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May 14 - 20, 2019

Lovinger the Whistle-Blower has a Halpert Axe to Grind
Montague's Score Big at the Get'n Go
The Steel Rabbit of Koons Plays to my Cony-Rabbit Theme
It-Felt-So-Good on Fox's The Five
A Stool-Pigeon Miracle on the Whistle-Blower Mystery

I've been watching Dan Bongino daily (or almost) for a week or more as he struggles with the John-Solomon revelations of late. On the 13th, in the video below, Bongino has some new information concerning Kathleen Kavalec, a character in Obama's state department. In a comment that she added (shown around the 29-minute mark) to a heavily-accusative piece from the Steele dossier, it appears that she was doubting the story told to her by Christopher Steele, and she even discovers, or so seems to be her claim in the comment, that Steele's dossier lied about a Russian embassy existing in Miami. I find it hard to believe that the dossier would lie about such a thing, however. Were the crafters of the dossier that sloppy?

On the page below, which is definitely not from the Russian government, it first of all starts to read as though there is a Russian embassy in Miami, but then says: "Address For The Embassy of Russia In Miami: There is no Embassy in Miami." I am unable to lift / copy any statements from this page.

The heavily-accusative piece mentioned above is written like an Intelligence report, fine-sounding and intended to deeply interest the reader in nothing short of what you'd get in a spy novel. The intended reader would be the FBI, but also the FISA judges if they wanted to go so far as to read the dossier. We read in that piece that the Russian government is trying to leverage the American election on behalf of Trump.

The revelation of this piece tells us that Kavalec was NOT a happily-blind / corrupt part of the conspiracy against Trump, not necessarily meaning that she was pro-Trump or sympathetic toward him. Bongino claims that a whistle-blower released her hand-written notes, yet others claim that the notes were obtained as per a FOIA request by Citizens United. He also claims that there is a typed version of the hand-written notes, though I don't think he showed the typed version, wherefore I'm not sure whether this is his mere opinion, or known fact. Perhaps there are two versions with two different sources.

Bongino claims that the phrase, "Cohen - Prague", found in Kavalec's hand-written note was redacted in the typed notes. If this is correct, this is a big scoop. The Cohen-Prague phrase concerns Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, and appears definitely to be a part of a set-up by the dossier rats to frame Trump. Below the Cohen-Prague phrase she wrote, "flying," indicating that Steele informed her that Cohen was flying to Prague. It appears that Steele was informing Obama's state department that there is evidence, in Cohen's flight to Prague, of a Trump-Russia partnership.

Before sharing the video with you, I wanted to add something to Bongino's position where he shows that, a little more than a week after Steele spoke with Kavalec, there is an entry (10-minute mark) in his dossier telling that a "Kremlin insider" didn't know where exactly Cohen was meeting "PA officials" (I think this refers to Russian Presidential Administration Legal Department). Bongino takes this as the dossier rats playing ignorant, though they darn-well knew, of where Cohen was meeting the Russians. My take is that this was the shadow, or a half-way frame job, to be clarified / finished later by a fellow rat who "discovers" something that fingers Cohen and therefore Trump.

Bongino takes the position that Cohen was never in Prague, which was Cohen's own testimony to congress, but on this I'm not sure. Cohen could have been one of the rats all along, and he may have been in Prague as his part in fingering Trump. But when things went south for his co-conspirators, he decided to bail out and not go forward with his part, denying even that he had been in Prague. For this betrayal, Mueller's team put him in jail. However, this theory falls apart if there is no evidence in the airline companies or the airports that he flew to Prague. Here's the video:

There's a lot of food for thought in the show, and gleanings continue to cascade while every new piece makes it easier to get the entire picture: it was a large effort, making the guilt great in the first degree. This was not the first time the FBI did this sort of thing. It utilized a craft it knew well from past experience. Bongino rebukes these rats, speaking down to them: they work for us, he says, but here they are trying to keep the people from knowing what went on. Well, of course, for they are incriminated by the findings thus far. There is no use spanking these thugs, Dan, they won't accept correction, and even when they are finally caught full-blanket-off, they will feign repentance. To this point, they still think they can get away with this. They have Trump to thank for it.

Bongino has turned especially on Wray for his part in redacting the one line in Kavalec's note. I like his theory on what's under that redaction. I hope he's right. But Bongino is going to need to turn on Cover-up Pompeo too, for he now runs the state department which once housed Kavalec. With Wray trying to cover her notes on behalf of the Obama FBI, the ball is now in Pompeo's court to undo what Wray has done, and after this week, or even before the week is out, it's Barr's turn to undo what Wray has done. We want to know the true colors of these Trump-team members. The scandal drops down to them too, apparently, and I want to know their motives for their cover-up. In a Daily-Caller article over this past weekend:

...In letters this week to Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina pressed Pompeo for details about the Oct. 11, 2016 meeting, which was held at Foggy Bottom between Steele and Kathleen Kavalec, the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.

Uh-oh, Cover-up Pompeo is in trouble if he refuses this request. We also want to watch Trump to see whether his favoritism is toward Pompeo versus the stamping out of the very corruption that went against his own person, even his own family members, but also against his political team mates. Surely, Trump wants to disclose this scandal in full, for he not only speaks like he wants it disclosed, but he promised to disclose it with declassifications.

Everything is turning the wrong way for Cover-up Pompeo. His hand is being forced to disclose, finally, that which he has not wanted to disclose. But why has Pompeo played that way? This scandal must go a lot deeper than Bongino realizes to this point. He's incorrect to think that it's based merely on hatred of Trump. It's based on more: on what Trump and others know, and on what they have the power to uncover, and so, as a no-brainer, we should realize that the criminals have threatened various members of the Trump team with retaliation. That's what the new assault on Trump Jr. was about last week, was it not? It looks like a not-so-veiled warning to Trump.

Now is the time to crush the criminals, and for Trump to pay whatever personal price is needed to do it, for if these disgusting fiends are permitted to get away with their blackmail, their jailings, their other persecutionary measures, their corruption, then it will be on Trump's head. His own family should look upon him with shame if he does not deliver on this. The good guys have been spinning their wheels to deep ruts in efforts to destroy Obama's corruption machine, with Trump merely looking on as his own, smug FBI boss pours oil into the ruts. If Trump were a good guy, he would have slapped Wray in the face. Whack! Put that jug of oil down. Whack! That's all that's needed, but, no, Trump has not done this simple, needed thing. Instead, Trump tweeted this week that Wray looks like a Mueller-team supporter. While that's going in the right direction, because he would look bad if he didn't at least go in the right direction, Wray's smugness needs a slap to his face, for a tweet isn't going to make him nervous or afraid to continue the cover-up.

What would a slap to his face look like? Like when Trump calls him alone into his office, and rebukes him for hiding material. He then orders the material that was covered, and he hands it gift-wrapped to the peoples' representatives, and to the Republican media. Suddenly, Wray's smug look will vanish, and all of his fellow rats will scurry, some of them out of the country.

The Republicans above were suspicious of: "...the FBI may have been aware of Steele’s political motivations before submitting any FISA application." Wray would know the truth, if he cared to look into it, but whenever Wray appears before congress, he seems to know nothing much, just as though he were an FBI underling. Know-Nothing Wray and Cover-up Pompeo, both Trump appointees. "They are asking Pompeo to disclose when the State Department informed the FBI about Steele’s dossier or the meeting with Kavalec. The bureau obtained its first surveillance warrant against [Carter] Page on Oct. 21, 2016, ten days after the Kavalec-Steele meeting." What I would want to know from Pompeo is the reason for the meeting of State with Steele, and how it connected to Obama's executive office. I'd want to know the initial communications between State and Steele, and every communication thereafter. The questions above may be important, but why ask for specifics only instead of the entire gamut of the communications? There could not have been too many communications, and the whole story is what they should be getting from Pompeo, whether they ask for it or not. Pompeo had best do his job clean here. I think he's going to decide to do it, under these circumstances.

"In a letter sent Friday to Pompeo, Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, sought communications between Steele and State Department employees, as well as between State employees and the Justice Department regarding Steele." Perfect, almost. What about communications of any of the above with Obama's tools? We fully expect Hillary's tools at the center of it, but what was Obama's job in this conspiracy? Doesn't anyone want to know? Surely, Obama was in cahoots with the DoJ at the time.

Still from the Daily Caller:

Jonathan Winer, who then served as special envoy to Libya, also met with Steele in Summer 2016. The pair had known each other since 2009, and Steele shared more than 100 of his private intelligence reports with Winer over the years. Winer, who shared those reports with others at the State Department, appears to have set up the meeting with Kavalec. He is mentioned throughout Kavalec’s notes.

Winer was also a source for at least two news articles written by reporters who received information from Steele. Michael Isikoff and David Corn revealed in a book they co-authored that Winer was a background source for stories they wrote before the 2016 election...

If it looks walks like a conspiracy...


Citizens United learned that the [Kavalec] memo and related documents had been retroactively labeled as classified [= damage control] by the FBI [could not have been done without Wray's wink]. They were heavily redacted. Kavalec sent the email to the FBI on October 13, 2016.

It’s impossible to know who Kavalec sent the memo to because the FBI redacted the names of the recipients, the subject line and the attachments. Solomon said that only three sentences were unredacted.

...It’s been reported that Sens. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray [BONUS] and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in which they request all [that's a nice word] documents, memos, texts, emails “related to an October 2016 meeting between Christopher Steele and State Department – information that was reportedly referred to the FBI, possibly before the FISA applications.”

Some of those attachments could be juicier even than the recipients. But Wray and Pompeo are unafraid merely of congressmen. We saw this already when Wray was before congress. They utilize their lawyers in thumbing their noses to the peoples representatives. THUS, there is just one solution: Trump. Where are you, skunk? You stink so bad. All he needs to do is to call in his employees, Mr. Wray and Mr. Pompeo, and have a little sit-down.

I didn't know the following until seeing it redstate above:

Former U.S. District Court Judge Joe diGenova appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Thursday evening and made an extraordinary claim. He said the DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, has “concluded that the final three FISA extensions were illegally obtained.”

He added, “The only question now is whether or not the first FISA warrant was illegally obtained…As a result of those disclosures from John Solomon today, which he was unaware of, the Bureau hid those memos from Horowitz. As a result of that, they are doing some additional work on the first FISA. It may be that all four FISAs will have been obtained illegally.”

I sure hope that DiGenova's source is speaking the truth. We'll know soon. Here he is on Dobbs' show:

Notice that the speaker in the video above claims that Horowitz has 470 investigators? He's bigger than Mueller. How could Horowitz fail to find the things that have already made it to big-Republican media? If all he says about the FISA scandal is that the FISA warrants were obtained illegally, is that enough? Not a chance. We expect that Horowitz has discovered far more than has leaked to the media thus far. If all he comes out with is what we already know, sham is Horowitz.

Hannity had a big announcement on Barr's investigations:

Barr has appointed a prosecutor, John Durham, to investigate the origins of the Mueller probe, but let's not celebrate yet, because we remember how Sessions appointed Mr. Utah Man (John Huber) to investigate things...whom we never heard from again. An investigation is actually a tool to cover things up, if that's how they want to play it. Less knowledge may stream out due to all of these investigations.

The defense case for the FBI boils down to whether the Bureau had the justification for spying on Trump. This is what it has come down to, and this seems to be why Barr appointed Durham to see whether that predicate exists. It tends to show that Barr is sincere in his job, and the speed by which Durham has been called to task also argues to a hopeful situation in the making. So long as this is a sincere effort to get the bad guys, it tends to cause them to be on their best behavior already, for if they try dirty tricks now, those are the very risks that can nail them to the jail walls.

What Barr needs for this effort is a trustworthy Intelligence community to SPY on the bad guys, checking to see whether they are up to dirty tricks, and, so, you see, they have got to watch their every step if they decide to fight back with dirty tricks. It's a good start to cleansing things, but unless the sound of punishment rings out loud and clear, these guys will replace themselves in high places with like-minded ones who will threaten the nation into the future with wicked, mobster-mentality dictatorships.

A good man as the attorney general now will keep tabs on how his Intelligence community works with him to get the bad guys. Barr should be able to glean whether some bad guys are still controlling certain Intel agencies. We know already that the FBI Intel community is led by a bad guy, and so we can expect Barr to lash out against Wray to demand changes in the way he conducts himself. If Barr does not give Wray the slap to the face needed, then sham is Barr. The first place to start the changes is at Wray. How bizarre will it be to see arrests made by the FBI while Wray opposes them? How great will it be if we see Barr ordering Wray to make all the arrests he once refused to consider? If we don't see the start of these arrests almost immediately, then sham is Barr.

Carl Rove was on Hannity celebrating the appointment of Durham. I could be wrong, but I tend to see Rove as a 9-11 insider, and I tend to see Hannity as a good-for-nothing when it comes to the 9-11 scam. Even Bongino refuses to admit, at least publicly, that 9-11 was the biggest crime ever from the American government. We are a long ways from getting rid of criminals in high places, because they are stacked in the Republican camp too, and Barr is not expected to go after them.

I expected Rove to be dismal in the face of something like Durham's appointment to check whether the attack on Trump was justified. However, there were two groups attacking Trump: 1) Obamaites, and; 2) the FBI director as of six days before 9-11, Robert Mueller. I therefore expect Rove to celebrate Durham so long as he goes after the Obamaites, Comey's FBI included, but not if Durham goes after Mueller personally. I can fathom Rove celebrating a going after of Mueller's Democrat lawyers, but I tend to expect that he does not want Mueller's criminal part in 9-11 exposed. It could be that the criminal Republicans convinced Barr to appoint a man (John Durham) who will not go after Mueller's sins.

The facts are out, Trump was spied upon by the FBI, yet Wray said last week that he knows nothing of the FBI spying unjustifiably or criminally on Trump. Therein lies the legal fight, and Comey's people need to show that they had a substantial reason to spy. This is why the political bias in Comey's FBI is so detrimental to their spy program, but also why Mueller's bias amounts to the same problem, for he hired mainly Democrat tools to ruin Trump. All appearances from both camps are such that Barr has the upper hand by far over anyone still wishing to paint the FBI with a white brush, and this is where Whitewash Wray stands today. How can he survive as the FBI director so long as he keeps his painter uniform on? Imagine if Trump had chosen someone like Dan Bongino to run the FBI. Just imagine if Dan had the job without caving to the Republican deep state. Would Dan have such steel? I know Trump doesn't. I know Fox doesn't. Who does?

Wouldn't it be great if Horowitz had a political bias of his own, coming out with a report that seriously pegs players in the Republican deep state? Wouldn't it be great if Horowitz exposed Mueller's crimes sufficient that Barr would be forced to investigate him personally? Wouldn't it be great if the Democrat side, in efforts to deflect from their own crimes, began to expose the Republican side. Wow, what a bonanza. This looks like a great time to buy stocks in black paint.

The liberal side is now using the exposed spy operations as "evidence" that Trump did something wrong. This is good, don't knock it, because it aims to tarnish Trump further, and it's important to keep the fire to do-nothing Trump's feet, because it can speed his declassification program. However, the criminals involved are terrified of his declassification program, and are at the point of needing to do something desperate, something risky, we hope, and in a rush. Trump said he would declassify as soon as "they" ask for it, and so what's taking Graham so long? Ask already. Nunes? Ask again. The longer "they" wait, the more chance there is that the criminals will find a way to close Trump's declassification program.

The Republican deep state can now ask Trump not to declassify based on Durham's investigations. They would argue that it's not fair or proper or advantageous to be spilling beans before his investigation has ended. However, Trump promised that he would declassify. For him to go back on his second promise to do so would be a black-brush stroke against himself. The more that this fight drags on in stalemate, on a media level, the blacker Trump will look for not declassifying, for one way to break the stalemate wide open is to spill the beans, make the criminals cringe, shut their mouths, make them scurry, ruin their plans, make things riskier, encourage more whistle-blower traitors...all good reasons to view Trump as the black paint stripe on a skunk's back, for he all alone, the procrastinator, has the power to win this fight INSTANTLY.

If the FBI spy program was legitimate, then Wray should have no problem showing how the process developed in a legitimate way. He should be able to show the persons who were informed of the operations, and who were involved as spies and overseers of the spies, the whole shebang needs to have evidence of properly unfolding. But already, even before Barr investigates the FBI process, there are flags on the field, and lots of FBI blood, too, from several wounded FBI leaders. How could a proper operation result in so many maimed FBI leaders even before the investigation into the investigators has begun?

The relaxed video below, not presented in typical media style, has a good round-up of the situation as it stands today. The speaker, Tony Shaffer, says that someone in the FBI "leaked" the not-known-before news of Miss Turk's (not real name) role in the FBI spy program. The question is, why was it leaked to the New York Times? Was the leaker on-side with the FBI criminals, hoping to frame Miss Turk as justification for the spy program on Trump, or was the leaker on-side with those who want proper justice against Trump's enemies? Is this just a squirt of juice to the news media, as when the owner throws his loyal dogs a cookie as a reward for good behavior? After all, this bit of news can be taken either way, good or bad for the FBI, and may therefore offer absolutely nothing for the purposes of landing anyone in jail who deserves to be. We could view Turk as a safe carrot juice intended only to keep readers following the saga with keener interest, but as with a carrot-on-a-stick devise, or it could become part of the lethal stake to the FBI's heart.

The bottom line is that the FBI is now under the gun -- even while already fallen in a pool of blood in mid-field, with the nation looking on -- to prove that its spy program on Trump had predicate. This obscure word is getting a new life here. Predicate. It appears that it's rooted in "dicate." Was there any PREdicate? Was there anything BEFOREHAND that justifies a spy program on a president?

Along with the FBI pool of blood, there is a second pool under Mueller. The latter has gone into a coma after jumping up at his painful moment. If you run over a cat with the tires of a car, the cat will have an adrenalin jump in pain and shock, but fall down to die. That's what Mueller looked like when, for a brief moment, he came out to argue Barr's running him over. To my own shock, Barr actually ran Mueller over. I wasn't expecting it.

The very thing that Mueller ignored, the dossier, is now at the center of the hunt for the predicate. Barr has his night-vision camera strapped to his eyes, with rifle poised on a shoulder, waiting for the monster to appear in the dark. Barr knows exactly where to wait for the monster, the place in the forest where they have buried the dossier. His hunting party is coming there momentarily to check out whether the dossier is the only predicate the FBI had when trying to gobble up the new president. Barr figures that the monster will be following his hunting party to the dossier, and Barr wants to shoot it dead when it tries to eat his hunting party. Yes, all eyes on the dossier predicate now, for it's going to tell us whether the monster was justified to tear and eat flesh, and whether the predicate was real or just faked.

The monster is the Feigned Bureau of Investigation. Riding on its shoulder and speaking into its ear is a black, skinny troll from mobsterland Chicago. It was this porn-again troll who corrupted the already-corrupted FBI. On the other shoulder, and speaking into its other ear, is a profane Hobbit from Austin whose father was a goblin upon the throne of the CIA (Conniving Intelligence Agency).

I don't know of any evidence that the Russian government supplied the Russian side of the dossier. We do know that Putin had every reason to love Obama and Hillary during the Uranium-One deal, but afterward, the two openly turned on Putin during a Middle-East / global struggle for gas-and-oil superiority that touched upon Obama's role in Syria, where he attempted to empower Israel's Muslim enemies. Although Obama might very well have considered having Russia on-side with an assault against Israel, the American military and the CIA were deathly opposed to Russia's role in Syria, and because part of that role was to stave off ISIS, it seemed to me, and everyone else who followed Syrian news, that Putin was sincerely hoping for a Trump win over Hillary, for Trump looked promising for to change the Syrian situation in Putin's favor. It is this picture that argues strongly against Putin's fingers or moral support in the dossier. The Republican war hawks might like to claim that Putin had winked at the formation of the dossier, for the war hawks are in the business of making a Russian monster by any-which way.

In the video above, Shaffer says that a Mr. Baker paid Stefan Halper to spy on Trump:

A Pentagon whistleblower was stripped of his security clearance and demoted after complaining about questionable government contracts with both FBI informant spy Stefan Halper and a company headed by Chelsea Clinton's "best friend" for whom then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arranged meetings, reports the Washington Times.

Adam Lovinger, a Trump supporter and 12-year veteran of the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment (ONA), filed a whistleblower reprisal complaint with the Defense Department's inspector general in May against ONA boss James Baker - who hired Halper...

Wow, another Jim Baker. This is for readers who read in recent weeks about my suspicions that Jim Baker of Obama's FBI has been a key traitor to Obama. "Baker was appointed chief of the ONA in 2015 by Obama Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter." This Jim Baker is a military man: "Baker is currently the principal deputy director, Strategic Plans and Policy, J5 and the strategist to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Marty Dempsey. He...provides creative and global strategic perspectives on the full array of political-military issues." Obama had appointed Dempsey to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Bill Hemmer interviewed Bill Barr, and the latter revealed that no one has looked into the scandals, clinching with certainty that Sessions was not acting like an enemy of Trump while secretly gathering evidence against the deep state...unless Barr is lying. I do not think that Barr would risk lying like that, for his enemies in the DoJ would leak things to prove the lie. Barr's admission here is also a not-so-veiled complaint against Mueller for not looking at Trump's accusers. How possibly could an unbiased investigator not look at, or report on, the accusers' merit for accusing, especially when flashing signals were telling him that the accusers were fiendish? Here's his interview:

I think Mr. Barr is bang on with his attitude, especially when he makes concern for homegrown corruption a priority over foreign interference. I am very surprised with his normal attitude; I don't detect a shade of duplicity or evasion or the expected downplaying of the importance of these scandals. Mr. Barr appears perfect for catering to the desires of Nunes and company, and then there is the unexpected surprise that even Lindsey Graham has been pushing the right agenda. This better not be all a trick intended to flounder in the end. Barr does not want to talk details yet, on what all he knows; he's playing defensive for fear of the chaotic waves that Democrats will make of his statements. Yet, he's desirous of saying some things to tickle interest (Hemmer is drooling to know more), enough to send the people the message that he's no Sessions.

So far, so very good, especially as he seemed to be disappointed (without showing it) in Mueller's not looking at the Obama government but rather having tunnel vision toward Trump (that's a seditious conspiracy simultaneous with turning a blind eye to Obamaite criminality). There is no doubt that Barr has already accepted the fact, even before he's gathered much information, the dossier was a political crime at the feet if Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Who else in the DNC shall be charged with this crime along with Hillary? How can Barr turn a blind eye and not charge Hillary, first of all?

As he goes on, Barr gives me the impression that he doesn't want to disappoint Republicans by shading how he truly feels. There's more than enough said to indicate that he's firmly on Trump's side, and that's perfectly fine because it's not a political bias he's operating with but one that sides simply with truthfulness, and in this case the truth is with Trump. Barr will have an army on his side as he goes forward. he's indicated that Nadler and Mueller are talking at this concerning Mueller's appearance in congress, and, such a sham, I know what they are talking about, giving Mueller his talking points beforehand to make some chaotic waves when this theater finally happens.

It seems to me that the thing to do here is for Trump personally to get into his deep-dive suit, get a manual drill bit, and drill a hole in Nadler's hull below the water line in mid-ocean. Do you think Trump has it in himself to deal the deathblow?

What is the deathblow? It's not enough, to satisfy justice, to defeat Nadler's offense. There's nothing I can sense in Barr's soft tones to give me confidence that he's gunning for high-level arrests. For that, Barr needs a spine. I don't know whether he has one. If Trump wants no arrests, he could share that with Barr, and then out to window could go the appropriate deathblows. There can be a big difference between a false premise and a faked premise. The latter is not only false, but is done in the first degree, and includes premeditated orchestration for to conduct the scheme after it was first conceived conspiratorially. And when it involves a coup, it's wicked and evil to allow it to go unpunished, as I think Trump wants it to go so that his agendas can get more news time than this "investigation of the investigators." Great phrase, great banner.

The Heraldry Clicks Along Phenomenally

Shaffer says that John Brennan (Obama's CIA chief) was working with Jim Baker and Halper, and here one can add that the Brennan swords are also the Dempsey (and Dempster) swords while the Brennan lion, in colors reversed (marriages often led to using colors reversed), can be the red one of Dempsters. (Use link above to open a new tab for loading other surnames as we go along.)

[Insert -- The sub-title was chosen after most of this section was written, which amazed me time and time again. It could certainly be a coincidence that Dempseys and Brennans share the same sword; it doesn't alone serve as sufficient evidence that God is pointing to the two men of those surnames, or that it relates to Dempsey, Baker and Halper. But it's a start, and as I've seen endless evidence that God has arranged heraldic symbols and write-ups to point to end-time anti-Christian bloodlines and groups, it prods me here to seek other connections that can tend to clinch things as God's pointers once again to Obamaites.

For example, as Brennan was accused by Comey as ordering the dossier crime handled by Glenn Simpson but paid for by Clinton and other Clintonites, note first that Dempsey-like Dempers share the lion of Simpsons while the Simpson write-up has: "The name of Simpson was adopted from Symon, son of William de Clynt who was living in the year 1300." Clints are also Clents, and the Clent hills are in Worcestershire, where Halpers were first found. Clints/Clents share the gold-on-red garbs with Blythe's, and Bill CLINTon had Mr. Blythe as his biological father (i.e. it looks like God arranged the Clints/Clents to point to Bill Clinton as well as something in Worcestershire).

Helping to verify that the Simpson lion applies to Simons, Jewish Simons use a fox while Fauxside (in the Faucet write-up) was a location of Faucets who share the Simson lion. How can it be merely coincidental that Alis' use the "MUZZLEd" bear while Fauxside is a couple of miles from MUSSELburgh while the other Simpsons use an "Alis" motto term? This paragraph and the last two above it were conceived and written after this section was mainly finished, and here I can add that Halper-like Halperts/Halberts become a shocking topic later while Simms, first found in East Lothian with Faucets, use a good reflection of the Halpert/Halbert Coat. Just look at how things continue to point to Halper and Fusion's Glenn Simson.

But there is more, for Simms can be shown to be of the Simon-rooted Simpsons/Simson by way of Keiths, first found in East Lothian, who use the Alis motto in reverse. The seated lion of Halpers could be indication of a Halper link to Seatons, especially as Sutys (share "hazard" with the Seaton motto) and Side's can be shown as Seaton branches while FauxSIDE thus becomes suspect with Side's/Sides. Sutys are said to have been Sideys, and they share the Faucet / Simpson / Demper lion, but that's not all. Later in this section, we come to the HALFpenny variation of Halpers, which discovers that Halpers were a branch of Halfs/Helps, and here we can add the "have" motto term of Sutys, and as Have's are also Haafs/Haffs, it tends to agree with a Suty link to the seated Halper lion.

But that's not all, for later in this section, we come to the Smith and Hammer lions, both of which hold a hammer, as does the savage in the Crest of Halbert-like Alberts, though the latter's is a sledge hammer while Sledge's/Sleys (Halbert colors and format) share a lion holding a gold fitchee cross with Halpers. This is big because an old friend on mine, Albert, was recently shown to be God's pointer to a whistle-blower(s), and here Halper was exposed by a whistle blower...blowing the spy scandal into the wide open. As was said recently, I attended Albert's funeral when Miss Simson visited me from more than one thousand miles away (Albert happened to die when she was at my place for about a week).

The Hammer lion is gold upon a diagonally-split Shield, as with the Simpson lion. It can be gleaned that the Sledge fitchee is that of Quints while Sear de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up.

After this insert, I take you back to the Obama dream, where God pointed heavily to the Sewer/SUTer surname, and so let's add that it shares a seated lion in Crest with Halpers (!), were first found in Angus, beside the SUTys and Dempsters of Perthshire! In other words, my sewer shot on Obama's billiard table, which was about the dossier scandal, thus points us to Stefan Halper too, wow! AND WOW SOME MORE, the Side's, likewise first found beside Angus, use a seated tiger and LOOKING BACKWARD!!! End insert]

I now take you back to what new readers will think crazy of me, on the day in Texas when Miss Hicks came to an outdoor church service, where I wore a cowboy hat for the first time to church (this is not the crazy part) because the pastor had made it a fun outing with a cowboy theme. Only, when Miss Hicks arrived, instead of looking like a cowgirl, she looked like the rich-spoiled Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island (this is not the crazy part, but it rates too). This led to my entering into the discussion, for much of the update (this was a crazy-like part), her millionaire husband, Thurston Howell, whom in real life was Jim Backus (almost "Jim Baker"), and it was through Backus and some other apparent pointers that I fingered Jim Baker as the traitor in my God-given dream where I was shooting pool in Obama's billiard hall, which dream was God's pointer to the dossier crime.

[It can be added that while the Yorkshire Billiards are Hillary-like Hillards too, French Billiards are Blythe-like Billets too while Billet-branch Bellows use a fox, and moreover the Shiptons, who use "billows," were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons.]

Once I became familiar with the Obama dream, after mentioning it a dozen or so times, I became confident that the meaning of the dream's ending was Obama's traitor in some way. [Insert - this traitor was looking over his shoulder at Obama, which caused me to theorize that the scene was God's pointer to a couple of rare lions looking over their shoulders (see later in this section), but now the Side tiger has been found looking over its shoulder (!), and Side's are a Suty branch and therefore a branch of Sewers/Suters, amazing. It just so happens that Sewers can be shown to be a branch of Swords/Swerds (i.e. Sword liners married Suty liners) sharing the Shot/SHUTE / Dempsey / Dempster / Brennan swords. Swords love the Wings/Winks of Perthshire in their Crest.]

Jim Backus' role as the voice for Mr. McGoo (old cartoon) connected things to Jim McGee (see below), for God gave both McGee and Miss Hicks a knee symbol, and her knee symbol involved God's revelations on a 9-11 memorial we attended, and especially at the Get'n Go gas bar later that night, where we met up again. The Get'n Go was suspect with two surnames, the GETHins/Gettings/Gittins' and the Gows. The Gows happened to come up as McGoo's, and an online article on the McGee clan has them as McGETHs. I therefore had the McGee's (Dumfries, same as the Nith river) and McGoo's together under discussion with just the Get'n Go, and McGETHs were pegged as the Ged surname (proto-Geddes) which at online article has it on the Nith river, the river of Kilpatrick castle. Miss Hicks had married Mr. Kilpatrick. This material is all in the 2nd update of last month.

The first point in bringing this back to topic is that the McGee's share the red-on-white swords of Dempseys and Brennans. What could this mean? Didn't we just see that Jim Baker was a special, military-strategy assistant to Martin Dempsey? The Get'n Go event was on the night of the 9-11 memorial that our church put on outdoors, on September 11, 2002, and the event one year earlier was a massive conspiracy heavily involving the U.S. military. Dempsey would have been expected and responsible to keep the secrets of the military's involvement in 9-11, right? Ditto for Brennan.

Last month, I had suspected Jim Backus as a pointer to the FBI lawyer, Jim Baker, yet I now find this other Jim Baker, involved in a legal battle with Mr. LOVInger, and it just so happens that Mrs. Howell was LOVEY Howell! Wow. Just look at that, as though God arranged things in my life to point to him specifically. Let me say it again: Miss Hicks looked like Mrs. Howell; her husband was Jim Backus in real life, suspect as a pointer to Jim Baker in the final scene of the Obama dream, and Baker paid Stefan Halper big money to spy on Trump.

[Insert, sorry -- Now that Sutys connect to my sewer shot, I can use them to bring Jim Baker into the dossier sewer too, for the "HAZard" motto term of Sutys can by gleaned with Hazels, for the WAVY fessewise bars of Sutys are in the colors of the fesse of Hazels and Weavers (Cheshire, sane as Hazels) while Weavers are a branch of Webbers who likewise have wavy, fessewise bars. Then, the Hazel fesse is in the colors of the chevron of Dutch Bakers while both surnames share the same leaf design. It just so happens that the same leaf design is used by French, Hazel-like House's/LaHauss', and while the latter call them "cabbage leaves," the Cabbage Chief shares the lion in the Chief of English Bakers! It thus appears that Bakers were made sinkable by God into the dossier's sewer pocket.

I have read the Suty-Crest description; it's a "hull," and the Hazel-like Hulse's/Hulles' were first found in Cheshire with Hazels. German Hulse's (Westphalia) even use the Hazel / House leaf design upside-down. Plus, the Sutys love the Have's/Haafs in their motto while the latter share ducks with Velins, first found in Westphalia with Hulse's and Ducks.

Let me repeat here that the swords in this discussion thus far are all in the colors of the same of Duck-like Tax's/DACHs, while Dachau (sling SHOT in its Arms) was concentration headquarters for Nazis, while God pointed to Bush-related Nazis by way of a Scheriff family in West ISLIP (beside the home of Hitler's nephew) while the so-called "hazel SLIPs" (leaves) of Hazels is code for their branch, the Islips/Haslips. The latter have a stag with a Hull-like holly tree, and this scene is in the Maxwell Crest as a "holly BUSH." Who cooked that up? Why do English Bakers share the Maxwell and Kilpatrick saltire? Hazels use a squirrel while Squirrels are Square's too, like the Schere variation of Scheriff-like Scherfs. The Sheera's, Sheers, and Sure's who had connected to the Maxwell-loving Kilpatricks apply to Schere liners. End insert]

Yet the Bush presidents had yet a third Jim Baker, the secretary of state for Bush Sr. by the time that Bush stacked the CIA with fellow Nazi sympathizers (that's how I see his effects in government). I more than half believe that the first Bush was born, George Herbert Scherff Jr [i.e. like the Scheriff name above].

I wonder what the cowboy theme was a pointer to, that morning of the outdoor church service in Texas. George Bush?

Okay, so the outdoor church service in which Lovey Howell arrived with her husband, Mr. Kilpatrick, is a decent pointer now to Adam Lovinger. Here's from my second update of last month:

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS! Our pastor one day announced that we would have an outdoor church service, where we would have a cowboy theme. So I got on my white cowboy hat and cowboy boots for this event, but when Miss Hicks arrived with her husband, she was not at all dressing the part, and the thing that came to my mind overwhelmingly was how she looked (not her face, but her attitude) like Mrs. HOWELL on Gilligan's Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those exclamatons were for a reason. I was instantly convinced that God arranged for me to view Miss Hicks as Mrs. Howell, and so I dug in and searched for more clues as to why that might have been. In the Obama dream's last scene (February 2017, Obama had just left Office), immediately after Obama had been joyously dancing and skateboarding, there was a male employee of Obama whose BACK was toward me and toward Obama, and the dream ended with my focusing on his back. Obama was unhappy with this man; his joy had turned to disappointment. It is the back that convinced me that I was on the right track with Jim BACKus.

I have told before, at least once, that on the morning I wore the hat to church, someone informed me, in the pastor's presence, that I was wearing it BACKward. Minutes later, as the pastor started the church service, he came to mentioning to everyone that I had it on backward, and Miss Hicks, (representing Lovey) sitting to my rear, laughed. Is this further evidence that I was on the right track from Jim Backus to Jim Baker?

I have not shown nor mentioned the Lovey/Luff surname since mentioning Lovey Howell. I've just noticed that the fitchee cross in the Lovey/Luff Crest is almost in the design of the same in the PLAIN/Platter Coat. Both fitchees have straight edges on the three arms. As no Plane surname comes up, the Plains were suspect in the paper PLANE that I made in the Obama dream, the plane that pointed to Perkins Coie, Lisa Page and Obama as Barry Soetoro. I've known for a fact, because I've reported on it many times, that Loveys/Luffs were once said to have been first found in Suffolk, which is where Plains/Platters were first found. Excellent, just look at that. The fitchee cross shared by Loveys/Luffs and Plains/Platers is of a rare design, making the link between them even better. It was the paper plane that I sewered on Obama's pool table [and Bakers were just sunk into the sewer by the inserts in this section].

Lookie: the lion heads in the Lovey/Luff Chief are in the Coat of English Steele's! Moreover, one can spot that the Plain/Platter Coat is a version of the Living/Leving Coat, a surname like "Lovinger." No Lovinger surname comes up. As Lovinger was ambushed by Baker working with Halper, do we think that God provided the Halper surname to share the same checks as English Steele's to point Stefan Halper to the Steele dossier? Looks like.

I now go to what I've said at least twice, that the last time I saw Paul Smith was in the basement of Ray LUFF. Watch how Smiths apply to the sewer shot. Paul Smith appeared in a dream walking on crutches (I've mentioned this at least a dozen times). This dream was more than a year before the Obama dream. For example, in the 3rd update of October, 2017, I said: "I wasn't sure, at first, whether it was Paul in the dream, but after suggesting that it was him, I found that the Smiths use the Crutch cross in colors reversed." They are not quite identical fitchees, but similar, both having straight edges on the three arms. I've got it recorded that the Crutch cross is called a "formee fitchee," and it's identical, and in the same colors, as the Plain/Platter fitchee!!! Just looks at that, for Smith appeared in the dream over a year before the paper plane in the Obama dream, and, as was said, the last time I saw Paul was in the home of Mr. Luff while the Lovey/Luff fitchee is exactly of the style used for Smiths! Bingo. I don't know why God would do it this way, but Smiths are linking to the sewer hole. Why?

The Palins are even PAULeys, tending to verify that God chose Paul Smith for this added evidence that Palins and Plains are being lumped to Smiths. I'm pretty sure that the Smith cross is a patee-fitchee because Anvils/Hanville's use patees while Scottish Smiths use anvils.

Insert -- Boy-oh-boy, I wish I could prove that the Smiths had an antenna in the back yard due to Mr. Smith's ham radio. One day, as I've told a few times, I was at Paul's home witnessing the antenna blown down by a storm, leaning against their FENCE. It was the type of TV antenna one climbs like a ladder, but these were going out of use at the time that the Smith home was built. Paul's father was a scientist type, an inventor type, and these types might just be ham-radio operators. It's just that Nelly Ohr's use of a ham radio can connect her to the FBI's Andrew McCabe in the dossier scandal, and Smiths can connect to Hams.

Later in this update, we question why German Smiths use nearly the Coat of Hammers, and then English Hammers can be gleaned with Hams, the latter sharing the salmon of McCabe's. I'll show later why Raines' connect to McCabe's along with Numans/Newmans; suffice here that the latter, sharing the Raines and Patty/Pati lion, are in the "numine" motto term of English Smiths. The Smiths lived in Vaughn township, and then English Smiths, Vaughns and Raines' all use the same colors and format, with Vaughns suspect as a branch of Fane's/Vans and/or fence-like FENS'/Venns. It could appear that God caused, or at least used, the fallen antenna in the back yard of the Smiths for some special reason.

A few years later, because my girlfriend's Ukrainian father didn't want me to see her daughter any longer, I climbed the same-type antenna at the side of her home, when everyone was asleep, because it went right to her bedroom window. I did knock on her window to wake her up, and she did come to the window. She was upset and said, in effect: "My brother almost shot you, thinking you were a burglar." When I came down from the antenna, I got up on the privacy FENCE, I kid you not, at the front of the home, and walked on it as a protest in case her father was looking out the living room window. It seems, haha, that God put me on that fence. I always did wonder whether I was drunk to do something like that, but, no, I don't think I was drunk. If I recall correctly, Rick Legge, a friend, was with me that night (I've mentioned him before as per that night), and so it's interesting that "leges" is in the Raines motto while Raines' share the lion of BENGS/Bings while Smiths have the motto, "BENIGno numine."

Again, the last time I saw Paul was at the Luffs, and the Loveys/Luffs were once said to have been first found in Suffolk with the Muscats (same black ANTELOPE as Singletarys) who use two of the Lovey/Luff fesses, and it just so-happens that MUSCATs/Mousquette's (hee-hee) share the Steele lion heads with Loveys/Luffs. You have just got to be amazed here because the news lately is tracing the Steele dossier to the Ukraine, and my girlfriend with the Ukrainian father is Miss MUSCHATov (HEE-HEE!). Now I understand why she became my girl.

In fact, as the Ukrainian news now coming from John Solomon is revealing that Ukrainians were actively working to frame Trump, by what coincidence do Legge's use a giant stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head?To help assure that the Fens'/Venns apply to the fence-antenna theme, the Vannes'/Ness' share the double fesses of Muscats. I am very foggy on the meaning of the antennas, but, patience. End insert] I find it pretty amazing that while McGoo's are also Gows, Irish Gows (share white sword with McGee's) come up as "Smith," and are said to be anglicized as Smiths. Did God do this in order to link things-Smith to Jim Baker and Adam Lovinger? Note that while McGee's were also McGeths from the Nith river of Dumfries, English Adams were first found in Dumfries. Plus, the Geds of the Nith share the fish with Smiths. French Adams share the Halper rose, and Halpers share the gold fitchee with Irish Adams. As Geds are a Geddes branch, note that Gates' share the vertically-split colors of Italian Adams

I'll repeat here that Smiths share the red-on-white fleur-de-lys of PERKINs. As I shot the paper plane into the corner pocket with a pool CUE, I took it to be God's pointer to Perkins COIE, the law firm that ultimately owned (literally) the Steele dossier. God had previously shown readers that the page on the billiard table, which I turned into a paper plane, was His pointer to Lisa Page, for He showed me this through a song line, "I'm an empty page," by Francesca BattiSTELLI, and it turned out that one could prove Stelli's to be a Steel branch, no coincidence, apparently. I'll come back to Battistelli's below. When I sewered the paper plane, it was resolved as God's pointer to Barry SOETORo (Obama), for Sewers are also SUTERs, first found in Angus with Scottish Barrys.

I trace Perkins to "Perga," which is beside ANTALya to which I trace ANTELopes, and there is an antelope in the Crest of Bengs/Bings, the ones suspect in the Smith motto.

[We saw that the Muscat antelope is also the Singletary antelope, and it's known that Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary. Although I don't know whether it is "Muscatov" or "MUSCHATov" (I prefer the latter), the Muschats/Montfitchetts have three chevrons colors reversed from the three of Singletarys. The plates on the Singletary antelope look linkable to the Plater variation of Plains.

In case it applies, the lion of Perkins and Levi's/Levine's is the Baker lion in colors reversed. OH WOW, just remembered: the second-last time I saw Diane Muscatov was with her new boyfriend, shortly after we broke up, while I was at the STEER-Inn restaurant (Richmond Hill). Her boyfriend pulled the car into the PARKING lot, when she and I saw each other through the glass of the restaurant, and he put it into reverse and pulled out, leaving immediately likely because she asked him to. Parkings are listed with Perkins, and Steers (BAKER LION!!!) are beloved by the steer of the BACK surname! Zikers. Recall the seated lions of Halpers and Sutys, for the Seats are Cedes' too while Steers (Suter branch?) use a "cede" motto term.]

As I've said, near the time that I had the Obama dream, I was checking the Paper and Page surnames to discover which of the two God was pointing to, and as the Page surname loaded at, and in less than ten seconds from loading it, "I'm an empty page" sang in my ears over my speakers. I wonder if that line might also speak to the empty / redacted pages we are all familiar with in the dossier cover-up.

The "FORMee fitchee" of Plains/Platters can be resolved as part-code for FORmans (beside Seatons), for the wavy fesses of Formans are in the colors of the wavy bends of English Platters; the latter first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters. [The Forman wavy fesses are half in the colors of the fessewise wavy bars of Sutys. The paper plane pointed to the Sewers/Suters, now connectable to Sutys]. It's interesting that while English Lise's have pale bars in the colors of those wavy bars, Scottish Lise's have a rare lion because it looks over its shoulder, and the final scene in the Obama dream was Obama's employee looking over his shoulder to his disappointed boss. Lise Page could very well be one of Obama's traitors. She was the FBI lawyer for Andrew McCabe, and Jim Baker was, at that time, the FBI lawyer in general, whom I assume was Lisa's boss.

The three Platter bends are colors reversed from the same of Gallia's, first found in Milan with the related Maurels, and it's the Morells who share the backward-looking lion with Lise's [Suty-branch Side's use a tiger looking over the shoulder]. This made me suspect that Michael Morell of Obama's CIA was the employee looking over his shoulder at Obama, and yet I later came to theorize that both he and Jim Baker could apply as turning against Obama, or at least making a fatal mistake that points squarely to Obama's guilt. This week, Jim Baker of the FBI is holding strong to his innocence in the dossier crime, but he could easily break as investigations continue, when they prove that his statements are bunk.

Repeat: "As Lovinger was ambushed by Baker working with Halper, do we think that God provided the Halper surname to share the same checks as English Steele's to point Stefan Halper to the Steele dossier? Looks like." There is a question as to whether the lion in the Halper Crest holds a pyramid (it's just a pyramid shape), the symbol of FISCs/Fisks and BattiSTELLi's. The Steele dossier was used and abused for the FISA court, which is itself called, FISC. That's pretty amazing if Halpers do use the pyramid. I can now see why God caused me to download some Battistelli songs, yet He must also have arranged some heraldic symbolism in order to point to the Steele dossier through her.

Another surname using the pyramid is that of Tulls/Tolle's, a line from Tullia of Lyon, daughter of Gallia, the latter being the line to Gallia's above, and then the black-and-white Steel checks are shared by Galleys too. Tulls/Tullia's use a pale bar in the colors of the two of German Steels. I have seen the Fisc/Fisk, Tull/Tolle and Battistelli descriptions; all are said to use pyramids. If that symbol is part-code for Pero's, it's first of all notable that Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, suspect in the "ImPAVIdun" motto term of English Perrins (share leopard faces with Peare's), share the halper rose. Then, the Halper checks that fill their Shield are shared by Pepoli's while I see Pepoli liners naming Papia/Pavia.

As we can expect things-Halper to link with things-Baker, per-chance the French Perrins share the Dutch-Baker chevron. If that's an eagle on the Perrin chevron, then it's the Barr eagle, for Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, where Perrins were first found. Might this per-chance be indicating that Jim Baker (of Halper associations) will become helpful to Bill Barr and thus betray Obama? Pepin of Landen married the Lorraine area. Perrins are expected with the Perino variation of Pero's (same general area as Pierro's/Pero's).

DemPERs are said to be the namers of a DamPIERE location (at or near Orne), and their "petra" motto term suggests variations of Pierre's/Pero's. Therefore, Dempseys and Dempsters (Perthshire, same as Lyons) can be Pero liners too.

Tulls/Tolle's can be nailed to Tullia of Lyon because she married Rusticus of Clermont-FERRAND while Italian Ferrands share the checkered Shield of Tulls/Tolle's. These blue checks are linkable to the red ones of Fiscs/Fisks by way of the obvious relationship between Ferrand-like Ferrats/Fers to Vairs/Fers' (but see also Cohens versus Hohens; Cohens are seemingly clinched later in this update to Cuneo liners, and MontFERRAT is in Cuneo).

It's the Obama-Holder Deep State, Stupid

In a 1979 dream of God I had featuring Miss Hicks, which is how she came to heraldic topics in about 2016, God used her as Sleeping Beauty to point to the Beauty surname, which shares the black bulls of Walerans, and the latter are from Waleran of Leavell while Leavells are also Lovey-like Lovells. It just so happens that Loveys/Luffs are likely a branch of Lovicks/Lofwicks, who share black-on-white bull heads with Walerans, and moreover Lovicks/Lofwicks have the look of the Living/Leving Shield in colors reversed. As though God wants to prove to the reader that I'm on the right track, Beautys were first found in Dorset with Palins, and the latter's Coat is so much like that of Palin-like Plains/Platters that I've resolved Plains to be a Palin merger with Plate(r) liners. The Plain/Plater Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Living/Leving Shield.

One can follow the white Living/Leveng martlets to those of Saddocks, the latter first found in Sussex with the Mascals who use the Saddock escutcheon in colors reversed. Then, Muscels/Mussels use so-called, PLATES. Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary aka Jonathan Dunham, and while Singletarys have plates on their Crest antelope, the Singletary Coat shares white martlets. The Boards (same place as Saddocks), who were taken from Obama on his skateBOARD, share in their border the eight, white martlets that surround the Saddock border, and both surnames share a white escutcheon with Sewers/Suits to boot, and moreover the Board Crest is another antelope that once again points to Barrack Obama. There's always more to these things that I can see, but God will get me to get what He wants out at just the right times.

Before going on, let's get a little more grip on what Lovinger represents, from Sara Carter:

Lovinger, a whistleblower, is now battling to save his career. The Pentagon suspended his top-secret security clearance May 1, 2017, when he exposed through an internal review that Stefan Halper, who was then an emeritus Cambridge professor, had received roughly $1 million in tax-payer funded money to write Defense Department foreign policy reports, his attorney Sean Bigley said...Conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, recently filed a federal lawsuit against the Defense Department to obtain the withheld records.

Lovinger also raised concerns about Halper’s role in conducting what appeared to be diplomatic meetings with foreigners [part of the spy program on Trump] on behalf of the U.S. government because his role as contractor forbids him from doing so, according to U.S. federal law.

An investigation by reveals that the documents and information Lovinger stumbled on and other documents obtained by this news site, raise troubling questions about Halper, who was believed to have worked with the CIA and part of the matrix of players in the bureau’s ‘CrossFire Hurricane’ investigation into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Halper, who assisted the FBI in the Russia investigation, appears to also have significant ties to the Russian government, as well as sources connected directly to President Vladimir Putin.

Sara is revealing in this article that the military is corrupt, protecting corruption while persecuting the good guys. It predicts that Fox news, which wants a good relationship with the military, may not touch this story.

Apparently, God was pointing to this scandal with Miss Hicks' symbolism as Lovey Howell. It begs me to go to the Halper surname for further investigation there. I note that Halpers share the seated lion with Holders. Is there anyone looking into Eric Holder's Fast-and-Furious crime? How possibly could the Obama government have given guns to Mexican gangs? What were Obama and Holder up to? Destroying the United States? Or, at least, destroying white power in the nation by empowering Mexicans as Democrat voters. Illegal Mexicans are run into the country by Mexican gangs, right? That's right.

Recall how Paul Smith linked excellently to Palins/PAULeys due to the link of the Smith fitchee to the Plain fitchee. While French Pauls share the Aude sword, Scottish Pauls (Yorkshire, same as Odins and Oddie's) have this: "The surname Paul was first found in the East Riding of Yorkshire at Paull, a parish, in the union of Patrington, S. division of the wapentake of HOLDERness." Did God arrange that? Is Eric Holder in the paper plane on Obama's billiard table? Wow, I almost missed it: Odins were at Holderness too! Zikers! (Paul Smith used to say, "zikers," and I got it from him).

I have been tracing the Quint lion PAW to the same-colored lion of Palins/PAWleys, for Quints were first found in Dorset with them. But lookie, the Quint lion paw holds a GOLD FITCHEE, as does the lion paw (with full lion) in the Halper Crest. This appears to be linking Stefan Halper at least indirectly to the paper plane. INDEED, I have mentioned more than 20 times that the cue ball was a PAGE on Obama's billiard table, and in order to shoot it, I turned it into a paper plane, and then rifled it toward a red ball sitting beside a corner pocket, but the plane missed all balls and went straight into the pocket for a sewer. The dream then had two scenes to follow with Obama in his SUIT twice (dancing and skateboarding), verifying that God was pointing to the Sewer/Suit/Suter surname, which happens to use GOLD FITCHEES!!! Wow.

As Halpers are also HALFpennys, it's notable that gold fitchees are used by Halfs/Helps too. Pennys/Penes', wow, happen to share the LYNX with Lynch's, and the Obama dream implied to me that Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general during the FISA scandal, was his partner as owner of the billiard hall. Lynch replaced Eric Holder!!! We just saw what looked like God's arrangement to give both Halpers and Holders same seated lion (different colors) in their Crests. Moreover, as it seems that God is pointing hard to STEFAN Halper, it just so happens that, wow, Stevens/Stephens were first found in Gloucestershire with Halfs/Helps and Holders!!! I have read the Penny/Penes description (website no longer allows me to access the descriptions page, for my computer, anyway): it's a lynx.

You see, never mind Page and Strzok attacking Trump; this should result fast in jail time for all involved, but it's more necessary to go after the communications of Holder and Obama, for they conspired together to destroy the country, and they have had plenty of time, thanks to a hapless Trump who won't admit fault, to destroy their communications as far as possible. The Obama-Holder team is still operating, still plotting to raise one of their own to power. It's a no-brainer. I'm not so sure they are going with Biden. Brennan knows much about Holder's roll in Obama's plots, we can be sure. The Obama dream was a shot of God straight at Obama's mouth, like when one shoots a torpedo down his throat, and it begins with the exposure of the dossier scandal, then climbs the ladder to his loft, and spies out what he's doing.

Wray is useless for spying on these rats. I feel Barr would be wasteful to so much as try to straighten Wray out. Wray will try to waste Barr's time; that's the Obama game at this time, run out the 2016-2020 clock. Trump has been the biggest idiot in the Republican camp. Trump has been the time waster, yet he brags often on how he's has been going about things in the right way. No, idiot, the right way is to get the condemning documents before the deep state destroys / alters them. Is he too daft to understand this, or is he uninterested in going after Obama? After seeing what Hillary did to her communications, Trump did NOT demand all the papers on his desk that could condemn the Obama camp. FOOL! Step down. Let a better man rule.

Back to McGee's, whom last month were introduced like so: "Here's another knee thing used by God. McGoo-like McGee's/Magee's (Dumfries, same as Annandale) share a couple of white swords with Fisc-like Feschs, suspect with the Fieschi of Genova, where I trace FACE's/Fessys for good reason. The other McGee's/Magee's use leopard FACES. It's another reason, if McGee's/Magee's were McGoo's, to link things-Backus to FISA (makes my head spin)." I knew without checking that the Dempsey, Dempster and Brennan swords are in both colors of the McGee swords, but I wasn't going to mention this at first, but then the two McGee Coats were loaded.

I then scrolled back to the BRENnan Coat (possibly the Brian lion), at which time the BRAINS (Gloucestershire again) were recalled, for I knew without checking that their leopard heads might be in the white color of the McGee leopard heads, and they turned out to be, yes. It appears like verification that Brennan and Dempsey are being pointed to together with the McGoo theme as it itself took me to Jim Baker. In this picture, it appears to be the Jim Baker who served Marty Dempsey. German Martys/Martins, by the way, share the Brennan lion.

As I've said many times, I hung out with Jim McGee at 11 and 12 years of age when we both met at Greg Fishers, and here one can add that Fishers/FISCHs share the lion, almost, of Brennans. As I've said quite a few times, our group came to be led by Roy Tanner, and Tanners show a version of the Plain / Palin / Living/Leving Coat. It appears that God has been pointing to the dossier scandal since I was a kid.

I even remember the first time I was in a billiard hall. Or, although it may not have been the very first time I was in there, I can remember nothing else in there, in however many times I went, but McGee's face!!! I kid you not, I still remember that evening, walking from home to the billiard hall, walking in a stranger to the place, but McGee was there! Zikers, doesn't that seem like something God did to link what I just wrote on McGee to my dream in Obama's billiard hall??? The billiard hall was in Markham, and on Markham road.

WOW. I've just loaded Markhams and found their "AUDax" motto term. This is amazing, for I was thinking of another event that I've told several times, but had decided not to tell it, until I saw that motto term. As I've said, McGee and I were walking along, and Mike ODDIE (might be spelled, "Oddey"), out of the blue, just punched me hard in the face, and said, "You did it, didn't you?" I had no idea what he was talking about, and he seemed like a madman to me. I barely knew him. After he punched me, he simply left the scene. I was thinking about telling of this event for two reasons.

Reason one: McGee and I were walking south on Markham road at the corner of Markham road and Highway 7, and the billiard hall was just north of that corner on Markham road, and though I cannot remember whether we had been at that billiard hall, I don't recall being in that area of town with McGee for any other reason but to be there. Reason two: the Aude swords.

I decided not to re-tell this story, even though I knew without checking that Oddie-like Aude's/Oddeys share white, swords-to-a-point with McGee's. Maybe I was feeling lazy, or maybe I thought that the reader might not find it interesting, but the very next thing I did, after deciding not to tell the Oddie story, was to write the sentence above, "The billiard hall was in Markham, and on Markham road." And that's when I found the "AUDax" motto term of Markhams. Amazing, is it not? It looks like confirmation that God was in some of my youthful events with McGee. And, I've just realized, there's yet more confirmation.

"AuDAX" is suspect as part-code for the Dax's/Tax's, and the latter are the ones who share white, crossed swords (in McGee-sword colors) with Feschs (and Board-like Borders). I always link those two surnames, but can add that the Fesch swords are in both colors of the McGee leopard FACEs. Gosh, did God punch me in the FACE to point to Fessys/Face's for this very discussion? I see Fessys from the Fesch-like Fieschi (Genova), after all, and the Fessy/Face motto is code partly for the Segni's, first found in Genova.

By the way, Aude's/Oddeys were first found in Savoy while Savoys share the Fessy/Face cross. Savoy is the location of BRIANcon, and Irish Brians have three lions in pale half in the colors of the three leopard faces in pale of Brains, but also in the colors of the Brennan lions. The saltire of French Brians is colors reversed from the same of Oddie's. It appears once again that God was pointing to the Brennan and Dempsey partnership / relationship with Jim Baker. Reminder; Jim Baker was pointed to by Jim Backus, who played the cartoon character, Mr. McGoo, and then McGee is himself a Jim. The three piles of English Brians (Denbighshire, same as Bachs) are positioned as with the three Aude/Oddey swords.

Again, Dempseys share the Dempster sword. As Scottish Pollocks share "strenue" with the Dempster motto, the bendwise Dempster sword can be suggested as a version of the same-colored, wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks, for the first-known Pollock was the builder of Rothes castle, at Rothes, near Perthshire, the latter being where Dempsters...and Justine's were first found. Justine's share the white sword too, but in both colors of the Aude/Oddey sword, and Aude's are expected in the "AUDacter" motto term of Pollocks. Aha! English Forts, expected in the "Fortis" motto term of Dempsters, use "Fortis et AUDAX" (I've known this without need to reload the Forts). Plus, WOOOWWWIE, the Fort Crest shares a winged and seated lion in Crest with Halpers and Holders!!! And the Halper lion has a fitchee, as does the Fort lion.

It can be gleaned that the Fort quadrants are those of Otone's/Oltens, a branch of Odins (Yorkshire, same as Oddie's) and therefore very linkable to Aude's/Oddeys. There is a black fitchee cross beside the Fort lion, and as the black fitchee is a symbol of Plains/Platters, the Palin-Chief stars might be in the Fort Chief. Plus, the Fort castle is that also of English Martys/Martins for yet another pointer to Marty Dempsey! I'll bet that Dempsey was Obama's partner in crime to raise an army for the invasion of Israel, using ISIS, for Obama was an avid Palestinian supporter.

PLUS, German Bakers share the Jewish Pollock Coat exactly! Both Coats use nothing but a wavy, red-on-white bend. I find it impossible to have these many "coincidences" as pure coincidences. I rather view them as God's pointers to Obama's military schemes, but pointing also to Eric Holder now.

I've had reasons for suspecting the "STRenue" motto term of Pollocks (and Dempsters) as code for STURs, likely the namers of the Stur river flowing to near Poole. I had noted that the Arms of Pola/Pula, in Stur-like ISTRia, is a cross in the colors that Pollocks sometimes use for their similar saltire cross, wherefore I drew a blood line from Pola to the namers of Poole, but also to Peter Pollock at Rothes castle. The Otone/Olten and Odin lions are thus likely the Pool(e) lion.

I was playing POOL in Obama's billiard hall, and before realizing that my sewer was God's pointer to Barry Soetoro, I pegged it as God's method of pointing to Peter STRzok (note how his name is like "Stur"). That's because the paper plane was originally a flat a page as code for Lisa Page, the so-called mistress of Peter Strzok. I had formed the theory that since there is no Strzok surname at houseofnames, God would use the SUTER variation of Sewers to indicate STRzok, and moreover I found a Zok-like Sogg/Sugg surname, first found in Hampshire with STURs, you see. Soggs/Suggs can be of Seagar liners from the Sakarya river of the great-mother goddess (Cybele), for that is what Ishtar was prior to Cybele.

I have wrongly been calling the Holder lion winged for years. It's not winged; the tail style just gave me that impression. The seated Holder / Halper / Fort lion is shown large in the Coat of Lewinski's/Lavinski's (Lovinger branch?), and one can see that it has no wings, but rather a fancy tail coming off the side of the lion rather than from the butt. The tail goes under the lion, then up through the inner thigh, which may have a reason in some surname. As Fulbert, the father of the first Pollock, was in Shropshire, where Lewins/Levens were first found, the Lewinski lion looks like the Pool / Rita lion. "Seated" can be code for Seats, who share the two pale bars in the Arms of Ille-et-Vilaine, the area of Brittany in which Dol is found, where Fulbert above was a servant of the Alans (Lewin/Leven colors).

I know that God invited me to serve him at age 7. I heard the words audibly, "Will you live for me?" I had refused Him on the spot, and never pondered the invitation after that. I was a wicked little kid, apparently, or just plain stupid. At age 11, I awoke one morning repeating, "No, I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe...," when POW, just as I was saying it the second time, lightning struck our chimney and scattered bricks on the roof. It was such a loud and frightening strike. Yet from that day onward I did what was wrong by hanging out with McGee and Fisher, and so I think that, yes, God punched me in the face, yet that punishment comes now with the heraldic value at hand. The punch wasn't wasted (it almost knocked me out).

I kid you not, I've told this story before, that Vince Pearce punched Kepke in the face once in my presence. As Face's are with Fessys, note that Pearce's/Piers share the rare, wavy chevron (both colors even) of Fessy-like Fish's. Then, about five years later, my boss took a sub-contracting job with Frank to built a boat house on lake Rosseau, and when my boss and I arrived, there were two of Frank's employees, unexpectedly, Mike Oddie and Vince Pearce, whom I hadn't seen in years. One Rosseau Coat shares the same giant lion as Lovings/Louvaine's.

So what happened is that we started to erect the steel-beam structure over the water, and somehow, when they dropped their wrenches, I got the job of going down to fetch them, which was great because I got to dive into the water to collect them, and this was in the heat of summer. They dropped them again and again.

Although I've told this story before, I've not done so since coming to the Get'n Go, which is at the corner of RANCH road in Camp Wood, Texas, a road that locals call the Leakey road, and then while Wrench's are also RENCH's, German Rench's use the Leakey and Hicks fleur-de-lys. It therefore appears meaningful that while the Get'n Go is a pointer to McGee's, or vice-versa, Jim McGee was with me when Oddie (or Oddey) punched me. Reminder: Aude's/Oddeys share white swords to a point with McGee's. For this reason, I've loaded the Punch's, whose Crest is a little like the Pink/Pinc Crest, and with Loretta LYNCH in mind, let me quote part of the Punch write-up:

"The manor {of Linch in Sussex} is described in the Domesday Survey under the name of Lince...In the 16th century, the place was parcel of the estates of the dukes of Norfolk; it afterwards became the property of Viscount MontaGUE, and eventually of the family of Poyntz [a Punch branch]."

All of a sudden, MontaGUE's look like McGee's or McGoo's/Gows. Montague's were first found in Somerset with Whistle's, always interesting, and use three lozenges colors reversed from the Whistle lozenges. I was living at Oosteyn's at the time I was up at the boat house. It was probably after he returned from Whistler mountain.

AND WOW, I think this Montague direction is the right way to go because Wrench's/Rench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cute's while Montague's are also MontaCUTE's! Perhaps God arranged the following facts too, to give more merit to this new direction: 1) Penns, with a Punch-like Pence variation, share plates with Cute's, and both Coats look related; 2) Pennys/Penes', first found in Northamptonshire with Fessys/Face's, share the greyhound with Cute's; 3) Pennys/Penes' share the lynx with the Lynch's/Linch's whose titles were taken (probably by marriage) by Montague's. Is MIKE Oddie and his punch a pointer to MIKE Pence?

The three Montague lozenges are in the colors of the same of Reno's, and I always link Reno's to Pincs/Pinks because they have lozenges in the same colors. The Pincs/Pinks are the ones with a version of the Sewer/Suter and Board Coats to which God pointed in the Obama dream, and Frank, the one who had the contract for the boat house, has the name of Frank in Obama's book, Dreams of My Father.

It is generally thought that this Frank was Frank Marshal Davis, a communist, and possibly Obama's true father. Frank Marshall is the name of a chess champion who lost a chess match that was shared in Julian Assange's last tweet from his embassy prison. The tweet immediately before that one was, Paper Planes, which is the main theme in the Obama dream. The Get'n Go was all about Assange's woes with president Moreno, who took Assange's rights away to use the Internet shortly after his last tweet. It could appear that Assange is going to cause a lot of trouble for Obama.

If I have this pegged right, that MontaGue's are part of the Get'n Go as God wants us to see it, then let's go to the "reGULA" motto term of Montague's, for Gulls ("sine") can be gleaned with the pale bars of German Julians because Gullys/Gollys ("sine") share the cross of English Julians. JULIAN Assange. How about that. Look at how fast and neat we arrived to that after getting Montague's from my punch in the face.

Lookie: there is a Hugh GOLIE in the Gully/Golly write-up, and I claim that God arranged for me to score on the GOALIE, Jim McGee, over his KNEE pad, in pee-wee organized hockey, because God wanted to stress his knee. This was my claim long before coming to share on the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks, that I saw as I walked up to the front door of the Get'n Go. I saw them through the GLASS of the DOOR, God's pointer, I feel sure, for Mr. Glas, the vice president of EcuaDOR when Assange was shown favor in the Ecuadorian embassy. Mr. Glas has spoken out against the way Moreno treated Assange. As I said, on the day I arrived to Crystal City, just two hours before arriving, I was driving toward Leakey when I saw a political sign with Mr. Moreno upon it. This was way back in 1994, yet I still remember that name on that sign.

I have found a way to support the punch in the FACE with Mike Pence, or, at least, with Pinc liners, where Pense's/Pincers, who named Pincon, share the eagle of Segni's/Segurana's in the motto of Fessys/FACE's. And this discovery came just after I had loaded Vince's as per Vince Pierce. I didn't have a thing to say about the Vince's, until the Pense's/Pincers brought us to the Fessy motto, which uses, "signo VINCES," isn't that a hoot!? Signors share the Baker chevron. The three griffins of Vince's are in the design of, and in the same positioning as, the Holder griffins. Plus, the Pense/Pincer Coat also includes the same eagle as used by Childs, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's! Zikers. I was a child of 12 when Oddie punched me with McGee there, and I was 12 when scoring on McGee.

As was said many times. Steve Tarr was trying to skate between the defenceman and the boards at the corner, and when he turned toward the net, still at the BOARDs, he passed to me alone in front of McGee, and I BACKhanded the puck over his pad as he kicked at it. The Boards are in all three colors of Pense's/Pincers. Tarrs and Pierce's were both first found in Somerset with Montague's and Whistlers. Tarrs show only five pale bars in the colors of the nothing-but-four-fesses of Punch's.

Holders: "The surname Holder originally derived from the Old English word Haldan." It checks out where Haldans share the gold griffin with Holders, and then the Wrench's/Rench's were "Lords of the manor of Haddenham" while Haddens share the full motto, "Suffer," of Haldans, which is why you can trash the derivation of Haddens in anything but ODA (like "Oddie") of HALDENsleben, wife of Mieszko I. That's who Haldens are from. As Haldens were first found in east Lothian with HADDINGton, it becomes clear that this area was named after the Hadden variation of Haldens, especially as Haddens share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens' (Lothian). Haddingtons use the Fessy/Face Coat in colors reversed, no guff.

You've really got to ask whether God provided the Pincer variation of Pense's, because Haldens are traceable to Mieszko's wife only because his other wife DOBRawa, is to the Dobers and Dobermans (probably the Pollock / Smoke/Rauch / Baker bend), for Dobers share the gold griffin head in Crest with the Halden Crest. Thus, the Doberman PINSCHER comes forcefully to mind with Pincers. Reminder; Wrench's/Rench's were first found in the same place as Cute's, and Cute's share plates with Mussels/Muscels, a Mieszko-like surname, namers of Musselburgh in Haddingtonshire. If I recall correctly, Haldensleben is near Brunswick, and the latter is where Halden-like Altens were first found. Aldens were first found in Nottinghamshire, named after Cnut, grandson of Mieszko I. I've been doing my homework.

The six pale bars of Eltons are Pepin-of-Landen symbols that include elements (e.g. Langleys, Langfords / Longfords) of Langhe in Cuneo, which I trace with German Langs to "LUNEburg" at Brunswick. Bruno's are said to have been at Asti, smack at Langhe.

We can now know where HOLDers trace, to the myth roots of Mieszko I, in mythical KOLODziej Piast the Wheelwright of the mouse tower at Goplo. The latter is a term related to KOPLik, a location on the Clausula river two or three miles from a Dober location. I've been doing my homework. The Clausula drains into lake Scodra.

Wheelwrights share the antelope design of Obama-liner Singletarys, and as Jonathan Singletary became Jonathan Dunham, just go ahead and compare the Coats of Dunhams and Holders. They both use a dancette and the same colors. Wheelwrights (Catherine wheel) were first found in Yorkshire with Dance's, Odins and Oddie's. Note that Duns/Dunce's use the colors and format of Baliols, for the latter are in the write-up of Scotts (Catherine wheel) whom I trace to lake Scodra. Wheelwrights share the Catherine wheel (of Roets) also with Holder- and Kolod-like Colters.

I was laboring, trying to figure why God might use Steve Tarr for the goal against McGee. To set this up, I've got to repeat what happened in the previous game, the semi-finals. I was on the bench looking at the clock, with about two minutes to go in the game. It was a 2-2 tie. The next thing I remember, Steve Tarr and I have a two-on-one break. He maybe doesn't see me, and takes a slap shot from inside the blue line. The puck hits the goalie way out of the net, knocks him down to the ice, and it bounces over his head in the meantime, headed for the net, but stops on the goal line. Seeing this with an empty net, like a gift from heaven, my KNEES gave out, and I slid in on them, poking the puck into net, and crashing into the BOARDs behind the net. I was okay, but when I got up, there was the entire bench skating toward me, and they pile on me like we won the Stanley Cup. Ask me: did I feel like a champion?

We forward did go to the finals, and our first goal on McGee was mine, the one I spoke of, as per a nice pass from Tarr. That's why I suspect that God wants me to understand the Tarr surname. We won the CHAMPIONship that game, but I do not think I have ever checked the Champion surname due to this thing. In the past, I have seen the Tarrs at the Taro river, which was home to the Ananes Gauls that I've been tracing without doubt to Annandale's. Had I checked the Champion surnames years ago, I would have seen that Belgian Champions/Campions share the Annandale saltire. Plus, as I see Ananes Gauls with the Laevi Gauls, it's notable that the English Champions/Campions use two motto terms, including "Pro," and a fesse, to indicate their relationship to Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia, a Pepin-suspect city founded earlier by the Laevi.

To this we can add that Camps, first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Campbells, Dance's and Wheelwrights, share the gold griffin head with Haldans and Holders. The latter were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens, in case Steven Tarr applies to Holders. German Camps show only a DANCEtte generally in the colors of the Wheelwright dancette, and Dutch Camps have an eagle in the colors of the Piast eagle (see Wikipedia). This recalls that God used Mamie, whom became my ladyfriend at a camp site, a few weeks after we DANCEd in her home, to be a symbol of Men's/Mame's/Meme's, the same Mens' that we saw with the Hadden variation of Haldans, is that not amazing? Mamie was also God's pointer to Mamesfelde of the MANSfields, in Nottinghamshire. Wrights share the double fesses of the Parrs in the motto of Mens-branch Manners/Maness'.

Kolodziej Piast took the mouse tower from mythical Popiel, possible code for Popleys (Yorkshire), but then the Mens' we just saw with Haldan liners are in the Pepin and Poppin mottoes. Popleys have the colors and format of Bessins (Cheshire, same as Otone's/Oltens and Eltons), from Basina, royal wife of Child-liner Childeric. Childs share the Piast eagle.

I recall cherishing the hockey TROPHy we won that year. I had no idea that God was doing those things, or maybe I did due to the blessedness of it. What are the chances that trophy-like Tropoje is a location near the sources of the Clausula river past Koplik and Dober? That's right. Either God named Tropoje to be like "trophy," or vice-versa, how else can we explain this?

It's a little interesting that the lightning bolt to the chimney, a year before the trophy, may be a pointer to Boltons sharing the red chevron of Chimneys (Yorkshire, same as Wheelwrights), who in-turn share the red antelope in Crest with Wheelwrights. Bolts share the black griffin with Catherine-Roet-wheel Scotts. The other Scotts share the Coat of Terras', and Tarrs (same place as Roets) come up as Terres'. German Bolts were first found in the Pomerania area along with Dobermans (griffins) and the Mieszko-related House of Griffin. The Griffin motto is likely for Neville's, the latter said to be from the Touques river while Touque's/Ticks use the black griffin. The Neville's of Raby suggest that the Annandale motto has the Rabys because the Neville saltire is colors reversed from the Annandale and Champion saltires. It's another good reason that God brought the superstar, Tarr, to our team, late in the season, i.e. because He wanted us to win the CHAMPIONship. Tarr scored four goals in the championship game.

The Tick variation of Touque's suggest a Touques-river merger with the namers of Tickhill (Yorkshire), suggesting that the Tease's/TECKs are using the Neville saltire. Mansfields, in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'/TIGHs, share the maunch with Tickhills. The Ananes-like Anne's/Hanne's of Tickhill share the stag heads of Poppins (Mens Chief-Shield).

The Bolton Crest is a brown stag head pierced by an arrow, much like the brown Pollock boar pierced by an arrow. It just so happens that Bolton-like Bole's have a boar pierced by an arrow. The interior of the Bole cups share the white-on-blue boar heads of POLESons and Molle's while the daughter of Eschyna de Molle married the second Pollock (Robert) while Eschyna herself married Robert CROCE. he was also "Croc," and the Tickhill maunch (sleeve) should be linkable to the sleeve of Irish Crocs, from Crociatonum in maunch-like Manche.

So, Odins and Oddie's / Aude's/Oddeys are all suspect with the namers of Oda of Haldensleben...and heavily suspect with Ottone Visconti and the Others/Otters from other considerations. HaldenSLEBEN looks like it's from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians smack at lake Scodra. God showed via Miss Hicks sleeping and RISING that Selepitanoi, near RHIZON, are to the Sleep surname. She was sleeping in the dream as she hovered, and then a voice like God's behind me directed me to wake her up, and as I was leaning over to kiss her awake, my hand brushed her KNEE, yup, and she was instantly in my arms. We were then rising together into the sky, in rapture. It was a powerful dream. I looked for her in real life, for years and years, thinking she would be my God-given wife, until realizing that the dream was given for heraldic purposes.

Recall that Paul Smith was up my driveway, in the dream, on crutches, for the Crutch/Crooch surname is definitely a branch of Croce's (STORK in Crest, and Odins were at Storkhouse). it can be expected of Crozier's too, which are represented in the crozier of Odins. The Croce-branch Crutch's/Crooch's have a Coat linkable to the stork-using Store's/Storys. The French Paul lion holds the same sword as have Aude's/Oddeys. The Yorkshire Oddie's happen to have a saltire in colors reversed from the same as Norwegian Eriks, which recalls that Odins were at HOLDERness i.e. is this pointing to Eric Holder? It seems to be verifying that elements of mythical Kolodziej were heavily in Yorkshire, and that Holders apply with Odins to the namers of Oda Haldensleben.

Why do Holder-like Helders have a "CRUX" motto term??? The Crux Coat is even like the Crutch/Crooch Coat. If that's not enough, Crux's/Crucks/Cricks (Kent, same as Anvils) have a patee cross colors reversed from the patees of Anvils/Hanville's (Ananes again?), and then Scottish Smiths use anvils. The Coat of Scottish Smiths looks like a Coat version of Ticks/Tucks/Touque's (Kent again). The Smith heron is the symbol of the Orne's/Horns, and the Touques river is in Orne. The Touques area is that of ANTELope-suspect Les ANDELys, where Toeni's (see Tonys) are from who share the maunch with Tickhills...while Ticks are with the Touque's. I've done my homework.

Holder-like Helders even look like they can be linked to potent-like Patents (the potent cross is known to be from a crutch design), in the colors and format of the Popleys, the ones suspect with mythical Popiel of the mouse tower. Patents are in the colors and format also of Bessins, and the Bessin, beside Orne, was ruled by a line from Malahule, the ancestor also of the Toeni's. Malahule-line rulers of the Bessin included Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, and the lightning bolt scattered BRICKs on our roof, where Masci's lived who were of the Meschins, named after Briquessart's son. I recall the flash of lightning being bright, like it reflected off my pillow and then off my forehead, and Brights (Cheshire, same as Masci-line Masseys/Maceys) are suspect with the pierced Macey stars. Maceys use the mace, like Thor, god of thunder. Brights share the black griffin with Touque's/Ticks. Masseys were from DUNHAM-Masci of Cheshire, where Obama probably descends whom looks poised to bring on the False-Prophet system, if he can help it.

Why is the Helder Coat a lot like the Coat of neighboring Plains/Platters while sharing the Ball fireballs? Why do Ball-like Pauls share large ermine spots with the other Balls? If the FORMee-fitchee of Plains/Platters linked well above with Formans, note that Formans (Bolton lion?) were first found in Lothian with Helder-like Haldens. FORMan-like Worms share the green dragon of Formans, and it's known that Worms elements founded the royal CAPETians, which can explain why I was the assistant CAPTain of Tarr's team. I can't recall whether Tarr was made the captain, but follow this.

Tarr represents the Taro river of the Ananes Gauls to Annandale. Nearby was the Nith river of the Geds to which I trace the McGeth variation of McGee's (Dumfries, same as Annandale and the Nith). The Geds became the Geddes whose motto has the Capetians, apparently. That's so cool. Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith. As the Haldan saltire is that of Kilpatricks too, while Haldans named Haddington, do we think the Haddingtons use a cross version of the same-colored Annandale saltire? Looks like. As Tarrs are Terres' too while Scotts are kin of Terras', let's add that Scotts were first found in Roxburghshire with the Maxwells (Macey cousins) who are in the Kilpatrick motto and saltire. Remember, the Annandale saltire got suspect with Belgian Champions.

The Bruce's of Annandale took the Annandale saltire and gave it a gold background, which saltire is used by Belgian Pratts, making it very connectable to the Champion saltire. And the Prets/Prettys in the Moray motto happen share the Forman lion, as well as the Moray stars as used by Sutherlands. The Moray stars are shared by Douglas' from Castle Douglas near the Nith. Perhaps the Douglas heart is used in the hearts of Denmark's heraldry.

"Haldan" looks like the meaning of mythical king Halfdan, and he was related, if I recall correctly, to the Dane king, GORM, or Worm. I can't recall whether Swietoslawa, who married the Dane king, Forkbeard, was a daughter of Oda of Haldensleben or of Dobrawa, but Halfdan suggests that Oda's elements were in Denmark.

Palins/PAULeys were first found in Dorset with the Poole location, and the Palin stars are also those of Polesdons. Note that while the Yorkshire Pauls (Pools? Pollocks?) were at Holderness, French Pauls look to be with a version of the Sforza lion (holds a Quint-like quince), and then while Sforza's (compare with German Smiths) look like a branch of Pollock-related Forts, the Sforza lion is almost the lion of Rita's (Rome, same as Sforza's) and therefore of Pools (from Vespasia Polla of Rita-like Rieti).

English Adams were at Annandale, but they use a cross version of the Annandale saltire, making the Adam Coat (comes with Sutherland / Prett stars) the Haddington cross. Might "Adam" be a variation of "Hadden"? Repeat as per ADAM Lovinger, who exposed Halper: "French Adams share the Halper rose, and Halpers share the gold fitchee with Irish Adams." The latter use a "cruce" motto term, and German Adams use another "Crux" motto term. Borderlands Adams use the cross in the Arms of Pula in colors reversed. This was an ISTRia line to Poole near the mouth of the Stur, and ISTERs/Astors/Estors (Tourlaville) are shown to be a branch of French Sturs (Tourlaville). Fisks/Fiscs (Crux/Cruck/Crick pale bar?) use an "astra" motto term.

If you check out the SHOTs/Shute's (Wiltshire, near the Stur), you will see the same swords, once again, as are used by McGee's, Dempseys and Brennans, and to this I can add three things; 1) I took a SHOT on Obama's billiard table; 2) I sewered a paper plane with that shot while Sewers/Suits/SHUTers (Sutherlands?) look like a branch of Shots/SHUTE's, and, moreover, the Sword surname (honored in the heraldic sword) is from Sewer-like Siward of Northumberland. Sewards share the two chevrons of Sweets, and these are likely the two chevrons of French Lamberts (Dauphine, same as Payens), from Mieszko II Lambert, and the latter's Coat is connectable to Billiards (white version of Payen Coat), yup, that's right. Billiards/Hilliards were first found in Mieszko-infested Yorkshire, and Obama descends from Mieszko liners.

3) The Arms of DACHau (Bavaria, concentration-camp headquarters) has a sling SHOT, and Shots/Shute's share the swords of Dachau-like Dax's/Tax's/DACHs. Moreover, English Dax's (Tease/Tigh colors) have lion heads in the colors of the lion of "Audax"-using Markhams. The latter were at TUXford, as the write-up says, which is in Nottinghamshire, where Tease's/Tighs were first found who I see as a branch of Tax's/Dax's.

Let's go back to Paul Smith on crutches, and the Smith link to Plains/Platters, keeping in mind that God gave the dream with Paul on crutches for good reasons. The heraldic crutch formed the so-called potent cross, used by Croce's and also by the Skate's/Sheets who were in the Obama dream twice, once at the start when all the tables were covered in a single, black sheet, and once when Obama was SKATEboarding up an arched ramp. I have amazing things lined up that just occurred to me because, while trying to load the Halper Coat to see if it was the one that shared the brown lion with Ramps (yes they do), I accidentally typed "Halpert" (brown crest), wow.

Before getting to Halperts, I'd like to finish what was started in the paragraph above. The top-of-crutch pattern is used in bends in only two surnames I know of, the French Champagne's and the Avezzano's. I know why they share this, because Avezzano's are a branch of Avisons, the namers of an Avesnes location on the Halper-like Helpe river. Recall that Halpers/HALFpennys share the gold fitchee with Halfs/HELPs, for the Halper Chief shares a red rose with Avezzano's. A noble of Avesnes is known to have married a noble of Champagne, and the Vair fur covering the Shield of English Champagne's is similar to the same-colored checks of Halpers.

So, in other words, we just saw Halpers, who share the Steel checks, linking to a Champion-like surname that uses crutches while God connected the crutch via Smiths to Plains and therefore to the plane on Obama's billiard table that was all about the Steele / Perkins-Coie dossier. But as HILLARY Clinton paid Perkins Coie to secure the dossier, note that Hillarys and Clintons share the same six fitchees (who arranged this?), which are in the colors of the Plain fitchee. Secondly, note that Hillards are listed with the Yorkshire Billiards.

Now, as per the Halperts, it's amazing that they are also Albert-like Halberts, for they came to topic recently with Albert Oosteyn, who was resolved as God's pointer to whistle blowers. And Halper was revealed by the whistle blower, Lovinger. I was a PALL bearer in Albert's funeral, and Palls are listed with French Pauls. This gets amazing first because God had Paul Smith on crutches, and Albert was on crutches when I was living at his place (later with a walker). The giant lion of German Smiths is in the colors of the giant griffin of English Alberts (Kent), and both surnames use the hammer. Kent is where Smith beloved Anvils were first found along with the Crux's who apparently share the Anvil patee cross in colors reversed.

Albert died when Miss Simpson was visiting me from Texas, and she attended the funeral with me, for which reason her surname became suspect recently with Glenn Simpson, the one who was hired by Perkins Coie to hire Christopher Steele. It was amazing that, when Miss Simpson came flew up to see me (she came twice), I took her skiing in what was the first time for both of us, and that was resolved with the fact that Albert Oosteyn had asked me to move into his apartment when he went to works at WHISTLER mountain ski resort! That's a big reason as to why I was convinced that Albert was God's pointer to a whistle blower(s).

The Whistlers/Whistle's were first found in Somerset, where there are two Axe rivers, at least one of which has been proven to be represented by heraldic axes. Heraldry has so-called "halpert axes" as well as "halbert axes," and the Halperts/Halberts (Whistler/Whistle colors) do use axes. Somerset is where Crutch's were first found.

It had been found (2nd update of last month) that Blowers/Bloors have the goat in the colors of the Walser goat, and I've read and recorded that the Walser goat holds the halbert axe. That was another proof that God was pointing Albert to a whistle blower(s).

You will be amazed now, I guarantee. The whistle blower is now suspect with Adam Lovinger. While there is no LOVINGer surname, Lovings/Louvains, first found in Kent with Alberts, use a giant lion in colors reversed from the giant griffin of the same Alberts. The Alberts use a savage holding a "sledge hammer," and for this reason it was shown that Sledge's share the format and colors of Halberts/Halperts. But, wow, Sledge's use three owls in the colors of the three towers of Owl-like Howells!!! That is incredible, for LOVIE HOWELL was suspect earlier in this update with pointing to Lovinger!!!!!!! Astounding. Plus, the Sledge Crest shares a lion holding a gold fitchee with Halpers!!!!!!!!!! Super-astounding, for Lovinger blew the whistle on Stefan Halper. Owls/Howls have three owls in the colors and format of the Blower/Blow goat heads.

WOW. What are the chances that German Hammers/Hemmers use a Coat almost that of German Smiths, but including the lion of Lovings/Louvains?? That's right. I've already shown how English Hammers and Hams point hard to McCabe's and the Ohrs. Nelly Ohr worked for Glenn Simpson in 2016, during the dossier effort, and got her ham-radio license at that time. McCabe's, first found in Arran with Blow-like Blue's, share the salmon (same colors) of Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with Hammers. The latter show nothing but double dolphins, the symbol also in the Durham Crest. John Durham? English Smiths were first found in Durham with Counters, and the colors of the Hammer/Hemmer lion is called, counter-changed. Paul Smith got his carpenter's license i.e. he swung a hammer.

[I wrote this on the same day (16th) the Fox's Bill HEMMER interviewed Bill Barr in El Salvador. It will be in Fox on the 17th. Barr told Hemmer that, the more questions he asked on the scandals, the more questions he had as per the unsatisfactory answers he got. Looking good i.e. Barr really wants to know what happened with the Obama government's trespassing on the Trump team.]

The Smith motto, "Benigno numine," is likely code for Numans/Newmans, and I've linked the latter to McCabe's since ten or more years ago. As Newmans were first found in Dorset with Palins/Pauleys (probably the black Quint lion) and Quints, it appears that the two use the same lion but in colors reversed from one another, for the white Newman lion is in its Crest too while the white lion in the Crest of Sledge's holds a gold fitchee, the symbol in the black lion paw of Quints. The latter are said to have been first found in both Dorset and Essex, and the latter is where Sledge's were first found. The Austins, like "Oosteyn" (Albert's surname), can be gleaned with the Quint chevron and lion paws, and Scottish Austins have another "Crux" motto term. Albert Oosteyn had MS, and went quickly from being healthy to using crutches.

Hammers and anvils go together with blackSMITHs. The patee crosses we saw from Paul-beloved Anvils (Palin/Pauley lion?) are code for lines out of Patti of Sicily, near Potentia in the foot of Italy. Paul Smith on crutches is linkable to the potent cross that traces well to Potentia, for the Arms of nearby Calabria has a potent cross. The Pattys/Pati's, first found in Worcestershire with Halpers (lion with gold fitchee), happen to share a white lion in both Shield and Crest with Smith-beloved Newmans.

Newmans and Pattys both share the white lion in Shield and Crest with Raines' (Essex), and the latter look traceable, in this picture, to "Airaines," in Picardy near ABBEville. McCabe's of Airaines-like Arran are also MacABBE's, and that's one way to trace Newmans to McCabe's, but there are two others.

Back to the Hicks dream, for the bulldog there was Intended to point to Spuds MacKenzie, the bull-terrier mascot of Bud Light beer. With God, the same symbolism in any dream or event can have multiple pointers / meanings, which is what makes my head spin. There is an article online in the Baytown sun, in which Charlotte Kilpatrick (Miss Hicks) is the TROPHY girl for her team winning a cook-out contest. And there is a photo of her kids and husband standing with Spuds. In the dream, I went from trying to save the bulldog to walking onto a BEACH. So, recalling my hockey trophy with CHAMPIONship, we take this to BeauCHAMPS/BEACHams (similar to the Hicks Coat), you see, first found in Bedfordshire with Champions.

It could appear that God could use the beach for Champion liners, especially as Beach's and Beachers (and Beckers) happen to share a Shield filled with vair fur with Champagne's, how did that come to be? It looks like a Beach/Bech merger with Champagne elements. MacKenzie's are a branch of Kennedy-like Kenneths while Kennedys love the Avise's/Avisons in their motto...which is the Avesnes-of-Helpe line that married Champagne. Like I said, makes my head spin, it's not a wonder I'm not allowed to be married while carrying out this project.

As Wikipedia calls Spuds a terrier, isn't that like the Terres variation of Tarrs, the surname that won us the championship? Why were Tarrs first found in Somerset with Bulls, Shirt-beloved Hosts/Osts (share the Bull bull head), and Lights/Lite's (as per Bud Light)? Lights/Lite's are in the colors and format of Dogs. I was on the beach without a shirt. Trophy-like Tropoje is the line to Drops/Trope's (drops), who share the lion of the Somerset Whistle's, the latter now to be applied to Hosts/Osts for a reason I don't yet know for sure. Why do Buds share the Holder dancette?

The Avisons are the ones with the Comines Coat, and that takes one to the Comets. As per God pointing to Comet Ping Pong PIZZAgate with comet-using Reines' (PISA Coat in colors reversed), it's interesting that Italian Stefans share the comet as well as the Chief of Panico's/Panetta's, the latter being a branch of Pincs/Pinks (share lozenges of Reines-like Reno's) and PINGS/PONGS/Paganells. We just saw the whistle blower, Lovinger, revealing Stefan Halper, and Whistle's use lozenges colors reversed from those of Reno's and Pincs/Pinks as well as sharing the lion of Paganell-branch Paine's/Payne's (Somerset, same as Whistle's). Janet Reno? Eric Holder was the deputy attorney general when Janet Reno was Bill Clinton's attorney general. Bill Barr preceded Janet Reno in that job.

Here's a comment from Bongino's show Wednesday night: "James Baker's lawyer told @Jim_Jordan Durham was on the case on October 3, 2018. Also on ZH: Barr's Investigator John Durham Once Probed Mueller In A Shocking Case - Robert Mueller was knee-deep in this scandal, along with Andrew Weissman and the agent sent to prison, but because Reno gave him very limited authority, Durham was not able to prosecute Mueller..." It sounds like Durham might like to get Mueller now. Two other comments call the deep state "the Hammer."

Here's Sara Carter's long story on Lovinger and Halper:

Back to the Developing Stories

Suddenly, everyone's talking about really seeing jail terms for the highest levels with the appointment of John Durham. But it's too early to tell because, even if Barr and Durham together want to see jail terms from what they already know to be true, the other side has yet to act fully to make them cave. We hope that when they do act that way, they will only sink deeper into their quagmire, and embolden Barr all the more. Judging by the number of people wanting jail terms, it's going to be hard to conduct a killing, for example, of a Barr or Trump operative, because that would embolden their side with fury in return. I think that the momentum has come past the point of where the deep state can plot some harsh measure without being hit back hard, but to make sure that something harmful doesn't happen, I think it's best to work fast, send the rats scurrying in chaos without secure plans in place to get out of their mess. The problem is, court cases drag on, giving them time to lay their threats and counter-measures.

The most profound statement in the Shaffer video (presented earlier in this update) is in the 38th minute, like when the Democrat monster has its mouth open around the head of Mr. United States, but, suddenly, Hillary lost...and the monster was left screaming, helpless, stupefied, angry, villainous, insane. Shaffer implies that, if Trump does not destroy this monster, it will come again and establish a dictatorship based on spy powers, spy tricks, and spy hammers against any opposition. Trump is the biggest skunk in all of this scandal. The one who has experienced the monster first hand allows it to live and even thrive when he has the power to expose it and thus jail it.

It seems that the president is unashamed to reveal that he learns of deep-state news from the news, like the rest of us. Isn't that the definition of a useless moron, if he's the president? Shouldn't the president know much-much more on the details than we? What are his lawyers doing? For his sake, let's hope that when Trump makes himself appear to learn of the details from the news, that he's lying, by far the lesser of two evils. Let's hope he's just trying to make the other side think that he's not onto them through his own people. We might even hope that Trump has got Wray to act like the enemy in order to keep the enemy from attacking them both. That would be possible except that the liberal side would probably have discovered it by now, and then revealed their disgust for Wray one way or the other. We haven't seen any of that.

Listening to Shaffer from the end of the 38th minute as he speaks on how hapless Horowitz is by force of law, it's as though the deep state arranged to limit the powers of the Inspector General for exposing corruption if it touches on politics. I don't understand such a law. Yet, when Trump promised Nunes that he would declassify the FISA applications, Trump changed his mind and gave the issue to Horowitz. That's called caving to the deep state.

They are saying that Durham now has some control over Horowitz's investigations to a degree by the fact that the work of the two overlap. I am reminded that it was Horowitz who revealed the Strzok-Page texts, yet I don't recall anything else coming from Horowitz as a leak of anything seriously criminal. He has come to know first hand the evidence for crimes we hear about, and it can't be against the law for Horowitz to come out publicly to tell of any such crime. Why hasn't he done so? He doesn't need to wait until his report is finished. His investigation isn't some sort of self-serving cake that he's serving the country so that everyone can lavish praise upon him for his baking skills. Who is it that seeks to arrange for the Inspector General to work in a hushed manner? The ones who want DoJ leaders to break laws, obviously, like Holder, Lynch, Obama, the Clintons, and many of their invisible partners. The sooner they get exposed, the sooner they all have less power to alter the course of justice. But Horowitz, Rosenstein and Wray together have kept them from becoming exposed to this day.

The removal of Rosenstein and the addition of Durham promises to force Horowitz to release ALL of the damning evidence he's expected to have crossed. Durham will be there for a long while, going over the same ground as walked Horowitz, and the latter can himself be exposed if he has covered up crimes. We have heard from DiGenova that Horowitz has pegged three of the FISA warrants as illegal, buy why not the first of the four? Isn't it telling that he could so much as consider the first one to be legal? Isn't it obvious to us that the first one did not inform the FISA judges that Hillary paid for the evidence used in the FISA applications? How could Horowitz even try to play that as legal use of the FISA courts? If this is true, that how we can know that Horowitz is covering for the mob as best as he's allowed to get away with. Durham, we hope, won't let him get away with it.

John Solomon says that he has sources who know that Kathleen Kavalec, upon hearing from Steele, sent word to the FBI's Steven Laycock of the meeting, and this was before the FBI applied for the first FISA warrant. Word is that this revelation looks very bad on Strzok and Comey, and that Horowitz is prone to reporting that even the first application was illegal thereby. But, why would it take this much for Horowitz to see it as bogus? Laycock is now close to Wray, which can explain why Wray covered up Kavalec's notes.

Judicial Watch has received text messages between Kavalec and Bruce Ohr (Obama's DoJ) suggesting that they were willing to consider affirming the Steele dossier in November of 2016. Here's the short version of the story early in Hannity:

It was in roughly November of 2016 when Comey admitted that John Brennan demanded that the dossier be a part of Intelligence fodder. I believe Comeys story which Brennan denies. Brennan reacted by saying that Comey was the one throwing the dossier into the arena. It's seems clear that Comey refused to assist Steele in his bid to get the dossier into the news in time for the election, perhaps due to making himself vulnerable already by agreeing to exonerate Hillary. I'm half stupid, he must have been thinking, but not all stupid. Comey has admitted, now, that his FBI spied on Trump, and, as could be expected, he's admitted it with an explanation, like what he would do in a court of law, hoping the judge would accept his explanation. Barr wants to know whether Comey's explanation holds water, but Comey himself confessed that the dossier was garbage.

In other words, where's Comey predicate for sending investigators to spy on Trump's team? News has come out recently that the FISA applications had "VERIFIED" written upon them, intended to fool FISA judges, yet, in real fact, the dossier was not verified. The FBI claimed about a year ago or more that there were other reasons, besides the dossier, for suspecting Trump's team of collusion. That claim appears to be a thin ghost that won't show up for court simply because it doesn't have any stuff.

The leftist media is feeling pretty rotten now, more rotten than when Mueller let them down like a ton of burnt bricks. The leftists are needing to deal with the likes of Comey now confessing that the FBI did in fact spy on Trump's campaign. Ouch, can't the left get anything right? Yes, if they want to.

I'm not a Roger Stone fan, but here's Tucker Carlson on Stone's request to the White House to declassify documents that could help his case. On this show, one sees the unnecessary irony of Trump's unwillingness to HELP. Trump himself claimed that he had no good reason for not declassifying until now (his reason was no good), and so seemed to be apologizing, or giving sentiments to the effect that the time is now to prioritize declassification in a way that really hurts the criminals. Waiting...

John Solomon has more on the Ukraine story: the Ukraine is hotly investigating a parliamentary member who assisted the Democrats in interfering with the election on Hillary's behalf. Solomon is putting the shoe on the other foot, and this has the leftist media looking red with embarrassment, way to go, John:

In the video above, at the 11th minute, the FBI's Jim Baker says that the FBI didn't want a bad image for framing Trump. No kidding, what a surprise. Baker is giving the same, legal toss-out as Come: that they had the best interests of the nation at heart when looking at the dossier.

The Steel Rabbit

For those of you who know my white-rabbit theme's connection to the Conys and Conns, lookie here in the news this week:

New York (AFP) - A sculpture by American artist Jeff KOONS [caps mine] sold on Wednesday for $91.1 million at an auction...

"Rabbit", a stainless steel casting of an inflatable rabbit, was the star of the auction house's spring sale and overtook the previous record...

A STEEL rabbit by a Conn-like Koons surname. The rabbit appears to be a music composer. I cannot fathom why anyone would pay millions of dollars for this piece of nothing-burger that only a five-year old kid could love.

While I trace Conys and Conns (version of Meschin Coat) to "Cuneo" (Piedmont), and to a relationship with Meschin-liner Masci's (Piedmont), it's very interesting that Koons'/Cuhns (Austria), with some Cohen-like variations, share the chevron of Maso's/Masons (Piedmont), and to this it can be added that the Arms of Massa-Carrara, and the Massi/Mattis Coat, share the checks of German Cohens. The latter's Coat is used by Ferrats/Fers while MontFerrat is in Piedmont and even in Cuneo. In fact, Masci / Massey liners were at Ferrat-like Ferte-Mace. This is convincing me that Cohens and Hohens, who first appear in the Swabia theater, were from Cuneo, and at least related to Maso's/Masons there.

Is this rabbit sculpture by Koons (created in the 1980s) being sold now to act as rally-cry of moral support for pedophiles? Just wondering, because my white-rabbit theme, as given by God at my age nine, was about pedophiles in connection to Alex Podesta (see him in a kid's white-rabbit suit online). The Puddester/Poindexter surname shares the fist of Fists/FAUSTs, whom I trace to the Vasto's of Cuneo. My mother is a Masci on her mother's side.

The Maso/Mason write-up suggests connection with "ToMASO" = Thomas', and one Thomas Coat shares the Chief-Shield combination of Saluzzo's, suggesting Thomas of Saluzzo (Cuneo), and to this it can be added that the Saluzzo Coat belongs to the Vasto branch of Montferrat. I trace Reno's and Reines' to Renier/Rainier of Montferrat, and it just so happens that the Reines' use the Pisa Coat in colors reversed while Mosca's were first found in Pisa and while Massa-Carrara is beside Pisa.

The colors of the Reines' and Pisa lions are COUNTER-changed, and Counters/COMITissa's are the Comet line, I feel sure. The Counters/COMITissa's are properly the CONte's, and they happen to share the antlers of Conn-like Cone's while Maschi's (with an 'h') use "pine cones." It's clear, Conte's and the Conteville's of Comines were from Cuneo elements, especially Masci's, explaining why the first Meschin was a son of Emma de Conteville's daughter.

I claimed that God gave me/us an event in my early 20's, where CINDY was at second base as God's pointer to the shooting of Steve Scalise at second base a few years ago. Scalise was, according to reports I had read, investigating pedophilia at the time he was shot. Variations of Cindys make them look like a Conte branch, and Scalise's/Scalia's were first found near pizza-like Pisa. Just a few weeks after Cindy was at second base, she with her parents walked into the pizza restaurant, where I had worked for about two months only, or even less. It appears that God set me up with that pizza job, and brought Cindy to it on the night the manager asked me to serve tables to fill for a waiter that couldn't make it in. I served Cindy and her parents.

One of my jobs was to manage the BAR. Will Bill Barr look into the shooting of Steve Scalise? Why shouldn't he? And what about the suspicious 2016 killing of Scalia at the ranch of John B. Poindexter? Scalia was murdered just as the attack on Trump was about to get under way. It was a grave matter to win the election, for Democrats, to tilt the court left. As things have now become, abortion issues are going to the top court soon. Congratulations, Alabama, for your new abortion law!

I've just done a google search for " jeff koons pedophilia ":

Meet Jeff Koons: Artist, ICMEC
"Champion for Children" and child molester

...If that wasn't enough to get your heebies jeebied, here's truly horrific testimony by Koons' first wife, Ilona Staller (aka Cicciolina).

But I told the psychologist in New York that I suspected my husband was a psychopath. I walked in on him nude on the bed while our child was playing with his genitals, and I told him, “It’s not nice to do that with a child.” I certainly saw other horrible things, but I can’t tell you about them. In other words, my husband is mad as a hatter.

In this article, Koons is shown with a blow-up, PINK rabbit. I am now convinced that my white-rabbit theme was pointing also to this character. The article says that koons is "Current member of the Board of Directors for the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children". The implication is that he's in the secret business of making children go missing, and of course selling them for sex...this man needs to be killed if these things are true, and it sure looks like they are.

Next, we move to some of the reasons that Clintons are suspect in child-sex trafficking, but let's first mention that God may have arranged for the Clinton Shield to be of the Saluzzo Coat, and therefore possibly with the pierced Mace/Macey stars. Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with the Peare's, and this points us to the Pero's/Perino's who not only share the comet with Reines', but have a pale bar in colors reversed from the Scalise/Scalia "pale bar" formed by a ladder. In other words, these heraldic clues may be God's doings to clinch Clintons with pedophilia, and on top of these things, the English Trips use a "SCALing ladder" while Linda TRIPP blew the whistle on Clinton's MONICA Lewinsky. Below you will see another Monica as though speaking from her grave:

The International Center for Missing & Exploited Children held its first BofD meeting in May 1998.

It was officially launched in April 1999 by: Hillary Clinton, Lynn de Rothschild & Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

HRC [Hillary Clinton] sends Bill to Haiti to have Laura Silsby/ Gayler released from prison who was convicted of child trafficking. Laura GAYLER then gets a job at ALERTSENSE which deals with AMBER-ALERTS (missing children).

ALERTSENSE uses PODESTA GROUP for public relations

If these things are correct, it sure looks damning. My white-rabbit event took place at the home of Jerry PETERSON, and so see this story of Monica Peterson:

On August 15, 2015, Monica announced her plan to visit Haiti to conduct research on human trafficking:

And she has lived there since:

After several weeks, Monica discovers corruption in Haiti involving the Clintons and people/entities related to them, and focuses her research on Hillary Clinton from that moment on:
On January 3rd, 2016, Monica shared with her friend Bella some of her findings based on her field work in Haiti up to that point. By this time she had already become aware of corruption by the Clintons in Haiti ("starts to connect the dots on what I already suspected"). In fact, she was getting ready to dive full time: "Ms. Clinton has corrupt & dirty business to finish in Haiti ... This is the theory my master's thesis puts forth... this is modern structural slavery". Bella re-shared this post by Monica to a Facebook group she belonged to:

In that same post, Monica also links to this blog post discussing similar claims:

The day after, on January 4th, 2016, Monica again shared with her friend Bella some more of her findings: "But the real significance of this scandal for me, I know you feel me Bella, is the link to contemporary slavery and trafficking. I can't say to what extent, but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton's Caraol Complex."

Monica disappeared, and her family held her funeral. On the page below, wow, another entity to which my white-rabbit theme can point:

My name is Prof. Claude d’Estree...I am the Director of the Human Trafficking Center...

I am here, along with my colleagues Ms. Monica Petersen and Mr. Rex Hamaker, to testify on behalf of passage...

Let me begin by suggesting that you might read an excellent report put together by The City University of NewYork School of Law. It is entitled "Clearing the Slate: Seeking Effective Remedies for Criminalized Trafficking Victims"

...[on page 2] I would like to put on record the Best Practices as identifed by the CUNY [caps not mine] School of Law report entitled "Clearing the Slate” that I referenced earlier.

CUNY. Conys and Conns use white rabbits, and Mrs. Cooney, founder of Sesame Street, married Peter PETERSON, former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. My white-rabbit event took place at a Peterson home. I was on a small deck built for hanging laundry, and I had reached out, one day, to touch the bra (on the laundry line) of a tenant in the Peterson home. There was a rabbit cage with a white rabbit(s) under the deck (about four-feet square) that I was standing on. I fed the rabbit(s) once, saw it with my own eyes, it was white. On a night after I had been reading some Podesta emails on "wet works," unleashed by WikiLeaks, I went to bed and remembered by touching the bra at age nine. Why did I remember it at that time? I knew, while in bed, of a Bra location in Cuneo, and that brought to mind the white rabbits of Cuneo-like Conys and Conns, for I had been familiar with these surnames.

Immediately after remembering the bra event, I remembered wetting my bed at about age 6, when Jerry Peterson, the kid of my age who had the white rabbit, jumped up in the back yard, to the open bedroom window, because he heard my mother unhappy about my wetting the bed, and he taunted me through the window, which is why I remember it. In John Podesta's emails to Mr. Elmendorf, the "wet works" (slang for murder) was responded to by "bedwetters," and this was days before Scalia was murdered, just as Hillary Clinton was starting her charge to become the president. John Podesta was her campaign manager.

I didn't know of Alex Podesta, in his white rabbit suit, for months or years after that night in bed. It seems that God was pointing me back to my childhood with Jerry Peterson for reasons of wickedness in the Clinton camp.

I've just looked up the CUNY Law of School at Wikipedia: "In 1981 CUNY hired Charles HALPERn [hmmm] to be the founding dean of a planned law school. Halpern is regarded within the legal community as the "father of public interest law"..." Halperns are listed with Halpers/HalfPENNYs, and it wasn't long ago (end of April / start of May) when I spoke on the white rabbit of vice-president PENCE. The Conys have a rabbit holding a PANSY, and there is a Pansy/Pantzer/PANCE surname that God pointed to by the WHITE pants of Lorraine. See her in the 4th update of last April, where i said:

My last night with Paionian-depicting Lorraine was due to a grass stain on the butt of her bleach-white PANTS (it appeared to me she was on the grass with a married man), which pointed to the Panthers (helmets) sharing "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans/Paions, and to Pansys/Pantzers/PANCE's, amazing because the coney rabbit in the Cony Coat is said to hold a pansy! Incredible. We now have reason to suspect Mike Pense with that grass stain, for he owns a white rabbit. I don't have time to contemplate more on this new idea at this time [but I delved shortly afterward, probably starting in the next update].

Aha! Why is the BRAswell Coat almost that of Grace's/Grasse's??? Wikipedia's article on Donna Brazile says that her ancestors had been Braswells. My Lorraine had linked to the laundry line upon which the bra hung, and in relation to this same Lorraine, I saw my landlord clubbing a rabbit to death in my LAUNDRY sink on a street named Laun-like LEVENdale, the same street that had the laundromat where I met Lorraine on our first date. The landlord lived immediately next door to a laundromat, in the same plaza that has/had a second laundromat where I met Lorraine.

It seems that God has ordered my life to point to criminality in these last days, perhaps for the building of faith in readers, or maybe a lot more. Halperns/Halpers share the seated lion of Leven-like Lewinski's/Levinski's. As Bill Clinton had an affair with Lewinsky when she was 21, might she have been trafficked in sex as a child?

Witness the Dirty Trick

Judicial Watch has discovered, recently, that Obama's White House was concerned about FOIA requests into Hillary's email scandal. No kidding, what a surprise. Heather Samuelson was granted immunity from criminality (by Obama's FBI, I assume) precisely because she was involved in covering up Hillary's criminal email enterprise (that's how gangsters in government work), and thus Samuelson she was an accomplice to criminality. Samuelson became Hillary's lawyer not long after these exchanges, meaning that she did a good job handing Hillary's legal threats:

In a December 20, 2012 [= Hillary's last days as State Department chief], email with the subject line “Need to track down a FOIA request from CREW”, Sheryl L. Walter, director of the State Department’s Office of Information Programs and Services (A/GIS/IPS), writes to IPS officials Rosemary D. Reid and Patrick D. Scholl and their assistants:
WH called – have we received a FOIA request from CREW (Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington) on the topic of personal use of email by senior officials? Apparently other agencies have. If we have it, can you give me the details so I can call the WH back? I think they’d like it on quick turnaround. Thanks! Sheryl

The same Sheryl Walter then sends an email to Samuelson, asking if she would like in on the progress of the state department's handling of the FOIA request, and she assures Samuelson, don't worry, we'll drag it out for months. The point is, it's not Samuelson's and Clinton's business as to how the FOIA request is to be handled, for this is nothing email is nothing short of an invitation to Clinton to share her desires, concerns and "sensitivities" with her state department's FOIA-handling branch.

In the same email chain, Walter on December 20, 2012 [same day as email above] also emailed Heather Samuelson, Clinton’s White House liaison, describing the CREW FOIA request:
Hi Heather – Copy attached [no doubt the FOIA request and/or matters pertaining to it], it was in our significant weekly FOIA report that we send to L and S/ES also. Do you want us to add you to that list [there's the heads-up as well as the invitaion to obstruct]? It’s a subset of things [= speciality] like this that we think likely to be of broader Department interest [= red-flag important]. More detail below re this request [snitch-snitch to Hillary]. As a practical matter given our workload, it won’t be processed for some months. Let me know if there are any particular sensitivities [from Hillary]. If we don’t talk later, happy holidays! All the best, Sheryl

Isn't there a law forbidding the people managing FOIA requests to speak with the ones for whom the requests are made? Otherwise, there's going to be conspiracy to cover up dirt, just as we see such a conspiracy here. Twenty-one days later, Walter emails Samuelson = Clinton again:

Hi Heather – did you ever get any intell re what other agencies are doing re this FOIA request that seeks records about the number of email accounts associated with the Secretary (but isn’t specifying “personal” email accounts so we are interpreting as official accounts only). We are considering contacting the requester to find out exactly what it is they are looking for. Do you have any-concerns about that approach?

Look at that dirty trick being applied. CREW wanted to know Hillary's email contacts, but because CREW didn't specifically ask in regards to her personal email account, while she was using only a personal account, State decided not to satisfy CREW's request. This was more than two years before anyone knew about Hillary's personal-government email account. It seems that use of the personal-government account was for the very purpose of evading FOIA requests.

Walter asked Hillary via Samuelson whether she had any legal problem with State handling the FOIA request in that low-down way. Samuelson gave the legal issue of Walter's question to the White-House lawyers: "Soon afterward, Samuelson responds, 'White House Counsel was looking into this for me. I will circle back with them now to see if they have further guidance.'" This is sickening, a conspiracy to deny information. Why have a FOIA law at all if it can be abused like this? If the people cannot keep their government clean by brazen tricks, the country needs a president who will call up Pompeo (his State department chief), get the pertinent Walter-Samuelson emails to his desk by morning, and expose the devils the very next morning on the front page of Fox news. Unfortunately, Trump is a moron and a traitor to the people. He makes groups like Judicial Watch and congress scratch for information.

Judicial Watch has accused the Obama White House of "tracking" the FOIA request. I would use "managing." I assume that State did not reveal to Judicial Watch what the final outcome was between the WH and Samuelson-Clinton. This issue spills over to another, but related, matter for the Obama White House:

WASHINGTON—Top officials working in the White House under former President Barack Obama knew Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using a private email system for official government business three years before it became public, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

...The email was among 44 pages of documents in the latest batch that Judicial Watch has obtained in discovery ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth [praise goes to this judge merely for not being one of the evil judges].

There are multiple references within the documents that indicate White House knowledge of Clinton’s non-secure email use, according to Judicial Watch.

...Lamberth called Clinton’s use of the non-secure email system based in her home “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”

Federal law and regulations require all federal employees to use secure government communications systems for official business, especially when transmitting classified information and documents.

If using a private email or text message system is unavoidable, employees are required promptly to provide copies to agency officials [Hillary snubbed her nose at this, and I think Obama wanted her to, for her business was his business primarily].

...The Clinton system used a home-brew server once located in a bathroom in the New York mansion she shared with former President Bill Clinton.

Obama told CBS News shortly after Clinton’s private email system was exposed March 2, 2015, by The New York Times that he discovered it “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

When a 2016 Department of Justice Inspector General report revealed that Obama was one of 13 high-ranking administration officials with whom Clinton regularly corresponded using the private system, White House press spokesman Josh Earnest admitted that “the president, as I think many people expected, did over the course of his first several years in office, trade emails with the secretary of state” [no kidding, what a surprise]. The New York Times report sparked a huge scandal and an FBI investigation that shadowed Clinton’s 2016 campaign against Republican Donald Trump to become the nation’s first woman elected to the Oval Office, in great part because hundreds of classified documents were found on the private email server [much of the reason she lost the election, though she blames everything else].

Obama is a criminal liar. No kidding, what a surprise. Democrats elected a criminal enterprise to run the country, and even though they are witnessing the evidence left and right, top and bottom, east and west, north and south, they yet deny it, act blind to it, ho-hum, carry on, give 2020 to another criminal, it's fine with us, because we hate Christian values. So long as they stamp out Christianity, who cares if they rob taxes from us? It's worth it.

It Felt so Good

I don't know whether I want to repeat my story again on Miss Peare's belly and waist symbols. Instead, I'll do it the lazy way by first quoting (cut and paste) from the 1st update of last month:

A Mr. Lovegrove from Dorset was over at my place yesterday, and he sold me a ROUTER for my computer system. We could easily see why Rutters/Ruttys (Reitman / Roten colors) and Routs/Roots are Rieti liners, and so his home in Dorset really packs a punch as per the Polla > Poole line. It's then quite amazing the Lovegrove's share the leopard faces of Peare's, for CHRISTine Peare was given the code, "it FELT so GOOD." It was a phrase I used for two events: 1) concerning her belly when she and I were teens, and, 2) concerning her waist in the sleeping-bag dream roughly two years ago. As it turned out, Felts have the flory cross of Bouillons in colors reversed, and Bouillons are the ones with a "BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase, explaining why it felt so good when I awoke in the middle of the night, pressing CHRISTine toward me with my hand on her BELLY (we were not a couple at that time, we had no sex, just slept in the same bed).

And Goods got suspect as a pointer to Goths/GOTHELs (share the Rad star) because Gothelo was the father of Godfrey III, the one who went to assist the PIERleoni with his army. And here I have just bought a router from a Mr. Lovegrove while Lovegrove's are also LoveGOODs. A Laevi-Gothelo merger, right?

GODfrey III was the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. The Love-like Laevi are mentioned because they founded Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found. The Love's are listed with Luffs, and the last time I saw Paul Smith was when he was at Ray Luff's. Paul once made his own wood case to house his ROUTER (the kind that shapes wood), and he gave it to me as a gift. Hmm. The last time I saw Miss Peare, we went out in my FireBIRD, and Birds share the flory cross of Felts, both of them being a giant version of the same of Bouillons, though in colors reversed. It FELT so GOOD. If Gots/Goths/Gode's use "birds," it makes even better sense. The birds (with feet) of Gots/Goths are colors reversed from the footless martlets of Birds/Burds. The crossed swords of Gots/Goths can be the same of Burd-like Borders/Burders. The other Birds/Burds can even be with the Pierro/Pero fesse and rose, especially as the latter is the Alan fesse while the red Bird/Burd martlets are shared by French Alans.

My sleeping-bag dream ended by my pulling Miss Peare by the waist, and it felt just like when I was pressing her belly. The waist is now starting to appear like code for whistle-blowers, for God made it clear that her waist was a pointer to Waistells/Wessels, likely a Whistle/Wissel branch. The end of the sleeping-bag dream was about Hillary's crimes, but the reason for repeating all of this is Greg GUTfeld of The Five, for while "GutFELD" evokes the Felts, Guts/Guths are listed with German Goods. If that's not enough, Greg Gutfeld always sits beside Dana Perino while Pero's are also Perino's. I've never considered "Gutfeld" before in this felt-so-good light. Is God going to use The Five? How? Anything important on The Five is also on other Fox-news shows. But Gutfeld has his own media, though I'm not very familiar with it.

Jewish Felds, with a version of the German Feltman Coat and the German Caplan Coat, share the moline of Caiaphas-suspect Chives' and the star of Annas'. For those who know my works, I highly suspect Caiaphas and Annas to be from the Laevi. German Felds have LEAVES. The Jewish Feld Coat is split in the red-black colors used for the quadrants in the Waistell/Wessel chief.

English Feltmans/Felthams, first found near the first-known Peare's, share gold leopard faces with Peare's. I first kissed Miss Peare at the La PALOMa bar, and the "palma" motto term of Felmans/Felthams can be gleaned with Palmers, for they have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Feltmans/Felthams. The last time I saw her was in my FIREbird, and Fiers (moline) were first found in Middlesex with Feltmans/Felthams. Can you believe it, the FireBIRD is also for the Birds sharing the Felt Coat.

Just to help clinch Peare's with Pierro's/Pero's, the French Pierre's, in Pero/Perino colors, use a "pour le" motto phrase suggesting the Pearl variation of Peare's.

The Guts/Goods share the Stick Coat, a Coat reflection of the Brooks (Essex, same as Brocks) expected in the BROXton location of the Birds (= Felt cross)! Bingo, it appears that God has been doing things here too. Brox's/Brocuffs use a red potent cross, the known symbol of de-Bouillon's family, in the colors of the similar Bird / Felt cross. De-Bouillon's father, was Eustace II, and the Brooks ("PERseverando") trace to Eustace Delbroc. Miss Peare was on a stage when I pulled her by the waist, and Stage's/Staggs can be gleaned with the Crest of Eustace's ("PERsequeris"), a branch of Stage-like Staceys who likewise have a red cross.

I am very happy to be on the Sticks today, because they are from the Astikas', to whom I trace Justine's/Justice's and Assi's. The latter share the rare fasces symbol, as well as the scales of justice, with the Arms of Vilnius, and Astikas' lived in Vilnius (Lithuania). The scales of justice are in the Justine/Justice Coat, to no surprise. It was today that Bill Barr was on Fox saying that the deep state, on behalf of Hillary, had their thumb on the scales.

The Dempsters, who got suspect with Dampiere of the Dempers with the Pierro's/Pero's, were first found in Perthshire with Justine's/Justice's...and the Hagars who share the hexagram of Goths/Gothels. Justine's/Justice's share the white sword with Dempsters, and the latter's lion is in the colors of the double lions of Sempers/St. Pierre's/St. Pere's, lookie at that.

I have had trouble with the Assange surname. The best I could do is suggest the Sang bloodline, and here it can be pointed out that Sangers share the garbs of Sticks, Brooks and Guts/Goods. The reason that I'm entering Julian Assange into this it-felt-so-good section is that it dawned on me, earlier today, before this section was conceived, that God may have used "ASSange" to indicate an Ass-Sanger relationship, for Ass' are listed with the Assi above, the ones who link to the Sticks who in-turn share the Sanger garbs. It's just a theory. Justine's/Justice's, Ass/Assi kin, are from Justine of Picenum, wife of emperor Valentinian I of VINKovci, the line to Wings/Winks (Perthshire, same as Justine's), and suspect in "VINCit" motto terms, which is used by Sangers. The Peare-beloved Face'/Fessys, suspect with the fasces of Ass'/Assi's, use "VINCes." German Wissels use giant Wings.

If Miss Peare's waist represents whistle-blowers, Julian Assange caters to them. By what coincidence do Sangs share the hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's, so amazing. I didn't expect Miss Peare to link to "Assange" this well. What's going on? Plus, there was a second woman in a stage with Peare, and she was likely Louise, Peare's friend, and my girlfriend when I knew the two. Louise sold clothes at Penningtons when Peare sold clothes at Reitmans, in the same mall. Penningtons (lozenges colors reversed from those of Pero-possible Percys), who share blue lozenges with Louis', share "vincit" with Sangers. In case it applies, Pennings (Suffolk, same as Bacons/Beacons) share the Bacon/Beacon Shield.

The last time I saw Louise, after we broke up, she told me she was working in choreography i.e. involving stages and singing too. I think God had set that meeting up to later assure that Stage's/Staggs are in view in the sleeping-bag dream.

Caplans have an empty white Chief with a partially red Shield, the colors of the Penning Chief-and-Shield, and the latter's Chief is likewise empty. Excellent, especially as the greyhounds of Pennys are split in the colors of the split-Caplan Shield. Jewish Felds and Feltmans likewise have a white Chief, and their Shield is split colors reversed from the same of Caplans. It's as though my meeting Louise at Penningtons had knowledge of Felt liners. In my first it-felt-so-good event, I slept between Peare and Louise before the latter was my girlfriend (I wanted Peare). That's why I feel that the second woman in the dream (didn't see her face) was this Louise. She didn't know when she was born with a Philips surname that Philips' would share a Pennington motto phrase of two terms, with one of the two terms in the motto of Welsh Louis'.

[Insert -- Not far below, I come to Astons and Ashtons from the Ass-Sanger theory, and ask whether the Assheton spelling is an Ass merger with Seatons. I didn't realize there that there could have been an Asse liner merger with the namers of a Seaton location on the Asse-like Axe Devon, where Ash's/Aschs were first found. Wow. It would be amazing here, since the stage in the dream is somewhat pointing to Assange, if the Seaton green dragon is the green one of Welsh Lewis'(branch of Welsh Louis'). Wow, the song-line playing as the last sentence was written is, "I will dance," in the song, "David Danced." Isn't dancing done on stages? Stage's/Staggs were first found in Devon too.

Sangers (Devon!), whose motto leads to wolf heads, of the Fiddle's, use the garbs of Sticks, and that's the line of Astikas'. Sticks were first found in Somerset, beside Devon. As was said, the Asse/Assi/ASE surname shares the fasces and scales of justice with the Arms of Vilnius, a city where the Astikas' married Traby of Poland (see Traby at Wikipedia), and while the Traby/Sadowski surname uses a scarf, the Scarfs have wolf heads in colors reversed from the blue wolf of Philips-like Phelps. Hmm, isn't DAVID Phelps a great singer? By what coincidence is a fasces furnished with an AXE!!! Wow, that's a new realization that hammers the Axe river to Ase liners. The Ash/Asche write-up has Henry de Asse in Warwickshire, and Warwickshire is where Scarf-like Sheriffs were first found.

How amazing is it that Traby-like Trebys were likewise first found in Devon (with Seatons and Ash's/Aschs) while sharing the giant lion of Welsh Louis', which happens to be colors reversed from the giant lion of Philips?? Plus, the three besants in the Treby Chief can be gleaned in the Chief of Flynns because the latter's wolf is colors reversed from the Phelps wolf, and in both colors of the Scarf wolf heads. Will the people around general Flynn form whistle-blowers? What a great theory. Flynn was attacked by the Mueller sharks while they had superior powers over the fledgling Trump team. The rats feared that Flynn would talk. He should now stick it to them. Mr. Barr, oh Mr. Barr...

Amazingly, while I trace Stops/Stubbs (pheons) to the Paionian city of Stobi, Stubbings are thereby suspect with the Treby lion and besants while I've been tracing the Axe rivers of Somerset (one flows to Seaton) to the Paionian river, the Axius! See Stobi on the Axius upon this old map, then gawk at the PENEStae at the source of the Axius, the line to Pennys/Penes', suggesting Penningtons (Paionians?) too.

As I said, when these two young ladies were my tenants, I drew and painted the album cover, Tea for the TILLERman, on our kitchen wall from floor to ceiling. Tillers are kin of Welsh Louis', but I didn't know it then, and Tillers are from the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina, and then Cetins/Cattans happen to share the cat with the Pennington Crest.

The Stubbing quadrants are those also of the Says, and Seatons (Say colors) had at least one Say location, and then the Cliffs (wolf heads), who are said to have married the Styche's (of Cheshire), were at Moreton-Say (Shropshire, same as Says and Sleeps). Perfect. The Say / Stubbing quadrants are those also of Malls (Cheshire, same as Davids), and Miss Peare and Miss Philips upon their stage were in a MALL. That's right. And the sleeping-bag dream even had DAVID Morley, not only because Davids applied to its pointers, but because Morleys are also Mauls. End insert]

To prove that Face's/Fessys are to be involved with Sangers, the latter are expected from Laevi Gauls as Galatians on the SANGARius river, also called the SAKARya that I trace to Seagars and Segurana's/SEGNi's (Genova, same as Fieschi) expected in the "SIGNo vinces" motto phrase of Face's/Fessys. The Eustace's look like a Pero-Sakarya combo with their "perSEQUERis" motto term.

Is it not amazing that while Julians share the salamander-in-flames with Segni-like Segans/Sagans, Mr. Assange is Julian by first name? It seems to be verifying that "Assange" is an Ass-Sanger entity. French Julians have three stars in the colors of the Sang/Sanger/Singer stars.

The "me" motto term of Eustace's should be for the Mee's/Mea's who share the Face/Fessy cross, and moreover the Mee's/Mea's have the patee-fitchee of Smiths while sharing their motto, "Benigno numine." Mee's/Mea's share the Rice/Rhys' ravens, and they are expected therefore in "persequeRIS." Rice's/Rhys' use "SECRet," like the buried "sequer" in "persequeris." The Rie's/Rise's were first found in Sussex with the Vise's/Vice's who share the black Eustace cross between the antlers of a stag. German Rise's use croziers, and Crozier's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. That's right. De-Bouillon's family was Flemish, and Pero's/Perino's call their hexagram, "FLAMING stars."

German Flamings/Flemings share the wolf with Louvier's, and the latter's Shield-filling checks are shared by Dutch Flamings, suggesting that the Bouillon family had things going on in La Louviere (Hainaut), not far from Comines, where I trace Comets (Comine colors and format), explaining why the flaming star of Pero's is the Reines comet. The Comine's even share the garbs of WAISTells/Wessels, that's right. The Comine Coat is even the Avison Coat, and Avesnes, near Comines too, is on the Helpe river to which Halpers/Halfpennys and Halfs/Helps trace. Now, English Louvier's are listed with LOVINGs/Louvains, wow, suggesting Adam Lovinger, the whistle-blower on Halper. Is that not amazing? La Louviere, Comines and Avesnes are all near the Lys river, and the Lys'/Lise's (same place as Levi's) share courant greyhounds with Pennys.

Speaking of courant (all four legs off the ground), the white, courant horse in the Waistell/Wessel chief is said to be on a gallop, and I did take the white horse of Miss Peare for a ride once, which is what clinched the Waistells with her waist symbol. But then while Sangs share the Pero/Perino hexagrams, Sangers use a white, courant horse too.

Greg Gutfeld, "silly" is his middle name, doesn't even like Assange. Maybe he'll change his mind. I think it could be coincidental that "it felt so good" is reflective of his surname. I think it could even be coincidental that it-felt-so-good was in relation to the Pero/Perino bloodline while Gutfeld and Perino sit beside one another on the show. But was Waistell-like Whistle's/Wissels had just pointed to Lovinger as a whistle-blower, is it really a further coincidence that the flaming symbol of Pero's/Perino's should get the Shield of Louvier's (of Belgium) while the English Louvier's/Louvains (of Belgium) are also Lovings (Kent, same as Guts/Guths/Goods)? It's things that pan out like this, not knowing that they will pan out when I begin an investigation, that convinces me, time and again, that God has arranged heraldry, and me, to point to things. I've yet to mention that Guts/Guths/Goods share the same chevron as Peare's.

I've yet to repeat that Bellys (share Moor head with Bello-loving Bouillons), with a "Per" motto term, share the Pierro/Pero rose, a thing I didn't know as a teen when I slept with Peare in the first it-felt-so-good event. It just so happens that Halpers and Bellys both use one-only each of the same star, is that not making the Baker-Halper-Lovinger case even more compellingly? Incredibly, the Belly and Baker chevrons are in the same colors even with the chevron of Five's! As the Five's share the lion of Pero-suspect Dempsters while the two surnames were first found beside one another, the Five stars (five-pointed) might be closely related to the double Pero/Perino stars (six-pointed).

The Blowers/Bloors actually worked into the whistle-blower heraldry, and they share the goat heads of Moline's while Moline's share the black moline with Jewish Felds. The moline is a near-copy of the flory cross shared by Felts and Bouillons, and while the Felt flory is exactly the Bird flory, the other Birds share the fleur-de-lys of English Falds/Faules'! Zowie. I have yet to repeat that I met Miss Peare when she worked at Reitmans while both Reitman surnames share two stars with Jewish Felds. Scottish Falds/Faules are said to have named a Fold location in BOLTon, and this latter surname could be from "Baltea," the river into which the Lys of Aosta flows. Bolts share the black griffin with Falls/Fauls/Vails. Feltmans (Prussia, same as German Felds) use a patee-cross version of the Feld Coat.

Wow, this could be new: Boltons share two motto terms with the Chives' (Aberdeenshire, same as Five's) from Chivasso, smack on the Baltea river! Chives', from the Cavii Illyrians at Lissus, the line to the Lys'/Lisse's, share the moline of Jewish Felds in both colors. The Bolton arrow (often called a "bird bolt") -- code for the Arrows/Arras' (share BALDwin saltire) from Arras, the capital of Artois (beside Hainaut), where the other Lys river flows -- can be of the three arrows of Falds/Faules' because the latter's gold stag heads can be of the brown one through which the Bolton arrow pierces. Pierce's/Piers can be Pero's and/or the Pierleoni Jews whom Gothelo's son assisted. The hexagram of Goths/Gothels happens to be half in the colors of the Pero/Perino hexagrams, and here it should be added that while Pierro's/Pero's were in the city founded by Laevi, the counts of Hainaut are the only ones I know of who have the three chevrons of French Levi's.

The rose on stem of Jewish Reitmans, and the anchor of Dutch Reitmans (share one Feld star in the same colors), suggest linkage to Avezzano's and Avisons respectively, the line to Avesnes on the Helpe river = Halper liners (= right down Lovinger expectations). How did that happen? Doesn't that make it appear as though Miss Peare's it-felt-so-good waist is God's code for the Lovinger whistle blower? The double stars of Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Falds/Faules') are those of Dutch Reitman. Any meanings to be gleaned here?

Miss Peare's waist was on a stage, and Stage's/Staggs share the chevron of the Dutch Bakers (!), who add the same leaf design as used by Scottish Falds/FAULS'. Then, Moline's are said to be of the house of Fauls-like Falaise. La Falaise is near La Chapelle (the latter only some 20 miles from Avesnes), and while Chapelle's can be CAPLan liners, La Chapelle is near Ile-de-France, where Lys'/Lise's and Levi's were first found along with the Caiaphas-suspect Chappes' (married Hugh de Payens) who share the moor head with Bouillons. Hugh de Payens became the first grandmaster of the Templars when de-Bouillon's brother, BALDwin (like "Baltea") was the first king of Templar Jerusalem.

It is probably important that Hainaut rulers in Avesnes married a ruling family in Champagne, where Hugh de Payens had connections / relatives. One can spot that Pero's / Pierleoni were involved with Laevi Gauls in this thing. La Chapelle is about 20 miles south of Avesnes, and thanks to a Mr. Taylard (emailer), I know that Taylards, kin of Chapells, have quadrants in colors reversed to the same of Chives'. It's known that the flag of Templar Jerusalem used the potent cross of the Bouillon family, and then the Taylards call their cross a potance (in the colors of the Chives moline). The bends of Champagne's and of Avezzano's both use the crutch pattern, and it's known that the potent cross is formed of a crutch.

Hmm, as I write here, my new tenant was over to bring some belongings for the first time about an hour ago. This tenant dropped about 20 walking sticks -- crutches, right -- at the garage. They are about 20 tree branches that this TENANT has collected for to make walking sticks, and Tenants were first found in West Lothian with the Balders who likely use a cross version of the Baldwin saltire (same colors). The white cross in the balder Crest is used by Towns, first found in LINlithgow with Town-like Tenants. My new tenant is half BALD with a Mohawk haircut!! As Hugh de Payens is said to have married Catherine Sinclair, the Balder cross must be the Sinclair cross.

Baldwins share the green wyvern with WAKEfields (share gold garbs with Sticks) while Walkings are also WakeLYNs. Walkings were looked up as per the walking sticks. One can use the Walking Coat to trace with Walch's and Benjamins to Benjamites (from Israel's Rimmon) of the Rimna river at/beside WALLACHia.

Walkings/Wakelyns not only share the Balder cross, but while the latter share the fitchees of Rusts/Roosts( (share the Benjamin saltire), a Maurilius is in the Walking/Wakelyn write-up, like "Maurilion." The latter's daughter married Mummolin i.e. the line of RUSTicus of Lyon.

King Baldwin was a son of Eustace II of Artois, and while Eustace's are a branch of Staceys, Stage's/Staggs share the chevron of Bouillon-related Bellys and Bakers. We saw that Jim Baker, a government servant of Mr. Dempsey, paid Halper to contribute to the dossier crimes, and here the Halpers are likely central to the Baldwin-of-Artois map. Halfs/Helps share an hourglass-like shape with Berman Balds (Baden) while Scottish Balds share the ship of Bauds, the latter from "BAUTica, the alternative name of the Baltea. French Bauds/Bauts were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, yup, that's right.

As Bakers are to link to Mr. Halper, let's repeat that Moline's and Blowers share the black-on-gold goat with the Walsers while the latter's goat holds an Halbert axe while Halberts are also Halper-like Halperts. This is right down the whistle-blower lane of Alberts. English Alberts, who share the gold-on-blue griffin with Feld-related Caplans, were first found in Kent with Lovings and Masons/Massins, and while the latter two have the same Coat exactly, the Mason/Massin Crest shares the mermaid with Walsers probably because Masseys share the fleur of Lys'/Lise's while Walsers lived in the Lys river of Aosta. Waist-like Aiste (new to me here) is a location about 20 miles from the mouth of the mouth of the Lys river in Belgium. Walsers were named after Wallis canton, and Wallis'/Wallace's share the Gut/Guth/Good lion.

Aiste is right beside an Asse location on my atlas. Amazingly, Aiste-like Astons share "Numine" with Yells (Aston colors), and Yell is a location in Shetland, where Yells and Asse's/Ass' were first found. This recalls my recent door-handle dream in which I dropped a bucket-like container on its lid, afterwhich it caught FLAMES all around the rim. I then YELLed, fire. This is amazing, for Aiste and Asse are in the land of FLEMings, and the door handle was to my red Jeep, the color of the Jeep owned by Paul Smith some 25 before I purchased my red Jeep. Smiths share "numine" with Yells and Astons, so cool. Jeepma's/Cheps share the hexagram (or Zionist star) of Goths/Gothels.

I now understand that part of the dream, and while Handle's share the Moray Coat, Bellys, first found in Moray, share the Jump stars. In the dream, immediately after complaining to the previous owner of my Jeep about the missing part in the door handle, I was up high, about ladder height, when dropping the container on its open rim, and that's why I JUMPed down while yelling fire. I smothered the flames with the white sand all around the rim, and Sands is an area of Lancashire, while Astons and Ashtons were of Lancashire. Near the source of the Lys in Artois, there is a Bruay-en-Artois location that can, with the Brays/Brae's, connect with Bra, a location at ASTi. A CHIPmonk just appeared outside the window.

[But it wasn't until a couple of days later, during the spell-check, that it was realized: Jeepma's are also Cheps. If Gods wants Jeepma's stressed, then I suggest their hexagram, same as the Goth/Gothel hexagram, but I'm missing a lot, yet, on this dream's symbolism. The Jeeps' door handle was missing a BARREL-shaped part, the term that came to my mind while in the dream, and then, in the next scene, I stood up high dropping a barrel-shaped container that caught fire, which barrel, possibly, is a pointer to Barry Soetoro, whose fire was put out. It makes a little sense. Isn't Obama always missing, like in the shadows? You can sense him upon his spider web, in a private place, contemplating his strike.]

The Astons and Ashtons are both said to have had their seat at Downham Hall in Lancashire, and then Singletarys were first found in Lancashire. Jonathan Singletary, in Obama's Dunham ancestry, changed his surname to, Dunham, a variation of Downhams. Singletarys have three chevrons colors reversed from the same of German Ash's/Aschs, and English Ash's/Aschs have two black chevrons, possibly of the three used by the counts of Hainaut.

[Recall the link of Gots/Goths/Gode's to Birds/Burds and BORDers/Burders, for the latter were first found in Somerset (beside Ash's) with BROADs (Bray/Brae colors), and since there is a SAVAGE in the Broad Crest, I'm getting the impression that Broads, Birds, Borders and Boards are kin, or even d-ending branches of the namers of Bra, for SAVIGliano is beside Bra, and the Broads lozenges are those of Asti-like Astons. Boards ("PERforatus") have an antelope, and are thus linkable to German Ashs/Aschs. The Board/Bord martlets are colors reversed from the Bird/Burd martlets, and in the colors of the Singletary martlets. It then bears repeating that Boards have a Coat like the Sewers/Suters by which God pointed to Barry job, Lord. Nobody is going to thwart the plots of God, make no mistake about it, your filthy dogs.

With Ash's and Ase's/Assi's now clinched with the namers of the Axe river, by what coincidence do Bordens/Burdons use axes? Bordens were first found in Essex with the Stubbings (share white lion in Crest with Bordens/Burdons), which recalls the Stubbings in a trace from the Axius-river Paionians to the Trebys of Devon.]

It dawns on me that the black Ashton boar must be of the Ponders and Ponts/Ponds, because chip-like Cheps/Jeepma's can be a branch of Ponder-loving Chepmans/Chapmans (Cambridgeshire, same as Ponders in the Chepman motto). It appears that God sent that chipmonk just as I was on the Ashtons for the things just said.

Black boar heads are used by Websters, and then "Downham Hall was designed by George Webster (1797-1864)..." The Webster Crest even shares a green dragon breathing FLAMES with Seatons (known Flemings). Note that the Ashtons of Downham hall were "ASSHETONs, looking like an Ass merger with Seatons. This recalls that the "HAZard" motto term of Seatons, which can be partly for the ARDuinici of the Baltea whom I see in "ARTois," is for Hazel liners. Hazels share the fesse of Webber-branch Weavers, and Chep-like Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle." Webbers share the blue roundel with Irish Arthurs, and Webbers even share the Arrow/Arras fleur-de-lys. Webbers even have a "LILiae" motto term while Lille and Lillers are near the Lys river of Artois (the fleur-de-lys is a lily for this reason). Lillers is smack at Bruay, and that's now traceable to Bra at Asti. Plus, as my Lorraine worked into the bra on the laundry line, which was owned by a TENANT, and so let's add that Lorraine's share the green-on-gold lion of Asteys. Miss Peare was once my tenant.

Wow, Tenants (same general area as Balds) were at LinlithGOWshire, which recalls the Gows/McGoo's whom I linked to McGee's. The latter share the Tenant boar head! Zinger.

Brays/Brae's use a FLAX breaker, and Flacks/Flags are linkable to Flys of Flagi, who were first found in Hampshire with the Ponts/Ponds introduced at the chipmonk scene with the Ashton boar head. I had a very-short dream of a spider on a WEB attacking a fly, and Fly's (beside Webbers) share the Webber fleur-de-lys. Webbers can be linked to Pepins and Pipe's (horses of Aiste-like Este's), and the Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with English Falds/Faules, perfect, because Scottish Falds/Faules' were first found in Ayrshire with the Barrs who share the double Reitman stars and the Este eagle. The Pepins (probably named Pavia, where Peare's trace) use "est" while Webber-branch Weavers use "esto." Moreover, REITmans are like Rieti, home of the imperial Flavians while the Flagi location of Flys was also called, Flavius. It's possible that Flavians (of "Flavius") named Flanders, home of Flemings. The Fly and Feltman Crests are probably a gauntlet glove each, code for Gaunt at the mouth of the Lys river. The Fly chevron is in the colors of the three of Levi's and the counts of Hainaut.

As Falds can be Flanders liners, let's repeat that Falds/Fauls' share the leaf design of Hazels and Bakers. The Fly chevron is also that of the neighboring Cabbage's (Northamptonshire, same as Brays/Brae's), and Cabbage's share the Baker lion, which is the lion of Jewish Levi's in colors reversed. I trace the "angustis" motto term of Cabbage's to an Angusta location near BACAU, a good place to trace Bakers. The double Bacon stars are colors reversed from the same of Reitmans and Barrs.

"It felt so good" along with Peare's waist suggests something sweet along with the whistle-blower theme, and this points to Bill Barr securing the needed justice via whistle blowers. Barr's attitude is certainly encouraging whistle blowers to come out. Just as I finished the last sentence, "arms around me" played in a song, "I am Weary Let Me Rest." It speaks to me of both instances of it-felt-so-good with Peare. It's Saturday today, when God often gives song-line miracles, and so perhaps the Weary/Were surname has the Peir/Peer bend (in colors reversed), for Peare's were first found in Vere-laden Oxfordshire. AND WOW, the gold cross in the Crest of Wearys/Were's (Devon, same as Stage's/Staggs) is the one in the Stage/Stagg Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It-felt-so-good was as I had my arms around her waist on a stage! I have got to assume that I was being moved by God when writing on whistle-blowers and Barr.

Are Barrs of Bra? Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine. In my late teens, I had one arm around her waist, pressing Peare toward me by her belly. I slept with two ladies that night, the other being Louise. Louis' were first found in Lorraine. Bellys/Belli's are likely a branch of German Belli's who use a BEACON (Bacons are Beacons), which I assume is a pointer to the Washington Free Beacon, the never-Trumper news outlet that reportedly started the dossier against Trump. It just so happens that French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Bellows (and Blythe-suspect Billets) and Bus'.

I met Lorraine at her BUS stop, and Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. The Let's use organ pipes, and Let's are included here as per "I am Weary LET Me REST." Can you believe that Arthurs use "organ rests"? Unbelievable. God's a song writer too. The round-table symbol of king Arthur (myth code for the Arthur surname) can include, by the Tapley variations of Table's, the Etaples location smack beside Artois' Boulogne, home of Eustace II. In fact, the Albins/Aubins were at BarnSTAPLE while Etaples is also, Estaples, and then, SHOCKER, I have been linking the blue fitchee of Albins/Aubins to the same of Mea's/Mee's. I am Weary Let ME Rest. ("I'll FLY Away" is now playing.)

My tailPIPE was an object used by God in CRYSTAL City, and while Crystals share the "Mens" motto term with Pipe-branch Pepins, I thought that God was pointing to Bill KRISTOL of the Washington Free Beacon. Many months after repeating on the details of my night in Crystal City, on the same day I was in Victoria, the following was written in the first update of this month:

Now, let me repeat concerning Mr. Campbell, the client of VICTORIA Toensing: "Campbell was a highly valued CIA and FBI asset deeply embedded in the Russian nuclear industry while Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI...To thank him for his service, Campbell was paid $51,000 by FBI officials at a 2016 celebration dinner in Chrystal City". What think ye? Was God pointing to Victoria and Joe?

Joe diGenova is Victoria's husband. The Genova surname has the wing design of German Wissels, and while the Genova wings are in the colors of the Segni/Segurana eagle, it's not only the Barr eagle, but Segni's/Segurana's were first found in Genova. It's suggesting that Joe is about to contribute to a destructive blow, with Barr, on the Rockefeller empire, for God showed that my night in Crystal City was about Rockefellers.

Feller liners could include the Falds/Fauls, first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. In Crystal City, for hours before and after sleeping in a motel there with cockROACHes behind the wallpaper, my tailpipe had black smoke. Decades later, after God put me on a crash course in heraldry, I discovered that Smoke's are listed with Roach-like Rauch's while sharing the sinister-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'). The latter's horse, and that of Reuters, can be the Pepin / Pipe / Este horse, but is more-assuredly that Rasmussen horse, though Rasmussens (sinister-rising bend) share the Pepin bend-with-fleur. Roach's (Smoke/Rauch colors) use another "est" motto term, just as though my trip through Crystal City had heraldry knowledge.

RENCH's, first found in Baden with Feller-related Tragers (= Rocco kin), share the fleur of Falds/Fauls'. It's also the fleur-de-lys of Hicks (and Leaks), and then God gave an event on September 11, 2002, on RANCH Rd (suggests that Rockefellers were in the 9-11 crime), where I was with Charlotte RENA Hicks, at the Get'n Go. Rench's are also Rena-like Rents'/Rentz's. Four days before meeting her that night, I was on the phone with her for the first time, when she suggested I try out a church in Crystal City. Even though that place was something like a couple of hours drive from our homes, I assumed that she had been to that church just as I was in there in April of 1994 (with smoke at tailpipe), for I learned that she moved from the Houston area to where I purchased a year or so before I purchased (in late 1994). That's cool, like my trip had eyes for meeting her.

Compare Rocco's (Fall/Vail colors) to German Tragers, and English Tragers to Falls/Fauls/Vails, for Fellers/Felmans (like "Feltman") are also FellTRAGERs. That could be read as, FELLTrager. "Mon" is a motto term of rock-using Roach's, and Mons, the Hainaut capital, is right beside La Louviere.

The overwhelming fact seems to be that the deep state feels it actually owns the United States. That's how they view it, that they can exploit its taxes at will, by crook or by hook, and spy on anyone, which explains the attitude we are seeing in the Obamaite and Mueller gangs at this time. Barr alone cannot put them in their place.

I re-read this section after it was half done, and then added the other half while re-reading. I re-read it to see if I could grasp meanings as relates to deep-state actors, or the good guys who oppose them, but I get confused by making the additions because it takes much of my concentration away from seeking the meanings.

Halper was placed as an FBI mole into the Trump camp. The FBI will probably seek to justify moles with this scandal, but is it not fraud to send a person into someone's business, especially if they are paid, to merely act a part while contributing nothing, or nothing much, and not planning to be trained to stay for the long term? Yes, it is not only fraud, but a sin against a fellow human(s), a waste of time for the victims, and it should be illegal if it isn't already, unless there is ample proof that the organization being spied on is itself involved in criminality. I've never heard that it's illegal even if the spied-upon turn out to be innocent, or were never shown to be guilty in the first place.

In the pointer of Albert Oosteyn to whistle-blowers, God used Mamie on the last night I saw her. She and I were at Albert's apartment that night while he was away from the winter at Whistler-mountain ski resort. We spent the night on his COUCH, which pointed to the "COUCHant" lion of Tints, for a reason I'll get to. This lion should be the same colored one of Whistlers/Wissels because they and Tints were both first found in Somerset, along with the Borders who share the crossed Tax/Dach swords. I drove her home in my TAXi, and never saw her again.

It bears repeating how I met her. She threw a July party in which Barry attended, who became suspect as code for Barry Soetoro. I was still with Lorraine when I dropped in to Mamie's. The place was almost wall-to-wall people, everyone was up and socializing, when Mamie came walking from the kitchen into the living room and about to walk past me (standing), when she suddenly looked like she was inviting me into her arms for a dance. And that's what we did, a slow dance, the only ones dancing, in her LIVING room. I naturally had at least one arm around her WAIST. Uh-oh, that's the whistle-blower symbol. The last time I had seen Miss Peare, a few months earlier, was in the Firebird; that's the setting's backdrop here.

On our last night, Miss Peare, five minutes after we got to a small pub, got up and danced with a guy, and I walked out the BACK door as she was dancing. She came out running after me, concerned, but I decided to drive her home and not see her again. To explain, we hadn't seen each other in a long while; it was after Kepke left her, for whom she had left me, and so this last outing for us had me wondering whether to start something with her, but when she got up to dance with a blond man (Kepke was blond too, and he danced lots with her), it was bringing back a bad memory. Italian Dance's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's) use pale bars in the colors of the Pero/Perino pale bar. While she was still with Kepke, when she and I were alone on an elevator, she blurted, like out of the blue, "it you I really wanted," and she came for my shoulder. I can hear those words loud and clear to this day. But I said nothing, feeling hurt, and, besides, she was "used" (like a used car, but Kepke was even using her for sex). She drew back and never said anything again when she saw my zero-response.

After the dance with Mamie, I left the party to go see Lorraine, and we broke up that very night (nothing to do with Mamie). I don't recall talking with Mamie after the dance, but maybe I did. I didn't expect to see her again, but Barry called me a few weeks later, inviting me to a camp site with the gang. I turned it down, but when he said, "Mamie's going to be there," I changed my mind. When arriving, I asked for where Barry was, and a guy opens the hatch to a covered pick-up truck, and there inside the BACK was Barry and Mamie alone. Uh-oh, what did that mean, besides Mamie looking surprised? Was it a Jim Baker moment I've not yet realized? I don't remember what happened next, that night, until she sat herself uninvited on my lap (total surprise, she was a virtual stranger to me) at the camp fire (the whole gang sitting around it), and I put my left arm around her waist, what else?, the whistle-blower symbol.

I don't remember what happened next until we were in her tent laying sleeping bag on the ground. I then recall being in the bag with her with her, and going for a nice warm hug, but she almost pushed me away...oh-no, why? It was the strangest thing, but I had the impression that she didn't want things to get hot. This lady was so sexy looking that this amounted to a TEASER! The next thing I remember was hanging my right arm around her waist, what else?, as she was lying with her BACK to me, and that's how I went to sleep (recall the back in the dream with Obama). She and I were in the same position as when I awoke in the middle of the night with my hand on Miss Peare's belly, arm around her waist. Drats, it was God who made Mamie cold just to get my arm hanging on her waist, wasn't it? It was to mirror the belly event.

I think I can tell why this all happened at a CAMP site, for English-Alternative CAMPions/Champions were suspect with the Pierro/Pero fesse.

The main reason that the camp night with Mamie is being repeated (for maybe the 10th time) is that the couchant lion is used by tent-like Tints (same place, probably the same lion, as Whistle's), and because the waist symbol of Miss Peare was, decades after the belly event, in the dream that opened with my picking up a sleeping bag. We need a genius to figure out what this all means or points to. PICKING UP a sleeping bag is the only, normal way to put it, and Mamie was in a PICK-UP with Barry.

There is a Picking surname (not familiar with it) that I can talk about, but before getting to that, let's go back to the DANCE in her LIVING ROOM, because Livings are listed with Levins, and per-chance this points to a good guy, Mark Levin, someone who would attract and entertain a whistle blower. I should add that Mamie and I spent our last night on LEVENdale while Levens were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. But this gets interesting where English Dance's share the Steel lion head, and even the fesse of Pierro's/Pero's, recalling the Pero's/Perino's share the pale bar of Italian Dance's. The latter use four pale bars in the colors of the three vertical billet-like objects, which look like three pale bars, of the same Steels with the Dance lion heads. Wunderbar.

Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, which was co-founded by the Mark-suspect Marici. MARK Levin??? Looks like? Pavia was founded as Ticinum, the line to Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, a branch of Tease's/Tyes' (same place as Mamesfelde) that Mamie represented in two ways, for the day after the tease in the tent, God gave her a thigh symbol while she was in her bathing SUIT.

The Steele dossier and the Sewers/Suits was in my sewer shot on Obama's billiard table, which pointed to Plains/Platters, the ones having a Chief-with-three-items in the colors of the same of Livings/Levins.

It was established that my picking up the sleeping bag was code for Picks, for they share the fitchees and tree of Woods while I picked it up in the woods. The Pickings are listed with PINKneys/Pinkie's (red lozenges) who look like a branch of Pinks/Pincs (red lozenges). It appears that God arranged for Pink liners (part of pizzagate faggotry) to have a Picking variation because Pickings/Pinkneys share lozenges on gold with Bagleys, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. The sleeping bag picked up in the woods. Bagleys had a Bagley Wood location.

Pinks are very connectable to Pings/Pongs/PUNGS/Paganells suspect in the "pungit" motto term of Rome's/Rooms/Rims. Mamie and I danced in her living room, and Dance's look connectable to the Laevi to which Mamie pointed via the Bible I gave her. That is, Bible's/Bibo's have been suspect with Vibia, mother of Laevi-suspect Laevillus. Bibo's have been connectable to Babe's, who in-turn share the six bars of English Neys suspect in the suffixes of Pickings/Pinkneys. The German Neys/NUE's/Nues', because they have a bend in the colors of the Jewish-Pollock bend, and a Coat like that of Jewish Rothchilds, and because the first Pollock was at Rothes castle, but also due to the "streNUE" motto term of Scottish Pollocks, look like they can explain why Bagleys and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire, for the father of Pollocks had lived there. Pollocks are from Vespasia Polla of RIETI, explaining "Richard de Ariete (Ram)" in the write-up of Rams who share a ram head with Bagleys. Lozenges are code for Croatians from Losinj, which area may have covered Pola/Pula on Istria.

The Woods we saw in relation to PICKs are honored in the "PIECE of wood" held by the lion of Rieti-line Rita's. My mother was born in Picenze, not far from Rieti. The Pickings come up big here due to their link to Panico's, because the latter were first found in Bologna with the VesPASia-line Pasi's to the Paisley area of Pollocks. Panico's were from Pincum in the Moesian land of the Picensii Illyrians who obviously named Picenze. That's why it was me who picked up the sleeping bag in the woods. God seems to be saying that Picenze elements were in the blood of emperor Vespasian, but here it can be added that while Vespasian's Flavian household adopted and named Flavius Josephus, English Josephs were first found near Poole. Poole's share the giant Rita lion.

In other words, the sleeping-bag dream must also be about the line to the anti-Christ and/or False Prophet from Caiaphas elements. To clinch this Picenze interpretation of the sleeping bag, my mother is a Grimaldi on her father's side, and Grimaldi's share the Bag Coat. This is the most depressing part of my work, the understanding by several methods that God is pointing my own ancestry to Caiaphas elements in Picenze. That's at least partly why I was chosen for this job, I reckon. Heads up. Flesh and blood counts for nothing.

Grimaldi's (purple throne in Monaco) were at Monaco, and Monaco's (flames, linkable to Gothelo) share the Rita / Pool lion, as well as the Goth/Gothel hexagram. Rita's were first found in Rome with Pierleoni Jews, who were saved by Gothelo's son, and Rome is also where Sforza's were first found who almost have the Rita lion. On the other side of the Monaco Coat from the same lion as Rita's is the same lion as Sforza's. The latter are suspect with Forts (Pollock kin) who in-turn share the quadrants of Grimms, and the Grimms even use three copies of a Pavia Coat. German Forts have a near-copy of the Sforza Coat.

Back to the Rieti-line, Room-like Rams, who happen to use a "vis" motto term while the black cross between the antlers of Vise's is in the Crest of Eustace's, likewise between antlers, and this is the Bouillon line to Bauds/Bauts who share the upright, white ram with Dutch Rams. If we go to Cramers/Cremers, the German branch has another ram, while Irish Cramers/Cremers look like they have the red Bible/Bibo rooster on a green surface, yet more, the Cramer/Cremer Chief shares the three fleur in the Chief of Ping- and Pink-liner Panico's. The Bible's/Bibo's share the Kiss/Cush rooster, but the latter are a branch of Custs in the motto of Irish Cramers/Cremers. It just so happens that the "Placit" motto term of Rome's/Rooms is for Placentia liners, and Placentia is smack beside Cremer-like Cremona (near Crema). Picenze, my mother's home town, is like the Piacenza variation of Placentia. This area was home to the Ananes Gauls who named Annandale, location of Rome's/Rooms, and suspect with the naming of Ananus, father-in-law of Caiaphas.

The Annandale saltire is colors reversed from the same of Tease's/Tess', who use LEAVES. God pointed Mamie to the Tease's/Tyes', first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas', who share the star of Tease's/Tyes', but then Ananus (high priest of Israel, judge and killer of Jesus) was also called, Annas. I danced with Mamie in her LIVING ROOM, unlucky me. The next time that I saw her, I was sleeping in her sleeping bag, yup, unlucky me, on the night she teased me. We get it.

Her name was code for Mamesfelde, in Nottinghamshire, named by the Mansfields who share the maunch (or sleeve) of Tickhills. Anne's were at Tickhill. Can we guess what Anne's may have been? Yup, that's right. And the blue stag head is shared between Hanna's and Stage's/Staggs (cross between antlers), the latter being at the end of the sleeping-bag dream.

God gave Mamie a thigh symbol (for the Ticinum location) when she was at her garden, and this was resolved with her pointing to MUMmolin, father of Babon, for Babons share the Garden boar head. Gardens were first found in Angus with Sewers/Suits. She was at the garden in her bathing suit, and I never did see, for just a second, more beautiful thighs than hers. It was impressed into my brain for this revelation. And a new thing was just found when reading from of Peter BABYo in the Babon write-up, for I looked up Babys (looks Russian / Ukrainian) to find a Shield filled with the checks (Babon colors) used by Louvier's, Pero-beloved Flamings, and the Arms of Meulan. These checks are also in the chief of Pavia-suspect Pavers/Paviors. Waleran de Leavell, suspect from "Laevillus," married a woman of Meulan's Beaumonts, and thus it appears that Babon was a line from Laevillus' Vibius ancestry.

Laevillus married Quadratilla, the line to Quade's/Wade's, which explains why Mamie and I were in for a wade, thigh deep, in a lake, the morning after we slept in the tent, just hours before she got her thigh symbol in the evening (sun was still bright). You see, she's a pointer to Laevillus from the same Laevi elements as Peare's. And while Quade's are also Quids, "Quid is a motto term of Ashtons/ESTONs, whom I've just reloaded because Babons had an ESTON-Bavent location. Ashtons/Estons share the black boar head with Babons (fesses in the colors of the fessewise bars of Leavells). And the Astons (no 'h'), so super, share the black bull head with Walerans! Excellent. These are the bulls of Beautys (Dorset, same as Babe's), tending to reveal why God chose to give Mamie a thigh symbol from the beauty of her thighs. Recall that God pointed to Beautys with Sleeping Beauty.

The leopard head of Babe's is in the colors of the ones of Feltmans. Repeats: "English Feltmans/Felthams, first found near the first-known Peare's, share gold leopard faces with Peare's. I first kissed Miss Peare at the La PALOMa bar, and the "palma" motto term of Felmans/Felthams can be gleaned with Palmers, for they have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Feltmans/Felthams." The Kiss'/CUSH's share the red rooster of Babcocks and Bible's/Bibo's, and the latter's is on a Cush-like cushion. The Babe Coat is not a bad reflection of the Feltman/Feltham Shield. The Babe's and Beautys means that my job for God in life came with some perks, but, drats, I'm an old man now. All I ever get now are Signs from squirrels, chipmonks, or the odd weasel. But, take heart, popcorn-goes-the-weasel is coming. The weasel of about a week ago was a Sign for a whistle-blower(s).

There are Leopard surnames suspect with PeirLEOni, for they were named after a pope Leo. Italian Leo's use one fesse in the colors of the three of Hugs (Julian Chief) while Hugo's share the mermaid with Babels and Lapps. Leopard-like Leapers are also Peirs/Peers/LAPERE's, I think we get it.

Hmm, after writing here, I went to see if there was some new deep-state news at youtube, and saw a Jesse Watters video. He's the man sitting at the center on The Five, and beside Dana Perino. So the Watters/Walter surnames was loaded, and there popped up boar heads in both colors of the Babon boar heads. I then loaded Jesse's/Gessons to see whether God might have indicate that something in this picture points to Jesse Watters, and there popped up more red roosters, right down the Babon line. In fact, the Jesse's were first found in Yorkshire, and have a Coat reflection of the Yorkshire Dance's, and even show a red rose for connection with Dance's to Pierro's/Pero's. The Dance and Jesse Coats both use an embattled pattern for their respective fesses.

Tending to nail Jesse's with Watters'/Walters, though we have no logical explanation for it other than God's doing, the Jesse-like Guess'/Jeste's were first found in Worcestershire with the watts sharing a Coat with Vatts/Watters'/Quattie's. It sure looks like a branch of Quade's/Wade's. Recall Eston-Bavent of the Babons, for the other Watts have: "John Wathes was Lord of the manor of Eston..." The Guests, with a version of the Guess/Jeste Coat, even has black-on-gold ermines, the symbol of Babons too. The split colors of Guests are those of German Caplans, and while English Josephs are linkable to English Caplans and French Chaplains, French Josephs once showed a black swan, as do Chaplets and the Guest Crest, making Jesse's and Guess' / Guests look like a branch of Josephs from Flavius Josephus. English Caplans and Josephs were first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flavius, you see, and the martlets of Flys are colors reversed from the giant martlet of French Josephs.

Reminder; the Caplan Coat is a version of the Feld and Feltman Coats, wherefore it now appears to be suggesting that God set Miss Peare up with the it-felt-so-good events in order for me to stress The Five, and here we find the central guy on The Five with a first name that traces to Joseph Caiaphas (Josephus claimed to be from the Israeli priesthood), and with a surname tracing between Laevi on the Ticino and Laevillus. The latter has been suspect as a descendant of Caiaphas. Actually, as play on Guess liners, the Guess' and Guests could be using geese. Chaplets use FIVE swans (in both colors of the Joseph swan) probably because QUINTus Caepio was named after quint = five. A giant chaplet is used by JOSlyns ("mon"), first found in Lanarkshire with swan-using Sions/Swans.

Hmm, the previous owner of my Jeep is Joseph, with the Italian Simon surname, and then French Simons share "mon" with JOSlyns. In MONmouthshire, this is a hoot, beside MAGOr, is a CHEPstow location, and as though to verify that Josephs are involved here, they have a "MAGO" motto term. Joseph Caiaphas. "Caepio" seems to fit the Chep variation of Jeepma's, and Chepmans/Chapmans were even first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's, like the historical Caepionis variation of Caepio's.

Bill Barr said that the dossier was handled by the upper crust, not typical of normal investigations because they involve lower-level people doing the foot-work, you see. I see. He's implying that the upper crust didn't want its crimes to be shared by lower levels, if possible, to minimize risks from whistle blowers. So, there may not be many potential whistle blowers in the FBI. When Barr lamented with hemmer that there's nothing for him to read on the situation, so that he needs to start from scratch, he was pointing to Wray, deliberately or not, for Wray has ignored this entire scandal. For his nothingness, Rosenstein was removed, unless Rosenstein quit for fear of getting the axe. Ever since he left, he been playing the part of a chameleon, now trying to fit in with the pro-Trump crowd, it's sickening, but not as sickening as some pro-Trump people giving him thumbs up.

Wray strikes me as one who will not stoop to playing the chameleon, but will rather get his hairs up if Barr reprimands him. That is, Wray thinks he's too good to be reprimanded. I predict a clash and a crashing on his part, the sooner the better, get lost, Wray, fly the coup (pun intended).

The Stool Report

Good morning, it's a fine Sunday morning. A bird flew in to my bare lawn, in my presence, as I stood at the open front door. It landed 20 feet away. I thought is was going to be a robin, but after it stopped flapping, at the landing, I saw a pigeon. I have never seen, or I do not remember ever seeing a pigeon here, in more than 10 years. It walked around, while I spoke to it, on the wet soil, poking it at repeatedly, apparently looking for worms. Within about a minute, it took off clear across the yard and away from the property.

As this was a rare sight, I was wondering what Sign this could be from God, and a stool pigeon came to mind, because that's a whistle-blower of sorts. "In the more common figurative meaning a stool pigeon is a police informer, or criminal's look-out." Or, "A decoy or an informer, especially one who is a spy for the police." It then dawned on me that it had landed at the corner of the septic tank, and that it did meander right over the tank, and flew away while over the tank. I was thinking that a septic tank is part of a sewer, right, as in the deep state. But then it hit me that the material going into the tank is called, STOOL!!! Is that not amazing?

The next thing that hit me was "feces," like the fasces symbol of Assi's whom I've been calling the Ass surname as per "Assange," the one who receives stool pigeons. And stool comes from an ass. Hee-hee-hah-hah, it's working like a healthy bladder. This seems great to me, because God seems to be saying that there will be a stool pigeon shortly. I find it amazing that the Ass'/Ase/Assi's were traced, for the first time I can recall, to the Axe river of Somerset, with the axe at the end of the fasces as the prime evidence. We are dealing here with Paionians from the Axius, and, indeed, pigeons can be traced to Paionians, as I will show below.

I will also say that while I have purchased grass seed for the patch of dirt that the pigeon walked a curvy line upon, I have been pulling weeds from it, all weeds, even the tiniest seedlings, because it's easier to get them now while the dirt is bald. And the deep-state anti-Christs are weeds, in the Bible.

The natural thing to do was to check for a Stool surname, to see whether God arranged something there. One's not coming up, but, wow, there is a German Stoll surname (Zurich) sharing the hexagrams of German Suters, and Scottish Suters are Sewers too!!! And just so you believe that this is out of my hands, CHECK IT OUT, for no word of a lie, English Stolls, first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels, share the lozenges of Whistle's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Wow, that is the greatest exclamation I have even done. I recognize that Stoll Coat as a copy of the Picker/Pecker/Packer Coat, and it shares "vis" in its motto with Rams. In the case if the Stolls, it appears that "vis" relates to the Wissels, wherefore God may have arranged Vissels/Veslers to use three of the McCabe salmon!!! That's pretty incredible. Someone's maybe already snitched on McCabe, or it has yet to happen.

WOW, Vissels/Vislers are even FISA-like Fisers! That has got to be God's doing. Note that the Stoll lozenges form a cross in the colors of the cross of Fiser-like Fessys/Vassys/Vesci's/Vesey. The Fishers/Fischs / Fischers can apply to Fisers, and here the Fish's can be pointed out who share the rare wavy chevron of the Somerset Pierce's/Piers. Miss Peare worked for Reitmans, and Fishers/Fischs (can be FISC/Fisk liners) use a "wahREIT" motto term. The stage that Peare was one with me can be viewed as a platform, a pointer to Hillary's Platte River networks, the owner of one of her private servers, in Denver, where Perkins Coie has an office too.

We are in the area here of Fusion-like Fussen with these surnames, that being a location on a Leck river to which I say the bent, human leg of Leaks/Leakeys (Hicks fleur) applies, for the Arms of Fussen has three bent, human legs. The Hose's do too, and then while Dossier's are D'Hosier's, that spells the dossier owned by Fusion GPS. I believe God arranged this bit of heraldry, and then had Miss Hick's knee symbol at the Get'n Go on the so-called Leakey road (road to Leakey). Miss Hicks even considered herself a prophetess while Prophets/ProFETTS, with another bent, human leg, look like they apply to the FOETes version of "Fussen."

Suddenly, Peare's waist on a stage applies more-directly to Whistle's/Wissels, for the "vis" motto term of Stolls should be for Vise's/Vice's, of Eustace's / Stage's/Staggs, who all-three seem to stress antlers, and then German Stolls (the ones with Suter stars) even share the single antler with German Wessels, how amazing is all of this?

God planned that pigeon here this morning from as long ago as planning the symbols of these surnames, and at that time, he was already decided to give us the sewer shot in the Obama dream. Look out, deep state, you have one formidable enemy. I will repeat here that Assange's enemy, president Moreno, cut him off from the Internet, but that his second-last tweet (a few hours after the stroke on midnight on new years eve) was called, Paper Planes, from a song of that name on crime.

AND WOW, another staggering realization. I was just recalling that Assange's last tweet was on a chess match, where Frank Marshall, the world champion, was winning the game, but lost with a surprise come-back by his Cuban opponent (Jose CAPAblanca; might the latter surname be from Cuppae?) I then recalled that the Marshall surname has the same, bendwise string of lozenges as Whistle's, and checking to see whether they do them in the same colors, it turned out to be half in the same colors. Still, that's pretty amazing. The Mussolini's use a string of bendwise lozenges too, because Mussels/Muscels named Musselburgh, at the Haddington area of the Keiths/Mascals who were Marshall kin. Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex with Mascals, and share the stag head with Keiths/Mascals.

The Marshall lozenges are colors reversed from the string of lozenges used by Pickings/Pinkneys, and I've just noticed that the latter are said to be from the Somme area of PICardy. The Picardy location of Picquigny is said, in the Picking/Pinkney write-up, to be of that surname, and it looks like a Pick merger with Quincys because the Picking/Pinkney lozenges are colors reversed from the similar MASCLEs of Quincys, both surnames first found Northamptonshire. This recalls Saer de Quincy in the write-up of Faucets, while Faucets are said to have been from Fauxside, a couple of miles from Musselburgh, perfect. Faux's use a giant mascle.

By the way, I trace Peks/Pecks, Picks, Pickings, Pike's, and Pickers/Packers/Peckers to the Pek river because Pincum, the line to Pinks/Pincs and the Pinkney variation of Pickings, is from Pincum at the mouth of the Pek river. I have been saying for years that the Cuppae location at the sources of the Pek is called the "city of doves"!!! A dove is a pigeon, is that not incredible? The bird I saw this morning was on the small side for a pigeon, and was not grey as I've seen city pigeons, but was a tan color with greying out at the tail only. It could have been a dove, for all I know the difference.

Mussolini's were first found in Bologna with Panico's, and with the Reno river that is likely of the Reno's, for the latter share the lozenges of Pinks/Pincs. And while Miss Hicks has a Rena middle name, I discovered German Suters/Sauts from Hikke de Sauteby in the Hick write-up. The first I saw Miss Hicks in my 1979 dream was when she was in a bathing SUIT at the hood of a car on a sandy beach. Suits are listed with Sewers/Suters. In real life, Miss Hicks was used in a glass-door event that pointed to Assange's plight with Moreno's.

Back to the Rams sharing "vis" with Stolls, remembering that the latter use two strings of lozenges forming a cross, ditto for Pickers/Packers/Peckers. Rams have a feces-like "facias" motto term, just saying. Rams have three ram heads in the colors of the three scallops of French Mars/More's (Moray colors), and the latter's write-up suggests derivation in "marre" = "ram," though I don't agree with this, for I rather see a Ram merger with Mars. The point is that Scottish Mars have the passant lions of Vis-like Whistle's/WISSels, suggesting that Whistle's and Waistells/Wessels (DOVES!!) are from the island of Vis/Issa. Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex with Mascals, and while the latter use the elephant, the Elaphiti islands are near Vis/Issa.

Heraldic pigeons are rare, but Paionian-suspect Pigeons use them, though Pigeons can also be of a Pek-river family. The Piccots/Piggots, using pheon-like arrowheads they call, "pike heads," seem to apply. For what it might be worth, French Pigeons share the Baker chevron, and there was evidence from the Obama dream that Jim Baker could become a stool pigeon. Pageons (Dauphine, same as Payens/Pagans) are listed with French Page's/Lepage's, and English Page's use doves, the reason to trace them, along with Payen/Pagan, Pane/Panico/Panetta and Pink/Pung/Paganell liners, to the Pek river and Cuppae.

In fact, the dirt is now grassless over parts of the septic tank because I was on solar power until recently, when I excavated a trench passing by the septic tank to bury the incoming electrical wire. I raked some of the excavated dirt over the septic tank to level things out. The point is, God used the 17th squirrel in my squirrel saga in an attic entry point at the SOLar PANELS, and that led to the discovery that Sole's/SolNEYs have the PAINELLs in their write-up. It even appears from the write-up that these were of the Paine's/Payne's of Somerset, the ones sharing the lions of Somerset's Whistle's! Zinger, the latter are the ones with the lozenges of Stolls (Somerset), the ones pointed to by the pigeon/dove this morning.

About a minute after ending the last paragraph, a squirrel, which could be the 17th I spoke of, just tore across my computer-room window. I think that the 17th got back out the crack at the solar panels moments before I plugged it up.

Back to the Faux's, part of the Faucets and the Vaux's of Lothian, who entered the discussion above with the lozenges of Pickings/Pinkneys. French Faux's happen to share the Panico Chief (minus the label) because there's a dove in the Faux Shield! Bingo. It can be gleaned that the CHAULNEY variation, and similar ones, of French Faux's, are a branch of the SAULNIER variation of Saunier's, first found in Perigord with Faux's/Chaulneys. "Saulnier" is much like "Solney."

The French Vaux's/BeliVAUX's are interesting for sharing red billets with Stolts. Billiards/Billets have a white version of the Payen/Pagan Coat. The Stolls, Steele's, Stalins and Stolts had been parts of my investigation into Stoltenbergs, because that surname became the NATO chief. The Stoltenberg Coat doesn't show what its descriptions page describes, which is the pierced heart of NATO-like Nations/Nathans (Nottinghamshire, same as Mea's), Rothschild suspects (the first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan, a name to be repeated in the family).

The previous NATO chief was Mr. Rasmussen of the Danes, and Nathan-like Nottingham was named by the Danish king, Canute. Canute's/Cnuts/Notts share a white unicorn with Rasmussens. The latter's ASSmann variation named Assmannshausen, at Rothes-like RUDESheim, and Rudes' were first found in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were said to have been first found until this past year. Rudes', who share the cross of Mea's (Nottinghamshire), look linkable to Rockefeller-suspect Felds and Feltmans.

Recall the cockroaches behind the wallPAPER in Crystal City, for God pointed that night to both Rockefellers and Nations/Nathans. That was the night of the black smoke in the tail pipe pointing to Pepin liners (Pepins share "Mens" with Crystals and Poppins/Pophams, the latter first found in Hampshire, where Canute invaded England). Well, some 20 years after sleeping in Crystal City, it was found that Papers are also PAPWALLs, like "wallpaper." And Papers/Papwalls happen to use carNATIONs, you see, I get it. God really knows how to pout things together, and I didn't realize a thing as he moved the events in my life. How does He do it? (Poppins look linkable to the Keiths/Mascals and the Sitten variation of Seatons (East Lothian, same as Keiths/Mascals)).

It can be gleaned that Canute's/Cnuts/Notts and their Nutt branch (Hazel colors) are in the "squirrel cracking a nut" in the Hazel Crest, for while the Canute/Cnut/Nott crescents are colors reversed from the Hazel crescents. We then note that the Hazel leaves are in the design of the Baker leaves, and that the Baker chevron is colors reversed from the Canute/Cnut/Nott (and Chanut) chevron, and in the colors of the Paper/Papwall chevron. In short, the wallpaper with cockroaches can be a pointer to Jim Baker, for the bend of German Bakers is in the colors of the bends of Smoke's/Rauch's and Jewish Rothchilds (no 's').

Rothschilds descend from the namers of Rothes castle, built by Peter Pollock, and the Jewish Pollocks share the Coat of German Bakers exactly. This recalls my trace of FULbert (Shropshire), the father of Peter Pollock, to Fullers, whose beacon must be code for baker-like Beacons/Bacons, but a pointer of God to the Washington Free Beacon, where Crystal-suspect Bill Kristol operated. The Beacon isn't mentioned in the video below, until late in the 2nd minute, and then it's not mentioned again, funny-that, even though the video is called, Washington Free Beacon-Bill Kristol and the Russian Dossier. Apparently, Pirro (filling in for Hannity) doesn't want to push a charge against the Beacon, a Republican company. I don't recall Hannity ever mentioning the Beacon.

In her dream, Miss Hicks appeared at a car on a beach, and then the Dutch Bakers are also Beckers while the Beach Coat is also the Beacher Coat while it's used in blue by English Beckers. German Beckers share black-on-white checks with English Steels. Backers were first found in Hampshire with Sturs suspect with the steer of Backs/Bachs/Bachers. Aha! Steels: "The surname Steele was first found in Cheshire [beside Sands of Lancashire] where they held a family seat from very early times where they were Lords of the manor of Giddy Hall near Sandbach..." Miss Hicks was on a SANDy Beach, and so note "SandBACH," for Beckers and Bechers too, and Beach's are Bechs too! That's what the beach part of the dream was for!!! In fact, Welsh Bachs/Baghs were first found in DenBIGHshire, beside Cheshire! Zinger.

I didn't know that Bricks (Massey fleur) come up as "Bacher' until now, very interesting because Masseys and Meschins were in Cheshire with Steels, and because the first Meschin was the son of Mr. BRIQUESsart (descended from the Malahule Danes), the "SART" ending suspect with the Shirts/SHARDs (of the Harcourt Danes) of Cheshire!!! I have said many times that, when I came out of the body of water onto the sandy beach, yes in the dream, I was walking in jeans but without my SHIRT, and that's the scene immediately before I saw Miss Hicks for the first time, in the distance, beside the hood of the car, the only car on the beach. I'm a Massey / Meschin liner, right? Yes, and I'm a Grimaldi too who share the BAG Coat, and English Backers are with the Baggers (badger), looking like a branch of Biks/Bickers. I assumed that my being shirtless was God's way to point to Shirts.

Bagleys (Shropshire, beside Cheshire again) share blue lozenges with Bricks/Bachers, and had a Bagley-wood location in Berkshire with lozenge-liner Pickers/Packers/Peckers, suspect from the namers of Picenze, birthplace of my Grimaldi-Masci mother.

Shirts/Shards can be gleaned by their "HosTIS" motto term with Tiss' (Hampshire), for they share chevrons. If "Hostis" is also for Hose's, let's go to the Hose-using variation(s) of Ass'/Assi's, for Hose's worked smack into the dossier pointers while involving Miss Hicks in real life. The Dossier's are also D'Hosier's/Hausier's. There is a Hosier surname sharing the Coats of Trevors and Pennants, the latter being in the "pennants" of Cowes'. There is a Cowes location on Wight, off the coast from Hampshire. Hosier's (chapeau = cap) share the greyhound with Pennys/Penes'.

However, as there was a bulldog in the dream with Miss Hicks, the "Hostis" motto term of Shirts is expected with the Hosts (Somerset) because they share the white-on-blue bull head with Bulls/Bule's, first found in Somerset. Hosts are in the colors of the Hoss'/Hausers, and I happen to trace the latter's giant fleur-de-lys to the fish of shark-like Saraca's. The Hicks dream had a shark in a pool which got a bulldog halfway down its throat, when I jumped in to save it, but the dream shifted at that point, leaving me in suspense, to another scene: my being in a body of water off of the sandy beach...where I had no shirt on.

Why is the giant Hoss/Hauser fleur that of Bush's? I see the first president Bush born a Scherff, and while Schere's are also Scherffs, lookie at the Shirt write-up: "Hugh SCHERhare." The Haus-like Haas' use a hare, and Hairs share the double HARcourt fesses, wherefore "ScherHARE" thus looks like a Har(court) liner, especially as blue wings are shared between Hosts and both Here surnames!!! Excellent, for this seems to discover several meanings of the Hicks dream not realized before. I'll say it again, that, as a teen, my first date with the Dane, Miss Hanson, was in a Valiant car of a friend, and Valiants use the only heraldic shark I know of.

The Harcourts had Humphrey de VIEILLes (i.e. potential Valiant liner), father of the Beaumonts of Meulan. Miss Hicks in her dream pointed by the Beautys to Waleran de Leavell, who married a daughter of the Meulan Beaumonts. The Harcourt fesses are even in the colors of the fessewise, Leavell bars. The Arms of Meulan is the Coat of English Vaux's/VALLIbus'...lookie at that Bush-like ending, folks. Vaux's/Vallibus were first found beside the first-known English Hansons (Yorkshire, same as Valiants), and it thus seems that God arranged English Hansons to use the mascle of Vaux-liner Faux's! Nailed it. And, zowie, I have always compared Miss Hanson to Miss Hicks for being tall, thin, babe-model-like ladies, like Faux-liner Farrah Fawcet.

I don't recall ever linking Valiants to Vieilles, though a valiant link to Vallibus' was probably spotted as soon as knowing that Faux's share the Hanson mascle. In light of the Valiant being the car of Dennis' parents, see Dennis below with my vision of Farrah Fawcet.

One morning, very-very shortly after the Hicks dream, itself in the first week or so of my conversion, God did an amazing thing. He spoke audibly, saying, "write this: you're going to have an argument with Steve tonight," and when Steve was upset with me, that night, I produced for him the piece of paper which I had written on. But moments before God spoke to me, I saw a beautiful blond in a vision, and there was something wrong with her head. I have told of this before, that she looked like Farrah Fawcet. Here's from the 5th update of April, 2016:

Quinn helped to get me deeply into drugs in parties that he would throw at his place when his parents were up at the cottage for the weekend. He had an attractive sister (blonde, model like) several years older than us. Later, perhaps three or four weeks after I turned my life to Jesus (nearing 22), I awoke with an audible message: "Write this down; you're going to have an argument with Steve tonight." This is the same Steve who lived down the apartment hallway from Quinn after both had been newly married. There was no reason, in the morning, for us to have an argument that night. As I awoke, and immediately before the message came to me, I saw a beautiful woman in a snap vision, with a head / mental problem (not a physical injury), and I said to myself that she looks like Farrah Faucet. No kidding.

Steve held a party that night with the regulars, but half of them left early to go to a bar, and I went with them. When I got back, he was upset with me going, and spoiling his party. I didn't know this until later. In the meantime, when we all got back, I sensed the Spirit come on me to witness to everyone there, and Dennis' sister was sitting beside me at the table, concerned and calling me a "fool" for having this new outlook. Barry piped up to support my right to have this belief, and so Quinn's sister, angel-like on all other occasions, got promptly up from her chair, walked over to him (he's a big, strong guy) and punched him in the mouth. No one in the room could believe this, and Barry just sat there doing nothing, bleeding slightly from the lip. The woman felt a little bad for this and left the apartment, walking down the hall to Quinn's place, but as she arrived to the door, she was heard screaming at the top of her lungs. I ran down to see, and as she was losing her mind, I got down on one KNEE, and looked up to the ceiling, praying to Jesus, when, as soon as the prayer was out, she stopped screaming. This was in full view of her brother and others, and perhaps also herself (I had my back to her).

So I asked the others to put her on the couch and give her a drink. And when she was on the couch, she stretched her hand out toward me, and said, "I love you." I can't express to you what a thrilling event this was for me. I had forgotten all about the snap vision of that morning, until after I got home. And I was amazed. After she was put on the couch, I walked back to Steve's, and he started showing resentment for my leaving the party. And so I took the note out of my pocket that God directed me to write, and told him that it was written that morning, but Steve commented that I had written it that evening, after I left his place.

Just call me little Peter. But a miracle-working career was not to be for me. Drats, that would have been a lot of fun. So, there you have the Fawcet/FAUCet link to the daughter of the parents who owned the Valiant with which I dated Miss Hanson, a Dane, as with the Harcourt Danes who produces Vieilles. And the boyfriend of Dennis' sister, at that time, was Charlie, recalling that Farrah Fawcet played on Charlie's Angels. Angels share the winged horse with Quinns.

The Valiant Coat can be with the Morinis Shield because the fleur in the Morinis Chief is in the Coat of Danish Hansons. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason for this link unless God arranged it, to prove that these connections are accurate. The Valiant Coat has the Shield of the Scottish Hairs who in-turn have a blue version of the English-Hair Coat, the latter being the one with the double fesses of Harcourts. Perfect, yet neither Harcourts nor Hairs knew I was dating Miss Hanson in a Valiant. The Valiant Chief-Shield colors are even reversed from the same of French Faux's/Chaulnes'.

So, let me repeat that Miss Hicks, in the dream, after she was at the front of the car, was inside the car when I arrived to its passenger door. And when looking in at her, she was hovering / lying over the seats, in mental distress, yup. It looks like another Fawcet moment. The Hick Coat has one of the two Harcourt fesses, and while both surnames share "bon," the most-impressive part of Miss Hicks' looks (in real life) is/was her HAIR. Hmm, she was lying LEVEL, and so let's repeat; "The Harcourt fesses are even in the colors of the fessewise, Leavell bars." I discovered Leavells by checking Levels one day, though I've never seen Miss Hicks hovering flat on her back as suggesting the Level surname until now.

The fact that she was hovering in a car suggests the Cary castle of Leavells, but their write-up says that the progenitor of Leavells received the castle along with HARpetre. That looks Harcourtish to me. The swan in a Peter Crest stands on what looks like a black mascle, the colors of the Hanson / Faux mascle! And the Peter lion is the Faucet lion too. These Peters even share the gold mascle with the Quincys in the Faucet write-up. The other Peters probably use the Rothes/Rothchild raven as per Peter Pollock at Rothes castle. German Peters even have a version of the Jewish Rothchild Coat. The Cary Coat is a version of the English Rothes Coat, excellent for linking Pollocks to Leavells.

The Peter and Faucet lion is that also of Sam's, first found in Essex with Faux's, and Miss Hanson was selling ice cream to me, at Sam's Restaurant, when I asked her on our first date. I had never spoken to her before. She said, okay. I used the same technique, about a year later, when lining up to buy an ice cream from blonde (Nordic, likely) Darlene Ray, and she said, okay, even though I had never spoken to her before. Ahh, the days when women were not of the mind, yet, that every man should be treated as a rapist or killer until proven innocent. The point is, Darlene's use the backDROP (drops) of the Danish Canute's/Cnuts in the same colors.

I remember little with Darlene. But I do recall out first kiss. I was seated on the couch, with she lying flat on the couch, with head on my lap, and that's how we kissed. The point is, that while Kiss'/Cush's are from Laevillus, she was LEVEL on the couch. I've not made this observation before, but the Level variation of Leavells reminded me of this shortly above. Couch's were first found in Oxfordshire with Harcourts, and the double Couch pale bars are colors reversed from the double Harcourt fesses. Impressive. It looks like God was at work.

One of the few significant things I remember with Darlene is that she got into a CAR acciDENT (she was not hurt) while I was with her for a few weeks. Dents share a version of the Cary / Rothes Coat, and while the ice creams were resolved with Cremers/Cramers, they share the Chief and gold Shield of Faux's/Chalnes', that's right. This is new, I do believe. "ACCident" can be God's pointer to the Axe rivers of Somerset, for Somerset is where Cary castle and Leavells lived. Darlene RAY? French Rays share the esCARbuncle with Angers (Essex) and Hangers (Hampshire, where Cnut attacked England), and Danish Cnuts happen to use "pot hangers."

Darlingtons, with a version of the Darlene Coat, share "dum spiro spero" with WHITEheads, that latter having more blue wings. Scottish White's use QUATREfoils, suspect with QUADRatilla, wife of Laevillus. The Whitehead hunting horns and their stripes are colors reversed from the same of Weights/Waits, the latter suspect with the Wade variation of QUADE's.

The Ice's are going to need a round-about treatment that gets to all the right players. First, the Cremer/Cramer Crest is a reflection of the Bibo/Bible Coat, and the latter, suspect with Vibia, mother of Leavell-liner Laevillus, is said to share the rooster of Hanson-like Hahns, and this rooster is also used in a different color scheme by Hanns'. The Hahns, who share blue wings with Here's, bingo, were first found in the Rostock area with Bibo's/Bible's and Ice's, that's right. And, by the way, while German Bauers use more blue wings, there are Danish Bauers while my second girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms was Allison Bauer, whom was immediately after Darlene, likewise at Knob Hill Farms.

Hosts, beloved of the Harcourt-liner Shirts, would have blue wings in colors reversed. The Ost variation of Hosts suddenly brings Albert OOSTeyn to topic, for he was used of God to point to the Whistle's, first found in Somerset with Hosts/Osts. AND BEHOLD, the Shirt-like Shorts, who do have blue wings, share the giant griffin of English Alberts!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. It now appears that my shirtless trek on a beach is about a whistle-blower(s). The German Wissels are loading as I write to check the colors of their wings. Awwe, red. But they were first found in Westphalia with Valiant-like Velins and Velens, and while Hosts/Osts use the Bull bull head, the dream with me shirtless had a bulldog in the mouth of a shark while Valiants use the shark.

The Ice trefoils are shared by Pike's, first found in Devon with one of the Axe rivers out of Somerset. This Axe river flows to Seaton in Devon while Seatons/SITTens were first found in the same place as Faucets, the latter sharing the lion of SITlers, who in-turn share the trefoil of Ice's/ICKE's and Pike's. Ike's are listed with Hykes'/Hake's (Shirt colors and format) while Hykes'/Hacks were likewise first found in Devon. The Ike's/Hykes' have TURKil Hako, and the Harcourt Danes in relation to de Vieilles were in TORCy (sometimes, Torville). German Turks were first found in Silesia, where Sitlers are said to derive, and Scottish Turks/Torks ("vel") share the ram head with German Cremers/Cramers. Vieilles-like Vela's use TORCHes at the blue corners, we get it.

His name was HUMPHREY de Vieilles, and while Humphreys use roughly the flory of Bello-loving Bouillons, "vel bello" is a motto phrase of Turks/Torks, thus making the latter's ram linkable to the same of Bauts/bauds, the Bouillon-related clan that was from the Bautica river, the location both of Ivrea and Chivasso, the latter being of the Chives', once said to have been first found in Devon, which is how we can know that the Chives quadrants are those of Hykes'/Hacks (Devon, same as Walerans). The Ivrea location looks like it named Normandy's Yvery, home of the Leavells who descended from Humphrey de Vieilles, for he was the grandfather or great-grandfather (approximately, I haven't checked exactly) of the Beaumont woman who married Waleran de Leavell.

In light of all these things, God must have been pointing to Meulan when he said to me, write down the argument that you'll have with Steve tonight, for he was Mr. MELANson. Meulan is also called, Mellent, and that surname is with Millens. Melansons (axe), first found in Aberdeenshire with Chives' and Mellents/Millens, look to be using a fesse version of the Canute/Cnut Coat. Recall that I had the vision of Farrah Fawcet when God spoke to me about Melanson, for Mellents/Millens share the giant Fawcet lion.

[Aha! A few hours after writing here, I looked up the Note's because the miracle paper in my pocket, concerning Melanson, and which I handed to him, can be called nothing else but a note. The Note's are listed with Canute's/Cnuts...utterly hilarious. The Papers/Papwalls (CARnations) have a chevron colors reversed from the Note/Canute chevron.]

By the way, Canute was, if I recall correctly, the son of FORKbeard, the Dane king, husband of Swietoslawa de Mieszko (she was definitely Cnut's mother). Earlier, when writing that I just saw the squirrel out my window, it was the fastest I'd ever seen it tear on the ground. It went up and sat in a FORK of a MAPLE tree, and disappeared. The Canute's can be gleaned with Hazels, who in-turn use a squirrel cracking a nut, code for Cnut liners. The maple tree looks perfect, because Maple's (Essex again) can be gleaned with the motto of Chives' (first found in Tarves) and the split Shield of Tarves'.

The "MiseRIS" motto term of Mellents/Millens should be for the German Rise's/Ries', for they share croziers with the Wearys/Were's (Devon again) who in-turn have a bend colors reversed from the same of Irish Mellents/Mallons (Tyrone, same as Sharks). Lookie at the Weary/Were write-up: "Today in Britain, Weare and Lower Weare are small villages in Somerset, England, on the River Axe, south of the Mendip Hills."

One day, soon after the night I gave Steve the note in my pocket -- which recalls the dead squirrel in my shorts pocket that I put through the Sears laundry machine -- God must have arranged for him to become the coach of an organized hockey team (13-year olds), for he asked me to be the assistant coach...or I might not have known about it. I needed to know about it, apparently, because Hockeys (Essex again, same as Vaux-branch Faux's and Sears) share the crescents of Melansons and Cnuts, but upon a fesse all in the colors of the fesse of squirrel-using Hazels. The Hockley variation can suggest Hosleys/HOSTillers, first found in Oxfordshire with Harcourts, and possibly the ancestors of the Somerset Hosts. Recall the huge surprise above as Shorts and Hosts/Osts related to Albert Oosteyn.

I can now add that Axe-river suspects, Axelrods/Axels/HAUKeswells (Hockey liners?) share the three axes of Halberts/Halperts in the same colors, and the latter were first found in Perthshire with the Dogs having the same colors and format as Halberts/Halperts, asking whether there was a bulldog with the shark, rather than only a bull, in order to get us to the Dogs of this particular picture. All I can say here is that Pockets, suspect with the Poke/Pook variation of Pollocks, use a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed from the cinquefoils of Dogs (near Rothes castle). Pollock-like Bullocks, in Dog colors and format, use bull heads as well as "Lochaber AXES," and the "conSCIRE" motto term of Bullocks starts to look like Mr. SCHERhare in the write-up of Shirts who in-turn love the Hosts, I think, and have the colors and format of Bullocks in colors reversed. Let's be reminded that Bole's share a pierced boar with Pollocks.

AHHH-haha. After writing that complicated bit, and contemplating while doubting that God would make us go through all that to decipher things, I saw this in the Bullock write-up: "Balloch Castle was north-east of the village of Kenmore..." I knew off-hand that my clothes dryer was a Kenmore brand, but it was purchased several years before the Sears machine. I got up to take a look, and, zowie, the Sears laundry machine is likewise a Kenmore. Amazing. I have never used the dryer because it has not had a propane conversion kit, but I had one installed about a week ago, and I am about to connect the propane line any day now due to having a tenant. Otherwise, I was okay with hanging my clothes.

So, wow, it appears that the bulldog and shirtlessness of a dream in 1979 relates to the shorts and squirrel through the Sears machine in the 1st update of May, 2015: "At this point I quit for the day, and got a pair of shorts on that were just put through the laundry two days earlier, not worn nor washed since last summer. After slipping the shorts on, I felt something large in the pocket, and putting my hand in, it was a furry thing in the shape of a disc, surprising because I don't own anything like that. It was a curled-up, shrivelled squirrel, and it stunk after being damp out of the laundry. Mystery of mysteries. I can't believe this.

Sears use an "honor" motto term and share the scallop of Tancreds/Tanks, from the Tancred Danes. And Tancreds/Tanks use the colors and format of Shirts who in-turn have an "honori" motto term. Shirts were at HARborough while sharing a peacock in Crest with Harcourts. The red roundels of Shirts look like a version of the same-colored annulet of Vito's/Vido's in their motto.

The main takeaway, I think, is that God set me up with Albert Oosteyn (about 1980) in order to point also to Hosts/Osts, first found in Somerset with Whistle's, suggesting that the whistle-blower(s) God is trying to get me to point to could be involved with the dossier, for Dossier's are also D'Hosiers. It dawns on me here that Trents/TRANS', who use the split Dossier Shield, and who were likewise first found in Somerset, can apply if they are a branch of Trains, for trains blow whistles. I took Trans' from the motto of the Walsh's who have an arrow piercing a swan.

Nations/Nathans have an arrow (basic Rothschild symbol) piercing a heart, as well as compasses. A compass NEEDLE is used by Rothschild-related Pettys, and Needle's are also NADlers, likely a branch of Natts/Nathans. Jerry Nadler is making such a stink of his Democrat rats that whistle-blowers will be urged to come out.

Needle's/Nadlers were first found in Shropshire with Rudes', early Rothes', Sleeps, and proto-Pollocks. The Ness/Nessan- and Nissan-like variations of Nathans/Nathans can explain why German Nadlers have one of the double Sleep fesses, the latter's being colors reversed from the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans. Nissans share the double fesses of Parrs, who share the black border with Furness' (Lancashire, same as Parrs), because they are from king PHARNACes and his wife, Nysa. Natts/Nathans use a black border too. I drove a Nissan pick-up to Crystal City, when God pointed to Rothschilds and Rockefellers. The cockroaches behind the wallpaper pointed to the Nations/Nathans via the Paper carnations. And then there was the paper note in my pocket pointing to Canute, who named Nottinghamshire, where Nathans/Nations were first found.

It just so happens that French Melansons were first found in Brittany with same-colored Maurels/Morels ("NEScit"), who happen to share a white unicorn in Crest with Note's/Canute's, so amazing. Actually, it would be incredible if there was no God giving and then steering the revelation. This wouldn't be happening. The Italian Maurels/Maurino's, first found in Melanson-like Milan, use nearly the colors and format of English Melansons. Impressive, isn't it? I'm sure He's trying to convince the weak of faith that He's behind these pointers. Compare Morello's to Morinis', and note that Morello's share the upside-down chevron with Canute-like Chanuts, and see that both use nothing but their inverted chevron; then note further that the Chanut chevron is in the colors of the Note/Canute chevron.

By what coincidence do Morinis' have double chevrons colors reversed from the same of Nissans and Parrs. Recall that the Morinis Chief-Shield is that of Valiants, while the Morinis fleur is that of Danish Hansons (they also have the Maurel fleur), while I took Miss Hanson for a drive in a Valiant. The shark in the Valiant Shield is code for Saraca's, and the Arms of Saraca has the fesse of Cassandra's/Cassano's', the latter first found in Modena with Morinis', Marano's, and Morano's. Cassandra's are from king Cassander of Macedon, the known ancestor of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, daughter of queen Nysa above, wife of Pharnaces.

Trump tweet on May 13: "Under my Administration, we are restoring @NASA to greatness and we are going back to the Moon, then Mars. I am updating my budget to include an additional $1.6 billion so that we can return to Space in a BIG WAY! " That money could have been given as $16,000 gifts to 100,000 needy people (wow, imagine) instead of wasting it on a fake space program. Way to go, Skunk.


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