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June 4 - 10, 2019

My Crash into the Boards

I didn't miss the story below last week, but I did neglect to share it. In the video below, "DAD" refers almost-certainly to Peter Strzok. In a letter from a congressman (Collins) to Horowitz, Strzok's crimes of leaking many times to the media is mentioned, and the complaint occurs where he tells Horowitz that, according to a reliable report, Jeff Sessions / Rod Rosenstein declined to charge Strzok with a crime. Collins is therefore asking Horowitz whether he referred Strzok to the DoJ for prosecution. And if Horowitz responds that he did not, that's how you can begin to know that he's a rat protector:

I suppose that Collins questions will lead to other questions, namely, why didn't Rod Rosenstein, or the head of the FBI, arrange charges when finally they discovered these crimes? These are not low-level crimes, but, safe to assume, were seeking to deal a president / candidate a fatal blow. It is very convenient for the government mob to make treason a legal crime only if an insurrection uses bullets or bombs. Does this mean that treason without bullets and bombs amounts to zero crime? Shame-shame if that's the case.

Imagine if Bill Barr leaked to the press. The Democrats would be in arms against him. But if Strzok did it, the media won't even mention it. Shame-shame, almost half of the United States deserves jail for supporting high-level crime. On a first view of BCP below, there is a sort of leak going on, speedily, between Jim Baker and Hillary Clinton. It's a good piece of video for exposing FBI bias toward Hillary:

We probably guess absolutely correctly that the mobsters delete all sorts of damning materials, but in the video above (12th minute), we find Jim Baker admitting that some FBI notes (302's) were created out of thin order to fabricate a story that is untrue, or in order to add a falsified detail to a true story. This sort of thing is probably not new under Obama, and defines well what the deep state is, a lawless band of Intelligence people who use the media to get out their distorted views of reality...what the conspiracy theorists were claiming for decades whom everyone laughed at. Yes, and when they claimed that the deep state controlled the media, they were laughed at, only we are now learning that the media is a willing partner of the Democrat deep state.

On Wednesday night, Hannity gave Trump the credit for exposing the fake news media. WHAT? Lots and lots and lots of people have, for decades, been calling out the leftist media for being willing stooges of the deep state, and you've never heard a word about all that? Come on.

A deep state can be defined as a band of conspirators who order the affairs of the nation in spite of who's president, or in spite of any president or other person who resists / opposes them. The people in positions of official power may change, but the agenda remains. The agenda is passed on to the new people in power, meaning that they always try to get their own ilk into positions of power. We saw them trying to get their own ilk into Trump's administration. This is a worm, for to do damage if the president doesn't comply. Back as far as of Richard Nixon at least, the Republicans formed their own, Nazified deep state under the careful watch of George Bush Sr. Their agenda is not likely what they publicly claim it to be, of course. American democracy has been a sham due to these imposters. Reading news daily without understanding these things makes people victims of lies.

Guess who is at the charge of calling conspiracy theorists laughing stocks? Yup, the conspirators and their media partners. It was a no-brainer to realize. They use their platform of respectability, a facade absolutely vital to the success of their schemes. And they are now calling Bill Barr a conspiracy theorist's right-hand man. Perfect, like rats wanting to be trapped. Don't let us down, Mr. Rat Catcher. It's so much better to have Fox news on our side now. We had all given up on that possibility. I would suggest that Hannity led the Fox charge, but this came to fruition with many Fox people thanks to Trump being the victim; otherwise Hannity would still have been portraying / ignoring us as nuts.

When a congressional oversight committee demanded Hillary's emails, she destroyed them. That's called obstruction of justice, for one thing. Therefore, as she has admitted to destroying them, what is taking Barr so long in arresting her? What better time can there be, as per political fall-out concerns, to arrest Hillary on obstruction now that her comrades want Trump arrested on the same charge though he has not done anything criminal, so far as is known??? Do you think that Barr will arrest Hillary? If he doesn't, he'll be a sham. The message needs to be sent that unrepentant dogs like she cannot get away with such brazen disregard for law. Has not the media been complicit with her crimes for not reporting them? Should there not be a law to hold media liable if they are complicit by omission of news? We are seeing that media bosses are not the moral gods after all.

Here's the breaking news from Judicial Watch, which is on a roll, that BCP discussed above. Tom Fitton, who really has his facts straight, shows his disgust because the FOIA request for Hillary's side only took two weeks for delivery. Hannity needs to learn to use up one or two seconds after each guest's comment to say, thank you, or something, anything, instead of going immediately to the next guest as if the first isn't appreciated much. In between, he often spends a LOT of seconds on his own comments, which are almost always old news, and besides-the-point at hand. Look at how he interrupts Sarah Carter on a trivial question rather than expounding on the new topic.

The latest blow to Mueller, as of Tuesday, was dealt with by Bongino on his Monday show. I've just come by the same story on Hannity above, at 16 minutes; the point seems to be that Mueller was not supposed to include material from this transcript because it was confidential:

If you read the comments in the video above, nearly half of them complain about Hannity's needless interruptions. I say they are more than interruptions, at least at times. I say that his boss has told him that he needs to change the subject, or butt in, whenever the guests take topics into certain, Fox-prohibited directions. By now, Hannity has read the endless complaints about his talking too much, and, for me, it is very irritating mainly because he repeats what he has already repeated too many times, and he does this often when a guest is on a new topic, a new direction. Hannity can't be that ignorant, especially as he knows it's not good for viewership numbers, and so I suspect that his boss (Hope Hicks?) has muzzled his show for certain topics.

Actually, that blow to Mueller comes at the same time as the arrest of a child-porn suspect (Nader) used by Mueller to get Trump. Bongino says that leftist media are not publishing this story, and, if true, it is a testimony against the leftists press as to their undeserved position for informing the nation.

See the Hot Air quote in the second half of the 27th minute to see that Wray's FBI saved Nader from porn charges in order to use him against Trump. Did Barr just order Wray to arrest Nader at this time? I hope so.

Rachel Maddow is just one example of a bald-faced liar on behalf of leftist media. She spent considerable time on the crime of accusing Trump of working for the Russians. It is a crime to make such assertions of treason, especially when the purpose involves treason against Trump. Therefore, why has she not been arrested? How can the American justice system allow "freedom of the press" to this point, and be proud of it? This is not what freedom of expression was intended for? The press cannot be allowed to fabricate a story for a political purpose, for the downfall of a political opponent. Yet the media had been permitted to do this for as long as I've despised CNN. I do not see this sort of thing from pro-Republicans on Fox, however, yet Fox surprisingly does not usually have a great edge in viewership over the biggest leftist media. This means that the lies are working lock-stock-and-barrel with some 35-40 percent of the people, and working to some degree with another 10-15 percent. Should this be allowed? Is there no law to protect against media fabrications?

I'm mentioning Maddow because Hannity showed a clip of her asking" what would happen if Russians cut the electrical power in a U.S. city? The context of the question is a secret Putin-Trump partnership. But what Maddow's statement tells me is that the deep state is even willing to produce a disaster for blaming it on the Russians, and in the meantime, Intelligence might even produce "evidence" that Trump is involved with the carrying out of that disaster. Unless deep-state fabrications are penalized, the deeps state will have the confidence to produce such a disaster. Unless the people are made to realize the tricks of the deep state, it will have the confidence to perform a disaster in the name of Russia or China. Guccifer 2.0 is an Intelligence fabrication blamed on Russians, though the official story is that Crowdstrike was responsible for bringing the Guccifer 2.0 story to the media. It should be clear to the wise that Crowdstrike is a leftist stooge in cahoots with the Obama-circle Intelligence people. If Barr fails to direct the FBI to look into this issue, I say Barr is letting Mueller off the hook.

Hannity calls Maddow delusional, but this is inaccurate. Bald-face fabrications are not based on delusion, but on sheer wickedness, the willingness to be of vital service to wicked, demonic players in government positions or former positions. The problem lies with media bosses, and so they are the first ones to punish. The buck stops with them when media anchors make harmful, false accusations intended to topple politicians.

Here's a CNN program showing that while the White House has directed staff and former staff not to feed Nadler's impeachment movement with the documents they seek, Hope Hicks is said to be willing to give some up. But I see this as a DESIRE to give them all up, for how else can we explain her giving any up? She starts to appear like an imposter in Trump's inner circle.

As you can see, CNN has anchors with an air of respectability when fabricating false narratives...because they have become masters of this thing which they have practiced for decades. There is no evidence that the president has done anything worthy of impeachment, yet they seek to spoil him daily without the justice department taking one media boss to court. If good people want to fix the nation, the slippery leftist media needs to be restrained and exposed. Media creates the ills. Violence in our generation has media to blame. Porn is media. The world is getting wicked because media is teaching people to become wicked. Leftist news teaches the people to be bald-faced liars. If you say that this is perfectly-fine free speech, all good, you have a mental hang-up. If one thinks that bald-faced lies should be an acceptable / tolerated part of free speech, it's the feeding of a god that the true God does not recognize. Free speech American style gives satan a voice, and here you can clearly see the fruits of this monster.

In October of 2016, 12 days after Hillary's campaign manager (John Podesta) blamed the Russians for the WikiLeaks dump that exposed Podesta's campaign-related emails (not pretty for Hillary), Hillary said the following in a debate with Trump:

But you are very clearly quoting from WikiLeaks. What is really important about WikiLeaks is that the Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans. They have hacked American websites, American accounts of private people, of institutions. Then they have given that information to WikiLeaks for the purpose of putting it on the internet. This has come from the highest levels of the Russian government. Clearly from Putin himself in an effort, as 17 of our intelligence agencies have confirmed, to influence our election. So, I actually think the most important question of this evening, Chris, is finally, will Donald Trump admit and condemn that the Russians are doing this, and make it clear that he will not have the help of Putin in this election (article above).

No one yet knew of the dossier, or that Hillary had paid for it, and that it accused Trump of the very same that Hillary was doing here. It's plain to see that Hillary's Intelligence partners had fabricated things to make it appear that Russians interfered on Trump's behalf. That Barr has been the new AG for months and counting, while she and her partners are still free, is very concerning. There's no reason that Bill Barr cannot arrest her on one charge to begin with, then bring other charges later, to really give these horrible people some hard things to think about. Let the deep state fight back, because Barr then has the justification to deliver more punishment.

However, Barr has a soft-spoken side that may signal a too-soft heart to give the Clinton crime ring its just desserts. I worry about that.

Look at this crap:

The story extensively quotes CrowdStrike President Shawn Henry, who previously headed the FBI’s cybersecurity division, and Chief Technology Officer Dmitri Alperovitch; all information was provided voluntarily by CrowdStrike and the DNC. According to Alperovitch, they “decide{d} to go public with information about their incident and give us permission to share our knowledge.”

In the end they decided. Hogwash. They decided nothing. It was the plan from the start to release it, it was the only plan, to release it: the Russians did it. This message was CrowdStrike's core mission, and of course Comey's band of Hillary supporters arranged that the FBI not interfere with it. This Crowdstrike trick is the initial crux of the anti-Trump attack. How can Barr not put this upon his investigative table? Surely, the Guccifer fabrication was a part of the beginnings of the Trump attack; surely, as Barr seeks a predicate for attacking Trump, this DNC scandal has got to fall into Durham's investigation.

The big deal is: if Durham finds the truth, that the DNC wasn't hacked, then it will tend to verify that Assange told the truth about the "hack" coming from a theft by the DNC insider, Seth Rich. As that news story arises, Hannity will get the right to continue his reporting on Seth Rich, and that will be the playing of the wild joker, defeating the Clinton crime ring in a single hand.

The problem is, Barr will need to go against his fellow DOJers if he discloses that Assange was correct about Seth Rich. Barr's fellows don't want him to look like he's supporting Assange, or making him a hero in the eyes of Republicans. The pressure is on Barr to give Assange no glory. Pity, for this sounds like something the Democrats would do: lie for political purposes. Is Barr going to have a hand in the destructive force that's tearing the nation apart? If not, then tell the truth about the true provider of the WikiLeaks dump no matter how it's advantageous to Assange's poor position at this time.

Look Bill Barr: "But CrowdStrike and the DNC weren’t the only ones calling attention to the stolen Trump opposition file. The very next day, a new actor appeared, calling himself “Guccifer 2.0,” and claiming to be the very hacker mentioned by Alperovitch in the Washington Post story." Ahh, Guccifer appears with a timing perfectly expected if Crowdstrike were concocting him in coordination with some Intelligence agency. It's plain: Intelligence concocted Guccifer 2.0.

The writer(s) of the article makes some very good points to show why Guccifer was an American concoction, and then adds:

If G2 had simply done nothing, there would have been nothing connecting Wikileaks to Russia. Instead of doing nothing, he went out of his way to connect Wikileaks’ Clinton releases to Russian intelligence. Yet, somehow, we’re supposed to think he was out to hurt Clinton. And, despite claiming to be Clinton’s enemy, neither the Trump opposition file nor any of the other files he released with it contained anything damaging to her [but it did have damage on Trump, so figure it out as to where it really came from].

So a Russian spy intent on getting Trump elected released 230 pages of damaging information on Trump but nothing negative about Hillary Clinton?

Excellent point. The American Intelligence clowns are buffoons indeed, more utterly stupid than we would have guessed. If the shadow government was supposed to be highly wrong we were. On deeper introspection, only stupids would thrive on deceptive methods of keeping powers. Or, if they were not stupids to begin with, utilizing deception routinely in conjunction with spying spoils and cheapens their souls. What would you expect as the mental result? God permits demons to infest them, and demons are the very definition of, stupid. Look at how obvious they made Guccifer 2.0 look like their own concoction.

They were running out of time with Trump looking more formidable with each passing week. For expedience sake, they had to work fast, and so they made Guccifer 2.0 look like the worst Russian spy ever, because he freely revealed himself to be a Russian spy. American Intelligence has succeeded in making me it.

Here's news that John Durham has secured an interview with Christopher Steele a week after Steele's people said that it wouldn't happen, though there's not yet much to say that isn't speculation:

Is Steele the stool pigeon that God promised about two weeks ago? DiGenova claims that Steele has decided to talk, suggesting a stool pigeon. Did God use a pigeon over my stool (my septic tank) because Stolls are a branch of Steels? Stolts share billets with Steels and BattiSTELLi's, after all, and while the French Billets are Billiards too, English Billiards are Hillary-like Hillards too. Did God arrange these things to point to the Clintons, the owners of the Steele dossier? Looks like. The Billets can be a branch of Blythe's, and Bill Clinton was born to Mr. Blythe.

Fox says that Steele agreed to talk, "according to a report in Britain." Uh, ya, but. There are forces who will try to change Steele's mind between now and the date set for the talks. This thing coincides with Trump's trip to Britain, meaning that, possibly, Trump gave Britain something in return for Steele's agreement. Steele isn't necessarily going to talk like a pigeon, however. He might try to argue his innocence, though it's already roundly known that Hillary purchased him. She's not going to get away with that, and Steele's talking will only bring her predicament to the news. Yes, the good thing is: the leftist media won't ignore this story, no matter what Steele says.

In my Obama dream, where I was shooting on a pool table in Obama's billiard hall, I shot a page, code for Lisa Page (her surname, showing doves, is probably of the Pigeon / Pageon bloodline), directly into the corner pocket without hitting any balls first. That's a sewer shot. Did God arrange the Sewer surname to be listed with Suters? Looks like, for not only do German Suters share the hexagrams of German Stolls, but Obama's other surname is Suter-like Soetoro. If God wanted to point to Obama with the sewer shot, we can see why He would use the Suter surname. In the meantime, because the cue ball was a page lying flat on the table, it tells us the Obama was behind the efforts of Lisa Page and her boss, the FBI's Andrew McCabe. And it was Page's communications with Strzok that revealed Obama to be watching everything the FBI did in relation to its Trump attack. What are the chances that, by chance alone, the write-up of English Page's have the Dinhams while Obama's mother was born Miss Dunham? (Use the Page link above to load any other surname you wish to see.)

[As I re-read the paragraph above on Friday night, days after writing it, Francesca Battistelli's song, "Write Your Story," was playing on my speakers, I kid you not. That's the song which God originally used to show that the piece of paper lying flat on the billiard table was to be regarded as a page, for this song has the line, "I'm an empty PAGE." Immediately after the dream, when wondering whether God was pointing us to the Paper surname versus the Page surname, I loaded the Page's, and within 10 seconds, "I'm an open page" played on my speakers. Lisa Page was not in the news yet at that time (I had no idea yet why the page was on the table). Look at "SOETORo" and "STRzok," for the name of the song is, "Write Your STORy." The Story surname uses a Strzok-like stork, indicating that Storys are a branch of Storks.]

So, God is very interested in this crime, if He's giving us a dream about it, and also a stoll pigeon, so to speak. And because the rare pigeon was given only two weeks ago (it's the only pigeon I can recall being on my property for the past 10 years), it seems that we can expect more to come of this from His own hand. For I do not think that He's merely reporting the news ahead of time, but rather more like making the news. I hope that makes you feel good. The PHEON arrow heads of Page's can be for a branch of the old PYION variation of Pigeons.

Recall the Dinhams in the Page write-up, for Dinhams have Sir Francis Page, and moreover the English Dinhams/Diamonds (Devon, beside Whistle's/Wissels and Stolls) share the lozenges of Whistle's/Wissels and Stolls. Irish Diamonds (share the Leak fleur-de-lys) have their lozenges in the colors of the same of Pincs/Pinks, the latter from Pincum at the mouth of the Pek river. Pek-river liners are to Pickers/Peckers/Packers, and the latter share the Stoll lozenges in the same configuration. Cuppae, off the Pek river, is called, "city of doves." That's right. Who arranged this heraldry to click like this? I suggest that the Pek river, and PIGeon, was named after the peck / pick of a dove/pigeon. The Picensii lived at the Pek, and probably named my mother's place of birth, Picenze.

My mother's maiden name is, Grimaldi, and Grimaldi's use a shield filled with lozenges in the colors of the Dinham/Diamond and Diamond lozenges. My mother's Masci mother was a cousin-branch of Masseys and Messeys/Messier's, and the Messier's are suggested for the derivation of Misers whom I see in the "Miseris" motto term of Irish Diamonds. When we load Misers, we find an "imposSIBLE" motto term, which I can glean as part-code for Sibals, from "Cibalae," birthplace of Valentinian I, who married Justine of PICENum, that's right, a province not far from Picenze. As Valentinian's line is to Fessys/Face's, it explains why the Stoll and Pickers/Peckers have a cross version of the Baths (probably the Whistle/Wissel lions) and of the Obama-line Randolphs (kin of Dunhams), for it's the Fessy/Face cross too. The lozenges of Diamonds/Dinhams and Diamonds are called, fusils, and the Fusil surname (lozenges), first found in Dauphine with French Page's/Pageons and Payens/Pagans, is probably a Fessy branch. Paine's/Payne's probably have the Bath / Whistle lion. "Write Your Story" just started to play as I ended this paragraph.

The Bath / Fessy cross is also that of MEA's/Meighs, interesting where Julian Assange's permission to use Twitter was taken away shortly after his tweet, "MIA Paper Planes." The paper plane in the dream was resolved as God's pointer to Plains/Platers, whose fitchee-cross design is almost that of Mea's/Meighs (Diamond-Crest lion?). Mea's/Meighs share the Rice/Rise raven, and "MiseRIS" should be part-code for a Rice branch. Misers use cherries, and Cherry's have a "CheRIS" motto term, we get it. The "Benigno" motto term of Mea's/Meighs might be code for a Bongino branch.

Dan Bongino at times mentions that he's a Christian, but he centers on God-given rights as per the American constitution, and it's of course debatable as to what those rights are. So far as I've watched him, he never mentions a thing about Jesus. What kind of a Christian is this? Someone who fears the loss of money if he does mention His words? I dare say, Jesus is greater than the constitution. The latter is no replacement over the promises of God to establish a Kingdom. If the Constitution were really a thing from Jesus, then it would belong to other nations too. Whatever rights God gives do not belong only to Americans. Whatever equality God views people with, it's everywhere. But Trump's not playing fair, as Jesus requires. Instead, he's out to put Americans first, which has not to do with fairness.

A good and fair deal that God can favor is: someone who has too much corn but not enough beans sells $100 of corn to the person with too many beans but not enough corn for $100 worth of beans. It's a win-win. But Trump's the kind of dealer who would sell the $100 worth of corn in return for $150 worth of beans, or he's not interested in making the deal. Anyone who favors this America-first approach has violated the Spirit of God. We need to make a distinction between American nationalism and the Spirit of God. We cannot view Americanism synonymous with the will of God; I'm sure that American Christians understand this. Don't they? Sometimes I'm not sure. There is absolutely no way that God is concerned with America first. The greatest will be the greatest servant, the one who makes the greatest sacrifices, but Trump is not dealing in that way. Beware.

If there are some Republicans who are turned off by Jesus, too bad for them. Is it wise to go forward ignoring (insulting) Jesus with our youtube ministries for the sake of Republicans who are offended by Him? That's like working on one leg; the end of the matter will be non-productive as compared to what can be done when openly honoring Jesus. Viewership may go down, but with God's favor, in our persistence, He should work for us because He has promised to reward as we deserve, according to our works.

Mr. Bongino, I dare you to tell your audience even once monthly that Jesus, God in the flesh, is alive and well, watching over the deep state, and concerned about corruption in the anti-Christ movement. I dare you to tell your audience that the Kingdom of God is greater by far, and more relevant to human life, than the American nation. The Kingdom is already established. All of Creation has been for the purposes of this Kingdom, but no one should confuse it with the American nation, for, to God, this is profanity. Bongino would probably be offended by this, for he has his hope in an American nation intended by the "fathers." What if God views the American nation as a Masonic counterfeit-Kingdom? Isn't that what it really is? What do you suppose God will do to such a nation? Is "great" American wealth truly a sign that God has favored the nation? Isn't it true that the American debt has made the nation the poorest on the planet? Yes. America is in its financial throes of death.

On top of this, the American idol, free speech, is tearing the nation apart into a civil-war scenario, yet Bongino continues to honor free speech. When did God ever say that hate speech is okay? When did God ever give anti-Christs the right to pollute a nation with tricks and lies? God doesn't need to get involved in making bad things happen to a nation under free speech; it will happen all by itself naturally, when the wicked rise to power. For they will utilize free speech as a weapon against all good people, which is what we see today, a media blaring on behalf of satan's kingdom. The anti-Christs will even twist "hate speech" until it means opposition to their wickedness.

The sting. The dilemma is that free speech permitted satan his throne in the nation, and now satan will silence his enemies by being purely unfair without justifiable explanations. The final effect of free speech will be to bring the better people to a powerless condition...unless God intervenes on behalf of His people.

But if Jesus is intervening, or if we want Him to block the wicked tide coming over all Western nations, then where is the credit due Him? Instead, Trump desires and gets the credit as though he were God's tool. Are we nuts? Are we going to equate Trump as a sort of prophet-king? I dare say, God has destruction in mind for the American nation. For even Republicans do not honor Jesus as he should be. This has always been the fatal flaw of politics: to attract non-Christians into the party by ignoring Jesus. No system like that can go unpunished. The expected end of America will be its claim to Christ while leaving him at the back door. My advise: stop clinging to anything America, and advance only Jesus, for in the end, there will be success for you.

So, thanks be to Christians openly honoring Jesus with their public comments, for if the devil is to be hampered, it will be from God for their sakes. God may not despise Bongino for being weak on Jesus, for God's attitude is always in hopes that we might improve, but if Bongino or myself do not improve, God will abandon us. There is a simple principle here: if we are ashamed to front Jesus, or if we leave him at the back because he's detrimental to our cause, God will more than frown upon us. He will bring calamity until it's painful. God is indeed the author of pain, because we deserve it. The only question is: how much pain will we escape by being of service to Jesus? Or, how much pain will we amass by ignoring Him? God never made it a secret that he brings painful things to humans, and of course anti-Christs will use this to portray God as a monster. Ouch, that's like asking God to hammer our heads right after He's hammered our big toe.

Why can't Fox news shows routinely mention their hope in Jesus to turn the tide of leftist media? What keeps Fox from signing up Jesus to the organization? Money. There you have it; Fox is no tool of God, long-ago rejected by the Father. Fox has thus become a tool of the devil, make no mistake about it, for where God does not abide, there the devil moves in. Fox is building a paper house for the match stick. Something much better is needed to make America great. But who in his right Christian mind would claim that America is great? The Christian standard for greatness is not the standard of the world, every Bible-reading person knows this.

God's delivery of the West has not been slow, but totally absent. Why should God deliver Britain, France, Canada or Germany? Where is the service to Jesus of those nations? If Americans are expecting God to deliver the United States from the wicked, I dare say that God has permitted the wicked to become a ruling class, as America's just rewards.

As part of God's punishment on the wicked, they need to be exposed for the hypocrites that they are, who live happily and even triumphantly amid their hypocrisy, but exposure from God is not the same as delivering the nation from them.

Fast-forward the video below to about 1:20:

The problem is, leftist media people, if they are engaged in a lie campaign, quickly begin to assault the opposing party as liars so that, when leftist viewers see the enemy's news, it looks merely like tit-for-tat. If the leftists know they are being hypocritical through a story, they quickly accuse the opponent as hypocritical. It's not so much projection in the true sense, but rather a tactic to make the enemy's stories look concocted merely to get back at Democrats. These stories have less impact especially because most leftists do not follow news enough to know the severity / gravity / truthfulness of Republican reports. However, ultimately, it does have an impact amongst people who vote (and watch news), because this unacceptable, destructive attitude will be engrained in their memories over multiple elections. Anyone who desires to play life with a fair rate of honesty will tend to snub Democrats.

Below is a story in which Trump's pick for the CIA director, along with the British government, deceived Mr. Trump into taking a harsh stance against Russia with a false-flag event. Good one, this president deserves it because he has yet to speak out on CIA false-flag operations:

Here's Bongino hosting Friday's Hannity show:

Steve Tarr Deciphered with Puke

This section is a result of my finding the Pickneys/Puckneys from a Pichon surname in the Pigeon write-up.

In peewee hockey, our team was floundering until Steve Tarr, a superstar, was traded to our team. Thanks to him, we made it to the semi-final game. I remember only two things in that game. I was on the bench looking up at the clock, with the game tied 2-2, and about two minutes to go. In peewee, the clock doesn't stop when teams are changing players on the ice. The last thing I remember (could be as few as 30 seconds left) was being on the ice at about center ice, skating toward the opposing end-zone. Tarr was given a pass while he was a little to the front of me at the right-side blue line. He probably didn't know that I was skating behind him with only one defenseman to get past. So he took a slap shot from the blue line. The Puke-like puck hit the goalie, and bounced over his head as he fell to the ice, way out of the net. The puck continued past the goalie toward to empty net, but, as his luck would have it, it stopped on the goal line.

I was probably at the blue line by that time, with the defenseman way over toward the boards guarding Tarr. That's right, I was skating all alone toward the net with absolutely nobody to stop me. My knees gave out under this excitement, and so I found myself sliding toward the net on my KNEEs. All I had to do was POKE in this PUCK. Mission accomplished. We went to the championship match.

There is only one thing I remember in the championship match; the first goal. Tarr was in the corner of the opposing team, carrying the puck while trying to circle around the defenseman. Once he did it, he looked toward the net, and saw me alone. A sweet pass, and I backhanded the puck over the KNEE pad of the goalie as he kicked his leg to block it. I scored, and we went on to win the TROPHY.

I didn't know until a few minutes ago all of why God set up that event. I have already suggested that the trophy was his pointer to Tropoje, near a Puke area of Kosovo. Only this time, I made a new realization. below is on Wikipedia's article on FIERze, and so let me say that there is a Tropoje-like Topoje location in Albania's Fier county. It appears that Topoje was named by the namers of Tropoje.

Fierze is a town and a former municipality in the KUKES County, northern Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became a subdivision of the municipality Tropoje...

Before the 2015 local government reform, there was a municipality named Fierze in PUKE District as well as Tropoje District.

Kukes??? It just so happens that Cake's, first found in Cambridgeshire with June's, use a giant fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the giant fleur-de-lys of PUCKneys, and the Puckney fleur is in the colors of the three June fleur. Plus, the PuckNEYs/POKneys are also PuckNEE's while Knee's are Neys and Nee's too. Bingo! It has taken me years (of repeating the two games with Tarr) to realize this...because I don't think I've ever loaded Puckneys before. A search in all my computer files finds zero instances of "Puckney."

I trace June's to Junia Caepionis, and her surname has been traced to "Cupionich," a location on the Clausula river very near Tropoje. I trace June's to mythical Juno, known by me to be a term formed as per the Una (or Oeneus) river of Croatia, beside the KUPA river suspect with "Caepio(nis)". However, these terms is also suspect with Cuppae (city of doves) off the Puke-like Pek river. The Maezaei at the Una river became the Masseys/Maceys of Ferte-Mace, the people who named king Maccus, grandson of Sitric CAECH...i.e. like "Cake."

The Maezaei are shown on maps between the Una river and the Ceraunii Illyrians. The latter are to the Craners (Cheshire, same as Masseys/Maceys), who essentially have the Knee/Ney/Nee Coat, no guff. The Kake's/Kakes'/Ketch's (black border, Nysa-important), first found in Cheshire, share the leaf design of Hazels (Cheshire), and the latter's bloodline was suspect with a Has location of Albania, near Tropoje. There's a lot more that I could say to support these traces, but I've already said them many times. For the link between Cupionich and the Kupa/Colapis river, see my 4th update of last month (use link at top-left of this page). In Wikipedia's Kukes-county article; "[Kukes county] is divided into three municipalities, including Has, Kukes and Tropoje."

I've been saying that the line of Junia Caepionis gave birth to Joseph Caiaphas, the high priest of Israel who condemned Jesus to death. When God caused the Holy Spirit to come down upon Jesus like a dove, it may have been because Caiaphas and other priests were present who knew themselves to be from Cuppae. I have been saying that Caiaphas' father-in-law, ANANUS/Annas, the former high priest, was from the ANANES Gauls. Wikipedia has the Ananes living between the Tarr-like Taro river and the Trebia. Now do you see why Steve Tarr was used in that peewee HOCKEY match? Go ahead and compare the Hockey Coat to that of Hazels?

Unbelievable, for immediately after writing the paragraph above, I found myself heartily singing, "fall on your KNEES," in a song, "O Holy NIGHT," by Martina McBRIDE. Knee's are suspect with Knights/Nights, and, moreover, Scottish Bride's (black eagle head) with Brights (Cheshire) can be gleaned with the Macey stars. Brights share a black griffin (part eagle) holding a star with Hockeys (pierced stars), and Scottish Bride's share the patee cross of Massina's and Peks/Pecks (Essex, same as Hockeys, Quints and Colapis-liner Colchester). The Scotts use another black griffin, and the other Scotts share the Coat of Tarres' (pierced Macey stars) while Tarrs are also Tarres'.

HockNEYs were first found in Middlesex with Fiers and Apps', the latter two from Fier county on the APSus river, location of Topoje. Hockneys are shown properly as HACHneys, and then while God gave the knee symbol to a certain Miss Hicks, the Hykes' are also Hacks and Hake's. The Hykes'/Hacks can be linked hard to Caiaphas-like Chives', from the Cavii on the Drilon river, now called the Black Drin. "Fierze sits on both banks of the [White] Drin, which here forms the boundary between Fushe-Arrez and Tropoje."ë,_Tropojë

I suggest that God arranged Tarr's first name as, Steve, because Stevens share a solid chevron, in the same colors, with CHAPPES', further indication that he is pointing to CAIAPHAS. In fact, the Chappes' use a long, solid chevron, as do Ottone's, and the Ottone's share the annulets of German Pucks, that's right. English Pucks, first found in Sussex with Puckneys, show nothing but hands, and Hands (Cheshire again) have an Annas-like Hans variation.

Back to the black border of Puckneys, for the black border is used by Furness and Parrs, both from "Pharnaces," husband of queen Nysa of the PONTus, the line suspect to Ponts/Ponds and PONDERs; the latter were first found in CamBRIDGEshire, same as Caepionis-like Capone's, June's and the Chapmans with a "PONDERE" motto term. Nysa's daughter (Nysa of Cappadocia) descended from king Antipater of Macedon, the one suspect in naming Antipater/Antipatria, on the Apsus river a little up-river from Fier county. I say that this Antipater line named Antipater, father of the first king Herod. The son of Sitric Caech was Harald, highly suspect with the Herod/Harald surname. Herod's son, Archelaus, married Glaphyra of Cappadocia, and the line of Archelaus was to the Lyons and Lannoys, who share the lion of Hockneys/Hackneys. The griffins seen above are suspect with "Agrippa."

I'd like to record here that Sandals share the cross of Hockneys/Hackneys, for God gave the sandals of Miss Hicks as part of a Sign on what he intended to do with the 9-11 criminals. He gave the sandals as part of a pointer to Scott-branch Scoots ("Haec"), they being from lake Scodra, where the waters of the Clausula drain that first flow through Cupionich. Albanians named Alba, didn't they, later called, Scotland? On the same night that she said to me, "you can scoot over," at which time I saw her sandals, God gave Miss Hicks her knee symbol. You see, she is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks are from the namers of Antipatria, the line to the formation of Herods. The Sandals speak on CAMERArius Scocie, but I didn't know this (on September 11, 2002) when I set up her camera one minute before she said, "you can scoot over." I didn't know it until some 16 years later.

Scottish Bride's (Broad colors) were at ArBROATH (near the Cups), and the savage in the Broad Crest is for the Sava's/Savage's (Cheshire). The Una and Kupa rivers have mouths at the Sava river. Broads can be suspect with Brads/Breads because Cake's are shown properly as Cakebreads. The demi-red lion in the Brad/Bread Crest is shared by Una-liner Youngs ("Jeune" motto term) and the Capone's (Cambridgeshire, same as Jeune's, beside Essex). The demi-red lion in the Crest of Brocks (Essex, same as Youngs) is said to hold a dart...code for Darts/Dards, from the Dardanians i.e. at the Kosovo theater. Capone's use a black version of the French Bride Shield.

Brocks and Brocuffs can be gleaned with Skits and Skate's, suspect from Scythians at Scythia Minor, where Puck- / Puckney-suspect Peucini lived; see map:

Scoots and Scotts are suspect with "SCYTHia." Scoots share courant and black greyhounds with Pennys/Penes', from the Penestae Illyrians on the Black Drin. Near the mouth of the Black Drin, the city of Lissus named the Lisse/LYS surname (fleur-de-lys) that likewise has courant greyhounds. From here we go to giant fleur-de-LYS, code for Lissus elements, of Cake's and Puckneys, now both suspect from Kukes county that includes Scoot-line Scodra. In the dream with Miss Hicks, at the point where I touched her KNEE, God pointed her to the Selepitanoi Illyrians at lake Scodra (near Lissus), and also to Rhizon near Cupionich. Twenty-three years after the Hicks dream, Miss Hicks said to me, "you can scoot over," about 2-3 hours before I saw her beautiful knees through the glass door on the Leakey road. The Leaks/Leakeys share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, that's right.

Remember, the Cake's and PuckNEYs can be gleaned with the June and Jeune fleur-de-lys, and here one can go to the Lisse-like Leslie's, whom I trace to Lesce to the north side of the Kupa river. This river was home to the Japodes, who named mythical Jupiter, wife of Juno. The Lesce location is smack beside the Brock-like Breuci, which can explain why the giant Brock fleur-de-lys in is the colors of the Leslie buckles. It could appear that the Cavii from Lissus are to be expected at the namers of Lesce, and it just so happens that the Chives' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's.

As Leslie's share a "fast" motto term with Greys/Grays, the greyhounds of Lisse's/Lys' plays well into this, especially as Greys/Grays were first found in Northumberland with Japodes-suspect Joplins (share Grey/Gray Shield). Plus, Leslie's of Lesce are expected with the Less/LESK surname, which can be gleaned where the fleur-de-lys of Lisse's/Lys' is shared by the PeerLESS surname (probably the saltire of Annan(dale)s, from the Ananes Gauls). Peer-like Pero's/Pierro's were first found in Pavia, where Laevi Gauls lived, and then a branch of Chives' names Chivasso, near Pavia. The Bruce's of Annandale are likely from the Breuci i.e. near or in Lesce. The Peerless and Lisse/Lys fleur is shared by Masseys/Maceys, which tends to reveal that the Leslie bend is a version of the bend of Masci's (Piedmont, same as Chivasso), and that the Maezaei Illyrians and Breuci were merged, tending to explain why Brocks share the Masci fleur-de-lys while Brooks (Essex, same as Bricks) almost use the scallops of Masci-line Meschins. The Yorkshire Bruce's share the giant and blue lion with Masons/Massins and Albania-suspect Albanys.

Lisse's/Lys' were first found in a Paris area with Chappes', we get it. As extra proof that Cavii of Lissus named Lesce, the Chives quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Taylards (Cambridgeshire, same as June's and Jeune's from beside the Maezaei), and while Taylards are said to have been close kin of CHAPells, Brocks mention a Sir Arthur de Capell Broke. Arthur liners named the Arduinici on the BAUTica river, the river that has Chivasso, and moreover the Bauts were first found in Auvergne with French Jeune's. Arduinici were also at ONEGLia, the line to Nagle's, kin of Angers, and of the Anger-like Anchors in the Grey/Gray motto. Brooks / Brocks named Broc of the Angers / Anjou area. Angers use the escarBUNCLE while Buncle's share buckles with the Leslie's who in-turn share a "fast" motto term with Greys. The Hykes'/Hacks (Meschin scallops) are known to share the Chives quadrants.

Lesce is on the Sava river while the black lion paw of Sava's/Savage's is connectable to that of Palins (Dorset, same as Quints) and Quints, and then Palin-branch Plains use the June fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, making the Plain fleur that of Cake's (Cambridgeshire). Quints (first found also in Essex with Youngs and Brocks) are from Quintus Caepio, the ancestor of the Junia Caepionis'. Breuci are shown opposite the Sava river from the Japodes. The Puckneys, highly suspect in marital merger with the kin of Cake's and therefore of the Plains, share the black border with Bedfords that likewise use the black lion paw, as do Netts/Natebys (Lancashire, same as black-border Parrs and black-border Furness'). Bedford is near Cambridgeshire, where Cake's were first found, and Kukes-like Kake's/Kakes' use another black border. Palins and Quints were first found in Dorset with Russells (Meschin scallops), and Russells share the giant lion of Sava-liner Sauers.

Russells are suspect with the naming of Roslin while Roslins use more buckles. Roslin is near the Musselburgh of Mussels/Muscels (version of the Meschin Coat). Roslin is six miles from EDINburgh, and Edins share the Hykes/Hack and Russell scallops. Buckle-liner Leslie's of Lesce were beside Bled, and Bleds happen to use the three chevrons of Clare's in colors reversed while Clare-liner Sinclairs lived at Roslin, a good way to prove that Russells do share the Sauer lion. Russells are highly suspect with the Varangian RUS of Kiev, for queen Margaret had been in exile in Kiev while her cup-bearer was Henry Sinclair of Roslin. This Margaret came to Scotland with the first-known Scottish Leslie's (of Hungary, not far from the Sava).

We can thus trace some Breuci to Broc of Anjou, and this is where the Fulks ruled while Fulke's/Volks (giant fleur-de-lys half in the colors of the Lisse/Lys fleur) almost use the Russell motto, both mottoes suspect with the Sauer-suspect Sarah's (Essex, same as Brocks, Brooks and Youngs). The red Brock and Young lion thus becomes suspect as the Sauer / Russell lion. The Sarah bend is suspect with those of ShakeSPEARE's and Varangian-line Varns (share the Brook scallops), and here one can add that the JopLING variation of Japodes-suspect JopLINs is suspect with the LINGs and Line's/Lynns (share "virescit" with Brocks and Stewarts). Note "RosLIN / RossLYN". Fulke's/Volks share the double-tipped Shakespeare spear, and Line's/Lynns share crossed spears with Spears/SPEYers (Chief-Shield colors of Brocks and Brocuffs), probably of the namers of the Spey river, location of Buckle (i.e. to which the Leslie buckles apply). English Pucks happen to be shown properly as Puckle's so that the namers of Buckle may have been from Puke.

I'd like to say what I haven't realized until now, that when my knees gave out for excitement of seeing the puck on the goal LINE, it can be said that my knees BUCKLED, wow. Spears/Speyers were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks/POKE's, and I poked the puck while sliding past the goal post on my knees.

Lings can be connected to the Aleng variation of Stewart-liner Alans (Pollock associates), who share the Saluzzo Shield (Brock / Spear Chief-Shield colors in reverse). FitzAlans married Alice of Saluzzo, and that family married Percys who share the lozenges of Angers and Anchors, and so let's repeat that Anchors are in the Grey motto with the Fasts, the latter from the Vasto rulers of Saluzzo. The Alan/Aleng Coat is almost that of Clintons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with English Line's/Lyne's. The latter's Crest has a black griffin head suspect with the black eagle head of Bride's, indicating that the Alan/Aleng and Clinton stars are those of Bride's / Brights / Maceys. With RosLINs already suspect with Line's, note that English Line's use ROSEs. Alans were at Dol while Dols were first found in Pomerania with a house of Griffin. Leslie's use a griffin head too.

My bet is that Griffins were from Herod Agrippa, recalling that Herod Archelaus is to the Line/Lyne-like Lyons and Lannoys i.e. Lyon was named by Alan Huns.

Saluzzo is suspect with the Sales' (Cheshire, same as Maceys and Brights) who share the Cake fleur. Cake's are suspect with Sitric Caech, father of the viking, Harald, himself suspect as a Herod liner to Herods/Haralds (Argyllshire, same as the Harald vikings). Harald's son, Maccus, was from Ferte-Mace = Macey elements, and the giant Ferte eagle is colors reversed from the same of Vienne's while Lyon is beside Vienne. Maccus was to the Mackays whose colors and format are with the Lings. Sales' and Saluzzo are suspect from the Salyes Ligures, who lived on the Durance river, location of Brigantium, where I trace Brights (same place as Sales, share the pierced Macey stars). Brigantium is about 25 miles from the Arc river, suspect with "ARCHelaus."

Meschin-kin Carricks (from MARGory/Margaret Carrick), first found in Ayrshire with Margys/Mackeys, share "bien" with Vienne's, but Carricks use "Garde bien" while Brigantium-suspect Bridge's (griffin heads) use "GARDeray." The other Bridge's use crabs while Crabs (Cambridgeshire again), if they have the Mackay dagger in Crest, are probably using the Massey fleur-de-lys on a Mackay Shield. Maezaei were in proto-Croatia, and CRABs are therefore likely KRVati = Croatians. I trace proto-Croatians with the Ceraunii to "corvos" = the Greek-crow symbol, and a raven/crow is used both by Margys/Mackeys and the Arms of Man (Harald and/or Maccus ruled on Man).

After eating popcorn on Sunday night, I got up to make coffee, when I asked the Lord to help me get rid of the weeds without use of my back, so to speak. For years, I've been doing battle with weeds over about three acres, and it's been hard on my back. Only, this year, for the first time, I've been wearing KNEE PADS, and crawling around the yard on my knees, which happens to be a lot better for the back. There is no strain on the back when on my knees, no curving of the spine as when I bend over or stoop down on my feet. I was on the knee pads for hours today.

This recalls that, in the championship game, the puck was lifted over the KNEE PAD of the goalie, Jim McGee. The McGee's were first found in Dumfries with KilPatricks/Patchie's and PADyns, and there is a Padd/Patbury surname using mill rinds while Rinds have the same bend as Knee's. The Rind bend has three gold symbols, same as the Leslie bend in all three colors of the Rind bend. It can be gleaned that Rinds are a branch of Rands/Rants/Rynds, likely a branch of the Moray Randolphs. Buckle and the Spey river are at Moray, where the first Pollock (Peter) had built a castle. The father of the first Pollock was a vassal of the Dol Alans, and the Padds/Patburys share the Alan fesse.

An emailer to me, whose mother had a Pollock bloodline on one side, and who had been married to a Mr. Spear, told me that the Pollock castle (at Rothes, on the Spey) went to the Leslie's due to Pollock marriage with them, and I POKEd the puck into the NET when sliding in with knees buckled. That's very interesting, but why would God wish to point to Pollocks and Alan-Stewarts of Renfrew and Moray? The Netts/Natebys share the white boar head with Rands/Rants, who by the way are also Rance's so as to have been at a Rance location near Dol. Pollocks of Rothes were proto-Rothschilds, and Rothschilds merged with Nathans/Nations and/or Natts/Nathans, likely a Nett/Nateby branch...a perfect scenario for my poke into the net.

As I've said, God arranged the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) at the GET'N Go gas bar in Camp Wood, Texas, at the corner of Rance-like Ranch road, and the McGee's have a webpage online in which they are said to have been Geths too, for which reason it was suspect that McGee's are a pointer to the "GET'n Go. McGee's were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, and the latter's castle was/is on the Nith river, and then Nett-like Nitts/Naughts were likewise first found in Dumfries while sharing the white-on-black lion with Gethins/Gettings (in the colors of the McGee leopard faces). The McGee leopard faces are colors reversed from the same of Lees'/MacLee's while Lee's/Leghs (Cheshire, same as Gethins/Gettings) share the Rand/Rance lion. Ranch road is called the Leakey road to locals, and Leakeys use a leg, possibly for Leghs i.e. Leghs may be a Leakey branch. It's amazing that Rance-like Rench's share one fleur-de-LYS (like "Lees") with Leakeys in the same colors. Rinds were first found in Perthshire with Lease's/Lise's and Peerless'.

Lees'/MacLee's are also Lice's, suspect in a motto term of Caens (Dorset). The later's five, white ostrich feathers are in the Arms of Traby because the Trebia river is near the Ceno, where I trace Caens. It just so happens that the Ceno is a tributary of the Taro, where Steve Tarr traces. He got four goals in our championship game against McGee, and Belgian Champions/CAMPions (like "CAMP" Wood) share the Annandale and PeerLESS saltire. The Ananes Gauls who named Annandale (Dumfries, same as Geth-liner McGee's) lived between the Taro and the Trebia. The Treby lion can be gleaned as the Gethin/Getting lion.

The Peerless surname entered the discussion when Michael dropped in and took me to his work for a couple of hours. He replaced a defective check valve with his WRENCH, and to my knowledge a defective check valve LEAKS. He had to get the water pressure just right when installing the new one, and when he asked me to watch the pressure gauge, I had to get low to the floor, and may have been on one KNEE. But I can't remember. The point is: the Wrench's are also Rench's, and Ranch road is also Leakey road.

The Get'n Go is at the corner of Ranch and Nueces, and the latter term is like the Nuces variation of News' (Cambridgeshire, same as Wrench's/Rench's and CHAPmans) who share the chaplet with Hicks. Miss Hicks lived on a ranch on the Nueces road. In the News/Nuces Crest, there's probably the solid chevron of Chapmans. On the way home, Michael, whose middle name is Lee, said that his company gets work from Peerless sprinklers. The PeerLESS saltire has the fleur-de-lys of Lys'/Lisse's, and while the latter were first founds in Ile-de-France with CHAPPES' and Levi's, Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia, where Peer-like Pero's/Pierro's were first found. Pavia was also "Papia," and Pape's use a version of an English Champion/Campion Coat (same fesse as Pero's'/Pierro's) while Camps are in the colors and format of Capone's (Cambridgeshire).

The Champion/Campion motto, with a "patria" motto term linkable to (Kil)Patricks and Pattersons, can be gleaned with the eagle of Vienne's who share "bien" with Carricks, and the latter share the black dog with Pape's and Champions/Campions. The Belgian Champions/Campions share the saltire of Annandale's, and then Adams were at Annandale with Marjory Carrick (married the Annandale Bruce's) married firstly ADAM Kilconquhar, and together they gave birth to Thomas RANDolph, first earl of Moray. Not only are PERO's/Pierro's the Petri's and other such variations like "patria," but English Champions/Campions use a "PRO" motto term as well.

I've not been familiar with the Patria/Petree surname, but it's an obvious line from Flavius Petro of Rieti, wow. It recalls that I met Miss PEARE when she worked at REITmans. Sure enough, Peare's are Pears too while Patria's/Petree's are PEARtree's too.

Patria's/Petree's share the red-on-white scallop with Pullens and Sabine's, and Pullens even share the Patria/Petree bend (could be the bend of Champion-like Champagne's). The Pullens are from Vespasia Polla, wife of Flavius Sabinus, son of Flavius Petro above. Yup, that is all correct. Patria's/Petree's ("FIDE sed VIDE") look to be honoring the Vito's/Vido's in their motto, and the latter were first found in Treviso with Italian Campo's. Spanish Vido's/Vidolo (Fiddle/FIDElow branch?) even use the fesse of Italian Campo's. It's seems to be verifying that both Pero surnames are from Petro of Rieti.

Patria's/Petree's share the stag head of Trumps and Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Pullens). Trumps are from Val Trompia, at lake Garda, and while Gards (Camp and GARDner griffins in colors reversed) use a version of the Pullen Coat, Carricks love the Gards in their motto. The scallop of German Gardners is colors reversed from the Pullen / Sabine / Patria/Petree scallop, and moreover the Gardner scallop is half in the colors of the Travis scallop while Treviso seems to apply to Travers.

And wow, the fesse of Vido's and Campo's is that of CASSANO's/Cassandra's, from king Cassander, son of Antipater of Macedon, the line, I think, to AntiPATRIA! This is the line to Nysa of the Pontus along with the Parrs and Furness', and the latter two share a black border with Sedans (Yorkshire), who share a "sed" motto term with Patria's/Petree's. The Pattersons/CASSANE's nearly have the motto of English Champions/Campions (suspect with the Pero/Pierro/Petri fesse). The latter Champions were first found in Bedfordshire with Bedfords who in turn have another black border.

Basically, it appears that emperor Flavius Vespasian (son of Sabinus and Vespasia Polla) looks like a line from Antipatria, up on the Apsus river from Fier county, and Fiers were first found beside Bedfordshire.

Patria's/Petree's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Treviso-suspect Tarves', and beside Scottish Pattersons. Aberdeenshire is also beside Angus, where Sewers/Suters were first found who share the white-on-blue fitchees with Patria's/Petree's. I now recall the dream I say was given by God some months ago, with Michael's kids JUMPing on a yellow mattress / bed. Kids were first found at Dundee (Angus), near the Patria's/Petree's who share the Jump stag head. The meaning of the dream is still largely a mystery, however.

I've just realized how Whistle's and Waistells can trace to the connection I'm seeing between Cuppae near the Pek river, Puke and the Kupa. For this we go to the Puke area, where there is a Decani location off the White Drin, noting that Decans and Deacons use the Bath Coat in colors reversed while the Baths (Somerset, same as Whistle's) share the Whistle lion. Remember here that Stolls share the Picker/Pecker lozenges that for a cross in the colors of the Bath Coat, and that Whistles have lozenges in the same colors. The Whistle's use their lozenges as a bend in the colors of the Doberman and Pollock/Poke bends, and Dober is right beside Cupionich, a place that can be suspect with the namers of the Kupa and with Cuppae. The latter is where the dove of Waistells comes in.

In my experience with heraldry, I can glean that a dove traced to a geographical location such as Cuppae will, sooner or later, form a Dove surname by a line out of that city. In this case, I think the Dove/Dow surname is from Dober, and if correct, it tends to prove that Cupionich is related to "Cuppae." Dobers share a white, wavy bend with Jewish Pollocks, though not in the same two colors, and Dobys were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Pollocks. Lozenges trace to Croatia's Losinj, which is an island somewhat off the coast from the Kupa, but also near Pula/Pola, where Pollocks trace and therefore also Vespasia Polla. Wikipedia shows/showed the Pollock saltire in green on gold, the color of the similar cross in the Arms of Pula/Pola, but the latter's is a colors reversed version of the Rising Coat while Rhizon is smack near Dober and Cupionich. Dobys share the helmet with Dragons/DRAINers, the latter very traceable to the Drin river.

As I've repeated many times, Dober is of DOBRawa, wife of Mieszko I of Goplo (Poland), and the latter term is of the KOPLik version of Cupionich. With the Kupa being the Colapis too, see here from my 4th update of last month: "...'Colapis' is like 'Glopeani,' the alternative named for the Goplanie, namers of the Goplo (Poland)..." The dove-using Pages have a Lambert character in their write-up, and Page's happen to use the colors and format of English Lamberts while there was a Mieszko II Lambert. French Lamberts (Dauphine, same as French Page's and Payens/Pagans) happen to use a version of the Billiard/Billet Coat, recalling the page on Obama's billiard table. Risings were first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's, the line from Tropoje in the Puke / Kukes area, and the lion in the Drop/Trope Chief is that of Whistle's and Baths (same place as Tarrs).

By the way, the Tarrs were first found beside the Darts/Dards (Devon, same as Page's), the line to Dardanians that are marked on maps beside the Kukes area. God showed the SELEPitanoi are to be connected to Rhizon, and Sleeps happen to use two of the one Dart/Dard fesse, both containing ermines. The Ricks (Somerset, same as Tarrs), who can be traced to Croatia's Rijeka/Rika, thanks to Cravens, have a fesse in the colors of Dart/Dard fesse. It's making Tarr liners look like Dardanians at the Taro river (near the Trebia), and to this one can add that the Trebys share a white lion with Drops/Trope's so that, possibly, the namers of Tropoje had a branch at the naming of the Trebia, which flows to Piacenza, a term like the Picensii at the Pek river. One Dober surname shows only TREFoils, a PIKE symbol too, and I see trefoils as part-code for the Treff variation of German Trips, first found in Hamburg with Krume's while Krume is at or near the mouth of the White Drin upon the Black Drin.

By the way, Pula/Pola is on ISTRia (both shown on the old map), a term I trace to the Pollock motto term, "STRenue," and to the Stur river, for it has a mouth near Dorset's Poole location. I ventured to link "streNUE" to Newtons, and here I can add from the Rick write-up: "Rixon is a village near STURminster Newton in Dorset." Maxwells can be traced to Rijeka/Rika (at northern Istria), and Pollocks are a known sept of Maxwells. The latter share the saltire of Haldens (share the Doberman griffin head), from Oda of HaldenSLEBen, the other wife of Mieszko I.

Rijeka (near the Kupa river) was called, TARSatica, interestingly enough, and Tarrs (look linkable to Sturs) were first found in Somerset with Ricks. As Tarsatica is near Lesce, it recalls that Knee's share a white-on-blue bend with Leslie's (share griffin in Crest with Ricks). My knees had buckled when the slap shop from Steve Tarr landed on the goal line, when I poked the puck into the net, suggesting that Knee's were from something in relation to the Tarsatica / Lesce area, but also in connection with the Pollocks/Poke's, who married Leslie's. The Knee Coat was found very recently with Craners, from the Ceraunii who lived at the Urbanus river, the location also of BISTue, where I trace the PIAST ancestry of Mieszko I (i.e. Mieszko's are from the neighboring Maezaei). The Bessins/Beastons, Bistons and Bessens/Besants share an arm with sword with Mieske's/Mesechs, and the latter's black bull is probably that of Cole's, from the Colapis river. The Urbanus is beside the BESANTE (Bosnia) river, that's right. Urbanus-like Urbans (share gold hexagrams with Craners/Crauns) not only share the hexagrams of Massena's, but a version of the Leslie Coat. Urbans were first found in Austria (includes the upper Sava near Lesce) with Dobers (share griffin head in Crest with Leslie's).

Spanish Urbans share the crescent of Kness'/MacNess, which can begin to reveal that Knee's were from one of the three queen Nysa's (all related). Kness'/MacNess' (share "non" with same-colored Lambs) have a Coat reflecting that of French Lamberts. The Lambs above, in Lambert colors) share the fesse of Ricks, and Mieszko II Lambert married Rick-like Richeza of Lorraine, suspect with the namers of Rijeka. The Rich's/Richess', who named Riche in Lorraine, have a version of the Daver Coat, which itself has the gold hexagrams of Craners/Crauns in both colors. Rich's/Richess' (first found near Pula-line Poole), first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bottons, use BOTTONy crosses, and Buttons are also BIDENs, probably from queen Nysa of BITHYNia. This Nysa was a great-granddaughter of queen Nysa of the Pontus, wife of Furness-line Pharnaces, and the Button/Biden write-up says that the family married "the heiresses of the Furneaux...Bassets..." Isn't it amazing that Pontus-like Ponts were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens while sharing their fesse?

The Nons/Nevins are in the "non" motto term of Nagle's and Kness'/MacNess'. Nagle's share the lozenges of Angers, who in-turn have a version of the Anchor Coat while Ancore was also the city of Nicaea at the Bithynia theater. Amazing. It appears that "Nysa" was a name in relation to "Nicaea." The Ness'/Nessans (double fesses) are also Nice's, and Nissans (Hamburg) share the double fesses of Parrs. Perfect. It appears that Knee's are from the three Nysa's. The Nons/Nevins share the crescent of Krume's and Kness'/MacNess', and Krume's were first found in the same place as Nissans...and German Drummonds. The Bassets, sharing the triple fesses of German Drummonds (compare with Stur fesses), are in the list of Button intermarriages with Furneaux. Miss Hicks moved from the Nueces road to FORNey.

Drops are used by Kilpatricks and Pattersons/Cassane's, indicating a Tropoje-line merger with the Antipatria line to queen Nysa. English Cassane's were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens. The latter had married the TURbeville's, and when going to the Turbeville's, we find their CrickHOWELL castle, in Wales, where Howells were first found who show towers in half the colors of the Turres towers (Tarr/Terre colors). On the old map above, there is Turres location in Dardania. TurBEVILLE's may have been named after Beville's, who show a giant bull, symbol of Turin, for example, and "Turres" seems to me to be a term for a Taurus = bull. Turres is beside what looks like, MELDia, and then MOLDs/Mauds (beside Wales), who share a version of the Monmouth Coat, share the giant lion of Turbeville's. Moreover, Howells were first found in Monmouthshire.

This gets very interesting as per my recent update (a few weeks ago) where I claimed that God was pointing to THURSton Howell of Gilligan's Island. Amazingly, that show had a Skipper character while Terres is smack near Scupi (Scopi). Scope's/Scrope's happen to share the five ostrich feathers in the Caen Crest and so let's repeat that the Ceno river is a tributary of the Taro. That works to reveal that the Taro was named after Turres Dardanians. Thurston Howell was played by Jim Backus, and the Backus surname is also, Baccus, like the mythical bull, Bacchus.

I don't know where my head was when concluding, in the 2nd update of April, that Jim Bachus was a pointer to Jim Baker. I neglected to see that Backus' are BackHOUSE's/BAKEhouse's. French House's happen to share the leaf design of Dutch Bakers. Perfect. As House's use cabbage leaves, while Cabbage's have a motto term for an Angusta location near the Bacau area of historical MOLDova, wow!!! How can this be? We just saw the Molds before this paragraph was conceived. In Fact, Moldova was home to TRYPillians, suspect with Poland's Traby location that shares five, white ostrich feathers in Crest with Scope's! Scupia/Scopi is smack near MELDia.

There was a time when I was tracing the hourglass (my term) design in heraldry to the hourglass goddess of the Trypillians. One such Coat happens to be with the Backus', but another is with the HELPs/Halfs. The latter became a topic in the 3rd update in May when another Jim Baker, in relation to Stefan HALPer, was a topic. That's amazing.

Lookie: Bacchus was an alternative name of Dionysus. The Dennis surname, sharing the axe with Halper-like Halperts/Halberts, is said to derive in "Dionysus," and then God used my friend, Dennis Quinn, a wild man like Dionysus, while Quinns share the winged horse (same colors) with Gilligans. It was interesting that Stephens (like "Stefan") were first found in Gloucestershire with Helps/Halfs (Mold/Maud lion?), but this is beside Monmouthshire. German Stefans/Stephens share the three bars of Scottish Walkers, a surname from Wallachia, in or beside historical Moldova, and not far down the Siret river from Bacau. Wallachia is at/beside the BUZau, and Bus' happen to share the cinquefoil of Bacons. Wales can be from Wallachians, because Walsh's/Welsh's are. It just so happens that Walsh-branch Walsers use halbert axes! Alberts were first found in Kent with English Trips.

The Helpe river is near Saint-Quentin, which should explain why Quints/Quentins share the gold fitchee with Helps/Halfs.

[Update June 14 -- I was at the Halper Coat today, and spotting its Needham term, discovered that NEEdhams use the Knee/Nee Coat. I'll be looking at this in the next update because it includes Baker liners, and smacks up right against Miss Hicks' knee.]

Clinton's Tick-Talking Clock

I'd like to go back to the clock in the semi-final hockey game with Steve Tarr's slap shot. I was looking concerned at the clock with only two minutes to go, and so I've just looked up Clocks to find them sharing the Clint/Clent Coat, which shares the Blythe garbs while Bill Clinton was born Mr. Blythe (Bill's mother later married Mr. Clinton too). Does my poking Tarr's slap shot mean anything concerning the Clinton crime ring? Wow, lookie: the Deeds/Dadeys happen to share the Clint/Clent and Clock Coats exactly, and Daddys/Dowds use the saltire of Pollocks/Polks!! Mr. Dowd (Trump's lawyer) was in the news this past week complaining on Mueller's cheap trick.

As I said, when I poked the puck in, I went sliding about six inches past the goal POST, crashing into the boards. The Posts, first found in Hampshire, smack beside Poole, share the Poole Coat. That's the Poke bloodline. Just as I got up from crashing into the boards, I saw the entire team off the bench, skating toward me with big smiles on their faces, and they piled on top of me NHL-style. I have a hope that it was a glorious victory, provided by God, as a fore-runner to what God is about to do through His writings, through me, to the Clinton crime ring. The more glorious, the worse it will be for the anti-Christs. I'm wondering whether this has to do with revelations when president Biden takes over the country, who might allow Obama to press his buttons, leading to the anti-Christ's fulfillment.

I'm also wondering whether my crash into the BOARDs ties to Obama on his skateboard, for the Board Coat is a version of the Sewer/Suit/Suter Coat.

Aha! They piled on top of me, and Pile's share the leopard face of Peare's, first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons. And PEARtree's happen to share the Sewer/Suter fitchees! Zikers. In the sleeping-bag dream, the last scene was my pulling Miss Peare by her waist (as code for Waistells) toward me on a PLATform that got suspect with Platte River Networks, the company from whom Hillary purchased a private server to conduct her illegal, government business. All interesting.

By what coincidence are Platte's (Lancashire, same as Peare-like Parrs) and like the Platers with which the Plains merged? The Plains were a part of my sewer shot. As Plains are a branch of the Palins, note that the latter were first found in Dorset with Poole. Poole is a branch of Pullens, and the latter share the pelican with Palin-like Polins (and Scottish Pattersons), who in-turn share the Anger lozenges. While the Anger Coat is a good reflection of the Clinton Coat, the Angers are said to have been in Oxford.

By the way, Kake's/Kakes', who share the black border with Parrs, are also Kedge's/Ketch's/Kitch's while Kitchens were first found in Lancashire too, and Catch's/Ketchers happen to share the scallops of Platte's (and Pattersons/Cassane's).

Tarr's slap shot stopped on the goal LINE, and CLINTocks/Lindens look like they can be a branch of Line's/Linds. Aha! English Line's/Lyne's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons! It could be that Clintons and Clints/Clents were purely a Lind / Linden branch, from Lindos on Rhodes. Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar! Some say that Rhodes was named after its roses, and Line's/Lyne's do use roses. Rhodes is near Kos, which may have had elements naming Kosovo. Amazingly, Clintocks/Lindens have, on one half their Shield, the Platte Coat! Zinger. Who arranged for that?

The platforms in the sleeping-bag dream were in a mall. Before I entered it, I walked through the mall PARKING lot, while Parkings are listed with Perkins, while Hillary Clinton hired Perkins Coie (to conduct her criminal deeds), which has an office in Denver along with Platte River Networks. The mall was code for Morleys/Mauls, who share the scallops on the other half of the Clintock/Linden Shield. Perfect. These are the scallops of Tailbois', first found in LINcolnshire, where the Rhodes' were said to be first found for many years until it was changed to Yorkshire, where Morleys/Mauls were first found. Lincolnshire was earlier LINDsey, which is why I traced it the Lindos on Rhodes.

The Rhodes Coat is a colors reversed version of the Bath Coat, and, before purchasing a private server from Platte River, Hillary had her private server in her BATHroom! Zinger. The Baths share the lions of the Yorkshire Mars, and the latter share a brown lion in Crest with Clintocks while the blue half of the Clintock Shield is that almost also of French Mars! Bingo.

If ClinTOCKs were a Lindos-line merger with Tocks, the latter's "Militia" motto term can be for Carian elements at Miletus. Rhodes is in Caria too. Malls and Mauls are suspect from Malahule, whose Toeni line was near the Touques river, and Tochs are the Touque's too. Malahule was the ancestor of Ranulph le Meschin, who married Mrs. Taillebois of BolingBROKE. The Bolingbroke's share white feathers in Crest with Scope's/Scrope's, and while Scupi/Scopi was the capital of Dardania (Dart line), the Broke's/Brocks have a lion holding a dart. Meschins married Skiptons (Yorkshire, same as Mauls), suspect with Scupi elements. The first Meschin (Ranulph above) was from the Bessin, location of Caen, and Caens have white feathers in Crest, the same five as Scope's/Scrope's. Bessin liners use besants, as do Touques' (with the 's'), and Skippers.

Tocks/Touque's are also Ticks. Tick-tock, the clock is ticking toward our victory over the Rhodian Illuminati. As Clocks share the Clint/Clent Coat, might Clocks be from a corruption of "Clintock"?

[Good morning on Tuesday. I don't know how it skipped my mind yesterday as this section was written. Both the Clintons and the Hillarys use the six black-on-white fitchees of TARves' (!!), first found in Aberdeenshire with the buckle-using Leslie's...and the Turins expected with elements of Chivasso (near Turin) because Chives' were first found in Tarves.]

Tarr's shot stopped on the GOAL line, and Gole's/Cole's/MacAuls were first found in Argyllshire with Clintocks. The Gole's/Cole's, who share the Kyle star, are also Kale's, and then here's on Scupi: "Life in Scupi stopped after the earthquake and it is assumed that the people from Scupi moved to live on KALE, a hill in the center of Skopje." Irish Kale's have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Clintocks. They are the split colors of Moons (Devon, same as Darts), who are probably from Monunius, a Dardanian king. Monans use the upright lion also of MONmouths. Kaleys/Caleys, with the Kale / Kyle stars in colors reversed, probably have the quadrants of Kellys (Lincolnshire, same as Cheile's). Dardanians had been core Trojans, and Irish Troys happen to share the griffin of German Kale's. Trojans of Troy were in Mysia, and Mysians named Moesia, which covers Dardania. In myth, Dardanians of Mysia married Batia, possibly the Caucasian-Bat peoples who ultimately named Baths.

I remember my skates when playing hockey with Tarr. Why do I remember that they were Johnny Bauer brand? Johnny Bauer was a famous goalie. Why does the Bauer Chief share essentially the same stars as in the Clinton Chief? Why do Bowers, who share a green Shield with Bauers, share the five, bunched arrows of the Camerons who in turn have a "cheile" motto term? Five, bunched arrows are used in the Arms of Rothschild, and the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer. Camerons/Camera's may be from the Rhodes city of Kamiros.

Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Roets, and while Roets share the Gord boar head, Gore's trace to Croatia's Gorski, where I trace Cole's i.e. to the Colapis river. It's suggesting a Colapis link to Dardania's Kale, and it just so happens that the black flory cross of Gowers/Gore's (share white wolf with Gore's) is shared by Monans. The Gower/Gore motto is the Monan motto roughly in reverse order, both using "non" while Nons/Nevins (Ayrshire, same as Kyle's) share the Moon...and Krume crescent.

The bars of Gowers/Gore's are in the colors of the three Cameron fesses, colors reversed from the three fesses of Scottish Drummonds (Perthshire, same as Celts/Colts who share the pheon of Gole's/Cole's/Kale's). Krume's (Hamburg, same as German Drummonds) are suspect from Krume, on the Black Drin very hear Has, which is why I claim that Israel's HasMONians were from the Dardanian king, Monunius I. There's more to this, including Caiaphas-like Cavii living at Has, but that's another story. Compare Moons to Pavia's.

Repeat: "The Nons/Nevins share the crescent of Krume's and Kness'/MacNess', and Krume's were first found in the same place as Nissans". Compare the Israeli parliament, the KNESSet, with "Kness."

This discussion is continued first-thing in the next update.

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