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August 13 - 19, 2019

God Pointed to Epstein's Noose with My Newspaper
Enter the Fender of Miss Hicks' Car on the Driver's Side
Obama's Skateboard-on-Ramp Finally Deciphered with Stefan Halper

Later in this update, I'll give the Epstein-hanging news as it unfolded during the week, and my opinion of what really happened. This section was written after I gave that news story, though I'm putting this section before that news because I don't want readers quitting this update before they get to this. This section assumes that you know the basic Epstein news that he was found with a noose around his neck, and that certain bones broken in his neck are best explained by his being strangled, especially as his "hanging" didn't involve the dropping of his body from a height.

I take you back now to when I was mugged in Texas. I have told this story many times to different extents, even recently in these updates, so that the reader should know I'm not making it up to fit the Epstein news this past week. To make the story short here, the mugger lunged at me while I was in my vehicle, and he then grasped both hands around my throat demanding the keys to the vehicle. He was trying to strangle me, but wasn't strong enough. Judging from what else you are about to read, this strangling suggests to me that Epstein was strangled to death.

I got away with everything, all my money and the vehicle. The next morning I purchased a newspaper by the will of God (see last update(s)) as a pointer to the News/NUCE surname that looks like the "noose" around Epstein's neck. Interesting, for starters. In the News/Nuce Crest, there is a bent arm virtually in the position used for strangling someone, which God may have arranged there centuries ago as some extra evidence that He's pointing to Epstein's death with my mugging. (Use News link above to load all your Coats, or it can't be easy to follow.)

We wouldn't be able to argue that Epstein's cell mate strangled him if he were a pip-squeak. Fox says: "A hulking ex-cop [Nicholas Tartaglione] facing the death penalty on federal murder and drug charges was reportedly Jeffrey Epstein's cellmate at Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center..."

There is a chance that the charges against Tart were fabricated as a means to get him into the prison for to kill any people the deep state needs killed at this threatening time. But for this to be true, jailhouses need to wink and fabricate stories. I can see it as possible.

The percentage of broken bones of the one reportedly broken on Epstein's neck is low for people hanged. I doubt very much that this bone can be broken in a so-called "partial hanging," defined as a self-inflicted hanging from a low height so that feet touch the floor i.e. much body-weight pressure on the neck is reduced. The report is that he died in a kneeling position, which is to be expected if it was rigged after he was strangled. Nobody I've read said that his knees were off the floor. It sounds as though his body weight was on his knees, with his body leaned forward to some extent with some body weight on the throat i.e. face toward the floor rather than toward the ceiling. Thus, his knees grab me here.

In the Hicks dream (see last update(s)), Miss Hicks was asleep, and when I was told to wake her up, I touched her knee. The Knee surname is a potential branch of the News surname, but even if that's not correct, the Sleeps use two, white-ermined fesses in the colors of the one, white-ermined fesse of Darts/TARTS!!! Wow, I did not have this on my mind when using "Tart" for Nicholas Tartaglione. It could appear that God caused me to use that short form to verify that He pointed to Epstein's jail-cell event even with the Hicks dream. Very interesting, for it was resolved (my 2nd update in July) that the Hicks dream was on Epstein's island! Wow. It's as though God pointed to Tartaglione with the Sleeps.

There is even a Nuse/Newes' surname sharing a white-ermined square with Darts/Tarts. It's convincing me fast that Tartaglione killed Epstein. Or, if not, Tartaglione was a part of setting Epstein free with the ruse of his prison death. It's not necessary that "Tartaglione" is a line from Darts/Tarts. It could be that the surname is rooted in surnames named ultimately after mythical Taras, the rider on the dolphin in the Arms of Taranto. I almost missed telling that Coffee's/Coffers share a white-ermined fesse with Darts/Tarts.

In the past, I've traced Sleeps to the Selepitanoi Illyrians linkable to that DARDanians that I trace to the Darts/Tarts. The Ardiaei were at the Selepitanoi theater, and while they married a daughter of the Dardanian king, Monunius II, Arthurian myth had a story, "Le MORTE D'Arthur," i.e. the DEATH of king Arthur. This tends to verify that the Ardiaei became the Arthur surname, which married Hicks of Clapton, for Morte's share the crescent of Dart- and Arth-like Death's/DARTH's. It's a white crescent, as are those of Monunius-suspect Moons, first found in Devon with Darts/Tarts and Hike's/Hykes'/Hacks. As I've said repeatedly, the latter surname shares the quadrants of Chives', from the Cavii Illyrians smack beside or amongst the Selepitanoi.

As Arthurs shared the CLARion trumpet with Hicks, the gold griffin of Deaths/Darths looks like the similar gold dragon of Pembroke's ("ardui" motto term), for Pembroke was ruled by Strongbow Clare. Pembroke's are said to have been at Bristol, near Clapton and Bath. The latter are said to be from "Atha," as are the Deaths/Darths. "Sleeping" is a term in the translation of the Bristol motto, and Miss Hicks was at the hood of her car before she was sleeping in it while Hoods (Devon) share the Bristol crescents.

Thus, the sleep theme in the Hicks dream even points to Hicks history in the Illyrian theater, as if God knows what he's doing with the dream's particulars, but for the touching of this week's Epstein news on the newspaper above, it's simply amazing that Morte's are properly the Motts, who named Mott in Cotes-d'ARMOR while Mota-branch Motels have an ARMORed arm (in the mouth of a horse). I apologize for the repetition, but I've got to repeat here the reason that my coffee, purchased with the newspaper, had pointed to the Motels with the Crest of Coffee's/Coffers. This Crest is essentially the Crest in the Arms of Taranto, and Motels are said to have been in Taranto.

[Insert just hours before this update was due -- "SupeRATa" is in the motto of Rainhams speaking to a Super-Ratner merger, for Rainhams share three besants in chief with Ratners. Rainhams were taken from the Rainham location of English MOTLeys (Motel-like), first found in Yorkshire with Medley-branch Methleys. The Raines' are likely from Rennes, near Cotes-d-Armor. Half the lion of Comet-loving Reines' is in the colors of a Motley lion. Another Motley lion is likely that of Montforts, for Montfort is beside Rennes. Thus, Motel / Mota liners seem to have been at the Mott area of Cotes-d-Armor, but also along the Meu river at Montfort and Rennes. From "Rennes," one can take it to the Irons/Hirams of "Airaines" (Picardy), which due to being near ABBEville) links excellently to "Arran," location of the McCabe's/McABBE's sharing the Coffer/Coffee fesse. Heraldry has a big mouth like this if one can remember symbols of sufficient surnames, which has been my job. It can appear that the newspaper and coffee in Victoria points to the sins of Andrew McCabe. The cross of Irons/Hirams looks like it's keeping honor for the Motley quadrants.

The Motley quadrants of the ones of Forts (same stars as Medleys and Methleys) in colors reversed, and Motleys have the MontFORT lion while Forts have a "ForTIS" motto term while French Chambre's have "AlTISSimus." As Medleys are thus looking like a Motel branch, note that Medleys were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts and Coverts/Courts. The Motley Crest shares the gold, spread eagle of neighboring Cophers who in-turn share the News'/Nuce Shield, pretty darned amazing as evidence of a Motel-Motley equation. We could say that the FBI has been a motley crew. As I stayed at a motel in CRYSTAL City the night of purchasing the newspaper and coffee, note crystal METH, now being possibly indicated by the METHley inclusion into Motel liners, especially as Methleys were first found in Yorkshire with Crystals and Motleys. Is God pointing to the drug trade from Mexico said by some to be conducted by some government Intelligence people?

The day before this insert, I was writing below on a cocaine theory as it could apply to the Clintons, and pointed out the Coke surname, which happens to have a good reflection of the Motley Coat. Coincidence? End insert]

Note that while the Coffee/Coffer cups are called, "cups," they look like the sort of cups we call, MUGs. Even before realizing the similarity of that term with "MUGGing," I was using the latter term to describe what happened to me that night in Texas. I conclude that God had me mugged to serve as extra evidence that He wanted the Coffer/Coffee surname emphasized.

Later, I'll show again why the Cup surname is of the Coffers, but let's add here that the Cough/Cuff Crest has another bent arm serving to connect Coffer liners to the arm of Motels and News'/Nuce's. Those of you who know the Hicks dream well know that my emBRACE with Miss Hicks, immediately after I touched her knee, was resolved with the line of Brace's/Brase's, who use more armored arms, as do Armors. As "brace" is the Latin word for "arm," it seems that a line of Brae's/Brays married the Armors, for Brae's/Brays share the eagle leg with Hicksons/HICKsons. Brae's/Brays named Bray at EURE, and Hicks have a "HEURE" motto term.

[Insert -- It's interesting the Hure's share the red-on-white fesse with Butts/Boets as well as the trefoil of Sharks, for the fish on a fesse of Butts/Bute's/Boets is a symbol (different colors) in the Arms of Saraca while Saraca's were at Kotor, beside Butt-like Butua. Therefore, the Hicks motto can link to the shark in the Miss Hicks dream. The Hure's were looked up late this week when finding HURwitz's, tending to confirm my suspicions that the Hicks motto points to Mr. Horowitz of the DoJ. Is he going to be our victory party? The HoroVICE term in the Hurwitz write-up looks Vice/Vise-interesting, with Vice's/Vise's first found in Sussex with Coffer-like Coverts/Cofferts. End insert]

The Brae/Bray write-up even has them at Berkshire, where Modens and Arks/Arch's were first found who trace to MODANE upon the Arc river, that location squaring well with the Mottin variation of Motts, or the Motino of Mota's. So, you see, God is a genius who can do an awful lot, not readily apparent to mere human minds, with simple pictures in a dream, or just a coffee and a newspaper. Mota's and Motels were first found in CalABRIA, a term now suspect, thanks to the sleep symbol of Miss Hicks, with an ABRI peoples placed on maps between the Selepitanoi and the Cavii.

[On Monday, the day this update is due, Francis Coppola was in the news. Checking Coppola's, I found them with a giant cup, so excellent here, because they also share a fleur-de-lys background (Moden/Modey colors) in the colors of the same of French Chambre's (Savoy, same as Arc river), and Chambre is a location on the Arc river. Thanks to this, I spotted the "NOS" motto term of Chambre's. It reminds me that I trace the Caepio's both to Kupa elements, and to a Coppola-like KOPLik location on the Clausula otherwise called, Cupionich. Scottish Chambers have one of the NOSE/Ness fesses.]

What are the chances that the News/Nuce surname shares the so-called chaplet with the Hicks surname? Wow, the latter has the chaplet around the NECK of the Hicks buck!!! Wow. It looks like God arranged that symbol to jibe with the strangling of Epstein, in which case it seems that he did die versus being set free.

As I said, God had me purchase a coffee and newspaper in Victoria, which proved to be God's event partially because Coffee's use a "victoria" motto term, yet it was only in the last update when discovering the COPHERs having a virtual match with the News/Nuce Coat. Is this not confirmation that God was in the purchase-of-the-newspaper event, since Coffee's are COFFERs??? For new readers here, the newspaper was purchased for its want-ads, my first effort at finding a Texas property to purchase. I ended up purchasing a property directly on the NUECES river while News' are also Nuces'. I now find that the newspaper can also point to Epstein's noose just because the above tends to prove in yet another way that God was in the newspaper purchase. I would NOT have purchased a newspaper that day had I not been mugged the night before.

There is no Noose surname coming up, but lookie: two Nose surnames come up both with the Sleep Coat in colors reversed! I've known about this for a long time, but who would have thought that the Nose variation was a pointer to someone's noose for hanging? Epstein may logically have been attacked as he slept. The mugger in Texas came while I was asleep.

I didn't bring the VICE-grips with me on the trip to lock anything, but as they were in the back of the truck, I locked myself in for the night by tightening these pliers to the latch, for I was sleeping on the side of the road in a neighborhood (Galveston), and felt safer this way. I later came to realize that the vice-grips were God's idea because Vice's/Vise's share the black stag (or "buck"?) head with Knee's (Nissans have one in dark brown), and while the mugger had one hand still on my neck, he started to thrust an object toward my body with the other, but I blocked it by raising a KNEE. As I've said, the vehicle was a NISSAN pick-up, and Nissans look like a branch of the Nesson variation of Nose's/Ness'.

Some of the Ardiaei were on the island of VIS, including queen Teuta who may be in the "Tout" motto term of Hicks. The Touts/Tute's share a corner square with Dards/Tarts and Nuse's/Newes', and use a white crescent within the square in the colors of a Moon crescent. Watch. Italian Naso's, mainly in the colors, and format, of Nons/NEVins ("ViVIS"), use mill stones while Stone's share: 1) a dog with Craig-liner Carricks; 2) the Copher eagle; 3) the motto of Craigs. The latter share "vivas" with Craigie's (share Hood / Bristol crescents), who were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Nons/Nevins (share Moon crescents). It all started with Naso's who can act as a pointer to Epstein's noose, and it just so happens that the Craig Crest has the horse and knight, a symbol of News-like Navys/Neves' and Caffers/Cafferys. Its was the News'/Nuce's who first pointed to his noose.

Mills use the mill rind while Rinds (compare with Crags) can be gleaned with Leslie's who in-turn use "GRIP fast" for a motto. I put the vice-GRIPs on the latch, but got a strangle-hold anyway.

Wow, the Nisselgold variation of Nissans just caused a check for a Nikkel surname, and it not only happens to have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Nissans, but the two of Nikkels are white and ermined, same as the Sleeps!!! I was sleeping in the Nissan. Plus, the Nickle's/Nickels are also Nichols' while Tartaglione's first name is, Nicholas. Very, very impressive when all of these things are placed together. The Nikkel Crest even has a crown around the NECK of a lion (I trace raven Vikings to the Necker river).

Nikkels happen to share the red lion head with Steele's and "ad astra" in their motto with Fisks/FISCs, suggesting that the same group guilty of FISA / FISC crimes hired Tartaglione. Stefan HALPer, whose surname shares the GOLD/Goold fitchees of HELPs, was a part of the crimes against Trump, and it just so happens that Golds/Goolds, just looked up as per NisselGOLDs, have the hourglass-like Shield of Helps and News'/Nuce's in half their colors. I find that remarkable, for hourglass-like Shields are fairly rare. If the News/Nuce Shield used blue instead of red, it would be the Gold Shield. If the Gold Shield used white instead of gold, it would be the Help Shield. It's tending to suggest that News'/Nuce's / Nuse's/Newes' (Hertfordshire) were a branch of Nissans and Nose's/Nessans, suggesting that God set me up with a Nissan for purposes right here. Golds/Goolds are therefore likely using the Naso/Nassau lion.

The sinister paw of the Halper lion is on what could be a pyramid, the symbol of Fisks/Fiscs, and the FISC crime involved Mr. Steele while Steels (Cheshire, same as News-related Cophers) share the Halper checks. The same Steels share billets in Chief with pyramid-using BattiSTELLI's. I'm getting the impression that the newspaper and coffee is pointing also to the dossier crimes based in Hillary RODham Clinton, and while Rodhams/RODDENs use a "nec" motto term, the Neckar river is the location of Rottweil and ROTTENburg. No more appropriate term can there be for this rotten woman and those who voted for her.

Just realized: Needham DYKE is in the Halper write-up while Diss'/DICE's share the spread eagles of Cophers, no guff. I did, I did see Halpers in the coffee.

The Nickle/Nichols Crest shares the raven with English Nicholas', and the raven vikings were of the Stout surname that I trace to STUTTgart on the NECKar river. Recall the Hicks chaplet around the neck of a stag head, for Dutch Necks/Neckers use a stag head. And wow, while Neckers were loading, I saw that German Neckers/NICHTers (Knights have pale bars) have one pale bar in the colors of the two of Nuse's/Newes'! Clinched: News' are a branch of the namers of the Neckar river, and probably from the Neckar river.

I should record that the Arms of Rottweil have an eagle in the colors of the same of Jeepma's/CHEPs, for the News/Nuce Crest is suspect with the solid chevron of CHEPmans (Cambridgeshire, same as News'/Nuce's). Wikipedia's Rottweil article: "Rottweil was founded by the Romans in AD 73 as Arae Flaviae..." Clicking on the link provided for Arae Flaviae, it brings one to the article on the Flavian dynasty, that being the one in Rieti, the city I trace to Reeds and Roets and therefore Rodhams/Roddens can apply. Chepmans/Chapmans are suspect from Joseph Caiaphas, and the latter is suspect as the ancestor of priestly-liner Flavius Josephus, a Jewish military commander who betrayed the Israelites and was therefore adopted by the Flavians of Rieti, even the very family having destroyed Jerusalem by God's will. It appears that raven-using (i.e. Neckar-related) Rotts/Rothes'/Rothchilds apply to this bloodline.

If RothSCHILDs were named after a Rott merger with Dutch Schilds, note that the latter's double bends are in the colors of the double pale bars of Nuse's/Newes'.

As I said, I passed the Baytown home of Miss Hicks on the day of the mugging, and here the newspaper links heraldically to the Hicks by both their chaplet and its being around a neck. She moved from Baytown about that very time to a property directly on the Nueces river some ten minutes from the property I was destined to purchase seven months later. It was obviously a plot of God against the deep state, you just wait and see, for He's not leading us on to these mysteries for nothing.

It can be added that while Baytown is attached to Houston, Houstons use an hourglass in Crest, as do the Reed-beloved Books, which can suggest that the red Necker stag head is that of Reeds and Books. Bays happen to have two fesses in the colors of the three of Neckar-river Stouts. "HOURglass" can be code for whatever the "heure" motto term of Hicks is for.

Hours before the mugging, I had to take a leak while driving, and stopped on a highway ramp over-looking Baytown (not in the habit of doing that, just so you know). The urine symbol was of mythical Orion, the line to the Orne river flowing through the BAYeux. The Leaks share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. On September 11, In 2002, God linked her knee in the dream to Leaks and Rench's. Bays were first found in Essex with the Low Leighton location of Hicks. As I said, my Nissan was sold to Paul Smith while the Smith heron is used by Orne's/Horns...and, just realized: Pauls, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, use the Bay crosslets.

We saw why Nikkels link to my newspaper and coffee. Nickels/Nichols' were first found in Cheshire with Coffee/Coffer-like Cophers, and the Needhams (taken from the Halper write-up) share the Knee Coat while having for their Crest the same spread eagle as Cophers (Cheshire, same as Nickle's/Nichols, and beside Sleeps of Shropshire). That is extremely impressive having just been led to a Halper branch via a Nissan variation.

This is new: Victoria's are Fechters too, as are Fisc-like Feschs/FescherNICHs who in-turn are Water-like Wachters too, and then Waters share the Epstein Coat. Nichs are listed with Kness'/Ness'. If that's not enough, Wake's (pointer to the Ohrs) appear to apply while God directed me to WAKE up Miss Hicks as she slept on Epstein's island. UNBELIEVABLE, the Wake Crest has ROPE (symbol for hanging) in the form of a wake's knot, and the double Wake fesses are shared in red by noose-like Nose's/Ness'!!! Hah-haaah! It's pointing to a noose knot.

The HANGers (haha!) are in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts, a branch of Cnuts/Knots!!! It doesn't get better than this. And thus the Victoria location of the newspaper, when it points to the noose like Nuce's, really does look like it's pointing to Epstein's crime ring. The Hang/Ing surname may have a version of the Fitch/Fich Coat. Hangers are a branch of Angers and Anchors, and the latter two can be gleaned with the Coat of Angle's.

The Horse's/Horsleys (Derbyshire, beside Cheshire and Shropshire) are rare in my discussions, but they were emphasized in the last update with the horses of Caffers/Cafferys and Motels (link to Coffee's/Coffers). I now find that English Nicholas' were at a West Horsley location. Motels share a winged horse with Angle's, and it may be that the Halpers use a "triANGLE" instead of a pyramid, for I had read of an heraldic triangle / rectangle somewhere. The Angle's (Lancashire, same as PENNingtons) use three fesse-wise lozenges in the colors of the four fesse-wise lozenges on Penningtons, which can explain the HalfPENNY variation of Halpers as a Help/Half merger with a Pennington branch. This can explain why Louise Phillips, who worked for Pennington's clothing when I knew her, was at the end of the sleeping-bag dream upon a PLATform suspect as a pointer to Platte River networks, Hillary's private server.

I saw two women on the platform, the other being Miss Peare, Louise's friend, who worked as a saleslady as Reitman's clothing. Reitmans are expected as a branch of Rodhams in order to clinch the platforms with Hillary's server crimes. Jewish Reitmans even share the stemmed rose with AVEZZANo's, the line definitely to AVESNes on the HELPE river. Zowie, this Pennington link to Halpers is new here, and so these connections are new and working great, IF the Halper Crest has a triangle that can thus link Halpers to the Pennington kin of Angle's. In short, it predicts what's become known: Halper was involved with the Hillary attack on Trump.

Lookie: Dutch Reitmans happen to share a white anchor with Heidlers (and Hoods) while Heidelburg is on the Necker with Rotten. Plus, in colors reversed, the Reitman anchor is black, the color of the AVISON anchor. Is that not an amazing kind of evidence (partially from a dream of God) that Reitmans link to AVESNes and therefore to Halper liners. The ANCHOR-like Angers share the Anchor Chief in blue, and Angers use three lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Angle's. For good measure, the Angle / Pennington lozenges are expected with French Louis', yet the human creators of this heraldry didn't know that Louise at Penningtons would become my girlfriend shortly after Miss Peare did.

I spent one weekend with Miss Peare a few years later, as little as a month before meeting Lorraine, my girlfriend. God gave her a pointer to Pansys/Pantzers, and, years after learning of that pointer, i learned that the Arms of Bar-le-DUC, in Lorraine of France, use pansies. It just so happens that Pansy's/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Duc-like Ducks and with duck-using Velins from mount Velino at case anyone wants to doubt that this has been God's work. You just saw why Halpers/Halfpennys should relate once again, for they are of the Helpe river settled by Avezzano liners, but it just so happens, wow, that Half-like Have's/Haafs use more ducks.

It looks like God has his own ducks lined up for to shoot the crap out of the deep state in due time, at the most-painful time. Lament the sick future, but don't despair as one without hope, if you have settled your soul on Jesus. is this the time to join the Americanism that wants to rule this world by hook or by crook. I keep warning Christians to reject the American military projects abroad, and to view the American military as demonic. The masonic elements in Republicanism will want you to think that the American military is synonymous with the works of God. Don't be nuts.

I'm not trying to interfere in American politics; I'm trying to separate the hearts of Christians from it. BCP needs this message, but he's too-far gone with a strong sense of pride in love with Americanism, even while he witnesses and reports on everything wrong with it. Sure, he wants it corrected, but until that time arrives (probably never will), don't flip out in love with Americanism if Americanism is evil. Expose the evil, tell the right, but this does not require a statue of liberty or the American flag in your youtube presentations. I realize that BCP and others are trying to build a righteous America, but the fact is, it's been secretly ruled for a very long time by the wicked disguised as righteous. The only power that can defeat this thing is the flag of Jesus; is that too hard to understand? If you think that a flag of Jesus in your youtube presentations will lower your subscribers, ouch, are you betraying Jesus for the American flag, and for a bigger audience / more money? OUCH. Slap yourself before you're too-far gone.

Huma Abedin Makes it to Pointers

It's interesting that while I had thought that God was pointing to Bill Richardson (New Mexico) with Cindy Richardson, the Richardsons (Cheshire) were lords of Malpas' along with Nickle's/Nichols'. It can explain why the Richardson Chief is roughly a colors-reversed version of the Chief of English Nicholas'. The latter look like they have a version of the Hill Shield and Crest while another of my dreams had a sleeping bag on a hill, which I PICKed up as code for John Solomon at The Hill. Come to think of it, I probably slept in a sleeping bag in the Nissan PICK-up. The Picks were very needed in pointing to John Solomon because Irish Picks/Pike's share the Solomon stars, yet they are also the stars of Coffee-beloved Victoria's. Is John Solomon going to be the reason for our victory party? Hills look like Halls, which can explain why HALpers were first found in Worcestershire with Hills. In this way, the sleeping bag becomes a pointer to Halper as well as to HILLary. Solomon needs to find Halpers background and his invisible partners.

I met Lorraine at her bus STOP, and that evening, when we went out, I remember only two things, one of them being our first kiss at a PICnic table in a park. I realized that this was a pointer to Nickle's/Nichols with "picNIC," for they share the pheon of STOPs/Stubbs. I just didn't know the importance of Nichols until now, apparently a pointer to Epstein's noose event. I just loaded Stops/Stubbs to check out their symbols again, and while peering at their gold eagle, wondering whether it's the Copher eagle, a songline was singing, "kiss your little BABY," from the song, Mary Did You Know. Soon after that first kiss with Lorraine, God gave her a babe symbol as a pointer to Babe's. Kiss'/Cush's share the red rooster with BABcocks and with the Cocks who in-turn share the Bag Shield. I won't repeat here how a few things on my first day with her points strongly to Pepin of Landen, whose daughter, Begga, is suspect to the Bags and their branches. Bagleys share the lozenges of Angle's / Penningtons but in the pattern and blue color of the three of Louis', first found in Lorraine.

Lucky that I loaded Babcocks just now to spot that they share the single pale bar of German Neckers/Nichters, for Nuse's/Newes' have two of them, and Babcocks happen to have been first found in Worcestershire with Halpers! Zinger. I'm wondering whether Maxwells (i.e. Ghislaine Maxwell) is in the Babcock Crest. Babe / Babcock liners are suspect with Babenbergs, who share the Epstein Coat, that's right.

On the day of the sleeping-bag dream, I had deciphered the sleeping bag as a pointer to judge Scalia (died in his sleep, may have been strangled while sedated), and later came to theorize that Cindy Richardson was a pointer to Bill Richardson's political assistance in the killing of Scalia, for his murdered body was brought to El-Paso in the New-Mexico border area, where they manipulated his body as could be expected by a government-run killing. However, my two events with Cindy Richardson (as explained before, not repeated here) pointed to Steve Scalise and pizzagate pedophilia, but that was several months ago, long before we heard in the past week that Bill Richardson was a part, or at least a customer, of Epstein's sex cult (for a lack of a better phrase).

I met Mamie on my last night with Lorraine. The last night was the one that pointed her pants to Pansys/Pantzers and therefore to Avezzano liners on the Helpe, and therefore to Stefan Halper. Mamie and I were not in relationship until about three weeks later, on the night I slept in her sleeping bag, that's right. And God made sure that I wasn't able to get things "hot" with her in that bag. Soon after, I invited her to a Bible-study event, and also purchased for her a Bible. What I'm about to say is new, in case you've heard this story before. At the Bible-study event, outdoors, she was alone at the HOME-plate area of a baseball diamond, and when I went over, I kissed her. When looking out to the field at that moment, Cindy Richardson was eyeing us. She's the only person I recall seeing on the baseball field. When Cindy later came to the pizza restaurant, the family ordered WINE, and that's what they got. It became suspect with Anthony WEINer (pedophile?), who had some sexual escapades with young ladies, and got jailed for it.

He happened to have received thousands of Hillary emails from his wife, HUMA Abedin (close to Hillary). Perhaps the Weiners were selling some of the emails to corrupt actors in foreign nations. This is the new part, I think, for I can't recall thinking that "Huma" was pointed to by my being at HOME plate, for Home's are also Hume's, and they have a lion in the colors of the Cindy lion, which acts as some verification that God set the event up as a pointer. I was at home plate with Mamie, and she left the Bible I gave her under a BED, while on a trip. I don't know whether she was telling the truth, but this is where "ABEDin" can come in. It's important that I was kissing and HUGGing her at home plate, for Kiss'/Cush's use "fountains" while Fountains share the triple fesses of Hugs. And to verify further that God set up the Bible under a bed, the Bible surname (this is not new) has the red Kiss/CUSH rooster on a CUSHion, that's right.

The sleeping-bag dream pointed immediately to John Podesta, the chairman of Hillarys election campaign against Trump, and Huma Abedin was his vice-chairman. (I can't believe it; just upon finishing that last sentence, "kiss your little baby" played again, only this time from a different singer.) That's got to be the reason that I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag (she wouldn't even let me hug her, because, I've concluded, God wanted her to have a tease symbol). John Solomon might want to view the variations of the Russian Baby/Babenko surname, hmm. They share the checkered Shield of Vance's/Vaux's suspect in the Hill motto while Scottish Vaux's share the Solomon stars. Babcocks could have the Hill fesse as a pale bar because Pale's share the camel with Pepins and Pipe's while Babe liners are expected from the family / bloodline of Pepin of Landen.

I trace Babe's, Babenbergs and queen Bebba's Bebbanburgs back to "Babon, son of Mummolin. Babon's son, Grimo, has just got to be to the Grimaldi's, for they share the checkered shield of Bags and the Cocks suspect in "BabCock/BADcock." The Badcocks look to be from Badon, a grandson of Mummolin through Babon's brother, though Babon had a son, Badon, himself. Badon could be the line to which the Bible-under-BED points. There are two Bedin surnames which were looked up as per "Abedin." In a pointer of God, it doesn't matter that Abedins were wholly unrelated to Bedins. The question is whether God placed some clues in Bed- / Bedin-like surnames that can add to our understanding of the pointer to Abedin and her husband. Scottish Bedins/Beatons (from king MacBeth) have the three lozenges of Bagleys, and I was in Mamie's sleeping bag shortly before being with her at Huma plate, so to speak.

Bagleys named Bagley Wood while the Wood motto is suspect with the Fenders (Huntingdonshire, same as Otters/Others) sharing the otter with Scottish Bedins/Beatons. The latter are in the colors and format of Bedingtons/BODinghams whose rooks bring us to Rockefeller liners. Bodinghams and Bodingtons can be suspect from BODEgisel, brother of Babon above. God showed me in this way and others that Mamie's name is a pointer to MUMmolin.

Bedingtons and Bedins/Beatons share the same fesse as the three of Stouts, and the latter were at Bedington. Dutch Stouts use a PLATE to go with Huma plate. The Stout fitchees are almost in the style used by Plains/PLATERs (Suffolk, same as Babons). Bodham is a location in Norfolk, where Bags were first found. BAGleys were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps i.e. the sleeping bag, and with English Bedins/Beddows who share the black boar head with Babons and Gardens. On the day after Mamie and I slept in her sleeping bag, God gave her a thigh symbol at her GARDEN to compliment her tease symbol the night before, for Tease's are also Tyes', first found in NOTTinghamshire with MAMESfelde of the MANSfields...and with Angus-like Annas'. Mens' are also Mame's. Tease's/Tyes' share the stars of Babons, Angus' and Jardins, the latter first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens. You can't argue with the facts no matter how you resist getting an education by this profound method.

The Wood fitchees are shared by Picks, and on the evening when I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag, I found her first in the back of a PICK-up truck, alone with Barry, suspect as a pointer to Barry Soetoro = Obama. When I saw her there with Barry, I looked down in disappointment and walked away. I came to the camp site only because she was there, but she may not have known I was coming. Later that evening, while I sat at the PICnic table in front of the fire, she came over and sat on my KNEE. God must have set that up with more in store.

It's possibly by Design that my memory is so selective, always remembering, logically, the things He needs for me to remember. If I could remember things He's not interested in, I would clutter my writings with guesses on what those events pointed to, all in vain. We must have sat in front of that fire for a while, but I can't remember a thing after I put my arm around her waist as she first sat on me...until I was in a tent getting into her sleeping bag with her. I don't remember one thing between the time she was in the pick-up (it was still light out), and when she sat on my lap (dark out). I don't remember driving up, or driving home with her.

But I can't forget the morning after the sleeping bag. I recall not feeling very super in the cool of the morning, but she made up for it by going to the lake with me, and we waded in together without swimming. Just some hugging to establish our relationship. Later that day at her place, I remember nothing but spotting her terrific thighs at her front garden; I had never seen any that beautiful, and that's why I remember it. This gal was voluptuous, which is why our wading in the lake is burned into my memory. I hugged a lot of girls in those years, but I haven't got all the hugs in my memory. The Gardens share the Babon boar head, right? And Babon was Mummolin's son, right? Yes, and Wade's use a saltire version of a Crozier Coat while the latter is the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, where Mummolin ruled. So, God set up that wade in the lake, showing that there have been some perks to this job after all. It's not been all muggings and downers. It was a roller coaster with some exciting highs, but I took some biting shrapnel for Jesus with lost girlfriends and heartaches, as He prepared one girl after the other. I only wish I knew why it was happening that way.

Croziers were a branch of Cruce's / Croce's/Cross', the potent-crutch line, and here one can go to the "cruce" motto term of Gardens.

What are the chances that while Thighs are also Thy's/Tye's/Tie's, TYsons use three of the Home/Hume lion? It looks like the same Mamie at home plate, who pointed to Huma Abedin, has thighs pointing to the same. Huma and Mamie are both dark brunettes. I just loaded Weiners to take a boo, and was singing as I usually do half unconscious of it when I get happy. I found myself singing the line, "come HOME" (Softly and Tenderly, by Joey Feek), and laughed. It gets a little fun, and it's Saturday again.

Andrew McCabe was working in conjunction, we may assume, with Huma Abedin, in getting Hillary elected by hook or by crook. Hams and Hammers (both in Sussex) happen to be in Hume/Home colors, and Hams (same place as Coverts/Cofferts) share the McCabe salmon while McCabe's share the fesse of Coffee's/Coffers. The Coverts/Courts (Sussex again) are the ones with a "GrandesCUNT" motto term that should be for Cindys/Cuntys (a lion in Home-Hume lion colors), and to this I'll remind that Cindy was at SECOND base, for English BEDINs/Beddows (ABEDIN-like surname) share the SECOND/Segur quadrants and even throw in the Second lions! You just can't believe it? Check it out, for this is new, that while Mamie left her Bible under a BED as a solid pointer to Bedins, she was at home plate with me as a solid pointer to Huma Abedin. Both are solid pointers because they reinforce one another. It really is stunning because Huma came to mind a day or two ago with home plate, but I never expected all of this evidence to verify that the theory was correct.

One could get the impression that Abedin was at least privy to the plot to shoot Scalise. It ended up being at second base. The Seconds are Segurs properly, and Seagars share double-green snakes in Crest with Hodge's while the shooter of Scalise was either Mr. Hodgkinson, or someone else but blamed on Hodgkinson. I resolved the green Seagar snakes to be of the Marsi snake cult (Angitia), for the BASQUE goddess, Mari, was wife to the snake god, Sugaar while Seagars are Sugars too. The Hodge's with the green snakes happen to be in the colors and format of BASKets (share Cooper/Copper leopard faces). French Mars have a similar Coat in colors reversed. It's pretty amazing that Basques call themselves, Euskals while that looks like the Scalia/Scalise surname. Scale's share white scallops with French Marrs. English Bennets have double scaling ladders and what could be the lion of Ross' and the neighboring Mars of Kildrummy (Angus, same as Gardens), and then Dutch Bennets share the Second/Segurs / Bedin/Beddow lion.

Repeat: "Croziers were a branch of Cruce's / Croce's/Cross', the potent-crutch line, and here one can go to the "cruce" motto term of Gardens". The term is shared by Darlingtons who in-turn share the full motto of Croce's/Cross' and the leopard faces of Baskets. Mamie said she left her Bible under a bed when away on a TRIP, and English Trips happen to use a so-called scaling ladder too.

The Poindexters with Podesta-like Puddester variation use an ESQUIRE's helmet, a term like the variations of Seconds. John B. Poindexter probably was involved in the poisoning / sedating of judge Scalia, for Poindexter was responsible for his dinner. The lone Poindexter star is shared by Shoe's while German Trips show shoes. Just contemplate on that along with the SCALing ladder of English Trips, because God seems to have caught the guilty in heraldic symbolism. The Shoe's use a tree while Tree's/True's are in the motto of Hume's/Home's. There's Abedin again, and Bedins share the Second Coat and the Garden boar heads.

French Bedels share the acorns of Dutch Tromps while Val Trompia is at lake Garda, where we can expect Gardens/Jardens and Jardins to trace. Boits are with a reflection of the Bedel Coat while Boits share the lozenges of Bedins/Beatons. Recall the rooks of BEDINgtons/BODinghams, for Rocks use rooks while Boits have a "repROCHE motto term suspect with Roach's/Roche's. Beatle's/Beatells and Bedwells use a rock, and Beads/Beadle's share the SCALE scallops.

I slept with cockroaches behind the wallpaper of a motel room the night I purchased the newspaper in Victoria, and News-like NEVE's have a fish bendwise in the colors of the three Roach/Roche fish, and in the colors of the bend of Smoke's/RAUCH's. My tailpipe developed black smoke on that very day, after I left Victoria (then fixed itself the next day). Scottish Neve's/Nevers' / Navys/Neve's were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins. MercyMe has been singing "I FALL DOWN on my KNEES" while writing this paragraph, and while Falls / Falls'/Fallis' are expected as Rockefeller liners, Knee's, expected as a branch of News' / Neve's, were first found in County DOWN. It's very hard for some people to believe that God would even write song lines to link with certain heraldry, but look: Scottish Falls (InverNESS, that's right, the Ness river) share the black stag head with Knee's. Mamie sat on my knee when I did not yet know her, after we danced a short slow dance at her party about three weeks earlier. Kness'/Ness' love the Nons/Nevins. Dutch Falls use nothing but a bend in colors reversed from nothing-but-a-bend Smoke's/Rauch's.

Lookie. The WALLpaper. German Walls show nothing but a pale bar colors reversed from the nothing-but-a-pale-bar Neckers/Nichters, the latter's being in the colors of the two pale bars of Nuse's/Newes'. The latter throw in a mascle in a corner square, and that's the symbol also (with different colors) of Wall-like Whalleys. English Walls have a wolf head with a neck in a crown, and Dutch Necks/Neckers show a crown hanging from an antler. Dutch Walls show what looks like a rock so that it appears that God provided the cockroach's behind the wallPAPER for these links, especially as Papers use carNATIONs while Nations/Nathans (Nottinghamshire) are expected as Rothschild kin.

I can't find facts on google anymore because it suppresses them and replaces them with Democrats denying the facts. I can't find Huma Abedin articles except as written by liberals. google's going to pay a price for this. People will not forget how it ruined the research abilities of the Internet on behalf of fanatical globalist stooges. Our spirit against google will enter the hearts of judges and managers overseeing the Internet, and google should pay the price deserved of a political sensor and friend of political hit-men. The "image of the beast" should be expected as an internet icon. google is going in the right direction for it.

Wake's share the double fesses of Hairs and Harcourts (Danes, same as Cnut) in colors reversed, but we are to believe that family historians have not yet figured out that the following man was a Hair / Harcourt liner: "Another claims the name originated with HEREward le Wake during the time of Edward the Confessor." HereWARDs/Harwoods use a version of the Ward Coat, with the Warren Shield, and ADa de Warenne is suspect in the "ad" motto term of Fisks/Fiscs / Nikkels. As was found in the last update, the Atha's/Attys share a version of the Fisk/Fisc Coat. Warrens are expected from the proto-Rus Varni/Warni in what became southern Denmark, and Harcourts were Dane Rus.

The last update showed that the WILESfords are likely from the Harcourt liner, Humphrey de VIEILLEs, yet I missed the sentence above in the Wake write-up, but did mention the following in the Wake write-up; "One source claims the name originates with Hugh Wac, lord of Wilesford, Lincolnshire. Another claims the name originated with Hereward le Wake..." Both could be correct. The Wilesfords happen to use a red version of the Fitch/Fich Coat, both sharing gold leopard face's with Coverts/COFFERts (same place as Warrens), first found in Sussex with HarCOURT-suspect Coverts/COURTs.

Herewards/Harwoods share the Lorraine bend-with-eagles, and while two Oullette brothers were used in relation to my girlfriend, Lorraine, Oullette's not only use a version of the Richardson Chief, but have Willis-like variations. While living at the apartment of a third Oullette brother immediately (days) after being with Lorraine (had no car), I got a job at a pizza restaurant one block from his place, and that's where Cindy Richardson and her parents walked in to get served by me on the only night I can recall being asked to serve tables as a fill-in for a waiter. It was a pointer to pizzagate and/or Anthony Weiner.

It just so happens that HUMa Abedin may be pointed to by the "L'HOMME" motto term of HUMphreys. The latter use a BOTTONy-cross version of the FLORY cross of Bouillons, and the latter has fleur-de-lys ends in the colors of one fleur-de-lys of Weiners. Coincidence? Plus, we may have all heard of the online videos of Joe Biden sexually handling little girls, and smelling the HAIR of older women when kissing them. Bottons are Bidens too.

One Weiner Coat has a gold-on-black lion, the color of the Papp/Papadopoli lion. I'll tell you in a moment why I'm addressing Papps here. First, let's add that the giant Papp lion is colors reversed from the giant Well/WELLES lion, of a Vieilles-like surname. The Welles lion has two tails, as does the Montfort lion, and Simon de Montfort married the Beaumont line from Humphrey de Vieilles i.e. tending to verify that Welles' were Vieilles liners. A double tail can indicate a code for the Tails/Tailors, as can the tail of Papps because it's at or in the mouth of the lion. My cat, Sassy, sucked her tail habitually as an adult, and so I'm wondering whether this is a pointer to Papps/Papadopoli's and therefore to George Papadopoulos. Tails/Tailers and Tillers are from the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina, while Cetins/Cattans, who use a cat, share the Saracen head with Sassys. That's how I know that God named my cat and caused her to suck her tail. The Tailors and Tillers share the same lion, both on black along with the Papp lion. I have no idea how the Weiners could be a part of the Papadopoulos scandal.

I named my cat as little as months before HOMEward Bound came out as a movie, which had a cat, Sassy. I did not name my cat after that cat, just a lucky strike, we could say. I'm assuming that Home's/Hume's are a branch of the namers of Humphreys/Homfrays. Yet the Bounds, perhaps with the Chattan / Cattan bend, are listed with the BONE's/BOHUMs suspect with Bohemians, and the Arms of Bohemia uses the Montfort lion with both tails. Bohemians were from BOII of Bologna = BONonia, and while Godfrey de BOUIllon's father was ruing in Boulogne/Bononia of France, we just saw the Humphrey cross looking like the Bouillon cross. The "pays" motto term of Humphreys is listed with Pasi's, first found in Bologna. Plus, Bone's/Bohums not only share the BEAUMont lion, but are said to be from Humphrey (!) with the Beard, perhaps an allusion to Godfrey III the Bearded, grandfather of de-Bouillon above. The Aime's in the Humphrey write-up share the crescents of English Beaumonts.

[Insert -- MSNBC has a youtube video talking about the acting director of the DoJ's Bureau of Prisons, Hugh Hurwitz. That Har-like surname shares the checkered Shield of Fers/Ferrats and Fisks. And WOW, although the page provides no variations, as is often the case for Jewish surnames, it has a Horovice variation in the write-up, meaning that it's the Horowitz surname! Just look at that apparent link of Mr. Horowitz to the FISC court, and it's even a surname first found in Bohemia! Hurwitz was appointed mid-2018 by Sessions to temporarily lead the Bureau of Prisons, but Trump has not appointed an official director since that time. MSNBC is trying to make it appear that Trump's government is responsible for the failures, exactly the will of Epstein's friends, but MSNBC makes no case for the bigger possibility that Epstein's friends committed the murder / jail break. Democrats are calling for Barr to recuse himself, perhaps a good sign in that he's not complying with the will of the Epstein circle, or at least not fully, or perhaps the real killers are just edgy until it learns how Barr will proceed. End insert]

HumPHREYs/HomFRAYs can be from a Home/Hume marriage with Fers/Ferrari liners expected with Montfort-like Montferrat (French Fers/Ferrats were first found in Brittany with French Beards), the latter location being on the south side of Turin...and in Piedmont, where Papps were first found. The Scottish Beards share the boar of Turins, and French Beard use a giant, Turin-suspect bull in red, the color of the bull of Charo's/Claro's, first found in Ferrara. The Fer/Ferrari lion is also the Beaumont / Bone/Bound lion. And there's a partial-red bull head in the Crest of English Beaumonts.

It just so happens that Fers/Ferrats were in Dol, in the Vilaine part of Brittany, the Arms of which share's the double pale bars of Cuntys/Cindys (lion in Home-Hume-lion colors). Cindy Richardson was a pointer to Comet Ping Pong pizza, and its owner, James AleFANTIS is suspect as being pointed to by the Fantes', first found in Bologna/Bononia, where God pointed Homeward BOUND. The Bounds/Bone's were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Courts the motto of which is suspect with Cuntys/Cindys.

As Scottish Comeys use the cat, we can justify wondering whether God named HomeWARD Bound to point also to the Comey- / Comet-like "Comme" motto term of Wards, for while HomFRAYs are suspect with Freys/Frays, the Freie's/Freys have a good reflection of the Pisa Coat. German Frays, new to me, happen to use the horizontally-split Shield (colors only) of Pisa's! That's huge for recognizing why the Freie/Frey Coat is much like the Pisa Coat, and therefore for having HomFrays serve as a pointer to Comet pizza along with the Weiners. It certainly looks like Intelligent Design where the Pisa Coat is colors reversed in half of the Reines Coat while the other half of the Reines Coat is a comet. Comet PISA, we get it. We just saw Humphreys getting us neatly to Comet Ping Pong, and so, yes, Humphreys can be a pointer to Huma Abedin Weiner. It even appears that God supplied the Humphreys with a "vrai" motto term because Freie's/Freys show a Vrei variation.

The Ping/Pong- and Fantes-related Panico's/Panetta's (Bologna, same as Fantes') are said to have a bird in their tree, while Birds have the Bouillon / Humphrey cross in colors reversed.

Unfortunately, while the Cindy Chief, suspect with the Home/Hume lion, is reflective of the Simpson Chief, I can't make a Cindy-Simpson link any stronger than that in order to draw Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS into this. He's the one suspect in targeting / using Papadopoulos along with Comey. The Freys/Frays use horses in the colors of the Simpson and Cindy Chiefs, and these horses happen to be in the colors of the Horse/Horsley horse heads that were introduced with the Caffer/Caffery horse. I tell you no lie, that upon returning to Texas for the third time, I packed my clothes in a motel room and walked out toward the restaurant across the street. I saw a woman driving her truck into the restaurant parking lot, I went back to talk to the hotel manager about her, and so I started to cross the street as this woman was pulling out of the restaurant. Flagging her down (I'm not usually this brave or forward), I asked if she would like to have COFFEE with me. She is Miss Simpson! Coffee's/Coffers, in Caffer/Caffery colors, is what led to the Motels!

WOW, I kid you not, that Miss Simpson had previously lived at the Wine Cup ranch!!! I hadn't realized this surprising thing until after finishing the paragraph above. Coffee's/Coffers use CUPS, and Cindy Richardson's wine was suspect as a pointer to the Weiners! Zowie. Incredible. MORE JUST REALIZED: English Simpsons share the demi-lion in the Crest of Austrian Weiners!!! I'm beside myself. The same Weiners have a Shield lion in the colors of the Simpson-Shield lion. I can feel it in my bones; this is a pointer to a Weiner / Abedin connection to Fusion GPS. Wine's are even in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer cups, and the gold, spread eagles of Wine's may therefore be those of Cophers/Copenhalls. The latter share the News/NUCES Shield while I asked Miss Simpson for a coffee that day on the NUECES Canyon road!

More. It happened in the town of Camp WOOD while the Wood motto is suspect with Fenders (probably a Windsor branch) who share the otter with Abedin-like Bedins/Beatons. The other Bedins share a version of the Second Coat that pointed to Cindy Richardson on second base. Otters/HOTTers, possibly of Hoods/Hoots / Hooters, were first found Huntingdonshire with Fenders and Ada of Warenne, the latter suspect in the Ade's/Aids found in the Levi motto along with "second." As Hooters share the Hover-like Hoover Coat, while they share eagle's legs with Hixsons/HICKsons, it amazing that, in the Hicks dream, I first saw her walking past the FENDER of the car to the front at the hood! Wow, and the Hotter/Otter crescents are colors reversed from the same of SEATons (East Lothian, same as Simms), the latter having become highly suspect with the seats that Miss Hicks was HOVERing over in her next scene after she was at the hood.

As I said, I was half-looking for Miss Hicks when asking Miss Simpson for a coffee, and when the latter took me to church with her, she was sitting regularly directly behind Miss Hicks' husband, though she had been "banned" (maybe too-strong a word, I don't know the details) from that church for an extreme-Pentecostal practice (false prophesying).

Aha! Miss Simpson is Mandy, and Mandys/Mondays use eagle's legs!!!! They are in colors reversed from the one of Hooters / Hoovers. Lots to ponder. Didn't J. Edgar Hoover use Intelligence to gather blackmail against politicians? It's not new with Epstein, is it? This country's helm has been the bastion of demons for a long, long time. The blackmailers don't wait until they find a politician with a tramp; they supply them with every intention of recording the events.

The reason that I'm insisting on the inclusion of Cindys with Simpsons is that their Cunty variation makes them suspect with Conteville's, rulers of Comines (near AVESNes on the Helpe) while the Comine's (share the AVISON Coat) are in Comet colors and format. Conteville's were birthed by John de Burgo, which can explain the FrayBURG and similar variations of Pisa-related Frays. Cindy Richardson pointed to Comet pizza. The Italian Conte lion is a giant one in the colors of the same of English Simpsons, though the latter's is COUNTERchanged (as are the Pisa and Freie lions) while English Conte's are Counters/COMITissa's too.

There is another way to link Cindys/Cuntys to pizzagate here, because Scottish Kennedys use a motto, "AVISE la fin," while Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Lafins/La Fins in that motto. Yet Lafins are also Fantes-like La Fonts, expected with Font-de-Ville's/Ville's, first found in Languedoc with French Conte's, and together suspect in a marital merger to form "Conteville." Italian Conte's share the giant lion of Lafins/La Fonts, which tends to clinch the Conte merger with Font-de-Ville's. Finally, the so-called labels of Fantes', Panico's and Pings/Pongs are for the Labels/La Bells sharing the three crescents of French Conte's/COMITes'. God has all of the dead ducks lined up here.

Having said that, we note the black, spread eagle in the Lafin/La Font Crest, shared by Italian Fontana's in both colors of the same of Austrian Weiners. The Lafins / Conte lion is shared by Simpsons, and Miss Simpson had lived at the Wine Cup. Fantes' (who come up as Fants) share the Chief of Panico's/Panetta's, and the latter have a bird in their so-called "green tree," and Birds share a red flory cross with Spanish Fontana's. I have already explained why Panico's are Ping/Pong liners. Hume's/Home's love the True's/TREE's in their motto.

Mandy was the second-last woman I was with, mainly because I hurt her for not marrying her. My conscience didn't want to repeat that. But I did see another woman a few years after her, who steered me to the site of the Oklahoma-City bombing that some claim to have been an inside job in relation to a similar bombing at the Trade Center. We were just driving through her city when nearing the building, and so she steered me there. It was night, and on the way home, I drove into a HOOTERS restaurant, never having been to one, and not knowing yet that they emphasize booby waitresses. The point is, we just came across the Hooters and Hotters/Otters above. I've never been to a second Hooters restaurant. What could this mean? Is God pointing to the deep state that killed many people horribly at Oklahoma City? Looks like.

Coffers/Coffee's share the same-colored fesse as Summers/Somers', and if you compare the Coffer/Coffee fesse to that of McCabe's, see that the latter can be of the Huddy/Hodey fesse, especially as the latter were first found in Dorset, beside SOMERset, where Coffers/Coffare's were first found. Hoods are also Hode's, and their fret-saltire is in the colors of the standard saltire of Rock-loving Hate's/Haits/Hague's ("sola" and "inVICTa"). Suddenly, Hood liners look linkable to the newspaper and coffee, especially as Rooks (Hate/Hait kin, apparently) use "sol" while God placed me with cockROACHes on the night I purchased the newspaper and coffee. Rooks share the sun with German Somers/Summers (Bavaria, same as green-Shield Bauers) who in-turn share a green Shield with Coffers/Coffee's and Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset, same as green-Shield Bourlys).

Miss Covert lived a few miles from HAYDen Lake, headquarters for ARYAN Nations, which becomes very interesting as a pointer to McCabe's of ARRAN, for they share the Coffer/Coffee fesse while the cockroaches were behind the wallPAPER while Papers use carNATIONs as a potential pointer to Aryan Nations. HAYDs/Heids (Bavaria, same as Hate's/Haits/Hague's) probably share the Rothschild/Rothstein arrow, and Mr. Bauer of FRANKfurt, who changed his name to Mr. Rothschild, named his first son, Nathan, a name that's a variation of Nations. FRANKs use a "nati" motto term while Natts are Nathans too. This Mr. Bauer was involved in Hesse-Cassel while Hesse's use the sun too. My day through Victoria to Crystal City is pointing hard to Rockefellers and Rothschilds, and one can add that Smoke's/Rauch's are probably with the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"). It figures, right? Look out Mr. Rothschild, and have a good read of Revelation 18, because it's talking much about you. Hayds/Heids use one of the double bends of Schilds.

The Arran-related Airaines location is suspect with Raines' likely using the Rothes lion, for an additional link of Rothschilds to ARYAN Nations. It's possible that this latter group of low-level thugs are the assassinators and drug dealers for the elite. That's the picture coming to mind.

The boob theme at Hooters might just be for Brests/Brix's, for they were from Brescia at lake Garda, and the lozenges of Bedins/Beatons (otter) are linkable round-about to those of Brests/Brix's (both are on blue Shields).

Reminder: Woods share the Rattery fitchees while Hoods/Hoots were at a Rattery location. We saw the Hotter-related Fenders suspect with the "DeFEND" motto of Woods, yet I think I had best spend a paragraph on the Fendens / Fentons too, for while English Bedins share the Garden boar heads, and while Gardens/Jardens were first found in Angus with Jardins, the latter share the saltire of Belgian Fentons/Fendens/Wendens while Scottish Fentons were first found in Angus too. English Fentons, with a black version of a Wood Coat, use "angau" and Gard-like "gwarth" in their motto.

I didn't re-load Fantes' (boys) until the paragraph above was finished, to see their Fantin/Fanton variations. it can explain Miss Hicks walking by her driver's side fender on Epstein island. WOW, this is new: Drivers (counterchanged colors), sharing the vertically-split colors in the Vandal/Wendel Crest (!), look somewhat linkable by their colors and symbols to the Coat and Crest of Cophers (Cheshire, same as Drivers). I don't think I can remember that, but it's pretty amazing for proving that God had her start walking at the fender for a Fender-line reason. Drive's/Drave's happen to have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Hykes'/Hacks. The other Hykes'/Hake's have a Coat colors reversed (same Coat otherwise) from the Club Coat while the man in the Vandal/Wandel Coat holds a club.

A few hours after starting the paragraph above, I got to the write-up of Austrian Weiners: "The Weiner family originally lived in Vienna. Citizens of Vienna were known as Wieners. The name of the city comes from VINDabona, a Roman camp..." It looks like Weiners had been of the Wend/Vandal people group, same as expected with Fenders / Fentons and their variations. Wine's share a gold, spread eagle with Vienne's, and the Hume/Home lion can be connected to that of Lyons while Lyon is near Vienne of France. Now we know that Wends/Vandals (probably the Veneti) named Vienne.

Wow! Dutch Hotters/Otters use a brown otter, and it's exactly in the design of the brown mammal in the Humphrey Crest!!! How can such a "coincidence" happen right here as I'm on the Abedin-like Bedins? It makes Hume's and Humphreys still-more suspect as a pointer to Huma Abedin.

By the way, God has used Francesca Battistelli's songs quite a few times to help my heraldic adventures. I've mentioned one of her choruses, "got a couple of dents in my fender, got a couple rips in my JEANs..." When I saw Miss Hicks at her fender, it was the scene immediately before seeing myself with jeans alone on, and while I had conjectured that the Jean surname looks like a version of the James', a couple of years later this was used to help prove that I was on Epstein's island in that dream, for its called, Little Saint James. I can add that the "J'Aime" motto term of James' is like the "Aime" of Humphreys while the Aime's have a Coat colors reversed from that of Scottish Fentons. The James royals were Stewarts to the Windsor royals.

[WENTnor (home of Motleys) is in Shropshire, where Sleeps were first found, near a "couple"-like KOPLik location off the eastern side of lake Scodra, and this is the area to which the sleeping and rising of Miss Hicks points to. Koplik is a couple of miles from Dober, and wow, English Dobers, first found in Yorkshire with METHleys, share trefoils on red with Ice's!!! Crystal Meth is called, Ice!!! It puts a whole new look on God's ice-CREAM symbol. The Cremers/Cramers have a couple of motto terms translated as "sleeps not." Due to the Cush-branch Custs in the Cremer/Cramer motto, the red rooster on a green mound of Cremers/Cramers is highly expected with the Bible/Bibo rooster on a green cushion, and Bible's are said to be from the Hahns (and Hanns), first found in the Pomerania / Mecklenburg area of Ice's, and the ice-cream symbol of God was first given by Miss HANson!!! This area was home to the raven vikings linkable to the Rothes raven, for the raven vikings invaded Rothesay, smack beside Arran.]

When I say I had jeans alone on, I mean that I had no shirt, which looks like a way for God to emphasize both the Shirts and Jeans, otherwise, if I had a shirt on, I'd have little reason to mention either surname. The Shirts are HARcourts, same as Humphreys, and the Tous'/Tosino's, having a "man" with a shirt and buttons (recalls the bottony cross of Humphreys), use the same heads that look like boys in the Fantes Coat. The Tous'/Tosino's happen to share gold, eight-pointed stars with the Stelli's in "Battistelli."

Recall how the Here / Hair liners had been a part of this Humphrey discussion, for on the day I asked Miss Simpson for a coffee, I passed an FBI crew on the side of the highway seeking the dead body of Madalyn O'Hair; I wouldn't have known it if Miss Simpson hadn't told me so at our first meeting there on the road in front of the motel. The O'Hare's/Hare's happen to have a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Hume's/Home's. O'Hair's body was later dug up on the Cooksey ranch (think I have the right spelling), and Cookseys share a black wolf in Crest with Mandys. I'll come back to Cookseys.

About three weeks later while in church with Miss Simpson, she said to me that the man sitting in front of her is married to a blond with "big Texas HAIR," and this turned out to be Miss Hicks, though I wouldn't discover it for about two years yet. That phrase above was the second calling of God to make me realize that this was the blond woman in the 1979 dream. It was the big reason as to why I wouldn't marry Miss Simpson, thinking that Miss Hicks would later become my wife.

There is a prominent problem in this picture, because she hasn't become my wife. The reader would ask, well, then, how can she be the woman in the dream? How could God leave me so helpless at the brunt of this good question? There are a couple of solutions: 1) she and I will get married later, maybe at 99 years of age; 2) the embrace in the dream was never intended to mean our marriage; I simply mistook it for that, and was supposed to get the wrong impression because it brought me close to her, to fulfill what God wanted fulfilled in pointers to heraldry. I have some evidence that she will contact me, or that God will arrange for me to give her a call, but I have little inclination of moving on this on my own steam in case it's a mistake on top of a mistake of yesteryear.

The Simpson lion is also the Papp/Papadopoli lion, which is a pretty conspicuous thing suddenly, for Glenn Simpson is highly expected to have worked some roll with Papadopoulos, if only to keep tabs on how the plot was progressing to its final goal. Mifsud should have been Mr. Missfire; the plot failed miserably. The small hint of a Papp-Sassy link, where Papps have a tail in a lion's mouth, get's interesting indeed at the "nutriOR" motto term of Simspons, for Bruce OHR passed the information of Simpson's Fusion company to the FBI. But lookie; "NUTRior" can also be for the Nutter variation of Nutts who have a near-copy of the Sassy Coat!!! That's huge after struggling at the oars trying to find a Sassy link to Papps. Plus, I've known for years that Nutters/Nutts share the besants-on-a-bend of Buckinghams/BUCKENhams while Simpsons were first found in Buckinghamshire (where Fender-related Windsors hang out).

You may have heard me say that "NUTRior" is traceable to the Enotrians living in the area of SARACENa and Laus, and it just so happens that the only difference between the Nutter/Nutt Coat and that of Sassys is the latter's alternating one besant for a SARACEN head. It just so happens that Laus is at Bucken-like Buxentum. You can't argue with the facts. I trace Enotrians to Jonathan the pagan Levite of Laish, and Laish liners can be expected to the "ALIS nutrior" motto of Samson-like Simsons.

One Saracen ruler betraying his people for joining the Guiscard invasion of southern Italy was, Samsam. What are the chances that Ore's/Orrs share the Guiscard piles? Why do Buckens/Buchans use an "inferiORA" motto term, like the "Ora" of Ore-related Wake's (wake KNOT)? Wake's were first found in Lincolnshire with Hick-beloved Bucks suspect with the Conte antlers. If German Buckens/Buchers are with the Roet tree, then I suggest that old names of Buckingham are of the Books.

Cindy Richardson was the daughter of my pastor back in my early 20s. I attended that church for about a year roughly a year after the Hicks dream. I was soon-after doing a job at the place of Mr. Fisc-like Fix, where the cook was Mr. Papp, who became a short-term friend now pointing to George Papadopoulos. It gives the impression that God was pointing to the FISA crimes as pertains to adding Papadopoulos to the list of reasons why the FISC judges should grant the warrant(s). I met Mr. Fix upon moving out of Oullette's place just days after serving the Richardsons their wine in the pizza place. My next job was driving TAXi, and Tax's/Dachs are highly suspect with the crossed swords of German Feschs/Fechters and Swiss Fechters. Fix's are also Fechs.

As Papp was the cook, let's repeat: "O'Hair's body was later dug up on the Cooksey ranch (think I have the right spelling), and Cookseys share a black wolf in Crest with Mandys. I'll come back to Cookseys." I've got some sense that these terms point to the cocaine trafficking of the Clintons, with Epstein's input. Mandys share the odd purple color with Cooks. Cookseys use a "CONSpici" motto term while German Cons' are listed with Cohens, the latter using a blue version of the Hohen and Fisk/Fisk Shield while Fix's/Fechs can be a Fisk branch. It looks connectable. Compare COCKs with Fisks and then load Bags too to see their Cock Shield and cinquefoils colors reversed from the Cooksey cinquefoils. Bags of coke = coke trafficking?

[Insert -- Coke's have a Coat like that of Pense's/Pincons (could be Pinc / Panico Ping-Pong liners) while Coke's were at BARRow while Bar-le-Duc have pansies in its Arms. Cochs/Coechens (like "cocaine") share the Pinc/Pink and RENO lozenges. Reno's are suspect with comet-liner Reines', and then the insert above that led to crystal meth with Methleys = Motleys had entered the RAINham location of English Motleys. That could look like a manipulation of heraldry by God to point to drug traffickers or government mobsters. The Coch brothers?

The ROADs (see the road below) share the spread eagle of Pense's/Pincons, and it occurs to me here that Morleys could have been from a Mortley-like surname taken from the Morte variation of Motts. There is a Motel-like Mortel surname listed with Martels, and they were of a RODing location. Morleys/Mauls were first found in Yorkshire with Crystals and Methleys . And Motleys were at a MedliCOTT location in Shropshire, where SLEEPs were first found (Cotts share a fretty Shield with Modens/Modeys). Medlicott is in WENTnor. End insert]

In the sleeping-bag dream, a rider on a bike came off of a road that pointed to Hillary RODham, and he circled a sleeping BAG that I PICKED up which pointed to Picks/Pickens (see how they come up shortly below). The rider was resolved with an old friend going with me to the same Pentecostal church as Cindy Richardson. The SHARDlow area of MORLESton (Derbyshire, same as Morleys) was then realized as a Morley entity, and it just so happens that Coke's are said to have been found in Shardlow.

Recall my claim that God was steering me to purchase property on the Nueces river using the newspaper in Victoria, for Victoria's/FICHters share the Fisk pale bar and the stars of Pike's/Pickens suspect in "consPICi." It's a big deal when one motto term can do something like that, linking the Cooksey Ranch to the cook at Mr. Fix's place, for Fix's are also FICHs...and thus they do look like a Fisk branch. Was Comeys and Obama's FBI protecting the coke business of the Clintons while prosecuting the competitors? Recall Obama's gun running into Mexico. Snorting coke requires the nose, and we saw why News'/Nuce's should be a branch of Nose's/Ness'. Does their coke come into the United States from Galveston (near-island in the gulf of Mexico), where I was mugged as possible code for the mugs of Coffee's/Coffers?

I watched a video only yesterday telling of witnesses seeing Bill Clinton snorting coke at Epstein's place.

The Cooksey ranch was owned by the brother of the woman from whom I purchased my Nueces-river property. Yup, our arch enemy, the atheist successful in getting prayer out of the American schools, setting an anti-Christian trend, was found dead cut into pieces on the Cooksey ranch. She was killed by her own "friends." Why did God lead me to this thing? Was it because I was at war in my Christian soul against her type? Why was I at war? What sort of Spirit-spirit has God put into me, seeing that I'm now involved with Him on His long-awaited job of destroying the end-time wicked of the earth.

I did quite a few varieties of drugs in my pre-Christian years, but coke only once, and very light. It happened to be mere weeks before the Hicks dream. My roommate in my new place invited me to the Warwick hotel, and shared a bit of his coke with me. I remember nothing that night but two vivid scenes. First, let's tell that the Warwick Coat has the three lions of one of the James Coats (share the demi-lion of Jeans) so that this event can point to Epstein's island. In the first scene, I saw a high-class hooker standing by the stairs. She was of such perfect beauty that I wanted to be with her. So I got up and talked to her, but she turned me down. I don't remember what I said, and was probably abrupt. Whenever I think back on her, I see miss Hicks. They had the same looks.

In the second scene, I had gone to the bathroom, and when coming out, I happened to cross this woman's path, and asked her something to the effect of why she had turned me down. "It's your personality," she said. I was a little stoned at the time, but later realized she probably wasn't a hooker, haha fool me, and that I had come on too strong. Anyway, she was way beyond my caliber, but I think I can see God's handywork in this for a pointer to high-class hookers in elite circles. A sexy woman standing by the large / spacious stairs looks like she's got a room upstairs, and that she's ready to "work." It was the first and last hooker I've ever approached, for I don't take to hookers at all. Yuck, cesspools.

I had a very emotional and heart-felt conversion, full of sorrows and I'm-sorrys to God. I understood the calling of God to shed sin. I took it seriously, and felt his strong presence in me lots for many months, then less with more time, until, some years later, it was time for some hardships, growing up strong, and here I am, still unwilling to leave Him merely for this world's garbage-sin. Jesus is treasure island, but many misunderstand him, unwilling even to think about Him.

For new readers jumping into this update, Miss Hicks was hovering in the 1979 dream, when I was told to wake her up, and Hovers/Hoffers can be gleaned as potential branches of Coffers/Coffee's / Cophers and Coverts/Cofferts. The latter share a LEOpard head in Crest with Hovers/Hoffers, which is gold, same as the leopard head in the Darlington Crest. Darlingtons and Darlene's (Cnut colors) share the drops in the Cnut Shield, and while God put me together with Darlene Ray in my teens, Rays share the escarbuncle with Cnut-beloved Hangers. It looks like Intelligent Design pointing again to Epstein's noose. Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire, and so we may wonder whether they were big in Shardlow or Morleston. Yup, Morleys, with another gold leopard face, were at Morleston.

As was said, between the night of my mugging and reaching Victoria, I passed Bay City, an area that has an address of a Mr. Maness, a manfriend or husband of Miss Covert. The latter emailed with me over some years, and when she stopped suddenly upon saying that I was being hacked through her computer system, I wanted to call her to see if she was okay. But I found some curiosities with her several names, and eventually found her a few miles from Aryan Nations in Idaho. To make a long story short, she became God's pointer to Nazified elements in government. Near to the last I heard from her was when she and her hubby above were working the Haitian-quake event with his helicopter. The best that I can do at this time with her surname's inclusion in the coffee at Victoria is to suggest that she and he are pointers to the child-sex trafficking that some say the Clintons were involved with when kidnapping Haitian children. The story seems very credible because Bill Clinton stepped into a Haitian law suit against a female abducter, and had the suit cancelled. Bill Clinton worked Haitian "releif efforts" alongside George Bush. What was that all about, really?. Were helicopters used to abduct children? If this is true, someone needs to shoot Clinton between the eyes.

I'm not suggesting that Miss Covert and her hubby were Nazi's or involved with fiendish activities in Haiti. But just as I'm a pointer to certain things, as is Miss Hicks, so are many people in my life without being involved in those things pointed to. It could be that something in Victoria applies to Haitian abduction of kids, I just don't know. Who would have thought that News'/Nuce's would point to anyone's noose? But the fact that Cophers share a version of the News/Nuce Coat assures the reader that God had my event in Victoria planned for a death (or jailbreak) I didn't know about until last week. In this way and more, God has shown the reader that I didn't make the Victoria event up to fit any news story. Nor did I make the Hicks dream up to fit Epstein particulars since the dream was largely deciphered before Epstein came to the news lately.

I'd like to go back to the driver's side of Miss Hicks' car. As we saw, it's compelling to see a pointer of God to the Drivers (look like Cnut kin) and even to the Drive's though the latter don't look related to Drivers (VERE colors) if correct, as their write-up says, that they were derived in "De Rivers," a location in Normandy. Apparently, this was the de la Riviere bloodline, or the Rivers, a branch of RedVERE's/Revere's who married Peverels. The latter (probably the Derby garbs) could be a branch of Papers / Peppers linkable to my newsPAPER (because Drivers have the look of the News/Nuce / Copher Shield). If La Rivers is near the Vere's of Manche, then it can be in the Bayeux, where I think Bays trace who share the two fesses of Rivers and Maness'. In other words, God may have set Miss Hicks to live in Baytown for this fledgling discussion and whatever it might lead to in the future in combination with Mr. Maness in the Bay City area.

I'd like to show how the hood scene with Miss Hicks links well with the embrace that she and I had in a later scene. It starts with the Hayds/Heids mentioned earlier, expected with Hate's/Haits having a saltire in the colors of the Hood fret-saltire. Hayds/Heids probably have the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow that itself acts as the Rodham/Rodden bend, in the colors of the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"). The Jewish Rothstein Coat can be gleaned with the Duster Coat, especially as the "InDUSTRia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild looks like part-code for Dusters and part-code for Inders/Ingers (Cornwall, beside Hoods/Hoots) sharing the red arrow with Hayds/Heids. Almost finished: Hayds/Heids share the bend of Brace's suspect in the enBRACE, and Brace's share the armored arms of Dusters. Finally, Hoot-like Hotts (share Reed eagle) are said to be from Dust-like D'Oust (possibly from the Oust river of Brittany). There is a Dust/Doust surname.

Angel DUST comes to mind, and it just so happens that Hotts share the fesse of Nagle's said to include an Angel-like Angulo family! The saltire of Nails/Nagle's is colors reversed from that of Hoods/Hoots / Hate's/Haits (rock in Roque-rock color). Both saltires can be in the counterchanged keys-in-saltire of German Angels, how about that, first found in Tyrol, which links to Tyrone, location of the Sharks sharing the Barnstaple trefoils. Italian Angels use three of the two Schild bends, in the colors of the Hayd/Heid / Brace bend. Miss Hicks said in her Christian testimony that she abused drugs as a teen, and was a stripper, things we can count on at Epstein's island. The English Angels, with the Nagle lozenges in colors reversed, show a cane shaped like a crozier, the Bracebridge symbol. The Bracebridge Crest shares a white-winged horse with Quinns (compare with Caffers/Cafferys), and my life into drug abuse was advanced by a friend, Mr. Quinn, whose parents had moved to my area from a Bracebridge location.

Moreover, the Duster bend-with-trefoils is that of Barnstaple's, first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots and black-bull Walerans who in-turn linked to the black bulls of Beautys in the beautiful symbol of Miss Hicks. She got her beautiful symbol immediately before her hood scene. Haydens (probably Tute/Tuit kin) use the black bull. Devon's Albins/AUBins (bull head) were at Barnstaple, and the latter's trefoils are shared by Italian Albino's for assuring a strong Aubin-Barnstaple link. Then, the Aubin location near RODez explains why Rodhams/Roddens and Rothschilds/Roddensteins link to the Barnstaple bend, which probably has the Rod / Rock trefoil, you see.

Earlier, I had realized that the hovering of Miss Hicks OVER the seats represented death (OVERdose now comes to mind) as per the Death-related Morte's/Motts, which drags Motel / Motley liners into the picture who are now pointing to crystal meth trafficking, I suppose through Epstein's island, for one. "Mort" happens to be a motto term of Barnstaple's, and I trace Henry IV of Rodez (married ROQUEfeuil) to the Brittany Henrys of Mott, that's right. Enrico's even share the fretty of Modens/Modeys.

I was close to overdosing when Quinn handed me some LSD. Making me feel so good, I asked for another hit, but it was way too soon, and I didn't know it because I had never before swallowed this drug. We were at a DRIVE-in movie. Drive's are suspect with the quadrants of Hykes'/Hacks. Quinn decided that we should run around a neighborhood golf course to get the drug out of our system faster (I don't know whether he did a second hit). When finally Mr. Quinn thought he could drive us home safely (I couldn't see anything but a blur), he stopped at a coffee shop in my home town. I got out of the car, and promptly fell straight down like a tree trunk toward my face, as a police officer was coming in for coffee. Alarmed by seeing him as I was falling, I caught my fall with both hands on the pavement, didn't hurt myself, got promptly on my feet, and this officer (whew) just kept on walking, leaving us alone. It could have been about 2 am. It was a disturbing event in my life.

Epstein's Hanging as it Unfolded in the News

If you'd like to hear Bongino on Epstein's final fate, it's at the start of the video. I'm presenting this due to what you can see on the Steele conspiracy in the 18th minute, where the Democrat writing to Steele's legal advisors reveals what we already knew, that corruption in government is done usually without a paper trail. But it makes planning a scheme much, much harder when visiting in person for relaying necessary information, and so there's temptation to communicate cryptically on a phone or by some form of texting. My point is that these same people, willing to break laws, will continue to do so, if the ring leaders are not severely punished now that they have been caught; only, they will be more careful next time to leave no paper trails:

In the 27th minute, Bongino neglects to give Judicial Watch the credit for the release of the Ohr 302s. He makes it sounds as though Barr released them willingly, therefore.

Fox has the nasty practice of showing faces of disgusting people while giving the news on them. Like, hey Fox, are you sick or something? Do I need to see Epstein's face everytime you update his news? Are you cracked down the center of the brain so that you have zero understanding? Are you that ignorant? Yes, whoever decides for this is very ignorant.

So, here's the truth. The killers are able to pull government strings. This event, equivalent to a jail break with outside help, makes the government-operated Boston-marathon bombing look like a cake walk. The killers did not tunnel to Epstein's area of the prison, then sneak up on the jailer to wack him on the back of the head with the butt of a gun, Hollywood style. No, the fact is, that's not how the killers did this. It's far worse. The killers walked into the "front door." That's right, with the wink of the prison's warden or supervisor, the killers came in, and the jailer overseeing Epstein was given special directions to facilitate the plot as planned.

Fact: Epstein did not hang himself. But they have committed to the story that he used a bed sheet tied to a bunk. It's not possible to hang yourself that way, and if there's some online article saying you can, it was probably supplied by Intelligence as a falsehood.

The jailhouse has created a storyline with every-possible excuse to excuse what comes across as mere stupidity. That's right, all the culprits think they need to do is act stupid, for being charged for stupidity is a lot better than being charged for murder or facilitating a jail break. But why should the jail chiefs be willing to tag their names to stupidity and irresponsibility? Surely, the ones who requested that the jailhouse be an accomplice(s) to a sinister plot were a part of Epstein's "business" or Intelligence operations, not merely someone(s) who had sex with a girl at his island.

So, now you know the facts, and I didn't even need to wait for them from Barr or anyone else. But will Barr tell the nation the truth? His deputy (Whitaker) came on Fox to say that Barr was very upset and even using cuss words, but that's what I would expect from a DoJ management privy to the plot and helping to cover it up. I'm not saying that's the reality, but that's what I would expect for giving a false impression. If he really was using cuss words, I don't expect his deputy to let it be known to the world. Do you? So, why did Whitaker feel free to disclose Barr's curse words? Feigning Barr's anger?

My first choice is to see this as a murder rather than a jail-break. I'll go forward with that view. Epstein sees the goons coming to his cell, and he eventually realizes what's coming to him. He realizes that those he was a partner to is now going to kill him, horribly, sorry "pal," they say. They probably fixed him up in a hanging scenario after killing him, and of course strangling him to death makes sense for the purposes of the autopsy report.

On Tucker Carlson, we learn that the autopsy is complete, but results are "pending" on the decision of the experts. This is where the deep state coerces even the person in charge of the autopsy to give their lie rather than the truth. Will the deep state succeed on this one. We hope not. But, surely, they would not have conducted the murder without first getting the promised wink of the autopsy expert, and thus they would have arranged their own medical examiner, a like-minded one, we would expect. I would like to know the examiner's name, but the speaker on Tucker didn't mention it. The deep state would want to keep that a secret, right?

The next speaker on Tucker even said that the examiner has reported that the cause of death is hanging. There you go, now you know, if you had never considered it before, how the deep state operates, getting all the ducks lined up before a murder. Once the examiner lies publicly, there's no turning back. Is Barr going to personally see the body because he doesn't believe the expert? Trump has no choice but to announce publicly that the death is from hanging, because the expert said so. And that's how she works, this government corruption.

If Barr doesn't get another examiner that he himself appoints and trusts, then he's as good as an accomplice to this murder, for if he were a good man, it would enter his mind immediately that, in this case, the examiner could be on the side of the killers. If no media mention this possibility, they are taking the people for a ride.

On the 10th, Trump's tweet page suggests that he doesn't believe that it was a suicide: "RT @w_terrence: Died of SUICIDE on 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH ? Yeah right! How does that happen #JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead…" He sounds normal, like everyone else. But let's see if he changes his tune due to his "advisors."

This can't be the first time the deep state caused a "suicide" in a jail. Let's not be naive. The speakers on Fox are not prone to discussing the murder alternative. You see, the media is controlled by the deep state, just as conspiracy "nuts" have been saying for decades. I do not think that Barr will buck the suicide report to the point of stressing the murder possibility.

The next guest (Judith Miller) on Tucker comes on to give thumbs down to those who think the murder option is best, and she calls it a love for entertaining "conspiracy theories." Fox planned this guest, I think, to try to convince the viewer of the official line. How can that be? This guest is supposed to know NOTHING of what really happened, and already she's so sure it was a suicide? She says we can't entertain the murder option "until all the facts are in." But, stupid, all the "facts" will be those of the perpetrators.

I don't see how one can hang self from a bunk. The second bunk isn't high enough. The bunk's bed rail is about the height of a human head when standing. Pain at the neck with feet raised off the floor would cause the person to lay feet on the floor. Hanging self without enough height is essentially a choking of oneself, but whether it can be done, it seems chances are slim.

Hannity, at the third minute, says that "we're not engaging" conspiracy theories, and then says it's what the left does. It sounds as though his boss directed him not to entertain the insider-murder option (the insider in this case is someone outside the jailhouse). And this is even before Barr gives his assessment. Therefore, the perpetrators are probably the same people who controlled Fox on the 9-11 crime, the Boston bombing, etc., and wouldn't we like to know who they are? Epstein died just before Dan Coats was scheduled to leave his office, on the 15th, this coming Friday. It can explain the unexpected, sudden timing of Epstein's death. Hannity has been forced to be a stooge, towing the jailhouse-was-stupid line. We need another savior besides Fox news.

If you read the comments sections, it seems that everyone sees a conspiracy, but, nope, Fox doesn't want to go to this logical route. Shame, Fox, great shame. With one side of your mouth, you say that the DoJ and FBI conspired to commit treason over months of efforts, but here you are unwilling to entertain an insider murder merely in a jail cell. It far easier and quicker to devise a jailhouse murder than what they tried to do to Trump. My guess is that those who created the murder scheme had official law people on-side to make the jailhouse buckle and allow the scheme to transpire.

I'm reading that the government didn't raid his island home until Monday of this week. By now, the partners in crime, or even the employees on the island, could have removed what they wanted removed. It makes no sense not to raid the place as immediately as they arrested him, or even before they arrested him. There is no hope for a justice system like this. The nation has been given to the dogs.

Here's an apolitical speaker on the Clinton murders (need strong stomach or just click away when you don't want to hear more) that you can't find on Fox; he seems to have the same views as myself, though this is only the second video I have seen of his:

The speaker above has written books on Clinton-crime topics, and takes information from government records, yet Fox news will never allow that topic on the air. For fear of the Clinton crime ring?

I don't see any other way but to have the masses involved in ridding the nation of this infection. The masses are connected to the workers, and the workers to everything. The rats need to operate amongst the masses, and the latter include the individuals and groups able to report on them, to nab them, if they are willing because they have the DoJ on their side. But if Barr sends the signal that he's afraid of the deep state, doing it favors and covering up their crimes, the masses can't do a thing. Trump's masses were ready and willing to contribute, but Trump let them down like a general who laid his weapons down at the feet of the enemy. He didn't even try to install the right people for the job into his DoJ. I get a sick feeling.

Here's Amazing Polly doing good work at the 8th minute on Epstein's Zorro organization:

The reason I see a dead Epstein rather than one alive and taken into interrogative custody (by the government) is that his friends and relatives would be allowed to see the body in relation to the funeral, or even before the funeral. Some say he was removed from the prison by friends, but then the government would need to be involved, and fake a funeral to boot, and that's too risky in a high profile case like this.

Well, blow me down. Rudy Giuliani is actually talking the murder option on Fox news:

Giuliani says that the camera was there (sounds like it was in the jail cell), but not working. "Declassified" (at youtube) reports that there was a camera but not trained inside the cell, but in the hallway. In that case, the killers should be on camera. I think I'll take Giuliani's version for now; they turned off the camera(s), a no brainer for a murder.

Giuliani even comes right out to say that the murder could be from the outside with the jailhouse participating, I can't believe my ears. There's no way that Giuliani is speaking from a deeps-state script. He's sincere and normal. It appears that the deep state has exposed itself to the majority on what it's capable and willing of doing in lawless corruption. That's a good thing moving forward.

We want to know how many other nights Epstein's cell was left unmonitored? None? Oh, fancy that. The goon decided to do himself in on the very first night that the guard was too tired to get up and check him out??? Garbage.

MSNBC's youtube viewers are not buying the official storyline. They have all become conspiracy theorists. However, the manipulation of Democrat-viewer minds (what minds?) has already started, with the finger-pointing toward Trump. There is no doubt in my mind: Intelligence is leading this effort. Moreover, Intelligence and leftist media together need a fatal blow against Barr and Trump, and this looks like their ticket for their next fake-news soap opera. It's possible that Trump's team had Epstein killed, but our senses say, no.

It is very bad for Barr that Epstein's island home wasn't busted into by his DoJ at an earlier time than early this week. It looks very sloppy, irresponsible, and just as though Barr were involved with the cover-up on Epstein's associates. It is unthinkable that the FBI would leave a crime scene uninvestigated for weeks, is it not? All of Epstein's homes rated as crime scenes. Like I said, Barr's more busy eating apple pie than he is doing his job. Barr is Trump's responsibility. The question is: why did Barr and New York together fail to seize the island home at an earlier date? What motive / excuse do each have? Whose drone was at the island to capture the FBI, on camera, upon the island? Did the FBI intend to sneak there so as not to let the public know that it hadn't yet raided the place?

Under the political circumstances in which the leftists lost the Mueller and dossier battles, with nothing left to use as a bomb for the 2020 season, I am justified in speculating that New York arrested Epstein with a pre-planned plot to jail him, then feign his murder in order to blame Trump. But for this to be correct, we would expect some damning thing against the president to come into the news shortly, not merely some baseless finger pointing toward him.

Where's the body? Why have I seen nothing on the funeral plans? Google brings up nothing Wednesday morning (five days after "suicide") when asking for his funeral. Won't he be cremated to hide the evidence of foul play? Is he really dead?

In a case where the people are so suspicious, they want a photo and some video of the murder's aftermath. They took a photo(s) of the body hanging from the bunk, right? How long should we give Barr to tell the public about his assessment of such photos. Or, shouldn't Barr release them? Or, since Trump is Barr's boss, shouldn't Trump release them? Or, shouldn't Barr get his own medical examiner if he really wants the facts? Is Barr going to go quiet now that he's come out to express his upsettedness? He was reading from paper when he did his public show-up; we hope it wasn't a show.

Barr has already had his own medical examiner look at the body, right? It's the most-important, and ONLY thing, to do this week. He would be guilty if he did not do this. He would be guilty of giving the publicized storyline to the guilty party if he did not go see the body himself. If he is not entertaining that the guilty party is an inside jobber, then he's unfit to be the attorney general, for he's then part of the corruption, plain and simple. If he tries to pass off the idea that an inside job is ludicrous, then he's a fiend.

Whitaker was on Fox Wednesday night lamenting how the guards were negligent. Whitaker's acting like a deep-state accomplice, plain and simple. He knows that this was in inside job, but he's gifting the killers with their jailhouse-was-stupid excuse. Barr is not going to deliver the truth, judging from the face Whitaker stuck to the DoJ on this night. Whitaker turns out to portray himself as a do-nothing Republican. As the deputy attorney general, he has ZERO right to announce so soon that the fault lies in negligent guards or poor jailhouse decisions. He MUST entertain that the jailhouse participated in a murder. His attitude here explains why nothing was exposed while he acted as the attorney general last year. He's asking you to go forward falsely believing that his DoJ is going to fix the corruption problem. Whitaker's share the lozenges of Dents, in case that points him to the Shark's teeth.

Over a period of months and counting, Barr has shown zero promise for the voters who want hard justice for fixing the problem. How long can it take to find evidence that Mueller was guilty of a coup attempt along with Rosenstein and McCabe? How long can it take to find evidence of the FISA crimes when Nunes and other Republicans have already found the evidence, and have even delivered it to Barr? Hillary admitted that she destroyed government emails when congress demanded them. There is no reason to prolong the arrests.

Here's a video on the broken neck bone announced by the medical examiner. Note the news that the person who was assigned to share a cell with Epstein was a former police officer, thus making him the prime suspect for the strangling.

Why didn't I think of this before? Why didn't it dawn on me that the deep state would use the person sharing a cell with their murder victim? Whoosh, mental lapse there. This way, no one will be seen on camera coming and going to the cell aside from the "inmate." Just offer an inmate money to do the job.

I don't agree that the former officer did the deed on his own initiative, as the speaker above suggests.

The judge Jeanine video here features an autopsy expert saying that the bone of contention in Epstein's neck could not be broken if he merely leaned into the rope (while in a kneeling position, for example). The expert confirms that strangulation cases always come with this bone broken more often than hanging victims, wherefore how did the medical examiner on Epstein decide that this was a suicide rather than leaving it open to both possibilities? See the 9th minute mark for this expert:

During the time when the jailhouse went to remove the former officer, they probably staged the hanging then because we assume that someone was responsible for taking a photo of that scene, and so a staged hanging was necessary if only for the photos.

Giuliani was on Fox being permitted to suggest murder again, and again says that the camera didn't work:

On Saturday, Fox presented a video telling that the House Judiciary Committee wants to investigate Epstein's death, and a Republican member (Biggs) comes on saying that "nobody believes" that Epstein died of suicide. The Fox speaker then says, well, not so fast, the medical examiner thinks it was a suicide. And, yeah, right, Fox's disabled comments on this video to keep the viewership from knowing that nobody out there believes the suicide story, but this is the garbage Fox has committed itself to in obedience to the deep state that feeds it news crumbs. FAKE NEWS!

Biggs says that Barr's keeping a tight lid on things, exactly what Judicial Watch accuses Barr of. Barr doesn't want the public to know anything, does he, except his final reports...a long time from now when anger has subsided and it doesn't look as bad for him to make no high-level arrests. Biggs and others are all saying such things as they have confidence in Barr to get to the bottom of things, but this is not fire hot enough at his feet. The terminology had best be: "Barr better start making some arrests soon, the people are past impatient." Instead, Republicans are asking voters to be patient, let anger subside, just when deep-state exposure was magnified beyond Mueller and Comey to the Epstein-Clinton circle. This is the time for fiery outbursts and pure intolerance.

The video above says that a "world famous" Michael Baden was watching Epstein's autopsy, but is under a gag order. Is this a joke? He's not allowed to say what he believes? He's only allowed to say nothing? Is American a banana republic even under Barr? "Epstein's attorneys had hired celebrity pathologist Michael Baden to observe the autopsy on the family's behalf." Ahh, I know what you're thinking. You think that this is an honest guy because Epstein's side hired him. But wait. What if Epstein's not dead and the Epstein lawyers are playing the world a ruse, with Baden as part of the joke?

Assuming the Epstein is dead, who determines that Baden can't speak his mind on his opinion? Why does the public not get to discuss the realities? I know: the deep state wants its "truth" out there alone, and Fox is being a good partner thus far. But this looks like a dam about to burst if the people keep the fire hot against Fox, and against Barr.

Baden's an old man of 85. Why would Epstein's side hire him to have an opinion??? Where's Barr's medical examiner??? Nowhere to be found? Barr's going to trust the woman (Barbara Sampson) who already resolved this case a suicide? I small a dirty skunk. google the big thumb-sucking baby is stacking the Internet with the opinions of well-behaved liberal media and suppressing the conspiracists.

It's Saturday, and goofle has not yet told us what happened to the body, the funeral plans???????? goofle, are you involved in a conspiracy while hushing conspiracy theorists? Looks like. On goofle's first page when searching "epstein's funeral", there's nothing, absolutely nothing. I've yet to hear Fox discuss the funeral. What kind of a shambles investigative news organization is that? Doing the same search on gooftube (understatement), NOTHING, not one video on his funeral. I know: Barr has had Epstein's body pickled in vinegar to preserve it. We hope so. I'd rather be wrong about Barr than to say, "I told you so."

The 2,000 pages released on Epstein turned out to be 2,000 sticks of bubble gum. The public is being played. None of the hard stuff gets released, that's the way it's mainly going to be in the United Games of America. The captains talk a good talk, but don't want the crew to know how the ship is steered.

Heraldry Continued

What follows is some material from earlier in the week as a continuation of the noose heraldry, before the section on Huma-Abedin pointers was written.

...I'm not accepting that Epstein was hung, just that they say he's been. I haven't heard one word about his funeral yet, and it's six days after his reported death. That's not making sense. The medical examiner has reported it a suicide, but how would she know? This STINKS. All media are lock-step reporting it as a suicide. What's wrong with them? Don't worry, God will lay bare all sin. But woe to those who call themselves Christians who follow and advance the lies. Barr is probably on the cusp of revealing himself a sham, but many Christians will follow this sham as though it were angelic.

I find it offensive for the media to call any speculation a conspiracy theory because it doesn't agree with the official report. What is wrong with such media? Easy: lockstep in cahoots with the invisibles. They take the position already that intelligent people are of the suicide opinion, while anyone who sees the potential of a murder plot is going to get labeled an over-the-top theorist due to there being no evidence for the position. But of course there's no evidence -- in the public realm -- because the evidence dished out to the public has been controlled, thanks almost wholly to the media. They let us down time and time again with the deep state's satanism. The evidence is glaring that he was murdered...IF, that is, he's really dead.

So, if my touching Miss Hicks' knee, and her sleeping, and her hovering, can be a pointer to Epstein's reported death, why were she and I rising rapturously into the sky the second I touched her knee? Makes no sense with Epstein. However, the items in events and dreams can have multiple pointers, just as the newspaper had a pointer to the Nueces river too. There doesn't need to be any connection between the Nueces and Epstein's noose, but in fact there is, for as we saw the wake knot of Wake's, Knots are a branch of Nuts while "nueces" means "nut" in Spanish. It was named after the pecans that line the river. Victoria's share the stars of pecan-like Pickens.

The rising with her looks like a victory Sign, God beating up on the Epstein crime ring. The dream started with a shark and bulldog, with my jumping / diving (can't recall which) into the residential swimming pool to save the dog. The dream showed no outcome. I think I can glean that the German Hake's/Haeks are using a giant unicorn in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish for the reason that Hake's are Shark kin. Scottish Hykes'/Hake's do use fish, but Hake-like Hackets even have fish in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish. And Hackets even share the green trefoil with Sharks.

German Hake's were first found in Tirol, and the Tirol surname is listed with Tyrone's while Sharks were first found in Tyrone. The Danish Cnuts have a Coat somewhat reflecting that of Sharks, and the Derbyshire Cnuts share the white unicorn with the Tirol Hake's/Haeks. Scottish Hykes'/Hake's are in the colors and format of Shirts/Shards, suspect at Derbyshire, where Cnuts were first found. Chanuts, with an inverted chevron in the colors of the Cnut chevron and the River fesses, have this write-up suspect with Riviere's: "Their descendants have carried the titles of Barons of Nuits-sous-Ravieres and Fulvy." Lest you've forgotten, Rivers / Riviere's were of the Drivers. Riviere's, sharing the wavy fesse of Dols and Ghents, were first found in Burgundy with Chanuts.

When sitting beside Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial (real life), she said that if her daughter arrived to take the seat beside her, "you can scoot OVER" (like "hover over" the seats) to the next SEAT. Scoots, first found in East Lothian with Seatons, have a "haec" motto term like the Haek variation of the Tirol Hake's. This is new because I almost never load the Hykes'/Hake's by entering "Hake." I did this time, and that found the Hake's/Haeks. Just look: Scoots/Scougals are a branch of Scotts (share the same border, essentially) from lake Scodra, location of the Selepitanoi in her sleeping symbol. On the north side of lake Scodra, there's Rhizon, where our RISING points to, for Rhizon is beside Kotor, where Wikipedia says the shark-liner Saraca's (see "Saraka") lived. Intelligent Design. The other SCOTTs (HOCKey crescents?) share the same bend as OVERs (Cheshire, same as Cophers). Scoot over, Intelligent Design. Hockeys (Essex, home of Hicks of Low Leighton) share the black griffin of the other Scotts. Someone who knew heraldry spoke "you can scoot over" to me through her mouth on September 11, 2002. WHY?

The PEN in the Scott Crest reveals the Scoot greyhounds as those of Penes'/Pennys. Scoot variations can be gleaned with Shoe variations, and then the Trips, first found in Hamburg with Krume's, use shoes but once showed BOOTs while Kotor is beside BUTua. Krume is a modern location on the Drin river, where PENEStae Illyrians once lived to whom the PENES'/Pennys trace with little doubt. This same Drin flows near the southern side of lake Scodra. The Rivers we saw above were on the Isle of Wight with a Cavii-like Cowes location. The Cavii lived down-river from Krume. The Cowes surname uses "PENNants," that's right. The Rivers were suspect in the Bayeux because they share the Bay fesses (almost), and while French Bays use crescents in the colors of the giant Krume crescent, Scoots have a hunting HORN, and an "ORNant" motto term suspect with the Horns/Orne's at the Orne river flowing through the Bayeux.

The Nuts tell of a Cnuts location in Derbyshire. This seems important for verifying that the wake knot is a thing God supplied to the Wake surname, for He had planned to say to me, in the 1979 dream, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." And He then planned to teach me heraldry as serves His purposes for things such as you are now seeing. Repeat from the Wake write-up: : "Another claims the name originated with HEREward le Wake during the time of Edward the Confessor." "Go wake HER up." The Here's/Heyers: first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Knots while Wake's use a knot. Here's/Heyers are said to have lived in a Hope location of Derbyshire, and Hope's, first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Knots, use a version of the Cnut/Knot Coat but substituting with the besants of Nuts. I suspect Hope Charlotte Hicks in this, but as yet don't know why. Charlotte's share the martlets of Coverts/Cofferts, for example. Hope's share "At" with Fisks/Fiscs.

I was standing at the SIDE of her car as she hovered asleep. German Here's, who share blue wings with Here's/Heyers, use scythes while Scythes' are listed with Side's. The Scythes/Side lion is in the colors of the Millen/MILAN and Buchanan (and Simpson-of-BUCKINGham) lion while the latter were from Buxentum on the bay of Laus where lived peoples of Sybaris. On or off the Sybaris river is Firmo/Ferme, and Scythes/Side's (beside the Millens/Milans) are said to have been "connected also to the Abbey of DunFERMline." The Side-branch Sutys share wavy fesse-wise bars in blue with FERMans/Formans. The Scythes'/Side's, Sutys and Seatons/Sittens (beside Fermans/Formans) can therefore be from elements of Scidrus, near Laus and the Sybaris.

It just so happens that Italian Milans once showed the same sort of tree stump as Here's/Heyers, and the latter just got us to the Millens/Milans. Here's/Heyers are a branch of Ayers/Eyers, and there is an Ayer location beside Sion/Sitten and SIERra of Switzerland. From here we go to Darlene's/Darlings and Darlingtons, the latter's write-up having a SEIR character jibing with the Serio river (near Milan) at Crema, to which the ice-CREAM of Darlene Ray pointed. When I was with Darlene for a few weeks, she was in a CAR acciDENT, and Cars have a "SERO sed SERIO" motto, sharing "sed" with Seaton-like Sedans who probably named Sedbergh, where Dents were first found.

As ice-cream is now a potential pointer to crystal meth, I'm wondering whether the hovering of Miss Hicks was a symbol for being stoned, for when I first saw her hovering, I saw her mentally distraught. I'm not making this up, it's in several of my previous updates. She then fell asleep as a potential code for Deaths/Darths and their Morte/Mott kin, for when she rose into the sky, it looked like the Biblical rapture.

I was standing at the SIDE of the CAR when told, "What are you WAITing for, go wake HER up.' "ACCident" should be God's pointer to the Axe river at Seaton (Devon) because Assi's (WEIGHT scale) use an axe head. Assi's can be linked to Astikas' of Vilnius (Arms of Vilnius share fasces and weight scales of JUSTICE with Assi's), who married Traby (Poland) which in-turn shares black hunting horns with gold stripes with Weights/WAITs. Even the Wings/Winks (Perthshire, same as Justine's/JUSTUS') in the Here wings apply to the line of Justine of Picenum, and the Justine's (weight scale), with these Vilnius elements. She's suspect in the motto of Harcourt-beloved Peacocks.

The Here's/Heyers use two dexter wings; I have read the description. Dexters use "Weights" (weight scale) in Crest, and Weights come up as WAITs. Some of this linking heraldic material is to prove that God is behind the events / dreams, yet I suspect pointers to specific things in the news to be realized eventually. One theory has been from the night I was WAITering for the first and only time when Cindy Richardson came in with her parents. Less than two months earlier, she was at second base on a baseball diamond when I pegged her there as a pointer to Steve SCALise shot at second base. The weight SCALE above stands as code for Weights/Waits. But if "go wake her up" is about Epstein, how can it also be about Scalise? Well, I read that Scalise was leading a congressional investigation into pedophilia, though that was suppressed and never heard about again after he was shot. The deep state that Epstein worked for shot Scalise, didn't it? It made him promise not to do the investigation in return for letting him live, I think.

Things that enter my head as I write are VERY VERY OFTEN from God, as you could imagine in a revelation like this. One day, the idea entered my head that Cindy at second base could point to Steve Scalise. It sounds shallow / baseless at first, but just as I was wondering if there is anything to corroborate the idea, I remembered that she with her parents walked into my PIZZA restaurant a few weeks later. Lately, I learned that Bill Richardson has been accused of being an Epstein customer. So, my waitering Cindy's family looks like God's pointer to James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong pizza in some relationship with Epstein. Or, it could be that God is pointing to both regardless of whether they were associated.

An Epstein video from the Outer Light (supposedly has Epstein's dead face) has the statement of an inmate from the jailhouse housing Epstein claiming that a suicide in that jail is impossible because they use paper bedsheets that are too weak to hang oneself. It is of course ridiculous that Epstein should have received a normal sheet, therefore. It's a lie, in other words. I'm not suggesting that he did not have a normal sheet around his neck, but I am saying that it was tied there by people with whom the jailhouse conspired to fool us.

There might be hope with Mr. McGuire, because the deputy at National Intelligence was forced to decline the job by Trump (he gave it to McGuire instead). I'll gladly give Trump a new rating (for the better) if McGuire turns out to be a bucker against establishment stories. McGuire's share the Caffer/Caffery Coat exactly, and thus he seems to be pointed to by my coffee in Victoria. Is McGuire our victory over the FISA criminals? Where is the victory in the thick of this slogging, week-after-week, without a real bomb to give us our happy BOOM!

I've just checked Kalfs in case Calfs are a Caffer branch, and it just so happens that Kalfs (Saxony) are listed with Help-like Kalbs/Kelbs sharing the Covert/Coffert fesse. I then checked for a Kalp surname and found it with Cups/Cope's/Colps, Colapis-river liners to be expected in the "cups" of Coffers/Coffee's. Suddenly, it could appear that Coffers et-all are from the Colapis, which was also the Kupa, though this traces to Copia down at the Sybaris river. The Helpe river at the Belgian-France border thus becomes suspect as a Kupa-river entity, making the nearby Saint Quentin verify the correctness of my trace of Caepio's to the Kupa elements, for that's expected from Quintus Caepio. Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Leslie's (Cup/Cope colors) that I trace to Lesce smack to the north side of the Kupa. English Coopers/Coppers were first found Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts, and the latter's fesse is the Arms of Austria while Lesce is on the Sava having a source in Austria.

Dutch Coopers are not only in Caffer/Caffery / Coffer/Coffee colors, but share the saltire of Blade's while Lesce is beside Bled. The Leslie bend is in the colors of the same of Knee's and their Needham branch, and Needhams were taken from the write-up of Help-branch Halpers/Halfpennys. Needhams were first found in Derbyshire with Darlene's while the latter's Darlington branch shares the leopard heads of Coopers/Coppers.

Leopard faces are partly for Fessys/Face's sharing the cross of Macclesfields, and the earls of Macclesfields did use leopards. This Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire, same as Cophers/Copenhalls) has a "copia" motto term, and shares the Bruce lion while Bruce's can be expected from the Breuci at the mouth of the Kupa river. Bruce's were first found in York while Yorks (Leslie colors), with a copia-like motto term, share a blue saltire with Coopers/Coppers, thus making the latter's leopard faces, and the Cophers, closely connectable to earls of Macclesfield. Gophers have the York saltire in colors reversed, my first indication that Gophers/Gofairs were a Copher branch. Gofairs look like they could have named Gofraid (brother of Maccus), a son of Harald found in the Horse/Horsley and Caffer/Caffery discussion of the last update.

Coppins/Copingers were at WAKEtown. Wakefields share the garb of Cheshire held by the Macclesfield lion. Coppins/Copingers (Suffolk, same as Plains/PLATers) look linkable by their plates to Plains/Platers and Platers. Copelands share the motto of Mea's/Meighs who in turn share the Macclesfield cross, and Cheshire's Meschins ruled Copeland.

Wowie, a breakthrough. The Coplan surname was looked up seeking a branch of Kopple's from Koplik, otherwise known as Caepionis-like Cupionich, down on the Clausula river near lake Scodra. The latter is where I trace such things as Skate's/Sheets, and in the Obama dream, where the Plains/Platers appeared, Obama was SKATEboarding up a RAMP. Coplans are listed with Copelands who share the brown lion with Ramps, the latter first found in Cumberland with a Copeland location. That's half the wowie. Caepionis' were from Quintus Caepio, and Quints share the gold fitchee in a lion paw with Halpers, only the latter have it in the paw of a full, BROWN lion!!! You can find more gold fitchees with Helps/Halfs and Sewers/SUITs/Suters (Help/Half colors); the latter were in the Obama dream as code for Barry Soetoro (Obama), and he was in a dark SUIT when on his skateboard. The skateBOARD suggests Boards using a version of the Sewer/Suit Coat. Obama on his skateboard is thus pointing to Stefan Halper, for one, and this can be verified by the excellency of these heraldic traces to Albanian geography. I have never before been able to decipher the ramp, and there we have it. I'll need to come back to this in due time as I contemplate, for there should be more to glean.

I have a feeling that Ramps, or the ramp, was used for something more than helping to include Copelands. I'll think on it. Ah, after looking again at Ramps just now, it was less than an hour after looking at Brennans. Ramps use double lions combattant, as do Brennans, wow, and I saw two Obama's, like twin vision, on the ramp with skateboard. John Brennan was Obama's CIA director. That looks right. Heraldic brown is not an official color, probably because it's reserved from Brunswick / Brown liners. Browns, first found in Cumberland with Ramps (!) use a brown lion. It just so happens that Brunswicks use double gold lions, the colors of the double Brennan lions! That helps to make the Brennan-Ramp link. It just so happens that Comeys likewise use double-lions combattant in gold.

Hmm, Irish Fie's/Feys (same demi-lion in brown as Browns) are Cuffie's and Maffie's too, begging why a 'C' is interchangeable with an 'M'. If we change "Coffee" to "Comey," it works where the double Comey lions are in the colors of the Coffee cups. Hmm.

There is a Halper-like Halber surname using one giant-fat rook while the Rook Coat looks like a version of the Cope/Coap Coat (Coat similar to Cups/Cope's). Or, while Scottish Terras' have a version of a Scott Coat for a trace to Scodra elements, German Terras' (Bavaria, same as Halbers) use rooks. ROCHdale near Manchester has Arms with eight footless martlets around the border, the symbol of Boards.

Macclesfields are suspect from "Maccus", and with Maxwells, and the latter share the lodged stag with Bloods/Bluds while we saw Blade's with the Cooper saltire...a white saltire, same as the Gopher saltire. Maccus' family (probably the secret crux of Freemasonry) was on the Isle of Man while cups are used by Christine's, first found on Man. Figure on this being from the Maezaei, near or even of the Kupa, and link to the Massey/Macey horse as code for Horse's/Horsleys (looks like a version of the Mackay Coat).

At Wikipedia's Harald article, where Harald is said to be not clinched as Maccus' father: "An alternative theory, put forward by Hudson, suggests that Harald was not the father of Maccus and Gofraid, rather that their father was instead a man known as Harold of Bayeux." The Bayeux is smack beside Ferte-MACE, as though Hudson knows Maccus' ancestry there. Harold of Bayeux may have been a relative of Harald. Wikipedia's article on Maccus has him in Cheshire, location of Masseys/Maceys, Maceys and Macclesfields.

The Bayeux is the location of Caen, and Caens/Canns come up as Gahns, which was found yesterday when seeing Don McGahn on the news, one of Trump's lawyers in some controversy at this time. Caens have leopard faces. Welsh Gahns look like they have a version of the Conys / Conn / Meschin Coat. The Bayeux-suspect Bays share the double fesses of Man-suspect Manners/Maness'? German Manners have the Massey quadrants.

In the 5th minute of the Outer-Light video, the inconsistency of Epstein's orange prison suit is discussed, because the jailhouse didn't use orange suits, according to some. This would be a great thing for Fox news to go verify or shoot down, or even for Barr, but I'll bet you 1,000 apple pies that Barr won't mention this. Epstein's photo while dead has been released with him wearing an orange suit, suggesting a fake photo (doesn't show the head, could be anyone anywhere anytime). Shame on our news, happily complicit with Corruption. We are to go to work to enrich the elite, and shut-up about toppling them as they take more and more of our money and make us increasingly obedient to their automatons. Throw away your smart phones, give them a kick in the teeth for as long as possible. Use dumb phones; you will get by better, and cease to be their slave. The future belongs to Jesus, wonderful. Peace, real peace, and world-honesty too, wow. We're going to get homesick for honesty real-bad as the media paves the way to a robotic future.

Why is Fox not delving deep into the inconsistencies? Because, it can be counted on to cover the conspiracy. Where's the Epstein funeral? Where's his relatives demanding his body, or not demanding his body? When the media does not support the people but always supports the law, big problem: the law gets away with murder. God is going to show that supervisors of law are the most corrupt of all due to a sick human condition called demonic control. We are seeing it.

This morning, Drudge had a story from a "respectable" media in which Ghislaine Maxwell was found in a restaurant reading a book on "Deaths of CIA Operatives," which looks like the deep state is feeding us a movie script while mocking us. In other words, in this picture, Maxwell isn't hiding, running from the law, but doesn't mind being seen in public; she's willing to just sit there reading a book with all sorts of people walking by her. Does this seem real at this moment of the Epstein story, where she's now suddenly (or supposed to be) the number-one target of the law? This could be her staged event to increase the depth of the storyline that Epstein is dead when she knows he's not.

We are on the cusp of a revelation that even Bill Barr is a sham, I feel it in my bones. And while Trump himself came out suggesting that the Clinton crime ring had Epstein killed, his Fox media is not investigating and reporting on the possibility. There is a chance that Trump knows Epstein's alive so that he wants to send the message too, that he's dead. Every theory is on the table, as it should be over at Wray's FBI. Laughable. Barr has a deep-state idiot-matic at the helm of the FBI and has done nothing about it. Fox is going to be responsible for Nunes and his fellows being too afraid of speaking out on an alternative story of Epstein's fate. Fox has so disappointed the world in this way. But Jesus lives, and he's for complete exposure. A high-level news organization is NOT supposed to wait for the official story from the government / DoJ, but is supposed to dig itself for the truth in case the government story is crock. But Fox seems happy to wait for government reports, then dish them out.

Epstein's jailhouse is a federal one directly under the authority of Bill Barr's DoJ. I've just heard from one speaker that Epstein had appealed his bail decision, suggesting that he would not have committed suicide until at least after the outcome of the appeal transpired. What kind of a lambastable attorney general would Barr be if he himself didn't have the body checked by his own people? What kind of an irresponsible, useless investigator is that? If murder cases rest on the honesty of one medical examiner alone, it's not a wonder that hoax's prevail. Barr looks like he pipe and its contents to the septic system, if he doesn't come out telling that this was a murder or a get-out-of-jail free pass. If he doesn't say it, he's the crap itself, why respect the man any further? Trump would therefore have another major failure in his choice of law leaders.

Epstein is one of the most-disgusting criminal enterprises, and Barr doesn't assure for himself whether the examination was done by the deep state? He knows the deep state exists; he has no excuse. He has seen, as we all have, the deep state in action, still in action as we speak. Even Fox (our only hope, basically, so far as media goes) has the blasted stupidity to call this a suicide without sufficient evidence to back it up. How does Fox know that the examiner is correct or even telling the truth if Fox is not itself investigating??? Fox is afraid even to buck against the official report, as if merely asking whether it's credible will cost it a lot of money. SHAM! This is NOT about money, you colossal failure, but about a government-run crime ring of the most-disgusting kind. Can't Fox and Barr find it within themselves to fix this beast, let some money slide, forego some sweet apple pie and don some battle armor instead? DEMAND first-hand evidence, and tell them plainly you don't trust them. Tell them plainly: this looks like a murder, not a suicide. There is nothing to be ashamed of by taking the murder position. The entire country would be behind you. Only the sociopathic (heartless, demonic) deep-staters would oppose him.

Whatever Barr does, he must not assign Wray to this case, but that's exactly what he did. SHAM! He assigned both ice-cold Wray with a steel brain, and luke-warm Horowitz with a slow-poke gait. It's hopeless. The jailhouse is directly under Barr so that he has no excuse whatsoever for not going there himself as the lead investigator. I pray Jesus to expose these rats fast. It's not enough for Barr to appear on television to show his disgust and to then fade away to other business after making the people think he's hot on the case. It's been six days, and Barr has yet to reveal that this was an insider job with jailhouse complicity. We heard that he re-assigned the warden and punished two guards, but we did not hear that he had them questioned.

Re-assigning a warden in such a matter as this is a lot like the pope re-assigning pedophiliac priests and bishops. Barr admitted that the warden was re-assigned rather than being suspended pending a questioning = investigation into him personally. This is Barr gone wild snorting apple pie with frosty cream on his cheeks. I'm starting to detest him. It's too bad I didn't use "pear pie," for the Warden surnames use pears. Just as I wrote "pears," the songline, "from prison bars have flown," was sung on my speakers, from the song, I'll Fly Away, by Joey and Rory. She changed the words from "prison walls" to "prison BARs," hmm. What could that mean, that Epstein flew from prison with Barr's help? She's got the lyrics as: "Like a bird from prison bars have flown, I'll fly away."

We are being made to think that the justice department takes months and months to find documents and come to a conclusion when computers make it very fast to find key words in one single email account. Finding Hillarys email and phone communications with Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS, for example, over all of 2016, can be listed in a single day easily. Emails are habitually short these days; how long should it take to read through them and follow the trails to evidence that she conspired against a presidential candidate? Intelligence has all her communications; they should not be deleted from its system. Barr has yet to arrest her. What kind of farce is this man? All he needs to do is ask Durham, Horowitz and Huber about her guilt, and that's it. Nothing more is needed. He doesn't need to wait until ALL her guilt is known; he can arrest her first, then add to the evidence as it comes up. SEND A MESSAGE to the world that the United States will be delivered from rat infestation.

Just listen to Solomon in the first minute to see that Barr is a sham, for Bruce Ohr is still working for his organization:

The only hope is for some forces to force Barr to do that which he does not want to do. Once he starts, he may learn that he likes it, and then there may be no stopping him. But this is a crawl, painfully, as he procrastinates on making the right decisions. He doesn't need to wait until investigations are fully done before punishing. They keep putting Horowitz's report off a month or two into the future, like a carrot on a stick. Release what's known now, then release more later, what's the problem? Why should Barr need to wait and wait for even the first morsel? Solomon says near the end of the video above that Barr's department has refused, since January, to answer Chuck Grassley's letters asking about some FBI guilt.

Barr is starting to look like Jeff Sessions 2.0. The following concerns a matter in which the FBI changed (down-leveled) the classified classification of some of Hillary's emails in order to make it legal for her to send the material over her private server:

As a result of the findings in that appendix, Senator Grassley wrote a classified letter to DOJ [Sessions] on October 17, 2018, which remains unanswered [as of this time, August 2019]. On January 15, 2019, at Mr. Barr’s nomination hearing, Senator Grassley [rejoicingly] asked Mr. Barr if he would answer the letter [for sure he's going to get it from Barr, right?], if confirmed, to which he attested, “Yes, Senator” [Barr, that's our man, such a dream come true, right?]

. On April 16, 2019, Senators Grassley, Johnson, and Graham sent a letter to Attorney General Barr reiterating [hey Barr, did you forget about us lowly congressmen?] the need for a written response to that letter.

It goes on to say that some Intelligent inspectors discovered that all of Hillary's emails went to a Chinese company, "Carter Heavy Industry Machinery." Perhaps this is an email address where recipients could see some of her and/or Obama's business for a price. Clintons do nothing unless there's the sparkle of money to be made. It could be the Council on Foreign Relations, or a foreign government(s), was the recipient of the emails...that's the sort of thing Grassley and others want to know. How many other secret accounts were there beside Carter? But Barr's not talking. Apparently, he hasn't even responded to the congressmen. This news comes out this week to let Trump voters know that Barr really is a sham. It puts pressure on him because this is the second leak in days amounting to egg on his face.

Fox has the Chinese story: "In April, the ICIG [Intelligence inspector] and Justice Department IG [Horowitz] determined that the [Carter Heavy Equipment email] address apparently matched the one that former Clinton technology aide Paul Combetta -- who managed her server and thoroughly deleted a slew of her emails -- had created as a "dummy" to create backups of Clinton's emails." Is Horowitz trying to downplay the gravity by calling it a dummy email address? Like it's got no brain maybe? If it could hold the emails as "back-up," though this was not likely its purpose, then it's a legitimate, standard email address that anyone could use to send / retrieve emails. Yes, anyone with the password and name could look at all of Hillary's work, a great but criminal way for her to transfer secret messages to co-conspirators without being found out by government inspectors.

If therefore Barr is covering for this new scandal, then he could be covering the contents of Hillary's emails that are no doubt in the DoJ somewhere. This farce has gone on too long. There seems to be no logical explanation that Republicans should be covering for Hillary, Comey and Obama unless they are covering for their invisible superiors. The article below may clarify things better than the Fox one. I think the issue is whether Combetta is lying about sending all of Hillary's emails to secure them merely as a back-up copy; the truth may be that the Chinese really did copy them, which would make Hillary more guilty than before. Either way, Obama's FBI knew about this secret account but did nothing about it besides winking. Horowitz knew about it too, says the below, but didn't disclose it to the public, great shame.

Why would anyone take responsibility for creating the account unless he feels the need to protect Hillary? Why give it a name that looks like the Chinese hacked the material if that gets Hillary in deeper trouble if caught? If it really was for back-up, you don't give it that sort of name. You don't need to put a copy of emails on a gmail account if all you want is a back-up; a thumb-drive will do. It could be worse than a Chinese hack. It appears that someone, not necessarily Combetta, GAVE (not likely free of charge) the material to the Chinese.

You put state-department emails in a gmail account if you want others to see the information who represent your "bosses" without having them break into the government email system. Or, you put state-department emails on a gmail account if you want to sell some of the files. Any file can then be transferred anywhere in the world from the secret account rather than from Hillary's daily-use server. It's safer that way. Therefore, who visited the Carter account knowing the password, that will tell a few stories, but this has not been leaked to us. Why not?

If China hacked her account, Combetta would not be making up this story that he owns the gmail account. It must be true that Combetta knows the password(s) to the account, or he wouldn't be able to take responsibility for owning / using the account. I think the FBI has "admitted" that the account belongs to Combetta, but that could mean the very opposite in yet another FBI trick to create a false storyline. It tends to create the scenario in which the Chinese did not hack it, leaving just the question: why did the Hillary camp name it after a Chinese company? I can't see Combetta naming it such without first getting Hillary's permission. Hello, Obama, what can an anti-American ex-president tell us about this strange, government mutation?

I don't know whether Grassley leaked this story, or someone on his behalf, or someone not having Grassley's blessings, but I've not heard that Barr had anything to do with it. This could be like a little fire to his feet if he's been thinking not to arrest Hillary. This looks like a thing that leaves Barr no choice. First a private server, then a transfer of government files to the World Wide Web or something stranger than fiction. The leak looks like a good-Republican-guy response to Barr's detestable softness on Comey, for the latter is responsible = guilty for not reporting this secret account. He is the one who said Hillary didn't intend to break the law, but this story turns that into rubbish. With Combetta's admission, Hillary can say she knew nothing about the account, but it's already known that the FBI knew about it. I'll bet that some of those Hillary emails have conversations on this topic between Hillary and the FBI, making Hillary guilty of knowing about it.

Google is the number-one hope of the Democrats now, prompting whistle blowers such as Mr. Vorhies:

After having been identified by an anonymous account (which Vorhies believes belongs to a Google employee,) on social media as a “leaker,” Vorhies was approached by law enforcement at his residence in California. According to Vorhies, San Francisco police received a call from Google which prompted a “wellness check.”

Vorhies described the incident to Project Veritas:

“they got inside the gate, the police, and they started banging on my door… And so the police decided that they were going to call in additional forces. They called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad.”

“{T}his is a large way in which {Google tries to} intimidate their employees that go rogue on the company…”

It's not so much how google was acting, but how the FBI was mistreating a whistle-blower committing no crime, and coming to google's aid as though it were the FBI's very own Intelligence service. It is, isn't it? It continues:

Project Veritas has released hundreds of internal Google documents leaked by Vorhies. Among those documents is a file called “news black list site for google now.” The document, according to Vorhies, is a “black list,” which restricts certain websites from appearing on news feeds for an Android Google product. The list includes conservative and progressive websites, such as and The document says that some sites are listed with or because of a “high user block rate.”

Ahh, if you are a popular conservative political-action website, google cuts you down to a small size manually, in the first degree. And the FBI will side with google. I wonder whether this took place under Wray. In the 2nd minute of the video below, it says that google caught this whistle blower snooping through google's searchable (not illegal) data bank, suggesting that google had set up a spy system for it's data banks to catch snooping employees. Vorhies found that google managers were using codewords to communicate, such as "coffee beans."

Here's Polly's treatment of the topic:

So, if you want to do war against Google, it appears as though you're going to need to do war with the deep state. Or, if the deep state is going to Hell, so are google owners and executives. They're all in the same bag, all at war with Jesus without sign of repentance. They are after control of everything, politics, money, taxes, your thinking. In the past month, youtube is offering me videos routinely on all sorts of varieties that I've not asked for in months, or ever, which wasn't happening so badly to me before; it seems like a method to cut in half the videos I am interested in. That's equivalent to hiding material. And youtube keeps feeding me the same videos repeatedly no matter how many times I re-load its home page.

Shouldn't it be illegal for youtube to deny us a way to get all the new videos on any given day? Instead, it repeatedly gives us news videos weeks and months old, an obvious blemish on the company that it doesn't mind wearing, because it's gone crazy for political gain, and being ugly is worth it if it can have power. That's the problem: the ugly are seeking to control us. Who's going to smash the ugly in the blemish upon their face when everyone in the upper echelons of law are themselves ugly? Lord, make your people beautiful.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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