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August 27 - September 2, 2019

Mythical Orion Was to / from Alan Huns
A New Dream This Week Does Not Disappoint

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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WesterHOUT who? "President Trump’s personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, whose office sits in front of the Oval Office and who has served as the president’s gatekeeper since Day 1 of his administration, resigned on Thursday, two people familiar with her exit said." Hmm, he picked a lovely Westerhout, no surprise, to attend to his personal business, but all of the leaking kept him from being foolish enough to have a "romance" with his servants. It recalls his choice of Hope Hicks, and here it's interesting that Hope's/Hoods share the anchor with Westers and Hout-like Hoods/Hoots. You can load other Coats at the link above.

Ms. Westerhout resigned, the NY Times is saying, because she divulged some of Trump's business to journalists. "Ms. Westerhout, a former Republican National Committee aide who also worked for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, reportedly cried on election night because she was upset over Mr. Trump’s victory. As such, the president at first viewed her warily, as a late convert to his cause who could not be trusted." But he chose his enemy anyway to attend to his affairs. That's Trump the dope, beyond my understanding.

Westers are expected as Wests (dancetty Dove fesse in colors reversed) and therefore with Waistells/Wessels. The latter share the blue dove with George's, and while this is a Bohemian topic later in this update, note that Houts have columns in colors reversed from the column of German Franks (Bohemia). It's just a small indicator that I'm justified for investigating her name seeking heraldic pointers. George Drummond married a woman from Bohemia, and the wavy Drummond fesses can be of the Amore's / Damorys, first found in Oxfordshire with Madels who share the wavy Damory bars (coincidence or Arranged?).

Madels were first found in Oxfordshire with the Clintons whose Coat is a version of the Dolin Coat. Does this speak to us? Madels were looked up in case God was pointing to Madelaine Westerhout with them. Westers have three OWLs in the colors and format of the Howells. Madels were first found in the same place as SKIPton-like Shiptons, and it just so happens that Madels add the chevron-with fleur of Cope's/Coaps, which I regard as a version of the SKIPper Coat (because Meschin rulers of Copeland married Skiptons). Skipper was on Gilligan's Island with the Howells (topic of last update), and per chance the Skipper Coat is linkable to that of Hope's. Gilligans come up as Galligans, and so, possibly, the white Waistell horse on a gallop is the white Gilligan horse. Gallops ("GalHOPE") are said to derive partly in "Hope." Gallops were first found in Dorset with Ghans/Caens (share Peare leopard face and have a "PERImus" motto term) so that "GalliGAN" may have been a Gallop-Ghan merger. Don McGhan, Trump's former lawyer, had caused a problem for Trump, and became recently sought by Nadler's, along with Hope Hicks, on his impeachment drive.

I've never checked the Peach's as per the effort to impeach Trump, but did here during the spell check. Peach's/Peche's use a version of the Craven Coat, and Skiptons were in Craven. Peach's look like Pek-river liners, where I trace doves. The suggested Skipper link to Cope's is to Cuppae (city of doves), off the sources of the Pek river. Perfect. While Paloma's probably share the Page dove, I first kissed Miss Peare at La Paloma. Pero's share the pale bar of Spanish Paloma's, which is why I link Peare's to Pero's. I've only just noticed that Cravens (= from Croatians, lived at the Kupa) are in the colors and format of Boets/Butts/Bute's, themselves with a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat! Palms (Paloma colors) were first found in Yorkshire with Craven, home of Skiptons, and share the Massey fleur while Skiptons married Massey-liner Meschins. Italian Palmers share the fesse of Peach's. For what it could be worth, Peach's have a white version of the Beauchamp Coat. English Reids/Reeds use a "PAX COPia" motto.

Arthurian myth was stacked with codes for surnames, and that cult is likely the one which invented the holy-grail theme around Mary Magdalene. Madels are also Magdeleine/Magdelins/MagDOLins while Westers are also WesterDELLs. Madels/Magdolins use the Cope/Coap and CUP/Cope chevron, and hence the "grail" is just a stupids code, of the stupids, for these cups. Marys share the lion of Delaneys, the latter suspect as D'Allens of Dol, though more like a line of D'Lane's / D'Launays. MadeLEINE Westerhout. Launays were kin of Brests/Brix's, and Brecks/Breakers share the brown antelope in Crest with the other Irish Dalaneys/Delaune's (a song just sang, "BROKEN heart," like the Breakers, causing me to load Brokens). Lane's/Lawns (Bright / Bride stars) share the three lions of Brians, from Brigantium along with Brecks. Ahh, the Irish Lawns share the Gallop Shield while the horse of Waistells/Wessels is said to be on a gallop.

Plus, when I got to loading Dolins, there were the Broken-surname trefoils in the Dolin Chief!!! God is still directing this revelation. I've got to assume that this likely entry from God is because Westerhout has been a mole. Eschyna de Molle married the line of royal-to-be Alans, when they married Brest-liner Bruce's. Dolins were first found in LEINster with Delaneys, yet Dolins are evident in Magdolins (i.e. Magdolins were not from Mary of Magdala). [Later, I show how Harrys contribute with a pointer the HARRY Reid, and so let's add here that Dolins share the lion that is one Harry Coat.]

Waistells were pointed to by Miss Peare of REITmans clothing, and while Dutch Reitmans share the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots and Westers, Hotts share the spread eagle of Reids/Reeds, begging whether Ms. Westerhout has been reporting to the circle of Harry Reid, for the latter was working with John Brennan to get Trump impeached. Brennans share the lion of Bruce's (Yorkshire again), suspect from the Breuci (where Brokens can trace) at the mouth of the Kupa river. Bruce liners are very linkable to Lane liners. Reids/Reeds share the red stag head (almost) of Dole's/Doyels. English Dole's are also Dolins'. I suggest that German Dolins/Tollings have the pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's in colors reversed.

John Kelly, Trump's other enemy, was working in cahoots with Hope Hicks to block from Trump the things he needed to know. This week: "But some of Mr. Trump’s top officials — like John F. Kelly, who has since left as chief of staff — tried to turn Ms. Westerhout into an ally who could help them manage Oval Office traffic. They hoped that she could block individuals from reaching the president on the phone or in person, and that she would report back on the calls and meetings that made it through." A conspiracy in Trump's own White House of his own making. How do you put finger and thumb on the bone of the nose and wag your head in shame for the man?

Madels evoke the Saint-Petersburg MEDALlion that I found on the HOOD of my Jeep. Medals/Dougals are linkable to Scottish Bauds sharing the Hood crescents. Dougals are a branch of Dowells/DOUL's, and so it appears that the MEDALLION is a pointer to MADELEINE, how about that. Note how "Dowell" can explain "WesterDELL." Wow, DOWLings share the Dolin Coat, and Madels are also MaDOLINs! Why was the medallion placed on my hood so long ago if it pertains to a discovery at the time? I'll add to this in the next update.

Out this week; "At least one camera in the hallway outside the cell where authorities say registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself earlier this month had footage that is unusable..." Bill Barr's thinking in my words: "I see another flub, and maybe it's another serious irregularity, but, duh, I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe that this was anything but a suicide." If he's not an idiot, then he's protecting the people who were in a relationship with Epstein, most-likely his bosses, most likely people in Intelligence. It's a no-brainer. Barr lies after all. So much for the respect he sought to win.

Same article:

"The defense team fully intends to conduct its own independent and complete investigation into the circumstances and cause of Mr. Epstein's death including if necessary legal action to view the pivotal videos - if they exist as they should - of the area proximate to Mr. Epstein's cell during the time period leading to his death," the lawyers said in an Aug. 16 statement. "We are not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner."

Well, then, the defence team can do its own medical examination. But we hear zero word on such a thing, and the older the body gets, the worse it gets. So, they would do their own examination IMMEDIATELY, but we have heard nothing. We have not even heard that there is a fight for the custody of the body. This is just not the expected reality. Our sense of reality is being warped, no surprise, for with end-time lawlessness comes curved, devilish horns on the brain. This is not the time for the American dream; this is the time to let go of earthly luxury, but Trump will have none of that. He's keeping his billions to the day he dies, and he's going to curse his heirs with it.

The dailybeast back on August 16: "Jeffrey Esptein’s body was claimed from the New York City medical examiner’s office by his brother Mark Epstein, a person with direct knowledge of the situation told The Daily Beast on Friday....It is not immediately clear where Mark Epstein had his brother’s body transferred or if it has been buried. The medical examiner finished the autopsy exam a day after Epstein died." It sounds like a tabloid rumor. From whom did the Beast learn this news? It's not a small detail in a claim like this, but the Beast didn't tell who the source was, and such an omission could be expected in a tale. Where's the funeral been? How could the big media not follow this story to discover at least where the body was buried / burned? This is nonsense. Where's the body? Why isn't anyone asking?

Okay, let's assume the brother has the body. The brother would then allow the defence team to do it's own autopsy. But the defence team has not said that it has done so, wherefore the defence team looks complicit with this scam, suggesting Epstein is not dead. Here's from two updates ago of mine:

Re-assigning a warden in such a matter as this is a lot like the pope re-assigning pedophiliac priests and bishops. Barr admitted that the warden was re-assigned rather than being suspended pending a questioning = investigation into him personally [Barr later cut him lose]. This is Barr gone wild snorting apple pie with frosty cream on his cheeks. I'm starting to detest him. It's too bad I didn't use "pear pie," for the Warden surnames use pears. Just as I wrote "pears," the songline, "from prison bars have flown," was sung on my speakers, from the song, I'll Fly Away, by Joey and Rory. She changed the words from "prison walls" to "prison BARs," hmm. What could that mean, that Epstein flew from prison with Barr's help? She's got the lyrics as: "Like a bird from prison bars have flown, I'll fly away."

Where's the jailhouse report on who it gave the body to? The media could ask the jailhouse that question, but as the media isn't even talking about the mystery, it's got to be because the media bosses know not to talk about it. I'm starting to think that he didn't die at all. In fact, it crossed my mind that he made a deal with the New York police to feign arrest and jailing, which included a jail escape later, just so the media could show Trump's photo with Epstein. But in order for this to be true, Barr would need to be part of the plot, and therefore opposed to Trump's re-election. It could be true. Barr is probably a Bushite.

Barr's between a rock and a hard place with McCabe's fate. I'll bet the reason that they are deciding whether to indict him is because Barr doesn't want to, whereas others are telling him his position is professional suicide. Even Horowitz wasn't willing to destroy his reputation, having both McCabe and Comey referred for indictments...though on minor matters only, what I expected from this powder-puff. But Barr seems to be on a crash course right out from the gate, not because his horse is injured, but because he's thinks that, if he wins this race, the mob will come down on him. So why did you take the job, jerky? I'll bet there was a plot from his people to take the job to protect the deep state as much as possible.

However, there is a gravity force on Barr to bring him down to earth. There are so many needing jail time that he can't possibly give them all a get-out-of-jail-free card. I suppose we get to analyse why he arrests some, but not others. It gets very tricky to pick-and-choose because they were all in the same boat. He's going to ruin himself FAST if he doesn't do the right things to them all. He may have asked Horowitz to help him out by not giving him the hard stuff. "Just give me the powder-puff, I'll look after the excuses as to why we may as well not indict." We haven't heard his official excuse on Comey, have we? He owes the people an explanation. This is the gravity that confines him, that keeps him fastened to the rock and the hard place. If you want to see a third of the nation heap insults upon you, Mr. Barr, and another third shake their heads at you, just try it. The only ones left who might admire you are the last turd of the nation.

Besides, if he let's government mobsters off the hook only to have others discover, later, the depth of their crimes which he himself had known but ignored or covered up, Barr himself becomes deserving of jail time. Oh yes. That's the sort of thing keeping Horowitz less than lofty. It's the gravity. Joe DiGenova (just before the 8-minute mark below) claims that Horowitz has found that all four FISA applications were illegal. DiGenova says that there is no doubt about it. The question is, what crime(s) in particular did the applicants commit? Are those who signed off on the applications responsible for the crime(s)? Is Barr allowed to choose no indictment on such a thing? Might Horowitz force Barr's wings to fail by the accumulated weight heaped upon his back from numerous law-breaking acts from the FBI?

The Horowitz report is now finished, to be released sooner than expected last week. I expect God to continue doing His work while Horowitz's report hits the news. Recently, I found that the Jewish Hurwitz surname, which named a HoroVICES location in Bohemia, shares the FISK/FISC Shield. This strikes me as a Sign that Horowitz is a part of the FISK / FISA cover-up, but we shall soon see better.

Car Accidents and other Horr-Ors.

There is a Hore surname said possibly to have named Ore in Sussex, where Vices'/Vise's were first found. I'm checking whether there was a Hore-Vices merger to form Horovices. After Hore's, I thought to check Hortons because I recalled that they share a stag head with Vices'/Vise's, but I wanted to see if the colors of both stag heads could apply. It turns out that the giant Horton stag head is in the colors of the giant Hore eagle, and in colors reversed from the Vices/Vise stag head. Pretty amazing.

Hortons were first found in the Morley area of Yorkshire. Famous Tim Horton of the Toronto Maple Leafs died in a car acciDENT, and two car accidents in the last update pointed to Dents, first found in Yorkshire. The car ACCidents also pointed to Giffords upon the AXE river, and Giffords happen to use a "MALo MORI" motto phrase while Yorkshire's MORleys are also MAULs. Amazing. Morley is in West Yorkshire along with the SEDbergh home of the first-known Dents, and Cars (as per car accidents) happen to share a "sed" motto term with Sedans and Coffee's/Coffers, stunning! First of all, Sedans were said to have been first found in Yorkshire for years and years until months ago, but the biggie here is that Canada has a Tim Hortons coffee chain that was a coffee company started by Tim Horton of the Maple Leafs! And the Coffee/Coffer motto has a "sed proviDENTia" motto term, WOW!

When Miss Hicks was hovering over the SEATs of a car (see last update), it was a pointer to Sedan-like Seatons, and both surnames can be shown to have been branches. The point here is that there are two Axe rivers in Somerset, one of which flows to Seaton of Devon! Zinger. On top of that, the Giffords on the other Axe river are mentioned in the WEAR/Were write-up while the Wear river is at Durham, where Sedans are now said to have been first found! Zinger again. The Wear/Were write-up: "Today in Britain, Weare and Lower Weare are small villages in Somerset, England, on the River Axe, south of the Mendip Hills...Traditionally, this family derive from an ancient branch of the Giffards of Devon and Somerset...Some say, in early times before the 12th century, the Weare-Giffards of Brightly and Halsworthy took the name Weare and eventually dropped the Giffard portion of the name." The Wear/Were croziers are in the colors of both Coffer surnames (one first found in Somerset), and "GIFFARd" sure looks like "Coffer," and even more like "Coffert" (Sussex).

The Vairs/Fers' share the Hurwitz Shield. A Francesca Battistelli's song just sang "worries," and having the sense that I should check the Worry surname, it lists Werre's. The Wears/Were's is the reason that I started this paragraph with Vairs.

The last update had the blue-boar Dermots, and it just so happens that the Vere's, a branch of Wears/Were's (ignore their write-up on this matter), share the blue boar. I've just found blue boar heads with Halworthys/Alesworths, and we just saw the Wear-Giffards at Halworthy. In the Dermot Crest, a blue lion, symbol also of the Yorkshire Bruce's who share the Wear/Were motto. In the last update, the Dermots came out pointing to VICTORIA NUland, and she was first realized, likewise in the last update, as pointed to by the newspaper and COFFEE I purchased in Victoria (Texas). Coffee's/Coffers have a "victoria" motto term. And Nuland-like Newlands have a version of the Dermot chevron-with-items; both chevrons are in the colors of the Halworths/Alesworthy chevron. The red fitchee on the Newland chevron is in the Crest of Love's/Luffs, and, as was said, Ray Luff died in a car accident.

The ALDworthy variation of Halworthys evokes the Alda's, first found in Florence with Bruno's and Barone's. Then, Irish Barone's share the blue boar with Halworthys. The Crest of Scottish Alda's seems to be sharing the cherub head of Tacks/ThackWRAYs, and the latter are not only in Coffer / Coffee colors, but they were first found in Cambridgeshire with the newspaper-using News'/Nuce's to which NEWlands link. The Thackery variation of Tacks is like the Shakerley variation of Shake's/SHACKS, and Eddie Shack played for the Toronto Maple Leafs when Tim Horton did, in the 1960s.

WOW! If you read the last update, you will know that David Morley, in my sleeping-bag dream, is the reason for my discovery that Davids use a version of the Aid/Ade Coat...that just came up as EDDIE's!!! Eddie Shack played with Tim Horton, and Hortons were in Morley! I get it now: Hore's and HORtons were from mythical ORion, whose mythical father was at Tanagra!!! You just watch. What are the chances that Morleys/Mauls mention David, Earl of Huntingdon, son of ADa of Warenne?

The Halsworthy/Aldworthy and Dermot boar heads are colors reversed from the same of the Mole's in the mole hills of Shakerleys/Shake's. The Tacks were looked up as per the "probaTAQUE" motto term of Dermots. The Tacks (Nidd river) were at West Yorkshire with some kin of the Dent-loving Coffee's/Coffers, and since Tacks are in Coffee/Coffer colors, I'd say those Coffee kin were the Tacks...said to be a branch of Tankerville's (!!!) and Tancreds/Tanks (Yorkshire). I trace TANKERville's to Boeotia's TANAGRa, at SCHIMatari, where I trace Israel's Shake-line SHECHEMites! Zinger, look what God has wrought here. It all started with HOROwitz's (red), perhaps from the Horites of Edom (red).

The Tancred/Tank scallops are in the colors of Morleys/Mauls, and the latter's scallops are eight around a border in the same way that Tankerville's have eight cinquefoils (same colors) around their border. The Morley/Maul scallops are those of Lincolnshire's Tailbois', and Tankerville's were first found in Lincolnshire. Compare the Tankerville escutcheon with the same of CHADwicks, CHADocks and Chad-like Geddes', then see how Morleys/Mauls, with an escutcheon in the same colors, share the split Shield of Chads, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Bus' having the Tankerville and Duncan cinquefoil. David of Huntingdon in the Morley/Maul write-up descended from king David I, himself a Duncan liner. Duncans were also called, Clan ConnCHAIDh.

SHECHEMites go to the SCHIMs/Schiens/Chands because they share the Mole boar head, and so their Skene/Skin branch, first found near the Duncans of the Forfarshire area, are likely using the swords of Swords, from "Siward" of Northumberland who defeated MacBeth after the latter killed king Duncan, origin of the Duncans and Donkeys (Northumberland). The Duncans are said to have become synonymous with Robertsons, who in-turn use wolf heads half in the colors of the wolf heads at the tops of the three Skene swords. When the stool pigeon walked over my septic TANK (= Tankerville code), it got a symbol for the Sword line; suffice it to repeat here that Siward-like Sewers/Suters (likely eSCUTcheon liners) speak to the septic tank.

The white wolf is used by Gore's, who are perhaps in the "rigore" motto term of Morleys/Mauls. Plus, the three Roberston wolf heads are colors reversed from the same of Fidelows of VIS-de-Lou somewhere in Normandy, perhaps at the ORNE river. Vis elements can be from the HoroVICES location of Hurwitz's (expected with the Horowitz surname). The sleeping-bag dream ended with me on a platform that was recognized as a stage, which pointed to Stage's/Staggs (stags) sharing a cross between antlers with Eustace's (branch of STACeys), and it just so happens that the Eustace's put the same black cross between antlers as do the Vice's/Vise's between their antlers.

While on that stage, I pulled Miss Peare toward me by her WAIST, and as she pointed hard in a related way to Godfrey de Bouillon, son of Eustace II, that's why the platform was recognized as a stage. As I once rode her white horse, I concluded that the white-horse WAISTELLs/Wessels were in my pulling her by the waist. The Waistell horse is said to be on a gallop, and Gallops use a version of the David Coat, unbelievably enough. German Wessels use both the antler and an Orion-liner HORN. The Wessel variation caused me to link to Whistle's/Wissels, which seemed to point to a whistle blower who might just be the DoJ's inspector general, Mr. Horowitz. It would surprise me, but I welcome a full exposure from him of the deep state. In the dream, my pulling Miss Peare felt very good, like a victory, we could say, like a good thing to happen. The dream ended with my feeling good while drawing her near. The Peare's are of the Pero's/Perino's and Pero's/Pierro's, first found in Pavia, a city founded by the Laevi Gauls. The Waistells/Wessels share the dove with Leafs/Leve's.

I first kissed Peare at a La Paloma BAR, which may be an indicator that Bill Barr will help to blow-out (send out) Horowitz's revelations. I hope so. Italian Paloma's use the dove, and Spanish Paloma's link to the Pero pale bar in colors reversed from the Scalia/Scalise "pale bar." We kissed after going up the stairs, suspect in pointing to judge Scalia. Stairs/STAYers have stars colors reversed from the Peare stars; the stool pigeon (same as a dove) on the septic tank pointed to Stolls/STAYwells who happen to share the Whistle/Wissel lozenges. No coincidences. The people who put heraldry together didn't know where I'd kiss her first, but God did, and He made it happen.

Lookie. Waistells/Wessels share the blue dove with George's (one fesse in colors reversed from the Drummond fesses), suspect with George (father of Drummonds), son of king Andrew I of Hungary. George married a gal in Podebrady, Bohemia. The Horovices location is in Bohemia, which is an added reason to see Horowitz as the whistle-blower on the mall stage. German Franks, firs found in Bohemia, use a column as code for Malcolms/Columns, the latter having been Duncans from Malcolm III, who bestowed George's son, Maurice Drummond, with gifts. Malcolm III was the ancestor to David of Huntingdon, can we believe it? The Hurwitz Coat is almost the Bag Coat, and one reason that David Morley was used as a biker (on a motor bike) is that Biks/Bickers share a version of the Bagger Coat. Beggers, first found in Hamburg with Drummonds, share the Halper Shield. The sleeping bag is suspect with the killing of Scalia with a bag over his head while he slept (after they drugged him at dinner). Bechers//Beachers, looking linkable to the Hurwitz Shield, share a black stag head with Vices'/Vise's!!! Perfect for proving that Horovices is involved in all of this.

The Becher/Beacher and Becker/Becher ("Bis") stag head is in both colors of the Calder stag head, and Calders were suspect with the cauldrons of Spanish Paloma's! Zikers. Spanish Paloma's have two of the Pero pale bar, and the latter use "flaming stars" while Stars, first found beside blue-dove George's and Coffers/Coffare's ("sed proviDENTia"), have a reflection of the Coffer/Coffee Coat, and a chevron colors reversed from the Shake chevron. Stars share the lozenges of Seaton-possible Settle's, and the latter were first found in Lancashire with Shake's. The blue-dove George's expects linkage to a line of Waistells/Wessels, but let's repeat that Italian Paloma's use the dove too.

Here we go. Stars were first found in Wiltshire, near the Axe river around Bath, and while Bath's share the Whistle/Wissel lion (there we go), the Battins/Badens (axe) are likely a Bath branch while sharing the eye with Stars. The Star lozenges are white, same as the Gifford and Dent lozenges (= accident line), and as it looks like Stars = Settle's, the Star lozenges do look like those of Dents because Sedans were in Sedbergh with Dents, and because Seats/Cedes/SEETs were first found in Lancashire with Settle's. It makes Giffard-like Coffers look like kin of Stars. The Wear-Giffords were on this Axe river (the first-known Coffers/CofFARE's were on or near it) while Wears/Were's (Fare branch) have a bend in colors reversed from the same of PEIR/LePere's, the latter suggesting the Lapps, first found in Wiltshire with Stars.

Mamie became my girlfriend when she sat on my lap, on my knees, and the night we slept in a sleeping bag together. It was just a few months after I last saw Miss Peare. Soon after she took a SEAT on my lap, God used her at the baseball diamond when Cindy Richardson was on second base, a pointer to Steve Scalise on second base. The Cindy surname shares the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes, and the Seat/Cedes pale bars have three besants so as to be linkable to the same-colored, George fesse with three besants. Is that a blue dove in the Seat/Cedes Crest? But even if not, it looks connectable to the blue George dove. As the same two pale bars are in the Arms of Vilaine, it appears that Drummond elements (part Varangian Rus) were chief in Vilaine at some point. English Alans have one fesse in the colors of the three of Scottish Drummonds, and Dols have one fesse in the colors of the three of German Drummonds.

I take the Cedes' from the "cede" in the Steer motto along with "ne." "Cedes" is suspect with "Gates" with "Cetis," and Gates-related Porters use "ne" too. Steers are suspect with Stars with the Stur river in and/or beside Wiltshire. Steers are split in the colors of the Waistell/Wessel quadrants, suggesting that Steers share the Whistle/Wissel lion. A steer is used by German Bachs/Backs/BACHERs, and English Backs/Bache's, first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels, have a giant eagle colors reversed from the same of Hore's. The latter are said to have had an Ore location in Sussex, where Dent-liner Denets were first found who have a "proviDENTiam" motto term thus connecting to the Coffer/Coffee motto, which in turn expects Coffers/Coffare's on the Axe river with what I'm calling "accident liners." The northern Axe flows to the Bristol sea while BRIStols and Coffers/Coffare's share gold crescents. The BRIS'/Brests share white lozenges with Dents, Giffords, Stars and STOLLs (suspect in BriSTOLs), and as Bris'/Brests were from Brescia, where the Bruce's get their lion, it explains why Wears/Were's share the Bruce motto. The Brittany Denets look like Dance's/Danse's (Alan fesse, Yorkshire, same as Dents). [I didn't realize until the spellcheck that Denets share the Shield-with-canton of News'/Nuse's/Nuce's (not the same as News'/Nuce's), who have two of the Necker pale bars.]

Could RENfrew's namers have been from a version of "Orion." Rennes-like Raines' and NEWmans share the Peterson lion, and Rennes is in Vilaine. Rennes-le-Chateau is in Aude, and Aude's are in the Pollock motto. As the Vilaine = Dol Alans were close to Pollocks, note that these Alans moved to Renfrewshire, where Ore's (and Pollocks) were first found. As Peter Pollock of Rothes castle (beside the Varangian Ross') is to all three Peter surnames, one can glean that Petersons apply (share swan with Peters) who are expected with the Rothes lion heads, and moreover Petersons have the Back/Backe eagle (i.e. now expected as the Hore eagle). The HORton dolphin thus looks like code for the Dol-suspect Dolfins/Dolphins.

Hortons were at BRADford's Morley district, and while Dols use the WHALE in the colors of the Dolfin dolphins, note that Walerans were at BRADfield while Bradfields were first found in Suffolk with the Warrens whose checks they share. This was the line of Ada of Warenne, very connectable to Morleys by way of the latter's sharing the Ade/Aid Crest. Walerans were at LEAVell, while Levi's love the Ade's/Aids in their motto. Pero's/Pierro's (potential Peters of the Pollock kind), first found in Pavia with Laevi Gauls, share the Alan fesse. Leavells were at Yvery while Iverys share the bend of Wears/Were's, in colors reversed from the Peir/LaPERE bend. Leavells were first found in Somerset (on the Axe?) with Pier's/Pierces and the Leavell- / Waleran-related Percivals (as per Gouel de Perceval of Yvery). Pero's/Perino's have the same hexagrams as Swedish Petersons.

I can glean in that Huntingdon picture that the Peterson cross is the saltire of Hunt(er)s, first found in Shropshire with Aid-branch Aitons and Fulbert "the Saxon," father of Peter Pollock. Hunters are expected with mythical Orion, right? He was the mythical hunter, wherefore one can expect that Orion liners should develop a Hunter surname eventually. Alans (Shropshire) were from Alan HUNs, and so I can see them developing a Hunter surname. AHHH, the Hore's share a white border with Hounds (!!!), and it's colors reversed from the Sedan border! Oh-oh, an accident just happened, for Hounds share the Dent / Gifford lozenges! I do declare, Orion's Shechemites were in West Yorkshire, not far from Shakerley. Tancreds/Tanks: West Yorkshire.

The black border is shared between Sedans and Nysa-liner FurNESS', the latter using a seated dog of the type used for the talbot dogs. Nash's use greyHOUNDs, and Huns/HunGATE's have seated dog in Grey colors. I reasoned that as Parrs (Lancashire, same as Furness' and Shake's) share the black border with Furness, the latter with Parrs are from PHARNACes, husband of queen Nysa of the PONTus. Hounds were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuce's -- resolved as a Nysa liner -- and the News/Nuce Crest is the one suspect with the perchevron of Chapmans (Cambridgeshire) who love Ponders/PONTers in their motto. It begs whether Pharnaces or Nysa was from Shechemites. Lancashire is also where Saxons were first found who share chaplets with News'/Nuce's, and it just so happens that the Saxon Coat is much like that of Ore-branch Orells. Boet-liner Buttons have one of the Ness/Nesh fesses, and are said to have married Furneaux.

The Ore's/Orrs and Orells share red roundels called TORTeaux, suspect with the Toreatae scythians, a fellow Caucasian tribe with Sadducee-like Sittaceni. It tends to trace proto-Sadducee Sittaceni to whatever mythical Orion stood for. Why is the dog seated? We could ask the Seatons/SITTens, namers of Sitten smack beside Saxon. The Sittaceni were in the area of the Alan Huns and other Sarmatians.

Fulbert was a servant of the Dol Alans. Shropshire is where Jarrets were first found likely using the Rothes lion, for Rothes were once said to have been first in Shropshire, where Talbots were first found. French Jarrets (Garden/Jarden Coat) were first found in Brittany with Alans and Jardins, the latter using a version of the Tailbois Coat while the Tailbois scallops are in the Coat of Yorkshire's Morleys/Mauls. Hortons were at Morley of Yorkshire. The heraldic talbot dog was fashioned as a HOUND dog, I'll bet, for Huns (Yorkshire) use that seated dog. German Huns/Hundts have a greyHOUND seated. One Talbot Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Hun-related Greys. The YEW tree of Kensingtons (share white scallops with Tailbois') could be code for Talbots in Eu.

Back to the Star-Settle merger = Seat = Sedan line. Stars have the Shake chevron in colors reversed; Settle's were first found in Lancashire with Shakerley and the Orr-branch Orells, and Doris/D'Oris' (black border) share the wavy Pollock bend. The swan and "sine" motto term of Petersons (Sedans use "sino sed") gives away the Pollock merger with Sions/Swans (Lanarkshire, beside Renfrewshire), from Sion/SITTEN of the Seatons/Sittens. It does make it appear that the Hore Coat is the Back/Bache Coat, and HORTons (Hore colors) of Morley were in West Yorkshire with Sedbergh. Sedans might have black eagles in Crest. The Hore Crest could be the black Back/Bache eagle. Sion/Sitten is near a Saxon location, and, again, Saxons have a Coat like that of Ore-branch Orells. Saxons use the chaplet, and Chaplets use swans as proof that Saxons named Saxon. I tend to see Back/Back liner from the Hyksos king, APACHnas, and Hicks do have a chaplet.

Beachers/Beachers share the black stag head with Knee's and Needhams, and Needham Dyke (near the first-known News'/Nuce's) is in the Halper write-up while Halpers share the Begger Shield. Miss Hicks was on a beach when I touched her knee, and Beach's/Becks share the Bacher/Beacher Shield. When touching her knee as she was SLEEPing, it could appear that it's related directly to the Bagger / Begger elements of the sleeping BAG, and Baggers share the eagles of Dyke-like Dice's/Diss', and of Coffer-like Cophers who in-turn share the News/Nuce Shield. It's as if Back/Bach liners were with Nysa liners, but how far back does that relationship go? Hyksos were in Cilicia, and rulers of the Pontus often ruled Cilicia too. The Sleeping-Beauty symbol of LEVEL-hovering Miss Hicks was from the line of Laevillus of Cetis (Cilicia) through to Waleran de LEAVELL. Leavells/Levels (beside the Waleran-related Beautys) were at BEC abbey. Backs/Bechs share the bull with Beautys and Walerans, though Backs/Bachs call it a steer as code, I think, for the Stur river in the Dorset area of Beautys.

Beggers were first found in Hamburg with Trips while English Trips use the SCALing ladder, attesting to a Trip merger with Scalia's/Scalise's. It's a testimony to entrenched American corruption, and end-time coldness and brutality, that Scalia's murder can go without investigation. The Hampshire Trips use shoes while I was selling shoes when I first kissed Peare at the top of the stairs. Shoes/Schuchs use a "knight ISSuing at the KNEES," which once again makes a Peare link to Mr. Horowitz, for I think that "issuing" is code for Issa, the island also called, Vis. This Peare-on-platform pointer to Horowitz has me excited. There was victory when touching Miss Hicks' knee, and Hicks use an "HEURE" motto term. Knees share the black stag head of Vices'/Vise's in both colors. It has taken me years to find this sleeping-bag / Peare-on-stage link to Horowitz, and it comes just as Hannity reported that the Horowitz report is finished.

Shoe's share the lone star of Poindexters, and Scalia died at a ranch of John B. Poindexter, the one suspect with arranging Scalia's drugging at dinner. Any good FBI agent should investigate whether Scalia was drugged, but Comey's FBI did NOT investigate this murder, and we of course know why. Hillary's camp had him killed for the long-term, deep-state program on the supreme court, critical to deep-state / Democrat programs all over the nation. I assume that God threw an ironic wrench into the machinery with Trump, who might be prepared to facilitate the exposures so long as he's not responsible for launching them.

I'd like to inject here a new idea, that Mike Rogers of the NSA Intelligence organization, the one who alerted Trump to Obama-spyware at Trump Tower, might be in the "Nos" motto term of the Roger motto, as arranged by God, for it's a lot like "NSA." In this Roger Coat, there's a black stag in both colors of the Vices'/Vise and Knee stag heads, and the Knee bend is even in the colors of the French Roger Coat (roses). The Knee's were resolved with the line of queen Nysa (like "NSA"), whose line goes to the NOS/Ness surname, for one. It also goes to the Parrs and Nissans who share the fesse of Italian Naso's, and the latter's mill stone is presumably for Mills/Mylles' while Miles' share the Chief-Shield colors of Welsh Rogers/Rosers. It's more interesting because, before I touched the knee of Miss Hicks, I was made capable of listening to her thoughts from outside of the car. That's a picture of spying, isn't it? The fesse of Parr-like Parrys looks like it applies to Parrs and Naso's, and the Parry write-up just coughed up a NEWcourt surname (gold, double-headed eagle). It could appear that Miss Hicks knee, in the dream at least, pointed to Mike Rogers, who was responsible for the start of Trump's rantings against his deep-state enemies, from which point, a flow of exposures has never stopped. They are leaking to this day. But if this were correct, I'd expect something else in the dream to point to Rogers or something/someone attached to him.

Parrys are in George colors and format, and George's (share blue dove with WAISTells) are suspect from George, who married a Bohemian...i.e. expected to link to Horovices of Bohemia. The proto-Boii Bohemians are very traceable to TailBOIS of the Bessin, where BAIOcasses lived, and Morleys/MAULs, whom God connected to the mall where the PLATform was located, share the Tailbois scallops, white like the Plat scallops. Plats and Plate's can be gleaned with Pilate's, and Ore's/Orrs have piles while Pile's are also Pilots.

George's were first found in Dorset with Beautys/BOwoods, potential Boii. Italian Boys/Boi's//Bo's/BOETs (could be the Back/Bach Coat) and French Boyers share the bull with Beautys/Bowoods, making Beauty's look like they are from the Boethus house of Sadducees (Miss Hicks was hovering on her BACK). A voice urged me to wake her up, to take her, as she was sleeping, when Sleeping Beauty came to mind. I decided to kiss her awake as Sleeping Beauty was. Kiss'/Cush's are from Laevillus, and the Boii may even have been the Orion Boiotians. Isn't the Button Crest Orion? Doesn't the Button Crest look like it belongs to someone's bulls? The Boets/Butts probably use the Geddes fish, and "Geddes" is like "Cetis," home of the Kennati priests whom I link to Shechemites.

Italian Boso's share the Boyer bull, but make it part red, suggesting the same bull in red of Charo's/Claro's, suspect with Clarus of Caria, and with the car in which Miss Hicks was hovering. Charo's are in the motto of Josephs, first found beside Beautys/Bowoods. French Josephs once showed the swan of Hicks-beloved Chaplets.

Horite-possible Orion of Tanagra was the mythical HUNTER, the reason, I assume, for the naming of Hunters and the Huntingdon location. Hunters were first found in Salop, same as Huntingdon-liner, AITon-branch and AID- / David-related Eitons (see last update for that). Hortons are looking like Orion liners just because Morleys can be connected to Duncan elements. Ore's/Orrs have the three piles of Guiscards, and the latter were born from a Tancred! Bingo. Ore's/Orrs, Orells, and Orleans' must have been Orion-of-Tanagra liners. This recalls my trace of Orrs/Ore's to ORbelus, a mountain range with a Duncan-like Dunax peak (shown on map below), itself right beside a Sword-like Serdi peoples (at the source of the Hebros river in Thrace).

Sword-liner Siward tried to kill MacBeth who had earlier killed Duncan, and Beths/MacBee's/Beatons (Boeotians?) share the otter with Fenders (Huntingdonshire, same as Hood-possible Otters/Hotters!) suspect in the "Defend" motto of BOwood-possible Woods. On the opposite side of the Nestus river from the Orbelus range there is the RHODope range, the line to Rodhams/Roddens (Northumberland, same as Siward), right? See map:

The Satrae Thracians at the southern end of the Orbelus mountains are suspect with mythical Satyrion of Taranto. The Arms of Taranto has mythical Taras, the possible namer of SchimaTARi, son of Satyrion. It appears that Huntingdon liners connect with Coffers/Coffee's, which are pointed to by Tim HORton's (amazing) coffee chain, and it just so happens that News'/Nuce's were first found beside Huntingdonshire.

The Duncan branch of Donkeys (share white hunting horn with Huntingdons) were first found in Northumberland with the Rodhams who share cinquefoils with them (different colors), and who have a Coat version of the Levi-beloved Ade's/Aids, from Ada, mother of David of Huntingdon. David's father was Henry, suspect from a Henry of RHODes, explaining how RODhams/Roddens enter this picture. It's important for nailing Hillary Rodham in the sleeping-bag dream in which David Morley appeared from a ROAD alongside a MALL PARKING lot; the Parkings are listed with Perkins, a clear pointer to Hillary's lawyers at Perkins Coie. The dream ended with me on a wooden, rustic PLATform inside the mall, suspect with Platte River Networks, a company in Denver along with a Perkins Coie office that criminally handled Hillarys private emails while she was Obama's foreign minister.

I can now report that while Sleeps were first found in Salop too, where there is a RODDEN river (see Rodham write-up), the Hunting(don) surname shares the fesse of Darts/Dards, I assume, because there is a good case for seeing the latter's ermined fesse with the two ermined fesses of Sleeps (same place as Hunt(er)s). This recalls the time when I carried a 32-foot extension ladder on my shoulder about a quarter mile to my new place on Hunt street, which I suspect as a pointer to judge Scalia, for Scalia's use a ladder, and Scalia was murdered on a hunting ranch when hunting with 30 or more men from the International Order of Saint Hubertus, which has a hunter theme. This is the group to which the sleeping bag pointed on the morning of the dream. In the dream, David Morley circled the area where I picked up the sleeping bag, and thus the Morley bloodline became suspect in killing Scalia.

"The surname Hunting was first found in Huntingdon in Huntingdonshire. 'This place, called by the Saxons Huntantun...A castle was built here in 917, by Edward the Elder, and enlarged by David, Earl of Huntingdon and King of Scotland."

Shechemites were with the Kenites that Moses (a Levite) had married. The Kenites are expected with the pagan Levites out of Laish in a trace to Lissus of the Cavii Illyrians near Boeotian-suspect Butua. Yet, as Lissus was beside BASSANia, I link it to Lissae on the map above smack beside the Serdi and the BESSi, the latter having been the pagan priests of the Satrae. The BASE's/Bassans/BASSEMAN show nothing but hunting horns, and while Scalia's are listed with Scalise's, the attempted murder of Scalise took place on second base (when he was playing the second baseman) while Seconds are in the motto of Levi's, suspect from the pagan Levites of Laish. The Second lions are in the colors of the lions of Base's/Baise's, first found in Lincolnshire with Tankerville's. The latter's TAILLebois kin, along with their Meschin mates, were from the BESSIN, can you believe it, which is on the Orion-line Orne river, and Orion was at Tanker-line Tanagra! You can't argue with the facts.

The Base/Baise lion is also that of Roberts and Propers/Roberts/ROBINs, and, we can assume, the Roberstons of Duncan can apply. Amazingly, Cindy Richardson on second base pointed to Scalise, and Richardsons were kin of Belwoods and MALpas' both sharing the pheon of French ROBINs (three pheons in the colors and format of the Robertson wolf heads). The other Robins share the chevron of Robe's/Robbs found in the "robe" worn by the "female FIGURE" in the Darlene/DARLING Crest, while their Darlington branch has the Gore crosslets in colors reversed. Gore's use a white wolf, symbol of Robertsons. The "figure" is highly suspect with Viggers/VICErs, how about that.

Leafs/Leve's (dove, linkable to the dove walking over my septic TANK) share the bee with BOYs/Bie's, Bessins and Talls (Thuringia, same as queen Basina), the latter looking very traceable to Tailbois'/TailBOYs. The Boys/Bie's were first found in Berwickshire with AITons and AIDs/Ade's, and the latter are in the Levi motto with Seconds. Aitons have a rose version of the Rhodes Coat, and Roads share the eagle of Childs, from king Childeric, Basina's husband. He was found with golden bees in his tomb.

Back to Tacks with a Thackery variation looking formed in honor of their Shake/Shakerley kin. There is a Shakerley location in Greater Manchester while the Arms of Manchester has a bee. Tacks share estoiles on blue with Butts/Bute's. Cavii became the Coffee-like Chives surname. The biggie here is that God is apparently using the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS, and while the Coffee/Coffer Crest is virtually identical with the Arms of TARANTO, the Maple's (almost the Chives motto) share that split Tarves Shield while Chives' were first found in TARves, making the latter suspect with the ending of "SchimaTARi." And there is a Leaf surname with a Levi-like Leve variation. That is cool. The line of the Laish Levites to Lissus.

More. The Kenites through the pagan Kennati priests of Cetis became the Kennedy surname, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Alda's ("VirTUTE", same as Porters) and the Nons in the Coffee/Coffer motto. Italian Alda's have one Taddeo Alderotti, and while Taddeo's/Taddei's were first found in Florence with these Alda's, the Taddeo/Taddei Chief is a version of the Scottish Alda Chief, important for making the link. Then, the Taddei-like Tattons share the quadrants of the TUTE's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Leafs/Leve's), themselves a branch of T(h)waits while Tacks/Thackerys (probably the kin of the Shechemite peoples of Schimatari / Tanagra) were at Yorkshire's HampsTHWAITE.

The "NobiliTAS" motto term of Tacks suggests that they were a branch of Tass'/Taque's, and the latter do share the red scallop with Tancreds/Tanks. This recalls the stool pigeon that God sent to my septic TANK, for a few days later, three pigeons whirled around the MAPLE tree. Maple's use boar heads, likely the Turin boar heads. "NoBILITas" can also be code for Billets (share Tankerville cinquefoils), for they have a reflection of the Scottish Alda Coat. We read: "John Alde was listed as servitor of the Earl of Carrick." Carricks were from Proculus CHARAX of Cetis (same place as the Kennati), son of king Lupus LAEVillus. Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with Alda's and Kennedys, but also with Cunninghams who use a SHAKEfork.

"Proculus" is suspect with the heraldic portcullis gate shared between Gates-liner Yates' and Porters. The Cetis-like Gates' share the split Shield of the Ayrshire Alda's, no coincidence. Alda's, and likely other Florence elements, were from royal Cetis. The latter term is highly suspect to Geta, brother of emperor CARACalla, who became the emperor in Yorkshire. I wonder how many children he had there while sleeping with any assortment of women (he was single). I'll bet Geta had children too, the line to Gates', Yates' and Geds>Geddes of the Nidd-like Nith river. The Nidd is in Yorkshire, where Tacks lived. The Tack arrow looks like that of Scottish Adams, whom I trace to Adam Kilconquhar, husband of Marjory Carrick.

Let me spell it out: "Caracalla" looks like the line between Proculus Charax and the Carricks / Craigie's; both the latter were first found in Ayrshire with Alda's sharing the Gate Shield, meaning that Geta's child was a line that married Alda's. The father of Caracalla's mother was the nephew of Julius AGRIPPa, suspect with the GRIFFins of Scottish Alda's. Ayrshire is where Scottish Porters were first found, while French Porters share the Over bend probably because "Over" is a motto term of Ayrshire's Cunninghams...who in-turn had married a line of Shechemites of the Shake kind. French Porters use nothing but a bend in colors reversed from Florence's nothing-but-a-bend Bruno's. Scottish Porters: "The surname Porter was first found in Kyle, where Radulfus the porter witnessed the gift of the church of Cragyn (Craigie) to the monastery of Paisley in 1177." Craigs (Caffer horse and knight?) have a version of the Coat of Hills expected in the Shake mole hills. The Hill tower is that of Plunketts, from Plancia Magna, a descendant of the same Herod line that provided Laevillus' queen. That line was from GLAPHYRa Archelaus, the line to CLAVERs sharing the Hill / Plunkett tower. Get up to speed, historians.

Hard-nosed historians, stupid enough to believe in the ice ages, are learning something here, but they reject it because it comes from a Christian who believes in the Flood. Stupid historians. They cling to the ice age because the population of the earth would be 20 times what it is now if mankind had started to live on the earth even 10,000 years ago. So, wanting to push a theory that man is essentially a million years old, they invented a way to kill more than half of humanity by bitter cold in "recent" history, where ice sheets didn't allow survivors to populate but less than half the globe. Stupid obstinate idiots at war with their own Creator. But come along, stupids, because I once was stupid too, as were many Christians. Come along to your senses. Gods still has open arms if you can muster some soft, sincere words toward Him. Start with your apologies, and we can guarantee you, He will hear them if you're apologizing because you want to be a part of His Kingdom, because you are fed up with this sinful world. But if you think this world is all there is, that's why you're still in-the-dark stupid. Jump out of it, because there's nothing more valuable than your soul. God's looking for those rare gems who utter words toward him, like those caught in a snare wanting out.

The Crap Bag

In the last update, the Crapps/Crops were found with the same bird design as the Pigeon surname. It was an amazing find because I have been claiming, for a few weeks only, that God sent a stool pigeon to my septic = crap tank. I feel that this pigeon was sent to my TANK to coincide with stool pigeons against Obama's winking connivers. I happened to get into Croatian liners after introducing the crap bag, and by all appearances, Crapps look like Croatians. German Crapps/Crops/Crupe's were first found in Hamburg, near the House of Griffin of Pomerania, and the Crapps/Crops happen to be in the colors of Griff-like Gripps/GRAPE's/Grabbens who in-turn share the VARN (Ayrshire, same as raven-Viking Margys/Mackeys) and SHAKEspeare bend. Varni proto-Vikings were in Pomerania, but probably in Hamburg too. I can start to see that the line of Herod Agrippa is to the Crapps.

The crap BAG pointed to the Grimaldi family (Bags share the Grimaldi Coat) who married Rollo's daughter, Crispina, for Crispins are also CREPons. The latter use POMEgranates as possible code of Pomeranian elements. PomeGRANATEs can be part-code for Grants whose crowns can indicate the Ceraunii, who I see as proto-Croatians. Plus, the Grant motto, "Stand fast," is like the "GRIP fast" of Leslie's, and I trace Leslie's to Lesce in Slovenia, beside Croatia.

Irish Leslie's have a "moi" motto term, and Moi's/Moses'/MOESens have a dove as evidence that they are from the city of doves, Cuppae, in MOESia. This is new (I just wasn't up-to-speed on the Irish-Leslie motto), and makes a great case for tracing Cuppae elements to the namers of the Kupa (Colapis) river in Croatia, not far from Lesce. Now just look at the Moi/Moses write-up: "The earliest reference to the name was Jeanne de Moy, a wealthy dowager widow of William Crispin IX, Baron of Bec in France about the year 1325." Cups/Cope's/Colps (same place as Leslie's) and Cope's/Coaps (Leslie colors) share the Moy/Moses roses. Cope's/Coaps were at Herod-suspect Hardwick, and might be using the Pigeon chevron.

I don't see the Crepon variation of Crispins as a version of "Crispin." The latter is expected as a version of pomegranate-liner Grazio's, and therefore of "Gratian" as per the Great/GREEP surname, and Greeps there are not expected as a version of "Great," but rather as a Croatian term in merger with the line of Gratian the Elder from CIBALae at the lower Sava river, a Croatian river in higher regions. The Greats/Greeps share the border of Cupes'/Koops (cups), you see, indication of a Gratian-line merger with Kupa-river elements. Cupes/Koops share the moline cross with SIBALs, and the latter's is blue, the color of the moline of the Mills who have a colors-reversed version of the Cupes/Koop Coat. Plus, Justine of Picenum, the daughter-in-law of Gratian, is in the Sibal motto, "Justitia." Sword-loving Justine's (Perthshire, beside Sibals) share the border of Greats/Greeps for that reason, and while Cibalae was also VINKovci, the Wings/Winks (Perthshire) are in the Crest of Irish Leslie's and the "expanded wings" of Swords.

The Sibals may call their symbol a square that's at the center of their moline because Valentins use squirrels as code for Square's/Squirrels. Gratian's son is to the Valentins who have a Coat version of Stevensons (Northumberland, same as Swords and Rodhams), and thereby links to the Coat of Morley- and Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's (version of Rodham Coat). It just so happens that the Levi's use a "second" motto term while Seconds are also Segurs while the Sibal moline is also that of Segni's/Segurana's. Seagars have the Sibal moline in colors reversed, and both Seager surnames use wings for obvious reason. The Sieg river in Westphalia probably applies to Seagars / Siegers because Westphalia is where Valens/Volens' were first found who are from the family of Valentinian I.

Northumberland is where Pigeon-like Piggs/Picg's were first found who share the black boar with Rollo's (Perthshire), and the Rollo chevron is in both colors of the Pigeon chevron. The purple lion in the Pigg Crest is expected with Skiptons of CRAVen, and with Lacys now suspect with the Lascelles/Lacelles line of Leslie's / proto-Leslie's. Skippers have a version of the Cope/Coap Coat, and Grove's (Essex, same as Peks), like the Crope variation of German Crapps, have a version of the Pek Coat.

Hawks (may have the Calver fleur) have purple "pilgrim's staves." The other Stevensons (probably the Cope/Coap chevron) are also Stave's while Grimaldi-suspect PilGRIMs use more staves. Pilgrims were first found in Norfolk with Bags who in-turn share the Grimaldi Shield. Grimaldi's married Crispina, and she was the daughter of Rollo while Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Gratian liners (and Kettle's likely having the Rollo Clan Badge). The crap bag.

Stevensons/Stave's (same place as Serdi-line Swords and LUMbers) use a "COELum" motto term suspect with the Colapis, and the motto has two "lum" terms buried, which can be for Moesian elements from Lom (Almus), roughly between the Serdi and Cuppae. "Almus" is suspect with mythical Almos, Hungarian ancestor (Leslie's were Hungarians). Lom (proto-Lombards?) is beside a Bononia while Bonnets, with a version of the Leslie (and Bone) Coat, share the fleur of Cope's/Coaps. The Bonnet Crest has the Crapp Crest, I assume, minus the feet. The Bonnet fleur are also in the Chief of PANICo's (Bologna = Bononia), and they are from PINCum at the mouth of the Pek river. French Bonnets share the Pigeon / Rollo chevron, no guff. The chapeau's of German Bonnets, shared by Buttons, is on a fesse shared by BOETs/Butts/Bute's and Buttons, highly suspect with the Boeotians that created the Sadducee / Levite house of Boethus. The so-called Button "HORNs" (gives no animal species) make the Orion line obvious. The Boets/BUTTs are suspect with the Arms-of-Saraca fish in Geddes-fish (PIKE) colors because the one of Saraca's is in the colors of the Ged and TURBot/TurBUTT fish. Buttons are said to have married TURBeville's.

Lumber-like Lombers (Norfolk, same as Sabine's) can be gleaned with imperial lines from Rieti (includes Flavius Sabinus) to the Sabine's and Pullers/Pullens. Flavius Sabinus was married to VesPASia Polla, whose name I've been tracing to Pasi's/Pace's/PASCEL of Bologna, suggesting now that she descended from elements of Lom and neighboring Bononia. Rollo's love the Passe's/Pascals in their motto.

So, Crapps love the white Living/Levin martlet, shared by Sadducee-like Saddocks/SEDwicks and Chadocks / Chadwicks. The white martlets of BOARDs are linkable to SEWERs, and the stool pigeon was on my Sewer / Crapp / Shitt TANK while Shitts/SHUTE's share the swords of Sewer-suspect Swords and BOARDers while Sewers are also SUTers. It's a neat little package, but it sure smells of Christ's killers.

Pilgrims even use a SCIMitar while Orion of Schimatari can be to the horns of German Crapps/Crops. The stool pigeon was over the tank while Orion of Tanagra was to Tankerville's and Tancreds/Tanks. Days after the stool pigeon arrived, the mole was tunneling over the tank while Mole's share the boar head of Schims/Chands (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's and their Sword-loving Skene branch). The Levi blood in Annas and Caiaphas is suspect from Orion-line Boeotians, and Tankerville-suspect Tanners use a Moor head version of the Living/Levin Coat.

Bec-like Bechers/Beckers, Beachers/Bechers and Beach's/Bechs all share a Shield of vair fur, and that the latter two use the Shields of Colapis-like Clappers/Claps. The steps of Moys/Moses' are called "CALVARy," making Clapper-like Calvers and Clavers/Cleavers look like Colapis liners. Calvers share the moor head with Moyers (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's), and their Derbyshire location along with their gold-on-black fleur connects them to MORleys and Morlands. The latter were first found in Westmorland (COPEland theater) with Livings/Levins, who in turn use a martlet version of the Crapp Coat, so excellent, because I anticipated that Crapps and Levins were related, and there you can see that I didn't make the connection with an unlikely stretch. The Pigeon Crest shares the white martlet of Livings/Levins.

The Moy/Moses write-up: "The name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to Vychan, Lord of Mostyn." It explains why Irish Leslie's share a gold-on-white lion with Mostyns (kin of Pennants). Mostyns look linkable to Swords, for Mustans use swords. God showed me that the stool pigeon was part of the Sword bloodline.

Crapps/Crops use a bull's SCALP, and Varns share the SCALLOPs of Grahams, and both have the same motto looking like part-code for the Ble variation of Bleds, and Bled happens to be right beside Lesce. Oh wow, Slovenia-like Slows use a version of the Peterson Coat, and the Arms of Slovenia share the hexaGRAMs of Swedish Petersons. Leslie's use buckles while Slows were first found in Buckinghamshire with the Cheneys who themselves use the so-called "bull's scalp"! Zikers, the "Fato" motto term of Cheneys (share gold martlets with Fate's/Feets) is expected with Fate's/Feets, and the Crest of English Crapps has the only footLESS (Leslie-suspect) martlet with feet added.

"Where His FEET pass" was singing on my speakers (from "Morning has Broken") as I was writing the brackets above. The full line: "SPRUNG in completeness where his feet pass". Sprungs/Springs (DeFonte kin) were first found in Suffolk with Clare's (they directly provided Crispins), using one of their chevrons, possibly. The triple Clare chevrons are colors reversed from the same of Bled's/Bleds, excellent for explaining why the Leslie kin of Moys married Crispins. There's a Mr. LASCelles in the Sprung/Spring write-up, what are the chances? French Lascelles'/Lacelles'/CELLES" (barons of Messie) share the black eagle with Cellers/Kelners while Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with SELLERs (share cups with neighboring, Sava-like Shaws), Cups/Cope's, and cornuCOPia-using Fothes'/FETTE's (explains "footless" as a Fothes-Leslie merger). Messeys were first found in Burgundy with Save's, and Lesce with Bled are on the Sava/Save river. It appears that God planted that songline smack at the Cheneys Fate/Feet line for these reasons and more. The Messie-like Maezaei were on the Sava.

As the Hore Crest looks like a black eagle head, as does the Celler/Kelner Crest, the Hore's must be using the giant Lascelles/Celles eagle in colors reversed. Indeed, the Hore's use the giant eagle of Kilners/Kelners (Lancashire, same as Crapps). Kilners/Kelners and Lascelles' both emphasize the feet of the eagle. The Kellers/Kelners once showed the key of Sheaves'/Chiava's (L'Aquila,) suggesting strongly that the black Keller/Kelner eagle is the one in the Arms of L'Aquila. This is an Abruzzo location while Abruzzo/Abreu liners named Evreux, and Lascelles'/Lacelles' had properties in Sava-suspect St.-Sauveur in Evreux. The Savers/Severs/Saviours (share red annulet with Vito's) are from Julius Bassianus, father of Julia MAESA, i.e. she looks like she married the Maezaei and therefore had a line to barons of Messie that were the Lascelles'.

Mr. Bassianus was stationed by Caracalla to Dalmatia = Croatia, and Bassianus' uncle was Julius AGRIPPA (2nd century AD), making the crap-bag line look like it's from him (I assume that his sister was Bassianus' wife). Caracalla's father (this was a horrible family) was SEPTimius SEVERus, husband of Julia Maesa's sister. The SAVARDs/Salfords were first found in Lancashire with Crapps and chaplet-using Saxons/SEPTons, making the symbol of English Lascelles/Lacelles' (Yorkshire, same as Lacys!) look like chaplets. The latter are in the colors of the similar annulets of Saver/Sever / Vito/Vita annulet. The Lacys share the purple lion of SKIPtons of CRAVEn = Croatians, and Shiptons use "bellows" while English Bellows (Wirral peninsula) have a "vita" motto term. German Bellows (Pomerania) have another giant, black eagle in Gripp/Grape/Grabber colors. SKIPPers have a version of the Savary/Savard/SaBARD Coat, I assume, and Savards/Salfords share the gold boar with Bards who in-turn share the green Leslie griffin. Salford of Lancashire is near Shakerley.

English bellows were Bellots of CALLOUville, and the latter term was well-linkable, a few weeks ago, to Pas-de-Calais elements of Godfrey-de-Bouillon (Bouillon have a "bello" motto term), and to the Chalice's/Chales' expected in the chalice of English Belows/Bella's (Yorkshire, where Caracalla became the emperor). The Calls/Calles' (share the trumpet with LEVers/Livers) look like a branch of the Chales variation of Chalice's (besants, Bassianus-line symbol), and this seems to be connectable to the Celles variation of Lascelles'. As Coffers/Coffee's use cups, the Chalice's may have formed as play on those cups, for Chalice's use two of the Coffer/Coffee fesse.

Coffert-branch Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as an Ore location in the Hore write-up) love the Grands, and it's Croatian-suspect Grants/Grands (crowns) who use "Stand fast" while Levers/Livers use a rooster "standing" on a trumpet. Sprungs/Springs use mascles while Mascals share the elephant with Levens/LAVENs, first found in Salop, suspect from "Slavs," who lived in Slovenia, location of Lesce. If that's a correct, then Sleeps (Salop) suggest that Selepitanoi Illyrians were the proto-Slavs. This makes the sleeping bag look linkable to the crap bag where Crapps were Croatians.

In the last update, the crap bag were to be linked to Coffers/Coffee's and Keith-branch Kettle's, and Keiths come up as "Mascal." The elephant is suspect from the Elaphiti islands of Dalmatia = Croatia.

Crapps/Crops were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs. Trumps (neighboring Pomerania) look like Hamburg's Drummonds, and the latter were in Scotland as Hungarians at the same time that the first Scottish Leslie's arrived from Hungary. I'm not sure, but I think Slovenia contacts Hungary. It's making the Trumps expected in the trumpets of Calls/Calles' look like Lascelles/Celles liners. The latter were barons of Messie, and Trips/Treffs once showed the boots of French Masseys/Masse's, but even the latter are not shown with them now, who instead show a "tree without LEAVES." Leave's are listed with dove-using Leafs/Leve's, and Crapps use the pigeon (though it might be called a dove). Shoe's use the tree, and Trips/Treffs now show shoes. Shoe's have a "knight ISSuing from the knees," and while Knights share the spur with Cheile's, Knee's share the stag head of Vices'/Vise's (same place as Mascals) expected from Issa/Vis (Croatia), not far from the Elaphiti islands, where I trace the Mascal elephant. Melita is between the Elaphiti islands and Issa/Vis, and French Mallets share buckles with Leslie's (same bend as Knee's)

Amazingly, Grace Kelly, who's surname is expected with the L'Aquila-liner Kellers/Kelners, brought baron Massy to Monaco when she married prince Grimaldi. My mother was born seven miles from L'Aquila from a Grimaldi father and a Masci mother. The lower leg (with spur) in the Crest of Cheile's (Lincolnshire, same as Keele's) looks like it could have formed from a boot, and also from the leg-with-spur of Ayers/EYERs ("VirTUS"). The latter have a version of a Shaw Coat while English Shaws are Sheaves', as are the L'Aquila Sheaves'/Chiava's suspect from the Cavii Illyrians, smack beside the Selepitanoi. The latter were right beside lake Scodra = Shitt line. The Abruzzo-suspect Abri Illyrians are on a map between the Selepitanoi and the Cavii. The latter were at BASSANia, and Julius Bassianus was somewhere in Dalmatia along with Saraca's once from Kotor.

Bled's love the Tous' in their motto, and this gets us back to Orion of Tanagra Boeotians expected at Butua and Kotor, where Selepitanoi may have controlled. It has the potential to explain how Selepitanoi named Slavs of Slovenia, location of Bled. The Shirts and Buttons in the shirt with buttons of Tous' remind me that Shirts are in the colors and format of Tancreds/TANKs, and that Buttons share the fesse of Boets/Butts/Bute's expected from Butua elements.

On the map above, the Boii of Bononia as of 220 BC are stamped not far north of Lesce and Bled, both of which are roughly where Emona is shown (far upper left). The Boii are in SAVARia. Bonnets share the fleur of Barkers/Berkers, and the latter share the green Leslie griffin, tending to assure that Bonnets have a version of the Leslie Coat due to a marital merger. The gold Bone/Bohum and Beaumont lion therefore looks connectable to the gold one of Irish Leslie's, and Beaumonts were at Bec with Crispins. Repeat: "Irish Leslie's have a "moi" motto term, and Moi's/Moses'/MOESens have a dove as evidence that they are from the city of doves, Cuppae, in MOESia." Moys married the Crispin barons of Bec.

I Remembered a Dream

I was going to say, yesterday, that I haven't been able to remember a dream since the last time I told of one, months ago. I think that God has arranged for me not to remember dreams because I'd then get confused on which are from Him, and which are not. It seems that every dream I remember has heraldry proving that He gave it. And this one on this Saturday morning is no different.

In this dream, I was in a van with Joe Oullette and his wife Diane. He said that he needed a container, so I walked up a snow-cleared path of a home, and lookie there, an empty, square (not a pail or bucket) container near the door. I took it, and the owner of the house saw me. The details of what Joe did with this bucket are foggy, until he started to shovel snow into it from his rear bumper. I dumped the snow out. This scene was clear, but what happened to the bucket after that was foggy again. All the while I was feeling guilty for taking this container, and so I decided to bring it back, and there was the owner sitting on a chair watching me bring it back. I apologized, and walked back to the van, but it was gone. So I started to look for Joe in a MALL. I didn't find him, and the events in the mall are foggy.

So, as the snow stuck out, I checked the Snow surname, finding antelopes. I realized right away that this pointed to Mall-like Malahule, for his descendants included the Toeni's / Tosni's of Les ANDELes, a term to which I trace "ANTELope." Plus, as I've said at least twice before, many years ago, I remember Patty Rice's boyfriend, Danny SNOW, who worked for Tony CAMPANIA, owner of a gas station, where I got my first official job pumping gas in Gormley, age 14 (not including the newspaper route, hmm, I had at age 11).

Diane's/Deans, first found in Sussex with PATEE-cross Deins/Dives' and Danners/Daniels' ("Nec"), share an upright gold-on-red lion with French Daniels, and I assume that Danny Snow was born, Daniel. German Danners use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Snow antelope, can you believe it? Jewish Daniels share the crescent of Shovels, and Joe shovelled snow into the container. The Daniel / Shovel crescent is colors reversed from the same of Diane's/Deans (same place as Dine's) and Italian Deans/Diano's/DEGANo's. The latter's write-up traces to "DECANus," and Decans (part of the RHODes Coat) happen to have been first found in RUTland with Snows. The latter are in the colors and near-format of RUTTS who in-turn share bells, in the same colors even, with Italian Campana/CAMPANIO's! Zowie, that's incredible. More: Rice's (ravens = Rhodes bloodline) were first found in Carmarthenshire with Rutts!!! People who dream can't take five or six items from the dream and make heraldic connections with them this well. The dream was obviously from God, but why?

Danny Snow told me he once smashed BATTERies at a junk yard. While the Snow-related Danners (Baden area) look very linkable to Battins/Badens, the latter's Bath kin have the Decan Coat in colors reversed, can you believe it? The Cnut unicorn head is suspect with Danners/Daniels', and the Batters look like they have a version of the Chanut Coat.

The sleeping-bag dream had a mall, and that dream pointed to Hillary's email crimes. Rodhams look connectable to RUTlands because the latter share "Nec" with Rutherfords, and Rutland happen to share a "orle" border with Rutherfords. Rutland is at Leicester, and the Arms of Leicester use the sleeve of Tonys/Toeni's! More evidence of Intelligent Design in this dream. Italian Tonys are split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split antelope in the Snow Crest.

Pattys were first found in Worcestershire with Watts, and the latter's tree connects them to Scottish Watsons while English Watsons were first found in Rutland with Snows. We started with Patty, and got to Snows that easily. English Watsons/Wattys/Quattie's (look like Wade's/Quade's) share the footless martlet of Rutherfords as a sign that Rutherfords were a branch of the namers of Rutland, and Scottish Watsons even share the brown tree stump of Rodhams. The Rodham cinquefoils happen to be colors reversed from the same of Potters and Flowers. The Flower Crest share's the white lion head with Rothes and Scottish Petersons, but even Pattys use white lions in both colors of the Rothes lion heads. Emailer Pollock told me that a descendant of Peter Pollock of Rothes married Mr. Watson, and it checks out. Pattys happen to share the cross of Petersons, and Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, right beside Pollock's Rothes castle.

Flowers were first found in Devon with the first-known Rothes family, unless houseofnames is hiding an earlier family in Shropshire/Salop. Patty Rice. Rice's share the raven with German Rothes, as well as with one Peter surname, first found in Devon, and sharing the swan with Petersons.

The Watson Crest with the Rodham stump includes two hands coming from two clouds, the Aren/Aaron symbol, and the latter's quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Campanio's. Tony Campania. Tonys use a flower. The Sans' expected in the "Sans" motto term of the Devon Peters share the spread eagle of German Arens who in-turn almost use the Petty / Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants.

The Arms of SLOVenia share the hexagrams of Swedish Petersons/Pettersons while sleeve-like Slows use a version of the Scottish Peterson Coat. That's amazing. The Arens are expected with Arun, in Sussex with Diane's/Deans, and the FitzAlans of Arun/Arundel had lived in Slow-suspect Salop with the father of Peter Pollock of Rothes, and where the Rothes' were living early. As FitzAlans of Arundel married Saluzzo, I am now beginning to see that Saluzzo's were Slovenians. Slow-like Sallows, linkable to the swallows of Arundels, were first found in Salop, and Sallows have the tree as well. One of the Peter-Crest lion heads must be the Swedish Peterson lion.

Plus, Oullette's are said to have been in Falaise, and this goes to Fulbert of Falaise while "Fulbert" was the name also of Peter Pollock's father. The two Fulberts were about one generation apart, and so it seems that this morning's dream is telling us that Fulbert of Pollock was from Fulbert of Falaise, for the Oullette lions are colors reversed from those of Pattys, Rothes, and Petersons.

The Rothers/Ruths/RANDOLPHs were first found at Moray with Rothes castle and Scottish Randolphs, the latter using bats as well as the bath cross, and the latter's Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Rhodes / Decan Coat. Diane, Joe Oullette's wife, was in the dream, in the back seat of the van, and Diane's/Deans share the crescents of Deans/Diano's/DEGANo's said to be from "decanus." The Fane's/VANs are traceable to Fanano, the Arms of which shares the Snow fesse, in colors reversed from the same of Fens'/Venns (Devon again). The latter happen to share the PATTERsons/Cassane scallops while Cassano's were first found in Modena with Fanano. Fens'/Venns share a green griffin head in Crest with Patents/Pattens and Leslie's, the latter having become earls of Rothes after marriage with the family of Peter Pollock that had married Watsons. That's why God stuck us in the VAN of Joe Oullette, suggesting once again that Pollocks were from Fulbert of Falaise. A green griffin is used by Camp-related Corrs/Corrys/Cawrie's.

Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise was the grandfather of the Conqueror. That is, Fulbert was the father of Herleva, and she re-married Herluin de Conteville (not the Conqueror's father). French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with CONTANs/Constance's (tree), and both share the same crescent. That has got to be why God included a CONTAINer in this dream. In fact, I had to walk along the cleared walkway to get to the container, and Walks (Dumfries) share in their Chief the two stars on the Contans/Constance Chief. I kid you not, "I NEED You" (song, "Lord I Need You") just sang on my speakers, and I'm sure Oullette said "I NEED a container"! I'm more sure now, especially as Walks share the Snow fesse.

[I've brought this dream up again in the 3rd update of February, 2020 in relation to Clinton's criminal meeting with Lynch on a plane. In that update, I realized that the "conTAINER" is part-code for pine-tree Contans (Languedoc, same as Conte's) and partly for pine-cone Tanners, how did I miss it here? It tends to prove that Conte's (Languedoc, same as Ville's/Font de Ville's) formed the Conteville's. English Conte's share the ANTLers of Cone's, and we saw the Snow ANTELope.]

Walks share the garbs in the Joseph Chief, in the colors of the Walk / Contans/Constance Chiefs. Wake's have double fesses in colors reversed from those of German Walkers, and between the latter's fesses are three symbols connectable to the Contans/Constance Chief. It seems that God wanted to nail the container with Constance's by using the walkway cleared of snow. [I didn't know until many hours after writing here that Snowdens have the Snow / Walk fesse in colors reversed, and that the Walk / Contans/Constance stars are on the Snowden fesse. There will be more inserts for Snowdens.]

Joseph Oullette then shovelled snow into this container while Shovels share the Massey fleur while Herluin de Conteville was the grandfather of le-Meschin's mother. Not only do Meschins descend from Malahule with Toeni's (that's why the mall was in the dream), but Meschins were Masseys, who lived in Manche, explaining the maunch sleeve of the Leicestershire Tonys. I in the dream was the Massey liner. Deans/Diane's share the Massey/Masse crescent. Plus, Conteville's ruled Comines while Comine's share the Joseph garbs. That's compelling when it's Joseph who called for the container. Masseys/Masse's use a "tree without leaves," and Maschi's use PINE cones while Cone's are Conte's while Contans/Constance's have a pine tree. A Fichtenberg location near lake Constance uses a pine tree, as do Fichtens/Fichters. Maschi's are important because they were first found beside Fano, the Fane/VAN line. You get it. The container pointed us to Maschi's. The Constance area is where German Molle's/Mollenkopf's were first found.

Wait. The Fichtens/Fichters look like variations of Coffee-beloved Victoria's, and I recall Diane working in a coffee shop, serving Joseph Oullette when they did not know each other. I saw a little piece of cotton-thread or something in her hair, then saw the same sort of thing in Oullette's hair at exactly that time, and told him he was going to marry her. They got married. God has such a sense of humor at times for this revelation. The way He works, I can see it at times. He plays with us. But he's a highly respectable mover and shaker, don't get me wrong.

Languedoc is the location of Roquefeuil, and these Rockefeller lines used trefoils, as do Falais-like Falls'/Fallis' (same trefoils as Fellers, same lion as Pools). Therefore, the line of Henry IV of Rodez, in marriage with Miss Roquefeuil, led to the Rhodes' and to Rothes castle, where Peter, a Falaise liner, built Rothes castle. Why did God want us to know this, this morning? Why did God connect this dream to my teenage years in Gormley? Or, why did God prepare events for me in Gormley with a future plan to give this related dream?

Gormleys/Grimes'/GREHANs have the martlets of Grime's/GRIMMs in colors reversed, and a Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, Rollo's daughter. Malahule was Rollo's uncle. Rollo and Malahule ruled a MORE location while Rothes is in MORAY, beside the GRAMpian hills. Tony's gas station in Gormley was directly across the intersection from Sam's restaurant, where I lined up to get an ice cream from Miss Hanson (my age 16/17) a year or two later. Her ice cream was a pointer to GRAMpian-like Cramers who share the red Cock rooster. The Oullette Crest is a MOORcock, suspect as part-code for Cocks sharing the Grimaldi Shield. Just watch how this discussion leads naturally to Cramer-like Grahams/Gramers, now suspect with the Grehan variation of Gormleys/Grimes'.

In the mall of today's dream, my wanderings remain foggy in my mind, except for the weird, new-fad decorations stuck to the walls of a HALL I was in. "MalaHULE" is highly suspect as a Mall-Hule merger, for Malls were first found in Cheshire with their Massey / Meschin kin, and Hule's/Hulls and Halls (Lincolnshire, same as Mrs. Taillebois) use the talbot dog traceable to le-Meschin's wife, Mrs. Taillebois. The Talbots were from the Malahule-line Les-Andelys area. Morleys/MAULs share the Tailbois scallops, white like the Meschin / Russell scallops. Russells, first found in Dorset with Poole and Pools (share Fallis lion) were from Roussillon, location of Roquefeuil, and the latter's Fallis line was first found in Midlothian with Russell-like Roslin, home of the Rollo-related Sinclairs who have a black version of the engrailed Rhodes cross. The Petersons / Patty cross is colors reversed from the Sinclair cross.

The Russells put their three scallops in their Chief, in half the colors of the same in the Chief of Grahams/Gramers, first found in Midlothian! Bingo. The Patterson/Cassane Chief relates to those Chiefs. Thus, Grimaldi / Graham liners named Crema and likely nearby Cremona. The latter is beside Placentia, where Italian Deans/Diano's/Degani's were first found. However, the latter are said to have been from Venice along with Campanio's and Fallis'.

Leslie's, who took Rothes castle from Pool-liner Pollocks, share buckles with Roslins, and there is a Buckle location at/near the mouth of the Spey river, the river upon which Rothes is located. Speyers/Speers, sharing the Diane/Dean and Dean/Degani crescents, were first found in RENfrewshire with Pollocks ("AUDacter"), and this location is suspect with Rennes-le-Chateau (in Aude), near Roquefeuil (Aude).

Patty Rice and I would take the same school bus to high school, but we weren't social much, though we were on good terms when greeting. She opened up to me first by lamenting that Danny had left her. The only event I recall with her in high-school was the time we sat talking together at the side doors waiting for the BUS. She was attractive, but older, and that's why I remember her speaking with me that afternoon; I was wondering whether we could get hitched, though I didn't try anything. We were right at the doors, which looks like a pointer to Porters, who use more bells. Porters/PAWTERs are in Potters colors, and both first found in Hampshire with Josephs (Joe Oullette was Joseph), while Potters happen to use the cinquefoil of Flowers while Italian Tonys use a "flower." Plus, the giant Flower cinquefoil is white, as is the giant BUS cinquefoil. Her boyfriend worked for Tony Campania, and we were waiting for the bus at the door = port while Porters share bells with Campanio's.

I think I can glean here that my talking to Patty that day is a pointer to the gold patee crosses of Deins/Dives, the color of half the patee cross of Claptons. Clapton is at PORTishead, and Portis'/Porch's (Norfolk, same as Bus') share the giant Bus cinquefoil. The "Pro rege" motto of Portis/Porch's is in the motto of the Ross-shire PATTersons, and moreover the eight Portis/Porch bars are those of Crispins while, amazingly enough, the three fesses on the Portis/Porch lion are those of Grime's/GRIMMS. Patty and I lived in Gormley, and Grimaldi's married Crispina, what a hoot! Staggering, it really is, when I fall on things like this. Her father owned Rice construction in Gormley, now Rice Commercial Group.

Both the Bus and Portis/Porch cinquefoils are ermined, as is the one in the Arms of Leicester. google has made it hard for me to find the Arms of Leicester, which Wikipedia once showed, using the Bus cinquefoil as well as the Tony maunch/sleeve.

This Oullette dream seems so powerful to me for proving God's handiwork that I'm taking it for three basic purposes: 1) For God to prove that I'm not nuts in claiming previous dreams and personal events from Him for heraldic interaction; 2) as a pointer yet again to the Rothschilds / Rockefeller nasties; 3) potential pointers to specific people / crimes in deep-state news. It's important for me to feel confident that dreams and personal events (and songlines terms) were from God for heraldic interaction, because there's no end to my feeling worried that this could all be nuts on my part. I'm sure you understand.

Tony Campania was a licensed MECHANic, and I his helper while pumping gas. It was a two-man operation, he and I alone. Meschins are listed as Mechens too, and Mechans/Meekins share the lion and chevron of Monks, the latter suspect with "Monaco," home of Grimaldi's. I can glean that these lines were of the Manx peoples of Man, part of the maunch line of Tonys that includes MANfields and Mansels/MANGels. The Mens'/MENGzies' were first found in Midlothian with Grahams/Grehams, the latter now suspect as a branch of Gormleys/Grimes'/Grehans and Grimaldi's. Meschins were kin of Foots and Fothes'/Fette's while Grime's/Grimms use the Feet/Fate / Pavia Coat three times. God gave Lorraine a feet symbol on PAVEment when Joe Oullette's brother was there and contributing to the heraldry (without his knowledge).

This recalls what I've said many times, that Joe and Diane Oullette asked me to come along to visit a friend in Toronto. They decided to take the bus to the subway station, and when we arrived to the station, I got off the bus, and there was Lorraine standing, the first in line to get on this bus (10 miles from her home). We eyed each other as I walked by her, because we had split up a couple of weeks earlier, or less, but I said nothing. I think I now know why God set that "coincidence" up, because Stations/State's use lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi lozengy, and there were a STATielli Ligures people while Grimaldi's were of Liguria.

"The Statielli...were a small Ligurian tribe...Their chief town was Aquae Statiellae (Acqui Terme), on the road from Vada Sabatia, near Savona to Dertona (Tortona) and Placentia." The latter location was home to the Ananes Gauls, and to the first-known Italian Tonys. Savona is beside the Grimaldi's of Genova, and some Savona family can be to the Savone's, first found in Somerset (beside Darts) with Stolls and Whistle's/Wissels both having lozenges colors reversed from the Station/State lozenges.

The friend that the Oullette's and myself visited was from the Bruce peninsula, while Bruce's Mill is a popular spot two miles east of Gormley. The Bruce's of ANNANdale use a gold version of the Annan(dale) Coat, and this family was from the Ananes Gauls above. This friend of the Oullette's happened to have been my ladyfriend before Oullette and I became Christians, when he and I met two ladies up in the Bruce peninsula. It seems that God set that up for this meeting of Lorraine at the bus station, thus tending to tell that Ananes Gauls were merged with Statielli Ligures.

A popular attraction in the Bruce peninsula are the Bruce caves, and Cave's/Cavie's happen to use the fretty Shield of Caens/Canns, whom I trace to the Ceno tributary of the Taro. The Ananes lived between the Taro and the Trebia to Placentia. Amazing. Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Savone's. Can you see why God thought it important to set this up? Jesus was sentenced to death at the home of the former high priest, ANANus, and his daughter married Cave-like Caiaphas, the high priest at the time.

I kid you not, I was renting a room on RUMble avenue at the time that the Oullette's and I went to see this lady, and Rums/Rooms (have a Placentia code in their motto) were of Annandale! At the bus station, I saw Lorraine, whom I first asked out at her bus stop, 10 miles away, either while living at Rumble or nearly moved in, and Rumble's share the Bus cinquefoil, amazing job!

Less than a week, I estimate, after Lorraine at the bus station, I invited Diane's sister for a swim in the landlady's POOL, and when a neighbor told the landlady, she asked me to leave, whereupon I went to live in the apartment of Oullette's brother for two months for a pointer to pizzagate with CINDY Richardson. Richardsons (possibly the Rich's of Lorraine) have three lion heads in Chief in the colors of the three Oullette-Chief lions, but recall also that Oullette's were of Falaise while Fallis' share the POOL lion. I was in the pool days at most after seeing Lorraine at the bus STATION, and the Statielli were at Aquae Statiellae/Acqui Terme while Richardsons use an "ACQUIritur" motto term." It looks like part-code for Ritters/RUTTys (Belwood colors), first found in Cheshire with Belwood-descended Richardsons and with Stations/State's.

Cindys (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's) can be with the Bruce or Arms-of-Brescia lion (Brescia is near Placentia), and the Cindy cinquefoils are colors reversed from those of Rumble's. In the Oullette dream, there needs to be a reason as to why the owner of the container I stole was SITTING on something on his front yard when I returned the container. Cindys share the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes', and while Richardsons descended from lords of MALpas (Cheshire, same as Malls), I was in a mall after returning the container. Malls (at MOTTram) share the quadrants of Says, and SEATons were at Saye. But there's more, for the CONTAINer was speculated as a pointer to the Contans/Constance branch of Conte's, and Cindys are also Cuntys. Why would the container be a pointer to Cindy Richardson? A few minutes after this paragraph, Statielli-like Stattels (Naples, same as Capone's/Capua's suspect with the crowned Levi lion) were discovered with the Mall quadrants.

That works very well, especially as Cuntys are suspect in the motto of Courts/Coverts. The "laus" motto term of Rumble's suggests a Lissus-line of Cavii to the Cave's/Cavie's. The latter were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts, and the latter shares the gold leopard face with Rumble's. Coverts/Cofferts even share the fesse of Actons suspect in the "actio" motto term of Rumble's.

The Station/State lozenges are colors reversed from those of Stoll/STOLE's, and I stole the container. The man sitting, as he watched me replace it, looked like Albert Oosteyn, in whose apartment I was living, on Levendale, before I moved to Rumble. The following year, he asked me to move in again while he went to WHISTLER ski resort to work the winter, and Stolls/Stole's (same place as Whistlers, OSTs/Hosts, and the Axe river) happen to share the Whistler lozenges. Not only that, but the latter's are bend-wise, as are the lozenges of Stations/State's. Pretty awesome. "OoSTEYn" is even like the STAYwell variation of Stolls/Stole's. Stattels use AXES, as do Halberts. Oosteyn was, Albert. AND WOW, OoSTEYN-like Steyns/Steins (corruption of "Stetton"?) share the Rumble leopard face. I moved from his place to Rumble! Steyns/Steins (probably a form of the Stevensons/STEINson Coat) have a bend in the colors of the bend-by-lozenges of Stations/State's/Stettons/Stattons.

Stevensons/Steinsons (Northumberland) have one hand from a cloud, which we saw with the Watson/Wattie Crest that itself adds the Rodham tree stump. Rodhams (Northumberland) share the Stevens/Steinson bend, in the colors and format of the Ade/Aid Coat, the latter sharing leopard faces on a bend with Stevensons/Steinsons and Steyns/Steins. Rodhams Clinton and Ade's/Aids were a part of the sleeping-bag dream, which itself had a mall.

Albert drove a classic MALibu CONVERTable (this is new). Converts/Coniers (sleeve) were first found in Durham with Conte's, kin of Cone's, the latter two sharing the antler with German Stole's/Stolls. "Antler" is suspect as code for Les ANDELes, home of sleeve-using Tonys/Toeni's, descended from MALahule, believe it or not! Albert had a lot of trouble believing in God's existence, yet God even chose his car for this revelation. It appears that I was right to see the man with the Cunty-line container as Albert Oosteyn.

For the record, the timing goes like so. I asked Lorraine out at the bus stop on my birthday, and was with her at least until the third week of July. I saw her at the bus station a week or two, at most, later, bringing things to the first of August at the earliest. My relationship with Mamie started while living at Oullette's apartment (i.e. moved out of Rumble) while it was still camping season, which is until labor day at the latest. That's how I know that the pool event was in August, and that I moved out immediately after being asked to leave. The lady I invited to the pool was Ananes-like Annette, and the Augusts share the fesse of Rums/Rooms of Annandale. The Annetts are also Arnots, and they have stars colors reversed from the Annas/Arness star. That's pretty telling. The Pools were from VesPASia Polla, suspect with Pasi's and with the MalPAS kin of Richardsons.

Oullette's father was building an airplane in his basement, which may be an indicator that Oullette's share the Palin / Pile/Pilot lion, for PLAINs, listed with Pilot-like Platers, share a version of the Palin Coat. French Pilots/Pilotte's happen to share the white pheon with Belwoods and Malpas'...and STOPs/Stubbs. English Pile's share the gold Rumble leopard face within a red canton square.

From my 5th update of March, 2018: "To the best of my recollection, I was at the corner of Rumble and Libby..." That works because Rumble's share the chevron of Quints while the landlady was a friend of Sharon Quinn, whom I had known since she lived in Gormley back in my teen years. I saw and spoke with Sharon at Rumble. Moreover, the Caepio line I concern myself with, in what I think was the line to birthing Caiaphas, had married Mr. Livius, a surname that could certainly have produced "Libby." What are the chances that Libbys share the giant Bruce lion!? Moreover, I moved into Rumble from LEVENdale avenue (all in Richmond Hill). What are the chances that while Ananus was also, Annas, the Levens share the Quint / Rumble chevron, only instead of the three Rumble cinquefoils, the Levens use the Annas stars (in the same colors as the cinquefoils)!!! Wow. I get it.

The giant Annas star is colors reversed from the same of Gris'/GRIIMs (Hamburg, same as Krume's). It recalls Mr. Grimaldus in marriage to CRISpina. It makes it appear as though the line between the Ananes Gauls and priest Annas of Israel (father was in Syria) included proto-Grimaldi blood in the Statielli Ligures, or something to that effect. Stations/State's use the GREYhound, and "gris" means "grey."

My first date with Lorraine started as a laundromat at the corner of Levendale and YONGE street. I asked her out at her bus stop earlier that day, at the corner of Yonge and Lorraine-like Lorne. Youngs/Yonge's (Essex, same as Quints) are suspect with the RUMilly piles, but in any case they love the Jeune's, a branch of June's, both first found in Cambridge with the Rumillys and the Caepio-like Capone's (and Chapmans seen above). The great-granddaughter of Quintus Caepio was Servilia Caepionis, mother of three JUNia Caepionis', and Servilia is the one who married Mr. Livius. You see, God was even setting up my female dates and places of residence on behalf of this revelation that Caiaphas was born from the Caepio bloodline.

Italian Capone's/Capua's were first found in Campania, begging why God chose Tony Campania for the gas-station. If the Campanio quadrants are those of Aarons, that's a name expected with Levite liners (Aaron was the brother of Moses, both Levites). I don't view the Laevi Gauls as orthodox, true Levites, but only from the bloodline of Levi, father of all Levites. The black-on-white Capone lion head is crowned gold, ditto for the same-colored lions of Jewish Levi's/Levins.

When seeking mechanic-like surnames earlier, the MacHans/MacCANNs were found who: 1) share the fretty of Modens/Modeys; 2) share the Chapman motto; 3) share the fish with Kane's / Cains / Hams / Keons; 4) were at ClanBRASIL while Brazile's were first found at Armagh with MacCanns. This MacCann-fretty is a good find because Modens/Modeys share a fretty Shield with Caens/Canns. In fact, Caens/Canns may be purely Meschins, not just because Meschins originated from the Caen area, but as per the theory here that Meschins/Mechens became the Mechans and later the MacCanns en-route to naming Caen.

There is also a Machen/Machin surname like the Machine variation of Meschins, and Machens/Machins were first found beside the Bachs/Baghs (beside Cheshire) sharing their vaired fesse, thus making Bachs/Baghs look like the Bags sharing the Grimaldi Shield. Consequently, the Beach's / Beachers/Beckers and Claps/Clappers are found by their Bag-like Shields to be Bagh- / Machin-applicable. Machens/Machins even share the pelicans of the Meads of Clapton. Machens/Machins were first found in Monmouthshire with Macey-related Fane's/VANS, and the Oullette's happen to share three pairs of double fesses with Monmouths, in the same colors. In the dream, Oullette had a van (but not in real life).

Regans are likely from "RAGNvald," Rollo's father, for the three Regan dolphins are in the colors of the three Rollo boars. The Regan dolphins are blue, as are the three of Tippers, and then while Irish Kennedys were at Tipperary, Scottish Kennedys use a dolphin too. The Dolphins/DolFINs (Dol colors) have three dolphins colors reversed from the three of Regans, and Kennedys use a "FIN" motto term for the Lafins/LaFins/LaFonts of Tipperary.

That was a wild Saturday. That dream was amazing, and all that it led to. I think I've exhausted all that's readily apparent to me, but with God, there's always more. Here's more. My place and Albert's at Levendale was owned by Edith, suspect in the past with Edith of Polesworth, wife, it is thought, of SITRic Caech, whom I see in the Sitters (Northumberland, same as Sitric). Just as I wrote the last word, Francesca Battistelli sang, "seat," from the line, "got a front row seat" (song title, Strangely Dim). I was going to ask whether Sitters have to do with the man sitting as I returned the container, for I moved out of Edith's to Rumble avenue while Rumble's, and the latter have the Cave's/Cavie's in their motto while Polworths share the three piles of COWES'/Cowe's. And COWEY's (Rum/Room fesses?) happen to share the brown Rodham tree stump again. Plus, the container has pointed to Cindys/Cuntys who have the Rumble cinquefoils in colors reversed. The Cowie boar heads can link via the same of Turins to Cowie-like Chives' of Chivasso, from the Cavii at Lissus, the latter suspect in the "laus" motto term of Rumble.

Rumble's are the ones who love the Actons, I think, as do Cravens, and then Skiptons of Craven were RUMillys, suggesting that Rumble's were Rumilly liners. The latter were suspect as a Rum merger with Millys/Mollays/Mullee's ("MALo mori"). Malahule ruled More, and Rumillys share the stars of Molls/Mole's and Morays. The latter's boar head, shared by Marone's/Moroneys/MulROONeys, is blue in colors reversed, the color of the Rollo boar head. Rumillys use the Roque/Rock rock, we may assume, and Mole's were first found in Roque-related ROXburghshire (Roxburghs honor Aude of Roquefeuil in their motto).

MulROONey-like Roons are listed with Rome's/Roans while Rums/Rooms are likewise Rome's, which is why it's important that Augusts share the Rum/Room fesse, suggesting the line of Caesar Augustus in my living at Rumble in July and August. July was named after Julius Caesar, who adopted Augustus and thus caused him to become his imperial heir. Julius Caesar had an affair with Servilia Caepionis, suggesting to me that one of her Junia daughters was Caesar's daughter secretly, the line to Joseph Caiaphas. That's my theory. Roons/Roens are suspect with Rouen, Rollo's capital. Cowes' share the Julian cross. French Julians were first found in Languedoc with container-suspect Contans'/Constance's, and they almost have the same Chiefs. Heraldic Chiefs are suspect as code for "CAIAPhas.

The Snow anteLOPE can be part-code for Loops/Lopps whose upper Coat half looks a lot like the Chief of Contans/Constance's. Repeat: "Italian Tonys are split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split antelope in the Snow Crest." Ditto for Loops/Lopps [share the Snowden stars]. The Lope/Lopp Chief looks connectable to the Kern/Karen Coat while Irish Kerns (same leopard face as ANTONYs) use a "FIDEns et CONSTANS" motto that brings up the Contans/Constance's and looks like part-code for Fiddle's/Fidelows. Perfect. Vis-de-Loop was the home of wolf-head Fiddle's/Fidelows.

Spanish Lope's have two wolves in pale looking like a version of the two lions in pale of Levi's probably because Laevillus of Cetis had a Lupus name. He married QUADratilla, explaining why black wolf heads are used by Quade's/Wade's. The latter have variations like those of Watsons, first found in Rutland with Snows. Fiddle's/Fidelows look like a branch of English Vitals/Vidals. The black dogs of Spanish Vitals/Vidals' (Julius Avitus?) look linkable to the Lope wolves, and these black dogs happen to be in the colors of the dog of Carricks whom I trace to Aulus Julius Claudius CHARAX Proculus, Laevillus' son. Wikipedia leaves out the "Proculus," and claims that his brother was Julius Claudius PROCulus.

Back to Cindy Richardson, whom God used for pointing to Ping Pong pizzagate. The importance of linking Cindys/Cuntys to Rumble's is now evident where Rums/Rooms have a "pungit" motto term partly for Pungs/Pings/Pongs. The Cunty-line container can even go from Contans'/Constance's/Constantine's (almost the French-Julian Chief) to English Constantine's who share the fleur-de-lys of Jeune's, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with June's, Capone's and the Julians sharing the Cowes cross. Why was it JOSEPH Oullette who said he needed a container? Is God suggesting that the line of Joseph Caiaphas is strongly to Oullette's of Falaise?

There is a Cowes location on the Isle of Wight, off the shore from Poole of Dorset, and Cavey- / Chief- / Caiaphas-like Chaffs/Chafeys were first found in Dorset. I'm still trying to find why Joe shoveled the snow from the van's BUMPer into the container, and while Bumps and Chaffs/Chafeys both share giant griffins, they are not quite in the same colors. [A few hours after writing here, Snowdens were found with the Chaff-Crest peacock, and just wait for what else Snowdens show.] Chaffs/Chafeys share a giant and gold griffin with the Griffins who share "Ne vile" in their motto with Fane's/VANs, how about that. Griffins also throw in "velis" while the Velis/Vale surname shares the black Julian / Cowes cross.

Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells while Owls/Howls have owls in the colors of the Joseph martlet. The man sitting, watching me put back the container, had big-round eyes like an owl, as though he had round glasses on, and this now looks like it can reveal OULlette's as a branch of Owls / Howells. Oullette's even share the triple double-bars of Monmouths. Amazingly, the Bump griffin is also the giant Aliotta griffin, in the colors of giant Lette/Lito crane, suggesting that OulLETTE's were an Owl-Lette / Owl-Aliotta merger. It's just an excellent way to explain the bumper snow on a van. However, some Will-like Oullette variations look like branches of Velis'/Wills.

Ahhhh, Bumps were first found in Gloucestershire (beside Monmouthshire) with Letts/Late's!!! Zowie. Gloucestershire is also where Vile's were first found, expected in the Griffin motto. [Snowdens are said to have been at Lauder, and Lauders happen to be the ones who share the Tooth / Bump griffin!!! It can't get better than this. Lauders share the Watson / Rodham / Cowie tree stump as well as sharing a goose on a rock with Rutherfords. A goose is the symbol of Gas', and I pumped gas at Tony Campania's gas station. Campanio's share bells with Rutherford-branch Rutts, and Watsons were at Rutland. Lauders use an "alaRUM" motto term while Rums/Rooms (Dumfries, same as camp-related Corrs/Cawrie's) were first found in Dumfries with the Bells and the Walks who proved that the container was a pointer to Constance's.]

AHHH, he shovelled the snow from the bumper into the container, and while Shovels are also Shoulers, SCHOLE's share the Cowes / Julian / Velis cross! This game can be fun. Shovels/Shoulers share the fleur of German Scholers/Schulers. Excellent. Scholefields were first found in Lancashire with English Scholers, who show nothing but feathers, a symbol of Tooths (London, beside Shovel) whom God linked strongly (without doubt) to Bumps. As Feathers (have the feathers of Tooths) share the antelope with Snows, it does appear that Bumps can apply to snow on the bumper.

Ahh, Shovels were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's who-in-turn share the three black griffins of Willie's/Wileys (Dumfries, same as Rums/Rooms)! Oullette's are also Willi's. Velis'/Wills (share the sun with Feather-like Fetters) use more griffins of the same, passant type. Yet the Velis/Will Crest shares the red griffin with Bumps and Tooths. English Wills use black griffins too. It begs the question on whether Owls and later Howells had first been Wills / Wells.

Fane's/VANS were first found in Monmouthshire, as were Machens/Mackens who share a version of one Godfrey Coat while the other Godfreys have essentially the three Willie/Wiley / Vince griffins. Hee-hee, the bumper of the van. There were a couple of items in the container, placed there by Oullette or myself, but I can't remember what they were. It was a grey container like the cheap, plastic storage containers. Sorry, Mr. Caiaphas, it wasn't made of gold. Machens/Mackens use pelicans, and Pellicans (Maine, same as Josephs) use a giant form of the three Howell towers. Willie's/Wileys share the black dog in Crest with Griffins. Corrs share the estoiles of Colchesters (Quint chevron), first found in Essex with Quints of Gore's/Core's.

Machens wouldn't have been a topic in this update if this dream didn't bring us to Tony Campania, the mechanic. If not for Machens/Mackens, we wouldn't have found that link to the Howell towers, and thus the Oullette-Owl theory wouldn't have been as compelling. Mechans/Meekins have someone's gold griffin head in Crest, and as the mechanic was Tony CAMPania, it's notable that gold griffin heads, in the colors of the giant Griffin griffin, are used by Camps. The latter's Coat is in the colors and format of English Capone's. Italian Capone's were first found in Campania. The black trefoil in the mouth of the camp-Crest griffin head looks connectable to the trefoils of Champions, first found in Bedfordshire with BeauCHAMPs and the Bedfords who share the black lion paw of Quints and Savage's. Sauvage's were first found in French Champagne/Campania. While CORRs share the Camp/CHAMP Shield, Beauchamps have a Coat version of Gore's/CORE's, first found in Essex with Quints, yet Quints were first found partly in Dorset with Chaffs/Chafeys. Machens/Mackens share blue vair with Quints, making Tony Campania even more compelling for pointing to Quintus Caepio.

The Machen/Macken write-up: "The surname MacHen was first found in Monmouthshire (Welsh: Sir Fynwy), at Machen, a parish, in the union of Newport, partly in the hundred of Wentlloog, South Wales." Newport is a location on Wight too, with Cowes. Wentllogg can't be too far from Monmouthshire. Ah-ha: "Wentloog was an ancient hundred of Monmouthshire..." The Machen/Macken Coat is that also of Bachs/Baghs, first found in northern Wales, beside Flintshire, the latter being where the Pennants, in the "pennants" of Cowes', were first found. Note how the Welsh call Monmouthshire after its Fane's/Vans, probably from the Wend-related Veneti of Vannes, explaining "WENTlloog."

Lookie. The man with owl eyes was suspect earlier as Albert Oosteyn, and English Alberts share another gold and giant griffin (!), this time in the colors of the same of Hangers (beside Chaffs of Dorset), the latter first found in Hampshire (also on-shore from Cowes) with English Josephs (kin of Caplans and Chaplains). I'm sure Joe said, "I NEED a container." Needs use brown griffin heads, and so the trick might be to find other brown griffins that can apply to the clues. Needham Dyke is in the Halper write-up, and Halpers (brown seated lion) are like "Albert." Needhams share the Knee/Nee Coat, and the latter can be in the "NE vile velis" motto of Griffins, or the "Ne vile fano" motto of Fane's/Vans. Newports use "Ne" too. "We're on our KNEES" just played from the song, Hosanna.

I'd like to record here that the Velis/Will griffin has all four feet "on the ground" (for a lack of a better phrase), like the Brazile lion in the same colors. It's rare to find any heraldic animal with all four on the ground. Brazile's came to topic with the Clanbrasil location of MacHans/MacCanns. As Gahns are listed with Caens/Canns, I'm wondering whether Don McGhan has been reporting to Donna Brazile. Why was the latter given a job at Fox now that Hope Hicks practically leads a communications department there.


It was after writing all the above that Snowdens were loaded. I've evidence in the past that Nordics uses a capital 'S' on certain terns so that, for example, "Need" can become the Sneed surname and then the Sneddon variation of Snowdens. It's clear to me that God is pointing to the Snowdens with Joe's use of, "I NEED a container."

God gave me a fistula BUMP on the gum of my infected tooth. I told readers that God was probably using this for heraldic purposes, as per Tooths and Gumms together, but I really wanted to abandon that thing because I wasn't keen on what could be gleaned with a Tooth-Gumm discussion. Besides, I wanted God to heal this tooth. Finally, months, if not a full year, after introducing the Tooth-Gumm discussion, I happened to load the Bumps as per the bump on the gum, and there was a BumPUSS' variation of Bumps. I was beside myself in high celebration because Bumps/Bumpuss' use both the white-on-red and the red griffin of Tooth's. It was a lesson that I should just trust God, even with a rotting tooth.

I had been linking the Tooth griffin to the same of Lauders/Letters only to find yesterday that Snowdens/Sneddons were in Lauderdale. Wow, and this comes while discussing SNOW on a BUMPer, it's comical how God is working this out. Snowdens and Lauders/Letters were first found in Berwickshire with Hume's/Home's who use a Tooth-like "to the" motto phrase. The Letter-like Leiths use "to the" too, you see, and this even takes us back to the Lette's and/or "Letts/Late's suspect in making "OulLETTE."

Joseph needed the container to shovel snow into. It's clear as day that Snowdens were Need / Knee liners, and I can give extra evidence for this as per the paragraph above with Needham Dyke of the Halpers. God chose this time to blow out to the public the underlying purposes of this bad tooth, which split in perfect half several months ago as code for the Helps/Halfs (Gloucestershire, same as Bumps/Bumpuss') and Halpers/Halfpennys. I made that "crazy" claim, I really did, and it just so happens that the Helpe river is the location of the AVESNes location from the AVISON surname sharing the Comines Coat we saw linking above to the Joseph garbs. BUT NOW, what are the chances that Avisons come up as "Ave" while German NEDE's use a big, fat "AVE" term across their Shield! YUP, unbelievably, that is exactly right. Why are the Nede's also Nadlers?

Lookie unbelievers: Kerrys share the hourglass shape of Helps/Halfs, and Kerrys were first found in MontGOMERYshire while Gumms are also Gomers. So, yes, God caused this bad tooth because He wanted it split perfectly in half as a pointer to Stefan Halper, but now also to Snowdens. Snowdonia is right-smack beside Montgomeryshire, believe it or not. Montgomerys are in Avison/Ave colors and format. The Avis variation goes to the motto of Kenite-suspect Kennedys, and I expect twisted Levite blood with Kenites. Snowdon(ia) covers Arddu, suggesting the Arduinici at Nagle-line Oneglia, for Snowdons have a version of the Nagle fesse. Mythical King Arthur was given the birthplace, TintaGEL, partly of the Gale's in the Nagle nightingale.

Nede's/Nadlers were first found in Boii-founded Bohemia, and Boii are suspect with the Boeotians to the Sadducees in Jesus' day. It just so happens that while those Sadducees were of the line of Salome of Boethus, the Salome's share the stars of Nede's/Nadlers. Moreover, the fesse of Nede's/Nadlers is colors reversed from the same of Boets/Butts/Bute's and Buttons. The latter use the horn for Orion of Tanagra (Boeotia), and it just so happens that Snowdens share the three scallops of Tanagra-liner Tancreds/Tanks (Yorkshire, near Berwickshire). One can see what God's getting to with the blowing forth of Snowdens yesterday. Tancreds/Tanks were first found in West Yorkshire with DENTs, that's right. Tooths look like they love the Tine's of BOTville in their motto. The Tyne rivers are near Lauder.

The Shropshire Nadlers are also Needle's, and they share the giant sun of Fetters expected as a branch of Tooth-beloved Fethers, and it's a good thing in this case that the latter share the antelope with Snows (fesse colors reversed from the same of Snowdens). Fethers have a "Valens et volans" motto while Valens/Volans' and Velins were first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/Nails. The latter share the saltire of Greats/GREEPs (Crepon liner), and Greats are proven to be from Gratian by their sharing a gold border with Justine's, yet Spanish Valens' have another gold border while Justine was wife to VALENtinian, brother of Valens. It just so happens, wow, that while Grimaldus married Crispina expected of the Crispins/CREPONs and Grazio's, Valens/Volans' virtually share the Coat of Gormleys/GRIMES'. Valens/Volans' and Valence's share the red martlet with the Crest of Proctors, and the latter use nails, that's right.

The first-known Proctors were close enough to Colchester to explain the nails in the Arms of Colchester, and it just so happens that Colchester is in Essex, where Prock-branch Brocks and Brooks were first found. It's now interesting that while Procks are also Procops, Procopia was the wife of Michael I Rangabe while the Arms of Rangabe is a cross colors reversed from the Nagle/Nail / Great saltire. The line of Valentinian is to Seagars who have a moline in the colors of the Arms-of-Rangabe flory (= almost a moline cross). The Seagar/Sugar snake is of mythical Sugaar, from the snake goddess of Abruzzo's Marsi (Avezzano theater).

Mount Velino is at Avison-liner Avezzano (Abruzzo), all near the birthplace of Mr. Grimaldi, my uncle. The latter's wife was Eva, I kid you not, like the Ave variation of Avisons. There is an Eva/Evers surname (share Champion trefoils) looking like an Abruzzo/Abreu line to Eure / Evreaux. Crispins/Crepons share the bend of Champagne's, by the looks of it.

The Procks/Procops share the TOOTH Crest griffin, and recalling that Procks/Procops share the sphinx with one German OpenHEIMER Coat, the latter were loaded to recall that the other German Openheimers share a curved perchevron with GUMMs/Gomers. Heimers thus look like the Hume's/Home's (Hammer colors) with the "to the" motto phrase. HUMphreys share a white and giant flory with the Arms of Rangabe. Gumms/Gomers share the black rooster with Crispin-related Grazio's, both of whom use pomeGRANATes suspect earlier with Grants, and it just so happens that two of the three Grant crowns are in the Openheimer Coat! Zinger. As Openheimers share the Rad hexagram, I'm thinking the Openheimer anchor is the white one of Dutch Reitmans. Hoods/Hoots likewise have a white anchor, and they share the crescents of Spine's (Warwickshire, same as Hume-beloved True's/Tree's), a possible branch of Spinks suspect with the sphinx. Reitman-like Reids share the Hott eagles. These Reids, sharing the gold fitchee with Halpers and Helps/Halfs, share the stars of the Nede's with the "AVE." That is, the Ave's/Avisons were on the Helpe river, thus making what looks like a Harry Reid link to Stefan Halper.

My tooth and gum was working well in connection to the teeth of the shark. If you're familiar with that discussion, where Comey was identified with the shark while Halper was identified with the teeth, I may have missed that the Scottish Comeys, showing the only cat teeth I know of, happen to come up as Gome's, like the Gomer variation of Gumms. The Comey cat is in the colors of the Lucca cat while Botters (share the Crispin/Crepon bend), in the "bot" motto term of Comeys/Gome's, were first found in Lucca.

The Needs/Nede's use griffins as an indication of the Griffin house in Pomerania (southern Denmark, essentially), where we can expect the Harcourts (Danes), who share the peacock in the Snowden and Chaff Crests (Chaffs have a giant griffin). The Harcourt liner, HUMphrey de VIEILLes might just be to the Willi variation of Oullette's and the "Ne VELIS" motto phrase of Griffins. The Shirts, Harcourts, use that peacock too, and are in the colors and format of Tancreds/Tanks. The raven vikings from the Neckar river were in Pomeranian parts, and so we've got to repeat that RODhams and RUTHERfords share "Nec" in their motto for Neckar elements, for there is a Sneed surname using "Nec" twice. As Sneeds (sickle) share the June fleur, the Sneed-Crest lion could be the Levi lion. This is the line pointed to be Tony Campania, and Clare's of Tony-suspect TUNbridge were Danes. Sneeds were at TunSTALL while Stalls/Steels use another griffin.

This bad molar is rotten, we can say, because French MOLers/Mollers share the Roten hexagram. Rots are listed with raven-liner Rothes'/Rothchilds. And there we are with what could be God's pointer to Rodham Clinton, the one who paid for the STEELE dossier. Stefan Halper was/is a MOLE on behalf of Hillary's Trump-attack crimes. German Mollers are listed with Muellers, that's right, and they use the Catherine wheel of Catherine ROET. My rotten tooth is pointing to Mueller's part in Rodham's Trump-attack too, the friend of Bill Barr (stinks like rot). The corrupt dentist left bacteria under his filling, in Obama's first year, wanting to set this molar up for a ROOT canal, but I'm doing my best to keep sugar out of the bloodstream, and hoping that Jesus will heal it at the proper time. In 2015, the fistula bump appeared for the first time, which went away once the filling fell out and the tooth split (allowed the bacteria to be washed away).

It's very interesting that Roots share the lozenges of Penningtons, for I met Louise when she worked at Penningtons when her friend, Miss Peare, worked in the same mall at REITmans. Reitmans share the Roten / Moler hexagram. Both ladies were my girlfriends, and they appeared on a PLATform in a mall in the sleeping-bag dream, the platform that points to Hillarys illegal email server, Platte River Networks. Reitman-like Reids (share book with Roets, could have the Neck/Necker stag head) recalls that Harry Reid was a part of Hillary's Trump-attack conspiracy. The Root lozenges are those of Bagleys too, and colors reversed from the same of Snowden-suspect Nagle's. Bagleys (Shropshire, same as Sleeps) were at Bagley Wood, and Woods share the tree with Roots and Roets.

Roots were first found in Kent with Rothes' (at MALLing), though the latter were previously said to have been first found in Shropshire, where there is a Rodden river as per Rodhams/Roddens. Is the Rothes crowned lion head the one of Italian Capone's? Italian Capote's/Capone's use a mule, suspect as a pointer to Hillary's email crimes with SaMUELsons/Samways and Mall-like Mails of Meoles. Heather Samuelson deleted Hillarys emails, from Platte River's system, I assume, and Samuelsons/Samways were first found in Cornwall with Mallings/Malings (Capote-mule colors), beside the Mule's (version of Wake Coat, shares the double fesses of Nos'/Ness'). Peter Pollock's line married a daughter of Eschyna de MOLLE, and the dentist was trying to set the molar up for a root canal.

A Meolis location of the Mails was given to a Mr. Bussell, and Bussells (Yorkshire, same as Bush's) share "Dum spiro spero" with Snowdens, though I see nothing of a link between them judging from their Coats. However, MAILs share the lion heads of MALpas-related Richardsons (Cheshire, same as Mails), which reflect the Oullette-Chief lions, and then Darlene's/Darlings use a "feMALE figure" in a Robin-connectable robe because Malpas' share the pheons of the Brittany Robins. Darlingtons share "Dum spiro spero" with Snowdens...and the Bussells who were apparently the proto-Mails. Robe's/Robbs were first found in Stirlingshire with an Allan river and the Drymen location of Drummonds while the latter share the Basset Coat while Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset in Falaise. We can add that Snows have a fesse in Dol-fesse colors, yet in all of this there's no exclamation point anywhere. Something must be missing in my blind spot.

English Constance's share the giant Ferte eagle, tending to assure that the pine tree of French Contans'/Constance's is linkable to the Maschi pine cones. English Harrys, with a porcuPINE and a Rimini-like motto term, can be gleaned with Maschi's of Rimini, for the other Harrys even use the Maschi lion. Harrys are being mentioned due to Harry Reid, for the "RATioni paREAT" motto phrase of English Constance's suggests Reats/Rats and therefore Reids/Reeds, for the latter share a red spread eagle with English Constance's. Amazingly, Reats/Rats share a "spero" motto term with Snowdens while English Harrys have a reflection of the Edward Coat, itself with the Maceys/Mace stars. Maceys were at FERTE-Mace! EDWARD SNOWDEN. Edwards, in Snow colors, happen to share two stars in Chief in the colors of the two in the Contans/Constance Chief. The container of snow! The Masci pine cones are partly for ANTLER-using Cone's while Snows have ANTELopes. Danny SNOW worked for TONY Campania, and Toeni's look to be in the "raTIONI" motto term. I've read that Bassets had a porcupine too, and Oullette's were at a Basset location. I'm not suggesting a Snowden link to Mr. Reid, but it just so happens that the heraldry for both are in the same paragraph.

Harrys use HEDGEhogs while Edge's have the Reid/Reed eagle in colors reversed. Edge's (Cheshire) look like a branch of Edgars, very linkable to the Saxonite Edwards (Athelings) , and Edgars even have the giant lion of the Welsh Edwards who in-turn have the white griffin in the Arms of the Wessex Saxons. The Wessex surname, by the way, is listed with Waistells/Wessels who share the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire. Maccus of Man (raven) spoke with Saxons in Cheshire, says Wikipedia, and Edgars use a "MAN do it" motto as well as what looks like the dagger of Maccus-liner, Macey-related Mackays ("Manu"). Queen Margaret was an Atheling from the line of Edwards and Edgars, and her husband is suspect to the Malcolm surname that has a "petit" motto term, perhaps in the "ApPETITitus" motto term of English Constance's.

Pomerania's Varni area was home to WAGRians while German WALKERs share the double fesses of Harcourts. English Walkers were first found in Yorkshire with Wagers, suspect with variations of Walks and Wake's (the double fesses of Harcourts in colors reversed). wake's love the Orrs/Ore's who in turn have the Guiscard piles in colors reversed.

In 2009, I walked into a new dental office for the first time, and while waiting for my turn, either my imagination or the Spirit of God said, to the effect, that this dentist was not going to get away with it. I wasn't told to scram it out of this office, just that whatever thing he was going to do to me, he would not get away with. So, I assume that God wanted this sabotaged tooth, and here we are. If I keep off of sugar, the tooth feels very strong (chew on it no problem), yet there is a constant light sensation that shouldn't be there. Funny I should say that, because I've just looked up Chews (Somerset, same as Roets) to find a Catherine wheel, and gold griffin heads suspect with the neighboring Hangers/Angers (kin of Nagle's). Chews were from near Carne while Roets can be gleaned as kin of Kerns/Karens. One Carne Coat could have a version of the Rodham Coat. Carneys ("SusTINE et absTINE") share the Chief-Shield colors of Roets.

It seems that God is pointing to Edward Snowden, for it was just in this update when I was able to make a link of "NSA" to the "Nos" motto term of Knee-suspect per Mike Rogers of the NSA. Edward Snowden worked for NSA, and Needhams share the Knee Coat while Kness'/Ness' can be a branch of Nos'/Ness'. It's perfect, especially as Snowdens/Sneddens linked to Needham Dyke of the Halpers if indeed Sneddens were Nede liners. It's therefore important that Kness'/Ness' share a "non" motto term with Nagle's, for the latter have a version of the Snowden fesse-with-stars.

Or, we could go back to the Tancred scallops in the Snowden Coat, adding that Tancred put out the Guiscards, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with the Nimo's expected in "Animo" motto term of Kness'/Ness'. The Snowden peacock is shared by Parr-loving Manners'/Maness' (share double fesses with Harcourts), and Parrs are from queen Nysa. Parrs and Nissans have double fesses, as do Nos'/Ness'/Nessans, and those of Parrs are colors reversed from the one fesse of Parrys and Snowdens. Parrys share the lozenges in the Chaff Chief, and GUIScards were first found in the same place with Chaff-like Chappes'/Cheaps'. The GUIS'/Guido's have an hourglass shape linkable to the same of News'/Nuce's who in-turn use CHAPlets and are suspect in their Crest with the perchevron of Chapmans/CHEPmans. French Guys share black buckles with Stops/Stubbs who in-turn use a bend-with-buckles in colors reversed from the same of Stirlings (share Moor head with French Chappes').

Tribwatch has many, many mentions of Caiaphas, but when I google "caiaphas tribwatch" or "Caiaphas", Google hides them all. Today, that search brought up a whopping six results, only two of them being my pages. google's censors have decided that the world is not permitted to know my excellent work on heraldic discoveries back to the killers of Jesus. What else are they suppressing from me? Lots. No one is allowed to do a search for my Caiaphas material! How can this be? How can the google computer not bring up my pages on Caiaphas unless someone programmed it to hide them all? And why did they do this? When searching "herod tribwatch," there are many results, but for the most part other pages are brought up aside from mine. google has no right to do this to what is at worst a matter of good discussion.

Why can't people discuss whether heraldry is based on Herodian bloodlines? Ahh, we're touching a raw nerve, are we? Hallelujah for the Judgment of Jesus. We win. The losers will vanish in horrible fright. It's what they have earned for themselves. We are seeing their work as we speak. Truth is being thrown to the ground and replaced with lawlessness and cheating, duplicity, false accusations, and punishments on those who abandon the satanic cesspool. Call to Jesus, and make your peace with Him. It means that you've got to confess your rebellion against Him. That's how we win. That's how the losers lose. It's all based on only this. It's the only thing that matters. JESUS HAS CONQUERED, and how our enemies hate this. If you want to make them upset, say, JESUS HAS CONQUERED. There is just one thing left to accomplish: allow the wicked to condemn themselves with their deeds against us, and even their deeds with one another.

There are people arranging porn if anyone searches "tribwatch." Someone put out a false, tribwatch you-tube channel. google (Gog?) doesn't like me. And I don't like google. Everyone knows that google has utterly ruined the potential for good research, because they are globalist control freaks who wish to make us think that world leaders are good for us. The less we know, the less we can discover about them, the better for their global engineering. I despise google. I despise their globalism, their theft of taxes, their socialistic dictorialism in the name of atheism. Yes, American socialism is nothing but Soviet atheism re-packaged. It's not a coincidence that they are pushing this now. They want you to be their robotic stooges. I despise google. It's ruining the world. It's pushing the very same things as the Democrats. It's illness personified. Do not touch, do not be deceived, stay wise, stay on top of it, stay free from it all.

If I do a search, "water tribwatch," google does not select all of my pages having "water." It means that if anyone wants to find all my pages having their surname, google has forbidden it. If anyone wants to find what I have to say on any topic at all, google forbids it, or at best gives a few crumbs for trying to make a "good show" of it. This is no way to operate a world class library. This stinks like the scaly skin of satan, for google always brings up the liberal media first whenever anyone searches on the latest deep-state conspiracies. The world gets only the crafted spins of satan's sons, and these sons control google not by chance. The internet was never intended to do anything but facilitate the global reach on behalf of those who brought society to an anti-Christ spirit even before the onset of the internet.

If we thought that the internet would give us our societal voice, finally, not so fast, for we didn't consider how our enemies are willing to cheat openly. Now we know. Yet, this cheating will increase the pain of their Punishment, and we will play tunes of music to their destruction after they have had their full way with us. It's not yet there, but do practice your singing starting now for that Day. They have proclaimed their war upon us, and God will cause us to get under their skin as we try to correct them, and they will hurt us rather than repent, and God will hurt them back. It's so fundamental, a child can understand this, for they are acting like spoiled brats, that is all, nothing but spoiled bullies. There is nothing on the high road to understand, nothing but basic delinquency. Learning to sing has been my free and priceless advantage. I have 120 Christian songs from youtube that I sing over and over, not yet tired of them.

google can bring us the image of the beast, but we shall not bite. Unless you know your New Testament, you cannot fight the devil in these last days. The fury of demons as they see their end in sight is Hell-unleashed upon the minds of the unprotected. In the same way that God controls my writing without my knowing, demons can do the same. But when a person has the New-Testament understanding, he/she can grasp when a thought is from hell or not. Our work in these days is to know the thoughts from hell, and to resist them. It's so easy, if you know the wrong from the right, and if you desire the right. The New Testament tells you the right from the wrong. It's not the evil thought, or the evil picture in your mind, that condemns us, but it's when we act on the evil, and carry it out too often, habitually, with passion. Such a person rejects Jesus, naturally. Demons are in this world to test humans on God's behalf. Will we, or will we not, behave like them. Leading democrats and leading media personalities do. This is the ruin of our world, and we must find a way to endure this rot.

So, if you live alone, learn to sing. It's free. And do get some nice, big speakers, with depth-of-sound. Mine are three feet tall, not bad at all. Just so you know, google, I'm going to sing while you condemn yourself. With all your powers, you have decided to condemn yourself. Such a fool art thou. You must have followed the advice of David Rockefeller. Give us back an internet worthy of good-research capability, you devastating gorgon.

I can't express enough at how I've enjoyed the latest dream. I have the feeling that God might bend-over-backwards in the future to make His case even more compelling that He's speaking through me. Otherwise, I'm left looking like a nut for the claims I've been making.


Now this is more like it:

My sources tell me President Trump is putting the finishing touches on a White House initiative [italics mine] to declassify documents that have remained hidden from the public for far too long.

It's from John Solomon, and he thinks it'll be about the uranium deal for some Russians. The problem I have here is that the White House, if correct that its initializing a declassification program, is doing it in what is now election season. It makes the White House look like it's self-centered, exposing things only now that it needs help in winning the election. Look at how the left has changed in just Obama's last four years. It's an assault on the people, promising worse. And here, three years into Trump's term, he's going to get around to declassifying some things??? He has a lot to make up for.

The one thing to take away from Horowitz's narrow report out this week is that it didn't serve the left. Horowitz didn't lump Comeys leak into the same scheme wherein Comey facilitated a coup against a president. If Horowitz did not so much as hint that the two should be lumped, then it seems he desires to cover for Comey as far as he can. Comey's was not a leak for the purpose of obtaining personal gain for himself, as Horowitz would have us believe, but was part of the hack-Trump-to-death crusade from a large number of individuals in high command. Coverage of Comey on most Fox shows this Thursday night is making Barr look very bad without much mention of his name.

Horowitz says that Comey did not release to the press any classified material, yet Solomon says he did: "The internal DOJ watchdog documented, irrefutably, that Comey leaked the contents of a classified memo to his legal team, first orally and then by providing a copy of the document. Some of the memo’s content was then leaked to a media organization by one of his lawyers." It's known that some of Comey's material was declassified after he was fired, no doubt to protect him from a criminal act, but if Horowitz is taking the position that Comey's lawyer did not leak classified material on the basis that is was later, after the leak, declassified, then that's a mar on his report, exposing Horowitz's motive to cover for Comey.

Solomon: "But from the time Comey wrote [memo 2] until it was declassified, the entirety of the memo was deemed to be classified under the intelligence community’s rules, even if it did not have the proper markings [that Comey himself left off of the pages to protect himself and also to better urge his lawyer to leak them]." Memo 2 is the one that Comey's lawyer released to the New York Times. If Comey had marked the memos as classified, it's doubtful the lawyer would have released them in that form. But Solomon says that the memo was classified whether or not Comey marked them as such. It is impossible to lose a case such as this, therefore, in court, because Comey admitted that he leaked (even though he won't call it a leak). I don't see how Barr can have a better case than when the defendant admits he committed the crime (though he won't acknowledge that it was a crime).

Bongino says that Barr's right about not prosecuting because there's no chance to win this case in Washington. But Bongino is dead wrong, because every crime from an FBI director MUST be taken to court, or the attorney general is a sham. It doesn't matter whether one thinks the case can be won or lost. I don't think that Barr is neglecting his duty on the basis that the case is difficult to win in a liberal city; I think he's doing a personal favor for Comey and Mueller. I also think that Barr could request that the case can be taken up in another city aside from Washington.

The absolute necessity for prosecution, is emphasized here in the same article: "The seriousness of transmitting the classified memo is re-emphasized in the report, which noted that the FBI spent months scrubbing Richman’s [the lawyer who leaked at Comey's request] and the other Comey lawyers’ computers to erase the confidential data." Can you believe that? They are wagging their tongues at justice. They pulled off a Hillary Clinton. And Trump gave them, not weeks or months, but years to scrub their criminality from their own communications.

The exposure is this: when criminals in government get caught, the Republican establishment lets them get away with it, and, additionally, Trump is a farce. Flynn's lawyers want to toss out the government's case against him, but the government, Trump's government, won't even comply with justified requests from Flynn's lawyers. Comey and Hillary get a pass, and the government has not the kind bone to let Flynn off the hook when he did nothing wrong but wrongly phrase a statement under pressure from Obama's FBI. Where's Trump to Flynn's rescue? Where's Trump that dog who feeds even his own team mates to the wolves? Comey was responsible for Flynn's fate, and even bragged about taking advantage of him at the event that ultimately had him arrested. Yet Barr can't arrest the big bad wolf after the big bad wolf facilitated the arrest of the sheep? SHAME BARR, empty suit.

Nunes is holding the fire to Barr's feet. But Trump isn't. Laughably, Trump called Barr "fair and reasonable" because he refused to charge Comey. Imagine how much of a better compliment Barr will get for letting the entire lot of FISA-abusers skate. There is now a question on whether Trump asked Barr to leave Comey alone, for Trump sounds as though he's on Barr's team. How is it FAIR to the victims of a nasty FBI to let Comey go? How is kindness called for when Comey refuses to repent of everything he's accused of? Comey's out and about recruiting accomplices to his come-back, and Trump can't find it within himself to support his own voters on this matter? Instead, he's praising Barr even when the latter has made a dismal decision? This direction is wrong.

Here's a good run-down of highlights in the Horo-report:

I've seen nothing on what Comey communicated to Intelligence officials or other bosses. Horowitz leads us to think that Comey acted unilaterally (alone) when leaking. Is that a fact, or did Comey's lawyers get an order to leak from a boss? If the Horo-report doesn't bother to mention whether his investigation went into some of Comeys communications with others, on this topic, then perhaps we should assume that Horowitz is putting a lid on those communications (defined as a conspiracy) because they incriminate others. If he is putting a lid on them, it's not necessary that he wants the lid on forever, but perhaps only until he discloses such things at a later time...or perhaps because Barr is having Durham follow up on such conspiratorial matters. If even Durham comes out with narrow reports that never show teamwork = conspiracies, then I would judge that it's Barr's cover-up. It's not irrelevant, or beyond the scope, to discover what others were contributing to Comey's leak, nor are some of Comeys other acts necessarily out of the scope just because they didn't involve his memos.

About a week after his ouster, Comey dusted off Memo 4, snapped photos of the two pages and texted them to his personal lawyer and friend, Daniel Richman, with the instructions that Richman relay their contents to a Times reporter.

...The piece dumped fuel on what was then the raging fire of the Russia probe.

There you go. It looks like the attack-Trump crusade wanted Comey's memo leaked. At the time, they wanted Trump out of the White House by the end of the month, if possible. They wanted bomb after bomb. The Crusaders over-rated their powers. I have the sense that God has been involved in this exposure.

Memo 4 had to do with Flynn. Trump asked Comey to leave Flynn alone. It's terrible for a president to "ask" an FBI director to leave someone alone who's under an indictment process, UNLESS the man didn't commit a crime. At that point, if the FBI is acting corruptly, the president has the obligation to order the FBI director to leave the man alone. Trump has nothing to apologize for on what he said to Comey about Flynn.

Plus, the reason that the prosecution machine has left Flynn's sentence off for so long is that, whatever measure they use against Flynn for his small "crime" MUST BE the measuring stick used against Comey, etc., and yet Barr has let Comey go free even when Barr knows that the leak was integral with the coup plot. SHAME BARR. This leak needs to be an integral part of the ultimate indictment of Comey for acting as a general of the coup plot. Comey wasn't the king of the plot, but he amounted to a general. SHAME BARR. Instead of reserving the case for the ultimate indictment, Barr blew Comey a flying kiss. And with this gift, and the confidence that comes with it, Comey went on national TV to mock his enemies in the Trump camp. SHAME BARR. By now, Nadler might be thinking that Barr's on his side. I'm starting to see Barr, Comey and Nadler in the hot tub together.

Trump chooses his own enemies for his administration, and he never learns to leave the establishment control-freaks off of his team. That's what Barr is, isn't he? James Mattis, who claims that he quit rather than being pushed out, was spreading slander about Trump, totally expected if Trump refused to continue the military will in the Middle East:

[Mattis'] aides and friends say he found the president to be of limited cognitive ability, and of generally dubious character [that's harsh slander]. Now Mattis was becoming more and more isolated in the administration [not a wonder], especially since the defenestration of his closest Cabinet ally, the former secretary of state Rex Tillerson, several months earlier. Mattis and Tillerson had together smothered some of Trump’s more extreme and imprudent ideas.

Translation: Mattis and Tillerson was trying to control Trump, and the liberal media wants us to think it was justified because that's playing politics i.e. making Trump look bad no matter what he does. It should be illegal in a fair democracy for journalism to always attack the president, because that's fake-news machinery that undercuts a fair system. What about the rights of the voters who expect a fair system? Why can't the government prosecute the slanderers on behalf of those voters? Freedom of speech must be based on sincere speech. That's what the constitution had in mind, to protect people from being prohibited from speaking their sincere thoughts. But if every day and every story and every report on a president is tailored to attack a president, that's slander and must not be tolerated. Mr. Mattis, you goon, it's time to forget about what other countries expect of the American military, because the military has put the people in dire debt in just the past 15 years. You stupid, stupid man. It's not a wonder that Armageddon clouds threaten. And Trump picked these stupids for his team. My sincere opinion: TRUMP HAS BEEN STUPID. Freedom of speech.

Trump wants the United States to be the only superpower, the perfect recipe for Armageddon. While the Mattis' of the country seek to further impoverish or ruin Russia, Trump's impoverishing China as we speak, causing the two to become enemies together of the United States...the poorest country in the world. Don't be fooled, America is in such debt that it's the poorest nation on earth; it's not the time to be swinging the sword in China's and Russia's face. These men are STUPID. If they really think that Russia or China might attack, it's of their own doing for making a stench of themselves.

By last December, Mattis was facing the most urgent crisis of his nearly two years in the Cabinet. Trump had just announced, contrary to his administration’s stated policy, that he would withdraw all American troops from Syria, where they were fighting the Islamic State. This sudden (and ultimately reversed) policy shift posed a dire challenge to Mattis’s beliefs. He had spent much of his career as a fighter in the Middle East...

...That afternoon, Mattis called John Kelly, the former Marine general who was then nearing the end of his calamitous run as Trump’s chief of staff. “I need an hour with the boss,” Mattis said.

The next day, he met Trump in the Oval Office. Mattis made his case for keeping troops in Syria. Trump rejected his arguments. Thirty minutes into the conversation, Mattis told the president, “You’re going to have to get the next secretary of defense to lose to ISIS. I’m not going to do it.” He handed Trump his resignation letter, a letter that would soon become one of the most famous documents of the Trump presidency thus far.

Good one, Mr. president. You stuck to what was right. But lately, news is that ISIS is making a come-back, and me thinks the military deep state is half making this happen, and half exaggerating (fake news) to make Trump look like he needs to be replaced by a war hawk. The control of the news has been going on for a long, long time. It's a no brainer that shadow governments need to do so. Shadow governments are illegal, and Barr therefore needs to prosecute Obama and his minions for their shadow-government tricks. I wish we were on the precipice of seeing what Barr is made, but he may want to push the revelations to the distant future so that we don't see that he's nothing but a bag of bones. What Trump needs is his own Intelligence chief loyal to his spy program to weed out the shadow government. But Trump doesn't seem to be bold enough to tackle this; he'd rather increase government revenues with China's sales to the country, demonizing China in the meantime, as if selling to American companies is evil on China's part. Lou Dobbs continually calls this theft on China's part. That's fake news, a pre-determined conspiracy against China.

If you don't want to buy Chinese, then don't. But don't demonize both China and Russia, or the world becomes very uncomfortable, STUPID. Don't clobber China with high tariffs all at once because Chinese workers need to eat too. It's not China's fault that American companies and consumers had been buying Chinese products big time. Have a heart and phase out Chinese sales to America slowly so that Chinese companies and their workers can better adjust. The law of God is still, love your neighbor as you love yourself. Be kind and fair, as you want others to be fair and kind with you.

I'm going to predict that Comey will be arrested. It's likely that Barr will let McCabe off the hook, otherwise Barr looks schizo, but the added outcry when that happens will force Barr to arrest Comey on FISA abuses. Even if Barr plans to arrest Comey as of today, I still say that his decision to let Comey off on the leak is, not a petty complaint on my part, but a bad decision with pain to the better people and a celebration for the deep state.

The body-language expert below makes a good point that Patrick Bryne is sincere because he talks with hand movement. I think I get it: a person who's lying doesn't express self with hands. Hand movements speak to passion and sincerity for what's being said. However, soon after the 2-minute mark, he says he helped the "feds," and I'm sure he means the FBI here, because I'm sure others have said he worked for the FBI. Perhaps the others assumed it was the FBI. Yet, after saying he did the feds two favors, he says he did the same men a third favor, only he now says, "don't call them the FBI," but says we should call them the "men in black." He then names some or all of the men in black, and they are Obama's FBI leaders. Talk about confusing. Fox has a couple of jobs to do: ask him to clarify these contradictions, and ask Warren Buffet if what Bryne says about him is true.

One possibility is that, when he says, "don't call them the FBI," he's insulting the FBI agents as non-true FBI agents.

When he says that he figured out, from watching the news, who the feds were that were employing him for the third favor, he implies that he never saw them, and was never told who they were. It sounds so surreal. Why would anyone work for people he's never seen? "Men in black" sounds like he saw them. How did he confirm that it was the feds? Did he have their phone number? He must have, for he says he contacted them to inquire about Butina. In that case, there are records of those calls, and Barr has no excuse for not acquiring them. Trump has no excuse for not acquiring them, for this was a coup attempt, according to Bryne, and that makes it one of the most grievous crime the FBI could commit.

If Bryne really did figure out who the men were from watching the news, then he would know that the men he named were FBI agents, because the FBI was part-and-parcel with Strzok news. How shallow was his attention when he watched? If it was so shallow that it didn't register that Strzok was with the FBI, then can we trust his accusing Strzok? It shouldn't matter, because Barr can get his phone-call transcripts. And so can Horowitz if the calls were made to the FBI. Doesn't Trump want to know who Bryne was talking to, who Bryne's bosses were?

Trump, the fake, has Obama's emails to and from Hillary at his White-House finger tips, but he's loath to reveal them to his voters. HE IS FAKE. He is a devil. He pretends to be against the deep state, then does NOTHING to expose it. As Bongino pointed out this week, Obama claimed he didn't know about Hillary's private email account until he heard about it on the news, but that's ridiculous because he would have communicated to her email account MANY times before the story made the news. Trump has those emails at his fingertips, but his worshipful voters can't figure out by that one thing that this man is a sham. He's not come out with one piece of data from Obama...because he doesn't want to rock the boat with his enemies. He has cut a deal with them, formal or understood, to ONLY sound-off. It's a GREAT deal for his enemies. He wishes to be renown for his deal-making expertise, and here he's failed miserably.

However, if he feels he's got a good chance to lose the election because his voters become disenchanted by his deep-state facade, he could decide to flick lightning at the deep state from the bounty at his fingertips. Starting now, his enemies include Republicans who wish to topple him for 2020, and you can bet that mobile Bush whackers are starting their engines. I predict: down into the shark's throat he will go if he doesn't do his job: expose and satisfactorily punish the government agencies which committed seditious crimes with arrogant liberality. He can make the request to Barr to punish, and Barr would be compelled to do it, for the crimes are obvious.

On Monday night, Lou Dobbs reported that Nadler's committee issued a subpoena for Rob Porter, a topic of my last update wherein I was wondering whether he was a deep-state mole in Trump's White House. Dobbs goes on to ask whether McCabe will be indicted for lying, merely lying. But if Barr indicts McCabe for lying and leaking, wouldn't he be compelled to do the same to Comey? Therefore, Barr's not likely to want to charge McCabe on that matter, but maybe Durham will anyway.


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