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March 19 - 25, 2019

Seeking God's Pointers to Culprits of 9-11
The Hicks Hood Deciphered Thanks to Squirrels on a Tree Trunk
The Hope Hicks - Rob Porter Miracles in Songs

Wow, listen to Devin Nunes, saying with personal action that it's about time that Republicans take the liberal media industry to courts, give them something to think about, and maybe get a few billions dollars off of them too:

We should all support this even if some of the court cases end up in stalemates. The media will cease to misbehave as it has been once these suits roll on from several people nationwide. It's as simple as that. This misbehavior is to destroy the lifestyles we honor, to turn the nation to the human wolves. They can talk a good, moral show, but they have shown their true colors, and we won't forget nor be deceived by their suddenly putting on angel faces. The entire purpose of Pelosi's refusal to impeach Trump (she's not alone) is to put away the wolfy behavior for 2020, and to don angel faces from here on in. The Democrats will now try to take the moral high ground, but it's faked.

When I search youtube for evangelicals, there's more evangelical bashing than what I asked for. It's by design. There are also a number of Trump-and-evangelical videos. What's he got to do with evangelicalism?

On Tuesday, the following quote was added late in the last update, which I want to repeat here for anyone who missed it, because it looks important as per things to come. I didn't know until then that Stanleys were of eastern and northern Cheshire. On the 9-11 memorial, a Stanley character friendly with Miss Hicks sat beside her while holding the American flag on a pole, and because Flags share the double fesses of Stans, it was evidence of a Set-up by God, thus becoming (without re-explanation here) indication of a Stanley-Knee relationship with Leaks. I don't think I've had a clue as to how Knee's pertain to anything 9-11. but I thought it was meaningful that the particular floors occupied / owned by Morgan-STANLEY, in one of the twin towers, when they fell, makes Stanley look like a pointer to Morgan-Stanley's role in the 9-11 scam.

Soon after 9-11, Bush announced his war in the Middle East with his partner, Tony Blair of Britain. We could ask whether God arranged the "proBOS" motto term of Blairs (use link to load all your Coats) as some indication that He's pointing to the partnership. Dutch Bos' come up as Boschs and Bush's too. It's easy to spot that Blairs merged with Maxwells, and while the Crests of both surnames share a brown stag lying down, the Maxwell Crest adds a "holly BUSH." As Blairs are also BLAYrs, their saltire may be that also of Blazers, who named Blay. The Bles'/Bleys/Bleds are expected at Bled, to the near-north of Rijeka, the latter being where Maxwells trace (who share the Blair saltire). [Rijeka may be part of Croatia's GORski region, where I trace Gore's/Core's, and then Gowrie's/Goreys came to mind as per a Blairgowrie location that I'll link Blairs to below. Gowers/Gore's share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's.]

Some have served argumentation for the idea that Obama was a CIA agent in Pakistan working with the 9-11 scam along with the Bush's. It could explain why there was a false report, likely, that Bin-Laden escaped into Pakistan. Later, the CIA decided to out an end to the Bin-Laden scam by having him "killed" by Obama (he took the credit, of course). In the last update, there was shown evidence (see long quote below) tending to clinch that Downs/Douns were a branch of Dunhams/Downhams from Dunham-Massey in Cheshire, home possibly of STOPfords/Stockports who apparently shared the Stanley / Down stag. It has me asking whether Knee's will ultimately point hard to Obama. I just heard a train whistle, rare in winter (first I can recall all winter long), after ending the sentence above. Whistle's (Somerset, same as Paine's/Payne's) are using the Paine/Payne lion while Madelyn Lee Payne was wife to the father of Obama's mother, Ann Dunham. That man was STANLEY Armour Dunham!!! Wow. The train-whistle Sign was late in the last update, and led to Trans'/Trents, first found in Somerset. I've been tracing Dunham surname of Obama's mother to Dunham-Massey.

WOOOWWW, ANN Dunham. The Anne's share the gold stag head with Stanleys, and you will see below that a gold stag of Cheshire, owned by Stanleys, apparently belonged to Knee's too!!! This is starting to make some sense, but how could Knee's (stag heads) relate to Obama's role as president? I'm intrigued.

It's interesting that while Mueller's use a giant Catherine wheel, that symbol was owned by Catherine Roet, daughter of PAYNE Roet, explaining why Roets were first found in Somerset with Payne's. The Stopford/Stockport write-up can bring us to Blairs via Etchells. Stops are Stubbs too while Stubbings share the same besants as Etchells, and so see the following in order to see that Stopfords look like a Stop branch: "...Waltheof, Lord of Etchells, who was a tenant of the Baron of Dunham Massey. 'The manor {at Etchells} was anciently in the Stockports, from whom it passed by female heirs to the Aldernes and Stanleys.'" Just look at that potential Dunham link to Stanleys. The barons of Dunham-Massey were from Hamon/AMO-de-Masci, and Blairs just happen to have the motto, "AMO proBOS."

Look at that ALDERnes term, for ALTERs/Colters, in the Rodham/Rodden motto, use Catherine wheels. Compare Rodhams to AlderROTTi's. Alters/Colters were first found near Scottish Alda's. Felix are in the colors of Italian Alda's/ALDERotti's, and Felix's (Sussex, same as Downs/Douns), likely in the motto of Stopfords/Stockports, share a gold, potent cross with STANDERwicks. The Etchell write-up: "Other early records revealed that some of the family resided at Standerwick in Somerset. 'Standerwick Court, the seat of Admiral Harry EDGEll..."

Aha! "PRObos" is suspect with Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Bosch-liner Busca), recalling that George Bush hired Dana Perino. I've just loaded Rotti's (Piedmont), whom I'm not familiar with, to find the lion of Roet-related Rita's, and Rotti's (flag) happen to be listed with Perona's and other such variations. This find suggested a look for Perotti's, and they happen to be with Pero's/Perino's. This recalls the trace of Rieti (the city) liners to the Peter-like variations of Pierro's/Pero's (Piedmont).

Did you read about Lorraine at her BUS STOP in the last update? God set up that event. My last day with Lorraine was due to a grass STAIN on her Paeoni-depicted pants, code for Panthers/Panters sharing spur rowels with Paions/Payens. Stains are with Stands/Stans, yup, that's right, which finally makes full sense of that grass stain (I've mentioned about 20 times). Here's from the last update:

STOPfords/Stockfords, from a tenant of the baron of Dunham Massey, share "Patriae" with Philips and Welsh Louis' while the three Stopford lozenges, in colors reversed, could be the three blue ones of French Louis'. Stops/Stubbs (Paeonians) share the same pheon as the Cheshire Nickle's/Nichols, recalling Nicopolis on the edge of the Paeonia. French Louis' were first found in Lorraine, recalling how God set up a Lorraine character in my life at a bus STOP as code for Stops/Stubbs. I asked her out (for the first time) at her bus stop, and we first kissed that night at a picNIC table, which was traced to Nickle's/Nichols some two years or more ago for the reason above. Bus' have a cinquefoil in colors reversed from the Etchell cinquefoil, and here I discover that Etchells named Nichol-like Nechells while Neachill is in Staffordshire, the latter being where Stops/Stubbs were first found.

This reminds that the Knee's are suspect with the Kness variation of NEACHill-like Neece's. Neach's/Neech's are listed with Etchells. Stanleys (same bend as Knee's) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Coys, the latter sharing the Nickle/Nichol pheon. Coys can thus link with Nichols to the Cheshire-liner Cue's/Kews. Perhaps the shared fleur between Ecclestone's and Perkins can cause Cue's and Coys to be pointers to Perkins Coie.

At this point I've got to remind that the Down/Doun stag is in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head (half in the colors of the Stanley stag head), and Val Trompia is on one side of lake Garda while the Edge / Etch--like Adige river is on the opposite side. From the Etchell write-up: "Other early records revealed that some of the family resided at STANDerwick in Somerset. 'Standerwick Court, the seat of Admiral Harry Edgell..." Stands are with Stanley-suspect Stans.

[During the spell-check, it stopped on "Doun" above, at which time one of the two squirrels came up a small, twisted maple tree in my view, which I aim to cut down. It was biting at the BARK of the tree, as it has been doing all winter. I have never seen squirrels licking / nibbling / gnawing bark before, but this one, and even the other, have been doing it all winter. I've never seen squirrels out this much in winter, but this year it's probably because I feed them daily. These squirrels are expected to be used of God as pointers to deep-state criminals, and so I just want to say that the bark can be a pointer to BARRACK Obama, for Douns are expected with his mother's surname. By coincidence or not, Barks (larks) and their Lark kin were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams. Larks have a reflection of the Fly Coat and are therefore expected with Flags/Flacks of Norfolk. The Perkins bloodline was fundamental with Flags/Flacks / Fulke's. I was cooking an egg while writing this.]

The "Spero meliORA" motto term of Ecclestone's, by the way, should be recorded here, which is the full motto of Rats/Raids, both surnames using black crosses. I touched the knee of Miss Hicks when being told to WAKE her up, and Wake's (share two red fesses with Nice/s/Ness'/Nests) love the Ore's/Orrs, code for Nelly and Bruce Ohr.

Here's from the Blair write-up: "Brice de Blair and Alexander del Blair, who witnessed an agreement between the burgh of Irvine and Brice de Eglustone in 1205". This is how Blairs can link to Etchells, for their Eglustone is a location of the 11th century in the Ecclestone write-up, and it seems that Etchells/Eggells apply to Eccles. Etchells/Eggells seem like a branch of Cheshire liner Eggs/Edge's and Eggertons. Here's from the Eggerton write-up: ""Worsley Hall {in Worsley, Yorkshire}, the seat of the Earl of Ellesmere...was successively the residence of the Worsleys, MASSEYS, STANLEYs, Breretons, and Egertons." Stanley Armour Dunham, from Dunham Massey, right? Eggertons even have an "ARMis" motto term.

Eggertons were related to Taddei-like TATTons. It can be gleaned that Scottish Alda's are using a version of the TADDei Coat, and moreover, variations of the ALDERnes kin of Stopfords/Stockports suggest Italian Alda's/ALDERotti's (Florence, same as Taddei's), who are split in the colors of Felice's / Felix's while "inFELICi" is a Stopford/StockPORT motto term. Scottish Alda's were first found in Ayrshire with PORTers! English Ports were first found in Hampshire with English Porters. French Ports/Porters may be with the Stanley bend (I'm going to come back to this). Here's more from the Eggerton write-up: "Some of the family were found in ancient times at Tatton, a township, in the parish of Rosthern, union of ALTRincham, hundred of Bucklow. 'The seat of the Egertons of Tatton is here.'" It appears that Alda liners named Altrincham.

Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Bellers, the latter looked up to check whether they were a Blair/Belaire branch. The Beller Coat looks linkable to the Egg/Edge Coat. German Nichols share the chevron of English Ports/Porters who in-turn look like they can be with the Clinton Chief.

AlderNES became suspect with the NEStus river, location of Nicopolis (Nice's are also Ness'/NESTs). I assume from a quote above that a Stockport-Alderness marriage provided a child that led to an Alderness marriage to Stanleys. Stans share double fesses with Nice's/Ness'/Nests, and moreover Stanleys were also STONLeys that can perhaps be of EccleSTONE's, for Stanleys were of Stockports of Etchell.

Lookie. Eccles are in the colors of one Port Coat, and while Stops/Stubbs were from Stobi of Paeonia, Eccles use the axe (and broken axe) while Paeonia was on the Axios river, peoples of which named the Axe rivers of Somerset, where Paeoni/PAIONi-liner Payne's were first found, a branch of PAIONs/Payens. (I'll add that while Payens use "spur rowells," Spurrs were first found in Devon with the Supers who in-turn have a version of the Blair Coat.) Bellers are Billers too, and Bills (Somerset, same as Roets and Payne's) share the Chief-Shield combination of Roets, Clintons and Ports/Porters. Why do Porters use BELLs?

Repeat: "...Scottish Alda's were first found in Ayrshire with PORTers! English Ports were first found in Hampshire with English Porters. French Ports/Porters may be with the Stanley bend (I'm going to come back to this)". ROB Porter in Trump's White House was the reported boyfriend of HOPE Charlotte Hicks (Trump's Communications director), and God must have used Charlotte Hicks (not Hope) in the knee-wake dream for a good reason. Hope was brought into politics by the 9-11 George Bush, and so, perhaps, she was privy to the 9-11 scam. There must have been many Bushites circling Trump's wagon, trying to get their men onto Trump's team to bring him down, spy on him, minimize his powers. Perhaps Porter was one of them along with Hicks. I've just looked up Robs, and they not only share stags (brown, a form of gold) with gold-stag Stanleys and gold-buck Hicks (this buck looks like the Rob stag head), but perhaps a version of the English Hope Coat. Did Someone arrange these coincidences?

As Porters co-share the portcullis GATE with Gate-like Yate's, just go ahead and compare the split Yate's Shield to that of Bucks, suggesting in a nut-shell that Hicks had merged with Porters or Porter kin. The Hicks motto loves the Touts/Tute's, a branch of Tute's/Tuits, I assume, and the latter have the Todeni's in their write-up while Bucks have a motto term, "fortiTUDINE." If God is pointing to Hope Hicks and Rob Porter along with Knee-related and Obama-pointing Stanleys, what could it mean? Hicks use a "bon" motto term, and the Italian Boni Coat looks like a white-lion version of the Gate Coat. Check out the "boni" motto term of the Arms of Macclesfield below. This makes the lions Bone's (Sussex, same as Downs/Douns) appear to be the Gate lions. Gate's look linkable to Stanley-possible Stone's.

Meullers (not "Mueller") use a "pair of snips" while Snipe's use the Clinton Shield but with portcullis gates, is that not amazing? Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Snipe's. Is that the Stanley stag head in the Snipe Crest? Here's from the last update with Stanleys of Derbyshire, where Hope's were first found:

[The Arms-of-Macclesfield stags] are gold stags, from the arms of the Stanley Earls of Derby, Master Foresters and Hereditary Stewards of the Liberty and Hundred of Macclesfield. Stags also occur in the arms of other local families - the Stopfords, Downs [Knee's were first found in County Down] and Shrigley families...From this hangs a black cross-crosslet of the Davenport family...The stags are each standing on a black hunting horn. These occurred in the Sherd and Sutton family arms, who held land in the forest." Sherds are listed with Shirts, and the Stanley stags were very apparently related to the Knee stags. This is new to me, tending to confirm the Stanley-Knee link. [In the Hicks dream, I was without a shirt when touching her knee and waking her.]

Stanleys are said to have been in Hooten of Cheshire. But as you can see, Knee's are said to be local to the Macclesfield area along with Shrigleys. The latter share the human leg with Leaks/Leakeys (Knee bend), and the human leg of others beside Leaks was very instrumental is pointing to the Steele-dossier scandal as per the below. Suttons have a LEXington entity. Leaks are said to have been the original earl(s) of SCARSdale, one such location being in North Yorkshire.

[A day after this update was online, Fittons (Cheshire) were loaded who share the Arms-of-Cheshire garb with the Arms of Macclesfield, and the Fitton Coat is a version of the Stanley Coat. I read that Williamsons, who share the chevron of Fitton-like Foots (Cheshire) and Fothes'/FITTES', were a Mackay sept, and here one can link the Williamson Coat to the Ruffords. The Fothes/Fittes', first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's, use a cornuCOPIA, and this links well if not perfectly with the "copia" motto term in an Arms of Macclesfield. Read on. Fittons are said to have been lords of Rufford (probably raven liners of the Ruff/Rolph kind).

It's very interesting that while I was writing the last line, the only two squirrels at my house area came across my window, seemingly playing chase, and they entered the garage together to get today's food. I have cause to view these squirrels as God's pointer to Robert Mueller and Bill Barr, who are being watched very closely by Tom Fitton. In fact, these squirrels are mentioned below in a section written yesterday as I write this insert.

Today's offerings to the squirrels are exclusively bread crumbs and some bread crust from the bread I bake in the Black and DECKER bread-making machine. German Deckers/Daggers use the red squirrel of Squirrels! Zikers. English Deckers share ravens with Ruffs/Rolphs, can we believe it? "Bread crumbs" is a phrase as per the tweets of Q-Anon, and I thought it was interesting that while popcorn is a term used by Q-Anon followers to speak on the Q-predicted celebrations, when the deep state is finally prosecuted, I was feeding the squirrels popcorn at the beginning (from my Proctor and Silex popcorn-making machine, in case nail-using Proctors apply). Although I've come to see Q-Anon with some suspicion of being a fraud, perhaps he's only been guilty of honest error or a misreading of God's messages to him. To put it another way, God may wish to bring some of what Q's been predicting, in spite of Q's predictions and views not materializing as he claimed they would. It's completely amazing here that Q-like Cue's/Kews (Norfolk, same as Ruffs/Rolphs) not only share the Fitton / Macclesfield garb, but have a lion in Crest, with a garb between its paws, all colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Macclesfield, yet this Macclesfield topic was put out on the Internet the day before I arrived to this insert with Q topic.

You will read below on my Pillar Post invention, seemingly in some relation to Donna Brazile / George Bush / Nancy Pelosi. I'd like to add here that the Klees'/Clays have a version of the Fothes/Fittes / Rufford Coat, for one of my partners in the invention was a Mr. Klees. As Ore's/Orrs were resolved as pointers to Bruce and Nelly Ohr, partly because the Ore/Orr roundels are shared by Nellys (but more to it), it's pretty darned amazing that "ORbem" is in the Klees motto while Orr's/Ore's share the cornucopia with Fothes/Fittes'. Bruce and Nelly Ohr are a central part of Tom Fitton's work details. A cornuCOPia and a uniCORN are very linkable because the UNIcorn is part code for the Una/Oeneus river, beside the Kupa. Yonge's, from the Una, share a motto term with the Proctors whose three nails look linkable to the three PILEs of Yonge's. Pile's are Pillars/Pilots too, and Ore's/Orrs have piles also. "OrBEM" is suspect with Beems (Ashendon lion?) because they share trefoils with Klees'/Clays and Klee's. Beems are said to be from near Abbeville, the line to McCabe's. Klees'/Clays were first found in Lincolnshire with Kills/Keele's and Cheile's, and Kellys share the Post lion. Orrs/Ore's, by the way, use bon-like motto terms. End insert

As you can imagine, it's hard to read heraldic links in any way that one might point confidently to current, deep-state events, let alone to predictions of deep-state events. I try to do this in generality, building a case for the concept of God's pointing to certain things / people specifically. But how exactly do we interpret the things pointed to? What can it mean that Stanleys were earls of Derbyshire, where Hope's were first found, while it seems that God had Stanley take my seat beside Charlotte Hicks while holding a flag-on-pole to honor 9-11?

Klees'/Clays share "Industria" with the Arms of Rothschild, and the latter shares the five, bunched arrows of Camerons, who in-turn have the Klees-related Cheile's in their motto. Hope Hicks may be responsible for hiring Donna Brazile for Fox news at this time. Scottish Porters were first found in Kelly-like Kyle, and this can point to John Kelly, Trumps White House chief who favored / liked / wanted both Porter and Hicks. Then, in the dream with Charlotte Hicks (see last update for that topic), I asked her if she would like me to set up her video camera (she agreed) on the night of the 9-11 memorial (Sept 11, 2002), which event became suspect with David Cameron, the British prime minister under the Steele-dossier scandal, for Camera's are listed with Camerons. I put her camera on its STAND in the front ROW (Rows use roeBUCKs, linkable to the Hicks Buck, but wouldn't it be a hoot if the Row besants are specifically the Hope besants?

I wonder whether the STAN/Stand Crest (it's called a garland, same as Stevenson/STEEN Crest) once had a chaplet, for I know there's a chaplet around the neck of the Hicks buck. Here's from my 2nd update of March, 2014: "[Sturs] use the Garland bars exactly...and then Scottish Stephensons/STAVE's use a garland in Crest...It's likely that Garlands, who call their barely-visible wreath, a "CHAPlet," were Gar liners that took on a "Garland" variation when merging with a line of Stephens."

If this is a Hope Hicks link to Stanleys, couldn't that suggest that Hope is a secret Obama supporter? If she has been the main factor for hiring Donna Brazile, then that would seem to settle the suspicion. Have you noticed that Tucker Carlson almost-always has a Democrat spinner on his show? Did Fox force him to have this type of bipartisan platform?

Sally Yates was part-and-parcel with the Obama deep state, and so recall how the Yate's were found with the horizontally-split Shield of Porters, both having a special border between Shield halves. It just so happens that Welsh Roberts have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed, and we may assume that Rob Porter was born, Robert. The other two Roberts (includes Propers/Robins/Roberts of Cheshire, home of Etchell liners) share a passant lion in the colors of the same of Brazile's. The motto of Welsh Roberts suggests the Etchell-like EACH's/Etch's/Augers who in-turn have a motto term that I see with Egg-like Euganeo, down the Adige-river area (near Este), which is why the Este eagle can be with the Eggs/Edge's (Cheshire). What are the chances that Etchells and Eugene's (Eggerton lion?) share, by pure coincidence, the so-called "embattled" pattern on their chevrons? It's not a coincidence. Yate's use the embattled pattern too.

Yate's were at Hood Ridding; black-boar Riddings/Readings (reminds me of Reading Railroad on a Monopoly board, a choo-choo whistle, that is, a pointer to something to do with Donna Brazile) almost use the "Defend" motto term of Woods, and Woods share the fitchees of Ratterys while Hoods/Hoots were at Rattery. Recall how Blairs have a Coat version of Supers (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots), for Ratterys have a "super" motto term while the Ratterys have this: "Today, BLAIRgowrie and Rattray is a town and twin burgh in Perth and Kinross." The Ecclestone's, suspect with the Etchell-related location in the Blair write-up, share the black cross with Rats/Raids (share the Ecclestone motto with "meliORA"), and God pointed to the latter about a year ago with Devin Nunes (made me think that Nunes' attack on the dossier rats is supported by God).

Riddings share the black boar with Boths/Booths, suspect with Bothwells/Bodwells, the latter sharing the Lynch Coat. Sally Yates became the attorney general when replacing Obama's Loretta Lynch. Yate's were at Hood Ridding. Coincidences, or God's pointer to Lynch and Yates? This recalls the medallion found on my HOOD, still having four Lynch-like links of a NECK chain. The Etchells/Eggells had a NECHell location.

Although these similar surnames are tracing well to the Adige, they can also trace well to Nagle-line Oneglia, especially if the Ecclestone Crest is the nightingale of Nagle's, for "Eccle / Eggell" is like "Nagle." The lozenges of Stopfords/Stockports (at Etchell) are those also of Nagle's.

The Klees Crest has two white wings, and the Weismann Crest has two wings partly in white, partly in blue, likely the blue Here / Herzog/Hertzog / Bauer wings, for Weismanns and Weis' were first found in Bavaria with Herzogs and proto-Rothschild Bauers. Last week, Andrew Wiessmann (University of Geneva), a/the chief of Robert Muellers legal team, quit the Mueller probe. What's that? Evidence that Barr doesn't want a scandal under his watch over the DoJ? Probably. Under Sessions, the Mueller rats were merrily chewing away at the foundations of the Trump team, but, apparently, they will need to be more sneaky now, if Barr gives them the time.

Is it a coincidence that the Weissmann Coat (compare with Boni's and Cetins/Cattans) shares the giant Bush/Busch and Bosch fleur-de-lys? Did God arrange this to make a Mueller-team link to George Bush? Mr. WEIShaupt, Jew, founded the Bavarian Illuminati in the days of the first Rothschild, another Jew. Bush's share black boars with Booths/Boths (Yorkshire, same as Bush's), and Bothwells are probably a branch of Bottoms/Bothams, whom God pointed to in a song, in the last update. Here's from the Bottom/Botham write-up: "Richard del Botham was listed in the Court Rolls in the Manor of Wakefield in 1307." Wakefields happen to be a part of the "Go wake her up" phrase in the Hicks dream. Wakefields share the Fitton / Cue/Kew / Macclesfield garbs.

[Insert --I didn't realize until Thursday that the Weissmann fleur is shared by Decks/Daggers who in-turn share the red squirrel of Squirrels/Squire's!!! Here's from the last update: "...the rat-trap symbolism that I think God gave to point to Robert Muellers 16/17 lawyers. With one rat trap in one November, 16 squirrels were caught (in the attic), and a 17th, the last one, got away, I now believe." In other words, my theory that the 16 squirrels were a pointer to the 16 lawyers that Mueller had (until he later hired a 17th) is seemingly clinched if Weismanns do connect to Decks/Daggers. I've just checked for a Wiseman surname (one of the three Wise chevrons), and, miracle of miracles, it shares the Coy Coat!!! It just can't be coincidental that Perkins have the Weismann / Deck/Dagger fleur in colors reversed!!! Mueller is working with / for the Perkins-Coie circle, isn't he?

The Coy and Wiseman Coats are in the Coat colors of English Smiths, the latter itself having the fleur of Perkins. The flow below is about to introduce the Gows, who are also called, Smiths. End insert]

Wake's ("Ora") are the ones sharing red roundels in Chief with Ore's/Orrs, but I flipped when seeing that Nellys use red roundels too. Nelly Ohr worked for Fusion GPS in order to pass the Steele dossier to Bruce Ohr in Obama's DoJ, and Ohr then tickled Obama's FBI with this scam. I'm sure they were all laughing then. It came out that Obama was their overseer. In the dream, God told me to wake Miss Hicks, and Sleeps have two fesses that, in colors reversed, are red, the color of the double Wake fesses. Wake's were first found in Lincolnshire with Klees', Keele's/Kills and Cheile's, but what could this mean in particular? Is it for a Hope Hicks partnership with John Kelly? If so, why would God point to that partnership if it were normal, having no evil?

Bush's descended from Walkers, and Wakefields (Yorkshire, same as Bush's and Walkers) share the garb of Walks/Wachs. The latter share "industria" with Klees' and the Arms of Rothschild, as well as with the Dents of Yorkshire.

It's important here that Cue's/Kews suggest a pointer of God to Perkins COIE, the lawyers of Hillary Clinton who hired Fusion GPS to get the Steele dirt on Trump. The Walks/Wachs (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins, which is how the Perkins lion became suspect with the Kilpatrick lion, though this was after I suspected Kilpatricks in the Coat of Scottish Walkers. English Walkers have a "magna" motto term while Perkins are a line from Plancia Magna. Her husband, Tertullus of Perkin-line Perga, is to mythical Tertullus, ancestor of the Anjou Fulks, and here it can be added that the Weismann fleur is that also of Fulke's/Volks, and colors reversed from the Perkin / Walk/Wachs fleur. German Fulks/FALKs (Walk branch?) have two wings in Crest as do Weismanns, Weis'/Wise's and Wies' (comparable with Walks/Wachs). It should explain why the "vigilum" motto term of Perkins is almost a Wake motto term.

Wake-beloved Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with the Simple's, from a Mr. Simplex in the Perkins motto. Mr. Simplex was related to Julia Polla, the line through Vespasia Polla (married Tertulla's son) to Plunkett-related Plocks and Pollocks (Renfrewshire), proto-Rothschilds (from Peter Pollock at his Rothes castle). Leslie's received (my marriage) the titles of Rothes castle from Pollocks, and while the split-colored wing of Irish Leslie's is that of Weismanns, the Fasts in the motto of Scottish Leslie's share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild.

How does anyone make sense of these close links as per deep-state events / predictions? Miss Hicks even married Mr. Kilpatrick. Generally, it tends to be pointing to Rothschilds, and I rarely go without Rothschilds in any update. They surface especially during pointers.

Repeat: "Wakefields happen to be a part of the "Go wake her up" phrase in the Hicks dream. Wakefields share the Fitton / Cue/Kew / Macclesfield garbs." I woke her with the touch to her knee, which knees were used by God (as goes my claim) in real life at a Get'n GO" store (this was explained two updates ago). So, we have that store along with "GO wake her up." I think that the Irish GOWs are being pointed to here because that have a "TeneBRAS" motto term possibly for Braswell / Brazile liners in particular, and Lease's use "tenebris." These motto terms were created for those two surnames long before Donna Brazile got her Lease middle name. Irish Gows have a "hostes" motto term, almost the "hostis" of Shirts, and I woke her without a shirt on. Why do we suppose that Brays/Brae's use eagle legs?

Why would God point to Hosts/Hostes' for this particular matter? The Get'n Go is at the so-called Leakey road (Ranch road to Leakey), and Leaks/Leakeys share the human leg with the Arms of Fussen (Leck river in Bavaria), which was definitely a pointer to Fusion GPS along with leg-using Prophets/ProFETTS, for Miss Hicks thinks/thought she is a prophetess (I don't think I will agree). Fusion GPS produced the dossier, and Dossier's are also D'HOSier's while more human legs are used by Host-like Hose's. Hosts (more wings in Crest) were first found in Somerset with Whistle's/WISSELs and Train-suspect Trans'/Trents, and I neglected to say in the last update that the vertically-split Shield of German WESSELs is that of Trans'/Trents too, nailing the train whistle with Wessels too, and it just so happens that English Wessels/Waistells share the garbs of Cue's/Kews. Dossier's/Hosier's (Bavaria) have the same split Shield!

From that we go to the Legro river in LEICester, for Hose's use legs while being first found in Leicestershire with the Dexters who-in-turn show nothing by two chevrons in colors reversed from the nothing-but-two-chevrons Braswells. Wikipedia says/said (will it remove this part now?) that Donna Brazile's ancestry is in Braswells. Why is everything-dossier pointing to Brazile? Why is the lion head in the Hose Crest that of the Cheshire Steele's? How could God have pointed to the Steele dossier better than by first making Dossier's a part of a Hose or Hose-like line, and then sticking the Steele lion to the Hose Crest? There is an answer: by making English Dance's use the same lion head while listing Donna's with the Piedmont Dance's/Donnas'? Why didn't God give the Piedmont Dance's the Steele lion head? The answer may lie with Whistle liners, for WAISTELLs/Wessels are from VESTALis, grandson of Piedmont's king Donnus. The Piedmont Pero's use one of the four pale bars of Dance's/Donna's/Donnus'.

The Get'n Go can be a pointer also to Welsh Gethins/Gettens' with a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Welsh Jeffreys. Scottish Jeffreys are the ones who share a cloud over the sun with English Lease's, and Gethins/Gettens' are said to be from Ieuan Gethin ap Ieuan ap LLEISion. Lease's are said to be Levisons or Lewis', which checks out where Welsh Lewis'/Louis' share the giant Lease lion. The Lease motto includes "ClariOR." McLeods/CLOUDs of Lewis come to mind with the Lease cloud.

Gethin, son of LLEISion? Scottish Lease's are with the LEISH's/Lise's, who share two of the three Clare chevrons, explaining the "CLARior" motto term of English Lease's (Strongbow Clare ruled in Wales). I'm thinking that Lease's rhyme with Leaks because Donna Brazile applies to the Get'n Go on the road the locals call the Leakey road.

The double Lease/Leish chevrons are used also by Clarens, but what might need to be said here is that, in the dream where I was shooting pool in Obama's billiard hall, which itself pointed to the dossier scandal, it ended with Obama having a disagreement with an employee who was looking over his shoulder at Obama. The Lease's/Leish's are a rare surname with a lion looking back over its shoulder (I don't know the name of this heraldic feature). Morells ("Bono"), first found in Northumberland with English Lease's, are the only other surname I know of sharing that backward-looking lion (both surnames have a red lion in Crest). Michael Morell of the CIA? Might Donna Brazile start to make some juicy, leaky Fox news in opposition to Obama's wishes? Hope so. But the employee in the dream was a male.

Lookie. There's another red lion and another cloud in the BRISE/Bryce Coat, a surname looked up as per the "teneBRIS" of cloud-using Lease's (sun must be for SinCLAIRs/Suns). The Brise's share the Shield essentially of Scottish Bruce's, suggest a Brazile thingie (what?) with Bruce Ohr. In that picture, Ohr's DoJ was tasked (a no-brainer) with keeping the FBI off of the DNC scandal surrounding the heist of its files. The FBI claimed that it wanted to look at the DNC computer system, but that the DNC didn't permit it. So, the DoJ just did NOTHING even though it claimed that Russia was responsible, what only a Democrat idiot / stooge would believe. If it was the Russians, the DoJ would be under an obligation to have the FBI look into the details of the heist. The CIA would demand an investigation. Alas, it wasn't the Russians, exactly why the DoJ and CIA knew not to start an investigation. It was SETH Rich.

The Brise Crest and motto suggest the Sire / Justine line, and Justine's were first found in Perthshire with Lease's/Leish's and SETHs (share the Christine cups). Sire-branch Squire's love the Tiens suspect in "tenebris," and while Peare's were kin of Tiens, Miss Peare is Christine. Blairgowrie is at Perthshire while there is an early BRICE Blair in the Blair write-up. GOWrie's/Gorys were first found on Skye with flag-using McLeods/CLOUDs (Brice's have a cloud) and the Crimmons/Rimmons whose crosslets are in the style used by Gore's/Core's. "...Brice de Blair and Alexander del Blair, who witnessed an agreement between the burgh of Irvine and Brice de Eglustone in 1205". The Gaelic version of Gowrie's looks like the makings of Gords, who share the boar heads of Maple's, first found in Essex with Gore's/Core's. Scottish Gows/Gowans share a gold boar head and look linkable by their first motto term to Yonge's/Youngs (Essex).

[Insert -- Gordys/Gaudeys share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's and Gore's/Gowers, and while Gordys mention Reginald Gaudi, the Gauds share the Coat of Beefs/Boeufs (probably the fesse of Nagle's from "ONEGLia" = IMPERia), whom I trace with Roets (Gord boar heads) to the Boofima cult of the IMPERI peoples, likely the namers of PeriGORD, where Beefs/Boeufs were first found. This Gordy/Gaudey surname is new here, and terrific for clinching what you've just read, and, moreover, the Gordys share a tortoise / turtle with the Chaucers who married the sister of Catherine Roet. Gaudie's/Gowdys use the turtle/tortoise too, as well as the same chevron as Shake's. As Shechemite elements are suspect to Sadducees, the TORToise reminds that the Sadducee-like Sittaceni were a fellow Maeotian tribe with TOREATae. End insert]

Compare "EGLustone" with the Hagels who share the red pile of Perthshire's Wings/Winks, the latter suspect in the "vincit" motto term of English Shaws/Sheaves'. Jack Sava, in my opinion, had a role in murdering Seth Rich at the hospital. Hagels are a branch of Eagle's, and the latter use the six Sava/Savage lions in colors reversed. Jack Sava's ladyfriend (Lisa) was a lobbyist for Uranium One. The FBI did not investigate Jack Sava, we may assume.

Lookie. Irish Seths/Shaws (Perthshire) use a hind (I've read the description, and recorded this several times), and Hinds share the lozenges of BRIS'/Brix's/Brests! Zowie, is that not God's pointer between Seth Rich and Donna Lease Brazile? I say that Brazile was hired for the DNC directorship to hide details of Seth's murder and heist.

I'm pretty sure that Gows use the dagger, and so while Decks/Daggers share the Squirrel/Squire squirrel, "TENEbras" of the Gows must be for the Tien surname as per the "Tiens" motto term of Squirrels/Squire's. It adds to the evidence that God has pointed to Donna Brazile with the event at the Get'n Go, which, in my opinion for some time (with good argumentation for evidence), involves a LEAK from WikiLeaks. The latter already leaked the DNC files stolen by Seth Rich, and Brazile's book wherein she attacked Hillary was mainly about that very DNC robbery, though Brazile claims a Russian hack as being responsible, as have all the Democrats from the beginning.

God gave Miss Peare a waist symbol for Wessels/Waistells, and Peare's share the chevron-with-stars of Tiens (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's). I met Miss Peare when we both worked at Scarborough Town Center, at McGOWAN road. Gows are Gowans too. What could this mean? Is it another pointer to the "tenebris" of Lease's, since Wessels/Waistells are expected with the Brazile-related train whistle, which itself might be code for a certain whistle blower = leaker? Will Brazile be the whistle-blower, or will someone blow the whistle on her?

From the last update: "Stanleys are said to have been in Hooten of Cheshire. But as you can see, Knee's are said to be local to the Macclesfield area along with Shrigleys." Hooten is of the Cheshire Haughts sharing a white bull head with Hosts. Hose's are said to be from Noyers (Les Andelys), and the giant Noyer eagle has wings in the colors of the Host wings.

In the last update, I spoke on my cloud-over-sun omen that brought the Lease's to topic for using that thing. I was so frightened on the night of the omen, when mugged by a half-drunk man who I thought had a gun, that it caused me to hearken to another omen about seven months later. Just look at this. The mugging caused me to cancel purchasing land in Mexico, which was my plan for a second home for winters. I instead decided to purchase in southern Texas. I returned six months after the mugging, and about the third week from the time that I arrived in Texas, I found myself turning the corner at the Get'n Go, onto the road to Leakey. I did not know the name of the store or the road at that time. After driving some 20 minutes, the fast-moving clouds over the full moon started to appear ominous. I kept driving, and probably anyone else would have continued driving, but, uh-uh, not me. I eventually turned around and went back due to the look and feel of those clouds.

At the Get'n Go, I turned at the lights, and found a camp site. The next morning, I was talking with a real-estate agent whose land-for-sale she took us to see, which I ended up purchasing, ten minutes from the Miss Hicks I didn't yet know. Doesn't that look like something God set me up for? He had to. She was in the dream back in 1979. Two omens caused me to find her. Was I wrong in pegging her as the woman in the dream?

In the dream, the voice behind me said it's me she loves, "what are you waiting for, go wake her up." Who arranged to have the "wake" term in the Leak/LIKE write-up: "Lyke-Wake Dirge is a traditional English song that is thought to have originated in the Yorkshire area." Who arranged for the Leak/Like Chief to share the fleur-de-lys of the Yorkshire Hicks? Who arranged for the Leak/Like Crest to have a leg with bent knee? Why did I see her knees as beautiful only at the Get'n Go, after seeing her in a dress many times at church? Who arranged for the engrailed Leak/Like bend to be the engrailed Knee bend? Leaks/Like's share "Agendo" with the Each/Etches/Auger motto, for whatever that might mean.

I've just loaded Willie's because the Lyke-Wake song is said to be from a Willie. Willie's (Dumfries) show nothing but three black griffins in the colors of the nothing-but three black bulls of BEAUTYs/Bowoods. I was going to kiss her awake like Sleeping Beauty, but God had other ideas, to have my hand BRUSH her knee instead, before I kissed her, and so I didn't get to see what she looked like up close on a kiss, it figures (God left doubt as to who it might be, for while I did see a close-up of her, it was less than a second, enough for me to exclaim, "she's beautiful." Therefore, are Willie's part of the Beautys? If so, why? Brush's are a Bruce branch both with the Brise/Bryce Coat in colors reversed.

Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Willie's, suggesting that Willie's were kin of Bull-liner Beautys. Amazingly, while Williams share a dog in Crest with Willie's. One of two Williamson Coats shares the saltire of the Dumfries Kilpatricks, and the other Williamson Coat is a version of the Foot Coat while I have told many times that God gave Lorraine a beautiful-feet (or foot) symbol at the very moment when Michael Oullette blurted, "what a babe," as he saw her for the first time. It was God speaking through him, but rather than repeat the reason for that, I just want to say here that Oullette's are also Willi's, can we believe this? Both Williamsons were first found in Pavia-liner Peebles with Lyke-like Licks/Locks. See below how Pavia's link to beautiful feet.

The Foot-branch Fothes' had come to mind before Williamsons did, and therefore before Michael Ouellette and the beautiful feet had come to mind, because Fothes' come up as "Fido" while "Fides" is the entire Willie motto. How do we explain that, in the Wake write-up, the first suggestion for Wake roots are the WILESfords. It checks out because Wiles' share double-red fesses with Wake's. The Wiles Crest has the five, bunched arrows of Camerons/Camera's, Rothschilds and Bowers (Peebles, same as Williamsons). Wiles' were even first found in Sussex with the Prime's who share the bent human leg with the Leak Crest. Prime's and Wakes both have mottoes that can be for Vito's.

The Get'n Go is on the road to Leakey, and then Primo's (not Prime's), Loches'/DesLOGES' and Loges' were all first found in Burgundy while Loches'/Desloges' are also Locks. Then, Locks/Licks can be of the Like variation of Leak(ey)s, and from there we tell that the three Loches/Lock cinquefoils are also those of Scottish Gows/Gowans. As Like's/Leaks can be shown with the Prime leg, this paragraph seems to be verifying that God set up the Get'n Go as a pointer to Gows.

Prophets/ProFETTS (single arrow in Crest), first found in Aberdeenshire with Fothes'/FETTE's (share "Industria" with Arms of Rothschild), share the giant leg of Prime's, and so below how Lorraine's beautiful feet linked to Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found who can explain, "PROfett." That in turn explains why Fothes'/Fette's and Foots have one of the three Levi chevrons. Fussen, the Arms of which has bent, human legs, is also called, FOETes. There's a Footes location on Gernon-like Guernsey, and Gernons (Meschins), ancestors to BLONDville's (Meschins), use a "cyFOETH" motto term (see Blonds below as part of beautiful feet). Gernons share the double BRUNSwick lions in pale while Wake's have this: "Lord Wake who died in 1156, was founder of the Abbey of BRUN".

Prime minister Brown followed Blair in 2007, while Bush was still the president. The Brown write-up: "The surname Brown was first found in Cumberland, where the Brown family held a family seat and claim descent from Le BRUN in Normandy, who was granted many estates there soon after the Conquest."

Back to Willie's. Willie-beloved Griffins share the black dog in Crest with Willie's, and Griffins have a "NE vile velis" motto while Scottish Velis' are griffin-using Wills. It appears now that Willie of the Lyke-Wake song is in the Leak write-up because Willie kin (Griffins) love the Nee variation of Knee's who share the Leak bend. Amazingly, Velis'/Wills share the sun with Blonds and Babe's, meaning I must now repeat what you may have read already, sorry.

One day, when telling readers of Lorraine's beautiful feet (why BEAUTiful?), I also said that she and Kepke were sun-bright blonds. I therefore loaded Blonds, to find a foot in a sun, so amazing, because God even writes through me without my knowing. If ever we thought that the Old-Testament prophets took dictation, maybe not. I have read the Blond description, it's called a foot, not a shoe. At some point around that time, it was realized that the six bars of Babe's are in half the colors of the six Blond bars, and that's when I saw the sun in the Babe Crest too, explaining why Mr. Oullette said, "What a babe" at the moment that I spotted her beautiful feet. God made them beautiful at that moment. I probably saw her feet once only because I wasn't with her but for maybe three weeks, or less.

Her feet were seen on the street PAVEment on Yonge street (Richmond Hill), and Yonge's share the three piles of Scottish Leavells while the six Blond bars are in half the colors of the six bars of English Leavells, with the nebuly pattern used for both surnames. Leavells are to the red-gold checks of several entities and counting, including the PAVers, but the big deal here is that Pavia's share the Feet Coat, so amazing because we can grasp why God gave that sign: because Laevi Gauls founded Pavia. Therefore, Leavells were from the Laevi. And one can spot the three Levi chevrons in the six Blond bars. The Paver lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Bris'/Brix's/Brests.

But as they were Lorraine's feet, I assume that Lorraine's were somehow from Pavia liners. As her feet were seen in RICHmond Hill, it's notable that Rich's are also Richess', like "Richeza of Lorraine. Rich's are in the colors of Richmonds, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Pavers. The Rich write-up: "Their name, however, is a reference to Riche, in Lorraine, France, the family's place of residence prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066." I asked her out initially at a nearby bus stop at Yonge and Lorraine-like Lorne street. That's right. If you don't feel or sense God, don't assume He's not there. Study your life to see where He acts in it, if at all. It all depends on you, how you apply yourself to God.

About four years before Lorraine, I dated Miss Whelan, and Whelans happen to share the Coat of BRICKs, whose lozenges are colors reversed from those of Bris'/Brix's, and therefore in the colors of the Paver lozenges. Therefore, Whelans must have been from Waleran de Leavell of Meulan. As I said, I met Miss Whelan only because a friend, Rick YOUNG, born RICHARD, was dating her sister at the time. So, yes, Whelans were Laevi / Leavell liners. Just to show it, here's the Arms of Beaumont IV sharing the Arms of Meulan.

Brix's/Brests are from Brixia/Brescia, the proto-Bruce / Brush / Brise line, and this city is beside lake Garda while Rich's use a "Garde" motto term. German Youngs/Jungs/June's use a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, and Val Trompia is beside Brescia too. What are the chances that Whelans were first found in Waterford while the Arms of County Waterford share the Trump/Tromp stag head? It seems as though God really knows how to sew events together to tell His story.

Let's go to the English Steels at Giddy Hall. Giddys/Geddys/Gideons could be a branch of Gitten variation of Gethins/Gettens', the latter first found in Cheshire with Steels. And what do you know, Giddys/Gideons share red-on-gold roundels with Nellys, Orrs/Ore's and Wake's. Moreover, there a flag with pole in the Giddy/Gideon Crest, recalling Stanley holding the flag and pole about an hour before the beautiful-knee event at Get'n Go. Was Christopher Steele, a British spy, part of the 9-11 scam on the end of prime minister Blair and/or prime minister Brown? Reminder: I set up a camera with stand on that 9-11 memorial, and prime minister Cameron followed Brown in 2010.

The Flags/Flacks are probably a branch of Flys at Flagi, and then the butterFLIES in the Tull/Tulia Coat are on a red pale bar in both colors of the two pale bars of German Steels. BUTTERflies are also for Bitars/Butters who share the cross of Flack-like Aflacks, very interesting where the Middle-East Baathists were founded by Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq. In order to clinch Steels with Tulls/Tulia's, Baath-like BattiSTELLi's share billets in Chief with Steels, and the pyramid with Tulls/Toole's.

Is God suggesting that Christopher Steele was an integral part of the American befriending of Baathists? When Stanley was holding the flag, was God using it to suggest that the Coalition in Iraq were befriending Baathists? It is the suspicion of some that Americans were using Sunni (includes Baathists) against ruling Shi'ites to keep internal conflict alive to justify the American presence in Iraq, and later in Syria under Obama. Trump took credit this week for the near-dissolution of ISIS. While I don't think the American military had much to do with finishing off the group, I would give Trump credit even if the only thing he did was prevent the CIA and military demons to reinforce the ISIS Baathists (to justify presence in the Middle East).

Aflack variations suggest a merger with Hagens, especially as Irish Hagens (pyramid?) use another flag on a pole (makes Aflacks look like a Flag/Flack branch). These Hagens (dagger possible) share the fish with the Arms of Saraca while being first found in Tyrone with Saraca-suspect Sharks. Tyrone's use two chevrons only (same as Dagger-like Dexters), in colors reversed from the two-chevrons-only of Braswells. Why are we back to Donna Lease Brazile? Let's add that while Miss Hicks is suspect as a representation of Hope Hicks, the latter may be responsible for Donna Brazile at Fox. The dream with Miss Hicks started with a shark in a swimming pool.

Lookie. As Braswells are suspect in the "tenebras" motto term (of Gows) while "tenebris" is of the Lease's, by what coincidence do Dutch Hagens show only three lozenges in the colors of the nothing-but-lozenges BRIS'/Brix's?

Brown not a Standard Heraldic Color; Must Be Reserved

How many flags on poles can there be in this discussion? Dudons use it too, and they were looked up as per the Cheshire's Duddon, home of Dons ("dona"). A link between Steels and Duddon can be where the Steel billets are in the colors of the Nassau billets while Dudons can be from Dudo, founder of Nassau. Dudons even share the hunting horns with Orange's while Nassau merged with Orange. As Dudons share the flag with Hagels, the Hagel lion might just be the Nassau lion. The Orange hunting horn is colors reversed from the same of Breakers/Brecks (brown antelope) while Brays/Brays use a "FLAX breaker"!!! Zowie. Both the Hagan and Dudon flags face to the Shield's sinister side.

The Breaker/Breck horns are shared by English Farmers while Irish Farmers have the Steel lion heads too. Irish Farmers were first found in Essex with Wisemans, who in-turn share the Coy Coat. There are a lot of red lions heads, but here we can remind that Steels were first found in Cheshire with the Nickle's/Nichols who share the Coy / Wiseman pheon. And English Nicholsons use another red lion head as well as the double fesses of the Cheshire Dons. With Farmers looking like Fare / Pharia liners, Breakers/Brecks look like they are from the neighboring island of Brattia, for it is/was also called, Brac. (Bradds/Bratts may have the Bruce lion in colors reversed, and Belgian Pratts have the Bruce saltire, suggesting that Brattia was renamed after Breuci liners.)

Browns (Brun / Bruno colors) use a brown lion likely for the gold Brunswick lion; Dudons use a brown lion paw; Aflacks have a brown falcon of some kind; Dons use a brown stag head and: "'The manor [of the Dons] was for many generations in moieties between the families of BRUEN and DONE; the first passed, with Bruen-Stapleford...'" It makes Dons/Done's look like a branch of same-colored Downs/Douns.

Dudon is in Tarven while Tarvens are listed with Tarves'. The Tarves-related Maple's were first found in Essex with WISEmans, and Knee's of County DOWN share the black stag head with VISE's/Vice's, the latter first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns. The island of Vis is beside Pharia while Phare's/Fare's were first found in Cumberland with the Nicholsons who share the Don fesses. The Phare-like Parrs (and Nissans) have these double fesses in colors reversed, tending to clinch Parrs with Pharia, meaning that one should trace PHARnaces and Nysa to Pharia elements. Nissans even share the brown stag head with Dons. I suggest a Pharnaces merger with Dance's/Donna's/Donnas, the Cottians.

I believe that God recently used a visit from a friend, Don, as a pointer. His surname, Frey, is a branch of Pharos-like Freys'/Phrese's/Phreeze's (Essex!). Pharia was Pharos. The Friei's/Freys might just be with the Nassau lion, therefore. The event was simply that Don left his baseball CAP here. Caps are listed with Caiaphas-like Capes', and Phreeze's look like a line of Pharisees. We could add that Base's share the double Brunswick lions while Dons have a brown Crest. We just read that the manor of the Dons was that also of Bruen-Staplefords, and Staplefords (lords of Ferrers) happen to have the double fesses of Parrs and Nissans. As Staplefords were first found in Leicestershire, they sure look linkable to Dexters. Staple's were at DOWNhamford. BarnSTAPLE's share the trefoils of Dutch Nichole's.

At a small area on the rim of the cap, it reads, "TEACHaway." Nothing else is written on it. Don has been a college professor. His father was a pastor in Switzerland, where Teach-like Tease's/Tess'/Tecks were first found, suspect at the Ticino canton (Switzerland). Teach's are listed with Tass' who may be sharing the red chevrons of Tiss'/Teece's. We can easily conceive of God in this, to trace Pharisees and Caiaphas to the Laevi of the Ticino. Don was a professor at SENeca collage, and Sens'/Senns were first found in Switzerland too (suspect with naming Sion). The Seneca surname is also "SENESchal / SeneCAUT," and Caute's are with the Cottian line of Cotts, whom I trace to the Cotesii (Buzau river), right beside the SENSii, yup, that's right. The Cottians included Donna's/Donnas', yup, that's right, God set me up with Don Frey.

The makers of the BASEball cap who wrote' "TeachaWAY" didn't know anything about heraldry, nor did they know that Don would lave his cap here after not seeing me for about 15 years. Yet the Ways/WEIGHs (Ged fish?) share double-white fesses with Dons. The Dexters use "WEIGHTs" in Crest, and Weights share black hunting horns with the other Base's. Don called out of the blue, and drove hours for a visit, inspired by God yet he probably didn't realize it. I had planned on bringing the cap back to him least year, but he decided not to meet me at that time due to his moving into a new home. If I had taken it back, this new information on Teachaway would not have been provided, for this is the first time I've come to it. The full revelation seems to be that the priests of Israel during the Maccabee period were "Levites" from the Laevi. If the Ways/Weighs have the three fish of Geds ("DuRAT"), let's add that Geddes' (Nairn, same as Rats) are suspect from "Cetis," where Lupus LAEVillus was king.

The baseball cap is black, and so it's interesting that I see Blacks (moved to beside Glasgow) with the stars of Glass', while I see Glass' with "Wallis," the Swiss canton at Sion. The Arms of Sion / Wallis canton share the Glass stars. The Sears (Arms of Sion stars) and Sere's/Serres' look very linkable to Sierre, beside Sion, and those two surnames could together be in the motto of Cars (Arms-of-Sion stars), which itself shares "sed" with Blacks. The Sears Chief-Shield color combination is shared by Caps/Capes'. Cars are suspect from the Cary castle of Leavells. I saw the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks through the GLASS door of the Get'n GO, and Glass' are suspect with GlasGOW.

Notice that Sears have a brown eagle, seemingly the Este eagle because Barrs of Brunswick were Este's. If God has pointers to Bill Barr, what do we suppose they would be? Bars of Brunswick were also at Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. Both families used fish.

The Cheshire Steels have billets while English Billets "are believed to be descended from the French family Billet from Cote de OR." Perhaps that's a pointer to the Steele-Ohr relationship with the dossier.

Brazile was on Hannity Tuesday night, when she essentially said that a mother should have the legal right to kill her child the moment it is exiting the womb. SHAME-SHAME on Fox for hiring this piece of demonic, human garbage. I take back what I said. I will not follow her closely. She is for the puking, I will not watch her. May God strike her dead, and others who push that "philosophy". This is Babylon the great killer whore with a smile on her face.

Starting in April, Judicial Watch is about to question, under oath, by order of the court, Clinton people in relation to Benghazi. This could be big, for it includes Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice. Watch your backs, JW:

If you are interested in a new story on the Ukraine's admission that the Obama-era Ukrainian elements were assisting the Hillary campaign against Trump, which suggests that elements in the Obama government may have been facilitating the efforts on the American end. Start just before 15 minutes, though there is very little known thus far:

Jim Jordan is asking Barr for a status report on the fate of Andrew McCabe.

My bet is that Mueller's report is taking more time because he's got to remove a lot of things from the report that was mere, groundless spin. Have fun. The bad news is that Barr is permitting Rosenstein to stay on longer. It may be due to leaving him there until the Mueller report is finished, but, if Rosenstein did seek to oust Trump, Barr can't keep him for even one day. Is Barr telling the people that Rosenstein isn't guilty? Bad sign on Barr's part.

I can't confirm the things in the video below, but most seems to be correct. Note Lois Lerner, whose surname I have not mentioned heraldically:

Lerners are listed with Launays, of Lano's/Lane's, first found in Brescia, and the namers of Launay near Brescia-line Brests. The latter is of the Brix/Brest surname sharing lozenges with Launays/Lerners, and the latter's are in the colors of the Stopford/Stockport lozenges. According to the video above, Lois Lerner protected the Clinton crime of not reporting international monies into the Clinton Foundation. Yet about all we ever heard at first was Lisa Page and Peter who? There is no hope. American politicians are useless. This illusion that most are good people denies the reality of the infestation of corruption at every level, especially in lower levels. What logic makes Trump think that lower-level people are the good guys? There are rats in the lower levels aspiring, more than the good guys, to make it into higher levels. That's how the history of mankind has always worked. Evil comes with ambition, and ambition comes with short-cut dishonesty and hope in successful corruption.

The Brest surname was originally found when the last squirrel bounced off of my chest/breast TWICE. Yes, that's right, the 17th squirrel lept out of the rafters while I was pulling out the smelly pink insulation, not knowing the squirrel was in its nest at the time. I was installing the soffits so that the rodents wouldn't be able to get into the attic any longer. This squirrel was so frantic as it bolted out that it bounced off a rafter without looking to where it was bouncing, because it hit me on the chest. It bounced off of that and went straight down to the ground some 20 feet, all fours spread out to create an "umbrella" for itself with it's upper-leg skin. I'd never seen anything like it, an emergency umbrella that squirrels may never use because they're so good in trees they may never need it.

A little later that same year, I figure the same squirrel had jumped out of its nest in the ceiling of the old trailer. Rain was getting in and destroying it. I was reaching up to open or close the bathroom vent in the ceiling when it popped out a slit in the ceiling right at this vent, bounced off the wall and onto my chest, then bolted through a hole in the screen that it had chewed out. So far as I knew, there was just one squirrel around my place that year, after catching the 16 the winter before. To this day some two years later, there are just two squirrels here, and they do not seem to be sharing the same nest.

As Brests are linkable to Launays/Lerners, it may mean that Lois Lerner was involved with Uranium One along with Mueller's circle. Lerner was on Obama's fledgling, anti-Christian front lines in the IRS, and, says the video above, she did not have Hillary arrested for failure to report revenue. Wikipedia says that Lerner's emails went missing (deleted) that probably would have incriminated her. Never mind Lisa who? and Peter who?; there are some fat rodents to go after who had direct channels to Obama. The do-nothing Republicans, and Trump too, don't want anyone arrested. There is no hope, therefore. The next Democrat White House can be predicted to be extremely brazen. Christians are speaking out, and rightly they should, but this could backfire with the vengeance of our enemies upon us.

Wikipedia says that Lerner used an email account under the name, Toby Miles, the latter term being her husband's surname (she doesn't use her husband's surname?). Tobys have the giant, brown leg of what I'll assume is an eagle, and in the Crest there are brown wings. Crossed legs like this are used by Hixons/Hicksons. If Tobys (Dutch) are Dobers/Tobers, then I would trace them to Dober upon the Clausula river flowing into lake Scodra. This is the area to which God pointed Miss Hicks when I woke her in the dream. Miles' use a mill rind, code generally for Miller liners who include Muellers.

Miss Hicks' sleeping symbol was for Selepitanoi at Bar, and Bar-like Brays/Brae's use bird legs too. Brays, if they were a branch of the namers of Bra, may put Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazile together with Hope Hicks and Lois Lerner in all of this, though this, that all four woman should be lumped together, is pure speculation without harder evidence.

Bruno's were first found in Tuscany with BARone's who almost have the Coat of French Barrels and German Bruners/Bruenns, making Brunswicks, and surnames with brown symbols, look like they may have been from the namers of Bar. When Miss Hicks awoke, we were RISING together into the sky, code for Rhizon, right beside the Kotor home of Saraca's. With this in mind, let me quote what was just added (it's Friday) to the last update, for Mandys use bird legs too:

MANDYs/Mondays use a "Deus" motto term that can be for Odessus (old name for Odessa) liners. If [mythical] Odysseus was Colchian, then I'll add that while I see lozenges from Losinj, a known Colchian settlement in Croatia, Mandys have lozenges. Mandys came to topic because I was living with a Mandy once, whose birth surname, Simson, is one I trace to Oenotrians/Enotri, suspect with mythical Oeneus at Calydon, smack on-shore from Odysseus' Ithaca. Moreover, Enotri lived at and around Laus of southern Italy, and "Laus Deo" is a motto phrase of Mandy-like Manders, how about that. If that's not enough, I trace Oliphants, who were associated with Arbuthnotts (another "laus Deo"), to the Elaphiti islands smack beside the Saraca's of Ragusa, which place was also called, Laus! This is why I trace Saraca's to Saracena, smack beside Laus of southern Italy.

It's also what makes ArBUTHnotts suspect with Butua, beside Kotor. Plus, ArbuthNOTTs look like they can apply to the "wake knot" of Wake's, for Notts are also Knots (Derbyshire, same as Mandys), and Wake's are part of waking Miss Hicks.

I kid you not, then when I met Mandy in Texas (1999), I was actually looking for Miss Hicks (suspected her as the woman in the dream since 1996). I hadn't been to Texas since 1995, and upon my first return, as soon as I was checked into a motel, I met Mandy. By some coincidence or not, she was attending the same church in which I had first seen Miss Hicks in late 1994. When Mandy and I went to church together, Hicks was not there. After a few Sundays, Mandy mentioned that the old man in front of us, which was his regular seat i.e. always in the first seat directly to our front, was married to a beautiful blond. It turned out to be Miss Hicks. I heard that she had been banned from that church for her manner of prophesying. I later assumed that she was attending a church in Crystal City, for she suggested that I should go there. I had ended my land-scouting trip (early 1994) in Crystal City.

The only time she mentioned the church in Crystal City was during our first phone call, four days before the 9-11 memorial. Crystal City became suspect with Bill Kristol, a never-Trumper and therefore likely a Bush-Cheney supporter. Kristol had worked for the Washington Free Beacon, which some say started the anti-Trump opposition-research (on Trump) that was later credited to Steele. As you know, the Leaks became a topic as per the 9-11 memorial, and Leaks use the leg too, as do Hixons/Hicksons, suspect as a pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks.

Eagle legs are talons, and eagle legs are used by Talons/Talents, suggesting that there was a Legh/Ligh or Legge merger with Talants, suspect from the TAULANTii peoples whose northern geography (on the light map) is near the Selepitanoi. This recalls my theory that the HYKSos from pharaoh KHYAN were at Dalmatia, land of the Ragusa Saraca's. However, I did not know of the OloKENion location, smack beside or amongst the Selepitanoi, until the last update re-found a new map. Amazing.

I had traced Khyan elements (years ago) to Keons because they share the Arms-of-Saraca fish. Their Keen branch not only has the same fish, but shares the so-called calvary symbol (includes steps/stairs) with Crystals. Even before tracing Khyan to Keons, I had read that Khyan was the same as pharaoh APACHnas (suspect with the Hicks buck), and because I had pegged Khyan as the Exodus pharaoh (his daughter named and raised Moses), I realized that the gold calf of German BACHs/Backs (now shown as a steer) were the family's code for the gold-calf idol that Moses' brother made for the rebel Israelites. Compare "calf/calves" to "calvary." The Moses surname (probably Moesian) happens to use a calvary symbol too.

The Keens were in the last update in a comparison with the Coat of Jewish Rothchilds. The Keens were also in a paragraph with the Roach's, meaning that I've got to repeat my bad experience in the motel of Crystal City, in 1994, the night after being mugged. There were cockroaches making noise all night long behind the wallpaper, behind my bed's headboard. In the morning, there was a black smoke coming out the tailPIPE, which caused me to end the trip with a plan of returning in six months to purchase property in the area. Decades later, I discover that Smoke's are listed with Roach-like Rauch's, that Roach's share fish with Hykes'/Hake's, and that Pipe-related Pepins and Poppins/Pophams share a "Mens" motto term with Crystals while Pepins / Pophams (brown stag/buck head) are suspect with the Hyksos pharaoh, Apepi/Apophis.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. End update]

If not mistaken, the Keen calvary is BROWN, and, to boot, Keens use an ESCUTcheon (as do Scute's), traceable to lake SCORdra, smack beside OloKENion. Yet "escutCHEON can be gleaned as code for Keons and Keens too. Scute's (deer, traceable to Ragusa elements) share the crane with Saraca-suspect Sharks (Rockefeller-line trefoils).

Here's from the last update:

Keens use a sinister-rising bend out of lizards in the colors of the sinister-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'), and the latter share a sinister-facing horse with Keens, who are also Kane's. The Smoke's/RAUCH's use the Rothchild bend too while ROACH's (another "ma") use fish in the colors of the same of one Irish Kane Coat. The new, color-code map has an OloKENion location between the Selepitanoi and the Abri.

French Barrels were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans, making the three bends of Barrels / Bruners/Bruenns suspect with the three of Pungs/Paganells. "Pagan" looks linkable to "APACHNas", which might reveal that Apachnas liners were to Paeonians on the Hyksos-like Axios river. Payne's were first found on or near Somerset's Axe river.

Lucys share fish in the colors of the Roach fish, and a Lucy location was found on/off the Bray river to Dieppe. "...the family of Lucy was made by Henry I of the lordship of Dice therein to Richard de Lucie, governor of FALAIS." The Brays/Brae's (share black bird legs / talons with Hixons) have this: "Three places in that province are still called Brai; two in the arrondissement of FALAISE, and one in that of Bernal." It just so happens that Bernals share the red border with white Shield of Scotts and Scoots/Scougals, traceable to Scodra i.e. makes Bernals look like a Bar liner.

Lucys may even be of the Licks/Lucks -- who share the black greyhound with Schutz's and Scoots/Scougals -- from lake Lychnidus. Bernals share the Gifford (and Ryan/Oryan) motto, and Giffords/Jeffards/Jefforks/Jefferts share the lozenges of Hounds suspect in greyhounds (Reno's/Rhine's use three lozenges too, in colors reversed from the griffins of Orion-like Ryans/Oryans). Greys have a border-with-Shield in colors reversed from the same of Scotts / Scoots, and the Grey Coat happens to be a colors-reversed version of the TALbot Coat, making Talbots, and Lucy Taillebois, suspect from the Taulantii. Bernals, by the way, use five feathers in Crest all in different colors. Talbots (version of Scott Coats) were first found in Shropshire/SALOP with Bray-beloved Breakers/Brecks (brown Crest) and Selepitanoi-line Sleeps.

Scotts use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet (daughter of Payne Roet) while I've read that Roet descended from Croys or Groys, both of which are listed with Greys (version of the JEFFER/Jefferson Coat). While Scotts were at CHILLINGham, here's from the write-up of Giffords/JEFFERTs (share Payne motto): "Peter Gifford became Lord of the Manor of Chillington. Chillington Hall is a Georgian country house near Brewood in Staffordshire." Is Brewood of the Brey / Bree variation of Brays/Brae's?

It's the bird legs of Brays/Brae's that makes them look like a Taulantii merger with Bar elements. Brays/Brae's are in the colors and format of Berone's/Byrams and English Barone's/Barne's, the latter having been at SOTTERly, a possible Scute / Shute / Suter branch. Sotters are listed with German Sutters/SAUTers suspect with the Hicks ancestry in Hikke de Sautbey. Possibly, the saltire formed by the Hixon/Hickson talons is in colors reversed from the Schutz saltire for a related reason, for while Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, Kilpatricks lived on a river with a mouth at the Solway firth while Solways/Salways share the Schutz saltire. Plus, at the 9-11 memorial, Miss Hicks said I could sit beside her but "scoot over" when her daughter arrived.

Hixons were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs while Stopfords/Stockports look like they share Felix's / Felice's as kin with the Keens ("Felis"). The Abri at OloKENion can be to the namers of Abruzzo, and while Abruzzo's/Abreu's (Hyksos were Hebrews, they say) are the line to Evreux, in EURE, Hicks use an "HEURE" motto term. In other words, the EBURovices at Evreux look like Hyksos Hebrews. Albins of BARNstaple were at Evreux, and Bernals are Barne's too, suggesting Bar / Selepitanoi elements in Eure.

I had read that Eburovices were also at Brescia, and this reminds that Launays/Lerners, sharing gold-on-blue lozenges with Stopfords/Stockports, were of the Lano's/Lane's of Brescia. Having said that, my mother was born in Picenze of Abruzzo, where the patron saint was Felice. Picenze is seven miles from eagle-liner L'Aquila. Do the Hixon/Hickson eagle legs apply to the black L'Aquila eagle?

The Eburovices were also Ebroicum, like the old Eboracum version for York, and Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with Brescia-line Bruce's (Brusi" in earlier times), suspect with the ABRUSSI peoples (of Abruzzo). Here's the Bray/Brae write-up: "Originally, the name, is a reference to the town of Bray, near Evreux, Normandy, where the family lived prior to the Norman Conquest of 1066." Brays share the black talon with Hixons. The latter's talons (I'm sure they are on the eagle) are in the colors of the giant, double-headed eagle of Irish Brone's/Browne's, who in-turn share a black, Agrippa-suspect griffin in Crest with Scotts. German Brone's are perhaps using a black, winged horse (I can't make out what's on the horse's back), the symbol of Burn-branch Bernice's. As I trace Herods to Antipatria, it could be that Berenice Agrippa was from Bar elements in her mother, too.

As Kotor is from Keturah, wife of the Biblical Abraham, note that while I trace Berenice's descendants to Bernicians, who name Berwicks/Barwicks, the Abraham-like Barhams/Barehams have a version of the Berwick/Barwick Coat. BRAMtons have the double lions in pale of Brunswicks. Antipatria was home to Dexaroi, the line to Daggers, first found in Cumberland with Bernice's and Burns (and Fier-related Fare's). Antipatria is a little up-river from Fier county, and while Fier liners were first found in Middlesex, "The Barham family lived in any of several places of this name in the counties of Middlesex and Kent..." English Bruens, comparable to Germo-Swiss Berne's, were first found in Middlesex. Bruens share the black bear with Berwicks and Barhams. Scottish Berne's/Berneys (version of Payne Coat?) have human legs and another brown lion in Crest, the symbol of the Brown Crest.

I have said a few times that I suspect LAURA, the girlfriend of LARRY Barrett (on my high-school bus), to be important to God's heraldic work, but not until now have I found a fairly-good reason. The red ear of the white dog head (could be a talbot dog) in the Crest of English Barrels may be indication of the red dog head in the Bramton Crest. Barretts use a black dog head. Larry may have been born Lawrence/Laurence, and that as a surname is related to Laurie's who share laurel with the Lorraine's who in-turn have a "Lauro" motto term. BAR-le-Duc is in Lorraine. I asked Lorraine the babe with beautiful feet out at her BUS stop, and Larry Barrett never did become a friend, but is someone I remember as being in the school BUS. He lived in Gormley at the corner of Gormley sideroad and LESLIE street, and Gormleys/GRIMES' have three FOOTless martlets in colors reversed from the same of Feets. "FootLESS" is suspect with a Leslie liner because Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's. The Grime's/Grimms have three fesses, each with three footless martlets in the colors of the three upon the Feet fesse. Grime's/Grimms share the green martlet with Gards while Carricks, who share the black dog with Barretts, have a Garde bien" motto, sharing "Bien" with the Barrett motto.

It's my opinion that God pointed Lorraine to Babe's, and it just so happens that queen Bebba was of the Bar-suspect Bernicians. BABcocks share the red rooster with Cocks who in-turn share the GRIMaldi Coat. There is a question here as to whether Cheneys, who love the Fate variation of Feets, were pharaoh-Khyan liners.

I initially asked Lorraine out at the corner of Lorne street. The Launays/Lerners are also DeLORNEY's. It just so happens that they share the lozenges of Stopfords while I asked Lorraine out at her bus STOP. My first reaction is to wonder whether Bill Bar will take on LOIS Lerner, for French Louis' were first found in Lorraine, and Louis' (Brick lozenges) happen to share lozenges with Launays/Lerners.

What are the chances that Stopfords would share "Patriae" with Louis'/Lewis' and Philips? Yup, that's right. Stopfords and the other Lewis' share a green dragon. The Stopford and Louis/Lewis mottoes can both indicate Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's.

Remember, Lerner's dog's name, Toby Miles, was used to name her secret email account while she worked for Obama's IRS. Wouldn't it be amazing if her dog were a black Lab? Repeat from above: "Bus' have a cinquefoil in colors reversed from the Etchell cinquefoil..." Stopfords/Stockports were at Etchell, and the Etchell cinquefoil is also the one of English Tobys. Why do the latter share the checkered Shield of Bils'/Bills'?

The secret email account of Lerner recalls that Christine Peare and LOUISE PHILIPS were on a wooden PLATform together in the sleeping-bag dream. I was able to decipher the platforms as code for the Stage/Stagg surname, yet they were also pointers to PLATTE River Network, the firm from which Hillary Clinton obtained a secret email server after she dumped the secret one in her bathroom. The reason that Platte River works for the dream is that I had walked through the mall's PARKING lot before entering the mall and seeing two women on the platform. Parkings are with Perkins while Hillary hired Perkins Coie to thwart Trump. Perkins Coie happens to have an office in Denver, location of Platte River. We can see how this dream can relate to Lois Lerner now that Louise is figured in on the platform.

Immediately after Louise was asked to leave my apartment, my next lady friend was Miss Whelan, and Whelans happen to share the Brick Coat, with lozenges in the colors of the Louis lozenges.

I've told this before, that I last saw Christine Peare in a BAR. I was taking her out for the weekend, and we innocently entered as small pub to chat on a quiet Sunday night, but it never happened. We never did chat because she got up and danced with this blond man with lust in his eyes. It's important because God pointed Miss Peare to Vestalis, grandson of dance-liner king Donnus. After she was on the platform with the second woman, she was on the next platform with me, and as I was pulling her by the waist, it felt so good, just like another event some 40 years before this dream that involved pulling her toward me with hand on her belly, on the night I slept between she and Louise Philips (no sex, I'm sure this was orchestrated by God). The point here is, my very next lady friend after being at the BAR with Peare was Lorraine, suggesting that I need to link Lorraine to Bar-le-Duc, or Bill Barr. If the inclusion of Bill Barr is Intended by God, then I would assume it's due to his going after Lerner and/or Hillary.

Let me say it again that Peare's waist is definitely a pointer to Vestalis-liner Waistells/Wessels, who share gold garbs on a blue-on-white bend with Fittons, the latter suspect with Feets/Fittes'. One could make an easy prediction that Tom Fitton will come out with all the news on the Lerner and Clinton scandals as that news comes in.

In the process of preparing this [DoJ] status report and for the August 24, 2015, release of Lerner communications, the undersigned attorneys learned that, in addition to emails to or from an email account denominated "Lois G. Lerner" or "Lois Home," some emails responsive to Judicial Watch's request may have been sent to or received from a personal email account denominated "Toby Miles."

It appears that Judicial Watch did it again. Over and over, it finds things that the congress isn't telling.

I knew it: Trump's border wall is a sham. A headline this week: "Roughly 1,800 border crossers and illegal aliens are expected to be released from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) custody into the interior of the United States this weekend in the El Paso, Texas region." Trump oversees ICE and HS. Trump is permitting this to take place. He's only pretending to oppose illegal immigration. Why doesn't HS release the Mexicans in Mexico, and why doesn't it sail non-Mexicans back to their countries of origin?? Because, Trump is a sham. "The organizationís executives said they are struggling with how to provide shelter to border crossers and illegal aliens, saying that hundreds are being released into the U.S. every week. Over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend, about 600 will be released every day for a total of about 1,800 released...In an expansive report recently, Breitbart News confirmed that between December 21, 2018 and March 5, DHS released a total of 84,500 border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S." Sham! Excuse. If the U.S has no shelter to detain them, send them out of the country, or shut-up about illegal immigration. By releasing them into the United States, more will come to get the same treatment. SHAM!!! TRUMP SHAM. I had half suspected it. His mouth speaks only what's beneficial for re-election. His heart is geared to say what his base wants to hear, but some of his programs, and some news that slips out, betray his public image.

Why did Trump become the president if he won't order his attorney general to obey the law? Why did he become the president if he won't order Wray to obey the law? Why did he become the president if he won't order Homeland Security to obey the law? What piece of garbage is this president that he speaks against lawlessness like a moral man yet does nothing to order the people under him to obey the law? He acts like his hands are tied because he's a sham.

By the way, I've found a way to show that Wrays are a Ray branch, and moreover to make a fair case for the trace of Bononia's Boii to Shechemite Boeotians. It starts with this BONEkill Coat sharing red martlets with the Wray Chief. At houseofnames. Bonkills are listed with Buncle's while French Rays use the escarBUNCLE. The Eskers are suspect with the ESCARbuncle because they have a Coat that I can glean with Cnuts, and then Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers" while Hangers use the escarbuncle too. The Potters were first found in Hampshire with Hangers and Bottons/Bidens, and so this is very relevant: "The surname Wray was first found in Lancashire where Wray is a small village, part of the civil parish of Wray-with-Botton".

Amazingly, I speak often on Darlene Ray, and Darlene's can be gleaned with the drop-filled Cnut Coat. Drops trace to Tropoje, near Butua, where I expect Boeotians to German Bute's/Butts/BOETS who share the red-on-white fesse of Bottons/Bidens. Orion was at Shechemite Schimatari, and that's why Bottons/Bidens use Orion-line horns. Drops/Trope's are suspect with Troops, the latter first found at Banffshire, which includes a BUCKLE location (near mouth of Spey river), and it just so happens that Buncle's/Bonkills show only buckle's. The Bonekill Coat at the link above share's a green-on-white chevron with Shechemite-liners Shake's/Shakerleys, the latter first found in Lancashire with Wrays. This is perhaps the first piece of somewhat-compelling evidence that Boii of Bononia were Boeotians.

Wray (at Roeburn river) is a location with Botton and nearby HORNby in Lancaster city, and so it might just be the case that the red Lancastrian rose is that of Butts/Boets. Hornbys use hunting horns, and while the Orne river flows through the Bessin, some say the Baiocasses of the Bessin were Boii.

"Hornby is situated close to where the River Wenning joins the River Lune." This river apparently named Lunesdale, yet Hornby is in Lonsdale. Lune's/Lunes' are listed with Lyons, and they have another brown lion head in Crest, suggesting Luneburg at Brunswick. It's not a far difference between "Lune" and "Lane / Launay." Doesn't this Brunswick picture trace to Bar and Lorraine's Bar-le-Duc? Lorraine's share the Lune/Lyon lion. Lorraine-suspect Lawrence's were at Lonsdale too. When I had used "sun-bright blond" with both Lorraine and Mr. Kepke, it was because Kepke's first name is Lawrence.

Lune's/Lyons (Perthshire, same as Rinds) are said to have been at a Foret location. Forets are also Forests. Forrests/FOSTERs use hunting horns. Dutch Forsts/Voorts might just have the Lonsdale annulet. English Forests (compare with Felix's) have a MILL rind. Rinds use a flower POT, and Flowers share Potter cinquefoil so that we have come back to Cnut / Hanger kin, and so let's add that Angers share the escarbuncle with Hangers while Felix-like Fulks ruled Angers. The Forest mill rind is that also of Felix's, wherefore it's more than interesting that Angers share the lozenges of Boeotian-possible Boits and Lane-line Launays/Lerners and Stopfords/StockPORTs, the latter using an "inFILICi" motto term for the Felix-branch Felice's. The latter, in Leo colors, were first found in Rome, home of PierLEONi, making the latter suspect with Lune's/Lyons, especially as the latter use a "Pro" motto term. It appears that Fulks may have descended from the Biblical Felix, and through a marriage with Pierleoni. Reminder: Pierro's/Pero's almost use the Butt/Boet Coat.

As Porters/Pawters are suspect with a least a merger with Potters (Hampshire, same as Porters and hangers), let's repeat from above, when on the topic of the Porter and Yates portcullis gates: "Meullers (not "Mueller") use a "PAIR of snips" while Snipe's use the Clinton Shield but with portcullis gates, is that not amazing? Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Snipe's." Oxfordshire is also where the Pierleoni-suspect and Pero-line Peare's (LEOpard faces) were first found. While Snipe's are Snape's too, here's from the Parrot write-up: "Thorp Perrot Hall is a large 18th-century country house standing in an estate on the northern edge of Snape village."

Pero's/Perino's come up as Peire's, but they also have Parrot-like variations while Parrots use pears in the colors of the same of Butt/Boet/BOTT-like Abbotts/Abbetts, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and sharing their chevron. Abbotts/Abbetts share "patria" with "Pro"-using Lune's/Lyons, and moreover Betts (brown lion, virtually matches the Lune/Lyon Crest) use the Potter cinquefoils in colors reversed. English Botts are with Botters, first found in Hampshire with Potters and Porters.

Potters can be from Poitiers/Poitou, and Boits have Poitou-like variations. I think we are treading all over the Boethus house of Sadducees in relation to Pierleoni. Boits, by way of sharing the Nagle lozenges, are very traceable to Arduinici of the BAUTica river.

The Snape location in Suffolk can link to Snape castle, home of queen, Catherine PARR, wife in her earlier days of Neville's. The way this link works is by way of the "Ne vile" motto term of Griffins while griffins are used by Alda's/Alde's while Snape of Suffolk is at an Alde river. As Bruce's are about to coincide with Latimers, let's add here that Bruce-branch Brush's were first found in Suffolk and Yorkshire. Here's from Wikipedia's Snape (North Yorkshire) article: "Snape castle was originally built c.1430, when Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland gave Snape to his younger son, George Neville, 1st Baron Latimer. " Wales, where Tillers were first found, is where Latimers were first found who share the patee cross of Ceraunii-line Crauns, and the Tilurius is near to where Ceraunii are placed on maps. I trace Julia Maesa Bassianus' line to the Maezaei at the Ceraunii theater, and her father was the nephew of Griffin-suspect Julius Agrippa.

The Breuci are on the light map not far north of the Maezaei, and Latimers were first found in BREConshire...beside Clapton, tending to identify the Latimer patee with that of Claptons. Hicks (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's), whom I tend to link to Crauns, married Arthurs of Clapton.

Breuci are shown beside LATovici (line to Latons/Leigtons), looking like the origin of Latimers/LAYTmers. Breuci are suspect to Bruce's, and so here's from the Latimer write-up: "Glaisdale in the North Riding of Yorkshire 'was the property of Robert de Brus [11th century], lord of Skelton, and, with the rest of the parish of Danby, descended to the Thwengs, and afterwards to the Latimers, lords of Danby...'" The son of the wealthy Robert Brus was granted Annandale, and I expect Laevi with proto-Annan Ananes Gauls. The Bruce branch of Brice's/Brise's (version of Annas Coat) are with the Chief-Shield colors of LATE's/Letts, that's right, more Latovici suspects. Hmm, Latons/Leightons were first found in Shropshire with BREECE's/Breakers/Brecks, now making the latter look like Breuci liners to Breconshire.

Apart from a Laish > Ladon trace to Latovici, I yet happen to trace Levi liners of Laish to the nearby Oeneus river of the Maezaei, but as Laish was renamed, Dan, by the 600 "Danites" who took a Levite priest for their own pagan religion, Danby might just be a Dan-of-Laish line. Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with Danbys, the latter first found in West Yorkshire with DENts of Dentdale, at Sedbergh, likely named by Seaton-like Sedans, and here it can be pointed out that Seatons are Sidon-like Sittens while Laish is said to have been Sidonian. Danbys (crayfish / lobster / crab???) look linkable to both Leavells and Livings/Levins. The Denbighs are in the Danby write-up, at Shelton-line Shilton (tends to make Skeltons look like Sheltons), and Denbighshire is at least near Breconshire.

Almost forgot: the "yet" motto term of Seatons/Sittens is expected as code for Yate's.

The Glaisdale area at Danby must be of the Yorkshire Glaze's, who share the Pilate pheons with Lords/LAUDs (Suffolk, same as LATimers), the Lords being in the motto of GLASgows. Ladys/Laudymans thus become suspect from Latovici.

I trace Laish to both Laton-like Ladon / Elis elements in Greece, and to Lissus, the latter city being beside the Abruzzo-suspect Abri. I see Bruce's from Abruzzo elements, and thus the Breuci should prove to be an Abruzzo branch. I'd like to add that while I trace the Alans of Shropshire (lived in Oswestry) to mount Velino of Abruzzo, the Arms of Oswestry might jut be with the Abruzzo/Abreu lion. The Arms of Shropshire, with a motto like the Arms of Oswestry, has either lions or leopard FACES, for which reason the Fessy/Face cross may be in the Arms of Oswestry.

The motto of Oswestry is, "Floreat Oswestria ('May Oswestry flourish')". The motto of Shropshire is, "Floreat Salopia ('May Shropshire flourish')". The Glasgow-surname motto: "Lord, let Glasgow flourish." "Floreat" is a Brown motto term likely for the Florence elements of Bruno's. Reminder: Bruno's can trace to Bar in the land of the Salop-like Selepitanoi, the line to Shropshire's Sleeps, perfect for nailing the early Alans with Abreu-suspect Abri elements between the Selepitanoi and Lissus. It makes the Stewart pelican look like that of the Luneburg Langs.

So, the Snipe's/Snape's appear merged with elements from the Japodes theater (at the Latovici), and here we can check the Cullis' in the portCULLIS gates of Snipe's/Snape's. It just so happens that Cullis'/Colesons, sharing the red roses of COLPs/CUPS/Cope's (Cullis colors), were first found in Aberdeenshire with them, yet this area was home also of Chives', from the Cavii at Lissus. The Colps/Cups are from the Cullis-like COLAPis/Kupa river of the Japodes, how about that. The Cullis/Coleson fesse is shared by Lords/LAUDs. The brown eagle (I assume it's an eagle) in the Crest of the Aberdeen Reeds make's the latter's "copia" motto term suspect as code for Cope's, for Cullis'/Colesons have a brown eagle head in Crest. The other Reeds share the book with Roets. The "Pax copia" motto of Reeds can be to the English Packs (Anger branch, by the looks of it) because they have an anchor version of the Snipe/Snape Coat. Polish Packs share the giant fleur of Germaine's (relevant below).

It's Meullers who took us to the Snipe's with their snips, and then Muellers use a giant Catherine wheel while the Roet owners of that wheel share the Chief-Shield colors of Snipe's/Snape's. If there are any pointers from God in this, perhaps it's as per the Yate's portcullis gates, or Sally Yates to Robert Mueller. Yates served as the deputy attorney general for Obama, preceded in that role by James COLE. That looks like a Pointer under the Coleson condition of the portcullis gate.

Cullis'/Colesons use "peascods," perhaps part code for Peas'/Peacocks, a sept of Pollocks, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow. The Pollock motto is suspect with Aude's, who share the same sword as Cullis'/Colesons. Aude is the area of France in which Quillan is located, and the Quillian variation of Quillans (version of the Annas / Major Coat) is the birth surname of Sally Yates. Majors are beloved by Gate-like Geddes', and Majors have the Corbeils in their write-up while Corbeils are Corbiere's too, while Corbieres is an area in Aude. The Corbeil Majors, known to have been in Savoy, where Aude's were first found, are suspect with Savoy's at Saint-Germain de Ioux some 20 miles from Mont Saleve, and then there is a sleeve in the Crest of Glasgow-beloved Lords/Lauds.

Saleve-suspect Sullivans share the black boar with SWINfords, whom Catherine ROET married. Saleve is off the RHODanus river. SWANs/Sions were first found beside Glasgow, and I trace Glass' to Wallis canton, location of Sion/Sitten. "The 'yet' motto term of Seatons/Sittens is expected as code for Yate's." Swans/Sions once showed GAUNTlet gloves, and Catherine Roet married also John of Gaunt, founder of the Lancastrian rose. Yet John was also at the founding of Kendals from Foix-CANDALE, and we recently saw the Kyle CANDLEsticks tracing excellently to CHANDOLin, smack near Sion. Foix is beside Aude. Foix-Candale is in the write-up of the Foix's with a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Shield of Yate's. Roets are suspect from the Henrys of Rodez, at least one of which married Roquefeuil in Aude.

The HalyROD/HolyROOD House of king David I was traced with little doubt to Henry of RODez, explaining why David's descendant (son I think) was Henry of Huntingdon. But as Russells are expected from Roussillon elements around Rodez, note that the Russell lion is shared by Fergus' with this write-up: "According to Irish lore, a family of this name descend from Fergus, Prince of Galloway (d. 1161), who is said to have married a daughter of HENRY I of England." The heraldry checks out. It just so happens that Henry I married Matilda, sister of David I. It makes one of the parents of Henry I suspect from Henrys of Rodez. Henry I is in a painting at Wikipedia in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil.

I had inklings that Pollock ancestry (in Fulbert "the Saxon") was related to Fulbert "the tanner" of FALAIS, whose daughter married William the Conqueror, father of Henry I above. I then had inklings that Pollocks ("AUDacter") were in the colors of RoqueFEUIL (Aude) for a related reason, which suggested that FULbert was of whatever named "Feuil" of the Roque's...suspect with "Falaise." The mother of Henry I was Matilda of Flanders, from the line of Russell-like Rozala, daughter of WILLa (like "William") of Tuscany. The Oullette's/WILLi's are said to have been at FALAISE. It begs whether "FLanders" was a Feuilan(d) entity, especially as the Arms of Flanders is a black and upright lion shared by Oullette's. The Aude's are said to have named Audeville at Pithiviers, and if I recall correctly, the Arms of Pithiviers has a purple thistle, symbol also of FULLANs/Fulhams.

The thistle is shared by Robins who in-turn have a branch with a version of the Belwood / Malpas Coats, and the latter two entities were of the Richardsons who have three lion heads in Chief in the colors of the three lions in the Ouellette Chief. Chances are, therefore, that Richardsons were from Richard of Normandy, son of William the Conqueror and brother of Henry I of England. The Chief-Shield color combination of Richardsons is even in colors reversed to the same of Tanners, and the latter put Moor heads in their Chief while Oullette's have a moorcock in Crest. Richardsons use "VirTUTE" while we have the following from the Tute/Tuit write-up: "Originally of Le Thuit, Eure in the Canton of Les Adnelys [sic], before the Norman Conquest in 1066, Ralph del Tuit was described as 'the man' of Berenger de Todeni, son of Duke Robert of Normandy." That's the father of William of Normandy, I assume.

As Herluin de CONTEville married the mother of William the Conqueror, let me say that I attended the church of Mr. Richardson, pastor and father of Cindy, whom I've mentioned several times as per the Cindy/CUNTy surname suspect with Conte liners. At the time I was at his church for a year or more, I already knew the Oullette's. In fact, Mrs. Oullette was instrumental in my conversion to Jesus. This link of Rockefeller elements to the royal Normans was probably suppressed by historians who knew of the link. But why? I assume it's because "the tanner" was an Italian. Yet, if the Normans were ashamed of Italians, why did they go conquer large parts of Italy? You can't explain the mind of a viking demon except that it lusts for money not belonging to him. Thou shalt not covet what belongs to others, globalist fiends.

Hicks Hood Finally Deciphered

Back to Snape castle, home of CATHERINE Parr: "Catherine Parr...was the eldest child (surviving to adulthood) of Sir Thomas Parr, lord of the manor of KENDAL in Westmorland..." Parr was the last wife of Henry VIII, and his line may have been from the Henrys of Rodez.

We might think that Yates and Mueller don't go together because Yates worked for Obama's administration while Mueller is expected to be a Bush animal. Yet Yates was chosen by Bush (2005) to be the acting head-cheese attorney in Northern Georgia. Mueller was Bush's cover-up FBI boss since six days before 9-11. There were reports of Mueller taking uranium to Russia on behalf of the Clinton-Putin deal, but the story was quelled. The Uranium-One scandal took place while Eric Holder was still Obama's chief mafia man in the DoJ.

Yates was the deputy attorney general of the United States when Holder was the attorney general of that department. Holders were first found in Gloucestershire with Yates, and it just so happens that the Holder griffin design is that of Corbeils/Corbiere's (Savoy, same as Aude's). Corbieres is in Aude, and it's conceivable that a branch of Aude's/Ode's were Old-like, as in Holders. Holds/Holts (squirrel, Mueller-suspect symbol) have two fesses in the colors of the Holder fesse (compare with Bude's / Plows and Curtis'), and a "huMILES" motto term that, perhaps, is God's pointer to Lois Lerner's secret, Toby Miles email account. I feel silly making that link on no compelling story behind it. Holds/Holts have an "ExALTAvit" motto term that could get us back to the Snape location at the Alde river, and Snape's/Snipe's do apply to Mile-like Meullers. Oliver Holden of HASLingden (Holden write-up) can explain the Hold/Holt squirrel as that of Hazels (fesse in colors reversed from the Hold/Holt fesses). There's a Holden location at Haslingden of Lancashire, and Haslingden is 17 miles north of Manchester, placing it near enough to Shakerley as to clinch the chevron of Heslingtons/Hazeltons with that of Shake's/Shakerleys. The Arms of Haslingden Borough Council looks to definitely be using a red-rose version of the six Holden allerions.

There is even what must be a weaver's shuttle (Keep / Shuttleworth symbol) on the fesse of the Haslingden Arms, perfect, because Weavers (Cheshire, same as Hazels) share the same chevron as Hazels, and of these Arms. In fact, my claim has been that WAVy features are code for WEAVers, because wavy bars are used by Webbers, and here we find the Weaver fesse in the Haslingden Arms to be wavy! That's a big deal because it's linking a host of surnames to Schimatari-Boeotian liners. Repeat: "Wray (at Roeburn river) is a location with Botton and nearby HORNby in Lancaster city, and so it might just be the case that the red Lancastrian rose is that of Butts/Boets. Hornbys use hunting horns..." Just look at that perfect trace to mythical Orion (the hunter) at Schimatari!

Today was the first day of evidence as to whether the two squirrels are friends versus foes. It looked like they were having a power struggle on a tree trunk, the two taking nips at one another until one jumped off the trunk and ran off, without being chased. However, the in-comer is being tolerating; they can come near without a fight. I've loaded Trunks in case God set this event up, and they have the quadrants of Otone's/OLTens/Oultons in colors reversed. Is that a holdincidence? Heslingtons/Hazeltons were first found in Sussex with the Felix's who share the Trunk quadrants, and Trunks happen to share white bull heads with Buckleys who in-turn share the motto of the Holdens of Haslingden. Wow, that was unexpected, and "HOLD fast" is the motto of white-bull-head McLeods/Clouds. What might this mean? Are the two squirrels a representation of Eric Holder versus Bill Barr? A Mueller-Holder pact versus a Barr-Trump pact? Doesn't Holder want to be president in 2020?

The Holden link to Buckleys is evident from the white-bull Haughts having the three fesses of Beaks in colors reversed, for the Holdens use beakless eagles (called allerions as code for Allers). Bar is at lake Scodra, where I traces surnames using the eSCUTcheon, as do Holdens and Allers. The escutCHEON is now suspect also with the Keens / Keons from Olokenion, smack beside bar.

I should record here that the OSTRich (in the Beak Crest) might be part-code for the Oyster variation of Este's, and, because Barrs were married to Este's, part-code also for the Rich's/Richess' from Richeza of Lorraine. Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine is very suspect with the duck (and Alan) liners in Westphalia, where Holden-related Allers were first found. Amazingly, why God gave my Lorraine a babe symbol, Babe's use fessewise fesses in the colors of the three Beak fesses, and, zowie, both surnames were first found in Dorset! AHHH, both surnames place a gold leopard face in the top corner, clinching the merger. It seems that it's correct to identify the ostrich with Lorraine's Richeza elements.

Beaks use three fesses in the colors of the Arms of Trebizond Empire, for which reason the Beak ostrich is to be tied closely to the ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby. This brings us to the Ananes Gauls at the Trebia river, who named the Annan river of Dumfries, where the OLDham/Oltan write-up places a family branch: "Further to the north, Hoddam is parish in the county of Dumfries, Scotland. 'This parish comprehends the ancient parishes of Hoddam, Luce, and supposed to have derived that appellation from its situation on the bank of the river Annan..." I didn't know that there is a Luce location in Dumfries, which explains why Luce's/Lucys share fish with the Geds and Geddes, for Geds were on Dumfries Nith river. Eccles' were first found in Lancashire with Oldhams/Oltans and Holdens (there is an Oldham location in Lancashire).

Let's recalls that Holds/Holts use the squirrel while the two squirrels were mentioned upon the tree trunk while on Hold liners and BEFORE realizing that Trunks get us to Hold liners. The Trunks are beloved by trunk-using German and Swedish Thors, and then English Thors have the three towers of owl-like Howells (Owls are Howls too) in colors reversed, which can explain the owls of Oldhams/Oltans. As Oldham is in Greater Manchester with Shakerley (from Boeotians), I'm going to guess that the red roses of Oldhams/Oltans are those of Butts/Boets, for the latter use a fish.

It dawns on me here that if God wanted to point to the culprits of 9-11, he might do it with heraldic TOWERs. The Oldhams/Oltans point to the towers of Howells, and the Trunks to the Thor towers. The Tower/Toure/Lofwick surname, first found in Lancashire with Oldhams/Oltans, has a giant tower and a passant griffin in Crest in the colors of the Holder griffin, big hmm. The Tower tower is in the colors of the three Comet/COME towers (pointer to Jim Comey???). Is the hood of the dream thus pointing to the people who took down the twin towers? Might the Rena middle name of Miss Hicks be God's pointer to the comet-using Reines'/Reine's???

The Tower write-up has a Tours family in SOWERby (Lancaster), and so I'd like to record here that while Scottish Sowerbys were first found in Galloway, the Galloway/Gallery surname can be traced to Mr. Galleri in the write-up of Sava-liner, Sower-like Sauers. The Tower/Toure write-up has: "In Normandy, the name was originally 'De Tours, {having} descended from the Umfrevilles of Normandy, Barons of Prudhoe.'" The latter entity may be in the "pro te" motto phrase of SAVA's/Savage's. The Savage write-up: "Selvach (died 729), was king of Scottish Dalriada and was probably a younger son of Fearchair Fada (the Long.)" FEARchair looks like the Fergus'/Ferris' (share the Sauer lion) of Galloway, and also looks linkable to the Fairhursts (Prude colors) who are said to be associated with the UmFRAville's (I see Fare's/Fairs / Fiers/Fears) seen in the quote above with Prudhoe. Fairhursts were first found in Cumberland with Fier-liner Daggers and Fare's/Fairs, and I see Comets/Come's using a tower version of the Comyn/Comine Coat, the latter having a dagger in Crest. This is tending to link Towers/Toure's to Fier-county of Albania (location of Kuman), making it dawn on me that Towers were a branch of Dobers/Tobers/Taupfers, from Dober on the Clausula, the line to the mythical Mieszko mouse tower (in Italian, anyway, TAUPfer-like topo means, mouse). The Dober/Tober/Taupfer Coat shares a gold griffin with the Tower Crest. Topers have three boars in the colors and format of the Comet / Comyn symbols.

Here's from the Oldham/Oltan write-up again, only this time look at the tail end: "Further to the north, Hoddam is parish in the county of Dumfries, Scotland. "This parish comprehends the ancient parishes of Hoddam, Luce, and Ecclesfechan, which were united in 1609. Hoddam, in ancient charters, is spelt Hodholm and Hodolm..." This has finally revealed why Miss Hicks was at her HOOD, in the 1979 dream, as code for Hoddam in the land where her husband's surname (Kilpatrick) was first found. However, is this Intended for heraldic value only, to help disclose the lines of Jesus' killers, or am I correct in seeking to have the items of the dream spill over into current politics / deep-state news stories?

The Oldham/Oltans write-up has no clue that the older form, "HodHOLM," is from a Hod-line merger with Holms, who use fessewise bars in the colors of the Holder / Hold/Holt fesses. The clincher, I feel already, is where the Holm canton square probably has a chaplet, the symbol around the buck of the Hicks neck. This is apparently why a Mrs. Kilpatrick had to be in the dream who was born from Mr. Hicks, for it's connecting hoods to Hoddam/Hodholm. The Luce's in the quote above are from CHARLEcote, and the Charle(s)/Charlemagne surname (same martlets as Cheney-beloved Feets/Fate's) is also Charlotte, again showing why Charlotte Hicks had to be in the dream. By why her, all the way down in Texas, roughly a thousand miles from my home as the bird flies, and about twice as far on a drive?

Did you know that Haliburtons love the Majors in their motto along with Cheneys? Yes, and so do the Geddes from the Geds on the Nith river of Dumfries. That is an amazing, for you can find articles linking the Geddes pikes to the Luce/Lucy fish. Am I correct to point this picture to Dick Cheney's company, Haliburton, which scooped up money in Bush's Middle-East venture? Looks like. The ECCLESfechan location in the quote with Luce suggests a look at Ecclestone's, who share the cross of Chains/Cheyne's, in the colors of the Kilpatrick saltire. Did God arrange for the Haliburton Crest to share the black boar head with Bush's/Buschs??? Recall that Eccles liners were brought to topic with the Etchells in the write-up of Stopfords/Stockports, for the latter's lozenges are in the colors of the similar lozenges of Haliburtons/HALEYburtons. Haleys share the boar heads of Schims/SHANDs/Chands, and some Chain/Cheyne variations can be of the Shands. Is this pointing to Nikki Haley, Trump's UN ambassador?

I'm now wondering why it was the Luce construction company that installed my septic system on the Texas property. What might the septic system / tank point to? The nearest town to the home of the Luce's is Camp Wood, same town as the GET'n Go. The map at the link above shows what I didn't know until now, that the Get'n Go is at the corner of Nueces street (I didn't know the name of this street). The News/NUCES surname uses chaplets! It makes for a compelling identification of Knee's as a branch of News'/Nuces'. It's just completely astounding that, three weeks ago, I reported on a new finding, that the Arms of Massy, a Normandy location beside Lucy, shares the hourglass shape (same colors) of News'/Nuces.

If the Holm canton is called a square, it is for Square's/Squirrels, who are in the Hold/Holt squirrel. Here's from 3rd update of October, 2016:

AND, to my surprise, the chapeau cap is found in the Holm Crest with a red lion's head, though it's called: "ensigned with cap of maintenance." In the Holm canton square, a "wreath" that could once have been a chaplet i.e. of the Capelli line owning the chapeau. The wreath is in the colors of the giant annulet of VITO's, and Holms use a "VIDE" motto term. This is excellent proof that "vide" is code for Vito's, for the Bitini variation is like the Biden variation of chapeau-using Buttons. Capple's/Cabels use "impaVIDE," you see.

I had noticed above the "ExaltaVIT" motto term of Holds/Holts, tending to nail the Hodholm/Hoddam location with Holms. "ExALTavit" then looks like part-code for Altons because they have Robin HOOD in the Crest, which in turn tends to verify that the hood in the dream is to point to Hoddam of Oldhams/Oltans; the latter's Oldham location was founded by Alwardus de ALDholme. There is an Aldham surname: "'...William de Alderne, whose descendants continued to enjoy it until the marriage of the heiress of Sir John Alderney with the Stanleys, when the property passed to that family.'" Heraldic wreaths may have been chaplets, easily, especially in this case, where the Wreath / Wrath/Rothes bloodline married the Chaplets. The latter share the swan once showing for French Josephs, first found in MAINE, which can explain the Holm "cap of MAINtenance."

What could this link of Miss Hicks to Oltans mean? That Hope Hicks is in cahoots with Eric Holder and his deputy, Sally Yates? That sounds crazy. [On the other hand, Hope was reportedly dating Rob Porter (a Mormon), who first married Mrs. HOLDERness. That's right, and I didn't know it until hours after writing that first sentence.] Porters share the portcullis gates with Yates, and Gate's with Yate's may have been the proto-Geddes Geds on the river of the Kilpatricks (proof provided there). Gate's are split vertically in the colors of the Otone/Olten quadrants, and both put the lion on their colors. I purchased my Texas property from Mrs. Teague, and while Teague's have a Caige variation, Gate's share the split Shield of Cage's. Recall that gold stag owned by Stanleys, for they were first found in Cambridgeshire with gold-stag Cage's. It should be mentioned here that, in the winter previous to catching 16 squirrels with a rat trap, I caught all three in the attic with a home-made CAGE.

After catching them alive, including many of the 16, they were put into a PAIL, and so see the article above that starts off with McPHAILs. It shares an historical quote from AULD Wullie: "The Gedís land-ees is fair to see, With valleys broad and rivers three; Where Eske and Annan, and the Nith Flow softly to the Solway Firth"." I reject the claim that Geds / Geddes were named after the ged = pike fish. Usually, families choose a symbol for themselves that reflects their name, and so it's more likely that Geds chose the pike as their symbol due to look-alike with their name. However, if they alternatively chose their pike symbol due to marital merger with Pike's, then I would suggest that "ged" was coined as a word for the pike fish after the Pike clan. The article mentions the Luce's as possible Geddes kin, but does not mention the Luce location in Dumfries, which I didn't know about until now.

The Geds are said to have appeared on the Nith near 400 AD, but Geta, brother of Caracalla (200 AD), was named after a Geta family from North Africa, likely from the Getuli Numidians. The Geddes' were first found near the first-known Shaws i.e. from Shawia Numidians. Shaws share the dagger with Kilpatricks and Mackays, the latter from Maccus on Man, and the dagger-using Shaws have the cups of Christine's, first found on Man, and, moreover, "[The Geds] landed in the area of Loch Eriboll and offered their swords and services to the Chieftain of the Clan Mackay" (article above).

Was I unable to decipher the hood of the dream until now, until after I had Yates' linked to Holders? How does God point to Hoddam/Hodholm with an object in a dream? No one would guess Hoddam for the hood of a car, unless Mrs. Kilpatrick was with the hood. Plus, wow, let me repeat that one day, I left the topic at her being at the hood, and then left for town. After groceries were purchased, I came to the JEEP to find someone's medallion left on the HOOD with "Saint Petersburg Russia" engraved upon it. I now remember by heart that JEEPma's/Cheps were first found in OLDENburg!!! WOW! It's verifying her hood with Hoddam of the OLTENs!!! It really feels great to finally decipher things I've been wondering about for a long time. Oldens are also Aldens/Eldens, and Eltons were first found in Cheshire with Otone's/Oltens.

Plus, the MEDALlion was deciphered as code for Medals/Dougals ("Buaidh" motto term), who share the quadrants of Bauds while Bauds share the Hood crescents and were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPS, like the Chep variation of Jeepma's! Zinger, this is amazing. I'll bet that Mueller's partners have to do with things in St. Petersburg, but if so, try to imagine God finding a way to get someone with a St. Petersburg medallion to come by my Jeep, and to have the person leave it there, perhaps accidentally when the thing fell off his/her neck. Here's how it happened in the 4th update of October, 2017:

Another bathing suit appeared when Miss Hicks was in a dream at the Hood (Heid suspects) of a car, just before she was HOVERing over its seats. My sleeping bag was on a seat, and the Seats are Cetis-liner Cedes' too. The car was on the beach sand, and Sands, Cars and Seats were all first found in Lancashire. The Sands / Sanders are from Santones, and earlier from Sintians (Lemnos), and this is how Slings/SintzenHOFERs and Sintzens can apply (the latter show possibly the Schwerin Shield). There is a Hover/Hofer surname, but the Hopfer variation of German Hoods/Hope's is more interesting. It could be that Sling-colored Bogans secretly use Robin Hood in Crest.

The Yam on Saint Petersburg

As often happens, I'll leave off at a certain paragraph, and when I come back, something has happened that relates. In this case, I got off the computer in the paragraph above to go to town. My last stop was groceries. When I got back to the Jeep, there on the HOOD was a silver and gold (fake) medallion with part of the chain to a necklace still upon it. It reads, "Saint Petersburg Russia" on one side, and the same in Russian on the opposite side. How many times have you found medallions on your hood after leaving off talking about Robin Hood and the Hoods? I realize how problematic this report is for the reader to believe. I'm not lying, the medal sits in front of me. The chain has four links only.

I eventually took a photo of the medallion.

The bathing SUIT makes the case where I suggest that Hikkes de SAUTEby, in the Hicks write-up, is from German Sauters/Suters/Sutters, for Suits are also Suters/Sutters/Souters. There needs to be items in this dream to expose with good evidence who the woman is, and this bathing suit, for one, seems to have that purpose. But why a bathing suit instead of some other form of suit? Dick Cheney and the Chains came up before I recalled the medallion with CHAIN. Is the bathing suit code for the partnership made eventually between the Bush administration and the Baathists? By what coincidence were Baathists founded by Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq while Bitars and Aflacks both share the Chain cross? Did the Bush government enter into unethical deals with Baathist Iraqis involving tax-payer money? What could be more logical?

Plus, she was at a car on a beach while Beach's are said to have been at a Hailey location while Haileys are Haleys suspect in the Haleyburton variation of Haliburtons! That works. And lookie: "Amongst other villages [Gosfrid le Beche] also owned ALDENham, Cokenach, Eastwick, Hailey, Lilley, Langley and many others in Hertfordshire." It now appears that the woman at the car was about Bush's Middle-East business ventures, or much about Haliburton's business deals.

The 2017 quote above on the medallion-on-hood topic included the Bogans. One can make the case for Bogans sharing Robin Hood with Altons because the latter were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Bugs in Bogan colors. One could also link Bogans and Bugs to Books/Boggs because Books are in the Roet Crest while Roets (almost the Haley boar heads) share the motto of Bows/Boughs (share the bow with Bogans). It's then pretty amazing that Bugs share the bat with Randolphs, for the latter's bat is code for the BATHs (share the Randolph cross). The BATHing suit at the hood of the car! Scottish Robins were first found in Peebles-shire with Baud-branch Balds. These Robins use the thistle while Thistle's (share pheons with French Robins) share the bend of French Porters, hmm.

Is Robin Hood a pointer to ROB Porter? That is, is Rob Porter in the hood of the dream along with Hope Hicks? I know for a fact that the "female figure" in a "ROBE," in the Darlene Crest, holds a book, and we just saw how Books/Boggs can link to Bogans suspect with Robin Hood. Moreover, Bugs were first found in Cnut-related Nottinghamshire. Robe's are also Robbs. Darlene's came to topic as per Darlene Ray (my teenage girlfriend), suspect as God's pointer to Christopher Wray's part with the corrupt deep state. The ostrich design in the Wray Crest is the one in the Beak Crest, and Beaks are easily a branch of Beach's/Bechs/Becks. Just look at that. We saw shortly above that Beaks link to Babe's with the FOOT in the SUN, which lately brought to mind the SUNNI of BABylon, some 20 miles from Baghdad.

Porter and Wray are both Republicans, and while Rays and Hangers share the escarbuncle, Hangers were first found in Hampshire with Porters/PAWTERs and Potters. Danish Cnuts use "POT hangers" while English Cnuts (Derbyshire, same as Hope's) share a version of the Darlene Coat. Darlene Ray didn't chose her surname in order to make a Darlene link to Ray kin. She lived in Unionville with Christopher-like Christine Peare, and while Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, Wrays use three martlets colors reversed from the same of Pavia's (highly suspect with the Butt/Boet / Button fesse), and the Pavia Coat is that of Cheney-beloved Feets/Fate's. Can this have to do with the foot in the sun of Babe's? Why do Babels/Babwells have a gate in Crest? Is it a pointer to Robert Gates, the CIA chief for Bush Sr., and heavily involved in Iraq with Bush Jr. and general Patraeus. The latter is given credit for making a key partnership with the Sunni. "On April 23, 2008, Secretary of Defense Gates announced that President Bush was nominating General Petraeus to command U.S. Central Command..."

I must now repeat that I had a dream while shooting pool in Obama's billiard hall. The cue ball was a page lying on the table, and because I could not shoot a page, I turned it into a paper airplane, and rifled it into the corner pocket without hitting the red ball I was aiming at beside the pocket. Why a red ball? Code for someone's red roundels? In billiards, missing all balls and simultaneously dropping the cue ball into a pocket is called a sewer. The very next scene, after the sewer, was Obama dancing in a dark SUIT. That's how readers can know that the dream was from God, for Sewers are listed with Suits/Suters/Sutters.

[Insert, I almost missed it. Repeat: "I'm now wondering why it was the Luce construction company that installed my septic system on the Texas property. What might the septic system / tank point to?" The Luce's installed by SEWER, and a Luce location is in the Oldham/Oltan write-up.]

That's why the Hicks bathing suit appears to link to that sewer shot, and the thing now coming to mind, as per the Baathists suspect from the Hicks dream, is Obama's league with the ISIS Sunni, who conquered Mosul along with Baathists from the old guard of Saddam Hussein. Plus, this is wild, for it's known that Obama's Dunham line descends from Randolphs, and English Randolphs even share the Coat of Dunhams. Finally, as a mind blower, Obama was Barry SOETORo, like "Suter." Can you believe it?

Why do German Barrys share the fish head with the Crest of Gates-suspect Geddes? Wasn't Bill Barr the attorney general for Bush Sr'? Can "Patraeus" be of Kilpatricks on the Nith with Geds? Paters share the Kilpatrick and Patrick saltire. Or, why does the motto of Petters/Peters love the Majors along with the Cheney / Geddes motto? The presidential Bush's were in cahoots with the Sheldon-Bush line, and Sheldon-beloved Pattys/Pati's use a Coat linkable to the Nith-river Nitts/Naughts, and moreover Patty's/Pati's share the lion of Petersons (share swan with Petters/Peters), which is probably the Wrath/Rothes lion (a surname related from Peter Pollock). Recall the Wrath-like Wreaths, and let me repeat from that part:

In the Holm canton square, a "wreath" that could once have been a chaplet i.e. of the Capelli line owning the chapeau. The wreath is in the colors of the giant annulet of VITO's, and Holms use a "VIDE" motto term. This is excellent proof that "vide" is code for Vito's, for the Bitini variation is like the Biden variation of chapeau-using Buttons. Capple's/Cabels use "impaVIDE," you see.

The Petters/Peters use, "InVIDia major." It's making Peters look like Patrick liners from the Nith. And what about the "VITae" of HALiburton-possible Burtons? The latter share talbot dog heads with HALLs and Hulls, signalling a Hall-Burton merger.

Whew, that hood was the hardest thing to decipher. It needed the medallion to make the pointer rock hard, yet that medallion was found one and a half years ago. After being with a lady from Colorado, I stopped seeing women altogether. That was in 2005ish. I drove to her place, and when out to town we were driving near the building exploded in the Oklahoma bombing, which some think was an inside job related to the bombing in the parking lot under the Twin Towers. She took me to the building. Later that night, I spotted a HOOTer's restaurant, and took her there because I had never been to one before. I didn't know yet that the theme at Hooters is female boobs. Hoots are listed with Hoods. What could this mean? There is even a Hooters surname sharing the giant talon with Hixons/HICKsons (and Tobys)? It appears that God arranged for my trip to Oklahoma for linking the bombing there to the hood theme under discussion, now pointing heavily to the Bush-Cheney circle.

Question: why does this Hoddam thingie matter? Was the car on the beach for a reason related to this Hoddam (where's that?) location? Or did God use Miss Kilpatrick only as a means to prove that He was pointing to Hoods? That is, is Hoddam not the primary thing, but merely a means to prove to readers that God wants to put focus on Hoods? WHY? Is it because German Hoods/HOODENs are also HOPE's? That makes sense. Hoods/Hope's share the giant anchor with Bex's/Becks, like variations of Beach's/Beech's/Becks. Is this all to point to Hope Charlotte Hicks, and her involvement with the Bush circle?

Were the four LINKS of the medallion's chain a pointer to Loretta LYNCH? She did take over the job of Eric Holder, followed by Yates.

After writing the last sentence, I checked for a Hodden surname as per the Hooden variation of Hope's/Hoods, and up came the Medal / Baud quadrants in colors reversed. Only God can make this work so well. Thank you, Jesus, for whatever your Father is accomplishing. But I have little idea. Endings on Hodden variations include "nett / nott / nutt," indicating the Nith-river Nitts/Naughts as well as Cnut's naming of Nottinghamshire. It tends to link Hoddens to Hoddam of Dumfries.

This recalls that Chanuts, who share an inverted version of the Cnut chevron, smack of Cheneys and of CHAINe's/Chenays. It speaks again to the chain of the medallion. The Hodden quadrants are those also of Fasts, recalling the "HOLD fast" motto of McLeods/Clouds/Lutts. English Lutts happen to share the Fast / Hodden quadrants. As I wouldn't have found Oldhams/Oltans without the two squirrels leading me to continue a hunt on Holder-like surnames, let's add that Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire with English Lutts.

McLeods/Clouds/Lutts of SKYE and Lewis were suspect with Miss Hicks and I rising into the SKY (I don't remember clouds). English Lutts are also Lute's while Lutens are listed with Latons/Leightons (more quadrants), first found in Shropshire with Hoddens. It's tending to trace McLeods to Latovici.

A minute or two after finishing the paragraph above, while staring at the Luten/Leighton Coat, and asking how this all related to Miss Hicks HOVERing OVER the seats, I found myself singing, at that instant, "going OVER HOME" (by Selah, song title, Wayfaring Stranger). It looks like Overs should connect to Holms, though I can add that Haliburtons were first found in Berwickshire with Home's/Hume's while Overs have a bend in Haliburton-bend colors, both surnames using a gold item upon that bend. The three Haliburton mascles on a bend are in the gold color of the three lozenges upon the bend of Perts/PETTs, the latter first found in Kent with the Pettys sharing the Fast / HOdden quadrants, and it just so happens that Petters/Peters, with gold mascles too, love the Majors in their motto along with the Haliburton motto.

Or, we could say, as Lutens/Leightons share the Shield of Says (same place as Lutens/Leightons), we take it over to the Say location of SEATons. Miss Hicks was hovering over the seats after she was at the hood.

I just sang, "you OFFER HOPE"!!! It's just two songs away from Wayfaring Stranger. The song title is, Wonderful Merciful Savior, by Selah. To prove to yourself that I'm not making this up, you can see these two songs almost following one another on an online page where I offer my playlist. There is just one song sandwiched between the two because the playlist format was to not have back-to-back songs by Selah.

"OFFER HOPE" looks like God wants to connect the Overs/Offers / Hovers/HOFFERS to Hope Hicks. Mystery of mysteries. Have I got her pegged wrong? Is she a good thing? Does "offer hope" mean a good thing? Calling all mystery solvers. The Over/Offer write-up has an Over location in Derbyshire, and Derbyshire is where Hope's were first found. The Derbyshire Hope's even come up as Hoffer-like Hopers. The first song, Wayfaring Stranger, suggested a look at Strange's, and they happen to have been first found in Derbyshire too.

The song on the playlist that's sandwiched between the two songs (I've just sung with) is "FAIRest Lord Jesus," which appears meaningful as per "WayFARING Stranger," and it just so happens that a giant, vertical anchor is used by Fairs/Fare's in colors reversed from the same of Hope's/Hoods! Wow, I almost missed that part. It appears that God is intent on proving to readers that I cannot be making this up (the Internet is so full of liars, I understand). There is even a Fairest/Fairhurst surname (three bends suspect with the three chevrons of Levi's), first found in Cumberland with Fairs/Fare's. To help prove that God is pointing to Fare's and Hope/Hoods, Irish Fair/Fare's and Fiers share the moline cross of Becks/Beche's, and the car was in the beach. I would love to be able to decipher why the car was a refurbished 1950's model.

The only thing I've been able to figure for the old-model car is the Model surname, which comes in big right here. My reasoning was that since Miss Hicks is a model type, that the Model surname could apply. Models/Middle's (Shropshire, same as Sleeps from SCODra) not only share the SCOTT border so as to be linkable to the Scoot border and therefore to her "scoot OVER," but lookie here at some of the Model/Middle write-up: "Myddle Castle was built here c. 1308 by Lord John Le Strange...". Amazing. I did not read the Model write-up until after saying, "I would love to be able to decipher why the car was a refurbished 1950's model." Look at the timing, right after mention of the Strange's, and in the midst of the MEDALlion.

The medallion appeared, and was reported, in the last week of October, 2017. I offered the playlist around that time because the Properties on the playlist page tell that it was created on December 9, 2017. It checks out, because at the end of the 2nd update in December, I've got: "For the Selah playlist of heavier-hearted songs (lots of feeling), see here:". Is that not amazing? God put that songlist out about 12 days after he brought the medallion to my hood.

From the very beginning, I always told friends that the woman in the dream was a LADY. I used that word because she came across that way, though it may have been planted in my head because Ladys are LAUDymans while Lords come up as "Laud." FAIREST LORD Jesus. Why Ladys/Laudimans? Is it because they share the Walker annulets? Is it because they use a version of the Anchor Chief? We just saw the Fare/Fair / Hood/Hope anchors.

[I missed, while writing here, that French Ports/Porters share the Over bend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

? Praise God, I can barely believe it. Rob Porter and Hope Hicks is what God is pointing to. We only need to know why. French Ports/Porters: "The family moved north into Brittany at Kerduault, and to L'ESTANG and to Cree'Hanton in Brittany. " Estang? Wayfaring STRANGer? Hantons were first found in Cumberland with Fare's/Fairs. Hantons/Hintons (at Bath and Wells) even have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Yates (share portcullis with Porters). Hantons/Hintons (same place as Acre's) share the fleur of the Dagger-branch Acre's.

English Ports, who don't come up as Porters, were first found in Hampshire with English Porters. On the Ports: "Another branch of the family was found at early times in Derbyshire," where Hope's were first found. The Coat of the Ports can be related to Caplans, Clintons, Snipe's/Snape's, Roets, or Packs. On Rob Porter from his Wikipedia article: "Porter grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. He is the son of Roger B. Porter, a former aide to President George H. W. Bush...Porter was a Rhodes Scholar..." Double uh-oh. The article just taught me about the Portmans (Somerset).]

There was a very good reason that Miss Hicks' knees in the GLASS DOOR at the Get'n Go (o-boy she looked like a lady that night), on the LEAKey road, was code for Mr. Glas, the vice president of EcuaDOR, the protector of Julian Assange of WikiLEAKs. Repeat from above on a Glass branch: "The Glaisdale area at Danby [home of Latimers] must be of the Yorkshire Glaze's, who share the Pilate pheons with Lords/LAUDs (Suffolk, same as LATimers), the Lords being in the motto of GLASgows. Ladys/Laudymans thus become suspect from Latovici."

Hold on to your sand castles. Latimers share the CLAPton patee, and Hicks' married Arthurs of Clapton, which has got to be the main reason that Miss Hicks was on the beach, for Claps/Clappers share the red, vair Shield of Beach's!!! Both Coats have a blue canton square with a gold symbol within, Clappers using a sun. I get it. The hood was pointing to the spy-happy, Bush deep state, and James Clapper, spy chief under Obama, is the corrupt of the corrupt working with the corrupt. Some say he ordered the dossier, but I say the Bush circle started seeking to get Jeb Bush elected. The fish in the Clapper Crest looks a little like a barracuda, yet it's in the design of the Lucy pike. Pike's use Rockefeller-line trefoils, and "the family of Lucy was made by Henry I of the lordship of Dice therein to Richard de Lucie, governor of FALAIS". That's suspect to the Fallis/Falle Coat with more trefoils.

She was on the beach with a BATHing suit, and Baths were first found in Somerset with a Bath location smack beside Clapton!!! You can't argue with the facts. In the Obama dream, the scene after he was in a SUIT dancing had him in the same dark suit going up a ramp on a skateBOARD. The Skate's/Sheets were figured as helping to prove that the dream was from God, for the dream's opening had a black SHEET covering (secrecy, Obama's staple) all the billiard tables, and Skate's/Sheets were first found in Norfolk with DANCEtte-using, Randolph-related Dunhams. The point here is the BOARDs, who use a Coat like the Sewer/SUIT/Suter Coat, and, besides, BORDers and BROADS were first found in Somerset with Randolph-related Baths.

Boards are in Fort colors, explaining the "PerFORATus" motto term of Boards, yet it can be read as "PerforaTUS" in honor of Tous' who use a man with shirt and buttons. I was on the beach without a shirt, and Buttons/Bidens (chosen by Obama to be the vice-president) are said to have been in Bath and Wells of Somerset. It's as though God arranged dreams to make it compelling for readers to see them as His dreams. Why take my word for it; but you can take the word of this evidence, piece after piece. Dunhams can be gleaned with Downs/Douns, first found in Sussex with Boards. Do dreams have eyes to see this heraldry? Not a chance. You can find online that Dunhams to Obama SOETORo descended from Jonathan Singletary, and Singletarys share the antelope with Boards, both sharing white footless martlets with Sewers/Suits/SUTERs.

The Board Shield is split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Italian Pavia's, explaining the "PERforatus" motto of Boards. English Pavia's (footless martlets) were first found in Somerset with Baths, etc.

If anyone knows deep-state dirt on Dennis BLAIR (I never heard of him), he was the chief of National Intelligence immediately before Clapper (2010-17). It's just that I don't do much on Blairs, though they came up big earlier in this update with Eccles liners, interesting where Eccles (broken axe) share the axe with Dennis', both surnames first found in Lancashire. Recall BLAIRgowrie and Rattray in the Rattery write-up, for Hoods were at a Rattery location. Gowrie liners can be of Gow liners, suspect in the Get'n GO at Camp WOOD (named after a surname, I think), and Ratterys share the fitchees of Woods.

I'm wondering whether the "heure" motto term of Hicks is a pointer to HOROwitz, whose "independent" investigative report on some Obama-circle abuses is, according to Sara Carter, coming out in about a month. One question I have is whether Barr, after dispelling notions that he's another Sessions, will go into a Sessions mode on behalf of the invisibles who produced Sessions. These invisibles carry on their own agenda with the peoples' money, to jail / ruin / threaten the enemies of their schemes. We have learned that spy agencies are just like that, not merely machinery to control political outcomes, but machinery to obtain ill-gotten wealth, for example the wealth obtained by the sale of 20 percent of American uranium to Russians, a deal that funneled perhaps as much as a billion foreign dollars into the pockets of political actors. If this scandal is exposed, how will it look on Mueller to have kept it in the dark? I heard that this fellow goes to church. How can it be that he failed to question the Clinton team? He's guilty of more than the men he's jailed or tried to jail.

If the hood and beach have to do with God's pointing to the deep state, then what about the first part of the same dream, though with a different scene? I was standing in front of a residential pool, and saw a nasty shark in it. A British bulldog then ran past me from behind, and fell into the water, afterwhich is was half swallowed by the shark, with its ring of teeth all around its belly. I jumped in to save the dog, but the scene changed to the beach scene. I figured that, before God gave me this wife, I would be associated with a British bulldog.

Fifteen years later, in 1994, months before I first saw Miss Hicks, I purchased a large (6-foot tall) fiberglass, British bulldog, though I had forgotten about the dream by then, and didn't connect it to it, for I had been married for several years by then. It was purchased in Hamilton, which was the first name of Miss Hicks' late husband. On the day that I came across his obituary, I found his photo in the Baytown Sun, where he and his sons were standing with Spuds MacKenzie, the bull terrier mascot for Bud Light beer. A bull terrier is a type of bulldog, right?

So, you see, God wants to verify that the dream had Miss Hicks. I have realized that the dream does not predict her as my wife. I rather think that God fooled me so that I would engage her, or get closer to her, at church. I feel sure that, eventually, the Kilpatrick family will recognize themselves as part of a significant work by God, no need to be upset with me for participating in it. At first, one was able to read the entire obituary, but one now needs to sign in. A Google search page still preserves this from the obituary:

Dr. Hamilton Wright Kilpatrick III, MD - Baytown Sun
Dec 29, 2015 - Dr. H.W. Kilpatrick III M.D., practiced medicine in Baytown, Texas for over 40 years. On November 30, 1979, H.W. married Charlotte Rena Hicks ...

Mr. Kilpatrick attended church probably to the end of his life, or at least for as long as he was able. I am sharing his obituary page so that you can compare his face there to the Spuds-MacKenzie page below, though the clarity below is lousy intentionally. The Spuds MacKenzie photo is still online, but after I told that the page mentions Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick, the Baytown Sun removed that written part from public view. One needs to subscribe to the Baytown Sun to get access. Scroll down a little at the page to see Spuds and HW Kilpatrick:

I can still make out "DR. HW Kilpatrick III" in the photo's caption. You see, that dream, eight years before this photo, was from God. In fact, though I can't remember the date of my conversion, I figured that it was in March, and the dream was a week or so afterward, which can put it on or close to April 9, the date of the Spuds article. Mrs. Kilpatrick was the "trophy girl".

Why did God chose a family in that area of Texas so far from my home, such a mystery. The family owned a ranch (with animals, not dormant), and while Mrs. Kilpatrick's knee Sign was at the Ranch road (the one's locals call the Leakey rd), German Rench's use a giant version of the Hicks / Leakey fleur-de-lys (I've reported this a few times in the past). Rench's were disclosed, I believe, as Rangabe Byzantine liners.

The Cambridgeshire Rench's (HADDENham) might just have the Stanley stag. Hoddam-like Haddens (Halden branch, apparently) were at OVER Haddon of Derbyshire, hmm. I can glean that Haddans (scimitar) were a Halden merger with Mens liners, and as Haldens (same place as Mens' and Scoots) are from Oda of Haldensleben, a wife of Mieszko I (Rangabe's had a daughter, EUDokia), it can reveal that the GLOBE of Hope's (Derbyshire, same as Haddens) is code for "Goplo," the location of the mythical Mieszko mouse tower, where mythical Popiel was eaten by mice who is suspect with Pepins / Poppins i.e. that have the Mens' in their motto. Goplo was founded by a Goplanie peoples who had a globe-like Glopeani variation. The latter smack of the Colapiani, dwellers at the Colapis river between it and the Oeneus, the latter being the river of Maezaei.

By what coincidence do Oldham/Oltan-like Haldens (Tober/Dober/Taupfer griffin head) share the Kilpatrick saltire!? It appears that God has permitted all that's needed to make Mrs. Kilpatrick's hood symbol trace to Hoddens of Oldham, and further to the related Oda of Haldensleben, which underscores the resemblance of her SLEEP symbol to "HaldenSLEBEn," suggesting that Selepitanoi were at Haldensleben. In the dream, Miss Hicks pointed to Rhizon, very near to Koplik and Dober, yet another Goplo entity. It's making "Hope" look like a softened KOPlik / GOPlo-liner. This looks like further evidence that Charlotte Hicks is a pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks. Haldens share "Suffer" as the full motto with Haddans. It now seems that Miss Hicks at the hood, and then OVER the seats, is a pointer to Over Haddon in Derbyshire, which jibes with the Over song-signs above that pointed to Hope Hicks. To put it another way, God may have arranged the naming of Over Haddon for making this Hicks-to-Hicks connection. But one can go further because Kilpatricks love the Maxwells, who were Maceys, likely Mieszko cousins. Haldens were first found in East Lothian with Mascals/Keiths (stag), and Meschin-related Musselburgh. It just so happens that Keiths were first found in HADDINgton, yup, that's right.

The stag of Maxwells is in the Blair Crest, and what do you know, Blairs have another saltire in the colors of the Haldan / Maxwell / Kilpatrick saltire. Blairs put MASCLEs on their saltire, code generally for Mussels/Muscels, Meschins/Masculine's, and Mascals/Keiths. Again, Blairs have an "Amo proBOS" motto term while the Blair stag in the Maxwell Crest comes with a "holly BUSH." The chevron-pean of Amo-suspect Hamons must be for the PEAN variation of Payens/Pagans, but then look at "GloPEANi" of Goplo. The "spur rowells" of Payens/pagans is to the spur in the Coat of Close's/Clovse's (Macey / Gobel stars, likely), suspect from "Clausula," the river where Koplik and Dober are found, and moreover Close's (share green Crest with Kilpatricks) are linkable to Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle.

We can't neglect that Haldens are linking to the dream's hood. It can explain why the Piast eagle is colors reversed from the Hott eagle. With Hood/Hoot / Hooter liners now looking like ancestral elements to the Goplo-Haldensleben merger, and through the Colapis/KUPa river of the Cups/Cope's/Colps, let's add that their English Cope branch has the same chevron-with-fleur as Madels/Maudlins, first found beside MIDDLEsex; the Arms of the latter have scimitars (or called by another name), the symbol in the Crest of Haddans. It was the Models who are the Middle's too, who share the border of Scoots, the latter first found in East Lothian with Haldans. Some Madel variations, however, such as the Magdolins, suggest, perhaps not kinship with Models/Middle's, but a branch of MacDills/MacDowels, who are a branch of the Medals/Dougals.

Although the first part of the Hicks dream has been deciphered for its heraldic value to my satisfaction, I have not done much with it as per deep-state events. The Fall-branch Rockefellers were suspect with the bulldog falling into the water. I did not see it jump. It just walked up to the water and fell in, though I myself did JUMP in, and the Jump write-up traces the family to BULLys (share heart with Dog-like Douglas'). That works, especially as Bullys were first found on/near the Nith. The Bells, who must be in the bells of Porters, were likewise first found in Dumfries, and the shark had teeth around it BELLy. That really works. Immediately after writing that, I heard the song-line, "I FALL DOWN on my KNEES," so amazing, in the song, "Here With Me" by Mercy Me. It's on the same playlist as the songs above, and it happens to be the song immediately after Wonderful Merciful Savior (the playlist plays over and over).

It seems to suggest that Knee's of County Down relate to the fall of the dog, and it did cut across beside my leg, with head at knee height. Mercys/Meyseys/Maiseys (look merged with Dragons/Drainers) were first found in Gloucestershire, and the Bully write-up reports a Bully location seven miles west of Gloucester, which puts it within good range of the Hicks of Clapton. Remember, after jumping into the pool (never did learn whether I saved the bulldog), I was transported to another scene, standing in a large body of water (about waist deep) from which I walked onto a beach now connecting with Claps/Clappers.

Falle's/Fallis' share the trefoils of Jewish Fellers. Plus, Falls (no 'e') are listed with McPhails, and we saw above the McPhails in the Ged-on-Nith article. Whelans/Phalens/Failins (gold stag head linkable to gold buck's head of Hicks) were first found in WATERford (the pool had water), and the Arms of County Waterford has the stag head of Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) and Trumps. Might this mean that Trump is in cahoots with Rockefellers still in the Republican camp? Oh-no, Christians would be horrified. Is Trump not a bulldog? Is the shark a representation of the anti-Trump side having Trump half swallowed? One of my first traces of the Saraca (shark) fish was to the giant Bush/Busch fleur de lys. Hmm. Is the shark a representation of the Bush goons? Why was the end of this matter Miss Hicks and I rising embraced into the sky? Calling all mind-twister lovers. What could Hope Hicks have to do with it? If only there had been a rainbow in the dream, I could link it to what looks like a rainbow, above a globe, in the Hope Crest. Note that Rains/REYNs/Raines' can be of "Rena," Miss Hicks middle name. However, I strongly suspect her middle name with Reines'/Reine's/Rainers (comet, Pisa lion) because they can point very well to corruption at Comet Ping Pong pizza.

As I said, I dated Karen Whelan when I was about 20. Her sister was dating Rick Young at the time, and Youngs/Jungs happen to have a stag in the colors of the Jump / Trump / Waterford stag head. The only thing I can glean from this is that the dog's falling into the water was indeed a pointer to Falls/Phails. Yet the Knee's of County Down can apply because Downs have the stag in the same colors while Knee's share a black stag head with Falls/Phails. The only thing I can glean from this is that Rockefeller lines are at issue. In Crystal City, a Rockefeller friendship with Bill Kristol may have been at issue.

Fellers have a Felman variation that may have named Feltmans/Felthams (Palmer kin) with a "PORTanti" motto term. German Feltmans share the Shield of German Caplans while English Caplans have a Coat version of Ports (Hampshire, same as Caplans). Feltmans/Felthams (double Palmer fesses in colors reversed), with a "palma" motto term, were first found in Middlesex, beside Tooths (London), and this may relate to the row of shark teeth around the bulldog, for Tooths have a Palmer-like "palman" motto term. Palmers share trefoils, a Rockefeller symbol. Just as I was wondering whether this Feltman link to Tooths is a correct assessment, the songline, "Got a couple of DENTS in my fenders," was sung (Francesca Battistelli, on another playlist), and I was looking at Mr. Dentibus in the Tooth write-up at the time. So, I assume, the shark's teeth were God's code for Tooths.

But why were the teeth on the bulldog, and why the teeth of a shark? Sharks share the trefoil of Rods and Rocks. That works. Plus, zowie, the Sharks use a motto term, "expecTATA," and Tate's are also TEETs! Bingo. God is hot today. How many of you think I'm making all of this up? Think hard. I put this dream out years ago; if I had plots to make it appear that God is the author for these heraldic reasons, I would have put out the "solutions" to the riddles out years ago rather than going over and over the dream, adding to it pieces at a time, over mountains of work. I think out of the box, but I'm not crazy.

I just want to say that I may have crossed the Teets before from the Shark motto. In fact, it's likely I did, but I cannot remember doing it, though I do recall mentioning Teets. Teets were just found in the 3rd update in May of 2018, and while I was playing around with the shark's teeth at the time, with Teets, the Shark motto was not mentioned, and therefore not realized as the Teet line. Here's from the 5th of August, 2018:

The Teeth-like Teets/Tate's use a version of the Tweed Coat, and the Teet/Tate Coat is also the Annandale Coat while Kilpatrick castle is near Annandale. The Tweeds (Berwickshire) are from the Tweed river to Berwickshire, and this area is near Lauder. It just so happens that Tooths share the griffin of Lauders, first found in Berwickshire with the Ardiaei line of Arthurs. The Lights [from Bud Light beer] are thus connectable to Teets and Tooths so that the shark's teeth around the Bud-Light mascot now makes greater sense.

You can see what I was doing there, because the shark should connect to Spuds MacKenzie...which should explain the ROCK in a MacKenzie Crest. It's in flames, as is the heart in the Bully Crest! Bullys were not a regular / well-known surname when I was on Spuds MacKenzie.

Lights/Lite's share the Tooth feathers, and the Lights even share swans with the Palmans/Pellams in the Tooth motto. The people at Bud Light didn't know about my dream, did they? I didn't think so. But the Shark motto is NOT in the August update above. I must have missed it until now. I wouldn't have missed it if I were concocting things. Besides, only a lunatic would concoct this giant project. Tweeds (Lanarkshire, same as Swans/Sions) even have a BULL head.

If correct that the bulldog represents Trump the tweeting president, note Tweeds. There is a Tweet surname with possibly the Saraca fish in gold. Or, do I have it backward? Is the shark with teeth the tweeting president with his enemies down his throat in the coming years? If so, why would I JUMP in to save the dog? Makes no sense if the dog represents my enemies. Again, Jumps share the Trump stag, tending to make Trump look like the dog. I would save him, but he's got this idea that America is the greatest country in the world just because the people have a new car every seven years versus Europeans every eight years. Is having a few extra thousand dollars annually what makes a country great?

America does have the greatest things, like prostitutes, adultery (Trump loves this), rape and demonic porn. In order for a country to be great, it's got to be clean of these things. Where is Trump's mission to cleanse these things. He won't even partake in cleansing the diabolical deep state. Instead, he thinks a great country is one where the big corporations are sailing. Free enterprise is defined as free-to-be greedy enterprise, and no one in the news business seems to get it or report it in that true light. Trump called out, on Sunday, to Bill Barr, to investigate those who attacked him. But why depend on Barr to do it? The president has the power to order documents on his desk to have his own lawyers pour over what was done. Why won't he do it? Because, he's a fake, a sham. He allows the deep state to control the nation. He lets dirt prosper, meanwhile bragging, with his mouth half way down the throat of a dirty shark, that America is the greatest nation. The dirty world is laughing.

America has become the chief dirtbag in a dirtbag world, that is the reality. Until the leaders start looking at it in this way, there will be no cure applied to the situation. No doctor seeks to fix a body if he's convinced that it's in great shape. This is the lie of liberalism, that the "free world" does not need doctor Jesus.

Just to clarify: while the dog in shark's mouth is a good representation of Trump's woes, I am not at all convinced that the meaning of the dream is this thing. I'm open, but not convinced.

It's Over with an Anti-Boom

The Mueller report was announced ended, late on the Friday workday. What's the logic for dumping big news stories out on Friday? To lessen the horrific impact of an implosion? To get Mueller a couple of days in hiding? He's going to be feeling very dirty from now on. He had some limelight to subdue his dirty conscience, but that stage is now vanished. The next stage will have every opinionator and critic heaping what deserves upon his head.

Perhaps there is a delayed fuse yet to go off, but most think this is a dud. As much as I expected a fatal stab at Trump, I think I tend to agree that Mueller has submitted a dud. Even his best shots are likely to fizzle with a few, opposing commentaries.

As you can imagine, Republicans are sticking it in and wiggling it badly into the paralyzed body of the Democrat loon. This is the Democrat too stupid to shake himself out of his delusion. This is the Democrat who takes every word of CNN as gospel truth. The Mueller report now looks like it will hammer CNN, and the rest, in the teeth, leaving them without bite for some time to come. The loons are CNN's only financial salvation. It's been catering to them for so long they have become one and the same.

Their teeth are falling out as we speak, hammer or no hammer. Nothing like a good humbling experience. But, truly, the bosses of the liberal media need jail time for spouting a fallacious and hurtful story non-stop. Some of them are still fighting while going down, they cannot help themselves, they are rotten to the core. The future is predictable: the liberal media will be fed leaks, by anonymous sources on the Mueller team, of things that will keep the Democrat base happier in their delusional states. This is the reward that Democrats deserve, a lalaland in their very own insane asylums, their heads. There is no escape from such an asylum. The future is predictable: more hoaxes from the liberals, more loss of reality.

The good thing is: liberals are bound to go crazier yet because the Democrat House and the Trump base agree on letting the entire "report" flow out to public eyes. The Democrat House thinks that, the more of it that's released, the worse for Trump, exactly why liberals will go crazier when they find the opposite. However, I think Mueller has added to the "report" things that best justify his taking so long. These things can be fodder for a continuation of Democrat scrutiny over Trump's past. Perfect for making Democrats crazier. The more crazy they go, the more the level-headed Democrats stop voting. On the flip side, the crazier they become, the crazier they make the young and the naive.

Juan Williams, the Democrat pretzel, says that the House will save the Democrats with more infestigations. Perfect. It means that the hole Democrats now find themselves in is going to get bigger and deeper with time. Normal people will become wiser to how the enemy has been operating all along, a lot earlier than the Trump presidency. This is exactly the fulfillment of, "the love of most will grow cold."

Enough of this garbage. Let's move onto more garbage. I asked youtube for videos on "Jesus," and the top one to come up is poison, claiming that Paul and James were at war. The video pollutes Christianity with Catholic paintings, and sows seeds of division. I stopped watching at seven minutes; I don't recommend you watch it, which is why I'm not sharing it.

The second video youtube offers is by the same producers. When I click it to its page, the top video in the youtube suggestion margin is, "Christianity Debunked Using Science and History - Carrier." It's clear. Youtube is at war with Jesus. It wants to promote a re-definition of the Biblical Jesus. The third offering when I search "Jesus," is the Jesus Film, but when I click it, youtube asks me to confirm my age before I can see it, as though the video has obscenity. The way of war for the world of liberals is to produce nasty attacks on the real Jesus, questioning those founders who described the real Jesus, as though these writers were the demented liberals themselves.

I'd like for you to watch the video below to at least the 6th minute, to see whether I'm hearing correctly, that the first two photographs taken of the shroud, before there were color cameras, produced pictures in which the lighter parts of the shroud's image came out darker, and where the darker parts of the shroud came out lighter in the photos. That's impossible with a photo of every other thing besides the shroud:

How could the camera's film "see" the shroud colors opposite to how the eye sees the shroud colors? In every other picture of anything, normal film sees objects roughly as the eye sees objects. I wonder how the shroud's image turns out with a color camera.

At the beginning of the 7th minute, a special camera is shown that creates a 3-D image of any photo, except that it's programmed to convert the greatest elevations from either the dark or lights colors. That is, if it's programmed to create the greatest elevations with the darkest colors, the lightest colors will have the least elevations (I don't think it's vice-versa). The video shows that a photo of a human face does not convert with this program to the correct 3-D elevations. Yet the image of Jesus upon the shroud converts to the 3-D shape of a face as perfectly as one can expect. This suggests that the dark-versus-light coloring on the shroud was due to the distance of the Lord's body to the shroud. I assume that, the closer the parts of the face to the shroud, the greater (and darker) the etching of the cloth due to the Resurrection radiation that flowed away from the body. And that's why the 3-D program can create a proper face by making the darkest parts of the shroud highest (the nose being the highest), and the lighter parts the lowest (eye sockets). No painter thinks this way when painting.

In fact, a painter is apt to making the eye sockets the darkest, with the ridge of the nose being the lightest. At the end of the 12th minute, one of the eye-witness scientists mentions how the water spilled on the shroud did not cause paint pigment to migrate across fibers, suggesting to me that God provided the soaking of parts of the shroud in order to make this point, to help eliminate the expected claim advanced by His enemies, that the shroud is merely a painting.

When the video shows the dating of a corner of the shroud, it goes on to reveal that a small piece of cotton was woven into the shroud, at the corner, in such a way as to appear exactly like the rest of the shroud. My take is that this addition was so carefully and "perfectly" woven in that it was arranged by the enemies of Jesus, who planned to, and did, take a piece from that corner in order to date the shroud deceptively to the 13th century. If the cotton was not added by the enemies of Jesus, why would anyone in ancient times go to such extremes (was it even possible to accomplish) as to add a piece of cotton dyed to absolute perfection for matching the neighboring fibers of the shroud? Who would have cared so much, for merely a corner, as to get the color so perfect, or the stitching so accomplished, that no one could discover the additional cloth aside from seeing it under modern-day magnification? I say that this is a smoking gun in the hand of the evolutionist community, the self-proclaimed, end-time murderers of Jesus Christ.

The vatican actually celebrated the deceptive dating (papal elements have claimed the shroud to be a fraud to this day), and this jibes with the hoax, for the enemies of Jesus could not have replaced the corner without permission from vatican agents. It was a conspiracy, wasn't it? Why hasn't the vatican allowed a second carbon-dating test, knowing that the first one was contaminated by the piece of cotton? Because, the vatican today is a sham, a den of faggotry or worse.

What are the chances of a small piece (a few inches long) of shroud going missing in ancient times, afterwhich someone replaced it with cotton, afterwhich a scientific team would decide, by pure chance, to take from that very replaced piece, not knowing that it had been replaced? Chances are slim. But if the cotton was added due to a conspiracy in the vatican, with the enemies of Jesus, then the chances of the enemies taking from that piece are 100%. The vatican knows the evidence provided in the rest of the video, and yet it refuses to allow a second dating.

Didn't the enemies of Jesus include the Templars, who feigned Vatican Christianity to gain the support of the Vatican in conquering Jerusalem? The irony is that while the Templars were conspiring with the line of Joseph Caiaphas, it seems that God caused the Crusaders to take the shroud to the house of Savoy, and, lately, this same shroud has been a source of faith for many, in opposition to the enemies of Jesus. It's exactly as I would expect God to act, to provide irony for his enemies.

That video was a breath of fresh air as compared to Trump news from people obsessed with merely Trump. Just look at that Face of Obedience. It exudes obedience. We could be witnessing that Face of Obedience as short as a few seconds before he opened his eyes. I assume that the Father waited patiently for the appointed time, then shot some radiation into him to liquefy the blood, get the heart pumping again, and salvage his brain cells. But what do I know about raising dead bodies to life? God is pleased to show the end-time world this miracle.

We assume that some of the Crusaders respected Jesus more when they saw the shroud, and more-so would they have respected it if they could see upon it what things special lighting and normal photography can see for us today. Perhaps the image was significantly darker 1,000 years ago. If any reader isn't familiar with the Biblical Jesus, Billy Graham below blare's out the facts:

Some say that Graham was a Freemason, or that he warmed up too much to the Vatican late in his life. But one thing he was for sure, whenever I heard him, a preacher of the Biblical Jesus. Sometimes his portrayal is of a fearsome Jesus, but I say He had a soft side. I say God has a soft side, the very reason that he becomes appalled with arrogant, ruinous, dangerous men, especially men of war such as the Crusaders. Some might think that they invaded Jerusalem to take it back for Jews, but this was not the case. Some might think that they took it for Christianity, yet there is evidence in Godfrey III "the bearded" that they were in cahoots with the Pierleoni Jews of Rome, who desired to rule the vatican.

Even when I view Biblical videos only, youtube feeds me divisive and ridiculous video titles...because it wants to take us off track. Aliens in the Vatican, Nephilim, or video owners concerned with the heresy left out of the Bible are some things I'm getting fed. The people at youtube know better than to feed us this garbage, but, being evil, they hide most of the correct videos instead, giving the impression that mainline Christianity is warped. I've not clicked any Nephilim video, but they are being fed to me. Where are the mountains of proper-Christian videos? Hidden. Youtube suppresses probably 90 percent of them. As soon as I click a non-Christian video after clicking 10 or 20 Christian titles, the Christian-video suggestions become very low in number very fast. When I click on a Gog video, youtube does not bring up the great numbers of Gog videos, and the one I've just clicked on is ridiculous, claiming that Moscow is "nowhere near north of Jerusalem," when in fact it's almost bang-on. The world is being denied the proper Christian message to a large degree, and it could get worse if things continue in the current direction.

My conversion was like the one of this Jewish man:

I never click on a Mark Taylor video anymore. I haven't for more than a year, when hearing him for the first time, but youtube feeds me his videos constantly, every week in fact, to thus day. How can this be? Because, youtube doesn't mind giving Christianity a bad name with false prophets. Youtube doesn't judge videos as we Christians would. Youtube is extremely dangerous to the condition of every human being, and the rulers at youtube will pay the great price, greater if they are laughing in their dough.

When I search for "Biblical Christianity," the top video claims that Christians are doing Jesus a world-class disservice to teach on Hell. Yet the Bible teaches on Hell. Hell is for people like the rulers at youtube, who engage in all sorts of means to promote their money line at the expense of everyone else, and, in the meantime, to thwart those who respect Jesus as he's plainly portrayed in Scripture. No one knows exactly what Hell is, but no one should deny that the Bible speaks to it.

If one searches "tribwatch," some idiot-like nothing-burger with a Tribwatch prophecy video comes on apparently faking that it's me. Youtube brings up four of his videos at the top of the search. Someone went out of his way to do a spoof on tribwatch.

Here's Fox sticking it to Mueller, begging to see punishment on the anti-Trumper schemers:

There may be more to celebrate because Democrats have the perception that Barr will keep covered the worst of Mueller's points against Trump. This can result in a full disclosure of the report, at which time the Democrats may be horrified at how little there is against Trump, which would amount to a back-fire explosion following the implosion, a lot like what happens to the coyote on the Road Runner show. But, the coyote comes back, week after week, trying to get his fowl prize with new, crafty ideas. Poor losers. We know that Democrats were hoping for any false charges that would remove a president. That is the evil of fully one half of the nation. How can 98 percent of the FBI be good when 50 percent of the people are willing to see corruption in government? Let's do our math properly, shall we. Congress wants only to prevent the world from getting a full glimpse, which entails cover-ups, not transparency. The world is shocked at what's coming out of this nation as it is. The only good news: it's coming from the half of the nation that's better off dead or powerless.

The Mueller report will probably have a deafening silence on the corruption of the Obama people who were clearly guilty of crimes. This non-report report will be Mueller's sorrow on his deathbed, the knowledge that he knows self to be a total reject. Like Sessions, Mueller will go into hiding, lick his wounds, and die depressed. When he awakes, there could be a long sentence in Hell for him. If that's not how he wants his life to go, he needs to repent and make amends with some efforts.

The report says that Russia (who?) reached out to the Trump people several times to find grounds for collusion, but this is garbage. The reality must be that American deep-staters arranged for bad-guy Russians to reach out in efforts to trap the Trump team. That was clear as day in the Trump-tower meeting, fully an American plot to get Trump into trouble.

Mueller was low when saying that he found no guilt on Trump, but that this doesn't mean he's not guilty. What a snake. He's urging Trump's enemies to keep on chugging, if they're stupid enough. If after this huge investigation there's no guilt found, how about proclaiming the man innocent, thou moron. I know, Mueller hates to proclaim innocence because it makes him look bad. Mueller wanted another two years until he found the speck of dirt he was looking for that would allow the Democrats to make a mountain of. We know. He may know his legal stuff, but that doesn't mean he can't be a moron. If he were not a moron, he would have questioned and indicted the Clinton circle. He did not, lest you think he might have. If he did, it would have been leaked.

I've noted that the big media have taken precautions not to come out looking like they oppose the Mueller conclusions. In other words, they are smart enough not to nail their own coffins shut. But they are acting as though their error was due to trustfully listening to Democrat leaders, har-har. Nadler is the one who looked most foolish on Sunday for trying to militarize the Democrats for further war against Trump. It looks like Nadler will be forced by his own people to fizzle, because this is bad for their politics. No media people are apologizing for being so demonically inspired the last two years. They act as though it never happened. Suddenly, they look like moralists, the part of which they know how to act best.

Devin Nunes appeared on Judicial Watch, on the topic of the Mueller report:

Nunes once again pushes the need of Trump to release the documents that Nunes has been after. Tom Fitton jumps in and says the same. TRUMP? Where in HELL are you, you sham!

This week, the Fox CEO (Murdock) embraced Paul Ryan the RINO for Fox's board of directors. Now we know what's wrong with Fox; it's fake Republican from the top.

Tucker Carlson said this week that the people of CNN, for example, must be punished for pushing the false, Russia-collusion narrative for so long, but, he was quick to say, not by prison. Why not prison? It is worthy of prison to knowingly tell such a tale week after week to the people for mere political gain of the fiends. It is worthy of death when it gets as bad as it is now, when the rot of the fiends is projected onto those who oppose the fiends.

Here's some good info from Dan Bongino starting near the 9th minute:

This is the first Bongino show where I've had solid evidence that his male guest was really there, rather than having tidbits of his voice taped on other shows. He never contributes anything worthwhile, possibly because Bongino can better get away with taping his voice with short bursts and e-hmms when he's not there. It would waste Bongino good money to have him there each night for nothing, and frankly I don't know why he's there, pretended or otherwise. It makes me wonder about Bongino, who won't admit that 9-11 was an insider disaster.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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