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July 30 - August 5, 2019

Conrad Black Looks Like a For-Good-Guys Stool Pigeon
God Chose My Treble-Clef Tie for the Day He Gave Me a Flat Tire
Broken Door Handle Points to John Durham - Bill Barr Partnership

Some Republicans started immediately to buck against Ratcliffe's nomination to head National Intelligence. But judging from the end of the last update, I was going to say that he's going to get the job. Alas, just five days later, here is Trump looking like a bimbo and lying through his teeth to his voters at the same time:
Our great Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe is being treated very unfairly by the LameStream Media. Rather than going through months of slander and libel, I explained to John how miserable it would be for him and his family to deal with these people....John has therefore decided to stay in Congress where he has done such an outstanding job representing the people of Texas, and our Country. I will be announcing my nomination for DNI shortly.

Trump's trying to make it appear as though Ratcliffe turned the offer down due to what the media might say about him. But Trump DID NOT say that Ratcliffe turned the job down. The deep state seems to have won again with this bimbo president. There is no way that trump would have nominated him unless Ratcliffe himself first agreed. So, Ratcliffe could not have withdrawn on his own initiative five days later, but leftist media are very happy to send us that picture because they just want Ratcliffe to melt away. Trump fired him. Trump the traitor to all that is best.

In this pessimism, I'd say that Trump will not replace Ratcliffe with a like-minded partner, but rather will get a Bushite. In my first guess, I'd say that a Bushite(s) twisted Trump's arm to get rid of Ratcliffe's nomination. Whenever Trump does the right thing, the guys on the wrong side of the track force him to undo it. Trump is compromised. Placing your trust in him is a false hope. Bushites are very protective, we can assume, of "their" Intelligence apparatus. They think they own Intelligence, don't they?

But surprise us, Mr. Trump. Choose one with a likeness to Ratcliffe. I heard that Nunes was being floated. If there can't be the right people just because all Democrats reject him/her, then American politics is for devils only. Apparently, Trump wanted to give the impression, with Ratcilffe's nomination, of supporting the hammer-down Republicans, but stabbing him in the back after publicizing his nomination means that Trump is one of those devils, pure and simple. He's listening to the devils because he is one deep in heart. I just hope that he didn't plan on nominating Ratcliffe temporarily to begin with, to give the hammer-down voters reason to believe the president's really one of them. That's called using / abusing a man for political gain.

Experience is not all there is. Ratcliffe has the right heart for the task at hand. But the devils want an "experienced," ESTABLISHMENT ally of the deep state, what's so hard to understand? They want one who does not spy on the deep-state's members. So, Trump has apparently decided to stick with the same old.

I'm going to gather some material from the last update, as concerns Mr. Ratcliffe to show what looks like God's work. It appears that Ratcliffe's, Rats and Ratterys can all be used for this discussion. Early in the update, I got to a Rimmons/Crimmons of the isle of SKYE because Miss Hicks and I rose into the SKY immediately after she was hovering. I said:

In the same dream, she started off at the hood of the car, and Hoods are said to have been at Rattery...The Ratterys of Blairgowrie are said to have been at Rattery Head in Buchan, and then we find that RIMMONs/Crimmons, first found in Skye, were at a Deer location: "This place [Deer] once contained a castle belonging to the celebrated Cumyn, Earl of BUCHan..." The "siDERA" motto term of Ratterys is thus likely for Deers. The Hick Crest is a BUCK, and Bucks (Lincolnshire, same as le-Meschin's wife) share the antler with Cone's and Conte's, the line of de Conteville's, rulers of Comyns. The antler is used also by Hamons while Hamon de Masci was of Cheshire's Dunham-Masci. Maschi's were at RIMINI, and Hamons have a "discRIMINI" motto term that can be read also as "disCRIMINi." It's nailing Rimmons/Crimmons with Masci liners, which can explain why I was rising into the sky. But so was Hicks.

There's extra information in that paragraph to show some background, but the main point was that Hood-related Ratterys and Skye elements together were at the same area and suspect with the Hick buck. The way I now see this tidbit is that God was starting the pointer to John Ratcliffe and Devin Nunes, for the latter was pointed to in a statement I made, with him in it, that seemed Spirit-breathed while including the Raider variation of Rats.

Before getting to Mr. Ratcliffe, let's go first to the "divis" motto term of Rimmons/Crimmons, for Diva was another name for Cheshire's Chester, the capital of the Conteville > Meschin line. This is why I see the Dien/Dives Coat with the Masci wing, but, it can be added, Diens/Dives' share the patees of Bathursts (new and big last update), first found in Sussex with Diens/Dives' and hover-like Coverts/Cofferts (share leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers). Jewish Hoffers/Goffers come up big below, and finally we will see how John Ratcliffe himself is in the hovering of Miss Hicks. Sussex is also where Vise's/Vice's were first found suspect in "DiVIS."

I'd like to repeat that, hours after passing one Texas home of Miss Hick's in my first-ever trip to Texas, I was mugged in Galveston. The thief woke me up by shaking my pick-up. I was in the back, locked in there with a pair of VICE-grips on the latch, and he had to wait for me to get dressed after speaking to me from the open side window. But I got my jeans on only, I remember it well, for I've told readers that, had he succeeded, he would have taken my truck and all, and left me shirtless and penniless far from home. That's right, I had no shirt on when I went out to confront him on the street. Why did that event take place? Does Epstein have business there?

Some of you may know my story on Miss Covert and Mr. Dein. Deins were first found in Sussex with Diens/Dives' and Coverts/Cofferts. It doesn't appear coincidental because the above was found after Miss Covert emailed with me over some years. When I was corresponding with her, she was divorced from Dein, and with another man who had an address in Bay City (southern Texas), a place I passed the day after the mugging attempt. I haven't yet realized the significance of these things, but Miss Covert told me that while she was raising funds for the Haiti earthquake, her man above (with bay-City address) was working Haiti relief with his helicopter. Could this be God's pointer to the seizing of Haitian children for sex trafficking? Cursed be such people. May they be dead and never rise again.

A little later in the last update, I got back to the "SiDERA" motto term of Ratterys: "Yet, "SIDEra" can also be for the SEATon branch of Side's! After I saw her from a distance at the hood, I was instantly (no walking there) at the SIDE of her car looking at her hover over the SEATs. Side's can be proven to be a Seaton branch via the mottoes of Sutys and Seatons." As though God was wanting to have us see John Ratcliffe in the hovering scene, Ratcliffs use a "se" motto term while Seatons were at Say while Seaton-colored Says were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. Cliffs, expected in "Ratcliff," were at Mortone-Say in Shropshire.

While she hovered, I was viewing her as SLEEPing BEAUTY, and there are excellent reasons for seeing this as God's pointer to Beautys/Bowoods, first found near Bath, which looked very linkable to Bathursts, the latter sharing two, white and ermined fesses with Sleeps. In the dream, I first saw her with a BATHing suit. Baths were first found in Somerset with Battins, and "...Bathurst, which was located near BATTel Abbey in the county of Sussex." It's interesting that Battle's/Battels share a giant, gold griffin with Shorts (beside Somerset). Baths and Battins were first found near an Axe river, and thus the heraldic battle-axe looks like its code for a merger of Battins (axe's) and Battle's/Battels, or something along those lines. A Seaton location is near the mouth of one Axe river out of Somerset and into Devon...where Hoods were first found. I saw her at the hood with her bathing suit. Wow, German Battin/Betins share the Hood crescent! That's a new one.

I'm going to guess that Battin/Betin-like MacBeths/Beatons have the Bellamy fesse, which itself shares the Seaton crescents, for the motto of MacBeths/Beatons is reminding me of Bonneville, a location on the Arve river to which I trace Bellamy kin (of Harveys and Garveys). I've read the Bellamys married Maschi-line Ferte-Mace, and so note that "Beatons were concentrated in Skye." Bonneville's were first found in Devon with Hoods and Seaton. Hicks use a "bon" motto term, and their buck head is essentially in the Crest of Bonneville's. Hicks are traced in their write-up to Hikke de Sauteby while Sauters are also Shute-like Suters while Shute's appear to be in the Bonneville write-up; this is all new on Hicks kin. It just so happens that we arrived here from her bathing SUIT while the other Suters are Suits too! Bingo. Again, Shute's share the Sword swords while Siward of Northumberland, known to be of the Swords, and suspect in the Sewer variation of Suits/Suters, defeated king MacBeth. That's right.

I can add that while the Somerset Stolls can be gleaned with the Bath cross, German Stolls were first found in Switzerland with the Arve river. Stolls (share antler with Baden's Zahringers and Varangian-like Veringers) were first found in Zurich, near Baden, and the Somerset Battins are also Badens. I know that the Casimir antler is of the Veringers because Casimir of Poland married Kiev's Varangians, where Inger was likely from, the Varangian husband of Melissena Rangabe. As she descended from emperor Michael I, note that Michaels (Meschin kin), in the colors of Zurich's Stolls (sinister-rising split denotes Masci liners), were first found in Surrey while a Surrich variation of the Surreys is Zurich-like.

One of the reasons for Miss Hicks pointing to Beautys/BoWOODs is that they share the black bull with Walerans, from Waleran de Leavell who married the Beaumonts of Leicestershire, where Woods were first found who share the Rattery fitchees. It looks like something God set up one way or the other or both. But one can add here that the Bathurst write-up has Beaumonts at their MixBURY location while black-bull Ratcliffs were at a Bury location. Mix's/Michs were linkable (last update) to Michael Rangabe.

As we were RISING, I'm now wondering whether the spelling mistake in the Seaton write-up is from an act of God to better assure that Seatons are in the car seats, for the mistake is, "Risding" (should be "Riding)." The Seaton write-up goes on to mention an abbey in Meaux, which happens to be the like the "mieux" (MIXbury elements?) motto term of Heaths/Heathers. John Ratcliffe was the mayor of Heath, and to make things more compelling, Heath is about ten miles from where Miss Hicks had moved to. Doesn't that appear Arranged to assure that God used her to point to Mr. Ratcliffe?

After discussing the motto term of Ratterys, I came across a "sola" motto term of Hayers/Eyers/Ayers, and this was after stressing Hayer-like Haywards/HayWOODs who lived at the same Bury location as Ratcliffs. Their Haward variation is in the write-up of Hover-like Hower(d)s. It looks like yet another way to link John Ratcliffe to the hovering scene.

I want to stress the "sola" motto term of Hayers/Ayers. Sola's/Sole's share three fish, as well as the same chevron, with Hykes'/Hake's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Hower(d)s and Wiggenhalls. CARville's, said to have been at Norfolk's Wiggenhall, share the three bends of Hayer- / Hayward-like Hays, in the colors of the two of Ratcliffs. It's just a little extra pointing to the hover-in-CAR scene, especially as the "sed" motto term of Cars is shared by Seaton-like Sedans who happen to share the black border with Sola's/Sole's. The latter can be expected in the "Sola" motto term of Carville's so that the car on the beach can be a pointer to both Cars and Carville's. Nifty-neat.

Sola's/Sole's became extremely important because God once pointed to them with the 17th squirrel in my attic. The last update showed how the Call/Caules (trumpets) can link to a Saulnier variation of SAULNier's, the latter much like the Solnier variation of Sola's/Sole's. As the Call/Caules trumpets were linkable to the Hicks-of-CLAPton clarion (trumpet), this brings us to Claps/Clappers (sun = sol) sharing the Shield of Beach's. The car was on a beach. Dan Coats replaced James Clapper at National Intelligence.

My "attic" has since become an apartment, and the tenant there (first one) has a surname rooted in "Lars." The Lars' (load all your Coat at this tab) happen to use a giant black bull head, and Ratcliffs use the black bull head too...yes, just like Walerans to which Miss Hicks points while hovering. Amazingly, the Sola's/Sole's have themselves pointed to John Ratcliffe. Here's how it was put in the last update:

This recalls my theory [on] the 17th and last squirrel in my attic, which got in from a small opening at the SOLar PANELs...I then learned that Sola's have the panel-like Painells in their write-up.

So, you see, God wanted me to know the Sola write-up. He was waiting for me to get there, and He arranged it by having me leave a small air-vent opening at the top side of the solar panels, which I decided to leave to allow some hot attic air out. The last squirrel got in there. A mouse that was resolved as code for Dan Coats died in a mouse trap right beside a rat trap, and it seemed to point to RATcliffe without a doubt last week, because he was nominated to replace Coats, yet Trump went and spoiled it all late this week. Even so, I am entertaining Ratcliffe in the hovering scene. Dan Coats oversees 16 Intelligence agencies along with itself = 17. That last squirrel was the 17th. The one rat trap caught, and killed most of, the other 16.

Ratcliffs were even first found in Lancashire with TRUMPet-using Levers/LOVERs who share the double bends of Ratcliffs. I've capitalized one variation because, immediately after she was hovering, we were embraced as LOVERs. That idea is a new entry right here, and it makes sense because Hicks of Clapton used the clarion trumpet.

The hovering scene had two facets on its victorious side. The first is the knee scene that brought her out of the painful hovering position (she was in distress), and I feel that God provided that scene to link with the 9-11 memorial, suggesting that Ratcliffe might re-visit the 9-11 crime or facilitate its exposure. It seems like such a fat chance, though. Her hovering level can be a pointer to Levels/Leavells/Lovels, which supports the Beauty-Waleran link.

LOOKIE and be amazed, for this is new right here. The Leavell write-up: "The surname Level was first found in Somerset. Robert, Lord of Breherval and Yvery in Normandy is regarded as the progenitor of this family. His father was Eudes, sovereign Duke of Brittany...[His] eldest [son], one Ascelin Gouel de Perceval succeeded his father as Lord of BreHERVAL." This is the Waleran of the Walerans who share the black bull of Beautys/Bowoods. Waleran married Beaumonts of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan have the checkered Shield of English Vaux's/VALLibus', which I think explains "HerVAL," even as PerceVALs ought to be of the Vallibus', likely from Humphrey de VIELLes, father of Beaumonts. Humphrey was a HARcourt, you see, and the double Harcourt fesses are in the colors of the fesse-wise bars of Leavells. "HARpetre" of Leavells looks like a Harcourt element. I haven't got to the LOOKIE part yet.

French Vaux's are BELLivaux's too, and Beaumonts are BELLmonts too while Harveys share the Bell / Bellamy fesse. Garveys share the double Perche chevrons while Bellamys were at Perche.

Here's the LOOKIE part. Hervals/Harveys, first found in CHAMPAGNE, share the BRIDE Coat, and it was just in the last update when theorizing (for the first time) that our embrace was code for both BraceBRIDGE's (share the Champagne Coat!) and Bride's because the dream made me think she was going to be my future wife! That is a staggering piece of material. It proves that the theory was correct, and moreover proves that Bracebridge's were in our emBRACE. The theory was that Bridge's were a Bright and Bride branch, and that Brace's/Brase's married a Bridge / Bride / Bright family in forming its name. Both Brights and Bride's share the Macey / Close stars, and we were CLOSE with our embrace while her husband's surname had a castle at CLOSEburn.

Go ahead and see how the Close/Clovse Coat is a near-version of the Bride Coat! I missed that in the last update.

The question is whether "BREherval" had been a Bra-Harvey / Brase-Harvey merger. Looks like. Braswells use a girdle while Girtle's share the three stars of Brides! Good one. Close's use hunting horns in the colors used for them in the Arms of Traby, and while Ratcliffs link to Traby kin of more than one kind, Ratcliffe's were first found in Lancashire with Close's/Clovse's.

It also proves that her Sleeping-Beauty symbol was a pointer to the Beauty-and-Waleran bulls, and thus tends to prove that her hovering level was a pointer to Leavells. God's a genius. The proof was in the Leavell write-up all along, but I've have missed it until now.

The amazing addition to all this is that I trace Harveys to "Arve," that being a river that flows, not only to lake Geneva, but to the city of Geneva. The daughter of Miss Hicks is Geneva! Zinger.

My first clue that Bellamys were from Arve-line kin was the BONNEville location on the Arve, which got suspect with BONNEtable near the southern end of the Perche mountains. We saw how the Hicks were close kin to Bonneville's above. Ha, not far up the Arve from Bonneville is Close-like Cluses! Cool. There is a Cluses/Clowes' surname (Bellamy crescents!) sharing the Close/Clove Crest, and what looks like a version of the Cnut Coat. Further up the river more is Ponte (peak) Percee, like the Perche home of Bellamys. The Percevals come to mind. As Cluses'/Clowes' (Demonte unicorn?) were first found in Cheshire with Touch's, the Close / Cluses Crest can have the Touch lion. This paragraph can explain why Bellamy-branch Bells were first found in Dumfries with Close's/Clove's (probably the Macey Shield) and Kilpatricks (kin of Maxwells = Maccus liners = Ferte-Mace liners). Bellamys had married Ferte-Mace, and now we know where they ended up.

It just so happens that Harvey-suspect Harcourts share "bon" with Hicks! Zikers. It explains why the Hicks use one of the two Harcourt fesses. I didn't know until now that "bon" could be for Bonneville. Bone's share the Beaumont lion.

I've just noted that Bonnetable is beside Beaumont-sur-Sarthe. That works with the Harcourt > Beaumont line. If Beaumonts/BELLmonts are Bellamys, it explains the sharing of the Masci fleur. Masci's were first found in the Cuneo area, and Cuneo has the Stura-Demonte river while Italian Demonte's were first found in that general area too. Beaumonts were first found in Dorset, location of the Stura-like Stur river. French Demonte's have the Maschi lions in pale, no doubt being the Gernon lions in pale.

In the dream with her, I had no shirt on, and the Shard variation of Shirts can be of "Sarthe." It appears that Hick liners were on the Sarthe, suspect also with the Sarde variation of Lizarts/Lazards. A lizard is used by Irish Hare's while Hairs share the HARcourt fesses for obvious reason. The Sarthe flows to Le Mans, which can explain why Manners/Maness' (double fesses) share the Harcourt peacock. Shirts/Shards, ancestors of a HARborough family, share the Harcourt peacock! Clinched. The Tous'/Tosini's have a "MAN" said to be wearing a shirt, and thus the Tous' (stars in the colors of the Bride / Herval stars) had married Le-Mans / Sarthe elements. Shirts/Shards share red roundels with Ore's/Orrs who in turn use "bon"-like motto terms.

The "OMNia" motto term of Ore's/Orrs can be for Omans who share the Coat of English Bride's. I've always said that, in the late afternoon / early evening of the Galveston mugging, I had am OMEN, a feeling of something bad about to happen when seeing a tiny cloud covering the sun. In the dream, I was told to WAKE her up, and while Wake's use an "ora" motto term while sharing red roundels with Nellys and Ore's/Orrs, the double Wake fesses are colors reversed from the same of HarCOURTs. The six pale bars of Courts/Coverts (same as Coffee-like Coverts/Cofferts and Bone's) are almost those of Lise's and Lizarts.

Courts/Coverts have a "labORE" motto term. Nelly Ohr of Fusion GPS was the wife of, and Trump-attack partner with, the DoJ's BRUCE Ohr, and the Bruce's are Braose's too, and so here's the Court/Covert write-up: "The surname Court was first found in 'Covert or Couert, Normandy, {who} held by the service of 1 fee of the barony or Braiose {Briouze}.' William de Braose..." What can we make of this? Are the Ohrs destined to court? Coverts/Cofferts use the fesse that is the Arms of Austria, almost the fesse of Nellys, first found in Austria. Lesce of the Leslie's is near the Austria border, and the Bruce-suspect Breuci were right there down-river from Lesce. The Lise pale bars are in the colors of the pale bars of CUNTYs/Cindys (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's/Braose's), and the latter share a blue lion with Bruce's/Braose's while Courts/Coverts have a "GrandesCUNT" motto term. "Braose" is a lot like the Brase variation of Brace's.

Back to my mugging in Galveston, for the day after, I passed a Bay-City address of Mr. Maness, the new hubby of Miss Covert, the one with helicopter in Haiti. In the mugging, the thief was plunging what I thought was a knife into my gut while he had one hand on my throat. I lifted my knee and blocked the thrust. The Knee's and their Needham branch share the black stag head with Vice's. Recall that I had locked the back of my truck from the inside with a pair of vice-GRIPs, for "Grip" is a Leslie motto term while Leslie's share the bend of Knee's and Needhams. Wow, unbelievable, it's Saturday night, when I often receive song-line miracles, and here a song, In Christ Alone, just sang, "and as he stands in VICTORY, sin's curse has lost it's GRIP on me"! The omen above is virtually in the Coat of English Lease's, a Leslie- / Lise-like surname (Lizarts/Sarde's are a Lise branch).

When I raised my knee to block the weapon, it fell on the truck's floor (I was on half lying on the passenger seat, he was standing on the road or curb), and we both used a free hand to find it first. I found it first. Can you imagine how fast our hands were going? "GRIP fast," the Leslie motto. I did grip it fast.

The day after, God gave an event with a coffee in Victoria, and years later I found that Coffee's use a "victoria" motto term. The timing of this song line suggests that it's correct to view our embrace and rapture as a victory over the deep state. As I've said many times, I stopped in Victoria only for a NEWSpaper and a coffee, and the News' (newspaper in Crest), who share the chaplet with the Hicks buck, can even be a variation of "Knee / Kness." Leslie's use BUCKles. That newspaper was for the purpose of finding property in Texas, an idea that arose from the mugging, and this decision ultimately led to purchasing 10 minutes from Miss Hicks (had never met her yet). Years later, we ended up at the same church in 2002, just in time for the 9-11 memorial later that year. We both lived on the Nueces river, like the Nuces variation of News'. No coincidence.

Needhams came from a Needham entity in the write-up of Halpers. As I said, I had no shirt on at the mugging, and it just so happens that Needhams were first found in Shardlow while Shirts are also Shards. Thus, the knee symbol that God seems to have used in several ways can be a launcher to Needhams and its Halper line to Stefan Halper, the Trump-attack mole of the deep-state FBI.

Back to Le Mans on the Shard-like Sarthe. It just so happens that Helps/Halfs, a branch of Halpers/Halfpennys, who share a different-colored version of the News Shield, were of the Helpe river, location of Avesnes, named by the Avezzano's, the latter first found in SARDinia! Wow. Shardlow looks Sardinian. It now appears that there is some reason to view my mugging and/or Galveston in relation to something in the Halper circle of empty suits. The thief pretended to have a gun, and the knife I thought he was plunging was a fake weapon, a piece of blunt plastic. Halper and Comey were using fake weapons against Trump. But there's got to be more to it, for God saved my vehicle by a miracle that night by not letting it start when the thief turned the key. It was a big scare for me, and I don't think he would have arranged it merely for some minor points.

It's interesting that the Lemans surname (in the colors and almost the format of Shirts) was at Blything while being in the colors and format of Blythe's (Clint/Clent garbs), while Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Harcourts and Crispins (Bill Clinton's father was Mr. Blythe). We just saw Harcourts (kin of Hicks) at the Sarthe. The Clare-Crispins were at Bec abbey with Leavells/Levels, and Hicks of Clapton used the CLARion as code for Clarens/Larens who in-turn share the double Lise chevrons (probably the double Perche chevrons too) while English Lise's share the pale bars (almost) of Lizarts/SARDE's, that's correct. The last update had the Benedict link to Blythe-like Billets / Bellets, and Benedicts share a "bon" motto term with Harcourts.

The Perche's share the double chevrons of Maine's in both colors, and Le Mans was once the Maine capital. Level-like Laval is in Maine due west of Le Mans, though Laval may have been a Vallibus element. Still, that's connectable by marriage to Leavells/Levels. The Brittany Lavals (Burie) use the triple bends of the Brittany Nerets in colors reversed while Valiants use the shark while Saraca's of Ragusa were near the NERETva river of the Hicks-related Ardiaei. The latter were at IVREA, and Leavells were at YVERY.

I am reminded that Mike Denardo, a fellow employee with me at Knob Hill Farms, drove a Le Mans car. God provided an event with Denardo when I was sitting on my hood. My girlfriend, Allison Bauer, got into his car, and left me at that time as I watched on (I've told this story in updates as many as ten times). Incredibly, Scottish Allisons share the Shirt/Shard / Harcourt peacock! Wow, that grabs my attention. Let's investigate this further. The Allison fesse is shared my Lemans'/Lemons.

Denardo's are listed with NarBONNE's. We just saw Bonnetable to the near-north of Le Mans!!! Incredible. The Neretva was also the Naro, and so Narbonne's may have been Neretva liners. DeNARDi's/Narbonne's share the North lion, which is also the Demonte / Maschi lion.

Very soon after she got into his car, I was selling shoes along with Mr. Kepke, and Shoe's share the stars of Lavals. I didn't expect this triple whammy when starting out on the mention of his Le Mans. I have seen the Shoe description telling of a knight issuing from the KNEE's, yup, that's right. There should thus be some connection with Miss Hicks at her hood. Kepke was sitting on my hood (Mustang) with me as Allison slipped into Denardo's car.

Shoe's share a wall with Spanish Murs while Lure's (probably a version of Belly Coat), having a lone star in colors reversed from the lone Shoe star, use a "SpecteMUR" motto term. That term should also be for Syphax-suspect Speccots, who share the fret with Hoods (Devon, same as Speccots). There we have the my-hood connection to Denardo, for Lure's (share flag with McLeods) are listed together with Herods/HERAULTs as a sept of McLeods/Clouds, and Narbonne is at Herault. You see, MIKE Denardo is working right into the shoe-sales job too, but why? Kepke had been highly suspect as God's pointer to king Syphax, and Speccots share the Keep / Lorraine bend. Instead of the three eagles of Lorraine's, Speccots have three frets in the same colors, and those eagles are colors reversed in the Coat of Hotts while Hoods are also Hoots! Bingo. Keeps are suspect with the namers of Kiev (Ukraine), where Varangians ruled who married Melissena Rangabe. Kepke had a Ukrainian father.

Lookie: Denardo's/Narbonne's can be gleaned as a branch of Norths, and the latter share the fleur of Mike-like Mix's/Micks. McLeods were first found on Skye with Maschi-related Rimmons/Crimmons, and Norths with Denardo's/Narbonne's happen to share the Maschi lion.

The last update showed how Mix's/Micks should be from Michael Rangabe, for his wife, Procopia, is to the Prokopp variation of Brocuffs (Silesia, same as Mix's/Micks). I have always wondered what Eudokia, daughter of Melissena Rangabe (Byzantine), led to. Having suspected some person with a Eudes name, that's the name in Leavell ancestry. Royal Byzantines used mostly red-gold in their Arms, the colors of Leavells, but Rangabe's used a white-on-blue flory cross, colors reversed from the similar Rimmon/Crimmon crosslets. A white flory is used by Bouillons, first found in Auvergne, and the Auvergne's share the Denardo/Narbonne tower. We can't limit God's genius for making heraldic connections to events / dreams in my life, and so I'll add that while AUVERgne is a hover-like term, the Hover-suspect Overs/Offers share the fret with Hoods and Speccots. She was hovering after she was at the hood. Hoods and Speccots were first found in Devon with Darts (and Maine's) while the Brock-Crest lion holds a dart while Prokopps/Brocuffs share the Dart fesse upon their Crest flag. I think (not sure) the Maine's use a dart in Crest.

Denardo took Allison from me, and while the English Allisons look hard like Sarthe elements, they use "black birds" while Birds have the Bouillon flory in colors reversed. The "spes" motto term of Birds can be for the Space variation of Speccots (I don't know of a better guess). Ahhhh, Birds were at BROXton! It tends to clinch the Bouillon cross with the Arms of Rangabe, especially as Brox's are listed with Prokopps/Brocuffs.

I'll repeat for roughly the fifth time; I threw a party at my place for fellow employees of Knob Hill Farms, when Denardo brought his drums. The fesses of Scottish Drummonds look connectable to the fesse-wise bars of Leavells. Denardo linked to my shoe-sales job, and German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips.

Damorys/Amori's and Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Bellow-loving Shiptons, and the Damorys betray their being Drummond kin but with bars in the colors of the ones in the Arms of Hungary. Drummonds were Hungarians. Panico's are said to have a bird in their tree, and while Birds are now suspect with a Rangabe-Bouillon ancestry, Bouillons love the Bello's while Damore's/Amori's (not "Damory"), first found in Sardinia and sharing the Beaumont/BELLmont fleur, share the Chief of Panico's. They both use a label likely in honor of Labels/LaBells. The other Beaumonts/Bellmonts might even have the Malta Coat, therefore. Hungarian king BELa, Andrew's brother, comes to mind.

Melissena Rangabe has been strongly suspect with mythical Melusine, who adopted a fish tail from her dragon tail. The heraldic mermaid can apply to Melissena liners, therefore, and one mermaid is used by German Babels while English Babels almost share the pale bars of Lizarts/SARDE's! Bingo. It appears that Rangabe's were on the Sarthe. Hold on to your salamander, for the Lists, who do have the six pale bars of Babels exactly, were first found in Silesia with Rangabe-liner Prokopps/Brocuffs! Even German Anders were first found in Silesia. Melissena's husband was Inger, and Ingers are listed with Ander-like Enders. Swedish Anders share the scallops of French Mars/More's while Scottish earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy. Figure on the Marsi at and around Avezzano, for Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia.

The three pale bars of Lizarts/Sarde's are colors reversed from the three fesses of German Drummonds. Drummond ancestry is known to be from king Andrew I of Hungary, who was in Kiev.

I've just looked up RANGers/Ringers/Raingars, first found in Essex with Brooks and Brocks (share the Chief-Shield colors of Prokopps/Brocuffs). It begs whether Rennes was a Rangabe line. Rennes is in Vilaine, suspect with ASTIKas' of Vilnius, and then Sticks share the Brook Coat. The Vilain Chief-Shield colors are those also of Levins, possibly the namers of Levante, Andrew's other brother.

As Intelligence is secretive by nature, we probably won't hear what Mr. Ratcliffe is doing. Slowly, we expect him to disable Democrat corruption. But, the question is, will he also take stabs at Nazified elements in Intelligence from the Bush's? Why did Dan Coats side with the liberal media against Trump even though Trump Chose him? Who suggested to Trump that Coats get the job? He chose Coats immediately after (or even before) taking office. Such a mistake. coats had taken Dan Quayle's job as senator of Indiana, and he's good buddies with Mike Pence. The senior Bush made him his ambassador to...Germany, that's right.

Coats succeed Clapper at National Intelligence, and Clappers share the Beach Shield. God put the Hicks dream on a beach, but convinced now that this beach was on Epstein's island, what do we suppose the connection is between Epstein and the Coats circle? It was said by a reliable source that Epstein was an Intelligence asset. It is thought that Epstein's job was to facilitate (set up) the blackmailing of politicians. Amazing Polly found that the people running a scuba-diving business off of Epstein's island were listing all visitors over 10 years old as adults. She probably hit the nail on the head when saying that the reason was to keep the list of visitors looking like there were not many children when in fact the task was at times to bring along children.

I now recall my son telling me that, when he went scuba-diving (in the Bahamas, I think), a barracuda came very close to him. Is that a barracuda in the Clapper Crest? If it is, could my son's experience be a pointer to a Clapper-Epstein partnership in ruining Trump? If a barracuda is code for Barra's, then the fetter locks of Barra's/Neils can be for the Fetters sharing the Clapper sun in the same colors. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc and the Barrs of Brunswick, as well as the identical fish in the Arms of Bard (Bard, Aosta), could be using a barracuda. Bard is up-river on the Bautica from CHIVASso, and so note how that place's Chives' come to topic below.

The first politician in the news to come out against Ratcliffe was Mr. Burr, whom Bongino calls a RINO. "Burr is an old name in the district of Tarves". Chives' were first found in Tarves too, which I trace to "TARVISium," where Italian Angels were first found whose three bends are colors reversed from the same of Carville's. This picture can actually be traced to the pagan Levites at Laish, and to Joseph Caiaphas.

The lions in the Burr Chief are probably those of Tails/Tailers and Tillers, because I feel sure that the same-colored "cats" of Caiaphas-suspect Chives (Tarves, same as Burrs) are the Tail/Tailer lions. The Chives' call them cats because the TILURius is also the CETINa river while Cetins/Cattans use the cat and the Tarves fitchee. God showed me via my cat, Sassy (sucked her tail), that Tails/Tailers are from the Cetina, for Sassys share the Saracen head with Cetins/Chattans. Amazingly, the "Cautes" motto term of the latter gets the COTE's/Cotta's while the Coats are also "Cotes'! And, while I trace the Keiths (said to be from Catti) to the Cetina, the three pale bars of Keiths are almost the six of Coats'/Cotes'! Just like that, it seems that God provided a Burr link to Dan Coats. Cote's/Cotta's even have a fretty Shield looking like versions of the Shields of Clappers and Beach's (both use vair fur) and Vairs/Fers'.

The Saracen heads trace to Saracena, near Laus. Wikipedia says that Laus was founded by peoples of nearby Sybaris, and moreover peoples of Sybaris are said to be from BOURA of Greece. The Burrs look applicable. Might "SyBARIS" be of a Boura term? Near Laus is Scidrus, suspect with "Scodra," and the latter is beside Bar. to the north side of Scodra is Kotor, home of Saracena-like Saraca's, whose white-on-blue fish is in the colors used for it by some Arms of Bar-le-Duc (barracuda?). Saraca's of Kotor moved to Ragusa, also called, Laus(a).

The Enotrians were at the Laus / Saracena area, and as they were called Oenotrians too, I trace them between Jonathan the pagan Levite of Laish (Dan) and mythical Oeneus at Calydon, and then to the Oeneus river. The latter is beside the Kupa/COLAPis, which is the line to Cups/Cope's/COLPs, and so the heraldic cups of French Bure's looks like a Boura line in relation to Oenotrian elements. It's known that the Elis area (near Boura) was royally linked to Calydon, and the Simpsons have an Enotrian-suspect motto, "ALIS NUTRior." One Simpson surname shares the lion of Buchanans, they being from Buxentum, smack beside Laus / Saracena (Calabria). It's also the lion of Dutch BURRens while German Burrens share three black Moor heads with Morano's from Morano/Murunum on the Sybaris river.

Alis' have a motto in reverse to that of Cetina-liner Keiths. French Bure's ("A blue shield with a chevron potenty counter potenty voided silver between three gold cups") use the potent feature, as does the Arms of Calabria, but the potent feature is also that of Champagne's while Hugh de Payens, who married Caiaphas-like Miss Chappes, had some relationship with the count of Champagne. Hugh de Payens was the first grandmaster of the templars, and spent many years in Jerusalem, where the flag was this potent cross.

As Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/Lisse' and Levi's, they sure look like a Chives branch, for Chivasso is on the Bautica having a Lys tributary...with a mouth near the Bard location seen above. Bards share the green griffin of Leslie's, and Leslie's (BUCKles) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves...and Buchanan-suspect Buchan (Buchans share the black lion with Buchanans). One can spot in all this that Joseph Caiaphas (killer of Jesus) was a Levite from the Laish Levites through to the Levi surname, and then the Burrs use a version of the Levin Coat.

Plus, although there is no Potent surname coming up, Patents share the green Bard / Leslie griffin head too. To make the Bards link hard to the Bard location, they use a giant boar in the colors of the boar heads of Turins, first found in Aberdeenshire with the Chives' of Tarves; the Bautica river through Chivasso is near Turin. In this picture, the Turin bend looks like the Lorraine bend. Bard is in Savoy with the first-known Aude's while "AUDentes' is a Turin motto term, yet Audes were also at PithiVIERs, near Ile-de-France, and the gold boar is in the Crest of Vere's/Weirs.

Chives' were at Lissus (Laish suspect), the line to the Lys'/Lisse's, and thus we can expect Lissus' peoples at the Lys river. The Bautica/BALTea is the line to Godfrey de Bouillon and his brother, BALDwin, the first two rulers of Templar Jerusalem when Hugh de Payens was the master of the Jerusalem project. One can glean that this Templar project was conceived by descendants of Caiaphas. I fully expect them in Washington amongst the wicked there, the thieves of tax dollars, the corrupt, the bottomless pits.

Bure's can be suspect in the ArchiBURE variation of Irish Arthurs. Arthurs were of the Arduinici on the Bautica river. Arthurs (Hicks colors) married Hicks of Clapton, explaining the fleur-de-LYS of Hicks. English Arthur's were first found in the same place as Ade's/Aids (in the Levi motto) while Bure's/Bowers (branch of Bauers and Bourlys) use an "Ad" motto term.

Lookie: Arduinici had a branch of Oneglia, the line of Nagle's/Nails/NEILs, first found in Westphalia with the Ducks now known by me to be of Bar-le-DUC (in Lorraine), for the latter's Arms uses pansies while Pansy's were first found in Westphalia. God pointed to Pansys/Pantzers with the pants of Lorraine (my girlfriend in my 20s). The barraCUDA thus looks like part-code for Barra's/NEILS (!) and part-code for Cuda's/Cuddie's/Cubbie's, for the latter are not only in Lorraine colors, but first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. The Cuda/Cuddie Crest is shared roughly by Cuthberts/CudBERDs (and Maine's).

The Coats'/Cotes' were first found in Staffordshire with St. Chad, who supposedly owned the potent cross, which happens to be used by Chads. In the meantime, Chadwicks and Chadocks use a version of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat, and the latter look like "Sadducee."

I'd like to go back to the potent cross of Calabria, and the Saracena location of that Calabria-Lucania border area (includes a Potentia location in Lucania), for the Sarasins have a giant, potent-like moline cross in colors reversed from the same of Jabobi's/Jacobsons. Recall how I trace Simpsons to this Saracena area, for Glenn Simpson recently married Miss Jacobi (thanks to Bongino's Wednesday show for this). Both molines are in the Vallan Coat while Valiants have the only Saraca-like shark I know of. The Hicks dream started with a shark now suspect as a representation of Comey's FBI, or generally all involved with the Trump-attack, and then took me to Miss Hicks at her hood. Sarasins/Saracens share the Hood crescents.

When my son was near a barracuda, he was scuba-diving with a person having a Hertzog surname. As this event looks to be linkable to the Clapper Crest, let's add that Hertzogs share blue wings with Bauers (proto-Rothschilds), a branch of Bowers/BURE's; the latter, using the Arms of Rothschild, were first found in Peebles-shire with a branch of Burrs: " 1440-1442 a Robert Burr or Bur is mentioned as vicar of Peebles." The first congressman to complain about Ratcliffe's appointment was Mr. Burr.

Clappers can link to the clarion trumpet of the Hicks while Mr. Ratcliffe (soon to take the position once of Clapper) is being pointed to my Miss Hicks at her RAD and while hovering. What do we suppose the CLARION was code for? The Clare's, yes, but more specifically the CLAREN/s/Larens sharing two of the three Clare chevrons, all red like the triple Epstein chevrons. It now gives cause for us to assume a God pointer of my son's scuba-diving to the scuba-diving off of Epsteins island...called, Little Saint James. The James' were first found in Surrey with Clappers.

As Hicks of Clapton married the Arthurs who likewise used the clarion, we must note that Arthurs use one of the Claren/Laren chevrons. In the last update, I spoke on my being at a Grand Prix race in which the McLaren car (or driver) won, at about the time I was with Lorraine "the babe." That is, God used her to point to Babes, first found in Dorset with the Cutters whom I can link to Cuda's likely in the barracuda i.e. suspect as the fish of Bar-le-Duc. Lorraine's are also Lorens, and while I first met her and asked her on a date at the corner of LORNE street, it's interesting that Lorne's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Burrs of Tarves.

Note that the Maine's sharing the Crest (roughly) of Cuda's and Cuthberts share two red chevrons with Clarens/Larens. The latter's two chevrons are in both colors with the two of Scottish Lise's/Lease's (back to Lys/Lise liners of the Chives' of Tarves) while English Lise's (beside Cutters) share the pale bars of LIZarts/Lazards while lizards are used by Cutter-like Cotters (Oxfordshire, same as Julian-line Gullys/Gollys). The Cote's/Cotta's, in the motto of Cetins/Cattans sharing the Tarves fitchee, are Cotards too. It's making the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes' suspect with the same of Lise's and Julians (Julius Caesar was a son of Miss Cotta). French Julians were first found in Languedoc with Cattan-like Cuttans/CUDens (share Cote/Cotta fretty), but we can even add that while Cetins/Cattans were a branch of Chattans / Chatans, the latter were kin of Italian Botters with English Botters/Bodins, and what looks like their Button/Biden branch, were first found in Hampshire with Lise's (share Button/Biden fesse). The Botter eagle stands on a PERCH while the double Maine chevrons are those of Perche's too.

The Cuttan/Cuden write-up has a Cowden location at Kent's Sevenoaks while the Cuthberts/Cudberds (KirkCUDBRIGHTshire) have a snake while Snake's/Snoke's (Kent) are said to be of Sevenoaks. The Cubbie variation of Cuda's/Cuddys can reveal a Cudy-line merger with Cabots if the Cabot-Crest scallop is in the Cuttin/Cuden Chief.

As Jeffreys share the cloud-over sun with English Lease's, note that these Jeffreys have the Julian pale bars, I assume, and that God can use Jeffreys for pointing to Jeffrey Epstein. We are finding ourselves on the Jeffrey pale bars amid the Clare-line chevrons linkable to Epsteins. Thus, when God used Miss Hicks in the dream, at Epstein's island, we have got to include the clarion trumpets for connection to Clappers. Levers/Lovers use a rooster standing on a trumpet, evocative of the eagle standing on a perch. I now believe that my embrace with Miss Hicks at her hovering scene is code for Levers/LOVERs, as well as the Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Levin-suspect Burrs) with a black version of the Clapper Shield. The Tarves Shield is split into the colors of the split Hertzog (and Groce) Shield, and we saw how the Hertzog wings can link to Bowers/Bure's = Burrs. Blythe's (surname of Bill Clinton's father) are said to descend directly from Tarves-line Travers, and Clintons with Hillarys share the six Tarves fitchees (who arranged all that?).

Here's an article this week claiming with reliable evidence that Epstein was infected with Hitler disease. He was on a mission to advance the best genes amongst the human race, especially his own genes, a thing we might trace to Rothschilds who inter-marry with Rothschilds:

I'm wondering whether RINO's are created by Democrat blackmailers. Epstein is a Democrat.

The Bible speaks on keeping the sin of others low-key. Go to the sinner alone, or try to minimize the number of people who know of the sin, unless the sinner refuses to repent, at which point the whole world can know about it so as to mark-out the sinner. It is necessary to point out the sins of sinners in order to protect others from this sinner, if he/she refuses to repent. If someone is a thief, the world should know so that they can keep an eye on their things when he's around. If Obamaites were sinners, why is Barr taking to long to reveal their sins? Dangerous sons of hell were with Clinton and Obama, and they roam free. Let their sins be shouted from the housetops. Expose Obama today, Mr. Barr. Mr. Trump gave you the directive to expose them. Was Trump merely feigning? Did he tell Barr something else privately? Let the people express their motion to jail Obamaites. Jails were created for sons of hell like these, to protect the people from their craft.

After Whitaker said some days ago that he wants to move on from Mueller, it sounded as though Barr wanted to as well, but, perhaps, he only meant to move on to the exposure of Mueller's probsters. In any case, he was on TV this week saying all the things I want to hear:

As you can see, Whitaker says that Ratcliffe is perfect for the Intelligence job. If he's not sincere with that statement, then I'd assume that Barr is at least tolerating Ratcliffe because Barr doesn't want a scuffle with Trump. That's a good sign even in that dim picture, because Barr looks at least not adamantly opposed to Ratcliffe...if he's opposed at all. There's a good chance that Barr and Ratcliffe will hit things off, thus giving Trump and Barr some powerful abilities to uncover the sins of Obama and Mrs. Clinton. But discovering is not yet exposing. And their motive for discovering may be to reveal as little as possible for voters who demand full exposure. We are not only on the brink of some exposure, but of learning the characteristics of the exposure and those responsible for it.

Whitaker's use of "systemic failures" makes me nervous. If he's using that phrase like non-alcoholic beer versus alcoholic, then he means that Barr can use Ratcliffe to seek for light beer rather than the heavy-duty. If that phrase means that Barrs interested only in rectifying the go-wrong activities of Intelligence and the FBI, it doesn't sound like a mission to arrest anyone. In that case, put away your beer from the fridge, you won't be celebrating anytime this summer.

Ratcliffe might act to force Barr to expose the things he doesn't want to. There's a chance that Barr wants to expose everything. I have two, twin coat closets. I say in the last update that God used the one coat closet to point to Dan Coats. Earlier this year, I was planning to do a bed-and-breakfast service this summer, and for that I bought a few cases of beer for the customers. I didn't do the B&B (didn't look promising enough), and the beer sits in the other coat closet as we speak. It's not far from the fridge, Mr. Barr. Waiting. It's interesting that I bought a beer-bottle opener that is a hammer.

I do drink a little beer, and there is some (Clear Sleeman, 4% = light beer) in fridge as we speak. The mouse that represented Dan Coats, which came up to my floor though the coat closet, was first spotted under the fridge. It then went back through the hole in the coat closet to a mouse trap in the loft, and got killed in that trap sitting right beside a RAT trap suspect as a pointer to John Ratcliffe.

WOW! CLEAR Sleeman! The Clears are listed with the French Clairs sharing the Chief and Gold Shield of RATners/Radmalls!!! I totally understand if you think I'm making this up, but it is the truth. Irish Clairs even share the five, white feathers in the Arms of Traby, and the RAT TRAP is, I have assumed, God's code for the Radziwill-TRABy marriage (linkable to RatCLIFFs). I trace the Radziwills of VILNius to Vilaine (Brittany, same as Clears/Clairs). The Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of the Burrs.

Barr Strike One

With the Democrats acting purely political against Trump, the Ratcliffe-Barr team should have no fear of Democrat cries that the team is acting purely political. The criminals just happen to be mainly on the Democrat side. If Barr wants to excel in character, he should arrest the guilty Republicans as well, to keep this from being a political move only. Mueller and Rosenstein. And Wray too for being an accomplice. The longer Wray keeps his job, the guiltier Barr is for tolerating a criminal supporter.

On Wednesday night, of the day I wrote the above on Whitaker, there is word from Solomon that Barr has let Comey off the hook for leaking classified data against Trump:

Note that Judicial Watch comes onto Fox on the same day, concerning the same Comey-leak story, as John Solomon with his Comey-leak bombshell-dud. We didn't hear the bombshell-dud in the news from an official DoJ spokesman, but from John Solomon. Perhaps we may never have heard this otherwise. Word is that Horowitz condemned Comey for leaking, but that Barr resolved not to prosecute. Why not? It's a crime. It's a crime by someone who acted criminally besides, who did not repent nor apologize. There was a greater sin behind the leaking, a seditious heart and seditious activism against an elected president. Why wasn't he charged and punished? NO EXCUSE, Mr. BARR. This alone was a large crime under the circumstances. An FBI chief acting criminally against his own boss, gets off without punishment. How does one arrive to such a sick conclusion? I have no confidence in Barr.

Solomon scares me further when he says that there is a whole lot of rebuking from Barr against Comey. Only a big rebuke???

As Sara says, one Comey leak is what started the Mueller "probe," and so not charging Comey for that crime is a huge betrayal of the president, his voters, and moreover gives Mueller a really good feeling when he deserves jail himself. As Sara says, my sentiments exactly, why not charge Comey for this crime PLUS the larger crimes together? When he gets to the bigger crimes, this leak charge tacked onto the same case gives the judge / jury / media a better picture of Comey's heart. If Solomon is right, the big story here is that Barr decided immediately (couldn't wait) with finality not to charge, suggesting that he wanted to send Comey a relax-gift. Would Barr not be a traitor if this is what he's done?

Wray has been a wart on Trump's face, I don't know how his wife tolerates it. But Barr is starting to look like a skin disease. Say it isn't so.

Did Horowitz refer Comey for prosecution for any other crime other than leaking? Solomon didn't say, which assumes he doesn't know, unless he's so disappointed in Horowitz he doesn't want to tell yet. It was good of John to release this latest story. It is definitely news-worthy. It's definitely a thing that Barr was responsible for telling the people. The people have the right to know why he made that decision. Why, Mr. Barr? Is it because Comey had good intentions? Is it because Comey didn't mean to hurt Trump? Come on, Mr. Barr, tell us your reasons? Is it because Trump or Bush requested it of you? Is it because you were on Epstein island? Was a deep-state cloud floated over your head? Are you Jeff Sessions II? Or are you of the opinion that high-level bosses are above the law? FBI bosses above the law, really??? They are permitted to commit sedition using FBI tools, and then they don't get charged??? Explain this, Mr. Barr.

The world is aghast at Democrat behavior, but here Barr is acting just as badly, just as sick, just as laughable. America's enemies have been laughing at American justice...because it has shown itself to be so absent it's laughable. The greatest democracy in the world is led by protectors of criminals. There needs to be a certain amount of love for criminals if one who's in the position to prosecute them protects them instead. If there is an understanding in the circles that Barr schmoozes with, that it's okay for FBI leaders to break / ignore laws in the course of their FBI work, then this decision by Barr is explicable. I didn't say permissible, just explicable.

It was good of Hannity to have Solomon on to reveal this story. We may not have heard the end of it, perhaps only because Hannity and Solomon revealed it for an outcry against Barr. They aren't giving up hope with Barr, but this sure is a bad sign. Pjmedia: "According to Solomon's sources, the IG report will conclude that Comey 'leaked classified information and showed a lack of candor,' but DOJ prosecutors declined to bring charges because they didn't think they had enough evidence to prove that Comey intended to violate the law." If this is the worst Horowitz has thrown at Comey in his second report, it appears tailored to protect him.

It's the worst Horowitz threw at McCabe too, exposing what a sham he is. For those who kept their hopes in Horowitz, they thought that the second report would see better things. However, as the leak above to Solomon was likely from someone who read the second report, it's dismal in that this seems to be the worst Horowitz threw at Comey. That is, we would expect the leaker to leak the worst, and this seems to be it. The leak therefore seems to have the purpose of pointing the finger at Barr. In such a situation as this, we need a Ratcliffe rat trap to catch the criminals, if Barr won't do his job. Mr. Ratcliffe, if he's given the job by the senate, can expose Barr as a fraud if Barr continues down this path. More likely, Ratcliffe will provide Barr with the evidence against Comey and others that Barr claims to be absent. If I were the Intelligence chief, the first thing on my list would be to look up the correspondence of Comey, Mueller, and the Obamaites. It's what Trump should have done first-thing from Coats, but after 2.5 years, NOTHING.

So, if correct that God gave the 1979 dream to point to Ratcliffe, could it mean that he will rectify all that the DoJ has been covering? Who really is the invisible ruler at the DoJ? Who kept Sessions from doing his job, in other words? What machinery or mechanics is at work upon DoJ chiefs to make them cower? I'm sure I have the correct answer? It's the invisibles behind the Intelligence agencies. To control them all, the invisibles might need only control the chief of National Intelligence. One reason for making one chief over all 17 agencies is to better control them all. But, I hope, the Hicks dream tells us that Ratcliffe will refuse to be controlled.

Same pjmedia article:

The DOJ did not want to 'make its first case against the Russia investigators with such thin margins and look petty and vindictive,' a source told Solomon, explaining the DOJ’s rationale for declining to prosecute a technical violation.

If that's correct on the "petty and vindictive," then Barr is viewing / portraying the leak -- that tormented Trump for over two years -- as a petty crime. And the vindictive part makes Barr seem to be afraid of how the leftist media will react against him. Justice CANNOT be run along the leftist railroad. The leftists SHALL NOT have a say in justice. Leftists are blackmailers, liars, criminals. Barr MUST NOT hearken to them, or decide issues according to their scare tactics / threats, not even if they carry out their threats. Right now, leftists are very weak, yet Barr caved already??? This is dismal. Barr looks like a Bushite. He's not willing to harm Comey nor Mueller.

Comey admitted he leaked, and so how can the DoJ now say they haven't a good enough case to charge him? Here's Fox confirming that Barr is hard-decided that Comey will be safe on this matter:

The revealing thing is, Barr didn't just leave this on the back burner in case more evidence surfaces. Instead, he sent Comey and Mueller a love letter with this confirmation. "Don't worry, my little apple pies, I won't go back on my word, you are not going to jail on this. All I've got to do now is figure out how to get you off on the FISA scandal. I've got lots of time to figure a way, because I'm making-wasting lots of time, heh-heh-heh. Don't worry, my little pumpkin pies, Trump's voters think I'm respectable, heh-heh-heh, because I've given those sobs every impression that I am. You owe me one, Jim." This is how I'm seeing Barr at this time.

Some might suggest that Barr is just keeping the guard down of Democrats for a whopper of a show later on. I don't see Barr operating that way, but it's possible he could. I don't expect Trump to show anger against Barr even if he's not on the same page with him, but if Trump doesn't even so much as tweet about this, then his voters are being left in limbo. Insensitive. Offensive. It leaves voters wondering about where Trump stands on the issue. After one full day, there's no Trump tweet on Barr's gift to Comey. BLANK. BIG EMPTY SPACE. The big bang we expected is imploding. Surely, Barr took this to Trump before decision time. What did Trump tell Barr? The illegality was against Trump. How could Barr not talk to Trump before deciding.

Solomon seems to be supporting Barr by suggesting that Barr is correct: the legal case is weak for successful prosecution. I take issue with Solomon here. Last week, he said that the Intelligence confirms that Guccifer is real, but so far as I have heard, no one has told us which social-media channels the Russians were using to interfere in the election. Show us the videos or articles. Go ahead, Mr. Solomon, show us how badly the Russians interfered. If there's no evidence of such interference, why would Solomon believe that Guccifer is real? RT (Russia Today) has opinions on American politics every day, yet no Democrat that I know of has accused RT of interfering in American politics. Apparently, no one has raised a speakable stink against RT. The Russians who supposedly interfered did nothing compared to what RT does, yet the Mueller / Rosenstein rats would have us believe that the interference was significant enough to justify a spy program on Trump's supporters. It's a sham, Mr. Solomon, why are you giving this thing credibility?

When Wray was in the senate hearing near the end of last month, he put up a scare-crow: there is a danger, he said, of Russian interference in the next election. Hogwash. What nonsense. Wray is playing a deep-state tactic to give the Mueller probe some respectability, and so is Solomon. Sad. I now expect Barr to use the same nonsense to give Mueller some respectability, or his excuse for taking so long with his "investigation."

Hopefully, Durham has the ability to prosecute aside from Barr's permission. DiGenova sounded certain on Fox this week that Barr's never going to return to Hillary's email scandal. Why not? It wasn't that long ago, and the evidence is all there that she broke the law in various ways. She destroyed government documents to cover her activities with Obama. Is that just a small thing, like a little dandruff to be flaked off? Her problem goes deeper, into the criminal skull.

What's Conrad Black Doing These Days

Below is a video with Amazing Polly (sounds like a name someone other than she chose i.e. she may not be working alone), on media's role in blackmail for destroying people and companies. It reminds me of when someone commented on my being shirtless in that dream, that I "lost my shirt," a phrase defined as bankruptcy, or of being sued for a lot of money. It's exactly Polly's topic, still on Epstein, and I'm convinced that the dream was on his island:

That was a pretty good video, with a punchy-line delivery without fail. As always with her presentations, it ends in some speculation but with some good, chewable meat. I think she's insinuating that Conrad Black is one of, or the chief, whistle blowers / stool pigeons against Epstein. Seeking whether Blacks can link to Stolls or Pigeons or Whistle's, I didn't see anything. However, when loading Blacks and, at the instant of peering at the stars in the Chief, a song, O Holy Night, by Martina McBRIDE, sang the word, "star." I then read of Nigers in the Black write-up, and loading Nigers, there was a sting of five lozenges on red, in half the colors of the string of five lozenges of Whistle's. The latter's are in the colors of the strings of lozenges used by English Stolls (Somerset, same as Whistle's). That's amazing, Polly.

[I didn't realize until a few paragraphs below that "O HOLY Night" can be a pointer to HOLLinger, the empire of Conrad Black.]

I'll bet that Epstein was one of the invisible-cabal stooges. We heard that he was found curled up in a fetal position while in prison, probably "dying" of withdrawal symptoms for lack of three orgasms daily. Oh, the horror of Hell's prison where the pleasantries from wealth are absent. Take careful warning, you fat cats of this end-time world, you back-stabbing, bottomless stomachs. Your money keeps you from repenting. You might even think that God favors you due to your great wealth. Prone to deception, fat cats, prone to deception, and by The Lie you will be deceived. The Lie, the Trap of God, is the lure you will go for. God's shoe will come down, and your night will begin, when your knees rattle. Your nasty teeth, which you used for biting others to death, will fall out.

It could occur to us that my rising with Miss Hicks is an allusion to the rapture of the Bride of God. But why should such a picture be in a dream about Epstein's circle of fat rats? Are we at the very end? Pray it comes before they make a human ape in the lab. Pray it never happens. God forbid it. Cursed be anyone who works on such a project.

So, if God used Martina McBRIDE for pointing to Conrad Black, it is interesting that Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with BraceBRIDGE's, suspect as a Brace/Brase merger with Bride liners. It just so happens the Martina's share the Chiefs of Pink-liner Panico's and Fantes' (uses boys), the latter highly pointable to James AleFANTIS of Comet Ping Pong, for Pings/Pongs/Paganells share the Panico / Fantes label for a blood-connectable reason, and it just so happens that Panico / Pagan liners are from dove/pigeon liners on / off the Pek river. Whistle's even share the lions of the Panico-branch Paine's (Somerset, same as Paine's).

I don't know whether Fantes' use boys; they just look like boys, and it fits the pizzagate theme of Comet Ping Pong. However, the same head is in the Tous/Tosini Coat, and it's called a "man" said to be wearing a SHIRT (yup) with buttons. I can now go back to my trace of Black-like Blake's and Blazers/BLASe's (share Black saltire) to Bled at the upper Sava, for Bleds/Bles' use a "tous" motto term. Plus, buckle-using Leslie's are suspect at Lesce, beside Bled, and Packers/PECKers, who share the lozenged cross of Stolls, were owners of Bucklebury.

The Nigel Crest shares a tree with Panico's, and the latter were on a Setta tributary of the Reno while Reno's share the lozenges of Pincs/Pinks, though the latter use them as a string of five lozenges, as do Nigels. [A couple of hours after writing here, I found that Reno's share the three lozenges of Montague's while Conrad Black is a Montague. Reno's were first found in Switzerland with German Stolls while English Stolls (Somerset, same as Montague's) have lozenges in colors reversed from those of Montague's!!! I almost missed that. What does it mean? Would God reveal this before or after Black has acted the stool pigeon?]

A string of five lozenges is shared also by Keith-related Marshalls and Mussolini's. This is great, for it touches on Masci's in the Chiefs of Panico's and Fantes', and the Masci-branch Masculine's DO use boys! It's easy to realize / prove that Mussolini's were a branch of Mussels/Muscels (colors and near-format of Meschins/Masculine's) who named Musselburgh in the land of Keiths/Mascals. And lookie at this, for while the two-word Keith motto is reversed from that of Alis', and while the latter use the so-called "MUZZLEd bear," such a bear is in the Amiel/Amy Coat. Barbara AMIEL is the wife of Conrad Black! Wikipedia has one of her homes in Palm Beach along with Epstein's home, but also with Trump's Mar-a-Lago (Legge's have a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head).

The Crispins were Clare's, and the triple Clare chevrons are in colors reversed from the same of Bleds/Bles'. Bloods/Bluds share the brown stag head in Crest with Clare's. French Crispins use the POMEgranate while Amiels/Amys were at Pomeray, which sounds like a line from Pomerania, where stag-line Trumps were first found.

Could we say that Conrad Black "lost his shirt"? Yes, exactly. The Amiels/Amys were owned of BOTIENne Castle, and the man with shirt and BUTTONs in the Tous Coat looks just like me. I am impressed at the resemblance of the hair and general look. It could have been arranged by God for an important point, for I was shirtless. Tous' were first found in Pisa with Mosca's, and the Pisa Coat is colors reversed in the Coat of Reno-like Reines' along with a comet, which points Reines' to the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria of James Alefantis. The Tous heads are in the Fantes Coat with the Masci fleur-de-lys. Without my shirt, I had only my jeans on, and Jeans are suspect as a branch of James'. JAMES Alefantis.

Ahh, I now recall the bag of two red buttons found in the kitchen SINK of my trailer when I was wrecking it piece by piece (I've told this story a few times). I didn't know of those buttons until wrecking the trailer, for they fell out of the kitchen cabinet, where the previous owner put them, where I wasn't able to see them. The Trail surname happens to share the Tous chevron, with mascles in the colors of the Tous stars, and moreover the "Discrimine" motto term of Trails is essentially the motto term of Masci-line Hamons. That's how the red buttons in the TRAILer can be an act of God in connecting me to the Tous man with red shirt and buttons.

Some days after the stool pigeon arrived to my septic tank, I saw three pigeons whirling around the maple tree in what looked like a pivotal scene toward the good. I was cutting and sanding the pieces of a kitchen cabinet (only six-feet long) at that time, on my deck. A week or less later, the kitchen SINK was installed, and it was noted that Sinks are in the colors and format of Pigeons. The latter share dolphins with the Arms of Dauphine while Payne's/Pagans and Page's/PAGEONs were first found in Dauphine. It's the Pane/Panico/Panetta bloodline. Is Conrad Black going to stool on pizzagate trolls?

Why were my Shirt-like shorts black? Just as I wrote that sentence, a song by Francesca Battistelli sang, "got a couple rips in my JEANS." Lost my shirt, got a couple of rips in my jeans, a picture of Conrad Black walking out of jail (when Trump pardoned him just weeks before Epstein was arrested). The Batti's and Stelli's use eight-pointed stars, and those of Stelli's are in the colors of the same of Tous'. The first-ever song used by God from Battistelli pointed to the Page's, that's right, to Lisa Page / Carter Page in particular. I just finished on the Page's a minute before this song line came on (it's only Friday). French Pigeons have a chevron colors reversed from the same of Tous' and Trails.

ZOWIE! The first sentence above was going to ask whether the black shorts (O Holy Night is playing again after the songlist has come full circle) predicts that Black's going to stool on Heather Samuelson, for the dead squirrel in the pocket of the shorts pointed to her. And then I remembered that I hung the shorts on my living-room POST! Conrad Black owned the Jerusalem Post! I'm sure than explains it. Note how "Amiel" could be of whatever named Samwells/SaMUELsons, for both surnames were first found in Cornwall. The Mails/Meile's, from Mr. Meolis, are suspect in applying because they were at Wirral while I looked Mails up in the first place checking for God's pointer to Hillary's email scandal (Heather Samuelson was in charge of destroying her emails). The Mells of neighboring Somerset share a giant, red fret with Irish BLAKE's while English Blake's were first found in Devon with Mails! Zinger, that looks Arranged for pointing to Conrad Black.

Problem: what could Mr. Black possibly know about Hillary's email scandal? Do I really think that he will be the one to bring this scandal back to the news in a full exposure? Hard to believe. Recall how Shirts/Shards traced to the Sarthe river at Le Mans, for Lemans'/Lemons were at Blything with Mells above too.

The trailer was torn apart because rain had gotten into the roof. It ruined the ceiling enough that the 17th squirrel in my attic was able to get a nest above the bathroom ceiling. I was closing or opening a trailer window in the bathroom's ceiling when this squirrel popped out of the nest, bounced off of my chest, then jumped up onto the kitchen counter, ran over the SINk to the bedroom window, and out a hole in its screen...which it had chewed to get in, in the first place. It could have been later that year when the red buttons appeared in this kitchen sink.

Some months earlier, I was reaching into the PINK insulation in my roof rafters, because it smelled terrible of squirrel urine. The same 17th squirrel popped out of its nest there, jumped off of a rafter in fright, onto my chest, and then dropped some 20 feet, like an umbrella (legs spread to catch friction), straight down before my amazed eyes. I can't prove that this was the 17th squirrel in my attic, but I have good reason to think so, for I saw only one squirrel at my place all that year, the year after catching the other 16. This was the only one to get away, which it did at the top of the solar PANELs, a pointer to Pings/Pongs/Paganells/PANELs (I had found Painells are in the Sola write-up, that's right). And that's why the nest was in the PINK insulation.

The Brest/Brix surname became a topic because this squirrel bounced off of my breast twice, and while there is indisputable proof that Brests/Brix's are from Brescia/BRIXia, that's where Fantes' were first found who share the Chief of Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's.

When I had the dream of being in Obama's billiard hall, I had to decide whether the piece of paper on his table was code for the paper versus Page surname. Seconds after loading Page's, the first-ever songline miracle took place with "I'm an empty page" singing in my ears, from a Battistelli song. I later realized that this line can refer to the redacted pages from the DoJ and FBI in their protection of the Clinton crime rings. The Pincs/Pinks have a version of the SEWER/Suter Coat, and I had turned the page into a paper plane, which I shot but SEWERed into the corner pocket. The dead squirrel was found in a pocket. Is there some correlation between the two pockets?

Wikipedia says that the wife of Conrad Black works at Maclean's magazine. It just so happens that Brests/Brix's were proved to be from Brescia thanks to the Lane's/Lano's, first found in Brescia. The Macleans are also MacLANE's, believe it or not. The Brests/Brix's, you see, named Brest at the LAUNay area of Brittany, and both Launays and Brests use lozenges. English Lane's use a "Garde" motto term while Brescia is beside lake Garda. As Trump's can be expected from Val Trompia to the north side of Brescia, does this indicate a Trump-Black partnership for stooling on the deep state? What a great idea. Perhaps Trump can redeem himself from his out-to-lunchedness thus far.

So, I started out on the BLACK shorts hanging on the POST, thinking that Conrad Black applied. I then went, thanks to the Trails already to topic, to the squirrel bouncing off of my breast twice in two or three months, and then his wife's magazine pointed to Brest elements. There could be more to this that I can't see at the moment.

I sense that I should record that the split Shield of English Lane's are those also of Groce's (and Hertzogs), and that these Lane's ("English lion") love the Roys who share the giant Post / Poole / English lion. In fact, the Englys variation of English's suggest the Angle's/Angels who might just be sharing the three Brest/Brix lozenges in someone else's colors. The three of Angle's/Angels are those of Angers and Nagle's in colors reversed, and Nagle's are said to have included Angulo's. I have it recorded (1st of Dec., 2018): "...three so-called "English lions" are used by Lane's."

WOW! BEHOLD, for it just so happens that Angers share the escarbuncle with Anger-like Hangers while the giant Hanger griffin is split in half in the colors of the giant one of Shorts!! AND Shorts were first found in Dorset with Poole while Pools and Posts (Hampshire, beside Dorset) have the same lion! Zinger. We have just linked the Posts (same place as Hangers) to Shorts starting from the Brest-related Lane's, and my shorts were HANGing on a NAIL on my post!!! German Nails are Nagle's too!!!!! Can thouest believeth this? Yes, I was building this house, and the living-room post was not yet clad with finished wood. It was just a rough post made of spruce, which allowed me to use nails for hanging things.

The Poors share "non" and a fesse with Nagle's, and the black tower of Poors might be for Blacks, for they share the Poor stars. Poors are a branch of Powers while the latter's Chief is that of Palins, first found in Dorset with Shorts.

I've just recalled that the estoiles of Shorts are in the colors of the stars of Shirt-loving Tous', which can explain why Tous' love the Buttons. Moreover, the Hanger griffin is split horizontally in the colors of the horizontally-split colors of English-lion Lane's! Excellent work, O Lord.

Now, as the 17th squirrel had been suspect as a pointer to National Intelligence (Clapper > Coats > Ratcliffe), let's repeat: "I now believe that my embrace with Miss Hicks at her hovering scene is code for Levers/LOVERs, as well as the Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Levin-suspect Burrs) with a black version of the Clapper Shield." I happened to mention Levins there, who are also Livings. The shorts were hanging on the living-room post, and Rooms/Rims are the ones who love the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs. Burrs were at Tarves, and Tarvisium, not far from Brescia, is where I trace Tarves' whose split colors (vertically) are those of English-lion Lane's.

AHHH, I have found a new surname in the Launay-like Lanays/Lennie's, and they not only share the muzzled bear with Amiels/Amys, but share the cinquefoil of Pockets. I didn't realize until now that Pockets were first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks. Barbara Amiel works at Macleans, and Lanays share the Amiel symbol; it looks arranged by the Justice in the Sky. Watch out, fat cats. Sell all you have, Mr. Trump, and purchase from Jesus eternal life for your soul.

Conrad Black and Food Basics???

Back to my sense when thinking to record that Groce's and Lane's share the same split Shield. Groce's had come to topic when finding the Saint-Petersburg MEDALlion on my hood at the GROCEry store. I looked up Medals when getting home, who are listed with the Dougals sharing the lion of English's. It's these Lane's who use the "English lions." Moreover, the English Crest is the DOUGLas Crest. That works to connect the Lane's to the medallion-on-Jeep event. Douglas' share "jamais" with James' for obvious reason, but James' throw in "J'AIME," looking like code for the Amy variation of Amiels. Is that not amazing? The Aime's are listed with Hains, first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks, and the Aime/Hain crescent, in colors reversed, is that of Blacks!

As some evidence that the Blacks share a version of the Aime/Hain crescent, the latter's crescents come with two blue pale bars in the colors of the CUNTY/Cindy pale bars while Courts/Coverts have a "GrandesCUNT" motto term while Grands/Grants share the three crowns of Conrad's.

It thus appears that the medallion concerns Mr. Black. Yet the James' and Jeans/Jane's (Vespasia-Polla liners, includes Pools) were helpful in resolving the dream with Little Saint James, Epstein's island. The video of Amazing Polly is coming to mind. The James lion is even the Post / Medal/Dougal / Pool lion! Coincidence? My BLACK shorts hung on a NAIL in the POST, and Nails/Nagle's are from Oneglia, where the Arduinici of the Bautica married Doria's who in turn have a giant eagle in the colors of the giant Below / Jeepma eagle. The Saints even share cherub heads with CHALons/Chalants.

Aha. The Aime/Hain Coat is essentially that of Oldens while Jeepma's were first found in Oldenburg. It doesn't appear coincidental. It's making a link of the medallion to Conrad Black again. But why?

The Chalons/Chalants (makings of "Clement") were first found in Powys, same as Clair-related Clermonts'/Clements (Brick-like Breconshire). Lookie: the Chalants came up when I discovered that my girlfriend (1987), Miss Whelan, was leaving me for another man. Kepke and I discovered (all without a spy service) where they were meeting, and so we got to the restaurant first. When the couple walked in, I started to get up to confront her, but Kepke said, "be non-chalant." The Chalons/Chalants came to topic at that time, expected from Mummolin's city, Chalons-sur-MARNE, suspect with Clement-connectable Marina's. Mummolin was descended from Tullia of CLERMONT-Ferrand, explaining why Clements come up as "Clermonts." The reason this paragraph was started however, is that Miss Whelan had a home on the same street where God struck the CHIMNEY of our house seven years before meeting her. Chimney bricks were scattered on the roof, and Bricks happen to share the Whelan Coat, Crest included. The Blacks are said to be from CHIMNEY sweeps, ha-ha, not likely correct, but it makes me wonder whether God provided the idea, or why Conrad Black should be a part of that lightning-bolt event. What think ye?

German Bolts were first found in MECKlenburg with Trumps...which reminds that the Call/Caules trumpets are positioned like the three fesses of Mix's/Micks/Mikulas' while the latter's fleur-de-lys are shared by Dole's while Dols (Trump colors), first found in Pomerania with Trumps, use a Whelan-like whale. What think ye? Why the lightning bolt instead of a bolt and screw? Why do Mecks share the crescent of Amie's/Hains who had apparently linked to the Black crescent? Or, why were German Clements first found in Bohemia with German Michaels/Meikle's? Why does the latter's Coat look like that of Cassano's?

Whelans were first found in WATERford, and the Arms of County Waterford share the Trump stag head. At one time, the Arms showed a side view of the stag head, but now shows the head as in the Legg Coat. I have said that Kepke was a pointer to Trump when in a dream he came up my driveway with a sickly-looking stag followed by Paul Smith on crutches. Paul Smith owned a red Jeep, the color of my Jeep.

The other Chalons/Chalants have a bend colors reversed from the same of Keeps, tending to prove that God spoke "Be non-chalant" through KEPke (he lived on her street). She was on the corner of my street and his, and mine was Reesors. It just so happens that Reesors share the vaired patee cross of English Ferrands. Undeniably, Intelligent Design is behind all of this. She met her new man some ten miles from her home, at the same mall that Kepke and I had sold shoes a year or two earlier. He and I ate regularly at this very restaurant.

It's very interesting here that while English Clermonts'/Clements share the Chief of RATners (Powys), the other English Clements (no longer showing a Coat) had shown two bends in the colors of the two bends of RATcliffe's, thus making a Ratcliffe link to Ratners. Rads share the hexagram of German Michaels while Ratners were first found in RADnorshire. And as my hood is to topic, let's repeat that Hoods were at Rattery. In fact, the Powys surname has a bear paw (or bear leg) in colors reversed from the same of Italian Bellino's, first found in Verona with Belli's. As Powys' call their leg a "gamb," note that Gambino's (Venice, same as Italian Clements!) use a human LEG (think). Isn't there a Gambino crime family? From Politico (not a friend of Trump, expect some exaggerated spin):

But Trump was not clean as a whistle. Beginning three years earlier, he’d hired mobbed-up firms to erect Trump Tower and his Trump Plaza apartment building in Manhattan, including buying ostensibly overpriced concrete from a company controlled by mafia chieftains Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno and Paul Castellano...Paul Castellano, head of what was said to be the second largest family, the Gambinos."

Italian Casino's even share the nebuly feature on their fesses with Clermonts'/Clements. Did God arrange this? Did God want to make a Trump-mobster link to Chalant-like Clemants?

As said several times, I was just 11 years old, and when waking from sleep, I had become conscious only when hearing myself think, "no, I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in..." bang! The flash out my window was so bright, it felt like it bounced off of my pillow and onto my forehead. I heard sounds at the ceiling, not yet knowing that brick pieces were rolling down the shingled roof. I was momentarily terrified. Perhaps my pillow should be reckoned as a cushion, for this is of the Bibo's rooster, standing on a cushion, a red rooster like that of Kiss'/CUSH's. Yes, this works now, for Kiss'/Cush's share the fountains upon a black chevron with CASS'/Cash's, suggesting Casino kin. And the Bibo write-up tells of kinship with rooster-using Hahns (Aime's/Hains?), first found in Mecklenburg, that's right, with Trumps. Hahns use a giant rooster in the colors of the giant Trump stag head. The same fountains are used in the Waterford surname. The bricks on the roof pertained to Miss Whelan seven years later, and Brick-related Whelans were first found in Waterford. This is making sense: the lightning touches upon president Trump. But look at the words I was speaking at the time of the bolt, suggesting God's anger with Trump's lip-service support for Christians while denying Him. It behooves his going into the throat of the shark. But then why did I jump into the pool to save this bulldog?

You had best get on your knees, Mr. Trump, and cry a big cry for the horrible sins that you claim you do not carry on your shoulders. When you get up after the long cry, here, take this big stick, and whack the deep state to shreds. Unless you wish to be eaten alive by it, destroy it. Cass'/Cash's use a "pair of SCALES" while Scale's share the Crest of Irish Clairs and the scallops of French Larins while Clarens/Larins are likely the clarion-trumpet line in connection with Trumps in some manner.

AHHHH, the Cust branch of Kiss'/Cush's / Cass'/Cash's: 1) were first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks; 2) share the Black chevron; 3) were at Bolton-like Belton near GRANTham. Grands/Grants share the Conrad crowns, and thus it appears that God set this up to link Conrad Black to something of Trump that God wants to emphasize with the lightning bolt, perhaps the casino by the looks of it. Beltons (share the Belt chevron) are BELETons while Bellows are Belets too. Belts share the besants of Clermonts/Clements and Clairs, I might assume. Belows use a chalice POURing water, and Bellows/Belets use a "puro" motto term (I suggest Purys, first found in Oxfordshire with bellows-using Shiptons). To clarify, Custs, Kiss' and Cass' all share a black-on-white chevron with one Black Coat while the other Blacks share the saltire of Kilpatricks who in-turn use cushions. If that's not enough, Irish Kilpatricks share a white saltire with Moffats, the latter first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks, and Conrad Black has "Moffat" as his middle name. In the dream, I was going to kiss Mrs. Kilpatrick awake.

While I was writing point 1) above, a song sang the word, "lilies," the symbol of Waterfords. The song is, "I'd RATHER have Jesus," and Rathers/Rothers/Randolphs (BLACK stars) happen to share the Belet / Belt chevron.

As Blacks are expected with the stars of Glass', the CHIMneys, who are likely in code in the Black write-up's "chimney sweeping," look like Kims, first found in Bute with Glass'. The Kim Coat is shared by Frasers who throw in quadrants looking linkable to the same of Mix's/Micks, and then Mecks/Meiks share the boar head of McGee's/JEE's while Frasers have a "Je" motto term. Aside from the duck, Mecks/Meiks have a version of the Bellow/Belet Coat, and the latter share white cinquefoils with Kims / Frasers. That works pretty good, but there's more, for Kims are also Shimmie's/Kins while Shins/Chinns share the Coat of KEMmis'/Kenys', with three fesses colors reversed from the three of Mix's/Micks. Then, the one fesse of the Meekins'/Makins is in blue-vair on red, reflective of the Shin/Chinn / Kemmis/Kenys Coat. Meekins share a Coat version of Lindseys (swan), from Lincolnshire (same as Blacks) but having moved to Lanarkshire (beside GLASgow), where Swans/SIONs/SINE's were first found who should explain "Shin," for example. Meekins'/Makins share the pelican with Biggars, first found in Lanarkshire. Finally, Mecks share the crescent of Aime's/Hains, first found in Lincolnshire. It tends to suggest that Blacks share the Maxwell/Makeswell saltire with Make-beloved Kilpatricks (Dumfries, same as McGee's/Jee's who share Meek boar head). It recalls my goal on goalie, Jim McGee, when the puck was passed to me from Steve Tarr, for the Tarrs look connectable to the Coat of Masci-related Make's.

Sorry for cluttering your head further, but as Maxwells/Makeswells share the black, double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps (OLDENburg), note that Mecks/Meeks share the crescents of Oldens/Aldens while the Mallards in the Meck/Meek mallard duck has crescents in colors reversed, which happen to be the Black crescents. German Ducks have fesses looking connectable to the fesse-wise bars of Michelins (Venice), and as the Mallard moline is that of Chives' too, let's add that Ceva is at the Cevetta river while Cavetts show nothing but four fesses in the colors of the nothing-but five fesses of Ducks (Westphalia, same as Nails). English Ducks have the stars of Salome's while Irish Ducks/Logans have a big, fat Herod-suspect heart with NAILs in it. (See the Trump-Herod insert below.) The "JUNGor" motto term of Mecks/Meeks should partly be for Jungs/Youngs/June's, whose stag is in Trump-stag colors. Trumps were first found in MECKlenburg.

AND WOW, the other Shins share the bend of English Caullings/Caullins/COLINs while French Colins have three fesses in colors reversed from the same of Mix's/Micks! It's as though this is verification that the Call/Caules trumpets are to be linked to the Mix/Mick fesses. Plus, I'm beside myself, for if one enters "Caullin," the Caullings/Caullins/Colins don't come up, but we get a Coat that is nearly theirs, and using the Keep bend!!! I was going to say that Kepke, who is God's symbol for Trump, left Miss Peare for KIM Walsh, you see, and Walsh's use the swan too! Incredible. This all goes to Kepke's non-CHALANT term i.e. it includes the call-suspect Caullins.

Didn't Trump want to build a concrete wall on the Mexican border? Hmm. Who was going to get the contracts? The Salerno crime family of Genova is in the article, and so, as the Doria's of Genova can be with a one-headed version of the Jeepma / Below eagle, let's add that Salerno's share the Payen/Pagan Coat, almost, while I've thought that "Pagan" was of the PICENtini mountains near Salerno. Recall the Sola's having the Painells, for the Solnier variation of Sola's links to the Chalon-like Chaulnes' (via Saulnier's). The Cassano's have the Salerno hexagrams in colors reversed, and throw in a fesse in the colors of the three of Casino's. You should never have built that sinful casino, Mr. Trump. You were a big fool. It would be a sin even to sell it to another fool, yet you own it. The thunder and lightning of Revelation is coming for fat cats just like you, the epitome of the gentile dog. Perhaps I was jumping into the pool to kick your butt deeper into the shark. You sure deserve it. Your shallow supporters nearly worship you for merely opening your mouth against your political enemies. Just look at the deep state running from your terrifying words.

MAR-a-LAGo. The Maria's/Mari's, first found in Genova, even share nebuly bends with Clements! The Marina's use three nebuly bends in black, but Maria's/Mari's use four in black, and German Clements happen to have four, black fesses. Marina's were first found in Perugia with Grazio's, the latter sharing the POMEgranate with Crispins while Crispins were Clare's! Perfect as per Clermonts'/Clements, and for linking to the clarion trumpet. Trumpet-using Calls/Caules' even have a "Grata" motto term for linkage to Grazio liners. Greats/GREEPs (Crispins are also CREPons) share the Nagle/Nail saltire, that being the line likely to the Doria's of Oneglia. Trumps were first found in POMerania with German Belows.

Don't Leggs have a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head? Is this some sort of verification from God that Trump has the Gambino family behind him? Or did that family turn on him for fear of what he knew? Scottish Belli's/Bellys share the roses of Jumps, who in turn share the Trump stag head. We saw Italian Belli's link to leg-using Gambino's in potential connection with Clair-related Clements i.e. linkable to the clarion trumpet. My dream with the kids jumping on a bed introduced the Jumps to my discussions, and that dream had a fake retail store such as we would expect from the mob for laundering money or carrying out black-market schemes such a pedophilia. I had pointed to an item on a LIST upon a sheet of paper, and the SALESman said that it was a yellow bed (having a yellow mattress). The Lists are a branch of English Lise's while Scottish Lise's share the double chevrons of Clarion-like Clarens/Larins! Just look at how neat that was in pointing to Trump, only this time, the pointer is to an evil Trump if he's still doing the mob's will.

"Greatest" is a motto term of Salerno-like Sailers, and their "most" motto term can be gleaned with the Mosters/Mesters/Masters, for they share the griffin heads of Sailers. The Matress surname happens to have Master-like Maistre/Mestre variations. Is this God's way of linking the jumping-on-bed dream to the Salerno crime family? Avezzano's were from the land of the Marsi i.e. connectable to Maria's/Mari's. Avezzano is off the Salto river i.e. traceable to the Sallett variation of Sales'. Saluzzo is near Genova. The SALESman pointed to the yellow mattress. The Salesman Coat has eagles colors reversed from the Doria / Jeepma/CHEP eagle. Chappes'/CHEAPs share "ears of wheat" with Bocci's/Brocato's, first found in Genova.

The "aCUTa" motto term of Belli's/Bellys is very interesting because Conrad Black is being surmised as rescuing Trump from shark teeth (not mere dentures we can be sure) around his belly, and while Mr. Black is a Montague, the latter are also MontaCUTE's. The Cute's even have a version of the Dent Coat. Lookie: Montague's were first found in Somerset with Broads, and while both use three fesse-wise lozenges, the one Broad lozenge upon the same pale bar as Blake's is also the Dent lozenge! Wow, what a blackincidence. Plus, Dents were at SEDbergh (Yorkshire), and the Sedans ("sed" motto term), previously said to be first found in Yorkshire (location of Sedbergh), share a BLACK border with Montague's! That explains it, and now brings Conrad Black right to the dents of the shark! EXCELLENT, I didn't expected this. The "None" motto term of Sedans might just be a pointer to Devin Nunes.

[I've just learned of a CLAPham location near Sedbergh. There is a Clapham surname, sharing the Masci fleur, and possibly the Gernon-Crest lion, which I say because de Gernon was a son of le Meschin while Meschin's brother married Skiptons (RUMilys) of Craven while Clapham is in Craven.]

I hope you didn't forget above that Cute's appear to be in the Belly motto. Are you not impressed??? You've got to be, or go back and read it again, and load the Coats to get it. Montague's were at Shipton, and Shiptons love belly-like Bellows/Belets. It's obvious that God has Montague's at the shark's teeth. The Dents (version of Cute Coat) share the lozenges also of Hounds (Cambridgeshire, same as Cute's) while Cute's use the greyHOUND. Hounds use a white border in colors reversed from the Montague / Sedan border. None's/Nunns/Noons (share bull head with Ratcliffs (go Nunes) share the Schutz saltire, and Schutz's share a greyhound head in Crest with Cute's. Black-border Furness' share a seated dog with Huns.

Mrs. Kilpatrick hovered in a car over the seats, and the Car motto (shares "sed" with Sedans) suggests the Serio river at Crema because Cramers/Cremers share the Chief of Irish Kilpatricks who in-turn share the white saltire of Moffats. Conrad Moffat Black. The partner with the Black brothers at Hollinger was Mr. RATler.

The Broads use a savage in Crest while Savage's share the black lion paw with black-border Bedfords, yet I have it recorded: "the 'gambs' of Bedfords." I also have the lion paws of Averys recorded as gambs. I looked these things up because I thought that the None/Nunn lion paws might be gambs. Also: "The Austins even use 'three black lions' GAMBs erect, erased.'" The Avery besants are also those of Belts, the latter suspect with Bellows/Belets i.e. connectable to Montague's at the bulldog's belly, and thus the gambs of this picture are pointing to the Gambino crime ring, I assume, the nasty thing that might have Trump compromised. That is, is the shark a representation of the mob?

Now that we have Broads as part of the shark-teeth equation to which Conrad Black is linking, let's repeat: "So, if God used Martina McBRIDE for pointing to Conrad Black, it is interesting that Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with BraceBRIDGE's, suspect as a Brace/Brase merger with Bride liners. Bride's are also Broad-like Brode's. The bulldog was exactly a short, British bulldog, and British's/Braddocks have a gold stag head beside what could be chaplets -- all on the chevron -- and these two items are in the Hick Crest, logically enough. Surely, God included the British's/Braddocks for more reason that this link to Hicks'. The surname is said to have included old BRODhoks, and while Brode's happen to be listed with Bride-related Brights, they are of Brigantium on the Durance river of the Sales-like Salyes Ligures. The Durance-like Turano flows beside the SALTo, and Sales' are also Salletts.

[A day or two after writing here, while on the BRIDGEwater location near the Ling location of Lings, Bridgewaters were loaded to find a gold stag (or maybe a buck) in Crest, the colors of the Hick buck head, and the Bridgewater Chief is also that of Irish Kilpatricks. The Lings use fish heads in the colors of the Ged fish, and Geds were on the Nith river with Kilpatrick castle. It tends to prove that my embrace with Mrs. Kilpatrick / Miss Hicks is indeed a pointer to BraceBRIDGE's (Lincolnshire, same as Bucks and Blacks). You can't argue with the facts unless you want to be alone. By the time of this insert, the important Blackburns were fresh out of the heraldic oven (you'll see them introduced below); they have a fesse with the nebuly pattern, and it just so happens that a fesse-wise nebuly split, in the same colors, is used by Bucks!!! Totally amazing. It wasn't me who made Miss Hicks marry a Mr. Kilpatrick.]

Recall my trace of Blake's / Blazers/Blase's to Bled variations, for Bled-like Blade's are said to be from a Drogo, and Montague's have Drogo de Montacuto. The same Drago of Blade's is in the Burton write-up, and Burtons share a "lux" motto term with Blacks. Gue's/Goughs (share Moor head with Bellys/Belli's) happen to share the Black stars, suggesting that Montague's can be a branch of Goffs/Goughs / Googe's/Gooch's. Burtons share a dog head on blue with Glue's/Clue's.

I had a dream in which I was purchasing carpenters glue to use as grease for the wheel bearings of my car. The Carpenter's share the Scottish Belly/Belli motto, "Per acuta belli." The Carpenters happen to have a version of the Italian Belli Coat, and they were first found in Verona with Bellino's whose bear paw is colors reversed from the bear's gamb of Powys'. Powys is in Wales beside Denbighshire, the latter being where Glue's/Clue's were first found. It appears the dream has Intelligent Design. Carpenters were first found in Suffolk with BEACONs/Bacons, and German Belli's happen to use a beacon...suspect with never-Trumpers at Washington Free Beacon. French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Bellows/Belets.

The "macula" motto term of Glue's may suggest Macclesfield because one Arms of Macclesfield shares the Glue-Crest lion, and the Macclesfield lion holds a gold garb, all in colors reversed from the lion holding a garb of Gue-like Cue's. As I said, I was in a PARKING lot on the CORNER of two streets, with the car on four jacks, with wheels off. I went into the store at that corner to buy carpenter's glue, and the dream ended there. Parkings/Perkins are a pointer to Perkins COIE, and on the pool table of Obama, I used a pool CUE to shoot a paper plane into a CORNER pocket. Corners/Garners have been resolved from lake Garda, where Val Trompia led to Dutch Tromps sharing the acorn with Corners/Garners. There we see Trumps/Tromps working into this Cue picture.

Within a few years Donald J. Trump had made friends with the city’s most notorious fixer, lawyer Roy Cohn, who had become famous as lead counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy. Among other things Cohn was now a mob consigliere, with clients including “Fat Tony” Salerno, boss of the Genovese crime family, the most powerful Mafia group in New York, and Paul Castellano, head of what was said to be the second largest family, the Gambinos.

...Salerno, Castellano and other organized crime figures controlled the ready-mix business in New York, and everyone in construction at the time knew it. So did government investigators trying to break up the mob, urged on by major developers such as the LeFrak and Resnick families. Trump ended up not only using ready-mix concrete, but also paying what a federal indictment of Salerno later concluded were inflated prices for it...

...FBI agents subpoenaed Trump in 1980 to ask about his dealing with John Cody, a Teamsters official described by law enforcement as a very close associate of the Gambino crime family.

That's getting close to the 1979 dream. I'm still asking why 1979, 15 years before I would see Miss Hicks a few times for the first time, and 22 years before I would see her for the second time.

The "manu" motto term of Calls/Caules' is shared by Mackays, from king Maccus of Man. As Calls are expected from Pas-de-Calais, we can return to the "bello Christi" phrase of Bouillons, for Christine's were first found on the Isle of Man, which uses the three human legs in the Arms of Sicily. We have all heard of Sicilian mafia. Sardinia is near Sicily, and Shirts/Shards are in the MAN's shirt in the Tous/Tosini Coat.

The same sort of three legs in the Arms of Man and Sicily is used for the Arms of Fussen, a location on the Leck river that's also called, FOETes, a term I link to Foots/Foods (Cheshire, same as Sales'/Sallets). Saluzzo is near Fussen-like Fossano.

The bulldog can be portrayed as either jumping or falling into the pool, for I could never be sure which of the two it was. It didn't run to the pool, but only walked, so that it's not certain that it jumped. Yet as the Jumps share the Trump stag head, it tends to speak for itself. Moreover, I have told before that the bulldog came walking past my left leg, and Leggs (this is new, so far as I recall), first found in Dumfries with Bullys, have a stag head in Trump / Jump stag-head colors!! Zinger. I am now fully convinced that the bulldog represented Trump, wow.

A human leg is used by Leaks/Leakeys, a surname very linkable to the bull dog past my leg, and expected to be about 9-11. Did the Gambino / Salerno crime ring take down the twin towers? Did Trump know of it?

Lookie: the Basic-like Baschs have variations, and a couple of symbols, suggesting a Bush branch. The medallion still had four links of the Cheney-like chain still attached, and Cheneys have a martlet version of the Salesman Coat (version of the Sales/Sallet Coat) while Saluzzo is beside Busca, both in Cheney-suspect Cuneo. The "fato" motto term of Cheneys is suspect with Fate's/FEETs, you see, so that we can understand the use of Food Basics by God for that medallion event. I first saw Miss Hicks on CHRISTmas day, and Christmas' use white rabbits, a Cuneo symbol of Conys and Conns highly suspect as a pointer to the pedophilia industry (God curse to a crisp those who make money this way, and save the children). The Christmas martlets are colors reversed from the same of Cheneys, and Fate's/Feets share gold martlets with Cheneys (version of Bois-of-Bosco Coat) in the colors of the Blake martlets. Is that yet another indication of a Foods-Basic / medallion link to Conrad Black? German Christmas' happen to share a gold border with Baschs (share Bosco-related rose with Christs).

After meeting her for the first time on Christmas day, 1994, God must have arranged for me to change churches in 2001, and I happened to find her attending there at that time, late in 2001 (it was after December 9, the day I arrived to Texas). As I walked into this church during a Christmas play, probably the week after seeing her there for the first time, there she was up at the front singing a song. AMAZINGLY, I now recall how I ended up at that church. The LEG of my wood stove had broken off, I kid you not, and so I took the stove to a welder friend to repair it, and the pastor of that church dropped in just as I was there. We went indoors and chatted. The welder attended his church.

SO, checking the Welders: the three hexagrams of Salerno's! It's making Trump more suspect with the Salerno crime ring. The leg was broken off, and Leggs share the Trump stag head, almost. And zowie, I can now repeat that, when the Ukrainian parents of Miss Muschatov wouldn't let me see their daughter anymore (1980), I climbed their TV antenna, knocking on her bedroom window. She opened the window. When I came down, I walked along the top of their privacy fence as a protest, and Rick Legge was there. She lived on WELDRick road!!! Wow. It looks like we're to link that to the welder who repaired the leg.

Unbelievable. This same welder, the year before fixing the stove, had welded the base of a machine I was building for making my FENCE-POST invention. I walked on her fence, and then this fence-post invention appears to apply, while posts in this picture are suspect with Conrad Black's Jerusalem Post. Conrad is suspect with the event at Food Basics. I kid you not, I've told this before; many years after parting with Miss Muschatov, I bumped into her (1999) in a grocery store. Hence, the Food Basic grocery store looks to apply exactly to the Foot/Food liners in the paragraph below.

Miss MUSCHATov. Muschats are Fitchet kin linkable to Foot-branch Fothes/Fittes', for Foot related Gernons ("cyFOETH") are from MontFitchet. Not only are Muschats listed with Montfitchets, but Ranulph de Gernon was the son of le-Meschin i.e. a branch of Muschats, apparently. My head is spinning.

Muschats (Essex, same as Waters) share the Epstein and Water Coats! Trump was engaged with Epstein in the earlier years. Casino's link to Cassano's/CASSANDRA's, and English Cassane's/CASSANDRA's share the Epstein / Water / Muschat Coat too. Did God prepare these things looking ahead to Trump's casino?

I was going to add that the bulldog can also be viewed as falling into the swimming pool because the James / Post / Pool / Medal lion is that also of FALLS'/Fallis (Rockefeller liners) while Trump ended up in the mouth of the deep state due to FALSE accusations against him. It just so happens that Italian Fallis' were first found in Venice with Clements.

The belly of the bulldog must be a pointer to the chalice-with-WATER of Scottish Belows, not only because German Belows have the Jeepma eagle, but because Chalice's and their variations suggest trumpet-using Calls/Caules'. It's again seemingly including Trump in the medallion picture, which is understandable in the "SAINT PETERSBURG RUSSIA" stamped in the medallion. The Hillary-Steele dossier had some things concerning that Russian city in its host of false accusations. Just think of how low the odds are that I would find a medallion, left on my Jeep's RED hood, stamped in both English and Russian during the time that Trump was suffering his Russia-collusion attacks.

It was resolved that Medals/Dougals are kin of Scottish Bauds who in-turn share the Hood crescent, and moreover French Bauds, first found in Auvergne with Bella-loving Bouillons, are from the BAUTica/BALTea river, explaining why Scottish Bauds share the BALD ship. De Bouillon's brother was king BALDwin of Jerusalem. The 1979 dream points to Hicks of Clapton in particular, the trumpet-using Hicks who married Arthurs from the Arduinici of the Bautica river. The chalice-using Belows even share a "Tout" motto term with Hicks, explicable where queen Etuta and/or queen Teuta of the Ardiaei is at the root of Touts/Toots (Yorkshire, same as Hicks). Trumpets toot, don't they? Yes, and Trump's most favorite craft is to toot the trumpet on himself. The Call/CAULES trumpet thus seems easily connectable to the Hicks / Arthur trumpet because Pas-de-CALAIS, also called, Artois, was the home of de-Bouillons father. His name was Eustace, and the Eustace's / Staceys / Staggs/Stage's (all three branches) owned the stag.

The eagle of the Artois/Artis surname is colors reversed from the Jeepma / Below eagle, and the red one in the Artois/Artis Crest has been suspect with the red eagle of English Botters because it's in the design of the giant Artois/Artis eagle, and because these Botters have the eagle STANDing on a perch while Arthurs have an "obSTANTia" motto term suspect with Stands/Stants/Stans.

The great thing is that God gave Miss Peare a belly symbol even before the 1979 dream, and this was resolved hard as poured concrete with the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons. The father of Godfrey de Bouillon lived in Pas de CALAIS, where Chalice's are said to be from. This is staggering because Godfrey III, de Bouillon's grandfather, helped the PIERleoni of Rome, where Rita's were first found who are very linkable to Pools (from Vespasia Polla of Rieti). CHRISTine Peare worked for REITmans when I was with her. The Below chalice is pouring out water, and Waters share the Epstein Coat. Therefore, where Conrad Black has a bone to pick with Epstein, it's notable that Black is now connecting to the medallion on the jeep, itself connectable to Belows.

Montague's were at a Shipton location, and Shiptons (same place as Peare's) use bellow fans. Just look at that big, fat "coincidence." Will Mr. Black help Trump to get out of the shark's mouth in return for Trump's pardoning him?

The Black stars have always been suspect as the Glass stars, and Douglas' are also DouGLASS' for what may have been a Dougal merger with Glass'. I don't know what this means as per Saint Petersburg, Russia, but I'm starting to think that God moved Amazing Polly to do a few videos on Epstein, with the latest one having Conrad Black and a very logical premise and speculative conclusion concerning his being part of the attack on Epstein. There's no court-worthy proof for this, but even if not true, it appears that God himself is pointing to Mr. Black.

As Trump gave Black a pardon, He probably figured I'd look up the Pardon surname, and here's what He could have provided for us: "Early Scottish records revealed Patrick fiz Matheu de Partone of Dumfries rendering homage to King Edward I of England in 1296." It looks like Kilpatricks of Dumfries, kin of Moffats of Dumfries. Conrad Moffat Black. Matthew de Partone? One Matthew surname shares the Bled Coat.

Watch this. I say Blazers/Blase's, who have a version of the Kilpatrick and/or Black Coat, are a branch of Bleds/Bles'. On the first occasion of wearing a tie to Mrs. Kilpatrick's church, I wore a blazer too. She came over to me, took both my hands into hers, and prayed for me (2005). Her husband was there. It would be our last time together. When I walked out of church that morning, my vehicle had a FLAT tire (this story is in at least two updates). The Flatts/Fletts, sharing the same chevron as Blacks, can be gleaned as kin of Flags/Flecks via the double fesses the latter share with Fleets. Flags/Flecks have a version of the Palmer Coat, and the Palmer trefoils are colors reversed from the black ones of Flatts/Fletts. Finally, the black trefoil is in the Crest of Fleetwoods while the Fleetwood Coat is split in half vertically with a nebuly border, even as the Maffie Coat is split horizontally in the same colors with its own nebuly border. Moffats are MAFFetts too. The "Pro rege" motto of Maffie's is a phrase in the motto of Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's, and English Cassane's were first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flagi.

On the day I wore the blazer, I wore a corny tie with treble clefs as its design. She might have liked it, right up her music alley. Cleffs are listed with Cliffs (married Stichs, suspect with Traby-related Astikas'), who share the three wolf heads of Quade's/Quoids suspect in the "Quod" motto of wolf-using Fleetwoods. Irish Mackays use the same wolf heads while Scottish Mackays share the dagger with Kilpatricks. The Fleetwoods are split vertically in the colors of the same of Traby-like Tarves', and Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped scarf, probably in honor of Quade's or Queens (Skye, same as FLAG-using McLeods/Clouds), for they both use three wolf heads, as do Scarfs. And the Scarf wolf heads are white, same as the Fleetwood wolf. Finally, just compare TREBle clef with "Traby / Treby." Therefore, God arranged that last time we were together, because there is Intelligent Design in the heraldry.

The Fleetwood wolf is the white one of Gore's/Core and Gore's/Gowers, but the latter surname even throws in a "FLECtes" motto term that, when read as "flecTES," can be for the Tes'/Tease's/Tecks and/or Tiss'/Teece's, very linkable to Tie's/Dye's via the Tyes variation of Tease's. Pretty amazing stuff, it really is, like an education into heraldry by God personally just to reveal what this world has been about since the murder of his Son. Tes' are listed with . I wore a tie when I had the flat tire. But I took it off to fix the tire.

As I said, I remember wearing my Docker leather shoes that day, and English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers while Kilpatricks use the dagger. Daggers share the scallops of the Yorkshire Jacks, you've just got to laugh. I jacked the van up to fix the flat. It was a Safari van, and Saffer-related Savards/Salfords use the black wolf too. Ratcliffs were at Salford. Repeat from the last update: "As Salfords are in Bush/Busch colors and format, I suggest that SALfords were of Saluzzo, beside Busch." Alice of Saluzzo was the daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo and Luis of Ceva. "Ceva is at the Cevetta river while Cavetts show nothing but four fesses in the colors of the nothing-but five fesses of German Ducks (Westphalia, same as Nails)." German Dockers are listed with German Ducks, can you believe it? Gods chose my Docker shoes and arranged the heraldry to do the trick we just saw. What are the chances that my blazer links to Ducks? Be on the look-out.

Queens use as "ConSTANT" motto term while Stants/Stans share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks and Fleets. Treble's/Trible's have a page, though not shown with a Coat, and they were first found in Devon with Trebys.

Don't ask me why God would choose to give me a flat tire instead of using some other flat thing; it seems He doesn't mind giving me some hard times for this revelation. As I got my butt down on the grass to get the jack under the axle, the Kilpatricks drove out of the parking lot, looking at me. I waved as they drove by...and then I left Texas for good, in the same year the Kilpatricks moved to the Dallas area, just a few miles from Mr. RatCLIFFE. Is that why I wore treble clefs on my tie? Did God arrange the tie so that He could point to Mr. Ratcliffe? It makes a lot of sense after all that I've just said on Ratcliffs not knowing I'd be doing this blazer / flat-tire section until today, Sunday, late in the week. But, drats, Trump went and discarded Ratcliffe like a dirty rag.

The tie was given to me as a birthday gift a year or two earlier; I would never have purchased one like that. Ratcliffs are RADcliffs too, suspect with the Radziwill ancestry of the Astikas'. You can find the treble-clef story first in the 3rd update of September, 2018.

When I wore the blazer and tie, she came over to my seat, took my hands and prayed. I didn't hear a word she said. I was smelling her hair at one point; no hint of shampoo odor. Was it a wig? I was wondering whether God was setting this event up because she was destined to become my wife, as a widow. The Prays, can you believe it, have three white wolf heads in colors reversed from the Cleff/Cliff / Quade / Queen wolf heads, you have just got to be impressed by this. Prays, first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks (and Hicks-beloved Bucks), use a black, winged wolf in Crest. The Pray Chief is colors reversed from the Hayward Chief, and Haywards were first found in Salford with Ratcliffs. Where do I get all this? Black-wolf Salfords are in Blackburn colors and format. Safe to say, she would never have come to pray with me had not God not needed it for this trick before us. But, I could tell, she liked holding my hands. She even did a curtsy when leaving my isle to sit back with her husband. God made her like holding my hands, didn't He? Well, not that much, for she's not exactly roaming the hills and valleys looking for me. She's been a widow since late 2015, what's taking her so long? Ho-hum, I think the 17th squirrel loves me more.

[Long Insert -- I'll get to the blazer-related duck after this insert. I'd like to record that Irish Prays, first found in County Down with Knee's, share the six pale bars of Coats. The Downs use a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, and the Trump bulldog appeared in the dream WALKing past my KNEE. Scottish Walkers have pale bars in the colors of the Coats pale bars, suggesting what seems logical, that the Intelligence circle of George Walker Bush chose Dan Coats to lead all of Intelligence. The knee of Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial spoke out against the 9-11 fiends. The other Prays use a black wolf with wings while the Bernice's/Burnes', who will link below with BlackBURNs, use a black horse with wings and share the blue-on-gold fesse with the Arms of Saraca, that being the shark line that had half swallowed the Trump bulldog. Bernice's are suspect from Berenice AGRIPPa, and the shark sure did have a good GRIP in the dog.

Plus, as was said many times, I took Miss Hanson on a first date in a Valiant car borrowed from the Quinns, who had a former home in Bracebridge, and Valiants use the only heraldic shark I know of while Quinns share a winged horse with the Bernice's i.e. suspect with the Arms-of-Saraca fesse! I think that's a bingo. My own Masci line descends probably from the family of Julius Agrippa, the uncle of Julius Bassianus, the father in turn of Julia Maesa. Bassianus' are suspect to heraldic besants seen in the Chalice Coat fesse-wise, in the colors of the Herod fesse. Herod of Chalcis married Berenice Agrippa.

Prays are Praters/Pretors too while Prets share the stars of Salome's (Rhineland, same as Bush's with the Burn fleur!), suspect from Salome de Boethus (rulers of Saduccees). She was the daughter of Herod II, ancestors of the Herod Agrippa's. The Arms of Saraca shares a fish on a fesse with Boethus-suspect Butts/Boets! It's making the shark appear to be from Agrippa's! God is a genius. I tell you, those shark teeth really had a grip on the bulldog. The Bullys (same place as Kilpatricks and Leggs) use a heart suspect with "Herod." Yup, and did I tell you that Berenice Agrippa married Herod of CHALCIS (brother of Herod Agrippa!) now suspect with the Chalice's/Chalis' and therefore with the trumpet-using Calls/Caules'!!! Trump has the eyes for lavishness, as did Herods.

Recall the big, fat heart of Ducks/Logans, for English Ducks, in Duck/Logan colors, share the Salome / Pret stars. Pratts (Essex, same as Gore's), from the imperial, Biblical-dragon-line Flavians of Rieti ("pratus" motto term), can be gleaned with Flys of Flagi/Flavian, Flecks, Palmers and Flatts/Fletts. Pratts share the black wolf with Prays, though the Pratt wolf head is also white, the color of the Fleetwood and Gore wolf. My flat tire speaks. The fish in the Arms of Rieti once were shown in the colors of the Prude/Pride lamPREY fish, no guff, but were showing in the colors of the Saraca fish, last I checked. The Prude's/Prats happen to share the green trefoil with Sharks while the "Redit" motto term of Sharks can be for some Rieti line such as Reds/Reeds. There is even a Lamprey/Lantepray surname sharing the fitchee of Cetins/Cattans, who I cite because the Cetina is near Saraca's of Ragusa. But as it's the fitchee also of Traby-like Tarves', my treble-clef tie! It must have been the lure that brought her to me when the pastor asked everyone to go stand with people to pray for them. In the roughly 100 appearances I made at his church, that was the only time he did such a thing.

The Chalice Coat is not only looking linkable to the Herod/Herault Coat, but Chalice's were first found in HERTfordshire with Titus', while Berenice Agrippa was engaged to be married to emperor Flavius Titus of Rieti! Heraldry has a bigger mouth (can't keep a secret) than the shark.

I had a hunch that Miss Hanson and Miss Hicks were to be connected because they had the similar tall-blonde look of models, but for the longest time, the reason for this hunch evaded me, and it didn't occur until this update, so far as I can recall, because I rarely load Kilpatricks. I asked Miss Hanson on that first date while purchasing an ice CREAM from her, and Cremers/Cramers share the Chief of Irish Kilpatricks. That was easy, but I don't recall making the connection. I traced that ice-cream picture with good evidence from German Hansons (trace three ways to Lombardy, location of Crema) to Crema, on the Serio river, and then while Miss Hicks hovered in a car, Cars use a "serio" motto term. That car was a classic 1950's model, and one theory had been that it was for the Model surname, because Miss Hicks looks like a model. I can now say that the Model/Middle Coat has a RAGully fesse, suspect with RAGusa, home of Saraca's. It's a blue fesse, same as in the Arms of Saraca.

It works because Models/Middle's have a Meadly term while Meads (Somerset, same as Clapton) married Arthurs of Clapton along with trumpet-liner Hicks. The Meads even use a "pret" motto term for a return to the Salome star of Prets. Meads were previously said to be first found in Sussex along with MEDleys, and the latter's Chief can be of the Tie's/Dye's, for both surnames look linkable under their Chiefs too. In fact, Tye's/Dye's were first found in Yorkshire with Medley-branch Methleys, and Hicks. That explains why God got me the treble-clef tie for my birthday. Methley is a location near Pontefract, in West Yorkshire along with Dents of SEDbergh, and Cars use a "sed" motto term. The Dents were feasibly named that way by God to link to the shark's teeth.

Miss Hicks took my hands to pray, and Hanson-like Hans' (Cheshire) are listed with Hands. English Hansons share the mascles of Irish Pratts in colors reversed, and Pratts are linkable to the Prater variation of Prays. Danish and Norwegian Hansons look like kin of Fuggers whole Faux's share the Hanson mascle. Lampreys/Lanteprays share the fitchee of Tarves' while the latter's split Shield us that also of Norwegian Hansons. Can you believe that these things fell so-neatly from the sky merely from big-bang mechanics? OH WOW, something new. Let's first repeat from the last update the story of Miss Hanson in the black pick-up truck:

My father worked for a real-estate company both before and after building his Gormley house with Ratcliff's lumber. One of the two was Eves real-estate, and the other was Shea's. He quit the latter to go build the Gormley house, and Irish Shea's (share Cremer/Cramer fleur), I've just learned, use a version of the Danish Hanson Coat! Miss Hanson is Danish. The last I saw her was with her new, young man in a truck upon the parking lot of Sam's restaurant. As I spotted her in the truck alone, she was eyeing me with an unpleasant look, because I had left her. At that stare, I was positioned at the road smack beside Ratcliff lumber. Something tells me that John Ratcliffe has to do with ice-cream.

I was just noting that English Hansons share the Chief-Shield colors, and the black lion in Crest, of Haywards. And then Irish Hansons share the Hayward fleur-de-lys while Haywards are the ones first found in Salford with Ratcliffs. Zowie. If that's not enough, German Hansons share the lozengy of Lumber-like Lombards, and Lumbers (see also Lambs) are listed with Lambs/Lams for the possible makings of "Lamprey." God had to set that up. Salfords look like Saluzzo liners because Haywards use a gold version of the Sales bend-with-fleur. The lone Hanson fleur is shared by Yells (Shetland, inhabited by Danes), and here I can remind that the Arms of Nan and the Arms of Shetland share the raven while Maccus of Man was a Macey = Masci liner. Masci were first found in the Saluzzo theater, and then the Haywards and Ratcliffs were in the Bury area of Salford while Burys share the Masci bend-with-fleur. These fleur are used by Danish Hansons too, and so I assume that God chose Hanson for me for some of these reasons. English Hansons: MASCLes. Sales' were first found in Cheshire with Maceys and Meschins/MASCULine's.

In the door-handle dream, I JUMPed and YELLed fire. The bulldog both fell and JUMPed into the pool. It's got Trump all over it. The dog's belly is a pointer to Bellys, who share the jump roses, and first found in Moray. Prets are in the Moray motto, and Handle's share the Moray Coat. The pieces of the door-handle puzzle are starting to connect. The Prays / Prets just helped to bring us to Berenice Agrippa, making me realize that the teeth around the belly are code for her family, the line to trumpet-using Calls. It's the Belly-like Belows who have the chalice and the Jeepma/CHEP eagle, the latter suspect in a descent from Joseph Caiaphas. Titus' share the Moor head with French Chappes'.

Chapmans love the PONDers, that being the Bush kin likewise from Herods. We saw PONTefracts probably with the Tute/Tuits quadrants, and here we can add that Hicks and chalice-using Belows use a "Tout" motto term while Touts are also Tute's/Toots (same place as Hicks). Hicks of Clapton were tooting their trumpet. TWITTs were first found in Norfolk with Touts/TUITs, and while this evokes Trump's Twitter tweets, Twitts share the fretty of chalice-using Belows, believe it or not. It's so easy to make links once you know that motto terms are code for kin, a thing that no one in heraldry land is disclosing to you while they lie through their teeth about heraldry to protect its secrets. Herods are also HERALDs, and so why do you think it's named, HERALDry? They knew better than to name it, Herodry. Hats off to Miss Florida for knowing long before I did that Freemasonry is all back to Herods. Tweets (share a gold fesse with Herods) were first found at the Teviot river that flows to or near the Tweed, itself into BERNICia, that's right. Get a grip of this evil, and spread the word. End-time Herods want to control and persecute us.

Not to worry, anyone, for I myself descend from these lines, but so what? I choose not to have the lavish-lust or the murderous heart of Herods or of Caiaphas. I don't need to be like them. Blood counts for nothing. Jesus saves even Herods, if they repent. Woe to Herod liners who chose to be like the Herods. End insert]

Why did she make me feel so special that day? I had told the pastor three years earlier about the dream, that I thought God promised her to me as a wife, and my bet is that the pastor told his wife, and she told her. But after that day with the blazer, I made no attempt to speak with her, and then I left Texas for good, forced out by Homeland Security (they were worried I was going to get a job in the United States, or married). I also learned that some American Christians are Americans first, Christians second. In other words, they make God last, for there is no relevant third entity. Second place is last place in this picture. You who love Trump over me are making Jesus last. Don't you get it? The American who respects Trump (who does nothing for the church) more than a non-American Christian who fights for the Church is making Jesus last. Wouldn't you say?

I'm not asking for anyone's respect. But God demands that Believers view one another as the most important people on earth, regardless of nationality. If you think my opinions on American politics are irrelevant or part of the interference problem, you're not respecting me as God would have you. My hope is in a Christianized political system in every country. I gave up hope for Canada in the 1980s, but held out hope for the United States due to more-outspoken Christians. The last thing I want to see is members of God's nation being Americans first, Israel-of-God members second. I have nothing but stool to dump on politicians who use Christians for their votes but then treat them as insignificant on the issues. Those types are zeroes, they will get a mouth full of stool from God, be assured. A true-blue Christian at National Intelligence at this time would be the best thing that Trump could do for himself.

WOW, while writing the section below (the day after this section), I loaded BLACKburns from the Banister write-up. The first thing to be noticed is that Blackburns are said to derive in "yellow BOURNE," though I see this as typical code in houseofnames write-ups, for Yellows/Yelleys share the black fesse with Blackburns and Omans (the latter two are in the same colors and format). Omans are suspect in the "Haec OMNia" motto phrase of Bourne's (Lincolnshire, same as Blacks). The second thing noticed was the star colors of Blackburns; I tried to find whose stars I saw recently in the same colors. When I found that mystery surname, the Tie's/Dye's (!), it turned out that the Tie's/Dye's even share the Blackburn fesse in both colors!!! How amazing. God provided my clef tie as a pointer to Blackburns.

But there's more, for Blackburns were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs. The latter share two black-on-white bends with the English Clements no longer shown with a Coat. The other Clements use those double bends as two nebulized fesses, in both colors of the one nebulized fesse of Blackburns! Zinger. What could this mean?

I was just peering at the Tie/Dye Coat, noting that it has the Palin Chief, essentially, and then I saw that the family are said to be near WAKEfield, at which very second a song (In Christ Alone) was singing the line, "up from the grave he rose again." In the Hicks dream, I was told to WAKE her up, and we then rose up in a rapturous scene, like the rapture of the Church from the grave. It seems that God included that scene planning for this very moment when this song played. Wakefields use the split-Shield of Tarves' and Fleetwoods in colors reversed.

I would not know that she moved away unless I had hired her aunt's husband as my real-estate agent for selling my place. he told me that the Kilpatricks were listed for sale at the same time. About five years after this blazer-tie event, I decided to write her a letter (large package) telling her about the dream, because she believed that my getting close to her was my attempt to commit adultery with her. That was the case starting at the 9-11 memorial in 2002. But when I was away from Texas from that time until 2005, because I was forced to appeal my US-entry problems (she could have caused my problems), I returned to find the Kilpatricks not upset with me. Her husband even gave me a hug after giving me devil eyes in the pastor's office in 2002, when he was led to believe by his wife that I was out to commit adultery with her. I was not, and would not have. That's why I told the pastor about the dream, coming clean about my intentions to wait until she was a widow, for her husband was some 31 years older than she, and about 80 years old. I told the pastor that she was a "future investment."

She didn't respond to my letter. On my calling her, an old man answered the phone, and figuring it was her husband, I let the issue lie dead since then. About eight years have passed since the letter, and I now have reason to believe that what looked like our getting married (the dream's embrace) is code for such things as the Bride surname, the Bracebridge surname, and the rapture of the Church i.e. saved from the deep state. If I had not been told that she was moving, I would have sent the letter to her old address, and it would not have arrived to her. I had therefore figured that God caused her aunt's husband to inform me that she was moving because God wanted me to contact her. When I wrote the letter, her online telephone number was registered in her name alone, giving the impression that her husband had passed away.

I realized that, without God's intervention, no woman is going to marry a guy just because he says that God gave him a dream concerning the marriage...unless the guy is rich or something. I'm not. But I explained the dream anyway, in the letter. It just goes to show you how much I believed that God gave it, and that was in about 2011, years before realizing that the dream, and other dreams / events in my life, were stacked with heraldry-related Messages.

As I said, my blazer had small black-and-green checks. I has pointed out that the only surname I know with such checks are the Linkletters, first found in Orkneys theater with Yell (Shetland). I can now report that the Yell surname (shares Blazer crescents) is in the colors and format of Blackburns (I didn't know until minutes ago), are you not impressed? I can't be wrong about the claim for these heraldry-related Messages, for Blackburns are the ones said to be from "yellow bourne," and the Yells share a black fesse with Yellows/Yelleys. You saw how the blazer-and-tie day pointed to the Traby-Astikas line, and here you can see that the Yells share the Stick / Stich garb. It was the day of the flat tire, and Flatts/Fletts were first found in the Orkneys with Linkletters, no guff, smack beside Yell.

As the Arms of Shetland share the raven with the Arms of Man, note that Yells are in the colors and format of OMANs. Repeat: "...Blackburns are said to derive in "yellow BOURNE," though I see this as typical code in houseofnames write-ups, for Yellows/Yelleys share the black fesse with Blackburns and Omans (the latter two are in the same colors and format). Omans are suspect in the "Haec OMNia" motto phrase of Bourne's (Lincolnshire, same as Blacks)." Thank to the "TRANScunt" motto term of Bourne's, I can glean that Bourne's use the Murena / Arrow/Arras tower (from Terentia Murena).

Wow, it just so happens that Linkletters share the mallard duck with Mecks/Meeks, and the Blackburns (Banister write-up) came to topic because I found the alternative Scottish Meeks sharing the water bougets of Banisters. Mallards/Milwoods were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers and Heyers while the Lears suspect in the Meck/Meek motto are said to be L'Eyers. The Mallard/Milwood Coat even looks linkable to a Black Coat. The Chief-Shield colors of Mecks/Meeks are shared by BlackBURN-suspect Bourne's (share white horse with Blackburns). Burns share the fleur of Mix's/Micks, and Bernice's/Burnes' (Cumberland, same as Burns) share the winged horse with Bourne's and the water bouget too. Moments before starting this paragraph, I checked to see whether I knew of Blackburns at the time I told of the blazer event, and the following came up in the 2nd update of April, 2017, a few months before I first told the Blazer story in September: "Kepke had a black Labrador dog named, Blackie, and for this reason I read, just now, in the Keppoch write-up, that Ilbert de Lacy held Blackburnshire (Lancashire). Checking Blackburns (Lancashire), they use a version of the Thompson fesse. Kim Thomson/Thompson..."

Kepke had been with a Kim himself. Kim Thomson was a short-term girlfriend of mine, and the Kims share the Thomas-Chief cinquefoils in the colors and near-format of the Thomson (no 'p') Chief. These Thomas' were first found in Breconshire with Clermonts'/Clements, the ones sharing the nebuly-fesse with Blackburns and ThomPsons (must have the 'p'). You can't help but fully understand that it's beyond human ability to create all of these "coincidences." There needs to be Intelligent Design behind them.

I wasn't going to bring Linkletters back to topic today from the first time I told of the blazer / flat-tire events...until I realized that the surname might be a pointer to God keeping me LINKed with Mrs. Kilpatrick with my LETTER mentioned above. That's why I mentioned the letter, with the plan of getting to Linkletters, but look at what that effort led to in the meantime: more proof that God is behind it all. One of the Orkney islands is Linga, possibly the Linkletter entity.

Did you ever wonder: how possibly could God know the distant future? How could it be possible for merely a mind to know what the future will pan out to be? The mind has nothing to work with but today's circumstances in knowing what tomorrow's circumstances will become. The mind can only guess with what knowledge it has today, and it's therefore mere guesswork, apt to be wrong at least half the time. How can God see accurately that which has not yet happened? He is one awesome "computer."

Back to Kim Thomson, for I last saw her at a PHONE BOOTH. Kims were first found on Bute, and I had read that BOTHwells were from Bute. The Bothwells (LING format) use the LYNCH Coat, and the latter are expected with LINKletters and the Linga location at the Orkneys. The "URGENtia" motto term of Bothwells looks like code for an ORKNey thing. The Dure's (Perthshire, same as Cluns), suspect in the "ObDURa" motto term of Bothwells, share the Clun and Saluzzo Coats while their Chief-Shield colors are also those of Thomsons and Thomas', probably for being from Thomas of Saluzzo. Saluzzo is beside Busca, and Bush's (Yorkshire, same as Booths/Boths) share the black boar with Booths/Boths...and Clun-like Italian Clements. Shetland uses a "byggar" motto term, and Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars.

The Phone's are listed with the Fanes/Vans while Vaughns share a version of the Pendragon Coat while the Pendragon motto is that also of Thompsons. As was said, this phone booth was on Yonge street, and here one can point out that Yonge's love the Jeune's, first found in Cambridgeshire with the June's who share the Pendragon fleur-de-lys. Ahh, the Thomson Chief looks linkable to the Chief of Rumillys (could have the Yonge piles), first found in Cambridgeshire, and Rims/Rums with Rumillys can be from Rimini, right beside Fano of the Fane's/Phones! It appears that God set Miss Thomson up for me in the first place. Rimini is also beside CATTOLica while Cattle's/Cattle's share the giant fret (different colors) of Irish Blake's/Caddells. Plus, Scottish Caddells share a red stag head with Thomsons!!! Believe it or not. She had no idea that God either led her into the phone booth while I was about to drive past her (in a Firebird), or caused me to drive past as she was going into the booth. People just have no idea when God does / thinks / says things through them. How does he do it?

It would be good for the record to mention that while Caddells were first found in Banffshire, near a Buckle location, the Caddell buckles can first be linked to Leslie's while we then note that the Leslie bend is that also of Claphams, of Clapham of Craven, location also of Rumillys of Skipton. Skiptons share the purple lion of Leslie-like Lacys. As the Clapham-Crest lion is the same one in the Hanson Crest, it's notable that the mascle in the cattle fret is the Hanson mascle. Claphams even share the fleur of Danish / Norwegian Hansons.

I kid you not, I've told that Miss Hanson was my girlfriend after Jackie Littleford, yet I first dated Kim Thomson for some mere days (maybe a couple of weeks) immediately after Jackie i.e. immediately before Miss Hanson. It can explain why Hansons played above in the Thomson discussion. The phone both event was a few years after I first dated Kim (in high school), when I got together with Kim over another week or so, and to the best of my recollection, that phone booth was almost-exactly where God gave Lorraine her babe and feet symbol a year or two later.

The Birds in "Firebird" look linkable to the Feet, yet I either sold or scrapped the Firebird as little as a month before meeting Lorraine. It was there at the phone-booth event, however, and Birds use a version of the Bush fesse when the Bush/Busch fesse is shown in red. Bush's/Buschs share the Booth boars. What could this mean in the political world? Is "Firebird" a pointer to the fire in the twin towers supposedly hit by "birds"? I met Lorraine at a BUS stop, and my last night with her was when she came home with a grass stain on her pants, which I pointed to the "tufts of grass" atop the Bosco pillars. Unfortunately, there are three pillars that do not depict the twin towers well enough, yet Pelosi's, first found beside Bra, use two columns that can depict the twin towers, and then Bosco's were in Bra-like Braefield (Northamptonshire, same as Brae's/Brays). Stops are with Stubbs while Stubbings are said to be from tree stumps while Italian Bosco's use the tree stump, and thus "bus stop" does look like a pointer to Bush's/Buschs. The pants with the grass stain pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, and it just so happens that while Bra was linked by God to the white rabbit, the white rabbit in the Cony Crest holds a pansy! Wow.

Lorraine was barefoot when she got her beautiful-feet symbol near that phone booth, and Braefield-like Barefields happen to be Barefoots too (in Bush colors and near-format when the Bush fesse is red). Lorraine has always pointed to Bar-le-Duc especially, but it should be added that while her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Lorraine-like Lorne, Lorne's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's and Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's. That's amazing. It's always amazing when I get hard proof like this that God set up an event in my life.

After writing here, the insert earlier in this update was added with the Ling link to Bridgewater, which led to Blackburns and the pointer to our embrace. This has to do exactly with my link to Mrs. Kilpatrick with the letter. I left her my address, otherwise she could never find me. I have been wondering whether she will contact me after someone informs her of my writing about her for the past few years. I have resolved NOT to contact her again. Unless He changes my mind. For all I know, I could get an electronic flower pot over my head when she finds what I've been saying. In the dream, she had been resisting me, but God had to convince her that it was me who loved her.

Let me tell you, that I would be flattened (floored) by something heavier but sweeter than a flower pot, if she does contact me by God's will, for that would seem to me like the climax of a long and arduous marathon I've been on with this heraldic project. I would like readers to share that ending, but frankly, I find it hard to believe that this could happen. The song is playing, "You raise me more than I can be."

The 17th Squirrel

I was so impressed last week with my view of the last house mouse being a portrayal of Dan Coats. For that mouse to die beside the rat trap under the solar panels was sooo much pointing to John Ratcliffe as the next Intelligence chief that I've got to say: coincidences do happen that look like God's pointers when in fact they may not be. One thing I'd like to repeat and elaborate on is that I left the rat trap se, and that's the way it remains to this day.

The 17th squirrel has not yet been caught, possibly. Shouldn't it represent a head of National Intelligence? Last winter, there was still only one squirrel around here, I saw it come to the garage almost daily to get the crumbs / food I would put into an empty can of Mario's ham. Then, a second squirrel appeared, and I could hear them arguing over the food if they arrived at the same time. I never saw them coming together, and so they must have been from different nests. One day, a weasel was seen a few times over the course of a week or two, and it was smelling around the ground one day. I think from that time onward, only one squirrel remained, suggesting that the weasel got one of them, though I can't be sure. The point is, Weasels are listed with Waistells/Wessels, what looks like a branch of Whistle's/Wissels, suggesting the possibility of a whistle blower against Dan Coats whose identity to the public is unknown.

I stopped feeding the remaining squirrel in the spring, and it no longer came near the house. I can hear a squirrel near the house, but it rarely comes to the house. It did the same last summer season. I expect it to be here all this coming winter. I wonder what will happen at that time.

The can of Mario's ham is still out there. The Hams share the salmon of McCabe's. can that mean anything? Why is McCabe still a free man under Barr? Mario's, in ham colors, are also Marie's/Mariots. Headline: "Marriott Takes Over Former Trump Hotel in Panama - Meetings Today". Mario's use a "murs" motto term translated at "walls." The entire motto is translated, "Our walls, our laws." It sounds a lot like the Mexican-wall issue as pushed at this time by some Republicans of Trump's order. The Mario/Marie motto includes "lois," and as the write-up claims some Marion barons in Lorraine, it appears to be code for Louis', first found in Lorraine. The Lorraine and Mario/Marie lions are both green.

Now in the sleeping-bag dream, I feel sure that Louise (never saw her face) was with Miss Peare on one of the two platforms in the mall. I believe that God has pointing Louise Philips to the Lorraine Louis' due to their lozenges linking to the Pennington lozenges, and due to the obvious connection of those surnames to Philips'. Louise worked at Penningtons when she became my girlfriend, immediately before Miss Whelan did. We saw Whelan being pointed to Mummolin, and as he was descended from Rusticus of Lyon, let's add that the giant Mario/Marie lion is in both colors of the same of Lyons and Lannoys.

There are two "nos" motto terms in the Mario/Marie motto, and the Nos surname is listed with Ness'/Nice's who also had a nest variation. It's interesting that Ness' have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Sleeps, for Louise and Peare appeared together on the platform, though Miss Peare then came to my platform, where the dream ended with my pulling her toward me by the waist, a scene that pointed hard to both Waistells/WEASELs, and to Louise of many years ago (1976). What seems non-coincidental here is that English Nests, first found in Sussex with Hams, use just three doves or pigeons in the colors of the Paloma and Page doves. Not only do Hams share the McCabe salmon, but Andrew McCabe's FBI-appointed lawyer was Lisa Page.

Miss Peare was my girlfriend for a few weeks, starting at the La Paloma bar, but when she left me for Kepke on a cheap trick of his, I was "forced" reluctantly to be with Louise (it ended in a disaster for both Peare and me). As Lorraine is the location of the Barrs of Bar-le-Duc, and as I first kissed Peare at La Paloma BAR, note the write-up of English Nests: "the family name was first referenced in the year 1185 when Nest de Barri held lands." That's pretty amazing since even Waistells/Weasels use doves.

At first glance, when considering all of these points, is that Trump / Barr is the weasel who blew the whistle on Dan Coats. Or, the weasel suspect in killing one squirrel was a pointer to Trump's sacking Mr. Coats with Barr's Intelligence tip. The can of Ham from Mario's may be a pointer to Mar-a-Lago for assuring that Trump is involved.

I'd like to repeat from above telling first that the Caullins use a version of the Lorraine bend-with-items, and that the non-chalant event was with my girlfriend immediately after Louise (suspect in the Mario/Marie motto) was forced out of my apartment. The Shins came to topic below with the Kims/Shimmie's:

AND WOW, the other Shins share the bend of English Caullings/Caullins/COLINs while French Colins have three fesses in colors reversed from the same of Mix's/Micks! It's as though this is verification that the Call/Caules trumpets are to be linked to the Mix/Mick fesses. Plus, I'm beside myself, for if one enters "Caullin," the Caullings/Caullins/Colins don't come up, but we get a Coat that is nearly theirs, and using the Keep bend!!! I was going to say that Kepke, who is God's symbol for Trump, left Miss Peare for KIM Walsh, you see, and Walsh's use the swan too! Incredible. This all goes to Kepke's non-CHALANT term i.e. it includes the call-suspect Caullins.

Didn't Trump want to build a concrete wall on the Mexican border?

Here's one of the few video's I've seen lamenting Ratcliffe's fall from Trump's grace:

Yeah, it looks like Ratciffe was snubbed by establishment goons, but it was Trump who gave him the shovel toss. Not many Trump lovers want to buck against Trump's version of Ratcliffe's being shoveled away. If you just look at and listen to Trump carefully in this video, he's admitting by his body language, facial expressions, choice of words, and tone, that he suggested to Ratcliffe that he should not take the press attack upon him, and so Ratcliffe could see where the president was going with this, that he wanted him to withdraw "willingly" without being asked officially by the president:

Trump is really saying that the Republicans didn't want Ratcliffe even while Trump claims that the Republicans wanted him. So, the bad Republicans won out with Trump. He's not willing to fight with the right man for the job. He's not willing to fight for paving the road to the right people in power. He's succumbing to the no-nothing establishment, those happy with the situation as it is.

So, if Ratcliffe is not going to be in charge of Intelligence, why has it seemed in the last two updates that God is pointing to him? I suppose that he will come out to answer for himself as to why he's not getting the job. He'd risk his reputation if he lied.

The Best Hope is in John Durham

"Producer Joe" on Bongino made the point that some people would blow whistles more had Barr arrested Comey. It also works the other way: Barr kept whistle blowers away by not arresting. Again, Barr has zero excuse for his refusal to charge Comey for leaking while in support of a political party against another party. It's fine if Barr doesn't charge Comey right now if it's not the best time, but to promise from day one not to charge him EVER, and for his DoJ to inform the public of this, that's a gift to a criminal by a bald-faced villain. The top law man gave the criminal a gift. Barr betrayed the voters of his own party for Comey's sake. You can't get more cesspoolish than that. There is no other way to interpret this. The DoJ hammer that Trump lovers are promising upon Comey down the pipe is, therefore, probably going to be merely an embarrassing public rebuke. Solomon on Gorka this week is starting to sound like the one who's preparing the voters for merely a public rebuke to Comey.

Solomon is telling voters that since there is little chance of convicting Comey in a liberal arena, it's better not to charge him. I didn't think that Solomon could be that stupid and spineless all at once. He's being stupid because he's trying to keep voters trusting in Barr rather than turning the torch to Barr's feet for making this colossal mistake. When the horse fresh out of the gate looks crippled, it's not smart to put your money on it for the next race. It's called STUPID.

I'm getting the impression that Barr wants only to know what happened with the various trump attacks, and then to tell the public only some of it, and that;s it. he wants to report it to the public, and that's all. So, we may learn a few more things, but is that all? Will only some lower-level guys get a prosecution for "lack of candor" or something so minor as that? There was a bloodless plot of treason, and all that happens is an arrest for telling a lie??? If Barr doesn't want to make the appropriate arrests because it makes America look bad overseas, someone tell him that making no arrests is what will make his country the laughing stock. In the meantime, I'm aghast. Why am I wasting my time following these stories if Barr's nothing but salamander in cahoots with a Horowitz worm. Mr. Durham, Mr. Durham, come to the rescue, quick.

I don't know of heraldic pointers to John Durham. The only interesting thing off the cuff is that I was standing at the Dur-like door of Miss Hicks' car while she was hovering as a pointer to Mr. Ratcliffe. I saw her hovering over the SEATs, and while Cars share "sed" with Seaton-like Sedans, the latter are now said to have been first found in Durham. It had been Yorkshire for years, in West Yorkshire at Sedbergh, but now it's in Durham. Hmm. The Car motto is a pointer also to the Serio river along with Miss Hanson, who sold ice cream beside Ratcliff lumber.

The Durhams (Durham) share the stars of Handle's while God also gave the DOOR-handle dream with a missing, barrel-shaped part. Barrels of BARwell could be pointing to a Barr-Durham duo. Will John Durham put a spine in Barr-salamander's back? Here's to hoping. Barrels share the Chief-Shield colors of Dure's, if that helps to make a picture of a Barr-Durham partnership. For what it could be worth, there is a Barwell surname said to be a branch of Berwicks, and Berwicks/Barwicks use the bear of Berwickshire, I assume.

To stress the link I see between Miss Hanson and Miss Hicks, English Doors/DORRs were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels while German Dorrs use hands while Hansons were looking like the Hans variation of Hands due to Miss Hicks taking my hands in prayer.

Next, we are told that John Durham is speeding the deep-state inquiries of Mr. Huber in Utah, the one we could not trust while he was under the authority of Sessions / Rosenstein. It just so happens that Hubers are listed with hover-like Hoovers who share the same giant eagle leg as HOOTers while Miss Hicks was at the hood of the car just before I was at the door watching her hover. The Hoods are Hoots, and Hixons/Hicksons have giant eagle legs. It sure looks like a Plot of God. Mr. Bonemaker, please give apple-pie Barr a spine.

The dolphins in the Durham Crest are interesting because Dolphins/Dolfins (share "nihil" with Vere's) are said to be from BRIDEkirk of Cumberland, and beside DERwent. The Derwents/Darwins use green bendlets on white, which look connectable to the green-on-white bend of Wears/Were's (definitely a Vere / Weir branch in spite of the write-up denying it), from the Wear river at Durham, we can assume. The Durhams share the Vere/Weir fesse with stars, perfect. Wears/Were's (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots) put croziers on their bend, and that's the symbol of Kirks (two "mum" terms buried, same as "firMUM" of Dolphins) too who might explain "BrideKIRK." Yes, for Kirks were first found in Cumberland with Bridekirk and Derwent, and with Daggers/Dockers who share the scallops of Derwents/Darwins. Miss Hicks turned into my bride while hovering, and that looked like victory after her stress while hovering. It appears that Durhams may have been Derwents/Darwins / Darrins in their past.

German Kirks share the tower of Auvergne's while Crozier's were first found in Auvergne. Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne was the ancestry of MUMmolin. Italian Ferrands share the FERRAT/FER Coat, suggesting the Vere's and Wears. The latter use a "FuiMUS" motto, and Durhams use a "FERT aniMUS" phrase. Wears/Were's were at Halsworthy while Halsworthys share the blue boar with Vere's. Worths share the black, double-headed eagle with Jeepma's. Wears/Were's were of the "Weare-Giffards of Brightly," and Brights share the Bride stars.

I almost missed it from the Derwent/Darwin write-up: " "Over and Lower Darwen are towns in the ancient parish of Blackburn, Lancashire..." Lookie there are that hover-like Over location! Miss Hicks was hover OVER the seats! Up to this point, I had connected Mr. Ratcliffe to her hovering not knowing of this quote. Seats were first found in Lancashire! I used to say that Sands is in Lancashire, but it may be just off the northern Lancashire border. Sands were first found in Lancashire, and Miss Hicks was on the beach sand. There was lots said about Blackburn in this update, and part of it linked to RatCLIFFs, especially the first point made that the Blackburns, in using a version of the Tie/Dye Coat, connect to my treble-CLEF tie. Ratcliffs/RADcliffs were also at the hood / RAD of Miss Hicks' car, for Hoods were at Rattery. Wikipedia's article on Blackburn: "...Blackburn with Darwen had a population of 140,700."

Now, after I saw the missing barrel-shaped part in the door handle, I was up high dropping a large barrel-shaped container to a circular patch of white SAND on the ground, and dropping it on its open rim, it caught fire all around the rim. I jumped and yelled, fire, and then started to smother the fire with the sand. End of dream. We might say that Bill Barr was missing at first, while the DoJ was under Sessions, and then when Barr arrived, a fire started that was not good in my eyes. Or, the Fire's/Firs may simply be at topic as per the "FIRmum" motto term of Durham-beloved Dolphins/Dolfins. That is, God was pointing to John Durham with the fire. If it was a good fire, against the deep state, why was I opposed to it?

Why didn't I drop a bar if the purpose is to point to Barr? A bar could have caught fire too? Was the rim necessary, and if so, why?

Notice the "Hope for the best" motto of the Sessions surname, for French Bests could have the Door lion and the Handle star. If that makes Jeff Sessions the barrel-missing door handle, it makes goods sense. Barr then becomes the barrel-shaped container, and Durham maybe starts the fire by attacking the deep state with some spine. I was complaining about the missing barrel-shaped part to the previous owner of my Jeep, who's of the Italian Simons, who have a motto translated as: "Armed Against The Enemy." That sounds like it could start a fire in a backlash from the enemy.

We saw the Ferrats and Ferts above, and then while Montferrat is at Monforte, the giant lion of Italian Simons is colors reversed from the same of Montforts, and this points to Simon de Montfort of Leicester, where the Arms uses the giant, ermined cinquefoil of Bus', which should partially explain the "UnguiBUS" motto term of Italian Simons. There is a Montfort location near Dol, and DOLphins/Dolfins use dolphins in the colors of the Dol whale.

When we go to Whalleys, who look like a branch of Walerans, we find the mascle of Pratts, and the latter are of the "pratus" motto term in the Arms of Rieti, home of Vespasia Polla, the line to Pollocks who in-turn descended from a vassal of the Dol Alans. This mascle is in colors reversed with English Hansons, who happen to share the Rothes lion while the first Pollock built Rothes castle. Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Lombards; the latter's lozengy is with German Hansons.

Whalleys were at Aughton, and Aughton share the Stick / Stick Coat while Dol is in Vilnius-like Vilaine. Astikas' of Traby and RADziwills were in Vilnius. While Stichs married Cliffs and then lived in Shropshire with the Dol Alans, the father of all Pollocks, and the English Rothes', Radcliffs were first found in Lancashire with Aughtons. Makes sense.

[Oh wow, I missed it. A few hours after writing here, I got back to the Ratcliff write-up: "Richard Radcliffe held the manor for the manor of Whalley {at Wiswell}". The Wissel-like Wiswells were first found in Durham! Can it point to a Ratcliffe-Durham team and some whistle blowers besides? Here's to hoping. Did you notice that Ratcliffs of Whalley link to Miss Hanson workplace, beside Ratcliffs, because Whalleys have the Hanson mascle in colors reversed? As I've said before, Miss Hanson lived 1.25 miles east of Sam's restaurant on WARDEN avenue, and Wartons (maunch), I've just found, share the Ratcliffe and Waleran bull head. Amazing.

Wartons were found in the write-up of Lawrence's (share ragully with sand) along with the Sands area to their north. As Lawrence's were at YEALand-Redmaine (Warton manor), I'd say my YELLing "fire" when flames broke out on the sand pertains to this area. You will see later, when I get to Furness'/FURNACE's, why I got to the Lawrence's, for Furness is in North Lonsdale while Lawrence's were at South Lonsdale. "The Furness Peninsula was known as Lonsdale North of the SANDS..." Yealands/Yellands were first found in Lancashire (no specifics told), and Blackburns of Lancashire (includes South Lonsdale) are in Yell colors and format. End insert]

Waleran de Leavell married Beaumonts of Meulan while the Arms of Meulan is the Coat of the Cumberland Vaux's while Vaux's were a branch of the Faux's who in-turn share the Hanson mascle i.e. colors reversed from the Whalley mascle. The fox of Jewish Simons can connect to Faux's (Essex, same as Brooks sharing the Aughton Coat). German Hansons love the Lombards, and have the green snake of the Visconti's of Meulan-like Milan, the Lombard capital. It makes the lion of German Hansons suspect with the same of Visconti-related Sforza's, they suspect with MontFORTs. Faucets of FOXside were at East Lothian with Simms and Scottish Vaux's, and the faucets happen to have Saer de Quincy in their write-up while the Sforza lion holds a "quince" flower.

Simon Boethus is suspect with Simons, for his descendant was Salome Boethus, and Scottish Vaux's share the Salome Coat, almost. Vaux's are also ValliBUS', and we saw Bus' in the motto of Italian Simons. Cumberland of the English Vaux's is where Blackburn-related Burns and Bernice's were first found, from Berenice Agrippa, cousin of the Boethus'. The checkered Shield of Meulan is also used by Louvier's while La Louviere is beside Mons while French Simons have a "mon" motto term, all suspect with "MONforte."

Hansons implied by the ice-cream at Crema or even Cremona were suspect with the Ananes Gauls on the Trebia river, and the treble-clef tie can play to Trebia-river liners. Kirks use a version of the Annas Coat, and here we can go to Annandale, a definite line from Ananes Gauls, for the RIMs/Rooms are said to have been of Annandale. The container fell on its rim and caught fire after I complained to Mr. Simon, symbol of Simon Boethus, right? The "Placit" motto term of Rims/Rooms is for Placentia at the Trebia river, and Jesus was brought to court at the home of the former high priest, ANANus/Annas, when he was condemned to death and killed the following afternoon. Ananus was a Sadducee, likely from the Boethus-line Sadducees.

Miss Hicks came and took my hands when I wore the tie. The Tie's/Dye's are expected as a branch of Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') who share the Annas star. The Hans/Hands can be an Annas branch. Just as I was writing the last sentence, ha-ha, my favorite-fun song, WWJD, came on, by Baggy Bottom Boys, and the words were, "tire tool in his hand." It's a song about a guy who gets a FLAT TIRE!! Wow. While she was holding my hands, the air from my tire was disappearing! It looks like God is with me as I'm writing on this topic, like He destined me for this moment way back when he moved her to come take my hands. It looks like Hands (version of the Cup/Cope / Copp / Cope Coat) were descended from the killer of Jesus. Pilotte's and Pellets use CUPs, as do Shaws descended from Sadducee-like Sithechs (suspects as Sticks), and the son-in-law of Annas was egging Pontius PILATE to kill Jesus.

Baggy BOTTOM Boys. Bottoms, first found in Norfolk with Bags, use nothing by pellets, the same six as used by English Foys (and Lacys). Two other Foy surnames are also Foix's, and while one of the Foix's use more pellets, Irish Foys share the eel with Shiptons while Irish Lacys share the purple lion with Shipton-like Skiptons. Ha, "Skipton Castle was acquired by the Cl[i]ffords." We can't get away from Traby / Stick kin. Clifford castle was built by a Mr. FitzPOND, and the Chapmans who love Pond-branch Ponders share the crescent of Irish Foys. Ponds/Ponts look like PONTus liners, suspect in naming Pontius Pilate. The Pontus was downhill from Cappadocia, the latter being home of Herod-loving Glaphyra, the line to Clavers/Cleavers and Cliffs/Cleave's, that's right. Clavers/Cleavers share the Plunkett tower because PLANCia Magna was a descendant of Glaphyra and her Herod husband, Alexander.

Cliffords are said to be named from the cliff at Clifford castle, but I'm not buying it. Lots of castles are built on cliffs. The Clifford Shield is shared by Wards/Varde's, probably from the Vardaei on the Neretva river with the Daorsi. The latter are the line to Doors, first found in Herefordshire with Cliffords and Jays. A jay is used by Davers, like the Daversi version of "Daorsi." Davers were first found in Suffolk with the Foys who share the six pellets of Lacys while the Lacy-related Skiptons saw their castle go to Cliffords. The six black pellets are in the pattern of the six black fitchees of Traby-like Tarves'. The Ananes Gauls lives between the TARo river and the Trebia. Treble's from the treble-CLEF tie were first found in Devon with the Trebys, and with the Lampreys having three of the Tarves fitchees. Pellets have got to be a branch of Pilate's, first found in Burgundy with the Mathis' who share the moline of the Chives' of Tarves.

Having said that, I've just gotten a new idea for the rim of fire upon the sand. The rim belonged to a barrel-shaped container, and Barrow (see map) is in Low Furness (Cumbria) while Furness' are also Furnace's, and then there is a Sands area nearby. "The Furness Peninsula was known as Lonsdale North of the SANDS..." Thus the fire seems to pertain to the Furnace surname. Fire's are Firs/FURs too. Plus, I trace Furness' to king Pharnaces of the Pontus, whose daughter, Nysa, was queen of Cappadocia in the run-up to Herods whom I see as originating in Cappadocia. I trace "Nysa" to the NESS/Nice surname and thus "FurNESS" looks like a Fur merger with Ness'!!! Sands, I take it, is between North and South Lonsdale. There are some bees in the heraldry of this area, including in the Arms of Barrow, which can explain the "Be ready" motto of Lawrence's (south of Sands).

At the top of this update, there was a Deer location that seemed connectable to the "siDERA" motto term of Ratterys," which was suspect with Side's too, who are a branch of Seaton-related Sutys and thus linkable to Sedans, first found in Dera-like DURham. As I said, I saw Hicks at the Rattery-like rad of the car, at the hood (Hoods were in Rattery) just before I was at the SIDE of the car, at the DUR-like door. The Rimmons/Crimmons / Maschi's of Rimini were the topic when I discussed the quote above, and so the Rims/Rums, especially due to the Meschin-Rumilly marriage, look like Rimini / Rimmon/Crimmon elements. The Masci fleur are used for Claphams, expected from Clapham of Craven, and Cravens share the cross style of Rimmons/Crimmons. The trumpet-using Hicks of Clapton come forcefully to mind in this picture, which could be dragging Trump into her hovering scene along with Ratcliffe. This week may have done fatal damage to Ratcliffe's relationship with Trump, but maybe not.

Well, if the fire on the sand had to do with this Barrow / Furness area, what does this have to do with the Barr-Durham partnership that was gleaned earlier? Well, I have reason to believe that Trump is depicted by Mr. Kepke, whose first name is Lawrence. The ragully pattern shared by Lawrence's and Sands has been resolved with Ragusa, home of the shark-line Saraca's who have Trump in their mouth. We should see evidence of fish-line Saraca's somewhere in this picture, and it just so happens that the Lawrence Crest is a fish tail, the tail of a turbot fish (I have this recorded). And wow, the Turbot surname not only has fish in the white-on-blue colors of the Saraca fish, but there's a triDENT in the Turbot Crest while Dents (Yorkshire, same as Turbots and Keppochs) were suspect with the shark's teeth. The Sedans, probably from Sedbergh along with Dents, share the black border with Furness' and their Parr branch. Kepke owned a black Lab (Blackie), and Furness' show a giant black Lab SEATed.

Barrows use a "PARum" motto term for Parrs, apparently, and, oh wow, it can be read as "paRUM" while Rums are listed with Rims!!! There you have much of the door-handle dream deciphered accurately. The barrel-shaped container became a furnace in portraying Furness and Barrow. I didn't realize until loading Rums/Rims just now that they share "sed" with Sedans. The "PunGIT" motto term of Rums/Rims (Dumfries, same as the Nith river) is suspect partially for the Geds on the Nith river, and the Geds share the Turbot fish. RUMilys (Meschin kin, can explain why I dropped the container) share the Chief-Shield colors of Barrels (could have a talbot dog = Meschin kin). Rumillys share the Durham (and Handle) stars, which can explain the "PerseVERE" motto term of Rumillys. As Millys/Mileys/Mulleys share the Gifford motto while Wears/Were's of the Wear river at Durham were merged with Giffords, I'd say RuMILYs were a Rum/Rim merger with Millys/Mileys. The latter's giant lion could be that of Claphams (Craven, same as Rumillys of Skipton) and Gernons.

Another reason for viewing Lawrence's with Mr. KEPke is the JEEPma/CHEP surname. It's as though God chose the Jeep to be in this dream in order to have Kepke be a part when coming to its pointer to the Yealand-Redmaine part beside Sands. Redmaine's (very expected from Rieti), who share the beacon with German Belli's, even share cushions with Kilpatricks on the Nith to prove further that turbot-fish Lawrence's apply, who are themselves very linkable to Lorraine's and thus with Bar-le-Duc. And so I take it that the Jeep in the dream is representation of Trump, and that the door-handle with missing barrel-shaped part was Trump's first DoJ under Sessions. One can even point out that shark-liner Cetins/Cattans of the Tilurius river (near Saraca's) share the Saracen head with Session-like Sassys, and that while Tails/Tailers are from the Tilurius, Lawrence's use only the tail of the Saraca fish. Cool.

Recall how Louis' of Lorraine are linkable to Louise Phillips at Penningtons, for I've just learned that there's a Pennington location in North of the Sands. The fire at the rim can have a meaning in the political news because the dream's props seem to be pointing to a Durham-Barr partnership. Is this hopeful? Although Trump supporters are going soft on Barr for his failure on Comey's leak, I think Barr knows that a continuation of that attitude will drastically mood-swing Trump supporters.

I've just loaded one Judicial Watch video at youtube; the latter gave me not one other Judicial-Watch video at the margin, even though my history has loaded many. I rarely load PBS videos, yet just now I loaded one, and youtube provided 10 other PBS videos at the margin. Deplorable. I'm being robbed of the news I want to get, and I've got to hunt around a lot more to find it. Youtube STINKS. It never gives me a Hannity / Bongino video of the day if I simply search those names. I can ask for "hannity today" but not get his show today or yesterday, but instead youtube gives his shows months and years old. As youtube is thus working politics, rules must be enforced upon it. If it were not manipulating political news, no rules would be justified, but as youtube is involved in the democratic process, let rules me made to forbid its bias. Youtube even claims not to be biased, showing that youtube itself thinks it's wrong to be biased. Therefore, the government must force youtube to stop manipulating the media flows, for even if half the country objects, it would not repent.

Immediately after loading this update to the Internet, another Amazing Polly video (dated August 4) was released, with mention of Matthew Doull, nephew of Conrad Black. Doulls are listed with Dowells, a branch of Medals/Doguals!!! It tends to verify the hunch above that Conrad Black links to the medallion on my hood. Doull married Vicky Ward, herself shown in photos with Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's pimpstress. Wards might be a branch of Worths who in-turn share the double-headed Maxwell eagle, in the black color of the double-headed Jeepma eagle. Interesting. Indeed, Conrad Black may know of Epstein's criminal operations.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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