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July 1 - 8, 2019

God pointing heavily to the Scherff Bloodline
Lorraine's Walking Us Through to the Bush
The Kitchen-Cupboard Miracle and the Three Doves on a Wirral

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

To youtube, google, twitter, facebook, and the rest, I give this special tribute: SPIT! Pass it on. Let the entire world know how the better half feels. Let the bosses and willing pawns of those companies feel disgraced and uneasy at every table they eat. Ever since George Soros was treated with disdain, he barely showed his face again. This week: "The president of Albania on Tuesday denounced municipal elections that took place on Sunday as a 'farce,' accusing left-wing billionaire philanthropist George Soros of being involved in a 'conspiracy.'"

As Mueller's hearing approaches in the middle of this month, we should know that Mueller can no longer refuse to answer questions based on an ongoing investigation. John Solomon has just released (July 2) his interview with Olig Deripaska, probably with good timing as per Mueller's interview coming straight up. If Mueller had interviewed Deripaska, the latter would have said so. If Mueller did not interview him, then he possibly left out exculpatory evidence from his report, though Mueller might act dumb where the FBI interviewed Deripaska with no break-throughs / advantages from him.

I think the story is that, due to Deripaska's lawyers hiring Christopher Steele on one occasion, the FBI felt confident in using Deripaska to frame Trump. However, Deripaska has loyalties to Putin, but the FBI wanted him to join it in a winky-dink fabrication of a Manafort-Russia tie. The problem was, Deripaska could see that this scam dealt Putin a blow too, for it included the fabrication that Putin was working in collusion with the Trump team, or even Trump himself, to turn the election against Hillary. One can see that this was what the FBI needed on top of the Steele dossier, but, alas, the FBI could not have it. Deripaska refused to get on-board with the FBI, and Solomon fished this story out. Does Deripaska rate as a stool pigeon? Yes, because he did work with the FBI in previous times, and because he did talk to a reporter knowing that the story would go public. BCP has the story.

In the 6th minute, Deripaska accuses the FBI of worming their way into a speaking engagement with him, on a pretence. Yup, the dirty FBI apparently tried to buy him by promising goodies if he would just wink and go forward with framing Manafort. Imagine these desperados, using their government powers to effect such a scheme. And when the people point these things out, youtube, google, twitter and facebook don't want to raise the volume, like accomplices to crime. All the liberal media has turned swiftly to a tragic suicidal dive into a cesspool of lawlessness. Rejoice, for they had this coming to them as just desserts. Lament the illness of the country on account of them, but rejoice in their downfall, for they refuse to repent, and their ruin is therefore the best outcome.

When Deripaska said to the three FBI rats, "I'm the wrong guy" (see 10th minute), he was telling them that he didn't want into their game. If I heard him right, he told the three rats that Manafort was appreciated by the Ukraine, and that it was illogical, therefore, to think that Manafort had political ties to Putin. This reveals that American Intelligence has invited others to frame others. This can't be the first time.

Fox news is going down every rabbit trail created by liberal media. Fox, dingbats, stop pushing liberal news by sharing it at every opportunity. It's pathetic. You're making Republicans neurotic. Stop covering lunatic Democrat news, what's wrong with you? Oh, yeah, I forgot, you're in this for the money. Push declassification. Where's the evidence against Democrats? Forget the limelight for Trump, the thing he craves. Put his feet to the fire until he personally orders the revelation of Democrat corruption everywhere. It goes far beyond what the FBI / DoJ did to him. Forget the childish games that liberal media, and Democrat candidates, play day after day. Expose Democrat corruption now that you have the opportunity, Fox, if you can just get Trump to say the word. Stop making this nothing-president into an icon over the simplest nothing-stories. Oooo-wow, fancy airplanes on the 4th of July, Trump must be a god. Judge this man by what he could have done for good people that he has not even tried to do.

Trump appeared on Hannity Monday to reveal a couple of things: 1) he's claiming that Muslims caused 9-11; 2) he's doesn't sound prepared to go against social media / Google as per their cheating ways. He's making a serious mistake on both counts. He's allowing the corrupt to get away with evil. In the meantime, he's trying to charm and tame the evil North Koreans. Shouldn't he be doing this with evil Google since the latter is far more dangerous to Americans than North Korea? The latter poses zero threat to the United States. Kim is a big-mouth only, but Google is the mouth of liars, paving the way for a communist government as we speak. Hello? Pretty soon, if Trump's people don't conquer Google, the USA will be North Korea. If Trump doesn't have enough fight left in him to take on Google, then give the job to someone else, such as a new FBI chief. I'm sorry, but this president is a compromised sham.

Google is interfering in the election. And Trump passes?? So Trump doesn't care whether democracy is corrupted? Is the best he can do is to speak against media corruption? Is that all that a president can do on behalf of his own party? Is it really his party, or did he just use the Republican platform to become the president?

If Barr is so good, why does he still have Wray in charge? As Barr has felt about Wray the way we have felt, why isn't Barr doing what we would do? Why is Barr wasting two more years with winky-dink Wray? Here a wink, there a wink, everywhere a wink-wink, that's Wray. He does the bidding of the deep state. We all saw it, and so did Barr.

When I search youtube for "Cooper tonight," the expected happens: the top video is Anderson Cooper "2 hours ago." But when I searched "Hannity tonight" (July 2), his show that night was nowhere to be found. This is cheating the democratic process. Youtube must confess that it's a political arm of Democrats. The advantage the conservatives have in the mental-stability, normal-worldview, and respectable-behavior departments is being off-set by this social-media bias. The liberals are going to have the future if conservatives don't ratchet up their number of videos to offset the biased tactics. There is no other choice because Trump is not going to commission his government to go after these media giants. It will just bury him deeper in their bad-books, and he has an election to win, to hell with everyone else's concerns. That's Trump in a nutshell, stop worshiping this dismal excuse for a president.

If you didn't read on Barr's bagpipe performance in my last update, you probably should see it, as it seems to me that God wants people to know that material. It links Barr to Bush's, and tends to verify that God used two ladyfriends of my youth as pointers to many things. The last update verified that Bar-le-DUC is named after the Ducks (use this tab to load other Coats):

Wow, I didn't know that the Arms of Bar-le-Duc include flowers called, "PENSEES feuillees et tigees au naturel." Is that evidence of a Bar connection to "Bra" as per the Coney pansies? Wikipedia: "The name 'pansy' is derived from the French word pensee..." Is that not incredible? It's badly needed to link Lorraine to Bill Barr and George Bush together. PLUS, Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks!!! Bar-le-DUC. Now we know. For whatever it's worth, English Ducks share the stars of Solomons. Pansy-like Pense's/Pincons share the Barr / Este eagle.

PING-related Panico's were near Este, and so it appears that Pense's/PINCons were a Panico branch, from the Pek river. One half of the Pense/Pincon eagles are the Lorraine eagle's, not looking coincidental at all, meaning that Lorraine's pants point in this way, via Pense's too, to Bar-le-Duc. I have it recorded that Velens, first found in Westphalia with duck-using Velins, once showed the red-on-gold ducks of French Alans. But the French Alan Coat was changed to show red-on-gold martlets, and that's what the Velin ducks were changed to too. It just so happens that Wrays use red-on-gold martlets, making a Barr-Wray link, we could say. What is this?

Is God using heraldic connections to prove to readers that he used events in my life? I became prolific in heraldic studies for several years before realizing that God had used events in my youth that point to heraldic connections. These connections tell a fuzzy / foggy story that gets me puzzled more than satisfied, but time helps to clarify.

It had been my impression that God was using Stanleys on a 9-11 theme in order to point to Morgan Stanley's role in the twin towers. Morgan Stanley is a bank, but I didn't have this in mind in a paragraph of the last update in which it started with Banks. Before quoting it, I just want to say that the Wray Coat looks like a version of the Winstanley Coat because both were first found in Lancashire:

Banks (Lancashire, same as ECKLEstone's) were first found in WINstanley, and HardWINS ("win" motto term) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys (Stonley liners) and Ingledews/ICKLEtons. The latter use a version of the Stanley Coat, and are said to be "descended from Hardwin of Scales, a Norman knight who held the manor of Ickleton from Count Eustace" (probably Eustace II of Artois). Hardwin of Scales is in the write-up of Scale's (HERTfordshire). Hards (double-tailed Montfort lion), who share the HERTford chevron, are from Ardres in PicARDY, beside Artois. Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Artois' Arrows/Arras'. HARDwins are suspect with HEROD Agrippa, for while Gripps are also Grape's, Hardwins use grapes. Hardwins share the black stag head with Vise's/Vice's (Eustace kin/branch) while Ardiaei Illyrians were at Vis (Issa).

For those of you knowing why I view the Bush presidents as Nazi-past Americans, let's add here that while Aryan Nations is at Hayden Lake (Idaho), Haydens Hadons can be in the "Had on" motto phrase of Hardwins. My discussions on Aryan Nations included a Mr. Maness, and Winstanleys share the double fesses of Maness'/Manners. The biggie: Haydens/Hadons share five blue-on-white fesses with the Westphalia Ducks! That is a very rare Shield, but there we have it. I had no idea that I would be coming to Haydens/Hadons when telling that Wrays share the martlets of Duck-related Velens. Irish Ducks/Logans use a big Herod-like heart pierced with nails, and Nails/Neils/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia too.

I trace Herod ancestry in Antipater back from queen Nysa of Cappadocia to Antipatria, home of a Dexaroi peoples who definitely trace to Daggers, first found in Cumberland with English Duckers. The Westphalia Ducks are Duckers too, you see. There is heraldic evidence that the ARDiaei Illyrians (married DORia's) bumped into Cappadocian elements via the ARTEMiDORos Galatians, and in this way, Herods may have been named after some for of "Ard." German Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel of Squire's/Squirrels, and the latter share a "ferme" motto term with Haydens/Hadons.

While I say that the first president Bush was born a Squire-like Scherff (later changed to "Scherf"), there is a Schere/Scherf surname as well as another Schere surname using "EARS of wheat" suspect with Eyers/Ayers, first found in Derbyshire with Heyers. Artemidoros' father had conquered Derbe, not far from Cappadocia, and so here's the Haydon/Hadon write-up: "The surname Hayden was first found in Norfolk, where Sir Thomas de Heydon (circa 1185-1250) was on record as a judge, who was given the office of 'Justice of EYRE'..." On top of this, Heyers share blue wings with Here's and Bauers while Bauers share the stars of HIEDlers/Hitlers (like "HAYDen").

Heidlers/Heidts have a lion that's in the colors of the Hard lion, and Haydens/Hadons came to topic with a Hardwin motto term, begging whether Hadons (and Hitlers) had been Hardons, so to speak i.e. Herod liners. The black, Agrippa-suspect griffin in the Hiedler/Hitler Crest is in the black color of the bull in the Hayden/Hadon Crest. The Hard lion has two tails and is thus the Montfort lion. Monforte and Montferrat are in Piedmont, where Dance's/Donnas' were first found whose pale bars look connectable to the fesses of Heydons/Hadons because the latter use a dancette.

The "Ferme" motto term of Haydens/Hadons looks like code for Firmins ("Firmus") and Formans, who both share the anchor with Heidlers/Heidts and Hoods/Hoots. Firmins throw in a sun, the Hiedler/Hitler symbol, and it just so happens that Firmins share the red lion heads of English Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Firmins). Formans have fesses in the colors of the Hayden/Hadon fesses. Hoods (share white anchor with Heidlers/Heidts) share the crescents of Bauds while the latter are expected with French Bauds/Bauts from the Bautica river of the Arduinici who married Doria's, suspect with ArtemiDORos. While German Hoods (probably the Fair and Forman anchor i.e. same colors) are Hope's too, English Hope's were first found in DERBYshire, which I connect to Derbe, conquered by Amyntes, father of Artemidoros. Artems/Aitons (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs and Hayd-like Ade's/Aids) use a cross that could be that of the other English Haydens. Haydens/Hadons come up as HAIDons.

In the sleeping-bag dream, DAVID Morley on his motor bike appeared as what seemed to be a Nazi out of world war II for his helmet reminded me of that. I have mentioned many times, as per that David, that the Cheshire Davids are using a version of the Aid/Ade Coat, which is a reflection of the Rodham Coat too, important because the rest of the dream, from David onward, points to Hillarys crimes...and we can expect the Clinton crime ring behind Scalia's murder because president Hillary was being set up to pick the next supreme-court judge. King David I of Scotland had offspring that ruled Huntingdon, where Henry married ADA of Warenne, and that's why I see Ade's from "Ada." Or, at least, Ada was named in honor of her Ade bloodline.

My mother told me that, at an age before I could remember things, I drank TURPENtine on the stairs. Why did she mention that the bottle was on the stairs = SCALA? Turpens use a reflection of the Rodham Coat too? Turpens use lion heads on their bend (Aid use leopard faces) in the colors of the David lion upon the same-colored bend, and Aiton-like Eitons have a blue version of the David Coat. You see, David Morley circling the sleeping bag on his bike was God's pointer to the murder of Scalia.

The last update clinched Bush liners with Lorraine the BABE while clinching her as a pointer to Bar-le-Duc, which I'm taking as a pointer to Bill Barr. I'm grappling to understand the Messages. Bushers were first found in Dorset with Babe's, and the latter almost use the English Bussy Coat while French Bussys share the Lorraine eagles. Turpens, first found in Dorset, speak on a location, Turpin AU BOIS. The Bois' are listed with Boasts, and while "boast" is a motto term of Nemo's, "Nemo" is a Poindexter motto term. Scalia was murdered on the ranch of John B. Poindexter. How did that happen? How did we get there so neatly? Bois'/Boasts happen to share three cinquefoils on a bend with Rodhams. Morleys/Mauls share the scallops of TailBOIS'. We can even point to Stirlings with a bend-with buckles colors reversed from the same of Stops/Stubbs while Nemo's were first found in Stirlingshire, which makes it appear like Lorraine's bois stop, so to speak, was up in Stirling with Nemo's/MewMARCH's, which, in this picture, can be suspect from the Marici co-founders of Pavia, especially as Stops/Stubbs use a version of the Pipe / Pepin Coat. You'll understand better momentarily.

Bois'/Boasts mention a Mr. Bosco, and Bosco's are the ones with "tufts of grass" that was part of the proof that Lorraine the babe (as opposed to the Lorraine region of bar-le-Duc) was a pointer to Bush liners.

Poindexter was/is a member of the International Order of Saint HUBERTus. Huberts and Hubbards can be gleaned as branches, and Hubbards have a reflection of the Bois/Boast Coat. Hubert-like Herberts (French) have a red version of the Bussy Coat, the latter using black fesses and Herberts red fesses. I have seen English Bush's with both a black and a red fesse. Bussys use a tiger, and Tigers were first found in Suffolk with English Herberts. The Bois/Boast write-up, which has them at Melton-MowBRAY: "The De Bois-HERBERT family were barons of Halberton, Devon c. 1050." While Dick Cheney was of a Haliburton company, Cheneys have a version of the Bois/Boast Coat. Did God arrange some of these heraldic links as pointers to criminals through my work?

The sleeping bag was picked up (by me) on a hill, and Hills share the Hubert crescent. Hills use a garland of laurel, and Lorraine's ("Lauro") use laurel too.

The Mowbrays use a giant version of the English Herbert lion, and with two tails, the Mowbray lion is the Montfort / BOII-hemian (see Arms of Bohemia) lion while Monforte is smack near BRA, tending to clinch a Bray/Brae trace to "Bra." Brays/Brae's use a "flax breaker," and Flacks use two of the three Bussy fesses. The Flack / Meschin scallops are very linkable to the TailBOIS scallops, and the latter's are in the colors of the SCALE scallops while the Scale Crest shares the five feathers in the Crest of Caens (Dorset, same as Babe's). Cheney-like Caen is in the Bessin, origin of Ranulph le Meschin and his Taillebois wife. Meschins descended from MALahule. The Cheney motto term, "fato," can be gleaned with the Fate's/FEETs, and God gave Lorraine her babe symbol at the very time that He gave her a Feet symbol on the PAVEment of Yonge street. Decades later, I would learn that Pavia's share the Fate/Feet Coat. Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia with Marici, and Yonge's share the three piles of Leavells.

The Strothers kin of Lorraine's share the fretty Caen Shield, and as "struthios" means "ostrich" in Greek, the Caen ostrich feathers appear to be owned by Strothers/Struthers. The Caen motto ("PERimus liCITIS") is suspect with "Citis/Cetis, home of king LAEVillus, the line to Leavells.

French Bussys share the Lorraine eagles and the fesse of Pero's/Pierro's, the latter first found at Pavia. For a weekend, I dated Christine Peare, a pointer to Pero's, two or three months before meeting Lorraine at her BUS stop. I decided not to see Miss Peare again, late on that weekend, after we were in a BAR. That's because she got up to DANCE with a BLOND man while sitting with me. Italian Dance's use four pale bars in the colors of the one of Pero's/Perino's (Dana Perino worked for George Bush), first found in Piedmont with Dance's. English Dance's share the Pero/Pierro / Bussy fesse, and while Bosco's are in the Rose write-up, Pero's/Pierro's use roses.

Again, the man was a blond. It was when I wrote that Mr. Kepke and Lorraine had sun-bright blond hair that I checked the Blonds to find that they have a FOOT on a sun (amazing surprise), and a Coat version of the sun-using Babes (but compare also with English Leavells). I was discussing Lorraine's feet symbol at that very moment when checking Blonds. Christine Peare had left me for Mr. Kepke, and that's why I didn't tolerate her getting up to dance with this other blond. Maybe I shouldn't have been in that bar, anyway, as a Christian, but it was a slow Sunday evening, and I meant no sinful thing. However, it does appear that God set it up to point to Bill Barr, because that's who Lorraine points to.

Bussy were at Bussy-le-Grand, and "Grandescunt" is a motto term of courts/Coverts, whose pale bars are in the colors of the Dance / Pero/Perino pale bars. I first kissed Miss Peare at a La Paloma BAR, when we rushed up the stairs = SCALA to get away from Kepke as he went to the bathroom (he had met her first, and invited her to the bar). The Spanish Paloma's have a couple of pale bars in the colors of the Pero/Perino pale bar, and the ladder of Scalia's acts as a pale bat that is in colors reversed from the Pero/Perino pale bar. If "GranDEScunt" is part-code for Deise's/Diss' (Norfolk, same as Bus'), they share the Bush eagle when the Bush fesse is red (I have it in my files). This can reveal that the Court/Covert eagle is that of German Bus'. Cindys/Cuntys have cinquefoils colors reversed from the giant one of the Norfolk Bus'.

Amazingly, Scalia's are also Scalise's while the shooting of Steve Scalise was pointed to by Cindy on second base. Cindys are also CUNTys (Cuneo liner?) expected in the "GrandesCUNT." Coverts/Cofferts (Sussex, same as Courts/Coverts) share the gold leopard face with Peare's. Courts/Coverts are traced in their write-up to Mr. BRAose/BRAIose.

The question now becomes whether my meeting Lorraine at her bus STOP is a pointer to Scalia's murder with the Bush circle playing a role. It brings me back to Barr playing the bagPIPES on June 26. I was convinced (last update) that God provided this event, and the sleeping BAG came to topic with it. Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with STOP/Stubbs and STANfords, and I'm about to introduce a new part of Lorraine pointers, the STAIN on her pants as code for Stans/Stains. By what coincidence are Stanfords in Pansy/PANTzer colors and format??? The Arms of Bar-le-Duc use pansies. Just look at that.

I see Pipe's and their Pepin branch as the stock which named Papia = Pavia, and Lorraine's feet pointed to Pavia. Poppo I was the founder of BABENberg, and God gave Lorraine her babe symbol when Mike Oullette blurted, "what a babe," at the very moment when Lorraine's feet on the pavement looked like the most beautiful feet in the world (Mike had not seen Lorraine until then). Oullette's use double-bar "GEMEL," and Pipe's with Pepins use the CAMEL. Babens/Babons have two fesses (could be the Bussy / Herbert fesses) in the colors of the Pero/Pierro fesse, and share the black boar with Bush's.

The second paragraph of the quote below, from the last update, was added this week:

The Tige/Teague Shield can be gleaned as a version of the Tick/TOUQUE Shield, and the Touques river is at Lisieux, location of Mont Pincon of the Pense's/Pincons. The Touques area was also home to Tosni's = the Toeni's = Tonys (Leicestershire) who use the maunch sleeve in the Arms of Leicester.

Bussys were first found in Leicestershire, and their MELTON-Mowbray location (which was given to Mr. Bussy, baron of Tickhill), looks like a branch of whatever the "MILITia" motto term of Ticks/Touque's is for. AHH, English Millets share the giant Bus cinquefoil, minus the ermines, that's in the Arms of Leicester! It tends to clinch Bus' as a Bussy branch! Much needed. Wikipedia's Leicester article is no longer showing the Arms having multiple symbols; only the cinquefoil at this time. The "Semper" motto term of the Arms is for Pierre/Peer liners. French Millets happen to share the giant, eight-pointed star of German Teegers, and eight-pointed stars in the same colors are shared by Tosni-like Tous/TOSINI's. I wonder whether Tosni's were of "Tessin," the alternative name of the TICino river through Pavia.

Lorraine's grass stain (long streak), a topic of the last update, was on the side of her butt, exactly where the bottom of a POCKET would have been if there were pockets. I don't recall. I've just learned that STANford is in Norfolk, where Bus' and Flacks were first found, and where Porchers ("Pro") were first found who can be a branch of the Poucher variation of Pockets, for while Porchers share the giant Bus cinquefoil, Pockets use a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed. The fessewise bars of Porchers are in the colors of the three red fesses of Bussys, and the Porcher Crest even has three red fesses. Wow. The black Bush boar can now be gleaned with the black one of Porcia's, the latter first found in Umbria with Grass-suspect Grazio's! That exclamation mark is partly because Grazio's share the pomegranate with French Crispins (first found in Lorraine!) while English Crispins share the eight BARs of Porchers! Wow. Talk about stacked.

There is a statement online that Mr. Grimaldi married CRISPINa, daughter of Rollo (a Claro), and Rollo's happen to use a black boar too. There's a way to go from "Grimo" to "GRImaldi" to "Griss" (share the Monaco lion) and "Cris(pina)", and then to "Grass / Grazio." Rollo's wife is often given as Poppa, like "Poppo," founder of Babe-suspect Babenberg. Babe's almost use the Bussy fesses. Babenbergs share three fesses, and nothing else, with nothing-else French Grace's/Grasse's and Clare's (it's known that Crispins were Clare's directly). The other French Grasse's (both first found in Provence) come up as Grazio-like Graze's! The latter's giant lion is in the colors of the giant Porcia boars (on a green surface, could be grass). Porcius Cato can thus be to the Cato's/Chattans ("omniBUS"!) and Chatans, who both share the fesse of French Crispins and English Grasse's/Craze's (Lincolnshire, same as Pockets). English Grass'/Grase's (cinquefoils on red) were first found in Buckinghamshire with Millets (share Bus cinquefoil, on red).

Aha! The motto of Clan Chattan uses "bot," like "Butt"! I have been tracing Chattans to Botters/Botti's for years. Cato's/Chattans were first found in Roxburghshire with same-colors MOWs/Mole's (boar head). Bots are listed with Bauts (Auvergne), and Auvergne's share the Chatan castle. The Botter bend once showed normal/straight.

Let me repeat from the last update: "There are many ways to put a grass STAIN on her pants; why was it done when she was out for a WALK alone, at NIGHT, with a married man while I was walking to her place from Mamie's?" When I arrived, she was still on her walk. I suppose that if she had gone for the walk with her female friend rather than the husband, she would not have gotten the grass stain. Just realized: German Butts/Bute's/Boets have a version of the Pero/Pierro Coat. English Butts/Bute's, early in Norfolk, show the black horsehead once shown by the Crest of Barr- / Pepin-related Este's. These Este's (almost the Hill motto) look like kin of Hulls and Halls whose dog heads are colors reversed from the same of Pape's/Papenburgs (Bush colors and format).

The new entry is not the stain, which I've discussed before, but the apparent Plan of God to use the stain for pointing to Stanfords for proving that Pansys/Pantzers do apply. AND WOW, I may have mentioned this before, that Stamfords/Stanfords (Staffordshire again) share vaired fur on a saltire, both on a red Shield, with Panther-like Penders/PenderGRASS'!!!!! Incredible. You cannot argue with the fact: God set up the grass stain on Lorraine's pants.

The WALK at NIGHT can also be shown as having Intelligent Design, for Panthers/Panters use SPUR rowells while Nights/Knights (spur), first found in Suffolk (beside Stanford) with Bush-related HERBERTs (know of any Mr. Bush with a Herbert name?), use three pale bars in the colors of the three fesses of those Herberts. Even with that apparent match, one might not be convinced of the Bush-Herbert link, yet we saw it already with the De Bois-HERBERT family, barons of HALberton. Bertons/Burtons (Haliburton colors) share three dog heads with Halls and Hulls often called talbot dogs as code for TailleBOIS' liners. It appears very safe to resolve that Halls (Lincolnshire, same as Tailbois') married Bertons to form "Halberton."

The Talbots use the Grey Coat in colors reversed, and Greys love the Anchors who are beloved by the Majors in the Cheney and Haliburton mottoes. Greys also love the Fasts (Norfolk), suspect with the Vasto rulers of Busca (Cuneo). Leslie's love Fasts in their motto while Haliburtons are in Leslie colors and format. Haliburtons use mascles as code for Meschins/MASCULine's, who married Mrs. Taillebois. This tends to clinch Ivo Taillebois with Busca > Bois liners in merger with Talls or a branch thereof. Pennys/Penes' use the GREYhound, and Huns' use the dog. Pansys/Pantzers come up as Pensers and Pencers while Penns/Pence's (Buckinghamshire, same as Cheneys and Grass') share plates (white roundels) with Mussels/MUSCELs (Meschin colors and format). The Plate's share Drago de Bewere in their write-up with Burtons/Bertons.

I'm a Meschin liner, and I dated Lorraine on my BIRTHday while Burtons are also Birtons. French Bertons were first found in Lorraine (new!), and share the stars of French Alans. Burtons/Birtons were first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol-of-Alan Stewarts / Stuarts. Italian Maurels (almost the Birton fesse), from Maurilion, father of BERTHE, use a fesse in Dol-fesses colors, and French Maurels (share white unicorn with Stuarts/Stewarts) were first found in Brittany with Dol. Dols were first found in the griffin-studded area of Pomerania, and Italian Bertons/Berta's have a giant griffin. Mummolin descended from Tullia of Lyon, the line of Dol-like Tolle's who share the checks of Scottish Stewarts. Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons. Berts/Births were first found in Devon with English Stewarts.

It's very possible that Mummolin's line bumped into that of Pepin of Landen, and so we find while Pepin-branch pipe's were at TotMONSlow (in Leigh), it passed to BURTON abbey. (Mons' share the Leigh Coat).

I POINTed to her pants with my dexter index finger, and POINDexters love Nemo's who in-turn love Boasts/Bois', and moreover the Fists/FAUSTs in the Poindexter fist are Vasto suspects too. The Nemo motto loves the Shop-like Shows whose variations are like "Schere/Schare" and like some of the Shop variations. Nemo's may have been of the Neem variation of Name's (Lincolnshire) who share the Fast quadrants. Pettys share these quadrants while sharing the parrots of Peeble's/Peoples' suspect with Pepins/People's from Pavia, a city co-founded by the Marici suspect in the NewMarch variation of Nemo's. Thus, Nemo's/Newmarch's look like a Neem-Marici marriage. Heraldic symbols, colors, etc. get passed on legally by marriages. Heraldry is often hundreds of years old, long before George Herbert Scherff was named. Scherff-like Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire with Pettys (suspect with Parrots (pears), and Pero's/Pierro's/Petri's of Pavia, who really look Bussy.

Aha! The Fast bend-with-crosslets are in the three colors of the Bussy fesse with Lorraine eagles, and the Fast crosslets are colors reversed to the same-type crosslets of Tufts! Grass-like Gross'/Grose's (Norfolk, same as Fasts and Bus'!), I discovered last night, share the Tuft crosslets in the same colors. Fasts are in GROCE/Gregg colors, and the latter came up when I found a MEDALlion on my HOOD when getting back to it with a SHOPping cart at the GROCEry store. The MEDAL/Dougal and Bauds quadrants are colors reversed from the Fast quadrants, and Bauds (possible Butt liners) not only share the Hood crescents, but were first found in Stirlingshire with Nemo's/Newmarch's.

She was out on a walk at night. German Walkers share the double fesses of HARcourts, and Herberts are HarBERTs too. Berts/Births have fitchee crosses in the colors of the Fast crosslets. As mentioned in the last update, Walks, suspect with George HERBERT WALKER Bush, were first found in Dumfries with spur-using Close's/Clove's who seem to use a version of the Walk Coat. Aha! Scottish Walkers share three red pale bars with Nights/Knights (tends to make Walkers a Walk branch), as well as the pierced hexagrams of Payens/Pagans who share "spur rowells" with Panthers/Panters!!!

I had a car when dating Miss Peare for the last time, two or three months before meeting Lorraine, but it was gone (can't remember what I did with it) when with Lorraine, forcing me to WALK to her place. I didn't know until now, so far as I can recall, that Nights/Knight share the Herbert bars. The three Walker bars are in the colors of the three chevrons of Clare's (Suffolk, same as Herberts and Nights/Knights). Scottish Nights/Naughts have lion heads in the colors of the lions of Bushers, and Nitts/Naughts were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river.

Plus, German Walkers share a vertically-split Shield, with STEMmed roses in one half, with Schere's/SCHERFs. The Sheera variation of Kilpatricks (CLOSEburn, on the Nith river of Dumfries) must therefore be of the Shere's/Sheers whose fitchees are in the colors of the near-same of Schere's/Scherfs. Bingo, God knew what He was doing with Lorraine, and knew also that I would get around to opening up this revelation after years of trying. My belief is that George Herbert Walker Bush was born George HERBERT Scherff Jr. Kilpatricks share the saltire of Supers, first found in Devon with Super-like Spurrs, we get it. To nail Walkers to Scherfs. WILKins share the split Shield of Schere's/Scherfs (same colors), and even share a green dragon with Kilpatricks.

The Stains/Stans (Yorkshire, same as Bush's and Walkers) share the double fesses of FLAGS/Flacks, first found in Norfolk with Stanford. This reminds that God used STANley, holding the American FLAG, on a 9-11 memorial on September 11, 2002. Stanley took my seat when I got up, right beside Mrs. Kilpatrick, and he sat there with the flag momentarily, but I didn't know (not settled in my mind, anyway) that Stanford was in Norfolk with Flags/Flacks until now. Stanfords share the goat with German Steins and Bush's (one of the two Stain/Stan fesses), and Stems are also Steins (suspect with a Stevenson variation). It is my impression that God set me up at the memorial, with pointers, because he has a big surprise for the 9-11 crime syndicate. It now seems that Lorraine's last moment as my girlfriend is pointing to that syndicate, for Bosco's/Boists use "tufts of grass." Is God pointing to Stanford University here?

SHERwoods share stemmed roses with SCHERe's/Scherfs and Walkers while being in the colors and format of Tufts. The Sherwood roses are white, the color of the Sere rose.

I had read, from a Stanford-University man, that Stanford University was a bastion of the British Illuminati at the end of the 19th century, i.e. the Rhodes / Rothschild group that would see the Zionist involvement of Charles Taze Russell, founder of Jehovah's Witnesses. I didn't get too close to Lorraine because she turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness (I was hoping that God would change her; I was prepared to marry her if God wanted it, but not as a JW). Russells, first found in Dorset with Bushers and Blond-related Babe's, share the scallops of Flags/Flacks, and the goat head of Bush's (one of the two Flag/Flack fesses). Only she knows whether she was behind a bush when getting the stain. Aha! The stain was in the shape of a long STREAK, and Stricks happen to share the Russell scallops while Streeks and Strike's/Strakers share the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion!!! That's new right here.

More. "Strike" is the full Hawk motto while Hawks us "pilgrim's staves." The PilGRIME variation of Pilgrims (more staves) appears planned by God because a grime creates a stain, and because Grime's use the Feet Coat three times! If PILgrims were a Grime merger with Pile's/Plls, WOWIE, the latter share a gold leopard head, inside of a canton square, with Babe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't argue with the facts that just spilled out? God spoke "what a babe" through the mouth of Mr. Oullette, by why him? Stave's/Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with Pile's/Pills (perfect), and the latter (share Peare leopard face) share three piles with Yonge's/Youngs while the event happened on Yonge street.

The Flacks are suspect in the "flax breaker" of Brae's/Brays, and I had pointed to the bra of a blonde (age nine) to which God would point Lorraine 15 years later. Using the same index finger, I pointed to Lorraine's stain in a knee-jerk reaction (I was upset, of course), as she arrived home, ending our relationship. I was waiting there with the married man's wife, who let me in. Needless to say, she was shocked at my accusation. You can't get a grass streak like she had by merely sitting on the grass. One needs to rub the pants on fresh grass.

For what it could be worth, Bradys use a finger pointing to a sun, the Babe and Blond symbol too. No more than about two years later, I met LAURIE Brady. I took his daughter by the hand one night, roller skating with her. Rollers, with another stemmed rose, have variations like the Rowells. The Roller Crest looks like the Brock Crest's red lion, the latter said to be holding a dart, and the Roller Coat has the ermined fesse of Darts/Dards. Brocks were first found in Essex with Sears/Sere's, and I have a story to re-tell about a squirrel in my pocket run through a Sears laundry machine.

About a couple of weeks after I pointed to her stain, I was stepping off of a bus at the Finch subway station, on Yonge street about ten miles from her bus stop, and she was the first in line to get on the bus. That couldn't have been a coincidence. We eyed each other, but she looked burning mad, so I didn't stop to talk, but walked on by (about two feet from her). Finch's/Vince's happen to have a "conSCIRE" motto term, and Schire's are listed with Schere's/Scherfs, believe it or not.

About two years later, I saw her again, for the last time, carrying an infant child, and Childs, first found in Hertfordshire with Finch's/Vince's, share the Lorraine eagles. King CHILDeric was the father of Clovis, like the Clovse variation of Close's. I was sitting having coffee with Paul Smith as she walked right by me, about two feet away, though she came from the direction of my back, and may not have known it was me. I looked up and saw her as she walked by. Smiths happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Walks and Perkins/Parkins, and while the "Simplex" motto term of the latter assures that they were of Plancia Magna (Perga), English Walkers have a "magna" motto term.

As the three Night pale bars look like the three, same-colored fesses of French Herberts, in the colors of the three Bussy fesses, it tends to nail Scottish Nights with the Busher lions. Whose pale bars jibe with the three Bussy fesses? German Julians, Gullys/Gollys and Gulls all fit this question because English Julians share the cross of Teague's/TEEGERs while Bussys use a tiger. That's very interesting where I trace the "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers to OpGALLI, wife of tiger-like Tigranes VI (a Herod-liner king). English Julians were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cage's while Teague's/Teegers are also Caige's. Cage's have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of English Herberts (Suffolk, same as Nights and Tigers). I asked her out on Yonge street in late June, and wasn't with her past July, though most of July. English Julians, first found in the same place as Yonge-branch June's, are Julys too.

Again, French Herberts are suspect with the Knight/Night bars, and the latter's spur traces it to the Nith river. There is an online article on the Geddes' saying that their ancestors were the Geds on the Nith, and there is a Ged surname sharing fish with Geddes'. The three Ged fish are in the colors of the three of Ways, in the colors and format of the eagles of Wyfords/WAYfords (and the Herbert lions). It just so happens that the Bussys were at a Wyford location at MELTON-Mowbray. A Melton branch or two is suspect with the motto of Ticks/Touque's, the latter's Coat having a form of the Teague/Teeger chevron. French Bussys happen to share white spread eagles with Wyfords/Wayfords, and the colors schemes of the Wyford and Bussy eagles are both in the Coat of PENSE's/Pincons, the latter said to be from the Touques-river area. If you look at this, it's a great way to trace the Coney PANSY exactly to Bra, because Wyford is at a MowBRAY area. The Wyford eagles happen to be the Barr eagle too.

The stain on her backside was on her left side. God had given her a laundry symbol aside from the bra on the laundry line. Decades later, while building my house, I put some shorts through the laundry machine, and when they had dried, I felt a bulge inside the left (front) POCKET. It turned out to be a dead squirrel, and Schire-like Squire's/Squirrels are suspect with the Scherf bloodline. Why the laundry theme? Is it only for proving that Landens/Landers and Langleys were from Bra at Langhe, or is God pointing to money-laundering schemes when politicians steal tax dollars?

Shorts were first found in Dorset with Bushers and George's, and the latter use lion heads colors reversed from the Busher lions and Night lion heads. Shorts happen to share the BUTT/Bute estoiles! Zikers, this is the first time I've been able to link the squirrel-in-my-pocket story to Lorraine's butt stain. What omen might it be when a squirrel (code for president Bush?) dies in my shorts pocket?

To the best of my recollection, and as I've said a few times, I was living at Albert's apartment when meeting Lorraine at the laundromat on the evening of the bus-stop event. This Albert got highly suspect as God's pointer to a whistle blower(s), and here it can be added that Shorts share the giant griffin of Alberts, the latter first found in Kent with Masters/Misters who have griffin heads in the same colors as the Albert / Short griffin. So many mysteries. Albert's surname, OoSTEYN, looks like "Austin, home of GEORGE Bush Jr. The Dorset George's happen to share the blue dove with Waistells/Wessels (share Walk garb), who look like a branch of Whistle's/Wissels. German George's may even have the split Shield of Schere's/Scherfs.

[Almost a week after this update was out, I was on the Austins (see next update), and clicking to Portuguese Austins, there were the symbol of Wirrals!!! Latter in this update, you'll see how Wirrals related to stool pigeons = whistle blowers!]

George PodeBrady

German George's are said to be from a man in Hamburg, where German Drummonds were first found, and George, son of king Andrew, was the father of Scottish Drummonds. This George, it's been said, married a woman from PodeBRADY (Bohemia), and appeared in Scotland in 1055, soon before his son arrived with queen Margaret, wife of Malcolm III. Margaret's cup bearer was Henry Sinclair of Roslin, and while Sinclairs are suns, Bradys use a finger pointing up to a sun all in Point(er) colors. Ahhh, Brady-like Bradds/Breads were first found in Midlothian, location of Roslin.

The Point(er) Crest has two fingers pointing up. Pointers share piles with Pile's, and Bosco's (kin of Roslin-like Rose's at Ross-shire) use pillars in the colors of the Schore columns (decorated with roses) while Columns are using the Malcolm Coat. French Pile's (probably the Savage lion) are also Pillers/Pilots, and columns are used by Pelosi's/Pilati's.

Malcolms/Columns share the red stag heads of Celts/Colts (Perthshire, same as Rollo's) who in-turn use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed. Malcolms/Columns (Aberdeenshire, same as Lorraine-like Lorne's and Coney-branch Cons/Conns) and their Callam branch share the stars of Walks, and the latter's fesse is in the colors of the three of German Drummonds. Wallachia is near the Kiev Varangians who hosted Margaret, Malcolm's wife above, as well as king Andrew. Recall LAURIE Brady, for Laurie's were first found in Dumfries with Walks, and share a tree stump with the Piedmont Bosco's/Busca's. As I said, I took the hand of Mr. Brady's daughter for a roller skate, and Rollers / Rolls/Rowles' can be of Rollo Sinclair. Bradys use a sun and Sinclairs are also Suns.

There's now a question as to whether Lorraine went for on a roll in the grass to get her stain, and for this, note that German Rolls share the Grass/Craze lion and one of the Grace/Graze chevrons. And while Walks share the Close/Clovse stars, the latter share the one Roll chevron while the spur of Close's/Clovse's links to spur ROWELLs of Panters!!! Wow. Mr. Brady's wife was a Pointer-like PAINTER, and she painted a very nice portrait of one of my wedding photos! Wow! It appears that God wants to link my pointing at Lorraine with the pointing finger of Bradys. Why are Bradys also Gradys? Is that a Grazio thing? Aha! Gradys/Bradys share lions split in gold and silver (white) with English and Irish Grass'!!! WOW!

Brians (share "laidir" with Kilpatricks), who likewise have lions split in gold and silver, use a "Lamh" motto term while lambs are used in the Arms of Grasse (Grasse is near the Grace's/Grasse's and Grass' of Provence). These lambs have been resolved with Mieszko Lambert, who married Richeza of Lorraine, and moreover this Mieszko was directly related (his son, if I recall correctly) to Casimir, husband of a Varangian of Kiev. As per George (father of Drummonds) being the son of a Kiev Varangian, it's remarkable that while French Lamberts use two of the three Grace/Grasse chevrons, the latter's are in the colors of the three fesses of German Drummonds! It appears that we have just gotten to the line of George, father of Drummonds, who married PodeBRADY! Unbelievable. English Brians share pointed piles with Pointers.

The "UACHtar" motto term of these Irish Brians evokes the Wach variation of Walks (same place as Kilpatricks, yup). Watch's/Wage's/Wichs (wedges) are almost in Bush colors and format, and Wedge's/Waggs ("conSCIRE"!!!) are! See also Weeks/Wichs (Somerset, same as Wedge's), in Walch/Walsh colors and format. George Bush married Laurie-like Laura Walsh, and Laurie's (share laurel with Lorraine's) were first found in Dumfries with Walks. Scottish Walsh's/Walchs share the tree stump with Laurie's. The BUZau (or is it "Busau"?) river is at Wallachia, near the Rimna river that was from the Benjamites of Israel's Rimmon, and that's why Scottish Walsh's/Walchs use a version of the Benjamin Coat (both share gold annulets with English Walkers).

Walks share the stars of Bride's and Brights/BROODs (like the "PodeBRODY" version), suspect from Brigantium, otherwise known as BRIANcon! French Brians (roses) even share the saltire of Malcolms and Callams, and while the latter have the McLeods/Clouds, Irish Brians use a cloud. Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Wings while the Weis and Wies (compare with Walk Coat) wings are in the Brote Crest. Brote's even share the Moray stars while Podebrady is beside Moravia. Brodys were first found in Moray/Moravia (beside Perthshire).

There is a Painter surname, but I can see no links to the discussion at hand by its symbols, aside from the pellets (black roundels), for Pellets share the Coat of Pilotte's first found in Lincolnshire with Grass'/Craze's.

McLeods share the white bull with column-using Pelosi's/Pilati's, and while Callams (same Coat as Malcolms/Columns) are said to be of the McLeods of Raasey, the Ras' are listed with the Rose's. The latter's write-up; "During that period of unrest many noble families moved northwards in the train of Margaret, King Malcolm Ceanmore's second wife, to escape the ponderous rule of William. Because of the tightly knit family connections of the Rose and the Bosco families, the origin seems quite certain. The family settled in this area in 1282, when Hugh Rose of Geddes married Mary, daughter of Sir Andrew de Bosco." I'd say this ROSE family is a Busca line merged with the Varangian-RUS wife of king Andrew above. Proto-Geddes' were on the Nith river of Dumfries. McLeods use flags while Flags/Flacks share the scallops of Roslin-suspect Russells (Ross lion in colors reversed). The "ConSTANT" motto term of Ras'/Rose's can be partly for the Stant variation of Stans/Stains sharing the double fesses of Flags/Flacks.

The last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant child on her breast. She wore a bag strapped around her neck and/or back, and the bag hung on her breast. The Brests/Brix's share the lozenges in the upper half of the Janet Coat. The painter's name was Jan, and if that's short for, Janet, it's notable that Janets use more stemmed roses. In a door-handle dream we were given, the shopping cart was resolved as God's proof that George Herbert Walker Bush was born a Scherff, and then there was a shopping cart at a medallion on my hood, at a grocery store, and here it's interesting that Groce's/Greggs use a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Janets, evoking the fact that Janets and Scherfs share red roses on stems. Schere's/Scherfs are a branch of Shere's/Sheers while the latter have two hints of being Carrick kin, and Carricks are said to descended from Craigs while Groce's are Greggs too. Shops/SHERlands happen to have a dancette in Carrick-dancette colors. From that, we go to the Bruce's of Annandale, who married Marjory Carrick. Brests/Brix's are expected to be from the same Brescia stock as Bruce's.

Amazingly, the second-last time I saw Lorraine, at the subway's bus station, I was headed to see a friend from the Bruce peninsula (Ontario), in Wiarton to be exact. Jans/Jeans happen to share the Bruce lion. French Jeans use a bell, and Bell-branch Bellamys were at Perche while Perche's share the double chevrons of English Janets. bells were first found in Dumfries with the Bruce's of Annandale. AWWWE, the Borderlands Bells use a version of the Painter Coat! Jan was a good painter! That's really cool. Bell-using Porters were involved at Craigie. Laurie and Jan gave birth to Brady-like Brett, by the way.

Lorraine got her grass stain on a LAWN, and this now gets like Intelligent Design. English Lawns/Lane's (Staffordshire) are horizontally-split in the colors of the same of GROCE's/Greggs, and Gross'/GROSE's are the ones with the Tuft crosslets, suggesting that Grose's and Groce's are a Grass(e) branch of some sort. Recall those three lions in pale, split in gold and silver, of Gradys/Bradys, and how they look linkable to the Grass lion, for the three, gold, so-called "English lions" of English Lawns/Lane's are in pale (vertical) too. Brest is near LAUNay, you see, and Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia...beside lake Garda, and then Carricks share a "Garde" motto term with English Lawns. Pretty amazing. Launays (same lion as both Lawns/Lane's) are also LAWNays.

Brescia/Brixia is near to where the Ananes Gauls lived. The Annandale Coat is shared by Ermine's, and the Arms of Vannes has an ermine mammal wearing a SCARF. Vannes is near Brittany's Brest. Scarfs/Scharfs (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's and English Janets) have wolf heads colors reversed from the wolf in the Arms of Placentia. The Ananes Gauls were along the TREBia river to Placentia, and Trabys/Sadowski's use a so-called "scarf."

[Recall how I introduced Laurie Brady with my pointing at Lorraine's pants. It was a wild stab, but an hour or two after ending the section above, the Babe's were loaded to find a finger pointing to the sun, the Brady symbol too. I'm wondering whether George Drummond married a Miss Babenberg to explain what looks like a Babe-Brady link. Recall how Pile's/Pills link to Babe's, for the three Pile/Pill piles are colors reversed from the three of Brians.

Lookie: "George of Kunstat and Podebrady (23 April 1420 22 March 1471)...was King of Bohemia (14581471). He was a leader of the Hussites." It just so happens that Hesse's come up as "Huss," and they have a sun between wings in Crest! As I trace the Chatti of Hesse to the Keith Catti, it's a good bet that the sun of Bathgate's (Lothian, same as Keiths) is the Hesse/Huss sun. If I recall correctly from Julie, Hussites were of a group, the Moravians. Who do we suppose king George was named after? A long line of George's from George Drummond? It is argued below that Bathgate's are a Basket branch, and then Bassets (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's) happen to share the Coat of Scottish Drummonds. The "populo" motto term of Bassets might be for a line from Poppo of Babenberg. The "Pro" motto term of Bassets, and the colors of their fesses, suggests the Pero's/Pierro's (roses, of the Moray area) of Papia/Pavia, recalling now that I traced king Andrew -- yes George Drummond's father -- to the Ticino river...location of Pavia! That works. Babenbergs have three chevrons in the red color of the three Basset / Drummond fesses. German Cassels (share castle with Cato's/Chattans) have three red chevrons in both colors of the Basset fesses.

When the first Rothschild was buddies with the prince of Hesse-Cassel, was the latter a Drummond out of Podebrady? Rothschilds are from Rothes castle at Moray. Bissets were first found beside Moray, at Ross-shire, and the Bisset bend is the bend also of Cato's/Chattans and Chatans. Ross-shire is where Pattersons were first found who share "Pro rege" with Bassets! Bingo for equating Bassets with Bissets. Keiths have three pale bars in the colors of the three Basset fesses, making Cato's and Chatans suspect with the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel. Swedish Anders' share the scallops of Irish Pattersons.

I read that German Chatti named Caithness, and that's where Scottish Andrews/Anders' were first found. The Ross clan is said to be from an Andrew. And wow, this is new: "[ANDERsons] are regarded as a sept of Clan Chattan..." The same Anderson write-up: "The first reference to the given name Andrew was a monk of Dunfermline, who later became the Bishop of Caithness in the reign of David I." David was one generation after George's son came to Scotland from the company of Andrew I. There is an historical record that George, son of king Andrew, was in Scotland, in 1055, two years before Malcolm III, David I's father, became the king.

There is some mythology about a blue-wolf symbol of some Huns, and Danish Anders' share the blue wolf with the Arms of Placentia. King Andrew was on HUNgary. The other half of the Anders wolf is in the colors of the Scarf wolf heads, and a scarf is used by Trabys/Sadowski's while the Trebia flows to Placentia. Is the Anderson saltire that of Annandale's i.e. from Ananes of Placentia? The "sure" motto term of Andersons is shared by Kilpatricks, and the latter's involvement in Annandale can be gleaned in the write-up of Johnsons who share a version of the Kilpatrick Coat. End insert]

Pointer to Marc Elias

A couple of updates ago, I told why Bathgate's/Baggats can be linked to Hillary's private server in her bathroom, for the sleeping-bag dream had multiple pointers to her dossier crime as well as one possible allusion to her server at Platte River Networks (Denver, same as an office of Perkins Coie). It occurred to me that "bathgate" is an appropriate term to describe that criminality, but it wasn't until being reminded of Marc ELIAS, on Bongino this week, that I remembered who he was. Mr. Elias was the lawyer of Perkins Coie who hired Fusion GPS, and the Elias surname was first found in West Lothian with the Bathgate location of Bathgate's/Baggats! That is simply amazing.

The sleeping bag was on a hill, and Hills share the Bathgate/Baggat crescents with Huberts. Hillarys (share the six Clinton fitchees) were first found in Norfolk with Bags. Sleeps were first found in Salop with Bagleys. If I recall correctly, Bathgate's showed three suns in the colors of the three leopard faces of Bathgate-like Baskets. In fact, Baskets are in the colors and format of Craigie's while I had recorded: "The Bathgate/Begget motto is exactly that of the Craigs..." Bathgate was "Bathket" in 1260.

I had wondered whether Bathgate was named after a Bath merger with Geds. The latter were on the Nith river with CLOSEburn, and ZOWIE, while Close's/Clovse's are likewise in the colors and format of Baskets, Hillarys private server was in the CLOSEt of her bathroom! Moreover, the job of deleting her emails was given to Mrs. Samuelson, and red-squirrel Samuelsons (Cornwall, beside the Ways/Weighs) are also SamWAYs while the Ways share the three Ged fish. That's pretty amazing considering that heraldry was formed centuries before Hillary was born. AND WOW, the Close's/Clovse's share the striped hunting horns of WEIGHts while Ways are also Weighs (!), tending to clinch Geds at the Nith river. The weight scale in the Dexter Crest is described simply as "weights," and Dexters share the Bagget/Bagot Coat! Zinger. [The day after writing here, a bombshell on SaMUELson; see below.]

Dexters are DECKsters too, and Daggers/Decks share the red squirrel with Samuelsons/Samways. If the Way/Weigh Crest is a baton, Batons can be linked to Baths. Bath-related Randolphs share the bat with Bats and water-bouget Bugs. Randolphs were from THOMAS Randolph, son of Marjory Carrick, and the Samuelson/Samway Crest probably has a squirrel CRACKing a nut. Nutts/Nottings (Gloucestershire, same as SAMsons) are probably related to Nottinghamshire, where Bugs were first found. The Nitts of the Nith are also Naughts. Thomas Randolph was the son of Adam Kilconquhar whose mother was of the dagger-using Comyn surname. Kilpatricks, with a castle at Closeburn on the Nith, use the dagger too. Adams were first found in Dumfries with the Nith. Italian Adams were first found in Fermo, a location suspect in the Squirrel/Squire motto. Azzo, the founder of Este, was in Fermo, and Assi's use the weight scale too, as well as a fasces suspect with Genova's Fieschi, for Genova is where Segni's/Segurana's (beloved of Fessys) were first found who share the Este eagle on a Shield that can be that of Thomas' / Thomsons. Bathgate's/Baggats (same place as Elias') use an "HonESTE" motto term.

The Elias Crest shares the goat head with the Bush Crest, and Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with Elias-branch Elis'. The Elias Coat is shared by English Thomas', suspect from Thomas of Saluzzo, father of Elis-like Alis/Alice, beside Busca. One Welsh Thomas Coat shares three cinquefoils in Chief with Bags (Norfolk, same as cinquefoil Bus'), and this Thomas Coat shares the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's. It's even a version of a Thomson Coat. The last time I saw KIM Thomson (high-school girlfriend) was at a phone BOOTH almost smack on Yonge street where God gave Lorraine her babe and feet symbols. Phone's/Fane's were first found in Wales too, and Booths/Boths share the black boar with Bush's (Yorkshire, same as Booths). BOTHwells were Bute liners, and Kims, who share the cinquefoils of Welsh Thomas', were first found on Bute. Bute's are also Butts, and Lorraine had a grass stain on her butt.

I can glean that the leopard face of Baskets (partly in Dorset) is that of Babe's (Dorset), for the latter's Crest has a sun, the BathGATE symbol. While English Blonds have a foot on a sun, French Blonds use what look like GATE's. What might it mean that Hillarys, first found beside Blonds and Blondville's, share six, black-on-white fitchees with Blondville's? Babe's, with nearly the Blond bars, are said to have had a location in Suffolk, where Blonds and Blondville's were first found.

In a dream that started with a Volkswagen beetle in a mall PARKING lot, I first placed a BUCKET into its back seat, then immediately had to go to the BATHroom, which I did in the mall. Mauls share the vertically-split Shield of German Thomas' as well as that of Dossier's, and Parkings are with Perkins. I couldn't find the bathroom until I saw a sign with a BROKEN arrow telling to go straight, then turn down a hall. BRECONs share the three piles of one Bucket surname (Lincolnshire, same as Halls and the Tailbois' whose scallops are shared by Maule's) while the French Buckets share the cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Bags whose cinquefoils are in colors reversed. What does all of this mean? BRECONshire is where Welsh Thomas' were first found.

I even placed the bucket into the BACK seat while Welsh Bachs are also Baghs. I suggest that Buckets are a branch of Bathgate's/BAGGATs, and the amazing thing here is that Baggets/Bagots share the goat head in Crest with Elias'!!! That now links Elias' to Bathgate (West Lothian, same as Elias'). It looks like Intelligent Design to point the guilty finger of God to Marc Elias and Hillary Clinton. The Baggets/Bagots had a seat at BLITHfield hall, named by the Blythe's, the surname of Bill Clinton's biological father. Did God arrange this pointer though the bagpipes? Bagots came to topic from the Pipe write-up when loading Pipe's as per Barr playing the bagpipes.

Aha! Here's the Steele write-up: "[Steels] were conjecturally descended from BIGOT de Loges..." It just appeared that Bagots pointed to Christopher Steele (probably hired by Fusion by the request of Marc Elias), and here we are with Bigots. English Bigots share the Chief-Shield color combination with Thomas', Saluzzo's and Clintons. French Bigots were first found in Ile-de-France with Montmorency, founded by BOUCHER II, the water-BOUGET (water container) bloodline highly suspect with "Bucket." Buckets are Bouchards too.

Before Michael Boucher dated a certain girl whose name I can't recall, I kissed her in a kitchen, and Kitchens use water bougets. This Michael's driveway was one with his neighbor's, Barry, my friend, who drove a Volkswagen beetle. In the Volkswagen-beetle dream, it was owned my another Michael.

On Saturday morning, I didn't know what to do to add to this work, until deciding to check the Mail surname in case God used it's heraldry to point to Hillary's email scandal. The first thing I saw was that the lion heads of mails (Cheshire, same as Davids) are in the colors of the David lion. One of the amazing things here is that I was staring at the Newport leopard faces immediately before the Mail surname came to mind, and they are the Aid/Ade leopard faces, very important because Aids/Ade's use a version of the David and Rodham Coats while David Morley was used to point to Hillary's crimes.

I didn't have anything worth saying about the Newports, and wasn't going to mention why they were looked up, until after loading Mails. Newports were loaded because Newport is a location on the Isle of Wight, where Bathgate-suspect Baskets were first found who share three leopard faces with Newports. I figured that Baskets used the Newport faces, but in the colors of the Bathgate suns, and thus this all links to sun-using Babe's with the Newport leopard face in colors reversed (Baskets were partly first found in Dorset with Babe's). But I decided not to mention it for lack of any meaningful end-result...until Mails were viewed because that score links to Davids and Rodhams while Bathgate's are right down the Hillary-scandal alley.

[Wow, hours after writing here, I came to Barfords/BAREFOOTs, in Newport colors and format, from the Barford location in the write-up of Mail-like Mills'/Mieles' (Hampshire, on-shore from Newport, and beside the Babe's of Dorset). I was looking at Mills as per Cheryl Mills, Hillary's lawyer and state-department advisor, in cahoots with Miss Samuelson. Lorraine's BEAUTIful feet were spotted when BAREFOOT when she received her babe symbol, and thus it appears that God was pointing to Cheryl Mills in her obstructive part of the email scandal. BEAUTYs/Bowoods were first found in Dorset with Babe's. We now see what looks like a Foot merger with elements at Bar-le-Duc, and German Bare's even share the Fothes/Fitt stars!]

The second thing I noticed about the Mail surname was it's "Mall" look. Malls were first found in Cheshire with Mails, you see, and David Morley pointed us to Morleys/Mauls. The English Morleys share the specialized leopard face of Aids/Ade's, by the way, gold like the Basket and Peare leopard face. The dream with David Morley ended in a MALL with being on a PLATform with Christine Peare, suspect as a pointer to Hillary's Platte River Networks, her EMAIL server, can you believe it? That's why I now think that God used the Morleys/Mauls in the dream, to point to her eMAIL scandal. It looks full-proof.

You are going to be even more impressed, if I'm not confusing you. The Mails are said to have had a Meols location, and we saw SaMUELs/Samuelsons looking like they might have been a Samson branch, and thus Samuelsons can be a Samson-Meols merger, especially as Samsons share the scallops of Meschins while the first Meschin (from the Bessin) ruled in Cheshire. Mails use a Coat reflection of the Bessins (Cheshire), and Malls share the quadrants on the horse in the Crest of Meschin-related Masseys. Mrs. Samuelson is exactly in the news now, from Tom FITTon, as the one who deleted Hillarys 33,000 emails. There is so much to say, I'm tripping over it all. I see a thing in the Mail write-up that's going to the stool pigeon that God sent recently.

I can see that the black Mail lion heads are those of Italian Capone's (probably the Levi lion), for Italian Capote's/Capone's use a MULE, so perfect because Mule's/Mules' were first found in Devon, beside the first-known SaMUELsons. French Levi's are the ones with the Aids/Ade's in their motto! Bingo. It tends to equate Mails of Meols to Mule's/Mules' and thus points as an email theme to Mrs. Samuelson.

Aids/Ade's are the ones with the Newport leopard heads, and by some freak chance, I was viewing the Newport Coat immediately before loading Mails. Newports (from Wight) have a "supra" motto term while Supers and Spurrs were first found in Devon with Mule's/Mules' and Wight-like Weighs. Newports have a version of the Lice/Lees Coat (same leopard heads) that itself has a black lion in Crest...probably the Gernon-Crest lion round-about that's also in a WIGHT Crest. And it's Fittons, who can be linked to Gernon kin, who have a "dupLICi" motto term. It's incredible that this heraldry is coming out at the very time that Tom Fitton is exposing Samuelson's communications regarding the email scandal.

Reminder: Samuelsons are SamWAYs while Ways/Weighs look like Wight-like Weights/Waits (Cornwall, same as Samuelsons) whose HUNTING horns (can go to ADa of Huntingdon who married the David line) and chevron are in the colors and format of Lice's/Lees'. The latter are suspect in the "LICEntiam" motto term of Irish Mackays, the ones with three wolf heads in the colors of the three Weight/Wait horns and the three Newport / Lice leopard faces, but also, the Mackay wolf heads happen to be those of Wait-like Quade's/WADE's, the line of QUADRatilla Bassus (wife of LAEVillus), the line that comes forward in time to Meschins of the Bessins. Scottish WIGHTs/White's (version of Levin Coat?) use QUATRefoils. One Base Coat has the double lions in pale of Gernons (Jewish Levi's have double lions in pale too), and the other Base's share black hunting horns with Weights. The Lees variation of Lice's can reveal a branch of Lys', first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's.

Mackays were from king Maccus on the Isle of Man, and that's where Christine's were first found. Christine's surname, Peare, shares part of the Coat of Teans/Thames' (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's), and so I gather that God named her because Irish Mackays use a "licenTIAM" motto term looking like code for a Tean/Thames variation. The latter are also Tiens', which is a motto term of the Squirrels sharing the red Samuelson/Samway squirrel. And zowie, Tiens/Thames' and Peare's share the stars of HEATHERs/Heaths ("EsPERE"!) while Mrs. Samuelson is Heather! Heathers/Heaths were first found in Durham with English Wights/White's, believe it or not.

AND WOW, I have spoken a few times on Heather from high school because she was the girlfriend of Colin COWIE. The Isle of Wight has both the Newport location, and a COWES location!!! The variations of Cowes'/Coo's are Cue-like to boot, and Cue's share the Fitton garbs. Besides, I was shooting POOL with the cue, and Poole is a location directly on-shore from Wight! As I was in Obama's pool hall, it now seems that God is pointing to an Obama-Samuelson plot (to hide Obama's criminal agendas).

Ha! Samuelsons were first found in Cornwall, and so see the write-up of Heather-like Heaters: "The illustrious surname Heater finds its origin in the rocky, sea swept coastal area of southwestern England known as Cornwall." heaters get more amazing later, but I'm still tripping over the multitude of points in getting to the stool pigeon, so be patient.

I can link Maccus' grandfather, Sitric Caech, to Cake's/CakeBREADs (CamBRIDGEshire, same as English Capone's and the related June's), suspect with Bradds/Breads from PodeBrady, that being connectable via Bradys to Babe's of Dorset, where Poole is located while Poole's can be sharing the lion of Bradds/Breads. Amazingly, the Pointer-like Ponders, first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's, Capone's and Chapmans, are in the Chapman motto, and Pointers with Ponders smack of Painters, recalling that Jan Brady was a painter while Bradys share the finger pointing with Pointers! Jan's husband was Laurie, and cup-using Laurie's (share the Rodham tree stump) use a "RePULLulat" motto. I'm sure it's code for Cup-related Pullys/Pullens, but they are connectable to Pools. The News' (chaplet), first found in Cambridgeshire, are suspect with the Chapman perchevron, and perchance, the News named Newports ("Ne" motto term).

Another tree stump is used by Bissets/BISCETs, and their motto, "REVIResco" can point both to Tony Rezco and Platte RIVER Networks, for the Biscet variation can reveal a branch of Baskets / Bathgate's. Rezco became close to Obama when they bought side-by-side properties. How close was Rezco to Obama's secret agendas, and what roll did he play? River-branch Revere's (Devon) can be from the Riparia river, home of the Cottian royals (included VESTALis) to which I trace WAISTELL/Wessels (i.e. the latter were on the PLATform, right?). Bissets/Biscets (Ross-shire) became suspect with the Andrew>Drummond line, and perhaps went through king George of the Hussians at Podebrady.

Podebrady was a topic of George Drummond, and George's (Dorset, same as Poole, and the Caens with a "LICitis" motto term!) share the blue dove with Waistells. "LiciTIS" may reveal why Tiss', first found in Hampshire, on-shore from Wight and beside Poole, share the chevron of NewPORTs (Newport is on Wight). Hampshire is where PORTers were first found. Fittons (Cheshire) share the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire with WAISTells/Wessels, the ones to whom God pointed when I pulled Christine Peare toward me, by her WAIST, while on the platform in the mall. Fittons are suspect with a Fittes variation of the Fothes', a branch of the Cheshire Foots, and this recalls the foot on a sun of Blonds, for Blundville's were a line from Ranulph de Meschin-Gernon out of Cheshire. Gernons have a "CyFOETH" motto term. Cheshire's Macclesfield had earls using leopard faces, and one Arms of Macclesfield has a colors-reversed version of the CUE Crest while the Cue Shield shows nothing but the garbs of Cheshire. As my pool shot on Obama billiard table was proven to be about the dossier scandal (led by Perkins COIE), I figured that God used the pool cue at that scene in pointing to Perkins Coie.

Back to the Heathers/Heaths now pointing hard to Heather Samuelson of CORNwall. Heathers share the stars of Fothes'/Fitts, and the latter's CORNnuCOPIA links to the "copia" motto term in the Arms of Macclesfield. The Fitts/Fitch's have three gold leopard faces looking connectable to the same of Baskets. The latter start a super-amazing revelation below.

I'd like to repeat that Lorraine got her feet symbol on the day she got her babe symbol, for she was a Jehovah's Witness, a JW, and those are the initials of Judicial Watch, where Tom Fitton is the president. Footincidence?

The cornucopia is used by Ore's/Orrs, who were a pointer to Nelly and Bruce Ohr when discovering that Nellys share the red roundels with Wake's ("ora") and Ore's/Orrs. Wakes happen to use a version of the Mule/Mules Coat. The Orr motto is probably code for Bononia = Bologna, where Pasi's/PASCels (crossed spears) were first found who trace to Paisley in Renfrewshire, where Ore's/Orrs and Speers (crossed spears) were first found. Keep PASCels in mind as the following unfolds.

Pointers to Deripaska

I'm unable to get to the stool pigeon discussion for the many things coming to the fore. But I'll get there.

Part of the Perkins Coie plot was to use DeriPASKa (a good stool pigeon), and so I'd like to record that Baskets are traced in their write-up to a Pask entity. Cowes'/Coo's share three red piles to a point with Basket-like Buckets (but call them pennants). In order to discover that God is pointing to DERIpaska, I'd need to have a Der-like surname linking to Pask liners. I haven't found one yet. English Pasco's were first found in Cornwall, and Italian Pasco's appear to share the banner with Passe'/Pascals. The latter's cross can be that of Macclesfields because Passe's/Pascals share the eagle of Reeds while Scottish Reeds share "copia" with the Arms of Macclesfield. Can you think of any Mr. Reid who partook in the dossier frame-job? English Reeds share the Passe/Pascal eagles, tending to clinch Passe's/Pascals (Levi lions?) with the Macclesfield / Mea/Meigh cross (French Pascals, same place as Lamberts, have a "mea' motto term).

Wait. I happen to trace Banners to the "Panaro" river through Marano of Modena, and Modena is where Morinis' were first found who are in the DEERing write-up. I am confident of this trace because I had read that Montforts/Manforts, who share the giant Marano lion, own the gonFANON banner, while Fanano is in Modena too. It just so happens that news on Deripaska is about Manafort, like the Manfort variation of Montforts! Is that not amazing?

PLUS, Ders/Derrs were first found in the "Rhine region" while Bush's/Buschs/PASCH's were first found in Rhineland with Solomons! John Solomon is breaking the Deripaska-Manafort story!!! Just look at that. It's suggesting that the anti-Trump Bush-whackers were whacking away at Trump along with Perkins Coie. Ders/Derrs share the Cue garbs! Incredible. Just when I didn't think there was a Derr-Pask link, there we have a few flooding out in a minute of time. The Cue garbs are on red, I reckon, in the Coat of Deeds/Dade's (Norfolk, same as Cue's), and Deerings (Deed/Dade colors) are said to be from DODINtone. German Dodins/Dode's share the lozenges of PINCs and Reno's/Rhine's while the Reno river flows past the PANICo's/Panetta's of Bologna, where Pasi's/PASCels were first found.

Aha! Dodds/Dots (Cheshire) probably have the Arms-of-Cheshire / Cue garb too, for while the Cue Crest is colors reversed from the lion holding a garb in the Arms of Macclesfield above. Dodds/Dots share a "copia" motto term with those do Scottish Reeds ("PAX copia") that share the Dade//Deed garbs! Excellent. You just saw the Deerings link to Perkins Coie, the ones who likely managed the would-be Deripaska frame job. It was congressman Harry Reid who partook in the dossier and/or Manafort scandal as prompted by John Brennan. Brennans share the gold garb in the colors for it of Dade's/Deeds and Reeds/Reids. Did God arrange that?

Reeds (share Passe/Pascal eagles) share the book with Roets, and Roets share the boar heads of Speers, the latter related to Pasi's/PASCels. I have red the description of Der-like DARlene's/DerLINGs: a "feMALE figure" holding a BOOK! I hope she's got unclassified information written in it. Early Darlene's were DirLINGES', and Linges' (Darlene colors) were first found in Somerset with Mells, beside the Darlene's of Devon, where Mule's and Mallers were first found suspect with the Moels location of Mails. Male's (Bavaria) are also MAILers/Mallers. Italian Capote's use the MULE, and French Capote's are in the colors and format of Wrays! Good one. God must have been pointing to Christopher Wray with Darlene Ray/Rae. He's been covering Hillary's email scandal, and needs to be hit over the hear with a Barr.

SaMUELsons are SamWays too, and Ways/Weigh's (Devon too) use three fish in the colors of the three Linges/Ling fish heads. It can't be another coincidence. The latter's Coat looks linkable to Lynch's (GalWAY). Darlingtons, an obvious Darlene branch, throw in more gold leopard faces, in the colors of the three of Baskets. The latter not only started the Pask ? Deripaska investigation, but are linkable to BathGATE's, the ones pointing hard to Hillary's email scandal, and suspect with GEDs sharing the Way fish. I now know better why God choose Darlene Ray (or Rae) as a teenage sweetheart.

As I understand it, Samuelson received, from Loretta Lynch, an immunity deal so that she could destroy Hillarys emails (and others, of course) without worry if she happened to destroy government emails "by accident" in the process. Dirty rats! Obama the chief dirty rat. Samuelson worked with Platte River Networks to get the destruction accomplished, a bald-faced, disgraceful action that the country must not tolerate. If Barr tolerates this, may a curse hang over his head.

The "pax" motto term of Reeds gets us to Packers/Pickers/Peckers, with lozenges in colors reversed from those of Pincs and Dodins. Pincs are from Pincum at the mouth of the PEK river, and the amazing thing here is the Packers/PICKers share the lozengy cross of stool-pigeon Stolls!!! I picked up the sleeping bag on a hill as a definite pointer to John Solomon of The Hill, and the Reed Coat is a version of the Pick/Pike Coat which itself shares the Solomon stars. The other Reeds share the Solomon / Pick/Pike stars too! And the English Pike's have a split Shield linkable to the same of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. Is that not amazing?

Back to Darlene Ray, for she worked at the snack BAR of Knob HILL Farms when I worked there as a stockboy. Bill BARR is now the boss of Christ WRAY, and the latter will be forced to reveal what Barr wants revealed, we hope, though Wray will seek to hide as much as he thinks he can get away with, though John Durham, we hope, will not tolerate it. Darlingtons were first found in Durham, which seems to set up my first-ever pointer to John Durham. Heathers/Heaths were first found in Durham, as were Durhams whose fesse is colors reversed from the Darlington fesse! Excellent. We thus have the Barr-Wray-Durham team in Darlene Ray alone.

As Heather Samuelson was in charge of deleting the emails, let's add that God pointed this theme to Bathgate's while Baskets share the three Darlington leopard faces. We then spot that the Darlington fesse is in the colors of the two of Rivers, which was suspect with Platte River Networks, the server upon which Hillary did her government emails. I then go to the River-branch Revere's who share the Massin/Mason lion, and it just so happens that the full motto ("Dum spiro SPERo") of the latter is in the Darlington motto. As Pasi's/PASCels use spears, it appears that Baskets and Bathgate's/Baggats were Pascel / Pascal / Pasco liners. More crossed spears are used by Line's while Darlene's are also DarLINE's.

Deerings (Kenneth-like Kent) are probably sharing the giant Derham stag head, which is also the Kenneth stag head. Derhams get Durham-interesting where Durhams share the dolphin of Kenneth-like Kennedys. The latter are from the Kennati priests of Cetis, where Quadratilla BASSus was queen, and then Kenneths were first found in Ross-shire with Bissets/BISCets. It could appear that Pasi's, Pascals and Baskets were all Bassus liners. Note the Cetis-like endings on Biscets and some Bathgate variations.

I'm shocked. The Rivers were suspect in the motto of Bissets/Biscets, who share the tree stump in Crest with Vickers. The latter's sharing of the red fitchee with Darlene's was the clue that claimed Vickers in the "female FIGURE" of Darlene's. It thus appears that Darlene's and Darlingtons (share three gold leopard faces with FITCH's/Fitts) are using the River fesse, and that the Bisset motto, "ReviRESco," is indeed partly for Rivers. It just so happens there the Res surname can be brought up with "Dere." See also Dero's/Ros'/Rosals.

From there, we note that Res'/Dere's use crossed Lance's (probably the Alan fesse in colors reversed) in the colors of the crossed spears of Speers so as to link Res'/Dere's to crossed-spear Pasi's/PASCels, which seemingly spells, Deripaska. Yes, for the FIB tried to force Deripaska to frame Trump by framing Manafort, and Monforte is at Lance-like Langhe, suspect with the Aleng variation of French Alans who share the Res/Dere and Lance stars. English Pasco's (Cornwall, same as Langdons) write on a Paskell LANGdon, that's right. The Nellys (roundels, code for Alan-liner Rundels) share the fesse of Langs, and Italian Pasco's are also PasquiNELLi's. The "female FIGURE" of Darlene's/Derlings must be for Figaro's, for they share the oak leaves of Alans.

Aha! German Belows, in BLOW colors, share the giant, double-headed eagle of Dero's/Ros', suggesting the possibility that the critical / crucial / pivotal whistle BLOWer is Deripaska. He may be the one who has made the Mueller storm go lame. Did God arrange Blows to be first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. Don't people blow pipes? Muellers/MOLLers are in Blow / Moline colors, and Blows share the goat heads of Moline's/Moulans, first found in Devon with the Mule's that have nearly the Nelly Coat.

AWWWE LOOKIE. While Mails have a Mele term while Mele's/Mells were first found beside Moline of Devon, the latter are said to be of a Melling entity while Mellings are said to have been at Melling-with-WRAYton, in Lancashire, where Wrays and Ore-branch Orrels were first found who share the red Nelly and Mule roundels!! NELLY OHR! Blow the whistle on Chris Wray today!

The Molton entity of Moline's is of the Moltons/Molsons (share Solomon stars) said to be from Meules in ORbec at Lisieux. Moltons/Molsons and Mules were first found in Devon.

Remember, the Morinis' in the Deering write-up got us to Modena's Marano's with the Montfort/Manfort lion. This Dere discussion gets better where French Lance's share the three trefoils of Lynch's/Linch's. Lance's were first found in Maine with Pellicans, and Pelagonia is beside LYNCestis, where I trace Langs (pelican) and Lynch's. Maine is also where Demaine's were first found while I dated Sharon Pascal when we both lived on Demaine crescent (Richmond Hill). Darlene-kin Linges'/Lings use fish in the colors of the one of Pesci's, the latter first found in Venice with Pasco's! The Pesci fish has long been suspect in the Verona Coat, itself using the Lynch or Lance Coat! We thus have good cause to see DARlene's/Derlings as a Dere / Deering branch.

Nellys (same fesse as Alan-related, Ore-like Gore's/Core's) share red roundels on gold with Ore's/Orrs and Orrels (Lancashire, same as Wrays). Rays might have been Ore's/Orrs because the two surnames share "omnia," and because Rayburns were first found in Ayrshire with Aurs/Orrays. Wrays share red martlets with French Alans whose Coat can be gleaned with French Gore's/Jore's, and the Ray martlets in Chief are in the colors of the items of the Ore/Orr Chief. Rayburns use a ROEbuck, and Roe's/Rows bring us to the lamb with banner of Passe's/Pascals. The Wrays use their martlets in both colors of the same of Velens/Felins, the latter first found in Westphalia with Nelly-like Nails/Neils/Nagle's. As Deerings were of Modena's Morinis', the "FEMale figure" of Derlings might be code for a Fane variation such as "Fame," if this line named Modena's Fanano. A ROEBuck would be an appropriate name for the stags of Robbs/Robe's. I had read that the Darlene/Derling female wears a "robe."

A few weeks ago, God sent us a dove, which landed on the lawn beside the septic tank. It's the only dove/pigeon I can remember seeing at this place in ten years, and so I wrote about it (3rd update in May, I think), because it went for a walk directly above the septic tank, where my STOOL is found, and then flew off (along and over the driveway). There are no pigeons around here. I never see one in town, even if there are a few. I took this sign as His pointer to a stool pigeon = whistle blower, for Stolls share the lozenges of Whistle's/Wessels. Plus, the septic tank is my sewer, and while Sewers are also Suters, German Suters share the hexagrams of German Stolls. It's as though God set up this heraldry to point to some important stool-pigeon event yet to take place. German Stolls share the antler with German Wessels, tending to clinch English Stolls with Whistle's/Wissels.

German Stolls were first found in Zurich, like the Surrich variation of Surreys. The Scherf-related Shere's/Sheers were first found in Surrey. Is God pointing to the Scherf Nazi's? Is he providing a stool pigeon on these goons? I hope so.

Here's from the 4th update of May: "It's Wednesday morning as I write here, and last evening I say three pigeons/doves swirling around in the air at the top of the maple tree that stands right beside the septic tank. The three were either playing, or perhaps there was a fight between two males for a female, but, no sooner did I see them swirl that they flew off. From the front deck, where I was putting together the front frame for a kitchen counter, I saw them swirling for a second only before the flew off." They were flying fast, one chasing the other, circling the tree while rising. It was quite the sight, and because they were larger than robins, and because there are no birds of that size larger than robins around here, I concluded that they were doves. Ever since, I've been keeping eyes out for the namers of Wirral, as per their whirling. I came across it today in the Mail write-up. The Mails were looked up because I thought it was possible that God would point to Hillarys email scandal using them, and it instantly proved to be correct by Mails of Meols pointing to SaMUELsons.

Spot the dove in the Mail write-up:

The surname Mail was first found in Cheshire where they held a family seat. This surname is associated with the village of Meolse, which was recorded in the Domesday Book in the year 1086. The lands were described as a coastal village on the southern shore of the WIRRAL peninsular on the River Dee [flows partially in Cheshire] where Roman and Saxon coins and jewelry were found at DOVE Point.

Are we not impressed? Pigeons even share the black-on-white bend with Mails. There is a "city of doves" -- Cuppae -- off the Pek river flowing down to PINCum, and Pigeons are said to be from Mr. Pichon. It just so happens that Peckers/Packers/Pickers share the Stoll cross formed out of lozenges, colors reversed from the Pinc/Pink lozenges. What would be the chances that Pincs/Pinks use a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat??? Impossible, unless God arranged it. Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Pincs/Pinks and Sewers/Suters. Picks probably use a tree because they share the fitchees of tree-using Woods. The doves whirled around a tree. What are the chances that Pincs/Pinks and Sewers/Suters share the white escutcheon with Male's/Mailers? Peks/Pecks were first found in Essex with Colchesters, from the Colapis = KUPA river which flows into the Sava. Sava's/Savage's (Cheshire), who share the lion of Wirrals (Cheshire), are in the Savage of the Wood Crest. The doves whirled around the tree.

The white escutcheons (virtual squares) of Male's/Mailers can be the white square in the Arms of PIACENza because the illegal silver-contacting-gold colors of that surname are shared by Mose's while Le Mose is in Piacenza. Mose's (stemmed rose on tower) were first found in Lancashire with escutcheon-using Scute's (stemmed rose with Ceraunii-depicting crane) who share the gold tower with both Mose's and Patiens'/Patents (version of the Mail Coat), the latter being in the Dove motto!!! Perfect, for Cuppae, the city of doves, is in MOESia, and in the land of the Piacenza-like Picensii! The Moses'/Moys have a dove in Crest! It appears that the Picensii named Piacenza.

By the way, the one pale bar of Moses'/Moys is in the colors of the two of German Steels, making the white griffin head of Mose's look like the Steel griffin, highly suspect as the griffin of Berta's, the line of Berthe, wife of Mummolin, and the latter descended from Tullia of Lyon while Tulls/Tullia's share the one Moses/Moy pale bar. Tulls/Tolle's share the pyramid with Steel-liner Battistelli's (share billets with the Cheshire Steels). The white griffin in the Mose Crest can be the white one in the Pigeon Crest!

Later in this update, the gold tower is found with Ramons/Ram's while Raymundo's were first found in Cremona. While Mose's share the billets of Battistelli's, their Batti line was first found at Cremona, right beside Le Mose in Placentia. Per chance, the Battistelli chevron is the same of Piacen-like Pigeons.

As per the Sawyer/Sawer, Siward/Shower and Swords discussion below, note that while Piacenza is also PLACEntia, Pelaiz's/Paez's share the Sawyer/Sawer checks (as well as those of Billet-like Bilis'). This can make the white sword of Male's/Mailers that of Swords, for Sewards/Showers share the Mosca leopard (different color) while Mose's have a Mr. Mosce in the write-up.

While Mails speak on SIMON de Mele, Italian Mele's were first found in Parma, near Piacenza, and, WOW, Mele's can be with both the Simon and Montfort lion, which recalls that the Beaumont's of MEULan (also called, MELLent) married Simon de Montfort! English Mele's/Mells (Tarr/Tara colors) were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tara's while Parma is on the Taro river. Mele's/Mells lived in Leigh while Lee's/Leighs (Cheshire, same as Stelli-branch Steels) have a giant lion that could be the giant one of PLACE's/PLAIZ's (early in Somerset). Mele's/Mells speak on their Mell location at Billet-like Blything. Blythe's were first found in Berwickshire with Dove's. Is it a coincidence that while Mele's/Mells look like a Mail branch, Bill Clinton was born to Mr. Blythe? Or did God set this up?

[Hours after writing here, I went back to the Wirral write-up, because I didn't stress this surname. I was thinking: there has got to be more to this one, if God made the doves whirl for it (I just misspelled "doves as "dives"). I noted that an early version (10th century, Saxon period) of this city was, WirHEALE, and loading Heale's, there I see the five lozenges in a vertical string of Pincs/Pinks (Whistle's/Wissels have the same string diagonally). It seems that Cuppae's dove elements through Pincum came to Wirral. The misspelling above looks like God's doing, for we read: "Historically part of Cheshire, [Wirral's] boundaries were set in the Domesday Book as 'Two arrow falls from Chester City Walls." Chester was called, Diva!" The Dives' share the scallops of Cuppae-like Cape's/Capes'.

Oh wow, those items at the top of the Cupes/Koop Coat are long cups (not the typical cups at houseofnames) possibly made to look like the jugs / chalices of Wirrals!!! ASTOUNDING if correct, for this discussion comes not from heraldic observations / study, but from an event at my septic system. Coopers/Coppers were first found in Sussex with Diens/DIVES! I've read that Belows use a chalice, and then Bellows are in the bellow fans of Shiptons, who in-turn have a Heale-like eel in Crest. Doesn't it seem here, with Belows, that the Wirral stool pigeon is also a whistle blower?

It seems that the "copia" motto term of Cheshire's Macclesfield applies to Cuppae elements. DAVENports were at the Macclesfield area. This insert was hours after writing on the CUPboards below, and the insert was not added here to mesh with it, yet just look at how complimentary Cuppae is with cupboards. Contemplate on how it was a part of God's dove-whirling event. It's just staggering that God can move me like that without my knowing. He can do the same in you. When you think He's not there, he is. Cuppae is off the Dien-like Danube river, and Deans with Dans were likewise first found in Sussex, as were Boards in "cupboard." I kid you not, that immediately after I built the tenant's kitchen cupboards, I finished her Sewer-like shower. The Shower surname is also "Sewerd/Seward," and Siward of Northumberland is in the write-up. End insert]

As I said, I was building the frames for some kitchen CUPboards when the three pigeons whirled around my tree. It gets more amazing because Boards use a version of the Sewer/SUTER/SUIT Coat. I know this from when God put Obama (Barry SOETORo) in a SUIT on a skateBOARD in the dream where Obama owned a pool hall, a scene that came after I SEWERed a shot on his billiard table. Is that not incredible? God arranged for me to build kitchen cabinets for this revelation.

[Insert -- I was just reading the Shower/Seward write-up, where is a mythical-code story about his connection to a white bear, which reminded me of the polar bear in the Norwegian and Danish Winter Coats. I then realized that English Winters share the checks of Seward-like Sawyers/Sawers, yet the latter also share the Board martlets. The cupBOARDs were just linked to Sewers, and Borders happen to share crossed swords in the same colors as the Tax/Dach crossed swords. Might Boards, Borders and Broads (savage) all be Podebrady liners since George's use doves?

Seagars and Sawyers were once both said to have been found in Norfolk (where Pigeons were first found), but houseofnames, when it changes earliest locations, often obliterates what was previously said rather than keeping record of it along with additional information. The Sawyer write-up now has this: "The earliest record of the family was found in Berkshire where Nicholas le Sagyere was listed c. 1248." Berkshire is the location of WINDsor castle, and Winters with Winders were thought (by me) to be Windsors.

Proof! Francesca Battistelli was singing "got a couple of DENTS in my FENDER" exactly as the last paragraph ended, just as I was looking at the Vandal surname. The Vandal Germanics were otherwise the Wends, from whom I expect Windsor ancestry. I was looking at the club in the man's hand in the Vandal Coat when she sang that line. I was thinking of the Wood club at the instant before she sang it, and I laughed when she sang it, because I know that Woods use a "Defend" motto suspect with Fenders. I already knew that Fenders/VENDers use an otter's head while Windsors are said to be from Otters/Others (Huntingdonshire, same as Otters/Others). I then spotted Hans WENDERl in the Vandal write-up. Another Saturday-night song-line miracle coming at you. God is mocking the royal-family historians.

There is an otter's head in the Beth Crest, and Siward of Northumberland defeated king MacBeth in 1054, one year before George of Drummond was recorded in Scotland.

The Dents have a reflection of a Pigeon Coat but using the lozenges of Broads (share the savage with Woods). Woods share the fitchees of Picks/Pix's (share tree with Woods), possible Pek-river, and therefore, Cuppae, liners. Looking good. Picks/Pex's were first found in Kent, where housofnames now has the first-known Rothes' that use a form of the Dent / Pigeon Coat. French Pigeons have a chevron colors reversed from the Pick/Pix chevron, and the latter's Coat is in the colors and format of Payens/Pagans, the latter first found in Dauphine with Page's/PAGEONs.

Siward's line in the Swords have "wings exPANDed," and Panthers/Pantrys/Panders share "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans, and a blue fesse with George's.

There are five Pagan surnames showing, and here's from the English branch (shares the fleur of Panico's) that's an obvious branch of Panico-related Pings/Pongs/Paganells/Pagans: "However, some of the family were found at Astwood in the union of Newport-Pagnell in Buckinghamshire since early times." Windsors like Buckingham palace, and Buckinghams have three besants on a blue bend while George's have three besants on a blue fesse (colors reversed from the three fesses of German Drummonds). English Pagans (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs, Dents and Bruce's suspect from the Breuci at the Kupa and Sava rivers) share the Masci fleur, and Palms (Yorkshire) share the Massey / Lys/Lise fleur, the latter in the colors of the Paloma and Page dove. The Lys'/Lise's share the courant greyhound with Palmers (Norfolk, same as Pigeons and early Sawyers/Sawers).

The "CherCHES" motto term of Sawyers/Sawers can be code for Ches'/Chessans, who share the stag head with Winsdors. Ches'/Chessans were first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys, explaining the CHESney variation. The Cheney/Chesney martlets are colors reversed from the same of Pullys/Pullers (share Pollard scallops). It makes the bend of German Winders seem like that of Jewish Pollocks (at Rothes). The Kupa river is also the Colapis, expected in the "culpa" motto term of Pullys/PULLERs and Winders, explaining the POLAR bear of Winters (clever). It thus appears that Siward myth had him descending from, or merging with, Pullys/Pullers/Pullens, kin of Norfolk's Sabine's, from Rieti at the southern frontier of the Marsi. I trace Seagars and Segurana's to the Sakarya river, and so I think Seagars were not Sawyers/Sawers except by marital merger (I see Sakarya-river Phrygians at the Sava). I trace Marsi to whatever real thing was represented by the mythical Marsyas goat of Phrygia.

As the Sakarya was also the SANGarius, note that Julian ASSANGe's last tweet in his London-embassy "prison" was a CHESS game. Hmm. Was God using that to point us to Dick Cheney and the Windsors? Oh wow, I of course installed a sink with the kitchen cupboards, and Sinks were just looked up because Sings are also Sangers, yet this discovered that Sinks have a dolphin version of the Pigeon Coat!!! Dauphine, where Payens/Pagans and Page's/Pageons were first found, use the dolphin in its Arms!!! WOW! German Sangers use the bear, the symbol of Siward in the Seward/Shower write-up, and I tiled the shower IMMEDIATELY after installing the sink. German Sangers even show three hexagrams in the colors of the Payen/Pagan hexagrams. Incredible.

Woods have a savage holding their club, and Sava's/Savage's are probably cousins of Sawyer-like Sauers of the Sava river. I trace Windsor-related Gore's/Core's to the Gorski area of the Sava. Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire with Windsors, and Italian Sheaves' were first found in the land of the Marsi (had a snake goddess), where I trace the Seagar/Sugar Crest and the snake God, Sugaar, husband of Mari). Cuppae liners are expected at the Kupa tributary of the Sava, and so why not also on the Sava? End insert]

The SKATEboard was resolved with Skate's/Sheets because the dream opened with all billiard tables covered with a black sheet...a hard sheet like a solid board, not the flimsy sheets that drape. This connects with the doves on my property because Skate variations are like the Schatz variations of SHITz's; I looked up the latter moments ago as per the septic tank's stool. I didn't know that God could swear until now. There you have it. The stoll pigeons are pointing to Obama's secrets, and perhaps to Leon Panetta. The Shitts are listed with Suter-like Shute's who share the swords of Sewer-like Swords. That works because Sewers are listed with Suters, suggesting a Sword marriage with Suters.

The cue ball was a PAGE on the pool table, which I turned into a paper plane to that I could shoot it. English Page's share the dove of Italian Paloma's, and Spanish Paloma's have pale bars in the colors of the fesses of Page's/Lepage's (Pool lion?). The latter use four of them, connectable to the four pale bars of Italian Dance's, for Obama was in a suit dancing between my sewer-shot scene and his being on a skateboard. English Dance's share the lion heads of Stoll-like Steels, and the sewered page was code for Lisa Page and/or Carter Page.

There was nothing wasted. The lone pigeon, after walking over the septic tank, flew off toward the ROAD along, and then over, the DRIVEway. Drive's have quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Chives', and the latter's motto can be gleaned with the motto of Maple's (Essex), who share the boar heads of tree-using ROETs. The split colors of Maple's are those of Tarves', and Chives' were first found in Tarves.

The colors of Raymonds are either in Wray colors, or colors reversed, and Raymundo's, new to me, were first found in Cremona. I had first asked Darlene out when lining up at her snack bar, ordering an ice CREAM, which was resolved with Ananes Gauls at Cremona and/or nearby Crema. Cremona is where Batti's/Botto's (share eight-pointed stars with Stelli's) were first found who can be resolved with BattiSTELLi's, a branch of Steels. It was a song (Write Your Story) by Francesca Battistelli, with the line, "I'm an empty page," that revealed to me that the piece of paper on Obama's pool table was to be regarded as a page. I realized that the page was for Lisa Page, who was working with Chris Steele to get Carter Page using the FISA court, which is called, FISC.

"I'm an empty page" smacks of the redacted documents that the deep state hands out to keep the world from knowing how it conducts itself. If this is the heart of the United States, then it's a swamp, like Trump says, yet Trump has done nothing but try to survive politically in the midst of the swamp.

I have just discovered why Cremers/Cramers use a ram. I was looking for a Spanish counterpart to Cremona's Raymundo's, and found Ramons (Castile, same as Murena's/Moreno's), who happen to use the Murena/Moreno tower in colors reversed. Ramons are also Ramo's/Rams'. That explains it, tending to verify that both Cremer/Cramer surnames are Cremona liners. Ramons/Rams' appear to use a gold gate, symbol of English Babels/Babwells too.

The stool pigeon took off from above the septic tank, and flew toward, and probably across, Raymond (street), the street I live on. That's right. I saw it fly almost perpendicular with that road until it was about 50 feet from it, when it got behind the trees, and so it probably went over that road. And English Stolls share "vis" with English Rams, making sense where Ramons/Rams' were Raymond liners. The flight of that stool pigeon looks perfectly Planned. English Rams were even first found in Essex with Maple's while the three pigeons whirled around the maple tree. Recall the Mail write-up with the whirl-like Wirral and Dove Point locations, for Dove's (tower in Crest) have the motto, "Patiens," while Patiens'/Patents not only share a form of the Mail Coat, but share the gold tower with Ramons/Rams'! Excellent, for Dove's just linked to Raymond liners. As Darlene's use a "feMALE," it may help to assure that Ramons and Raymundo's are Ray liners.

The line of Maurilion > Berthe can apply to Rams with BERTrams, who happen to share the "J'aVANCE" motto of Este's, the latter first found in Essex with Rams. The Vance's are the Faux-related Vaux's, and while English Faux's (Essex) share the Hanson mascle, Cremers/Cramers share the Chief of French Faux's/Chalnes' (looks like a dove to me). It's the German Cremers/Cramers who have the ram. Some of you may know that Miss Hanson was an ice-cream liner to Cremers/Cramers (see below).

Dove's share the white tower with Hills while Vance's/Vaux's virtually have the Solomon Coat.

This is amazing folks. I've already told that Battistelli's share the pyramid with Fisks/FISCS, no kidding, but I can now say that Fisks/Fiscs share the checkered Shield of Raymondo's!!! There you have the evidence that Darlene Ray was a pointer of God to the dossier crime at my age 17. You see, Francesca Battistelli verified that the dove-using Page's were in the Obama dream's paper plane, and we saw above why Raymundo's have a lion linkable to Plains. Raymundo's were first found in Cremona with Battistelli-branch Batti's/Botta's.

The Dead Nazi Squirrel

The squirrel in the pocket was one of 16 caught in my attic, in roughly a month of time, and the only one to get away from me, which it did in my vehicle. It ran up the heater duct, so I left it there. It must have gotten cozy in a pocket (in cool November/December) of my shorts, dying of thirst there. The only reason that the shorts were in the vehicle was because I was planning to visit the laundromat with them. The sleeping bag was on the front passenger seat when the squirrel went into the duct. I know this because I mentioned it, yet it was BEFORE the sleeping-bag dream I had under this same sleeping bag. I don't know whether I brought the shorts to the laundromat, but I soon-after purchased a Sears laundry machine, and that's where the shorts were washed. Doesn't it seem, in this picture, that Sears/Seers (near Surrey) and Sere's can be a Schere/Scherf branch?

It's possible for Sears liners to have become Sewers from Siward of Northumberland. He formed the Swords (Short branch?) who share the swords of Shitts/Shute's.

Crema is on a Serio river, that's right. Is the FBI's Christopher Raymundo, so to speak, a Bush-Nazified operator? The Raymundo lion is also that of Palins, and the latter is the reason for the Plain variation of Platters. The paper plane was resolved with Plains/Platters, and then while Cremona is near Milan, Milan is where Morinis-related Maurels were first found along with the related Gallia's; the latter's three bends are colors reversed from the same of Platters. The Milan/Millen/Mellent lion is very connectable to the same of Sitlers/SCHITlers, and the latter's trefoil is that also of Ice's, a requirement for the ice-cream symbol of Darlene.

It seems that God may have used Plains/Platters in pointing to Platte River ("I'm an empty page" just sang as I was writing that last word, and it's Saturday night, when I often get these song-line miracles. The same song line played when I was asking whether the piece of paper on the pool table was to be taken as per the Paper versus Page surname, and upon loading Page's, this song line was playing). I thought the paper plane was a pointer to Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch (Obama's attorney general) on her plane flight to assure that she would not allow Hillary to get into criminal trouble concerning her email scandal. The airport where they met was in PHOENix, and Page's, first found in Devon with Mule's, use pheons.

About a year before lining up to ask Darlene out, I did the same with Miss Hanson when she was working the ice-cream window at Sam's restaurant. I had never spoken to either girl until lining up and asking them. I've told this many times, but not until today did I know that English Hansons share the mascles of Roebucks; the so-called mill rind of the Mills/Meiles' has what looks like a central mascle in the same colors. I'm not familiar with Roebucks, and looked them up when on the Rayburn roebuck. That's amazing. German Hansons share the Lombard lozenges, and use the green snake of early Visconti's, the latter ruling out of Milan, the LOMBARDy capital. Cremona and/or Crema is in Lombardy too.

Sam's restaurant is now a possible pointer to Heather Samuelson. Sams, sharing the Milan/Millen lion, were first found in Essex with Sears while Crema is on a Serio river. Recall the Ramons/Ram's expected in Cremona with Raymundo's, for English Rams were first found in Essex too. Oh wow, Scottish Mills', first found in Hampshire with mill-rind Mills/Meiles', share blue-on-gold stars with Milans/Millens. The latter's lion is black, as are the Mail lion heads, making the Mills in this picture look like God's pointer to the fingers of Cheryl Mills in the criminal deletion of Hillarys emails.

There is merit in a comparison of Coopers, Kupes'/Koops (moline), Mills' (moline) and Miles', which can suggest Cuppae > Kupa elements in Milan. This is supported where Ottone Visconti was the first Visconti ruler of Milan while Ottone's share the long perchevron of Chappes'. The Capes' scallops were found with Dives' after realizing that Dives' (share dancette with Dove's) were Cuppae-dove liners. Ottone's share the annulets of Pucks, possible Pek-river cousins. Coopers/Coppers were first found in Sussex with DIENS/Dives' and Deans/Diane's, and Scottish Deans (Sussex) share the blue moline with Mills', while Millers share a giant moline with Deans.

The Miles' (Lincolnshire, same as Messers/Messier's), with another mill rind, have Milo le Messer, and the Milans/Millens have a "MISERis" motto term. Misers use the Cheryl-like cherry, and wow, Cherrys were first found in Derbyshire with the Froggits having a "bunch of cherries" in Crest. I went o a certain school for two months only, at 13 years of age, where I was fond of Cathy Froggit, or I would not know of the surname. And at that school I met Norm Miles, who, about 12 years later, would knock on the window of my taxi while I was snoozing in it. He was a police officer. What could this mean as per coming arrests? (I am amazed. This paragraph was inserted here hours after writing the below. When loading Bunch's, I realized I had seen the Coat in some other surname, and searching for it, it turned out to be the Roebucks in the very next sentence! The other Roebucks share the stork in Crest with Bunch's, and moreover those latter Roebucks have the mascle that may be in the Miles / Mills mill rind.

The other Roebucks have a fesse with fleur looking like that of Bush's when they use a red fesse, but these fleur are colors reversed in a Raymond Chief, and are there in the colors of the martlets in the Wray Chief. This is staggering, for you can find Sam's restaurant online in Gormley, and Gormleys show nothing but red-on-gold martlets, the symbol in the Wray Chief. It wouldn't have pointed to Wray at the FBI with Miss Hanson at Sam's alone, but as the Roebucks connected Hansons with Ray liners, it looks like a definite hit on Chris Wray. If I recall correctly, Wray was a Bush man in earlier years.

Gormleys are Grime/Grimm kin, and Grimo was the grandson of Mummolin, the latter being the son-in-law of MAURILion, the line to Maurels of Milan. Mummolin married his daughter, Berthe, and Berta's share the griffin of German Steels while these Steels use two pale bars in the colors of the Tull/Tulia pale bar. Gallia was the mother of Tulia of Lyon. And, believe it or not, Tulls/Tolle's share the pyramid with Fiscs and Battistelli's while Stelli's have an eight-pointed star in both colors of the same of Maurels.

I have repeatedly linked Miss Hanson to Miss Hicks on a whim, but not until now could that link be made with heraldry, for while Hicks use a buck, the Roebuck fleur-de-lys are those of Hicks too. The 9-11 crime was pointed to with Miss Hicks at a Leakey road. It involved WikiLeaks' Julian Assange's woes with president MORENO of Ecuador, and here we can add that Maurels are also Maurino's. Julian Assange not only linked to the Obama dream when he was shown dancing and skateboarding in back-to-back scenes on the news, but his second-last tweet was, "Paper Planes," before Moreno cut him off from the Internet.

Repeat: "The paper plane was resolved with Plains/Platters, and then while Cremona is near Milan, Milan is where Morinis-related Maurels were first found along with the related Gallia's; the latter's three bends are colors reversed from the same of Platters."

After catching a squirrel alive in the rat trap, I'd put the entire trap into a bucket, put on a lid of some sort, and then stick a couple of long items into the bucket. One held the trap down, and the other was a long piece of steel with a bent end to form a hook, which was used to raise the trap's steel to set the squirrels free in the bucket. I would then drive the squirrels, one by one to a spot by a BROOK, and let them out of the vehicle. I'm telling this because Brooks were first found in Essex with Sears/Seers. The one that died in my shorts was let out of the bucket while driving to the brook, but instead of going out the vehicle, when I opened the door to the outside, it went into the heater duct.

There's a question on whether Heaters, first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots (share the white anchor with Heidlers) were a branch of Hiedlers/Hitlers. That looks logical in this discussion. And if the heater duct was a further pointer to Ducks, let's add that while George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi, was "adopted" by Prescott SHELDON Bush, Sheldons use ducks. Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks and Wissels/Wislers (share wings with Wise's, Weis' and Hosts/Osts). The squirrel died in my shorts, and Short-like Shirts/SHERrats have a "HOSTis" motto term that can be code for Hosts/Osts, first found beside Heaters and sharing the bull head on blue with them. Hosts/OSTs were first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels, and God's whistle-blower program had been resolved with Albert OOSTeyn.

Ahhh, now, with HEATHER Samuelson in my writings, by what coincidence do Samuelsons use squirrels while the one squirrel went up the Heather-like heater??? Wow.

After Mamie and I split up, I got to driving taxi. And while doing so, Albert got a job at Whistler mountain. He asked me to move into his apartment while he spent the winter at that ski resort. While gone, I was given a couple of runs to pick up Mamie, with the taxi, and on the second occasion, we agreed to date again. We returned to Albert's apartment after the date, but after our time on his COUCH, we never saw each other again. The COUCHant lion of Tints applied here, for its the white-on-red lion of Whistlers/Wissels (Somerset, same as Tints and Wissel-related Stolls).

The TAXi got suspect with the Tax's/Dachs, suspect from Dachau, Bavaria's concentration-camp headquarters. As though God wanted to prove this connection, the Arms of Dachau uses a sling shot while Shots/Shute's/SHITTs (suggests the septic tank stool pigeon) share white-on-red swords with Tax's/Dachs. But there is more that connects with the stool pigeon, as could be expected with Albert's role at Whistler mountain.

Here's from the 4th update in May:

It's Friday evening. I was walking back to the house from pulling weeds, and came up to a mole hump in the dirt on the south side of the septic tank, and then remembered that, this year, moles were under the gravel around the front deck, making humps in the gravel (because there were once weeds where gravel was placed, and moles are after the roots). For the past two to three weeks, I'd consistently step on the gravel humps to squish their tunnels shut, trying to persuade them to leave the area. Earlier this week, they did leave, along the north side of the septic tank (within a couple of feet), and this was very close to the date of the first pigeon. It didn't dawn on me until now that stool pigeons might report moles sent into Trump's White House. Did God send these moles to the septic-tank area? Some of their tunnels under the gravel were within a couple of feet from the west side of the septic tank.

Days later, the moles were right over the septic tank, but I never saw another mole hill after that, anywhere on my three-acre yard. I've been over the entire yard cleansing it of unwanted weeds. Is this a sign of mole cleansing in the Trump camp? In any case, the Mole's share the boar head of Maurino-like Marone's and Schene's/Scheins/Schims, and it just so happens that Skene's share the same swords as Shots/Shute's/Shitts. You see, Intelligent Design, and it's pointing to Bush-Nazi offenders. Italian Marone's share the giant anchor of Welks/Wilkins', and Wilkins share the split Shield of Schere's/Scherfs.

[Recall the WirHEALE location, and how Heale's share the lozenge string of Pincs/Pinks, the latter from Pincum bear "the city of doves." It just so happens that the Schene/Schim boar head is shared by Healeys/Haleys.]

I was living on HUNT street, in the same house as a taxi dispatcher, who got me the taxi job. While living there, Albert asked me to keep his apartment for him while he went to Whistler. It just so happens that Orion, the mythical hunter, was from SCHIMatari, home of Shechemites to the Schim variation of Schene's. While at Hunt, someone stole my extension ladder from the back of the house, and Scalia's use a ladder while a hunting group, International Order of Saint Hubertus, is suspect in taking him away from this earth. I had purchased this ladder to paint an apartment building of a man with a German accent. The building was very close (just around the corner) to the home of David Morley, who appeared in the sleeping bag dream, about Scalia's murder, looking like a world-war II Nazi on a motor bike.

German Stolls share the Suter hexagrams so as to be suspect with the Shitt line in the sling shot of Dachau. I can't put it more appropriately. The Shot/Shute swords are shared by Swords, who were from Sewer-like Siward of Northumberland, beside Cumberland, where Duckers and Daggers were first found. And German Daggers are also Dach-like Decks while using the red Squire/Squirrel squirrel. The short sword in the Shot/Shute Crest might just be a dagger. God is pointing to Nazified Americans, isn't He?

It's important that the Stoll lozenges form a cross in the colors of the Bath cross, for Baths (same place as Whistlers/Wissels), share the Whistler/Wissel lion. The Bath cross is the Fessy and TAFF cross (recalls Bosco-beloved Tufts), and Fessys are from the Fieschi of Genova while Feschs share crossed white swords with Tax's/Dachs. Feschs were even first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tess'/TECKs while God gave Mamie a tease symbol when I slept in her tent, in her sleeping bag. It was tent-like Tints who have the couchant lion expected as the Whistler lion. The Tease/Teck saltire is in the colors of the sword-saltire of Tax's/Dachs. This is another reason that Mamie's last date with me at Alberts applies to Tax's/Dachs.

On the date, I drove her with the taxi (my full-time vehicle around the clock) to a snack shop owned by Mr. Fix. I was actually building his BAR at that time, and Barrs share the eagle of the Segni's/Segurana's (Genova, same as Feschs) in the Fessy and Taff motto. Fesch-like Fix's/Fecks happen to share the Bush eagles, and Feschs are also FECHters, believe it or not. There's no way that these links can be so neat apart from God pointing to them, and probably having arranged at least some of them.

George Bush Jr. married LAURA Walsh, and Walsh's/Walchs, like "Walker," use a "TransFIXus" motto term, believe it or not. Lorraine's, who share the green lion with Touch's/Tuffs, use a "lauro" motto term, and laurel-using Laurie's were first found in Dumfries with Walks. Lorraine got the grass stain while out for a walk.

Mamie tease symbol was given in her sleeping bag on the first night that we became a couple. Her thigh symbol came the next day, and English Tease's (Nottinghamshire, same as MAMESfelde) are also Tyes', believe it or not. TYsons/Tessons (Northumberland) have lions in colors reversed from those of Touch's/Tuffs, the latter first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs. Lorraine's grass stain was connected to "tufts of grass," and the three Tyson lions are in the colors and format of the Pansy/Pantzer / Stanford Coat. Shots/Shute's named Chute Standen, and Standens (vaired shield) were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'. The Standish/StanDICH saltire is colors reversed from the Tess/Teck saltire. Dicks are probably Dyke liners while Dyke's share the red Dagger/Deck (and Samuelson) squirrel.

Standens share the vaired Shield of English Champagne's, and rulers of Champagne married Avesnes', a branch of stemmed-rose Avezzano's (share the potent pattern on their bend along with French Champagne's). The Avesnes' share the black anchor with Walk-like Welks/Wilkins', and so it seems that the Avezzano rose links to the stemmed roses of Walkers and Wilkin-related Schere's/Scherfs. There you see, while taking off from STANdens, that Welks work in like sheer harmony with Lorraine's walk and the grass STAIN thereof.

Truthification Chronicles (or see Tic Toc by Bloomberg below) showed some video of Ruth Ginsburg, which media are claiming for an event this week at Georgetown Law school. However, in the comments section, some are saying that she's wearing the same jacket as her appearance at Georgetown in 2018, and it checks out with this photo of Ruth at that 2018 event (September 26):

The article above (dated October 3) shows Ginsburg with small, black earings, identical to the ones in the Truthification video. Her hair is the same, as are the glasses. What this apparently reveals is that the entire Supreme Court is a sham that follows orders of some invisible powers. That is, while Ginsburg is no longer on the court, and possibly dead, the other eight judges have been ordered not to reveal it, and they are following orders. If this is true, the United States is an entire sham from the highest upper levels. We can't trust anything in the news, not even from Fox, because it could all be part of a giant orchestration. Imagine that. Just try. Who really has control over the supreme-court decisions of the nation?

If the article above, or its photo disappears, I've got it in my files here: The Tic Toc video (dated July 2, 2019) has these first two comments, and the 4th and 5th as well:

Melba Crush 11 hours ago
This old. An old unpublished excerpt from years ago. I remember the outfit.

MARLO 2 hours ago
OMG! This video is from October just 2 weeks after Kavanagh was sworn in. RBG even say's this in this video. "Newly Elected" Justice Kavanagh. He ain't new. Fox news already announced her death! America knows what's going on! You people are trying too hard.

...d 7 hours ago
This is old footage. I've seen this before months and months ago.
Boo 36 minutes ago
They just reran an old video from Oct 3rd 2018. So she wasn't there after all. Strange.

or Tic Toc by Bloomberg

So, why would the likes of CBS and CNN run this story on July 3, 2019? Perhaps its too early to hear from Georgetown itself, to call out this hoax, but, I fully expect that Georgetown WILL NOT. This is so blatantly wrong, and so easily debunked, that I'm even wondering whether the invisibles are arranging to get caught to send out the message that they control all, and there's nothing the people can do about it. It's sadistic. Are the comments above part of the sadistic plot? How can so many people remember what Ginsburg wore several months ago? Or, how can so many people have watched Ginsburg back in October? Not likely. Is all the news an orchestrated fraud? How much does Fox contribute to it? Why does Fox meticulously follow the liberal news, always reporting on it, but with comments from a Republican perspective? Under these circumstances, how can we expect Barr to do what's expected in a normal world not ordered by the invisibles?

Nunes is in the news this week, interviewed by Bongino. They are of the same mind, both pointing out that, if Mifsud was indeed a Russian operative, then the FBI has a duty to go after him because he's been active with American groups. In other words, Mifsud should have been across the headlines as a double-agent suspect, but of course he has not been, because he's an American agent only, and as such, he spoils the Mueller attack. Mueller's silence on Mifsud's American ties is an admission that Mueller is a willing part of the Mifsud scam. Barr has a duty to bring this to light. Will he? Or will he obey the invisibles and hush it? Mifsud is exactly a part of the Mueller-probe's origins that Barr has announced to be his emphasis.

Will the Mifsud story take on a new twist that gets Mueller out of hot water? Is Mifsud being made to look like a juicy story at present with a back-up plan by the invisibles to later show that he was indeed a Russian agent? If the Republicans of congress do not bring up Mifsud when Mueller and Weissmann appear before it, then even the Republicans are a controlled sham.

There is so much work to do to undermine the wicked, yet all that's taking place is one juicy story after another, making suckers out of news watchers. When major media support criminals in government, isn't it time to deal with such media? Why isn't it happening? Why are the people left helpless under the terrible weight of this media? This is sadistic. If Barr were to arrest a high-level Democrat operative, up in arms the media goes to support criminality in government. Isn't it against the law to be complicit with criminals? Is the media above the law under the guise of free speech? We are getting a glimpse of what Paul meant when he called the anti-Christ a lawless one.

It's understandable that Barr would hush the things he's doing while he seeks the best ways to arrest people. But I do not think that Barr's true face can be kept hidden as Horowitz's report starts to flow public in a month or two. If Horowitz adds almost nothing to what's already known to the public, then I would predict that Barr will become as good as a sham.

BCP shows some new news from Judicial Watch:

On Monday morning, we learn that Jeffrey Epstein has been charged for pedophilia, a good sign, but this does not yet go to elite politicians. Barr must do that too.

The Pepe's/Pappards (could be the Manner/Maness fesses) almost use the Feet symbol, almost have the Bus cinquefoil, and almost match the three feathers in this Arms of Rothschild. Papers/Pepwells use carNATIONs. Babons/Babons share double fesses with Pepe's/Pappards, suggesting possibly a line from Poppo of Babenberg, of BAMberg. French Baums use a hortsehead once shown in the Crest of pepin-relvoved Este's, and Manners/Maness' are a branch of Pepin-beloved Mens'. Note that while Apepi was a Hyksos king, "Apep" can become "Epp," or the Eppsteins using the Babenberg Coat. German Epps' are also Eppards. It recalls Lorraine's feet and babe symbol given at the same time.

If the Pepe/Pappard fleur are close to the same of English Raymonds, then the orbs of French Raymonds should be close to the orb of Metz's, for Pepin of Landen married Ita of Metz. Fleur-de-lys are from peoples of Lissus near the mouth of the Metz-like Mattis river. Lys'/Lisse's share the courant greyhound with the Pepe/Pappard Crest. Old Bassania near the mouth of the Mattis can explain the besants of Metz's. Metz's were suspect in "laundroMAT" because Landens and are Landers, discovered thanks to my date with Lorraine at the laundromat.

The "valore" motto term of Pepe's/Pappards can be for both Valerys and Lore's/Laureys/Delorets (just a black boar). Pigeon-like Piggs share the black boar too. The Valery Chief has a "wave" while waves are a symbol, I think, for Weavers ("esto"), in Valery colors, and for wavy-bar Webbers that use the Pepin bend with fleur. There was once a Laurie who emailed me lots, who told me that a Mr. Epstein stole her home. As Lore's/Laureys share the upright and black boar with Porcia's, I'd sat that the Pepe/Pappars cinquefoild was also that of Porch's. The Porci fleur are colors reversed from the same of Pepe's/Pappards.

It's very interesting that Valerys share the Pigeon/PIGon chevron, for Valerys were first found in Dauphine with Page's/Pageons and Payens/Pagans, oth suspect as Pigeon kin.

Did a stool pigeon get Epstein in deep trouple? I hope so.

While writing the next update, this: "Oh wow, as Epstein has been a pimp, I checked the Pimp surname, to find it listed with Scottish Pape's! The latter are also Pope's/Popps, and while there's no Poop variation, couldn't that Pimp/Popp surname jibe with stool in a septic tank?"


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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