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June 18 - 24, 2019

More on John Solomon
Pointers to Seth Rich and Jack Sava Together
Our Embrace Was for Bracebridge's and Donna Brazile

To start things off in this update, see this new 9-11 video showing things not known before:

I'm not at all up-to-speed on what the E-Team refers to that was related to floors 90-94, not at all meaning that this team could not have had access also to higher floors. One of the alleged planes was made to look like it blew out floors 93 to 99. My position has been a no-brainer, that explosives teams inside the buildings blew the holes out of both Trade towers to feign plane crashes. "E-Team" can mean, explosives team. It's a no-brainer because wing spars (strongest parts of the wings), and especially the plane's aluminum shell, could not penetrate the steel columns as the gashes suggest.

At 3:10 of the video, there is a page with drawings where the team used "amazement" as code for the outer wall of a trade tower. On this page are the words, "We want to peel the amazement," suggesting that they wanted to remove the wall. These words are partially crossed out, and changed to, "We want to break thru to the amazement from inside." If the latter sentence was in fact from the insiders, then it seems that I was correct, with others, that explosives teams blew the walls out from the inside. The sketch of the building even shows debris falling out all over the building. Who in their right minds calls the outer side of the towers an "amazement" under that destructive context. It sounds like the demented from hell who care nothing for human life. The page gives me the impression either that there was a whistle blower making a confession, or an insider looking to frame (create) some cryptic code for transfer through some communication system.

As you can see at the end of the video, the insiders detonated the towers while people were still inside. Jail is to good for them. Hell burneth hot.

Hannity would watch that, but not change his mind. Bongino would watch that, and, because he's compromised due to having air time on Fox, will not change his mind. These are the compromised, those who would lie to us to keep their jobs. They number in the millions. The psychology is with the deep state. They played the mental game to their advantage, yet, hopefully, God will expose this thing while Bush, Mueller and Brennan are still young enough to feel the pain of justice. And Trump? Compromised for the sake of winning 2020. He will lie to us if asked about 911. He will say, today, that planes could penetrate those towers. The goof president has spoken. Instead of ordering a 9-11 investigation, the goof president will not rock the boat. The blood of the dead cry out, his own fellow New Yorkers, but this nothing president has goals to achieve, never mind the murdered.

This first Monday of my week, Mr. Bongino talked about the faked DNC hack by the Russians. He's got hold of some documents from Roger Stone's request to see the proof that Russians hacked the DNC. Dan first shows that the DoJ (under Sessions, I assume) admitted that it didn't have CrowdStrike's report, or at least not the part that Stone requested, and then, in the 9th minute, Dan thinks that Trump's FBI will likewise fail in revealing the DNC hoax. How can this be? How can Trump not simply request everything that the DoJ possesses on the communications between it and the DNC, it and CrowdStrike, and it and Obama??? It's things like this that continually make Trump look like a farce. It's inexplicable in any other way. I can maybe understand his failure in one or two ways, but he fails in every way when it comes to exposing his own enemies. Something really stinks here. Either his advisors are cowards or dopes or criminals, or Trump is a winking fraudster.

Bongino says that this revelation from Stone's application is a big deal. However, on a scale between knowing nothing and knowing all, this is still squat. It only hints what we already knew, that the DoJ was covering for the DNC crime. Where are the Democrat whistle blowers who have the stuff to honor Seth's death? Are there any Democrats willing to avenge his death? In the Democrat party? I'm kidding. Anyone who votes Democrat these days is a diabolical fiend bent on Hell. They know only how to act out a moral bone. In private, they are wolves and snakes. They don't risk their lives for one another. They pretend to be friends because they don't want to be alone with their nasty, biting consciences.

Bongino does make a good story out of this because the government doesn't yet have the details of the "hack," yet Mueller and others mainly based the justification of their bloodless treason on it. It behooves Barr to sick the FBI on the CrowdStrike report, Crowdstrike's methods for discovering the culprits, and communications of those involved in the hoax. Lay your bets on whether even the "evidence" that Russians hacked the system was itself a staged event by the Democrats. Bongino and John Solomon together are begging Barr to highlight Mifsud (forget his first name), the one whom the deep state portrayed as a Russian when in fact he was an American-Intelligence bone. No meat, just dry bone.

I'd like to clarify on what Bongino says concerning the government surplus under Bill Clinton. It seems he has mistaken a surplus with an automatic decrease of the debt. My understanding is that, when governments rake in more taxes than they spend, the debt goes down only if some of the surplus money is delivered to the bankers who provided the debt. In the case of Clinton, where the debt increased in each year of his presidency, it seems that his government not only spent the surplus money, but borrowed on top of that. There's NOTHING to praise there. Instead of paying down the debt with the surplus, the mobsters probably pocketed much of it. Where's there's a Clinton, there's a way.

I stand with Bongino against the war against liberal lunatics. The latter will seek to portray their opposition as the lunatics, exactly why the war must be fought. Until the Final Day, it is right to do good, know the good, push the good, and expose the evil.

When Barr's representative said that Durham will be performing a "broad" investigation, don't celebrate yet, because this could be Barr's code word for, "don't expect the report anytime soon." If Horowitz's report turns out to be a glorified dud, then we will know that prolonging investigations is not for the purpose of getting the damning material. I say, "glorified dud," because pro-Trumpers will make a bigger doo-doo than it deserves in order to create more election excitement. And that's the kicker: while a serious bashing on the Democrat deep state is good for the nation, the world, and Trump's re-election, he opted to give the exposure to Barr rather than to start revealing things on his own. One would think that Trump should relish ordering documents and personally hanging them before the liberal media, to make a sham out of them. Instead, Trump gave the job to Horowitz and Barr, so curious. The man who loves to tweet to shame the mortal enemy had the golden opportunity to hang the dirty laundry for all to see, but passed. Explain that, if you can.

Wow, look at this juicy, Italian development:

The Italy part of the story is not until the 19th minute. It's based on the word of Papadopoulos, whom I don't trust fully. Maybe I'm being hard on him. He's a pro-Trumper all the way now, but I'm not so sure he was from the start. Checking others, it turns out that Obama was in France early last weekend (landed on the 14th) for a one-week "vacation," and so, yes, he could have slipped into Italy, or in some other way gotten together with the Italian conspirators who pushed Mifsud on Papa. I don't think Obama would confess to being with the Italians, and his leftist media wouldn't want to publicize it (spit!); so how does Papa know for sure that Obama went to meet the previous Italian prime minister on the 16th? BCP doesn't say he doubts Papa on this at all.

Just after that short Papa story, a very curious thing like from a line in a spy novel: the current prime minister of Italy sent his deputy to meet Pompeo and Pence in Washington, on Monday. What? Wouldn't Italy send a secret man to a Trump confident over something as dangerous to Trump as this? I don't trust Pompeo to have whatever info Italy wants Trump to know. Why isn't Trump taking the Italian delegate himself? This really stinks fishy? Whatever Italy wants to say, Obama is at least beside Italy at the very time that this special ambassador arrives. Why would Obama go and not others? How do we know that others didn't go? Shouldn't Trump order his CIA to spy on Obama in Europe? No joke. There is cause to believe that Obama is obstructing justice / covering a crime.

Trump maybe doesn't get it when he says that Mueller didn't find collusion. Mueller was never looking for collusion. He knew there was none. He had the task of pushing a faked story using staged, human props to create it. In the end, Mueller's team had to cave on the original plot (perhaps spearheaded by Mueller himself, to protect whatever he had left of his name), because it all backfired with certain revelations. The stag got away from the hunters without a shot fired his way. There were a whole-lotta dogs involved with foreign interference from multiple countries.

No offense to Canadians, but I like Americans more. Then again, there are so many different kinds of Americans. By and large, Americans enjoy life more, and are more pleasant and interesting to be with. It's probably due to their excellent climate, between too-cold and too-hot. One of the reasons that America is the richest country: it's a big country with plenty of hospitable land. Another reason: its great climate.

Americans are not better people than others; they just have advantages. They win in the Olympics because they have a bigger country. Hello? If they were truly great, they wouldn't boast. Not every American boasts of their country. I like them, but I never did say that they are great. Only one country claims that Americans are great, pity? They are not embarrassed to boast, it really is a wonder. America is the greatest manufacturer of sin, never forget. You can't disregard the facts. A country can never be great when half the population is extreme in sin, let's get reasonable. The best Americans are those who admit that the United States is evil, under a curse of God. Any Christian who can't recognize / confess this is a mutated form of Christian. Whatever they praise in their country is not necessarily of God. God doesn't despise the sin on the one hand, and then just forget about it the next minute. This is not the time to praise the nation, for it only looks bad on those who do.

There is a thing I despise about half of Canadians: they hate Americans. It's utterly stupid to hate your neighbor that is more-or-less identical to you. But Americans often earn this hatred with their boasting and full-of-themselfedness. Try to practice humility, the calling of Jesus. Y'hear, Trump? Is there ever just one day you don't boast about your achievements? You would be so much better with humility. He's got speaking talent, and can be eloquent, but his immaturity in boasting undercuts my ability to appreciate him. Only a complete jerk boasts in himself on camera, in the full hearing of a crowd. I learned this in grade school, or high school at the latest: DON'T BRAG. People hate braggarts, right? Not anymore. Trump-lovers are making it a new rave. Stop already, because it's going to end up in a crash. God promises it. Stop bragging, or face calamity Jane. STUPID.

Trump threatened Mexico with tariffs. Okay, so big deal. But he acts as though it was such a fantastic move. If it was unique, it's because past presidents didn't accommodate the "caravans" we see today. Instead of praising Trump as great for doing the right things, how about we just call them the right things? On Tuesday, there was an announcement for the right thing to do, and it is great due to the great numbers of people involved. It's also a very bold move considering the great political opposition.

President Donald Trump said on Monday that U.S. authorities would begin next week removing millions of immigrants who are in the United States illegally.

"Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States," Trump tweeted, referring to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. "They will be removed as fast as they come in," he said. He did not offer specifics.

This effort seems like a great thing only because Bush and Obama were not apt to doing the right thing. It's just the right thing to do, especially as it will expose the reckless nastiness of the leftist opposition. The way it's worded at first, it sounds like every last illegal will be deported. Good luck finding them. Then it's worded as though there will be immediate deportation, which is almost the best solution. The best solution is to punish those who are caught so that word spreads. In the long run, the cost of punishing will reduce the number of crossing attempts. If punishment was used 30 years ago, steadily to this day, there would not be a border problem.

Facing months in a low-security (cheaper) jail compound is not anything that a Mexican father or mother can afford, and even single people would think twice before attempting a crossing. Start with a mandatory one-month jail term until word spreads south of the border, and then increase it to two months, later three months, as many as is needed to stop their crossing attempts. The high cost for prison will be high at the front end, but will eventually dwindle to very low.

I predict that Trump will end up being a very small person, precisely because the first will be last, and because those who make themselves first will be more last, and because those who boast in being first will be the last of all, right beside the devil, the morning star fallen to the wormy grave. Somebody needs to tell Trump: stop bragging.

It's not that Trump is so great in his initiatives, but that they are normal while Obama, Bush and Clinton were terrible each in their own way. It's only normal to reject global-warming initiatives. It's not special. It doesn't make Trump special, just a welcome surprise. The nation doesn't need a great president at this time, just a normal person who doesn't exploit the presidency and rip the tax payers off.

Stay safe, Mr. President, because, alas, you're all the better-half have to bank on at this time. The next one-year period is crucial in the direction of the country, and you have yet to do the work you promised 30 months ago. If you don't win the election, you will be forgotten in the hot winds of globalist progressive-ism. There is no progress in liberal camps; it's just hot air. The things they call progress is just a backward-running race to spiritual corruption. The Reformation was seeking to right the spiritual corruption of the Vatican's Dark Ages, but American Masons cut in front of the fruit of the Reformation, and they spoiled the nation by their greed, their sins, their secret societies, their weirdness, and their kill-God evolutionism.

It is completely reckless for the modern Christian to use George Washington as a role model for the conservative future. Unless you're willing to wear a masonic apron, stop touting George Washington. What's wrong with you? Can't you think of a better role model? What about the apostle Peter? Oh, I get it, he won't win elections if you put him on your flag of war. Instead, you chose the "founding fathers." But wait, what about the founding fathers of the Church? Are you going to make competition against them with George Washington? Whose flag do you really fly, Christian American? I've got news for you; Jesus is not an American.

The Republican establishment is using you, admit it. It's convoluted to be a patriot and a Christian too. Make up your mind; you cannot have both. You either want to be loyal the The Great One, or to the nation of human sinners who dare boast that they comprise a great nation. God gave Jesus the mission to undo human greatness, for human greatness is a stench. There is no such thing as human greatness. Every man is casket. Every woman is leaning on a flimsy cane. The highest an Olympic medalist can jump is only about seven feet. Hello? Is that greatness? It's not man that makes the first Atlantic crossing great; it's the boat and fair weather. It's not man that makes the train fast; it's the fuel and the wheel. Credit for technology goes to the electron; otherwise, if it did not exist, we'd all be paying monthly installments on an expensive horse. Human greatness is a mirage. Do your best, but never call it greatness. Humble yourself before God. He is not impressed with your greatness, unless it comes from your endurance to resist worldly grandeur.

I'm not advocating the destruction of the United States. That's the task of globalist leftism. I want to see a United States that leads in Christian principles, denying the globalists their dictatorship. But Christians hooking up with distorted, Godless ideologies, for a political goal, is dangerous to spiritual conditions when there is a melting pot of spirituality for the sake of teaming up against Democrats. The banner of patriotism / nationalism is not necessarily a Christian quality. Why don't Christian patriots point this out? Why are they desperate to gang together any type of spirituality under this banner? Isn't it a problem with God if Christians refuse to become the spoilers of a patriotism movement by not emphasizing that a large fraction of the movement doesn't like Jesus? Or, imagine Christians as the creators and leaders of the patriotism movement, collecting bad burrs on their pants as they go along.

The thing that matters to Jesus is purity in Jesus. We inevitably become stained by those around us, especially when we join with them in a political movement. There needs to be strict guards against this staining process, and the first order of the day is to acknowledge it, which inevitably causes friction with conservatives who don't want Jesus. It is a predicament we are in as we resist anti-Christian globalism shoulder-to-shoulder with non-Christians and twisted Christians. If we invite liberals into conservative camps to help defeat the stark and unrepentant liberals, what is this going to do to the condition of the pot? We only sink ourselves deeper toward the bottom of the pot. Ouch.

Purity in Jesus is defined as Jesus-Only. We have got to take that position regardless of the political outcome. Don't swear fidelity to a patriotism, but keep loyalty to Jesus. The two are not the same. All nations are under God's coming wrath, foremost the United States. Isn't that obvious by now? What is the melting pot I keep hearing about? It's not the pot of God, that's for sure. It wholly disregards the purity of desired by Jesus. It melts demonics together with Christians. It's the masonic pie, the masonic stew, the masonic building block, an aberration. Globalism is one kind of aberration, and the melting pot is another. Let the melting pot alone; but you be a Christian. This is why I counter Americanism, for the sake of purity in Jesus. Forget Franceism, or Italianism, too. Forget nationalism if you are a Christian. God is not the God of one country alone, and probably remains aloof from every secular government.

I understand the basic definition of "melting pot," where the idea is to ask immigrants to conform to one Americanism rather than to establish many cliques of multi-culturalism. Either way, Christians are in a predicament. I'm all for a melting pot in Jesus, but this can't happen with the addition of Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, Vaticanos and atheists. It ceases to be the melting pot of Jesus. The calling of the apostles in the first-century melting pot of Rome was to stay aloof, not to be stained by the massive rebellion against God. Remain separate, and have a clean, easy conscience.

I do hope that pro-Trumpers defeat leftists. I don't hope for this due to Trump's initiatives, though some of his positions are, at least, not aggravating to Christianity. Trump is a collector of aggregate. Every kind of stone is welcome in the Trump heap because numbers of voters is all that matters for 2020. A heap of stones mixed together is at least not a melting pot, but it is still a mix. As long as Christians remain in their own camp, voting for Trump as the lesser of two evils is fine, but when Christians come to honor him as a wizard president, that's to be called out. Trump would like to be king Midas. He speaks on himself as though everything he touches turns to gold. Or, at least, if not for Democrat resistance to his programs, he says the country would turn to gold under his leadership. It's predictably a false hope, because people are inherently selfish. No matter how perfect the philosophy at first, or lofty the government program, humans ruin everything. Our work in life is to stick with Jesus-Only, for this is the only way to salvage the human race from Ruin-Everything.

Last I heard, the Spirit of God is tasked with changing us from the inside so that society can work. To hell with greedy corporations. These are the society spoilers, yet Trump supports them as the engine driving a "great economy." Give me less money any day in return for a society filled with good people. Give me a society that I can rub shoulders with gladly, and I'll be content with my food and clothes. But if you mark greatness by the quantity and quality of material things, you are no Christian stone.

What if Christians do get into power with a president, but he/she is a mish-mash of spirituality so that even God won't support him/her. The Republicans thought it was a good idea to try Mitt Romney. That's pretty sick when there are millions of decent, true Christians capable of making good decisions for the country.

Do you think for one minute that Jay Sekulow, for example, one of Trump's lawyers who advise him on how to maneuver through the deep-state scandal, hasn't wanted Trump to request documents from the deep state side? Isn't it the job of his lawyers to discover and know the facts of the enemy? Do you believe that his lawyers are content to wait for these facts as they slowly leak out into the news while Sessions and other government agents try their best not to have them leaked? Trump has absolute authority to order government documents from the Obama government, and so don't you think that Sekulow and other lawyers have suggested to the president that he order documents so that they can get ahead of the curve to see the state of affairs? That's what lawyers are paid to do, to get the facts of the opposition's state of affairs.

Having said that, how do we explain that Trump acts like he knows no more than we do who follow the daily news? You have two choices: 1) Trump has ordered documents but doesn't want the people to know about them: 2) Trump has not ordered documents because he doesn't want the people to know about them. If you choose 1), you have two choices to explain it: 1a) Trump doesn't want the scandals to become major stories; 1b) Trump wants to keep his inside knowledge of things a secret because he thinks he can better flatten his enemies by this strategy. I don't have that illusion, however. I don't think 1) is the right choice in the first place.

Lawyers prefer not revealing information that can give the opposition a heads-up on what they have to fight with. I can see Trump's lawyers making that argument, but there is something to be said for feeding the nation some key truths. Trump has not fed one teaspoon yet on his own initiative. That says a lot to me, and that's why I don't like him. Bongino said this week, Trump "scorched" Clinton and Obama. But I say, big deal. Millions have done the same. But what we expect from the president, he's not offering, not even a teaspoon. If his lawyers request information, they can be turned down, but if the president asks for information, it's a non-negotiable demand, a done-deal. But if the president had asked for information, his enemies would have leaked it to the press as a self-serving action. That's why I don't think Trump has demanded damning information. His lawyers should argue: it doesn't matter if it's self-serving, you have a right to protect yourself against false accusations, and to gather damning evidence against those who wish to persecute you with false accusations.

John Solomon

I was amazed in the last update after investigating whether God was pointing to John Solomon of the The Hill news with a dream in which I picked up a sleeping bag on a HILL. It sounds so ridiculous to suggest that this hill was His pointer to The Hill, but the investigation went on because a BIKER circled the sleeping bag while Biks/Bikers have a reflection of the Solomon Coat. With a small bit of evidence added to that, I then came to this:

One can begin to see why the bike was used in the dream, to get me to move things over to Beckers/Bechers and Bakers, especially as another dream from God, where Miss Hicks was SLEEPing on a BEACH, caused me to load Beach's/BEACHERs, who happen to have a red-vair version of the Becker/Becher Coat. The blue vair ("fur") of Beckers/Bechers is shared by Bachs/BAGHS, and the Beach/Beacher Coat is similar to that of Bags. What is God getting at? Why did I PICK up the sleeping bag? I didn't see this bag again after picking it up. I saw myself doing nothing with it when picking it up; the scene just changed to the biker coming down the hill. And zowie, the following does get me over the top: Scottish Picks/Pike's share the pierced stars of Solomons!!! Wow.

I neglected to mention that, immediately before Miss Hicks was sleeping in a car, she was at the HOOD of the car, and while Hoods are said to have been at a Rattery location, the Rattery Coat shares the three fitchee crosses of English Picks/Pex's. This is actually a big oversight on my part, for God showed me one day that the hood in the Hicks dream was to connect with a medallion I found on the hood of my Jeep. The medallion was stamped, "Saint Petersburg Russia" on one side, and the same, but in Russian, on the other side. This entry of John Solomon into my heraldic writings comes in the midst of Solomon's new findings involving the Ukrainian sector of the Trump attack. It's completely connectable, therefore, to things in Saint Petersburg, for the latter was part of the Steele dossier, as was the sleeping-bag dream.

Let me repeat. I ended my heraldic writings, one morning, on the hood in the Hicks dream. I went to town, ending the trip at the grocery store. With my groceries in the cart, I went to the Jeep, and there on the hood was the medallion with most of its chain not attached to it. Someone left it there. I took it home. I showed readers a photo of this. As soon as I got home, I checked whether God was using this as a pointer, and therefore loaded the MEDAL surname, in case "medallion" had to do with it. Medals are listed with Dougals. (Use the link above to load other surnames to better follow along.)

Some time later, wow, I discovered that the Medal/Dougal quadrants are shared by Scottish Bauds, and that Medals/Dougals even use a "BUAIDh" motto term. This was quite the find because Bauds even share the Hood crescents. To nail Bauds to Ratterys or Rattery kin, there is a Rattery location in Buchan while Buchans share the three lion heads of German Bauds.

What I neglected to say in the last update is that the Rattery Crest has a gold star with a red heart at center, much like the gold star with red center of the Solomon and Pick/Pike stars. It tends to convince me that John Solomon is to be connected to the medallion-on-hood story. Again, English Picks/Pex's share the Rattery stars, and Hoods were in a Rattery location. There is a crown on the heart of the Rattery star, and it just so happens that Dougal-like Douglas' have a heart topped with a crown of the same design as Ratterys, perfect for connecting Medals/Dougals to Hood kin by this method too.

This paragraph shows that God chose the Jeep for me to be part of the medallion story, for Jeepma's/Cheps share the hexagram of Goths/Gothels, the latter from Gothelo, great-grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. The Bouillons, who share a "bello" motto term with German Bauds, were first found in Auvergne with French Bauds.

It seems to me that God is exposing the Clinton crime ring, and that He's using John Solomon, for one, to uncover it. His Ukrainian discoveries include the framing of Paul Manafort by the previous Ukrainian administration working in cahoots with Obama. This week, Solomon was on Hannity with the little-known ďblack cash ledger,Ē a Ukrainian document that sealed Manafort's ruin. Solomon is advancing the story that this document was likely as fake as the Steele dossier. The problem for Obama is: his FBI used this document knowing that it was faked. Says Solomon:

The FBIís public reliance on the ledger came months after the feds were warned repeatedly that the document couldn't be trusted and likely was a fake, according to documents and more than a dozen interviews with knowledgeable sources.

For example, Ukraineís top anticorruption prosecutor, Nazar Kholodnytsky, told me he warned the U.S. State Departmentís law enforcement liaison and multiple FBI agents in late summer 2016 that Ukrainian authorities who recovered the ledger believed it likely was a fraud.

...Likewise, Manafortís Ukrainian business partner Konstantin Kilimnik, a regular informer for the State Department, told the U.S. government almost immediately after The New York Times wrote about the ledger in August 2016 that the document probably was fake.

...Special counsel Robert Muellerís team and the FBI were given copies of Kilimnikís warning, according to three sources familiar with the documents.

This can be extremely important for when the mobsters try to explain away their use of the Steele dossier, for they have a double whammy to explain away, and this ledger problem may be the nails for their coffins. If I understand Solomon right, Manafort can be deemed innocent of at least some of the things for which he has been jailed, based on the frame job here. Obama's state department (while under John Kerry) partook in this framing, no surprise whatsoever. It all happened so close to Obama's closing days, thank's to Trump's election, that he didn't have time to cover the crimes, yet trump himself gave his deep state the time to cover a lot of things. That's why I dislike Trump, for when he had the power to nail their coffins, he allowed them to breath easy and even celebrate their getting away with it all. But wait. God has not spoken His last order.

The article goes on to tell that the FBI and the top rat of Mueller's probe assisted the Associated Press with its Manafort article upon which the ledger was impinged. Workers of iniquity. The craft of American Intelligence creating false or error-laden "news releases" that become the basis for intended government actions had been utilized in this case: "So, essentially, the FBI cited a leak that the government had facilitated and then used it to support the black ledger evidence, even though it had been clearly warned about the document." There you see the marriage of the shadow government with the media at play.

The article gets worse as it goes on from there, and, uh-oh: "In the end, the best proof that the FBI knew the black ledger was a sham is that prosecutors never introduced it to jurors in Manafortís trial." No kidding. They nailed their own coffins, didn't they? This should be a bigger story, immediately, than it is in Republican media so far. This story, with solid roots in 2016, is an integral part of Barr's job to get to the beginnings of the dossier / Mueller scandal.

The medallion was found at a Food BASICs grocery store. German Bauds were first found in Prussia with BASCHs/Beschs, who share a rose and the same chevron as Bas'. It just so happens that while "Buaidh BAS" is a motto phrase of Medals/Dougals, Bas' are said to have been Basch-like Bashe's. Bas' were first found in Leicestershire with the Woods (share tree with Picks) who share the Pick/Pex and Rattery fitchees in both colors. It appears that God arranged the heraldry to serve evidence that Medals/Dougals were intended with the medallion. It would have been better if the chains on the Bas greyhound heads had four links instead of three, for the medallion had four links of its chain still on. See photo.

German Bas'/Bez' share the black, spread eagle with Baschs/Beschs, and French Bes'/Bez'/BESTs share the star of German Bauds. As English Bests (Kent, same as Picks) look linkable to Godfreys, the giant Bas/Bes eagle is probably in the colors of the same of Jeepma's/Cheps for a related reason. Gothelo was father to Godfrey III, and the latter assisted the Pierleoni Jews...of Rome, where Rita's were first found whose lion holds "PIECEs of WOOD." The sleeping bag was PICKED up in the WOODS, and Picks/Pex's share the Wood fitchees. The Rita lion is also the Medal/Dougal lion. Note how Rita-like Riders/Rythers can be of Roets (share tree with Woods). I was RIDING the shopping cart down the ROAD, and Catherine ROET married Mr. Swynford while Swynfords (Leicestershire, same as Woods) share the black-on-white boar head with Ridings/Readings ("defende" motto term, almost the Wood motto). There's a Duns SCOTus in the Riding/Reading write-up, and Scotts use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet. Doesn't it appear that Ratterys are a branch of Rita's, Roets and/or Riders/Ritters?

The star of Bes'/Bez' and German Bauds can be linked to the same of Morays, Handle's, Arbuthnotts (Moray, same as Douglas') and Douglas'. Wait, for the first time I've seen, Arbuthnotts are now said to have been first found in Aberdeenshire instead of Moray. Aberdeenshire is where Ratterys were first found who share the gold fitchee with English Bests. Therefore, here's the write-up of English Bas': "Further north in Scotland, ancient records there found the name in Aberbuthenoth where 'Andrew de Bas who was one of the jurors in a dispute regarding the Kirketun of Aberbuthenoth' in 1206. Apparently, he derived his name from Bass in Aberdeenshire. Bass Isle is found in the parish of North Berwick, county of Haddington." The Haddington area is where Scottish Vaux's were first found who share the Solomon Coat, and to this I can see why the crosslets of Bas' are in Solomon colors.

Ratterys were at Buchan, a term from BUXENtum at the Laus bay of southern Italy, which tends to explain the "Laus" motto term of Arbuthnotts. Buxentum was also, PYXus, a good place to trace Picks (Picks/Pex's have the Rattery fitchees in both colors, and Scottish Picks/Pike's share the pierced Solomon stars).

BASCHs/Beschs were first found in Prussia with Boets/Butts, the two looking linkable by some of their heraldry. Boets/Butts are expected from SALOME of Boethus, who married the Herods. She was a Sadducee liner. As per FOOD BASICs, note first that Foods/Foots are a branch of Aberdeenshire's Fothes', and that while Foods/Foots are said to descend from GODwin Fot, Godwins (look like a Godfrey / Goth/Gothel branch) have a good reflection of the Boet/Butt Coat. The ArBUTHnotts are expected with this line. It appears that God also pointed to Jesus' killers with Food Basics.

It was near the time of finding the medallion at Food Basics that I had a dream starting off with my riding a shopping cart down a HILL. I've told of this dream many times, I'm not making up the hill detail now. I was riding it skateboard-style from the side, down a paved road. The shopping cart now appears linkable to the medallion because I found it with my shopping cart at the Jeep, and we already saw why Mr. Solomon should be connected to the medallion.

The second scene of this dream, at the bottom of the hill, was my complaining to the previous owner of my Jeep about its door HANDLE. That's why Handle's/Handlers were included above. Handle's share the Moray Coat, and Moray is where Arbuthnotts were early. Recalling that God had me PICKing up the sleeping bag on a hill as some main evidence that He was pointing to John Solomon of The Hill, let's add that Handle's were first found in Silesia, where German Sitlers/SCHITners originated who share the trefoil of English Pike's. It just so happens that SCIDrus is/was a location smack beside PYXus (Buxentum). See map of Lucania.

It just so happens that there are evidences for linking "Scidrus" to "Scodra," and lake Scodra is where a Bar location is, where I do trace Barrs, and this Bar location happens to have been home to the Sleep-liner Selepitanoi. The sleeping bag on a hill. To the north side of lake Scodra, Butua, where I trace Boets/Butts and their branches. A second Laus location, now Ragusa, is where Saraca's lived who had previously been in Kotor, right beside Butua. The Chief-Shield colors of Barrels is shared by Kotor-like Cutters and Skit-related Brocuffs, the latter first found in Silesia with Schitners. The Arms of Saraca share a white-on-blue fish with the Arms of Bar-le Duc.

I was complaining because the door handle was missing a barrel-shaped piece. "Barrel" was part of the dream at that scene. In the next scene, I was holding a barrel-like container, which I dropped from a height. It landed on its rim and caught flames around the rim. I jumped down to smother the flames with the sand on the ground. I'm just wondering whether Barrels are a pointer to Bill Barr. There is probably a lot yet to decipher concerning those flames.

I've just learned that the Bongino show has the Solomon story, as does BCP on the 21st:

A thing coming to mind is that Mueller's initial task was, apparently, to move things to the faked reports against Manafort, but that when the Steele dossier exploded into Mueller's face, he had to stress the Manafort scam as the only thing he had left, explaining why Manafort was so badly mistreated. Now, at no possible better timing, the Manafort scam seems to be exploding into Mueller's face too, thanks to John Solomon.

So, if the picking up of the sleeping bag is a pointer to Solomon, and if the hill on which I picked it up is likewise, and if the woods substantiates the Solomon angle, why did God choose a sleeping bag as the center of it? I was asking all day Thursday this question, without a good answer: how does Solomon connect with a sleeping bag? I was stumped. But on Friday, I was watching BCP's Solomon-Ukraine story, and BCP entered Tony Podesta! Whammo, how could I have been so soft of the head? The sleeping-bag dream came, if I recall correctly, the day after I had discovered John Podesta's apparent knowledge of the Scalia murder before the murder. Tony, his brother, was involved with Manafort in the Ukraine! Whammo. According to Tucker Carlson, Mueller gave Tony Podesta immunity to testify against Manafort. One can easily see that Tony was ultimately working for Hillary Clinton in this testimony. Did he incriminate himself by testifying?

On the morning of the dream, I had evidence that the sleeping bag was a pointer to judge Scalia's murderers. A chief suspect was John B. Poindexter, but it wasn't for a while after learning about him that I saw the Podesta-like Puddister/Puddester variation of Poindexters, as though, possibly, God arranged that coincidence. Eventually, I was able to glean that the sleeping bag was a pointer to Scalia's murder as he slept at Poindexter's camp.

I've just realized a new thing. The Scalia murder was linked by God to my white-rabbit theme, which had God pointing to a Bra location in Cuneo. It had to do with the white rabbits of the Cuneo-like Coney and Conn surnames, and it had linked smack to John Podesta's "wet-works" term suspect with Scalia's murder. Some good time after this, I came to a white rabbit in the ESQUER surname, which was checked as per the so-called "ESQUIRE's" helmet in the Puddester/Poindexter Crest, is that not wild? Later still, I found Alex Podesta online dressed in a white-rabbit suit with pedophilic connotations, this coming after many onliners accused John Podesta of being a lunatic pedophile.

The amazing thing now: it just so happens that Bra is right beside a Monforte location while Montforts are also Manafort-like Manforts! That's the new thing. It's just incredible, for the sleeping bag is the thing that tied the Podesta's to John Solomon's Manafort story. I think I can now prove that the sleeping bag points to Saluzzo, not far from Monforte. It has to do with the marriage of Alice if Saluzzo to Mr. FitzALAN of Arundel. he was an Alan of Shropshire, a place otherwise called Salop, where Salop-like Sleeps were first found. The Arundels share swallows with Swallows, and the latter are suspect as a branch of Salop-like Sallows/Sallis' (first found in Salop), who share the tree with Swallows. Just like that, Sleeps connect with Saluzzo, and moreover the format of the six Arundel swallows is shared by the fitchees of Clintons who in-turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's. Did God arrange that?

It looks very related to the sleeping bag that Bagleys, first found in Salop, are said to have been at Bagley Wood. To top it off, the Rodhams have a write-up claiming their Rodden location in Salop. The connection of the sleeping bag to John Podesta is a direct link to Hillary's crime ring. The Bagley lozenges are colors reversed from those of Percys, the latter being an integral part of the Saluzzo bloodline.

CLINtons are suspect as a branch of Cluns (have the Saluzzo Coat exactly) because I had read that Arundels lived at a Clun location in Salop. There had been evidence that Salome's/Solomons were cousins of the namers of Saluzzo, and so this is the place to tell that both Salome's/Solomons and Clintons use pierced, gold stars. In this way, the sleeping bag can have a direct link to John Solomon's surname. Pierced stars are suspect with Pierce's/Piers, first found in Somerset with Percy-like Percivals, and it just so happens that the Arundel-Saluzzo marriage married the Percys. PerciVALs can even be named partially after the Vallibus variation of Vaux's who in-turn use the Salome/Solomon Coat minus the piercing of the stars.

There are two further heraldic hot spots to churn out of this picture. One is from the Arundel write-up: "'LINCHmere was held as of the honour of Arundel, by William de Perci, at an early period, and afterwards became the property of the family of Fitzalan.'" Did God arrange this to point to Loretta Lynch by first getting me on the sleeping bag? Did God use the sleeping bag so that I would eventually come to the Arundel-Saluzzo marriage? I can tell you this, that aside from anything in this discussion, I traced Alans/Alengs, Lynch's/Linch's, Langs (letters), Linkletters, and similar terms to "Langhe," a region smack at the Bra and Monforte area! I even reported that I had found a lynx, the Lynch/Linch symbol, in a line to Alans of Alauna (Manche).

The second heraldic hot spot comes as per Mueller-like Meullers, who use a "pair of snips" suspect with Snipe's/Snape's, first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, and using a form of the Clinton Coat (both use the Saluzzo Shield). Instead of the pierced Clinton stars, Snipe's/Snape's use portcullis gates, the symbol owned by Yate's and Porters together. It just so happens that SALLY Yates has a first name that brings up the Saluzzo-suspect Sales' (beside Salop), who seem very linkable to the Salis' variation of Sallows. Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch had both served as Obama's attorney general (we assume Obama chose them to hide the crimes), and so Bill Barr has easy access to all of their communications...that were not scrubbed from the government system, though we can guess that they used private servers too, to hide their sinister workings.

There is a Montfort location in Brittany, not far from the Dol home of FitzAlans. Montfort is off the Meu river to which I trace Mea's/Mee's, and Puddesters/Poindexters use a "me" motto term. Plus, the fist of Poindexters/Puddesters traces to the Vasto rulers of Saluzzo by way of Fists/FAUSTs who share the same fist. It just so happens that Vasto's came forth from the rulers of Montferrat i.e. at Monforte. Zinger, Poindexters just connected to the Bra area, and it just so happens that I've told, about 20 times, that God pointed to Bra when I was nine years old, as I stood above a cage having white rabbits, reaching out on a laundry line to touch a bra hanging there. I remember to this day that I had to stretch as far as I could to touch it, and to put out the index finger, as one does when POINTing. POINDexter.

Again, the Poindexter Crest is suspect with the white-rabbit Esquers (if I recall correctly, it's called a coney rabbit), and God showed be that the white coney rabbits of Conys and Conns are a pointer to Bra of Montferrat. The Fers/Ferrats even share the checks of Scottish Stewarts, who are known to have been Alans of Salop. Scottish Stewarts share the pelican with German Langs, and it is this that identified Linkletters, Linch's and Langs with a Lyncestis area beside pelican-like Pelagonia of Macedonia.

Montfort of Brittany is beside Rennes, suspect with Renier/Rainier of Montferrat. Podesta's pizzagate theme has been pointed to, in my opinion, by God in the Reines surname, for it has the counterchanged Coat of pizza-like Pisa's, and a so-called comet, a pointer to pizzagate's Ping Pong Comet pizzeria. I find this amazing. Reno's/Rine's share the lozenges of Ping-like Pincs/Pinks, and then Pings/Pongs/Pungs share the label of Pinc-like Panico's who lived on the Setta tributary of Italy's Reno river. It gets intriguing where Leon Panetta served as Obama's FBI director (cover-upper) and chief of Defence (ongoing shadow government), while Panico's are Panetta's too.

It just seems that, with the same batch of pointers, God is pointing to the crime rings of Obama and Clinton. There's no way that HILLARY Clinton could have arranged for the Hillary surname's sharing of the Clinton Coat. But then who did arrange for this? They both share the six crosslets of Tarves', and the latter's split colors are those also of Poindexters. It just so happens that the Chives' of Tarves were from Piedmont's Chivasso.

I've become convinced that God arranged heraldic connections for "my" purposes starting as long ago as 1,000 years. That is, he arranged marriages, looking ahead to His use of me, so that his dreams in me, and his events in my life, could link heraldry in such ways as to tell stories that point to his enemies. Heraldry is not chosen by whims of those wanting a Coat of Arms, as some heraldry "experts" falsely claim, but heraldic symbols and colors are transferred marriage to which I mean to say that God had to arrange marriages in order to arrange heraldry. A great example is the comet and pizza theme of Reines'.

Below is another example, in which we glean a connection of the medallion event to the Monforte area, for that area is suspect as God's pointer to Paul Manafort while the medallion is itself a pointer to the Steele dossier's faked charges in Saint Petersburg. The medallion was found at a GROCEry store, and the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's/GREGGS is colors reversed from that of Poindexters. When we load Gregg-like Gregs, we find two of the FOOD/Foot chevrons, and both surnames share the same black-on-gold trefoil (in the colors of the trefoil-like fitchees of Tarves', first found in the same place as Food-branch Fothes'/Fittes'). It just so happens that God arranged the medallion event at a FOOD Basics grocery store, and, to boot, it was in its parking lot. We can see Intelligent Design here.

How can it be another coincidence that Hubertus-like Huberts (version of the Sales Coat) share the crescents of Gregg-like Craigs and Sallow-like Slows! The gold unicorn in the Slow Crest can be the same of the Piedmont Demonte's, suspect from the Stura-Demonte river through Cuneo (flows near Saluzzo). There's probably a blood reason that French Demonte's (Burgundy, same as Messeys) share the lion of Maschi's while Masci's were first found in Piedmont. The Masci-liner Meschins, sharing a version of the Coney / Conn Coat, were first found in Salop, that's right.

The Slows have a Coat reflection of the Petersons (my bra event was at the home of Jerry Peterson), first found in Aberdeenshire with Craigs and Food-branch Fothes! The Peterson residence was resolved with Peter Peterson, former chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, because he married Mrs. COONEY. Huberts were even first found in Cheshire with Foods/Foots. Petersons (probably from Peter Pollock of Rothes castle) even share the Rothes lion heads while Rothes' were said, for more than ten years until this past year, to have been first found in Salop...with Slow-like Sallows, suggesting that the Slow Coat is indeed a version of the Peterson Coat due to intermarriage. The father of Peter Pollock is known to have lived in Salop, and Wikipedia says that the father was a vassal of the Dol Alans = FitzAlans, kin of Swallows.

The Craig Coat (shares the Slow crescents) is a version of the Hill Coat, strongly suggesting again that things-Poindexter (sleeping bag on a hill) are to be linked to the MEDALlion event. Recall that Hoods connect with Bauds and MEDALs/Dougals, for Craig-branch Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Craig-liner Carricks) share the crescent of Hoods and Bauds. Amazing, is it not? The medallion was found on my hood. This explains why the medallion event was Chosen at a grocery store, in order to bring Greg / Craig liners into the picture.

Hoods use a "Cornish CHOUGH" while Coughs (version of the Sales Coat) share a blue sleeve in Crest with Huberts. The "tamen" motto term of Coughs evokes the Taman peninsula, and Taman became a topic when finding Kepoi there, the line to Keeps (share a galley ship with MacDonalds) and Keppochs. It just so happens, WOW, Keeps and Keppochs became a topic with Mr. Kepke, who was sitting on my hood with me at Knob HILL Farms (both of us 17 years old), at the very minute that we spotted my girlfriend, ALLISON Bauer, getting into the car of another man i.e. she was in the act of leaving me for him. Decades later, I learned that the bird design of Hoods (same color too) is that also of Allisons, and that Scottish Allisons were of the Keppoch branch of MacDonalds!

As I've repeated many times, Kepke loved to play PING-PONG with me in his basement. It's where he kept a white pet rat, and the Rattery location of Hoods can link to Rats/Raids because they were close to the first-known Ratterys.

God has used quite a few parking lots, and there was one even in the sleeping-bag dream. Parkings/Perkins are thus suspect as a pointer to Hillary Clinton's partner in crime, her lawyers at Perkins Coie. After I got to the top of the hill, in that dream, I crossed a RODham-like road, and then entered into a parking lot.

Masonic Roots in Cuneo

To make the Bra / Monforte area more compelling as a pointer of God, Rodhams are listed with Roddins, and Roddino is a location smack beside Monforte and Bra! Does that not seem arranged to you? Yes, but Hillary didn't arrange it by merely her birth from Mr. Rodham. It appears that God may have named Roddino after a man of that surname just so that He could point to Hillary right here and now. It's not a wonder that God pointed us to Bra via John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager (da big boss) when she was using Perkins Coie to assault candidate Trump.

Hillary came on national television once admitting that she did the bidding of the Council on Foreign Relations. The bra event at the Petersons is God's pointer to a recent chair (until 2007) of that globalist organization suspect with the guts of the shadow government. The Petersons use a "sine" motto term while Sinio is a location beside Roddino. The hill in the sleeping-bag dream can even be for Hillary liners, and, to boot, Peter Peterson was the CFR chair immediately before Carla HILLS (and immediately after David Rockefeller). Petersons share the swan with Peters, and with Swans/SINE's.

Feasibly, Swans were a branch of the Shane's/Chains/Cheyne's who have the Slow / Peterson cross in colors reversed, especially as Slows were first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys who-in-turn share love for the Majors in their motto with the motto of swan-using Peters.

I have just realized yet another pointer. I reached out to touch the bra because it belonged to an attractive blond living as a TENANT in the home of my friend (Jerry). I was just asking myself how the Tenant surname could apply, when I remembered that Tenants were first found in West Lothian with Bathgate's and a Bathgate location. As Hillary's private server was in her BATHroom, one could call the scandal, bathgate. This bathroom was on my mind as I spoke above on parking lots, for I had a dream (about one-to-two years ago) that started with my being in the parking lot of a mall (same as the sleeping-bag dream) when I suddenly needed to use the bathroom. So, I went into the mall seeking the bathroom, but couldn't find it until a sign appeared having an ARROW pointing me to the correct hall that had bathroom. Amazingly, while Arrows are Arras' too, the Bathgate's are Baggats too while the Bagget/Baggot write-up has this: "The Bagget name is derived from 'the Carlovingian Counts of Artois, whose descendants were advocates of Arras..." The arrow POINTed me to the bathroom, and POINDexters are suspect as a merger with Dexters who in-turn share the Bagget/Baggot Coat. The latter surname was first found in Staffordshire with Arrows/Arras'.

When I believed that God was pointing with my white-rabbit / Bra theme to Donna Brazile, I discovered, at her Wikipedia article, that her father's ancestors were Braswells, and that Braswells (a girdle in Crest) have the Dexter Coat in colors reversed. Donna came to mind first of all with a Brazilian sports writer who flew to Europe with Joel. The latter came to my place four days after buying a WHITE Volkswagen car, and when we were out on a drive with it, I began to tell him about my white-rabbit theme that I was working on, when he informed me that the model of his Volkswagen was a rabbit! That's when he told me that he would be going to Europe with the Brazilian sports writer.

I didn't know that the Dexter Coat is the Bagget Coat until recently, and so I've now got to entertain a Braswell link to Baggets, and thus to the sleeping-bag link to PoinDEXTERs. In short, Donna Brazile appears to be a part of the underlying crimes. Shortly after Joel came with his white Rabbit, I had a dream featuring his brother, whom in a dream (but not real life) owned a Volkswagen beetle. It was white too, and parked in a parking lot of a mall. That's the dream above where I had to go to the bathroom. I put a bucket into the back seat of this Volkswagen, and the very next scene was my need to go to the bathroom (now suspect with Hillary's server). French Buckets, like "Bagget," use cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of Bags, can you dig it? It looks like Intelligent design.

It appears that God gave that Volkswagen dream to connect with the sleeping-bag dream, and the last scene of the latter dream had me on a PLATform (inside the mall), suspect with Platte River Networks, the new server that Hillary used after being forced to give up the one in her bathroom.

If you are familiar with my Thurston Howell > Backus > Baker work of not many weeks ago, it should be added that Howells share the Coat of Gaywoods (Norfolk, same as Volks/Fulke's and Bags) while Bags are said to have been at GayWOOD...suspect with Bagley-Wood and the Woods (Leicestershire, same as Dexters). Did God arrange GAYwoods to point to pizzagate?

The Bagget-like Baskets, for whatever it could mean, use one of the two Braswell chevrons, and baskets might be a branch of Baschs/Beschs suspect at Food BASICs. Braswells were first found in Yorkshire with Hillary-like Hillards/Billiards, and the latter have the same chevron. Baskins even share the vaired fesse of Bachs/BAGHS (share the black dog with Crags and Carricks). These surnames can be suspect from "Busca," beside Saluzzo. In the door-handle dream, the shopping cart was a pointer to the 9-11 crime under the Bush family (that's another story not to be repeated here), and I found the medallion with bags of groceries filling my shopping cart.

As an interesting aside, Baskins use a "diligentia" motto term, like the "diligentes" of the Order of Saint Hubertus. It looks like code for king Gentius of the Ardiaei, for Ardiaei were on the Naro/Neretva river, the line to Nero's/Neretti's who share vair on red with Baskins and Bachs/Baghs. Gentius married a DARDanian princess, and while Sleeps trace to the Selepitanoi near the Ardiaei and Dardanians, they use two ermined fesses in the colors of the one ermined fesse of Darts/Dards. The colors of the fesse of Baskins and Nero's/Neretti's looks to apply to that of Darts/Dards.

Baskins were even first found in Banffshire with Troops, suspect from Tropoje in the Dardania theater. Troop-like Trope's/Drops (drops) were first found in Norfolk with Bags and Volks/Fulke's, the latter said to be from Fulk NERRA. That works.

Amazingly, Bagleys use drops on their ram head, and the ram head is used also by Cremers/Cramers, the latter having been from the ice-cream theme of two of my girlfriends (we can't limit God's abilities to make links), a theme that came to mind shortly above as per Baskin Robbins. One of the two girlfriends was Darlene Ray of Knob Hill Farms, a girlfriend immediately before Allison Bauer. The Darlene's (drops!) are said to use a "female figure" in robes, and Robe's/Robbs share the chevron of Rob(b)ins. A robin is used by Sullivans, suspect with the Sallow-like Salluvii Ligurians expected at the Saluzzo theater.

Back now to the indirect Poindexter link to BAGGets. John B. Poindexter became a topic with the sleeping-BAG dream. When having the dream, I myself was sleeping under a black sleeping bag having a red stripe down one side. On the morning of the dream, I found John Poindexter in an online group photo of the International Order of Saint Hubertus, all of the men wearing black robes with a red stripe down one side. That's what caused me to think of my sleeping bag for the connection. It seemed to be a God-inspired link because, the day before, I was reading the theories of others that John Podesta's emails with Mr. Elmendorf were code for Scalia's murder. John Poindexter is the one who invited Scalia to go hunting on his ranch for to get him killed in his sleep, and some 30 members of Hubertus were hunting on that same weekend. Big red flag that Barr (and Solomon?) needs to look into.

Likewise beside Bra is Savigliano (see ), where Pelosi's were first found. Is this a coincidence, or is there a Nancy-Pelosi reason for this? Is she a guilty party? She's like a chicken with her head cut off in the way she's attacking Trump. What's she so frantically scared of? SAVIGliano is suspect with Savage's (same place as Sales') whose six lions are in the colors and pattern of the six Hillary and Clinton fitchees. What a unique and brilliant method this is for God to unveil these criminals.

About a year ago, I purchased a new comforter. Here's a close-up of the comforter's diamond pattern, with each diamond half black and half white, the colors of the lozengy (diamond pattern) of Schole's/SCAYLE's, a surname like "Scalia." Did God arrange this? On the morning of the sleeping-bag dream, the murder of Scalia was pointed to by my own sleeping bag, which I was using as a comforter at that time. The Comfort surname (hunting horn) was first found in Kent with the Trips who in-turn use a SCALING ladder as code for the ladder-using Scalia's. Can you believe it? But there's more, for while Poindexter's share the lone star of Shoe's, German Trips are now showing shoes. Hee-hee, the Snitch in the Sky strikes again.

As I've said many time's, German Trips showed the same boots as French Masseys for a few years, until the Massey Coat was changed by houseofnames too. These Masseys then showed the crescents of Deans (Sussex, same as Arundel), and the Comfort motto shows "dea ne." I link Deans to Masci-line Masseys/Maceys because Deins (same place as Deans) share the white wing once shown for Masci's (Piedmont).

Likewise beside Monforte is barrel-like Barolo, hmm. As I said, I do not recall a ladder in the door-handle dream when I was holding a barrel-like container. All I recall was being about step-ladder height when dropping it to the ground. A ladder may be implied, however. There's a Diano d'Alba location 5-10 miles from Barolo, and Deans are Diane's too while Italian Deans/Diano's share the crescents of Deans/Diane's. When the flames started at the rim of the barrel, I yelled, "fire," and jumped to the ground to smother it. The Fire's/Firs/Furs share a giant unicorn with Italian Demonte's, from Demonte of Cuneo, and Rims/Rome's (ANNANdale) have a "Placit" motto term for Placentia (home of ANANES Gauls), which is alternatively called, Piacenza, where Deans/Diano's were first found. That works amazingly well, especially as my mother was born and raised in Picenze.

The Arms of Diano d'Alba has what looks like mythical Diana shooting an arrow in the leftward direction. That sinister direction is heraldic code for Masci's, Massena's, Rasmussens, and others who married them. Rasmussens happen to share the giant Fire unicorn, perfect. The three surnames above all use sinister-rising bends, as do Jewish Rothchilds. The latter's bend can be gleaned as the bend of Jays (Herefordshire, same as Barrels), and I lived on Jay street when the bra event took place. Alba-suspect Albanys share the lion of Massins/Masons, first found in Kent with Massey-related Trips.

As Jeepma's are CHEPs too, it's notable that the Chepman/Chapman crescent is the Dean crescent too. Chepmans love the Ponders (a mace, I think, the Macey symbol) in their motto, and Ponders with Ponds/Ponts might just explain, "POINDexter." Ponds/Ponts were first found in Hampshire with Sturs, suspect from the Stura-Demonte river. While Stirlings are STURlings too, Stirling is where Chappes'/Cheaps were first found, as well as Lecks/Lakeys that are possibly of the Lequio location on the Tanaro river into which the Stura-Demonte flows. This tends to reveal why the door handle of the Jeep was used, and moreover that God chose the Jeep for me by making me a tenant of its previous owner.

The Arms of Barolo share triple bends with French Barrels, hmm. As per the barrel-shaped part missing from the Jeep's door handle, it's very interesting that the stars in the Arms of Barolo are also those of Handle's...and of German Bauds (Rothes lion head?). These Bauds appear to use a spread eagle in the colors of the same of Barrs. English Barrels share the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's. There's no hard link of Barrels to Barolo here, however.

Oh wow, wait. I've just remembered that Barrels use a version of the Barone/Barello Coat while the latter were first found in Florence with Bruno's, yet BRUNo's are said to have had a branch at Asti, at Langhe smack in the Berolo theater! Barrs were at BRUNswick (!), and that's where Rothschilds/RODDENsteins were first found! Bingo. It's linking to Roddino at the Berolo theater, and tending to verify my old trace of Brunswick-Luneburg to Langhe (German Langs were first found in Luneburg).

Rothschilds must have been a branch of the namers of Roddino. Proto-Rothschilds named Rothes of Scotland, where Peter Pollock of Renfrewshire built a castle, and the Renfrew surname shares the ship of Bauds and Balds. Yet the Renfrew ship is a giant one white, as is the Noe/Naut/Nault ship, and Noe is a location beside Berolo / Monforte / etc. Rothes is at Moray, and Handle's share the Moray Coat.

AHHH, I get it! As I've said many times, the Jeep's previous owner was of the Italian Simon surname, and they use the giant lion of Montforts in colors reversed probably due to Simon de Montfort of Leicestershire! Bingo. That's why the dream said that the missing part was barrel-shaped, as per Berolo at Monforte! The tree-using Woods, first found in Leicestershire, may have previously been from Alba (Monforte is in Alba), for that term is the Italian for "tree." Leicestershire is where Toeni's/Tonys were, though they had also been the Tosni's of Les ANDELys, a potential HANDLe entity.

Oh wow, the Medals/DOUGAls, kin of Bauds, may have named DOGLiani, smack beside Monforte. YES!!! The Arms of Dogliani shares the giant lion of Medals/Dougals and Dowells! This is new to me so far as I can recall. It's also the lion of Pollock-liner Pools, who named Poole at the Stur-river theater. This can explain why DOUGLas' (Moray) share the Handle / Moray stars i.e. because Douglas elements named Dogliani at Berolo.

Zikers, the Arms-of-Dogliani lion is counterchanged in the colors of the same (identical Coats) of comet-using Reines'! I believe that God arranged the Pings/Pongs to be a Pagan/Payen merger with Panico's/Pane's. Pings/Pongs come up as Pung, suspect in the "pungit" motto term of Rome's/RIMs. After I complained about the door handle, I dropped a container on its rim.

I apologize for going into heraldic paths not necessarily pointing to the Democrat crime rings, but these points should be made for future considerations. I hope you don't mind the excess fat. Upon seeing the SERRAvalle Langhe location, a couple of things came to mind: Sierre near Sinio-like Sion, and the "Sero SED serio" motto of Cars. "Sed" is a motto term of Seaton-like Sedans ("sino") while Sion is also called, Sitten. But it just so happens that Rims/Rooms, with a lion in Serra-lion colors, use "sed" too. Seatons/Sittens (flames) are known FLEMings, and the rim of the container caught flames upon a circle of sand (Sands are in Seaton colors). I smothered the flames with sand, and Miss Hicks appeared in a car upon the sand of a beach. Sands were first found in Lancashire with Cars and Seaton-like Seats. Immediately after she was at the hood, she was hovering over the seats while I looked into the car from the passenger DOOR.

The giant lion of Serra's/Serrano's is that also of Russells (Dorset, same as Poole and the Stur river), who happen to use a "sara" motto term. As the Serra lion is shared by Sauers, it appears that Serra's were from the Sau/Sava river, where Sauers are said to be from. Therefore, things from the Sava were at Roussillon, in my expectations, and/or Roslin. Roslins happen to share buckles with Leslie's, and I trace Leslie's to Lesce on the Sava river. Fire's were first found in Austria with Sauers, and the Sava does begin in Austria.

I'm keeping in mind that Jack Sava is suspect in killing Seth Rich, and that while Savage's are also Sava's, SAVIGliano is beside Bar, the place to which I think God linked Donna Brazile, who not only wrote a book about Seth Rich, but took over the chair of the DNC as per events surrounding the death of Mr. Rich. This is where it seems important that Savage's/Sava's use the colors and format of the Clintons and Hillarys, as though God is pointing to a Jack-Sava partnership with the Clintons. Seth Rich (Sanders supporter) was trying to spoil Hillarys election bid against Bernie Sanders. That's why he stole the DNC emails, sending them to WikiLeaks.

The Rich surname (bottony crosses) is easily linked to Buttons/Bidens, interestingly enough. Did God arrange this? Rich's and Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Lise's, and Jack Sava, when he oversaw the medical treatment of Seth Rich, was having a relationship with a Lisa, a lobbyist for Uranium One, the organization that was acting corruptly for the Clinton Foundation. Donna Brazile's middle name, "Lease," might just have been arranged by God to suggest that she was involved with Lisa. The "CLARior" motto term of English Lease's (Northumberland, same as Rodhams/Roddens) is code for the namers of Clarens/Larens, apparently, for they share the double chevrons of Scottish Lise's/Lease's (in the colors of the triple chevrons of Clare's).

The upper Sava river has a Lesce location, and so let's quote from Wikipedia: "Serravalle Langhe borders the following municipalities: BossoLASCO, Cerreto Langhe, Cissone, Feisoglio, and RODDINO." Lesce happens to be smack beside Bled while the triple Bled chevrons are colors reversed from the same of Clare's. It appears that Serravalle is indeed connectable to the Russell-Serra-Sauer relationship. Leslie's use buckles, and the Serra lion is shared by BUCKLands (Buckingham). And Russells / Serra's / Sauers / Bucklands happen to share the lion of Rod-like Rhodes' while Rothes is a location up-river from a Buckle location in Scotland. The Rhodes' were early in Lincolnshire, where Roslins were first found, thus tending to prove that Rodhams use the bend of Jewish Pollocks, for Peter Pollock built the castle in Rothes.

Rothes castle, off the Spey river up from a Buckle location, was taken from Peter Pollock's family by Leslie's not long after his brother married Isabel, daughter of Eschyna de Molle, and so see the Buckland write-up: "Buckland, Surrey a village and civil parish in the Mole Valley district..." Lesce is not far from the Adige river to which I trace Eggs/Edge's, and then the Basters/Bastards (share "Pax" with Reeds) have this: "For several generations Efford, in the parish of Egg-Buckland, was the seat of this family." Eggs share the eagle of Roads and of Childs, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with another Buckland location, as well as with Besters.

Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Eggs and Buckle-branch Buckleys), share the Buckland / Serra / etc lion, which can be the Bos/Bush lion because the latter's Coat is a version of the Baster/Pastor Coat while Bucklands likely use the lodged stag of Maxwells minus the latter's "holly BUSH." Compare "Bush" to "Buck." Bush's 9-11 crime was pointed to by the knees of Miss Hicks, and here I can add that Baster-like Besters are also BestKNEE's. On the memorial of 9-11 that I attended with Miss Hicks, God pointed to Knee's and Stanleys, the latter being in the Eggerton write-up. Miss Hicks moved into a home previously owned by a Mr. Childs. Eggs/Edge's (same eagle as Childs) have the horizontally-split colors of the vertically-split Shield of Besters/Bestknee's (same place as Childs). The great thing here is that the split Shield of Besters/Bestknee's is that also of GARDners, tending to prove that Eggs/EDGE's are of/from the ADIGE river flowing past lake Garda!

I can add here that while the Bester/Bestknee lion is that also of Montforts, the latter were first found in Warwickshire with Scherf-suspect Sheriffs. Basters and Besters came to topic shortly below when finding that Montforts were at Warwickshire's Basternburgh. I'm not suggesting that Bush's were a branch of Besters or Basters, but more like a merger with elements of the Bessin, where Baiocasses lived who are thought to be from Bohemians. The Arms of Bohemia is the two-tailed lion of Montforts. Child-liner Childeric married Basina, the line of the Bessins, and he was a Merovingian king while Merovingians are suspect, by me, in naming Moravia, beside Bohemia.

In looking at German Boss' as per "Bossolasco," there's a good chance that its of Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Bosch's, and from Busca. Did you catch the news when Dick Cheney called George Bush, "boss," when they were seeking to win the hanging-chad conflict with Al Gore? I've noted that German Boss' have the split Shield of Groce's/Greggs, suspect with the medallion at the grocery store. God probably wants my shopping cart there to link to the shopping cart of the door-handle dream, and the latter scene was resolved as God's proof that the Bush presidents were born from the son of a Nazi, George Scherff. So far as I can tell, the medallion is God's pointer to the Steele dossier's fabrications at saint Petersburg, but these fabrications may have been started by the Republican company, the Washington Free Beacon, at the behest of Jeb Bush's task of defeating Trump.

Groce's/Greggs look like a branch of the Craig-Carrick line, and Carricks happen to have a "Garde" motto term while lake Garda has a Val Trompia to one side. Dutch Tromps share the aCORN with German Boss' (the ones with the split Shield of Groce's/Greggs) and CORNers/Garners, the latter said to be from GARDners. We just saw Gardners with the split-Shield of Besters/Bestknee's, and these are also the split colors of Eggs/Edge's. This paragraph thus far comes after having looked at Carrots/Carews, as per the Cerreto Langhe location beside Serravalle. Carrots/Carews are not only in Carrick colors, but share "bien" with the Carrick motto. And Bien's (Silesia, beside Moravia) share bees with Bessins and Bistons, who in-turn share a Crest like that of English Basters; the latter were in EGG-Buckland. Can we believe it, that while Moray was also called, Moravia, Handle's who share the Moray Coat were first found in Silesia. The door handle was broken, and Brocuffs, a branch of Broke's/Brocks, were likewise first found in Silesia.

George Bush has yoke on his face because Corners/Garners share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs. Corners/Garners share the red griffin in Crest with Brocuffs, a symbol of Pomerania, and that's where German Trumps/Tromps were first found who are in Corner/Garner colors. The flag held by the Brocuff griffin is the Dart/Dard/TARD fesse, I do believe, and Basters were early, BasTARDs, first found in Devon with Darts/Dards/Tards. It recalls the Bustards (Devon) with what should be a red-fesse version of the English Bush Coat that I have in my files. Brocks and Brocuffs can be from the Breuci smack at the upper Sava, a small distance downriver from Lesce. I trace the lion of Breuci-like Bruce's to the same-colored one in the Arms of Brescia, and that location is beside Val Trompia.

The blue-lion Bruce's are said to have been on the river Tees, while Sava's/Savage's use two "te" motto terms. German Tees'/Tease's/Tess' (Switzerland) are suspect with the Annandale saltire in colors reversed, and Bruce's were in Annandale. The leaves on the Tees'/Tease/Tess saltire are heavily connectable to Laevi on the Tessin/Ticino river, which starts in Switzerland. Laevi co-founded Pavia, where PERO's/Pierro's were first found who are suspect in the "PRO te" motto phrase of Sava's/Savage's.

"The surname Corner was first found in Rutland where the first record was found in the original Latin form, Garnerius de Nugent who was listed there 1170-1183." A Dardanian princess had married king GENTius, suspect in "NuGENT." Gents/Ghents even share the Bush fleur-de-lys. While the double Sleep fesses are connectable to the Dart/Dard fesse, Nugents have two fesses colors reversed from the same of Sleeps, and neither Coat adds anything else. Gentius was an Ardiaei king, and the Neretva elements of the Ardiaei named the Nerthus goddess of Pomerania.

The Ardiaei married Doria's who in-turn share the Gent/Ghent eagle, and when Miss Hicks was asleep in a car, I was looking at her through the DOOR. Daorsi, from mythical Dorus and Doris (I'll prove it below), were on the Neretva too. As soon as I touched her knee, she awoke, and we were then RISING together in the sky as God's pointer to Risinium/Rhizon, smack beside Butua, the line to Bute, where Glass' were first found. I was looking at her through the glass (windshield) of the door. The Ardiaei are likely from Ardahan, near RIZE. Hicks are in Arthur colors.

God gave her, 23 years after this dream, a knee symbol when I noticed her beautiful knees through the glass door of a CORNER store, the Get'n GO, which became suspect with the Gows/McGoo's, who come up as Gone's while the BELGIAN Gone's/GUENETs share the bend of Gaunts (Kent). Gaunt in Belgium is also, Ghent. That's right, God can do amazing things with symbols, causing me to take years to unravel it all. Dutch Gaunts share the wavy fesse of Pomerania's Dols, and the Alans of Dol are suspect from mythical Hellen, father of Dorus and Aeolus. The latter's wife, ENARETE, must be the line to "NERETva." There's the proof. The wavy Dol / Gaunt fesse is in colors reversed with Sodans/Sowdens/Soda's (share Alan stars), first found in Devon with Dardanian-derived Moons (Monunius), Ardiaei-derived Pine's (Pinnes), and the Dol- / Alan-derived Stewarts.

I could say that she had the BEST KNEES. And, zowie, I've just realized that half the Bester/Bestknee Coat has the giant lion of Gethins/Gittins/Gettings, the surname that was suspect with "GET'N Go". As she traces to Rize > Rhizon, lookie at the Gethin write-up: "One of the oldest records of the name was RHYS Gethin (died 1405), Welsh standard bearer..." Until now, I've neglected this write-up. A standard bearer is a flag holder, and Stanley took my seat beside her, at the 9-11 memorial (Sept 11, 2002), holding the American flag on a pole, just like a standard bearer! About an hour after he sat there, I saw her best knees at Get'n Go! Wow. I wasn't absolutely sure that Gethins were applicable to that corner store, but I am now on two counts. God had intended the Besters/Bestknee's for that event, and I haven't known it until now.

I can't recall the reason, but the Gethin lion was thought to be the Treby lion, and it just so happens that Trabzon/Trebizond is smack at the Rize theater. This is new and tending to assure even more that God arranged the naming of Get'n Go, or, if not, he arranged Gethins to have the Treby lion one way or another. Rize is beside the land of Gog, and Gethins are said to be from Mr. Goch. I've read that "gog" means sky, and Miss Hicks and I, a Masci liner, were rising into the sky. Rize is beside the proto-Masci Moschi mountains. Gethins and Rice's are of Wales, land of Cimmerians, and the latter lived in CRIMea, where GRIMaldi's might trace. My mother is both a Grimaldi and a Masci from her two parents. The Hayasa-Azzi of Ardahan / Rise were said by at least one writer to have been the Hyksos, explaining well why things surrounding Miss Hicks are tracing to their land.

Seth and the Sava

Bestknee's got us off topic from Lesce of the Sava river, which then went to things at lake Garda. I'm asking why "Garde" is a Rich motto term too. Is it to indicate that Seth Rich was killed by some medical procedure directed by Jack Sava (chief physician at the hospital)? It's completely interesting that while Jacks are suspect from "Ajax," the god, the Carrick-related Kennedys are from the Kennati priests of Ajax, the god. Carricks are the other ones using a "Garde" motto term, you see. The Kennati were not far from the Amazons inland from Trabzon.

I've been convinced that Bestknee's had been something that married Knee's, and the latter share the bend of Leslie's. Lesce is very near Rijeka/Rika, where I've been tracing Rich's and Ricks. You see, it seems as though Someone has arranged things to connect Seth Rich to the Sava river.

Time out. I've just realized (may or may not be the first time) that mythical PhlegYAS was an Ajax entity. That is, an A-less "Aiax" is like "Yas." Hyksos were non-Israelite Hebrews, and PHLEGyas is suspect with "Peleg," a son of Eber, founder/namer of Hebrews. Consider Peleg's brother, JOKtan, the feasible makings of "Ajax." Phlegyas was a LAPITH king, and Lapiths named Lapithos on Cyprus. It just so happens that one mythical Ajax was made the brother of Teucer, the latter having been made the mythical founder of a real Salamis location on Cyprus. Lapithos faces Cetis, where the Kennati stupids operated for Ajax.

Phlegyas was made the father of Coronis, the line to the Ceraunii on the Sava river. It's not off topic after all. The other Teucer, the co-founder of Trojans, had a daughter, Batia, suspect for years with the Caucasian Bats of Batumi, on the edge of the Moschi mountains and not far around the coast from Rize. Likely, the two Teucers were myth code for the same people group, the Tocharians = Togarmites.

Carricks were either in or beside the Ayr location of Ayrshire, and Ayers use a version of the Irish Shaw/SETH Coat. The Arms of Ayrshire has a "shaw" motto term, and Scottish Shaws likewise come up as Seths. Amazing, is it not, since "Shaw" is like "Sava." Who arranged for that? As per the Sava-river Sauers and their likely branch, the Serra's, let's mention the Ayer location near Sierre and Sion/Sitten. The Seth variation of Shaws can indicate the Sittens, but is more assuredly of the Sticks in the candlesticks of Ayrshire's Kyle's (share the Glass stars). Russells are suspect in naming Roslins (buckles), and a Roslin location at Midlothian is beside the first-known Seatons/Sittens and Keiths. The Keats have a Coat like that of Carrots/Carews.

Isn't it interesting, as per "CrowdSTRIKE," that Stricks are also STICKlands, and even have a Coat somewhat like that of Sticks and Stichs. Seths/Shaws are said to be from Stich-like "Sithech."

Miss Hicks was in a car (in the dream), and while the Arms of Carrick is just a red-on-white chevron, it's colors reversed from the Car chevron. While Carricks are from a son of Laevillus of Cetis, the line to Leavells, the latter were at CARY castle. I get it. Laevillus was married to QUADRAtilla, suspect with quatrefoils, the Ayer and Eyer symbol. As the father of Annas was Seth, of Syria, near Cetis, note that Annas' have stars colors reversed from the Car stars, and that "Caiaphas" is suspect from the Cavii, to the near south of the Sleep-liner Selepitanoi. Caiaphas became the high priest of Israel when marrying the daughter of the high priest, Annas. These two are in the gospels as the killers of Jesus. Eyers are suspect in the "EARS of rye" of Caiaphas-like Chappes'/Cheaps, and Rye's (share ermined-white on red with Sleeps!) are also RISE's, that's absolutely correct, yup.

The "J'eSPERE" motto term of Rich's can be for Speers/Spere's/SPEYers, suspect in naming the Spey river, location of Rothes castle and the Buckle location to which the buckles of Lesce-suspect Leslie's connect. Leslie's were earls of Rothes after having married the family of Peter Pollock. The Speers use a version of the French Massey Coat, I gather, because "spero" is a motto term of Massins/Masons, first found in Kent with English Rothes'. Massins/Masons share the Glass mermaid, and Glass' use the Massey/Macey fleur in colors reversed. Maceys were merged with Ardiaei in Ferte-Mace. German Rothes'/Rothchilds share the raven with Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks), the latter suspect with the line of Marjory/Margaret Carrick in a merger with Massey-branch Maceys / Mackays. Mackays (they were at Moray), who share the dagger with Seths/Shaws and the wreath with Buckle-branch Buckleys/BulKELLYs (possible Kyle / Cole branch?), were from king Maccus of Man (Arms of Man has the raven), where Christine's were first found who share the Coat of SETHs/Shaws. Sethincidence?

By the way, I can glean that the talbot dog of Carricks is for the Taillebois wife of Ranulph le Meschin, grandson of Richard Goz, which can explain why the Goz's (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothchilds) have a Coat looking linkable to that of Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks). The Craigie Coat is also a reflection of the Bolingbroke Coat while Meschin's wife (Lucy Taillebois) was of Bolingbroke. Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with COLchester and Brooks, and the BREUCI were where the COLapis river meets the Sava. Brooks almost use the Strick/Stickland Coat. "ColAPIS" may have been named after the Apis bull, for Cole's use a giant bull.

The Talbots (Salop, same as Meschins) use both of the red lions of Broke's/Brocks, clinching the latter with "BolingBROKE." Yet the Talbot lion is also that to Serra's / Sauers / Russells so that now, for the first time, Talbots have traced to the Sava, and especially to Breuci elements. I see French Talbots using a form of a Scott Coat because the other Scotts have the border of English Talbots, a good reason to trace Talbots to lake SCODra, and thus to the Taulantii of that area. I have an inkling that the French-Talbot bend looks connectable to the Saraca fesse because Saraca's were at Kotor while Cutters share the Chief-Shied colors of Broke's/Brocks and Brocuffs. The symbol (could be a plow) of Boling-like Bullings is bend-wise in the colors of the Talbot bend, and so, suddenly, the BULL-DOG in the mouth of the shark looks like it can be deciphered with the dog-line of Talbots in relation to Lucy Taillebois of BOLINGbroke. I've been able to spot that God can have multiple meanings / pointers to the same scenes / events / props, though I do realize that I'm able to make up links / pointers that He does not intend.

The shark and dog were in a swimming POOL, and Pools are Pollock liners while Bole's share the shot boar with Pollocks, thus showing that Bolings / Bolingbroke's can apply to Pools, especially as the Pollock arrow is/was called a dart at Wikipedia's Clan-Pollock article. The lion in the BROKE/Brock Crest is said to hold a dart. Bole's were even first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy Taillebois and Bolingbroke.

There are white-on-blue boars heads in the Bole cups, and Cups/Cope's trace very well to the Kupa river, which is the Colapis. Perfect. These boar heads are almost-certainly those of Molle's (Roxburghshire, same as Scotts), yet they are also those of Gooch's (Roxburghshire) and Goughs. I was waiting to cross Gooch's (almost have a Pollock motto term) because I thought that, maybe, God would use them in pointing to "GUCCifer." What are the chances that the Bole cups are in the colors of the Seth/Shaw cups? Pretty amazing. The Rutherfords (ROXburghshire) use a goose on a ROCK, and Goose's are listed with Gooch's, pretty-pretty amazing. Didn't we just cross Mr. Goose-like Goz, whose grandson married Lucy Taillebois?

I suppose it should be added that, as per CrowdStrike inventing Guccifer 2.0, there is a Strike surname, with another red lion. It happens to be the giant lion shown for Wikipedia's article on Ranulph le Meschin i.e. Lucy's husband.

The "pro te" motto phrase of Sava's connects with Peare liners on two counts, and the "Per" motto term of Bellys probably applies. Bellys were at Moray with Rothes castle, and so this lines up with the Bulling / Bole discussion above. Tee's, sharing the fesse of Pero's/Pierro's and Boets/Butts/Bute's, have the stars of Annas' (same place as Tee's). Butua is smack beside Kotor (this is where the Hicks dream pointed with our rising while embraced), the latter having been home to the Shark-like Saraca's, and the Hicks dream opened with a shark that had a bullDOG halfway into its mouth, with a ring of teeth circling its belly.

Christine Peare was in the last scene of the sleeping-bag dream, inside a mall that was God's pointer to Morleys/Mauls, who share the Tailbois scallops. In that last scene, were were in the midst of emBRACing, same theme as at the end of the Hick's dream. Talbot liners are suspect with the Taulantii Illyrians to the immediate south of the Selepitanoi and Cavii. It just so happens that the BRACEbridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Tailbois') have this: "...Peter de Bracebridge with Amicia, daughter of Osbert de ARDEN". That's the Ardahan-of-Rize line to the Ardiaei of Rhizon, right? Reesons were even first found in Lincolnshire.

I thought that the above was already quite amazing, but, also, it just so happens that Bracebridge's share the crozier with German Rice's/Rise's. That is spectacular, for the emBRACE was as we were rising. I'm instantly convinced, for the first time that I can recall, that our embrace was a pointer to Bracebridge's.

This entry of Bracebridge's to the Hicks dream, at this particular flow of the Seth-Rich discussion, is amazing. Miss Hicks was on a beach while sleeping in the car, when I touched her knee, and Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Besters/Bestknee's. Beach's share a Shield of vair fur with Bracebridge's. I've known this before, but I don't think it previously came with the context of things above this paragraph. It's now adding to the evidence that God was pointing to Bracebridge's.

The Bracebridge vair is in the colors of the same of English Champagne's while French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne. Sauvage's use a giant heart, and the Scottish Heart/Hart Coat has a fat saltire in the colors of the similar, fat cross of Risings, suggesting that Hearts were ARDiaei liners. Thus, it appears that God is pointing partly to Sava's/Savage's i.e. Jack Sava, and this gets more compelling where Donna Brazile was probably made the DNC chief to cover for the murder of Seth Rich. The ancestry of Donna's surname was in Braswells/BRACEwells, can you believe it? By what further coincidence is Bra smack beside SAVIGliano??? That is very impressive work. Plus, Irish Hearts have a passant lion in the colors of the same of Brazile's. Irish Hearts even have a Brace-like Brega entity in their write-up, and Brays/Brae's use a "flax BREAKer."

Embers were looked up as per "EMBRace," and the ending on Ember variations are like variations of the Brays. Many heraldic savages carry a club, and Embers have a man with a club.

Braswells were at Bracewell of West Yorkshire, and thus near to the first-known Sedans ("DONO" motto term!) who share the "sed" motto term of Cars. Miss Hicks was in a car when we embraced. Braswells use a girdle while, in myth, Hercules, a Dorian (i.e. to the Daorsi to which Hicks pointed), stole the girdle of an Amazon queen.

Sedans are now said to have been first found in Durham, though they were previously said to have been in West Yorkshire, which houseofnames obliterated, an important part of my work. On behalf of its customers, there's no reason that houseofnames could not have kept the previous write-up while adding the Durham part. The Sedan Crest shares the gold cinquefoil with Ardens (Warwickshire), and we just saw Ardens of Warwick in the Bracebridge write-up. Hmm, why is the Arden Coat a reflection of the Jack Coat (Yorkshire)?

Sedans likely named Sedbergh of West Yorkshire, the home of Dents suspect in the shark's teeth. While the teeth were around the bulldog's belly, Turks (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) share "bello" with Belly-line Bouillons (!), and that's super because Turks were looked up as per this part of the Bracebridge write-up: "...Peter de Bracebridge with Amicia, daughter of Osbert de Arden and Maud, and granddaughter of TURCHhill de Warwick..."!!! That is simply amazing. The beginning of the dream, the shark scene, is now linking to the very ending of the dream, the embrace.

Hicks use a "Tout" motto term, and Touts/Toots/TUTE's, suspect with the Ardiaei queen, Etuta, were first found in Yorkshire too. Etuta was the Dardanian princess who married Gentius. Irish Tute's were first found in Norfolk with Risings. The latter Tute's are said to have been in Eure, like the "heure" motto term of Hicks. Tute's were in Les Andelys, to be exact. Dent-liner Denets are said to have been in Eure's Dreux. York was founded as "Eboracum" by the Hebrew-suspect Ebroicum/Eburovices of Evreux, in Eure.

Tute's share the Tatton quadrants, and Touts share the Tatton crescents, and Tate's/Teets happen to have been first found in Berwickshire with Ardiaei-liner Arthurs...and Hume's/Home's that have a "TO THE" motto phrase suspect with Tooths. You see, the Hicks themselves can trace to Ardahan and Rise, and to the Hayasa-Azzi. The latter were likely of an ancient Asi/Assi peoples, namers of Asia Minor, and Hyksos were said to have been Asians (of Asia Minor). Why do Bracebridge's have an "as" motto term? I say that Hyksos had a proto-Massey household, and in keeping with an Ardiaei-Massey merger, Tattons are said to have married Massys.

After years of wondering, I have finally deciphered my embrace with Miss Hicks. Bracebridge's even use a crozier while Crozier's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. The family of Godfrey de Bouillon lived in Artois, and near Ardennes. The "Pace" motto term of Turks should be for Bologna's Pace's/Pasi's (Speer kin), for Godfrey de Bouillon's father was in Boulogne. Is this another reason for the BULLdog? Bullys (same place as Turks) share flames with Turks, but the Bully flames are with its heart. Bologna and Boulogne are also called, BONonia, which may apply to the Hicks motto term, "bon."

I can add to this, thanks to the Turks coming up from Bracebridge's. The "vel" motto term of Turks is partly for Vela's, for they use TORCHes at the corners. And then the Vele's share the moline cross of Italian Vallans ("valle") while Valiants use a SHARK, that's right. To serve as proof that this heraldic shark is code for Saraca's, the Saracen surname is also, "Sarasin," while French Sarasins use that same moline that's in the Vallant Coat.

Turks/Torks were probably from Humphrey de Vieiles of TORCY, the father of the Beaumonts of Meulan, the ones who married Waleran de Leavell. Walerans are the ones who share the black-on-white bulls of Beautys/Bowoods to which God pointed when Miss Hicks was asleep in the car. When I first saw her, in the dream (15 years before seeing her for the first time in real life), I remarked, "she beautiful." Then, when a voice from behind me said, "what are you waiting for, go wake her up," I decided to do it Sleeping-Beauty style, with a kiss. The Kiss'/Cush's are the ones for which there is a cushion in the Bibo Coat, and Bibo's are suspect with Vibia, the mother of Laevillus, the line to Leavells. Perfect, and Laevillus ruled in Cilicia, where Hyksos had also been. To this we can add that while Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, Kilpatricks use cushions (looks like Intelligent Design).

While leaning over to kiss her, my hand GRAZEd her knee, and she awoke then. Drats, no kiss. I didn't know that Graze's/Grasse's applied until now, for they were first found in Provence with Grace's/Grasse's, and the latter show only three chevrons in the colors of the only two chevrons of Braswells/Bracewells. It looks like Intelligent Design again. Be amazed, because I see exactly where this is going. There is a Grasse location near the Provence border, and its Arms uses lambs, the symbol of English Lamberts, and then French Lamberts/AMBERS (!) use two chevrons in the colors of the two of Braswells/Bracewells! . This comes after Embers had been loaded as per "EMBRace." The embrace was a pointer also to Ambers who share the Braswell chevrons, and thus God was pointing to Donna Brazile.

Can we believe it? Mieszko II Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine, and Rich's, said to be from Lorraine, are also Richeza-like Richess'!!! There you have a pointer to Brazile (wrote a book on Seth Rich) and to the Rich surname simultaneously! Wow. French Lamberts use a version of the Billiard Coats.

Go WAKE her up? The Wake's (Lincolnshire, same as Bracebridge's) have two fesses in the colors of the near same of Leavells, yet the two Wake fesses are colors reversed from the same of Harcourts (share "bon" with Hicks) while Humphrey de Vieiles was a Harcourt Dane. The red Wake besants are shared by Ore's/Orrs and NELLYs (and Bullis'/Bulliards). This is what pointed to Nelly Ohr of Fusion GPS. The Ore's/Orrs, in the "ora" motto term of Wake's, use a "Bonis OMNia bona" motto, which connects to a cloud-over-sun omen (I was mugged that night) that God gave me, which would later be found in Donna Brazile's middle name (Lease). Ore's/Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire with Pace-related Speers and PASleys/Paisleys, and so let's repeat that Pace's/Pasi's, in the Turk/Tork motto, are from BONonia, a thing we can see in the Ore/Orr motto. Ore's/Orrs share the fitchees of Sands/Sandalls while the latter's fesse is in the colors of the Wake fesse. She was on the beach sand when I was told to wake her up.

It dawns on me here, with the evidence above that Braswells are Bra liners, that BrasWELLs were a Bra-line merger with the Wells (Lincolnshire, same as Bracebridge's with a "WILL" motto term), for they share a two-tailed lion with Montforts i.e. from Monforte at Bra. The Montfort lion is used in the Arms of Bohemia, and that country was named by the Boii of Bologna. The German Franks share the column with Pelosi's, the latter first found in SAVIGliano, at Bra. The entire motto of Scottish Wills is in the Bracebridge motto. The Bracebridge's add, "Be," and Bee's can be gleaned with Masseys and Bessins, especially Mr. BRIQUEssart of the Boii-suspect Bessin, father of Meschins. Wills/Willis' and/or Wells can be from Humphrey de Vieiles. German Wells were first found in Westphalia with Velins and Velens, possibly a branch of Whelans who use the BRICK Coat (Massey fleur). Briquessart's son married a woman from BolingBROKE, and Brace-like Bracks (same fesse as Meschins) use a talbot dog for her TailleBOIS surname. Humphreys share the flory of Boii-suspect Bouillons. GODfreys share the pelican with German Wells, and Wills with Bracebridge's use a "God" motto term.

The Chief-Shield colors of Orrs/Ore's is shared by Annas' and Shops/SHAWlands, and the Annas stars are in the red roundels of Bullis'/Bulliards. It's just that Shaws are Seths too. wake's use a "wake KNOT" while Annas' were first found in NOTTINGham. Nottings are also Knottings (in the colors of the Arms of Saraca), from Cnut the Dane. Hmm, as per the teeth of the shark, Cnut was related to Bluetooth, a Dane king. His name was BlaDENT, thought to mean, "blue tooth," but perhaps he was instead a Dent / Denet liner. Might he have been named as per a Bull-line merger with Dents? Katrina Hanson, whom I dated first in a Valiant car (this is how I discovered the only shark I know of), was Danish.

I can clearly see, now, that God arranged a Hicks-dream pointer to Donna Brazile. She was a Hillary supporter against Bernie Sanders, and the Sands/Sandalls implied by the dream can even be linked to bull-using Sanders because they share two white chevrons with Braswells/Bracewells. Irish Sanders use elephant heads suspect with the Elaphiti islands right beside the Saraca's of Ragusa. Recall Valiants with the shark, for "veillant" is a motto term of Sandersons/Sandesons (Durham, same as Sedans). The Sanderson Crest dog can even be a talbot, especially as Taulantii were at/near LISSus while the Sanderson pale bars are those also of English Lise's and Lizarts/SARDE's (Provence). It's speaking to Mr. BriquesSART, the line to a marriage with Talbots = Taillebois'. Lizarts were at DRAGuignan, and Drake's were first found in Hampshire with English Lise's. The red-on-white wyvern of Drake's was the symbol of the dukes of Masovia (Poland), where Mieszko's ruled, and Mieszko II Lambert can be traced to Grace's/Grasse's of Provence, who are in Lise colors.

It's a little interesting that bull-using Sanders were first found in Rhineland with Bush's and Solomon's, for John Solomon's Ukrainian investigations will connect to Guccifer 2.0, and therefore to Seth Rich, a Sanders supporter. The upright Sanders bull is that of CHARo's/Claro's, and the car was on the sand. But the same bull design is used by Bush-like Boso's. English Boss' use another red bull, and were first found in Cornwall with black-bull Cole's, and beside black-bull Walerans. Amazingly, this brings us back to German Boss' sharing the split colors of Groce's/Greggs, thus bringing us back to the medallion at the grocery store, the thing expected with Solomon's investigations.

I neglected to say while on German Boss' earlier, that their three acorns on a red bend are in a brown color appropriate for the three gold stars upon a red bend of Solomons/SALOME's. Bush's (the black boar of Edom) can be traced well to Eliphas of BOZrah (Edom capital), the thing I trace to the Elaphiti islands. And I do in fact trace the Bush/Busch / Bosch fleur-de-lys to Saraca's of Ragusa, for more reasons than that fleur being used by Raggs (and acorn-using Corners/Garners). Eliphas was an Edomite, and so were Herods, while Salome of Boethus married king Herod.

We now ask why Walkers were first found in the same place as Bush's, and why the Walker chevron with three annulets is shared by Ragg-like Riggs ("vivo")? These annulets are in the colors also of the Vele annulets, tending to clinch a Walker trace to the Saraca's along with Bush's. Suddenly, this explains why the white crescent of German Walkers, upon what can be construed as a blue-on-gold fesse, is all reflective of the Arms of Saraca (white fish on a blue-on-red fesse).

The vertically-split Shield of German Bauds is colors reversed from the same of English Doors, the latter first found in Herefordshire with Barrels. As Bauds were kin of Medals/Dougals, we see here that the Jeep's door handle connects with the medallion on the Jeep's hood. Jeepma's/Cheps thus link well to Chappes'/Cheaps because the latter were first found in Stirling with Bauds (share Hood and Craigie crescents). Doors share bees with Carrick-beloved Biens, and I showed above why the Meschins of the bee-line Bessin are in the talbot dog of Carricks. The Chippings/ChePYNs share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and may have been a Chep merger with Pine's/Pyne's in the pine cones of Maschi's. The Pings/Pongs are linkable to Panico's who in-turn share the ChipPING / Masci fleur. Pine's/Pyne's look very linkable to king Pinnes of the Ardiaei. y

Doors are suspect from the Daorsi Illyrians who lived on the Neretva with the Ardiaei. The latter named the Arduinici of the Baud-line Bautica river (flows toward Cuneo). Arduinici married Doria's, no surprise. The Bautica goes through Chivasso, named by the Cavii in Albania. Albanians named Alba, didn't they? Albanians were in Monforte, weren't they? Ask the Langhe trace to Lyncestis, on the opposite side of lake Lychnidus from the Albani. "Pinnes" is expected from the PENEStae, on the Drilon river as it flows out of Lychnidus. Penes'/Pennys use a Lyncestis-liner lynx.

The Bautica flows through Ivrea (home of Arduinici), and Ivrea-like Yvery was home to Leavells, from Waleran de Leavell, who married a daughter of the Beaumonts (of Leicester), whose titles went by marriage to Simon de Montfort. One Beaumont Coat uses the Montfort lion. The Ardiaei were also the Vardaei while Vardys were barons of Ferte-Mace, origin of king Maccus.

I've just gotten a new idea, that Monforte was named after Monaco elements, for Monks have lion heads in the colors of the Montfort lion. Monks are said to have had a building in MONmouthshire with Howells, and the latter share the Coat of Gaywoods while Bags, who were at Gaywood, share the Coat of Monaco's Grimaldi's. The white wyvern dragon in the Monk Crest, shared by Rich's, is the emblem of the Wessex Saxons whom had merged with Maccus of Man. The people of Man were the Monk-like Manx. Mangs/Mongs are also MAGNus', and Irish Maghens have lions colors reversed from the Monk / Montfort lions, and in the colors of the giant Monmouth lion. Mangs/Mongs even have Weynish-like variations like those of Fane's/Veyne's (share the Macey / Wayne gauntlet), first found in Monmouthshire. The Monmouth lion is missing a leg, and Leghs happen to share the Mon/Mount Coat.

The Howells (towers = turres', linkable to THURSton-like terms) are in Monk colors, and while I think that God used an event in my life that pointed to Thurston Howell, we now find: "The surname Montfort was first found in Warwickshire where the family claims descent from 'Hugh de Montfort, son of THURSTON de BASTERNbergh..." Monks were first found in Devon with BASTERs and the Thors; the latter have the three Howell towers in colors reversed. Spanish Torres'/Turres' have more towers, and were first found in Castile with Serra's (Montfort lion in colors reversed). Spanish Sierra's have the look of the Mang/Mong Shield, and the latter shares the purple lion with Skiptons, suspect with Skippers. Thurston Howell was a character on Gilligan's Island, which featured a Skipper character too. Skippers

Besters/BestKNEE's have a giant lion in the colors of the same of Montforts. Bests are in the colors and format of Thurstons and Godfreys, and while Godfreys share "Libertas" with Bests, Bouillons share "bello" with English Basters (Crest suggests a branch of Bistons / Bessins/Beestons and Bessens). French Basters/Pasters share a version of the Bos/Bush/Bosch Coat, both sharing the lion of Leghs/Lee's while English Bests use "legiBUS." French Bes'/Bests look connectable to Monaco's by having a version of the Kelly Coat.

The Thurston-Howell discussion (3rd update of May) was revived (1st of June) when coming to Jim Baker of the military, who partnered in crime against Trump with Stefan Halper. The Halpers have a Needham entity in their write-up, and Needhams share the Knee Coat. And here we find the BestKnee's with Besters.

Danish Munks use the Coat of French Desmonds/DeMONs (Orleans) in colors reversed, which should explain the MONKey of Irish Desmonds. The three green fesses of Orleans' look linkable to the green bars of Mangs/Mongs. Desmonds/Demonts should be the namers of Cuneo's Demonte, especially as Saluvii-suspect Sullivans have an "abu" motto term while Irish Desmonds use "aboo." The Sullivan stag is almost that of Munichs/Mannix's/Mangans. The Sullivans share the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion, and Munks with Desmonds/Demons use roses while the Rose's were kin of Bosco's. The Saluvii thus suspect at Busca and Saluzzo.

Sitric, Maccus' grandfather, ruled the Dublin area, where baron Massy operated that came to Monaco with the famous actress, Grace Kelly, wife of Mr. Grimaldi, prince of Monaco. Kellys probably shared the Monaco lion long before that marriage.

Recall how the Medal/Dougal lion linked well to Rita's and Roets, for the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet is in the Arms of Rodello, a location in Cuneo beside Berolo. Roets share the giant tree with Alba-possible Woods. It was resolved that the Rita lion is that of Poole's, from Vespasia Polla of Rieti, but Monaco's (flames) use it too, and so does the Arms of Berolo along with stars in the colors of the Monaco stars.

The Douglas' are very linkable to the door handle where Handle's were Moray liners. The Douglas', known Flemings, are in the write-up of Scottish Sandals/Sandilands (probably the Douglas crown), and the Sands happen to be Sandalls too. Thus, the flames on the sand pertain at least partially to Douglas'. The latter's SALAmander in flames can be links to Saluzzo elements where Sandals/Sandilands share the Chief-Shield of Saluzzo's. The salaMANDER ought to be partly for Man liners, especially as Masci's > Maceys (share the pierced Clinton stars) are suspect with Saluzzo. Cluns, who share the Saluzzo Coat, were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags. I YELLED fire as I dropped to my KNEES on the sand to put out the flames, and Yell is a location in SHETland (suspect with Seatons), where Mangs/Mongs were first found. The Arms of Shetland shares the raven with the Arms of Man. The Knee bend is therefore likely with the Sandals/Sandilands.

It's therefore possible that German Mangs/Magnus' are with the Saluzzo Shield too, but with the pale bars of German Julians, for English Julians share the salamander in flames. That reminds me that the salamander in flames is used by Segans/Sagans while the previous owner of the Jeep lived in Seguin! Good one. It's a good one to prove further that God gave the door-handle dream. WOW, the Seguins even share the stars of French Julians, and were first found in Languedoc with them! Zikers, I think had missed all of this. The Douglas' have just proven to be the key to blowing this flame part of the dream wide open. Seguins are suspect with a Seguin-like sea gull, and Gullys/Gollys ("sine") and Gulls ("Sine") can be gleaned as Julian kin. Gulls (Kent, same as Arundel-branch Rundels/Roundels) have a version of the Sallow Coat. Sands use the raGULLY pattern.

The saltire of English Julians should be that of Kilpatricks (share green dragon with Seatons), for Kilpatrick castle is near Castle Douglas.

French Julians (could be a version of the Kilpatrick Chief), who share the French Alan Shield for a great way to link to Alice of Saluzzo, look linkable to Saluzzo-liner Clintons (Oxfordshire, same as Gullys/Gollys and swallow-using Lille's), and the Clinton Chief has stars in the colors of the one hexagram in the Chief of German Mangs/Magnus'. It appears that king Maccus was at least from Saluzzo elements if not from a family in Saluzzo. I had heard that Bellamys, who share the Seaton crescents, had married Ferte-Mace.

The Sheera variation of Kilpatricks, or the Sure/Shore king of Kilpatricks, looks linkable to the Shirwood location of Lille's, and this can go to the shopping cart of the door-handle dream, for Shops (Kent, same as Gulls) are also Shirlands/Shorelands/Sherlands/Shawlands. Whoever saw a gull with a red belly? Dutch Gulls show one, but then it looks like the Sullivan robin.

Sullivans are highly suspect with the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion. The shopping cart was resolved as God's proof that George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr, a son of a Nazi, and adopted secretly by the family of Prescott Bush. Schere's, looking like Walker and Sheer/Shere kin, are also Scherfs. Shops have a dancette in the colors of the dancette of Carricks, and Carricks were kin of Kennedys while Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Sullivans. Kennedys (use the Arms of Carrick) were from the Kennati priests of Cetis/CITIS, and Carricks were from Proculus CHARAX, son of Laevillus, king of Cetis. The "liCITIS" motto term of Sure's/Shore's (and Caens) probably applies to Cetis elements. Go ahead and compare Bosco's to Schore's.

It's important that the Chief-Shield colors of Shops/SHAWlands is that of Annas' and Wiggins, for Annas of Israel, killer of Jesus, was a son of Seth while Shaws (Perthshire, same as Cluns), from a SITHech entity, come up as Seths. Wiggins (Cambridgeshire, same as Julians suspect with the Kilpatrick saltire), with a virtual copy of the Annas Coat, share the Crest (spur and wings) of the Kilpatrick kin, the Johnsons. The latter two share the cushion with Bibo's, the latter suspect, along with the Craig and Craigie mottoes, from "Vibia," mother of Laevillus of Cetis.

Puttins/Padyns (more flames) were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Johnsons, and Dutch Puttens share the Chief/Shield colors of Shops / Annas' / Wiggins. English Puttens were first found in Sussex with Clun-liner Arundels. English Puttens even share the besants (both colors) of Flame's, suggesting that Puttins/Padyns could have been at Castle Douglas.

Okay, but what's the Purpose of pointing to Douglas' with the Jeep's door-handle dream while pointing to Dougals with the medallion on the Jeep's hood? Well, we just saw what Douglas' did, the things that were to flow out from them, and the medallion event took place about three hours after leaving off my writings on the hood of a car at which Miss Hicks stood. She was born a Hicks, but she married Mr. Kilpatrick. As Arundels are a branch of Rundels/Roundels, the Flame roundels suggest that Flame's share the gold Sallow Chief. Gulls and Flame's both share gold Chiefs without symbols.

The Hicks use a CHAPlet, and Chaplets share the black-on-gold swan once shown by French Josephs. The previous owner of the Jeep was Joseph, and Jeepma's are also Cheps, all suspect with Joseph "Caiaphas," son-in-law of Annas, and fellow killer of Jesus with him. Annas was also ANANus, and ANNANdale is in Dumfries with the Rims/Rooms (said to have been of Annandale).

But what's all this got to do with Saint Petersburg, Russia? Why would God go from a Hicks hood to a Jeep hood about Saint Petersburg? I'm stumped hands down. By the way, I kid you not, the Kilpatricks owned an old, rusty Jeep in the first year that I attended their church.

White Rabbit News has a new video, firstly re-hashing the DNC "hack" for a few minutes, but then making the major point that, according to the DoJ, the FBI didn't even have the CrowdStrike report. The FBI didn't even bother to look at the CrowdStrike report of an alleged incident that supposedly had the Russians hacking the DNC, which is all that any normal person needs to know to conclude that Russians didn't do the hacking. This is a huge deal for Barr, if he's a normal person who won't cave to deep-state pressure.

As Trump himself hasn't been outspoken against CrowdStrike, Trump might cause Barr to cave. I can't recall Trump speaking against the CrowdStrike cover-up, though he did ask about it (this week I think) on Hannity. Why hasn't Trump mentioned CrowdStrike? Probably for the same reason that Fox has ignored it. I don't know what the reason is, but I feel like calling Trump a bad word again over this. This was at the core of the Trump attack, and yet Trump didn't make it central to his defence. What a shenanigan Trump has been, half in bed with the deep state that wanted his ruin, the same deep state that might even assassinate him. JERK! There, I feel better.

The problem has been, Trump has deemed the military establishment to be a great need for winning 2020, but that establishment is a part of the Intelligence octopus. Therefore, Trump has decided to go soft on the deep state so that he may not be at mortal war with the military establishment, a thing traditionally beloved by Fox news. There's your problem, Trump worshipers. There's your hypocrite in the White House at this time, explaining why you are being made to wait forever for arrests. Trump has been the obstruction. He is guilty of obstruction after all, and he may yet force Barr to become soft for the sake of a convenient, military-Trump partnership.

Sarah Carter says that Steele isn't willing to speak with Durham, but is willing to speak with Horowitz. What does this tell us about Horowitz? I thought so. When Trump promised to declassify some things, he changed his mind the next day, probably because the shadow government changed his mind. He gave the job to Horowitz, but it appears that Barr is unhappy with Horowitz's report thus far. It figures, right? We knew that Horowitz wasn't playing with all the marbles, right? And so did Trump, right? Exactly why Trump gave the job to Horowizard, who was sure to leave some nasty things out of his report. The shadow government told Trump to give it to Horowitz, and Trump danced the jerky-jerky shake for them.

Steele may have been urged by others to speak with Horowitz because the enemy knows that Barr / Durham has forced Horowitz to cover issues that Horowitz had decided to ignore previously. Steele may wish to assist Horowitz in excusing an issue that Barr / Durham is pushing out of him. The longer this tug-of-war goes on, the more time the shadow government has to cover for its faked events. In the meantime, Trump remains a useless jerk, giving things over to Barr knowing that the shadow government will work him over. A jerk is defined as an unstable piece of junk. A piece of junk is defined as one who has the power to declassify and expose, but who won't do it. "Unstable" is defined as one who acts the puppet. A puppet is a weak one who does not do what he wants to, or what he knows is right to.

By allowing the military to have leverage over him, Trump is compromised. This means that the military can force Trump to make Barr go soft on the criminals cherished by the shadow government.

The problem with the Hannitys and Bonginos of the present time: they don't yet recognize, at least openly, that the military was behind 9-11. This is a big oversight. What if the Bushites in Trump's government (Pompeo and Bolton could be two of them) are egging him on to attacking Iran so that their fellow Bushites can later contribute, with Democrats, to attacking that decision for the purposes of eroding his 2020 chances? Have you noticed that George Bush never speaks out against those who attack Trump?

Here's a video of Tucker Carlson apparently claiming that the Koch brothers are at the top of the Democratic arm of the Republican party. The RINO's, that is, and so isn't it amazing that Kochs share the three lozenges of Rine's/Reno's????

Where's the Drone's Pieces?

At first, I did not believe that Iran shot down an American drone. But then I learned the true horror, that Iran admitted to shooting it down because it was in Iranian air space. If Americans don't wise-up about this, they will launch into a new war, exactly what the deep state would like at this time, to take news off of its troubles. Trump is acting like a war-hawk puppet. Put on your brains; Iran would NEVER shoot down a major American drone at this time in which it is vulnerable...unless it believed that the drone was coming in for an attack. This belief was nurtured, we might say, by the false-flag events a week ago, the blowing up of hulls. If you wish to believe that Iran went to remove the bomb on the side of the Japanese ship, then you have got to believe that Iran didn't want to get caught. Are you now going to believe that Iran shot down an American drone without cause, merely to act the bully? The false-flag event caused Iran to believe that Trump was going to bomb Iran. This could be serious.

The fake news last week serves to show how hopeless Trump is. He has no choice but to dangle and dance the tune of the shadow government. Even while he boasts about his accomplishments, he openly exposes that he's nothing but a puppet of his enemies. Why? Because he gave in to them. He made a deal with them. He'll let Barr go after Obama's lower rungs, but he won't touch the military-aligned shadow government. He cries out against fake news that harms him, then happily serves fake news from the military. He started, once, to go against Intelligence, but the shadow government burned him, and he instantly relented. He should have taken the burn. He should have ordered documents from the establishment, to prove that they engage in faked-Intelligence reports. He has the power to declassify their faked-Intelligence reports. Instead, he has now become the tool of faked events. However, for the moment, he's holding firm (stable) on his dance floor, showing signs of not going to war:

What tomorrow may bring, only a puppet may know. For now, he's doing right to quell things. For all we know, the military decided to fly the drone into Iranian territory because it wanted the drone shot down. Trump had best watch his words, for he's saying that war may have resulted if Iran shot down a plane with pilots. His military can arrange that, for it has been a purely satanic organization. Lindsey Graham, we knew it, wants to sink the Iranian navy today. I don't know what dream world he's living in.

Trump posed the theory that maybe "some Iranian general" simply made "a mistake" in shooting the drone. I don't think it's a good theory, but I do get his point that he wants to resist war. I think a better theory is that the drone was discussed with the highest Iranian levels, and that the latter decided to shoot it because it was coming straight for Iran, or in some other way appearing provocative.

Trump can redeem himself in my eyes if he resists the military establishment, and shows signs of educating himself and his lawyers on the corruption of the military. To become fully acceptable in my eyes, he's got to reveal the 9-11 crimes. CNN is not the only provider of fake news, isn't that right, Fox? Trump does his share. Trump will never reveal 9-11...unless someone else does it first, overwhelmingly and compellingly, allowing him to break in with contributions.

It wasn't long ago when prophecy writers were warning that the anti-Christ would come to bring peace and prosperity. I never did subscribe to that erroneous idea, though I do think that the False Prophet might boast about it. Here's from a comment at BCP this week; "Edy Rovelo... Such a thrill to be around this days and witness our brilliant President make peace and prosperity for us all Thank you for all your sacrifices ,and everything you do for us May God bless you Mr President!" More and more, even Christians are praising Trump for peace and prosperity. The anti-Christ will not come to bring a peace treaty with Israel, nor is there any scripture telling that he brings peace to any nation. There is no scripture where he is portrayed as a peace-maker. Rather, he's a taker by war, a bottomless stomach.

However, Revelation 13 implies that the world will hunker down in, or welcome, a false-peace scenario from the war machines of the anti-Christ. The peoples will marvel over him because no one can make successful war against him. Identifying him by that statement depends on who those people are in particular, but we're not told. The concept of peace by war is not only Roman, but American war-hawk. It's not anything a Christian wants to support.

Youtube started to hide BCP videos, from me, anyway, on Thursday. It did not bring his videos up that day. When I searched BCP, youtube gave me his videos that were years old, and some of them months old. Checking Anderson Cooper, sure enough, youtube gave them only hours old and a few days old. This is how youtube robs half of the world while serving the demonic half. Shame, filthy pigs at youtube.

I have searched for Hannity videos at youtube many times seeking to get that day's show, but almost always, youtube refuses to give them to me. Instead, it gives his videos weeks, months and years old. But when I searched Hannity immediately after searching Cooper just now, the Hannity videos came up only hours and days old, same as the Cooper videos. This reveals that youtube's computer is programmed to play fair only when someone like me might be testing the system, or when someone is alternating between leftist and rightist videos, so that someone won't glaringly witness that the newest rightist videos are being buried. Youtube's stinking pigs, we can see their game. We're dealing with political cheaters who want to run the world.

Here's Hannity (6th minute) taking the position of Intelligence, lock-stock-and-barrel, on the Iran-drone affair, even though he knows Intelligence cannot be trusted at this time:

This video is very telling. Hannity takes a moral position, yet he's fully trusting American Intelligence. What good is a moral position if it's a wrong one? Hannity's list of Iran's sins doesn't speak at all to this drone issue. No matter that the Iranians are foolish when it comes to Israel, they aren't suicidal. The more the West badgers Iran, the crazier it will talk, the crazier it will go, until, possibly, it will do something crazy. No matter that Iran acts the big shot when breathing death to the Unites States, it won't attack the United States anymore than North Korea would. Either Hannity does not have a firm grip on this reality, or he's trigger happy against Iran. Under the global circumstances, war hawks must be shut down, and that includes Hannity. There's no other way to put it: SHUT UP about war. Let the Koreans and Iranians mouth off all they want, but you be the bigger man, the mature one. Don't become a victim of war-hawk Intelligence people.

I would change my view if I can be convinced that God wants the Americans to attack Iran. But so far as I can see, the current episode is from a demonic military establishment willing to kill Americans to get a war going. They would probably like to send Christian soldiers to the front lines, for the "glory" of the nation.

On Friday morning, there was a NY Times report, not to be instantly trusted, saying that Trump had ordered strikes against Iran for Thursday, at the very time the drone was downed, but that, at the last minute, Trump changed his mind, at least temporarily. Possibly, the successful drone shooting changed his mind.

President Trump approved military strikes against Iran in retaliation for downing an American surveillance drone, but pulled back from launching them on Thursday night after a day of escalating tensions.

...Mr. Trumpís national security advisers split about whether to respond militarily. Senior administration officials said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; John R. Bolton, the national security adviser; and Gina Haspel, the C.I.A. director, had favored a military response. But top Pentagon officials cautioned that such an action could result in a spiraling escalation with risks for American forces in the region.

"The operation was underway in its early stages when it was called off, a senior administration official said." Trump admitted a version of the Times story later in the day. I take Tucker's position far more than Hannity's; do see this video on Bolton's ambitions, in which we see the motive for the false-flag events lately in the Persian gulf:

Tucker says that, had Trump started a war with Iran, his presidency would end in 2020. Perhaps that's what Bolton and Pompeo wanted. Or, if not they, then the ones who produced the false flags in the gulf. Imagine if true: the shadow government wanted Trump to attack Iran as a means to get him out of the White House.

Iran is a big mouth when it says it would fight a war with the U.S., but we find here the reality that level-headed people knew all along: "Majid Takht-Ravanchi, Iranís ambassador to the United Nations...said that Tehran 'does not seek war' but 'is determined to vigorously defend its land, sea and air.'" When push comes to shove, Iran doesn't want a war with a superpower for obvious reason.

Here's a key point: "Iran's ability to target and destroy the high-altitude American drone, which was developed to evade the very surface-to-air missiles used to bring it down, surprised some Defense Department officials..." Maybe this is why Trump changed his mind. What if Iran shoots down a pilot gone in to give it payback? Would he be blamed for it? Yes. The shadow government would send out "news releases" for to blame a hasty and careless Trump. The way in which Trump worded his change of heart: he made the military people sound like the war hawks (willing to kill 150 Iranians) while making himself appear compassionately restrained. I assume the next step for the shadow government is to lay another false flag against Iran to force Trump harder to act. This time, maybe, Americans will die (insider murder).

Perhaps the leak in the New York Times was partially to make the military look restrained, for the article did so. In other words, the article was a military product through which the military could give a false impression of itself, to better hide its sinister plot.

The Iranians claim to have retrieved pieces of the drone wreckage in Iranian waters. Indeed, if it was not in Iranian waters, then the United States has every right to oversea the wreckage details, and therefore has the opportunity to prove that the drone landed in international waters. But that particular story is missing this Friday morning, oops, which seems like a clear piece of evidence that Trump's generals are lying. If Trump continues to tell the same story after today even though the Americans show no proof of gathering wreckage in International waters, then Trump is a bald-faced liar along with his military establishment. Iran released images of the drone wreckage. How can that be? What is the American response to this claim? I've heard nothing of the Americans gathering drone parts, suggesting that Iran has the correct story.

We have been told that American ships were headed to Iran to strike. How, then, has the same navy not been able to gather the drone parts? How possibly could Iran have gathered them, unless the drone is in Iranian water? I assume that the Americans will, eventually, claim that they gathered some of the wreckage. The $180M price tag on this one drone is just one means to expose how tax dollars are squandered unnecessarily by the military machine. How much money for drone programs is pocketed by those who do it criminally? Instead of drones and other money pits to which Trump has subscribed, how about cultivating a trust with the superpowers so that all countries can reduce military expenditures? Why isn't that an option?

I'm not siding with Iran, just in opposition to liars faking international incidents. I can't tell you how much I despise those who conduct false-flag events, those who claim to be for peace yet are the instigators of war. Trump is an inch away from committing himself to that very mentality, if he hasn't already.

It would be nice if Russia were playing quiet at this time, not wanting to jiggle the jello. Instead, there's a whole lot of jiggling going on. One can argue rightly that Iran is partially to blame for these circumstances, because it never ceases to publicize death threats to Israel. However, creating a false-flag event to get the excuse for starting a war against Iran is to be despised. It gives Russia the moral platform to oppose the United States. On the other hand, if the United States just sat back until Iran became an aggressor against Israel, the moral platform for attacking Iran would be on the U.S. side. Chances are, Iran would never attack Israel so long as the United States isn't ruled by Obama-2. So, in other words, relax, and stop being the aggressor, America. Bolton is nothing but an extended part of the Bush-hawk agenda, and Trump even knows that it's wrong. But then why did he choose Bolton??? Why didn't he choose someone opposed to more Middle-East war? Does Trump have shoot-himself-in-the-foot syndrome?

From Axios: "Under the Obama administration, total ICE deportations were above 385,000 each year in fiscal years 2009-2011, and hit a high of 409,849 in fiscal 2012. The numbers dropped to below 250,000 in fiscal years 2015 and 2016. Under Trump, ICE deportations fell to 226,119 in fiscal 2017, then ticked up to over 250,000 in fiscal 2018 and hit a Trump administration high of 282,242 this fiscal year (as of June)." Does this mean that Trump is just a big-mouth farce lying to his voters, and creating a mere image of fulfilling his promises to them? If that's all Trump is, pity his death. A loser. Some people actually glory in the art of deception.

I have a way to solve the debt of all nations. Make a law that businesses are not permitted to raise prices, then print money and give it to the workers to spend, lots and lots of money so that much of it goes to the government to pay off the debt. It doesn't matter how much money is printed and given away so long as inflation doesn't happen, and forbidding the increase of prices is the definition of zero inflation. What could go wrong? There would be much more money floating around for people to pay off debts, but zero inflation, isn't that perfect? So why hasn't it been done?

The fool says that everyone must have free speech, including Nazi's. The fool, in his false sense of glory, doesn't tell you that Nazi's will craftily use free speech to amass popularity until it rules, then take away the right to speech in opposition to Nazi's. Oops. What's the solution? Good people must not be fooled by the wicked, but must be wise against the fools, and EXPOSE them with speech BEFORE their rights are taken away. Christians have learned to speak out, yet not hard enough, for sin is rampant and free due to the craftiness of the wicked. Whole churches have been too lame against the rise of evil, and some churches have been fully lame. The evil want churches to shut-up on the issues, and on the game of power, but the evil want all power.

American freedom, or the doctrine of libertarianism, is not mindful of the moral yardstick that God wants us to use, to measure every act of life, to see whether it surpasses the will of God. An American is free to squander money on casino's everywhere now, but God would not want people to do that. Not all that's free to a libertarian society is permitted by God. It's as simple as that. American Christians should not confuse American freedoms with the concept of freedom in God. The latter is freedom from satanic spiritualism, but libertarianism can be a food trough for eating satanism.

"Free enterprise" or "capitalism" are secret codes for maximizing profits by reducing labor costs or getting more work from laborers than they are paid to do. Free enterprise is therefore the craft of greed, the preoccupation on making money, the very obsession that Jesus warns against. The free enterpriser would puke and become ill if the government printed free money for workers while businesses could not increase prices in order to seize all that extra money. The free enterpriser would puke and become ill to see all that money passing by his nose without the ability to get the lion's share of it. That's because the free enterpriser is a greedy coot. He got that way by the pursuit of money.

Free enterprise is not new. It's the way of doing business from ancient times. Only now, it's heavily systematized due to much-larger populations far off, all within reach thanks to cheap transportation. The greedy coot on one side of the continent literally INVADES the other side of the continent with his cheaper goods, robbing the natives of that sphere of their profits, and, hopefully, the coot can put them right out of business. No problem, the coot has no conscience. That's the real meaning of "free enterprise" today: the sky is the limit. It's just a game, and the coot is there to win. It's legal and its fun in the great United States of A.

Our enemies, Christians, are not only the a-spiritual Democrats, but the greedy coots in either party. My prayer for all of God's people is that they can be satisfied with their work, and that God would rob the rich on their behalf so that all could have a decent nest egg, and some tranquility. That to me is a utopia, when workers are not being abused, when profit maximizers no longer push workers for the sake of maximum production. I wonder what kind of business boss Trump was. Does anyone know?

Believe it or not, it's a myth to think that socialism is the only alternative to dirty capitalism. There is greedy capitalism, but there can be this alternative: non-greedy capitalism. Brilliant I am. How does non-greedy capitalism work? Can we make a law against greed? Of course we can, for if spitting on the sidewalk is illegal, how much more should it be illegal for corporations to spit on their workers? Unions are not the answer, for corporations will just increase their prices as unions get more out of the bosses.

Instead of the slogan, "workers, be content with your pay," there should be a new slogan; "fat cats, be content with your prices." There should be a law: thou shalt increase your prices only by as much as your costs increase." If no one increases prices, no one's costs will increase. Ahh, stability. Corporations will no longer inch up their prices every couple of years, as is their habit, roughly, even if their costs go down.

A gallon of Round-Up went up this year from $20 to $25 in my area. The makers of Round-Up lost a huge court battle recently against a cancer victim, but then apparently increased prices to get the money back that the court ordered it to pay, plus some for future law suits. Should that be allowed? Why can't a law be made disallowing corporations to spit in my face like this? A gallon of Round-Up is mainly water. How does Monsanto justify a steepish increase in price from that picture? How much does the chemical in Round-Up cost Monsanto? Can't there be a law wherein manufacturers must publicly reveal the costs of their that we can know whether we are being ripped and spit in the face at the same time? Why can't we demand from government protection from free-market goons?

Why can't we demand non-greedy capitalism? What's wrong with fairness in this game of life? What's wrong with moderation and stability? Nothing. The problem lies in the fat cats whom are elected to government positions. The other problem is, obviously: voters are utterly used to the point of being stupidified. There's no hope. Voters betray non-voters while forking themselves in their own butts. They are too stupidified to realize that they have stabbed a fork into their own arse by electing fat cats. And they say to the fat cats: here, take this fork and eat my arse. It's yours, I give it to you, because I am a jackass. That's why Democrats use a jackass as their symbol, to mock voters.

Voters need a public domain where they set forth the name of an average citizen to be elected to office. Voters then bloc together to elect one of those poor people; they ask all voters to ignore the fat cats advanced by the media. Suddenly, non-voters will come out to vote. Non-voters include the smart ones refusing to vote for fat cats. It can be done. But not by Trump lovers, who seem oblivious to the fact that Trump is the typical fat cat. They view Trump as their santa claus rather than a fat cat who treats populations as objects from which to gain.

The fat cat asks: how can I use the people? Trump asks: how can I get the voters to vote for me? What do they want to hear? How can I stupefy them? One definition of stupefy is "to amaze." But in the process of stupefying them, they are made stupidified. They don't realize that they are being used, nor do they seem to care so long as they can enjoy the excitement of being stupefied. They have placed all faith in him to do their will, and he feeds that faith with promise after exaggeration after falsification. Not all Trump voters are Trump lovers. Have the sense enough to be sensible. Some Trump voters merely act stupefied for the purpose of drumming up support against Democrats.

On the one hand, Trump says he wants to cultivate a friendship with Putin; on the other hand he moved into Russia's gas market in Europe. Isn't that just like a fat-cat invader? Wouldn't it be nice if the people owned all American oil instead of the fat cats? Well, not really, because if the people owned the oil / gas, the profits would be managed by the government, which consists of fat cats. The government fats cats, instead of paying off the debt, would spend the profits. Yup, exactly what the Republicans are doing with the tax dollars rolling in from profits on American oil / gas.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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