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February 26 - March 4, 2019

Trecate at Novara + Tracheitis at Cetis = Laevi-Laevillus
Moschi Revelations from Diane Muschatov
The Longest Sentence God Ever Spoke to Me
Investigating the Ajax Link to Sepharvite Hebrews

At about 6 pm on Monday evening, after the last update was uploaded, the following important bit was added to the Tarsatica revelation: Tarsatica was named by Tarrs/Terres'. I happened to find myself mentioning Spartans in the update, saying, "I trace the LaceDAEMONian Spartans to the DUMNonii founders of Somerset and Devon," but I completely missed this 6pm bombshell came to mind:
...I've been tracing Dumnonii to Scottish Damnonn for obvious reason, but just gawk at the "Mac Dhomhnuill" version used by the Irish-Scots for "MacDonald," because it makes MacDonalds, with a "terras" motto term, looks like the Lacedaemonians! That works, and while they have been said to be first found in Argyllshire for years, they are now said to have been first found on KinTYRE. It appears that MacDonalds love the Tarrs/Terres' (MacDonald colors) in their motto, and it therefore appears as though Tarrs named Kintyre. The latter is where Alexanders (share full MacDonald motto) were first found who share the Mott crescent!!! Wow [Mota's and Motels of Taranto, which uses mythical TARAS as a symbol, was clicking with Tarsatica when I was at that section of the update].

My guess now is that DONalds are from the Don river, the ancient Tanais, home of proto-Danaans in my opinion, and there are Irish "Danann" (could be mythical = code for something) that look to apply to Domnann! Excellent. In myth, the Lugh-branch Danaan and the ManAnnan-branch Danann had to escape together to Ireland, and they ended up on the Isle of Man while MacDonalds use the Ferte eagle!!! Staggering. The Ferte-Mace location named king Maccus, whose family is said (at Maccus' Wikipedia article) to have ruled Man! Wow. Maccus' father was Harald, and Haralds/Herods were first found in Argyllshire. Look at that choice of words, ManANNAN, looking like code for Ananes Gauls / Annandale's on the Isle of Man. Masseys lived in Manche, like "Manx," the name of the inhabitants of Man. Manche is in code with the maunch sleeve of Mansfield (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') and Mangels/Mansells (Roxburghshire).

Ahh, "As a young man Lugh travels to Tara..." Tara (near Dublin, home of baron Massy at one point) was somewhat a sick-sacred place, I don't want to know the details.

The "Per mare" motto term of MacDonalds has therefore got to be code for Mare's/Mere's and DeMere's, both first found in Cheshire with Masseys and Maceys, and both using giant ships. One spelling that Wikipedia has for the Alania capital is, "Maks." It appears that Alan Huns were fundamental with proto-Maceys from that far back. "There is evidence indicating that Maccus was amongst the assembled kings who are recorded to have met with Edgar, King of the English at Chester in 973." Chester is Cheshire's capital, the city ruled by Meschins. Why can't the Wikipedia writer put 2 + 2 together correctly? Instead, he/they trace "Maccus" to the Irish language. Edgar above led to the Aetheling line through to queen Margaret, and therefore to David I of Scotland, whose David-surname line was first found in Cheshire.

This was so fantastic because the Donald trace to the Don looks correct wherein I was able to trace the Kepke surname to Kepoi, in Caucasia's Taman peninsula, to the near-south of Tanais. Compare "Taman" to "DAMNonn." That Kepoi topic had nothing to do with MacDonalds, yet I discovered that MacDonalds had a Keppoch branch, a term like "Kepke." And now this reasoning above, which looks correct. Alan-like Allisons were of the Keppoch MacDonalds.

I also learned, perhaps not more than four weeks ago, that the Keeps share a so-called "galley" ship with MacDonalds. It suggests that proto-MacDonalds may have been with Kepoi elements for centuries before they arrived to Britain. Kepke was the boyfriend of Christine Peare, and while Christine's were first found on Man, Peare's share the stars on a chevron of Taman-like Thames', first found in Oxfordshire with the Thames river. That river looks like THEMIScyra, a city of the Thermodon Amazons whom Herodotus traced to the Tanais river's Sarmatians, the founders, they say, of Alans.

If you read the last update, you may agree that God placed Steve Tarr in my life to help make that Tarsatica revelation. I was just becoming a friend of Kepke when Steve Tarr was on my hockey team at age 12. Kepke was himself playing in net on another team. I was wondering, in the last update, why God may have named Tarr, Steven. I had no answer. None of the things I said about his involvement in my back-to-back goals looked related to Stevens or Stevensons. But now, I recall STEPANtsminda in Alania, named after a St. Stephen. Hmm.

As I said, ever since Kepke started to date Miss Peare they danced and danced whenever we went to a bar. To set this up, I need to tell readers who missed the last update that the Roxolani Alans, whom I saw on a map upon the Buzau river of Moldova, were traced to Rijeka, which was anciently, Tarsatica. Kepke's father was Ukrainian, by the way, and Moldova is beside Ukraine. The English Dance/DANSE surname, which sure smacks of Tanais liners of the mythical Danaus kind (he founded Greek Danaans), has a half Shield in the colors of the Keppock Coat, and both were first found in Yorkshire. That's "coincidence" one.

Next, Miss Peare was from the Pero's, first found in Piedmont with the Dance's/Donnas, whom can be traced very well to king Donnus of the Cottians for more reason that his capital being in Piedmont. "Coincidence" two is that Pero's have a pale bar in the colors of the multiple pale bars of Dance's/Donnus'. Plus, the other half of the English Dance/Danse Shield has a fesse in the colors of the Alan fesse. There is a French Danse/Dansette surname (Ile-de-France) while the Wests, expected from VESTalis, Donnus' grandson, use a so-called dancette. Wests use a "VIE" motto while Donnus' capital was on the Riparia, which had a VIU tributary. Plus, a year or so ago, after having not seen Miss Peare for almost four decades, she appeared in a dream that ended with me pulling her toward me by the WAIST.

The point is that, on top of all those compelling points, Donnus was the king of the Cottians, and the Cotesii were on the Buzau river too. The dream with the Waist caused me to find Waistells/Wessels, who use a white "horse on a gallop," which recalled that Miss Peare let me on her white horse once. As I said, it was galloping along a bank that curved in front of us, and we would have gone down it not I not steered it away. It was only three or four feet deep, but that's the only name for it, a bank. It wasn't steep enough to be a hill. As I said in the last update, bank-like BENJamites lived on the Rimna river to the near-north of the Buzau. And Benjamites of Rimmon were at the Kepoi-like Kupa river. I showed why Cups/Cope's/COLPs should trace to that river, also called the COLAPis, and Christine's use cups, can you believe it? The Kupa is right near Tarsatica.

It just blows my mind to find history worked out so well by pointers granted by God, for a Purpose we have yet to learn. I don't think it has ever dawned on me before that the Kupa may have been a Kepoi line, but it sure looked like a natural result of where the storyline above was taking me. I don't think I've known about Kepoi for much more than a year. I stumbled over it when at an article that had a female sphinx that reminded me of Miss Peare, and clicking around that article, I found Kepoi just a few miles away. Amazing, you must think I'm making this up. Here's from the 2nd update in October, 2017:

In passing, I'd like to say that the sphinx-like item on the Phanagoria page has a woman's head that reminded me of Chris Peare, Kepke's girlfriend. Kepoi is just two miles from Phanagoria. So, I started seeking Taman-like surnames, failing until Tams came up with a version of the Peare Coat! Both surnames were first found in Oxfordshire, and Tams are with Thames'/Teans, which were suspect both with the Themiscyra location in the land of the Pontus Amazons (the ones who migrated to the Taman theater)...

Cups/Cope's were at Culp of Aberdeenshire, near to where Beng-related Chives' were first found. Chives' were first found at Aberdeenshire's TARves, a potential Tarsatica line from Tarrs/Terres'. The Wests even use a "ma" motto term suspect with the Maa variation of Scottish Mars (Yorkshire, same as Dance's/Danse's), and the earls of Mar were near, and related to, I think, Tarves. Mar can be in the Pero-suspect, "PER mare," motto term of MacDonalds. What a hoot. It appears that Don-river liners named both Donalds and king Donnus.

The Coffee's/Coffers were a large part of the Taranto-Tarsatica revelation, and they have cups too, but it escaped me to say that they and Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset) are in the colors of the Haralds/Herods, suspect with Harald of Man. The Coffee/Coffer fesse is half in the colors of the Harald/Herod fesse. I feel confident that there is a link here, and the mother of the first Herod (king of the Jews) was even, CYPros. Coffer-like Cofferts were first found in Sussex with COPPers/COOPers. Was Herod a Kepoi liner to the Harald name, including Harald, father of Maccus? Why was it HERODotus who traced Amazons to the Kepoi theater? I don't think anyone else did. Maybe he had inside information.

The Amazons were proto-Masci's, one of two surnames of my mother. Miss Peare was my girlfriend, briefly, before Kepke took her. I think I understand why she was first mine. Themiscyra is beside the MOSCHI mountains. I first kissed Miss Peare at the La Paloma bar, and decades later discovered that Spanish Paloma's share two pale bars in the colors of the Pero pale bar. Italian Paloma's share the dove with Waistells/Wessels, and I trace some heraldic doves to Cuppae, "city of doves." I am now struck with the possibility that Kepoi loners were at Cuppae, and from there named the Kupa. The Dove surname even has a dancette colors reversed from the one of Wests, tending to prove that Wests were Vestalis > WAISTell liners.

Whistle's/Wissels were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Terres'. Whistle's/Wissels use lozenges, code, I feel, for Losinj of Croatia. The Kupa and Tarsatica are in Croatia. Miss Peare's Waist thus traces also to Whistle's, suggesting Cottians in Somerset, Cottians merged with Croatians, likely the Roxolani who had been on the Buzau river with Cotesii, but later having named Rijeka/Rika, the line to Ricks (Somerset, same as Tarrs/Terres'). Kepke lived right beside Rick Young, and Youngs are Una-river liners, the river beside the Kupa, is that not amazing? I've said a dozen times or more that Kepke lived beside Young, but the idea that the Kupa could have been a Kepke liner evaded me (if It did occur, I've forgotten. Really, I cannot contain all of my writings).

As I was the third friend with them, let's add that proto-Masci Maezaei were on the Una. The Una is also the Oeneus (see map), and as Romans were from Romula, between it and the Kupa, Virgil, writer of Roman mythology, was probably playing off of the Oeneus river (of Juno) when making "Aeneas" the founder of Rome. There was a mythical Aeneus (with a 'u') created by another myth writer that was code for Aenos at the mouth of the Hebros. On the dark map below, spot the Sarpedon point smack beside Aenos, for I traced mythical Sarpedon to the founding of Serbs. I don't know what ails historians that I have not read of Serbs roots at Servitium (on the light map above), smack near the mouth of the Oeneus. Compare "SARPEDon" with "SERVITium." Mythical Sarpedon was a Tyrian on his father's side, and Tarsatica has become suspect from Tyrians. Aeneas (founder of Rome) was made a partner of queen Dido, a Tyrian. Compare "Dido" with the DITiones ("ones" is the suffix) at Bosnia (from the Buzau river?), down-river on the Sava from Servitium.

The quote above from the last update ended on the David surname. He was the descendant of the Saxons whom Maccus visited in Cheshire, where Davids were first found. The Arms of Cheshire use the garbs of Waistells/Wessels, and the latter's horse on a gallop is code for Gallops, who use a version of the David Coat! Zinger. I've known that Gallops use the David Coat, but David I was never a fit into the Isle-of-Man picture until now. It just didn't click in my head before. I went for a ride on Christine's horse (don't know if it was a gallop, technically), and Gallops love the Wise's in their motto, while German Wise's/Weis' share the same two hexagrams as Pero's.

I can spot that Gallops were from king Gala, father of Massena. The Massena surname shares the hexagrams of Urbans because Maezaei were beside the URBANus river, and then while I, a Masci, went for a gallop, Masci's (Piedmont, same as Pero's) use an obvious version of the Massena Coat. The Massena / Urban hexagrams (same colors) are in the Coats of Pero's and Gallop-beloved Weis'/Wise's, and so the white wings of Wise's/Weis' and Wies' are probably those of Masci's.

Instead of the white Masci wings (they were both white once), the Massena's use two patee crosses in the colors of the Pek patees, and Cuppae is off the Pek river. At the mouth of the Pek is PINCum, the line to Panico's and Pings/Pongs (share label in Chief with Panico's) who share the Masci fleur in Chief. As I have said a dozen times or more, Kepke loved to play ping-pong in his basement with me. I just didn't realize until now that it was code for a Cuppae-area line to Maezaei, and therefore to the Kupa river. As I said (last update), the Meschins of Cheshire ruled COPEland. To put it another way, Kepke's were the line to Cuppae, and can be expected at Pincum.

It's now pretty interesting that Peks (share red chevron with Quints) were first found in Essex with Youngs and Quints, the latter suspect with Quintus CAEPio, great-grandfather of JUNia Caepionis (looks like an Una-Kupa combination), daughter of Servitium-like Servilia Caepionis. Quints are said to be partly found in Dorset, where Gallups were first found. The Quint Crest shares a black lion paw with the Crest of SAVA's/Savage's (Cheshire), and the Kupa and Una are Sava-river tributaries. it appears that Quintus Caepio was a Kepoi branch, whether separated very distant or not, I don't know.

Quint-like Quinns share the winged horse with Masseys, and Masci's use wings, code for Vinkovci, off the Sava river where the light map shows Cibalae. Pincum is not far down the DANube from the mouth of the Sava. Gala and Massena were Numidians, as were Sava-like Shawia, and Shaws share the Christine Coat, cups, perfect. English Shaws, with a "VINCit" motto term, were first found in Berkshire, and Benjamins are said to have had a Berkshire branch.

I almost forgot: I've said a million times that Kepke left Peare for Miss Walsh, and Scottish Walsh's, first found in ROXburghshire with a slew of Rijeka liners, use the Benjamin Coat in colors reversed! I've known that those Coats connect, but I've just never traced Kepke liners to the Kupa, where I've been tracing Benjamites since 2012. It seems, therefore, that God set Kepke up with Miss Walsh in order to make the Kepke connection to the Kupa. Kepke's brother was already married to Miss Walsh's sister at the time.

Miss Walsh was Kim. The Kims/Shimmie's look connectable to Shins, or even Simons. For example, Kemmis'/Kenys share the Shin/Chinne Coat (they share blue vair with Chinne-like Quints). The first-mentioned Mr. Bank was Simon Bankes of Bank NEWTON in Craven, and Newtons use SHIN bones. RICK (name traces to Japodes theater) Young's greyhound was named, Simon (hold on to that thought). The Banks use the fleur of Jeune's in colors reversed, and Jeune's are in a Young motto (Youngs and June's trace to beside the Japodes). Greys, in the heraldic greyhound, share the Shield of JOPlins, suggesting, if God is in this, that the latter were from the Japodes of the Kupa. Other Japodes-like surnames are with Keep-like Cheps, and the latter share a black, double-headed eagle with the Maxwells (Maccus liner) out of Rijeka/RIKA (see last update for a clinched Maxwell trace to Rijeka). Keeps (Sussex, same as Coppers/Coopers who share the Peare / Coffert leopard faces) have a bend in colors reversed from the Irish Shins, and the latter's bend is also that of Gallops.

The amazing thing here is that while king Gala traces to the Galli's with little doubt, they were first found in Dauphine with Galleys, and Keeps use a galley ship. The Galleys share the roses of Capote's/Capone's, and English Capone's (suspect with Junia "Caepionis") were first found in the same place as CHEPmans, June's and Jeune's, all beside Essex, where Quints and Youngs were first found, not to mention the Gore's from Croatia's Gorski who have a motto term suspect with a Servilia / Servitium liner.

Wow. The Banks were not mentioned in the last update. But the Cravens and their Rick kin were, and traced to Croatia. I had forgotten until loading Banks just now that they were at Craven! That tends to clinch them with Benjamites at the Kupa river. In fact, they should have been in Rijeka with Roxolani, but their Rimna river was also next to, or in the midst of, Cotesii. I rode Peare's horse, as code for the Vestalis Cottians, on the side of a bank, suggesting a Cottian-Benjamite merger. The Benjamin Crest has flames, and the Pero hexagrams are called, flaming stars.

The black, double headed eagle in the Arms of Rijeka pours water out of a VESSEL, though I don't know that it's called a vessel. If so, that's a Vestalis- / Wessel-like term. Aha, Vests use a giant arrow while the Arrow/Arras Coat is a good reflection of the Bank Coat! Amazing, coming after the Vestalis-bank theory made in the paragraph above.

If you've been reading me for very long, and if you have believed that God created many events in my life to bring about this massive revelation, and if you are amazed with the work He had to do to set things up, you need to add another piece of work he's done: figuring out how He would get me to write it all out, and to have his head over my shoulder as I write (more than a decade now), to steer me, to teach me heraldry, history, myth codes, and in the meantime, He's got to get me the money to do this, because I have made almost no income for over ten years. I was a poor man in 2005, and then suddenly had $350,000 in the bank from real estate sales. I had to build an entire house since 2008 (extremely happy he-man to get it started), on raw land, while writing every single day, almost, since then, weekends included.

The way that God got me to write is to show signs that he was leading the writings, egging me on. There is nothing more I wanted than to do something full-time for God, and if this was it, it's not a bad job at all. But building the interior house at the same time came to challenge my grit, making me learn how little grit I really have left. God knows best, because sitting at a computer too long isn't healthy, so building six hours a day (after writing six hours) kept my body fit...while filing away at my nerves. I sometimes wish the heraldic finish line would be tomorrow, but what will I do then? I'd be lost. I'm out of money for doing anything more with the house, and must get an income somehow within a month or two. God likes to keep us in suspense rather than telling us the future, or life wouldn't be life, I guess.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the Arrows and Banks. The Elis' (Yorkshire, same as Banks, Keppocks and Pings/Pongs) have a Coat like these Coats, and I trace the "woman" in the Elis Crest to VIMINacium, beside Pincum. As I've said many times, Kepke had a white pet RAT in his basement, where we played ping-pong. Smack between Viminacium and PINCum (Ping/Pong/Pung/Paganell line) is LedeRATa. And there is a Rat surname sharing the Elis cross, is that not an impressive way for God to make these links? LEDERata-like Leaders are in the colors of those crosses, and Leders (look Jewish) share the checks of RADix's/Radice's, yet also throw in roses while Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Rats. It appears that proto-Rats were at Lederata with proto-Leders. Laish-suspect Elis is beside the Ladon river, and the Ladon/Ladd Coat has resemblance with the Leader Coat (roses in Crest). As Bugs share water bougets with Rose's, the Bug fesse can be the Leader fesse.

As Rose's can be a branch of ROXolani, the Rose water bougets (container) can be play off of the Arms-of-Rijeka water container. I trace Bugs (water bougets) to the Bug river in the Ukraine, home of the Nairn-like Neuri. I was claiming a connection of Roxolani to the Neuri, but never clinched it, yet here we have something compelling for it.

The rats remind me of the Rat-Trap line, the Radziwills and Trabys. The Arms of Traby use horns, and for me that gets me to asking what proto-Traby could have been through Orion's (the horn line) Tanagra / SchimaTARi. For the longest time, I didn't realize that the Scarfs, in the scarf of the Trabys/Sadowski's, had the wolf head of Hugh Lupus, Le Meschin's uncle. Years ago I was saying that "Hugh" is from "Gug/Gog," but was not thinking of Hugh Lupus. In Ezekiel, Gog and Meshech one people group, and Meschins were from the Meshech/Mushki at the Moschi mountains, smack beside the Amazons of TRABzon, the Themiscyra-area Amazons mentioned earlier). I can see Rad / Rat / Rox liners descending from the Rosh of that area, to Rose's and Rats. Hugh Lupus took control of AVRanches from his father, Richard Goz, a Gog-like term. AVARs were in Caucasia along with Alans and Meshech, and a Gogarene/Gugar location too, in Armenia, and then a scarf is worn on an ermine mammal in the Arms of Vannes while Lake Van is still in Armenia, and so the heraldic ERMINE looks like "Armenia."

I may not have noted before that "AVRANches" is like the name of AVARAN Maccabee. Haverans are Orne kin, and Ferte-Mace is along the Orne river, as was the father of the first Meschin.

The Nairn-like Nairi had a kingdom at Lake Van, as did the Gomer-possible Cimmerians later on. Vannes was also, Gwened, suspect with the Gwynedd of Wales, and they say that Cimmerians founded the Welsh, thus making the Cimmerians of Lake Van trace to the Veneti of Vannes. In myth, Veneti were from Heneti, and Eneti was ruled by mythical Pelops, husband of the Pisa Amazons (he married the daughter of Oenomaus, the line to the Oeneus river and it's Maezaei-branch Amazons). Maceys, Wayne's and Fane's/Vans/Veynes' share GAUNTlet gloves, and this entity was, I say, which included Ghents, Guine's/Guns (VERE star) and Gone's/Guenets, mythical GUINEvere, king Arthur's wife. It looks like the myth writer through in the Massey-related Vere's with her name. The Ard-like ancestry of Arthurs can go back to Alania's Ardon river, and the Ardon surname even shares a red eagle with Terrents/Tarans/Tarans, possibly from Tarun of Lake Van. Tarres-loving MacDonalds and Tyre's use red eagles. The latter's is the Ferte eagle, from Ferte-Mace, kin of Fane's/Vans. Terrents/Tarans look like they had a branch at Taranto, and so this discussion, without my intending it, brought us right to Tarsatica suspects.

The dark map above has a Moschius tributary of the Margus (Moesia), and the latter' mouth is near Lederata. The Moschius cuts across the northern realm of DARdanians, suspect partially with Greek Danaans from Tanais. The VELANis area in Dardania, on the light map, beside VINDenis, should prove to be of "AVLONa," for while both Velens and Velins used ducks along with French Alans, the latter's branch in the English Stewarts were first found in Devon with Dardanian-liner Darts/Darts. The Moschius river traces with the Amazons at the Moschi river to Amazons in Mysia and neighboring Lydia (where Pelops ruled), and Lydians named wolf-line Latona/Leto, mythical mother of ARTEMis, from THEMIScyra, and probably a form of the swan-liner Leda from lake SeVAN (swan line), in Armenia with Gogarene/Gugar, and named after Lake Van. "Lederata" looks like a Leto > Leda line with Trabzon-related Rats to Radziwills, for the latter married Traby elements in wolf-line Lithuania. This is the ancient backdrop to the Japodes theater which formed the Romans from Dardanian Trojans of Mysia. There's a good chance that Troy was named by Tyrians, and I do trace the Panias Phoenicians to the Peneus through Elis. I even ask whether 600 Benjamites of Rimmon named Banias, a form of "Panias," for it was a couple of miles only from Laish and its 600 "Danites."

There was a sacred Ardis location (expect Alan Huns) on mount HERMON (looks Armenian) in the Panias-Laish area. So, when we find the Hermon-like ermine as the symbol of Vannes, Arthur's wife, it appears that Ardis was proto-Arthur. Ardis is where the Book of Enoch (trash, fake scripture) had the satanic Nephilim, whom were mythicized by Nephele, I assume, wife of Ixion. The latter's chariot-wheel a horse symbols makes him suspect as a Hyksos line to the Trojan horse (there's more to it), and so Ixion (Thessaly, land of the Muses, and given a name as play on Tyre-related mythical Aeson) can also be to the Romans. AESon's son in the Argo ship visited Lemnos' Amazons, island of Ephesus-suspect HephAEStus.

Latona/Leto was heavily at Ephesus, home of mythical PANdareus, which looks like the myth writer's combining of Panias elements to Tanais-possible DARdanians, and "Dar" may have formed from "Tyre" thanks, not only to Panias being inland from Tyre, but from the Panias-suspect mythical Phoenix giving birth to Cadmus of Tyre, who founded Thebes, where the daughter of Pandareus ruled. Somewhere along the line of history, the Europeans named themselves after Cadmus' sister. Why her? Maybe we should ask Sarpedon, her grandson, or RHADamanthys, her other grandson. Why does "RhadaMANTHys" look like "Manto, Daphne's sister, daughters of Tyrus-like TIRESias. The latter's father, EVERES, was a shepherd seer, code AVARIS, the Capital of the "Shepherd Kings" (Hyksos) of Manto-like Manetho (writer). The Tanais-suspect Tanis was right near Avaris, and Avars (Alania theater) lived in/near Tanais and the Iberi. Hyksos were said to be Hebrews, not to be mistaken for Israelites proper, as so many do. The Iberi were probably the Hyksos Hebrews, and yes the Iberi may have at least included Benjamites, but they ceased to be Israelites at that point.

Inhabitants of Pan-like Van were Biaini, like "Banias." Might the 600 Benjamites have moved things over to Lake Van? Who named the Hebrew-like Iberi of the Alania theater? Why do they say that the Tiber river through Rome was from the Iberians > Tiberians?

Moses, whose mother is suspect from Mus of Lake Van, in the Tarun area, had married Kenites. The latter were at least associated with Shechemites (through Schimatari). We could expect Kenites with the pagan Levite (Jonathan) of the Laish "Danites." The Kenites are suspect to Kennedys (scimitar, code for Schimatari) of Tiber-like Tipperary. Tippers use the dolphin (as does Scottish Kennedys), the ancient code for Daphne, and there is still a Dafna location today beside Dan (Laish). Daphne was placed into the Ladon river, where she was almost raped by Apollo, Latona's son. The symbolism is obvious, and Apollo's Oracle at DELPHi, which included Daphne, is how she got her dolphin symbol. Apollo (an Amazon like his twin sister) was the leader of the MUSE's (Amazons), it's hard not to get the implication that the Hyksos namers of Moses, and possibly some Kenites, had become part of the Latona-Apollo cult to the Ladon dragon, the proto-Latins at the Tiber river. The country of the Latins is Lazio, from the Lazi Caucasians of Lazona, near Batumi (Moschian mountains), the namer, I say, of mythical Batia, mother of the Trojo-Romans, wife of Dardanus.

Mythical Ceto/Cetus was made part of the family of Ladon, and myth writers had these monsters (think pirates) originating at the seas of the Pontus, home of the Trabzon Amazons, for example. "Cetus" may have named Cetis, home of the Kennati priests of Ajax, and these were definitely the proto-Kennedys. Lupus Laevillus, suspect from the rebellious Levites of Laish, was king of Cetis, and he can be traced in multiple ways to the naming of Hugh Lupus, especially through Traby-beloved Scarfs, kin of Quade's, the latter from Laevillus' wife. If Scarfs are of the Scherf variation of Shere-related Schere's, it's notable that the Shere's share the black dog of Kennedy-related Carricks (and LEAVES-using Crags), from Proculus Charax, Laevillus' son with Quadratilla. French Guine's show nothing but leaves in the colors of the Crag leaves, though the Crags may call it a branch as code for Avranches-like Branch's. The Cass' and Kiss' trace to Laevillus while French Caseys share the Guine branch, and then English Caseys (red eagles) share the Arms-of-Carrick and Kennedy / Cassel chevron (Scottish Kennedys use the Cassel Coat).

A new realization here is that "Charax" can be to the Charo's/CLARO's (Ferrara), for German Cassels share the triple Clare chevrons. Looking into it deeper, it's notable that Clare's were first found in Suffolk, beside Colchester, and the Arms of Colchester shares nails with PROCulus-like Proctors. Moreover, Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with Colchester, and with the Youngs/Yonge's while Proctors share "Toujours" with the Youngs/Youngs sharing the Coat of French Clairs. Youngs/Yonge's have a black wolf as code for Laevillus, for the French Leavells share the piles of the other Youngs/Yonge's. Also, there is a Stour river between Suffolk and Colchester that I rarely mention, and Sturs happen to use three fesses in the colors of the three Clare chevrons. The English Leavells, beside the Stur river of Dorset (where the Essex Quints were partially first found), almost use the triple Stur fesses. The English Leavells use the so-called nebuly (cloud) pattern, perhaps code for the line of Nephele (cloud). By some coincidence or not, German Cassels share the castle of McLeods/CLOUDs on the island of Laevillus-suspect Lewis (they say it's from "LLEWYLlyn").

The French Packs use a bull in Charo/Claro-bull colors, suspect with the Stur-suspect steer bull of Backs, and this is the line from Hyksos ruler, Apachnas, I do believe. As I thing God has stressed the Backs, I'll bet Apachnas was the Exodus king who raised Moses. Cetis is in Cilicia, which was mythicized as Cilix, Cadmus' brother, and myth writers traced Cadmus' ancestry to Egypt, as did the writer who invented Danaus and his brother, Aegyptus. Cadmus, in some myths, is made a descendant of Danaus, a pseudo-Danite peoples, I think, from Tanis. When Hyksos escaped Egypt under the rule of Apepi, they took refuge in Philistia, the theater of Samson the "Danite." Shortly after we read on Samson (book of Judges), we read on the 600 "Danites" without a home, suggesting refugees from war.

These Tanis-suspect Hyksos went into Laish and chopped everyone to death, taking their city, and they then stole the pagan-Levite priest from Micah. I have the sense that they feigned being from the tribe of Dan, and, later, as could be expected, true Danites would have moved to Dan (Laish) if the proto-Danaans got away with their hoax. They are believed to have settled Cilicia's Adana, beside TARSus, which the Bible says was a mother of Tyre. Tarsus was beside the Taurus mountains, and the Zeus Taurus stole Europa, Cilix's sister, from Tyre, and brought her to the proto-Serbs, Sarpedon. It thus appears that the Tarsus Cilicians were at Croatia's Tarsatica. As for Taras of Taranto, he was made a son of Poseidon, Zeus' brother because Poseidon is the ancestry of Cadmus. The LaceDAEMONians, the proto-MacDonalds I think, were probably on the Ladon as part-Lazi, from Las of Sparta. Although it seems that "Donald" can be from the Don/Tanais, yet they had a form of spelling like the Dumnonii of Somerset, where their Tarr/Terres branch lived.

Poseidon was code for Pisidians, who named Pisa, and so if we expect Tyrians at Pisa, look no further than the Peneus river, and to Daphne in the neighboring Ladon river. Yet these are the Tyrians in particular from the Laish neighborhood. People traveled continually with goods between Laish, Panias and Daphne. Mythical Pan, son of mount Hermon, so to speak, was born between the Ladon and Sparta.

They say that Daphne's sister named Mantova, in Lombardy with Ottone Visconti, and the Ottone Coat looks like a version of the Puck Coat. In the first God-directed event with Steve Tarr, the PUCK came to rest on the goal line, and a Mus liner knocked it into the net while sliding on his KNEEs. Were Pucks from Apachnas, the line to Tarrs'/Terres? By what coincidence do Stevens use a solid chevron in the colors of the solid chevron of Ottone's? Or, by what coincidence were APACHNas-like Pagans first found in Daphne-like Dauphine? If Apachnas was the alternative name of Khyan, might the Knee surname be a Khyan line? For example, a Keen line to a Knee variation. In the center of the Keen Coat, the so-called calvary symbol shares by Moesian-suspect Moses'/Moesens. The dove with branch in the Moses Crest can trace both to Page's and Pagans, and to the Puck-like Pek river, the sources of which is near Cuppae, city of doves.

Hyksos king Apepi is to the Pepins who love the Mens', but Mens' are in the motto of Crystals who likewise use the calvary symbol. That sure looks like the Christine's from the Isle of Man. And just gawk at how the calvary symbol can be to the CALVer surname, explaining the CALF I saw in the Back Coat. I'm tempted to see Carvers, a variation of Calvers, with red-bull Charo's, because Calfs/Caufs use red calves. Caffers and Coffers come to mind.

All three Terry Coats are mentionable here. French Terrys, first found in ChamPAGNE, use a near-match of the Coffert Coat. One Terras surname uses the Scott Coat, and Scute's share a gold eSCUTcheon with Irish Terrys, what a hoot, for escutCHEONs are suspect with Keons, a branch of the Keens we just crossed who themselves use an escutcheon (a shield) for their calvary symbol. Irish Terras use a version of the Guerin Coat, and Schute's/Shute's/SHOTS, suspect with Tarr's slap shot that brought the puck to rest on the goal line, use a "guerre" motto term. The Guerin Coat share the Pagan Coat.

English Terrys use a cross style in the red color of the similar, red fitchee of Tarres-loving MacDonalds (KinTYRE), suggesting that Terrys could be Tarr liners. The Terry martlets are the red ones of Birds, first found in Cheshire with the Mare's/Mere's in the MacDonald motto, "Per mare per terras." The Calver/Carver Moor head is owned by Morano's while the Irish Terrys look to be with a version of the Morinis' Coat.

This recalls a friend, Terry, whose surname was either Carver or Carter. He was collecting maple syrup with his buddies / relatives at the only time I visited him at his home, and Maplebeck was the home of the Markhams who have a version of the Irish-Terry Coat. Maple's share the split Coat of Tarves', you see, and part of the Chives motto. TARVISium, by the way, is in the land of Italian Veneti, Lake-Van suspects. It's beside Tarsatica. If MapleBECKs were of the Pek-like Becs/Bes', the latter share the lions combatant of Carters. Comeys (combatant lions) look like they partly own "COMbatant." Come's/Gums use scimitar-like swords but don't call them such at the Arms-description page I visited for them. The other English Carters share the Shake chevron.

German Gumms/Gomers can be from the Lake-Van Cimmerians. The Mens / Poppin Shield is shared by Come's/Gumms, having the potential to reveal an Apepi-Hyksos merger with those Cimmerians. Hyksos were anciently noted as "Asians," and Asia was likely of the Hayasa-Azzi, in the Lake Van / Ardahan area. The Benjamites of this area, if indeed they were the Biaini of Lake Van, can be to the Benni, shown on the light map on Thrace's Arda river. It's a tributary of the Hebrew-suspect Hebros. In myth, the Hebros was made a brother of the Kikons/Cicones, possibly the identification of Ixion. The Ice's/Icke's were first found at ROStock, possibly from king Rusa of Lake Van. The trefoils of Ice's/Icke's links them to ROQUEfeuils, and thus the Roxolani may have been of a line from the king Rusa's (became vassals of the Lake-Van Cimmerians).

Cicones are on the light map at Maronia, beside AbDERA, said to be a Phoenician location, and thus this place-name looks like a Tyre > Dar entity. The situation above reflects the De(e)rings, said to be from Morinis'. Deers/Dere's use the horse. Deerings were first found in Kent (horse symbol), said to be named after a Cantii peoples, like the CENTaurs, sons of Ixion. Cants/Canters were first found in Pomerania (area of Rostock) and while the Arms of Pomerania is a red griffin, Wikipedia's article on Abdera shows their coin with a griffin! Rostock-like Rusts/Roosts (black saltire, pirate flag?) were likewise first found in Kent. The red wyVERN dragon of Rusts/Roosts is suspect with the Varni of Rostock. English Cantors use those LEAVES on a branch again, and the SIX (could be a Hyksos symbol as per, "hex") bars of LEAVells, though the latter use them with a nebuly pattern, suspect with Nephele, Ixion's wife, mother of the Centaurs. Cantors were first found in Oxfordshire with the Morinis'-linkable Amore's who likewise use six nebuly bars. The "ne" motto term of Amore's can be for Nee's/Knee's. I'm still asking whether Knee's where Khyan-Hyksos liners.

In this picture, Kikons of Maronia can trace to Morano/Murunum on the Sybaris river, and as Sybaris liners are suspect to Supers, note that they share the saltire of Rusts/Roosts, and with the Kilpatricks at Closeburn, linkable to Close's with a Super-related spur.

The Roman Agrippa's might just have been named after the Greek, "grypon," our griffin. The Gripps/Grape's/Grabbens share the bend of Varni-suspect Varns. The latter share the scallops of Michaels, whose Scottish branch has a "supero" motto term. Varns share "Ne" with the Amore's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with CREPONs/Crispins, a grypon-like term if ever we saw one. And the POMEgranate of French Crispins can be partly for their Pomeranian elements. The pomegranate is shared by Grazio's whose ROOSTer might just be for Rostock elements. The Sinclairs use a rooster and an engrailed cross in the colors of the engrailed Super saltire. Sinclairs were at Midlothian's Roslin, and Midlothian is where Varn-related Grahams (Varn scallops and motto) were first found.

If true that a Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, Grahams/Grame's look like Grimaldi's. Grahams share the Michael scallops, and German Michaels share the hexagrams of Monaco's. Grimaldi's of Monaco were also at Genova, where I trace the Ghent eagles, and the Ghent Chief is a version of the Graham Chief. Ghents were first found in Hampshire with red-wyvern Drake's, who love the Mosca's while my mother is a Grimaldi and a Masci in both her parents. I trace Masci's to Julius Agrippa; one of his siblings (don't know which) birthed the father of Julia Maesa. I recall my parents visiting Julia Masci. I went out with Julia's two daughters to the TRAIN TRACKs. Just wondering if Drake's were a Track branch. Trains/Trane's, said to be closely associated with royal Baliols, may be of the Trans variation of Trents. I didn't know that Julia was a Masci until I met her daughters, within the past year, at Mrs. Grimaldi's funeral.

Train Tracks Rise From the Dead and Speak

I ended the day at the paragraph above, and here on the next morning, first thing, I recall the Tracheitis river at Cetis! Wow. The ladies and I even talked about being at the train tracks (at the funeral) more than 40 years ago! They remembered too. God must have brought that conversation up, wow. I guess He's saying that Julia Maesa Bassianus, and our Masci lines, are from Quadratilla Bassus, granddaughter of JULIUS Bassus. I have seen the Bassus' once as "Bassianus" for an alternative spelling, meaning that it was used for them. Julia Maesa was born in the century after Quadratilla.

I wish there could be verification on whether the Bassus' were of Terentia Murena, and I think there is. I have been all over Terentia-like Taranto as this train-track revelation came up, and as I said, the Mota's can be shown to have been a branch of Motels, first found in Taranto. Julia Masci and my mother were born and raised in a village of Picenze seven miles from L'Aquila, and the Arms of that place use an "imMOTA" motto term, which is what brought me to Mota's in the first place. Repeat: "Just wondering if Drake's were a Track branch". "Aquila" is a Drake motto term!

It begins to appear that perhaps I was correct in Tracing "MACCabee" to Mr. Maesa-like MAECenas, Terentia's husband. Just look at that. I was around 13 years old at those train tracks, or maybe even 12, the year of Steve TARR.

AMAZING. Julia's daughter, who greeted me often at gatherings, is LILLian! Amazing, for the Cetis/Sestie surname shows only a giant lily, symbol of the Lily/Lillie surname! Zinger. Michael's brother is Joel, and they are related to my mother, and Joels/Jewels, suspect earlier as Julians, show three flowers of some sort in the colors of the Cetis/Sestie lily!!! I have been greeting Lillian for a long time not knowing that she was a Masci (I don't recall how I posed the question that got her to say she is a Masci; perhaps I asked, "how are we related, anyway").

In the 1st update of November, 2014, I have it recorded: "Joels happen to use a Coat like the Bossins / Bosens, but with three "gillyflowers..." The Gullys/Gollys and Gulls can be shown easily by their Coats to be Julian branch's, and so I'll assume that Gillys and Gillie's are too. The latter use a sinister-side canton square, and I trace the sinister feature (shared my Masci's) to the Mucianus surname of Romans, like "Maecenas."

Yesterday, when looking at the Train/Trane lion, before the Cetis' were a topic, I noted that it was in the colors of the Guerin lion, and as I see Guerins with Guerins of Provence, I link the Draguignan location of Provence to Drake's. Moreover, Guerins strike me as a Vere branch, and so I tend to link Guerins to Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (who emailed me, probably because I have his name plastered all over my pages). This is all to say that Cetis'/Sestie's were first found in Provence. I happen to trace the imperial line of Julia Maesa's sister to Grasse, a little over the border from Provence.

Back to the gillyflowers, for the Gillys can be from Guillestre, beside Briancon, for Irish Brians split their lions in silver and gold, as do two Grass surnames. Guillestre and Briancon are on the Durance river that forms the Provence border further down. The giant Grass lion is colors reversed from the same of Trains/Trane's. Mota-like Modane is about 25 miles from Briancon, and, LOOKIE, both are near that distance to Susa while Susans use the lily!!! Susans were first found in Berkshire with Modane-like Modens/Modie's and Arks while Modane is on the Arc river! So, it checks out, the Joel gillyflowers are a version of the lily as per Guillestre connection to Susa, for that was the capital of the Cottians (home of Donnus and Vestalis), and Aurelia COTTA was the mother of Julius Caesar. The Bassus' and Bassianus' were named after him.

The Cotta's/Cottons share the fretty Shield with Modens/Modie's, and were first found in Languedoc with French Julians who in-turn share the Galli Chief, making Galli's look related to Julians of the Gully / Gull kind. However, I still trace Galli's to king Galla/Gaia, which can show that Julians were descended from him. It's his son, Massena, that I trace to Cilnius Maecenas'. The ship of Gillys might therefore be a "galley," and let's add here that Gaia-like Gays, first found in Savoy with Modane, share the Galli rooster. We can spot the obvious links.

Recall the rooster of Gallura's Visconti's, for that picture traced to Berkshire, perfect for the link to Modane and Susa. BERKshire is itself suspect with "Barca," Hannibal's father. Thus, Hannibal probably took a route through the Cottian mountains when getting to fight general Scipio; the latter made an alliance with Massena (yes, Gaia's son). We can even ask here whether Gaia's name was a plot of God to get me to seek evidence of his Numidian trace to urine-liner Uranus (husband of Gaia) and Orion. I fully expect the Maccabee king-priests to have bumped into Orion's Boeotians, and I still claim that Maccabees descended from Massena's alliance with Scipio. I see marriages between the two families, and I see Romans placing a Massena liner in the Syria / Phoenicia theater, especially at Lebanon's Massyas/Marsyas region, right next to EMESA, where the father of Julia Maesa was a chief priest.

The Marsyas spelling, which I have seen, may have named the Marsi Merovingians near or even in my mothers place of birth, which is Picenze, like "Piacenza," the latter said to have been founded as an army town by Scipio after he lost the war of Trebia to Hannibal. Why do Trebys/Treebys use besants.

I see besants as code for a Bassianus trace through the first Merovingian queen, Basina, to the Bessins and Meschins. It's an obvious trace that should include the Bassania location near the mouth of the Mathis, the latter suspect with the name of the father of Maccabees, while the Cavii of that river are suspect with "Caiaphas." The DuMas', sharing the besants of Savarys/Savards, are said to have been in Ile-de-France, where Chappes' and Lys'/Lise's were first found along with Levi's (Lise's are from the Cavii location of Lissus). It's important that Mathis-related Chives', from Chivasso, not far from Susa, share the cat with Gillys, for it looks to me to make a Caiaphas-line link to that of Julius Caesar, who was having an affair with Servilia Caepionis (she was married at the time) so that one or more of the three Julia Caepionis' is suspect (by me) as his daughter(s) secretly.

Junia Caepionis Secunda might even be to the Seconds/Segurs (Limousin), for Levi's use a "second" motto term. The Dumas' "also branched to Limousin, and Ronnais, where they held a family seat at l'Isle." The latter looks related to Lillys. There is a L'Isle/Lille surname first found in Oxfordshire (near Berkshire), very near the first-known Grass' of Buckinghamshire. I have a lot to say on the Dumas' now.

DUMas' were what caused me to trace DOMna Bassianus on a theory to Grasse, for Dumas' "held a family seat in the seigneurie of Le Mas in the arrondissement of d'Auriol..." It immediately throws light on "Dumas" as a d'Mas entity. Domna was the sister of Julia MAESa. So, I loaded Lamas' to find the same lambs (colors included) in the Arms of Grasse, and while seeking La Mas in the Auriol area (near the mouth of the Rhone), I couldn't find it, but did find Le Mas in Provence's Grasse arrondissement, and about 25 miles north of Grasse. French Grass' and Grace's/Grasse's were first found in Provence.

It should be added here that Auriol is at the LACYdon theater while Lacys (Yorkshire, same as Scipio's) share the purple lion of SKIPtons, and as Le Meschin's family married Skiptons, that's why I see a marriage between Massena and Scipio. Also, "Auriol" may be related to Aurelia Cotta, for even Caracalla had an Aurelius name at birth. Who do you suppose Caracalla was?

Draguignan is about 25 miles from Grasse, and Draguignan is almost on the Argens river, thus tracing Draguignan to the Drago river at AGRigento if "Argens" is a consonant-reversed version of that place. The point is, Agrigento/ACRAGus is where I trace CRAIGs, and therefore the Carricks said to be from Craigs, and Domna was mother to CARACalla. The Drake-beloved Mosca's were, remember, from Palmi di Montechiaro, near Agrigento. Wikipedia says that Agrigento was founded by the Sicilians at Gela, and Gullys/Gollys use a version of the Arms of Carrick when it includes black fitchees, as seen in the Coat of Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks). Kennedys are from the Kennati at the Tracheitis river, at Olba to be exact, and so see here a Caracalla coin with Olba upon it, though it appears to be spelled, "orba," which is probably why Wikipedia says that Olba was also Orba. Evidence for the Olba coin is down the page below at "Caracalla AE 25mm of Olba, Cilicia. Emperor on horseback right, raising hand / Helius driving quadriga right, holding whip.":

It makes sense for Caracalla to mint Olba coins if he descended from Quadratilla Bassus of Cetis. She descended from Severus, and that was the name of Caracalla's father, which tends to explain why Severus-like Savarys/Savards share the Dumas besants.

Caracalla's father also had the SEPTIMania-like name, Septimius. I don't know off-hand the borders of Septimania, but it's in Languedoc (where Cotta's and Julians were first found). It's very interesting, therefore, that while Aude is in Languedoc, the Aude's (Savoy, same as Gays, branch of Galli's sharing the French-Julian Chief) share swords in the colors of the same of French Jacques' (Lamas colors), who were looked up as per "AJAX," the god of the Kennati at Olba. These Jacques' "held a family seat at D'Acq, a village in the Pas de Calais in the arrondissement of d'Arras." Aude happens to be the location of Orba-like Corbieres, and ZOWIE, the Corbeils (giant, red griffin can be from Julius Agrippa) were in the last update, where I noted that they are also Corbiere's. I had quoted that Mauger of the Majors "ruled as Count of Corbeil through his wife Germaine de Corbeil," and found that Corbeils and Germaine's were both first found in Savoy i.e. with Aude's. The latter are said to have been also at Audeville of Loiret, part of Aurelia-like Orleans. The Orleans surname shares red roundels Orrels and Ore's, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with "AUDacter" Pollocks and Scottish JACKs (share holly with Maxwells).

Here's a map having Septimania, which, if it's the entire colored section, stretches from the mouth of the Rhone to Aude. Again, Dumas' are said to have been from Auriol at the mouth of the Rhone, at Marsi-suspect Marseilles. In the Roman era, the city of Marseille was, Massilia/Massalia, like the name of the Numidian tribe(s) to which Massena belonged. The two names evoke "Massyas" versus "Marsyas" at the Emesa theater, and one chief priest (Sohaemus) at Emesa married Drusilla, a relative of the Massena-line Mauritanians. The same priest married another Drusilla, a Herod, which may explain why Julius Agrippa was the uncle of the father of Julia Maesa and Domna.

The Dumas write-up is leaving me confused where it says, "They also branched to Limousin, and Ronnais, where they held a family seat at l'Isle." I can't find a Ronnais location, though there is a Roanne in Loiret-like Loire, at Montbrison, beside Mont Pilat. The L'Isle location seems to be L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (Arms uses flames), near the mouth of the Rhone, and so I assume that Ronnais is of a Rhone-related term.

The Arms of Loiret share a white, wavy fesse with The Ronn/Ronny/Running surname. If perchance Ronnys are a branch of Ronalds, who are listed with MacDonalds, recall my trace of the latter to the Dumnonii / Domnann, a term like "Domna," for I traced them to LACEdaemonian Spartans, and here the Dumas surname was near or even at LACYdon. Domna may have been early enough for the carriers of her name to have named Domnann and MacDonalds. Carricks were first found in Ayrshire, which looks out to the sea ruled by MacDonalds.

I have just found a separate Corbieres (with an 's') surname listed with the Brittany Corbiere's, and they share the Coat of Corbins/Corbets while Corbans/Corbetts (giant Rothes raven) were first found in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were said to be first found for a decade or more until very recently. What's more, Shropshire Corbetts gift us with their "pascit" motto term, and Pass'/Pascals happen to share the Templar lamb with the Arms of Grasse and the Lamas'. The latter were first found in Norfolk with the Rows/Roe's who likewise use the Templar lamb. The Norfolk Rolphs use the raven while the Pass'/Pascals are in the motto of Rolph-suspect Rollo's. The other Norfolk Rows use the Dumas besants, I assume, and throw in trefoils, the symbol of Rockefeller liners out of Aude's Roquefeuil. It thus appears clinched that the Corbieres area of Aude traces to Corbetts and Pascal liners in connection with La Mas and Le Mas.

As the mythical crow was CORONis, the line to the Ceraunii Illyrians, very linkable to the Shropshire Alans, it doesn't appear coincidental that Ceraunii lived on the Orba-like Urbanus river. Julia Maesa is very suspect with the Maezaei, beside the Ceraunii, and Alans even moved to Alauna, in Manche with the Masseys. It appears that the Corbieres elements were Urbanus elements as per Domna Bassianus' marrying Septimania-like Septimius. There is an Orbieu tributary of the Aude smack along Corbieres.

A few years ago, I introduced little Andrea, a cute girl in my grade-5 class. She was invited to my 11th birthday PARTY, and this event led to my tracing Partys to Pertuis, in VAUCluse and upon the Durance river as it leaves Provence. I do not recall why I traced to Pertuis, whether is was due for VAUX's (at GILLESland) sharing the checks of Partys (on a fesse like the checks of Marks and Stewarts). I had noted that French Andrea's were first found in Provence, but here I can add that Italian Andrea's share the lion of Grass'. Remember, this birthday party was at the home of a Masci liner, and we are all over that thing now.

Andrea's surname is Fabian, and English Fabians happen to share red fleur-de-lys with Gellone's, while William de Gellone was at Septimania's Gellone monastery. They say that he was the father of Guerin of Provence. The Guerin lion is also that of French Gilles', in Gellone colors and first found in Languedoc, location of the Gellone monastery. Just like that, the Vaucluse location looks like the naming of Laevillus-liner Vaux's of Gillesland.

The BIRTHday party can now strike me as code for Berthe, whom I don't think I knew back when the Andrea investigation started. Italian Fabians use the Grimaldi Coat, and Grimo was Berthe's grandson. I told that, for her birthday, I got her a game board and a book on TARZan. The Fabian / Grimaldi Shield is in green with the Yorkshire Gilles'/Gills ("DOMINe"), from Gilsland, and for me this is all enough to link Gilles' to a Guillestre merger with Pertuis elements. The PERTs/Petts share a stork with the Shore's, and Andrea lived on Shoreham (a street).

I kid you not, I gave Andrea my only hug across the street of Frank. I did the hippy-hippy SHAKE at Frank's house when the Hippy-Hippy-Shake song was playing. German Franks use a column, and Columns/Malcolms love the Petits (Guerin / Gilles lion?), first found in Kent with Perts/Petts. Shake's are from Orion, the line to Horns, and hunting horns are used by Orange's, from Vaucluse, where Pertuis is found too.

I had mentioned the Jew, Herald, who lived across the street from Andrea, and he invited me at least twice to play chess in his home. It's just unbelievable that Heralds are listed with Heraults while the Gellone monastery is at the Herault theater. Why did God choose a Jewish Herald? William of Gellone was count of Toulouse, perhaps of the naming of Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand. There is a Toulon location at the mouth of the Rhone, and Tolle's/Tulls share the lion of Tool/Toulons (Kildare, same as Eustace's), and the latter share the brown boar with Pollocks while a Margaret de-Pol was of Foix-Candale. Foix is beside Aude, and Candale is near the Aunis area, where Domas' had another seat.

The mouth of the Aude is at Narbonne, itself at Herault, and so the giant Chess lion might be that of Narbonne's/Denardo's. The Languedoc Narbonne's share the giant Grass lion (gold, same as Chess lion). The Chess' (Norfolk), who share the giant lion of French Petits, may be of the Chesney variation of Cheneys, first found in Buckinghamshire with the Grass' in this paragraph. Buckinghams share the Dumas besants. Chesneys/Cheneys were from the Caen area, and the Caen motto is shared by Shore's while Andrea lived on Shoreham.

Here's a quote from the 4th update of January, 2018, having to do with a paper plane in my Obama dream; note how it came to the Shore's:

The Nazi's came over to America with government permission as per Operation PAPERclip, and here the paper plane into the corner pocket might just be code for that operation. Hmm, a new idea to play with. The Paper Planes tweet by Assange was immediately before his chess-game tweet, and, as I have related in the past, Andrea lived directly across the street from a Jewish family, where Herald, my classmate lived who invited me over on at least two occasions to play chess. I also recall telling that I first hugged/kissed Andrea at the property directly across my friend's home, Frank, which brings Franklin Roosevelt to mind, whom I claimed helped Hitler escape to Montana / Idaho, as per the deathbed confession of the Nazi, Otto SKORzeny (Shore / Schore liner, by the looks of it). Plus, Assange's chess game is where FRANK Marshall went on the attack (1918) but lost the game.

Schore's (roses, includes Roosevelts) share the column with Franks, can we believe it? Marshalls are said to be a Keith branch, and Cetis-suspect Keiths use the Mickle motto in reverse. Shore's are fantastic for a trace to Cetis' Ajax cult. This is new. The Mickleover location (Derbyshire) of Shore's gets us to Mickle's (LIDDESdale), who share the spur with Liddle's (Liddesdale), a branch of Little's said to have had a branch near Annandale in Dumfries, which is the area of spur-liner Close's/Clovse's, at Closeburn, home of the Kilpatricks who have a motto, "I MAKE SURE." Make's are for Maxwell liner, who may have included Mickle's (colors and format of Sheers/Shere's), especially as Sure's are listed with Shore's. The bigger point is, Shore's share holly with the Renfrew Jacks (and with Maxwells), and Little's were mentioned in the last update with my high school sweetie, JACKIE Littleford. I can just sense that this is to start proving an Ajax trace to Jacks. Remember, French Jacques' can link by their swords to Aude of France, where Andrea of Shoreham have traced us.

The Irish Kilpatricks are shown also as Sheera's, and Sheers/Shere's/Shire's happen to share the black dog of Carricks and Crags. We just saw Caracalla tracing to Corbieres along the Aude river, and "Caracalla" (they say it was his nickname) must be descended from Proculus Charax of Cetis or Orba, son of Quadratilla Bassianus. Orba was the location of the Ajax cult! Cetis was also, Citis," and the Shore's/Sure's use a motto term, "liCITIS."

AHA! I had checked the Guinans in the last update, but didn't mention them for nothing to say. Jackie married Dave Guinan. Guinans were first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys, from the Kennati priests of Cetis!!! I even loaded Guinans, but the Tipperary term must have been in my blind spot. I had said (last update): "My first high-school girlfriend was Jackie LITTLEford. If God named her first name, then put her into my life in order to point to Little's and Fords together, it's interesting that while I see the Plunkett Coat with Hollys, Jacks (Renfrew, same as Pollocks) show only holly." I didn't check the Guinans for a while after that was written.

I'm amazed with this. I recall being at a get-together with Jackie, and sitting right beside Guinan, when he made a sexual comment on the rude when seeing Jackie. She was there but perhaps didn't hear it. I don't know whether she was already my girlfriend at the time. I've got to assume that God put me with her first for the purpose of tracing the Kennati to Jacks. Guinans are listed with Conans who share the June fleur.

I'm getting sidetracked now by the quote above, "The Nazi's came over to America with government permission as per Operation PAPERclip, and here the paper plane into the corner pocket might just be code for that operation." I never did play with that idea, so far as I recall, because I didn't check Clip-like surnames. I have a lot of reasons to believe that my choice of terms is often Inspired without my realizing it. I've just found Dutch Clippers/Cloppers/CLAPPERs (mallets), possible of the Dutch Clavers. The paper plane into the side pocket was definitely God's pointer to Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who were doing the bidding of Obama's CIA director, James CLAPPER. We have a story.

The CIA had been infiltrated by Nazi's under George Bush Sr., and so we can assume that Clapper was just one of those goons resulting from some paperclip people. At the end of the war, just as Hitler needed help, president Roosevelt build a naval base nowhere near the sea (makes no sense) near to where the Aryan Nation would crop up at Hayden lake in Idaho. Haydens (Norfolk, same as English Clavers) could be a branch of such things as Heids/Hayds and Hiedlers/Hitlers.

Heids/Hayds are suspect with the Rothschild/RODDENstein arrow, and the latter's forms a bend in the colors of the Rodden/RODHAM bend, and it just so happens that the dossier at the center of the Strzok-Page coup attempt was paid for by Hillary Rodham.

If we go back to "paperclip," or to my paper plane (started out as a PAGE), we want to check Papers (Gloucestershire, which has CLAPton at its border with Somerset). The Claptons have a fesse in Heid-fesse colors. Papers use CarNATIONs, and Nations/Nathans (arrow) are Rothschild kin. One cannot count the number of woes in God's world thanks to the recklessness of Rothschild bankers in their quest to swallow the corporate world. The comPASSes of Nations/Nathans may indicate that Haydens share the cross of neighboring Pass'/Pascals.

Oh wow, the Clipper/Clapper mallets can link to the same in the Arms of Massy, recalling that the Arms of Massy linked hard to the News'/Nuces'. The Nusan variation of nations caused a check for Nuses surname with News' in mind, and the Nuses'/Newes'/Nuce's have two pale bars in the colors of the two bends (neither Coat has anything else) of Dutch Schilds, which can indicate that RothSCHILDs were named as per a Rothes merger with Schilds. Rothes' were first found in Bavaria with Heids/Hayds, and the latter use one bend in the colors of the two of Schilds. Skills are listed curiously with the Yorkshire Gilles'/Gills.

Nuses/Newes'/Nuce's were first found in Hertfordshire with CHILDS! Wow, what a sCHILDincidence. RothsCHILDs may have been a Rothes-Childs merger, then. Childs are linkable to Clopper-like Clubs/Clobbes' (Child colors and format).

I know what God had to do. It wasn't enough for a few events in my life to appear as though they were Intelligent Design from Him, because readers could pass it off as coincidence. But if the events were many, it gets harder to claim that God is not behind them. Certainly, the devil could not have put these things together. Clobbes' are suspect from Clovis, as is the Clovse variation of Close's. I've not known Cluse's/CLOWES' before, but looked them up as per "VauCLUSE." Cluse's/Clowes' have a version of the Close/Clovse Coat, both sharing a green lion with axe in Crest. The Close/Clovse hunting horn may per-chance be from rulers of Orange, in Vaucluse.

The Scottish Anderson write-up: "The most prominent branches of the Andersons were the Dowhills, West ArdBRECKs and Candacraigs in Strathdon." Brecks have the orange hunting horn in colors reversed. What are the chances that English Brecks, in ARTHur colors and format, were first found in Shropshire with Partys? German Brecks share the checks of Boyds, first found in Shropshire.

The Births/Berts have more hunting horns. At my 11th BIRTHday party, I recall Andrea blowing a party whistle with a pointed birthday hat. As she with the Party's traces well to Pertuis of Vaucluse, I'm going to remind you that "Frank" can be from "Phrygia." Childeric and Clovis were the first two Frank kings. The pointed hats may have been God's code for the pointed Phrygian cap. The German Franks who no longer have their Coat shown once showed a red saltire, the Andrea symbol too. The Frank saltire is in both colors of the ANDERson saltire. The "sure" motto term of Andersons is for the Shore's, and Andrea lived on Shoreham. The Kilpatricks of CLOSEburn use a "sure" motto term too. It can appear that Vaucluse was named after a Vaux merger with Clovis liners, and that they were at Kilpatrick castle. The Geds lived there who share fish with Clubs/Clobbes'.

The Andersons were of "Duncan fiz Andreu of Dumfries", and this tends to nail the Anderson saltire with that of Annandale's, who trace to the Ananes Gauls at Placentia, the Arms of which has a blue wolf, symbol also of Danish Anders'/Andersons. The Andrea's use the red saltire in both colors of the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's of Annandale. We can again see why God set up an event with Andrea, and Phrygians were from the Sakarya river, which God also stresses. It appears that the Bassus-line Phrygo-Galatians were in Vaucluse.

Half of the Anderson wolf is white on blue, the colors of the wolf heads of Traby-beloved Scarfs. Placentia is on the Trebia river. Scarfs were first found in Yorkshire with the Pavers sharing the Party / Vaux checks.

The Cluse/Clowes Coat looks like a version of the neighboring Bellamys (Stewart kin), and the Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Stewart-related Partys. The Bellamy crescents link very well to those of Seatons, and Seatons were first found in East Lothian with Keiths, mentioned because the latter were at hat-like Haddington. Party hats. The Hattings happen to be in the colors and format of Cluse's/Clowes', and first found in Cheshire with them. There is all sorts of Da-VINCi talk at the Septimania theater, and the Vince/VINCH motto is shared by Hattings. The rare griffin design of Vince's/Vinch's was seen in this update with the Corbiere's/Corbeils!!! Corbieres is smack at Septimania, and beside Herault.

Andrea's Shoreham brought us to Shore's of Mickleover, and Mickle's use a "VINCit" motto term that could be partly for "Citis," for Shore's use "liCITIS."

Clovis was born, Chlodevech, and Cluse's/Clowes' are in the colors and format of Clauds/Clausels and Cnuts. Danish Cnuts share flags with McLeods/CLOUDS. I saw the list of McLeod Septs many times, which included Herods, Heraults, Haralds, and many similar terms.

Houseofnames had an easy way to the septs of many surnames, but one day obliterated it. It was as easy as clicking a button on the menu bar at its home page. Why was that decision made, to obliterate all the hard work that went into listing the septs? Was I not to their liking? Tribwatch makes houseofnames a lot of money with tens of thousands of links to its website. Where's the appreciation? I can even teach the writers at houseofnames things they do not know, but they do not seem to be adding my material, at least not much. Once in a while, I think I spot some additions that are from my work, but it's hard to say. Their tracking system can identify anyone who bounces from my webpages to theirs. Try to imagine how many people bounce over there, since tribwatch gets hundreds of hits daily on its heraldic updates. They never once sent an email to say thanks when I was taking email. The McLeod-sept page is still online, but there seems no way for anyone to get at it. The list includes the many variations of Teague's, who trace to the Herod line of Tigranes VI.

The true meaning of the Da-Vinci code is deception by the bloodline lusters who always fail to disclose to the peoples that their ruling circles are based on a broad form of nepotism. Vince's/Vinch's were first found in HERTfordshire (suspect with HERODs/Heralds/Heraults), with Childs, and as that's the bloodline of Childeric > Clovis, it explains why Da-Vinci code lore has leaked out in linkage to Merovingians. These clowns who linked the children of Jesus to Septimania's Merovingian elements were nuts. Expect the Illuminati instead, who wish to kill Jesus all over again.

The Set-up of Andrea in my life had traced to Septimania's Herault aside from my chess games with Herald directly across Shoreham from her If we go to the hug I gave her, where I recall wanting to kiss her if I didn't quite manage it, it behooves me to check the Hugs, who look like a Hugh branch, recalling that Hugh Lupus, first earl in Cheshire, had a wolf-head symbol showing at his Wikipedia article that was removed, after I mentioned it. It was in the colors of the Scarf wolf heads. The Hugs were first found in Languedoc with Herault, and the giant Hug lion is even the Chess lion. Chess at Herald's place can thus trace Chess's to Herault, and link there with Hugs. The latter's Chief is also that of the Languedoc Julians, Dauphine's Galli's, and Normandy's Alans.

My Hug with Andrea was at the rear corner of the house facing HullMAR. Frank lived at the corner of Hullmar and Shoreham. Mars are suspect as Merovingian elements. French Mars, first found near the French Andrea's, share the scallops of Swedish Anders. Hulls use a version of the Vaughn Coat, and Vaughns are suspect with the Fane's/Vans now discovered as a branch of Fontana's. The Chess-suspect Hug lion is in the canton of Fountains, and both surnames share three red-on-blue fesses. What are the chances that the Chess' were first found in Norfolk with Fountains? It's as though the hug had eyes.

Go ahead and find Hullmar in Toronto, and you will see that it is besides NorFINCH, itself going down to Finch avenue. Vince's/Vinch's are also Finch's. The last time I saw Lorraine, a couple of years after we split up, was in Vaughn county. She was carrying a CHILD at her breast. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's. The Lorraine lion may therefore be in the Crest of Cluse's and Close's. The second-last time I saw her, a few weeks after we split up, was 10 miles from where we lived, at the Finch subway station. Chances are very small that we would cross paths there; she was at that station on every work day, but I did not go there regularly at all. I was there only because I was without a car for a few months, and I think I now realize that God arranged for that too, or I would not have been taking the bus to Finch station.

The "Vix" motto term of Fountains is very welcome here, if it links to the VYCHan variation of Vaughns. The Vicks' (Bavaria) have a giant hexagram in the colors of the two of Weis' (Bavaria), and the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Mr. WEIShaupt. Speaking of pointed hats, there is one in the Vicks Crest.

Pertuis is on the other side of the Durance from Aix-en-Provence. The hug did have eyes: "The [Hug] family of Languedoc knew further development and in 1695 the head of the family branch of Aix was elected Mayor. This esteemed family also had members who were responsible for the business matters of the region of Provence." Provence is where Andrea's were first found.

As Grasse was the emphasis of this discussion, let me repeat from the third update in April, 2017:

...I went to Lorraine's place (she was my girlfriend). I may have met her two or three weeks earlier, but no sooner. When Lorraine returned with the grass stain, and her friend's husband with her, it's possible that she wasn't mucking around with him on the grass, but I thought the chances were high for it, and I let her go. I regretted it later, but she wouldn't come back because I accused her. But God wasn't finished, for I crossed her path two times soon after. On one occasion, I saw her walk by with a child of about one year old or less, and Childs use the same spread eagle as Lorraine's, which is a white eagle, the colors of the spread eagle of Italian Este's. On the other occasion, it was at a bus [and subway] station, and Bus's are in Child colors.

There is a Station/State surname with the red greyhound head of Anchor-loving Majors...

So, not only do Cluse's/Clowes' and Close's/Clovse's share a green lion with Lorraine's, but Lorraine's share the Child eagle, just as though the last two times I saw her were set up by God to link Childs to Childeric, and Clowes' to Clovis, and the whole to the da-Finchi cult, so to speak. I had first asked her out at a BUS stop, which, along with out first date that night, was a pointer to Pepins, the ruling family amongst the Merovingians.

Note in the quote how the Lorraine topic turned to the Majors, for it was Mauger who led to the Corbeil/Corbiere surname sharing the rare griffin design of Vince's/Finch's. But, of course, you wouldn't assume that most everything I write has God as the error-checker, or that it's Inspired word-for-word.

Wow. Shortly after that quote, I went on to tell about a Mike who blurted, "What a babe," as he first saw Lorraine. That was proven to be Inspired by God. I didn't know that God held to language like that. But this Lorraine (about 20 years old) had a face (and body) with blond hair that is the epitome of a babe (not a baby). In other words, for this event, God had to get someone on the exceptional side, and I'll bet he was enjoying things for me as I risked a turn-down (yes I was turned down lots), going straight for her bus stop on my bicycle, asking her out cold, never having talked to her before. She agreed only because God was giving me a good hair day, or something, trust me, she would have said no if He were not creating the event.

I can now add to the Babe material with things that go beyond the proof that God linked Babe's, Blonds, and Feet. At the very time that Mike blurted, "what a babe," I spotted her beautiful feet. It burned into my memory, and, decades later, I was led by God to the Blonds. That is, when telling readers about her beautiful feet, I told them that she had sun-bright blond hair along with Mr. Kepke. Loading the Blonds at that time, I found a foot on a sun, and noted that Babe's, who use a sun too, have half the six bars of Blonds. But now I have more.

In the update with that quote above, I went on to compare the BABcock Crest, "A stag lodged, guardant between two branches of laurel," to the Lorraine Crest: "An arm in armor holding a branch of laurel". It tends to verify that God wrote through me that she had sun-bright blond hair, or that He said, "what a babe."

I haven't yet gotten to the new material which concerns material earlier in this update, namely the Arms of Massy connection to Newes'/Nuce's / Nuse's/Newes', the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, and using two pale bars in the colors of the one of Babcocks. The reason that the Arms of Massey applies is that Massy is a location near to where the Dawsons were first found. I found the Massy location in the last update thanks to following Dawsons to Mesnieres-en-Bray. The Dawsons share a "lodged stag" with Babwells, you see, and the Babe's have fessewise bars in the colors of the pale bars above. A Masci liner asked Lorraine the babe on a date, on his 24th BIRTHday, and BABon was the son of Berthe.

On the evening of my 24th birthday, I received the best kiss ever. It was so exciting, our never having met before, and here, within a couple of hours of getting together, sitting at a picnic table in the middle of summer, and just kissing, ahh, the life of a destined heraldry writer. The Kiss'/Cush's share the red Babcock (and Cock) rooster, suggesting a connection between Laevillus and Babon. We met that night at the corner of LEVENdale and Yonge, and Yonge's share the three piles of Leavells, whose English branch in turn use a red version of the Blond Coat. It's not so much that God was being nice to me on my birthday, it's that he had work to do later in my life to reveal the Levite bloodline to the killers of His Son. First, he had to train me to know heraldry. It was more work for Him than for me, because he had to work without speaking audibly to me, I have no idea how He does it. I got to eat whatever I chose, otherwise it's been a 10-year prison sentence for me so far, not one lady sent to me in all that time; I don't know if I can remember how to kiss. I am reminded that God doesn't want a previously-married man to be with another woman, and so I do not go after one now. Since 2005, I decided that I should accept only the woman in the 1979 dream, but I refuse to call her up even though she's been a widow since 2015. I don't want to make a mistake. If He leads her to me, that would be much better.

The Bibo rooster, which links to the Kiss/Cush rooster, is on a green cushion, which is why the red rooster on a green mound of Cremers/Cramers applies, for the latter have a motto term for the Cust branch of Kiss'. Therefore, the garb on a green, mound-like surface in the Nuses/Newes' Crest looks to apply, because they share an ermined white canton square with Cremers/Cramers. Miss Hicks, the woman in the 1979 dream, was a heavy Child liner too, as was Lorraine. Miss Hicks married a cushion liner, Mr, Kilpatrick, who descended from the Clovse bloodline. Childs were first found in the same place as Nuses'/Newes'/NUCE's, and we both purchased property within the same year on the Nueces river. We both moved away from that river in the same year. Nuses'/Nuce's are a branch, apparently, of Newes'/Nuces', the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Kiss'/Cush's. You can see where this is going, to Chapmans, Capone's, and Chaplets.

Expanding the Hicks Dream

There is probably a newsPAPER in the Newes/Nuces Crest, recalling the paperclip theme that brought us to Clippers/Cloppers/Clappers. Clubs/Clobbes', in colors reversed to the same Coat of Hykes'/Hake's, were likewise first found in Cambridgeshire. Hicks married Arthurs of CLAPton. Why all of these links? Miss Hicks has promised to be about a revelation on the 9-11 goons. I hope I'm reading that right, because it very much appears that Trump has formed a heavy-duty alliance with the Bush circle, because the latter was worried about being exposed by Trump's base. The Bush's had to give up much, and no sooner that the Busher, Bill Barr, got nominated by Trump that we started to hear the end of the Mueller probe, and that Mueller had nothing to report. Mueller is a chief 9-11 goon. Barr won't likely fool us, at least not me, when he deals with these issues publicly. He may try to make it appear he's done all he can to clean swamp, but that he was thwarted. Sessions didn't bother with that trick, but it's incumbent on Barr to do so if Trump wants to win easily / assuredly in 2020.

I have the strong sense now that Miss Hicks knees, in the dream, were code for the Newes'/Nuce's. That is, Knee's are a Newes branch. On the night of the 9-11 memorial (Sept 11, 2002), God gave her a beautiful-knee symbol, in my eyes, and I claim that He linked the Knee's that night to Stanleys, first found in Cambridgeshire, and pointing to Morgan Stanley's part in 9-11. I felt that WikiLeaks would come out with the news, with something against 9-11. That newspaper in the Newes Crest might just be my pointer to the news I follow daily. That's my second job aside from disclosing heraldic secrets. Perhaps the Newes newspaper will be our Victoria over the carNATIONs in the Paper Coat.

This past week, news came out that Australia has granted Julian Assange a passport (a trap?), signalling that a deal is in the works to get him out of the embassy in London. In Australia, he can work with Kim Dotcom to unveil Mueller. Dotcom says he has the material to prove Seth Rich's murder, and so does Julian Assange. As long as he was holed up in the embassy, Assange had to be on his best behavior. Hang in there, paper planes, and sing us a song soon. But won't Australia turn him in to Britain or the United States?

Here's from the Newes'/Nuces write-up: "Castle Newe was a mansion house, situated in Aberdeenshire, built in 1831 by Archibald Simpson." Rogers/Rosers have a version of a Simpson Coat, and the other two Roger surnames share the two symbols on the Knee Shield. The blue-on-white Knee bend is shared by Archibalds. Perhaps the "NUTRior" motto term of Simsons can be for Nutters/Nottings/Cnuts, for the latter share the blue Buckingham bend with besants while Simpsons were first found in Buckinghamshire...with Cheneys while Chanute's/Chenu's have an upside-down version of the Canute/Cnot/Knot chevron, making Cheneys look like Canute liners. May the news unveil Dick Cheney's role in 9-11.

By what coincidence did I brush or graze Miss Hick's knee, in the dream, when a voice said to be, "what are you waiting for, go WAKE her up." The Wake's (barons of Liddel) not only use a "wake KNOT," and not only an "ora" motto term to go with the "nutriOR" of Simsons, but the Wake Chief share's red roundels with the Ore/Orr Chief, quite remarkable. I've been on this turf before when discovering that Nellys have red besants too, which I thought was a pointer to Nelly Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS at the time (could have included July 2016) of the FBI / Hillary attack against candidate Trump. However, this Simson connection to the knee is new right here, and Fusion GPS was founded by Glenn Simpson! I did not have either him or Nelly Ohr on my mind when writing the Simson paragraph above. I fell into it by looking up the Wake's again, because I was troubled by not understanding why the knee was grazed when waking Miss Hicks up. Wow.

Did God provide the wake knot symbol to point at an Ohr-Cheney connection. The dossier that Fusion adopted was started by Republicans at Washington Free Beacon, where Bill Kristol worked, and, as was said, the day that I bought the newspaper (for want-ads) in Victoria, I ended the day (seeking property to purchase) at CRYSTAL City. I ended the trip at the same town the next morning, and drove toward home. As I was leaving Crystal City, I said to self that I would save $15,000 and return in six months to purchase land. I save $14,000, with my mother pitching in another $1,000, and I did return in exactly six months to purchase on the NUECES river, 10 or so minutes from Miss Hicks, who I would not meet until a month or so after finalizing the deal for the property.

When returning home, bad things took place, and I was unable to return to Texas for four years, but when I did return, I happened to be driving by the ranch of the person from whom I purchased the land, seeing what looked like a police team on the shoulder of the road near her home. An hour or two later, I met Miss Sim(p)son for the first time, and mentioned this thing, which she said was the FBI seeking the murdered body of Madalyn O'Hair. She was found later on a neighboring hunting ranch, but I have not a good idea whether God set-up my return like that, or how the murder relates to Fusion's founder, and am wondering now why I met Miss Simson that day, inviting her for a COFFEE. It was one of the rare times in my life when I approached a lady cold, asking her out immediately on my first meeting. She ended up wanting marriage, but I decided against it because I believed the woman in the dream was to become my next wife, and I had pegged her as Miss Hicks, who, I learned later, was Mrs. Kilpatrick at the time, in her mid 40s, married to a man in his late 70s. I had qualms.

I was wrong about the marriage; the dream's embrace with her must not have had to do with marriage, and there is a very good alternative explanation for the embrace (see below), though having nothing to do with the Fusion dossier, so far as I've unraveled that part of the dream's meanings. Only the grazing of her knee with my hand has pointed to the dossier.

The dream, or my belief that she would become my wife, is what caused me to sit beside her at the 9-11 memorial, when multiple things pointed to matter's pertaining to the deep state in the news between 2016 and now, but as it was a 9-11 memorial, I assumed that it will be a revelation on the 9-11 goons. That was the night that her knees, which I saw many times because she wore dresses to church, suddenly became beautiful, for a reason that pointed compellingly to the Julian-Assange situation. It caused me to expect a WikiLeaks dump on the 9-11 goons, and some Trump lover may be trying to arrange such a thing as we speak, if it hasn't been done already. All that's needed is someone to betray the 9-11 goons, giving WikiLeaks the goods. But WikiLeaks cannot unleash it in the news until Assange is safe. The deep state has leaked a message to Assange's lawyers indicating that Sessions started an indictment against him, to put fear into him, and so WikiLeaks needs to be on its best behavior.

Here's a new thing. I've said that I brushed or grazed her knee. The Graze/Grass Coat doesn't look meaningful, but Brush's have the BRUCE Coat (Annandale, between the Liddle-branch Little's and Kilpatrick castle), which is a version of the Hink Coat. "Hinc" is a motto term of Liddle's/Liddels (spurs, same as Kilpatrick elements), and Wake's are said to have been barons of Liddel. The thing coming to mind is John Hinckley Jr., who some think was working for George Bush Sr. with his attempt to assassinate president Reagan (because Bush would automatically become the president if the attempt had succeeded). Hinkleys use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosiers.

To put it another way, I was told to wake her up, and Wake's point to: 1) Nelly Ohr; her husband, BRUCE at Obama's DoJ; 3) the Bush-circle killing machine. Bush Sr. was a Walker by blood (George Herbert Walker Bush), and English Walkers use a "magna" motto term while the motto of Little's/Lyddle's/Littels, said to have had a branch about 20 miles east of Annandale, use "MAGNum." It's known that Bruce's and Brush's use a gold version of the Annandale Coat.

I can't understand a Brush-surname link to Knee's/Nee's (Ireland) at this time unless Knee's were Nith-river liners. The Hick's dream started with a nasty shark, which was resolved with Saraca's at RISINium, and the dream ended with she and I embraced, RISING into the sky. Her being aSLEEP before we rose up was code for the SELEPitanoi at/beside Risinium. But this doesn't speak to deep-state crime so far as I can see. We saw why Cnut / Cheney liners can apply to the wake knot, and to what was said before coming to Wake's, which I'll repeat here when wondering whether Newes' were a Knee/Nee branch: Here's from the Newes'/Nuces write-up: "Castle Newe was a mansion house, situated in Aberdeenshire, built in 1831 by ARCHIBALD Simpson." Rogers/Rosers have a version of a Simpson Coat, and the other two Roger surnames share the two symbols on the Knee Shield. The blue-on-white Knee bend is shared by ArchiBalds." To my amazement, German Balds share the hourglass-like Shield of Newes'/Nuces' in half its colors. It looks like we may have found a reliable theory on a Knee/Nee branch in "Newes."

The quote above continued immediately with: "Perhaps the "NUTRior" motto term of Simsons can be for Nutters/Nottings/Cnuts, for the latter share the blue Buckingham bend with besants while Simpsons were first found in Buckinghamshire...with Cheneys while Chanute's/Chenu's have an upside-down version of the Canute/Cnot/Knot chevron, making Cheneys look like Canute liners. May the news unveil Dick Cheney's role in 9-11. As Knights share the spur with Close's/Clovse's, and because they have an old Nith-like variation, I see Knights as Nith liners, especially as Nitts/NAUGHTs were first found in Dumfries with the Nith. Yet "Night / Naught" is like "Knot," suggesting that the Scandinavian name, Cnut (it wasn't "Canute" to Scandinavians), may have been from Geds on the Nith. Geds are online as proto-Geddes' on the Nith in 400 AD, and the Ged surname shows only fish in the colors of the Arms of Saraka fish. Possibly, a Gned-like (Gwened?) term named "Nith" through a series of variations. Miss Hicks beautiful knees were spotted at the GET'n Go gas bar in Camp Wood, Texas.

With the inclusion of Wake-of-Liddel elements, I have new material. The Little's share a white saltire with Scottish Walkers, but in the colors of a Kilpatrick saltire. My first-ever stab at linking the Scottish Walker Coat was several years ago, pegging it with a version of a Kilpatrick Chief (top third of the Shield). With the new theory that Rogers are Knee kin, and that my brushing her knee is possibly code for a Bruce-Knee merger, let's get'n go to the write-up of Scottish Kilpatricks: "About 1 km east of Closeburn lies Closeburn Castle, a tower house that was the family seat of the Kirkpatrick family until 1783. The first record of the name is of a Sir ROGER de Kirkpatrick (born c. 1280), 3rd cousin and associate of Robert the Bruce..." I assume the latter was king Robert Bruce I. The three, red pale bars of Scottish Walkers can therefore be the three of Knights.

Next, with the Castle Douglas location to the near-west of the Nith, and with a branch of Little's to the near-east of the Nith, let's go to the Little write-up: "Adam Lityll was a tenant of the Douglas Clan in the barony of Kilbucho in 1376." KilBUCHo, beside Biggar, might just be the reason for the buck's head in the Hick crest, but, in any case, Biggars share the Knee / Roger bend. Plus, there is a Stane location beside Biggar while my seat beside Miss Hicks, at the 9-11 memorial, was taken by Stanley, which is why the Stanley bend got suspect with the Knee bend, and here we find the Knee bend possibly with Biggars. As Miss. Hicks moved from the Nueces river to the outskirts of Dallas, note that the Biggar Coat is the Dallas Coat while Dallas' and Douglas' were both first found in Moray.

The Douglas' are coming up big, as per the dream, for it started with a bullDOG in the mouth of that nasty shark. This bulldog linked wildly to the Kilpatricks, by the way. But I suddenly think that the DOG was code for DOUGlas', who are Flemish along with Biggars, for the bulldog may also be code for the Bullys who use a flaming heart, or a heart in flames! Flames are a Fleming symbol, and Douglas' (salamander in flames!) share the heart. Wow, that mystery as to why there was a bulldog instead of only a dog can make sense in that way.

From my 4th update in June, 2015: "The Ratterys/Rattrays use "a flaming HEART", and had a location in Buchan... [KilBucho branch?]" Ratterys are key here for deciphering the bulldog. When that was written, I had access to, and was quoting from, a website that offered a description of every surname at houseofnames. There is no mistake in that "flaming heart" even though the Rattery Crest shows no flames at houseofnames, for I often crossed descriptions that were alternatives to what was actually showing at houseofnames. For example, the Stoltenberg Crest doesn't show what the description tells it uses, which is a heart pierced by an arrow, which happens to be in the Crest of Nations/Nathans too. The latter are suspect in the carNATIONs of Papers, and the Natts/Nathans (NOTTINGhamshire) use what I think is a version of the Nitt/Naught Coat, which traces Rothschild elements of the Nathan kind, or what could have been a branch of the namers of Nottingham, to the Nith.

Ratterys ("Super" motto term) are amazing because Hoods (Devon, same as Spurrs and Supers) are said to have been at a Rattery location while Miss Hicks, in the dream, stood initially at the hood of a car. She was on a beach at the time, and Beach's/BECHs were first found in heart-like Hertfordshire with Nuses/Newes', who entered this update at the sight of the Nusen variation of Nations/Nathans. The Bully mascle, in colors revered, is the red one of Nuse's/Newes'. The Buchans (sunFLOWER) in the Rattery write-up have the lion heads of Flowers (same place as Rothes'), Nitts/Naughts and Rothes', the latter now said to have been first found in Devon, same as Knight-beloved Spurrs and Hoods. The Flowers share the cinquefoils of Dovers and Potters, the latter first found in Hampshire (where Cnut invaded England) with the Hangers in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts. The Patrick-like Pattys have a version of the Nitt/Naught Coat, and share the Natt/Nathan escutcheon, by the looks of it. It really does seem that Cnuts were a Nith-river branch. Cnut "the great" had a Polish mother.

By the way, Flower-like Fellows ("PATIEntia) use a "MAGNAnimitate" motto term while Pollocks are from Plancia Magna, which can explain not only why Flowers share the Rothes lion head, but why one Peter Crest shares a gold lion head with Fellows.

The Rattery Crest shares a crown upon a heart (same crown design) of flames-using DOUGlas', and Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with DOGs/Doags. This looks like the meaning of the bulldog where it includes Bullys, for, as we can see, Bullys use a heart in flames! After years of trying, the bulldog has been deciphered, and, to boot, the Bullys (Jump write-up) came up in a recent dream concerning kids JUMPing on a yellow mattress. Without Bullys coming up in that jumping dream, I would not have been able to decipher the bulldog, and so I'll assume that God gave that jumping dream too. Bullys were first found in the same place as Kilpatricks.

Just asking: is the heraldic neBULY a Nee-Bully merger?

What's more, wow, the shark had the dog half into its mouth, with a ring of teeth circling round its BELLY! I've said this before several times, I'm not making it up to make Bullys more applicable. Bellys were first found at Moray with Douglas'! And Bellys, I now see, share the Jump roses. Too much.

The bulldog also linked well to the black bulls of Beautys/BoWOODs, possible marriage partners of Woods (share the Rattery fitchees). The Little's are said to have been neighbors to the Beatties'. Note where the "jump" term is placed in this snippet from the 1st update in February, 2017:

But now I've got to explain the dream. I had been a Christian about a month when this dream took place. There were two parts with two scenes, and I could never explain the first half, though the second half was clearly [ahh, maybe not, but I had been convinced from the day I had it] my marriage to a blonde woman. As the dream started, I stood by the edge of a swimming pool, and saw a British bulldog fall or jump [!] into the pool, where there was a shark with nasty teeth. It got the dog half into its mouth head first, with a ring of teeth around its belly, and when I jumped in to save it, I could not pull it out. Suddenly, the scene changed, and I was walking to shore from within a clean, light-blue, exotic body of water. As I got to the sand, I saw a woman in the distance beside the only car on the beach. There were no other people. As I started to walk toward her, I saw her face, and remarked on how beautiful she was. But when she saw me coming, she got into the car. When I arrived, she was hovering in the car, eyes closed and face stressed out, worried about whether some man (who owned the car?) was out and about after other women. I was able to hear her thoughts, and after hearing that, a voice came from behind me, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." So, I thought the thing to do was to kiss her awake, but when my hand brushed by her knee, she popped up into my arms, and we rose embraced into the sky. End of dream.

That update was close to the time when first starting to realize that the Hicks dream could have had heraldic value. What I didn't mention is that I was going to kiss her awake with a kiss, like Sleeping BEAUTY (the latter came to mind in the dream), for I had said, "She's beautiful" when I saw a CLOSE-up of her face (Spur-loving Close's were at Closeburn, surely). So, the Beauty/Bowood bulls seem to apply, and apparently they are code for Bullys, for the bulldog JUMPed into the pool, so amazing. I am impressed, O Lord, You are playing quite the "game" here. But even if it FELL in, that could apply to Fellers and other Rockefeller liners. The Jumps share the Trump stag heads.

The Beatties' (Roxburghshire, same as Liddesdale and Little's who mention the Beatties) were not loaded until after writing the above, to find red mascles, the Nuses/Newes symbol. Watch Beatties' link round-about to Bully suspects. Roxburghshire is where Molle's and Gouch's/Gooch's were first found who share the boars in the cups of Bole's, excellent because the Bole Crest shares a boar pierced by the Rothschild arrow with Pollocks, and the latter are the line to Pools, important because the bulldog jumped into a pool. The Jump roses are shared by Paisleys, home of Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with Eskins/Erskins who share the pale bar of Beatties. Eskins/Erskins are suspect with ESCHYNa de Molle, whose daughter (Isabel) married the brother of Peter Pollock of Rothes castle. Having said that, Poole is near the first-known Beautys/Bowoods and Bulls, the latter said to be from John le Bole of Somerset. Apparently, Bole's and Bulls were Bully branches. German Bole's share compasses with Nations/Nathans, and the long white wings of Weis'/Wise's and Wies'.

In the yellow-bed dream, KIDs were jumping on the mattress. Now that I know this dream links to the Hicks dream, it can be added that the Kids chare the Douglas Chief. (Kids were first found in Dundee with Fells.)

The shark's teeth around the belly of the bulldog plays well to the Washington Free BEACON, for German Belli's use a beacon. Beacons/Bacons (Suffolk, same as Bullis'), may be a branch of French Bacons (Buchan/Bachan branch?) sharing the cinquefoil of Dogs/Doags.

It's very interesting that Fullers use the beacon too while the three Fuller fesses are shared by Paisley-like Pasleys/Pashleys (Berkshire), making Fullers suspect from FULbert, father of Peter Pollock. The Paisleys share the thistle with Crystals/Kristals, the latter first found in Yorkshire with the Jumps who in-turn share the roses of Paisleys. It seemingly points to Bill Kristol (anti-Trumper Republican) of the Washington Free Beacon.

At the Get'n Go, I saw the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks through the GLASS DOOR of the store, which was resolved with Mr. Glas, vice-president of EcuaDOR, who was on Julian Assange's side while he was holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy, where he remains to this day. On the same day that I ended up at Crystal City, years earlier, I drove up toward Leakey on hwy 83, seeing a Mr. Moreno on a political sign planted in someone's field or yard (how did I remember that?), and then went straight away to Crystal City. Decades later, I learned that Mr. Moreno became the president of Ecuador, replacing Glas' administration. Moreno has sided with Assange's American enemies at Trump's DoJ. I also learned that Leakeys/LEAKs share the Hicks fleur and the engrailed Knee bend, while the Get'n Go is at the corner of what the locals call the Leakey road, for it goes to Leakey.

The Ratterys share the Wood fitchees, and the Get'n Go is in Camp WOOD. Ratterys can be a branch of Rats, first found in Nairnshire with Geddes', said to be from the Get-like Geds. What would be God's point in making these repeated links to the same entities through both the dream and the 9-11 memorial? Biggar and Stane are near GLASgow.

I have not known of Stane until now. A Kilbucho article was loaded to find a map with Stane upon it. At the memorial, I got up to ask the pastor to let Miss Hicks sing a second song, and deciding not to return to my seat beside her, it was taken by Stanley, who was holding the American flag while he sat there, and soon after he took it to the stage. The Slane's share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks, who are in-turn in the colors of Flowers/FLAUGHers.

By the way, I always suggest that the Rollo Normans were the Stout-raven vikings, but almost always have failed to mention the write-up of Fletchers/FLEGGERs: " The Vikings landed in the Orkneys and northern Scotland under their king, Stirgud the Stout, around 870. Subsequently, led by their jarl, Thorfinn Rollo, they invaded France around 911." It sure sounds as though the raven vikings were the line to Rollo of More, making Moray, home of Rothes castle, suspect with "More." I trace RAGNvald, Rollo's father, to elements from Reghin on the Mures river, near Biggar-like Biharia. Biggars are in the motto of the Arms of Shetland, home of the raven vikings.

I have not become familiar with Fletchers/Fleggers (Sinclair cross), shame on me. The share black roundels with Flavian-liner Flys (version of the Pratt Coat) of Flagi/Flavian, and with their Pratt kin, who are in the "pratus" motto term in the Arms of Rieti (home of imperial Flavians). Therefore, the Flowers are from Flavians, wow, that's the importance of the Fletcher/Flegger Coat. The Peter mascles are in the Pratt Coats. The theory is that Flavians became Flowers before they became Flags/Flecks and Fletchers, Flatts (Orkneys), and Fleets. Aflecks/Aflacks share the cross of Fletchers. Fleets share the club with Woods, and then there are Fleetwoods. Pratts may have been Peters of the Parrot kind. Two Peter surnames share the Pierre bend, and the latter may be throwing in the Petit lion. Petits were at Bressey, and Bressys/Brassys (new to me) are in Pollock colors. There's a Bressay in Shetland. Brass'/Brace's have a reflection of the Plunkett Coat. As Columns/Malcolms use a "petit" motto term while columns are used by the Pelosi's, first found right beside Bra, Brassy liners can be Bra > Brae/Bray branches.

Suddenly, from Flowers we may jump to Fellows, possibly revealing that Rockefellers were all Flavian liners. Fellows were at SHOTESham of Norfolk, and Norfolk had a slew of Rieti liners such as Sabine's, Fulke's and Flecks. Flow-like Plows had been suspect as Flavians, but I don't think I knew that they share the motto of Fleetwoods. The Plows with their Curtis kin (farmer with plowshare) can be sharing the Fellow and West dancette (Wests should be to Vestalis, grandson of Dance-liner Donnus, king of Cottians). The Danse/Dansette Coat (Paisley / Jump roses) even compares to the Plow Coat, indicating a Flavian merger with Cottian liners.

German Curtis' have quadrants in the colors of the vertically-split Shields of Fulke's and Belgian Flecks, but as Vigils use those colors on their split Shield, I've just realized that Wake's ("VIGILa") and Walks/Wachs (Fellow colors and format) can be Fulk branches distantly , especially as Wakefields (dancette) have the vertically-split Shield of Fleetwoods (neBULY) in colors reversed. Fellows are the ones with a "magna" term buried in the motto, and English WALKers have "magna" too. Walks (Dumfries) look connectable to Close's/Clovse's, and Jewish Falks may be using either a FALCon or an eagle in Child-eagle colors.

Walks/Wachs share "Industria" with Dents and the Arms of Rothschild. Dents ("ConCORDia" can suggest Curtis/Cortis liners) were first found in West Yorkshire with Wakefields...and Jumps. I wish I knew why Jumps were Pointed to, and who they stem from or who they became. I'm going to guess that Jumps use Fellows colors because the bulldog could be described as both falling or jumping into the pool that represented Vespasia Polla, the proto-Pollock wife of Flavius Sabinus. Pools even share the Fallis/Falla lion. I really have never known whether the dog fell or jumped. It just came walking fast past my leg (knee?) from behind me, and went straight into the pool in front of me. I jumped into the pool.

Having come by the Flowers today, a surname I never stress, has just reminded that the kids jumped on the YELLow mattress. Yellows, sharing the Fall/Fail/Vail fesse in both colors, share the black fesse with yells, from a Yell location in Shetland, and we saw Flower branches of the Flatt kind, for example, being out of the Shetland area. The Fletchers/Fleggers mention the raven vikings of that area. Who would have guessed that Flavians of Italy would become the vikings who founded Normandy? The MATRES/Maistre surname suspect with the yellow mattress show only flowers of some kind, and as their surname doesn't seem to reflect any common flower species, perhaps they simply use flowers as code for the Flowers.

Cetis Elements Clinched Around Biella

I don't like to repeat stories for those who have already read them multiple times. To make it shorter, I'm going to ask you to believe me when I say that there are very good reasons to believe that God gave CHRISTine Peare a waist symbol recently in relation to giving her a belly symbol more than 40 years ago. The belly symbol was compellingly a pointer to the "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase of Bouillons, and the phrase, "It felt so good," in direct relation to my belly event with her, pointed her to Gothelo, great-grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. That was a revealing conclusion because Gothelo's son supported the PIERLeoni, who may have named the Pearl variation of Peare's.

I think I now know why God gave that belly event more than I did before. While on the Archibalds and Balds earlier, I reckoned that Balds were from the Baltea river. It's where I trace BALDwin, royal brother of Godfrey de Bouillon (father ruled in Artois), for more reasons than similarity between his name and "BALTea." I spotted Biella some 15-20 miles from Ivrea (major center on the Baltea, home of Arthur liners to Artois), and noted that Novara, where Laevi are said to have lived, is only 30-40 miles east of Biella. I right away got the impression that the Pero's of Pavia (founded by Laevi) were at Biella, that this was the meaning of the belly event. And it seems to be pulling the Pierleoni into this very Pero-Laevi picture.

It just can't be coincidental that Yvery-like Ivrea is on the Baltea. Leavells are said to be from Yvery (Normandy), and they descended directly from Waleran de Perceval, a branch of Pierce's/Piers. Something's fishy here.

Looking more closely than before at the Novara area, I spotted the Sesia river, which can apply to variations of the Cetis/Sestie surname, which is a significant start for tracing LAEVillus of Cetis to this river. I then remembered that the Kids, with an "ORBem" motto term, look like they are from "CITis," for its near ORBA/Olba. The Sesia river has a source smack at Biella (actually, it's a tributary of the Sesia, sorry], and before seeing this river's name, "TRECATe" was spotted on the southern outskirts of Novara, much like the TRACHEITis river at Cetis / Olba, but there is even more, for I know without checking that the Kidd Surname has upright goats in the colors of the upright ram of Bauts! Bauts were the first piece of evidence to reveal a trace of Baldwin to "Baltea," for Bauts, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, are from "Bautica," the alternative name of the Baltea. I once reported that Bauts have an upright goat until I loaded it again and saw rams (could have been my mistake, or maybe houseofnames changed the symbol). If I recall correctly, Godfrey III had a daughter, goat-like Goda (not sure that this line got a goat symbol, but possible), mother of Godfrey de Bouillon. The latter had been said to be a founder of a Priory of Sion, and the Walsers from the Sion area do use goats, in Godfrey pelican colors. Besides, Kidds may use the goat for no other reason than play on a goat kid.

Bauts/Bode's and their variations are thus suspect with the Sadducee house of Boethus. It just so happens that Butts/Bute's/BOETS have a version of the Pero/Pierro Coat. They both share the roses of Christs suspect in the Bouillon motto. The "Vero" motto of Bouillons rhymes with "Pero." It can certainly explain why Godfrey de Bouillon was chosen to be the first Templar king of Jerusalem, for they had merged with descendants of the killers of Jesus whose ancestry ruled in the Jerusalem temple.

The descendants were likely some pretty big money bags by the 11th century. Some say that Templars became international bankers. With Caepio's gold stash? Retrieved somewhere along the army's way to Jerusalem? "Bouillon" is like "bullion," metal bars. I've thought that the Bouillon flory are two crossed bullion bars secretly. The Caepio stash included both gold and silver bars. By what coincidence do Nassau's (merger with Orange) use a Shield of gold billets = gold bars while Caepio was forced into a war at Orange the year after he found tens of thousands of pounds of gold bars at Toulouse? If I recall correctly, gold billets are in the Arms of Roquefeuil (near Rennes-le-Chateau), a location not far from Toulouse. The Galatians I speak of often had been from Gauls in the Toulouse area. Where did the Herods get all the gold by which they adorned the temple? Herod Antipas, a century after Caepio, was living at Comminges, directly across the Garonne river from Toulouse. Was Guerin named after the Garonne, or vice-versa?

William of Gellone (was there gold buried under his monastery?), count of Toulouse, was probably the father of Guerin of Provence, and Guerins share the Coat of Payens while Billets/Billiards use the gold Payen Coat in silver. Did Billiards create a Billet surname as play on their silver bars? The Zionist star of Billets/Billiards is in the silver color of the same of Goths/Gothels, a surname from Gothelo. Was the "bello" motto term of Bouillons related to Billets/Billiards? Rulers of Montferrat used a red Chief and white Shield, as do Billets and their Bellow kin (Billets and Bellows share identical Coats). Why do French Vaux's/BELLiveau's/Bellevaux's (I think I have the spelling correct) use more billets?

I now recall that the German Bald Coat traced well to the similar one of Guido's of Bologna, and that Guido Guerra III married a daughter of William V of Montferrat. The latter's father, Renier, may be to the Reines' who use a "comet," which is in the design of the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's. The Reines lion is COUNTERchanged, and Counters are the English Conte's/COMITES', but as French Conte's (LaBel crescent?) were first found in Languedoc with RENNES-le-Chateau, it may speak for itself. I see Comets as a branch of Comine's, who apparently named Comminges at Toulouse. Montferrat is near Busca, and then Dutch Bush's/Boschs use more billets as well as the same lion in the Guerin Chief. I don't know of any other surname with a comet.

If I recall correctly, Flame's are in the colors of the Godfrey pelicans, and I do think that de-Bouillon was a Fleming. The Reines' are also suspect with the Pisa Coat, and Godfrey III, son of Gothelo, married Beatrice of Bar, herself related to rulers in Tuscany, location of Pisa. But the bigger point may be that the Bautica has a mouth facing Montferrat, and the Sesia has a mouth smack beside Casale Monferrato.

With Cetis elements looking like they're between the Ticino and the Baltea, I thought that evidence of the Kennati might show itself. Yup, perfect, in the black fitchees of Tarves, first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins. The namers of Chivasso, along the Baltea near Turin, were the Chives', first found in Tarves. This isn't proof that the Kennedy fitchees are those of Tarves', but it can be expected. I will now need to tell of the belly event. Miss Peare had left me for Kepke, but for whatever reason, she and her friend, Louise stayed the night at my apartment, while Kepke went home. We all three slept in the same bed, and I awoke in the middle of the night pressing my hand on her belly, and as I always say, it FELT so GOOD. More that four decades later, I had a dream with she being pulled by me at her waists, and it felt just like than one night. So, I resolved this with the Felts, who have the Bouillon cross in colors reversed, and with the Goods or one of their branches, suspect with Gothelo liners such as Goths/Gothels (almost the hexagram of Pero's).

The point here is Louise, the other lady who slept with me that night (no sex). She must have been a pointer to Luis of Ceva, from a Chives-like location not far south of Chivasso. Luis was mother to Alice of Saluzzo, and the Saluzzo Coat is a blue version of the red Chief with white Shield used by rulers of Montferrat, for the latter had a Vasto branch in Saluzzo. The other point is that Clintons, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, use the Saluzzo Shield (and perhaps even a pentagram version of the double Pero stars), have six, black fitchees in the same pattern as the six of Tarves'! Bingo.

I've found "Trecate" only in the 2nd and 3rd updates on March, 2018. In the 2nd, "Could Novara have been named after Nysa, or vice-versa, since Neve / News liners are now resolved with "Nysa"?...Novara is just six miles from TRECate...which may have named the TROCmii Galatians to which BrogiTARUS belonged. I don't remember how it was "resolved." I had found in that update that, Kidds, from Dundee, in Angus with the first-known Nevers/Neve's and Navys, share the lily of Cetis/Sestie's in the same colors. Wow, was "Novara" a line from NEVERS? Nevers is at Autun, and that was traced to Aedon of Boeotia, where I expect the house of Boethus to have come out of. And Butts/Boets share the fish with Neve's. I can see the possibility here that the Aedon Boeotians merged with Gauls of France before forming the Galatians. Laevi are known to have been Gauls in France before moving to Novara! Zikers, that looks good.

In fact, the Laevi arrived to Italy in the train of a chieftain over many tribes, whose name as BELLOvesus. We are at this very time on Biella and the "bello" motto term of Bello-like Bouillons. His name has the same ending as his brother's name, SegoVESus, and this latter man was in the Black Forest, at PFORZheim, evoking the VISconti merger with SFORZA's. The TECtosagi Galatians might even have been named partly by a Ticino element such as became the Tecks (LEAVES). As the Teck saltire is in Fessy colors, might Visconti elements have become Vessys and Fessys? As Visconti's were in Sardinia, where AVEZzano's were first found, might the Tous' have been of TecTOSagi," since Tous' love the Sardinia-suspect Shirts? Visconti's were in Gaul-like Gallura.

I have spoken of a dream where "Micah" and "Masci" were on execution papers, and that dream proved to be from God that very morning without a doubt. Micah was the original owner of the rebellious, pagan Levite, Jonathan, afterwhich the latter became the priest of Laish, the line to Chives'. In the dream, I saw an angry man put a NOOSE around a man's neck, and lower him into a well to hang him there. This turned out to be God's pointer to CHRYSippus (tossed into a well), and his step-mother, Hippodamia (she was hung or hanged herself), queen of Pisa, daughter of OENomaus (proto-Masci Amazons), the line of Oeneus, suspect from "Jonathan."

The point here is News/Nuce-like "noose," as though God used the noose in the 2012 dream to point to News liners when I finally got around to them, as in today even. We saw days ago (first time) that the News/Nuce hourglass shape is used in the same colors by the Arms of Massy! Wow. Chrysippus raped Laish-like Laius in Thebes, if I recall correctly, the line likely to Nevers. Doesn't that alone strike us as the proto-Boethus Boeotians to the Laevi at Novara??? [See "Arms of Massy" early in the next update for some extra gleanings.]

Nevers/Neve's even use a possible cross version of the Laish-suspect Elis', while Pisa is at Elis. It's known that rulers of Elis were linked maritally with rulers of Calydon, which included Oeneus of Calydon. Queen Aedon's son, ITYLus is a lot like "Aetolus" at Calydon.

I have just seen a clincher quote from the update that had the Trecate term: "The Gots/Godde's ("birds"), by the way... The word in quotation marks means that I checked the Coat's description, and it uses, "birds". The Bird surname shares the Felt flory cross!!! I had said, "It FELT so Good," but I don't think I had found Gots/Godde's when seeking the meaning of "good" (my Internet is down for the weekend, so I can't check). But there was the surname in an update that doesn't have the it-felt-so-good topic. Birds and Felts both have the Bouillon flory in colors reversed, assuring that Gots'/Goode's are from Gothelo.

It also assures that, when I said to readers, "it felt so good," God intended it in those very words. This was my claim. That's how I have got to view this. It cannot be by some random-chance coincidence that the four-word phrase has two words regarding the family of Godfrey de Bouillon while Christine's belly linked to the Bouillon motto. It means also that she herself, at least one of her names, was of that family, and the "Christi" motto term gives it away. Yet her Peare line is suspect with Pierleoni to boot. I read that when the Vatican opposed the Pierleoni, Godfrey III went to the rescue of the Pierleoni. God wanted to point to that thing, to Templarism too, it's obvious.

If Louise represented Luis of Ceva, and Miss Peare represented the Bouillon entity at or with Biella, then let's ask why it was a Masci liner who slept between these ladies? There were indications that the Peter namers of Pierleoni trace to Flavians at Rieti, the Arms of which has a "pratus" term definitely for Pratts and/or their branches. I have it recorded that Praters share the black Navarre/Novara wolves, and that can be the Quade-wolf line to Laevillus, to be expected with the Biella region.

And wow, in the same update (4th of Sept., 2011), it says: "At the source of the Ticino, at Maggiore, a Sesto location smacks of Sestus across from Dardania... I didn't yet know at that time of the Cetis/Sestie surname, but add to this that there is a Sesia river flowing from Biella! I'm not familiar with these things.

[After this update was out, there was found a Sesta GODano location with flowers in its Arms in the colors of the Cetis/Sestie lily. The Arms also has a tower in the colors of the Auvergne tower. This is when I learned that the Sesia was not the Sesta as I thought it might have been upon the atlas. Also, the Sesia does not flow through or at Biella as it seemed like on the atlas. So sorry about that. It was fixed soon, though. It creates a little doubt on whether the Sesia is linkable to the Sestie-like surnames. There is a tributary of the Sesia from Biella.]

Maggiore and Sesto are up by the Swiss border, and it smacks of Majors. I have it in the same update that "As the Ticino also empties into lake Maggiore at its northern tip, the long lake is essentially part of the Ticino waterway...the Spanish Major surname (just black and white checks) was first found in Navarre!!!" That was exciting. Novara is between Biella and the Ticino.

Guessing who's black and white checks, the English Galleys have some along with greyhounds, an English-Major symbol. It was not many days ago when a Mauger of the Majors traced to Savoy i.e. near to the Baltea. And Savoy is where Gays were first found who share the rooster of Galli's, the latter first found in the same place as French Galleys! Excellent. Comet-like Como is not far east of Maggiore, in case the Pero stars are indeed the Reines comet. Comets (Comine colors and format) are suspect with the Comines location (Artois) of CONTEville's; the latter are suspect with VisCONTI's. Between the Milan of Visconti's and Maggiore, I see Gallarate, like the "Gallura" of the Sardinian Visconti's, connectable to French Galleys and Galli's, I think.

Comets use towers that can be for Turin elements where they get depicted with "turris" (Thors use towers), but, also, a tower in half the colors of the Comet tower, and in Baut-ram colors, is used by Auvergne's. Auvergne has the Tullia of Lyon line, and Lyons share the Track lion in case Tracks apply to Trecate. Tullia was a daughter of Gallia, suspect with the Milan Gallia's that almost use the three bends below. Gallia's are expected with Milan's Maurels, who in-turn have a version of a Butt/Bute Coat, suspect from BODEgisel. If I recall correctly, the Auvergne Bauts come up as Bode's. The Botters/Bode's can be a branch of Italian Botters who in-turn have one bend in Gallia-bend colors. Botters were first found beside Pisa, and the Reines comet comes with the Pisa Coat in colors reversed.

Also, as I trace Pepins to Papia/Pavia (on the Ticino), it's more than possible that the Spanish Majors share the fully-checkered Pepoli Coat. Pepoli's were first found in Bologna, and Godfrey de Bouillon was probably born at Artois' Boulogne. Bologna was home to Pane's/Panico's who I link to Payens/Pagans, the latter first found in Dauphine with Galleys, and sharing the Pero hexagrams/ comets. The Panico's were at the Sesto-like Setta valley, a tributary of the Reines-like Reno river! Zinger. The Panico "green tree" has a "bird" in it; I had read the description, and Birds share the Bouillon flory. If I recall correctly, one of the Bird Crests has bends like those in the Crest of English Galleys.

In the same 2011 update: "There is a Maggiore surname first found in Cremona." The Cramers/Cremers share the Pane/Panico Chief (fleur-de-LYS), and as the latter are connecting to Bouillon elements from the Baltea/BAUTica, by what coincidence do the other Cremers/Cramers share the ram with Bauts? The Birds/Burds might even be from a variation of "Bautica." The Panico/Pane Chief throws in a label suspect with Bello-like Labels/LaBells. "The Maggiore Coat uses white-on-blue lions (royal blue is used)...the Maggiore Coat happens to be the DOUGal-style lion in Dougal colors." That is, upright lions in the colors of the upright ram of Bauts.

The Baltea's Lys tributary is not far west of Maggiore, and as the Lys river of Artois is connected to a Lille location, the Cetis/Sestie lily can apply. Recall LILian Masci as a young teen with me at the train TRACKs, for Trecate (at Novara) is suspect with Cetis' Tracheitis river.

The 2011 update reminded me of what I have forgotten here, that Hungarian Magyars, like the Magor variation of English Majors, were traced to the Ticino. As French Majors were first found in Provence with Guerin of Provence, let's add that Guerins share the pierced Payen/Pagan "spur rowells," and that "spur rowells" are used in a different design by Pane-like Panthers. Panico's/Pane's were first found in Bologna with Guido's, which included Guido GUERRA III, and Guerra's happen to share the bends of Panico-liner Pings/Pungs/PAGANells (share the Panico label). Hugh de Payens was the first Templar grandmaster at the Jerusalem ruled by Baldwin I, de-Bouillon's brother. I recall that Guerra's share the green wyvern dragon with the Baldwin Crest.

Almost missed it: English Majors were first found in GUERNsey (off the Normandy coast), making that place suspect with Guerins (Normandy). The 2011 update records that Maggs/Moggs/Moke's (may or may not be a Major branch) share the red rooster in Crest with the Cramer Crest.

Recall from a recent disclosure that MARKhams, from the Marici co-founders of Pavia, share a version of the Guerin Coat. Markhams were at MAPLEbeck and of Cressy, and while Maple's share the Tarves Shield and the Chives' motto (almost), they trace to Chivasso on the Bautica. It can be gleaned here that the Maple boar beads are those of Turins. The Cressys can be of the Cressants who have at least a version of the Guerra / Paganell bends. The heraldic Crest may even be code for a Cressant branch. Labels/LaBells use crescents, in the colors of the ArchiBALD crescents, if I recall correctly, in colors reversed from the same of French Majors.

The Tracks/Tricks, I now remember, share the lion of Ripleys/Rippers, who can be from the Riparia river, location of Susa, highly suspect with lily-using Susans. Susa was the Cottian capital to which Miss Peare traces, suggesting what was already established: a Cottian link to Pero's. The Riparia has a Viu tributary suspect with the "vi" motto term of Maple's and Chives'. Moreover, Susa was earlier, SEGUSia," like "Segovesus," brother of Bellovesus. It was the ARCHibalds who got us onto this discussion, and Arch's/Arcs were first found in Berkshire with Susans (and Cotta-related Modens/Modeys) likely because the Arc river is near Susa. Berkshire is where the Sardinians of Gallura are now tracing hard with proto-Windsors of Lombardy. The Ticino is in Lombardy, and its capital at Milan is only 20-25 miles from Pavia. Arthurs, by the way, have an Archibure variation.

The Archibalds came from the write-up of Newes'/Nuce's, who share a red hourglass shape with Guido's and German Balds. If I recall correctly from a few months ago, a Baud surname shares the ship of Scottish Balds. Yes, here's from last December: "One day, someone left a medallion on the hood of my Jeep, and Hoods are from Rattery...Ratterys were beside the Bauds/Baads (share Bald ship) with the same crescents as Hoods, and while Jeepma's are Cheps, Bauds/Baads were first found in Stirling with Chappes'/CHEAPS! I've got to try to remember this paragraph...If Bauds/Baads use a "galley" ship, that's the KEEP symbol." It looks like it all applies to the Bautica topic at hand with links to Galli's / Galleys. One or the other, the Allisons versus Hoods use "black BIRDs" versus "Cornish choughs," and one Allison surname is said to be of a MacDonald branch that are called, Keppoch. MacDonalds use a "galley," and their "Mare" motto term is for ship-using Mare's/Mayers i.e. suspect with a Major variation. The Baud / Bald ship is also the RENfrew ship, and the Baltea (not far from lake Maggiora) has a mouth at Montferrat i.e. home of RENier of Montferrat.

As Markhams can be sharing the Guerin Chief, let's go back to their MapleBECK location, for Beach's are said to be from Beche of Normandy, and Guerins were first found in Normandy. In the Beach write-up, Geoffrey of Bec owned Lilley (Hertfordshire). LILLian and I were at the TRAIN tracks when I was living in Markham at the time, and the Train/Trane lion is also the one in the Markham / Guerin Chief. The Track-like Dreux's (Drake colors) share a red lion with them, a passant lion that is also the one of Datons/D'Autuns. Autun is suspect with the Boethus line to such surnames as Bauts/Bode's while the Bautica is near Novara, like "Nevers" (in Nievre) at Autun. In this picture, Boethus liners trace to Baldwin I, first Templar king of Jerusalem. The Avallon location just outside the Nievre border can be to Vallans, for example, who use a moline version of the similar flory cross of Bouillons.

The Nevers/Neve's are suspect with a branch of Newes'/Nuce's and therefore with Knee's/Nee's, and I touched the knee of Miss Hicks while she hovered in a car upon a BEACH. Dreux is in Eure, where the "heure" motto term of Hicks can trace. The stag is code for the Staggs/Stage's, and therefore for stag-using Staceys, a branch of Eustace's, suspect with Eustace II, father of Baldwin I. The EUStace's share a version of the VISe/Vice Coat, but the latter's stag head is black like the Knee/Nee stag heads. The Hicks stag is called a Beche-like Buck. The Newes'/Nuce Coat can be using a gold version of the Guido Shield, and while Guido Guerra looks connectable to Guerins, the Guido's might just have the Train/ Markham / Guerin lion, though the Guido lion is in both colors of the Daton/D'Autun / Dreux lion. Guerin of Provence ruled in several French areas, and may have been over the Autun area too.

Nevers is within easy political reach of BOURGES, anciently called, Avaricum, much like "Avaris," the HYKsos capital in Egypt. The Eustace cross is also the BURGH/Berk cross, and both surnames were first found in Ireland. Bourges is also called, Berry, and things get Bouillon-interesting if Barrys share the bars of Belli's. Wikipedia's article on Eustace II has him named by a GERNon term, and, as often, the Wikipedia writer quotes a false meaning for an historical term when it says that "Gernon" is from a moustache. There is a good chance that John de Burgo of Comines and Conteville was from Bourges. English Conte's share the antler with Bucks.

Miss Hicks was at the hood of her car upon the beach. Just after the Beach quote with Lilley, it was added that "a Bachs surname has a Bacchus-like Beckess variation...The Bachs/Beckess Coat is nothing but a giant, blue anchor. As Hoods and Heidlers have white anchors, but because the Hoods have a blue Shield, or because the Heidler anchor is white-on-blue, the Bachs'/Beckess' can be their anchor in colors reversed. Family marriages often use one anothers' symbols in colors reversed." It looks like the APACHNas Hyksos that may have named Pagans. Paganells were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. The latter married the Arthurs of Clapton (from Arduinici on the Bautica), the same Arthurs (of Clapton) who married the Meads who share one Godfrey Coat.

Leavells descended directly from Waleran Perceval, who married the Beaumonts of Bec and Meulan. As the Arms of Meulan shares the Vaux checks, Bec may have been named after the Buck-like Baux variation of Bauts/Bode's. Meulan was also Mellent, and Mellents are listed with Milans/Millens who share the giant lion of Italian Conti's while VisCONTI's ruled Milan.

English Becks have a moline looking linkable to the Vallan moline. VALLAN-like Avallon brings one into the southern reaches of ChamPAGNE, where Sauvage's were first found, and where the Avezzano line to Artois' Avesnes married nobles. Avezzano (off the Turin-like Turano river) is at the base of mount VELINo. The Sava's/Savage's ("pro" motto term) can be of the Sava river, which, as the Sau, is said to have named Sauers. Savage's are suspect from SAVIGliano, in Langhe, the line of Langleys, and Mr. Bec in the Beach write-up owned Langley. Beach's share a Shield of vair fur (why is it a bell-like design?) with Champagne's. Thus, it appears that the line of Miss Hicks on the Apachnas-suspect beach can be sought in APACHNas-like "ChamPAGNE." I was without my shirt on her beach, and Shirts, suspect with Sardinians, have the colors and format of Hykes'/Hake's

Lillian at the train tracks told me at the last funeral that she had worked her career at Sauer-like Sears, and so perhaps the Train/Trane lion is that of Sauers. The latter have the Galleri surname in their write-up, and Gallura is at Sardinia, the island in which Avezzano's were first found. Miss Hick's car on the beach looks like it's code for the Cars who love Sear-like terms in their "Sero sed Serio" motto. Gallerys are also the Galloways, and Galloway is known to be related to Ireland's Galway, where Burghs/Berks were first found who share the Conti / Mellent/Milan lion.

The Mr. Bec of the Beach write-up also owned Hailey (as well as Lilley), and Haileys share boars on blue with Maple's who likely named MapleBECK. The Galli nutcases (part of the Atti(s) cult), probably the proto-Gauls, were at least merged with the Hatti on the Halys river. Galli (nutcase priests) may have been named after the Halys, home later of their Galatian branch suspect in-part as Laevi Gauls. Proto-Galatia was home roughly to mythical Marsyas (of Phrygia, same as Aeetes-like Attis), and while Avezzano is in the Maruvian land (Maruvium) of the Marsi, the sea of Marmara (looks like it means "sea of Mar") is connected to the Halys-like Hellespont, perhaps a Laish line if Elis' were. Just trace the pagan Levite(s) of Laish to the Galli on the Halys, and further to the Hellespont, giving us a good idea as to why God would put a beach in that dream.

Mythical Helle fell into the Hellespont from upon the flying ram that later became the golden fleece of Aeetes' Colchis, and Helle's brother was Phrygian-suspect Phryxus/Phrixes, a lot like "Pharisee." One can guess here that Phrygians were of the Persian suspects at the Parthenius river. These two siblings can be identified, by the myth characters who surround them, to the Cadmus Tyrians i.e. who settle Boeotia. The grandfather of Aedon of Boiotia was Merops, the proto-Merovingians, namers of Maruvium. Merovingians were at first partly Salian Franks suspect with the Salto river near Avezzano. Marsi are said to be from Merovingians, but it could have been the other way around. Marmara is at Nicaea, and Nice is near Marseille.

The Galli were transvestites, without a doubt:

The Galli castrated themselves [probably not literally] during an ecstatic celebration called the Dies sanguinis, or 'Day of Blood, which took place on March 24. At the same time they put on women's costume, mostly yellow in colour, and a sort of turban, together with pendants and ear-rings. They also wore their hair long, and bleached, and wore heavy make-up. They wandered around with followers, begging for charity, in return for which they were prepared to tell fortunes. On the day of mourning for Attis they ran around wildly and disheveled. They performed dances to the music of pipes and tambourines, and, in an ecstasy, flogged themselves until they bled.

Dangerously insane. Someone had claimed that NEFERtiti, wife of pharaoh Akhenaten (not Hyksos so far as Egyptologists are concerned), was a transvestite. I had written: "[Novara] smacks of Nevers, beside Autun, and traced by me to the "Nefer" entity (see last update) of the royal bloodline of Seqenenre > KhaMOSE > AhMOSE > AkhenATEN (the latter was also 'Neferkepherure-Waenre')." The reason behind that trace was the sun god, ATUN, the monotheistic god introduced to Egypt by king AkhenATEN, so much like "Autun" at Nevers. Actually, Autun is just outside the eastern border of Nievre, and smack upon that border is a Merovee-like Morvan region. The red, passant lion of Datons/D'Autuns is shared by the Angus surname, and Nevers/Neve's and Navys were first found in Angus.

Merovee-like Merowe is a location today in Sudan that Wikipedia says/said was also called, Bedewe, a term like that Batavi peoples (Franks?) who lived at the mouth of the Rhine with proto-Merovingian Salians. It could therefore be that ancient Merowe (more-commonly, Meroe) elements were in Akhenaten / Nefertiti. The monotheism of Atun could indicate contact with a Hebrew peoples of the Israeli kind. Nefer elements through Asia / Greece may have been dubbed, nephele = cloud, wife of Ixion.

It's hard to say where the Ethiopian borders were when some Greek created mythical Merops, king of Ethiopia. His wife was seduced by Helios, a sun god on Rhodes, and Helios' son with her crashed a solar chariot into the Rhodanus-river area of France, on the so-called Eridanus river, a mythical term / code, by the looks of it. This myth links Rhodes to the Rhodanus, now the Rhone, the northern-most limit not very far from Autun. It seems that someone knew a connection between Ethiopia and Kos (beside Rhodes), for Kos was also given a mythical Merops, a king, grandfather of Aedon. She was in Grecian Thebes, yet southern Egypt has a Thebes too. My bet is that the Amurru = Amorites of Mari (Euphrates) were the proto-Merovingians to the Marsyas cult of proto-Frank Phrygia. The HELIOS cult might even have named HELLESpont (beside Marmara), which a myth writer made related to Phryxus.

It's even possible that while Phrygians named the Scandinavian goddess, Frigg, her husband, Odin, was an Aedon variation, or a branch of the Aedon line. Mythical king LYCURGus of the EDONES looks like "LIGURe," and the latter were founded at the mouth of the Rhodanus from Lydian elements. Strabo said that Sithones were a branch of Edones, and I see Sithones in mythical king of Liguria, STHENelus. The Odin cult probably came forth from the Sitones of Sweden, said to have been neighbors of Sviones, the latter suspect from Liguria's Savona. In this picture, the Svi = Swedes look like they descend from Armenia's lake Sevan, near Lake Van and named after it.

Pelops of Lydia ruled at Eneti, and as Lydians were depicted as sons of the Phrygian sun god (Attis), Eneti looks connectable to the Heneti Phrygians that myth writers traced to "Veneti." It just so happens that Padova (Padua), in the land of the Veneti, smacks of "Batavi." I read that Merovingians traced themselves to the Veneti, and then the Brittany Veneti were at MorVAN-like Morbihan, at Vannes. Trace Mus at Lake Van to CadMUS, founder of Thebes, and part-code for the Cadusii Armenians, who were in the caduceus rod of Hermes, himself symbol of Lydia's Hermus river that has a mouth near Phocaea, home of the Phocaeans known to have founded Ligurians at the Rhone river's Marseille. You can't argue with the facts here, for Cadmus and his Armenia-depicting wife, Harmonia, were turned into two snakes when they left Greece to found Illyrians (so taught / believed the myth writer), and that's a symbol of the two snakes coiled around the caduceus.

The Abruzzo surname, smacking of Hebrews, was first found in Padova, and the Marsi lived at Abruzzo's lake FUCino, possibly from Phocaea, now Foca. Marsyas was a goat, as was the son of Hermes, suggesting that the Marsyas Phrygians could have been on the Hermus river. When you find sets of theories this logical / viable, it's a no-brainer that Cadusii named the Hattusa, what myth writers called, Atys/Attis, father of Lydians. The question is: what were the Laish Levites called, as they passed though Asia and Greece? Was it to the Livius surname of Romans?

Servilia Caepionis was related both to the Livius and the Porcius-Cato bloodline. At his Wikipedia article, I read that Porcius Cato grew up in Abruzzo, and later that statement was removed and replaced with his owning lands in Sabina. As Sabina is down the Salto river from the Abruzzo area of the Marsi, we might suggest that Cato's were from the Cadusii, or even from the Cadmus Boeotians, for the Cato/Chattan surname can be linked pretty hard to Botters. The Chatans, sharing the Botter and Cato/Chattan bend, can even have the Auvergne tower, for Bauts were first found in Auvergne. This can even link to the Aedon > Autun line I envision. Auvergne is where Croziers were first found, beloved in the crozier of the Odin surname.

One traces Sabina elements to Savone, for the Sabine surname lists Savona's or Savone's (forget which). From Savona, it goes to the Odin cult as shown above, and that may have been an Autun line. The Sabine's were partners with Samnites, suspect with the Semnones Nordics because the latter lived with/beside the Sabine-like Suebi of Sweden. Lombards, a Suebi branch, ended up at Milan and Pavia. Milan has OTTONE Visconti, an Odin-like name if ever we saw one. The Ticino is still in Lombardy. It's probably why the Other-descended and Veneti-suspect royal Windsors (Teck saltire I assume) merged with Tecks (LEAVES). Oddie's, an Odin branch, share a white saltire with Tecks.

At this point, I wanted to search the Vandal Coat in my files, and bumped into what I totally neglected after discovering it, in the 4th update of November, 2016: "Note that Lacys can be from the Numidian, LakuMAZIS, father of CAFUZA, or LacuMACES, brother of CAPUCA." I cannot understand how I could have neglected Cafuza for the past two years, for I went on from that date to repeat that Caiaphas is suspect from Numidians or Carthaginians. With Caiaphas-like Cafuza being related to Capuca, there in a nutshell seems to be the reason that Kepke became suspect with some branch which named Caiaphas. Here's what I said in that update that may have been God's doing to show that, yes, Mr. Kepke is from Capuca:

I kid you not, that as I awoke this very morning, I recalled a dream (of last night) where I was collecting golf balls all over the ground (they just kept appearing everywhere half buried in the ground). I was collecting so many that I felt tired when I awoke and thought back on it. I had not yet come to write what I am writing now, but let me say, as I shared in at least two previous updates, that Kepke and I became friends at about 12 years of age when we would walk through streams of golf courses, early in the morning, to collect golf balls!

That update and the two before it had Cafuza's mention, and so I took this dream to mean that Kepke and I trace to the Cafuza / Capuca bloodline. But I do wonder whether golf balls are yet another clue, yet to be discovered, for understanding the Cafuza bloodline to Caiaphas. I need a breakthrough in the heraldry department. Capuca was the second cousin of king Massena. Cafuza (first mentioned in the 2nd update of December) was taken from the website below; hoping it's still active:

Numidia had a Mascula location, and Mascals (Saddock Shield in colors reversed) were first found in Sussex with Saddocks and Keeps, making the latter look like a Capuca line, especially if the Keep galley is from king Gala/Gaia. Mussels/Muscels definitely apply to Mascals and to Masculs/Keiths at the Musselburgh theater. These elements all trace to Maezaei, beside the crane-liner Ceraunii suspect with the GROUNDs/Crannys (crane), who share the elephant with Mascals. The golf balls were all coming out of the GROUND, but there is not a Golf surname coming up. What did the golf balls represent that could expand on this Numidian picture? I don't know. But in mythology, the ground was Gaia, wife of Uranus, and Orion liners trace to the Bessin, home of the father of Meschins/MASCULine's.

It's a little interesting that while golf-like Guelphs were Welfs, the Welf/Wolf/Lupus surname (Cheshire, same as Masseys and Balls) has wolf heads in the colors of the Skene wolf heads while Schiens (Aberdeenshire, same as Skene's) are also Schims, from Schimatari, home of Uranus-suspect Orion. Is this the reason for the golf balls? I don't think the Goffs/Goughs (Este colors) have a Golf-like variation, but if they did, they happen to share the Schim/Schien / Mole boar. Golfens are listed with Julian-liner Gulls. Perhaps Guelphs started out as a Golfin surname in merger with Wolfs. I believe there is a Wolfin surname with Waldwins, sharing the green Baldwin wyvern, and the latter links to Bauts/Bode's.

I've just come across a long-lost GULLIFER variation of Gullivers that's a lot like "GLAPHYRa." I can't get online to check the Gulliver Coat to comment further.

I had a dream where I was golfing with a Mr. Hawthorn, a surname suspect with Hautville's because the Hawthorn Coat is linkable to that of Tancreds, the latter known to be related to / descended from Hautville's. Tancreds are a branch of TANKERville's while Orion (or his father) was technically out of at TANAGRa, beside Schimatari. Apparently, that dream was needed to clinch golf balls with Goff/Gough liners. After the golf game, Mr. Hawthorn laughed at the red BUTTons on my shirt, and while Shirts are in Tancred colors and format, Buttons share the red fesse with Butts/BOETs. That works. Haws/Hause's share the red cinquefoils of Hawthorns, in colors reversed from the Tankerville cinquefoils. The Hawthorn / Tancred chevron is that also of Kennedys who trace well to Schimatari liners.

Here's a mention of Hawthorns (2nd of July, 2015) before the dream above, and before I knew of Orion, or his trace to the Orne river:

I beg your pardon, but I've been calling the Saffer bird a crane, whereas it's said to be a heron, welcome because Orne's are listed with Herons. And Akmonia is now under investigation for a trace to Exmes in Orne. The Heron herons are in the colors of the Saffer falcons, no coincidence. The Orne's/Horns are on a separate page showing the Heron Coat exactly, and the Athorne variation links with certainty to the Hawthorns because they were deciphered as Hauteville's while Saffers use "Aut" ("Haut" was found earlier in the Legger motto)...

But the Leggers share the Caves / Caen fretty while Caen is beside the Exmes circle, and on the Orne river!

There you have good reasons for tracing Hawthorns to Orion > Orne liners. The "PERIMus" motto term of Caens can therefore be partly for Prime's showing a giant leg connectable to Legger liners. In any case, do we suppose Caves' to be from "Cafuza"? He was the son of LakuMAZIS, and Masseys of FERTE-Mace were off the Orne river too. Caves' and Caens share the same FRETTY, we get it. The Meshwesh-branch Amazons of north Africa were also the Mazyes'.

In Africa-Gorgon mythology, Perseus marries the Medusa liner, daughter of Cepheus, king of Ethiopia. Whatever Cepheus was code for, it's much like "Cafuza." Between Atun-like Athens and Boeotia, a Cephissus river. I don't know my Boeotian geography to know whether that river is near Schimatari. Caves' were first found in Lancashire with Shake's. Cepheus-like Hephaestus mated with Athena i.e. code for Athens. I trace "HEPHAESTUS" to Ephesus, where Aedon's father ruler, a thing from Merops of Ethiopia, apparently. It's likely to mount Nysa of Ethiopia, for DioNYSus was on Hephaestus' sacred island, location of Myrina, a city mythicized as queen Myrina of African Amazons at the Numidia theater. The son of Aedon-like Aeson mated with Amazons in Myrina, suggesting that the Akhenaten bloodline, which was the Tut bloodline to, went to Jason in the Argo ship.

Jason stole both the fleece and the daughter of Aeetes. Medea was the name they gave her, and while she represented the Medes, I trace her to Medan or Midian, two sons of Abraham with his other wife, Keturah. This is a good theory, for Akhenaten was related to Yuya, a MITANni from the Hebrew river, the Habur (Euphrates tributary). This was the APHRODite cult, named after EUPHRATes, and it just so happens that Aphrodite's husband was Hephaestus on Lemnos. He was the ruler of the Kabeiri cult, founded by Aeson-like IaSION. like "Ixion." The Kabeiri had the fools, the Galli priests, and Kabeiri were in Thebes in particular, which tends to nail Aedon with that cult.

As Dardanus was the brother of Iasion, that's why Dardanus' wife, Batia, traces well to the Bats of Colchis. And they were beside or amongst the Laish-like Lazi at the mouth of the Glaucus river leading up to the golden-fleece city, home of Medea. It is the city of Cadusii-like Kutaisi, which nails Aeetes with Attis at Hattusa, the sun god of the Kabeiri now looking like the evolution of Atun in Egypt. DarDANUS looks like part-code for Danaus, whom I trace to Tanais at Medea-like Maeotis, home also of the Sadducee-like Sittaceni. Seatons/Sittens named Sitten at SION. Jason's ship was named the Argo likely for the Danaans at Argos. The writers put Meleager on board, king of Calydon, probably descended from Oeneus. Was MeleAGER part-code for a tribe from HAGAR, Abraham's concubine? Was Hagar's son with Abraham, ISHmael, given a FISH symbol? The Greek fish begins with "is." Was Ishmael's line to the Kodros fish?

MELEager might have been named partly after Melia, the Boeotian honey goddess, and wife of the founder of Argos. There was a bee cult named, essenes (that's all I know about it), at Ephesus, home of Aedon's father.

The theory is that the Sittaceni were amongst the Kabeiri, and made their way to Sion of Switzerland by way of the sun god's crashing his chariot on the EriDANUS. Medea was related to Helios, which is why she too flew a chariot, to Aedon-suspect Athens (between Argos and Boeotia). Her chariot was pulled by dragons, the apt symbol of her witchcraft, the symbol in the Seaton/Sitten Crest, and the symbol of the Ladon river. King Kodros of Athens had a son, Medon. Compare "KETURah" to "KODRos," and then compare Keturah's son, Medan, to Medon. That's why Medea looks like she's from Medan, or why Medan named the Medes, a peoples that were mythicized as the Gorgon MEDusa, and AndroMEDA, wife of the Danaan, Perseus, slayer of the Gorgon Medusa. On top of this, a myth writer made another son of Kodros the founder of Ephesus.

Perseus with Andromeda birthed Gorgophone, which can be gleaned as the Gorgon namers of Georgia because Gorgophone was made a Spartan, and the Leda Spartans were married off (by the writers) to a TynDARis (compare with PanDAReus or Pandora) location on the Glaucus, in proto-Georgia, very near the golden-fleece city, and very near also to RHODopolis, which is how we can know that Helios of Rhodes was integral with Rhodopolis. That is, Colchians were in Rhodes with the Cimmerians of its city, Kamiros. And one myth writer placed the Danaans on Lindos of Rhodes before they reached Argos. They made Leda's swan-depicted daughter, Helios-like Helen, suspect with the Alan founders of Greece as per Hellen mythology; Hellen was made the brother of DORus. And they made Helen abducted by the Trojans they named, HECTor, which I trace to "Hecate," the sorcerous goddess of Medea.

I trace the Leda swan to lake Sevan (Lychnis), and that's where this map has a Sittaceni-like Soducena location, though I wasn't able to find any online information on Soducena. If you think that an English word, "swan," should not trace to a Caucasian term, be reminded that the English language was from Caucasia. The Georgians called themselves Kartvelians, like our "cartwheel," and while a word of the ancients, "gar," meant "wheel," which is a term like our "car/cart," note that the GARGARians of Herodotus (lived in CARia), likely the proto-Georgians, look like "wheel-wheel," as in the two wheels of a cart pulled by a horse. Helios, a Gorgon in my opinion, was given a chariot (two-wheeled cart) in the sky.

Rhodopolis is on the map in the land of the Bats (at the Moschi mountains even), and on the Phasis tributary of the Glaucus. The mouth of the Phasis is right at Tyndaris (shown). The city of Phasis, at the mouth of the Glaucus, was also Poti, and some possible indication that the Danaans were in that place is where Hercules, a Danaan, can be found in this quote: "The gens Pinaria was one of the most ancient patrician families at Rome. There were several traditions attached to the Pinarii. The first held that a generation before the Trojan War, Hercules came to Italy, where he was received by the families of the POTItii and the Pinarii...the Potitii were wiped out in a plague at the end of the 4th century BC."

The Latins had mythology tracing themselves to Helios elements in Caucasia, and that suggests that Lazio, the Roman province of the Latins, is from the Lazi smack near Phasis. Yet Virgil saw Romans descending through the Dardanus-Batia Trojans, and he looks to be about correct. Danaans around Phasis and Rhodopolis tends to verify that Danaans from Caucasia were on Rhodes, but it also explains why the myth writer had the Argo ship sailing from Lemnos to the Glaucus river.

I don't know of any Sittaceni- / Soducena-like terms in the Kabeiri cult, not meaning that there aren't any. However, a hard-C version of those names may be in Cadusii / Kutaisi. There was a Sittacene location on/off the Tigris river which may have belonged to Iranians, where Caucasian Scythians had been. Herodotus' Royal Scythians invaded Medea perhaps for being from Medea in the first place. Mythical Dionysus, the chief priest of the Kabeiri, was given a name, Zagreus, code for the Zagros mountains east of the Tigris, and this looks very entertainable with Sittacene. Zagreus is how I know that DioNYSus was named after Nuzi, a city between the Tigris and the Zagros.

Yet Dionysus was given a mother (Semele), a daughter of Cadmus. How can that be? What does it mean that Iranians from Nuzi should be made to descend from Cadmus Tyrians? But Cadmus was from Cadusii Armenians, and his Armenian wife was made a daughter of Ares, code for a proto-Rus peoples on the Aras river that flows right by the Soducena area. I view Ares and his son with Aphrodite (Euphrates / Habur elements, right?), Eros, as the Hros Caucasians, and these strike me as "Horus," and the Horites of Nuzi (were also in Edom). So, Horites of Nuzi were on the Aras (which can link Sittacene to Soducena), and they merged with the Soducena-like CADUSii, ending up at KADISH and nearby mount Hermon, near Tyre.

Cadmus looks as much Iranian as he does Tyrian, and while Iran was Eran in old days, it smacks of URANus, the line, I think, to Orion, the latter being in Boeotia with Cadmus' Thebes. Uranus was father to Cronus, suspect with "Corinth," where Aeetes first ruled. Cronus birthed Zeus, which was the Tyrian Taurus which took Cadmus' sister. And Dionysus was made a son of Zeus, making it appear that Uranus was related to the Nuzi Iranians. That;s why I view Rhea, Cronus' wife and Zeus' mother, as the city of Rey, Rhagae in olden days, in Iran but near or at the land of the Cadusii.

It struck me once that Zeus' official wife, Hera, was just a version of Ares / Aras, and thus she may have been the Soducena location while Zeus was at Sittacene, which is not far from Zeus-like Susa. The latter was home to Kassites having had an Habira tribe that may have named the Habur. Kassites were suspect to Joppa/Ioppa, for myth writers made something in Joppa, CASSiopeia. "CassIOPEIA," mother of Andromeda in Joppa, looks like part-code for Ioppa. As Perseus was married off to Andromeda, the myth writers were clearly tracing Danaans to Iranians / Persians / Medes, suggesting that Iranians and Medes were at lake Maeotis to name the Sittaceni tribe there.

And there were also some Sind(h)i-like peoples at the Maeotis area that look to trace well to the Sintians of Lemnos, special home of the Kabeiri cult suspect with the proto-Laevi Galli (proto-Gauls). These are my building blocks for identifying the roots of the Levite Sadducees who killed Jesus. Dionysus is suspect with the Sintians because myth writers had him fighting a war in India. I had read that Sindhi/Sinti of Caucasia were founders of Sindh in the Indus valley in Pakistan. If not mistaken, the Sindi are on the Old-Caucasia map at the link above.

When we find that DarDANUS was made the brother of the Kabeiri founder, it appears that Tanais at Maeotis should be directly connected to the Sintians. There is a question on whether Sintians were a short-form branch of "Sittaceni." If that could be proven, the proto-Sadducees can be traced suggestively to the Kabeiri.

As the Kabeiri had a location named after themselves near Pessinos of the SAKARya river, it appears that this river was from "ZAGRus." The Horites or other things, perhaps the Sittacene Iranians, of Nuzi must have been on the Sakarya, near the Parthia-like Parthenius river of the Heneti. The Parthini of the Mathis-river theater can apply, and here we can note that Sakarya-liner Seagars share a moline cross with Mathis' and their Chives kin. For the first time in a decade or more, Seagars are now said to have been first found in Devon, where Moline's (why goats?) were first found who share the black moline with Chives' and Mathis'. Devon is also where Chives-kin Hykes/Hacks were first found. The Sakarya was also the SANGarius, with an addition of an 'n', and so perhaps the same letter was added to "Sitte" to get the Sinti.

The Moline's are said to have been at Devon's DARTington, traceable with Darts/Dards (Devon) to DARDanians, whom we can assume to be from the same Dardanus location (near Troy) that was made a Trojan founder.

Persians / Farsi are suspect with "Pharisee," a not-bad reason to trace Sadducees to Sittacene at the Iranian frontier. The Hector Trojans were made the brother of Pharisee-like Paris, both sons of Abram-like Priam. Many nations came out from Abram, but we were not told it would be with Keturah. Priam's wife was Hecube, like "Jacob," though this may be a coincidence. If it's not a coincidence, then we could say that some wayward Israelites who carried the Jacob name were part of Trojan make-up. It's not a reason to view Trojans wholesale as Israelites. There were constant betrayals of God in Israel who joined the pagan cults. Keturah (Genesis 25) was not an Israelite, though she may have been a Hebrew.

When God pointed Miss Hicks, likely symbol of the Hyksos to the Hykes/Hacks of Devon, to the SELEPitanoi, I had noted that the Sleep surname shared the ermined fesse of Darts/Dards (same place as Hykes'/Hacks), suggesting a Dardanian merger with Selepitanoi. The latter were on the border with Caiaphas-like Cavii, and therefore near the Parthini...i.e. for a trace back to the Parthenius river at the proto-Seagar theater. Miss Hicks was/is a SINGER, and Sangers are, if I recall correctly, listed with Sangs / Songs / Singers. Hyksos on the Sangarius? I can't recall which of those surnames share the three courant horses of Freys, but Freys have a Pharisee-like Phreeze variation, which in a nutshell can explain why Miss Hicks was/is a singer.

In the 1970s, God put me together with KATRina Hanson, who pointed to Saraca's at Kotor, the line from mythical Kodros of Athens, the line from Keturah. Her surname was, I think, from Annas, the Sadducee priest who had Jesus condemned to death in his make-shirt court. As Kodros had a fish symbol, the symbol in the Arms of Saraca, I get the impression that the line of Annas must have been related to the Kodros > Kotor line, and this is where Butua, smack next to Kotor, comes in as a Boeotian suspect to the Butt/Bute/BOET surname sharing a fish on a fesse with the Arms of Saraca.

As I've said, I asked Katrina out the first time at Sam's restaurant, and took her out in a Valiant automobile that a friend, Dennis, loaned me. Decades later, I discover that Valiants use a Saraca-like shark, and that Dennis' are said to be from "Dionysus," which trends to explain her working at Sam's as a pointer to Samos, the island that named Samothrace, home of Dardanus and the founder of Dionysus' Kabeiri cult. The Valiant-like Vallans share the moline with Seagars. The Sam/Sammes lion comes with drops, perhaps code for sang = blood, but then there is a Drop/Trope surname that I trace to Tropoje in the southern area of Dardanians. A Topoje location is at the mouth of the Apsus which, on its upper end, as a KODRium location (see dark map below).

Dennis' surname, Quinn, shows a pegasus, which in myth was born from the head of the Gorgon Medusa, a line suspect from Keturah's son, perhaps even her son, Medan, who was to Medon, Kodros' son. The Samson "Danites" come forcefully to mind with Dennis, in this picture, and it just so happens that while Samson got his wife at Timnah, there were Saracens (of Saraca's, right?) of the name of Timnah and Samsam who both went over to the Sicilian Normans, the Guiscards, they being descended from Tanagra in Boeotia. The Sarasin surname shares the Vallan moline, which tends to show that God set the Quinns up with a Valiant automobile for the revelation unfolded here.

Katrina Hanson seems to be telling us that Annas was a Boethus Sadducee from Boeotians. On this dark map, the Parthini are on the north side of the Genusus river having an Arnissa location, like the Arniss variation of Annas'.

Dennis' sister is Sharon, and Israel does have a Sharon location. This reminds me that Share's, I think, are listed with the Shere's sharing the fitchees of Tarves'. The Cavii-line Chives' were at Tarves. This picture links by way of the Schere/SCHERF cross (in the colors of the Shere fitchees) to the Scarfs beloved of the scarf of Tarves-like Trabys/SADowski's (perhaps rooted in "Sadows"). I wish I could get it into my head as to what a Sadowski branch was, whether from Sadducees or not. You need to appreciate this paragraph coming from a Sharon possibility because her brother (and her parents' Valiant) was used for my date with Miss Hanson, and Annas traces to the Ananes Gauls between the Trebia river and the Tarves-like Taro rivers.

The ice cream that she handed me as I asked her out the first time has traced to Crema on the Shere-like Serio river, tending to prove that Sharon should be involved in the pointers.

One morning as a new Christian, God was kind to me, giving me super evidence that He was with me. It involved a morning vision (I was still in bed) of an attractive blond having something wrong with her mind/head. I heard the voice of God at that time, "write this down, you're going to have an argument with Steve tonight." I got out of bed and wrote it down. It was amazing to hear God's voice for a sentence that long. That night, Steve threw a party for the gang, and I went. But half the gang left, and I went with them. We then returned, and Steve was angry with me for abandoning his party. So the note from my pocket, written that morning, was handed it to him, but he said that I had written it out while out with the gang.

We all were sitting there at Steve's, with me at the dining-room table, beside Sharon, and I felt the Spirit come on me, a really great feeling, and so I started to tell them all about Jesus. But Sharon became upset, calling me a fool, and when Barry supported my right to believe in Jesus, Sharon got up and punched him in the mouth. No one knew that she had it in her to be this way. She then ran down the hall to her brother's apartment, but didn't get into the door. Instead, she fell to the floor outside the door, and started to scream loudly. We all ran down. And when I got on a knee to pray to Jesus, in front of whoever was there, she stopped screaming. But it wasn't until I returned home that I realized: oh yeah, the attractive blond with something wrong with her head. Sharon was that attractive blond. Nobody knew she had a mental problem, but this was spiritual. She had a demon, as probably all of us had who partied with drugs. It didn't get mean until someone mentioned Jesus in front of them all.

Dionysus had a cult of all-female Maenads that were given an insanity symbol. And Dennis her brother was God's pointer to Dionysus. The Maenads were a clear depiction of demonic possession, and were directly of the Galli nutbars. They may have been proto-English speakers because they also had a dancing symbol, a term like "Dennis." The Dance surname is also "Danse."

I'm now half convinced that Israel's Sharon area is to the Shere's / Schere's / Score's / Schore's. The Plain of Sharon is at the base of the Armageddon valley, and beside Dor. On the north side of the Megiddo location is Nuzi-possible Nazareth. I had been wondering whether "PanDORa" was a Panias-Dor line to Greece's Dorians in the area of Thessaly's Muses. Muses are expected at OenoMAUS' Pisa, location of the Panias-line Peneus river, but there's a modern Pinios river, anciently the Peneus too, with a mouth at Zeus' mount Olympus, which happens to be the area above of the Muses. Dor is near the Zeus Taurus at Tyre.

Aha! I almost missed it. Sharon fell down at Dennis' DOOR when she lost her mind! Amazing. It now tends to assure me that other door symbols, like the one in the Hicks dream, are for Dor liners. "Dora" means, gold," and Miss Hicks along with Sharon were gold-bright blonds. Hmm.

The Maenads must have been code for Maeonians on the Maeander river. Maeonians were to mythical Manes, father of Attis (Kabeiri sun god), though Manes was sometimes made the father of Cotys, smacking of Aeetes' Kutaisi, and thus linkable to Attis' Hattusa. There was a Cotesii peoples that I trace to Cottians, and the latter's king Donnus, I claim, is to the Dance/Donnas surname. Therefore, proto-Donnus appears to be the dancing symbol of the wine-depicted Maeonians in their connection to the dancing Galli transvestites. To insanity this world will go in time for the Winepress of Armageddon. The demons will assure it because the peoples will reject their Creator in spite of all His warnings.

The line of Caucasian Bats that I see to Batia was given ScaMANDER as her grandfather, which looks like the Saka on the Maeander. It explains why Cretans founded both Troy and conquered the Maeander area with Sarpedon, brother of RhadaMANTHys.

Let's go back to Sharon, when we were sitting at the dining-room table, where she began to lose her head. I saw a small drip / drop of blood from BARRY's lip, where she cracked his lip. Poor Barry had to take one for the Lord's message, apparently. As Sharon is part of the picture with Miss Hanson, who pointed to the Kodros-fish line to the fish of the Kotor Saraca's (see Wikipedia's Saraka article), by what coincidence do German Barrys use fish heads while other Barrys use fessewise bars, called barry in heraldry, in the colors of the double Sleep fesses? The Selepitanoi were at modern Bar, at the coast from Kotor and Butua. In myth, a fish-depicted peoples were the Nereids, children of mythical DORis (not Dorus), and thus they can be gleaned as the Daorsi on the Neretva river, near the Saraca's of Ragusa. It gives cause to trace Plain-of-Sharon elements from Dor to the Daorsi fish liners as far south as Bar, which can explain fish in Saraca-fish colors in the Arms of BAR-le-Duc.

Bar-le-DUC looks like a Duck liner in this Valiant picture, for German Ducks, first found in Westphalia with duck-liner, Valiant-like Velins and Velens, use barry in the colors of the Bar-le-Duc fish. And English Ducks share the stars of Boethus-suspect Salome's. Boethus liners are suspect from between Butua and Butts/Boets sharing a fish on a fesse with Saraca's, wherefore Bars can indeed apply. Salome's are suspect from Salome de Herod de Boethus, especially as Ducks/Logans use a giant, Herod-suspect heart, which may be a celebrated monument to the Herod bloodline because the heart has three nails piercing it which the Illuminatists may like to view as the three nails in Jesus, thanks much to the Herods turning a blind eye (at best) to the murderous plot of Annas and Caiaphas.

What are the chances that Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia too? Yup, that's right. It tends to nail the Nails with the unexpected Duck variation of Logans. Heraldic piles are much like nails, and possible code for Pilate liners (Pile's use three piles).

What are the chances that Nagle's named Oneglia, where DORia's married Arduinici? Yes, that's right. Arduinici of Ivrea are highly suspect with Leavells at Yvery.

Unbelievable. I have just remembered while wondering how Lorraine can play into this, for Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine. Immediately upon asking Lorraine out for the first time, who was a sun-bright blond like Sharon, I moved from LEVENdale into the home of a woman who was Sharon's friend (Levens were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and the Leven elephants trace to the Elaphiti islands beside the Ragusa location of the Kotor Saraca's). Sharon was even over there while I rented a room. I would probably have never seen Sharon again, for I stopped seeing those drinking buddies by that time. It doesn't look like a coincidence that I saw Sharon again in this way. Lorraine was over to that place too, though we were not together long. Blonds/Blunds use barry too, suspect with the Babe and Leavell barry.

The Duck barry is in the colors of the Cavett barry, and Cavetts are suspect from the Cevetta river at Cavii-like Ceva, important because Cavii were probably at Bar, but if not, then very near to it. Luis of Ceva can therefore be of the Louis surname, first found in Lorraine. It's suggesting that Bar elements went through the Ceva family / area. The Bar family of Bar-le-Duc were, I have read, at BRUNSwick, and Bruno's (same place as Barone's) are said to have had a branch at Cuneo's Asti. If Ceva is not in Cuneo, it's close to it. The Alba location in Cuneo can be from Albanians, from the Cavii / Parthini theater.

The double Sleep fesses are colors reversed from the double Ness/Nice fesses, and Ness'/Nice's are from queen Nysa of the Pontus, who appears to be named after Dionysus elements. This works where Sharon punched Barry for our trace to Bar at the Selepitanoi theater, and where her brother is a pointer to Dionysus. About a year and a half before I was with Lorraine, I was at Sharon's home with Diane because her brother had moved into her basement after separating / divorcing from his wife, Kim. Diane's/Deans/Deins might be a Dennis branch, but, in any case, Kims were first found in Buteshire, the line from Butua. Butts/Bute's have the black horsehead once shown for Este's, and Bars share the Este eagle. If I recall correctly, Bars of Brunswick were of the Guelph/Welf line of Este's.

The next time I saw Sharon was at the home of her friend above. I was asked to leave that place because I went for a dip in the pool, without asking the landlady, one afternoon with Annette, a sister of another Diane. It's making me wonder whether Annette's are a pointer to the same entity as Diane's/Deans/Deins / Diens/DINE's, for when Sharon punched barry in the lip, she was sitting with me, a Masci liner, at the DINing-room table. Diens/Dine's share the white Masci wing. If I recall correctly, the Dive's, like the Dives variation of Diens/Dine's, use a dancette, traceable to the dancing symbol of the Maenads depicted by Sharon's bad mental state on the night she sat at the dining-room table.

It's curious as to why I moved from that place into the home of Mr. Oullette, brother of Joe, the latter being the husband of Diane above (sister of Annette). While with Lorraine, God used a third Oullette brother to point us to the Babe's and Blonds, and so perhaps the Oullette bars relate to the Babe / Blonde bars. The latter's six nebuly bars are almost those or Leavells, whom I trace to Arduinici of Ivrea, home also of Rozala of Ivrea, daughter, if I recall correctly, of Willa of Tuscany. Oullette's show Willa-like variations.

The mystery of Annette in the swimming pool remains a mystery to this day, but I now have a good theory in the Annette-like Heneti of Phrygia / Galatia, the Kabeiri theater. That works already. The pool may have to do with Julia Polla of Galatia. In fact, she was the granddaughter of ArtemiDOROS, suspect with the Doria's who married Arduinici, and we saw why Sharon should trace to Dor and the neighboring Plain of Sharon.

In the Hicks dream, there was a Saraca-depicting shark in a swimming pool with a bulldog, the latter item resolved with heart-using Bullys and heart-using DOUGlas' (descended from Arduin- / heart-like HARDys), and we just saw the "pierced" heart of Ducks/Logans having nails tracing to Nagle's of Oneglia, where Arduinici married Doria's. The Hardy cross is even in the colors of the similar Nagle/Nail saltire. The Nagle's share the lozenges of Angers, and the ANGER Chief is essentially the ANCHOR Chief, traceable to Ankara of the Heneti theater and/or to Ancore = Nicaea, and Nice is not far from Oneglia.

Although I had stopped seeing the Barry gang when with Lorraine, Barry and others were getting together at the apartment of PAUL Oullette, where I would move when violating my landlady's pool (I meant no harm). Barry then became instrumental in getting me to date Mamie, whom God used as a pointer to Babe-like Babon. Babons/Bavents share the black boar with Hardys, and Bullys can be of the Bullis'/Bulliards, first found in Suffolk with Babons/Bavents.

Bullis'/Billiards share the star of Annas', and I did read that a mythical Annette (may not be the correct spelling) was made a wife to Aeneus of Aenus at the Hebros river.

It seems that the inclusion of Sharon into my stories is tracing Dor of northern Israel to Artemidoros. I don't think it's a coincidence that Doria's were first found in Genova with the Segurana's sharing the Bar eagle and the moline of Sakarya-liner Seagars, for Artemidoros' family was at the Sakarya theater. Recall the blood (= sang) at Barry's lip, for with the Bar eagle in the Sakarya picture, it now looks like a pointer to the SANGarius. I wonder what proto-Bars / Barrys could have been at Phrygia? Brigians? Brians of Brigantium share the hunting horn with Bars, and the Brittany Brians share the Nagle saltire while Nagle's can trace with Angers / Anchors to Ankara.

The Brittany Brians are said to be from Alans, and Alans were of Aulon/AVLONa to the duck-showing Velins, and Velens, the latter once showing the ducks that French Alans once showed (they now both show the same martlets). Bar-le-DUC traces well to those Duck liners, and goat-line Phrygians trace to Marsi at mount VELINo, off the Salto river that I trace to Sales'/Salletts, suspect with the Salyes Ligures known to have lived on the Durance river, location of Briancon/Brigantium. Phrygians were also called, Briges/Brigians. I trace Heneti Phrygians to the Veneti of Brittany, and to the Windsor-related Finistere province of Brittany, location of Brest from BRIXia/Brescia.

At least one of the Alans in the Brian write-up was made a ruler of Yorkshire's Richmond. I was in the pool with Annette in Richmond Hill, which has a border at Vaughn, and Vaughns are suspect as Fane's/Vans/Feins, and therefore with Feins/FINIS' suspect at FINIStere, yet this same entity is expected at Vannes to its south. When I moved out from this place with the pool, I moved to a place that was, I'm pretty sure, within Vaughn. The place with the pool was on Rumble. Rumneys share the Pullen Shield, and that's from Vespasia Polla, but indeed suspect with Julia Polla.

The place in Vaughn was the apartment of PAUL Oullette, and, if I recall correctly, the Yorkshire Pauls come up with a version of the Pullen motto term, "palleSCERE." They come up either as Palle's or Palles', if I remember correctly. The Schere's seem evident in that term, who were brought to topic with Sharon. The last time I spoke to Paul Smith (journeyman carpenter), he was making doors halfway across the country.

The last time I saw Lorraine was as she carried a child walking past me, as I sat in a Vaughn hamburger / coffee shop with Paul Smith. The mythical metal smith, Hephaestus, was husband to Aphrodite, the Roman Venus suspect with Veneti, suggesting that Aphrodite elements were of the Heneti, who lived beside the Halybes metal makers. Can these things indicate that Julia Polla was a Heneti? Smiths use a fish in the mouth of a heron. It's interesting that, as per the HAMburger / coffee shop, Hams (Sussex, same as Cofferts) share the salmon of MacAbee's while the latter share the fesse of Coffee's/Coffers. Is the Smith fish a salmon for the line of Salome de Boethus?

I now recall telling readers of the day, when at Paul's place in Vaughn, the tall ANTENNa in the back yard fell down onto his fence. Mythical ANTENor was the symbol of the Heneti! Zinger.

I'm seeing the possibility that God caused Smiths to use a fish in the mouth of a heron. This is the same Paul who appeared in a dream with Mr. Kepke; Paul was in crutches in that dream, and I think I now get it aside from Crutch's using the Smith fitchee in colors reversed. Hephaestus, who walked with a limp, had a thigh symbol, likely, because Dionysus (on Lemnos with Hephaestus), born lame, was born from the thigh of Zeus. Dionysus married Ariadne, previously in love with an Athenian. When Hephaestus had a fling with Athena, the myth writer had him spill his seed on her thigh, we get it. But the "funny" thing here is that the Smith fish can thus trace to the fish of Kodros, king of Athens.

When living at Paul Oullette's place, I started to date Mamie, and got a job a few properties over, in Vaughn still, at a pizza restaurant. Mamie, whom God gave a thigh symbol, visited me there. She was code partly for Maeonians. The "funny" thing about Mamie at the pizza restaurant is that Pisa was home of Amazons, as was Hephaestus' island of Kabeiri-infested Lemnos. Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden, and that's how Gardens traced with their black boar head to the same of Babons. Kodros is said online to have had a fish and a boar symbol, possibly the black boar of Edom, for Edom had a god, Kos, and Aedon was granddaughter of Merops of Kos. Gardens love gauntlet-glove liner Gunters.

Vaughns, suspect with gauntlet-glove Fane's/Vans, share the colors and format of Glove's and Keturah-like Catters, the latter using fish in the colors and format of the Fish Coat; the latter's is the Vaughn Coat, essentially, if I recall correctly. As I said, Keturah traces to "Kodros," connectable to neighboring Boeotia by Kodros' son as founder of Ephesus, the place tracing to Aedon at Kabeiri-infested Thebes. The heron holding the Smith fish is an Orion-of-Boeotia entity. Funny that. Fishers look connectable to Butts/Boets. I kid you not, Paul Smith was (and may still be) an avid fisherman, as in addicted.

I'm seeing Mr. Smith pointing to Keturah Hebrews in her trace to the KABEIRi Hebrews, likely from the KHABUR river, also known as the Habur tributary of the Euphrates / Aphrodite river. It's got the Hephaestus metal smith all over it. By what coincidence was Keturah the mother of Midian while Midian-like Mitanni lived at the Khabur??? Didn't Moses marry Midianites of the Kenite kind, and didn't the Shechemite associates / relatives of Kenites migrate to Boeotia? Yes.

Herods were birthed by a mother having a Cyprus name, and the Greeks saw Aphrodite born at Paphos of Cyprus, suspect with the Paphlagonian Heneti. This is how her alternative name came to be Kypris. It suggests a connection between the naming of Cyprus and the Khabur. Herods from the Kabeiri nutcases? That could explain things. The Ajax cult of the Kennati were on-shore from Cyprus, and Ajax can be linked easily to Cyprus because he was a half-brother of Teucer of Salamis on Cyprus. Doesn't it appear that Salome de Herod de Boethus was named after this Salamis location? I saw Hephaestus related to AIX terms, much like the "aes" in his name (and Aeson's) that means, "metal." "Ajax/Aiax" is much like "Aix," explaining why Aphrodite was made Hephaestus' wife if she was of the Ajax cult.

The naming of this Teucer makes it look as though the myth writer linked the whole of his Cyprus picture to the founders of Trojans. With the Trojans, a Teucer's daughter married Dardanus, the name of a real location (Mysia) beside SESTus, which might just explain the Sest-like variations of the Cetis surname, for the Kennati were at Cetis. Doesn't the latter look like a Cadusii variation? While the Cedes variation of Seats looks like "Cetis," some of the others may indicate Sadducees. Is this why God stresses the Galatian line to Cetis? I'm reminded of Aix-en-Provence. It's at the Dauphine theater, itself sharing the dolphin with Kennedys, wow. It now explains why Bassianus' were traced to this area around the mouth of the Rhone. Laevillus-Bassus liners used the checks shared by Partys, and they were traced to Pertuis, near Aix-en-Provence. Perts/Petts were first found in Kennedy-like Kent.

Here's something. Scottish Kennedys are known to share the Arms of Carrick chevron. I trace Carricks to Agrigento independent of my Carrick trace to Proculus Charax (Laevillus' son) in Cetis. If we then ask whether the namers of the TRACHeitis were a branch of the namers of the Drago at Agrigento, we have as evidence the Carricks at both places, but we also have Draguignan very near to Aix-en-Provence, where Kennedys have just traced at least logically and tentatively. Drake's use a wyVERN dragon suspect with the Varni, and that's where Aix-like Ice's were first found in case they apply.

I'm wondering whether "Ajax" was from a tribe of JOKshan, a son of Keturah with Abraham. Genesis 25 says that the sons of Jokshan included the Lemnos-like Leummites and Leto-like Letushites. Her son, Midian, had a son, Abida, like the Abydos location near Sestus and Dardania, on-shore from Lemnos.

Imagine the irony of the demons and our enemies if God has steered marriages and their symbols in Masonic holyland for the specific purpose of revealing their putrid historical secrets. It's not a wonder they are secretive, if they stem from Herods. They are indeed the church of satan is this picture, such pathetic humans, too ashamed to reveal their secrets, yet they want to change and rule the world forever by cheating good people, deceiving them, exploiting them, ruining them, if possible, if it advances their powers.

I've told a few times (once in the 3rd of April, 2017) that I climbed the antenna of Diane Muschatov (to her bedroom window) when her father/mother didn't want her seeing me anymore (they were Ukrainians who had chosen her mate for her). When she decided to rebel, she came home with me, when I was living at my parents'. On the way home, God must have moved me to drop in on Dennis, who was living with Sharon at the time. I told of this second-last meeting with Sharon above. "Diane" and "Dennis" seem to be similar terms, and the antenna of Paul's place seemed to trace well to the Heneti. I'm wondering whether Diane's surname indicates Moschi-mountain Meshech in the land of the Heneti, for Aphrodite of that place was wife to a ruler of an Amazon island, and Amazons were Meshech. Aphrodite was committing adultery with Ares, from the Aras river flowing by the Moschi mountains. Mythical Diana of the Romans is said, I think, to be the equivalent of Artemis, an Amazon WAR goddess. Ares was the official war god, tending to connect the Thermodon Amazons / Meshech logically to the Aras river. To put it another way, ARTemis looks named after the namers of ARDahan, or Ardahan / Ararat elements in Themiscyra.

This recalls my tracing Dia, Ixion's other wife, to a people group on/near the Aras river so that I claimed a close relationship between Ixion and Ares. Dia might have named the Roman Diana, therefore. The golden-fleece myth writer had the son of Ixion-like Aeson (Ixion and Aeson were living in Thessaly) getting the golden fleece protected by the dragon of Ares, and it's known that this dragon was the resurrected one of the Boeotian dragon killed by Cadmus, at Thebes, which explains why most of the Argo crew was Boeotian.

When Diane opened the bedroom window at the antenna, she yelled in whisper,"Are you crazy? My brother could have shot you, with his rifle." Was that God's code for the hunter? Which one? Artemis was a hunter. So was Orion. Was Orion a line from Artemis? Is that how he got his hunter symbol? That same night, I got up on the front fence, and walked along on it in protest (I figured the folks might be out of bed by then), because I was upset with her father. But if that sounds on the crazy side of me, there may have been a good explanation, for the remembrance of that event is what took me to the Fens/Venn surname, what looks like a Fane/Van line, the same as the Heneti > Veneti line. If the Heneti were proto-English speakers, note how "hunt" is like "Heneti." The Fens/Venns fesse was, if I recall correctly, connectable to the fesse in the Arms of Fanano. Repeat: Paul's "ANTENNa in the back yard fell down onto his FENCE".

What happened after writing the paragraph above was pretty incredible. While writing it, I thought I should tell that I was at Steve's place using his PHONE when first hearing from Diane that her father didn't want to see me anymore (Phone's are listed with Fane's/Feins). I decided that I would tell this part of the story later, because this is the same Steve about which God had said, "write this down..." In the meantime, I checked my files for a Sestie- / Sestus-like term in Modena, because Fanano is in Modena, and the first article I got to brought me to this sentence: "As Sestola is in Modena, it's notable that the Cassius'/Casano's of Modena use a fesse in colors reversed from that of Bells, Bellamys and Mallesons/Melansons." Steve's surname is Mel(l)anson! That was amazing. What could it mean? To what does God wish to link to Melansons (the Fens/Venns may use their fesse), and were they Milan liners? The Boeotian-possible Boii were in Modena.

I think I get it, for Stevens share a solid chevron in the colors of the same of Ottone's and Chappes', and Ottone Visconti ruled Milan. But there's got to be more to it if Diane and/or Sharon somehow link to this Steve. If Visconti's are the object, some of the other parts of this conversation should apply to it. Stevens use falcons while French Falcons/FalCONTE's were first found in Languedoc with VisCONTI-suspect Conte's. Scottish Milans/Millens share the Italian Conte lion. Does this picture somehow link to Fanano / Feins? I must be missing something. In the update with the quote above, I went on to say, "I didn't realize at first that the Malleson/Melanson Coat was a good reflection of the Note/Cnut/Knotter Coat." I don't remember ever using the Note surname for the Cnuts/Knots, and here it is with the Melansons while God told me to "write this down," which amounts to a NOTE, concerning Steve and I having a spat on the same night as Sharon's mental a door. Does something about Mr. MELanson trace to the Plain of Sharon and Dor, beside mount CarMEL? But what is the point of connecting Melansons to Cnuts? The last word used in His message was, "toNIGHT." I see Knights/Nights as Cnut liners. If I recall correctly, Write's share the leopard heads of Doors, hmm.

If I recall correctly, the Cnut Coat is a reflection of the Hockey Coat, and Steve asked me to be his assistant coach for a hockey team he was coaching. Hockey-like Hawks use staves, code for Stave's/Stevensons, we may assume. The Essenes at Carmel gave initiates an axe, the symbol of HAUKESwells. I'm failing here at finding a breakthrough.

Recall Sharon's trace to Dor, for when Diane told me on the phone that she couldn't see me anymore, I went straight away to knock on her front DOOR. Her father answered, and I had to leave. The TV antenna awaited, the kind one can climb like a ladder. It was beckoning to me. (I was prepared to get serious with this lady if only she would become a sincere Christian, but this bird was going the way of cheap-cheap magazine beauty instead.)

The antenna and fence combination seems to be assuring what I already knew, that Maschi's and Maceys are kin of Fane's/Vans', yet Muschatov's involvement with me seems to be clinching Massey liners with Meshech / Amazons at the Moschi mountains. All logical. Back before the Internet, prophecy writers were not telling us that Meshech were from the Moschi mountains, let alone that Amazons were Meshech. I didn't see them mentioning Mazaca near the TherMODON, which reminds that Methoni (a city) in MESSENE was also, Modon! Zikers. I just never saw the "modon" in that river before. I assumed a root in "Therm." The Ali's/Aliotta's are said to be from a Terme location in Messina. As mythical Methoni (symbol for the city) was made a daughter of Oeneus, king of Calydon, let's repeat that "CALYDon" is traced by me to the Khaldi at the Thermodon theater! Zowie. It appears that Amazons were at Calydon as much as they were at the related Pisa, explaining why Atalanta (wife of MELEager), mythical Calydon queen, was given a hunter symbol. She shot the boar sent by Artemis, we get it. But was that "Calydonian boar" the Kodros' boar somehow? If Ishmael is to Kodros' fish, can't that make "MeleAGER" a Hagar line?

Let's trace Meleager's Calydon to the Khaldi at the area of the PYXITes river, for the PICTs, who lived in Perthshire, had a CALEDonian branch. And Hagars were first found in Perthshire with CELTs. I happen to be writing this while eating SARDINES out of a can, forking it onto Triscuit crackers. Did God arrange this to trace the Kodros fish to Sardinia? In southern Sardinia, a Piscinas location, a term having the same root as the pisces fish. The Kodros fish has already traced to the Saraca fish, and the Pesci surname (Venetio) uses one in its colors. At the same time, I'm drinking cold lemon tea with lemon juice (lemon JEWS?), and Keturah's Leummites are suspect to lemon-like Lemnos. Popular opinion is that Ishmaelites founded ARABs, and the flavor of these crackers is, Four Cheese and HERBs. The lemon tea is HERBal tea, hmm. In myth, mythical ARABus was made a son or close relative of Hermes. If Sardinians were from Sardis, that's the Lydian capital on the HERMus river, very connectable to Piscinas-like Pessinos, home of the Kabeiri cult's "great mother" goddess, mother of Lydians. It's amazing what a can of sardines seems to be saying. Brogitarus was at Pessinos overseeing her cult.

Sepharvites of Occitania

The Letushites from Keturah could have become the Leto cult at Ephesus, the proto-Lydians, I believe. The great mother at Pessinos was Cybele, suspect from the Cabelees peoples (fellow tribe with Lasonii), who look like a hard-C version of Apollo's Abello variation. Leto was Apollo's mother. It makes Leto look like a version of the great mother. Keturah's other tribes included the ASSHURites, a term that named Assyrians too. ARABkha, otherwise called Arrapachitis (probably after the Biblical character, Arphaxad, Abraham's and Joktan's ancestor), was in Assyria. I say that the Sephar home of Joktanite Hebrews was a version of "Subartu" in Assyria, and the three Keturah tribes in Genesis 25 are all from her son, Jokshan i.e. perhaps she was a Joktanite. The Sparti that came forth from the Boeotian dragon may have been Sephar / Subartu Assyrians, or even the Joktanites who included HADORAM (son of Joktan), like the ADRAMmolech god of SEPHARvites. Stick a 'C' on "HADORam" and one almost has "Keturah." She married Abraham, and he was father to Ishmael so that there was opportunity for Ishmaelite relationships with her side of the family. Did SEVERus of Akmonia have a name in honor of a Sepharvite branch?

By what coincidence does the SEPTIMius name of emperor Severus (died in Yorkshire) reflect "SEPTIMania" in Joktan-like OCCITANia? If I recall correctly, Occitania spread from southern France into northern Spain on its east side, and that's the location of the EBRo river. Joktan was the son of EBER, the patriarch of Hebrews. Moreover, as Severus' son, Caracalla (became the emperor in Yorkshire), is suspect with the proto-Carricks, a branch of CRACKs (Yorkshire, same as Jacks, and the Crags sharing the Carrick dog), lets repeat that I was eating the sardines with crackers. We can now go from Carricks to their Kennati kin, and from that we are at the Ajax cult suspect with AIX-en-Provence that may have been within Occitania, the point being that Ajax might just have been named after a JOKtanite tribe. If we go to Salamis of Cyprus, connectable to Ajax, that's the island of Aphrodite from the Hebrews on the Eber-like Habur. Assyrians were one river over on the Tigris.

I was just at the atlas getting the spelling of Ajaccio on the side of Corsica that faces Occitania, when wondered what sort of terms "Hadoram/Adram" may have formed; the first term to occur in my mind was "Drome." Some 15 seconds later, I spotted the Drome province (not familiar with it) with a border about 100 miles north of Aix-en-Provence. The Drone river has a mouth at what looks like "Loriol" (like the Auriol location in the Dumas write-up). If I recall correctly, Oriols/Oriels are listed with Orrels, a name like the Aurelius name of Caracalla. When did Hebrews arrive to Occitania? By what coincidence are some Spanish "Jews" called, SEPHARdics? Does this indicate that the Shepard surnames are Sephardic-branch Sepharvites? The Le Mas in the Dumas write-up is said to be at Auriol, but then the Lamas surname has lambs, a symbol that could be shared by Shepherds.

Some say that "MerOPE/Merops" has to do with "opis = bees", and Merops of Kos was given a son in bee-line Ephesus (founded by Amazons). To boot, the Merops entity became the Merovingians, and the first-known Merovingian king was found with gold bees in his grave. Kos is expected with Edomites, who had a black boar symbol, the symbol also of the Eber surname.

As Aphrodite's partner, Ares, became Mars, it may be that the Aphrodite cult was as much that of the Habur-river Hebrews (some from Keturah, and perhaps some to her) as the Amorites of Mari. Abraham lived amongst Amorites of HEBROn. I see this Mari union with Aphrodite Heneti as the proto-Merovingians. Aphrodite's river (Hebros) in the Thrace of Ares is now the Marica on my atlas. It can explain why Pavia was founded by both Marica-like Marici and Hebrew Laevi. TRECate at Novara (home of Laevi) suddenly looks like a Thracian entity. The Ares dragon at Boeotia could have been Drako-like Thracians.

There was an historical king Cotys of Thrace (named after the mythical Cotys cult of Thrace) whose family was allied to Julius Caesar-Cotta. There may even be a Cotys surname with the Cotta's. Curiously, one Cotys surname is listed with Archdeacons, and is the closest thing I've seen in a surname with the three Levi chevrons, meaning that Cotys' Thracian family may have been of Trecate. If king Cotys connects with the Cottians (suspect with AURELIA Cotta) on the RIPARia river, it's notable that Tracks/Tricks and Drigs share the lion of RIPPERs/Ripleys. ARCHdeacons must have been Arc-river elements because the Arc is near the Cottian capital, and the Arc happens to be a tributary of the Israel-like Isere, itself with a mouth near the mouth of the Drome.

Aha! The Arc is the location of Chambre, and Chambery is across the Isere, at the mouth of the Arc, along with AIX-les-Bains!

Drome's Valence location (probably of the duck-liner Velins / Velens), between the mouths of both rivers, is from the Valentinians out of Cibalae (Sibals share the Vallan moline), near the SAVA river that itself may have been a Severus liner, in which case I'd suggest that Sepharvites were to the Numidian Shawia (Numidians trace to lemon-like Lemnos). Scottish Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Drome-like Drummonds, Hagars, Justine's (from Valentinian's wife) and Wings/Winks (from Vinkovci = Cibalae). English Shaws ("VINCit") were first found in Berkshire with Susans, Arks/Arch's and Modens/Modeys. The earls of Mar, not far from Perthshire, had a capital at KilDRUMMY, a Hadoram suspect at this time.

Wings/Winks use billets while Billets/Billiards share the Hagar hexagram. The ancient AGARus river, now the Siret, took in the Buzau river, home of Cotesii. The Siret surname is with the Justine-related Sire's, a branch of Squire's/Squirrels shown on the Valentin bend. Ajax-related Kennedys use a squire's helmet, very connectable to the Dragon/Drainer and Mynett helmets.

The Orell Coat is a reflection of the Saxon/SEPTon Coat, both surnames first found in the same place, and Saxons/Septons may not only be from the Sequani neighbors of Cottians, but showing a variation serving to reveal family links to SEPTimius. Orells share the red roundels of Ore's/Orrs, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Jacks. The Sequani were at least near Aix-les-Bains. Not far across a small lake from Aix-le-Bains is a Cremieu location, begging whether the ICE-cream symbol of Miss Hanson was for this Aix location. As she was traced to Ananes Gauls expected at Crema upon the SERio river, compare that river's name to "ISERE." Moreover, Aix-les-Bains is near Ananes-like Annecy.

Lombards at Crema were in northern Germany when they shared the same goddess as the Varni and Angles who lived where Saxons would soon crop up. It appears that Saxons were from the Sequani, making the Cottians suspect with the Nordic Goths and Gotland. Amazingly, Hagars, suspect from the Agarus river of the Cotessi, share the hexagramn of Goths/Gothelo's, and while the latter line led to Godfrey-de-Bouillon, Bouillons use a "bello" motto term while there is a Belley location about 20 miles across the little lake from Aix-les-Bains. As Cremers/Cramers share the ram with Bauts, the latter first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, it appears that the Bouillon motto is much about the namer of Belley, some 25 miles from Cremieu.

Recall my trace of Odin to Gotland's Sitones, for the Sitten location at Sion is smack beside a Saxon location (upon the upper Rhone). The Sequani were on the Rhone further down. Seatons/Sittens are expected to be a branch of Sedons who share "sed" with the Car motto, "Sero sed serio." Saids (listed with Saddle's, I think) share the Mason/Massin/MACON lion, and there is a Macon location at the Sequani theater.

[In the next update, AnneMasse of the Masse's/Masseys is a topic, which will trace with the Arms of Massy to a Saxon location about a dozen miles down-river from Sion. The point here is that about 10 miles up-river from Sion is Sierre. As the Car motto includes Seaton-like Sedans, by what coincidence is Sion also called, Sitten? Saxons/Septons share chaplets with the News' having the Arms-of-Massey Shield, and Chaplet-like Le Chable has been found just five miles from Saxon. You will see Leavells tracing to the Saxon area, and Leavells happen to have been at Car-like Cary castle.]

Miss Hanson sold me the ice-cream while working in a hamBURGER restaurant, and that little lake at Aix-les-Bains looks like it has the name of Bourget, which is in Burgundy. Burgoin, which I assume named Burgundy, is about a dozen miles south of Cremieu. We are now very near Vienne, home of Herod ARCHelaus.

Thanks in part to the ice-cream trace to Crema, German Hansons (probably the original, green, Visconti serpent) trace well to Visconti's of Lombardy. The lozengy of German Hansons is that of Scottish Lombards, first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's, and as the latter look to be sharing the three Guiscard piles, Ore's look to be Orion liners. As I view Visconti's as Guiscards, they trace with Tancreds to Orion. "Milo" is the Greek for "apple" because it's sweet, and "Melia" of Boeotia was the honey goddess, perhaps naming Milan (though doubtful). There is a question as to why the Doris', who appear to share the wavy Jewish-Pollock bend, are also Orris'. Scottish Pollocks were first found in the same place as Orrs/Ore's. Was Orion the namer of Dorians from the concept of d'or = gold?

Was the proto-Orion, Uranus cult at Dor and Megiddo? That makes sense with Zeus at nearby Tyre. Dorians lived at the Thessaly theater, beside Megiddo-like Macedon, and Doris'/Orris' are said to be from an unidentified "Thessalie," perhaps from Crusaders stationed at Thessaly. Or, perhaps Doris' were from mythical Doris of the Daorsi, on the Neretva river that I see with "Nerthus," the Varni / Lombard / Angle goddess. Mythical Dorus (with a 'u') was the brother of Aeolus, and the latter married Neretva-like Enarete. Aeolus' family member, Sisyphus, was ruler of Cronus-suspect Corinth, and Zeus was the son of Cronus, son of Uranus.

I have this recorded on Salamis-like Salmoneus, perhaps part of the Ajax-of-Salamis cult (Hebrew suspects): "Mythical Salmoneus was brother to Sisyphus, code for Sicyon [couple of miles from Corinth], but then there's a Sicyone location (dark map) on the Chalcidice peninsula (Cassandra) beside Sithonia." SALMoneus may have been from "Salem," the earlier name of Jerusalem, possibly under Amorite control when so named. Mount Zion of Jerusalem can thus trace to Sion/Sitten with the Sithones between them. Strabo said that Sithones were a tribe of Megiddo-like Mygdones (in Macedonia). Cassandra brings the Macedonian king, Cassander, to mind, whom I view as the ancestor of Herods, who put out a SALOME de Boethus. One Herod ruled Chalcis of Syria, like "CHALCidice." The first Herod, whose father had the same name as Cassander's father, married DORIS. The Chaucers (Kent, same as Chalcis-like Chalkers) might just share the Doris/D'Orris bend, and Chalkers share the swan with Swans/Sions. Part of the Chaucer bend is red, the color of the Salome bend.

Orrs/Ore's and Orells (and Orleans') use TORTeaux (red roundels) while Chaucers use a tortoise, which looks likely to be code for the Toreatae scythians, a fellow tribe with Sittaceni who can thus be viewed as the namers of Sithonia (it tends to clinch Chaucers with Chalcidice / Chalcis). It just so happens that the name of Jerusalem in Abraham's day was, Zedek, like "SITTECeni" (see MelchiZEDEK, king of Salem). This argues well for the potency of a Sittaceni > Sadducee theory.

Perts/Petts, first found in Kent with Chaucers, use a mascle form of the Salome bend-with-lozenges, and these Petts can be from the Pierro's/Pero's (Pavia) using a form of the Butt/BOET Coat. The Pert variation might just be from Pertuis, at Aix-en-Provence, and of the Partys sharing the Laevillus-line checks of Pavia-like Pavers.

Dor is beside mount CarMEL, and the Essenes of Carmel were traced to the essenes bee cult in Ephesus (near MILetus), where it was part of the Artemis cult there, which is bang-on with Diane Muschatov where he first name is a pointer to Artemis > Diana. The Doors (and Boys) happen to use bees. If I recall correctly, French Doors share the same lion as Visconti-related Sforza's.

It was Childeric who had the gold bees in his grave, and the bee symbol was carried or transferred by the line of his wife, Basina, the Bessins that named a BEESton location in the area where Meschins first ruled. It's interesting that while Basina's Bassus ancestry is tentatively seen by me from "Phasis," the latter looks a lot like "Ephesus," a thing I haven't seen until now. Ephesus (some say "Apasa" anciently) is at the Lydia theater so that Lazi at Phasis can indeed have been Lydians, proto-Lydians or the Lasonii of that area.

Recall both the antenna at Smith's place and the Smith heron. That in a nutshell makes a Heneti link to Orion, and Muschatov-like Meschins were at the Heron-related Orne river. This is the update when I came across the rare topic, the heron in the Saffer Crest. Saffers are from a Severus, suspect from an earlier Severus of Akmonia (father of Mr. Bassus), which place, I think, was in the land of the Heneti. This recalls the recent link (last update, I think) of Boeotians to this Akmonia theater.

I now recall taking out the snowmobile of Diane's brother (Mr. MUSCHatov) when at their cottage. It recalls my theory that while Gorgons / Georgians / Gargarians were named after two-wheeled carts, SCYThians (my further theory) were named after skis due to carrying cargo on sleds (that ski / SKID on the snow). A snowmobile can apply to that Scythian picture, and it just so happens that Herodotus said (or repeated from a myth) that Amazons didn't keep husbands, but rather mated once a year with neighboring Gargarian men for the sole purpose of having children. As HERODotus had claimed the origin of Amazons at the Thermodon river, it's easily figured that Gargarians were at the MOSCHi mountains, is that not impressive? The English and Phrygian-suspect Frisians were a branch of Gog and Meshech, weren't they? Frigg, I thought so.

Moreover, the carriers of the THERModon term (might apply to the Don/Tanais river) may have named Teramo, which was earlier Aphrodite-like Aprutium. It seems that the proto-Artemis Amazons at Thermodon were in the land of the Heneti so that Aphrodite was much an Amazonian entity. I was tracing Aphrodite to the namers of the Hebros river before knowing of mythical Aeneus, symbol of Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros, on-shore from Samothrace, where Kabeiri were said to be founded. Virgil made Aphrodite the mother of Aeneas (with an 'a'), suggesting that Romans are not only from Trojans through Venetio, but from the Amazon and Lydian allies of Trojans. These were and still are the peoples with demonic nerve, bent on conquest.

More amazing. To the best of my recollection, the Window surname has lions and/or lion paws in the colors of the lions of FINIS'/Feins, for which reason the Windows were viewed as a Windsor branch; the Windsor motto seems to love the Feins. But more than that, "FINIStere" is like the French or Latin word for, window, what a hoot. I climbed the Heneti-representing antenna and tapped on Diane's window while Wends were Vandals = Veneti! And the Finis'/Feins are a branch of Fane's/Vans/Feins (both have the same colors and format). Amazing, it must have been God's idea for me to climb that antenna.

This recalls VINDenis upon the map in Dardania, and the Moschius river through northern Dardania. Put that together with Batia, wife of mythical Dardanus, and it assures that she was named after the Bats at Batumi, at the edge of the Moschi mountains. Here's an Arms of Batumi using Bassus-line besants. Impoverished historians, they don't have special events in their life to lead them, but here we find God finding it necessary to create special events for His purposes. Gog and Meshech in Ezekiel 38 look like the anti-Christ invasion of Israel, without a doubt. It's interesting where I claimed that the anti-Christ system would be led by a mouse entity amid the Meschin / Massey family of names, while the mythical mouse was made the Smith-like Smyntheus cult of Apollo (leader of Muses), Artemis' twin, children of Latona, the line to the Biblical dragon. After making that prediction, I found the mouse-tower origins of the Masci-line Mieszko's.

If we think that God used Paul Smith, then perhaps his red Jeep of 35 years ago, and my red Jeep of today, really is for the Jeepma surname having a Chep variation linkable to Chapmans and Capone's. Another Smith Coat uses an anvil for obvious reason, but this may be one of those coincidences where a symbol's name happens to reflect a related surname, for there is an Anville/Hanville surname that can be for a line of Annas, the killer of Jesus along with his son-in-law, Chap-like Caiaphas. Did God create the heraldry for Smiths in order to reveal this secret, by bringing Paul Smith to a church I would go to?

Deep-State News

If Mueller drops his weapons, the Democrats will up the charge against Trump, and Barr may up his disaffections toward the Democrat crime ring. That's not a bad start, but I want to see the Bush-Nazi goons rightly revealed. There will be temptation in the Bush circle to press Barr to destroy Trump with the Mueller report. It's even possible that Barr will turn on Trump, in other words, the best-possible outcome because it'll force Trump to do something, though, without the justice department, he seems totally lame. He's an idiot, there is no hope, he keeps appointing his own enemies. Nobody's a greater idiot (pardon me) than those youtubers who still support Trump as a role model with superior intelligence; some still thinking he intends to punish the swamp at any minute with a storm.

To put it another way, unless your righteousness surpasses that of Donald Trump...fill in the gap. He shall not be our role model. We are called to be bigger and better than him, yet you have these Christian "fools" (pardon me) who pass him off as phenomenal, and that makes him a role model for Christians. Do not touch, do not stain yourselves. Pray for Trump, fine, but he is not our example for living.

A president appoints an attorney general, and that means exactly one thing: the president MUST interfere when the attorney general is not doing the job of the people, the good of all. Only the president has the right to force the chief of justice to do the right, the responsibility is on the president who chooses that person. Democrats have this wrong, suggesting that Trump cannot interfere because that is a conflict of interest. It's not a conflict of interest if severe corruption has taken place, whether the corruption is seeking to touch on his life or not. A president must NOT interfere with the attorney general when the latter is doing everything right, as, for example, Trudeau of Canada has reportedly done with his attorney general. A president must not urge the chief law enforcer to turn a blind eye to corruption, as Trudeau has reportedly done. A president MUST interfere with someone like Jeff Sessions immediately, yet Trump did not intervene for nearly two years of obvious obstruction of justice on the part of Sessions. We are not lawyers, but we can get this right because it's a no-brainer. How does his tolerating Sessions for nearly two years of bald-faced inactivity this Trump a role model let alone the hero that some portray him as.

Trump can always fire Barr, and so Barr knows his heat can't turn too hot against the president even if he wants it. I don't think the Bush circle knows how it should best play its next hand. Should it be happy with a Trump truce? No, for that won't get the Bush circle in power in 2020. The Bush circle would like to eradicate the pressures and threats that Trump's "conspiracy-theorist" base is applying on him to expose 9-11, but the real deal for the Bush-circle / war-hawks is to rule the country in 2020, and for that end, the original Mueller plot, to get Trump thrown out of the White House, may still be the hand to be played in the near future. We have seen no indication from Trump that he intends to expose 9-11.

No Bush deal can be trusted. But how the Bush-circle plays its next hand against Trump is the big question, because Trump has the upper hand, legally. The Bush circle might try cautiously to hide / disguise its attack on Trump for a year, which could mean ho-hum news for a while. Please, Lord, not that.

This week, we are seeing a Cohen attack on Trump that looks pitiful, and while one might be apt to seeing this as a democrat attack on Trump, we have got to keep in mind that Mueller has had the clout to shape Cohen's testimony, and all that we are hearing in the Democrat-led House may be exactly what Mueller shaped him to say. It was Mueller and the DoJ under Sessions that took Cohen from Trump to use him against the president as a political club, and Trump deserves this for leaving Sessions like a useless, uneasy cancer in the justice department. Here's Cohen's opening this week if you'd like to see how he has intended to bash his former client:

Cohen's attack is pitiful because, for one, Democrats will make a mountain of this molehill while denying the same standard of justice for their heroes, Obama, Clinton, etc. Cohen's testimony against Trump is his own admission of lawlessness, to be expected because Trump chooses bad apples for himself, because he's a bad apple. The worse Cohen paints Trump, the worse he paints himself for remaining Trump's lawyer. The American government, you understand, is a mobster's club. Mobsters strive to climb political ladders now. Correction: mobsters seek to catapult from the bottom rung to the top rung in dishonest sweeps. We could say that Trump is exactly such a bottom-to-top mobster, though, to clarify, he's not likely the murderous type of mobster, but an immoral one, meaning that he's willing to bend righteousness for the end result he seeks.

Cohen says that in July of 2016, the month of Seth Rich's murder, he was in Trump's office as Roger Stone was speaking to candidate Trump on the phone. Stone was telling Trump, on a speaker phone (is Cohen believable here?), that he heard from Assange concerning an up-coming WikiLeaks dumb from Seth Rich. Cohen wants to portray Trump here as a political hack who celebrated that news. But what's to be ashamed of celebrating it if WikiLeaks is disclosing the corruption of the people entrusted to run the nation with righteousness? That sort of whistle-blowing organization should be celebrated. If a whistle blower goes to the government, the latter will, to our dismay and even pain, tend to hush things up, even as Trump hushed up the scandal against his own presidency. Don't mistaken Trump's outspoken mockeries of the deep state as his part in revealing them, for he mocked only those things that were already made public, but when it was his turn to reveal things not yet revealed, he refused. From the very beginning, he has refused to play a role in disclosing the fraud and high-level criminality of Obama's FBI, DoJ, and state department. If Trump cares not to utterly bash those three beasts to death, then he lets them fester on the flesh of the nation. How is this a good role model? How can Christians be out of their minds to celebrate this man as a role model, a hero, or a savior?

Is it credible that Assange would want Trump to know of the DNC dump beforehand? Yes. Assange would want to work his way to Trump's heart, to get the president to investigate the Seth Rich crime, but the fool did nothing about it, and so allowed the Democrats to have more power over him. If Trump had hammered the Democrats at that time, exposing them as the murderers of Rich, with help from Assange, things would have been much better for him now. Instead, he lost the House. Imagine if he had lost the Senate too. The fight for that is on as we speak, and what will Trump do now with Barr, is the question. The Bush circle plied Trump not to have anything to do with Assange, and the fool caved. The bigger fools are those who still worship Trump. The guy who pretends never to cave caves easily, we have seen it over and over.

With Barr firmly in the Bush camp, it can leave Trump to the Democrat buzzards to clean things up for them. All Barr needs to do is refuse to look into Obama-era corruption. On the other hand, how will that scenario help to get Bushites elected in 2020? Suppose that Democrats succeed, with some subtle Bush plots combined, to impeach Trump; wouldn't that more-likely get a Democrat president simply because the Republican base is excited to go the Bush road again? Over the next few months, my guess is that the Bush circle will explore whether they can make a full-fledged Bushite out of Trump. And that means a detestable, corrupt war hawk. Lindsey Graham is one of those, who changed his tune suddenly at the mid-terms either out of political expedience, because the winds were blowing against him for opposing Trump, or out of some clandestine plot to make Trump a war hawk.

Does anyone really think that ISIS is invading the United States? Please. Name one ISIS group that has slipped into the United States. Look at how easily they could get in from Mexico, or that huge Canadian border. There is not one, not one group that has been caught, not even one that has created a massive bombing ISIS-style. All the reported terror attacks have been from loner insiders (American citizens / residents) because they are either CIA fakes or CIA manufactured. War hawks wish to seize obscene amounts of tax dollars to squander it away while pocketing some of it in fruitless Middle-East endeavors. They cannot force Muslims to abide by their Westernism, and frankly the Muslims don't want to be transformed to the CFR's pornographic democracy.

Nothing that Cohen says about the Assange phone call to Stone, and the Stone call to Trump, makes Trump guilty of anything, criminal or otherwise. We wonder why Cohen is telling this story at all. The thing Trump is guilty of is: not helping Assange to reveal the truth. The president didn't want to throw fire at the risk of getting fire thrown back at him, and thus he betrayed the people. He allowed the abductors of justice to have their price, and so the abductors will come again to abduct. The "old-fashioned" way of dealing with abductors, never to pay their price, doesn't occur to his mind. Pay them off, and maybe they will go away, has been his rule. But they don't go away. And they have blood-thirsty Democrat hounds at the ready.

The only thing Trump needed to do to win this fight was to nominate an attorney general who would agree beforehand to clean swamp. There is nothing wrong, and everything right, with a president requiring or mandating a nominee to jail criminals in high office. If the Bush-circle Republican lawmakers refused to confirm his choice for nominee, fine, Trump would pick another, and another, until they had to confirm one, sooner or later. In the meantime, Trump could order from the DoJ all the incriminating documents, and declassify them on his Twitter account, what a hoot that would have been. Instead, he decided to be the utter fool of his enemies. Pay day is, hopefully here. Set the hounds on him, show no mercy until he fulfills his responsibility to the people, to reveal the criminality of both the Obama and the Bush people.

If only Obama's worst crime were to purchase his own painting to make it appear that it was the most-valuable item at the auction. But Obama sent guns into Mexico to help destroy the United States. The Democrat hounds in the House will have Trump for lunch on his itty-bitty misdemeanors, and then roll over and play dead at the ringing out of Obama's treason. Trump saw this, and did nothing to make things right. Attack, Cohen, attack Democrats, show us your hypocrisies.

I'll bet that the DoJ has told Cohen that it will reduce his three-year jail sentence if he does a good job this week against Trump. Cohen's speech, point after point, has the purpose of cutting Trump's political standing down to size. It can explain how the House went massively to the Democrats while the Senate did not, a real mystery. Theory: the fingers behind the establishment Republicans in the House were able to cause many of them to step down (by threats?), thus achieving the goal of giving the house to Democrats so that they could bash Trump on their stead. Cohen seems to be such a Republican product now looking like a Democrat hammer. But the Bush-circle Republicans wanted to keep the Senate to get the supreme court stacked with their people, and also to get Trump to put a Bushite on the chair of the DoJ. One could say that the Bush machine is chugging along nicely, with even Lindsay Graham now leading the Senate. And one could also say that Trump is in the train as merely a passenger. Wave to all the lovely people, dear Trump, who don't want to accept your failures in this regard.

If you want a couple hours of the Cohen questioning session, go ahead and watch, but I can't stomach the political theater of the Democrats, so I skip their questioning periods. See Cohen get lost for words starting a few seconds after 11 minutes, especially at a few seconds after 12 minutes:

At the 33rd minute, the key question is asked whether Cohen's lawyers will ask for a softer sentence soon. One can spot exactly what's going on: Cohen needs to smear Trump sufficient to get a reduced sentence. One year reduced is a big deal, but he's likely going for two. Cohen is a great example of how Trump picks the wrong people for himself. Cohen was permitted by Trump to entertain the Moscow-tower project offered by a Russian gangster. This is what Trump really was when he became the president. His Christian supporters at youtube seem delusional. While Trump may not have broken any laws in his money-lust toward this near-Russian affair, he's been afraid that Cohen might spill the beans on some embarrassing things, and he has now, meaning that, if Trump survives this well, perhaps he will be less afraid to fulfill his clean-swamp responsibility.

See Trump's possible duplicity as concerns the Russian mobster at around the 40-minute mark. We discover here that Felix Sater had an office on Trump's 26th floor, though Sater may have been his political enemy from the start, a worm/mole of his enemies, that is. We learn that Sater was handing out business cards claiming to be Trump's advisor, but Trump may not have known that. The deep state has been shown to try to set Trump up with his "advisors" that were not. If the deep state is so afraid of Trump, it probably means that Trump has some goods on them. That is, Trump knows things that he's not revealing because he himself is not a righteous man. His political standing is more important than doing the nation's good and much-needed works. He therefore doesn't deserve to be the president.

CNN is reporting that Cohen's testimonies are not yet done; he is to return next week, giving Trump's enemies that long to adjust his attitude. They will need to fix the back-firing problems he's been having. And Sater is slated to appear before the House committee on March 14. Again, Sater may be an FBI puppet for this cause, but, thankfully, the FBI is Trump's FBI now, haha, I'm mocking Trump in sarcasm, because he didn't make sure to put in an FBI chief that was on the side of the good guys. His folly is hilarious to me because I celebrate his arse being torn by the unruly beasts he himself has unleashed upon the nation. It was he who got Rosenstein his job, creating an open sore in the DoJ, with Trump's FBI chief planted within the bloody tissues like a tenacious weed promising to lay down innumerable, like-minded seeds for the foreseeable future. Is this a success story on Trump's part, or is this Hitlerism coming to America?


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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