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May 28 - June 3, 2019

Assange's Skateboard

Here's BCP with an appreciated, vital, round-up on a foolish deceiver, Barry Soetoro:

The owner of BCP likes to say, "our beloved president," but I would rather ask why this president hasn't asked the DoJ for communications between Obama and Holder in the time period of their gun-running operations. I am very sure that, if BCP was the president, or if Joe diGenova was, or if Sarah Carter was, that they would all wish to expose Obama on that matter. Trump claims to be concerned about violence at the border, and the only reason we can think of for Obama's sending guns to Mexican criminals is to strengthen their means for illegal immigration, or their means to bring in drugs, yet Trump has not exposed Obama on this matter. What kind of a fake president is this? I therefore reject the pictures this week of Trump praying on television as a cheap political stunt. He may have engineered this picture because he knows already that he fully intends to disappoint on his promise to declassify everything. We shall see.

You may know that, in early February of 2017, I had a dream that proved to be one from God about Obama's involvement in the dossier scandal. BCP's video above does a good job showing the evidence that Obama was overseeing the dossier scandal, but even back when he was the president, anyone watching him closely, as I was, could see that he was a control freak over his administration's employees, watching them closely...and then we learned why, for he was spurring Hillary to have a private server to hide their illegal activities.

The setting in early February of 2017 was one in which Trump was freshly the new president, since January 20. In the dream, Obama was showing joy. The only way for me to explain / decipher this part of God's message is that he was gleefully getting away with his crimes in spite of Trump being the president. That is, in spite of Trump's promise to cleanse swamp, and to expose Obama, Obama was celebrating the outcome of Trump's presidency. We can see why, for Trump has been the bonehead president to the point of despicable, sickening. To explain why the BCPs of media warfare seem oblivious to this fact: they all fear a Democrat comeback in 2020, and will support Trump no matter that demons are infested in his life and in his activities. As astute Christian realizes that demons love to abide in the White House, for obvious reasons.

Here's from the 4th update in April: "At 11:10 of the video, Assange is shown dancing, and immediately afterward, his skateboard scene is shown again. In the dream, immediately after my sewering of the paper plane, Obama was dancing in a dark suit, and immediately afterward was skateboarding up a ramp in his dark suit, the suit being necessary to identify that God is the author of the dream, and pointing to (Obama as) Barry Soetoro." The video is dated April 28, 2019. I had never seen these two scenes prior to that time, but I had mentioned the dancing and skateboarding in the Obama dream a dozen or so times. I have got to assume that God used Obama dancing and skateboarding to point to Assange, for the latter's second-last tweet from his embassy prison was called, MIA - Paper Planes. Assange's skateboarding scene is shown in his embassy room.

What could Assange have to do with Obama's getting away with his crimes under Trump? The thing coming to mind is that Assange / WikiLeaks will undo Obama, not Trump. But Assange is as good as a dead man at this time, right? Word from his supporter, RT, is that he shows signs of mental torture.

How unexpected that Assange, a middle-aged man, would be skateboarding like a kid down a low-slope, three foot ramp. Who brought him a skateboard? Was it his own? Did he request it? Was it a gift? Did he use it down the hall outside of his room? Of all the possible images that the news people, in the video above, would use of Assange in his room, they chose the skateboarding scene. I assume that the news people requested from the embassy some pictures of Assange in his room, and I assume that the embassy provided a few choices, but just look at that: the news people chose him on his skateboard. And they stuck a dancing scene as the very scene immediately before his skateboarding scene.

Hillary came out this week attacking Trump. She has no great fear in doing so even now that Trump has promised to declassify everything. How can we explain this? Shouldn't she be pulling off a Rosenstein, sucking up to him instead, seeking mercy? Her dossier affair is coming oh-so-close to the Seth-Rich story that Julian Assange was himself zealous about, for he was interviewed by Sean Hannity when virtually confessing that Seth Rich was the one who stole the DNC material, NOT the Russians.

Fox News is doing Hannity and his partners a great disservice if it won't allow them to talk about Seth Rich, for the greatest justification for the spy program is the myth that Guccifer 2.0 stole the DNC material, and delivered it to WikiLeaks. Neither Hannity nor his partners ever mention Seth Rich, and Hannity doesn't even mention his interview of Assange anymore, even though it's of prime importance at this very time. It's completely in service to the deep state to leave this part of the story out of their news. I'm suggesting that all of Hannity's guests have been told not to bring up Seth Rich or Guccifer, for how else do we explain the absence of this part of the story?

Donald WikiLeaks-who? Trump is himself partially to blame, for as he signalled to his party that he has betrayed his love for WikiLeaks, Hannity and the president's other supporters become inclined not to bring Assange up as a potential savior of the Trump's spy scandal. How can we explain Trump rejecting the very one who can deliver him from his Intelligence enemies? Easy: Trump has one foot in the bed of Intelligence, yet another reason that this man is sick and stupid all at once. Although he revealed that he takes the position that even I do on Intelligence, he allowed his advisors to make him an Intelligence stooge. I'm sure they are convincing him that its a dangerous political move to go against Intelligence, but, STUPIDS, Intelligence is his arch enemy. You are completely stupid if you become a stooge of the very organization that wants to bring you down.

Hannity and the others need to start asking for an investigation into the DNC "hack" under the justification that neither the DNC nor Intelligence can be trusted with this issue. It was Intelligence which concocted Guccifer 2.0, and if the culprit happened to be Brennan's CIA, that's all the more reason that pro-Trumpers need to start sounding the alarm.

There is yet a mystery to be solved where Obama, when he was on a skateboard, was shown in double. I saw him going up and down the ramp with a mirror image of himself beside him.

Definition of a true, news organization: One that lives for exposing government secrets on behalf of the public. But the New York Times is calling for a black-out of government secrets. Not even Bill Barr is allowed to know CIA secrets, says the Times:

President Trumpís order allowing Attorney General William P. Barr to declassify any intelligence that led to the Russia investigation sets up a potential confrontation with the C.I.A. It effectively strips the agency of its most critical power: choosing which secrets it shares and which ones remain hidden.

...The intelligence agencies signaled on Friday that they would not easily give up their secrets. Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, pledged to cooperate with the review but also warned that the secrets of the intelligence community, or I.C., must be protected.

Though the ultimate power to declassify documents rests with the president, Mr. Trumpís delegation of that power to Mr. Barr effectively stripped Mr. Coats and the C.I.A. of control of their secrets. The move could endanger the agenciesí ability to keep the identities of their sources secret, former intelligence officials said.

I had missed this article last week, but saw in on Monday's Bongino show. As one can glean, the New York Times is not in favor of revelation even when Barr is making the decisions on what to reveal or what no t to. The Times is instead supporting the cover-up desired by Intelligence. I have a message on Dan Coats. Here's how I believe that God showed us the death of Dan Coats.

I have two coat closets, and in one there hangs a tankless hot water heater. There is an overflow valve on the unit which is to take a hose one day through a hole I provided in the floor, to the sometimes-wet crawl space. The latter is on solid rock, explaining why it's wet there after heavier rains. It smells down there, in other words, which is why I plugged that small hole above (just the right size for a mouse) with Kleenex.

One day, after discovering two dead mice in the attic's mouse traps, I decided to set mouse traps outdoors for the first time, to obliterate every mouse within 200 feet of the house. It was working well, until one evening I saw a mouse run out from under the fridge, then back under. I tried to scare it out, but no luck. I set two traps on this main floor, knowing that mice always find traps overnight. I set the traps and went to bed. In the morning, the traps were not tripped, the peanut butter untouched. I built every square inch of my house, there was no way in, I was sure. I still don't know how it and the previous two had gotten into the house. They no longer enter via the crawl space. They might have found a way under the roof-valley aluminum.

I had set a trap in the attic, and so went up to check, and, sure enough, there was a dead mouse in it. A day or two later, I opened the door to a coat closet, and smelled foul air. Looking down, there at the hole in the floor there was white paper tissue strewn about; odorous air from the crawl space come through because the Kleenex had come from the hole. By ripping apart the Kleenex in the hole, that's how the mouse had gotten on this floor when going under the fridge, and that's how it got out again. I have double 2x4 exterior walls with a gap between them, allowing mice to crawl up the insulation from floor to floor, and from the upper floor into the attic. I never saw a mouse in the house after that last one, and here's why I think it represents a dead Dan Coats.

Shortly after seeing that last squirrel dead in the trap, DAN came over to visit, and at one point he opened a COAT closet, asking what that piece of equipment was, hanging on the wall. The tankless water heater. DAN COATS. He escaped my two traps on my floor, but during his get-away, while going back up into the attic to find his way to the outdoors, it came upon a third trap, and promptly lost his life. I therefore predict the fall of Dan Coats in a similar way. It appears that he's now in need of making his escape. The more the stupid argues against Barr's investigation, the more the stupid looks like he's got something to hide. Coats is just another dismal mark on Trump's record on cleansing swamp. Trump has an awful lot to make-up on.

The mouse had chewed through the paper tissue in a hole I prepared for the tank's overflow HOSE, and the Hose surname (leg bent at the knee) is suspect with the D'Hosier variation of Dossier's. See the last update for Dossier's/D'Hosier's. The bent knee is in the Leak Crest, and this overflow hose is connected somewhat to a leak outlet. Is God suggesting that Dan Coats has been one big leaker, and involved in the dossier?

Dan Coats was the ambassador to Germany under president, quasi-Nazi Bush. Trump may have done the Bush circle a favor by keeping the CIA in quasi-Nazi hands. I can see that starting with Pompeo. The Bush's were Nazi elements meshed with the Walker bloodline, and Trump's second pick for CIA director was born, Miss Gina Walker (Pompeo's deputy). We are now learning, or at least it's looking this way, that this Gina Haspel is resisting Barr's investigations. "Haspel has received a number of awards, including the George H. W. Bush Award for excellence in counterterrorism...More than 50 former senior U.S. government officials, including six former Directors of the CIA and three former directors of national intelligence, signed a letter supporting her nomination. They included former Directors of the CIA John Brennan, Leon Panetta and Michael Morell, former Director of the NSA and CIA Michael HAYDEN, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper." That doesn't speak well of Haspel at all, and, besides, Aryan Nations was at Hayden Lake.

To put it another way, Trump can't be trusted to do the right things, and he's paying through the nose for his bad choices, a thing to celebrate because his bad choices are filled with evil. You can't mock God, Mr. Trump, with your duplicity. President Fake. Here you go:

I'm starting to wonder whether Barr was not a Nazified player for the elder Bush. I assumed that Barr was such a one, but for the time being, I'm open to keeping tabs on whether he's not such an insider. I have been expecting Barr to go after Democrat crime, while leaving Bush and company untouched. But the knee of Miss Hicks told me that God has some plot against the 9-11 criminals. And I'd like to see Bush pay for his part in the crime, with the entire band of fellow rats fully exposed. The people must be made to see the putrid realities of their recent federal governments. Surely, Mueller was Bush's key ally in covering up the 9-11 realities. Might Barr fall upon the evidence for that likely fact while investigating Mueller's anti-Trump programs? I hope so.

Old headline: "Mike Pence talked Dan Coats out of quitting the Trump administration". Now Mr. Coats rails against the president. Way to go, Mike.

Just before the start of the 11th minute (video above), DiGenova says that Ash Carter and James Clapper tried to fire Mike ROGERS (NSA chief, blew the whistle on Intelligence), for knowing too much about spy abuse. One Roger surname shares black stags with Knee's, and another Roger surname shares the Knee bend. I think that's worth recording. The video goes on to mention Samantha Powers, who was involved in the unmasking scandal, part of the spy abuse. As it's likely for the Quint paw to be of the black lion of Palins/PAWleys (Dorset, same as Quints), it stands to reason that Paws/Pauers are a branch of Powers because The latter share the Chief-Shield color combination of Palins/Pawleys. But these are also the Chief-Shield colors of Plains/Platters, signalling that Palins and a Plain branch. As I was absolutely convinced that Plains/Platters are the ones whom God was pointing to with my Obama dream, I now begin to see, for the first time, that Samantha Powers is in the paper plane scenario as per my sewering on Obama's billiard table (see "Obama dream" least update from link at the top of this page). The Power Coat is even reflective of the Dunham Shield.

In the 13th minute, DiGenova mentions John Carlin, who likewise tried to get Mike Rogers fired. It just so happens that Carlins share the McCain/Keen Coat, hmm, motto included. Oh wow, it was just in the last update when the Carr estoiles were said to be the McCain/Keen estoiles, and here those estoiles are also in the CARlin Coat. In the Hicks dream (see last few updates), God used the knee with Miss Hicks at her CAR.

The Guardian this week reveals that Mueller had prepared a drafted document for charging the president for three crimes in relation to his obstruction, which amounts to nothing more than grasping at straws. That's why the charges were not brought, but, the point is, Mueller and/or his Democrat rats were going into that direction until an event(s) changed their minds. That was an illegal direction. There is more than sedition involved; this is the highest police agency creating a false-scenario, frame-job, with first-degree premeditation, to have someone arrested, ruined, and jailed. This is the epitome of death-deserved. The message must be sent that police people who act in this way will be given the harshest allowable sentences. Police people are ruining lives like this daily, and we have yet to discover how many lives have been ruined by FBI corruption, especially for political or deep-state purposes.

Now we know why Mueller spent so much effort in his anti-Trump report about being unable to clear him of obstruction: to justify his concocted obstruction program against him. Go ahead, Mueller, show the world your best evidence for obstruction. That's easy to do. Go ahead. Where is it?

Mueller came out to say 10 minutes to the public on Wednesday. He started with the holy cow of his scam, the false claim that Russians interfered, from their military arm, in the 2016 election, especially via WikiLeaks. This is a great way for him to start, because Barr can now check the evidence for that Russian claim from Intelligence. Mueller has no one else to pin Russian interference on but Intelligence. If the evidence isn't there, then neither is the predicate for starting this operation against an elected president. Mueller is essentially blaming Intelligence for his own scam. He's apparently going to claim that he knew nothing on whether Russian interference was true or not, but that he simply trusted Intelligence.

Mueller ends by emphatically saying that he WILL NOT speak further on this matter. Achem, but if you can investigate others, why can't others investigate you is there is even a scintilla of evidence that you have obstructed justice with your investigation??? You operated on many scintillas, and yet their is an entire log in your eye. He didn't even take questions, no doubt at the counsel of his lawyers.

Mueller's attitude, jittery, weak. And no wonder: he's being unbelievably petty to push an possible-obstruction scenario when he has insufficient evidence to show the existence of a crime for which the obstruction was allegedly committed. It's worse than petty and unprofessional; it borders on whacko.

The excellent thing is that Nadler used Mueller's final words this week to re-invigorate the Trump-attack, which can only spur the Barr side to look deeper for the truths, and to announce them on behalf of Trump's tarnished reputation. It is Barr's responsibility to exonerate any president when the opposing political party daily accuses him guilty of crimes.

It is a missing of the mark for Hannity and Bongino to say that Mueller and others attacked Trump because they hated him. Surely, a massive movement to remove a president needs to have greater motives. Hillary had deals with whole nations to use tax dollars (for them) to get International monies funnelled into the Clinton Foundation as pay-backs. Robbery, and using political positions to get richer. Imagine how many others were involved in these schemes. Ask Joe Biden and his son about it; it's not a wonder that the media is pushing Biden as the front-runner...i.e. because the deep-state robbers are wanting someone in-the-know of the political scams. How could Obama not have dabbled into it too? Who's going to hang these "leaders"?

Trump on Thursday repeated his belief that Mueller went after him partly because Mueller didn't get the FBI directorship when requesting it from Trump. But Mueller wasn't going after Trump just for being jilted. Probably, Mueller, like so many others, wanted into the Trump team to act as a deep-state spy, but to be the FBI chief would have been a bonus, a super method for protecting deep-state crimes. Trump didn't give the job to the Mueller rat, but instead gave it to the Wray rat. Way to go.

Trump also said that, in the future, he will consider exposure of the anti-Trump programs to be one of his "greatest achievements." Go dog. You've blown it up until now, maybe you can make up for it. But don't forget, this corruption goes against more than just you. Try not to appear interested in self alone; go after this for the harm it does to all. In the second half of the following video, he takes credit for exposing the corruption. He's delusional, taking credit for what others deserve. So something yourself, then take credit.

Does anyone think, if Trump declassifies everything, that he deserves any credit at all? Who does the work, the one who merely gives permission to work for finding the truths, or the one who works to find the truths? Trump deserves no more credit -- zero -- than if I were the one to give the permission. I would have given it two years ago, but so what? Big deal. It's just the natural thing to do, like breathing, and here Trump, who has failed us for two years, now wants credit??? Is he blasted nuts? Imagine how much further into the realities we would now be if Trump did the natural thing when these stories broke out.

Trump endured a terrible ordeal under the Mueller spy-watch simultaneous with the demonic Democrat machinery, but the blame goes to himself for not assuring the right directors in the CIA, the FBI and the DoJ. He should have sat down with candidates for those jobs, to choose those who were passionate for looking into Obama-circle crimes. How can that be a wrong thing to do since it's the job of spy people to catch crime? Dumbo Trump. Who did he listen to when picking Sessions, Wray and Pompeo? Dumbo Trump brought needless pain and suffering upon himself, his White house, and his family. He needs to apologize, but the Trumper doesn't know how.

I think now is the time for Devin Nunes to ask of Barr for the declassification of the things he once asked Trump for. I see no necessary conflict in Horowitz and Nunes both working on the same papers, but I trust Nunes much more to lay out the proper perspectives. If there is a conflict/disagreement, it's likely because Horowitz is inclined to go too soft. Barr, this week on CBS, revealed that John Huber was not given any reason, from Horowitz, to indict anyone in relation to FISA abuses. If Nunes was in Horowitz's position, I dare say that indictments would have been flying off the roof. I wonder, why isn't there a body or person that can take the FISA judges to court on charges of aiding FBI crimes? Why are judges not criminally liable either for obstructing or aiding crime? How can a system of justice turn properly if the judges are safely corrupt due to being treated untouchable, like the gods?

Mueller's guilt is obvious where he didn't report on Hillary's Russian assets who interfered in Trump's election run. Why doesn't that rate as Russian interference? It does, but Mueller was not interested in denouncing the Russian material within the Steele dossier. Mueller doesn't want to speak anymore on his report, but speak he must. The much-better half of the nation wants to know why he ignored the dossier scandal, why he didn't interview Hillary, Perkins Coie, Fusion, Hillary herself, Comey, McCabe and others in respect of that scam. If Mueller's probe was partially into Trump-Putin collusion, how can Steele's collusion with Russians not befit Mueller's probe?

The way to get Hillary into a net is to start with Steele: force him, by real fear of punishment, to admit that he was paid by Hillary to get dirt on Trump. But if Steele is out of the ball park for the DoJ, then go after Fusion. It's completely simple. Glenn Simpson is not going to go happily to jail in order to protect that wicked, demented, bad-mouthed Hillary Clinton. Glenn Simpson owned the Steele dossier. How can things get easier than this for getting lots and lots of convictions? Hillary and the DNC (bonus) paid Fusion to purchase Russian interference into the election of Donald Trump. If Mueller's rampage was justified against an innocent Trump, a Barr-Durham whirlwind against Hillary is justified. Why hasn't she been arrested yet? Huber by now knows the score. Has Huber been soft and useless?

It's obvious that the Clintons chose a foreigner to do the dirty work to protect themselves. As the US can't force a confession from Steele, the Clintons are more protected. Fusion's claim will be that it was not responsible for what Steele did when he brought an empty dossier to the FBI and DoJ. Yet, Simpson (owner of Fusion) was responsible for revealing to the nation that the dossier was like a gun shooting blanks at Trump without informing him. Simpson owned the dossier. Steele ran with it, but Simpson owned it. If Simpson knew it to be blank, he had a responsibility. If he claims it wasn't empty, then he needs to produce his evidence for giving it merit. If he pleads the 5th, which he has done, then he doesn't have the evidence. Can Fusion really divorce itself from Steele's actions? What if Fusion put Steele up to his actions? After all, Fusion's boss was Hillary and the DNC. Who wanted the dossier into the media more than Steele? Fusion, that's who.

It plays into the hands of the Democrats to say that Steele hated Trump. The greater the anti-Trump motive that Steele is portrayed with, the better Fusion can claim it had nothing to do with Steele's actions. Chances are, there are communications, within NSA data banks, that condemn Fusion as Steele's superior partner. It stands to reason that Steele could not, would not, take a dossier owned by Fusion to the press, to the FBI and to Bruce Ohr, apart from Simpson's permission, though it's more likely that it was more than permission, more like a commission from Fusion. Barr has given Durham, with Trump seconding it, the right to have those Fusion-Steele communications. Go get 'em, Mr. Durham. For a change, can we move with some speed? It's painful at this crawl.

With Trump not being able to deliver on the wall, he will feel more responsibility to deliver on cleansing swamp. If by cleansing swamp he wins the House back in 2020, he should be able to have some good measure of success at the border, if the voters don't pick RINOs.

Vocal Republican congressmen, who know what's in the FISA applications, have said that there is extremely-damning material therein. This is why Nunes asked Trump to reveal at least some key parts of the applications. Trump can do this today, yet he still refuses. It seems that this revelation has the power finally to defuse the Democrat attack. Therefore, what does it tell us that Trump refuses to release these pages? Are we so naive as to think that Trump hasn't known, for many months, of these key pages? What sort of clown is this president, who complains on how the Democrats are ruining the political process, yet refuses to defuse them? Is this some sort of whacko? Apparently, Trump is playing an imposter for some reason, though I would use another word if he had not been so vocal against his enemies. I do not accept the theory of others claiming that Trump is playing his cards like a sly genius, having good reasons for playing as he has been. Trump has major problems with exposing the Democrats, which makes him more a fellow rat than a savior from the rats. I have not changed my position on this charge to this day. His lawyers do not discuss this black hole in his presidency.

Let me put it this way, that when Nunes convinced Trump to release the key parts of the application, the president could have started to defuse his enemies, followed by more of the same. Instead, he allowed enemies to play the Trump-is-a-monster card for months more by giving Horowitz the quiet task of looking into the FISA applications. As we have witnessed, Horowitz did not ever come out with a preview of his findings that would defuse the rats, send them reeling. It's to be expected that if the Inspector General finds the material that can end the insanity, he would immediately reveal it even though his investigation is just beginning. The first thing he would have done is to read the applications, and, surely, he had already done so way back in his first investigation. Therefore, Horowitz is a sham, we can be absolutely certain. Just look for the key signs for true color.

There is some benefit here, where Trump gave Horowitz the look-at-FISA job, because it forces the inspector general to come clean with his reports, something I think he would not have done if he alone had the decision to make. That is, I think he would have ignored the FISA scandal altogether. But how is it wise to force Horowitz to come clean at the expense of months of time? The main need is to start revealing the guilt of government mobsters, and the time a-wasting away with this punt or hand-off to Horowitz is precious. The punt is a brilliant sign that Trump is not playing as he should be. Instead of giving the football to Nunes, he gave it to the referee, asking him to take the ball 10 yards backward. It's a sign that the president is caving to his enemies. We see the true colors here, if we are willing to open our eyes.

He's apparently afraid to take the rats on for fear of what they will do to him. This, if correct, is not a hero, not even a respectable man. In this fight, a man who puts his interests, or his person, first at the expense of the need is like a traitor to his country. It's exactly the kind of president the people should not elect. This is the greatest fight, having the greatest importance, and Trump has been personally responsible for dragging the revelation on painfully, for reasons only he himself knows for sure.

Some suggest that Trump may be timing the revelation closer to the 2020 election, to make for a maximum, election-related impact, but this just underscores how he's thinking of self before the country. Besides, even if it's good for the country to defeat the Democrats again, it's probably true that these revelations need to sink into the minds of centrist voters for months before the election, for leftist media will not allow it to soak in so far as they can confuse the realities. To reveal the guilt immediately before the election may be like a dud-bomb because leftist smoke-and-mirrors needs time to be dealt with and exposed.

The longer time is wasted, guaranteed: passion to punish the wrong-doers will weaken. I think Trump had been hoping that the voters will just let all of this pass without due punishments. That's hideous, like leaving the cancer to fester while going forward to the celebration, dying there of cancer. If this is what Republicans want, go for it, dummies, follow Trump to your own painful demise, for if these Democrats get full powers back, you will suffer.

Below is a smoke-and-mirrors article -- and not a very good one at that -- by a leading leftist media, saying that the Trump-team exoneration of the president is hogwash. But there is not even an iota mentioned of the evidence against Trump for obstructing. One would think that, while they have decided on a marathon crusade to convince centrist voters that Trump could be guilty of obstruction, the article would have laid out the main argument for so-thinking that he obstructed. Instead: zero. Like an idiot accusing someone without evidence, just smoke and mirrors, like empty-heads spending all their time on forming nonsense in print.

Yet Trump is dragging his voters through the slugs in the mud by not defusing these demented writers with the grenades he holds. He doesn't have one or two, but a bag-load of grenades. Why isn't he tossing them seeing that the idiots have no come-back, no leg to stand on? Are Republicans a-scared even when the wicked are in shambles? Now is the time to confuse, not giving them time to conspire together to get their stories straight and their plots aligned. The centrists will see this massacre glaringly. There are enough grenades to keep the noise lasting beyond the election. So start tossing already. When some of the leftist media start sending up white flags, bomb them some more to get more white flags so the centrists are sure to see the truth through leftist confusion-tactics. It's when the war is raging, and the enemy is running, that traitors of the enemy come out to finish them off. So bring this war to raging already.

I think we need to be willing to take whatever comebacks the enemy can muster because the alternative is to lay down and let it walk on our backs. We have seen the true colors of the enemy, that it has no mercy, no inclination to the good, always a bag of deceptive tricks. We must not allow them to rule over us so far as we can defeat them, and it seems that they can now be dealt a severe blow.

Where is the McCabe grenade? Even Horowitz had to submit that McCabe should be charged with crimes. Probably, McCabe is found guilty in the FISA plot, but Horowitz only revealed his minor crimes (lying). McCabe was a chief in the Trump attack; where's Horowitz's material on that? What is the justification for his procrastination? Toss a grenade at Horowitz too; expose his soft approach, for that makes him guilty of obstructing justice. Horowitz and Sessions played crafty when they got McCabe fired, for Horowitz is not responsible for looking into the affairs of previous DoJ employees? Yes, it means that the DoJ may have arranged to fire / remove all the culprits in order to create the grounds for not revealing their deeper crimes. Strzok and McCabe's lawyer were removed on minor charges to keep the deeper secrets, isn't that right? And Trump himself was taking the position that firing them was good enough. The Republican general is a traitor, isn't he? Every one of these rats who are fired today can be rehired in 2020. Hello?

The PBS video below starts off with a pea-shooter: the Mueller groundwork of Russian interference. Republicans should not allow this groundwork to remain intact, for it's all that Mueller has to justify his attack. Rip that groundwork up with a couple of grenades. Hello? Request from Barr a mandatory look-see into DNC computers to see whether there is proof of a Democrat concoction of Russian interference. In the second minute, Mueller's quasi-accusation of obstruction against the president is dealt with, and I'd like to talk about that:

As you can hear, the main evidence Mueller provided for Trump's obstruction is that he wanted Mueller gone. Oh, wowie, what a surprise. Is that obstruction? Oh, and Trump railed against Sessions too. Like I said, peas from a pea-shooter versus grenades. Is this the time to be content with merely rats fired? When there is a rat working with other rats attempting a jailing or an impeachment of a president based merely on the latter's unhappiness with a "witch hunt," that's how you know that they deserve jail time in the least. Barr says that this does not legally rise to the level of treason, but it is in fact an effort to unseat a president based on zero evidence i.e. based on a trumped charge. Treason: "the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government." It sounds like Barr is caving, cowering. How can the Mueller attack not be treason?

Let's assume that there was Russian interference that gave Mueller the justification for investigating whether there was Trump-Putin collusion. As we have seen, Mueller never had evidence of that collusion. Therefore, he testifies against himself for treason because, when he failed to find collusion evidence, he went a step further (as in a charge), rather than an expected step backward (as into a retreat), into an obstruction scenario where there was no firm basis for that either. It proves mal-intent, and in this case the mal-intent is to unseat a president. To this week, he has shown signs of wishing to unseat the president, for he even changed his story (this week) when saying that he would have brought obstruction charges if only it was lawful to indict a sitting president.

Achem, one cannot justify obstruction based on the accused wishing for the investigator to go away, especially as the accused never did make the investigator disappear, and, moreover, especially when the accused was correct: he committed no crime for which he needed to obstruct. Mueller is so light on evidence that his pea is more like a lentil.

Yet, as he continues the battle forward, that's why he needs to be jailed, for he is asking the leftist media to charge against an innocent president still longer. In this way, he is defying even Bill Barr. How can the latter not view this as treason? Is treason only treason if guns are involved? Apparently, yes, unless google is out of context: "What is the legal definition of treason? "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort." Ahh, so the deep state needs to be careful if it chooses to use the gun.

If Mueller is not guilty of treason, then what about sedition? Yes, he is applying his part in an insurrection, egging one half the nation to rise against the other. The worst Mueller could say of Trump is that he squirmed at his probing, like when you're at the doctor's office, and he sticks a camera up your nose, and down your throat, looking for dirt, against your will and without your permission. If you squirm and beg him to remove it: guilty of obstruction! Woe, the phantom Mueller hammer, and all of the leftist media are full-of-hope pushing insurrection on this measly basis. It's all they've got, the desperadoes.

Now is the time to nail them with real hammers. Trump holds them in his hand, a royal flush of hammers, the pointed welder's hammer, the carpenter's heavy-duty framing hammer, the peen, the queen of sledges and the king of sledges. Yet he refuses to swing them. He says he doesn't want to be found guilty of obstructing justice by using even the upholstery hammer, so he's asking Barr to be the grim executioner. But Mr. Trump, revealing government documents can never be deemed obstruction. You don't need to give your opinion on what the documents say; you only need to release them to allow your captains to tell the stories therein. There are many captains begging you to reveal them. So what in tarnation is your deplorable problem? Step down and let a better man run this war. You look compromised.

There is real risk of losing this war to internal plots of blackmail if the declassified documents are kept within the halls of congress. That's not good enough to assure victory. Congressmen can be quietly threatened, but that's not going to happen when the declassification goes public, for the threats are used specifically to keep the information from going public. Publicizing the crimes and the names of the criminals is the very definition of winning this war, stupid! Yet Trump made the about-to-be-public declassification of the FISA documents into an internal, Horowitz probe. STUPID!!!

Mueller said this week that Trump was looking guilty of obstruction just because he wasn't a good lie-on-your-back, suck-it-all-in-er. I think we can get Mueller's game here. His job was to be so extremely intrusive into Trump's affairs, until Trump squirmed and resisted, thus, obstruction. That's nasty, it really is. It reveals a long-standing tactic used by law enforcement against guilty and innocent alike. That tactic needs to be applied much more harshly against the innocent by reason of the innocent being far less likely to confess a crime, all the more reason that Mueller has deserved his removal from society. Whoever uses the jail shall be killed by the jail. Let justice roll, for it makes the world go round.

There is a big difference in desiring to shut down an investigation against yourself, and acting to get it shut down by a secret method. It is even questionable whether it's wrong at all to ask the attorney general to shut a probe down that has no merit. Surely, one should have the right to make such a case. The leftist media are all busy making a mountain from a mole hill, and this is in spite of Comey's moles sent into the Trump camp. Leftists are suggesting that Trump should lie down still and quiet, not showing the least-bit resistance to a spy program into his affairs for the purpose of bringing him down. They are completely hypocritical, for when it comes to the investigations now under way against Mueller and Comey's FBI, they will sing the opposite tune. The centrists should never forget this hypocrisy. It must never be allowed to live let alone rule the nation. It's time to strip Mueller naked in turn, look at all of his records, his phone calls, private and business related.

In my opinion, the leftists are bang-on track to bringing Obama down. The more that this anti-Trump track continues in the unmerited ridiculous, the more savage will be the response from the Trump side. And savage it should be. Turn your hammers into sickles, and your grenades into barrel bombs. The unrepentant side wants to harm the innocent. After Trump, it will be his supporters. It will never end if they have their brutal ways. This is an expose on God's wisdom and rightness to never-again allow these demented humans to see the light of life, for they act as a societal cancer in everything they do. They infect everyone they touch. Demons surround their activities, and they bring demons to spoil / afflict good people.

Barr this week reiterated that everything, almost, that he's discovering, in the government facts, does not jive with leftist-media reports. This is a great sign because he is willing to place himself in opposition of leftist media while being interviewed on a leftist media. It's got some spine. Integrity. One can do things with a backbone.

Here's Mark Levin confirming what I thought to be true, though I haven't read the Mueller report, that Mueller had no obstruction case laid out (in his report) in spite of its lengthy diatribe:

If savage is the next Republican game, Levin is the man. The savage in us comes out when our patience runs thin. The Democrats are having a good time provoking the savage in us, but this is the worst thing that can happen to Obama and Hillary, and their partners in crime. You see, Democrats concerned with winning 2020 have that as their priority, not the fate of Obama and Hillary. Those two no longer matter. Democrats are snakes, they have no human hearts; they care about 2020, not Obama's fate, take that to the bank. The more that Democrats push, the more they endanger the Clintons. If Obama and Clinton push too, all the better...until Republicans no longer have any powers. So long as Republicans have power, USE IT! AND FAST, because time is running out.

Republicans have triggerphobia. They might even pull the trigger with their eyes closed, afraid of the leftist reaction. The scales of justice are leaning heavily in their favor, yet they still have triggerphobia. PULL THAT TRIGGER! Arrest one of their biggies, and start the war. Then arrest another one just as soon as they start to complain about it, which will be the next day. Arrest yet another to send them the message that this is a whirlwind, then watch them scramble. Arrest a fourth to assure a message of confidence. Arrest Hillary, and watch the demented go ballistic. Perfect, for they will be beside themselves, like scurrying rats. Let's play! Call the savage in you, bash the rats with your clubs as they flee. What's that, Republicans? You're scared? Oh no, you've got Trump syndrome.

Right away in his video below, Tucker Carlson zeroes in on Mueller's call to impeach Trump. I'd say that Mueller thinks he has all of his bases covered to have such tenacity as this. I frankly think that this is the best thing that could happen, like when the rat walks right into the rat trap, and goes for the bait. No human that I know of laid this trap, however. It's being said that Nadler and Mueller worked together to provide the news conference because they knew the alternative, a hearing in the house, was a bad idea for fear of Mueller not being able to withstand the republican questioning. Like I said, the scales are tipping heavily Republican-ward, and even Mueller knows it. Yet, here he is in a head-scratcher calling for impeachment proceedings:

Mueller didn't need to appear publicly to spur Nadler to impeachment proceedings. Why did he appear to the public? It's clear: he's inciting the Democrats broadly (from coast to coast) to sedition. Super, let's not knock it, for it's the only way that lame Republicans might get a life. Levin is calling Graham to force Mueller into a senate hearing, which could be even better when Mueller refuses to appear. If he's got nothing to hide, he would appear.

Here, on the Ingraham Angle, is how the conspiratorial left is using Mueller's call to impeachment:

As you can see as the video begins, Democrats wasted no time portraying Mueller's words as, go get Trump, he's guilty. It very much appears that Mueller has something to hide that he doesn't want Trump's government to discover. This has been Mueller all along: the house ghost who rattles his chains to strike fear into Trump lest he should act. But with the FBI failing to frame Trump, the latter has arrived to a big, green light to act, finally, and Mueller, having no other way he can think of to fight this green light, has stepped right into the middle of the intersection with a big Barr truck coming down the hill about to plow through. Is Mueller that desperate? Is this his swan song? Or does he think he can get the Barr truck to stop if he stands there in defiance? He doesn't know what more to do. He's now depending on Nadler to take his chains for further rattling. He says he's going away, but we know that he's listening, keeping watch.

Some Fox commentators (youtube gives me virtually nothing but Fox videos now) are saying that Democrats are already scrambling. I would not use that word. Scrambling is defined as the moment of victory. We are not yet assured of victory. There's a big green light, a big truck filled with bottled champagne, and an army willing to punch the daylights out of activist Democrats, but unless Barr runs over Mueller, I'm afraid he's going to decide to go soft on the deep state. It would be like calling the war off, and delivering the champagne to the trenches on the other side.

Mueller was standing at the corner of the intersection. He was pushing, then bashing, the button to get the red light to turn green faster. But it refused to change. So he decided to cross on a red light, just as Barr's 18-wheeler came ramming through. In a nutshell, Mueller's just angry at the way things worked out for him, first when time didn't change his failure to get Trump, and finally when Barr cut him off abruptly. Life can get very cruel, Mr. Mueller, for the cruel, for God does watch.

Mueller has come out this week like a captain for the other side; it is imperative that Barr run him over as a symbol of strength. For if Barr refuses to flatten this weak and miserable state of affairs, it amounts to his symbol of weakness. One could see the weakness in Mueller's face, because he has a weak position...from which he called out for a bullet-less, treasonous movement. It's the loser calling for a war against Barr. Perfect, for their friendship needs to be over. On behalf of the better half of the nation, Barr must run Mueller over until he is dead. And the Trump army is ready to get its savage strength from this act.

Yes, Mueller did cry for treason against Trump, but he simultaneously called for Barr's involvement, for Barr is the Top Cop. He is Trump's Top Cop. The responsibility to charge at a seditious movement rests on Barr. No need for Trump to apologize for having a loyal Top Cop, because that's the way it should be. No need for Barr to squirm out of supporting Trump loyally, for the president is not guilty. But Mr. Barr, don't do this for Trump; do this just because Mueller has become a symbol of top-cop corruption. And that's why his position is weak. If Barr were like Mueller, then Mueller would be in a strong position now, but because Barr is normal, Mueller has become a desperado. It only takes normal people in power to bring the nation back to health, but to keep it healthy, the gangsters need to be jailed routinely.

Watch out for assassinations when it's their last resort, a very good reason to do this with speed. Yes, acting speedily can cause some mistakes, but it should cause more mistakes on the enemy side. That's the plan. If Barr does this like dipping his toe in water to see if it's a good time for a swim, forget it, it's over, battle lost. If Barr's not yet convinced that it's time for a charge, battle lost.

For those who followed my squirrel saga up to this past winter when the lone squirrel around here was joined mid-way through winter by a second. They both came to feed in my garage as I put out food daily in a can. The first of these two had been suspect as God's representation of Mueller, because the previous 16 were thought to represent Mueller's 16 lawyers. I caught the 16 in the attic with a single rat trap, but the 17th got away after being up there. For two seasons, it was the lone squirrel around here, don't ask me how that happened, maybe a miracle. Late in the winter, after seeing a ferret or ferret-like animal over the course of a week, I never saw two squirrels again. I saw it once in the garage, then again on the same day in the backyard, near to where the two squirrels had their nest(s). It was sniffing around the ground, and it dawned on me that it was looking for a squirrel hole. Apparently, it found one, and was able to eliminate the Mueller squirrel. That's how I'm reading this.

I reported this ferret as a weasel in the first update of May. I don't know my weasel species enough to know the difference. I think I know why I chose "ferret" in this update, for as I was thinking about what this could mean, I wondered whether it was a representation of John Durham ferreting into Mueller's tunnel, so to speak, and grabbing him by the throat. I then checked the Durham surname, even though I knew for sure that it didn't use a weasel or a ferret, yet, when the Coat loaded, there was a "fert" motto term. Ferretincidence? Note that Durham-like Dure's (Dol, Brittany) almost use the Ferrat Coat, and that Scottish Dure's share the Coat of Cluns (related round-about with Alans of Dol) and Saluzzo's while the Vasto rulers of Saluzzo were a branch of MontFERRATs. Thus, the "fert" motto term of Durhams is code for Montferrat kin of Durhams, and it just so happens that Ferrats are said to have been established in Dol. Dols are a branch of Dolfins/Dolphins, and Durhams use dolphins.

Amazingly, Meullers (not "Mueller") use a "pair of snips" while Snipe's/Snape's, with a Coat version of the Clintons (Oxfordshire, same as Snipe's), use the Saluzzo / Clun / Dure Chief-Shield colors. Did Someone arrange that? Meullers are shown properly as Meulens, and then Mullens share the red crescent with Durhams, and the short sword / dagger in Crest with Scottish Dure's.

Ferrats use a blue version of the Vair/Fers Coat (same checks as German Dole's), and the likely reason that heraldry has so-called "vair fur" is that Vairs/Fers' and Furs/Firs/Fire's are all Montferrat liners. They can all be of Ferte-Mace, noting the dagger of that place's Mackays. Ferte-mace was home to Masseys, from Masci's of the Montferrat area. And the 17th squirrel bounced off of my breast/chest twice, which is how the Brest/Brix surname came to topic, which led to my tracing them to Brittany's Brest. Brests/BRIX's use the lozenges of BRICKS (Massey fleur) in colors reversed, and, if you can swallow that, let's add that Bricks are from Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of the first, Masci-line Meschin.

Meschins are a branch of Mussels/Muscels, and the latter's so-called plates can be traced to Pilate's at Mont Pilat. I do believe that Mont Pilat was in Dauphine, where the dolphin traces. This mountain (very linkable to Perthshire, where Cluns and Dure's were first found) is beside MontBRISON while Brests/Brix's, in Pilate colors, are also Brisons. German Dole's can thus be gleaned with the grape vine of German Plate's/Blate's and the green Shield of Blate's/Blade's (share white pheons with Blate-like Pilate's).

So, if we are half convinced that God sent a ferret here to eat Robert Mueller, and if I'm correct to peg those 16 squirrels as God's pointer to Mueller's dirty-rat lawyers, then we may start to give God the praise that Trump wants for bringing Mueller down, not because God loves Trump, but because He hates the wicked. What could it mean that the squirrels were all caught by a rat trap? It doesn't bode good. But it sure cleared my forest of squirrels from around the house.

I wonder what this last squirrel is about? Today I fed it the many sesame seeds that fell off (in the bag) of the loaf of Bavarian multi-grain, rye bread (Rudolph's brand) eaten during the week. I am reminded that God pointed to Mrs. Cooney, founder of Sesame Street, wife of Peter Peterson, chair of the Council on Foreign Relations. I'll bet that Mueller is supported by this CFR. After dumping the seeds in the morning into the squirrel dish, I threw in some popcorn from last night. Popcorn has become an online symbol of celebrations over the fall of the deep state. It's been about two weeks since making myself some popcorn, but there you have it; I gave this last squirrel popcorn and sesame seeds on the same day I wrote about Mueller above.

The good news is that Durham has "taken over" ("Barr's words) Huber's task of FISA investigations. In the meantime, Huber is under the Barr gun to get his Hillary investigation done. Ultimately, we are going to see what Barr is really all about, if he's faking an attitude to this point. We normal people know what the natural expectations are from what's already known. If Barr doesn't deliver close to our expectations, then the situation is hopeless in the short-term, and dismal thereafter. However, if Barr didn't want a delivery, I don't think he would have appointed Durham...though we have yet to see whether Durham is just a political piece of red meat. Tentatively, it does appear that the Barr's delivery truck is rolling down the hill.

The problem may be that Trump's new pick for a CIA director is working to undermine Barr rather than to support him. That means the Intelligence community may not have anyone spying on the ones spying on Barr. These spies can do Barr damage; they blackmail. Barr needs to keep his truck spotless. It is naive to believe that the spies have stopped spying. There are spy machines outside of the Intelligence machinery that official spies use for political purposes. They will probably know most of what Barr does and says. We have Trump to thank for this because he failed to get normal people for the IC, CIA and FBI directorships.

Here's what I think Intelligence and social engineers do. When they utilize fake news reports, or real news imbedded with a key lie, they keep tabs on how well or poorly the deceptiveness works with the public. They learn their craft of massive deception by trial and error. They know how easily the masses are convinced of certain lies when conducted this-way versus that-way. They realize that, the more respectable they portray themselves ("CNN: the most trusted name in news"), they better they can deceive a higher percentage of people. They always have trustworthy slogans, just like advertising companies. This world is massively fed the lie, it's not a wonder society is ill to the bone. These imposters can even convince you that this ill society is vibrantly healthy.

If they wished, they could start an anti-Christian crusade to convince the masses that we are the reason for most of society's ills. Just look at how easily 40 percent of Americans believe and repeat the lies of the deep-state scandals, for example. Look at the machinery involved in mass deception; it should scare us. How many times have law officers pushed the lie in their craft to jail people innocent of the charges? The damage has no end because the lie has become a craft, a specialized skill, a powerful weapon of the wicked. The elite government system doesn't lie only to protect itself; it lies to control the world. It shapes the public mind with crafted, pre-designed falsehoods.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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