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July 23 - 29, 2019

The Hovering of Miss Hicks a Pointer to John Ratcliffe
Another Mole, Anthony Ferrante, in Trump's Face
Calling All Trumpets

If you tried to access the last update from the Index page, the link wasn't working last week, but is now. Sorry about that. The implications in is update's inserts, early in the update, are starting to turn my wheels like never before. Take off thy shoes, thou art on holy ground. A match might be lit under the Bush as we speak.

Here's a video showing that youtube is slicing the potential for Christians to send other Christians their messages. In other words, they are trying to keep us separated so that teamwork for any cause is shredded. Google and youtube will pay a big price for this, and one way I see this price being paid is by leftists becoming the most ridiculous people on the planet. That is, google's going to wake up one day and realize that it's on the side of desperate lunatics. How does it feel, google, to be a low life? Democrat leaders, lunatics, are your worst enemies. They stand to remove the advantages you seek by cheating in social media. Keep on to self-destruction, and may your desperate efforts at damage control spin out of control, but as for Christians, keep your morals, be strong. By good we will overcome the dopes. Do not throw your pearls to the pigs, unless you wish to be betrayed. Google is invigorating our enemies by giving leftist activism free reins. It appears that all the big money is going to anti-Christs for satan's last charge.

The following is so important for proving that my old, 1979 dream was from God that I'm going to repeat it here. I inserted it into the last update Tuesday morning, so that some may have missed it. If you read it, just skip the quote:

Connection of Massena-line Numidians to Messina of Sicily seems logical. Eaves'/Evers are said to be from Eure, and also from Mitton while Mittons have a double-headed eagle upon Masci / Massena/MESSINA colors. In the Eaves/Ever Crest, there are the three legs in the Arms of Sicily (location of Messina), the Arms of Man (had ruling Masci liners), and the Arms of Fussen. There's a ram in the Mitton Crest, and what do you know? Spanish Ramo's share the Abruzzo/Abreu towers...making the Mitton eagle connectable to L'Aquila elements. This is all new; I happened to look Eaves' and Mittons up from the Basil write-up. I happened to check Mitton-like Mitre's/Mitterands (pigeon?) to find a version of the Italian Tony Coat, and then the latter have Antonia of Baux in Messina. Checking Baux's, they are the Bauds (Evreux- / Abreu-like AUVERgne) using a giant ram! The Auvergne's (Masci fleur) can therefore have the Kelly tower and the Abreu lions in Auvergne-tower colors.

OH WOW. The Hovers/Hoffers share the giant leopard face with Anton(y)s, and while Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) was HOVERing in her car, Hicks use an Eure-like "heure" motto term! Bingo. It appears that this is further confirmation that I've correctly identified the woman of that dream. As I've said, the Cars have a motto suspect with the Serio river at CREMA, and German Cremers/Cramers use the ram!!! Excellent. Irish Cremers/Cramers (Masci fleur) use a Crest very linkable to the Bibo/Bible Coat which has a cushion, the Kilpatrick symbol! Wow, her hovering in a car has finally been deciphered in a deeply, correct way.

OH WOW, the Cremer/Cramer motto: "Non DORmit qui CUSTodet" is translated The sentinel SLEEPS not"!!! AMAZING. Plus, look at "dorMIT, possible for Mittons. The Custs share the Kiss/CUSH Coat (should explain the Bibo cushions), and the latter share the Bibo/Bible rooster, said to be that of Hahns. This recalls my intuitive claim that Miss Hicks should be connected to the ice-cream girl, Katrina Hanson, and it was her cream symbol that brought Cremers/Cramers to topic. German Hansons (Lombard lozenges and old Visconti snake in green) can be traced to Lombardy in two ways, location of Crema.

As I trace proto-Masci's to Bassianus' at the Cetina river, it's probably correct that the split-Mitton colors are those of Cetins/Cattans, for the latter's Saracen head suggests Saracens in Sicily, and the pellets are shared by Basils i.e. tending to identify Basils as Bassus' / Bassianus'. As I see L'Aquila and the Mosca's in the Drake motto, it's notable that Nicholas de Vere von DRAKenberg claimed Vere descent from the ancient MITANNi on the HABUR river, and that river's name is probably the origin of "Abruzzo." "Vere" is like "Ever," and Vere's share the Massy quadrants.

The Abruzzo capital was Aprutium, like "Aphrodite," and I trace the latter term to "Euphrates" because the Habur was it's tributary. The Habur was also "Khabur," and this goes to "Kabeiri," the secret-society cult of Hephaestus, husband of Aphrodite. The latter was made born on Cyprus, and the Ajax cult from Cyprians ended up at Cetis, where the Bassus > Bassianus line ruled.

For those not knowing, Miss Hicks was sleeping in the dream when hovering in the car, which is what is so amazing about the Cremer/Cramer motto with translated "sleeps" term, found just after the Cars took us to Cremers/Cramers.. I am very impressed. What kept me from realizing this picture for the past few years. I've been trying to decipher every aspect of the dream with probably 100 attempts. No one has tackled the meaning of a dream like I've tackled this one. They key was in: "The Hovers/Hoffers share the giant leopard face with Anton(y)s," for Tonys had just proven to be of Eure elements i.e. connectable to the Hicks motto, and then Antonia de Baux proved to be of the Ramo-related Bauds (ram) while Ramo's used the Abreu tower. (use link above to load other Coats so you can follow this).

For those of you who know about the 9-11 memorial event on September 11, 2002, when I sat beside Miss Hicks, I would like to add that I left Texas about a month after that date, and when getting home, I went to live at the home of Miss Abreu for the first time ever. I had decided to do this because my own home had been rented out, but didn't want to ask the tenant to leave just so I could have a place for six months. Miss Abreu was an employee of mine. Due to complications, I ended up staying at her place for 2.5 years, unable to return to Texas all of that time. When I did return, God had a couple more events with Miss Hicks that I think relate to His heraldic work in pointing to deep-state criminals. One of those events was the cowboy-themed church service mentioned recently.

It's interesting that the giant Abreu lion is colors reversed from that of Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. I have been convinced that when I spotted the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks, on the night of September 11, 2002, that it's God's pointer to George Bush's crime at 9-11. Due to my ending up with a seat right beside her, and noting how beautiful her knees were that same night -- though I had never seen her knees that way before, even though she almost-always wore dresses to church -- made me think that she would become my future wife, as a widow, in fulfillment of the dream.

As I saw her knees at the Get'n GO gas bar / corner store, I had been wondering whether God used that name as a pointer to some things, and the GOWS/McGOO's became suspect because the cartoon character, Mr. McGoo, was sounded by Jim Backus, who also played Mr. Howell on Gilligan's island. At that cowboy-themed church service, Miss Hicks arrived looking like Mr. Howell's wife. I can't explain why Mrs. Howell came to mind when I saw her, but assume that God made it happen that way. That issue led to Stefan Halper, and Halpers have a Coat looking connectable to Bracebridge's. I feel sure that our emBRACE, as we rose into the sky, was a pointer to Bracebridge's. More on that later, but for now I want to go to GOWrie's, because they were first found on SKYE. This is new, thanks to BlairGOWRIE in the Rattery write-up.

In the same dream, she started off at the hood of the car, and Hoods are said to have been at Rattery. It therefore appears that the Get'n-Go is a pointer to Gowrie's (show no Coat), and so note how similar Gowers rhyme with "Hover." The Gover variation of Gophers looks interesting, but the point is "BLAIRgowrie, for George Bush took opportunity from 9-11 to invade the Middle East with TONY Blair. The Ratterys of Blairgowrie are said to have been at Rattery Head in Buchan, and then we find that RIMMONs/Crimmons, first found in Skye, were at a Deer location: "This place [Deer] once contained a castle belonging to the celebrated Cumyn, Earl of BUCHan..." The "siDERA" motto term of Ratterys is thus likely for Deers. The Hick Crest is a BUCK, and Bucks (Lincolnshire, same as le-Meschin's wife) share the antler with Cone's and Conte's, the line of de Conteville's, rulers of Comyns. The antler is used also by Hamons while Hamon de Masci was of Cheshire's Dunham-Masci. Maschi's were at RIMINI, and Hamons have a "discRIMINI" motto term that can be read also as "disCRIMINi." It's nailing Rimmons/Crimmons with Masci liners, which can explain why I was rising into the sky. But so was Hicks.

[Late in this update, I was on Wikipedia's page for John Ratcliffe, learning there that Chris CUNY was the former mayor of Heath from when Ratcliff was its mayor. Looking up Cunys, expecting them with Cone's, Conns or Conys, they brought up Cumyns/Comyns (use the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs). It tends to nail Masci liners of Cheshire with Conys and Conns, both of which use rabbit versions of the Meschin Coat, for Masci's of Piedmont were probably in Cuneo, and here we find that Comyns look like Cuneo liners thanks to Cunys. Cheneys were first found in BUCKinghamshire, and so it seems that the latter's namers were the Bucks that also named Buchan and Buchanans. Emma de Conteville's daughter was the mother of the first Meschin (ruler of Cheshire).]

The mother of Adam Kilconquhar was a Comyn(s), and he was married to Marjory Carrick of Ayrshire, where Blairs were first found, suggesting that Adam married earls of Buchan or a line thereof. Spurrs share the gold garb with Cumyns, and Kilpatricks share the dagger with Cumyns. The Courage's, in the Cumyn motto, have the Massey/Macey fleur in colors reversed.

This gets completely interesting where Blairs share the saltire of Supers, Kilpatricks and Maxwells while the latter has a "holly BUSH." It gets more interesting because Miss Hicks (birth name) became Mrs. Kilpatrick. The latter surname was at Closeburn while Close's use the spur while Spurrs were first found in Devon with Hoods (of Rattery) and with the Spurr-like Supers in the Rattery motto. If that's not enough, Blairs share the lodged stag with Maxwells, and the Blair saltire contains nine mascles in the colors of the nine billets upon the same Super saltire. There's no denying a family match here, and so look at the "proBOS" motto term of Blairs, as though it's ratting out on George Bush. Bos/Bush's/Boschs use billets too, as do Pastors, and Mr. Hicks, the father of Miss Hicks, was a pastor.

So, let's go back to Gowrie's of Skye, for when I touched her knee, she popped into my arms and we rose into the sky. I have been linking that knee event to her knees at Get'n GO for many months, and here seems to be some good heraldic evidence for the link. Yet the dream was on Epstein's island while the Get'n Go event is about Bush's 9-11 crimes as well as the troubles of Julian Assange from Ecuador. To help prove that Gowrie's apply, Gowers/Gore's (share white wolf of Gore's/Core's) use a "FLECtes" motto term while Flags/Flecks are in the flags of McLeods/Clouds, first found in Skye with Gowrie's. Moreover, the Get'n Go is a GAS station while Gowers/Gore's have a "FranGAS" motto term. The other Gore's are Core's too while Gows/McGoo's have a "deCORi" motto term. Gore's/Core's were first found in Essex with Youngs (share wolf with Gore's/Core's), and as the "jeune" motto term of Youngs can be for Jeune's and their June branch, the "JUNcta" motto term of Gows/McGoo's should apply.

Recall how quickly and naturally the Gowrie's of Skye took us from Blairgowrie to Maxwells in the Blair Crest and saltire. Jeffrey Epstein employed Ms. Maxwell to gather his chicks. Just before writing this, I had looked up Hover-like Howers to spot their EPworth location, and checking Epworths, WOW, a "Loyal" motto term! Epstein's plane is the Lolita while Lolita's are also Loyols! Therefore, the hovering of Miss Hicks on Epstein's island can be foremost a pointer to Howers/Howards. The latter have Haywards in the write-up while Haywards share a black lion in Crest with Mackesys/Margesons (suspect with Marjory/Margaret Carrick!) who in turn have a "LOYALite" motto term!!! Bingo. more proof that I was on Epstein's island with Hicks. Margys/Mackeys were first found in Ayrshire with Marjory Carrick. EpWORTHs/Hepworths were likely of the Worths who happen to share the double-headed eagle of Maxwells, just lookie there.

Worths are expected from Edith of PolesWORTH because Pollocks (descended from Fulbert "the Saxon") were a sept of Maxwells. Edith was of the Saxons that included Eggs/Edge's, and the Eggertons sharing the Epworth/Hepworth lion.

Howers are also Howards while Howarths have a HoWORTH location in MORLEYwhich in Yorkshire, where Morleys/Mauls were first found who were at Morleston of SHARDlow (Derbyshire, same as English Morleys). This topic was recent and explained why I had no shirt on while on Epstein's island, for Shirts are Shards too. Morleys/Mauls share the scallops of Meschins (married Mrs. Taillebois) in the colors used for them by TailBOIS' (Lincolnshire, same as Mackesys/Margesons), and BOIS' are a line of Bush's/Buschs who use a bend-with-symbols are in the colors of the same of Cheneys and Haywards. The latter's Crest can therefore have the Busher lion. The Hayward Crest therefore likely has the lion of Gernons in Crest (le Meschin's son with Taillebois was de Gernon). Le Meschin's father lived at the Caen area while Caens/Canns (Dorset, same as Bushers) share the gold mural or coronal crown of Haywards.

[Insert -- Hays can be expected with Haywards, and French Hays have three bends in the colors of the two of Ratcliffs and trumpet-using Levers (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs). The Hicks of Clapton used a clarion trumpet. Is her hovering now a pointer to a Trump-Ratcliffe team? Just imagine if Trump had a loyal partner overseeing all of the Intelligence agencies. It would be great, if Trump were to act great, but with him, I get nervous as to who's side he's really on.

More. The Ratcliffe Crest (black bull head, links to Beautys/BoWOODs) looks linkable to the Hayward Crest, and Haywards are also HayWOODs. But the RatCLIFF Crest is more a version of the collared black wolf, with CHAIN (Cheney kin, by the looks of it?), of Quade's, the latter having the three black wolf heads of Cliffs (and Mackays), you see. When she was hovering, I viewed her as Sleeping Beauty, which turned out to be a pointer to Beautys, first found in Dorset, same as Bushers suspect in the Hayward Chief. Again, the Hayward bend looks like a version of the Cheney and Bois bends, and while the knee of Miss Hicks in real life was used by God at a 9-11 memorial I attended with Miss Hicks, I awoke this Sleeping Beauty when touching her knee. I can now see, thanks to Haywards being a part of her hovering, how the touch-knee part of the dream applies to the Bush-Cheney duo at 9-11.

Later in this update, I tell that Ratcliffs were at Bury (while Burys/Burgs look like they are from John de Burgo of Conteville and Comyns). It just so happens that Haywards were at Bury too, at Salford (Salfords/Savards share the black wolf with Cheshire's Cliffs). As Salfords are in Bush/Busch colors and format, I suggest that SALfords were of Saluzzo, beside Busch. End insert]

At the 9-11 memorial, my seat beside Miss Hicks was taken by Stanley after I got up to go speak to the pastor, and when sitting there momentarily, Stanley held an America FLAG on a pole (to be brought up on stage). We saw the flags of McLeods/Clouds of Skye, where Hover-like Gowrie's were first found, and here the HOWARths share the Stanley stag heads, hmm. Is it just Confirmation that Hower(d)s are in her hovering? I can get the impression that the hovering scene pertains both to Bush's / Blair's part in 9-11, and to Jeffrey Epstein's "madam," Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of a wealthy, British-Intelligence asset.

The proto-Masci / Massey line from Bassianus' was from Julia MAESa Bassianus, whose father was stationed by the emperor (her sister's son) in Dalmatia, location of the Cetina river, and of the Saraca's of Ragusa. The Hicks dream had these Saraca's, and her sleeping was part of the pointer to the Kotor area, where Ragusa Saraca's had lived previously. There is another Ragusa in Sicily, suggesting strongly that Saraca's were from Saracens of Sicily or even Messina...expected in the Saracen head of the Cetin/Cattan Crest.

The SERio river at Crema (suspect in the Car motto) thus becomes suspect as a Saracen entity, and here it must be mentioned that the Saracen ruler, Samsam, who joined the Guiscards in war against fellow Saracens, are strongly traceable to the Samson surname for more reason than its sharing the Meschin scallops. The Samson cross was once in the design used previously by Eatons (Cheshire, where Meschins ruled, home of Masseys/Maceys), likely from "ETNa" in Messina. Edens were first found in Suffolk, thus making them look like kin to Davers, from the Daversi = Daorsi (Door liners) at the Kotor theater. Hovers/Hoffers have a white leopard face in Crest, the colors of the Scottish-Door leopard faces, and so let's go back to the "DORmit / DorMIT" motto term of Cremers, for English Doors, I have just realized, share the split-Shield colors of MITtons!!! I was standing at the door of the car, looking into her hovering inside of it. Another leopard face is used by COFFERts. Hovers/Hoffers have bull horns in the red color of the giant Anton leopard face as some evidence of a close connection between the two surnames. What bull entity is on the Hover leopard?

Also first found in Suffolk were the Mallets, expected from mallets of German Antons. Lookie: "[Mallets] held the castle of Graville near Havre." It appears that Hover liners named Havre! I have traced Mallets to Melita, an island very near Ragusa of Dalmatia. Raggs happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Havers (!), and while the first-ever fleur of these colors, which I traced to the Arms-of-Saraca fish, was that of German Bush's/'Buschs, the latter's is a giant one, as is the Haver fleur. Unfortunately, there was no bush or bus on the beach beside her car. But the dream did have a close-up of her face, in what could be described as her bust (I haven't done, or thought of, this before), like the bust of a woman in the German Bust Crest. It just so happens that Scottish Busts are with Bois'/Boasts, said to be of Bosco's, and German Boschs happen to share the Bush/Busch fleur! Wow, that's new. What are Bush liners doing in the Hicks dream?

Wait. I cannot get the Haver Coat now with the Bush fleur. I've tried all sorts of Haver-like spellings, but cannot re-find it. Strange. But the Havers who do come up have a not-bad reflection of English Bush's/Buschs, both sharing white Crests.

Reminder: this dream was on Epstein island. The sequence of events was: seeing her at the hood of the car from a distance; watching myself walk on the beach without a shirt and in my jeans as a pointer to Little Saint James Island; seeing her close-up in which I exclaimed, "She's beautiful"; my being at the passenger door looking in on her hovering. Those were three consecutive scenes, and so you see that the bust scene was immediately before the hover scene now linking to the Haver-like surname I cannot re-find.

In the course of looking for Haver-like terms, the Hoovers were loaded to find the giant eagle/bird leg of HOOTers, amazing because Hood are also Hoots while Hixons/HICKsons (Haver/Hafer colors) use eagle legs too! Amazing, is it not? It's more corroboration that Miss Hicks was the lady in the dream. I've just not been familiar enough with Hoovers since burning the Hooter Coat into my memory a few months ago. Why do we think that God might display Bush's as Busts? Is it a prophecy of their ruin?

By the way, I can now suggest that JEFFERsons/Jeffers were a Jeffrey line but named when marrying Havers/Hefers, for the two share the same seated, white griffin.

Likewise first found in Suffolk were the Bullis' while Bullis was a location near the Ceraunii mountains, an entity that was mythified as Coronis, herself of the Lapiths who named Lapithos on Cyprus, facing CETIS/CITIS. We read of a "Manor of CIDEStan" to which Mallets belonged, and while she hovered over the car seats, the Seats are also CEDES'. That looks like a good fit. She was hovering over the seats, and Haywards use a mural CROWN sometimes called a CORONal crown in honor of a Coronis line, the Crauns/Crane's, for example. The crown around the neck of the Craun/Crane hind head (could be the Hick "buck" head) indicates Ceraunii liners, and Mallets have a crown around the neck of a hind, but called a "deer." Wow, Cars were at SOONhope, and Soons/Soams use mallets too, by the looks of it! The car seats.

As she was at the hood before hovering, while Hoods were at Rattery, lets repeat: "...RIMMONs/Crimmons, first found in Skye, were at a Deer location: "This place [Deer] once contained a castle belonging to the celebrated Cumyn, Earl of BUCHan..." The "siDERA" motto term of Ratterys is thus likely for Deers." Yet, "SIDEra" can also be for the SEATon branch of Side's! After I saw her from a distance at the hood, I was instantly (no walking there) at the SIDE of her car looking at her hover over the SEATs. Side's can be proven to be a Seaton branch via the mottoes of Sutys and Seatons. We just saw how Woods appear to play in Beautys/Bowoods and Haywards/Haywoods, and Ratterys happen to share the Wood fitchees. [Late in this update, I realize that Miss Hicks was at the RAD of the car when she was at the hood, suggesting a the Rattery-like Ratcliffs/RADcliffs.]

Back to Samsam the Saracen ruler. KATRina Hanson, suspect as God's pointer Kotor, worked at SAM's restaurant, you see, where I lined up for an ice-cream. [I have mentioned before that Ratcliff lumber is beside, or maybe two properties over, from Sam's restaurant). I asker her out on a date for the first time while she handed me the Crema-depicting ice-cream, and here one can even mention that Ice's (Hick branch?) share white trefoils with the Eaves' of Mitton (Basil write-up), for Mittons share the ram head with German Cremers/Cramers. On our first date, I took her out with a friend's car, a Valiant, and Valiants use the only heraldic shark I know of. The shark in the Hicks dream was a symbol of Saraca's. The Sharks happen to use the crane, code for Ceraunii, an Illyrian people living beside the MAEZaei, the people (at the sources of the Cetina) that Julia MAESa likely married.

[My father worked for a real-estate company both before and after building his Gormley house with Ratcliff's lumber. One of the two was Eves real-estate, and the other was Shea's. He quit the latter to go build the Gormley house, and Irish Shea's (share Cremer/Cramer fleur), I've just learned, use a version of the Danish Hanson Coat! Miss Hanson is Danish. The last I saw her was with her new, young man in a truck upon the parking lot of Sam's restaurant. As I spotted her in the truck alone, she was eyeing me with an unpleasant look, because I had left her. At that stare, I was positioned at the road smack beside Ratcliff lumber. Something tells me that John Ratcliffe has to do with ice-cream. When with Eves, he won a golf trophy, hmm. It was a miracle, I don't know how he accomplished that. English Shea's are with Shaws/Sheaves'...the line of Sithech to which I trace the Stichs who married CLIFFS!!! Wow. The golf theme in the last update pointed to Guccifer, and SETH Rich is all about destroying the Guccifer hoax while Seths are listed with Shaws of Sithech! This is new and very worthy of more thought, when I have time (I'm at the spell check here).

Irish Seths/Shaws share the hind with Crauns/Crane's while Sharks use the crane. It is giving me the impression that John Ratcliffe is about to save the bulldog from the shark's mouth. End insert]

So there we have the connection between the two ladies, both tall blonds with similar appearances besides, which is what gave me the inkling in the first place that the two should connect in some we now see them connecting with Saracens at Crema. And by the way, Ice's are Icke's too, like the Hike variation of Hykes'/Hacks who share the scallops (symbol of Sicilians) of Samsons and Flags/Flacks, the latter being in the Samson motto. They are also the Meschin scallops, and while Masseys are Palm / Paloma kin, it's interesting that Abruzzo-related Eaves'/Evers share the trefoils of Palmers who in turn have a version of Flag/Flack Coat.

The Valiant-like Vallans, who share the moline cross of Sarasins (Brittany, same as Alans), are important too as per the Westphalia location of the first-known Hovers/Hoffers, for Westphalia is where Velins and Velens (Alan kin) were first found whom I trace to mont Velino at Avezzano. I trace "Velino" to proto-Alan Aulon/AVLONa at the Ceraunii mountains near Bullis, and thus the BULLdog in the shark's mouth. Yes, for Avlona-like Vallans love Saracen-liner Sarasins, part of the Shark line.

Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia with Malta's, and Sardinians (north of Sicily) are suspect to Shirts/Shards. In the Hicks dream, I had no shirt on as a pointer to Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Hover-like Overs/Offers). Malta's come to topic with the mallets of German Antons. I have no idea why God would stress this Sicilian / Sardinian / Maltese picture, like an aside, with the Hicks dream.

Maezaei and the neighboring Ceraunii, and Dalmatia too, were in what would become Croatia, and while Croatians called themselves, KRVati, I suggest that the GREVille home of lord Malet is such a term. Greville-like Greys happen to share the giant Malet lion, and Greville's/Gravels use a GREYhound. If GriMALDI's [linkable to Gormleys] were Mallet / Malta liners, then we would ask if it's logical for "Gri" to be a Greville / Grey element. It sure looks like it. Grimaldi's were at Monaco while Monks have lion heads in the colors of the Malta lion. Greville's/Gravels share pellets with Cetins/Cattans and Tillers, and the split colors of Cetins/Cattans are those of Doors and Mittons. As Pellets [and Seths/Shaws] share the Pilotte cups, note that while Mont Pilat is a little east of the Forez mountains, French Greville's were first found in Forez.

I'd like to go back to the Hover-like Auvergne's, probably Eure liners that can be of the "heure" motto term of Hicks. After I woke her from sleep, she came into my arms, and we rose into the sky that way. It can first of all suggest that God connects the Hicks' to my bloodlines. But the emBRACE was resolved a few weeks ago with Bracebridge's having a crozier. And French Crozier's were first found in Auvergne while Scottish Crozier's/Crosiers share the Auvergne / Masci fleur-de-lys.

I have something new that occurred to me here. The giant besant of French Crozier's must be that of Metz's because Metz is near Chalons-sur-Marne, where the Arms are the Coat of Scottish Croziers. Chalons is no called, Chalons-en-Champagne, and then Scottish Champagne's happen to share the Shield of Bracebridge's (in red, it belongs to Beach's). It means that the Bracebridge crozier is a sign that Brace liners merged with the Champagne elements at Chalons. As French Champagne's use the potent (crutch) pattern on their bend, we can even go to Croce's (include the Mason/Massin motto), for they have a potent cross likely on the Massey Shield.

We see the Ledsham location of Croce's (share "spero with Mathie's) and load Ledshams (share MATHie motto) to find the black and white leopard faces of...Hovers/Hoffers!! What are the chances? We got here from our embrace that took place after her hovering. The Ledshams appear to be with a version of the cat-using Chives Coat, for the latter includes the MATHis moline, perfect. And Mathys/Mate's were first found in Champagne. Mathie's share the same five-pointed crown as sits on the head of a Hover/Hoffer leopard face.

Keats share cats with Chives', and Keatons/Kittens (Leicestershire, same as Champagne's) share the black leopard face with Hovers and Ledshams. As the Mathie lion is likely the Faucet lion in colors reversed due to the "Fac et" motto phrase of Mathys, we can thus view the Mathie lion as that of Papps/PAPADOPOLI's too, which is entered here because it has its tail at or in its mouth. It recalls Sassy my cat which sucked her tail habitually and passionately as an adult. It just so happens that Sassys share the Saracen head with cat-using Cetins/Cattans. The Cetina is the TILURius river, and Tiller-branch Tailors are also Tails, tending to explain the extraordinary Papp tail, and my cat sucking her tail. Something in this picture could point to and describe / reveal some facet pertaining to George Papadopoulos.

The "spero" motto term suggests the Speers, a branch of SPREADs/Spree's that share the hourglass shape with SHEETs, pointing to the FBI spreadsheet now in the news with John Solomon. The Sheets happen to share the potent cross with Croce's ("spero").

I went to do some work after writing all the above. At lunch, I load Bongino to find a good show with a new story, on ANTHONY Ferrante. If you want the long explanation from Bongino, see the first link below. If you want a short version, do the second link:

Former FBI Director James Comey had an inside man at the White House, feeding the bureau information about President Trump and his aides in 2017 [I tot I taw a mole].

...This previously unreported mole [I did, I did tee a mole] in the White House appears in a new report by RealClearInvestigations...

Anthony Ferrante, a longtime FBI official, worked as a cybersecurity adviser on the National Security Council. Officials said Ferrante was working in the White House even while the FBI held him on reserve status. All the while, he was sharing information about Trump and his aides back to FBI headquarters.

Ahh, an "official" mole. I was on Anthonys above, and here's an Anthony. I rarely bring up the Anthonys, and while they connected to Hovers, let's compare that with "AUVERgne" and the Ever variation of Eaves', for the latter's Coat is in the colors and format of French Ferrants/Ferans. English Ferrants/Ferrands are of Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne. Hmm. In fact, Tullia of Lyon married Decimus Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand, and her line went to another Rusticus of Lyon whose daughter married Florentinus. It just so happens that Florence is also called Firenze, where I trace "Ferrand" thanks to Ferrands sharing a Chief version of Taddei's, first found in Florence.

The reason I'm sure that Tolle's/Tulls are from Tullia above is that Italian Ferrants/Ferrands (Tuscany, same a Florence) share the checkered Coat of Tolle's/Tulls not to mention the checkered shield of Ferrats/Fers too. Another checkered Shield is with Vairs/Fers', and they are in the vair fur within the patee crosses of the Yorkshire Ferrants/Ferrands.

Then, the line of Florentinus with his wife went to Mummolin at Chalons-sur-Marne, whom we saw above with Champagne's and Bracebridge's/BRASbridge's. Bra is at MontFERRAT, suspect with Ferrats/Fers above. I have the sense that my embracing Miss Hicks in a skyward rapture was for more reason than pointers to people groups or people. It also looks like a victory party over the deep state.

The story on Anthony Ferrante was broken by Paul Sperry, a surname that can be of the Speers and Spree's/SPREADs. How did Sperry get this story? Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with ESKINs and Pollocks while ESCHYNA de MOLLE was a mother-in-law of Robert Pollock, the second Pollock. Eschyna had married Robert Croc(e) while Croce's share the potent cross with SHEETs/Skate's. The SPREADSHEET we say in the last update, very related to this Ferrante MOLE. The Croce's came to topic earlier while on the Bracebridge crozier. French Crozier's were first found in Auvergne, and the other Croziers share the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Mummolin. We just crossed both of those two topics while following Ferrants/Ferrands.

We saw this topic going to Tolle's/Tulls, whom in the last update were presented as Tollets due to my toilet window in a photo that God apparently arranged for us. As I said, soon after the stool pigeon took off from over the stool in my septic tank (sewer), moles (or maybe just one) started to raise the dirt between this tank and my bathroom, and they borrowed right over the pipe that connects the two. After that, no more earth raised by moles was see anywhere else, thus far, anyway. Did they/it die?

The Sperry story was by RealCLEAR Investigations (caps mine), and Clears/CLERE's share the Chief of Ratners!!! Wow. It looks like God is pointing to this thing, for Ellen Ratnor was a topic in the last update, and here the news story is linkable by the provider's name to CLERmont-Ferrand. I had not yet arrived to the Clear/Clere surname here when on Clermont-Ferrand above, but even if I had mentioned none of it, the fact alone that the RealClear story is on Mr. Ferrante points to Clermont-Ferrand. Incredible.

Lookie: Clermonts (with the 's') are listed with Clements, who not only share the Chiefs of Clere's and Ratners, but were first found in BRECKnock, smack beside Radnorshire! Zinger, just look at that. And WOW some more, for Brecks/BREAKERs were first found in neighboring Shropshire while BRAE's/Brays use a "FLAX BREAKER" while Flacks share double-black fesses with Clermonts'/Clements! Ratners can thus be understood as a branch if Rats/Raiders because the latter probably have the Sinclair cross.

This is amazing because Brae's are suspect with Braswells and Brazile's while Donna Brazile was placed in charge of the DNC immediately after the murder of Seth Rich. Ellen Ratner was the one on the Seth-Rich story. From the last update: "The video says that, as part of law-suit information, Fox's Ellen Ratner spoke to Julian Assange in his embassy, and was told by Assange that Seth Rich leaked the DNC material. Hannity was on this story too, until he was gagged. Shame in Fox, great shame." Hannity interviewed Assange (it's online) and got confirmation from him that Guccifer didn't provide WikiLeaks the DNC files. This needs to be the biggest story NOW. Assange basically admitted that Seth Rich was the provider.

One can add that German Brecks share the giant Epp/Eppelin and Papp/Papadoploli lion while the latter surname was first found in Piedmont with Bra and MontFERRAT. Ferrats/Fers can be gleaned as a branch of Vairs/Fers', and the latter's checks are on the Breck lion, tending to prove that flax-BREAKer Brae's are from Bra. That's a good piece to have, because it's probably the best evidence I've provided for a Bra = Brae equation. Bruno's, first found in Florence, are said to have had a branch at Asti, right beside Bra.

Lookie: Irish Clere's share the five ostrich feathers of Scale's who-in-turn share the scallops of English Epps/Apps' who in-turn have a "SPERavi" motto term. The CLERE feathers are in the five-pointed crown of French Reals!!! Realclear!!! Scale-like Scalia's/Scalise's were first found in Florence. Florence's/Florents were first found in Lorraine, and the scallops above are also with Lorens/Larins while Lorraine's and Lorens too. This looks like Intelligent Design (by God) or Manipulation of heraldry for making pointers to guilty parties and their victims.

Spanish Reals share the castle of McLeods/Clouds, from the island of SKYE. McLeods use flags for the Flag variation of the Flacks we just saw in the flax breaker, who have the double fesses of Clermonts/Clements. Perhaps God named Skye for to link to my rising to the sky with Hicks, for the latter's "heure" motto term can be a pointer to HOROwitz's finding of this story of ANTHONY Ferrante. Reminder: I was linking Anthonys / Antons to Hovers just a few hours before I discovered the Ferrante story at REALclear, and we were rising into the sky after her hovering. Is this foretelling us that Horowitz's report, now said to be finished, will lead to the victory party implied by our rising to the sky?

Aha. Tending to assure that McLeods/Clouds apply, a cloud and sun are in the English Lease surname ("CLARior"!) while Suns are listed with Saints/Sinclairs. "Lease" is the middle name of Donna Brazile, and Scottish Lease's/Lise's share two of the three Clare chevrons! The same two are used by Clarens/LARENs. This recalls the time that my boss, Mr. ANTONacci, took me to a Grand Prix event where I recall the McLAREN car winning.

Bracebridge's Point to Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile's surname is said by Wikipedia to descend from Braswells, and the latter use a girdle. The only surname I could find that could be encoded in a girdle are the Girtle's/Gurtlers, who happen to share the three stars of Bride's and Brights. Not only was my rising with Hicks a symbol of her being my bride, but BraceBRIDGE's may have been a Brace merger with Bridges while the latter may have been a Bride / Bright branch.

By the way, "Bride / Bright" can now be recognized from "Berthe," Mummolin's wife! In other words, my rising together with my bride into the sky is yet another pointer to the line out of Clermont-Ferrand and into Chalons of Champagne. One Chalon surname shares cherubs with one Saint surname while the other Saints are SinCLAIRS, known to be from Claro's = Clere's! You see. The Santones Gauls of Sainte were fellow Lemnites (Sintians of Lemnos) with the Lemovices of Limousin, where French Clears/Clere's were first found.

Berta's use a giant griffin. Bride's share the black griffin with Scottish Brights, and the latter, what a coincidence, share the patee cross of Ferrants/Ferrands. Wills, with more griffins yet, are in the Bracebridge motto. The Scotts of CHILLham castle share a demi-griffin in black with Brights while English Bridge's (Somerset, same as Brits/Bretts and two Axe rivers) are in Child/CHILL colors and format. Bracebridge's use an "AS God will" motto phrase, which is virtually the entire motto of Scottish Wills. Ass'/Assi's were kin of Justine's/Justus', and Ferrants/Ferrands use a "Justus" motto term. Bracebridge's share the axe with both Wills. English Wills share the black wyvern dragon with Arno's/Arnolds while Florence is in the Arno river.

"God" is probably used in honor of the Gothelo > GODfrey-de-Bouillon line, for Godfreys not only have more griffins, as do Jeffersons, while Godfreys are said to be a Jeffrey / Geoffrey branch, but Godfreys share "Libertas" with Dino's (Ferrant/Ferrand Chief-Shield colors, also used by rulers of MontFerrat) while Dino's are said to be from a Taddeo character. The Dino Chief-Shield colors are those also of Taddei's/Taddeo's, and the latter have the Bouillon cross in their Chief. There are reasons here for identifying the triple-red Taddei chevrons with the same of Eppsteins and Clare's. Hepps share a Scott Shield, and Hepburns were at CHILLingham while Scotts were at CHILLham castle.

Childs/Chills share the eagles of Lorraine's, and Florence's/Florents, first found in Lorraine, share the Tony/Antonacci stars. Lorraine's/Lorens (laurel) look like the Larens (looks like Laurel branches) who list Clarens (as per "MaCLAREN"). I met Lorraine at the corner of LORNE and YONGE street. The race I attended with Mr. Antonacci, where I recall the winner as McLAREN, might have been in that same year. English Yonge's happen to share the Coat of the Brittany Clere's/Clairs. I know I started work with Antonacci after losing my car; it was gone as short as a month or less before meeting Lorraine, so, yes, the Grand Prix may have been in the same year as Lorraine.

I met Lorraine on my 24th BIRTHday as code, I think, for Berthe, wife of Mummolin, for it fit well with related pointers. One can start to spot that the Birth/Bert Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Bridge Coat with crabs, and even the Brays/Brae's share a black chevron with these Bridges while Brace's are BRASe's too. Brays/Brae's have eagle legs, the Hixon/Hickson / HOOVER / HOOTer symbol too, and this is very interesting, therefore, because the embrace is now connecting to the HOVERing of Miss Hicks after she was with her BATHing SUIT at the Hood (Hoods are Hoots too). Again, Braswells/Bracewells use a girdle while Girtle's share the Bright / Bride stars. Brace's/Brase's were first found in Herefordshire with Braswell-like BARwells/Barrels and Jays while a Bridge motto uses "Je."

Is Bra imbedded in our embrace? Looks like. But why? Lorraine the BABE had pointed to Bra, and it was especially about pedophilia, the Epstein topic now discovered in the Hicks dream. Perfect. Watch how this discussion is nailed to Babenbergs, who share the Epstein Coat. "The same Roger de Mowbray also held Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland," which looks like an alternative name for Bamburgh castle of Babe-suspect Bebba (queen of Bernicia). She named Bebbanburgs while German Babenbergs (Poppo of Bamberg himself) were at GRABfeld, which I have seen spelled with "Crab," suggesting the Bridge crabs. There we have what looks like a basis for a Brace/Brase merger with Bridge's. Babenbergs look to be from Babon, son of Berthe above. I met the babe on my 24th BIRTHday, and she pointed heavily to Pepins expected to Poppo of Babenberg.

Northumberland was ruled by Siward, the reason I think SUITs/Suters list a Sewer variation. Mowbrays built a castle at BRIStol (this get amazing), right beside BATH (i.e. her bathing suit). Mowbrays share the lion of Baths (same place as Whistle's), in the colors of the Whistle lion. BriSTOLs were a topic in the last update, identified as a Bris-Stoll merger, for English Stolls, who share the Whistle lozenges, were first found in Somerset with Bristols and Baths. A stool pigeon is a whistle blower. Miss Hicks was at the hood in her bathing suit, and Bristols have crescents in colors reversed from the same of the neighboring Hoods/Hoots. Why is Miss Hicks now linking to the Bristol stool pigeon? The Hicks who married Arthurs of Clapton were near Bristol, and used CLARion TRUMPets. German Stolls share the hexagrams of German Suters/SAUTers while Hicks were of a Mr. SAUTEby.

Now lookie: by what coincidence is "Lease" the middle name of Braswell liner, Donna Brazile, while Lease's use a "teneBRIS" motto term??? Why should Donna Brazile be pointed to the Bristol stool pigeon? The GOWS/McGOO's use "teneBRAS," wow. Incredible, for the Get'n GO gas bar was about Julian Assange, and Ms. Brazile wrote a book contradicting Assange's claim on Seth Rich. PLUS, wow, "GUCCifer" was found pointed to (last update) by Gooch's/Googe's (share Mow/Mole boar), first found in Roxburghshire with the MOWS/Mole's!!! MOWbray! Staggering. It's staggering because things like this don't materialize unless God planned them through manipulation of things.

It's foggy in my head as to why Donna Brazile should be pointed to in the embrace. Is she going to be a stool pigeon? I kid you not, I am not making it up: Mr. Gooch inspected my septic system why I installed it! What does this mean? It looks like the stool pigeon is going to be against the Guccifer hoax. Excellent, the very thing needed at this time.

I told that the stool pigeon walking over the septic tank was followed days after by a MOLE burrowing in the soil above the septic tank, and Mowbrays are from Mows/Mole's, we can assume. Bra is beside Monforte while the giant Mowbray lion is that of Montforts too. In the dream, Miss Hicks was of the Waleran-Beaumont marriage when Beaumonts ruled Leicestershire and then married Montforts. Simon de Montfort ruled at Leicester, and Bebe's/Bebbeys (probably kin of Woods) were first found in Leicestershire. Bebe's/Bebbeys share the bee with Talls, the latter first found in Thuringia with Basina, wife of Childeric, the bee line. Babenbergs of Grabfeld were at the edge of Thuringia. Bee-using Boys/Bie's were first found in Berwickshire, home of Bebba and her Bebbanburgs.

Childs/Chills are expected from Childeric, father of CLOVIS, and then Close's/Clovse's use a spur probably for the Spurr/SPERRY surname. We could say that, when we were rising embraced, we were CLOSE to one another, for Close's are traceable to Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle. Mrs. Kilpatrick and I embraced as a pointer to Bracebridge's, and Chalons-sur-Marne (home of Berthe above) is now Chalons-en-Champagne while Bracebridge's and Scottish Champagne share the same Shield, filled with black-and-white vair fur. It may be a little extra evidence that God has pointed to Sperry's story on Anthony Ferrante, who looks like the mole at my septic tank. He's a liberal enemy of Trump, working in Trump's White House until April of 2017, when we heard of all those leaks from the White House. In Bongino's video, I don't think he made it clear that Ferrante was working in the Trump White House; I thought Bongino meant the Obama White House, but maybe I wasn't listening clearly.

Mrs. Kilpatrick and I were on a beach, and Beach's, first found in Hertfordshire with Childs/Chills, have a Shield filled with vair fur too. Beachams (beside Beach's) are also BeauCHAMPS. When Mrs. Kilpatrick moved from my area of Texas, she lived in a house previously owned by Mr. Childs. Beach's were at Langley, and I supplied evidence that LANGleys with Landens/Landers were of my bra-on-laundry-line event as a child, which pointed to Bra at LANGhe, and so even Miss Hicks' embrace with me is pointing to Bra with Bracebridge's / Braswells.

Now, English Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire with Dexters while a "dexter paw" is used by Kilpatricks while the Dexter Coat is in colors reversed from the same Coat of girdle-line BRASwells...which can explain, but not fully describe, why the embrace was indeed a pointer to Bracebridge's. What's Donna Lease Brazile got to do with that hovering / embracing scene? After Donna Brazile was placed in charge of the DNC, she released her book on Seth Rich in which she towed the liberal-media line that Guccifer 2.0 seized the DNC files. From the last update: "It's got me wondering whether Miss Hicks HOVERing OVER the car seats is somehow a pointer to the Guccifer crime."

In the last update, Guccifer 2.) was to topic with golf balls, a goof term leading to Goffs/Goughs, and Gooch's/Googe's (both share the same boars). Goffs/Goughs were first found in RADNORshire with RATNORs, and it was Ellen Ratner of Fox who was unveiling the Seth Rich story in such deep ways that Fox gagged both she and Sean Hannity. It might even be that Gows/McGoo's (boar) were Gough liners, and here I can add that while Gows/McGoo's are also Gavins, Gaffins/Keveneys share the double pale bars of German Steel's who in-turn throw in the Berta griffin. Why do English Steele's share the checks of Bracebridge's and Champagne's? Isn't this a pointer to the Steele dossier, the partner with the Guccifer hoax in ruining Trump?

To serve as evidence that Gaffins/Keveneys are a branch of Gavins, the latter share the gold boar head with Leaders in the Gaffin motto. Further evidence that Gaffins/Keveneys are of the Gow/McGoo's is where the other Keveneys are Gainys too while English Gaineys share the Gore/Core crosslets while the latter share the white wolf of Gore's/GOWers. Keveneys/Gaineys share the Kelly/Killia Coat while Kellys/Killia's are suspect in Helps/Half motto. John Kelly may have been Trump's biggest mole, reporting to the Bush people. Recall the Leader-like STEP LADDER lying over the septic tank; that ladder was and still is split in HALF, suspect with the Halpers/Halfpennys (branch of Helps/Halfs). Stepps/Steptows share the giant fleur-de-lys of Weissmanns and Bush's. Mr. Weissmann was/is the leader of Mueller's rats, a long-time friend of Clintons, and the one suspect in writing / editing Mueller's report. Halpers share the Champagne / Bracebridge Shield. George Bush used Mueller to cover 9-11 crimes.

The last time I saw Lorraine is when she was carrying a babe while I sat with Paul Smith. Irish Smiths happen to be Gowers. In a dream, Paul Smith was walking up my driveway with a sickly-looking stag suspect as a symbol of Trump.

As I told readers: at the time that the pigeon walked over the tank, the mole(s) was lifting the GRAVel (just a couple of inches deep) where my patio stones are slated to go. I just saw "grave feld" in the translated article on GRABfeld, and Gravefeld may have been its name at some time. Dutch Grave's/Gravels share the Bath cross, which happens to be in colors reversed from a Bamburg/Banbury cross of the same style, and the latter has the look of the Bath Coat. There's a main PIPE that connects from my BATHroom to the septic tank ten feet away, and Pipe's / Pepins are expected with Poppo of Bamberg and Grabfeld. Amazingly, a Mr. Patterson delivered the gravel for the septic bed while Pattersons share the camel in Crest with Pepins. He also delivered the driveway gravel. I should add that Mr. Patterson had an infection in his leg, which I saw, and he died from it a year or so later. As was said, the pigeon over the stool took off from over the tank and flew down along the driveway. I hate to suggest it, but was his death a pointer to Grave's?

Mr. Patterson asked me a couple of times if he could park his back HOE on my driveway. I didn't ask why, and one day he left it there. Afterward, he used it to press the sand extending from the septic bed's gravel. How's had a Hoe location, and a Mr. Howes settled Cambridgeshire, where Grave-like Crabs were first found. Hows (share wolves with Gowers/Gore's and Gore's/CORE's) are in Leader colors and format, and Leaders were connected above, by way of the GAFFIN motto, to How-like Gows/McGoo's/GAVINs ("deCORi"). The latter share the red lion of Hoe's, and, unbelievably, Hoe's (Bamburg crescent?) are said to descend from Mr. O'Kelly while Gaffins are Keveneys too while Keveneys/Gaineys share the Kelly/Kill Coat and Crest; both use the Enfield griffin while Enfields were first found in Berkshire with Hows (beside Bamburgs/Banburys).

The Get'n Go is on a Ranch road that locals call the Leakey road, and Leaks/Leakeys, showing a leg, is a surname suspected to be one that God is pointing to as per WikiLeaks. Does Mr. Patterson's leg infection, and/or another Mr. Patterson, apply here? The bent Leak leg is suspect with the Lecks and with the Leck river (Bavaria, same as Bamburg and Grabfeld), location of Fusion-like Fussen which itself share the bent, human leg with Leaks in its Arms. Does Glenn Simpson have a leg infection?

From alternet: "Comey, Sperry notes, was an 'early skeptic of the Steele dossier' and described its claims as 'salacious and unverified.'" I assume that this statement was released from Horowitz's work. The way I read the statement, Sperry was trying to protect his boss, Comey, not knowing that Comey would soon-after be discovered for signing three of the FISA warrants which had this same dossier as their main justification. It all explains why McCabe and Strzok were able to conspire against Trump under the nose of their boss, a willing / winking James Comey. Some point to Horowitz as being on Trump's side due to his release of the Strzok communications, but it's possible Horowitz felt compelled to release some of the communications for fear of being discovered as one covering for this crime, not because he wanted to release it. Horowitz may have released only the mild tip of the iceberg, and, in the process, allowed the rest of the communications to disappear (when it was announced that they could not be found). Later, we heard that they were found, but how much of the worst material was scrubbed?

The Nadler-Mueller plan may have been to enter some fabricated evidence from Ferrante, but when the Republicans got wind of it, they leaked Ferrante's role as a mole, thus ruining the plan, because it would highlight Comey's role with this mole. Thus, at the last minute, Mueller would have been left dumbfounded, just as we saw him, appearing for no cause of his own but to be bombarded by Republicans well-readied for that job. It turned into victory celebrations. Who was it who was responsible? Not Trump. The man is not man enough to fight his mortal enemies. He thinks that it's obstruction to fight them. What a dope. Hamstrung by the empty-suited, spinnerama Democrats, what a laughing stock he's been in my eyes. Pathetic.

Hannity has stopped mentioning Julian Assange's claim probably because Barr might want to prosecute Assange. In other words, Hannity's not for necessarily for truth, not for busting crime as he pretends to be. Instead, he's for the political win, whatever it takes. He would let crime slide so long as Trump wins 2020. Or, if supporting Assange gets him in Barr's / Trump's bad books, then Assange can go to jail for all Hannity cares. This is my depressing situation, that I've got to listen to half-suits when getting the news. Bongino: 9-11 was from the Arabs. Half-suit. Half there, and half out-to-lunch on what matters. I don't hate these men; just waiting for God, hopefully, to put 9-11 back on the news table until the people get the real story.

When several Fox people asked Trump to declassify while he was on the air, finally, he promised them declassification, for he needs Fox excited about him. In the same way, Hannity and others need to press Trump to get his "ambassador" to Assange, to get Assange's evidence on the true DNC "hack." Never mind sending an establishment Republican, but one who has the zeal to get this story right.

John Solomon says that Mr. Mifsud looks ready to become a stool pigeon on the Obama FBI. The latter asked Mifsud to go "talk" to Papadopoulos. I can't find a Mif-like surname to see if there's any interesting things there. Solomon was on Hannity this week saying that he saw an FBI document that convinced him that Russia was behind the DNC hacking. Hannity then responded that he thinks so too, even though this same Hannity gave the impression, last year, that Seth Rich was the number-one choice. I say that Hannity has changed his story to get on-track with the Barr-Trump train on Assange, but, I hope, Barr / Durham will go to Assange to get the truth.

If Solomon really did see a compelling FBI document, then that's a huge story. Where is this story? Why hasn't Solomon told of it, since after all the Democrats would welcome it? What's stopping him? Where did the FBI get this compelling report, since the FBI said it didn't investigate the hack? Was it from Obama's FBI, or from Wray? Who can trust either FBI? Why did Solomon put this tidbit out but not the whole story? Do Trump supporters want the DNC-hack story to just go away, just as Trump apparently does? Let's see this compelling document. Let the people debate it.

If it's so compelling, why haven't the Deny-o-crats advanced it? Why haven't Mueller and Schiff let it fly, for they need such a story badly. Precisely. The FBI might have fabricated the story because Trump's enemies need it.

If you need your fix of Amazing Polly, she's still sharp and clicking, though the topic is depressing:

The Shower-Pipe Leak

As was shared with readers, the stool pigeon (first pigeon I saw here ever) arrived a few days before the three pigeons whirled skyward around a maple tree beside the septic tank. I was putting together kitchen cupboards at the time, and once installed on the second floor, my next job was to tile the shower stall. The piping had been installed the previous year. I checked the pipes for leaks at that time, but saw none. However, due to having a new tenant on this second floor (agreed to move in with place unfinished), I increased the water pressure, and a leak developed, which I didn't learn of until about eight-to-ten days ago, about a month after turning on the water on the second floor. In other words, this leak at the BATHroom wall had gone on for a month before I saw evidence in my basement's ceiling. I then learned that the water warped the wood flooring in my living room i.e. the water had flooded the underside of my wood floor, and soaked the floor boards to a sponge. I was not happy. It took me a couple of days to get over it.

It just so happens that the Flore surname shares the BATH cross, which may be the first hint of Intelligent Design, for the leak was at the bathroom's shower stall. The Flore's also share the Leak(ey) and Hicks fleur-de-lys. Second sign? Looks like. Fleurs/Florida's share the vair of Beach's, and Florida brings Palm BEACH to mind (Epstein's home), or the beach in the Hicks dream resolved with Epstein's island. The point here is, FLOREnce. Was this leak to my floor boards a pointer to the Florence elements at Clermont-Ferrand? Florentinus (mentioned above) married ATREMia of Lyon (descended from Tullia in Clermont-Ferrand), and Artems/Aitons have a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat. Flore's also share the fleur-de-lys of Masci's and Florens.

We can even say that Bath is in Somerset with two Axe rivers, and with BOARDers, and that Boardens/Bordens use axes likely as code for a Board family on one Axe river. As BriSTOL is beside Bath, this leak looks connectable to the stool pigeon, adding here that the Stolls/STAYERs likely share the Bath cross. The floor BOARDs got soaked and warped in an 18-inch strip from a post to the base of the STAIRs. Ferrands use the axe, and Were's/Wears (share crozier with Bracebridge's/Brasbridge's, are said to have been on the Ace river. It appears that we have crossed MontFerrat-Bra liners. Crozier's were first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand.

The sharing of the fleur-de-lys between Leaks and Flore's asks what family in Florence may have been at Fussen upon the Leck river, and whether that family was related to the Leaks sharing a bent human leg with the Arms of Fussen. I can see the Bruno's of Florence in this, for Browns share the fleur of Flore's, and the double BRUNswick lions are with Gernons having a "CyFOETH" motto term. I was introduced to Fussen by Miss Florida, when she wrote in to say that it uses feet in its arms while its alternative name is, FOETes. You see, it's as though God arranged for her to write in so that, first of all, I would know about Fusion-like Fussen, and so that I could link Flore elements to Fussen.

The Fleur's/Florida's can even be with the Bath cross, which happens to be the cross of Fussen-like Fesse's too. Half the Flore cross is the Fessy / Bath cross. Fesse's love Genova's Segni's/Segurana's in their motto while Fessy-line Fieschi were in Genova while Feschs share crossed swords with Boarders, and I have resolved that the stoll pigeon, so to speak, is exactly about Sword = Shower liners. The Sword swords are in the sword colors of the Boarders and Suit/Suter-like Shute's. The Barrs of Brunswick descended from Este's, and Segni's/Segurana's share the Barr and Este eagle. On top of this, the upright lions of Genova's/Geneva's (Masci colors, probably the white Masci wing) are in the colors of the passant Brunswick lions. At the 9-11 memorial, I, a Masci and a Grimaldi, was sitting in the seat that Miss Hicks said was reserved for her daughter, Geneva. Fieschi were partnered with Grimaldi's of Genova.

I can make the links in these ways, but I can't usually understand why an event was given as it was, often because the event is pointing to future news not yet happened. I can add that while Pepins are clearly Este liners, Pepin-branch Pipes are expected in the slow leak at the shower pipe. I grew up, and may even have been born, on the upper floor of Pepin Taff, and here's it's important that Taffs, who love the Segni's/Segurana's along with Fesse's, share the Fessy / Bath cross with the Mea's/Meighs likewise in the Taff motto. It's important because Mea's are from the Meu river, home of the Henrys whom I've traced to Henry of Rodez. It just so happens that English Rhodes' include a color-reversed version of the Bath cross with four lions. Mea's share the blue fitchee of Albins/Aubins while Aubin is a location beside Rodez.

Now the Meu passes by Montfort, and Henrys are said to have been at a Montfort area while Monforte is at MontFERRAT and beside Bra. We saw why Montferrat should be a Ferrand = Florence element, and Bruno's of Florence are said to have had a branch at Asti, beside Barr-like Bra. Brays/Brae's were first found in Northamptonshire with Fessys, and MowBRAYs of Montbray share the giant MontFORT lion. Boards use a motto, "PerFORATus." As Browns share one of the Flore fleur-de-lys, one wonders whether it can point to prime minister Brown, who, if I recall correctly, was ruling during some of Obama's presidency.

So, as this slow leak looks like a pointer to Fusion GPS i.e. someone leaking against the dossier crime of Hillary RODham Clinton. Rodez-liner Rodhams were first found in Northumberland, and while Siward of Northumberland is in the Sewer variation of Suters, and while German Stolls share the German-Suter hexagram, the leak was in the SHOWER pipe while Showers are listed with Sewards, who mention Siward of Northumberland. In the Obama dream, that was on the dossier crime, Obama was in a SUIT upon a skateBOARD, and it was due to this that the Boards were discovered with a version of the Sewer/SUIT/Suter Coat, a surname pointing to Obama's alternative name, Barry SOETORo. Hopefully, this leak from my shower pipe promises a leak against Obama. It's about time that he is outed into some hot thanks to Trump.

Browns (Cumberland, at Northumberland) have a "FLOReat" motto term suggesting a merger of their Florence ancestry with BROWN-Crested Reats/Reeds (Northumberland), who share the book with Roets. Browns also have a "majESTas" motto term signalling the Este>Barr line to Brunswick, and the BROWN lion of Browns is shared (different position) with Halpers/HALPINs. ALBINs'/Aubins were at BARNstaple, and Barnys use the Brunswick lion, I therefore assume. Halpers connect via AVESNes on the Helpe river back to Avezzano, the latter off the Salto river flowing down to Reed-liner Rieti. Barnstaple's even share the Rodham bend as evidence that Albins/Aubins were of a Rodez-Aubin merger. German Barneys (Genova lion?) even have that Sword sword again indicating a Barn / Bruno merger with the line of Siward of Northumberland.

I will repeat here that my father worked real-estate with his neighbor, Bruno, when we lived on a Reesors street, and the Reesors'/Reasons (Genova lion?) share the vaired patee crosses of English Ferrands. As the naming of Genova is suspect from king Gentius of the Ardiaei, Reesors'/Reasons (Barney lion) look like they are from Rhizon. Reesors'/Reasons use a BROWN wolf, indicating the Wolfs/Welfs (wolf heads in Brunswick / Gernon colors), first found in Cheshire with earl Ranulph de Gernon of Meschin. It was while living at Reesors that I collected golf balls at Cedar BRAE golf club on STEELES avenue (a topic that pointed to Guccifer 2.0), and Brays/Brae's are in the colors and format of Welsh Reesors'/Rice's.

The Barney fish may be for the Fish's who share the Coat of Scottish Browns (and Vaughns), yet the Fish Coat shares the wavy fesse of Pierce's, first found in Somerset with Boards. Once we get to Fish's, we are at German Fish's/FISCHs ("wahREIT") who share the Barney fish, and what could therefore be the Brunswick lion on black. I see Cliffs with Fisks, and English Ferrands are said to have been involved with ClifFORDs (share the dragon of axe-using Drake's), who share the Coat of Wards suspect in the Fish/Fisch motto. Sempers almost have the Brunswick pair of lions, and the "Semper paraTUS" motto of Cliffords can be partly for the Tous'/Tosini's of TUScany, who look connectable to the Brown Coat. Swords have the motto, "Paratus," and while Sewards/Showers share the Mosca leopard design, Mosca's, in the motto of Abruzzo-line Drake's, were first found in Pisa with Tous'/Tosini's. The two wings of Swords (compare with Seagar Crest) thus look like the gold one of Masci's (shared by Portuguese Abreu's).

German Fulks use the wing too, and Italian Fulks, first found in Florence, share the Shield of Italian Ferrands (Florence). There is a Velch/Vulci location in Tuscany to which the Fulks appear related, and that location looks like the ancestry of Feschs / Fieschi. The Fisk checks thus look very related to the Fulk checks.

Fisks share the pyramid with TOLLETs/Tolle's (Tullia at Clermont-Ferrand), and the latter share the checkered Shield of Italian Ferrands. When looking for the source of the slow leak, I removed the TOILET. No leak there, but the toilet was removed. I then removed the plywood under the toilet (finished floor not yet installed) to see water sitting right below the toilet upon the plastic vapor barrier. Barrier's are listed with Spanish Barro's, hmm. Pray God that this leak is against Barry Soetoro. The water had gone off the plastic to the top of the wood beam, soaking the beam. I went down the stairs and saw a couple of drops on my floor right under the beam, and right beside the POST. English Ferrands have a "proPOSITi" motto term that can be for Posts.

A lot more than a couple of drops came down, however. The water came along the upper side of the wood beam's cladding, to the post, then down the inner sides of the wood boards that are clad to the post, and once hitting the floor, it went under the floor boards, "running" (crawling) for weeks toward the stairs because the floor is off-level in that direction. Drop after drop came out the slow leak, and soaked the floor boards to warping. Drops/Trope's share the Tollet/Tolle chief, that's right, evidence of Intelligent Design behind this slow leak. Drops/Trope's (drops) were first found in Norfolk with Warpin-like Arpins, whose specialized moline cross, in Fish colors, looks like it has fish tails. French Arpins (same moline, essentially) were first found in Savoy while Savoys share the Fessy / Bath cross.

Arpins have the Mathis moline in colors reversed while Massi's/Matti's have a version of the Italian Fulk Coat. ArPINs/Harpins may have been a Harp-Pine merger, and the warped boards are made of pine. English Pine's were first found in Devon, where Chives' were said to have been first found, who share the Mathis moline. Moline's and MULE's were likewise first found in Devon, and so watch how this leak event connects with SaMUELsons (Cornwall, beside Devon).

What can a leak under the floor boards mean? What can warped floor boards mean? I feel sure that the warped boards mean something of a key, but I can't figure it out yet. There is no Warp / Warpen / Warper surname coming up. But Arpins have a cross in the colors of the Slow cross, and the leak was a SLOW leak. The water came across the beam at the ceiling, then down the post where I had hung my shorts to dry (years earlier), wherein I found a dead squirrel in the pocket. Same post. The squirrel in the pocket touched upon HEATHER Samuelson, the one who destroyed Hillary emails, for this squirrel went up my van's HEATER duct, which was why it later died in the van (while the shorts were in it). Samuelsons use squirrels. I mentioned Heather SaMUELson at the time when I thought to check Mails (for the first time) for clues on Hillary's email scandal, and Mails are from a MUEL-like location, you see.

Heaters have bull heads half in the colors of the Host bull heads while Hosts are suspect in the "Hostis" motto term of Short-like Shirts/Shards (same place as Mails). The latter share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards and Mule's. The latter look applicable to the dossier-suspect trio: Wake's, Orrs and Nellys.

I was almost defeated on finding a link between the slow leak under discussion and the squirrel in the shorts...until remembering that I first discovered the leak from above the furnace ducts in the basement! Furnace ducts are heater ducts, right?! WOW. The water had pooled on top side of the heater ducts (!), unbelievable. This slow leak is thus suspect as a whistle-blowing on Samuelson's activities. It looks like her squirrel is good as dead.

From atop of the furnace duct, the water dripped down right into a steel can where I kept old screwDRIVERs. It's interesting that Drivers/DRYvers (Cheshire, same as Shirts) share two gold wings in Crest with Hosts/Hosts. They could be the two gold wings of Swords; the latter's are said to be "exPANDed," and while Panters/Panders use SPUR rowells, Spurrs/SPERRys can be in the "Espere" motto term of Heathers/Heaths. Dryvers can be for the fact that the shorts were hung to DRY on the post...after putting them through the Sears laundry machine. Sears look like a branch of Sere's/SERTs, the latter in colors reversed from, and in the format of, SHIRTs.

(Compare "Sert" with "Sword," for, as background information, I have explained how Shirt-loving Tous/Tosini's/TONSO's trace to the Tonzus river of Thrace, near SERDica. This picture is easily linkable to Sardis, the Lydian capital, and the so-called "man" wearing the shirt of the Tous' is likely code for the Maeonians on the Maeander river (borders Lydia), proto-Lydians. Manders (kin of Rhodes') are also Manners, a branch of Mens', and Rhodes is near the Maeander river.)

Pockets (giant cinquefoil) are also POWchers, making me wonder whether they were a Pow/Poe line, to then discover that Pow/Poe's (Devon, same as Pine's) share the Coat of French Pine's minus its white cinquefoils. Since the short hung on that post, it is since been clad in pine. As was said years ago, the shorts were black, and here we find the Pows/Poe's as "Lords of the Manor of Blackborough". The Chief of Blacks (Kent, same as Pockets) can be sharing the stars in the Sears Chief. They are even the stars of Poers/Poors, wow. It's working. The Blackborough I never knew before is working with Pows/Poe's to discover Pocket liners as Poer / Power branches, for Poers/Poors share the fesse of Blackboroughs. Poers and Powers were both first found in Devon with Blackborough and Heaters. Satan's last stand was in my heater duct, and then he starved / thirsted / froze to death.

The heater DUCTs. German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/Nails/NEILs. Irish Neils (fish) happen to have estoiles in colors reversed from those of Thirsts/Traschs, and both surnames use red, combattant lions The Thirsts/Traschs share a Shield of drops with Drops/Trope's, and both use the same colors in their Chiefs. Did the squirrel die of thirst? It was November/December, with temperatures dipping to a few degrees below freezing at most. It's doubtful a squirrel would freeze in a shorts pocket in the van, away from wind, at those temperatures, for the body heat would be well maintained over the freezing point. It's more likely to die of thirst than to starve. English Nagle's happen to share the fesse of Poers/Poors and Blackboroughs, and it was Pocket-suspect Pows/Poe's who were at Blackborough. That all works. (Thirsts look linkable to Presleys and Abreu's.)

Variations of Heaters look like branches of the Hait/Hate variation of Hague's (crescents colors reversed from the same of Blackboroughs). Nagle's/Neils even have a saltire in colors reversed from the same of Haits/Hate's. Heights were first found in Derbyshire with the Hayers/Ayers/Eyers (spur) sharing the Hait/Hate motto, which includes "inVICTus," linkable to Fesch / Fisk / Fish liners. A sole fish is used by the Sola's (Derbyshire) in that same motto. The same motto is used by Miles' who share a downward-pointed, white sword with Feschs. Thirsts were thought to be from Fisk-possible "Tre Isk." This recalls my theory that the 17th and last squirrel in my attic, which got in from a small opening at the SOLar PANELs, died of thirst (in the attic) when I plugged the opening as soon as I heard it up there. I then learned that Sola's have the panel-like Painells in their write-up. The squirrel in my pocket was one of the 16 that I caught in the attic, suspect with the original 16 lawyers hired my Mueller, and/or the 17 U.S. Intelligence agencies, and/or the number, 17, in the email address of Hillary's private server.

[WOW! When getting to TanCARVILLE's below, the Carville's were loaded to find the three bends of French Hays, mentioned above with the two bends (same colors) of Ratcliffs. I'm putting this insert here because CARville's use a "Sola" motto term while, as you will see at the end of this update, God has apparently pointed to John Ratcliffe via my rat trap that has been set under my solar panels for more than a year, and is still there! Plus, we saw why Ratcliffe's should apply to CARs. Amazing.

Shortly below, you will see my explanation for deciphering "RAT TRAP" (assumes God chose for me to use it) with the Radziwill-Traby marriage, and it happens to be a topic that goes over to how Ratcliffs were kin round-about of Trabys. Then, the day after writing the paragraph above, I checked Wiggenhalls in the Carville write-up to find ostriches; there are ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby. UNBELIEVABLY, Wiggenhalls have three red stars on a white fesse, as do Jewish Hoffers!!! Ratcliffs appear to be in the HOVERing of Miss Hicks. End insert]

I link the Fesch swords to those of Tax's/Dachs, highly suspect from Bavaria's Dachau (concentration headquarters), and here the Haits sound like a branch of Hiedlers/Hitlers. The crossed Tax/Dach swords are essentially those also of Boards. I had warped boards, hmm, after the water passed the post that had the dead squirrel, which I gave the name, satan, while it was still alive.

The can with screw drivers was sitting on a concrete pad poured for the base of a column (holds house up) to rest upon. This can (about six-inches wide) was filled by the leak, drop by drop, with water and overflowing to the bare rock serving as the basement floor. Haits/Hate's/Hague's use a rock in Crest, in the white of the Roque rocks while Miss Roquefeuil married Henry IV of Rodez. Henry has been traced to Henrys on the Meu river, and the Mea's (share Taff cross) of that river are in the motto of Taffs who in-turn share the fretty of Caens/CANNs, how about that. The leak filled the CAN and then ran down to the rock, wow. Cans/Caens even use leopard faces while Face's are with Taff-related Fessys. Watch out Rockefellers, your money party is nearing a death.

The Mea Coat is a boar-head version of the Bath Coat, and the latter's Coat is with the Rhodes'. The Henrys were at a Mott location at the Meu, and while Motts were first found in Cotes-du-Nord, where the Meu flows too, the Motts have a white estoile, as do Feschs and Thirsts. The squirrel had suffered morte = death, and Motts are Morte's too while sharing the crescents of Deaths. Enrico's (Henry branch) share the fretty of Mott-like Modeys/Modens. Thirsts may be sharing the Mudd/Maid/Maud lion. The Mate's look linkable to the Rhodes cross.

That's how I spotted this leak originally, on the rock floor. What are the chances that a leak two floors up would end up dripping right into this can only six-inches round? Cans/Caens, who share the five ostrich feathers out of a crown with Irish Clere's, were first found in Dorset with Shorts. It looks like this can was necessary to prove this leak's link to the squirrel in the shorts. It's just got to be about the destruction of Hillary's emails. I've just been reminded that the spot on the concrete pad where this can now sits was once the spot where I would keep an assortment of nails in case I needed them in the basement. We just saw Nails to topic due to the Haits/Hate's, suspect with Heater variations. Heaters pointed to Heather Samuelson, perfect.

The shorts hung on a post that itself sits on one of the concrete columns. The next column over had the can of old SCREWdrivers. No Screw surname comes up, yet Screw-like Scroops/Scrope's (possibly had a Scroo variation not listed) share the five Can/Caen ostrich feathers. That looks compelling, especially as Scroops show nothing but a bend in the colors of nothing-but-a-bend Bruno's, first found in Florence, but said to have had a branch at Asti, smack near Savigliano, where Pelosi's were first found who use columns! On top of the two Pelosi columns, the same stars as in the Coat of Boards! The leak warped my floor boards, and Flore's are Florence liners suspect with Bruno's because the Flore fleur are those also of Browns. Savigliano is right beside Bra and Asti, location of some Bruno's. Someone in Barr's department needs to put the fatal screws to Hillary's crimes, or let there be a massive uproar against the DoJ. I still don't know what warped floor boards mean, but Pelosi sure is one warped cracker.

Malcolms/Columns share the Nagle/Nail saltire, and my assorted nails were kept right beside the base of the column. Pelosi's share a bull on a black Shield with Lars', and the warped floor boards reach to the stairs of my tenant, whose surname is rooted in "Lars." This surname is suspect with Clarens/Larins because Claro's/Charo's share the red bull with Lars'. It just so happens that French Larins share the scallops of Scale's while stairs are also, "scala." Scale's share the five ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby. God apparently ruined my floor for this discussion. I was angry, I really was. But I'm over it.

Lars' are said to be of LAURENce's/Lawrence, and the latter have a ragully cross in colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Colchester. The latter's cross has nails, and the Colchester Coat (shared Neil estoiles) is in the colors and format of SCARboroughs (Yorkshire). English Trips use a "SCALing ladder," while German Trips show shoes, and I with Lawrence Kepke sold shoes at Scarborough Town Center (different stores) on McCOWAN road. Cowans happen to share the Chief of Leaks (early in Yorkshire), and while Kepke came up my driveway, followed by a sickly-looking stag that I think is code for Sichs, the latter are said to have been associated with the abbey of Scarborough. Cowans happen to use a "Sic" motto term. The Cowan saltire can even be suspect with the Lawrence cross because Lawrence's were at a Redmaine entity while Demaine's share the lone Leak / Cowan fleur.

Scroops were first found in Yorkshire with SCARRows/SKEROWs, who look like they can apply to screwdrivers. The five, white ostrich feathers under discussion are in the Crest of the Arms of Traby, while Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf while Scarrow-like Scarfs were likewise first found in Yorkshire. Traby married Astikas' of VILNius while the Vilains share a black Chief with Irish Scarrows (Devon, same as Stewarts) having Shirt-like variations, wherefore compare the Hosts/OSTs (share white bull with Pelosi's) suspect in the Shirt motto with "OSTrich." But then look at "ostRICH," for Sticks are suspect in the Sithech ancestry of SETHs/Shaws! Are the screwdrivers a pointer to Seth Rich??? Rich's (Button/Biden kin) were first found beside Hosts/Osts.

Wow, Seth was probably finished off by the wink or even the hand of Jack Sava, and Shaw-like Sava's are listed with Savage's/Savige's, suspect from SAVIGliano!!! The screwdrivers were at the base of the columns. The can which held them touches the column. Is that not incredible? Heraldry has no brain, no eyes to see, yet it routinely tells stories in the news when God combines it with events or dreams in my life. Pelosi's are Pilati's too while one Shaw Coat share's the Pilotte and Pellet Coat. Jack Sava was mating with Lisa Kountoupes of Uranium One interests.

As per JACK, it recalls my describing satan, the squirrel, as jumping out of the bucket like a jack-in-the box. That's when it went up the heater duct of the van. The leak dripped from the heater ducts in the basement, into the can of screwdrivers touching the column (made of standard blocks).

It's interesting that I killed the squirrels with a single RAT TRAP, suspect as a pointer to the RADziwill kin of Stick-liner ASTIKas', who married trap-like Traby. I took the few squirrels which survived the trap to a brook. I released them all at that same spot, one trip at a time. Brooks share the Stick Coat, no guff. The only squirrel to survive the trap and not be released at that brook was this one that died in my shorts.

Neither Vilains nor Scarrows use symbols, making then appear related. It's very interesting that Cindys share the double pale bars in the Arms of Ille-et-Vilaine as well as the lion of English Scarrows/Skerows (Yorkshire). Cindys came to topic with pizzagate and the shooting of Steve SCALise, and here we can repeat that Scale's share the five, white ostrich feathers of Traby.

Scarrows/Skerows share the fesse of Forez'/Forests while Fosters/Forrests share gold-stripped, black hunting horns with the Arms of Traby. A Mr. Foster, who convinced judge Scalia to go hunting, and then flew down with him to Texas, and then spent the weekend at the ranch with Scalia, is a suspect in the latter's murder at that ranch on that weekend. Scalia's/Scalise's were first found Florence with Bruno's...what are the chances for this trace by coincidence only just after we saw the Bruno Coat with five-feather Scroops? That's right, they both use nothing but the same bend.

Bruno's were at Asti, making Barrs of Brunswick suspect with Bar-le-Duc (Lorraine) from Bra. Asteys share the Lorraine lion, on a green background, as with the lions of Cindys and Scarrows/Skerows, making it more certain that Scarrows were a branch of Scarfs.

The Vilaine part of Brittany is at Dol, and the Alans thereof have been traced (by me) to Langhe at Bra / Asti. The Landons/Landers and LANGleys trace to Langhe, and here we can mention Langdon in Vilaine, for Langdons are also Landons. It should be recorded here that the Arms of Langdon could be with the long perchevron of Chappes'. I'm pretty sure I see a LANCE in the Crest of Scarboroughs (Alan colors). Lance's have the Alan fesse in colors reversed.

The way in which Bra may have developed from Bar liners to Bras liners is where Bracebridge's/Brasbridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with ARMine's/Armys, for Brace's/Brase's use armored arms, as do Armors. The Armine/Army Chief has the same lion as Brunswicks, you see. Armors were first found in BERwickshire with Tate's/Teets who in turn have a version of the Armine Coat. Berwickshire was earlier Bryneich, a term like "Brunswick." The Armine and Brunswick lion is also that of Roberts, and so English Roberts, with perhaps a version of the Armor Coat, can be suspect with the Barr / Este eagle.

Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with the Cowans having a version of the Armine Coat. It just so happens that the Cowan Crest is the Cabot scallop while the royal "Robertians" descended from Hugh CAPET. English Capets/Capes' can be suspect with the Montfort / Mowbray lion in a line from Monforte at Bra to Montfort on the Meu river, the river that is partly in Cotes-d-Armor. This area goes downhill to Vannes while the Arms of Vannes has an ermine mammal wearing a scarf while Armine's (ermine spot in Crest) are also Ermine's. By the looks of it's Wikipedia article, the capital of Cotes-d'Armor is Saint-Brieux (Brae liner?), where Alan-like Helens are said to have approximately been, they being suspect with the Este horses. I didn't know until getting here that the Arms of Saint-Brieux has roughly the giant griffin of Shorts.

Brie's/DuBrays were first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc. Judging by the roses in the Brie/Dubray Coat, I would guess that the Brie's have the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion, especially as Cabots / Capets are expected in the motto of Geddes' (share fish with Cabots), kin of Rose's who in-turn wave Bosco's in their write-up. The L'ABRI" variation of Brie's/DuBrays reminds of the Abri peoples smack to the south side of the Selepitanoi, the latter being on maps at a modern Bar location.

I can glean that the Brie/DuBray lion is that also of English Stewarts (brown Crest), first found in Devon with Mathis-related Moline's. The latter were of Falaise elements along with Brays/Brae's. Scottish Stewarts share the checks of Massi's/MATTIS', and the full motto of Brocks (share red lion with Brie's/Dubrays), and Brie's/DuBrays "established a house in Bourgogne at Brochardiere." Brays/Brae's had a location in Abreu-liner Evreux, and the Abri Illyrians / Albanians were beside the Mathis river, a family of which became the Mathis' of Burgundy (i.e. same place as Brochards). Brochards (version of the Futter Coat) were from Broc of Anjou, as with Brocks.

Futters use a MASTiff dog while Masts/Masters have griffins in the colors of the Short / Saint-Brieuc griffins. It looks like Brieux has been identified as Brie/DuBray liners. I released the surviving squirrels at a brook, and Brooks were first found in Essex with Brocks. Brays/Brae's have a flax breaker while Breakers/Brecks (share brown Crest with Stewarts) were first found in Shropshire, special home of proto-Stewart Alans and Fulbert, father of Pollocks, he being suspect to Fullers who in-turn are suspect with Futters in their motto. This Fulbert could have been related to Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise, and it just so happens that while Cotes-d'Armor is beside Vilaine (location of Montfort and Dol), Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners.

The Bra or Cuneo connections / ancestry of Stewarts is not generally known, but God has made it known. When I touched the bra at age nine, it belonged to a tenant in a Peterson residence, and Petersons can be gleaned with Raines' of Rennes (they love Judicael), Peter Pollock of Rothes, and the Slows of Salop/Shropshire. Tenants share the boar heads of Mea's (i.e. from Cotes-d'Armor and Vilaine), and moreover Tenants use a MAST in Crest, which gets us to the Short griffin, doesn't it? It's also the griffin of Alberts (Kent, same as Masts/Rasters and Rothes') while Stewarts are also Stewarts of Appin while Appins are listed with Alpins. The same boar heads are with Juggs/Judds, suspect with Jugon in Cotes-d'Armor, and with Judicael of Rennes (Vilaine, beside Montfort).

So, we followed the armored arms of Brace's/Brase's and Armors to Cotes-d'Armor, and we found Bra liners, didn't we? Not a doubt. Helen was my tenant, and Tenants came to topic with her. I now find that the Mast/Master griffin is in the Arms of Saint-Brieux while Helens were first found at a Helion area near that place. It may be a mistake to see Alans of Dol as the Helens, for Elis-branch Elias' were at West Lothian with Tenants. There's a good chance that God arranged Helen at my place to show that Helens were Elis liners, highly suspect from "Laish." I trace Laish to two Laus locations, and "Laus Deo" is a phrase upon the lamb's banner in the Arms of Lannion. Lannion is near Saint-Brieuc, and close enough to Launay and Brest to be of the Launay-Brescia merger that took place from Brescia's Lane's/Lano's.

I know that Christians would find it unthinkable that God would lift Helen's top so that her breasts hung out in my full view, but this is what promiscuous Helen playfully did one night while she was on her way down to her apartment. She was on the landing of the stairs. I admit that we were sexually active at the time (for about two months), which makes it hard for me even to be saying this, because I'm not of the opinion that God would have set up such a situation in my house. Yet BREST is right close to Helens of St. Brieux, making that breast event appear like God's doing. What is so important about all of this?

I'll also admit that, after Helen, I slept with two women a combined 10-15 times over the last 20 years, all before 2006. It was at that time that God called me to this heraldic project. He has not sent one women to me since that time. Suffer, He says to me. We have an understanding; I have been with far too many women for one human life, but hardly nothing compared to willful sinners in this world. I have learned to be happy alone, and it starts with a lot of courage and got-to-do-it-iveness. But before I take too much credit for my virginity streak, I should say that I live in an area where there is not one good looking woman, anywhere. Or, God makes sure that none cross my paths. All the good-looking ones have gone south to the city money.

I do have thoughts that Miss Hicks could call me one day to chew me out for talking about her in these updates. And maybe God will make her my wife. It would be so incredible to be able to tell readers about that, but I would need to offer proof that she did marry me. I resolved not to call her even though I know her phone number. She probably doesn't have any idea how to contact me so that, if she finds me, it'll need to be a near miracle.

Until then, I am taking the position that our embrace in the dream was for Bra liners to BraceBridge's and Bride's / Brights, suspect from Brigantium some 25 miles from MODANE on the Arc river, the line to Arks/Arch's and Modens/Modeys (both first found in Berkshire). Elias' ("quoMODo") and Elis' share the crescent of Motts/Morte's/MOTTINs, who are said to be from Cotes-du-Nord, the alternative name of Cotes-d'Armor. The Elias and Elis cross can be gleaned with that of Rats/Raiths (Nairnshire, same as Rose's, beside Rothes), who look like a Rothes branch judging by variations, because the Elias Crest is the Bush goat head.

As Cliffs married Stichs, it seems a no-brainer that RADcliffs/Ratcliffs are from the Radziwill-Astikas family. Cliffs were at Mortone-SAY, which should explain the "se" motto term of Ratcliffs. It could even be that my rat trap was God's pointer to the Republican congressman, John Ratcliffe, for he played a big part in downing the Mueller squirrels. He came to congress (Texas representative) only in 2016, just in time for the fireworks. He was on the House Intelligence Committee, which I think was the body run by Devin Nunes. It's interesting that Ratcliffs were first found in Lancashire with Livers/Levers, both sharing essentially the same double bends. But the latter has a trumpet in Crest, probably code for Trumps.

As Ratcliffs were at Whalley, the black bull in the Ratcliff Crest is likely that of Walerans, the line of Lever-like Leavells. It's suggesting that Leavell / Waleran liners were at Liverpool (Lancashire). However, that black bull should also be the one of Darcys, for Livers/Levers named Darcy-Lever. It just so happens that Darcys are said to be of Arc-like D'Arcys. I can glean that Darcys (Manche) are of pine-cone Maschi's = Masci's / Masseys (same place as Cliffs and Stichs), for they share the cinquefoils of French Pine's, first found in Limousin with Clare's (and Levi-beloved Seconds/Segurs), making the Lever trumpet look like the clarion trumpet of the Clapton Arthurs.

Why are Arthurs also ARCHiBURE's? Cone's are Conte's = Conteville liners from John de Burgo, explaining why Ratcliffs were at BURy while Burys (Masci fleur) are said to have been Burgs too. Pine's were resolved from the family of king Pinnes of the proto-Arthur Ardiaei (NERETva river), which should explain why Roys, expected in the "roi" motto term of Darcys, were first found in Brittany with NERETs (three of the Roy bends). It can also explain why Darcy-suspect Arks/Arch's were first found in BERKshire, for de-Burgo is to the Irish Berks/Burghs (ARCHibald bend with Conte crescent?). Recall how Ark-related Modens/Modeys found their way to Motts/MORTe's/MOTTINs (evokes Mortone-Say) in Cotes-d'Armor, for Darks/D'Arque's use an ARM.

The Arc (Savoy) is the location of Chambre, and French Chambre's (Savoy) share the Masci / Bury fleur. Whalleys use a "proFUNDis" motto term while French Chambre's use "FUNDavit." Chamberlains (donkey, not mule) use a known version of the Tankerville Coat (share's white cinquefoils with Arcy-line Darcys and Pine's) while Tankerville's have this: "Descended was Gerold, Sire de Tankcarville who had three sons, Ralph, who was Chamberlain and Guardian to William Duke of Normandy, Gerold, was Dapifer of Duke William, and Amaury. Ralph's son...married Matilda, the daughter of William, the Viscount d'ARQUES." There we go, it appears that Tankerville's (branch of Tancreds/Tanks and Tacks) were at Chambre.

Ardiaei were also the Vardaei, who trace to barons of Ferte-Mace liners such as Vardys/Virtys, who got suspect with the Bardys sharing the three scallops of English Chamberlains. The latter are in the colors and format of Arthurs and DISS'/Deise's, and the latter can be in "profunDIS" motto term of Whalleys and/or the "ProDESSE" of English Chamberlains. It recalls the Trump stag head and a "deise" motto term in the Arms of County Waterford, and here one can add that Trumps were first found in Pomerania with whale-using Dols. Whalleys had a single mascle in colors reversed from the same of English Faux's (very linkable to Walerans) while French Faux's/Chalnes' (Bury fleur again) were first found in Bury-like Perigord with Bardys. And wow, the Caules variation of Calls (three trumpets!) looks like "Chalnes"!

Plus, "Chalnes" is like the Saulnier variation of Saunier's (Perigord, same as Faux's/Chalnes'), and the latter share the jump roses while Jumps share the Trump stag head. Faux's/Chalnes' look, by their Coat with dove, like Panico's of the SETTa valley while Faux's / Vaux's (same lion as Calls/Caules') are a branch of Faucets, first found in East Lothian with SEATons. Scottish Vaux's share the stars of Sutherlands (and Chamberlains), and Sutherland is where Mackays (Ferte-Mace liners) were first found who share a "manu" motto term of Calls/Caules'. The same star is with the Mortons of Cheshire, which recalls Cheshire's Cliffs at Mortone-Say, and Says are suspect with a say location of Seatons. The other Mortons were first found in Wiltshire with Calls/Caules'.

[Insert -- This insert was written a couple of minutes after the insert below gleaned Bellows as kin of the Call/Caules trumpets. Therefore, I'd like to add here that Bellows (Cheshire, beside Mortone-Say) of CALOUville were also at Mortone on the sea.]

Near the start of the Hicks dream, I JUMPed into the pool to save the bulldog, which was suspect as Donald Trump engulfed in his Mueller / FBI miseries. The Dogs/Doags (beside Duncans) happen to use not-bad reflections of the Duncan ("DISce") and Donkey Coats, both sharing the cinquefoils of Tankerville's (kin of donkey-using Chamberlains) and of Bellows (FOX), the latter being of the lines represented by the belly of the bulldog. , . Chamberlain. On the Bellows: "The name of the Norman noble who was granted lands at Moreton was interchangeably Bellet or Bellot of Callouville in Normandy, but emerged in the 12th century as Bellow or Bellows". Lookie at how CALOUville smacks of trumpet-line Calls/Caules! This has evaded me until now; it's pretty good evidence that Trump is indeed represented by the bulldog, and that I jumped in as a pointer to Trump-suspect Jumps. I don't have "Callouville" in any of my files, but I did mention Calls (last update) with the Chalice's/Chalis' in the chalice of German Belows!!! Zikers.

Chalice's are said to be "originally from Eschailles, in Pas de Calais..." While the family of Godfrey de Bouillon was in BOULogne of Pas de Calais (Artois), the "bello" motto term of Bouillons must apply to Bellow / Below liners. There appears to have been a Trump line in Artois, and of course that would be suspect with the Arthurs of Clapton who marred Hicks so that both shared the clarion trumpet...explaining why the bulldog is in the dream with Miss Hicks. Her middle name, Rena, must be by God's will to prove that Faux's/Chalnes' are using the Chief of Panico's at the Setta valley, a tributary of the Reno into Boulogne-like Bologna.

"Eschailles" may or may not be of the Chalice/Chalis line, but rather it's "Calais." Eschailles looks like a Scale / Scalia line, and it just so happens that the English Bennets ("roy") use double SCALing ladders while Scottish Bennets (Perthshire, same as Dogs/Doags and Trump-like Drummonds) have the patee cross of the Claptons who no longer have their Coat shown! I have it burned in my memory: a giant patee cross counterchanged in red and gold (half of it is gold on red like the Bennet patee). The same patee is used by Crauns/Crane's while Sharks use the crane! Zinger. The Craun/Crane annulets are colors reversed from the same of Bulls/Bule's.

Return of the The Kids Jumping on the Bed

Crauns/Crane's are in Hicks colors and format. German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs while English Trips share a scaling ladder with Bennets. Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Bullis'/Bulliards who happen to share the stars of the Bennets with the Craun/Crane patee.

Ahh, some of you will know my mention of Roxanne Bennet, a girlfriend. I was going to say that ROXburghs have a motto term for linking to Aude, location of Rennes-le-Chateau, beside Foix that may be in the Bellow fox. Rennes-le-Chateau is said to have had money-related mysteries concerning a Mr. Saunier, which is how I got to know Saunier's/Saulnier's enough to catch that Faux's/Chalnes' have a hard-C variation of them. Roquefeuil is in Aude too, and its Arms has billets while Bellows share the Billet Coat.

The Ahhh is for Bathursts, sharing a gold patee cross with Bennets. She and I lived on Bathurst avenue when I lived with her parents for the winter. Plus, as I said, soon after she and I split (that spring), I spent a weekend with Miss Peare (had a belly symbol!), who pointed hard to Bouillon's family, and her surname was linked to the PIERleoni Jews, who were the line of Bennets and Benedicts (this is not the new part), and here I find the Bathursts with a "Tien" motto term while Tiens/Thames' (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) share the chevron-with-stars of Peare's!!! Wow. As I said, Godfrey III, grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, supported the Pierleoni against the Vatican. God writes unknown history through events he creates in my life. it can fascinate me at times.

Bathursts were in Mixbury of Oxfordshire. As they are suspect with the Clapton patee, note that Clapton is near Bath. The ermined, double fesses of Bathursts are in the colors of the ermined bend of Claptons. The Bathurst write-up: "Monuments of the family can also be found in the church of Laverstock in Wiltshire." Wiltshire is near Bath too. I wonder whether Lavers were a branch of trumpet-using Livers/Levers/Lovers.

Let's recap. As the bulldog is now virtually clinched with Bellows and Billets, we go back to the Duncans ("PATI") and Donkeys ("PATI") who share their cinquefoils. We then go to the dream where the kids of Michael were jumping on a yellow mattress. This Michael pointed strongly to Michael I Rangabe of Byzantium. First, Rangabe's share a giant and white flory cross with Bouillons. Second, Michael Rangabe was married to PROKOPIA, like the Prokopp variation of Brocuffs, first found in Silesia with Michael-like Mix's/Micks, who were looked up as per the Mixbury location of Bathursts (PATEE cross). Bouillon liners are suspect from Bologna/BONonia, which can explain the "bon" motto term of Bennets (PATEE cross) and Benedicts. I lived with the Bennets on Bathurst. The Boii of Bologna named Bohemia, where German Michaels were first found.

Then, the Kids were first found in DUNdee, not far from the Forfarshire location of the first-known DUNcans (share the hunting horn with Kids), and Kids even have a Donkey-like "Donec" motto term. It looks like the Kids jumping on the bed are linking to the Duncan liners that themselves link to my JUMPING into the pool to help the bulldog. The kids have got to be a pointer to Donald Trump through that jumping, but how? Well, the Mix's/Micks have three fesses in the colors of the three fessewise trumpets of Calls/Caules' (Wiltshire, near Clapton and Bathurst-line Bath). I've been waiting days to find three fesses in those colors, and this is the first surname to come along.

Repeat: "I wonder whether Lavers were a branch of trumpet-using Livers/Levers/Lovers. ". That's relevant because Mixbury and Laverstock were two locations of Bathursts. In other words, the Lever trumpets may connect to the Call trumpets via the Mix fesses, if Lavers were a Lever branch. It would begin to show that the Mix fesses are of the Call "fesses." This recalls the dream starting with me at the Volkswagen car of this same Michael, and having to go to the BATHroom in the mall. I did go to seek the bathroom, which was the bulk of the dream. It appears that the dream was given partially to show that Michael's were of the Mix's/Micks. Plus, the "supero" motto term of Scottish Michaels connects to the spur of Mickle's by way of Spurrs and Supers being both first found in Devon. Mickle's were in ROXburghshire.

It just so happens that German Michaels were first found in Bohemia while sharing a blue fesse with George's, recalling that George, son of Andrew I of Hungary, was the father of Scottish Drummonds. This George, I had read, married a woman in Podebrady, Bohemia! Perfect. Both George's (Dorset, near Bath!) and the Bohemian Michaels use blue symbols beside their blue fesses.

Drummonds use three fesses too (as do Mix's/Micks), and they happen to be the three wavy ones in the PORTIS/Porch Crest. Clapton is at PORTIShead (beside George's of Dorset) while Portis'/Porch's share the Duncan / Donkey / Dog / BELLOW / Billet cinquefoil, and moreover Portis'/Porch's have eight fessewise bars in the colors of the Mix/Mick fesses, not to mention (just realized) in the colors of the eight fessewise bars in the Arms of Hungary! This tends to prove that English George's were from George of Hungary.

[An hour or so after writing the above paragraph, I realized that the Bellow / Portis/Porch cinquefoils are in the colors of the Call/Caules trumpets while it's Bellows who were at CALOUville!!! There you have the Call-trumpet link to the Hicks clarion trumpet of Clapton!!! She was in the bulldog dream. As Miss Hicks has served as a pointer to Childs, note that Childeric's son was CALLOUVille-like Clovis, in case it applies. Close's/CLOVSe's share the spur with Mickle's and their Liddle kin. End insert]

Mixbury is in Oxfordshire with the first-known Crispins sharing the eight bars of Portis/Porch's. Dazzling. George's son was Maurice Drummond, and I read that he was Maris de Yorvik (York), which pans out where Scottish Mars, at KilDRUMMy castle, were first found in Yorkshire. The Jumps share the rose of Yorkshire. French Mars/More's have a version of the French Maurice/Morise's Coat, the latter having the Moray stars while Moray was at times, Moravia, and then the European Moravia is beside Bohemia. Kids use the Moray stars too! The kids jumping on the mattress are now panning out as this Rangabe-Drummond merger, and so let's add that Hungarians traced themselves to a mythical stag, for Trumps show nothing but a stag head.

If I recall correctly, Kildrummy is at Angus, and the latter is where Michaelsons (Michael colors and format, with the Yellow/Yelley fesse in colors reversed) were first found. English Michaelsons share the Bennet lion, I assume, which is colors reversed from the Ross lion, for Scottish Bennets were not only first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds, but share the Ross lions while Ross' are known to descend from an Andrew character. King Andrew married a Varangian RUS, which is why I think Ross' (named Ross-shire) were from that king. It just so happens that Melissena Rangabe, the granddaughter, I think she was, of Michael I Rangabe, married Inger of the Varangians! Zinger, you see, God WAS pointing this Michael (of my two dreams) to Michael Rangabe.

To top this off, Norwegian Michaelsons/Mickelsons have one fesse only (no symbols besides), in half the colors of the fesse-only Yellows/Yelleys, and the former's fesse is in the colors of the two fesses of Bathursts. Perfect, for I lived at the Bennet home on Bathurst avenue...immediately after dating Miss Muschatov, whose parents had a Ukrainian accent. Varangians of the Ukraine had king Andrew under their protection when he had to flee Hungary, which is why he married a Varangian.

The entry of Drummonds here is excellent, for while Michael's kids were jumping on the YELLOW mattress, Yell is a location in Shetland, the island to which I traced Maurice Drummond. I had the suspicion that the ship he piloted to Scotland was put into the Arms of Shetland. On board his ship was queen-to-be Margaret, and while her cup-bearer was Henry Sinclair of Midlothian's ROSlin, a future Henry Sinclair of that place ruled in the Orkneys, which I assume included neighboring Shetland. It appears that Roslin was a Varangian Rus entity, and the Roslin surname even shares the buckle with Leslie's, i.e. Hungarians that Maurice brought to Scotland.

I can add here that English Michaelsons, who share the white crescent in Crest with the Kids, have a "proSIM" motto term likely for Simms, for the latter not only share a feathered pen in hand with Scottish Michaels, and not only share the raven with the Arms of Shetland, but were first found in East Lothian (beside Roslin) with Musselburgh that's in the "muzzled" bear of Alis'/Alice's. The latter share the motto of Mickle's, and it's reversed from the motto of East Lothian's Keiths. I trace the latter's Catti tribe to Caithness, facing Shetland, and to the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, where Hesse's/HUSS' were first found suspect with the Hungarian Hussians. I had read that Hussians were experts in shooting arrows on horseback while facing backward, and so I'm noting that the Maurice/Morris lion faces backward, as does the lion of Morells. Ditto for the lion of Lise's/Lease's (Leslie's?), first found in Perthshire with Drummonds. English Lise's (Hampshire, beside same-colored George's) look like they can be with a pale-bar version of the fesses of German Drummond (Hampshire-like Hamburg). Hesse's/Huss share the sun with English Lease's.

The "PROsim" motto term of Michaelsons should be for the Pero's / Pierro's of the Ticino, the river to which I have traced the family of king Andrew and other Hungarians. Andrew's brother was belly-like Bela, by the way, and Bellys ("PER") were first found in Moray while sharing the Jump rose!!! This is the belly of the shark, for Miss Peare was given a belly symbol. Pierro's/Pero's are highly suspect from the Peter who named PIERleoni, and it was the family of bello-loving Bouillons which went to the rescue of the Pierleoni (according to Wikipedia's article on Godfrey III, son of Gothelo). The Goth/Gothel star is shared by German Michaels!

Many years ago, I suspected that "Rangabe" was a version of "Angevin," the name of the peoples from Anjou, and while VOLKs/Fulke's are said to be from a Fulk of Anjou, one of the two dreams started with me at Michael's VOLKSwagen. I had suspected "Fulk" in TheoPHYLACtus Rangabe (Melissena's father or grandfather, I forget which).

Welsh Morris', first found in Herefordshire with English Maurice's/Morris', use do Bennets who are kin of Benedicts who in-turn have lions in the colors of the Maurice/Morris lion. Although the Benedict lion is not upright, as is the Maurice lion, the latter's is giant and in both colors of the upright lion of Dutch Bennets/Benedicts. We thus have a Drummond link to Pierleoni (from pope Leo Benedict) liners, especially as Leo's/PYRZewski's were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. Herefordshire is just around the Gloucester corner from Clapton.

WOW, time out. Back to my door-handle dream. I was wondering whether to mention that Doors and Barrels/Barwells were first found in Herefordshire too, and then remembered that, immediately after complaining to the previous owner of my Jeep about the missing barrel-shaped part in the door handle, I was up high dropping a barrel-shaped container to the ground. The rim of this container burst into flames, and so, the point is, I JUMPED down (that's right) to smother the fire...a theme similar to my jumping into the pool to save the shark!!! But that's not all, for Jeepma's share the double-headed eagle of German Belows!!! Incredible. The three jumping scenes in three different dreams all connect, just like that, to what should be Donald Trump, for these Belows were first found in Pomerania with Trumps while it's the English Belows that have the CHALICE! WOW. Try to imagine how great a thing the silent (but not inactive) God is leading to in all of these things. I can't wait to see.

It appears that while God wanted to stress the Jeep for linkable to Belows, he used the barrel-shaped door-handle part to connect with Michaelsons today. In the dream with Michael at his Volkswagen, there were only two scenes before I went into the mall to seek the bathroom: 1) Michael standing beside the Volkswagen (beetle) parked in a parking lot; my putting a bucket into the back seat of his car. In the door-handle dream, the container I dropped on its lid was bucket-shaped, but it was either a large bucket or small barrel i.e. can connect to the bucket in the back seat.

Handle's share the Moray Coat while we are all over Moray elements in this Belly / Michael discussion. To put it another way, I jumped in the door-handle dream, and Handle's share the stars of Kids. What are the chances that Handle's were first found in Silesia with Michael-related Mix's/Micks?

I've just seen the following in the write-up of chalice-using Belows: "The name also stretched north into Scotland where "Gilbert de Beleawe witnessed gift of the 'eschalingas i Lambremore' to the church of Kelso by William de Vyerpunt c. 1160." We see there a term (known code?) like the Eschailles location of Chalice's/Chalis'.

Trumps were first found in Pomerania with Dols while one Dole surname shares the Mix/Mick fleur (Rangabe colors); the other Dole's have a double-billet border. German Dole's use a grape vine while Deeters (POMErania) have grapes and share blue quadrants with white symbols with Mix's/Micks. Crispins are a branch of Grazio's (share POMEgranate with French Crispins), and they suspect with Greats while Calls/Caules' use a "Grata" motto term. Last night, a song sang "great" smack as I was looking at that motto term (a song just sang "GRACE will lead us home").

I'm still stumped on deciphering the kid dream to my satisfaction, but maybe it's not the right time yet. Were the kids jumping on the bed only to bring Trump and Bellys to topic together with my jumping to save the bulldog? Perhaps. It sure does seem like the correct explanation on that score. But why was the store, selling the yellow bed, a fake store? I might predict that the Democrats will fabricate a pedophilia charge against Trump as per the Epstein scandal, and from that will he become like one down the throat of a shark.

Oh wow. I just remembered while mentioning the fake store, that I pointed to a line in a LIST of products on a sheet of paper. The salesman then said something like, "that's the yellow bed." The Lists were first found in Silesia with PROkopps/Brocuffs (from Prokopia, wife of Michael Rangabe), and they share the three pale bars of Lise's/Lease's (same place as Drummonds). And this SHEET of paper may be for Sheets/Skate's, for they share the potent cross, in the same colors, with Prokopps/Brocuffs.

Lists mention "Hans Listeman of Haldensleben around 1400." Haldans, very traceable to Mieszko I's wife of Haldensleben, were first found in East Lothian with Michael-merged Simms.

I needed the Bathurst surname to break some of this open. Recall the Bellow fox, suspect for Foix in southern France, for two Foix surname are also Foys while "foy" is in the Bathurst motto. Bellows are in the bellow fans of Shiptons first found in Oxfordshire with the Mixbury location of Bathursts, and with Tiens/Thames' in the Bathurst motto. Irish Foys share the eel with Shiptons. The "TENEbris" of English Lease's looks interesting for linkage to BRIStol, beside Bathurst-liner Bath. The Stolls (Somerset, same as BriSTOL and Bath) share the lozenges of Whistle's/Wissels while Miss Peare was a pointer to Waistells/Wessels who in turn share the blue dove with Drummond-likely George's (Dorset, beside Somerset).

The Bellows are Bellets too while Belts mention "Benedict le beleter...". They didn't capitalize "beleter," suggesting that it either means, or that they think it meant, a belt maker. The Belts share the besant on red with English Bennets, and the latter's lone besant looks like a replacement of the lone Clapton patee in the Coat of Scottish Bennets. These colors (shared by Hicks) are those of Bellet-like Blythe's, and the latter are said to have had a branch in Lancashire, where English Bennets were first found. Hicks share "bon" with Bennets and Benedicts and "Tout" with chalice-using Belows.

RealClear has not revealed the officials who claim to have seen Horowitz's report on the Ferrante issues. Can we not imagine that Horowitz's team, when going through all FBI files, would find other crimes committed on different matters that will NOT be reported by Horowitz? That's my prediction, that Horowitz will limit the damage done to what he thinks he can get away with. The elite clubs don't want to make unnecessary enemies who'll come back to bite them. If Horowitz were truly a good man, he would have revealed many things to the public long, long ago. The claim that crimes cannot be leaked publicly to protect the integrity of possible court cases is a thing only the criminals wish for in their dreams, and they have that dream come true only-in-America...because the mob infests politics. It's the Roman empire on its last legs.

What we are seeing is, not just the mob getting caught in their nefarious activities, but the strings they pull not to be arrested. It's a glaring sign of a country gone bad at the top, from which the corruption trickles down, through media presentations and job offers, to lower levels. If the FBI is really so wonderful at levels directly under the top, where are all those good whistle blowers? Why are they afraid to reveal themselves? Is it because there are knives at the work place? How is it a wonderful FBI, if the good guys can't trust fellow workers enough to speak out against the bad? Now that Sessions, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Baker and Strzok are gone from the DoJ, what's keeping the whistle blowers afraid? Wray, right? Wray is the big wart in the middle of Trump's face, and a mole in Barr's program. Imagine, just imagine, if Wray and Coats were to be replaced by men of moral integrity.

[The week after this update, I loaded Warts from a DeWARTon term in the Scottish Dure write-up, and there was the Shield of Helps/Halfs in colors reversed. The Dol Dure's share the Shield of Wards/Varde's who in-turn have a "Comme" motto term, all looking like a pointer to the Halper mole under Comey's command. Wards were governoirs of Pontefract castle, and Pontefracts are listed with PomFRAYS/Pomfreys while Wrays can certainly be from Frays.

I have just realized that the ermined Clapton bend is over the Ward/Varde Shield, for "Some of the [Ward] family were found at Barford in Warwickshire. 'Barford was for three centuries the residence of the ancestors of Charles Thomas Warde, Esq., now of Clopton, in the county." Barfords have a Doora Barefield suggesting the Daorsi on the Neretva river with the VARDaei (= Ardiaei). The latter married princess ETUTa, and the Pontefract quadrants are colors reversed from the same of the Norfolk Tute's while the other Tute's were first found in Yorkshire with Pontefract castle. Bush's and Booths were first found in Yorkshire who share the black boar with PONTs/Ponds (Hampshire, same as Bush-related Pounds) and Ponders. End insert]

It's not a thing to be ignored that even the poorest, least influential people are in support of this mob with eyes shut tight. I'm pretty sure of what's going to happen: Horowitz will point to SOME guilt, but not mention the worst. That's how he came forth in his first report. Plus, after seeing the Strzok-Page texts, he failed to bring to light the things that have come to light since, by other sources. Who but Horowitz was in a better position to discover those other things? Where was his alarm system? Why did he betray the people by not sounding it? It's his job to detect and reveal the dishonorable and the ailment in the DoJ. What is happening with the criminal referral he put out on McCabe? In the ice freezer? Ignored forever? What sham is it if the justice department metes out no justice? If the top cops can break laws and punish the innocent without punishment to themselves when caught, isn't that police brutality at it's cutting best? When police chiefs let the bad cops off free, isn't that a sick country?

How will google restrain its whistle blowers because they are Republicans crying out against google's Democrat bias? The answer is easy: stop hiring Republicans for sensitive, high positions. And that's what the FBI mob would do too: stop appointing good cops at the highest and mid-highest levels. Appoint and hire like-minded corrupters. Every high official is slated to be a corrupter to better assure success of the "game." Barr's been on the job for months, but not one arrest yet. Rosenstein, the top mobster until Barr, is still a free man. Mueller was allowed by Barr not to answer difficult questions from Republicans. He didn't need to answer questions that would incriminate him. This is a congressional sham, why the word "theater" exists. Republicans can be as fiery as they wish in their questioning, but Mueller gets assurances before the questioning, from the high-police chief, that he'll stay free...even though Barr knows he was in the thick of a major crime. Something is wrong. I watched Barr tell the people that he gave Mueller his request. Barr didn't look upset with Mueller. Something seems wrong.

The Mueller Rat

Clapper came out to Leftist TV Land to say it's okay if Mueller didn't write the Mueller report. Don't be shocked, he tells the Trump haters. Yeah, he tells them this after Mueller blew it and revealed that he didn't write it. What else didn't Mueller do?

Doug Collins asked Mueller on Wednesday if anyone ever tried to "curtail or stop or hinder" his investigation. Collins seems to be trying to trick Mueller into a confession by not letting him know that the question has to do with the alleged obstruction by Trump. Mueller answers the question with a flat, "no." Bingo! Mueller just admitted that Trump didn't try to obstruct his work. If his investigation truly was given slow-speed bumps at any stage in the road, by Trump, it would have been on his mind unforgettably. If Collins' question had used "obstruct" your investigation, Mueller would have realized that the question was about Trump, and the answer would not likely have been a flat, no.

Gomhert laid it passionately to Mueller at the end of his five minutes, glaringly revealing Mueller's crime:

When Mueller was asked (by Mr. Chabot) whether he knows Fusion GPS or Glenn Simpson, he pretends he doesn't know the first and that the latter is "outside my purview." This is beautiful, for he just admitted that he failed to investigate the Steele dossier, etc. It makes him look like a sorry ass, first of all, but it could be very bad for him should Barr have him arrested on charges of sedition or something comparable. The Steele dossier is exactly in his purview, for it's all about Trump's Russian collusion. It makes Mueller appear literally insane to state that the dossier was not right down his investigative alley. He's lying of course, when he pretends to know nothing about it. He's doing the best he can to protect himself legally, deciding that's it's better to act like he knows nothing than to admit he knows about the dossier but didn't add it to his purview. So, he just portrayed himself as an idiot, which is not a total loss for the good guys.

Matt Gaetz really nailed the Steele dossier between Mueller's purview eyes. Great job Matt, excellent. This is the story going forward. This is the story the leftist press covered over. As you can see, Mueller hides behind "it's not my purview" because, he says, the DoJ is supposedly investigating Steele. But if it's not his purview now, it WAS his purview when investigating Russian interference, and so the respectability that the media portrayed Mueller with has vanished into thin air precisely due to Mueller's own bad attitude = lack of responses for the sake of not incriminating both he and his accomplices.

Although Democrats don't watch Fox to know the real / deep Steele story, there's no way a Democrat with half a brain could not see that Mueller is an empty suit for not investigating Steele's issues.

I am disappointed in Barr for granting Mueller, at the latter's request, a directive not to respond to congress beyond what's in his report. That's called gagging him, and protecting him from his crimes. Conservative speakers are hailing this as a victory because they think it will keep Mueller from saying what the Democrats want him to say, but it works both ways, and Meuller can now refuse to answer any question from Republicans if the answer or topic is not in the report. SPIT! What happened to transparency? Rather, Barr should have given Mueller the directive to ANSWER EVERYTHING HONESTLY. Instead, Barr gave Mueller the umbrella to cover his crimes. SPIT! I spit on Barr today. I'm not taking that back. Where are the unclassified documents, Mr. Barr, that Trump commissioned you to release? Today, Mr. Barr has become my dart board. I'm going to start sticking it to him today.

If Barr were a good man, he would want the truth to come out concerning Mueller's great crimes against Trump and others. Instead, he told Mueller that he could gag himself with more than Barr's blessing. Barr demanded it on an official level. Laura Ingraham has a good section (below) on this issue where Matt Whitaker appears, saying that he wants to move on from Mueller. Uh-oh. Laura challenges him by asking if no one should pay a price, and Whitaker of course agrees that a price should be paid, yet he spends not two seconds on that, the goes right back to what looks like brain conditioning of the people to move on to the issues, as if this seditious crime is not an issue. Who's Matt Whitaker. Just Barr's deputy attorney general. Is it not logical that Barr himself has the same move-on sentiments? Where did they come from? Trump? I can see that happening. He might rather have the conservative media spurring his political goals than bounty-hunting Obama's outlaws.. For Trump, the political victory (with Mueller) might be sufficient.

Laura's guest(s) seem to be getting/giving the impression that Mueller was not very involved with the Trump attack. At one point, someone portrays Mueller as a victim of the pro-Hillary camp all around him. That's ludicrous. It's not asking the right question, which is: why would Mueller, a Republican, team up with pro-Hillary fanatics to undermine a Republican president? Mueller would not put his signature to a report he didn't agree with. He would not allow the others to hijack his investigation, but would allow them to introduce and pursue plots and schemes that he agreed with. Why did he agree not to include investigations into the dossier scandal? Why did he ignore Democrat election interference? Because he was a push-over, oppressed and taken advantage of by the Hillary fanatics all around him? Palease. Why did he stick up for his Hillary fanatics when denying in the open congress that he knew Fusion GPS? Those are the questions.

The answer: Mueller is afraid that the Trump administration is going to land him in jail, wherefore he's willing to team up with Democrats to get Trump gone. And Trump gave Mueller a gift, which may have been his peace offering to the Bush circle, when he made Barr, Mueller's friend, the attorney general. That's what this looks like so that my prediction is: Barr will go after Democrat crime, but not king-pin Mueller, the one responsible for the Trump attack, because he was the one who hired the Hillary fanatics. He was the one who built the Trump-attack war machine. He's not been some bimbo on the sidelines, let's get that straight. If he was acting like a bimbo in congress, perhaps his plan was to get his enemies or just leave the old, senile man alone.

Trump's lucky only because Muellers ammunition was soaked to non-working condition. There was a rain of leaks that revealed the schemes and schemers of Mueller's Democrat generals, and the ammunition was soaked. That's why Trump is still alive today. And Whitaker just wants to move on????

Trump came out to say, after Mueller's "act," that he appreciates the Republican "warriors" who attacked Mueller and defended the country. But, Mr. Trump, where has your warrior role been played? Why didn't you help those warriors? Because, you are one fat big shame of a president. For almost three years your fighters have been seeking to correct this monster rat, but you did NOTHING to help. You took all their efforts for your own well-being, piggy, but did nothing to hammer those crooks into their coffins. They still want to take the country, you bombastic idiot, and they will take the country more likely now because you did nothing to put them away when you had all the ammunition in your hands. Now that Mueller hasn't got one bullet left, Trump's going to tell Barr to let him go home???? Mueller's not even repentant. He lied and covered to his last breath in congress. He appeared there to give Nadler the guns. All Nadler has to do now is find some deadly ammunition to replace the peas he's been shooting thus far.

If Trump now gets Barr to leave Mueller alone, then we will not find his 9-11 crimes as easily. But if I'm reading God's signs right, 9-11 criminals are going to be exposed. And there has been talk that Mueller joined Obama in selling American uranium rights to Russians. I agree; let's get past this. Arrest them all FAST and move-on FAST. Hurry-up, Trump, we are tired of waiting for you to act. You are dragging this out hoping it will go away. Stupid! You are allowing the country to go banana-republic. The longer you take, the longer they have to find deadly ammunition.

Here's Mueller being rebuked by a wind that gives him no peace:

Jim Jordan never sounds tired or weak:

The big take-away with Mueller's first blown public appearance (since taking the FBI-protection job) is that he admitted to all that he didn't have regard to Steele and Fusion. It pours a truck of concrete over Steele's coffin, and makes it very hard for Obama's FBI to get out of the trap that Barr is expected to set. The question is: will Barr set the trap? Why do I have doubts? Republicans have done a systematic job, as a team, in manifesting the issues neglected by the players that Mueller is essentially protecting. Mueller thereby adds to his crimes the crime of abetting the criminals he's protecting.

Democrats are going forward still more against Trump. It's good news. The worst thing is for this story to go away. Is Mueller really this far down the Democrat rabbit hole because he wants to defend James Comey? I don't think so. There's information in White-House records, from the Bush years, against Mueller. Isn't that right? Lucky for Mueller, Trump has decided to be a useless general for unveiling deep-state crime available to him in White-House records. He wants to be excused for not ordering DoJ records to sack the criminals, but what's his excuse for not asking some of his staff to find Obama's crimes in his White-House records. Isn't Hillary's state department a part of White-House jurisdiction? Yes it is. This president gets his Intelligence from the news rather than putting in Intelligence chiefs who are on his side. Trump is a complete sham, and a traitor to his country and voters.

My expectations that Mueller was going to add to his report things desired by Democrats didn't come true. Not even Democrat fans can understand why Nadler called Mueller to testify. I have not watched one Democrat, besides Schiff, questioning Mueller, but as far as can be made out by the youtube headlines on this matter, Mueller was a total light-weight and cave-in for Democrats.

Next, we will get wind of the Horowitz report, hopefully before 2018. The longer this takes with the milder the charges, the more it will look like a Barr scam to waste time until Trump is re-elected without any high-level arrests.

Make no mistake about it: Obama's law officials committed the high crime of framing Trump for crimes they knew he did not commit. This is first-degree government corruption. The buck stops with Obama. It is unthinkable to me that Obama should not be arrested with Comey and all of his accomplices. I would find it a horror for Barr to let this slide. There were several first-degree plots engineered to create the crime that did not take place. Trump acknowledge's and advertises this engineering of the crimes, but where are the White-House records that show Obama's involvement? Why has no one on Fox asked him about these records? Am I missing something? Republicans are zealous to have Barr prosecute these crimes. They are giving him little choice, which makes it horrible if he decides to let these men skate.

The legal buck (responsibility / liability) for Mueller's report stops with Mueller even where others made the decisions for him. Mueller agreed to release the final report, and agreed not to change it in obedience to those who wrote it. Barr knows that Mueller was pretending not to know Fusion GPS. That's called a high-level lie, perjury in congress. Mueller arrested others for lying; Barr must now arrest Mueller for lying, and drag him through the mud. That's absolutely-correct justice, for Mueller refuses to repent. Barr knows that Mueller was required to investigate, and report on, the Steele dossier and its details -- who paid for it, who controlled it for manipulation against Trump, who wanted it in the press before the election -- but for Barr to let this slide would be atrocious. At that point, Barr becomes a troll. If I see even one troll tooth in his mouth, I'll let you know. I think I saw one, Matt Whitaker.

If Hillary paid for the dossier, isn't she the chief criminal on that front? But she didn't pay for it alone. Who in the DNC paid for its part in this crime? The gigantic magnitude, and the high number of conspirators working together on this, that's why it would be a horror to let it all slide.

Why doesn't Fox invite George Bush to make a few comments? Mueller was his FBI boss, after all. Was Bush gunning for Mueller's success? Why does the Weissmann Coat share the Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys? Is God exposing the link of Weissmann and the Bush circle together in Robert Mueller's tasks? That makes perfect sense.

To this week, Obama feels safe in speaking out publicly against Trump. Are the two sides faking contempt for one another to divide the peoples so that all elites can feel far above the "filth" of the lower classes? If not, then why isn't Obama afraid of Trump at this time when the former president looks most vulnerable? How can we explain this? Trump comes out this week to say publicly that Obama should be investigated, and yet he doesn't do his own White-House investigation??? It makes no sense. The headline is all you need to read: "Barack Obama shares op-ed criticizing President Trump's 'poisoning of our democracy'" Bark-bark, and Trump does NOTHING to get this co-conspirator's yap shut.

Fox comes out this week telling that, according to its poll, most Americans want Trump impeached. Even though he didn't commit the crime they say he did, they want him impeached, which goes to show that free media speech has gone criminal with lies and deliberate distortions. The media should not have such liberality, but Trump has ordered nothing to curb this. It means that Trump can lose power in 2020 to the dictatorial, ruthless bananas with mean grudges and vendettas to procure.

Here's a good presentation by BCP on Mueller's guilt as concerns Papadopoulos:

As you can see, Mueller didn't want to touch those questions. But if Durham asks him, he will need to answer them, or plead the 5th and thus hang a cloud of guilt above his own team, all of it. It is no minor crime for the FBI (or Mueller's team) to frame a person for a crime for the purpose of attacking a presidential candidate to his complete ruin. Barr has no choice by to arrest the players involved with that scheme, because it's now a publicized story. If it did not come into the public forum, Barr could act wickedly and allow the crime to slide, but he is now compelled to find and disclose the guilty FBI parties. If he does not, he is a sham, a wicked man. Call a spade a spade.

Mueller didn't respond to Trump-attack-related questions for fear that he would sound a sonic boom requiring a counter-investigation into his "probe." Barr can't be stupid. Barr can't fail to see Mueller's guilt. Mueller flew his plane without the engines on to keep his noise as low as possible. He even chose not to hang bombs under his wings. He decided to appear as irrelevant as possible, even like a drunk. He was happy if the most they did to him was to boot him out of the saloon on his arse. Just don't let sheriff Barr investigate his probe, he hopes.

The Mouse Miracle

Earlier in the week, we read of the possible firing of Dan Coats, and the report was confirmed by Fox on Sunday. In that report, they are saying that John Ratcliffe is expected to replace him, WOW!!! Earlier in the week, others were saying that Devin Nunes might replace him. This is an incredible turn. I have no problem giving Trump credit for this great thing, but it's possible that Coats resigned because he sees the Barr cloud settling down over his head. Barr had best not be happy to see this guilty man merely resign. Coats permitted the spy program on Trump.

WOW, the video says that Trump has nominated Ratcliff for this position! Repeat from above:

As Cliffs married Stichs, it seems a no-brainer that RADcliffs/Ratcliffs are from the Radziwill-Astikas family. Cliffs were at Mortone-SAY, which should explain the "se" motto term of Ratcliffs. It could even be that my rat trap was God's pointer to the Republican congressman, John Ratcliffe, for he played a big part in downing the Mueller squirrels. He came to congress (Texas representative) only in 2016, just in time for the fireworks. He was on the House Intelligence Committee, which I think was the body run by Devin Nunes. It's interesting that Ratcliffs were first found in Lancashire with Livers/Levers, both sharing essentially the same double bends. But the latter has a trumpet in Crest, probably code for Trumps.

That was written late in the week, Friday or Saturday. I had not heard from anyone that Mr. Ratcliffe was one of the candidates to replace Coats. As I said, God gave me an event in my house that pointed to the demise of Dan Coats using a mouse that ended up in a mouse trap in the attic, right beside the rat trap that I had set up in case a squirrel ever got in again. No squirrel has ever entered the attic again, not even a mouse since this last mouse under discussion, which originated in my basement. It came up to my first floor through a small hole (the width of a mouse) under my water HEATER intended for the over-flow hose. It was then under my fridge when I first spotted it, and then escaped two mouse traps set up on that floor the whole night long...because it went instead two stories up into the attic to die in the mouse trap there. The only way to the attic is by going through the small hole it had come in from, then up the interior of the walls.

As I said, I was telling Dan, who had visited me, about the two mice that were in my attic (caught dead), and for that reason I decided to set mouse traps outdoors to assure no mice around the house. Otherwise, I would forever need to check the attic for mice that could, from there, infest the walls and floors of this entire house. That night, DAN was in my COAT closet, asking a question I'm not sure I remember. I'd need to go back to my records to find what the question was, but I think he was asking what the piece of equipment was hanging on the wall. It's my tankless water heater!!! Yes, this COAT closet where this heater hangs is where the mouse had entered my floor, and because DAN asked the question, I saw this is a pointer to Dan Coats' demise. It may not be surprising that Coats is leaving, but as I said, the mouse died right beside the rat trap that was suggested (in this update for the first time) as a pointer to John Ratcliffe!!! I'm amazed.

As the mouse entered directly under the heater, it may be a pointer again to Heather Samuelson and therefore to Coats' involvement in having her destroy Hillary's emails. Not only do Samuelsons use squirrels in both Shield and Crest, but the 17-total squirrels in my attic may have represented the 17 Intelligence agencies in the United States. Guess who's in charge of these 17 organizations? Dan Coats!!! Yes, Coats has been the director of National Intelligence, and its director is mandated to "serve as head of the sixteen-member United States Intelligence Community..." In the attic, I caught and personally removed 16 squirrels in November/December, and the 17th entered the following summer or fall. Dan Coats is apparently the 17th squirrel, for he heads the 17th agency. That's pretty impressive.

I had set that rat trap up again due to the 17th getting in, but it never went for the peanut butter, and so I assumed it had either died up there, or slipped out the small opening at the solar panels before I could plug it up. The latter option seems best. So, I assume, God used a mouse to break in because I made it impossible for a squirrel to get in, but He arranged for this mouse to die beside the rat trap. I get it.

Here's my story in the third update on July, 2018:

I can't be sure what happened to the 17th, but had assumed it died up there of thirst. I heard it inside the soffit immediately outside my bedroom window, but never saw it. As the soffits didn't allow the 17th to get in, I looked for the way in which it did get in, which turned out to be a small opening at the roof at the solar panels. I found the opening so soon after hearing it up there that I don't think it had time to get out of the building, though it could have. I blocked that path, and have since never had a squirrel up there. It did not go for the peanut butter set up in rat trap in the attic, which argues for its having gotten out of the opening before I was able to block it.

After the attic was closed off, the entry of mice was greatly curtailed. I had not seen a mouse on any of the three floors of the house for a year, getting on to two, until two showed up in the attic last year, which I caught directly under the solar panels. I laid two traps there for future mice, but none disturbed the traps over several months. I was telling someone a week ago that I now set traps outdoors because those two mice had found their way into the attic...

And that very night, after he went home, I heard a noise above the soffit (i.e. inside the soffit and within the attic's rafters) immediately outside my open bedroom window. I could barely believe it. I got up, went to the window, and assessed by the noise level that it was too small to be a squirrel. The next morning, up to the attic I went to check the two mouse traps that were set several months ago. I had checked them fairly regularly but found no mice in them. But on this morning, both traps had mice, but both looked dead for two or three weeks. Drats. The traps were re-loaded with peanut butter.

That evening, I saw a mouse on my main floor. It went under the fridge. Failing to get it to come out from under the fridge, I set up two traps and went to bed. I was sure it would be caught. From past experience, a mouse on the main floor would always snap a mouse trap, within hours at most (they get around, very active). In the morning, neither trap was sprung, and the fresh peanut butter was still in the traps. Hmm, that's weird. Where did it go? I knew of no way for a mouse to get in or out. The floors were fully finished, with baseboards all around, about five weeks earlier. I knew of no way for the mouse to get in, and I've built every part of this house, installed all the wiring and pipes. I knew every hole. Where did that mouse go?

Up I went to the attic again, finding one of the three traps sprung with a small/young mouse dead within it. Neither of the two traps on the second floor, or any in the basement, were snapped. I concluded that the mouse under the fridge returned to the attic. I don't know whether this has meaning with God. I feel a little compelled to record this story for any future event to which it may apply. No mouse was ever seen again on the main floor, and the traps remained as I had set them. No other mouse was caught anywhere in the house over the past week, and so the mouse under the fridge, the lone house mouse in this story, had gone up to the attic.

Roughly the day after I had found it dead in the attic, I opened the coat-closet door, and smelled a smell I had not smelled there before. On the floor I saw pieces of tissue torn apart. The mouse had done it. Immediately after tiling the floor, I had stuffed paper tissue into a hole in the tile floor to keep the foul air in the damp basement (natural-rock floor) from coming up. The hole was prepared for the safety-overflow hose in the tankless water heater that hung in that closet. The mouse I heard in the soffit had worked its way down the wall to beneath the main floor, where it came upon this tissue. It chewed it up and went through the hole, onto the main floor, was seen under the fridge, then returned to the attic via this hole, and was promptly killed in the trap. [Update, April 2019. There's not been another mouse in this house since.] [Update July 28, 2019 -- Ditto]

The 16 squirrels plus one were proposed earlier as a symbol of Mueller's 17 lawyers. This week, someone in the news reported that Mueller hired four more lawyers, all Democrat supporters, for a total now of 17. I suppose it's possible that the 17 squirrels could represent both the Mueller lawyers and the Intelligence agencies, because I expect a Mueller connection to Intelligence.

If the 17th squirrel is a symbol of National Intelligence, then the death of this young mouse this week could be a symbol of Dan Coats in the news this week, which is to say that I maybe should be predicting his political death sometime soon. And wow, I didn't realize until after writing the last sentence that the hole in the floor is in one of the two COAT closets! DAN COATS is the current chief of National Intelligence.

If that's not enough, a couple visited me yesterday as I write here. The male amongst the couple is DAN! And he was in that closet, asking about that heater hanging on the wall. Amazing.

I have told many times about one of the 16 squirrels that I called satan. I won't repeat the entire story. It was one of the few that survived the rat trap, but it got away inside my vehicle, and ran up into the HEATER under the dash! Was this an event set-up by God in order to connect the 16 squirrels to the hot-water heater in the closet? The car's heater heats water too.

Is that not a funny story? Does God not have a sense of humor? What might the fridge represent? The cooling of the deep state? Looks like now, for half its power is in Intelligence. HIGH FIVES FOR MR. TRUMP, hip-hip-hurray. Or did he do this only because he needs to in order to win the election? My only regret is that I didn't mention the rat trap in that 2018 discussion. The rat trap is still set up there as I speak, under the solar panels, right beside the mouse traps still set. The peanut butter (lots of sugar = bacteria killer) is still not rotted after more than a year because it's hot and dry up there. It rots in the cool, wet basement, however.

I did say that the mouse in the attic was a small or young one. Dan Coats is no youngster. Still, the story is compelling, and tends to predict that John Ratcliffe will finish those squirrels off.

MSNBC has the headline, "Coats HANGS IT UP." My water heater hangs on the wall.

Wow, I've just learned from CNN's story that Mr. Ratcliff is a former mayor of HEATH, Texas, and Heaths (Durham) are listed with Heater-like Heathers!

I suppose the best way to understand the meaning of the hovering is to ask why God had it done inside of a car and over the seats. Seats/Cedes' and Cars were both first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs. Just realized: when she was at the hood, she was beside the car's RAD, and Ratcliffs are also RADcliffs. A car's rad has hot water too, exactly the thing that Ratcliffe's going to sink Dan Coats into, we hope. The Car write-up: "...the Kerrs of FERNIEhurst were descended from John." Miss Hicks moved to FORNEY, about ten miles from Mr. Ratcliffe's home. Therefore, it appears that her hovering is at least partly a pointing to Mr. Ratcliffe.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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