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August 20 - 26, 2019

Victoria Nuland Was My Blind Spot
The Crapp Bag and the Schits
The Ice-Cream Line in Craven Had Shark Teeth
More Heraldry Points to Epstein's Death
The Bryne Stool Pigeon Waits for Dan Coats to Go

The Obama dream was given to us (through my dream) in the first week of February, 2017. Those of you who may have read my attempts to decipher it all may know that I've never been able to decipher the ramp involving a SKATEboard. One reason for this skateboard is to verify that God gave the dream, otherwise I wouldn't tell readers about it, nor claim that it's from God. There were multiple proofs, but this was a good one because the dream opened with a black SHEET laid over all of Obama's billiard tables, and the Sheets are listed with Skate's, first found in Norfolk with Dunhams (surname of Obama's mother) who in-turn use a DANCEette. Obama was dancing in the scene immediately before he was on a skateboard. Sure, this can be a coincidence, but as there were a string of other dreams having similar evidence of God's being the source, and for other reasons, this Obama dream is message from God. (To follow best, load and view surnames at the Skate tab.)

The scene after the skateboard was the last, with Obama disappointed with one of his employees. The dancing and the skateboarding had Obama thrilled, like one happy-go-lucky not to be charged by the Trump administration for his part in the Trump-attack, and other, crimes. And so the last scene suggests otherwise, someone who spoils it for Obama. Later on the day that the last update was out, I added the following to it in case you missed it (take this slow):

Leopard faces are partly for Fessys/Face's sharing the cross of Macclesfields, and the earls of Macclesfields did use leopards. This Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire, same as Cophers/Copenhalls) has a "copia" motto term, and shares the Bruce lion while Bruce's can be expected from the Breuci at the mouth of the Kupa river. ...Copelands share the motto of Mea's/Meighs who in turn share the Macclesfield cross, and Cheshire's Meschins ruled Copeland.

Wowie, a breakthrough. The Coplan surname was looked up seeking a branch of Kopple's from Koplik, otherwise known as Caepionis-like Cupionich, down on the Clausula river near lake Scodra. The latter is where I trace such things as Skate's/Sheets, and in the Obama dream, where the Plains/Platers appeared, Obama was SKATEboarding up a RAMP. Coplans are listed with Copelands who share the brown lion with Ramps, the latter first found in Cumberland with a Copeland location. That's half the wowie. Caepionis' were from Quintus Caepio, and Quints share the gold fitchee in a lion paw with Halpers, only the latter have it in the paw of a full, BROWN lion!!! You can find more gold fitchees with [Halper-branch] Helps/Halfs and Sewers/SUITs/Suters (Help/Half colors); the latter were in the Obama dream as code for Barry Soetoro (Obama), and he was in a dark SUIT when on his skateboard. The skateBOARD suggests Boards using a version of the Sewer/Suit Coat [more coincidence-like evidence that God gave the dream]. Obama on his skateboard is thus pointing to Stefan Halper, for one, and this can be verified by the excellency of these heraldic traces to Albanian geography. I have never before been able to decipher the ramp, and there we have it. I'll need to come back to this in due time as I contemplate, for there should be more to glean.

There was more to the quote, which I'll get to below. I'd like to add here that the Fessys/Face's can be traced to Fisks/FISCs, God's likely pointer to the FISA / FISC crimes, the very crimes that the earlier part of the Obama dream pointed to when I sewered the "cue ball." The SUTer/SUIT surname can easily be a Scodra line (the Albanian geography above) of the Scott / Scoot kind, especially as I SHOT the "cue ball" while Shots are also Suter-like Shute's. This has to do with the Hicks dream when she was sleeping and then rising, for both themes pointed to lake Scodra while she was in a BATHing SUIT at the time while, I assume, God arranged for Baths to share the Fessy cross. In 2002, God linked the Hicks dream to the 9-11 crimes (too many to count) when she said to me, "you can SCOOT over," as I took my seat on her left SIDE, and in the Hicks dream, I was at the SIDE of her car when she was hovering over the SEATs asleep. These connections are important.

Back to the Obama dream. We saw Copelands and Halpers sharing the brown lion with Ramps, which is the beginning of an understanding of why God used the ramp. But it's not good enough for me. All we have is the Ramps first found in the same place as Copeland, and there's nothing about the Copeland Coat (share NOSE/Ness fesses) to link it to Halpers / Helps, though the Help fitchees are in the colors of the Sewer/Suter fitchees...and Fitch's, by the way, use leopard faces. It should be added, as per the BRUNswicks making it to the rest of the quote, that Fitch's are suspect with the MontFITCHets to which Gernons link, and Gernons share the Brunswick Coat. Moreover, Ranulph de Gernon was the son of Ranulph le Meschin of Cheshire and its Macclesfield location that used leopard faces for its earls. These Ranulphs are suspect in the Randolphs (bat) that borrowed the Bath cross. Here's the rest of the quote:

I have a feeling that Ramps, or the ramp, was used for something more than helping to include Copelands. I'll think on it. Ah, after looking again at Ramps just now, it was less than an hour after looking at Brennans. Ramps use double lions combattant, as do Brennans, wow, and I saw two Obama's, like twin vision, on the ramp with skateboard [so far, so-good, not bad logic at all]. John Brennan was Obama's CIA director. That looks right. Heraldic brown is not an official color, probably because it's reserved from Brunswick / Brown liners. Browns, first found in Cumberland with Ramps (!) use a brown lion [Obama was president when Mr. Brown was the British prime minister]. It just so happens that Brunswicks use double gold lions, the colors of the double Brennan lions! That helps to make the Brennan-Ramp link. It just so happens that Comeys likewise use double-lions combattant in gold [we are treading on the top FISA criminals here, overseen by Obama].

Hmm, Irish Fie's/Feys (same demi-lion in brown as Browns) are Cuffie's and Maffie's too, begging why a 'C' is interchangeable with an 'M'. If we change "Coffee" to "Comey," it works where the double Comey lions are in the colors of the Coffee cups. Hmm.

The Fie/Fey lion is the darkest-brown one can have, perhaps because it's the black one of Gernons. I've re-quoted this section because there's more to say on the Fie's/Feys. They share the black-on-gold ship of Scottish Comeys, but the reason for the re-quote is this from the Fie/Fey write-up: "The name Fie is an age-old Dalriadan-Scottish nickname for a dark-featured, peaceful person. The Gaelic name of the Clan is Mac Dubhshithe, which translates as black one of peace." Ignore that translation, as houseofnames write-ups get these things wrong regularly. The term, DubhSHITHE looks perfect for the Skate/SHEET bloodline, and links to the pigeon that God provided recently over my septic tank, when I looked up the Shitts to find them listed with the Shots/Shute's, and sharing the swords of Swords. The latter, from SIWARd of Northumberland, have got to be the reason for the Sewer variation of Shute-like Suters, you see.

I know what I'm doing: the pigeon over the stool of my septic tank was God's code for a stool pigeon, and that pigeon -- a miracle because I've never seen a pigeon or dove at my place before in over ten years -- has been absolutely resolved with the line of Siward and the Swords. Therefore, I can glean that God led me to the Fie's/Feys, who happen to share the white sword with Swords and Shots/Shitts. Fie's/Feys were loaded while on that ramp topic when I spotted that "Comey" could be a "Coffee" variation, and so asking myself if there was any other case of a rare C-to-M switch, I recalled the Cuffie's versus the Maffie's/Maffys listed with Fie's/Feys. However, I do not think that MacCuffie's are anything but a hard-C version of a MacAfee-like surname, and "Maffie" can be just a corruption of "McAfee" too.

I've been seeking, for a couple of weeks, a surname that could point to the stool pigeon, MIFsud, and have even tried Maffy-like Miffys, but no luck. Mifsud's lawyer, who is admitting with Mifsud that he was a Western-Intelligence operative, is Stefan Row(e) (unsure of the spelling). One Rowe Coat could have the Sitler/Schitner trefoil in colors reversed, and we just saw that Fie's/Maffys are said to have been descended from a Dubhshith, or DubSIDE, character, and Side's happen to come up as Suds, which I tried as per "MifSUD." There is no way that Mifsud's are related either to Fie's or Side's or any Shith-like surname, but God can use sound-alike surnames to point to such rare things as "Mifsud." I would be completely convinced that this paragraph is a Pointer to Mifsud if Fie's/Feys were also Miffys.

If you read of my Saint Petersburg medallion found on my hood, that topic pointed to Russian-collusion junk in which we can lump Mr. Mifsud. How amazing that I've been including the Groce surname into that medallion's discussions, for the medallion was found at a GROCery store. Plus, the last time I say Diane Muschatov, a Ukrainian, was at my age 42, when she recognized me in a grocery store 20 years after she and I were in a 2-month relationship. The Groce Shield is horizontally split in colors reversed from the same of Fie's/Maffys! Wow, the latter might really be a pointer to Mifsud and company. [There is another grocery store below that gets us to Fie/Fey kin, but I didn't know it while writing here.]

The Moor heads of Swords are good here because Halper-like Calvers have a Moor head as well as a fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Scythe's/Skits / Skate's/Sheets, and in colors reversed from the same of German Sauters/SUTERs. I link Mr. Sauteby in the Hicks write-up to Sauters/Suters, and wow, while Miss Hicks went to church in Crystal City, Crystals use a so-called CALVERy symbol. It now appears that a Halper-like surname (Calvers) is linking to my stop in Crystal City (see last update if you are new here). I stayed the night in Crystal City on the same day that I purchased a NEWSpaper and COFFEE, which is why Coffee's are a topic at all (because God set those events up in my life to point to News'/Nuce's and Coffee's/Coffers), and so it's amazing here that the Shith term of Fie's/Feys led us to Scythe's/Skits because they have a design like an hourglass, partly red, same as the News/Nuce Coat! Amazing, for even Helps/Halfs have the hourglass pattern (not sure whether it's heraldically an hourglass, but it could be).

Calvers were first found in Derbyshire with MORleys, and so the Calver MOOR head serves as evidence for a Morley-Calver connection. Plus, the lions of Irish Comeys are those also of Irish Moors and Morgans while there was a mythical Morgan le FAY which can be suspect with the Fie's/Feys. Morgan le Fay was a chief witch of Avalon, an island I've deciphered as Bute, and Bute is where the Glass' were first found who use a mermaid in Crest that the satanic Vere's place, as mythical Melusine, on Avalon. So, as an hourglass is used by Houstons from the GLASgow area, the HOURGLASS pattern may be deliberate for linking to Glass' of Avalon. The Books use an hourglass, and they share the Calver chevron, and while Roets use a book, they do link to this very discussion because they share the Speer boar head.

I had maintained years ago that Speers are the closest thing to mythical Melusine, but I don't know whether I have ever discovered the things in this paragraph until now. Fays/Fahie's share the downward-pointed sword of Fie's/Feys, and have a motto, a spear, and a boar head all in honor of Speers, first found in the Glasgow area so as to be linkable to Bute with Glass'. The Fay/Fahie motto, "EspeRANCE," can be gleaned with the Rance location near Dol, for the Dol Alans are from Aulon/AVLONa i.e. like "Avalon". The Dol Alans moved heavily to the Glasgow / Renfrew area.

The Ice's, suspect since only the last update with deep-state trafficking of CRYSTAL meth (called "ice" on the streets), share the trefoil of Sitlers/SCHITners. This is pretty amazing because the ice-cream symbol of Darlene Ray takes us to the "female figure" in the Darlene Crest said to be holding a book. Sitlers/Schitners were in Silesia, and can be of the Spree river to which I trace Speers (kin of Book-loving Roets) and Spree's. Roets share the SLEEPING moon with Kerns/Karens, first found in Silesia. And Miss Hicks was suspect, for the first time in the last update, as overdosed on drugs at Epstein's island, when she was SLEEPING in the dream in her CAR. I have traced KERNs/Karens and the Roet motto to the sleeping-moon character of myth, Endymion, who in Latmus a CARia loved the moon goddess of Caria. Perfect. As Hicks of Clapton used CLARion trumpets, we now take her car to ancient Clarus in Caria, but she also linked hard to Cary Somerset, where Clapton is located.

Spree's, can we believe it, share the hourglass of Skits/Skeochs and Skate's/Sheets, and even have a dove (pigeon) in Crest! Spree's share the Speer crescents and love the Simple's, first found Renfrewshire with Speers, and Simple's are from a Mr. Simplex, kin of PLANCia Magna, her line being to Plunketts, first found near or even in Dol. While "simple" is a Spree motto term, "Simplex" is a motto term of Perkins (from Perga, home of Plancia Magna) while the dossier crime was steered by Hillary's lawyer, Perkins COIE, suspect with my pool CUE when I shot the "cue ball" into the corner pocket for a sewer. The septic = SHIT tank is a sewer, right? Therefore, Sitlers/SCHITners apply because, for one, Shitts are listed with Shots/Shute's.

As female-figure Darlene's share the red fitchee with figure-like Viggers/VICErs, it may be that Ice's were a branch of Vice's/Vise's, first found in Sussex with the Medleys, a branch of Methleys who helped point to crystal METH. Medleys share the tiger with Scythes'/Side's/SUDys (MifSUD) can apply), and I was placed standing at the SIDE of her car when Miss Hicks was hovering, first mentally troubled, and then asleep. Wow, lookie: Sudy-branch Sutys/SIDeys probably use the SIDler/Sitler/Schit lion while the latter have the Ice trefoil! Plus, ice-cream was a pointer to Cremers/Cramers, one surname of which has a Ramp-like ram, and Ram's have a "VIS" motto term. Rams were in Havre, and Sutys/Sideys have a "have" motto term suspect with Have's/Haafs and Helps/Halfs. Havers use rooks.

In real life, Miss Hicks considered herself a prophetess, though I heard her false prophesy twice, and Clarus was the location of the false prophet, mythical MOPSus. He was also called, Muksus, and here it's interesting that Mochs share one erect sword in the colors of the same of Fie's/Feys. Duffys, likely of the MacDuffie variation of Fie's/Feys, share the Morgan lion, which nails the Fie's/Fays to that mythical witch above. Yet the Duffy lion is also the Comey lion.

Duffie's were lords of Fermanagh, and that location is where Maguire's/McGuire's and Caffers/Cafferys were first found who share the same Coat, which is a horse and knight, a symbol also in the Craig Crest while Groce's, suspect with the Fie/Fey Shield, are also Greggs.

The reason that I see Mochs from "Muksus" is that Scottish Mochs (scimitar) look linkable to Mopps'/Moberleys/MODburleys and Copelands. As the scimitar is likely code for the BOEOTians of Schimatari, note that Scottish Mochs share the fesse of Butts/Bute's/BOETs while Copelands have two of them. Mole's, who were Schimatari-line kin, share the white-on-blue boar head of HALEYs while I see "Muksus" at Mokissos, a location on the HALYS river (to the near-north of lake Tatta). Freak me out: Haleys use another brown lion! And not only is it in the passant position of the brown Copeland lion, but Copelands are the ones sharing the motto (Benjamite suspect) of Mea's/MEIGHs (more white boar heads), and the latter term, though pronounced "may," could become pronounced "meiff" because some words ending in 'gh' (example "laugh") have an f-sound. The Haley boar us shared by GouGHs/GoFFs and Googe's/Gooch's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's and Shitt/Shot-suspect liner Scotts). Mifsud was a paid mole. The Mea/Meigh cross is that of Macclesfields while an Arms of Macclesfield have a "copia" motto term expected for Copeland liners.

Mifsud's lawyer is Mr. Rowe, and Rowe's (Norfolk, same as Dunhams) use a version of the Cope/Coap and Copp (Lancashire, same as Copelands) Coats. The Rowe chevron-with-besants is shared by neighboring SKIPPers, and the Meschin family that ruled Copeland married SKIPtons. It looks like even Mifsud's lawyer is being pointed to Copelands, the ones at Cumberland with brown-lion Ramps. Didn't God connect Ramps to president Obama? I don't think I want to repeat it all here, but God have Miss Hicks a pointer to Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island, and her husband on that show, in real life, is Jim Backus, whom I saw as a pointer to the last scene (employee whose BACK was emphasized) in the Obama dream, the scene immediately after Obama was on the skateBOARD. "Lovey" pointed to Mr. Lovinger, a whistle blower against Jim Baker and/or Stefan Halper (I forget the details). "Skipper" was the captain of the SHIP on Gilligan's Island, and Ships are also Skipton-like Shiptons. That's amazing. Jim BACKus ended up pointing to a Jim Baker (or the military) who conspired with Stefan Halper, and Halpers (share Steele checks) share a brown lion with Ramps too while sharing the gold fitchees of Sewers/Suters (version of Board Coat).

The GILLigans have a giant, winged horse in the colors of the giant Caffer/Caffery / McGuire horse, and this tends to link to the winged horse of Motels, and thus to the newspaper and coffee. The Halper lion is SEATed, and Seats/Cedes' have besants in the same colors as the Skipper besants. The Skipper chevron may be in the Crest of Rams (of ice-cream liners), first found in Essex with Skippers. Our foreman when Darlene and I worked for Knob Hill Farms (GROCEery store) was Gill, and Gillie's (share Comey motto) share the split-Shield colors of Groce's and even have a version of the Fie/Fey Coat! Amazing. We just saw McGuire's and Caffers in a small paragraph with Groce's.

It's interesting that Scottish Gills (Coffey-fesse colors) almost have the Comey lion while Spanish Gills have double-lions combattant in the colors of the same of Brennans. Were Brennan and Comey involved in securing routes for the trade of crystal meth? The day I purchased the newspaper and coffee, I stayed at a motel in CRYSTAL city. By the sounds of it in the news this week, John Solomon thinks that Brennan (Obama's CIA chief) was directly in charge of Mifsud. Methleys, by the way, come up as Meths (Yorkshire, same as Crystals). Crystals love the Mens', first found in Lothian with Gillie's, and Scottish Comeys who share the Gillie motto were first found in Perthshire with the Rinds having gillie flowers. Rinds had a Rhind location in Fife while Fife's are suspect in the makings of Fie's/Feys because Fife's and Five's/Fifys can be linked to Vivians/VEYs. The latter share a purple lion with Skiptons on what could be the Skipper chevron but in Fie/Fey colors.

It's interesting that Darlene was not the only girlfriend with the ice-cream symbol, for about a year earlier Miss HANson got it too, and the Cremer/Cramer fleur are in the Cope/Coap chevron while these Cope's are said to have had a seat at HANwell. The Cremers/Cramer motto and red rooster is very linkable to Bible's/Bibo's who are in turn said to be of the Hahns (share rooster with Hanns). It just so happens that the Hand/Han chevron is that of Cope's/Coaps, Copps, Cope's/Cups, Skippers and Rowe's (Ice and Sitler/Schit trefoil in colors reversed). Cope's/Coaps were also at Hardwick while the Hardwick Crest shares a brown stag with the Hand/Han Crest. Nissans use a brown stag head on an ESCUTcheon, part-code for Scute liners to which I lump Schits. Scoots share the black greyhound with Schutz's/Shutz's. Escutcheon-using Scute's (Lancashire, same as Copps and Parrs) share the red rose on a stem with Cope's/Coaps, and while Obama was on a skateBOARD that links by Skate's/Sheets to Scute elements, Board's share the white escutcheon with Nissans (double-Parr fesses).

Like Darlene's, Mopps/Modburleys have a female in Crest of their own (by the looks of it), and a fitchee colors reversed from the Vigger/Vicer fitchee. It just so happens that the Mopps/Modburley fitchee is in a red square, as it the same fitchee in the Gillie Coat, and both the Gillie's and Viggers/Vicer's (taken from the "female FIGURE" of Darlene's) put their single fitchee on the Shield's sinister side. Darlene worked for Gill.

Vicers recall the VICE-grips I used on the Nissan the night of my mugging, the next day of which I purchased the newspaper of coffee, both of which are linkable to Copelands, who share the double fesses of Mopps/Modburleys and Nessans, thus making it seem that I'm on the right track with Mopps'/ModBURLEYs (Motleys/Modleys of MEDLIcott?), especially as Burleys (more white boar heads) are in Coffer/Coffee colors while first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's. As this picture point to Comey, watch the following.

Darlene's surname, Ray or Rae or Wray (I don't know how it was spelled, but "Ray" is my choice maybe because I once did know it), is important where Rays were at a Gill Cumberland, where Ramps were first found, for example, and Rams are loved by Cremers/Cramers. The McGILLs happen to use footless martlets in colors reversed from the same of Wrays, which is new here and tends to verify that Darlene Ray is a pointer to Mr. Wray at the now-hapless FBI.

I think one can also make a case here for going from Gill's grocery store to the FOOD Basics grocery store of the medallion, for McGills share the Feet/Fate martlets while "footLESS" is expected with cornuCOPia-using Fothes'/Fette's (same place as LESlie's and Cope's/Cups), a branch of Foods/Foots. Repeat: "Cope's/Coaps were also at Hardwick while the Hardwick Crest shares a brown stag with the Hand/Han Crest." Hardwicks share courant (all fours off the ground) stags with Rays, and Hands/Hans' have essentially the stag in the ray Crest. Hands/Hans were first found in Cheshire with Mails using a version of the Steele Coat while Mails and Male's can be in the "feMALE figure" of Darlene's. Wrays were first found in Lancashire with Copps and Copelands so that, all in all, I'm seeing a Christopher Wray link to the Trump-attack criminals in relation to Mifsud and the Saint-Petersburg fables that Mr. Steele put his name to.

The female figure is said to be wearing a robe, and Robe's/Robbs use more brown stags. They were first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds, kin of MEDALs/Dougals to which the medallion pointed, for someone left it on my hood while Hoods share the Baud crescents. God gave us a hood symbol at Knob Hill Farms grocers in relation to another of my girlfriends that worked there, back-to-back with Darlene, and Farms share the Steele lion heads. It's possible, though I haven't yet seen evidence for it, that Knob HILL Farms is another pointer to John Solomon at The Hill.

On second thought, the second girlfriend was Allison Bauer (Knobs likely have the Rothschild arrow), and Scottish Allisons (kin of MacDonalds along with Darlene's) look like they use the Hall / Hull dogs along with a fesse that happens to be colors reversed from the Hill fesse. The Hill write-up has "Richard de Hulle (Hill)," and Hulls were at Kingston-upon-Hull while Kingstons share the Papp/PAPADOPOLI lion while Hulls use the Pape/Papenburg Coat in colors reversed! George Papadopoulos was smack in with Mifsud and Halper, the stories of which are being spearheaded by John Solomon, and HALpers were first found in Worcestershire with Hills (Hall colors)! That's pretty amazing suddenly. The Papps/Papadopoli's even do a thingie with the lion TAIL while the Hall / Hull talbot dogs can be gleaned with Lucy TAILLebois (Lincolnshire, same as Halls).

Again, Gillie's were first found in Lothian with Pepin- / Poppin-beloved Mens', and while the Hill motto is likely code for Vance's/Vaux's, who share the Solomon Coat essentially, here's the Vance/Vaux write-up: "They possessed Dalston and GILLIEsland in Cumberland, and the barony of Dirletoun in East Lothian." Scottish Allisons are said to be Ellis' who in-turn share a woman in Crest with Darlene's. The Darlene woman is suspect with the Viggers/Vicers sharing the ship of Mare's/Mere's (in the MacDonald motto), and there's another brown lion in the Crest of Scottish Mare's/Marrs who in-turn almost have the Brunswick Coat. Mare's/Mere's were first found in Cheshire with Steele's and Hubers/Huberts, the latter sharing the Ellis crescents. This picture looks to be of the EEL in the Crest of Ships/Shiptons.

I tell you no incorrect claim: the stool pigeon at my septic tank will rat-out on Obama, guaranteed. Thus far, Halper has essentially admitted in a court case that he worked for (got paid by) Obama's government...when spying on Trump's people, right? However, I don't yet know whether Halper is my stool pigeon, though he seems to be in the skateboard-on-ramp. I'm still not satisfied with using the Ramps to finger Halper just because they both share brown lions. There was a little more to it to convince me that Stefan Halper does apply to the ramp scene along with Comey and Brennan, yet I feel an empty spot. I do understand that skateboards and ramps go well together, but why else might God choose a ramp for linking to the Halper lion? There are many others having brown lions. Or, why use a brown lion at all for pointing to Halpers? I feel that there is more to this ramp yet to be stumbled upon. The night before buying the newspaper and coffee, I stopped (with my Nissan) on a highway RAMP to take a leak between Baytown and Houston, and another kind of leak has to do with being a fraidy-cat stool pigeon (when he's peeing his pants for fear of being jailed).

The brown-lion COPElands were essential with the Halper link to the ramp, but moreover Cope's/Cups are beloved in the Coffer/Coffee cups while Coffer-like Cophers/Copenhalls (Halls are Meschin kin), with the News/Nuce Shield (half the Spree Shield), were first found in Cheshire with the Meschin family that ruled Copeland (I think it was William Meschin, brother of Ranulph le Meschin). It just so happens that while the Nuce variation of News' was pointed to Epstein's NOOSE, Copelands share the double fesses of NOSE's/Ness' having a Nissan-like Nessan variation.

The urine symbol in Greek myth was for Orion, who lived in TANAGRa, like the TANKERville variation of Tancreds/TANKs. There urine in my septic TANK. Orion traces to the Orns/Horns and even the heraldic hunting horn, for he was the mythical hunter. Yet the island of ARRAN can apply to "Orion" because it's beside Bute while Tanagra was on BOEOTia. Keep in mind here that McCabe's were first found on Arran who share the fesse of Coffers/Coffee's, and Andrew McCabe (Comey's deputy) is being leaked on by probably more than one fraidy-cat. I trace Boeotians of the Cadmus kind to Butua (shitty lake Scodra), beside Kotor, and as fish-using Saraca's were at Kotor, I trace the latter term to mythical KODRos of Athens, beside Boeotia, because he had a fish symbol, which we can see on the tail of the mermaid in the Crest of Glass', first found in Buteshire. The Butts/Bute's/BOETS are not only suspect with BOEOTians, but they share a fish on a fesse with the Arms of Saraca. As Bute's/Boets share the fesse of BUTTons/Bidens, it seems that the ancients knew of their trace to Orion, because the Button/Biden Crest is a "horn."

Thus far, the ramp in the Obama dream can be gleaned in-use because I took that leak on a highway ramp. There's more here, because the Biblical SHECHEMites were at SCHIMatari, smack at Tanagra, and they are traceable to the Schim variation of Shands/Chands, for they share the MOLE (surname) boar head while SHAKE's use mole hills (Kodros had a boar and a fish symbol). It's got what looks like Intelligent Design by the Spy in the Sky for pointing to the Intelligence mole, Stefan Halper. As I said, a few days after the stool pigeon flew off of the ground above the septic tank, the mole that had been tunneling under the gravel beside the septic tank started to tunnel in the dirt above the tank. Tanks are Tanagra liners. (The moles were raising the gravel and the dirt as they tunneled.)

About six hours after the leak on the ramp, a thief woke me up by SHAKing the Nissan (light truck). I assume he was lifting the truck up from the fender well. SHAKEspeare's happen to share the GRIPP bend, and the reason he shook the truck rather than just opening the hatch is that there were vice-GRIPs locking the hatch. For what it could be worth, Hatch's/Hacchs use the Brunswick Coat, highly suspect with the double Brennans lions. Fenders share the Moch sword, and when pointed down, it's the Fie/Fey sword.

Plus, while the stool pigeon pointed to the line of Siward of Northumberland, the Tunnels/Tunocks (Tank-like), first found in Northumberland, have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. God's a genius. The Tunnel/Tunock Coat is a version of the Weiner Coat; why might that be? See Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin in the last update.

God is EmBARE-ASSing Me

WOW, after finishing the last sentence (not the sub-title), I suddenly (you know the feeling) had to go number 2 (crap), I kid you not, and after that I put the COFFEE kettle on the stove, then came back to the computer to realize I had left off on the crap theme, so I looked up the Crapps to find what looks like the pigeons of Pigeons!!! Haha, could it be? Crapps were first found in Lancashire, and English Pigeons (pigeons in the colors of the Crapp birds) have this: "Alan Pigun was the first record of the family and he was listed in the Curia Regis Rolls of Norfolk [same as Bags] in 1200 and the Assize Rolls of LANCASHIRE in 1202.". The Crapp bird looks identical in design with the pigeon of French Pigeons, and even the head and neck of both birds has solid color, though one in white and the other in grey. The Crapp Crest is the only footless martlet, with feet added, that I know of, and I've seen a hundred of them or more. Crapps are Croppers too while Crope's use horns / Bull's scalp in Gripp/GRAPE colors.

Coffers (cups), Cophers and Copelands can be expected from elements of Cuppae, "city of doves," near a Pek river expected to such surnames as Pagans/Payens, Page's (doves) Page's/Pageons, Pigeons...and Pane's/PANICo's/Panetta's because Pansys/Pantzers use doves, or because PINCum is at the mouth of the Pek. The stool-like Stolls/Stowells share the PICKer/PECKer/Packer cross, and were first found in Somerset with the Paine's/Payne's and Coffers/Coffare's. The coffee kettle I put on had me looking up Kettle's (Perthshire, same as Wings/WINKs and Justine's/Justus'), with a "VINCE" motto term as code for VINKovci, birthplace of the imperial husband of Justine of PICENum (daughter of Justus), that place probably from the Picensii Illyrians at the Pek. It's interesting that while "vince" has a victory theme, "victoria" is a motto term of Coffers/Coffee's who in-turn share a white-ermined fesse with Kettle's. It appears that God arranged the two surnames to connect in this way for this day of the coffee-kettle mention.

Kettle's/KeTILLs (share brown stag head in Crest with Keaths/Keiths) must be a branch of Keaths/Keiths ("VINCit"), who are from Cattan elements at the Cetina/TILurius river of the Tails/Tailors, and the latter's lions are in the colors of the lion tails of Corks/Core's/Cochs while Coffers/Coffee's were first found in Cork. Keiths come up as "Mascal" while Mascals were first found in Sussex with Coverts/COFFERts and Coverts/Courts, and the latter's motto is suspect with the Cuntys/Cindys sharing the Kettle cinquefoils. It again shows that God considers a Coffee-Kettle relationship important. The "Bono" motto term of Kettle's can be for the Bone's/Bounds, first found in Sussex too.

Bono's (Milan) are good evidence that OTTONe Visconti of Milan was the line to ODINs (share the Bono lion), and while Odins share the lion-with-crozier of Greenwich's, the latter were first found in Kent with Greens who in-turn have stags in the colors of the Kettle stag heads. Kent is where Meschins of TUNbridge married the Clare's (root of Crispins), the same Meschins as were in Copeland, and if Tunbridge is of the Tunnels/Tunocks, the latter are the ones with a Weiner-like Coat. Also, Italian Pasi's/Pace's were first found in BONonia while the Cheshire Pace's share the purple Shield with English Winners (Cumberland, same as Copeland). Weiners are Winners too, and, besides, English Crispins look linkable to PASleys/Pashleys and Poussins (cat for Keith liners). French Crispins (PAREZ) share the pomegranate with Grazio's, the latter first found in PERUSia with Ottone's.

Bags share the Grimaldi Shield (my mother is a daughter of Mr. Grimaldi, born in Picensii- / pigeon-like Picenzo) while a Mr. Grimaldus reportedly married Crispina while Crispins are Crapp-like Crepons too. That works because my crap came when I put the coffee kettle on the stove (sorry for this theme), and I crapped into a paper BAG because my well is running low of water. I can't afford to lose my tenant at this time, so I've got to have shower water; the well-water level is just a few inches, maybe six (well is three-feet round), above the foot valve at this time. This is the third time I've bagged it this summer. Why did I BAG it today???

Sorry about this theme (I'm embarrassed to have to say this), but that's what I did, crapped in a bag, upon leaving the topic off at Anthony Weiner. Lookie: Kettle's share the Cindy cinquefoils, and Cindy Richardson (see last update) pointed to Anthony Weiner!! There's no end in sight to the fun.

Plus, Kettle's were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's while Crispina was Rollo's daughter. Rollo's (Speer boar head in colors reversed) have a "passe" motto term (sorry, no "bowel" term) for Passe's/Pascals I assume, and Pasi's/Pace's are also Pascels...said to be from Pasci in Eure while Pace's (Cheshire, same as Richardsons) are traced to Pacy Sur Eure. My bet is that Rollo's were on the Spey river because Speers are Speyers too. The Rollo chevron is now suspect with the Pigeon chevron because Crapps use the pigeon (I feel sure) while Crispins are also Crepons/Crepeys. Do you see how important it was for me to crap in that paper bag? It looks like God's idea, or I wouldn't have told you. Blame it on Him. Bags are Grimaldi kin, right? Yes, they both use lozengy Shields in the same colors. The Passe/Pascal eagle can be linked to the same of Books because Roets have a book while having the Rollo boar heads in colors reversed.

The Rollo clan badge is a brown stag head, shared by Kettle-branch Keiths, showing yet more evidence that the bag and the coffee kettle had to go together. It appears as though God timed my bowel movement while on Weiner. Weiners are also Winners, the "vince" theme of Kettle's. Cindy pointed to Weiners when I served her wine in a pizza restaurant, though there was more to it, and Wine's (now looking like VINKovci liners) are in Coffer/Coffee colors...which is why the Wine eagle is suspect with the one of Cophers. By the way, Wine's were first found in Carnarvonshire, the Arms of which have the Wine Coat.

It's bad enough that God gives me some painful circumstances for these pointers, now this. I'm so embarrassed to tell you. Please excuse my language, I need to use it. The crap bag is a Shitt bag because God has used a sleeping bag three times in pointers, and the Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi, smack at Shitt-line lake Scodra. Amazing, is it not? Doing it a lunch bag is a really crap shoot, take your chances on getting it in. lookie: the three swords of Shitts/Shute's/Shoots are fessewise, as are the three trumpets in the same colors of Calls, and, zowie, they were both first found in Wiltshire, smack beside Claptons, where the Hicks had their clarion trumpets. Recall when she said, "you can SCOOT over." Is that not amazing, as though that event was playing as Intelligent Design on this link of Shoots I-didn't-know-until-now to three trumpets. Like I said, the Shitt/Shoot swords are in the colors of the three swords of Sewer-line Swords, as though God arranged their Sewer variation to play to the Shitt / Crapp bag. The Grimaldi Arms use a friar or some kind of clergyman with a sword under their cloak, murderously.

The Grimaldi-related Crispins, of the CREPons, have fessewise BARs (very linkable to Bar-le-Duc) in the colors of these swords, and Bar is a modern location smack where the Selepitanoi are stamped on maps. Crispins/Crepons share the eight bars to Portis/Porch's, and they are expected at the naming of Portismouth, at Clapton. Crispina was Rollo's daughter, and Rollo's look like a Shitt line because they share "fortune" with Shitts/Shoots. Lady fortune" is the so-called women in the Klassen Coat, and I trace Klassens to the Clausula river at Scodra, near Kotor, the latter from mythical Kodros, who had a boar symbol. Rollo's use boars. The Clausula is now the Kir(i).

On this old, incorrect map, the Clausula is shown into lake Scodra, but not before flowing into a small river, apparently. Wikipedia says that the Kir, at the southern end of lake Scodra, flows into a distributary of the Drin (Drilon). A distributary is a river flowing away from a river, not into it. I assume, therefore, that this distributary goes into Scodra, a natural path for the Cavii of the Drin to have parked themselves at Scodra. Is God calling the proto-Caiaphas line a crap bag? It fits. Look at how close Lissus is to Scodra, for Lys'/Lisse's share courant greyhounds with Scoots/Scougals. Lady Fortune hold a banner, and two banner surnames have giant fleur-de-LYS'. The Trope's/Drop, sharing drops with the ram of BAGleys (Shropshire/SALOP, same as Sleeps), are expected from Tropoje, not very far east of Skodra. Penes'/Pennys (from Penestae on the Drin) use courant greyhounds too, and Penningtons have lozenges in the colors of the Bagley lozenges. "Courant" is probably code for Currents/Currens (Curry/Corry branch) because they show three eSCUTcheons, that's right.

I trace "SKODRa" to SCIDRus right beside Pek-like Pyxus (Buxentum), and while Cuppae is off the Pek, Copia is on the Sybaris shown on the map below with Scidrus. I'm suggesting that the "city of doves" line should be in the neighborhood of Pigeon-like Pyxus. A Scute-like "secutus" motto term is shared by Skittys/Skiddys (stirrups) and Buchans; the latter were from Buxentum/Pyxus. Scottish Picks/Pike's/Pickens share the stars of Solomons/Salome's suspect with Salome BOETHus.

On the map, someone printed "SCUTari" as an alternative name for the city of Scodra. The Clausula/Kir has a mouth at Scutari. As Scotts share the Coat of Terras' while Tarrs are Tarres', ScuTARi may have been a Scodra-people merger with proto Tarrs. It's possible that the Kir was named by the namers of the Siris beside the SyBARis. The latter was inhabited by boar-line Boura (Peloponnese). Beside the Siris is the Kir-like ACIRis upon which there is a GRUMENtum location, like the Krume location on the Drin. Right beside "Grumentum" is the Tanager river (source near PYXus) , looking like "Tanagra" in Boethus-like Boeotia. TANKERville's use another escutcheon, in the colors of the same of Pike-loving Geddes'. Geds share the Arms-of-Saraca fish while Saracena is on the Sybaris. I see Boeotians at Butua back at Scodra.

As I see Shechemites at the Tanagra-SchimaTARi area, it's suddenly excellent that Shechemite-liner Shake's share the chevron of Gable's/Gabells, who were looked up just now as per the Gabuleum/Gabulcus location on the Drin roughly where Grum-like Krume (modern location) is found. That's a big wow. It appears that Tanagra elements were indeed on the Tanager. It could be that Shechemites were the heart of the El-Gabal cult in Siris-like Syria. Shechemites are expected with the Biblical Kenites (could easily have had the pagan Levites of Laish) to the Kennati priests of Geddes-like Cetis, and that's the line to Kennedys, first found in Ayrshire with Picks/Pike's/Pickens and Cunninghams ("fork" motto term) who in-turn share a giant Y-shape with Spanish Gable's/Gabels. The Cunningham Y is called a SHAKEfork, I kid you not. Ayrshire looks out to BUTE, and Picks/Pike's share the pierced stars of Boethus-suspect Solomons/Salome's.

German Gable's, first found in Silesia with Pitch's and Sitlers/Schitts, and in the colors, use a giant pitchFORK, and this could be play on the Turbot trident because Turbots share the fish in the Arms of Saraca (shared by proto-Geddes Geds). Forkers (Ayrshire, same as Cunninghams), have an "amis" motto term while the Amis' were at Orne, the line of Orion, whose father is said at Wikipedia to have been at Tanagra. The Amis' use white-on-black roses that were suspect, in other Coats, with Rozala) of Ivrea, and, wow, it just so happens that the Amis bend-with-roses is that also of Carys, from castle Cary of the Leavells, the latter having been at Ivrea-like Yvery. That works, especially as "rosa" is an Amis motto term. The House of Ivrea has the Nassau lion, billet Shield and all. The last ruler of this House was king Arduin. As Arduinici married Doria's while Doria's have been suspect with the Candida eagle, it can explain the "candida" motto term of Amis'. Arduin was coronated in Pavia, where rose-using Pierro's/Pero's were first found, the Coat of which looks like that of Butts/Boets. I actually do trace the Sadducee Levites to the Laevi founders of Pavia, and it's Sadducees who were of the house of Boethus.

It's not a wonder that the Arthurian myth writers were liars and satan-inspired. It seems clear here that Laevi named the Leavells and that this Laevi blood was in the Percivals and Pierce's/Piers, good reasons to see the latter two from Pero's of Pavia. The Amis' have such variations as Amies/Hames, which could suggest a branch of Aime's/Hains. Yet Amie's/Amy's/Amiels share the muzzled bears of Berwicks while Arduin-line Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire. Leavells were from Gouel de Perceval while Percivals ("candida") share the black muzzled bear with Berwicks and Amie's/Amiels. The Clapton patee no longer showing is on red, as is the Percival patee. The Percival Coat is a version of the Billet Coat probably in relation to the billets that cover the House-of-Ivrea Arms. The Nassau/Naso lion in those Arms thus becomes suspect with the Beaumont lion (for the son of Gouel de Perceval married Miss Beaumont). It just so happens that Beaumonts were first found near the Gouel-like Joels/Jewells and Clapton.

Mythical Percival was a king-Arthur favorite, but they were myth code for mere bloodlines, and the writers didn't tell the world that they were playing in this secret way with their readers. My hunch is that British writers didn't want their British subjects to know that some British elite had married Italians. After all, Nordic vikings considered themselves superior, the rightful rulers of the world. And they put all their marbles into conquering the world, the scum of the earth, those who pillage and control and make peace by war.

Arduin married Bertha (possible Brit liner in Italy), suggesting the line of Mummolin and Berthe, for Mummolin ruled at Chalons-sur-Marne, the Arms of which is the Crozier Coat with Cruce cross, and "cruce" is a Percival motto term. Some thought that Bertha of Ivrea was a daughter of Hubert of Tuscany, and Huberts do use a version of the Amis Coat with possibly the Beaumont crescents. In fact, yes, for the Hubert branch of Hubbards share the gold annulet with the Amis Crest! The "over" term in the Cunningham motto might just reveal that Overs (Cheshire, same as Huberts and Hubbards) and Hovers were IVRea / Iver/Eure/Ever liners (the latter share the black bend with Amis', Huberts and Hubbards). This has Masci's of the Saluzzo area all over it. Hamo(n) de Masci of Cheshire looks like an Amis/Amos/Hames liner, and suspect in the "Amo" motto term of Scotts (Roxburghshire, same as Scottish Leavells). These Scotts probably share the Over and Masci bend.

Gable-like Cable's are linkable to Caens/Canns, both are suspect with the Butt/Boet / Button/Biden / Leavell fesse. Caen is at the Orne river where I expect Boeotians/Boiotians in the Baiocasses of the Caen area. "TurBOT" can apply here to Boet elements, and TURbots might even be a Taro-river entity. I trace Caens/Canns to the Ceno river flowing into the TARo. I trace Cable's to ancient Cabyle, off the old TONZus river of Thrace, and it just so happens that a shirt with BUTTONs is used by Tous'/TONSO's. The latter use the eight-pointed star, ancient symbol of IshTAR, the great-mother tart goddess that became Cabyle-like Cybele in Phrygia.

Shake's (Gable kin, by the looks of it) use mole hills and Mole's share the boar head of Haleys while the Lucania map above has a Hales river (the Alento today) near Pyxus. Cybele was related to the peoples on the Halys of what is now Turkey. The Hales is not far from PICENtia, looking like the Picensii of the Pek.

Back to the crap bag. We saw the Doria's of Arduinici. Half of the Doria eagle is expected with the Fix eagle, for Fix liners are expected with the Fieschi of Genova (where Doria's were first found), associated with Bag-related Grimaldi's. Note that the Fix Coat has a blue, wavy fesse connectable in colors reversed with the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds, the latter first found in Hamburg with German Crapps/Krupe's/Crope's. Then, the Bags (Norfolk, same as Gangs/Geggs) have the Gang/Gegg cinquefoils in colors reversed, while Scottish Drummonds use a "Gang warily" motto, can you believe it? It's as though the bag of crap had eyes to see heraldry links. If "warily" is code for Wirrals, it works where Irish Weirs have a form of the Bag / Grimaldi Shield (compare with Vairs/Fers'). Scottish Weirs/Vere's (same place as Scottish Leavells) are the ones suspect with the Nagle fesse because German Nagle's are Neils too while the "nihil" motto term of Weirs/Vere's has got to be for the Nihills/Neils. The Doria's married Arduinici at Nagle-line Oneglia, perfect. If Ivers/Evers/Eure's (share Vere/Vair quadrants) are Ivrea liners, note that they share the gold boar in Crest with Weirs/Vere's.

The Leavell fesse-wise bars are in the colors of the Drummond fesses. As Drummonds were involved, as per Annabel Drummond, with the ascension of the Dol Alans to the Scottish throne (as Stewarts), note that Annabels/HONEYballs were first found in Norfolk with Gangs/Geggs and their Bag kin. It can explain why German Drummonds have fesses in Alan-fesse colors. Annabels use the double Nose/Ness/Nice fesses, red, in the colors of the three Drummond fesses, and Honeys use the double Parr / Nissan fesses, for a trace from Pharnaces and Nysa of the Pontus. Nissans happen to share a brown stag with the Annabel/Honeyball and Kettle Crests, and Kettle's (one fesse in the colors of the three of German Drummonds) were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds, can you believe this? As soon as I had done the bag crap, I put the coffee kettle on. Parrs were first found in Lancashire with English Crapps.

Honeys share the double fesses of English Hone's, except that the latter's are wavy, tending to assure that the Drummond bars apply. Drummonds with Crapps were first found in Hamburg, and Hone's in Hampshire (beside Hams), in case those similar terms apply, for a part of Hampshire is called Hants while Hands/Hants share a brown stag in Crest with Honeys (Hun liners come to mind). Moreover, the Keons come up as "Hone" two, and they have a HAND between two lions combattant in the colors of the same of Wirrals (cups?), tending to confirm that the Drummond motto is partially for Wirrals. The latter came up when three pigeons WHIRLed around my maple tree days after the first-ever pigeon was spotted here, which walked over my septic tank, where I keep CRAP. Can you believe this? The bee in the Honey Crest can be code for the Bee's (includes the Sales Coat) having a version of the Ivrea-suspect Iver/Eure/Ever Coat.

It could be deep-state meaningful that the Hamburg Crapps share the bull's scalp with Cheneys while the Hampshire Hones share blue billets with Dutch Bush's/BOS' and their Pastor branch. As Kettle's share the cinquefoils of Cindys, colors reversed from the cinquefoil of Bos-like Bus' (Norfolk, same as Bags, wow), it's just amazing that Cindy Richardson was the daughter of my PASTOR. As Cindy pointed us to Weiners, by what coincidence do German Hone's (Silesia) share the diagonally-split Shield of German and Belgian Weiners?

Repeat: "It appears as though God timed my bowel movement while on Weiner. Weiners are also Winners, the "vince" theme of Kettle's. Cindy pointed to Weiners when I served her wine in a pizza restaurant, though there was more to it, and Wine's (now looking like VINKovci liners) are in Coffer/Coffee colors..." The Bowells/BOSwells (hee-hee), sharing what could be a brown eagle in Crest with the Drummond Crest, were first found in Yorkshire with the Bush's sharing a black-on-white fesse with Bowells/Boswells ("vraye" could point to crapola Mr. Wray, likely a Bushite). The latter use white cinquefoils on their fesse, and the Bus cinquefoil is white too. Why is the crap bag now pointing to the Bush-Cheney duo? Bowells/Boswells use the Potter cinquefoils in both colors, and Potters were first found in Hampshire with the English Hone's.

The Beauzeville location of Bowells/Boswells could explain the Bee/Bees surname expected in the Honey Crest.

Watch for crap over the next two paragraphs. The "ProGREDere" motto term of Honeys (Worcestershire, same as Halpers and Squirrels) can be gleaned with the Greats having a Crapp-like Greep variation. Greats are from Gratian the Elder, born in Vinkovci while that line's Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds and Kettle's. Gratian was father to Valentinian I, and Valentins happen to use squirrels, tending to assure that "Progredere" is partially for a Gratian line. It just so happens that Greats/Greeps (share gold border with Justine's) share the saltire of Nagle's/Neils, first found in Westphalia with Have's/Haafs, suspect with Halper-branch Helps/Halfs who in-turn share the hourglass-like Shield (both colors) of Kerrys. The latter share the beehive with Honeys, you see. I suggest that the HIVE is code for a Have/Haaf branch.

Greats/Greeps are expected with Grazio's because the latter share the pomegranate with Graz-like CRISpins/CREPons. That works. Vinkovci-like VINCEnts are said to be from a Cramer-like Cramenil location in Le HAVre, and Havers are in Gripp/Grape/Grabber/GRAVner colors, colors reversed from Graville's. [Grav-like terms are for Croatians below, where Cramers fit in perfectly]. English Vincents are in CRAB colors, and French Vincents (blue-on-gold border) would have a gold border in colors reversed. "[Mallets] held the castle of Graville near Havre.". Greats/Greeps share a gold border with Graville's, and Griefs/Grave's share the eagle of Wine's while we are apparently in the Cunty/Cindy bloodline, for French Vincents were first found in Languedoc with Conte's who in-turn use the Coat of French Graville's. The latter were in Fourneau (Normandy) while Forneys were first found in Languedoc.

Ahhh, the Grief/Grave eagle is half the Vienne eagle while Weiners, to which Cindy Richardson pointed, are Vienne liners!!! The Grief/Grave Shield is even split diagonally, and half in the colors, of the same of Weiners!!! That is incredible. I served Cindy wine suspect with Anthony Weiner, and here the Grief/Grave eagle is half the Wine eagle, half the Weiner eagle!!! And we just saw why Gravel liners should be Crapp branches while the crap-bag event pointed to Weiner via the coffee kettle. The Wine eagle had become suspect with the Copher eagle. I'm not sure whether "greep" is a variation of "great," but lean toward a Gratian-line merger with Gravel liners [Gratian lived near Croatia].

Keep in mind that Tanagra-suspect Tankerville's (Bus cinquefoils) were at Le Havre. Tankerville's are a branch of TANKS/Tancreds, and the mole that borrowed tunnels over the septic tank, a few days after the stool pigeon arrived there, was tunneling under the gravel, as I've said a few times, on the day the stool pigeon arrived. After tunneling over the tank, it tunneled beside the tank, down along the ROCK stairs, and was never seen from again. Perhaps it died as per the Grave variation for which God is hinting of the death of some mole. Be an Intelligence mole, get murdered by Intelligence when you are caught. ROOks are used by gold-border Graville's/Gravels.

English Vincents share the quatrefoil with Amis' who had linked well to Rozala of IVREA, and as we saw her line to muzzled bears, there's another one in the Vincent Crest. The Amis bend is like that of Kerry-like Carys, from Cary castle, Somerset home of the YVERY Leavells. The Hone's sharing the diagonally-split Shield of Weiners are also Hains, recalling that Aime's (could be the Drummond bars) are Hains (Lincolnshire, same as Hannitys) too while Amis' are Amies'. Aime's/Hains use pale bars in the colors of the double Cindy pale bars. Hannitys share the blue leopard face of Jeffersons.

As the Haver Crest share the JEFFERrson Crest (white seated GRIFFin), the two surnames could be branches of Heffers / Hephers/Hevers/Evers. English Heffers were first found in Somerset with the Coffers/Coffare's who in-turn share the crescents of Irish Heffers. The latter share the passant lion in the Crest of Cuntys/Cindys, blue like the Jefferson-Crest griffin. Hovers/Hoffers use more leopard faces. Is Sean Hannity being pointed to here as per the victory that God may have hinted about with my coffee in Victoria? Or is Hannity going to end up in the crap bag with the deep staters that Fox is expected to cover for, if Barr does? [Agrippa's, suspect with Griffins, may have been KRVati = Croatians of the Gripp/Grabber kind, for Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa, was in Croatia's Dalmatia.]

Victoria Nuland

OH AMAZING, THIS IS IT! You won't be disappointed. Not that I have the hand cuffs or anything. The day after writing above, I saw a video where Victoria Nuland was mentioned, a person I rarely mention, but one I hear fairly regularly in Trump-attack news. I've checked "Nuland" in the past without finding a surname coming up, but today, I found Newlands in the colors of News'/Nuce's. I then went out to do some work, pulling weeds on my KNEES. Yes, I even wore knee pads because "walking" on the lawn on my knees is less stressful on my lower back that stooping down. It was while on my knees that I had a small voice in my head, I think it was "Victoria." And VICTORIA NUland came to mind!!!! Do you see it? Where has my head been all this time while talking on the NEWspaper in Victoria.

Here's what I was thinking while on my knees; if God has pointed so sharply to Ms. Nuland with the newspaper, then the Newland Coat should connect to something important. I had spent only a short time peering at the Newland Coat, recognizing only one thing: it shares besants on a chevron with Skippers. I therefore determined that I would check out what was said above on the Skippers, and I'll get to that. But before checking what was said on Skippers, I loaded Nuland's Wikipedia article to find that, when she was the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs (Obama's second term), her deputy was John HEFFERn. Wow, didn't I show the Heffers above? Yes, and Hefferns are with the Heffers sharing the crescents of the Coffer/Coffer branch of Coffers/Coffare's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you, no disappointment. Of the tens of thousands of surnames, Nuland's deputy is of the Coffee bloodline, NO COINCIDENCE.

There must be an important reason that God should point to Nuland with my Victoria event. Eurasian affairs includes Ukraine, doesn't it?

The first mention of Skippers was this: "The Rowe chevron-with-besants is shared by neighboring SKIPPers..." The last thing said about Skippers was this: "It just so happens that the Hand/Han chevron is that of Cope's/Coaps, Copps, Cope's/Cups, Skippers and Rowe's (Ice and Sitler/Schit trefoil in colors reversed)." That's how Skippers can link to the Coffer/Coffee cups (The Coffee surname was probably created after a Coffer line adopted cups by marring a Cup/Cope liner). Skippers (beside Cambridgeshire) are suspect with the Rumilly-Skiptons, and Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuce's. Rumillys look like they use shark teeth, and I assume they are called piles, in colors reversed from the three piles of Youngs/Yonge's, the latter first found in Essex with Skippers.

For those who know the sleeping-bag dream (points to Hillary's email crimes), you should know that Rumillys were at Girton and Barton while Girtons share the specialized leopard faces of Morleys, Morlands and Rodham-pointing Ade's/Aids. Not only that, but BARtons could have been Bra liners that should include Donna Brazile's ancestry in Braswells, who use a girdle suspect with Girton-like Girtle's/Girtlers/CURTlers, possibly a branch of the Court variation of Coverts / COFFERts (share gold leopard face with Girtons). The Meschins of Cheshire (where Mews-related Cophers were first found) married the Rumilly-Skiptons, and this was from the family of William Meschin, who was given lands / rule in Cup-suspect Copeland and I think Westmorland too, where Morlands were first found. Earls of Macclesfield (Cheshire) used leopards, and the Rumilly-Skiptons were in Yorkshire, where Morleys/Mauls were first found to which the sleeping-bag dream pointed. The Morleys/Mauls share the scallops of Tailbois' (probably the Meschin scallops on red), and the Meschins of Copeland and Skipton descended from Lucy Taillebois. The Meschin scallops are shared by Norfolk's Flags/Flacks, and Bra-liner Brays/Brae's use a "flax breaker."

Rowe's (Norfolk) share the Ice trefoil; it's pretty amazing that Crowleys share the Darlington crosslets, in the red-on-gold colors of the Darlene/Darling fitchees, for Darlene Ray was the ice-cream girl. Crowleys were looked up because Nuland took over Philip Crowley's job as spokesperson for Hillary's state department. I'm checking out whether Newlands and Crowleys are connectable in heraldry. Crowleys are said to have "started as a branch of the MacDERmots," making the DERlington variation look like the makings of Dermots (could have been from a Derlington-Mott marriage right down the Coffer/Coffee line). Dermots share the blue boar with Crowleys, and it just so happens that the Dermot chevron-with-symbols is in the three colors of the same of Newlands (Devon, same as Darlene's/Darlings).

At first, upon discovering that Croatians are also KRVati, I recognized that Cravens were from Croatians. I then became familiar with the Ceraunii Illyrians because they lived beside the Maezaei, but it would be years before realizing that "CERAUNii" was the reason for mythical CORONis, who had a CROW symbol! Perfect, for Ceraunii were in the Croatia theater. And we just saw Crav-like Crawleys using Ceraunii-like cranes. When one foot of a crane is lifted as we see it in the Crawley Coat, it's probably got a rock in the foot, a Rumilly symbol. Rumillys were in Craven with Skiptons. So, there we have it, the Crawleys are likely using the Newland chevron closely, pointing to Nuland and Crowley, a couple of Hillarys lap dogs. The old Cronkshaw variation explains why Cronkite's have a crane (with rock in foot).

Cravens happen to share red fitchees with Darlene's/Darlings. You're about to see how wildly Darlene's ice-cream symbol (this was over 40 years ago) applies to Darlene-surname kin. CRAVen-like CRAWleys/CRALEYs (cranes), very connectable to Crowleys, share the chevron of Newlands (!), and Newlands put a fitchee, in both colors of the Craven fitchee, over their chevron. Plus, CRAVen-like Crabs (Crapp branch?), first found in Cambridgeshire with Rumillys and News'/Nuce's, are said to have had an old CRAIL variant! That's a way to prove that Newlands were News/Nuce liners! And I've just learned why Crabs were Crails too. We saw Crawley-like Crowleys enter the picture while I've been tracing the mythical Greek crow to Croatians for over a decade. Craws are also CRANshaws, it figures, pointing the SHAWs to Croatia's SAVa river.

Crabs are in the colors and format of Rumilly-like Rams, and the ice-cream-liner Cremers/Cramers, said to be also CRAINers (wow!), use the ram. Rams were first found in Essex with Skippers, and they have chevrons colors reversed from one another, though the chevron in the Ram Crest is the Skipper chevron too. Another wow. It's therefore possible that RuMILLYs were a Ram merger with Millys/Mollays/Mullee's (MALo Mori") because the latter's trefoils are colors reversed from those of Ice's. The Milly/Molloy motto is shared by Giffords who in-turn share the Dent lozenges while Dents may be pointed to by Darlene's car "accident." Wow, Giffords are in the write-up of Wears/Were's said to be on the Axe river. "ACCIdent" was suggested months ago as part-pointer to Axe-river liners, but I don't remember if Giffords were part of that argument. Coffers/Coffee's love the Dents of SEDbergh (Yorkshire, same as Skiptons of Craven).

To put it another way, Millys/Molloys share the Rowe trefoil while Rowe's have the Skipper chevron-with-besants. It's perfect for establishing that God DID create an ice-cream entity / set of lines. We have just touched upon multiple surnames in that entity that definitely seem related, but there is also the Dermot-like "dormit" motto term of Cremers/Cramers, can you believe it? Cremers were Crowley-of-Dermot kin because both were from Ceraunii (probably the proto-Croatians). In colors reversed, the rooster of Crows (Norfolk, same as Rowe's) is red, the color of the Cremer ROOSTer. Ice's were first found in ROSTock!

The Newland fitchee is in the LOVE/Luff Crest, and as we just saw Skippers link as a fact to Newland elements, we take it back to Skipper on Gilligan's Island, for that's the show that have LOVEY Howell. There's more that points to a Mr. Lovinger, who blew the whistle on Jim Baker and/or Stefan Halper (I forget the details). This Lovinger fellow was pointed to (many months ago) by Lovey Howell. I wrote on a hunch of the car accident that Darlene Ray got into was God's pointer to RAY Luff, who was destined to die in a car accident. I wasn't very keen on that connection, and would rather have forgotten about it, buy Love's/Luffs do share the red fitchee with Darlene's.

I can add that I remember hugging Darlene when first seeing her after the accident. I probably remember it well because God set it up for me to remember. I hugged her warmly on behalf of the accident, and, I kid you not, at Luff's funeral, I was the only one who hugged his wife at the GRAVE site. Gravens are listed with red-fitchee Cravens!!! This is new! Plus, the Hugs share three red fesses with Love's/Luffs, but there's probably more to this, than meets my eye at the moment, than assuring a pointer between both car accidents. Hugs share the Coat of Fountains, first found in Norfolk, beside the Suffolk wherein Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found. There are reports that Clintons cause murders, and car crashes have been used for such things. Newlands share the Love/Luff fitchee, and so perhaps she knows a little something from the Clintons on such a thing.

It should be added that while Actons appear to be in the Craven motto and fesse, the motto of Actons/AXton (share "L'homme" with Humphreys) looks like it honors Humphrey-de-Vieilles. The Rays use a stag version of the Frey Coat while Humphreys/HumFreys' look like a Home/Hume merger with Freys. It recalls my hug with Mamie at home plate. Are Axtons a part of the ACCIdent? The Frey horses are in the colors of the Gilligan horse (Gill colors), and Gill was my boss and Darlene's too. The Arms of Lombardy, location of Crema, are in the green-white colors of the Gill lozengy, and the Scottish Lombards have such a lozengy Shield too. The Lombard Shield is shared by German Hansons, and Miss Hanson was the other ice-cream girl. English Hansons share the Raines lions while Scottish Lombards were in Rennes- / Wren-suspect RenFREWshire.

Repeat: "The McGILLs happen to use footless martlets in colors reversed from the same of Wrays." Spanish Gills share the lions COMBattant of Brennans, and while "comBattant" can be expected with Somerset's Battants/Battins/Badens (AXE, code for Somerset's Axe river to BriSTOL!), the term can be part code for Comb/Coom / Comey liners. Combs/Cooms were at Stow, the likely makings of Stowells/STOLLs. Stow happens to be in Suffolk, where Love's/Luffs were said to be first found who use three red lion heads in the colors of the three red Comb/Coom lions! Bingo, and the Steele's have a red lion head too. The entire lot of the dossier's schemers are in this discussion.

Stows/Stouts were vikings with a raven banner while ravens are crows. Stows/Stouts happen to share the fitchee style of Love's/Luffs while both share three fesses (different colors). If the Stow/Stout fesses were red, they would have the triple Hug fesses. One of the Hug fesses is used by French Paine's while English Paine's, first found in Somerset with Stolls/Stowells, share the Gifford motto. English Paine's share the lozenges of Stolls/Stowells, and both have the Whistle / Bath lion (Bath is beside BriSTOL).

As this lot of fiends was portrayed as a shark, let's go back to the Rumilly Shield's shark-like teeth, for Saraca's lived in Ragusa, in Croatia. The Ceraunii are expected to have named the Ceraunii mountains near Bullis, and Bullis liners had been suspect with the bulldog in the shark's mouth. That works. Bullis'/Bulliards were first found in Suffolk.

There's more, because Lovinger-like Lovings/Louvains (Kent, same as Masons/Massins) share the Coat of Masons/Massins, whose blue lion can be in the Crest of Darlene-suspect Dermots. The full Mason/Massin motto, "Dum spiro spero," is in the Darlington motto. The lion here is colors reversed from the Hug / Fountain lion, and spero-like Sparrows (UNIcorn in a crown, probably a Una-of-Croatia line) and Sparhams were first found in Norfolk with Fountains. The uniCORN is suspect with "crown" as code for Ceraunii (the Una river is in Croatia).

To help show that Love's/Luffs are to be in this picture, their fitchee style is shared also by Smiths (Durham, same as Derlingtons), and the last time I saw Mr. Luff was when Paul Smith was over in his basement (I've said this at least twice before). When Smith totalled his Jeep (car accident), he bought my Nissan (I've said this quite a few times). The Meschins of Copeland married Rumilly-Skiptons, and it just so happens that Smiths share the Copeland and Mea/Meigh (share same style fitchee again) motto, having the NUmans/Newmans, while Mea's/Meighs (share boar head with Dermots) were from the Meu river, location of Mott suspect in DerMOTs. Coffers/Coffee's had pointed to MOTels / Mota's, and Motels share the winged horse of Gilligans in Caffer colors. We could even call this the coffee-cream line because Cremers have a "dormit" motto term.

As Montfort is along the Meu too, I can glean that elements in this picture were from Montforts (two-tailed lion) in Modena. Rennes, beside Montfort, is suspect with the Raines' who share the Numan/Newman lions, in the colors of the two-tailed Stock lion. Raines-branch Wrens (said to be from Rennes) happen to share the purple lion with Skiptons, and the Wren Chief shares the Dermot crosslets. The Skipton-related Rumillys use a rock, symbol of Roque's, the latter first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil (and Hugs), itself beside RENNES-le-Chateau and Quillan. The Quillans share the white wolf with Gore's while Gore's share the Wren / Dermot crosslets. Gore's were first found in Essex with Skippers (and Rumilly-linkable Youngs/Yonge's). The Wren ravens are a crow species.

One of the reasons for leading me here, if indeed God has arranged it, is that the Smith fitchee is suspect with the near same, in colors reversed, with the Crutch fitchee, for near in time to the Obama dream, God gave me a dream where Paul Smith was on crutches. The Crutch fitchee is the one in the Plain/Plater Coat, and the Obama dream pointed to Plains/Platers when I made the "cue ball" into a paper plane. The potent cross, made from the upper part of a crutch, is used by Skate's/Sheets (in the Obama dream) and by the Croce's, the latter likely a branch of the Crooch variation of Crutch's. Besides, "Dum spiro spero" is the Croce motto too, tending to verify that Smiths were related to Darlingtons ("CRUCE dum spiro spero") and Croce liners.

Sara Carter has the Lovinger-Halper story: "Lovinger, a whistleblower, is now battling to save his career. The Pentagon suspended his top-secret security clearance May 1, 2017, when he exposed through an internal review that Stefan Halper, who was then an emeritus Cambridge professor, had received roughly $1 million in tax-payer funded money to write Defense Department foreign policy reports, his attorney Sean Bigley said."

Halper was a friend of British spy, Richards DearLOVE. An heraldic deer is used by Malta-like Mallets, and Halper was a Maltese professor. It just so happens that the crutch-potent pattern is used by Avezzano's, who named Avesnes on the Halper-related Helpe river. Dearlove's, amazingly enough, are also Darlene-like Darleys (had a Darley location in Derbyshire). This is now the time to say that Love's/Luffs share the Steele lion head, for Christopher Steele was likewise a British spy! Halpers share the Steele checks! The six fleur of Dearlove's/Darleys are in the pattern of the six MOTA roses!

For many years, Love's/Luffs were said to have been first found in Suffolk, where Muscats were first found who have a version of the Love/Luff Coat. It seems to be pointing to my ladyfriend, Miss MUSCHATov, for her parents had a Ukrainian accent. This was the lady whom I last saw when, 20 years after out relationship, I bumped into her in a grocery store. Halper's university in Stirlingshire had figured in strongly with the Russian medallion-on-Jeep event at a grocery store. The neighboring Muschats share the Epstein Coat, for whatever that could be worth, which has three chevrons colors reversed from the same of Singletarys. The Muscat Crest shares the Singletary antelope, and Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary.

I think I now understand why God wanted to connect Darlene Ray to Ray Luff, so that Mr. Dearlove could be dragged into the picture with Steele. Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Dearlove's, and I have something to say on Morley's appearance in the sleeping-bag dream, not forgetting that it started with my picking up the bag as a pointer to John Solomon, who is the one concentrating on Halper et-al. It was resolved that I PICKed it up to assure that Solomon was in that event. But why was the sleeping bag on the ground when I picked it up? Why did I do nothing with the bag after it was picked up? Why did the scene change from picking it up to Morley riding his motor bike from the ROAD down to the area of the bag?

It just so happens that English Grounds use a version of the ROADS/Rhodes Coat, leopard in Crest included. But wait, for as I walked into a MALL parking lot upon crossing that RODham-like Road, it's got to do with Perkins Coie too, for Parkings are listed with Perkins (share Smith fleur, in case that means anything). And Perkins Coie hired Mr. Steele round-about. Morleys/MAULs even share the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's and English Pike's. The point in repeating much here is that Rodhams/Roddens have a version of the Aid/Ade Coat (share gold leopard in Crest with Rhodes'), and while the Aid/Ade Crest has the specialized leopard head of Morleys and Morlands, Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with AITons who in-turn have a rose version of the Rhodes / Ground Coat. God is talking to you, whoever you are. You can't toss 30,000 surnames into the air, grab four or five at random and do with them the tidy thing you just saw with a ground, a road, a parking lot and a mall. And, by the way, the Rhodes' substitute the Ground martlets for besants, which happen to be in the colors of the Newland besants.

[Insert -- By the way, Grounds can be gleaned with the Grands in the Court/Covert motto because the latter surname was first found in Sussex with the Coopers/Coppers (share Covert/Coffert leopard face) who in-turn share the Ground Crest demi-leopard. The Cooper/Copper leopard faces are gold, same with the Morley leopard faces. Why should Coopers / Coverts figure into the sleeping bag? I pointed the sleeping bag, on the morning of the dream, to John B. Poindexter and John Podesta, both suspect in the killing of Scalia, and while Poindexters/Puddesters share the Fist/FAUST fist, I here find the "Stand FAST" motto of Grands. This is new, so far as I can recall. Wow, "ground" was just sung in a song, "In Christ Alone" ("solid ground"). The song also has the line. "On Christ the solid Rock I STAND, and there is a rock in the Crest of Stand-fast Grands! I can understand why God would time this song for this paragraph, for it's important to know the meaning of that sleeping bag.

Again: pizzagate pedophilia was pointed to by Cindy Richardson, and the Court/Covert motto is, "GrandesCUNT" while Cindys are Cuntys too. Amazing, is it not? It's John Podesta (said to be a pedophile) who connects the Scalia murder to the rest of the sleeping-bag dream about Hillary Clinton's attack on Trump, for Podesta was in charge of her election campaign.

The song above is sung by Sounds like REIGN (God knows what he's doing). The Reines/Reine's are the ones with a comet and the Pisa Coat in colors reversed while French Grands have three fesses colors reversed from the same of Pings/Pongs/Paganells. It's the pointer to pizzagate pedophilia at Comet Ping Pong pizza, and the song above has the KID(s) of the female singer participating in the song. I'd a very sad and horrifying topic, but I get it. God has some horrific punishment for those who use kids for their sexual pleasures, and we will not pity them one iota.

We just saw the sleeping bag with Coffer/Coffee suspects, right? End insert on this Saturday afternoon]

I haven't yet discovered the reason that a sleeping bag was picked up in relation to John Solomon or the dossier criminals [but the insert above begins to explain it]. The best I have done is to point the sleeping bag to the murder of Scalia, a killing in his sleep suspect with the same circle seeking to empower Clinton for to replace him on the supreme court with a far-leftie corruptopath like herself.

The Rhodes lions are in the colors of the Love/Luff lion heads, and the latter were once said to have been first found in Suffolk, where Deacons were first found who have the Rhodes Coat without the besants. Deacons share the Coat of Decans (RUTland), suspect from a Decani area in KOSovo. Rhodes is a Greek island near Kos. As earls of Macclesfields used the leopard, the Rhodes cross can be the Macclesfield cross.

The Aids/Ade's are said to have had a branch at InverKEITHIN, explaining why the black leopards faces are shared between Keatons (Rutland, same as Decans) and Aids/Ade's (and NEWports, in case they were Porters). Rutlands (share red horsehead in Crest with Dearlove's/Darleys) were first found in Surrey with the father of ADA of Warenne. As Aids/Ade's have a version of the Rodham Coat, it explains why Rutlands share an "orle" border with Rutherfords while the latter share "nec" with Rodhams. (The Rutland horse looks like the Massey horse because the latter share the fleur of Dearlove's.)

While viewing the Rutland Coat, a song, "I am NEW" was playing, and News'/Nuce's are in Rutland colors, and both even share a Crest split in red and gold. WOW, after writing that, Rutts were checked to find a hand holding what looks like a newspaper, the News/Nuce Crest! Zikers. In the silence of the Holy Spirit, He speaks to me regularly with my music. It never stops, virtually week after week lately, on weekends. It's Friday night now.

The Rutt Crest doesn't need to be a newspaper; it can still be an indication that Rutts and News' had married and therefore shared similar Coats. The Rutts can have a shin bone, for example, the symbol of NEWtons (Coffer/Coffee colors). Newtons were first found in Macclesfield, in the area roughly of the first Cophers who share the News/Nuce Shield. Meschins, who ruled Cheshire, have a Rutland possibility in their write-up. Prince's, in the "eastern prince" of the Newton Crest, share the Macclesfield cross, but it's also the Rudes/Rudge cross.

Rutts don't have a shin bone, but it wasn't a wasted exercise to bring in Newtons. I have it recorded, apparently, from a 2012 file, that: "The scroll in the Rutt Crest (Moray symbol too)..." English Rolls/ROWLES' have a Crest similar to the one of Rutts, and then German Role's not only have a Coat somewhat like that of Rutts, but write: "Firstly, Roll may have originated as a diminutive of the Germanic personal name Hruodilo or RUDELIN;..." Rowells/Rothwells/Rosewells (share the Roll/Rowles besants) have two of the triple chevrons of ArchDEACONs (Rhodes Coat), and Decans were first found in RUTland.

[Rutts share bells with the Porters soon to become a major topic with pointers to Karl Rove, and so note the Port-like Prets below. Rove's were likely a Rutt branch round-about.]

Rutlands seem to love the Prays in their motto, and Irish Prays (Down, same as Knee's) almost use the Keith (= Catti, from Chatti of Hesse-Cassel)) pale bars, but do share the six pale bars of COATS. Archdeacons come up as "COTYS" and have the triple chevrons of English WISE's in colors reversed. Dan Coats, former chief of Intelligence as of days ago, sided with Hillary's side of the deep-state controversy. Coats has been replaced by Maguire while Maguire's share the Caffer/Caffery Coat. English Prays are Praters too, and Prets/Prettys are in the Moray motto while the Moray Coat with the scroll is no longer shown at houseofnames. Rothes is at Moray with Rothiemurchus of the Shaws / Comyns nearby. It showed FETTERlocks while Fetters (Weis/WISE/ Wies wings) share the Hesse Coat while RASmussens (probably the Rothchild horse) were first found in Hesse while the Assmann variation of Rasmussens named Assmannshausen at RUDESheim. Scrolls/Scrope's share the BRUNo Coat while Prets/Prettys (Staffordshire, same as Rasmussen-related Pipe's and Rothschild-beloved Arrows) can have the Brunswick lion. Rothschilds/RODDENsteins (arrow) were first found in Brunswick. We have returned to the Brennan bloodline. Dearlove's share "Per mare" for a motto with Reuters.

I picked the sleeping bag up from the ground of a forest, or a WOODs, and one Wood Coat shares the Pick/Pix (and RATTery) fitchees, and while Pike's share the Ice trefoils, note Mr. Kramer below as per Darlene's ice cream. Wikipedia's Steele article:

Steele continued to work for Fusion GPS on the dossier without a client to pay him. After the election, Steele's dossier "became one of Washington's worst-kept secrets, and journalists worked to verify the allegations [but were unsuccessful and didn't report it]. On 18 November 2016, Sir Andrew WOOD, British ambassador to Moscow from 1995 to 2000, met with U.S. Senator John McCain at the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, and told McCain about the existence of the collected materials about Trump. Wood vouched [lied] for Steele's professionalism and integrity. In early December, McCain obtained [couldn't resist] a copy of the dossier from David J. Kramer, a former U.S. State Department official working at Arizona State University. On 9 December 2016, McCain met personally with FBI Director James Comey to pass on the information.

The last update was exciting for me as the newspaper in Victoria pointed to Epstein's noose even by the Knots/Cnuts. I now get around to loading Newports ("NE" motto term) to find that they share the Newland chevron. Plus, Newport is a location on Wight, an island off of Hampshire, and Cnut invaded England partly off the Hampshire coast, explaining the sharing of unicorn heads between Knots/Cnuts and Newports. The Notts/Nottings/Knutts (Gloucestershire, same as same-colored Helps/Halfs) have besants, the symbol that Newlands put on their Newport chevron, how about that.

Karl Rove

Recall how the Newland topic went quickly from Crowleys to Darlene's and Rowe's, for Danish Cnuts have a reflection of the Rove Coat while using POT HANGERS, which went along with the noose / knot / hanging theme of Epstein. Rove's were first found in Norfolk with Rowe's. Hangers and Potters were first found in Hampshire with PORTers, making NewPORTs look like a New merger with Ports / Porters. English Ports (Hampshire) might even have the Skipper chevron itself linkable to the Newland chevron. French Ports/Porters have a bend colors reversed from the Knot/Cnut bend. As News'/Nuce's share chaplets with Hicks, it seems to point to Hope Charlotte Hicks and her White-House boyfriend, Rob Porter. The Miss Hicks in the dream is Charlotte Hicks, expected to point to Hope, and Hope's (besants in Nott/Knutt / Skipper colors) were first found in Derbyshire with Knots/Cnuts. The Hope Coat is even a version of the Knot/Cnut Coat.

I still don't know whether Hope Hicks is for the good guys or bad guys. Almost as soon as she quick the Trump team, she went to a high-level spot with Fox news, where she may have influence to steer the program, no small thing because the 2020 elections are going to be close. The middle name of Miss Hicks, Rena, may indicate that Hope is a RINO. KARL Rove appears on Fox, and I see him as a 9-11 criminal. Carls (pomegranate) are likely a branch of Charlotte's/Charles'/Carlo's, how about that. Was God pointing to Carl Rove and Hope Hicks together with the 1979 Hicks dream? Hope entered politics with the Bush administration with Rove as Bush's chief advisor and deputy chief of White House staff (did Rove act as a mole to get John Kelly into Trump's White House?).

Woe, Italian Carlo's have a Coat looking related to both Bono's and Reines' / Pisa's, the line pointing to Comet Ping Pong pizza, and Miss Hicks has a Reine-like middle name while Hick motto uses "bon." WOE, I didn't know until writing the above that German Karls (RHINEland, same as Bush's) have the horizontally split Shield of Pisa's (colors reversed from the same of Carlo's), and both use a giant, counterchanged item on that Shield in the same colors, the Pisa's sharing the Bono lion. Carlo's use the Reine Coat but with a gold lion instead of white (probably the Sforza lion). If the Hope Crest has a RAINbow, it can connect to "Rena" because Reines'/Reine's are expected as a branch of Raines'.

Berthe, daughter of MAURILion (Merovingian Frank), is to the line of Maurels (version of Butt/Bute Coat), first found in Milan with Bono's and Carlo's (probably from king CHARLlemagne). And Berta's happen to share the giant griffin of German Karls, tending to nail the trace of these surnames to Maurilion's family. Mummolin was on the Lorraine border, and I asked my girlfriend, Lorraine, out for the first time on my BIRTHday. Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons while Mummolin was descended from Rusticus of Lyon.

The Brittany Maurels share the white unicorn in Crest with Knots/Cnuts. French Ports/Porters were partially in Brittany. The Hampshire Ports/La Ports (same bend as OVERs) share the Butt/Bute estoiles, and Miss Hicks' rising from her HOVERing position was a pointer to Rhizon/Risinium. It appears that God worked the Ports into this door scene, for the dream started with a shark as code for Saraca's at Kotor (beside Butua), and the Shark Coat looks connectable to that of Rove's / Ralphs / Cnuts. Hovers/Hoffers even share the black leopard face with NewPORTs (off of Hampshire), and suddenly, the Ports/La Ports are explaining why I was placed standing at the door (la port) when I was watching Miss Hicks hover. Rhizon/Risinium is smack at BUTua in the land of Door-suspect Daorsi. It appears that God worked the Ports into this door scene, for the dream started with a shark as code for Saraca's at Kotor (beside Butua), and the Shark Coat looks connectable to that of Rove's / Ralphs / Cnuts. Kotor-like Cutters were first found in DORset, and Ports/La Ports, wow, with Chief-Shield colors reversed from that of Cutters, have this: "The surname Port was first found in Hampshire and Dorset." Rove's share the Ralph Coat.

Wow, Irish Doors share the Carlo lion while English Doors (Herefordshire, same as Ralphs) have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Bono's!!! You can't toss up 20,000 surnames, pull out a few at random, and get tidy / compelling links like that. English Wrights even share the leopard faces of Scottish Doors while Carl Rove was married to Valerie WainWRIGHT when the Hicks dream was given in 1979, and his next wife was Darby Tara HICKson, incredible enough. His third wife was Ms. Johnson, and Johnsons have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat while Miss Hicks was Mrs. Kilpatrick. Wains/Wainwrights share the black border with Parrs while the double-Parr fesses are shared by English Wrights. Compare Valerys to Ports/La Ports. A black border is shared by Sola's/Sole's (Derbyshire), who can be gleaned as kin of both Neve surnames.

The Brittany Maurels were at La Chapelle, a likely CHAPLet liner, for Chaplets use black-on-gold swans, once showing for French Josephs while the Hampshire Josephs (the double Chaplain chevrons) have a Chief connectable to the same as Ports/La Ports (and CAPLans)!!! Wow, Hicks share the chaplet with Newport- / Newland-suspect Newe's/NUCES', and Miss Hicks and I ended up living on the Nueces river, which means NUT in Spanish. Nuts had elements in Hampshire, as seen above.

It really does appear that the dream, which was on Epstein's island, points to Hope Hicks and Carl Rove. I'm starting to wonder whether Rove was taking spy data from Rob Porter and Hope Hicks on behalf of the Bush camp's war against Trump...which included Mitt Romney, a Mormon. Carl Rove was in a Utah university, and while Mormons own Utah, they were founded by Joseph Smith of Rochester, where the presidential Bush surname (pro-Nazi under Prescott Bush) originated while being related at that time to a Miss Smith. The Port/La Port Chief is a version of the Snipe and Clinton Chiefs; both latter surnames first found in Oxfordshire with Pears, and "a PAIR of SNIPs" is used by Meullers. The Snipe's use PORTcullis gates, the symbol of Porters (and Yate's). Thus, Ports brought us to Porters. The Butts/Bute's are said to have been early in Oxfordshire a few years after having been in Norfolk (where Rove's and Rowe's were first found), explaining why Butts/Bute's share the Port/La Port Chief.

The banner of one Rowe Coat is code for Montfort elements on the Panaro river at Marano. It's in MODENa, where Morinis' and Marano's were first found. Morinis' can be gleaned with two of the Maurel/MAURINI fesses, and these Maurels (Milan, same as Bono's and Carlo's, what a hoot!) share a version of the Butt/Bute Coat. You can run, but you can't Heid. Boots were first found in Berkshire with MODENs/Modeys.

Mueller, Comey, Halper and the others were resolved with the nasty shark having Trump, the bulldog, halfway down its throat. Although Rove speaks as though he's for Trump, I have my doubts. German Rovers have the Moor head of Murano's, from Murunum/Murano on the Sybaris river right beside shark-liner Saracena. That's amazing in itself for adding Rove to the shark, but Morinis' (double-Parr fesses in colors reversed) are in the write-up of Deerings, and "Ragusa," where Saraca's of Kotor moved, is said to be named after the deer (not likely true, but there's codework or related-error involved in that). Plus, Moormans and therefore the Mormon church can be a Murano line. The Valiants use a shark, and Karl Rove married VALerie MATHER Wainwright.

Mathers happen to share the double fesses of Rover-like Rivers, and the latter's Revere branch share the giant blue lion with Italian Valerie's...making it appear that God arranged things for a pointer to Karl Rove in his marriage to Valerie. Revere's even share the giant lion of Dudleys while Wains/Wainwrights were at Dudley (Worcestershire).

Mathers share the double fesses of Manners/Maness' while Mathie's are also Manns, and while Mathys share the saltire-with-besants of Manders, all linkable to Rhodes'. Manders use a "Laus" motto term while Ragusa was also, Laus. Saracena is easily linkable to nearby Laus of southern Italy. Let me repeat here that there must be some good reason that I drove past one address of Mr. Maness on the morning I purchased as newspaper and coffee in Victoria. This Mr. Maness was the common-law husband of Miss Covert (called herself Mrs. Maness) while Coverts/Cofferts look like a branch of Coffers/Coffee's. Miss Covert lived about ten miles from Idaho's Aryan Nations, which was run by a Mr. BUTler, that's right. Butlers (Dunham Coat) share cups with Coffers/Coffeys ("victoria"), and Wains/Wainwrights share the chevron of Cups/Cope's / Copps (the latter were first found in Lancashire with Parrs). Why is a Spying Copp location in the Copp write-up?

The day I was in Victoria, I slept that night with cockROACHes in a motel, and God verified that this was a pointer to rock-using Roach's. I therefore think that the ROCHESters (could be a crane in Crest, sometimes comes with a ROCK), because they have scallops in Coffer colors, can be a pointer to the secret FISC (court), for the Rochester Shield is that also of Fisks/Fiscs. It makes sense that Rockefeller elements invented and/or controlled the FISC. The Rochester scallops are in the colors of the gold billets in the Arms on Roquefeuil. Halpers, who look like they share a pyramid with Fisks/Fiscs, share a checkered Shield with they and Rochesters/Wrocesters, and Halpers were first found in Worcestershire. Wasn't the FISA court founded by George Bush, whose adoptive Bush family came out of Rochester? Bush's father was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi, and Scherfs/Shere's, who share a red rose with Halpers, have a fitchee-like cross that, in colors reversed, is gold, the color of the Halper fitchee.

Carl Rove is all over things-Hicks, and the Wains/Wainwrights are almost in colors reversed from Hope's as though Rove's two wives are betraying his links to Hope Hicks. I passed the BAYtown home of Miss Hicks the night before buying the newspaper, and while Mr. Maness had an address at Bay City, Bays share the double Mather / River / Maness fesses. I assume Rove's first wife was born Miss Mather. Bays (COLchester) were first found in Essex with the Low Leighton location of Hicks, and with Wayne's/WAINs, no guff. The latter can be gleaned as Arthur kin while Arthurs (Daorsi kin) married Hicks in an heraldic-important family. Wayne's/Wains share the Arthur pelican with Pullers/Pullens (version of Romney Coat) while the Puller/Pullen motto is partially for Kupa/COLapis liners to Culp of the Cups/Cope's (Wainwright chevron?).

Rove then married Miss Hickson while Hixons/Hicksons share the eagle leg with Hooters and HOOVERs, all of which is pointed to by Miss Hicks first at the hood of a car, and then HOVERing in the car. Jeff Sessions, probably a Bushite seeking to protect the deep state behind Mueller, chose Mr. Huber of Utah to do nothing against Hillary with an official investigation against her crimes, and Hubers are listed with Hoovers. GERMAN Hoods are also Hope's, suspect with the anchor of English Hoods/HOOTs and Heidlers, the latter looking like a branch of Hiedlers/HITLERs, that's right. Is it a well-kept secret that Rove was a Mormon?

I have recalled an event mentioned at least twice before. The husband of Miss Hicks' aunt was called over to my place to list my house for sale, when he told me some things about his good friend, Miss' Hicks' husband. He also told me that he had her home listed for sale, a thing I wouldn't have known otherwise. She and I had moved to the Nueces river within one year of one another, and now were selling off at the same time. After the real-estate agent left, I went to town, and upon my return, there he was standing at the GATE of Miss Hicks' ranch, with she walking to the gate to greet him or let him in. i TOOTed my horn as I drove past, and Toots/Touts/TUTE's are expected in the "Tout" motto term of Hicks. And while Yate's share the portcullis gate of Porters, Porters have a "virTUTE" motto term. Therefore, it appears that this gate event was a God-appointed one to indicate the Gate-liner Yate's, for the Gate's (compare with Bono's) even share the lion of Bone's and Bonns expected in the "bon" motto term of Hicks. Dutch Bonns/Bone's even share the Toot/Tout/Tute crescent.

In short, the toot-at-gate event looks like a round-about way, or some extra evidence, that God wants us to see Miss Hicks with the relationship of Hope Hicks and Rob Porter within the Trump White House. So far as we know, they had no good effect to speak of for Trump, so why would God point to it? Were they spies for Sally Yates, whom Trump fired? He replaced Yates with Jeff Sessions, and the Sessions' not only use a "Hope" motto term, but split their Shield horizontally in half with an embattled border, same as the Yates Coat!!! WOW.

The father of Sally Yates is Kelley Quillian Yates, looking linkable to Kyle liners (see Help motto). Or, at least, God may be pointing the Yates' to Kyle's for a fairly obvious reason. My bet is that the Cullis surname did not exist as a variation of Colesons until after Yate's or Porters started to use the portCULLIS. I suggest that the portcullis was, from the start, code for Coles liners married to Port liners. For, Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle, and a Kyle-Society webpage thinks that Kyle's were from mythical king Cole of Colchester. That's the place tracing to the Colapis/Kupa river with the Cups/Cope's of Culp. The Reeds ("copia"), who love the Cups/Cope's share a red chevron, and a gold fitchee, with Quints, first found in Essex with Colchester. These Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cullis'/Colesons...and with Leslie's from Lesce near the Colapis. Essex is where Peks/Pecks (share Reed chevron) were first found expected in the Reed motto. It's the Cuppae line from the Pek-river area merged with Rieti's Flavians. Peks/Pecks are said to have been in Denbighshire, where Bachs/Baghs were first found.

It's even interesting that Bonns have a spread eagle colors reversed from the same of News-kin Cophers. Yate's were even at HOOD-Ridding, and Riddings/Readings are linkable to Hoods of Rattery by the Rattery link to the Woods sharing a motto term (almost) with Riddings/Readings. Reeds share the red, spread eagle with Bonns. Hoods share an anchor with Hoods/HOPE's, we just can't get away from Hope Charlotte Hicks. The Hope-loving Sessions have a version of the Master Coat, and Masters share a motto term of same-colored Roets who in-turn share the book with Reeds, bringing us back to Hood-Ridding entity of the Yate's. Reeds share the gold fitchee with Helps (Gloucestershire, same as Sessions), Woods, Picks/Pix's and Ratterys while Picks/Pike's share the stars of copia-line Reeds and the saltire of the English Reeds (Northamptonshire, same as Rodhams/Roddens).

The anchor is used also by English Packs/PACKHAMs linkable to the "Pax copia" of Reeds. There is a Newe House in Suffolk's Pa(c)kenham, and Suffolk is where Kyle-beloved Candle's were first found. Pakenhams/PAGENams are in News / Candle colors, and share a red, spread eagle with Reeds, but in both colors of the Bonn eagle, but that's okay because Bone's were first found in Sussex with Packs/Packhams...and Cofferts, relevant where Cophers have the Pakenham/Pagan eagle in colors reversed. We are on the Chaplet-loving News/Nuce line with Cophers, and Packens are listed with Paganells, making sense where that's a branch of Payens/Pagans while Hugh de Payens (first Templar leader) married Elizabeth Chappes i.e. suspect in chaplets. Irish Packens not only look like they have the bottom half of the News/Nuce Coat in colors reversed, but use cups as do Coffeys/Coffers. The perchevron of Irish Packens (another griffin in Crest) happens to be colors reversed from the one of Chapmans (love Pontus-like Ponders/Ponters). This looks like Cuppae liners from the Pek river merged with the line of queen Nysa of the Pontus to the News bloodline.

It appears that Packenhams/Pagenhams have the Hanger griffin holding the Hanger escarbuncle. Hangers were first found in Hampshire with Porters and Ponder-branch Ponts/Ponds...who share black boar heads with Riddings/Readings. Ponts/Ponds even have a patee cross in colors reversed from the same of the Reed-related Peks/Pecks.

Harry Reid was part of the Trump-attack when he conveyed Russia-collusion concerns reportedly obtained from Brennan (Obama's CIA director). Let's set the scene. Hillary and the DNC paid for the dossier, and likely kept close tabs / control on all other Trump-attack schemes. It was just before the election when the Hillary camp expected Comey to release the damning material from Steele; Steele was doing his part to get it out, and, according to the quote below, Reid was egging Comey to release things too. Instead, Comey came out to say that Hillary is still in trouble with her email scandal! Imagine Hillary's priceless face at that moment:

Despite public pressure, including public letters from then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on August 29 and October 30, 2016 [days before the election; he was frantic], the latter claiming [complaining frantically] that the FBI was concealing “explosive information about close ties and coordination between Trump and his top advisers, and the Russian government,” the FBI did not disclose its investigation until after the election (fumble, Trump recovers the football and...touchdown!]. In fact, on October 31, 2016, The New York Times reported that FBI officials had not found evidence demonstrating links between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

The deep state is not God after all, not brilliant after all, not infallible. And here's from this past May from Solomon:

But it is almost certain the FBI knew of Steele's contact with State and his partisan motive. That's because former Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland says she instructed her staff to send the information they got from Steele to the bureau [FBI] immediately and to cease contact with the informer because "this is about U.S. politics, and not the work of — not the business of the State Department, and certainly not the business of a career employee who is subject to the Hatch Act."

She can give her excuses for the transfer, but she still transferred the political plot.

The Seymours happen to share the three lions of the Irish Brians/BRYNE's no longer showing a Coat. Welsh Brians/BRYNE's were first found in Denbighshire (with a branch of Peks/Pecks), near the first-known Seymours.

Why do Murdochs Point to Foxside?

Beware Fox news, a snake. The only reason Rove and similar company speak there is because Fox is a satanic snake dressed in a thin-skinned Christian facade (and a lousy one at that). It would shed that skin on a dime because it's only drive for being a conservative station is money...and, besides, it happily covers for the high heads of the deep-snake dragon. I had strong indication from heraldry that the owner of Fox (Rupert Murdoch) is an Epstein tool or stooge...but it could have been coincidental, a thing maybe needing a re-visit.

I have seen the description of the Margy/Mackey/MacHUGH Coat, ravens "two ravens HANGING from an arrow" (this is in my 4th of December, 2016). I am very sure that God used hangers to point to Epstein's hanging, and it just so happens that Murdocks share ravens hanging on an arrow. I didn't know this hanging part when finding evidence, a few weeks ago, that Murdocks link to the Lolita Express (Epstein's plane) via the "Loyalite" motto term of Margy-branch Margesons//Mackesys. Lolita's are also Loyal's, you see. That was the strong evidence that Mr. Murdoch was an Epstein tool or stooge or slave, and we saw the sex scandals at Fox that cast out Bill O'Reilly, for example. But we now have this hanging raven as extra evidence that Fox news is dangling dangerously from a blackmail rope, with noose.

I think I can now glean that Murdocks started out as Margarets, because they are said to have been from "...Murchadh, which means sea warrior." That looks like code for the Sea's/Seighs for a reason to be shown. This Margaret-like term later became "MurDOCK," because, it seems, the family merged with Docks sharing the giant Bruce lion, for Marjory/Margaret Carrick was the mother of the royal Bruce's. The Stewarts came to the throne with king ROBERT Bruce II (can explain "Rupert"), and Murdocks share the checkered Stewart fesse, looking linkable to the HUGHstone/Houston Coat. This can explain the MacHUGH variation of Margys/Mackeys, first found in Ayrshire with Marjory Carrick, the Carricks, the Craigie's, and, yes, the Murdocks too. "HughSTONE's look like a Margy- / Marjory-line merger with Stone's, for the latter have a motto linking to Craigie's and Craigs.

Houstons are said to descend from Hugh de Paduinan, which looks to be of Patent/Padyn/Putin surname sharing the crescents of Craigs. It can be realized, from the raven in the Arms of Man, that the line of Marjory Carrick married the line of king Maccus of Man, the line to Mackey- / Mackesy-like Mackays ("Manu").

Docks were at Doxey of SEIGHford, and that's how we get the Sea's/Seighs. Seatons were at a say location, and Says (Seaton / Sey colors). A song, Hosanna, just sang "we're on our knees" (it's Saturday afternoon) as I had the Seymours (same colors) loaded who share the Knee eagle in Crest. I had highlighted part of its write-up, "St. Maur, near Avranches," when that songline sang on my speakers. I was going to say that it speaks to HUGH D'Avranches. It appears that Say / Seaton liners married Maur liners, and Seymours happen to share the Morinis fleur so that Seymours can be from Maurels/Maurini's of Milan, and ultimately from Murano down in the Sybaris / Laus area to which I trace the Millen/Milan / BUCHanan lion. Mours/Mere's were at BUCKlow...of Cheshire, where Hugh and the Mackey liners lived. In colors reversed, the Sea/Seigh fish if the Arms-of-Saraca fish, and Saracena is smack beside Murano.

What are the chances that the "foy" motto term of Seymours gets two FOIX surnames? It looks like the Murdochs just pointed to Foix's, but Rupert Murdoch of Fox wasn't responsible for this heraldry. Plus, the Docks have a rare bend alternating in colors with the bend of Faucets of FoxSIDE (East Lothian, same as Seatons), and the Suty/Sidey branch of Side's/Sudys share's the Faucet and Millen/MILAN lion. Wow, just as I tried to load "SayMAUR," a song (Oh the deep Deep Love of Jesus) sang either "ever MORE" or "never more" smack-on that load. No Saymaur surname comes up, but SayMORE's do get the Saymours. Scottish More's were first found in Ayrshire with raven-liner Margys/Mackeys, and the "DuRIS" motto term of More's thus looks like code for raven-liner Rice's/Rhys' (Wales, same as Seymore's). Faucets were first found in the same place as Faux-branch Vaux's.

Danish Cnuts use pot hangers so that the ravens hanging from an arrow could apply, especially as Maccus was from the Normandy Normans, Danes like Cnut. The latter's father was Forkbeard, and Cunninghams, first found in Ayrshire with Forkers and Margys/Mackeys, use a "skakefork" and a motto, "Over fork over." Plus, the Cunningham Crest shares the unicorn with the Cnut Crest! Bingo. Maccus was from Maceys in FERTE-Mace, and Overs (Cheshire, same as Maceys) use a FRET. "The "Omine secundo" motto of Murdocks can be either for Mine's/Menne's/Minks, or Omans/Ormands, either way having Isle-of-Man allusions.

I rarely mention Cunninghams, but they have come up twice in this update. Ferte-Mace is in Horn-liner Orne while the first mention of Cunninghams was with the Spanish Gable's after finding that the other Gable's share the SHAKE chevron. It traced to Shechemites in the area of proto-Orne Orion, and here one can add that Over-like Hovers/Hoffers put horns on their leopard face, tending to nail Overs/Offers with Hovers. Miss Hicks hovered over the seats.

As Hangers are expected in a pointer of God to Epstein's jailhouse murder or feigned murder, let's go to the ESCARbuncle of Hangers and Angers, for Oskers/Oscars happen to share a unicorn in Crest with KNOTs/Cnuts, and have a chevron in alternating colors, like the alternating bends of Docks and Faucets. If the Osker/Oscar chevron were all blue, it would be in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Knot/Cnut Coat. This is a good clue to finding that the escarbuncle is code for a couple of surnames. German Eskers/Aschers/Aschs/Ash's happen to have the Epstein Coat in colors reversed. How'bout that.

English Asch's/Ash's were first found in Devon with WISE's having triple chevrons in white, the Esker/Ascher/Asch symbol too. And while German Weis' are Wise's too, Epsteins were first found in WEISbaden, tending to verify that Epsteins are using the Escher/Ascher/Asch Coat in colors reversed for a marital reason. These Eskers/Aschs have a "duce" motto term while Duce's are also Dock-like Doucets.

So, it looks like Epsteins are connectable to the Crest of Knot-related Hangers. Who arranged that? Why did he arrange it? There's no Strangle/Strangel surname, but Strange's share giant lions in pale with Duce's. Strange's are said to have included Guido le Strange, and then Guido's share the hourglass-like Shield of Sheets in colors reversed. Epstein had a sheet placed around his neck to feign his suicide. The sheet was tied to a bed BUNK, and that's got to be the reason for the escarBUNCle of Hangers! Wow. Buncle's/Bunkle's (BUCKles) are also BoneKYLLs, from an older BoneKIL variation, and Bone's share the Bunk lion! The Bunks (Suffolk, beside Bone's) add the same besants as Nutts/Knuts (BUCKINGhamshire). What say ye? Was he killed after all? Where's his body? I still haven't heard from the news where it's at. As Epstein died when his neck bones were broken, could we call it a bone-kill?

I am simply amazed at how this investigation went, not knowing how-so when starting this section. The chances for those surname to apply are too great for this not to be a pointer of the All-Seeing-Eye-Spy. In the Sky. Watch your back, Mr. Illuminati. You haven't got a chance with merely your demonic craft, you poorest slob for the slaughter. But you don't know how to be ashamed, because sociopaths don't blush; they don't feel. They kill humans like one sits down to dinner and drink. It was the strangle-like Strange's that took us to Sheets and Bunks, suggesting that he was strangled to death.

It appears that Bags are involved with Bunks. The latter are said to have been in BunGAY castle owned by Hugh Bigot/Bigod, earl of Norfolk, where Bags and GAYwoods were first found. Bags were at Gaywood. Ahh, Steels (share the Murdock Crest) are said to descend from Bigot de Loges, and the Steel Chief is colors reversed from the Bag Chief. The Bag Crest looks like it shares the Weis/Wise and Wies wings. It just so happens that there's a Bagot surname. The Gaywood tower would be red in colors reversed, and there is a red tower in the Crest of Artois-liner Arrows/Arras'. Bagots were of Bago of Bagod of Artois elements in Staffordshire, where Arrows/Arras' were first found along with Pepin-branch Pipe's. Pepin of Landen (Carlovingian ancestor) was father to Begga. Beggs were first found in Tirol while Tryols/Tyrone's share the Coat of Bagots.

Beggers/Begets share the checkered Shield of Pepoli's and Halpers (Helpe river not far from Landen). German Beckers have the same checks, but on a bend, same as the checks-on-a-bend of Steels. English Beckers share a Shield of vair fur with Beach's/Bechs. Beckets were first found in Norfolk with Bigot, earl of Norfolk. Wow, just as I was staring at the Becket Coat, asking whether it had the perchevron (solid chevron) in the News/Nuce Crest, a song ("In a Moment") sang the word "new" (from the line, "He's making all things new"). Norfolk is near the first-known News'/Nuce's. AHHH, WOW, the same song (by ReBECCah St. JAMES!!!!!) has "victorious"!!! The newspaper was bought in Victoria! Epstein's island is Little Saint James!!!! His island (has a beach) was in the Hick dream with a beach while Beach's/BECKs share a Shield of vair fur with Beckers. I recall a long-time emailer of years ago, Victoria Becket. Hee-hee, poor slob Jeffrey Epstein, thought he was getting away clean.

God showed me that Begga traces to Babe's (almost the Bussy bars), first found in Dorset with Bushers. The Bussy family in the Bagot write-up, and the goat in the Bagot Crest, plays to Bush liners to which Lorraine the babe played too. Bussys share the Lorraine eagle, and Bushers share the Crampon lion while I'm sure that a so-called crampon is the symbol of German Tyrols/Tyrone's.

I'm beside myself. Here while on the link of Murdoch to Epstein, God prepared Rebecca St. James to show that even the newspaper pointed to things-Epstein. That is, as He always does in such cases, He controlled my writing so that, when a song term played that He wanted me to notice for making a link or set of links, I would be writing / dealing with a related thing at that very second, not two seconds later or two seconds earlier. Can the heads of the deep state do that? Who is like the Almighty? I know He's enjoying this, to see my reaction time after time. I didn't even feel a thing. It sneaks up on me, and God delights to surprise me; I celebrate it everytime, sometimes louder than others. I have no idea when God was controlling my writings. Yet, He doesn't control EVERYthing, don't take everything I say as doubtless truth. There's no knowing when he is or is not controlling things.

The Becket Coat, if it had an inverted perchevron at the top as it has a perchevron at the bottom, would be the News/Nuce / Copher Shield in colors reversed. That's what I was looking at when "new" played on my speakers, and at that very second I realized that the Becket perchevron could be a version of the News/Nuce Crest: which is a perchevron in an arm that holds a newspaper (suspect with the perchevron of Cambridgeshire's CHAPmans). Beckets were first found in Norfolk and Cheshire, the latter being where Cophers were first found, but to make the link still stronger, Cophers share the eagle of Diss'/Dice's/Deise's, first found in Norfolk and using a normal chevron in the colors of the Becket perchevron. You see, "new" played at just the right moment because Beckets are indeed News kin round-about.

Why would God want us to know of a Becket-News-Copher link? It may be beyond my grasp at this time, but as the singer points to Epstein's island, I expect a Becket link to it. In the Hicks dream, I was first in the ocean waters, and Waters, first found in Essex beside News'/Nuce's, share the Epstein Coat. I then walked onto the beach, and Beach's (Clapper Shield) are Becks too, expected with Beckets. I then saw myself without a shirt, and Shirts share red roundels with Beckets. Waters are also Waterville's, suggesting Waterfords/Waterville's, and "Deise" is a motto term in the Arms of County Waterford (share Trump stag head).

Wow, I've just re-loaded Beach's to see that they have a gold pile in a corner square, and if that pile (shaped like an inverted perchevron) were in the Becket Coat, it would become the News/Nuce Shield in colors reversed! Zinger. But check out the Backus Coat, for it shares the hourglass-like design of News', and it's in the colors of the Beach pile!!! The Backus' came to topic with JIM BACKUS who played Mr. Howell on Gilligan's Island (people ship-wrecked on an island), and the Nuland Coat was suspect with that of Skippers. Mr. Howell's wife, Lovey, pointed to Mr. Lovinger, as per his whistle-blowing on Stefan Halper and/or his partner in crime, JIM BAKER. Dutch Beckers are Bakers too.

Ahhh, the Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with the Seymours having a pile in the colors of the News'/Nuce Shield!! The Seymour Shield is half the News/Nuce Coat (Sey colors), that is.

Watch. A surname sharing the lone red pile with SeyMORE's are the Wings/Winks (Perthshire, beside MORay), who in-turn apply a MOOR head in their pile, and Seymore's were expected with the Morinis' fleur so as to be from Moor-head Morano, beside Saracena, the line expected to the fish of Sey-like Seighs/Sea's. But the Wing/Wink pile also has a black crosslet sound in the Cowes Crest, and Cowes'/Coo's happens to be a location on Wight. Repeat from above: "The last update was exciting for me as the newspaper in Victoria pointed to Epstein's noose even by the Knots/Cnuts. I now get around to loading Newports ("NE" motto term) to find that they share the Newland chevron. Plus, Newport is a location on Wight..." It's suggesting the NEWports were a news-line marriage with Ports / Porters, and the "ne" motto term can be for Knee's/Nee's because the latter share the eagle in the Seymore Crest, thus tending to prove that the Seymore pile is in the News/Nuce Coat.

Plus, this gets important for a pointer to Nelly Ohr, for the Wing/Wink pile is even in the colors of the three piles of Cowes'/Coo's while Nelly Ohr was used as part of the Coo-like coup on Trump. The Cowes/Coo piles are called pennants as code for Pennants, linkable to the Halfpenny variation of Halpers, but bonus, the pennants happen to be three piles to a point, in colors reversed from the same of Ohr-like Ore's/Orrs! The latter share red roundels with Orrels (almost the Saxon Coat), who were in-turn first found in Lancashire with Cowes'/Coo's and Saxons. I've read the latter's description; they use chaplets, the News/Nuce symbol, which is why I link the News/Nuce perchevron to the red one of Chapmans. The latter's pile is in the colors of the hourglass-like pattern of SKITs/Skeets, suspect in the "CreSCIT" motto term of Chapmans. It thus brings us to the Skate/Skeet/Sheet bloodline (Norfolk) that was indicated in the Obama dream just before a whistle blower / stool pigeon appeared for which the dream emphasized his BACK as code, I think, for Jim Baker.

Hmm, the Diss/Dice chevron-with-roundels is almost a colors-reversed version of the same from NEWlands. VICTORIA Nuland! Check her out, Mr. Barr, thou garbage lid. Ahh, note the NIELand variation of Newlands, for Diss'/Dice's have the look of the NELLy Coat (share red roundels with ORRs/Ore's). Niels/Neils (share the Arms-of-Saraca fish) were first found in Tyrone with Sharks while Nelly Ohr is a part of the nasty shark in the same dream as Epstein's island. Waters/Waterville's were first found in Essex with Colchester, and while the Arms of Colchester has NAILs, the Colchesters share the red Niel/Neil estoiles. It appears that God manipulated heraldry to link Victoria Nuland to Bruce and Nelly Ohr. Bruce worked for the DoJ so that Barr has all of his emails and phone-call transcripts at his fingertips. Mr. Barr, it must stink being a lid to the garbage can. Come to your senses, or you will end up with them in a Trap of God. Ohr still works for Barr. Barr allows him to get a paycheck from the people after he was involved in a coup attempt. Ohr passed Nelly's information against Trump, paid for by Hillary Clinton, to the FBI's coup program. And Barr can't find it within himself to arrest these people, which is why the voters must force him to do it.

Diss is a location not far from Colchester (beside Cambridge), and between them is Needham Market. The Halpers/Halfpennys speak on Needham DYKE in Cambridgeshire, yup, meaning that Knee-suspect News/Nuce's (Cambridgeshire) likely share the Help/Half Shield in someone else's colors. Knee's share the Needham Coat. Diss is on the Suffolk border, and News' report a Newe House in Suffolk, not far from Needham Market. "To my knees will I fall" just sang as the last sentence was done, from the song, "I can Only Imagine." Knee- / Need-like Knights were first found in Suffolk, making the Knight eagle look like that of Cophers. Neets were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuce's. A "knight issuing from the knees" is in the Coat of Shoe's/SCHUGHs, suspect with the Skeoch variation of Skits/Skeets, and the Scougal of Scoots (Schutz/Shutz branch).

I can't believe I didn't realize Victoria Nuland in the Victoria newspaper until this week. I've just found another hourglass Shield, sharing the red parts of News'/Nuce's and Skits / Skate's, in the Nole's/Noels. The reason Nole's were checked is that I expected a Nule-like variation from Nulands. And there you have it. The Nole's/Noels even have wings on their hourglass, and the top of the hourglass is the red pile of Wings/Winks, we can assume. This hourglass shape could be deliberate, after all, as part-code for Glass', for Jewish Glass' happen to share the double wings (same colors) of Nole's/Noels.

One Hagel Coat shares the Wing/Wink pile, and the other Hagels have a lion in the colors of the same of Nights/MacKnights ("Nil duRUM"). The Knights/Nights have an old variation suggesting the Nith river, first found in Dumfries with Nitts/Naughts and RUMs/Rooms expected in the motto of Nights/MacKnights/MacNAUGHTs. Yet "DURum" can also be for the Dure's, first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks, especially as the Geds, who were on the Nith river, use a "DURat" motto. Geddes were in Nairn with Rats in "DuRAT." Motto terms such as this are not accidental, but deliberately formed to honor past kin.

CUTHberts, first found in KirkCUDbrightshire with Nights/MacKnights, are in News'/Nuce colors while using a "Nec MiNUS" motto phrase that could be partly for the Nuse variation of Newes'. Cuthberts use a gauntlet glove while Glove's were first found in Perthshire. Neve's (Rat cross?) and Navys were first found in neighboring Angus.

The day after this section was done, I got around to loading Voirs/VOYers as per the "FOY pour deVOIR" motto of Seymours, and there in the Voir write-up was D'Argenson," the term to which Margesons/Mackesys are said to derive in. Seymours arose to topic after finding a link of Murdocks (share Margy/Mackey Coat) to Seighs. Seymours were first found in Monmouthshire with Fane's/Vans (share gauntlet gloves with Mackey-like Maceys), suspect from Brittany's Vannes, and the Voirs/Voyers were from Gripel and PenHOET (Hoods/Hoots?) of the Vannes area.

The three Seymour lions are those of Irish Brians/BRYNE's no longer showing a Coat, and the Brittany Brians can link to the Brittany Voirs/Voyers, a thing I'm adding because Voirs might just be from the Overs...and the CEO of OVERstock is in the news this week, Mr. BRYNE. Hoods/Hoots (Devon, beside Pendragons) share the fret with Overs/OFFERs, the latter first found in Cheshire with Maceys / Masseys and Cophers who in-turn have a version of the Seymour Coat. Maceys share the stars of Bridge's and Bride's, suspect from Brigantium = BRIANcon. The Seymour fleur-de-lys were gleaned with Modena's Morinis', and Fane's/Vans are expected at Modena's Fanano. Fano is beside Rimini, where Macey-line Maschi's were first found who share the Voir lion. The three Seymour lions are those of Lane's too, the line to Brittany's Launay.

The Over Coat can be expected with the Bruno Coat, and English Browns (Masci fleur) share a brown lion in Crest with Voirs while Scottish Browns share the VAUGHN Coat. As the Vaughn Coat looks linkable to the Coat of Penhoet-suspect Pendragons, it's notable that a brown lion is shared by Halpers/HalfPENNYs. Could we expect Stefan Halper acting with Patrick Bryne of Overstock? Stocks and Stacks are suspect together with the Montfort lion, and because Montforts own the gonfanon BANNER, that's why Banners trace to Modena's Panaro river, location of Marano and of the Marano's sharing the Montfort lion. That's why "gonFANON" looks like "Fanano." German Banner share both the Vaughn and the Pendragon fleur.

Stacks had a seat at Bath, suggesting that the Bath / Rhodes / Deacon lion is that of Montforts / Marano's. Amazingly, BUTTONs/Bidens are said to have had clergy at Bath and Wells (it's the Bath of Somerset) while Wells share a two-tailed lion with Montforts and STOCKS!!!! Those exclamatons are due to Mr. Bryne of OverSTOCK having had an FBI-birthed relationship with the FBI's honey-pot plant, Miss BUTINa! Hee-hee! Is that a stool pigeon I see in the Stock Crest? There has not yet been such an outspoken stool pigeon as Mr. Bryne. He seems like one on a campaign of vengeance. Bryne's/Brians were first found in Denbighshire with bottony-cross Humphreys. What could that mean or point to?

God is watching you, creepers. You're not getting away. Just when you gloat, snap goes the trap, crunch goes your leader. Jesus doesn't need all of Trump's army; one man, one woman, even a single stooler from the donkey party itself, is enough to detonate the fatal avalanche. Buried forever out of His view is where He prefers them.

Recall that Murdocks linked to Faucets, for the latter probably share the Well lion in that I've read that Wells were of the Vallibus variation of Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Faucets (Seaton kin round-about). Recall how Over-suspect Voirs/Voyers were at Vannes while Vaughns (linkable to the Over fret) share the German-Banner fleur, for Voyer-like Foyers/Foix's (said to be of Foix-Candale) share the split Shield of German Banners, the latter first found in Silesia with split-Shielded Sitlers/Schits suspect with the lion of FAUXside's Faucets and Sutys/Sideys. The stool pigeon came to my schit tank, so to speak.

I don't know exactly where the Axe river to Devon's Seaton runs through Somerset, but it's at least close to Bath / Wells. Baths share the Deacon and Decan Coats in colors reversed, and the latter two use axes. Wells is in the Mendip hills, where a second Axe river starts and flows to the BriSTOL sea. The Stolls, first found in Somerset, share the Whistle lozenges in the shape and colors of the Bath Coat, and Baths share the Whistle lion now suspect with the Stock lion; hence a whistle-blower / stool pigeon looking like Mr. Bryne of Overstock. Bristols even share the crescents of Hoods/Hoots while we saw the latter sharing the fret with Voir-suspect Overs. English Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in Cumberland with Browns suspect with the Voir lion. Wells in Somerset is said by Wikipedia to be named after some wells, typical garbage from many family historians.

Wow, after ending the paragraph above, with the cursor after "garbage," a song ("Your Name") sang "wise" while I was trying to decide whether to add that Hoods/Hoots were first found in Devon with the Seaton location at the mouth of the other Axe river. It reminded me that "Vis" is a motto term of Voirs/Voyers, and that Wise's were first found in Devon too. The Wises were at "Mount Wise in Stoke Damerel (Devonport)," and Stoke's are listed with the Stocks ("FORTis") sharing two lion tails with Wells and a dove that I'll view as a stool pigeon. [I didn't realize / remember until loading STOLLs/StayWELLs (!) below that they too have a "vis" motto term].

WOW, I didn't have the following quote, from earlier in this update, when on the last sentence:

WOW, after finishing the last sentence, I suddenly (you know the feeling) had to go number 2 (crap), I kid you not, and after that I put the COFFEE kettle on the stove, then came back to the computer to realize I had left off on the crap theme, so I looked up the Crapps to find what looks like the pigeons of Pigeons!!! Haha, could it be? Crapps were first found in Lancashire, and English Pigeons (pigeons in the colors of the Crapp birds) have this: "Alan Pigun was the first record of the family and he was listed in the Curia Regis Rolls of Norfolk [same as Bags] in 1200 and the Assize Rolls of LANCASHIRE in 1202."...

...Bags share the Grimaldi Shield (my mother is a daughter of Mr. Grimaldi, born in Picensii- / pigeon-like Picenzo) while a Mr. Grimaldus reportedly married Crispina while Crispins are Crapp-like Crepons too. That works because my crap came when I put the coffee kettle on the stove (sorry for this theme), and I crapped into a paper BAG because my well is running low of water. I can't afford to lose my tenant at this time, so I've got to have shower water; the well-water level is just a few inches, maybe six (well is three-feet round), above the foot valve at this time.

It's just interesting that the WELL has been the problem for the past month, culminating this week (good rain starting next week). Someone online said that Picenze looks like it's named after the woodPECKER, and while I don't agree, it seems that the woodpecker symbol of mythical Mars applies to Picenze's namers because the village is in the land of the Marsi. By what coincidence do the Somerset Stolls/StayWELLs ("vis") share the lozengy Shield of Peckers/Packers/Pickers, with lozenges in the colors of the Bag / Grimaldi lozengy??? That's amazing. You can't toss 15,000 surnames into the air, pick out three or four and have them link so well as that. It seems that this discussion proves that God has created a stool pigeon theme as a pointer to Stolls. German Stolls were at Zurich, to the south of Baden, and then Badens/BATTins were first found in Somerset with Baths and English Stolls/Staywells.

The CATHERston location of Stolls/Staywells suggests Catherine Roet if the Stoll/Staywell Crest has a bow, symbol also of Roet-related Bows/Boughs. Cathers were first found in Berkshire with Peckers/Packers/Pickers, making sense. The latter's Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Rhodes Coat but with Rhodes-related roses instead of the Bath lions.

Ardiaei whom had married a Dardanian princess trace to Darts/Dards, and the latter share the ermined fesse of Rollers, looked up as per the "paROLE" motto term of the Stolls/Staywells who moreover use "vis." Ardiaei were also rulers of Vis for a time. Rolls are also Rowles', a branch of RoWELLs/Rosewells/Rathwells/ROTHwells, and Role's/Rowles' (Velis colors) have lions in colors reversed from the same of Wells. As Rothes' share the raven with Rowe-related Ralphs while raven vikings included the Stouts/Stows, note the STOWell variation of Stolls/Staywells. The Vieilles vikings, right?

The viking buzzards are raping the earth of its taxes until everyone is hopelessly in debt to their world government, and in the meantime their bankers will lend money privately to every sucker "agreeing" to pay such high interest rates that the bankers could care less if a few never pay them back. So, do the right thing: don't pay them back, because they lured you to borrow, and then stuck their fork into your carcass to feed also on your ligaments. They have guts on their faces. They are unworthy of life, let alone your money. Give the money you owe them to Godly causes. If you lose your credit rating, celebrate like you've found eternal freedom from borrowing ever again.

One problem I have with Mr. Byrne is that he refused to divulge blackmail information he claims to have, and also didn't tell how he "figured out" that his marching orders came from Peter Strzok. It's logical, but why doesn't he explain how Strzok is the one? Wouldn't that help his case? Why not give the details of the blackmail threats before someone kills him? Better to get it out so that killing him is no longer a good option, right? I think he's decided to come onto the news to give only a basic outline. He thinks that Barr is going to torpedo the FBI, but Barr might like to have him killed to keep him from spewing the realities any further. However, the deep state can't afford another obvious murder at this time, so near to the Epstein crime. It's most likely the Barr people, whom Bryne has talked to, who've told him not to divulge the criminal details, and they would have based that demand on "ongoing investigations," what else? Screw the ongoing investigations because they are a sham. Don't go to the DoJ with your whistle-blowing; just get it onto the news, then let the DoJ deal with it to their own miseries.

This week, Barr came on TV like one crapping on the American people. He first said that the Epstein death had plenty of "irregularities," and then followed up with a gift to the murderers by saying he saw nothing to indicate anything besides a suicide. Oh yeah, but STOPID, it's the irregularities that point HEAVILY to a murder. Okay, if Barr's not stupid, then he's complicit with the murderers because he's covering for them while being the TOP COP in the country. You can't have a better exposure of America corruption at the highest levels than what Barr just said.

Below is a bit of the story with Butina's lawyer interviewed by Laura Ingraham, where he says that, upon reporting the case to Barr and Durham, the DoJ has decided only to let the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) handle it. What??? This is a full-blown, FBI-handled conspiracy to commit a political frame job on Trump (sought to give appearances that Russia was passing campaign money to the Trump campaign via the National Rifle Association), and it's only going to get a secretive slap on the wrist by the OPR??? How convenient, for the OPR doesn't report its findings to the public. Barr = SHAM! Put the torch to this wise-guy's feet.

One explanation for letting the OPR handle it is that this story from Bryne is a farce to fill the news just when the people expect to discuss why Barr isn't checking for clues on Epstein's murder. If Bryne is an FBI tool (he was an FBI tool in the past) making a false charge against the FBI with the FBI's wink, no one at the FBI has to worry about a thing. In the meantime, Fox news will gladly devote air time to the story, leaving Epstein in the dust. Or, Bryne could be, as a plot of Intelligence, blaming expendable, nobody-Strzok when in reality he knows that he was working for Brennan and/or Clapper and/or Coats.

However, it seemed to me that my stool pigeon was pointing to Bryne. A few days after the first-ever pigeon here walked over the stool in the septic tank, I saw three pigeons whirling around the maple tree beside the tank. I never saw a pigeon here again. We saw "vis " with Stolls, and perhaps the term is in the Maple motto, "Non VI Sed virtute." It was the Ardiaei queen, Teuta, if I recall correctly, who was on Vis, or who tried to rule Vis, and there you see "virTUTE." Maple's (version of Turin Coat but with the Tarves Shield) can be gleaned with Chives' of Tarves, namers of Chivasso at Turin, from the Cavii Illyrians to the south of where Ardiaei are stamped on maps.

Between the Cavii and the Ardiaei were the SELEPitanoi, suspect in naming Salop, where Sleeps were first found, but I've just found a SLAPton in the English Bryne/Brian write-up, home of Sir Guy de Brien. I looked these Bryne's up immediately after ending the last paragraph, to find them in Maple colors. These Bryne's were first found in Denbighshire, beside Cheshire, itself beside Salop. If one climbs the Cottian Alps from Turin, he gets over the peaks to BRIANcon on the DURance with of the Salyes, which should explain why Dure's share the Saluzzo Coat. The Coutes'/Coots share the Coat of Celts/Cults, first found in Perthshire with Dure's and the Saluzzo-related Cluns. Saluzzo's are in the Sallows, first found in Salop. Slapton is in Devon with the Darts/Dards using one of the ermined Sleep fesses. Did God arrange this Cottian picture to point to Dan Coats???

It should be said that while the pheon of Coutes'/Coots and Celts/Colts is that of Pilate's for sure, the three piles of Bryne's/Brians are colors reversed from the three of the Northumberland Pile's while the other Pile's are Pilots too. Ahh, the red stag head of Coutes'/Coots must be that of Reeds because the Northumberland Reeds share the same brown bird in Crest (could be "rising" for Rhizon elements) as Coutes'/Coots. PLUS, the same red stag head is used by Malcolms/COLUMNs while Pelosi's/PILATI's have a couple of columns.

Ahh, the Sallows almost have the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes', for what could be a pointer of God to Dan Coats behind the Bryne-Butina operation. Note that Bryne came to the news media about a week after Coat's last day at National Intelligence. Makes sense. He didn't want (theory) to come out while Coats was still in charge. Makes sense. The Cootes'/Coots (ducks) have the motto of the Keith Catti in reverse, and the Coats/Cotes pale bars are almost the ones of Keiths. Cetins/Cattans (Chives / Tarves kin again) love the Caute's/Cotta's/Cote's in their motto.

The Coats/Cotes Crest may have the Gay rooster because Bryne's are said to have liked the Guy name while Gays were first found in Savoy, location of Briancon, and, besides, the Brenna's/Brens, suspect with Mr. Brennan, the loose cannon firing mere hot air, use roosters (probably the Landen/Lander rooster) in colors reversed from the Gay rooster.

I believe that God showed, by a mouse that died in my attic a year or more ago, that Dan Coats was finished. I don't want to tell the whole mouse story again; suffice it to say that this mouse entered my floor by a hole in the floor of the COAT closet, and that a Dan was here to ask what the thing was hanging on the wall in the closet where the mouse entered. The point here is a new thing, starting with the checks of the Dan surname (Sussex), the checks of the neighboring Fisks/Fiscs (Suffolk), and the checks also of the neighboring Gastons (Surrey). The Gastons share the scallops of Varns, likely a branch of Varenne's / Warenne's, and Warrens do tell of their ancestry in Varrenne, and were first found in Sussex, Surrey, Norfolk and Suffolk, Surrey being especially important because the earls of Warenne were there. It's where ADA of Warenne derived, explaining why Gastons of Surrey, and Fisks/Fiscs too, share a Shield of checks in the colors of the same of Ade-like Atha's/Attys. Meanwhile, Ade's/Aids come up as Attys. My attic, you see.

What are the chances that the hole in my floor for the hose is right beside, and contacting, the hole through which the GAS pipe comes through? Well, the chances are pretty large. What are the chances that Scottish Gas' share the checks of Gastons? The chances are pretty large. But what are the chances that Gastons should work into this mouse event where the mouse enters at the gas pipe? Well now that's different, for the creators of heraldry didn't know of the event. What are the chances that the double lions in the Gas Coat are also those of Base's while the mouse entered the hole in the floor from the BASEment? Pretty amazing. And as the hole is for a water hose, do we think that God could be pointing to Mr. Steele with the red lion head in the Hose Crest? After all, the Steele dossier was taken to the FISC court, which didn't exist when the Gastons started to share the Fisk/Fisc Shield.

There's the only heraldic mouse I know of yet to get to. God showed that the Ade/Aid Coat (Morley symbol) is a version of the David Coat by having David Morley in the sleeping-bag dream. It checks out because Aids were first found in Berwickshire with Aitons while Eitons (Salop, same as Sleeps) have a blue version of the David Coat. Misl's have a mouse on a bend that looks like an alternative to the lion on the same bend of Davids. If the two surnames are related, then the mouse links to the Attys. The mouse died in my attic. As I've said several times, it died in a mouse trap under the solar panels, and Solars, sharing six pale bars with Coats'/Cotes, have lions on a bend too. Italian Daniels have a red stag in the colors of the Coutes/Cotes' stag head. The Sola's speak on the panel-like Painells, and Panels/Pings/Pongs/Paganells happen to share a red, four pointed label with Italian Daniels, pretty cool, all new material right here. These Daniels were first found in Bologna with the Panel-branch Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's (same label).

[I didn't know until this section was done that Nene's share the Warren Shield. It was discovered after re-visiting the Solar write-up: "Today, Neen Sollars is a village and civil parish in south east Shropshire [Salop]. The village dates back to before the Domesday Book where it was listed as Nene." In Salop even, with Warenne-line Eitons (lion on a bend). The English Rothes', with three lion heads on a bend, were, for at least ten years previous to this year, said to have been first found in Salop. Solars could have the Bramton lions.]

Misl's have got to be from mythical SiemoMYSL of the Goplo mouse tower, ancestry of Mieszko I, husband of DOBRawa, suspect with "Dober," beside Koplik. Goplo traces hard to Koplik, on the closet-like Clausula river. This Clausula river can be to the Close surname (share spur with Knights) that I trace to Closeburn on the Nith river. I trace Knights (almost the Coats/Cotes' pale bars) and Nights to the Nith, and it just so happens that the demi-gold lion in the Night Crest is also in the Misl Crest, while the lions in the Misl Shield are in the colors of the lion heads of the same Nights. The latter have the "duRUM" motto code for Rums/Rooms (same place as the Nith), and it just so happens that the "PUNGit" motto term of Rums/Rome's is for the Pung variation of Panels/Pings/Pongs. Can you believe it?

Close's share the stars of Bride's and Bridge's, suspect from Brigantium = Briancon, where Bryne's/Brians were from. Can you believe it? Who set this heraldry up? What are the chances that the six pale bars of Solars/SolLIS' are shared by English LISe's in the "fideLIS" motto term of Close's? That's right, with 30,000 surnames to chose from, it's impossible to get that result from any three surnames unless God set up the mouse's death under the solar panels after it entered at the closet hundred of years after He arranged the Solars to merge with Lise's.

I had to tile the floor, and when getting to this coat closet, where a tankLESS water heater hung, I had to leave a HOLE in the floor for an overflow hose. Dutch Hole's/Halls happen to use the three chevrons of Clare's, and while Clarens/Larins use two of those chevrons, ditto for Scottish Lise's. Ho-hum, just another heraldic miracle.

The two coat closets are off of the foyer, and Foyers/Foix's, first found in Ile-de-France with French Lise's/Lys' (hee-hee), share the vertically-split Shield of HUNTs/Hunters, the latter first found in Salop with Eitons. The latter are a branch of Aitons and Ade's/Aids, Ada-of-Huntingdon liner, right? Thought so.

Tile's / Tillers / Tailers are even from the Tilurius river with Cetins/Cattans, part of the Coats/Cotes line. Tailers are of Lucy Taillebois, right? Yes, and she's to the talbot dogs of English HOLE's/Halls (Lincolnshire, same as Lucy Taillebois). We could even call a foyer a hall. The Mieszko mouse line goes to the Meschins, and the first-known Meschin married Lucy Taillebois. The hole was in the floor, and Flore's and Flora's share the Masci fleur-de-lys. God was busy centuries ago multiplying my heraldic work load to marathon levels. I poke fun at God saying I'm going to have two mail boxes at my house in heaven, one telling passers-by of the much-pain He's caused me, and the other telling of how uniquely He's used me to be great delight at many times.

Lucy Taillebois was from Bolingbroke, and the Bolingbroke fesse is in the colors of the Non/NEEN/Nevin fesse. Recall Neen Sollars of the Solars. Bolingbroke's add lions colors reversed from the one of Masons/Massins, and lion heads in both colors schemes are used by Name's/NEEMs (Lincolnshire, same as Bolinbroke's). Solars can have the Bramton lions, for Bramtons were first found in Norfolk with the Saluzzo-line Fasts/Fastoffs / FALStaffs who both share the Name/Neem quadrants. Sola's/Sole's, to which my solar panels pointed, share the fish of Lucys (Norfolk, FALAIS elements). Lucys were at CharleCOTE. Fish-liner Geddes were first found in Nairnshire with Rats. Trabys were kin of Sticks, and Brooks (Essex, same as Broke's/Brocks), suspect in "Bolingbroke," share the Stick Coat.

The mouse entered my floor at a hole in the coat closet in the foyer, and represented a dead Daniel Coats in my mouse TRAP in the attic under the solar panels and beside a set rat trap. I always identify my one RAT trap with RADziwill-related Trabys, and the Arms of Traby (Poland, same as Goplo) has black hunting horns (Ada of Warenne married Henry of Huntingdonshire, a royal-David liner) with gold stripe's, also in the Close though God wants to nail this mouse-in-trap event with Poland's mouse tower. Mouse-tower myth was written my GALLUS AnonyMOUS, and German Gallus' share the rooster of Koplik-liner Kopple's. Italian Gallus' may have the Misl lion on red.

Plus, Gastons were checked years ago after learning that Gaston-related Sandowski's shared the so-called scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's, and we just saw Gastons (Surrey) linked to Ada of Warenne (Surrey). I had realized that the Surrich variation of Surreys can be a Zurich line, and ever since, I became familiar with the Arms of Kyburg (a location beside Zurich) which happens to share the Misl lion. Casimir of Poland, a Mieszko liner in marriage to Varni-liner Varangians, traces by the red Casimir antler to the red antler of Veringers of Baden, to the north of Zurich. Stolls, said to have been in Zurich, use the antler.

It just so happens that Zahringers of Baden, kin of Veringers, used blue antlers and founded BERNE (Switzerland), like Patrick BRYNE! Zowie. I am on the Coats/Cotes topic for first being on the Bryne topic. Zowie.

But what about the overflow HOSE from the HEATER that has yet to be installed (which is why the mouse got into the hose's hole in the floor)? Well we first go to the Hose's, and discover that a ruler of a Hose location was from Noyers. There is a Noyers surname with a giant eagle in the colors of the wings of Hose-like Hosts, and the latter are in the motto of Shirts while Tous'/TOSINI's use a shirt with Buttons pointing thus to the deep-state hose bag, Miss Butina, Bryne's sexual honey-pot = black widow spider. The Hose's are said to have held Hose from the Tosini-line Tosni's, you see. And Heaters happen to share bull heads on blue with Hosts.

The over-flow hose is there in case the heater over-heats the water to a dangerous pressure. It's for HOT water, and Hotts are said to be from D'Ouste. Hose's are Ouse's too, and Hosts are Osts too. Hooters have what I assume are eagles legs in the colors of what I assume are the eagle wings of Hosts/Osts. Hotters/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire.

Noyers is in Eure, location of Abreu-line Evreux, and we could end here with the Abreu's sharing the Brennan lions combattant.

News Not Snoozy This Week

Lindsey Graham has said he intends to speak with Barr to get him to declassify ALL the documents the people need to read. And Graham said that there is going to be a terrible exposure of the Obama deep state. Is this a joke? What exactly does he mean by "terrible"? Bubble-gum pops? A little bubble gum on the face?

Well, according to John Solomon, he has delivered the silver bullet. He claims that Mifsud's lawyer has said that Mifsud has gone into hiding after being a stool pigeon on the Intelligence people who employed him. Yup, Mifsud has admitted to John Durham, the jailer man, that Western Intelligence employed him to frame Trump by trying to trick Papadopoulos. It's even making Solomon a believer in conspiracies at the highest levels. Oh boy, this leaves Barr no choice but to let the jailer man do what needs to be done. The only question is: how many of the culprits will be jailed? Which Intelligence chief was employing Mifsud? Surely, he didn't commit to this conspiracy without Clinton's nod, and that of the DNC chiefs. Solomon says that the CIA was the mastermind (not his word) behind Russia collusion, but it's not made clear whether he meant that Mifsud was employed by the CIA. A happy BCP has this story:

Solomon's leak of the Barr decision not to prosecute Comey for lying to congress is possibly an important lever to get Barr to change his attitude. Let Barr try that again, and he'll be made to feel like burnt toast.

First thing up on Hannity's Monday show, same as video above, is the message-alert that Judicial Watch convinced a judge to order the FBI to give up Steele documents. It shouldn't take Wray more than a day, right? He has them all lined up in a single file, right beside his desk, right? He's had a long time to get them into a single file, right? The court has given Wray 60 days, and he'll take all 60 days, if he acts as he's done in the past for JW.

Here's a pretty face on Halper's crime of framing Flynn as a Russian spy, more or less. The pretty face needs only to brush up on her English a little, and she'd be perfect:

Lindsey Graham, the political-minded phony, has come out to say that he wants every document exposed to the public. If that's true, what's taken him so long to get on it? He takes the excuse that he's patient so as not to be in a hurry. Phooey! It gives them more time to harden their come-back strategy. Where's Lindsey's zeal? he hasn't got any. Someone thinks that Graham is playing it cool, but I say he's frigid like a man without a heart. What was that hug he had with Huma Abedin at McCain's funeral??? She looked like she was on a mission to greet him. She's wasn't just passing him happen-chance, but rather she bee-lined it straight for him, gave him a kiss, and walked away just as fast in what may have been a note-transfer to him. A couple of minutes later, it appeared that Graham put her note into the inside-suit pocket of John Kelly, while James Mattis looked on as though he knew that this note transfer was scheduled to take place.

Soon after, Trump fired both Kelly and Mattis, yet Graham became the head of the Senate judiciary committee, and has done nothing against the deep state with that strong hand. Now, only now, he promises results, after taking criticisms for doing nothing. Why does he talk like one without zeal to punish the deep state? Why did he get this important position instead of someone with heart, such as Jim Jordan? It's the heart that matters, not seniority or long-track record. If Graham were being productive, he'd forego being a talking head on Fox's new shows. Everytime he comes on I see a dead man...and I skip his piece.

Dan Bongino always looks good on Fox, and he's got lots of heart, but, dang, he claims that Muslims attacked the trade towers. He probably won't admit to one false-flag operation, and so this is his downfall. He can't win on one leg. The sooner he gets wise to what's been going on from Intelligence, the better for his message, the better for his audience. Note the timing of the civil disturbances lately, which is only the beginning unless the sources of the disturbances are discovered and stopped. "False flag" doesn't necessarily mean that no one gets hurt or killed. It means that Intelligence / the military / Obama does it while making it appear done by others.

Sebastian Gorka has John Solomon and Sara Carter on for a half hour re-hashing things, and the call for the need of full exposure of the authoritarian spirit now seeking to grasp the country as a continuation of Obama's ratty "legacy":

Unless the media machine of the left is put in its place, the nation is a gonner. Unless media bossed are taken to court for slander, and/or jailed, the country is a gonner. It was leaked recently that the New York Times has decided to slander trump as a racist as it's next deliberated operation. Calling him a racist is nothing new, but the leak revealed, in the words of the Times itself, that its bosses had decided to launch a crusade against Trump, lasting until the election, to topple Trump with a racist portrayal. Unless this method of undermining politicians is made illegal, and punished to keep other media from using it, the nation will go to satan even more than it already has. It's not enough for Trump to single out the media with words; he's not the first to do it, anyway. The media is not afraid of our words spoken against it. Slander for political gain is the leftist staple from decades ago. The irresponsibility of leftists is frightening because, with them in power, anything could go wrong to cause a sea-to-sea crisis. Leftists are walking disasters. And they condition the minds of roughly half the nation very willing to have satanic inspiration. That alone is bad enough so that the media machinery driving that spirit MUST be eradicated in kits present form.

It must be made illegal for a media to target politicians with baseless slander. Politicians are not going to take media to court so that the DoJ must do it. There is no other way if the media refuses to repent of it. The sooner the calls come for a DoJ attack on the media, the sooner the people can be cured from the leftist propaganda that turns them into reckless minds. But if leftists control the DoJ perpetually, it's all over. Consider how merely Rush Limbaugh started a media move against the whole gamut of liberal machinery that toppled long-standing, unfettered Democrat rule. If I recall correctly, this started when the House and Senate went to Republicans on November 7, 1994. It was such a good feeling to see Clinton lame-ducked that night, and then it happened again in Obama's second year, thanks much to Fox News, which arose on the train of successful conservative radio. But if Fox and others are going to walk lock-step with a Bill Barr who refuses to do what needs to be done, then the toppling of Democrat rule was all for nothing...because the advantage that Fox and others won over the stumbling leftist media has been canceled by google and the other Internet machinery that largely decides what people read, see and hear.

The sickening thing is, the celebrated George Bush turned out to be wicked pillager of the nation, and then the Republicans fronted John McCain to continue the Bush curve. For Bush's evil and the bad McCain-decision, Democrats were able to get Obama eight years, and here we are today with the rattiest Democrat camp ever. What next? What time is it on the Armageddon clock?

At the end of the Gorka video, Carter and Solomon (thumbs-up) say that they will hold the fire to Barr's feet if he doesn't indict. They both say, as do others, that they have confidence in Barr, but I view this statement as a fire to Barr's feet, sending him the message in advance that he's expected to punish. Although the leftist media will go hairily nuts in the face of indictments, it could backfire because they would be clearly in support of criminality. The alternative is to not indict and have media peace...and more corruption. Should there not be, or isn't there already, a law forbidding media support for criminal acts?

I have yet to hear anyone nail Barr to the wall for his illogical remark on Epstein's "suicide." No one wants to touch this because it hurts to think that Barr will let the whole deep-state off the hook. It looks like a nightmare in the making with a Barr like that. The same spirit gripping America is worldwide, is it not? During the Obama years, it was evident that virtually the entire Western world was willing to adopt a leftist ideology. The American Democrats were expecting to deliver such a global order when Trump crashed their party. But Trump turned out to be the wrong man for the task at hand. Why isn't he far ahead in the polls against the slew of dopiest Democrat candidates ever? Blame it on the media, yes, but also due to Trump's inability or unwillingness to embarrass and condemn the media through declassification of documents exposing media complicity with criminality. You can't have a better political weapon against the leftist machine, yet Trump has refused to use it. If Trump wasn't so low in the polls, Lindsey Graham might not have felt the need to ask Barr to declassify.

There is no Muslim terrorism in the Unites States. It was a faked storyline from the Bush circle to implement the FISA court, for one, and now we see what that court is really all about: spying on Americans. If there were Muslim threats to speak of in the Unites States, groups would naturally form, but the FBI has yet to arrest a group of terrorists. All of the "terror" acts have been from loners, which informs me that they were false-flag operations from insider demons for the purpose of perpetuating the spy-on-American program. It's a no-brainer that, since FISA was created for corruption, the powers that be chose to seat corrupt FISA judges. It's not a wonder that this court has a legal right to be wholly secretive, which itself goes counter to the traditional standards of court operation. Corrupt actors in government tend to legalize corruption. The spy-on-American program is far more than spying on Trump, let's not be naive. Conservatives are burying themselves alive to allow 17 spy organizations free reins and free reign. Yes, Intelligence rules the nation when partnered with the DoJ and other government bodies.

Here's a good reason that Mr. Solomon may be frowning a little on Barr:

...Thanks to the relentless investigative work of Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), we are learning that the Hillary Clinton email case may not really be settled.

A staff memo updating the two senators’ long-running probe discloses that the FBI...failed to pursue access to “highly classified” evidence that could have resolved important questions.

...To make matters worse, the Trump Department of Justice (DOJ) has known about that decision since at least 2018, thanks to the work of the DOJ’s internal watchdog, Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz, who provided DOJ leaders and Congress with a classified appendix explaining what happened.

But Johnson and Grassley have been unable to get answers for a year, even from Attorney General William Barr, about whether the FBI intends to look at the critical evidence it skipped back in 2016.

Comey's FBI turned a blind eye to information it knew it didn't want because it spelled trouble for Hillary. It's just another symptom of the overall ailing of Obama's government. Obama inflicted the illness onto his own government because he didn't want to play by the rules. He wanted to fast-track things to accomplishments on behalf of his own wickedness. But the bigger story in Solomon's article is Barr's offending of the good-guy Republicans that we've been rooting for. It comes like a cold-steel sword run through our brains if we were led to whole-heartedly believe that now, finally now, we have a good-guy Republican in charge of the DoJ. Not so fast. Didn't you see how Barr excused Rosenstein.


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