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August 6 - 12, 2019

Miss Hicks at Her Hodnet
Some Heraldry Pointing to Seth Rich
Christopher Steele and Joseph Mifsud Found in the Saint-Petersburg Medallion!
Revisiting Boofima with Jeepma-Liner Bouverie's

Here's the end of the last update:
Immediately after loading this update to the Internet, another Amazing Polly video (dated August 4) was released, with mention of Matthew Doull, nephew of Conrad Black. Doulls are listed with Dowells, a branch of Medals/Dougals!!! It tends to verify the hunch above that Conrad Black links to the medallion on my hood. Doull married Vicky Ward, herself shown in photos with Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's pimpstress. Wards might be a branch of Worths who in-turn share the double-headed Maxwell eagle, in the black color of the double-headed Jeepma eagle. Interesting. Indeed, Conrad Black may know of Epstein's criminal operations.

It goes on to show that Doull was a friend of Mr. Rellie, himself the son of the chief of British Intelligence, MI6. It goes right down the lane of Ms. Maxwell's father and probably connects with the anti-Trump (or afraid-of-Trump) ambitions of Christopher Steele in nailing his dossier to Jim Comey's desk. Note that Rellie-like Rileys share a near-match Coat with Comeys while Wards have a "Comme" motto term. One easily sees that Epstein's Intelligence links go to MI6.

Scottish Comeys use the so-called galley ship of MacDonalds, but so do Kepke-line Keeps, and MacDonalds had a Keppoch branch to which God linked Kepke when he was sitting on my HOOD (Mustang) watching Allison Bauer leave me for a fellow worker (I was 18 years old). One Allison surname can be gleaned as with the Keppoch branch of MacDonalds. One Allison surname shares the birds of Hoods. God was in that event and apparently pointing to Mr. Doull, for the Hood crescents are shared by Bauds (ship, in the colors of the Comey galley), who are related to MEDALs/Dougals (share the Doull lion, almost the Baud surname in the motto), the surname pointed to by the MEDALlion on my Jeep's hood. Amazing, is it not? The quadrants of Scottish Comeys are almost all in colors reversed from the Baud / Medal/Dougal quadrants, but the human creators of this heraldry didn't know about the medallion on my Jeep's hood. (Use Comey link above to load all your Coats.)

Next, Mr. Rellie married Lucy Sykes, and I happened to point to Sichs/Sykes with the SICKly-looking stag that was in a dream following Mr. Kepke, himself a symbol of Trump and or my Jeep, for Jeepma's are also Keep-like Cheps, and Bauds (share the Medal/Dougal quadrants) were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs. The sickly stag was followed by Paul Smith on crutches, and Paul Smith owned a red Jeep too (when I was 26), which was totalled in an accident. What might that mean? Trump's going to suffer a fatal accident? If he doesn't fight his enemies, he'll give them abilities and time to destroy him. As Trump's use a stag head, I am now compelled to theorize that Trump's connections to Epstein may involve his associations with Ms. Sykes and Mr. Rellie.

Comeys are suspect in the Come variation of Gumms, which pertained to my tooth-and-gum problem, which pointed to the teeth of the shark having the bulldog half into its mouth. The Comey cat is the only heraldic cat I know of showing teeth. Who arranged that? The Bauds use a triDENT while there was a good argument in the last update for linking Dents to the shark's teeth. Dents came up as per Lawrence's, and Kepke's first name is Lawrence. I said: "And wow, the Turbot surname [in the turbot fish of Lawrence's] not only has fish in the white-on-blue colors of the Saraca fish [shark line], but there's a triDENT in the Turbot Crest while Dents (Yorkshire, same as Turbots and Keppochs) were suspect with the shark's teeth. The Sedans, probably from Sedbergh along with Dents, share the black border with Furness' and their Parr branch. Kepke owned a black Lab (Blackie), and Furness' show a giant black Lab SEATed." He also owned a pet rat that can point to Hoods of Rattery or to a Trump-Ratcliffe partnership, if that pans out.

As was said, the fish of Turbots are in the colors of the Ged fish, and the Geddes pike fish are often compared to the Lucy fish. Lucy Sykes. Paul Smith followed the sickly stag now pointing to Lucy Sykes, and he was an avid fisherman while Smiths themselves have a fish in the mouth of a heron. Paul lost the CANOE he built himself when it went flying off of his Jeep on the highway, and CANNs/Caens were of Caen at the Orne river while Orne's use the heron. Crutches are like a CANE, and the Smith fitchee is nearly that of Crutch's. I hate to say it that God may have destroyed Paul's canoe, but while he was an evangelistic Christian, he started to spend all of his spare time fishing. The Luce/Lucy surname is from Luce in Orne, believe it or not. Thus, Mr. Smith following the sickly stag = Lucy Sykes makes excellent sense suddenly.

In the last update, the three trumpets of Calls/Caules' were suspect with the three fesses of Mix's/Micks, and these fesses are also used by canoe-like Cano's (in the colors of the three Lucy fish). This has potential to link the destruction of the canoe upon the Jeep that was itself also destroyed (maybe at a later time, I can't recall) to something in Trump's life. The Lucy-like Luciano's use their Lucy fish fesse-wise i.e. like the three Cano fesses! It proves that Mr. Smith is a pointer to Lucy Sykes, wow, I'm amazed. I'll even repeat that the Dice's/Diss'/DEISE's appear to be in the Sich/Sykes write-up while "deise" is a motto term in the Arms of County Waterford that features the Trump stag (it faced sideways like the Trump stag head until I mentioned its link to Trumps a few times, afterwhich Wikipedia changed the direction of the head to face the viewer). The Sichs/Sykes' even share so-called "fountains" with the Waterford/Waterville surname. i

I almost missed it in the Lucy write-up, hold on to your casino dice: "The surname Lucy was first found in Norfolk where the first mention of the family of Lucy was made by Henry I of the lordship of DICE therein to Richard de Lucie, governor of Falais..."!!! Wow, who would have thought! Incredible. Falaise-like Falls'/Fallis' share the Rockefeller-line trefoil, and Roach's (rock) share the Coat of Luciano's! Bingo. I'm noting that while Luce-related Luciano's were first found in Rome with Rita's, the latter share the Falls/FALLIS lion.

Both Luciano's use an eagle in the colors of the Jeepma/Chep eagle. The last update had Lawrence's linked hard to the fire-at-rim part of my door-handle dream, concerning the door handle of my Jeep. It just so happens that the Lawrence link to that fire concerned the Furness/Furnace surname while I had a job (age 20-21) wheeling generators into a furnace when living at the home of a Luciano who got me that job because he worked as a machinist for that plant. Machine's are listed with Meschins (lived in Orne), the same Meschins who ruled in Cumbria, where Furness and Barrow are located.

The Relly/Rawles surname happens to share a vaired bend (different colors) with Plums, and Plum Sykes is Lucy Sykes' twin sister, Lucy being Mrs. Rellie. Plums share the seated dog with Furness', and the Tattons in the Sykes write-up have a seated greyhound. What's going on with this? Derwents/Darwins at Blackburn were in the last update, and the Plums appear to have a vaired version of the Derwent/Darwin Coat. Vair is an heraldic FUR, and Furness' are suspect from a Fur-Ness marriage. How about that.

Lookie: I've told many times that my Nissan pick-up truck's tailpipe developed black smoke at the time I stayed in a Crystal-City motel having cockroach noises behind the peeling wallpaper. There were links made all over that event, but suffice it to repeat here that, many years later, I learned that Smoke's are listed unexpectedly with Roach-like Rauch's, who are in-turn expected with the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"). The point is, I sold that Jeep about five years later to Paul Smith after he totalled his Jeep! The Nissan was a pointer to queen Nysa of the Pontus, whose husband, Pharnaces, is to the FurNESS/Furnace and Parr surnames. Nissans share the double Parr fesses. It seems to be hinting that the line of Pharnaces is to the Smiths too. It reasoned (last update) that "Furness" was a Fur-surname merger with Ness'/Nessans/Nice's because Furs are listed with Fire's while there was other cause to link Furness to the fire around the rim of a container.

That door-handle dream started with my riding a shopping cart from the side the way you would ride a skateboard from the side. I was tearing down a paved road with it to the scene of the Jeep, where i complained to the previous own that it was missing a barrel-shaped part in the door handle. The Shop/Shoreland/Shawland Coat happens to have Chief-Shield colors of the Luciano's. I don't yet know what this could mean, but it's now recorded in case it's needed. I had a shopping cart full of groceries when seeing the medallion on the hood of my Jeep. It was stamped with "Saint-Petersburg Russia" in both English and Russian. No, I was not in Russia at the time, not even in a Russian community.

[Insert, days after writing here -- I happened to be at Wikipedia's Papadopoulos article, finding this: "There [in Rome, Papadopoulos] met Joseph Mifsud, who was at the time a teacher at the University of Stirling in Scotland..." That must be why Bauds (Hood crescents) were first found in Stirlingshire, a very small place. What are the chances? The medallion on my hood. I get it. The American Intelligence community feigned to Papadopoulos that Mifsud was a Russian. Lookie from Wikipedia's Mifsud article: "The Mueller Report, released in 2019, said that Mifsud 'maintained various Russian contacts while living in London', including an unnamed person (name redacted), who was a former staff member of the Internet Research Agency, the Russian troll farm based in Saint Petersburg." It's probably a fake claim, but there you have one likely reason that God left that medallion on my hood.

One can fathom here why God chose the Jeep for me, for He had to find a way to link to the Cheaps of Stirlingshire, and Jeepma's are also Cheps. It's a needed part of His design for emphasizing Mifsud. End insert]

That medallion event is now linking to Matthew Doull, friend of Lucy Sykes' husband, the son in-turn of a chief of British Intelligence, the same Intelligence organization that employed Christopher Steele who himself had some mention of Saint Petersburg, Russia, in his dossier. It's all making sense, but I hardly think that I have everything explained that God placed into these events / dreams. It appears that God is about to mop up, so to speak, but I'm wondering whether Trump has already passed his woes, or whether he must yet crash. There has got to be more to Paul buying the Nissan than a pointer to queen Nysa. He bought it a month or two before I returned to Texas after a four-year absence, at which time I was keeping an eye out for the Miss Hicks I had seen a few times at a church on the Leakey road.

But as soon as I re-arrived, I started to date a brunette (Miss Hicks is blond), and she happened to go to that same church, where Miss Hicks was not seen. The brunette (Miss Simpson) had a regular seat right-smack behind Mr. Kilpatrick (I didn't know he was the husband), who came to church alone (Miss Hicks was probably going to Crystal City at this time). And after sitting a few times with this brunette directly behind Mr. Kilpatrick, she said, "He's married to a beautiful woman with big, Texas hair." I figured it was Miss Hicks. I didn't know until then that she was married. And so I stayed with the brunette until 2001, and returned by plane to Texas three months after 9-11. I began to go to another church, and there I found both Mr. Kilpatrick and his wife.

Five years earlier, I canceled my trip while in Crystal City, and started to return home when, barley out of Crystal City, I said to self: "I'm coming back in six months with $15,000 to purchase property." The black smoke disappeared without a mechanic, and never returned. The night before, God saved me by not letting the vehicle start when the mugger turned the key to drive it off. That problem never returned after it started for me on the third start-attempt. Six months later, I had a bank account of $17,000 (it looks like God chose the figure of $15,000 saved), and, as crazy as it sounds, I went south with this little bit of money to start the process of becoming a snow bird long before retirement, because we had a business that could be run fully on our phone and our employees back home.

The US border turned out to be nothing but headaches and heartaches until finally I let loose on a manager there with my tongue, for after they gave me the writing on the wall some ten years after I started the cottage, I felt I had best sell the property and get out. I could never be sure if I could return to my own cottage in any given year, year after year. There was always a nervous, up-in-the-air interview in order to get back to it, but the worry was continuous, not just at the interview. What's the use in furnishing my place properly if in a few months they won't let me back in? The threat never leaves, and the border guards are callous, not big enough to put me at ease at every entry point. It's no way for national neighbor to treat national neighbor. Their only stated worry about me was that I might work in the United States. Texans laughed when I told them because their border people were loose on enforcing illegal Mexicans (because some Texans want them for cheap labor).

I was lucky to sell the cottage while out of the country, but the officer wouldn't let me return to gather my belongings. Two days later I returned to try entry again at the advice of a supervisor in Detroit, but the one who got the tongue lashing was informed about my re-attempt, and the bunch of officers who gathered around me (with him) put me in a jail cell for seven hours cuffed behind my back (very painful), and after going through my computer with the tribulation book, they arrested me on a false charge punishable by some years in jail. The next day, the judge saw through this farce when their lawyer didn't bring the video to prove that I had assaulted the officers (six of them pounced on me), as charged, and he let me go. But before releasing me, he made me agree that I wouldn't take the officers to court, either civil or criminal, showing that the judge knew of, and allowed, the corruption of the officers.

I learned first hand how corrupt American authorities can be unashamedly, by nature of their sinfulness. The officer and his bunch tried to frame me for a crime I did not commit (Trump knows all about this sort of thing); it couldn't have been the first time his sorry ego led him to doing such a thing. That attitude is rife like maggots in the FBI, isn't it? Sinners exist from top to bottom, and wide is the gate of sinners because they outnumber the good.

The Shops/Sherlands/Shirelands, whom I see as a branch of Scherfs/Schere's, have a SEAhorse in Crest not because they think seahorses look cool up there. Sea's (branch of Seamans) use another fish, tending to serve evidence that Shops share the Luciano / Luce/Lucy Shield. I kid you not, that when I purchased land in Texas, I hired Luce Construction to built the septic system (my septic system at this time has become a pointer to the deep-state sewer). Yet Luce's/Lucys are connecting to the trumpets of Calls/Caules'. The last update showed that Trump was engaged with New York mobsters in the concrete-pouring business, which gave me the impression that his border wall scheme is to give his friends the contracts. It just so happens that I hired Mexicans to work the poured-concrete floor of the Texas cottage, and when they asked me for only $125 dollars, when they were done, I realized that they were illegals.

The three, blue wavy fesses in the fountains of Sichs/Sykes' (and Waterfords) are in the Sea Coat (colors reversed) and almost in the Seaman Coat, and as the Sea's have the Drummond fesses, note that Drummonds were first found near the first-known Drum-like Trumps (Drummond colors). It tends to assure that the Trump stag head is in Waterford (due to an important Trump individual/family, or an individual/family that borrowed the Trump stag head by marriage; why would this matter?). This potential link of Trumps to Dice's gets God-pointer interesting where Casino's have three blue fesses along with the Waterford / Cass/Cash fountains. Casino's and Casano's/Cassandra's are from king Cassander (Macedon), the known ancestor of queen Nysa of the Pontus and/or her daughter, Nysa of Cappadocia (the latter for sure). We were just on that topic by another route, via the door-handle dream suspect (since the last update) with Trump's DoJ. I've been wondering lately whether the bulldog was used in the Hicks dream to act as symbol of Trump's dog-like DoJ.

I have told of the cracked tile floor in a Drummond residence. I did many contracted jobs in peoples' homes over the years, but I can't remember the surname of any one of them if I had never met them before, if all I did was work in their home. Yet I recall this Drummond family even though I knew them only for this small tile job in their bathroom. Why is that? Why do I remember their name? It was long before I started on heraldry. So here's what happened. They went into the basement to jack up their floor joists to level out the bathroom floor. Then they called me to tile the floor, and after some time, they called me back to show me a crack in the floor. The crack was continuous through multiple tiles, not just in one tile. Therefore, the crack was due to some stress in the floor due to their jacking it up.

The Crack surname is of the Carricks, descended from Proculus Charax, son of Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis. The Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) use the Arms of Carrick because they are from the Kennati priests of mythical Ajax, in Cetis. Wholly aside from this jack-the-floor story, I suggested some months ago that Jacks are from the Ajax cult. Thus the crack in the floor due to the jacking of the floor tends to prove that I was right. Moreover, Scottish Jacks share holly with Irvings (same Coat for both), and a too-wealthy London banker, Henry Drummond, was the founder of the so-called Irvingite church (charismatic cult, origin of pre-tribulationist garbage), or the Catholic Apostolic Church where Mr. Irving was the pastor. Are the two stories above related?

It just so happens Carricks use a black-on-gold dancette, as do Shops/SHORElands, and the latter's sea horse led us to the Drummond waves. How can this be? But there is more, for SHORE's use the three bunches of holly used by both Jacks and Irvings. Just look at who are linking to the start of the door-handle dream, where I rode the SHOPping cart. There is yet more, for Shops are also SHERlands while Shere's/Sheers share the black dog of Carricks and the three black fitchees of Kennedys that are sometimes on the Arms of Carrick. The Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Irvings, have a Sheera variation, and their "sure" motto term is listed with Shore's. Yes, the Kilpatricks were kin of both Shore's and Shere's. Finally, for those who know my Bush-Scherff story, the Shere fitchee can be gleaned with the same-colored Schere/SCHERF cross.

Sure's/Shore's were at MICKLEover while Shere's/Sheers (Mickle colors and format) were first found in Surrey with Michaels. It's been resolved that Michaels were from Michael I Rangabe, husband of Prokopia whose in the Prokopp variation of Brocuffs, first found in Silesia with Mix's/Micks. And while the latter share the three Cano fesses (both Drummond surnames have three fesses), Paul Smith is the one whose canoe was destroyed that led to Caens/Canns because Caen is on/off the Orne river, where the Smith heron traces that has a fish in its beak. The Caen/Cann motto happens to be shared by Sure's/Shore's. I didn't know where I was going with this, when including the Smiths, but then I saw it. Credit for what you are about to read goes to Paul's canoe, which we assume to be a work of God for what you are about to read.

Caens and Sure's/Shore's use a "LiCITIS" motto term while Cetis was also "Citis." Smiths share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins, from the line of Plancia Magna at Perkin-like Perga. Plancia descended from Glaphyra Archelaus (and her Herod husband), and the latter's line also provided the mother of Proculus CHARAX above, the proto-Carricks. The point is, the Plancia-line Plunketts use a version of the Holly Coat! Zinger. It recalls the Jack holly, and Jacks are from the Ajax cult at Cetis, you see. In colors reversed, the Holly dog is the black one of Carricks. The other Hollys, listed with Cullens, use the mermaid that I see as mythical Melusine, code for Melissena Rangabe, the granddaughter of Michael I Rangabe.

The mirror of the mermaid is code for Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou, where the satanic Vere's trace their mythical Melusine. The Fulk counts of Anjou descend from a mythical (codework) Tertullus, the name of Plancia Magna's husband. The Fulks provided Mr. PLANTagenet, and French Plants are Plancia-like Planque's because they descend from Plancia. The satanic Vere's were of Drakenberg, and then Drake's share the wyvern dragon with neighboring Tile's. What are the chances that Tile's are from Tilley, near Caen? That's right. That's where Luce's were first found who could have their fish in the mouth of the Smith heron. The Luciano's share the Luce fish and the Chief-Shield colors of Shops/Shorelands/Sherlands. I once ran, then owned, a tile store. A tile SHOP, that's right.

The mother of Proculus Charax was QuadraTILLa, daughter of Quadratus. She must have had that "tilla" ending for a reason. That CRACK in the TILE floor pointed to Proculus CHARAX, right? yes, and so now you know that God provided that tile job for me, and for you, and for anyone who wants to believe that he exists, and I must assume that he caused me to recall the surname of that family for a reason. Thus far, Drummonds have pointed only to the Apostolic cult of the Irvingites. Why that?

Quadratilla Bassus (mother of Mr. Charax) led to Julius Bassianus, whose daughter birthed a future Roman-emperor who took the new name, Charax-like Caracalla. He even stamped a coin having Olba upon it, land of the Kennati priests of Ajax. The crack was due to the jacking of the floor.

Again, when I mentioned Paul Smith's canoe with the Sure's/Shore's, I didn't know where the topic was going, but I have only-now loaded the Cracks/Cricks to remember that they use a version of the Crutch Coat!!!! In the sickly-stag dream, Paul Smith was on crutches! I maybe should record that Smiths were first found in Durham. The fitchees of Cracks/Cricks, in colors reversed, are those of Sure's/Shore's, that's right, and Shops/Shorelands share the Carrick dancette, I assume.

Plancia Magna's father (Mr. Plancius) was from Galatia, suspect there with Julia Polla because Vespasia Polla (Rieti) married a son of Tertulla, the name almost of Plancia's husband. For goo reason, I trace "VesPASia" to the Pasi's/Pace's, and it just so happens that Luce's are said to be from a Passy/Passeis location in Orne, at Domna-like Domfront. Domna Bassianus (like "Passy") was Caracalla's mother. You can learn more about family ties and the movements of families by my dreams and simple events in life than you can from lying, covert heraldry "experts."

What are the chances that Poussins/Puseys share the Cano Coat with nothing but three fesses in the colors of the three fesse-wise fish of Luciano's? The cat in the Poussin/Pusey Crest suggests the Cetins/Cattans (cat) from the Cetina river, also known as the TILurius, that's right, where I expect QuadraTILLa's name to link, for she was queen of Cetina-like Cetis. Cetins/Chattans share the Sure/Shere fitchee. Plancia's line to Plants/Planque's use cabbages while the Cabbage lion is also that of Tillers and Tails/Tailers, that's right, families of the Tilurius river. PASi's trace excellently by their crossed spears to PAISley, in Renfrewshire with Polla-line Pollocks and with crossed-spear Speers. Paisleys are also Pasleys, and then the Pasleys/Pashleys (Berkshire, beside Poussins/Puseys) have the Poussin/Pusey / Cano fesses in colors reversed. The Crutch and Crack Coats look like versions of the Tail/Tailer Coat (that's Tile kin linked to Cracks).

The Poussins/Puseys were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's and their Damory/Amori branch, both of which have fesse-wise bars, three and three, in the colors of the three Poussin/Pusey fesses. And the bars of Damorys/Amori's are wavy like the three of Drummonds. The "cede" motto term of Amore's must be for the Cetis-like Cedes', and as we are expecting Luce's/Lucys to trace to Cetis, let's add that Lucys share fish with Cetis-like Geddes'.

The reason that Kilpatricks worked into this lot of Cetis-related surnames is that there's an online Geddes article telling that their ancestors, the Geds, were on the Nith river with Kilpatrick castle. There is a Ged surname (Fife, near first-known Drummonds) sharing the fish head with Geddes', and the "DuRAT" motto of Geds is partially for rats, first found in Nairnshire with Geddes', and partially for Dure's, first found in Perthshire with Drummonds.

I used to say that Speers are the closest think to mythical Melusine because they share the Spree crescents while the Spree river is in Lusatia, the country to which I trace Melusine's mother. The Speer star is that also of Glass' (Melusine in Crest) while Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with GLASgow. And, I've only just noticed, the Speer Coat looks like it borrows the Brocuff/PROKOPP Coat, that being from Prokopia, wife of Melissena's grandfather. Brocuffs/Prokopps were first found in Silesia, which overlaps with Lusatia. Spree's (same place as Simple's) use a "Simple" motto term while Perkins use "Simplex," and a Mr. Simplex was related to Plancia Magna by marriage. Online quote: "...Julia Tertulla, a close relative of Plancia Magna, married LUCius Julius Marinus Caecilius SIMPLEX." Plancia was a Herod liner as was the queen of Cetis.

The Cetis-suspect Geds use the fish in the colors of the fish in the Arms of Saraca, that being the fish line that connected in the last update to Herods. In fact, Trump himself appeared to look like a Herod liner. The Saraca's are the shark in my old dream, and the last update realized that the GRIP it had on the Trump bulldog was a possible code of God for the line of Herod Agrippa. There was more to it. Leslie's, who use a "Grip" motto term, use buckles for the Buckle location at the mouth of the Spey river, that suspect with the Speyer variation of Speers (from Lusatia, right?). Saraca's lived at Ragusa, also called, Laus, like "LUSatia" or Luce/Lucy." That works in making Luce's look like they use the Saraca fish. Lucy-like Lacys share the purple lion with Spanish Luz's/LUCIO's. Lucia's are listed with Lucca's/Luchini's (cat).

NOW, as the shark is a representation of the deep state, which God has portrayed with Hicks-connectable Sewers/Suits, and with my septic tank too, let's repeat that Luce Construction installed my septic tank and bed in Texas. That's amazing. I didn't realize that Luce's were Saraca liners until now.

Why Texas? Why did God choose for me to be in Texas, and upon the Nueces river with Miss Hicks? He could have arranged any other place he so needed to make a point or two, or to provide a clue or two for what He wants understood. Why there? I have no idea, but as often happens, I get an answer soon after asking. Good night, it's way past my bedtime.

If you read the last update or two, there some talk on victory in my embrace with Miss Hicks. Six months before purchasing, I believe God caused me first to be mugged, and then the morning after to buy a newspaper to check out land prices in Texas, because I was headed for Mexico to see how cheap the land was there. The mugging persuaded me to purchase in Texas, for fear of being mugged in Mexico, and so I assume God set this mugging up. I stopped in victory-like Victoria for a newspaper, and got a coffee too. That's all I got, and I left Victoria after circling a few properties to check out. Years later, when realizing that God was using events and props in my life to point to the anti-Christ system both in history and our modern world, I discovered that Coffee's have a "victoria" motto term. But it would be more than a year before realizing that the Nuces variation of the News surname (chaplets, same as Hicks) predicted my purchasing on the Nueces river. Yes, I got a Nueces-river property, about ten minutes from the Nueces-river property of Miss Hicks.

I later learned that she was going to church in Crystal City probably at the time that I was there the same day that I bought the newspaper, for she was living at the Nueces river at that time, having freshly moved there from Baytown, the area where the omen took place that predicted the mugging. I assume that the mugging could depict the tribulation period at the hands of Rockefellers, for my night in Crystal City with cockroach's pointed to Roach's and Rauch's/Smoke's, and I ended up purchasing from a post-tribulationist Christian who attended the same church as Miss Hicks, which is why I first saw her on a beautiful, sunny Christmas day (tee-shirt weather In Texas) like I had never seen before. She was the fulfillment of the dream ending with our rapture into the sky. Victory.

In may of this year (first update of that month), I discovered this: "Campbell was a highly valued CIA and FBI asset deeply embedded in the Russian nuclear industry while Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI....[Campbell] collected over 5,000 documents and briefs over a six year period, some of which detail efforts by Moscow to route money to the Clinton Foundation...The Obama FBI knew about the bribery scheme, yet the administration still approved the Uranium One deal. To thank him for his service, Campbell was paid $51,000 by FBI officials at a 2016 celebration dinner in Chrystal City"." It's not Crystal City in Texas, but still, that latter place looks like a pointer to Obama's Uranium-One secrets. And Obama's mother worked for a Rockefeller company.

Mueller was made the FBI chief six days before 9-11, and God chose a Get'n Go corner store in Camp Wood, Texas, to give Miss Hicks her knee symbol. It's on what the locals call Leakey road, and I suspect that this is why God chose this area of Texas for my place, in order to use the Leakey road, and the Leak/Leakey surname, to point to WikiLeaks, or to something that WikiLeaks will reveal that is important to God's revelation. For the Leaks/Leakeys share the bend of Knee's, and even show a leg bent at the knees, not to mention that they share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. It looks like Intelligent Design here.

In early September, I had called Miss Hicks on the phone for the first time, one Sunday afternoon, because I wanted to know right away whether she was the woman in the dream, for I was online seeking to find a Christian woman for myself (dating services), and didn't want to waste my time if she was the one. I just wanted to know whether she showed signs of liking me. And she spoke to me for about four hours, and would not get off the phone even when I said, twice, "well, I better get going." It was in this call that she informed me that she was going to church in Crystal City in the past. I was in Crystal City on a Sunday morning, why do I remember the day of the week? I took a tour of the town, recalling it was a Sunday morning. She must have been there at that time. And then I decided to leave the United States after that tour. I headed for home wanting to come back with money enough to purchase.

On the phone, she compelled me to attend church that night, and she brought a CD of her studio-produced music tape, at my request, which she handed me. I put it into the SHIRT POCKET, if that means anything. I had to give her a cold shoulder that night because she was getting too close to me while still married. And four nights later (September 11, 2002), at the 9-11 memorial we both attended, I decided, before arriving, to sit as far as possible from her, yet I ended up approaching her, and talking with her, and when seeing the empty seat beside her, I asked if I could sit there. The scene was stacked with heraldic pointers I won't repeat here, except the one to the Genova/Geneva surname, for the Campbell character in the Chrystal-City quote above was the client of lawyer, VICTORIA Toensing, wife of Joe DiGenova. They are both lawyers and so they probably worked that Campbell case together. When I asked if anyone was sitting in the seat beside Miss Hicks, she said it was reserved for her daughter, Geneva, but I could still sit there, she said, and "scoot over" if she did arrive. She never came.

Mueller, some were saying, was involved in the Uranium-One deal. He gave CAMPbell the $51,000, we must assume, for he was the FBI chief at the time. The Get'n Go is in CAMP Wood, in case that's a pointer to Campbell. Camps are in Campbell colors, and both were first found in Yorkshire.

She not only allowed me to sit bedside her, but seemed relieved that I had asked. I assume that she was put-off from my cold shoulder a few nights earlier. We had a good time; she sang two songs on stage that I'm taking as a possible pointer to the "singing" of a whistle blower, for this all connects to WikiLeaks. Campbell is a whistle blower. While his story is not making the media news much, the investigators have probably looked into the matter. Whether they report to the public or not, or convict, is not yet known, but Barr is expected by my human intuition to let Mueller slide.

I can scoot over, she said. Scoots and a branch of Scotts and Schutz's whom I trace to lake SCODra, and Bar is a location at the Adriatic coast from Scodra. In the dream, her sleeping was a pointer to the Selepitanoi Illyrians living smack at Bar, for when I touched her knee, she popped into my arms, and we were then RISING together into the sky, while Rhizon, to the north side of lake Scodra, is at Kotor, home of the shark-liner Saraca's whose fish is in the colors of same of Geds on the Nith river of Kilpatricks. Miss Hicks had married Mr. Kilpatrick.

The Ged-like Get'n Go was traced to the McGeth variation of McGee's, found in a McGee article, for at age 12, I scored the first goal of our CHAMPionship hockey match on Jim McGee. The Get'n Go in CAMP Wood. The puck went over his KNEE PAD as he kicked it out to block the shot. McGee's and Padyns were both first found in Dumfries with the Nith river. We won the TROPHy that game, and Trope's/Drops, in the drops of a Kilpatrick Crest, were from Tropoje, a location to the east of lake Scodra.

There is a Baytown-Sun article online showing Miss Hicks (in a group photo) as the trophy girl in a cook-out contest the team won. Without checking, I think this was in 1987. Why that year? Her husband and two sons are on the same page shown with the mascot, Spuds MacKenzie, a bulldog, or "bull TERRier" as Wikipedia calls it. This is what nailed the dream to Miss Hicks back in 2016 (when I found this article). The Scoot-line Scotts are kin of Terras', and while my goal on McGee was due to a pass from Steve Tarr, Tarrs are Tarres' too. German Terras' use Rockefeller-line rooks. In the game before the championship match, I poked in the winning goal while sliding in on my KNEES. The puck was sitting on the goal line from a slap shot from Steve Tarr. There was less than a minute to go in the game; I assume God gave us that goal, burned into my memory, so that we could win the CHAMPIONship and the trophy, but also, those two goals are the only things I remember in either game...because, I assume, God wanted me to use them some 45 years later for heraldic pointers.

What are the chances, by sheer luck, that while English Champions were first found in Bedfordshire with English Beauchamps, French Beauchamps share the eagle of Barrs and Genova's Segni's/Segurana's; their eagle is expected in the same-colored wings of Genova's/Geneva's. We were the victors, and DiGenova's wife is Victoria. Victors/Victorys/Victoria's share the black pale bar and gold stars with Fisks/FISCs, expected with the Fieschi of Genova. The Champion surname like the surname of Victoria's client, Mr. Campbell?

Wow, I've just realized that Segni's/Segurana's use a reflection of the Barrel/BARwell Coat along with the Barr eagle! The barrel-shaped part was missing from the Jeep's DOOR handle, and DORia's, first found in Genova, use a giant eagle in the colors of the giant Jeepma eagle! Bingo, that's a hit, especially as Doors were first found in the same place as Barrels/Barwells. This surprise comes just before I was going to tell you about the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks seen through the glass door of the Get'n Go. I didn't know that McGee's came up as Jee's until last week, and then Jays were likewise first found in Herefordshire.

By the way, Tenants, first found in West Lothian with Toensing-like Towns, share the McGee boar head. It's used also by Mea's/Meighs who share the cross of Fieschi-liner Fessys (i.e. from Genova) who-in-turn have the Segni's/Segurana's in their "signo VINCES" motto phrase! That's a victory term! Victoria Toensing just came up with a Genova element!

In the door-handle dream, a rim, and Rims/Rooms (Annandale) were first found in Dumfries too. They use a "Placit" motto term for Placentia's Ananes Gauls to which they were linked. It seems that Bill Barr is all over this. Even the Bill surname (WOOD bills) looks applicable to Barrels/Barwells. And wow, the Bills (Somerset, same as Roets) share the Shield of Roets while Catherine Roet owned to heraldic Catherine wheel that's the giant symbol of Muellers! The Bill / Roet Chief-Shield combination is shared by Clintons and SNIPE's (both first found in Oxfordshire) while Meullers use a "pair of SNIPs."

I wish I could recall the Beach- / Beech-like name that brought up Beauchamps, but it escapes me now. It's how I found Beauchamps in the first place, due to the beach in the Hicks dream. Perhaps it was "Beacham." Belgian Champions may be with the Annan saltire, for Annandale is in Dumfries. That place traces to the Ananes Gauls at the Tarr-like Taro river, a tributary of the Ceno that traces to the Caens/Canns seen earlier, for while the Ceno is near the Trebia while Ananes lived between the Taro and the Trebia, the Caen/Cann Crest shares five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby.

I wish that Muellers used a mill rind as do Millers, for Padds use the mill rind, and Jim McGee, a pointer to the Get'n Go, tried to block my goal with his knee pad. The Get'n Go event is expected to be about 9-11, and Mueller protected the 9-11 crime from exposure. That was his main job. The Padyns, first found in Dumfries with McGee's, come up as "Putin," and word is that Mueller personally took a sample of American uranium to Russia, at which time Putin would have been very interested if not centrally involved.

Miss Hicks left the memorial before I did. On my way home, I stopped off at the Get'n Go, and there she was just inside the store at the check-out counter as I was walking in. She usually wore a dress, but her knees never looked beautiful as they did this night, and it made me recall the knee scene in the dream, for it was that very week when I set out to discover whether she was the woman in the dream. The glass DOOR got suspect with Mr. Glas, vice-president of EcuaDOR when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was receiving favor from the Ecuadorian embassy. I would have no just cause for making that link, which seems ridiculous on the surface, if the event did not take place on the road to Leakey, for the other road to Leakey (highway 83) is the one I was on fresh out of Victoria that day of the newspaper and coffee. I was driving toward Leakey looking at my first property, when I spotted a political sign on in a field with Mr. Moreno. I am able to remember that name, which is the surname of the new Ecuadorian president who just gave Assange up to British police. I don't view this fully as a bad thing, because it could turn into a victory party if Barr permits it...or even if Barr doesn't permit it.

There was a victory signalled with the newspaper and coffee, and a victory the instant I touched her knee. The News' surname is a lot like the Knee or Kness surname, and so if we ask why God might have chosen "victoria" to be in the Coffee motto, we can to the her hovering at the touch-knee scene, for Hovers/Hoffers are almost like the Coffer variation of Coffee's. Hovers have one purpose of proving that the woman is Miss Hicks, and that God is in the props of the dream, because Hoovers share the HOOTer eagle leg (I'm assuming it from an eagle) while Hicksons use the eagle leg too. Hoods/Hoots share gold crescents with the neighboring Coffers/Coffare's. German Hoods/Hope's have a giant anchor is colors reversed from the same of Fare's/Phares' (Vere branch) suspect in "CofFARE."

WOW. I've just thought to see if there is a Copher surname, and while it's listed with Copenhalls/Copnels, it has the hourglass-like Shield of News' in the same colors!!! That has got to be God's heraldic work to prove to you (I'm already convinced) that he was in my stop in Victoria. Coverts/Cofferts were first found in Sussex with Copher-like Coppers/Coopers. The Copher eagles are shared by Diss'/Dice's, and the latter's Coat is almost a colors reversed version of the Terent/TARANT Coat while Coffers/Coffee's (Cop-like cups) share the Arms of Taranto. The rider of the Taranto dolphin is mythical Taras, and there is a Coppen/Coppinger surname (Suffolk, same with a Diss location) in the colors of Tarrs/Tara's (Somerset, same as Coffers/Coffare's). If Steve Tarr had not been traded to our team near the end of the season, we would NOT have won the championship.

Also, I was MUGGed the night before being in Victoria, and the Coffee/Coffer cups can be called, MUGs, that's right. But why is victory being depicted with the Coffer / Taranto bloodline? Hmm, I have no idea.

Irish Victorys are also Nabo's/Nebo's, like variations of the Navy/Neve surname (like "News") that shares nearly the horse and rider of Caffers/Caffreys (Coffer/Coffee colors). The Victory/Nabo Crest is a white horse with wings, same as the Motels said to be from Taranto. After I was mugged at 1 am while sleeping in the back of the Nissan, I checked into a motel. There's more to these connections than I can fathom at this time. There are multiple arguments to carve Herod liners out of all this. The way in which the Victory/Nabo write-up derives the surname looks like a blatant error, and the term used, "buaidh," is in the motto of Medals/Dougals.

[Insert Sunday -- Trump announced late this week that Mr. Maguire will be the interim chief of National Intelligence. The Maguire's/McGuire's/Guire's use the Caffer/Caffery Coat exactly. What could this mean that I happen to be heavily on the Caffer bloodline just days before the announcement? Both surnames were first found in FERmanagh, and Maguire's look like the Wide variation of Vere's / Weirs / Fere's.

I have deciphered the medallion-on-hood with Steels. I'll get to this later. You can verify in the 4th update of October, 2017, that I began the discussion in the following quote immediately after talking about Miss Hicks at her hood and then hovering. I don't think any general person knew of Mifsud at that time:

As often happens, I'll leave off at a certain paragraph, and when I come back, something has happened that relates. In this case, I got off the computer in the paragraph above to go to town. My last stop was groceries. When I got back to the Jeep, there on the HOOD was a silver and gold (fake) medallion with part of the chain to a necklace still upon it. It reads, "Saint Petersburg Russia" on one side, and the same in Russian on the opposite side. How many times have you found medallions on your hood after leaving off talking about Robin Hood and the Hoods? I realize how problematic this report is for the reader to believe. I'm not lying, the medal sits in front of me (see photo). The chain has four links only.

...What's the chances when someone finds a medallion of Saint Petersburg on the hood of their vehicle, and he's simultaneously claiming online that God is right-now involved in exposing a Russia-based scandal of presidential proportion? I can tell that I have not seen nor heard any news story on Saint Petersburg, but will check it out tonight.

I'm placing this insert here because the Victorys/Nabo's can apply the Victoria event to Hood-related Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire, where Mifsud taught University classes. I didn't know that until today, Saturday. I have more to show that the medallion points to Mifsud, but I don't want to interrupt the flow here very much. I'll have it later in this update at an appropriate place. End insert]

Nons are NEVins too, and Coffers/Coffee's use a motto: "Non proviDENTia SED victoria." There's the Dents of Sedbergh. Kness'/Ness', first found beside the Navys/Neve's and Neve's, use another "non" motto term, as do English Nagle's while Nails/Nagle's have a saltire colors reversed from the same of Gophers/Gofers. We are now in Saraca-fish colors, and the Luce's who share the Roach / Neve fish colors are now expected as Saraca liners to Laus / Saracena at the Calabria border, where I trace Simsons who almost use the Coffer/Coffare crescents. Motels and Italian Mota's were first found in Calabria. Portuguese Mota's are in Coffer colors. It's interesting that the Italian Mota's share the Belly / Jump roses for a possible pointer to the shark in the swimming pool. The Dents are suspect with the teeth of the shark around the belly of the bulldog.

The Kness/Ness Crest has a bird in a position that is at times called, "rising," likely code for Rhizon, same as when Miss Hicks was rising from her hovering position as I touched her Knees-like Knee! Excellent, for that is new. In the evening after stopping at Victoria, I slept with cockroaches, and English Neve's/Neeves' (like "News") have a single fish, bend-wise, in the colors of the Roach fish and the Rauch/Smoke bend. The same, white rising bird of Knees'/Ness' is in the Roach Crest with a rock and a fish, and thus it's feasibly the fish of Neve's. The Arms of Roquefeuil (Languedoc, same as Roque's/Rocks who use rocks) are in Coffer colors. There's also a Nuce/Newes surname, but I have nothing to say about them.

Our victory is over Rockefellers, isn't it? There's the newsPAPER, and the cockroaches were making noises behind the LOOSE wallPAPER. Loose-like Lucie's, sharing the Roach fish essentially, were governors of Feller-suspect Falais. Papers use carNations while Nations/Nathans can be gleaned with Rothschilds. In fact, Natts/Nathans look connectable to Niths/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the Nith river and its Geds (fish). Dutch Loose's, by the way, share the Leslie buckle while Leslie's were rulers of Rothes (Scotland).

The Get'n GO was suspect with Ged liners in conjunction with McGoo's/Gowers, who happen to come up as Gone's while Belgian Gone's use the Darrin bend with bendlets, a Coat version of the Darwents/Darwins who came up with Durhams in the last update while seeking pointers to John Durham (Bill Barr's official investigator into deep-state / Mueller matters). I was linking Durham and Barr to the door-handle dream, but I missed the Darrens/DORRans who share the handle stars (looks like they have the counterchanged Sullivan boar).

Dorals/Darrells share the Irish Door lion, for what it could be worth, for I owned a Doral boat until last year. Hmm, Irish Doors were first found in Galway with the Lynch's who in-turn share the Coat of Bute-liner Bothwells while boat-like Boths/Booths share the black boar with Darrens/Dorrans. I'm getting the impression that Door-line Daorsi were with Saraca's at Kotor, beside Butua and Rhizon. When Miss Hicks started to rise, I was at the door of her car. Wow, my favorite lake was Rosseau, where I went most, and the Rosseau's have a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Dorals, and both lions have a red crown, red claws, and a red tongue. Ahh, wonderful, for the Claws'/Clasons (giant lion with crown!) sound like "Clausula," a river that flows smack near Butua!

God arranged for me to have a Doral boat probably to give clue, for one, of Daorsi at Butua. If you don't believe me, see that French Rosseau's share the three bends of Nerets, for Daorsi are said to have been on the Neretva! Bingo. It was the home of mythical Nereus and Doris, the Nereid fish peoples. The Rosseau / Neret bends look to apply to the Arms of Burgundy, for Rosseau's were first found there.

I was just wondering whether God will put Miss Hicks together with me, after all, and a song line was singing, "we shall meet on that beautiful shore." It fits the Hicks dream. It fits the Doral boat.

The source of the Clausula is near TROPoje, and Miss Hicks was a trophy girl. Trope's/Drops have a lion in Claws-lion colors.

The Hodnet Dossier

When I was about 24 or 25, my boss became a sub-contractor to a man (Frank) building a steel BOAT house on Rosseau, and so I went up there to help out. I wouldn't work on the Sabbath day, and so my boss went to work without me that day. He came home about an hour later complaining that he almost got killed by a risky decision of Frank, so he went home without me. The next day, Frank becomes the devil with a very hot head and a lot of venom: "I know what you're thinking, that what happened was because we worked on the Sabbath." And he hurled obscenities at I walked away shocked at his satanic face. I had to HITCH-HIKE home, a couple of hours away. There are two Hike surnames listed with the Hykes' in both cases, one of them using fish. And Hitch's (Buckinghamshire, same as Dorals) are also Hyche's.

The split-tailed lion in the Crest of Scottish Franks looks like the double-tailed lion shared in the same colors between Montforts and the Arms of Bohemia, while German Franks (Bohemia) share the column of Malta's who in-turn throw in a giant lion in the colors of the giant Montfort lion. Columns are used by Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found beside Monforte (Piedmont, same as Italian Franks), and the Scottish Frank Coat ("nati") even shares the Blade saltire while Pilote-like Blade's share white pheons with Pilati-like Pilote's. The "nati" motto term can be for Nith liner Nitts/Naughts to which Miss Hicks traces. The English Frank Coat "nati") is reflective of the Rising Coat. I'd say that, if God had Miss Hicks rise for a trace to Rhizon, then the proto-Hicks were of that region.

I now recall that late in my taxi-cab job, I drove home Miss NAUGHTon on the Gamble sideroad, which I mention because the job with Frank at Rosseau was shortly after I stopped driving cab, and because the Gamble's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) share the Hick fleur-de-lys. I find this compelling as acts of God when all put together. The only reason I recall driving her home is that I liked her (had known her in the past slightly), and was trying to drum up the courage to ask her on a date. Why do Naughtons use a "hope" motto term? A pointer to Hope Hicks?

Hike's/Hykes' share the quadrants of Chives', the latter once said to be first found in Devon, same as Hike's/Hykes'. The Chives' are from the Cavii Illyrians to the near south of the Selepitanoi, the latter being near enough to Rhizon to explain why Miss Hicks was sleeping when she awoke to rise. Risings were first found in Norfolk with fish-using Hike's/Hykes'. Hitch's/Hyche's are in Sauter/Suter colors while Hicks are from Mr. Sauteby.

Watch how Malta-like Mallets come up. The entire Frank motto is within the Warner motto, and the squirrel in the Warner Crest may be cracking a NUT. English (K)Nights share a red square with Warner-like Warrens (could have the Malta / Montfort / Beaumont lion in their square) who in-turn were first found in Sussex with Keeps sharing the Warner bend. Keeps were suspect with the namers of Kiev, where Warren-like Varangian Rus ruled. Warrens have a "Leo" motto term while German Leo's/PYRZewski's (Hamburg, beside the proto-Varangian Varni) have the Warren lion in colors reversed, which is the Rosso and Russell lion. It makes the Warren lion connectable to the same of Ross' (beside Rose's), beside the Rinds. Pyrzewski-suspect Peare's were first found in Oxford with English Turners who in-turn use a mill rind while Rinds (share Mallet scallops) have a "DiuTURNitate" motto term and share a version of the Leslie Coat while Leslie's (ruled Rothes beside Rose's and Ross') share the buckle with French Mallets and ROSlins.

Rinds have a flower pot, and Danish Cnuts a pot hanger; Cnut invaded England at Hampshire, where Hangers and Potters (share Flower cinquefoil) were first found. I've read the description of Italian Tonys/Antonacci's using a "flower," and my boss who said that Frank almost killed him was Mr. Antonacci. As Rinds took us here, didn't we see them with the Rus. He said that when the backHOE didn't get the steel beam high enough, Frank ordered bags of pink insulation into the bucket of the backhoe to get more height, the idea being to balance the beam on those bags (stupid). The beam fell off and came sliding down toward Mr. Antonacci in the seat. He said that one end of the beam hit a scaffold, and stopped coming down, otherwise he would have been killed. The Hoe's/Hue's share the giant Rosso lion, but is this all there is to this event, a pointer to Rus liners? English Tonys were in Leicestershire with Simon de Montfort, and Italian Simons share the giant Rosso Coat too. Recall my BOAT, which I took to lake Rosseau plenty, suspect earlier with Boets/Bote's, for I think this means that Italian Simons, and other Simons, are from Simon of BOETHus Sadducees / Herods.

Warners use Rus-line roses, and while TURINs (same bend as Warners / Keeps) were first found near the Scottish Rose's, Austrian TURNers share the Shield of German Warners, quite apparently. German Turners (Night lion?) are Thor / Tower liners. We are clearly on the Rus, which included Dane's (beside or amid the Varni), ruled by CNUT of Nott / Nutt liners.

Scottish Turins are very connectable to Chives' of Tarves (Aberdeenshire, same as Buckle-loving Leslie's), and while the latter are suspect from TARVISium, Travis' share the scallops of Biss' (and Russells) suspect in the "noBIS" motto term of Franks and Warners. Biss' have the motto of Buckle-branch Buckleys, and were first found in Surrey with the father of Ada of Warenne. Nobis'/Nobes' have what is probably a knight. Ada-suspect Atha's/Attys share a Shield of checks with Warrens, and ATTwoods (Russell lion in colors reversed) use a lion familiar to this discussion.

Rosseau-related Nerets were first found in Brittany with Montfort, and as Claws were of Leicestershire along with Simon de Montfort, the Claws' must be with the Montfort lion, which is colors reversed from the giant one of Italian Rosso's and Italian Simons. The Scottish Ross' thus become suspect with the Claws / Montfort lion. Roslin is beside the first-known Simms. The latter have a "Fortuna" motto term while "Lady Fortune" is in the Coat of Klassens with a banner, and while I've read that Montforts own the Gonfanon banner, Claws' have a Klassen-like variation(s). The Ross' are said to be from an Andrew, and Scottish Andrews use another "fortuna" motto term. The giant Fortuna dog is in the colors of the giant Claws/Clason / Montfort lion. Are Claws of the Clavers and therefore Chives-suspect Chiava's?

Why do Scottish Andrews (Trick colors) have a "VICTRix" motto term? If I recall correctly, the Trick / Drig Chief, using what look like spear heads, use darts, code for Dardanians who happened to live around the Clausula / Tropoje. If God made Miss Hicks the trophy girl, why was it with a cooking contest of all things? Isn't a trophy the symbol of Victrix-like victory?

One of Frank's employees was Mike Oddie, whom I knew as a 12-year old child when he punched me in the face very hard for no reason at all. The important section that follows is on Oddie branches, either by chance or because God arranged this section to be right here.

Back to the Medals/Dougals and Bauds, both of whom have quadrants in colors reversed from HODnets. I don't know whether Hodnets have been applied before to the medallion on HOOD, but it just so happens that the Cheshire Steels were at Hodnet. There is a Hodnet surname first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and Miss Hicks was asleep after she was at the hood. But if even that's not enough to convince anyone that this has God's fingerprints on it, look: Hodnets were at Drayton, and, can we believe it? The Drayton Crest has the bird leg in gold, the color of the Hoover and Hooter bird leg!!! Amazing.

I think it deciphers the medallion-on-hood as a pointer to Christopher Steele. I think that God arranged the Hixons/Hicksons to have bird legs for clinching Miss Hicks as the women in the dream. One day, I left the topic off at Miss Hicks at the hood, then went to town and found the medallion on my Jeep's hood. You just saw how the topic went straight from the medallion to Miss Hicks at the hood with Hooters, and to her hovering with Hoovers. I would never have found a Hodnet surname on my own, if it wasn't in a write-up, and it happens to be in the write-up of Scottish Steels: "The Domesday Book shows a place named Steel, in the Hodnet hundred [Shropshire], held by Roger de Courseulles." (The Courcelles' could apply.)

BE AMAZED: "'The chancel {of Low LEYTON in Essex} contains some elegant monuments of the family of Hickes.'" That's from the Hick write-up, and it just so happens that Leytons: 1) were first found in Shropshire with Hodnets; 2) both Leytons and Hodnets use nothing but quadrants; 3) both have a dancetty line across the center!!! Whammo, you can't get better evidence than that for Intelligent Design! I'm flattened. A few minutes later, while on the Odins / Hodens below, the Oddeys/HODE's/HOADS were found with nothing but quadrants in colors reversed from the Hodnet quadrants (Oddie's and Odins were first found in Yorkshire.)

Steels were at SANDback/SandBACK, and with endings like that, the gold Sandbach-Crest stag head could be the gold "buck" in the Hick Crest. Miss Hicks was on the sand at the hood. HodNETs may have been a Hood-Net merger, for Nets are listed with Scottish Nights/Naughts, probably from the Nith river, as their "duRUM" motto term suggests. Also, it's perhaps a clever motto partially for Drummonds too, for the father of the Drummonds, George of Hungary, married in Podebrady of Bohemia while German Franks were in Bohemia and while British Franks use a "nati" motto term. Natts/Nathans look like they can be with the Nith/Naught Shield.

Hoods were at Rattery while Ratterys use a "Super" motto term while Supers (share Kilpatrick saltire) were first found in Devon with Hoods and Super-like Spurrs while a spur is used by English Nights and Close's of Closeburn on the Nith. Perfect, for it links Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick to the Nith. Ratterys share the Wood fitchees while Supers were at Woodlands. That's one reason that God placed her at the hood, to prove yet again that she was the woman in the dream. But that hood is now linking to the Jeep's hood...which has to do with some mobster criminals, doesn't it? English Nights were first found in Suffolk, which has a Bucks area, according to the write-up of Kings who could be with the Night lion.

More: German Bauds/Baulds ("Pax in BELLO") have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Draytons. Cheshire's Otone's/Oltens (almost the Drayton Coat) have quadrants in these colors; see Ottone's below. French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bello-loving Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with Croziers in the crozier of Odins who in-turn share the Otone/OLTEN lion. Scottish Bauds (expected in the Medal/Dougal motto) were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes' whose Cheap variation is like the Chep of Jeepma's (OLDENburg), and the latter share the hexagram of Bouillon-liner Goths/Gothels. Plus, I think that HODNets were of Hodens because the latter use one of the spear / arrow heads of Bigot-like Pigots/Picots, first found in Cheshire with the Steels who are in-turn said to be from Bigot de Loges. Then, Hoden-like Ottone's use a long perchevron (solid chevron) in the colors of the same of French Chappes', first found in Ile-de-France with French Bigots. It's suggesting that Hoods/Hoots and Hooters are from Ottone Visconti and/or whatever named him.

Miss Hicks was hovering over the seats, and while Seatons have fit the seats before (because I was at the SIDE door, and because Cars can be traced to Sedans), Seatons happen to have been at Say of Normandy, which must be the Saye of Normandy in the write-up of Pigots/Picots who in-turn share "Tout" with Hicks. Amazingly, Hoods were in Rattery while Ratterys share the fitchees of Picot-like Picks/Pix's!!! Amazingly, while we just saw a Hick branch at Leyton while Leytons were kin of Hodnets, the Leytons share the Say Coat. God might even suggest that Miss Hicks was LAYing down while hovering, for Leytons are also Laytons. Lays are with Leighs.

Lookie: the "yet" motto term of Seatons is suspect with Yate's who share the split Shield of Hicks-beloved Bucks. It's another verification that God gave the dream attuned to heraldry, and the following makes that statement even harder: "'Hood-Ridding, an ancient mansion, has belonged for more than two centuries to the family of Yates.'" Heh-heh, it's only taken me years to make these new finds. This gets important with Hope Charlotte Hicks, for her boyfriend in the Trump administration was/is Rob Porter, and Porters share the portcullis gate with Yate's. Miss Hicks is Charlotte Hicks. I've been wondering whether she's a pointer to Hope Hicks, for German Hoods are Hope's too.

Picks/Pix's recall that I picked up the SLEEPing bag but saw myself doing nothing with it but picking it up, which must be a pointer to Scottish Picks/Pike's because they share the pierced Solomon stars while the sleeping bag was on a hill as code for John Solomon's The HILL. I saw nothing of the sleeping bag but it lying on the ground in a woods on a hill, and Woods (share tree with Pick/Pix Crest) share the Pick/Pix / Rattery fitchee. The Pigots/Picots use so-called "pikeheads" (as hint that they were from the Picensii Illyrians).

Guess what? The Ratterys use a "sidera" motto term while Siders are listed with Side's (just as I was writing "side," a song (By the Riverside) sang "riverside"). You see, I was put at the side of the car for this reason, to prove that Seatons are in the seats, for Side's are a branch of Sutys who share "hazard" with Seatons. The latter use "forWARD while Wards (at a Clopton location) were resolved with the ermined Clapton bend. Hicks were at CLAPton in marriage with Arthurs suspect in "HazARD." Arthurs are from the ARDiaei, also known as VARDaei, like the Varde variation of Wards. Irish Wards happen to use three crowns in the colors and format of the three crown-like objects of Scottish Steels. Christopher Steele is expected to have coordinated his hoax with James Clapper, and Claps/Clappers share the Beach Coat while Miss Hicks and the car were was on a sandy beach.

[Insert -- The day after writing here, I read of the French Porters: "The family moved north into Brittany at Kerduault, and to L'Estang and to Cree'Hanton in Brittany." Hantons were checked to find a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Yate's, and even having a dancette at the split, as do the Hodnet and Leyton Coats. The bend of French Porters even uses the Over bend while Miss Hicks hovered OVER the seats. There you have the correct deciphering of those seats therefore, in a pointer to Yate's and Porters, thus clinching the seats with Seatons and clinching "yet" with the Yate's. I'm now realizing why (one reason, anyway) I was at the door of the car when at the side of the car, for French Porters are also La Ports = "the door."

Unbelievably enough, Hantons share the fleur-de-lys of SALES'/SALLYs, pointing now to Sally Yates! Wasn't she the last DoJ chief under Obama, replacing Lynch? Hantons even had "Hinton in the diocese of SALISbury..."

I can't find the Cree'Hanton location. Scottish Cree's (Ayrshire, same as Porters) have the green Hick chaplet, but probably calls it a wreath because Wreaths are listed with another Cree Coat (looking like it's using the Alan fesse and Stewart lion). French Cree's, first found in Brittany with Nerets, share the Neret Coat, which have the triple bends of Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Paganells in colors reversed. The latter are in the motto of Rums/Rome's who Coat in-turn is like the Wreath/Cree Coat. The latter use "reWARD," linkable to "forward" of Seatons. The NERETva was home to Ardiaei expected in the Seaton motto. Rums are expected in the Net/Night/Naught motto and thus connectable to Hoods via Hodnets/HodiNOTTs and the Hood-connectable Supers.

The Hint/Inch Coat happens to be a version of the Saxon Coat while Saxon is a location near Sitten/Sion of the Seatons. I show later in this update why Saxons (chaplets) link to Seatons. Ms. Yates was the deputy attorney general under Eric Holder while Holders (dancette) were first found in Gloucestershire with Yates.

Hinton-like Hints/Inch's (share red roundels with Shirts) were first found in Cheshire with Sales'/Sallys and Overs (and Shirts), perfect with standing (shirtless) at the door of the car while she hovered over the seats. Cree-like Cars (share Wreath/Cree stars) seem to love Sere's in their "Sero SED serio" motto who have a Shirt-like Sert variation and a chevron in colors reversed from the Shirt chevron. Miss Hanton-like Hanson lived on WARDen avenue, and she is the one selling me an ice-cream as a pointer to Crema on the Serio river, but, a year or less later, I did this same with Darlene Ray as to Miss Hanson. In both cases, I lined up for an ice cream, and asked the girls out cold having never spoken to them before. They both agreed. I thought that it was my smoothy at work, but now discover that it was a miracle...I wouldn't have stood a chance if not for God making it happen. The point is, Wreaths/Cree's are also Rays (stars colors reversed from Sere/Sert stars)! The Sear/Seer Crest shares the stars in the Wreath/Cree/Ray Crest! Bingo, the reason, finally discovered, that God set me up with an ice-cream with Darlene Ray.

Darlene's have the drop-covered Shield of Nutt-branch Cnuts/Notts suspect in Hodnets/HodiNUTTs. Plus, Danish Cnuts, first found in the Salisbury region of the Hantons, and beside Hangers and Porters / Potters, use a "pot hanger"! You can't make better connections with super glue. Hangers share the escarbuncle with French RAYS (!), and with Angers while Fulks of Angers use a Coat almost that of French Care's. The latter can have the Side lion because I was at the side of the car. Plus, French Care's share the checkered Shield of Nitts/Naughts (suspect with the Hanson lions and Annandale). Cnuts/Notts are in the colors and format of Hope's (share the Nutt besants) while being first found in Derbyshire with them.

Hmm, Sassys share a version of the Nutt Coat while she sucked her tail, suspect with the Papp/Papadopoli lion, in the colors of the Net/Night/Naught lion heads. Papps could thus be the a branch of Papers with carNATIONs as code for Natt-kin Nations/Nathans. The Naughtens use a "hope" motto term. Was Hope Hicks in some contact with George Papadopoulos? While I was still driving taxi (i.e. when driving Miss Naughten home), I met Steve Papp (a cook), and even let him rent half my place for a while. He's the reason that Papps came to topic recently. My next car after driving cab (rented it full-time) was a Lada (don't laugh), a RUSSIAN car (!), and when it needed special repairs, I drove it to the Lada dealer, and there the man I spoke to was Joseph, the owner of the snack shop where Mr. Papp had been the cook. Is that not amazing? I assumed that his restaurant went belly-up. On his business card, he called himself, Joe Fix, but as he still had his Jewish accent, I thought he was an illegal immigrant using a false name. Or was he a spy? I suggest that "Fix" is linkable to Fisks/FISCs as a pointer to the FISA / FISC crimes related to the Papadopoulos affair.

Wikipedia: "George Demetrios a former member of the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign." That sounds like fake cartel news over-inflating Trump's connection to Mr. Papadopoulos-who? My point is, Hope Hicks was fairly respected in Trump's campaign team mainly because Trump liked what he saw of her, sexy-perfect for a honeypot trap on him. They used a honeypot trap for Papadopoulos. Papps/Papadopoli's share the lion of Kingstons, who named Kingston-on-Hull, and Hulls have the Pape/Papenburg Coat in colors reversed.

The Cree-look of Cars just had me looking Care's up to find a version of the Sales/Sally Coat but with white leopard faces, a symbol in the Hover/Hoffer/HOFF Crest, perfect because Coffs/Coughs share the Sales/Sally Coat (almost). The bird design of Care's is used by Hoods, and the latter call it a "Cornish CHOUGH," that's right. And English Hoffs (same place as Sales'/Sallys) share the Sales/Sally bend.

God's a genius? How many Car-like surnames have thus-far linked to Miss Hicks at the car? The Care's use a Coat version of the Carys of Leavells/LEVELs, and Miss Hicks was level when she hovered. French Care's, Cree's/Rays and Rays were all first found in Burgundy. I suggest that Cree's were from "Cary." The last time I saw Ray was in his baseMENT while Ments/Mants share the triple Cree/Ray bends. He died in a car accident, and Miss Ray was in a car accident when I was with her for some weeks only. End insert]

Ardiaei were with the Arduinici at the BAUTica river while Hood-suspect Oddeys/Hode's/Hoads share the quadrants of Medal/Dougals and Bauds (share Hood crescents). I've always said that the medallion's inscription, "Saint-Petersburg Russia," has to do with Steele's dossier pointing out some items in that city, and here we are finding a very direct link of Steels to that medallion. The other Wards (with Clapton bend) even use a "Comme" motto term as though pointing to a Comey-Clapper partnership. The Wards with the Crowns can be using them as code for crown-using Crauns/Crane's, for their patee crosses are those of the other Claptons (Coat no longer shown). That's amazing because it tends to prove that God wanted Wards in the picture, and thus put them into the Seaton motto so that the hovering over the seats drags the sorry Comey and Clapper donkeys into the picture.

Miss Hanson (pointed to Visconti's) lived on WARDen avenue. Our first date was in a VALIANT car while Valiants use a shark. Sharks use a crane so that we can make a tentative Shark-Craun link not forgetting that the shark in the Hicks dream is the dossier crew of soul-less destroyers. VALLANs share the Sarasin moline, but it's also the moline of Fuss'/Fusswells suspect in the "fus" motto term of Wards. Thus the warden street of Miss Hanson seems to be a pointer to the Wards too. I'm dying to discover why Saraca's / Saracens are being linked to the dossier killers. Saracens use crescents colors reversed from the Hood crescents.

As Vallans share the moline of Brittany's Sarasins, I suggest that Vallans are a variation of a surname from Vilaine and therefore of Vilnius, home of RADziwills. The latter were suspect at the rad of the car. Yup, John Ratcliffe was suspect at the rad of the car, when Miss Hicks stood at the hood, because Cliffs married Stichs from the Astikas-Radziwills of Vilnius. We just learned that a Hicks branch was in Leyton, Essex, but Essex is where Brooks were first found who share the Stich / Stick Coat. It's a shame that Ratcliffe is no longer the Intelligence-chief nominee, for while Intelligence is represented by my 16 / 17 squirrels, I dropped the few surviving ones (about five of them) off at a brook. Hmm. The others died in a RAT TRAP, suspect as God's pointer to the Radziwill-Traby merger, which never made sense to me until Mr. Ratcliffe started to explain it. Intelligence needs a leader who lays traps for the corrupt for the next ten years. That will clean the attic out.

Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle while Kyle's use candleSTICKs, believe it or not. Huttons share a version of the Yell Coat with Stick garb.

There's evidence from my date with Miss Hanson that Caffers/Cafferys link to Saraca's. For the Valiant was owned by the Quinns while Quinns share a white-on-green horse with Caffers/Cafferys. The latter are said to be from near the border of Tyrone, and Sharks were first found in Tyrone.

Yate's were also at Hutton, and Huttons, said to be from Hoot-like "Hotton," share the gold stag head with Hicks and Sandbachs. Hicks were at Leyton, and Huttons at Leyland. To help prove that Huttons were Hood liners, Hoods were at Rattery while Super-loving Ratterys share the Wood fitchees while Supers were at Woodlands (Devon, same as Hoods) while Woodlands share gold stag heads on black with Huttons. Figure on Woodlands being close to Salemans from Saluzzo because the Hutter fesse has a Bush-fesse look to it while Bush's share the Saleman eagles while Busca is beside Saluzzo. As Yates were at Hutton, this entry of SALESmans points to Sally Yates once again.

It just so happens that Salesmans were first found in Surrey with Michaels while a Michael appeared in my yellow-bed dream with a salesman. Michael's kids were jumping on the bed, and Kids (version of Thomas Coat, from Thomas of Saluzzo) use the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors. It's then interesting that, if we view them as children who jumped on the bed, the Childrens, who have what look like the bird design of English Kidds, share the bend of Porters (share portcullis gate with Yate's). As the Jumps share the Trump stag head, perhaps it points specifically to the firing of Sally Yates by Trump.

On May 8, 2017, Yates and James Clapper testified for three hours before the Senate Judiciary's Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism over the Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. Yates said the FBI interviewed then-National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn on January 24, 2017. Because of that interview she made an "urgent" request to meet with White House Counsel Don McGahn. She met with him on January 26 and again on January 27. She informed McGahn that Flynn was "compromised"... (her Wikipedia article).

McGahn indicated signs that he was willing to betray Trump. I therefore loaded Gahns/GETHams (McGee colors) to find what should be the Lucy/Luce / GEDDES fish / pikes. McGee's were also McGeths. It's the Get'n Go line in Camp WOOD (named after a Wood surname), and Woodlands (Camp colors) share the Hutton stag heads! That works. Yate's of Hutton are thus discovered, from Yates' interaction with McGahn, as a line of Geds. Yates are split in the split colors of Dutch Sprows'/Spruce's, and the split Shield of the latter is/was showing on a town sign in an article of Norfolk's Sprowston. Lucys/Luce's were first found in Norfolk with Sparrows and Sparhams. Supers were just linked above to Huttons and Nith liners.

[The week after this update was out, "supeRATa" was found in the motto of Rainhams speaking to a Super-Ratner merger, for Rainhams share three besants in chief with Ratners. Rainhams were taken from the Rainham location of English MOTLeys (Motel-like), first found in Yorkshire with Medley-branch Methleys.]

The "Dum spiro spero" motto of Gahns/Gethams looks like part-code for Dumfries elements. Lucys/Luce's were at Passy, and Pasi's share the crossed spears of spero-like Speers. The "DURat" motto of Geds is partly for Dure's sharing the Saluzzo Coat exactly. Sally Yates is the one, by the looks of it, who got Flynn removed from the White House. Trump, da dope, made Flynn go too easily, like Trump didn't want Flynn spilling the deep-state beans.

Gethins/Gettings/Giddons (at MalPAS) are suspect with the Treby lion, and Trebys share the Ratnor and Flynn Chiefs, wow, while Flynns share the wolf, apparently, of Scarfs in the scarf of Polish Trabys/Sadowski's. Ratners were first found in Radnorshire with Gochs/Goughs, and then we read that Gethins "to be descended from David Goch, a Welsh chieftain..." It appears clinched that Radnorshire was named by Radziwill liners of Vilnius. Malpas' have a version of the BELwood Coat, and Bells (Dumfries) share bells with Yates-related Porters. It makes sense where Yate's had been from Geds ("DuRAT"). Geddes' were first found in NAIRNshire with Geddes', and while Nairns share the chaplet with Hicks, Hykes'/Hake's use fish of their own.

Oh wow, Nairns have the Car motto exactly, and are split vertically in the split-colors of the Yates. The latter came up for being in the motto of seat-depicted Seatons, as per Miss Hicks over the seats of the car, and there we find a chaplet with a surname to which Yate's are very linkable. I had read that Nairns have hawk's BELLs hanging on their chaplet. I had noted above that the Malpas Coat is in the colors and format of Sere's/SERTs, and so let's add that Shirts are in the colors and format of Hykes'/Hake's.

More, for Cindy Richardson is the one for which I found the Belwood / Malpas ancestry of Richardsons.

Gate-using Yate's look like a Gate branch definitely, and as Yate's were at Hood-Ridding, it's interesting that Hodnets were at Drayton while the Drayton Coat compares well with the Gate Coat. The year before the 16 squirrels were caught, I made a CAGE to catch all three squirrels hibernating in the attic. Cage's share the Gate Shield, and a gold stag with Huttons. How to interpret this picture? What are these three squirrels a pointer too?

To find evidence of God's fingerprints, I've got to poke around. For example, the three squirrels were nested inside my kitchen wall, and so the Kitchens were just checked to find Intelligent Design because they share the perchevron of Teague's/CAIGE's. You see, God caused me to make a cage to catch those three because he wanted me to go to the Cage surname. Kitchens were first found in Lancashire with Huttons and Ratcliffe's. I was wondering whether to say that I would not have known Teague's had I not purchased the Texas property from a Ms. Teague. I was going to say that this squirrel cage may have been so important to God's revelation that He caused me to buy from Teague, but I decided not to say it...until a song played, "I am new," while wondering it. The News'/Nuces pointed to the Nueces river, where I bought the property.

Kitchen/Ketch's are like the Catch's/Ketchers and Katz'/Katch's, both using cats and in Kagan/Cohen / Cetin/Cattan colors. The latter have cats on a Shield split in the colors of the split Gate / Cage colors, quite amazing, for "Gate" is like "Cat." The Caige/Keague variations of Teague's might apply to Kagans, therefore. I received a kitten from a customer when stripping and re-finishing her banister, and Banisters share the Kitchen water bougets. The Keith/Keath Catti probably apply to Catch liners, and as Keiths were first found in East Lothian with Seatons, the Yate's might just be related to a Kitchen / Cage branch as per the sharing of Shields between Gate's and Cage's. Yates were in Hutton, and Huttons share the gold stag with the Cage Crest.

Dutch Gede's (Hamburg) have a lion colors reversed from a Gate lion, and Steels were at GIDDy Hall while Giddys are also Gedys/Geddys. As Geds were on the Nith, isn't that where HodNETs/HodiNUTTs can trace? God had pointed to Cetins/Chattans (share Saracen head with Sassys) with Sassy my cat (the kitten above) while the Sassy Coat is a version of the NUTT Coat. Plus, as I said, this cat sucked her tail throughout her adult life (until we gave her away when going to Texas for the first time) while the Papps/Papadopoli's have a lion with tail in / at mouth, and it happens to be a lion in the colors of the Net/Night lion heads! Wow, how did that happen? Nutts were first found in Gloucestershire with Yate's while using the same bend as French Porters! The latter were at Berry while German Berrys/Barrys share fish heads with Geddes'! What does this paragraph all mean? Only the Genius knows for sure. In Texas that first time, we bought a black Lab, and the kids named her, Katy/Katie. What's going on here? Carricks, from Geddes-like Cetis, use a black Lab and were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Porters. The latter use bells while Bells were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river. Carricks are in several heraldic squirrels said to be CRACKing a NUT. Caracalla's ancestry, and the name of his brother, was GETA. I still have a lot of work to do, for the questions are building.

I let the three squirrels off in front of the lumber store. I've told this before, I'm not making it up. The Lumbers share the Potter Shield while Porters (Hampshire, same as Potters) are PAWTERs too and in Potter colors! Zinger, we are still on Yate's while coming round to their Porter kin by another route. I pulled over to the bus stop in front of the lumber store, and the Bus' happen to share the giant PORTis/Porch cinquefoil, wow. They are white cinquefoils, same as Potters and Lumbers. Is this a pointer to Rob Porter? One of the 16 died in the pocket of my shorts, and Pockets have a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed, wow. Porters were first found in Hampshire with Posts. I hung the shorts to dry on a post before discovering I had put the dead squirrel through my laundry machine. Is this dead squirrel a pointer to when Trump fired Porter? Hope Hicks quit at that time, and was grabbed by Fox news. I didn't trust Hope and so I thought that Porter was a mole along with John Kelly. Scottish Porters were first found in Kelly-like Kyle. Bush also fired Kelly. I have no evidence that they were moles for Bushites, just a hunch.

Yate's were at Hood-Ridding, and Riddings are the Ridings/Readings who share black boars with Bush's. In the door handle dream, I was RIDING a shopping cart that was resolved with the Scherff bloodline (from real Nazi's) of the president Bush's. It was resolved partly due to the Riding boars but I can add here that the Bush fesse with gold symbols is in the three colors of the Hutton fesse with stag heads. Hiedlers/Hitlers are said to be from "Hutter," and Huttons can apply because Hoods happens to share a white anchor with Hiedlers/Hitlers. Is Porter a Bush dope? Bush elevated Hope Hicks into politics, and perhaps she feels she owes Bush.

Portishead is at Clapton, at the Gloucestershire border, and Yate's were first found in Gloucestershire. Clapton was home to Arthurs resolved in the "HazARD YET forward" motto of Seatons. Are we again pointing to James Clapper, who once held the job that Trump nominated Mr. Ratcliffe to last week? As this squirrel died in the van because it went up the heater duct and wouldn't come out (later crawled into the shorts in the van), I'm noting that Heaters (Devon, same as HOODs) are also Haters while Oddeys/HODE's have this: "Hoath was recorded as La HATHE at some point in the 13th century." The Hats can apply here.

The section that follows was written a few days before this section, and it includes my hat trick and Hatricks, and here I find the Hederichs listed with Hodnet-suspect Hodens. One needs a puck to get a hat trick, and so lets add here that Pucks share a version of the Hoden-like Ottone Coat. The third goal of the hat trick was a puck sliding between my legs, and so let's go back to Leytons, for they are also LEIGHtons while the Leghs are also Leys. From here we go to the LEGro river of Leicester, where leg-using Hose's were first found suspect with D'Hosier's/DOSSIER's. Human legs are found also in the Arms of Fussen, and thus it seems that God is pointing with Dossier liners to Fusion GPS.

God told me to WAKE Miss Hicks up while hovering. The Wakes ("ora") share a version of the Orr/Ore Chief, both sharing red-on-gold roundels with Nellys, and Nelly Ohr is now rich in conservative news, for some Bruce Ohr memos have been released. Thus the waking of Miss Hicks points to the dossier. The Wakes have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Harcourts, and Shirts, with more red roundels, are Harcourt liners. Steels were at GIDDY hall, while Geddes-like Giddys/Gideons I had no shirt on when she was hovering, and the voice said: "WHAT are you WAITing for, GO wake her up."

It's interesting that Whats/WaddCOCKs, first found in Essex with the Leyton entity of Hicks, are in the colors and near-format of Coffers/Coffee's, for Goffs/Gochs/Goughs are a Cock-like branch of Googe's/Gooch's (Mole kin, says it all), the pointers to Guccifer 2.0. As Hodnets/HodiNOTTs may have been partly of Cnuts/Knots/Notts, note the "wake knot" in the Wake Crest. Didn't the crew with Nelly Ohr invent GUCCifer 2.0 from the original Guccifer. The Wake-like Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with Net/Night / Nitt/Naught liners, right? That's right. It appears that Hood kin were up in Kilpatrick land.

Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with gang-loving Drummonds, and beside Stirlingshire with Mifsud's university. Drummonds had a Drymen location in Stirlingshire, and Stirlings share "Gang" with Drummonds. Drummonds add "warily," like the Wirrels. It just so happens that while mails were at Wirral, mails share the same bend as Stirlings, and the latter put buckles on it while buckle-using Leslie's were Hungarians along with Drummonds. Leslie's use a "fast" motto term while, wow, Fasts have quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Bauds (Stirlingshire) and Medals/Dougals. The latter two are the pointers to Mifsud.

The reason that I've introduced this Stirling topic was not for the Leslie's or Fasts; they were a bonus while getting to the point, which is: Mifsud got a university degree in Malta, and so I started to poke around to see if Malta's could be linked to things in Stirling, and that's when realizing that French Mallets share buckles with Stirlings. And then the buckle-line Leslie's were found who brought the Baud quadrants, apparently, to bare with Fasts.

Lookie: when reading that Stirlings were anciently StryVELINs, I recalled my trace of Velins to mont Velino uphill from Avezzano, and it just so happens that Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia with Malta's! Bingo. Avezzano's named Avesnes on the Helpe river (Belgian border), that being the line of Halpers/HALFpennys (think Stefan Halper) and Helpe's/HALFs, and then Belgian Have's/HAAFs share ducks with Velins!!! You can't discover ratty moles any better than that. Plus, Malta's share the column with Pelosi's of SAVIGliano, and Sauvage's were first found in Champagne, where Flemings of Avesnes married a gal. The mole in the Trump camp, Stefan Halper, worked over Papadopoulos as had Mifsud!

Lookie: Stirlings share "forward" with Seatons, and the Sutys (Perthshire, beside Stirling) who share "hazard" with Seatons have a "HAVE" motto term for Have's/Haafs. You see, Miss Hicks over the seats points to this Mifsud-Halper team of trolls, as does she at her hood. Again, Hoods were at a Rattery location while Ratterys were first found in Perthshire. Ahh, as I didn't know where Rattery is located, I've just looked it up: "Rattery is a village and civil parish in Devon, England, a few miles from BuckFASTleigh, Ashburton, and Dartington." The Bucks (Buckle branch?) have a split Shield linkable to that of Seaton-beloved Yate's (Gloucestershire, same as Helps/Halfs, not far from Bath). There's a Seaton location in Devon too, and while Seaton-like Sedans were at Sedbergh with Dents, let's repeat that Bauds have a trident, as do Rat-loving Geds. As Bauds must be kin of the Hoods, their Baad locations (one in Perthshire) might just be of the Baths / Battins, explaining why Miss Hicks was in a BATHing suit at the hood. I don't know what she had on while hovering.

Dartington and Dartmoor are of the Darts/DARDs (Devon, same as Cavii-related Hykes'/Hacks) who have one of the double sleep chevrons. Miss Hicks fell asleep as she hovered as code for the SELEPitanoi near the Cavii and the DARDanians.

If there is a Mifsud-like surname that God can use, I don't know of it.

Hmm, just after writing the above, I broke with writing to urgently get to the garage as a temporary doctor to save a mouse that got its leg caught in a mousetrap last night. It survived until minutes ago, when I put some water into a white "tub" that looked just like a BATH. It was the white styrofoam container (for take-out foods) for the chicken wings I had last night. Wow, I didn't know when starting this paragraphs that I'd be looking up Wings and Wingers/WynGATE's. Wings were first found in Perthshire with Baad, and Wingers share the ermined bend of Claptons. Clapton is right-near Bath above! Amazing. Is that a dick in the Coat of German Wingers?

The mouse's severely-bent leg was attached by dry blood to the plastic of the trap, and when I tried to dislodge it, the mouse cried in pain. I let it fall asleep for the rest of the afternoon, and when I went to check it out, it looked at me unafraid, calm. The only solution was to dip the trap with mouse in a bath of water (I wanted to set it free), but when I went out to do it, it had died. It was alive just 20ish minutes ago when writing on Stirlings. Can this mouse be a symbol of Mifsud caught in a trap? It died with its leg NOT stuck to the trap. It had become loose, but the critter was too-far gone to run off.

I even had one of my giant nails slipped into the trap to hold it slightly open so that it would not clamp down on the mouse. This is a ten-inch long spike almost an inch square. I've found a half dozen of them in the dirt of this property. Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with the Velins suspect in the StryVELIN variation of Stirlings. The other Baad location is in Stirlingshire. But then the Velins were kin of Halper liners so that, maybe, this dead mouse represents Mr. Halper. Look: Scottish Balds share the Baud ship, and Balders/BATHerstains were first found in West Lothian with BATHgate. German Balds/Balderics share the hourglass design of Helps/Halfs (different color), and were first found in Baden while axe-using Battins (Somerset, same as the source of the Axe river) are also Badens. Seaton is at the mouth of the Axe river. It had been suspect with God's pointer of "ACCident." Halper-like Halperts (Perthshire) use axes, making this mouse look like a pointer to Halper.

Hat Trick

(This section was written just after mention of Tricks above. Lots added since then)

The Tricks just reminded me of the hat trick I got when I resumed organized hockey at 16 years of age, when Maria Nigro came with me. I was just at the Mario/Marie surname in the last update, which made me recall that they share a giant, green lion with Tricks. Hmm. Nigro's/Negro's use ears of wheat, and the Wheats (Coffer colors) have three wheat garbs / sheaves in Chief in the colors of the three items of Tricks; both use gold Crests. If the items are darts, then the hat trick with Maria works like Intelligent Design because the Wheats and Coffers/Coffee's both use fesses while the latter's is a white-ermined one, same as Darts/Dards/TARTS. The latter were first found beside the Tart-like Tarrs/Tara's whose Tarres variation can become hardened to the Track variation of Tricks, because, for example, Terrace's are listed with Terras'.

It's completely intriguing that Tarrs/Tara's were first found in Somerset with the Coffers/Coffare's (Trick / Wheat colors) and Taranto-like Trents while the Arms of Coffers/Coffee's is in the Arms of Taranto. As this hat trick occurred in hockey while Steve Tarr himself probably had two if not three hat tricks when he played for out team at age 12 (this guy was a super-star amongst us), I sense that the Taro river had Dardanians. I recall that Tarr had four goals in our championship game. It looks like God set me up to play hockey again at 16 just for this hat trick and the points made thus far, and after saying that the Maria's were loaded to find them sharing the five gold fleur-de-lys (essentially the same Coat overall) of Portuguese Mota's (though in a different positioning)!!! Incredible, for Italian Mota's are a branch of Motels, first found in Taranto! INTELLIGENT DESIGN. These certain links came to topic just with the ears of wheat of Nigro's and the hat trick, you see, so that it was necessary to use Miss Nigro for the hat trick.

If I recall correctly, Miss Nigro was the reason I started to work at Knob Hill Farms, where God needed me for the hood event in relation to Allison Bauer. In other words, God had Nigro befriend me for the purpose. And here we are on Hatricks while a Hatrick-like surname is with Hood-suspect Hodens. Kepke and I sat on my hood watching my girlfriend, Miss Bauer, get into the car of her next boyfriend.

The website that once gave me the descriptions of Coats is no longer loading for me at the page that gave the descriptions. Perhaps it does for you, but my computer can't even get the page that says "CLICK HERE TO SEARCH..." If the Hats use chaplets, then they are gold ones, same as the News' so that the hat trick links even to the newspaper and coffee in Victoria. Plus, the Hicks have a chaplet around the neck of their gold stag head (a "BUCK"), the colors of the Wheat stag head (both in Crests). There is even a Hatrick/Ettrick surname which shares the giant Buck lion. German Bucks happen to share two black wings in Crest with Hatricks, tending to confirm that both use surnames have chaplets. Bucks use a "VirTUTE" motto term, and Hicks "Tout." Irish Tute's happen to have the Hat quadrants in colors reversed so that indeed, the Buck lion looks like the Hatrick lion. All in all, this confirms more than the sharing of chaplets between News'/Nuces' and Hicks that God sent me to Texas to find Miss Hicks on the Nueces river.

Maria Nigro called herself, Mary, but being Italian, she was likely born, Maria. I've mentioned before that Marys/Merrys share the Hatrick lion (I've discussed the hat trick a few times), more evidence of Intelligent Design (for pointing the props in my life's events to heraldic connections). Marys/Merrys were first found in Norfolk with Risings (Coffer colors) and Hike's/Hykes'. The crowned lion in the Mary/Merry Crest can be that of Claws' (colors reversed from the lion in the Mary/Merry Shield) expected from the Clausula down at the Scodra theater with Rhizon, where Miss Hicks pointed when she was finished hovering. Hick's love the Touts/Tute's who share a red canton with Marys/Merrys, and, again, Hatricks are suspect with the Tute/Tuit quadrants.

When I threw a party for the young people at Knob Hill Farms, Mary Nigro slept the night in the basement with Kepke. Kepke's baseMENT had become a pointer to Ments/Mants (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs/Pungs) because they have the three Ping/Pong/Pung bends in colors reversed while Kepke and I played ping-pong in his basement. It just so happens that while Ments/Mants have the Coat of Rosseau's (and Nerets), Marys/Merrys share the Rosso lion. A lion in these colors is in a passant position with the Rims/Rome's having a "PUNGit" motto term. The Rims/Rome's even share the Button fesse while Mary lived in BUTTONville. Kepke is of the Keppoch MacDonalds, and the Button fesse is shared by Keppochs (Yorkshire) too, whose garbs may be called, wheat sheaves. English Allisons have the same fesse while Scottish Allisons were of the Keppoch MacDonalds. Without the fesse, the Allison Coat is a reflection of a Scott Coat.

The Mota's were found from the "immota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, and that's the city where SHEAVES'/Chiava's were first found who are represented by heraldic "wheat sheaves" (garbs are sometimes called sheaves for this surname). Chiava's are expected from the Cavii near or at lake Scodra, where the Sleeps trace who have two of the ermined Dart/Tart fesses in the same colors. The Cavii were on the Drilon river, location of Has, which I connect to Hazels suspect with the Hockley variation of Hockeys because they share the same fesse with the same gold crescents, same as Scottish Terras that have the Coat of Scodra-line Scotts! Amazing. We got here from Hockeys while discussing my hat tricks as well as my hockey experience with Steve Tarr while Tarrs are also Tarres'.

Hockeys/Hockleys even share the black Scott half-griffin. Scoot-branch Scoots have a "HAEC" motto term suggesting either the Hake variation of Hike's/Hykes' (Chives kin) or the Hack variation of Hike's/Hykes'. At the 9-11 memorial, she said to me, "You can scoot OVER," and Overs share the bend of Scotts and Terras', all three using gold symbols on their bends. Overs/OFFERs were even first found in Cheshire with the COPHERs who-in-turn have the News/Nuces Shield! WOW, my head is exploding. I've never known Cophers before, but there you have God linking the 9-11 memorial to the newspaper and coffee. Variations of Cophers can suggest the namers of Copenhagen (Denmark), and while Miss Hanson was Danish, she came to one of my hockey games in that same year (age 16). The spread Copher eagles are colors reversed from the same of Tarr-like Tyre's, and the latter even come up as ETTERs/Atters, suggesting the ETTRick variation of Hatricks! Can you believe it? Tarr got more a hat trick and then-some (four goals) in the last game we played together.

The Etter/Tyre Coat is clearly using MacDonald symbols while MacDonalds have a "tarres" motto term not to mention a Maria-like "mare" term. German Tarres' use rooks on what could be the Dent Coat, for Coffee's love the Dents. Rooks take us to the cockroach line while I slept in a MOTEL with cockroaches the night I had been in Victoria for a newspaper and coffee. The night before, I had been mugged by a negro, and Negro's are listed with Nigers!!! Incredible. Scottish Terras' have a gold stag in Crest so as to be linkable to the gold stag heads of Hicks and Wheats (Nigers/Negro's are the ones with "ears of wheat").

Rooks are used by Rooks and Rookbys, and Rooks (could have a wheat sheaf) share the chevron of CUPs/Cope's/COLPs and Copps while Coffers/Coffee's use cups while Cope's are like the "Copnel" variation of Coffer-like Cophers. We could even add that Coverts/Cofferts (share leopard face in Crest with Hovers/Hoffers) could be using the Dart/Tart fesse. Suddenly, we have a clue that Cophers / Hoffers / etc. are all from a Cuppae line through to the Kupa/COLAPis river, which can explain the Over/Offer dove (Cuppae = "city of doves"). Italian Paloma's use the dove and were first found in Apulia with Taranto.

MORE! The Copenhall/Copnel variation of Cophers suggests a boo at Covers, and they happen to be listed with McGoo's/Gowers who not only have a Chief in Coffer colors, share the gold fleur-de-lys of Spanish Mota's in both colors. McGoo's/Covers have a Chief reflective of the TRICK / Wheat Chief, and the McGoo/Cover lion is even that of HaTRICKs (Selkirk, same general area as the ROXburghshire Scotts). The McGoo's were linked to the Get'n GO, on the Leakey road, officially the Ranch road, and while German Rench's share the Leakey / Hicks / Flore fleur (gold again), the Chief-Shield colors of Leaks is shared by Hatricks. Flore's look to be in the "EfFLOREScent" motto of Rooks, and Spanish Flores' even have the five fleur of Mota's, in both colors of the five of Maria's. The Flores / Mota fleur are arranged like the five swans of Chaplets, the latter first found in Lorraine with a branch of Mario's/Marie's (share green lion with Lorraine's).

I now recall that when Miss Hicks said, "You can scoot OVER," thus allowing me to take a seat beside her, I had to cross in front of her, at which time I noted the powder-green polish on her toes, for which reason I checked the Tows/Touch's (Cheshire, same as Cophers, Overs/Offers and Mare's/Mere's) to find a green lion, which happens to be the Mario/Marie lion. Polish's are listed with Pollocks who almost have the green-Shielded Coat of Risings (Norfolk, same as Marys/Merrys).

Wow, I've been lately saying that I've fed a squirrel all winter in a can of ham from Mario brand, and while Hams share the salmon of McCabe's, the latter not only share the fesse of Coffers/Coffee's, but have a "vincere" motto term with a meaning like the "victoria" motto term of Coffers/Coffee's. Scottish Andrews (Ross clan ancestry) have the Polish/Pollock saltire in colors reversed, and that can spell Andrew McCabe of the FBI. Peter Pollock was at Rothes of Moray, beside Ross-shire. Is the newspaper and coffee in Victoria now pointing to the Trump-attack as plotted by Andrew McCabe?

The McGee's and Mecks share the same boar heads as Meck-like Meighs so that, possibly, McGee's turned into Mecks by way of "M'Gee." Meigh's are from the Meu river, the Cotes-d'Armor area of Motts/Mottins, and thus Taranto elements could have been there. McGoo's/Covers, if Coffer colors, use the boar head too, and they may have been a McGee merger with Coffers. In that way, the Get'n Go is a pointer to the same bloodline on two counts, both to the McGeth variation of McGee's and the McGoo's. Mecks are good for tracing tentatively to "Maecenas," husband of Taranto-like Terentia Murena. A good explanation for the Lord stressing this Maecenas-Terentia line would be my hunch that the ancestors of Maecenas were the namers of the Maccabees of Israel, for they lived in Mottin-like Modi'in (Israel). To put it another way, Motels may have been Modi'in liners.

McGoo's/Covers have an "arma" motto term while Armys/Ermine's share the Chief-Shield colors of Leakeys. This is new, and helps to point McGoo's to the Get'n Go. The Motel horse has an arm in its mouth while Cover-like Coffers/Coffee's happen to be the ones that brought Motels to topic because they were at Taranto. Mota's were at OTRANTo. The first-listed location of Rosso's is Trento, and while everything-Hatrick seems to be linking to Taranto / Otranto liners, the Hatrick lion is that also of Rosso's. Ross' lived beside Rose's while Italian Mota's/Motino's show nothing but roses. Motts/Mottins named Mott in Cotes-du-Nord = Cotes-d'ARMOR! Excellent. Not surprising, there is an arm in the News/Nuces Crest.

The Henrys, of the Mott area, are from Henry of Rodez while Ross liners are highly expected to be from the Russi / Ruthene of the Rodez bloodline. Ruts/Rothers share white-ermine on RED with Rodhams, and Rothes'/Rothers share the raven with Rooks. Henry IV of Rodez married the Rook-liner Roquefeuils, and the Flores'/Flora's, expected in the Rook motto, having the Portuguese Mota Coat in blue, use single, large ermines, the symbol in the Army/Ermine Crest...for a decent trace to Cotes-d'Armor, for the ermine mammal is in the Arms of Vannes to the south of Cotes-d'Armor. As the latter is also Cotes-du-NORD, note that Nordi's are listed with Narbonne's while Narbonne is near Languedoc, where French Narbonne's were first found who are said to be from L'Arque, suspect with Modane on the Arc river, perfect. Darks, from d'Arque, use an ARM, what else? Nordi's/Narbonne's even have the Catherine wheel of Rodes-like Roets. Any objections, anyone?

AHHH, McCabe's use a "mori" motto term while Mori's/Morinis' were first found in Mottin- / Modane-like Modena! It tends to verify that McCabe's use the Coffer/Coffee fesse closely, just because the latter link closely to Motels and Mota's! Zinger. Marano's of Modena can now be suspect with the Mary-Crest lion. It sure looks like Marano's (Ross lion), Mori's/Morinis' and Morano's (all of Modena) had been Moray liners at Ross-shire. Ruths/Rothers were first found in Moray, beside Rothes on the Spey river while Speers/SPEYers share the Roet boar heads. Any objections, anyone?

The Armys happen to share the Chief-Shield and saltire of Annandale's while Ananes Gauls lived at the Taro, explaining why Tarr/Tara/Tarres liners are all over this discussion. The Armer variation of Amore's is interesting where "Amore" is the full motto of Terras'/Terrace's, the latter first found in Moray, and connectable to the stars of arm-using Armors, same as Moray stars.

I am now convinced that the newspaper and coffee points to Andrew McCabe, and to this let me repeat that the first place I went to, as per reading the classified ads in that newspaper, was to highway 83 approaching Leakey, where I saw a political sign with Mr. MORENO running for office. That is amazing, for it was the McCabe motto that got us to Moreno-like surnames. Moreno's are even listed with Spanish Murena's, from TERENTia Murena!!! That's the kin round-about of Coffers/Coffee's! You can't make this stuff up. I'm not making it up; the events really happened as I say they did. I was at the Moreno sign in whatever hours it took from leaving Victoria.

McCabe was the second-in-command at Obama's FBI, under Comey, and it just so happens that Irish Comeys, with the Trick / Drig lion in colors reversed, are in the colors of the Coffer/Coffee cups. The latter surname's motto has "proviDENTia," and Irish Comeys use "PruDENTIA." The tree in the Comey Crest is very welcome in this part of the discussion because True's/Tree's are in the motto of Hume's/Home who in turn share the Mario/Marie lion. The can of Mario HAM links to McCabe's. The Hume/Home motto, "True TO THE end," had been fairly resolved as part-code for Tooths because the Tooth griffin is that of Lauders, first found in Berwickshire with Hume's/Home's. Comey was linked to the shark teeth because God used my bad tooth and gum bump (fistula) in pointing out that Bumps share the tooth griffins while the Gumms share a Come variation with Comeys. The Comey motto term tends to link Dents to the shark teeth, therefore, at least so far as God's pointers are concerned. Scottish Comeys/Come's (teeth on cat) use a "Touch" motto term, and the Tows/Touch's share the green lion with Tricks.

The night before Victoria, I was attacked by the negro with a fake weapon, and McCabe / Comey attacked Trump with TRICKS and fake weapons too.

The "glove" motto term of Comeys/Come's is for Glove's, first found in Perthshire with Comeys/Come's and Lyons, the latter sharing the Tow/Touch lion, perfect. The Lyon lion is shared by one Lannoy surname while the other Lannoys have a knight with feathered helmet, same as Caffers/Caffreys and True's/Tree's. That's tidy stuff, and Craigs share the feathered-helmet rider on a horse with Caffers/Caffreys while the Craig crescents are those also of Glove's and Mota-line Motts/Mottins, that's right.

The COBnall/Cobhall variations of Cophers/Copenhalls, along with the giant griffin of Cobbins (in the colors of the giant Comey lions), can explain how the COMBe variation of Comeys is a branch of Cophers and therefore explain why the Comey lions are in Coffer colors. If Comeys are a Coffee branch, then the coffee in Victoria is pointing all-the-harder to the Comey-McCabe team. It should be added that while my bad tooth eventually split exactly in half, while the Trump bulldog was exactly half in the mouth of the shark, with teeth around the belly of the dog, Halpers/HALFpennys (branch of Helps/Halfs) share an hourglass-like Shield with News' and Cophers.

It just so happens that the Tows/Touch's in the Comey/Come motto came to topic when I saw the green toenails of Miss Hicks after she said, "you can scoot over." It just so happens that Pennys, expected with Halfpennys, share two courant greyhounds in black with Scoots. We now have the toeNAILs of miss Hicks pointing to the Comey disaster. And Nails/Nagle's have a saltire colors reversed from Copher-like Gophers.

Miss Hicks was the TROPHy girl at a COOKing contest, and Trope's/Drops (Norfolk, same as Risings from near Tropoje) share drops with Gophers/Govers. I want to move here to the COOk in the restaurant of Mr. Fix, who was Steve Papp. The Papadopoli variation of Papps is suspect with George Papadopoulos, who was a target, they say, of the Comey attack against Trump. The Fix's can be gleaned with Fisks/FISCs, and part of the Comey attack was with the use of FISC (the secret, corrupt FISA court). The Cook-like Cochs with a Gopher-like Gough variation, use lion tails, and the Papp/Papadopoli lion has its tail emphasized by being at / in its mouth (the only lion I know of having such a thing). Papadopoulos was a part of the FBI trick of making Trump appear related to Googh-like Guccifer.

The Cochs/Goughs are also Corks, and while Gopher-suspect Nails are Nagle's, here's the write-up of Irish (Welsh) Nagle's: "The Nagle surname arrived [to] CORK, where Gilbert D'Angulo accompanied Strongbow into Ireland in 1172." The Cooks happen to share an ostrich in Crest with Coke's, and Cokes are said to have been at Appletree while Appletree's happen to use a red version of the Nagle Coat! It seems that her cooking contest related to her toeNAILs in that both point to Comey tricks.

The Gouch's/Gooch's share the boar of Goffs/GOUGHs (Gopher/Gofer/Gover colors), and while the latter share "Gough" with Cochs/Corks, Goffs/Gough's were first found in Radnorshire with Ratners while Ellen Ratner was trying to prove that Seth Rich, not Guccifer 2.), stole the DNC emails, giving them to WikiLeaks. This appears to be right down the Leakey-road alley, which had pointers to Assanges' situation. Ratner had a cork stuffed into her mouth my Fox executives / managers. The Rich surname is now suspect in "ostRICH," because Rich's were first found beside Ricks while Ricks (same place as TISS') were first found in Somerset with Osts/Hosts (i.e. OST-Rich) suspect in the "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts/Shards. Ostrich-liner Coke's (Barr eagle) are said to have been in SHARDlow, at BARROW. It just so happens that Needhams, in the Halper/Halfpenny write-up, and sharing the Knee Coat, were at Shardlow too.

Rich's/Richess' are said to be from Lorraine, suspect with Richeza of Lorraine. Bar-le-DUC in Lorraine applies here because Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Nails/Nagle's and PANSYs while Pansies are used in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc. Lois' use a giant ostrich in Barr- / PENSE- / Coke-eagle colors. Pense's and Coke's share the Lorraine eagle, and Lorraine's share the Trick lion. You can't get more tidy than that for a pointer to sewage. Get out the Ajax cleanser, for Appletree's use a version of the Jack Coat.

The pointers to WikiLeaks included the knees of Miss Hicks in the glass door of Get'n GO, suspect with McGoo's/GOWs (Coffer / Trick colors), and then Gore's/GOWers can be in the Core variation of Cochs/Goughs, for Gore's/Core's share the Gore/Gower wolf, and moreover Gore's/Core's share the crosslets of English Rench's while that Leakey road is called, Ranch road. German Rench's share the lone Leakey fleur. It works like Intelligent Design in the props from an event in my life, only this time combined with the trophy-girl event. The Halfpennys / Pennys/Penes' are linkable to the Pense's who in-turn share both eagles of Coke's.

The Comey-Shark Connection to Seth Rich

After writing all of the above, I found an article of last month written by Matt COUCH on a new finding concerning the Seth-Rich case. What are the chances of finding a Gough-like Mr. Couch?

In the new lawsuit Butowsky claims that Pulitzer Prize winning author Seymour Hersh told him intelligence information about the Seth Rich Murder.

Now that has been amplified as Butowsky now says Hersh’s source was none other than for[mer] Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe!

The Butowsky-Hersh-Ratner stories insist on having the evidence of the FBI knowing that Seth Rich provided WikiLeaks with the DNC material. Butowsky hired a private investigator, Rod Wheeler, on behalf of Seth's parents. What are the chances that Wheelers share the Lorraine / Trick lion? The Wheeler Coat looks like kin to Coffers.

Above, we saw a strong, albeit a heraldry-related, link of Rich's to Guccifer-like surnames, which for me can have only one meaning if it relates to deep-state news: Seth Rich is the real thief; Guccifer is a fabrication. But even the Republican establishment seeks to cover this reality, which I cannot understand. See 11 minutes in this video for Ed Butowsky's talk on Ellen Ratner.

Butowsky claims that Seth Rich's family knew that Seth stole and gave the DNC emails to WikiLeaks. There's a couple of reasons as to why the family didn't want to discuss that reality, even three. Butowsky mentions one, but there is also the stigma against Seth for thievery, and then there is also the deep-state pressure on the family not to tell the press about the theft. That pressure was made extra-heavy because the deep-state had an alternative thief created by CrowdStrike.

It doesn't matter what Barr thinks of Julian Assange. It doesn't matter that Barr believes Assange to be an unreliable witness. Barr is RESPONSIBLE for questioning Assange to see what evidence he has on his quasi-claim that Mr. Rich gave WikiLeaks the DNC material. Not only can this provide exculpatory evidence to Trump's favor in destroying the Guccifer narrative, but it can re-open the murder case of Seth Rich, with heavy-duty investigations into DNC insiders amounting to a heavy-duty blow against the Democrat organization now gearing up to ruin the president for 2020. How can Barr not interview Assange under these circumstances since high-level murder and political deception on a federal / seditious level is his responsibility?

After checking the Hersh surname and finding it to have the triple Mix/Mick fesses, with both surnames first found in Silesia, I went to work seeking what it might mean. The same triple fesses are with Puss'/Poussins, and in colors reversed with Paisley-like Pashleys. Both surnames have a Pasley variation, and can be traced to Pasi's having the crossed spears of Speers. The latter, first found in Renfrewshire with a Paisley location, share the crescents of Spree's, from the Spree river in Lusatia, which is at the Silesia theater too. Spree's share the hourglass-like shape with Guido's, in colors reversed, and the latter were first found in Bologna with Pasi's.

We were just on this topic not many days ago, when mentioning the "Simplex" motto term of Perkins, like the "simple" of Spree's. Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers, you see, and moreover I showed how the family of Plancia Magna, a relative by marriage of Mr. Simplex, connected to VesPASia Polla, the name I see in Pasi's. This background information is important for establishing the Seths in the picture for a potential pointer to Seth Rich.

Two Shaw surnames come up as "Seth," and the third Shaw surname was first found in Berkshire with Pasleys/Pashleys. The latter have the Hersh Coat in colors reversed. Scottish Shaws share a dagger in Crest with Comey-like Comyns/Comine's, and both Coats are in the same colors and format, with Comyns using garbs that could be called sheaves, for the Berkshire Shaws are also Sheaves'. To nail the two surnames, the Scottish Seths/Shaws have this: "However, this ancient leadership was challenged by many other Clans Commyns (Cummings) who had leased the Shaw lands of Rothiemurchus." Is this a pointer to Comey's guilt in the Seth-Rich murder? Why didn't Comey investigate the DNC server? Because, he was tasked to support the Hillary crime ring.

The Italian Sheaves' were first found in L'Aquila, where that city uses "ImMOTA" for a motto term, and while Mota liners were at Modane upon the Arc river, note that Modens/Modeys and Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire together with Shaws/Sheaves'. And the Courage's in the Comyn motto share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins, the pointer to Perkins Coie, which was supported by James Comey and his fellow dirty rats wearing angel masks. Didn't the Coffee-Motel discussion point to the Comey-McCabe duo?

What are the chances that Tooths share the feathers of Perkin-like Perkens? That's right. It looks like Intelligent Design because Tooths represent the Comey shark, and Perkins Coie was the throat of that shark with Trump crying the blues way down there.

Courage's were first found in Essex with Brocks (and Brooks), a branch of Brocuffs, the latter first found in Silesia with Hersh's and Mix's/Micks. I'm assuming that God is using Hersh's to point to Seymour Hersh's work on Seth Rich. It's interesting that French Seymours have nothing but three bends in colors reversed from the three Hersh fesses. note that COURage-possible Coeurs/LeCours/COURTs can be of the Courts/COVERTs, for their "GrandesCUNT" motto term should be for Conte-like Cuntys, and Conteville's ruled Comyn/Comines. The Arms of Comines (Artois) shares the key with Italian Sheaves'. The latter use five of them in the pattern of the Mota fleur. Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with the Hams who share the McCabe salmon. Reminder: the McCabe fesse is in the colors of the Coffer/Coffee fesse.

That trace of L'Aquila elements to Comines is supported by the Avezzano location, not far from L'Aquila, providing the Avesnes location not far from Comines, and Avesnes happens to be on the Help river while Helps/Halfs link exactly to the half-tooth that remained. This was linkable to Halpers/Halfpennys, Comeys snoop / mole into the Trump team. When the filling fell out, the tooth BROKE, and Broke's/Brocks are a branch of Brocuffs (same place as Hersh's) who share the sphinx with one Openheimer surname no longer showing a Coat. The other Openheimers share the gold hunting horn of Brock-like Brechs, suspect with Brigantium/Briancon (25ish miles from Modane), and here's where the three Brian lions in pale (vertical) can come in, possibly the three in pale of English Seymours...who in-turn share the hourglass design (different colors) with Helps/Halfs.

Just realized: English SAYmours/Seymours share the fleur-de-lys of Irish SHAE's/SHAYs while English Shae's/Shays are listed with the Shaws/Sheaves (Berkshire). This very-much makes it appear that God used heraldry to connect Seymour Hersh with Seth Rich. PLUS, "foy" is a motto term, I've only just discovered, if both English Seymours and Rich's!!!!!!! BIG ONE. It turns out I didn't waste my time starting this section.

From here we note that Shaws/Sheaves' have lozenges colors reversed from the same of Dents (in the Coffer/Coffee motto), and we link the latter to the shark's teeth, which are Comey's teeth, for the Comey/Come cat even shows teeth. Another Come surname is listed with Gumms, and my gum had a fistula BUMP that let out some PUSS every three weeks before the tooth lost its filling. God showed his handiwork in that bad tooth (He's decided not to give me all pleasant experiences) by giving the Bump surname both griffins used by Tooths, and moreover, the Bumps are also BumPUSS' while Puss' are listed with the Poussins who not only share the cat with Comeys/Come's, but have the three Hersh fesses (identical Coats).

The BumPASSE variation warrants a boo at the Passe's/Pascals, for Pasi's are also Pascels, and Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex with Courage's, suggesting rather strongly that Passe'/Pascals use the Perkin lion. The English Seymours, with a good reflection of the News/Nuces Coat that itself pointed to the Comey-McCabe duo, share the eagle of Knee's in Crest, but it's a red spread eagle, same as Passe's/Pascals. It thus links Seymours to the entities becoming relevant when starting out with Hersh's. Yet more, the same eagle is used by Terents/Tarents while News' came to topic with Coffers, pointers to Taranto, and then the Cophers were newly discovered who share the News/Nuces hourglass (not the official name). Cophers share the eagles of Dice's/Deise's, and the latter's Coat happens to be a version of the Terent/Tarent Coat. How did we get here? By the BumPASSE variation of Bumps/Bumpuss', the surname that I see God providing to us to point to Comey's criminal Trump-attack.

Back to the dents, for they were at SEDbergh while Sedans and Coffers/Coffee's both use a "sed" motto term. Sedans are like "Seaton," and while the latter's Sitten variation provided an alternative name for Switzerland's Sion location, Sedans use "sino sed" while Sions are a,so Sine's. having made the Sedan-Seaton connection, we now go to the Say location of Seatons, and then to "SAYmour." McCABE's are in the colors of Cable's/Cabels, and while the latter's motto is "IMPavide," the Imps (Essex) share the Seaton crescents. Although I'm not convinced that God set Miss Hicks to hover over the Seats as a pointer to Imps, it's interesting that Imps share the black leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers. She was hovering in a car, and Cars share "sed" with Seaton-branch Sedans.

Wow, I'm not familiar with Clave's, who have keys in the colors of the Sheaves/Chiava keys, who I checked as per the "clavo" motto term of Irish Carrs. "Chiava" and "Clave" can be as identical terms as Claro's of the CHARo's. I had noted that Carrs share a white estoile with Motts/Mottins, but wasn't going to say it for lack of better evidence for the link, but now there's the "immota motto term of L'Aquila, where Sheaves' were first found. Good enough. This is a new addition to the Hicks dream, I think. God may have had her in a car to trace her Hicks / Kilpatrick line to the area of my mother's birth. The Carrs (almost in Mar colors and format) were first found in Connaught with Pattersons/Cassane's, and are in the colors of their scallops, which are shared by French Mars suspect from the Marsi of the L'Aquila area. Pattersons are a branch of Kilpatricks at Closeburn, and Close's (share Clave chevron) are Clave-like Clovse's too, big hmmm. Close's even share the Macey / Bride stars. Were L'Aquila elements of the Masci kind on the Nith?

As Claviere's are said to have used keys while Clavers/Cleavers do show them, it seems a no brainer now to view them both as Chiava liners. Clave's along with Clermonts use crossed keys, and Cliffs/Cleave's are said to have been at Mortone-Say in Shropshire, where says were first found who have the quadrants of neighboring Masseys in colors reversed. The Massey quadrants are also those of Dutch Maki's/Mackays. It appears that Gods arranged both Car surnames and even the Charo/Claro's to apply to the car in the dream. Carville's have three of the double RatCLIFF and Kay fesses while Scottish Kays share the Crest of Kay-like Keys having a key! Clermonts'/Clements, whose nebuly bars are shared by Italian MARina's and Italian Maria's, use two of these bends too (same colors), and it just so happens that the Clermonts/Clement Chief is that also of Ratners while Ellen Ratner was part of the exposure attempt of Rich Seth's DNC theft.

Spanish Maria's (Masci fleur) are the ones sharing five fleur of the Portuguese Mota's (in the pattern shape of the five Sheaves/Chiava keys), and there are even Portuguese Abreu's (share Masci wing) while Italian Abreu's are Abruzzo's while L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital. Why would God have all this in the Hicks-dream car? Why did the event in Victoria take us to Mota's? The day before being in Victoria, I passed right by Baytown, where the Kilpatricks had lived a few months before they moved to the Nueces river. Is God, for one, trying to convince Miss Hicks that she should come marry me in our old age?

By now we'd like to know who the Mours (as per "SeyMOUR") are listed with, and one of them are the German Moors sharing the Coat, almost, of Morano's (Modena). Scottish Mours are with the Mars. The Morinis' came up as the "Mori" in the McCabe motto. Instead of the Morano Moor heads, though one is in the Mour/Moor Crest, houseofnames shows the heads of Tous'/Tosini's and Fantes'. As the Car motto is expected with a family at the Serio river, where I trace Cremers/Cramers (share Kilpatrick Chief), it looks relevant that they share the Fantes Chief, that surname being a pointer to James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong. Did God cause him to choose that name for pointing to Comey's involvement? The Reines' use a comet and the Pisa Coat in colors reversed, and Miss Hicks has a Rena middle name.

I played organized baseball in a place, Victoria Square. I have only four memories of that one season, two good, and two bad. One of the bad ones was a girl shouting from the stands, "hey loverboy," while I was setting up at the plate. I was only 15 or 16 years old, and had dated only Jackie Littleford, Kim Thomson for a few days only, and may have already been with Miss Hanson too the previous autumn, but that's all for my high-school years. It was about the time of that baseball season that Mary Nigro was wanting to be my girlfriend, but I wouldn't have it, and here it's interesting that I was mugged by a negro the day before being in Victoria while Negro's/Nigro's use FIVE ears of wheat linkable to the five keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's! How did we get back to that topic?

"Loverboy" was not called for (I felt embarrassed because it was a girl rooting for the other team i.e. an insult), but the girl who yelled it must have known of one or more of my girlfriends. Checking Lovers, they are listed with the trumpet-using Levers, and this trumpet has been highly suspect with the CLARion trumpet of Hicks' of Clave-like Clapton. Just look at that, for Lovers/Levers (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) share the double bends of Ratcliffs and Key-branch Kays. The last time I saw Miss Hanson was probably smack at the time I was playing baseball, while I stood on the road's shared entryway to Ratcliff Lumber and Sam's restaurant where she sold me an ice-cream as a pointer to Crema on the Serio river. That's the Car line, and it's Irish Carrs who have the "Clavo" motto term. I don't feel so bad now because it appears that God called me a loverboy, for there's been plenty of evidence that He set me up with those girls for heraldic purposes.

Kay have a "kynne" motto term while Kims are M'KINs too, and the three Kim cinquefoils, in the colors and format of Boys (as per "loverBOY"), are shared by Darcys, and so see the Lover/Lever write-up: "Nearby is Darcy Lever which was the ancestral home of the D'Arcy family since 1590." You see, God breathed "loverboy" through her. Mythical Kay of the Arthurian cult was related to some Cyner term (maybe isn't the exact spelling, but in looks like it's in the "kynne" term). The Hicks of Clapton married the Arthurs there. Kinners once showed the same bird design (canaries probably) as a Kay Crest. As we have been on the Mota's / Mottins, shouldn't it be expected that D'Arcys are from Modane of the Arc river? Why are Arthurs also ARCHibure's?

The Lovers/Levers share thin bends (more like bendlets), and the bends of Kays are shown thinner than most bends, and, besides, Keys have (purple) bendlets without a bend. Therefore, Lovers/Levers look connectable to Sheaves'/Chiava's as well as to Trumps, and the latter were first found in Pomerania with Ice's and rooster-liner Hahns (Hann branch) expected of Hansons because she sold me the ice-cream. Hanns/Hands share a brown stag in Crest with Keys. She was at one of my hockey games along with Mary Nigro. The purple bend is probably related to the purple lion of Skiptons of Craven, for Kays are said to have been in Thornton of Craven...near Sedbergh expected in the Car motto. Irish Cravens were first found in Galway with Thorntons and Lever-related Darcys. Clapham is in Craven, and the Clapton wolf is half blue, the colors of the wolf in the Arms of Placentia i.e. the region of the Ananes Gauls to which Miss Hanson pointed. In colors reversed, the Placentia wolf is in the colors of the wolf heads of Scarfs, first found in Yorkshire with Clapham.

Hmm, the Arms of Placentia has a white SQUARE, and its "Piacenza" version is like my mother's home town of Picenzo, just seven miles from the Sheaves' of L'Aquila. I wonder: is God hinting that Victoria's, as per Victoria Square, are Picenzo liners? Why do PICenzo- / Piacenza-like Pike's (TRENT Shield colors reversed) share the Ice trefoil and the Hann/Hand chevron, while Scottish Pike's/PICKENs share the Victoria stars!!! I didn't have this in mind when asking the I-wonder question; it was the first thing I did and found after asking it. It's a bingo. Compare the Pike's/Pickens to the News'/Nuces, for even the newspaper and coffee in Victoria is pointing to this L'Aquila picture. BUT WHY? It's got to be for more reasons than my ancestry in Picenzo. Why was I chosen for this revelation? Is it because the crime rings under discussion all descend from that place? Was it a hub of ancient Freemasonry? Marsi has a snake goddess. Note that the News-beloved Chaplets have FIVE swans.

As "loverboy" took place in Victoria Square, by what coincidence do Irish Thorntons (share Kay griffin head) use an eight-star version of the Salome Coat while the Salome stars are those also of Victoria's? The purple lion of English Thorntons has a crown round its NECK, like the crown around the neck of Crauns/Crane's who share the patee cross of the Claptons no longer shown with a Coat. Irish Thorntons share "NEC" in their motto with Rodhams, and both share the sane cinquefoil! Zinger, is this a pointer to Rodham Clinton work with Perkins COIE? Looks like yes, for COWIE's share the brown tree stump with Rodhams! And the fleur of Irish Cravens are those of Courage's and Perkins too! The murder of Seth Rich (July, 2016) was smack in the midst of Hillary Rodham and the DNC hiring Perkins Coie for to destroy Trump.

As we are on the line of Terentia Murena in this Victoria discussion, it should be added that the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's is that also of Trents, who look like they might be a branch of "THORNTon." The Steele dossier was owned by Perkins Coie and the DNC, likely co-killers of Seth Rich, and as Perkins Coie is definitely part of the shark having half-swallowed Trump, note that Tooth-related Bumbs/Bumpuss' have the Dossier Shield split in colors reversed. By what coincidence do Tooths share the feathers of Perkens? It's obvious to me that God arranged heraldry to point the finger at this crime ring, but no one in the crime ring, or amongst their Democrat supporters, would take this seriously. Only true believers in God could consider it possibly of God.

Crauns were from the Ceraunii Illyrians at the Shaw-like Sava river, and while Jack Sava oversaw Seth Rich's murder in the hospital, Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Keys / Kays) use a version of the Cowie Coat. I was at Colin Cowie's at least once with JACKIE Littleford. Her surname may be a pointer to Perkins Coie via the "Magnum" motto term of Little's. Jacks share the Craven (and Thorn) fesse while Rich-like Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed. That's fairly compelling as God's pointer to Jack Sava. Jackie Littleford was my first high-school girlfriend, the start of a string of ladies that God would use over the next ten years for heraldic purposes.

The Cheshire Thorntons (kin of Meschin-Skiptons) were at an Arrow location while Thors share the red tower of Arrows/Arras' (Artois), this being the line of Terentia Murena because she married Mr. Maecenas of Arras- and Artois-like Arezzo/Arretium. Maecenas (BC times) was from the CILNius family of the latter place, and German KELNers use the Sheaves/Chiava key in colors reversed on what could be the Over/Offer bend. Hover-like Overs are mentioned here because the hovering took place in the car while Carrs use the "clavo" motto term. CILNius-like Killens (white tower of Clave-like Clavers/Cleavers) share the Coat of Plunketts, from Plancia MAGNa suspect in the "Magnum" motto term of Little's. Are Killens a pointer to the killing of Mr. Rick by Jack Sava? Aren't Sava's/Savage's a branch of Sheaves'/Chiava's? Clave's are the ones with the Sheaves/Chiava keys. Clave's were first found in Poitou, land of the Picenzo-possible Pictones. Keele's/Kills and Kellys/Killia's are suspect "L'Aquila," because Kellys share lions combatant and a white tower with Abreu's/Abruzzo's, but then Comeys use lions combatant too, with a hand expected with Hanns/Hands. It appears that the hovering scene is a pointer to the killing of Seth Rich, and Comeys FBI knew not to investigate it.

If the fleur of Irish Cravens are close to the same of Courage's and Perkins, it gets us right back to Shaws/Sheaves as per the "Courage" motto of Shaw-related Comyns/Comines (share the CUE garbs), especially as the Arms of Comines has a key while the Shay variation of Shaws is like "Kay." The Shawia Numidians were also "Chaoui."

Just realized: a bunch of my high school mates and I would frequent at the home of Colin COWIE (mentioned this a few times), who lived one major block (1.25 miles) from Victoria Square. He lived at the corner of Major MacKenzie drive and Woodbine avenue, and it just so happens that I trace Kenneths/MacKenzie's to "Kenza," a queen of Morocco but from the Aures country of Shawia Numidians. Compare "Cowie" with "Chaoui," looking like Intelligent Design. This is an important key, for Cowie's share the boar heads of Turins while Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cowie's and Chives' (from Chivasso near Turin of Italy), thus tending to reveal, in just one friend's name and address, that the Cavii Illyrians were the Chaoui Numidians (they were at Chivasso). Colin Cowie lived within the borders of Victoria Square. I have been able to see that Chaoui could very well have been the namers of Joseph Caiaphas.

It makes the namers of Turin look like they may have been the Tuareg Berbers. Did they name the Taro river? Why are Tarrs/Tara's in Cowie-boar colors while Cowie's share the fesse of Buttons (beside Tarrs) while Colin Cowie (may have been "Cowey") lived one major block from BUTTONville, home of Mary Nigro? Are Nigro's (ears of wheat expected with sheaves of wheat) named after Shawia negroes? This discussion seems interspersed with pointers to Seth Rich, and so lets add that the bottony crosses of Rich's (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bottons) is code for Buttons. Ed BUTowsky could be a Button / Butt/Boet liner. Lookie: Ed was born, Edward, and the Crest of Welsh Edwards has the white wyvern dragon in the Rich Crest! God's got eyes on the killers of Mr. Rich, and they shall not escape, for they are trapped in their bodies. There's nowhere to run.

Lookie: English Edwards share the Gard chevron, and even throw in a stag head in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, that being from Val Trompia, beside lake Garda. Seths use a "Garde" motto term! Zinger. It's as though God pointed the Rich's to Edward Butowsky centuries ago. Plus, the Edward stag head is the Legg stag head, and the third goal of the hat trick was a deflection between my legs while the Chief-Shield of Hatricks is that also of Irish Gards. There is no Goal surname coming up, but JOELs/Jewels (gillyflowers), first found in Wiltshire with English Edwards, are a branch of Gullys/GOLLY and Gulls (two Julian branches). Gullys/Gollys use crossed keys, a theme that has been laced to Seth/Shaw liners. Coincidence? The Gully/Golly cross is even the black one of Cowes' (and Julians).

Cows/Coughs were first found at KilKENNy, and share a version of the sales Coat while Alice of Saluzzo was the daughter of Luis of CEVA. Tarrs are Tarres expected with Scott-related Terras' while Cavii had land approaching, if not contacting, lake Scodra. Tarr was on my hockey team while Hockeys share the demi-griffin of Scotts, and as the Hockey Coat shares the hazel fesse-with-crescents, it can trace to Has on the Drilon river of the Cavii, right close to Tropoje while Miss Hicks was the TROPhy girl when Spuds MacKenzie showed up for the victory party.

The crossed swords in the Cowes Crest can be those of Trents, first found in Somerset. Tarrs were first found in Somerset (near Cowes on Wight) with Burleys who in turn share the boar head with Cowie's (different colors), and the Burley boar head is in half the colors of the McGoo/Gow/Gowan boar head, begging whether Gows were Shawia Numidians too. Cowes' are Goo-like Coo's too, and Cue's/Kews (compare with Mota's) share the garbs of Comyns while Miss Comyn was mother to Adam Kilconquhar while Adams and MacKAYs are also Caws. I see "Mackay" as a Macey-of-Man merger with Kays, and Christine's, first found in man, share the Coat of Scottish Shaws, which shares cups with Cowie-like Coffee's/Coffers (McGoo/Gow colors). Make sense?

I'd like to go back to the Kelners, first found in Swabia, and suspect with the Over bend. I recalled KAUFbeuren in Swabia, a possible Covert/Coffert / Hover/Hoffer line. Note that while Miss Hicks was at the hood before hovering, Kaufers/Kaufmans (HanOVER) share a white anchor with Hoods, and a giant anchor with Hoods/HOPE's. HANover can speak to the Hanns/Hands, first found in Cheshire with Overs/Offers. It's still interesting that she was born Charlotte Hicks while Hope Charlotte Hicks works for Fox new. What will Hope wring out for the crime rings?

Next, the Beurens were loaded as per "Kaufbeuren," and German Beurens almost have the Morano Coat while Morano Calabro is on the Sybaris river while peoples of Sybaris are said to be from Beuren-like Boura (Greece). That works. "Saracena is a town and comune in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria...bordered by...Firmo, Lungro, Morano Calabro, Mormanno..." The Saraca's were right beside the line of Terentia Murena. The Arms of Morano Calabro uses a Moor head and a "Vivat sub-umbra" motto suspect with Cumbria, where Dolphins were first found who happen to have dolphins in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish! Dolphins/DOLfins even use a "FIRMum" motto term expected with Firmo above. That pits the same-colored Dol whale into the Saracena picture. The "sub" term used by others can now be suspect with a line from "SYBaris."

Dolphins were at BrideKIRK (see last update for that), and Kirks share "mum" buried in their motto twice along with "FirMUM." The Alans of Dol were from Aulon/AVLONA, the line to mythical Avalon, where Vere's ("nihil") trace their Rangabe-suspect Melusine, and it just so happens that I trace Melusine to the Spree river of Lusatia, suspect from the Laus (Ragusa) home of Saraca's that named Laus near the Sybaris river. French Alans and the Velens below both showed ducks at one time, from Westphalia's Ducks/Duckers. The "nihil" motto term of Dolphins is probably for the Nihill variation of Neils. Vere's trace their Melusine between Avalon and Anjou/Angers while Nagle's share the Anger lozenges.

Mormanno looks like where we could trace Mormons. Moormans/More's/Muirs use a version of the Nagle Coat while Neils/Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with Hovers/Hoffers, German Beurens, and the Velins / Velens expected with the namers of mount Velino near L'Aquila. It's the line to mythical Avalon, where the myth writers (Le Morte d'Arthur) had the death of mythical king Arthur in code for the Deaths/Darths / Morte's/MOTTs sharing the same crescent. And "immota" is in the Arms of L'Aquila. Keele's/Kills have the Death / Morte/Mott crescent in colors reversed, and also the Chives quadrants in colors reversed. HohenZOLLERNs were from Swabia, and they share the Keele/Kill quadrants while Hohens share the checks of English Moormans/Mormans. The latter share bunched ARROWs with Cheile-loving Camerons, and Cheile's were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/Kills and Burrs (version of the Hanson Coat). Arrows/Arras' have the Murena tower. Camerons even share five bunched arrows with BURE's/Bowers (branch of Bauers and Burleys) and the Arms of Rothschild. The Firma/Ferme location above is now suspect with the "FirmiORA" motto term of Pollock-suspect Fullers (share Pashley Coat).

It looks like the ArchiBURE variation of Arthurs can be for Beuren/Buren liners who merged with Hover kin. The Arthurs of Clapton married the Hicks, suggesting some Hicks connection to Hovers and/or their branches. It also looks like Beuren liners were on the Arc river at Modane. Italian Bure's even share the split Shield of Trents, and the Dossier's (split Shield in colors reversed) were first found in Bavaria with proto-Rothschild Bauers and Rothes'/Rothchilds. Kaufbeuren is in Bavaria. Bure's/Bowers have an archer in Crest, suggesting the Archibure's. I had Bauer-brand skates on when scoring the winning Goal off of Tarr's slap shot. There was victory then, and victory when Miss Hicks was no longer hovering. The hovering now looks to touch directly on to the descent to Rothschilds.

" completely enclaved within the district of Ostallgau." As the Arms of Ostallgau share the split Shield of Trents (same place as Tarant-like Tarrs), it's notable that the OSTs/Hosts were first found in Somerset with Trents (share roses with Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild") and Burleys/Bourleys while sharing wings (different colors) with Bauers. I didn't have a shirt on while she hovered, and Shirts have a "HOSTis" motto term. Osts/Hosts share the bull of Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as Osts/Hosts), whom I have suspected from Bullis, near Aulon/Avalon. As we have just seen why Alan Huns of Aulon trace to Saracena, I can now prove that the BULLdog and the shark in the Hicks dream pertains to this very thing.

It includes the belly of the bulldog, the Bellows that is, who share "vita" with Dolphins (I trace Julius AVITus to a family of the Tilurius river near Ragusa). In the meantime, Fuller's (Belli kin) have a "FERMiora," and Dolphins have "FIRMum." Fullers use the beacon (as do German Belli's), and while Beacons ("firma") are listed with Bacons, French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Bellows and DOGs. That's it, neat and tidy, for Saracena is beside Firme/Ferme, and suspect with the Dolphin dolphins.

The "MEDIOcria" motto term of Beacons/Bacons can strongly suggest that "SYBARIS" named the InSUBRES' of MEDIOlanum (Milan), for while the bay of Laus is near the Sybaris, Bacon-like BUXENtum on that bay is the line to the BUCHANans sharing the Millen/MILAN lion. I had read that "Ragusa" means "deer," but didn't believe a word of it. Instead, it's code for Ragusa kin such as Mallets who use the deer, from Melita, an island between the Tilurius and Ragusa. But as Buchans share the black lion with Buchanans, note this from the last update:

The Ratterys of Blairgowrie are said to have been at Rattery Head in Buchan, and then we find that RIMMONs/Crimmons, first found in Skye, were at a Deer location: "This place [Deer] once contained a castle belonging to the celebrated Cumyn, Earl of BUCHan..."

It just so happens that Ratterys share the Pick/Pix fitchees while Buxentum was also PYXus. To help verify that Bacons were Buxentum liners, their Chief has stars in colors reversed from the same in the Chief of Palins (share black lion with Buchans and Buchanans) from PALINurus, smack beside Buxentum. The "pecTORE" motto term of Bellows can now be gleaned with Pick liners and a surname from Thurii, the later name of Sybaris, yet one can use this picture to trace to Cuppae off the Pek river:

Thurii called also by some Latin writers Thurium for a time also Copia and Copiae, was a city of Magna Graecia, situated on the TARENTine gulf, within a short distance of the site of Sybaris, whose place it may be considered as having taken (Wikipedia).

Thurii-like Turin is near Milan. The Tarentine gulf is the area of Taranto so that the Coffer/Coffee cups can trace to Copia. The Pyxus-like PICENSii peoples were at Cuppae, and they smack of Picenzo at L'Aquila. The CalABRIA-possible Abri peoples, suspect with Abreu's/Abruzzo's and therefore with Hebrew-suspect Eburovices of Evreux, were between the Caiaphas-suspect Cavii and lake Scodra while Scidris is at the Laus / Buxentum area. The Cups/Cope's/Colps were first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins, Cavii-line Chives' (had a branch in L'Aquila), and CornuCOPIA-using Fothes'/Fette's. Orrs/Ore's, suspect in "FermiORA" for a trace to Firmo at Sybaris, use a cornucopia too. It appears that all sorts of families in Renfrewshire, including proto-Pollocks, were at the Sybaris / Laus areas, some of them expected from Boura liners (Bowers/Bure's, Bauers and Bourlys share the green Shield with Pollocks).

It dawns on me that "CALabria" should be related to the Chalice's of Pas-de-Calais (home of de-Bouillon), for while Belows use the chalice, Bellows above were from Calouville. These items look like the Bullis elements expected with the Aulon elements at Saracena. The Bullis surname even shares red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne (Pas-de-Calais). It recalls that Fullers (suspect with Fulbert, father of all Pollocks) share the Coat of Pasleys/Pashleys while Pasleys/Paisleys were in Renfrewshire and from Bologna's Pasi's. PAS-de-Calais?

Aberdeen is suspect with Hungary-related Kabars from Kabardino of Caucasia, where Alan Huns originate. There were Morano Jews from Spanish Iberia that could have been from the Caucasian Iberians, which can reveal their origin from Alans in Morano on the Sybaris. The SEPHARDic Jews of Spain look connectable to the namers of Sybaris, and the Joktanite Hebrews are said, in Genesis, to be from SEPHAR. Pollocks were Jewish, and I trace them to Pula, the area of Croatia known to be inhabited by Colchians (Caucasians).

Chives' are also Shaw-like Shewas' so that we can glean their origins as part of a Cavii offshoot to the Shawia/Chaoui Numidians, or vice-versa. I'd now like to repeat the time that Mr. MELANson said he had an ear infection that I and Mr. Oullette could not heal by praying for it. Mr. Melanson asked me to be his assistant coach for a hockey team only to find later that Melansons share the Hockey crescents. They are the Scott / Terras crescents too, and Scotts are Scodra liners that I trace to Scidrus near Buxentum, where I trace the kin of Millens/Milans and thus where Melansons can link. This area of southern Italy is not far from the Shawia Numidians so that we can expect them at the Scidrus area.

The point is, Mr. Melanson challenged us to heal his ear, and Eyers/Ayers are suspect from Aures, home of the Shawia. After we laid hands on him and prayed, he said, "okay, I'm now going to stick this Q-tip into my ear and draw blood." He stuck it in and removed it (PULLed it out?), and said, "Hmm, no blood." The Bloods/Bleds are expected from Bleda, brother of Attila the Hun, who had Alan Huns with him. Bled is on the Shawia-like Sava, suggesting a relationship between the Copia area of Sybaris and the Bled area off the north side of the KUPA/COLAPis river (Sava tributary), where I trace Cups/Cope's/COLPs. Pollock-related Pullens use a "Culpa" motto term. It appears that God set that little ear miracle up for what you are reading. Terras' have a motto, "Amore," suggesting Morano liners, and Amore's almost have the three Fuller fesses. Scottish More's were first found in AYRshire, and the Arms of Ayrshire use a "shaw" motto term.

I trace Maxwells, who "owned" Pollocks, to Rijeka, between Bled and the Kupa, and Maxwells share a lodged stag with Bloods/Bluds. The Arms of Rijeka have a black, double-headed eagle pouring water from a container that could be the chalice of Belows, itself "pouring water." Bellows use a "puro" motto term. Purys were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's. Tiens'/THAMES' were likewise first found in Oxfordshire while Square's/Squirrels use a "Tiens FERME" motto. The Pyxus-like Pyxites river was near THEMIScyra (beside or in Caucasia).

Back to Bure liners. Bora's/Borehams share boar heads with Burleys/Bourleys, and the Bora/Boreham Coat is that of Boths/Booths (and nearly of Bush's), bringing Ed Butowsky to mind because he was pointed to the Edwards who connected with lake-Garda elements, and CORNers/Garners (said to be from GARDners) can be traced to Garda liners with the aCORN of Dutch Tromps (Corners/Garners share the acorn). Corners/Garners share the fleur of Dutch Boths (and Bush's) while these Boths share the fish with Butts/Boets. This gets Obama-interesting where the end of his dream had Obama's employee with his BACK emphasized, and Backs/Bachs share the giant bull of Italian Boets/Bovins. Obama was happy in the dream, but then upset with this employee, suggesting a leaker / whistle blower (otherwise, it if was a minor spat, why would it be in the dream?).

In this dream, after my sewer shot on his billiard table that pointed to Obama as the core of the dossier crime, Obama was first dancing, followed immediately with he on a skateboard. There is an online video I shared where Julian Assange was dancing in a nightclub, followed immediately with a scene with he in a skateboard in the Ecuadorian embassy. It gives reason to think that the end of the Obama dream, with the back of the employee emphasized, touches upon an issue from WikiLeaks. Could it be on the Seth-Rich murder? I sewered a paper plane in the CORNER pocket, God's pointer through Sewers/SUTERs to Obama's SOETORo surname. Julian Assange's second-last tweet from his embassy prison was titled, Paper Planes.

It could strike us now that, since one of my goals (on McGee) from Steve Tarr was from his pass when he was in the CORNER of the BOARDs, that one or more of my goals is a pointer to JULIAN Assange, for we saw why Joels/Jewels (same place as Gard-line Edwards) connect with Gollys, two Julian branches. Hatricks share the Chief-Shield of Irish Gards. In the second goal of the hat trick, I DEKEd the goalie on a break-away and got off balance while headed toward the boards, but I got balance back just in time to turn sharp and only brush against the boards (while SKATING, right?). The Boards use a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat, and are in the skateBOARD that Obama was on along with Assange.

The following is new as per the deke, so far as I can recall. DEKE's/Deacons/Decans (RUTland), suspect from a Decani area in Dardanian lands, share the lions of Hatricks and Marys...and use part of the Rhodes Coat, themselves in colors reversed from the Bath Coat. Deeks/Dike's were first found in BRIDEkirk, and Edwards share the Bride stars. Obama was on a ramp when skateboarding, and Deeks/Dike's were first found in Cumberland with Ramps. However, I have yet to decipher the reason for that ramp.

I don't remember the first goal, but the third was between my legs while Leggs share the stag head of the Edwards who in-turn share the Gard chevron and the dragon of Button-loving Rich's. Leghs/Lighs share a giant red lion with Hatricks. Lookie: Leggs happen to share the stag head in the Arms of County Waterford, which has a "Deise" motto term while Deise's/Dice's look like a branch of Deeks/Dike's. I deked the goalie before scoring on him again through my legs. That works. Deise's/Dice's are in the colors and format of Rich's, and there is a connection between the two surnames where lake-Garda elements expected in the Rich motto connect with the stag head in the Arms of Waterford, because it's the Edward stag head too while Edwards and Rich's share Crests, which is the white wyvern of the Wessex Saxons.

The Board-like Broads were first found in Somerset (beside Rich's) with Borders/Boarders. In the Broad Crest a savage while Savage's are also Sava's. The Broad lozenges are shared by Seth-branch Shaws/Sheaves, and the Broad pale bar is colors reversed from the same of Crouch's/Crutch's. This recalls that Jim Croce was a favorite singer of Mike Brillinger (Barrel branch?), the one who asked me to be on his team the year of the hat trick. That's interesting. The Brod variation of Broads can suggest the Brode variation of Bride's (Cheshire, same as Savage's/Sava's). The demi-griffin of Broads is shared by Hockeys. Deeks were in Bridekirk.

Obama's employee was crouched down, and Crouch's/Crutch's almost have the fitchee cross of Plains/Platers, the one to which the paper plane had pointed. In another dream, Paul Smith on crutches followed a sickly stag resolved with the Sichs/Sykes from a Dyke location. Excellent, for the top of this update showed Lucy Sykes, etc., from the British end of the assault on Trump.

The Bellow Crest has a fox, not the wolf I once thought it was. Let's assume that this fox is for Foix, beside Roquefeuil. As Fellers and other Rockefellers use treFOILs, that's the Falls/Fallis symbol. There is a La Falaise area beside Ile-de-France, the latter being where Foys/Foix's were first found who have the vertically-split Shield of Fallis-like Pallis' in colors reversed. Oullette's might have the Pallis lion because they were from Falaise (Normandy), roughly where Lucys/Luce's were from, and Lacys happen to share the six pellets of English Foys. Falaise is in Caen, off the Orne river, and Falaise is even on the Orne border while Lucys/Luce's were from PASSY of Orne. Orne is where PAUL Smith leads us by his surname's heron, and then I lived with Paul Oullette while Pauls (have a Mr. Pool on the write-up) and Pullys/Pullens/PULLERs were first found in Yorkshire with Pallis'. It makes RoqueFEUIL look like a Fuller / Puller entity that originated from VesPASia Polla. Pasi's are to Pasleys/Pashleys who share the Fuller Coat, perfect for linking to Passy of the Lucys/Luce's. Fulbert was the Pollock patriarch, but a generation or two earlier there was Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise.

Oullette's use a MOORcock while Pully is a location in the area of LAUSanne, near the Morges location that I trace to Morgans who in-turn share the Irish Moor lion.

Fulbert of Pollock was said to be a Saxon. I'm not sure whether the Saxon surname is from the Saxon Germanics, but they do use chaplets while Chaplets use swans while Swans/Sions are expected from Sion/Sitten, near a Saxon location. The Sequani peoples were on the other side of lake Geneva from this Saxon location, with Pully and Lausanne between them. The Saxon chaplets are not the usually red, but a little maroonish, as is the double-tressure border of Flemings, shared by Seatons/Sittens who came from a tribe at Sion/Sitten. The fitchees of tressure-like Tresure's is of that off-red color too, and they share the green dragon with Seatons/Sittens. It seems that Saxons (the surname) named Saxon, and that they had been Sequani.

Saxons are said to have had a Saxton location in West Yorkshire, where Sedbergh is situated suspect with Seaton-like Sedans. Good stuff for family historians. The Kays were of Craven in West Yorkshire, and Skiptons of Craven share the purple lion with Lacys, but also the Keys (Yorkshire, probably from Saxonite-Norman Germanics of the king-Maccus kind) have purple bendlets without a bend while Kays have the same black ones (without a bend) as Saxons.


Deise's/Dice's share the eagle of Cophers and Vienne's. Lookie from Wikipedia: "[Herod] Archelaus fell into disrepute and was deposed in his 10th year of reign as ethnarch, being banished to Vienna (today Vienne) in Gaul." When one clicks the Vienna link at Wikipedia, it goes to Vienne Isere, not far from the Arc river. In fact the Arc river is a tributary of the Isere, suggesting that the line of ARCHelaus named the Arc. Archelaus' grandmother with Copper-like Cypros, and Cophers are almost "Copper." The Coppers, first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts, share the gold leopard face with them, and in the Copper Chief is what could be the demi-leopard of Chives', though Chives' call it a MOUNTAIN cat. Lookie what was just found brand new from the Vienne write-up: "The Mirebeau branch of the family was established by Jean Vienne, Lord of Mirebel-en-Montagne around 1283..." Montagne's are listed with French Mountains sharing the Cooper saltire in colors reversed! Bingo. It tends to prove the Coppers and Chives share Crests, and it moreover tends to prove that Vienne's share the Copher eagle. It also tends to prove that Cophers / Coffers / Cofferts were a Copper branch.

Vienne's were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's, and the latter share the Montagne/Mountain saltire, which is the flag of Mercia, tending to explain why Mars were likewise first found in Burgundy. That is, Mercians were of or from the Marsi Merovingians of Abruzzo's Maruvium. Messeys are expected to be from FERTE-Mace, explaining why the giant Vienne eagle is colors reversed from the same of Ferte's. English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/Kills and Cheile's, suspect as L'Aquila liners. L'Aquila uses the eagle. Chives' are from the Chiava's of L'Aquila, right?

If the Copper leopard holds holly, that traces via Hollys to Plancia Magna, a Herod...if I'm correct in pegging the Holly Coat with Plunketts.

As Salome BOEThus married Archelaus' half-brother, see Scottish Coppers: "The surname Copper was first found in Fife, where Salomone de Cupir..." It just so happens that Italian BOETs/Bovins share the bull on blue with Montagne's/Mountains.

The Vienne Crest looks like a chef while Caiaphas-like Chaffs have a giant griffin in the colors of the giant Vienne eagle, and Chaffs were first found in Dorset with the Shorts who share another gold griffin, along with the same estoiles of Bute's/Butts. The latter are well suspect from BODEgisel, son of the Merovingian, Mummolin and Berthe, and Berta's themselves have a giant griffin on blue, same as Shorts. The Berta griffin might just be in the Crest of Pools/Pulls, for the latter were first found in Dorset, same as Shorts and Cutters, and the neighboring Posts share the Pool/Pull lion while I hung my shorts on a post in what was an act of God. Dutch Posts share the Chief-Shield of Cutters. Dorset-suspect Daorsi were probably at Cutter-like Kotor, beside BUTua, and the Daversi version of the Daorsi are to Davers (Deise/Dice/Diss colors and format), first found in Norfolk, smack beside Diss. And the Decks with Dyke's share the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels while there was a dead squirrel in the shorts hung up on the post. Schere's could easily have been a branch of Shore's and Shorts.

Suddenly, this dead squirrel can be a pointer to Lucy Sykes. Here's the write-up of Lucys/Luce's (Norfolk, at Diss): "The surname Lucy was first found in Norfolk where the first mention of the family of Lucy was made by Henry I of the lordship of DICE therein to Richard de Lucie, governor of Falais..." Butts/Bute's have Falais in their write-up, as do Moline's, and Fallis'/Falls share the Post / Pool lion. "MumMOLIN" is suspect with Moline's who share the black moline with Chives' and Mathis' (Burgundy, same as Vienne's). Mummolin was descended from Rusticus of Lyon, and Lyon is beside Vienne. It all looks full-proof. I see "GRIFFin" with "AGRIPPa."

Why was Mr. Oullette praying with me to heal the EAR of Mr. Melanson? His brother had been used as a pointer to Babe's, first found in Dorset. Oullette's are said to be from Falais. Ears are suspect Eyers/Ayers who come up as "Eyes" while there is an Eye location beside Diss. I assume that Aures elements of the Eyer kind named Eye.

Moline's were first found in Devon with Hike's/Hykes'/Hacks, kin of Chives', and the other Hike's/Hykes' look like they can have a version of the Butt/Bute/Boet Coat. The Hicks share "tout" with Vienne's, which may reveal that the green Hicks CHAPlet may be in the Crest of Scottish Coppers ("VirTUTE"), especially as Cophers have eagles in the colors of the Vienne eagle while the News/Nuces, who pointed to Miss Hicks on the Nueces river, have the Copher hourglass Shield but with gold chaplets instead of their gold eagles.

The curiosity is that I see "Laus" (Luce elements) from Lissus of the Chives', and so Lissus elements could have named Archelaus. Yet Herod got that name from a wife, Glaphyra Archelaus, the line to Clavers/Cleavers (key, Plunkett tower) who seem without doubt to be l-version Chiava's. This recalls that Claviere's of France are said to use keys while they had married French Mountains. Perfect, for Chiava-line Chives' use mountain cats (in both Crest and Shield).

Salome Boethus can be to the Salemans and same-colored Salmons. Salemans are also Salians while Merovingians descend from a Salian peoples on the Rhine. Salome's were first found in Rhineland. Were Salians from the line of Salome Boethus?

So, now, having shown the good evidence that Cophers are Herods, we can ask who the News'/Nuces were who could possibly fit the Herod picture. I say they are, along with Knee's and Kness'/Ness', from Nysa of Cappadocia, the same area as Glaphyra Archelaus' religious cult. Recall my touching the knee of Miss Hicks while she hovered, an excellent pointer now to the News-Copher relationship. When she and I were rising, it points to Rhizon right beside Saraca's of Kotor. The Arms of Saraca shares the fesse of Cassano's/CASSANDRa's, the line of king Cassander, the known ancestor of Nysa above. Saracena is at Sybaris with the Bure liners to ARCHibure's, suggesting that Saraca and Sybaris liners were on the Arc river.

Chambre is in the Arc, and then near the mouth of the Arc is ChamBERY (Isere river), what could be a Bure / Bury element. German Berys have fish heads. I trace king Antipater, father of Cassander, to/from Antipatria on the Apsus river of the DEXARoi (the line to the KilPATRick DAGGER), and it just so happens that CHAMBERlains share the Dagger scallops. Chamberlains are said to descend from TANKERville's, whom I trace to TANAGRa of BOEOTia, that country suspect with the Sadducee house of Boethus. Modane upon the Arc is suspect with Maccabees, and Sadducees came forth from Maccabee priests of Israel. The "PROdesse" motto term of these Chamberlains should be part code for the Pero variation of Pierro's, who use a version of the Butt/BOET Coat. "ProDESSE" can also be code for Deise's/Dice's because they are in Chamberlain colors and format, and that Deise/Dice surname happens to share the Copher / Vienne eagle. Yet more: the Deise/Dice Coat is a different-colors version of the Terent/Tarant Coat while Terentia Murena is suspect in marrying the line that named Maccabees.

I didn't realize until writing all of the above that French Chamberlains (version of the Tankerville Coat) share the stars of Salome's (assume Boethus Sadducees). These Chamberlains share the Chadwick and Chaddock Shields while they are in black with Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks.

If ChamberLAIN ending reveal a Chamber-line merger with Lains/Lane's, first found in Staffordshire with Saint CHAD, then we note that Lains/Lane's share "Garde" with Rich's. The Carricks use "Garde bien," sharing "bien" with Vienne's. Lains/Lane's are expected with the Launay-Brest relationship, and with Lane's/Lano's of Brescia, right beside lake Garda. Brests/Brix's have lozenges colors reversed from the three in the Chaff Chief, and Chaffs were suspect in what looks like a chef in the Vienne Crest. (The Parent write-up says that Launay is in Valois.)

The Shark Tank

Instead of John Ratcliffe, who probably had the right heart to withstand the deep-state's leverage expected upon an Intelligence Chief, Trump has sidestepped the lawful claimant to the position, Sue Gordon, and chose Joseph Maguire instead. This leftist article shows that Trump probably asked Gordon to refuse the job. Is this good or bad? Well, if a disgusting, loony leftists doesn't like it, maybe it's good news.

No matter who takes the job for good, it's important that he be better than Trump at resisting the secretive, corrupt craft of deep-state players intent on protecting and maintaining "their" empire. Steadfast anti-leftists like Ratcliffe are very good candidates for such things. Yes, activist anti-leftists are needed, those who want corruption eradicated with passion. But leftists -- bluffers, nothing but bluffers -- tell us that those are the wrong people, unqulaified, or using some other excuse. Don't fall for their bluffs; they are empty suits speaking as though they own the nation. They are a fringe bunch of delinquents who push the staples of leftist media. They always know how to frame a news story for maximum repression of the better people.

Democrats argue that it's wrong for Trump to pick someone on his side, exactly what they would do if the shoe were on the other foot. of course it's not wrong for a president to choose someone on his side. That's what people elect presidents to do, to hire team mates, not to hire the enemy or some fence-sitter.

Who's Maguire? How long will he hold the job? Trump says Maguire might hold it in a permanent capacity. Will Maguire flush out into the open the dirty secrets of Intelligence rats? Why do Maguire's share the Caffer/Caffer(t)y Coat, in Coffer/CofFARE colors? (Fare's, by the way, share the anchor of Fermans/Formans while Maguire's (Vere suspects) and Caffers were first found in FERMANagh.) Was I in Victoria when God pointed to the Caffer / Coffer bloodline because Maguire is destined to bring our side a victory. Was a newspaper involved in Victoria because Maguire will get the dirt out into the news? I hope so. As Caffertys look like Cofferts who share the leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers, let's repeat that the hovering of Miss Hicks turned into a victory by all appearances. But perhaps I'm reading this wrong when doing it like so.

Last week, Ratcliffe was looking like the fulfillment of this position that Maguire now holds. Wouldn't it be nice if Maguire hired Ratcliffe to be his deputy? But Maguire is a navy man in his history, and says he lost men in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oops, that's a Bush man, isn't it? He may therefore be vulnerable / suited to the military state's leverage upon him. Chances are, he's an establishment figure already tailored to fit into the corrupt system, otherwise, how did he get to the top of the spy field? Not by blowing the whistle on the corruption. Still, he may be prone to exposing Democrat corruption against Trump, and that's what the rats are afraid of. On the other hand, Maguire could be like a shark that swallows Trump whole on behalf of Comey and/or Bushites.

Repeat: "There's evidence from my date with Miss Hanson that Caffers/Cafferys link to Saraca's. For the Valiant was owned by the Quinns while Quinns share a white-on-green horse with Caffers/Cafferys. The latter are said to be from near the border of Tyrone, and Sharks were first found in Tyrone." Quinns, who share a winged horse with Motels, were at Longford, and the Langfords (version of the Longford Coat) have the six pale bars of the Coats surname. Maguire happens to be replacing Dan Coats! Coincidence? If not, is God linking Maguire to the shark?...because Trump quickly caved and rejected the reliable man, Ratcliffe? I can make the heraldry-related links, and show Design, but I can't be sure of what they mean as per news stories. The last time I saw Miss Hanson, I was standing at the entryway to both her workplace and the neighboring Ratcliffe lumber. It's safer to say that God designed that event to fit with heraldry than to deny it.

As Chris Farrell is an owner, I think, of Judicial Watch, see this: "County Longford...formed the territory of the Farrell clan." Does this indicate the victory party for us? Is Maguire a good guy? "Longford Castle is located on the banks of the River Avon south of Salisbury, Wiltshire...and is currently the seat of William Pleydell-Bouverie, 9th Earl of Radnor..." Ratners. Ellen Ratner is a good-guy.

I trace Langfords to Langhe, beside Bra, and the Quinns had previously lived in Bracebridge while Brace's are Brase's too. Plus, as Langford is near Tyrone, by what coincidence do BRASwells have the Tyrone Coat in colors reversed? What could this mean? Is it just verification that Joseph Maguire is being pointed to? My first clue that Langfords (six pale bars, pale's share the camel with Pepins) were from Langhe was the sharing of the same six pale bars between Landens/Landers (Pepin of Landen) and Langleys. At that time, the LANDERs were a pointer to the LAUNDRy line upon which I touched a BRA (for fun at nine years of age). I suggest now that the rooster of Landens/Landers is that of Coats. Landens/Landers share the white bend with Langfords.

The Coats have a George Cotys in their write-up, and ARCHdeacons (see Arc river below) come up as "Cotys." The Crest of Archdeacons has an armored arm suggesting Brace's/Brase's, and so let's add that Motts/Mottins are said to be from Cotes-du-Nord, the same now named as Cotes-d'ARMOR. If that's not enough, the Motels have an ARM in the mouth of their horse, thus tracing Coats and Longfords (Coats pale bars) round-about to Motels, a branch of Mott-like Mota's, and it just so happens that the Arch-like Arc river has Mottin-like Modane upon it. As Quinns were in Longford, that's why Quinns share a winged horse with Motels...and the Masseys expected as Maccabee liners along with the namers of Modane. Masseys share the quadrants of WIRE's/Vere's while Guire's (Quinn / Motel horse) look like Wire's. Wire's/Vere's and Masseys were both of Manche, and the Caffer write-up has Fermanagh spelled as "Fear Manach," looking like the place was named by Vere's of Manche (Fears are Vere-branch Fiers).

I rarely mention the Horse surname when on heraldic horses. It uses horse heads and a gyronny pattern in colors of Coffee's/Coffers / Caffers/Cafferys (horse). The Horse Coat looks like a version of the Mackay Coat, and Dutch Mackays/Maki's/Macks use another horse. That takes us back to Maccus of Man, and the Christine's of Man share cups with Coffee's/Coffers. The Manx peoples of man are more Manche liners. Maccus' father, Harald, is linkable Haralds/Herods (in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer cups, and almost the same fesse), first found in Argyllshire, facing out to sea where Maccus' family ruled. The Harald/Herod fesse is in the gold color of the Horse fesse. Argyllshire faces out to Arran, where McCabe's were first found who share the Coffee/Coffer fesse. Harald's father was SITRic, suspect with pale-bar Sitters/SIDEwells (Northumberland, same as Sitric and Horse's), and while Sitric's surname was Caech, it could be of the CAUGHerty variation of Caffers/Cafferys. Reminder; Quinns share the winged horse with Masseys/Maceys in the colors of the Caffer/Caffery horse.

The Quinn-like Winns use eagles fessewise in the colors of the Harald/Herod fesse. Note the gold color of the horse's, fessewise dressings in the Caffer/Caffery / Maguire horse. The rider on that horse probably holds the Quinn sword. Quinns are said to descend from a Conn family, and I link Bra to Conns / Coneys.

Sidewells look like the makings of Saddle's, first found in Wiltshire with Longford castle, and sharing the giant Mason/Massin lion. Ha, I almost missed the "SerVIRE" motto term of Saddle's, what looks like code for the Wire > Maguire line, especially as Maguire's use a saddle. There is a Vire river between Manche and the Bessin. There is a Vires surname listed with a Fer/Ferrat branch. Making heraldic links is so easy when you know that motto terms are for ancestral history / connections, but family historians are too incompetent to reveal this thing. The bluffer leftists want to pretend that they are experts in all things in order to command our respect on behalf of their societal engineering. They want us to follow them, in other words, to their future. SPIT!

Vires'/Verone's share the Bothwell Coat, and the latter are from Bute, at Argyllshire and Arran. Bute was the mythical Avalon, where a satanic Vere (talk about misleaders and error-trolls) traced Vere-beloved Melusine; see her in Glass and Mason/Massin Crests with a fish tail. Vere's put their fictional Milo, Melusine's son, in Anjou as a count, and Anjou was home to the first Plantagenet while Plantagenets are in the Saddle write-up as dukes of Lancashire.

Now, if we are expecting the Shark line here, see the Arms-of-Saraca fish at the base of the Vires/Verona Coat. Thus, Maguire might indeed be the shark that swallows Trump whole. I hope that's the wrong view, because I hope for exposure of the deep state, and because I'd like to stop writing sooner rather than later. Why is the Vires/Verone Coat also the Lynch Coat, and a version of the Feller Coat? A Rockefeller shark? But of course that makes sense. I trace Lynch's to the namers of Langhe at MontFerrat. The shark had, or is going to have, Trump for lynch...because he's too weak or compromised with sin to attack it.

Cake's are also CakeBREADS, which reminds of the bread-shaped coin banks that I distributed on retail counters on behalf of World Vision (humanitarian org). That's how I got to meet the manager of World Vision in our area, Mr. Langford! Zowie. Plus, Longfords were first found in Derbyshire with a Horsley location of Horse's, and this brings to mind the globe, which might even be called a WORLD, of Hope's, first found in Derbyshire too. If the Hope Crest as a RAINbow, note that Arran (Argyllshire) traces to Irons of AiRAINEs (Picardy, where the Poix of Tyrone's may trace). Maccus was from Maceys/Masseys of FERTE-Mace, suspect thereby with Rainier of MontFERRAT, beside Langhe. The Sharks of Tyrone are expected with Quinns, right?

MacDonalds of Argyllshire share the Ferte eagle. Poor impoverished family historians who ignore this work of God and continue instead to peddle errors concerning family ancestry. I am proud to be an instrument of God upon this sinful world which rejects Him and goes about its business oblivious to Him. If you're one of these people, you need to think harder, be open to the possibility that God can exist right in your space without making a noise, without being sensed by you, until you turn on to Him. Did you ever think of that?

Now Hope Hicks is coming to mind, though I have no idea whether she is being pointed to by Miss Hicks. It's been a theory on my backburner. The Fiers/Fere's and Fare's who were apparently at Fermanagh with the first-known Caffers/Cafferys and Maguire's look linkable by their anchors to German Hope's/Hoods, and this latter surname has been my strongest link of the two Miss Hicks'. And here we find Longfords in Derbyshire.

I now recall the time that Mr. Quinn, my friend who gave me his parents' Valiant for the Hanson date, asked to borrow my jacket. After having it for a while, I thought I had best ask for it back before he kept it for good, and when I did so, he took it off, threw it to the pavement in disgust, and stomped on it. This Quinn guy turned out to me immature, given to tantrums, but it could be that God made that event take place because the jacket is supposed to be viewed as a COAT. I wouldn't have remembered lending him this coat had he not stomped on it. In other words, the event may be a verification that Dan Coats being replaced by Maguire is a thing God wants us to see as part of His pointers, because Quinns have a horse in the colors of the Maguire horse.

Back to the Sidewell-like Saddle's, at Everley, in Wiltshire where there's a Salisbury area while Salisburys are connectable to Abreu's/Abruzzo's, the line of Eburovices/EBROIcum (of Eure) that named York as Eboracum. The Everley surname was first found in Everley of Yorkshire, and the write-up mentions Everley/EverLEIGH of Wiltshire as EURElai (1086). The Hicks, who were at a Leighton-related LEYton location, have a "heure" motto term that is now seemingly deciphered for Everley liners (were Abreu-colored Hicks in Abruzzo?). The Everley write-up has Eurelai as "EBURleagh" (Leg / Legh liner?) in still-earlier times. Clearly, the namers of that place were the namers of Eboracum too, and while I trace Bruce's of Yorkshire to Abruzzo liners, note that Bruce's share a giant blue lion with Saddle's. Everleys share the goat head of the Wiltshire Mortons, and the Cheshire Mortons share buckles with the Leslie's who in turn share the green griffin with Everleys.

Mortons are beloved by swan-liner Walsh's from Wallis canton, location of Sion/Sitten of the Seatons (beside Fermans/Formans), whom I link to Side's and SIDEwells. Due to the RudHEATH location in one Morton write-up, the gold rooster of the other Mortons can be that of Heaths/HEATHERs ("esPERE", like the "saPERE" of Saddle's), which recalls what I thought was a Mail connection to Samuelsons as a pointer to Hillarys email crime carried out by HEATHER Samuelson. I was at the SIDE of the car watching Miss Hicks hover, and here the Saddle's are linking to the same Everley entity as Hicks. Malls (Leighton quadrants), first found in Cheshire with Mails and Mortons, have a version of the Ever/Eure Coat (Massey / Vere quadrants with the Vere/Weir boar to boot). This part of the discussion connects the Mason/Massin motto well to the Spey river of Speyers/Speers, location of Buckle. Although the "Tout" motto term of Hicks doesn't bring up the Irish Tute's/Tuits, the latter share the Morton quadrants. Touts/Tute's share the Spree crescent.

I was just thinking that while Miss Hicks had a BATHing suit on, Bath's are said to be from "Atha," though I don't agree as stated. However, I do think that Baths were linked to the Heth variation of Heaths/Heathers, for MacHeths were at or beside the Moray location of Bath-related Randolphs. I just looked up whether "Atha" brings up Baths, and it does not. Instead it brings up the Coat (almost) of Fisks/FISCs, very linkable to the Hillary email crimes. The Fisks/Fiscs happen to use an "ad" motto term as code for Atha's/Attys, apparently, and it's the Hope's who use am "At" motto term. The squirrels in my ATTIc come to mind. While we just saw why Atha's/Attys should link to Heths/Heathers, Samuelsons use squirrels, and were pointed to by the one squirrel (caught in the attic) having died in my shorts pocket, which had earlier gone up the Heather-like heater duct. That's interesting? Does Hope Hicks apply to Hillary? Was she a secret Hillary supporter, a mole in the Trump camp?

Atha's/Attys share a Shield of checks with Warrens suspect with ADA of Warenne / Varenne, and the latter version is like the Verona's having the Vires variation. That's how the 17th squirrel, which has not been caught, can be a pointer to Maguire. It was in the attic but apparently got away minutes before I sealed the last entry point at the solar panels.

I have only now loaded Wikipedia's article on Tyrone, what amazing timing. The Arms of Tyrone have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Yate's, the latter sharing the portcullis gates with Porters while Rob Porter dated (maybe just a front) Hope Hicks when both were in the White House. The Arms of Tyrone share a dancette border between colors with HODnets and related Leightons. German Hoods are also Hope's. I've just found the English Hopps with a colors reversed version of the HIKE/HYKES'/Hake Coat! The bird with a fish in mouth (of Hopps) could be a crane as per the fish-liner Saraca's expected with the crane-using Sharks of Tyrone! Zinger. Is Hope Hicks part of the shark? The "PruDENTia" motto term in the Arms of Tyrone can indicate the shark's teeth. Prude's use fish (lampreys), and the Prude's/Prats were first found in Ile-de-France with Vires/Verona's, the ones with the same fish as the Arms of Saraca.

Cursed google brings up only two pages when I search for "Arms of Saraca." They are two of my pages, but I have that phrase in over 50 webpages. Why does google manually program its search engine to ignore / hide most of my pages? Who does google think it is just because my ideas and mission are not to its liking? I'll let God answer for google's attitude. I speak plenty on Saraca's, but Google suppresses almost all of it. Why can't Trump ask Barr to take google to court since there's no end of conservatives being abused in this way? The evidence is overwhelming and recorded all over the Internet. Forget North Korea, Mr. Bumble, for you have a dictator in google that's far-more dangerous, even to yourself. Are you too stupid to protect yourself when it's in your power to do so? Looks like.

When I search "saraca" alone, google acts like it doesn't know my website. There is no other website with as many mentions of "saraca" than mine. My work is being severely and almost totally buried alive. I know, it's because I oppose Obama and Hillary. That's it. google suppresses anyone who dares to call them, garbage. Therefore, garbage will Google become, even as everyone knows it is already. One cannot do proper research anymore on google for how badly the engine has been screwed up. It's at the complicated point where, if they try to fix the bad programs, the whole machine only gets more loose screws. Only a money-grubbing idiot would mix business websites with information websites onto the same Internet, forcing the entire world to be machine-gunned down by business ads while seeking to do research. If they just charge people $20 annually to use the Internet, rather than bombard us with business websites and blooping advertisements, isn't that enough trillions of dollars for google's mere human owners? To Hell will go the money grubbers, make no mistake about it. Everything that can be wrong is wrong with leftists running the merry-go-round.

The same bird known by me to be a crane in the Shark Coat is in the Hopp Coat. I've just realized that the "exPECtata" motto term of Sharks is linkable to the "PECtore" of Bellows, serving more evidence that Bellows are of the belly of the bulldog. Bellows have Chief-Shield colors reversed from the same of Hopps. Therefore, it appears that Hope Hicks is of the shark. Or, these things are purely coincidental. HOOPing crane just came to mind, which can tend to prove that Hopps use a crane for that reason. But then I suggest that a Crane family married a branch of Hope's and then become the Hoops due to the crane their Arms had. Hoops are with the German Hope's/Hoods/HOOPERs, recalling that Hoovers and Hooters share the same giant bird leg, a symbol of Hixons/HICKsons. Therefore, there seems to be some heraldry fashioned here, either coincidentally or by God's design, pointing both the Hope Charlotte Hicks now of Fox news, and to Charlotte Hicks at the hood of the car. Bellows happen to use a FOX FACE. It's got no neck, making it technically a face; I've wrongly called it a head in the past.

The other English Hopps happen to use eagles in the colors of the eagle legs of Hixons/Hicksons. These eagles are shared by Vails/Velis' while shark-using Valiants have a Mr. VAILant. That works to advance a Hope Hicks link to the shark. More: Hixons-like Higgins were of the Neils having a branch in Tyrone. The Arms of Tyrone have a saltire colors reversed from the same of Neils/Nails/Nagle's. The saltire in the Arms is in the Coat of Eugene's/EWINs while Tyrone is Tir Eoghain to the Irish. Irish Neils (Tyrone) have a Coat version of the Keons/OWENs (Sligo, same as Higgins), and the two Coats come with the same fish as the Arms of Saraca. It tends to clinch the Sharks with Saraca's. If Higgins were Hicksons, it can explain why God chose to use a nasty shark in the Hicks dream, as opposed to a nasty croc, for example, which befits the deep state very well. But why did he choose emphasis on the Neils, if this is the bottom line?

Higgins ("Pro PATRia"), looking linkable to the drops of Pattersons and Kilpatricks, have a version of the Hill Coat. It's making yet another link to Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick. Kilpatricks and Pattersons are from Antipatria on the same APSus river as Fier county, and Fiers/Fere's (Middlesex, same as APPS') can be gleaned in "Fermanagh," beside Tyrone. Don't assume that "Tir Eogaine" came before "Tyrone." Why should Irish versions come first necessarily? Tyrone's/Tyrells share the Coat of Daggers (Cumberland, beside the Sharks of Yorkshire) in the Kilpatrick Crest, from the DEXARoi at Antipatria. Tyrone's/Tyrells were first found in Essex with the Leyton location of a Hick branch.

If you compare Irish Fare's to Fier's, and then note how Scottish Fare's were first found in Cumberland with Daggers, you can't help but realize that the giant anchor of Fare's is that of Hope's/Hoods/HOOPs/Hoopers. It's got Miss Hicks at the hood all over it, and so it's important that her husband's surname traces to the river through Fier county. The dead squirrel in my shorts was hanging with the shorts on a NAIL on a post, and we just saw Nail / Neil liners apply to Shark elements, and then the German Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Samuelsons. There seems to be much in all of this (I just heard a squirrel for the first time in days), and the red-squirrel Squirrels/Square's ("ferme") themselves were first found in Worcestershire with the Hills whose Coat in-turn is like that of Higgins. As much as this discussion concerns Mr. Kilpatrick, yet it all looks firmly pointed to Hope Hicks. But why? Is she a mole / traitor, or part of the victory party? Didn't her boyfriend's surname link to Yate's while Yate's had themselves linked to Sallys?

It's not just Kilpatricks linking to Fier county, but Irish Fare's have a "VirTUTE TUTus" motto linking to the "Tout" of Hicks and readable also as "VIRtute" for the Vire river suspect with Wire-suspect Maguire's at FERMANagh, beside Tyrone. Fermans/Formans share the Fare anchor. The moline of Irish Fare's is even the one of Valiant-like Vallans and Saraca-like Sarasins. The other Sarasins/Saracens happen to have the Hood / Baud crescents in colors reversed? Valiants were first found in Yorkshire with Tute's/Touts and Hicks.

The Vails/VELIS' suspect with the Vailant variation of Valiants (shark) can even be a branch of Velis'/Wills who happen to share a red griffin in Crest with Tooths! That's new. The teeth of the shark around the Bellow-related belly of the bulldog. And Belows share the giant Jeepma eagle which is in the colors of the Vail/Velis eagle. The medallion on my Jeep's hood, a pointer to Bauds with the Saracen crescents in colors reversed. That's a tidy way to link that hood, and its pointer to Joseph Mifsud, with the hood of the shark dream.

The Sarasin, Vallan and Fare molines are in the colors of the similar flory cross of Humphreys, possibly from Humphrey de VIEILLes, a good fit for the Vails/Velis' and Wills/Velis'. It doesn't seem coincidental that Hume's/Home's, suspect in the HUMphrey motto, use a Tooth-suspect motto, "True TO THE end." The same motto can be for Trouts/TRUEbacks with three fish in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish. It looks undeniably so.

Wow. I've just loaded Toths as per "to the," and there popped up the giant swan of Hock/Yoke's/HOEKstra's. I was reading earlier today that Trump has chosen Mr. Hoekstra to take Maguire's job as the permanent NI chief. To top it off, the "vrai" motto term of Humphreys/HomFRAYs should be for the Wrays (Cumbria, near Valiants) who happen to use the Chief-Shield colors of shark-using Valiants!!! WOW! Chris Wray is the shark incarnate, and while we may think that Barr has taken his teeth away, Trump's new picks for the Intelligence chiefs might just give him fangs. On the other hand, I don't know for sure how to translate these heraldic links into the real world of news. I hate to think that we've got to go through another ironic, depressing, maddening Trump-in-shark period with Wray more smug than before.

It appears that Humphreys were correctly pegged with Humphrey de Vieilles, and he with Vails/Velis' and the Valiants, for Wrays were even at Wray-with-Botton while the Humphrey cross looks like a so-called BOTTONy cross. This Humphrey was a Harcourt, the line to Shirts. Shirts have a motto suspect with the Osts/Hosts, themselves now suspect with the OSTrich in the Wray Crest. The Rich's (beside Osts/Hosts) in "ostRICH" use bottony crosses, that's right. It's the Nordic pirates come to their Armageddon stage as rulers of the world.

I'm really asking myself seriously whether Barr, when he sees Wray chomping on Trump's flesh, will just go, "Oh well, back to my apple pie before it gets cold. I like being the attorney general. Time soon for an afternoon nappity-nap." Did Comey leak some FBI information that Comey probably concocted in the first place, to take a piece of Trump's head off? Oh well, not to worry, there's more apple pie. Show me the product, Mr. Barr, that you're being paid to produce.

Behold, God has a sense of humor. The Chief-Shield of Wrays and Valiants is that also of Capote's, and the latter term in Italian means, "coat"! It's the Chief-Shield colors also of Dunhams, and Obama's mother was a Dunham. Italian Capote's/CAPONE's, translated as the mobster of Chicago, use the mule to portray themselves. Mule's use a version of the wake Coat, with wakes having the double-Harcourt / Hair fesses in colors reversed. The other Hairs (Manner/Maness kin) use the Chief-Shield colors of Dunhams / Capote's / Wrays / Valiants, translated as the shark tank at the zoo for lunatics...who can't grasp reality anymore due to swallowing too many lies and thus becoming lies. You are what you eat. A shark in a frenzy has gone mad, hasn't it? When is it time to let the sharks eat one another? Wasn't Trump a shark?

By the way, when I use "kin," I don't generally / always mean direct kin. I use the term at times as a fast way to point out similarities in Coats for which surnames I've established blood links directly or indirectly. The Manners/Maness' share the Harcourt peacock so that one can resolve the Manner/Maness fesses with the same of Scottish Hairs, not necessarily meaning that these Hairs married Manners/Maness', but that the marriages of both into the same stock should often prove to be within a few generations of each other.

For example. Wake's share the red Shirt roundels, and Shirts (of HARborough) use the Harcourt peacock too. It's a generality that Shirts were Harcourts; it doesn't necessarily mean that a Mr. Shirt married Miss Harcourt, for it could be that Mr. Shirt married the granddaughter of Miss Maness, getting the peacock in that way. In the meantime, a Miss Parr, granddaughter of Mr. Harcourt, married Mr. Maness so that Manners/Maness' can use a motto term for double-fesse Parrs. There are probably secret rules in heraldry for devising such codes, governed by the heraldry masters. Those fiends are not telling the people what heraldry is all about. SHARKS! Bloodline lusters. They put all their stock in flesh rather than in God's Spirit.

Double-fesse Wiles'/Willis' (five bunched arrows) can apply to "Vieilles," and Wilesfords use the leopard face of Coverts/Cofferts, first found in Sussex with Wiles'/Willes' and Coverts/COURTs. A Mr. Wac of the Wake's was a lord of Wilesford, and Wake's with Mule's share two red fesses with Wiles'/Willis'. The gold Wilesford leopard face is also red, as is the one of Guire-like Geers/Gere's, and the latter have the double HarCOURT fesses. Camerons (five bunched arrows), in the shark tank of Britain, use three of the Harcourt fesses, tending to verify that Wiles' were from Humphrey Vieilles of Harcourt. Geers/Gere's look like they link by their Coat and Crest to Crauns/Crane's, thus making the crane of Sharks (Tyrone) link closely to Crauns/Crane's (share Clapton patee), for Guire's were near Tyrone.

Sick Boofima

Repeat: "Longford Castle is located on the banks of the River Avon south of Salisbury, Wiltshire...and is currently the seat of William Pleydell-Bouverie, 9th Earl of Radnor..."

There was a human-sacrifice BOOFima cult of an IMPERi peoples of Africa on which little is said online. I found heraldic evidence tracing it to Imperia, otherwise known as Oneglia, the line of Neils/Nagle's, for they share the blue-on-white fesse of Beefs/Boeufs, first found in PERIgord. English Beavers have a blue fesse too. I haven't known the Bouverie's until seeing them in the quote above, and they happen to be Boffreys/Bofferys too while using a two-headed version of the Doria eagle! Both use the same split Shield to boot, and Doria's had married Arduinici of Oneglia!!! My bet is that this cult, expected with the hideous Baphomet cult of some Templars, is mixed up in modern child sex and child sacrifice, like the Carthaginians of north Africa.

Bouverie's look like the Beauforts of Roets who share GORD boar heads expected at "PeriGORD." Gords/Gordons were first found in the same area as Arthurs. Bouvier's (share PLUNKett motto) have a gold eagle feasibly the Bouverie/Boffrey / Doria eagle in colors reversed. Plunkett-liner PLANCia Magna's mother oversaw the ARTEMis cult of Perga, and Artems/Aitons were first found in Berwickshire with Gords and Arthurs.

The Bouvier eagle is that of Ghents (probably from Gentius, Ardiaei king), and while Gaunt is also Ghent, John of Gaunt was the parent of Beauforts along with Catherine Roet. Beauforts use the Montfort lion while Montforts owned the GONfanon banner while Belgian Gone's/GUENETs share the Gaunt bend while Fanano-suspect Fane's/Vans share GAUNTlet gloves with Maceys/Mace's. FERTE-Mace was the barony of the Vardys/Vertys (little boy), from the Vardaei = Ardiaei, and Bardys/Bardons were first found in Perigord while sharing the Coat of Daggers (Cumberland, same as Bardon-like Pardons/Partons, and Vardys/Vertys who share the Fier/Fere moline), from the Dexaroi up-river from Fier county, Albania. Are you sick yet?

Dexaroi were on the Apsus river while Fiers, Apps' and Players were first found in Middlesex, near the Berkshire location of the first-known Beavers. Neighboring Oxford has a green beaver in its Arms. Player-like Pleydells share drops with Players, and this was of Pleydell-Bouverie of Longford castle. Players are expected (by me) from the Pleraei upon the Neretva along with Vardaei and Daorsi. The latter named the Bouverie-related Doria's of Imperia, right?

Gaunts use fessewise bars in the colors of the Beaver fesse, and Dutch Gaunts with Dols (ultimately in Vilaine, same as Plunketts) have the same wavy fesse, colors reversed from the Nagle / Beef/Boeuf fesse. Pardons/Partons were at the Derwent area, explaining why Derwents/Darwins share the Bardy/Bardon / Dagger scallops, and why Darrins, with a version of the Derwent/Darwin Coat, share the Gone/Guenet bend-with-bendlets. Gone's/Gows/McGoo's share the gold boar head with Gords and Roets, and Vere's/Weirs, with the Nagle fesse, use a gold boar, probably the gold boar of Bardy-like Bards. Derwents/Darwins share the camel head with drop-liner Pattersons/Cassane's, from Antipatria, home of Dexaroi (= Dassaretae on the left side of this map).

The gold boars above are those also of Turins, and Beefs/Boeufs show variations suggesting Turin-liner and bull-using TURNbulls. Turin, with a taurus = bull theme, is near the Bautica river of the Arduinici of Ivrea. The Lys tributary of this Bautica named the Lys river of Artois that flows to Gaunt/Ghent. Sick yet?

I am all over the sickest satanic cults of dark-age history, the real reason for the dark ages, the ones who founded the "Enlightenment" feigning that it was a shift from dark to light when in fact it was a shift to gross darkness. The scientific establishment from Darwin onward stacked itself with atheists until today, only five percent or less of the major sciences have Creationists. And they boast that evolution must be true since ALL the scientists say so, Yes, they all say so, because they stacked the sciences with like-minded dingbats forbidding Creationists from climbing the the same way we see the anti-Christs cheating with the Internet to have the lion's share of education.

The dingbats tell you that science has absolute proof of evolution via the fossil record. But they lie. One car model looking like another did not evolve. Similarity is not proof of evolution. There is a monkey and there is a man, but nothing inbetween in the fossil record except hoaxes. There is a reptile and there is a bird in the fossil record, sharing some similarities, but the record has NOTHING inbetween that's to be expected from tiny changes in biology. There should be countless more fossils showing creatures midway between an old reptile and a modern bird, but they are absent. The dingbat knows this, but lies anyway, because people are very gullible when they fail to think for themselves while trusting that scientists are reliable. It is important that we call them names such as dingbats so that people cease to respect them as worthy educators. NEVER treat them with respect, or they will win what they don't deserve, the minds of followers.

There should be a million times as many fossils midway between apes and man because there were supposedly millions of years between the two. But the fossil record shows apes and men, but nothing inbetween but some hoaxes. They lie, they cheat, to win the minds of our children, and Trump concerns himself with ping-pong in Korea instead of knocking the daylights out of mad scientists deceiving the world into all manner of sin. We are now at an infestation of pedophilia thanks to evolution ruling the classroom. Put anti-evolution arguments into the textbooks to make sane the children, or they will grow up satanic and destroy the nations. There is no hope HERE; the prophecies tell that the peoples will hate us to the end, and they will therefore be carried by satanic spirits back to the dark age of Sodom. The only light there came from brimstone.

It turns out that BEAUForts were from the bar area of France: "The name Beaufort refers to Montmorency-Beaufort (France, departement de l'Aube, Champagne), once the possession of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster..." MORENCY's smack of Modena's Morano's / Morinis' / Marano's, the latter using the Montfort / Beaufort lion! So there you have a move from Modena to the Bar / Champagne theater, and Bra is right beside Monforte. The Bra area had a white rabbit them, and there is a white rabbit, the Morinis' fleur, and even the hexagrams of Modena's Cassano's/Cassandra's (from Antipatria, we saw this above with Boofima compounds), in the Coat of German Rule's while Boeuf-related Turnbulls are said to be of a Rule entity in Roxburghshire.

We can add here that Simon de Montfort took the titles of BeauMONTs (from Humphrey de Vieilles, the shark line) in Leicester, where Dexaroi-suspect Dexters were first found who share the Tyrone Coat (think Sharks of Tyrone). These Beaumonts of Meulan and Leicestershire share the Coat of the Cumberland Vaux's in the Arms of Meulan, and we saw Fier-county liners in Cumberland along with Vardys expected with Perigord's Bardys (Dagger scallops), and it just so happens that Vaux-branch Faux's (share Hanson mascle) have a French branch first found in Perigord. German Hansons trace two and even three ways to Visconti's of Meulan-like Milan, and while Meulan was also, Mellent, Mellents are listed with Millens/MILANs. But there's more, for a woman of the Meulan Beaumonts married Waleran de Leavell, and Walerans share the black bull with Turnbull of Rule while Rule's were first found in Roxburghsire with Scottish Leavells.

It's tying a human-sacrifice cult of the satanists to Laevi Gauls whom I see in the formation of Maccabees proper of Israel (later became the Maceys), and later the Sadducees that sat in Moses' seat i.e. they had to be descended from Moses' ancestor, Levi. These Laevi > Sadducees were chosen by God to offer the Lamb of God on a Passover day to condemn the Boofima cultists, you see (they may not have been called such at the time). That's how I'm framing this because that's what I'm seeing.

Some of the Maccabees of Modi'in became Motels and Mota's, and the Modens/Modeys of Berkshire (same as Beavers). Motels with Mota's were related to Coffers/Coffee's ("victoria") who share the same-colored fesse as Summers. The Beauforts (mothered by Catherine Roet) became the Somersets (see Wikipedia's Beaufort article), you see, and Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset with Roets. This can explain part of why I was mugged by a negro the day before I got the coffee in Victoria, for Boofima was an African cult. Negro's/Nigro's use five ears of wheat, linkable to Shawia-liner Sheaves/Chiava's (five keys), first found in L'Aquila, where the Arms has an "imMOTA" motto term for Mota's (five fleur).

I thought to check the April surname just now, because I drove to Victoria in April. It uses a version of the Roet Coat. It's amazing how many things God can point to by one event having only a few items by which to check surnames. I'm sure that His wrath burns very hot for killers of children. I don't know why He allows mankind this extent of liberality. Miss Covert, who emailed me when she was with Mr. Maness as a hubby, named her daughter, April. And when I was seeking her address, I found Mr. Maness listed at the Bay City area of Texas, which I drove past on the way to Victoria. What does this mean? What does God know that he might want to convey to us? Perhaps it's just verification that God is pointing to the end-time Boofima / Baphomet cult.

The Somerset surname (three lions of England) has a "MUTare" motto term that can be read as "MuTARE" too, perhaps for Motel-of-Taranto elements to such things as Tarrs/Tarre's (Somerset). The Somersets use the fleur of Anjou, for it's plain they have the rights to Plantagenets. There might be a portcullis gate in the Somerset Crest, in the gold color of the Babel/Babwell gate. The three lions of Somersets are shared by Brians (almost), from Briancon/BRIGantium, some 25 miles from Modane. BRIDGEwaters (Somerset) share the Somerset fleur as per a version of the Roet Chief, and may be throwing in the Doria eagle, important because the other half of the Doria eagle is the Ghent eagle in colors reversed while Somersets descended from John of Ghent. Somersets use the Arms of Beauforts.

Chambre is on the Arc river with Modane, and French Chambre's (same fleur as Somersets / Bridgewaters) were first found in Savoy with Beauforts (founded Somersets). French Chambre's even share a red bend with Gaunts and Gone's/Guenets. Amazing, for the stop at Victoria is linking exactly to this Roet line with John of Gaunt, now going to the Mott-suspect Modane after we saw it go to Modena via the Montmorency-Beaufort entity (Champagne). The French Champagne's may be using the Morano moor head, therefore. The Savoy Coat is colors reversed from the Morency Coat. Scottish Champagne's share the Shield of BraceBRIDGE's.

Repeat: ChamberLAINs could be a Chambre-merger with Lains/Lane's who in-turn share the three lions of Britain with Somersets, roughly in the colors of the three Irish-Brian lions. And French Brians (from Alans of Brittany) happen to share the Nagle/Nagle saltire. Brians were from Briancon/BRIGantium, the Bridge line, right? it makes "ChamBRE / ChamBREY? look like a Cham(p)-Bra merger.

Hugh de Payens, first leader of Templars, was related to a count of Champagne (I don't know which one), now making the Baphomet of Templars connectable to Beauforts of Champagne.

When getting to Bracebridge's above, I had wondered whether Brace's/Brase's used the white bend of Champagne's. As Brace's/Brase's use their bend in both colors of the Plunkett bend while Plunketts were first found in Brittany's Vilaine, see this from the Champagne write-up: f"...several cadet branches of the family were created, the Marquis de VILLAINES of Maine, de Champagne de la Suze of Maine, de Champagne' de MOTTEferchaut of Anjou, and de Champagne de la Pommeraye of Bretagne, to mention a few." Plancia Magna was a Maccabee-Herod, which should explain the Alan-of-Dol relationship with Maceys.

The Vaux's of Perigord are the Chaulnes' suspect with the naming of Chalons-sur-Marne in Champagne. It's also suspect with the Calouville of Bellows, the Chalice's/Chalis', of Belows, in Pas-de-CALAIS along with the household of Baldwin I, first Templar king of Jerusalem, whose name connects with the Bautica/Baltea river of the Ardiaei. He was brother to Godfrey de Bouillon expected in the Godfrey surnames, one of which uses the Mead Coat whole Meads of Claptons are online in marriage with Arthurs of Clapton, which should explain why Claps/Clappers share a vaired Shield with Scottish Champagne's, and moreover this tends to nail trumpet-using Calls/Calles'/Caules' with the CLARion trumpet of the same Arthurs of Clapton, a code predictable for the Clermont-Ferrand ancestry of Mummolin of Chalons-sur-Marne. So, Boofima traces heavily to Roets and Clapton both in Somerset, and to the invaders of Jerusalem who killed European Jews on their way to this "holy" mission under a pope suspect in cahoots with the Jewish Pierleoni, who were vying for papal positions and supported by Godfrey III, de-Bouillon's grandfather.

The first Templar grandmaster with Payen surname, like "ChamPAGNE," married Elizabeth Chappes', and the News'/Nuces that God pointed to in Victoria are suspect, in the arm of their Crest, with the perchevron (solid chevron) of CHAPmans/CHEPmans (Cambridgeshire, same as News'/Nuces'), a surname looking linkable to Jeepma's/CHEPs who share a double-headed eagle in the colors of the same of Bouverie's, the new-to-me surname that kicked off this Boofima discussion. The Jeepma's/Cheps even use the hexagram of Goths/Gothels, from Gothelo, father of Godfrey III above. Now that Bouverie's have been found with a version of the Doria Coat, it seems certain that the door-handle dream, as per the door handle of my Jeep, was a pointer to Doria's. The leopard faces of Doors is for the Face's/Fessys, from Fieschi of Genova, where Doria's were first found. But LEOpard faces should also be for a Leo line from Pierleoni, named after Pope Leo.

This is where the Hicks chaplet comes in big, for News'/Nuces use the chaplet too, and because Josephs of Maine once showed the swan (i.e. same colors) of Chaplets, suggesting a line from Joseph Caiaphas, killer of Jesus, the perfect makings of an anti-Christ entity for the end-time Masons. We can then go to Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps, first found in Stirlingshire with the university that employed Stefan Halper, and his line of Helps/Halfs were at Avesnes (Helpe river), the line from Avezzano's that share the potent pattern in their bend with French Champagne's. Both Halpers/Halfpennys and Helps/Halfs share the gold fitchee with Quints/Quentins, suspect from Quintus Caepio, and with Saint-Quentin near Avesnes.

We saw Quint-like Quinns connectable to Coffers/Coffee's by way of Caffers/Caffertys, and it just so happens that Quinns were at Longford while Longford castle is now owned by Mr. Pleydell-Bouverie. The castle was first owned by Cervingtons, who have Servington/Serbington variations suspect with the makings of the Serbs at Servitium (Sava river), where I trace "Servilia" Caepionis, granddaughter of Quintus Caepio the elder, and daughter of Quintus Caepio the younger. The Cervington/Servington Coat has the Perkin Coat minus the lion that should be the Levi lion, from the Laevi Gauls that I see with the Galatians in Laevillus' ancestry, and Galatians happen to be in the ancestry of Plancia Magna at Perkin-line Perga.

Quints were first found in Essex with Jeune-loving Youngs/Yonge's, from a Junia Caepionis, a daughter of Servilia above. French Jeune's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. English June's and Jeune's were both first found in Cambridgeshire with Caepionis-like Capone's and Chaplet-liner News'/Nuces. We could say that Templars trace to Mr. Caepio, not Joseph Caiaphas, or we could say that God is showing Caiaphas to be descended from Caepio's. English Josephs can be linked well to Chaplains and Caplans, the latter having another version of the Roet Coat with Chiefs resembling the Joseph Chief.

The Slow-Painful News Toward Partial Victory

Here's Bongino with a long version of a news article by Solomon where he advances a theory that Obama corruption is ten years old at least:

Bongino thinks that Steele was simply the face of the dossier that was written instead by Fusion GPS. It makes a lot of sense, absolutely. First, Steele gets the damage in case the crew gets caught (and they got caught, with Fusion just pleading the 5th), and he's harder to prosecute too, not being an American. Secondly, it makes sense that the Americans should write the dossier's story lines since it's a Hillary-sponsored attack on Trump in coordination with concocted stories from Intelligence. There would be fewer wires crossed if the Americans created the story lines rather than Steele not having easy or safe access to American intelligence people and books. Third, as Bongino points out, the credibility of the dossier is weak if it's publicized with Fusion as the source. It sounds more disconnected from American politics, and professional, if is has an MI6 face, and such a face becomes an absolute necessity if the plot is to use the dossier with the FISA court. Even if the FISA judges are winking mobsters along with Obama's DoJ, they would still demand some acceptable respectability in applications for warrants.

If Steele admitted to Durham that he didn't write the dossier, it puts Fusion in the spotlight for concocting a seditious attack on Trump based on pure political ambition. This is where the Democrats wish to remain asleep at the wheel. Instead of accepting the realities, they would rather the voters believe that this is nothing but a conspiracy story from the neo-Nazi far-right. It wouldn't have been as bad if Fusion and Hillary concocted the collusion story all their lonesome and got it to the press, but to use the DoJ and Intelligence, as well as British and Ukrainian goons willing to contribute to disgraceful things that even Obama oversaw, it creates the requirement of nothing short of a dozen high level arrests from Barr. If he fails here, he will become as disgraceful as the mobsters. He must not do this for Trump's satisfaction, but for the need of the people to stifle this sort of corruption for many years to come.

Here's Bongino on Hannity if you want more of the latest Ohr story:

There is still the declassification / revelation of the FISA warrants. Nunes had asked Trump long ago do release some 20 pages that were damning, but we have yet to have them. WHY? Why would Trump want to hide them from the world? Why is he protecting the mobsters from being fully known? Also, we want to know the specifics of what the Ohr office said to Steele when it was talking with him after the FBI fired him (to make a good public show, in case the FBI got caught hiring him). The "back channel" or "back door" you are hearing in this news is where Ohr was speaking with Steele to relay information to the FBI on the ongoing plot against Trump. Therefore, the specifics of these conversations is what guiltifies upper-level people at the FBI of sedition by using a government office for a political bat over Trump's life. If Barr wants Comey to walk, then Barr will do his best not to release the specifics. And if Fox decides to end covering these stories on behalf of a Barr-Trump cover-up, it will look mighty criminal when social media continue to reveal the specifics. Decision time has arrived on whether the guilt should be revealed. I'm going to check Trump's tweets to see if he even mentioned the Ohr story.

Lately, his Twitter page here just comes up blank for me, and the browser even cautions, "Not secure" website as a political tactic. This trend of Democrat cheating on Republicans needs to be prohibited by law in order to maintain a fair system of democracy. It pits the fringe party against the majority party and, by cheating and lying, it turns the fringe party of the anti-Christs into a viable party. I've got to hit the reload button to get Trump's tweets.

Just as I thought: as of Saturday morning, his recent tweets (going back to July) do not have the word "Ohr." Trump has not mentioned his name even though this story should be to his celebration. Why is the White House not wanting to join the celebrations? The 302-Ohr story came out Thursday. Isn't this lack of an Ohr mention an oh-no moment? All of Trump's tweets (not all from him) have no other purpose but to advance his re-election. The voters are not getting the whole stories on any issues, but only that which makes Trump look good for re-election purposes. And, apparently, he does NOT want to uncover Obama's guilt; he only wants to give the impression that he does because it's necessary for re-election. I view trump as a bag of wind unless he starts to do something himself to reveal Obama guilt. He has not done ONE THING to reveal Obama / Hillary guilt except to give the order to Barr to declassify, but he did it on television, if you understand why. It was to give the voters an impression. The question is: did Trump ever contact Barr to give him a formal, official requirement to declassify? I doubt it. All Trump said was that Barr could declassify whatever he wants, but he did not himself give details on what should be declassified.

A Trump tweet this Saturday morning includes: "They [media] have gone totally CRAZY." It's not just crazy, but harmful, destructive to true knowledge, laying false knowledge into the minds of the people, bringing them to the brink of violence over merely the political sport. It's to the point of criminal, and so, the question is: what's Trump doing aside from blowing hot twitter wind about it? Oh goodie, Trump opposes the media like we do. But wait. He's not just you and me, he's the president with power. So what's he doing about the media? He can order Barr to make arrests of a media boss or two for being accomplices to criminal activity, and it does not matter at all whether the case is won or lost because starting the case sends a strong message to media bosses.

But then he himself doesn't want to reveal the criminal activity going on under his nose. Trump's going to lose a lot of supporter fervor if he keeps playing this way. There is no way that a massive bloc of voters will gladly understand if Barr claims insufficient evidence to prosecute. It will all bounce on Trump like a jack-hammer to his aspirations because he chose Mueller's friend for his DoJ.

It doesn't matter whether the case against the Comey leak is borderline weak for winning the case; the right thing to do is to make the arrest anyway, to make an attempt at prosecution, because, for one, the people are willing to pay for it, and to have it. On this matter, the Democrat voice is to be shunned as of no-account, because the voice is on the side of the criminals. That's not permissible in the sort of free speech the founders had in mind.

Just heard that Epstein was seen carried on a stretcher to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The DoJ pronounced him dead. Did they arrange his escape from jail using the Barr DoJ? A suicide in jail only weeks after the arrest makes no sense. The suicide was announced immediately after the release of some 2,000 pages of material on some details of his activities. I'd say that someone near the top of the pyramid wanted to remove him from jail before anyone questioned him on some of that material in the 2,000 pages. That picture makes the most sense to me. And Epstein thus owes someone a big favor, oh-no. Or, someone did kill him to keep him quiet, and concocted the suicide story.

This Epstein story can explain why Trump isn't revealing Hillary's crimes. For the Clintons could have a ready-made Epstein-related backlash against Trump. If so, it's why this was the wrong president. The good news is that even a president blow-horning opposition to the deep state moves conservative media to plow the dirt on the deep state to bring the worms into plain view.

The good news may be that the liberal media are now the conspiracy theorists because they wanted to use the Epstein arrest against Trump. Therefore, some liberal media are accusing that this suicide is suspicious and unlikely. If the media ordinarily supporting Intelligence comes to advancing this fake-suicide story, then it's possible that Epstein was not given a jail break by a decision of Intelligence. However, the liberal media may want to push their story, for political ambitions, in spite of Intelligence being opposed. There's been a lot lately to clutter the news, that could be from staged events, just as the Ohr story got out.

Did the prison have a big hook installed in the ceiling for the purpose? With what did he hang self? Hopefully, the leftist media will ask such questions until they are either answered or evaded repeatedly. Whoever is in charge of reporting the suicide is part of this scam, and that must be the jailhouse included. How could the police who arrested him allow him to get out without first checking that he's dead? It argues for a real death, but not by suicide. The jailhouse winked at a murder? Looks like. And then participated with the suicide claim.

It seems that the pedophiles et-al were powerful enough to kill Epstein even while in prison. That takes very high-level people, not mere or ordinary mobsters. It takes political people to get that job done, people that the jail guard winked with, or was forced to comply with while keeping silent (you talk, and your wife and kids are dead).

George "Mitchell was born in Waterville, Maine." He was named this week as part of Epstein's customers. As Waterville's are Waterfords, it's interesting that the Arms of County Waterford recently showed a stag head by the side view, as does the Jump Coat in the same colors. In the dream with kids jumping on a bed, the kids had Michael as the father, and Michaels happen to be listed with Mitchells. Therefore, the dream may not have anything to do with the same, Trump stag head.

Trump says he wants a low-dollar value in order to bring interest rates down. That is, when the dollar-value is high, giving corporations more overseas buying power, the Fed steps in and takes all of the advantage-money from the people by increasing interest, which is ultimately passed on to consumers. And, by the way, Trump's call to lower the dollar value has imports at heart, though he says he wants American companies to sell to Americans. The overwhelming reason that American companies buy overseas is due to cheaper product, and so Trump is okay with this as long as the goods are not from China??? Where's the logic here?

It is a fact that when there are more shoe stores in town, the prices of shoes goes up because there are more tables to put food on when there are more shoe stores, one table per store. In that case, when tariffs are applied to goods to allow American companies to produce a product instead of China, up go the prices due to more tables needing "food" (profits). Not only do prices go up due to the more expensive American labor and American property / buildings, etc., but prices go up when there are more providers of the same goods. The winner in all of that is the government...which begs the question on why liberals didn't use sky-high tariffs since liberals are tax-happy thieves. To put this another way, Trump is doing the Democrat-stripe thing with tariffs, and trying to get his voters to think it's good for the country.

IT TURNS OUT THAT THE FBI FILES OUT THIS WEEK WERE NOT FROM TRUMP, NO OF COURSE NOT, BUT FROM JUDICIAL WATCH, a private organization. A Fox show made it appear that the DoJ released the information, but didn't mention that Judicial Watch forced it out from the DoJ. Do I detect some animosity toward the Christian organization? Likely, the worst of the material against Ohr himself was not deliverd to JW. Let's not be naive.

There's some good material to chew over in the video. Approaching 13 minutes, we find that Trump challenged / checked Ohr by asking whether he thought Steele would like to have a good FBI relationship. The question was asked early in his presidency, on February 2, 2017 (days before my Obama dream that showed a happy-go-lucky, free Obama). It sounds like Trump warned Ohr, or let him know that he knows about the Steele-FBI-Ohr project. I suppose the idea was to get Ohr to drop the ball. But Trump was destined to slip into the throat of the shark from that point onward...because warnings were not enough. he needed to expose this beast, to let his national army in on a new war. By letting the deep machinery roll on, it was happy to flatten him. He and his supporters brag that he survived the assault. But worthy boasting should have included flattening the deep state. Instead, Trump was a dismal general.

Ohr was punished for his role with Steele in December of 2017, soon before Barr took over the DoJ, and before the public knew much on what Ohr had contributed to the bloodless coup. Months after a Barr DoJ, which is a lot longer than needed for Barr to discover Ohr's role and contributions, Ohr is still working at the DoJ. How can we explain this? How can Barr permit one of the chief villains of the trump attack to go unpunished for this long? Easy, my enjoying his favorite pass-time, eating warm apple pie and taking afternoon naps. There's no other explanation, because in a world of normal people, Ohr would have been fired immediately to send a message to the rest of the DoJ that it's a respectable company not tolerating high-level criminality.

As Mr. Fitton says, Ohr relayed his own wife's work from the Clinton company to the FBI without the header because he removed the header, which is the part that identifies that his wife's material is from Hillary Clinton. Mr. Ohr is thus Clinton's pig, wallowing in Obama's mud, and Barr doesn't mind having him on board his own ship for, how many months now?

Ohr comes out looking like a good guy, warning the FBI about the unreliability of the Steel dossier. There's two possible ways to view this. Fusion and Nelly Ohr became disappointed with Steele's dossier, and therefore wanted to give the FBI only Nelly's work. Or, these 302s were fabricated to make Ohr look good to protect him via a mutual back-scratch deal (you scratch my back; I'll scratch yours). Instead of leaking this fake 302 (just a theory) to the press, they handed it to Judicial Watch for dissemination. It's a theory that can work because other information suggests that Ohr was later working cordially with Steele in getting his communication line open with the FBI, a thing he isn't expected to do if he thinks the Steele dossier is a scam. Perhaps the DoJ was keeping Steele close but at arm's length with some other plot aside from the dossier, for the dossier had become a failure.

It's Comey and McCabe that get ruined by Ohr's alleged warning to the FBI about Steele. But then those two are already gone, and Ohr is still working, which is a good reason for the DoJ to concoct one or more 302 memos in protection of Ohr. But this may be an empty accusation, and I hope it is.

When Horowitz reported to Barr to suggest prosecution for Comey due to his "lack of candor," why didn't Horowitz also suggest prosecution for sedition, since his lack of candor was all about his role in the overthrow of Trump? Even if it wasn't done against a president, it would have been a wildly criminal thing to do. Yet Horowitz reported mere lack of candor, and Barr brushed it aside as trivial. Therefore, the accusation above becomes possible, because the inspectors and overseers of the DoJ prove to be on the side of corruption and lawbreaking, even allowing FBI equipment and process to be used for the the advancement of the Democratic party. Is that not shameful? What signal does it send Christians threatened by persecution from the most-bullish anti-Christs when the Republican establishment is this hypocritical and indifferent to above-the-law actors?

The thing we would like to see is what information Mr. Ohr slipped to the FBI from his wife. We already know that he, no matter how angelic he tried to portray himself, knew with certainty that his wife's material was paid for and bought by the DNC. So, Mr. Trump, request this material and let your voters know what it was, because, Mr. Trump, you want to help bring down the Democrat party to its just desserts. Don't you, Mr. Trump? Mr, Trump, are you there? The material received from Judicial Watch is redacted in places, but Trump can get the material to us with fewer or zero redactions, because, in this case, the players deserve no secrecy protection, and their methods are so corrupt that they deserve no secrecy either. In fact, the people must know that their chief-of-police used unlawful methods. This is what the redactions hide, the unlawful actors and their unlawful methods. Clearly. And Trump has thus far stood on their side, don't you get it?

Judicial Watch has just said: "Glenn Simpson directed a person whose is redacted to speak to the press. It appears as if the press that person went to was the far left leaning Mother Jones." Why is this breaker of the law redacted? What argument is there to keep the name of a lawbreaker secret? Only in America. How can that be? The country has become a sham from the top down. They say the right things (for good-imagery) but do the wrong.

Here's BCP (has developed a risky-Christian, heavy-on-politics attitude) with a whopping number of subscribers for an amateur newscaster. He gives the latest news in case you missed it:

Back at the end of July, Joe DiGenova said the Barr's declassification program will start "this Wednesday," but that's already passed us by, and the only thing we heard was Comey's pardon by Barr. I suppose there is a possibility that Barr let Comey off the hook because Comey has decided to become a stool pigeon. Usually, a stool pigeon exposes his higher-ups, and that goes right into Obama's / Hillary's sinner circles. If Comey's not a stool pigeon, then arresting him for leaking has the bonus of providing the opportunity of turning him into one on his own initiative.

In the video below, there is a statement made by John Solomon claiming that Joseph Mifsud has testified to John Durham against specifically (by name, we assume) the anti-Trumpers he was set-up against. One can see the real possibility here that Mifsud's testimony will be evidence of sedition. My problem is, I sit on the fence as to whether I trust Mr. Barr to do the necessary things demanded of him by the law. Why is this thing being leaked via Solomon? Does he have an agreement with Barr's people to reveal only so much?

If the Democrat leaders know they are in deep trouble over this, why aren't they going to their best behavior? Why are they still attacking instead? Strzok isn't cowering; instead, he's suing the FBI. McCabe is suing the DoJ. That shouldn't happen if they have heard word that Barr has excruciating pain ahead for all the conspirators. Court cases allow a discovery process, and if there's anything incriminating to discover, these men wouldn't be suing. Thanks goes to the large time duration that Trump gave the conspirators to destroy their self-damning documents. He obviously wasn't interested in getting those documents himself before they were destroyed. This president is a farce.

Solomon says that Lindsey Graham's committee has the Mifsud statement. Yet I don't see Graham doing any work but playing nicey-nice on television to Trump and his voters. He doesn't come across as someone who's digging hard, and driving hard, to punish anyone. Last I heard Barr, he sounds like he had some warm apple pie and a nap instead of having pulled out the grenade pin with his teeth. But surprise me.

Nunes is making monkeys out of Mueller's AWOL little army by saying that there is not one Russian conspirator involved if he/she wasn't working with the anti-Trumpers. Nunes has the look. He looks like he's working, and he would really like that grenade if Barr is afraid of tossing it.

It's Thursday night, and still we haven't seen declassified documents from Barr. Some say that the law man shouldn't let what he knows be known by the perpetrators. In that case, let's all nap with Barr for a long while, shall we.

DiGenova said that Comey is going to "be very sad come September." I don't see jail bars in that phrase. It sounds more like he'll be told to face the corner of the classroom for an hour for bad behavior.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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