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March 12 - 18, 2019

Meda, One of Antipater's Wives, Suspect in Herod / Boethus Ancestry
Philip of Macedon and Philip Herod Had Antipaters in Common
The Proto-Surnames from Odysseus and Ulysses
Hicks Dream Still Had New Revelations; Knee's Come Out of the Closet
A Few Song-Line Miracles in the Update
Scarlet Cord Song a Pointer to Bush's and Obama Administration (see last heraldic section)

In this update, I've loaded a Google map of the lake-Geneva area, to find many small places not on my atlas. This area was a major topic of the last update. I had traced Vibia, daughter of Mr. Vibius, and mother of Laevi-liner, Laevillus, to Vevey in the Vaud canton of Geneva's northern shores. There are Vevey-like motto terms with Craigie's and Craigs who descend from Proculus Charax, son of this Laevillus. Use the tab at link above to load any surname you wish to see.

On the Google map, I honed into a Lavey region having Les Bains de Lavey, and Lavey-Morcles. This is at the border of the Wallis/Valais and Vaud cantons. A woman from Switzerland had found for my readers a DeVAUD/DeVAUX surname that becomes super-important here. I always show the pelican of that surname with the pelican of German Wells, for I had read that Wells were a branch of the Vallibus variation of VAUX's, and moreover I had read that these Wells were at Bec Abbey, which is where the Leavell-related Beaumonts were too, which is the line of Laevillus above. The Lavey surname is listed, not with Levi-like variations, but one includes, LaVALLOIS, very linkable to Poppa of Valois, wife of Rollo of More.

There happens to be a large BEX location just two miles north of Lavey (village) and Lavey-Morcles, as well as a MASSONgex location to it's west side. I didn't know until now that Mathie's come up as Massons. The Bex/Becs' use a giant anchor. There is an online claim that a Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, daughter of Rollo...and of Poppa, I assume. It just so happens that Crispins were early rulers of Bec abbey. Amazing, for it's tracing Rollo's wife to Valais, for the Valois surname is listed with Valais'. Yet this was incidental to what I wanted to say. The Valais' Coat looks connectable to both the French and Italian Masons.

I wanted to say, for starters, that the Beaumonts of Bec were also in Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan happens to be identical with the English Vaux Coat. Waleran de Leavell married a daughter of the Meulan Beaumonts, and the Waleran surname happens to use a "vos" motto term while Voss' (beside Walerans of Devon) are also Fosses', and it just so happens that: "By the 14th century [Laveys/Lavallois'] had also acquired estates in Brittany at des Fosses..." Remarkable, because this is definitely the line from Laevillus, and Lavey is only about 20 miles from Vevey.

The Laveys were first found in Brittany, and they share the three bends of Nerets, the latter said to be from Brittany's Dol (origin of Stewarts), itself near Montfort, and it just so happens that English Wells share a double-tailed lion with Montforts, and the latter's giant lion is that also of Stewart-beloved WALLIS'/Wallace's. Moreover, Stewarts share the pelican with German Wells. English Wells are said to descend from the Ghents, and Dutch Ghents share the wavy fesse of whale-using Dols.

The last update convinced me that a Le Buet peak, which happens to be about 10-15 miles from Lavey, was from the Boethus house of Sadducees. Laevillus us highly suspect from those Sadducees. Salome de Boethus (married Herod) is suspect to the Salome surname which uses a PIERCEd-star version of the Scottish Vaux/Vallibus Coat, and while Waleran de Leavell was a son of Gouel de Perceval, Percivals were first found in Somerset with Pierce's and Voss'/Fosses' (suspect in the Lavey/Lavallois write-up). Laveys/Lavallois' share three stars on a bend with Vaux's and Salome's.

Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens who named Sitten just 15-20 miles from Lavey. These Vaux's "possessed Dalston and Gilliesland in Cumberland," and while English Vaux's were first found in Cumberland too, their Dalston location is like the Doultin location of Voss'/Fosses' (Doultons are listed with Daltons/DOLtons), tending to assure that the Fosses location of Laveys related to Vaux's, a helpful piece of linkage that can furthermore reveal Voss' as a Vaux branch. German Vos' (Alan colors), with the Thigh/Tye/Thy Coat, were first found in Pomerania with Dols.

There is a Valley/Chenillon surname (Brittany, same as Laveys/Lavallois of Chenillon) sharing the three Stur fesses. One Stur river flows through Somerset (where Voss'/Fosses' were first found) to the vicinity of Poole, and here one can add that the Dalton lion is the Pool(e) lion too. Mythical Tristan and/or the Trists, appears to be in the Doulton/Dalton motto. Tristan was of Cornwall with mythical Gorlois, and Trists were first found in Cornwall. I was actually wondering, before GorLOIS came to topic, whether VaLOIS was named after a Val merger with Lois', for Valeys/ValLOIS' were at a Val location. No sooner had I wondered that I saw this in the Lavey write-up: "By 1512 they held a seigneurie at Chenillon in Lorraine. Louise LaValliere was a favourite of Louis XIV, with whom she had four legitimate children." I had known without checking that Louis' were first found in Lorraine.

Before coming to this Lorraine topic, the Vos Coat, being the Thigh/Thy Coat (I thought the latter had a wolf but now realize its a fox, the Voss/Foses symbol), reminded me of Mamie, the girlfriend I met on the last night I was with Lorraine. A few weeks later, on our first official night together, we slept in a TENT, and God then gave Mamie a THIGH symbol the next day. The Tent symbol led to Tints (Somerset) and Tintons ("ROYAL tents," Cornwall), part of the namers of the TINTagel location (Cornwall) of Gorlois (and birthplace of mythical king Arthur). The royal tents come up big now, not just because Royals (no stars) share the bend of Vaux's and Salome's, but because Scottish Roys ("TENDis") share the Dalton/Dolton lion while English Roys have three stars on a bend in colors reversed from the same of Vaux's and Salome's. Salome Boethus descended from Simon Boethus, and Jewish Simons use a fox. On top of this, Laveys are said to have held MontRAYUER while Rayers are listed with Royers.

I have got to repeat for about the 20th time that I met Lorraine at a BUS stop. There's a question as to what named "ValliBUS," and since Luis of Ceva was mother to Alice of Saluzzo, beside Busca, it's interesting that English Bush's/Buschs use their black fesse in red too, and it has spread eagles upon it as does the red fesse of Boussys. The latter were looked up when seeing a Boussy location a couple of miles south-east of a Sales location, both to the near-west of Annas-suspect Annecy. I always trace Sales' to "Saluzzo." Plus, Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Tease's/TYE's (share Annas star), expected as a branch of Thighs/Tye's, highly suspect from the Ticino, home of the Laevi Gauls that I think named Laevillus. Jesus was sentenced to death at the home of the high priest, Annas/Ananus.

Nottinghamshire is also where Altens/DALTONs were first found, recalling the Laveys/Lavallois' were at Dalton.

In the sleeping-bag dream, in which I think there appeared Louise, an old girlfriend, I picked up a sleeping bag in a BUSH, then walked up the hill and across a ROAD. Roads share the eagle of Boussys (Alan fesse), as do Lorraine's. Mythical Tristan was in Cornwall with GorLOIS while Louis' were first found in Lorraine. Road-like RODhams/Roddens, who share a "Nec" motto term with Trists, were first found in Northumberland with the Hebrons who in-turn love the Trists in their motto. The Rodhams had a Rodden river in Shropshire, where the Dol Alans lived. I asked Lorraine out at her bus STOP, and Stops/STUBBs happen to share the pheons of Tristans. Welsh Louis' (Morgannwg) share the Treby lion, and Trebys (beside Cornwall) share the besants of Stubbings (can be the Treby lion in Crest). I read that Annas was "Hanan" to the Jews, and the Hanan Coat has the Stubbing quadrants in colors reversed. Louise appeared in the dream with her friend, Miss Peare, who was the girlfriend of Mr. Kepke at the time I knew Louise, and he's of the Keep surname in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons.

The "TREPidum" motto term of Trists could be for Traps/Trappers who share the bustard with Bush-branch Bustards (Devon, same as Trebys). The Crest of the Arms of Traby have ostrich feathers, and Lois, first found in Arthur-line Artois, have a giant ostrich.

As the ANANes Gauls lived between the TARO and Trebia, note how the Triss variation of Trists is like the Terres variation of the neighboring Tarrs, for Triss'/Trists share the Annas star while Annas of Israel was also, ANANus.

Good morning. In the last update, the topic went to the Aubigny marriage to Mabel de Meschin, daughter of Miss MONTFORT of EVREUX. Her page was still open on a browser this morning, and I noted that she was the mother of Colette d'ALBANy. I was asking, in the last update, whether "Aubigny" was a branch of Aubins/ALBINs, but this Albany connection had slipped my view. Albanys happen to use the Mason/Massin lion. Moreover, Aubins/Albins are said to have been in Evreux. On top of that, the Aubins/Albans use the same-style fitchee in the same colors as Mea's/Meighs, whom I trace to the Meu river, location of Brittany's Montfort. The Brittany Henrys upon this river trace to a Henry of Rodez because, for one reason, Rodez is near an Aubin location. This little setting allows for a revelation of the mythical Round Table of king Arthur, because it was just code for the Table and Round surnames. Read on, because in modern days, there have been reports of a Round-Table globalist cult of an Illuminati / satanic kind around Cecil RHODES.

The Round-Crest lion is said to be sleeping, and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with the Rothes' who share a white lion in Crest with Rounds. It's of no surprise, therefore, that the Rothes Coat is a lion-head version of the Saluzzo-line Sales Coat. As Busca is beside Saluzzo, ask why Saleve-like Sullivans (Dutch Bush/Bosch lion, I assume) share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs (share SALEman eagles). It just so happens that the Bush/Busch Coat is in the colors and format of the Saluzzo-line Swallows, beloved in the swallows of the Arundel Coat (Arundels married Saluzzo). It's a god reason for linking the whale of Dols to the Swale's that share the fesse of Dols. Sullivans were first found in TIPPERary, and Tippers (Cornwall) have three dolphins colors reversed from the same of DOLfins/Dolphins (Dol colors). Swale's married Gaunts while Dutch Ghents share the Dol fesse, and English Ghents even share the Bush / Saleman eagles. There's no denying that Gaunt/Ghent was a Saluzzo line through the Arundels.

It's interesting that the hurts (roundels) of Table's/TAPleys are in Tipper colors, for the Table/Tapley fesse-with-fesselets looks linkable to the bend-with-bendlets of Gone's/GUENETs.

When seeing that Mabel's other daughter was Maud of Tattershall (she married Mr. Tattershall), I found the Arms-of-Meulan / Vaux checks used for the Arms of Robert de Tattershall (Maud's husband). The Tattershall page at has him as "TATEshall," and it just so happens that one Tate surname (Annandale Coat) was first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs while another Tate surname looks to be sharing the pale bar of neighboring Roxburghs ("AUDax"), who were from Roquefeuil (in AUDE), a woman of which married Henri IV Rodez. Roquefeuil is near Corbieres, and the Corbiere/Corbeil surname (topic of last two updates) is expected in and around Mont Saleve at Geneva.

"Tattershall is a village and civil parish in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire..." What a rhodincidence, for Lindsey is from Lindos on Rhodes! Perfect. And the raven vikings have been looking like Rothes liners for years, Rhodes > Redones liners very apparently. The Rhodes surname was, for years, said to have been first found in Lincolnshire. Arundels share swallows with Swallows, a Saluzzo-line branch of Shropshire's Sallows, and Swallows were first found in Lincolnshire too: "...originally Saulun, shown in the Domesday Book survey of 1086 as being held by Alfred of lincoln, from Count Alan, from the Bishop of Bayeux and the Archbishop of York." Lindseys share a red version of the Stewart Coat.

Another thing: Aude-like Eudo is a man made ancestral to Tattershalls, begging whether Aude's (Savoy, same as Corbiere's/Corbeils) are from him specifically. The "Endure" motto term of Lindseys can be for Enders/Ingers, and therefore possibly from Inger the Varangian, father of Eudes-like Eudokia Rangabe. CORBetts and Corbins are raven liners, and two Tate surnames use ravens. English Rothes (can have the Round lion) were first found in Shropshire with a Clun location that was home to John FitzAlan, husband of yet another daughter of Mabel de Meschin-Aubigny. And this FitzAlan ruled Round-like Arundel because Mabel's husband was a ruler of Arundel. It suddenly becomes apparent that Arthur's Round Table was code for Arundels, because the Shalls (taken from "TateSHALL") use a near copy of the Table Coat!!! The both share blue roundels with Irish Arthurs.

While Table's are now said to have been first found in Devon, they were previously said to have been first in Cheshire, the origin of Mabel. The SHALLs/Schalls were first found in Rhineland with SALome's, very suspicious. The Frankfurt origin of the first Rothschild may have touched upon Rhineland (not familiar with its official borders), begging whether "RothSCHILD" is from a Shall variation, especially as German Rothes' share the raven with Tate's. Shells might just be with the Massey fleur, for Masseys are in the table write-up while Tate-like Tattons speak of a marriage with Miss Massy. This looks News-worthy for linkage to AnneMASSE smack beside Mont Saleve and Geneva. The Geneva/Genova wings are white like the Masci wing, but in the design used for the Bauer wing. Blue roundels are used even by Danish Bauers, relevant because the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer. Masseys were first found in Cheshire with Sales' while a CRANves-Sales (Ceraunii-Maezaei liners?) location is two miles east of Annemasse. Irish Crans/Rings happen to share the Masse/Massey / Tatton crescents, and Crauns/Crans/Crane's almost have the Massena patee, and Crannys/Grounds share the Mascal elephant, I assume (Massena's Numidia has a Mascul location). Masseys were definitely at lake Geneva.

English Shiels/Shields (Berwickshire, same as Scottish Tate's) use the motto of English Shaws/Sheaves, which includes "PATItur," and it just so happens that while Shiels/Shields share the trefoil of Rod and Rocks (from the Rodez-Roquefeuil marriage) -- not to mention the trefoil of Albino's that link excellently to Aubins/Albins -- Pattys were first found in Worcestershire with Rocks (in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil) and SHELDons!!! The Sheldon link to Pattys was introduced in the last update while on the Sheldon-related Bush presidents, and it just so happens Bush's were first found in Rhineland with Shalls!!! Zikers, Bush's were Edomites as were Herods, and Salome de Boethus' line was a Herod one. Prescott Sheldon Bush, claimed father of the first Bush president, was from the Sheldons. It's now important that Busca is beside Saluzzo while FitzAlans of Arundel married Saluzzo.

The Tattershall Coat at houseofnames probably has the Travis/Travers tiger, for both surnames use the same colors and format, and Travis'/Travers even share the Meschin scallops while the mother of Mrs. Tattershall was a Meschin. It is excellent to find this connection to Travis'/Travers because they are gleaned with Tarves', the latter sharing the split Shield of Maple's/MAPELS, suggesting that the latter may have been formed by Mabel Meschin (or she may have been named by Maple's). She was styled, "Kevelioc," from a location at Monmouth, where Fane's/Vans were first found who are suspect with "Fanano," near the first-known Albino's. Maple's were even first found in Essex with Rounds while Mabel married Arundel.

The Tattershall Coat is even in the colors and format of Vaughns, who share the chevron of Rounds and Pendragons (king Arthur was made the son of Pendragon). The "sleeping lion" in the Round Crest is probably evidence that the proto-Arthur Ardiaei Illyrians had merged with the Selepitanoi Illyrians smack beside the Cavii of ALBANia. Pendragons use a motto linkable to the Shaws, first found in Perthshire with the Cluns that use the Saluzzo Coat. SLEEPs were first found in SALOP/Shropshire with the Clun location of the Alan Arundels. Rundels/Roundels use the Alan fesse, to no surprise.

Lookie. Mabel was a daughter of the Montforts from Evreux, where Aubins/Albins lived, and I had read that Montforts owned the gonFANON banner, which was resolved without doubt as part-code for Fanano. The Gone's/GUENETs (share the bend of Gaunts) were also pegged with that banner's name, and it just so happens that GAUNTlet gloves are used by Fane's/Vans and their Wayne branch, the latter suspect with a version of the Irish Arthur Coat, the one with blue roundels.

As blue-roundel Table's are now seemingly clinched with Arundels, let's add that the FitzAlans of Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luis of Chives-suspect Ceva. It's making Luis suspect with GorLOIS (his wife was mother to king Arthur).

The Table's share a red fesse with Butts/BOETs, and both use three items above, and below, their fesse. This is important because the Table Coat is virtually the Shall/Schall Coat, and the latter are suspect with Salome of BOETHus. The Salome-like Salemans share the eagles of Bush's/Buschs, tending to assure that Sales' (Cheshire, same as Table's and the Meschin earls) are of "Saluzzo." The Sales location near Mont Saleve is smack beside Rumilly, and it just so happens that the Meschins of Cheshire, which included Mabel of Arundel under discussion, married Rumillys of Skipton, and this family shared the Alice name with Alice of Saluzzo. Again, Bush-suspect Boussy is right beside Rumilly and Sales.

The presidential Bush family was probably connected with the family of Mitt Romney where both had Massachusetts in common (BOSton capital). Romneys share part of the Pully/Pullen Coat while Pully is in Vaud right beside LausANNE. Rumilly is near ANNecy and ANNEmasse. Isn't there a SALEM, Massachusetts? The Salem surname (at CATERham) is with the Salemans (Cheney colors and format). Salome was from the SADDUCees, suspect with the ZEDEK name of ancient JeruSALEM, which was earlier, Salem, under MelchiZEDEK ("king of Zedek").

The Skelton write-up: "Another source claims the family was from Lincolnshire as 'one of the first ministers of Salem, Massachusetts, Samuel Skelton, was a nonconforming minister of Lincolnshire.'"

Catters are in the colors and format of tiger-using Travis'/Travers and tiger-using Tattershalls. Cat-using Chives' were at Tarves, and they were from the Cavii who lived in or beside Catter-suspect Kotor. The dream with Miss Hicks taught us that the Selepitanoi were with elements of Risinium/Rhizon, smack at Kotor of Boet-liner Butua. Catters share the fish with Butts/Boets. The Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors are in reversed from the same of CUTTERs (and Valois'/Valais', for what that can be worth).

It's online that Hicks' married Arthurs of Clapton, as did Meads, the latter first found in Sussex with MEDleys who in-turn share the tiger with Tattershalls and Travis'. I'm going to take this to tiger-line Opgalli, who married Herods and may even have been related to Salome de Boethus, for Wikipedia says (without explanation) that she may have been Jewish.

Recall too how the Lavey location at the Valais/Vaud border connected, with Vivian-like Vevey, to the Laevillus > Leavell line (Vivians/Veys of Cornwall are connectable to Vevey, to the five theme of Arthurs, and to mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon (= Bute/Rothesay), place of king Arthur's death). The Ardiaei were as far south as the Selepitanoi, but had a base on the NERETva river while the Brittany Nerets share the three bends of the Brittany Laveys/Lavallois'.

Now, recall that Dol-suspect Dolstons/Dalstons came up with Laveys/Lavallois. Here's the write-up of Chives-connectable Travis': "The Manor of SKELmerdale in Lancashire...was originally held by Uctred, who also held DALTON and UPlitherland...'The first of them known to have held it, VIVIAN Gernet, gave Skelmersdale and other manors to Robert Travers...' The manor passed on to the Lovels..." Lovels are Leavells. Note SKELmerdale, and how it's paired with Uplitherland, and soak that idea into the following gleanings.

I'm very interested in the UPlitherland location as it can apply to OPgalli, for she married tiger-liner Tigranes de Herod, and Travis' happen to use the tiger (I don't know what its holding). They also use scallops as code for the Sicel founders if Sicily at mythical Scylla, in Messina along with Patti, the line to Pattys, first found in Worcestershire with SHELdons ("pati"), suspect with Scylla-like SKELtons (raven) and SHELtons. That's why Skelmersdale is expected with these surnames.

There seems to be every reason to trace this thing to the tiger-line Tateshalls/TatterSHALLs, while Tate's share the raven with Skeltons, Shalls/Schalls seem to apply. In this picture, I would not equate Shalls/Schalls (same place as Salome's) as a variation of "Salome," but would rather see a merger of the Salome-Boethus line with Sicilian liners of the Messina kind. The PATEE cross is used by Massena's/Messina's as code for their Patti elements, and so let's not forget that Massena-related Meschins share the Travis scallops. The Massena Coat is a version of the Masci Coat, and Masci's share the fleur-de-lys of Skeltons. Skelton was ruled by Robert de Bruce.

The Teague/TEEGERs ("SumMUM") are the first clue that Tigranes-OPgalli liners are in motto terms like their "optem" term, and it just so happens that the Sheldon motto is "OPTIMum pati." It appears that Teeger liners are in the Travis and Tattershall tigers. Lavey is not far from the Bains area on lake Geneva, and Tattershalls of the TateSHALE kind are said to have been on a Bain river. Checking for a Shale surname, it's with the Scale's who have telling SCALLops, white like the Travis / Meschin scallops, only in the colors of the same of Tailboys, first found in Lincolnshire with Tattershalls. It's full proof because the first Meschin married Lucy Taillebois of Lincolnshire. Shale's/Scale's share the goat head in Crest with Saluzzo-related Bush's/Buschs, thus making even Shale's look like Saluzzo liners.

Lucy, of Bolingbroke, married Ivo Taillebois, and German Ivo's happen to share the fesse of Bolingbroke's, which is the Dol fesse too. French Ivo's/Ivers share the black boar with Bush's / Sullivans, take your Saluzzo pick. German Ivo's share the helmet of German helms while English Helms are back to the Sales Coat with even the Sales pheon, we may assume. The Helms were first found in Surrey with the father of Ada of Warenne, and while Ada married Rodez-liner Henry of Huntingdon, Hunts (Shropshire, same as Sallows who share the tree with Swallows) look to be using the split Shield of Sullivans. If definitely appears as though Ivo Taillebois was connected to Saluzzo. I'm going to suggest that Ivo's first name is of the Ivers/EURE's who have the Maul/Marlybone quadrants in colors reversed, for the Tailbois scallops are used by Mauls/Morleys (the latter's Morley and Morland branches have the symbol if Ada-line Ade's).

I now want to go back to the sleeping-bag dream, which included David Morley on a bike just as I was walking into the parking lot of a mall. Once inside the mall, I saw two ladies on a platform, one being Christine Peare, a friend of Louise. I have a good reason for suspecting that the second woman was this Louise, whose surname is Philips. I have never been satisfied with my investigations into why her surname was Philips, but I now have a theory, having to do with my trace, some months ago, of Salome Boethus to Saluzzo. That trace seems evident in this discussion too.

It seems clear by the above that we are dealing with Alice of Saluzzo specifically, daughter of Luis. I'm not very familiar with Salome Boethus, but have just looked her up to find that she married, Philip, a son of Herod I. Philip was the brother of Herod II, father of this same Salome. It looks like God put me together with Louise because he wanted me to trace Salome to Luis of Ceva. You saw how Tailbois' link to Saluzzo, and even the SLEEPing bag can trace to her via the Sleeps of Salop. The Tailbois scallops in the Maul/Morley Coat were found only because God placed an old friend, David Morley, in the sleeping-bag dream (he circled the sleeping bag on his motor bike), for one Morley Coat discovered the mall-like Mauls. The two ladies were in the mall. You saw how Ivo Taillebois can be Mall/Marlybone kin.

Not many minutes prior to coming to this Philips topic, I had loaded Lincolns, but had nothing so say about their Coat. It happens to be the giant Philip lion, both with gold crowns around their necks. Not only did we see the Swallows as Alan liners of Lincoln, but Ivo Taillebois was from LINCOLNshire.

I met Miss Peare and Miss Philips in the same mall, while we were all SALESpeople there, no guff, I think I now get that. Miss Philips sold clothing for Penningtons (cat, and Penningtons happen to share blue lozenges with Louise's, you see, just as though God wanted to verify that he set me up with her. The Pennington motto phrase, "amore patria," is almost the "amor patriae" of the Philips above. The Penningtons even use a fessewise strong of lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Percys, and the daughter of Alice of Saluzzo with FitzAlan was married to Henry de Percy. So, you see, God put me together with Louise, and Louise with Penningtons, as a pointer to this Luis-of-Ceva line to Percys. The latter are said to have been in Lincoln, I kid thee not.

The Philips are traced to Philip of Poiters in Durham (beside Percys and Upsalls of Yorkshire), where OPgalli-suspect Hoppers were first found. The UPsalls are also UpSHALLS, and we saw Shalls first found in Rhineland with Salome's. The billets upon the Upshall fesse are in all three colors of the Butt/Boet fesse. "Joan [Arundel] married first William de Upsall and secondly William son of William de Percy of Kildale." Opgalli is suspect to tiger liners such as TatterSHALLs. Shalls are the ones with the Butt/Boet fesse, I assume, because both surnames have three items both on top and beneath their fesse.

The cat in the Pennington Crest is good for linking these Penestae suspects to cat-liner Chives', the latter from the Cavii on the Drilon river of the Penestae. The Cavii to Luis of Ceva, perfect for Louise the SALES girl at Penningtons.

My senses on how God would work with a Philips surname from Philip Herod is to show signs of it being from Herods. One such clue is in the "patriae" motto term, for I have been tracing Herod ancestry to AntiPATRIA for a couple of years.

Secondly, the Penestae were near Antipatria, and so the way I would read God, when placing Miss Philips at Penningtons, is to suggest to us that Herods were from an Antipatria merger with Penestae Illyrians. That's the Pendragon bloodline. I think Pendragons are using the Sales fleur in colors reversed because I think the Pendragon helmet is for the Helms who have a version of the Sales Coat. Moreover, I think pheons, the symbol of Sales' and Helms, is for the Paeoni, who lived to the east side of the Penestae. It even looks as though Penestae were Paeoni. As Pendragon was made the father of king Arthur (with GorLOIS' wife as the mother), the fact that this line named Artois explains why pheons are arrow heads, for Arrows/Arras' are of the Artois capital, Arras (near the Lys river). The Arrow/Arras fleur-de-lys are in half the colors of the Pendragon fleur.

The Penestae were on the Drin, and this entity is in the Drainer variation of Dragons. The latter were not only first found in Kent with helmet-using Mynetts, and they have the Mynett helmets in colors reversed. The Mynett helmets are open, as is the Pendragon helmet. And the Philips were first found in Kent.

We could add that the Paion variation of Payens is proof of their descent from Paeoni/Paioni. The "spur rowells" of Payens must be partly for Rowells, of were first found in LINCOLNshire with the Lincolns who use the Philips Coat exactly.

The Paeoni lives at Pelagonia, the line to the heraldic pelican, and at neighboring LYNCestis, the line to the lynx in the PENES/Penny Crest. Meads use pelicans, and were first found in Sussex with Arun, the place that named Arundels. German Arens almost use the Fast/Fastoff and FalSTAFF quadrants, and Fasts are suspect with Vasto rulers of the Saluzzo area. Paeoni had the city of Stobi, the line to Stops/Stubbs (pheons, STAFFordshire) and probably the Stubbings (besants in the colors of the same of Rowells, and a version of the Mall/Marlybone Coat). Jewish Arens/Aarons use half the Fast quadrants, to no surprise because Arundels married Saluzzo.

A Wikipedia writer thinks that Salyes Ligures were also the Saluvii. Look at "SELEUcus," and assume that "cus" is a suffix so that the Romans would have spelled the root as "Saleve." I had just learned of Cranves-SALES smack beside Saleve in this update. I kid you not, that one or two seconds after ending the last sentence, a song line played, "I rolled up my SLEEVES, and fixed the old man's car"!!! Wow, the song is WWJD (nice tune) by Baggy Bottom Boys. Just before this happened, I was feeling very good about a Seleucid trace to Saleve, and so I think this apparent miracle confirms it.

King Seleucus was favored by the emperor, son of PHILIP of Macedon. I'm trying to devise a good theory on how Saluvii may have named Seleucus. In the meantime, let's look at the Philip write-up, because it helps to identify Philips as Herods as I see them: "The personal name Philip owed its popularity to the medieval romances about Alexander the Great, whose father was Philip of Macedon."

Seleucids were in the bloodline to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, who is known to descend from Antipater of Macedon, who lived about the same time as Philip of Macedon. As two Herods married Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia, my theory was that the first Herod, son of Antipater, descended from Antipater of Macedon. Herod would have been related to Nysa's family, in other words. Herod Archelaus, the first Herod to marry Glaphyra, was the brother of Philip, husband of Salome of Boethus. It could appear that Herods descended from Philip of Macedon too.


Macedonia was beside Paeonia, and it's questionable whether Pelagonia was Paeonian versus Macedonian (this light map has it in Macedonia). Philip of Macedon married Mead-like Meda, and Meads use pelicans. "Antipater; Antipatros...was a Macedonian general and statesman under kings Philip II of Macedon and Alexander the Great, and father of King Cassander. In 320 BC, he became regent of all of Alexander the Great's Empire." The Seleucid Greeks took the Middle East at that time. Meda was from Odessa.

There are two Cassander-like Cassandra surnames, one listed luckily with Cassano's. Just as lucky, Irish PATTERsons are also Cassane's, which is how we can know that Pattersons are from AntiPATER > Cassander ancestry. Isn't it a little amazing that Irish Pattersons share the giant Philip lion while Scottish Pattersons love pelicans everywhere??

I've just learned that houseofnames has once again been rude by changing the first place that a surname was first found, the Meads in this case, without explanation. You would think that, after a decade of telling the world that Meads were first found in Sussex, the company would continue to tell of that early ancestry while changing the first-known instance to Somerset, but, no, houseofnames is a rudimentary / simpleton organization that goes more backward than forward. Somerset is the location of Clapton, and so, perhaps, houseofnames found my articles telling that Meads married Arthurs of Clapton. I don't mind at all if houseofnames uses my material, but I do mind when its write-ups look like cover-ups. Does houseofnames wish to deny the Mead link to Medleys, Methleys and Motleys?

The Mead motto uses "pret," and Pretts (Staffordshire) share the Salome stars. It could therefore be that Herods descend from the children of Meda with Antipater. "Glaphyra" is suspect to Clavers for good reasons, and per-chance they named Clappers and therefore Clapton too.

The Mead Coat is in the colors and format of Capone's, and the Staffs share the Quint chevron. Staffs are said to descend from The Toeni's, now suspect with Thonon-les-Bains near Sion, which can explain the Staff swan. Chandolin was found in the last update very near Sion, and here we find "the families of Chandos and Stafford" in the Staff write-up. Schims/CHANDs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Bains/Beans, certainly of Thonon-les-Bains. The Schims are suspect from Schimatari BOEOTians to the Sadducee house of Boethus. Lookie: the Schim/Chand write-up: "The family is said, by C.F. Shand, the family historian, to be descended from PHILibert de Shaunde, Earl of Bath in 1485". Philiberts were first found in Kent with Philips.

Meda was of Odessa, which is on the dark map upon the Black-sea coast not far north from the Selletae, like the Sallett variation of the Sales'. The Selletae are at the TONZus river, mentioned in the last update to show that this river's peoples descended to Toeni's/Tosni's / Tosino's/Tonso's and Sardinia-suspect Shirts. Cabyle upon the Tonzus got suspect in the last update with Le Chable, smack near Chandolin.

The Phillips (no 's') show a swan. I know of a Philip-like surname with what could be the Banes wolf; will try to find it. Irish Phillips (two 'l's) have the Philips lion with gold crown around its neck, only now the lion is in the passant position, making it the Levi lion, for it too has a gold crown, as does the same-colored lion head of Italian Capone's. Irish Phillips were first found in Connacht with Pattersons/Cassane's. The camel in the latter's Crest has a gold crown. I've resolved that crowns around necks are code for the Ceraunii Illyrians, who named the Ceraunii mountains in Epirus. Either Alexander the Great or others traced his ancestry to mythical elements in Epirus, that of Achilles.

Ajax is the son of Telamon, who was the son of Aeacus [looks like "Aiax"] and grandson of Zeus, and his first wife Periboea. He is the cousin of Achilles, and is the elder half-brother of Teucer.

This Teucer was made the founder of Salome-suspect Salamis in Cyprus, and the Ajax cult was on the mainland at Cetis. The mother of Herod I was Cypros. Salomincidence? It could therefore be that disgusting Herods were related to the line even of Alexander the great and disgusting murderer of nations. Here's from Wikipedia's Achilles article:

The kings of Epirus claimed to be descended from Achilles through his son, Neoptolemus. Alexander the Great, son of the Epirote princess Olympias, could therefore also claim this descent, and in many ways strove to be like his great ancestor. He is said to have visited the tomb of Achilles at Achilleion while passing Troy. In AD 216 the Roman Emperor Caracalla, while on his way to war against Parthia, emulated Alexander by holding games around Achilles' tumulus

Achilleion is on Corfu, what could be a corvos > crow liner to such things as Corbeils, who are now tracing to beside Saleve, or even in Saleve! Zinger. The Saleve-like SULLIVans share the black boar with Booths/Boths, and Bothwells look like Bottoms/Bothams while God used the Baggy Bottom Boys when I was writing on Saleve, with a song line, "I rolled up my sleeves." Amazing. This is a really-big shoe. It's got to be the line of Anti-Christ / False Prophet at Saleve, Annemasse, Cranves-Sales. The Ceraunii to which "Cranves" traces were from Coronis, the mythical crow, and the Ceraunii mountains are only 25-30 miles from Corfu.

I see Caracalla descended (mother's side) from Cetis' Bassus'. It was the line to Carricks, first found in Ayrshire with Achilles-like Kyle's. Hmm. "ROLLed up my sleeves." Rolls (besants and Byllis-possible billets) share the Carrick-dancette-fesse, and then the Seleucids of Saleve were from Epirus elements. Rolls are said to be from "Roullours, in Calvados, in the arrondissement of Dieppe", and the Massy location is in the Dieppe area while Saleve is beside Annemasse. The song is by Baggy Bottom Boys, and Bottoms share the six pellets of Lacys (Yorkshire, same as Rolls and early Bottoms), while Lucy is beside Massy. Heraldic boys were used by Meschin liners from the Bassus-line Bessin. Bottoms are BOTHhams/BOOThams, and Bothwells have a boy in Crest! Zinger. It appears that God named the Baggy Bottom Boys. Masse's/Masseys once showed boots. Baggys (Norfolk, same as Bottoms) are with the Bags sharing the Grimaldi Coat, and Monaco's Grimaldi's (purple throne) had the Massy barons! Irish Lacy use a purple lion! Absolutely amazing, this song and band has indeed been Prepared as pointer for us. I even worked at a company with Luciano, a relative of Mrs. Grimaldi, and Luciano's share the Lucy fish.

Carricks are said to descend from Craigs (Aberdeenshire), and Pattersons use a "grege" motto term. Craigs (same crescents as Alexanders) may be with a version of the Hill Coat, the latter sharing the tower of Glaphyra-liner Clavers as well as the tower of Plunketts, from Plancia Magna, the descendant of Glaphyra. Recall Philip of Poiters in Durham, for this is where Hoppers were first who share the Hill / Plunkett tower. Poiters can be Potters, first found in Hampshire with same-colored Porters/PAWters and English Cassandra's/Cassane's! Bingo. Clapton, probably the home of Meads, is at PORTIShead. The Cassandra's are no-doubt of the Pattersons/Cassane's, and then Scottish Pattersons share the pelican with both Meads and Arthurs. Philiberts share cinquefoils with Potters, can we believe it?

The PORTCULLIS GATE of Porters is suspect with PROCULUS CHARAX of Cetis, the proto-Carricks. Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle (Ayrshire)! Like the Ayr location of Ayrshire, there is an Ayer location smack near CHANDOLin, which is why I'm tracing the Kyle CANDLEsticks to that place. Was the real-world representation of mythical Achilles at Chandolin? It's a good reason to trace the Craig and Craigie mottoes to Vevey (Vaud, not far from Chandolin).

I was just reflecting upon the goat symbol that God gave Alexander in Daniel 8, wondering whether the heraldic goat could apply, which is used by Edom-liner Bush's, for example, but also the Edom-liner Time's/Timms. I then loaded Philberts/Philbys (not "Philibert") to find three goats, hmm.

I found the wolf with Phelps, and half of it is colors reversed from the Banes wolf head. Plus, Phelps were first found in Monmouthshire with Fane's/Vans/Veynes, a branch, I feel sure, of Bains/Beans/Vains (Wayne's use the pelican again). Excellent. And lookie: "The surname Banes was first found in Dover, where Eustace de Bauns..." The Dover surname has a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed from the Potter / Philibert cinquefoils. Dover is one of the cinquePORT cities along with the Hastings, and Hastings are known for sharing the sleeve of Tonys/Toeni's, and that picture too connects with Thonon-les-Bains. It appears that the line of Salome and Philip Herod is to the Geneva / Sion theater. Dover castle is in Kent, where Philips were first found, and these are the Philips with Philip of Poiters in their write-up.

The Dover Crest shares the green wyvern with Baldwins. Baldwin I, the first king of Templar Jerusalem, was a son of EUSTACE II of Artois, and we just saw Eustace of Dover above. Baldwin's brother was GODFREY de Bouillon, grandson of Godfrey III, and Godfeys share the Mead Coat. Remember, Antipater (had several wives) married Meda, and Pattersons share the pelican with Meads / Godfreys. Eustace's and their Stacey branch can be gleaned as a branch of STAGE's/Stags. The dream with the two ladies in the mall had Louise Philips on a wooden platform that could be interpreted with the Deck or Stage surname. After Louise and I broke up, I saw her one more time, when she told me she went into choreography, which involves stage actors. That looks like a Set-up by God to trace Salome Boethus to the first Templar rulers.

Eustace II was a ruler in Boulogne, where the Arms has a swan and red roundels. On this page with several Arms of Boulogne, the Arms of La Chapelle les Boulogne is the Fier Coat exactly, and Fier county happens to be a little ways down the Apsus river from Antipatria.

The page above has a couple of different Coats showing evidence that the Burgo-Conteville's had merged with Boulogne. John de BURGO de Conteville ruled Comines in Artois, and that place was from Kuman in Fier country, yup, that's right. Comine's use the dagger as code for the DEXaroi at Antipatria, begging whether that stage in the mall was also a DECK, for German Decks are Daggers too! Bingo. The Eustace cross is that also of Irish BURGHs/Berks.

The Arms for William of Blois, count of Boulogne, is shown as the Arms of rulers of Chatillon (Chalons-sur-Marne), where Mummolin ruled. The Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne is a Crozier Coat while French Croziers were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. William of Blois descended, on his father's side, from Eustace II, and from Malcolm III on his mother's side, which should explain why William married Warenne's of Surrey.

It just so happens that Eustace II married Ida of Lorraine, interesting where Louis' were first found in Lorraine. Ida was the daughter of Godfrey III, the one who helped the PIERleoni. The other woman on the stage/deck with Louise was Miss PEARE, whom God showed to be ABSOLUTELY a pointer to the line of Godfrey III > Godfrey de Bouillon. I now understand the end of that dream for the first time (whether I remember it all is another thing), not forgetting that it involved the David Morley as a pointer to Mauls/Morleys. This can be explained where English Morleys share the specialized symbol in the Aid/Ade Crest. Ade's are from David I of Scotland, son of Malcolm III above. David I is to the David surname having a version of the Ade/Aid Coat, and moreover David's son, Henry, married ADA of Warenne, yup, that is right. I didn't know until now that the granddaughter of Malcolm III was also the granddaughter of Eustace II. She birthed William of Blois, husband of Isabel de Warenne (probably explains the Baldwin wyVERN dragon, symbol of WARRENs too).

This recalls that Malcolms are also Columns/CALOME's, like "Salome." Malcolms, first found in Argyllshire with Herods/Heraults, even share gold stars with Salome's. Malcolms share white tower in Crest with Baldwins, possibly the white-on-blue tower of Auvergne's.

The page above with Arms of Boulogne has a white-on-blue ship for the Arms of Boulogne-Billancourt, the symbol of Balds and Scottish Bauds too. French Bauds (same colors) were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. The quadrants of Scottish Bauds (Butt/Bute colors) are colors reversed from the quadrants of Vasto-suspect Fasts. This can trace king Baldwin to Luis of Ceva / Alice of Saluzzo. Baldwins were first found in Shropshire with the ARUNdel-Alans who married Alice of Saluzzo. If you recall, Arun-like Arens share the Fast quadrants.

Warrens and Coopers were first found in Sussex, location of Arun, and Coopers, possibly from Cypros mother of Herod I, share a blue saltire with Malcolms/Calome's. Look at that big "MAL" in front of "colm" that makes "Malcolm," for Mauls/Morleys are definitely a branch of Morleys and Morlands who share the gold leopard face with Coopers. Morleys were at Belper, and Belvers (Morley colors) are said to derive in "Baldowin." How's that for proving that the sleeping-bag dream was a message of God to the world? It certainly was given for me lonely? I don't think Belvers were Baldwins or Balds, but someone may have known of a relationship.

A way to explain the swan in the Arms of Boulogne is from the Balds (stars of the Arms of Sion?) having a reflection of the Schim/CHAND Coat, the latter now suspect with Chandolin near swan-liner Sion. Sions/Swans use a Herod-suspect heart, as well as falconer's gloves while French Falcons can be with the Auvergne tower again. English Falcons (Fier colors) have a "Vis" and a "fier" motto term; Vise's/Vice's share the Eustace Crest roughly. Chandolin is smack beside Ayer while Ayers/EYERS were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys. The Bald-branch Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Caiaphas-suspect Chappes' who use "EARS of wheat" suspect with "Eyers."

English Falcons (Cumberland, same as Bernice's) are in the colors of Bernice's, suspect from Berenice Agrippa de Herod. The Bernice's share the fesse of Cassandra's/Cassano's. Isn't that important? Both use hexagrams. Cassandra's/Cassano's (Bald / Baud colors) have three items above, and three more below, their fesse, same as Butts/Boets. Were Bauds and Balds a line of Salome BOETHus? Was the BAUTica/BALTea river named by Boethus Sadducees? It's the location of Yvery-like Ivrea and Chives-spot Chivasso (Leavells were at Yvery). Rozala of Ivrea is suspect with roses, shared by the similar Coats of Butts/Boets and Pierro's/Pero's. As I said, Miss Peare (of the Pero's) is God's pointer to the line of Godfrey III, who married one out of Tuscany, where Rozala's family belonged. The Rose clan shares the water bouget with Bernice's.

Again, after tracing Herods back to Antipater of Macedonia and to the Antipatria location suspect with him, I found Antipater's son to Cassandra's/Cassane's, and later realized that Bernice's, whom I had traced to Miss Agrippa already, share the Cassandra/Cassano fesse. On top of that, Bernice's and their Burn branch were first found in Cumberland with Daggers, from the Dexaroi of Antipatria. On the light map, Dexaroi are "DassaRETAE," which looks like the namer of Rieti/Reate, where Titus lived who was engaged to Bernice Agrippa. When I met Miss Peare and Louise her friend, Peare was a SALESlady for REITman's clothing. Jewish Reitmans share two, PIERCED hexagrams in Chief with Bernice's. Burns use a Reate-suspect "ready" motto term, and Readys (scimitar, Sion/Swan colors) use swans. Readys were first found in Angus, and Angus' share two red stars in Chief with Reitmans.

You see, God arranged Miss Peare as a SALESlady at Reitmans in order to trace Pero liners to Rieti on the Salto river, suspect with the Sallett variation of Sales'. Jewish Reitmans even share a rose with stem with Avezzano's, and Avezzano is itself off the Salto river. Avezzano-liner Avisons share the anchor with Dutch Reitmans. God had to figure out a way to get me to be a SALESman in the same mall, and this happened when Kepke got a job as a shoe salesman first, which prompted me to get one at a competing store. Kepke then got friendly with Peare.

How many "Jewish" bankers and fat cats today are really from Herods? Isn't it true that Jewish money grubbers scratch one anothers' backs unto a world ruled by Jews? It is true; it's not an anti-Semitic statement. Only the fats cats want you to view it as such. Reality is reality. Fat cat Jews have destroyed the West with Hollywood and the stock market. Money does make the world go round, into a whirlpool of disaster. Too much money ruins men, and these men ruin everything trying to get more.

Shoe SALESmen we were. But why shoes? Can this trace to Sales' / Saluzzo too? Yes, and it probably involves Dexaroi of the Dexters/Deckster kind. The Vasto's of Saluzzo are suspect with FAUSTs/Fists (Fast colors), who share the fist of PoinDEXTERs, and then the latter's lower Shield has the lone star of Shoe's. The Trips now showing shoes once shared the Masse/Massey boots in the same colors, and that's the AnneMasse line at Saleve. We saw Sullivans traceable to Saleve, and Ed Sullivan used to say, "really-big shoe" instead of "really-big show."

While Burns are also Bourne's, Bernice's share the winged horse with English Bourne's (look descended from Terentia Murena). French Bourne's (Languedoc, same as Falcons) happen to use an acorn version of the Salome Coat!

I've just gotten around to loading Dess' because I wanted to see whether they show evidence of being from Meda of ODESSa. The top half of the Dess Coat is the Bernice / Cassandra/Cassano fesse. Meda married Antipater, father of Cassander. More amazing is that German Aschs use three chevrons in colors reversed from the three of English Cassandra's/Cassane's while Dess' are said to be from "D'ASSCHE!!! I've always disagreed with that derivation, but am willing to see it the other way around, with Dess liners developing a D'Asch variation. Or, Dess liners merged with Ash's/Asch's. English Ash's/Aschs are said to be from D'Esse Court, in Devon, where Spurrs and Rothes' were first found, suggesting, as per the spur rowells of Payens, that Ash's/Aschs share the double chevrons of Rowells/Rosewells/Rothwells.

Houseofnames has changed the Rothes write-up again, now not first found in Devon, but in Kent. That happens to be where Philips were first found who share a lion with crown with Rothes', though these lions are colors reversed from one another. For a decade until recently, Rothes' were said to be first found in Shropshire with Motleys/Medlicotts.

Furthermore, if Meda is to the Meads, Medleys and Methleys, note that the latter two share pierced, black stars with Bernice's. Chamberlains use a Pero-suspect "ProDESSE" motto term (which caused me to find Dess' in the first place), and can we believe it? These Chamberlains share the three scallops of Daggers! It appears that Dexaroi had something to do with the Meda marriage to Antipater, which is the proto-Herod line, by all appearances.

Here we can add that French Phillips are in the colors and format of dagger-using Mackays. Philip of Macedon? Or Philip and Salome? Mackays may be honoring Forts in their motto, and the Fort quadrants are colors reversed from those of Motleys/Medlicotts. It can mean that the Fort castle is that of Tewkesburys, for they too married Arthurs of Clapton (along with Meads). Mackays were first found in Sutherland, and the Sutherland stars are also those of Salome's.

Odessa is near Cabyle, and the latter trace well to Cable's, first found in Somerset with Meads. It's working.

I've just read that Skelmersdale was home to Daggers, the location found earlier in this update with Travis', who share the tiger with Medleys. The same stars as have Salome's are in the Coat of French Chamberlains (donkey). Travis' were paired earlier with TatterSHALLs (tigers), which discovered Shalls first found in Rhineland with Salome's. The Sales fleur are those also of Dagger-branch Acre's. SKELmerdale led to entering Sheldons to topic, who share "pati" with Donkeys. Skeltons (Cumberland, same as Bernice's, Burns and Daggers) have a fesse colors in reversed from the same of Bernice's

It can be gleaned that Tankerville's (share Donkey cinquefoils) use a version of the Chamberlain Coat (the one with Salome stars), and TANKERville's are from TANAGRa, home of mythical Orion's Boeotians. Boethincidence? Orion is the line to hunting horns, shared by Bernice's, Burns, and Donkeys / Duncans. The latter are probably from the same family as Malcolm III, son of king Duncan. Duncan's family was married by the Rumilly Skiptons, and we saw Rumilly and neighboring Sales near Geneva. While Tacks are said to be from Tankerville's/Tancreds, Tache's (share red scallop with Tancreds) are said to be from the Asch term again, yet it's obviously wrong. Tache's (Suffolk, same as Tigers) even share the Dagger and Chamberlain scallop. The Tack motto (includes "sola") and Chief looks linkable to the Bourne Chief. Tacks share a cherub with one Saint surname while the Bourne Chief has a sun as possible code for Sinclairs/Saints/Suns.

By the way, the Bourne Chief has star-like estoiles in Salome-star colors, important because French Bourne's use a whole version of the Salome Coat.

Hmm, taking from "Bourn," I checked for a Borin surname, finding it with Barringtons (Lincolnshire, same as Tankerville's), who happen to share the triple chevrons with Cassandra's/Cassane's. Borins/Barringtons use a "durant" motto term suspect with the Durance river of the Salyes Ligures.

English Barneys/Berneys. have a lion version of the Salome Coat. It appears that lines from Salome Herod merged heavily with lines from Bernice Agrippa.

Ahh, the Bernice's and Bourne's share the flying horse with MOTels (Salome stars on blue?), a branch of Mota's, making them suspect with MOTleys/Medlicotts. Motts/Mottins were near enough to Dol to explain the Shropshire location of the first-known Motleys/Medlicotts. Motts/Mottins can be from Modane, on the same river as Chamberlain-like Chambre. Or, Mottins can be from Modena, where Cassandra's/Cassano's were first found. Motts/Mottins named Mott in Cotes-du-Nord, now named, Cotes-d'Armor, which can explain why the Motel horse has an arm in its mouth. The arm is a symbol of Armors too, and, zowie, the "Cassis" motto term of Armors is almost the Cassius variation of Cassandra's/Cassano's! Excellent. Armors may thus have a version of the Burn chevron with items.

The Borins/Barringtons (triple chevrons of Cassandra's/Cassane's) have a "vie" motto term possibly for the Viu tributary of the Riparia, home of COTTians who can explain MedliCOTTs. Middle's were first found in Shropshire too. I've told a few times that Louise Philips together with Miss Peare moved into an apartment with me at Ellesmere Terrace, and so see the Middle write-up, for the Middle lion is also the Philips lion: "The surname Middle was first found in Shropshire at Middle, alternately spelt Myddle, Mydle, Midle, M'dle, Meadley and Medle, a parish, in the union of Ellesmere..." MIDDLEton, no matter how they say it was named, is where APPS' and Fiers were first found that can link easily to the APSus river of the Dexaroi, and Fier county.

As per Ellesmere TERRACE, the Terrace/Terras surname has the motto, "Amore," same term as Penningtons while Philips use "amor patriae." I'm sure you will believe me when I say that I didn't get into a relationship with Louise because I knew that Welsh Louis'/Lewis used a "patriae" motto term too. But it sure seems like Someone knew these things. The giant lion of Louis'/Lewis' is colors reversed from the same of Philips.

[A week after this update was over, Medley-like Madels/Maudlins/MAGDELINs/Madolins (I can see a Mary-of-Magdala cult here) were found with a version of the Amore / Damory Coat, with all three surnames first found in Oxfordshire).]

The Amore's/ARMERs may have merged with Armors. The Middle's may be with a black-lion version of the Talbot Coat, and Amore's with their Damory branch have dogs that may be called, talbots. The Talbots share the Scott Coats, and the Middle Shield can be a Scott Shield because the other Scott Coat is the Terrace/Terras Coat. In other words, Ellesmere Terrace has brought us possibly to the kin of Middle's of Ellesmere. Elles' look to be from Quints and June's together, the line of Quintus and Junia Caepio. It recalls that QUINTana's use dice, while Dice's are also Odessa-like Diss'. Meda of Odessa was suspect with Meads, first found in Somerset with Elles'. Hmm.

Elles' are also Eels, and the eel is used by Shiptons, first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's, Damorys and Peare's. Shiptons are suspect with Skipton, home of Rumillys, first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's, June's, Jeune's and Chapmans. The latter's crescent has been suspect with eel-using Foys. This is reliable because English Foys share the six pellet roundels with Lacys (Yorkshire, same as Skipton) while Irish Lacys share the purple lion with Skiptons. Skiptons were in Craven, and here we find, in the Craven Coat, a red fesse with three red items above it and three more beneath it, much like the Butt/Boet Coat. I see Cravens from Croatians, and do trace Caepio / Junius liners to Croatia's Kupa and Una rivers. The Borens/Barringtons were likewise first found in Cambridgeshire, wherefore their "Ung" motto term has got to be for Jungs/June's.

Meads share "Toujours" with Jeune-loving Yonge's/Youngs (Essex, same as Quints). Capone's are in the colors and format of Meads, and the latter's martlets are those of French Josephs while English Josephs were first found in Hampshire with Cassandra's/Cassane's.

Assuming an Odysseus Merger with Meda

Odessus (in Scythia Minor), as it was anciently called, was suspect with mythical Odysseus, yet we want to know why he was also called, ULYSSES. If that was the Lissae line to Lissus, it's interesting that mount Dunax, on the light map above, is beside Lissae. Dunax can be traced with some reasoning to the Duncan / Donkeys; if I didn't think so, I wouldn't repeat it from time to time. Dunax is on the Rhodope mountains, the peoples of which may have named the Rhodanus, where the Argonautica myth places golden-fleece Colchians. As you probably know, Helios was the god of Rhodes in particular, yet I trace him from golden-fleece Colchians at Rhodopolis (on the Phasis river).

The Rhodanus flows through lake Geneva, it just so happens, and myth had a son of Helios (see "Eridanus") in these parts while Odysseus was paired in myth with a witch, mythical Circe, a relative of Helios and code for Circasia, home of golden-fleece Colchians, and of the Lazi suspect with "Laish." Odysseus lived at Ithaca, straight out to sea from Astakos, that being the Atlantean land of mythical Oeneus of Calydon, whom I think was from pagan / wayward Levites out of Laish (view them as descendants of Levi, but not Levites proper). So, Ulysses got suspect with the peoples out of Laish (beside a real Daphne location), which I trace without doubt to mythical Daphne in Calydon-related Elis, smack beside the place of Hermes' birth in Arcadia, Odysseus was made the descendant of Hermes (father of Pan), who was himself made related to a mythical Penelope, the name also of Odysseus' wife. It's easy to spot that this thing was from Panias, smack beside Laish, and then migrated to the Peneus river of Elis, yet there is another Peneus in the area of Macedonia, where I assume Meda lived.

The daughter of the golden-fleece king was herself a witch, Medea by name. So, Meda of Odessa looks like a line from that witch cult of Colchis. The second Peneus river above was at least close to Iolcus, home of Jason of the Ago ship, who was made the husband of Media in Corinth, from where she flew her sun-god-related chariot to Athens. Why Athens?

Myth had Odysseus kidnapped by Calypso of a mythical island, Ogygia. It's easy to spot that this code was related to the Cadmus-Harmonia Boeotians, suggesting to me that "Calypso" was code for (C)Halybes on the Halys river with Hermes- and 'Cadmus-related Hattusa. The Hatti of Hattusa were mythicized as mythical Attis/Atys, a form of "Aeetes" (king of Hattusa-like Kutaisi), the golden-fleece king, and father of the Medea witch. Myth says that Aeetes was a king of Corinth, but left that place to a family of Hermes when he went to rule in Colchis. It's clear as day that Lydians (or proto-Lydian Lazi) on the Hermus river (Lydia), who were made sons of Attis, were in Colchis. The mouth of the Hermus river (location of Fogg-like Foca) is on the shore from LESbos (part of ULYSSes line?), which has the locations of Middle-like MYTILene and METHymna, either of which can be traced acceptably (thanks to Foggs) to Medleys and Methleys.

"Attis" is suspect in naming Attica, home of Ogyges:

However, Ogyges as a primeval, aboriginal ruler was usually sited in Boeotia, where he founded Thebes there, naming it Ogygia at the time. In another account of Ogyges, he brought his people to the area first known as Acte. That land was subsequently called Ogygia in his honor but ultimately known as Attica.

Attica is beside Boeotia, and as Athens is in Attica, it explains why "Athena complained about Calypso's actions [abduction of Odysseus] to Zeus, who sent the messenger Hermes to Ogygia to order Calypso to release Odysseus. Hermes is Odysseus's great grandfather on his mother's side..." Already, we have a proto-Boethus setting with Meda of Odessa. I suggest that Ogyges was the Gog entity that I identified with Royal Scythians (they seemed to be the only ones that could apply to Ezekiel's Gog), who were probably in Scythia Minor and therefore in Odessa. The Royal Scythians attacked Media (the real nation) possibly because they had roots there. Yet they with the Cimmerians (lived on the north of the Black sea beside Royal Scythians) invaded westward in Anatolia toward or into Lydia at the very time that a Gyges/Gugu king of Lydia (about 700 BC) cropped up in either historical writings or mythology.

This all makes for a good case in tracing Laish to the Lazi-Lydians (or Lasonii) of Circasia.

Myth had Perseus married to AndroMEDA, daughter of CASSiopeia and Cepheus. I figured that the latter was code for things upon the Cephissus river between Athens and Boeotia. But see "ANRDOmeda," and pair that up was "Cassi" to get "CassANDER." Cassiopeia is suspect from the Kassi(ite) Iranians, who were Perseus-like Persians, kin of Medes. Recall mythical Medon of Athens, suspect from Medan, son of Abraham and Keturah. There is convincing evidence that this thing was exactly related to Medea of Colchis, between her goddess, HECATE, and the Hector Trojans. "Odysseus and other envoys of Agamemnon travel to Scyros to recruit Achilles because of a prophecy that Troy could not be taken without him." There's the thing to which AlexANDER, son of Philip of Macedon, traced himself.

In Daniel 8, Alexander is a goat, and he defeats a ram that depicts the Medes. The mother of the Pan goat was, PenelOPEIA, having the same ending as "CassiOPEIA," code for Ioppa/Joppa, for a myth writer placed Perseus and Andromeda in Joppa. Herodotus said that Pan was worshiped 800 years before him, which gets it back to a century or two after Jonathan, the Levite of Laish. Pan was a satyr, a myth code likely from the Satrae Thracians on the west side of the Rhodope mountains i.e. not far from Lissae. The latter is shown beside the Bessi, and you can find Bessi online as priests of the Satrae. It's a good bet that the pagan Levites trace, along with elements out of Panias (at mount HERMon), to the Bessi.

Pan was born to Penelope (Hermes' wife) at Arcadia's mount Cyllene, possible to the CILNius surname of Arettium. The latter is linkable to the Arthurians at Artois, and this thing traces back to the Arda river (east side of the Rhodope range, directly opposite the Satrae), with a mouth at the Hebros, down-river from Lissae (on the upper Hebros). The mouth of the Arda is at the land of ODRYSians, whom I've thought was represented by mythical Dryops (the Drop/Trope surname to Tropoje?), and then the myth writers gave Dryopos or Dryops as the father of Penelope (Pan's mother, but why not also Odysseus' wife?). This is a good reason to see "ULYSSes" as a Lissae liner.

Wikipedia: "In some accounts, Hermes fathered Pan upon Dryope, daughter of Dryops." The Cadmus Tyrians are very linkable to a mythical Dryope: "Dryope, a Theban woman of Phoenician origin..." Joppa is not far from Dor, and I suspected DRYops to be a Dorian entity, as was Hercules, a Danaan out of Dan = Laish. If I recall correctly, Hercules' death was made at Oeta, and "Dryops reigned in the neighborhood of Mount Oeta," about 50 miles from the northern Peneus river. Hercules was the star of the Olympics at Elis, location of the southern Peneus. The northern Peneus flows to mount Olympus, we can see the connection. Although Zeus was put at home at Olympus, yet he was the Tyrian Taurus; Tyre is near Dor, and Dorians lived between Olympus and Macedonia, or even in Macedonia. "Pausanias relates that the Achaeans were driven from their lands by Dorians coming from Oeta, a mountainous region bordering on Thessaly." The Doris surname is said to be from "Thessalie." Thessaly was home to the mythical Muses expected in "CadMUS."

Wikipedia says that the Dryopians, represented by Dryops at Oeta, went to live in Sion-like Asine. Sion was the name of a summit at mount Hermon along with an Ardis summit (they could have been two named for the same place). This Ardis elements suspect with the Arda river (home of Benjamite suspect Benni) and its Odrysians traces well to the Ardiaei Illyrians on the NERETva river of the NEREIDs, mothered by mythical Doris, that's right. "Apollodorus includes the name Calypso in his list of Nereids, the daughters of Nereus and Doris."

On this dark map, the Odomanti are on both sides of the Rhodope peaks, and beside the Edones. On the east side of the peaks, the OdoMANTI (at SIRRhae) are at the sources of the Arda, and then there is an Daphaba location shown on this river where the light map places the Benni. This must be from the Banias version of "Panias," for it was beside Daphne. In myth, Daphne was made the sister of MANTO. That's why the namers of the Ardis peak must have removed to the Arda. The Phoenician peoples in Daphne look like they merged with Edones (Edomites?) to form Odomanti. Where are the peoples of Laish in this area? At Lissae, right? It's at the northern end of the Rhodope range.

Why do we see two Petra locations off the StryMON river, near the Odomanti? Was Antipatria related to Petra of Edom? That could explain why Antipater married an Edomite to birth Herod. One Petra is at the land of the Maedi. The other Petra is off a Pontus river. Why do the Ponder and Pont surnames use the black boar of Edom? Why were Ponts first found in Hampshire with Cassandra's/Cassane's?

Mount Hermon had the proto-Hermes cult, and that's why the Hermes CADUCEUS was given (by a myth writer) to Tiresias, father of Daphne and Manto. The father of Tiresias was, in my opinion, code for Avaris, the Hyksos capital. The Assus location on the Hebros, which the light map has as Arsus, looks like it was inhabited by that Hayasa-Azzi at Ardahan and the ARAS river of mythical (proto-)Ares. The latter's daughter, Harmonia, was code for mount Hermon elements. Ask CADUSII-liner Cadmus about that.

Sion-suspect Ixion was thought (by me) to be of the Kikons/Cicones, who were made a son of Rhodope. The Odomanti and the Edones are beside the Biblical Philipi. "[Crenides] was renamed [Philipi] by Philip II of Macedon". Yup, that's right. Hmm, recall Seleucids to CRANves-Sales, perhaps related to Crenides.

Wikipedia: "Asine was an ancient Greek city of ancient Argolis [home of the Danaan], located on the coast. It is mentioned by Homer [creator of Odysseus] in the Catalogue of Ships in the Iliad as one of the places subject to DioMEDES, king of Argos. It is said to have been founded by the Dryopes, who originally dwelt on Mount Parnassus." Parnassus, home of the Muses, was the area also of Jason, of the Argo ship, we get it. But this Asine location is new to me, suggesting that Sion was related to Dan = Laish. is this the thing that named Sion in Switzerland. It's interesting that the Bible calls Laish a SIDONian city while Sion is also, SITTEN.

Jason's father was Asine-like Aeson, hmm. That can explain the Argo ship. I say that Aeson was a version of "IaSION," founder of the Kabeiri, a cult of Lemnos (where the Argo ship visited to mate with its Amazons). The Kabeiri were also on Cadmus' Thebes. Mythical Aedon of Thebes was a daughter of PANdareus. It's got Ulysses all over it. Iasion was on SAMOthrace, named after Samos (another island), probably from the same Israeli entity that named Samson at Beth SHAMESH.

A mythical Dryops was made a son / father of Lycurgus, king of Edones, and Strabo said that Edones were a fellow tribe with Sitten-like Sithones and Macedonian Mygdones, probably from "Megiddo," smack beside Israel's Dor. LYCURgus looks like code for proto-Ligurians, known to be co-founded by Phocaeans at Foca, near the mouth of the Hermus. The Ligurians had a swan king, Cygnus, son of Sithone-suspect STHENelus (Ligurian king), and so this picture traces well to Sions/Swans, and to Sion/Sitten. This latter location is on the Rhone on the upper side of lake Geneva. The Rhone to the lower side of that lake was the Rhodanus, but chances are that the ancients didn't name the upper river the same as the lower river, as they do not meet due to the lake being between them. Therefore, the upper Rhone is suspect as the mythical (or maybe not mythical) EriDANUS. The Danaans of Argos had first been at Lindos of Rhodes, explaining "RhoDANUS." This can trace Dan elements of Laish smack to Sion/Sitten.

The son of Helios who crashed his chariot in the Eridanus had for his mother the wife of a mythical king of Ethiopia, Merops, the name also of Merops of Kos (beside Rhodes), the father of Pandareus, and therefore the grandfather of the Aedon Boeotians. Merops was definitely the proto-Merovingians, which included the Salian Franks living with or beside the Batavi, a possible line from the Bats of Circasia.

"In a late appearance, according to a fragmentary papyrus, Alexander the Great paused at the Syrian seashore before the climacteric battle of Issus (333 BC), and resorted to prayers, 'calling on Thetis, Nereus and the Nereids, nymphs of the sea..." What? Why? "Nereus was father to Thetis, one of the Nereids, who in turn was mother to the great Greek hero Achilles..." That explains it. Alexander routinely liked to the Achilles cult of Epirus. Achilles was a human-sacrifice cult, of the people for which Armageddon was Designed.

Wikipedia, I thought it was, seems to have obliterated its piece telling that the Seleucid Greeks were from some unidentified association with the Thesprotians of Epirus. As peoples of Epirus are Epirotes, "THESprotians" looks like a Thessaly merger with Epirotes. Also, Nereus, father of Nereids, was a form of mythical PROTeus, I think we can grasp this. "In the Iliad[3] the Old Man of the Sea is the father of Nereids, though Nereus is not directly named [yet]...Nereus and Proteus (the 'first') seem to be two manifestations of the god of the sea". If Proteus was given a first theme, that's only due to his chosen name having sound-alike with "proto," but we should now assume that the myth writers formed "Proteus" with "proto" in mind. First comes the term to depict a people group of location, and later other myth writers (or even the original one) work the term into a special, distinct theme taken from its sound-alike connotations. As "ProTEUS" looks like "Zeus," it's notable that Zeus had a false-prophecy cult at Epirus' Dodona. Mythical Hellen was made a brother of Dorus, in a myth where Zeus, Greece's chief god, doesn't even show up, but then his cult is to be assumed in something within Hellen, Dorus and/or Aeolus (the third brother):

Aristotle considered the region around Dodona to have been part of Hellas and the region where the Hellenes originated. The oracle [of Dodona] was first under the control of the Thesprotians [yup] before it passed into the hands of the Molossians.. (Wikipedia's Dodona article).

Molossians must have named Italy's province of Molise, for it's beside Abruzzo, the latter having had its capital at Epirotes-like Aprutium. Below is an alternative map to what I usually offer, in case you would like to bookmark it for future use; it has the Illyrian Coast down into Epirus. It has the Daorsi and Ardiaei way south at Rhizon:

This map has Macedonia way over to the east (in the land of Mygdones) of where other maps have it. The map has the country of the Dexaroi ("Dassaretis") at the sources of the Apsus, and smack into where other maps have Macedonia, better for connecting Dexaroi to Antipater of Macedon. Note that while Rhizon is at Kotor (not shown), KODRion is, on the dark map, upon the Apsus too. The region of Dassaretis' is stamped beside Orestes (on the light map), suspect with the "rests" of Arthurs because Orestia is a location in Odrysia i.e. at the mouth of the Arda. "Rhizon" must be from Rize near ARDahan (Armenia), and as I see Armenians at mount Hermon, the Ardis peak (see book of Enoch) at Hermon, location of a satanic cult, should be included in this picture. "Mount Hermon is a cluster of mountains with three distinct summits, each about the same height."

The new map has an alternative "Dassareti" peoples up at Dardania, and near Meda-like Meteon, interesting enough. Note how "DASSaretis" is like "ODESSa"! Wow. I think I'm almost sold on that link right here and now. The Dassaretis region is beside Pelion, itself beside pelican-liner Pelagonia, and Meads/Meats/Meets use pelicans. Meteon-like Mittons/Moutons, first found in Yorkshire with Methleys and Meaths/Mettens, have split colors in the quadrants of Motleys/Medlicotts. Meaths/Mettens are said to have been at Marr (West Yorkshire), perhaps explaining the Myrton variation of Mittons/Moutons.

I've just found Martons/Martens (Lancashire, same as Little Mitton) with a Coat I've not seen before. It has a "ma PATRIE" motto phrase suggesting the Maa variation of Marrs (Yorkshire). This is interesting where emailer Patterson was a Martin, or maybe a Marten, in one of her parents, for Pattersons (pelicans) are the indisputable Antipater liner. Pattersons/Cassane's share the scallops of French Mars. Amazing, for it's making the Meaths/Mettens, at least, traceable to the Meteon location.

It's too complicated to get the details at this time, but the gist is that Middlesex and Merton, along with Morden, are in parts of Surrey (Merton and Morden are suspect with mythical Merlin/Myrddin). In this way, Martons/Mertons can be Fier-county liners, because Fiers and Apsus-like Apps' were first found in Middlesex. Players, first found in Middlesex, use drops for a trace with drop-using Drops/Trope's to Tropoje, smack where the Dassareti are stamped. Pattersons/Cassane's use drops, as does the Kilpatrick dagger. Players are suspect from the Pleraei at the Neretva river, for their "ServiTUTE" should be for the Ardiaei queen, Teuta or Etuta. Pleraei were on the Neretva with Vardaei (see light map), and Vardys (Cumberland, same as Daggers) share the Fier moline. While writing the latter part of this paragraph, "Morning HAS BROKEN" was playing, and Players use a broken weapon while Brokens/Brogens look like they are from Brogitarus. There is a HAS location in the land of the GRABaeoi, and Daggers use GARBs. As I see Has with HASmoneans, by what coincidence did Brogitarus' descendant of a few generations live in Hasmon-like Akmonia? Broke's/Brocks have a lion with a Dardanian dart.

The song is by, Third Day, in case Irish Days use the dagger. English Days may be with the Macey stars, and, if so, that's pretty amazing since Vardys are said to have been rulers of Ferte, which I resolved with Ferte-Mace. I have a MASCULine Coat in my files with boys surrounding a FRET, which is a saltire with a MASCLE at the center. Vardys use a boy in Crest, by the looks of it. I also have a Mackesy Coat with green snake coiled around a sword, reflective of the Irish Day Coat. Macey-branch Mackays do use a dagger, and perhaps also the stag in the Day Crest. Morning Has Broken, the day.

I want to admit that, I almost mentioned the broken weapon in the Player Crest because it jibed with my trace of Ardiaei to Artemidoros, Brogitarus' grandson, but decided not to go there at this time, until, while I was still in that paragraph, "Morning has broken" played in my ear (origin 1931 as a Christian hymn). Therefore, it's important to God. But the "has" term has me thinking that He inspired this song title, long ago, just for this case at hand, for it's completely wild and unbelievable to everyone that Maccabees should descend from the Has area of Albania. Yet I have come to believe that the Cavii of that place named Caiaphas. The neighboring Mathis river had a people who named the Mathis surname sharing the Chives moline. Perhaps what just happened is God verifying that Israel's king-priests in the inter-testimental period were indeed from proto-Albania. What do we suppose was ancient Has?

Morning Has Broken was redone by CAT Stevens, and Chives' use cats. When I lived with Miss Philips and Miss Peare, I painted the album cover of "Tea for the TILLERman" on the kitchen wall. That album was by Cat Stevens, I kid you not, and the Tilurius river is also the Cetina while Cetins/Cattans use the cat. I stressed this album in 4th update of January, 2018, and said: "And I didn't know until after writing this paragraph that one of Cat's songs on Tea for the Tillerman is, "Sad Lisa"!" The Lissus location of the Cavii, we may presume. Tea's are listed with Tease's/Tye's.

It was painted on the KITCHEN wall, and Kitchens (Lancashire, same as Banisters) share the water bouget of Banisters. About a decade later, I was given a cat while refinishing a woman's banister, and I named the cat, Sassy. More than two decades after that, I learned that Sassys share Saracens heads with Cetins/Cattans. I'm not sure whether HAZELtons use a Saracens head, but if so, let's add that I've been tracing Hazels to the Has location above. Also, HESSE's were thought to be of the namers of Has, but that was before I knew of Cetins/Cattans, and before Sassy the cat was a part of my writings. The Chatti were at Hesse as founders of that area. As I was convinced by an online writer that Chatti became the Catti tribe to which Keiths belong, I'd say that Kitchens are a Keith branch. We can assume that the water bouget is code for waters too, and they have the three chevrons of Cassandra's/Cassane's. Hmm, compare "Cassan" with "Cattan."

From my old files when I had access to the descriptions website: "...the Heslington[/Hazelton] Crest is the same 'Saracen's head' as used by Scottish More's/Moors (Ayrshire), though Heslingtons call it a 'Scot's head.'" That can be code for a Scott line from lake SKODra, which was within easy reach of Cavii at Lissus. The SELEPitanoi were at lake Scodra, and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Hazelwoods (share the Hazelton Coat). Hazels and Hazelwoods use LEAVES.

The apartment where Tea for the Tillerman was painted was at Ellesmere Terraces. Repeat: "As per Ellesmere TERRACE, the Terrace/Terras surname [it's a Scott Coat] has the motto, "Amore," same term as Penningtons while Philips use "amor patriae." I'm sure you will believe me when I say that I didn't get into a relationship with Louise because I knew that Welsh Louis'/Lewis used a "patriae" motto term too. But it sure seems like Someone knew these things. The giant lion of Louis'/Lewis' is colors reversed from the same of Philips." Welsh Louis'/Lewis' were first found in Glamorgan with Tillers.

Welsh Lewis' (Glamorgan again) share a green dragon with Seatons, and the latter shares the Tiller crescents. The Louis/Lewis dragon has a hand in its mouth dripping DROPs, red, like the Player / Patterson / Kilpatrick drops. Here's from the write-up of Drops/Trope's (black drops): "Drope is a hamlet in the valley of the River Ely in Vale of Glamorgan, southeast Wales." It seems that AntiPATRIA elements followed the Dassaretae of Antipatria to where the Dassareti are stamped on the new map, smack at Tropoje, with things from that area moving it over to Wales. It seems that God wants this as part of his secret-telling. As Miss Peare was living there too, shouldn't this picture go to the Pero's on the Tessin river?

Watch how my kitchen-wall painting can link to Tillers and Tea's. Kitchens have a reflection of the TEAGUE Coat and of the TICK/Touque Coat, the latter sharing a black griffin in Crest with Scotts. The Tiller write-up: "One of the more interesting entries for the name was Walter or Wat Tyler, TEGHeler (d. 1381)..." Tea's are also TIGHs, and Tease's, like the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland) from the Tessin river (starts in Switzerland)! You see. God did this thing in my life, something beautiful, lots of work involved...but why?

I had to give Sassy away when leaving for six months to purchase land in Texas, and we purchased off of Mrs. Teague. While in Texas, we got a black Lab, and the kids named her, Katy. Catincidence? The Ticks are important to topic because Julia Tyche was a daughter of Artemidoros. The broken sword / lance / dagger of Players trace to Artemidoros' family, but I wasn't going to mention it, until Morning has Broken. Someone online thinks that Julia Tyche was the mother of Severus of Akmonia. I'm wondering whether the ancient Has entity was the "Ak" in "Akmonia," for Aikens/Achen (share oak theme with Hazeltons) share the rooster of Kopple's, from Koplik at lake Scodra.

German Achens/Akens share the crescents of Maccabee-suspect Motts/Mottin. From the Achen/Aken write-up: "The name originates from the ancient city of Aachen, named Aix-la-Chappelle by the French..." That's an Ajax-suspect location not far from Boulogne. Repeat: "the Arms of La Chapelle les Boulogne is the Fier Coat exactly." That traces to the river of Antipatria.

Akmans share oak leaves with Hazeltons, and acorns with Clauds/CLAUSELs, that being like the "CLAUSULa river, location of Koplik, smack beside Meteon. Akmans share a red fesse with Asmans/ASHmans/ASCHmans (Wiltshire, same as Mortons suspect with the Morte variation of Motts/Mottins), a branch of Assmans/Rasmussens, the latter first found at Has-suspect Hesse, yup, that's right. And Asmans/Ashmans/Aschmans use the heads of black Labs, recalling my black Lab, Katy, perhaps God's pointer to the Chatti of Hesse. It was the pup of well-bred hunting dogs.

Recall my first adventure into Odessa-like surnames, with the Dess' said to be from "d'Assche." That led to the surprising German Ash's/Aschs (triple Cassandra/Cassane chevrons in colors reversed), and to the English Ash's/Asch's (Devon)...who share the double chevrons of Martons/Martens. Was this the Has entity? What could it mean that Ashleys share the giant, crowned Philip lion? Is this the Akmonia line to Philip Herod, husband of Salome of Boethus? Why do Chatti-suspect Cheatle's (Cheshire, same as Ashleys) share a red-on-white fesse with Butts/Boets? Why do AStons (Cheshire) share "patriae" with Louis' and Philips?

Ha-ha, Morning Has Broken is playing again after the entire song list has come back around, and this time I found myself singing the line, "Eden saw PLAY," before realizing (I was so busy writing) that it was the same song. The first time it played was as per the broken weapon of PLAYers!!! That's amazing. The full line: "Born of the one light Eden saw play." Borns/Bourns (share winged horse with Bernice's and MOTels), who share the sun with Hesse's, have estoiles in the colors of the Salome stars.

"Eden saw play." I have probably mentioned the oak-themed Liebers with oak themed Aikens and oak-themed Akmans a half dozen times over the years. And here I can add that German Edens, first found in Silesia with Liebers, use a motto, "LIBERtas." The "tas" ending can be for the Tass' (Dagger scallop?) said to be from "at ASCHE" (an ash tree, but this is likely simpleton garbage). Godfreys, who share the Mead/Meat Coat, use "Libertas." English Edens (scallops) have three GARBs in the colors of the three Dagger scallops, and a "sit" motto term suspect, in this case, with Sitlers/Schitners, from Silesia.

If Has elements at the ancient Drilon river named Akmonia with the Monunius Dardanians, I'd expect Cavii at Akmonia in relation to Luis of Ceva 1,000 years later.

Devon is where Sodans/Sowdens were first found who have the Patterson/Cassane scallops in colors reversed, probably because the latter surname is said to descend from Sodhans. Sodans/Sowdens have a good reflection of the Cassandra/Cassano Coat. Scottish Myrtons/Mortons have a star in the colors of the Salome star. It's possible that Mortons named the Morte variation of Motley- and / Mouton-like Motts/Mottins.

The interesting thing about a Mitton-versus-Myrton variation that then links to Mar liners is the Marsi of lake FUCino, perhaps traceable to FOCa, on-shore from MYTILene. Middle's share a gold border with Mittons/Moutons/Myrtons. The new map has the people-names color coded to their nationalities, with the Phrygian Bryges on the Mathis river (not shown) near the Parthini, whom I see from Phrygia's Parthenius river. The Calypso-suspect Halybes (iron makers) were at that area. The Marsi are suspect from the Marsyas Phrygians, and Marsyas, being a goat, can trace to Panias' Pan line. Another branch of Bryges are stamped with the PENEStae, expected from "Panias" smack beside Laish, a good reason to view Lissus, down the river from the Penestae, as Laish liners. English Mortons use the goat on what could be the quadrants of Ardiaei-liner Tute's/Tuits.

Pelagonia may be from PELEG, brother of Joktan (suspect to the ancient oak-tree symbol), probably the first two Hebrew tribes. Zowie, just realized: IaSION looks like he was made of "Ixion," and the latter was a son of PHLEGyas while Iasion was the brother of Dardanus, the namer of Dardania. King Monunius of Dardania is very traceable to Moons, whose split colors are those also of Mittens. All new and interesting. Monunius I was living at/close to the time of Antipater / Cassander.

Between the Meteon and the Dassareti is a Gareb-suspect people group, the Grabaeoi, possibly the people behind heraldic garbs, used, for example, by Comyns/Comine's (dagger), from Kuman off/on the Apsus river. The Comyn Coat is much like the Garb Coat (another garb)! That works. I've bookmarked this map, and will use it again to reinforce some of these links, Lord willing. Grabaeoi are on the DRIN, and the three Comyn garbs are shared by Dirs/Derrs/DEHRENs/DERNs (Rhine river). This Coat happens to be a version of the CUTTER Coat while Kotor is near the Grabaeoi. Moreover, Cutters use dragons while Dragons are also DRAINers.

The Bulliones peoples are at Bullis, or "Byllis" on this new map. I wonder, do Bouillons come from them? Billons/Billems (Yorkshire) have the motto, "Azincourt," and there is an Azincourt surname listed with Aincourts, which recalls that Aincourts and Bullys together are in the Jump write-up. Billons have bows in Bouillon colors, both sharing a red Shield with Bullys. Place bets on whether AZINcourts are from "Asine," the Argive location now suspect with "Aeson," himself living in Thessaly along with Iasion-like Ixion. I do not think that the kids-JUMPing-on-mattress dream has been fully deciphered, and perhaps it involves Asine elements.

Billons/Billhams link well to pelican-liner Bills (Somerset, same as Roets) where the latter share a version of the Roet Coat, for Roets share the full motto of Bows/Boughs while the latter's three bows are probably in the Billon/Billem Coat, the only difference being that the latter's bows (and arrow) face sinister (left). Somerset is where Bulls/Bule's were first found. The Roet / Bow motto includes "veRUM," like the "vero" of Bouillons, and Rums/Rooms were first found in Dumfries with Bullys. The bull-using Bullons/Boleyns: "The name of this family, however, does not refer to these areas, but to the French Channel port of 'Boulogne.'" The Arms of Boulogne (swan) shares red roundels with Bullis/Bulliards.

This recalls the Arms of Boulogne-Billancourt presented above, which happens to have a sinister-rising split so as to jibe with the sinister features of Billons/Billhams/BILLANs, excellent. Those Arms share the white-on-blue ship of Balds and Bauds, meaning the Boulogne did merge with Billons/Billans. What are the chance's that the "bello" motto term is shared between Bouillons and German Bauds/Bauts (Prussia, same as Baudens/Boedens)?

Moreover, Roets were in the area of Montreuil / Estaples, near Boulogne. Having said that, the Bude's just came to mind who share the bow with Billons/Billans! That's even better, because Welsh Bude's are in Butt/Bute colors. Plus, Bude's (share hurt with Artois-liner Arthurs, from Arduinici on the BAUTica/BALTea river) share the dancette of CURTis', in COURT/Covert colors, perhaps explaining the BillanCourts and Azincourts. Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts, suspect with Coffers/Coffee's who share a "victoria" motto term with Bollens/Boleyns.

The new map has the Ardiaei at BUDva, anciently, Butua. That's not very far from the GRABaeoi, interesting where English Bude's (probably the Morgan lion) use garbs. Welsh Bude's were first found in Cornwall with Vivians/Veys, the line to Morgan le Fay of Bute. The garbs of English Bude's (Essex, same as Quints) are shared by Wheats, and the latter throw in the gold dancette of Welsh Bude's. "Ears of wheat" are related to garbs, the latter at times called sheaves of wheat when a surname is related to Sheaves' / Shaws. Ears of wheat are used by Chappes'/Cheaps, suspect with Joseph Caiaphas, and English Josephs share three gold garbs in Chief with the Wheat Chief. The Josephs use two chevrons in the colors of Wheats and Bude's, and Budva/Butua was within easy reach of where the Caiaphas-suspect Cavii are usually placed on maps.

The first-known Wheats were first found in Norfolk with Fountains, beside the first-known Bude's of Essex, and Essex is where Waters were first found who may relate to the Whate variation, for example, of Wheats. Waters share the triple chevrons of Cassandra's/Cassane's. Waters are also Waterville's, as are the Waterfords (fountains) who have water lilies in the colors of the Cetis/Sestie lily. The Arms of County Waterford share's a tall, solid chevron with French Chappes'. The suggestion here is that the line of Cassander of Macedonia had linked to a line of Cetis that included the line of Caiaphas.

As HUGH de Payens (well known by the family of Godfrey de Bouillon) married Elizabeth Chappes, let's add that French Payne's/Paine's use one of the three Fountain fesses (the Italian-Mason/Masi fesse is in the same colors). And Hugh-like Hugs (Languedoc) use all three of the Fountain fesses as well as the lion in the Fountain canton. It looks like Hugs were Hugh-de-Payens liners, though other Hugh's of that line are expected. Why are Hugs and Payne's kin of Fountains" Ask the Ville's/Font-de-Ville's (flag) of Languedoc, who perhaps merged with WaterVILLE's. Flags/Flecks are probably a branch of Fulke's/VOKE's (same place as Flags/Flecks and Fountains), suspect in the "voco" motto term of Fountains.

The Hug Chief has stars in the colors of the Payen "spur rowells" (stars), and then the Hug Chief is shared by Galli's, first found in Dauphine with Payens, but see also the Chief of the Languedoc Julians.

The way to connect Payens to Bouillons is where the Payen stars are shared by Mullets/Mollets, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. Moreover, the Bouillon flory is in the Taddei Chief, and the three Taddei chevrons are in the colors of the three Hug fesses. See the "Libertas" of Taddei-related Dino's. They are three red chevrons, same as Waters/Waterville's and Cassandra's/Cassane's. When I ask why Taddei's should be Cassander > Nysa liners, I am reminded that lake Tatta is beside Cappadocia, where one Cassander-line Nysa was queen.

Mullets/Mollets have a central hunting Horn in the colors of the Mole and Schim/Chand boar, and this was the line from proto-Horn Orion, the mythical hunter, of Schimatari. Plus, Hugh de Payens was much-later followed as the Templar grand master by JACQUES de MOLay. It just so happens that French Jacques (Waterford/Waterville colors and format) , suspect from Ajax of Cetis, are said to be from the Artois capital i.e. near Boulogne. It just so happens that while the Cassander line is expected with Dexaroi, English Jacks/Jacques' share the scallops of Daggers.

French Jacques' (Bailey colors) can be gleaned with the Coat of Baliols, the latter a branch of Bailys, which recalls the Boulogne-related Bellans. The Baily write-up reveals their Bailleul-En-Vimeu location "about six miles south of Abbeyville in the Somme", which is in Picardy, where French Jacques' were first found. Bailys share "patria" with Bills, and the latter shares pelicans with Godfreys and Meads (Somerset, same as Bills).

I have mentioned Bill a few times before, a friend at my age 10 and 11. He lived directly across the street from Jackie (male), another friend of my age. That's interesting. I'll come back to Bill.

Apparently, houseofnames, or whoever it got the Baily write-up from, doesn't know that Bailys are a Baliol branch: "The name Bailey is also an occupational name for a steward or official, deriving from "baiulivus" in Late Latin. In Scotland the word bailie, rather than bailiff is still used as the title for an officer in the courts." Note how correct they come across when they are wrong, which is a massive problem generally for houseofnames write-ups.

Recall how Payens were linking to Fountains and Payens to Boulogne. Spanish Bello's/Bellans share red scallops with Spanish Fontana's. Italian Fontana's, first found in Bologna (I trace Payens to Pane's of Bologna) have a version of the German Belli/Belley Coat, and this goes to the "bello Christi" motto term of Bouillons. It seems obvious enough that Bailys were a branch of Bellys / Belleys. Bellys (could be the Bill rose) were first found in Moray, and Bailys share the Moray stars. God showed me, through the belly of Christine Peare, either that "Christi" is a branch of Christine's, or that Bouillons are related to Peare's and Pero's. The latter option is best, for Bellys use a "Per" motto term, and, besides, the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon saved the PIERleoni from the Vatican's punishment, and they are from Leo's who share the Payne fesse (in the colors of the Fountain fesses) and perhaps the white Payne lion too.

Guido's, first found in Bologna too, share the hourglass shape with German Balds, first found in Baud-like Baden.

Under these circumstances. the Pierleoni (Jews) may have been the ones who spurred the Crusaders to attack Jerusalem due to knowing where the temple treasure was that Titus' men may not have found. It is a compelling theory suspect with the arrangement of a Payen marriage to a Caiaphas liner. It makes sense. German Bello's/Belows share the giant double-headed eagle with Cheps/Jeepma's, and the latter share the hexagram of Goths/Gothels, from Gothelo, father of Godfrey III, the grandfather above who went to assist the Pierleoni. With all of these similar surnames showing themselves to be branches, yet family historians are laughable when creating different derivations for virtually each of them. They really need to smarten up. They talk like they know what they're talking about, which is the end-time scam in many field of education to make the world go confidently with them into error and oftentimes into deliberate deception.

Shiptons use fans but call them cleverly, bellows. Fane's/Vans were resolved recently as a branch of Fonts / Fontana's. Fants (same fleur as Masci's) were first found in Bologna with Pane's/Panico's, and the two share the same Chiefs (see also Ping/Paganell Chief). Fants (new to me here) appear to use boys, a Meschin symbol, expected in Bologna because it was the home of the Boii. The Baiocasses of the Bessen, origin of Meschins, is said by some to be from the Boii. What's the "casses" ending for? The Cassius variation of Cassandra's?

The JEEPma's were mentioned above near the time that Fontana's were, and when seeing the Bologna Fontana's, I saw that they have the split Shield of Groce's, which reminded me of finding a medallion on the hood of my Jeep at the GROCery store, which is how I found Groce's. I had left off writing talking about the hood of a car in the Hicks dream when I went to town and found this medallion on the hood. I had resolved that Hoods share the crescents of Scottish Bauds, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs (variation like the Chep of Jeepma's). I found that Medals are listed with Dougals ("Buaidh"), but this was months before finding the Bauds. It floored me to find the Medals/Dougals with the same quadrants as Bauds.

German Balds were first found in Baud-like Baden with Groce's. The latter's split colors are those of German Bollens too. The latter uses compasses while English Pettys are with the Baud / Bald quadrants in colors reversed while Irish Pettys have a compass "needle." English Pettys stress the EARs of their elephant head while "ears of wheat" are shared by Belgian Bollens/BOLEYNs and the Chappes/Cheaps first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds. What are the chances, by pure coincidence, that Scottish Pettys share the parrots of Peeble's while Peebles-shire is where Baud-branch Balds were first found? Peebles-shire is where Bowers were first found who share the bow with Bude's, and the Bower motto is, "Ad METam." Thus, trace Bude's to Butua, smack beside Meteon. While Pettys share the quadrants in this Arms of Rothschild, the latter also has the five, bunched arrows of Bauer-branch Bowers.

Did God arrange the Bower motto? It's translated, "To the mark." I trace Peebles/Peoples' to Papia/Pavia, co-founded by Mark-line Marici.

Medals/Dougals share the MacDonald "galley" ship with Chep-like Keeps, and MacDonalds had a Keppoch branch...that was pointed to when Mr. Kepke and I sat on the hood of my car (back at age 17) watching Allison Bauer leave me for another guy (I told of Kepke and I sitting on the hood several times BEFORE finding the medallion). Decades later, I found that Allisons show the same black bird as Hoods, and that one Allison surname is from the Keppoch MacDonalds. It's totally amazing.

Perhaps the medallion has a double meaning, one for Middle / Medley liners, now suspect through Meda, wife of Antipater. If Meda was related to Illyrians at Meteon, it's interesting that they were beside the garb-suspect Grabaeoi, for Keppocks use garbs while being first found in Yorkshire with Meaths/Mettens.

I've just had a staggering realization. It started by wanting to tell you that, in the dream, Miss Hicks was asleep in the car after being at its hood. After touching her knee, we were RISING together into the sky as code for Rhizon, near the Sleep-liner Selepitanoi. The dream started with a shark (and bulldog) as code for Saraca's, who lived in Kotor smack at Rhizon. "Kotor" is from mythical KODRos, father of Medon, and Kotor-like Keturah was mother of Medan. I've told all of this before, but, this time, I was looking at the new map, seeing Medon-like Meteon!!! It's near Kotor!!! Wow. Hebraic Athenians must have been at the Scodra area, all the more reason to view Budva/Butua from Boeotians. Meteon is a location beside Koplik and Dober upon the Clausula river (judging by Wikipedia's Koplik article, the Clausula is not properly stamped on the dark map).

Scottish Balds share the Chief-Shield colors of Kotor-like Cutters, a good reason to trace their Baud branch, and the entire Bautica river, to Butua. It's near Lissus, and the Lys river is a Bautica tributary.

Koplik is also, CUPIONICH, like the Caepionis surname from Quintus Caepio, and it just so happens that Caepionis-like Capone's are in Mead colors and format.

Meteon is near the Dassareti, yet the Dassaretis region is on the Apsus with KODRium/Kodrion, and while Boeotians were also "Boiotians," there is a Boius location shown on the light map right between Kodrium and where "Dassaretis" is upon the new map. When we entertain Dassaretae with Odysseus, we track him via "Ulysses" to Lissus at the mouth of the Drin, not far down-river from the Dassareti. We could expect Odessa elements on the Apsus, therefore, and that's how we get Odessa elements to Meteon. Meda of Odessa. If Herods were born from this line at the Scodra theater, why not Caiaphas from the neighboring Cavii? Why not Mattathias Hasmonean, father of all Maccabees, from the Mathis river?

My theory is that HASmoneans were named by the ancient entity that named modern has at the northern-most part of the Drin. "HasMON" is also suspect with king Monunius I of Dardania. Why do HAZels share the squirrel with Decks/Daggers? Abraham lived in Hebron, and Hebrons love Keeps who in-turn use a "weaver's shuttle" while Weavers (Cheshire, same as Hazels) share the Hazel fesse.

The Motley Crew

Apsus-liner Apps and Fiers were first found in MIDDLEsex, and the Arms of Middlesex use what look like scimitars, traceable to Boeotians. In fact, Orion traces to the Orne river through the Bessin, home of Baiocasses. The Apps Coat has lozenges in the colors of the SCHOLE lozengy, and Keturah's husband (Abraham) lived in ESCHOL (Hebron). Reminder: the Fier Coat is the Arms of La Chapelle les Boulogne. English Baudens, sharing the griffin heads of Chapelle-like Caplans, were first found in Cornwall with Bude's.

I'll make this short but maybe not easy to follow. As Bars were at Brunswick, and because Italian BARone's were first found in Tuscany with Bruno's, and because "Brunswick" is like the Bryneich country of Bernicia, now Berwickshire, the Barwick area of a Scholes village can link to Abraham-suspect Bramtons because they have the double lions of Brunswicks in colors reversed. German Bode's were first found in Brunswick, suggesting their trace to Budva/Butua because it's near a modern location of Bar, where ancient Selepitanoi lived who can be gleaned, by a comparison of the Sleep Coat to that of Darts/Darts, as merging with Dardanians.

As Darts/Dards were first found in Devon with Moons, one has reason to see Moons from Monunius II, whose daughter married king Gentius of the Ardiaei (he's to some Gentle surnames). This can explain why Dutch Ghents share the fesse of German Bode's, signalling a Gentius merger with something in or from Butua. It's exactly where German Butts/Boets trace by their fish, and so let's not neglect the Buttons/Bidens, first found in Hampshire with Bode's/Botters/Budins, and using a "horn" for a trace to Orion BOEOTians, for Buttons/Bidens share the red fesse of Butts/Boets. This is being repeated for the following reasons having to do with Meteon, apparently.

The Moons were first found in Devon with the Hoods/Hoots (Baud kin, right?) now suspect with the Odiss/Hode family. Moons are in the colors of Oltens who come up as "Otone, linkable to Ode liners, especially as Otone's/Oltens share the lion of Odins, first found in Yorkshire with Oddie's/Odo's, the latter in Ottone/Oddo colors. Let's merely assume that this represents a Monunius link to Odessa elements in the area of Lissus / Meteon, for it makes sense, and the Cavii of this area are suspect to Chappes', who can be traced to Ottone's/Oddo's. My Olten is said to have held Cheshire's MOTram, and it just so happens that the quadrants of Otone's/Oltons is shared by Motleys/Medlicotts; we can even read of a Mr. Medlicott of Devon. At this point, the crescent of Moons can be that of Motts/Mottins, for Mott is a location on the Meu river along with Montfort, while the Otone/Olten / Odin lion is that also of MontFORTS, and to top it off, the Forts share the Otone/Olten quadrants and moreover throw in an "AUDax" motto term while Aude's/Ode's are in Oddie/Odo / Ottone/Oddo colors. The Otone/Olten quadrants are in half the colors of the Odiss/Hode quadrants.

Next, we load MotRAMs to find that the Mottram location (Cheshire) of Otone's/Oltens changing names, to MOTTERShead, for example. Motters'/Moters were first found in Auvergne with RAM-using Bode's/Bauds/Baux's. We can glean that Bode's/Bauds (Bautica-river liners) were at Mottram, but the place dropped the "ram" part with time: "The Mottram family lived in Cheshire at Mottram St. Andrew, a small village and parish that dates back to the Domesday Book where it was listed as Motre, but later listed as Motromandreus in 1351." It appears that the Baud ram entered that place between 1086 (Domesday time) and a Mottram location (Macclesfield) in 1242. MotroMANDReus suggests a check of Manders/Manners, who use a "PLOVer" (I have read that many times) in Crest. This plover faces in the sinister direction, as does the bird in the MOND Crest, and then Moon-suspect Mons' are Monds too. I'll come back to the plover for a flipping-good revelation.

Manders/Manners look very traceable to MUNDERic, father of Mummolin, explaining why Manner-branch Mens' are also Mame's/Meme's. Munderic's wife descended from Gallia (mother of Tullia of Lyon), which should explain why the three, sinister-rising bends of German Manders are colors reversed from the three bends of Gallia's.

This gets interesting where the Bramton lion is in the colors of the Mons/Mond lion, for the line of Abraham and Keturah is expected with Meteon elements. Brampton is in the write-up of Walerans (Devon again), and Waleran de Leavell, expected from Ivrea on the Bautica, married Beaumonts of Leicester (Legro river), where I trace the Leghs/Lighs (dart in Crest?) who in-turn were in Cheshire with Mottram and share the Mons/Mond Coat. This gets Macedonia-important where it's the HABSburg/HAPSburg Coat too, probably because Austrian Habsburgs did rule in Flanders at one point.

The point is that Habsburgs can be of the Apps'/Abbs' sharing the lozenges of Eschol-suspect Schole's, possibly a branch of SCHOLfields who share the white bull head with Hott-like Haughts. The Hoods are Hoots too. The Cheshire locations of Haughts can be of the Hottin variation of Hotts, and then the white bull head is that also of Hosts, suspect with the D'OUST location of Hotts/Hottins, for "HOSTis (can be read as hosTIS too) is in the motto of the Cheshire Shirts. The latter were, as with Beaumonts, Harcourt liners.

If Odiss/Hode's (share pelican with Meads/Meats) were Odessa elements where I expect them, at Meteon, then the bigger point is that Apps'/Abbs', due to having been first found in Middleton with Fiers, can link with the Dassaretae on the Apsus and therefore with the Dassareti tribe near Meteon. One reason that DassaRETAE can be suspect to Roets and their Reed branch is where Roets have Chief-Shield colors of Cutters in colors reversed, and where Cutters (DORset, beside Cassandra's/Cassane's) are suspect from the KODRion location of Dassaretae. Yet the Sub RADice location can apply to this thing, for example where Rads share the white hexagram with Rotens.

Walerans of Brampton were first know at BRADford, and Bradfords, with a "Fier" motto term, share the black wolf head of Quade's, from Quadratilla, wife of Laevillus, which is another way to prove that Leavells were from Laevillus. Why should Brad liners be related to Fier-county elements? English Bradleys share "AuDAX" with Forts, and as the latter were probably Montforts of Leicester, that's where DEXters (share double Tyrone chevrons) were first found that can be of the Bradfield / Fort motto. Irish Bradleys, listed curiously with Brallahans, were first found in Tyrone along with Saraca-suspect Sharks. Brad-like Brattia is an island fairly near to Ragusa.

Recall how Deer / Dere liners can trace to Melita (between Elaphiti and Brattia islands), for English Bradleys have a "VigiLANCE" motto term while Dere's/Res' use lances.

Ragusa, was also called, Laus. Manders share "laus Deo" with the ArBUTHnott motto, and while we saw Arbuthnott elements with Oliphants, the Elaphiti islands are between Brattia and Ragusa. On the light map, Ragusa is at ASamum, though perhaps the root is "Sam." Hmm.

Back now to the Mottram location that took on a form suggesting Manders or their kin such as Monds, a possible branch of Mons/Monds who can trace with Habsburgs to the Apsus. I expect Philip of Macedon with Apsus elements. The Mander plover came to mind when reading that Philippopolis (beside ASSus) was eventually named, PLOVdiv (the suffix is for "deva," said to mean, city). It can be argued, as Wikipedia does, that "Plov" is a variation of "Philip" over multiple changes by the Thracian locals.

Bradleys are said to have been in contact with Waleran-like Whalleys: "A reference to the family in the township of WILPshire [Philip variation?] in Lancashire was also found. 'This place appears to have been the property of the Braddylls, and of the monks of Whalley.'" That tends to nail Bradleys with the Bradford location of Walerans, begging why the Laevillus line may have been at Brattia, at the mouth of the Cetina river. Someone could ask the SARACen head in the Cetin/Cattan Crest, or even the "METuit" motto term of Cetins/Cattans, or even the split colors of Cetins/Cattans, or even the "foVEAN" motto term of Cetins/Cattans, or even the "Cautes" motto term of Cetins/Cattans, which is probably of the Cautes/Cote's/COTTa surname that could be in "MedliCOTT/MedliCOTE. Motleys/Medlicotts have quadrants in the split colors of Cetins/Cattans. Veans/Bains/Beans of Clan CHATTAN share the lion of Habsburgs / Mons/Monds. Go ahead and compare the Cetin/Cattan Coat to that of Moons.

Thonon-les-Bains of Geneva was stressed in the last update, and linked to Tonys, suspect from the Tonzus river near Plovdiv. It went like this:

I almost missed it, but during the spell check, the LISSae location (Hebros river) beside the Sarde-like Serdi came to mind, the area beside Sub Radice, and near Chable-like Cabyle on the TONZus river, a great place to trace Tonys and Thonon-les-Bains. The TOSNI's (LISIEux theater!) are said to have been the Leicester Toeni's (Tonys), and Tonzus-like Tonso's/Tous are also TOSINI's. The Tonso's/Tous' use a "man" said to be wearing a "shirt"!!!!

It appears that the Sherrats/Shirts are a Serdi liner, but the point here is that Lissae was up the river from Plovdiv. We can now ask why plover-liner Manders share "Deo" with Medleys, and whether the "Laus Deo" of Manders is for Lissae liners to Ragusa.

"MeTUIT" (of the Cetins/Cattans) can be indication of a Meteon merger with queen Etuta, Gentius' wife, and Monunius' daughter. The Cotta's come up as Cotys too, making the Cotys'/ArchDeacons suspect from a Decani region on the White Drin, with sources in the Dardania theater. The sources of the White Drin (mouth at Gabuleum, light map) are beside the DassaRETi. We should keep the "REDit" motto term of Sharks in mind here, especially as Reads share the red, spread eagle of Hotts/Hottins, probably linkable to the Hode variation of ODISS' (share pelican with Meads/Meats).

The Cotys' are recalling king Cotys of Thrace, begging whether he was at Philippopolis, for the Cotys'/ArchDeacons use three of the two Ash/Asch chevrons while German Ash's/Aschs can be with the triple chevrons of Cassandra's/Cassane's. Cassander's father, at least (if not Cassander), was involved in a partnership with Philip of Macedon. In this picture, Ash's can be from Assus, smack beside Philippopolis/Plovdiv. And, can we believe it, Manders, with a plover suspect with Plovdiv, were first found in Devon with Ash's/Aschs'! Wow.

Hass'/Haas' use a giant Hare, and Hairs are Harcourt liners, kin of Shirts who trace to the Serdi at the upper Hebros, making Hass'/Haas' possibly from Assus liners. Earlier in this update, Has (I kid you not, "Morning HAS Broken" is playing as I write this) of Albania was a topic along with Tillers/TYLErs, and here we can add that Tyle is to the near-east of the Serdi, and on the Tonzus river that traces to shirt-using Tonso's/Tous'. The fact that Morning Has Broken was playing again as I wrote here is convincing me, without much evidence otherwise (aside from the hare), that Hass'/Haas' are from Assus. Irish Hare's/Jarrys use a lizard, and Lizarts/SARDE's were looking like Shirts in just the last update. LIZarts/Sarde's almost use the pale bars exactly of Lise's, and the Serdi are at Lissae!

OH WOW. As per the Arsus variation of Assus, I recalled a schoolmate with HARSEwell surname, and it just so happens that Harsewells are with Hazels/Hassals! The "Fear GARBH" motto phrase of Hare's/Jarrys is good for tracing to the Grabaeoi and their Dassareti neighbors, for Fears are with Fiers.

AHA!!! Hare's/Jarrys use a "mait" motto term, which caused me to recall what I almost forget, that Mate's/Mathe's/Mattie's use the Mander Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that to the Mathis river with a mouth near Lissae-related Lissus, and that's another reason that the Mander plover can trace to Arsus / Philippopolis.

I had wanted to mention this in this update, but this is the best place because it links to Hare's, now suspect from "ARSus." Harris', for example, were first found in Derbyshire with Here's/Heyers and Eyers/Ayers. Scottish Hairs, with a version of the English Hair/Hares Coats, were first found in AYRshire, making Aures, land of the Shawia (Numidia), suspect from the Arsus spelling. Here's/Heyers use two "dexter wings." Mate's are said to have been at Arda-like Ardennes. The Arda river starts at RHODope while Mate's and Manders have the Rhodes cross, essentially. Ardennes is beside Artois, where the capital is Arsus-like Arras. Amazing. The sources of the Aras river was at ARDahan, which is why I saw the Ares cult at Arsus.

The Tonso's/Tous' use a "man" with a shirt, which indicated that Mander / Manner elements were up at the Arsus area. Mate's/Mathe's were first found in Champagne with Sauvage's while the Cheshire Savage's (Mond/Mund lion?) are Shaw-like Sava's too. It can make the Legh/Ligh / Mons/Mond lion look like the Aures lion. English Shaws/Sheaves' share the lozenges of AStons, and, of course, the Chives'/SHEWAS' share the moline of Mathe-like Mathis'. Checkmate. That's a good way to trace Lissae to Lissus of the Cavii, near the mouth of the Mathis. It's suggesting that Shawia/Chaoui had been Cavii. Go ahead and click that link, see the Kabyle region of Numidia, like Cabyle on the Tonzus river of Thrace.

Earlier in the Bradley write-up, we find a Bradley in a MAIDEN area, perhaps named by a branch of Maids/Mauds (Cheshire again) who happen to use a version of the MONmouth Coat, and moreover the black, double-fesses gemel of the latter two surnames (Aures lion?) look very connectable to the same of Medleys (first found in Sussex, where Meads/Meats were, for years, said to have been first found). Monmouth is where Fane's/Vans were first found, and Veans/Bains/Beans share the lion of Mons'/Monds. Moreover, here's from Motleys/Medlicotts: "The Medlycott family of Ven House, Milborne Port, Somerset, originally came from Shropshire." The Vens are with the Fens', suspect with Fane's/Vans that have gauntlet gloves very suspect and traceable to Gentius and Etuta. That's the big reason that MONmouth is expected with Monunius Dardanians.

Vens/Fens' were first found in Devon with Moons and Darts/Dards. The Ven/Fens Coat can be gleaned with the Sodans/Sowdens (kin of Pattersons/Cassane's) and therefore with Cassandra's/Cassano's. As French Pine's have the Moon crescent in colors reversed, Pine's are expected from king Pinnes of the Ardiaei, and it just so happens that the items on the French Pine fesse are in the colors of the items on the same-colored Ven/Fens' fesse. King Pinnes was a boy king, who had Demetrius of Pharia as his regent ruler. Pharia is beside Brattia. Phare's are listed with Fiers, and their "VirTUTE Tutus" motto at least doubly to Ardiaei elements.

Houseofnames has changed the color of the moline of Irish Fairs/Fare's so that the Coat is now identical with the Phare/Fier Coat. Previously, Irish Fare's had a gold moline in both colors of the saltire of Vere-colored Phars/Farrs (sleeve in Crest). It's compelling for a Read trace to DassaRETae where English Reads (Northumberland, beside the Daggers), in Dagger colors, have a GARB version of the Phar/Farr Coat (can trace to the GRABaeoi beside the Dassareti). Phare's/Fare's have a giant anchor in the same colors, and were first found in Cumberland with Daggers, which is what makes a Dagger trace to the Dexaroi still-more compelling.

To link these things to Butua, we note that Anchors are Anger kin while the Anger lozenges are those of Dutch Bode's too. As the Devon Hoods share the Baud crescents, let's add that German Hoods/Hope's use a giant anchor in colors reversed from the same of Phare's/Fare's. The sleeve of Phars/Farrs suggests Saleve, near the Thonon-les-Bains border, and beside ANNEmasse. The Majors (first found in "the Sleeve" = English Channel), whose Mauger > Germaine line was traced in the last update to the Saleve area, have a giant anchor on what looks like the ANNAS Coat. The Geddes', who are now traceable to LES Gets, at the border of Thonon-les-Bains, love both the Majors and the CABOTs (English Channel) in their motto, and the Cabot fish are colors reversed from the Butt/Boet fish. It just so happens that the Major Chief is that of Caiaphas-suspect CAPOTs/CHAPUS'. For new readers, Joseph Caiaphas, son-in-law of Annas, both conspired to murder Jesus brutally. They succeeded.

There we you undisputable evidence that John Cabot, sea adventurer, was a Caiaphas liner linked to the Sadducee-suspect Boets. I'm not familiar with the Conders/Conters, found as per: "Claude Chapuis is recorded as the Lord of Condrieu..." The Conders/Conters (another anchor) use a ship version of the Knee Coat, which could be galley ships because French Galleys share the roses of Capots/Chapus' of Condrieu. What about that "Cas NI charo" motto phrase of Josephs, with Charo's having a reflection of the Phare/Fare Coat, both sharing a blue fesse with Knee's?

Conders had a CondOVER location, and Overs share the bleu bend with Knee's / Conders. This recalls my grazing the knee of Miss Hicks while she HOVERed OVER the seats! She was asleep at the time, and Sleeps (Saleve liners?) were first found in Shropshire with Conders/Conters. It recalls that Cunter-like Cuntys (Yorkshire, same as English Galleys) share double-blue pale bars (Over colors) with Seats/Cedes'...and with the Arms of Vilaine, home of the Alans who removed to Shropshire. It looks like the knee in the dream wasn't deciphered until at least now, with Conders/Conters needed in the picture. Lookie: The Over bend is in both colors of the Charo / Phare bend, and Pharia is also, Hvar, like "Hover." Plus, Sleep-like Saleve is at Annemasse while the Arms of Massy is the hourglass shape of Knee-suspect Newes'. Massy is beside Lucy, and the three Lucy fish are vertical, as with the three of Cabots. Cabots were first found off of Manche, home of Masseys and Vere's. The Cotentin of Manche is sometimes, "CONTEntin."

I always link Alans of Dol (married Robert D'Avranches) to Hugh Lupus D'Avranches. "...the lands of Over, held by Earl Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester..." His mother was Emma of CONTEville.

The Tutbury titles of Hugh Lupus went to Ferrers, who can be immediately found as kin of Vairs, Gastons and Varns, the latter suspect as proto-VARANGi to "AVRANCHes." The Ferrers are suspect in the "NEC inFERIOR" motto phrase of Cheshire's Crews/Creuse's, in the colors of NEECE's/Kness'. What a kneeincidence where Varns have a "Ne" motto term. The Ferrers have six horseSHOE's in the colors of the same-patterned swallows of Arundels, and Shoe's have a "knight ISSuing at the knees," with "ISSuing" suspect with Issa, an island beside Pharia that was possessed for a time by the Ardiaei. As soon as I ended the last sentence, I found myself singing, "fall on your knees," from the song playing, "O Holy NIGHT," by Martina McBride. Falls happen to share a black stag head with Knee's! And the black griffin head in the Fall Crest is that of Bride's too! Zinger. The Griffins of Pomerania (Varni theater) are fully suspect with Gripps/Grape's/GRABBens who share the Varn bend. The Griffins use another "Ne" motto term, same as Varns!!! Wowie. The "velis" motto term of Griffins gets the Velis'/Vails sharing the colors and eagle of Falls/Fails! God just fed us a song to show He's still directing this revelation.

I don't know the spiritual condition of Martina McBride, but she has a spectacular voice for this song. Martina's are with Italian Martins, and the Martons/Mertens happen to share the three fesses of French Valleys while English Valleys (Vaux/Vallibus colors) are with the Velis'/Vails. Amazing. How much did God do to arrange these easy-to-find links at this small moment in time? Vaux's are very connectable to the Cetis-liner Laevillus, which can explain why the three valley fesses look linkable to the bars of Leavells. Italian Martins share the goats of Kidds while Kids are traceable to Cetis. (The Chief of Martina's/Martins is that also of Pane's/Panico's and Fants.)

One can add that French Bride's/Brights (probably the Macey/Mace stars) were first found in Savoy with Mont Saleve, at the Arve river of the Harveys (and Bellamys who married Ferte-Mace). French Bride's share the Coat of French Harveys (Ile-de-France, same as Chappes'). Look at the timing of McBride's song, while I was on the Saleve topic.

At this point, I was looking at the Neece's/Kness', wondering who's colors and format they use, when Armors came to mind for sharing their stars, but, secondly, Crabs came to mind, though I have no idea why. Something must have hinted to me that the Grabaeoi related to Knee liners, though I can't explain why Knee's should have been in that area. Loading Crabs, there was a short sword in Crest that is often a dagger, good for a trace to the Grabaeoi theater, for it's beside the dagger-line Dassareti.

Next, I loaded Nuse's/Newes, and while staring at the GARB in its Crest I was singing the chorus, "I am NEW, I am NEW," not realizing at first that I was singing that word. Judging by the number of songs between this one and O Holy Night, 20 minutes went by between the two. It's as though God wants you to know some background information on Knee's, who are now looking very close to the line of Joseph Caiaphas. How close to his birth?

If the "nec" motto term of Crews/Creuse's is for Neece's, there's a lot of other surnames using it too. The Neckar is the location of Stuttgart, the line to the Stouts, the raven vikings, and ravens are Crew-like crows. I have been tracing the mythical crow of Greece from mount GAREB to Croatians and Serbs for years, and so the Grabaeoi can apply. The Coronis crow (of Greece) is to the Ceraunii Illyrians of Croatia. Pharia/Fara is in Croatia.

The Neckar river can apply to Knee branches, therefore, or even to Knee's, for Neckers/Necks share the stag head with Knee's. I neglected to say above, while on Issa, that it's also called, Vis. Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as Sadducee-like Saddocks) share a black stag head with Knee's! The "issuing" term is in the Shoe description, and Shoe's came up with Ferrers, Pharia suspects. Pharisee liners? Looks like. Remember, I grazed her knee while she was hovering, and Pharia is also Hvar. She immediately popped up into my arms as code for Armors, who look very linkable to Neece's/Kness'.

This picture tends to reveal the Nissan line to Nysa, wife of PHARnaces. I suppose what God may be hinting at is that Caiaphas descended from this marriage, and then to the Knee's from a Nysa variation. Nysa was the son of Antiochus (a Seleucid), son of king Antiochus III. Nysa's father was brother to king Antiochus IV. This family brought Seleucids to Israel. King Alexander Balas made a pact with the Maccabee king-priests of Israel, and he could have been a son of Antiochus IV, as some think. That's how Caiaphas may have descended from Nysa. It makes "Pharisee" suspect from "Pharnaces."

Nysa was a Farsi/Persian on her mother's side, yet the mother was also part-Seleucid. The mother birthed her brother, king Antiochus V and Nysa, queen of Cappadocia. Why do CHAPmans lover Ponders in their motto. Why are Ponders a branch of PONTs? Pontis liners, right?

The Meteon location smack beside CUPIONICH is a great key in this update. The Caepionis' are to the Capone's n(colors and format of Meads/Meats), first found in Cambridgeshire with Chapmans, Crabs and Stanleys. God showed me that Stanleys are to be linked to Knee's. Stanley-like Stans share double fesses with Ness'/Nice's, that explains it. I've just found Grabs/Crabbe's with two white bends possibly of the double-white pale bars of Nuse's/Newes'. The Stan write-up: "Their name comes from having lived in the parish of Staines in the counties of Middlesex and Surrey."

The Odessa-Esau Theory

Recall the Pontus tributary of the Strymon in the land of Edom-suspect Edones and Odomanti. Although the book of Enoch is not Inspired by God, it's writer(s) had cause to make the black boar a symbol of Edom, and I think it's due to Edomite Hebrews celebrating the eating of pork in violation of the Mosaic law. The black boar is in the Pont and Ponder Coats. Points/Pointers use what look like gold piles, the symbol of English Pile's too, and then French Pile's, with the same lion as Philips (but without crown), are also Pilot, evoking PONTIUS Pilate. Was his ancestry from the Pontus river? Did this river get named from a line of queen Nysa of the Pontus? After all, she descended from Antipater, whose family may have married that of Philip of Macedon.

Amazingly, while this Philip is suspect, as of this update, to Philip Herod of the Boethus line to Butts/Boets, who share the Biden/Button fesse, the Ponts, first found in Hampshire with Bidens/Buttons, have the same fesse. Can Nysa elements at the Pontus river explain why the Strymon is beside the NESTus (Nests are also Ness'/Nice's)? By what coincidence does "STRymon" look rooted in "Stur," the river with a mouth at the Hampshire border, near Poole, suspect with a king PoleMON of the Pontus?

Another thing is that Nysa's great-granddaughter was queen of BITHYNia, a term like "Biden," and this area is at Nice-like Nicaea. The Nice's/Ness' use two fesses in the colors of the Biden / Boet / Pont fesse. There is even a Nice location near the junction of the Arda with the Hebros, but this Nice locality (dark map) is on a Hebros tributary with a mouth at roughly or exactly Pilote-like PLOTinopolis (light map). Nice is right beside Daphaba, and mythical Daphne was code for Taphians living at one point smack at Oeneus' Calydon. The latter area has Astakos (on my modern atlas) while Astucus is on the light map between at Nicaea and NicoMEDIA. The Nestus river even has a NICOpolis. The Nestus river is like mythical Nestor at Pile-like Pylos, beside the Methoni entity of mythical Oeneus. The Pile leopard face is code for Fessys/Face's who can be gleaned in the motto and cross of Taphian-like Taffs. Taphians lived on the shore from Odysseus' island of Ithaca.

It appears that Points and Pile's relate to these elements and to Pontius Pilate. The Stur is suspect with the Stura-Demonte river near Savigliano, where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found who share the Salome stars. However, if Buttons/Bidens are named in honor of "Bithynia," how does that relate to Boeotians? I have no idea. This would be a good problem for God to solve, for us, because I don't know how.

The columns of Pelosi's/Pilati's must be to Malcolms/Columns/Calome's who, if they included Malcolm III, included the Duncan line that I trace to mount Dunax, shown between Lissae and the Strymon river. Dunax is exactly at the source of the Nestus. There are plenty of pelicans on nests in heraldry that can apply to Nestus / Nest/Ness liners. Pattersons use the pelican on a nest.

Poole is in Dorset, where Palins/PAWlins were first found who share the giant lion of Philips (and POWells). The Pool motto loves the Pollets/PAWletts, first found in Somerset with the Stur river, giving some cause to trace this to the Pontus tributary of the Strymon. Pollets have three white swords coming to a POINT, very Pontus-suspicious due to Pollets being in the Pool motto, for we just saw why Pool should trace to Polemon of the Pontus. We can ask here whether Polemon was named after Julia Polla, Galatian daughter of Julia Tyche.

Not only do Aude's/Ode's share three white swords to a point with Pollets, but the latter has them in their "loyAULTE" motto term, apparently. As Pollocks use "AUDacter," this is a great way to assure that Pollocks were a branch of Pools. The "STRenue" motto term of Pollocks then becomes suspect with Stur / Strymon elements. These swords, by the way, trace to Serdi not far from the Strymon. The Serdi were near the Tonso river to which Tous' trace, and the Pool motto even has, "virTUS."

Recall that God put me with Louise Philips in order to point to Philip-Herod, for the "LOYaulte" motto term must be part-code for the Loy variation of French Louis'. Again, Pollets are linkable to Palins who in-turn share the Philip lion.

Somerset is where Roets were first found who share the boar heads of Spears, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. The Roets got suspect with the Rita's who share the Pool lion, because Roets are from Rita-like "Rieti." The latter was home of Vespasia Polla, very traceable to Julia Polla now suspect with Polemon's name. Julia was the granddaughter of ARTEMidoros, suspect in the Artem variation of Aitons, and it just so happens that the Artem/Aiton cross is shared by Martons/Martens who in-turn have the three Stur pale bars. The Strymon had the Satrae, likely portrayed by mythical goats, and Marton-like Mortons, first found in Wiltshire, near the Stur, use goats. Marton-like Marsyas was a goat.

Martons/Martens ("patria") share the double chevrons of Ash's/Aschs (linkable to Cassander of Macedon). If I recall correctly, at least one of the Polemon rulers was related to / involved with things in Thrace at, or about, the time of king Cotys, perhaps explaining why Cotys'/Archdeacons use three of the Marton / Ash chevrons. In fact, Deacons and Decans share the cross of Martons/Martens!

The Cheshire Mortons, with the same star as Pelosi's/Pilati's, share blue wings with Here/Heyers and HERzogs/HERTzogs (Herods?), one former first found in Derbyshire, traceable on multiple counts to Derbe (Anatolia), which was conquered by the father of Artemidoros. The Here's traced surprisingly well to Arsus/Assus, which is where Ash liners may trace, yet they were also looking traceable to Akmonia, where Severus lived who is made by at least one person a brother of Julia Polla. In any case, Wikipedia makes Severus a grandson of Artemidoros. We might want to know, if it's true, that Assus was named when a tribe of Esau arrived to Arsus.

The above was written before finding this in Wikipedia's Odomanti article: "The district which they occupied, was called after them, Odomantice. The tribe were settled upon the whole of the great mountain OrBELUS...the gold and silver mines of which they worked with the Pieres and Satrae. (Herod. l. c.)...Cleon invited Polles, their chieftain, to join him with as many Thracian mercenaries as could be levied...During the Roman period, most of their land belonged to the territory ("chora") of the ancient city of Sirra (today Serres)". The Pieres? From Petra? The Odomanti had a Polles chief. They lived on the Strymon opposite the Pontus river, and then there was Polemon of the Pontus. I do trace Flavius Petro, father of the husband of Vespasia Polla, to Pierro's/Pero's. That makes the dragon-line Vespasians trace to Petra and the Odomanti on the Strymon river. Let's not forget OTTOne VISconti, like "VESpasi."

I've just checked for a Polles surname, listed with Dutch Pole's. It has the same giant lion as Philips, and shares a gold crown with them! Surprise. The Odomanti were at or beside Philip. Mants/Ments have the three bends of Paganells in colors reversed.

German Pole's/Pollmans use a "frying pan" while frying-like Frane's (English) share the black border with Pharnaces-of-the-Pontus liners, Furness' and Parrs. Pans are with Pagans/Payens/Paions, first found in Daphne-line Dauphine (probably covered Mont Pilat), who use a gold version of the Pilate-like Billet Coat. Manto, Daphne's sister is suspect with OdoMANTi. They say Manto named Mantova, near the Milan of OTTOne Visconti. Payens/Paions and heraldic pheons are suspect with the Paioni/Paeoni peoples, who lived smack beside the Pontus river (it's new to me today), and Pilate's happen to show nothing but pheons (Billet colors).

MANDYs/Mondays use a "Deus" motto term that can be for Odessus (old name for Odessa) liners. If Odysseus was Colchian, then I'll add that while I see lozenges from Losinj, a known Colchian settlement in Croatia, Mandys have lozenges. Mandys came to topic because I was living with a Mandy once, whose birth surname, Simson, is one I trace to Oenotrians/Enotri, suspect with mythical Oeneus at Calydon, smack on-shore from Odysseus' Ithaca. Moreover, Enotri lived at and around Laus of southern Italy, and "Laus Deo" is a motto phrase of Mandy-like Manders, how about that. If that's not enough, I trace Oliphants, who were associated with Arbuthnotts (another "laus Deo"), to the Elaphiti islands smack beside the Saraca's of Ragusa, which place was also called, Laus! This is why I trace Saraca's to Saracena, smack beside Laus of southern Italy.

Hugh de Payens married Miss Chappes, kin of Ottone's/ODDO's. Odiss'/Hode's/Odo's share the pelican with Pullens/Pullys ("PALLEscere"), and the latter share the red scallop with Sears, whose Coat looks like the SERRES/Sere Coat roughly. Odomanti were at Serres. There is a Serio river between Milan and Mantova, how interesting. The Pelles' share the gold-on-blue pelican with Polles'/Pole's. The "PalleSCERE" motto term of Pullens (Vespasia-Polla liners) can indicate a Sere/SERRES branch, how amazing. Schere's share "ears of wheat" with Chappes'/Cheaps. Pullens/Pullys love Palle's/Pauls, and are a branch of Polins/Paulins (pelican), lords once of ODcombe. Duce's, suspect in the "Ducit" motto term of Philips, share red, double lions in pale with French Polins/Pulliens (and Bramtons).

Polins/Paulins have black scallops within their lozenges (colors reversed from the Sire lozenges), shared by Edens, suggesting that Edens are from the Edones, as could be expected. Ottone VisCONTI is suspect with Conte liners, whom I say were the makers of Conteville's of Comet-related Comine's. French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with Sere's/Serres'. Comets are listed with French Combe's, who were looked up as per Odcombe of the Polins/Paulins. English Combe's happen to have three lions in pale in the colors of the two of French Polins/Pulliens (Brittany). The latter are said to be from Oddie-possible Dodieres: "They acquired estates on the Island of Jersey [where PoinDEXTERs were first found]. They later acquired estates at Dodieres." Curiously, Odiere's are listed with Edgars, and there is a short sword in Crest, likely a dagger, amazingly enough. The Odier/Edgar motto, "Man Do it" looks like code for OdoMANTI.

The Odier/Edgar Coat is a giant lion colors reversed from that of Philips ("patriae"), or in the colors of the same of Welsh Louis' ("patriae"), and then while French Louis' were first found in Lorraine, the same write-up continues: "By the 16th century they had branched to Paris and Lorraine, and Abbe in Flanders." French Louis' share blue lozenges with SIRE's, looking very connectable to Odomanti at Sirra.

I'm not familiar with Abbe in Flanders. It's interesting that McAbbe's/Cabe's are in Cable colors while Cable's can be traced with Radice's to the Tonzus river with Shirts. I've been feeding food scraps to two squirrels all winter out of an old CAN of HAM, and while Canns are with Caens sharing a fretty Shield with Cable's, Hams share the fish/salmon of McCabe's. The Caeni (light map) were not far from the mouth of the Tonzus.

Somehow, a squirrel got into the pocket of my shorts, and died there. I didn't find it in the pocket until it was put through my new SEARS washing machine. I hung the shorts to dry on a post in my living room (while it was under construction). I've told this story many times. Squirrels/Squire's are, in my past opinion, a branch of SIRE's, and we just saw that Sears-like Serres was also, SIRRa. Posts (Hampshire, beside Poole) share the Poole lion, and Poole's were first found in Dorset with Shorts (blue wings, Shirt colors) and Palins (share Polesdon stars).

It appears that Ottone Visconti was an Odomanti liner, and that Philips were from Philipi.

The write-up of dragon-using Lewis: "This old, proud name is from the personal name Lewis, an Anglicized form of the Welsh name Llewellyn." As "Lewis" is like "Levis," Llewellyns sure look like Laevillus liners. Dragons/Drainers trace well to the Drin river, and while the Lewis drops trace to Tropoje, it's up on a tributary of the Black Drin (the old Drilon). Tropoje got suspect with Trips because, for one, they were first found in Hampshire with Krume's while Krume is a location at or near the mouth of the White Drin upon the Black Drin. The White Drin has at least one Decani area while ArchDEACONs share three black chevrons with Levi's and with the county/counts of HAINaut (Flanders).

I'd like to show how some things surrounding Traby liners from the Trebia starting from my new-found item of English Walls/Wales' having been in Tickhill, where Anne's were first found who are suspect with the namers of HAINaut, and with Ananes at the Trebia. The Wall/Wales Crest must be the Scarf wolf head because Scarfs were first found in Yorkshire with Tickhill (West Yorkshire). Trabys/SADowski's use a scarf, and the SEDbergh location is in West Yorkshire, where black-border SEDans were first found. Seatons share the green dragon with blood-drop Lewis'. Walls/Wales' are traced to Saxons of Northumberland in the reign of Edward the Confessor, a relative of Edgar. The Odiers/Edgars share the giant, white lion of Trebys, and of Welsh Louis'/Lewis, and we gleaned above that this lion must be the same-colored one of Tillers because they were first found in Glamorgan with both Lewis surnames.

Saxons of Northumberland had married Sitten-suspect SITRic Caech, suspect with Sitters/Sittwells/SIDEwells (Northumberland), and then there was Edmond IronSIDE amongst these Saxons. Saxon is a location near SITTEN/Sion, and then on the opposite side of Sitten is Serres-like Sierre, can we believe it? Sitten is in Wallis canton, suspect with Walls/Wales' who have the Scarf wolf head, and the Square variation of Squirrels/Squire's is probably linkable to Schere's/Scherfs and therefore to Scarfs. It's suggesting that Squire's are evidence of their origin from Sirra of the Odomanti. Siward of Northumberland was probably associated with Malcolm III while descending, in my opinion, from the Serdi along with the Shirts. The squirrel in my shorts run through my SEARS washer. But why did it die in the pocket?

The Scarf wolf heads are in the colors of the saltire of the Yorkshire Oddie's/Odo's/Hoddie's, and their Odin/Odo/Hoddy branch share the giant, white lion with Odiers/Edgars, only in the two colors of the same of Wales-like Wallis/Wallace's. We're making some good sense of things, even discovering that the Edgar / Edward Athelings (Saxons) look like they bumped into the Odomanti liners. Margaret, wife of Malcolm III, was from these Athelings.

"ATHELING" caused me to check for a Tillings surname (Dorset, same as Shorts), and it's suspect with the Tile's/Tilleys (from near Caen), whom I see as using a dragon version of the giant Palin lion. Caens/Canns share five white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby, which is why I trace Caens/Canns to the Ceno tributary of the Taro in the land of Ananes. In this picture, it appears that Tile's/Tillings were a branch of Tillers. It seems to be discovering that Athelings were from the Tilurius river. There is even a Mand-like entity in the Tile/Tilling write-up: "Henry Tilley from Tilley near Caen in Calvados acquired the confiscated estates of Geoffrey de Mandevill in 1083."

Mandeville's share the Leighton/Laton (and Say) quadrants while the Leighton/Laton Crest shares the black wyvern with Tile's/Tillings. Seatons were at a Say location, and there is a Seaton location at/near the mouth of one Axe river, suspect in the axe of Tile's/Tillings (DorSET, near that Axe river). What are the chances that, while I've been tracing the Axe to the Axius river of Paeonia, it's beside the Strymon river of Odomanti? Yup, that's right. And the Sithones, suspect with the Seatons/Sittens, were at Sithonia between the mouths of the Axius and STRymon. The Stur is in Dorset, where Tile's/Tilleys were first found, now suspect with the Athelings that included to Odiers/Edgars. Athelings lived Ed names such as EdMOND, Edward, Edith, and EdGAR (suspect from the Adige river past lake GARda). The Edones come to mind, recalling that mythical Lycurgus of the Edones was made the father/son of Dor-suspect Dryops, perhaps the line to DORset.

One of the Athelings was Edmond IronSIDE, and Side's with Sutys can be gleaned as a Seaton branch. In fact, Seatons share "HAZard" with Sutys. Hazels (squirrel, now traceable to Sirra/Serres) share the crescent of Dorsets, and Dorsets share the sun with Hesse's. Has liners are now looking like they were from Assus, down the Hebros river from the Serdi. The squirrel in my shorts pocket. Siward of Northumberland was at Hazel-liner Heslington (Yorkshire). "IRONside" can be highly suspect with Irons/Hirams, said to have been at Airaines, near ABBEville. This traces excellently to Airaines-like Arran, where McAbbe's/Cabe's were first found.

Heslingtons/Hazeltons share the chevron of Shake's, whom I trace to SCHIMatari along with scimitars, and one scimitar is in the Crest of the other Walls/Wales'. The latter can thus be expected in Wallis canton with Sierre elements, for it was very recent when the CHANDolin location near Sierre came to topic with the SCHIMs/CHANDs. Pretty amazing. The latter are a branch of Skene's/Skins who share the swords of Siward-liner Swords and perhaps the wolf heads of Welfs/Lupus'. English Walls/Wales' had the wolf head of Traby-beloved Scarfs, and German Walls/Walles' share five feathers in Crest with the Arms of Traby. These Arms have hunting HORNs, traceable to the mythical hunter, Orion, in Schimatari. Orion is the line to Orne's/Horns, and Caen, sharing five, white ostrich feathers with Trabys, were at the Orne river.

Scimitar-liner Walls/Wales' have two "AUT" motto terms. What could that be about? Auto's/Otto's share the giant, black bull head with Mieske's (Prussia, same as Auto's/Otto's). German Wells/Wellers have a giant pelican in Piast-eagle colors, which is said due to this part of their write-up: "Heyne von Wellen of Haldesleben in the 14th century". I take it that it's a mis-spelling of "Haldensleben," where Mieszko Piast I got his wife, ODA. That's right.

English Wells/Welles have the lion of HainAUTs and the Arms of Flanders, I assume. The Well/Welles lion has two tails like the Montfort lion, and the latter's is also the Wallis/Wallace lion. Checking Heyne's as per Heyne von Wellen (Flanders has a Walloon area), because they smack of Hainaut, we find the Irish branch (Mieske arm?) first found in Galway with Tick-branch Teague's/Teegers, which recalls that English Walls/Wales' were in Tickhill with Hainaut-like Anne's/Hanne's. German Heyne's share a giant star in half the colors of the same of Annas', and the Heyne star is in the colors of the Salome star.

Heyne variations look linkable to Hams, Hammers and Hemmers/Hammers, the latter sharing a counterchanged lion on a diagonally-split Shield with German Hains. The latter were first found in Silesia with German Pohls, the latter likely sharing the black bull head of Mieske's and therefore of Auto's/Otto's. German Poles/Pohls/Pohlmans share the feather with the man's head who holds the frying pan in the Coat of German Pole's/Pollmans/POHLs. We crossed the latter surname at the discovery of Polles, chief of the Odomanti, and so it very-much appears that Odomanti named Oda, Mieszko's wife. In fact, Mieszko's other wife, DOBRawa, has been traced to Dober, yet there is a Doberus area on the light map on the banks of the Strymon directly across this river from the Odomanti! Zinger. Oda was of HALDENsleben, and Haldans (beside EDINburgh) share the Dober/Tober griffin head.

Reminder: Odomanti are at Philipi, and Dutch Polles'/Pollmans share the Philip lion and gold crown, though the Philips put the crown round the neck (see Crauns/Crane's), a symbol I trace to Ceraunii Illyrians, smack on the Urbanus river with BISTue (beside the Mieszko-suspect Maezaei), where I trace "Piast." What can we make, in this OdoMANTI picture, of the Amantini at the mouth of the Urbanus? It should be added that two of the three Pole/Pohl/Pohlman feathers are black, as are all five of the German-Wall feathers. The Fetters share the Hesse sun.

The bull head of Poles/Pohls/Pohlmans is called a buffalo, suspect as code for bull-liner Boville's. The Yorkshire Boville's (share fesse of Yorkshire Bush's/Buschs) are BOSwells's too, while Boso's/Bosins, suspect from the Bosnia river (the Basante on the light map beside the Urbanus), use the bull too. Boville's/Boswells (love ostrich-liner Wrays in their motto) were at EDENham. The buffalo may be mostly for French Boville's/Bofills/Beaufille's, who might just be sharing the Bosco pillars with tufts of grass. Pillars are once again with the same lion as Philips. If the Boville's are using columns, then we would take this to bull-using Pelosi's/Pilati's, for they have columns too.

Giant-bull Boville's/Boiville's/Boyville's were first found in Cornwall (Ceraunii line location) with giant-bull Cole's/Colds, very traceable to the same-colored Mieske bull. Cornwall is beside the bull-head Walerans, and they share the bulls of Boville- / Baeufill-like Beautys/Bowoods. This recalls Sleeping Beauty, for Sleep/Slepe liners might just have named HaldenSLEBEn. It's a little interesting that Dobers may be sharing the griffin of Shorts, first found in Dorset with Beautys/Bowoods.

Sleeping Beauty was Miss Hicks, and here one should add that Hicks have a chaplet around the neck of a buck, which symbolism traces to the Ceraunii, I feel, for I see linkage between Crauns/Crane's and Hicks. The Necks/Neckers use a crown on a red antler, and the red antler is that of Casimirs, from Casimir I, son of Mieszko II. Therefore, Hicks can be expected into come contact with Bistue > Piast elements. Chaplets were first found in Lorraine with the wife of Mieszko II, and while he had a daughter or sister, SWEIToslawa, a daughter of Mieszko I by the same name was mother to king Cnut while Cnut's share the unicorn head with Dobbs, making the latter suspect from Dobrawa. The two stars of Sere's/Serres' are those of Sweets too, amazingly enough. The Zerrs/ZEHRERs, suspect with Zahringers, can be Serres liners too, and Zahringers were the blue-antler kin of red-antler Veringers, from the Kiev Varangians married by Casimir I. The Sears are said to have been at Serez, but lets remind that while Sleeping Beauty was asleep, it was in a car while Cars have the Sears / Sere/Serres chevron, and the Sears stars, but Cars (sun) also have a "Sero SED serio" motto. Sedans, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, share "sed." Hicks are said to be from Mr. SAUTEby, and Suttons, in case they apply, have a two-tailed lion in the colors of the Lorraine lion (comes with Piast eagles).

The chaplet is shared by Saxons, and Saxon is near Sierre, which recalls the first day that I contacted Miss Hicks by phone, when she had me meet her at church that night, when she gave me her music CASSETTE I had asked for in the telephone call. At church, I put the cassette in my SHIRT POCKET (while talking to Mr. Chambers), and in the Hicks dream, I had no shirt on. Pockets look like a branch of Porch's/PORTIS', and Portishead is at Clapton, where Meads/Meats and Hicks married Claptons. Cassets, believe it or not, share the three fesses of Haughts, and Swietoslawa was also Sigrid the HAUGHTy (this title is probably a mistranslation of the reality, though I think Haughts apply to that less-than-complimentary title). Haughtys were first found in Cheshire with the Meschin earls, and Meschins/MACHINE's share the Casset scallops.

I'm wondering whether the squirrel in my shorts pocket run through the Sears washing MACHINE was intended by God for addressing her music cassette in my shirt pocket. Squirrels/Squire's were resolved with their "ferme" motto term in connection to AZZO of Fermo, founder of Este. Fermo was at least beside Justine of Picenum, she being the heart of the Sire bloodline. Squirrel's/Squire's and Sire's can be traced to Justine's/Justice's and therefore to ASSi's. That's how I trace Squire's to Azzo, though this picture involved the Arms of Vilnius (shares the fasces and scales of justice with Assi's), where Astikas' lived who married Traby. And Trabys/Sadowski's love the Squire-connectable Scarfs. Sadowski's, if they were the Sedans / Seatons, could have contacted Sierre on one side of Sitten, and/or Saxon on the other side.

The rest of this section was written earlier in the week immediately after mention of Allison.

My girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms, immediately before Allison (she worked there too), was Darlene. I loaded Darlene's because I remembered that they have red fitchees, the symbol in the Medal/Dougal Crest. Upon seeing the "DIRling" variation, the following was inserted above: "Grabaeoi are on the DRIN, and the three Comyn garbs are shared by Dirs/Derrs/DEHRENs/DERNs (Rhine river). This Coat happens to be a version of the CUTTER Coat while Kotor is near the Grabaeoi. Moreover, Cutters use dragons while Dragons are also DRAINers." I recalled that I suggestively traced Darlene to the Drin. The Darlene Coat has drops, and I trace Drops/Trope's (drops) to Tropoje, which, on my atlas, is smack about where the Grabaeoi or the Dassareti are stamped. That's pretty amazing. Remember, the Comyn dagger is code for the Dexaroi of Dassaretis. Kilpatricks share the dagger, and add drops to it. Pattersons/Cassane's have lots of drops, both on and behind their Philip-suspect lion, black, like the Kilpatrick lion. While it seems that Kilpatrick are linking to this northern branch of Dexaroi, the branch on the Apsus can be suspect with a Topoje (no 'r') location at the mouth of that river.

"DirLING" can be partly of the Lings / Lynch's and other such surnames from Lyncestis ("Lyncus" on the new map). It's not very convincing thus far, though Lynch's do share the Coat of Bute-liner Bothwells. I was just getting the impression that some Darlene variations are the reason that some writer made the claim that "Ragusa" (where the Kotor Saraca's moved to) meant "deer," which I did not believe. I instead suspected a Deer branch involved at Ragusa, and found some evidence in the so-called deer of Mallets, whom I traced to Melita, an island near Ragusa. Note that Darlene's surname, Ray, may relate to "Rag(usa)," then see the Ray write-up: "Further research [garbage research I assure you] revealed that the name is derived from the Old English word ray, that referred to a roe or female deer." Let me remind you that deer-like Dirs/Derrs/Derns share the Chief-Shield colors of Kotor-suspect Cutters. Mallets are in Comine colors and format, and happen to share a "Ma" motto term with Martons/Martens.

Darlene didn't name herself. Darlene didn't put heraldry symbols together. The Darlene Crest has a "female figure" wearing a "robe" (and holding a book). RAYburns share the stag, but call it a ROEbuck, with Rays, and the Rayburn motto has a "Robur" motto term like the Robe/Robb surname (more stags). German Robe's are also Robers. French Rays share the escarBUNCLE with Cnut-beloved Hangers, and Buncle's share buckles with French Mallets, suggesting that Derrs / Dears link to the Melita area along with Ray / Roe / Row liners. Danish Cnuts have plant HANGERs, and English Canute's share the unicorn head with Oliphants.

I'm going somewhere with this. Here's the Oliphant write-up: "Under later rulers, the Oliphant lands were significantly extended as King Malcolm granted the family BOTHwell in Lanarkshire and King William I granted them ArBUTHnott in Mearns." Oliphants are suspect from the Elaphiti islands, between Melita and Ragusa. Bothwells use "urGENTIA," probably for king Gentius of the Ardiaei, for Oliphants use "Tout," which was resolved recently with Etuta, Gentius' wife. The pine tree of Bothwells then becomes code for king Pinnes of the Ardiaei. The new map has the Ardiaei smack at Butua...are the historians not amazed with the truth for a change?

The "ObDURa" motto term of Bothwells suggests a Dere branch, the Dure's, who happen to share the Coat of Cluns (Perthshire, same as Oliphants). The Dure's, with possibly a dagger in Crest to go well with their "pro PATRIA" motto phrase, have the Chief-Shield of Cutters in reverse. It's known already that Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat because Alans married the daughter of Luis of Cavii-suspect Ceva. Cavii lived on the Drin along with the GRABaeoi (never stressed them until today). A few years ago (around 2014/15), God used a GRUB from my firewood to tell me that Caiaphas would trace to Avisons (share the garbs of Comyns/Comine's (identical Coat) and Derrs/Derns).

There is the question on whether Saluzzo liners were from the Selletae near Odessa. What about the heraldic salaMANDER (Julians use it) that I think was part-code for the Salyes Ligure's? I have just seen a theory in which "Odessus" was a line from "Esau," whose son, Eliphas, I trace to Oliphants, and, besides, "Eliphas" is like "Halybes," who were also Calypso-like Chalybes. On the dark map, south on the Black-sea coast from Odessus, there is a SALMyDESSUS location that looks like a Salem (proto-Jerusalem) merger with Odessus elements. Inland from Salmydessus is Astica, interesting where Meads/Meats were first found in Somerset with Sticks. Meteon is shown near the GRABaeoi, and Sticks show nothing but garbs.

Let's assume that Esau had an Essus tribe that, upon entering a proto-Latin fold got a frontal 'D' to become "Dessus." Halybes with in the area of Hatti, whom myth writers made the fathers of proto-Latin Lydians. As Salome de Boethus was Herod's daughter, she was an Edomite i.e. descendant of Esau. Might Salome have been from the Salmydessus entity? Eliphas married Timna, apparently related to the Timnah location (near Modi'in) that was home to the wife of SAMSon, and then the SAMAEi are between Astica and the Hebros river. A Timna-like Dyme location is shown on the lower Hebros. Between Arda and Lissae, the dark map has an Assus location upon the Hebros (Edomites after Esau were Hebrews). It's "Arsus" on the light map. Was Odysseus also Ulysses (to Latins) because Odessus elements were at Lissae?

Between Assus and Lissae, the light map has Philippopolis. I wonder which Philippo it was named after, and whether it had anything to do with Philip Herod, Salome's husband. By what coincidence is there a Seir-like SYRmas river with a mouth at Philippopolis? Wikipedia's article on Philippopolis: "In 342 BC Philip II of Macedon conquered the Thracian town and gave it his name. Later, Philippopolis became part of the Roman empire and capital of the Roman province Thracia." Yup, that's right. It was an Odrysian city, and Odrysians can be of the Odomanti at Philipi.

Was AESon from "Esau"? Iasion, the Kabeiri founder, was also, Iasius. Was this cult of Odessa-like Thessaly at Assus?

I'm wondering whether the Dassaretae were a merger of Odessa's rulers with Amorites in Jerusalem's ACRA mountain, for Daggers/Dacre's are a branch of ACRE's. I don't off-hand know where Acra was situated, but it could have been right beside mount Gareb; I located the latter 1.7 miles west of the north-west corner of the temple wall, at or beside the Knesset. Let's ask whether the carriers of "Acra" got fronted with a 'D' to become DEXARoi." Did the carriers of Acra name Acre on the Israeli coast not far from Joppa? In myth, the Perseus Danaans out of Joppa were from ACRisius (of Argos). Did the myth writer intend "Acra-Essus" when coining "Acrisius"? Whether right or wrong, I saw Perseus' Parthians on the Parthenius river, and then the Parthini are placed beside Antipatria on the new map. The light map has the Dassaretae on both sides of Antipatria.

I don't think I can trace Dexaroi both to Odessa and to mount Acra unless there was a merger between the two. The Decks/Daggers use the squirrel while the Squire variation of Squirrels (same squirrel) is linkable to Seir-suspect Sire's/Sirets, which can make an Esau link to Acre's, in case Odessus was an Esau entity. The Siret river was earlier the Hagar-like Agarus i.e. Edomites of Seir may have renamed it, Siret. The Edomite capital. Bozrah, is like the Buzau tributary of the Siret.

I just looked up the Odiss surname to find the Baud / Bald quadrants and a pelican!!! Wow, and it also has yet another "patria" motto term! Zinger. It looks like the line of Meda of Odessa joined to Butua elements.

UNBELIEVABLE. The Odiss surname (not familiar with it at all) has Hode and Hoad variations, and Hoods are the ones who share the Baud crescents! Wow. Odiss'/Hode's use a "veriTAS" motto term while Tass' are traced in their write-up to "'at asche'." Where have we seen that term before? With Dess'/Dash's, for one, which by the way has the same lion as Bramtons. But then the Tess'/Tecks are from the Tessin = Ticino river, begging whether Odessa liners named it. Otiss-like Tiss'/Teese's/Tyce's use one of the three Cassandra/Cassane chevrons, and both surnames were first found in Hampshire. Oddie's (Yorkshire) share a white saltire with Tess'/Tecks.

Repeat: "English Mortons use the goat on what could be the quadrants of Ardiaei-liner Tute's/Tuits." It's likely from queen Etuta, and we just saw her line from Oliphants, who share the crescent of the Yorkshire Tute's. The Coat of the Yorkshire Tute's reflects the canton of Wassa's, the latter suspect from Wassukanni, the MITANNi capital. We saw that it was Mittons/MYRtons who introduced Mortons to topic. The Morton goat can be from "Seir," said to mean "shaggy," as in a shaggy goat, and Eliphas did marry a women from Seir. The book of Enoch says that the black boar was a symbol of Edom, and so far as we know, Esau founded Edom. The BOTHwells are like the Both variation of black-boar Booths (Yorkshire).

Tute's/Tuits are said to be from Les Andelys, not far from the Gace location of Wassa's. Les Andelys is where Tosni's came forth, suspect with the "Todeni" in the Tute/Tuit write-up. Yet Tosni's are expected with the Tous'/Tosini's/TONSO's (love the Buttons), from the Tonzus river, where Selletae lived not far from Odessa (or they may have been in Odessa). This thing about Dess' being from "d'Assche" makes Ash's/Aschs suspect with a tribe named in honor of Esau. The double-Ash chevrons are in the Marton/Marten Coat along with the scallops of MAULs/Morleys, suspect from MALahule, the known ancestor of Tosni's of Les Andelys. It just so happens that Eliphas and his Seir wife birthed AMALek. Martons/Martens are the ones with a "ma PATRIA" motto suspect with the Antipater > Cassander line to Antipater, father of the first Herod, and as Herods are known Edomites, this is how any family of Templar circles may have known their trace to a tribe of Esau.

German Ash's/Aschs ("VirTUTE DUCE") have three chevrons colors reversed from the same of Cassandra's/Cassane's. Duce's (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits) share the double lions in pale of Abram-suspect BRAMtons (suspect from a tribe named after Abraham's lines with Keturah), and Jewish Levi's have two lions in pale too while French Levi's use three black chevrons linkable to the two black ones of English Ash's/Aschs. The Levi lion are in the colors of the Philip lion, and the Philips motto looks to include Duce's with "Ducit amor PATRIAE," perfect for tracing through Antipater. The Amore's and their Damory branch share talbot / dog heads in Crest with Bramtons. The Talbot surname is linkable to Scotts who in turn use the Coat of Terras' having a motto, "Amore." The Tailbois' share the scallops of Mauls/Morleys, and "MalaHULE" may have been a Maule merger with Hule's/Hulls (Yorkshire, same as Mauls/Morleys), who likewise have talbot heads, white, as with the talbot head of Amore's ("MALis").

I always link the Amore Coat to the Leavell Coat, and as Leavells were related to Waleran, lookie at the Waleran write-up: "The family was first found at Bradfield, in Uffculm as early as Henry III. 'The original deed of transfer of Bradfelde from Fulke Paynel, Lord of BRAMTON, to one Walerande, an ancestor..." The Walerans may be using the Bullon/Boleyn bull heads closely. Abraham was mating with Hagar, and Hagars were first found in Perthshire with Oliphants.

I now need to go back to the Hicks dream for a new realization. In the dream, she was Sleeping Beauty, for not only did I say, while in the dream, "she's beautiful," when I was shown a close-up of her face (while she was in the distance at the hood), but I resolved to kiss her awake, Sleeping-Beauty style. Decades later, I discovered that Beautys/Bowoods share three bulls on a white Shield with Walerans. As the dream opened with a BULLdog, perhaps the Bollens/Boleyns were intended most of all amongst the Bull liners. While that's new too, I was getting to this: when I touched her knee, she flew into my arms, and we rose into the sky together, embraced, in LOVE. It gave me the impression of LOVE, which is why I wanted that woman as my wife, which is why I was sure that God intended to make her my wife, for this dream was about a week after my conversion.

Alas, the marriage was not to be. God was using those scenes as pointers to surnames, to tell a story on his Son's killers. Leavells are also LOVElls (this connection to the dream is new), but the original reason for telling of this LOVE is the Amore's, for the Damorys have a bend in the colors of the KNEE bend! I think I can grasp that. I touched her knee, and she was in amore into my ARMs, and the Armors, like the Armer variation of Amore's, use arms!!! God is clever, I have got to hand it to Him. It only took me years to figure this out. If I had suggested this amore theme before, I can't remember doing so.

The Amore motto, "Tu NE CEDE MALis," so amazing, for Knee's are also Nee's, and the Malls share the black bend with Amore's. CEDES' are with the Seats while she was HOVERing over the seat when I touched her knee. Hovers/Hoffers use black bull horns that can relate to Walerans / Bullens/Boleyns (share the Armor chevron). Hoffer-like Coffers/Coffee's (share "sed" with CARs) share "victoria" with Bullens/Boleyns ("Rege" can be for Ragusa liners). Leavells are said to have been at CARy castle, in Somerset, where Bulls/Bule's were first found. We can clearly see what God was pointing to.

Months before first seeing Miss Hicks, I drove by Baytown, Texas, where she lived before moving to the NUECES river. The Texas surname shares the Arms of Meulan, and you can read that Waleran were of Meulan. On the night of passing Baytown, I was mugged by a man whose fake weapon I blocked with my KNEE. I got away, but the experience gave me so much fright that I changed plans on where to purchase property. If not for that mugging, I guarantee you, I would not have purchased a NEWSpaper in VICTORIA the next morning for the purpose of checking out property prices in Texas. I ended up buying on the Nueces river ten minutes from the new home of Miss Hicks. She couldn't have been at that place for more than a year. She might still have been living in Baytown when I passed by.

The point is, for new readers, the NEWS surname is also the NUCES surname, so amazing, and the Newes variation is like the Nees variation of Knee's. I now see (absolutely new discovery) that the Knee bend is in the colors of the Bollen/Boleyn chevrons while the latter's bull heads are in the colors of the Knee stag heads. This is staggering, for the Bollens/Boleyns are with a "victoria" motto term. I had been floored already when finding that Coffee's use that motto term, for I stopped in Victoria for no other reason than to get a newspaper, but I still see clearly in my memory the hot coffee in my hand as I got back into the Nissan. Why do I remember that coffee so clearly? It's obvious.

I think I will now resolve that Knee's were a branch also of Nevers/Neves' / Navys, for one Victoria surname is listed with Nebo's/Nabo's (savage heads). The Newes/Nuces' have an ARM in Crest, and share the chaplet with the Hicks Crest. Recall the medallion on the hood of the Jeep, for Medals/DOUGals use a "Buaidh" motto term found in the Victoria/Nebo write-up: "This surname has often been mistranslated as 'victory,' from the Irish "buaidh" and so Victory is a synonym of MacNaboe." I totally reject the claim of that write-up that Nabo's are from "'anabaidh' meaning premature." That sounds like a block-headed family historian with a dizzy brain. The truth is, Bauds share the Medal/Dougal quadrants, and so we can glean here that the Bauds/Dougal line got involved with Nebo's/Nabo's. Then, if Victors/Victoria's married Nebo's/Nabo's, we can see how the family might concoct derivation in a Baud-like term that means, "victory," afterwhich (my theory) the Dougals came to use that concocted term in their motto. My coffee and newspaper in Victoria suggest that Victoria's could have merged with News-like Nebo's.

I've just found a Nebes/Newbie/Newbey surname (share armored arm in Crest with Newes'/Nuces') while looking for a Newes branch. The Nebes' look like they can have a version of the Butt/Boet Coat. Endings on NewBIE variations can suggest Bie's, who share bees with Bessins and Bistons, the latter two sharing an arm-with-sword with Nebes'/Newbie's. The Bie's are even in the colors of arm-liner Armors, both first found in Berwickshire. The armored arm with sword is shared by Bessens/Besants and Mieske's/Mesechs, and the latter's black bull head, with white horns, is that also of Victoria-beloved Bullens/Boleyns ("Rege"). I always link the Mieske bullhead to the same-colored bull of Cole's/COLDs ("regum") because Mieszko's were from mythical KOLODziej. I trace Cole's to mythical king Cole of Colchester, and that place is where Bays were first found who were suspect in "Baytown," and who can be of Bie variations.

The Mieszko Poles had their mythical ancestry at Goplo, which is not to say they were not from Goplo. As Mieszko I married DOBRawa, I trace GOPLo with Kopple's to KOPLik, beside Dober. Koplik is a couple of miles off the eastern shore of lake Scodra, and not more than about ten miles from where Meteon is placed on the new map.

For some reason, God wanted to point to Saraca's of Kotor with my rising into the sky with Miss Hicks, and perhaps to other things at Rhizon. For example, I touched her knee while standing at the door of the car, and Daorsi are on the new map near Rhizon. The Daorsi were the reason for mythical Doris, wife of Nahor-suspect Nereus. Nahor was Abraham's brother, and Kotor is the line to Abraham's wife. I can see why God gave that dream. The hood of that dream was Destined to connect with Bauds, who were likely through Butua to the Bautica river, location of Ivrea, like the Yvery location of Leavells/Lovells, and, moreover, the Arduinici of Ivrea married the DORia's. Even the Hicks married the Arduinici line to Arthurs of Clapton, along with the Meads/Meats now tracing to Meteon smack at the Rhizon theater.

Back to the "ObDURA" of Bothwells and the Saluzzo-line Dure's expected with Alans of Brittany. The Brittany Dure's are Durats too, which is the full motto of Geds who share the Arms-of-Saraca fish. There is or was an article online which I've quoted telling the Kodros had a fish and a boar symbol in ancient times, making that fish symbol traceable through his son, Medon, to Meteon. We then trace this thing back to Abraham and Medan, and possibly to the Mitanni, who may have been named by Midian, Medan's brother. If we think that proto-Geddes should have been at the Meteon theater, it's interesting that some of the elements of that area trace to Thrace, for the GETae Thracians were there. Geddes' were first found in Nairn with Rats/Raids, possibly from Sub Radice, at the upper Hebros with Lissae, for example. The "DuRAT" motto term of Geds is suspect with Rats/Raids, but then it also appears that Dure liners were merged with Rats to form the Durat variation, and we just saw why Dure / Derr liners can be from Ragusa, where fish-line Saraca's lived.

I now recall a second surname that has the deer (Mallet symbol), the Scute's, whom I trace to SCODra. I had read and reported that Phrygians had a Scod/Scot-like entity in Thrace, but forget the spelling. The SCYTHians (Schuthians?) were suspect in that place. SCUTE's must own the eSCUTcheon that they use, but as an escutcheon is shared by Keens, note "escutCHEON," for Keens share the fish with KEONs, and this fish is in the colors of the Saraca fish. Deers and Mallets are both said to be from Mercians, whom I connect with French Mars with little doubt for good reasons. The French Mar Coat is a version of the French Mason Coat while Mars were first found in Burgundy with the Messeys having the flag of Mercia.

Burgundy is also where the Provence surname was first found who share the Moray stars with French Masons (Provence), tending to explain why French Mars are also More's. The fleur of French Masons are shared by Stevensons who in-turn look connectable to Provence's, though it can be added that this fleur is also of the Morinis' who are in-turn in the write-up of DEERings, first found in Kent with Masons/Massins. I didn't know until this update that Mathie's/Maghans (scimitar), sharing "spero" with Masons/Massins (share the Moray mermaid), come up as "Masson." It's an obvious merger of Mathie's/Maghans with king-Maccus (Macey) liners. The ancestors of Mathie's/Maghans look like the Keppoch MacDonalds at Ross-shire. "Alistair Carrach MacDonald of Keppoch took an active part in supporting his brother, Domhnall of Islay, Lord of the Isles, in claiming the Earldom of Ross. The result was that...the Crown bestowed it on the natural son of Stewart, Earl of Mar." It's now interesting that while I trace Ross' to Varangian Rus and to king Andrew of Hungary (married the Varangians), the Varangians of Kiev is where I trace "Keppoch," for Mr. Kepke, whom God has used as a pointer, is Ukrainian on his father's side. Keeps share a galley ship with MacDonalds.

It just so happens that Mallets are said to have had a branch in Jersey, where fish-using Cabots were first found who are in-turn suspect with the Geddes motto along with the neighboring Majors. Jerseys is also where Dexaroi-possible PoinDEXTERs were first found whose lone star I tend to see as the Shoe/Schuch star, who look like a branch of Scott-branch and Scute-like Scoots/SKUGals (East Lothian, beside the Scottish Fallis'/Falle's. When I asked Miss Hicks if the seat beside her was taken, on the evening of the 9-11 memorial, she said it was for her daughter (Geneva, yup), but if she comes, she said, "you can SCOOT OVER." So I sat in the SEAT. In the dream, she HOVERed OVER the seats. Lake Geneva is sear Sitten of the SEATons, but I think there's more to that part of the event than this. Nasty things at Scodra, home of the Selepitanoi, must have been at Geneva.

The same fish is used by Pesci's and Verona's. Pesci's were first found in Venice with Italian Fallis'/Falla's expected in the "Felis" motto term of Keens, for the Keen Coat shares the Fallis lion. Fallis'/Falla's use the RockeFELLER-line trefoil, as do Verona's, yet the latter even have a version of the Feller Coat. Keens use a sinister-rising bend out of lizards in the colors of the sinister-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'), and the latter share a sinister-facing horse with Keens, who are also Kane's. The Smoke's/RAUCH's use the Rothchild bend too while ROACH's (another "ma") use fish in the colors of the same of one Irish Kane Coat. The new, color-code map has an OloKENion location between the Selepitanoi and the Abri.

At the mouth of the Axius river through Paeonia and Macedonia, the light map shows Emathia. But the new map has a similar Methone location (at Mygdonia) there, which is much like "Meteon." I almost missed it: an Edessa locality is on the light map right beside Emathia. Meda of Odessa must have been of that thing. Edessa is beside mount Bermius, the origin of mythical king Midas, a Phrygian entity therefore suspect from Persian. Doesn't Meda sound Persian?

This is very Hasmonean-interesting, for Emathia is like "Matthew," the founder of Maccabees at Israel's Modi'in, a term like "Modon," the alternative name of Methoni in the Messene area of Greece. Methoni was mythicized as a daughter of mythical Oeneus of Calydon, whom I view as the Levi line out of Laish. Therefore, one can entertain a trace of those Levi's to Methone at the mouth of the Axius. In the course of my heraldic learning, I've had repeated cause for trace the Axius to one or both Axe rivers of Somerset, where Leavells were first found possibly because other Levi liners were there. For example, one Axe river ends in Devon, and Devon is where Ash's/Aschs (traced to "D'ESSE Court) were first found who perhaps have two of the three Levi chevrons. Paeonia has a Maedi people on their river to Astibus.

If Ash's were an Odessa line, then Methone brings Meda of Odessa back to mind. Meads/Meats were likewise first found in Somerset. The Pendragon-Arthurian cult was in the Devon area, and, once again, Arthurs married Meads/Meats. The Axius river has a source up in the land of the Penestae, the proto-Pendragons. I'm sure I've only scratched the surface of all that could be known on these matters.

The Phone Call

This is embarrassing. I had pegged Miss Hicks as the woman in the 1979 dream as early as 1996. In 2002, I decided to call her after morning church, with the excuse of telling her how much I liked her song that morning. What I really wanted to know was whether God had planned on our becoming married when she became a widow, for while she was 45 years old that year, her husband was about 77. My thinking was that, if we were destined to be married, then she would show signs of liking me. Her daughter, Geneva, picked up the PHONE when I called, handing it to her mother, saying, "It's John." As soon as mom got on the phone, she said to someone, "Daddy, could you go get some BREAD." It sounded like "daddy" to me, and I thought she was telling her husband to "get lost" while she talked with me. But, later, I learned that Geneva, adopted, had a Daddy surname. And she may also have had a "Taddy" nickname, because someone of her age, who was going by Taddy in the email, emailed me a few times.

She talked that day for four hours, and insisted I meet her in church that night. It was not the way I wanted to see things it started to seem that this lady was after me, but I could not allowed anything to happen, and so I gave her a cold shoulder that night after she handed me the cassette, because she came to sit beside me too, at COFFEE time. Let's start by saying that Coffee's/Coffers and Coffers/Coffare's are in Daddy/Dowd/Doody colors, the colors also of Sitters/Sidewells, suspect from the merger of Sitric Caech with the Atheling Saxons in Northumberland. He reportedly married their Edith of POLworthy, and Pollocks share the Daddy/Dowd saltire. Both surnames add white items to their green Shield, the colors of the Coffee/Coffer cups.

Sitric CAECH is suspect with the Cake/CakeBREAD surname. She told Geneva Daddy to go get some BREAD. Breads are Brads while Bradleys use "AuDAX," almost the "Audacter" of Pollocks. Dax's share crossed, white swords with Daddys/Dowds. Wikipedia's article on king Maccus, Sitric's grandson, said he had talks with Saxons in Cheshire, where Maccus-liner Maceys later lived who share gauntlet gloves with PHONE's/Fane's/Vans. Geneva Daddy first picked up the phone when I, a Masci liner, called, and the upside-down white wings of Geneva's/Genova's are suspect with the Masci wing because another white, upside down wing is used by Diens/Dives', suspect with Diva, also called, Chester, the Cheshire city where Masci-liner Meschins ruled. The Dowd-like Dodds (Arms-of-Cheshire garb) were first found in Cheshire.

Dodds (Davenport colors and format) share a "copia" motto term with an Arm of Macclesfield. The motto, "NEC virtus nec copia desunt," has the virtus code for Vardys/Virtys, rulers at Ferte-Mace. "Nec" is used by the Cheshire Crews/Creuse's with the Arms-of-Macclesfield lion in colors reversed. This alternative Arms of Macclesfield (at the top of page) show the Davenport fitchees, for Davenports were at East Cheshire with Macclesfield, and the Shield changes the blue to a purplish hue likely for Cheshire's Pace's. In the Crest, the lion sits on a "wreath," symbol also of Maccus-liner Mackays. Skiptons have the purple lion, and while Rummilys were at purple-lion Skipton, here's on the gold crown sitting upon the wreath: "an Antique Crown Or the Rim Gules." Rims are listed with RUMs/Rooms who use a Coat linkable to Wreaths/Craith's. (The Arms of Colchester has an antique crown).

"The crest represents the Knutsford-Bucklow-Wilmslow area. The grassy mound represents Bucklow Hill..., explaining why the Cheshire Buckleys (two "(nec" terms) are in the same format, though colors reversed, from Davenports / Dodds. Buckleys are a branch of Buckle's who named Buckle near Rothes Castle of Peter Pollock, and Wreaths are like the Wrath variation of Rothes'; both latter surnames share the red lion with the one sitting on the wreath of the Arms. The Rothes' are raven-viking liners, from a Stutgart entity on the Neckar river that I see in "nec." Neckers/Necks can therefore be using the Macclesfield stag and antique crown. Peacocks are a sept of Pollocks while both Paw surnames use peacocks while both Arms of Macclesfield point out the "forepaws" of the two lions, the blue lion suspect as a Quintus-Caepio-line lion. Quints, first found in Essex with Colchester, and sharing the colors and format of Colchesters, use a black lion paw very linkable to the black lion of Palins/PAWleys, first found in Dorset with other first-known Quints. Yet Savage's, likewise with a black lion paw, were first found in Cheshire with Macclesfield. This Colchester picture traces to the COLapis river, also called the Caepio-suspect / copia-like Kupa. Cups/Cope's/Colps apply here. The Kupa is a Sava tributary, and the pattern of the Savage/SAVA lions are those of the black fitchees of Tarves', first found in Aberdeenshire with the Culp location of Cups/Cope's/Colps, making the Davenport fitchee linkable to Tarves', which works well where Traves'/Travers share the scallop of Meschins (Married Skiptons). Rothes castle was at Moray, explaining part of the motto of these Arms.

In the lower Arms of Macclesfield, the one with the "nec" and "copia" motto terms, there is a white unicorn head in Crest, and while the Crest of the upper Arms are said to be partly of Knutsford, the Knutsfords (Cheshire) must be a branch of Knuts/Cnuts (Mieszko-line vikings) with a white unicorn head. The description left this part out. Knutsfords look like they share the Coat of Apps', for both have the same lozenges on a fesse, and Apps' share the scallops of CAPES', first found beside the Apps'. I say that lozenges are from the Losinj area of Croatia, i.e. near the Colapis. I say that raven-like CRAVens (Skipton is in Craven), who share the Rim/Rum and Wreath fesse, are from crow-line Croatians (KRVati), especially the crow-line Ceraunii that I trace to some heraldic crowns, especially if the crowns are upon a wreath. I trace Mieszko ancestry partly to the Urbanus river of the Ceraunii.

There are a few Knut surnames that don't pop up with "Cnut." While one Lacy Coat shares the purple lion of Lacys, the other Lacys have six pellets in the colors and format of the Tarves / Savage items, and moreover the Crest of the latter Lacys has a "fret-KNOT." Swedish Knuts have a wolf in the white-on-blue colors of the wolf head of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, earl in Cheshire. Belgian Knuts look like they have a Coat version of Meschins, but is in the colors and format of the Baliol Coat while they with their Baily branch can be of the "label" (Labels/La Bells) around the NECK of the unicorn head in the Macclesfield Arms. It's making the three Label crescents suspect with those of Cnuts, and meanwhile variations of the Cressents/Crests/Crais' are linkable to Wreath variations while the triple Cressent bends look linkable to the Coat of Pungs/Paganels (Yorkshire, same as Rumilly-Skiptons) that use a label. Moreover, Pungs are in the motto of Rims/Rums/Rooms suspect with the rim on the wreath, and having a reflection of the Wreath Coat. The "Placit" motto term of Rims/Rums/Rooms (ANNANdale) is for Placentia elements, highly suspect with the ANANes Gauls there, and then the Arms of Placentia has a wolf in colors reversed from the same of Swedish Knuts.

English Knuts/Nutts share the Buckingham bend-with-besants. Buckinghamshire (near the Capes' and Apps') is where Rivers (Knut/Nutt and Chanut colors) were first found, who can be gleaned with the Nuits-sous-Ravieres location of Chanuts (share the Cnut chevron), which could reveal that the blue lion in the Macclesfield Coat is that of River-branch Revere's. As Cnuts/Notts were first found in Gloucestershire with same-colored Walls/Wales', it's probably not a coincidence that the wolf head in the Wall/Wales Crest is in the colors of the Swedish-Knut wolf.

Rivers were "in the union of Thame, hundred of Ashendon," and Ashendons (lion paw on what could be a dagger), first found in Kent with the Masons/Massins who share the Revere lion, might just share the red lion in the Macclesfield Arms, though ultimately it's suspect as the lion of Ranulph le Meschin and of the Leghs/Lighs. While Revere's were first found in Devon with Ash's/Aschs, Ashens are listed with German Ash's/Aschs. The Macclesfield page: "The red lion represents the Egertons of Tatton, who held the hundred's Court LEET. This lion appeared in Knutsford's crest. Red lions also occur in the arms of the local Legh, Mallory and Leigh families." As Mallorys were first found in Leicestershire, it tends to confirm that Leghs/Lighs (Mallory Coat) were from Leicester's Legro river. The Leets (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys) share the Stanley bend, and Leats (Holyrood elements), thus suspect with the Tatton crescent, share the black fitchee in the Macclesfield Arms. Stanleys come up below in Macclesfield elements. The "to the" motto phrase of Leats has been suspect with Tooths because the Tooth griffin is that of LETTers/Lauders (near the Leats of Lothian), but then Tattons share the Tute/Toot crescents and Tute/Tuit quadrants. Letters/Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with Hume's/Home's who likewise use "to the end."

The Hick "buck' head can apply to Buckleys because Hicks use a "bon" motto term while the Arms here uses the motto, "Memores boni consilii." The "garland of laurel" of the same Arms can link to the same of Lorraine's, which I add because the Lorraine lion is in the colors of the Sutton lion while Hicks are said to be from Mr. SAUTeby. I had indication that Miss Hicks should link to Tows/Touch's (share green lion with Suttons), and that could relate to the TUXford location of Suttons. The latter are said to have linked with DUDleys, you see, and Suttons are in Daddy/Dowd/Doody colors.

The Sutton write-up: "His first seat was at Sutton Montague in Somerset, and the family later acquired Sutton upon Trent near Tuxford in Nottingham, where they became Lords of the manor and the Barons Dudley." Dudleys share the blue lion with the Sutton Crest and the Arms of Macclesfield, but in both colors of the Mason/Massin lion, and the Mason/Massin Crest is shared by Morays suspect in the "Memores" motto term, for I say that Mackays were at Moray with SUTHERlands (said to use the Moray stars).

MANSfields, who share the maunch sleeve with Ticks, were first found in Nottinghamshire with Suttons (Herod/HARALD colors), and the maunch is a symbol for Manche, suspect with the Manx peoples on the Isle of MAN, where Maccus and/or his brother (Harald) ruled. God showed me that Mansfields are a branch of Meme's/Mame's/Mens', tending to explain "MEMores," and Mens are said to be a branch of Manners while Manners/Maness' share the motto of Suttons. This motto, along with the double fesses of Manners/Maness', loves black-border Parrs, and a black border is shared by Montague's/Montacute's, who were at Sutton Montague. What were these Gue's? From Gouel de Perceval of Leavell? Possibly, for Leavells were first found in Somerset too.

Mens'/Meme's/Mame's (very suspect with Lyon-descended MUMmolin) are said to have been at GlenLYON, home of Lyons who share the Sutton lion. Glenlyon appears to have been named by Glenns / Glennys because the latter share the Mens/Meme Shield. The three Glenn / Glenny martlets are those of Dodds. The Glenny Crest look like the German Dax/Tax Coat. Back to the black border of Montague's, for Borders (Somerset, same as Montague's) share the crossed swords of German Dax's/Tax's, yet there's more, for Borders put the star of English Dax's/Ducks between their swords. German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with German Glenns, and the latter's patee is that of Crauns/Crane's who I link to Hicks'. In the year that I first called Miss Hicks, I had done an unexpected thing: I purchased baby ducks and chicks (chickens).

As per the "CONSilii" motto term in the Arms of Macclesfield, we note that Maschi's use pine CONES while Cone's are a branch of Conte's to the Conteville ancestry of Meschins (related to HAMON de Masci/Massey). We can glean that the Bucks share the Cone / Conte / Hamon antlers for yet another Hicks allusion in Cheshire elements.

"ConSILII" becomes interesting if it's code for Sillys/Sullys (Devon, same as Ash's/Asch's), whose triple red chevrons connect well to Cassandra's/Cassane's, and to both Ash/Asch surnames. Recall the Sully-like Sullivan trace to Geneva's Seleucids, the latter being very linkable to Macedon. This brings us to Cassander of Macedon, who was living somewhere around the Pontus river opposite the Strymon from the Odomanti. This river can be to the Ponts/Ponds and Ponders, which I mention intentionally because one of my two ducks, as adults, died after I made it a small POND for the ducks. I neglected to realize that the ducks would drink the water, which was laden with bacteria after a week or so. The German Glens put a patee cross at the base of their Shield, as do Ponts/Ponds and Ponters. The latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Stanleys who share the Knee bend, in my opinion.

It was my belief for quite a while that God wanted to link Knee's to Stanleys, and finally, recently, it seemed to be due to Knee's being a branch of News'/Newes'/NUCES', who not only share chaplets with Hicks (Miss Hicks and I both lived on the NUECES river), but use what looks like the solid chevron on CHAPmans (same place as News'/Nuce's, Stanleys and Ponders), the ones who loved Ponders in their motto. It's just flooring me to now find that Chapmans share the Check/CHICK crescents!!! I bought ducks and chicks that year (2002) all in a single batch (six chicks and two ducklings with clipped wings). The fitchee in the Check/Chick Crest is in the red color of the Pont/Pond patee. Chapmans use a broken MACE, and share "virtus" with an Arms of Macclesfield, and we saw above why Macclesfield elements were of king Maccus.

[An hour or more after writing here, I recalled that Checkers share the Ferrat Coat!!! A little while after that, it was recalled that Sheldons, as per Prescott Sheldon Bush, who pretended to be the father of George Bush Sr., use ducks and a "pati" motto term!! Double Zinger. Chick-like Shicks are with mole-hill Shake's, and Hills (Worcestershire, same as Sheldons and Pattys/Pati's), have a fesse in colors reversed from the Sheldon fesse. I'll add here that while Squire's/Squirrels, and a Dudley location, were in Worcestershire, Squire's/Squirrels love the Tiens who share part of the Coat of Pears/Peare's, while the Arms of Dudley use pears, as do Abbotts, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens and Pears/Peare's (all three have the same chevron). I have remarked often that a Miss/Mrs. Abbott of West Islip, beside the Patchogue home of Adolf Hitler's nephew (William), had a daughter living beside Aryan Nations in Idaho who married Mr. Scheriff, indication of a Hitlerite connection to Aryan Nations.]

Here's more from the Arms of Macclesfield, note the Edgar-related Edge location that's also in the Dodd write-up, and after that we find Sutton: "The [stag] supporters are for the Macclesfield Forest area [probably garbage intended for the public], which included the towns of Alderley Edge, Bollington and DISley. They are gold stags, from the arms of the Stanley Earls of Derby, Master Foresters and Hereditary Stewards of the Liberty and Hundred of Macclesfield. Stags also occur in the arms of other local families - the Stopfords, Downs [Knee's were first found in County Down] and Shrigley families...From this hangs a black cross-crosslet of the Davenport family...The stags are each standing on a black hunting horn. These occurred in the Sherd and Sutton family arms, who held land in the forest." Sherds are listed with Shirts, and the Stanley stags were very apparently related to the Knee stags. This is new to me, tending to confirm the Stanley-Knee link.

Alderley Edge looks very related to the Edge-like Etchells (Stubbing besants?) and Aldernes' in the Stopford/Stockport write-up. STOPfords/Stockfords, from a tenant of the baron of Dunham Massey, share "Patriae" with Philips and Welsh Louis' while the three Stopford lozenges, in colors reversed, could be the three blue ones of French Louis'. Stops/Stubbs (Paeonians) share the same pheon as the Cheshire Nickle's/Nichols, recalling Nicopolis on the edge of the Paeonia. French Louis' were first found in Lorraine, recalling how God set up a Lorraine character in my life at a bus STOP as code for Stops/Stubbs. I asked her out (for the first time) at her bus stop, and we first kissed that night at a picNIC table, which was traced to Nickle's/Nichols some two years or more ago for the reason above. Bus' have a cinquefoil in colors reversed from the Etchell cinquefoil, and here I discover that Etchells named Nichol-like Nechells while Neachill is in Staffordshire, the latter being where Stops/Stubbs were first found.

Nicopolis was on the Nestus river, and the AlderNES' in the Stopford write-up may apply to that river, for they can be gleaned with Alda's/Alderotti's/AUDI's, making both Alda surnames suspect with Odomanti elements (not necessarily the Odomanti proper). Stops/Stubbs were from Water-EATON, and Waters share the three Cassandra/Cassane chevrons. Eatons were first found in Cheshire. Alda's/Audi's and EDONES-like Dino's ("LIBERTAS" term in their Chief) both appear related to Taddei's (Massy-related Tattons were in Cheshire), and I think that Dine's/Dives' use the Masci wing while the location above was also, Dunham Masci. The Bus stop got suspect with Bush's while the English Bush Coat, when showing with a red fesse, is much like the Coat of Alderleys/AUDlerlys. German Sticks use beetles, and Stopfords/Stockports have this too: "Over in Bootle, Lancashire the Stockport family one half of the manor with the Beetham family." Beetle's / Bedwells were thus a branch of Bootle's/Bottle's, suspect with Bothwells/Bodwells / Bottoms/Bothams / Booths (the latter share black boars with Alderleys/Audlerlys).

Stanleys are said to have been in Hooten of Cheshire. But as you can see, Knee's are said to be local to the Macclesfield area along with Shrigleys. The latter share the human leg with Leaks/Leakeys (Knee bend), and the human leg of others beside Leaks was very instrumental is pointing to the Steele-dossier scandal as per the below. Suttons have a LEXington entity. Leaks are said to have been the original earl(s) of SCARSdale, one such location being in North Yorkshire.

[A day after this update was online, Fittons (Cheshire) were loaded who share the Arms-of-Cheshire garb with the Arms of Macclesfield, and the Fitton Coat is a version of the Stanley Coat. I read that Williamsons, who share the chevron of Fitten-like Foots (Cheshire) and Fothes'/FITTES', were a Mackay sept, and here one can link the Williamson Coat to the Ruffords. The Fothes/Fittes', first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's, use a cornuCOPIA, and this links well if not perfectly with the "copia" motto term in an Arms of Macclesfield. Read on. Fittons are said to have been lords of Rufford (probably raven liners of the Ruff/Rolph kind).

It's very interesting that while I was writing the last line, the only two squirrels at my house area came across my window, seemingly playing chase, and they entered the garage together to get today's food. I have cause to view these squirrels as God's pointer to Robert Mueller and Bill Barr, who are being watched very closely by Tom Fitton. In fact, these squirrels are mentioned below in a section written yesterday as I write this insert.

Today's offerings to the squirrels are exclusively bread crumbs and some bread crust from the bread I bake in the Black and DECKER bread-making machine. German Deckers/Daggers use the red squirrel of Squirrels! Zikers. English Deckers share ravens with Ruffs/Rolphs, can we believe it? "Bread crumbs" is a phrase as per the tweets of Q-Anon, and I thought it was interesting that while popcorn is a term used by Q-Anon followers to speak on the Q-predicted celebrations, when the deep state is finally prosecuted, I was feeding the squirrels popcorn at the beginning (from my Proctor and Silex popcorn-making machine, in case nail-using Proctors apply). Although I've come to see Q-Anon with some suspicion of being a fraud, perhaps he's only been guilty of honest error or a misreading of God's messages to him. To put it another way, God may wish to bring some of what Q's been predicting, in spite of Q's predictions and views not materializing as he claimed they would. It's completely amazing here that Q-like Cue's/Kews (Norfolk, same as Ruffs/Rolphs) not only share the Fitton / Macclesfield garb, but have a lion in Crest, with a garb between its paws, all colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Macclesfield, yet this Macclesfield topic was put out on the Internet the day before I arrived to this insert with Q topic.

You will read below on my Pillar Post invention, seemingly in some relation to Donna Brazile / George Bush / Nancy Pelosi. I'd like to add here that the Klees'/Clays have a version of the Fothes/Fittes / Rufford Coat, for one of my partners in the invention was a Mr. Klees. As Ore's/Orrs were resolved as pointers to Bruce and Nelly Ohr, partly because the Ore/Orr roundels are shared by Nellys (but more to it), it's pretty darned amazing that "ORbem" is in the Klees motto while Orr's/Ore's share the cornucopia with Fothes/Fittes'. Bruce and Nelly Ohr are a central part of Tom Fitton's work details. A cornuCOPia and a uniCORN are very linkable because the UNIcorn is part code for the Una/Oeneus river, beside the Kupa. Yonge's, from the Una, share a motto term with the Proctors whose three nails look linkable to the three PILEs of Yonge's. Pile's are Pillars/Pilots too, and Ore's/Orrs have piles also. "OrBEM" is suspect with Beems (Ashendon lion?) because they share trefoils with Klees'/Clays and Klee's. Beems are said to be from near Abbeville, the line to McCabe's. Klees'/Clays were first found in Lincolnshire with Kills/Keele's and Cheile's, and Kellys share the Post lion. Orrs/Ore's, by the way, use bon-like motto terms. End insert]

God showed us that the touch-knee event in the dream was to link to the 9-11 memorial that I attended with Miss Hicks four days after I first called her. By now, I am convinced that my calling her was God's will for the heraldic purposes above. As I've said, I determined not to sit anywhere near Miss Hicks on that evening (September 11, 2002), to show proper distance to a married woman who talked with me too long on the phone. But when I saw her coming to her seat, I went to her, set up her video camera, and, seeing an empty seat beside, her, asked to sit there. She permitted. I am sure that was an act of God. Later that night, Stanley took my seat beside her, and this, along with a knee event later that night at the LEAKEY road, is what led to me to linking Stanleys to Knee's with conviction. That night promised that God would act against the fiends of 9-11, which is what came to mind when writing above that the one duck died due to pond-water poisoning. But I had not yet realized at the time that Ponds/Ponts share the black boar with Bush's. Hmm.

A ferret (or ferret-like creature) killed a chicken. I went out to bash this animal on the back, causing the chicken to drop from its mouth, but the chicken died. On another night soon after, a skunk came to get a chicken, but, opening the door a crack, I hit it on the head almost lightly with a metal rod, with just one hand (the other hand on the door in case it decided to spray me), and it died almost instantly on the spot. I'm just recording this in case it dawns on me that it's symbolism for how God wants to punish the 9-11 deep state.

When leaving Texas that year, I had to give the surviving five chickens and one duck away. When returning, I learned that the family dog killed them all. It was at the home of Bill. Code for Bill Barr? One could say that the metal rod used to kill the skunk was a metal BAR. Hmm.

As you know if you've been following closely these past couple of weeks, the News'/Nuces' share the Shield of the Arms of Massy, traceable to Annemasse at the city of Geneva. When I asked if someone was sitting in the empty seat beside Miss Hicks, she said it was reserved for Geneva, though she never showed up, I suppose because I was sitting there. The Geneva/Genova surname happens to link very well to Segni's/Segurana's of Genova, who share the Barr eagle, very interesting.

Will Bill Barr take up the case of Scalia's murder? One suspect there was Mr. Foster, who first convinced Scalia to go hunting at the ranch in which he was killed, and then flew down to Texas with him. It was possibly Foster who convinced Scalia to leave his body guards in Houston. First of all, let's tell that Chickens share the green-on-white chevron with one Foster Coat. Could the murdered five or six chickens be code for Foster's circle? Both Foster Coats share striped hunting horns with Hunters, and one Foster surname uses a "Hunter" motto term. German Barrs have hunting horns too, and Hunters were first found in Ayrshire with the Barrs sharing the Segurana / Este eagle.

Bars at Bar-le-DUC were traceable to Ducks, for German Ducks use BARS in Bar-eagle and Bar-le-Duc colors. English Ducks are in Logan/Duck colors, and the latter's nails are code for Nails/Nagle's, first found in Westphalia with Ducks and Duck-using Velens and Velins. Scottish Logans, with the same nails and heart as Irish Logans/Ducks, were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs.

There's more. One of the Foster Coats has the striped horns of Weights, and I know for a fact that the Dexter Crest uses "weights." Dexters are important because John B. PoinDEXTER, according to his own testimony, was asking Scalia to go hunting on his Texas ranch. When Scalia turned it down, Foster, Scalia's so-called friend, who was standing there at the time, convinced Scalia to go. My chickens are apparently linkable to that situation.

Poindexter said that Scalia, sitting beside him at dinner, got up from the table and excused himself to his room, not feeling well. He was reportedly found dead in his bed in the morning, without a sign of struggle. It suggests food poisoning. Was my duck, which died of poisoning (was very sick before dying), a symbol of the hunter, Antonin Scalia? Or maybe I'm being ridiculous. Logans/Ducks use a "MAJORum" motto term, and then Poindexters were first found beside Majors, and moreover the latter are in the motto of Cheneys. Chaine's/Chenays share the white wing with Geneva's/Genova's. Immediately after writing the last sentence, a song line was playing, "the judgment that awaits..."

The song title is, The Scarlet Cord.

So, Scarlets and Cords/Courts were looked up, and Cords were found sharing the red-on-gold heart of Logans/Ducks, and a fesse possibly related to the Bush fesse (I hadn't yet remembered the Sheldon ducks). Cords, moreover, were first found in Ayrshire with Hunters, Barrs and Logans, and CORTes/Curtis (Warwickshire, same as Sheriffs!) look very connectable to Sheriffs. The farmer with plowSHARE in the Cortes/Curtis Crest assures that Plows are nearly using the Cortes/Curtis Coat for a related reason, and Plows share the German Bush/Busch and Bosch fleur! Bango, look at all that from the one song title, and Share's cane be gleaned with the Schare variation of Scherfs!!! Is this verification that I was correct to follow the clues as I had above? Is Bill Barr going to betray the Bush circle? Is that how to read this?

It's been my opinion, mainly from heraldic evidence, that the senior president Bush was born George Herbert SCHERFF Jr., a branch likely of Sheriffs and even Scarfs. The Scarfs are Traby kin, and Trabys were suspect in the rat-trap symbolism that I think God gave to point to Robert Muellers 16/17 lawyers. With one rat trap in one November, 16 squirrels were caught (in the attic), and a 17th, the last one, got away, I now believe. One of the two I'm feeding now, out of a ham-can dish, is suspect as the 17th. The other one of the two seems to have moved into the house area over in January. One of the 16 was the dead one in my shorts pocket. I had named him satan because it was the only one that got away from me, twice, though it died in the van, probably freezing inside the pocket. Mueller hired 16 lawyers, and, after a while, a 17th. Everyone was citing his 17 lawyers, though his chief lawyer quite this past week.

There is no mistake with "Scarlet Cord," for Share's/Shere's have fitchee crosses in the colors of the near-fitchee if Schere's/Scherfs, and the black dog of Share's/Shere's is shared by Carricks who in-turn share a dancette-fesse with Cortes'/Curtis and Plows, yet more: the Cord fesse is in the colors of the Carrick fesse while both surnames were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys. Kennedys show the black fitchees of Share's/Shere's along with the chevron that is the Arms of Carrick, and, sometimes, the Arms of Carrick shows the three fitchees too. The Scarlet Cord song at this time was no coincidence. The song was named by God, apparently, for this disclosure.

Hmm, there is also this online: "We are Scarlet Cord, an Alternative Rock band from the island of Oahu, Hawaii." That's the island on Obama's alleged birth certificate as his place of birth.

The rat-trap was suspect with the RADziwills/Astikas' who married TRABy, and I'm reading that Southern Raised (I can see a Raze variation of Rats/Raids), the band doing the Scarlet Cord song, are Reiths by surname. And the Southerns happen to have a version of the Rodham/Rodden Coat! Reiths are said to be from "Rath," and there is a German Rath Coat using the sinister-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's')!!! That pretty staggering, especially as the Rath bend is in the colors of the Rodham/Rodden and Southern bend.

The Traps/Trappers happen to share the BUStard with Bustards, and I did see (years ago) the English BUSH's with a red fesse instead of the black one they now show, and so the Bustards can be gleaned with a version of the red-fesse Bush Coat. Therefore, and especially if the SCARlet Crest shares pillars with Bosco's, the Scarlets might just be Schere's/Scherfs / Scarf liners.

Now watch this, and decide for yourself whether God just introduced Scarlets with The Scarlet Cord. Scarlets share the ermined-white lion with Stocks and Stake's, Astikas suspects. German Stocks have a reflection of the Cord Coat, but with beetles instead of hearts. The Beetle's (hourglass shape) happen to have lozengy in the colors of the similar of Scarlet checks (recalls the Checks/Chicks). Stake's were first found in Gloucestershire with the Walls/Wales' having the Scarf wolf head. Decide.

It was after writing the paragraph above that it was remembered that Checkers share the Ferrat Coat. The ferret got a chicken in its mouth, but I clobbered the ferrat as it ran away, probably with a broken back. I don't remember what I used. Ferrats and Scarlets share a Shield filled with checks.

It was either the Sunday following the 9-11 memorial, or the Sunday after that, but no longer, that I first wore cowboy boots to church. I had been in Texas a few years, and thought it was high time to get some boots. I wore them to church just once, when our church put on a band Sunday night for the youth. Boots were first found in Berkshire with Beetle's. German Trips (possibly Traby liners) once showed boots, and English Trips use a "SCALing ladder," likely code for the Scalia ladder. Trips now show shoes, and Shoes share the lone stars of Poindexters.

It's the drops of English Hamburgs that trace Trips to Tropoje elements, for German Trips were first found in Hamburg while English Trips share the crosslets of English Hamburgs. German Hamburgs share the Knee bend. The write-up of English Hamburgs: "The surname Hamburg was first found in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire...Hambrook is a village and hamlet in the parish of WINTERbourne, South Gloucestershire." We saw the first-known Stake's (Scarlet lion?) and Scarf-suspect Walls/Wales' in Gloucestershire. Winters are begging whether BILL Barr is being pointed to, for Winters (Gloucestershire) share the checks of Bils', half in the colors of the Scarlet checks. The Scarlet checks are used by German Winters, however, first found in Rhineland with Bush's/Buschs. We now need to ask whether Bill Barr is preparing a nukeler winter for the Bush circle.

With two other Winters using a POLAR bear, it's probably true that Winders have the Pullen/Pully motto due to their being a Polar branch. It checks out with Polars/Pollards and Pullens/Pullys sharing the red-on-white scallop. Winders not only share a Shield filled with checks with the Gloucestershire Winters, the Scarlets and the Checkers and Ferrats, but show a white-ermined bull head in Crest, apparently linkable to the white-ermined lion of Scarlets. Windsors share the Trip / Hamburg crosslets.

I'm wondering whether the Scarlet pillar / column, if that's what it is, is wearing a white scarf. The Polars are in the colors and format of the Tufts, beloved of the tufts of grass upon the Bosco pillars. These pillars are in the colors of the Schore "column," and Schore's were first found in Hamburg too. Bush-suspect Boasts/Bois' are in the motto of Nemo's (beloved on Poindexters) along with Shows/Schors'/Schauers. Doesn't it seem as though George Herbert Scherff Jr. was protected by the Walker-Bush family because they were related via Nazi characters in their circles? Is that why Scottish Walkers and Schere's/Scherfs share vertically-split Shields and stemmed roses? Nemo's are loved in the motto of their Neece/Kness/Ness/Nish neighbors.

This is when Sheldons came to mind with their sheldrake ducks, code for duck-using Sheldrake's/Sheldricks. It just so happens that Shells were first found in Westphalia with other duck-liners including Ducks. The other duck liners, Velens and Velins, trace to mount Velino of the Marsi, and as the latter had a snake goddess (Angitia), is should explain the Shell snake. Innis' (Moray), who look like a branch of Neece's/Ness' (Moray stars), use the snake too, making the Neece/Ness Coat (probably the Angus stars too) look like a version of the French Mar/More Coat. Newes-like Neve's and Navys were first found in Angus. The Innis hexagrams suggest linkage to neighboring Hagars, and from that I suggest Angus linkage to Angusta on a tributary of the AGARus (now the Siret).

I have Vrm, count of Angusta, in over 30 updates, but Google, when searching " vrm "count of Angusta" ", brings up only seven of the updates, and does NOT tell readers that there are more files, like it once did. At one time, when plotting to hide pages it didn't like, Google would allow searchers to click for more pages left out of the initial search, because it was too fearful to hide those pages outright. Not here, not now. Brazen cheating is now done unabashed with middle finger lifted at we who complain. Google decides who the educators shall not be, and so I ask God to punish this organization most severely for this terrible wrong. Do I and other good people work so hard to be screened out?


If any truths come out of the released Page-Strzok testimonies is that the DoJ chose and/or allowed these two lower-level people to take the hit for the anti-Trump movement, but that the emails of Comey, McCabe, Obama, Ohr, Lynch, and Clinton were protected by the DoJ. What do we call this? It's called illegality from the DoJ, stunning. The other thing we learn is that some Republicans are seeing the need to start the attack on the anti-Trump Democrats, for the purposes of 2020. I am open to the idea that the Page-Strzok news was crafted theater hoping to make the scandal fizzle away. The problem was, the FISA scandal rolled out too, which nailed Clinton, and also, as the news has it this week, the Obama DoJ, as expected. There is no rule of law in the DoJ if it allows Obama to get away with this.

With what looks like the death of Trump's wall this week, he just might decide that the best way to get his voter bloc excited is to do his sincere best in exposing the Democrat deep state. The FISA scandal saved Trump. It was the turning point of the attack on him, for, as we are learning now, the attack fizzled after the frenzy to begin with. It may be premature, however, to say that it has fizzled, or that it saved Trump. We have yet to see what Barr's influence will be.

With the Democrats saying this weak that they will not seek impeachments hearings, we can suggest that it was never a serious movement, just theater. It had the purpose of firing up Democrats on a false premise, and moreover it hoped to frighten Trump into inaction.

Here's on Bill Barr's reported opposition to Mueller, but, caution, this could be fake news to give false appearances:

Right away in the video above, if the story be true, we learn that Mueller wanted to continue talking with Flynn, suggesting that Mueller has not finished his report as some have been saying lately. If this story is true as told, then it appears that Barr is calling Mueller to finish up. The two may be friends, but Barr doesn't want to be boo'd by Republicans for allowing the witch hunt to go on without justification. Mueller is well portrayed as a ghost rattling his chains to merely scare.

One of the Senators to vote against Trump's national-emergency declaration was Mitt Romney, suggesting the possibility that the Bush circle is not in partnership with Trump in the building of the wall. Lou Dobbs says this week that Jeb Bush is calling for the defeat of Trump in 2020, suggesting again that there is no Trump-Bush alliance, unless these public things are a trick to give us a false image. Barr has come out to show solidarity with Trump's emergency declaration.

In the meantime, Lindsey Graham has sent Barr a letter asking him to do what the DoJ has refused to do thus far. This is the big test for Barr. I predict that Trump will not wish to join in with Graham's effort, because Trump has had two years to reveal the documents, but has refused. However, Trump treads dangerously to oppose this request. Sooner or later, he could change his tune, and probably faster if his wall ends up in long-winded court battles. Barr might decide that what Trump thinks is immaterial. Perhaps the last section of this update's heraldry predicts that Barr will do the right thing. Or, perhaps I'm reading the heraldic pointers wrongly.

There is perhaps more than a silver lining in the Democrat-led House, for now that the House is acting the political animal, it allows Graham to do the same in the Senate without much fear of being called out for acting political. It's my opinion that both parties MUST act political against possible corruption in the opposing party, and, if no corruption is found, fine. But to make an unwritten rule where neither side can investigate the other because that's acting political (as if hitting below the belt) means that both sides are protected in their corruption. The good news here seems to be that the House will find no/little corruption on Trump while Graham will find lots of new corruption on Obama. Here's Graham giving Barr a two-week deadline, wow, that's lickety-split. Is it really popcorn time, or is this a false-hope trick?

Look at how Fox becomes a coward in the face of some lost money (most comments support Jeanine):

Yup, money, the corruptor of morality, rules at Fox news. Thank you Fox for clarifying it. Fox set itself up as a conservative show to make money, not to win the country for conservatives. It puts limits on what the hosts can say. Fox can be the reason for lost elections. It gladly abides by FBI and CIA scams and corruption. It stands behind the corruption of the military, portraying the military as do-no-wrong.

Having said that, I'll say that Jeanine isn't telling the whole story. There is a real Jewish rat, demonic to the core, inside the United States. I agree that this sentiment should not be advanced by radical Muslims who reject every kind of Israel, including the Israel of God, but people should have the right to make a distinction between Jews as normal people versus the super-rich Jews who wish to control the nation's "progress." Jeanine should not have given Cortez any mention at all. She's a nobody that some liberal minorities, and women, wish to make a somebody in the same manner they manufactured a great image for the howler (woof-woof), Hillary Clinton. People who want to use a nation as a platform for making money at the expense of decency must be called out and punished, yet the government would rather go to bed naked and stupid with them.

Another example of an upstart is Hope Charlotte Hicks: "In 2019, she will begin working for Fox News Channel as chief communications officer and executive vice president." How did that happen? Who is she to deserve such a job? Isn't her position at Fox the public-relations chief? Did she have anything to do with cancelling Jeanine's show? Is she the reason for the watered-down news at Fox since the last election? Is she responsible for all Fox's attention on Cortez in the first place Just asking. Who at Fox decided to hire her?

During this week, I sensed that God was alerting me to a train when watching Judicial Watch videos (two trains went by during two different videos, and there was another thing too). While in bed one night, I sensed God introducing me to Donna Brazile, with a prediction from Him that she was going to "kill" Hillary Clinton, when a bird screeched in a tree out my bedroom window. One screech was all there was, like an instant grab-and-kill from an owl or tree-climbing mammal. And at the moment, a train whistle (code for whistle blower?) sounded with the train as close as it comes to my property (comes by every two weeks or less). I am attentive to the specific items in what could be Signs. Soon after, Donna Brazile came out on TV regarding her book in which she destroyed Hillary, though Brazile tried to walk back her accusations. We now find that Brazile has taken a job with Fox News, and I suspect Hope Hicks behind this.

I'm starting to suspect her as a liberal-leaning feminist. Hicks' father was a CEO of a public relations company that decided to become bipartisan. He and she may have been liberals, in other words. Hope Hicks may be seeking to liberalize Fox. However, I really do not know from the scanty to zero evidence so far.

Will Brazile on Fox continue to kill Hillary on behalf of another Democrat? I will be watching her closely if I see her in videos.

The Brazile surname has the only lion I know of with four feet on the ground. "They were descended from Fiachrach CASAN, the progenitor of the Clann Brassil..." As I see king Cassander with the Dexaroi, by what coincidence do Braswells use the double Dexter chevrons in colors reversed (neither Coat has anything else)? Wikipedia says that Donna's ancestors were Braswells.

As the Irish drastically alter names, it's possible that "Fiachrach" is a Fier-county liner. The Brazile lion is in the colors of Fair / Vere liners, and also in the colors of the Ferman/Forman lion while the latter's Coat has two fesses in the colors of the Dexter fesses. The Fair/Phares (Cumberland, same as Daggers) anchor is in the Ferman/Forman Chief (in the colors of the Anchor Chief) with the lion. Irish Fairs have the Fier Coat. Fermans/Formans were first found in Midlothian with CRICHtons while Fiachrach Casan is said to be the "son of King Colla da CRIOCH". Crichtons love the Grace's in their motto who in-turn have three of the Braswell chevrons (and nothing else showing). As Kellys are said to be from Crioch too, the Kelly lion may be the Crichton lion in colors reversed.

Firmans have gold anchors too, as well as sharing the Irish Farmer/Fermare lion heads. English Farmers share the BREAKER/Breck hunting horn while Brae's/Brays use a "flax BREAKER" while Brokens/Brogens, said to be "of the Ui Fiachrach Muaidhe," are probably of the Braswell write-up: "The surname Braswell was first found in the West Riding of Yorkshire at Bracewell and Brogden..." Cricks/Cracks may have the lion of Irish Grace's. But, I can't get Trane's or Whistle's to work into this, though Birds are in Farmer colors and format while Steele's (Cheshire, same as Birds) share the Firmen and Farmer lion head. If the Steele Chief is a distinct version of the Clinton Chief, there may be a story here, for I thought the screeching bird was a sign of the demise of one or both Clintons.

If the Steele's were Intended in that train-whistle event, does it predict that Donna Brazile will blow the whistle on the Steele dossier. It was paid for by both Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and Donna Brazile became the interim chief of the DNC.

It's only a little interesting that Trane's were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams who in-turn have a bend in the colors of the bend formed by the Whistle lozenges. I'm not viewing that as part of the train event unless something reinforces the idea. Mr. Trayne married the Bowes' of Streatham, who are in the write-up of Bowes' too, and the latter share the motto of RODham-like Roets who in-turn use another version of the Clinton Chief. Roets were first found in Somerset with Whistle's and with TRANS'/Trents, and, moreover, German Roets were first found in THURINgia while the Roet Chief shares gold boar heads with Turins/THURINs. As Chivasso is at Turin while Chives' were at Tarves (Aberdeenshire, same as Turins/Thurins), I always link the Tarves' to Turins/Thurins, and it just so happens, zowie, that Tarves' share the six fitchees (same pattern) of both Clintons and Hillarys!

So, the train whistle was not so much a pointer to Trane's, but to Whistle's and Trans'/Trents. It's verifying that the screeching bird was Hillary Clinton. At that moment, I was asking whether Dons and Donna's apply to the white rabbit theme that God pointed me to, which had to do with Bra of Cuneo in the begiining, but came to represent the Clinton crime ring suspect, for one, in murdering Seth Rich. Donna's were found, whn morning arrived, to be listed with Dance's/Donnas' of Piedmont (same as Cuneo), and then English Dance's have the Steele lion heads too.

I had an OMEN in 1994 as I drove into Texas from Louisiana, the state of Donna Brazile. I've always called it an omen, and that night I was mugged in the NISSAN. Nissans use double fesses in colors reversed from the two fesses of Dons, the latter's in the colors of the two Braswells chevrons. The omen, which was first described many years ago, was a small cloud covering the sun, which is why I about fell off my chair when seeing that thing in the Lease Coat, for I was checking Lease's when discovering, at Donna Brazile's Wikipedia article, that her middle name is, Lease. The Dons (Cheshire, same as Birds) use an omen-like "OMNia" motto term along with "dona." Birds use "mea," and Dons, "mei."

One could say that the screeching bird was an omen, and so let's add that Omans use a black version of the Bird Coat, and, moreover, the Omans are in the colors and format of English Bush's now showing, though Bush's once showed their Coat with a red fesse, the color of the Bird fesse. Both Birds and Bush's have a gold fleur on their fesses.

As I write, one squirrel is chasing the other, not sure if its fun and games or territorial fighting. I'm watching these squirrels for a Sign on Bill Barr versus Robert Mueller. Mueller is suspect with the squirrel that's been here for a few years, and the new-comer in January was suspect with Bill Barr.

Dons are said to have been at BOUGHton, and Bowes' are Bough's too. Boughtons have the motto, "Omne bonum Dei donum," clear indication of a relationship with Dons. The Bowes' came to topic with Trains/Trane's, and so this Don link to Boughtons seems to clinch the train blowing its whistle just as I was wondering (in the middle of the night, in bed) whether I should check Dons in the morning as per Donna Brazile.

I had found the cloud-over-sun omen in the Crest of Jeffreys a couple of years or so before finding it with Lease's, the latter first found in Northumberland with Trains/Trane's, and possibly sharing their red lion. It was quite a while after telling readers of the omen in the Jeffrey Crest that I told them about my fence-post invention, which was not marketed. I called it the PILLAR POST. I was telling readers that I took the product to an international trade show for fencers, in New Orleans (late 80's / early 90s), which is where Donna Brazile was born. The Jeffreys use a "Post" motto term, and, I suppose, the Pillars can point either to the Bush-liner Bosco's due to their so-called pillar, or to Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found smack beside Bra and using columns instead of pillars. Pillars are also Pilots. Recall the Grace's above, from the Crichtons, kin of Brazile's, for the French Grace's with three of the two Braswells chevrons are also Grasse's while Bosco's have "tufts of grass" on their pillars. Was Nancy Pelosi permitted to rule the House at this time to make a major slip-up? Will God cause her to produce a major blow against the deep state?


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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