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March 26 - 31, 2019

Door-Handle Dream Proves (to me) George HW Bush Son of a Nazi
The Children Surname: God's Pointer to Alefantis' Pizzagate Pedophilia
An Oullette-Babe Miracle Surfaces
Trump Says He Has Plans to Declassify

Nobody should give Bill Barr high fives for being responsible for the end of the Mueller probe. No one should celebrate Barr as our friend until he puts Mueller and Rosenstein in jail. If he doesn't even try, then a sham he will expose himself to be. There are indicators that Barr will do it, but for me this doesn't rise to the level of celebratory.

If Mueller were a normal man, he would have thrown up his hands after a couple of months, telling Rosenstein, his boss, that there's nothing of guilt on collusion. Instead, Rosenstein egged him on. As Dan Bongino pointed out, Barr has Rosenstein in a very vulnerable position, for Rosenstein signed a paper saying that Trump is not guilty of anything. Rosenstein therefore needs to explain why the investigation went a year and a half too long. He needs to justify it by showing the need to continue seeking guilt, and the only acceptable excuse is that some guilt had been found, early, to justify seeking more guilt. I don't think they had anything remotely looking like guilt, but if they claim the dossier as suspicious in their eyes, then this will backfire with an investigation on the dossier, if Barr, that is, isn't a sham.

If Barr comes out to suggest that the people should just let this lie and die, a sham he will pronounce himself. If he thinks his job is over merely to end the "probe," he's got another thing coming. It was not a probe, and even Trump is calling him to investigate the CRIME. This was such a high crime that Barr has no choice. Mueller needs to be judged by the standards in which he jailed Manafort, and Rosenstein needs to be treated much worse than the manner in which he treated Stone. Seize his computers and papers in the middle of the night with war jets pounding his lawn.

As could be expected, leaks to the liberal media have already begun in hopes of salvaging the Mueller report. Here's one leak to CNN, though the leaker is not being mentioned (I say it was Rosenstein), meaning that we cannot know whether the guts of the leak is real meat or tofu:

One of the CNN salvagers feels sorry for Mueller because he was forced to "punt," implying the Barr forced him to do so. The truth is, Mueller threw the hot potato away before Barr discovered that he himself had it put a torch to it. Mueller now needs to point the finger at Rosenstein, and Rosenstein wants to act like the innocent guy that blames the long haul on Mueller's decisions, because, after all, Rosenstein is the overseer of the over-heated potato. All eyes will turn to him, the owner of the torch.

Did you hear anyone on the CNN panel apologize to Trump for long-standing, stinging participation in trumped charges against an elected president? Instead of apologizing, they hope for leaks to come out to keep Trump's possible guilt alive. Expect such leaks, well crafted, to keep the war alive.

Even Kellyanne Conway is now talking about this, a thing she's kept away from in the past. She's calling on full transparency on the dossier, etc., exactly what Trump does not want. Good people need to pressure Trump, the sham, to expose the truths his justice department has denied the nation. The only reason we haven't seen the truths is that Trump's high-level advocates refuse to demand it of him. It's as though he's their Jesus.

Barr has a big decision to make. If he wants to urge the country to let this die without a counter-investigation, then he needs to worry about Mueller's report getting fully into the peoples' hands, for both parties are calling for that. The report itself may make it impossible for Barr to let this die. He may desire to portray Mueller as having justification for taking so long, or he may desire to make Mueller appear sincere, independent or even honorable, but all signs are that he's guilty of a politically-grounded set of orchestrated crimes i.e. in the first degree. The report itself could reveal just that, by showing each step of the way to be unjustified and therefore politically motivated.

For example, if after 30 witnesses, none reported a sign of collusion, what justifies questioning 30 more witnesses? There were almost 500 witnesses. Hello? Yet no guilt was found. We can even gather that, aside from those 500, there were people spied on illegally in order to find guilt. Emails from Mueller and Rosenstein may show their guilt in any number of ways. If there is merely a good possibility of a political witch hunt, Barr has no choice but to launch a counter-investigation. All of Mueller's and Rosenstein's communications, all the paper and emails of the 17 lawyers, will be seized in that investigation. It's all pubic property. There is no justification to keep it from the people. Yet a corrupt deep state does not like to create precedent for disclosing DoJ business because the methods they use are corrupt, it's obvious. It's not a wonder that they don't want to reveal methods. All foul methods will be blacked out.

Whew, am I ever glad the Mueller "report" is in the past. The media will now shut up, right? Well, James Clapper appeared on the faggot-Anderson show to say that Obama and the intelligence community did a very good thing in the middle of 2016 by announced Russian interference in the election. Laughable. He's trying to make it appear that they were concerned about it (for the first time ever) when in reality they inflated the balloon of interference for self-serving hopes of entangling Trump's feet in their barbed wire of collusion. We can see how they work. Clapper wants to stress Russian interference at this time, and this is a big deal because it can reveal the things that the big boys are saying / plotting as they move forward from here. Clapper is claiming that the Mueller probe was justified due to Russian interference in combination with Trump's Russian this or that. The Republicans should never have agreed that this interference was of any significance. In fact, I say that it was staged.

Look at how Mueller worded it: "The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities." So, you see, he's justifying the investigation based on the suspicion that Russian interference was performed for Trump, and with Trump. Therefore, the counter investigation needs to check into whether Russian interference was an inside job, staged by the CIA, for example. Clapper seems to be admitting as much by stressing it, for I do not think that the Russians did anything that Rosenstein charged them for.

Or put it this way, that the deep state couldn't start an investigation or spy program without some Russian thingie that Trump was involved in, and so they needed to create it. It's child's play to reason in this way. Without the interference, or the dossier, there was no grounds to attack Trump. There had never before been an outcry against the Russians for interference; but in the last election, pop, like jack in Pandora's box.

The Wall Street Journal is portraying Clapper, Brennan and Comey as victims of their own gullibility when linking Trump to Russian interference. In other words, they were not guilty of a conspiracy, just wrongness, or, at worst, stupidity. In this we can see another strategy of the leftist media. The Journal writes: "So why do 44% of Americans—according to a Fox News poll released Sunday—believe [in Trump-Russia collusion]? Part of the answer has to be that the collusion tale was egged on by leading members and former members of the American intelligence community." Duh, and the other part? Oh, yeah, the media did some egging of its own, a LOT LOT LOT more than the spy chiefs. Eh? So, some media are willing to throw the spy chiefs under the bus, excellent for starters, but just for starters.

Was Brennan merely wrong when accusing Trump of treason for an imaginary partnership with Russia? Nay. One might figure that the loudest spy mouth in opposition to Trump is the highest conspirator. Brennan got very load. One might figure that the engineers of the conspiracy would be showing themselves as leaders in the media war against Trump. But that would be a wrong assessment, for only the stooges engage in such warfare. The very highest chiefs stay silent, invisible, playing it smarter...until their stooges start to fail. At that point, as the system starts to crumble, even the invisibles will be roused to quack in fear. Those are the noises we can watch for.

Here's the crafty WSJ doing damage control:

But there’s something even worse than an intelligence community that has been played. It’s an intelligence community that chose to play along simply because its members hated Donald Trump. For a full reckoning, America will need an accounting of the evidence used to launch that counterintelligence probe, the unmasking of officials, the leaks, and the likely abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants.

Not only is the WST journal protecting the spy chiefs by portraying them guilty merely of hating Trump, but it's protecting self by suddenly saying the right things that Republicans have been saying for a long time. Yes, let's look at the FISA warrants, shall we, Mr. Trump? Suddenly, the media wants to let it happen lest they look worse than they do now. This is not a day for Trump to celebrate, but for all good and normal people, something Trump knows nothing about.

One can glean why the deep state leaked Lisa-who? Page and Peter-who? Strzok. They were low-lings thrown under the bus by the high-lings, and moreover their worst crimes revealed were portrayed as hating Trump and wanting to bash his head. It's nothing in comparison to the heart of the "matter." The real crime lay higher with the Obama stooge overseeing a DoJ-FBI toppling of the presidential candidate. As this situation arrived to within three weeks of D-Day, Comey landed a bomb on Hillary Clinton's stage. That was really weird. How do we explain it? He was supposedly in charge of ruining Trump, yet he comes out to ruin Clinton. It gave me the impression that he and Obama had decided it best to let Trump win in order to protect their crimes. Perhaps they thought the Republicans would go their merry way and leave his deeds forgotten. But if Hillary would have won, the Republicans would surely fume all four years long, looking into every aspect of Obama's deeds and Hillary's too, very dangerous.

My second theory was that Comey, seeing the writing on the poll walls for Hillary, decided to start playing nicey-nicey to Trump in order that the new president would allow him to remain the FBI boss. That is, Comey landed a bomb on Hillary's stage as a kiss to Trump's face. Trump later kissed him back, and then promptly speared him. The spy chiefs, high on their pedestals of self-respect at the time, treated it like the assassination of Julius Caesar. Yet, today, those spy chiefs are looking much like dirty rats. Because, that's what they really are. They were not respectable, wrong-about-Trump men. They were no respectable I-hate-you-Trump men. They were and are sub-human demons who spy on political opponents to bring them down with false charges, or, if necessary, jail time or murder. We saw this in action since 2016. The media gave us a full-running movie on how they behave, because the media is their mouthpiece. Only nutty conspiracy theorists believed this five years ago, but suddenly they aren't considered nutty anymore. It is naive to think that Intelligence started spying on political opponents only as late as Obama, or that Intelligence wasn't hampered or afflicted with political bias until Lisa Page.

Look at this farce:

Former CIA chief John O. Brennan now says his months of attacks on President Trump may have been based on 'bad information.'

...“Well, I don’t know if I received bad information but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was,” Mr. Brennan told host Joe Scarborough. “I am relieved that it’s been determined there was not a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government over our election” (Washington Times).

Brennan now wants us to believe that his accusing Trump of everything in the book was from a weeny tidbit of thin ice that he misread as an iceberg. But while he was railing against Trump, his listeners and followers assumed he had special intelligence to back up his spirited battle. Alas, it was just a rumor he had heard in a bar with his drinking buddies. Come on, Brennan, tell us from whom you heard the rumor. Isn't Brennan a loud stooge of quiet, secretive Obama? A fly on the wall is going to kill Obama, may we pray. Who will that fly be? What was Obama up to with Holder when sending guns to Mexico? Isn't that really weird? Doesn't Barr want to know what happened? Isn't it weird that Sessions didn't find out for the people? What in tarnation is going on? Are there really conspiracists in high-level government? Noooo (sarcasm), 98 percent of them are honest, good people. If most were good, the bad wouldn't be able to operate in their midst.

This week: "The Pentagon notified Congress Monday it had authorized up to $1 billion in funding to go toward building President Trump's wall along the U.S. border with Mexico." Is that good news for Americans? Think again. It means that the military is tossing Trump a dollar to get fifty back at budget time. That's your real money, Mr. Taxpayer.

Sean Hannity had a spirited and passionate post-Mueller "celebration", and called for declassification of ALL the FISA warrants and other things. It'll get hard for the DoJ to withhold it, at this rate. Trump's base is pressuring the administration, and this looks rather good for the purposes of revealing the inner guts of the beast for the further purposes of having it stabbed to death in the public square. Am I dreaming?

The man with the least passion (sleepy presentation) was Lindsay Graham. I wonder why. He was part of the dossier with John McCain, they say. Is he a mole to this day? Now is his time to strike using the powers of the Senate. He says he's going to act, or he gives that impression, but will he provide a secret means that forbids him?

None of the leading Democrats are realizing that the full release of the report could be even worse for Democrats: "'There is no good reason not to make the report public," Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said." Where is Schumer on the ethical basis of releasing of FISA material damaging to the probe? Don't they look like hypocrites for calling the Republicans political animals when seeking FISA truths, yet here they can't deny their political-animal motivations? This is great, because it allows the Republicans to do the right thing in spite of being labeled politically motivated. But with Graham and McConnell at the Republican charge of congress, I am not so confident that the right things will get done.

Heraldry, Continued

In case Miss Florida missed the following addition to the last update, I'll re-quote it here because she introduced me/us to the Boofima cult, on which very little is/was said online:

Insert -- Gordys/Gaudeys share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's and Gore's/Gowers, and while Gordys mention Reginald Gaudi, the Gauds share the Coat of Beefs/Boeufs (probably the fesse of Nagle's from "ONEGLia" = IMPERia), whom I trace with Roets (Gord boar heads) to the Boofima cult of the IMPERI peoples, likely the namers of PeriGORD, where Beefs/Boeufs were first found. This Gordy/Gaudey surname is new here, and terrific for clinching what you've just read, and, moreover, the Gordys share a tortoise / turtle with the Chaucers who married the sister of Catherine Roet. End insert

It tends to clinch the Beefs/Boeufs with the Imperi, and with the Books/Boggs in the Crest of Bough-related Roets. As German Nagle's are Nails, the nails in the heart of Logans should apply, and then German Boeffs/Boffs (Boeuf colors) use the heart too while sharing the white rose with Boggys. (use the link above to load any Coat of Arms, which you need to do in order to follow best; it's a big task to follow along, I know, but you'll enjoy it a lot better taking it slower).

I didn't have anything to write on this Tuesday morning, but almost-instantly made an important discovery from my neglect in the last update. I had crossed the Shakerley area without mentioning the applicable-ness of the Shake/Shakerley chevron, and after adding that part, there was found excellent evidence that whatever named Orion of Schimatari traces to the topic, and even to the Lancastrian rose. The Italics below is what I added to the last update a few minuted ago:

Oliver Holden of HASLingden (Holden write-up) can explain the Hold/Holt squirrel as that of Hazels (fesse in colors reversed from the Hold/Holt fesses). There's a Holden location at Haslingden of Lancashire, and Haslingden is 17 miles north of Manchester, placing it near enough to Shakerley as to clinch the chevron of Heslingtons/Hazeltons with that of Shake's/Shakerleys. The Arms of Haslingden Borough Council looks to definitely be using a red-rose version of the six Holden allerions.

There is even what must be a weaver's shuttle (Keep / Shuttleworth symbol) on the fesse of the Haslingden Arms, perfect, because Weavers (Cheshire, same as Hazels) share the same chevron as Hazels, and of these Arms. In fact, my claim has been that WAVy features are code for WEAVers, because wavy bars are used by Webbers, and here we find the Weaver fesse in the Haslingden Arms to be wavy! That's a big deal because it's linking a host of surnames to Schimatari-Boeotian liners. Repeat: "Wray (at Roeburn river) is a location with Botton and nearby HORNby [Orion element] in Lancaster city, and so it might just be the case that the red Lancastrian rose is that of Butts/Boets. Hornbys use hunting horns..." Just look at that perfect trace to mythical Orion (the hunter) at Schimatari!

Okay, so the Weavers and Hazels of Cheshire were at nearby Haslingden, yet the lying historians claim that Heslingden is named after "valley of the hazels" lest the common people learn that heraldry is filled with capability for making surname linkages. We expect historians to first search the heraldry before making such erroneous claims. It is so easy to find, from the weaver's shuttle, that the Arms has the Weaver fesse, and from that, any historian worth his salt can make the Hazel link to "Heslingden." But, of course, they will say that Hazels were named after hazel trees too. They are yet required to check all Hazel-like surnames, before claiming hazel groves as the derivation, to see if their heraldry links to the same of Heslingden, and of course it does, meaning that the historians (or whatever they are who lie to us) are required to claim that Heslingden is related to Hazels.

The last update was great for me because it finally unveiled the reason for the hood in the Hicks dream, as per a Hodden location in Dumfries in the write-up of Holder- / Holden-like Oldhams/Oltans. This was discovered while writing on Holders. There is even an Oldham location "in the parish of Prestwich, hundred of Salford. Now part of Greater Manchester..." Shakerley is in Greater Manchester. As per Prestwich, there happens to be a Prestwick location smack beside Ayr (Ayrshire), and so here's from the 3rd update of this month:

The PORTCULLIS GATE of Porters is suspect with PROCULUS CHARAX of Cetis, the proto-Carricks [Ayrshire]. Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle (Ayrshire)! Like the Ayr location of Ayrshire, there is an Ayer location smack near CHANDOLin, which is why I'm tracing the Kyle CANDLEsticks to that place...

The Schimatari-line Schims are also CHANDs, you see, so that Schimatari elements were suspect at the Ayer / Chandolin area, near Sion of Switzerland's Wallis canton, which named Walsers who in-turn share the Prestwick mermaid. Prestwicks are said to be from Lancashire's Prestwick.

[Insert, sorry. Later in the update, I noted "Chandos" in the write-up of Pipe's (Stick colors), and there is a Chandos/Candos surname, sharing the single pile of Hagels (but see also the Kerricks of PRESTbury). Hagels were from the Achelous/Akheloos river, near Astakos, the line to Sticks, and to the Kyle CANDlesticks. Montforts are said to be ancestral to Candos. There is a Candos is in Eure, and the end of the write-up mentions Chandos' with Staffords; Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire, and while Pepins share the Pipe Coat, French Pepins share a Coat version of the Poitvins, from Poitiers/Poitou along with Porters. It looks like this insert is not off-topic after all. John Chandos is in the Poole write-up. End insert]

Sion was also Sitten while Seatons/Sittens use a "HAZard YET" motto phrase partly for Yate's, who own the portcullis gate with Porters, and now seemingly clinched with Hazel liners. Moreover, "NOTHING hazard" is a motto phrase of Sutys, and it just so happens that the Arms of Haslingden Borough has a "Nothing" motto term too. Sutys even share a wavy-blue bar with the Arms of Heslingden. I have traced Seatons/Sittens / Side's / Sutys to Sitric Caech, grandfather of Maccus of Man, and as ManChester is so near Cheshire's Chester, where Maccus was having talks with Saxons that it seems to me that Isle-of-Man liners named Manchester after Maccus / Macey / Maxwell / Macclesfield elements at Chester. Maxwells share the black, double-headed eagle with Worths, suspect in "Shuttleworths," and moreover the Maxwell Crest has what looks like the "lodged" stag of Hazel-line Islips/Haslips. Seatons (beside the Mens') are suspect from the Setantii Brigantians (between Ireland and Lancashire), suspect as a branch of the namers of Sitten.

Wikipedia thinks that Manchester was named after a "Mamucium or Mancunium" fort of the Romans at or near Manchester. That looks compelling where MAMESfelde is a location of MANSfields (branch of Mansells/Mangels), who use a maunch, code for the Manx peoples of Man that named Manche, home of Masseys/Maceys. It therefore appears that peoples of Mamucium named the Isle of Man.

Oldhams/Oltens likely have the Lancastrian rose in their Chief, yet they are in the colors of the Pierro/Pero roses; the latter's Coat is linkable to the Butt/Boet Coat, which itself shares a red-on-white fesse with Buttons/Bottons/Bidens, explaining why Botton is a location at Lancaster. This should explain the "Pro" motto term of Heslingtons/Hazeltons. In short, Boeotian descendants of the Boet kind were at Lancaster, and to this one needs to go to John of Gaunt, founder of the Lancastrian rose, whose gauntlet glove is in the Coat of Man-liner Maceys. Gaunt was also Ghent, and Ghents share the Chief of Suty-branch Side's. Therefore, that wavy blue fesse we saw in the Arms of Heslingden Borough Council likely links to the wavy fesse, in colors reversed, of Dutch Ghents/Gaunts. It should also be noted that English Gaunts and Belgian Gone's/Guenets share the red bend with the Manchester surname.

There is a Worth-like Warth surname (Cheshire) having named Wardle in Manchester: "There is also a village named Wardle in the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale, in Greater Manchester..." That's close to Bury and Shakerley. ShuttleWORTH (Wroth/Wrath/Rothes kin?) share the weaver's shuttle with the Arms of Heslingden Borough Council, and so it's not surprising to find: "The surname Shuttleworth was first found in Lancashire, at Shuttleworth, now a hamlet at the northeastern extremity of the Metropolitan Borough of BURY, in Greater Manchester."

Bury is just eight miles north of Manchester, and so very near to Shakerley, the latter now suspect from an Orion- Boeotian line through Boii into Manchester. For this you see the bees of Bessins, which recalls that Miss Hicks lived at BAYtown while Bays (look like Manner/Maness kin) are suspect with Bessin liners of the Bayeux kind, where BAIOcasses (and Macey-branch Meschins) lived smack of Orion's Orne river. It's just that the Boii under discussion are expected with the Pane's/Panico's below, who come to topic with Miss Hicks' middle name.

Warths/Wradle's share the black boar with Boths/Booths, very traceable to the Boii as per the boy in the Bothwell Crest. The Arms of Manchester uses the bee, as does the Boy Coat. Budleighs/Bodleighs, like the Boduel variation of Bothwells, share the crowns of Irish Wards. Worths were at a Bodleigh location. Shuttleworths are thus linking to most all of this Boeotian thing, and I think I'm settled as to why.

The Shettleworth variation links well to Settle's (Lancashire) because they share the green lozenges of Stars while Stars have them on a white-on-green chevron, in colors reversed from the Heslington/Hazelton / Shake/Shakerley chevron. These are the colors of Bury-like Burleys (share boar head with Burys), by the way, and of Haslingens (no 'd'). Stars use a "Vive" motto term so as to be linkable to the mottoes of Carrick-liner Craigs and Craigie's, in a trace to VEVey, near Sion. I trace Vevey to mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon, highly suspect with the mermaid under discussion, and Haslingens/Heslingers/Hesselingers (Austria) happen to share the Morgan lion.

Shettleworths and Settle's can be traced to the Setta valley of PANE's/Panetta's/Panico's, a tributary of the Reno river through Bologna, the city of the Boii now suspect more than ever from Boeotians. We start by the fact that Scottish Kennedys, sharing the chevron that is the Arms of Carrick, love the Lafins/La Fonts in their motto, who were in-turn first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys and Reno-like Ryans. The latter were loaded earlier today when "Ryan" looked Orion-like, and they happen to come up as Oryans too. Oryans are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Reno's/Rhine's/Ryne's (Switzerland), the latter sharing lozenges with Giffards who in-turn share the motto of Ryans/Oryans and Pane-like Payne's. There you have it, a Ryan/Oryan trace to the Reno river of the Pane/Panetta/Panico theater, though the latter were in particular at the Settle-like Setta valley. The Shettleworths could easily have the bear of Berne's (Switzerland) if Reno's/Ryne's were first found near Berne. The Rhine river starts near Berne.

Whether any of this has to do with the Rena middle name of Miss Hicks is a good question. As I've said, the Reines'/Reine's use a "comet" as well as the PISA Coat in colors reversed, as though God is using her middle name to point to sleazy, satanic Comet Ping Pong PIZZA (made pedophilia news). Amazingly, PINGs/Pongs/Paganells share the label of Pane's/Panetta's/PANICo's!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. I've known it for a long time, but the timing of re-making that link here, amid a trace of "Rena" to Comet Ping Pong, is shocking. There had been reason to view Miss' Hicks' 13-year old daughter, Geneva, was a pointer to pedophilia. Is God pointing to pedophilia at lake Geneva?

I've known for years that PINKS/PINCS (appropriate color of faggots) share red lozenges of Reno's/Ryne's so as to identify Pinks with Pings and Panico's. As I've repeatedly said, Mr. Kepke loved to play ping-pong with me in his baseMENT, and while Ments/Mants look linkable to the bends of Pings/Pongs/Paganells, Kepke is a Keep liner while Keeps use a weavers shuttle, part-code for ShettleWORTHs, so amazing to see this latter addition in this discussion. Plus, Worths share the black, double-headed eagle with Keep-suspect Jeepma's/Cheps while Keeps are in the motto of HEPburns/Hebrons.

Comet Ping Pong was founded by James Alefantis, looking like a branch of the Oliphant surname: "Under later rulers, the Oliphant lands were significantly extended as King Malcolm granted the family BOTHWELL in Lanarkshire and King William I granted them ArBUTHnott in Mearns." It's the Bothwells that use BOYS! Wow. And so did the Masculine variation of the Bessin's Meschins. Arbuthnotts share the crescent of French Bays while English Bays share the double fesses of Maness'/Manners (share "pour" with Oliphants) who in-turn share the peacock in Crest with Arbuthnotts. Bothwells share the Coat of Lynch's, for what that may be worth.

Having said that, I'd like to go back to the Towers/Tours who have a giant version of the Comet tower. I had been wondering, since the last update, whether God might point to the twin towers in New York by pointing to Tower liners. Keep in mind that Miss Hicks' middle name is pointing to Comets, begging the question of whether the 9-11 fiends were of a child-molestation / child-trafficking ring. One could imagine pedophiles at Skull and Bones.

[Insert, hours after writing the above. I almost missed it. How amazing is it that Swedish Thors and German Thors both use elephant trunks while English Thors are a Tower/Tour branch?! That is so amazing. Heraldic elephants are suspect with Oliphants, but in any case, ignoring that outright, just look at how the Comet towers are linking here to elephant-like Alefantis. I am already convinced that God arranged the heraldry of Reines' to point to Alefantis, not because he's a good guy. What does it mean that Alefantis might be linking to 9-11? After writing this paragraph to this point, I checked to see whether God arranged the Fantes surname (Bologna, same as Pane's/Panetta's) to be a pointer to Alefantis, and there popped up, not only boys, but the Pane/Panetta/Panico Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people who made the Fantes Coat didn't know Alefantis nor the Panico link to Pings/Pongs. The Pointer is indisputable, share the word. If you like, just copy the small section above, to this point, and get it online everywhere. There's got to be more to Comet pizza than Alefantis, and one should wonder about Leon Panetta now, Obama's CIA and Defence chief.

How many of us would have guessed that a Fantes surname would bring up exactly what was described above in linking to Alefantis? I'm asking because I've asked myself what other surname may have been used by God to point to 9-11, which brought the Nine and Eleven surnames to mind. There is a Nine surname with Nons/Nevins, but I thought you might find it interesting that Levens use elephant heads. Hee-hee. Levens are in Sand/Sandall colors while sharing elephant heads with Sanders. And, can we believe it, Sandal/Sindells have this: "...Sandal Magna, near Wakefield, Yorkshire. Long Sandall, a parish four miles from Doncaster." Doncasters (Yorkshire) have a giant tower in the colors of the Thor/Tour tower. End insert]

The Geneva/Genova surname is linkable to Genova's Segni's/SEGURana's (eagle in the colors of the Geneva/Genova wings), and so it's staggering that Seconds/SEGURs were first found in Limousin with Comets. Just look at that, explaining why God gave (my mere opinion but compelling now) Geneva a pedophile symbol i.e. for pointing to Comet Ping Pong, even as her mother's middle name can point both to Comets and to Comet Ping Pong. Wow.

The Tower theory took off with the owls of Oldhams/Oltans, the ones who disclosed the reason for Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) at the hood of her car...immediately after I JUMPed into a pool to save a bulldog, which was part-code for the Bullys, first found in Dumfries with Hoddam of the Oldhams/Oltans, and with Kilpatricks. Let me repeat from the Oldham write-up: "Further to the north, Hoddam is parish in the county of Dumfries, Scotland. "This parish comprehends the ancient parishes of Hoddam, LUCE, and Ecclesfechan..." Lucy is a location beside Massy, and the Arms of the latter share the Shield of News'/Nuces' who in-turn share the chaplet with the Hicks Crest while AnneMASSE is a bulldog's walk from Geneva while Miss Hicks lived with Geneva on the Nueces river. Is Annemasse this where the Masculine boys trace for a pedophilic reason? Masse's/Masseys use a "tree WITHOUT leaves," and the Arms of Heslingden Borough Council (area was stacked with Macey elements) have a "without" in its motto too.

Maceys share the gauntlet glove with Fane's/Vans, first found at Monmouthshire with Howells, suspect with the Owls/Howls in the Shield and Crest of Oldhams/Oltans. And it's the Howells who have the three TOWERs of Thors/Tours in colors reversed. We can see that Thors/Tours are a branch of Towers/Tours with the Comet tower, and we can glean that Howells and Owls had merger with Tower liners so as to be linkable to Bullys, for example, in the area of Dumfries' Hoddam. For the Bully write-up speaks on a Bulley location seven miles west of Gloucester, which puts Bulley about 20 miles from Monmouth.

? As was said, the birth surname of Geneva (adopted) was likely, Daddy, and Daddys share the saltire of Scottish Hearts suspect in the flaming heart (of heart in flames) of Bullys. If it's officially a "flaming heart," it can be play on the "flaming STAR" of Pero's/Perino's, which is in the design of the Reines comet. Just look at that.

Seeking the exact location of Bulley, I came across this: "Roger de Bully (Roger de Busli)..." Might Bullys have been merged with Bush's / Bus / Bushells? Bushells are said to have been at Bossal of a BULmer are, and Bulmers (red version of Nassau Coat), who share billets with Dutch Bush's/Bosch's/Bos', are in Bully colors. The giant Bulmer lion is even colors reversed from the Bush/Bosch/Bos lion. Bulmers named BOLEmere, and English Bole's share the black boar with the Yorkshire Bush's/Buschs. Bole's share the cup with the Glorys/Laurie's (Dumfries, same as Bullys) suspect in the "gloriam" motto term of German Dorrs. German Bole's share white wings in Crest with Bushels and Dorrs, can we believe it? It appears that Bole's were Bully liners.

Bushells (share Mason/Massin motto suspect with Edomite liners) were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's/Buschs (black boar of Edom), and I fully expect the Tower investigation to lead to George Bush's part in 9-11. Did God put the bulldog in the dream to lead us to Bush? Why do it that way? Why not have a bush in the dream instead of a bulldog? Well, for one reason, bushes don't fall into pools. The bulldog fell into the pool, and I JUMPed in to save it from the shark, while the Jump write-up mentions Roger de Bully. As I said, one of the first surnames to which I traced the fish of shark-liner Saraca's was the fleur of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs.

The Jeep in the door-handle dream can be code for Jeepma's/Cheps, who may have named Chepstow of Monmouthshire i.e. near Bulley.

The water bougets of Bushels is shared by Rose's, and the latter are said to have been related to Bosco's! The Bushell location of Bossall was more-anciently, Bosciale. There's even a Hood-possible location: "The parish of Hutton-Buscel (also in the North Riding of Yorkshire) is of particular significance to the family. 'This parish derives its name from having been anciently the 'High town of the Buscel or Bushel family.'" This can explain why the Hutton fesse with symbols is in the colors of the same of the Yorkshire Bush'/Buschs.

I am reminded of a dream in which I complained about a broken door handle on my Jeep to its previous owner. After telling him that the handle was missing a barrel-like part, I found myself up high, about the height of the top of a step ladder, holding a container that I've said was larger than a bucket but smaller than a barrel. A bushel can apply, and the heraldic water bouget is a water container and therefore suspect with a Bucket!!! Bushells use water bougets! This is funny, I can barely believe it, for here's what I said in the 3rd update of June, 2018:

The dream I had yesterday was packed and crazy. I was riding a shopping cart on the side like one rides a skate board. There needs to be a reason that I was riding it down a road on a hill. After that, I arrived to the place where the previous owner of my red Jeep, Mr. Simone, was. I was telling him that the door handle to the Jeep needed a part, and that it had the shape of a barrel. I kid you not, I had to describe to him what it looked like, and said it had the SHAPE of a barrel. This was immediately after the SHOPping cart.

After telling him that, I was up high (about ten feet), I don't recall if it was on a ladder or what, and I had a large bucket (or was it a small barrel?) full of things that I don't recall, and I dropped the container to a pile of sand-colored material on the ground. It landed upside down, with the rim to the ground, and a fire started from inside the container, and started to become visible around the outside of the rim as it sat on the ground. I rushed and yelled, "someone get some sand" (to smother it), but I smothered it with the sand-colored material (I don't know what this material was for sure, but I assume sand). End of dream, I awoke at that time.

Those flames have got to be a pointer for the heart in flames of Bullys, first found in Dumfries with RIMs/Rome's/Rooms (motto loves the Pungs/Pings/Pongs). The flames appeared around the rim, I get it. DUMfries can even be of the "Dum" motto term of Bushels.

Why the sand? I was RIDING the shopping cart down the ROAD, and Ridings/Reddens (could be a Road/Roder branch) share the black boars with Bush's/Busch's. German Bush's/Buschs were first found in Rhineland with Roads/Roders. Italian Bosco's (Piedmont, same as Busca) share a tree stump, by the looks of it, with Riders/Ritters. That's all amazing for what's more to say, but keep in mind it's all coming at you because I only-now discovered that Roger de Bully was also "Busli." I wouldn't have brought this dream to topic had it not been for the flames around the rim of what may have been a bushel, and Bushels (hurts) came to topic from the sight of "BUSLi."

I rarely see a "majoREM" motto term. It's usually, "majorUM," possible code for the Rum variation of Rims/Rome's. "Majorem" is the motto term of German Dorrs (share white wings in Crest with Bushels). That works with the rim.

Repeat: "Bole's share the cup with the Glorys/Laurie's (Dumfries, same as Bullys) suspect in the "gloriam" motto term of German Dorrs. German Bole's share white wings in Crest with Bushels and Dorrs, can we believe it? The tree stump or log shown for Riders/Ritters (Austria, same as Dorrs) is also in the Coat of Dutch Bole's. It makes Riders/Ritters very suspect with Ridings/Readings because both are linkable to Bush's.

I think I now know why the shopping cart was involved, for Shops/Shorelands/SHAWlands/Sherland/Shirlands/SHARlands (probably the dancette of Carricks) can be linked with confidence to Shere's/Shire's/SHARE's (share three fitchees with Sands/Sandalls) because the latter share the black dog with Carricks. But this is astounding, for the Shere's/Shire's/Share's use fitchees in the colors of the near-fitchee of Shere-like Schere/SCHERFS (compare with Bush-related Walkers), meaning that God seems to be verifying my long-standing claim, though it's from the death-bed confession of Otto SKORzeny, a Nazi, that George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert SCHERFF Jr., the son of a Nazi, George Herbert Scherff Sr!! Incredible.

The Shawland variation of Shops/SHORElands is a thing I've compared to the Schaw variation of Schore's/Share's (roses as per Bosco's of Rose), the latter having a column in the colors of the Bosco pillars. The dream is verifying that George Bush Sr. was an Americanized Nazi in charge of the CIA just before all hell broke out in American politics, starting with the Cuba-missile scare and Kennedy's assassination by Bush's CIA.

The Shere/Share dog is colors reversed from the same of Casters/Costers, which recalls that Long Sandall location at DonCASTER, and the Doncaster TOWER. Repeat from the Sandal/Sindell write-up: "Sandal MAGNA, near Wakefield, Yorkshire. Long Sandall, a parish four miles from Doncaster." It just so happens that English walkers have a "magna" motto term, and moreover while Plancia Magna was of the Perkins, the latter share the fleur of Sandals/Sindells. It appears that the sand of the dream refers to the Bush-Walker family near WAKEfield. Wake-like Wachs/WALKs, first found in Dumfries with Bullys and Rims/Rome's, look like Walkers (Yorkshire). And Wake's had pointed, via Miss Hicks asleep at the dream's car, to the Ohrs. Casters/Costers share besants on black with Flame's, and then the "pair of SCALES" in the Cash/CAST Crest can explain why I may have been on a ladder while dropping the container on its lid. In other words, being on a ladder may have had the Purpose of showing that Casters and Doncaster applies.

Wow, I've just loaded Dons and Walkers back-to-back to find that they both mention St. Elphin! It appears that Doncasters were Don liners, and moreover that Walkers were at Doncaster, or at least with Doncaster elements. The Don write-up: "However, one of the first records of the family was John de Donne, rector of the church of St. Elphin, Warrington, Lancashire from 1361 to 1362." Walkers: "One of the first records of the family was Richard le Walker, rector of the church of St. Elphin, Warrington, Lancashire in 1396."

There's a question on whether "Elphin" is an elephant liner, especially to the Sander elephants. In fact, recall my hunch that God may have used Elphin-like Levens, who do use elephant heads, in relation to "nine-eLEVEN." Might we now glean that God arranged the eleven-like Elphins to be of Walkers in order to point to George Herbert Scherff's protection in the family of the Walker-Bush's?

The update above where I introduced the dream had some mention of Schere's/Scherfs, though I can't readily see whether I connected them to the shopping cart. I did add: "Austria (where Schere's were first found) is where Schiffs were first found who might just be with the Shop/Shawland/Sharland Shield." Both surnames share an empty, red Shield, and Schiffs/Schifers throw in the raven with ring in mouth. Gettels/Gartzens, first found in Rhineland with Bush's/Buschs, Roads/RODERS and Saluzzo-suspect Salome's, have the raven with ring too, and they are suspect from Getuli Numidians, which can explain the Shawlands/Sharlands / Schaws/Schore's/Share's from Shawia Numidians. ROTERs are with the raven-using Rothes'/Rothchilds, but Roters are also listed with Jewish Rothchilds (red roses, yup), which reminds that the latter share the bend-with-roses of Jays, first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels. Reuters (Austria, same as Bauers) share the upright horse with Jewish Roters/Rothchilds. The Herefordshire border is very near Bulley. The seaHORSE of Shops suggest kinship with Sea's/Sees', first found in Kent with Shops. Horse's/Horsleys, with a Horsley location in Gloucestershire, were first found in Northumberland with Rothchild-branch Rodhams/Roddens (share the Roter/Rothchild bend).

Is Adam Schiff from Americanized Nazi's of the Scherff kind?

With Bosco's all over this, and with Busli-liner Bullys having a heart in flames of flaming heart, let's quote from some old updates. Two paragraphs after the mention of Ridings/Readings in the 4th update of June, 2015: "The Ratterys/Rattrays use "a flaming HEART"..." (I was able to access the descriptions website at the time, but cannot now because it's offline). Rattery-like Rats/Raids were first found in Nairn with the Rose's of Bosco who share the water bouget with Busli-suspect Bushells.

Here's from the 1st of January, 2018 with caps added now to indicate the flaming heart of Ratterys:

I portrayed [Devin Nunes] as a "flying RAIDER on horseback with FLAME-tipped arrows aimed at Mueller's HEART". A little later in the update (3rd of last month): "...the Raiders/Raids and Irish Noons/Nuane's both use an engrailed cross on a gold Shield. Amazing, as though God put those words about Nunes into my mouth. Go ahead and compare English Noons/Nunns/Nones' with Raiders/Raids."

...I regret that I did not record the surname, mentioned recently, with a flaming heart. My files record: "Here's the Arms of the Salesians of Don BOSCO, showing a man (purple robe) beside an anchor with a coiled rope, and a purple flaming heart". As Busca is beside Saluzzo, the Salesians look like Saluzzo liners.

[Update -- From my 4th update in June, 2015: "The Ratterys/Rattrays use "a flaming HEART"..."]

AHHHAAA!!! My search feature show only two files containing "flaming heart," and the second one is: "The Ratterys/Rattrays use 'a flaming HEART'..." It's the Raider/Rat line!!! I now know that God wrote that line above about Nunes. Go get 'em, Nunes, God is with you!

So, you see, I had lost the surname that day with flaming heart, then found it in an old file, and it turned out to indicate that God would use Devin Nunes against Mueller's moles and other rodents. In the meantime, as per today's discussion, the Bullys / Busli's link to the very same Rattery entity, we may assume, and Hoods -- now linking to Bullys because the latter are suspect at Hoddam -- share the white anchor with Rats/Raiders and Heidlers, the latter probably being a branch of Hiedlers/HITLERs. Yate's were at Hood Ridding, showing that Riding liners were merged with Hoods. But, did God arrange for Yates to have lived there in order to point to Sally Yates? Ratterys, by the way, use a different-color version of the Coat of Shere's/Share's who had been instrumental in connecting the shopping cart to Scherfs, which adds to the evidence that I was rising the shopping cart as code for Rattery / Rat elements.

The Rat/Raider cross looks like that of SUNS/Sinclairs, begging why the Hiedlers/Hitlers use a sun. The Sinclair cross is in both colors of the same of Arrows, and God seemingly put flaming arrows into the quilt of Mr. Nunes the raider. So, you seem, Arrows can be sharing the Rat/Raider cross.

I apologize for this paragraph, but it's needed to show that the Noon/Nun saltire (gold, same as Daddy / Pollock saltire) can link to Spanish Nunes' (same bend as Jewish Pollocks), and to Irish Noons/Nuane's. The latter can be gleaned with the Arms of Pola/Pula (Istria), the line to Pollocks, and the latter's motto can be gleaned with the motto of Forts ("AuDAX," linkable to Dachau, headquarters to Hitler's concentration camps) suspect in "FORTiter" motto term of English Noons/Nuns. Dax's/Dachs share crossed, white swords with Daddys, and the latter's saltire is not only that of Pollocks, but of Scottish Hearts suspect in the Rattery heart. Irish Hearts use "FORtis," the Fort motto term too.

WOW. I no longer apologize for that complicated paragraph, because (hold on to your shopping cart), I've just seen that Irish Hearts are McCARTS too!!!! If I recall correctly, the crest of the Irish Hearts is a "flaming sword." Slight correction, here's from the 4th of September, 2012: "...Flanagans use..."a DEXTER CUBIT ARM arm in armor holding a blue flaming sword"...From the last update while on the Logan/Lennan heart symbol: "The Hart/MacCart surname (Levi lion design) has a An arm COUPed, erect, holding a sword FLAMMANT,"..." I recall that a cubit arm is in the crest of Cart-like Cards/CERTs (Cubit/Cupit lion head) while flaming-sword Flanagans (must be a Flame branch), who share the cubit arm, have a "CERTavi" motto term.

Just look at all that we do to make sense of surname links using heraldic codes, yet Google blocks 60-80 percent of these updates, even when I ask for a phrase I know to be in them. Google simply hides my pages as though they do not exist. But, lo, this is God's work; how dare of Google to rail against Him, as though the rulers at Google don't need to die to face their Maker.

The Swords are from Siward of Northumberland, of Heslington House.

Did you notice DON Bosco of the Silesia-like Salesians? It recalls that Dons had been with a Elphin entity along with a Walker, all connectable to Doncaster and the Sand/Sandall / Sandal/Sindell story behind Doncaster. While yelling fire, I personally put out the flames in the sand. Yet it was I who started the fire from a barrel-like object in connection to a barrel-shaped (cylindrical) part of a door handle. Am I to seek the meaning of Doors and Handle's/Handels (Moray Coat) in Nazi elements? Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels; the Herefordshire border is near flaming-heart Bulley, and a flaming heart is shared by the Arms of the Salesians of Don Bosco. Handle share the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, from Saluzzo, beside Busca. Handle's/Handels were first found in Silesia, yet their "Fest" motto term suggests the Fasts, whom I trace to the Vasto rulers of Saluzzo and Busca. It could appear that Silesia was related to the namers of Saluzzo.

Silesia is beside Moravia, and while Moray of Scotland was called, Moravia, the Handel Coat is the Moray/Murray Coat exactly. One Moray Coat no loner showing had a "DEUM time" motto while Bushels use a "Dum" motto term. The Moray write-up: "More enlightened research places [Morays] as descendents of MacAngus de Moravia, who was descended from King Duncan of Scotland and who was the first Earl of Murray." Moray was an Edomite entity; I know it from the "DEUM TIME" motto of another Moray Coat no longer showing at houseofnames. It was code for the line of TIMna of Edom, wife of Eliphas (son of Esau), the line to Oliphants. This explains why Bothwells are in the Moray/Murray write-up, who were likely of black-boar Booths/Boths, the latter first found in Yorkshire with black-boar Bush's/Busch's. The old book of Enoch claimed that Edom was symbolized by a black boar. Bosco's were first found near Moray.

Repeat: "Comet Ping Pong was founded by Mr. Alefantis, looking like a branch of the Oliphant surname: "Under later rulers, the Oliphant lands were significantly extended as King Malcolm granted the family BOTHWELL in Lanarkshire and King William I granted them ArBUTHnott in Mearns." It's the Bothwells that use BOYS! Wow. And so did the Masculine variation of the Bessin's Meschins." Arbuthnotts (first found in Moray) share the Coat of Handels and Morays, and so let's quote from the Arbuthnott write-up, reminding that the "domino" motto term, and similar ones, are suspect with Edomites: "... was variously designated 'Dominus' and 'Thanus' de Aberbuthenoth. He obtained his lands from Walter Olifard [surname listed with Oliphants], son or nephew of Osbert Olifard, sheriff of the Mearns, who died before 1206.""

More from the Moray write-up, keeping in mind that Moravia was likely named by Merovingians run out of France by Charlemagne: "The surname Moray was first found in Moray, where the Clan founder, Freskin, received a grant of the lands of Strathbrock in 1100 AD. He was descended from the first Earl [MacAngus de Moravia], and his grandson, William, married the heiress of the Bothwell Clan in Lanarkshire. His sons founded many other houses, including the Murrays of TULLibardine, who later became the Dukes of ATHOLL, and Chiefs of the Clan." One could suggest that Tulls were Atholl liners, and the thing coming to mind here are the Thals/Talls, who share bees with Doors, Bothwell-beloved and Meschin-related Boys, and Meschin-related Bessins, the latter descending from queen Basina of the Merovingians, whose home was in Thuringia, where Thals/Talls were first found. Basina's husband (Childeric) was a SALIAN Frank, and Salians are listed with Saluzzo-suspect Salemans.

Tulls/Tolle's (Stewart checks for a Dol-related reason) share the lion of Tools, and Scottish Marrs use two of those lions, very linkable to the same-colored lions of Ross' (beside Moray). Ross' descended from an Andrew name that likely named Andrew Moray in the Moray write-up. TulliBARDINE looks like an Aberdeen element, and the earls of Mar were in Aberdeenshire and linkable there to "MacAngus." Angus' (Moray stars?) use the Tull / Tool / Marr lion in colors reversed.

Having linked Handels well to Moray and Oliphant elements, I think I can solve the heraldic reason for the door handle in the German Dorrs, whose quadrants are those of Touts/Tuits, and whose hands suggest that Handels were a branch of Hands/Hants (hands). Morays and Oliphants share a "Tout" motto term. If the barrel-like part missing in the door handle was only to verify that the Herefordshire Doors/Dorrs (same place as Barrels) were applicable, that would be useful, but then French Barrels were first found in Dauphine with French Tulls/Tulia's, suggesting that God may want Tullibardeen elements to apply to His picture. A Barton hall in the write-up of Bardine's/Bartons (boar heads) went from the Bartons to the Booths (boar heads).

I would like to know how the door handle and Barrel surname apply to the Scherff Nazis as they took over the CIA and the White House. Who would have thought that Nazi's could waltz into power structures so easily unless Hitler was supported by American deep-state elements in the first place. Ownership of Europe was at stake in Hitler's war, lots of money to be made for the victors, and money takes priority, in the households of bankster and gangster Americans, over loyalty to the American nation. For them, the people are there only to be exploited. For them, Hell has been reserved as their surprise. Surprise, jump in, you earned it fair and square. Don't complain.

There was argumentation suggesting the possibility that president Franklin Roosevelt was actually helping Hitler to escape into Montana / Idaho. It's therefore interesting that ROOSevelts, Walkers and Schere's/Scherfs all have roses on stems, as do SHERwoods/SHARwoods/Shirwoods. We saw Bosco's married to Rose's. We saw Bushells linked to Rose's. The dream had me holding a large bucket that doubles as a bushel, I now realize, for the water BOUGETs of Bushells are code for Buckets/Buchards, who happen to share three piles in the colors of the three of Mearns. We saw Mearns in the write-up of Handel-related Arbuthnotts, with "Osbert Olifard, sheriff of the Mearns."

Lookie. Buckets/Buchards use holly in their Crest with someone's gold fleur-de-lys, possibly the fleur of English Bush's/Buschs, for Maxwells use a holly BUSH. It appears that Bochards are a Bush / Busher branch. "Aymer married Mary, daughter of Sir Roland de MEARNS, heiress of the barony of Renfrew from which would come the lines of Maxwell of Pollock..."

A Pointer to Judge Scalia, By the Looks of It

Good morning. I was lamenting that I had nothing to write on this morning, when suddenly a rich set of links came up. I'd like to take us back to my RIDING the shopping cart down the ROAD, because I can explain more of this, for immediately after that scene, I was at the door-handle scene, and Doors can be traced to Egg liners while Eggs share the giant eagle of Roads. Here's the English Door/Dorr write-up: "...village of Abbey Dore in the Golden Valley. The abbey was founded in 1147 by Robert fitzHarold of Ewyas, the Lord of Ewyas Harold..." A 'y' can be a 'g' so that "Ewyas" can be a Egg liner from Eggs / Eggertons of Cheshire, where the Door/Dorr bees can trace. Note the Harold name there because Herods/Haralds are expected from Harald, father of Maccus, the latter having been with Atheling Saxons in Cheshire, and Egg liners were those Wessex Saxons. The Egders/Edgars/Egers, with what should be the dagger of Mackays ("Manu"), even use a "Man" motto term. The Maccus vikings are a thing I've never read about in royal Atheling / Saxon history. Why not? On whose side were these vikings in the Norman invasion?

Herods/Haralds share the fesse of Forests, keep in mind, as we come to Fosters/Forrests below.

The same write-up then has: "Dore is also a village in South Yorkshire which is listed in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle c. 829 when King EGbert of Wessex...Some claim that Egbert became the first king of England at Dore." Egberts can be to Eggerts/AGARDS, and I trace Eggs/EDGE's to the ADIGE river aside from this Agard variation, a river passing near the shores of lake GARDa. The Eggert/Agard Crest share's gold-striped hunting horns with Fosters/Forrests. I now need to say that a Mr. Foster, who flew to a hunter's ranch with judge Scalia the weekend of his murder there, is suspect as an accomplice to the murder. My sleeping-bag dream had evidence of being a pointer to that murder, and the sleeping bag was picked up by me in a FOREST, after which I walked up a hill and across a ROAD.

The Eggert/Agard Shield has the three black-on-white boar heads of RIDINGs/Readings. I was RIDING the shopping cart down a HILL upon a ROAD to the place where I complained to Mr. Simone about the door handle, and here the Door write-up has led to the same boar heads as Ridings/Readings. This is new material, so far as I can recall; I don't think I had gone to Eggerts from the Door/Dorr write-up before. And its Eggerts who have the apparent Egg-Road link as well as the possible Eggert-Foster link. Eggerts are even said to have been at Foster-like Foston (Derbyshire, beside Cheshire). That's pretty amazing since I've always thought I was on a ladder in the door-handle dream.

Although I don't recall seeing a ladder after the door-handle scene, I was up at the height of a step-ladder. Scalia's use a ladder. I know I was up at a height, because I jumped, and my height of fall was not more than the height of a tall step ladder. Why wasn't I holding the container from upon the ground??? This is amazing enough to ponder why the Bush's are at the start of a dream that then points to Scalia's fate? It's not the first time that Bush's worked into Scalia's fate. He died about the time that the Republicans at Washington Free Beacon were digging up dirt on Trump. It doesn't seem to make sense, every inclination is that the Obama / Clinton circle killed Scalia.

I put out flames when JUMPing to the ground, and the Sudbury write-up claims that a Sudbury location, in Suffolk's Babergh district, was settled by FLEMings. Sudburys are being mentioned because Eggerts/Agards are said to have been in Sudbury of Derbyshire.

The jumping to the ground, I now realize, can trace to lake Garda's Val Trompia, for Trumps/Tromps share the stag head of Jumps. And it happens to be the Jumps who have Roger de Bully in their write-up! I don't recall ever pointing out that I jumped to the ground. What else does one call such a fall? I wasn't pushed down. I jumped on my own initiative to put out the flames. I don't recall going to Eggerts/Garda's either on the door-handle dream, and here it's forwarding Garda-liner Trumps/Tromps, by the looks of it.

Jumps use the Yorkshire rose, and were first found in Yorkshire with Camps/Champs and Corns. The Eggert/Agard write-up: "Distinguished members of the family include Mabel Agard of Foston; and Etienne Agard de Champs (Dechamps) (1613-1701)". Camps/Champs have griffin heads colors reversed from the Gard griffins, perfect for proving that Eggerts were of Garda elements. The York Coat is suspect with the single besant of Lane's/Lano's, first found in Brescia, right beside Val Trompia. French/Champs/Decamps (owl) use "ears of corn," while Corns share the Camp/Champ chevron, while "ears" are suspect with Eyers/Ayers, first found in Derbyshire, home also of some Eggerts/Agards (the latter were first found in Lancashire, down from Yorkshire.

German Corne's/Korns share the black boar with Eggerts/Agards, which recalls that CORNers/Garners (share griffin with Gards / Camps/Champs), said to derive in GARDners, share the ACORN with Dutch Tromps i.e. from the Garda theater. GARDens, I now recall, use the giant black boar head! Corne's/Korns were heavy in Silesia, where Handle's were first found.

Champs/Dechamps share the ArBUTHnott stars, which we saw to be the Handle/Handel stars for a connectable reason in Morays/Murrays. It's just that Eggerts/Agards share the boar heads of BOTHs/Booths, you see. This is more evidence that God is pointing to Eggerts/Agards with Egbert of the Doors/Dorrs. I have always said that the Egg/Edge eagle is the Este eagle because the Adige flows near to Este, and here one can see the giant Este eagle, in both colors, with BeauCHAMPs.

I kid you not, I almost missed this from the lower parts of the Champ/Dechamp write-up: "The French name originally came to Canada with Jean-Baptiste, born in 1646, son of Jean, Lord of Sandes." I smothered the flames with Sand! Zowie. The Eggerts/Agards (included Agard de Dechamps) were first found in Lancashire with Sands/Sandalls.

In another dream, KIDS were JUMPING on a yellow mattress / bed. Kids (Angus, same as Gardens and Jardins) are interesting for once again sharing the Arbuthnott / Handle stars, but also the hunting horn of Fosters/Forrests that was suspect in the Eggert/Agard Crest. The Jump stag is also the Trump/TROMP stag head, in the colors of the JUNG/Young stag, which recalls that the GARDner brothers (high-school friends) lived right across from a JUNK YARD. Yards can be Gard liners, and Junks (TOWERS) can be Jungs. It just so happens that the Brittany Jardins show only three flowers (lilies) in half the colors of the three, unknown flowers of Mattres'/MAISTRe's, while Misters/MASTERs (Kent) share gold griffin heads with Garda-line Camps/Champs. The Kids (Dundee) were traced to Cetis, and the Cetis surname shares the lily with Dundee's, in the colors of the Jardin lilies. Cetis can be to the Gates', and the latter's Coat might just be a reflection of the Door/Dorr Coat for a related reason. I think that Mattres'/Maistre's use tulips, the symbol of Kid-like Kite's and/or Kitts.

The Jardin lilies are in the colors of the Waterford water lilies, and the Arms of County Waterford shares the Jump stag head. Are the kids jumping on the mattress tracing to something Trumpish in Waterford? What could it mean in relation to president Trump? Were not the WATER-bucket Bushells on the ladder with me, when I JUMPed? I'll show below how Barrels look like Barrs? Bill Barr was a Bushite animal, the attorney general of George Herbert Scherff, himself the shopping-cart liner. Lookie: Bushells share the motto of Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with Mattres-suspect Misters/Masters. Bushels (Rose kin) had a branch in Yorkshire, where Jumps (Rose kin) were first found, and Bushels are Bush liners.

There was a question on whether Trump made a deal with the Bush circle, to call Mueller's hounds off in return for choosing Bill Barr as the attorney general. In this way, the Bush circle could feel safe from 9-11 discovery by the "wrong" attorney general. Unfortunately for them, the Attorney General in the Sky might have other ideas.

Repeat: "I put out flames when JUMPing to the ground, and the Sudbury write-up claims that a Sudbury location, in Suffolk's BABERGH district, was settled by FLEMings. Sudburys are being mentioned because Eggerts/Agards are said to have been in Sudbury of Derbyshire." The Sudbury dog is in the colors of the Barrel dog head, and the latter emphasizes the dog's EAR while Eyers/Ayer (like "Eger/Ager") were first found in Derbyshire with Sudbury. It appears that Eggert / Egg liners have just bumped into Barrels, the reason, I assume, for the missing, barrel-shape PART (hmm, like "Pert / Pret"). I heard/knew the word, "barrel," in the dream, knowing that the missing part was barrel-shaped. And it just so happens that the Beauchamp eagle is the giant eagle of Barrs (AYRshire) too! Barrels = Barrs.

Barrs were at Brunswick, and the Brunswick lion can therefore be in the Coat of part-like Prets. Wow. Handle-related Morays love the Prets in their motto while the Pret stars are those also of BABERGs. I assume that Babergs were the Bamburgh / Bebbanburg Saxons of queen Bebba, which recalls Lorraine the babe, for Barrs of Brunswick named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine.

The Sutherland write-up tells that their gold-on-red stars, the colors of the Pret stars, are the Moray stars in someone else's colors (now we know it's the Prets), suggesting that SUTHerlands were a branch of SUDburys. Suders/Suters/Sauters were first found in Austria with the Babergs having the same stars, and, to boot, the Moray stars are shared by Champs/Dechamps. The "Tout Pret" motto of Morays looks traceable to Perta at lake Tatta (Anatolia), not far from proto-Derby Derbe. Perts/Petts and Petits were first found in Kent with Mynetts, the latter from Amyntes, the conqueror of Derbe.

The Pret / Sutherland stars are shared by CORNwalls (ravens/crows), which recalls that Corns and Camps/Champs connect by the ears of corn of Champs/Dechamps. The Cornovii namers of Cornwall trace to the Ceraunii, the latter being the entity to heraldic crows and cranes, and therefore to the Cranny/GROUND surname that gets us an elephant, suspect with Oliphants who share "Tout" with Morays for a related reason. I jumped off the ladder (assumed) to the GROUND to put out the flames. Below, the Cornwall motto brings the discussion back to the Scalia ladder, it seems, but I'd like to add that the other Cornwalls share the giant lion of Italian Simone's, for I complained about the door handle to Mr. Simone...who is from Benevento, near Aquila, and the Aquila surname happens to share the giant eagle of barrel-suspect Barrs, and BeauChamps (Corns are Champ kin).

The Cornwall motto: "We BEG you SEE WARILY." If Begs are Bag liners, it links to the sleeping bag that I resolved as God's pointer to Scalia's killers. The See's/Sea's (Kent) share the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds, and Scottish Drummonds (same fesses, different colors) use a "Gang WARILY" motto, clearly linkable to the Cornwall motto. German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs, while English Trips, first found in Kent with See's/Sea's, use a"SCALING ladder." The Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags) not only have the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed, but the Bucker cinquefoils, and we saw why Buckets/Buchard liners should apply to my being on the ladder with a bucket-like container now suspect with bouget-liner Bushels.

German Eggs/Eggers (Austria again) share hurts with Bushels, tending to clinch the pointing of Egbert of the Dorrs/Dorrs to the door-handle dream. Doors have always been suspect from Daorsi, who lived on the Neretva with proto-Arthur Ardiaei, and Irish Arthurs use hurts too. English Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire, land of queen Bebba, with Bostons (Home/Hume lion), the latter suspect with the Foston location of Eggerts/Agards. Bostons and Hume's were first found in Berwickshire with Edgars/Egers, all three using a giant, white lion.

Eggs/Edge's, by the way, have horizontally-split colors used also by German Caplans and Gardners. English Caplans share gold griffin heads with Camps/Champs, and the giant eagle head of Dutch Camps is in the colors of the giant Egg/Edge eagle.

Next, I'd like to take us to the 9-11 memorial I attended when sitting beside Miss Hicks on September 11, 2002. Not to repeat everything for readers that know, that was the night of her knees in a glass DOOR of a corner store on NUECES street, like the Nuces' variation of Knee's. In the dream where she appeared, her knee symbol was while I stood at the door of the car she was in. I saw the door. In the previous scene I was at a distance from the car, when seeing her at the hood, and in the next scene I saw the door of the car first of all, with her inside. After I got up from my seat from sitting beside her, her "friend," STANley sat down beside her holding the American flag, and Flags/Flacks happen to share the double fesses of STANs/Stains while Stanleys share the Knee bend, I assumed. Lately, the last update I think, there was evidence shown that Stanleys were at Macclesfield along with Knee elements.

The point here is that the quote, from an article on the Arms of Macclesfield, spoke on a gold stag used by Stanleys, which I've just found in the SANDbach Crest. The Arms of Macclesfield shares the gold garb of Cheshire with Sandbachs (Cheshire). Not only was there sand in the door-handle dream, but the car of Miss Hicks was on a sandy BEACH while Beach's/BECHS look linkable to SandBECHs. As I'll continue to show, it's as though God is connecting the sleeping-bag dream, the door-handle dream, the 9-11 memorial and the Miss Hicks dream, for it was Breretons (Cheshire) who are said to have been at Sandbach, and Breretons happen to share the double fesses (same colors) of Flags/Flacks and Stans/Stains. Here's from the write-up of the Cheshire EGGERtons: "The old [Worsley] Hall...was successively the residence of the Worsleys, Masseys, STANLEYS, BRERETONS, and EGERTONS."

Eggertons are said to have been a MockBEGGER castle, looking as though Beggers (Hamburg) are play of "Egger" due to a Beg- / Bech-line merger with Egger elements. Not only can Beggers be a Bag / Beach/Bech / Sandbech element, but Biks/BICKERs had been suspect with the motor BIKE RIDER (or BIKER) who came from a ROAD and circled the sleeping bag immediately after I picked it up. He then rode back up the hill and went down the road from which he came, as though to emphasize a Road relationship with Ridings/Readings and Biks/Bickers. The latter share three gold stags on a bend with Stanleys. The Beggers use a Shield filled with checks in the colors of checks of Steele's (Cheshire). Steel's have the checks on a bend, as are the same-colored checks of Begger-like Beckers/Bechers/Bekkers (Prussia, same stars as neighboring Handle's). English Beckers/Bechers (Yorkshire) happen to share a Shield of vair fur with Beach's/Bechs, and even have a black stag head in a corner canton, the color of the Knee stag head. Baggers/BADGERs (play on "Edgers") have three eagles on a bend all in the three colors of the three stag heads on a bend of Biks/Bickers/Bikkers. Bagleys use the three lozenges of Stopfords in colors reversed, and the Stopford write-up has what looks like their relationship with Etchells and Stanleys.

It's a complicated picture when three dreams, not to mention the jump-on-mattress dream, connects with the 9-11 memorial, but there you have the evidence. The sleeping bag was in a forest = wood, which tends to convince me that Bagley Wood of Bagleys applies, especially as Baguley in Cheshire "was at an early period the property of the Baguleys, whose heiress brought it to the LEGHs; the latter sold it." The 9-11 memorial (with knee event at the Leakey road) stressed the Leaks/Leakeys who have a LEG in Crest, and Legge's (Dumfries) have a giant stag head in the colors of the Jump Trump stag head. It is very hard to be able to read these heraldic items in any definitive way as per deep-state news events.

Back to the Reuters / Rothschild horse, but let me add that I thought 9-11 was a Bush-Rothschild venture years ago. Repeat: "The seaHORSE of Shops [pointed to Scherfs) suggest kinship with Sea's/Sees', first found in Kent with Shops. Horse's/Horsleys, with a Horsley location in Gloucestershire, were first found in Northumberland with Rothchild-branch Rodhams/Roddens (share the Roter/Rothchild bend)." Sea-like Says/Seys' were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and Bagleys, the latter said to be of HORDley. Sleeps and BAGleys of Bagleys Wood, and as Bagleys were of Cheshire, so were Savage's in the savage of the Woods.

There is then a horse in the Crest of Hords (Shropshire), suggesting that Hordley was a Horsley element. Hords even share the raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds while English Rothes', until this year, and for many years previous, were said to have been first found in Shropshire...where Rudes' were first found whom I trace to Rudesheim, a location at ASSMANNShausen, of the Rasmussens/ASSMANs whose unicorn is obviously the horse of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'). The white horsehead of Hords is shared by Hebrons (Northumberland, same as Horsleys) and Roxburghs. Rudes' (could be the Macclesfield cross) are said to have had "John de Rugge, of SEYSdon".

Hords look like Horts/Hurts (recalls that the Yorkshire Bushels use hurts), and then Hortons were first found in Yorkshire and neighboring Northumberland. Hortons were in the "union of Bradford, wapentake of MORLEY", and it just so happens that the bike rider in the sleeping-BAG dream (connects with Bagleys of Hordley) was David Morley, God's pointer to Yorkshire's Mauls/Morleys, and to Cheshire's Malls/Marlybone's who share the Say/Seys quadrants. Morley owned a MOTOR bike in real life, and Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire) are said to be from MOTTRam, though this place can explain the RAM in the Bagley Crest. In the dream, after Morley rode back down the road while I was crossing it, I entered the parking lot of a MALL, and finally entered the door of the mall itself. I saw myself going into the DOOR.

The Mall/Marlybone write-up: "...Ellen de Malbanc was the heiress. She married Sir Robert of Stockport." Stockports are the Stopfords of Etchell. The Etchells, who had an Echills WOOD location, were in Greater Manchester with Bagleys who had named Bagley Wood. The latter was in Berkshire, where Biks/Bickers were first found, no guff. It's verified that the sleeping-bag is a pointer to Bagleys. While Biks/Bickers use gold stag heads, and while Bagleys were at HORDley, the giant Horton stag head has gold antlers in the colors of the cinquefoils of stag-using Hurts/Horts. The latter: "Godrich le Hurt was listed in Berkshire in 1220"

I think these things alone prove that God was behind the sleeping-bag dream, yet there was more proof to beyond a shadow of a doubt. The idea seems to be that the dreams under discussion link to the Bush Nazi's, and, as I said from the very beginning, the rider on the Bike with old-style helmet looked to me like a German out of world-war II i.e. a Nazi. Although I started to have my doubts in the Bush-Scherff theory when discovering that I borrowed it from an Internet nut (the story isn't owned by him, however), yet I am now convinced of the birth of George Bush as Mr. Scherff from the door-handle dream's shopping cart scene.

There is this issue of Bicker/Bikker-like Beckers/Beckers sharing the checkered bend of Steele's, and then the Mauls/Morleys, who related exactly to Bickers/Bikkers, share the split-Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's while the anti-Trump dossier was given to Christopher Steele to disseminate. Poor slob, though he tried, no media would publish it just before the 2016 election, even though every media badly wanted to ruin Trump. Not even Comey or the DoJ would get behind it before the election. The media bosses were not willing to lose their good reputations, at the time, over this unsubstantiated dossier. Yet, poor slobs, every media then laid it on hard against Trump with unfettered publications on the Mueller fake job. It's been a win-win for all those who despise the Democrats. If Obama's "shadow government" was behind the fake jobs, all the better to grow his infamy. If he does not get jail time, this nation's leaders are a sham. The exposure of America's leaders is ongoing as we speak. The Republicans speak an angry speak, but do nothing to jail the criminals. I guess they were just funning around, just let them get away with it.

The SEAhorse of Shops can connect to the jump-on-mattress dream where Sea's/Sees' share the wavy bars of SEAmans/SAYmans, and the Sea/Sees fesses are colors reversed from the one fesse of SAYlors (Yorkshire again), recalling that Says/Seys' share the quadrants of Malls/Marlybone's (beside the Says/Seys'). Saylors ("most) happen to share the griffin heads of Misters/Masters/MOSTers (Kent, same as Sea's/Sees' and their Shop kin), suspect with the Maistre variation of Mattres'. There you go. Saylors share the wolf heads of Cliffs (Shropshire, Cheshire), the latter said to be of Mortone-Say of Shropshire (where Says/Seys' were first found.

The Cliff Coat is a wolf-version of the Bush/Busch Coat (Yorkshire). Then, it's easy to connect the Saylors (Yorkshire, same as Scarfs) to Scherff-like Scarfs, for the scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's is in the shape of a Q likely because Quade's and Queens share the same wolf heads as Saylors, all in the same colors while Scarfs themselves use the wolf head of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches of Cheshire. Traby (shares the Brzezinski Arms) married ASTIKas' while Cliffs married STICKs. Reminder: variations of seahorse-liner Shops were what led to Shere's/Share's and Schere's/SCHERFs.

My bet is that the "has" motto term of Saylors is for Hazels or a branch thereof, for Hazels (Cheshire) share the blue fesse, with three gold items, with Saylors. Hazels use the fesse in both colors of Weavers (Cheshire), and the latter are suspect for wavy features, like the wavy fesses/bars of Sea's/Sees', Seamans/Saymans and Weaver-branch Webbers. The seahorse is shared by Mericks (share the German-Webber stars) whose wavy fesse is colors reversed from the Hazel / Weaver fesse, and therefore in the colors of the SHERIFF fesse! Bingo. The seahorse-Shops had led to Sheriff-like Scherfs! Seahorses are used amid the wavy fessewise bars of Tokers/Tuckers (drops, same as Hamburgs), in the colors of the wavy fesses/bars of Sea's/Sees' and Saylors.

The Shop seahorse can also get us back to the Scalia's by way of German Drummonds, for they share the three wavy fesses of Sea's/Sees'. German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Trips (and Beggers), and these Trips are now showing shoes while the Shoe's share the lone star of Poindexters. I happen to think that God set this lone-star coincidence up because English Trips (share the Hamburg crosslets) use the "SCALING ladder" likely of Scalia's/Scalise's while Scalia was murdered at the ranch of John B. Poindexter, who, according to his own testimony, invited Scalia to the ranch while Mr. Foster was standing there. The Scicolone/Scicli/Scichilone/Scicchitano variations of Scalia's/Scalise's look linkable to some Shoe variations such as Schucks/Schuchs/Schugs.

We can also use the seahorse line to link to the attempted murder of Steve Scalise, shot while he was at second base. I have provided evidence that God was pointing to this shooting when I saw Cindy at second base at a certain event in my youth. I had read that Scalise was investigating pedophiles (PIZZAgate) before he was shot (he never went back to the investigation, I think we know why, shame on the Republicans), and this same Cindy, just weeks after I saw her at second base, entered a PIZZA restaurant with her parents while I was the waiter that night, and I did serve them. The Cindy surname shares the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes', who might be a branch of the Seetz/Seytz variation of German Seys'. Dutch Seys' use TREFoils, partly suspect with the Treff variation of German Trips.

If the flowers of German Seetz's/Seys' (Say Seaton colors) are called flowers, ditto for the Crest of Rinds who are in heraldic mill rinds, and then the MillSOPs might just be a Mill-Shop merger. Mills were first found in Hampshire with the Potters (Flower cinquefoil) suspect in the "flower pot" of Rinds.

Repeat: "Saylors ("most) happen to share the griffin heads of Misters/Masters/MOSTers (Kent, same as Sea's/Sees' and their Shop kin), suspect with the Maistre variation of Mattres'." This recalls the beginning of the jump-on-mattress dream, as I walked into a retail store that I thought was a fake store i.e. brings money laundering to mind. I've just realized that the store may have been a SHOP, that's right. I'll bet the Bush Nazi's were money laundering everywhere.

The shopping cart was suspect with the SHAPE of the missing door-handle part. I think I can now decipher the shape aspect. Why would the shape matter? First, let me repeat: German Drummonds share the three wavy fesses of Shop-beloved Sea's/Sees'. German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips while the lone star of Poindexters and Shoe's is colors reversed from the stars of Mericks, making the blue star held by the Merrick seahorse look like the Shoe / Poindexter star. Mericks are said to be a Maurice branch, and the first Drummond was, Maurice. This goes to earls of Mar at KilDRUMMy, and Marrs share the lion of Trip-suspect Drops/Trope's (Trip-related Hamburgs use drops).

Next, the Merick Coat looks linkable to that of French Maurice's and French Mars/More's/Maurs, but there is a More/Maurrais surname with a reflection of the Capote/SHAPus Coat, you see. Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Mattres', and while in the SHOP, I took a SHEET of paper in my hands to see a list of products, and pointed (in front of the SALESman) to the line with the yellow bed/mattress. Sales' are expected from Saluzzo, beside Busca, and moreover the Poindexters use the fist of Fists/FAUSTs suspect with the Vasto rulers of Busca / Saluzzo. The Drummond-related Leslie's use a "fast" motto term, and Drummonds use "gang" while gangs/Geggs share the cinquefoils of Buckets. Immediately after the scene with the missing part, I was on a ladder holding a large bucket that turned out to be a bushel as a pointer to water-bouget, Busca-related Bushels.

So, you just saw the ladder, the pointer to Scalia's murder at PoinDEXTER's ranch. Scalia flew down with Mr. Foster, and Fosters/Forests share the hunting horn of Weights, who are in the so-called "weights" in the DEXTER Crest. These hunting horns are in the colors of the Arms-of-Traby hunting horns, while Trabys/Sadowski's use a SCARF. After I saw the SHAPE of the missing part, I had a large bucket in my hands while on a ladder, and Capote's/SHAPus'/Shappue's (roses for Bosco kin) were first found in Forez while Forez's are also Forests. The sleeping bag in the forest was a pointer to Scalia's murder when the hunting group, International Order of Saint Hubertus, to which Poindexter belonged, was present at Poindexter's ranch.

The Children and Steve Scalise

The Shawland variation of Shops can go to Sheaves'/Shaws and Sheaves'/Chiava's, suspect with Shapus liners. "Shawland" may have formed the Showls/Shovels (Hertfordshire, same as Childs), who are in-turn in Bushel / Child colors and format. The old Schou variation in the Shovel write-up may indicate variations of Shoe's that I link to Sheets/Skate's and Skits/Skeochs, and I had a SHEET of paper in my hands in the SHOP with the yellow mattress. After pointing to this sheet, the salesman said that kids or CHILDren (I can't remember the word used) can't jump on this mattress, but I asked Michael if his kids jumped on it, and he said, yes. Apparently, Michael owned one of these yellow mattress'.

I think that Childs can apply to that dream. Shovels mention Sir CLOUDesley Shovel, and Clovis, son of king CHILDeric, was born, CHLODovech. The only reasoning I have for Childs being in that shop dream, where Shovels are involved, is where Shovels were a branch of the Shawlands of the Shops.

When I ask why God might stress the shape of an item, as per the Shapus surname, for connection with a door handle, I see no heraldic commonality between Shapus' and Doors or Shapus' and Handle's. I see Shapus' from Cavii, who lived beside Door-suspect Daorsi, however. Plus, I can gather that God wants to link "shape" with the Chep variation of JEEPma's, for obvious reason. Let's not forget the shape-like Cheap variation of Scottish Chappes'. AHA! Sheeps/Chipmans/Shipmans were first found in Herefordshire with Handle's and Doors!!! Shiptons use bellows while German Bellows share the giant, black-on-gold, double-headed eagle of Cheps/Jeepma's. English Shepards may even be with the English Bellow Shield. If nothing more, these things suggest that God did arrange the dream's symbolism as per kinship between its items. And what killer do we think it's pointing to? Does this allow God to prove to you that he is the Father of the murdered Jesus, in case you are not sure who the real Creator is? It sure does boost my faith; may it boost yours.

I trace Merovingians to the Marsi on the Salto and TURANo rivers (Chives' were at Chivasso near Turano-like Turin), and I see those rivers in the Salyes Ligures on the DURANce river. The point here is that Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's were first found in L'Aquila, probably the Marsi theater, and that because the Latin language alters an 'i' to an 'l' at times, as for example "Chiaro" versus "Claro," perhaps "Clovis" had been of "Chiava."

The Capote variation of Shapus' is like the Cabot surname with three fish in the colors of the three Capote/Shapus roses. The Geddes' appear to have Cabots / Capote's in their motto along with Majors (Guernsey, beside Cabots), and here it's interesting that while I've had causes to trace Joseph Caiaphas to PICenze, seven miles from L'Aquila, that's the entity I suspect with the pike fish of Geddes'.

Not far south of the Cavii was an ARNISSa location upon a Genusus river (at Epidamia), and it just so happens that Majors share the Capote/Shapus Chief while using an anchor version of the Annas/ARNISS Coat. It tends to convince me that "Annas" is related to Anchor/ANNACKer. It also verifies that the Geddes' motto is indeed for Cabots / Capote's/Shapus'. French Cabots and French Majors were both first found in Provence (location of Durance river) with the Larins/Laurens/Lorrens sharing the CAPES and Scale scallops; Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs. There's a good chance that Scottish Laurens (double chevrons of Lissus-suspect Lise's) use the "galley" ship of MacDonalds, for French Galleys share the Capote/Shapus roses.

You just saw that the shape of the door handle led from Shapus' to Scalia-like Scale's while judge Scalia was already suspect with the ladder after the door-handle scene. Plus, Poindexters were first found on Jersey with Cabots, is this not impressive? The previous owner of the Jeep was Joseph, suspect as God's pointer to Joseph Caiaphas, because Caiaphas was of the Sadducees, who had a house of Boethus at the time, and Boethus' descend from Simon Boethus while the Jeep was previously owned by Mr. Simone. Boets share red roses with Capote's/Shapus' (and Majors), and have a fish colors reversed from the Cabot fish, that's exactly right.

If you don't know, Joseph Caiaphas was the son-in-law of Annas, and while the latter's father was, Seth, Seths are listed with Shaws, a branch of Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's. Seths are said to be from a Sithech entity that I see with Sticks, and the latter share garbs with Keppocks, probably from the Keppoch branch of MacDonalds.

I've talked a lot of Mr. Kepke, whose surname was suspect as a version of "Caiaphas." Kepke was born Lawrence, and Scottish Laurens (Keep colors), said to be from "Laurence," are suspect with a galley ship, the known symbol of Kepke-liner Keeps. Yup, a surname like the Chep variation of Jeepma's. I think we are on it, now, therefore, that which God wants us to know. Lawrence's/Laurence's even use a fish tail (of a turbot).

There needs to be a very good reason that God would point to Caiaphas with the barrel shape of the missing door-handle part. Right off, one can say that French Barrels were first found in dauphine with Galleys and Galli's, the latter sharing the rooster of gays, the latter first found in Savoy with the Germaine line of Major, probably at Saint-Germain de Ioux some 20 miles from Mont Saleve, the latter suspect with Salyes elements. The Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors are those of English Barrels, and moreover mount Saleve is on the Arve river to which I trace Harveys and Garveys, the latter sharing the double chevrons of the galley-using Laurens above. It seems that God is pointing to this area of lake Geneva with the door handle's barrel shape. A line of Caiaphas must have been there, and while Annecy is not far off, ANNEmasse is smack beside mount Saleve. See map at western tip of lake Geneva:,6.1906894,10z

Three vertical fish are shared between Cabots and Lucys while Lucy is a Normandy location beside Annemasse-suspect Massy. The Arms of Massy share the Shield of News'/NUCES' while Miss Hicks on the Nueces river has a daughter, Geneva. When they moved from the Nueces, they got a home at Forney, which is why I've just loaded Ferneys, as per a Ferney-Voltaire that I just saw on the map above about seven miles north-west of Geneva (the city), itself beside Annemasse. Between Ferney-Voltaire and Geneva is Grand-SACONnex, and Saxons happen to share CHAPlets with Hicks. Ferneys look to be using a version of the Farmer Coat, and Ferneys even come up as Farmeys. I'm not sure what more to do with this. But wait: French Majors share red lion heads with Ferneys and Farmers, and, as was said, Majors (lived in The Sleeve = English Channel) were at the Saleve theater.

Wow, I think I have gotten this, for Ferneys/Farmeys share the fesse of Bernice's. The new home that Miss Hicks moved into was owned also by Mr. Childs, whom I assume was the original owner. Childs (Lorraine/Lorren eagles) were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus', and emperor Titus was engaged to Berenice Agrippa, a Herod, and Herods are highly suspect with the family of Ferney-like PHARNaces (king of the Pontus). Herods/Heraults were first found in Argyllshire with Laurens while Herault is in Languedoc, beside Aude and its Corbieres area. Aude's were first found in Savoy (covers up to Annemasse / Saleve) with Germaine's and Corbiere's/Corbeils (griffin, Agrippa suspect), the Corbeils being with Germaine's in the write-up of English Majors. And Forneys were first found in Languedoc, which had a SEPTimania area that can explain the Septon variation of Saxons (Lancashire, same as Furness' and Parrs). The namers of AnneMASSE should be descended from Julia Maesa, daughter of Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa, and father also of Domna, wife of SEPTIMius Severus, suspect with "SEPTIMania." This area was of Merovingian lore surrounding the children of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and Childs are from the first Merovingian king. The descendants of Caiaphas were in Septimania, weren't they? Not the children of Jesus, palease.

The sleeve in heraldry (called also a maunch) used by Tickhills. Anne's were first found at Tickhill, and sleeve-like Saleve (not shown on map) is smack beside ANNEmasse.

I've never thought to check for a Children surname as per the kids jumping on the YELLOW bed. I'm not familiar with it, but there is a Children surname with the same bird design as the swallows in the Lille and Arundel Crests. As FitzAlans of Arundel were from Dol, the "SeDULO" motto term of Lille's looks to apply. Plus, the Lille's/Lile's/LISLE's (red fitchee) look like a branch of Ile's/ISLE's (red fitchee) with a yellow-like Ylley variation. That works very good, and lilies are used by the Cetis/Sestie surname while I see the Kid surname with Cetis. Kids were first found at Dundee, and Dundee's use the lily too. The interesting thing here is that Ile's/Ylleys show only a chevron in colors reversed from the only-a-chevron Forneys, and God pointed to the home of Mr. Childs in Forney.

Swallows (Saluzzo liners), said to be a count Alan, share the Arundel-Shield swallows, and share a black fesse with Yellows/Yelleys and Yells. Yellows/Yelleys were first found in Oxfordshire, near the Childs.

WOW! Unbelievable. The Crest of English Kidds has the Children / Lille / Arundel swallow!!! At least, it's the same bird design! This discovery comes just as I was wondering whether the dream was pointing to Kids versus the Childrens. It appears that God set both surnames up as kin to make these and other points.

Childs were at Wanstead, and Wansteads share the fleur-de-lys both in the Arms of Lille (near Lys river of Artois) and of the Lys/Lise surname, these entities having been the royal theater of Childeric and Clovis. As was said, Scottish Lise's (Perthshire, same as Arundel-related Cluns) share the double chevrons of Scottish Laurens while Lorraine's/Lorrens share the Child eagle, which I am sure about because Lorraine, my ladyfriend in the mid 20s, who was used by God as a major pointer, was carrying a child on her breast the last time I saw her. I was sitting with Mr. Smith at the time, who owned a red Jeep, the color of by Jeep at this time. There may be a reason that she was carrying her child in a carrier that hung on her front from around her neck. I don't know the official name for it.

Lorraine was given beautiful feet as her symbol, and God showed me that this was connected to the blond hair of she and Kepke, which surprisingly pointed to the foot in the Crest of Blonds. Kepke is Lorraine-connectable Lawrence, which is why I was pointing out that they both had "sun-bright" blond hair, as I put it, a moment before finding that the Blond foot is inside or on a sun. We saw that Laurens are said to be from "Laurence," but let's now add that the Lise's sharing the double Lauren chevrons are also FEETers, is that not wild? Yet there is more, for at the very instant that God impressed me with her beautiful feet, He must have caused Michael to blurt, "what a BABE" when he first saw her. I was walking right by him when he said this, with Lorraine a small distance away. The Babe Coat, it turned out, share six fessewise bars, and a sun in Crest, with Blonds, yet the point for repeating this here is that English Babels (gate, Kid-linkable) share the six pale bars (same colors) of English Lise's! Whammo, there's your evidence that God has orchestrated the Lorraine events with me. Babels/Babwells, sharing the gate with French Blonds, were first found in Middlesex, near the first-known Capes' and also near the Childs of Wanstead.

As I said, her beautiful feet were on the PAVEment of Yonge street, and Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat while Yonge's/Youngs share the piles of Leavells, from Lupus Laevillus, like "Laevi," the latter having been the Gauls who founded Pavia. That's why the fesse of English Lise's and of the Leavells has got to be that of Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as Lise's) and the Butts/Boets, the latter having a Coat version of the Pierro's/Pero's (probably the Alan fesse), first found in Pavia. God seems to be saying in all this that the line of Laevillus and Quadratilla Bassus was to Childeric, and it was, to his wife, Basina. I always trace her name to Bassania (see dark map), very near Lise-line Lissus of the Caiaphas-suspect Cavii.

The Bassus' were also Bassianus', now tracing with Julia Maesa to Annemasse, and the Tickhill location of Anne's traces to Julia Tyche, daughter of Artemidoros, himself the ancestor, of a few generations only, of Quadratilla Bassus.

I'd like to say that while French Charles'/Charlemagne's/Charlotte's share the Feet/Fate / Pavia martlets, English Charles' share the Child / Lorraine eagle. This can be why Miss Hicks was born, Charlotte, in order for God to clinch her with the Childs. Can it be so important to make this link?

Why was Michael the "what-a-babe" guy while there was another Michael in the dream whose kids/children were jumping on the yellow mattress? The Children are in the colors of Mattres-suspect Misters/Masters, and first found in Kent with them, yet Kent is where Arundel-branch Rundels/Roundels (Alan fesse, "PROpositi") were first found, and Children share the Arundel swallow, by the looks of it.

Houseofnames often has such claims as this, but without a shred of evidence: "Checking further we found the name was derived from the Old English compound word cildraærn, which meant 'children's house.'" Checking further with who? So, houseofnames finds one person who thinks the surname is from a kid's house, and that settles it? It's not possible that ChildREN were a Child branch and merged with Rens/Wrens. The latter have Peter Pollock all over it, and his father (Fulbert) was a vassal of the Dol Alans. Rens/Wrens are suspect with the naming of Renfrew, where the Dol Alans lived with Pollocks.

Rens/Wrens are said to be a Raines branch, which checks out where both surnames share a white lion head, the symbol also of English Roths/Rothes. Rens/Wrens share the raven with Peters and German Rothes'/RothCHILD, while Jewish Pollocks share the same-colored bend with Jewish Roths/RothCHILDs. Peter Pollock built Rothes castle (at Rothes, Scotland). English Rothes were said to have been first found in Shropshire, where Peter Pollock's father lived with Dol Alans, but are now said to have been first found in Kent, where Children were first found with their Alan-related Rundels.

No matter that houseofnames has access to my online material, it's too willfully harmful to its customers by, for example, refusing to mention Peter Pollock of Rothes castle in its Rothes write-up. Things like this confirm that there is a conspiracy to cover-up heraldic links, and to give people the erroneous idea that surnames usually have origins in some off-the-wall dictionary term rather than in a people group or their location. In the write-up of Scottish Michaels, a "John Mitsell held a land in Glasgow in 1496", explaining why Michaels link to Peter Pollock of the Glasgow area. Glasgow is in RENfrewshire.

Having made an acceptable Ren/Wren link to ChildRENs, note that Rens/Wrens share the chevron of Ile's/Ylleys, for Michael's children were jumping on the yellow mattress. And it just so happens that Scottish Michaels share gold-on-black mascles with English Peters ("major"). On top of this, the same Michaels, as well as Scottish Michaelsons, have the Yellow fesse in colors reversed. So, it now appears that God had Michael's children in the dream to help prove that Childrens were a Child merger with Rens/Wrens, and the big deal here is that while Rens/Wrens are said to be of the Raines', the Reines'/Reine's are the pizzagate pointer i.e. CHILD sex. Children jumping on a mattress, code for child sex? Why jumping? Why Michaels? To whom or what do Jumps and Michaels point in relation to end-time / current pedophilia?

As was said, the Reines comet is in the design of the "flaming star" of Pero's, and it just so happens that English Michaelsons use a "PROsim" motto term partly suspect with the Simms, who share ravens on a chevron with Rens/Wrens. Moreover, Simms have a hand holding a feathered pen in Crest, which is also in the Crest of Scottish Michaels and CarLISLE's, which recalls that Lille's/Lisle's share the swallow of Childrens while Ile's/ISLE's are Yellow-suspect Ylleys too. It's making too much sense, with assured links, to be a wrong assessment of things.

While Miss Hicks, with a Rena middle name, was herself given a pedophilia symbol as per her daughter, Geneva, and as we saw that God was apparently pointing her home in Forney -- the home also of Mr. Childs -- to a Ferney location near Geneva, it's interesting that Forneys share the chevron of Raines'. Or, Forneys show nothing but a chevron while English Michaelsons show nothing but a fesse in the same colors. Ferneys/FARMeys share the Farmer lion heads, and Farmers are beloved of the farmer with ploughSHARE in the Crest of Plow/Plough-related CURTis, and COURTs/Coverts love the Cuntys, apparently, in their motto, while Cuntys are Cindys while Cindy Richardson at second base was God's pointer to Steve Scalise, who was reportedly investigating pedophilia before he was shot. Lookie: Rens/Wrens share the crosslets of the Trips who in-turn have a "SCALing ladder" as code for the ladder of Scalise's/Scalia's!!!! Wow, I did not yet realize that connection when entering Steve Scalise in the sentence before it. Amazing.

Lookie: Cuntys/Cindys are expected with Conte's/COMITissa's, first found in Durham with Rens/Wrens, thus explaining the COMET of Reines'!!!! Incredible. And Forneys were first found in Languedoc with French Conte's/COMITES'! It's suggesting that God chose Forney as the home of Miss Hicks, meaning that Forneys are very important a way I've not yet discovered. What are the chances that Irish Curtis' share the checks of Steele's who in-turn share the lion heads of Ferneys/Farmeys and Farmers? That's right. It's pointing to the Steele dossier.

The Bush circle was partially responsible for that dossier, and so let's repeat: "It's therefore interesting that ROOSevelts, Walkers and Schere's/Scherfs all have roses on stems, as do SHERwoods/SHARwoods/Shirwoods." The latter were first found in Durham with Rens/Wrens, and both use the same chevron.

Here's how it happened. I had to sell my Texas property, and so called a real-estate agent over, who told me that day that he had listed the home also of Miss. Hicks, otherwise I would not have known that she moved to Forney. I therefore think that the real-estate agent was set up by God, for he was married to the aunt of Miss Hicks.

A few years after selling my place, after I thought that Mr. Kilpatrick had passed away, I decided to send Miss Hicks a letter telling her that I believed she was in the dream of 1979, as my wife. I had to get her address, and found it online but listed also with Mr. Childs. I think this was arranged by God in order to connect with the ChildRENs now pointing to pizzagate's Ping Pong Comet pizzeria.

I found her phone number too, listed in her name alone, making me believe that Mr. Kilpatrick had passed away. When she didn't respond to the letter (I don't blame her), I called, but she didn't return the first two calls. On the third attempt, an old man answered who must have been her husband. I therefore let those plans lie, and tried to forget about it. A few years later, in 2016, when I was telling readers about the dream, I looked to see if her husband's obituary was online, and it was. At that moment of seeking the obituary, a Baytown Sun page came up (never seen it before) with a photo of her husband and two children standing beside a bull-terrier mascot, Spuds MacKenzie, which really had me confused about our marriage, because the 1979 dream had a bull terrier in it. I later learned that the dreams imagery, that I thought meant our marriage, had alternative meanings.

Spuds MacKenzie is the mascot for BUD Light beer, and Buds/Bude's happen to share the dancetty fesse (same colors) of Farmer-beloved Curtis' and Plows. Pretty amazing. Repeat: "What are the chances that Irish Curtis' share the checks of Steele's who in-turn share the lion heads of Ferneys/Farmeys and Farmers? That's right. It's pointing to the Steele dossier." Irish Curtis put, if I'm not mistaken, a pointing finger in Crest, as do Bud-like Boyds who in-turn share checks on a fesse with Irish Curtis'. Boyds are said to be Alan / Stewart kin, and the dolphin pointed to in the Curtis Crest is likely code for Dol-related Dolfins (Irish). Italian Dolfins have a gold fish that could be the Butt/Boet fish, and such a fish is also of the Brittany Dore's/Doreys.

DolFINS are easy to link to the Kennedy dolphin, and to the "la FIN" motto of Irish Kennedys of TIPPERary, for the three Dolfin dolphins are colors reversed from the three TIPPER dolphins, and the latter's are blue, the color of the Curtis dolphin. LAFINS/La Fonts were not only first found in Tipperary too, but share the Coat of Italian Conte's for a related reason. Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's were first found in Languedoc with Forneys and Conte's/Comites'. So, you see, Irish Curtis' got use to Conte's/Comites. And Plows (Shropshire, same as Alans of Dol) happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Dole's (Stewart stag). The Dole write-up is therefore laughable: "The Dole surname is derived from the Middle English word 'dole,' meaning a 'portion, or SHARE of land.'" There you have a lie mixed with a code for the ploughSHARE of Curtis'. Let's not forget that Share's -- part of the shopping-cart scene -- have the Arms-of-Carrick, and therefore the Kennedy, fitchees.

It can be added that the Curtis / Steele checks are shared by Galleys while Scottish Stewarts likely share the MacDonald galley ship.

Repeat: "I'd like to say that while French Charles'/Charlemagne's/Charlotte's share the Feet/Fate / Pavia martlets, English Charles' share the Child / Lorraine eagle. This can be why Miss Hicks was born, Charlotte, in order for God to clinch her with the Childs. Can it be so important to make this link?" Irish Charles' (Irish Rothes tree?) have a "FIDElis" motto term looking like part-code for Lise's, and part-code for the Fido's/Fothes/FETTE's, like Feets, you see. And God showed us that Charlotte RENA Hicks (considered herself a prophetess) points to ProFETTs/Prophets. The full motto of Irish Charles' is shared by Hoppers/Happers, who in-turn share tower with REINE-beloved Comets, and Hoppers/Happers were first found in Durham with Conte's/COMITissa's and RENs/Wrens. The importance of God naming Charlotte Rena Hicks is now looking even more evident than before for pointing to pizzagate.

Irish Charles' (Alan / Rundel / Pierro/Pero fesse?) even share crowns with Curtis' and the MARTELs at the root of the Charles/Charlotte/Charlemagne MARTLets. The dynasty of Charles Martel evolved into the Capetian dynasty, and Capets (evokes Capote's/Shapus' and Cabots) not only share crowns too, but the colors of Italian Curtis'. Crowns are the symbol of Grands ("Stand fast") in the "GRANDesCUNT" motto of COURTs/Coverts (share blue pale bars with Cuntys/Cindys). Cuntys/Cindys share the two pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine, that being the part of Brittany where Dol and Rennes are located. Rennes is in the write-up of Rens/Wrens and Raines', and as Rens/Wrens were first found in Durham with Conte's/Comitissa's, it's thus clinching Cuntys/Cindy's with pedophile-pointing liners, tending to clinch that God set up Cindy Richardson at second base as a pointer to Steve Scalise. The Richardson lion heads are colors reversed from those of Raines' and Rothes', but I think there is a deeper meaning for her surname. Her brother is Steve, like Steve Scalise.

I say that Grand-beloved Fasts are from Vasto's of Saluzzo, and while FitzAlan of Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo, Arundels share the swallows of Swallows while Sallows (Shropshire, same as FitzAlans and Rothes') have a tree in the colors of the Rothes' / Charles tree. The Hampshire Lise's share six pale bars (different color) with Sallows, and were first found in the same place as the Tiss'/Teece's (show only a chevron) who may have named, ComiTISSa's. Arundels were named as per an Arun location in Sussex (beside Hampshire), where Grand-loving Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts were first found. The vertical ladder of Scalise's/Scalia's can be acting as a blue pale bar, and it's been linked hard by a Miss-Peare-on-stairs event (with me) to the pale bar (same colors) of Pero's/Perino's, the surname with the flaming star that's in the design of the Reines comet. It seems that God has made the case here.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember for sure the name of the pizza restaurant (it had a bar) I worked for when Cindy walked in with her father and mother. If it was a Boston Pizza, I would then go to Home's/Hume's, first found in Berwickshire with Bostons and sharing their Coat. Although the Cindy/Cunty lion is not in the same position, it is in the same colors. It happened this way: I invited my new ladyfriend, Mamie, to a Bible-study event outdoors held by the youth group, and when she and I were alone at HOME plate of the baseball diamond, I was kissing / hugging with her when I spotted Cindy (pastor's daughter) giving us the evil eye from second base. I don't recall seeing anyone else on the field or within the diamond.

Mamie was given a tease and a thigh symbol over an 18-hour period, for the Tease's/Tyes', a Tiss/Teece branch, apparently. Tease's/Tyes' were first found in Nottinghamshire with MAMESfelde, which is what "MAMie" pointed to, for she had large breasts while the Mansfield write-up claims, probably wrongly, that Mamesfelde was named after breasts.

Her tease symbol was given on the first night we became a couple, when at a camp site, at which time I slept in her SLEEPING BAG -- looks like a pointer to judge Scalia in the sleeping-bad dream. She refused to let me hug her warmly, but went to sleep facing away from me, and because she was so lovely and voluptuous, it amounted to a really-big tease. While the gang was sitting around the camp fire, I didn't ask her to plop herself on my lap, but this is what she did, I never saw anything like this, because we did not know each other. We had a slow dance at her party a few weeks earlier, but that was all. I assume that God plopped her on my lap. Lorraine and I broke up an hour after Mamie and I danced at her party (Lorraine wasn't there), opening the way for Mamie and I to have the relationship. It was after we started going out that I got the job at the pizza place, and it's interesting that part of my job was to work the BAR. Will Bill Barr look into the Scalise shooting and/or the Scalia murder? Bill RICHARDSON of New Mexico is suspect (by me) with Scalia's murder based purely on the location of his murder event at El-Paso.

There may be a way from God to link Cindy to the sleeping-bag dream, for her father's secretary (he had only one) married David Morley, the one in the sleeping-bag dream. El-Paso is where his dead body was taken in the scam to declare his murder a natural death. It's interesting that Pasi's were first found in Bologna with Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's, the Ping-Pong line. It's as though Scalia's killers are associated with Scalise's would-be murderers.

Repeat: "The vertical ladder of Scalise's/Scalia's can be acting as a blue pale bar, and it's been linked hard by a Miss-Peare-on-stairs event (with me) to the pale bar (same colors) of Pero's/Perino's, the surname with the flaming star that's in the design of the Reines comet." Kepke, Peare and I were at the La Paloma bar, when he probably went to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to ask Miss Peare outside for our first kiss, our first anything, and we went up the stairs to the front door, and kissed. As Spanish Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Pero's/Perino's, and colors reversed from the ladder of Scalia's, I took the event to be a pointer to Scalia's murder. The point in repeating this is the BAR. But what about Dana Perino, Bush's press secretary? What did she know? Why are Dana's listed with Dance's/Donna's (PIEDmont, same as Pero's/Perino's), who have four of the Pero/Perino pale bars??? A few weeks after I kissed Miss Peare for the first time, Kepke took her away from me (he had first rights on her), and they danced and danced as a pointer to both Dance surnames. English Dance's look linkable to Keppocks while English Dana's/Dannes' were first found in Sussex with Keeps.

Again, variations of Scalia's/Scalise's are like those of Shoe's/Schuchs/Schugs while shoes are used by Trips/Treffs while English Trips, with the scaling ladder, share the crosslets of Rens/Wrens. Shoe variations are also like Scoot/SCOUGal variations while Scoots have a border-on-Shield in colors reversed from the same of German Shocks/Schochs, the latter like the Shook variation of Shoe's.

Repeat: "...there is a Children surname with the same bird design as the swallows in the Lille and Arundel Crests. As FitzAlans of Arundel were from Dol, the "SeDULO" motto term of Lille's looks to apply. Plus, the Lille's/Lile's/LISLE's (red fitchee) look like a branch of Ile's/ISLE's (red fitchee) with a yellow-like Ylley variation." This recalls when Miss Hicks, sitting at the center-ISLE seat at the 9-11 memorial, said I could sit beside her, and that I could "SCOOT OVER" when her daughter (pedophile symbol) arrived to take my seat. It's just that the Over bend is also the Children bend, and Childrens (share the Lile/Lisle swallow) have become prime pointers to pizzagate's pedophiles. Thus, the center isle at the memorial is looking like a pointer to Michaels' children jumping on the yellow mattress.

Repeat: "Simms have a hand holding a feathered pen in Crest, which is also in the Crest of Scottish Michaels and CarLISLE's..." Scoots, first found in east Lothian with Simms and Sedan-suspect SEATons, have what looks like a feathered pen in Crest too.

In the Hicks dream, she HOVERed OVER the SEATs while Seats/Cedes share the double pale bars of pedophile-pointer Cindys/Cunty's, pale bars in the blue color of the ladder-pale-bar of Scalia's/Scalise's. Sedans (Yorkshire), with a "sed DONO" motto phrase, and first found in Durham with pedophile pointers such as ChildREN-suspect Rens/Wrens, were probably of SEDbergh, location of the Dance-like Dents (Yorkshire, same as Dance's/Danse's), where the "SEDulo" motto term of Isle-like Lisle's may apply.

"SeDULO" might be for Dule's/DOLeys/DuLYS'/Oileys/Oullie's, a hard surname to comprehend when seeking its branches. The surname was first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and has two bends in colors reversed from the Pero/Perino pale bar. Better yet, the double bends are in Lille/Lisle colors, and in the colors of the one Over bend, which seems to connect with Miss Hicks at the center isle. Lille's/Lisle's are expected to be of Lille, near the Lys river, which can explain the DuLYS variation. I'm wondering whether Oullette's/Willi's/OUILLYs apply too.

The following may be a waste of time, but maybe not, for the what-a-babe guy was Mr. Oullette. I don't recall checking the Alnays to whom the Oullette's are said to descend. Alnays share the lion in the Oullette Chief. Variations of Alnays/OULnys suggest the Alansons who come up as Alanays. Alansons are said to be from Richmond (Yorkshire), and Richmond was ruled by Alan the Red of Brittany. The "labore" motto term of Alansons/Alanays confirms that Labore's (Yorkshire) share the bars gemel of Richmonds, but then Oullette's also have bars gemel (twin bars), though not in the same colors. Stops/Stubbs use "labori."

I HAVE GOT IT!!! You're going to think I made the what-a-babe story up. The Alnays have nay and ney endings while Nays/Neys share the six pale bars of Babe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable. God used Michael Oullette for the babe comment for this reason. I've just checked all my updates since about 2009, and there is not one instance of "Alnay." This is new and it's a fantastic piece of evidence that I'm not nuts after all, in case some readers thought so. I'm sure it crosses your minds at times, because it crosses my mind at times too. Over and over again, God verifies that he created events in my life for these heraldic purposes, but over and over again I find it hard to believe.

It appears that I was wrong to trace Oullette's to Willa of Tuscany. Instead, they look purely like Alans of Richmond. The Richmond write-up: "Richmond in Surrey was anciently Sheen..." Michaels were first found in Surrey.

More. When I first became a Christian, the mother of my party pal, Joe Oullette was used by God to point me to the God of the Bible (Mike Oullette was never my friend). To my surprise, he became a Christian with me lock-step. He befriended Jeff Moore, a nutty, new Christian (came to believe that he was Moses of the Two Witnesses) whom I've mentioned before because Oullette's use a MOORcock. This can link to BABcocks, for they share the Cock rooster and look like Babe liners. The point is, Jeff was likely born, Jeffrey, and while one Jeffrey surname (shares sun in Crest with Babe's) has six pale bars in the colors of the six Babe / Ney fessewise bars, the other Jeffreys (Welsh) have the giant Alnay lion, the Oullette lion, that is. Amazing. Babcocks have one pale bar in the colors of the six of Jeffreys.

Why would God want to stress this thing through those old events of nearly 40 years ago. In fact, I became a Christian at about exactly this time, 40 years ago. Scottish Moors, very linkable to the Nagle's and their Non/Nevin kin, have a "Duris" motto term suspect with Dure's (share "non" with Nagle's and Moors). Dure's have the Coat of Saluzzo's and Cluns (Perthshire, same as Dure's) which traces this lot to Clun of Shropshire, where FitzALANs of Arundel lived. In other words, the moorcock of Alan- / Alnay-liner Oullette's is still connecting to Alans.

More. A third Oullette brother was Paul, in whose apartment I was staying while working the pizza restaurant. Hmm, resTOWERant. Pauls use a version of the Moor Coat, and Pauls share "Pro" with Dure's. Pauls share the gold crosslets of Gore's/Core's (Alan fesse colors reversed), and the Moors above have a "franGOR" motto term while French Gore's/JORE's, with a version of the French Alan Coat, share the Moor Alan stars. And then the Dure's from the Moor motto show a Jore-like Jarrow variation. The Brittany Jarre's and Jardins / Gardens probably apply.

Aha! "FRANgor" is for Frane's/FraNEYS/FraNAYS, first found in Burgundy with AlNAYS! Frane's even almost have the pale bars the BABels / Lise's / Lazard/Lizart pale bars. It's not a wonder God wanted to point to Moors with Jeffrey Moore. This is all loaded. Jarrys/Garrys/Hare's use a Lizart-like lizard. Lizarts were first found in Provence with French Laurens/Larins while Scottish Laurens/Feeters share the double chevrons of Lise's/Leish's.

While Oullette's are Willi's too, Willie's appear to have the griffins of Vince's, suspect with Wings/Winks, first found in Perthshire with Dure's and Cluns. The Godfrey griffin can apply with these where Jeffreys are said to be Godfreys.

The giant rooster of Dutch Cocks is in the colors of the giant tortoise/turtle of GORDys, and Nagle elements trace to PeriGORD from IMPERia/ONEGLia, in Liguria amid the Grimaldi's who share the Coat of English Cocks. We just saw Gore elements linking to Nagle kin, and here we can add that Gordys share the white wolf in Crest with Gore's/Core's and Gore's/Gowers. The white wolf is giant in the Coat of Ouilly-like Quillans, and there is a Quillan location on the Aude river smack beside RENNES-le-Chateau, making it very suspect from Alans of the Gore kind around Brittany's Rennes. The Quillan Crest even shares a blue griffin with the Crest of JEFFERsons, first found in Herefordshire with Jeffreys (Jeffreys share the Oullette / Oulny/Alnay lion). The Quillan Coat is a version of the Major Coat (shares red greyhound with Gore's/Jore's), and Majors are said to have been connected with Corbeils while the latter come up as Corbieres' (griffin in the design of the Vince / Willie griffins) while Corbieres is a region smack beside Quillan. That works. Some Quillan variations suggest Alans and can, therefore, be of the Ouillys/Oullette's.

The Oullette write-up: "Of this family Robert D'Ouilli, the son of Foque D'Aulnay, who was descended from D'Alnay..." Foque can be traceable to the French Faux's, first found in Perigord, or even to Foix, beside Aude. I trace the Alan-related Pollocks to Margaret De-Pol of Foix-Candale, and then the Oullette's and Alnays have the Rothes lion in colors reversed, that being a line from Peter Pollock. Peter's father, and the first-known Pollock ancestor, Fulbert, is suspect with Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise, and Oullette's are said to have been at "Ouilly-le-Basset in the arrondissement and canton of Falaise in Calvados."

Getting Nearer to Thee, Queen Bebba

This is really quite the mystery. I could not grasp why God would link Mike Oullette to Jeffreys and Babe's and Neys, but I have a theory if the black Willie / Vince griffin is the Godfrey griffin, for Godfrey III was a ruler of Lower Lorraine while Mike Oullette blurted, "WHAT a babe,' when seeing Lorraine. What's/WHADcocks, probably using a cock of some kind, were first found in Essex with Neys/Nays, Gore's/Core's and Yonge's/Youngs (and Germains). When he blurted it, Lorraine's beautiful feet were spotted by me on the pavement of Yonge Street. What's/Whadcocks have a chevron in Gordy / Cock colors. But, there is no A surname. Germains/JARmans (Dure/Jarrow / Gore/Jore liners?) share six pale bars with Jeffreys.

It's interesting that while Hiedlers/Hitlers share the sun and the stars of Moors / Gore's, Heidlers have a version of the German Ney/Nue/Nige Coat. Just as I wrote that last triplet, a song came on, "NEARER to Thee," with the line, "NO MORE tears," which looked like it was pointing to the Ney-Moor relationship. Moors/More's love the Nons, and Nears/Nairs (Perthshire) happen to be NAYERs/NEYers too. Is this verifying that the Babe sun is that of Hitlers? Hiedlers/Hitlers are suspect with the bends of Ectors/HECTORs (beside Perthshire) because both surnames share the sun. The Neys/Nays almost use the triple fesses of Haughtons/HECTORs, and the latter's "Malgre" motto term can be of Malger of Majors, the husband of Germaine de Corbeil. The Tears/Tire's are part of the Terras motto term of MacDonalds, and the latter's "mare" term is for Mayer liners, yup, which include Majors/Mayers. No More Tears.

I'd like to record that the Maire's of North Yorkshire (Mare/Mayer write-up) had their titles passed to Lawsons (not familiar with) while the latter have a chapeau and a motto, "Leve et reLUIS." Luis of Ceva (mother of Alice of Saluzzo) with the Laevi liners in her family is suggested. Laws/Lawers (red roosters) are suspect with the Salome Coat, from Salome de BOEThus, and then the Butts/BOETs share the fesse of Buttons/Bidens who likewise have a chapeau. It means that Lawers/Lawrence's and Laurens can, with Lawsons, be purely Laevi-Gaul liners. German Lawers/Laurers'/Laus' were first found in Bohemia with the Ris' possibly in the "DuRIS" motto term of Moors/More's. The same motto is for Frane's, first found in Burgundy with Mars/MORE's.

Aha, the Major write-up: "Mauger (or Malger) was the youngest son of Richard II and his second wife, Papia of Envermeu. He rose to become Archbishop of Rouen in 1037. However, as he opposed the marriage of Duke William and Matilda of Flanders in 1049, he was banished from Rouen to the Isle of Guernsey. There he married Gisella or Guille..." That tends to explain why Guille-like Quillans share a version of the Major Coat.

Ever since I was floored with the AlNAY / Ney/Nay link to Mike Oullette's Babe pointer, I've been doing pure heraldry, much of it to prove that God was behind it. But now I want to turn to possible pointers in the news. Every indication is that Bill Barr will be forced to conduct the investigations that Sessions and Wray refused to do. Toward this purpose, Devin Nunes says this week that he plans on suggesting the indictments of certain persons for Bill Barr and Wray to carry out. Nunes is also announcing law suits against other media next week, a very bold and needed thing in order to alter this rotten aspect of the nation. Media is our number one enemy, Christians. It's the tool bag of the societal engineers wishing to murder God in all of the world. Politics is the hammer of the tool box.

There were three "non" motto terms around the Moors/More's, and Nons/Nevins (hmm, rhymes with "Devin") were first found in Ayrshire with Non-loving Moors/More's and Barrs. That's why I'm asking whether Nons are pointers to Devin Nunes. Bill Barr looked like he may have been pointed to by the barrel-shaped door-handle part, and Handle's are More-like Moray liners. English Moors share the cinquefoils of French Buckets, and there was a bucket entity (Bushels) in the dream immediately after I saw the barrel-shaped part. On top of this, one Barrel Coat shares the Chief-Shield colors of the Non-loving Dure's in the motto of Scottish Moors/More's. The latter entered the discussion with Jeffrey Moor, and Jeffreys (Babe kin) were first found in Herefordshire with these particular Barrels. Dure's use the Saluzzo Coat while English Moors are said to have had a More location in Shropshire, where there is a Clun location that had Alan kin of Dure's.

Keep in mind that FitzAlans of Clun / Arundel married the daughter of THOMAS of Saluzzo. Here's from the English Moors: "...John More, only son and heir of Sir THOMAS, the celebrated chancellor of England, having obtained [BARnbrough] by marriage with Ann CRESacre..." Cresacre's recalled the Cressys (Markham write-up) but I'd like first to mention that Acre's are a Dagger branch while Dagger-like Dexters/Decksters (Leicestershire, same as English Moors) use two of the Moor chevron. Dure's happen to use a short sword often called a dagger.

Recall that Moors entered the discussion with the moorcock of Alnay-liner Oullette's, for the giant Alnay lion is shared by both Cressy surnames, the French branch first found in Burgundy with Alnays and Mars/More's. The English Cressys were first found in Norfolk with Gangs/Geggs sharing the cinquefoils of Buckets and English Moors.

Barrs became suspect with the Barrels after Champs and Dechamps had linked to door-handle themes, and finally French Beauchamps showed the Barr eagle. The key to that link was: "The French [Champ/Dechamp] name originally came to Canada with Jean-Baptiste, born in 1646, son of Jean, Lord of Sandes." I smothered to flames with sand in relation to the door handle. Having repeated that: English Beauchamps look like kin of Gore's/Core's, and that can be of the "franGOR" motto term of Scottish Moors/More's. It recalls the Jarrow variation of Moor-beloved Dure's. The term is also for Frane's/FreNAYs, first found in Burgundy with Alnays. As could be expected where Alnays are of the Alansons/Alanays, English Frane's were first found in Shropshire. The latter Frane's use the Frame lion in colors reversed, which is also the Nunes lion, which I wouldn't add except that Nons are all around the Moors / Dure's.

Having said that, the Dure's can be revealed as Door liners, of the broken door handle, because Dure's share the Barrel Shield. These Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with Dore's/Doors, that's right. And there are also Brittany Dore's/Doreys looking like a branch of the leopard-face Doors. And a thing I have not mentioned in this update is that French Doors/DORLeys share the giant lion of Dorels/Darrels, the latter throwing in a Moor head in Crest! Bingo.

I'll let you decide whether God would want to prove that the door handle was a pointer to BILL Barr where Bills share the Chief-Shield colors of Barrels. The enigma is that Barr was appointed attorney general many years ago by Bush Sr., and here the first part of the door-handle dream is now proof in my eyes that he was born a Scherff Nazi. Will Barr go against that thing? Was he chosen by Bush apart from being part of the Nazi inner circle? Did Barr see and come to know things that he now wants to punish? Or am I dreaming?

It may be very good news that Trump is urging Barr publicly to punish the dossier / collusion criminals. Yet we recall that he did this under Sessions while Sessions did nothing but protect the criminals. Some other good news is that no one on the Mueller team, including Mueller, has yet come out with a leak or a public comment to deny the mini-report from Barr. The Republican victory party is being allowed to go on daily without a peep from the Mueller lawyers or other team members. Apparently, they don't want to make Barr angry, which, if true, is yet another good sign.

The door-handle dream is about Nazi elements in the CIA and other areas of government and shadow government. Repeat: "It's interesting that while Hiedlers/Hitlers share the sun and the stars of Moors / Gore's, Heidlers have a version of the German Ney/Nue/Nige Coat. Just as I wrote that last triplet, a song came on, "NEARER to Thee," with the line, "NO MORE tears," which looked like it was pointing to the Ney-Moor relationship. Moors/More's love the Nons, and Nears/Nairs (Perthshire) happen to be NAYERs/NEYers too. Is this verifying that the Babe sun is that of Hitlers?" This is about God linking Mr. Oullette and Jeffrey Moore as friends, and so I was asking whether God set Jeff up with Carol as his wife for a reason. I dated Carol's friend, Kelly, and Kellys use a Enfield griffin as well as the Shield and Crest of Gaineys/Keveneys, the latter's Enfield in the design of the Hiedler/Hitler griffin. It just so happens that Carols and Kellys / Gaineys share lions combattant. Oullette's were at Falaise while Fallis' share the Kelly lion, in case this applies.

Recall the theory that God might use the heraldic tower to point to the 9-11 crime, for Kellys / Gaineys place a tower between their lions. The only thing I've been able to figure for my Kelly is a pointer to John Kelly, Trump's former Chief-of-staff, a military man, suspect as a Bushite. He was at least friendly with Hope Hicks and Rob Porter, and so the first thing I'll go to here is that while Porters are of Poitiers / Poitou, where the Beauchamps were first found who share the giant Barr eagle. Then, English Beauchamps share a Shield version of English Gaineys/ENgains, who seem to apply to "ENfield." Does this look like it could indicate that Bill Barr as our friend, or foe? Was Trump forced to hire Barr because the Nazified shadow government told him so, or else? I suppose we will soon find out, if he goes after only Democrats and not Mueller. We can assume that Mueller is Bush property.

Just to say, Gaineys/Keveneys were first found in Galway with BERKs/Burghs while BERKshire is where Enfields were first found.

Let's go back to "NEARER to Thee," for Noyers/NEYERs, first found in Burgundy with Oullette-liner AlNAYs/OulNEYs, have a giant eagle half in the colors of the same of Barrs / Beauchamps. The song, Nearer the Thee, came to topic when I heard the line, "no MORE tears," strongly pointing to Moors/More's at the time, and it just so happens that French More's/Morrais' share the Noyer/Neyer eagle in both colors. Mario's/Marie's (share Boston / Touch/Tuff / Lyon / Hume lion) had "Marion des Noyers, in Brittany...", though they had a branch in green-lion Lorraine and Burgundy, not far from Noyer-like Nevers in case it applies.

Recall the barrel-SHAPE of the missing door-handle part, as it linked to Capote's/SHAPus, for the latter's Coat, as was said above, is a version of the French More/Morrais Coat! The latter surname was first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Mattres', which brings the Chives-related Mathis' to mind, first found in Burgundy with Alnays and Mario-like Mars/More's. It's bringing general James Mattis to mind, who quite the Trump administration at the time that John Kelly was cut loose. Massi's/Mattis' share the Houston / Stewart checks.

Repeat: "the Merick Coat looks linkable to that of French Maurice's and French Mars/More's/Maurs," and then Welsh Maurice's were first found in Herefordshire with Babe-related Jeffreys and Barrels. By the way, the Welsh Maurice's are the third surname I know of using a lion looking backward, along with Morells and Lise's/Leish's. And it just so happens that English Lise's share the six pale bars of English Babel/Babwell and in the Arms of Richard Amerike (includes same stars as Washingtons), who probably named America. He was also Mr. Meryk, like the Merick surname. French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with Maurice-suspect More's/Morrais'. Recall how Cabots linked to Capote's/Shapus:

Richard ap Meryk, anglicised to Richard Amerike (or Ameryk) (c. 1440–1503) was an Anglo-Welsh merchant, royal customs officer and, at the end of his life, sheriff of Bristol [near Wells and the first-known Babe's suspect with BabWELLs]. Several claims have been made for Amerike by popular writers of the late twentieth century. One was that he was the major funder of the voyage of exploration launched from Bristol by the Venetian John CABOT in 1497, and that Amerike was the owner of Cabot's ship, the Matthew (Amerike's Wikipedia article).

But Amerike is another story. The black Babel/Babwell eagle is now looking lime the Alanson/Alanay eagle. German Babels/Bebe's were first found in Baden while the Badens/Battins/BATTANTs (expected with combattant lions) were first found in Somerset with a Wells location. The combattant Kelly lions are in the colors of the Poole lions, and Poole's along with their Poole location are in Dorset, where Alnay-related Babe's were first found. The Lise / Arms-of-Amerike bars look very connectable to the fesses of German Drummonds, suggesting the line of Maurice Drummond, grandson of king Andrew I of Hungary and a Varangian-Rus woman from Keveney-like Kiev. Gaineys/Keveneys share the Kelly Coat and Crest. Scottish Drummonds were even first found in Perthshire with Lise's/Leish's while the Amerike Arms has the pale bars of the Hampshire Lise's, smack beside Poole and the first-known Babe's. Babe-related Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset, and Bassets share the Scottish Drummond Coat.

Morells, sharing a backward-looking lion with Maurice's, share the bend of Kiev-suspect Keeps, and the latter are loved by Hebrons, first found in NorthUMBERland with Morells. The Morell bend is also that of Lorraine's, and so the "esto" motto term of Morells tends to clinch a Morell-Lorraine relationship because the Barr eagle is the Este eagle. I asked Lorraine out at her bus STOP, and STOPfords share "fidelis" with "Fidelis Esto," the motto of Weavers in the "weaver's shuttle" of Keeps. You can't get heraldically neater than that. God had me compare the sun-bright blond hair of Mr. Kepke to that of Lorraine's for finding the Blond relationship to Babe's. The six bars of Blonds were connectable to the six bars of Leavells and AMORE's / DaMORys/Amori's, and the latter's are wavy, fessewise bars, as are the Drummond fesses. Moreover, as we can see the Barrs in these heraldic bars, let's add that the white dog head of Amore's is in the Chief of Barrels.

The three wavy fesses of Damorys/Amori's are shared by Marlands/Marklands with Martel-representing martlets.

In the Obama dream, which occurred a couple of weeks after Trump replaced him on January 20, the last scene, after he was celebrating by dancing, then skateboarding up a ramp, was his disagreement with a male employee (or something to that effect) who was looking over his shoulder at Obama chewing him out. This became suspect with the lion looking over its shoulder of Morells, for Obama made MICHAEL JOSEPH Morell his CIA director. Michael and Joseph were Oullette brothers. "Morell was also Bush's briefer during the September 11, 2001, attacks, and, when asked by Bush who was responsible, Morell said 'I would bet my children's future that the trail would lead to the doorstep of Osama bin Laden and al Qa'ida'." Will Morell betray Obama? Is Morell a friend or foe of Bill Barr? We just saw Morells linking hard to Lorraine, location of Bar-le-Duc.

In the sleeping-bag dream, Morell-like Morley was riding his motorbike, looking like a Nazi, and on a road, and Roads share the eagle of Lorraine's while Roets share the Shield of Bills. As Barrs were known Este kin, the white Road / Lorraine eagle is suspect as the Este eagle on red.

Gaineys/Engains share a version of the Gore Coat while we saw a Gore trace to Quillan, possibly a Kelly branch. The Wells, sharing a black, double-tailed lion with Cressys (the latter very suspect with the giant lion of Alnays), were first found in Lincolnshire with Kills/Keele's and Cheile's. I met Kelly from a friend of Alnay-line Mr. Oullette. Lincolnshire is on the Humber river while the three fesses of Humbers look linkable to Babe's, Neys/Nays and Oullette's. I trace Humbers and Northumberland to "Umbria," where Cressy-like Grazio's (PERUSia) were first found who share the pomegranate with the Crispins (PARES) of Lorraine. English Crispins, with BARS in the colors of the Damory bars, were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's, Damorys and Peare's. My first day with Lorraine, shortly after my last outing with Miss Peare, was when I asked her out at the Bush-suspect BUS stop at the corner of Yonge and LORNE (Lorraine's are Lorrens too, but I didn't know until 35 years later), and the relationship ended the night she came home, while out on a walk with a married man, with a GRASS streak on the side of her butt's white pants (I was waiting at her place at the time with his wife). Grass', suspect with Grazio's, are in the "tufts of grass" of Bosco's, the Bushel liner, kin of Rose's in the Yonge Coat. Tufts share the red crosslet of Morells, and the latter's is colors reversed from the Gainey/Engain crosslets [God will later show evidence of a Gainey link to Maurice's].

As few as two weeks after I broke it off with her by pointing at her grass streak, one of the Oullette brothers, Joe, asked me to come along to visit our old friend. We took the bus to the Finch subway station (big city of Toronto), and as I got off the bus, there was Lorraine the first in line to get on the bus. What were the chances of that meeting? It seems that God set that event up to reinforce the Oullette link to Babe's or even to things in Lorraine (essentially beside Burgundy, where Alnays were first found).

It can be gleaned that Alnays/Oulneys were a Ney / Neyer merger with Alans of the Alanson/Alanay kind. The blue pheons (see Celts/Colts of Perthshire) on the Near/Nayer Coat are in the colors of the Bush/Bosch/Bos billets, suggesting that the Nears/Nayers are using the Bush/Bosch/Bus lion (!), especially as Nairs (Perthshire, beside/near Nairnshire) are suspect with the naming of Nairnshire, where Rose's lived who married Bosco's. "Nearer to Thee" just linked us to Bushels (share water bouget with Rose's) of the Nazified, door-handle dream.

The mermaid in the Near/Nayer Crest can be of the Glass' and related WALSers, recalling that Adolf Hitler's father married Miss GLASSL as well as Pollock-suspect Miss POLZl. Adolf's nephew, William Hitler (may have been the son of Miss Glassl), changed his surname to "Stuart-Houston" while Houstons (share Stuart checks) with Stuarts were in the GLASgow area with Pollocks. Nearer to Thee has brought us here, but there is more, a key: Houstons share the Enfield / PULLy/Pullen martlet while the Hiedler/Hitler Crest has a griffin in the design of the so-called Enfield griffin of Gaineys/Keveneys.

I trace Walsers (Salassi theater) latter to AULUS Terentius Murena (conquered Salassi), suggesting now that Oullette's / Aulnays may have been from him, and that, perhaps, Alans from Aulon/Avlona merged with his line to form Alnays. Let's be reminded that Neys/Nays share the Babe bars, almost the bars of Haughts/HECTORs while Hiedlers/Hitlers look linkable to Ectors/Hectors. Walsers use their mermaid with two tails (theme of Wells and Alnay-related Cressys), and moreover while God used Mike Oullette to link Oullette's to Babe's, a double-tailed mermaid is used by German BABels/Bebe's. Babe's were first found beside the mermaid-using Lapps (Wells area).

Jays, who share the roses on a bend of Jewish Rothchilds, and who were first found in Herefordshire with Jeffreys and Barrels, are in the jay of POITvins/Potvans, first found in Poitou with Beauchamps. French Pepins (share raven with Rothes') look related to Poitvins, and Pepins love the Este's who in-turn have exactly the Beauchamp Coat. The Pepins have their raven in the color of the Poitvin jay, and this jay is on what could be the Roque rock.

English Cressys have two tails on their black lion, as do English Wells who look like they could have formed from "AULnay" or something similar. Montforts have two tails on their lion too, and Montfort is a location near Rennes and Dol while the Dol-line Stewarts, who trace to WestPHALia's Well-like Velens / Velins, share the pelican on a nest with German Wells/Wellens, the latter first found in Westphalia and Rhineland. The latter location is where Salome's were first found who share the bend-with-stars of Well-related Vallibus'/Vaux's; these stars are in the Poitvin/Potvan Chief. This recalls the expectation that Foque de Aulnay in the Oullette write-up is of the Faux's, said to be a Vaux branch. English Faux's/Fauks' are expected with the mascle of Velen- / Well-like Walleys/Whaleys. "The surname Faux was first found in Essex where Robert de Vals, de Valibus, de Vaux was first listed shortly after the Conquest." Wellands/Weylands, first found in Devon with Walerans (Whaley colors and format), share a black and upright lion with Wells. It appears that Wells / Wellens and Velens / Velins were nothing but from/to Waleran de Leavell.

To put it another way, Waleran de Leavell was from Alans of Velen-line "Aulon/AVLONa" in Epirus, beside Bully, explaining the Waleran bulls. I've just loaded Avalon-like Valons/Wallons, who are new to me, and they were first found in Burgundy with Wells-related Cressys and Cressy-related, Alan-liner Alnays. Avallon in France is under 100 miles from Lorraine (between the Meuse and Little Meuse rivers).

It's necessary to point out here that while Velens/Valens now show the Alan / Gore/Jore martlets, they once showed ducks along with Alans (all in the same colors as their martlets). Ducks, first found in Westphalia, trace very well to Bar-Le-DUC, home of the Brunswick Barrs. A pointer of Bar-le-Duc (Lorraine) to Bill Barr might just be why God uttered "what a babe" at my Lorraine. The most I've been able to do with a Lorraine link to BAR-using Babe's thus far is the Lise's who almost use the Babel/Babwell BARS, connectable to Scottish Lise's/Leish's sharing the double chevrons of Laurens, who are like the Lorren variation of Lorraine's. The latter use lions colors reversed from those of Irish Moors (and Morgans), first found in Leicestershire with English Moors and Simon de Montfort.

It gets Herod-Archelaus important when we go to Wheelers/Whellers/Whalers ("Avito JURE" likely for Velen-related Jore's), noting the whale of Dols, and keeping in mind that Velens / Velins are Alan-of-Dol cousins. Herod Archelaus was banished to the area of Lyon, and Lyons share the Lorraine lion, we need to emphasize that here because the same lion is used by Wheelers/Whellers/Whalers upon the Herod/Harald fesse (view Haralds as secretive Herod-Archelaus liners). Then, Whale's (Berwickshire, Babe-important) happen to share the Lorraine bend, and, to boot, the Babe's and Whale's share a black canton square (!) with whale-using Whaleys!! Just look at the importance there of knowing the Babe-Lorraine link (thanks to God alone), for it's tracing Lorraine elements to queen Bebba of Bernicia.

The Barrel write-up mentions Barwell in Leicestershire, and there is a Barwell/BARWICK surname linkable to "Brunswick" sharing double fesses and a woman in blue with Parrs. Barlys use double, wavy fesses.

Simon de Montfort married the family of Leavell-related BEAUmonts of Meulan. Lorraine's BEAUTiful feet were seen on the PAVEment of Leavell-related Yonge street, and Pavers happen to share the checks in the Arms of Meulan, which is the Shield of the CUMBERland Vaux's too. Waleran de Leavell married a daughter of the Meulan Beaumonts, and BEAUTYs share the three bulls of Walerans. I recall reading that Wells were in the midst of the Bec Abbey to which Beaumonts and Crispins both belonged, tending to explain why Wells, Montforts and Crispin-suspect Cressys all have double-tailed lions. Crispins are Clare's, and the latter's triple chevrons are obvious in the Coat of Laurens (they are Clarens too), which recalls that French Crispins (UMBRia suspects) were first found in Lorraine. Lorraine's were first found in NorthUMBERland. French Clairs share the Yonge roses.

I'd like to go back to the Obama dream where he was first dancing, and then skating up a ramp on a skateboard. It seemed to mean that Obama would be very happy to escape the Republicans immediately after Trump took over, yet the next scene with his disagreement with his employee or other type of servant spelled trouble for him. Then the dream ended with no further clue, aside from the employee being in a squatted / stooped position near the ground in the back yard of Obama's billiard hall, which I instinctively knew had a co-owner with him.

The point is that, earlier in the dream, a page on the billiard table, and the CUE I was shooting it with, was a pointer to Lisa Page / Carter Page and the dossier paid for by Perkins COIE and Hillary RODHAM Clinton. I am therefore asking whether the demi-lion of Morells, in the red color of the Steele and Dance lion head, is adding to the weight of identifying the employee as Michael Morell. The other two lions looking over their shoulders are both gold, one being that of Maurice's who add a brown tree stump in Crest, symbol also for the Rodhams, first found in Northumberland with the Morells. That looks pretty powerful in acting as a pointer to guilty parties, but there's more, for the French Maurice Coat is a near-copy of the English BILLIARD/HILLARD Coat (version of the BILLIARD/Billet Coat). That tends to explain why I was in Obama's billiard hall.

In other words, Obama's has dirty secrets with Mike Morell. The latter needs to be questioned. Morell was the deputy director of the CIA starting in mid 2010, and then followed Leon PANETTA as the CIA director in late 2012 amid the Benghazi scandal.

If Obama was on a skateboard going up a ramp as part-code for Ramps/Rumps, the only thing I've had to say of them is that they have two, brown lions combattant suspect with the two, gold lions in pale of Brunswicks. The Cumberland location of the first-known Ramps/Rumps makes them suspect with Burns and Bernice's, first found in Cumberland and therefore linkable, perhaps from Barrs of Brunswicks, to Barwicks and Barwells/Barwicks. My hope in this picture is that it speaks to Bill Barr's investigation into Obama and Michael Morell. In the midst of his Benghazi scandal, Obama needed a trustworthy CIA chief, who would keep the secrets, and that's when he chose Morell for the job.

Morell followed Mr. Kappes as deputy CIA director, and Kappes' are listed with Alpins who share a sword across a fir tree with muzzled-bear Alis'. Muzzled bears are used by Barwicks. As Morell was chosen by Bush to be his "briefer" (= spy) for to manage the 9-11 crime, Morell could be a Nazi element. This can explain why Obama was on a skateBOARD, I now realizing, immediately before the scene with the employee with head turned back over his shoulder. For, the Board Coat is a great reflection of the Enfield Coat, and Enfields are suspect in the Hiedler/Hitler Crest. (I recall the Enfield-Crest martlet as black, but it's now blue). There is the further comparison that Boards share the antelope with Singletarys in Obama's Dunham-line ancestry, while Boards and Singletarys share white martlets.

By the way, in the 17th century Wales there was a Morys character, son of Morgan, which recalls that Irish Moors (Leicestershire) share the giant lion of Morgans. Moors are traced in their write-up to a term like mythical Mordred, who killed king Arthur as he escaped to Avalon, the island of Morgan le Fay. Morgan father of Morys was the grandson of Ievan, a term I'm suspecting with "Levante," brother of king Andrew I, the latter being the grandfather of Maurice Drummond, the line to Welsh Maurice's who share the lion of English Reesors. The Welsh Reesors/Rees'/Rhys'/Rice's ("melioRIS AEVi") are therefore from Rees, son of Ievan and father of Morgan above. Morys son of Morgan is in the Maurice write-up.

To check whether "Ievan" was a Levan variation, Levans/Vanier's were loaded, though while knowing that Levens were first found in Shropshire, beside Wales. Reesors share the raven with German Rothes' while English Rothes were, previous to very recently, said to have been first found in Shropshire. I suspect the Reesor/Rees Coat with that of Tintons, themselves of Tintagel, birthplace of king Arthur with his mother being the wife of Lois-liner Gorlois. The Welsh Louis' share the giant Levan lion, in colors reversed from the Philip lion, and it just so happens that Ievan was the son of Philip. What are the chances, if there was no blood / marital connection, that Philips love the Amore's, from Maurice Drummond, in their motto? What are the chances, with no blood / marital connection, that French Philips use a version of the French Maurice and French Mar/More Coats? I've mentioned much of this before, but never with the Philip > Ievan > Rees > Morgan > Morys line before. That's new to me today.

French Louis' were first found in Lorraine, and that's to what Maurice-related Morells traced. Lois' were first found in Artois, the capital of which was Arras, and the Arras Coat happens to share the fleur-de-lys of Levans/VANier's. I've always said that king Arthur's wife was a Van / Vannes liner, especially the Fane's/Vans on Monmouth, where Geoffrey of Monmouth, special writer on king Arthur myth, was from. Monmouthshire is beside GlaMORGON, anciently, Morgannwg, and this is where Welsh Louis' were first found.

French Louis' share the lozenges of Breconshire-suspect Bricks (Massey fleur), and the latter use the Coat of Whelans, which recalls Miss Whelan, whom I dated seven years after moving away from a Reesors drive. I didn't know her until after those seven years were passed, and she happened to live at the corner of Henry Corson Place and that Reesors drive. Breconshire is where Thomas' were first found who share the Reesor/Rees Coat, and these Thomas' can be gleaned, by the other Breconshire Thomas', to be from Thomas of Saluzzo. Where the Masci-related Mass'/Maso's (Masci / Massena / Taddei colors) of Piedmont are said to be from "Tommasso," it's probably evidence that Thomas of Saluzzo was a Masci.

It was while my parents lived at Reesors that lightning struck the chimney, sending BRICKs all over the roof. Roofs/Rolphs share the black ravens of Welsh Reesors/Rees' and Thomas'. Corsons/Carsons have the Brick / Whelan / Louis lozenges in colors reversed. I kid you not, and I've told this before a few times, that I dated Miss Whelan immediately after being with Louise Philips.

I kid you not, I've told this a few times, that while living with Miss Philips and Christine Peare, I painted the album cover of Tea for the Tillerman, by CAT Stevens (I didn't own the album, and had never heard its music), on a full kitchen wall (floor to ceiling). Decades later I learned that Tillers (probably the Louis lion) were first found in Glamorgan with Louis', and they were from the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina (near the Maezaei), that being of CAT-using Cetins/Cattans (Masci colors again). The Glamorgan Lewis', a branch of Louis', share the green dragon with STOPfords/Stockports, and I first met Lorraine at her bus STOP. A ruler of Morgannwg, whose name I've forgotten, shared three red chevrons with Taddei's.

One of my first heraldic links was the Taddei's to the Welsh Tudors, and here I can add that while a great-grandmother of mine was a Taddei, the English Reesors can be linked to Taddei's by way of comparing the Ferrand crosses to the Reesor cross and the Taddei Chief. Moreover, when we moved to Reesors, my father worked real-estate with Bruno, who bought a house beside us. Bruno's were first found in Florence with Taddei's. Decades later, I discovered that Tattons married Massys, of my mother's Masci line. Italian Ferrands share the Shield of Massi's/Mattis' as well as the Arms of Massa-Carrara, not far from Florence, and beside Lucca, where Massai's/Massars were first found. I'll bet that Lucy, beside Massy, is from Lucca elements.

Tudors, and Tudor-related Trevors, were first found in Herefordshire (beside Wales / Monmouthshire) with Maurice's and BARRELs. Lucca's, showing only a cat, are said to have been first found in BARLetta. Barletts/Bartlets (married STOPhams) share double black-on-white fesses with Barleys. Barletts/Bartlets, whom I'm not familiar with, are GREAT for sharing the black, demi-griffin of Scotts, clinching Scotts from lake Scodra, location roughly of a Bar location on the sea coast! Double whammy. And while Lorraine was linked by God to Stop liners, Bar elements trace to Lorraine's Bar-le-Duc. The other Scotts are probably with the Masci / Massena bend.

I was just checking at Google for where Barletta is located, but spelled it wrong as "Bartello," and Bartolo's (Bart colors) came up, first found in Florence with Bruno's and Barone's, and sharing the Maurice lion. German Bartolo's share the stars of Scotts, Bart-like Brights and Maceys. Barletts/Bartlets use a Coat version of the Maisys/Meyseys (near the Barrels). It turns out that Barletta is under 40 miles from Bari in Apulia, which is essentially directly across the Adriatic channel from Bar at Scodra.

Compare "Bristol" to "Bartolo," for Austrian Bartolo's share the crescent of Bristol (may love Doors in their motto).

As Barrels (Thomas-of-Saluzzo suspects) relate to the door handle of the Jeep sold to me by Mr. Simone, it suddenly appears that French Simons (Lorraine) share the Louis / Levan/Vannier lion, for these Simons use a "MON" motto term traceable by Louis' to Monmouthshire. These Simons, the key for connecting the Lorraine Louis' to the Welsh Louis', have a "C'EST" motto term which can connect to the Barr-Este relationship.

Why is the door-handle dream spilling over to this Louis / Lorraine thing? Aside from asking the Barrels, we maybe need to ask the flames in the dream whether they know anything about Mons, the Hainaut capital in the land of Flemings. In fact, the Bouillons were Flemings, and Taddei's share the flory crosses of Bouillons. Miss Peare traced hard to Bouillons, yet my first kiss with her pointed to the Scalia ladder, and I was on a ladder when dropping the container that caught flames. God took her away from me, I assume, letting her go to Lawrence KEPke, suspect with Cheps/JEEPma's. Keeps share the Lorraine bend. The flames were put out with sand while Lawrence's (share ragully pattern with Sands) were south of Sands.

I now recall my conclusion of a few months ago that heraldic ladders are code for Letters/Lauders, themselves from Lotheringia, otherwise known as Lorraine! Wow. But why is Lorraine a part of the shopping-cart / door-handle dream? As I said, I was put together with Miss Whelan by RICK / RICHARD Young because he was dating her sister. In this picture, it suggests the Rich's/Richess', said to be of Lorraine, and therefore probably of Richeza of Lotheringia. If I recall correctly, she was the mother of Casimir of Poland, who had married a woman from royal Kiev (Varangians), the same people who furnished the grandmother of Maurice Drummond.

I can now re-tell my story of the time that a Drummond family called me to tile their bathroom floor. They had jacked the floor up from the basement, and, after the tiles were installed, a long crack developed in the floor tile from the stress of the floor raising. It's just that Tile's are Tiller kin, and Tillers were Louis kin, very apparently.

The previous owner of my Jeep is from Italy's BeneVENTO, suspect with the Veneti that I see as king Arthur's wife, from the Veneti Celts at Vannes. Mythical Avalon is likely from Aulon/Avlona, the namer of Avellino, I assume, near Benevento. It goes to mount Velino of the Marsi, and Marsi are very linkable to the namer of Maurice Drummond, which was either his father, George, or his mother, whom I had read may have been a woman of Podebrady, Bohemia. Bradys, possibly from Brattia, an island off the Tilurius river, have a finger pointing to a sun. Points/Pointers have two fingers pointing, and were first found in Berkshire with Gainey-beloved Enfields. Bradys were first found in Galway with Gaineys/KEVeneys, Kiev suspects, working very well to trace Bradys to a woman of PodeBrady, mother of Maurice Drummond.

It recalls a Brady family I befriended for a short time, where the man of the house had a name, Laurie, if I recall the spelling. Laurie's happen to share the brown tree stump with Maurice's, wow. And wow some more, I have just looked him up to get the right spelling, and found Laurie Brady's obituary in GAINESville Florida, his place of residence. That is amazing. It's as though God wanted to use him to verify the Podebrady mother of Maurice Drummond in relation to Gaineys/Keveneys. But why why why? For one thing, it's pointing Hiedlers/Hitlers to the Kiev Varangians, but who cares?

The obituary tells that Brent is Laurie's son. It's interesting that the Somerset Brents share the giant wyvern with the neighboring Tile's (Dorset). "The Brent family was originally from Conteville, in the arrondissement of Eure in Normandy." The Burgo rulers of Conteville were to the Berks/Burghs, first found in Galway with Bradys and Gaineys/Keveneys, which gets things to a point higher than merely interesting. The Brady sun can now be the sun of Babe's, first found in the same place as Tile's (tentatively linked to Drummonds), and we recall from above that Tillers are kin of Louis' that were also in Lorraine, the latter linkable to the Laurie surname. What are the chances that Babe's have a finger pointing to a sun??? WOW, I had forgotten this until loading them just now! I had forgotten it when mentioning the Brady finger pointing to a sun. Wowowowow!

The German George's, using St. George with a dragon, is thus suspect with the Tile dragon.

My Lorraine pointed in several ways to Paeonian/Paionian peoples, which I think include the Payens/Paions with a paint-like Paiont variation. Mrs. Brady painted a picture of my wife and I from a wedding photo. Every member of this family was very nice, and undertook the ministry of singing / preaching in churches across North America.

As I strongly believe that Andrew's Cross, the name of Scotland's flag, is secretly from king Andrew, the British flag, called St. George's flag, became suspect secretly from George, son of king Andrew and father of Maurice Drummond. If that's correct, we might expect a George surname from George, and it just so happens that English George's were first found in Dorset with Babe's. These George's are said to have been large in Monmouthshire.

These George's share blue doves with English Wessels/Waistells (could be the Comine garbs) while German Wessels use an antler in colors reversed from the Veringer / Casimir antler, the Casimirs suspect from Casimir of Poland, son of Richeza of Lorraine, and husband of a Kiev Varangian woman. Casimir's father was Mieszko II LAMBERT, and French Lamberts happen to use a variation of the Billiard/Hillard Coat which we crossed above in comparison with French Maurice's. If the Wessel/Waistell garbs are those directly of Comine's, the lions in the George besants look like the Conte lion, for Conteville's ruled Comines (Artois, near Mons). The Coat of French Billiards/Billets, likewise a reflection of the Maurice Coat, is a white version of the Payen/Paion Coat, the latter sharing the Maurice chevron. The ugly bird I see on the tree stump of Welsh Maurice's has been called, perhaps in someone else's Coat/Crest, a dove.

English Lamberts are said to be from counts of Mons. "Mon" is a motto term of the Lorraine Simons, and the lion of Simon de Montfort is the double-tailed lion in the Arms of Bohemia. That's right. The ducks of German Lamberts become linkable to Bar-le-Duc, yet ducks also go by way of the nails of Ducks/Logan to the Nagle's/Nails (Westphalia, same as Ducks and duck-using Velins), who use Andrew's Cross in colors reversed.

I did trace proto-Hungarians of the Andrew line to the Ticino river, and its Laevi, who founded Pavia with Maurice-like Marici. Ahh, now we're making sense of things. The giant Mons/Mount lion is colors reversed from the Maurice lion, and the Mons/Mounts were first found in Pavia-line Peebles-shire. English Marks share the giant Maurice lion, we can assume. The Counts of Hainaut even used the three Levi chevrons (see Wikipedia's counts / county of Hainaut), which I have never seen in any other surname, tending to clinch Laevi liners at Mons.

German Marks share the double-tipped spear of Shakespeare's, which can explain why the heraldic / mythical St. George is always poking the dragon with a spear. The spears of Pasi's come to mind because they were first found in Bologna, home of the proto-Bohemian Boii.

Hungarians were Magog-suspect Magyars, possibly to Majors/Magors, though I have doubted that Hungarians are specific to end-time Gog in Ezekiel. The Khazars of Magog were merged with Magyars when the latter founded Hungary with three tribes of Khazars. While Goffers are a Jewish surname, Gophers/Gofers share the Andrew's Cross, and Goffs/Goughs were first found in Radnorshire (Wales, home of Cimmerians suspect with Gomer), beside MontGOMERyshire. RadNORshire can trace to the Neuri, whom I link to the Roxolani Rus, or ROSH, the line to Roxburghshire, where the Googe's/Gooch's were first found who share the boars of Goffs/Goughs.

Yet I was convinced that some Magyars were on the Ticino, or, at least, some Ticino elements had merged with the Magyars of Hungary, quite a mystery. The RoxoLANI were Alan Huns to the Brittany Alans, and the Brittany Goffs share the three dog heads of Pape's (Hamburg, same as Drummonds, yup) while there is a Papa location in Hungary off the MARCal river, a good place to seek Marici. Papa is only about 50-60 miles from BRATislava, which could be related to PodeBRADy.

There is a German Marcal/Marschall surname (fretty Shield), and it just so happens that Scottish Marshalls have the Andrew's Cross in colors reversed. These Marshalls had merged with the Keith Catti that I trace to the Cetina = Tilurius river. English Marshalls are traced to a Mr. Marechal, yet no one seems to realize that this surname is from the Marici. Scottish Pape's/Pope's, first found in Catti-liner Caithness, share checks with a couple of Mark surnames, including the Jewish Marx's.

The Marcal/Marschall Coat is the Cotta Coat in colors reversed, and I trace Cotta's with royal Cottians to the Cotesii, which lived on the Buzau river, where I've seen the Roxolani stamped.

I think I have discovered a Babe secret. The hand holding the gold scallop in the Crest of Pape's/Pope's is reflective of the hand pointing to the sun in the Babe Crest's, and so let's be reminded that Podebrady ("pode" means "town") Bradys have a hand pointing at a sun. It's all linkable to the Andrew > Drummond line from Marici, and therefore suspect from Papa at the Marcal river. It just so happens that Pavia, founded by Marici, was also, Papia, and this can now be traced to Poppo I, found of BABenberg! Bamm-Bamm! German Pape's are even Papenburgs. From this, we just compare "Babe" with "Pape/Pope" and arrive to the secret of Lorraine the babe, for she pointed without doubt to Pepin of Landen in multiple ways.

Ticino elements must have been in Lorraine, and here we can go to Nancy of Lorraine, for Nancys share the cross of Sinclairs/SUNs. The eight-pointed estoile in the Nancy Crest is much like a gold sun of Babe's, or the seven-pointed, gold star in the Crest of Bude's, first found in Cornwall with Nancys. In this Papa picture, Bude's can be of Budapest.

It was a beautiful summmer's day while riding my bicycle on Yonge street, on my 24th birthday. Across the street at her bus stop, whom I had seen there three of four times previous, there happened to be beautiful Lorraine. I had been hoping to meet her after having walked by her a little earlier in the year, when I blurted, in fun for me, "I'm going to MARRY you." I don't think I turned around to see if she stopped walking, because I figured she wouldn't. It happened at Lorne and Yonge, across the street from her bus stop. I now think that I blurted that out as a pointer to the Marici > Mar line to Maurice Drummond.

It's interesting that Laurie Brady (first wife passed away; I attended her funeral) remarried a Mary, according to his obituary. Might God have arranged that marriage to suggest that George's wife in PodeBrady was a Marici > Mar liner? Mar(r)ys were first found in Norfolk with Bus', whom might just have been from the Buzau river amongst the Roxolani.

I was with my bicycle at the very corner of the intersection where I had blurted the "marry" word, and she was across at the opposite side of the intersection. I rode to her, hardly said anything and maybe nothing at all when I asked if she would like to go out, I can't remember any of the words. All I remember is that I was planning to do laundry that night, and so, shaken by her agreeing to go out, I just said that we could meet at the laundromat, which was at the very corner of LEVENdale and Yonge, which causes me to remind that Leavells share the three piles of the ROXburghshire Leavells. "Levendale" is like, "Levante," brother of king Andrew.

I don't want to repeat myself fully to show the good case of a LAUNDRomat pointer to Landers/Landens, from Pepin of Landen, husband of Ita of METz in Lorraine, suspect with "laundroMAT." Pepin lived around the time of queen Bebba, and for obvious Poppo-of-Babenberg reasons, the two looked related.

Lorraine's bus stop was a pointer to Stops/Stubbs (version of Pepin / Pipe Coat), from Paeonians of Stobi, first found in Staffordshire with the Pipe's who share the Pepin Coat. Staffordshire is where Bassets (Pepin / Pipe horse head?) were first found who have a "POPulo" motto term perhaps for same-colored Popoli's. Bagots (share the Shake motto), in the Pipe write-up, are said to have been great nobles of Arras (at the Lys-river area), explaining why the Pipe's and Pepins share the fleur-de-lys of Arras'/Arrows. The Pipe surname was at TotMONSlow, suggesting Mons, and the Mons/Mounts happen to share the lion of Leghs/Leighs: "The surname Pipe was first found in Staffordshire at Field, a township, in the parish of LEIGH, union of Uttoxeter, S. division of the hundred of Totmonslow. It anciently belonged to BURTON Abbey..."

There you have Pavia-liner Pepins at Mons, capital of Hainaut, tending to partially explain why counts of Hainaut used the triple Levi chevrons in both colors...tending to prove that French Levi's (Ile-de-France, same as Bagot-like Bigots) were from the Laevi Gauls. Fane's/Vans of MONmouthshire use gauntlet gloves for elements of Gaunt at the Lys river, all near Landen of the Pepins. Burton Abbey of Pipe's went to Bagots, and the latter share the motto of MOLEhill Shake's while Mole's share the boar of Googe's and Goffs/Gough's.

Pepins named Papia, home of the Leven-like Laevi and the Marici. Levens/Lewins were first found with Burtons in Shropshire, and Burtons share dog heads with Pape's/Papens. Shropshire is beside the Goffs of RadNORshire, itself suspect from a Nahor line to the Neuri. This is the Biblical Nahor, who had a son, Buz, and another son, Kemuel, like "HAMELton," a surname sharing the ermined cinquefoil of Bus'. That's why Buz should have named the Buzau, and why Buzau elements should trace to Bus'. The latter were first found in NORfolk (near Camulodunum), same as Bagot-like Bags, and the sleeping bag was picked up by me in a BUSH. It might just be that the red Marry lion is that of Bush's/Bos'/Boschs. "I'm going to marry you," I said, as she was walking to her bus stop. "Kemuel" is like "Camulodunum," and its god, Camulos, suggests the camel of Pepins and Pipe's.

Pepins (Este horse heads) loved the Barr-related Este's, and Barrels use another dog head. Horsehead Este's were first found in Essex with Camulodunum. Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with Jays, and the jay-using Poitvins have a version of the French Pepin Coat. It strikes me here that the barrel-shaped (cylindrical) part might just have been God's way to indicate Pipe's (pipes are cylindrical). Camulodunum is now Colchester, and Colchesters share the chevron of Staffs (apparently related to Chandos') while Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire.

Yes, she showed up at the laundromat. I really should have had more class, done my laundry early, then picked her up at her place, but, of course, God wanted that laundromat in the picture. I cannot remember going back to my apartment (on Levendale) with her, with the laundry. My landlady was Edith, with a German accent, which brings Edith of Polesworth to mind, a Saxon (German) likely descended from the Bebba Bebbanburgs, suggesting that God chose for me to live at Edith's place to show that German Babenbergs were indeed of the Bebba Bebbanburgs. I've not mentioned Edith before (or maybe just once), but look at how that is working here just after making a Lorraine-the-babe connection rather hard to Poppo of German Babenbergs, who lived in Bamberg, Bavaria. Polworths were first found in Berwickshire, home of queen Bebba of Bamburgh castle. The three Polworth piles look linkable to the one Bamburg pile in the same colors.

The ugly bird in the Crest of English Bamburgs/Banburys is the one, if I recall correctly, called a dove, the same ugly bird in the Maurice Crest. Bamburgs/Bamburys were first found in Oxfordshire with Maurice-Drummond-liner Amore's and Damorys/Amori's...and Peare's. The Bamburg/Banbury Coat looks like it belongs to the Berwickshire Artems/Aitons.

I'm not yet sure of the relevance of having been with Miss Peare for a weekend, one, two, or at most three months before this Lorraine date from the laundromat. The weekend included a sex-less night in her apartment (my choice), church on Sunday morning, and a time out at a small BAR for her sake on Sunday night. It could have to do with Bar-le-Duc, yet the bar was in MARKham, I think I get it. Marici at Bar-le-Duc. Let me remind that Bernicia was anciently, Bryneich, like "Brunswick," home of Barrs of Bar-le-Duc. Markhams are the ones with the Cressys, suspect with Crispins, the French branch first found in Lorraine (!), and the English Crispins in Oxfordshire with Peare's!!! Wow. The Markham lion can be the Mark lion in colors reversed.

Lorraine is on my atlas between the two Meuse rivers, the larger one called the Maas by locals, and then the Maas surname is listed with Scottish Marrs sharing double lions in pale with Brunswicks, in half the colors, and the Maas/Marr Crest even has a BROWN lion.

The Bamburg/Banbury write-up traces to Banbury of Oxfordshire, called, BANESberie in 1086. It just so happens that French Banes' share the triple Babenburg chevrons, in case we didn't think that Banbury was a Bamberg element.

It is very apparent that, via Miss Peare and Lorraine, God wants to establish Ticino-river liners of the Laevi kind, in connection with the founding of the Arpad Hungarians, and then through Drummonds partly from the Kiev Varangians (from the Rosh) who conquered the Khazar empire. I'll assume that Varangian Rus were from Roxolani, and here it can be pointed out that Khazars proper had their beginnings at the Alania theater around the Terek river.

It's probably correct that the Lorraine surname was founded by Pepin blood in Metz.

Okay, so, we had our several clues that the barrel shape of the missing door-handle part spills over to all the things pointed to by my BIRTHday gift, Lorraine, suspect with BERTHE, wife of Mummolin of Chalons-sur-Marne, near Metz and on the border of Lorraine. Mummolin was descended from Rusticus of Lyon, which can explain why Lorraine's share the Lyon lion. Decimus Rusticus of Lyon was with Tullia at Clermont-Ferrand, and we saw Ferrands above, but we also saw why Lorraine's should link to Clare's of Crispin as well as to Clare-branch Laurens/Clarens.

Is Bill Barr in this missing part? Why did God make it missing? Is it a symbol of a free radical in the deep state?

Tulls/Tulia's use one pale bar in the colors of the two of German Steels, and the latter also have the Berta griffin. Can this speak to the Steele dossier that Barr is going to investigate? Or will he shun it?

Is Barr going to investigate pizzagate crimes? Crispins were at Parez of Lorraine, and there is a Paris/Parez surname, first found in Lorraine. Another miracle happened while writing "first found" above, timed with a song line playing on the speakers, "my strong TOWER" (song title, Yeshua Hamashiach)...just as I was about to launch into the Tower tower shared by BRUNeys, which term I took from the Paris/Parez write-up: "The main stem of the family became the Barons of Dagonville, Comtes de Sanpigny, and the Marquis de Bruney in 1730.". I was going to this tower topic while writing above because the Bruney tower (same colors) is used also by pizzagate-theme Comets, and yet heraldic towers are theoretically suspect (I've made them suspect) with the twin towers in New York. I'm hoping against all odds that Barr discovers or investigates 9-11 crimes.

[WOW, at 12:07, seven minutes after this update was uploaded, I loaded the Founds as per what was written above, "first found," and, unbelivebly, Founds list "Fontes," which recalls my looking up the Fantes' as per Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong to find the Ping/Pong Chief!!!]

I have not mentioned, in this update, Lorraine the babe's link to my bra event at age nine, when I touched a bra on a LAUNDRY line, while standing over a rabbit cage with white rabbits, that was eventually resolved with pizzagate's white-rabbit theme. God showed me that Lorraine was touching upon that thing, and here we are at the Bruney tower from the write-up of Lorraine elements. The bra event pointed to Bra of Cuneo, beside Asti, and Bruno's are said to have had a branch at Asti. How about that. It truly appears as though God had decided long ago to set me up to find the Bruneys, I've never known before, right here and now. It seems to be verifying that Comet Ping Pong Pizza is something He wants to deal with.

Here's what happened. I lived on Levendale when I first took Lorraine out. I moved out to four other places in the next couple of years before returning to Levendale, by invitation of Albert, at the same apartment (he went to work in BC). I was later forced to move out by Albert (who wanted his apartment back) at CHRISTMAS, I remember this at about the 22nd of December, it was so lousy of he and Edith (they ganged up on me), though I think I now know why, for the Christmas surname uses a white rabbit. I happened to find an apartment a couple of houses down Levendale, right beside the plaza that had two laundromats, one of them being where I had first met Lorraine a couple of years earlier, and the other at the other end of the plaza, right beside my new place. This new place had the old, grey concrete laundry sinks, and this was my kitchen sink.

One day, when perhaps the landlord (lived on the main floor above me) thought I wasn't home, I walked into my kitchen to find him clubbing a rabbit to death in the sink! A rabbit in a LAUNDRY sink, BECAUSE God wanted to assure me/us that the rabbit cage (had white rabbit in it) at the laundry line with the bra was to emphasize the white-rabbit theme that you can find online as one related to pedophilia. There is more to this story that I won't repeat here.

If the Christmas Shield were black, it would look like the Coats of Conns and Coneys with white coney rabbits. Coneys are suspect with "Cuneo," the area of Piedmont having the Bra location. On my last night with Lorraine, she came home with a grass stain on her white pants, and this can go to Crispins of Parez because grass-like Grazio's of PERUSia share the pomegranate with them. The point is, her PANTS, like the PANSY held by the rabbit in the Coney Crest. Pansys (Westphalia, includes Duck liner to Bar-le-Duc) are also PANTZers. Babe's were first found in Dorset, and so here's part of the Coney write-up: "Coney's Castle, an Iron Age hill fort in Dorset, England." DORset can be a Daorsi element. Dorsets share the sun with Babe's. Handle's share the Morays stars. Morays share the Babel mermaid. Babels/Babwells use six pale bars, the symbol of Pepin-of-Landen liners such as Langleys, Longfords / Langfords. Bra is in Langhe.

I'd like to go back to Bruneys now that they look connectable to Bars. I picked a fine time (no sarcasm) to remember just now that Italian Barone's (Florence, same as Bruno's) almost use the bendy of French Barrels, so good because Bruneys share two of the three Handle stars. It's as though God uses a door-handle to indicate a Daorsi-Bar partnership to Bruno liners of the Bruney kind, which then links to Comet-Ping-Pong pedophilia via the Bruney / Comet tower. As I said, Comets are in the colors and format of Comine's, and Comine was ruled by CONTEville's, from Conte's, the French branch of which was first found in Languedoc with Bruneys...and the Laurels in the laurel of the Lorraine Crest.

Bruneys share the CRESCENT with French Bruns, and the Cressent surname (Burgundy, same as Babe-related Alnays) -- possibly of Cressys (same lion as Alnays, in the colors of the Cressent lion) and/or Crispins -- has three bends (as do Barone's) in colors reversed from the same of Pings/Pongs/Paganells! You see, Bruneys are Intended to be a pointer to Comet Ping Pong, meaning also that Comets must have been Set Up heraldically for God to point them via Bruneys. Cressys are in the write-up of Markhams who in-turn use the Shield of Guerins minus the Payen/Pagan Coat used by the latter.

Payens/Pagans, to whom Lorraine the babe traces because she was about Paeonians, have dove-using kin such as Page's and Pansys/PANTZERs, and then the same Payens/Pagans share "spur rowells" (different design but called the same) with Panthers/PANTERs. It's got Lorraine's pants all over it, and she had no clue that God was using that grass stain for us (maybe she wasn't fooling around with that married man, maybe she got that stain by some other way).

The BUS STOP was a pointer to the Paeonian city of Stobi, near the Paeonian city of AstiBUS, and Bra is smack beside ASTI, where Bruno's are said to have had a branch. It's quite amazing.

On my first date with Lorraine, I remember nothing, after seeing her walk into the laundromat, but our super kiss (or I might not have remembered it) at the picNIC table in a park across the street from her apartment. The Nickle's share the Paeoni-suspect pheon of Stops/Stubbs in the same colors, and colors reversed from the pheons of Page's. The PICnic table can also be code for Pike's, first found in Devon with Page's (same colors). The vertically-split Shield of Pike's is colors reversed from the same of Dossier's//Hosier's, which can point to Lisa Page or Carter Page, two subjects / objects of the Steele dossier. Picks are in Payens/Pagan colors and format.

As the bus stop and grass stain is suspect with George Bush, LAURA Walsh just came to mind, Bush's wife. I've never made the Lorraine connection to this Laura before (so far as I recall), but the Lorraine motto has "Lauro." This is a fine time (no sarcasm) for it to come to mind because Walsh's love the Trans/Trents (Devon, beside Pike's) in their motto, who have the split Shield of Dossier's/Hosier's, and who moreover share the pheons of Page's. I think God is definitely pointing to some bad news for the Bush's.

Pick liners are expected from Pagan-like Picenum liners, and Justine of Picenum, who is in heraldry large with her husband, is in the Justine surname, with a Coat like that of BERTa's. We kissed at the PICnic table on my BIRTHday. I get it.

Berta's were first found in Ferrara, near the first-known Valentins, from Velen-like Valentinian I, Justine's husband, and the Valentin Coat traces by way of Aids/Ade's to the Stevensons, the latter first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. This recalls my trace of Valentinian's family to Valence, near Lyon, and Lorraine's are the ones with the Lyon lion. Berta married MumMOLIN, explaining the moline crosses of Justine-loving Sibals, from CIBALae, birthplace of Valentinian I. Mummolin was descended from Rusticus of Lyon, whose daughter, Artemia, married Florence-likely Florentinus. The Bruno's may have applied there, but, in any case, Florence was also, Firenze, the line to Clermont-Ferrand, home of Mummolin's Lyon descendants.

One Sibal moline is that of Segni's/Segurana's, the latter sharing the Barr / Este eagle, perfect for linking to Bar-le-DUC, suspect from duck-liner Velins. Ferrara was politically in partnership with Este, itself close to the first-known Valentins at VINCE-like Vicenza. Vince's and Winks/Wings (Perthshire, same as Justine's) are from Vinkovci, another name for Cibalae. So, God pointed with that picnic table to Valentinian's family. The SEGURana-like Segurs/SECONDs (Limousin, same as Clairs) are in the Levi motto.

It can be added that the Stevenson Coat is a version of the Aid/Ade Coat (likewise in the Levi motto) while AIDs were first found in Berwickshire with ARTEMs/AITons, their apparent kin, and so Artems can be gleaned with Artemia of Lyon. On the night of Lorraine's grass stain, I had danced with Mummolin-pointing Mamie. God proved with Mamie's thigh symbol at her GARDEN that she was a pointer to Mummolin -- whose son was BABon, the line likely to Babe's -- for Babons share the boar head of Gardens (and the Brittany Jarre's). Babon must have been a Babenberg or proto-Babenberg.

Lorraine's grass stain thus pointed to GRATian, Valentinian's father, whose name got suspect with Grazio's (Umbria, line to NorthUMBERland), the line to Lorraine's Crispins. Gratian-like Greats (Herefordshire, same as Barrels and Valentine's with an 'e') happen to share the gold border with Justine's, Berta's and Spanish Valentins, as well as the saltire of Nagle's/Nails who are part of the Ducks of Westphalia, where Velens and Velins were first found. Nagle's were at Oneglia, near Grasse, making Grasse suspect with "Great / Gratian." Valentine's are suspect with the lion of Spanish Valentins and French Vincents, the latter's border being in colors reversed from the Justine border. The winged horse in the Valentine Crest is shared with Bernice's. English Vincents probably have the Berwick(shire) bear. One can spot many times a link of Valentinian (predated Bebba) to Bebba's line. Bernice's and their Burns branch share black hunting horns with BIRTHs/Berts (share nearly a Stevenson Crest).

Lorraine's BUS stop got suspect with the "tufts of grass" of Bosco's, and so let's add that Tufts were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuff who use the Lyon lion in both colors. In colors reversed, this is the lion of Hume's and BOStons, both first found in Berwickshire, i.e. home of the Bebba Bebbanburgs. It's making the black boar of Bush's/Buschs connect with the black boar of Babons (Suffolk, same as Crispin-related Clare's).

I'd like to end on "my strong tower," because Towers love the Este's in their motto while sharing a giant eagle with them. The tower Towers got suspect with Ferrari colors because they are said to be from Fare-suspect Umfreville's (Strong colors), and because Italian fare's are Ferrari's while Ferrara was politically connected to neighboring Este. Also, Spanish Fare's use a tower along with what should be the double, wavy fesses of Formans/Fermans, the latter sharing the anchor of the Fare's (Cumberland, beside Umfreville's). In this way, "my strong tower" has discovered that Towers are Ferrara liners.

Why would God be concerned about all that? Forman-branch Formans share the Farmer / Farmey / Steele lion heads. There is a good chance that the people accused of being guilty of pizzagate activity at Comet Ping Pong are the ones involved in the Steele dossier. The Comets why share the Tower tower can be traced to Este by way of their being first found in Limousin with Seconds/SEGURs and Clairs. Segni's/Segurana's share the Este eagle, and are in the motto of Fessys who in-turn share the MY/Mea cross. MY strong tower. My's/Mea's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Strong-like Strings who share the gold, spread eagle with Strongs (Roger de Bully is in the String write-up). Also, Clairs are of the Claro's/Charo's, first found at Ferrara, and using a Coat like that of Irish Fare's when their moline was showing gold. The Josephs with the "charo" motto term share the garbs of Comine's, themselves suspect as a Comet branch.

It was here that I scrolled up to see what was first written when "my strong tower" sang over my speakers. Here's what I said: "Is Barr going to investigate pizzagate crimes? Crispins were at Parez of Lorraine, and there is a Paris/Parez surname, first found in Lorraine. Another miracle happened while writing "first found" above, timed with a song line playing on the speakers, "my strong TOWER" (song title, Yeshua Hamashiach)..." Seeing "first found," Founds were looked up to find them as Fontes' too, and, I kid you not, Founds/Fontes' use nothing but the bend of French Fare's, who likewise use nothing else. Is that not amazing, since the Towers led us to Fare's and then to the song miracle above? Founds/Fontes' were first found in Languedoc with purple-flag Ville's/Font-de-Ville's.

Moreover, Spanish Fontes' use a near-moline in colors reversed from the same of Irish Fare's when the latter's was showing in gold. The Fontes cross is a flory in the red colors used for it by Birds, and, I kid you not, I have seen the Coat description of Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's (share the Fantes and Ping/Pong Chief), saying it has a BIRD in the tree. Birds even use a "Mea" motto term while their cross is colors reversed from the My/Mea cross. Plus, we saw the Tower investigation go to Claro's/Charo's, who share a red-on-gold bull with Bird-like Beards. My's/Mea's linked to Strings (suspect with Strong eagle), and then Scottish Beards/Bards share the green griffin of Strings.

By bet is that Strong liners are of the Strange's who have this write-up: "Guido le Strange, son of the Duke of Brittany...Guido le Strange was ancestor of the various baronial houses of L'Strange and Strange." Guido's, with a lion in the colors of the Strange lions, were first found in Bologna with Fantes' and Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's. Strange's use the Coat of the Marrs, first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs, who in-turn look linkabe to Guerra's probably due to Guido Guerra III. Spanish Guerra's were first found in Castile with the Fontes' who can trace to the bird in the Pane/Panico tree.

All in all, it appears that God arranged for the Tower surname to trace to Comet Ping Pong pizza aside from Comets sharing the Tower tower. To this I would remind that Panico's were on the Setta tributary of the RENO while Reine's use a comet and the Pisa Coat in colors reversed. The Reine lion is COUNTERchanged, and Counters are the Conte's/COMITissa's (similar ending as on "AlefanTIS"), of the Conteville rulers of Comines.

More News

It looks like the Obama's got caught:

It had become my opinion that Obama was behind some or even most of the false-flag operations, especially the Boston bombing. The story in the video above concerns what looks like a faked event by Obama, akin to what CNN does, to make Trump supporters look bad, using Jussie Smollett:

On January 22, 2019, Smollett received a threatening letter which depicted a stick figure hanging from a tree with a gun pointing towards it. It read "Smollett, Jussie you will die" and "MAGA" and contained a white powder determined to be Tylenol. On January 29, 2019, Smollett said that he was attacked in the early morning of that day in the 300 block of East Lower North Water Street in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood, in what was initially investigated as a hate crime. The Chicago Police later determined Smollett orchestrated the attack.

Smollett told police that he was attacked outside his apartment building by two men in ski masks who called him racial and homophobic slurs, and said "This is MAGA country," referencing President Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" and used their hands, feet, and teeth as weapons in the assault...

...On February 16, two unnamed Chicago police sources informed CNN that Chicago police had discovered evidence indicating that Smollett had paid the two brothers $3,500 to stage the attack. Financial records indicate that the brothers purchased the rope found around Smollett's neck at a hardware store in Ravenswood over the weekend of January 25. They were seen in security camera footage in a clothing store where they bought the gloves, ski masks and a red hat that police said was used in the attack. The brothers asked specifically for a MAGA hat, which the store doesn't sell

Smallbrains confessed, but gave a bogus reason for his fake job. How long have these faked events been going on? A long, long time, from Intelligence, and the FBI too. The American government, and many congresspeople, including Fox bosses, have known about these things for a long time. They know that 9-11 was faked, but cannot admit it. What a bunch of losers. We need new leadership in this world. Come Lord Jesus.

The story in the video above suggests from Laura Ingraham that the Obama's were responsible for the prosecution dropping the Chicago case against Smallbrains. That makes a lot of sense in Chicago. The city of Chicago, the demon acting like moralist angels -- the mayor, Rahm Emanuel, that is, an Obamaite -- came on TV to say that Smollet committed the con job merely to advance his own career, which is the mayor's confession, if you're up-to-speed enough to see it, that the Democrats are protecting the perpetrators behind the scenes from getting caught for what in reality is an orchestrating fake-job in opposition to Trump, a pure political stunt, with probably more to come, for example as we saw on CNN with that old-Indian fake at the Catholic school. So, be wise to this sort of thing, which had included the Charlottesville "crash."

Reuters: "The Republican president’s lawyers made sure he was not among [the 500 witnesses]. The strategy paid off, insulating Trump from the legal jeopardy presented by a sit-down interview with the special counsel’s team...There was even a tentative date [arranged by Giuliani?] for the interview - Jan. 27, 2018 - though one of Trump’s lawyers told Reuters he never intended to make the president available to Mueller." In other words, Reuters has decided to take the tack that, if only Trump had appeared before Mueller, the final outcome (last week's report) would have been different. Small minds think alike.

Eric Holder was on the news early in the week to suggest that, since Barr let Mueller know that a sitting president cannot be indicted, it therefore explains why Mueller let Trump off the hook, which is to suggest that Trump's guilt can still be real, but that Mueller was forced by Barr to lay his weapons down. We can see that Holder is one of the stooges part-and-parcel with advancing the war.

One would think that, if Mueller's lawyers knew the report to be by-and-large detrimental to Mueller, they would urge Democrat leaders to stop demanding full disclosure from Barr. On the other hand, if they thought that Mueller's full report was more damaging to Trump, it can explain why Democrat leaders are in a rage to see full disclosure. However, what Mueller's lawyers believe to be damaging to Trump may turn out to be concocted smoke-and-mirrors serving only to re-invigorate the liberal media to step up the war, only to see, eventually, another implosion into the vacuum of their accusations once the Republicans remove the smoke and mirrors. In other words, there may be within the report some damaging language that keeps the fire on Trump for a little while longer, with the hope of nabbing him with some future concoction, because the alternative is to lay all weapons down in wholesale defeat, a thing that these boys are incapable of doing.

In their fever to keep the battle lines intact, Democrats will probably neglect the likelihood that Horowitz is under great pressure to sting the deep state with an assortment of bad news. It would be the height of his infamy if Horowitz were to come out with no guilt against Obama, Hillary, etc., knowing what we do now. The prediction is that, if the Democrat captains can muster some spirit in their soldiers to fight on, in the midst of what looks like a crumbling, they are going to suffer chronic depression once the Horowitz mail is delivered to them. The impeachment glory they dreamed of, waited for, and expected imminently will become the snapping whip of the Trumper against their backsides. In pain with they lay their heads to sleep nightly. But this is not enough punishment, for they will seek to come back, worse than before, more insane than before. They need to be removed from the world. Their sons must never rule again.

The world must learn exactly why they are unworthy to rule. So, watch on at their horrible behavior, and learn the fruit of evil that God warned about, the fruit of those who abandon Him, who become demonically inspired, and who bring societies to ruin by their craft exactly due to evil inspiration.

The Democrat fighters need to consider that, the more they bring on the battle, the more that their enemies are justified to do the same, and the Republicans now know they have the biggest weapons by far. Trump spent two years fearing what weapons Mueller might have, even when it was obvious he had nothing but the rattling chains of a ghost.

On the other hand, the Democrat side does have some large weapons in reserve, but, I think, using them will reveal the invisibles behind the general stooges. That's a good thing. Where is Obama's voice this week? What's he got to say? Is Hillary still alive? No word from Loretta Lynch? If Obama doesn't speak out, to reinvigorate the troops, won't he be deemed a coward, a traitor? Go ahead Obama, make the Republicans angry with you now.

The disgusting Donna Brazile has abandoned ship to Fox. All the anchor beauties of the liberal media have lost points toward their resumes for future jobs. They have all looked like mental cases for following Democrat generals blindly into battle. How can this crumbling thing not crumble further? Now is the time to hit the liberal media with law suit after law suit; their only defence is that Intelligence told them so. Now is the time to strike back. The unbiased judge in any case will demand from the media bosses their efforts to investigate whether the word of the Intelligence leaders was true or otherwise. Believing the chiefs at their word is not at all good enough for national media, especially not for the crusade that they contributed to. It was not a news story or two, but a crusade to the death (so to speak) while impinging upon a president. It was therefore necessary for the media to verify the word of the Intelligence chiefs, but none of the chiefs offered their own evidence for their claims. It's a slam-dunk win for anyone bringing the media bosses to court...unless they get Obama's ghost for a judge. That drops the chances to about 50-50, exactly why this war must go on until evil is purged from the halls of power. Trump has lots of money to take media to court. Jay, where are you? Feel like going to court?

The only question is whether Trump and/or Barr will decide that now is the best time to lay down weapons, to get the "peoples' business" done instead, as though fighting back is somehow not part of the peoples' business. Trump should have struck 18 months ago with his over-powering authority. If Trump takes credit for any coming victories, put a sock into his mouth. Give him a bricklayer's trowel and send him to build his wall; he's not fit to rule the party anymore.

The president with the bad attitude was a cowardly leader, with a paper-tiger's roar. Mueller saw this piece of cardboard, and chugged his train full-speed ahead with conductor Rosenstein. They were going to slice right through him with full carloads of manure. But McCabe blew the whistle on Rosenstein, and while Rosenstein went down, Trump took away his conductorship with a stiff Barr over his head. Whew, just in time.

There is also the question of the broken Republican weapon in Utah, John Huber. He's what you call a one-million ton sleeper bomb. General Sessions put it in the bunker far away and had the door closed and locked so that no one could use it. It's a huge bomb if only someone would give it a fuse, but Sessions made sure to defuse him, at the direction of Rosenstein, they say. The pressure is on general Barr to give it a fuse and a plane for dropping upon the Democrats in-time for 2020. It's a huge bomb due to the nature of the program it was given, but it was so long ago I forgot what it was. I say, put Sessions inside the bomb before dropping it.

After a couple of days, it seems that the media bosses have decided that an apology is an admission of legal guilt. Too risky, meaning that media anchors are left digging their own graves, saying that there's still proof of collusion, even without stating the proof. In effect, they are saying that there's (mere) proof of the proof, or, better yet, that it's possible that proof of the proof exists...not an argument permissible by big media in going after any person. The very fact that the big media are not laying down their weapons, as would be expected of normal media, is proof of guilt. The media know that Mueller's lawyers were Democrat leaning, with most deeply leaning, yet with all 17 of them finding no proof after 22 months of seeking it, the media continue to claim that there's reason to suspect that the proof exists.

The only logical explanation: changing course now, apologetically, is an admission that their Intelligence sources were baseless. And that's the kicker: the media know that they were in full and outright partnership with Intelligence. As we can see, the media continues to do what they see Brennan and Clapper doing. Those two stooges have the true guilt, and so we can celebrate this one thing: the media are in their own trap, with a continuation of a liable program to increase their guilt for the ultimate day of reckoning. So, celebrate this media attitude as good for the country...unless Trump lets them get away with it. Trump has the power to quickly evaporate all of the volatile nonsense, and to force the media to cover stories on the guilt of Obama's people instead.

In this fight, the extent of victory or defeat is measured by the particular beliefs of the voters. For as long as the media has 45 percent of voters in support, they will continue to divide the nation together. But if support drops to 30 percent, that's a game changer. Trump has the power to expose Brennan, Comey and Clapper, and those who worked for them, but the ultimate shut-the-media-up method is to expose Obama and Hillary to the point that a continuation of their fight is pure, slow suicide, popcorn time. It's the media that needs to be discredited. The stooges have almost zero political power without it. And the media is in the process of discrediting itself, thanks to the big boys continuing the fight. Welcome the fight...unless Trump and Barr lay down their weapons. If they do, it's time to head for the hills. If they do, they betray their voters. If they do, they expose themselves as part of the corrupt, Republican deep state.

Fox news has made Paul Ryan a board member, who now gets to participate in deciding, for example, how Fox presents itself to the public. Or, to which particular group it acts for. Until now, Fox has been of the war hawks, and that's not changing soon. The war hawks are the corrupt, Republican deep state. It wants to use Christians to bash Democrats so that it can have more power, but, with it in charge over the nation, it'll be more George Bush all over again, the plunder of American wealth, just as you see the Trump congress doing right now with Trump's signatures. It is not bringing down the dept nor the deficit at all. It is still pillaging the people. Christians are delusional to think that the war hawks are fighting for their values. Lindsay Graham is a war hawk whose positioned himself as a moralist, and they all want Christian support, but, in the end, when they win, they will not fight to remove the great satan in America. Money they will celebrate instead.

If you are a political Christian, yet you forget what matters to God, and if you celebrate the great economy that Trump boasts about at every opportunity along with his click-baity Christian youtube supporters, then you have abandoned Jesus. Did he die to make corporate America thrive? Didn't he call us to call the sin of the world out? Trump is now saying "my God," as though he has a relationship with Him, yet he has yet to correct his own claim that he has no need of repentance. Can we think of a more arrogant man before Jesus? Yet Black Conservative Patriot says, "our beloved president." Shouldn't we be more careful if indeed we are Christians? The sinners of the world include corporate America. A billionaire is stuck in the eye of a needle. He is trapped there until Judgment Day. God forbids billionaires, yet Trump gave billionaire's tax breaks, and this is how he hopes to have another four years.

In the meantime, he has done nothing to fight the sin of Obama's administration, which seeks power over the WORLD in order to advance its anti-Christ agenda. The anti-Christs of the world dream of Obama's ilk coming back to power in the United States. Trump is nothing but a lull in their schemes, for instead of putting them out, he permits them to smoulder, to set up plans for securing their future power base. Therefore, Jesus will act on our behalf, to weaken our enemies, to make the best conditions for our persecution. But persecution there must be, a part of Judgment Day, for they will be ruined with the harshness that they apply to our persecution. From the first day that the anti-Christ has power over us, his supporters will be in the throes of their own destruction.

Dan Bongino seems like a pro-war-hawk type. He sees no scam concerning 9-11. War-hawk Republicans want people to take that view. They will surround themselves with like-minded ones, but it seems to me that God is wanting their destruction too. If you side with them, you place yourself on the side of destruction. They are in error. America's dread enemies are not in the Middle East as much as they are on America's streets, in American penthouses, in corporate offices, on judicial benches, in congress. From these places does the great satan of the nation spread. From these things do the souls of Americans die. From this sin do our enemies arise, for those who love the sinful society become our enemies by natural inclinations. Those deplorable men who would like to raise all woman to be easy-sex sluts are not going to warm up to Christians. And Trump became the president as one who wants married women to be easy-sex sluts, for his own gratification. His billions serve as means by which to find such gratification easier. This is the man that Black Conservative Patriot celebrates while saying "Jesus" out the other side of his mouth. And BCP is not alone in this attitude. They are forming a cult around Trump.

This week started as a celebration for Christians because our media enemies were trounced, but, as you can see, they wish to trounce us back. Their best chances lie in concocting a new or used false charge(s) against Trump that sticks. They have seen that the porn witch won't turn Republicans against him. So, expect new false charges. They'll think of something.

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson made a great point, that ALL of the major media did a pivot, on Wednesday, away from Trump talk, to health care. It was no coincidence, all the media did it because they got their marching orders. From who? Don't media bosses make their own decisions? This is not democracy. This is control of the Democrat agenda from virtually all (they say 80 percent) of the major media. Isn't that a state media? Isn't it a conspiracy? The media bosses are duty bound to do what others have decided should be the next false agenda, and false it is, or fake, because, no matter if there is some truth, it's not real news, but scripted agenda. That's the meaning of fake news. No sincerity to tell what's happening. Instead, a plot, with scripted words and ideas. This has got to go. This cannot stand. Where are the good people? Not in the Democrat party. Anyone still voting Democrat is on the side of Korah.

On Wednesday, Trump was on Hannity saying that he's going to let Barr do whatever he wants on the Mueller situation. In other words, Trump declared that he's doing NOTHING. The Democrats are trying to force him to do nothing by threatening to portray him as one wanting vengeance, and Trump has apparently caved. Trump knows darn well that the Mueller operation MUST be exposed, yet not only did he say he will do NOTHING on his part, but Hannity failed, by no coincidence, to ask him whether he would declassify papers now. That's because Hannity knows that Trump doesn't want to. Trump continues to be a farce. He speaks publicly only the things that will get him re-elected. If doing the right thing threatens that agenda, he will not do the right thing.

However, at the second half of the second minute on Bret Blair below, Trump surprisingly says he has plans to declassify even the FISA documents, which I think is a bad move to say it publicly long before the release, because it could lead to killings in the battle to keep secrecy. He should just do it quickly, for once the information is out, the other side has already lost that battle. Unleash all of the incriminating material all at once so that the other side can't make threats or carry them out in effort to thwart the release. This should not be treated as a political game, with a little released now strategically, a little later strategically, and so on. He says the reason he didn't declassify, before the Mueller report was out, is that his lawyers (plural) were afraid that the other side would claim obstruction of justice, but this is ridiculous. Which lawyers?

I'm no lawyer, but I do know that there can be no obstruction when merely releasing government documents, especially when the documents show the guilt of other parties. How can this be obstruction when it is in fact helping Mueller to get the bad guys? Of course Mueller didn't want to get the bad guys, but if Trump helped to get them, how could Mueller show any unhappiness or faked distress? Mueller would have looked like a mobster for opposing the revelation of crooked deeds, and moreover Trump could have made a pure jack-ass out of him if he resisted the revelation. Alas, Trump chose the easy root (he revealed nothing) and betrayed his voters. And he needs better lawyers.

Lookie: Carl Rove, the 9-11 guy, tells the president to move on from Mueller. Yeah, to be expected from someone who knew that Mueller's job was to protect the 9-11 scam. Trump has been a farce. Two years wasted and counting. Imagine what could have been done by now. What's wrong with Rove? Where's his zeal to nab the wicked? he sounds like a party pooper? He's afraid, isn't he? His team wants to stop any investigations on Mueller, doesn't it? Trump' lawyers don't have any excuse now? How long will they take to declassify?

James Clapper, on CNN's Cooper this week, sounds like maybe he's had enough of Obama's silence, and stated for all to hear that Obama "tasked" him along with Brennan and Comey "to put together all the reporting we had on Russian interference." Yeah, like why should these three take all the heat when it was Obama's idea. Huh? There was no Russian interference to speak of. This high-level investigation then happily "discovered" that Trump might be involved, and so we get it: Obama conducted (energized and controlled) a concocted, fake event on Trump. At who's behest? I say that Bill Barr needs to start nibbling away, then biting down hard, on Bark Obama. Shake out his tree, see what falls out. Enough of this going after the lower rungs, the stooges. Time to go after the king-pin villains. Obama is a nobody, nothing to be afraid of, just a reed. No one cares about him anymore. The Dems are looking to new personalities, all of them whackos. Their front runner is a pedophile.

Why haven't Comey and Brennan come out to say, repeatedly, that they were just following Obama's orders? The answer seems clear enough: they wanted to protect Obama because it's against unwritten rules for gangsters to snitch on one another. Or, if there was nothing to hide, they would have said that Obama commissioned them long ago. Lisa Page emailed Strzok once: "POTUS [Obama] wants to know everything we're doing." It appears that Obama wanting to assure that "his" scheme (could have been someone else's) was going well or acceptably on every front.

What I can't understand is why the high-level source claimed by Rand Paul won't expose himself by name:

Where were the Democrats on demanding speedy transparency when Republicans wanted papers from the DoJ against known Democrat crimes??? The more the Democrats now make a stink of themselves for a speedy, transparent release of the Mueller report, the more Trump can stick a pie in their face when he starts to declassify while they demand secrecy based on "protecting sources and methods." Why is Barr even responding to Democrats so fast? Who cares about what low-life hypocrites say? Yet Barr has promised them a redacted form of the report for about two weeks from now.

I don't know why Republicans want Schiff to resign? There is nothing better than having a ridiculous man leading the Democrat house who's bound to get a worse reputation as the Mueller revelation continues. Why replace him with someone who's bound to be a better enemy? Leave him there as the laughable, naked figurehead of the House, and remind him once in a while: hey, aren't you the guy that promised evidence against Trump but didn't produce it?

Trump was asked about the border on Fox, but he failed to mention that ICE / Homeland Security is releasing illegal immigrants inside the United States. That's dishonest. However, possibly to his credit, he says he might close the border as soon as a week from now. I say to "his credit" because it shows sincere dedication, I think, if he closes the border, though this will hurt a lot of people. The better strategy is to send illegals back into Mexico after a couple of months on bread and water in a U.S. prison, and a promise of six months of it if they get caught again. There is no other way to curb crime but by punishment.

I believe that a rich country should be friendly with a poor neighbor. Charity with a poor neighbor is of course the Godly way. But illegals are taking a lot of money from American workers in what is outright theft. If someone who breaks into a home and steels $10,000 of goods can be jailed for six months or longer, what about an illegal who ends up costing a lot more? It's real money. Just because it comes from the government doesn't make it fake or unreal money.

If Americans were forced to pay back their share of the national debt immediately, there would be millions of them as poor as the poorest Mexicans. They would need to sell their cars and furniture to pay back their share of the debt...which American politicians stole from them, even as Republicans are stealing from them right this minute. Ever since Bush, Republicans have taken from the people money the peoples did not give permission to borrow on their behaves. I find that criminal, I really do. Nations should not be permitted to borrow but for emergencies only, and the money must be paid back immediately.

Trump has never breathed a word, so far as I've heard, on the national debt, and the interest that people pay for it DAILY. A president can accomplish very little if he is committed to paying down the debt seriously. Trump is the worst person for this because he wants to accomplish so much. Accomplishments cost money, in case he didn't know. It's time to promise no new expenditures; it's time to promise a boring presidency of paying off the debt, two trillion dollars annually. Instead of giving tax money back to people, pay the debt. But that doesn't "buy" voters as well, does it?

Trump gave a speech in Michigan this week, ever boasting of the roaring economy. Yet he's not mentioning that Republicans have taken this opportunity to spend more than ever rather than pay down the debt. What does this tell you? It means that Republicans are a farce. Putting the people on a high due to a "great economy" is a means to steal more of the peoples' money:

The federal government spent $1,822,712,000,000 in the first five months of fiscal 2019, the most it has spent in the first five months of any fiscal year since 2009, which was the fiscal year that outgoing President George W. Bush signed a $700-billion law to bailout the banking industry and incoming President Barack Obama signed a $787-billion law to stimulate an economy then in recession.

At the same time that federal spending was hitting this ten-year high, federal tax revenues in the first five months of the fiscal year were hitting a four-year low of $1,278,482,000,000 (CNS News).

There are many youtube videos showing creepy Joe Biden touching, and becoming sexually aroused over, children, teenagers and older women too, but this week, this comes out:

I found my way to the holding room for the speakers, where everyone was chatting, taking photos, and getting ready to speak to the hundreds of voters in the audience. Just before the speeches, we were ushered to the side of the stage where we were lined up by order of introduction. As I was taking deep breaths and preparing myself to make my case to the crowd, I felt two hands on my shoulders. I froze. “Why is the vice-president of the United States touching me?”

I felt him get closer to me from behind. He leaned further in and inhaled my hair. I was mortified. I thought to myself, “I didn’t wash my hair today and the vice-president of the United States is smelling it...Why is the vice-president of the United States smelling my hair?” He proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head. My brain couldn’t process what was happening. I was embarrassed. I was shocked. I was confused. There is a Spanish saying, “tragame tierra,” it means, “earth, swallow me whole.” I couldn’t move and I couldn’t say anything. I wanted nothing more than to get Biden away from me. My name was called and I was never happier to get on stage in front of an audience.

The woman is a Democrat low-life, but almost no one is as low as Biden, yet he's the front runner for the party at this time. Only low-lives remain in this party. Anyone who has any class at all has deserted by now. Generally speaking, there is no hope for these people who still fight for this party. They seem to be damned.


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