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June 25 - 30, 2019

Investigating Whether Barack is in the Embrace
Barr's Bagpipes Speaking Volumes

I'm not sure if the Gateway Pundit provided this original story: CrowdStrike's decision that Russians hacked the DNC comes likely from an upper member of the globalist organization, Atlantic Council. The Pundit claims that James Clapper is on Atlantic Council’s International Advisory Board. In other words, an organization claiming to be non-partisan, and non-governmental, yet steeped in "educating" the media and other channels of disinformation on global affairs, had this pimple, Clapper, on its board.

Well, let's go to Wikipedia to find out what Atlantic Council has on the negative side. Nothing. Wikipedia says nothing critical, and I can't find one critical article at Google either. Surely, anti-globalists have myriads of articles to give us an idea of what this organization stands for. Yet Google is hiding them. Here's from Wikipedia on some funding for Atlantic Council:

In 2015 and 2016, the three largest donors, giving over $1 million USD each, were US billionaire Adrienne Arsht (executive vice chair), Lebanese billionaire Bahaa Hariri (estranged brother of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri), and the United Arab Emirates. The full list of financial sponsors includes many military, financial, and corporate concerns.

Bankers and military, and high interest rates on the American debt, is the main/real source of globalism, don't be fooled. The American tax payer owes the international bankers, and that goes to military projects as the globalists see fit, but also into the pockets of military people to keep them happy while ripping of the American people.

What do we suppose caused the Lebanese and the Arabs to become two of the best donors in Obama's last year? Obama seems to be the correct answer. I had read that his mother was an employee for Rockefellers, and perhaps they elevated him to the presidency. One month after Obama became the president, someone arranged for this: "In February 2009, James L. Jones, then-chairman of the Atlantic Council, stepped down in order to serve as President Obama's new National Security Advisor." I doubt that Obama chose this man. Someone else offered him to Obama, isn't that right? Atlantic Council and the Council on Foreign Relations have global agendas that aren't shelved when a new president arrives. All of the animosity against Trump must be due to his resistance to certain global goals, even if it's only partial or soft resistance.

Who arranged the Barrack variation of ParROCKs with a rook, a Rockefeller-line symbol?

The article then says: "In addition, other Council members also left to serve the administration: Susan Rice as ambassador to the UN, Richard Holbrooke as the Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan..." Did you know that Susan Rice was at Atlantic? And lookie: another member did Obama's Afghan and Pakistan mission. Does Trump need to come clean with his voters on how much he listens to "advice" from Atlantic Council and Council on Foreign Relations? By being non-governmental organizations, their communications are protected from voters unless they communicate with government employees. But Clinton, who admitted that she listens to the advice of the CFR "down the street," destroyed her government emails. She said:

Clinton spoke to the Washington DC satellite facility of the CFR where she stated,
I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mother ship in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department.

We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.

Imagine how many times CFR members met privately with State Department officials so that there would be no record of communications. Imagine the CFR members carrying the messages of the invisibles who were not CFR members. This is the shadow government, is it not? They wrangle to get their agendas done, and we don't know what corruption is involved in how they seize tax dollars instead of using their own money. With the Clintons openly corrupt, Americans should demand to know what "advice" the CFR was giving the state department.

When we click to Ms. Arsht's Wikipedia article: "Arsht has committed $25 million to permanently endow the Adrienne Arsht Center for Resilience at the Atlantic Council. Partnered with a $30 million donation from the Rockefeller Foundation, the center will now be named the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center." Ahh, the Rockefellers, the founders of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Did you know that a Richard NATHAN Haass is the current chief of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)? You probably didn't read from me, from my few mentions of it, that the Haass surname (Bavaria) has a giant hare in the design of the "coney" rabbit of Coneys and Conns. After David Rockefeller led the CFR, it was led by Peter Peterson, husband of Mrs. Cooney, you see. The last update had part of a white-rabbit story in which I claim that God pointed an event, via a rabbit cage at my age nine, to Peter Peterson, but I did not tell, in the last update, that Haass' use a hare, nor did I mention Richard Haass. I should have.

The event at my age nine may reveal that God is about to hang all the dirty laundry, for all to see, of the CFR. At age nine, after God spoke to me audibly, "Will you live for Me," I was on a rabbit cage, reaching out to touch a bra hanging on a laundry line, you see, at the home of Mr. Peterson (Polish Jew). In the very first instance of telling readers this story, I mentioned the white rabbits of Conys and Conns, due to a Bra location in Coney-like Cuneo, but it wouldn't be for months afterward, after re-telling the laundry-line story several times in efforts to decipher what God meant by it, that I discovered Mrs. Cooney as Peterson's wife. It would be months more before discovering Mr. Haass. By that time, I knew by heart (without loading the surname) that Haas' use a hare. God prepared me for that find. Jewish Haas' use the hare in white. Clappers (same as Beach Shield) share the sun with Haas-like Hesse's.

Here's from my update in the 4th week of September, 2017: "He's Richard NATHAN Haass (Rhodes Scholar), and Nathans/Nations (Rothschild-liner suspect) use a good reflection of the Conn / Coney Coat in colors reversed."

To suggest that God chose a Jewish Pole to be the father of Jerry (my friend of the same age), Petersons share the swan with Peters, and have lions in the colors of the Rothes lions, suggesting Peter Pollock at Rothes. It appears important to God to peg the Rothschilds in this way while pointing to Peter Peterson of the CFR. Rothschilds have always been involved in globalist organizations. Pollocks have been Jewish to this day. It therefore appears that God chose the bra-rabbit event at the home of a Pollock liner.

There are reasons that swan-using Peters (probably the Faux mascle) should be with the Faucet lion, for Faucets (and Faux-related Vaux's) had a castle a few miles from Musselburgh while these Peters use mascles as code for Mussel/Muscel and Mascal liners. Mussels/Muscels and Meschins/Masculine's happen to have the colors and format of Coneys, and the Keiths of East Lothian come up as "Mascal." Keiths are said to be Catti, from the Chatti of HESSE-Cassel. As Rothschilds descend from Peter Pollock, it's challenging to ask why the first Rothschild (banker) was in cahoots with a prince of Hesse-Cassel. In other words, the heraldry suggests a Pollock-Catti link before the first Rothschild partnered with Hesse-Cassel, suggesting that the prince (William IX) had himself been a Pollock liner. The mother of the first Rothschild was born of a LECHnich surname, and Lechs ("pelicano") share the pelican with Pollock-liner Pullens/Pullys. Lake LYCHnidus is beside PELAGONia, and while I trace the Stewart-Alans (pelican) to Pelagonia, Lechs have a fesse colors reversed from the Alan fesse. Fulbert, father of Peter Pollock, was a vassal of the Dol Alans.

For the record: "Mayer Amschel Rothschild [born a Bauer] was born in of eight children of Amschel Moses Rothschild (d. 1755) and his wife Schonche Rothschild (nee Lechnich, d. 1756)." One of Mayer's children was named, SALOMon, and Salome's/Solomon's (Rhineland) happen to use a Coat version of the Vaux's (East Lothian). The Salome/Solomon stars are those also of Sutherlands, first found in CAITHness. I have read on the ancestry of the Keith Catti in the Chatti of Hesse through Caithness. While the Claro line to Sinclairs was at Lothian, English Clare's share the triple chevrons of German Cassels. Bleds use the three chevrons in colors reversed while Bled is beside Leslie-suspect Lesce. Leslie's married the line of Peter Pollock and thus became earls of Rothes. Leslie's proper are known to descend from Hungarians in the company of Henry Sinclair (very rich), who was granted Roslin. Roslins share buckles with Leslie's.

Sutherlands (could be Suter / Suther liners) are said to use the Moray stars. Plus, as the Arms of Rothschild share the Petty quadrants, see this: "As the [Sutherland] name was originally of territorial origin from the province of Moray, early records of the family referenced that territory. 'William de Moravia (lord of Petty) was witness to a royal charter to the Abbey of Holyrood, 1203.'" Suthers/Southerns (Peterson eagles?) have a reflection of the RODham/Rodden Coat, itself linkable to the Coat of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') and Rothschilds/Roddensteins. The Brunswick location of the latter can explain the brown lion of Sutherlands and the brown tree stump of Rodhams. Cheshire's Stockdens use both the brown lion in Crest, and tree stumps in the Shield. The other English Stockdens have a version of the Rother/Randolph Coat (Moray). It tends to reveal that tree stumps are largely for Stock liners. Stocks even use a lion in the colors of the Rothes lions. German Stocks were first found at ROTHENburg.

There is a saying that, when someone admits to something less than respectable, it's a hanging of dirty laundry on the line for all to see. With Google and her cousins seeking to hide, from the people, all of the deep state's dirty laundry, it could be that God has promised, through the bra on the line, that He will accomplish the exposure over google's embarrassed body. Hip-Hip Hurray for God. When Google hides my writings, it hides God's work, you see. You can't poke fingers into God's eyes like that. Look out, google. Prepare for pain. Imagine the pain of google and her cousins if they cheat more than ever now, because they realized they didn't cheat enough in 2016 to win. Imagine if they cheat more but lose again in 2020. Ouch. If a tipping toward insanity was the by-product in Trump's first win, what will be their steep slope to pain in his second win? Ouch-ouch, and HIP-HIP Hurray.

The following heraldic discussion was written the day before the above, and it concerned, without my knowing it would, Bra liners. Note that it concentrates on the proto-Rothschild Bauers.

On Wednesday evening, I saw a video with the name of Debbie Lesko in the title. There is a Lesko/Laskowicz surname sharing crossed keys, in the same colors, with CLERmonts. Not only does this jibe with Bleds using the triple Clare chevrons in colors reversed while Bled is at the Sava beside Lesce, but it tends to assure that Key-liner Shaws and Sheaves' were Sava-river liners. Clermont-Ferrand is in Auvergne, where Belly-related Bouillons were first found who are in the colors of those keys. Bellys were first found at Moray with Rothes. We just saw a pike's belly [in the Pickering write-up later in this update, where I link Pickerings to Bruce's, from Breuci near Lesce], and Pike's can be from the namers of Picenze, seven miles from where Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found. Note that Picenze-like Piacenza is near the Taro, for Tarves (same place as Leslie's and Cups/Cope/Colps) is where Chiava-like Chives' were first found.

It just so happens that while Bewere's/BURE's share crossed triDENTs with Lesko's/Laskowicz's, Drago de Bewere is in the write-up of Bled-like Blade's (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's and DENTs). Bourlys/Bure's (in both Blade colors) mention a Burleigh location at Berkshire, where Lesks/Less' were first found who share the BOAR head with BOURlys/Bure's. Scottish Bayers/Beiers share the red boar with Lesks/Less'. I didn't know these connections when tracing Bourlys/Bure's to Boura of Greece, the area that is known to have founded Sybaris and Leslie-like Laus in southern Italy. Laus is at BUCHentum/PYXus, perhaps the origin of the Leslie buckles. Buckle is on the Spey river with Rothes while I trace boar-head Speyers/Speers to the Spree river of Laus-like LUSatia. Sitlers of that area, suspect with East Lothian's Seatons/Sittens (share red crescents with Speers), share the Faucet / Peter lion and the Pike trefoil.

Italian Bure's were first found in Verona with Belli's and Bellino's, and while the latter have a bear paw, Italian Bure's have a bear, as do German Bayers (Austria, same as Bauers). The latter Bayers use the giant Beer bear, and Beers were at Beer-HACKet of Devon, where Chives-related Hykes'/Hacks were first found. It's strongly suggesting that Boura liners out of the Sybaris area were merged with peoples from Lissus of the proto-Chives'. That in turn suggests that Lissus elements named Laus (Wikipedia says Laus was founded by peoples of Sybaris). The Hykes'/Hacks even share the scallops of Somerset's Ladds/Ladons, important because Boura was at or near the Ladon river. The Devon Beers almost share the Crest of Rockefeller-liner Rooks, who share rooks with German Terras' (Bavaria), the latter using a form of the Dent (and Rothes) Coat while Dents are expected in the Bewere/Bure tridents.

Wow, Bure's/Boura's have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Trents, first found in Somerset with Bourlys/Bure's. Plus, I trace Trents to Terentia Murena, and Murunum/Murano (share the Moor heads of Scottish Belli's/Bellys) is on the Sybaris river! Bingo, this is a first, thanks to the split Shield of Italian Bure's/Boura's.

Boura is near Calabria-like Kalavrita that itself looks rooted in "Vrita," what I assume named Brutium, the alternative name of Calabria. Sybaris is at the Calabria border, and near Potentia, and while the Arms of Calabria have a potent cross, French Bure's use the potent pattern in their chevron. Champagne's use the potent feature in their bend, and while Champagne was also, Campania, Italy's Campania is to the near north of Sybaris. Brutium-like Aprutium was the Abruzzo capital, though now it's L'Aquila, near Avezzano, and Avezzano's have the potent pattern in their bend too. Brits/Bretts were first found in Somerset too. Avezzano's were first found in SARDinia, where Liss-related Lizarts/SARDE's may trace, and while I trace Shirts/Shards to Sardinians, the Bleds have a "tous" motto term while Tous'/Tosni's have a "man" said to be wearing a shirt with buttons.

Scottish Liss' share the double chevrons of CLAREns/Larins, in the colors of the triple Clare chevrons. Again, these are colors reversed of the triple Bled chevrons. We saw good evidence for equating Blade's and Bleds, and Blade's are said to have become the BURSEblade's. Burse's are said to be of the Burghs, and I have it recorded that one Dutch Berg/Burger Coat had the triple Clare chevrons. German Burgers happen to share the giant Murena tower! John de Burgo ruled Comines in Artois, where the capital is Arras, very connectable to Arrettium/Arezzo, home of Cilnius Maecenas, husband of Terentia Murena. The Arrow/Arras Crest shares a red tower with Murena's and Burgers, you see, and Bowers/Bure's use arrows. Suddenly, Burgers and similar terms look like Boura liners, or, perhaps, other Hebrews that merged with Boura-line Hebrews.

As Boura is near the Ladon and Peneus rivers, the area that traces to Liss-like Laish and neighboring Panias, chances are that Boura was named by Eberites = Hebrews in relation to Jonathan, the wayward Levite priest of Laish. Lissus (now with a different spelling) was in the land of Cavii, suspect to the Sheaves'/Chiava's of L'Aquila. I trace Jonathan to mythical Oeneus of Calydon, along the Achelous to which I trace Eagle's and Hagels, and the Arms of L'Aquila (in Eber-like ABRuzzo) does use an eagle. Chives' were at Tarves while the six Tarves crosses are in the shape of the Eagle lions.

Blade's are said to have named the Bruce-like BURSEblade's i.e. could be a Breuci-Bled merger since Breuci were near Bled, though the Breuci are stamped also near the Oeneus river. I see Bruce's (old Brusi) from the Abrussi of Abruzzo. If Burseblade's were a Blade-Bruce merger, then the black Blade dog is likely the Carrick dog. Burse's (Somerset) have fessewise bars in Carrick-fesse colors, and the Carrick fesse is a dancette, as is the fesse of Bergs/Burgers. Ladds/LADONs, first found in Somerset with Burse's and Bourlys/Bure's, use a fesse in Carrick-fesse colors.

As Blade's share a green Shield with Bauers, Bowers/Bure's and Bourlys/Bure's, it appears that the Bewere's/Bure's were Bauer liners. Bled is at least near the Austrian border, and Bauers were first found in Austria and Bauer-like Bavaria. As Dents share the lozenges of Hun-like Hounds, let's add that BLEDa was the brother of Attila the Hun. The two Hun surnames (one of them shares the dog with Carricks) look linkable to Fortuna's, and "fortuna" is a motto term of English Bayers as well as boar-using Rollo's.

Irish Burys/Berrys share a green Shield, and the boar head, with Bourlys/Bure's. English Burys (Devon, beside Burse's and Bourlys/Bure's), with a reflection of the Leslie Coat, are traced in their write-up to early Burgs.

After ending the discussion there, I realized, later in the evening, that Boura liners should include Bra, for Coneys use a coney holding a PANSy while Boura is near the PENEUS river, named after PANIAS at Laish and Daphne. Yes, the Daphne location is still on my atlas, and it's just a couple of miles or less from where Panias was. Mythical Daphne was placed by myth writers into the Ladon river. That's why I think that peoples of Laish were to the LASONii (Lydia theater), which named the LADON when the Lydians represented by Pelops arrived to Pisa.

In Greek mythology, Bura was a daughter of Ion, son of Xuthus, and Helice. She was the eponym of the city Boura in Achaea.

She is possibly the same as bura, mother of Atrax by Peneus.

Xuthus was made the brother of Dorus and Aeolus, and thus Boura elements might even have been with or near the Daorsi and Ardiaei. Boura might even have had the Levite line out of Laish, in which case Israelites were involved. Jonathan was forced to become the priest of the 600 "Danites" who conquered Laish, and while the Greek Danaans were at Argos, Ion-like Io was the goddess of Argos. Bura was made a mix of Ion and the Helice location near Boura. "Helice" looks like a take on Elis, which I think was a version of "Laish." The Peneus and Ladon rivers are in Elis.

Xuthus was the son of Hellen, suspect with Alan Huns through Greece. The French Alans once showed ducks, as do Velins. The Alan ducks were once shown also for Velens, first found in Westphalia with Velins and Ducks. Ducks are used also by LINKletters who share a Coat version of the Alan-derived Stewarts. Velins and Velens are suspect from "AVLONa," also called, Aulon. The point is, I've just found ducks in the Bouras/Bourassa surname, first found in Auvergne with same-colored Bauts, the latter being from the Bautica river of the Ardiaei-derived Arduinici, who married the Daorsi-derived Doria's. I trace LINKletters to LYNCestis, suspect from mythical Lynceus, brother of Danaus, founder of the Argos Danaans.

''The myth writers made Ion a son of one Creusa while they made Creusa the wife of Aeneas. Then, they invented Aeneus (with a 'u') to depict Aenos at the mouth of the HEBROS river, suspect with Eberites. "Aeneus" is so much like Jonathan-suspect Oeneus.

The Creusa of Ion was made a daughter of ERECHtheus, and Erech/Uruk of Babylon, like "Ur" of the Hebrews, was linkable to mythical ENKI (of the Babylonians), and his name is like INACHus, founder of Argos. Inachus married Boiotians, probably the Cadmus Boiotians, who included Laish-suspect Laius, the latter being associated with Creusa-like Chrysippus, a member of the Pisa/Elis Amazons.

I wish that the laundry line had both a bra and a trumpet hanging, for then I could give Trump the credit for exposing the dirty laundry. Alas, this fake president had his opportunities, hundreds of them, one per every waking day, but failed his voters, day after day. He now wants to take credit for what is beyond his ability to control: the declassification of the guilt. I am not yet convinced, until I see the extent of exposure from Barr, that Trump wants to expose. It could be that he has committed to some significant ties with CFR people, who are tugging on him not to expose the worst.

Unless this hapless president reigns in voter fraud, he's going to give power to the party that wants to nurture illegal aliens on behalf of getting more votes than the cheaters deserve. A nation run by cheaters is disgusting. This is the dirty laundry. The Unites States has been run by cheaters for decades. They tell Americans what to think, and they cheat together. They want the world to be Americanized after their own image. But there is something much better than democracy USA-style, and that's called the truth. Any American who boasts that American democracy is the best the world has is delusional. Sure, there are many people who want true democracy, but that's not the living case. Call it what it is, a machine ground to a halt in bitter infighting. Almost nothing gets done.

The nation is sick, admit it. Money attracts the wicked, and the wicked take advantage, ruining everything. God will not be mocked, but will expose that love of money (Trump loves money) is the root of evil. Whoever wrote, "In God we trust," wasn't speaking for God.

I searched youtube for BCP's video today, but youtube acted like it didn't know who "BCP is, even though I load his videos regularly, daily recently. Then I found this from BCP today:

The meddling has started full force. I looked at my and other conservative truth channels. Since James O dropped his video, I am seeing that I have gotten NO notifications from some of my favorite fellow YouTubers, nor do they show up in my feed or home pages. I am getting suggestions for 2-3 year old videos! I looked at my fellow YouTubers and their views are down 50-60% just in the last 3 days! One channel that averages about 150K views has only 53K views on their video from 2 days ago. I have dropped around 50% in the last few days as well. HEADS UP: To see my last 3 videos, search for #bcptoday. That will be the hash in my latest 3 videos.

The cheating at youtube manually (in first-degree guilt) decreases the hits on the videos so that it gets downgraded in the search results. In the same way, youtube can manually increase the hits from fringe-party videos until it appears that the whole world is embracing communism-USA. This is how cheaters work democracy. They have been doing it for decades, like a well-crafted craft. The witches are hard at work, but everyone will hear of it by election time. The witches realize that, with all of the Democrat candidates pushing poisonous platforms, they've got to cheat harder...a good recipe for total self-destruction, but they risk it because they have no other platform. Their cheating ways are on the block fully exposed. It's doubtful they can win on American votes alone, and so they need foreign and fraudulent votes as back-up. Don't underestimate their ability to use voter fraud, and expect such a risk in a huge way for 2020.

They are revealing themselves as oppressors, control freaks. They want to be at the top of the Oppressive Pyramid because everyone at the bottom feels the weight of their oppression.

In the last update, I was able to decipher that my embrace with Miss Hicks, in an old dream 40 years ago, was a pointer to Bracebridge's and BRASwells/Bracewells. Bracebridge's share a Shield of vair with Clappers and Beach's, and the embrace was on a beach. Beach's use vair in the colors of the Clapper vair, and I've just realized that "Brace" is like "Barack." God can point to multiple things with one prop or event. The Hicks' are said to be from Hicke de SAUTEby, and it just so happens that Sauters (Austria) are also Suters. The main event in an Obama dream (of February 2017) was my sewer on Obama's billiard table, code for Sewers/SUTERs, a pointer to Obama's SOETORo surname. Obama owned the billiard hall.

It reminds me of Jerry Peterson's kid-size billiard table. If it were an ordinary billiard table, I might not have cause to suggest that God is linking it to the Obama dream, for I've never seen anything like Jerry's, no more than three feet long. I'm suggesting that God may have provided that billiard table in the basement because it's the only thing I remember doing with Jerry in the basement, playing on that table. The reason that I touched the bra on his laundry line is that an attractive tenant, later living in his basement, owned it.

The Hicks dream was split into two scenes, one at a pool with shark, and when that ended, with me in the water trying to save a bulldog from in the mouth of the shark, the scene switched to the beach scene, where I was in a body of blue water before coming onto the white-sandy beach. Lakes are usually dark, and oceans are blue. I've never deciphered this body of water to my satisfaction, but suddenly the Atlantic ocean comes to mind as per the Atlantic Council, with Clapper on the board. Recall that we read above how Susan RICE left Atlantic for Obama's administration, for, if you've been reading the clues to the Hicks dream in recent updates, you know that my embrace with Miss Hicks pointed to Rice liners from Rhizon. To prove it, Rhizon is smack beside Kotor, where Wikipedia's article on shark-like Saraka's says the Saraca's were living.

It's important that the Hicks Crest looks linkable to the Craun/Crane Crest where Sharks (same place as Cooneys) use a crane. For, it just so happens that Crauns use patee crosses in the colors of the giant one used by CLAPtons (houseofnames no longer shows it, but I have it burned in my memory). Clappers are also Claps. Crauns/Crane's even use the Bull annulets in colors reversed. Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Bullis/Bulliards, and Bullis was a location near the Craun-like Ceraunii mountains of Hebrew-suspect Epirus (right beside Aulon/Avlona). From this, I might now suggest that the dream's shark was a symbol of Clapper's National Intelligence. One might then view the BULLdog, half-way down the shark's throat, as Trump, but, unfortunately, I didn't see a trumpet around this dog's neck, or anything else that could suggest a symbol of Trump.

So, the embrace can now point to a Rice-Barack partnership with Atlantic. After Obama made her his UN ambassador in 2009, she became the National Security Advisor, succeeded by general Flynn while Obama was yet the president. This particular advisor has say on inside-America operations that threaten the country, such as Republican / Christian "terrorists." The National Security Advisor passes information / ideas from the military to the White House. This is how the military can deceive and manipulate a president, or support him in a common mission. Mr. president, Iran is attacking ships in the Persian gulf, Bolton tells Trump. What's Trump to say? can he deny it? How would he look if he denied it? This is where a miracle is needed, to prove that the military is a sham, part of the shadow government that manipulates presidents, if need be. I can see that presidents are foolish enough to allow the military to choose their own National Security Advisors. That just stacks the odds against the president so that, in reality, he's not always the commander-in-chief, because the military aspires the job and has six tricks from Sunday to make him fold to its will.

Evidence that Coneys and Conns are from "Cuneo" is where Connors have a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Asteys. Asti is a province at the Bar area, beside Cuneo province. The giant Astey lion is green, as is the giant JARRY lion. The touch-bra event happened at my friend's place, JERRY Peterson, and while there's no Jerry surname, perhaps the Jarrys are to be applied, for they were first found in CONNaught with the other Irish Connors who share a green snake in Crest with Jarrys. Those Connors show a "cabHAIR" motto term while Jarrys are also Hare's. Yup, that's right, the Haass hare can be code for Jarrys/Hare's.

One Connor write-up: "The name Connor originally appeared in Gaelic as O ConchobHAIR." It looks like a Hare-Cuneo merger, explaining the Haas hare from that merger. As Jarrys/Hare's use a lizard while Lizarts are a Liss branch, Lissus, down the Drin river from HAS, looks fitting. Lissus was at least beside the SELEPitanoi, where the sleep symbol of Miss Hicks traced.

The Selepitanoi were at Bra-like Bar. The Barracks are listed with Parrocks, placing a rook on quadrants in the colors of the Say quadrants, and Says were first found in Shropshire with BRACKs/Brechs and Sleeps. SEATons (Say colors) were at Say, and Miss Hicks was hovering over the SEATs while asleep. I woke her up while she hovered there, and we then embraced, RISING into the sky as code for Rhizon, a little inland from Bar. Scottish Bars and Hairs first found in Hair-related Ayrshire.

German Bracks/Brachs even share the fesse of German Suters. This emphasis on "Barack' is new here. It's starting to appear as though God is behind these "coincidences." Bracks/Brechs, first found beside Brace's/Bras', are also Breakers while Brae's/Brays use a flax breaker. Obama's grandfather was Stanley Armour Dunham due to the Armour in his parent, and Armours can be one of the arm-using surnames that connect to arm-using Brace's/Bras'. That really looks like a pointer of God, for we have no other reason to link "Barack" to Armours unless the family chose the name on behalf of Brace liners (doubtful). The ArMOR chevron is colors reversed from the Braswell/Bracewell chevrons, and has the MORay / Douglas stars. Armours could therefore look like a Brace-Moray merger.

The giant lion of Connors is with English Nortons while Irish Nortons are also CONNaughts. Connaught is where Connellys were first found, and Cooneys are said to have moved there. The Cooney Coat is not only a reflection of the Shark Coat, but both surnames are said to have been of the O'Neils of Tyrone. It doesn't appear to be a coincidence that Tyrone's/Tyrells/Turells show nothing but two chevrons in colors reversed from the nothing but two chevrons of BRAswells/Bracewells, suggesting rather strongly now that Braswells and Donna Brazile descend from Bra. The Neils of Tyrone were in Ulster, and Brazile's/Brasells were first found in Ulster. The idea that Saraca's were at the Bra theater is new to me here.

The double Tyrone/Tyrell chevrons are in the colors of the double fesses of Parrs.

As Keons (Connaught) use the same fish as the Arms of Saraca while using a version of the Neil Coat, Keons, Keens/McCains and Kane's and all look like K-version Cuneo cousins / liners. Keens/McCains can be with the Connor tree. Keens/McCains use lizards, the symbol also of Jarrys/Hare's. Keons and Connors both have arms in Crest, the symbol of Brace's/Bras'. Bracks/Brachs even share the fesse of Coneys and Conns. I've read that Brattia, not far from Saraca's of Ragusa, was also called, Brac. It's right beside Parr-like Pharia. Brattia is near the coast of the Ardiaei, and English Bracks/Brechs have Arthur colors and format. Bracks/Brechs share the antelope with the Singletarys (Lancashire, same as Parrs) in Obama's ancestry. I always link Parrs to Furness', and the latter share a giant dog with German Bracks/Brachs. Again, Says, who share the quadrants of Barracks/PARrocks, were first found in Shropshire with English Bracks/Brechs. It all looks arranged by God to point to Barack Obama. Both Brack surnames are direct Meschin kin.

Is it a coincidence that Bracks/Bracks (Bavaria) share a brown on gold dog with Google-like Goggle's (Bavaria)? Is Barack Obama's war group behind Google's recent cheating ways? Leading Democrats are more than cheaters; they are false images, masks, claiming the high moral ground while being obviously of Hell.

Back to the Haass hare, the pointer to the Council on Foreign Relations. What are the chances that Scottish Hare's/Hairs share the Shield of Dunhams (but with the HARcourt fesses thrown in)? Obama's mother was born a Dunham. Hare's/Hairs were even first found in Ayrshire with COONs/Cunninghams, as though connectable to Coneys and Conns. Irish Harrys/Carrys use the armored arm, same as Connors and Barack-like Brace's, and the Harry/Carry arm holds the same spear design as Dunhams. English Harrys/HaiRIS' (porcuPINE) have a motto term to explain why the Irish Harrys share the lion of the Rimini Maschi's (PINE CONE's). The chevron of English Harrys/Hairis' is one of the two Braswell/Bracewell chevrons.

The giant Goggle dog is upright, as is the giant one of Fortuna's. Rollo's use a "fortune" motto term as well as a "PASSE PAR" motto phrase. "Pas" is a motto term of French Baums (Dauphine, same as Passe-branch Pascals) while Jewish Baums have crossed spears in the colors of the same of Pase's/Pasi's. Baums were actually looked up as per a possible God-pointing to "OBAMa." Rollo's use boar heads colors reversed from the same of Pasi-related Speers. Dunhams use spears and share a dancette in the same colors with French Baums.

Shark-using Valiants, in the colors of Tyrell-like Trails, were first found in Yorkshire with Braswells/Bracewells. The latter were at BROGden, and Tyrone's/Tyrells were first found in Essex with BROCKs, Brooks and Passe's/Pascals. Hare's/Hairs throw in the double fesses of Bays (Essex again), and Bayers use a "fortuna" motto term. English Forts (Gascony colors, if I recall correctly) share the castle of French Martins (Guyenne, same as Fortune's) while Dunhams place a martin mammal between their two spears. The Chief-Shield colors of Valiants is that also of Hare's/Hairs and Dunhams.

The Italian word for rabbit is Connelly-like: coniglio, where the 'g' is silent. Note the 'g' in Irish forms: "The original Gaelic form of the name Connelly is O Conghalaigh, O Conghaile, or O Coingheallaigh." Compare the Shields of Connellys (probably the scallops of Coney-related Meschins) with Scottish Conans. Irish Conans: "The surname Conan comes from the Irish surname O Cuanain (O'Conein and MacConein) and is derived from the Irish Cuinin for 'rabbit', son of DUGAL." Recall the Medals/DOUGALs.

Connors brought Sandra Day O'Connor to mind. It made me wonder whether she was replaced on the supreme court by Scalia. It turns out, no, but rather Sam Alito. It's interesting that O'Connor was born in El Paso, where Scalia's dead body was taken immediately to hide the crime. One Connor surname has a Day-like "Dhia" motto term, and the Connor Crest has a green snake coiled around an upright sword. Days/Dea's have an upright sword with a green snake on either side.

Sullivans, who share the green snake around a sword with Connors, were first found in Tipperary with Irish Conans. Sullivans display a stag on a green Shield, as do Irish Connelly and Powers. The latter two have versions of one anothers' Coats and Crests, and they share the trefoil of Jarrys/Hare's. It's a little interesting that Stephanie Sullivan was Clapper's deputy when he served as chief of National Intelligence. Samantha Power succeeded Susan Rice as UN ambassador. See this on Power:

I don't know who it was that revealed Power's unmasking of some 300 names when she wasn't even a part of Intelligence. Who possibly gave her the permission to unmask when it wasn't her job description? Were the culprits at Intelligence lessening the risk to themselves by getting her to do the dirty work? SUCKER. Ultimately, the decision to unmask that many Americans was in the hands of Loretta Lynch.

I'd like to set this up by first saying that Powers share the Chief-Shield of Palins and Palin-like Plains. In the Obama dream, I found myself taking a shot on Obama's billiard table, but the cue ball was a piece of paper lying on the table, which I tuned into a paper PLANE. God showed me that this piece of paper was to be regarded as a page as code for Lisa Page and/or Carter Page. However, I can now report that Papers (carNATIONs) can be included in that scene due to the "Pauper" motto term of Power-branch Poors/Poers (Devon, same as Powers). That's amazing. I missed all the balls when shooting the paper plane, and it went straight into the corner pocket as a pointer to Sewers/Suters = Barry Soetoro = Obama.

Paper-like Peppers not only use a chevron with items in the colors of the same of Page's, but the latter were first found in Devon with Poors and Powers. Page's were of Dunham-like Dinham. Page's can be gleaned with Pagans/Payne's (Dauphine, same as French Page's), and Page's (beside Paine's/Payne's) are in Paine/Payne colors. If I recall correctly, Stanley Armour Dunham married Miss Payne.

As the Hick write-up suggests Sauters/Suters, let's repeat that the Obama dream had three scenes of Obama immediately after my sewer. In the first two, he had his SUIT on, and Sewers/Suters are also Suits. Meanwhile, in the Hicks dream, 38 years earlier (why in 1979?), she was in a bathing SUIT on a Clapper-suspect beach. Later in the dream, when I brushed her knee to wake her up, the knee had no clothes. She still had her bathing suit. Baths share the Cross of the Moray Randolphs (bat), and English Randolphs share the Dunham Coat. Randolphs are in Obama's genealogy, and Baths (Somerset same as Paine's/Payne's) share the Paine/Payne lion. It appears that God knew what he was doing with His codes.

Again, Samantha Power and James Clapper both were of Atlantic Council, and the Hicks dream is now suspect with me in the Atlantic ocean as a pointer to that thing. Papers were first found in Gloucestershire, and while Clappers are also Claps, Clapton is a location beside the Gloucestershire border. It's online that Hicks married Arthurs of Clapton (a thing I've mentioned many times), the thing now convincing me that God was pointing to James Clapper with the beach, for Beach's share the Clapper Shield. This beach was on the Atlantic ocean. I get it.

It's important that, immediately after my sewer of the page. Obama was dancing in his suit. At first, I recognized this only as a pointer to the Dunham dancette, as though God was verifying to me that he was the author of the dream. But, much later, it was realized that French Page's use four fesses in the colors of the four pale bars of Italian Dance's/DONNas', all in DUNham colors, suggesting that Dunhams were a Dance branch. English Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with Randolphs. As I said, I was waist deep in the ocean (Hicks dream), and WAISTells/Wessels (share dove with Page's) can be traced by the West dancette to "Vestalis, grandson of king Donnus of Piedmont's Susa. Dance's/Donnas' were first found in Piedmont with Cuneo. Duns'/Dunce's/Douns' were probably from Berwickshire, where Armours were first found. Whistle's/Wissels (same place as Payne's and Randolph-related Baths) share the Payne and Bath lion.

The Duns/Dunce's have a Coat reflection of Coneys and Meschins. The Duns/Dunce write-up: "The original Duns Castle was built in 1320 by the Earl of Moray, nephew of Robert the Bruce." I believe that "nephew" was Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray, though as I recall it, Thomas was the son of Robert Bruce's mother by another husband. Online statement: "The oldest part of Duns, the peel tower, is thought to date from around 1320, and built by Thomas Randolph. The estate then passed to the Homes [surname] of Ayton at some point..." The other husband was Adam Kilconquhar, of Annandale, near Carlisle. The English Randolphs tell that Ranulph le Meschin was granted Carlisle, and this Meschin ruled Cheshire and thus owned the Cheshire garbs...shared by Waistells/Wessels and Comyns. I had read that Miss Comyn(s) was the mother of Adam Kilconquhar.

I'm finding it hard to swallow that my emBRACE while rising with Miss Hicks was a symbol for BARACK Obama and Susan Rice. But as my mother is a Masci, I've got to admit, it works, for Rize is beside the Moschi mountains of the Meshech, and Obama's Dunham line named Dunham Masci (location) of Cheshire. Susans can be suspect with "Susa." I assume that I was hugging Miss Hicks because Hyksos were at the Moschi mountains. They led down to BATumi, the possible origin of the Baths and Bats. I'm finding it hard to swallow because the embrace and rapture seemed like a good thing to me, and here I'm now supposed to see it with Obama's corruption?

I assume that it was Miss Hicks and I who ROSE into the sky because Hyksos were at the Moschi mountains. These mountains go down to lake Sevan, once named after Gog. I've read that "gog" means "blue" and therefore is a word also for the SKY. We ROSE into the SKY. Ezekiel lumps Gog with ROSH and Meshech, you see. Did Rosh name Rize? Gogarene is on this map along with Soducena at lake Sevan, though it's named, Lychnis, like lake Lychnidus to which Alans trace. Alans were from the Maeotis theater. As she was hovering over the SEATs when I awoke her, the seats may be a pointer to branches of the namers of Soducena, suspect with the Sittaceni of Maeotis. These branches may have become the Seats/Cedes, Seatons/Sittens, Suters / Suthers / etc., and Sadducees of Israel. Seaton-branch Sutys/Sideys (same lion as Sitlers) have wavy-blue bars connectable to the wavy, blue fesse of Soda's/Sodans. The Hayasa AZZI of the Moschi theater may have become the Assi of SHETland. Yawn.

So, the dream that I thought promised me a God-given wife due to the embrace and rapture into the sky now looks like a thing on the depressing side, a message on Gog's allies, and their move over to the Celts of Illyrium. Yawn.

What comes to mind with a Goggle surname using a rose-like rook upon the quadrants of Seaton-suspect Says? Well, for one thing, I think of being rooked by Google.

Google Witchery

Give credit to Trump where credit is due. If, that is, I'm correctly describing his words. He was telling us last week that he first nodded to the military for it to attack Iran. We really weren't told whose idea it was, initially, to attack, whether his own, or the military requesting it from him. I'll assume the military requested it along with Pompeo and Bolton. The truth may be that Trump at first gave in to them, maybe to see what degree of animal they were utilizing, with the plan to call the attack off. If this is all correct, then the method of cancelling, by asking how many Iranians the military would kill in return for the vengeful attack, was a brilliant display, like a rebuke to the animal. Like saying: "how dare you even think of killing that many people in your lust for vengeance." Good one, Mr. Trump, if this is the truth of that matter.

However, he doesn't have the strength to admit that Iran did NOT shoot down the drone or pierce any of those cargo ships. Mainly, that's because he doesn't have an Intelligence agency to work with, for they are working against him, not true to him. Until Trump gets his own Intelligence agency to tell him the truth, he's going to dangle as the puppet of the wicked. How can he have his own Intelligence agency? By placing a chief over the organization that will be true to him no matter what he asks. He needs to pick a leader, in the least, who has shown signs of not being in blind obedience to questionable leadership. For example, where is the Intelligence person who has questioned the evidence on these recent Iran-framing reports? Where is the thinker, the one who demands evidence for the evidence. It's easy to provide false evidence, and that's why there needs to be evidence for the evidence, and questions asked. Who provided the evidence? What was the context?. What is the root of the evidence, or who else does it involve?

Give Trump the credit he deserves, if he deserves it:

Talk about election interference, Veritas strikes again:

The video above may still be up here:

If you saw the video, you saw a Google executive saying that they strive for "fairness," which is exactly how they treat the world unfairly, for they by "fair" they mean that they give a fringe people group, the demented leftists, as much advertising and respectability as they give normal people until the world starts to think that the fringe is rather normal. But anti-Christs have taken this fairness game to the next level, because near-equal advertising wasn't good enough to keep Democrats in power. Now, the fringe lunatics get more advertising / exposure / respectability than normal people, and moreover, as CNN has been doing for decades, the normal people are lumped into the extreme-right fringe. Unless Republicans use the courts to force Google's fingers out of search results, there will be a leftist world in charge of our very breathing.

How pathetic that, when Google got caught by Veritas, it canceled the Veritas video at youtube (owned by Google). What a gigantic self-admission to cheating. Google cheated acceptable free speech to hide its cheating. DEPLORABLE. We shall never forget. See the story partially here for as long as it lasts:

What will happen when whistle blowers are silenced by a media willing to silence them at the cost of exposing their cheating? More whistle blowers. Waah, it's party time. Some big media are carrying this Google-running-scared story.

I once celebrated the Internet for allowing a fair platform for railroading leftists, but, alas, they have become malignant cheaters, and have seized the Internet in just the way they had seized the media. Surely, rich, powerful invisibles are behind this seizure. Rockefellers come to mind. Cheaters win for only so long. Eventually, a man at the table stands up and fires a bullet through them. At this point, Google has been caught, and the posse needs to do what it needs to do. Veritas released its video right when a Google representative was in a hearing before congress. Lookie:

Google employees, unless they are protected by stiff warnings and punishments against the creation of biased tactics, will be swept up and forced to contribute to Google's tactics. For their sake, create laws against Google's witchery. Let me tell you, that Google's greatest pain is when its rulers see Christians leaving Christian messages, extolling Jesus, all over social media. We are their enemies, and even though they minimize our best teachers and preachers, we aren't going away. Our faith does not depend on social-media preachers. Google can starve us to death on social media, but our hearts are filled with remembrance of Him, and in loyalty do we think on Him always. WE WILL DEFEAT GOOGLE. We will live and reign after Google comes to an end. The Greatest Show on Earth is when Jesus pops out from behind the clouds. The cheaters will wear a certain face at that time. You don't want to be behind such a face.

Strive to have God's Spirit in you, for without Him, you could stray and end up lost. Danger. If you don't sense the Spirit, it's a good reason to ask God to bring Him to you. So long as you're asking, ask for Him to be STRONG and DEEP in you. It's just as easy to say "strong and deep" as it is "weak and shallow." You can't be selfish for asking lots of God's Spirit. Do your best not to ask the Spirit for too much, insulting Him for treating him as your personal santa. Desire the Spirit in you to teach the things of God, and to find comforting, calm communion with Him.

Definition of capitalism. Governments today are starting to urge the consumer of electricity to use power more often in non-peak hours. One way to do this is to lower prices for non-peak hours. The other way is to raise prices in peak hours: the capitalist = profit-maximizer = greedy coot has struck. He's not looking for calm in the Holy Spirit.

When a lumber mill finds a tree with fewer knots, it knows that it has found a better-quality source of wood. There is the choice of selling high-knot wood cheaper, or low-knot wood at higher prices. Which option will the capitalist take? You know it. Capitalism and Godly behavior -- do unto others... -- are not compatible. You cannot love God and capitalism too. What's the solution? Socialism? Whoever used that word for it, I have no idea why. I suppose the answer depends on how socialism is defined. If socialism is the government controlling the corporation, where the government becomes the defacto boss, that's absolutely nuts. It's robbery. The government is made of people, and people have no right to own a business started and maintained by someone else. But I see nothing wrong with the government acting as a referee between the greedy corporate owner and the buyer. If the corporation isn't greedy, then a referee isn't needed. Governments are to protect us from evil, but the evil worm into government to serve themselves. Ask Trump's corporate tax cuts.

Why don't we coin a new word for doing business in the way God would have it, where there is an unwritten law: the boss shall consider his own interests 50 percent, and the interests of the buyer 50 percent. What shall we call it? Fair Enterprise. The boss' goal is to lower his costs as much as possible without cheapness of product, and to sell at a price with fair limits. If there are no limits, then it's abuse to buyers. Free enterprise doesn't want to hear about God, the would-be Referee. Are we to replace the Creator with the god of innovation? Most innovation only luxuriates life, especially for the successful innovator. But since when did God call us to a life of luxury?

God's middle name: Take-It-Easy. Some Christians have turned "work ethic" to mean "hard work." "Work ethic" was a phrase used to point the finger at lazy people, but the other extreme is hard work, the workaholic. Often, hard work is the partner of selfish ambition. Therefore, Take-It-Easy wants you to know: take it easy, life is not the chasing of money for what it can buy. Relax, be less wealthy, and be happy for others who can breathe easy. Where are the human angels? Not in free enterprise.

In the American constitution, the pursuit of happiness is the end game. Foolish dogma. One doesn't need to pursue happiness as though it's an elusive thing. Happiness is in Take-It-Easy. Dumbo. If you want a divorce, pursue money-happiness. Get out your money gun and shoot everyone who gets in your way of your happiness chase. It's not a wonder that simultaneous with capitalists having become obscenely rich, people are generally in break-down mode. Life wasn't supposed to be like this, the way that free enterprise has made it.

Maintain Godly integrity. Don't chase the city lights. Don't be a cheap personality. Have depth and character, for then you will earn for yourself a great thing; rejection. Yes, you will be rejected by those you need to be rejected by, those who would lure you astray. Rejection is a great prize, but you won't find the pursuit of rejection in the constitution or the national anthem.

Just look at how happy those are who pursue fame. How happy are they? Pity the person who tastes fame, for it will become a living torment. After fame, loneliness and frustration. No one really loves you at all; they only loved enjoying your entertainment skill. You worked half of a lifetime to get famous, only to learn that nobody cares about your facade. You fabricated a personality to be loved by all, but they passed, going to the next entertainer, leaving you in the dust of their feet.

But if you choose rejection in Jesus, you will find your true self. Hurry, everyone, go get rejected. Tell leftists to their faces what scatter-brains they are, and enjoy rejection today. Blessed are the rejected, for they can yet band together, to find one another. You don't need to be lonely when rejected. Is that what you thought? There is a fine reject near you. Smile, you'll be fine. Believe that the Spirit is always in your midst, for we will then engage Him. We know that to please Him means to have him stronger and deeper. That defines salvation itself, giving peace in our struggles. I didn't say God wipes out our struggles, so we best learn to be brave in God against them. Be brave in God...charge! You are not alone and rejected when rejected and alone. But you can't please the Spirit much, unless you are familiar with the words of Jesus. Having said that, why would we be concerned about Trump's success with China or Korea or Iran? Let it fade, Christian. Jesus said that the concerns of the world will kill you, if you care for them. Disengage immediately.

There are bad rejects, and then there are good rejects, those with Faith. Bad rejects are now finding open arms in leftist camps. The worst kind of reject: the one rejected by God. The one who works for God will find happiness. It's the meaning of lose your life for Jesus in order to find your life. When you work for God, you spit on your pursuit of happiness. Woe to those pursuing happiness, for they will weep. We've been warned. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a mirage in a jail cell. The American constitution has jailed the peoples foolish enough not to make a distinction between American freedom and freedom in Jesus. The latter takes us out of the jail. Anyone not so removed is still in jail. They can laugh and glory all they want with one another, but God has them corralled.

The power of God is not in a loud, charismatic preacher, but in the quiet Holy Spirit in you, Whom you will not always feel with your senses. But when you have the right thoughts, He might not be able to resist breaking out and sharing Himself with you. It will make you feel special, lucky, wanted by God. Do battle with slippery talkers, who fly over the facts, and train the new man in the Wisdom of God.

When I search youtube for "preachers," I get a lot on false preachers. In a way this is good, but I say that Google's mission there is to weaken Christianity as a whole. It's insulting because I didn't search "false preachers,' yet I got them. I've got to search "true preachers" to get rid of most of the false. Perhaps the false come up because I clicked on one such video in the past, and so youtube is programmed to ram false teachers down my throat if we click on just one. That makes sense to me, because youtube's bosses are evil.

I just want some really good preaching and teaching. In my search for "true preachers, half of them are black. I don't necessarily mind black preachers, though quite a few do get loud-mouthed, but this is a sign that youtube is gearing all searches to equalize whites and blacks, men and women. I am certain that youtube's female bosses have demanded that a search for preachers should bring up half women, and while the bosses have decided against it for now, that day is coming, I feel sure. I'm of the old school who recognizes that Jesus didn't pick six female apostles. Really, why wasn't there even one? God was not restrained by societal customs. Jesus never spoke down on the female kind, yet he didn't call even one to be an apostle. I do wonder why, and someone should venture a discussion as to the possible reasons.

How many Black preachers are more concerned about the here-and-now for Black advancement than for the principles of Jesus which the Democrats are smashing to the best of their abilities. In my search for "white preachers," Joel Osteen comes up first, a twisted preacher, it figures. In the top 15 videos, four of them are from Osteen. I also get a video, "Satan's Top 20 Favourite White American TV Preachers". The one after that: 'WATCH: Christian Preachers Try To Rationalize Private Jets'

. Did I ask for this? No. The next video after that: "RAW: Pastor Gino Jennings Slaps White Jesus and Tells the Truth." Wow, that looks handpicked by wicked youtube workers for anyone doing a search for "white preachers." A Black preacher slaps a painting of a White Jesus. Who at youtube would front this garbage? Isn't this hate speech and racism? I thought that such videos are to be banned at youtube...hypocrites.

There is also the video; "Inside Edition Investigates TV Preachers Living Like Rock Stars". Did I ask for this when asking for "white preachers"? No, no, no. Youtube knows full well what I want, but this is the garbage I'm given. Good preaching is being suppressed. Still on the same search, the one that brought up four Osteen videos: "PREACHERS EXPOSED WEARING $5000 YEEZYS & OFF-WHITE SNEAKERS?" Wow, youtube is offending me. Youtube is spitting into my face. I ask for good preaching, and I get this. There have got to be a thousand videos talking about youtube's suppression of Christianity or other issues, but youtube never brings them up (maybe one) when asking for them. Go ahead, do a search for "youtube suppresses videos". Clearly, people at youtube manually entered all such videos into a list, forbidding them from coming up in a search such as the one above. Youtube is suppressing its own cheating ways. We saw Google do this blatantly this past week. Go ahead, do another search, "youtube hides my videos." It appears, from the results, that no one's complaining about this, a sham on youtube's part. It's suppressing its many sins.

It's predictable that, if one searches, "youtube changes my likes," youtube's going to offer (or even arrange to create) a couple of videos showing what looks like a computer glitch rather than the manual sin of altering peoples likes for societal-engineering purposes. Surely, there are hundreds of videos claiming that youtube is altering the likes and subscriber numbers, for I read of this complaint often in Republican-news videos. It doesn't take much testing to see that youtube's computers don't act alone, without the long, skinny fingers of human contributions.

Youtube acts as though it doesn't know what you want when searching, "youtube changes my likes." Only two videos are coming up for me. But when you press the computer with, "youtube deleting my likes," suddenly we get a few more, yet the total number of videos on the entire page is 20, and not all are on topic. Yet, two of the videos have had their sound disabled, one is cut short at 17 seconds long, and others claim that it's just a computer glitch. One: "YouTube needs to fix itself! | Our likes are disappearing." Not only does this make it appear that there's a computer glitch, but the issue in the video is a complaint on a mere 12 likes, as though the problem, in reality, isn't tens of thousands of likes either gone missing from conservative videos, or tens of thousands added to liberal videos. Youtube is hiding behind a glitch excuse.

A video, "YouTube CAUGHT Removing Likes From Videos, YouTube & Their “Accurate” System!", has the visual blacked-out at the beginning. The viewers think, "aha," youtube is not wanting us to watch this. The problem is, the affected videos are not important at all, giving the impression that the problem is a computer glitch because youtube would have no motive to deny likes for such videos. In other words, the video above looks like a youtube production even while the speaker accuses youtube. Take a look at the offering below, suggesting it's only a computer error while admitting the problem is widespread:

There is not one suggestion, in the video above, that youtube's bosses are the problem, which is why the video can be suspect as a production from the youtube bosses. I can see youtube causing likes and subscribers to disappear also for liberal videos so that it can present a video on it in order to not appear to be targeting conservatives. The video speaker talks like a kid, an act, though at times his adult voice comes through. Youtube wants to make our head like a kid's head. Google has had this attitude from the start with its cute, cartoony pictures. In other words, it wants us naive and happily submissive to its spy missions and social engineering.

After clicking on the video above, guess what? Youtube did not provide for me a list of similar videos to click. But if I click one of the preachers that it offers, I get lots of videos from him in the suggestions margin. Youtube is more than a witch with a crooked nose and dirtballs hanging from her lips. Youtube is an anti-Christ agent that will push the image of the beast.

When I did the search for the second time, "youtube deletes my likes", there was a new list of videos, but only 20 in all after which we read, "No more results." Only seven of the 20 are on topic. Let's face it, channels with millions of views enduring this problem have SURELY produced videos of complaint, yet youtube claims they don't exist. It occurs to some people that by deleting views, youtube doesn't pay them as much. This is called, theft.

I noticed that when clicking on a preacher's video, youtube would stack my next searches with the same preacher. I get the impression that youtube doesn't want to give us a wide choice of preachers, that it wants to choose for use. Isn't that exactly the creep that youtube wants to become in the name of controlling society's direction? Does it think we don't take notice? Soon, as I click along, all the video suggestions from youtube's computer, at some points, are two or three preachers only in the entire list. Is this all the world has to offer? Absolutely not, but youtube wants to hide certain, effective preachers. It gives us a few, but youtube is evil and does not want compelling preachers to change the minds of its cherished liberal crowds; that's a nasty twist we can bank on. So, Christianity is being suppressed. Politics is for the here and now, but Jesus far surpasses the importance of the here and now. One of his main messages was to not stress the here and now. get through this life like one not becoming entangled with the gone-tomorrow.

The here and now is volatile, about to become smoke. Liberal leaders are slaughtering their own voters as we speak. The current direction of Democrat leaders is undermining the entire party, weakening it. Even if it manages to win the election with Google's smoke and mirrors, there won't be a strong base because hypocrisy makes for a weak foundation. It didn't take the country long to put Obama's majority to the match. Up in smoke it went in his first mid-term elections. The people saw that Mr. Hope-and-Change was a hypocrite, and for the rest of his time as president, he had to convince the people that he was "for the people,' the liar. I'm sure he won his second term on election fraud. The extra votes in election fraud can get Democrats over the top. What is being done now by Republicans to keep illegals from putting in their votes with Democrat polling people turning a blind eye? Can there not be stiff punishments for those who get caught? Punish two or three per election, and watch fraud go down. But Republicans seem too daft to challenge Democrat corruption. Why do I feel that Barr might let them off the hook due to compromised Republicans convincing him so? Is Barr going to allow blackmail to defeat him? I don't think anyone knows the answer, but I do think we can depend on all sorts of veiled threats from aggressive Democrats. It's time to get aggressive back. Push them over. Come on do-nothing Republicans, get out your hammers and smash them.

If you think you'd like an hour-long, scholarly apologetic for the reliability of the Jesus story, see here:

Nunes this past week has been zealous, like a leader in war. He's fulfilling rather than shrinking back. He's inviting Barr to look into many things. I don't know how he maintains patience after all of this time.

Jay Sekulow is saying this week that his private organization (no thanks to Trump) has obtained (by FOAI act) some NSA documents in which it has been learned that Loretta Lynch was urged to sign a spy proposal, on behalf / at the request of James Clapper, just days before Trump took office. Sekulow says that Clapper was in a hurry to get it done by January 20th. At that time, Hillary had sadistic dreams of toppling Trump as soon as possible so that she could become the president by default. The spy proposal was to allow greater sharing of Intelligence between the spy organizations i.e. they could work / band together against Trump.

The story above is so heavy of gravity that Barr, if he dares goes soft, will look like the fool of the century to allow the Intelligence community to go without jail terms. Unless Intelligence people are handed swift and heavy jail terms for abusing spy powers, this sort of thing will NEVER stop. They will just be more careful in the future not to get caught.

On Tuesday evening, John Solomon appeared on Hannity to reveal that he's got some emails of Samantha Powers. I don't imagine that he got these from Barr. His story is here on Hannity:

Here's BCP with Brennan squirming before the question of whether Samantha Power unmasked Americans.

Based on BCP's Amash topic, someone needs to tell BCP to stop using "rat bastards" when speaking against the deep state, not because it's an inaccurate description, but because he's likely being spied on for merely taking about the deep state, and those rat bastards would kill him when they get the chance, for using that phrase. I can use such language, being an old man, but, BCP, you have your youth and family to be concerned with. The reason that the faces of Comey, Brennan, Rosenstein, McCabe and Clapper all look like pimples on a rat's arse is because they engaged in spying, it's as simple as that. Spying corrupts the soul, causes them to justify their creepiness, and thus demons enter the soul when God doesn't protect it from them. Unless God protects us from demonic oppression, we're cooked. Our minds get distorted. A world in rejection of Jesus tends in this direction, we are witnesses of it in this very generation.

The people vastly go without understanding, that when people reject Jesus, as is rife with Democrats, minds and therefore actions become dangerous in every nook and sphere of society. It's not as trivial as, oh well, they don't believe, it doesn't matter to me. It does matter, because it touches your world, stupid. On the other end of non-belief is a terrible God who provided demons to infect sinners as their reward. They don't have peace; they chase the wind for happiness; they use and abuse others for satisfaction; and they look to such things as drugs, hookers and casinos for "spiritual" fulfillment. God is both terrible and fatherly. The Father becomes terrible to the terrible, and because anti-Christs experience burrs and thorns at almost every step in life, they view God as cruel, and claim that He's cruel. Yes, he is cruel toward them, but if only they would have a good change of heart, they would meet the Father they need. Millions upon millions have met Him in just that context. The deep state is filled with such "traitors"...who need to speak up now on behalf of their Father. Just do it as safely as possible.

We saw in the BCP video that unmaskings have been rife under Trump. I half expected it for the sake of spying on the deep state, but one never knows, they might still be spying on Republican activists...or both the above, depending on which agency is doing the spying. If it was done under Rosenstein, then we can figure that it was against Trump. Perhaps the ACLU released its findings, that unmaskings were up last year, to fire a shot at Barr, warning him not to unmask for the purpose of exposing deep-state crimes. I say, go ahead and unmask, Mr. Barr, if you are a decent man who will not abuse this power. It's badly needed. Unmasking is not the problem; it's the motives behind the unmaskings. There's a big difference between spying to affect an election, and spying to catch the spies trying to affect an election.

Bagpipe Surprise

When I caught wind of Barr playing the BAGpipes this week, I confess, I was wondering whether it had to do with the sleeping-bag theme. I ruled it out because I know the Pipe Coat without looking at it, and there is nothing I can think of to link it to Sleeps, or other parts of the sleeping-bag scene. But I have just loaded the Pipes', and here's from their write-up: "The surname Pipes was first found in Staffordshire at Field, a township, in the parish of Leigh, union of Uttoxeter, S. division of the hundred of Totmonslow. 'It anciently belonged to Burton Abbey, of which it was long held by the family of Pipe, from whom it passed to the BAGots.'" Hmm. The Baggets/Bagots were a topic in the last update as soon as I came to the Baggat variation of Bathgate's. If God is in these bagpipes, I may need some time to correctly decipher this. Long-time readers can vouch that Pepins and Pipes' were part of my God event with Lorraine, and Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine.

Amazingly, I am writing this on the bagpipes on my birthday. Long-time readers can vouch that I asked Lorraine out on my 24th birthday (I have repeated that many times). I asked her out at a Bush-suspect BUS STOP while Stops/Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's (and Bagetts), use a version of the Pepin and Pipe Coats. God gave Lorraine a babe symbol, and Poppo I was the founder of BABenburgs.

I have it recorded (1st update of January, 2014): "Bathgate's (suns in Gate colors) are also 'Beggat/Baggate'" Babe's use the sun too, and you'll see below why Beggats can be from Pepin's daughter. English Babels/Babwells use a GATE in Crest. Suns/Sinclairs share the engrailed cross of Rats, almost, and Rats are not only in the GED motto, but were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes' and Bosco-beloved Rose's. Baggets/Bagots, who have Mr. Bussy in write-up, share the Bush goat head in Crest. Bosco's, a Bush branch, use "tufts of grass," which I linked to Lorraine's grass stain on my last night with her. The stain was on her white pants, and the pants got suspect with the Pantzer variation of the Pansy (probably Paionian) surname. The Coneys have a white coney rabbit said to be holding a pansy, a clue to God's pointing of Lorraine to Bra. French Bussys happen to share the Lorraine eagles, and English Bussys, with three fesses in the colors of the one of Bush's/Buschs, almost have the Coat of Babe's (Dorset, same as Bushers/Buschers/Boschers).

As Craigs are said to be Carrick ancestors while tracing to Lupus Laevillus of Cetis, a location suspect with "GEDDES / Gettes," by what coincidence do I also record, in the same update, "The Bathgate/Begget motto is exactly that of the Craigs..."?

The Bagget/Bagot write-up: "The surname Bagot was first found in Staffordshire and Warwickshire, where early records show Bago, or Bagod de Arras in 1075 " Arrows/Arras' share the Bush fleur-de-lys. George Bush Sr. had made Barr is attorney general, but "bus stop" can indicate an end to the Bush crime ring with Barr's investigations. I hope so. Let it be my birthday present.

The Stops Stubbs were traced well to the Paionian city of Stobi so that the bus stop was reckoned with AstiBUS, another Paionian city, and from that I gathered that Paionians were at Asti, right beside Bra. It just so happens that while Baggets/Bagots use the BRASwell/Bracewell Coat in colors reversed, Bruno's are said to have had a branch at Asti while Barrs are known to have been at BRUNswick. I had seen the Arms of the Barrs of Brunswick: a couple of gold-on-blue fish. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc use the same two fish, sometimes in white on blue, the colors of the Ged fish!!!

In the dream, I PICKed up the sleeping bag as a pointer to Picks/Pike's (see reason two updates ago). The Bathgate location of Baggats is close enough to the proto-Geddes Geds of the Nith river to see a Bag merger with the Gett-like variation of PIKE-using Geddes in forming "Bagget." It was determined that Lorraine (the babe) was a pointer specifically to Pepin of Landen, for when I asked her out at the bus stop, we agreed to meet at my LAUNDRomat that evening, and Landens are also LANDERs while sharing the Coat of LANGleys. That's how Lorraine got pointed to Bra, for Langhe (at the Asti border) is at the Bra theater. Pepin of Landen married a woman from the Lorraine frontier, and his daughter was, BEGGA! I kid thee not. The bagPIPES played by Mr. Barr this week have brought us here.

German Beggs/Baggs were first found in TYROL, and Tyrone's/TYRELLs share the Coat of Baggets/Bagots. That works. I'm in wonderment at what those bagpipes did, after thinking it was nothing. It all started with Burton abbey passing from Pipe's to Bagots (Burtons have Drago de BEWERE, a topic earlier in this update). Pepins ("est") and Pipe's use the Este horses, and Barrs use the Este eagle. Bar-le-Duc is in Grand Est. I have a Barry Coat in my files that is the Scottish Barr Coat (same place as Carricks and Picks/Pike's) exactly, and German Barrys share fish heads with Geddes'. Interestingly, Scottish Barrys were first found in Angus with Sewers/SUTERs, whom God used for pointing to BARRY SOETORo = Obama. French Barrys can connect to Carricks on two counts. Grand Est could be related to Bussy-le-Grand because Bussys share the spread Lorraine eagles (Bus/Busse colors), white like the spread Este / Barr eagle.

Wow, I didn't know that the Arms of Bar-le-Duc include flowers called, "PENSEES feuillees et tigees au naturel." Is that evidence of a Bar connection to "Bra" as per the Coney pansies? Wikipedia: "The name 'pansy' is derived from the French word pensee..." Is that not incredible? It's badly needed to link Lorraine to Bill Barr and George Bush together. PLUS, Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks!!! Bar-le-DUC. Now we know. For whatever it's worth, English Ducks share the stars of Solomons. Pansy-like Pense's/Pincons share the Barr / Este eagle.

Wow some more. About an hour before Lorraine and I broke up, as I've said many times, due to her coming home for a walk with a married man, with a grass stain on her white pants, at her butt area (back of her thigh), I had met, for the first time, MAMIE, at her party. Soon after she and I danced, I left to go see Lorraine. Mamie became a definite pointer to Mens'/Mame's/MEME's in the Pepin motto, but I didn't know until now that the fish of Bar-le-Duc are described thus: "bars adosses du MEME"! Zinger. Barry was at Mamie's place the night of that party, and later Barry would use her to get me to go camping with the beer-drinking gang, where she became my next girlfriend.

As I've said and explained many times, God gave Mamie a thigh symbol the day after the night at the camp site, and this was realized as God's pointer to Tess'/Tyes'/TIGHEs', first found in Nottinghamshire with a MAMESfelde location of Mens-like Mansfields. Repeat: "pensees feuillees et TIGEES au naturel". "Tiges" means "stems." Her thigh symbol was at her garden, and as Gardens share the black boar head of Babons, she became suspect as a pointer to MUMmolin, father of Babe-like Babon, a Merovingian likely descended from Pepins. Mummolin was even at Chalons-sur-Marne at the Lorraine region, and as I met Lorraine on my BIRThday, I figured it was God's pointer to Berthe, Mummolin's wife. Babons were first found in Suffolk with the Babegh location of Babe's. And Bush's use black boars too.

Tige's/Teague's ("SumMUM") are Teegers too, and a tiger is in the Crest of English Bussys, the latter said to have been barons of TICKhill (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/Buschs). Tickhills share the maunch sleeve with Mansfields. There's just a lot to chew over in this discussion started merely with "bagpipes." I'm sure I haven't exhausted things. I expect to come back to it in weeks / months to come.

The Tige/Teague Shield can be gleaned as a version of the Tick/TOUQUE Shield, and the Touques river is at Lisieux, location of Mont Pincon of the Pense's/Pincons. The Touques area was also home to Tosni's = the Toeni's = Tonys (Leicestershire) who use the maunch sleeve in the Arms of Leicester.

Bussys were first found in Leicestershire, and their MELTON-Mowbray location (which was given to Mr. Bussy, baron of Tickhill), looks like a branch of whatever the "MILITia" motto term of Ticks/Touque's is for. AHH, English Millets share the giant Bus cinquefoil, minus the ermines, that's in the Arms of Leicester! It tends to clinch Bus' as a Bussy branch! Much needed. Wikipedia's Leicester article is no longer showing the Arms having multiple symbols; only the cinquefoil at this time. The "Semper" motto term of the Arms is for Pierre/Peer liners. French Millets happen to share the giant, eight-pointed star of German Teegers, and eight-pointed stars in the same colors are shared by Tosni-like Tous/TOSINI's. I wonder whether Tosni's were of "Tessin," the alternative name of the TICino river through Pavia.

There are many ways to put a grass stain on her pants; why was it done when she was out for a walk alone, at night, with a married man while I was walking to her place from Mamie's? Walks (look like Close/Clovse kin) were first found in Dumfries with Rome's/Rooms who love the Pincon-like Pungs/Pings/Paganells, and Pagans/Payens/Paions (Paionian suspects) happen to share "spur rowells" with PANTers. The spur is used by Close's/Clovse's (share green lion with Lorraine's) of Closeburn, a location on the Nith river of Dumfries, the river of the Geds suspect with the Bar-le-Duc fish.

Close's/Clovse's share the hunting horns of Fosters/Forrests, red strings included, and while the "blow" motto term of the latter is probably a Blois branch, the Nith-like Knights/Nights (same place as Blois') have another spur, and probably use a version of the three pale bars of the counts of Chatillon (they merged with counts of Blois), a location otherwise known as Chalons-sur-Marne, place of of MumMOLIN. The Blows happen to use the goat heads of MOLINE's.

What are the chances that, while my meeting Lorraine at the laundromat was a pointer to German Landens/Landers, Jewish Landers have two bends colors reversed from the same of Berthe's (Nassau)? This is a new finding right here. The other side of the Berthe Shield has the same eagle as German Bus', and it's colors reversed from the Bush eagle. BRETs/Brits (beside Dorset's Bussys) share the lion of Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Boschs, and the latter share billets with Nassau's. The Bret/Brit write-up: "Over in Dorset in the parish of Holwell, another branch of the family was found." Holwells not only share white goats with the Bush Crest, but they use three of them on a bend all in reflection of the three Lorraine eagles on the same-colored bend! That's new right here too, clinching Lorraine the babe with Bush's. But why? Is it merely for linking families of old, or is God pointing to George Bush?

While Boschs use tufts of grass, Tufts use almost the HOLbrook Coat, suggesting that Holbrooks can be a Holwell branch.

Previously, I was concerned that readers would not be convinced that the bus stop, the grass stain, and the Bussys of Dorset were insufficient to make the Lorraine-Bush link, but, now, thanks to my approaching Lorraine on my birthday, we have just clinched the link. With Bill Barr in the picture, if that's what this is, it gets very interesting, especially coming at this time.

There's more. As per the "tigees" = stems of the Bar-le-Duc pansies, I've recalled the Stems/Steins, and that German Steins use a white goat, which happens to be in both colors of the Holwell goat. STANfords (Staffordshire, same as Stops/Stubbs, Pipe's and Stamfords/Stainfords) use white goats too. Stems/Steins were first found in Norfolk with Hollys and Bus' while Maxwells use a "holly bush." HOLwells may have been Hollys/Holeys (share the Hole/Hall dog).

SO, if we are convinced that God had planned for, or foresaw, Barr's bagpipe performance (June 26th) as long ago as my 24th birthday, what for? Doesn't it suggest that Mr. Barr is going to expose things? If he's not, why would God emphasize Barr in this way? Or is it just a coincidence that Pipe's have the Bagots in their write-up, whom I rarely mention, yet they came up last week apart from the bagpipes?

The Barr barfish are connecting smack to my picking up a sleeping bag, especially as Barrs and Picks/Pike's were both first found in Ayrshire. As I've explained, all I remember on that first date with Lorraine is meeting her at the laundromat, and then kissing her on a park PICnic table. It was realized that Nickle's/Nichols applied to the picNIc table because they share the white-on-black pheon arrow heads with Stops/Stubbs, and it was then found the Nickle's/Nichols were first found in Cheshire with the PICots who happen to use ARROW heads called, "PIKE heads." The best I could do with this is to view it as evidence that God set Lorraine and I up on that 24th birthday. After all, in the midst of creating pointers, God also needs to prove to myself and to readers that He's the one setting up the events. Makes sense, yet the pike heads point to the work of John Solomon at THE HILL.

I'd like to remind you here that I picked the sleeping bag up on a hill, which is a pointer THE HILL, for Hills have an "AVANCEz" motto while Vance's are the Vaux's sharing the Coat of Solomons/Salome's (Rhineland, same as German Bush's/Buschs). In case it means anything, Solomons are in the colors and format of Stems/Steins while Stans/Stains have two fesses in the colors of the one of Bush's and Hills.

But wait. The sleeping bag was resolved with the murder of judge Scalia (see last update) by the hunting group of John B. PoinDEXTER. And the bagpipes brought us to Bagots who happen to use the DEXTER Coat almost exactly. Isn't this consistent with the resolution above? Looks like. Is Barr going to look at Scalia's murder? I hope so. And Bush's 9-11 crimes? I'd be floored by that. The Dexter Shield differs from the Bagget/Bigot Shield only where Dexters add a canton square, and while Square's (Worcestershire, same as Hills and the Clent Hills) are also SQUIRE's/Squirrels, the Poindexter Crest is an ESQUIRE's helmet (I've read the description). ESQUERs use a white rabbit as strong evidence of God's pointing to Poindexter (see last update for further details on that).

Poindexter admitted that he and a Mr. Foster were standing together with Scalia, in Washington, when Poindexter asked Scalia to come hunt on his Texas ranch. While the Dexter Crest is called, simply, "weights," the Weights share the hunting horns of Scottish Fosters, what looks like a set-up by God to nail Poindexter and Foster together. Fosters are also Forrests, and I picked the sleeping bag up on a hill in a forest. A forest is also a bush. The Foster/Forrest motto, "Hunter blow they horn," looks like a whistle-blower theme. "Blow" looks like code for Blois', for they share a patee cross on blue with Forests (Northumberland, same as Fosters/Forrests and Rodhams). Blows were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. Blow the pipes!

After picking up the sleeping bag, I walked up the hill and crossed a ROAD as God's pointer to the dossier crimes of Hillary Rodham Clinton, for I then walked into a PARKING LOT of a mall (Mauls share the split Dossier Shield), and while Parkings are also Perkins, Hillary hired PERKINS Coie to do her dirty-dossier business. The Lots share a brown dog with LOThians, and the latter have a black hunting horn with gold stripes, same as Fosters/Forrests and Weights (and Close's). Stick up your hands, Hillary.

While the sleeping bag became suspect with the killing of Scalia in his sleep, the Lothian motto is translated, "The sentinel sleeps not." Uh-oh. Someone's been watching. Possibly, they put a BAG over his head, after drugging him to sleep, to hasten death. However, here's from the 2nd update of this month:

But now, with the Needhams using the Knee Coat, and Needle's first found in Salop with Sleeps, ahh, I get it. They put Scalia to SLEEP, and gave him poison with a needle while he slept. I think I have this right. It makes too much sense not to be correct. A song is playing as I write here, "I am weary, let me rest." LOOK: I've just remembered that poison-like Poussins share the Needle sun (same colors)!!! I knew I was going to mention the needle and poison when starting this paragraph, but did not know I'd be coming to Poussins. WOW.

I can now add that Bathgate's/BAGGATS use suns in the colors of the Needle and Poussin suns.

I've just found a Poisson surname, in case it can apply somehow. Sheesh, I was looking at the SCALLops of Poissons for minutes, trying to figure who else used them in those colors, until realizing that scallops are probably code for the Scalia bloodline! In fact, Scale's use scallops in half the colors of the Poisson scallops! Amazing. There are even five, white ostrich feathers in the Scale Crest, symbol in the Crest of this Arms of Traby which shares black, gold-striped hunting horns with Fosters/Forrests! Amazing. The sleeping-bag dream ended with me in the mall to prove that Morleys/Mauls apply, who share the Scale scallops. For a reason yet to be full understood, David Morley had circled the sleeping bag, on a motorbike, while it was on a hill. He circled it after I PICKed it up, and English Pike's share the split Morley/Maule Shield.

Poindexter admitted that Scalia was feeling tired at dinner, got up from the table, and went to his room. It appears that he drugged Scalia's food to get him to pass out. It also appears that they gave him a needle to finish the job, but may yet have hastened it with a bag over his head. Poindexter said that he saw him dead with a pillow over his head, and later clarified that the pillow was not ON his head, but above his head against the bed's headboard.

Banks (Lancashire, same as ECKLEstone's) were first found in WINstanley, and HardWINS ("win" motto term) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys (Stonley liners) and Ingledews/ICKLEtons. The latter use a version of the Stanley Coat, and are said to be "descended from Hardwin of Scales, a Norman knight who held the manor of Ickleton from Count Eustace" (probably Eustace II of Artois). Hardwin of Scales is in the write-up of Scale's (HERTfordshire). Hards (double-tailed Montfort lion), who share the HERTford chevron, are from Ardres in PicARDY, beside Artois. Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Artois' Arrows/Arras'. HARDwins are suspect with HEROD Agrippa, for while Gripps are also Grape's, Hardwins use grapes. Hardwins share the black stag head with Vise's/Vice's (Eustace kin/branch) while Ardiaei Illyrians were at Vis (Issa).

What do we suppose that God is trying to reveal with this Bush and Barr link to Lorraine the babe? I've been at this for years, but haven't a clue from the clues. All I have is but a guess I can't begin to prove. Dos the bus stop mean the end for Bush? It's just a guess. Why a grass stain while Lorraine was on a WALK with the husband of her friend? Aren't the presidential Bush's (Scherffs in reality) posing as Bush-Walker liners? Does the laundromat suggest that Bush was a money launderer when forking hundreds of $billions to the Middle East.

The ermined Bus cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester along with the maunch sleeve, and Baggets/Bagots can be linked to Leicester's Dexters. Bags, first found in Norfolk with Bus', use cinquefoils too, and share an "est" motto term with Pepins so as to be from Begga (Pepin's daughter), apparently. The Bag Coat is the GRIMaldi Coat, and Babon was GRIMo's father. Just learned: at least one genealogy has Babon's wife (and Grimo's mother) as Waldrade Pipinnides i.e. a Pepin, tending to clinch Grimaldi's, thanks to Bags, from Grimo. The German Begg/Begh/Bagh Shield is in the Brace/Brass Crest.

Grimaldi's of Monaco / Genoa had a DAGGER-under-cloak symbol, and Daggers/Decks (share the Squire squirrel) are suspect with Dexters/Decksters. When I reached out to touch the bra on the laundry line, I was standing on a small DECK built only for hanging laundry up high. I had to climb a few stairs = SCALA to get to this deck, and under the floor of the deck there was a rabbit cage with at least one white rabbit (I fed one or two), symbol of Esquers, suspect in the "ESQUIRE" helmet of PoinDEXTERs. What do we make of this? Did Peter Peterson's CFR kill Scalia, or wink with the murder?

There the question as to why Lorraine had a grass stain while Grace's/Grasse's show nothing but three chevrons (in their Shield) in the colors but nothing but two chevrons of BRASwells/Bracewells. Bra is beside Asti, and the bus stop was reckoned with AstiBus, a pointer to Bush's, apparently, because their Bosch branch use tufts of grass upon their pillars. And Pillars are Pilots while Pelosi's, first found right beside Bra, are also Pilati's. The Stops/Stubbs happen to share white pheons with French Pilate's, the latter's in the colors of the neighboring Grace's/Grasse's. That's pretty amazing.

Pillars/Pilots have the same giant lion as Palins, first found in Dorset with Babe's and Bussys. It just gets more compelling, especially as six of the Pillar and Palin lions are those of Savage's, suspect with the naming of SAVIGliano, where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found who use "columns" instead of "pillars." The Pillars/Pilots even show a Coney / Conn possibility: "The name can also be traced to Brittany, where individuals of the Pillet family were lords of HerCONnais" ("nais" is a common suffix). Coneys were first found in Lincolnshire with Pillers/Pilatte's. And they had a Coney's Castle in Dorset. It's possibly Coneys use pansies (plural).

Props used by God with my being with Lorraine are linking both to the bra on the LAUNDRY line, and to Bra of Cuneo. Again, Bra is beside Asti, and so is it not amazing that Astys share the Lorraine lion? I therefore reject the trace of Astys, in the Asty write-up, to "Anastasia." If there were not so many links, I might not get so confused as to what God is doing, but to make it more difficult, He's capable of pointing to multiple things with each prop or situational event. As I said, I first approached her at her bus stop at the corned of Lorraine-like Lorne and Yonge street (in Richmond Hill).

One night in October, a few months after being with Lorraine (July), I was lying in bed, in the dark, with the door open a crack, with a light from outside shining in onto the ceiling, where I saw what looked like an XI formed with shadows. After I wondered whether God was speaking to me about October 11, a day I had theorized as the start of the tribulation period, I ended up hearing two additional numbers, 24 and 38. I didn't know what to think, and wondered whether they meant Matthew 24 and Ezekiel 38, for I was avidly into prophecy study at the time. I didn't realize that I was 24 years old at the time, for such a thing wouldn't have come to mind is such a situation. I wasn't going to mention this, when saying earlier that the bagpipe story began on my birthday this past week, for even though it has been exactly 38 years since asking Lorraine out for the first time, I saw no connection to Lorraine as per these numbers.

But then I remembered that I heard these numbers at the home of Mr. Archibald, who lived about six houses from Lorraine, on the same Church street. Hmm, Church's have the colors and format of Bush's, and between both homes is Lorne, the street that meets Yonge at the BUS stop where I first spoke with her.

This caused me to remember that, my next theory on the final seven years begins in the ballpark of 2024 (there's another 24), and, checking, October 10/11 is the start of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) in that year. This shadow-on-ceiling event was more than 20 years before writing my 2016 chapter, in which I presented four good reasons for starting the 70th Week in 2009. In that chapter, I said:

Where the 2300-day period begins on the 7th of Sivan (May 20) in the year 2010, the start of the 70th Week (usually pegged 220 days earlier) is the 23rd of Tishri (October 11), 2009, which is the very first day after the last day of Tabernacles.

I think there are valuable things in the 2016 chapter, which I've left online. Near the end, I said:

I learned that a period of 1260 days beginning at Passover would end before the Feast of Trumpets only on rare occasions, whereas in most periods, 1260 days from Passover would end one or more days after the Feast of Trumpets...

If, in any given year, there are less than 1260 days between its Feast-of-Trumpets date and Passover 3 years earlier, that year is not deemed by me as a candidate for the Lord's return. For, if it's correct that the Armageddon trumpet sounds at a Feast of Trumpets, the 1260-day period must end before the Feast of Trumpets (because it is known Biblically that Armageddon takes place after the 1260 days).

Having deduced that key (correctly, I hope), it was great news to find that, in the next several years (I checked to about 2022), the end of a 1260-day period can fall before the Feast of Trumpets only in 2005 and 2016!!! Upon finding that, I felt confident in publishing this chapter.

But the Return was not to be in 2016, and I knew it already by 2010, because I abandoned my 2009-16 theory at that time due to unfulfilled prophecy. As you read above, I checked only until 2022. There's a Jewish-calendar calculator at the October-11 link above, in case you want to fool around or verify my below.

At the calculator below, it gives us 1257 days between Passover eve (13th Nisan) on April 9, 2028 and the first day (1 Tishri) of Trumpets on September 18, 2031. That's less than 1260 days, it works in this respect.

If Trump wins 2020, then 2024 may get the world the Democrat False Prophet. But of course, I'm jotting down a mere theory here. I could be wrong on looking to a year with less than 1260 days as explained above.

The reason that I begin the 1260 days on Passover is that, 30 days earlier, it's Purim (celebrates victory over an ancient anti-Christ proto-type). It can explain why Daniel has a 1290-day period at odds with the 1260-day period. That is, the 1290 days from Purim may land on the same day as 1260 days from Passover. To put it another way, I'm going with the theory that the "abomination of desolation" takes place on Purim, even though it's not a Biblical holiday, and that the anti-Christ finally breaks though to Jerusalem's streets on Passover.

Heraldry, Continued

I don't know where I'm going with the following, but wanted to jot it down. I'll start by repeating from the last update in the paragraph immediately after the Bruce-like Breuci peoples on the Sava river:

The blue-lion Bruce's are said to have been on the river Tees, while Sava's/Savage's use two "te" motto terms. German Tees'/Tease's/Tess' (Switzerland) are suspect with the Annandale saltire in colors reversed, and Bruce's were in Annandale. The leaves on the Tees'/Tease/Tess saltire are heavily connectable to Laevi on the Tessin/Ticino river, which starts in Switzerland. Laevi co-founded Pavia [on the Ticino], where PERO's/Pierro's were first found who are suspect in the "PRO te" motto phrase of Sava's/Savage's.

I'm not familiar with these connections. There appears to be a Sava-river connection to the Laevi that I see behind the Israeli Levites that sat on the high-priestly seat as Joseph Caiaphas and his father-in-law, ANANus/Annas. Remember, the latter's father was Seth, and Sava-like Shaws come up as "Seth." Not only that, but Shaws/Sava's use cups while Cups/Cope's are also Colps and Culps, assuring that they are from the COLAPis river, also known as the KUPa, you see. And the Breuci are on this map smack where the Colapis meets the Sava, is that not amazing?

Pullens/Pullys use a "CULPa" motto term. They were first found in Yorkshire with the blue-lion Bruce's, and share the bend of Save's ("PROsis" motto term) while the Sava was also the Save. Pullens/Pullys are definitely from Vespasia Polla, who married the imperial Flavians that can be traced exactly to the Pierro's/Pero's above. The Pully/Pullen bend is even shared by Champagne's while French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne. On top of this, the Shaw/Seth cups are those also of Pilotte's and Pellets while Pelosi's/Pillati's were first found in SAVIGliano. Caiaphas, Annas and Pontius Pilate all played a role in killing Jesus. The Annas surname even share's the stars of Tee's/Tease's/Tighs (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas'). If that's not enough, French Pilate's (Save colors) were first found in Burgundy with Save's. The latter's Seibe and similar variations reflect Flavius SABinus, Vespasia's husband. Sabine's share the scallops of Pullens/Pullys for obvious reason.

Bear with me if you've read the following, that the black Savage lion paw is that also of Quints because Quints are from Quintus CAEPio, who can be traced to the Kupa river, the neighboring Oeneus/Una, and to SERVitium upon the Sava between the mouths of Oeneus and the Kupa. That's because Quintus Caepio's granddaughter was SERVilia, who named three daughters, Junia CAEPIONis, from her husband, Mr. Junius, a surname from the Una river. Quints were first found in Essex and Dorset, and the June-kin Youngs/Yonge's were likewise first found in Essex who share the red Capone lion, important because CAPONE's were first found in Cambridgeshire with June's and Jeune's (the latter are in the Young/Yonge motto). The new trace we saw above of Savage's/Sava's to the Laevi is an excellent trace for my claim: that Caiaphas was descended from, and named by, the Caepio family. It has to do with Julius Caesar's involvement in Syria and Israel, for he had a long-standing affair with Servilia Caepionis above.

This section was born when I was looking back at the Pick surname with the understanding that God pointed me to them with a sleeping-bag dream, in which I PICKed up a sleeping bag on a hill as a pointer to John Solomon of The Hill. You can find the reasoning for this in the last two updates (use link at top-left of this page). Both Pick surnames apply to the dream, and Scottish Picks/Pike's share the pierced Solomon/Salome stars. When I got to reading that Picks/Pike's were at LANGdale Pikes, I loaded the Langdale's, and this got me over to the Bruce's for the revelation above on their likely descent from the Sava's Breuci.

Picks/Pike's were first found in Ayrshire, and the Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term. Kyle's, first found in Ayrshire, use candleSTICKs, and Seths/Shaws are said to be from Stick-like "Sithech," a Sadducee-like term. The Carricks and Kennedys of Ayrshire trace to Laevi-liner, Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis, and it is in this very family that I expect Seth, father of Annandale-suspect Ananus/Annas. Seth is said to have lived in Syria, not far from Cetis, and the Cetis-like Geddes', can we believe it, use pike fish. Solomons/SALOME's are suspect from Salome Boethus, and it's known that Sadducees were of the house of Boethus. The Boets/Butts/Bute's even use a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat.

The saltire of Picks/Pike's is colors reversed from the Annandale saltire, though in the colors used for it by the Scottish Bruce's (they lived in Annandale). Marjory Carrick was the wife of an Annandale Bruce, and mother to the first Bruce king. The Arms of Ayrshire thus has the Annandale saltire in the colors used for it by Bruce's. The Rome's/Rooms of Annandale are excellent for proving that Annandale was named by the Ananes Gauls at PLACentia, for Rome's/Rooms have a "PLACit" motto term. But Placentia is also, PIACENza, like the Picken variation of Picks/Pike's...who have the Annandale saltire in colors reversed.

The Picks/Pike's of Langdale Pikes can be connected to the Pickerings because Langdale's are said to have been in a Pickering location. This is how I came to the blue-lion Bruce's, for Pickerings, first found in Yorkshire with those Bruce's, share the giant Bruce lion. That's the second time we have witnessed a Bruce-Pick/Pike link. Langdale's are in the colors of the Scottish / English Langs, and this is suspect with Langhe, a region at the Bar / Savigliano area. The latter is where Pelosi's/Pillati's were first found who have stars in the colors of the Pick/Pike stars.

German Langs were at LUNEburg, of Luneburg-BRUNswick, and Bruno's are said to have had a branch at Asti, smack at Bra and Langhe. Bruno-like BARone's were first found in the same place as Bruno's, and Bar's/Barrs, who were Este-kin at Brunswick, share the ESTE eagle while Langdale's use ESToiles, perfect for substantiating that Bruno's and Bars were branches who named Bra. But as Picks/Pike's were at Langdale Pikes, it tends to prove that the Pick/Pike stars are those also of Pelosi's/Pilati's, for the latter were at the Bra / Langhe theater.

Pictons definitely apply to Pickerings. "Alternatively, the [Picton] name could have been derived from Pickton, a township, in the parish of KirkLEAVINGton, union of Stockton, W. division of the liberty of LANGbaurgh in Yorkshire. " Leavings/Levens (compare with Tee's/Tease's) even share the Quint chevron, and the Picton Crest has the half lion of Quints of Youngs/Yonge's. The latter share the three piles of Laevillus-like Leavells, and while Leavells were from Waleran of Yvery, Walerans share the black bull head with Rawcliffs/Ratcliffs ("PROPter") while Pickerings are said to have been at Rawcliff. PROPERS/Roberts, who share the Robert lion, were first found in Cheshire, where the Cliffs lived early. It's important that Cliffs were thus at Yorkshire's Rawcliffe. The Roberts can be suspect with king Robert Bruce, son of Marjory Carrick. Welsh Roberts may even have the Savage / Palin lion.

Ratcliffs have the Pattens in their write-up, and while English Pattens share the Pullen/Pully motto, Scottish Pattens, first found in Dumfries with Rome's/Rooms, use one of the double Ratcliff bends. English Pattens share the green Leslie griffin head, and Leslie's are likely from Lesce, on the Sava beside the Breuci.

The "se" motto term of RawCLIFFs/Ratcliffs (compare with Livers/Levers) is suspect with the Moreton-SAY location of Cliffs, first found in Shropshire/Salop with Leavings/Levens and Says. Ratcliffs are also RADcliffs, and Wikipedia's article on Traby has them married to Radziwills that were also Stick-suspect Astikas'. The Cliffs are said to have married the Sticks / Stichs (Cheshire, same as Cliffs and Sava's/Savage's). I trace "Astikas" to Astakos in Calydon (Greece), which was home to mythical Oeneus. Astakos is near the ACHELous river that traces to the Eagle's, and the latter's Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Sava/Savage Coat. The Oeneus river is a tributary of the Sava. I trace "CALYDon" to the Khaldi of Traby-like Trabzon, which is at or near the Pict-suspect PYXites river. The Picts had a Caledonian tribe. You can't argue with the facts, historians.

Note Stick-like Stockton in the Picton write-up above. The KirkLEAVINGton location of Stockton recalls my hunch that Albert OOSTEYN was an Austin liner, and here I can repeat that Albert lived on LEVENdale street. I claim that God showed me that Albert was code for a whistle blower(s), a theme I expect to revisit when suitable.

It just so happens that blue-lion Pickerings (North Yorkshire, same as Bruce's) have a blue lion paw in their crest, code for Paw bloodliners suspect with the Pawley variation of Palins (Dorset, same as Quints). Savage's/Sava's (basically the same lion as Palins/Pawleys) share the black lion paw with Quints as evidence that Quintus Caepio traces to the Sava and Kupa rivers, home of the Breuci. Austins use both a black and a blue lion paw, and throw in the Quint chevron. Austins were even first found in Bedford while Bedfords use another black lion paw.

The Pero's are also peri's, and so let's add that Pickerings are said to be from a Pickering location "ascribed to PERIdurus, a British king", at about the birth (3rd century) of Carrick-like Caracalla. This Pickering location is said to be in North Yorkshire, and Caracalla became the Roman emperor in Yorkshire, when his father (the emperor) died there while fighting the Pike-like Picts. This happens to be super evidence that Bruce-related Carricks descended from Caracalla.

Caracalla's mother was Domna Bassianus, and the Bassianus' were from the Bassus'. It just so happens that Laevillus of Cetis married Quadratilla Bassus. They had a child, PROCULUS CHARAX, and so one can glean that "Caracalla" is a name in honor of the Charax bloodline. Keep in mind that Pickerings are new to me. I've been suggesting that "Proculus" is in code with the PORTCULLIS GATE of Porters and gate-using Yate's. The Gates surname, you see, is suspect from "Cetis." The Cates' even share the Coat of Jewish Levi's/Levine's, making the latter suspect from "Laevillus." Cates' look like a Keats branch judging by the similarity of their Coats. Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle (Ayrshire, same as Carricks).

I trace Domna's relations to the Tilurius river, otherwise the Cetina (has a source near the Sava), which is where I trace Cates-like Cetins/Cattans, and then Chattans and Chatans share the Save bend. Domna's father was the nephew of Julius Agrippa, suspect with the ancestry of Griffins who share "velis" with Save's. The "proSIS" motto term of Save's can be for the Siss'/Sistons (griffins) having variations like the Cetis/Sestie surname (Provence). The "Hope for the BEST" motto of Siss'/Sistons can be for the Bessin/Beaston bloodline from Bassus. Caens have a motto term suggesting the Citis version of Cetis, and Caen is in the Bessin along the Orne river, explaining the hunting HORN of Base's/Bass' (Austria, where the Sava begins), for Orne's are also Horns. English Bass'/Bassins (compare with Mascals) were first found in Haddingtonshire (location of Bass Isle) with Keats-like Keiths/Mascals (from a Catti tribe). A third Bass surname probably has a greyhound-head version of the wolf heads of Quade's.

Repeat: "It's important that Cliffs were thus at Yorkshire's Rawcliffe." Cliffs share the three black wolf heads of Quadratilla-liner Quade's. You see, her line was to Caracalla's mother. Quade's are also Quoids, suspect with the "quod" motto term of Save's. Caracalla stationed his father-in-law in Dalmatia, which may have touched up the Sava river. Caracalla's brother, Geta, was named after a Geta bloodline suspect with Geddes' and/or Geds. The latter's "Durat" motto can be for both Dure's and Rats/Raids, the latter first found in Nairnshire with Geddes'. Dure's ("Quid" and "pro") can be suspect with the king above, PeriDURus. Quids are listed with Quade's.

The Bassus line is suspect with the Base's, who share the black hunting horn with the Arms of Traby, and the latter's five ostrich feathers are in the Crest of Caens ("LiCITIS"), a line from the Ceno tributary of the Taro. The Annandale-based Ananes Gauls were between the Taro and the Trebia. Tarrs/Tara's were first found in Somerset with Traby-related Sticks. Trabys married RADziwill-Astikas, and Cliffs became RADcliffs. The latter's motto is suspect with the Propers/Roberts (ostrich with key in mouth) who share the key with Clavers/CLEAVers, and then Cliffs are also Cleave's. The Kays/Keys, a branch of Keys, look like they use a version of the Ratcliff Coat. The Keys/Keyes' (Yorkshire, griffin with key in mouth) are beloved also by English Shaws/Sheaves ("qui") and Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's (keys), the latter first found in Achelous-possible L'Aquila, seven miles from Picken-like Picenze. Again, the Calydonians at the Achelous were, in my opinion, from the Khaldi at/near the PYXites river.

The other Base's share double lions in pale with Jewish Levi's, and these Base's share the Robert / Proper lion. By what coincidence do French Roberts (Burgundy, same as Save's) share a blue-vaired chief with Quints? French Levi's and CHAPPES' were first found in Paris, where king Robert ruled who became the so-called Robertians, and they had the alternative name, the CAPETians. The latter are suspect in the motto of Geddes', and the Welsh-Robert lion can also be that of Gethins/Gettings. As the latter were first found on Cheshire (beside the Roberts of Denbighshire), same as Stichs, we just take the giant Gethin lion to the same of Trebys. The Arms of Traby shares the ostrich theme with Propers/Roberts. Pictons are said to descend from one Robert.

It's impressive what the Pickerings have done for this revelation. They had a family fable that looks like secret code for themselves: "According to local tradition, also, its name is derived from the circumstance of a RING having been lost by the founder whilst washing in the river COSTa, and subsequently found in the BELLY of a pike." It's part-code for their Pike branch. The Costs happen to share the belly-like bell with Porters, and Porters/PAWters can be construed with Proculus Charax. The Pickerings were the ones who nailed the Charax line to Caracalla.

Plus, I link Kiss'/Cush's to the cushion of Bibo's and claim that Bibo's are from Vibia (see mottoes of Carrick-related Craigs and Craigie's), mother of Laevillus and grandmother of Proculus Charax. The point is, Cost-like Custs share the Kiss/Cush Coat.

The rest of this discussion was cut out here and moved to a long quote at the start of this update.


Why Doesn't Lindsey Graham do his part in deep-state discovery, using his Senate advantage over Democrats? Talk is cheap, Mr. Graham, when you have a position like that.

Nobody takes as long as Hannity -- yap-yap -- to ask a question. Hannity says in this show that the government having record of everything that every American says or writes in necessary. Spit! Hannity sounds like a traitor to his country. Such spy powers WILL be abused. When the government takes someone to court, and has everything the person has ever said on a phone or computer, the scales of justice are heavily tilted toward the government prosecutor. The defendant does not have the same spy knowledge on the prosecutor in order to dredge up dirt on him/her. Extensive / wholesale spy power = government tyranny. Isn't that exactly the tool of communism? Even while Hannity spends much of his air time against that tyranny, he claims that he's FOR wholesale spy powers. Is he cracked? Even while he knows what it does, he's for it.

Hannity implied that Trump's new program of exporting American oil means that the U.S. is not dependent on Arab oil anymore, but I have not heard that American oil is being sold to Americans. If it's not, then Trump is a sham dealer and a crook. That oil belongs to Americans. If Trump is responsible for the sale of oil overseas, then he could have worked a deal with the American oil companies to offer half or more to Americans, and then export the rest. Why didn't he do that? Ahh, lower gas prices means less government revenue. It doesn't cost anywhere near $70 to pump a barrel of crude from the rocks. This is thievery.

Under Obama, the price of oil was brought down drastically from a peak of almost $150 to, in my opinion, force Russia into a financial crisis so that voters might not put Putin back in power. It wasn't likely Obama's proposal, but that of globalists. Now, under Trump, after the military failed to secure Iraqi oil through Syria under Obama, we see Trump selling fossil fuel to eastern Europe in order to rob Russia of that market. It looks like the same program, from the same people seeking to topple Russia over a long haul. If that happens, there will soon be satanic porn, disgusting faggots and reverse-role feminists in Russia, American style.

Democrats, no shame, are trying to purchase the votes of the youth by promising the forgiveness of their school debts. Other Americans, in other words, will pay for their schooling just so Democrats get the votes. This is a form of theft. This is not the time to boast in America's greatness, but to lament that it's very sick and in need of a miracle. This is a sign of serious breakdown, of serious schism, of ruinous people, worse than before, on the brink of ruling the nation yet again. They made the nation sick, and are promising to make the nation worse. No one in the DoJ has taken their media machines to court to stifle the onslaught. Part of the problem: they have committed themselves to diabolical freedom of speech no matter how it breaks the nation apart. The wicked are having a hay-day. The media feeds the people disinformation, deceiving mainly the youth, explaining why the wicked are after the votes of the youth. They give their "candy" to the children in order to regain power. They break the immigration laws for the same purpose, but no one stifles the media with punishment.

Veritas has caught a Google chief confessing that Google has been in the act, since 2016, of ruining Trump. How can the DoJ permit this to take place? Long before google, CNN was stifling the speech of the other side. Long before Google, CNN was pushing the speech of the wicked, the demonic social engineers. All big media created the false impression that most people wanted an anti-Christian society, until, through careful conditioning, almost half the nation subscribed to its ways due to peer pressure and what appeared to be liberalism's popularity. Liberalism's tenets were given moral fronts. The media taught the people how to think and argue on behalf of liberalism, and we are now seeing what it truly was, things that were not admitted to when the conditioning was taking place. The big media now thinks that it can push this liberal conspiracy more nakedly, more as it truly is, and win the war. It uses the doctrine of free speech to protect itself in pushing its own agenda, but minimizes the voices of the opposition. It's been doing this from the start, but no one in government corrected it. The media have been a political weapon disguised as news organizations, and congress has not stifled this undermining, schism-engineering rat. Google, Twitter and Facebook arose doing the same, but as a testimony that liberalism is a fringe party, they still lost the election. They still might lose in 2020. This is not a thing to celebrate; because "might win" amounts to a prospective horror.

"Liberal" can be made to appear correct because the opposite is enslavement. But freedom to do the harmful is a real thing. It's been happening. Can't congress realize the difference between what liberality was intended for versus freedom to do the harmful. If the nation legalizes pot, more youth will become pot heads. That's an example of harmful liberality, and to get things this way, liberals argue that pot is not bad, or not worse than drinking. But wait. Drinking poses an extensive, harmful threat. Not everyone is content with one glass of wine at dinner, or one beer after work. So, while drinking is a threat because some people overdo it, liberals have introduced the legality of a second threat, and will likely go to a third threat. Their hearts are for those who cause the threats rather than on the victims of the threats...just naked liberalism, the dirty rat in our lives. It's always bent on destruction because it's caused by demons, literal evil spirits that control human thinking. And they control human thinking more efficiently when people get stoned or drunk repeatedly.

Leftists minimize the threats, emphasizing the "rights" instead. A person's right to do a threatening act is the only concern; the rest of us must tolerate the threats. This is their doctrine. Just ask yourself: what is better, the whole world on pot, or the whole world not on pot? What comes to your mind when you think of every person in the world stoned on one single day? How does that picture look to you? Is that a good thing or a harmful thing? Are you incapable of seeing the harm? Suppose that no one gets hurt physically on that one day; is that your only definition of "harm." What happens to people's personalities when they are all stoned together? What happens to their powers of reason? How does their decision-making get altered? They don't call them mind-altering drugs for nothing. But look, states and whole countries are legalizing this. Liberals are the oil providers under our feet on a slippery slope.

How does it seem to you if everyone in the world, on just one single day, had sex with the same sex? How does that seem to you? Does it seem harmless? Are you incapable of seeing the wrong? If it's not wrong, why isn't everyone doing it? There are many horny people today thanks to liberality of porn, sex-laced advertising, and sexy heels on Fox news, yet they refuse to get satisfaction from the same sex, because they know it's disgusting. Yet they allow the disgusting because they have been taught by liberals to exercise toleration. Liberals would have a law: thou must be tolerant to the "rights" of others. But wait. What if a faggot turns your son into a faggot while you are tolerating. You don't even want to think about it. Liberality to do the wrong is winning because demons phrase the arguments on behalf of sin, but also because people are open to sinning where "sin" no longer exists in a world without God. "Sin" is not in the liberal's vocabulary. "Sin" is, in their minds, a word used only by wimps. Demons view Christians as wimps for "sucking up" to Jesus. That's right.

Liberalism has destroyed the United States, but even conservatives say that this is the mark of a "great" nation, because rights are tolerated. That's why liberalism is thriving, due to Godless Republicans. If the nation is split 50-50 Democrat and Republican, while the Republicans are split 50-50 Christian and Godless, who wins? Not Christians.

If moral Catholics remain with Democrats, are they not shameful at this time when Democrat candidates are stripping naked for all to see their true shapes? Do Christians want Catholics in the Republican party after they had stood with liberals through all the decades of their anti-Christian engineering? It's hopeless. America is sick beyond repair, and there is no other Western country that can become its role model for taking it out of the pit. They have all together become enemies of Jesus. They are all together melting in a pot. The West is cooked. God has written it all down; it's all been recorded. Who remains swimming in the swamp of sin even to this point? More than half.

We are ailing if we have a jaded view of the swamp. The swamp must not be defined as everyone who opposes Trump. A Christian's perspective makes the swamp the habitation of the anti-Christ. Anyone who will not confess Jesus is a dweller of the swamp. One cannot expect a swamp dweller to clean swamp. Trump will oppose only the swamp creatures who would rule the swamp over his dead body. Trump is now the official ruler of the swamp, and he's trusting swamp creatures to be loyal to him. He has chosen some of them to help him rule. This is the proper perspective. If Trump had run as a Democrat, he would probably be pro-abortion, pro-faggot. I have that opinion because Trump was a liberal before running for the presidency. A casino owner is not a Bible reader. A married man who would have a married woman is a swamp creature. I understand the hope of Christians that Trump would become their moralist savior against Democrat trolls, but let's not get carried away by making him an icon. Don't let God write in His book that you loved a swamp creature. Define the swamp correctly as the enemies of Jesus, the meek and humble one, not the enemies of Trump the illustrious boaster.

Trump boasts that he's placed two men on the supreme court, which took place shortly after this court voted 5-4 to legalize same-sex marriages in all 50 states. Well, then, Mr. Boastful, what is taking you so long to get a court case before this new court that strikes that law down? Where is Trump's Twitter barrage against same-sex marriage? If anything ought to pose as the flag of a sick America, this is it. How can Trump boast that America is great as long as this situation stands? Four of the court's nine judges are still avid liberals; and Trump can't be trusted for whom he appoints next. It is not time to celebrate total victory; the scale may yet tilt liberal again for many years.

You understand that while the nation is sick with liberalism, not all people are sick. The sick are incurable. This is critical. They refuse to be healed. They are mad with nonsense. You can't speak people to a healing in that condition. They have been wayward for decades, each of them, and their minds have thus become cross-wired with so much error, there is no cure...barring a miracle. As soon as they hear your normal thinking, they recognize that you're "one of them," and they automatically and instantly flip up their defense shield, refusing your entire person. The more you try to make them understand, the more they despise you. Don't throw your pearls to the pigs, or they will attack you. The pigs have trained their thinking in rebellion to Jesus.

Here's a video on how media treats women on either side:

The video mentions the Democrat accusation that some conservative women are too weak to vote their own way, but vote instead as their husbands vote. Actually, that's a good quality, not a weakness. What's more important, the team at home, or the politics of the nation where no one can be trusted, where little gets done due to the way the system is built? It's not a wonder that Democrats wish for women to betray husbands just to get their vote. It's just another piece of evidence that Democrats are destructive on behalf of their thirst for power. I don't like the way the video ends, where the speaker calls for debate with civility. Democrats are not to be respected with civility any longer. They have squandered their respectability, and should be ridiculed and called out at every opportunity when they employ their well-known tactics. Every position they take is made to line up lined up with their political position, no matter how untrue or abnormal.

Did you see where the video mentioned the Democrat slogan, "war against women." That's a dirty tactic. The reality is, liberal women created the war against men, and so to downplay the fact, they accuse men of being at war with women. DESTRUCTIVE.

I don't think that Nadler and Schiff are acting merely on stupidity when pushing the Mueller scam forward past the cruel death that it has already experienced. Yes, it's stupid to front a carcass for political gain, but there's got to be more to it, something to explain the suicidal stupidity. And that's where the invisibles come in who can explain why all the leftist media sing the same brainwashing songs day after day. Someones are in charge of this charge, and they own Nadler and Schiff. The media bosses might be owned, or may be amongst the top-level invisibles themselves.

The question must be asked: are the invisibles merely stupid? What possibly could be the purpose of bring the Mueller casket back into the light? Are they suckers for punishment, or do they have a plan? I think that the invisibles had a plan with Mueller that Mueller failed miserably with. Perhaps, by his own choice, he was unwilling to be stupid enough to finish the scam that the invisibles had plotted. He saw that he would need to compromise his own reputation, therefore deciding not to finish the plot when crucial parts of it were exposed by others. Not that Mueller walked away with a good reputation intact; we could all see the shame on his face when he agreed to give the invisibles his final swan song. In that song, he said, leave me alone, I'm going now to my lonely room. But Nadler and Schiff said, no way. Finish this thing.

And that's the only good explanation I have for Mueller's agreeing to come back into the light. The Republicans may be short-sighted for thinking that Mueller's not going to add anything to what he's already said. Nadler's feverish insistence that Mueller found Trump guilty suggests that Mueller didn't finish the job he was handed. Mueller's agreed to be the sucker on Nadler's reel.

The more threatening Mueller's next appearance is toward Trump, the greater the pro-Trump zeal to expose this plot, and the greater the pressure on Barr to expose it, in case he wants to go soft on exposing it. The more it's exposed, the greater the justification for punishment, and the cleaner the nation will be of this cancer, for years to come. The greater the exposure, the greater the embarrassment of the media, the greater the knowledge roundly that leftist media is a controlled sham.

But what I would like to see is the exposure of the wee-wee invisibles. Sure, they have lots of money, and they can therefore tell people what to do, but wee-wees they are, be assured. When we see them, we will know how small they are, like when you dig into a den of rodents, they have dirt balls on their whiskers, and their eyes squint at the sudden light... like when they caught Saddam Hussein, the "great one," in his hole, who looked like nothing at all without his uniform. With lice in his hair, and absent his army, he was nothing at all. Like Hussein, the American deep state will kill its own people, with the military on its side. Trump has made the military stronger. And I've just witnessed that this military is still able to conduct false-flag schemes.

Nobody at Fox is willing to admit that the deep state includes military bosses. Trump has committed himself to the military for 2020 purposes. Therefore, the motherload of rodents appears safe and secure at this time. No one's trying to dig into their den.

Drudge headline: "PENTAGON: Moscow outgunning [note choice of words] USA in race for global influence..." In other words, even though the military knows that Russian influence is way over yonder, incapable of causing a threat to way over here, it wants Americans to believe that they need to pay more tax money for increasing American influence in the world, or else Russians and Chinese will invade. America has gone wildly into debt precisely for the cause of influencing the Middle East, seeking to take it away from Russia. The military is thus a reckless foe of the people, begging for more money to squander. It realizes that it will never win such a "war" unless it topples the Russian government, installing a pro-American one. Trump has been charged with taking North Korea from Russia.

You might ask: what's wrong with installing a pro-American government in Russia? One problem is where the American globalists chose such a leader; the other is where Russians on the streets would find it intolerable due exactly to the moral sicknesses that ail American leaders. It's time for God to expose that the American military's leadership does not like Christians, though it will "glorify" Christians who die for its Middle-East cause. Don't die for the deep state; die instead for Jesus.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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