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May 21 - 27, 2019

The Stoll Pigeon

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Late in the last update, a pigeon thing happened that I wanted to put at the front of an update. Earlier in the update, the Assi surname was stressed with the theory of "Ass-Sanger," for Julian Assange, put out for the first time, and this event below took place just as there was plenty of evidence that God was pointing to a whistle blower(s):

Good morning, it's a fine Sunday morning. A bird flew in to my bare lawn, in my presence, as I stood at the open front door. It landed 20 feet away. I thought is was going to be a robin, but after it stopped flapping, at the landing, I saw a pigeon. I have never seen, or I do not remember ever seeing a pigeon here, in more than 10 years. It walked around, while I spoke to it, on the wet soil, poking it at repeatedly, apparently looking for worms. Within about a minute, it took off clear across the yard and away from the property.

As this was a rare sight, I was wondering what Sign this could be from God, and a stool pigeon came to mind, because that's a whistle-blower of sorts. "In the more common figurative meaning a stool pigeon is a police informer, or criminal's look-out." Or, "A decoy or an informer, especially one who is a spy for the police." It then dawned on me that it had landed at the corner of the septic tank, and that it did meander right over the tank, and flew away while over the tank. I was thinking that a septic tank is part of a sewer, right, as in the deep state. But then it hit me that the material going into the tank is called, STOOL!!! Is that not amazing?

The next thing that hit me was "feces," like the fasces symbol of Assi's whom I've been calling the Ass surname as per "Assange," the one who receives stool pigeons. And stool comes from an ass. Hee-hee-hah-hah, it's working like a healthy bladder. This seems great to me, because God seems to be saying that there will be a stool pigeon shortly. I find it amazing that the Ass'/Ase/Assi's were traced, for the first time I can recall, to the Axe river of Somerset, with the axe at the end of the fasces as the prime evidence. We are dealing here with Paionians from the Axius, and, indeed, pigeons can be traced to Paionians, as I will show below.

I will also say that while I have purchased grass seed for the patch of dirt that the pigeon walked a curvy line upon, I have been pulling weeds from it, all weeds, even the tiniest seedlings, because it's easier to get them now while the dirt is bald. And the deep-state anti-Christs are weeds, in the Bible.

The natural thing to do was to check for a Stool surname, to see whether God arranged something there. One's not coming up, but, wow, there is a German Stoll surname (Zurich) sharing the hexagrams of German Suters, and Scottish Suters are Sewers too!!! And just so you believe that this is out of my hands, CHECK IT OUT, for no word of a lie, English Stolls, first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels, share the lozenges of Whistle's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Wow, that is the greatest exclamation I have even done.

it is just incredible that the one Stoll Coat should share the Suter hexagrams because Sewers Suters have been a topic repeatedly since an Obama dream (my dream) in February of 2017, and were even in the last update. As I've said, the Obama dream, which had me sewering a shot in a billiard hall owned by Obama, started with a single, black sheet covering all of the billiard tables. I instinctively knew, in the dream, that Obama had a partner owning some of the billiard hall, but I wasn't told who the partner was. As the tables, from a ceiling view, were shaped like an 'L,' the theory was that the partner was Loretta Lynch (his attorney general), and it so happened that Lynch made Republican news on Tuesday, two days after the pigeon Sign, or perhaps even on Monday.

It's Wednesday morning as I write here, and last evening I say three pigeons/doves swirling around in the air at the top of the maple tree that stands right beside the septic tank. The three were either playing, or perhaps there was a fight between two males for a female, but, no sooner did I see them swirl that they flew off. From the front deck, where I was putting together the front frame for a kitchen counter, I saw them swirling for a second only before the flew off.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has flatly accused former FBI Director James Comey of mischaracterizing her statements by repeatedly alleging, under oath, that Lynch privately instructed him to call the Hillary Clinton email probe a "matter" instead of an "investigation."

Lynch, who testified that Comey's claim left her "quite surprised," made the dramatic remarks at a joint closed-door session of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees last December. A transcript of her testimony was released on Monday by House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins, R-Ga.

There we go, the transcript was released the day after the first pigeon event, and the swirling around the top of the maple tree was on the day after. In the dream, I sewered a paper plane into the corner pocket. Instead of a cue ball, I shot a paper plane that partially represented Lisa Page. The actual sewer was a pointer to Obama himself as Suter-like "Soetoro." German Suters come up as "Sotter."

Due to what seemed to me to be the obvious nature of the dream as a pointer to the dossier scandal, which was cooked up by Hillary's and/or her supporters, my first theory on that paper plane was a pointer of God to Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch secretly at the airport to which she had flown. It must have been very important for Clinton to go meet her just as she landed. An easy phone call to her was too risky, you see. It had to be a private meeting where no one would see them together, for Hillary was in hot water at the time concerning her email scandal. Didn't the Republican committee ask her about that meeting? If this news release on the "matter" is the worst thing the Republicans have on Lynch, it's nothing much, but this stool event may mean that Loretta Lynch is about to, or already has, informed the police on some matter we have yet to learn.

Over the last two weeks or so, it was established that God used Christine Peare in my life, and in a sleeping-bag dream pointing to Clinton crimes. Hillary hired PERKINs Coie for to ultimately spy on Trump in efforts to ruin his chances for the 2016 election. In the sleeping-bag dream, I walked through the PARKING lot of a mall before entering it's door. Parkings/Perkins are suggested in that part of the dream. As soon as I was inside the mall, or the first thing seen there, was a PLATform (suspect with Platte River networks) with two women upon it. I didn't see their faces, but the very next scene was Miss Peare on the adjacent stage with me, and the only thing happening there was my pulling her toward me by her WAIST. This proved to be God's pointer to the Waistells/Wessels (smack of Whistle's/Wissels) who happen to use doves...which is why my first kiss with Miss Peare, at La Paloma BAR, seems bang-on in relevance, for Italian Paloma's share a white-on-red dove with Page's i.e. suggests Lisa Page, as did the flat page that I turned into a paper plane.

To boot, German Wessels share the antler with German Stolls. The latter (Zurich) are so close to Zahringers (antlers in their Arms) and the Berne (founded by Zahringers) that I can glean the Somerset Stolls to be using the Bath cross, for Baths and Badens/Battens were first found in Somerset too...not to mention the Percivals sharing the bear with Berne's. Somerset has two Axe rivers, and there is an "axe" (I've read the description) in the Crest of Zahringer-like Zehrers (shield has hatchets). The "mea" motto term is a good way to show that the Mea cross is closely related to the same cross of Baths, and moreover this is all a good way to show that Baths were Baden-of-Germany elements. Some variation of Hatchets was probably a branch of Hykes'/Hake's, for both share fish.

I don't have, or can't find, evidence that the doves at the maple tree were a Sign. The three doves did a chase-the-leader, upward swirl around the top of a 25-foot maple. It looked bright, on the happy side, not ominous or dreadful. I don't have evidence that Loretta Lynch applies to the doves over the septic tank. Perhaps it's a pointer instead to Lisa Page, for Pigeons and Page's use doves, though actually, the Page birds could be pigeons. [I didn't know until Saturday that some Lisa-Page transcripts were released on Tuesday.]

On Tuesday night, Hannity said that Hope Hicks is an EVP. And so I found this: "Hicks will start as [E]xecutive [V]ice [P]resident and communications director at Fox". How did a young upstart get such a position as EVP? That's "funny." Those guys at Fox really like the ladies who look good in high heels. "Her new job at Fox comes as owner Rupert Murdoch restructures 21st Century Fox into 'the new Fox.' Hicks will work out of Los Angeles, and her job will involve corporate communications as the company sorts out its merger with Disney." On the same day, Nadler was heard to order Hope Hicks to a hearing.

By Thursday, after the House refused to do common business, Trump asked the department of justice to declassify (anything it wants to?). All in all, it sounds like, FINALLY, what he should have done 30 months ago. CNN and the W-Post are right on this story:

President Donald Trump has ordered all major US intelligence agencies to assist Attorney General William Barr in his review of surveillance issues surrounding Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, delegating significant authority to Barr to declassify intelligence materials as the attorney general sees fit.

The formal memorandum released by the White House late Thursday evening, directing the heads of each agency to "promptly provide" information as Barr requests, illustrates how the White House is seeking to forge full steam ahead with an effort Trump has long demanded.

"Today's action will help ensure that all Americans learn the truth about the events that occurred, and the actions that were taken, during the last Presidential election and will restore confidence in our public institutions," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement(CNN)


CNN will portray this as a partnership between Barr and Trump, and rightfully it should be. Everyone should help to expose the criminals, including CNN, shoulder to shoulder. Just imagine where this country is at this time, with CNN actually supporting criminality in the name of political power. Just imagine what the rats are saying to one another as they conspire to go ahead with this criminality. They can't be pushing impeachments still, without a plan to frame Barr and/or Trump. If they push impeachments openly but end up with no cause, they'll look worse than at the ending of the Mueller probe. Therefore, they must be trying to set up some sort of false charges again that have some teeth, to stick. Fox has a better article:

Trump also ordered the intelligence community to cooperate with Barr. The memo read: "The heads of elements of the intelligence community... and the heads of each department or agency that includes an element of the intelligence community shall promptly provide such assistance and information as the Attorney General may request in connection with that review."

There, that wasn't so hard, now was it? But it wasn't Trump's idea, apparently. "'Today, at the request and recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States, President Donald J. Trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities during the 2016 Presidential election,' White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement." It's a sign that Barr's eager to entertain stool pigeons. Come out come out wherever you are. Perhaps Barr made the request from Trump urgently because a stool pigeon or two or three approached him with a gift basket(s).

If CNN feels compelled to cover this story, no doubt to give it a leftist spin, then it should cover the stories when people get arrested. CNN can try to make them look innocent, but, in the process, it could bury itself yet deeper in the-least-trusted-name-in-news hole. CNN cannot continually ignore dossier-scandal stories, unless the stories go away, but, it seems, Barr's direction happens not to be playing to that leftist hope. CNN's bosses may think that their leftist "robots" won't know the scandal stories if they go unreported, but the political middle does hear about them from conservative media, making CNN and their ilk appear to be out of the loop, out on left field, just as though they are party to the cover-up on behalf of criminals. Barr's people (the FBI) need to take media bosses to court for acting as accomplices to crimes. I'm sure there is at least one law forbidding media to support crime by omission of crime news that's obviously omitted for the purpose of covering up, deflecting, allowing DoJ leaders to escape justice. Or, there should be such a law. If media wish to exist and operate, they have got to be responsible on the side of the law. Their own codes of ethics demand it.

Look at how Nadler is making a mockery of the law process on behalf of Mueller's crimes: "On Thursday’s...House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) stated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to testify privately, but is willing to make a public opening statement and have the transcript of his testimony released to the public". In other words, Mueller doesn't want to testify before the House because Republicans there wish to discover his criminality. Therefore, Nadler is working hand-in-hand with a criminal to get his voice (probably includes self-whitewashing) out to the masses in a controlled setting, without Republican participation if possible. Nadler is acting as an accomplice to crime, and should be charged / prosecuted for it to send the appropriate message that House leaders cannot partake in such things.

Mueller has not stated sufficient predicate for the seditious manner in which he violated the privacy and other things of Trump and his team, and Nadler knows that there is an investigation into whether or not there was a predicate, meaning that Nadler is himself responsible to discover sufficient predicate before he re-uses Mueller as a political weapon against Trump. There's no hiding that Nadler is using Mueller as a weapon. Should he get away with this without punishment from law enforcement?

It's Friday evening. I was walking back to the house from pulling weeds, and came up to a mole hump in the dirt on the south side of the septic tank, and then remembered that, this year, moles were under the gravel around the front deck, making humps in the gravel (because there were once weeds where gravel was placed, and moles are after the roots). For the past two to three weeks, I'd consistently step on the gravel humps to squish their tunnels shut, trying to persuade them to leave the area. Earlier this week, they did leave, along the north side of the septic tank (within a couple of feet), and this was very close to the date of the first pigeon. It didn't dawn on me until now that stool pigeons might report moles sent into Trump's White House. Did God send these moles to the septic-tank area? Some of their tunnels under the gravel were within a couple of feet from the west side of the septic tank.

This reminds me that the Tunnel Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. Plus, while Tunnels were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/RODDEN, it's pretty amazing that Tunnels share the hexagram of ROTENs and Reitmans. Isn't that pointing to Hillary Clinton? Recalling that Miss Peare worked at Reitman's clothing when I first met her, and when I first kissed her at La PALOMA, lookie at the German PLUME's, likewise with the Roten / Reitman hexagrams. Amazingly, while Plume's are also Plumtree's, there is an English Plumtree surname with two stars in Chief in colors reversed from the two stars in the Chief of Dutch Reitmans. It seems too coincidental to be coincidental.

The "mcruisse" motto term of English Plumtree's looks like code for Cruise's, and then Eschyna de MOLLE married Robert Croce. Therefore, from the Tunnels, we got to Plumtree's, and the latter seem connectable to the Molle bloodline. As he was also Mr. Croc, it's interesting that Crocs use a sleeve that is sometimes called a maunch, as it's called for Mansfields, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Plumtree's; both use the same colors and format. This looks like God's set of connections because they have led to the Crocks/Cracks/Cricks, who use a version of the Crutch/Crooch Coat, which itself has the specialized fitchee of Plains/Platters. See how God used the latter surname, and the Crutch's, in the last update, to point to the dossier criminals. The crutch (the one cripples walk with) created the potent cross, used by Croce's.

While ESCHYNa de Molle is expected with Eskins/Erskins, because they were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, the Eskins/Erskins share the single pale bar of Crocks. Eschyna's daughter married the second Pollock, whose father was from Shropshire, where English Crocs were first found. But why does the Eskin/Erskin motto include "pense"? The latter share the Child eagle, and Childs were at Wanstead while Wansteads have a version of the German Plume Coat.

The Tunnels entered the discussion because I was stepping in the mole tunnels when moles had pushed dirt an inch or two above ground level. The maunches mentioned above belong also to the Tonys, who look like the Tunno variation of Tunnels. The Tony maunch is in the Arms of Leicester (Legro river, can produce leg symbols), and this place smacks of the Leck river, location of Fusion-like Fussen. The latter has human legs in its Arms much like the bent human leg of Hose's, the latter first found in Leicestershire. Is that not amazing, since Dossier's are also Hose-like D'Hosers? The Leck river is in Bavaria, where Dossier's/D'Hosiers (and Plume's) were first found who have the split Shield of Tunnels in colors reversed. It appears that Dossier's were Hose liners.

Plume's/Plumtree's entered the discussion only for their sharing hexagrams with Reitmans / Rotens. And English Plumtree's use a "SufFICIT" motto term while Fiquets/Feyots look linkable to "Foetes," the alternative name of Fussen. Fiquets/Feyots share the lozenges of Fusils/Fusie's, probably a branch of Fusswells who probably have the Fessy/Face cross in colors reversed. The Fusswell moline looks like a potent cross with fish-tail ends in honor of Fischers/Fischs ("wahREIT"), and this gets us to FISCS/Fisks, what I see as God's pointer to the FISA scandal that is all about the dossier scandal. Fisks share the black pale bar with Eskins/Erskins, which is likely the Mole line. I'll let you decide whether I forced the topic into this direction, or tricked you in any way, or whether this is the natural direction.

Who arranged the Fiscs/Fisks to share the pyramid with toilet-like Tulls/Tolle's/Tollets? My toilet flushes into the septic tank. Or, who arranged Tolle's to have a toilet-like variation? Why do Steele-related Battistelli's have another pyramid? Who arranged German Steels to have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Tulls/Tullia's?

Could we surmise that the stool-pigeon Sign, because it happened on or near the day that the mole(s) tunneled across, and past, the north side of the septic tank, that the stool pigeon related to the Fusion-GPS scandal? Even the Whistle-related Stolls were gleaned above with the Fessy/Face cross. They use the Fessy/Face cross but with the Whistle lozenges, and moreover the Blowers share the goat heads of Moline's (moline cross) while the Fessy/Face cross is suspect in the moline cross of Fuss'/Fusswells. Moline's are Mol(l)e liners, aren't they? Eskins/Erskins share "Je" in their motto with the Stolls/Staywells.

When the three doves swirled around the tree, upward, it looked like success, or a thing coming to fruition. It was a little rapturous. My first theory is how Trump has changed ever since ordering the declassification. He seems relieved, even liberated. Watch:

He seems confident that declassifying is the right thing to do, for all the right reasons. Stool pigeons, confess or go straight to jail. Let's hear what Obama did do, the disgusting one who thinks he's so smart, so cute, when he plays the angel. He was in charge of the crimes. He knew of Hillary's secret communications; he likely ordered her to destroy the evidence. He advanced the unlawful spy system. He abused democracy by ordering the spy programs. He violated his presidential office by doing this. He is the disgusting one. Until his role is discovered and understood, the entirety of the program will remain foggy. Will Barr deliver? The ball's in his court.

There's more to the good conditions of a nation than keeping the leaders clean by punishing wrong doers. It is imperative that leaders be punished, obviously, or leaders will continue to do wrong. It is advisable to punish (like "punch") leaders harsher than others because they are given positions of trust to oversee the nation's business. They are to be doubly careful to do the right things, yet what we are seeing is leaders who not only care nothing about their crimes, but refuse to confess or repent. Therefore, the punishment for them should be triple what others get for the same crimes. Never mind equality; give them four times the punishment because they not only refuse to admit their wrongs even when they are caught, but project their wrongs on others, trying even to blame others for their own crimes, with the effect of jailing them instead, if they can get away with it. These are despicable creatures.

The good condition of a nation includes affordability of things for the poorest. Western governments deal with this by allowing the corporations to rape us all with the highest-possible prices they can get, and then mandating the throwing of crumbs to the poor in the form of welfare assistance. This is the stupid's way of doing things. Only a beast would operate a nation like this, creating the so-called rat race. What's wrong with our leaders? They are all from the rich class, that's what's wrong. Are people not smart enough to figure out this one thing? New laws are needed to allow poor people to run for every political position possible.

The economy is not all that matters. The roaring economy is defined as corporations rolling in the dough. Sure, it gives workers a better sense of security for their future, but is that all they get? Can't workers have more than merely a sense of security? What about greater buying power? Sorry, the profits of corporations wins-out over worker buying-power in a Western government. The corporations get the say on which of the two matters more. Buying power increases when prices go lower, and the corporations never lower their prices unless they offer water-diluted cans of food, and other such tricks.

Is it possible to force corporations to keep prices lower so that the poorest amongst us can afford to purchase a home? That's a morality-loaded question, and the answer is: yes, it can be done, but, no, Western governments have not done it. It can be dealt with easily by a law starting with this one: the higher your volume of sales for any item, the lower the profit margin you get to have. The business shouldn't get to own a near-monopoly on an item while charging the-sky's-the-limit. A complimentary law: let there be a maximum profit margin, one each for manufacturing sales, distributor sales, and retail sales. How easy is that? If a product costs $2 to manufacture, it shouldn't cost $15 to buy from a retailer. Corporations should not get a government-handed ticket to get-rich-quick tracks. Extrapolate the high mark-ups on two-dollar items to every other product, and buying power for mere needs gets scary for millions of people.

How possibly could governments sit idly by while city homes reached a half-million, then a full million, and still going up from there. Are these government people completely stupid? Is "free market" defined as when government leaders are too stupid to protect people who don't yet own homes? The government is the watch dog and protector over the poor too, in case it has forgotten. A product costing $2 at the manufacturing level should retail for $6. If some businesses can't get rich quick this way, too bad! Survival is not a game existing only for the greedy, unless it's operating in a Western government. We are led by pigs, pure and simple. Things are not as they are by chance; the pigs have made it this way together.

Did you even hear Trump talk once on the buying power of the poor? Young people fresh into marriage are met by the mortgage monster as soon as they talk about buying a home. This monster is happy to gobble half or more of a man's earnings for the next 25 years, without shame. He'll need to send his wife to the labor force, whether he/she wants it or not, if they hope to make the mortgage payments in city areas. Shame on the shameless pigs, the pigs at the banks, the pigs at the real-estate market, and the pigs in governments. Mobster loan sharks operate banks legally under government oversight, making governments guilty as accomplices. "Big bank" should be illegal. There should be no such thing as a big bank. It's obscene.

To those who like the free market place because it gives you the opportunity to get rich quick: you wouldn't desire to get rich quick if society operated normally, but the way we have things operating now has long been a blight on the world, and the blight has now become "normal." The rich have always been responsible for making the poor. The rich always ask more than they should for what they sell. It's "normal" human behavior, right? Yes, but it's normal only because it's been going on since the beginning of man. But now that we have government overseeing things, on behalf of the people, the greedy normal is a thing of the past, right? Not on your life.

You will be dead before this world gives you a break, and even on your death, the government itself will desire profits off of you. If you freely donate your organs, the government doesn't give them away from free. Shouldn't the government arrange for the family of the deceased to get some of that cash? That's just not in the nature of the "normal" government. It would rather pillage your body, cut holes in it before your burial, because cash in its eyeballs doesn't allow it to see the insults by which it treats you and your family.

Evil kings viewed the peoples as peasants; Western governments view the peoples worse, as numbers in their data banks. Western governments are now inventing the government-mandated process of intrusion: to know your history, your writings, even your thoughts and aspirations while recording it about you. This makes certain government operatives trespassers upon your life, all for self gain and even for societal- engineering purposes; they deserve death as their punishment. They have given up the right to life. People in government are not sacred, in case you didn't know. Pigs elevate pigs, in case you didn't know. Faggots in government aspire more faggots in government. Mobsters in government aspire more mobsters to work with, until the government becomes a bastion of mobsters. Government can then protect mobsters in government when government becomes their fort.

The government is not a parasite stuck to your skin that can be ripped off. It has become so large, so controlling of so many things that it has built-in protection. It's protection is in your knowledge that you will die if you kill it. Go ahead, march to your capital, and destroy the government in one hour. The county will all fall to chaos, and you will face death with everyone else. Governments are needed to make the world go round, but as long as we must have them, let's have them serving us. That was the original idea in representative government. A mobster sees no value in serving others. To a wicked fool, serving others has no reward for self, but Jesus came to inform us that God rewards service to others. It's the perfect system. Serve others, and God will reward you. PERFECT. Be wise.

Therefore let us administer to the mobsters of government their due reward. It's what we expect of Barr. Anything else will make him guilty of a crime by omission against the people. Let Barr set a good example on how justice is to be served. God is justice, and God uses justice as a hammer, to work the shape of society lest it gets out of shape into something resembling a giant fang. Wild boars in the department of justice must be depigified. Pigs think they own the country. Pigs want the people to kiss their feet, and to obey them, like the employee forcing the boss, by threat of punishment, to serve him, and the punishment is given by framing the innocent of a crime. If you do not obey the mentally-unstable police officer, he/she might arrest you on any bogus thing to punish you. With such an attitude entrenched in the DoJ and the FBI, the nation has a mean snake to defang. The burden happens to rest on Barr's shoulder, at this time because Trump refused to do his part.

The Democrats should have been extremely thankful toward Trump for the uselessness that he was against the Obama deep state. But, stupid as they are, Democrats have pushed and pushed him until he heartily desires to expose their crimes. Democrats were hoping to frighten Trump into continued inaction, but they miscalculated. Thus far, anyway. And somewhere along this way, I think God deserves the credit. The things that I've been sharing in Signs gives us two choices: 1) God is merely foretelling what bad things will befall the deep state; 2) God is causing them. The latter sounds like the best choice.

They bad and the ugly Democrats took the risk, and now they have got to play the big-bad monster toward Barr too. This is the remnant of the Obama snake. It has no other name. It is the snake of the utterly, stupid Obama. No matter how skilled or brilliant one is in subtly-deceptive craft, that's why he's stupid. It doesn't pay rewards from God, stupids of the world. Your work in self-gain or anti-Christian programming is in vain, stupids of the world. Be smart, work for Jesus. He will take notice if you don't announce it with trumpets.

For nearly three weeks, Baltimore has struggled with a cyberattack by digital extortionists that has frozen thousands of computers, shut down email and disrupted real estate sales, water bills, health alerts and many other services.

But here is what frustrated city employees and residents do not know: A key component of the malware that cybercriminals used in the attack was developed at taxpayer expense a short drive down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway at the National Security Agency [NSA Intelligence], according to security experts briefed on the case(NY Times).

Someone apparently discovered a link between the attackers and the NSA. Doesn't it look like the NSA conducted the cyberattack in someone else's name, but that the Times is spinning the story as though there are other attackers, from some other place? Do I think the rats, who believe they own the country, would do something like that when they see their positions threatened? They could have had things like this planned for a very long time. "Since 2017, when the N.S.A. lost control of the tool, EternalBlue, it has been picked up by state hackers in North Korea, Russia and, more recently, China, to cut a path of destruction around the world, leaving billions of dollars in damage." Ahh, starting at Trump's presidency, the Russians done it! Sure-sure, I'm gullible. It looks like the NSA has devised ways to blame the super powers for cyber crimes so that they can steel money of American tax payers to fund their global quests, partially by very-expensive, lucrative war. Or, as an alternative explanation, Obama operatives sold the Russians NSA spyware.

If they feel threatened to a large degree, they can paralyze the nation by their controls over the Internet: "It is not just in Baltimore. Security experts [who?] say EternalBlue attacks have reached a high, and cybercriminals are zeroing in on vulnerable American towns and cities, from Pennsylvania to Texas, paralyzing local governments and driving up costs." How far will demons go? To the destruction of their own nation, if they can't rule it. This article comes at the time that Trump announced declassification. Threats from the deep could be expected. That's why the Intelligence rats need to be trapped in an overwhelming way. That's why knowledge of who they are is needed, but so far as we can tell from the news, Pompeo apparently did NOTHING to discover who in the CIA are some of these deeply-entrenched rats, or who the rats are communicating with that might be their invisible bosses. Barr can't do this alone.

It's not enough to demand that all agencies help Barr to get the truth for public exposure. Rats don't obey such demands if they can help it. Rats need to be put away from their jobs at the CIA and the NSA, etc. What doesn't Trump understand about this? What did he do with Pompeo to remove rats from the CIA? Nothing we know about. When he heard Dan Coats oppose him publicly, why didn't Trump plan on replacing him? What's worse, to leave a rat at the head of all Intelligence agencies, or to risk looking self-interested by removing him? Take the risk for doing the right thing. But Trump wants the people to believe that 99 percent of the CIA are good people. He's delusional. He doesn't want to expose that the upper levels of the CIA are almost all rats, for that would rock the boat far wilder than he would like.

Who spies on the CIA? I know who. The invisibles who think they own the nation spy on CIA workers to keep them under control, to get rid of anyone that is not a fellow rat, or who doesn't have a rat's mentality. That's the expectation, that rats elevate rats. How can anyone be so naive as to not realize this? Here's the Times article:

In my opinion, the NY Times uses statements just like the following (from article above) when it does "news releases" for Intelligence: "According to three former N.S.A. operators who spoke on the condition of anonymity..." Yup, that sounds like a news release, because if they are not allowed to speak, why would three of them risk their jobs to speak? The Times makes them sound like whistle-blowers, but, in this case, it sounds more like a news release that Intelligence wants out. Why??? What game is it playing? Part of the very long article adds: "The damage didn’t stop there. In the past year, the same Russian hackers who targeted the 2016 American presidential election used EternalBlue to compromise hotel Wi-Fi networks. Iranian hackers have used it to spread ransomware and hack airlines in the Middle East, according to researchers at the security firms Symantec and FireEye." Yup, it's exactly the message that the CIA rats want out. And, no, I do not believe that EternalBlue happened to be stolen by the same fantasy-persons who were created for the Trump-collusion frame-job. The last quote assures that the entire NY-Times article is bogus, yet it's got to be an additional crime to unleash such a false story on the American public.

If the deep state has the will to close / cripple local or even state governments in protest of a Barr exposure, that's terrorism. To fight back, it needs to be proven, for example, that the American deep state created Guccifer 2.0 while giving appearances that he's from the Russian sphere. That crime would be so easy to do, but getting away with it might not be so easy if Barr went into the DNC server system to investigate (the alleged hack by Guccifer). I wonder whether that issue is on Barr's to-do list?

Let's ask Jesus how he thinks society should be ordered. Jesus, what do you think of men sending their wives to work? Jesus, what do you think of mothers sending their below-school-age children all work day to be taken care by others who merely get paid to do it? Jesus, can you think of a better system than this? What do you think of governments allowing everything to increase in price, with home prices doubling, just because families generally have two adult workers now, meaning that women ultimately end up working full-time just to pay the increased prices? Or, if women chose to stay home now, with home prices gone up due to other woman working, her family is forced to grow up in something akin to a tiny cabin?

Jesus would say that it's far better to have one spouse working, and how dare a man send his wife out to do it while he stays home to do the easier work? Jesus would correctly say that home prices wouldn't double if only one spouse was working. Jesus would say that it's far better for the children to be home all day with their mother. Jesus would say that anti-Christ politicians in the West have sacrificed the family for a woman's "right" to work and climb the corporate / judicial / political ladder, or for a faggot's "right" to be respected by all. Jesus, how will women ever get the price of houses back down for their own childrens' families? Who is to blame for the slavery that both husband and wife are now subjected to just to pay for a plot of ground? Yes, homes have sky-rocketed, not because owners put more materials into their homes, but because the market has increased the cost of the soil under the building materials. That soil is now costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. SHAME, Western snakes. People on the news celebrate higher home prices, just as though they are ignoramuses. The only thing on their brains is to celebrate money-making. But everyone's money gain is someone else's money loss.

Jesus, are you going to let Western governments off the hook for their changes to society in this past generation? These are the same snakes who permitted pornography to be displayed on the shelves of local milk stores, where kids walk in to buy bubble gum? I flipped through them sometimes without store owners caring, and they gave me a furious sexual appetite to the point of addiction, in my early teens. Jesus, does the Father think that this is an innocent thing? Is it good for children to grow up seeing that some young woman to strip naked, for fathers to watch by buying a magazine? Jesus, after about 20 years of this, Western governments treated it as "normal now." These same governments then allowed sexual acts of all disgusting kinds to be shown all over the Internet for anyone to access. This was a hard slap to the face of God, wasn't it Jesus? Will it go unpunished? Will it never be changed? Will these snakes own the future eternally? I wouldn't want to be an anti-Christian political operative under the head of God's hammer. But I would like to see it come down as of yesterday.

A New Dossier Detail

Investigations are now probably turning toward the question: was the British government of Cameron and/or May a part of the dossier sting against Trump?

The leaders of MI5 and MI6, the United Kingdom’s top intelligence agencies, were briefed about British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier shortly after 2016 election, learning about its salacious and unverified claims about President-elect Trump's ties to Russia before the incoming commander in chief was told about them, according to a new report.

Sources told the Telegraph that Steele, an MI6 officer from 1987 until 2009 and former head of the MI6’s Russia desk, met with Charles Farr, also a former MI6 officer and then the chairman of the U.K.’s Joint Intelligence Committee, after Trump won the presidency. Farr died in February of this year.

Steele is said to have briefed Farr at least twice — in mid-November and late-November 2016 — telling him about the research he’d compiled in his dossier...

The material was treated so seriously that Farr quickly passed it up the chain of command. Both Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5, as well as Alex Younger, the chief of MI6, were briefed on the contents of the dossier sometime around late November. Sources told the Telegraph that the dossier material was “marked up to the top” but that Prime Minister Theresa May herself was not briefed on it.

Zikers, Steele got the dossier, with an SOS flag attached, up to the British top just as soon as Trump won the election. Help, we've got to get rid of Trump el-promto. He's dangerous to the plots of British Intelligence.

What can it tell us that Steel and his boss, Glenn Simpson, shared the dossier with John McCain and his buddy, Mr. Kramer? Why was this effort so urgent? Why did Trump's enemies behave so helter-skelter, so unreasonable, with calls of impeachment before the new president was even out of the gate?

With McCains/Keens and Cains both using fish, could we ask whether God arranged for Kane's to use fish (could be a salmon) in the colors of the McCabe salmon? The only thing missing in the Kane Coat, to match that of McCabe's, is the latter's wavy, white fesse, but then Irish Cains/Kane's, first found in Derry with Kane's, use a wavy, white bend. Page's have the Dunham-like Dinhams (Derry / Londonderry), and Dinhams (share the Whistle/Wissel and Stoll lozenges) have Francis Page.

It could be suspect that McCain was a partner of sorts, in the anti-Trump movement, with Bill Kristol. The Crystals happen to share the so-called calvary symbol (steps up to a cross) with McCains/Keens. As I've repeated recently, God had me sleep a night in CRYSTAL CITY for to point to Roach's (Rockefeller liners), Smoke's/Rauch's and Rothschilds, and then the three Roach fish are in the colors of the same of the three of the other Irish Cains (Derry again). The sinister-rising bend of Smoke's/Rauch's is the only feature in the Shield, and it's not only in the colors of the sinister bend of Jewish Rothchilds, but in the colors of the sinister-rising bend of McCains/Keens (share sinister-facing, white, upright horse with Jewish Rothchilds).

There is more that seems to likewise be a pointer of God using heraldry. The McCains/Keens use estoiles in the colors of the same of Irish Carrs [see also CARlin estoils, for Carlins share the McCain/Keen Coat], and then Scottish Carrs have a motto that I see for an unknown family from the Serio river, location of Cremer-like Crema. The Cremers are also Kramers, and then: ""

New details about the late Sen. John McCain’s role in distributing a salacious 2016 dossier involving President Donald Trump were revealed in recently unsealed court filings and have unleashed a new round of Trump fury against McCain seven months after the senator’s death.

McCain, R-Ariz., previously had acknowledged getting a copy of the dossier, which was a compilation of memos written by former British spy Christopher Steele, and delivering it to then-FBI Director James Comey...

David KRAMER, who had known McCain since his days at the State Department, is an expert on Russia and is involved with the McCain Institute for International Leadership. He was deposed in December 2017 as part of a legal battle waged by a Russian businessman Aleksej Gubarev over BuzzFeed’s publication of the dossier.

A judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida unsealed the records last week [March 2019].

...Kramer’s deposition — which reads like a spy thriller and offers an extraordinary behind-the-scenes lead up to the publication of the dossier — reveals that he circulated the dossier to multiple news organizations, a revelation that until now, had not been disclosed.

I had missed this story. I didn't know that Kramer was seeking to get the news out too. Steele was neighing to get his dossier in as many media outlets as possible; he would have become famous if his dossier had outed Trump. But news orgs were reluctant to publish his story at election time. Yet McCain thought it was worthy of Comey's attention. McCain tried to hide behind the screen of ignorance, acting like a patriot who rushed the dossier to the FBI due to the threat to America posed by it. But the heraldry "cards" seems to be confirming that McCain and Kramer were part of the plot.

Crema is near Cremona, and the latter is where Batti's were first found while Battistelli's are a branch of Steels (share billets with Battistelli's). It's a little interesting that the May billets are colors reversed from the Battistelli billets, or that the billets in the Steel Chief reflect the stars in the Clinton Chief, for Bill Clinton was the son of Mr. Blythe, a surname like "Billet."

The eight-pointed Batti stars are in the red-on-white colors of the same of Keons, and the latter are obviously a branch of McCains/Keens. Moreover, there is a red estoile in the Crest of Cains, and the Keon-related Neils happen to use red estoiles too. It's a massive strike between Steel liners and McCains. How did that happen? Does heraldry have eyes to see the secret workings of the deep state? Has Someone been spying on the ratty deep state as long ago as the formation of this heraldry? I hope so. The kindest act God can do at any time now (I'm ready) is to bring his thundering hammer to bear.

Neils, Keons and McCains/Keens, by the way, share the fish in the Arms of shark-like Saraca, and Neils were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. God pointed to Crema / Cremona with the ice-cream symbol of Katrina Hanson, and my first date with her, after asking her out when buying an ice cream from her, was in a Valiant car. Valiants use the only heraldic shark I know of. I think this is making the case that Miss Hanson was a pointer to McCain and Kramer.

Cremona and Crema are in LOMBARDy with Milan, and the original snake of Visconti's, who ruled Milan, was green, the color of the snake in the German Hanson Coat. The great thing is, the same Hanson Coat has the lozengy of Scottish LOMBARDs and the same lion as Visconti-related Sforza's. But there's more: English Hansons share the mascle of English FAUX's, and then Fauxside castle (Lothian, same as Vaux's) was built by Saer de QUINCY, according to the FAUCet write-up (Quince's/Quincy's use mascles). It just so happens that the Valiant belonged to the Quince-like Quinns. I have read the Sforza-Coat description, and know that the Sforza lion holds a "quince." It gets staggering where French Faux's/Chalnier's (dove or pigeon) share the Cremer/Cramer Chief. The fleur-de-lys in those chiefs are also of Danish Hansons, and Katrina Hanson is Danish. As heraldry's creators didn't know me or she, it appears that God arranged the heraldry, as well as my date with her. "[Fauxside] castle dates to 1189, when the monks of Newbattle Abbey granted land to Saer de Quincy, 1st Earl of Winchester to build the castle on the site."

Wow, to nail this, Irish Hansons were first found in Derry with Cains and McCains! Zowie, this is new so far as recall. To top this off, I always link the Sitler lion to the Faucet lion, and then the Sitler fleur-de-lys is that also of Ice's. I asked her out while purchasing an ICE cream from her.

I didn't know I would be on this topic when introducing the stool pigeon. As three doves circled the upper MAPLE tree two days after the stool pigeon arrived, isn't it amazing that the Maple's, first found in Essex with English Faux's, use the split Shield colors of Danish and Norwegian Hansons? What could this mean in regards to the stool pigeon?

It's interesting that Fauxside castle was in the land of the Keiths, the latter said to be from a Catti tribe. Then, there was a Chatti tribe at Hesse(n), and one shown variation of Norwegian Hansons is, Haesen. Zowie, it appears that Hesse was named by a branch of Hansons, suspect from the Ananes Gauls near or in Cremona. She sold ice-cream at Sam's restaurant in Gormley (this place has a website), and Sam's, sharing the giant Faucet lion, were likewise first found in Essex. Scottish Carrs share the sun with Hesse's, and moreover have stars colors reversed from the same of Annas'. Sams are traced in their write-up to early Saham names, suggesting variations of Soams/Soons, and then Scottish Carrs were in SOONhope.

Russian Hansons (Prussia, same as Sitlers) have two of the three bends of Milan's Gallia's. The swan of Russian Hansons becomes suspect with Sions/Swans/SOME's, from Sion/SITTen, where I trace Seatons/Sittens (same place as Faucets and Keiths) and SITlers. As the latter are SCHITners, the heart of Skits and Skate's/Sheets looks linkable to the heart of Sions/Swans. Seaton-like Sedans share "sed" with Scottish Carrs, and throw in a "sino" term for the Sine variation of Sions/Swans. This makes the Dents of SEDbergh (Yorkshire, same as Hansons and Sedans) suspect with a version of the Hanson mascles.

The white swan (same design) of Hansons is in the Crest of German Plate's, and then Mussels/Muscels, who named Musselburgh at Fauxside castle, use plates, suggesting now a strong Mussel link to these Plate's/Platters. English Platters (branch of Plains/Platters) have three bends colors reversed from the same of Hanson-related Gallia's. English Galleys share the Steel checks.

In the Obama dream, I made a paper plane from a page on his billiard table. God used Francesca Battistelli to show that the page was about Lisa Page and/or Carter Page. I neglected to mention recently that while the paper plane pointed to Plains/Platters, their Platter branch have this write-up: "Thomas Playters (died 1479) held Wilborne manor and advowson in Norfolk, SOTTERley, and Ugshall manor in Suffolk." Sotterley in this write-up tends to prove that God is pointing to them, because I sewered the paper plane into the corner pocket, and Sewers are Sotter-like Sutters too. German Sotters/Sutters are the ones with hexagrams of Stolls, isn't that wild? We're back to the stool pigeon. Sotters/Sutters use a fleur in colors reversed from the same of Irish Hansons.

Hmm, the SUTHERland stars are shared by dove-using Columbia's. I was going to add the last surname because Albert Oosteyn went to work at Whistler mountain in British COLUMBIA. This Albert is the one who pointed us hard to whistle-blowers. Doves are used by Whistler-like Waistells in colors reversed from the Columbia doves. Did God arrange a Whistler ski resort in BRITISH Columbia to suggest a whistle-blower against the British government? We hope so. English Alberts have a savage, suspect with SAVIGliano, where COLUMN-using Pelosi's were first found who have a Plate-like Pilati variation. English Plate's (Lancashire, same as English Carrs) have a scallop version of the Irish Carr Coat, all looking linkable to the Pilate Coat.

The quince that the Sforza lion holds is a flower, and then a flower of some sort is held by the gold lion of Walkers/Wakelyns, whose write-up has: "Walkelin or Walchelin (d. 1098) was Bishop of Winchester." Saer de Quincy was a ruler of Winchester, making the Walking/Wakelyn lion look like the Faucet lion in colors reversed. The Quince's use seven of the Rouen mascles, and the relationship seems to be due to this on Walkelin above: "He was probably one of the clergy of the cathedral church of Rouen, for Maurilius (d. 1067) knew him well and spoke highly of him, and he was one of William's clerks." Maurilius looks connectable to Maurels/Maurs of Milan, and even to Maurs/Mars who shave a version of the Plate Coat.

For what it could be worth, Maurels/Maurs share eight pointed stars with Batti's (Cremona, near first-known Maurels/Maurs) and Stelli's, and while French Maurels/Morels share the fleur of Hansons and Cremers, the Sharks pointed to by Miss Hanson share the crane with German Maurs. Cremers are said to have been Crainors too.

WOW, another song-line miracle. I rarely have loaded "Craner," but did so during the paragraph above, and when seeing the English Craners/Crannicks (Cheshire), I noted that they had the Knee Coat, and so Knee's were loaded too to make sure, and at the split-second that Knee's loaded, Francesca Battistelli was singing "knees" in my speakers!!! Amazing, absolutely stunning. The line is, "my heart is on its knees," in the song, "Be born in Me." It seems like a huge miracle, but I don't see much to say.

Even before hearing that word from the song, I was excited to find someone else using the Knee Coat, for Knee's are important to God, and, probably, I don't yet know the half of it. The other Craners are with the Crauns whom I always link to Hicks, and God used the knees of Miss Hicks as a pointer to deep staters. The knee of Miss Hicks was featured in my dream that started with a shark, and Sharks use the crane too. Recently, I noted that two Roger surnames use two symbols of Knee's, and that the third Rogers have a version of a Simpson Coat. Didn't we just see Batti's linking to Cramers/Kramers indirectly?

Back in Washington, D.C., Kramer obtained two versions of the dossier by Glenn Simpson, a former journalist and co-founder of Fusion GPS, a research firm. One was a copy with redactions, the other had no redactions. Steele was contracted by Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Trump for the Democratic National Committee and the law firm representing the campaign of Trump's then-Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.( article above).

Anything said by Kramer about McCain, now that the latter has passed away, can be a lie for one reason or another.

Great news. John Brennan is on leftist TV saying that Barr is interested only in serving Trump. Not only is this true and absolutely appropriate, because Trump has been a victim, but Brennan is making an enemy of Barr by these public tarrings. It's like insulting your own executioner. Great news: the deep-state visibles are more stupid than we thought, signalling an easier time for giving them their proper justice. Trump has every right to use Barr as his personal attorney. Any American can ask Barr to serve them justice, right? That's right, Mr. Brennan. Barr happens to think that the president deserves justice in this case. The best way to deal with rats is to overwhelm them with speed and force, make them make mistakes, make then jump right into your nets while trying to escape. Time gives them ability to conspire, to get their stories straight, and to lay down their counter-plots. Do not give anyone anymore time, Mr. Barr, unless it's necessary for a very good reason.

It's Monday morning. I'm looking at the Craner Coat that's virtually the Knee Coat, the only difference being that the Knee's use an ENGRailed bend. The latter term should be part-code for Engers/Angers, for they share the lozenges of Nagle's while German Nagle's are also Neils, while Grails are listed with Scottish Neils. I can see a Nagle or Neil variation becoming "Knee." Kness' (Non colors) even share "non" with Nagle's. However, I do not understand why God would stress the Knee-Craner link with Battistelli's song. I assume he wants to set up a flag here as per some link between Knee's and Christopher Steele, but why? I'll need to leave it for another day.

The Knee and Craner stag head is black, as is the Vise stag head. The island of Vis is not far from the Elaphiti islands, where I trace the elephant of crane-using Crannys/Crains/Grounds. The crane-line Ceraunii Illyrians are also not far from this Dalmatian area. As the Ceraunii were represented by mythical Coronis, note that she was a LAPITH. Compare with "ELAPHITi." It's a match. It suggests that the Lapiths were named after Eliphas, son of Esau. The Saraca's lived smack beside the Elaphiti islands, but before that, they lived in Kotor, this latter place having been named after Keturah, the other wife of Abraham, Esau's great-grandfather. Abraham's other wife, Sarah, looks like she may have been named by the same stock that named Saraca's. The write-ups of both the Crannys and Craners suggest that they had been Saxons, whom some trace to the Saka, a term like "Isaac," Abraham's son. It's interesting.

I can glean from the colors of the Cranny Chief, and the Cranny motto, that they relate to Broc in Anjou/Angers, and to the Brock-branch of Procks/Brocuffs. It just so happens that the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks and Brocuffs are those of Kotor-like Cutters.

"The surname Brock was first found in Essex where Ralph Broc was granted lands in Colchester in 1119..." The Arms of Colchester use nails as code for the Nail variation of Nagle's/Neils, and the Colchester surname therefore shares the red estoiles of Irish Neils...which were linkable above to the stars of Batti's/Botto's, the latter likely from Butua/Budva, beside Kotor, for estoiles are used by Bute's/Butts, but then see the seven-pointed star of Bude's. The "VireSCIT" motto term of Bricks can indicate Scythians (Saka were Scythians), but also the Vires'/Verone's, who happen to share the fish of Irish Neils, and it's the same fish, apparently as on this Arms of Saraca.

The cross in the Arms of Colchester is done with a RAGully pattern, suspect with Ragusa, the other home of Saraca's. Stewarts, who share the Brock motto, use a ragully feature. Stewarts were the Alans from Aulon/Avlona, beside the Ceraunii mountains. Where the red Batti stars are of the Colchester estoiles, I suggest that the cross in the Arms of Colchester is that of Baths. In fact, Irish Neils use lions comBATTANT, and Battants/Battins/Badens were first found in Somerset with Baths and Colchesters. The latter's Crest shares the red and upright lion with Irish Neils.

The Ceraunii are represented by some heraldic crowns, for example the crown around a neck, as used by Crauns/Crane's, for example, but there is a lion, of a rare design used by houseofnames, in a crown in the Dan Crest, and this is the lion design of Craners too while Dans share the green trefoil with crane-using, Saraca-like Sharks (Tyrone, same as Irish Neils).

The Colchester chevron is likely that of Quints (Essex, same as Colchester), which is a great argument for supporting my trace to Quintus CAEPio to the COLapis river, where I trace COLchester. The Colapis was also the KUPA. However, I had also traced "Caepio(nis)" to Cupionich (Koplik) on the Clausula river, creating a problem rectifying a trace to that city as well as to the Colapis until it was realized that "Colapis" is like "Glopeani," the alternative named for the Goplanie, namers of the Goplo (Poland), which is of "KOPLik" above. This latter location is very near to Kotor and Butua.

Kotor is smack beside Risinium/Rhizon, and, as you may know if you've been reading these updates over the past few weeks, my dream with Miss Hicks, where I touched her KNEE, was all about a trace to Risinium and the Selepitanoi Illyrians of that area. It's a good argument for seeing the Hicks from "Ixion," Lapith brother of mythical Coronis. They were both children of PHLEGyas, suspect with the naming of "Peleg," son of Eber, ancestor of Abraham, and Esau. It can appear here that Knee's are descended from something in that same Risinium area, but I can now add that Knee's were related to the Coronis > Ceraunii Illyrians. The Hicks, suspect with the Craun/Crane stag head, share the chaplet with Saxons.

When I was sent by God on my way to meet Miss Hicks for the first time, 15 years after the dream with she in it, I was mugged, but miraculously saved, in Galveston. When the thief raised his weapon (turned out to be fake) to plunge it like a knife into my torso, I blocked the thrust with my KNEE. He had woken me up at about 1 am while I slept in the back of my pick-up truck. I had locked the hatch from the inside with a pair of VISE-GRIPS. The Leslie's, who use a "Grip" motto term, share the bend of Knee's (share black stag head with Vise's/Vice's) and Craners. I descend from the Maezaei Illyrians, living between the Ceraunii (i.e. from the stock of proto-Craners) and the Colapis river, and it just so happens that I trace Leslie's to a Lesce location on the upper Sava, right near the mouth of the Colapis.


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