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July 16 - 22, 2019

The Belly of the Dog Looks like Trump is There
God Points to the Spreadsheet with Heraldry
The Guccifer Goof
The Bristol Stool Pigeon Proves God's pointers to the FISA Court

I had missed the following story from the NY Times last week, and so I submit it here for your consideration. I first learned about it on the youtube channel, Ring of Fire. I didn't see this story from Trump supporters on youtube, it's not a wonder:
WASHINGTON — It was supposed to be an exclusive party at Mar-a-Lago, Donald J. Trump’s members-only club in Palm Beach, Fla. But other than the two dozen or so women flown in to provide the entertainment, the only guests were Mr. Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

The year was 1992 and the event was a “calendar girl” competition, something that George Houraney, a Florida-based businessman who ran American Dream Enterprise, had organized at Mr. Trump’s request.

“I arranged to have some contestants fly in,” Mr. Houraney recalled in an interview on Monday. “At the very first party, I said, ‘Who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming.’ It was him and Epstein.”

Mr. Houraney, who had just partnered with Mr. Trump to host events at his casinos, said he was surprised. “I said, ‘Donald, this is supposed to be a party with V.I.P.s. You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein?’”

In fact, that was the case, an indication of a yearslong friendship between the president and Mr. Epstein that some say ended only after a failed business arrangement between them. The full nature of their eventual falling out is not clear.

But through a mutual appreciation of wealth and women, and years of occupying adjacent real estate in Palm Beach and on Page Six, the lives of the two men routinely intersected for decades — until the connection turned from a status symbol into a liability, and Mr. Trump made sure to publicize the fact that he had barred his onetime friend from his clubs.

“In those days, if you didn’t know Trump and you didn’t know Epstein, you were a nobody,” said Alan Dershowitz, the longtime Harvard University Law School professor who later served on Mr. Epstein’s defense team when he was charged with unlawful sex with minors in 2006.

Okay, so under the condition that the deep state has thrown Epstein under the bus for the express purpose of defaming Trump, as part of a pre-planned strategy, might this article be part of that strategy? After the arrest of Epstein, the schemers would wait until Trump committed himself to a public statement of never being cozy with Epstein, then they would pour this article all over him like hot water. That's what this looks like. If Houraney were lying about that "party," I think he could be sued. It's the 15th as I write here, and I haven't heard that Trump has even responded to this article, dated on the 9th. ??? Trump usually fires bombs immediately at such bad press. Not this time?

I didn't read many articles last week, but watched quite a few videos on Epstein. Not once did anyone say that Trump had a property right beside Epstein's. Not once did anyone say that Trump had property in Palm Beach. I personally didn't know until now that Trump's Mar-a-Lago is in Palm Beach. In the last update, the Miss-Hicks dream was deciphered as she and I on Epstein's Virgin-Islands island. Here's a sky-view of the island, showing a sandy beach:

It appears that this island could have just one or two cars for Epstein and his servants. In the dream, there was just one car parked on the beach. On the extreme right of the view at 43 seconds, one can spot the driveway going up from a boat launch area (assumed) to Epstein's house, but there is also a way for a car to drive to the beach. In the dream, I don't recall seeing what the landscape was beyond the car or beach.

There was evidence that the beach in the dream could point partially to Palm Beach. While on the beach, Miss Hicks was HOVERing, and I stated that the Hicks motto has hover-like "heure," and here we find that the story above is by the testimony of Mr. HOURaney. Miss Hicks looked like a calendar girl. She had that look.

The beach pointed to Claps/Clappers because they share the checkered Shield Coat of Beach's, and I showed some online information telling that Juliana Arthur of CLAPton married a Mr. Hicks, and that the two families were then able to share the clarion symbol, which is said to be a TRUMPet. Trumpincidence? Or did God arrange for this clarion trumpet because Clare's share triple-red chevrons with Epsteins, and because he intended to use Miss Hicks in this dream? (Use link above to load and view other surnames.)

Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Davers, whom I see from the Daversi, another name for the Daorsi, because the latter lived amongst Ardiaei, the line to Arthurs having the colors and format of Davers. Yet the latter are said to have lived in hover-like Auver, and for that reason are said, probably mistakenly, to derive from, "D'Auver." Yet they do not come up as "Auver." I was at the DOOR of her car when I first saw her hovering, and when she was RISING later in the dream, it was for Rhizon, the area of the Daorsi. If for no other reason, these things verify that Miss Hicks is in the dream. In every dream, God needs to place such "coincidences" if only to prove the identification of some of the props used. Yet I sense that he is able to have multiple reasons for any one prop.

My bet is that Auver was named by roughly the Aver variation of Vere's (Daver colors) who share a "Vero" motto term with Bullis-like Bouillons, first found in AUVERgne. Bullis'/Bouillons were first found in Suffolk too, and share the Vere star, and then Hovers/Hoffer use bull horns (on a leopard face). AUBRI-de-Vere looks like he can trace to the Abri peoples between the Cavii and the Selepitanoi. The Cavii go to Chives' (at Tarves) whose motto links to Maple's (Tarves Shield), and Maple's share the blue boar with Vere's. Wirrals can be a Vere/Wier branch. The three doves WHIRLed around my maple tree.

I suggest that Trump knows LOTS on Epstein's "customers" and friends, but that he's decided not to spill the beans for the sake of protecting himself politically. This has been his tack all along, we may assume, since he took Office. This is what he may have been afraid of. It's not enough for Trump to say that he rejected Epstein once the latter's scandals became public. The question is; did Trump know of the sins yet remain cozy with both he and the sins?

Epstein is not the sickest thing about this story. The "victims" are. What's wrong with America? Fourteen-year old girls who engaged is sex acts willingly with Epstein's "friends" do NOT seem like victims. At least most of them were evil little sluts, were they not? They were doing it for the money. How's that a "victim." They perform the sex acts, take the money, then go home to mom and day to have dinner. There's a lot of fixing to do in the world, but it's not fixable. To Hell this nation goes with all others. The mother of all sex stations are casinos, didn't you know that? "High-class" hookers infest casinos. Do you think you would choose a good thing to choose a casino owner to be the president of a sex-crazed country?

I didn't have a clear starting point for a heraldic investigation on Monday of this weak, and so I started by trying to figure out the root of "EPPstein." I also wanted to know whether Helps/Halfs were Hepp liners; there is a good line of reason to think to. I started with the Epps/Ebs/Epple's/EpPELIN's, and wondered whether this was an Epp merger with Palins. Looking up Pelins, a few clues came up, though none proving an Epp-Pelin merger thus far. Pelins can be linked to Palins and there to Plains/Platters, and the latter became suspect with Epstein's plane. From the last update: "Pillars/PILOTs share the Palin / Wirral lion....Cloud-on-sun Jeffreys have the Palin stars in colors reversed, and Welsh Jeffreys share the Palin lion." Wirrals are part of the stool-pigeon theme that took place shortly before we heard of Epstein's arrest due to "victims" (former Epstein employees) coming out i.e. stool pigeons.

When I saw that Pelins share the swan in the same colors with French Philips, while Welsh Philips (use this link to load other surnames) share the giant Palin lion, it intrigued me. The "amore patria" motto phrase of Pelins is even like the "amor patriae" of Welsh Philips. One now starts to ask why Pelins and Philips have somewhat-similar spellings. The PHELINs/Whalens, wow, share the same lozenges as French Louis', a thing I've never realized before, yet I've told several times that, after I asked Louise Philips to leave my apartment, my next girlfriend, soon after, was Miss Whelan! I just never load Whelans as "Phelin," and I've never loaded Palmans/Pelhams as Pelins before. And so here we have the evidence that Phelin/Whelans are a branch of Pelins/Pelhams (in the Tooth motto).

Welsh Louis' even share "patriae" with Welsh Philips, and the two use giant lions colors reversed from one another. As I met Louise when she worked at Penningtons, let's repeat that Penningtons share blue lozenges with French Louis', but ZIKERS, I have never known before that "Vincit amore patria" is the motto of both Penningtons and Pelins!!! Unbelievable. It seems that God put me together with Louise Philips for heraldic reasons, and so let's add that the seated lion in the French Louis Crest is in the Crest of Halpers/HalfPENNYS!!! The lions are not in the same colors, but it looks like an heraldic match anyway. HALPers/Halfpennys share the gold fitchee with HELPs/Halfs, but I had no idea I'd be coming the Halpers so soon and forcefully when mentioning Helps/Halfs above.

The amazing thing now is that Stefan Halper, in the last update, got suspect with the shark in the Hicks dream, and that shark had its TEETH around the BELLY of the bulldog (suspect as Trump) while "palman" is in the Tooth motto! Pelhams are the Pelins that started this Epstein-suspect conversation, and who led us forcefully to Louis' and Philips. If Epps/EpPELIN's were an Epp-Pelin merger, we have a story here.

For those of you who know why the phrase, "it felt so good," was found to be code for Goods and Felts, two surnames in relation to Godfrey de Bouillon, note here that Guts are also Goods and that a belly is a gut. This is a new realization right here. "It felt so good" was my phrase used when telling of Peare's belly. I claim that God inspired the phrase, for I used it a few time before realizing that Goods are for Gothelo, GODfrey de Bullion's ancestor. De Bullion's mother was Goda. There was evidence for this claim beyond what I've just said.

Plus, another new thing: Spanish Guts (why the Stick Coat?) have Balt- and Bald-using variations (e.g. BALDERiz), and that goes to king BALDwin, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, and to Bauds, the French branch first found in Auvergne with Bouillons (Felt cross in colors reversed). In fact, what a great place to make this realization, for German Balds/BALDERichs share the hourglass pattern with Helps/Halfs. The Helpe river is in the political domain of de-Bouillon's father. Clapton is on the Gloucestershire border, and Helps/Halfs were first found in Gloucestershire.

WOW. The Spanish Guts/Balderiz's use white greyhound heads with a gold collar, same as the Crest of Irish Melans! MELANia Trump! It's verifying, apparently, that Trump is the bulldog. Isn't it? And isn't it also the Bouillon-dog? Or, as Godfrey was a Fleming, isn't it also the Bully-dog since Bullys use flames? As Wirrals (share the lion of Mailands/Melans) came to topic with Mails, note the Mailand/Mailen variations of English Melans. I can see coming back to this. As a Mail location indicated Mule's, note that Mule's share the double fesses of Mail-like Mabels, for the doves were WHIRLing around a MAPLE tree, and Wirrals came to topic from that whirling. Maple's were first found beside Mabels, and in Essex with Melans/Mailens and Quints. The latter are probably from Quintus CAEPIO(nis), and Italian Capote's/CAPONE's use a mule.

The heraldry above must involve Louise Philips, an old girlfriend soon after I dated her friend, Miss Peare, for a few weeks. One night, the two girls wanted to stay the night in my apartment, and I slept between them in the same small bed (was not a double). We were crunched close, and although there was no sex (I wasn't yet with Louise), I can see this as a symbol of (God's pointer to) sex acts in company Epstein. The two ladies were about 17 years old, so this fits (I was 18). As I said, I awoke in the middle of the night pressing the BELLY of Miss Peare toward me, and I was turned on, but I let go once I became conscious, and went back to sleep. Miss Peare had left me by then for my friend, Mr. Kepke. It just so happens that Heb-like Keeps are in the motto of HEPburns/HEBrons, is that not wild? The Epps/Eppelins are also Ebs'.

In the sleeping-bag dream, there were two women on a platform, and although only one was identified, as Miss Peare, in what I now see as a whistle-blower scene, the second lady is expected to be Miss Philips, for the last time I saw her, she said she was working in choreography = stage work, and the platforms can be proven heraldically to be stages. All of this makes the platform scene of the dream look like it pertains to Epstein's arrest.

For new readers, let me repeat that, the last scene in the sleeping-bag dream was my pulling Miss Peare toward me by her waist, and it felt so good, exactly the feeling on the night I pressed her belly toward me more than four decades earlier. God is working this. As I was on Miss Peare's white horse once, for a trot or gallop or whatever it was technically, I am confident that the waist was used in the dream because WAISTells/Wessels use a white horse "on a gallop." The Gallops use a version of the David Coat, and there was a David Morley in the sleeping-bag dream who made the mall necessary for this same dream, because Morleys/Maule's were needed to apply. The waist scene on the platform was inside the mall.

Why did God point to Waistells/Wessels instead of Whistle's/Wissels with the platform scene. Why didn't he have me whistling at Miss Peare instead? I suppose that God needed to get the Bellys into this picture as per the belly of the bulldog. This dog was head-first into the mouth of the shark, and I think I now understand what this means, for the dog went walking past my leg and just fell or JUMPed into the pool having this nasty shark. The Jumps share the Trump stag head. The Legge's have a stag head in the same colors, and perhaps this was Arranged (by God) as per MAR-a-LAGo. I should add that Scottish Mars share the double lions in pale of Sorrels, the latter being an important topic in the last update that included the Sore river, also called the LEGro river. Trumpincidence? I should add that two lions in the same colors are with Whistle's/Wissels.

There is even an Italian Lago surname looking like it has a version of the Italian Tony Coat, and wow, English Tonys use the maunch-sleeve that appears in some Arms of Leicester, location of the Legro/Sore river!!! The English Tonys, first found in Leicestershire, are known to have been in elite circles of Leicester! Bingo. God is pointing to Mar-a-Lago with the Sorrel weeds of the last update.

Amazingly, Lago's were first found in Sardinia with Avezzano's, who are definitely the line that named Avesnes on the HELPE river!!! Stefan Halper is part of the bulldog half way into the shark's mouth...because he was one of the FBI moles trying to frame Trump.

So, you see, this bulldog jump into the pool, which we can view as the swamp that Trump promised to cleanse, and this has been my story all along for over a year, that Trump is wading in the deep-state swamp even while he attacks the part of it that attacks him. Thus, he's half-way down the throat of the deep-state shark. If he isn't that deep yet, he might still be. I jumped into the pool to save the shark, but saw no outcome because I was transported to Epstein's island. Mar-a-Lago is beside Epstein's Palm Beach operation. Have I been trying to save Trump from the deep state? I have been on Trump's side, yet I have repeatedly criticized him for forming ties with, and choosing for his administration, deep-state players. At times, he appears to be a deep-state player himself.

There's nothing I'd celebrate more than to discover that Trump is, or will be, the number-one stool pigeon. It could very well be true that Trump knew what Epstein was into, as a pimp, but that when Trump discovered the worst (worse than teen hookers), he gagged and split with Epstein and his partners. I have read that Epstein provide Melania for Trump. She looks completely trashy (one of Epstein's "victims"?) in her photo with Epstein, and we can see in the same photo that Trump, not young, has gone for a young chick, Melania. Yes. Then, when he became the president, the Comey boys felt threatened and tried to destroy him, or so my theory goes, due to what he knew of the "Intelligence asset," Jeffrey Epstein.

It's now interesting that the Lago tower is that of Kellys too. I can now trace Kellys to L'Aquila, I think, near Avezzano, and this will have to do with the purple throne of Monaco. But first, I want to go back to Pelins/Palmans, who are in the tooth motto. As I said, I developed a bad tooth to the point that it developed a fistula, which is a small BUMP on the gum that releases PUSS in an effort to cleanse the infection in the tooth. The Bump/BumPUSS surname, can you believe it, shares both griffins in the Tooth Shield and Crest. I was so amazed when discovering this, after telling of the tooth and linking Tooths and Gumms together. As it turned out, Gumms/Come's look linkable to Comeys/Come's, and one Comey Coat can be linked to the Kellys for their sharing combattant lions. Where's this going to go? I have therefore interpreted the shark as a Comey-Halper partnership against Trump.

Here's why. One day, the filling dropped out on this bad tooth, and before long the entire right side of the tooth was gone, leaving exactly HALF the molar. That's a Halper code from God, I assume. I have never had puss since because I'm able to keep the bottom of the tooth clean, which was impossible with the filling still in. I'm praying that God will give this a complete healing, and it does feel healed so long as I keep sugar out of the bloodstream.

Back to Pelins/Palmans, said to have named BRENT Pelham and Brand-like BARNDEpelham. German Brands/Brents (share flames with Monaco's) use what look like bundles of sticks, and Sticks were first found in Somerset with English Brents. The latter use a giant wyvern dragon in colors reversed from the same of neighboring Drake's, and the motto of Drake's is suspect with L'Aquila (Abruzzo capital). Drake's are in Dreux colors, and Dreux is a location in Eure, at Evreux, the line of Abruzzo's/Abreu's sharing combattant lions with Kellys, and both have a tower between their two lions. Kelly are also Kellia's expected in the Aquila-like "Auxilia" motto term of Helps/Halfs. Do you see how neat this is? The Avezzano's from near L'Aquila were at the Helpe river. Avezzano is off the Salto river down to Rieti, home of Vespasia POLLA, mother of the Biblical dragon line as per the 4th of seven heads, emperor Vespasian, followed by his son, emperor Titus, the destroyers of Jerusalem.

The Titus surname was first found in Worcestershire with Halpers/Halfpennys and Tooth-beloved Pelins/Palmans. My half tooth. The Kelly lion is share by Polla-line Poole, recalling the shark in the pool, that it represents Stefan Halper. Poole is a location between the Drake's of Hampshire and the Brents of Somerset, and the Kelly lion along with the Monaco lion are identical to the Poole lion. The Drake-related Brents are in the Pelin/Palman motto, and while we saw good evidence that Palins apply, Palins were first found in Dorset with the Poole location. Just look at all that.

Plus, while Tooths love Pelins/Pelhams, the Tooth griffin (eagle-headed dragon) is a giant one in the colors of the similar, giant wyvern of Brents. The eagle (I'm assuming it to be an eagle) of Helps/Halfs is expected from the eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila. However, if it's a falcon, it can be the falcon of Stevens, first found in Gloucestershire with Helps/Halfs, thus pointing to STEFAN Halper. We need to ask why Italian Stefans share the Chief of Fantes' and Panico's/Panetta's, all three first found in Bologna? Or, why are the Help/Half lions in Fountain colors? Is the black Fontana eagle the one in the Arms of L'Aquila. I was in L'Aquila as a boy, and all I remember there was the lit-up area around it's fountain, at what is probably the social center of the city.

I was in L'Aquila because my mother was born seven miles from that city, and as she was born to a Masci mother, let's add that the Chiefs of Stefans, Fantes' and Panico's all share the Masci fleur-de-lys. My mother's father was a Grimaldi, and Grace Kelly married prince of Monaco, a Grimaldi. Grace Kelly (died suspiciously in a car accident) is known for bring baron Massy to the Grimaldi family. One of the barons Massy married Miss Quintana, and Quintana's use three dice all showing a 6 for a 666 connotation to go along with the purple throne of the prince of Monaco, and the Monaco / Kelly lion look descended from Vespasian.

Stefans happen to share the comet with Reines', and the latter's one half of the Shield, because its a colors-reversed version of the PISA Coat, makes the Reines comet look like God's pointer to Comet Ping Pong PIZZA, owned by the alleged pedophile, James AleFANTIS, like the Fantes surname (shows boys, that's right, a Meschin symbol) sharing the Stefan Chief.

Now, if you read the last update, you are witness that I linked Comey and Halper to the shark apart from mention of the Stefan surname. The Come variation of Comeys links to Gumms/Come's, and the cat of Comeys/Come's is the only one I know of showing TEETH, that's right. As Tooths love Pelins/Palmans, the Gumm/Come lion could be the Palin / Philips lion, therefore. Helps/Halfs not only have lions in Fountain colors, but the three Fountain fesses are in the colors of the one of French Paine's/Payne's while Panico's are also Pane's. The Guido's, first found in Bologna with Panico's, Fantes' and Stefans, share the hourglass shape of Helps/Halfs, and moreover they both use red lions, making it appear that God named Stefan Halper's first name for this Help link to Stefans. The Pasi's of Bologna are suspect with the naming of VesPASia Polla.

Pasi's are also Pascels while the Pascals (L'Aquila eagle?) share the lion of Irish Phillips'/Philbens. The latter's has a gold crown, as does the identical Levi lion. The Pascal eagle is that also of Rieti-liner Reeds. Pascals are said to be from Pasci in Abruzzo-related Eure. Miss Whelan was Karen, and Karens/Kerns share the sleeping moon with Rieti-line Roets (share book with Reeds). REDmaine's are suspect with Demaine's, and I later dated Miss Pascal on Demaine crescent, the street I lived on too. My next girlfriend after Miss Pascal was soon-after, Kelly, followed quickly by Diane MUSCHATov, and then MUSCHETs (Essex), sharing the Epstein Coat (almost), come up as "Much" while Pascals were at a Much location in Essex. Wow, I didn't expect that.

I met Miss Waleran-like Whelan from Rick YOUNG because he was dating her sister. Youngs share the three Leavell/Lovell piles, and the Beaumonts who married Waleran de Leavell ruled Leicester as earls. We read with Pascals that the earl Robert of Leicester was involved with granting Much to the Pascals. It may have been the daughter of one of the Robert Beaumonts who married Waleran. Leavells are suspect in the Llewelyn name to which Welsh Louis' / Lewis are traced. "Robert [Beaumont, earl of Leicester] was born between 1040–1050, the eldest son of Roger de Beaumont (1015–1094) by his wife Adeline of Meulan (died 1081), a daughter of Waleran III, Count de Meulan..."

Hmm, Mr. Young was a next-door neighbor of Mr. Kepke, and I saw VINCE Pearce punch Kepke in the mouth (in the teeth?) on Young's driveway. Pearce's are a branch of Percivals while Waleran de Leavell was a son of Gouel de Percival. "Vincit" is a motto term of Pelins/Pelhams, but the latter's motto in full is shared by Penningtons with roughly the Percy Coat in colors reversed. Glenn Philips, brother of Louise, was a friend of Vince Pearce. After Glenn kneed me in the face, I kicked Louise out of the apartment, and started dating Miss Whelan. That's how it happened.

Repeat: "Pelhams are the Pelins that started this Epstein-suspect conversation, and who led us forcefully to Louis' and Philips. If Epps/EpPELIN's were an Epp-Pelin merger, we have a story here." Eppstein's from the L'Aquila line / Monaco line? I caught wind that elites of Monaco's Grimaldi's were sexually perverted, and my own Grimaldi cousin came to run a strip joint. The "DUCit" motto term of Welsh Philips can be for Bar-le-Duc elements because French Louis' were first found in Lorraine with bar-le-Duc. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc use pansies, and Pansy's were first found in WestPHALia with German Ducks and Pelin-like Velins (ducks), lookie at that. The wavy fesses of Phillips'/Philbens are in the colors of the fesses of the German Ducks. It begs whether Westphalia was named by Phelins. I happen to trace Velins to mont Velino up from Avezzano! Bingo. That works. And while Phelans are the Whelans, the Miss Whelan I dated lived on the same street as my Grimaldi-Masci mother, though I dated her seven years after we moved from that street.

Kelly have a "Turris" motto term that gets the Terras'/Turris' with an "Amore" motto. Where have we seen that before? With the Pelins/Pelhams and Philips. Now watch. The Terras/Turris Coat is that of Scotts "Amo", and they both have a stag in Crest. The, the two Scott Coats are forms of the two Talbot Coats, and chances are that the Talbots with the Coat like that of Scotts and Terras'/Turris' together have the Masci fleur...because le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois. Then, the red border on white Shield of the other Talbots (Shropshire, same as Meschins) and the other Scotts is shared by Hepps/Heppels/EPPLE's, a surname sharing the Epple variation with Epps/Eppels/EpPELINs. Hepps/Epple's were first found in Northumberland with HEBburns/Hebrons and Greys, the latter having a Talbot Coat in colors reversed. Hepburns were at Chillingham, and Scotts at Chilham castle. Recall that the "Auxilia" motto term of Helps/Halfs that brought us to the Killia variation of Kellys, for the term is like the Chillin surname (curved white fish), first found beside the first-known Childs/Chills.

So, the Kelly motto brought us to Massy-line Masci's = Meschins and to Pelin liners, apparently. Recall how Pelins got us quickly to Philips and Louis', for it just so happens that German Hepps (same as Hind Coat) have the three Louis lozenges in colors reversed. It can suggest that Louise Philips and Chris Peare do point to Epstein. But why were her names made of part of the picture drawn here?

Recall that the "Auxilia" motto term of Helps/Halfs seems applicable to "L'Aquila." Where do Helps trace to? Ah, yes to Helpe's river Avesnes, the rulers of which married a noble of Champagne, explaining why Avezzano's and French Champagne's share the crutch pattern in their bends. L'Aquila and Avezzano are in the Maruvium land of the Marsi, known to be from Merovingians, and CHILDeric was the first Merovingian king...whose wife (Basina) traces to the Bessin, home of the first Meschin. The Chillin Coat is a version of the French Mar/More Coat, amazingly enough. The curved Chillin fish look like they belong to same-colored, curved fish of Bar-le-Duc (recalls "Ducit" of Philips) in Lorraine (where Louis' were first found), and Lorraine's share the Child/Chill eagle. The father of the first Meschin was of BRIQUESsart, and Bricks share the Coat of PHELINs/Whelans. I dated Miss Whelan weeks after ending it with Louise. The Brick lozenges are in the colors of the Louise lozenges, unbelievably enough, and "BriquesSART" looks like a Sardinian / Shirt/Shard entity, for Avezzano's were first found on Sardinia...with Lago's! Zinger. We just saw the French Mars. Mar-a-Lago!

Recall how Lago's are expected with the Italian Tony Coat and with Legro river of Leicester, which is the Sore river while Sorrels/Sorwells share the double lions in pale of Scottish Mars! Double Zinger. English Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire. What does all of this mean as per Trump? I can only guess. The Sorrels are new to me. I found them when checking "heart-shaped weed" at google. The first one to come up was the oxalis, otherwise called the wood sorrel. And Woods were first found in Leicestershire, BY THE WAY! It looks like Intelligent Design on heraldry details to line up with my sorrel weeds. You don't know how big this is. God didn't subject me to this many years of plugging away at heraldry for next to nothing. I always connect Ranulph le Meschin (son of Briquessart) to Leghs (same lion as Ranulph), and Legge's have a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head.

The only clue I have on guessing at what this all means is that I jumped into the pool to help the stupid bulldog. He didn't put up a fight; he was in the shark's mouth looking at darkness in an instant. But if I jumped in to help Trump, then I suppose that God might help him overcome the wicked, but not for free. You need to pay God a big price Mr. Trump, but He's not wanting your money or corporate America's money. What do you think God wants, Mr. Trump? The dream then turned to Epstein's island. What does trump know about that, which the world needs to discover? How bad, and bad and wide, is the Epstein empire? Did Trump get some of his hookers, for his casinos, from Epstein? Or was Trump turned off of that scene?

In the Hicks dream up Epstein's island, the woman was Charlotte Hicks, with a Reines-like Rena middle name. Her first name is a lot like "harlot." I'm not suggesting that Miss Hicks is a harlot, but that God may have named her such so that she could be a pointer to Epstein's harlots.

WOW, I've just looked up Cassins as per "casino" to find the three Epstein chevrons! Did God arrange that for this very minute? Cassins are the Cassane's/Cassandra's that are a variation of Irish Pattersons, who share the French-Mar scallops. That's pretty amazing. Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, and Ross' may have the lion of the Scottish Mars, for the earl of Mar was near Ross-shire. Italian Cassano's/Cassandra's have one fesse in the colors of the three of Casino's.

The "alis" motto term of Cassins recalls that Alis' share a sword across a fir tree with Alpins, who are like the Halpin variation of Halpers. Were we not on a Helpe-river liner when on the Marsi of Abruzzo? "Alis" is a motto term also of Simpsons, and the other Simpsons share the Epp/Epple/Eppelin lion. It's curious that the three nebuly fesses of Casino's are colors reversed from the two nebuly fesses of Rivers, and neither Coat has anything else. Rivers were first found in Buckinghamshire with both Simpson surnames, but what are Rivers doing in this? I don't know. They might not belong in this picture. MARina's and Maria's use nebuly in black.

Hmm, the two fesses of Rivers are in the colors of the two of Pepe's/Peppards while the Epps/Eppelins are also Eppards. Pepe's were interesting in the last update, no less when finding Pimps listed with Pape's/Pope's. Halpers share the checkered Shield of Pepoli's (Bologna).

After writing the above, I went to Alpins as Halper-like "Calper," and from there to "Calvin." (Hmm, Claps/Clappers can relate to CLAPton on the Gloucestershire border, and CALPer-like Halpers were first found in Gloucestershire.) When reading that king KENNETH MacAlpin may have been a mythical person, and knowing that British myth usually names mythical people after surnames, I was more sure that Kenneths were from "Kenza" of Aures in the land of the Shawia, a Numidian people group to which proto-Massys / Meschins / Mascals belonged. One can see this where French Calvins share the Meschin scallops and a Shield in the colors and format of English Shaws/SHEAVES', and the latter's "qui" motto term happens reveal that they are a branch of KEY-using Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila!!! What are the chances?

To verify that Calvins are of "Alpin," English Calvins share the trefoil with Italian Albino's, first found in Modena with the Cassano's/Cassandra's having one fesse in the colors of the three Casino's, and then, unbelievably enough, while the Casino's use their fesses with a nebuly pattern, there is one such fesse, in the same blue color, with Calvin-like Alvins/Ellwyns (what are the chances!), first found in Devon with English Calvins. English Calvins share the fesse motto with "vinces," and English Shaws use "Vincit" and "PATItur", which we have seen before. French CALVins are said to be from CAUVille of CALVados, at least roughly where Meschins and Caens (share CAVE Shield) were, and the Caen fretty is shared by Fessy-related Taffs that use both a "mea" motto term and the Mea/Meigh cross. Mea's/Meighs share the fitchees of English Albins/Aubins, the latter from Abruzzo line Eure (at St. TAURIN, may be in "patiTUR"), yet first found in Devon with Calvins and Alvins. Like "patITUR," Kenneths/MacKENZIE's (like "Kenza" of Aures) use "itur." Albins/Aubins were at Devon's Barnstaple while Barnstaple's share the trefoils of Italian Albino's, first found in Modena with Marano's/MAURITANO's, Morinis' and Moor-head Morano's, all likely from Juba of Mauritania, a descendant of king Massena, and husband of Glaphyra Archelaus. The latter's name is highly suspect to key-using CLAVers (Meschin colors and format), like "Clapper," but also like "CALVin," hmm. As Glaphyra was of Cappadocia, and because she married two Herods besides Juba, I connect her to the proto-Herod line between Cassander of Macedonia to his descendant, Nysa of Cappadocia. "Cassander" is very connectable to Cassane's/Cassandra's (Epstein chevrons) and therefore to Casino's.

Mascula is a location in Numidia, and Meschins are MASCULine's too. Keiths of the Musselburgh area come up as "Mascal." Keiths were at Haddington while Haddingtons share the MORENcy and Calvin cross. Mussels/Muscels (Meschin colors and format) use "plates," which is why I'm pegging the Palin-related Plains/PLATErs with the Coat of French Calvins, for whatever that's worth as per the paper plane in the Obama dream, or the Lolita of Epstein. Meschins lived in the Bessin with the line of Quadratilla Bassus, and her line to Quade's/Wade's and Irish Mackays share's the black-on-white wolf with Lolita's/LOYOLs while MACKesy/Margesons use a "LOYALite ME" motto phrase. Mea's/Meighs (Fessy / Taff cross) are also Mee's (Numidia-like "numine" term) sharing the raven with Margys/Mackeys. Taffs were first found in Louth (same as Paper-like Pepe's/PAPPERds), and Louths share the upright black wolf with Lolita's. Keiths/Mascals were in Louth-like Lothian. Louth is in the ballpark of baron Massys of Dublin, near to where Kellys were first found who provided baron Massy in Monaco.

Just realized that the "BeNIGno" motto term of Mea's/Meigh's can be for Nigers who share a string of five lozenges (same colors) with Keith-related Marshalls. Nimo's/NewMARSH's (Numans?) have a "show" motto term while Shows are also Shawia-like Schaws. Other Show variations suggest a branch of Schere's using Aures-suspect "ears." In fact, they share ears of wheat with Chappes'/Cheaps, first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's/Newmarsh's. AND, Niger-like Negro's use more ears of wheat! Amazing, for I had no idea it would come to this when starting this paragraph.

The StanGRIM Noueman character in the Newman/Numan write-up might be a Grimaldi of Monaco or Genova. The latter location was of the Grimaldi-related Fieschi, a line of Fessys and likely Fisks, for the Fisk Shield is covered in checks in the colors of the similar lozenges that cover the Grimaldi Shield. These Shields are comparable to those of Beach's and Clappers, the latter two using "VAIR fur" while Vairs share the Fisk Shield, and while the Grimaldi Shield should therefore be with Irish Weirs. Scottish Weirs/Vere's trace themselves to AUBri de Vere, and Albins/Aubins have a bend in colors reversed from the same of Were's/Wears (Devon, same as Albins/Aubins). Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (likely of the L'Aquila-line Drake's) traced his witchy ancestors to king Alpin / MacAlpin, and thus his line traces to Numidians, beside the child-sacrificing Carthaginians. They say that pedophile rings sacrifice children.

Aubri de Vere started the long rule of Vere's in Oxfordshire, where Amore's and their Damory/Amori (Moors?) branch were first found. The French Aubins share a string of four blue lozenges with Penningtons, and the latter's motto has the phrase, "Vincit amore," sharing "Vincit" with Shaws/Sheaves, the line of L'Aquila's Sheaves'/Chiava's.

Connection of Massena-line Numidians to Messina of Sicily seems logical. Eaves'/Evers are said to be from Eure, and also from Mitton while Mittons have a double-headed eagle upon Masci / Massena/MESSINA colors. In the Eaves/Ever Crest, there are the three legs in the Arms of Sicily (location of Messina), the Arms of Man (had ruling Masci liners), and the Arms of Fussen. There's a ram in the Mitton Crest, and what do you know? Spanish Ramo's share the Abruzzo/Abreu towers...making the Mitton eagle connectable to L'Aquila elements. This is all new; I happened to look Eaves' and Mittons up from the Basil write-up. I happened to check Mitton-like Mitterands to find a version of the Italian Tony Coat, and then the latter have Antonia of Baux in Messina. Checking Baux's, they are the Bauds (Evreux- / Abreu-like AUVERgne) using a giant ram! The Auvergne's (Masci fleur) can therefore have the Kelly tower and the Abreu lions in Auvergne-tower colors.

OH WOW. The Hovers/Hoffers share the giant leopard face with Anton(y)s, and while Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) was HOVERing in her car, Hicks use an Eure-like "heure" motto term! Bingo. It appears that this is further confirmation that I've correctly identified the woman of that dream. As I've said, the Cars have a motto suspect with the Serio river at CREMA, and German Cremers/Cramers use the ram!!! Excellent. Irish Cremers/Cramers (Masci fleur) use a Crest very linkable to the Bibo/Bible Coat which has a cushion, the Kilpatrick symbol! Wow, her hovering in a car has finally been deciphered in a deeply, correct way.

OH WOW, the Cremer/Cramer motto: "Non DORmit qui CUSTodet" is translated The sentinel SLEEPS not"!!! AMAZING. Plus, look at "dorMIT, possible for Mittons. The Custs share the Kis/CUSH Coat (should explain the Bibo cushions), and the latter share the Bibo/Bible rooster, said to be that of Hahns. This recalls my intuitive claim that Miss Hicks should be connected to the ice-cream girl, Katrina Hanson, and it was her cream symbol that brought Cremers/Cramers to topic. German Hansons (Lombard lozenges and old Visconti snake in green) can be traced to Lombardy in two ways, location of Crema.

As I trace proto-Masci's to Bassianus' at the Cetina river, it's probably correct that the split-Mitton colors are those of Cetins/Cattans, for the latter's Saracen head suggests Saracens in Sicily, and the pellets are shared by Basils i.e. tending to identify Basils as Bassus' / Bassianus'. As I see L'Aquila and the Mosca's in the Drake motto, it's notable that Nicholas de Vere von DRAKenberg claimed Vere descent from the ancient MITANNi on the HABUR river, and that river's name is probably the origin of "Abruzzo." "Vere" is like "Ever," and Vere's share the Massy quadrants.

The Abruzzo capital was Aprutium, like "Aphrodite," and I trace the latter term to "Euphrates" because the Habur was it's tributary. The Habur was also "Khabur," and this goes to "Kabeiri," the secret-society cult of Hephaestus, husband of Aphrodite. The latter was made born on Cyprus, and the Ajax cult from Cyprians ended up at Cetis, where the Bassus > Bassianus line ruled.

When reading the Epstein and Clinton were both close to a Rachel Chandler, I noted that Chandlers have a Coat like that of Fisks but using what could be the Gallop bend-with-lion. The Fisk/Fisc motto almost has the four words in the Kenneth/McKenzie motto, and to this I wonder about Spuds MacKenzie, the bull terrier of Bud Light to which God connected the bulldog in the Hicks dream. The shark is shaping up to be a Comey-Halper partnership against Trump, and Halpers/Halpins share a triangle / pyramid with Fisks/FISCS. Did God arrange that? Looks like, yes, for Comey allowed his FBI people to attack Trump with the FISA court, called, FISC.

Plus, BattiSTELLI's, a branch of Steele's, share the pyramid with Fisks/Fiscs, and Comey allowed the Steele dossier to be used in fooling the FISA court into granting spy powers over Trump's presidential affairs (though the court may not have been fooled at all). Battistelli's not only share billets in Chief with English Steele's, but the latter's checks are in the Halper Coat. It looks like God set these heraldic things up for pointing fingers to the guilty. The Halper Shield is shared by Pepp-like Pepoli's (Bologna), and Pape's/Pope's/PIMPs share the checks of Warrens while the "ad" motto term of Fisks is suspect with Ada of Warenne. Kenneths/Kenzie's substitute "ad" with "as," and Ass'/Assi's use a Fieschi- / Fisk-suspect fasces.

The fasces is made of a bundle of sticks while sticks are from the Astikas' of Vilnius, and it just so happens that the Arms of Vilnius has a fasces too, which is held by one woman while the other woman holds scales, they being in the Ass/Assi Coat too. The Assi bundle of sticks is in the Coat of German Brents/Brands, X-shaped bands included, And the English Brents (Somerset, same as Sticks) are the ones with the Drake wyVERN (suspect with Warren liners) in colors reversed. The Drake wyvern was used by dukes of Poland's Masovia, and Astikas' married Traby of Poland. Brents became a topic in this update as per a couple of locations of Pelins/Palmans, the latter not only being in the Tooth motto, but suspect in the Epps/EpPELIN surname. Who in particular do we think the shark's teeth represent? As was said, the Comey cat shows a tooth.

I'm trying to make sense of the Gallop bend with lion being possibly of the three lions on the Chandler bend, all in the same colors. Ahh, just realized only after asking the question: it just so happens that CHANDLEr-like CANDLEsticks are used by Kyle's (Aures-suspect Ayrshire), and candlesticks honor the Sticks too. Indeed, for Yells ("Numine"), first found in Shetland with Assi's, share the Stick garb.

Door-Handle Dream Points to Epstein's Hookers

This recalls the door-handle dream, with rim of fire. I was up high, and dropped a container upside-down on its lid, on the ground, when flames started to appear all around the rim. I YELLED "fire," and JUMPed down to the ground to smother the flames. As Jumps share the Trump stag head, it appears that I was again trying to help Trump, the big dope in the Shark's mouth. The Brents/Brands put flames on their bundle of sticks, and I just had a fire last night as I write here, burning branches on a large and round heap of weeds. And while the bulldog being HALF in the shark's mouth is shaping up to represent Halper, Fire's/Firs/Furs are beloved of the fir tree of Halpin-like Alpins/Calvins, right?

We now ask whether the "AuXILia" motto term of Helps/Halfs included Kyle's as a Kelly/Killia branch, and Keele's/Kills happen to share the Yell crescent! So, yes, Kyle's look like they apply to that motto.

The question I had is whether Chandlers use the Gallop bend, and whether this has to do with the white horse, on a gallop, of Waistells/Wessels, and the waist symbol of Miss Peare, on whose horse I went for a gallop. Waistells/Wessels happen to share the garbs of Avisons, the Avezzano > Avesnes line on the Helpe river. That involved Halpers, right? And while God seemingly linked the bulldog of Spuds MacKenzie, Kenneth-like Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as the Kyle location of Kyle's) use an "Avise' motto term that can be for the Avis variation of Avisons. Spuds is the mascot of Bud Light beer, and Lights/Lite's (Somerset, same as Sticks) are expected in the "Lighter than air" motto of Ayers, from Ayrshire. It appears to have Intelligent Design for pointing to Stefan Halper.

As Halper was together with a Mr. Baker of the military, it's notable that while Comey's head lawyer (at the FBI) was another Mr. Baker, English Bakers share the passant lion of Margesons/Mackesys, expected from Marjory/Margaret Carrick of Ayrshire. Carricks were Kennedy kin. Carricks were from Proculus Charax, son of Lupus Laevillus of Cetis, and Kennedys were from the Kennati priests of Cetis, and as Proculus was a son of QUADratilla Bassus, we note that Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire) are a branch of the Irish Mackays that share the three wolf heads of Quade's/Wade's. The latter are suspect in the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's because Scarfs use three wolf heads too, and it's the wolf head of Hugh Lupus, the earl of Chester soon after the position would be taken by his nephew, Ranulph le Meschin. finally, the English Bakers happen to share the Meschin scallops.

But there's more, for while Spuds MacKenzie appears in a Baytown-Sun photo with Mr. Kilpatrick, husband of Miss Hicks in the Epstein-island dream, the Baker saltire is that also of Kilpatricks. And the latter's "make" motto term is for Mackay-branch Maxwells/Makeswells sharing the same saltire, while Ms. Chandler is expected to have been in cahoots with Epstein's Ms. Maxwell, his pimp manager. Ms. Maxwell was at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. hello? Bakers compare well with French Calvins of the Bessin theater.

Mr. Kilpatrick is down the page a bit from the top; you can make out "Dr H.W. Kilpatrick" in the caption. Note the children in the photo. Miss Hicks (born December 1956) is in the photo under "Barbecue Cook Off," for this photo was once available much larger, and her name appears in the caption, if I recall correctly, But even if not, the page says that she was the trophy girl for the contest. Mr. Kilpatrick died in December, 2015, at 89, making him born in 1924/25. He's 31-32 years older than his wife, and married her around 20 years of age, suggesting he was maybe making out with her perhaps as young as 18. The cook off contest was in about April of 1987 (date of the Baytown article), when Miss Hicks was 30 1/2 years old, and Mr. Kilpatrick was about 62. To put it another way, she was HALF his age at the contest with the bull terrier, and we saw why Helps/Halfs should relate to the bulldog in the dream where Miss Hicks appeared.

With Halper now suspect at the shark, I can go to the love theme of the dream, touched upon in the last update. After I touched Miss Hicks' knee, she came instantly into my arms, and we rose in love together into the sky. The RISING was for Rhizon/Risinium, a location right at Kotor where shark-liner Saraca's lived, according to Wikipedia's Saraka article. In other words, while I thought, back in 1979, that God was promising me this woman as a wife, it turned out that the dream was symbolism. So, we now go to my story on Lovie Howell, the rich, spoiled woman on the old TV show, Gilligan's island. One day, when our church was having an outdoor service, we were all to wear cowboy, but when Miss Hicks arrived, she gave me the impression of being Lovie Howell. The latter just came forcefully to mind, and as I followed the clues on her husband -- Jim Backus in real life -- I came to Jim (James) Baker of the FBI as a potential whistle-blower on Obama, and then fell upon another James Baker of the military. Lovie-like LOVINGER is in this quote:

In the video above, Shaffer says that a Mr. Baker paid Stefan Halper to spy on Trump:
A Pentagon whistleblower was stripped of his security clearance and demoted after complaining about questionable government contracts with both FBI informant spy Stefan Halper and a company headed by Chelsea Clinton's "best friend" for whom then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arranged meetings, reports the Washington Times.

Adam Lovinger, a Trump supporter and 12-year veteran of the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment (ONA), filed a whistleblower reprisal complaint with the Defense Department's inspector general in May against ONA boss James Baker - who hired Halper...

I had thought that to be pretty compelling, but can now entertain it as the love theme in the dream. The Backus Coat is not a bad reflection of the Help/Half Coat, though I would like to have seen a better match. English Bakers (Kilpatrick saltire) were first found in Durham with Backus', and Miss Hicks is/was Mrs. Kilpatrick.

Plus, here's a Mackesy Coat with a green snake, the symbol in the Backus Crest. English Bakers use the same passant lion as Mackesys/Margesons, colors reversed from the passant lion of Jewish Levi's/Levine's.

One can even compare English Levi's/Levine's/LEVINGE's (Westmorland, same general area as the Cumberland Backus'), having a Lovinger-like variation, with the Baker Coat, but then the Coat of these Levi's/Levine's is very much like the PLAIN/Plater Coat that pointed with Mackesy/Margesons to the Lolita plane. That's pretty amazing, since I didn't know of the Lolita back in the 3rd update of May, when my Lovinger story was conceived.

Plains/Platters were pointed to in the paper plane of the Obama dream (about three weeks after Trump took office) that ended with a scene of a BACK to which I linked Jim Backus / Jim Baker. That is, after Obama was happy dancing and skateboarding thanks to Trump being useless in attacking the deep state, the dream ended with his looking disappointedly at an employee whose back was toward me and Obama. The employee was looking over his shoulder listening to Obama chewing him out. I couldn't help but notice the employee's back. In the dream, when I touched Miss Hicks' knee, she was hovering on her BACK LEVEL, and Levels are listed with Lovie-like Leavells/Lovells.

Just go ahead and compare English Bakers with LOVicks/Lofwicks (share the Waleran bull heads), a possible branch of Love's/Luffs.

Now lookie. The beautiful symbol of Miss Hicks was a pointer to Waleran de Leavell, who married the Beaumonts of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan have nothing but a checkered Shield, shared by French Louvier's (Levi kin for sure), but Louvier's throw in a wolf in the colors of the Lolita wolves! Wow. English Louvier's are listed with LOVINGs/Louvains, and the latter share the Coat of Masons/Massins (Kent, same as those Louvains) of Thanet. The latter island is from Zanata of the Numidians, where I trace Spuds MacKENZIE, the pointer to the dream's bulldog. One of the MacKenzie Coats has an "uro" motto term (like the "heure" of Hicks, by the way), and I think "uro" is for something like the Aurs/Aures', because queen KENZA was from an Aures tribe. The Aurs/Aures' came up (last update) because they share a red lion in both Shield and Crest with Virgins; the latter had suggested the Virgin Islands, home of Jeffrey Epstein. The "non" motto term of the same MacKenzie's must be for Nons/Nevins, first found in Aures-suspect Ayrshire with Margys/Mackeys (i.e. suspect as a Margeson/Mackesy branch).

By the way, Virgins ("NUNquam") were first found in Kent with Masons / Louvier's/Lovings and Gaunts, explaining why the Arms of Gaunt has a virgin with lion. The Lowick variation of Lovicks/Lofwicks had me loading Lowes', whose Loy variation reminded of the same of French Louis', suggesting the Lewis / Louis bloodline, and Lewis' are said to be from Leavell-like "Llewelyn." The gold wolf heads of Lowes'/Loys (share "spero" with Masons/Massins) can be the gold one in the Gaunt Crest. Lowes'/Loys share a bend-with-bendlets with Gone's/GUENETs (Belgium, same as Gaunt). Gaunts are beloved by the gauntlet gloves of Maceys, a branch of Dunham-Masci / Dunham-Massey.

It's interesting that while the "spero" motto term of Lowes'/Loys (same bend as ShakeSPEARE's) indicates Shakespeare's, the Shake's use, not moles alone, but mole HILLs while Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Lowes'/Loys and Halpers! Stefan Halper was an FBI mole. Lookie: Mole's share the boar head of Schims/Schiens (Aberdeenshire, same as Skene's) while Skene's share gold wolf heads with Lowes'/Loys! It tends to prove that Lowes'/Loys were of Hills and Shakespeare's. Skene's even share the laurel garland of Hills while Louis'/Loys were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's (NorthUMBERland, beside Cumberland) use laurel too. The "Avancez" motto term of hills must be for Vance's/Vaux's (Solomon Coat, almost), for English Vaux's (Cumberland, same as Backus') share the Shield of French Louvier's.

One can even take this to Louvier-like Olivers (Levine/Loving Chief in colors reversed), who use laurel LEAVES, and to Spanish Olivers with a Howell-like owl; Owls are also Howls. There's what looks like Mr. Lovinger tying in with Howell liners. This is new. Howells were even first found in MONmouthshire with gauntlet-glove Fane's/Vans (Clan Chattan uses "glove"), and La Louviere is a location smack beside Mons, the capital of Hainaut, while Wikipedia's article of the counts / county of Hainaut shows the three Levi chevrons as an Arms of those counts. Scottish Olivers even share "ad" with MacKenzie's. The crowned heart of Scottish Olivers is that of Douglas' while Castle Douglas is near to Kilpatrick castle, suggesting the possibility that the Kilpatrick lion is the Levi lion, in which case the Baker saltire does look like the Kilpatrick saltire because the Baker lion is a colors-reversed version of the Kilpatrick lion. This tends to explain why Lovie Howell came to mind with Mrs. Kilpatrick.

As Meschins of Cheshire ruled Cumberland, it's not surprising to see the Mackay / Quade wolf heads in the Cumberland Crest. These wolf heads are in the colors of the wolves above. The Cumberland chevron is likely that of Shaws and Hamons, as per Hamon de Masci of Cheshire's DUNHAM-Masci, where I trace Obama's mother. The white wings in the Cumberland Crest are thus those of Masci's, likely. Combers/Comers (could be the Mosca leopard) share a red dancette with Cheshire's Chee's/Cheatle's, a possible branch of Clan Chattan to which Comeys/Come's/Combe's belonged. Jim Comey is thus-far in the shark's teeth with Halper, right? The "dominabITUR astris" motto phrase of Combers/Comers evokes the "Sic itur as astra" motto term of MacKenzie's. As Backus' were first found in Cumberland, is this a small Sign of the Comey-Baker team at the FBI?

The other MacKenzie's use a "Lucco" motto term while a cat is used by Lucca's while Botters of Lucca are part of Clan Chattan. One can read "dominaBITUR" as code for Botter-like Bitars/Butters. The latter's cross is so-much like that of Aflacks that I've conjectured a link of Bitars/Butters and Aflacks to Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq, the two co-founders of the Syrian BAATHists. The Bath Coat is even linkable to that of Scottish Randolphs (from Marjory Carrick) to which Obama's Dunham line can be linked. But it's pretty amazing here that the Bath cross is shared by Cumbers/Comers/Campbellfords, for the motto term above is from Combers/Comers. The Syrian Baathists spread to Iraq, and Obama put Joe Biden in charge of Iraq while Bidens/Buttons are linkable to both Botter surnames. Joe Biden may yet become the next president.

This update started with a video by Ring of Fire. Immediate upon seeing that name, the fire around the rim of the container came to mind, but I didn't mention it because coincidences do occur, and, besides, I don't see why Ring of Fire should apply to the fire around the rim. However, just now, on Thursday afternoon, I had another Ring of Fire video loaded, and this is where I heard the name of Chelsea HANDLER. In the dream, I complained to the previous owner of my Jeep about a broken HANDLE (on the Jeep), and the very next scene was me up high dropping the container on its rim. Wikipedia: "In 2010, Handler reportedly attended a dinner party at Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan mansion. This was soon after Epstein was released from a 13 month jail sentence for soliciting prostitution from children."

Handler's mother was a Mormon, as was the wife of the previous owner of the Jeep. Handle's/Handlers share the Moray Coat, both using the stars of Douglas' (Moray, same as Bellys), and there are flames in the Douglas Crest. The Douglas' use a heart, and there are flames with the heart of Belly-like Bullys, the latter first found in Dumfries with Rims/Rome's and Castle Douglas. I JUMPed to smother the fire; the bulldog jumped into the pool; Jumps share the white-on-blue Belly roses. The Bullys became suspect with the bulldog, which had a row of teeth circling its belly. That works very neatly, doesn't it? The "Jamais" motto term of Douglas' must be for the James' using the same term. This may be a pointer to Epstein's island, Little Saint James. As per "RING of fire," isn't it interesting that Rings/Ringsteads share black scallop on a chevron with James'?

In the dream, I heard or knew that the missing part of the door handle was "barrel" shaped. The English barrels put a Doug-like dog in their Chief, which happens to be in the colors of the Douglas Chief. Moreover, in a real-life event, I say that God placed (through a human) a MEDALlion on the hood of my Jeep, and Medals are listed with DOUGals. Dougals were related to Bauds (Hood/Hoot crescents), first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs while Jeepma's are also CHEPs. We can also say that the Barrel Coat is almost the Clun Coat while Cluns were first found in Perthshire (beside Stirlingshire) with Dogs/Doags.

There's probably more to the barrel-shaped part than mentioned here. To act as proof that God wants the barrels in the picture, their Barwell location is in Leicestershire, where Simon de Montfort ruled, and the previous owned of the jeep was of Italian Simons having a giant lion colors reversed from the same of Montforts. Plus, Wells share a two-tailed lion with Wells that may have contributed to "BarWELL," for I even recall the Wells being in Meulan, where the Beaumonts were who married the Simon de Montfort. French Simons were first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc, and as Trump may have been pointed to by my jumping to smother the fire, Bill Bar might just apply in smothering the fire lit to burn Trump. Recall Leavell liners of the Louvier kind, for while Beaumonts of Meulan married Leavells, La Louviere is beside Mons while French Simons (share a giant, white lion with Montforts) use a "mon" motto term. I trace Montforts to MONforte at Bar-like Bra.

Why did Chandler visit Epstein after knowing what a creep he was? Was Epstein a manager of sorts when making some of his hookers into starlets? Or did he get a royalty for giving some of these women over to managers of like mind? The Jeep can be useful here where Jeepma's share a giant, double-headed, black eagle with Maxwells, for Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's hooker manager. Italian CANDELs/Candida's happen to have a giant, one-headed eagle in the same colors. I now understand the DOOR handle, for the Candel/Candida eagle is that also of Doria's. The latter married the Arduinici of Oneglia, yet Arduinici were also at Ivrea upon the BAUTica river, the line to Hood-related Bauds! The door handle was thus used, for one reason, to prove that the Jeepma/Chep surname applies, but also to have me make the Handle/Handel leap to "Chandel," and she's proven to be in view as per the apparent Candel link to Jeepma's, and to the hood of my Jeep. It's making sense. The Arduinici were related to family of Gothelo of Lorraine, and Jeepma's/Cheps share the Goth/GOTHEL hexagram. Judging by the ludicrous, anti-Trump tweets of Ms. Handler, she's a deep-state operator.

Plus, the rim of the container landed on a circular patch of SAND, and I used the sand to smother the flames (dream ended, I didn't see the outcome, whether I smothered them). The Sands happen to have a Coat looking like that of Maxtons, and Maxwells were at Maxton. Maxtons share the bee with Doors/Dorrs (Herefordshire, same as Barrels). It now appears that a good case has been made to point the door-handle dream to Epstein's prostitution ring. Scottish Doors, in Handle(r) and Moray colors and format, were first found in Fife, not far from Moray. German Dorrs use Hands.

"Handler" is like "Chandler." Schims/Schiens/CHANDs share the boar head of Mole's (Roxburghshire, same as Maxwells), and the latter share the three Handle stars. Eschyna de Molle's daughter married the second Pollock so that these stars are likely the Moray stars, in that the first Pollock (brothers) built Rothes castle in Moray.

Ahh, the German Dorrs share the quadrants of Irish Tute's and the CANTon square of English Tute's while queen Etuta was an Ardiaei queen, that being the line to the Arduinici. The latter married DORia's, from the Daorsi on the Neretva river, river also of the Ardiaei. Doria's were first found in Genova with Fieschi, explaining why Scottish Doors use leopard face's (it's the heraldic term for them when they don't have necks), for Fieschi were a branch of Fessys/Face's.

It appears that the container I dropped upside down to start a fire represents an imminent fire (bad press) lit on Trump from the spill-out of the Epstein arrest. But why would God point to this unless the fall-out were very important? But this fall-out is probably not going to be within a few weeks. The first part of the dream seemed to me to be about the Nazi elements of the president Bush's. I need to get Epstein news from RT because Fox isn't very interested, perhaps because it sees what's coming for Trump. Ms. Maxwell's father is in this video, looking like he was murdered at sea:

GLENN Simpson of Fusion GPS attempted to tie Trump to Epstein long before the arrest, suggesting that this was part of the Trump-attack scheme from the start or near-start. The Alis'/Alice's in the Simpson motto share the sword across a FIR tree with Alpins, suspect with the Halpin variation of Halpers. That was a quick and easy jump. And Fir's are listed with Fire's. The fire took place around the RIM of the container while "AlaRUM" is a motto term of English Lauders who share the giant griffin of Ali's, suggesting that "ALarum" is partly in honor of Ali's. We can see how Alis' could have been Ali's, but the point here is the Rims are also Rums! Hence, the fire around the rim looks like a pointer to Halper. What are the chances that Lauders share the Tooth griffin??? Is that not amazing, since Halper was in the teeth of the shark.

Plus, TEETs/Tate's were first found in Berwickshire with Lauders, tending to nail the fire-around-rim scene with Lauders for the Purpose of pointing to Rims/Rums. Bear-depicted Berwickshire (beside East Lothian) is probably where the muzzled bear of Alis' traces. Alis' love the Tree's/True's, we can imagine, and Hume's, who love the Tree's/True's in their motto, were first found in Berwickshire, and moreover have the giant Lyon lion in colors reversed.

The Musselburgh area that is arrived to from the "muzzled bear" of Alice/Alice's is beside the Mens' said to have had a branch at GLENlyon. The latter is a location of Lyons (Perthshire, same as GlenLYON), suggesting a Glenn-Lyon merger. The fir TREE should indicate an Alis-Tree marriage, and Tree's/True's share the feathered helmet on a knight with Lyon-branch Lannoys. The Feathers share the Tooth feathers while Tooths share the Lauder griffin. Lauder is near both Tyne rivers that can be gleaned in the Tooth motto.

Musselburgh is in East Lothian with Simson-like Simms, and the axe used by Simms is sometimes called a Halper-like halbert/halpert (I've seen both terms used) axe because Halperts use the axe. In fact, Halperts share the axe on red with Simms, and both have the same chevron. Thus, it appears that Glenn Simpson's first name was Intended to connect him with Stefan Halper, but no one but God could have accomplished that. In other words, Halper was involved in the attack-Trump scheme of Fusion GPS (owned by Glenn Simpson). Halperts were first found in Perthshire, amazingly enough, with Glenlyon and the Lothians with a tree.

Both the Simms and Alis' were first found at the Musselburgh area, and Alis' had merged with Alpins suspect with the Halpin variation of Halpers. Alis' have the motto of East Lothian's Keiths/MASCALs in reverse, and Mussels are also MUSCELs. The latter use plates, and we now move over to Plains/PLATERs, suspect as a pointer to Epstein's Lolita plane, and Mussels/Muscels happen to share the upright and black wolf with Lolita's/Loyola's. The paper plane in the Obama dream needs to connect with Pepe's/PAPPERds, I now think, for they were first found in Lothian-like Louth, and Louths use the upright and black wolf too. It may not be a coincidence that Valerys share the Paper chevron while "valore" is a Pepe/Papperd/PePELIN motto term. Plains are a branch of PALINs.

By the way, the Papps/Papadopoli's sharing the giant Epps/Eppelin lion have a Papadopoulos-like variation so that the paper plane on Obama's billiard table can include George Papadopoulos'-Halper part of the dossier crime. Did God link that crime to Epstein here by the sharing of Coats between Papps and Epps? If so, it becomes more compelling to drag Christopher Wray into this sewer because Wrays share part of the Pepe/Papperd Coat. Papps came up only in the last update as per Steve Papp, a friend of mine and a cook at the restaurant of Mr. Fisc-like Fix. Fix's/Ficks (Saxony) have fleur-de-lys of German Suters in colors reversed while the paper plane was sewered in pointing to Sewers/SUTERs, and the latter's six-pointed stars are in the colors of the Fisk/Fisc stars (five-pointed) and the six-pointed estoile in the Crest of Fisks/Fiscs. The latter share "virTUTE" with Pepe's/Papperds. The latter have the canton square of the Yorkshire Tute's but with the Bus cinquefoil within it, while the other Tute's were first found in Norfolk with Bus'.

Recalling that Stefan Halper is in the teeth of the nasty shark, what are the chances of making a Simpson and an Alis link to Tooths? For this, we note that Eppards/EpPELINs have a giant lion in the colors of the same of Simpsons, and that Eppards/Eppelins share "VINCit" with Alis'/Alice's (it appears that Epp / Hepp / Hepburn liners had married the Simpson-Alis line). The PELINs (Hertfordshire, same as VINCE's) are with the Palmans in the Tooth motto, and Tooths share the griffin of Lauders, from Lauder, between the Swans/Sions and East Lothian. English Lauders, who use what looks like a SWAN, are said to have had a branch in Bass Haddington, where Keiths/Mascals were first found (it's got the Bassianus line from the Cetina river all over it).

Lauders are also Letters, and so let's not forget the organ PIPES of Letts/Late's/LATTs, for Scottish Lauders use a motto, "RepulluLAT." I will also go, therefore, to the feathers of Pepe's/Peppards/Pepelins here because Fetters share the giant sun with Hesse's while the Keith Catti were from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel. Again. Alis', who are pointing to both Stefan Halper and Glenn Simpson, were kin of Keiths, of kin of Keith kin, by all appearances. Feathers even share the colors and format of Halperts. One Moray Coat no longer shown by houseofnames had FETTER locks, and Locks share the swan with PELINs/Palmans while Swans/Sions were first found near Lauder. Licks/Locks (swans) were first found in Peebles-shire, smack beside the first-known Swans/Sions. The Lick/Lock motto probably honors the TEETs/Tate's, first found in Berwickshire with Licks/Lucks (share black greyhound heads with Bass')...whose hollow lozenges (MASCLEs) look linkable to the lozenges of Epps/Apps'.

Pepe's/Papperds can work here because Pepins and Poppins (Keith stag head?) can be gleaned as kin of the Men's and Glennys. The "MANSit" motto term of Poppins looks like part code for east Lothian's Sittens, the namers of Sitten/SION, and part-code for Maness/Manners (Mens branch, same place as Hepps and Hepburns) who share the double fesses of Pepe's/Peppards/Pepelins. If one follows Poppins of Basingstoke to Basings, a Basen term in the write-up then takes one to Bass' (Haddingtonshire) and Bass Isle.

if you were convinced that the Laury/LARRY motto connects to the "pull it" phrase of Larry Silverstein (owner of Trade towers when they collapsed), then let's repeat that the same motto is used by Scottish Lauders, and both surnames share the brown tree stump with Rodhams, the latter being a branch of Rutherfords. The bird of the other Lauders, which could be either a swan or goose, stands on a rock, as does the "goose" of Rutherfords (not in the design of the Lauder bird). Rutherfords were at Maxton with Maxwells. Is this Intended as a Hillary Rodham link to Ghislaine Maxwell? "Over the years, [Ghislaine] Maxwell has been photographed alongside many prominent, powerful people who are linked to Epstein, such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Maxwell was a guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010."

The Rutherford rock is code for ROXburgh liners, for Rutherfords were first found in Roxburghshire (near Berwick). The Roxburgh motto assures a trace to Aude's Roquefeuil, first found in Languedoc with Rocks/Roque's. The English Rocks use the RoqueFEUIL / Feller symbol, treFOILs, and Epps/EpPELINs are also EppFELERs. At first, I thought that the paper plane was for Bill Clinton's meet with Loretta Lynch at her airport, and so lets repeat that Lynch's have a version of the Feller Coat. I won't limit God on the number of pointers he can have per symbol.

One can make a Halper/HALPIN link to Rocks by way of English Rocks (Worcestershire, same as Halpers) sharing the green trefoil with ALBINo's. Albins/Aubins probably named Aubin, beside RODez, and Henry IV of Rodez married a daughter of the Roquefeuils while Rods share the green trefoil of Rocks / Albino's / Barnstaple's, we may assume. Rodhams (same bend as Barnstaple's) use cinqueFOILs, and were first found in Northumberland with the Stevensons who use a version of the Barnstaple Coat. The Albins/Alpins were at Barnstaple, meaning that Rodhams were from Rodez, perhaps even from the Rodez-Rockefeller marriage. It just so happens that Stevens were first found in Gloucestershire with Helps/Halfs/HALPs who could be sharing the white eagle of HAPPS/Epps/Apps'.

Recall that STEFAN Halper is linking to the fire around the rim, for Fier county in ALBANia is on the APSus river, and Happs/Epps/APPS' were first found in Middlesex with Fire-like Fiers. No guff. Rothschilds are also RODDENsteins while Rodhams are also Roddens while Rothschilds/RoddenSTEINs share an eight-pointed star with Dutch Steins while the latter's lone rose is colors reversed from the same of Halpers/Halpins. Jeffrey Epstein is Jewish, and Ghislaine Maxwell is thought to be from Israeli Intelligence, which we can fathom from the Rothschild founders of Israel.

The lone Stein rose can be with English RAYmonds, for the latter's rose is between the fleur-de-lys of Pepe's/Papperds while French Raymonds (Languedoc) share the orb with Metz's while Pepin of Landen married Ita of Metz. It's probably not a coincidence that the Chief of French Raymonds is a fair match with the chief of Pipe-loving Letts/Late's (in the Lauder motto). WRAYs use the three martlets of Pepe's/Papperds. Raymundo's were first found in Cremona while Cremers share the full motto of Lothians (whose Loudon variation is like "Landen / Landen"). Lothians have a PINE tree while Christophers (Lancashire, same as Wrays) use PINEapples, amazingly enough. This looks like a pointer to a Halper partnership with Christopher Wray, for "pineAPPLE" can indicate the Apple's and Applebys (more martlets) who smack of the Epple variation of Epps/Eppelins and Hepps (Northumberland). Is that not a compelling piece of work? Pine's (Simms colors and format, links to Halperts) use pineapples and a pine tree, and were first found in Devon with the Raymonds sharing the Pepe/Papperd fleur.

Hepps/Epple's share one Scott Shield while the other Scotts look to be using the symbols of French Raymonds. Both Scott Coats are of both Talbot Coats and French Raymonds are said to have married DuTAILLis. Raymundo's were first found in Cremona, and Cramers share the fleur-de-lys of French Talbots. French Raymonds were "seated at Chantemerle, and d'Eoux", and Talbots were at Eu. Chants are listed with Chandler-like Chantels.

This recalls the sign that God gave my readers in CRYSTAL City (Texas) with the black smoke out my TAIL PIPE, which, decades later, discovered that Smoke's are listed with Rauch's because I had looked up Roach's due to cockroaches making noise all night long behind the wallPAPER, I kid you not, in the Crystal-City motel I slept in (one night only). You can find that story in about ten of my updates, though Google hides most of them even if you search "tribwatch cockroaches". Google will pay a big price for hiding God's work.

Crystals (POPLar TREE) share "Mens" in their motto with Pipe-branch Pepins and Poppins. The Smoke/Rauch bend is the leftward-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'), in the colors of the Rodham/Rodden / Rothschild/Roddenstein bend. Papers are also PapperWALLs, and the cockroaches were behind the WALLpaper. The Paper-like Peppers are in the colors and format of Pine's, and the users of pine CONE's are likely in the "Mens CONscia" phrase of Crystals. The latter are said to be a form of "Christopher," and it's Christophers who have pineapples. You can easily see why God prepared that Sign in Crystal City. Assume Roach's (rock) to be Roquefeuil = Rockefellers, the greedy, the wicked, the thieves, the abusers, the deceivers, the cursed of God, the destroyers of our societies. They maximize our prices and push laborers to the max, and, when they can, often, they replace workers with robotic machines. They force us to borrow by government consent and demands (not our choices) so that we will forever pay them interest. The huge American debt will not go down so long as Trump is in the shark's mouth.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. End update]

Trump, the epitome of sinful America is now acting like a moralist because he wants to be re-elected with the Christian vote. Yet my work may be indicating that he will be used of God to harm the Rothschild empire. I'm rubbing my hands to a heat in anticipation.

On Thursday, Epstein got denied bail. It means that he can't personally pay off his "victims" to hush them up. They are saying that nude photos of women, some under-aged, were found in Epstein's safe with cash, but, so far as I've heard, they didn't say that the photos had sex acts...which is to be expected because photos in safes suggest that they had money value by holding the men in the photos under a cloud of blackmail. This is a way that the deep state can "own" politicians, police chiefs, etc., and so Epstein may have been a deep-state operative. That's what it looks like. The big question then is: who owned Epstein? Clinton? Who owned Clinton? These rats have destroyed our entire world, and they're not yet finished. So long as they can make money, they care not about the moral landslides they create for our lives. The more we bicker, the better they like it. Perhaps Rupert Murdoch was given the task of starting a CNN counterpart to divide the nation. In that scheme, his job is to front conservative anchors even if they are not conservatives.

While Fox does the Cortez show, MSNBC comes out with some Epstein footage that pretends to be a lucky strike against Trump. I say that this footage was slated to come into the news from before Epstein's arrest. The Trump-Epstein story starts at 2:00 minutes:

Can't you just see the leftists setting Trump up here. The newsman hopes that the next Epstein trial may bring out some things against Trump. Epstein's going to rat-out on Trump, we can be sure, and some of it may be false. In the meantime, Trump-the-idiot president isn't going after the deep state that's coming after him, but instead just brags about how great he's made the country. If Trump were not an idiot, we would not have seen him in the scenes above. he's just an older idiot now because he became an idiot through to his middle age. There's no cure short of Jesus for being an idiot of this kind. Trump has been self-destructive to self, and seems blind to what he needs to do at this time. A better man would have been doing it.

The following may be a part of the get-Trump of the arrest-Epstein scheme, for the central person was at Mar-a-Lago:

What's more, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will release of approximately 2,000 pages of documents, likely over the next several days, which may reveal sex crimes committed by "numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders," according to the court's three-judge panel.

The documents were filed during a civil defamation lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a former Mar-a-Lago locker-room attendant, against Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. “Nobody who was around Epstein a lot is going to have an easy time now. It’s all going to come out,” said Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies. Another person involved with litigation against Epstein told me: “It’s going to be staggering, the amount of names. It’s going to be contagion numbers.” -Vanity Fair

Hannity is playing the Fox stooge by covering Pelosi and Cortez daily, as though they mattered for anything. Hannity, grow up. You're losing it. There's been very cheap news for a while at Fox. Cortez Cortez Cortez. She still sucks her thumb. Leave her alone already. Grow up, Fox. Where are the investigative reporters at Fox who go out digging for further details on important mysteries? It seems to me that Fox just repeats the news we can all access daily at AP or Drudge.

Youtube won't give me anything but Fox news, virtually, once I load a few Fox videos. I'm being shut off from many, many opinionators, in other words. Youtube is not trying to cater to me, or to you if you are against Democrats. Youtube only offered a few videos by Amazing Polly tonight, at youtube's special page for her videos. If I click one, there are no others of her video in the suggestion margin. YOUTUBE STINKS, hiding all voices making a difference against crime in high places. Youtube is an accomplice to crime in high places and will pay the eternal price. It will be a day of severe pain, and the long day will never turn to light. So goes the end of those who support evil. Rejoice, because the meek will have rule and a far-more glorious world than this one. Just look at how cheap the liberals are making humanity. Therefore, a garbage heap in Hell they shall become. No one on Fox is permitted to say that. They are afraid of what their enemies will do to them through the media machine. In that case, the media machine needs to be ruined, and Trump should be working to that end, but he's got an idiot syndrome standing in the way. He's been a hedonist, and that spirit walks with him to this day. He looks forward to gloating in November of 2019.

The liberals who see Trump with those women are acting like praying moralists in an effort to tarnish Trump, when in reality the scene we saw is a typical liberal scene. It's the liberals who gave America adultery, orgies, the addiction to lust. It's amazing how quickly liberals forget their wink-wink at Clinton's adultery. Then, Republicans hire their own adulterer for president. A hedonist adulterer becomes an idiot. What does his fanclub not understand about this? Alternative definition of an idiot: got his head down the throat of a shark, and he's bragging instead of fighting the shark.

Declassify the Spreadsheet, Mr. Trump

In a story this week on an FBI spreadsheet regarding the Steele dossier, John Solomon said: "Steele had some general things right, of course, including that the Russians were behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s emails. Of course, there were public reports saying so when Steele reported this." I didn't know this about Solomon. I wonder whether he's taking the Guccifer 2.0 position due to The Hill, his employer, demanding / expecting it of him. There has been no corroboration that CrowdStrike's Guccifer-2.0 story is true. Why doesn't Solomon investigate that juicy story? Who will? What are Fox's investigators doing beside twiddling their thumbs on thumb-sucking Cortez?

Unbelievably, Solomon puts a link to an article by Zack Whittaker claiming that the evidence for the Guccifer hacking of the DNC was in the Mueller report. You have got to be kidding us, Mr. Solomon. Try expanding your mind. Is it inconceivable for you to believe that Mueller was lying about this hacking? Mueller needs that hacking like he needs a get-out-of-jail-free card, because there in NOTHING else that gives his "probe" a predicate. Mr. Solomon, I used to respect you more than I do now. Why not just share no opinion at all on the question of Guccifer versus Seth Rich if you're afraid of being labeled a conspiracy theorist by being open to the Rich possibility? Mueller didn't even look at the CrowdStrike report. He was happy-go-lucky just to take CrowdStrike's position, which screams at Solomon: are your nuts?! Please go to the 4:35 point of this video:

The video says that, as part of law-suit information, Fox's Ellen Ratner spoke to Julian Assange in his embassy, and was told by Assange that Seth Rich leaked the DNC material. Hannity was on this story too, until he was gagged. Shame in Fox, great shame. Fox threw Trump under the bus, when he needed help most, for fear of losing advertisers. Democrat-voting advertisers rule. The fringe party has power potential only for spineless, lazy Republicans. It's going to take WORK to put the lights out of liberals. You can't win by ducking, hoping the media won't attack you, STUPIDS. By ducking, you show weak nothingness. You're a fake leader.

Perhaps Solomon knows that if he takes the Rich position, he won't be allowed on Fox, for Fox demanded that its people leave the Rich story alone. Hannity never did go back to the Rich story after promising he would, after Fox forced him to drop it. Fox is turning investigators into compromised weaklings, and that goes for Bongino too. Anyone aspiring to be on Fox shows knows that they generally can't violate Fox's "principles" if they wish to be welcome back. But truth, for a good journalist, Trumps Fox's political correctness.

WHO IS GOING TO DO THE WORK OF TOTAL TRUTH if Fox is led by an average blow who caved to advertisers i.e. money line? Get other advertisers, if your current ones won't allow you to speak or investigate on behalf of truth. Murdoch has had months to replace those advertisers who shut Hannity's mouth. Fox disappoints. The country needs a better media to educate the masses. Fox lost the Republican House on Trump. As long as Fox talks about what Democrats are doing rather than holding the fire to the feet of do-nothing Republicans, the Republican party can't be cured. It was shameful to lose the House just when Democrats were behaving like unruly children. They are even worse today, yet Trump is not way ahead in the polls. Trump is the mediocre president who speaks like a tough-guy bulldog, but he's head first down a throat. It's a perfect description for him. Where are those classified documents you promised, Mr. Trump, you spineless farce! The yappity-yap bulldog without a spine.

Solomon hasn't revealed yet, to my knowledge, where he got the FBI spreadsheet. He is of the opinion that the FBI keeps dossier matters classified to hide the FBI's misconduct / criminality from the public. Solomon cries out against Wray for not being more forthcoming with this misconduct. In the spreadsheet, there is evidence that the FBI went to Steele's source(s), and the FBI then wrote down on paper that the source(s) is not credible, yet used the Steele dossier, anyway, to obtain an all-encompassing spy warrant. That is no mere misconduct, but a shoddy crime by a disgusting law office posing as a respectable one. The people must get justice here, or there will be ramifications for Trump's government. Sessions and Wray were strike one and strike two, and Barr's soft gloves on Rosenstein (signed one of the FISA applications) was a foul ball down the left base line. If Barr doesn't deliver justice, it's strike three, and let the voters despise Trump for it all.

Wow, the Obama dream was about the dossier, and this dream started with a black SHEET covering all the billiard tables, and near the end, Obama on a SKATEboard. Skate's/SHEETs share the hourglass (my term) design of Spreads! The spreadsheet!!! That's pretty amazing. It offers a clue that Obama on his skateboard has to do with something in the spread sheet. There were two identical Obama's, like when someone sees with double-vision, on the skateboard. He was going up (and down, I think) on an upward-arched ramp.

Spreads are listed with Spree's (dove). Why do we think that Futters share the dove design of Spreads/Spree's? Futters use a "mastiff" (dog) and Stiffs share crossed spears with Spree-branch Speers. Stiffs look like Stephens/Stevens (Gloucestershire, same as Stiffs), and Stevensons (Moray stars?) are Stive's too. The Futter mastiff is a DOG, and the Stevensons/Stive's share the DOUGlas Chief.

God used parking lots to point to Parkings/Perkins and Perkins Coie (the second-biggest owner of the Steele dossier), and Parkings/Perkins use a "simplex" motto term while Spreads/Spree's use "simple." Lookie there. It appears that God had prepared heraldic symbolism for this spreadsheet story from Solomon. It comes just weeks after I clinched Solomon with the sleeping-bag dream that had a parking lot definitely pointing to Perkins Coie. Perkens (not "Perkin") share the Futter-like feathers of Tooths and Feathers/Fedders. Futters are Fuddie's/Fodys too, and were first found near the Fothes'/Fette's.

Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, Paisleys, and Spree-branch Speers/Speyers, the latter highly suspect with proto-Rothschild Rothes at the Spey river, Moray. Speers share the crossed spears of Pasi's, the line to Paisleys/Pasleys / Pasleys/Pashleys (three fesses of Poussins/Puseys in colors reversed). Stick with me here for a little dazzle from my heraldry experience. Paisleys/Pasleys share the anchor of Packs, like the Pace variation of Pasi's. Pasi's/Pace's were first found in Bologna with Guido's/GUIS', and the latter share the red-white hourglass design of Spreads and Sheets. Razzle-dazzle. As Pollocks are a sept of Maxwells, it's too bad that Guido's are Guis' too instead of Ghis', as per GhisLAINE Maxwell, though some spell it, GUISlaine. Her father, Robert, has the name of the second Pollock, and the Robert / Proper/Robert lion is also that of Laine's. Interesting. The Robert lion may be in the form of the leopard of Launays/Lawnys, for Laine's are Lawns/Lane's too, and Irish Lawns have the Robert lion too. Three such lions are in the Laine Coat. Did God do this to point to Robert Maxwell?

It gets more Pollock-interesting where the brown Laine horse is in the Crest also of Irish Fullers. I'll explain, and we should probably view Laine's as Alans/Alains of Dol. English Fullers (same three fesses) have a "futura" motto term suspect with Futters because they have one of the three Fuller fesses. The Futter and Spread/Spree dove can trace to Cuppae off the Pek river with Packs and Pace's/Pasi's, you see. Polish Packs (compare with Alains) share the fleur of Masseys, while Bologna's Panico's share the Masci fleur. The Pek river is in Moesia, and the Moses'/MOESens not only have the same dove design as Spreads/Spree's and Futters, but were first found in Shropshire with Fuller-like Fulbert, father of Pollocks and servant of the Dol Alans.

There's more dazzle to come, even where Moses'/Moesens share the calvary symbol of Crystals, and roses with Christs. Bouillons, suspect from Bologna elements, have a "bello Christi" motto phrase while a Belli surname shares a beacon with Fullers. Bellys of Moray share the roses of Paisleys/Pasleys but also the lone star of Halpers. Why are we at the shark's teeth here? Well, Pollocks are Poole liners, and the shark had its teeth around a belly in a POOl. I JUMPed into the pool to save the bulldog, and the Paisley/Pasley / Belly roses are the white-on-blue ones of Jumps (Trump stag head).

Dutch Bakers share the Pigeon chevron. I suppose that Bakers can be Pek liners too. I haven't yet mentioned that German Bakers share the wavy fesse of Jewish Pollocks; neither add anything else, which is the case also for Smoke's/Rauch's with the same-colored bend. The progenitor of Pollocks was FULbert (father of Peter Pollock at Rothes castle), suspect with the ending on RoqueFEUIL, that being the line to Smoke's/Rauch's. God pointed me to the latter surname, along with Roach's, in CRYSTAL City, and Bill KRISTOL of the Washington Free BEACON is an avid anti-Trumper thereby suspect in the Free Beacon's part in making the Steele dossier, or a counterpart thereof. Fulbert-suspect Fullers, who happen to share the three fesses of Pasleys/Pashleys, not only use a beacon, but have three fesses in colors reversed from the three, fesse-wise fish of Roach's. Who provided that Paisleys/Pasleys share the thistle with Crystals? Why is the lion of English Forts sitting on what looks like a rock, the Roach symbol, too?

John McCain (a Republican, like Bill Kristol) gave the Steele dossier to the FBI because he hated Trump, and McCains not only share the fish in the Arms of Saraca (= shark line), but have left-rising lizards of McCains (left-facing Rothchild horse) are in the colors of the left-rising bend of Smoke's/Rauch's and Jewish Rothchilds. Spot the Pool lion in the upper-right corner of the McCain Shield. What are the chances that McCains share the calvary symbol with Crystals and Moses'/Moesens??? Yup, that's right. It looks like Intelligent Design.

What are the chances that Irish Cane's/Cains share a white, wavy bend with Pollocks and Smoke's/Rauch's? What are the chances that Spanish Cane's/CANO's (dogs) have three fesses in the colors of the three fesse-wise fish of Roach's while McCains link to the Crystals by way of their step symbol? What are the chances that while John McCain's granting of the dossier went to Andrew McCabe (second in command at the FBI), the Kane's/Cains share the McCabe fish? It's obviously Intelligent Design for to finger that nasty shark. The same Kane's/Cains have another Coat, this time with three fish in the colors of the three of Roach's. Doesn't it make you extremely happy to see God heavily involved with these criminals?

The "AUDacter" motto term of Scottish Pollocks is for a surname (probably the Aude's) from Aude, the French area having Roquefeuil. The Forts in one Fuller motto must be for the English Forts who have an "AUDax" motto term, and who share the bee with Maxwell-branch Maxtons. A seated lion with fitchee cross is shared in the Crests of Halpers and English Forts, underscoring the sharing of the same Coat between German Bakers and Jewish Pollocks, for Stefan Halper and a Jim Baker were conspiring together against Trump. Rutherfords (Maxton) use a goose on a rock and Goose's are with Googe's/Gooch's (Roxburghshire, same as Maxton) having an "AUDaces' motto term.

It doesn't seem logical that GhisLAINE Maxwell, as Israeli Intelligence, would attack Trump, for Trump has been good to Israel. But right now I want to ask why Laine's share the split Shield of Groce's. The latter played into the "Saint Petersburg Russia" MEDALlion found on my Jeep at the GROCEry store. Medals/DOUGALs share the lion of English's, and the latter even use the Moray stars as used by DOUGLas' of Moray. English's, with the same lion as Pools, apply here because the three lions of Laine's (probably the Douglas crown) are called, "English lions." The Groce's are guaranteed to be in this picture because they are Greggs too while Carricks, said to be from Craigs, share "Garde" with Laine's. That assures a trace to lake Garda, at Brescia, where Launay-branch Lane's/Lano's were first found. Launay is near Brest (Brittany, same as French Roys), while Brests are Brix's too while Brescia is also Brixia. Fuller Brush is a company, and Brush's are Brescia-line Bruce's (English lion in colors reversed). The Laine motto has "Roy," and Scottish Roys have the English / Pool / Medal lion too.

It's hard to say whether Futters were a Fort branch just because the mastiff dog (of Futters) is in the colors of the Fortuna dog. Repeat: "Futters are Fuddie's/Fodys too, and were first found near the Fothes'/Fette's. Fothes' are a branch of Foots/FOODs, and the medallion was at the grocery store, Food Basics.

It's a little interesting that French Roys have the Vance and Solomon Coat (almost) in colors reversed. Hills, sharing the Craig fesse, I assume, seem to love the Vance's in their motto.

I don't think God has done all of this heraldic work just because Comey's / Obama's FBI used the dossier to spy on Trump. God has seen every sin, every crime, and a "little" (relatively speaking) crime like that doesn't warrant this much attention by God. He has seen powers try to take power from others using deceptive means before. Spying is not new. But the FBI and Obama, and their ilk, must be guilty of far more than this dossier scandal. If the guests on Hannity had some wider perceptions, they might start to talk about other possible crimes too, but Trump has sent them the message that he doesn't care about any crime but that which affects him adversely. Talk about me, he tells Fox. I like it when you talk about me. We have a problem here. How will God overcome it? Easy, he'll shove Trump down the throat of the shark until he becomes humble. We can then kick Trump in the rump for wasting so much time and elaborate speech on himself while America burns. Please allow me to get the first kick.

As I've said so many times, God caused me to get a coffee and NEWSpaper (can be read as "newsPAPER") in Victoria on the morning that ended up at Crystal City for the roaches beyond the wallPAPER. I had noted that "Victoria" is a motto term of Coffee's. And here i can add that, while this section started with the red-white hourglass design of Spreads and Sheets, News' use a red-gold hourglass design. Helps/Halps/Halfs use it in the blue-white colors of Kerrys (bees). John Kerry? Why, didn't he succeed Hillary at the state department? Why, yes. Kerry was born with a Jewish Cohn of Kohn surname. German Cohns (Masci / Maschi / Massena colors) share the sun with Jewish Cohens/Cohns/Kohns, and I can glean the German Cohn Coat (crane?) with the Masci wings on a version of the Maschi Coat (pine CONE's). It appears here that Cohens / Cohns / Cone's / Conte's were from Cuneo. Cone's and Conte's share the antler with Hamons, from Hamon de-Masci (Cheshire).

Conteville's ruled Comey-like Comines, and Comine's (Arms-of-Cheshire garbs) share the Coat of Avisons, the line to Avesnes on the Helpe river. Helps share the hourglass design of Kerrys? Kerrys were first found in MontGOMERyshire, near Dunham-Masci, and Montgomerys share the Masci fleur. Could this have to do with Gomers/Gumms and my half-tooth? Looks like. My half-tooth is a molar, and while there's no Molar surname coming up, I've gotten Mollers/MUELLERs (this is new) with the Catherine wheel, symbol also of German Cohns, how about that. My molar is rotten (a little, not so bad I'm willing to pull it, yet), and Molers (one 'l') share the Roten hexagram.

Before the one half of the molar broke away, a fistula BUMP would form and issue PUSS every two or three weeks, and Bumps/BumPUSS' not only have the Tooth griffins, but the split Shield of Morleys/MAULs (see Dossier's too) while French Mol(l)ers are also MAULiere's. In the sleeping-bag dream, David Morley came along a ROAD beside the parking lot of a MALL, and that road got resolved as code for Rodhams with a Roten-like Rodden variation because the Parkings/Perkins are a pointer to Perkens Coie, the lawyer's firm hired by Hillary to get the dossier dirt on Trump. But don't worry, Trump fans, Trump can't see what's going on, because his head is down the dark throat of an infected shark, explaining why Trump can't get his act right, Instead of fighting the shark, he goes about bragging on all that he's done, over and over again like a broken record, and with a smooth spin that makes him look better than he really has been, wobbly.

Mueller has been Comey's buddy (they ruled the deep state together), and the bump at the gum caused me to stress Gumms, one of which shares "Come" with Comeys. You see, this molar was sabotaged by God to make these points. The dentist who probably left bacteria deliberately under the filling (setting up a root-canal situation) was Dr. Savage, and Savage's/Sava's happen to share the Gumm/Come lion. Before he treated my tooth, and before he ever operated on me at all, while I was in his waiting room for the first time, I got a Spirit message, it seemed to me, out of nowhere, saying that this dentist was not going to get away with it, suggesting he would do something evil. Savage's use a paw, and Paws are also Pairs while Dutch Meullers (not "Mueller") use a "pair of snips." Snipe's look like kin of Clintons.

It's not often a Dutch write-up has details, probably because the family is Jewish, for Jewish write-ups rarely have details. There were lots of Rosicrucians in Holland, part of Rothschilds / international bankers. Meullers are said to have had a seat in BredeRODE, and there is a Brederode surname, said to have been in ROTTERdam and LEYden, and sharing the LEY/Legh lion, yet it's also the Dutch Bos/Bush/Bosch lion. Rotters are listed with German Rothes'/Rothchilds (one 's'). The label of three points in the Brederode Coat is in the colors of the Bos/Bush/Bosch and Pastor (Pasi's?) billets. Bellows/Bellets/BALLows (Cheshire, same as Leys/Leghs and Balls) and their Billet branch share the BUS cinquefoil with French Bacons, a branch, to be assumed, of Fuller- and Belli-beloved Beacons/ if to suggest that George Bush was with the Free Beacon, and John McCain, in attacking Trump together with Mueller, for Bush made Mueller his FBI director six days before 9-11.

French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine, at Le Mans, and the Ballins, sharing the Palin lion, are said to have been from "Balon near Le Mans." McCain chose Ms. Palin to be his running mate for the presidency, but lost to Obama. God gave us the dream where Obama was a part-owner of a billiard hall, where I shot a paper plane that was resolved with the Palin branch of Plains/Platters. The other Platters (three wavy bends) have a Coat a lot like the Irish Cane's/Cains, and the latter's Coat is a lot like the bend-with-bendlets of Palin-like Pullens/Pullys/PULLERs (like "Fuller"), a good reason to see the wavy bend of Cane's/Cains as the Pollock bend. This adds to the evidence that Plains are a Palin line merged with Platters. German Platters/Plate's use the swan design once shown for French Josephs.

Pullens/Pullys (pelican), first found in Yorkshire with Billiards/Hilliards (almost the Billet/Billiard Coat) share the martlet of French Josephs, first found in Maine with Pellicans. The latter's Coat is colors reversed from the tower of Spanish Pastors, and as Pasts use a dove (same design as that of Futters suspect in the Fuller motto) and a chevron in Pigeon-chevron colors, Pastors could very well be of Pasi's/Pace's / Packs. The latter's Coat is like that of Snipe's suspect in the Meuller snips, but it's also like the Coat of Clintons (Oxfordshire, same as Snipe's), and so we should ask whether God arranged Bill Clinton to be born from Mr Billet-like Blythe in order to include the Clintons in with the ring of teeth around the belly of the bulldog.

There is a problem here with the identification of the shark. Why Saraca's if the teeth pertain to deep-state actors? I haven't clinched the bulldog with Trump; it's a theory. Did God use a nasty shark because McCains share the Arms-of-Saraca fish? Was McCain the big fish of all deep-state actors acting against Trump? Saracens share the Hood crescents, and Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick was at the hood of a car on Epstein's island. The Saracen Crest shares the upright and black wolf with Lolita's/Loyols, you see, Epstein's plane, suggesting that God chose the shark in order to make the link to Epstein in this way.

The husband of Miss Hicks was Hamilton Kilpatrick, and while Hamiltons share the Bus / Bacon / Billet / Bellow/Ballow cinquefoil, here's the write-up of Plain- / Palin-like Ballins: "The family originated from the region around the fortress of Balon near Le Mans in France, and the name was carried to England by HAMELIN de Balon during the Norman Conquest of England." Amazingly, while she was given a beautiful symbol resolved with Beautys/Bowoods (Dorset, same as Palins / Pools), they share the three bulls (same colors) of English Hamelins (Gloucestershire, same as Halps/Halfs)). Irish Hamels were even first found in Tyrone with Sharks. I'm not familiar with Hamelins nor Irish Hamils, but the latter happen to share two, white-ermined fesses with Sleeps (a really big deal), perfect for sleeping Miss Hicks in the dream, for her rising from sleep was code for Risinium at Kotor, where Saraca's first lived. Whammo!

It was lucky to find Hamils, because they don't come up as "Hamelin." This is perhaps the best evidence ever that Miss Hicks was the woman in this old dream. I'm impressed. I purchased my fiberglass British bulldog from the city of Hamilton. In colors reversed, the Hamil fesses are those of Parrs, and this surname is from Pharnaces, husband of Nysa, the latter descending from king Antipater of Macedonia, and then I happen to trace KilPATRicks to Antipater/Antipatria...which I think was named by Antipater.

The seated leopard in the Irish Hamil Crest is the Rhodes-Crest leopard in a different hue of gold, and while I trace king Antipater to the father of Herod I, I see "Herod" from a term like, Rodez. Rodez-liner Rods share the Albino and Barnstaple cinquefoil, and Albino's were first found in Modena with Cassano's/CASSANDRA's while king Cassander (Macedonia) was king Antipater's son i.e. the line to queen Nysa (says Wikipedia). This recalls my trace of the Arms-of-Saraca fesse to the same of Cassano's/Cassandra's, and here we can add that the trefoil above is shared by Sharks (Tyrone, same place as Hamils with the Fanano fesse)! Kilpatrick branch Pattersons/Cassane's have a Hamel-like camel, you see, and share the scallops of Fans/Fens', who in-turn have the Arms-of-Fanano fesse in colors reversed. The fesse of French Hamel(in)s is in the colors of the two of Irish Hamels, but also in the colors of the one fesse in the Arms of Fanano (Modena). I see HAMEL liners from "Kemuel," the third-listed son of Nahor, because the second-listed son is Buz.

Tyrone's share the Dexter/Deckster Coat, and while Deckers are also Daggers, Kilpatricks share the dagger with Comyns/Comine's/COMMINGs, from Kuman just a little down the Apsus river from Antipatria. Herod Antipas was banished from Israel to COMMINGes. Dexters were first found in Leicester, where the Arms has the ermined Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil.

It just so happens that the seated lion of Halpers/HALPINS is in the hue of the seated leopard of Hamels, wow. There's therefore a question on whether the evergreen of German Albini's is the Alpin fir tree. Hamiltons use a tree. Albins/Aubins (of Barnstaple) named Aubin, near Rodez. The Barnstaple Coat looks very linkable to that of Stevensons, first found in Northumberland with RODhams who share a similar Coat (this topic is at the ROAD in the sleeping-bag dream). Scottish Hamel(in)s, with the Cassano/Cassander and Saraca fesse in colors reversed, happen to share the griffin of Halper-like Alberts! It should explain the sledge HAMmer of those English Alberts.

The Shorts share the Albert griffin while I had a dead squirrel in the pocket of my shorts while Pockets have the Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil in colors reversed. That topic pointed to Heather Samuelson, the one who deleted Hillary's emails. The same griffins are used as heads only with Caplans, first found in Hampshire with Cassane's, and with Masts/Masters, first found in Kent with Alberts. These griffin heads are in the colors of the CUTTER dragon heads while the significance of Sleeps was their descent from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians near Shark-liner Saraca's of KOTOR. It's Irish Hamils (same place as Sharks) who share two, ermined, white fesses with Sleeps. Selepitanoi were at modern Bar while Barrels/Barwells were first found in Herefordshire with Doors while God linked her knees with doors and glass on two occasions. Glass' were first found in Buteshire, suspect from Butua, right beside Kotor. Barrels/Barwells (near Cutters of Dorset), which God linked to the DOOR handle of my Jeep, have the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters in reverse.

When I woke Miss Hicks up, I touched her knee, and Knee's with Kness'/Ness' have been resolved, almost anyway, with double-fesse Ness'/Nice's/Nessans expected from queen Nysa. Nissans have the double-Parr fesses. Saraca's of Ragusa were amid the DAORsi, expected with Door / Doria liners, and Cutters were first found in DORset with Russells ("sara"), the latter expected from Roussillon, the area of the Redones who named Rodez. The Russell Crest may have the Dutch-Hamelin goat. The latter's is upright, as is the goat of Fuggers, they being suspect at the Fougeroux location of French Hamelins. The crescent of Dorsets is shared by two Hamel surnames, one of which looks like a version of the Kness/Ness Coat. It's a gold crescent that could be in the BOIS/Boast Crest for obvious reason. "Boast" is a motto term of Nimo's while Kness'/Ness' have an "ANIMO" motto term.

Fischs/Fishers sharing the fish in the Arms of Saraca use a "treu" motto term. The "Through" motto of Hamiltons, which pertains to the Hamilton tree, must be code for a branch of True's/Tree's, for while Home's/Hume's love the True's in their motto, some Hamils are also HOMills. I do trace the Home lion to the Lyon and Lannoy lion while Tree's/True's share the feathered helmet with the other Lannoys, a symbol that was on the reverse side of a coin by Herod Archelaus (it's online somewhere), who was banished from Israel to Vienne-Isere, beside Lyon. The feathered helmets of Tree's/True's and Lannoys is on a knight, and I can trace "Knights/Night" (share spur with Close's/Clovse's) to the Nith river, at Closeburn.

While Kilpatrick castle is/was at Closeburn, the line of Close's/Clovse's, the latter's Coat is a lot like the one of French Hamelins (now indicates Modena elements at the Nith). If these Hamelins are Closeburn elements, it appears that God arranged for the first name of Hamilton Kilpatrick, necessary to help prove to us that his wife is in my dream. But why her? Hamelins are virtually new here (Hammels are mentioned only six times over the past decade).

It just came to mind, for the first time, to check for a Cracker surname, because my business name using the bulldog included "Crackers," and it has two bends in the colors of the three of Platters (Suffolk, same as Plains/Platters). I'm not sure what the significance is there, if any.

AH, I've got it. We start with Cracks, who have a version of the Crutch Coat, and the latter's fitchee design is shared, in the same colors, by Plains/Platters! Bingo-Bango, that was fast. It looks like God named my business, which was purchased from a Sara, and Saracens are SARsons too! We just saw Irish Hamils in Tyrone with Sharks. What HASN'T God done in my life for this massive project? The Hamil Crest even shares a leopard in the same color with the Sarah Crest, very-very impressive work. And then there is Sarah Palin for good measure, who, of all people, was chosen by John McCain. Mere coincidences? Or plots of God?

The paper plane was resolved with Plains/Platter because the other Platters were at SOTTERley while I sewered the paper plane (into a CORNER pocket). That is, the paper plane was the cue ball, and I shot it into a POCKET, while Sewers are listed with Sotter-like Suters (pointer to Barry Soetoro = Obama). It's clear as day what God was doing here. Plus, the giant Pocket cinquefoil is that of Bus' in colors reversed, as if to include George / Jeb Bush into that sewer. Corners/Garners even share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's and Boschs! It's also the fleur of Raggs, suspect from Ragusa, home of Saraca's. Thus, the shark seems to be a symbol of a Bush-McCain team, which argues well for Trump the bullDOG.

But why is the Bus cinquefoil used also by Dogs/Doags? Where is there evidence that Bulls or Dogs link to Trumps / Tromps?

Another mystery is on the question of whether the Lolita is in the paper plane of Obama's POOL table. Was Epstein involved with the dossier? Was Epstein afraid of Trump? I suggest, yes, definitely. After I jumped into the WATER of the POOL, I was transported to another scene, now in the WATER off of Epstein's island. Waters use the Eppstein Coat exactly, and their triple chevrons are used by Casino-like Cassins/Cassane's, first found in Hampshire, beside Poole (Dorset, same as Palins). Did Trump get some Casino hookers from Eppstein? Was Trump a part-time pimp, making a commission on his hookers?

Irish Cassane's are listed with Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons who share the Palin / Ballin lion. The triple chevrons are red, as are the three of Clare's, first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters and Platters/Playters. Amazingly, "CLARior" is a motto term of Playter-like Players (share red drops with Kilpatricks and Pattersons/Cassane's), who were first found in Middlesex with Fiers and Apps'/EPPS', and Pattersons with Kilpatricks were named after elements of AntiPATRia, up the APSus river from Fier county. The fire around the rim can apply here with these Fier elements, for while KUMAN is in Fier county, Kilpatricks share the dagger (has red drops) with COMYNs/Comine's. And Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Rims/Rums whose "Placit" motto term is like the surname of Andreas Placitor in the Player write-up. That's new right here.

An hour or so after asking the Trump-bull question, I came across a white bull head in the Stork surname. Bulls/Bule's use the white bull head. Storks were looked up because the business with the bulldog included birth announcements, and we'd put up storks for that at the place of the babys' births. It just so happens that the Stork Chief shares the acorns of Dutch Tromps! Wow, that's huge, because we just saw that God called the business with a Cracker term while Cracks share the pale bar of Store's having a Stork in Crest. Crutch's, having the same pale bar, were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's and Hosts/Osts. The latter use the same bull head, and are expected in the motto of Shirts. I had no shirt on at Epstein's beach as I approached Miss Hicks.

Paul Smith in a Dream

The Crutch's share the fitchee design of Plains/Platters while Crackers have two bends in the colors of the three of Platters/Playters. I had a dream with PAUL Smith walking in crutches up my driveway, to find that the Smith fitchees show virtually as the Crutch fitchees (why the small difference?), and in colors reversed. When I knew him, Paul and his parents lived in Vaughn county, and while Smiths share the colors and format of Vaughns, the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Plains/Platters. It all looks so Arranged.

In the dream, Paul was following a sickly-looking stag, which was with and following Mr. Kepke. I was saying, from the start of telling this dream, that Kepke's blond hair looks like that of Trump, and both men had the womanizing nature (hustlers). It made me wonder whether the sickly-looking stag was a pointer to the Trump stag head, and here one can say that a bulldog in a shark's mouth is similar to a sickly-looking stag. There's a crippling theme in that dream, right? But why would Trump be compared to Kepke, that is a mystery.

I always called the stag "sickly-looking," and for this reason, I looked up Sichs one day, to find them from a Sikes-DYKE location. By that time, I knew that the Diss/DICE surname was also "Deise," and that Deise is a location at WATERford. Them in the Arms of County Waterford, there was a "deise" motto term and the very same stag head as the Trump / Jump stag head. Hmm. I JUMPED into the WATER of the pool to save the bulldog, now suspect as Trump. It's working, thanks to the Smith dream.

The Kenneths/MacKenzie's, whose stag head is half in the colors of the Trump stag head, use a "Sic" motto term, you see, and God used Spuds MacKenzie to point to the dream's bulldog, how amazing is that? It appears that Paul Smith the cripple was following Mr. Trump the sick and skinny stag (almost looked lie a bag of bones). Kenneths/MacKenzie's use an "as" motto term while Sichs use "ASSIduus." The Ass/Assi surname has a fasces, likely code for Fieschi of Genova, where Italian PAULins/POLONI's were first found. It just so happens that Fisks/FISCs have a four-word motto phrase that is one letter off from the Kenneth motto, both using "Sic." Is that not amazing? Yes it is, because we got to that FISA court (the Trump-attack thing) via the Sich motto. And, hold on to your chalice, because the Waterford/Waterville surname shares the Sich "fountains," which tends to be assuring us that the Trump stag head is indeed in the Arms of County Waterford.

Britannica: "Fieschi Family, a noble Genoese family whose members played an important role in Guelf (papal party) politics in medieval Italy...Dominating the city, the Fieschi and Grimaldi allied themselves with the French prince Charles of Anjou...Carlo Fieschi and Gaspare Grimaldi became captains of the people." The article says that Fieschi allied with counts of Savoy, and Savoys share the Fesse/Face cross. Savoy is where Gays were first found who share the gold rooster of Galli's/Gallys, for king Gaia was also "Galla." This king's son, Massena, was at war with a fellow Numidian, Syphax, and God showed me that Kepke was a symbol of Syphax, for the surnames are similar, and an image of Syphax on a coin looked like Kepke when I knew him. Syphax was imprisoned in house arrest at Rome, where he could have had issue to the Spicks/Specks sharing the double-headed eagle (symbol of Rome) with Keep-like Jeepma's/Cheps. Italian Galli's (rooster) were first found in Rome.

This gets Paul-important below as God link Pauls to Anger liners (Anjou is at Angers). It's important here that Italian Fulks were at Florence, where Polons were first found while Italian Paulins are also Polons. Italian Fulks share the Shield of Massy-like Massi's, though the latter are listed with Mattis', and the Chives' happen to share the moline of Mathis', first found in Burgundy with French Paulins/Paulette's. The Chives' will pop up with Paul Smith and the sickly stag on my DRIVEway.

AHH, I get it. The rooster of French Paulins/PAULETTs (Burgundy, same as Pilote's) is that of the neighboring French Galli's/Gallys (Dauphine, same as Mont Pilat, beside Forez mountains) who share the Chief of Italian Paulins/Polons! This may explain part of why Kepke was with the sickly stag, for Kepke-line Keeps use a galley ship, and a ship is central to the Arms of Waterford. Kepke lived on the same street as my girlfriend, Miss Whelan, and Whelans/PHELINs (Massey fleur) were first found in Waterford, just lookie at that. French Galleys (roses of Caiaphas-like Capote/Chappus' of Forez) were first found in Dauphine too, but English Galleys share the checks of Steele's (and Halpers) while the Steele dossier was used to get the warrant from the FISC (court).

Ha, it figures. Wikipedia's page on County Waterford has changed the stag head from facing to our left, as does the Trump stag, to facing the viewer (as does the Kenneth/Kenzie stag head). The latter's is in the colors of the Stanley stag heads, and God linked Stanleys to Knee's, a Kenneth-like term, hmm. Here's the Arms of County Waterford as recorded in my files a while back. Wikipedia can try to hide my links, but no one is going to stop what God has planned in the way of real events.

Note, in those Waterford Arms, the ears of wheat in the beak of the eagle, for ears of wheat (shared by Chappes'/CHEAPs, suspect with Jeepma's/Cheps) are often interchangeable with wheat sheaves in honor of the Sheaves', and the Italian Sheaves'/CHIAPPoni's were first found in eagle-line L'Aquila (Abruzzo), where I traced the motto of Helps/Halfs whose share a white eagle head with County Waterford. The Helps/Halfs are the pointer to the teeth around the bulldog's belly, right?

The Help/Half motto was suspect with Kellys/Killia's (almost the Abruzzo Coat), and they are said to be from south of Dublin (a home of baron Massy), which is where Deise and Waterford are located. A baron Massy of Monaco, of the family of Grace Kelly, married a Miss Quintana, and Quintana's/Quinto's use DICE while Deise's/Diss' (from Diss at Suffolk-Norfolk border) are also Dice's. Who but God could have arranged that? Helps/Half and Halpers even share the gold fitchee of Quints.

Baron Christian Louis de Massy (born 17 January 1949) is the son of Princess Antoinette of Monaco, Baroness de Massy...He was one of the two page boys at the wedding of his uncle Rainier III with Grace Kelly.

...He married Maria Marta Quintana y del Carril (b. London, 17 June 1951), daughter of Enrique Quintana y Achaval, an Argentine ambassador...

Did baron Massy know that Miss Quintana of Argentina was related to Deise's? Not likely. But God did. EARs of wheat, rye or corn are suspect with the Eyers/Ayers who come up as "Eyes" while Eye is a location smack beside Diss. It thus appears that the Waterford-county eagle head can be linked to Deise's/Dice's who named Deise's at Waterford. An eye is in the Coat of Battins/Badens, first found in Somerset (beside Palins/Pauleys) with Baths and English Paulins, and while Italian Paulins were at Genova, that looks connectable with the Fieschi line to Fessys sharing the Bath cross.

Why were the trio walking up my DRIVEway? Perhaps to stress the Kellys/KILLia's, for Drive's/Drave's share the Keele/KILL quadrants. The driveway thus tends to nail Kellys with Halps/Halfs, and moreover the Helpe river was home to an Avezzano line while Avezzano's use the potent pattern, which is known to be from a crutch symbol. That's right. The upper part of a crutch is in the T-shape of the ends of the potent cross, and I have read that the Avezzano's use the potent pattern. The Drive and Keele/Kill quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Chives', and they look like a branch of the Chiava variation of L'Aquila's Sheaves', especially as Chives' are also Shewas'. So, you see, the driveway was important, and Paul Smith even owned a red Jeep, the colors of my Jeep now, decades after his was gone.

I have told the story that Paul made his own canoe from a kit. It was beautiful. But while having it on the roof of his Jeep, the canoe flew off on a highway and was destroyed. I had suggested this be a pointer to Cano's/Cane's, who happen to have three fesses only in the colors of the three, fesse-wise trumpets-only of Calls. Is that not amazing? The canoe was destroyed, and Trump is going to get skinny and sickly, I assume, like a dead man walking.

WOW, guess what Italian PAULins use? It's the same symbol as the so-called chalice of English Belows/Bella's!!! The Chalice's have variations like the Calls! This is incredible, for German Belows (Pomerania, same as Trumps) share the double-headed JEEPma/Chep eagle in both colors!!! The Below chalice is even said to be pouring water, what seems to be hinting of a Waterford line. English Belows/Bella's were first found in Yorkshire with Pauls!!! [See Calouville of Bellows late in next update where bulldog is the topic again].

But there is more, for a few weeks ago, a stool pigeon flew from my septic tank down along the DRIVEway. A few days later, I saw and reported on what looked like three pigeons WHIRLing around a MAPLE tree beside the septic tank (location of stool), and this was resolved with WIRRALs, who show the same design as the Below / Paulin chalice! All three surnames show the chalice in gold. The Maple's are split in Tarves colors, and use a motto connectable to the Chives motto while Drive's share the quadrants of Chives, the latter first found in Tarves. Italian Paulins are also Polons while the other Polons show nothing but a TREE.

I have told the story several times that Kepke and I, in our first year of friendship at age 12, would wade through the rivers of three golf courses, early in the morning before the golfers came out, to steal golf balls from the water. We then sold them back to golfers at some spot on the courses far from the clubhouses. I recall that we prized Gary PLAYER balls as the third-best. Players could be of the Playter variation of Platters i.e. a Plain branch linkable to Paulins.

The point is that Kepke once saw my Cousin, Mr. Grimaldi, and said to me, "he looks like a GOOF." I had no idea why he would say that. They didn't speak; they only walked past one another in my house, and Grimaldi was some eight years older than he (adult versus a middle-aged teen). It may have been the way Grimaldi looked at him with some displeasure, but I suspect now that "goof" and "golf" are to be linked, for when we collected the golf balls, we put them into bags (our one and only tool), and Bags (of GAYwood near Diss) share the Grimaldi Coat. I had suggested that the golf balls were a pointer to Guelphs, for no Golf surname comes up, and Grimaldi's were Guelphs along with Fieschi. Kepke had a black Lab, and black labs are used by French Goffs. And wow, Welsh Goffs (Gopher/Gofer colors) were first found in RADNORshire with RATners while Kepke had a pet rat in his basement. Ellen Ratner? She's the Fox lady who was on the Seth-Rich case when Fox shut her up.

AND ZOWIE, after having said that, "GUCCifer" came to mind, and it just so happens that the Goff/Gough boars are shared by GOUCH's/Googe's!!! WOW, just look at that. It appears that God used "goof" out of Kepke's mouth to point Kepke things to Ellen Ratner and the Guccifer-Rich controversy yet to be investigated. Things like this shock me. Kepke's dog was Blackie/Blacky, and Blackie's happen to share blue vair and the gold fitchee with Quints while baron massy-Grimaldi married Quintana of Argentina. My mother's brother, Mr. Grimaldi (I met him once or twice), immigrated from Italy to Argentina, and my mother's other brother is father to goof-Grimaldi. Is that not amazing? Only God can do these things through heraldic details. Goof-Grimaldi went on to run a strip joint / restaurant.

I captured a theory where I identified a Blake variation with a Bled variation, and while Blackie's are also Blaike's, they use two of the three Bled chevrons. It looks like the theory is clinched. The triple Bled chevrons are colors reversed from the same of Clare's, the latter first found in Suffolk = the Diss theater. Baron Massy-Grimaldi was likely descended from Deise of Waterford. Baron Massy with Dice-related Miss Quintana had a daughter, Leticia, and my aunt, Leticia Masci, married Pepin while the Goffs share the black-lab heads with Pape's/Papenburgs. This recalls the online quote where a Mr. Grimaldi/Grimaldus married Crispina, daughter of king Rollo, husband of Poppa i.e. whose name looks linkable to Poppo I, founder of Papenburg-like Babenbergs.

I'm starting to think that I descend fairly straight from the Monaco Grimaldi's, but it can't be from Grace Kelly. Feasibly, Grimaldi's were related to Kellys long before Grace Kelly, for the Kelly lion is shared by Monaco's.

To prove that our golf balls connect with Goffs/Gough and Gooch's, this is very important. There are three Golfin surnames, one having a GollenHOFER variation. I'll first mention the Hoffers/Offers with leopard FACE in both Shield and Crest, that being the Fieschi line right up Guelph-land with Grimaldi's. Next, Jewish Hoffers come up as Goffers, very super. And the latter share the red-on-white stars of Schims/Schiens/Chands, the ones with a giant boar head in the colors of the Goff / Gooch boars, is that not something? On top of this, Grimaldi's were suspect with the Gris'/Griims, who have a giant star in those star colors. Guelphs were Welfs, and the Welf/Wolf surname was first found in Cheshire with Hover-like Overs/Ophers. French Gris' share the Monaco lion.

I now recall the dream where the only event I remember was many golf balls just popping up from within a white ground that, I think, was sand. Was it the sand of the Hicks / Epstein beach? I have no other explanation for that golf-ball dream, but I do think it was given in connection to the collection of balls at golf courses. The best of the three courses was Cedar Brae Golf Club, at STEELES Avenue. Doesn't Trump own at least one golf course? Wasn't Kepke a pointer to Trump?

Repeat: "The documents were filed during a civil defamation lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts GIUFFRE, a former Mar-a-Lago locker-room attendant, against Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell." Can that apply to this discussion?

It's got me wondering whether Miss Hicks HOVERing OVER the car seats is somehow a pointer to the Guccifer crime. She was first at the hood of the car, and God showed that this was to be connected to the Saint-Petersburg medallion on my hood. Saint Petersburg is essentially right down Guccifer-crime alley. The Hood motto was linked well in the last update to wolf-studded Seals. God put Kepke on my hood once that lead to the revelation that Allisons are of a KEPPOCH branch of MacDonalds. Seals share the fesse of Weavers (Cheshire) while Keeps (share galley ship with MacDonalds) have a weaver's shuttle. The "Esto" motto term of Weavers has for to be for Este's, for Welfs came forth from Este. And the other Weaver motto term ("fidelis") is for wolf-head Fiddle's/Fidelows. There you have a good reason for God's use of car hoods. Go ahead and compare the Coats of Weavers and Goffers/Hoffers.

AND German Weavers/Webbers have a "segne" motto term no-doubt for Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova with Fieschi and using the Este eagle ("signo" is with Fesse's/Face's). It's likely that the double wings German Weavers/Webbers (probably Macey stars) are the Masci wings, as are the double wings of Seagars. White wings are also with Genova's (Masci red-blue colors) along with the lion of Seconds/SEGURs. We can add that Weavers/Webbers were first found in Saxony with German Julians while English Julians share the salamander-in-flames with Segans/Sagans. Plus, one can glean that Gullys/Gollys and Gulls are Julian branches while German Golfin/GOLLenhofers have a giant gull.

Pepins have two clues to their relationship with Este. I recall the French Peppins showed what looked to me to be a gull (now a raven). The French Peppin Coat is not a bad reflection of the Hood Coat, by the way. The Barrs of Este were Guelphs, if I recall correctly. Bar-le-DUC has been resolved with German Ducks, but all of this time I have not known, for years anyway, that English Peppins (two p's) use ducks. God's pointers from Lorraine the babe showed a Pepin merger with Bar-le-Duc, and all through that time of talking about it, I didn't know (remember) duck-using Peppins/PeppleSHAWS/PebbleSHORE's. The last time my files have "Peppin" is in 2012. Bags can be from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen. Note PEBBLEShore, for while Pebbles was a baby of Fred Flintstone, BAMM-BAMM was the baby of Barney Rubble; Pepins probably provided Poppo Babenberg of BAMberg from queen Bebba of Bamburgh castle. The Babe's, right?

Our golf balls in the bag are thus looking like a Julian-Guelph merger at the Genova theater. Recall that Fieschi appealed to count of Savoy, for while Galli-related Gays were first found in Savoy, bags were at Gaywood. The bag cinquefoils are in colors reversed from those of Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags and Gaywood), and that looks connectable to Gouch's/Googe's, the pointer to Guccifer.

The problem is, I can't immediately see what other parts of the car scene of Miss Hicks is about Guccifer or Seth Rich. But I'll work on it. The most I can say is that she adopted a daughter, Geneva, while Genova's are also Geneva's.

Kepke called the Grimaldi Guelphs a goof, I feel sure, for Goffs of RADNORshire as per Ellen Ratner. It just so happens that the Seths/Shaws are a part of the Kelly-linkable Sheaves'/Chiava's of L'Aquila, and my mother along with Leticia's background were from a small village seven miles from L'Aquila. But there are some interesting things about Irish Seths/Shaws. I've been saying for years that they have a version of the Eyer/Ayers/EYES and Ayer Coats because the Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term. This goes to the Eye location at Diss, the Deise/Diss/Dice entity married by baron Massy. His name is Christian Louis, and while Christians/CHRISTINE's share the cups of Scottish Seths/Shaws, French Louis' share the lozenges of the Hinds in the Crest of Seths/Shaws. I had to tolerate LOUISE Philips (Peare's friend) after Peare left me for Kepke.

But there's more, for while Louise worked at Penningtons (share BAGley lozenges) when I first met her, the Seth/Shaw motto is a version of the Pendragon motto, and Pendragons are a branch of Pennys/Penes'. Before conceiving this paragraph, I was planning to go via Gophers/Gofers to Nagle elements of Tintagel, where mythical Pendragon committed adultery with the wife of mythical GorLOIS (part code for Louis-like Lois' of Artois) in birthing a son, king Arthur. In the article above on the Fieschi, the Doria's of Genova are mentioned who married Arthur-line Arduinici in Nagle-line Oneglia. German Nagle's have a saltire colors reversed from the same of Gophers/Gofers, and while GORlois has been resolved as part-code for Gores, the gold Gore crosslets are shared by Pauls and Gaineys/Keveneys. The Pauls were spotted as using Coat version of Irish Nagle's (nightinGALE) and Gale's, and Gaineys/Keveneys share the Coat and Crest of Kellys/Killia's. "TintaGEL" can be gleaned with Gale's (Nagle saltire) because they share the blue unicorn with Tints.

Repeat: "When I knew him, Paul and his parents lived in Vaughn county, and while Smiths share the colors and format of Vaughns, the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Plains/Platters." The Vaughn Coat is a version of the Pendragon Coat.

Recall how the Goffs/Goughs share the GOUCH/Googe boars, and how this pointed to the GUCCifer controversy involving Seth Rich, for Tints use a COUCHant lion. Tints were first found in Somerset with English Paulins, a good reason to see Pauls with a version of the Nagle Coat, especially as Italian Paulins were first found in Genova with Doria's. The latter's eagle is also the Seth/Shaw eagle, believe it or not. I have claimed that the Doria eagle is also the Candida eagle, and Candida variations mean, "song," in Italian. This is new and utterly amazing, for Candida's are also CANDELs. Read on and see where this goes.

As I've told many times. I had a girlfriend, Kelly, for a short span of time, and Kepke visited me for the last time while she was at my apartment. There's something in that. Kelly's father was a song writer, and one day, believing from a vision of Jesus that I myself would one day sing (understatement), I picked up a Bible (off the coffee table, I think) at Kelly's place and said to God that I would appreciate a sign on whether I would become a singer. I didn't speak audibly, of course, and "said" that I would open this bible and land my finger wherever it lands. It was shocking, for it landed in Isaiah: "you shall have a song..."

I started to sing prolifically only some 15 years later. But I didn't know then that "song" would relate to other things besides my singing, for while Kellys are Killia's too, while Kyle is a location in Ayrshire, it's pretty amazing here that Kyle's use candleSTICKs, for Songs share the garbs of Sticks. And CANDLEsticks must be code also for Candels/Candida? This second part is new; I've known the Song-Stick link before, but didn't realize that Candida's are of a song theme. It's tending to verify that Kyle's were a Kelly/Killia line, and that Kelly liners were in both Genova and with the Sheaves' of L'Aquila. "Cantata / canto" is Italian for song/singing. Singing is CHANTing and, once again, Schims/CHANDs (share dove with Cants) share the Goff / Gooch boar. It looks Arranged.

And by the way, Italian for whistle is Fieschi-like "fischio," and Fischs/Fishers (probably the Saraca fish round-about) have a "wahREIT" motto term while Miss Peare, the whistle-blower symbol, worked at REITmans when I met her. It looks like Verification that it is correct to peg her waist as a whistle-blower symbol, as per dove-using Waistells/Wessels. I tend to see a Cliff link to Fisks/Fisks, and here one can see the Sticks / Stichs in the Cliff write-up. Stichs (Cheshire) share gold garbs with Waistells/Wessels, and the Arms of Cheshire has them in both colors of the Waistell/Wessel garbs. Songs share the Stick / Stich garbs. Doesn't it seem from this new-to-this-paragraph idea that the whistle blowing in relation to her waist, in the sleeping-bag dream, pertains to the FISC court = dossier crimes? I hope they punish the winking FISC judges too.

The waist of Peare was a part of the "it felt so good" phrase that goes to Goods/Guts, and they happen to share the Stick / Stich Coat. This Gut connection to her waist eluded me when on the Goods/Guts (Switzerland) earlier in this update, for I was concentrating on the related belly event with her.

It can be gleaned from a read of Irish Nagle's that they share the Anger / Angel lozenges, though Angels use them in colors reversed, the colors used for them by Penningtons. This takes us back to: "Dominating the city, the Fieschi and Grimaldi allied themselves with the French prince Charles of Anjou..." It appears that my involvement with Christine and Louise was a pointer to Grimaldi's of Massy, but why? Why is this same topic pointing to Seth Rich? In the sleeping-BAG dream (bags share Grimaldi Coat), the two ladies together appeared with me in what I deciphered as a whistle-blowing event. Should we expect that event on the Seth-Rich matter too? Didn't the dossier people make the Seth-Rich murder directly related to the dossier scandal in an effort to cover the murder while making Trump look guilty of Russian collusion with Guccifer 2.0?

Fessy's share the Bath cross, and Baths with Whistle's/Wissels (share Bath lions) were first found in Somerset with Battins/Badens (eye) while Angels (share winged horse with Masseys) use a baton shaped as a CANE. Wasn't McCain all over the dossier? Baron Massys daughter (Leticia) married Mr. Brouwer, and Brouwers have wavy bends linkable to the same of Cane's/Cains, yet the latter's bends look linkable to the Platters while the latter's branch married Palin-liner Plains while John McCain chose Sarah Palin to become the vice-president of the United States.

I was looking "candida" up at google, and found a candida fungus infection also called, thrush. The Thrush's/Trussels were looked up to find fretty lattice looking like the Grimaldi Coat. Thrush's can be a branch of Somerset's Tresure's/Trashers. Mythical Tristan (Cornwall, same as Gorlois and Tintagel) of Arthurian codework, the Tristans, and Trysts, may all apply. "Keep Tryst" is the motto of Hepburns and Simple's, and the Simple's show a design that is essentially the Thrush fretty! I didn't expect that. We met Simple's in the motto of Spreads/Spree's (share Sheet hourglass pattern) when on the FBI spreadsheet confessing that the FBI rejected the dossier before it used the dossier to deceive the FISC judges. Could we perceive the person who released the spreadsheet as the expected whistle blower? Who was he/she?

Remember, the waist event was in a mall as a pointer to Morleys/Mauls whose split colors are those of Dossier's/D'Hosier's too. "Former Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy revealed in an interview that the FBI maintained a spreadsheet on which it kept track of the allegations made by former British spy Christopher Steele in his infamous dossier." He read the spreadsheet probably a long ways back, but he may be talking about it this week because the contents were released by someone else to John Solomon. This spreadsheet is the nail in Obama's coffin, if it ever goes to court against Comey and Rosenstein. Jeff Sessions should be held guilty for covering it up.

"Sources have told investigative reporter John Solomon that the vast majority of claims made in Christopher Steele’s infamous dossier were “either wrong, unverifiable or things that an intern could find on the internet." The sources are left unnamed, but Gowdy was good enough to verify that the claims are true.

Why was I made to place my hands on Peare's waist, in the dream, instead of whistling at her? Why point to Waistells for a whistle-blowing clue when God could have pointed to Whistle's easily? Well, Waistells have a horse on a gallop, and Gallops use a gold version of the David Coat, and this is needed to verify that David Morley was the dream's bike rider so that we could conclude that the mall is indeed for Morleys/Maule's.

NOW LOOK AT THIS, incredible. I haven't been off the candida = song theme long, which got use to Chands and Cants sharing the dove with Waistells, and right after that the "fischio" = whistle term was introduced. Then, earlier in this update, a new surname, CHANDler, was brought to topic, noting lightly that it has three of the Gallop lions on the same bend as Gallops have one lion, yet Chandlers also share the checkered Shield of Fisks/Fiscs!!! INCREDIBLE. That's why Waistells were pointed to instead of Whistle's, apparently. We had to be brought to Gallops and Chandlers first to prove that whistle-blowing against the FISC court is the reason for the waist scene. But this was not possible until I googled the Italian word for song/singing, which search also offered "fischio," you see. That was the key. I must have been destined for this find, and it happened tonight (Saturday) only because God gave that sign, 39 years ago, "you shall have a song." It got the song ball rolling.

WOOOOWWWOWWWIE! I almost missed it. When seeing the passant gold-on-black lion of Gallops and Chandlers, I remembered seeing one recently, and scrolling back a few surnames, there it was in the FISCH/Fisher Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of the best surprises. You can't make this stuff up. English Fish's share the Vaughn Coat, apparently, but even better the Pierce/PIER Coat.

Reminder: Fishs/Fishers are the ones with "wahREIT." It looks like part-code for Wahrs/Wahrs', and then the Vairs/VEHRS' share the Fisk/Fisc and Chandler Shields. Wahrs are listed with Warren suspects, and while I trace Ada of Warenne to Aids/Ade's, the latter are the one with a leopard-face version of the David Coat. Ada married the family of king David I, you see, the HolyROOD / HalyROD line, explaining why David Morley came down the ROAD to me, then went back on the road from the direction he came as I walked into the mall parking lot. The RODhams with Perkins Coie, I'm sure, are pointed to there, for the Rodham Coat is a version of the Aid/Ade and David Coats. God is smart, no surprise. The HalyRod line was probably from Henry of Rodez, explaining Henry, Ada's husband.

One might also see the colors of the mouse-on-bend in the Misl Coat, noting the colors of the Misl lions (not necessarily touching on the dream), all comparable to the Davids and Gallops, but the Misl lion is upright, as are the CAROL lions in the same colors. The last time I saw David Morley, he rode to my place on his bike, with his newlywed wife, CAROL, on the back seat. Had he not come that day, I don't think I would have known that he had a motor bike. I wouldn't have remembered, anyway. You see, even Carol helps us here, now linking to the only heraldic mouse I know of. David's sister is Vera, perhaps a pointer to Vehrs'.

The Bristol Pigeon and the La Paloma Stairs

The Rodez lion is that also of Seconds/Segurs, and Seconds along with Aids/Ade's are in the Levi motto. It makes the David lion look like the lion of Jewish Levi's. Rodez was a significant topic above with HERODs, and Morley happened to live on a HARDing street. I'm looking at the Harding write-up, asking whether its police force in Bristol (run by Hardings) can explain Morley on his bike with helmet as a representation of the FBI police. He came off the road, down the hill to where I had picked up the sleeping bag. He circled the area of the sleeping-bag spot, then followed me up the hill (I didn't have the sleeping bag) and drove off the way he came i.e. he did NOTHING as I walked into the parking lot, the pointer to Perkins Coie. So, if the sleeping bag represents Hillary's crimes, and I think it does, I can't say that Morley did anything about them.

I wouldn't be mentioning this potential Morley-Bristol link to the sleeping bag had not the Bristol motto used "DORmientiBUS," translated as "sleeping." One can add that Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with a Twyford branch of Bristols, and Twyfords/Tyfords share the cinquefoil of Hard-like Hurts/Horts, the latter's Coat being like that of Herls/Hurls while Scottish Hurls are also Herods. Hurds share the heart with Hardy-descended Douglas'. By the way, Doug-like Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/NAILs, and while nails are pierced into the HEART of Ducks/Logans, Herls/Hurls use ducks. Moreover, the Nagle/Nail saltire is in the colors of the Hardy cross. It makes Douglas' and Dougals look like Duck liners. The Westphalia Ducks even come up as "Duckle / Duckless" (this is new). Bruce-line Brise's were at Moray with Douglas'.

The Rodez-Herod discussion above was all over Daorsi / Dorset with the Hamilton and BUS cinquefoil. Dorset is beside Somerset, location of Bristol, and Bristols share the gold crescent with Dorsets. In colors reversed, the three Bristol crescents are those of neighboring Hoods. Miss Hicks appeared at the hood with her BATHing suit, which I've always regarded as a pointer to Baths (Somerset), and Bath is right beside Bristol. This is providing another clue as to her being at the hood of the car...on the BEACH. Beach's share the VAIRed Coat of Claps/Clappers (share sun with Dorsets and Babe's of Dorset), and Clapton is right-near Bristol too. Hicks married Daorsi-related Arthurs in Clapton. Vairs are the Vera-like Vehrs' sharing the Fisk/FISC Shield, with a checkered Shield in the colors of the similar vaired Shields of Clappers and Beach's. Clapton is at PORTIShead, and Portis/Porch's share the Bus / Hamilton cinquefoil. Miss Hicks married Hamilton.

It seems to be dragging James Clapper into that hood scene. Clappers were first found in Surrey with the Gastons (this is new) sharing the Fisk/Fisk Shield, a great way to link James Clapper of the FISA / FISC crime!!! Recall my stool pigeon, for Stolls were first found in Somerset with BriSTOLs. The Stolls make a cross with their lozenges in the colors of the Bath cross, but also in the colors of the BRISon saltire, how about that. The Stoll lozenges are in the colors of the same of Whistle's (Somerset, yup), who share the Bath lions. The stool pigeon appeared on my septic tank, about 10 feet from my bathroom wall. It could appear that the stool pigeon(s) / whistle blower(s) are going to call out Mr. Clapper. I hope so. The world needs this revelation, but Barr may decide to protect America's reputation by covering the worst. I hope not. Whistle blowers, let that not happen. Reminder: "fischio = whistle".

It now seems that Bristols are being dragged into the FISA scandal to emphasize the stool pigeons, pretty amazing. Hicks are said to have included Hikke de SAUTEby, and Sauters/SUTERs share the hexagrams of German Stolls while English Suters are also SUITs, to which I've linked the bathing suit of Miss Hicks. Cool. Suters/Suits/SEWERs are of my sewer on Obama's billiard table that promises us Obama in trouble for the FISA-dossier crimes.

English Stolls were at Catherston while Catherstons use fish, which is why they (as Cathars/Catters/Cators) were suspect from "Kotor" with Saraca's. Cathars look like kin of the Glove's in the Clan-Chattan motto. If the Stoll eagle holds a bow, note that Bows share the motto of Roets (same place as Stolls), from CATHERine Roet.

To prove that Bristols apply here, they have a Coat version of Cliffs/CLEAVE's (Shropshire, same as Sleeps). Cleavers are with Clapper-like Clavers, and Cliffs/Cleave's share the stars of Fisk/Fiscs. Impressed? I shared the theory where the so-called "FISCal-Cliff" crime (my term) on America (under Bush and Obama) was named by the culprits after those two surnames, but can now suggest another theory: God provided the two surnames with similar Coats in revealing the fiscal-cliff crisis to be a scam on the people.

Let's go on. Cliffs/Cleave's share the three black wolf heads of Seals that were pegged in the last update with the "Zealous" motto of Hoods! Is that not amazing? Just when the Bristols were becoming suspect with the Hicks dream, at her hood, there we are. This topic would not be here had not Morley lived on a Harding street. It all came together starting there, and with the "sleeping" term of Bristols.

Lookie. Cliffs married the Sticks (Somerset, same as Bristol and Clapton), from the Astikas' who married Traby of Poland, and Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped scarf likely for Quade's / Queens who both share the three black wolf heads of Cliffs/Cleave's and Seals, yet the Seals put a white wolf head in Crest, the colors of the three scarf wolf heads. I actually found the now-important Gastons when finding them as kin of SANDowski's at the time that I read the latter to be of Sadowski's above. The beach was SAND.

I now recall that my waking Miss Hicks from sleep was a pointer to the Steele dossier where Wake's (share double fesses with Sleeps) love the Ore's/Orrs in their motto while sharing a version of the Ore/Orr Chief. As I found Nelly to share red roundels with Wake's and Ore's/Orrs, I concluded that God was pointing the Nelly Ohr, who was hired by Fusion GPS (owner of the Steele dossier) to look-up dirt on Trump.

I can now add that the "Vigila" motto term of Wake's is like the "VigilantiBUS" of Bristols. AND WOW, Italian Vigils have a colors-reversed version of the Wahrs/WARIN Coat while "WAHReit" is a motto term of FISCHs/Fishers!!! It appears very much that God was not only pointing to history with my waking Miss Hicks, but also to the dossier = FISC scandal! Zinger. I even recall that CLIFFords share the checkered Shield of WARRENs. Ada of Warenne/Varenne is thus expected in the "ad" motto term of Fisks/Fiscs. The Warren Shield is shared by Wards while the Fisch/Fisher motto has "VorWARTs."

With Varenne's and Warrens, we are on the Varni/Warni Germanics whose goddess, Nerthus, I trace to the NERETva river of the Daorsi and Ward-like Vardaei (same as the Ardiaei), all suspect from Nahorites that once lived on the Bug river, which can explain why Varenne's/Verone's share the Coat of German Bugs. The Bug is not very far from Traby, and while cliffs link to Traby elements in more than one way, Cliffords were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels/Barwells (Daorsi of Bar at Selepitanoi theater, right?). The Neuri of the Bug river worshipped the wolf, according to HERODotus (predated Herods) of the Rhodes theater, and Cliffs use wolves. The "Semper paratus" motto of Cliffords is at least similar to the motto in the Arms of L'viv, that being a location on, or between, the two Bug rivers (north and south). Nahorites are suspect in mythical Nereus, husband of DORis and father with her of NEREIDs, like "NERETva". They were depicted in myth as FISH, that's right, and Verona's share the Arms-of-Saraca fish with Fischs/Fishers/Fish's. The latter's Coat looks a little linkable to that of Butts/Bute's/Boets (fish), and Butua is beside Kotor. Mythical KODRos had a fish symbol.

The Bug river is in the Ukraine with Novgorod and Kiev. The VARNi predated the VARANgians who in-turn left Sweden to live in Novgorod and Kiev...probably because they were from the Ukraine to begin with, or because the Bug-river Ukrainians were amongst them in Varangian make-up. NORway comes to mind. If I recall correctly, Norwegian myth traces to mythical Nor and Gor, and if the latter is correct, compare with "NovGORod" (New Gorod).

Hmm, Roets, suspect in the Stoll Crest (bow?), share the boar heads of Gorod-like Gords, and the latter were first found in Berwickshire with Scottish Brisons. As "VIVit" is a motto term of Scottish Brisons, BriSTOLs look like BRISon liners merged with Stools/Stayers. Due to these Brisons sharing the white pheon with Pilate's, I trace them to MontBRISON at Mont Pilat...all beside St. Etienne, where French Hamels (Nahorite suspects, from Kemuel) are said to have been. As Baths are in the bat of the Moray Randolphs, note that a bat is with English Bugs.

There's a good argument for tracing CLAVERs/Cleavers to "GLAPHYRa" Archelaus (Cappadocia, same as queen Nysa of Cappadocia), wife of Herod Archelaus. It begs whether James Clapper is of that line. The Clavers/Cleaver's share the tower of Hills and PLUNKetts, and PLANCia Magna (daughter of Mr. Plancius) was descended from Glaphyra Archelaus by not many generations. Plancia lived with her husband, Tertullus (proto-Fulks of Anjou), in PERGa, a term i trace to Parkings/Perkins because they have a "simplex" motto term for a Mr. Simplex, a relative of Plancia Magna. I picked the sleeping bag up on a HILL, and walked up it to a PARKING lot. The Fulks of Anjou (said to descend from a Tertullus) put out the Plantagenet, and French Plants are PLANQUE's too for obvious reason. But I had also made a good argument for tracing Perga elements to the Lithuanian wolf cult, Lada and her husband, PERKUNas. The Cliff-related Sticks are expected from Astikas' of Lithuania.

English Stolls are STAYwells too, and Stayers/STAIRs (Capone Coat) have stars in the colors of the German-Stoll stars. As the pigeon was walking on the ground above the septic tank, let's show the photo of the crashed scaffold that was a major topic in the last update. The septic tank starts under the ladder lying on the ground. There was dirt newly lifted by mole tunnels, days after the pigeon walked over my stool, smack between the septic tank and the rock STAIRs. And here we find that Stolls look like a Stair branch, pretty amazing, especially as stool pigeons rat on Intelligence moles. The mole tunnels came down the hill following the rock steps, but I never say another disturbance of my soil after this path was taken (it pays to remove all weeds down to the roots, starves moles, I think). It appears that God sent these moles to these stairs for this reason of the stool pigeon.

The Stayer/Stair Coat is that on English CAPONE's, first found in Cambridgeshire with JUNE's and Jeune's, and while one Quintus Caepio was the grandfather of three JUNIA CAEPIONis', wow, the German Stolls share the Jeune fleur-de-lys! The benefit here is that it tends to prove that Stolls/Staywells are a branch of Stairs.

There's more, unbelievable, all thanks to the little window you see above the rock steps. That window is above the TOILET, and Tollets are with the Tolle's/Tulls (hmm, like the Stole/Stoll surname) who share the pyramid with Steele-branch Battistelli's and Fisks/Fiscs. Quintus Caepio above was the son of Quintus Caepio the elder, a Roman general who, during war in TOULouse, found a staggering treasure of gold and silver bars, and STOLE them (not alone of course). The Romans brought him to court, but never did get the bars or imprison him. The point is, the TOLLE's share the TOOL lion smacking of TOULouse!!! The toilet window brought us here along with the stairs under that window!

There's more that I didn't realize until now. Across the river from Toulouse is Comminges, and near that is ROQUEfeuil, in Languedoc, where Roque's/Rocks were first found who show a couple of rocks! My rock stairs. Is God trying to tell us that the gold bars ended up at Roquefeuil??? YES, I feel sure, for while heraldic billets are metal bars, the Arms of Roquefeuil use gold billets!!! God is telling history with my stairs. Steel's use gold billets too, in the colors of the Nassau billets, and Quintus Caepio, the year after steeling the gold bars at Toulouse, had a war at Orange (France), which would merge with Nassau to become Orange-Nassau. The red Steele lion heads thus become suspect as the red lion in the Capone Crest. I'm assuming that proto-Steels got hold of some gold bars by marriage to Caepio's descendants.

These guys came to rule the world, starting with Julius Caesar. It can't be coincidental that he had an affair with Servilia Caepionis, mother of the three Junia's. He was after the gold, wasn't he? And it looks like he got some from her, for they had a relationship many years. The Nassau / Steele billets are colors reversed from the billets of Bos'/Bush's/Boschs and related Pastors. In the last update, the rock stairs were regarded as steps for the Stepps sharing the giant fleur of German Bush's/Buschs, but this fleur is also used by Tollet/Tolle/Tull-suspect Dole's (Cambridgeshire) while Irish Dole's have a double-billet border with billets in the colors of the Nassau / Steele billets. German Steels have two pale bars in the colors of the Tull/Tullia pale bar.

I now assume that God caused me to purchase a mini-excavator, for those rocks are where they are due to the excavator's ability to pick them up and bring them over. It's a John Deere, and Deere's were first found in Bedfordshire while Bedfords share the black lion paw with Quints. That works.

The king Herods, who ruled and lived a couple of generations after Caepio the elder, were decorating the Jerusalem temple with lots of gold, and when Herod Antipas was banished from Israel by Caesar Augustus, I'll bet he got to choose where he went, for he went to Comminges (Lugdunum Covenarum), smack beside Toulouse!

WOWIE, it's not ended yet. I've just checked the Billet-branch of Bellows for some extra clue, knowing beforehand that their "Vita" motto term jibes with the "viVIT" of Scottish BRISons, the ones who became suspect with BRIStols (BriSTOLs), first found in Somerset with Stolls/Staywells. Is that not cool already? And here's what I read that was missed when on the Wirrals these past couple of weeks; "The Bellow family lived in Cheshire where they were first established at Moreton on the Wirral Peninsula." A few days after the stool pigeon flew off, three more appeared and WHIRLed around the maple tree a few feet off the photo's left side. These are the only pigeons I recall seeing over the past many years while living here. Incredible. I wonder whether I should remove the rock steps and dig deeper to find some gold bars.

I trace doves to Caepio-suspect Cuppae, "city of doves." That's off the Pek river that I suspect in naming "PIGeon" and similar surnames, and Bellows use a "PECtore" motto term, believe it or not. The FANs of Shiptons are called bellows, and VAUGHNs share the June fleur. Nassau's are also Naso's while Italian Naso's (French-Billet colors) share the fesse in the Arms of Fanano, colors reversed in the fesse of FANs/Fens', the latter first found in Devon with Bellow-branch Billets. That's interesting. Naso's use "mill stones" while English Mills share the Capone-Crest lion in their Crest. Scottish Mills share a motto term in the Arms of Rothschild?

I was upset when I had something to say about a fan topic, but forgot it when coming to the Vaughns / Fans above. But before long, I took another look at the photo, and seeing the window at the bathroom, I remembered what I was wanting to say. First of all, the Window surname is suspect with lion paws for the Fien/FINNIS lions because "FINIStere" is like the French or Italian for "window," and Fiens/Finis' are a branch of Fiens/FANE's. Cool, but that's not what I was wanting to say, which is: I had the choice from the building code to use either a bathroom FAN or a window for bathroom ventilation. Amazing, is it not? I don't remember why the fan was important when that had come to mind, but I've just realized while writing this paragraph: FiniSTERE. Hee-hee.

The Window lion paw (in the Crest) holds a gold fitchee, the same as the Quint Crest!!! Unbelievable. I hope this convinces some doubters that I don't fabricate stories in my life to feed you to fit heraldry, unless I planned that photo for all of these connectable insights. Of course I didn't. Austins share a blue lion paw with Windows, and they throw in the Quint chevron.

I've only now remembered Fannius Caepio! "Fannius Caepio, conspired with Murena against Augustus in BC 22. He was accused of majestas by Tiberius Claudius Nero, afterwards the emperor.". Caepio's, a couple of generations after Quintus Caepio, went after the imperial throne. I trace the Murena's in the quote to Marano's/Mauritano's / Morinis' and Morano's, all three first found in Modena with Fanano. So, my photo was telling us of a Fan-Caepio merger, and here it is 2,000 years ago or more.

Fannys are listed with Fans/Fens'. There is also a Fanny/Finny surname with a Coat version of the Tiens/Thames' and Peare's, both first found in Oxfordshire with bellow-fan Shiptons. The Fanny/Finny Coat is identical with the Tien/Thames Coat under the latter's Chief. It's interesting that when I pulled Miss Peare toward me by her waist, her fanny was coming along. The Waistell dove goes to Cuppae, right? And I first kissed her in real life, four decades ago, at the La Paloma bar, and Paloma's not only use a dove, but the Pero pale bar. A few weeks after I kissed her there, God gave her a belly symbol, and here I can add that the three mascles of Tiens/Thames' are colors reversed from the same of Bullys. For what it could be worth, the Spanish Paloma's with the Pero pale bar share a cauldron with Wirrals.

As the Stairs share the Capone Coat, I can repeat what happened at our first kiss. Kepke left the table, giving me an opportunity to ask Miss Peare if she'd like to step outside. She knew what I meant, and got up excited. She followed me up the STAIRs fast, and as soon as we got out the front door, we started to kiss the best kiss I've ever had to date. And before we wanted it to end, Kepke came storming out the door yelling for the bouncer to boot us off the property. It was like we committed a crime.

I don't remember what happened after that. It's the things I remember clearly that I check for surnames. If it had been a so-so kiss, I may not have remembered it. Had Kepke not come storming out, I might not have remembered it. I can't remember whether we got booted off the property. I can't remember the bouncer speaking to us. I don't know what Peare and I did later that night. I don't know how she got home. I don't remember a thing in the bar but asking her to come outside with me. The STAIRS/Stayers were part of the STOLL/Staywell bloodline that God would bring me to, decades later, with a dove/pigeon on my septic system, at which time, today, the rock stairs would become a topic. Like I said, we kissed at La Paloma, and Paloma's use a dove with spread wings in the colors of the Masci wing (once showed two white wings). Go ahead and load Paloma-like Palms to see the Massey / Lys fleur-de-lys. God does do things very neatly, and it stuns me at times when finally I can grasp even a little of what he's been intending.

He could have chosen for us to kiss that first kiss somewhere else, but being in a BAR may have to do with Bari, where Paloma's were first found. Bari is across the Adriatic sea from Bar of the Selepitanoi, near Bute-line Butua. And after Peare, Kim Walsh came into the Kepke picture, the line from the Lys river that was in Buteshire with Glass'. Bar was probably inhabited by the neighboring Cavii, the line to Chivasso in Piedmont, and likely to the Sheaves/Chiava's of L'Aquila, which is where I expect that Masci's got their eagle wings. Cavii lived at Lissus, which goes to the Lisse variation of Lys'. This is how God has taught me things about heraldry, family roots, migratory paths, etc., that no one else knows of. Note the Abruzzo-like Abri between the Selepitanoi and Cavii on this map:

Did you see the Daorsi and Ardiaei at Rhizon?

I will also repeat that Miss Peare was my girl for a few weeks only, from that first kiss to the time that we were hugging in my bedroom. Kepke was over and sitting with Louise in the living room, and he had been burning mad at me for taking her from him, for it was he who hustled her from her Reitman's store, and invited her to La Paloma. Why he invited me too I'll never know. While hugging, Kepke blurted loudly, "he doesn't love her, he only wants to use her." And Peare looked up at me, asking if it was true. But with I hesitating for a second to find words, she abruptly let go of me and went to sit in the living room. The charge wasn't true at all, but having known her for only two or three weeks, I wasn't able to say, "I do love you." I was going to use some other words.

Instead of fighting for her, because she left my arms so easily, I walked into the living room, and shut the WINDOW down hard in front of Kepke. The glass broke, and that was it, FINIShed. I never spoke to her again as my girl. He went on to use her and hurt her badly in the approach to marriage, she should have seen it coming. BROKE's/Brocks, first found in Essex with Quints, share the Capone lion in Crest.

Repeat: "The waist of Peare was a part of the "it felt so good" phrase that goes to Goods/Guts, and they happen to share the Stick / Stich Coat. This Gut connection to her waist eluded me when on the Goods/Guts (Switzerland) earlier in this update, for I was concentrating on the related belly event with her." Guts/Goods were at Basel with the HUGo's sharing the Walser / Glass mermaid, and she and I were HUGging in the broken-glass event. I did NOT realize until a minute after the last sentence the Broke's/Bricks were first found in Essex with Brooks who share the Gut/Good / Stick Coat!!!! Wow.

Kepke left Peare for Miss Walsh, and had wedding plans all set up, the wedding date included, then got cold feet and went back to Peare. He had sex with them both on the same day, he told me, and then left Peare for good after that, a heart-wrenching end for her. The Walsh's (swan) are a branch of Walsers from the Sion-of-Wallis area, and Sions are also Swans. Walsers share the mermaid with GLASS'. I broke the glass on the window when Kepke lied to Miss Peare about my intentions, and Windows use the Quint lion paw with fitchee. "Kepke" has long been suspect as a Caepio cousin of some sort. Glass' were first found in Bute along with Kims, and Kepke's second lady was Kim Walsh, you see. I see "Glass" as a version of "Walsh / Wallis."

It seems that God chose "Kim" for her in order to verify that I've got the Walsh line between Wallis and Glass' correctly pegged. The "suis" motto term of Kims looks like code for the Swiss surname, and Pierro's/Pero's, with probably a version of the BUTE/Butt/Boet Coat (you see?), were on a Ticino river starting in Switzerland. And Wallis canton is itself in Switzerland. The bottom half of the Swiss Coat is the bear of French Benjamins, I assume, because Walsh's have the English Benjamin Coat. I've already mentioned that Benjamites of Rimmon (Israel) named the Rimna river in or beside WALLACHia. Walsh's are also Walchs. I've had a lot of help in making such discoveries.

How can it be that while Kims link to Walsh elements, as we just witnessed, Kepke left Peare for Kim Walsh? It's the way God has operated with events in my life. I am one strange life in this case. God has owned my life, and he has justified it somehow. But for at least half the time, I've enjoyed this writing project, sometimes immensely because I have slowly seen the reality unfolding before my eyes. There is always suspense on where it's leading to, and lots of surprises along the way. Some of them just floor me.

Jewish Glass' probably use the Masci wing because Scottish Glass' have the Massey / Lys fleur in colors reversed. Walsers were on a Lys river near to where Massey-branch Masci's were first found. Swiss' have a spread eagle in the two colors of the Glass and Masci wing.

The Daorsi were Daversi too, and the Davers use a jay while the Kims use a "Je suis" motto phrase. Through Kim Thomson, a mere date in high school, I learned that Kims share the cinquefoils of Thomas', whose Coat in turn is a version of the Thomson Coat. The last time I saw her was while driving by a phone BOOTH, with she in it. Bothwells are Bute liners, and Booths are Boths too. Phone's are listed with Fane's, the Fannius bloodline, I assume. Fane's use gauntlet gloves, and the second Lys river, in Artois, flows to Gaunt. Artois was named by the Ardiaei (Arduinici) on the Bautica river going through Chivasso.

The Mr. Murena in the Fannius-Caepio quote above "was adopted by Aulus Terentius Varro, whose name he took". The latter (Terentia's blood brother) was a Roman general who defeated the Salassi in Aosta. Walsers were living in the Lys river valley of Aosta, believe it or not. How did we get here? By Kepke's second woman, Miss Walsh. The "TRANSfixus" motto term of Walsh's must be for Trans'/TRENTs, the line of Terentia, wife of Mr. Maecenas. You see, that's probably the proto-Masci surname to my mother, and Masci's were first found in the same place as Pero's. The latter were first found in Piedmont with the Papps having a Papadopoulos-like variation, a surname that came up with Steve Papp, the cook at the restaurant of Joe FIX. "TransFIXus." I had started to build Mr. Fix a BAR when meeting Papp there.

I've gone off-track from Vaughns with a lot of material inserted above. Meullers were at BredeRODE, and Brederode's (Bos/Bush lion) share a blue label of three points with Tristans. Tristans were first found in Cornwall with Pendragons, and while the latter's Coat looks like that of Vaughns, the Vaughn fleur is the giant one of Cake's/CakeBREADs, the latter surname first found in Cambridgeshire, same as June's whose fleur they share. Junia ancestry was at the Una river, home of MAECenas-like MAEZaei. RasMUSSENs share the Jeune fleur-de-lys.

The Breads/Bradds, in other words, can be of Brederode's. Bradys share a finger pointing to the sun with Babe's, and the latter were first found in Dorset with Palins/Pawleys (likely a Paulin branch) whose Chief stars can thus be suspect with Fichens/Figgs (Cambridgeshire, same as Cake's/Cakebreads!) because the latter were picked up at the "fychan" term in the Vaughn/Vychan write-up. It's excellent, because the Plains/Platters have a version of the Palin Chief but using the Vaughn fleur-de-lys. The last time I saw Lorraine "the babe" (God's description of her) was when sitting with Paul Smith in a Vaughn coffee / hamburger shop.

Palins/Pawleys were first found in Dorset with Quints, and while the Palin/PAWley lion is black, the Quint lion PAW is black. How about that. The Steels share the checks of Halpers, and Halpers with the Help/Half branch share the gold fitchee in the Quint lion paw. Do you think that the wealth generated by the Caepio treasure brought about the end-time globe-trotting globalist deep state to which Christopher Steele belongs? Might much of that treasure have been lost until recent times? Did the Rothschilds find it? If I recall correctly, there were thousands of gold bars (5,000?) of 15 pounds each. That could fill your tooth.

The Gale's (Cornwall, same as TintaGEL) share a unicorn head in Crest with Foggs, the latter having the Fichen/Figg Coat, and then the "fama" motto term of Gale's can be expected with the Fame's/Fiens/Fane's/Veynes', a Vaughn branch, apparently, for the Gale lion heads are in the colors of the lions of Fiens/Finnis' (Kent, same as Foggs).

While Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with fame's/Fiens/Veynes', the Vaughns have a Howel Vychan as a "...descendant of Cunedda and king of Gwynedd". I had read that Gwynedd was founded by a Venedotia peoples, making sense where they were the Veneti of Vannes/Gwenea, which I regard with mythical Guinevere, wife of mythical (codework only) king Arthur. Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with Meschins while Maceys of Cheshire share gauntlet gloves with Fame's/Fiens/Vans/Veynes', suggesting that the Vaughn / Cake fleur are those of Masseys/Maceys. I trace Maccus of Man to Maceys, and his grandfather was Sitric CAECH, who found the Cake's for me.

The Fiens/Finnis': "They are said to be descended from CONon de Fiennes, the Earl of Boulogne..." Maschi's, first found beside Fano, use pine CONE's, and "fano" is in the motto of Fame's/Fiens/Veynes' (colors and format of Fiens/Finnis'). The Fien/Finnis motto suggests that the Fien/Finis lion is that of Forts and Sforza's, and the latter's holds a quince while Quince's share the mascles of Boulogne / Bouillon-like Bullys. It's the belly-of-the-bulldog entity to which Halpers link. The Fiens/Finis' share the brown wolf in Crest with Halper-like Halperts, the latter first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags. That makes sense.

The bulldog is suspect with president Trump, and while Val TROMPia is at lake Garda, another brown wolf is used by Irish Gards while English Gards were first found in Kent with Fiens/Finis' (brown wolf). That makes more sense still. FINIStere (not far from Vannes) is at Brest, and while Brests are Brix's, Brixia is beside Val Trompia. To no surprise, the Arms of Finistere shares the ram of French Bauds, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, Foys/LaFoys/Foix's, Lafays/Fayette's, and fox-using Fays/Faite's/Fez'/. The other half of the Arms may have the Arms-of-Flanders lion, for Boulogne is at Flanders. The Foys/Lafoys/Foix's are in this paragraph because the Rich surname has the motto, "Garde la FOY" (translated "KEEP the Faith)". Irish Foys share the eel with Bellow-loving Shiptons, and the bellows of Shiptons happen to be FANs, that's right. And the Bellow Crest is a fox, expected in the Crest of Scottish Lafays.

Is God linking Seth Rich here to Fiens? Looks like. But why? Maybe Devin Nunes knows better. There is a mountain of insights I'm missing in this, for the One who created the universe is a genius when he does things, and this work is a piece of cake for the one who created living organisms. I never come to the end of gleanings, and the news-related story in this heraldic project is becoming less foggy now.

I had indication from a sentence seemingly breathed by the Spirit that Devin Nunes was being connected to Rats/Raiders. However, it was a positive sentence to the effect that Nunes is a "raider" on horseback firing flame-tipped arrows at Mueller's heart (Bullys have a flaming heart), but it's Mueller's people who are the rats. I don't think the statement was intended to emphasize "rat" for Nunes. I now arrive to Ellen RATner, one who probably wants to reveal the real story behind the Seth-Rich murder. And Ratner was linking very well to Kepke's pet rat, in the basement, where he and I played lots of PING-PONG, a pointer to Comet Ping Pong = pizzagate. Pizzagate revolves much around John Podesta, and he is thought by some to be in-the-know about, or even responsible for, Rich's murder.

I'm wondering whether the task of bringing out the real story of the DNC hack is being given by God to Nunes. Exposing the truth here ruins Mueller to shambles. The Rat/Raider Crest has an anchor, and Nunes-like Nuns/Noons share the red bull head with Anchors. Is this why God called Nunes a raider through my statement? The Nun/Noon bull head is half white, the color of the Fien/FANE/Veyne bull head. Is Seth Rich being linked to Fiens? Ratners may even be using a version of the Anchor Coat. The latter can be gleaned with the Anger / Nagle lozenges, and Nagle's love the Nons who share the fesse in the Arms of FANano (Modena, same as Cassano's), in colors reversed from the fesse of Fans/Fens'/Venns (share scallops of Pattersons/Cassane's).

As Nunes' share the lion of Diane's/Deans, might this indicate that Dianne FEINstein knows something? She first married Mr. Berman, and Bermans/Barrhams/BRAhams were first found in Kent with Fiens/Finis'. Bra is beside SAVIGliano, where Pelosi's were first found. After Rich died under Sava's care, the DNC was headed by Donna Brazile, whose ancestors were BRASwells.

It is believed by conspiracy theorists (the inquisitive, only-sometimes wrong) that Rich was killed by the knowledge or direct hand of Jack SAVA, the chief surgeon at the hospital where Rich was taken after reportedly being shot. I find this to be a compelling theory. The Nuns/Noons not only use a "SAUViter" motto term, but share the lion paw with Sava's/Savage's (probably the Palin/PAWley lion). Is this why God used "raider" in describing Nunes, knowing I'd be able to link Rats/Raiders to Nuns/Noons with a little digging around?

Why isn't Fox trying to discover how Guccifer is, or could be, a criminal farce on the part of Mueller and Democrat-supporting Intelligence??? Such a disappointment. Keep plugging away, and you will find. Here's Nunes saying what Fox should be saying plenty:

Keep plugging away. I think it was Nunes who was the first to ask Trump to declassify. Still waiting...zzzz.

If Fox would stop playing with the poms-poms around Cortez' baby carriage, it could be demanding to have the FBI investigate the DNC server. Maybe the electorate would back that demand until the DoJ investigates it. Instead, we are hearing that Guccifer is a foregone conclusion. IT IS NOT. The Democrats can't be trusted. GO PROVE THAT GUCCIFER IS A CRIMINAL FARCE, and it will maybe make the leftist social-media machine incapable of giving the White House to a Democrat. But regardless of how it affects the political arena, it's necessary to prove this criminal farce so that they don't try it again, and to expose the DNC's tactics. The candy is sitting right there. Just go get it. The FBI can demand to check out CrowdStrike's evidence because a hacking of the American political system by Russia (as is the claim) is right down FBI alley. But Trump has wasted the FBI with Wray. Fox should repeatedly cry that Wray look into Guccifer.

If you have nearly an hour to watch an intriguing mystery from Amazing Polly, this one's pretty good. It involves a school principal who, in his aging years, has an assistant principal that adopted someone from Kenya. The principal has a Dunnan surname, which shares the antelope in Crest with the Singletarys. In Obama's Dunham ancestry, he descends from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to, Dunham. Mr Dunnan, Polly argues, is involved in some socialist experiment with school kids, and Obama has been a part of a communist revolution in America. Mr. Dunnan, who replaced Bill Barr's father as a principal, exactly when Jeffrey Epstein was a math teacher at the same school, is shown to have molested one of the students, and Polly thinks the school board didn't mind, which can explain the appearance of Epstein there. We also learn here that Barr's father may not have hired Epstein. The board likely did, right? Note that, at Epstein's school, young kids were separated from their classes to way down in the basement?

Here's an RT video where Sanchez gives the silliest reasons as to why the American moon landing was for real. But every comment I've read, fairly deep into them on that page, says that the landing was faked. Wow, even with Google hiding the conspiracy theorists, we've come a long way in ten years, where most people now think it was faked. That's a huge leap for mankind, because the people are getting it now; the American government is filled by faked programs, and fake leaders. The mob. Everything is imagery to keep the people civil in hopes that high-level corruption can continues unobstructed. Time to have an uprising, or, better yet, a Down-Coming.

Someone on the page brings up the good point that they couldn't possibly have had enough battery power to air-condition the lunar lander on the very hot lunar surface. Back in 1970, pumps were not very efficient on electrical usage. Air conditioning takes quite a bit of energy, and batteries are heavy to transport. You can't run air conditioning on a small solar panel.

RT just pulled a Sean Hannity or a Dan Bongino. It's called cheapness. It's called: media bosses are afraid to admit what they believe, wherefore they tell their anchors to lie on their behalfs. It's called: bowing down to the devil (NASA) and spoiling yourself. Trump is a NASA lover who wants to go back to the moon AGAIN. Trump is a sham. He lies, and he knows it. He wants you to believe the lie. The shark needs to bite him harder, hurry, the best thing for the world at this time. Have no mercy.

Watch this:

Now you know why polls have Trump not in the lead, because Internet "owners" are manipulating thought as we speak, and they will succeed easier with Trump's head down the shark. The problem is, Trump's leaving his head there by his own choice. While he brags, Google and company are mind-conditioning the voters, and no one's doing anything to alter their dirty tactics. The only chance Trump has for winning is, not his charms, but the stupidities that Democrats are running on at this time. Google is probably going to go crazy if it can't put a Democrat in the White House even this time around. Fox, instead of urging Trump to fight the shark, is giving Democrat stupidities air time. Trump keeps telling his voters, the shark is dirty, the shark is dirty, but he leaves himself in the shark.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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