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March 5 - 11, 2019

Hungarians and Other Syrians Now Suspect on the Arve River
Heraldic Explosion on Southern Shores of Geneva
I Grazed, Brushed and Touched -- All Three - Her Knee

The Eustace Crest shares the same black cross between antlers as the Vise/VICE Coat, and the latter has a black stag head, same as Knee's/Nee's. When mugged in Galveston in 1994, in my Nysa-representing Nissan pick-up (with cover), I was sleeping in the back. I had locked the latch with VICE-grips. When the thief finally got his opportunity to lung, I blocked his thrust (with fake weapon) with my KNEE. God prepared that entire event, and I got away safe without losing anything to him but the keys to the vehicle (He must have put it into my head to put a spare under the mat for that trip). Use the link/tab above to load all Coats you'd like to see.

The next morning, the NEWSpaper and coffee was purchased in Victoria, which I have talked much about recently, but I don't recall seeing that "Vice" is like "VICtoria." The newspaper was the thing that brought me to the News surname in the first place, and now the Newes variation is being kept in mind as the makings of "Knee's/Nee's," or vice-versa. I don't think God would have given that event merely for teaching that Knee's were a News branch. The News CHAPlets gives us indication that God used the event to reveal a few things about the bloodline of Joseph Caiaphas.

Chaplets are used by Saxons/Septons, and there is a chaplet-like Le Chable location five miles south of Saxon, the latter on the Rhone just 10-15 miles downriver from Sion. I don't think I've ever noticed this before, and so if the Arms of Massy has swans, that's all linkable to Le Chable because swans are used by Sions/Swans. It's telling me that Joseph Caiaphas is of the namers of Le Chable, which jibes with the Joseph-surname links to Caplans and Chaplains. Saxons/SEPTons are highly suspect now from Septimius, who married the daughter of the nephew of Julius Agrippa, the line to Griffins, and three griffin heads are in the Caplan Chief, in the colors of the three garbs in the Joseph Chief. This update explains why garbs are from a river into lake Geneva, the latter just 35-40 miles downriver from Saxon.

A couple of updates ago, I bumped into this Arms of Massy with the Shield of News'. I assumed that the beakless birds in the Arms were martlets or ducks. But as Chaplets are in the News Coat, the Massy birds can be the Chaplet swans, for the Massey birds are in the colors of the Chaplet swans. As they are beakless, the Beaks must have been Massy kin, and the three Beak fesses look linkable to the three of Nee-like Nie's/Neys. Later in this update, AnneMASSE at lake Geneva, not far from Saxon, is a topic, and so this is a great place to add that the Septon variation of Saxons can be from emperor Septimius, husband of the sister of Julia MAESA. The sisters were children of Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa. You are about to see a massive trace of Bassus-of-Cetis elements to the Saxon theater.

After realizing that the mugging event was a pointer to surnames, I learned that Herods probably descended from the same Antipater-of-Macedonia line as queen Nysa, and there's why I must have used the vice-GRIPS: for the Herod Agrippa's to Julius Agrippa.

The new question is whether the vice-grips the night before Victoria indicated that Vise's/Vice's were a branch of Victoria's. While Ardiaei were on the island of VIS, Vice-like Fix's/Ficks, who have some variations like those of Victoria's, share the eagle of Doria's who not only married Arduinici, but were first found in Genova with Fieschi's, the line of Feschs, I think, the latter having variations like Victoria's too. Fieschi's were close to Grimaldi's of Genova while Grace Kelly brought baron Massy (same spelling as the Massy location above) to Grimaldi's when she married prince Grimaldi of Monaco. Perhaps the GAINeys sharing the Kelly Coat are GENoa liners. As Ghents use the Doria eagle in colors reversed, Genova became suspect with king Gentius of the Ardiaei. As Gentius married a daughter of king MONunius, the line to Moons, I'll bet this line named Mons, not far from Ghent/Gaunt at the end of Artois' Lys river. As Lys' are Lise's too, Mona Lisa is coming to mind.

[Later in the update, a Mons location in Provence is come across thanks to the write-up of Lise-related Lizarts/Lazards, and this Mons is right beside Liguria, perhaps a Ligurian location at one time, apparently explaining why the Mons/Mount Coat is also the Ligh/Legh Coat. More on this later.]

The Fix's/Ficks have a blue wavy fesse, what the wavy Dutch Ghent fesse would be in colors reversed. It convinces me that Fix's/Ficks were Fieschi liners, both from Vis or the namers thereof. As the Fieschi line of Fessys/Face's (love the Vince's/Vinch's in their motto) are connectable to Valentinian I at VINKovci, that's the line of Vince'/VINCH's, and therefore probably the line to Leonardo da Vinci, painter of Mona Lisa. Shouldn't we expect the namers of Mons in Genova with Gentius liners? Why were Monaco-like Monks first found in Devon with Moons?

As Doria's married the Ardiaei in ONEGLia, why do Nagle's share the fesse of Nissans / Parrs, a blue fesse like that of Fix's/Ficks and Cassandra's/Cassano's (Cassander of Macedonia was Antipater's son in the line to the three queen Nysa's)? GALveston must be a pointer in some way to the ARTemiDORos Galatians. The best I could do with "Galveston" was the Spanish Galves/Galego surname, suspect with the Murena tower, and as that's the line of Terentia Murena to Trents/TRANS', lets mention the TRANSFIXus" motto term of Walsh's. It can explain why the Murena eagles are in Doria-eagle colors. It appears that her descendants were to the Fix's/Ficks. I can't get online to check, but I think the giant Train/Trane lion is that of Galves'/Galego's too.

Valentins use the squirrel, and Squirrels love Fermo, I believe with good evidence, origin of the founder of Este. The Segni's/Segurana's in the Fessy/Face motto share the Este eagle, and as Este's put out the Guelphs, compare with "Galves."

Galveston is in Texas, and the Texas surname (Spanish, same as Murena's) shares the checkered Shield of Louvier's while La Louviere is right beside Mons. The same checks are used by Pavia-suspect Pavers, and as they are used by Leavell liners too, it seems that the Texas surname is a Ticino liner like the Tess'/Tecks. We are now near the Cottians who birthed VESTalis, the line to Wests/Westons and possibly the Vests. I'm looking at "GalVESTON" because I'm not yet happy with the little that "Galveston" has brought to topic. There needs to be more to it. In the last update, a train track was at topic just before re-discovering Trecate in the graveyard of my writings. TRECATe is at Novara, home of the Laevi GAULs, and Lupus Laevillus was at the TRACHEITis river. That may have been the best find of the last update, but there were so many good ones.

If I recall correctly, the spears in the Track/Trick / Drig Chief are called, darts, and that's got to be for the Monunius Dardanians, for Darts/Dards were first found in Devon with Moons. Tracks/Tricks and Drigs are in Pollock colors, and I've seen the Pollock arrow called a dart. Pollocks were first found in the same place as Spears so that the Track/Trick spears can indeed be darts. The red lion in the Crest of BROGitarus-like Brocks holds a dart.

When I blocked the thief's thrust with my knee, he had one hand on my neck (after having had both around my throat), and Necks/Neckers use a stag head too. Necks can be a hard version of the Ness', a Nysa line, yet "Ness" is much like "News." Here's a new idea: compare "Neck" with "Nagle" or even "Knee," and then ask why the mugger was a Necker-like NEGRo. If I recall correctly, Negro's share ears of wheat with BROCATo's/Bocci's, the latter definitely from BROGITarus, grandfather of Artemidoros. That really works good, suggesting that the Brogitarus line had linked to one of the three Nysa's. Why else did he lunge at me upon the SEAT of my Nissan PICK-up?

Ears of wheat are used also by Chappes'/Cheaps, first found in Stirlingshire with Vise-like WISharts. Stirlings share a Moor (Negroid) head with French Chappes'. Ears are suspect with Eyers/Ayers, first found in DERBYshire with BROGITarus-suspect FROGGITs (Brogitarus' son conquered DERBE).

We can even use the newsPAPER to recall the carNATIONs of Papers while Nations/Nathans (NOTTinghamshire) are linkable to Natt / Naught / Cnut/Knot / Nutt liners, all linkable to the proto-Geddes Geds on the Nith river. Note how "Geddes" is like Cetis at the Tracheitis. Repeat: "Why else did he lunge at me upon the SEAT of my Nissan PICK-up?" Geddes use PIKE fish, and Seats are also Cetis-like Cedes'. We can see where God was going with that event. It was a pick-up TRUCK, looking like another pointer to the Tracheitis.

We can even ask whether the pick-UP was a pointer to the Galatian, OPgalli, wife of the Herod liner, TIGRanes IV. Opgalli is in the "OPtem" motto term of TEEGERs/Teague's. As I said, I purchased the newspaper in Victoria because I decided that morning to purchase land in Texas, which I did about seven months later off of Mrs. Teague. Yup, that's right, and she lived on the Nueces river, like the Nuce variation of News'. God can't yell any louder than this, especially as I asked her if she had acreage on a river, which is why I bought on the Nueces too.

So, if God was arranging even the heraldry for this work, does the Nissan pick-up mean that Nysa's line joined that of Opgalli to Cetis? I know every parent between Opgalli and Quadratilla, queen of Cetis, but no one there appears to be from Nysa's line. I know every father between Brogitarus and Quadratilla except the father (and mother) of Severus of Akmonia. I have seen only one person venture the identification of Severus' mother as Julia Tyche, a Ticino suspect. The fake weapon of the thief was a piece of plasTIC (half the cover of a television's remote controller). It would be amazing to find that some Plas-like surname links to Julia Tyche. Spanish Pelaiz's (Bils checks) use half the Pollock saltire while Julia Tyche was mother to Julia Polla.

As I said, I said, "In the name of Jesus, get off," and pushing him out the door, he lost his grip on my neck. When the weapon, which I expected to be a knife, hit my knee, it fell to the floor at the passenger seat. I was on the passenger seat, with one had free looking for the weapon, and I came across his hand looking for it too. I found it first, meaning that I was holding as I pushed him out. Standing there on the curb with him, I thought he had a gun too, so I ran up the driveway and knocked hard on the front DOOR (poor residents, I gave them a scare) to give him something to worry about, with plasTIC in hand, though I hadn't yet looked at it. No one answered, so I went into the back yard to feel safer (he had given indication earlier that he had a gun), and looked at the weapon there. When I saw it, I ran back, sure he didn't have a gun, and jumped the fence to the street, and there I saw only the driver door open wide; he was gone (couldn't have been too far) after the truck failed to start for him.

He took the keys, which I once had in my hand. I realized later that they popped out of my hand when he lunged at me. He was probably watching as the truck failed to start twice for me with the spare key. Click. Click. Then it started on the third try. It was a miracle, not that it started, but that it wouldn't start for him, for it never had that problem before or after. Good timing, Lord.

I had the plasTIC at the house DOOR, and Julia Tyche was the daughter of ArtemiDORos. Hmm. How were these Galatians become related to a Nysa? Did Artemidoros marry her family? I found it suspicious that Wikipedia didn't give dates for many of the people in the two bloodlines to Cetis. Severus was born around the same time as Caiaphas, but on a guess one can be as much as 30 years off between both their births.

I have made the comparison between the Gate and Cage Coats many times, and here I should add that while Gate's are Cetis suspects for a couple of reasons, I had to jump a gate when running up the driveway, before getting to the front door. And Cage's are like the Caige variation of Opgalli-liner Teague's/Teegers. It suggests what I've long thought, that Opgalli (Quadratilla's gr-gr-grandmother), said to have possibly been Jewish, was related to the line of Artemidoros (gr-gr-gr-grandfather of Quadratilla). But how does that make her Jewish? It's intriguing, because she could have been a daughter or sister of Caiaphas. Off-hand, I'd say that Opgalli was born no later than 10 AD. Off hand, Caiaphas could have been born in 20 BC. But instead of guessing, it's best to read God's pointers accurately.

The Negro thief was the pointer to Necks/Neckers, and to Caiaphas by way of the ears of wheat shared between Negro's and Chappes'. Is that telling us that Caiaphas was descended from a Nysa? He brought the plasTIC to the event. Caiaphas married a daughter of Annas, and Anne's were at TICKhill. Hills were merged with the line of Plancia Magna, a Galatian herself on her father's side, yet she was also a granddaughter of the Galatian, Opgalli. It may seem that Caiaphas was the son of Julia Tyche if she was born early enough. The keys of the Nissan trace well to key-using Clavers (share the Hill / HOPper / Plunkett tower) and Claviere's, and that's the line of Glaphyra, Opgalli's grandmother/great-grandmother.

If I'm correct if making Caiaphas the grandfather of Flavius Josephus, note that the latter entered the family of Vespasia Polla, very traceable to Julia Polla, Tyche's daughter. It makes it compelling to see Caiaphas born into Tyche's family, for if she was the ancestor of Vespasia Polla, it can explain how Josephus got adopted by the Flavians. Moreover, Caiaphas had to be a Levite in order to become the high priest, and Tyche is suspect from Laevi proto-Galatians on the Ticino. It stands to reason that Laevillus was from Tyche's family too. As the Tick surname shares a version of the Teague/Teeger Coat, it again makes Opgalli look like she's from Tyche's family. Tighs were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas'.

We were both looking for the PLAStic with our hands, and Hands, in Hanna colors, share the stag with Hanna's and Anne's. Perhaps the plastic was code for PLACentia's Ananes Gauls to Julia Tyche's family. I think I'm going to make a funnin-around prediction: Artemidoros (born as early as 75 BC) married the Ananes Gauls so that he gave birth to Seth's wife. The couple gave birth to Annas, the line to sheaves and ears of wheat, as well as the Garb liners at the Arve river, near Annecy. "Arve" is much like "Derbe," and Derbys use garbs. Shaw-related Eyers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire. It was Artemidoros' father who conquered Derbe, and so these Galatians must have been at the Arve river. Across lake Geneva from the mouth of the Arve is Vevey, suspect with Vibia, mother of Laevillus. Near Vevey is Pully, suspect now with Julia Polla, Tyche's daughter and possibly the sister of Severus of Akmonia. Near Pully is LausANNE, and Anne's were at TICKhill.

Artemidoros' daughter, an Ananes liner, married Ticino's Laevi Gauls to become Mrs. Tyche. These Laevi Gauls were in Syria, having birthed Seth. The Ticino had proto-Hungarians Arpads, from Syria's Arvad/Arados. This area was the Levant, and Levente was the brother of king Andrew of Hungary, the latter being the father of Scottish Drummonds (almost the Leavell bars), first found in Perthshire with Seths/Shaws.

Annas gives birth to a daughter, from the line of Artemidoros, and she marries Caiaphas, a Laevi from Julia Tyche (still guessing). The latter looks old enough to be Caiaphas' mother. The theories are working well together. Andrew's brother, Bela, marries Helena, daughter of the count of ANGUSta (Romania, near L'VIV), and this named Angus, home (I think) of KilDRUMMy castle, and near/beside Perthshire. Annas' share the star of Angus', and Angus' share the Fife lion while Fife's and Five's are from Vibia > Vevey liners. Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Bugs, and L'viv is on/off the Bug river. The Arms of L'viv uses a "semper" motto term while the double lions in pale of Sempers become suspect with those of Marrs, likely the Mars of Angus / Aberdeenshire who ruled from of Kildrummy castle. Jewish Levi's use double lions in pale.

Bela is interesting because I trace Bellamys, a branch of Bells, to the Arve river. In fact, this makes me realize that the Arve was not named after Derbe, but after ARVAD! Hungarians were founded by ARPAD. Amazing. Bellamys must have been Bela Hungarians.

My initial point in introducing Hungarians into the Annas picture was to suggest, or to explore, a link of his Syrian father to Arvad. As it turned out, Arvad appears to trace to a the Arve, a short distance of about 20 miles from Annecy (Savoy). ANNEmasse is at the mouth of the Arve, and Masse's/Masseys were first found in Savoy. Bellamys of Perche married Mace, and Perche's share the double chevrons of Arve-like Garveys. Bells and Bellamys share the fesse of Harveys, the latter looking lime a branch of Garbs. On my atlas, there is a Ponte PERCEE on the Arve river. Here's a Google map of the Arve area.

Although Bela may not be shown married to Helena of Angusta at Wikipedia, I have read that they did marry. History writers at Wikipedia have shown themselves to be cover-uppers at times, I have no idea how stupid they really are in providing false history when they need it. The sky's the limit with the ungodly today.

The Arms of Hungary share red-and-white barry (bars) with Belli's, in the colors of the double Perche / Garvey chevrons. As Andrea's and Andersons use the Annan saltire, the two surnames must be from king Andrew. I'll bet that Andrea's were related to the namers of Drummond-like Drome.

As Greeks called Arvad, Arados (traces to Arad off the Hungarian border), it seems that the Rats/Raids apply, for they were first found beside the Andrew-descended Ross clan. In fact, Rats/Raids were first found in NAIRN, suspect with a Nairi line to Neuri on the Bug river. Bugs (same place as Annas') share the water bouget with Rose's of Nairn. Rats/Raids were linked recently to the Radziwills-Astikas', and this provides two key points: 1) an A-less "Astikas" is like the SITHECH ancestry of Seths/Shaws; 2) Traby married Astikas' while the Scarfs beloved of Trabys/Sadowski's (scarf) use wolf heads in colors reversed from the wolf in the Arms of Placentia, on the Trebia river, yup, home of the Ananes Gauls, the proto-Annans to Andrea's and Andersons.

If Artemidoros did provide the wife of Seth, then we can add that roses are used by Artems/AITons, first found in Berwickshire with Levi-beloved AIDs. Wasn't it necessary for Seth to have been a Levi, or, if not, to have married one who birthed Annas? The Artem/Aiton cross is in the colors of the Annan saltire.

This theory at least works well as a skeletal one. It may need a couple of ribs rearranged, but it's a starting point for a venture. Vibia (daughter of Mr. Vibius) looks like a Neuri-branch Nahorite, and I do view Roxolani as Ros liners. There were Ros liners called, Ruthene, both in France and the Slavic areas, Romania and Ukraine, for example. Neuri worshiped wolves, and Norrys use a wolf. NARbonne's/DeNARDdo's are a branch of Norths that were apparently at the ROQUEfeuil theater with the namers of Narbonne. It makes Norths look like Neuri liners. If one looks at Norton variations, it could appear that Norths became Naughtons and therefore Niths/Naughts on the Nith river. What were the proto-Geddes Geds doing on the Nith with Neuri? Well, Geddes' look like Cetis liners, and Vibia's royal son of Cetis looked like a Bug-river Neuri above, having a branch at L'VIV. That works. And where there were Nahor liners, their could have been lines from Nahor's brother, Abraham, and also Levites for that reason. Keturah traces to the Arms-of-Saraca fish, shared by the Geds having a "DuRAT" motto.

I trace QuadRATUS and his daughter, QuadraTILLa, trace to Sub RADICE and neighboring Tyle at the upper-Hebros area in Thrace. That may have been the connection to the historical king Cotys of Thrace mentioned in the last update. The Cotesii are on a map exactly on the same Buzau river that I saw Roxolani, and Buz was a son of Nahor. Benjamites were at the Rimna tributary of the AGARus, to the near north of the Buzau tributary of the AGARus. It's got Hagar, Abraham's concubine, all over it. The Cotys/Archdeacon Coat is the closest thing I've seen, in a surname, to the triple chevrons of Levi's. It seems that surnames were not permitted to use that symbol in both colors, reserved for the Levi alone, yet the counts of HAINaut used them.

The Radice/Radix Coat looks very linkable to the same-colored Cable Coat, for Cabyle was/is to the near east of Tyle and Sub-Radice. Recall Le Chable near Saxon and Sion.

Sub Radice is beside the Serdi that I trace to the Swords with good evidence (in the Duncans), and the Sword motto, "Paratus," looks like old version of the ancient Prut, the river that the Agarus meets near the Buzau. The rivers meet closer to GALATi, in case Galatians were there. The motto of L'viv is "Semper fideLIS," suspect with the Lissae location beside the Serdi. Duncans (ancestry in Viv-related Fife area) share the cinquefoil of Buz-like Bus', and look like they are from a Dunax mountain beside the Serdi. The Swords are from Siward of Northumberland, who defeated MacBeth three years before Malcolm III, son of Duncan, killed MacBeth. George, son of king Andrew of Hungary, was in Scotland during that three-year period, and Malcolm married a woman who was in exile, in Kiev, with this very Andrew. George's son, the first Drummond, brought Malcolm's wife to Scotland. The "petit" motto term of Malcolms links to Perts/Petts and suggests a variation of Pierro's/Pero's on the Ticino. In fact, one Peter was king in Hungary who caused Andrew to flee. Andrew then ruled when Peter was gone. Was Peter a Ticino liner somewhere in his ancestry, or connected to Pero's?

Repeat: "The Arms of Hungary share red-and-white barry (bars) with Belli's." It recalls the belly symbol that God gave to Christine PEARE!!! It's confirming the these particular Hungarians were of the Pero's. Belli's, thus highly suspect from Bela (Andrew's brother), are beloved of Carpenters using the same bars, making Carpenters suspect with the Carpathian mountains, location of the Agarus, for example, but also having foothills touching into Hungary. The Carpae were the Arpii, the likely namers of Arpad, and thus the Arvad area of Syria appears to have named the Carpathians.

There is a Carpentras location in VAUCluse only some 35 miles from PERTuis, where I trace Andrea's. How amazing, for I traced her there due to her link to Partys who share the VAUX / Louviere checks. They are the checks in the Arms of Meulan/Mellent, and Leavells were from a daughter of the Beaumonts/BELLmonts of Meulan. The counts of Hainaut are expected at La Louviere, about ten miles from central Mons, probably a Mons suburb. French Vaux's/Bellivaux's (billets) look like Bell liners too.

I know it sounds crazy to new readers, but God set me up with Andrea when I was 10 years old for pointers later in life when he would commission me to this heraldic project. When He first commissioned me some 15 years ago, I had the impression that he wanted me to find the line of Buz, son of Nahor. As I said in the last update, I gave Andrea (my classmate) a book on TARZan for her birthday, and here my theory that has connected Andrew of Hungary to Ananes Gauls can be supported by the fact that Wikipedia places Ananes between the TARO and Trebia rivers.

? I also gave her a game board with the book, but have yet to realize how the Game's might apply. But wait. If I recall correctly, Game's are listed with Cams, and are therefore a branch of CAMULOdunum, for that place is at Colchester, near the Cam river of Cambridge. I trace KEMUEL, another son of Nahor, to Camulos, the god having named Camulodunum. They say that Helena, mother of emperor Constantine I, had Colchester ties. With Roxolani expected to be of Helena of Angusta, let's add that the nails in the Arms of Colchester are code for Nagle's/Nails sharing the Roxburgh saltire. Also, if I recall correctly, the nails of Colchester were claimed to come from Helena because she had a piece of Christ's cross, it was said (nobody believes this). When David I built Holy Rood (Haly Rod) house for his mother, I think that some claim it to be for housing a piece of Helena's cross (thus, the 'rod'), but this is hokey, a cover-up for the reality. I instead trace Haly Rod to Rodez (the David Coat is a version of the Aid/Ade and Rodden Coats), where Henrys ruled, at least one of which married Miss Roquefeuil. David's mother, Margaret, is the woman who was in exile in Kiev with Andrew, where the Rus of Sweden ruled whom I trace to French Ruthene at the Rodez theater. At least one historical document made Margaret's mother (Agatha) a relative of emperor Henry. For a third Henry, we go to Ade-liner, Ada of Warenne, wife of a Henry, son, I think it was, of David I. It seems clear to me that the latter Henry was named after a Henry of Rodez, and Henry IV is suspect because Malcolms (and Nails) share the saltire of Roquefeuil-liner Roxburghs (David was the son of Malcolm III). Apparently, Agatha descended from Henry IV, husband of Miss Roquefeuil.

Nahorites on the Cam river? I like to repeat that Kemuel-like HAMELtons share the ermined-white cinqueFOIL of Bus', and moreover foils are from RoqueFEUIL, of the Roxolani Alans whom I pair with Neuri. That Feuil entity looks like the Fullers, for they share the bars of Carpenters / Belli's / Hungary, which I wouldn't bother mentioning had not the Fullers shared a beacon with German Belli's. Beacons are Bacons while French Bacons share the Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil. They are shared by Tankerville's, from Boeotians, and so keep an eye out for a Boeotian suspect south of Kiev.

Bacons are suspect from Bacau upon the Agarus, close to Angusta i.e. where HELENa lived that married Bela. It's Roxolani-interesting that the ROXburgh surname shares the horse head with Helens. The Roxburgh motto has Aude within it, the location of Roquefeuil. If I recall correctly, Game's/Cams may have six pale bars in the colors of the one of Roxburghs, and moreover the three Aude swords are in those colors. The Helen Coat looks linkable to English Este's, and Italian Este's share the eagle of barry-liner Bars i.e. can explain all of the heraldic bars in this discussion.

The Arms of Roquefeuil does have billets. It's therefore important that Hagars (Perthshire, same as Hungarian Drummonds) share the Zionist star of Billets/Billiards. It tends to reveal that Billets are either a line to the naming of Bela, or descended from Bela.

"Angustis" is a motto term of Cabbage's who use one of the three Levi chevrons, and therefore possibly the Levi lion on colors reversed. As Bakers share the Cabbage lion, Bakers look like Bacau liners. If you can imagine that Hagar was named after an Agarus element that got mixed up with Israel's pagan Levites and Benjamites, who then moved through Thrace and Scythia to the Agarus river. Why do Benjamins use ANNulets?

Why do Benjamins look related to the Roxburghshire Walsh's? Because, the Rimna and Buzau tributaries of the Agarus are at WALLACHia, and Walsh's are also Walch's. The Buzau was home to the proto-Roxburgh Roxolani. As GALATi is so near the mouth of the Buzau, it may have been named by peoples of GILEAD on the Jordan river, for Benjamites of proto-Rimna Rimmon married women of Jabesh Gilead, in Gilead.

Wow! There is a lake TATTA having an old PERTA location on its shores (might still be there," and Bela with Andrews were children of Vazul, who Wikipedia has married to an "unknown member of Tatony clan." It appears that I was correct in tracing Andrea to Pertuis via her appearing at my 11th birthday party. I have a solid memory of her blowing a party whistle while wearing a pointed birthday hat. I hadn't yet remembered that whistle when realizing above that "Vazul" may have been named after VESTALis, the line to the waist symbol of Miss Peare, the one who was given a belly symbol in connection to her waist symbol, and, as that waist symbol proved to be for Wessels/WAISTells, they look like a branch of Whistle's/Wissels!!! Plus, "Wessel" looks like "Vazul."

In fact, while Casimir of Poland married Varangians of Kiev, as did king Andrew, let's add that the Casimir surname uses an antler (its the Veringer antler) in colors reversed from the antler of German Wessels. Miss Peare was dating Mr. Kepke when she got her belly symbol, and his father, being Ukrainian, makes that surname suspect with a branch of the namers of Kiev. Kepke's were definitely related to Keppocks, who use garbs that trace now both to the Arve river and to proto-Hungarians in Arvad of Syria. The Keppock Coat is very suspect with Dance's/Dance's (Alan fesse) while Italian Dance's/Donnas' (share the Pero pale bar) are from king Donnus, grandfather of Vestalis.

Kepke left Miss Peare form KIM WALSH, and Kims were first found on Bute, suggesting a Wallachia merger of the Walsh kind with Budini. Walsh's trace without doubt to Walsers of Wallis canton, beside the Arve river. God knows what he was doing with Kim's name, for Walsers share the Mermaid of Glass', the latter first found in Buteshire.

Walsers were on the Lys river of Aosta, and while Aosta was founded by Salyes-like Salassi, a Wikipedia writer says that Salyes may have been that Saluvii too. Right beside Annemasse is a Saleve range. This evokes the so-called Sleeve, the English Channel, which in heraldry is called either a sleeve or a maunch (symbol of Tickhills). The Magyar-like Majors lived in the English Channel, and Majors put out a branch to Savoy. Majors love the Anchors/Annackers, a surname like "Annecy."

I've just spotted a mount Le BUET between the Arve and the Wallis border. There's a good chance that while Sitten was named by a line of Sithones, it was renamed, Sion, by some Hebrews there, or, better yet, by some wayward Levi-liner Israelites, meaning that Boethus-liner Sadducees may have named Buet. Seatons/Sittens share the crescents of Arve-river Bellamys, the latter beloved of Alans.

Helena of Angusta may have been named after the Geloni, Alan suspects, whom Herodotus located amongst the Budini south of Kiev. Herodotus added that the Geloni were from Greece...location of Boeotia. The Butts/Bute's/Boets happen to share the Alan fesse, how about that, and the Arms of Bute share the checks of the Alan-line Stewarts. If we can now just link Butts/Bute's to Roxolani Alans. The Roxburghs share the white horse head with Este's and Este-loving Pepins, and the black horse head (may be in the Helen Coat, I forget the color) in the Bute/Butt Crest was once showing exactly in the Este Crest. I remember that English Botters/Bodins/Bode's use an eagle "standing on a PERCH"!!! Ponte Percee (Arve river) is less than 20 miles from Le Buet. It's clinching Le Buet with Botters, suspect with the Bidens/Buttons (Hampshire, same as Botters/Budins) who in turn share the fesse of Butts/Bute's/BOETS!!! Beautiful. Botters/Bodins use their eagle in the colors of the Ferte eagle while Bellamys married Ferte-Mace. Sadducee-Boethus is suspect with Orion Boeotians, and the Biden/Button Crest is described as "horns" (no animal species included).

The Saraca's of Kotor were beside Butua/Budva, but they moved to Ragusa, also called, Laus(a), and thus LAUSanne might just indicate Ragusa liners. Ahh, I've just recalled, as per ANNEmasse upon the Arve that Masse'/Masseys once showed BOOTS! Dutch Veys, suspect from Vevey across from LausANNE, use the boot, and English Veys are listed with VIVians, connectable by their Coat to Fife's and Five's. This Vivian/Vey line has got to be of mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon = Bute, for Morgans are suspect from Morges, about a dozen miles from Lausanne. Le FAYet is at the upper Arve river. Up a river from Lausanne is Orbe, perhaps from Orba/Olba at Cetis, for I see Vevey from Laevillus of Cetis. In fact, about 10 miles from Le Buet there is a Les GETS location. And, zowie, Orbe is less than 10 miles from YVERdon, like the YVERY location of Laevillus-line Leavells!!! (I see that Yverdon was first spotted in November of 2015, when linking it to Leavells then, but I missed Orbe in that update. It wasn't until April of 2016 that Orbe and Yverdon were mentioned together, yet I forget some things, and move on to other topics.)

This trace of Orba, at the TRACHeitis river, can explain why Tracks/Tricks and Drigs share the Morgan and Moor lions. With Annemasse this close to Orbe, the Urbanus river comes to mind too, for Maezaei lived between it and the Una/Oeneus river. For a long time have I been suggesting that the Yonge's and June's from the Una were Hungarian relatives. I wonder how close. Although I've traced the Cole motto to Servitium, on the Shaw-like Sava between the mouths of the Una and the Urbanus, there is a Servoz location on the upper Arve, about a dozen miles from the Wallis border. I trace Colchesters to the Colapis river near the Una.

Also, the Orbieu tributary of the Aude i.e. near Roquefeuil should apply because it's beside Corbieres while Corbiere's are listed with Corbeils, first found in Savoy, location also of the Arve, Annemasse, and the first-known Masse's/Masseys. Compare one Harvey Coat with that of English Maceys/Mace's. Corbeils (a giant, red griffin) are from Mauger of the Majors/Magors, who now really do look like Magyars, for Arpad, founder of Hungarians, was a Magyar. From the last update: "...Mauger of the Majors "ruled as Count of Corbeil through his wife Germaine de Corbeil," and found that Corbeils and Germaine's were both first found in Savoy..." There is a Saint-Germain de Ioux some 25 miles west of Annemasse and just 20 from sleeve-like Mont Saleve. Majors were in "the Sleeve" sea off of the Masseys of Manche.

"Ioux" must be of the Swiss Yoke's who have a giant swan. The English Yoke's/Joke's, looking like they share the Jack fesse-with-scallops (different colors), have a red wyvern or cockaTRICE in Crest (Trice's share the star of Massey-related Vere's), jibing with the red griffin of Corbeils. Jacks became suspect with the Ajax cult at Orba/Olba, amazingly enough. The cockatrice can be for Cocks because they share the red rooster with Laevillus-of-Cetis liners, husband of QuadraTILLA, and so this cockatrice may therefore have once been a cockaTEIL (Tile's were near the Vere's of Manche). This red cockatrice is the Drake wyvern, therefore, isn't it? Presleys, with two symbols of ABREU's/Abruzzo's, have a cockatrice, and Drake-like Dreux's (Drake colors) are the namers of Dreux in Abreu-line Evreux. There are a few reasons here for discovering that Ioux was related to "Eu" and its Talbots.

Orbe, Morges, Lausanne and Vevey are all in the VAUD canton, which, as "Baud," can link to Bauts and therefore to the Bautica river, location of IVRea. Zikers. Bauds share the ship of BALDs, from the BALTea = Bautica river. The Bautica appears to be another Boeotian line, but, for several reasons, expected to be from the Boethus Sadducees. This is Illuminati-ville here. They had a witch cult on Bute / Rothesay, which jibes with the online claim that Rothschilds were satanists.

They say that Godfrey de Bouillon was the founder of the Priory of Sion. Naturally, some claim that this organization was a hoax, but this denial looks like a smokescreen. I say it did exist. Godfreys share the pelican with Stewarts and DeVAUX's/DeVAUDs. It's got more Laevillus on its face.

Les get back to Les Gets, for while Geds were on the Nith with Close-related Closeburn, the Arve has a CLUSES location about 10 miles from Les Gets! Just look at that. I've known Close's for a long time, but Cluse's were not known until the last update. The Nith has a mouth at the Solway firth, and while Solways are also Salways who smack of the Saleve mountain down the Arve from Cluses. If Kilpatrick liners (from Closeburn) were in this area, I'll be looking for them. The pike fish in the Geddes Coat can be for the Picensii that named my mothers village of Picenze, like "Piacenza" (Placentia), where Ananes lived who named Annandale near the Nith. The Geddes motto loves the Majors who had a branch right here in Savoy, and that branch is suspect at Saint-Germain de Ioux just 20 miles from Mont Saleve. It appears that Les Gets was a Geddes line.

A close-up on the southern side of Sion, on the map above, shows Les Agettes.

Beside Vaud is the FREIburg canton, and Freys are also Pharisee-like Phreeze's. In Freiburg, there is a MOLESon peak, and Mole's share the boar head of Schims/Shands, from Schimatari, in Boeotia.

Today's turf has apparently discovered that Annas was in connection with Syria's Arvad and Ugarit, the latter traceable to the Ugrians that share the Hungarian language, explaining why they say that "Hungary" is derived in "On-Ogur." This led to Arvad-suspect Arve, and multiple Cetis inklings, while I did claim from circumstantial evidence that Annas of Israel would prove to be of Laevillus' ancestry. But today also discovered that the Vazul > Andrew and/or the Vazul > Bela lines look to be from Vestalis, son of king Cottius, and therefore from the Buzau river. The Arve has a source at the St. Bernard Pass in Aosta, the latter region founded by the Saluzzo-like Salassi. Busca, beside Saluzzo, might just be a Buzau-river liner. In fact, while the Buzau is in Wallachia, George Bush married Laura Walsh. The senior George Bush was a son of Miss Pierce, and Pierce's are probably Leavell kin of the Percival kind. The senior Bush pretended, in my opinion, to be the son of PresCOTT Bush (no childhood photos online to prove he was born a Bush), making it appear the Bush's were from the Cotesii > Cottius line.

By the way, "UGARIT" can be to lake Garda because Gards share a motto term of Hungarian-suspect Yonge's. The Uniac variation of Irish Gards (share wolf with Yonge's) can be a Junk variation because Junks share the white tower with Irish Gards. German Youngs/Jungs (Junk colors) use a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, and Val Trompia is off the shores of lake Garda.

The Salassi of Aosta were defeated in ancient times by the brother (Aulus) of Terentia Murena, which tends to explain why Trents/Trans' (in the Walsh/Walch motto) have the split Shield of Sion/Sitten in colors reversed. The Walsh swan is just one indicator of a Walsh trace to Sion, and the Walsh saltire with ANNulets is shared by Benjamins (in colors reversed) who likely lived on the northern banks of the Buzau; this sharing of annulets on saltires with a Wallachia-like surname tends to prove it. The Benjamin saltire could be the Solway/Salway saltire closely because Bengs linked to Chives' and therefore possibly to Luis of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo.

Both the Arms of Sion and the Arms of Wallis canton share the same stars as Annas', and the Wallis-suspect Glass' use the Annas star in colors reversed, yet Wallis canton happens to use stars in both color schemes. Jewish Glass' share white wings with Geneva's and Masci's; the latter were first found near Saluzzo, and were a branch of the namers of Annemasse at Mont Saleve.

Sion is near Le Chable, and then the entire area on the southern shore of lake Geneva is CHAMBLais. The Tailards share the Chives / Beng quadrants, and the latter two are suspect with the Tailor / Tiller lion (i.e. making better the suggested link to Taylards), and Taylards are said to be close kin of Chable-like Chapells, who smack of the Chaplets now linking to the Arms of Massy and the News'.

With Les Gets so near Annemasse, and on the same river, I feel compelled to repeat that God set me, a Masci liner, up with an event where I saw the beautiful News-like knees of Mrs. Kilpatrick (lived on the Nueces river, like the Nuce variation of News') through the GLASS door of the GET'n Go corner store / gas bar (on the Nueces river). She was born Miss Hicks, and Hykes'/Hacks share the Chives quadrants without doubt, while Hykes'/Hake's share fish with Geddes and Geds. That event pointed to George Bush's 9-11 crimes with Dick Cheney, and Cheneys (have Majors in their motto) are suspect with Chanuts (Cnut chevron) = Cnuts = possible Nith liners of the Knight / Naught kind (Nights use the Cnut chevron, I think). If I recall correctly, the Geneva wings are upside down, and so is the Chanut chevron along with the lone white Dien/Dives wing, and the Chaine's/Chenays have another lone white wing in both colors of the set of Geneva wings. As I've said, Mrs. Kilpatricks daughter is Geneva by first name, but this is the first time that Nith liners have been seen at lake Geneva. The city of Geneva is a stroll from Annemasse. Diens/Dives' use patee crosses, and Pattys can be gleaned with the Nitts/Naughts (same place as the Nith).

Pattys (look like they merged with Saddock liners) were first found in Worcestershire with same-colored Sheldons, and the latter even have an "OPTIMum PATI" motto term. Florence Sheldon was the mother of Prescott Sheldon Bush (married Miss Walker). This Bush-line link to Pattys is a good reason to see the Scottish Walkers with the Kilpatrick saltire, for Kilpatricks are also Patchie's. The "OPtimum" motto term can be for Hoppers sharing the tower of Plunketts, from Plancia Magna, who's in the "magna" motto term of English Walkers.

The Hopper tower is also that of Hills, first found in Worcestershire too (with Sheldons and Pattys). This recalls the dream with sleeping bag found on a HILL in a BUSH, which I picked up before walking into a PARKING lot that was code for Plancia-liner Parkings/Perkins, and yet it may have been for Perkins Coie in particular. I didn't know until now that that dream had the potential to link to Bush's in this way.

"OpTIMum" can also be for the Timms/Time's, who are resolved from Timna of Edom, who likely lived in Bush(er)-line Bozrah. Plancia Magna is a known Herod liner, and Herods are known to descend from the stupid Edomites. Esau gave the Edomites their stupid symbol, and Herods, yup, as stupid as they come. The Prescotts share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains while Plunketts were first found in Vilaine. These colors are reversed from the Chief-Shield colors of Press'.

My search feature finds "Les Gets" in my files only once, seven years ago, but only as a quote from Wikipedia: "[Taninges] is close to the Winter resorts of Pras des LYS, Sommand, and Les Gets." Makes one wonder whether LES Gets was a Lys-river element from the Cavii. The Lys/Lise surname shares the greyhound (in Geddes-pike colors) with Geddes-beloved Majors.

An inhabitant of Switzerland told me she found the Walsers on the Lys river of Aosta, and here I can add that the other Lise surname has the English Babel pale bars at least nearly (if not exactly), and then German Babels/Babe's share the double-tailed mermaid with Walsers, perfect, especially as English Babels have a Gets-like GATE in Crest! The "yet" motto term of Seatons/Sittens (share green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks) is suspect with gate-liner Yates, but lets add that the PORTCULLIS gates of Yate's is like the name of PROCULus Charax, son of Lupus/Vibius Laevillus. The Ports who share the portcullis had a branch in Kyle, at Ayrshire, where Carricks were first found, and where Prestwick sits whose namesake shares the mermaid. I don't know what "Pras des Lys means or is derived in, but it's like "Prest." Presleys/PRIESTlys do use a cockatrice. English Babe's were first found beside the mermaid-using Lapps (said to be Pierre liners).

If I have the Lys river identified right, it's the one through Chatillon and Verres. There are several Chatillon locations, another at Chatillon-sur-Cluses at the Cluses area of the Arve. The Lys river has a source at the Wallis border, and is very near to the sources of the Sesia (flows not far from Novara). The Sesia river has a source near the lower Lys river, and as Cetis'/Sestie's use the lily, this picture connects between royal Cetis, the Aosta/Wallis area, and the Lille location near the Lys river of Artois. As I write, the Internet repairman is scheduled in at any hour now, and it's Thursday already, six days after the antenna broke down.

(Many parts in this section were added after getting back online, especially below.)

It's notable that "Seth" is like the Sittens, but as Seths/Shaws are said to be (without explanation) from some Sithech wolf entity, note that the Wallis / Glass stars are shared by candleSTICK Kyle's (claim to be from king Cole of Colchester), who lived at Cumnock. The Sions/Swans were first found not far from Cumnock, and near GLASgow. Kyle's were first found in Ayrshire, same as Cetis-liner Carricks, Craigie's and Kennedys; compare the Craigie and Craig motto to "Vevey," for Ayrshire faces out to mythical Avalon (Bute). The Prestwick location in Ayrshire is good for linking to the mermaid of Walsers and Glass', for she's in the Prestwick Coat too. I can't recall whether Ayers have a BOOT on the leg having the spur, but spurs are used by Nith-river liners, and Cumnock is a dog's walk from the upper Nith, the river now suspect with the namers of Les Gets.

Prestwick is right beside the city of Ayr, but there is an Ayr location (I don't think I've ever seen this before, shame) also in Wallis canton, less than 20 miles east of Sion. Which Ayr came first? Did Hebrew-suspect Swiss peoples move to Scotland, or vice-versa? It's now clear as day that this Swiss area links to the Glasgow area. As Massey liners were Numidians along with Shawia, the "shaw" motto term in the Arms of Ayrshire is telling. I now see Shawia at the Zion theater, especially as "Ayr" looks like "Aures," home of Shawia in Numidia. English Shaws/Sheaves were first found in Berkshire with the Boots, who were once honored in the Masse/Massey Coat, but as Trips once showed those same boots, Trips once again look like Trebia liners, especially as the Kyle candlesticks link to the Traby-Astikas marriage. What on the Trebia were the Trips?

CUMNock is probably related to Miss/Mrs. Comyn, mother of Adam Kilconquhar, husband of Marjory Carrick. The Kyle-beloved Sticks share three gold garbs with Comyns/Comine's, and that's all either Coat uses. It's suggesting a possible Astikas connection to Shawia that may have been more than in-passing, something fundamental. I don't think I know what Shawia were outside of Numidia; my guess has been from Qewe of Cilicia.

The Blacks; From Nero's I Feel Sure

Trips now show shoes, and Shoe's (share tree with Trip-related Masse's/Masseys) are also Schuchs and other such variations highly suspect with variations of Scott-branch Scoots/Scougals. The Arms of Placentia has a white square that could be an ESCUTcheon, part-code for Scoot liners, and it just so happens that Scute's use gold escutcheons. STUTville's are interesting for sharing the Schutz saltire on one half, and the Annandale saltire on the other, which now suggests that the Stout vikings linked with the Ananes Gauls of Placentia. The Chief-Shield color combo of Scute's is colors reversed from the same of Annas'. The Solways share the Schutz / Stutville saltire, and the Nith has a mouth on the Solway firth (sea). Annandale is on the coast of that firth, which makes this paragraph compelling for a trace to Ananes Gauls. Cumbria, where Stutville's were first found, is on the opposite side of the Solway firth.

The Little's, a branch of Liddels from Lydesdale, are said to have had a location (north of Carlisle) some 20 miles from Annandale, and so here's the Stutville write-up: "The surname Stutville was first found in Cumberland where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor and Barons of Lydesdale Castle...Roger, brother of Herluin is claimed to be the true ancestor of the Estouteville family. Herluin was founder and first Abbot of the Abbey of Bec."

As Stuteville's were at the Rammes castle, it recalls that German Cremers/Cramers use a ram's head. Cremers/Cramers are suspect with Crema and Cremona, and this discussion can support it, for Cremona was founded by Scipio along with Placentia as side-by-side army camps. The Irish Cremer/Cramer Chief is in the colors of the Kilpatrick Chief, and moreover the CUSHions in the Kilpatrick Chief are linkable to the Custs (branch of CUSH's) in the Cramers/Cremer motto, as well as to the red rooster in the Cramer/Cremer Crest (shared by Cush's). It's the red rooster on a cushion of Bibo's, and the latter are said to be a branch of Hahns, who are in turn a branch of red-rooster Hanns/Haans/Hawns. What do we suppose the Hahn's / Hanns were in this Ananes picture? Hahn's were first found in the Mecklenburg theater, where I trace the raven vikings, who especially included the Stuteville-like Stouts. If the gold Stuteville / Solway saltire were white, it would be a Kilpatrick saltire too.

At this point, I think God would like for me to repeat that he gave me an event in my teens in which I purchased an ICE CREAM from Katrina HANSon. It traced to Cremona very well with German Hansons and English Lombards, but here it's necessary to repeat that Ice's were first found in the Mecklenburg theater too. It's telling me that Ananes Gauls were with Mecklenburg's proto-Varangians (Varni). It's interesting that the lozengy Shield of German Hansons and English Lombards (Glasgow theater) are in the colors of the similar checks of Placentia-like Pelaiz's, and the latter's bend is half the saltire of Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with English Lombards. Italian DERE's share the Chief of Italian Lombards, and Scute's use the "DEER."

The Kilpatrick dagger tends to prove that they were from Antipatria, and of the proto- Comyns of Kuman, in FIER county further down the Apsus. This should explain why English' Rammes'/Rams (Cramer/Cremer kin) have a "FIERi" motto term, and were first found in Essex with Vere's. The Stutville's of Rammes castle were also at Bec abbey, where the Clare line of Crispins ruled, and here one can add that the Fier Coat is suspect as a version of the Claro/Charo Coat. For those who find it important that I trace Blake's to Bled (upper Sava), you might want to see that Blakhale's/Blakhursts (see also Blakehale's at houseofnames) share the three pale bars of Stute's. To get to the page I'm at, you'll need to click "Name Index" at page above, then click BL-BZ on the next page.

If you can get to that page, you will see that the Blakhale Coat is a version of the Blaklaw Coat except that the latter's Chief is black, making it the Chief-with-besants of TREBYs, the latter first found in Devon with Blakhale's, that's right. We just followed a surname sharing the three pale bars of Stute's, and we arrived to Trebia-river liners immediately after seeing a Stuteville trace to the Ananes of the Trebia. The three, black pale bars of Blaklaws are even the three pale bars of Stute's (in the colors of the triple Levi chevrons), and the three pale bars of Blakhale's are in colors reversed. Blake's use one black pale bar.

I want to bring back to topic my claim that some Israeli priests and their families escaped the Vespasian invasion of Israel in 70 AD by a deal cut between the general, Josephus, and Vespasian. In fact, this deal may have been cut by Josephus' superiors, the high priest included. I reasoned that Pharisees escaped Israel in 70 AD to Forum Allieni, as it was then called, yet later cropped up as Pharisee-like Ferrara, where Claro's/CHARO's were first found who are in the motto of Josephus-liner Josephs.

As per BlakLAWS, what are the chances that Laws would use red roosters too? In fact, the Laws share the three, red, pierced stars on a bend of Salome's, suspect with Salome de Herod of Boethus, and there is a fat Herod-suspect HEART in the Stute Chief. What are the chances that Blake's use a martlet version of the Law / Salome bend, and that the Blake martlets are in the colors of the Pavia martlets?? "Law" thus look like a Boethus-related line of LEVi's, from Laevi Gauls, co-founders of Pavia. Again, the Pierro's/Pero's (five roses), said to be first founded in Pavia (this can change because it deals the secret brotherhood a blow), use a version of the German Butt/BOET Coat (six roses). The both use roses above and beneath a red-on-gold fesse (in case it changes).

Thanks to a reader who emailed me extensively as per the origins of his Skate-related surname, I learned of the Schutz's, whose SHUTZ variation became suspect with "Sadducee." Can we see God causing this man to email me in the first place? I didn't learn of Salome de Boethus until a few months ago, at which time I began to stress the Salome surname, which happens to have been first found in Rhineland with Schutz's/Shutz's. The Shultz's (with an 'l') are suspect with the Shield of Chives', and the latter were said, for ten years or more, to have been first found in Devon, where Blakhale's and their Treby kin were first found. Blacks happen to share the star of Kyle's (Traby kin at least round-about). If Blacks share the Little crescent, I'd say that Black and Little's both share a Kilpatrick saltire.

With Law's now deciphered pretty much as Levi liners, let's go to the "LAIDir" motto term of Kilpatricks, which can be part-code for LaidLAWs because they have besants in the colors of the Treeby / BlakLAW besants, so amazing (all new turf here). I have not been able to clinch that motto term with Laidlaws until now, and the Laws / Blakelaws help us to clinch it, but it then helps to realize that "laiDIR" is part-code for Dirs/Derrs, whose three garbs (in the colors of the Italian Dere's/Res') are shared by the Kuman- / Fier-liner Comyns/Comine's who in-turn share the dagger with Kilpatricks. These same garbs are in the Chief and the Charo-beloved Josephs. Dirs/Derrs were even first found in the Rhineland area of Schutz's and Salome's.

There's more. The three Laidlaw besants are in the colors and format of those in the Flame/FLAMIN Coat, and Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Pavia's Pierro's/Pero's) use a so-called "FLAMING star," which is otherwise a Comyn-related Comet. That helps to nail Laws as Laevi liners, and meanwhile reveals a Laid merger with Laws. Laids are listed with Ladds/Ladons. Laidlaws were at Selkirk (Selkirks use a SALAMander in flames!) Roxburghshire, where Scottish Leavells (and Scotts) were first found. It seems clinched that Laevi of the Law and Leavell/Lovell kind were in Roxburghshire, and Laws serve to clinch the red-rooster link to Laevillus but in the meantime to drag Boethus Sadducees into the train. English Leavells come up as Lawells. The salamander in flames is shared by English Julians, making German Julians look like they share the six pale bars of Blakhale's in other colors. The sun-like item in the Blakhale Crest might just be the partial sun of Tracks/Tricks, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with English Julians.

There's more, because Dutch Flamings (see also checks of Irish Flemings) share the Shield of Louvier's / Pavers and the Arms of Meulan, and these are the checks of Laevillus liners to Leavells, the latter known to descend from the Beaumonts of Meulan that also had some titles at Bec abbey i.e. where Stutville's ruled. The three Levi chevrons were used by the counts of HAINaut, and the Hainaut capital at Mons is smack beside La Louviere. You can't argue with the facts: we have found Laevi Gauls to Laevillus and then to the Levi surnames, one of which shares the Kilpatrick lion.

Aha. Gethins/Gettins share the giant Treby lion so as to be linkable to Les Gets.

Here's from the write-up of English Leavells/Lawells: "[the founder of Leavells] eventually returned to his native Duchy and died a monk in the abbey of Bec, leaving three sons. The eldest, one Ascelin Gouel de Perceval succeeded his father as Lord of BreHERVal." Is that an Arve-river liner? The Arve was home to Harveys and BELLamys, and then Gouel above married Beaumonts/BELLmonts. Harveys and Bellamys share a Coat like that of Blackwoods (Nicholas de Vere said Vere's were in Blackwood), and so the latter's "Per" motto term looks applicable to Pero's.

The Kilpatrick lion is said to have a "DEXTER paw" on the head of a green dragon, and that green dragon head in the BlakesLYS/Blacklee Crest has a crown around its neck, as does the dragon head of Cutters who in-turn share the Chief-Shield color combo of Dirs/Dere's. Deerings, suspect with the Anne stag heads, were first found in Kent with Pettys who share the Yardley Coat, and Blakesleys are said to have named a street in Yardley. Pettys and Petts/Perts (compare bend with Salome's / Laidlaws) are suspect with variations of Pierro's/Pero's.

Anne's share the stag with Hans'/Hands and Annabels/Hannibals, the latter's double fesses being those also of Blackestons. And, what do we find with the latter surname by the red rooster shared by Kilpatrick kin, and by the Hahns-related Hanns!

It's a great thing that the Vibia line of Laevillus' mother was traced to Vevey in this very update, because her name is expected to the Bibo's who are said to be relatives of the Hahns', and their shared roosters proves the marriage(s). It just so happens that Savoy, location of Annecy and much under discussion with Vevey is where gold-rooster Gays were first found who were no doubt a Massey liner to ANNEmasse.

Washingtons (raven) were said, for years, to have been first found in Lancashire, where Blackesleys/Blacklee's were first found. Washingtons, now said to be first found in Durham (same as Conte's/COMITes'), share a Coat version of the Blackestons (Durham). We have a hard Washington link to Black liners here, for the Washington Chief shares the three stars in the Chief of English Blacks. Durham is also where Sedans were first found who share the black border with Parrs and Furness' (both first found in Lancashire), the latter two suspect from king PHARNaces and his wife, Nysa, and therefore Parrs and Furness' have been traced to Ness'/Nice's/NESSANs who in-turn share the double fesses of Washingtons / Blackestons / Annabels/Hannibals. The Sedan motto is therefore to be gleaned as a version of the Black motto, and Blacks share the red crescent with Sedan-like Seatons/Sittens (known Flemings). I haven't know the Blackesleys/Blacklee's until now, and they happen to share the vaired chevron of NERO's/NERETTi's, tending to clinch "Black" as a Nero branch from the Naro/NERETva river.

Sedans love the Dons who share the double fesses of Parrs and NISSANs, the latter first found in Hamburg with Trebia-suspect Trips. It makes the white Nissan escutcheon suspect with the white square in the Arms of Placentia. Seatons share the green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks; the Seaton dragon spits out flames, likely, as code for Fleming liners, or the Seaton dragon may claim to be spitting out "fire" as code for a Fier/Fears branch. Peacocks, with a "fear" motto term, and first found in Durham with Sedans, use a motto that looks connectable to the Blakeston motto. Sedans were in west Yorkshire with the Dents of SEDbergh, and the Dent-Crest tiger head is in the Crest of Blakehale's.

Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with the Custs sharing the chevron of Kiss'/Cush's, Cass'/Cash's and English Blacks. Cass'/Cash's share the red border on white Shield with Scotts and Scoots/Scougals, the line I trace with Scute's to the Placentia square. Heraldic borders are important with the "double TRESSURE Border" of Flemings and Seatons, for Tresure's, first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Terres', share the green dragon with Seatons, but it's the green dragon head of Blackesleys too. Tresure's and Tarrs thus get suspect with Ananes Gauls known to have lived between the TARO and Trebia rivers. There's a Bellamy-of-Arve-river reason that the Blackwood crescent is that of Labels/La Bells, and Bells were even first found in Dumfries with Annans of Annandale.

If La bells had a double-like DuBell variation, if can explain the Flemish double-tressure. The La bell write-up: "One of the earliest notables of the family was Jean Le Bel (c. 1290-1370), a Flemish chronicle[r] and soldier...As a soldier, he joined with Jean, Count de Beaumont [BELLmont branch] on his travels to England and Scotland in 1327." La Bells are in Blois/DEBLOIS colors, and so here's the Arms of the Blois-Chatillon Counts with a label in Chief.

"Annecy" is like "Nancy," and there is a Nancy-sur-Cluses location at Cluses (Arve river). The Nancy surname shares the black cross of Morrisons, who may have name Morzine smack beside Les Gets (less than 10 miles from Les Gets). Morrisons are also listed as Brysons/Bricesons, and Brysons share the spur with Cluses-like Close's. Brysons (Breck hunting horn) also share the white pheon arrow head with Pilate's (Burgundy, same as Mont Pilat), while MontBRYSON is beside Mont Pilat. Scottish Brice's share the Brush and Bruce = Annandale saltire in colors reversed, yup, that's right (Bruce's lived in Annandale). And the Brice stars are those of Annas' because the latter's Chief-Shield colors are also those of Brice's! Zinger. These same stars are in the Arms of Morzine (near Wallis border), and so they have got to be the stars in the Arms of Sion / Arms of Wallis canton.

It appears that the Bryson spurs are those of the neighboring Liddle's, which recalls the Little branch 20 miles from Annandale, and about 50 from the Nith's mouth. That once again nails Les Gets with the Geds on the Nith. There is a spur in the Wiggins Crest for yet another link to Cluses-like Close's, and then the Wiggins Coat is a version of the Bryson/Brice Coat but without the saltire, and thus looking like a three-star version of the one-star Annas Coat. It makes Wiggins highly suspect with Wigton, where Hanna's were first found.

The northern section of upper Savoy, at the parts south of lake Geneva, is the arrondissement of Thonon-les-Bains. Italian Tonys use flowers in the colors of the Cetis/Sestie lily, and English Tonys use the SLEEVE (sometimes called a maunch) while Mont SALEVE is in Tony-like Thonon-les-Bains. It appears that TANINges, between Cluses and Les Gets, is a Tony element too. And while I trace Fessys to Geneva-like Genova, there is even a Fessy location in Thonon-les-Bains.

The Bains/Beans/Vains are a Mackay sept, and Mackays were from Maccus of Man, where the people were the Manche-like Manx, represented by the heraldic maunch = sleeve! Bingo! I win. Gimme the viking pot, it's all mine. Bains/Beans/Vains are a Clan Chattan member, suspect with Chatillon. I recall that Chatillon was the name also of Mummolin's Chalons-sur-Marne, where the counts of Blois formed a political alliance. I therefore identified the three pale bars of the Chatillon counts with the three pale bars of Knights (another spur) because English Blois' were first found in Suffolk with Knights. Knights are Nith liners, right? I thought so.

The Bains/Beans were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves', and the latter's vertically-split Shield is in the Arms of Thonon-les-Bains, the town, in colors reversed. The "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan is for Chattan-related Botters, and then Botters were first found in Lucca with Massars/Massai's, whom I usually see as a branch of Masse's/Masseys now found at AnneMasse (beside Thonon-les-Bains). And then the latter arrondissement has a MESSERy location, as well as a MASSINgy location (Cheshire garb) looking like it may have at least six of the eight Knighton/Niton bars in its Arms. What looks like the Messery ears of wheat are in the colors of the ears of wheat of Bocci's/Brocato's (Genova), a line from Brogitarus with little doubt.

The Marin location in the same arrondissement can then go to the Spanish Marins with wavy three fesses in the colors of those bars, and they are the three Drummond fesses in colors reversed, making Marins suspect Mars of Kildrummy (near Tarves) and/or Maurice Drummond, the Drummond patriarch, and grandson of Andrew I of Hungary. Italian Tonys share the wavy water line of French Marins (Brittany), which looks linkable to the Dol Coat. It could be relevant that the border and Shield of Spanish Marins is that of Scoots / Scotts because Bains/Beans share a gold escutcheon with Scute's. The earls of Mar were probably of Mars/Maa's.

I wasn't able to get online when mentioning Le Chable above. It turns out that Chable's are listed with Chapells, the surname in the write-up of Chives-related Taylards. It tends to link Chives' of Tarves to Le Chable, smack near Sion. The green lion in the Chable/Chapell Crest is shared by Touch's (in the Bains/Bean motto), likely a branch of Taffs who love the Fessy and Mea/Mee cross, which happens to be the cross of Chapelle's (with a final 'e') too. This is reliable material. Chapelle's (with the final 'e') share the Swiss flag.

The Arms of Champanges, also in Thonon-les-Bains, has St. George the dragon slayer, possibly code for George, father of Maurice Drummond. The dragon appearing with St. George in all of his heraldic appearances may be code for a Dragon surname, or code for the dragon symbol of a related surname. As Bains/Beans/Vains are a branch of Fane's/Vans, the Arms of DouVAINE (Thonon-les-Bains) can have the Cheshire garb again, and the wolf head of the earl of Chester, the son of Hugh Lupus, in colors reversed. This line merged with Chable-like Kevelioc. The latter name entered the earls of Chester from the Kevelioc location, birthplace of a son of Ranulph le Meschin de Gernon. Kevelioc is in Monmouth, where Fane's/Vans were first found. This Hugh de Kevelioc married Montfort, the latter having been at some point kin of Fanano liners. Montforts took over the Leicester titles of the Meulan Beaumonts, but the Tonys happen to have their sleeve in the Arms of Leicester. That makes Thonon/Tonon-les-Bains look like a Tony liner, especially as Leicesters use the swan.

Recall that the Tarves Shield is suspect with the Arms of Thonon-les-Bains, for while Maple's have a motto like that of Chives', and the split Tarves Shield to boot, a daughter of Hugh Kevelioc was Maple-like Mabel. Her Arms are on the page above, six garbs in the pattern of the six Tarves fitchees. Mabel married the 3rd earl of Arundel, and Arundels have six swallows in the same pattern. The FitzAlans of Arundel (6th earl) came later, and married the Chives-like Ceva line. The sixth earl was related, and he was John FitzAlan, lord of Oswestry and Clun, both in Shropshire. The male line to this was in the Aubignys, but I have no idea what surname that could be from, unless it's the Aubins/Albins. FitzAlans of Arundel married Percys, who share a string of lozenges (different colors) with the Brittany Aubins. Mabels are curiously listed with Annabels/Hannibals.

This too was part of the Geneva secrets I've not known until now. I link the Aubin/Albin fitchees to the same blue ones of Mea's, and here we can begin with connecting the Mea boar heads to both McGee's (Dumfries, same as the Geds on the Nith) and Juggs/Judds. Neither McGee page now has the "Geth" term that I saw for an old version of McGee's, and so I must have seen it in an online article, unless houseofnames removed it. Juggs/Judds are suspect with Jugon off of the Meu river, location also of the Mott location of Motts. The latter's Mottin variation suggests Modane and Modena in this picture, for Albino's were first found in Modena while Chambre on the Arc river with Modane is expected to be a branch of nearby Chambery. Another Chambery (in Wallis) is just outside the eastern border of Thonon-les-Bains, you see, and just 10 miles (approx) east of Les Gets.

Wikipedia's McGee article: "The McGhee family (Scottish Gaelic: Clann Aoidh) is an ancient lowland family of Scotland, established as landowners in Galloway since at least the 13th century. Both the Clan Donald and the Clan Mackay claim it as a sept." Just goes to show how Mackays and MacDonalds were related pirates of the sea, both related to Ferte-Mace. I don't think Mackays were Aoidh liners, but a merger with McGee's is acceptable. This Arms of Macclesfield's earls (Cheshire) shares three leopard faces with McGee's, and Macclesfields share the Fessy/FACE, Chapelle, and Swiss / Savoy cross. I suggest that Macclesfields were of the Maccus > Maxwell, Mackay-related line.

The McGee article has early Geths and Gethe's in the area of the Nith. The McGee's used erased leopard heads, and at times leopard faces as obvious code for Face's/Fessys who share the Mea cross. This looks like a merger of Les Gets with the Fessy location on Thonon-les-Bains, and so the two McGee swords (houseofnames) look linkable to the two of Feschs, which gets us back to Genova (i.e. its Fieschi).

I think I can now prove that Annecy is of the Annas'. I usually view the Sion area on the map of France, but a separate map of Switzerland has more detail. There is a Fier tributary of the Rhone passing about 10 miles from Annecy, and then Albania's Fier county is very near Arnissa while Annas' have an Arniss variation. As Fier's are a Vere branch, it suggests that the Annas star is the lone Vere star too. Fier county is where I trace Comyns/Comine's with little doubt, to it's Kuman location (for the Comyn/Comine dagger gives it away, code for the Dexaroi further up the Apsus river from Fier county). Arnissa was on a Genusus river that looks like it's people could have named the city of Geneva (has Annemasse as a suburb or outskirts).

With elements of Fier county now seemingly clinched with the Fier tributary of the Rhone, it's given me an important thing to say on the two Herod brothers. This Fier river is only about 50 miles from Lyon, the theater of Herod Archelaus. Lyon was anciently, Lugdunum, and his brother was at Lugdunum Covenarum (still in France), which was later renamed, Comminges, like the Comine variation of Comyns. Wikipedia claims that "Covenarum" means "place of convening," and while that may sound correct, it's not necessarily so, for historians frankly can't be trusted with their best guesses. The article then says that "Comminges" has the same meaning, something to the effect of a gathering place, taking from the idea of "commune/community" or even "commingle." I've thought that the claim was coincidentally incorrect, and there is now this Fier river near Lyon that can bring Kuman > Comine elements to Comminges as a better derivation of the name. It just so happens that the surname is also, Commings.

In the course of seeing the Fier river, the Ain province of France was spotted. The Ain has a mouth (on the Rhone) about 20 miles from Lyon. It recalls the Aincourts in the Jump write-up along with the Bullys who have a flaming HEART suspect with Herods. It may be a heart on FIRE as code for Fier liners. Ains could be an Anne branch, or a Hain branch. Is it another Annas line? Jumps use stag heads colors reversed from the Hanna stag heads. I'll record here the Bulle location (in Freiburg), beside Moleson. Bulls/Bule's have ANNulets.

The way I've come to understand God's dreams, the kids jumping on the yellow mattress tells me that Jumps were Cetis liners of the Kidd kind. The Matress'/Maistre's therefore look to be using a version of the Cetis/Sestie lilies, for Kids were at Dundee while Dundee's (I've read their description) have the Cetis/Sestie lily (different design). Kitts were first found in Middlesex with Apsus-liner Apps' and Fiers. Kitt-branch Kite's were first found in Gloucestershire with the Tree's in the Kid Chief, and with Stevens sharing a solid chevron in the colors of the same of Chappes'.

If you were at all convinced that the threesome, the Cush's, Cash's and Custs (same chevrons), are from Laevillus of Cetis, note that the water lilies of Waterfords are in the colors of the Cetis/Sestie lily while the threesome share "fountains" with, and even on the same chevron as, Waterfords. As I've said, the Arms of County Waterford has a stag head in the colors of the Jump stag heads, as well as what I think is the long PERCHevron (= solid chevron, looks like code for Perch's or even Pero's) of Chappes', the latter first found in ILE-de-France with Matress'/Maistre's. Meanwhile, Ile's are Yellow-like Ylleys too. Look at what just a little dream event can find, merely Michael's kids jumping on a yellow bed.

If you have been convinced that Tracks/TRICKs are from Cetis' Tracheitis river, let's go to the Scottish Andrews of SHOTley (Shots/Shute's/Schute's can be SUTER / SUTHER liners), for they use a "VicTRIX" motto term while Victor(ia)s can be with the Salome stars, for Salome's were first found in Rhineland with Schutz's. The Victor stars are more likely closer to the Sutherland stars, for SUTHERland is roughly where Scottish Andrews were first found. They were first found at Keith-line Caithness, and Keiths look like a Kite / Kitt / Kidd branch. The final point is, Michael's first child is Andrew. Andrew jumping on the yellow mattress, and king Andrew has elements on the Ticino river, though it was found that the line of his brother Bela was likely at Biella, it being on a tributary of the Sesia. What are the chances that Andrea's and Cetis'/Sestie's were both first found in Provence?

I've just learned that Biella was "BUGella" in the 9th century. Bugels are in Bug colors and listed with Bogans. That Bug-like spelling complicates a trace of "Biella" back to Bellovesus of BC times. But that's another topic for another day if ever it comes. German Bugs are Buggens/BUGLers too. Wow. Maybe I should dump Bellovesus right now.

There is a BellGARDE location some 20 miles from the Ain, and Jumps happen to share the stag head of Trumps/Tromps, suspect from Val Trompia at lake Garda.

Between the Fier river and the Ain, there's a Bugie hill region having a RUFFieu location, excellent for linking to the two Bug surnames. English Bugs/Buggeys share the water bouget with Scottish Rolphs/Ruffs (in Neuri-suspect Nairn), and the Norfolk Rolphs share the raven with German Bugs. It appears that Nahorites were through the Bugey river (tributary of the Ain), and therefore also at Biella.

I first had a dream with Michael owning a Volkswagen Beetle, and not long afterward had two back-to-back dreams with the same Michael, one of them being his kids jumping on a yellow bed, which is how Jumps came to topic. In the first dream, I put a BUCKET into the back seat of the Volkswagen, and since BUCKETs are suspect with heraldic "water BOUGET" (water container), I'm now wondering whether the Beetle is also called a Volkswagen bug? I think it has been called that. I have just found Buckets coming up as Bugeys! That must be the meaning of that dream, for the bouget-using Bugs/Buggeys share the Yellow fesse (colors reversed from a Michaelson fesse). I think I get it: God was pointing to Nahorites out of the Ukraine.

Ruffs were suspect from Rephaites of JERUsalem, and the sources of the Ain are at the Jura mountains. The mouth of the Ain is at ISRAel-like Isere. It struck me that since the Rephaite valley in Jerusalem was on the west side, where I identified the location of mount Gareb, that "Gareb" was a version of "Reph." And here we find Ruffieu just 30 miles from the Arve river to which I trace Gareb-like Garbs, Garveys and Harveys. I now call a Harvey-like Harbiye location in Syria that seemed traceable to mount Gareb. From the 2nd of August, 2012: "The Daphne = Harbiye = Antioch location near Arethusa is the one that I trace to mount Gareb at Jerusalem. I trace mount Aqra, the mountain of Baal called Saphon in ancient times, to mount Acra at Jerusalem; it was the Baal of that mountain that defeated the seven-headed Lotan dragon." Aqra is near Harbiye. The latter was also called, Daphne, but it also became the Seleucid capital. Seleucids are suspect at Epirus' Bullis, which is at least near Fier county, which may suggest that Bullys were from Bullis since the Fier river is near Ain.

Zowie, it just occurred to me that Acra is of the Acre branch Daggers/Dacres'!!! That's the Dexaroi that are the Dassaretae in the light map below, up-river from Fier country (not shown)! Wow, Amorite Jerusalemites on the Apsus. I trace Herod ancestry to Antipatria, which I have seen as, Antipater, smack where the Dassaretae are marked. Dagger-using Kilpatricks were of Antipatria, and we saw Cluses on the Garebite-suspect Arve, suspect with their Closeburn home. There is a nearby La Clusaz location 15 miles east of Annecy, and Closeburn is near Annandale.

The last update introduced the Clovis-suspect Cluse's/Clowes' just after mention of VauCLUSE. Lookie at what was said, which was when I didn't know that Cluses is on the same river to which I trace Bellamys: "The Cluse/Clowes Coat looks like a version of the neighboring Bellamys (Stewart kin), and the Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Stewart-related Partys." Party's were traced to Pertuis at Vaucluse.

It now seems that the migration between the Fier country and the Fier river concerns Garebites on the Arve, and Rephaites at nearby Bugey. Amorites lived also in Hebron, home of Abraham, and while he married KETURah (line to whatever mythical KODRos stood for), there was a KODRium location on the Apsus. To be sure that Fiers/Fere's are from Fier, they were first found in Middlesex with Apsus-like Apps'. The Fiers and Firmens / Formans all use anchors, and Anchors are Anaki-like Annackers too. The Anaki lived in Hebron too. "Annas" may be a soft version of "Annack." Anaki at Annecy? Looks like. One can imagine that, over the centuries, Anaki became represented by mythical Nike, suspect at the namers of Nicaea, which place was also Anchor-like Ancore.

The dream with bucket in a Volkswagen went on to have a BATHroom theme with a bathroom sign that I traced to the founders of the Baathist party AFLAQ and Bitar surnames. I reasoned that Aflacks were a branch of Flacks/Flecks, first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/VOLKS (and Ruffs), and so this worked beautifully with the VOLKSwagen. The Aflacks and Bitars/Butters both share the same cross, essentially, and it's also that of Annecy-like Nancy. The Partys above were led to by Andrea at my 11th birthday party, but a month or even less before that, our grade-5 teacher put on a classroom dance, forcing us to learn how to dance, and all I can recall was dancing with Nancy. Hmm.

Ruffs/Rolphs are probably a branch, or cousins, of Rollo's. Rollo's father was RAGNvald, the line likely to Reagans. President Reagan married Nancy, bigger hmm. Are Nancys a branch of Annecy from the Anaki, and was this thing merged with Rephaites in Jerusalem?

The Baths share the cross of Randolphs, and it just so happens that Randolphs share the Bath-like bat with the Crest of Bugs/Buggeys. It looks like I had to go to the bathroom, immediately after putting the bucket into the Volkswagen, just for this Bug link to Baths. Boethus-suspect Bidens/Buttons are said to have been in Bath, and Joe Biden is about to announce his run for the presidency any day now. Bugs/Buggeys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas'.

Recall how the Blacks (Lincolnshire, same as Buckets/Bugeys) entered the discussion with the ability to unveil a slew of keys. It looked like they were from the Naro river along with Nero's, and this trace was not its first time here. Fulks/Volks are said to be from Fulk Nerra, but why did the writers choose him instead of another Fulk of Anjou? Conrad BLACK, related to Montegue's, owned the Jerusalem Post. I don't know who he was with in that venture, but it seems that Rothschilds would want to control such a media. The Montague's/MontaCUTE's (black border), possibly a branch of the Chute variation of Shots/Shute's, share two black wings with German Fulks (Bug / Bogan colors).

Shots/Shute's (share swords in the colors of the Tax/Dach swords) were in a recent discussion on the sling shot in the Arms of Dachau (concentration-camp headquarters) and its trace to a vulture entity (Nesher) at Megiddo that may be a neo-Nazi entity about to make war against Israel with the help of Hezbollah and the Baathists. I'll bet you that, if Biden becomes the next president, he'll get Obama involved in Israel. This week, the Democrats appear to be going anti-Semitic (its all over the news), which seems politically insane because they stand to lose the Jewish vote. Perhaps they are willing to sacrifice much of it for a Middle-East revamping Obama-style. Is this the new liberal trend to Armageddon?

Liberals are irresponsible and nuts enough to bring it about. Leading liberals are in bed with global warmists and pro-Palestinians, and are therefore apt to forming another reset button with Russia. I once read that the reset button under Hillary Clinton was the idea of Joe Biden. I do agree that the United States should befriend Russia in order to minimize the chances of a super-power war, but not if the plot is for the West with Russian to force a Palestinian state. That to me looks like Armageddon when the Muslims become inspired and confident to defeat Israel outright with war.

MontaCUTE's were first found with Baths in Somerset, beside the Shots/CHUTE's of Wiltshire. As Baths were related to the Moray Randolphs, the red Montacute lozenges can be the three in the Arms of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray. It's known that Obama's ancestry was in Randolphs. The CADLey location of Shots/Chute's can be of the Caddell variation of Blake's. I'm just wondering whether Black liners trace from emperor Nero. Was he named after the Naro/Neretva river? He was a Roman Agrippa on his mother's side, and I do trace Neretva-river elements to Pomerania, home of Agrippa-suspect griffins.

Follow the Gethins

Repeat: "Gethins/Gettins share the giant Treby lion so as to be linkable to Les Gets. Gethins were looked up several months ago when seeking a surname to which God may have been pointing with the GET'N Go, where I say He gave us a sign with the knees of Mrs. Kilpatrick. Strictly speaking, the only items in this event were her knees which I saw through a GLASS DOOR of the Get'n Go store. With Les Gets a few miles from the border of Glass-suspect Wallace's, I'm now asking whether God set that event up as a pointer to Les Gets, which is why I loaded the Doors again, knowing that Scottish Doors almost use one of the two McGee Coats (only with a different background color). The McGee's were Geths at one point. It's working, and God even gave me a knee symbol in back-to-back goals at age 12, the second one having by backhand raise the puck over the KNEE PAD of Jim McGee. I remember his name because he was a neighborhood friend.

The Gethins have a giant lion in both colors of the McGee leopard faces. However, at Wikipedia's McGee article, the faces were more often called heads erased, apparently, and the Heads/Hedds are in the colors and format of the three McGee leopards. As you will see, a further examination of the Gethin/Gettin Coat will lead to the Cetina/Tilurius river, where I trace Keiths of HADDington. And while Haddingtons are linkable to such things as Hedds, the Haddington surname has the FACE/Fessy cross in colors reversed. There is a Fessy location near Les Gets, very linkable to the leopard faces of McGee's/Geths.

The Heads/Hedds (version of the Este Coat) use white unicorn heads, and I think I can spot that Hedde's were Geth's / Geds. If correct, Geds > Geddes named Haddington, which makes Gethins suspect from "Cetina," a new idea right here, and important because my first realization while examining the Gethin lion was its trace to Cetina elements, as explained below.

As I've said, when I befriended McGee (age 12), we were both hanging out at the house of Greg Fisher, and here the Fish's (Hedd / McGee colors) seem to apply because they have the only wavy fesse I know of besides the one of Pierce's, and while both Coats looks like versions of one another, Pierce's have unicorn heads too. German Fishers (share fish with Geds / Geddes / Boets) look linkable to German Butts/Bute's/Boets, and the other Butts/Bute's share the black horse head in the Head/Hedd Crest. We can begin to see why there was this short-term friendship with McGee and Fisher.

The glass door and Gethins go together, apparently, where both Wallis' and Gethins use a giant, white and upright lion. Wallis' are suspect with Glass' because Walsers share the mermaid of Glass', the latter first found in BUTEshire. You see? Wallis elements just brought Gethins again to Bute's/Butts = Boethus elements, and if the Greg Crest has a heron, that traced to the Orion Boeotians. Gregs (Carrick suspects) have two of the three Levi chevrons.

The glass door goes together with Gethins because German Dors/Dorrs love the Majors in their motto, as Geddes' do too. Majors had a Germaine / Corbeil branch in Savoy, suspect at the Saleve area i.e. near Les Gets. The fish symbol of mythical KODRos places big here as per fish-liner Saraca's at KOTOR, right beside BUTua, and from this we can begin to glean that Geds (same-colored fish as the Arms of Saraca) and Gethins look to be a line from "KETurah," especially as fish-using Catters (included "KATERer") are in Fish colors and format, all in the colors of the ERASed McGee leopard heads. I'll show you below how Gethins can be expected to be Catter liners.

"Erased" can be code for the Eras variation of Rasmussens because the latter share the unicorn with Heads/Hedds. Rasmussens were even first found at Hesse, an area founded by the Chatti Germanics, which were the Catti tribe in the Keith write-up (Catti = Keith ancestry). Keiths were Cetina-river liners, and the Cetina was also the Tilurius, which named the Tillers and Tailors who not only share the same lions, but Taylors have a leopard in Crest. The Tiller and Tailors lions, though not upright, are in both colors of the Gethin lion, and this is where the Gethin link to "Cetina" comes in. We then summon the cat-using Cetins/Cattans to tell us what it can, and it tells use the Chives' are using cats in Tailer- / Tiller-lion colors because the Chives cats are those of Cetins/Cattans, The fitchee in the Cetin/Cattan Coat is shared by Tarves', and Chives' were first found at Tarves, which is in Aberdeenshire, where cat-using, Clan Chattan member, BAINS/Beans, were first found whom we saw from Thonon-les-Bains (has a Fessy location), smack beside Les Gets. And Chatillon-sur-Cluses is also beside Les Gets.

Things get Black-interesting where the Blake's, listed also as CHATILLon-like Caddells (share the giant fret with Cattels/Cattle's), have a pale bar in the colors of the Tailer pale bar, and Black liners were traceable to the Naro/Neretva river, smack beside the Cetina/Tilurius. The Caddells and Cattle's thus make Chatillon locations appear to be Cetina-river liners. The Neretva was home to the Door-like Daorsi, and so lets repeat that Scottish Doors (beside Aberdeenshire) share three, white leopard faces with McGee's. The leopard in the Blake/Caddell Crest is in the design of the Chives mountain cats.

We then find that the split Shield of English Doors/Dors'/Dorrs is in the colors of the split Cetin/Catter Shield, and while the latter's motto has "meTUIT," Tuits/Tute's, first found in Norfolk with Doors/Dors'/Dorrs, share the quadrants of German Dors'/Dorrs. The latter share the red hand with Bains/Beans, and Hands/Hans' were first found in Cheshire with Gethins and Hugh Lupus, the latter possibly in the "lupus" motto term of Cetins/Cattans. Tuits/Tute's are now suspect with Etuta, or even Teuta, two queens of the Ardiaei who lived on the Neretva with Daorsi. Chives-liner Maple's/Mapels, with a "virTUTE" motto term, were first found beside the Tuits/Tute's, and "VIRTute" has been resolved as code for the Virty variation of Vardys/Vertys (Fier moline), the rulers of FERTE-Mace, from the Vardaei that were another name of the Ardiaei.

It was my assessment that God gave me a kitten (late 1980's), which I named, Sassy, for His linkage to the Cetins/Cattans, for both surnames have SARACen's HEADs. It looks like the Saraca's were merged with Cetina liners, perfect where Cetina-suspect Geds use fish in Saraca-fish colors. I was given the kitten by a customer whose banister I was stripping and refinishing, which now gives me the inkling that BANISters (bouget) were Chattan-liner Bains! Excellent. In fact, Bains' come up as Veans while Cetins/Cattans use a "foVEAN" motto term. Etuta was the wife of king Gentius, the line to Ghent/Gaunt, beloved in the gauntlet GLOVEs of Bains-branch Fane's/Vans, and of the Maceys of Ferte-Mace...all linkable to the FRET of Blake's/Caddells. Glove's have a version of the Catter / Fish Coat.

Once we come to Sassys, we should ask why them? Were they of the namers of the Sesia river flowing between the Chives' and the Laevi? The unusual thing about Sassy, likely a thing created by God, was that she, as an adult, and for as long as she was my cat, she sucked her TAIL habitually like a pacifier, assuring that she was a pointer to Tilurius liners like Tails/Tailors and Tillers.

In all of these super, undeniable links between items expected of glass door at its GET'N Go store, the Knee's/Nee's pale, not even coming to topic, unless they were Nith liners. Suddenly, that makes sense. While Sassys share a bend in Knee-bend colors, it's not enough to go on for making a solid link or telling an historical / geographical story. We can move to the Cetis- / Geddes-like Cedes'/Seats by the Sassy write-up's ancestry in Mr. SalCEID, for the Cedes'/Seats share besants on blue with Sassys. The latter's crescent on a blue bend are in all three colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish. In the dream with Mrs. Kilpatrick (her husband was the Nith liner), I brushed her knee with my HAND while she hovered over the SEATs of a car. Cars and Maple's share "sed," and Sedans of Sedbergh (likely) look like a branch of Seatons/Sittens, the latter first found in East Lothian with Cetina-liner Keiths.

So, it can appear that Cedes'/Seats are, along with the Geds on the Nith, linkable to the Knee's/Nee's who share the Sassy bend. One viable theory is that Sassys were of the Sestie-like variations of Cetis', or even of the Sesia river. Seatons named Sitten, which is not far from a CHANDolin location. Cars (share the Schim/CHAND stars, I think) have a "serio" motto term, and while the Serio river flows through Crema, German Cremers share the ram with the Arms of Chandolin, and with the Arms of ANNiviers. Note how close Chandolin is from Serio-like Sierre: "Anniviers is a municipality in the district of Sierre in the canton of Valais [Wallis] in Switzerland. It was formed through the merger of six municipalities in Val d'Anniviers: Ayer, Chandolin, Grimentz..." (the power just went out, can't get online to check Coats).

The fact that Ayer was of the area can suggest that CHANDOLin is of the Kyle CANDLEsticks. The Sticks are suspect with Traby, and we saw why the Gethin lion should be the Treby lion. We now take things to Cetis-liner Kids, who share the Schim/Chand Chief, and moreover who share a black, gold-striped horn with the Arms of Traby, but moreover, the Kid Coat is a not-bad reflection of the BEAM Coat, suggesting that Beams are in the "orBEM" motto term of Kids. Can we enlarge on this picture?

Sassy SUCKed her tail, and Sassys are also SAUCers. Suchs share besants with Sassys/Saucers, and here we should add that Saucer-like Chaucers use a vertically-split Shield suspect with the same of Wallis canton. Moreover, Chaucers were first found in Kent with Chalkers who in-turn use the swan, likely for Sions/Swans (falconer's gloves, once showed gauntlets) who trace to Sion/Sitten, near Sierre. On the other side of Sion from Sierre is Saxon, and Saxons/Septons (Lancaster, same as Suchs) use chaplets. Were Sassys / Suchs of "Saxon"? Saxons are suspect with besant-liner, Severus Septimius.

Beams may strike us as a branch of the Bean variation of Bains, yet the Beam write-up traces to Bellamys (of a Beaumes kind), whom I trace to the Arve along with Hervius-like Harveys. Hervius is said to be the ancestor of Ormes', and Suchs (Lancaster, same as Ormes') were first found in Ormeskirk. Ormes' are said to be from Orm of Cheshire's Halton, and Haltons were at least kin of Haughts/Houghtons (Cheshire, same as Gethins), who might just be using the Nie/Ney fesses. The Arve has a mouth near Annemasse, and as Masseys share the quadrants of Vere's (both from Manche), Anniviers looks related. The Vier-like Fiers/Fere's share the bend of Sassys in both colors. Annas'/Arniss' are suspect with Arnissus to the north side of Fier county.

[After the update was out, I fetched a Google map of the Arve area for readers, and saw NEYdens six miles south-southwest of Geneva. It's possibly of the Ney variation of Nie's. Or, NEYTs/Neets share a red bull with Charo's/Claro's who in-turn share a blue bend with Knee's/Nee's. I also learned that there is a Rumilly location (beside Sales) to the near-south of Neydons, and smack to the west side of Annecy, while Rumillys, sharing the crescent of Valais/Valois' (Wallis canton is also Valais), were first found in Cambridgeshire with Neyts/Needs (Shake chevron?). The Rumilly Chief-Shield colors are reversed from the same of Valais'/Valois'.]

The Arms of Massy (could be with the Chaplet swans) shares the hourglass shape (same colors) of Newes'/Nuce's, and the latter use chaplets traceable to Le Chable near Anniviers and Chandolin. It now seems relevant that Massy is at the Lucy theater of Normandy while the Lucy fish (see also Luciano fish) is often linked to the Geddes fish, because, if I recall correctly, a lucy fish is cleverly said to be a pike while Geddes' do use pikes. And the Pike surname happens to share the vertically-split Shield of Wallis Canton. Pike's were loaded (moments before the power went out) because they share the trefoils of a surname I can no longer load, but as Pike's are loaded immediately after Beams, I assume that it's the Beams who have the Pike trefoils. In this way, Beams look like Beans, for Les Gets is beside Thonon-les-Bains.

While "Thonon/Tonon" is like the Tony surname, English Tonys were first found in Leicestershire with Sassys/Saucers. Leicesters share the swan with Chalkers. Tonys are suspect with Tonbridge, and Tonbridge's share the three crescents of Saracens while Sassys have Saracen heads. Tonbridge is in Kent with Chaucers and Chalkers, suspect with the Saucer variation of Sassys. It's still possible for Sassys to have been Sason- / Saxon-like, for the Chalker swan can trace to Sion i.e. beside Saxon. It's possible that Saucers were named when a Sassy line married a Chaucer.

[When power came back, it was found that Sassons are listed with Saracens. Later, Sees'/Sea's enter the discussion, and they share the fish with the Arms of Saraca. Seaton-suspect Says are also Seasons. Perhaps Sassons and Sassys were only a merger with Saracens, not variations of the latter. Banester-like Banes' share the wolf with Sassons/Saracens, and above the wolf's head there is the Sassy crescent, apparently, in the Banes Chief. It appears that God wanted to link Sassys to Banes' because they are also BAINes'. Thus, it's more certain now that Thonon-les-Bains is a Tonbridge entity, and therefore of the Tonys (same place as Sassys).]

I received Sassy as a kitten while refinishing a banister, and Banisters were first found in Lancashire with Saxons, Suchs and Banister-related Kitchens, the latter suspect with cat-liner Catch's who in-turn share the scallops of Chatillon-related Blois'. Kittens are listed with Keatons, and I think it's the Keats whose looks linkable to the Tail/Tailer Coat.

We now have the question on whether CHANDolin is of the SCHIMS/Chands, or whether the latter surname is a merger of the Schimatari Boeotians with Chandolin. It has the obvious potential of tracing the Boethus Sadducees to Sitten, making those Sadducee liners look like they named Sion. We can add that Lancashire is where Chaddocks and Chadwicks were from, who share a red version of the SADDOCK/Sedgewick Coat. Chadwicks share the lily design of Dundee's, and Kids were first found in Dundee, which is in Aberdeenshire, where Schims/Chands were first found who have a Schien variation like their branch, the Skene's (Aberdeenshire, same as Bains/Beams and Caiaphas-suspect Chives'). The wolf heads of Skene's are shared by Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' (Cheshire, same as Gethins/Gettins), and "lupus" is a motto term of Cetins/Cattans...making the Skene swords look like the McGee swords round-about. The three Skene swords look like the three pale bars of Nith-liner Knights (same place as Blois') in colors reversed.

This begs whether SHECHEMites out of Schimatari became the Skene-like SEQUANi (lake Geneva), and therefore the Saxons...of Saxon, I assume, smack near Chandolin.

The three erect swords of Skene's (they are said to have owned the earldom of Mar in Aberdeenshire) form what should be the three pale bars of the Chatillon rulers, for Blois' share the scallops of French Mars. Chatillon (home of MumMOLIN) became suspect with Porcius Cato as per: "Gaucher V of Chatillon was lord of Chatillon from 1290 until 1303, when he became count of Porcien..." The Gaucher-like Gouche's/Googe's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's) share the boar of Schims/Chands and Moline-suspect Mole's. Why were English Blois' first found in Suffolk with Blois-like Bullis?

[I had failed to read the Gethin/Gettin write-up: "The main stem of the family is said to be descended from David Goch, a Welsh chieftain, Lord of Penmachno of Fedwdeg." Goch are a branch of Gouche's/Googe's, and, moreover, they both share white boars with Geth-liner McGee's. The latter's boar heads are also those of Mea's/Meighs, and the latter shares the Fessy/FACE / Macclesfield cross, beloved by the McGee and earl-of-Macclesfield leopard faces.]

Now that Geddes can be identified with Cetins/Cattans thanks to Gethins/Gettins, it's to be expected that the three wolf heads of Cetin-beloved Wolfs/Lupus' are in the colors and format of the three Geddes fish HEADs, and the Head/Hedd Coat looks like a unicorn-head version of the Este horse heads while it's known that Welfs merged with Este's. Moreover, the Geddes escutcheon is in the colors of the same of Chaddocks and Chadwicks, begging whether Chad liners were Cetina liner too. The Chads have a vertically-split Shield linkable to the same of Wallis Canton. If I recall correctly, the stars in the Schim/Chand Chief are the stars of Wallis canton.

The Shechemite line of Shake's (Lancashire again) use mole hills while Mole's share the giant boar head of Schims/Chands while MOLESon peak is only about 30 miles from Sion. Molsons are listed with MOLtons, likely rooted in "Mol." Skene's are Skins so that, possibly, the "shin bones" of NEWtons can link to Bonneville on the Arve (near Bons), especially if Newtons had been of the News' sharing chaplets with Saxons.

The Hicks have a chaplet around the neck of a buck, and the Hicks have a "TOUT en bon" motto phrase. Miss Hicks (mother of Geneva) is the knee-in-glass lady, and Knee's/Nee's are still suspect with the Newes variation of News'. While News' are of the Arms of massy, Bons is less than ten miles from Annemasse, and about five miles from the shore of lake Geneva. That works, especially as I, a Masci liner, brushed her knee in the old dream. Brush's are Bruce's of ANNandale, and ANNEmasse can be of the AnnaBELs/Hannibals (Bells / Bellamys of the Arve?) whose double fesses are colors reversed from the same of Sleeps. She was asleep when I brushed her knee as code for SELEPitanoi at the Kotor / Butua theater. I know it's code for that area because she popped into my arms when I touched her knee, and we were then RISING together into the sky. Kotor is at RISINium/Rhizon.

Bonneville was thought to be related to Bonnetable, just 15 miles from Belleme (Perche mountains) of the Bellamys. Lake Geneva is also, Leman, and Bonnetable is about 20 miles from Le Mans, which doesn't look coincidental. It appears that God caused Miss Hicks to adopt Geneva so that the Hicks motto can be traced to Bonnetable, Bonneville and/or Bons. Beaumonts (share the Bone lion) are BELLmonts too while there is a Beaumont-sur-Sarthe location 10-15 miles from Bonnetable. It's interesting that I didn't have a shirt on when touching her knee, and then the Shirts are in the colors and format of Hykes'/Hake's, repeated here in case Shirt liners named the Sarthe river at Beaumont and Le Mans. Beaumonts descended from Harcourts, from whom Sassys are thought to have descended. It should be added that Bellamy-branch Bells were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Geds on the Nith.

It should also be added that I was told to go wake her up while standing at the DOOR of the car. Daorsi liners could certainly have been linked to the particular Ardiaei represented by the "Tout" motto term of Hicks.

Shirts share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards, and Le Mans is the area of Maine, where Billets/Billiards were first found. It therefore seems that Shirts (beside Bellamys) may have been SARTHE elements. Harcourts can be gleaned as a branch of Hairs, and Irish Hare's/Jarrys use the lizard while Lizarts are also Lazards/SARDE's. However, I don't know whether Irish Hare's are Hair / Harcourt liners. The Sarthe has a source about 10 miles from Sees (Orne), meaning that Sassys may relate to Sees'/Sea's. In fact, Chalkers share three, white wavy fesses (different colors) with Sees'/Sea's (a fish) and Seamans. Red roundels (i.e. of Shirts) are TORTeaux, and a TORToise is used by Chaucers, the latter suspect with the Saucer variation of Sassys. Looking good for a Sassy-Sees relationship. The Ormeskirk location of Suchs can be of Orne liners. Lizards are used by Orne-like Organs and Corrigans, and Organs share the trefoil of Beams (thought to be Bellamys).

Power's back on. I had forgotten that Shirts share the peacock in Crest with Harcourts, and moreover that Shirt write-up has: "It is believed they obtained the Leicestershire domain from the Harcourt family"! Repeat: " case Shirt liners named the Sarthe river at Beaumont and Le Mans. Beaumonts descended from Harcourts..." Yes, Beaumonts of Meulan were from Humphrey de Vieilles of Harcourt. These Beaumonts ruled Leicester, where Sassys were first found.

Lizarts/Lazards: "In 1552, Antoine Sardo became the Deputy of Mons at Draguignan." That's in Mons location in Provence that I'm not familiar with. The Arms of Mons shares the white lamb with the Arms of Grasse, and since Grasse is about 20 miles from Mons, the grass in the Arms of Mons speaks for itself. The lamb-using English Lamberts are said to be from counts of Mons in Flanders. I've debated whether I touched, brushed or grazed her knee. It was not intentional; I was leaning over to kiss her awake when I saw a scene of my hand grazing her knee. The Graze surname is listed with French Grasse's, first found in Provence, and sharing the giant lion in the colors of the same in the Arms of Flanders. Mons is the Hainaut capital, and the Hainaut's share this giant lion too (I use "giant" to indicate the largest-possible Shield symbol). The Lambert lamb is in the colors of the lamb in the Arms of Mons (Provence). This tends to give a clue that Knee's should be related to this Lambert line.

French Lamberts share two of the three Grace/Grass chevrons, and these Lamberts are even with a version of the Billiard Coats, the French branch (Maine) being from the Le Mans i.e. Sarthe area. I'm pretty amazed because it really does seem that my shirtlessness was a pointer to Sarthe elements, and so let's repeat that Bullis'/BULLIARDS share red roundels with Shirts. When I saw myself without the shirt, I was walking on the Beach, and while Beach's are Bechs, Beaumonts of Meulan were at Bec abbey were Crispins who share the pomegranate with GRAZio's!!! Wow. I get it. I did GRAZE her knee.

Bullis liners have been suspect with the Billet variation of Billiards ever since the Bullis surname was found as Bulliards, yet "Billet" is also traceable to "Pilate." Very intriguing.

Crispins were Clare's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Bullis'/Bulliards. Scottish Lise's share two red chevrons with Maine's and Perche's, but the two of Lise's are in the colors of the two of Larins/CLARens, and the three of Clare's. French Larins were first found in Provence, the first reason to link the Lizarts/Sarde's of Provence to Lise liners. The second reason is where the Hampshire Lise's have six pale bars in the colors of the similar pale bars of Lizarts/Sarde's. Moreover, ARGENtan (Orne river) is near the source of the Sarthe, and the ARGENs river flows near Mons of Provence i.e. where Mr. Sardo was. It looks like Lizarts/Sarde's were Sarthe-river and Shirt liners. There is a small Argentiere loocation up-river on the Arve from the PERCEE peak (they are 10-15 miles apart as the bird flies), suggesting that this peak was named by a Perche liner.

Repeat from above: "Later in the update, a Mons location in Provence is come across thanks to the write-up of Lise-related Lizarts/Lazards, and this Mons is right beside Liguria, perhaps a Ligurian location at one time, apparently explaining why the Mons/Mount Coat is also the Ligh/Legh Coat. I always trace Leghs/Lighs to the Legro river of Leicester, and that's where Scottish Bosco's (Pilate-kin suspects) are said to have been, who not only share the Mons/Mount and Ligh/Legh lion, but have Pilate-suspect pillars (in the colors and format of the Pilate pheons and the Billet/Billiard stars) topped with "tufts of GRASS." As French Lamberts have a version of the Billet/Billiard Coat, it tends to explain why Dutch Bush's/Boschs have billets. The Pillars are also Pilots.

BEHOLD! I had no idea I would be on the tufts of grass when saying above, "I've debated whether I TOUCHed, brushed or grazed her knee." The Tufts were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs, and the Tuft Crest is the red eagle in the Knee Crest! Wow, we now have an indication that Knee's were Tuff / Tuft kin. And the Wears/Were's, who share the BRUSH / Bruce motto, share the Tuft crosslets!!! Incredible. Brush's were first found in Suffolk.

The knees of Miss Hicks on the glass door of the Get'n Go were on the Ranch road that locals call the LEAKey Road, and Leaks/Leakeys (LEG) happen to share the Knee bend while sharing the Hicks fleur, which is the DeMAINE fleur too, which recalls my mention, several times, of my first girlfriend as a Christian, Miss Pascal (Pascals use lambs) on Demaine crescent, the street that I lived on too. I met her at Wasaga BEACH. We first kissed right on the beach, an item in the Hicks dream too. The Demaine fleur has been traced to Flavians of Rieti, especially to Flavius Josephus, the line to the Josephs, first found in Maine on the French hand, and first found in Hampshire with Lise's in England. The English Josephs love the Claro's/Charo's who share a blue bend with Knee's.

The knee event on the Leakey road proved to me that God had something in store for George Bush's 9-11 scam, and here the Bush's are working right into the thick of the Legh / Leakey topic. Cheneys use the Joseph martlets in colors reversed. The leg in the Leakey Crest has got to be for the Leghs/Lighs, but there's also the Lech river of Germany, location of Fussen, while Fossano is not far from BUSCA. We saw why the Bush's/Boschs' should have the Legh/Ligh lion. The Cheney motto is suspect with Fate's/Feets, possibly of the Foetes variation of Fussen. This location, in conjunction with Hose's and Dossier's/D'Hosier's, can be shown as a pointer to the dossier of Fusion GPS, which was started by Republicans in opposition to Trump, probably the Bushite Republicans.

Here's from the Bosco write-up jibing with a Bush-pillar link to Pilate's: "In 1130 Ernald de Bosco was holding ARNALD in the county of Leicestershire, and Little Halton and BRAEfield in Northampton..." Brae's/Brays were first found in Northamptonshire, and they are suspect with Bra (Cuneo, same as Busca), right beside Savigliano, where Pelosi's/PILATi's were first found. Arnalds ("vivas") share three pheons with Pilate's. I suggest that the Arnald Crest has the Mosca leopard because Mosca's were first found at Pisa, at the end of the ARNO river. Moreover, the Massy location stressed recently is on or off the Brae river of Normandy.

The question now is whether Lizarts were a Lise merger with Sarthe-river elements. With French Lise's listed with Lys', let's repeat from above: "An inhabitant of Switzerland told me she found the Walsers on the Lys river of Aosta, and here I can add that the other Lise surname has the English Babel pale bars at least nearly [they are identical], and then German Babels/Babe's share the double-tailed mermaid with Walsers, perfect, especially as English Babels have a Gets-like GATE in Crest!" And then of course there's the Lys river of Flanders near Lille while Cetis/Sestie's use the lily, which happens to be the flower species of the fleur-de-lys. English Babels were first found in Middlesex with Fiers, the latter suspect with a moline version of the Coat of Claro's/Charo's (Fier-like Ferrara) who are in-turn in the motto of the English Josephs (Hampshire, same as Lise's). French Josephs were first found in Maine. The Larins of Provence share the scallops of Capes', suspect with Joseph Caiaphas, and Capes' were first found in London with Middlesex. Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/Lise's. Do we see a pattern?

[I almost missed it, but during the spell check, the LISSae location (Hebros river) beside the Sarde-like Serdi came to mind, the area beside Sub Radice, and near Chable-like Cabyle on the TONZus river, a great place to trace Tonys and Thonon-les-Bains. The TOSNI's (LISIEux theater!) are said to have been the Leicester Toeni's (Tonys), and Tonzus-like Tonso's/Tous are also TOSINI's. The Tonso's/Tous' use a "man" said to be wearing a "shirt"!!!! Wow. Can thouest believeth iteth?

I trace Swords to Serdi who have the Tous-suspect motto term, "ParaTUS." It should explain why Bessins, Bistons and Bessens use SWORDs. Radice's/Radix's have a Coat looking linkable to the Cable Coat, which traces Thracians pretty well to Le Chable. The Saxon people group may have been from the Royal Scythians / Saka not far north of Cabyle. As the Bessi are beside Lissae, I trace it to Lissus of the Cavii because there was a Bassania location beside it. LIZards look like a Serdi-Lissae combination. Below is a map showing the Serdi:]

The moline of Fiers can be explained where the Sarthe has a source at Moulins-la-Marche (off Perche highland). The English Moulins'/Moline's (Devon, same as Maine's sharing Perche chevrons) are the once sharing the Chives moline, and the goats of Walsers, I gather. If not mistaken, the Maine's use a dart in Crest while Moulins'/Moline's were at Dartington.

While wolf-using Banes (Navarre/Novara wolf?) looked like a Thonon-les-Bains branch in connection with Sassy-liner Sassons/Saracens, what about French Banes' with three of the two Perche chevrons? It had appeared that God chose the banister job for me in order to point to Banes'/Baines' as a Sassy element. I did trace Saraca's tentatively to Sion, but cannot remember how. The dream with Miss Hicks started with a Saraca-depicting shark and BULLdog in a pool that was resolved with a Saraca merger with CERAUNii suspects at the Bullis location in Epirus. CRAUNs (Hicks colors and format) use the Bull/Bule annulets in colors reversed. Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Bells while the latter's fesse is that also of Bulle's (and Bellamys).

Moleson peak is smack beside Bulle. One more time: "Bullis'/BULLIARDS share red roundels with Shirts". Bullis is a location in Epirus suspect with the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, possible son of ANTIOCHus IV, the line to the anti-Christ according to Daniel 11. Shirts are suspect from Sardinians, and the Sardinian location of Sant'ANTIOCO is at SELEUCus-like Sulcis (king Seleucus was father to Antiochus I). While the SALCEID name in the Sassy write-up may be a Sal merger with Cedes'/Seats, yet I wonder whether it's also a Sulcis entity, for the Sassy bend with besants is in the colors of the Cedes/Seat pale bars with besants, and Sassy liners may have named Sees (off Perche highland), about 10 miles from the Sardinia-suspect Sarthe at Moulins-la-Marche. Saracens on Sardinia would not be a surprise.

Mons of Provence is 30 miles from Draguignan, which I trace to the Drago river at Agrigento, which is definitely an entity to the Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Lizart-related Lise's. I still trace the Shield of Anchors to the Arms of Agrigento, and as Anchors share a different-color version of the Anger Coat, by what coincidence does the Lizart-suspect Sarthe flow to Angers of Anjou? Isn't this the witch cult of Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg? He had mythical Melusine in his Angers picture, which I identify with the mermaid above. Fiers/Fere's are Vere's, and share the bend on Sassys, which might now reveal Saraca's in Fier county.

Ahh, recall Moleson of Switzerland, for Molsons/Moltons were first found in Devon with Moline's and Maine's. Here's from the Maine write-up: "The surname Maine was first found in Devon at King's Nympton, a parish, in the union of South Molton, hundred of Witheridge. The manor...was granted by King John to Joel de Mayne, by whose rebellion it was again vested in the crown: it was given by Henry III. to Roger le Zouch." The Zouch's are with the Suchs that I think God pointed to with Sassy sucking her tail. The Sassys were in Devon: "...Osberne de Salceid and Randolph de Salceid. The former held a barony in Devon and the latter one in Herefordshire".

The Moulson variation of Molsons ("fideLIS") suggests Moulins-la-Marche at Perche, not far from Meules, where the Molson/Molton write-up also traces. Meules is at LISieux, and one can be sure that the Mules' (Devon again) were of the namers of Meules because they use a version of the Washington Coat while proto-Washington Wassa's/Gace's named Gace some 20 miles from Moulins-la-Marche, and roughly the same distance from Meules. The Meules chief shares red roundels with Shirts, and Moleson peak is smack beside Bulle so as to apparently drag red-roundel Bullis' into the picture, especially as the Bullis star is in the colors of the Arms-of-Wallis and Wassa stars. Meules may have named Meulan, ruled by the Harcourt line of Beaumonts, and thus linkable to Shirt ancestry, I think.

Aha! Moleson is in Freiburg while Freiburgs (almost the split Shield of Frei's/Freys) share red roundels with Meules'.

There is a Moleson/Mollison surname with red antlers, first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves' (keeping in mind that Chives' of Tarves were kin to Lise liners), and the latter's split Shield is in the colors of the horizontally-split Shield of Frei's/Freys. Antlers are used by Counters/COMITissa's'; while Frei's/Freys (Bavaria, same as Freiburgs and Reines'/Reiners) and comet-using Reines'/Reiners share a COUNTERchanged lion. The horizontally-split Shield of Reines/Reiners is colors reversed from the same of Freiburgs.

Deep State Saga Continued, and Continued

Take a look at this American woman discussing The United Nations "Agenda 21," where the UN wants to remove people, or, perhaps, be permitted to remove people at their discretion, from country tracts of land under the guise of "land management":

Here's a short definition of Agenda 21 by those who oppose it, stating again that the UN doesn't want people in the country...where they cannot be affected as much, obviously, by a disaster such as the 666:

Now we know why they created the global-warming monster, so that they can force us off of gasoline, and make us pay for the new technologies they hope to profit on. But we can now speak to one another massively all around the globe, and so, before much longer, they won't be able control us as they did before, by having everyone trust in them. No one will trust them anymore just as soon as everyone is made to understand their scheming. Therefore, they will need to force us in another way, the old-fashioned way, with brute force. But then their world will cave in rebellion, yup, so, they will need to think twice on brute force. It'll be a nail biter, because they don't seem to be ready to stop this scam upon the world. This is a thing Trump did right, to oppose this paper monster.

Funny, but if I click on a couple of sasquatch videos, then a third, youtube starts to feed me more and more sasquatch videos. But when I click on a couple of agenda-21 videos, youtube does not give me lots and lots of them. I'm hearing that Agenda 21 was birthed in the early days of George Bush Sr.'s presidency. That's the new-world-order president. One of his statements on this scheme is in the 5th minute below, where we catch wind that the American government has secretly allowed the UN to build 11 "states" inside the country without the vote of the peoples. Where does Trump stand on this program? Is this why the leaders are dividing the peoples, to weaken them, while they implement this global "order":

I say that God will bring his Church like a train to smash head-on into the global order, and when their train's conductor comes out to bash our Conductor, down comes Jesus with his iron rod in a fearsome spectacle. Take a look at Bush's statement just after 9 minutes. He demands that the American people give their allegiance to the United Nations. I'm hearing talk of forcing country people into city blocks like sardines. How possibly do they hope to accomplish this theft of rural and country areas without resistance? They don't. They know resistance will build, and they do not know how hard it will become. They are taking a huge risk. The entire heart of their control system will be in jeopardy if this scheme doesn't work for them. They are few; we are many. Perhaps we should welcome this war. We need only expose it for what it is. We need not kill anyone; just make people aware. The cannot control us by trickery anymore; let them use brute force, and watch them suffer losses. My guess: they won't go ahead with this program. It's their nail-biter, and they are too rich, too comfortable now, to risk it all. Ask Hitler if his couple of years of glory was worth it by 1995. Fool, demon.

BUT, someone who hates us terribly will install a 666 by force, and this could very well be in the West, and implemented by the West. They will succeed in its implementation, but, as I said, and as you may know from Biblical prophecy, it will be a short spurt of glory. Down he will go just about as soon as he rises.

I can guess why they want people forced into tight quarters, for if they infect a few people with an illness, like fire it will spread. The sooner it kills, the cheaper and better for them. They want to take the properties, or so are the reports. We should want to know more about this. Are they mad? We have heard of population-control measures for a while, and they must have kicked around several ways to go about it. They would seek to kill or maim their worst Internet enemies first. We all know how Hitler's mind worked. We've seen it in all the Hollywood villains. Only, Hollywood started to make the villains look like the good guys, I wonder why.

It makes no sense to shift country people into already-established cities unless the scheme were to impoverish people until they are helpless but to abide by new rules of everyday life. The cities then become prisons. And the country will then be enjoyed by the elite, with a lot fewer of out those stinkin' poor people to ruin their vacations everywhere they go. Yes, the elite are enslaved to their vacations. The only thing that ruins them are normal people; there's too many of these "rats" everywhere they go. Therefore, that they might enjoy "their" country, they shall make the rats suffer in cages. Let's face it; they don't believe in global warming; they can't be that stupid.

They just want to clear the air. Awe, and all they need to do to clear the air is to kill about a billion people. For now. Ahhh, oooh, ecstasy, there will be more room with less rats in their life. Ahh, they will have more tranquility. They just can't stand the thought of so many people living useless lives, just paying the bills, and meanwhile spewing all that gasoline and flatulence into THEIR air. It's driving them crazy. But I don't think they will succeed. Too much internally-manufactured upheaval in the United States makes it too vulnerable to the overseas superpowers. Now that the United States has demonized the super powers, they can't destabilize the United States. Too risky.

I do think that the elite will eat some rats for a time, some of them, many of them, in a trial balloon. It could be a lot like when people disappoint God, they reach a judgment day, when God uses their enemy to torment them. In a real sense, in the eyes of God, there are human rats, the typical liberal who has come to view God as the threat to their future societies.

Here's a thought. Agenda 21 is reportedly planning government-bought housing for peoples they hope to remove from the country. The people will be packed into tiny apartments (aPODments) for a rental fee collected by the global-warmest elite seeking to build a global government. In other words, they hope to arrange a scheme where they make an ongoing income off of displaced people after robbing them of their properties, if possible. It can remind us of Communism in the Ukraine (1940s, I think), for example, as it seized lands of farmers and so much more I'm not read-up on. Such a scheme can explain why city properties have been sky-rocketing, so that the rental prices for Agenda 21 will be super-high for the smallest of spaces, everyone packed into high rises, the cheapest way to build housing.

I think I can spot that "Sonya" of the truthergirls youtube channel is a deep state operative pretending not to be. For example, how did she get into a Bilderberger conference with a press pass? Who is she that she should be permitted in on a press pass? And who was filming her while in the conference? Can that be done with an event so secretive unless she has special permission? Is she a disinformation employee, to provide some reputable reports about the Bilderberger topics, which are demonized by others?

Hannity promised on Friday night that serious ramifications are coming against the deep state. It starts from a leak from a Republican he doesn't mention by name. See below, but ask whether this isn't more mere news-juice that ends up in nothing:

Trump's new Attorney general came onto television with a suspicious announcement on fraud. The 33-minute video is below if you care to watch it. I'm viewing this as the deep state's move to make Americans more accepting on homeland security protections online. That is, they want to increase Internet spy powers over the people, and this television appearance is a step toward that. Otherwise, why didn't Barr just go ahead and ratchet up the ongoing fight against Internet fraud without making it a public issue like this? It signals the coming, under Barr, of deeper intrusions into computers:

Barr features Bill Webster in the video above, who, at age 95, still works for Homeland Security, the spy service installed by George Bush. Webster was made the Chief of Homeland Security in 2005 by...Bush, you guessed it, just a few years after 9-11. Webster had been a judicial nominee by Nixon, and was then made the CIA chief by Reagan, keeping the job into the Bush Sr. presidency. This guy was even the FBI chief (before being the CIA chief).

If you want to know what's wrong with the United States, thanks to its law enforcers, you'll figure it out at around the 11th minute here:

In the 37th minute, the one man who's made so much sense until then, lifts Trump up as an agent of God, when it's terribly obvious that Trump is either afraid or unwilling to do to Obama what he deserves for his faked identity. How can anyone praise Trump when Trump has done nothing to expose Obama. Isn't that a rat protecting a rat? I thought so. In the same minute, he tells that even Fox won't expose Obama's guilt. This is what's wrong with America. Can you figure it out? It's easy. It's filled with good rats verses evil rats at the upper levels, but rats they all are. More exactly, the Republican rats disguise themselves as -- act the part of -- good people to win the votes of good people.

In the short-sweet video below, I've got to agree that there's no way for a Democrat to wiggle out of the evidence for Obama's forgery:

There's what seems to be a great video in the page below, but the failure is that the producer doesn't show a close-up of the typed letters in the first five blue boxes. Why not? I agree that since the entrees were applied manually to the pages with a type writer, the positional matches of the letters in the blue boxes looks fishy. But then why not show close-ups of the words in both papers to finish the analysis? The part on the two stamps looks good for the case of forgery, especially as the Obama "certificate" has already been established as a forgery by many methods:

Some are saying that a comparison of the "Oahu" from both documents are not the same. The "Oahu" on the Obama paper has the 'O' higher than the other three letters, but not to as Ah-Nee's certificate. However, that letter have been raised manually by the forgers because, at the 2:15 point of the video below, two Oahu's appear on Obama's paper yet the second one does not have the 'O' higher than the other letters. We assume the same typewriter typed both terms, and so how can we explain that one has a higher 'O'?

The typewriter should be consistent when one letter is not perfectly aligned with others. For example, at 2:26, the 'n' is always lower than the 'a' on three occasions in the words, "Kapiolani" and "Kalanianaole". In the lower "Honolulu," the 'n' is lower than both o's, but not so in the upper "Honolulu." (I don't know whether there's any merit in what the video above is saying; I'm just using it so deal with the letters.)

It turns out that there are several duplicated letters, as the middle of this video shows:

The video above is Part Three. I've seen Parts One and Two, and Four below. The one below shows an earlier cop[y, from the Washington Post (or so is the claim), of the same document, but one that has no layers. The video producer sells me convincingly that the people putting out the layered version were "stupid" to release it with so many layers, as that appears to be strong and easily-discovered evidence of fraud. Therefore, this looks just like the cases in false-flag operations where the hoaxsters want to get caught, yet often have an explanation online for explaining away the proof of fraud. And here we have another such case, where the Washington-Post image cancels the possibility of fraud due to layering. In other words, someone went to the trouble of layering the birth certificate in order to "make juicy news," and send Republicans on a goose chase where they never get the goose in a legal, judicial (prosecutorial) forum. The purpose seems to be, from a well-oiled program of some government organization, to make money for news organizations while making monkeys out of Republicans.

As the producer says, the Washington-Post version without layers is not in itself proof that there was no false information upon the paper, or that it isn't a fraud itself. But the layered version is definitely a fraud; everyone who has made that claim has been correct, which makes monkeys out of Democrats who refuse to believe it. This is what's wrong with America: Democrats who refuse reality, and distort the reality of others, for the sake of their never-ending quest for political power, to change society into what it has never been in America, into what once was well established in pagan, wicked nations since the Babylonians. The demented wish to rule over the normal, and to make demented minds of all. There is no other explanation for the layered copy that came with Obama's nod, and with Trump in submission to that program. The goons are toying with our minds with concocted stories for purposes only the few are privy to.

There is the possibility that the Washington Post originally put out the layered version, and then changed it to one where the layers were hidden after someone discovered the layers. The producer of the video says that the ones who made the layered version were stupid for not hiding the layers, which they could have done with a click or two, by the way he explains it. It therefore seems that the Washington-Post version may have been the layered version but with the layers hidden.

So, if we now go back to those five boxes that came off of Ah-Nee's certificate that looked like a perfect match with the five items on Obama's paper, we note that the 'O' in "Oahu" is different between the two, which looks like a way to screw with our minds. They first get their people to publicize the smoking-gun five items, but, having made a small problem in the theory to begin with, they then get their people to publicize the fatal problem with the original-publicized smoking gun. On and on, these sorts of things make enemies of Republicans and Democrats, weakening the powers of the masses to gang up on the corrupt bosses of the nation, and it is especially helpful for dividing the peoples if they can get the Democrat voters to become the goons that they have been, in support of the most-immoral behavior, which then washes through every fibre of society and literally satanizes our children. This is the problem with the West, a systematic insanity-machine in the works.

We have every Christian reason to be divided from the path Democrats want for us. It gives us the opportunities to advertise the ways of Christ. The path that Democrats are on is not merely for the purpose of diving the peoples, but for actually turning one another into satanic tools. The spirits who rule the West are demonic, we can never let that reality be ignored. Playing head games is every ghost's entertainment.

It was Jerome Corsi (suspicious man, actually) who was pushing the birther scandal, and then Trump himself made headlines by claiming the certificate to be a fraud. At that time, the layered certificate was released on a government website. It took only hours for Obama's enemies to expose the fraud, because it was meant to be discovered, and all the Obama lovers denied the fraud that they could see with their own eyes. This is the insanity machine at work. This is the bosses toying with the minds of the people, making jack-asses out of their own voters, stringing them along into insane positions plastered all over the daily news, creating spiritual havoc to the point that some on both sides want a civil war to kill the opposing political party.

The situation should NOT be viewed as the bosses merely playing jokes on the people. This is a well-oiled program, paid for by the people in order to weaken and spoil the people. Whole nations on an Internet need to be kept in check if their government bosses are suspected by the masses of acting corruptly. I can virtually guarantee that the deep state has a list of computers to be attacked with viruses the moment there is a real threat upon from the masses. No need to shut down the entire Internet at first. The first step in an uprising against the deep state is to threaten some, and to attack their computers so that they can't get online. Their complication now is that it looks suspicious if they attack both a person's cell phone and the Internet connection. The people will recognize a deliberate attack against their ability to communicate if this happens to a large percentage of the peoples all at once. The best the deep state can do when it plans to use such a tactic is to warn beforehand of dangers for such attacks from the Russians or the Chinese, and to then conduct the program with self-fabricated "proof" that the attack is from an enemy of the United States. The deep state has revealed itself as using foreign monsters to blame it's own schemes upon.

Trump is the best proof that Republicans bosses are making monkeys out of their voters. He pretended to be against all of the corruption, but then did nothing about it when he easily could have. He spit out all sorts of excuses for not fulfilling his commitment against the deep state. Don't be a Republican monkey.

All of the Internet providers claim to be honest, concerned about their customers, yet the evidence has been to the contrary, that they are even working with the spy systems to amass unbelievable amounts of information on EVERYONE who uses the Internet. This spy program would not be of much concern, and would even be beneficial in catching crime, if the government bosses themselves were not the mobsters. Try to imagine the many exploitive uses of information stacked against a person if the government mobsters want to demonize someone in a court of law. Once judges are convinced to accept spy programs, the government can show judges secretly, not in court, things in the Internet / phone records of any person, for the purpose of tainting the victim. And, the serious problem is, the spies will get the means to fabricate words that the victim wrote, as in planting evidence electronically against the victim.

There is an ongoing exposure against the deep state's attacks on Trump, but, I am starting to wonder, is that a monkey trick too? Do they want us all to believe that every move we make online is being watched? Why of course. That's a way that they would instantly think of in order to keep the masses from ganging up on the deep state via Internet communications. But it's not working too well, perhaps. Lots of people have been ganging up on the deep state quite liberally. The problem is, some of these may be deep-state operatives pretending to be the enemy. That idea would occur to them easily too.

Bill Barr is the latest example that Trump cannot be trusted for who he portrays himself to be. It's a loss for the Republican deep state, but as a countermeasure, Barr appears to be immediately poised to increase the Internet spy powers of the spies in the guise of protecting old people from money scams, as if this is a rampant problem. Who in their right minds could be fooled for one of those scams, they are so obvious. Perhaps the reports of old people being duped, and even the spam that comes from the dupers, is part of a deep-state trick.

Like when an email comes in that tells me someone wants to put millions of dollars into my bank account. Nobody in their right mind thinks this is credible, yet the emails continue to come in to this day. It's obvious that nobody in their right minds would try to make a living off of such a scam, because there's no living to be made from it. Therefore, it makes more sense that the government mobsters are sending out the emails to make us believe that it's a good idea for the government to be our Internet guard by having liberal roaming powers into our communications. The perpetrators of this scam would assure that we easily see the scam as it comes in; otherwise they have wasted their emails, and what better method to have us see the scam than by someone who looks like a African wanting to put 10 million dollars into our bank accounts in return for a small fee? It's seems so-obviously a faked scam due to the ridiculous grounds upon which it stands (or falls).

Look at what a rush the deep state is in to increase its Internet spy powers. It's the first breath we see from Barr in his new job, and, yup, it does stink. It's breath patterned after the Bush spirit, the "homeland security" goons who were given the power, and probably the order, to touch your scrotum or your breast at the airport to defile your self-respect. Bush knew there was no al-Qaeda monster trying to get into the United States.

To be sure, there are serious and crafty Internet scams to rob us of money, but the ones that work are not obvious at first. The question is: how many of the good ones are conducted by deep state people? There can be no doubt by now that they are mobster types, even the killer kind. Who do we think killed Brietbart, the serious threat against the Democrat deep state? By having records of peoples communications, they can devise a way to identify the most-gullible. They can have people on gullible lists, each with their own score, 1 - 10, on gullibility. We may not be able to think of the many ways to use information against us, because our brains don't work that way, but their brains do, and moreso if we give up resisting their intrusions.

If one of their own is caught in a crime, bango, the spy machine against the prosecutors is turned on. Just look at the lameness of Jeff Sessions. How did so many Republican congressmen quit in the last election just when it appeared that the deep state was conquerable by a Republican congress and president? Is that any time to quit? Yes, if you're threatened, or "asked" to quit. It's a good bet that in congressional circles, congresspeople learn of the secret powers over them, and it's a good bet that this old rot likes to portray itself as being much-more powerful than it really is. It's been satan's trick from the start, the small dink that Hollywood portrays as hellishly frightening. The one who most opposes God is the smallest of the dinks, let's face it. Such a one has a serious, crippling problem in the mind center. The devil walks on crutches; James says he can be defeated as easily as resisting his tricks. On the other hand, demons become dangerous when men do their bidding, killing, stealing and raping.

The problem now is, the dink presiding over all of congress now has spy powers to make him truly frightening, and he knows it. The dink can know where you are at every minute of the day, and what you say to everyone you call. That's a serious advantage over you who doesn't even know the dink's name. If it's a battle to the death, he's got your address. We have no security guards, but Trump has many, yet the one with many does nothing to put the dink and his fellow dinks in prison. Even when he had the full congress, he side-stepped his responsibility, and for his stupidity he now finds himself to be virtually lame even if he decided to do something. But rather than being lame and wanting to do something to correct his first two years, he appears to have placed one of the dink's men at the helm of Justice for the next two years. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse.

The idiot in the White House thinks he's going to get a gift for putting a Bush cracker into Justice. But me thinks that the dinks will put a Bush whacker to Trump's legs. Trump is going to get smaller and smaller as his legs shrink, because they want someone else in the looks of it, anyway. Trump has the problem of desiring to leave office as the best president there ever was. Such is the way his spirit works. In the meantime, he's up to something, because rich venturists are always cooking some things up. They want to die in a glorious aura of accomplishment. We know what Jesus says about this. Unless the work is for God, it amounts to justification for Judgment against us.

Definition of an idiot: someone who takes the bait. Definition of Trump: took the bait, thinking that appeasing the enemy with gifts would get it off his back. It now leaves him the choice to joining the enemy, or joining the enemy. There is no other choice for an idiot because he can't see the right choice for the glory-log in his eye. Making the right choice would bring the deep state against his glory-log. We've all been idiots at times, but not this big. To put it another way, if Trump comes out as a hero for actually cleaning swamp, it's only because he took the log out of his eye, throwing it away.

There is a juicy story out this week against Ocasio-Cortez, but, caution, her name could be cleared, by pre-arranged design, but next week/month...which amounts to a media stunt to make news, and to popularize her in the meantime. One just never knows anymore concerning sudden, juicy news. The liberal media is behaving so well that the deep state is owing it many favors of juicy news.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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