversed from the Grey border.

You'll be amazed here. It's very interesting that while her nail polish is now being taken for a lime color while Joel and I visited Shakell road on Limestone lake in PARRY Sound, for Parry-branch Parrs are said to use a woman with head and SHOULDERs. That's amazing, but I haven't yet got to the amazing part. Shakell is in McKeller while Kellers/McKellers share three eagle heads with Lime-like Lums/Limbs (Lancashire, same as Shake's). The McKeller eagle heads are black, as are the eagle-like birds in the Sedan Crest, and Sedans share a black border with Parrs and Furness'. The McKeller eagles are in the colors and format of the black cinquefoils in the Sedan Shield. (Sedans were first found in Durham and Yorkshire, near black-cinquefoil Rodhams in Northumberland.)

Sedans share "sed" with Rome's/Rims/Rums; the latter were at Annandale with the Bells. Rome's/Rims/Rums love the Pungs/Pings/Pongs (black eagle in a crown) in their motto, who in-turn use a so-called label, code for Labels/La Bells, we may assume. Pungs/Pings/Pongs, first found in Yorkshire with Sedan-liner Sedbergh, are very linkable to Panico's/Panetta's (label) of the SETTA valley, a good place to trace the Sedans and Seatons/Sittens. The latter share the crescents of Bell-liner Bellamys, and Cressents/Creys (Kilpatrick lion?) have three bends colors reversed from the three of Pungs/Pings/Pongs. The "sino sed" motto phrase of Sedans gives away their relationship to Sion/Sitten. Seatons were first found in East Lothian with Scoots, and so we're still on-track of the scoot-over event. Her middle name is Rena, and whatever stream is in the Setta valley, it's going to drain into the Reno. I was SEATed beside her at the scoot-over and toenail event.

Lime's look linkable to Reno's, and even more linkable to the Pincs (Yorkshire, same as Pungs/Pings/Pongs), but also to the lion of Guido's, first found in Bononia with Pinc-like Panico's and the Reno river. Wow, that came suddenly. The Pincs use lozenges in pale in colors reversed from the same of Lime's, and neither Shield has anything else. The BINKleys/Bingleys (Yorkshire) share the double fesses of Stands/STANs (!!!), first found in Yorkshire. WOW, this paragraph has new material, THANKS TO LIME's, and so let me repeat: "Stands are also Stans while Stanley (pointed to Morgan Stanley at the Trade towers) took a seat beside Miss Hicks, that night, after I vacated that same seat." WOW. I've been talking about that scoot-over event for years now, but it couldn't have been broken open without the Lime's. Morgans and Irish Moors (share Coats) are in Polish colors, and Moor-head Binns (Yorkshire) look like they can be a Bingley branch. Binnys share

The seat, she said to me, was reserved for her daughter, Geneva, and the Arve river, where I see Bellamy elements, drains at Geneva. Morges is on lake Geneva. Hicks have a "bon" motto term that can include the namers of BONNEville upon the Arve. Bonneville's share the pierced stars of SABINE's, and BONonia has a SAVENa river. Wow, and Sabina's (with a final 'a'), first found in POITIERs, share the HOPE Coat. WOW-WOW-WOW, the POTTERs look like a branch of Porters/Pawters while HOPE Charlotte Hicks was messing around with Rob Porter. This is incredible because Charlotte Rena Hicks just traced excellently to Bononia elements with Lime's. The Saffins/SAVENs (can't get much closer to "Savena" than that) once came up as Sabina's, and they share the LABEL/La Bell Coat while Bononia's Panico's and Pings/Pongs have a label. Porters use BELLS! Zinger. The Pasi's of Bononia is where I trace the name of VesPASia POLLA, and Sabine-related Pully is a location on lake Geneva too. Bonnys/Bonnets share the Panico fleur. Binnys, probably not of Bononia-line Bonnys, but more likely of Binns and Binkleys, share the Bonneville star unpierced.

You just saw what Geneva, the daughter of the Kilpatricks, did for unraveling the mysteries further. Geneva was adopted, and I now think God arranged that to show how the Hicks trace from Bononia to Bonneville. I had caught wind that Geneva's surname was Daddy, and Daddys share the POLISH saltire, can we believe it? I saw the lime nail POLISH while getting into the seat reserved for Geneva! Behold: "King Niall, brother of Fiachra and descended from Daithi..." That's in the Daddy write-up. Isn't Niall the founder of Neils? Nails are also Neils!!! Give praise to Jesus. Irish Neils, who share the Arms-of-Saraca fish, were first found in Tyrone with Sharks.

Ahh, Nialls ("mori") are listed with MacNeils sharing the Morgan / Moor lion. Amazing.

Arve-line Garveys share the double chevrons of Maine's (Devon, same as Bonneville's), and Maine is at the Le Mans theater. Bonneville's were at Devon's Shute, a potential branch of Scoots, perhaps even a branch of the Shutz variation of Schutz's. The teeth of the shark in the Hicks dream were resolved with James Comey and Stefan Halper especially, and Bonnetable's happen to have been at BalHELVY Bonvile. While Halpers/Halfpennys were a branch of Helps/Halfs, the Helvys (I haven't known before) share the Halper/Halfpenny checks. Scoots share the courant, black greyhounds with Pennys. It's really lumping the scoot-over event with the deep-state shark tank.

George Bush reacted corruptly and globally to 9-11 with Tony Blair, and "John de Bonevyle is mentioned in 1326 as owner of the land of BLAIRtoun in the thanedom of Balhelvie..." The Blairs can link to Kilpatrick castle by their saltire (same as Kilpatrick saltire), and by their apparent link to Supers and Spurrs, the latter two first found in Devon with Bonneville's. I'll explain below why Supers and Spurrs were Kilpatrick liners / associates. Blair share "Amo" with Scoot-branch Scotts, important for understanding the scoot-over event, for Miss Hicks is/was Mrs. Kilpatrick. Blairs have a "proBOS" motto term while Bos' bring up the Dutch Bush's/Boschs. Who arranged that?

French Bonneville's share the Rome/Rim/Rum lion, apparently, colors reversed from the same of Whistle's/Wissels. The latter share the lozenges of Lime's, and I saw her lime toenails when getting into Geneva's seat. It's extra evidence that God set the event up, for if He doesn't provide evidence, how can I make the case for Him? French Bonneville's were near Rouen, and Rouens have lozenge-like mascles in the colors of the Shakell lozenges. What could God be getting at here?

The dolphins of Lemans/Limons can be an indicator of Galli's (share Julian Chief) of Dauphine, for the Galli rooster is that of Gays, first found in Savoy with the Arve river. Limons can apply to Limestone lake at SHAKELL road, and then Gay-like Jays were at De Gai, now pointing us to JAY SEKULow. Right? He's probably working with Rudy Giuliani to expose the deep state. Guise's/GUYs seem to have a version of the Rouen Coat, and Bononia's Guido's, suspect with the two-colored Lime lion, come up as Guis'. The Guido/Guise lion is upright and in the colors of the same of Greys while Shakell road is off of Grey Owl road.

Lumbers/Lambs were at West Denton, and while Dents were at Sedan-related Sedbergh, Dentons (Northumberland, same as West Denton) share black cinquefoils with Sedan and Rodhams (Northumberland). The Denton Chief can be a version of the Bell Chief, for there is a Denton location in Dumfries, and the Denton cinquefoils are those of Potters (Lumber Shield) in colors reversed while Porters/Pawters use bells. I link dents to Dance's (Lumber lion?) who in turn have a fesse in the colors of the Dentons fesses. Dance's look linkable to Rome's/Rims/Rums, as could be expected. The latter come up as Roens, and English Roens/Rome's/ROWans were first found in Durham with Sedans. Rows share the Templar lamb with Lamberts and Lums/Lambs. Lums/Limbs share the eagle head of Dutch Camps, and CampBELLs (Yorkshire, same as Camps) share the gyronny of Roens/Rome's/Rowans. It tends to make a Camp-Bell marriage look like the reason for Campbells. Can we believe it: German Rows (Saxony, same as German Julians) essentially have the Jay Coat! But compare with Jewish Rothchilds.

The other English Rows share the chevron-with-besants of Skippers while RUMillys were at SKIPton, suggesting that Rumillys were of Rome's/Rims/Rums.

Giuliani's share a spread black eagle with Dentons and Pungs/Pings/Pongs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Dents and Dance's. I trace Italian Dance's (Piedmont, same as the Cottian capital) to king Donnus of the Cottians, suspect with Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar. Giuliani's were Julians, right?

While Julian-liner Gulls and Gullys have a "sino"-like "sine motto term, French Julians (and French Galli's) have a Chief linkable to the Panico/Panetta / Kilpatrick Chief. Giuliani's were first found near the Italian Galli's (rooster). Rudy Giuliani has become suspect in the gull dancing to the blinkers while Joel and I were on our way to Limestone lake. Lime's are the ones sharing the Whistle/Wissel lozenges and perhaps the Whistle/Wissel lion too, and it just so happens that I trace Waistells/Wessels to Vestalis, Donnus' grandson. During this update -- yesterday in fact -- BLINKENships (Northumberland) came to mind out of the blue, and they were at HaltWHISTLE, what a hoot! Blinkenships share the Blythe garbs, incredible. Giuliani needs to look to the Clintons, doesn't he?

Kilpatricks share the green dragon with Seatons. Patricks could be from the Roman Patricians, and Julians were probably Patricians. Whatever the historians think the Patricians were derived in, note that I trace Kilpatricks to Antipatria, suspect with king Antipater, father of CASSander. Cass'/Cash's are a branch of Kiss'/CUSH's, explaining the cushions of Kilpatricks. Julius CAESar was of the Caesar surname (father's side); it was not merely his title. Rome's/Rims/Rooms (same place as Kilpatricks) share the fesse of Augusts, but it's also that of Boets/Butts/Bute's and Buttons/Bidens while Giuliani's (probably the Roman eagle) were first found in the north-of-Rome part of the BUTTERi cowboys. Mr. Casey is the uncle-in-law of Miss Hicks, and Caseys use the three Lum/Limb eagle heads in colors reversed.

So, as I was sitting beside Miss Hicks, I got up to go speak with the pastor, Mr. JOHNSON, requesting that he get her, Mrs. Kilpatrick, to sing a second song. Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with the Bells, and the Kilpatricks have a Coat version of the Dumfries Johnsons/Johnstons Coat. That's impressive too. Recall the Blairs with the Kilpatrick saltire, how they worked into the scoot-over event, and while the Blair motto is expected partly for Bos'/Bush's, Pastors have a version of the Bos/Bush Coat, believe it or not.

Lookie: Rome's/Rims/Rums have: "Seated at Gretna, they early became friends and allies of the great Clan Johnston..." Gretna is the amazing part I gave you heads-up about (sorry for taking so long to get here). It smacks of Gratian the Elder, who is to the Greats/Greetans sharing the Nail/Nagle saltire! Her lime NAILs at the scoot-over event.

Lookie: the "Placit" motto term of Rome's/Rims/Rums is for Placentia elements, for the ANANes Gauls were there while Rome's/Rims/Rums were at ANNANdale. Placentia is also Piacenza, like "Picenze," the latter being the village where my mother was born. The namers of Picenze are expected from the namers of Picenum, where Justine was from, Gratian's daughter-in-law. Justine's ("causa") share a gold border with Greats! There you have the great evidence that Gretna of the Rome's/Rims/Rums were from Gratian liners. Justine's share the weight scale with Cass'/Cash's. Justine's have a Patrick Justice in their write-up, and Justine's father was Justus. Justine's share "sine" with Gulls and Gullys.

Another gold border is with Helvys, in case it applies. In fact, Monte Velino is near Picenze and Avezzano, and I've shown many times how Halpers (Helvy-branch) and Helps/Halfs apply to Avezzano liners (Avesnes on the Helpe river) at the Belgian border, and to Velino-like Velins (share ducks with Haafs/Have's) and Velens in Westphalia, where also Nails/Nagle's were first found. And Velins smack of Valentinian. Who's he? Oh, just the husband of Justine of Picenum, and son of Gratian. Therefore, the gold border of Helvys speaks like it's owned by Gratian liners.

Patricks (share Kilpatrick saltire) were at La Lande, and Lands/Landens/Landers share the three pale bars of Langleys while the dirty and disgusting CIA operates out of Langley. Lands/Landens/Landers share the black rooster with Gratian-suspect Grazio's (Perusia). The latter share the pomegranate with Crispins (Pares), and while Crispins were CREPons too, Greats are also GREEPs. It's a match. PomeGRANates can be part-code for whatever the gyronny pattern is code for, and Lands/Landens have gyronny in the colors of the same of Roens/Rome's/Rowans and CampBELLs (Rome's/Rims/Roens were Bell kin, right).

Patricks share a red border with Scoots, and the latter's motto, "HAEC ORNant" is suspect with Orion Boeotians to the Orne river, which flows by Caen (Khyan Hyksos?) and the La Lande area where early Patricks lived. Lands/Landens are from Pepin of Landen. Hyksos king Apepi ruled after Khyan. There were a Caeni peoples in Thrace, and while Hyksos were a Hebrew tribe (they took refuge in Jerusalem about the time of Joshua), Thrace is centered on the Hebros river. The Hicks motto term, "heure," is suspect with Abruzzo-line Eure, home of EBURovices. Figure it out, connect the dots, it's not hard.

The scoot-over event was with a woman married to a Patrick liner. Caen is in the land of the Boii-suspect BaioCASSES, and Boii, possibly from Boiotians, were at BONonia, where Panico's/Panetta's were first found, location of the Setta valley. Caseys use a "casus" motto term. The five, white ostrich feathers of Caens traces them well to the Ceno river, a tributary of the Taro. The Ananes Gauls who named Annandale (of the Rome's/Roens) lived between the Taro and the Trebia. The Arms of Traby have five white ostrich feathers. The Traby/Sadowski surname uses a SCARF, and the modern-era CIA was ruled by George Herbert Walker Scherff. Right? The 9-11 crime, for which God set up the scoot-over event, was conducted under that George's son. As was said, Lands/Landens/Landers share the Langley pale bars while the CIA operates out of Langley. Doesn't it seem that God arranged the Patricks of La Lande to be linkable to Mrs. Kilpatrick and my scoot-over event with her? Could the 9-11 crime have taken place without the dirty and disgusting CIA? No way.

PEPoli's, first found in Bononia, share the checkered Shield of Halpers. Lands/Landens share a rooster head with Greats/Greetans, and the latter were first found in Herefordshire with Jays. It just so happens that while Shakell road is pointing to Jay Sekulow, its LIMEstone lake is linking to the lime toenails while Nails/Nagle's share the Great/Greetan saltire. Who arranged Jays to be in "the hamlets of Heath and Jay"? Heaths/Heths share the gold rooster head of Greats/Greetans!!! What a great way to prove that Jays connect with Greats/Greetans. You've just got to be amazed with this, unless your mind is turned off. You may need to re-read this section to grasp it all.

Heaths/Heths (Roen/Rome/Rowan colors) were first found in Durham with Roens/Rome's/Rowans, and the latter's gyronny is in the colors of the same of English Lands, tending to assure that the rooster to Lands/Landens/Landers applies here, especially as it's colors reversed from the Heath/Heth rooster. Lookie at the Heath/Heth write-up: "...Ralph atte Heythe was rector of Rockland Tofts." Tofts'/Tuffs' were first found in Cheshire with Lime's and GREEN-lion Tuffs/TOWs! Zinger, it proves what had been speculated years ago, that Tows do relate to her green toenail polish. I just didn't come to Lime's until this update. And I kid you not, lime's did NOT come to topic in this update as per her toenails. It's only after Lime's came to topic that I asked whether they applied to her toe nails. Wildly, the answer is, YES. We got to the Tows by the Heaths who had already shocked me by their proving that Nails apply via Greats/Greetons, all of that signalling Jay Sekulow and proving that God arranged the drive to Shakell road.

There are two ways to view the shark in the pool, one for heraldic / historical value, and the other as a symbol of the deep state today. In its heraldic value, we take Cibalae, home of Gratian, to the Sibals (Fife, near Justine's), noting their red moline cross, for while Gratian birthed Valentinian, Italian Vallans have the same moline while Valiants use a shark. Vallans have the moline in two colors schemes, the other being that of French Sarasens. The other Sarasens are Saracens too...shark-liner Saraca's by the looks of it. Scottish Vallans/Valence's share the Velen and Alan martlets. Tows share the green lion of Lyons while Valence is not far from Lyon.

Ask: why should StepTOE's/StepTOWs apply? They share the Bush/Busch Coat (Raggs fleur), a symbol I trace to the Saraca fish, first off, but then there's also the Step-like Stephensons who have a version of the Valentin Coat. The other Stephensons ("CoeLUM non soLUM") have the Steptoe fleur in colors reversed. The Tow Coat is colors reversed from the BOSton Coat. The scoot-over nail-polish-don't-step-on-her-toes event was thus part of the shark, and while the shark was in the pool, Pools are Pollock liners while Polish's are listed with Pollocks. To discover why Vallans use wings, as Vinkovci.

Saracens share the blue fleur of Stephensons, and put a collar on their black wolf which holds the fleur. Collars have a Moor-head version of the Saracen Coat, and so do Morano's. Saracena is on the Sybaris with Morano. The same fleur is used by Morinis', and the latter are in the write-up of Deerings (Kent, same as Vallans/Valance's). Ancients had the crazy idea that "Ragusa" was named after a deer, but I know it's mere code for Ragusa elements. The Maurels/Maurino's share the Morinis fesse and have a version of the Bute/Butt Coat while Saraca's were also at Kotor, beside Butua. God showed us that the shark was at Rhizon/Risinium, and then Risings have a cross version of the Polish / Daddy Coat, both having green Shields. The green nail polish.

And by the way, when I first told of the polish, and for several times after that, I happened to say that it was pale green (verses deep green). Lime's happen to use lozenges in pale (heraldic term for vertical direction). Pale's are said to be from Poland, a good reason to speculate that Pale's use the Over bend. As pale's were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's/Buschs, the pale lions may be that of Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. After all, the scoot-over event must point to George Bush. This paragraph is new material right here.

While French Pastors share nearly the Bos/Bush/Bosch Coat, Italian Pastors look like kin of Lumbers (from Mieszko Lambert of Poland), and even share the stars of Polesdons (Cheshire, same as Lime's), which are the Lumber stars in colors reversed. These stars are also those of Palins, from Palinurus down in the Laus / Sybaris / Scidrus theater. It's Lumber-interesting that Lombards ruled from Milan, where Maurels/Maurino's were first found. Italian Pastors were from Syracuse, near Ragusa of Italy in the land of the Saracen people group, what a mobstorous sharkincdence. Wow, Spanish Pastors have the border-and-Shield (ignoring the symbols) of Scoots!!! Amazing. I'm assuming that God had Miss Hicks impress me with her song so much that I went to ask the pastor for a second.

Bonneville is off the southern shores of lake Geneva while Pully is on the north shore with LAUSanne. Pullys/Pullens are kin of Sabine's while the latter share the pierced stars of Bonneville's, indicating that Polesdons are likely a Pully branch. The Pully/Pullen pelican is for Maine's Pellicans. The Pully/Pullen motto should be for Pale-like Palle's/Palles'/Pauls. Pale's are also Pallys. Morges, likewise on the northern shore of Geneva, is traceable for good reason to Morgans and Irish Moors.

I think God gave us a door-handle dream with an initial scene to verify that George Herbert Walker Bush was born as George Herbert Scherff Jr. I was riding a SHOPping cart down a road, and while Ridings/Readings share black boar with Bush's, Shop variations suggest the Share's/Shere's/Shire's and Schare's/Schere's/Scherfs (Kilpatricks are Sheera's too). Shire's are linkable to the Gratian line of Sire's and Squire's/Square's/Squirrels. Gratian's son was Valentinian, and while Valentins use squirrels, Sire's love Justine, Valentinian's wife. As Blinkenships are also BlenkenSHOPs, perhaps the gull WALKING along to the blinkers is a pointer to George Herbert WALKER Scherff. Blinkenships were at HALTwhistle, and, zikers, Halts/Holts use the squirrel!

I had to watch her toes, not to step on them, when I saw her lime toenails. The gull stepped along with the blinkers, and the Stepps/StepTOE's share the German Bush Coat. The Blinkenship Coat is almost that of Dade's/Dadeys while Daddys/Dade's share the Polish saltire. Cool.

After riding the shopping cart, I was at a new scene, complaining to the previous owner of my Jeep about a missing part in the door handle. The next scene had me dropping a container (like a large pail) on its RIM upon some SAND. The rim caught FLAMES on the sand. Scottish Flemings (Lanarkshire, beside Polish's) use a "deed" motto term.

I expect that dream to link to the finding of the Saint-Petersburg medallion on the Jeep's hood (in real life), because I was there with a shopping cart of GROCeries. The Gregg variation of Groce's links well to the Craigs in Carrick ancestry while Share's/Shere's/Shire's and Shops can be gleaned with Carrick symbols. The Arms of Carrick is the chevron of squirrel-using Gilberts, though the Arms of Carrick sometimes throws in three fitchees (see Kennedys), the Share/Shere/Shire symbol.

I set up her camera, and seconds later she said, "you can SCOOT over." Camerons/Camera's love Cheile's in their motto, and Cheile's have a boot-like leg with spur, suggesting the AYER leg with spur and therefore suggesting that Cheile's were a branch of AYRshire's Kyle's. Scottish Porters/Pawters were first found in Kyle. Her lime nails are linking with Limestone lake in Keele-like McKeller. The Lime's had brought Lums/Limbs and similar others to topic, and it's the Lumbers of that discussion that brought Potters, a branch of Porters, I think, to topic. The Rodham cinquefoils are colors reversed from those of Lumbers, and both surnames were first found in NorthUMBERland. Grazio's were first found in UMBRia.

The Cheile spur is important because Kilpatricks were at Closeburn, on the Nith, while Close's and Nith-suspect Knights use spurs, as does the Crest of Johnsons who have a red-Chief version of the Kilpatrick Coat. That's how I assume God proved that the camera event was His event, because it was the camera of Mrs. Kilpatrick. Therefore, I assume that God is pointing to prime minister David Cameron. He was in power until mid-July, 2016, and may have given the green light or wink for the Steele dossier. Later in this update, written prior to this section, it's explained why Camerons/Camera's definitely apply to the scoot-over event. In short, I saw her sandals when seeing her green toes, and green-cross Sandals have a CAMERArius character. Pretty unbelievable, I know.

Ayers look like a branch of the Perthshire (Irish) Shaws whose Scottish branch shares cups with the neighboring Keller-possible Sellers (Aberdeenshire, same as Cups/Cope's/Colps). Kellers/McKellers were first found in neighboring Angus, where ruled the earls of Mar. Mars share the Whistle/Wissel lion, and while the latter share the lozenges of Lime's, the double-Mar lions are the double lions of Bonneville's in colors reversed. Bonneville is on the Gareb-suspect Arve river, which plays to the Biblical king Og, as we will see. If Lime's are a branch of Lemans/Limons, or even closely related, let's repeat that Gareb- / HARVey-like Garveys share the double chevrons of Maine's and Perche's, and that Lemans/Limons can be from the Le Mans location that named Maine, beside the Perche area of Bellamys.

King Og Makes it to Heraldry

Avalon was named after the Avlona version of "Aulon," near Bullis. Shakells share the lozenges of Bullys. The latter were first found in Dumfries with Bells, and Avellino (in Camp- / CampBELL-possible Campania), ABELLinum. Shakells call them "BUCKLE-lozenges," and Buckle is a location near the mouth of the SPEY river, and then Morgan le Fay of Avalon can be realized as code for Fays while the latter have a spear and the boar head of Spears/SPEYers, perfect. Rothes castle was/is on the Spey, and Avalon was called ROTHESay before it was Bute. Perfect.

The Spey is the border of Moray, and Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs were first found in Morayshire with Bully-like Bellys i.e. suddenly, Sekulow-suspect Shakells are pointing to the bulldog (Trump) in the mouth of the shark (the latter's teeth surrounded the bulldog's belly). Indeed, Shakell road is in McKeller while Scottish Kellers/Cellers/Keelers/Kelners share acorns with Dutch Tromps. German Tromps are also Trumps, pretty amazing. Dutch Tromps may even have the giant Giuliani eagle. The latter's looks connectable to the giant Egg/EDGE eagle, and I happen to trace Edge's to the Adige river flowing past lake Garda. On the opposite side of lake Garda is Val Trompia. German Eggs (Austria, includes the Sava's upper parts) even share plates with Scottish Kellers, and the hurt (blue roundel) with Bude's (Egg-like Oggs are expected with Bude liners). German Eggs were first found in both Austria and Bavaria, ditto for proto-Rothschild Bauers/Bowers. Fays (on Rothesay, right?) share the boar head of Roets and Speers/Speyers.

German Rothers/Rothes' use the raven, a form of crow that can be linked with the Ceraunii mountains at Aulon/Avlona. Ceraunii Illyrians were on the Shaw-like Sava, where Buckle-loving Leslie's trace who became earls of Rothes (at Rothes castle above) when marrying the Pollocks of that place. Peter Pollock built the castle, and his family had one, Muriel Pollock. Shaws were at a ROTHIEmurchus location, evoking the MURiels / Muriels/Murs too. Peacocks (mascles) were a sept of Pollocks (I have read this) and Muriels use the peacock. I see ravens from ancient REPHAites if ancient Israel, explaining the raven of Ruffs/Rolphs/Ralphs / Rove's / Roe's and the Tate's expected in the Shark motto. Compare Rove's with Sharks to ask whether Karl Rove is of the shark. I see Rove as privy to 9-11 crimes.

[I didn't know until after this update was out that Ruffieux is a location beside Seysell and Annecy.]

Rove's and Sharks share the single green-on-white trefoil, and each add three black items. Rove' have three black ravens, but Sharks have three black cranes as code for the Ceraunii, who I see as proto-Croatians. Croatians are/were also "KRVati," which is why I see them as part of the SERBs, and I then trace them to mount GAREB less than two miles west of ancient Jerusalem. The raven-suspect Rephaites lived in Jerusalem's Rephaite valley, on the west side of Jerusalem. It appears that "GaREB" was a hard version (i.e. with capital consonant) of "AREPH."

Oggs look linkable to Carneys, and Carni (I think it's in northern Croatia) is near Emona on this map (top-left); Leslie-suspect Lesce and Bled are beside Emona, and Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Oggs. Carni is not far from the Adige river of Eggs. The Serbs were from the Sorbs of Lusatia, and the latter has the Spree river while Spree's share the crescents of Speers/SPEYers. Leslie's use buckles for the Buckle location on the SPEYer river. It's Og-interesting that Carni is at the OCra mountains. Can we see Og liners becoming the Ogurs = Hungarians?

Og was the giant king of Rephaites, and then German Eggs are in Ogg colors. Oggs have a red heart pierced by what looks like a nail (the Duck/Logan symbol too). We saw Dutch Tromps with aCORNs (Ceraunii suspects), and then Acorns use a CROWN on a red heart, indicating Ceraunii liners to Val Trompia (not far from Croatia). It just so happens that the Cheshire Eggs/Edge's share a giant eagle on a split Shield with Dutch Tromps, and Kilners/Kelners share the giant eagle of Eggs/Edge's. Kellers use acorns while Bullys have their own red heart while Shakells share gold-on-red lozenges with Bullys. Shakell road in McKELLER. It appears that God arranged for Joel to come visit, to drive me to Shakell road for these reasons at least. Acorns (Sussex, same as Vise's/Vice's) share the giant black stag head of Vise's/Vice's while Vis is an island off of the coast from Croatia.

Killers (Ayrshire, same as Kyle's) are listed with what looks like variations of the Wrath variation of English Rothes', but also have a REVie variation suggesting merger with raven liners too.

Back to the nail of Oggs, for while Logans/DUCKs have a nail-pierced heart too, Duck kin are very traceable to the Avlona > Avalon line along with Motts/Mottins/MORTE's. The latter share the crescent of Deaths/Darths, explaining the myth, "Le Morte d'Arthur," a myth written in code for surnames about the death of king Arthur on Avalon. Arthurs were from Arduinici, right? Well, Nails/NAGLE's (Westphalia, same as Ducks and duck-using, Avlona-liner Velins / Velens) can be expected with the "ONEGLia" location, where the Arduinici married the Doria's...who have a giant eagle on a split Shield i.e. once again looking linkable to that of Giuliani's.

Westphalia is where Hovers were first found who put HORNs on a leopard face that wears a crown, indicating Orion liners to the Ceraunii...which is to say a Uranus-Cronus duo. Recall the Chicken branch of Shechemite liners, for the Chicken cockaTIEL looks like part-code for the Tiels, who happen to use a blue duck.

The other Nagle's use a nightinGALE as code for the Nagle kin of Gale's (Nail/Nagle saltire), and the latter, resolved from king Gala/Gaia, were part of TintaGEL, where a myth writer(s) decided to make king Arthur born. Tints of "Tintagel" (Ceraunii-line Cornwall), who share the blue uniCORN with Gale's, are from the ATINTanes at the Ceraunii mountains, smack beside Avlona. It seems that ancient peoples knew of these traces.

So, the pierced HEART of Oggs can be for Art/Hart liners, for example. The Ogg-Chief fitchees are of the style of, and in colors reversed from, the same of Mea's/Meighs. The latter not only use ravens that tends to prove an Ogg and raven trace to Rephaites, but they are named as per the Meu river, location of the Mott area of Motts/Mottins/Morte's. The Morte variation is for a branch of the Mauritano variation of Marano's (Modena), and while I tended to prove that Marano's share the Montfort lion, Montfort is a location along/near the Meu river.

Ancient Modi'in of Israel is where the Maccabees came to roost about 175 BC, not long after king Massena (Numidia). King Gala/Gaia above was his father. Modi'in existed as far back as Joshua, and was therefore a center of non-Israelites at first. Peoples of Modi'in are expected at Greece's Modon/Methoni, which happens to be in Massena-like Messene. I say that Maccabees were descended from king Massena, as per his making an alliance with the Romans. I tend to think that the Maccabees were of the ancestry of CILNius Maecenas (almost "Massena"), husband of Miss Marano-like Murena. Murena's are Moratins too, and their eagles are in both colors of the Killer eagle (and Morano Moor heads) while Kilners/Kelners are like "CILNius," a family that lived in BC times in Arettium, what I see as the proto-Artois and therefore home of the proto-Arduinici. The KILLENs share the Coat of Plunketts, suspect with Plancia Magna.

Morano is near Sicily's Messina, named after Greece's Messene. Hence, Morano elements migrated to Modena, explaining why this place looks like the Modon version of Messene's Methoni. Plus, this Methoni location was mythicized as a daughter of mythical Oeneus while the Maezaei were off the Oeneus river of Rephaite-suspect Croatia, and beside the Ceraunii there. The Murena tower is likely in the crest of Arrows/ARRAS', and Arettium is now Arrezo.

German Kelners/Kellers were first found in Swabia with Kellers/McKellers. I kid you not, that when Joel and I drove to Shakell Road in McKeller, he told me that, next week, he was going to stop off at L'Aquila en-route to Poland. He has family in L'Aquila. This is amazing, for the black Keller/Kelner rooster can be gleaned as the black one in the Arms of L'Aquila. German Kelners/Kellers use a key colors reversed from the five keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila. L'Aquila is in Abruzzo, just south of Sabina, and the Sabines peoples were very close to the SAMNites, which is how I know that the Sabines and Samnites became the Nordic Suebi beside the SEMNones. The Suebi named Swabia i.e. where Kellers/Kelners were first found.

Back to the Chickens sharing the Shake/Shock/Shick chevron. The Chickens share the cockatiel with PRESleys/Priestlys, and the latter have two symbols of the ABRUZzo/Abreu Coat. The cockatiel is partially for the Tiels, I now feel certain, for Tiels use the duck while German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with VELINs (still show ducks) and Velens (once showed ducks), from Monte VELINO between Abruzzo and Sabina. The Sabine's even share the scallop of Tancreds and Tache's for added proof of linkage to Shechemite liners. The Kelners/Kellers have a reflection of the OVER Coat, and HOVERs were first found in Westphalia too. Miss Hicks said to me, "you can scoot OVER." We saw shy Scoots/Scougals should be Shechemite liners, but here we can add that we also saw why Hovers were Shechemite liners, and, in the shark dream, Miss Hicks was hovering over the seats in a car just before I woke her from sleep for the pointer to Rhizon.

It just so happens that Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Hunters/Hunts. It's possible that Orion liners arranged their Hunter variation from something else. For example, the Huns, for German Huns/HUNDTs share the white and seated greyHOUND with Scottish Hunters (hunting HORNs), and moreover Scoots/Scougals share the black greyhound with Schutz's/Shutz's. Can we believe it, Huns/Hundts were first found in Swabia with Kellers and Kelners. As I've said many times, Sleeps were from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians at the Bar area of lake Scodra, and this lake is where Scoots (hunting horn) and their Scott branch trace, which thereby makes a distinct link between Miss Hicks in the shark dream, and Miss Hick's at the 9-11 memorial i.e. "you can scoot over." God has welded the dream to that 9-11 memorial event in yet another way. I'm now wondering whether Giuliani is good enough to snitch on the criminals of that event.

Bar is important here because German Bar(r)s share hunting horns with Scottish Hunters, and both Scottish Barrs and Scottish Hunters were first found in Ayrshire...with Keller-possible Kyle's. It's added evidence that Orion / Shechemite liners were at Scodra (especially at Butua, right?). Plus, the two stars in the Sabine Chief are in the colors of the two stars upon the Barr fesse, and the giant Barr eagle happens to be that of Aquila's too. The Drake's share the axe and the wyvern with the Tile's, and we saw why cockaTIELs trace to L'Aquila and to monte Velino. The Drake's have a motto term for L'Aquila elements, I suspect strongly, but they also love the Flys (Hampshire, same as Drake's) in their "muscas" motto term. The Flys are said to be of a Flavian location while the imperial Flavians were in Sabina. Drake's translate their motto with a fly catcher likely because Catchers share what should be the Muscas/Mosca leopard in Crest. The catchers probably call it a cat, but the one of Chives', called a mountain cat, is in the colors of the Muscas/Mosca leopard, and moreover Chives', from the Cavii to the near-south of bar and Scodra, are like the Chiava variation of L'Aquila's Sheaves'. Now I know why God sent Joel to take me to McKELLER a week before he was in L'Aquila.

Catchers were first found in Norfolk with Sabine's and Flecks/Flags while Flys were at Flagi, otherwise called, Flavian. Flys connect to Josephs because Josephus was adopted by the imperial Flavians of Sabina. The surname of Joseph Biden was first found in Hampshire with Flys and Josephs. The Flavians were in Rieti, and the Arms of Rieti look like they have the Saraca fish. Therefore, Vespasia Polla must be the reason that the shark was in a swimming POOL, though God can point to other things with that pool. Pools share the RITA lion to help make the link to Rieti, and it should be interesting, if Rita's were of the Pierleoni Jews, that Chicks (Shechemites, right?) have three of this lion. Rita's share a curved bend (rare) with Italian Botters, and the "pieces of WOOD" held by the Rita lion reminds that Woods share the Rattery fitchees while Aosta-liner Hoods were at a Rattery location. Perhaps the RED buttons in the trailer were a pointer to Joe Biden's trace from Rieti, for Reds/Reeds were indeed from Rieti.

I have been very impressed with this heraldry that seems definitely to include Rudy Giuliani in the gull-blinker event. I happen to be writing this paragraph just as it's time for the Hannity show on October 2, and his big story tonight is Giuliani and Shokin with some new things. Note that Hannity uses "shake-down" at about 25 seconds. If you want to skip the Schiff section (much old news), Giuliani starts at 24 minutes:

The big story above is that the inspector general of the state department has released documents about the Biden crime to congress. But the House doesn't want to see these documents.

When Hannity got to Adam SCHIFF, I tried for a Shives surname, finding it with Chives'/Shewas', and Shive's are with Sheaves/Shaws who have a "qui" motto term to compliment the keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's of L'Aquila. Schiffs use the raven.

Trump Jr. implied (video above) that Lindsey Graham is out on lunch, and he's right. Graham has been the same sort of sham that Trump Sr. has been...until now. I can see the fight in Trump Sr. now, a good sign. He appears to be on a war path for the 2020 election season, better late than never. But due to the mountains of material that needs to be exposed, he should have started this way back when Nunes asked for revelations. The liberal deep state will create its own news in efforts to fill the air waves with their heaps rather than give time to the revelations. The deep state would like a major crisis any day now.

AHA! At the 20:00 point of Thursday's Hannity, he comes to Tony BLINKen!!! He was John Kerry's deputy secretary of state. Italian Tonys even use a "flower." There is a Blinken/BlankHORNE surname. Reminder: God provided the blinkers for the Blinker/BLANCHard bloodline, yet God can chew gum and call down Armageddon at the same time. He's apparently pointing to Tony Blinken too with that event.

Flavius Petro married Tertulla, expected to the line of Plancia Magna's husband, and therefore to the Fulke's/Volks. The blinkers of the VOLKswagen speak to this picture if BLANCHE's / Blanks were PLANCia liners. Let's explore.

Flavius Petro was the grandfather of emperor Vespasian, with Sabinus (son of Tertulla) as the father. There's evidence that Blanche's produced some White's, and Dutch Witts/WITTERs look like they have a version of the Sabine Coat. That's a big deal. Fulks of Anjou produced Mr. PLANTagenet while French Plants (cabbages) are also PLANQUE's while Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with Blanche's. Perfect for the purpose. And Witter-like Weathers/Withers (Norfolk, same as Fulke's/Volks and Sabine's) share the hare in Crest with Shake's/Shocks/SHICKs while Chicks share the Rita / Pool lion. As Fulke's/Volks were first found in the same place as Fulk-like Flecks/FLAGS, Fulks of Anjou are as expected from the imperial Flavians as the Flys of Flagi/Flavian.

There are ravens in Norfolk, suspect with Og liners, right? Oggs share the heart with Walker-like Wagers; the latter two were first found in Yorkshire with WAGNers. The latter share the swan and the fesse of WAGENs. The VolksWAGEN, at our service. In fact, Swans/Sions ware from lake Sevan, once named after Og-like GOG! See Gogarene beside ancient lake Sevan (LYCHnis) on this old map, and note the swans of Licks/Locks and Lochs, but as Sion is also, Sitten, note Soducena on this same map, suspect from/to the SITTaceni Caucasians, and with Sadducees. As the Hayasa-AZZI were at or around lake Sevan, what's that "ASSIduiTATE" motto term for, of the Licks/Locks? The Assi's were first found in Shetland, which was invaded by the raven-depicted vikings!!! WOW. Tate's use ravens.

I would like to repeat here what I say shortly below due to the gravity of this giant thing: "I've just stumbled on an incredible thing; the Stout Chief is a gold version of the Ogg Chief, and while the raven banner [of vikings above] was developed by the Stouts..." I always expect the Stout vikings with the WAGRians to which I trace Wagers (share Ogg heart). Wagrians were at the Warnow river to Rostock, and it just so happens that Ice's were first found at Rostock while Assi's come up as Ise's! Bingo.

Wagers and Walkers. The latter have a motto term signalling Plancia Magna, meaning that the Volkswagen-and-blinkers event points to this Wagrian picture for a good reason. The Varni who named the Warnow river were there from at least 98 AD, when Plancia Magna was alive. The Varns share the bend of Gripps/Grape's/GRABBens (Gareb-like) and Shakespeare's, and while Gripps are expected with the Griffins of Pomerania, they are also expected from the Agrippa Herods. Plancia Magna descended from the Herods. It's making Agrippa's look like Gareb / Rephaite liners. I trace Garebites / Rephaites them to Croatians, and it just so happens that Julius Bassianus, whose uncle was Julius Agrippa, was stationed in Dalmatia = proto-Croatia.

The Walker Coat with "Magna" looks like a version of the Wither Coat, tending to nail Blanche / Blank liners from Plancia Magna where Withers are a branch of Witts/Witters. These Walkers even share the Lady/LAUDYman annulets while Ladys were first found in Northamptonshire with Blanche's/Blanks. Ladys are thus likely from mythical Leto, mother of Artemis, for the family of Plancia Magna oversaw the ArTEMIS temple in Perga. Amazingly, I have excellent evidence in the "Simplex" motto term of Perkins that they are from Plancia's Perga, and Perkins are the ones coming up as Parkings! That's why the gull did the blinkers jiggle (fast walk) in a parking lot!!

Varni-suspect Vere's came to rule Oxfordshire on the THAMES river. The "Lord, let" motto phrase of Glasgows can be gleaned with the Lady-like Lets/Late's because Lords/LAUDs share the cinquefoils of Amptons, namers of Northampton.

Artemis was given a hunter symbol, which apparently connected her cult to Orion. As Orion is expected very close to Ceraunii (Uranus > Cronus > Coronis crow > Ceraunii evolution), it's notable that while Apollo was Artemis' twin sister, Apollonia is at the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus. I read a few days ago that Leto gave birth to Artemis and Apollo in Epirus' Dodona, a thing I had not known before (myth writers don't always agree). Ceraunii were Croatians, right? Dodona was special for Zeus, the disgusting son of Cronus that Greeks esteemed (because they were a disgusting lot of faggots, pedophiles, beasts and adulterers).

The Warnow-like Warenne's/Varenne's provided Ada, wife of Henry HUNTINGdon, interesting enough. And Varenne's/Verone's happen to use ravens. Raven-liner Tate's can be gleaned with Vere's/Weirs of Roxburghshire. By what coincidence was mythical OGyges, a monster i.e. big like Og (had a bed 13 feet long), from Boeotia??? Ogyges was also from neighboring Attica, suspect from mythical Attis of Phrygia, and he was code for the Hatti of Phrygia on the Halys river that passes near lake Tatta. The Tate's. Attis was made the father of Lydians, and the latter had a quasi-mythical king Gyges (700 BC) suspect by some with Gog. Ogyges was in Attica's ACTE, and the Croatian Cravens (like "Gareb") love ACTons in their motto and in their fesse.

Cravens have virtually the Rick Coat, and Ricks have got to be from Croatia's Rijeka/Rika. The Arms of Rijeka can be using a JUG that can be traced to Rephaites (see below). The Saraca's from Rijeka-like Ragusa were earlier from KOTOR, and due to the Saraca fish I trace that place to fish-symbolized king KODros of Athens i.e. in Attica. As Kodros was made the father of Medon, I see Medan, son of the Biblical KETURah as the ancestry of Kodros. Keturah married Abraham (Genesis 25), father of Israelites, and he lived in Hebron on the west side of Jerusalem. The Rephaites were on the west side of Jerusalem. The descendants of Abraham and Keturah included the LETUshites, suspect to Leto (Latona), the Revelation dragon (Lotan was an ancient, seven headed dragon). This is why I think that God chose Sarah as Abraham's alternative wife: to do battle via the concept of Israel against the worldly dragon from Abraham's other offspring.

If Blinkens/Blankhorns (giant crown) use the Mea/Meigh cross, it's notable that the latter use ravens and the Ogg fitchees (same style) in colors reversed. It's working because the Mea/Meigh fitchees are used (in the same style) by Albins while Albino's were first found in Modena while Motts/MOTTIN were in the Meu-river area of the Mea's/Meighs. Mott of that area is near Jugon while Juggs/Jutts (ragully fesse) share the Mea/Meigh boar heads. Suddenly, Og liners can be to Macclesfields. Blinkens were first found in Cumberland with Bernice's (hunting horns), suspect from Bernice Agrippa and from the Saraca's of Dalmatia. Albins were at BARNstaple while Bernice's are a branch of Burns.

Rephaites were both in Jerusalem and along the Jordan river. Juggs/Jutts are said to be from "Jordan" though I don't agree. However, Jugon is in Brittany with the first-known, French Jordans who in turn look like a merger with Boets/Butts. Irish Jordans have a Rovert Jordanus, and Roverts happen to be listed with Rieti-liner Roets whose Chief looks like that of Stouts, but with the Speer boar heads. Or, while the Stout Chief is a white-fitchee version of gold-fitchee Oggs, the Rovert/Roet Chief-Shield colors is used by Oggs (and Saluzzo's).

It strikes me here that Jordans/Jordans must be Gords/Gordons, the part-namers of Perigord (see reason below). Note that Gordys/Gawdys share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's (from Croatia's Gorski) and Gore'/s/Gowers. One Gordon Coat shares the cinquefoils of Kims, first found in BUTE, that's right. The sister of Catherine Roet married Mr. Chaucer (Chalk / Choke branch), which surname likewise has a tortoise. God must have set this domino effect up, for Gowdys share the tortoise with Gordys/Gawdys while sharing the Shake/Shock chevron! Bingo. I like winning at bingo. Gortons were first found in Greater Manchester with Shakerley of the Shake's/Shocks. Suddenly, Rephaites on the Jordan are traceable to Gorski. The domino effect: Ogg-like Juggs to Jordans to Roets to Gordys and Gowdys.

Rovert-like Rove's/Ruffs/Rolphs use ravens, and it just so happens that while Rollo the viking was also, Rolph, Rollo's have boar heads colors reversed from those of Roverts/Roets. Or, the latter's boar heads are those of Gords/Gordons, the latter first found in Berwickshire (BERNICia) with Tate's, and with the Books/Boggs in the Roet and Reed Crests. If Boggs look like play on Oggs, let's add that while I see Books/Boggs from the human-sacrifice cult of Boofima (ImPERi priests), which I trace to Boeufs/Beefs of PeriGORD, the Boeffs/Boffs (share Tate rose) happen to share a red heart with Oggs. Roverts/Roets, who provided BEAUForts, share the motto of BOUGHs/Bows...tending to explain the Books/BOGGs (share Reed and perhaps the Neck/Necker stag head).

WOOOOOWWWWIE! I just won the entire casino. The Imperi trace to Imperia, also called, Oneglia, the line of Nails/Nagle's/Neils. Oggs use the nail!!!!! There was a mythical swan (Cygnus) in Liguria, and Imperia is in Liguria. Arthurian myth had the Swan Knight, LOHENgrin, who can be gleaned with variations of Scottish Logens (nails in a red heart, yup). German Logens have the swan, and Logens have a "Hoc" motto term while Hocks use the swan. case closed. Cygnus' father. STHENelaus, can be gleaned as the Swiss tribe that named Sitten/Sion, and Swans/Sions (Lanarkshire, same as Sandiland) have yet another red heart very linkable to that of Sandlands (and even Lanarks). Switzerland is where Shockens were first found linkable to the Gowdy chevron. Gowdys were first near the Seatons/Sittens.

Lookie: Nails are used in the Arms of Colchester, and Colchesters share the estoiles of Nail-branch Irish Neils. Colchesters are from the Colapis in Croatia, along with Gorski and what could be the JUG in the Arms of Rijeka. Sandlands share the Douglas / Ogg heart, and then there's GORDON Sondland. The Arms of Colchester uses ragully, as do Sands (Colchester colors) of Sandale. Goldie-like Colters were first found in Lanarkshire.

Gowdys are said to be from "Goldie," but it's obvious to me that Gowdys (Gow/Gowan/McGoo colors) were from Gore's / Gords. Therefore, the Goldie variation of Gowdys indicates that Gold, with hunting horns, yup, could be a Jordan line through Schimatari. Note that Kims of Boeotia-line Bute (share Gord/Gordon cinquefoils) are Schim-like Shimmie's too. Golds were first found in SALTZburg, now linkable to Aosta's Bautica river. Trey Gowdy (friend or foe?) can be pointed to here because Treys/Trails share "salus" with Gore's/Core's. We saw the Salassi- / salus-like variation of Saltz's.

Note the Gower-look of Gorton elements: "...the old barony of Gorton in Midlothian where Edward de COUERTONe (for GOUERtone)". Coverts? Covertons are with Coverts, whose Coat is somewhat like the Gore/Core Coat. I've never made a Covert link to Gore liners. The Gorton Chief-Shield colors are shared by Annas' and Wigans (almost the Annas Coat), the latter having named Wigan, location of Shakerley. Courts/Coverts love the Ceraunii-liner Grands, and Grounds/Craineys use the Eliphas-suspect elephant. Both Covert surname were first found in Sussex with elephant-line Mascals, the namers of the Lothian Mascals/Keiths.

Gore's/Gowers are said to have been at Gohiere, in Picardy I think, which jibes with the Picardy Goyers, and the Gouiertoun (Loudonia) of Gortons. LOUDONs are with Lothians. Gortons were at Salford, and because Salfords (Bedfordshire, same as Treys/Trails and a LUTON location) use a version of the Bush/Busch Coat, SALfords (boar heads) look like Saluzzo-Busca liners. The black boar of Edom used by Bush's has made me trace them to a tribe from Bozrah, Esau's Edomite capital, where, we may assume, Eliphas (Esau's son) married Timna the HORite. Is it a lutonincidence that Timna's brother was, Lotan? What are the chances that Jordan-like Gardens/Jardens (Gaunt-liner kin) have a giant black boar head?

The Hardys above are also Horts (black boars), perhaps Horite liners, who share the stag with Hortons. The latter looks rooted in "Hor." English Horts are the Arthur-beloved Hurts, first found in OXfordshire with a Salford location (what really named Og-like Oxford?). Why does the Arms of Oxford have an elephant and a red ox, thus looking linkable to red-bull Sanders? Salford of nearby Bedfordshire went to the Herveys = Bellamy-related Harveys = Gareb suspects. I now recall an ancient Harbiye location in relation to mythical Daphne (Ladon river, also at Laish) Syria, location also of the Lotan dragon. How about that. The heraldic domino effect strikes. Bingeti-bing-bing-boing. I'm just a bouncing ball from surname to surname, where I may go I may never know until I get there.

Gordons (stag head in a crown, uh-hum) share the Roet boar heads, and Catherine Roet (from Picardy) married black-boar Swynfords as well as John of GAUNT. If Swynfords were Swan/Sion liners, as I think they were because the latter once showed gauntlet gloves, the Gordon crescents look linkable to the same of Seatons/Sittens, Bellamys and Nimo's Oh wow, the song, Wayfaring Stranger is playing, with the line, "I am just going over to Jordan! Wow, it's a Saturday night, when God routinely gives song-line miracles like this. It's seems to be confirming that Gordon liners are from the Jordan. Strange's have a Bonneville Coat in colors reversed while Bonneville is on the Arve river to Geneva. These Gordons (Kim of Bute cinquefoils?), with an "ANIMO" motto term, share the quadrants of Hood-related Scottish Bauds (Stirlingshire, same as NIMO's) and the related MEDALs/Dougals (Douglas suspects).

I can't justify that this is pointing to Gordon Sondland, a high-level operative in Brussels firmly on Trump's side at this time, even though Sandlands are related to Dougal-like Douglas'. Will Mr. Sondland have something to do with the "Saint Petersburg Russia" MEDALlion I found on the HOOD of my Jeep immediately after I left an update off at Miss Hicks at the hood of her car on the SANDy beach?? Jeepma's/CHEPs must be linkable to the Chappes'/CHEAPs of Stirlingshire. God always impregnates these heraldic works with lines from Illuminati-suspect Caiaphas liners.

Repeat: "Hood-related Scottish Bauds". All I had previously for that link was their sharing the same crescents, which are also the crescents of Saraca-like Saracens (share black and upright wolf with Salfords), but this update found Hoods to be Aosta liners while the BAUTica begins in Aosta. This medallion is a mystery I'd really like to see unraveled in the news.

The HALTs/Holts ("ExALTavit") use a Coat so much like that of Stouts that one can expect a Halt/Holt link to Ogg elements. The Halt/Holt squirrel is excellent for linkage of this surname to Hazels and BLINKENships/BlenkenSHOPs. In fact, Halts were loaded for the Haltwhistle term in the Blinkenship/Blenkenshop write-up. Blinkenships/Blenkenshops were at Lancashire's BURY of the Salford area. Salfords share the gold boar head with Irish BURYs, and Salfords have a version of the English Bush Coat. Ratcliffe's, who can be worked into the rising of Miss Hicks, were at Bury of Salford.

Bellamys of Perga-like Perche (in the Botter perch) can apply to the Walker crescents because Walks were first found in Dumfries with Bells and Bullys (lozenges in Shakell-lozenge colors). Ahhh, the Borderlands Bell Coat is a good reflection of the Schiff Coat, and the raven in the Schiff Crest has a gold annulet, the color of the Walker / Lady annulet. If Ladys are from Leto > Artemis, that's why Perche's can be to Plancia Magna of Perga. In fact, I've traced Bellamys and Bells with good reason to mythical Bellerophon, who was with Pegasus in Lycia, smack at the Perga theater. Bellerophon was from Coronis-like Corinth. Might there be a Bush-circle / RINO effort in support of Adam Schiff? Were Schiffs a take from the Scherf(f)s?

As Glasgows were in Renfrewshire with Flavian-liner Pollocks, the "flourish" motto term of Glasgows looks like code for Flavius-like surname, perhaps the Flowers. I recall that the Arms of Rieti showed grey-on-black, or black-on-grey fish. Glasgows show black fish. I was tracing the "pratus" motto term of Rieti to Prude's/Pride's (Lanarkshire, beside Glasgow and Renfrewshire) because they have white-on-black fish (lampreys), but Pratts definitely apply, as a comparison with Flys of Flavian will reveal. I don't know of anyone in this world using mottoes to trace people groups; if I'm alone in doing this, great shame to the family historians and heraldry "experts," covering up secrets. The Renfrew surname has a giant white ship in the colors of the Baud and Bald ship for what could be a Flavian trace to the Bautica / Aosta, fully expected where Salassi are probably from the Salto river through Rieti. The Saltz's are in the colors of the Prude/Pride lampreys. French Durants have a giant, white ship too, and they are expected from the Durance river of the Salassi-branch Salyes. Flowers share the cinquefoil of Potters, suspect with Bautica-like Botters/Bodys, and using a fesse in Saltz-fesse colors (in Plunkett colors too). Ha, Potters are using the Lam/Lumber Coat; so now we know what the LAMprey is part-code for. French Preys even share the bend of Italian Botters (once shown straight) and possibly the Fleur / Pollock hunting horn.

As the Bautica has a Lys tributary, the Fleurs become suspect as a Flavian line. I expect surnames such as Flavs and Flau's, but cannot find any, though Fulk-like Flacks/Flecks/Flags can be gleaned as a possible variation of a Flaugh surname. Samsons (Gloucestershire, same as Lets/Late's) love the Flags and probably the Lets/Late's in their motto. Flow-like Plows/Ploughs share the Bude dancette and are connectable to Dole's. The "alteri" motto term of Plows is almost the "alter" of Rodhams/Roddens, a surname easily traceable to Rieti liners. Alters are listed with Colters, first found in Lanarkshire. Alters/Colters use the Catherine wheel of Catherine ROET, and Roets are Rieti liners. RODhams/Roddens ("NEC"), with the Potter / Flower / Lam cinquefoils in colors reversed, were first found in Northumberland with both Lam surnames, and probably share the bend of Jewish Pollocks. Plows share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs, and Lams have the Bus cinquefoil, all Salassi-connectable because Busca is beside Saluzzo; the latter married the Dol Alans. Irish Dole's have the Ceraunii crown around the NECK of probably the Reed and Neck/Necker stag head, and these Dole's also have blue-and-gold billets for a border, the colors of the Bush/Bos/Bosch / PAStor billets. I trace the line of VesPASian to Pasi's, very connectable to Paisley and Speers at Renfrewshire. Hamiltons, first found in Renfrewshire, share the Bus / Lam / Tankerville cinquefoil, but it's also of the Billet-branch Bellows.

By the way, German Neckers have nothing but a pale bar in the colors of nothing-but-a-fesse Saltz's. Eskins, first found in Renfrewshire and expected in the naming of Eschyna de Molle (married a Dol-line Alan), have nothing but a pale bar in colors reversed from the Necker pale bar. Stuttgart elements from the Neckar river are expected at Rothes, where Pollocks moved to. I'm referring to the raven-depicted Stout vikings who conquered Rothesay.

I've just stumbled on an incredible thing; the Stout Chief is a gold version of the Ogg Chief, and while the raven banner was developed by the Stouts, I talked above about king Og being to the heraldic raven!!! Incredible. People must have known, somehow, in ancient times, that they were from Rephaites. German Rothes/Rothchilds use the raven, and Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') share the Pollock / Rodham bend.

The Pollock hunting horn is indication of Orion Boeotians/BOIOTians, and Pasi's/Pascels were first found in the Bologna of the Boii. Pollocks share the saltire of English/Scottish Franks, and German Franks were first found in Boii-line Bohemia. Pascals share the eagle of Roet-related Reeds.

Plunketts were first found in the Dol area while the Dol Alans (had the proto-Pollocks as vassals) share the Shakell fesse while Pollock-like Plocks (Shakell colors), said to be from "Plunket," use lozenges in colors reversed from the buckle-lozenges of Shakells, perfect because PETER Pollock, the son of the vassal of the Dol Alans, was at the Spey river with a Buckle location. Peter build Rothes castle on the Spey, and Rothes' share the raven with Schiffs! That works. Adam Schiff is looking like the dragon guts behind the Trump-attack that is now bringing Giuliani to his crusade. Why do we suppose that Plocks share the French-Joseph martlet? Plocks and Pollocks were from Vespasia Polla, right?

Vespasia Polla was Vespasian's mother, and this surname is to Maine's Pellicans (Pullens/Pullys, who share the Sabine scallop, use the pelican), explaining why Maine's Demaine's share the Petro fleur. The turn-coat Jewish general, Flavius Josephus, was adopted by Vespasian's family, explaining why French Josephs were first found in Maine. Plocks and Pollocks went through the line of Josephus, didn't they? The Plock Crest looks like it has a wall, recalling Muriel de Pollock at Rothes, for Muriels/Murs use walls. The Lancashire Muriels (had branch in Shropshire, home of proto-Pollock) are in Shakell / Plock colors.

English Josephs were first found in Hampshire with Botters and Bidens, as well as with Flys having the Joseph martlet in colors reversed. As I can link Bidens to the Boethus house of Sadducees, we should ask why English Josephs were related to Caiaphas-like Chaplains and Caplans, for Josephus wrote that he descended from Israel's priests, making him suspect as a grandson of Joseph Caiaphas (it can explain why Josephus was a general in the war against Romans, for the priests gave such positions to family members).

Oh wow. After writing the above, I did a few things, then came back to the news to find the following, where Trump's enemies are trying to grow the story that Trump withheld money from Ukraine to pressure the new president to give up evidence against Biden. I've been waiting for evidence, but so far the leftists seems to have drawn back on that charge. But now there is this (October 4):

In one [text], Bill Taylor, a senior U.S. diplomat in Kiev, drew a direct line between Zelenskiy’s White House meeting request and a nearly $400 million military aide package that Trump himself froze.

“Are we now saying that security assistance and WH meeting are conditioned on investigations?” Taylor wrote in a Sept. 1 text message to Gordon SONDland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union.

Sondland responded: “Call me.”

One week later, Taylor offered clues about the contents of that call, and it suggests a quid pro quo was on the table.

“As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign,” Taylor told Sondland


Sondland denied that Trump was withholding Ukraine's money, in which case Taylor looks like a culprit...unless he's being truthful.

Earlier in this update, it came to mind that, when the seagull was walking away from me as it stepped along to the blinkers, its tail was in my sight so that the Tails might therefore apply. Tails are listed with Taylors, and we just saw Bill Taylor conversing (or maybe conspiring) with SONDland. The latter hit me because, while there is no Sound surname coming up as per Parry Sound, Sondlands could apply. Parry Sound is a district that includes McKeller, and we were definitely in Parry Sound district when the gull-blinker event took place.

Alas, no Sondland surname comes up, but there is a Sandland/Sandal surname that I've crossed before as per the 9-11 memorial I've talked so much about. Sandlands are said to have been of the Lanarkshire Douglas', explaining why Sandlands share the crowned Douglas heart, though Sandlands (probably the Biggar bend) throw in someone else's crown too. And this is where it struck me that "Doug" could have been from "D'OGG," at which split-second it hit me that Oggs (red heart in Crest!) use a version of the Douglas Chief! Both use a white Shield to boot. Nailed it! Douglas' are said to be from heart-like Hardys (Lanarkshire) who have a cross in the colors of the Nail/Nagle saltire, and there is what should be a nail in the Ogg heart. Plus, Doug-like Ducks/Logans have nails in a red heart. I don't know whether anything about this Sandland picture relates to Parry-Sound pointers, but I thought I had to put that down in print, for the Douglas surname has been very hard to track to a meaningful ancestor reflecting the name.

The Dogs/Doags are expected with Talbot liners to explain the heraldic talbot, a dog. Talbots are expected as a branch of Tailbois', for the latter share the scallops of English Taylors. If Dogs/Doags are Og liners, we would seen a trace to Attica's / Boeotia's Ogyges, and one thing we can do is tell that Dogs/Doags share the cinquefoils of Tankerville's while the latter's Tancred branch has scallops colors reversed from those of Taylors and Tailbois'.

German Taylors are curiously bringing up Schneidern and similar variations, which might be part Schiens of the Schims/Shands of their Skene branch, both first found in Aberdeenshire with Oggs. I've always viewed blue=white colors, used by Oggs, as Gog colors, for they say that "gog' means sky, and Googe's, sharing the Schim/Schien boar head, are in Og colors. "ABERDEEN" is suspect with Hungarian-branch Kabars from KABARDINo, which is in Caucasia i.e. land of Gog. MenuMORUT was a Kabar leader (perhaps myth code), and "Morut" can be spelled differently, perhaps even as the "InterMERATa" motto term of Aberdeens might have it. As Menumorut was at the Mures river, I'd say Aberdeens use the Moray stars in the colors for them of Sutherlands. Douglas' (Moray) use the Moray stars. Between the stars, Aberdeen use a chevron on Dog-chevron colors.

Hmm, Taylors/Schneiderns/Schneids have a giant cup in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer cups. Might Coffeys have been Gog-liner Coughs / Goughs (share the Googe boars), for example, before becoming Coffee's/Coffers? Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire. The Biggars, expected in the Sandland Coat along with Douglas', were first found in Lanarkshire with a Sandilands location, and with the Swans/Sions that I trace to lake Sevan of Gog. I trace Biggars to Biharia/Bychor/Bihor (Romania). Hmm, the Arms of Bihor County shares black fish with Glasgows while Glasgow is beside Lanarkshire. Can we believe it: "According to the Gesta, the Magyars [look like Magogar elements] eventually besieged and seized Menumorut's fortress at Biharia, and forced him to give his daughter in marriage to Zoltan, the son of Arpad, the Grand Prince of the Hungarians." It appears that Aberdeens were indeed Kabars / Khazars. "Byggar" happens to be a motto term in the raven-using Arms of Shetland.

Hungarians were called, On-OGur. There were other Ugors / Ugrians, highly suspect from Syria's Ugarit, for it's not far from Syria's Arpad-like Arvad. The latter was also ARADos, and ARAD is near Bihor, both near the Hungarian border. The Sandland bend is not only that of Biggars, but of the Hungarian Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire. Leslie's can be shown to have been at Lesce, on the Sava river near the Ugor-like Ocra mountains. Hold on to your giant bed, for while Carni is at the Ocra range, Carnys have three items in their Chief in the colors of the three fitchees in the Ogg Chief! Wow. Both use white Shields to boot. The Ogg Shield is fully void, as are those of Saluzzo's, Cluns and Dure's, the latter first found in Perthshire with Dogs, and beside Aberdeenshire.

Kids, first found in Aberdeenshire, have a good reflection of the Douglas Coat. Kids hang the same hunting horn on their tree that Lothians do, and Lothians along with Lott use brown dogs possibly for Dogs/Doags/DOGGs. The seven-headed Lotan dragon of Syria comes to mind.

Repeat: "I have excellent evidence in the "Simplex" motto term of Perkins that they are from Plancia's Perga, and Perkins are the ones coming up as Parkings! That's why the gull did the blinkers jiggle (fast walk) in a parking LOT!!" That jiggle was in Parry SOUND, and I am on the Sandlands only due to Mr. SONDland and Mr. Taylor (Dogg kin) in the Ukraine news. Looks ate what Sandlands have done for historians for what they've never known before. Give praise to God, you stiff-necked historians. So, are Doggs Ogg liners, and are Lots Dogg kin?

Aha, why do Volkers share the thistle with Doggs? Why do Doggs share the cinquefoil of Blanche's while Blinkers are Blanchards too? Why is "Douglas" the middle name of Kurt Volker? Why are Thistle's in the colors and format of Leslie's? Sandlands use a "Spero" motto term suggesting Speers/Speyers (Glasgow theater) of the Spey river, where Leslie-beloved Buckle's named a Buckle location.

The Pontus is right beside Gog's Sevan territory. Parrs, who have two of the Parry fesse, are from Pharnaces of the Pontus. Pontius Pilate is suspect from that place, and Pilate's share pheons on blue with Thistle's. Paisleys, at the Glasgow / Renfrew theater, use another thistle. The Aude's in the Pollock motto were from Pithiviers, the Arms of which has thistles.

Behold! Sandilands come up as Sandals, and while English Sandals share the red-on-white fleur-de-lys of Perkins/Parkings, the latter Sandals are said to be from Sandal MAGNA. One might excuse that term from having anything to do with Plancia Magna, except, firstly, that Sandals were first found in Yorkshire with "Magna"-using Walkers (Lady annulets connect to Glasgow), and at Wakefield while Walks are also Wachs. Recall the Wager hearts, and how Wagens / Volkswagen worked into that picture. Well, Fulke's/Volks had one Geoffrey Plantagenet in their fold, and while Plants are also Planque's, here's the Sandal write-up: "...Sandal Magna, near Wakefield, Yorkshire..."This place is of high antiquity, and was long the baronial seat of the lords of Wakefield, of whom John Plantagenet, the last Earl of Warren..." Warrens are from the Varni on the Warnow river, where Wager-line Wagrians lived, right? How did we get back to all of this? By following Parry Sound ? Sondland > Sandland/Sandals > Sandals.

And this brings me again to Miss Hicks' green toe polish, when I noticed that she was wearing sandals. Looking Sandals up, some 15 years later, a green cross. That's no big deal, I agree, for proving that God was using the sandals, but then I found the following from the same write-up: "Further to the north in Scotland, John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius SCOCie, c. 1361 and was listed as an Englishman". Those capitals are mine partly for the SCOUGal variation of Scoots and the Schoch of Shoe's.

[An hour after writing here, I finally loaded Stepps because the gull was taking steps to the blinkers, and that reminded me that Stepps have the giant fleur of German Bush's. The 9-11 memorial is expected to be on a coming revelation against Bush's part in that crime. The Stepps are also StepTOE's/StepTOWs, believe it or not. I was watching not to step on her toes. Wow, I wouldn't have been able to provide this had the gull not been stepping along. Tows are green like her toenails were.]

But here's the biggie. As said many times, I set up the CAMERA of Miss Hicks, and as soon this was done, I walked back to her, saw the empty seat beside her, and asked if anyone was sitting there. There couldn't have been more than a minute or two from the time of setting up her camera to spotting her toenails and sandals. That's how we can know that God set up that event. But why? There could be more than prime minister Cameron involved. This may need more time, but it now seems that Mr. Sondland applies.

In the shark dream, she was on the SAND, and Sands (Lancashire), who named Sandale of Yorkshire, have a ragully fesse suspect with shark-liner Saraca's. Ragusa is beside the Elaphiti islands while elephant heads are shown for Sanders. The dream ended with she pointing to Rhizon, beside Saraca's of Kotor, very near Scoot-liner lake Scodra. Scoots, Scute's and Schutz's are all expected as branches of Sheets/Skeets', and even the namers of Shetland, with Scythians...whom I think were essentially the Gog nation. There is good evidence in the Ardiaei of the Ragusa-to-Kotor stretch that Rhizon was of Rize, beside Ardahan and at the Pontus. That's right. And while Parrs (share black border with Furness') were first found in Lancashire with Furness', near Sands, the FURNESS' (giant DOG) are from "PHARNACes" of the Pontus. We're in the land of Gog, right? Yes, and there is this issue of her toeNAILs, for Oggs use a nail, and Sandlands/Sandals brought us into connection with Ogg liners. Nails/Nagle's are from Oneglia, home of an ARDuinici branch, to be expected, right? English Nagle's use a nightingale, and a "knight issuing from the knees" is used by Shoe's/Schochs.

Was Gog of the HYKSos? King Salitas of the Hyksos is suspect to such things as the Saluzzo's, and they are the ones with the Chief-Shield of Oggs, both having a void (blank) Shield (code for Blanche / Blanks liners?). Why are Balliols in the Sandal write-up as well as that of Scoot-related Scotts? A second or two after she said I could scoot over, I saw her toenails and sandals. Hicks can be connected to Scoot-like Sauters/Suters while Scottish Suters/SUITs (eSCUTcheon) were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins, all beside the Oggs suspect from the Jordan river. I can't tell for sure, but if Suters/Suits (leopard) have white fitchees, they are in colors of the Ogg fitchees. At her hood on the sand, she was in a bathing SUIT. The Fitch's and heraldic fitchees have been practically resolved with the leopard FACES (no neck = a face) of the earls of Macclesfields, and Macclesfields share the Bath and Face/Fessy cross.

In the shark dream, I was told to WAKE her when touching her knee, and we were then rising into the SKY as code for Rhizon, but I don't think it ever dawned on me that this sky is God's code for Gog. Yuck! Yes, the Hyksos (depicted by Hicks, right?) were at the Rize-to-Gogarene/Gugar stretch, and it included the Moschi mountains in-between, while my mother is a Masci. That's the Meshech, right? Ezekiel 38 seems to be saying that the Meshech were the leading tribe of Gog. Oh no, and I thought our rising into the sky was a pointer to the rapture of the Church. In colors reversed, the Rising cross is the green one of Sandals. Might the Sandland/Sandal bend be that of Knee's too?

The sandals were a part of the scoot-over event, and while Scoots are expected as kin of Greys, I still trace Greys to the mythical Graeae hags of Berber (Caucasian) Africa who were portrayed as the Gorgon sisters. Gorgons are expected from proto-Georgians i.e. of Georgia at the Gogarene / Caucasia theater. Og is suspect with Boeotians of Ogyges, and the Tanagra Boeotians are to Tankerville, where Greys lived. Boofima-liner Roets descended from the Croy/Groy (forget which) variation of Greys, and Boofima was from Africa. As was said, Boofima is to Imperia = Oneglia, the line of Nails/Nagle's, and the scoot-over event was about lime nails. Boofima sacrificed goats when not sacrificing humans, and Baphomet has a goat head. Greys were at Stamford, and Stamfords are a branch of goat-using STANfords.

I had read that Boofima priests (Imperi) wore leopard gloves, and it just so happens that Catherine Roet married John of Gaunt while heraldry has gauntlet gloves. They are used by Standers, whom I just looked up as per a Standerford variation of Stanfords. Standers were first found in Lancashire with John of Gaunt. Greys were at Chillingham, and the Scotts with the wheels of Catherine Roet were at Chilham. These Scotts share the border of Grey-related Scoots. The other Scotts share the Over bend. Scoot Over. It's telling me that Boofima was from my Masci ancestry in the Numidian, king Massena.

Overs (Cheshire, same as Massena-line Masseys/Maceys) use a fret while Maceys/Mace's (gauntlet gloves) were at FERTE-Mace. The Scoots with the Over bend have one of the Macey/Mace stars on a bend that looks like the Masci / Massena bend. She said to ME, "you can scoot over," if Geneva comes to claim her seat. Geneva's/Genova's probably use the white Masci wing. My mother is a Masci on one side, and a Grimaldi on the other, and Genova is where Grimaldi's lived. The namers of Genova/Genoa were probably the same line, from king Gentius, that named Gaunt/Ghent. Gentius was from the ARDiaei (Daorsi kin / associates), and the Doria's of Genova married the ARDuinici of Oneglia, that's right. Hicks married Arthurs. The Lime's of Cheshire look linkable to Pincs while the Panico Chief shares the Masci fleur.

A goat along with a "shaw" motto term is used by Scottish Flemings. It's involving the Shawia Numidians. These Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans once showing gauntlet gloves, but now showing falconers gloves. Sion is Sitten while Seatons/Sittens, known to be Flemings, share a double-TRESSURE border. Roets were first found in Somerset with Tresure's (same odd, maroon color as the Fleming border) and Borders. Flemings lived at BOGhall castle, and Roets use a book for Books/BOGGs. Scottish Reeds use another book, and English Reeds share the garbs of Fleming-beloved Dade's/Deeds/Dadeys. The maroon-ish color of Flemings is used also for the chaplets of Saxons (Lancashire, same as Roet's husband), and Saxon is a location near Sion/Sitten. You see, houseofnames knows who to use the maroon color for, all three surnames linkable.

Catherine Roet also married Swan-like Swynfords, who share black boars with Swyns/Sweenys. The latter's write-up: "The name is derived from Suibhne O'Neill..." It's the Oneglia-line Nails/Nagle's/Neils, and I took the seat of Geneva Daddy when I saw the lime toeNAILs. Amazing, is it not? Swyns can be Savena-river liners because the nearby Setta valley can be to/from Seatons/Sittens.

Swynfords were at GuthLAXTON, and, sure enough, Laxtons use Catherine wheels in place of the Roet boar heads, as do Lax's (Yorkshire, same as Leaks). All three Chiefs have three gold items on blue, same with the Panico Chief, and the Panico Shield shares a tree with the Roet Shield. Panico's call it a "GREEN tree." As I don't recall the Roet tree having a species, it too may be a green tree. Green's could be Ceraunii liners, but note that Grains/GRAYne's (green Shield) were first found in Yorkshire too. Grains have a split Shield in the colors of the Ground/Crainey Chief with crane.

If you know me, you know I'm hoping for more than a revelation with my writings on the events and dreams of my life. I sure hope that there will be more than mere revelations and pointers. I wish to contribute to the smashing of God's enemies. I want it badly. And google can't stop it. For all we know, the damage has already started unstoppable. I hate cheaters and those who reason without reason like the devil. You can never win an argument with a sinner-lunatic, and he/she will go forward being destructive to everything he/she touches. Biden is talking like an unreasonable lunatic as we speak, and, as was predicted, the Democrats will be punished by God with sinner's lunacy the more that they rebel against Him. We are seeing it already, but their lunacy can get dangerous for us. Be prepared for them. Don't aggravate a lunatic unless there are metal bars or concrete blocks between he and you. Don't let him see that you fear him. When things get dire, use the name of Jesus as a defensive weapon against him.


This article tells why Trump could be slipping into the shark's mouth already:

It's possible that Taylor's sole mission was to get Sondland to admit the charge of Trump's blackmail of sorts, even if there was no truth to it. With this media environment, we should expect such dirty games. Volker appears to be working with Taylor: "The message by Kiev Chargé d'Affaires William Taylor was part of an exchange provided to Congress by former U.S. Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, according to Fox News, which obtained the encrypted texts" (The Hill, though not from Solomon). So, Taylor communicates with Sondland what looks like a dirty conspiracy from Trump, and Volker gives the conversation to the congressional shark tank as red meat, and in the same swing he quits Trump's team in the Ukraine as, I assume, a protest against Trump.

I had read at Wikipedia that Volker was appointed to the Ukraine by Rex TILLERson, and Scottish Tillers happen to share the Tailer lions. That works as a solid pointer / arrangement of God, and the Tilurius river is near Ragusa. English Taylors share white scallops with Plate's and Tailbois' while English Volkers (Lincolnshire, same as Tailbois') use plates in the colors of the Tailbois / Taylor scallops. Did Taylor have any business to assert that Trump was withholding the military money for leveraging his corruption program? Could there be another reason that the money was being stalled? Might it be altogether false that the money was being stalled, just a cheap, two-bit part of the whistle-blower scheme?

Here's from Fox on a good reason that PARRY Sound may have been used. This statement is from Sondland: "'We have what are called the three amigos, and the three amigos are Secretary PERRY, Ambassador Volker and myself. And we've been tasked with sort of overseeing the Ukraine-US relationship between our contacts at the highest levels of the US government, and now the highest levels of the Ukrainian government," Sondland said in that interview." Rick Perry, right? My bet is that Perrys use a hind (no antlers) because Parrys have the Hind Coat in colors reversed. There we have, in the threesome, the VOLKERswagen in Perry Sond, so to speak. And I saw the gull from its beHIND, from its Taylor, so to speak. It was steptoeing along.

Hannity is painting a subdued picture for Volker, not the Trump-attacker that he seems to me to be. So far as I've seen from Hannity, Volker seems to be denying Trump wrong-doing before the congressional committee he appeared before late this week Why would Volker quit if he has no harm intended for Trump? "Volker was in the CIA two years before George Walker Bush brought him to his state department." Volker then joined some organization from John McCain. The McCains/Keons are suspect with the Saraca fish, and can be gleaned as kin of Nail-branch Neils. Perhaps Volker is trying his best to condemn Trump while not appearing to do so in congressional hearings. Volker has shot down Giuliani's crusade against the Bidens, and Volker has also testified this week that "Joe Biden has never done anything wrong." Hannity, can't you spot a rat when you see one? In the video above, Giuliani says outright that he looked deeply into the Biden crime for the express purpose of helping Trump's reputation, and that he both started and ended his investigation BEFORE Biden announced his candidacy for 2020. You can't buck against Giuliani or Trump for that, as spoken. But what if Giuliani is the one who convinced Trump to do the Biden investigation so that Trump would now be in a hot frying pan?

I owe Trump a partial apology if he was for this Giuliani investigation, for it took place in early 2019, when I was still throwing darts at Trump for not doing anything to catch the crooks. I would like to be surprised in that he's been doing other things too which do not pertain to his personal interests. I would rather have been wrong for misjudging him, than to have rightly judged him as a do-nothing against high-level crimes.

At 6:00 of the video, Volker's text is shown where he seems completely appreciative of Trump's phone call, and wants Zelensky to look into the corruption. But don't be fooled, because the fruition of this program is what Trump's enemies order to spin it their way. Some of Trump's enemies might even have convinced Trump to begin this program just for the tricks we're now seeing. See at 9:00 for a team of serious lawyers trying to get Trump out of sizzling frying pan.

Hannity speaks on a source disclosing that Ukraine didn't know of the withholding of the military money until a month after the big phone call. If that's true, the Democrats can't argue as strongly for their political gain.

I say Trump placed his own head into the mouth of the shark because his claim that he's concerned only for corruption isn't holding water, for he's not going after Brennan, Hillary, Obama, Clapper, and the many others, so far as we know, but only Biden, one of his chief rivals for 2020. He took his chances with this assault on Biden, and the shark took a leak on his face.

It serves Trump right to be under heat from the CIA at this time, for while he had Pompeo overseeing the CIA, the duo apparently did nothing to punish CIA corruption. FOOLS. ABSOLUTE FOOLS. The dirty and disgusting CIA was whitewashed by Pompeo, that IDIOT. You can praise him if you are that naive, but he is a fool. Not one bad word did Pompeo have for the CIA. And so in this war against Trump, as he winds up to fight back, the CIA is still viable against him. Even the inspector general of the CIA is against Trump, meaning that there's no inspector to call out CIA corruption.

Did the CIA whistle-blower fail in his mission? No, problem, the CIA just manufactures a second whistle-blower as an addendum to the first. If the second one screws up, the CIA will try something else. t is the foremost destructor of the United States. It's the Mobster, the Thief, the Schemer, the Shadow Government. CIA, do Republicans a favor and persecute Trump harshly. He might then change his strategy for his second four years. He might then actually clean the CIA up. Take a breath of fresh air, Americans, if the CIA can be dissolved altogether. No more scare tactics; no more fear of foreign monsters that the CIA creates to make itself appear vitally needed. The CIA is an image-making machine. For all we know, Pompeo may be the one who betrayed Trump for the phone call. Pompeo was one of the several listening in on it.

Here's Giuliani on Sunday night saying (early 6th minute) that he gave his Ukraine case paperwork to Pompeo, but after Pompeo said that he would investigate it, he never got back to Giuliani, not even called him to inquire further. I think it's great for Giuliani to make himself Pompeo's enemy like this, in public, on behalf of justice. In the same breath, Giuliani is apparently calling Barr out for the same attitude as Pompeo. I blame Trump for Pompeo, and at times I think that Trump wishes to cover all deep-state crimes that do not pertain to his re-election plans.

Hannity's not being a good newsman because Trump might be guilty of leveraging president Zelensky. This question needs more time; one shouldn't claim on big news, in the first few days, that he's innocent. Trump is riding a wave at this time, but the sharks are under his surfboard. He can fall in at any time. Some good news for him is that even his insider enemies need to continue to act their loyal role due to the wave he's riding. Even his insider enemies don't want to appear rebellious against the Trump wave, because it's not good politics for them. The bad news is, even his insider enemies need to continue to act their loyal role due to the wave he's riding. That is, their good act makes them hard to discover as enemies, giving them that advantage over him. Trump is praising Volker, but Volker probably doesn't wish to appear like a contributor to the deep-state program or a back-stabber of the president (because it's not good politics) while he stabs. Having quit the Trump team last week, he can stab away, and leak on Trump's programs, more freely behind the scenes. here's praise for Volker:

The Fox anchor in the video above, as well as Martha MacCallum, have both changed their tunes, sounding pro-liberal lately on this issue (Paul Ryan's piece of work at Fox?). The woman in the video above becomes upset when not getting an answer on why Taylor made the insinuation that Trump is guilty. The anchor seems not to have considered the good possibility that Taylor framed his words like so without evidence to support the insinuation. Why would he do that? Because, possibly, he's seeking to damage Trump. It's not reasonable to think that this possibility didn't enter the anchor's head (so why is she getting upset as though she doesn't have a possible answer to her own question?), meaning that Fox now seems to be playing to anti-Trump viewers with more of its evolution of things we can expect of Paul Ryan's role at Fox. The guest could simply be unwilling to insinuate that Taylor could be lying to frame Trump, and so he doesn't have a good come-back to the anchor's question (5th minute).

In his news conference this week, Trump says (11th minute) that he doesn't know whether Barr's department is investigating Hunter Biden. Is Barr afraid to appear on Trump's team at this time, as the president seeks to balance his surfboard amongst hungry blue whales? Why isn't Barr upon his own surfboard? What's he doing, eating warm pablum in the safety of his fat office chair? Nobody's leaking what Barr's doing, meaning he may be doing next-to-nothing, or only working to put up a good show of it. Why is Barr so aloof from Trump? Is that the right picture? Is Barr his own man to the point of snubbing the president? Isn't that the very definition of a shadow government? Did Trump choose Barr so that Barr could do his own programs? That's not how things should work, is it? Well, yes it can be, but only when a president is corrupt.

The video above (by Breaking News, no subscribers shown) was put out on Friday (probably about an hour long), but was only one second long by early Saturday afternoon. There are many Fox videos, by various youtube channels, that do this; I'm not sure why, but youtube is highly suspect in cheating its conservative viewers. I don't see this happening to any other videos, just Fox news shows, and very regularly. Here's a reddit post on the problem a month ago:

Some say that Fox is asking youtube to strike the videos short for copyright violations, but why would Fox care whether people watch their shows after they've been commercially viable on television? It could be that the culprits (liberal owners of the videos) are on reddit giving a false reason for this problem. The problem has been more than just Tucker since this post was out. It's many Fox shows now, and it seems like preparation for when the deep-state hammer comes down, even as it's already coming down. Fox gains when allowing youtube channels to air its shows (free publicity); there is no reason at all for Fox to buck against it, since it itself doesn't put on full shows on youtube, but only 5-6 minute segments (looks stingy to me). If Fox is putting the lights out on these videos, there we have our evidence that Fox is all about money, not on the crusade against the deep state.

It can explain such things as to why Hannity spends 28-32 minutes per 40-minute show repeating himself like a parrot, and maybe 12 minutes or less on new information. And when he does get important and new information, he doesn't spend the 40 minutes on it, asking his guests to comment, but instead repeats his same-old same-old. Perhaps Fox (loves and employs Paul Ryan) is making him shy away from being penetrating. He spends a lot of passion against the leftist media (hurls many insults at them), allowed by Fox for obvious money-line reasons. He rarely gives his guests much time anymore, but has very-short sessions with each of them. I'm sure they that they would rather get suited up less often with longer sessions than doing a one-to-two minute speak every night. it is a very shallow presentation when he asks several guests per show the same questions resulting in basically the same answers, and it doesn't become penetrating this way...perhaps just the way Fox likes it. It can explain why Fox was incapable of saving the Republican House in 2018...though Paul Ryan probably had something in that too.

By Saturday morning from youtube channel, TooM Style: The Five, Oct 4; 2 seconds long. Laura Ingraham, Oct 4; 2 seconds long. Outnumbered; 2 seconds long. Ditto for Hannity and Carlson on Oct 4. It makes it useless for anyone to share these prime-time videos in articles such as this one. Toom Style already has four Fox videos, dated today, Saturday, at 2 seconds long. So I ask you: why did youtube bring up TooM Style when I asked youtube for "trump news Oct 4"? If youtube is striking the videos down, why wouldn't youtube also bar the video channel from coming up in searches? BECAUSE, fairly obviously, youtube wants us to have empty, conservative videos. Youtube is not bringing up Trump's news conference of yesterday, even when I ask for trump news conferences. Do Americans really want cheaters in power???

Here's the disabled video above by Fox News, which youtube was hiding from me on Friday:

In the third minute of Lou Dobbs, we learn that Judicial Watch has been granted texts of Rosenstein's messages, wherein we find that he sided with Mueller against Trump. Barr practically ignored Rosenstein's leading role in the Trump-attack, shame on Barr.

"In a morning tweet, the president wrote that he has 'an obligation to end CORRUPTION, even if that means requesting the help of a foreign country or countries.'" It's nice to know he's finally on my page and that of millions of others, but what took him so long? And will he continue this fight against a rag-tag media? Let Trump enjoy reacting against the media outrage against him, but ultimately what counts is a measured program to expose their invisible and now-not-so-invisible leaders, those who give media bosses their marching orders.

I have predicted that, when the deep state sees itself on the brink of real trouble, when media bosses fret the continuation of obvious lies that even their daftest viewers can see, the deep-state invisibles (did anyone see Mudd this week?) will come onto the news themselves with scathing attacks on Trump's supporters to shore-up what the media people no longer wish to contribute. It's a no-brainer that the media anchors will do as they are told for the sake of keeping their jobs, but whether they want to lie with bold faces is quite another matter. Media bosses need to be attentive to the happiness of their anchors. There is a breaking point. If the Horowitz report is full of undeniable evidence against deep staters, this media situation I've just described, with the media sailing into uncharted waters, should manifest. It will be a great opportunity to disrespect it in hopes of breaking its mast for years to come. Fox appears well prepared to make that happen, but the worst by-product is leftists tuning into Fox so that it starts to slant left for the sake of the holy cash-cow.

I see two significant problems with the presentations of Tom Fitton. Even when he has new information, he can keep it withheld for deep into a longish video, after repeating what he's said too-many times already. There's some good stuff below after 18 minutes, but why withhold it that long? Also, he needs to stop boasting about Judicial Watch, because it's a turn-off. He could have guests on his show from time to time, with back-and-forth conversations to better-explain the new revelations. I have stopped watching most his videos for the intolerable repetition.

In the 22nd minute, Hillary supporters admit that Hillary "guards" her secret email address very closely i.e. doesn't want people on the outside to discover it. It's a no-brainer to figure that out, but it's an important disclosure for the evidence against her for recognizing the illegality. It's a no-brainer that Obama is a guilty party to this crime, and also to the crimes that would be revealed in the emails. And that's why Trump is as good as a deep-state slice of bread for not going after Hillary and Obama on this issue. It's not enough to complain in the media about it, because that alone looks like "talking points" only. We are able to complain only, but the president has power to order Barr to release the details of this gigantic crime. If Barr won't do it, Trump can get someone who will. It's the logical thing to do, but Trump would have us believe that he's not communicating with Barr. I don't know whether he's lying about that, but if it's true, shame. If Barr turns out to be a mere firecracker, it's on Trump's head.

Here's Joe DiGenova saying that he almost got involved with the Ukraine. He then says that the American embassy in Kiev is controlled by George Soros and other anti-Trumpers:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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