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June 11 - 17, 2019

Clint Liners Continued
Morgan Stanley Fingered
Needhams and the Poison Needle

For those of you who had read the last update on Monday, you probably missed an important entry that was inserted Tuesday morning, a few minutes ago. I won't repeat the entire hockey background, but let me begin by saying that I have never before, until the last update, realized that, when my knees gave out while scoring the winning goal, it was a pointer of God to the buckles of Leslie's. My knees buckled, you see, but I didn't know yet, when that realization occurred, that God's intention was to point to Hillary Clinton. You just watch.

I had traced Leslie's long ago to Lesce, near TARSatica (extreme left of map), and, besides, I have made arguments before that a branch of Tarrs named Tarsatica. My goal while sliding in on my knees was with a puck shot by Steve Tarr, which came to a stop on the goal line. This new realization tends to prove that Tarrs were at Tarsatica. I will give you more evidence of this after quoting from the last section of the last update:

I'd like to go back to the clock in the semi-final hockey game with Steve Tarr's slap shot. I was looking concerned at the clock with only two minutes to go, and so I've just looked up Clocks to find them sharing the Clint/Clent Coat, which shares the Blythe garbs while Bill Clinton was born Mr. Blythe (Bill's mother later married Mr. Clinton too). Does my poking Tarr's slap shot mean anything concerning the Clinton crime ring? Wow, lookie: the Deeds/Dadeys happen to share the Clint/Clent and Clock Coats exactly, and Daddys/Dowds use the saltire of Pollocks/Polks!! Mr. Dowd (Trump's lawyer) was in the news this past week complaining on Mueller's cheap trick.

As I said, when I poked the puck in, I went sliding about six inches past the goal POST, crashing into the boards. The Posts, first found in Hampshire, smack beside Poole, share the Poole Coat. That's the Poke bloodline.

I would not have known that Leslie's married Pollocks/Poke's if not for a woman whom I call, emailer Pollock, whom I believe was sent (about 2005) into my email life for many reasons. She repeated that Leslie's took the titles of Pollocks, especially Rothes castle, through inter-marriage very early in Pollock history. Here's Wikipedia on Clan Leslie: "From 1457 the Clan Chief of Clan Leslie also held the position of Earl of Rothes." The article doesn't mention Pollocks, and Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article doesn't mention Leslie's. I sense a cover-up by the satanic organization, Wikipedia.

She also told me that she had been married to Mr. Spear. I didn't know that the Leslie buckles were code for a Buckle location, situated a little ways down the Spey river from Rothes castle, until I discovered the Spey river less than a year ago, when it dawned on me that the Spey was of the Speyer variation of Speers/Spears (first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks/Poke's). I can see how important it was to have her emailing me these things now that God wants to use them to point to Hillary Clinton's crimes.

The Spey river is in Moray, beside Aberdeenshire. Here's what I neglected to add in the last update until this morning: "Good morning on Tuesday. I don't know how it skipped my mind yesterday as this section was written. Both the Clintons and the Hillarys use the six black-on-white fitchees of TARves' (!!), first found in Aberdeenshire with the buckle-using Leslie's...and the Turins expected with elements of Chivasso (near Turin) because Chives' were first found in Tarves." It's interesting that Turins share the gold boar head with Rhodes-like Roets and Gords while Gords were first found in Berwickshire with Blythe's. (Use the Hillary link above to load any other surname you wish to see.)

Here's from the Blythe write-up: "Further south in England, Blythe, Lancashire has an interesting history. It was originally held by Geoffrey Travers, whose son Henry, was called 'de Blythe.'" The connection to Tarves-like Travers is excellent for explaining why Clintons share the Tarves fitchees, though it reveals that Clintons and Blythe's were maritally connected long before Bill's mother married them both. I expect "Tarves" to be from "Tarvisium" (Treviso), and Travis' are also Travers. perfect. Treviso is not far from Lesce, and because Lesce is on the Sava river, we load the Sava's/Savage's to see that their six lions are in a pattern just like the six fitchee crosses of Tarves', Clintons and Hillarys. Online quote: "The Sava Dolinka flows through...Jesenice, between Bled and Breg, and past the town of Lesce." If you read on how Clintocks were connected to Mars, let me add here that I had found reason (a few years ago) to link Tarves to the Scottish earls of Mar.

Emailer Pollock told me that Mr. Spear was murdered, but she wouldn't tell me the nefarious reason. She asked me not to tell anyone that she was married to him. I'm telling people now because she's probably passed away (she would be nearing 90 now), for she hasn't emailed me for years, though she emailed regularly until then. I assumed she didn't want me to tell of Mr. Spear because she was afraid of repercussions to her own person. Was he killed by the Clinton crime ring? She said something about her suspicions that the murder was related to his connections at Stanford University. I read a quote from a professor there saying that Stanford was founded by, or at least connected to, the British Illuminati of the 19th century i.e. the Rhodians and the Rothschilds under Cecil Rhodes, the one after which Rhodian scholarships were named. Having said that, let me repeat from the last section of the last update:

Aha! They piled on top of me [after poking in the winning goal], and Pile's share the leopard face of Peare's, first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons. And PEARtree's happen to share the Sewer/Suter fitchees! Zikers. In the sleeping-bag dream, the last scene was my pulling Miss Peare by her waist (as code for Waistells) toward me on a PLATform that got suspect with Platte River Networks, the company from whom Hillary purchased a private server to conduct her illegal, government business. All interesting.

...Tarr's slap shot stopped on the goal LINE, and CLINTocks/Lindens look like they can be a branch of Line's/Linds. Aha! English Line's/Lyne's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons! It could be that Clintons and Clints/Clents were purely a Lind / Linden branch, from Lindos on Rhodes. Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar! Some say that Rhodes was named after its roses, and Line's/Lyne's do use roses. Rhodes is near Kos, which may have had elements naming Kosovo. Amazingly, Clintocks/Lindens have, on one half their Shield, the Platte Coat! Zinger. Who arranged for that?

We can assume that Rhodes elements named Rothes, right? And what was the birth surname of Hillary Clinton? Ahh, yes, RODham.

The platforms in the sleeping-bag dream were in a mall. Before I entered it, I walked through the mall PARKING lot, while Parkings are listed with Perkins, while Hillary Clinton hired Perkins Coie (to conduct her criminal deeds), which has an office in Denver along with Platte River Networks. The mall was code for Morleys/Mauls, who share the scallops on the other half of the Clintock/Linden Shield. Perfect. These are the scallops of Tailbois', first found in LINcolnshire, where the Rhodes' were said to be first found for many years until it was changed to Yorkshire, where Morleys/Mauls were first found. Lincolnshire was earlier LINDsey, which is why I traced it the Lindos on Rhodes.

Rhodes Scholars are chosen by the Illuminati; no one gets to choose to be one. Rhodes Scholars are trained in globalism, but judging from the Clinton Foundation, they look like a band of global thieves. The Clintons are but a wee-few years from facing Jesus.

I neglected to mention (in the last update) that I was crossing a ROAD when entering the mall parking lot, and that David Morley was riding his bike down that road as I was crossing. We thus have excellent reason that God included the road as a pointer to the Rhodian Illuminati, possibly in connection with Platte River Networks.

The pointer to Lesce on the Sava is excellent for pointing to Jack Sava, the one I say partook in the murder of Seth Rich. I say that God arranged for English Jacks to be first found in Yorkshire with Clints/Clents, and beside the Blythe's, for while the latter two share the same garbs, the Blythe's have three of them on a red-on-white fesse, all like the three scallops on a red-on-white fesse of Jacks. For good measure, Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks/Poke's and Spears/Speyers.

The reason that God arranged these similarities, I gather, is that Jack Sava is online as the sexual mate (probably the common-law spouse) of Lisa Kountoupes, a lobbyist for Uranium One. Need more be said? We can guess that this goes to the heart of the Clinton Foundation's crimes for which Hillary has targeted Trump.

Here's from the last section of the last update:

I remember my skates when playing hockey with Tarr. Why do I remember that they were Johnny Bauer brand? Johnny Bauer was a famous goalie. Why does the Bauer Chief share essentially the same stars as in the Clinton Chief? Why do Bowers, who share a green Shield with Bauers, share the five, bunched arrows of the Camerons who in turn have a "cheile" motto term? Five, bunched arrows are used in the Arms of Rothschild, and the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer. Camerons/Camera's may be from the Rhodes city of Kamiros.

This gets amazing with new material over what I've repeated many times. First, the three goats of Stanfords are in the colors and format of the three boar heads of Burleys/BOURlys (Somerset, same as Roets), who share a green Shield with Bauers and Bowers. Did God arrange that?

The Camerons/Camera's entered my discussion on the 9-11 memorial that my church put on, on September 11, 2002. I saw Miss Hicks taking a seat, and went over to her to ask whether she wanted me to set up her CAMERA. While setting it up at the front, I noted and greeted my barber sitting in the front row smack where I was setting the camera up, and here I can add, for the first time, that Scottish Barbers (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) use red scallops and one red garb. In colors reversed, the gold scallops of Jacks, and the gold garbs of Blythe's and Clints/Clents, are red. If that's not enough, the red fleur of English Barbers are shared by Perkins/Parkings. What are the chances?

Can we deduce that God was pointing to some relationship between the Clintons and prime minister, David Cameron? Hillary's dossier attack on Trump started while Cameron was the prime minister. He was followed by prime minister May while the attack was ongoing, and English Mays (Blythe colors) happen to share billets with Steele's, while Billets look like a branch of Blythe's. German Mays were even first found in Rhineland with the first Rothschild, and with Bush's. It should be added that while the first Rothschild lived in Frankfurt, two Frank surnames (share green Shield with Bauers, etc), both with a "nati" motto term, can be gleaned with the saltire of Pollocks/Polks, though one of these two Franks is in Stanford colors.

There is also a Stamford/Stanford surname (Staffordshire, same as Stanfords and Rothschild-beloved Arrows) with the rare lion-head design of English Rothes'. The latter were, for many years previous to the last one, said to have been first found in Shropshire, where Fulbert, the patriarch of Pollocks/Poke's, lived. It's interesting, therefore, that while I poked in the puck from the SLAP shot of Tarr, Shropshire is also, SALOP.

After setting up the camera, I went back to Miss Hicks, and, seeing an empty seat beside her, I asked, "is anyone sitting there"? She said it was reserved for her daughter, but that if she showed up, I could just scoot over. In other words, she said, yes, I could sit there. Later that evening, after I got up, STANley came and took my seat beside her, which now looks like God's pointer to Stanford University and/or the Stanfords for some reason. Some years later, after Miss Hicks moved away from where I lived (I didn't know where), I had to look her up online for her new address. And that's how I discovered that her daughter, above, was born with a Daddy surname (she was adopted).

It just so happens that Daddys/Dowds share the Frank / Pollock saltire, while Dade's/Dadeys share the Clock and Clint/Clent Coat! Is that not astounding? Miss Hicks moved to Forney, and ForNEYs/FOURneys look to have a colors-reversed version of the BalFOUR Coat, important if true, because the Cecil-Rhodes Illuminati had signed up prime minister Balfour. Google has buried almost all of the rife Illuminati material on Arthur Balfour / Cecil Rhodes, meaning that Google (spy company) is an accomplice with globalist satanism. But we shall win this war, and would already be winning if it were not God's will to give the anti-Christs global powers for the express purpose of expose their deserving of punishment in Hell's dungeon. The world class, who enjoyed the best the world could offer, will end up in dungeons because they amassed the wealth unto themselves, and exploited our tax dollars, and our political systems, to get even more. Great shame. The bottomless pit is coming for all miners and other RODents.

To show that God had set me up to sit beside her, I spotted her green toenail polish as I crossed in front of Miss Hicks when sitting beside her. And in so doing, I noted that she wore sandals, which is why, years later, I looked up the Sandals, to find a green cross in the style used for the same in the Arms of Pula/Pola. And the Sandals are the ones said to descend from a CAMERArius character, can you believe it? I was fresh from setting up her camera when I crossed in front of her to see her sandals, and Sandals even share a red fleur-de-lys with Barbers while the camera was set up in front of my barber (female).

The cross in the Arms of Pula/Pola is in both colors of the green-on-gold saltire shown for Pollocks at Wikipedia's Clan-Pollock article. The last update showed that Tarrs/Tarres' can trace to Dardania's Turres, and the Pollock arrow, in that article, is/was called a dart while Darts/Dards can be shown to be from Dardanians.

Recall how Clintocks/Lindens link to the Mars. Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and the latter are from the Pierro's/Pero's/PETRi's', highly suspect with the ancestry of the first Pollock, Peter, builder of Rothes castle. Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia. I neglected to add, in the last update, that Pavia's have scallops in both colors schemes as the scallops of Clintocks/Lindens, but one should compare the Dardanian Moons (Devon, same as Darts/Darts) to Pavia's. Devon is where the Pollock-line Peters were first found who share the Rothes raven.

The Mars are likely from the Marici founders of Pavia. I trace Pavia to "Peebles," where Bowers were first found. The Peeble's/Peoples' surname shares green PARROTs (Peter / Pierre bloodline) with Pettys, and as the Petty quadrants are used in this Arms of Rothschild, I trace Rothschilds with Pollocks to Pietas-Julia at Pula/Pola. The Peartree's/Petree's (red scallop, very traceable to Vespasia Polla, see last update for that) probably apply here. The Petty quadrants are those also of Fasts, suspect from the Vasto rulers of Saluzzo, and Clintons share the Saluzzo Shield-Chief colors, which are in colors reversed with Peartree's/Petree's (version of the Pullen/Pully Coat). Thus, a close Rothschild-Clinton connection all around.

Peartree's/Petree's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Lesce-liner Leslie's, the earls of Rothes. Lesce is near Carni, and Carnys happen to use the Chief-Shield colors of Clintons too. I scored the GOAL after my knees buckled, a pointer to Leslie's, and GOLE's/Cole's/KALE's (see last update for them) have the Carny pheon in colors reversed. The Carny-like Kerns/Karens share the sleeping moon with German Roets. Kerns/Karens were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs (griffin holding a flag like the Dart/Dard Coat), the latter using the Chief-Shield colors of Peartree's/Petree's. Silesia overlaps Lusatia, where German Kale's were first found who use a griffin (in Speer/Spear colors), and then the Leslie clan badge (shown at Wikipedia's Clan Leslie article) has a griffin too. Plus, Speers share the red crescents of Spree's while Lusatia has a Spree river. Were Leslie's ultimately Lusatians? They say that the Sorbs of Lusatia named the Serbs of Croatia, and Lesce is at the Croatia theater.

To nail Spree's with Speers, the latter were first found in Renfrewshire with the Simple's in the Spree motto. This recalls that Plancia Magna was related by marriage to Mr. Simplex. She was the wife of Tertullus while Tertulla was the mother-in-law of Vespasia Polla. Having said that, see this online quote: ""...Julia Tertulla, a close relative of Plancia Magna, married Lucius Julius Marinus CAECILius SIMPLEX."

Not only are the Spree and Speer crescents in the Blythe Coat while the Blythe write-up links indirectly to Tarves, but the Cecils have six lions in the pattern of the six Tarves / Clinton / Hillary fitchees, and in the pattern of the six lions, in colors reversed even, of Sava's/Savage's ("pro" motto term suggests Pero's). Cecils have two clues for connection to Correns, first found in Waterford. The Arms of County Waterford shares the stag head of PEARtree's/Petree's, and as Parrots use pears, why do we think that a green parrot is in the Corren Crest? Serbs likely named Servitium near the mouth of the Una on the Sava, and "una" is a Cecil motto term. In fact, one can spot mythical Coronis, the crow, in the Cecil motto, the namer, likely, of Croatia's Ceraunii.

The Brocuffs have an "ORiente" motto term suspect, therefore, partly with Ore's/Orrs, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers. But "oRIENte" looks also like code for whatever the "rien" (namers of RENfrew?) motto term of Peters (raven) is for. "OrienTE" can even be for whatever the "te" motto term of Sava's/Savage's is for, perhaps the Teys looking linkable to Carnys. The Sava/Savage motto has "pro te," suggesting the Tee's/Tease's, highly suspect with the Tessin river through Pavia (recall the green parrot of Pavia-suspect Peeble's). The Tease's/Tess' have a saltire in the colors of the same of Corren-like Currys/Corrys, first found in Waterford with Correns. Compare "Corren" to "Carny." Currys/Corrys have an "AuDAUX" motto term, like the "Audacter" of Pollocks/Poke's, and Tease's/Tess' (probably the tax saltire) are also Tecks while Tax's are also Dachs.

The reason that the BROCuff griffin likely holds the Dart Coat is that the Brock-Crest lion is said to hold a dart (website that told the descriptions of Arms no longer has that service, at least not for my computer).

Blythe Link to Pero's

I am seeing a Blythe and Clint link to Pero's along with Nassau's. As Clintocks are Lindens too, suspect from Rhodes, the island of roses, let's first say that Pierro's/Pero's, sharing a red fesse with Blythe's, use roses, though these roses are code for the Rose's (beside Ross's whose lion is the Russell lion in colors reverse), a Rus line that can be expected from the namers of Rhodes, especially as the Kamiros location on Rhodes is from Cimmerians ("Gamiri") while the latter have a king Rusa as a vassal at Lake Van in about 720 BC. Probably, the idea that Rhodes was named after roses was a Masonic farce wherein the reality was that the Varangian and Danish Rus were from that place. In fact, mythology has the proto-Dane Danaans (branch of Amazons = Meshech) in Lindos of Rhodes.

At the Danaan link above, 49 of the 50 daughters of mythical Danaus (Danaan patriarch) killed their husbands, a symbol of the Amazons (= Meshech). Herodotus repeated a myth in which Amazons of Thermodon rejected husbands, but mated with the neighboring "Gargarian" men (proto-Georgians at the Moschi mountains = Meshech) once a year only to get children. If I recall correctly, they killed their male infants...because Amazons had an all-female theme likely from the transvestites in the Kabeiri cult. The mythical Maenads were all-female, and they are named after the Maeander river that flows to Caria, near Rhodes, but nearer to Clarus, where Claro's = Sinclairs (Dane vikings = Rus) derive who were at ROSlin.

The one daughter who did not kill her husband was HYPERmnestra, which I will assume is the myth writer's play on the HYPERboreans ("far northerners"), worshipers of Apollo and ArTEMIS. The latter was an Amazon goddess likely named after THEMIScyra on the Thermodon river. It just so happens that the THAMES surname shares part of the Peare Coat, and both were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, the first clue that Clints and Blythe's had merged with Pero's, though the red Blythe fesse helps to establish this further.

Herodotus, who was of Caria, claimed that Amazons of Thermodon migrated through the Cimmerian Crimea to the land of Sarmatians, which was at Tanais, where I trace proto-Danaans. By a "lucky" strike one day, I was able to trace Peare's to Kepoi to the near-south of Tanais, at TAMan. When I knew Christine Peare (late teens), she was engaged with Mr. Kepke, and God supplied many situations in my life, in relation to Peare and Kepke, to help me out later in this heraldic project. It just so happens that the Blythe and Clint garbs are red in colors reversed, as are the garbs of Keppocks (Yorkshire, same as Clints).

Apollo and Artemis, twin siblings (suggests that Apollo was an Amazon), had been given the wolf symbol, along with their mother, LATONa, code for the Latins, part of Roman make-up, which should explain why Roman myth derives Romans from a SHE-wolf. That's right, an Amazon theme. The Danaan article above: "When the people of Argos were about to choose their king, a wolf entered the city and tore a bull [Zeus Taurus that named Taurus in the Crimea] into pieces. The people of Argos took this as a sign and chose Danaus as their king." Some say, and I agree, that Cilicia's Adana area (at Tarsus) was named by Danaans, and Cilicia is off a second Taurus area that probably named Tarsus, which the Bible calls the mother of Tyre (Tyrus). Yup, Zeus as a white bull abducted Europa (sister of Cilix, code for Cilicians), the princess of Tyre. Io, the goddess of Argos, was given a white cow symbol that is an obvious allusion to the bull killed by the wolf above (means that the Danaans over-powered the Zeus-line Tyrians at Argos). I'll bet that Tarrs/Tarres' were from this thing. Zeus was a proto-Trojan = proto-Dardanian.

Io was made the ancestor of Danaus through Libyans, and this probably goes to the Meshwesh (known to be Amazons) of Cyrene (eastern Libya) who came to rule the 21st dynasty of Egypt at Tanais-like Tanis. Mythical Cyrene was a mate of Apollo, by she was also the same as the Coronis crow, the line to the Ceraunii, beside the Maezaei (a Croatian branch of Meshwesh Amazons, right?). The Ceraunii mountains of Epirus are near the Zeus temple at DODona, a term like the surnames about to be emphasized. In Roman myth, Dido was a Tyrian princess at Carthage, which is beside Tanis-like Tunis, area of the Numidians led by king Massena, who was obvious-to-me a Meshwesh entity.

Dido was put into a relationship with Oeneus-like Aeneas, and the Oeneus/Una river was home to Maezaei. Mythical Oeneus was a king of CALYDon, from the Khaldi of the Thermodon area. I say that Khaldi became the Celts, who lived, in around 800 BC, at the Oeneus theater. Myth made the Illyrians of Celtic area descend from Cadmus, brother of Europa.

Back to the Blythe's, suspect as a branch of Billets. Gold billets are shared by the Arms of Roquefeuil (proto-Rockefellers), the Arms of Nassau (see Nassau surname), and the Mays/Mais' (Massey branch?). Nassau was founded by a Dudo character of Germany, and Dade's/Dadeys (have the Clint Coat) share the Blythe garbs. German Mays share a tower upon what looks like ROCKs with Didie's/Dedie's/Daydie's, and the latter's rocks are in the colors of the rocks of Roque's, first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil, and with Didie's/Dedie's/Daydie's. Perfect, for Henry IV of RODEZ (yup, that's right) married a daughter of Roquefeuil.

Didie's/Dedie's/Daydie's use their tower in the colors of the Comet towers, and the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's is the so-called comet of Reines'. Comets use their towers in the colors and format of Comyns/Comine's, and then Comines (Artois) was ruled by Conteville's, whom I trace to Conte's, first found in Languedoc. It appears that Dudo of Nassau was of the Didie's/Dedie's, for Nassau's share gold billets with the Arms of Roquefeuil.

As billets are metal bars, let's repeat that Quintus Caepio (the Elder) found, as a Roman general at war, and stole, thousands of gold bars from Toulouse, not far from Roquefeuil. Toulouse happens to be directly over the river from Comines-like Comminges. Comine's are also Commings. Herod Antipas was forced to live at Comminges. I suspect that the gold billets of Roquefeuil were secret code for Caepio's stash, for the year after he stole them at Toulouse, king Boiorix engaged him in war, and won, at Orange. Nassau happens to have merged with Orange to form Orange-Nassau. These gold bars can explain why Rockefellers and Rothschilds were so rich...but, of course, they had to invent ways to explain their wealth by other means. German Mays/Mais' were first found in Rhineland, where the first Rothschild operated as a banker. If Boiorix was the ancestor of Boyers/Boiers (probably the Mountain bull), note that the French branch was first found in Languedoc while English Boyers ("CONTEntment") share blue vair fur with Quints. If English Boyers use a brown falcon, let's add that FALcons/FalCONTE's (brown falcon), sharing the Conte crescent, were first found in Languedoc.

Falcons are in Falla/Faller/Fallis colors, and the latter share TREFoils with Fellers, making TreFOILs suspect with "RoqueFEUIL." The Treffs/Trips were first found in Hamburg with Krume's who in-turn share the Falcon/Falconte crescent.

The Lynch's (lynx), with a version of the Feller Coat, are well suspect from Lyncestis (Macedonia / Paionia), suspect with mythical Lynceus, the only surfer of the 50 husbands murdered by the 50 daughters of Danaus. Hypermnestra was married to Lynceus, that is. "HyperMNESTRa" can be suspect with Maeonians on the Maeander (as per mythical Manes) combined with Nestus-river elements and/or mythical Nestor at Pylos, beside Methoni. The latter was mythically made the daughter of Oeneus of Calydon. Calydon was in Aetolia, which can be traced excellently to "Attaleia," the PISIDian city that named Atlas (son of POSEIDon), father of Maia. Pisidians provided the Amazons of Pisa, the latter related closely to Aetolia.

The tower of Maia-like Mays/Mais' is in the colors of the same of Falcons/Falconte's, Auvergne's, and Narbonne's/DENARDO's. WOW. This recalls the God-given event when Allison Bauer, my teen girlfriend, left me, in the parking lot of KNOB Hill farms, for Mike Denardo (she got into his car, and wouldn't come out when I walked there). The first Rothschild was a Bauer, and Knobs likely share the arrows of Rothschilds/RODDENsteins (Rodhams are also Roddens). I can see what God was getting at, and Mr. Kepke was sitting with me when Miss Bauer got into Denardo's car. All four of us worked for Knob Hill Farms, and here it gets interesting where Farmers share the red lion head of Steele's while Farms/Farmers are in the colors and format of Blythe's!!! Zikers. They are also in the colors and format of English Dance's, and the latter likewise share the red Steele lion head.

As has been repeated many times, Kepke and Peare loved to dance together; they were always dancing whenever we went out to bars. Italian Dance's (look like Danaans) can be gleaned with the pale bars of Pero's/Perino's. The billets of Steele's, in the colors of the Dance / Pero/Perino pale bars, are positioned as pale bars ("pale" refers to heraldic vertical). It's yet more evidence that Blythe's and Clints are to be linked to Pero's, but as Clocks share the Clint Coat, let's repeat that "Clock" looks like a corrupted form of "Clintock," for Clintocks share the color scheme, and scallops, of Italian Pavia's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's, Dance's, and Saluzzo).

The red BattiSTELLi billets are colors reversed from the billets of English Mays/Mai's, and red billets are shared by Steel-like Stolts. Both Batti's and Stelli's share the eight-pointed star with Rothschilds/Roddensteins. Battistelli's happen to use a PYRamid, which tends to link Steels to Pero elements. Mays/Mai's have a fesse colors reversed from the same of Pierro's/Pero's.

The Steele lion head is shared by Hose's, which is what tended to prove that God arranged the D'Hosier's (Bavaria, same as Hosers/Hosmans/Hossie's) to be "Dossier" too. The Steele dossier, you see. 'Hose's share the bent, human leg with Prime's, and this leg (with foot) is that also of ProFETTs (Rothschild-beloved arrow) while the Feet Coat is that also of English Pavia's. Therefore, "PYRAMid" can be part code also for Prime's. Both Prime's and Profetts place a spur on their foot, and Spurrs, sharing the PEARtree/Petree/PATRIA bend, share the pierced star of Clintons. Spurrs were first found in Devon with spur-like Supers, and the latter use billets! Bingo.

The spur is used also by Close's, who are like the Cloke variation of Clocks. As Close's are of Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle, the Kilpatrick saltire must be the Super saltire. The Kilpatricks adopted a baby/child born from Mr. Daddy, and Dade's/Dadeys share the Clock Coat. Again, Daddys share the Pollock/Poke saltire, and I poked the puck into the net after looking at the time clock. It was the only two things I remember from that game...when I was wearing my Johnny-Bauer skates. Johnny Bauer was a famous goalie, and Goleys/Galleys share the Steele checks, hmm.

Aha! Clocks/Cloke's were first found in Surrey with the Michael having a "SUPERo" motto term! These Michaels share gold mascles with Quincys while Saer de Quincy was a ruler at Winchester while: "The surname Cloke was first found in Surrey where they held a family seat at Winchester where Robert Cloche was recorded in the year 1210." Winchesters (mascles) share the gold fitchee of Quints, suspect, together with Quince's/Quincys, from Quintus Caepio! The Nassau lion is also the Sforza lion, but the latter's holds a "quince" flower (I have read the description). German Michaels might have the blue Winchester lion, therefore, that comes with the Quint fitchee.

German Steels have two pale bars in the colors of the Tull/Tulia pale bar, and Tulls/Tolle's have another pyramid. Tulls/Tolle's share the Tool lion, making Tulia of Lyon suspect with Toulouse elements, for she was at Auvergne. Tulia (daughter of Galley-like Gallia) was married to Decimus RUSTicus, and Rusts, first found in Kent with English Rothes', share the Super saltire and throw in fitchees in the colors of the Clinton / Hillary fitchees. The Auvergne's are the ones sharing the May/Mais tower that sits on rocks (I assume). Toulouse is across the river from Comminges, earlier called, Lugdunum, and the other Lugdunum became Lyon, the area to which Herod Archelaus was banished, the brother of Herod Antipas at Comminges, both sons of the first Herod king (died 4 BC).

I almost forgot. One Billet surname shares the Coat of Bellows, and "bellow" fans are used by Shiptons, first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons and Peare's.

The sun in the Peartree/PETree Crest is probably close to the giant sun of Needle's (Shropshire, where early Rothes' lived), for PETTys use a "needle." Furthermore, the same giant sun is used by Hesse's while the report online is that the first Rothschild became rich by stealing money from a business associate, a prince of Hesse-Cassel (could be a fable run through a launderer's machine). Hesse is where Rasmussens/ASSMANNs were first found, and then while Assmannshausen is at RUDESheim, Rudes' were first found in Shropshire with Needle's...probably a branch of Natts/Nathans / Netts/Natebys / Nations/Nathans. The latter use compasses, and the petty needle is that of a compass.

I'd like to go back to Allison Bauer of Knob Hill Farms, and theorize that Allison BAUER was Chosen for me (by God) because BOURA of Greece is in or beside Elis. The latter location, at Pisa, was closely related to Aetolia, where Oeneus was a mythical king whom I've seen as the line of the Biblical Jonathan, the pagan Levite of Elis-like Laish. Laish, latter called, Dan, and highly suspect by me with the Danaans of Tanis (Nile delta) rather than the Israeli tribe of Dan, was beside a Daphne location as well as beside Panias, and then mythical Daphne was placed into the Ladon river at Elis, beside the Panias-like Peneus. The Ladds/Ladons (version of Meschin Coat) happen to have been first found in Somerset with Boura-like Burleys/Bourlys, who share the green Shield with Bauers and Bowers. Moreover, Burleys/Bourlys use boars, a symbol of Calydon. In fact, the Calydonian boar belonged to Artemis, the Amazons = proto-Meschins. Again, Maezaei lived on the Oeneus river, and to this we can add Micah, who once owned Jonathan until the 600 "Danites" of Laish stole him from Micah...whose line may have been to Michaels because they share a version of the Meschin Coat too. The Calydonian boar was shot through by an arrow (Apollo symbol) by the Calydon queen, Atalantis (code for Attaleia = Atlas elements), and Apollo-like Pollocks, with another green Shield, use an arrow piercing a boar. Romneys use a version of the Pullen/Pully Coat.

The end of the book of Judges is not necessarily Inspired, and there are reasons to see it is fabulous, from pagan / wayward priests. Jonathan, as well as the fabulous Samson (impossible to catch 300 foxes), one of the "Danites," and the wicked Benjamites are at the end of the book of Judges. Samson is made the last Judge, but I say he was added in, perhaps even by the bloodline of Jonathan, after the end of the original book. Benjamites may have named Banias, the alternative name of Panias, and therefore, if correct, Benjamites can be traced to the Peneus river with the proto-Latins of the Ladon. The 600 Benjamites in Judges were at Rome-like Rimmon, and the Oeneus/Una river was that of mythical Juno, the highest Roman goddess. Maschi's were at Rimmon-like Rimini. Romula is a location shown between the Oeneus river and the Jupiter-line Japodes, and Roman myth had the founding of Romans by a Romulus character. Note the Latovici on the north side of the Japodes.

If one investigates, it will be found that Scottish Allisons are from the Keppoch branch of MacDonalds, which is why Kepke was sitting on my hood, with me, when we spotted Allison getting to Denardo's car. Decades later, i discovered that the "blackbirds" of Allisons are in the design of the "Cornish choughs" of Hoods. Scottish Allisons were at Loupe, and Loupe's (at la ROCHelle) share the tower of Denardo's, believe it or not. Compare Rochelle's/Rockwells to Balfours, noting that Rochelle's/Rockwells were in Somerset, where Burleys/Bourlys were first found who share the white boar head with Rochelle's/Rockwells.

The Allison blackbirds have got to be part-code for Blacks, and so let's go to the Blythe write-up, for the English-Allison fesse is that also of Blythe's: "From him descended Roger Blythe, whose daughter and heir Margaret by her marriage with John Blakelache (or BlackLEDGE) conveyed the estate to this family." The Ledge's happen to share a version of the Lauder Coat, while "Blyth was an old barony in the lordship of LAUDERdale some time ago." Blacks (Lincolnshire, Lindos liners) share the Blythe crescent. The Lauder tree stump is that exactly of Rodhams/Roddens, and the "alter" motto term of Rodhams/Roddans is probably for Alters/Coulters, first found in Lanarkshire with the MacDonald-branch Allisons. There is cause here to see Lauders and Ledge's from the Ladon river at Elis, if Allisons were Laish > Elis liners.

Why do Blacks use an orange lion? Quintus Caepio fought a war, probably for the gold he stole, at Orange. Mr. Kepke had a black Labrador, Blackie, and the Blackie surname has two features of the Quint Coat.

Wow. I have never had proof that the Forney Coat is linkable to the Balfour Coat, but when seeing the near-match of the Balfour Coat with that of Rochelle's/Rockwells, I recalled that, when seeking the new address of Miss Hicks, I found her home listed also with Chris(toper) Childs, who was working for some Rockwall company to the best of my recollection. I've just googled him to find him listed in Forney (at the home she bought) as well as at Mockingbird lane in Rockwall, Texas. Rockwalls are listed with Rochelle's/Rockwells. Is that not amazing? I'm sharing this because it's apparently a thing that God wants me to know, and so why not also you? It's got to be useful for some important thing.

I see Balfours as a branch of the Roet-line Beauforts. Roets (boar heads) were first found in Somerset with Mockings, yet German Roets were first found in Thuringia with Basina, wife of Child-liner Childeric!!! The Mockings just led us to the Childs surname!

As you can see, Chris Childs lived on Faith trail too, in Heath, Texas, and Heaths share the gold rooster with Mockings (Blythe crescent?). Perhaps the whole of these matches -- especially the apparent Balfour link to Rhodes-like Roets -- is simply to prove that God wants to point to prime minister, Arthur Balfour, and the high-level satanism that has led to modern Democrats, who clearly work for the British Illuminati.

Although I don't trust Mark Meadows much, he came out to say, this week, that they are getting lots of whistle-blowers, thanks to Barr's direction. I think that God told us late last month that whistle-blowers and insider snitches are getting their opportunities. Meadows has been promising arrests, and takes the position that arrests must take place for certain, necessary and obvious reasons. How will Barr deal with so many people all guilty in the same conspiracy? Who gets arrested first? Will there be a strategy in the sequence of arrests, in order to lessen the blow-back? Or should he welcome the blow-back because it helps him to choose who's next? There is mercy for the repentant, but those who engage in blow-back are the determined sinful, those who would make fellow criminals / accomplices out of average citizens. The blow-back is intended to garner verbal / media support from a whopping percentage of the population, thus making the guilty even more guilty with an insurrection against the better part of the people. It's not a matter of asking how much mercy to offer, but of getting the blow-backers into a court process that shuts their mouths before they can do further damage. Just look at how much needless time Trump gave the blow-backers to stir up trouble and dismay, and pain for the lawful.

Trump started to show strength, some good and hopeful news. "President Donald Trump may not alert the FBI if foreign governments offered damaging information against his 2020 rivals during the upcoming presidential race, he said..." (ABC). He's perfectly correct to say that. Many foreigners may have the truth on his opponents, especially on Biden. The FBI interviewer was trying to convince Trump that he should call the FBI, but this is a trick to get the FBI to intervene, to get the foreigner(s) to shut up. The time for shutting people up is over, except now it's time to get the deep state to shut-up with its tricks. Arrest them, and they will cease to yap-yap their calamities upon the nation. Arrest them, and people will have more money in the future, for they rob the taxes and disperse them into undeserved, international places in efforts to profit by one scheme or another. Shut down their military operations, for these are money-sucking enterprises, to skim money to themselves by one scheme or another.

Bongino this week showed that tax cuts under Reagan, Bush and Trump all increased tax revenues. However, I'm skeptical. How much of tax revenues this year has been from the tariffs? How much added revenue was from increased product and service prices, or vastly-increased oil sales abroad? Under Bush's tax cuts, he increased oil prices. Before congratulating Trump's tax cuts, let's hear from the other side whether they have any truthful / reliable things to say to explain the higher revenues. If he (or the Republican establishment) gives with one hand but takes with the other, that's nothing to celebrate. If taxes go down but prices go up by the same amount, nobody wins (generally speaking).

It's a no-brainer: if corporations get tax cuts, they will spend more money that partially goes to taxes. The problem is, however, that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. The thing to do is to first give the tax cuts to the poor, and let the corporations stay the same course, making more than enough money, generally speaking. In this way, when people have more money from tax cuts, they spend more, with some corporations then getting more money too, and the government still gets the extra taxes, except from things that aren't taxed, like food and mortgages. Yup, poor people with more money will buy more-expensive food, and the government thus gets "ripped off," but, hey, shouldn't we celebrate the poor getting better-quality food, or upgrading from a rental unit to owning a small home? Yes, but the government might rather get more taxes than seeing poor people buying more meat, especially where the Democrats are afraid of hot gases coming out both ends of a cow.

Owing a home is very important for retirement well-being and security, for rental prices take a whopping percentage of retirement benefits, especially for the poor. We as Christians are required to think of the poor. We as Christians are to be aware of corporate wickedness in money-making. The stock market is a wicked system that, I guarantee you, is opposed by God. The stock market is not only a means to provide capital for a fledgling, viable business (can't be a bad thing, you might say), but it's a means for obscenely-rich companies to grow bigger until they have the lion's share, the monopoly. This increases prices, for as soon as a company announces a scheme to make more money, people rush in to buy stocks in that company, hoping to get a piece of the profit pie, but all of these people buying small chunks of the company will drive prices up, for corporations receiving their money are under the gun to maximize their profits for their sake. There are many more well-established companies that maximize profits than fledgling businesses trying to become viable, and when they do get viable, they become like the wicked too. Generally speaking, this is our financial world. They define a "good economy" as per the rich making more money, but a follower of Jesus is not permitted to view things like that. As James said, it's the rich who exploit us.

Is socialism the answer? It depends on what is meant by it? Government hand-outs to the poor is a good thing, something that God won't oppose, unless the hand-outs are to gain voter support i.e. a stronger party base, a stronger government beast, the motive of Democrats. When Obama secured that $800B, he didn't distribute it mainly to Republicans, we can be sure. He strengthened the Democrats instead, to strengthen the Democrat party, and along with that trick and many others, they still lost the election. But they are still close to winning elections, thanks to their deceptive media machines, and the weight of the nation's health is on Trump's shoulder. He has the responsibility to destroy the Democratic machine. Speaking out against the media is proving not to be enough. Their bosses need to be punished for deception. Free speech must not permit deception and the slanderous ruin of peoples lives who do not deserve it.

Bongino and many other social media do a good job exposing the hypocrisy of leftist activists, but the latter can recover and resume their slanderous ways, and seriously help to empower demented minds such as those of Biden and Obama. Obama is a master at appearing squeaky clean, and that's his game, but he's a deceiver. To be a good deceiver, one must portray a squeaky-clean, moral mentality. If you think that this sort of thing should be permitted under free expression, you're an accomplice to the devil. A Christian is not permitted to adopt free speech to such twisted levels. I have seen good evidence that many American Christians are Americans first, Christians second, though I wonder whether Jesus rejects them outright for that attitude. That's a thing to fear. Be careful. Put Jesus before American values, and disregard the latter if they contradict Jesus' values. Stay on the High Road, don't bury your talents.

I don't view government hand-outs as socialism. The welfare system is a good one when not abused. All workers put money into a pool that goes to poor people; the concept is a good one, and God applauds it. But corrupt governments do not eliminate the welfare system. In ancient days, before governments, there was no hope for the poor and the making of beggars. But governments can eliminate poverty if they desired it, if they were willing to cross the rich. If one were a dictator who could order anything, that person could eliminate the welfare system, including unemployment insurance, by lowering prices. That's not socialism. It's rather the rich complaining that they can't have a free market with prices as high as they like to have them. Lowering prices is called restraining greed, disabling the rich from creating the poor. Yes, the rich and the wanna-be-rich will make up all sorts bad words to describe it, like "socialism," but protecting the buyer from the greedy seller is never a bad word.

Will the government protect us from the thief who wishes to steal our $3,000 entertainment center, and then allow the rich to over-charge us by $25,000 annually with high prices? Home and rental prices should NEVER have been permitted to increase based on the increase of land prices alone. Land is a gift from God, how dare the rich exploit it to the skies! Force the people to make their money on other products, but not on needs such as housing. What is wrong with our detestable governments that they did not protect my children from obscene mortgage and rental costs? I call terrible curses down on the people responsible for sky-high property prices. If I were God, I would severely punish YESTERDAY, I have no idea how God tolerates this thing. The government is literally allowing my children to become slaves to property owners and banks. Where is God in all this? You watch.

What can be done? One thing: make a law to cap profit margins. Companies still get to make lots of money, but only with more work and volume of sales, not on sit-back-and-enjoy high prices. To increase sales volumes, there needs to be less businesses providing products. The more shoes stores in town, the higher the shoe prices, it's a no-brainer. The more shoe stores in town, the less volume each store sells, requiring higher prices for all stores to make their desired, comfortable living. The more shoe distributors, the higher the shoe prices. The more shoe manufacturers, the higher the shoe prices. Can't we come to some agreement, with government enforcement, to cap the number of businesses permitted in any town based on that town's population? How easy would that be?

Keeping the number of businesses down by force of law will make fewer people want to be in business. The reason that people go into business is that there is, in the short term alone, about twice the money to be made as compared to being an employee. People are willing, or are seduced into, taking the risks in starting businesses. But if prices were kept low, with people content with their buying power, they wouldn't need to start businesses. Only the greedy would, which is exactly why there needs to be profit-margin caps. No welfare needed, just profit-margin caps.

A business not stocking an item, which needs only pick up the phone to order it, should not be allowed the same profit margin as the person who stocks the item. Thanks to the pick-up-the-phone system of selling, everyone wants to go into business for the easy money and the sky's-the-limit possibilities. It's wonderful for those who find a way to succeed, but it increases prices for the rest.

If a store orders a $2,000 generator that it doesn't stock, the profit can be $500 or more for one phone call. The buyer thus needs to pay through the nose to allow the store owner to make easy, undeserved money. It's not a wonder people want to start their own stores where they display their products rather than stock them. To put it another way, this creates too many stores in town, sending prices up. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be stores that don't stock, but rather they shouldn't be allowed to make whopping windfalls for merely picking up the phone and loading the customer's car, partially because it attracts others to start the same business until there are way too many owners offering the same items.

Republicans promised to pay down the debt, but government spending, to this day, is still through the roof. This is just one of many symptoms to reveal the cancer in modern "leaders." It's a sham; they are not leaders, but mobsters. The greater the number of mobsters, the greater the number of scams. How much more sinful will God allow this world to go? While Trump opted not to join the global-warming scam, may we ask what he's done to torpedo the rake-in of tax dollars that goes to "climate change"? Is he still allowing the people to be ripped off by the global-warming mobsters? Why hasn't Trump arranged cheap oil prices for Americans, now that he's pumping a record amount of oil from American rocks? Instead of selling it cheap to Americans, since, after all, they have the right to own this oil, he's shipping it abroad at the going rates. Trump, a sham, one of the mobsters. Why isn't he paying down the debt with these exploding oil exports, which he boasts about?

There are video's and articles telling that sea level is not rising at all, which is the quickest way to reveal that mobsters are indeed behind global warming. But "scientists" have now come out with "evidence" (thankfully, most people are no longer naive) to show that the earth's mantle is sucking up ocean explain the lack of sea-level rise due to melting ice. These people deserve jail for thieving massive, global taxes.

The solution; the Government of Jesus. It shall not have a democracy, because God knows best. God will dictate. God is not selfish, greedy. He will not exploit the people for His own gains. God will not engage quick-riches schemes. Make Jesus great again! Put Jesus first.

Clapper and the rest of the deep-state stooges are all crying the same pressure tactics: Trump had better report to the FBI anything that foreign governments reveal to his government...we get it. The deep state wants Trump to give up what he learns about their crimes so that the FBI can have a heads-up on what Barr will learn, and also to put its own twist, etc., on the foreign messages. To put this in other words, the deep state knows that foreign messages are coming to the U.S. government in support of Trump's side. Part of the news this week is that Wray wants Trump and Barr to report to the FBI any foreign messages. Wray needs to be jailed for being an accomplice of those who deserve jail. Wray needs to be handed twice the sentence because he's supposed to be the Law Boss, yet supports the mobsters.

The leftist media is engaging a strong and concerted campaign to portray foreign messages as "interference." This is a cover-up strategy, to keep Trump from telling the public (i.e. the crucial voters) about Democrat guilt under Obama. But it is not interference for a nation to report a FACT to the president. If the fact happens to portray Hillary, or Biden or Sanders as a criminal at election time, it is not to be deemed as election interference, but as a good service from another nation done for American voters. Facts are not to be viewed as negative. Facts are what voters desire and deserve in making proper decisions on who to vote for. Period, end of argument.

The left wants to lay the groundwork now for accusing Trump later of aiding "interference" when word from the Ukraine condemns Biden, Hillary or even Obama. To put it another way, they want to start some criminal effort against him if he even accepts a message from a foreign power that results in something detrimental to the leftist side. This is just the Idiot Ghost rattling his chains. The Ghost is Nothingness has no meat. Okay, so when a foreign nation reports a crime by Biden, call Bill Barr, Mr. President, and demand an arrest of Joe Biden in the middle of his campaigning. Wunderbar. Let the leftist media go crazy, as hypocrites deserve, for they are urging liberals worldwide to be as insane as they are in their thinking, rather than correcting their thinking. The battle lines have been drawn between Korah and Moses. Make your decisions.

The Obama FBI accepted foreign interference from Steele and others, against Trump, but not one outraged blowhorn about that was used in the media. And so trump glaringly sees that the media is nuts. But by the end of the work week, Trump caved to his advisors telling him that he should change his tune. Why? Partially because his fellow Republicans are a-scared of media reports. The media right-now is engaged is a risky program of trying to convince the masses that it's not been thinking and reporting wrongly, rather than admitting their treachery. If the media succeeds, our fellow citizens will mutate into cancer cells amongst us, creating all sorts of havoc to the main organs of society.

Trump ended up saying that he would definitely transfer foreign messages to the FBI or the DoJ. He looks weak and dumb for this. He appears totally unaware of the leftist scam that's being played against him to make him cave. What he should stick to is: "Hell no, I'm not going to give foreign facts against Obama's generals to Wray if Wray's going to ignore them, cover them, never give them the light of day. Stick it up your steffagopolis." Sorry, Republicans, Trump failed us again this week. Free speech in the media has succeeded against the people, and is responsible, as we speak, for the civil spoilage. Absolute free speech has allowed Korah's minions into power who will deny free speech to Moses until Moses is too weak and dumb to speak. The good guys should have seen it coming. The good guys should have clipped free speech to proper measures. If free speech is abused with lies, punitive measures need to be taken, as much as that's a pain, to prevent the sorts of calamities now rolling in like sinister clouds.

Hannity said that the leftists attacked Trump's statements to ABC because they "hate" him. Mr. Hannity, you are way off. The reality is, the leftists have been ordered to make a unified noise in hopes that Trump will be frightened into revealing to his own enemies whatever damaging-to-them information enters his sphere. The leftists have no concern for how foolish or blockheaded they appear; they have sold their souls to their invisible mobsters. Every day, they go by the marching orders of invisible who day-by-day manage this rebellion. It's based on more than mere hate for Trump.

If leftists wish to justify / commend themselves for their sharing of foreign messages (e.g. Steele) with the FBI, let's remember that it was John McCain (Trump foe) who went to the FBI with the Steele dossier. And it was also Steele (Trump foe), with the Ohrs, who went to the FBI. This is not merely about leftists doing the "right" thing by taking opposition research of foreigners to the FBI; it's about the FBI siding with the foreign reports rather than with the president. It's not about the FBI being innocently gullible toward the foreigners who provided the false reports; it's about the FBI in criminal / treacherous collusion with those who provided false opposition research. It's about leftists projecting their sins onto the Trump team and trying to get away with it on a massive scale by penetrating the minds of the masses with lethal, poisonous lies. If the leftists massively go with these lies, Western society may never recover. It could be a muddy landslide to Hell, where Korah ended up. It could be the free-speech landslide to Armageddon.

Liberals wish to portray themselves as compassionate for embracing abortion, faggots, and other "rights" that are in reality rebellion toward Jesus. This is the fruit of absolute free speech / expression. The American god has accomplished the predictable; massive rebellion against Jesus. Having established themselves as compassionate for embracing every human devil that rubs shoulders with us, they are now prepared to cut our tongues out by proclaiming us guilty of hate speech, when we oppose their granting of rights to human devils. The latter will be urged to gang up against us, exactly why we should expect that human devils will be treated as the heroes and gods. It's here. The Korah-serving media will be the blowhorn for the battle cry. The media shows no signs of rejecting their invisible, satanistic bosses. Liberals see light at the end of their tunnel by denouncing us and eradicating our powers to order society. Canada has already accomplished this, decades ago, without a peep from church leaders, great shame.

Jesus will cut O'Hare to pieces once the Father proclaims that the rebellion has gone far enough. I say that the Father will brightly expose the hypocrisies and lies of the leftist strategizers, to give fair notice to all liberal foot soldiers not to join their rebellion i.e. to condemn them as brutally unrighteous if they do join. Some good news is that leftist media is faltering these days as liberal viewers become ashamed of false news = propaganda. The media, instead of changing course, appears to be working hard to get back these viewers by convincing them that their propaganda is not based on false reporting. This is where our fighting against them is crucial, and this is where they aim to clip our tongues by ruining our media platforms as far as they can without exposing their cheating ways. By the time of the 2016 election, they had already degraded our abilities to voice our Internet opinions, yet the exposure of Obama crimes cost them the election, allowing the ongoing exposure of their sins seen to this day on Fox and other platforms.

I would give Trump credit for his part in exposing the left, except that his part is woefully tiny. If all he does is repeat what is already spoken on Republican platforms, how is the leader doing us any great thing? If he's the leader with great powers that Fox doesn't have, why doesn't he use those powers? What shameful man is this who, in the thick of the battle, does not use his powers to crush the enemy that is carried away, in broad daylight, with reckless abandon? The goal is to expose the left, but Trump has yet to show one sign that he's ordered one document from Intelligence for the purpose of exposing the left with one new thing not already known. That's the definition of a sham president. Instead of saying, lookie here at when my White-House hunters have found, he merely sounds off on the news as the news discovers new things. And Republicans bow and worship merely for this nothing? Trump is doing nothing, and even though he has promised to do something now, in the way of exposure, we have yet to see whether it will be done.

Headline on Thursday: "Hope Hicks will testify in Democrat-run House hearing NEXT WEEK - the first Trump administration veteran to yield to a subpoena about Russia" Why is she going at all, since Trump asked everyone not to go? Why isn't she standing with everyone else? She's appearing behind closed doors...possibly to keep her back-stabbing of Trump a secret from Republican voters. I don't trust her, and the dismal thing is, she's is way up at the top of the Fox corporation at this time, with the ability to curb Fox speech. "The White House instructed Hicks, the former strategic communications director, not to give House Democrats any documents from her time serving as President Trump's right-hand woman." But the White House is no longer her boss. I've never read that she's been a Republican or a conservative. She might even be a liberal feminist. Here's one of her back-stabs into Trump:

Some of her candid assessments made it into the Mueller report, as when she first got a look at the emails that set up the Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin linked lawyer.

She told Mueller's team in March 2018 that the emails looked 'really bad.'

'The President seemed upset because too many people knew about the emails and he told Hicks that just one lawyer should deal with the matter. The President indicated that he did not think the emails would leak, but said they would leak if everyone had access to them,' according to the report (Daily Beast).

It's just like Typical Trump, to choose for his own team back-stabbers and natural traitors. Hicks told Mueller that Trump didn't want the meeting event in the press, but one wonders what her tone was, even if what she told Mueller was true. Of course Trump's not going to want that event in the press, but it doesn't necessarily mean that he's guilty of any wrong-doing. As we saw, the press made a dirty mountain of this mole hill, exactly why it's best to keep the liberal media from knowing anything. When Hicks said, "really bad," are those her own sentiments, or those of the president? If those are her own words, she's a back-stabber. The article says that she even ironed Trump's suits, which sounds like a mistress-wanna-be, or mole, getting right in there into private spheres.

The same article: "[Nadler] added: 'We look forward to her testimony and plan to make the transcript promptly available to the public.'" What does he know from Hicks' testimony that is worthy of leftist publishment? We may know within a couple of weeks. Nadler's attack on Trump is the second-best thing for the American nation, second only to the Mueller attack. It's like when a quack doctor does acupuncture with a poison needle, but stabs himself with it and dies. Go ahead, Nadler, make our day. Leftists are taking a great risk, hoping to win the next election in spite of this strategy to weaken Trump's ability to expose them. Trump's decree has already gone out, however, for Barr to expose them. Everything the left does now is to prevent this exposure. Expect the iron fist to show, even political murders as warning shots to other would-be whistle blowers.

Here's John Solomon telling that things are looking dim for arrests from Barr:

Note above that the Inspector General has been busy referring minor crimes by DoJ insiders for prosecution, but not referring one of the high crimes that fill Republican news daily. Let's hope that Barr has refused to prosecute the minor crimes because he needs his lawyers' best strengths for the big rats. Barr has allowed messages out to the public either confirming or giving false appearances (which?) that he's involved in heavy-duty investigations.

From an article on John Durham's digging: "American officials say Barr is interested in understanding how the CIA coordinated with the FBI and how the agency came to its conclusion that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order to sow discord in the election to help Trump and undermine his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton." Wow, that's bang-on...unless Barr has pre-planned to do this with Durham to bring out a fire cracker, in the end, instead of the big bang that changes the Intelligence universe. That is, I worry that Barr's scheme is to appear dead-set against the deep state at first, but with a plan ahead of time to report nothing-much found.

Imagine; the CIA COORDINATING on treasonous crimes with the FBI. Imagine if Barr finds this to be correct without hope of the guilty to worm their way out. Imagine. Yet Fox news continues to peddle fake deep-state news. This week, Pompeo came out to cry the lies of his CIA buddies, that Iran detonated mines on two oil ships. And Fox news was right handy to report this without asking the questions: why would Iran blow up a Japanese ship when a Japanese delegation was visiting Iran at the same time? Why would Iran get itself into hot water globally just to hamper a couple of oil ships? It's ludicrous. The U.S. came out to say that they have video evidence of the Iranians removing, in the act, an unexploded mine from a ship, yet this is preposterous. Below is the alleged but blurred video, where one cannot make out whether the men in the boat are Iranians, or whether the ship is the one that was attacked. It could be from some other event altogether.

Days later, we don't hear Japan threatening Iran. Why not?

Does a bank robber return to the scene of his crime because he left his bag on the bank floor that might identify him? Of course not. Instead, he brings a bag, in the first place, that cannot identify him. In the same way, Iran's not going to use mines stamped, "made in Iran." It's preposterous to think that Iran would conduct this world-class bombing, and then go to the scene, to the ship itself, just to get one of the bombs. It's laughable at how repeatedly stupid American Intelligence is when framing its enemies for crimes they did not commit. Is Iran a two-bit terrorist organization that uses cheap bombs that don't go off? Hello?

Trump came out to say that he supposes the mine "has Iran written all over it." That is, he's announcing that he trusts Intelligence even while he witnesses the buffoonery of Intelligence as it comes for his very throat. I realize that he doesn't want a colossal media barrage, which he will get if he dares suggest that this bombing looks like an Intelligence false flag, but the alternative is to cave and go along with what the deep state wants you to say. And, as a result, the deep state wants the president to DO something too. Trump should have said that he's looking at the Intelligence evidence, and will have an assessment of it in time. Instead, he lock-stock-and-barrel went with the Intelligence report, giving Intelligence respect at the very time that it needs to be exposed and de-clawed.

How do we know that the mine belongs to Iran from merely a photo out to sea? How do we know that the mine wasn't pasted into a photo? Why did they show the mine in a photo rather than a video? How did the Iranians swimming in the water get the mine up so high off the water? Why wouldn't they rather place the mine at the water line, or below it? The Americans are the ones who said that the mines were stuck to the ship by Iranian frogmen. Why frogmen? Because, the American missile goofed, hitting the ship above the water line so that they needed an excuse as to why, while eradicating the missile possibility. There were reports from one ship that the crew saw a flying object(s) hit the ship, you see, which contradicted the torpedo storyline that the Americans ran with at the start. They ran the risk of cameras at port showing no mine on the visible hull, wherefore, in order to fake a mine on the hull, they had to make up the frogman story, that the mines were added when the ship was gone from port and out to sea.

Who or what took the photo with the mine? How does anyone know that the black object is a bomb? Why would Iranians attach a mine, with their name on it, well above sea level...perfect for being spotted by an American camera (i.e. it's expected for a false-flag photo to "prove" that Iran did it)? This story reeks of a frame job. But why now? What is the purpose?

If it turns out that the patrol boat removing an object on the ship's side was Iranian, with Iranians in the boat: why would they send what looks like ten men to remove a bomb? Isn't that needlessly risky? It appears that one man was enough to do the job, so why not send only two. My guess: this is an Iranian boat, but from another event, another ship. But even if it's a truthful video from the targeted ship, it's still possible that some other country placed an Iranian bomb on the ship as part of a framing. In such a case, Iran would naturally want to remove it by night, even as Trump desired to remove Mueller while not being guilty. As with all false-flag attacks lately, U.S. Intelligence has the evidence against the "culprits" immediately. Shouldn't Intelligence and Pompeo have waited much longer before announcing their conclusions? They are forcing Trump to be their stooge, but Trump has already announced that he won't go to war with Iran, though from past experience we have seen the deep state change his mind.

I still entertain the possibility that Trump is a master deceiver, a mole into his own government. That is, he could actually be an anti-Republican deep-state tool, or even a Democrat, whose job is to infiltrate the Republican party. The theory here is that the deep state decided that Hillary was too troublesome and dangerous to have as president, and so, seeing that they could not easily front another Democrat to beat her, they chose Trump to run as a Republican. His job was to say all the right things. The job of a mole, or of a deep-state media disguised as a right-wing media, is simply to repeat, with passion, everything that's already come out in the news. In that way, the mole never does much damage to the deep state. Trump never adds one new thing to deep-state news, but simply repeats what has already been let out in Republican news media. He does a great job on this, exactly what one could expect from a fraud. And he hired deep-state people to run Justice, Intelligence, the military, the State Department, and national security agencies, by all appearances. I'm half expecting Barr, Durham and Horowitz to come out with next-to-nothing new, and no arrests that lead to jail sentences. There may be some arrests, but with plots for the arrested to win their court cases, or to hand the government over to Democrats in 2020, who then give the jailed their pardons. I'm half expecting Barr to put off the arrests for as long as he possibly can. I hope that this view is wrong, but appearances cause me to keep it as a theory. Barr has said all the right things to show that he's impartial, not a deep-state tool, but is he sincere, that's the question. Anyone can say all the right things.

They are putting off Horowitz's report until after June, some think, and this is great, for the going story is that Barr and Durham are forcing Horowitz to add some things to his report that weigh heavier against the criminals. This is a great situation because, if the Horowitz report turns out to be a dud, it will expose Barr as a fraud. We won't need to wait until Durham's investigations are final before making an assessment on the sincerity, integrity or nobility (rat or true law man?) of Barr.

About a week ago, I caught wind of two deaths that, if I heard right, were both political murders. One of the two was the former Republican in Arkansas (Clinton's old state), Linda Collins-Smith. And then, this week, Sarah Sanders of Arkansas quit the Trump team. Hmm, was she threatened, forced to quit? Is this a warning sign to Barr and Durham, and to all would-be whistle blowers against the Clintons?

Watch this BCP video to at least the 14th minute for three stories, including Barr's lofty praise of Chris Wray:

The fourth story in the video above is Mueller's leaving out exculpatory evidence from his report. Exculpatory evidence is defined as the evidence supporting the defendant (Trump). It's criminal for Mueller to do this when he's the official, grand-puba investigator.

John Solomon in the Sleeping-Bag Dream

I was watching John Solomon this week on Hannity, learning from Hannity that he's a vice-president at The Hill news (turns out he's the vice-president of The Hill's Digital Video). This caused me to recall that, in the sleeping-bag dream, given to us by God, there was a hill upon which I picked up a sleeping bag. I had once postulated that this hill could be God's pointer to The Hill news, but at the time I didn't know of John Solomon, nor that he worked there. Mr. Solomon has become a leader in uncovering new ground against the deep state. I was hoping that God would have pointed to him in the hill of that dream.

So, I loaded the Solomon Coat (use this tab to load all your Coats), and immediately noticed that it's a pierced-star version of the BIK/Bicker Coat. In the dream, a man on a motor BIKE, came down the hill, after I picked up the sleeping bag. He circled the area where I picked it up. He then rode back up the hill, following me to the road, at the top, from which I had seen him come in the first place. He then rode back down that road and disappeared, as though Road / Rodham liners and he were to be regarded as connected. My last update had some of this material.

I'm asking myself whether God was using the bike on a hill to point to John Solomon, but this seems like a stretch even if the Bik/Bicker Coat is a reflection of the Solomon Coat (this is the Salome surname too). However, I realize that there are no items called, solomons, for God to use in pointing to Mr. Solomon. How could He point to him, therefore? Or, why else would God use a hill for that scene? As a pointer to HILLary?

Note that while the biker was David, the Cheshire Davids use a rough reflection of the Rodham bend, suggesting that the road was a pointer to Hillary Clinton (born Miss Rodham). Rodhams tell of a Rodden location and Rodden river of Shropshire, beside Cheshire. The Rudes'/Rudge's of Shropshire use the engrailed Rhodes cross in colors reversed.

The Hills are said to have named Hillend, and there is a Hillend/Houlihan surname sharing the red-on-white annulet with Vito's/VIDO's, the latter being like "video." This is interesting, but for me to believe that God is pointing to Solomon, I need a little more than even that. The Roads/Roders/Roeders were first found in Rhineland with Solomons, and this perhaps puts me over the top. Hillends/Houlihans share, almost, the Kelly Coat, and Killends even share the Hill tower, revealing that Hills were a branch of Kellys round-about.

We might therefore expect HOULihans to have become the Houls/Howells (Monmouthshire, might be beside Shropshire), for they share the white tower with Hills and Killends. French Houls are in Owl/Howl colors. The lion head of French Houls is colors reversed from the King and Kingston lion while Hull is at Kingston while Hills feature a Mr. Hull.

After loading Biks/Bickers, I once again loaded German Beckers/Bechers to see the black-and-white checkered bend of Steele's. Solomon's work these days centers around the Steele dossier, and the biker in the dream pointed exactly to that issue in multiple ways. For example, the man on the bike was David Morley, and he road away down the road just as I entered a MALL PARKING lot across the road from the hill. One Morley surname is also, MAULE, and it shares the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. Parkings are also Perkins while Perkins Coie managed the Steele dossier. It's all very compelling as a service of God to us, But why would he go through all of this trouble, making me a slave to this "silly" work in the meantime?

Perkins are a line from PLANCia Magna of Perga, and she's also to the Plunketts who share the Killend Coat exactly. The candlesticks Kelly-like Kyle's can be expected as code partly for Candle's/Kentwells, who share gold-on-red annulets with English Walkers who in-turn have a "magna" motto term. Scottish Walkers share the three pale bars of the Garlands expected in the "garland of laurel" in the Hill Crest. The Crest of English Walkers has another white tower.

John Solomon might just be of the opinion that 9-11 was a crime. If he is a TRUTher, he might be interested in knowing that Trade's/TROTH's became suspect as God's pointer to the Trade towers, for Trade's/Troths share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's. President Bush was a Walker bloodliner, from Wallachia, which was either at or beside the TROTus river. The Trots/TRUTHs (six pale bars) almost use the three pale bars (looking like seven total) of Scottish Walkers.

I've just been online seeking Solomon's position on 9-11, and found his article naming John Collingwood, an FBI damage-control agent who may have been quietly removed by Mueller, the FBI director at the time. Here's from an article in August, 2002, shortly after 9-11, and just 36 days before God used Stanley at the -9-11 memorial: "John E. Collingwood, the longtime head of congressional and public affairs for the FBI, will retire after nearly 27 years as Special Agent to take a position in the private sector." George Bush chose Mueller as the FBI director six days before 9-11, i.e. when he needed a crook in charge of the FBI. Will Solomon discover Mueller's 9-11 crimes? I'll show shortly how Stanley at the memorial was God's pointer to the 9-11 crimes.

Collingwoods happen to share black stag heads with Knee's. Here's from the Collingwood write-up: "A branch of the family was established in North Dissington, Northumberland in early times. 'This place Mr. Collingwood, of BYKER, from whom it descended to its present possessor." Biks/Bickers/BIKERs happen to share stags with Collingwoods. I've just discovered that Scottish Bikers are listed with Biggars who share the same bend as Knee's and Stanleys. The latter use a blue version of the Bik/Bicker Coat. The Dissington Crest has a knight down on one knee. Collingtons/Coletons show brown stags heads, almost the gold Bik/Bicker stag heads.

The Collingwood Coat is a version of the English Roger Coat while French Rogers use the same bend as Knee's and Stanleys. It gets very interesting where the Chief-Shield colors of Welsh Rogers are shared by Simpsons, for I told recently of my going skiing with Miss Simpson at Collingwood's Blue Mountain, an event resolved as God's revelation of certain whistle blowers suspect with Glenn Simpson, the one who co-managed the Steele dossier with Perkins Coie. I now recall that, after the memorial, Miss Simpson told me that Stanley was after her for a relationship. She didn't say what happened.

The black-and-white checks of Steele's and Beckers are shared by Halpers, and Stefan Halper assisted in the Steele-dossier scandal. Halper was in cahoots, in this regard, with Jim Baker of the military, yet the top FBI lawyer overseeing the legal maneuvering of this dossier crime is another Jim Baker, and Dutch Beckers happen to be Bakers too.

Miss Simpson visited me twice, all the way from Texas, and on one of those occasions we went skiing at Collingwood, which may or may not have been the same occasion as when Halper-like Albert died. She and I attended his funeral. Albert had been clinched as God's pointer to whistle blowers shortly before I came to the whistle blower in relation to Halper's and Baker's scandals.

While Hills look like a Hull branch, Hulls share the Coat of Halls. HALpers were first found in Worcestershire with Hills.

One can begin to see why the bike was used in the dream, to get me to move things over to Beckers/Bechers and Bakers, especially as another dream from God, where Miss Hicks was SLEEPing on a BEACH, caused me to load Beach's/BEACHERs, who happen to have a red-vair version of the Becker/Becher Coat. The blue vair ("fur") of Beckers/Bechers is shared by Bachs/BAGHS, and the Beach/Beacher Coat is similar to that of Bags. What is God getting at? Why did I PICK up the sleeping bag? I didn't see this bag again after picking it up. I saw myself doing nothing with it when picking it up; the scene just changed to the biker coming down the hill. And zowie, the following does get me over the top: Scottish Picks/Pike's share the pierced stars of Solomons!!! Wow. [This will be enlarged upon in the next update.]

English Pike's, believe it or not, have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Morleys/Mauls, and in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosier's.

Back to the Collingwoods, who came to topic only for finding a John-Solomon article on the FBI's John Collingwood. ""This was the seat of the fourth son of Sir Daniel Collingwood, of Brandon..." Brandons/BRUNdons happen to have stars on their double fesses in the colors of the Solomon stars. AND ZOWIE, just as I finished the last sentence, I remembered that Scottish Vaux's use the Solomon Coat, minus the piercing in the stars, and these Vaux's come up as Vance's while Hills use an "AVANCEz" motto!!! It's true, read all about it: God was pointing to John Solomon!

Hillends are also Hillens, and German Hillens/Hille's/Hillers are also HilleBRANDs.

Why a sleeping bag on a hill instead of any other kind of bag? The sleeping symbol of Miss Hicks was important for pointing to a Sleep bloodline, and the double Sleep fesses are colors reversed from the same of Brandons/Brundons. Collingtons/Coletons share the BROWN (brun) stag head with Nissans who are likely a Knee branch of the Ness kind, and Ness'/Nice's share the double Brandon/Brundon fesses. BRUNSwick is where Rothschilds/RODDENsteins were first found whose arrow is fashioned as the Rodden/Rodham bend. The "Nec' motto term of Roddens/Rodhams is for elements at the Neckar river, and Necks/Neckers might even be a Bess branch. I trace the Stuttgart location on the Neckar to Stouts/Stows, first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river. Shropshire is where English Rothes' were said to have been first found for the past decade or more, and German Rothes'/Rothchilds (no 's') use the raven, a symbol of the Stout vikings.

Back to the Collingwood write-up: "A branch of the family was established in North Dissington, Northumberland in early times. "This place was formerly the property and residence of a junior branch of the DeLAVAL family..." There's a question here on whether Lavals were of the Vallibus variation of Vaux's/Vance's. In any case, the Dissington/Ashington Coat ("UNICa" = possible code for Nice's) is the Varn Coat, and Varni Nordics worshiped Nerthus, from the NERETva river. To prove this better than I have in the past, the Lavals (Brittany) happen to share the three bends of NERETs (Brittany).

The Neretva is the Naro on the map below, which is beside the TILURius river of Tillers who share pellets (black roundels) on a lion with Brandons/Brundons. The Tiller and Tailer lions are white, the colors of the lion head in the Brandon/Brundon Crest. Varns were first found in Ayrshire with Bar(r)s, and while Barrs are known to have been at Brunswick, there is a Bar location today smack at where the Sleep-liner Selepitanoi lived. As Brandons/Brundons have the Sleep fesses in colors reversed, it's suggesting Selepitanoi elements with Tilurius elements.

Collingwoods share one of the two fesses of the Ash's (Devon, same as Collingtons/Coletons), and Dissingtons are also ASHingtons. Dissingtons may reveal a Diss/Dice merger with Ash liners. Diss'/Dice's may have been from Issa, the island if Vis off the coast of the Tilurius, and then Vise's/Vice's share the black stag head with Collingwoods. Ash's use a COCKatiel, a version of the wyVERN dragon of Tile's/Tilleys. The reason that Diss'/Dice's can be of the Ardiaei of Issa is that they were from Diss, in the area of the Davers (Diss/Dice and Arthur colors and format) whom I trace to the Daversi/Daorsi Illyrians of the Neretva river, home of the Ardiaei.

Why was a sleeping BAG in the dream at all? There can be multiple answers. One theory is connection to the royal Grimaldi's (share the Bag and Cock Shield) having a purple throne. We saw why Hills of Hillend can be a branch of Kellys, and while the Hillend annulets are colors reversed from the Tile/Tiller annulets, Grace Kelly married prince Grimaldi (Monaco) and provided Monaco's baron Massy in that very family. One of the baron Massys there married Miss Quintana, and it just so happens that Quintana's use three DICE, all showing a six. Purple thrones and 666's make me suspicious.

Hills were Hulls, and Hulls were Halls/HOLE's while Colling-like Collins come up as Hollys. And the other Hollys (dog in Hall- / Hull-dog colors) have a Coat version of the Hillend-like Killends. Collins/Hollys: "Descended from Olioll Flann Beag..." Beags are listed with Bags.

Becker-like Baggers/Badgers (Yorkshire, same as Beckers/Bechers) have a version of the Bik/Bicker and Solomon Coats: all three surnames show nothing but a red-on-white bend with three gold items upon it (Backers use three bends in the colors of that one bend). We can thus see extra evidence that the sleeping bag on a hill could be a pointer to John Solomon. What are the chances that Baggers/Badgers share the spread eagles of Diss'/Dice's?

The end of the sleeping-bag dream had a waist symbol for Waistells/Wessels, part of the whistle-blower theme of God's heraldic work through me. In the 3rd update of last month, the whistle-blower theme pointed to Stefan Halper / Jim Baker. German Wessels happen to have the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hossier's and Morleys/Mauls. Didn't God arrange these things? Is there a celebration in store for us, like an overwhelming gift of God to remove the weight of the wicked from upon our shoulders?

Waistells/Wessels have a bend with three gold items (doves) in the colors of the same of Stanleys. God showed me, on September 11, 2002, that Stanleys and Knee's are to be connected to the knees of Miss Hicks, which God used on that night. Her one knee was featured many years earlier (1979) when she was asleep in her (my) beach dream. What was God's rush giving me this dream in about March of 1979 (a week after my conversion to Jesus)? I just can't figure this out.

I was just amazed after loading NEEdhams, to find them using the Knee/Nee Coat! The reason Needhams were loaded: "The [Halper/Halfpenny] surname may have also local origins, which would explain Halfpenn Field in Cambridgeshire. The residents gave half a penny per acre to repair the Needham Dyke in that county." That sounds like a family tale (not uncommon) to explain why Halpers/Halfpennys were at Needham. Cambridgeshire is where Stanleys were first found, as well as Neets/Neyts, I get it: Stanleys were merged with Knee liners, as could be expected from what happened at the memorial.

Stanleys became suspect with Morgan Stanley's part in the 9-11 crime, for Morgan Stanley had offices in one of the Trade towers immediately beneath some maintenance floors, where the criminals could secretly have their in-tower headquarters while keeping in touch with Morgan-Stanley people. Morgan Stanley is a BANK.

The waist symbol in the dream was from the waist of Christine Peare, and she (or her parents) owned a white horse upon which I once rode. The white Waistell/Wessel horse is actually said to be on a gallop, and Gallops (probably the Galli/Gallus lion) have a version of the David Coat while the rider on the bike was David Morley. Her horse took me for a gallop (it was moving fairly fast), we could say, until it reached the edge of a BANK (sloped down from where we were) in the field, at which point I stopped the horse. A bank is like a hill, I had noted, and so I loaded the Banks to discuss them. I was convinced, at the time (over a year ago) that the hill in the dream was to be regarded as a pointer to Banks too. But I can now add that one branch of Banks is said to have been at WinSTANLEY, how about that!

I dare say: God wants Bill Barr to check out Morgan Stanley's involvement in the 9-11 crime. "...the heiress of William Bankes, it passed to the family of Holme, who eventually changed their name to Bankes. Winstanley Hall, existing in the 16th century, is the seat of the Bankes family..." At the very second that it was decided to load Holme's ("vide" motto term), because I recalled that they share the Vito/Vido annulet, the word, "home," played in my ear from a song, "Remind Me Who I Am". The Holme / Vido annulet is that also of Hillends/Houlihans.

[Hours after writing here, I found what I thought should be the case. I was thinking that there should be a Stanley link to Morgans to seal the pointer to Morgan Stanley. The problem was, I could find no link of the Morgan Coat to things-Stanley...until recalling that Irish MOORs share the giant MORgan lion. I then saw that English Moors (Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed) share the cinquefoils of Stone's while Stanleys are said to have been Stonleys. Winstanleys are also Winstonlys. And Stone's even share the Shield of Winstone's/Winstons. AND WOW: Wins/Wynns, in Morgan colors, were first found in Carnarvonshire with Morgans!!! I didn't know I'd come to that last part when beginning this insert. Just look at the importance of WINstanleys, whom I have not known until this update. Winstanleys in the Bank write-up thus point to Morgan Stanley bankers. Look out, creeps, the Spy in the Sky sees all you do in your private rooms. The Needham Crest shares the gold, spread eagle with Wins/Wynns, but I do not know what the red item is under the Needham eagle. End insert]

Knee's have been pretty much resolved with the line of queen Nysa and Pharnaces, which goes to Parrs and Furness' (Lancashire, same as a Winstanley township). Parrs share two blue fesses with Winstanleys, I can now report, and Stans/Stands have double fesses themselves. Furness' share the black dog with Carricks who in-turn share "garde" with Winstanleys. Winns share gold, spread eagles with Stanleys. Winstanley township is partly in Wigan while Wigans (version of the Annas Coat) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys and the Cam river. Cambridge's share Cam-suspect "quam" in their motto with the "nunQUAM" of Needhams. The Knee-suspect News'/Nuce's (share chaplet with the Hicks) were likewise first found in Cambridgeshire. The News/Nuce Crest can be gleaned as the solid chevron of Chapmans, and the latter love the Ponders/Ponters (Cambridgeshire, same as Chapmans), suspect with the Pontus, where Pharnaces ruled.

The "PreNEZ" motto term of Winstanleys can be partly for the Nees variation of Knee's/Nee's and/or the Nes of Ness'/Nice's/Nessans. The double Winstanley fesses are those of Manners/Maness' (share peacock in Crest with Shirts/Shards) who happen to love the Parrs in their motto.

I've been telling of these dreams, and seeking to decipher them fully, for about two years, but it's taken me this long to get to the Needham branch of Knee's. Not until I stressed Stefan Halper was this find possible, though I completely neglected to load Needhams when Halper became a topic last month. As I've always said: God has a special reason for using knee symbolism in so many ways, yet I didn't know why until now. Lookie: "The surname Needham was first found in Derbyshire at Alvaston, a chapelry, in the parish of St. Michael, Derby, union of SHARDlow, hundred of MORLESton and Litchurch." There you have items from both dreams! English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire too, and Shards (Cheshire, same as Malls and Knee-related Craners) are listed with Shirts while, as I've repeated many times, I was in the Hicks dream, upon the beach, without my shirt on...obviously as a pointer to the Shirts/Shards! Morles' are listed with Morleys/Mauls! I grazed her knee, in the dream, without my shirt on.

As per LITCHurch, German Litch's/Liske's (show buckets or pails) share the Mall quadrants. This may explain why Morley circled the sleeping bag, for Cirle's (show a church) have Church-like variations that may explain "LitCHURCH."

The possible buckets of Litch's recalls that God gave me a dream with a bucket in the back seat of a Volkswagen beetle parked in a MALL parking lot. David Morley was the first pointer to Mauls and Malls, all apart from this Litch link to Malls which I've not known before, implied by the Morleston location at Litchurch. French Buckets share the cinquefoils of the English Moors above who convinced me that God is pointing to Morgan Stanley as an accomplice / director in the 9-11 crime. As Bags have the Moor cinquefoils in colors reversed, I've just looked up Bucket-like Baggets/Bagots/Bacots to find double chevrons in the colors of the one chevron of the same English Moors. Those double Bagget chevrons are those also of Dexters, first found in Leicestershire with English Moors. That works.

The Blythe's to which Bill Clinton was born are in the Bagget write-up: "Blithfield Hall, the family seat, is an ancient mansion with embattled towers and walls; it stands in the vale of the Blithe or Blythe..." Here's what I didn't know I'd be arriving to when starting this paragraph: the LITCHfields, sharing the leopard face of Morleys and their Morland branch, were at Staffordshire's Litchfield, and then Baggets were first found in Staffordshire with Blithfield. Litchfield is also Lichfield, and Licks/Lucks (Berwickshire, same as Blythe's) happen to share black-on-white greyhound heads with Church's.

But there's more to prove that Morleston and Litchurch go together with Morleys; the Chads (Norfolk, same as Bags) share the split-Shield of Morles'/Morleys/Mauls, and it's known that St. Chad, who owned (or was at least ancestral to) the potent cross of Chads, was at LITCHfield.

Baggets are said to have been in Arras, and the Arras/Arrow surname was likewise first found in Staffordshire. For what it's worth, Arras'/Arrows share the fleur-de-lys of Bag-like Banks. Baggets were at Bromley while Bromleys (Staffordshire) share the Mall / Litch/Liske quadrants. "'The ancient manor of Alvaston {in Cheshire} was possessed by the Bromley family...'" Where did we see Alvaston before? Oh, yes, at Litchurch and Morleston, home of Needhams. And Needhams came up with Halpers, who share the checks of the Cheshire Steele's; the latter have the same Blith-like billets as Naso's/Nassau's while Italian Naso's use "mill STONE's".

It appears that God set the dreams up so that, when I got to the Halper-Needham union, it would connect with the two dreams under discussion as proof that He gave them to us. He's not giving them to me alone, but to others, for good reasons. Both the Beach's/Beachers and Beckers/Bechers share the black stag head with Knee's and Needhams.

God made Miss Hicks go to sleep (in the dream) as a pointer to the SELEPitanoi Illyrians at Rhizon/RISINium, for when I touched her knee while waking her, she popped into my arms, and the last scene of the dream had us RISING into the sky while embraced. It's a little piece of further evidence that God is the author of the dream, but one can now add that the Rising Coat has a cross of the same style, in colors reversed, as that of Irish Noons/Nuane's, who are Need-like Nuadhains to the Irish. English Noons/Nunns share the saltire of Schutz's who in turn have another black greyhound head. Or put it this way, Needhams use "NUNc" and NUNquam" motto terms.

The bull head of English Noons/Nunns is half red while Neets/Neyts have a red bull head. Knees'/MacNess' use a "NON" motto term. The Nunes surname is also "NuNEZ."

Scalia's Murder

Neets share the chevron of HESlingtons (Hazel branch) while NEEDle's have the giant HESSE sun. Suddenly, we have come to Knee blood in the Petty-beloved Needle's, and while Pettys share the quadrants of FASTs, Needhams were at AlVASTon. Waistell element? Needhams and Waistells share a blue-on-white bend. Needhams were first found beside the Needle's, and the latter were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, perfect for when I touched the knee of Miss Hicks while she was sleeping.

Sleeps even share double fesses, in colors reversed even, with Knee-suspect Ness'/Nice's/Nests. English Ness'/Nests (share doves with Waistells/Wessels) have three items only in the colors and format of the three fish heads only of German Barri's/Barrys, which is expected where we read of Nest de Barri in the Ness/Nest write-up. Irish Barrys use three sets of double fesses in the colors of the same of Ness'/Nice's/Nests.

There are so many kinds of bags. Why did God chose a sleeping bag? What's the big deal about Sleeps? Okay, so they are from queen Nysa along with Knee's. So what? How does this have to do with the Clinton crime ring? The last half of the dream does, so how does the sleeping bag have to do with the crime ring? Without going over all the reasons, the sleeping bag was instantly resolved, the morning of the dream, as God's pointer to the murder of judge Scalia. He was probably put to sleep with a drug, according to the testimony of John B. Poindexter, who sat beside Scalia at his last dinner. Poindexter said that Scalia left the dinner table abruptly, feeling tired, and went to bed. it's where he died without a struggle, that very night.

But now, with the Needhams using the Knee Coat, and Needle's first found in Salop with Sleeps, ahh, I get it. They put Scalia to SLEEP, and gave him poison with a needle while he slept. I think I have this right. It makes too much sense not to be correct. A song is playing as I write here, "I am weary, let me rest." LOOK: I've just remembered that poison-like Poussins share the Needle sun (same colors)!!! I knew I was going to mention the needle and poison when starting this paragraph, but did not know I'd be coming to Poussins. WOW.

Those of you who have been reading me for a while may know that I have NEVER before had reason to see Needle's as Knee liners. I may have postulated the link, but until Needhams became the topic, there was no evidence that Needle's were Knee liners. This is the first time I have been able to make that assessment. The Pettys who use the needle even share the blue-on-white bend with Needhams and Knee's. In fact, the Petty quadrants are those of Fasts while Poindexters share the fist of Fists/FAUSts. John B. Poindexter is suspect by me as one of the murderers. Poindexter said that he invited Scalia to his hunting ranch, and that's when he was killed.

Poindexter said that, after Scalia turned down the invitation, a Mr. Foster, Scalia's supposed friend, was standing there, and he egged Scalia to accept. Later, Foster flew down to Houston with Scalia on the weekend of the hunt, and Foster may have convinced Scalia to leave his body guards in Houston while they made their way to the remote ranch. What are the chances that Fosters share the chevron of Neets? Or, as I picked up the sleeping bag on a hill in the woods (i.e. forest), by what coincidence are Fosters also Forrests?

God is still directing me. I was looking at Hiltons, with the double Parr fesses, and noted that while the Hilton crest has the human head in the Heslington/HAZELton Crest, the hazels share the blue fesse with Hiltons while the double Holt fesses are colors reversed from the one fesse of Hazels (squirrel, same as Holts). I had nothing more to say, and was therefore not going to write any of this for you, until I was staring at the Duddeston location of a Mr. Holt, which brought to mind the Duddon location of double-fesse Dons (Parr / Hilt fesses in colors reversed). I wasn't going to write that either, until, while looking at "Duddeston,' a song line played in my hearing, "I will not DOUBT", a Dudd-like term. I immediately loaded Dudes' and found more double fesses, and a DOWTy variation. Sure enough. So, that's why this paragraph exists, though I have no idea why God wanted me to load Dudes'/Dowtys.

The song is titled, "Grace Will Lead me Home", by David Dunn. Home's/Hume's, first found in Berwickshire with Doughs/Dows/Dove's, can be in the "HUMiles" motto term of Holts (Holder colors). Dudes'/Dowtys are also DOUGHtys. The Miles', apparently in "HuMILES." share the Chief-Shield colors of DOUGHertys.

I can add that STANley, when he took my seat beside Miss Hicks, at the 9-11 memorial, was HOLDing the U.S. flag on a pole. He soon left the seat to bring the flag to the stage. The Flags/Flecks share the double fesses of STANs (Yorkshire, same as Dudes'/Dowtys), you see, and these are the black-on-white fesses of Dudes'/Dowtys too. As you can see above, I had crossed Heslingtons en-route to Dowtys, and so let's read the Stan write-up, which I didn't know at the time: "One of the first records of the name was Sir William Staine who married into the Yarboroughs of Heslington Hall about the year 1100."

What are the chances that Dudons/Doddingtons have a flag on a pole in Crest? Yup, that's right. But what does this mean? The flag held by Stanley may have been arranged by God to indicate that 9-11 was a false-flag event. In any case, Stanley and I were supposedly sitting in the seat originally for Geneva, the adopted daughter of Miss Hicks, though Geneva was born with a Daddy surname, listed with Dowt-like Dowds. What does this all mean? Stanley was HOLDing the flag, and Holts/Holds (in Duddeston) have two fesses in colors reversed from the same of WinSTANLEYs (Lancashire, same as Holts/Holds). Why are we coming to this? Holts/Holds use a form of the Stout Coat, and Stouts were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys (and Leads).

Needle's were first found in Salop with Sleeps, and Hazelwoods (same Coat as Heslingtons/Hazeltons), the Hazeltons sharing the same chevron as Cambridgeshire's Neets. Repeat: Needle's share the giant sun of Hazel/Hessel-linkable Hesse's.

EMP: Electro-Magnetic Plot

News this week has been ramped up on threats to power grids. The deep state has the option of using such things, in false-flag operations, to protect itself from prosecutions. Until mainline-Republican news outlets allow talk on false-flag operations by the same deep state they are now calling out, the nation will be enslaved to destructive mobsters. There should be no such thing as a power-grid failure due to the EMP destruction of sensitive electronics. No such electronics should be used in power grids, but if they are, it's got to be the idea of the deep state so that it can have the excuse of causing a power failure. Or, if sensitive equipment is used that can be blown out by harsh EMP waves, we expect the country to have many extras on-hand so as to fix a failed power grid in a day or two. If we continue to hear reports giving excuses as to why these extras are not being stocked in protected bunkers / warehouses, that's how you know that the deep state holds power failures as one of their weapons against the nation of better people. Story this week:

The United States is stepping up digital incursions into Russia’s electric power grid in a warning to President Vladimir V. Putin and a demonstration of how the Trump administration is using new authorities to deploy cybertools more aggressively, current and former government officials said.

...Advocates of the more aggressive strategy said it was long overdue, after years of public warnings from the Department of Homeland Security and the F.B.I. that Russia has inserted malware that could sabotage American power plants, oil and gas pipelines, or water supplies in any future conflict with the United States.

That's exactly the kind of story we should expect to hear if the deep state is preparing to conduct an American power failure blamed on Russia. It's naive for us to think that tiny motherboards would be used for the power grid. EMP attacks cannot harm large electrical circuits. EMP attacks are light waves similar to waves formed by lightning strikes, but these can only burn out small wires / components, and the electrical system of a nation can simply apply too-large components that can survive strong waves. The deep state is the very thing that would arrange for sensitive parts.

In a Zero Hedge article asking what the government is doing to protect us from EMP, the writer says: "Once the ionosphere experiences a particle surge, a wave of electrical currents emerges and shorts out all, modern equipment which needs electricity to function – including the transformers are necessary to make power grids all around the world, work." Achem, I cannot see why transformers should be blown out. I cannot see why transformers cannot be devoid of tiny circuits. Transformers were around long before the motherboard. Achem, this is a farce. If transformers can blow by merely an EMP attack, then someone is arranging it deliberately.

In order to enclose the equipment in a nested faraday cage, place the foil-covered device in a plastic bag, such as a freezer bag, and wrap that bag completely in aluminum foil. If you really want to protect the equipment against a large EMP, add another layer of plastic and foil.

If this is all it takes to protect sensitive equipment from an EMP attack, you would be a complete dope to believe that a nation cannot protect its electrical system from EMP. Can the deep state get away with a successful EMP attack, therefore? Maybe once or twice. But the outcry afterward will demand to know why the failures occurred, and what the easy remedies are. Perhaps the EMP weapon of choice is simply the threat of using it (against opponents in government). This story out now suggests either that Barr and Trump are sincere in their attack against the deep state, or that an EMP attack is being planned for something other than protecting the deep state from prosecution. There's a lot of money to me made by the perpetrators from failed equipment, and stock markets allow such demons to prosper off of their destructive schemes.

From the Zero Hedge article: "An EMP disturbance has the capability to not only destroy sensitive electronic equipment, but can even burst power lines, down airplanes, and damage brick-and-mortar structures." It sounds like the writer is a victim of disinformation by the deep state. An EMP cannot burst electrical wires. But the deep state would like us to think so because, when it does put out the power grid, it might rather not use a bona fide EMP attack (needs a huge / nuclear bomb), but something easier to conduct but blamed on an EMP attack. Blowing up the main electrical wires needs a huge surge of power, which they can arrange, I gather.

There are videos on youtube showing the construction of city towers (similar to a metal tower holding electric wires) fed to their tops by massive electrical wires. The only explanation I can see is that these wires produce EMP pulses for destroying city equipment. The Russians didn't build these towers in American cities, did they? Do a youtube search for "EMP towers":

The unsettling video above shows the towers with too-many thick wires at the three-minute point. The fact that these towers exist shows motive. The question is, how many exist, where have they been built, and what is the explanation given for them my the mayors? Sooner or later, a new mayor will spill the beans on the true nature of their existence. The deep state cannot operate like this in broad daylight without exposing itself. That's the good news. If an EMP attack occurs in a city that has these monstrous towers, the deep state will shoot itself in the head if it dares to use one. That's the other good news. However, some say that the deep state is not only willing, but desirous of revealing itself, once it thinks it has absolute control to operate in spite of being openly known. Good luck, stupids, because you're too stupid to realize that such a dream is impossible. You are merely men, and stupid men at that, how far do you think you can go? Your own wives will betray you, STUPIDS. If you're not married, your own neighbors will shoot you. Where will you enjoy ruling while hiding, Darth?

The deep state has control of liberals only with a moral fiber, but if it dares to come out like a wicked dictator, it will lose most liberals. Therefore, EMP is a threat only if used as a threat; I don't think they will try it, and especially not if Fox begins to harp on this issue. We hope that, after the first EMP attack, Fox will get wise.

When the video above says that "every big city has thousands of these death towers," I'm sure he's referring to the normal cell-phone tower. I do not agree with him that normal cell-phone towers are dangerous as per being potential EMP guns. He paints a dire scenario in which the deep state is plotting a post-human world with robots, by destroying humans. That's too surreal for me to swallow, because I can't imagine the deep state getting even a small percentage of its team behind such a plan. It's own team members would betray them long before the plan can be carried out.

One video says that EMP towers are able to destroy missiles in mid-air, which gives the deep state the perfect excuse for having such towers in every major city, especially if Intelligence can convince the population that an attack from Russia or China is a real threat. This is why Intelligence needs to be made illegal. The human demons flock to Intelligence; it's the enemy of the people, we are learning this now, openly. But Trump supports 5G, NASA, and even gives Intelligence the respect it doesn't deserve. This wishy-washy president.

Here's Fox News spreading the EMP fear with Intelligence people on the show wearing grim faces by design:

In the video, note James Woolsey trying to convince the viewer that the transformers are unavailable for replacement should an EMP attack occur. That's ludicrous. He says that the main transformers are made only in two countries. WHY WHY WHY in only two countries? Is this EMP scare a global conspiracy? Have Western nations (EU included) arranged a situation in which they cannot fix power grids instantly? Looks like. There is no excuse not to make transformers in every country under threat, for one thing, if this threat is real, and, secondly, there is no reason that every Western nation can't be making spares as we speak, even if they do cost a few million dollars each (chump change per city). He's not talking about the small transformers that line the highways, but transformers at electrical stations. There is absolutely no reason as to why these main transformers can't be given a protective shell. Woolsey is lying to the people, making them believe that an EMP attack is necessarily fatal, and Fox is thus far an accomplice to this scheme rather than a protector against it.

Intelligence is exposing itself if it says, on the one hand, it'll take years to replace transformers, while on the other hand saying than an EMP attack is a sure thing. Any normal nation that believes in the latter will also provide spares promptly, and moreover will add protective shells to all sensitive equipment. The Fox video says that the senate killed a bill to protect the grid. WHY WHY WHY? Under which party / president was it killed?

There is what sounds like a fable floating around that even the video above is pushing: in 1857, a solar flare (or set of flares) fried telegraph wires. That's impossible. Solar flares can't fry whole wires, and as proof, there has never been one flare that has done so. This idea seems to be to convince the people that an EMP attack can ruin more than computer transistors, etc., because the deep state might opt not to use a real EMP weapon, but rather high surges of ordinary electricity i.e. that burns out large wires and transformers but blames it on an EMP from Russia or Iran. Let's hope that American rats are not stupid enough to try this, but half-expect a small-scale trial run somewhere.

Cell towers are what allows washing machines and dish washers to report to the government how much hot water you use, but, having said that, you understand the snakes involved where the deep state and government alike can provide items in your home, without you knowing, that can hook to your household wi-fi system and thus go out to the cell towers en route to deep state / government data banks. This is a specially-designed invasion into your life, exactly what Trump and American Intelligence are banking on. Yes, Trump too. So long as he's not spied on, pee on you if you are, that's been his attitude. He has not once complained, in my hearing, about the spies spying on households. It's disgraceful only if they spy on him. He deserves it, doesn't he, because he's doing nothing about the out-of-control spy programs. We're talking about Donald WikiLeaks-Who? Trump here, his new name that he's given himself. He's siding with Intelligence over the people committed to unveiling Intelligence corruption. Trump is thus a disgrace because he knows first-hand, experientially, the corruption of American Intelligence. Trump doesn't fool me, but he has fooled many people.

There is no NEED for cell towers. People do not NEED cell phones. Or, even if we tolerate cell phones for the efficiency of business people, there is no NEED for Wi-Fi (wireless Internet). Computers can be hard wired (basic cords), eliminating waves throughout the house, and eliminating spy programs dependant on Wi-Fi. Feasibly, providers of Internet services are not providing equipment that allows many computers to be hard wired, per household, forcing households to use a Wi-Fi router. That's where this matter is going. It is obscene for governments to record our entire lives. Who do these people think they are? It doesn't matter whether you are an angel, without fear of punishment from "big brother." It is obscene for governments to record our lives. It alerts us to demons in government, clearly. Good people don't permit such things. Spy programs are calamitous. Spies corrupt themselves.

Spies become goons, and goons can only do us harm. Ask Donald WikiLeaks-Who? Trump about that. So far as we know, this fraudster has not yet asked Julian Assange to provide the evidence that Guccifer 2.0 was a false-flag event by Intelligence. That's how little this idiot-president cares about Intelligence corruption, so long as it doesn't touch him. But it is spying on him, daily, with absolute certainty, and it is causing his life trauma, perfect, for he deserves this. Yet he's causing his entire family and White-House team trauma from the spies, never forget this. It's the key to understanding what a wipe-out this man is. Every week, he spouts off against the media as though he doesn't know that the media is an Intelligence organ, and every week, as he spouts off, he reminds his family members and his staff, and all of his government executives, that they are being spied on by dangerous goons, yet he has done NOTHING -- absolutely nothing -- to punish Intelligence or send it reeling. Instead of asking Pompeo to discover corruption in the CIA, he has befriended him and made him his state-department chief. Can you not see what a fraud this amounts to? Trump is the one who has permitted the spies to continue; just ask Wray's smug face about that. I am almost ready to finger Trump as a mole in the White House, as well as a very good actor, especially if Barr and Durham turn out to be duds.

With Trump, at best, even with Biden in the polls this week, the president is going to regard the exposure of his Ukraine scandal, and Obama's crimes, as pivotal for election purposes. Nothing is sticking on child-molester Biden because Democrat voters are horrible people, especially the Catholics. The greatest shame of the nation at this time is the Democrat Catholic, followed by Democrat minorities, who would empower the demented in return for favors. What makes this more sickening is that minorities vote election after election and never receive the favors. It's all talk, false promises, from Democrat politicians, who are now willing to do favors for illegals so that there will definitely be zero money for legal American Mexicans. The Catholics are happy just to keep evangelicals out of power, and ditto for the Republican establishment which Trump schmoozes with. If not for the abortion issue, a lot of Republican Catholics might not be.

The Duran claims that Assange's extradition has been approved by Britain. RT says that the date will be in late February, 2020, but another says that the extradition trial will be in late February. I wonder how Hannity will treat this story? The O-Democrats, and the killers of Seth Rich, have got to be nervous about it.

Here's Tucker (in April) telling it like it is on Assange:

Some good news: Fox allowed Tucker's message.

I know that I sound like a Trump critic, but I'm not. If he did the right things, I would praise. On the Mexican border, he failed the United States with tariff threats. He's asking the American people to pay him more taxes for keeping illegals out, and he then wants Republican voters to think that this is his great victory over Mexico. Tariffs are known to be passed on to consumers, at least partially. Corporations who purchase tariffed goods try to get higher prices from consumers, no surprise. The good news, the tariff threat seems to be working without actually installing the tariffs. There have got to be other money-based ways to make Mexico do the right things on their southern border. Plus, Africans and other foreigners are going to Mexico anticipating illegal entry into the U.S.

One solution that Trump has not pushed is to drop illegals over the Mexican border, giving the problem to Mexico. That's what's needed. Instead, his Homeland Security is dropping Mexicans off in American streets, the unthinkable. It's illegal to do that. Another solution is to take Democrats (entire cities) to court who break the immigration laws. This is such a no-brainer, and so natural as the thing to do, that Trump, once again, looks like a farce, speaking against things that he allows to take place.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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