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July 9 - 15, 2019

I was Half Naked on Epstein's Island
Heraldry Sinks Pull-It Larry Silverstein Into the Siewer
My Fallen-Scaffold Photo and the Sorrel Weeds

German Stolls are from Zurich, near Berne, founded by ZAHRingers. The latter used the antler, a Stoll symbol too. Zahringers are suspect with Zerrs/Zehrers, who come up with "Zore," a term I checked as per Epstein's Zorro ranch. Zehrers/Zore's have crossed hatchets, which is why I've got to include Hatchets/Hackets in this investigation. I don't know if there's anything here in connection to the Zorro ranch, but being in New Mexico, I'm wondering whether Bill Richardson applies to Epstein. It's possible that some politicians agree to make themselves compromised in sex acts in return for "brotherhood" protection and favors. That is the most-wicked of all political systems. Epstein, they say, spends most of his time at his home in the Virgin Islands. (Use the link above to open a new tab for loading other surnames, because you can follow best if you take the time to see the Coats of Arms.)

Hmm, I looked up the Virgin and Island surnames, and have found links of both to the Zehrer/Zore hatchets. Where to start? Virgins were first found in Kent with Thanet, the latter being where Masons/Massins were first found whom I trace to king Massena of the Numidians. The Shawia Numidians were related to Thanet-like Zanata (Numidia), and the Aures country of the Shawia traces to Aurs/Aures', suspect with "AYRshire" because "shaw" is a motto term in the Arms of Ayrshire. This is the back drop to what more there is to say, and Virgins use the red lion in both Shield and Crest, as do Aurs/Aures'.

Next, the full Virgin motto is shared by Needhams. The latter were at MORLESton and LITchurch, and then Morles'/Morleys/Mauls (Meschin scallops via Tailbois' of Kent) share the vertically-split Shield of Litts (same fleur-de-lys as Masseys). The Litt fleur is that of Palms, and Epstein had a home in Palm Beach while flying out to his island (he owns it) in the Virgin Islands. Morleston and Litchurch are in SHARDlow, and Shirts/Shards were from HARborough while sharing the peacock in Crest with HARcourts. Shardlow is in Derbyshire, where English Morleys were first found, as well as Ayrshire-related Eyers/Ayers and Heyers. Harcourt-branch Hare's were first found in Ayrshire, giving the impression that Harcourts and Hare's were Aur/Aures liners.

The Shirt/Shard write-up mentions a Mr. ScherHARE, which gets interesting where I see the "EARS of wheat" of SCHERE's as code for the Eyers variation of Ayers (version of a Shaw Coat). If correct that "SCHEREhare" is a "Shirt/Shard variation, Shirts can even be a branch of Schere's/SCHERFs. In the dream where I was without a shirt on a beach, was I on Epstein's island? I had been in a body of blue water before coming onto the beach, and that's ocean water, right? Something to think about. Recall that authorities were told to leave Epstein alone under president Bush (Scherf) because he was an Intelligence man.

We now go to the Hatchets/HACKets (share fish with Hykes'/Hake's), likely a branch of Hykes'/Hacks / Hykes'/Hake's, and it just so happens that Miss Hykes was the beautiful woman on the beach above (my 1979 dream). The Hatchets/Hackets (from the crossed hatchets in the ZORE Coat) are said to be from Harcourt in Normandy, such a surprise. The Hatchet/Hacket Chief-Shield colors are shared by one of the Hare Coats, who in-turn share the double Harcourt fesses.

Harcourts were first found in Oxfordshire with Islands, and the latter happen to be listed with Hustlers/HOSTillers mentioned earlier in this update. Then see the "HOSTis" motto term of Harcourt-liner Shirts/Shards (colors and format of Hykes'/Hake's), and we seem to have a Shardlow link to Islands/Hostillers.

The "HosTIS" of Shirts/SHARDs is likely part-code for the Tiss'/Teece's who share the Shirt/Shard chevron. Tiss'/Teece's were first found in Hampshire with the Liss who share the pale bars of LIZarts/SARDE's. Harcourt is not far from the SARTHE river. Irish Hare's/Jarrys use a Lizart-like lizard. French Lise's/LYS' named the Lys river to Ghent, and the Arms of Ghent uses a VIRGIN.

Who were in Shardlow? The Needhams. The latter share the full motto of Virgins, and we just saw why Islands can link to the Shirt/Shard motto. Needhams are the ones sharing the Knee Coat while I touched the knee of Miss Hicks when she was hovering in a car on the beach. The car was a done-up, old-model car of the 1950s, and so the question is whether Epstein liked cars like that.

I've got to say that I wasn't fully convinced at first that God used the Virgin and Island surnames to point to Epstein, even after the Palm fleur came up with Litts of Shardlow, even after the Zore's were found as Harcourts along with Shirts, and even after Islands were found to be from the same area as Harcourts. Coincidences do occur. But when things started to appear that I was on Epstein's island, in the Hicks dream, it became pretty serious, especially as Harcourts share a "bon" motto term with Hicks. Palm BEACH may even be the reason for the white-sandy beach in that dream, for Beach's share vair fur with Palms. I saw myself walking on the beach, as a viewer of the scene, without my shirt, which I think is God's emphasis on the Shirts/Shards.

I was listening to a video while writing the vair-fur part above, and when hearing the speaker say that the Florida trial of Epstein needs to be done over because the way in which Epstein was "jailed" violated the victims, it entered my mind to check the Florida surname. As it was loading, I vaguely recalled that it shared the same vair (same colors) as Beach's, and that proved correct. Due to how this took place, I feel sure that God arranged this.

Here's from the Florida write-up: "One branch of the family established a seigniory in Fleurent, Champagne, for De Braux." The Braux Coat has a version of the Clinton Coat, how about that. That's important enough for God to move in to get the Florida surname into the discussion. (You can skip the rest of this paragraph, but I'd like to record it. The Clinton Coat borrows the Saluzzo Chief-Shield, and while FitzAlans of Dol married Alice of Saluzzo, Braux's share the Chief of French Alans. The Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors are reversed with the Chief-Shield of Brocks and Brocuffs (Saluzzo-like Silesia). The gold Braux stars aren't pierced, but the same-colored Clinton stars are, yet the Daniels/Danets (probably the Dean/Diane lion), first found in Poitou with Braux's, do have gold, pierced stars. The Braux write-up suggests a relationship with Coeurs/Cours/Courts (Brittany), and French Denets were first found in Brittany.)

Earlier in the dream, there had been a bulldog halfway into the mouth of a nasty shark, and this dog was reckoned with the Bullis area of Epirus, with the shark representing Saraca's, for Sharks use the crane as code for the Ceraunii mountains near Bullis, and Bullis' share red roundels with Shirts/Shards (peacock design of Harcourts). Wow, just realized: the Valiants, who show the only shark I know of, share the Chief-Shield colors of Hatchets/Hackets who in turn share the white-on-blue fish in the Arms of Saraca! Wow, and that's the Chief/Shield colors also for the Harcourt branch of Hare's. The trefoils in the Hatchet/Hacket Coat are even shared by Sharks! Incredible. The Valiant-like Vallans even share the Sarasin moline while the other Sarasins are SARACens too.

Lest we neglect that we are supposed to be on the Shawia Numidians with Virgins and the Shardlow area, let's add that the Ceraunii peoples were on the Shaw-like Sava, and that Ceraunii-liner Crauns are also Crane's [Suffolk, same as Bullis') and even have annulets colors reversed from the same of Bulls/Bule's. But how does any of this relate to Epstein's empire? It's not necessary that the entire dream relate with Epstein, but unless I find other links, I can't be convinced that it related to Epstein at all.

The patee cross of Crauns is in the colors of the giant patee of the Claptons (whose Coat is no longer showing since recently). It might be God's doing that Arthurs of Clapton (Juliana Arthur) are online in marriage to Hicks, where both families got to sharing so-called "clarions." Clare's, sharing three red chevrons with Eppsteins, were first found in Suffolk with Crauns and Bullis', and the Craun stag head might even be the Hick "buck" head. And here's the importance: the Beach Coat is nearly the full CLAP/Clapper Coat. I think I see this as the reason that there was a sandy beach in the dream, as opposed to field plants, for example. The beach was necessary to tie James Clapper to Epstein's island; that's the theory forming.

The dream whisked me away from the swimming-pool scene in which the bulldog was down the shark's throat. I then appeared in blue WATER, ocean water, I must assume, for lakes have dark water. The Water surname is the Epstein Coat, and "Water" can be expected here with the Wade variation of Quade's, from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Laevillus, the line to Waleran de Leavell. That works. So, the second part of the dream might start off with this water clue to my being at Epstein's island. This is new right here.

I almost missed it: Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset with Hosts, and both use the white-on-blue bull!!!! In the past, I've deciphered the "Hostis" motto term of Shirts/Shards with Hosts/Osts, but was not familiar with the Hostillers who come up as "Island." Therefore, in the least, I am now convinced that I was on an ocean island, in the dream, and yes indeed, it could have been Epstein's island. Very intriguing.

The dream gave Miss Hicks a Beauty symbol for Beautys/Bowoods sharing three black bulls with Walerans, and the latter were from Waleran de Leavell, who married the Harcourt line BEAUmonts, the latter term meaning, "beautiful mountain" (though that's not likely the derivation of the name). The TURKil Hako in the Hykes/Hake (Shirt colors and format) write-up is likely to the Turks/Torks, from Torcy, home of Humphrey de Vieilles, father of Beaumonts. Humphreys are the ones with the Bouillon flory cross, and Bouillons share "bello" with Turks/Torks ("vel," likely for the Vieilles line, though more-certainly for Vela's/Velez's because they have TORCHes). The "Pace" motto term of Turks/Torks jibes with the "pays" of Humphreys, for Pays' are listed with Italian Pace's/Pascels.

In the Humphrey cross are scallops in the colors of the Hykes/Hack scallops. Plus, just realized: the "vrai" motto term of HumFREYs can go to the "vray" of Wrays who in-turn share the Chief-shield colors of Valiants, Hatchets/Hackets and Hare's. Valiants are the ones with the shark.

Irish Hare's/Jarrys (trefoils in both colors of the Shark trefoils) use a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Home's/Hume's, suspect in HUMphreys. Peacocks share a "fear" motto term with Hare's/Jarrys.

Epstein's island is named, Little Saint James, which is incredible, for in the past I've suggested that Jeans/Jane's (lion colors reversed from James lions) were a branch of James'. The Jeans came to topic only because, when shirtless in the Hicks dream, I wore jeans!!! OH WOW, recall LITchurch at Shirt-liner Shardlow, for Litts share the fleur-de-lys of Liddle's, first found in Roxburghshire with LITTLE's!!!!! Zowie, I am now convinced that this 1979 dream was me on Epstein's island! INCREDIBLE. Liddle's have a "hinc" motto term while Hinks use the Shield and saltire of Letts/Late's in colors reversed. As Hinks were first found in Oxfordshire with Islands and Clintons, it's making sense that Islands do point to Little Saint James.

The James' have a blue lion in Crest, the color of the Jean/Jane lion in Crest. The Jean/Jane Shield has the blue lion colors reversed from the lions in the James Shield. The J'Anes variation of Jeans/Jane's is like the "J'Aime" motto term of James'. So, it looks pretty certain that I was on Little Saint James island.

The problem is, the end of the dream seemed to be about Miss Hicks and I being in love. There was zero sexuality in the dream; I didn't feel turned on by her at all. But then Luffs are Love's while Lofwicks/Lovicks share black-on-white bulls with Beautys and Walerans while Leavells are also LOVells. In the dream, Miss Hicks was hovering LEVEL on her back, and Leavells are also Levels. She hovered over the car seats, and Seats were first found in Lancashire with Cars, Sands, Lofwicks, Chathams, Furness' and Parrs (latter three share black border with Islands/Hostillers).

OH WOW, another break in the story. When I was looking at the "Hinc oDOR" motto phrase of Liddle's, I was reminded of the chocoLATE left by a Dave on the DOOR knob of Helen, my promiscuous tenant back in the late 1990s. I had told the chocolate story a few times, linking it to the Late variation of Letts, and that's why this story came to mind with the Liddle motto, because Late's/Letts share the Coat of Hinks in colors reversed, and because they look like a Litt branch. In the dream, I saw Miss Hicks from a distance, but in the next scene, I was at the passenger DOOR, looking into the car, where she was hovering. What do Doors have to do with this? Irish Doors share the lion of French Jeans (bell), but what's that do for things?

Let me tell you, for while Jeans look like a branch of James', the latter's three lions are also those of Chocks!!! The CHOColate! It can't be a coincidence because Liddle's use "Hinc oDOR." In case it means anything, the Warwicks share the same three lions, and they are in the colors and format of the leopard faces of Scottish Doors.

It just so happens that Tenants were first found in LinLITHgow, and Liths are also Lyde's. Better yet, Liths/Lyde's were first found in Westmorland with Morley-branch Morlands, and with their Maule location, and then Morles'/Morleys/Mauls are expected at Morleston of Derbyshire, which is named with LITchurch in the write-up of Knee-branch Needhams. It's Halpers (Worcestershire, same as Jeans/Jane's) who were at Needham Dyke while Dyke's and Decks share the red squirrel with Squire's/Squirrels (Worcestershire).

WOW. I kid you not, the following happened just weeks before I became a Christian. The Hicks dream was about a week after I became a Christian. I was sharing a basement with a man who invited me to the Warwick hotel in Toronto, and he happened to have a little cocaine, which I tried for the first time. When sitting at a table, I saw a beautiful blond over by the stairs, and thinking that she was a high-class hooker (she was top-grade), I approached her and spoke. But she turned me away...probably because she wasn't a hooker.

Never before had I been with a hooker, and never before had I wanted to be with one, but this woman was very nice, and I was stupidly on cocaine. Years later, after 2002, after Miss Hicks and I attended the same church, I began to wonder whether that woman at the Warwick was Miss Hicks, for she includes in her Christian testimony that she had been a stripper in her teens. I doubted very much that it was Miss Hicks, but she had the presence of that woman at the Warwick. Did God set me up there with cocaine (it wasn't much) and what I thought was a hooker in reflection of what goes on at Little Saint James? By what coincidence is the Warwick Coat the James Coat? Shortly after that night, Jesus comes to my room in that basement, and turns me into a bible reader.

WOW-WOW, I've just checked Coke's as per cocaine = coke, and they not only have three eagles in the colors and format of the Warwick lions, but they were first found at Derbyshire's Shardlow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not. Besides, the Coke-like Chocks/Chicks share the Warwick Coat! Shocking. One Coch surname shares red roundels with Shirts/Shards. Coke's were at Shardlow's Barrow, but if I recall correctly, there is a Barrow location (Lancashire) at Furness, which should explain why Furness-related Parrs can be in the "Parum" motto term of Barrows (Lancashire). "PaRUM" can be for the Rums/Rims/Rome's, first found in Dumfries with the Patiens'/Patents in the Coke motto.

Although I'm writing this on Sunday, at the end of the week, I'm putting it at the top of the update. It's just incredible. My promiscuous tenant left Dave for me. Dave is the one who came knocking at her door, and finding her not home, he left her a chocolate treat on the door knob. She then left me for Steve (Stevens were first found in Gloucestershire with Late's/Letts expected in the chocoLATE), and in the spring (1999), he comes over with a done-up Mustang convertible, reminding me of the done-up 1950's car in the dream.

Recall how important the Coke-like Cooks were in this update (now below), as they pointed to Papadopoulos. For there is a group photo, in the Baytown Sun, of Miss Hicks, and another photo of her husband and two sons. She was the trophy girl (late 1980s) for when her team won a COOK-out contest. Her husband and sons are standing with Spuds MacKenzie, the mascot of Bud Light beer. Wikipedia calls this dog a "bull terrier," and the bulldog in the Hicks dream was a British bulldog, a bull terrier. I assume that, though there may be more to this, it's to verify to the reader that I have correctly interpreted Miss Hicks as the woman in the dream. Besides, in 1994, the year I would first see Miss Hicks, I purchased (for our business) a six-foot high British bulldog, made of fiberglass, in Hamilton (Ontario), and her husband's first name was Hamilton. His surname, Kilpatrick, was first found in Dumfries with Bullys (heart in flames, like the rock in flames of MacKenzie's and Turks/Torks).

In the dream, the bulldog came right by my knee and fell / JUMPed into the pool with a nasty shark. Pools have a giant lion in the colors of the James / Warwick / Chock/Chick lion. Papadopoulos was approached by Stefan Halper for the purpose of nailing Trump with a bad reputation, like with the stuff of Russian hookers, for example. Halpers were at Knee-related Needham Dyke, and Jumps share the Trump stag head. Could the bulldog be a symbol of Trump halfway down the throat of the deep-state shark? I JUMPed into the pool to save the dog, but before I could learn of the outcome, I was transported to the second part of the dream; the ocean waters now resolved with Epstein's island.

Miss Hicks was a teenage stripper, what we would imagine at Epstein's island. I know she was a teenage stripper because she married Mr. Kilpatrick around the age of 21 (said so in his obituary), when he was 32 years older than she. Isn't that like a symbol of pedophilia on his part? Or like the old politicians having young ladies at Saint James?

You may have heard that, in child-trafficking circles, some parents actually have children for the purpose of making them sex slaves for money, for all their "friends." And the father of the children can use the child sexually, because we are dealing with disgusting demons here. Mr. Kilpatrick was a doctor, and he was the one who pulled Miss Hicks out of the womb. That is an undisputable fact that I have seen in print (in his obituary, which may no longer be available unless one pays a price to see it). Besides, the husband of her aunt told me this too. Is this a symbol of the worst kind of pedophilia, where organized pedophiles force some of their young-lady victims to become pregnant for the purpose of producing future "product"?

Now that Islands/Hostillers seem to be nailed with Epstein, I'd like to remind that Chathams/Cheethams (teen-like "tenne" motto term) share eight besants around a black border with Islands/Hostillers. Did God arrange this due to the Salford location of Chathams/Chethams? Salfords are the ones with wolves in the colors of the Lolita/Loyola wolves, and Epstein flew some of his fellow perverts to his island in his plane, the Lolita.

Plus, previous to living near my Texas property, Miss Hicks and her husband were in BAYtown while Bays share the double fesses of Pepe's/Pappards, whose "Quod" motto term must be for Quoids/Quade's/Wade's, who have wolf heads in the same colors. QuadraTILLa, queen of CETis, was suspect with the CETina = TILurius river, and the HosTILLER variation of Islands looks to apply, for Tillers are definitely from the Tilurius (not far from Saraka's of Ragusa. It just so happens that the passant lions of Tillers are in use with the Margesons/Mackesys, the latter having a "LOYALite" motto term much like the Lolita/LOYOL surname. Is that not impressive? It seems like another way for Miss Hicks to point us to Epstein's sins.

I think I've just discovered why Islands are listed with Hostillers. The family of Julius AVITus was at the Tilurius (it will be proven in this update), and while Vito's have an annulet in colors reversed from that of German Tills/TILLERs, the Vito annulet is in the Chief of Island-like Ilands/Houlihans while Islands are listed with HosTILLERs. It tends to prove that Hostillers were a Hos-Tiller or Host-Tiller merger. Hosts are the ones with the Bull/Bule bull, I reckon, which connects excellently with the dream's bulldog because Shirts/Shards have the "Hostis" motto term. As that dog is suspect as a symbol of Trump, Watch what happens now, keeping Hos-Tiller in mind as per Hose's and the D'Hosier variation of Dossier's. By the way, the legs of Hose's have linked to Miss Hicks (in multiple ways) as per the time she and I sat side-by-side at the 9-11 memorial in 2002, and "hose" is slang for a hooker, isn't it?

In April of 1994, on the evening of the cloud-over-sun omen (touched upon later in this update), I was driving into the Houston area when I had to pee so bad I stopped the vehicle on the ramp of a country road. And I took this leak while facing Baytown's lit-up city lights. I didn't know that Miss Hicks had a home in Baytown until years later. On September 11, 2002, she and I were placed sitting side-by-side with God, and later on that night, God provided a knee event with her on the Leakey road that involved the LEAKs/Leakeys, who share the bent human leg with Hose's (share Steele lion head) and Prophets, as well as the Arms of Fusion-like Fussen on a LECK river (the Leak leg is likely for Leck liners). Lecks even have a "PRAEMium" motto term while Prime's share the giant bent leg with Prophets. Miss Hicks considered herself a prophet, for she was banned from at least one church for prophesying in the first person (as though God speaks through her mouth addressing Himself with first-person pronouns like "I" or "me / my").

Well, it turns out that Fusion GPS purchased the Steele dossier while Dossier's are also D'Hosier's. It looks like God was communicating things at that 9-11 memorial that connects to the dossier effort against Trump. In the Steele dossier, there was the claim of hookers (hoses) urinating (leaking, like me at the ramp) on beds in front of Trump, or on behalf of Trump's entertainment. And with Miss Hicks pointing hard now to Epstein, perhaps Trump was on his island after all. Perhaps the dossier was an effort to scare Trump (to shut his mouth on certain secrets) with the threat of revealing to the world that he was with hookers on Saint James. When the dossier and Mueller efforts failed, along with Halper's Papadopoulos program, perhaps they decided to throw Epstein under the bus to get Trump in this way yet to be seen.

I'm writing this section after most of this update. Hose's have the Tosnys of Leicester, who are the Toni's in the Waltham write-up, and the Walthams came up above (now below) with God's revelation using my sorrel weed. Sorrels were at WALTham, and Weeds were at WHIELDen, but here I can add that Islands/Houlihans have an unexpected WHELTON variation. The Island/Houlihan Coat, by the way, could be with the Tower/Tour and Comet towers, but in any case, it has a form of the Kelly Coat, for whatever that might mean for the Intelligent Designer.

Repeat from below when a towel event on the faucet pointed to Faucets:

Loading Walthams (share peacock with Sorrels), they were first found in Leicestershire with the SORE river. Also, part of the SOWERby/Soreby Coat is in Waltham colors and format. Sorrys ("share "Simplex" with Perkins/Parkings), ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, have a Fac-et-like "FACTisque" motto term, and share a white-tipped arrow with Knobs!!! The towel got stuck on the SHOWER knob!!! Whew, you can't make this stuff up. Weeds/Weedons were first found in Northamptonshire with SAER de Quincy, who's in the Faucet write-up. No guff at all. I was pulling sorrel weeds exclusively just before coming in for the shower. It's almost all gone...

Note the Waltham / Sorrel peacock, the Shirt/Shard symbol, for the Toni's in the Waltham write-up were Tosni's suspect with Tous/Tosini's, the latter said to have a "man" wearing a "SHIRT." It just so happens that Northamptonshire of the Weeds is where Whielden-like Wheltons were first found, I kid you not, who use a "FACTum" motto term. Wow, this stuns, for the sorrel weeds had become inter-laced with the towel's hole around the shower knob.

The sorrel weeds just connected with Ilands/Wheltons who are in turn linkable to Islands/Hostillers, the latter suspect as a branch of the "Hostis" motto term of Shirts. . The Sore river is also the LEGro, where I trace Leghs and so why couldn't the Legro have been named by a branch of Lecks/Lakeys (almost in full Shirt colors and format), Leaks, or a similar other? Are Legge's ("virTUS") using the Trump stag head for any reason related to God's use of the Leakey road?

The giant Whelton cinquefoil is that also of Pockets, recalling the dead squirrel found in the pocket of my Shirt-like Shorts. This dead squirrel signalled something terrible for the deep state, and it ended up pointing, recently, to Heather Samuelson, the destroyer of Hillary's emails. Shorts share the giant griffin of Alberts, and then God's pointer to whistle blowers is an old friend, Albert OOSTeyn, like the Ost variation of Hosts, first found in Somerset with Whistlers/Whistle's.

I've just loaded Portuguese Austins, a surname like, Oosteyn, and there were the gold chalices (or whatever they are called) of Wirrals! That can't be a coincidence. This whistle-blowing / stool-pigeon promise may have been partially fulfilled already with the women squealing on Epstein and many other rats.

WOW, to prove that Albert Oosteyn is in this chalice-of-Austin picture, Chalice's are also Chales' while Cals'/Chals share the giant Albert / Pocket griffin! Calls'/Calles' not only use trumpets throughout, but a "Grata" motto term to which we can say, "make America grata again." It's as though some heraldry had eyes to see the political future.

Lookie: Calls'/Calles' (call girls come to mind) share "manu" with Mackays (from Maccus of Man) while Margys/MACKEYs have ravens said to be "HANGing from an arrow" (recorded in my 4th update of December, 2016) while the Hangers share the split-colored and giant griffin of Cals/Cahls, can we believe this? And while the Stout vikings had a raven banner, and while the Arms of Man (it's what "manu" is for) has a raven as well as the bent human legs in the Arms of Fussen, the Stouts happen to share the three fesses of Portuguese Austins! It's as though some heraldry has a brain to see events in my life. Just check out the counterchanged colors of Hammers, for the Albert savage holds a sledge hammer. English Hammers were first found in Sussex with Margesons/Mackeys, the Loyalite surname!

Aha! The horizontally-split colors of Cals/Cahls are reversed from the same of Groce's, and the latter came up when finding a medallion on my hood at a grocery store. The medallion was stamped, "Saint Petersburg Russia." From Pravda: "Not only did Trump have prostitutes urinate on the bed, it is also alleged in the memo that he engaged in sex parties in St. Petersburg and that 'all direct witnesses to this recently had been "silenced" i.e. bribed or coerced to disappear.'"

I now realize why God had chosen for me to have a Jeep for the medallion event, for Jeepma's (same hexagram as Cals/Cahls, prove's that Groce's are to be in play) share the giant and double-headed eagle of German Belows (Pomerania, same as Trumps), while I've read and recorded that English Belows use a chalice! It's in the design of the Austin / Wirral items. There is even water pouring from the Below chalice, and Waters share the Epstein Coat. From the 1st update in May, 2017: "'s the description of Crest for English Belows: 'An arm pouring water from a chalice.'" "Pouring" may be code for Purings/Perrins ("ImPAVide"), for same-colored Purys were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's while Pero's are also Perrin-like Perino's. Plus, Oxfordshire is where Shiptons were first found who use "BELLOWs" (fans). We're looking for some whistle bellowers, right?

To prove that Belows were intended by God with the MEDALlion-on-Jeep's-hood event, Medals/Dougals are clearly likable to Scottish Bauds (share Hood crescents) while German Bauds use a "bello" motto term. German Bello's are the Belows with the Jeepma eagle. Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs while Jeepma's are also Cheps.

One question is; why is the chalice used by Portuguese Austins while George Bush lives in Austin. Albert Oosteyn had a girlfriend, Laura, the name of Bush's wife. Hmm. A whistle-blowing on George Bush's schemes? I hope so. In the door-handle dream, the shopping cart was a hard pointer to the Nazi' background of the president Bush's, and then the medallion was found left on my hood when bringing a shopping cart of groceries to it.

"Bello" is used by Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with French Bauds, and Chalice's/CHALLES' are said to be from Pas-de-CALAIS, home of Godfrey de Bouillon, but if not, then of his father. Godfrey was the great-grandson of Gothelo, of the Goth/Gothel surname that shares the Jeepma / Cals/Cahls hexagram. That works. And while we saw Pero's working into this discussion, Gothelo's son, Godfrey III, assisted the PIERleoni Jews of Rome, suspect exactly with the Rita's (Rome), and then we take this to the MedalLION, for the Pierleoni were from pope Leo while Leo's use a lion in Rita-lion colors, and it just so happens to be the lion also of MEDALS/Dougals!!! I get it. This is new, that the medalLION was God's clever way of pointing to the PierLEONi. In other words, God arranged, by the looks of it, Dougals to take on a Medal variation in preparation of leaving that medallion on my hood.

It's now Epstein-important that the medallion was found on the hood after leaving off my writings (same afternoon) on Miss Hicks at the hood of her car in the 1979 dream. I had stepped out of the water, and saw her in the distance at the front of the car. She wasn't on the hood, nor touching the hood, but the day that the medallion was found in my hood tended to prove that God was intending the Hoods to be part of she at her car. There is no Front surname so that, if she wasn't at the front of the car for that, then the Hoods make sense.

I can break down Hood kin while leading them to SEATons ("HAZard", part-suspect with Hazels), important because her second position with the car was hovering over the seats. We start with the "ZEALous" motto of Hoods. We can see how "HaZEL" can become such surnames as the Zells, Sells or Seals. The latter not only have the Hazel fesse, but wolf heads in the colors of the Hood crescents. The Sutys (Chief in Hood-Chief colors) share "hazard" and throw in wavy fesses in the colors of the Hazel fesse. So far, it's making some sense.

The Seal Coat is almost the Howe Coat, and one can link this to HESLington HOUSE, which was also called, Heslington HOWE" (looks like code for kin). Heslingtons are also Hazeltons, perfect, and one can see how Hovers/Hoffers, from her HOVERering OVER the seats, can be of the HOWE's. French House's even share the leaf design of Hazels, the latter first found in Cheshire with Overs (Hazel / Seal colors), and Overs share the fret with Hoods and Sells/Sills. Siward of Northumberland was at Heslington House, I have read, and Seals were first found in Northumberland.

I therefore think that I have the Hood motto correctly interpreted with Seals, etc., and it gets more interesting where seals are a,so Sealy while I have a Sealy mattress to SLEEP on. Miss Hicks fell asleep while hovering over the seats. Irish Sealys/SHALLOWs/Shelleys share the anchor with Hoods, and share the whale with Dols while Sallows (Salop, same as Sleeps and Hazelton-branch Hazelwoods) and Swallows are kin of the Dol Alans (share oak leaves with Hazelwoods and Hazeltons). The Shelley variation begs a peek at Shells, first found in Westphalia with duck liners, and then the Have's/Haafs, in the Suty motto, use ducks. The Velins and Velens of Westphalia can be gleaned with French Alans, especially as the latter once showed ducks. German Sells were first found in Westphalia too, as were the Huls'/Hilse's who share the leaf design of Hazels. The Sutys even use a "hull."

The quadrants of German Setters are those also of Jewish Arens/Aarons, and Sallows with Swallows are kin of swallow-using Arundels, from FitzAlans of Arun (Sussex) = the Dol Alans. English Setters/Satters share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains, and Dol is in Vilaine. The Arms of Vilaine share the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes'. So, Setters are a Seat/Cedes branch, apparently.

The head in the Heslington Crest is shared by SELbys/SHELbys, tending to nail HaZELs with Zell / Sell terms, though a Has merger with Saluzzo liners can be expected. A Has location in Albania is near to where Sleep-liner SELepitanoi are shown on maps, and when I woke Miss Hicks from her sleep over the seats, we were RISING together wile embraced. Rhizon/Risinium (beside Saraca's of Kotor) is near to this Has location (on the Drin river).

That's all wonderful, to find the details stemming from the Hood motto, but I always covet the meaning of the dreams as pertains to anti-Christ / deep-state news. Why was Miss Hicks at the hood, and then over the seats? One can add that Hoods are Hoots while Hooters share the eagle leg / talon with Hixons/HICKsons. It nails Miss Hicks to the hood of that car, and to help further, the dream started with a shark while SARACens (black wolf) share the Hood crescents. Didn't we see Miss Hicks involved with human legs all pointing to the dossier / 9-11 crimes? Amazingly, Ledgers/Legers came first to mind after asking that question, who have a SELLinger variation, and they share "bon" with Hicks (share the fleur of bent-leg Leaks/Leakeys). Moreover, the Hicks motto has a hover-like "heure" motto term. Hevers/EVERs' were at a Hever Kent, where Ledgers/Legers were first found. And Evers/Ivers are also heure-like Eure's.

The stag of Hazel-branch Islips/Haslips is said to be lodged, suggesting the Legder-like Lodge's who share the giant lion of Lipps (Westphalia), suggesting a Hazel-Lipp merger to for "HasLIP." Scottish Lipps share the Chives motto, and Chives' were from the Cavii (beside Selepitanoi) at what is now a Has location. The Haslip stag under a holly tree/bush is in the Maxwell Crest, and Epstein's sex manager was Ms. Maxwell. Anyone over in New York questioning her? I can spot that LIPtons (share lilies with Cetis') are from Lupus Laevillus of Cetis.

Pause. Let's go back to Toni's = Tosni's suspect with Tous'/Tosino's, the latter having a man in a shirt. If you see a man in a shirt on a beach, there's no reason to think that the shirt is being emphasized, but if the man has no shirt, if could be due to the Shirts/Shards being pointed to. And so what are the chances that Toni-like Tonbridge's share the Saracen and Hood crescents? I came from the shark scene to the beach, and the first thing I saw is me without a shirt and the woman at the hood.

I might add that while Italian Tonys are Tonelli's too, Tonnels/Tunnels (Northumberland, beside Saracens) have the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's in colors reversed while Tous'/Tosini's share the eight-pointed stars of Steele-branch Battistelli's (just as the last sentence ended, "beautiful SHORE" was singing on my speakers from the song, Sweet By and By). The dossier was the core of my sewer shot in the dream with Obama's billiard hall, and both Obama's suit and the bathing suit of Miss Hicks, when she was at the hood, squared with the Suit variation of Sewers. But what does the dossier have to do with Epstein? I wonder.

I've just looked up Shore's, and they were from Mickleover on the western outskirts of Derby. Shardlow is likewise on the outskirts of Derby, but get a load of the following, and remember how Little's came to topic with Morleston and Litchurch at Shardlow, for Morles'/Morleys share the Dossier/D'Hosier Shield too: "The earliest recorded mention of Mickleover (and its close neighbour, Littleover) comes in 1011..." The Little's and Liddle's convinced me that the dream had Little Saint James! Amazing, for this LittleOVER location was found only as per that song phrase above, "BEAUTIFUl shore." In the dream, immediately after seeing her at the hood, while I was on the shore, I was given a close-up of her face, and I exclaimed, "she's beautiful." It was setting me up for the Sleeping-Beauty scene, when I touched her knee. Yet it was only weeks ago that Knee-branch Needhams were found, and it's they who were at Morleston and Litchurch.

Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks have a motto, "I MAKE SURE," partly for the Maxwells/MAKESwells who share their saltire, and partly for the Sure variation of...Shore's, yup, that's right. And Shore liners along with the unexpected Sheera variation of Kilpatricks link very hard to Shere's/Sheers and Schere's/Scherfs, which tells us a lot as per why God probably planned long ago for the "beautiful shore" moment above. Shere's/Sheers were first found in Surrey with James'.

AWWWE, Mickle's (Shere/Sheer/SHARE and SARacen colors and format) were first found in LIDDESdale (near Maxwells) with Liddle's (spurs) and Little's!!!! Little's use the white Kilpatrick saltire, therefore. Is that not excellent for nailing Miss Hicks with Little Saint James? Mickle's and Liddle's even share the spur with Close's/Clovse's, they being of the Closeburn location of Kilpatrick castle! Zinger. The white Kilpatrick saltire was suspect with Scottish walkers, and here one can point out that while English walkers have a "magna" motto term, "Magnum" is in the Little motto. Little's are said to have had Beauty-like Beatties' as their immediate neighbors along with Aliotta-like Elliots (Liddesdale).

In the dream, the shark's teeth circled around the belly of the bulldog when it was HALF into its mouth. Might the Half/Help line of Halper apply here? Did God cause the Halper rose to be in the Belly Coat? Tooths share the griffin of Ali's/Aliotta's and Loudons/Letters (near the Teets/Tate's, Tweeds, and the Teviot / Tweed rivers). Thus, with the shark representing Saracens, the dream's teeth can be pointing to Saracens in the Ali/Aliotta bloodline. I kid you not, that I began to stress the tooth surname when I had a bad tooth that I am still trying to save. After the filling fell out, the tooth was much better because the infection was at the bottom of the filling. but with the filling gone, the tooth broke so that EXACTLY HALF of the tooth remains. That's pretty amazing. Half the bulldog with teeth circling the belly, and half my tooth left. Halper-like Alberts have a giant griffin too.

Tooths use a red griffin too, in Crest, same as the CHAThams who share besants around a black border with Islands/HosTILLERs. Tillers are from the Cetina river with Chatham-like Cetins/CATTans. Prior to the filling falling out, the tooth repeatedly developed a fistula bump on the gum, which is why I started to include discussions on Tooths and Gumms together, feeling that God was leading to something with this. Eventually, I loaded Bumps (Gloucestershire) to find a counterchanged, giant griffin, using both colors schemes for the Tooth griffins! Intelligent Design; I was sure that God was allowing this tooth to suffer for a good reason. My fistula bump (look it up) had the purpose of letting some PUSS out from the infection, and Bumps are BumPUSS' too. The Puss'/Poussins (Oxfordshire) happen to use a cat in Crest!

I can now report that the Come variation of Gumms is used by the Comeys (cat) who belong to Clan Chattan, apparently making a Comey link to Epstein's island via Chathams. It now looks like the shark represents the Comey-Halper attack on Trump, but with nasties of Epstein island at the center of this picture. Note the nasty teeth (!!!) on the cat in the Comey/Come Coat! I have never seen a cat showing its teeth in any other surname! Zowie. The Bump Shield is even split vertically in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosiers. The split-Bump Shield is that of Tunnels while Spitzers use a "tunnel." I'm waiting to hear word on whether ELIOT Spitzer applies to Epstein's hookers.

I almost missed it. Clappers, who use a sun, were first found in Surrey with James' while Suns are listed with SAINTs. It's another little reason, aside from Clappers sharing the Beach Coat, to see JAMES Clapper with Epstein's empire. The Clapper sun is in the colors of the same of French Poussins (Maine), and we just saw why JAMES Comey links to English Puss'/Poussins. I recall Bathgate's of LinLITHgow using a Coat like that of French Poussins.

Smalleys (Samson format and some colors) were first found in the Belper union of Morleston and Litchurch, and this surname looks like a play on "Little." What was the surname before it become "Small"? I think if was the line from the Saracen leader, Samsam, same as the Samson surname with the Little-like "letho" motto term, suggesting Leto's/Lette's/Alitto's and Ali's/Aliotta's (Messina, beside the Saracens of Syracuse). That can explain why Letts/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons and Halper-branch Helps/Halfs. The Messina area can explain the Massey fleur showing up with Litts and Liddle's. Litts share the split Shield of Morles'/Morleys/Maule's, in colors reversed from the split Shield of Tunnels, the latter possibly from Tunbridge's (Saracen crescents). The giant Ali/Aliotta griffin is with Loudons/Leathers/Letters. Samsons share the Meschin / Flag scallops, the latter code for a surname from Sicels of Messina. The "organ pipes" of Letts/Late's allows us to add that Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with LITCHfield.

This section was written after the sorrel-weed parts below, at which time I included the Zore-like sore's without though of Epstein's Zorro ranch. I had loaded Sore's, but failed to see the "Sorel" term in the write-up. Sore's (Massin/Massin lion) share the quadrants of German Litch's and Malls, in colors reversed from the Massey quadrants. Sorrels/Sorwells happen to share the peacock design of Shirts/Shorts so that indeed, the sorrel weed section may somehow apply to Epstein's ranch or to him generally. I was in jeans when shirtless, and the Sore lion is blue, as is the lion in the Crests of Jeans/Jane's, James' and Samsons. Sorrels/SorWELLs were first found in Essex with Sams (share Wells lion), and German Litch's share the Sam lion. The Sore river is through Leicestershire, home of the Toni's in the Waltham write-up, and Sorrels/Sorwells were at Waltham. The Toni's are expected with Shirt-loving Tosni liners of the Tosini kind, right? Walthams (peacock) are said to have had a branch in Colchester = Essex, and I do mention Epstein in this regard later.

Okay, so if you're on Epstein's island, and you see a beautiful blond in a bathing suit, all alone, next to the hood of a re-done, 1950's model car, all painted and waxed up nice, parked alone on the beach, what comes to mind? Well, if you're like me, you walk up to her, and, moving too fast for her comfort, she slips into the car to get away from you. Yup, that's what she did to me. The biggest problem with this dream starts with: I heard her thinking to herself while peering in at her through the windshield. She was in turmoil or discomfort; it was all over her face. She was thinking that the owner of the car (her boyfriend) was maybe "out and about, maybe chasing other women." I'm sure those were the very words I heard. Actually, that fits very well with Epstein's island, where men who spruce-up old cars go to get fast sex with more than one woman. What does Epstein drive when on that island? Does it even have roads?

The problem is, God made me think that it was me she loved, or rather in reverse, He convinced her it was me who loved her, for when that idea was put into my head, I heard a voice from behind me: "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." That's why Sleeps apply from the Selepitanoi, which has nothing to do with lonely old me, right? You can see why I thought this was my future wife. I didn't think God would deceive me...just one week after I turned my life to Jesus? I have no shirt on as I write, it's the middle of summer, just like in the dream. Is she going to call me now? Today? Maybe tomorrow? At over 60 years of age? That couldn't be the fulfillment of the dream. Alas, the mystery yet to be broken through. Why did God play me this way? The dream was 40 years ago. Am I Moses through the dry wilderness or something? Am I going to die because I won't believe that God will smack the rock and pour out this woman for me?

How can the finale of this dream be about Epstein island? I go to kiss her awake, but graze her knee with my hand, not her breasts, and she pops into my arms in true love, not in sexual animalism. She wasn't with me to collect money for Epstein. We rose to Heaven, or Heavenward, like when God promises a man a relationship fresh from the Ark of the Covenant. That doesn't look like the end of a holiday on horned Epstein island to me.

I Don't Know What to Name This Section

I'd like to know whether Barr or Wray have anything to do with this round against Epstein, or whether it comes from some other sources. The FBI is leading the prosecution, but this doesn't necessarily mean that Wray called for it. It could be that he simply has no choice but to let it go forward.

The New York Public Corruption Unit is leading this case. Isn't that Trump's city? Uh-oh. Is this a liberal plot to get Trump? Are they throwing Epstein under the bus to eventually bring Trump out as part of the Epstein crime ring? Is Wray behind this?

The Pero star has a tail, identical to the so-called "comet" of Reines'. As one half of the Reines Coat is the Pisa Coat in colors reversed, it strikes me that God is pointing to Pisa-like "pizzagate" pedophilia, for that term was born at COMET Ping Pong pizza. I heard in a video tonight that the police officer in charge of the Epstein case, in New York, is Mr. Wilcox, a surname that almost has the Pisa Coat. [Later, I find that the Wilcox Coat links to Wrays via being a version of the Vrey/Frey Coat].

Reines' happen to be part of my Pigeon line to the Reno river's Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's (share the four-pointed, red label of Pings/Pongs/Paganells), and Leon Panetta probably knows the sex offenders in the Clinton and Obama circles. The heraldic label comes with "points," and the Points are also Ponets/POYNters, possibly a branch of Payens/Paions, Panetta's, or Ponts. Points/Poynters use someone's gold fitchee crosses, suspect with the gold ones on Pincs/Pinks (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs), who in-turn have a string of five lozenges in the colors of the Reno lozenges. Clickety-click goes this heraldry. Strings of five lozenges is colors reversed are used by Stolls (stool-pigeon line), Peckers/Packers (from the Pek river along with Pigeon liners to Payens/Pagans and Pane's/Panico's, for example), and Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset, same as Payne's). Who arranged for all of this heraldry?

When I first kissed Miss Peare, it was at a La Paloma bar (not there any longer), and Paloma's share the dove of Page's. It's incredible, isn't it? This picture seems to be pointing to Paloma-like Palms (Yorkshire), said to have been involved or married with WaterVILLE's (who I usually call Waterfords), who happen to use so-called "fountains." Not only do English Fountains (Norfolk, same as Palmers and the related FLAGS/Flecks) use three fesses in the colors of the one of French Payne's, but Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's look applicable to Fantes'. There is a FLAG in the Ville/Fonte-de-Ville Coat to prove that Palmers do link to Palms, as could be expected, yet that linkage includes Waterville's/WATERFORDs, and while the Arms of Country Waterford share the Trump stag head, Waters share the three red-on-white chevrons of Eppsteins (identical Coats). Trump is in an online photo posing with Epstein, and Melania is in the photo looking trampish / garbagey to me.

In about early April of this year, it just floored me to find that the Panico/Panetta Chief is shared by FANTES' (Bologna, same as Panico's/Panetta's), and the Fantes Coat even throws in young boys. I looked Fantes' up initially as per Mr. "AleFANTIS," the owner of Comet Ping Pong. It floored me. It appears that God created the Fantes and Panico heraldry long ago to make a statement today. It sure seems to verify that I'm not crazy after all to make such claims concerning "my" heraldry work.

Back to the Ping-like Pincs/Pinks, for it seems not to be a coincidence that their Coat is a virtual match (minus the lozenges) with the one of Sewers/Suters, for German Suters share the hexagrams of German Stolls. As Sewers/Suters are being viewed as a pointer to Obama's Soetoro surname, it's linking Obama to Comet Ping Pong. Online writers link Comet Ping Pong to John Podesta, and Pong-like POINGdexters are also Puddesters. Coincidence? Or is God pointing? Should we be gluing Obama to German Stolls and therefore identifying the stool-pigeon Sign with someone(s) close to him? The killer(s) of Scalia?

I regret that I cannot reveal a further reason for the pointing of the stool pigeon to the Sewer-like Siward/Shower line. I did show in the last update why the stool pigeon pointed to Siwards/Showers, but there is an additional part of the stool-pigeon Sign that points to a branch, likely, of Sewers. I showed why the stool-pigeon sign points also to Boards, who were in my Obama dream, and who use a Coat reflecting that of Sewers/Suters and Pincs/Pinks. Obama's grandmother, I think it was, was a Payne. The Sewer Crest will link below to what looks like a Lepard branch of Eppsteins.

The antler of German Stolls can connect with the same (different colors) of English Conte's because I link Ville's/Font-de-Ville's to French Conte's (share the Label crescent) in order to explain the "Conteville's," who descended from John de Burgo of Conteville, the line possibly to Dutch Burgers (now show a dancette) whom once showed the three chevrons of Clare's and Dutch Halls, three RED chevrons, as with those of Eppsteins. German Wessels have another antler.

Late in the last update, after finding the Epstein story initially, I did some heraldry work starting with Pepe's/Pappards, and found their fleur-de-lys with a Raymond Chief, though there was no proof of a strong connection between the two surnames. It must have been a miracle that "Pepe" came to mind with "EPP," for it was then found that Epps are also Eppards. But I neglected to add what just came to mind, that, about two years ago, I attended the funeral of an old friend, Ray, born Raymond, and I was the only one to go over to his wife, at the burial ground, to give her a HUG. Her name is Valerie. This funeral evaded me in the last update probably because I was in a rush to get it online by the noon deadline. I mentioned the Valerys due to the "valore" motto term of Pepe's/Pappards, and even showed why Valerys (Dauphine, same as Page's and Payens/Pagans) can be using the Pigeon chevron. Earlier in the update, I said that the stool pigeon flew off from the septic tank (the stool tank = sewer) toward the street, which is called, Raymond. I kid you not.

So, I gave her a hug, and Hugs (Languedoc, same as Ville's/Font-de-Ville's and Conte's) share the triple fesses of Fountains (probably the Hug lion), in the colors of the Payne fesse. It's just more evidence of Intelligent Design behind the heraldry, all Intended to advance God's revelation through me. The chevron of Eppard-like Leppards/Leopards (Westphalia, same as Lipps) is in the colors of the fesses above, and Sewers/Suters use the leopard. English Leppards are in the colors and format of Payens/Pagans.

Already, we are flooded with theories on whom God is pointing to, but there is also that miraculous event when Mamie chose to sit on my LAP uninvited as the gang sat around the camp fire. I didn't mind at all (we became a couple for two months from that event), but she had not been my girl before. I had only met her once briefly (we did a slow dance), and so I found it amazing that she could just walk over and plop herself on my lap. Decades later, I figured that I was to check the Lap surname, which shares the mermaid with German Babels, for one, but also Hug-like Hugo's. In the last update, Pepe's/Pappards were thought to be from Poppo I, founder of BABENbergs, and, can we believe it? Babenbergs use the Eppstein Coat (triple chevrons)! Babe's were first found beside Laps. Plus, Babens/Babons (Clare colors) were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's sharing three red chevrons.

The only thing I could recall after she sat on my lap was being in the sleeping bag with her, but, as God probably arranged, she wouldn't even give me a warm hug (it's how she got her tease symbol). The next day, God gave her the thigh symbol at her garden. Gardens share the black boar head of Babens/Babons, that's right. But it's that sleeping bag that means a lot, for while I've been convinced that the sleeping bag is a pointer to Scalia's murder, the other Epps surname is with the Apps who share the Scale scallops.

Having said that, I've now got to repeat the time when I went over to Mamie while she stood alone at home PLATE of a baseball diamond. I gave her a HUG, and when I turned to look toward the field (I think Mamie was still in my arms), Cindy was eyeing us with displeasure at second base. There was no one else in that baseball field, as far as the vision in my memory allows me to remember. The last time that a hug was mentioned shortly above, Leppards/Leopards came to topic, and the English branch look to be using the leopard face of Coverts, first found in Sussex with Leppards/Leopards and Courts/Coverts; the latter's motto suggests the Cunty variation of Cindys (share blue pale bars with Courts/Coverts).

Scalia's are listed with Scalise's, and so this Cindy at second base became a pointer to the shooting of Steve Scalise when he was playing second base on a team of fellow Republicans. The pale bars of Courts/Coverts are in the colors of the pale bar formed by the ladder of Scalia's/Scalise's. Scalise got shot in the hip, and there is a Hips/Hipkins surname looking like it could be a branch of Epps. Hopkins, almost in the colors and format of Heps/Hebbs, happen to use pistols.

Although I rarely read anyone saying so, I had read that Scalise, when he was shot, was overseeing a congressional investigation on pedophilia. That may have been scrubbed from the internet by the offenders. I would not be claiming that Cindy on second base was a pointer to Scalise aside from that claim on his pedophilia investigation, for as little as a week after seeing her at second base, Cindy walked into my pizza restaurant with her pastor father, and mother. My job was to deliver pizza, help cook, and tend the BAR, but on this night, perhaps this night alone, I was asked to fill in for a waiter, and I happened to serve Cindy's family their dinner. They happened to order wine, which may be a pointer to Anthony Weiner. I'll show below how Weiners/Wansteads can link to an Epping location.

Pastors share the Coat, almost, of Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. The Heps/Hebbs, first found in Yorkshire with Bush's/Buschs, use lion heads in the colors of the Bos/Bush and Pastor lion. These are the colors of Pistols/PESTERs, thus looking like a Pastor branch. Did the Bush circle arrange Scalise's shooting? The last update had some important Bush-Herbert links, and here the Heps/Hebb surname (shares the red rose with Hepburns/Hebrons and Hopkins) is said to be a form of "Hubert / Herbert," though this is not necessarily so. Instead, people, because Herberts were a part of some Bush families, may have mistakenly made that claim.

The ESCHOL valley in Israel's Hebron seems to be in play with SCHOLE's/SCAYLE's, who share the lozenges of Apps/Epps/Abbs while the latter share the scallops of SCALE's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs/CHILLs who are in-turn almost in the colors and format of Apps/Epps/Abbs. Childers (colors of Keele-branch Cheile's) use buckles while Buckle's had a St. Albans location in Hertfordshire, explaining why Albans/Albins share the bull head of Buckleys. Books and Dove's were first found in Berwickshire with buckle-using Buncle's/BunKILLs (Chills?). Hebrons/Hepburns, with an Epp-like "Keep" motto term, and sharing the red lion with Heps/Hebbs, were in CHILLingham, and share the Child/Chill chevron. Childs were at Wanstead (near St. Albans), and Wansteads happen to be listed with Weiners. Wanstead is close both to Capes' of London, Apps/Epps' of Middlesex in London, and to Epping off the northern border of London. Could it appear that God is making an Epstein link with Anthony Weiner? Are those birds doves in the Coat of Childrens, since the bend is in the colors of French Pigeons?

The Child write up: "The village [of Wanstead] is situated on the borders of Waltham Forest, near the main road from London to Cambridge..." Epping is on that road. Epping is near to Luton (Bedford) while Lutons share the eagle of Wine's/Winns/Gwynne's. Bedfords use paws, the Childers symbol, by the looks of it.

How did Hips'/Hipkins, Hopkins and Heps/Hebbs come to topic? The shooting of Scalise in the hip. How did Scalise come to topic? Cindy Richardson at second base, and in my pizza restaurant with her pastor father. I, as a fill-in waiter, served them wine, and Weiners have a winemaker theme in their Wannamaker variation. Compare Waiters to Dossier's. Waiters were first found in Thuringia, home of Basina, wife of king CHILDeric.

Aha! I've just checked Pasts as per Pastors, and found a dove (could be a pigeon) along with the same chevron as French Pigeons. And to prove that I was led to Pasts via Cindy's father, Pastor-like Bastors/BOStards show nothing but a chevron in the colors of the Past / Pigeon chevron! Excellent. That's why Pastors share the BOS/Bush/Bosch Coat. German Boschs share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs. Dove liners were from Cuppae and the Pek river, and Bastors/Bostards use a "Pax" motto term. The Amazing, for it seems that the Pasts have retained us on the stool-pigeon Sign in the midst of crossing what look like Eppstein branches. You can verify in the last update that the stool pigeon was the topic before the Epstein story broke over this past weekend. Epstein was arrested on Saturday, at an airport.

Let's go back to Mamie at home PLATE, for Hillarys private server was at Platte River Networks. This company was suspect with Miss Peare on a PLATform with me, when I drew her toward me by her waist. When Mamie plopped herself on my lap, yup, I put my arm around her waist and made her my girl. The Obama dream pointed to Plains/PLATTERs, which eventually caused me to think that Julian Assange was to be involved. Perhaps Assange's lawyers have disclosed things to Barr that led to Epstein's arrest, in return for going soft on Assange. Perhaps the lawyers have opened the way to a Barr-Assange dialogue, wouldn't that be smart? Bustards, by the way, can be gleaned with the English Bush Coat.

Miss Peare's first name, Christine, is a surname using CUPs, strongly suspect from Cuppae, "city of doves." She loved to dance, and Dove's use a dancette, code for the Waistell-related Dance's/Donnas' who have four of the Pero and PALOMA pale bars. The Cope's/Cups, Copps and the other Cope's all share the blue chevron with French Pigeons. She left me for Mr. Kepke, the Keep bloodline in the Hebron/HEPburn motto.

Please spare me from repeating why all the reasons for pulling Miss Peare by her waist, in the dream, is to be linked to my pressing her belly toward me way back when I was 18, in the days that she was my girlfriend after the kiss at dove-liner La PALOMA. WAISTells use the dove too. Suffice it to say here that Miss Peare pointed in several ways to the family of Godfrey de Bouillon, which is being said because Bouillons share "bello" with Basters/Bostards. Bellys share the Bastor/Bostard / Pigeon chevron, believe it or not. Although there is bound to be more to this belly-waist link than meets my eye at first glance here, it's already establishing Intelligent Design, or that God did provide the belly and waist events. The feeling when I pulled her by the waist was the feeling exactly that I had at her belly event. We were sleeping at the time.

Yes, I awoke in the middle of the night, after she and I split up, with my hand on her belly. I was pressing her toward me (she was looking away from me). On my other side slept Louise. None of us had sex as we slept in that same bed. The two ladies were just staying the night. As Louise was working for Pennington's clothing at the time, while Pane-like PENNingtons (Pigeon, etc., colors) share blue lozenges with French Louis', I figure that God is pointing us to the latter surname, first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc, which has become a pointer to Bill Barr. Penningtons were at Lonsdale along with Lawrence's, and Miss Peare was the girlfriend of Lawrence when I pressed her belly toward me. She had recently left me for him, but remained fond of me all along.

After they split up, she and I got together again for a weekend, in the spring before I met Lorraine in June. I decided not to see her again after we were in a BAR on Sunday evening. There is Design in all this, and so much that God can do with it all. I was with Peare that last weekend in my FireBIRD, and I first met and dated Lorraine on my BIRTHday. The Pane/Panico description says that there is a BIRD in its tree, and Birds happen to use the Bouillon / Felt flory cross in colors reversed. I would now say that, due to having my arm draped around her hips at the belly event, the Birds share the Hips martlets.

Bill Clinton's people just confessed that Clinton was on Epstein's PLANE four times in 2002 and 2003, but knows nothing of Epstein's sex crimes. There could have been 12 flights, for all we know, or 20. Lookie: PAPER plane. The Pepe/PAPPARd choice of surname, in the last update, chosen because it entered my mind that "Epp" could be a version of "Pepe," is now playing amazingly in equating Epstein's plane with the paper plane in the Obama dream. The paper plane, which started as a flat page, had pointed to Lisa PAGE, and Paper-like Peppars almost use the colors and format of English Page's. This is yet on the Pigeon bloodline to boot, and Papers/PEPwells once again share the Pigeon chevron! That's pretty amazing. Let's repeat that Julian Assange's second-last tweet from his embassy prison was titled, "Paper Planes."

We can't be at Armageddon yet, because Democrats are cursing Epstein. I don't think Armageddon can arrive until CNN argues for Epstein's right to have 14-year olds if he so chooses. This new liberal tenet can't be far down the road, for some Democrats are in fact taking that position secretly.

Barr says that he's got to recuse himself from the Epstein case because he once worked at a law firm that represented Epstein. I suppose the DoJ lead on this matter therefore goes to the deputy attorney general. Thankfully, it's not Rosenstein anymore. But it is another Jewish surname, Jeffrey Rosen. Cross our fingers. Trump nominated him, but I didn't see much of a news splash when he got confirmed this past May.

Below is a video telling that the father of Bill Barr hired Epstein to be a young teacher where he apparently didn't deserve the job. Hmm, it may not be a wonder that Bill Barr wants nothing to do with Epstein lest people find out this tidbit. But, you see, the leftist media can now paint both Barr and Trump black for having some connection to Epstein, explaining why Democrats are despising Epstein with all the passion they can fake. And it again begs whether leftists are behind the arrest of Epstein for the sake of toppling Trump in 2020. Just a theory for now.

In the 28th minute, we find Epstein as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. What would a loser like him be doing making decisions on global issues, unless they are all losers on the Council? And who knows, the Council could be a front for global corruption, using American tax dollars as their vehicles. See the 32nd minute where Epstein's tail number, on his plane, is said to match the number of a plane for the state department. This gets to looking very nasty here, as though the Clinton Foundation was formed as part of a rigged corruption scam with Epstein's circle involved. Remember, Bill Clinton saved a woman from jail in Haiti, who was in the process of abducting children during the quake crisis.

The biggest news in all this is that Clinton is still a free man, as though American law is like a puny little do-nothing disgrace, incapable of catching these little, blasted rats. Why? Due to innumerable, do-nothing disgraces like Trump. Oh yeah, he'll pipe up if the swamp attacks him, but if it's just abusing little girls, never mind.

In the 32nd minute, Elliot Spitzer is mentioned, whom I think was part of the spider-dream fly I had. We shall see if that pans out. Epstein's former court proceedings, etc., more than a decade ago, is now going to go global, predictably, whereas the liberal media was hiding the story back then. This is where the Clinton crime ring could get its just desserts. I hope so. When it comes to child abuse, sexually, people are willing to risk death to punish such dogs. Personally, I'd like to kill a child abuser, I mean that, with my own hands. But the law won't allow it, drats, and neither will God.

I have just found that the Dossier/D'Hosier Coat is almost the Italian Costa Coat. There is a Spanish Costa/Acosta surname using bones of some sort, possibly from Bononia (Bologna), where Panico's and Fantes' were first found who share the label as likely code for Labels/La BELLs). French Costa's/Costs (BELL) were first found in Languedoc with Font-de-Ville's, the latter suspect as a branch of Fountains and Fantes'. Remember, Waters use the Eppstein Coat so that Waterville's/Waterfords may be a pointer to a former Trump-Epstein relationship. Alex Acosta was the prosecutor who gave Epstein only 18 months, but he claims that this was more than what others wanted to give him. Acosta says that he was not behind the deal to let Epstein spend half his days out of jail.

While Acosta is now Trump's labor secretary, Costa-like Custs share the fountains of Waterville's/Waterfords, and the Arms of County Waterford share the Trump stag heads, as do Jumps that came up with a dream I had recently with kids jumping on a bed. That dream may yet return to topic as Epstein news rolls (or crawls, which ever it may be) along. I don't think I knew that Waters (exactly the Eppstein Coat) show a Waterville variation until now.

I had walked into a store that I thought was fake, and tested the owner or salesman by pointing to a product on a list, which turned out to be a yellow bed. Why yellow? Is "yellow bed" slang for pedophiles? The fake store can be viewed as a front for selling child sex, for a fake store and a bed having kids jumping on it looks like a symbol for such a thing. The kids could have been doing something other than jumping, but then it wouldn't point to Trumps as does the Jump stag head.

Here's Ann Coulter on Epstein:

If God arranged Costa's to share the split Shield of Dossier's, the idea here may be that the paper plane in the Obama dream can touch upon both the dossier scandal and the Epstein crime ring. It might even be that the deep state is adamant in getting rid of Trump because he started to participate in Epstein's sex crimes, then changed his mind in horror over some of the activity. In other words, Trump could know too much. But if that's true, then I charge him for covering this story.

To view this in another way, New York may have thrown Epstein under the bus in order to tighten the screws on Trump at this time, threatening to reveal his sex act with an Epstein "worker" if Barr goes ahead revealing deep state secrets. As Barr's father was involved with a young Epstein, this picture looks like a good theory. The Epstein arrest is timed just as Horowitz is being forced to deal with things not intended by the deep state, but ordered by the Barr-Durham team.

One thing seems certain; Trump did not call for Epstein's arrest. On the 10th, good news, I hope: Barr will NOT recuse himself from this new thrust against Epstein. Barr was apparently saying, earlier, that he would have been recused from things touching the old thrust out of Florida. Barr was not at the law firm that represented Epstein at the time that it represented Epstein. Barr had NOTHING to do with the proceedings, wherefore why should he recuse himself in any way? Leftists (desperadoes) are demanding that Barr recuse himself merely for the above, but this is nonsense. Hopefully, Barr's not going to be a part of the Epstein case to cover for him? Leftists are lying to the nation, making hateful people daily, hoping for a rebellion.

When Barr's father hired Epstein, there seems to have been something less than honorable going on, perhaps a partnership of some kind in a certain matter, but it's doubtful that Epstein was a pimp at that early time. It's very possible that Barr's father had no inkling of the monster Epstein would become. So long as Barr does not recuse himself, his father's motives with Epstein could come under the leftist microscope.

PBS is wasting no time doing a story on Acosta's soft gloves on Epstein, we can see where the liberals are taking this. Hopefully, it will embolden the Barr team to smash the Clinton crime ring in the face. Can I help? Acosta put Epstein in jail; Clinton flew with Epstein and would have pardoned him. Which should be the bigger story? What was Clinton doing flying around with Epstein? Don't the leftist news people want to know? Shouldn't the FBI under Barr ask Clinton what he was doing on each and every flight, and why Clinton admitted to only a few flights? To thwart leftist inciters, expose Clinton's partnership with the Frankenepstein monster today.

RT often takes positions in agreement with Republicans, and the Epstein case falls under that umbrella. Notice Mr. Pinker:

The video above tells that Clinton has been logged on more than 25 flights with Epstein on his Lolita plane. That amounts to a business relationship, and the more Clinton claims that he's no friend of Epstein, the more it amounts to a business relationship. If he decides to admit, eventually, that he was a good friend of Epstein, no one will believe Clinton if he says he didn't know what Epstein was into. This is pizzagate in our faces, folks. God has verified to me/us that pizzgate is real, and He did it before Epstein was arrested. Let's watch this story unfold.

Clinton says four flights, yet the logs say at least 27. There is an eye-witness in the video above claiming that he saw the flight logs with Clinton's name repeatedly. This means that the police know it, and have known it, for too long. On The Five, we find that Clinton flew without his body guards when on Epstein's plane, which is to be expected if dirty work was in progress.

I didn't know that Alan Dershowitz was Epstein's lawyer until now. Why would Fox have this talking head on regularly? It's another head-scratcher that Ken Starr, who treated Clinton with kid gloves, was another Epstein lawyer. Was Starr chosen to be the nice-guy to Clinton by Clinton insiders? I can see that. One good thing for having Democrat rule in the House is that, maybe, they will press Acosta for some facts in efforts to spoil Trump, but inadvertently bringing out facts that hurt Epstein's fellow conspirators. Just think of how many pimps were involved. Acosta is saying he is not the author of the lenient sentence given to Epstein.

Oh wow, as Epstein has been a pimp, I checked the Pimp surname, to find it listed with Scottish Pape's! The latter are also Pope's/Popps, and while there's no Poop variation, couldn't that Pimp/Popp surname jibe with stool in a septic tank?

There is a Lolita/Loyol surname with what looks like a cauldron, and two black wolves combattant. It just so happens that Spanish Paloma's use the cauldron too. I believe it's the Lolita that has the same tail number as the state department's plane, or so is the claim. If that's true while Fox does not report it right away, then Fox should be viewed as covering this story for the protection of others besides Clinton, perhaps even Fox's owner(s). (Margesons/Mackesys have a "Loyalite" motto term that could be for Lolita's/Loyols.)

UNBELIEVABLE. I have been linking Margesons/Mackesys to Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire) for years, and here, just now, just seconds after ending the last sentence, I looked up Murdocks/Murdochs (Ayrshire), and they share ravens hanging on an arrow with Margys/Mackeys. I'm not going to use exclamation marks because this looks to be so much the will of God that it's sick. There is nothing to celebrate here. It appears that Fox's owner (Rupert Murdoch) is connected to Epstein's crime ring, and perhaps anyone at the top of a media has been compromised by it. Perhaps the Epstein task is to compromise elites (get them on video) in order to control their political talk / behavior when badly needed. That makes sense.

Note that I had put the "Loyalite" motto term in a sentence with brackets to show that it's an aside. I didn't think it was very important when written, but thought to record it in case needed, and only seconds later, whammo. The Lolita/Loyol wolves are in the colors of the Mackay wolf heads, and Margys/Mackeys are a Mackay branch, surely, but merged with the line of Marjory/Margaret Carrick. Mackays ("Manu" motto term) are from king Maccus of Man, and the Arms of Man use the raven, the Margy/Mackey symbol.

For what it may be worth, Irish Burghs, from John de Burgo of Conteville, have a "loy" motto term, and Loys are listed with French Louis', first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-DUC = a Dock-like Duck liner (the last update proved that Bar-le-Duc is of German Ducks). Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with MurDOCKs and Margys/Mackeys. The Lolita/Loyol cauldron can be for Calders, a branch of Colts/Cults, first found in Perthshire with Docks/Dogs/Doags. MURiel Pollock of raven-line Rothes was near the Perthshire border.

Let me repeat that paragraph:

There is a Lolita/Loyol surname with what looks like a cauldron, and two black wolves combattant. It just so happens that Spanish Paloma's use the cauldron too. I believe it's the Lolita that has the same tail number as the state department's plane, or so is the claim. If that's true while Fox does not report it right away, then Fox should be viewed as covering this story for the protection of others besides Clinton, perhaps even Fox's owner(s). (Margesons/Mackesys have a "Loyalite" motto term that could be for Lolita's/Loyols.)

Look at three things I did. It doesn't necessarily follow that one should point to Murdoch after writing on the Lolita, the Lolita/Loyal surname, and the plane number. But that's what I did. And I happened to remember the motto term of Margesons/Mackesys because I've mentioned the term a few times before. I've known in the past that Murdocks share the Margy/Mackey Coat, but this was not conscious on my mind when using those brackets above, because the use by both surnames is not firmly in my memory. Murdocks had to be loaded at this time to re-discover it. And that's what was done, the third thing, to bring this all together.

Plus, Murdocks have an "Omine" motto term, which recalls my omen in Galveston from a tiny cloud covering over the sun, which I showed in the Jeffrey Crest. That is now seemingly pointing to Jeffrey Epstein. I've talked many times on the details of the omen, and the mugging I endured some hours later; perhaps southern Texas / Galveston is special to Jeffrey Epstein for some reason.

One could almost say that the Oman Coat has a fesse in colors reversed from the Jeffrey fesse, though there is no human-related reason to link these surnames because the Oman-like omen was not known to those who put together the Jeffrey symbols. The Lease surname is the only other one I know of having a cloud over a sun, and its "Clarior" motto term suggests the Clare's (Suffolk, same as Omans), whose three chevrons must be in the two, same colored ones of Clarens/Larins and Lease-like LISE's. We can now assume that Lease's were a branch also of English Lise's (Hampshire, beside/near Babe's) sharing six pale bars with the cloud-over-sun Jeffreys, and the colors of the Jeffrey bars are in the colors of the six bars of Babe's who share a sun in Crest with Jeffreys. As Babe's/Babwells share the six Lise bars in both colors, there is discovered a Jeffrey link to Lise's, thus explaining why Lease's and Jeffreys share the omen symbol, and Lease's came to topic only with Donna Brazile's middle name. There is still the question on whether Clare's share the three Eppstein chevrons closely, especially as the Waters/Waterville's use the triple Eppstein chevrons in both colors while first being found in Hampshire with Lise's. There's a lot of work to do to follow this paragraph, but isn't it remarkable that Babels/Babwells were first found in MiddleSEX with Apps/EPPS???

It makes me think that Lorraine the babe was pointing to Epstein too, and as she got her feet symbol at the very stroke of time that God gave her the babe symbol, by what coincidence was she a pointer to Pipe's and Pepins while Pepe's/Pappards have the Feet/Fate Coat in colors reversed? I just explained recently why my asking her out at the BUS STOP, and meeting her at the LAUNDRomat that evening, relates to Pipe's (related to Stops/Stubbs) and Pepin of Landen (Landens/LANDERs share six pale bars), and here we have her link also to Pepe's/Pappards, the surname that came up with "Epp," and so by what further coincidence do Pepe's/Pappards share the cinquefoil of Bus'? Or, what can we say about the "phoeBUS" motto term of cloud-over-sun Jeffreys, who just linked to Babe's? Did God arrange these things all in a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein, besides other criminals in relation to him?

French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs, while "secundo" is the second Murdock motto term. These Clairs use a leopard while Leopards are also Eppard-like Leppards, as in L'Eppard possibly. We saw Clarens/LARINs with two of the three Clare/Clair chevrons. By what coincidence are French Larins sharing the scallops of Apps/Epps??? By what coincidence did I ask Larin-like Lorraine out at her bus stop at the corner of Yonge Street and LORNE (Richmond Hill, Ontario)?

Dana Perino interviews James Patterson on July 9, and most of the comments complain that this show, and Fox, is trying to minimize Epstein's guilt. Could Murdoch be behind that? Even Hannity does next to nothing on Epstein, but mainly for dismissing Democrats trying to tie Trump to Epstein.

Oullette Mystery Starting to Clear Up

Lorraine got her babe symbol when Mike Oullette blurted, "what a babe," as he saw her for the first time. But there were other things that conformed to me that Babe's were to apply to Lorraine. I'd like to repeat this because it has to do with a foot on a sun in the Blond Crest, and this looks connectable to the cloud on sun of Jeffreys. It just so happens that while PLAINs/Platters are a branch of Palins, Welsh Jeffreys (beside Palins) share the giant lion of Palins (Dorset, same as Babe's). It could appear that the paper plane in the Obama dream is once again pointing to Epstein's plane.

One day, while discussing Lorraine's feet symbol, because I saw her beautiful feet just as Oullette blurted, "what a babe," I was comparing "Lawrence" to "Lorraine," and i added that Lawrence and Lorraine both had sun-bright blond hair. At that moment, I looked up Blonds to find roughly the six babe bars as well as a foot on a sun. Babe's have a sun in Crest too, as do the cloud-over-sun Jeffreys. It does very-much appear that God was pointing to Epstein with Lorraine.

The McLeods/CLOUDs are also Lutts, which recalls that Lutons share the eagle of Wine's/Winns, in case this applies. The Luton write-up has a Mr. Lotteleg, suggesting that Lots and Lothians can apply. The Clouds/Lutts have a "fast" motto term, and the Fast quadrants are shared by English Lutts. They are also the Petty and Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants, and Pettys share the green parrot with Peeble's while cloud-over-sun Jeffreys were first found in Peebles-shire with Rothschild-related Bowers (share the five Arms-of-Rothschild arrows). The three feathers in the Arms of Rothschild are virtually the three in the Pepe/Pappard Crest. I smell a Pepe skunk always chasing females. Pepe's/Pappards were first found in Lot- / Lutt-like Louth. Checking Louths, they share the upright, black wolf with Lolita's/Loyols. It could appear as though God created the heraldry to point to Epstein.

When seeing the lions of English Lutts (Worcestershire, beside Welsh Jeffreys) they reminded me of the Wilcox Coat...which has just led to a discovery that includes Oullette's. I've never yet been able to offer a good reason as to why God may have used the Oullette brothers in two events between Lorraine and I, and a third brother with my pizza-restaurant job...that led, via my serving wine to Cindy's family, to Wine's/Winns (LUTon eagle).

To assure that God is in this, there was a fourth Oullette brother. While with one of these brothers (Joseph), we visited the fourth brother, and to my shock, there was his ladyfriend, Miss GRAFF, who once lived across the street from me in Gormley. It just floors me here that GRAVE's/GRIEFs share the Luton / Wine/Winn eagle. What are the chances? The GRAYFs are even in the Grave/Grief write-up! I was living at the apartment of the third Oullette brother, without a car, when I stepped out, walked across the street, and got the pizza job where I served that wine on the event that God set up with my pastor's daughter, Cindy.

What's with the Oullette's? I kid you not, I saw it with my own eyes, that the father of the Oullette brothers was building an airplane in his basement. How many people do you know doing something like that? It was a small plane, but I saw its fuselage plugged with endless rivets. I was amazed. Why should this be a pointer to Epstein's plane? The Oullette Chief has lions that are also the lion of Plain-line Palins (this is new), first found in Dorset with Babe's. Mike Oullette was the one blurting, "WHAT a babe," and Whats are also WhadeCOCKs showing "cocks" (this is new too).

When I became a Christian, Joseph Oullette did too. The first Christian friend he befriended was JEFFREY Moore, and we three got together lots in those early days. I suspected that God may have been pointing to Jeff Moore as per the moor cock in the Oullette Crest, but I had no idea as to why. Jeffrey Epstein now fills that void, apparently. Lorraine was the babe, and Lorraine's have lions in colors reversed from the same of Moore's and Morgans. I see God's hand when I see it.

WOW, AMAZING, I almost missed it. The Whadecocks looks like a branch of the Wade variation of Quade's, and they use black-on-white wolf heads, the colors of the wolves in the Lolita/Loyol Coat!!! That's the plane that Mr. Oullette's plane was just pointing to!!! You see, it was God who formed the words, "what a babe"!!! The Whats/Whadecocks (Essex, same as Epping) had to be a part of that picture. But why was Lorraine used in pointing to Epstein? I don't know. Epstein's right-hand woman was Ms. Maxwell, and Maxwells were a Mackay branch.

Adding to that amazing paragraph, let's go back to Margys/MACKEYs, for Margesons/Mackesys are the ones with a "Loyalite" motto term. Irish Mackays share the Coat of Quade's/Wade's, you see. It's as though God expended much in making these pointers to Epstein.

The scales in the Dexter Crest are called, "weights," yet the Casts (Cambridgeshire, near first-known Scale's, and near Epping once again) have scales too, which they call, "pair of scales." Pairs are listed with Paws/PAUERs (peaCOCKs), and Palins (share Chief-Shield of Powers) are Pawleys too. The Weights are in Quade/Wade colors, and Casts/Cash's share the fountains of Kiss'/Cush's and Custs. Is this a pointer to Alex Acosta again? The reason this paragraph is here is because, as I've told a few times, Mike Oullette had his leg in a cast, at the latest, two months after his "what a babe" statement. I was never his friend, but he started to hang out with his brother, Palin-like Paul, at whose apartment I was staying when dating Mamie. Mike was there one night, with me, wearing his cast. Mamie and the pizza restaurant I worked at, while at Paul's, were two pointers to Scale-like Scalia. Scalincidence? What could Epstein have to do with Scalise's shooting?

I don't know what officer Wilcox will amount to in the Epstein case, but I'll keep eyes peeled. The Wilcox surname almost has the Pisa lion, both using COUNTERchanged lions, an heraldic term, and Counters/COMITissa's are listed with Conte's (Durham), like the Cunty variation of Cindys. French Conte's are COMITe's too, and Comets look like a branch of Comine's while Conteville's did rule Comines. Thus, with Counters, we are on a Comet line that God is seemingly using for pointing to Comet Ping Pong.

The lions of English Lutts (compare with Name's/Neems) are in two colors schemes of the WilCOX and COCKfield lion, and the Graffs happen to have a lion in one of these color scheme's. Then, there is a "moor COCK" in the Oullette Crest, jibing with "WilCOX" because Oullette's are also Wil-like Ouillys. WILcox, makes sense. And Irish Cox's are also MacQUILLIE's, tending to reveal an Oullette-line merger with Cock liners.

What this could fully mean, I haven't a clue at this time, but I'll add that BabCOCKs share the red rooster with Cocks/Koke's and fountain-using Kiss'/Cush's, a branch of Acosta-like Custs.

For what follows, it's probably a good idea to remind that JOSEPH Oullette brought me to his brother's home when Miss Graff was there. The Flys were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs while the Fly martlets are those of French Josephs in colors reversed.

Repeat: "there was [Oullette's] ladyfriend, Miss GRAFF, who once lived across the street from me in Gormley." Actually, she lived beside the ELLIOTs (not sure of the spelling), and the Elliots were directly across the street from me. One day, when Kepke was over, we were at Miss Graff's house, because she and I (about age 15) had become friends. Lawrence Kepke chased me with a spider hanging on a strand of web because he knew I was terrified of spiders (he did this in front of Miss Graff). Decades later, I had a dream with a spider chasing a fly down a strand of web. Checking to see if God was in that dream, it turned out that Pepin-related Webbers were first found beside Flys. The SPITZERS came to mind with "SPIDER." I went online to find a Spitzer to whom God may have been pointing with this dream, and fell upon ELIOT Spitzer, former governor of New York. In the Amazing Polly video offered above, she predicts that Eliot Spitzer will turn up in the new Epstein criminal case. Spitzer was chased into disgrace as per a hooker scandal.

The Elliot across the street from me, of my age, became a police officer. Is this a pointer to Mr. Wilcox of New York? I hope so.

So, it seems that God caused Kepke to chase me with a spider in pointing to Eliot Spitzer because he did it at the home of the Graffs, right beside the Elliots (share wavy bars with Webbers). I had checked Strands (savage and club), and they have a wavy bar called a stream. Webbers share the fleur-de-lys of Flys, and while Flys were at Flagi, McLeods/Clouds/Lutts use flags, possibly a good reason to view the Graff lion with that of English Lutts. The latter were first found in Worcestershire with Hills, and Spitzer's use "hills" with a "tunnel". The Tunnels look connectable to Weiners/Winners, amazingly enough.

But there is more, for while there was a SLEEPing bag on a hill in another dream, English Cox's (Shropshire, same as Sleeps/Slepe's) were of the Sleeps/Slepe's. "The surname Cox was first found in Shropshire where the first record of the family was found the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 as Coc de Slepe." This is new to me and should be retained in my memory bank. Cockers/Cocketts (a savage head?) were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks and Bags. A version of the Cocker/Cockett Coat happens to be used by Willys, like the Ouilly variation of Oullette's.

In the spider dream, I blocked the spider's path to the fly with a piece of cardboard. That piece has not been deciphered, but perhaps it can be now. Cards use a "letter" coming out of a cloud, and while Clouds are also Lutts (their flags can connect to Flagi of the Flys), Letters/Lauders were the namers of Lutt-like Lauder, near the first-known Elliots in Liddesdale. English Cochs/Corks use another cloud, and from the cloud there is a finger pointing.

I've just checked Coke's (share the ostrich with Cooks) to find the Barr / Este / Segni eagle, and sharing a "patiens" motto term with Dove's. The Coke's were at Barrow as proof that Coke's use the Barr / Este eagle. Checking Barrows, we find the same fleur as Flys and Webbers, and to this we can add that Webber-branch Weavers use an "esto" motto term. Barrows have crossed swords in the colors used for them by Feschs (ESToile), suspect from the Fieschi of Genova, who led to Fessys/Face's, and the latter's motto loves the Segni's, first found in Genova and sharing the Barr / Este eagle. However, Barrows also have the Lorraine eagle, suggesting Barrs of Bar-le-Duc. I can now entertain that my use of the cardboard to stop the spider is a pointer to Bill Barr putting an end to Spitzer. I hope so.

What could it mean that the fly was caught in the spider's web as I stuck the cardboard between them? Well, Barr may get stuck to Spitzer's web because Barr's father had hired Epstein to be a math teacher at his school. Why didn't a stick a card between them. Why cardBOARD? Well, to begin with, Boards are said to have been near CUCKfield, and Coke's use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Board Shield. Perhaps God wants to verify that Coke's are an important part of the spider-fly dream for reasons suggested above having to do with Barr. German Cochs may have the Pinc/Pink lozenges, important if correct, because Pincs/Pinks have a version of the Board Coat.

Cockfields use a counterchanged lion in both color schemes of the WilCOX lion. Cockfield in Durham (where Counters/Conte's/COMITissa's were first found) was anciently KOKEfeld.

Wow, Coke's (share COOk ostrich) of Barrow and Cochs have reminded me that Steve Papp, a friend on mine, was the COOK at the restaurant of Mr. Fix. Fix's/Fecks, who have another wavy bar, as well as sharing the Fly / Webber / Barrow fleur, look like a branch of Feschs/Fechters (Barrow swords). I invited Mr. Papp to share Albert Oosteyn's apartment with me when living there alone, while Albert was working at Whistler mountain. This must have taken place very soon after I invited Mamie to Mr. Fix's live band (at his restaurant), then took her back to Albert's for a Sign of a whistle-blowing event(s). With Barr liners now in this picture heavily, it tends to speak for itself for explaining a rash of whistle blowers. The taxi I was driving, that caused me to meet Mamie (TEASE symbol in a sleeping bag) again, was resolved as God's pointer to Tax's/Dachs, who share crossed, white swords with Feschs/Fechters. The latter were first found in Switzerland with TEASE's/TECks.

Checking Papps (Piedmont), they are listed with Pappa's, PAPADOPOLi's, and PAPARATti's. This looks like a pointer both to Pepe's/PAPPARDs, and to George Papadopoulos still floated in deep-state news. The Papp lion has its tail at its mouth, and Cochs/Corks use lion tails. Cooks were first found near Epping.

I can't recall the details, but if my memory serves me, the whistle-blowing Sign from Alberts trip to Whistler was pointing (not more than a couple of months ago) to Stefan Halper and his accomplice, Baker. Halper was working Papadopoulos over. From John Solomon: "George Papadopoulos says his spontaneous admission to London-based professor Stefan Halper occurred in mid-September 2016...'[Halper] was there to probe me on the behest of somebody else,' Papadopoulos told me in an interview this week, recalling the Halper meeting."

I now see why I invited Papp to live at the other end of Albert's apartment. The Halper surname is like the Albert-like Halbert/Halpert surname. There is a small pyramid / triangle in the Halper Crest that may be linkable to the same of Fisks/FISCs, and Papp worked for Mr. Fix. Halpers even share the Steele checks. The Needs are Neems too, and then the Name's/Neems have a Coat version of the Lutts, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Halpers, the latter said to be at NEEDham Dyke. Needhams (Derbyshire, same as Cook-related Coke's) share the Knee Coat. If I recall the whistle blower's name correctly, who blew it on Halper and/or Baker, it was Mr. LOVINGer. Albert's apartment was on LEVENdale. Halper was a mole into Trump's affairs.

This gets interesting where, in the dream with Miss Hicks, she and I rose into the SKY as soon as I touched her knee. McLeods/Clouds/LUTTs were at Skye and Lewis. Knee-branch Needhams were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys, and while MORLeys were part of the sleeping-bag dream, Miss Hicks was asleep when I touched her knee, and moreover Needhams were at MORLeston. Needhams and Coke's were both at SHARDlow, and I was shirtless when I touched her knee while Shirts are also Shards. Chards use partridges, and Partridge's share the checkered Shield of Halpers.

Repeat, Needhams, in the Halper write-up, were first found in a distinct area with COOK-related Coke's, and Steve Papp, a cook who lived at Albert's place thanks to yours truly, has a surname that includes the Papadopoulos bloodline. Halper (went to Stanford University) met with Papadopoulos in efforts to discover Trump's business, get him to turn on Trump. Halper must have done a lot of things we don't yet know. He did contact Carter page too.

Childs and Children

I'd like to tackle the question in this quote from above:

WOW, AMAZING, I almost missed it. The Whadecocks looks like a branch of the Wade variation of Quade's, and they use black-on-white wolf heads, the colors of the wolves in the Lolita/Loyol Coat!!! That's the plane that Mr. Oullette's plane was just pointing to!!! You see, it was God who formed the words, "what a babe"!!! The Whats/Whadecocks (Essex, same as Epping) had to be a part of that picture. But why was Lorraine used in pointing to Epstein? I don't know. Epstein's right-hand woman was Ms. Maxwell, and Maxwells were a Mackay branch.

Child-sex looks suitable with Babe's, but then is it a further coincidence that Childs share the Lorraine eagles? Lorraine has been a pointer to Bill Bar via Duck-liner Bar-le-Duc (uses pansies). On top of this, Lorraine's pants got us to Pansys/Pantzers (Westphalia, same as Ducks) who share the bird design of Childrens, though the Pansys/Pantzers also have flightless birds shown also for English Pigeons. Childrens are in the colors of French Pigeons. This discussion is going to take us back to the stool pigeon at my place, for further reflection, but this pigeon was timed fairly well with the arrest of Epstein. And a Mr. Barr got Epstein his math-teacher job.

The Pansy/Pantzer Coat is not a bad reflection of the What/Whadecock Coat. Pense's of Pichon likewise share the Lorraine / Child eagle. Pane's/Panico's are from Pincum on the Pek, near Cuppae, and Christine's, first found on the Isle of Man, use CUPS, as do Sellers, the latter in Child colors and format. The Mackays and Maxwells are from "Maccus" of the Isle of Man, where the people are called, Manx, like "Manche," home of Masseys/MACEYs. No coincidence. I spent the weekend with Christine Peare not many weeks before meeting Lorraine. Whats/Whadecocks are expected in merger with Maccus-of-Man liners, right? Quade's/Wade's are from QUADratilla BASSus (or BASSIANus), the line to Basina, CHILDeric's wife, and to the Bessin, home of Massey-branch Meschins/MASCULINE's, beside Manche (Normandy).

Is it another pointer of God that this Masculine Coat has boys??? I learned that PEVERells used boys too, and they might be a branch of Peppers, like the Pepperd variation of the Pepe's who seemed to be pointing to Epstein. Pepe's/Pepperds had a Pipard location in Normandy, and they share the double fesses of Man-suspect Manners/Maness', this being a branch of Mens'/Mame's in the mottoes of Pepins and Poppins/Pophams, as well as Christine-like Crystals.

It appears important that Starrs (Wiltshire, beside Babe's) are in the colors and format of what-a-babe Whats'/Whadecocks, for Ken Starr not only investigated Clinton (who chose Starr for this?) after he was caught with Lewinsky, a young lady, but: "In 2007, Starr joined the legal team defending PALM Beach billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was criminally accused of the statutory rape of numerous underage high school students". Wow, PALM Beach. Paloma's use the dove, and I kissed Christine for the first time at La Paloma. Palms share the Massey fleur. Did God arrange this: "Starr served as the dean of the PEPPERdine University School of Law"? Did Clinton get his many women from Epstein? Looks like.

As we are on the line of Cuppae liners here, let's remention the "vaLORE" motto term of Pepe's/Peppards, for Lore's/Laureys were first found in PICardy while Scottish Laurie's and Irish Lowrys use the giant CUP filled with Lorraine-related laurel. There is a Laurel surname with Lorne-like Laurin variation. Lorins (share red fesse with Lorraine's) are said to be from Albert of Lorraine (Bedfordshire), and I met Lorraine at her BUS STOP at the corner of Lorne avenue while Pepe's/Peppards may be using the Bus cinquefoil because Stops/Stubbs were merged with Pipe's. Lorne's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Child-suspect Sellers and the Leslie's sharing buckles with Childers. The Children are nearly in Leslie colors and format. The Seller-like Cellers/KEELErs were first found in neighboring Angus.

It's notable here that Foot-branch Fothes' were first found in Aberdeenshire too, for part of the Pepe/Pepperd Coat has the Feet/Fate Coat in colors reversed. "Pedophile" has the same root as "ped = foot". Lorraine was given a foot / feet symbol at the same time as her babe symbol. Feet's/Fate's share the Coat of Pavia's, and Pavia/PAPia is in PIEDmont. It all appears set-up by God because he wants to reveal the Epstein crime ring.

Trump liked women, and he liked Epstein too. The Calls, first found in Wiltshire with Starrs, use trumpets. What's this? I wonder.

Bill Barr's father got Epstein his math-teacher job, and Lorraine the babe (symbol for pedophilia, we now gather) points to both the Barrs and to Epstein. The stool pigeon took off from over the septic tank, and flew along the driveway. Drive's/DRAVE's can be from the Dravus river flowing parallel to the Sava. It's math-interesting that Bleds, expected at the naming of Bled on the upper Sava, share the triple chevrons of MATHs. The Dravus and the Sava have mouths on the Danube not far up-river from Pincum. I asked Lorraine out at her bus stop, code partly for Stobi, on the map above upon the Axius river that comes near to the MARGus river. The Margus has a mouth between the mouths of the Pek (Pincum) and the Sava, and dove-pigeon liners are from the Pek area. The Margys/Mackeys and Margesons/Mackesys are linking to Epstein's plane.

Bled is near Rijeka, suspect with Richeza of Lorraine, wife of Mieszko II, likely from the Maezaei on the Sava. I have traced Massey-liner Maxwells to Rijeka. Mieszko's were Piasts, and the Child / Lorraine eagle is also the Piast eagle.

Drive's/Drave's share the quadrants of Keele's/Kills (Lincolnshire, same as Cheile's), like the Keeler variation of Cellers. German Cellers/CELNers share the black eagle with Murena's, and I do trace Child/Chills, Sellers, Cellers, and similar terms, to the CILNius family that included Cilnius Maecenas, husband of Terentia Murena, for Terents use the Child Coat in colors reversed.

Kilners probably use the Egg/EDGE eagle (GARDner colors), the latter being half the Child eagle. I am confident that Edge's are from the Adige river across the eastern shores of lake GARDa. On the opposite shores, a Val Trompia can go to Tromps sharing acorns with Scottish Cellers/Keelers. Scottish Calls/Cole's share the Kyle stars. Caleys share the Keele/Kill / Drive/Drave quadrants, and may be throwing in a star version of the Lorraine bend. And those other Calls use trumpets. What's this? I wonder. You don't think Trump chose Barr as the attorney general to protect the president from his Epstein past? Hmm.

Trumpet-using Calls have the motto, "Grata manu," and Mackays use "manu" too, and Caleys are said to be from the Manx of Man. "Grata" can be code for the Greats, from Gratian the Elder, father of VALENtinian and VALENS, suspect with Velins and Velens, both first found in Westphalia with Peppard-like Leppards and Bar-related Pansys. Westphalia is also where Nails/Nagle's (in the nails of Ducks/Logans) were first found who share the Great saltire. Valentinian married Picenum, likely from the Picensii namers of the Pek river. Greats share the gold border with Justine's (Perthshire, same as Wings/Winks), and Valentinian married Justine.

Gratian was from VINKovci (lower Sava and Dravus), an entity in the wings of Shill(er)s. CUP-using Sellers are also Sillers, you see. Gratian is suspect to Grace's and Grasse's, and here it's interesting that Shill(er)s have the horizontally-split Coat of Groce's, both first found in Baden-Wurttemberg. Groce's came up when finding the St. Petersburg (Russia) medallion at the grocery-store parking lot. So far, the only think I can gather from St. Petersburg is that Trump was there. What for? Swiss Sillers/Sailers happen to share the PIKE trefoils, and Pike's share the Cup/Cope / Copp chevron. English Sailers (share rooster head Shills) have a "GREATest" motto term, and throw in the Mackay / Quade wolf heads.

In colors reversed, the Great rooster head is that of Landens/Landers, and the latter's is black, as is the Shill rooster head. These Shills were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, expected from Pepin of Landen. Landens/Landers share the Langley Coat, from Langhe at Bar-like Bra. The Bar-Pansy relationship is exactly the thing that I draw out from my touching a bra on a laundry line...while standing over the rabbit cage that itself points to pansy-using Coneys (rabbits).

Online claim at a youtube video's comment section: "J. Comey's daughter is involved in the 'prosecution' of this case." It turns out to be true. She's even a lead prosecutor, tending to open the possibility that Epstein's arrest is not a Barr thing, but a deep-state thing. Throw Epstein under the bus to attack Trump, but put Miss Comey in there to keep Bill's nose as rosy as possible. How possibly could Miss Comey have possibly gotten the job aside from deep-state fingers? Doesn't she realize that her taking the job makes her father look complicit with Epstein? Is she that daft and desperate?

Here's a claim by a woman (video dated this week) that Alan Dershowitz was at Epstein's island having sex with her six times:

There is no doubt about it, this Epstein case is dividing the country worse than before, which plays to the deep state just when it needs it. One could even view this arrest as a shot across Trump's and Barr's bow, which seems almost obvious now that Miss Comey is involved. In other words, this trial could be a dud, a scam, used only to play dirt-ball against Trump and Barr. It goes right to the need of the deep state to compromise politicians with sex crimes, adultery, and other dirty deeds, to keep them from talking, or, if they even think of talking, to hush them up immediately.

My Scaffold Photo Talks

One day about a year ago, I was working on a SCAFFold, in the rain, at the corner of the house where the septic tank is situated. The scaffold had to be put on blocks because the area underneath it was made of natural-rock steps down to the basement door. The wetness caused the scaffold to slip off the blocks, making me come down crashing to the rocks along with the scaffold. When I went indoors for a break, I found a story that scaffolds were being built around Assange's embassy prison. So, if God allowed the scaffold to crash as a pointer to Assange, why? So far, the Paper Plane tweet he put out has pointed to the Lolita.

I was just looking at the scaffold-like Schaff surname, and was reminded of Mr. Schiff, the one who's been ordered to do and say the stupidest things by his invisible bosses. Perhaps Schiff has been compromised by a photographed sex act. How do we suppose Eppstein worked the thousands of photos that have been seized this past week? For what it could be worth, the Schaff Coat is that also of Jewish Frieds.

So after loading Schiffs, "Schiver" came to mind, and there was not only a Schiver surname (red roundels), but it showed a SIEWER variation. In the Obama dream, I SEWERed the paper plane. I would not have found Siewers if not for the scaffold break down and the scaffolding at Assange's embassy together (the scaffolding went as high as Assange's floor). I would never have looked Schaffs ups if the two scaffold events didn't happen together.

More. The Schaffs are also Schafers, like the Shapers/Shapiro's (both use sheep), and the latter's Crest is almost the three feathers of the Pepe/Papperd Crest (the color of the middle feather is the only difference). Papperds are like "Paper." Papperds were first found in Louth, and Louths share the upright wolf of Lolita's/Loyola's in the same colors. The Louth Coat has the look of that of Lore's suspect in the Papperd motto.

Cochs share a near copy of the Schiver/Siewer/Siefers Coat. What could this mean, since Cocks, WilCOX's, and Cooks were a topic only a day or two ago? Cooks came up as per Mr. Papp the cook, and Papps are the Papadopoulos bloodline. Tucker Carlson recently had a show on how the Koch brothers invisibly ruled the Republican party as a quasi-liberal force. I read a story not more than two weeks ago saying that one of the Koch brothers has formed an alliance with George Soros calling for no more Middle-East war, and that caused me to think that these guys were for such war, but that, sensing they could be in trouble for their war crimes, are now posing as anti-war in preparation for their public denials if it comes to that.

I was waiting for a way to bring SEPTons up naturally as per "SEPTic." Septons/Saxons are suspect from emperor Septimius Severus, who married Miss Bassianus, the line to Basina and the Bessin. Basina lived in Thuringia, explaining why Talls, first found in Thuringia, share bees with Bessins. The grave of Basina's husband was found with hundreds of golden bees. Talls share the hexagrams of Cochs and SEVERus-like Schivers/Siewers/Siefers. Isn't that interesting?

The scaffolding fell down on me right over the BASEment door (Doors use bees), and I see Base's/Baise's (Lincolnshire, same as TAILLebois' who married the Bessin's Meschins) and Base's/Bassans as Bassianus liners. English Cochs/Corks use lion TAILs in Tailer- / Tiller-lion colors, and I trace Bassianus' to the Tilurius river. I had taken a photo of the crashed scaffold for readers, and you can see that door. The septic tank is under the ladder. The deck upon which I was building the kitchen cupboards can be seen, and the maple tree around which three doves whirled is a few feet off the photo to the left.

Note the ROCK steps, for while I went for a FALL on one of the rocks, for Rockefeller-line Rooks share the Schiff raven, and moreover the Chief-Shield colors of Schiffs can be of the near-same of Shapiro-like Shops/Sherlands/Shirlands, the latter surname now indicating a Schere/Scherf-line merger with a Shapiro branch. What are the chances that Rocks/Roque's and Roquefeuil are in SEPTIMania, a term like "SEPTIMius"? How much effort did God expend to get certain heraldry to line up with things at the scene of this photo?

It just so happens that Siewer-like "SEVERus" can be proven to be of the Saffers/SAVARys, and that while French Savards are Savarys too, Salfords, sharing the upright, black-on-white wolf of Lolita's/Loyols, come up as "Savard." Saffers/Savarys have a "vita" motto term for Julius Avitus, husband of Julia Bassianus, the sister of Severus' wife. And lookie: Saffers/Savarys have a "gloriosa" motto term, while Irish Lowrys/GLORYS are a branch of Lowrys/LAUREYs while Lore's are also Laureys. It tends to affirm that the Lores'/Laureys are in the "EffLOREScent" motto term of Rooks. As both Lowry surnames use cups, I'd say the Rooks share the Cup/Cope / Copp chevron. Base's/Baise's (share the Coat of Gernons, from le-Meschin's son) use the double lions of Sempers in colors reversed, and Sempers are in the Lowry/Glory motto.

Silvers/SILVERSTEINs (a little like "Savary") have a version of the Saffer/Savary Coat, and Larry Silverstein purchased the Trade towers very-shortly before they were taken down by fake planes (on video only). A paper plane is a fake plane. The three Silverstein lions are even in the positions and colors of the three of Peppers. Is God sending us a message here? Did my fall from the scaffold indicate a WikiLeaks stool pigeon on the 9-11 crime? The Pepper lions are colors reversed from the same of Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. Due to the early Mr. Siluer of Lincolnshire, I'm guessing that Silversteins have the Gernon lions.

The Salfords/Savards have the colors and format of Bush's, now expected in "TailleBOIS," and the Salford/Savard wolf just got linked to the Lolita plane, and to the upright, black boar of Lore's/Laureys. Bush's use black boars too, in both colors of the Lore Boars. Bush married LAURA Walsh. Chathams/Cheethams, who could have a version of the Talbot Coat, were at Salford.

At the time that the stool pigeon walked over the septic tank, I related the moles that came across the side of the tank nearest the house. To put it another way, the moles were raising the dirt right-snack where you see the STEP ladder lying, and Stepps/Steptows happen to use the giant fleur-de-Lys of Bush's/Buschs and Boschs! Plus, I was applying the last bit of stucco to the CORNER of the house when the scaffold failed (I was on a plank across the middle supports of the scaffold), and Corners/Garners (ACORN) use the same fleur too, in case this applies to things. German Corners/Korns (Corn / Corning colors) happen to share a black boar with English Bush's/Buschs!!! And as the rock steps are imbedded in / surrounded by gravel, that may be due to Gravels sharing the crescent of German Silvers.

Above the step ladder, there's a PAIL used for doing the stucco. Pailets/Pallys share the black boar with Bush's, but in both colors of the Corner/Korn boar. The Pail sits over the septic TANK, and so see below how Tanks are related to Pally-like Pullys. Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire, same as Bush's) share the lion of Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. You see, this photo is heavily stacked with pointers to Bush. Note the tarp (no Tarp surname) put up to protect the wet stucco from rain that day, for Traps share the bustard with BUStards who have a version of the Bush Coat when the latter is used with a red fesse (it was once shown with a red fesse). Bussards (new to me here) share the giant Paloma dove, in the colors of the doves of Page's (Devon, same as Bustards, Tards, Bastards and MAINE's). Bussards were first / early found in Brittany's Demaine. On a red fesse, the fleur-de-lys of English Bush's is the giant one of Demaine's. I became a Christian on Demaine crescent. A week after my Holy-Spirit experience at Demaine, God gave us the Miss Hicks dream which proved to be partially connectable to the promise of God to undo the 9-11 criminals. Demaine's were first found in Maine with Josephs (share the Pully/Pullen martlet) and Pellicans, the latter being in the pelican of Pullys/Pullens.

There is a long post in the photo that supports a balcony, and Balcons/Balcombe's (same swan-suspect bird as Childrens) happen to share the Chatan bend with roses while the Tilurius is also the Cetina while Cetins/Cattans share the cat with Clan Chattan while Cato's/Chattans (Chatan / Balcon bend) are suspect from Porcius Cato while Porcia's use upright, black boars. As I said, my cat, Sassy, sucked her TAIL regularly as an adult, and, decades later, I found that Sassys share Saracen heads with Cetins/Cattans, tending to suggest, for one, that God was proving the Cetins/Cattans to be from Tail/Tailer liners of the Tilurius. The "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan gets the Bots/Bauds, with a ram version of the Schaff sheep.

The Tilurius has a source near the URBANus, beside the Maezaei that probably explain why Julia Bassianus was also Maesa. The point is that URBANs and Massena's share the same hexagrams with Saffer-like Schivers/Siewers/Siefers, but also compare Urbans and Massena's with Tail-like Talls. Sassy share the crescent of German Silvers, in case this applies. CHAThams/Cheethams are said to have been in Salford, and the "Quod" motto term of Chathams must be for the Quoid variation of Quade's/Wade's because they have wolf heads in the colors of the Salford wolf. Cheethams thus look like Cetina-river liners. What could it relate to if God is linking Sassy to Larry Silverstein with the crescent? I almost missed it. The Quade/Wade wolf heads are shared by one of the Irish MACKAY Coats, and Lolita's are suspect in the motto of MACKesys.

Sassy was given to me as a KITTEN by a customer whose banister I was stripping and refinishing (I've told this several times), and Banisters, obvious kin if KITCHENs, were first found in Lancashire with Salford and Kitchens/Ketchins! Intelligent Design. Kittens are listed with Keetons, and Chats with Keats, and then Keiths are said to be from the Catti. I read that Keiths were from the Chatti of Hesse through Scotland's CAITHness, and here one can add that German Silvers, the ones with the Sassy crescent, were first found in Hesse...along with Rasmussens who share the unicorn with Saffers/Savarys. So, it appears, thanks to Sassy the cat, that Hesse's Chatti were from the namers of the Cetina.

Aha! A few hours after writing the above, Chathams/Cheethams (Lancashire, same as Lawrence's/Laurence's) were found sharing besants (Bassianus symbol) around a black border with HUStlers/HosTILLERs (look related to Ways), while Hesse's are also Huss'. Hustlers/Hostillers use fish, and Lawrence's have a fish TAIL. Lawrence Kepke can be described, when I knew him, as a hustler of women. Compare Tails/Tailers to Storrs/Store's (stork), for Lawrence's were at Yealand-Storrs. If I recall correctly, and I think I do, the Lawrence fish tail is of a turbot fish, and TurBOTs do share the Way (and Ged) fish. It's also the fish in the Arms of Saraca, and Cetins/Cattans happen to use a SARACen's head with tail-sucking Sassys (I've read both their descriptions). Perfect. Turbots were first found in Yorkshire, where Saraca-like Caracalla (his nickname, they say) Bassianus, brother of Ged-like Geta, became the Roman emperor. They were sons of Septimius Severus, the Saffer line.

It is amazing to find Lawrence's linking to Cetina liners, for while Kepke kept a pet rat in his Bassianus-depicting BASEment, Geds' love the Rats/Raids (Nairnshire, same as Ged-branch Geddes') in their "DuRAT" motto. Why else was that rat there?

I STRIPPed the banister, and Stirrups appear to use a stork, the known symbol in the Saffer/Savary Crest. Keiths were first found in East Lothian with Haldans having the motto, "Suffer." Haldan-like Hiltons share the Sassy / Cetin/Cattan Saracen head, by the looks of it. Neighboring Roslins use buckles, and Hildens/Heldons (squirrel) share the bull heads of Buckle-branch Buckleys and Haughts, the latter being one I trace to Sigrid the Haughty (daughter of Mieszko I), who may have been a daughter of Oda of HALDANsleben, wife of Mieszko I the Piast. I trace "Piast" to "BISTue," at the Urbanus river next to the Maesa-like Maezaei. That works. BISSETs share the Chatan / Chattan bend. That works. MUSSELburgh is at East Lothian, and Tillers are in Mussel/Muscel colors (and near format) while Keiths come up as Mascals.

As I've said a few times: while sharing an apartment with Miss Peare (when she was steady with Kepke), I painted a full KITCHEN wall there with the album cover of "Tea for the TILLERman" (Kepke's album) by CAT Stevens. Intelligent Design. The cloud design of Kitchens (if it is a cloud) is shared by Cocks/Corks -- the ones with the Tail/Tailer lion tails -- and the German Cochs are the ones with the fesse-with-hexagrams of Schivers/Siewers having a Salford- / Saffer-like Siefer variation.

Kepke's first name is often used as "Larry," and so here we are with a CAT Stevens item that can point Sassy the cat once again to Larry Silverstein. Kepke will point to Silverstein again below, as per Labels, and so let's add here that Labels and Falcons share the Silver crescent while Stevens use a falcon. For a long time, I reported French Saffers with eagles only to discover they were not. I think they are falcons, therefore. Do you remember who uses labels?

Kepke was the one for which God used, "sun-bright blonde," along with Lorraine. Silvers were first found in Hesse, and Hesse's have a giant sun. When I lived with Peare for that kitchen-wall painting. Louise was living there too, and she was a pointer, thanks to PENNingtons, to Louis'/LOYs, first found in Lorraine. Is that hint of Lolita's/Loyols? PENNYs share the red, courant greyhound with Labels. Perhaps by a plan of God, Labels mention Mr. Labelle of the 17th century, son of Miss Loye. Eppsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau, otherwise known as WEISbaden, and while Weis' are Wise's too, English Wise's share three chevrons with Eppsteins. Wise's were first found in Devon with Mule's, and Mule's share the red besants in Chief of Schivers/Siewers who in-turn share the Weis/Wise hexagrams.

There is a cat in the canton square of Berks/Burghs, the latter showing a "loy" motto term. The Balcons (at Crail), having the Chatan bend-with-roses, were first found in Fife with Geds (beside Lorne's). It's to be assumed that Geds were from the Geta bloodline to a marriage with Bassianus' at the Get-like CETina river. With Lawrence's/Laurence's having the Ged fish in their Crest, we can glean a Laurence equation with the namers of Lorraine.

I am pretty sure that I named Sassy, not after Sassy the cat in the 1993 movie, Homeward BOUND. I am very sure that I got Sassy at least a year before that movie came out. I named her because it described her sassy character (she'd paw hard at me if I pulled her tail out of her mouth, then go back to sucking with passion, like an addiction). The BOUNDs/Bone's (Sussex, same as Tails/Tailors and Catti-related Mascals) happen to share the bend of Chatans, Cato's/Chattans and Botters/Bottins (all three were related). The Bound/Bone write-up has "Humphrey I de Bohun (died c.1123)", and Home's/Hume's are suspect as a branch of Humphreys, whose "L'HOMME vrai" motto phrase is likely part-code for Wrays ("vray" motto term).

Wrays, who by the way share the Pepe/Pappard martlets (Did God arrange a Wray link to Epstein?), are said to have been in Lancashire's Wray-with-BOTTON, and Bottons/Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with English Botters. Just look at what Sassy has brought us to (just wait till Sassy comes up again below with Chuck). Buttons/Bidens share the fesse of Bots/Boets/Butts, and "bot" is a motto term of Clan Chattan. French Bots/Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, the latter sharing the flory cross of Humphreys/HumFREYs, and then the Freys have a version of the Ray Coat! Zikers, CHRIStine's Peare's belly pointed hard to the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons for more reasons than that, and Christs share roses with Bots/Boets/Butts, suggesting a pointer to CHRISTopher Wray. The Wray Coat is like the shark-using Valiant Coat, and the shark is shaping up to be a representation of Comey's / Halper's deep state.

Lookie: Bellys, now suspect (thanks to the shark's belly) with the Halpin rose, use a "PER aCUTa belli" motto, and Cute's/Cutts (share the plates of Penns/Pence's) share the greyhound with Pennys expected with the Halfpenny variation of Halpers. Is Wray being held at his job by Mike Pence? The Raymonds have one rose in Chief in the colors of the lone rose in the Halper Chief! The martlets in the Wray Chief are of the same colors as those roses. With God's pointers, it doesn't matter whether Wrays were a Ray / Raymond branch. Compare the "TUUM tenne" phrase of Chathams/Cheethams to the "recTUM teneam" phrase of Penns/Pence's, and then consider tummy = belly. Chathams/Cheethams were a part of the bump-on-tooth pointers to James Comey.

The "pays" motto term of Humphreys gets the Pasi's/Pascels of BONonia. The father of Godfrey de Bouillon was in French Bononia (Boulogne). While Freys/Phreeze's look like "Pharisee," the Sadducees had a Boet-like house of Boethus. The Freie's/VREYs share the giant, counterchanged lion of Wilcox's (Lancashire, same as Wrays) in colors reversed. (I'd like to record here that the Wilcox and Vrey Shields look linkable to Groce's, in case Epstein has to do with Saint Petersburg, a topic that pointed to Scottish BAUDs.) Repeat: "I heard in a video tonight that the police officer in charge of the Epstein case, in New York, is Mr. Wilcox, a surname that almost has the Pisa Coat." Is God telling us that the Epstein case will be managed by Wray to the betterment of the deep state, or to the downfall of the deep state thanks to John Durham? Darlingtons (branch of Darlene's), who came up with Darlene RAY in my teens years, were first found in Durham. Just look at that.

Counters/Conte's/COMITissa's were first found in Durham, and comet-using Reines' have the counterchanged lion of Pisa's in colors reversed. Just look at that. French Conte's share the Sassy / Silver / Falcon/FalCONTE crescent, and if I recall correctly, falcons are used by French Saffers. I've just learned that English Saffers/Savarys (Silverstein Coat, almost) come up as "SafFREYs."

Back to the balcony post. BALCons (the ones with the Chatan bend-with-roses) look like a BLAKE merger with Combs because Blake's (CATTel kin) share the pale bar of Tails/Tailers (Mosca leopard?). The latter were partly first found in Kent with Rothes' whose lions they both share with Raines', and Kent is where Masons/Massins were first found who share the full Balcon/Balcombe motto. The full motto is even included in the Darlington motto. But there is more here, for Balcons/BalCOMBE's look connectable to COMEYs/Combe's, the latter sharing the motto of Clan Chattan! And then there's the French Combe's/COMETs!!! Comet Ping Pong pizza is in this because, while Reines' use the comet, it was RAINing when the scaffold collapsed! Zinger. Was Comet Ping Pong in cahoots with Epstein's island?

The scaffold collapsed due to the rain, and we just saw Raines' with the Tail/Tailor lions while Sassy sucked her pink tail (pink under the white fur). If Tails/Tailors have the Mosca leopard (makes sense as per Meschin-Tailbois marriage), it's notable that Mosca's were first found in Pisa. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Talbots and Sleeps/SLIPpers, and that's where Rothes' (share the Raines lion) were said to be first found for at least the past ten years until this past year. The scaffold SLIPPed off of a wet block due to the rain (amazing, is it not), and the entire scaffold went sliding down, knocking me off the PLANK for a fall to a rock. PLUNKetts were first found near Dol, the Alans of which were related to Block-like Plocks, both of whom were in Shropshire. Peter Pollock, son of Fulbert of Shropshire, built Rothes castle. Fulbert was a vassal of the Dol Alans.

This is a good place to mention the Folds, as per "scafFOLd." I'm assuming that God knew how to spell, "scaffold," when Folds/FAULs (looks like they have laurel) formed their Coat. I went for a FALL off the scaffold right beside the baseMENT door. God used the basement of Lawrence Kepke, where he and I played ping-pong. Ments/Mants, probably in the "Mente" motto term of Folds/Fauls, have three bends colors reversed from the same of Pings/Pong/Paganells, you see. And as his first name shortens to "Larry," I can get another pointer of this to Larry Silverstein where the BASEment begs to see the Base's, who share the Silverstein lion. Pings/Pongs use a label, and Labels share the Silver crescent. You see, it looks like Intelligent Design. And Kepke kept a white rat in his basement. Who did that rat represent, we may wonder.

"Touch" is a Clan-Chattan motto term, and Touch's are also Tows/Towe's while Stepps are also StepTOWs/StepTowe's. Some readers may know that Tows became a topic with the toenails of Miss Hicks, when I sat beside her at the 9-11 memorial on September 11, 2002. It had to do with my TOUCHing her knee in a 1979 dream, and then Knee's share the Stanley and Leak bends while Stanley took my seat beside her that evening. He pointed to Morgan-Stanleys role in the 9-11 towers, and so it's a little interesting that Tillers were first found in GlaMORGAN, called Morganwgg in earlier times. Tile's/Tillers were first found in Austria with Schiffs, and the Chief-Shield colors of Schiffs is colors reversed from the same of Leaks/Leakeys. God gave a sign in Miss Hicks' beautiful knees on the night of that memorial, on the Leakey road in Camp Wood, Texas.

Note the siding in the photo. That idea came when I imagined a house done in barnboard but having white-filled joints between boards. Instead of going for gray stain, however, I used teal. It just so happens that Teals (Somerset, beside the Dorset Tile's) share the Tile/Tilley wyvern dragon. German Tile's (dove) are Tillers too, and have annulets in colors reversed from the same of Vito's/Vita's (in the Saffer/Savary motto), that being extra evidence that Bassianus' (or their kin) were on the Tilurius river. Stucco-like Stucks are also Stocks, and English Stocks share the Crest of Balcons/Balcombe's.

It just so happens that Teals have a two-fleur version of the one-fleur Leak(ey) Coat, and I say that God revealed to me, at the Leakey road that night, that WikiLEAKs will have something to do with exposing the 9-11 crime.

As I conjectured, God may have arranged for the TRADE Towers to point to the 9-11 crime, for Towers share the Comet/Comb towers while Trade's/Trotte's have the fleur of German Bush's/Buschs. The winged griffin in the Tower Crest is split in Shiller colors, and Shillers may have been a branch of SILvers/Silversteins. That's all pretty neat and tidy work. We've all heard that those opposed to the official 9-11 storyline are called TRUThers, and the Trotte variation of Truths makes them look like a branch of Truths/Trotts.

PLUS, I now have a tenant on the upper floor, the first ever to live there, who wears a Mohawk hair style, and isn't such a thing also called a "comb," as in a rooster's comb? The Shills use rooster heads with emphasized combs.

By the way, it occurred to me that, where BLACombe's are a take from "Blake / Black," BALfours could be a branch of Balcombe's. I wasn't going to mention this until checking Twizells as per Twizell castle in the Blake write-up, who share the otter with Balfours. If one then loads Otters/Others, there is a version of the Blake bend with items, and the Otter/Other items are the Tiller crescents in colors reversed. Then, the Tiller crescents are those of Seatons/Sittens (and BELLamys) who share "FORward" in their motto with Balfours. As Bellamys share the fesse of English Bells, what do we find with Borderlands Bells but the Chief-Shield colors of Teals (and Schiffs). I was applying stucco to the corner between the teal boards when the Schiff-like scaffold fell. It appears that God secretly chose for my house a stain called, Teal ("Dark Teal" to be exact, if I recall correctly).

After writing the above, it was time for work. Today I was planning on finishing the weed pulling halfway to the road started yesterday, but as I came down the deck stairs, I started pulling the same weeds there. It is this clover-like weed that I have been doing the biggest battle with this year, a weed with three petals exactly in the shape of the heraldic heart. I started at the wood stairs seen in the scaffold photo, and eventually over-turned a plank to check for weeds underneath it. The plank is probably the one in the photo, but now stretches from the top of the rock STEPs to the bottom of the wood stairs at the deck. I use it to WALK OVER DIRT, hmm. When I turned it over, there were holes in the ground from when the moles had raised the dirt in building tunnels.

If I recall correctly (I recorded the timing), these tunnels were built between the time of the one stool pigeon, and the three whirling ones about a week later. Previous to that, and during the first pigeon, they were raising gravel in front of the deck where I plan patio stones.

Here's what I can say. Plants/PLANQUE's are from Plancia Magna, who is in the "magna" motto term of English Walkers, the latter first found in Yorkshire with English Bush's Walker-like Wagers, the latter using HEARTs on blue, same as Trade's sharing the Bush fleur. The Wager Crest has a gold annulet, the symbol also of English Walkers. I WALK OVER DIRT ON THE PLANK, dirt that has moles = spies. It was George Bush Jr. who was interested in increasing spy power with the "Patriot Act, and it was George Walker Bush who led the CIA. Like I said, DIRT. May God walk on this dirt today.

[Insert -- The scaffold rested on the concrete blocks in the photo. If one checks German Blocks (Pomerania, same as Dols), it can be seen why they should be a Plock branch. Plocks (Pollocks = associated of Dol Alans) have a Planque-like Plunket term to which they are traced. Plunketts were first found in Vilaine with Dol. Note how "Vilaine" is like "Plain," for Vilains share the Chief/Shield colors of Plains/Platters, Palins, and Levins. Levens were first found in Shropshire with the father of the Pollocks and with the Dol Alans.

I have a portrait of the Guiscard brothers sitting next to a pulley at their feet, totally unexpected, unless the artist knew that Pullys/Pullens (share the Plock martlets) were related to Guiscards. These brothers were from Tancred, and Tancreds (early "TankSLEYs"), sharing the Pully/Pullen and Polar/PAWlarde scallops, are also TANKs. The scaffold slipped off the blocks beside the septic TANK. The Crest of Sleys (format in colors reversed from the same of Tancreds/Tanks) probably has a lion holding the Quint fitchee. The septic tank sits on BEDrock (I know, I installed it), and Bedfords share the lion paw of Quints, and it's probably the lion of Pullen-like Palins/PAWleys. The latter were first found in Dorset with Poole and the first-known PULLs/POOLYs/Poole's.

The Palin lion is shared by Ballins (Cornwall, same as Polars/Pawlarde's) and Balls. The latter's fireball looks like a bomb. The paper plane was represented by Palin-branch Plains, and 9-11 was conducted with fake planes and real bombs. On the billiard table, the paper plane was the cue BALL. Ballincidence? Is God using Palin-branch Balls to tell that the twin towers came down due to explosives? French Balls share the large ermines of Palle's/Pauls suspect in the "PALLEscere" motto term of pull-it-like Pullets/Pullys/Pullens. I fired the paper plane into the corner pocket without hitting a red ball, and that's a SEWER while the Siewer fesse is a reflection of the Palle/Paul fesse. See the amazing pull-it piece shortly below. End insert]

One job of a mole can be to act as a shill. This is said because Shillers have an arm with hand holding a gold annulet, as do Wagers. Shillings/Schillings (share fesse of Shills) were first found in Rhineland with German Bush's, and share the white goat in Crest with English Bush's. The Shilling goat is in the upright position of the white Schaff sheep (probably a lamp). Skills/Gills (Yorkshire, same as Bush's and Skillings) share the black boar with Bush's. What's this leading too?

Shillers are split in the colors of the split Shield of Maple's (Wager colors), and the heart-shaped weed was also spreading under the maple tree that the three dove whirled around. This weed, in this area, was restricted to as far down the septic-tank hill as the maple trunk (but not past the trunk), and on both sides of this tree for about 15 feet. It just so happens that Maple's share a boar head on blue with Mole's. But if God set this up, why wouldn't he use the boar heads of both surnames in both the same colors? I don't know, but possible Mole kin (they share Mole boar head in both colors) come up with a crossing of Wirrals below.

Now, I kid you not. I had seen the Trade/Trotte heart when first mentioning that surname above, but I said nothing of the heart. It is located at the base of the Shield, as is the heart of the Irish Heart surname. While Trade's/Trotte's were suspect with the Trade towers for good reason, I had no reason to link the Trade/Trotte heart to Larry Silverstein, until checking Irish Hearts. As God is my witness, I would not have loaded Hearts in this discussion had not those weeds had a heart-shaped leaf. I knew while still outside, while pulling these weeds, that I had to come in and mention the heart of Wagers with Walkers and the plank. But I didn't know until checking Irish Hearts, while writing the last paragraph, THAT IRISH HEARTS THROW IN THE SAME LION AS SILVERSTEINS!!!! And that's how God works.

LARRY Silverstein was the one who confessed, on TV, that they decided to "PULL it" (his words, in regards to taking down building Seven at the Trade Center. But this criminal skunk made a terrible mistake that day, for which he should have been jailed. There was no time to "pull it" with explosives because the building fell in the afternoon of September 11. No crew could get explosives fixed for a demolition in that short span of time. He lied, and he knows, as anyone with a brain knows (this is where I call out Bongino, Hannity and many others as partial fakes and obstructionists), that the explosives were set up in all three buildings (twin towers included) long before September 11. The point of this paragraph is that LARRys/Lowrys/Laurys use a "rePULLulat" motto term. Who arranged for that?

Pull-it-like Pullets, comparable with tower-using Chatans and Balcons, are listed with Pullys/Pullens, and their motto term, "palleSCERE" looks like code for the Schere's/Scherfs, it figures. Palle's were first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens and Bush's. Pelle's share the pelican with Pullys/Pullens. The latter also have a "CULPa" motto term for the CUPs/Cope's/COLPS, and Larrys/Lowrys use the giant cup, which makes the Larry link to Pullets. By chance?

Balcons entered the topic at the POST of the BALCONy, and Posts (Hampshire, beside Poole) share the PULL/Pooly/Poole lion. Cloud-over-sun Jeffreys have a "post" motto term. This balcony post has a small version of my fence-post invention, which was temporarily named, PILLAR Post (there is a metal rod into the concrete, and a bore up the wood into which the rod inserts). Pillars/Pilots share the Palin / Wirral lion. Bosco's use pillars, can you believe it? Cloud-on-sun Jeffreys have the Palin stars in colors reversed, and Welsh Jeffreys share the Palin lion.

My partner with that post was Mr. Klees, and Klees' are listed with Clays/Claymans while LARRY Klayman was the founder of Judicial Watch. Does Klayman admit that 9-11 was an inside job? I just loaded youtube to discover whether Klayman shares my 9-11 views, but loaded instead some Epstein news from Amazing POLLY (was at the top of the first youtube page). Right off the bat, Polly says she's going to investigate the father of Miss Maxwell, Epstein's partner, and then says that it's going to go all the way back to Jack Parsons. My patent agent for the Pillar Post was Miss Parson(s). What's going on? Maxwells use a "holly BUSH." Pully-branch Pollocks are a Maxwell sept. look at this timing. I'll share her July 12 video later if I think it's needed, but the flow here in my writings seems important to God so that the video should wait. She gets into Operation PAPERclip (= adoption of Nazivist, world-conquest "Americans"), and Clippers/Cloppers can be a branch of Clappers. James Clapper, a Nazivist American? I wouldn't be surprised.

Now that we are at the pull-it theme, let me repeat from above:

...BUStards who have a version of the Bush Coat when the latter is used with a red fesse (it was once shown with a red fesse). Bussards (new to me here) share the giant Paloma dove, in the colors of the doves of Page's (Devon, same as Bustards, Tards, Bastards and MAINE's). Bussards were first / early found in Brittany's Demaine. On a red fesse, the fleur-de-lys of English Bush's is the giant one of Demaine's. I became a Christian on Demaine crescent. A week after my Holy-Spirit experience at Demaine, God gave us the Miss Hicks dream which proved to be partially connectable to the promise of God to undo the 9-11 criminals. Demaine's were first found in Maine with Josephs (share the Pully/Pullen martlet) and Pellicans, the latter being in the pelican of Pullys/Pullens.

This is amazing, for I had a friend, Lawrence, who took me to the La Paloma with his Miss Peare, his date almost, on the night I stole her from him for a few weeks (they hadn't yet kissed). Shame on me, but she was very nice and willing. The short version of "Lawrence" is LARRY, I kid you not, and due to his name, I know without loading Lawrence's that they were at Yealand-RedMAINE. What are the chances that Redmaine's (beacon) use a giant castle in the colors of the giant Pellican TOWER??? Yup, and Pelli-like Belli's use the beacon too, as do Fullers who are like the Puller variation of Pullets/Pullys/Pullens. Bastards have a "bello" motto term, as do Bouillons to whom Miss Peare (the woman above) pointed with her belly.

Sassy my cat SUCKed her tail as an adult. Suchs/Zouchs/SUCKERs share besants with Sassys/SAUCERs, and RedMAINE's use what look like SACKS while Maine's have this: "The manor [in Molton]...was granted by King John to Joel de Mayne, by whose rebellion it was again vested in the crown: it was given by Henry III. to Roger le ZOUCH." Amazingly, my partner with the Pillar Post was a partner of Chuck, and both men became partners together with the Pillar Post. Chuck's surname was Luksa, to the best of my ability to spell it correctly. I therefore checked Lucas', to find them listed with cat-using Lucca's!!!! WOW, for Chucks are listed with Suchs/Zouchs! Amazing, but what could this mean?

I've mentioned Chuck before, but don't recall understanding how his name applies to heraldry. Look at how pertinent he has just become. Sassy was given to me (about 1990) about the time that these partners decided to try my product.

Lucca is where Italian Botters were first found who share the Chatan / Chattan bend, which is why I see the "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan as per a Botter branch. AND ZIKERS, English Botters have an eagle "standing on a perch" while Perche's share the double Maine chevrons because Maine (France) is near the Perche hills. Just look at all that, as though God set up my getting Sassy for some special reasons. There is more to this than the heraldic value / links above, but for now, it's mainly a mystery. Sassys use Saracen heads, and Sarasins were first found in Brittany with Demaine (home of Bussards). Sarasins use a moline cross, and Moline's were first found in Devon with Bussard-like BusTARDs and the Molton location of Maine's. As Bussards use the dove, might BasTARDs (Devon) have the Pigeon chevron?

Tards are listed with Darts/Dards (I think Maine's have a dart in Crest), from the Dardanians placed upon the map to the near-south of the Cuppae dove liners along the PEK. Bastards use a "PAX" motto term, sharing it with REDS/Reeds/Riets, and thus "REDmaine" looks to be a Reed element, perfect because Reeds/Riets and Pellican liners were from Rieti, from the line of Flavius Petro. Petro's use a Coat like that of Reds/Reeds, and Demaine's with Porci's share the Petra fleur. Rieti is in Sabina, and Wikipedia says/said that Porcius CATO (line to Chattans) owned land in Sabina. The Lawrence's of Redmaine use a "ready" motto term, we get it.

Italian Botters are Botti's too and use a star in the colors of the Batti/Botti stars/Botters/Botti's once showed a straight bend, but now show it curved, rare, and used that way also by Rieti-liner Rita's, and the latter is expected with the Pull/Polly/Poole lion as per Vespasia Polla (Rieti), the wife of a grandson of Flavius Petro. And that lion is also the POST lion while Mr. Luksa was a partner with my PILLAR post. Pillars share the Palin lion. The white Botter/Botti bend with red star can be the white one with red stars of Gleasons, and these stars are those also of Glass', first found in BUTE. The father of Adolf Hitler married both a Miss Glassl (ignore the final 'l) and a Miss POLZl. Dutch Pols'/Poels once again show the giant Pillar / Palin / Powell / Bal(l)in / Ball lion.

As long as the mainstream covers for the 9-11 crime, it will tend to go unpunished, and the human demons will continue to play their tricks using the weaknesses of Hannity, etc., as their rearguard. Thank you, cheapsters. Make up for this lack of integrity some day, will you? All you need to say is: how did building Seven fall; it appears as though someone placed explosives in there. Come on, Hannity, you cheapster. You claim to oppose crime, and here's the biggest crime of all, which you support by not asking one question. You de-value yourself.

God has recorded in His "book" all the details of the 9-11 crimes, and the thievery of American tax dollars, and the murders by war, that these criminals and their accomplices are guilty of. There is no escape. Unless they beg for forgiveness, there is no escape, and even then God may not listen due to the shallowness of their repentance. These men are like those who celebrate their victories while walking on thin ice, with frigid water awaiting beneath their feet.

The reason that Saffers/Savarys share a form of the Silver(stein) Coat looks explicable by the Silv-like SALFord/Savard surname, the one in Bush colors and format and sharing the Lolita/Loyola wolves. "Fortis" is a motto term shared between Irish Hearts and Cabbage's while Plants/Plaque's use cabbages. What are the chances? Cabbage's (Northamptonshire, beside Mackeys/Margesons) share the lion of Mackesys/Margesons ("LOYALITE" motto term). That entire area under the plank, in the photo, got covered with the heart-shaped weed the following year, this year.

The weed had a limit only as far as the other side of the balcony (it was all under the balcony from end to end), and here its interesting that while BALCons/Balcombe's got suspect with Blake's, Irish Blake's/Caddells share the giant, red fret with Mells/MELLEYs, who I looked up moments ago due to the Mackesy/Margeson motto, "Loyalite ME LIE."

WOW. In the last update, it was shown how Hillarys email scandal could be pointed to by Mails, and the Mells above worked into that picture too. Jim Comey covered fro the email scandal, and Balcons are also BalCOMBE's, like the Combe variation of Comeys. Comeys share lions combattant (lions facing each other) with Wirrals (!), and so lookie at how I discovered Wirrals in the last update:

I concluded that [the three birds whirling around the maple tree] were doves. Ever since, I've been keeping eyes out for the namers of Wirral, as per their whirling. I came across it today in the Mail write-up. The Mails were looked up because I thought it was possible that God would point to Hillarys email scandal using them, and it instantly proved to be correct by Mails of Meols pointing to SaMUELsons.

Spot the dove in the Mail write-up:

The surname Mail was first found in Cheshire where they held a family seat. This surname is associated with the village of Meolse, which was recorded in the Domesday Book in the year 1086. The lands were described as a coastal village on the southern shore of the WIRRAL peninsular on the River Dee where Roman and Saxon coins and jewelry were found at DOVE Point.

There you have Wirral and DOVE Point in the same write-up, and it was Heather Samuelson who was put in charge to destroy Hillary's emails. The Wirrel lions are in the colors of the Mail lion heads. Mails were at Mole-like Meol, and as Italian Capote's/CAPONE's use a MULE, the Mail lion head looks to be the one of Capone's/Capua's, the latter first found in Maple-like Naples with Italian Pagans who in-turn share the double fesses of Mule's (Devon). Napoli's share the fleur-de-lys of English Pagans.

As an aside, "Pagan" was suspect with the PICENti mountains near Naples, and here I can add that English Naples share a gold border with Greats and Justine's, the Greats being from Gratian, father-in-law to Justine of PICENum! Bingo. My mother, born a part-Masci in PICENze, has a book on Picenze, telling that peoples of that town were from nobles of Naples. English Pagans (Masci fleur) were at Yorkshire's HUGgate, and Hugs are the ones with three fesses in the colors of a Paine/Payne fesse. Hugs share the three fesses of Fountains while Italian Fontana's (share Chief-Shield colors of French Capote's) were first found in Bologna with Fantes' (Pagan / Masci fleur). Pagans of Yorkshire's Hooton-Pagnell look linkable to Hoods/Hoots, first found in Devon with Page's and Capote-related Mule's. See how fun this is when it's so easy? Fantes' use the label, and so compare the Shields of Labels/La Bells to those of Fontana's (Tuscany) and Massi's/MATTis' (Tuscany), not forgetting that Labels are now connecting to Larry-Silverstein pointers. English Maths/Mathews share the red scallop with Spanish Fontana's. German Mathews have the Chief-Shield colors of Italian Fontana's in colors reversed. Mathis' are related to Chives', and Chives' with Naples-like Maple's (Tarves colors), hmm, maybe this paragraph is not off-topic after all. Chives' are like the Chiava's, first found seven miles from Picenze.

Wirrals had an early WirHEALE location, and while Heale's use a string of five lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Stolls and Whistle's/Wissels (stool pigeons and whistle BLOWers), Healys/Haleys share the boar head of Moline-like Mole's/ Moline's share the goat heads of BLOWS. Just look at that. I didn't make that up. I didn't create the heraldry or make those doves whirl around the maple tree. Wirrals share the lion of Palins while the paper plane was resolved with Palin-like Plains/Platters (share a version of the Palin Chief).

The Half Bloodline to the Picts

I'd like to go back to the heart-shaped weeds that figured so importantly. It's interesting that Folds/FAULs have leaves (same as Hazel leaves) almost as crisp in a heart shape as my weeds. My FALL off the scafFOLD may have represented the fall of Julian Assange, but I expect his fall to be orchestrated by God for a biting reason, as when God bites the deep state in the arse and sends them running.

The worst accident I had while building this house was on the step ladder under discussion, which I've used as a lean-to ladder. This accident was exactly at the corner of the house that the photo shows, when on the ladder to nail the wood siding. I really hurt myself in that fearful fall. Hey, it's Saturday, song-miracle day, and a song just sang "fall" as I wrote "fall." The song is, "I can only Imagine," by Susan Boyle.

I've just thought to load Weeds for the first time, who tell of a Weedon location beside HARDwick, and Hardwicks are also HARTwicks. NAILs/Nagle's use the Hartwick saltire, but I didn't know I'd be on them when saying above, "when on the ladder to NAIL the wood siding." The Hartwick saltire is in both colors of a similar cross of HARDys. Recall how this heart-shaped weed pointed in multiple ways to Bush's and their kin, for Hardys share the Bush boars (same colors).

The Hartwick Chief is even a cinquefoil version (see Kims and Thomas') of the Douglas Chief, and Douglas' are said to be from Hardys. I kid you not, as soon as Douglas' loaded to show their heart, "broken heart" played on my speakers from a song, "Cry Out to Jesus," by Third Day.

It appears that God did provide my heart-shaped weeds, such a cursed weed that has caused me so much work and pain (it spreads through the gravel on my driveway, and won't die easily with Round-Up unless I get it in cool weather when small). I've been on my knees for untold hours waging war against this small weed this year, after having conquered almost all of the tall weeds over three acres of yard. The smalls weeds are all that are left, mainly, and while I'll leave creeping clover alone (makes a nice protective turf), I want this heart-shaped weed out'a here.

Wow, I've just played a section of the song over, which includes, "When it feels like the whole world is FALLING on you...cry out to Jesus." In the chorus, we have, "There is hope for the HELPless, and rest for the weary, and love for the broken heart..." Remember that bad FALL I had off of the ladder, for it's only HALF the ladder, (you can see that in the photo). I use it as a leaning ladder only, and was leaning against the scaffold when it fell. I was going to use this half ladder to launch into the HELP/Half bloodline! Hope for the HELPless! Hang in there, Mr. Assange. You have a story to tell. Falls share an eagle in Crest with Helps/Halfs.

Haafs share ducks with Velins, the latter first found in Westphalia with Nails/Nagle's! God is writing through me here, I have no clue whatsoever. I hear no words as I write. I write what comes to mind, and so we have got to realize that God acts through people at anytime without anyone knowing. I'll show later why Haafs are from the Helpe river.

Halpers/HALFpennys apply here because Avezzano is near to my mother's birth place, while Avezzano's are to Avesnes on the Halper-like HELPE river while Halfs are listed with Helps. French Pagans are said to be of Champagne elements, and rulers of Avesnes married a noble of ChamPAGNE. Hugh de Payens was involved with a count of Champagne. English Champagne's have a Coat much like that of Pepoli's (Bologna), and the latter share a black-and-white checkered Shield with Halpers/HALPINs! Excellent fodder for family historians.

Note the Alpin-like Halpin variation, for Alpins use a version of the Gregor Coat, and here's the Hardy-Weed bloodline in the Gregor write-up: "They are the principal branch of the Siol Alpine whose representative, King Kenneth the Hardy, was son of MacAlpin, the first [Pict] King of the Scots." Unbelievable. I had no idea that this statement was in the write-up when the Weeds of Weedon brought us to Hardys above. Nor did I have "Hardy-Weed" coined yet or conceived when telling of how hardy this weed with heart-shaped leaf is (has yellow flowers). I've found it as this Oxalis weed at the top of the page.

I can see where this is going, from Picenze and Picenum to the Picts of Scotland, in ALBA, who were ruled by king Alpin. The Albans/Albins are even said to be from Evreux, a place named by Abruzzo's/Abreu's. Picenze is in Abruzzo. I'm convinced: the Picts had been a bunch of Italians.

Now the Alpins share a sword crossing diagonally over a fir tree with Alis'/Alice's ("MUZZLED" bear), and the latter's motto is shared by Cootes' who in-turn use...ducks, that right. It tends to nail Halpers/Halpins to Alpins. In reverse, the motto under discussion is that of Keiths (at/beside MUSSELbergh), and the three Keith pale bars are in the colors of the near same of Cootes-like Coats. As the Keith Catti are likely from the Cetin-river Cetins/Cattans, it explains the "Cautes" motto term of the latter, which brings up the French Coutes'/Cotta's. The Scottish Coutes' (not "Cootes") share a version of the Celt/Cult/Colt Coat (Pictland), and the latter share a giant stag head with CALDers having a Cadder variation suggesting that they were a Catti elements married to a Celt/Cult branch. Keiths have the stag head too. I didn't know where I was going here since leaving the Alpins, but in crossing the Coats, Dan Coats came to mind (who is supposed to be finished soon, according to a Sign I was given last year), and checking Daniels, they were first found in Poitou, founded by PICTones.

After going out to do weeds again, this time half way to the road, I came in for a shower, and then wrote some of the above. At the end of the shower, I pulled the towel into the tub (it hangs on a real deer hoof), because I dry myself in the tub due to the wood floor on the bathroom floor (don't want standing water on and in the joints). The towel had a slightly-torn seam, and as I swung it around to dry, the "hole" in the torn seam lassoed the shower knob on the FAUCET. You know, the knob we pull up to get water at the SHOWER head. The towel was stuck to this knob.

Then, while writing above, I got to wondering whether the towel stuck to the faucet was an act of God to tie Towells to Faucets. I loaded Towells, but saw no connection. After loading Maths/Matthews, I noticed that they share two blue wings in Crest with Towells. I considered Tows, but that was no luck. I fooled around a bit more, but no luck finding Faucets or their kin. Finally, I just clicked from Maths/Mathews to Scottish Maths/Maghans/Manns, and there was a "FAC ET" motto phrase, I kid you not.

[Insert -- I didn't know above that shower-like SOWERbys/SOREbys (Math/Maghan/Mann bar colors) would come up shortly below in an important 9-11 discussion. I thought I was done with the heart-shaped weed, by as it's Oxalis, otherwise called, wood sorrel, SORels were looked up to find them at Waltham and Stebbings. Loading Walthams (share peacock with Sorrels), they were first found in Leicestershire with the SORE river. Also, part of the Sowerby/Soreby Coat is in Waltham colors and format. Sorrys ("share "Simplex" with Perkins/Parkings), ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, have a Fac-et-like "FACTisque" motto term, and share a white-tipped arrow with Knobs!!! The towel got stuck on the shower knob!!! Whew, you can't make this stuff up. Weeds/Weedons were first found in Northamptonshire with SAER de Quincy, who's in the Faucet write-up. No guff at all. I was pulling sorrel weeds exclusively just before coming in for the shower. It's almost all gone, at least until the next rain hatches more (crossing my fingers).

What am I to think, that God sets heraldry design up as per the name of a weed? Or, did he name the weed to conform to Sorrels and their kin. I just write, without the time to reflect deeply on how things may have transpired to bring these sorts of links. All I know is that I'm personally incapable of making links like this all day long from stories in my life. I have wondered on how much heraldry, exactly, was Directed on behalf of this calling of mine. Lots, by the looks of it. He married people in order to get the links to click with events He planned long ago for my life. It's weird for me, sometimes. It gives me pause. This had better have a good ending, a lot better than pulling weeds. I've been given a ton or two of pain for this revelation. I keep thinking that pulling weeds is my task in reflection of cleansing the human weeds from the turfs of our anti-Christ enemies. I'm sure that this work is exactly about that.

Like, who named WOOD sorrel? Repeat: "Loading Walthams (share peacock with Sorrels), they were first found in Leicestershire with the SORE river." Woods were first found in Leicestershire too, and Waltham was a location of Sorrels. Sorrels share the double lions in pale of Strange's, and while the latter have Guido le Strange (duke of Brittany, very linkable to the Rennes-line Raines' in the Sowerby Coat), Guido's are said to be named after a wood. Strange-like Strings share the Strong eagle, and Strings are said to be from Roger de bully while Bullys use a heart in flames. The Atintanes in the area of Bullis (Epirus) are to the Strong motto, apparently, and while Tints share the blue Gale unicorn, Nails/Nagle's are Gale kin for more reason than their nightinGALE. Apparently, Tints (Somerset, same as Strongs) use the Strange lion.

One Mr. Waltham has land in Essex, where Sorrels were first found. The Bays, first found in Colchester, share the double fesses of peacock-using Manners/Maness' (Walthams and Sorrels use the peacock), and I will even add that French Bays share the Silver crescent, since it appears to me that God is using both Silver surnames in pointing to Silverstein. Recall how Nails/Nagle's were at the start of this section with the Hartwick location beside Weeds, for the Arms of Colchester uses nails in honor of Nails/Nagle's/NEILs. Irish Neil share the estoiles of the Colchester surname. The cross in the Arms of Colchester has a ragully pattern, symbol also of the Lawrence cross. Lawrence's are a pointer to Larry Silverstein. Recall the hearts in this weed discussion, for there are nails in the heart of Ducks/Logans, while Nails/Nagle's (HARTwick saltire, both enGRAILed) were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers. Grails are listed with Neils.

What are the chances that Walthams, to topic due to the sorrel weed, are said to be of a Weed-like WEALD term? Lookie here from the Weed write-up: "The Weed family lived in Buckinghamshire, on WHIELDen Lane, Amersham." I didn't write that. It's all near HARDwick. My sorrel weeds are thus pointing to Walt liners, though these Walts may not relate to Walters and such. On the other hand, one Walter surname is also "Watter," and Waters share the Eppstein Coat.

Repeat: "Wise's were first found in Devon with Mule's, and Mule's share the red besants in Chief of Schivers/Siewers who in-turn share the Weis/Wise hexagrams." This was said after telling that Eppsteins were first found in Weisbaden. Mule's share the double Weed fesses, and it's conceivable that "Weis / Wies" became "Weid / Weed / Whield(em), for there is a Weid/Weiden/Wiedman/Waide surname (shares trident with Turbots and Bewere's), first found in Westphalia. One Wood surname (linked to sorrel weed) with a Siewer-linkable savage comes up as "Wide."

There is a Weald/Waldie/WADDY surname sharing the dove-suspect bird design of Childrens, and both surnames have the same-colored bend. But the biggie here is that the Weald/Waldie bird is in the Crest, and is identical with the Crest of Balcons, the latter being the very next topic after if this insert were not here. If it's a dove in these Crests (this bird design usually is), then I'm taking note that while Sorrels use two lions in the colors of the two of Whistle's/Wissels, Weis-like Waistells/Wessels use the dove too. In other words, the stool pigeon at the very area of that fallen scaffold, which pointed to Whistle's/Wissels with Stolls (PICKer/PECKer Coat), seems to jibe with my wood-sorrel weed...which was all under the balcony until it was pulled yesterday as I write here). The half step ladder in the photo has been lying down against the wall under the balcony since the photo was taken last fall. End insert]

The balcony post in the photo is one of two. They are both about 14 feet long for one of the tallest balcony known to a residential home. Let's view these two posts as the twin Trade Towers, shall we? For Balcons/Balcombe's share the Chatan-bend-with roses but leave out the Chatan TOWERs. That's right, two towers in the Chatan Coat. And Balcons were first found in Fife with the Geds whose fish is in the Crest of Lawrence's as a TURbot fish. The Towers/Tours (tower) or Thors (towers) could have named TurBOTs, therefore, and Clan Chattan uses a "bot" motto term while Botters use a lone red star on their bend, in the colors of the roses on the same-colored bend of Chatans and Balcons. Lawrence Kepke was shown to be a pointer to Larry Silverstein, purchaser of the Trade towers shortly before they were demolished illegally. He was granted a huge insurance package for his "loss."

The paragraph above was born when seeing that Balcons were at Fife's Crail area, for Crails/Crabs share the Bush / Trade/Trotte fleur-de-lys. It tells a compelling little story, doesn't it? Towers/Tours were first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's, which I didn't realize when starting the paragraph above. Raines' have a Turres-like motto term in "terrae," and Terras' have rooks in the colors and format of Dents (Yorkshire, same as Turbots) suspect in the triDENT of Turbots. The latter are Tour liners merged with a motto term of Clan Chattan, right? Bots are Butts too.

I'm reading that a branch of Towers/Tours were at SOWERby (Lincolnshire), and there is a Sowerby/SowerBUTT surname (Yorkshire, same as TURbots), can we believe it? I didn't invent that surname. Sowerbys are a potential Siewer/Siefer / Saffer/Savary branch connectable to Silver(stein)s. It just so happens that Sowerbys have the Raines Coat above their six bars, and there was a Sower-like shower when I was applying stucco in that little bit of rain that collapsed the scaffold beside the balcony. The Reines' (with an 'e') are the ones with the comet while Comets share the Tower/Tour tower. That looks like Intelligent Design again. The Sowerby chevron (same chevron as Raines') even has the Vito/Vita annulet while Saffers/Savarys use a "vita" motto term. As Scottish Sowerlys were first found in Galloway, I'll view them as a branch of Sava-river Sauers (see their Mr. Galleri, then figure on Gallerys/Galloways). The Sava flows near the Tilurius.

The Balcon motto loves the Spears, first found in Raines-line Renfrewshire. The Raines / Sowerby chevron is in the colors of the chevron of SHOVERs/Shovels (Child kin) and Sewards/SHOWERs. The latter's leopards are in the design of the giant leopard of Mosca's, first found in Pisa. The Pisa lion looks to be the Mason/Massin lion round-about, in this picture, for the latter share the full Balcon motto, and, besides, the Pisa Coat is suspect with Reines'. Sore's share the Mason/Massin lion while Sowerbys are also Sorebys. The Maezaei were near the Breuci, and the Pisa lion is in both colors of the same of Bruce's (Yorkshire, same as Sowerbys/Sorebys). Siward of Northumberland had stuff in neighboring Yorkshire, such as Heslington hall, and Heslingtons may be showing another Saracen's head. Breuci are suspect in naming Abruzzo, and while Italian Abruzzo's/Abreu's have a tower, the five wings of Portuguese Abreu's are in the colors of the five towers of Spanish Turres'.

Towers/Tours are said to have descended from Umfraville's (Northumberland), who share a giant cinquefoil with Danish SORENsons.

WOW, I didn't realize, when starting on by double-balcony posts as God's pointer to the Trade towers, that French Combe's use three of the Tower/Tour towers! The Balcons are also BalCOMBE's! It tends to verify that Balcons use the Chatan bend-with-roses. The two Chatan towers are in the colors of the giant one of French Tours (but see also Auvergne's). English Combe's have lions in the colors of the three towers of Tours/Thors (Devon, same as Combe's). Irish Comeys/Combs share lions combatant with Abruzzo's/Abreu's.

Scottish Comeys/Combe's show the cat and the Clan-Chattan motto. It's making the gold wings of Abruzzo's/Abreu's suspect in the Crest of Glove's (Perthshire, same as Comeys/Combe's), for Glove's are in the Clan-Chattan motto. Wikipedia once said that Porcius Cato grew up in Abruzzo. I was probably wearing gloves when handling the "stucco" (made of portland cement, burns skin), when it started to rain only as I was finished the job, and while the Raines Coat is in the colors and format of the Glove Coat, Perthshire is near Rothes castle while Rothes share the Raines lion. God made it rain on me, didn't He? Rothes' are now said to be first found in Kent, along with English Alfreds (bottony cross links to Chattan-related Butters/Bottins), and Portuguese Alfreds share the five wings of Portuguese Abreu's.

CROMBys share the bottony cross with Alfreds, and Croms/Crumbs (BERKshire) share the black cat with Berks/Burghs, the latter from John de Burgo of Comet-line Comines. As the Comine Coat is the Avison Coat, note that while Avesnes is on the Helpe river near Comines, Helps/Halfs share an hourglass-like Shield with Alfreds (Cetin/Cattan colors). Avesnes-related Avezzano is near the Abruzzo capital, "L'Aquila, and the latter appears to be in the Help/Half motto: "Auxilia auxillius." There is an eagle head, symbol of L'Aquila, in the Help/Half Crest. Mont VELINo is right uphill from Avezzano, and Velins use ducks (Velens once showed them), and Half-like Haafs (Belgium, at the Helpe river) happen to use ducks. Helps/Halfs share the gold fitchee with HALPers/HALFpennys.

For family historians, heraldry is golden, yet I rarely read them using heraldry to make their migrational-path maps. God's work through me has given family historians a wealth of reliable connections and even more good leads. But before they can use my material, they will need to confess to themselves that their countless, silly derivations for surnames are garbage. They are the type to derive a Garbage surname in "garbage." Simple minds flock together in family-history land.

Here's the video I was watching when the Florida surname came to mind. This RT production asks why the American media is giving Alan Dershowitz a pass.


Epstein was first charged when Bush was the president. Doesn't it make sense that the light sentence agreed to by the Florida attorney general would have been impossible without the nod of the U.S attorney general working directly under Bush? Just think about this, a man despised for the things he's done, get's off doing jail in his mansion. Only in end-time, deep-state America. This is a crippled nation, OBVIOUSLY. Trump has pre-maturely claimed that he's made the country great again. He hasn't even started yet.

The U.S attorney general for Bush was Roberto Gonzales from February 2005 to mid-September 2007, which was during the time of Epstein's legal troubles in Florida

In May 2006, Palm Beach police filed a probable cause affidavit saying that Epstein should be charged with four counts of unlawful sex with minors and one molestation count.

Epstein's team of defense lawyers included Roy Black, who defended William Kennedy Smith, celebrity (i.e. Russell Crowe) and financial crimes specialist, Gerald Lefcourt, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, and in 2007, the Special Prosecutor of Bill Clinton, Ken Starr (Epstein's Wikipedia article).

Is that not weird? Starr does this after the country depends on him to ferret out the guilt of Clinton's sexcapades, but Clinton escapes with a slap on the wrist. Why would Starr afterward tarnish his high-profile career and reputation to defend a pedophile? Did Clinton put him up to it? How rigged is everything? And Fox news pays Dershowitz and Starr to be talking heads on some of its shows??? Are things this hopeless?

The very next sentence in the article above: "After the federal government [of Bush] agreed to charging Epstein on [only] one count under state law, the prosecution convened a Palm Beach County grand jury. Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter then accused the state attorney of being too lenient and was instrumental in transferring the case to the [Bush's] FBI." Let's assume here that Bush's job was to figure a way for his FBI to make this story go away. Gonzales' deputy was none other than James Comey, who popped up in the heraldry above along with Bush, especially in the talking photo of my scaffold. Bush's FBI director was none other than Robrt Mueller, who started the job six days before the 9-11 disaster. Mueller was succeeded in 2013 by none other than James Comey, a New York animal, and his daughter is now a lead in the renewed Epstein case. Do things appear rigged? Isn't that what we expect from dictatorial, anti-Amercanism, deep-state demons? It's time to accept that reality if you have been putting it off. America is not the rosy country Trump wants you to believe it is.

Alex Acosta to Bush's rescue, for Acosta gave Epstein immunity from federal (Bush-people) threats. "Alexander Acosta, then the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, agreed to a plea deal to grant immunity from all federal criminal charges to Epstein, along with four named co-conspirators and any unnamed 'potential co-conspirators' [makes the head go blood-red to see this]. According to the Miami Herald, the non-prosecution agreement 'essentially shut down an ongoing FBI probe into whether there were more victims and other powerful people who took part in Epstein's sex crimes.'" No matter how Acosta cuts it, he protected not only Epstein, but EVERY last person involved with Epstein. Only in deep-state USA.

Look: "Acosta later said he had been told that Epstein 'belonged to intelligence', was 'above his pay grade' and to 'leave it alone'." Ahh, Bush's father controlled Intelligence, and had hired Bill Barr to be his attorney general, the son of the Mr. Barr who gave Epstein his up-start teacher job. Was the senior Mr. Barr possibly a CIA man for the senior Bush? Or just one of many Nazivist Americans? Just wondering.

I've just noticed that Mr. Pistole was one of Mueller's FBI deputies. We crossed the Pistol/Pester surname in this update. It looked like a Bush branch of the Pastor / Bastard kind. The first-listed FBI deputy under Mueller's directorship is one Mr. Pickard, like the STOLL-related Pickers. "PiSTOLE"? Both Stoll surnames are also Stole's, and Pistols (share red chevron with Pes-like Peks) are also PiSTOLLs/PEStolls.

RT is carrying the Eppstein story far better than Fox. I wonder why. RT is presenting things far better than Hannity, for example. RT sounds as conservative as Hannity. I wonder whether RT is after Fox's audience. Could be.

What does this suggest? "Known as the Zorro Ranch, the high-desert property is now tied to an investigation that the state attorney general's office says it has opened into Epstein with plans to forward findings to federal authorities in New York." Does this mean that the NY attorney general, a Democrat, black woman who is surely a Clinton supporter, is leading the investigation, and that the FBI (federal authorities) is NOT leading it? If correct, doesn't that raise the possibility that Epstein is being thrown under the bus in an effort to expose Trump's part with Epstein, even if they need to fabricate a story about that relationship?

Dennis Prager is suing google and facebook for suppressing conservative shows. Where's Bill Barr? As the Wray bonehead refuses to do anything like that, why hasn't Barr demanded it of him now that the issue is at a critical level? Do you think Barr is spying on them? Forget it. The liberals wouldn't let that happen through the FBI, etc., without a fight, and Barr frankly doesn't look like the fighting type. More like someone who wants to sit down with some hot apple pie. But surprise me. Don't take it is an insult, because there's nothing at all wrong with being tame, gentle, the calling of God. Barr doesn't look like someone who could get upset...unless maybe his pie is served cold. But come on, Mr. Barr, show some spirited indignation for the lawlessness coming against you. Do like Trump, carry a big stick and whack the media over the head at every joyous opportunity. Jesus did it on the Pharisees and Sadducees, and it got them to commit their fatal error in broad daylight before the people.

Wake up, America, the country is not in store for a rosy future. Americans either war with this thing to the death, or succumb to it. Decide today; tomorrow is too late. Identify the compromised, and look to those with squeaky-clean noses to lead this war, for the compromised, no matter how passionate in opposition to the deep state, will end up like stumps offering no protection. Like stumps in the open, they are vulnerable to complete eradication.

Laura Ingraham was probably forced (July 12) by the upper levels (Murdoch?) to interview Ken Starr on Acosta's role in the Epstein case. Starr claims that the case was not of a federal jurisdiction, but how would anyone know if the FBI was not permitted to investigate whether the crimes crossed the Florida state line? In all likelihood, they all knew the crimes were not in Florida only, but my bet is that the FBI itself bowed out as per Bush's will.

The following video is an excellent digest on what Obama could have accomplished through a Pakistani family: stole the data in congressional computers for the purpose of threatening and controlling congressmen, which can explain why Republicans were so useless in attacking the Obama deep state. So, just think of the scenario where Obama devises a plot to steel all that data for the very purpose of blackmailing. In this scenario, it wasn't just something that plopped into his lap from the Awan brothers, but rather he hired them to carry out the theft.

The gravity of this situation is unfathomable. People can't fathom all that can take place with this end-time system of computer dependence laced with deep-state spy systems like poisoned meat in a deadly trap. The wicked would rather destroy the Internet than go to jail, folks. Prepare to survive apart from the Internet grid. It is far more likely than a Russian / Chinese invasion. My bet is that Obama and others sold congressional secrets to the Russians and others not fond of the United States. Inside rats are destroying the "great" nation. It is the number-one job of the rats to convince the people that they are the most-loyal American patriots. That's not to say that all patriots are rats, for there are loyal patriots who have no ambition to be rat-like underminers.

Unless Obama and his circle is jailed, the rats will feel confident, doesn't Trump understand this? Lack of confidence cripples schemers and therefore cripples their schemes. To destroy confidence, the law must go after them. There is no other cure. The spy agencies must be placed into the hands of the non-rats, so that they can spy on the most-scarlet political criminals, to catch them, but Trump and Barr have left Wray to lead law enforcement, and so this looks hopeless. There is no evidence that Trump placed good guys at the head of spy systems. I lament, I really do. I don't want my world to fall prey more horribly to the rats than it already is. I want good people to win this thing.

From the start, I sensed that invisible powers had chosen Cortez to become the next-craze presidential candidate for Democrats, in the way they chose Hillary. Fox news talks way to much for this upstart nothing burger, it's shameful. Her news time takes away from far better news time, but Fox is cheap, in it for the money, willing to cheat its viewers, obviously. Fox shows have way too many liberal-news clips to kick-off political talk, and often show the junk just to say it's junk. If it's junk, why waste time on it? Give it the minute-only it deserves, and move on, otherwise you're giving the junk respectability. The good think about youtube news, I can skip the junk. Whenever I see Cortez's face, I skip that news, or never load it.

I loaded one MSNBC video, and youtube gives wads of MSNBC videos for days afterward in the suggestion margin. But I deliberately loaded BCP videos one after the other to prove that, immediately afterward, youtube would not suggest one BCP video, in the suggestion margin. This is repeated these days whenever I ask fore a BCP video: I get an old one, I click it, but there is not one other BCP video that comes up in the margin. BCP must be doing something right, and YOUTUBE STINKS. As time goes by, YOUTUBE STINKS will be its reputation roundly. The MSNBC videos will likely pop up for the next two weeks, or more, just for loading one alone (where was my head?). If I ask youtube for "BCP," it WILL NOT bring up his page where I can access today's video. Youtube forces me to search "BCP conservative" in order to find his video of that day.

For several months now, the same person has been offering Hannity's evening show but showing only part of the show. His/her videos are usually about 40 minutes long, but he/she shows only the first 20-30 minutes, then repeats the video from the start for the remaining time. In other words, this person deliberately excludes parts of the Hannity show on a regular basis, and there is no one else offering Hannity to be found, suggesting that this person is in cahoots with youtube / google in playing this "game."

By making Republican viewers slowly accept this partial showing of the show, the enemy can leave out the parts that it wants left out, for reasons we may not be able to grasp. This person changes his/her youtube-channel name every few weeks. He/she is now going by, "WT CuteSTAR." His/her channel always has low subscribers (5.8K at present) because his/her channel is always fairly new. This is a pretty detestable trick, by the looks of it, on youtube's behalf. It's inexplicable that a true Hannity supporter would cut out some of the show on a regular basis. There must be others offering the Hannity show in full, but youtube never gives me an alternative.

For July 9, this CuteStar offered a Fox and Friends show at 40:06 minutes, an Ingraham show at 40:06 minutes, and a Tucker show at 40:05 minutes. Here's the Tucker show that goes for 24 minutes, then starts over again, which leaves out a whopping part of the show, which will be crucial when the deep state gets exposed soon:

Well, what do you know, I've just found a Hannity alternative (only 32 minutes long), but it shows 19 minutes before being repeated, and there are only 3.3K subscribers on this one, by Margaret Albertson. Youtube should be ashamed of itself, but it doesn't know how to blush. Sometimes, this person(s) who offers Fox shows just skips portions, to get viewers used to it. This person could not get away with this without youtube's complicity. Spread the word:

Even if I check in with Hannity daily, youtube refuses to give me a full Hannity show without my hunting for it, and now I can't find one anyway thanks to this goon who provides only half the show. If Republicans don't do anything about google's stacking the news for liberal media, Democrats could very well be in power in less than two years. People are getting their news with Democrat slants, and the slanting is very steep these days. Trump said he's not interested in correcting this grave problem, slapping his voters in the face who expect something to be done about it. Trump thinks he can win 2020 in spite of google's cheating. Youtube offers me much less breadth of conservative media than two years ago. Suppressing videos is cheating. Something must be done about it immediately. Some threat must be made against google to curb this behavior back to normal, which was about 20 years ago. It is a simple matter to do searches to discover the cheating. When I click Fox's Hannity video (always offered very short, around five minutes), youtube does not offer even one other Hannity video in the margin. Youtube is making it obvious to all conservatives on its system that it will cheat in spite of the bad press it will get.

The cheaters want to rule, and don't mind our knowing that they are cheaters. Do you understand? They think they can get power, and never lose it again once they utilize their machinations.

How do we explain that the government is making things worse for Trump's former man, Mike Flynn, as we speak. This is no longer the Obama government. Thirty months after Trump's first month, Flynn is still in hot water. Is this logical? Who's side is Trump on? Who's side is Barr on? What is it I don't understand? Who runs government agencies if not Trump? Who run's Law if not Barr? What in tarnation is going on? Trump acts like he's helpless to give orders to agencies under his authority. He acts like the nice-guy full of crap.

There is something seriously wrong with Fox videos. When speaking on horrible people, and lamenting over their sins, the videos show their faces, face after face if they are available, and often their best faces. Who wants to see their best faces??? WHAT's WRONG WITH YOU, FOX? Are you thinking that this is good for business? Take you money and shove it! Instead of victory over the leftists, Fox is becoming like the leftists, and filling our brains with leftist values while speaking against them. Beware Fox. Night after night, the storyline launches off of leftist news. Can't you make your own news and ignore leftist news? What's wrong with you? Are you sick, hypnotized? Shake out of it.

We all like Jim Jordan, the steadfast guy. He's saying that "people are coming forward" now due to confidence that Barr will be on their side. With Sessions, it was dangerous to come forward. Jordan says that people have come forward adding to the Horowitz investigation...forcing Horowitz to get into other matters.

Here's from an AP article:

Nearly four in 10 Americans say they lack confidence in their ability to pay an emergency expense of $1,000...

Just two in 10 are very confident that they’ll have enough savings for retirement. Nearly half have little to no confidence.

A quarter of Americans say their expenses are rising faster than their incomes. Just 11% say their salaries have outpaced their costs. (The rest say their incomes have largely kept pace with expenses.)

Yet we are told that there's a booming economy. Nonsense. It's booming only for the wealthy, and large manufacturers especially. Mom-and-pop shops will need to pay more for the products they sell because manufactures and distributors increase their prices in "good economies." And that means higher prices for everyone. Trump looked after the wealthy, but did NOTHING for God's poor. The government taxes a vast number of workers so that more than 50 million Americans (a situation repeated across the world) cannot save a nest-egg for a small "emergency." And because western governments do not restrain the corporate practice of increasing prices at a whim, governments need to dish out government assistance, one of the reasons that people can't save that nest egg...because workers need to pay taxes for the government assistance to the very poorest just so they don't starve or sleep on the streets. Restrain wealthy business owners, and all will be MUCH BETTER. The wealthy do not need more money. Don't tax them more, because that only increases prices; instead, make a law with caps on price-increases. If manufacturing costs do not go up, manufacturers should be forbidden to increase their prices. It's so simple. If no one's prices increase, neither will manufacturing costs increase.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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