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April 1 - 8, 2019

The Bump on My Gum Exposes Itself as Big Berta
Cindy's Parents Point to George Bush and to Comet Ping Pong
Helen's Chocolate Points to James Alefantis

At the end of the last update's heraldic section (link at top of this page), just before the sub-title, More News, there was good evidence that God is indeed pointing, with the Tower surname itself, to James Alefantis of pizzagate infamy...which tends to clinch that the Comet surname, using three the Tower tower in the same colors, is His pointer to Alefantis' pizza restaurant, Comet Ping Pong (use the link above to load any Coat of Arms, which you need to do in order to follow best; it's a big task to follow along, I know, but you'll enjoy it a lot better taking it slower).

Early in that update, this happened:

Whether any of this has to do with the Rena middle name of Miss Hicks is a good question. As I've said, the Reines'/Reine's use a "comet" as well as the PISA Coat in colors reversed, as though God is using her middle name to point to sleazy, satanic Comet Ping Pong PIZZA (made pedophilia news). Amazingly, PINGs/Pongs/Paganells share the label of Pane's/Panetta's/PANICo's!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. I've known it for a long time, but the timing of re-making that link here, amid a trace of "Rena" to Comet Ping Pong, is shocking. There had been reason to view Miss' Hicks' 13-year old daughter, Geneva, as a pointer to pedophilia. Is God pointing to pedophilia at lake Geneva?

Shortly after the quote above, you would find: "After writing this paragraph to this point, I checked to see whether God arranged the Fantes surname (Bologna, same as Pane's/Panetta's) to be a pointer to Alefantis, and there popped up, not only boys, but the Pane/Panetta/Panico Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was unbelievable. Coincidences like that are hard to believe. It's more like God arranged the heraldry (my intermarriages) to point to Alefantis. Yet, near the end of the last heraldic section, there were more surprises, through a miracle in a song (see "my strong tower"), to nail his coffin. God has not taken pains to point to him without cause.

I doubt that the boys in the Fantes Coat were code for pedophiles to begin with. Heraldic boys were used my the Masculine variation of Meschins. I had read that Peverels likewise use boys, probably due to a merger with Meschins, and Bothwells have one in the Crest. It's likely code for Boii elements in the Bessin, suspect in Lucy TailleBOIS, wife of Ranulph le Meschin (the first-known Meschin). It just so happens that Lucy is a location of Normandy beside Massy, and this was traced to AnneMASSE about 20 miles from the city of Geneva, which is l, which is my mother's bloodline that includes Massys. That's probably why you read of Geneva in a quote above. I was aiming at Annemasse at the time.

Bothwells were shown in the last update to be kin of Alefantis-like Oliphants, suggesting that God may have placed that boy in the Bothwell Crest as yet another pointer to Alefantis. The Boy surname was first found in Berwickshire, home of queen Bebba. There's a good chance that the Boy bee is that of Maxtons, they being a branch of Maxwells, from king Maccus. Behold the Maccus discussion below.

Meschins were Masci's from PIEDmont, an area thought to mean, "feet of the mountain." Yet "ped" is also a term for children, as in "PEDophile." In the last update, the beautiful feet of Lorraine were stressed along with her babe symbol. In fact, as I said, her babe symbol, for the Babe surname, was given exactly at the time that God gave her a beautiful-feet symbol. Doesn't pedophilia include the sickest of the sickest with mere babes, very young children? I'm now thinking that God set me up with a beautiful babe, Lorraine (about 20 years old), on my 24th birthday, in order to give her babe symbol a second meaning, one in relation to pedophilia. Her feet are suggesting it. This gets interesting as I think of how Babe's traced excellently in the last update, along with Masseys of the king-Maccus kind, to Saxons from queen Bebba.

The idea seems to be that pedophilia was rampant with families of the Maccus-Saxons. So, watch this. Maccus' grandfather (Sitric) married Edith of Polesworth, and as Worths share the double-headed eagle of Maccus-line Maxwells, one can trace the line of Edith and Sitric to Pollocks for obvious reason, for Poles-like Pollocks were a sept of Maxwells. Maxwell-related Mearns' share three red piles with Polworths. The Pollocks are said to have been a Maxwell sept via Mearns'

The fantastic thing here is that God has set up another miracle to prove that this is the correct track. In the 3rd update of last month, I gave the reason for my thinking that Geneva (adopted by Miss Hicks) was born with a Daddy surname, for when I was seeking the new address of Miss Hicks, her relatives showed up in her Intelius file, and one was Geneva Daddy. Is it not amazing that Daddys share the Pollock saltire???

So, Geneva, God's symbol for pedophilia, in my opinion, is now pointing to the line of Edith of Polesworth. And I did show how Edith was of the Bebba Bebbanburgs, in the last update. I don't know anything about Edith aside from her being a Saxon, a Mercian, actually, same as Lucy Taillebois. It just so happens that the three Polworth piles are those, essentially, of Guiscards, the latter having a "Mercy" motto term.

Wow, get a load of this. I mentioned my first date with Lorraine in the last update as per meeting her at the corner of Yonge and LEVENdale, and I also said that I was living at Edith's place a few houses up on Levendale, yet pedophile symbolism wasn't applied to either woman at that time. But now, the LEVENs happen to use Alefantis-like elephants!!! Amazing. And I already know what more I need to say on this topic with the feet of Miss Hicks, which I will get to. Repeat: "There's a good chance that the Boy bee is that of Maxtons, they being a branch of Maxwells, from king Maccus." Maxtons/MAKEStons (beside Berwickshire) share the chevron of Levens.

In the last update, Egbert cropped up, suspect with the door handle like so: "Dore is also a village in South Yorkshire which is listed in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle c. 829 when King EGbert of Wessex...Some claim that Egbert became the first king of England at Dore." I didn't know then that Wikipedia has Egbert as the possible father of Edith of Polesworth. I'll come back to this.

The flag of Mercia is used by French Masseys/Messier's, first found in Burgundy with Mercian-suspect Mars/More's. Here's from the MERCier write-up:

Active in the events of the times, the [Mercier] family branched and held extensive lands in Paris, Berry, and LORRAINE...they founded branches in Geneva, Italy and Germany.

Amongst the many titles and lands they were awarded for their contributions to the King were...Maisoncelle, de Richemont, du Mas...

I can spot a Mercier link in that quote to Massey liners. Maisons/Masons (Provence) use a version of the Mar/More / Mackay Coat, and Mackays were king-Maccus liners too. Lorraine is at the Maas river, and Maas' are listed with Scottish Marrs/Maa's, highly suspect with Maurice Drummond, but also with Mercians. Here's a fuller story on Geneva from the 3rd update of last month:

This is embarrassing. I had pegged Miss Hicks as the woman in the 1979 dream as early as 1996. In 2002, I decided to call her after morning church, with the excuse of telling her how much I liked her song that morning. What I really wanted to know was whether God had planned on our becoming married when she became a widow, for while she was 45 years old that year, her husband was about 77. My thinking was that, if we were destined to be married, then she would show signs of liking me. Her daughter, Geneva, picked up the PHONE when I called, handing it to her mother, saying, "It's John." As soon as mom got on the phone, she said to someone, "Daddy, could you go get some BREAD." It sounded like "daddy" to me, and I thought she was telling her husband to "get lost" while she talked with me [made me feel uncomfortable]. But, later, I learned that Geneva, adopted, had a Daddy surname. And she may also have had a "Taddy" nickname, because someone of her age exactly, who was going by Taddy in the email, emailed me a few times.

It was strange. Geneva and I were not on speaking terms. She was about 300 pounds round like a balloon, and only 13 years old, yet she said to me that I was looking at her with lust in my eyes. The only thing I can remember is that I gave her a large smile when she sang her solo in church; I was just being charitable more than anything, because I believe in growing confidence in young people. She must have taken it wrongly, but I think I can see why, because my mother is a Masci, and because God was setting her up as a symbol of pedophilia at Annemasse of lake Geneva, but also as a symbol of pedophilia with the Sitric > Maccus line of Normans.

The reason that I've repeated the quote above is for the line, "Daddy, could you go get some BREAD." You see, Sitric's surname was Caech, and I ventured to trace it to the Cake surname, which is also "CakeBREAD," can you believe it? Incredible. It looks like I was right with the Sitric-Cake link.

Do understand how God works through me, by using surnames as pointers to things in the real world. It doesn't mean that the Fantes or the Cake surname is rampant with pedophilia. It's that God is using the Fantes and Cake surnames to point to certain men, and it's up to me to tell the story behind the pointers. However, if I miss anything, readers may be filled-in by God's Spirit things I know nothing about, as they read along. This mystery can be as much for you as for me, and, in fact, God's not doing all of this for my writing pleasure alone.

The Breads share the lion of James', and so I'd like to look at whether Alefantis was given a James first name due to the James surname providing more evidence of the things discovered here. I do see that the James' with the lions are in the colors and format of Mackays. Also, God gave me/us a dream with Michael's children jumping on a bed, and I'm waiting to see how that may be a pointer to pedophiles, for in the last update, his kids (in the dream) were reckoned with the CHILDren surname, linkable to the Mr. Childs that owned new home of Miss Hicks. Plus, "ChildREN" looked like a Child merger with Rens/Wrens, and RENa is her middle name. Rens/Wrens are said to be a branch of Raines', and the Reine's/Reines' are the ones with a comet as well as the pizza-like Pisa Coat in colors reversed. That's how God is playing this thing, obviously. Alefantis has lots to worry about with God on his tail. You can run, but you can't hide, you filthy monster.

It can be added that Michaels (look like Meschin kin) were first found in Surrey with James', and they share scallops in colors reversed. It looks like we may have a story here. The Michael mascles (hollow lozenges) are code for Masculine liners. There is a mascle in the Masculine Coat presented above, which has the heads of boys surrounding it. Amazing. The children were jumping on a mattress, and the Maistre variation of Mattres' should be code for Massey-suspect Masters, first found in Kent with Children (and Masons/Massins).

Plus, wow. Mascles can be gleaned with Mussels/MUSCELs (Lincolnshire, same as Lucy Taillebois), who have a version of the Meschin/Masculine Coat (at houseofnames), and Musselburgh is a location smack near Edinburgh, the latter being where Breads/Bradds were first found. The Musselburgh area is where Mascals/Keiths were first found, suggesting strongly that the line from Sitric Caech (from Maceys or proto-Maceys in Normandy) merged with Breads/Bradds. Lucy was a Mercian from Bolingbroke, and Bolingbroke's almost have the three James lions. If those are ostrich feathers in the Bolingbroke Crest, they can match with the ostrich in the Crest of the other James'.

The white roundels of Mussels/Muscels are called, plates. The Plate surname looks to have a Coat version of the Mercian-suspect Mars/More's. A giant plate with three holes in it, thus looking like a BOWLING ball, was found in the last update with Papins. Was Lucy of BOLINGbroke a Bebba-related Pepin? Bowles', first found in Lincolnshire with Bolingbroke's, use a version of the Bush Coat, but with the same scallops as Michaels.

Next, we take the Comb and Come variations of Comets, and note that both Comey surnames have a Comb variation while the one from Clan Chattan as a Come variation. It begs whether JAMES Comey was protecting JAMES Alefantis just because faggot Obama may have wanted him protected. Obama is suspect by me as faking events for political causes and even to protect criminals by giving false impressions, and there was a faked event (an attempted shooting, I think) at Alefantis' restaurant that made the news. There is also a Come/Gumm surname, first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's/Cakebreads.

The 9-11 memorial put on by our church, on September 11, 2002, was four days after I was on the phone with Miss Hicks, when she told "Daddy" to get some bread. As she probably thought I was after adultery, which I was not, I decided, before getting to the event, not to sit anywhere near her. But as I saw here walking down the center isle, God, I assume, caused me to get up from my seat, and walk to greet her. I asked whether she would like me to set up her video CAMERA, which I did. I then returned to her, saw an empty seat beside her, and said, "Is that taken?"

She said it was for her daughter, but if she arrives, "you can scoot over," she said, meaning that she agreed to have me sit beside her. As I was stepping in front of her to my seat, I saw the soft-GREEN TOEnail polish she had on, and this allowed me to see her SANDALs too, which I remember. That's why I looked for a toe-like surname, coming to the Tows/Touch's with a GREEN lion. I also noted that Sandals have a GREEN cross. It took me a while, but eventually, I saw the pertinence in the Sandal write-up: "Further to the north in Scotland, John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius Scocie, c. 1361 and was listed as an Englishman." I didn't know this in 2002, when I had set up her CAMERA! So, God wants you to know that He set me up that night beside her. And, as you can see, it has to do with her feet, a symbol now, for pedophilia.

Note the Scocie term above, and then let me repeat from the last update:

The Scicolone/Scicli/Scichilone/Scicchitano variations of Scalia's/Scalise's look linkable to some Shoe variations such as Schucks/Schuchs/Schugs.

...Shoe variations are also like Scoot/SCOUGal variations while Scoots have a border-on-Shield in colors reversed from the same of German Shocks/Schochs, the latter like the Shook variation of Shoe's.

..."Plus, the Lille's/Lile's/LISLE's (red fitchee) look like a branch of Ile's/ISLE's (red fitchee) with a yellow-like Ylley variation." This recalls when Miss Hicks, sitting at the center-ISLE seat at the 9-11 memorial, said I could sit beside her, and that I could "SCOOT OVER" when her daughter (pedophile symbol) arrived to take my seat. It's just that the Over bend is also the Children bend, and Childrens (share the Lile/Lisle swallow) have become prime pointers to pizzagate's pedophiles. Thus, the center isle at the memorial is looking like a pointer to Michaels' children jumping on the yellow mattress.

Scalia's/Scalise's got suspect with a ladder I was probably standing on in the door-handle dream (last update has all about it). As was said, while up high on something, I dropped a container on its rim upon a round patch of white ground, and flames started to appear on the ground all around the rim, as though there was something flammable in the container. It just so happens that Rims/Rome's use a "PUNGit" motto term while the Ping/Pong surname is also, Pung. Can thouest believe this? What are the chances, apart from Someone setting it up, that while one Ground surname (probably the Macclesfield cross) has the same lion as Rims/Rome's, the other Grounds have an Alefantis-like elephant. Yes, and while I YELLED "fire" when jumping off the ladder (assumed), I then smothered the flames with the SAND on the ground. What are the chances that Sands are also Sandalls, or that Irish Sanders use more elephants, while Yells share the black Yellow fesse???

Scottish Sandals from SANDILands share the Stanley bend, and as the latter are also STANDleys, it could appear that Stanley later took my seat beside Miss Hicks because Sandals are a t-less branch of Standleys. As I said, I put her camera on its STAND, and while Stans are Stans too, a Mr. Camerarius is in the Sandal write-up. Moreover, Stanley was holding the American flag on a pole for that night's memorial, when sitting beside her, and God apparently set this thing up to prove that Stands/Stans apply, who share the two fesses of Flags.

There is a Sandy surname sharing the Sand Coat, and both look like versions of the Maxton Coat. The "PRObum" motto term of Sandys suggest that they and Sands are sharing the Pierro/Pero fesse, and that get's us to Pero's/Perino's (PIEDmont, same as Pierro's/Pero's), who use a "FLAMing stag" in the design of the Reines comet! Excellent. It's tending to suggest that the rim's flames were of the Pero/Perino star, which could be a pointer to Dana Perino, George Bush's press secretary, for the container with the rim on the ground was resolved in the last update as a bushel, for the Bush-branch Bushels. The latter shares water bougets with Bosco-loving Rose's, and roses are used by Pierro's/Pero's. The start of the door-handle dream, as explained in the last update, proved to me that president George Bush Sr. was born as the son of a Nazi, George Herbert Scherff.

To help prove that Sandys are honoring Pero's with "proBUM," the Bums are Bomms while BAUMgartners share the green parrot with Pavia-liner Peeble's and Pettys. The latter are like some variations of Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia. AND, Baumgartners, suspect with the Poppo-of-BAMberg line to queen Bebba of Bamburgh castle, happen to share the Cakebread fleur de lys! BAMM-BAMM! The flames were on the ground, and Grounds/Crannys use "PROximi."

Another Sandy motto term looks like code for the Poe's, who share crescents in flames with Patents/Padyns, first found in Dumfries with Rims/Rome's. That's petty-good stuff, and the gold tower in the Patent/Padyn Crest might just be the Comet tower because Comine's and KilPATricks (Dumfries) share daggers. The Patent/Padyn tower has flames. Miss Hicks was married to Mr. Kilpatrick.

The idea is this, that the bushel catching flames is representative of the Bushel ancestry at Piedmont's Busca, and in connection with Piedmont's Pero's. Piedmont's Bra is in the last update as another pedophile pointer.

This is a good place to go back to the Jumps, as per children jumping on the mattress, because the Bullys (mascles) in the Jump write-up have a flaming heart, and were likewise first found in Dumfries with Ping-Pong Rims/Rome's. As we saw why Mattres'/Maistre's should be a Master branch, let's now remind that Masters were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins, like the Maisons/Masons who share the Jump stars. That's new, because I wasn't familiar with Maisons until reading of Maisoncelle in the Mercier write up earlier today. I knew it was a yellow mattress because the SALESman of the SHOP I was in indicated it. And the door-handle dream's pointer to the Bush-Scherff connection was in a SHOPping CART. Carts/Certs, likely from Cirta, the Numidian capital, share the Mason/Massin lion, I believe, because Masons/Massins were first found on THANET like the Zenata/Zanata entity of Numidia.

The other Merciers/Mercers look like Ceraunii liner Crauns/Crane's. The latter taught me that some heraldic crowns are code for the Ceraunii. Bully-like Bullis is near the Ceraunii mountains. It's interesting that the while Jumps were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs, the latter share blue fleur-de-lys with Maisons/Masons. My guess is that the Maison/Mason Coat is a Mackay version of the Morinis Coat. Morinis' were first found near the Ping/Pong-related Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's. For new readers, the Panico's were at the Setta tributary of the Reno, and Reine's are the ones with the pointer to Comet Ping Pong. The Morinis fleur is in both colors of the Ping/Pong fleur.

The Scherf-like Sheriffs/Shariffs have the lone Morinis fleur, as well as the Master Coat, apparently, which tightens the case for Maisons/Masons sharing the Morinis fleur. Morinis' were first found in Modane-like Modena, and while Modane is on the Arc river, Archers (Warwickshire, same as Sheriffs!) share a red item in a red mural crown with Masters, sometimes called a CORONet as code for the Ceraunii, who are seemingly in the "corona" motto term of Mercier's/Mercers. Modens/Modeys, first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's, share a fretty Shield with Marici-line Marcals/Marschalls. Marici, like "Mercer," co-founded Pavia.

French Archers were first found in Provence with Maisons/Masons, believe it or not. The crescents of French Archers, wow, are those also of Labels/La Bels, who are honored in the so-called label of Pings/Pongs, Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's and Fantes', but to make the label link to Archers, there is the fact that the Chief/Shield color combination of labels is that also of Morinis', and the Label crescents are even in the colors of the Morinis' fesses.

After ending the paragraph above, I remembered a sex attack on me at 16 years of age, and after I decided to tell you about it, while remembering that it happened in Markham, I looked at the Label Coat and realized that it'[s a version of the Markham and Guerin Coats. Guerins (suspect with Guerin of Provence) share the Coat of Payens/Pagans, the latter linkable to both the label-liner Pings/Pongs/PAGANells and the label-liner PANE's/Panetta's/Panico's. And, by the way, If I recall correctly, the Arms of Piedmont has a label.

I was hitch-hiking one day in Markham, when an big guy, a local mechanic, picked me up, whom I knew. he drove off the highway, to a secluded place, got out of his car, came around to my door, opened it, pushed me down, whopped down my pants to my knees, and did oral sex until I blew. I was only 16, but if it was me now, I would get out of the car and kill him dead. He closed the door when he was finished, and drove me to his home. I just want you to know, that as I remembered this, I was upset at God for letting it happen to me. But maybe there was a good reason, for when I was in his house, wondering if I'd ever get out, he put out a plate of food for his dog, and it immediately looked like a roasted human penis, though too large for a child. This reminds me of what some pizzagate reporters are saying, that some pedophiles eat their child victims. He eventually let me go, I don't remember how. He was a big guy. He's probably dead by now, and may awake to the flames of Hell. Although there is no Mechanic surname, Machine's are listed with Meschins/Mechens, the boy liners.

I apologize if that gave you discomfort. I personally don't like to read about pedophilia, and now it appears that I'm commissioned to write about it. Let me be straight: I think pedophiles need to be killed without mercy, along with abortionists, and judges / politicians who permit them to live. I am the normal one. Faggots need to be jailed because they prowl around making like-minded ones of YOUR sons. Faggots breed pedophiles like pot leads to mescaline. The West has gone nuts in "freedom," making society a slave, more and more, of disgusting human filth, allowing it to prosper.

Edith of Polesworth

I was living at the home of Edith, with a German accent, when I first met Lorraine, but them moved to another place while still with her, on Rumble. The Rumble surname (share the Staff/STAFFORD chevron) happens to share the Bus cinquefoil, and I first met Lorraine at her BUS STOP. Stops/Stubbs were first found in STAFFORDshire, and the German, Edith of Polesworth, is said to have lived at Staffordshire's TAMworth, recalling the Taman peninsula, location of Kepoi, the line suspect to both Mr. Kepke and Miss Peare (a couple when I knew them). See the story in the last update where I compared Kepke's blond hair with Lorraine's.

The Rumble chevron is colors reversed from the same of Tiens/Thames'/Tame's and Peare's. Tamworth is of the Tame river, like the Thames flowing through Oxfordshire. As I said, I first asked Lorraine out at her bus stop one, two, or maybe three months after last seeing Miss Peare. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with, and were related to, Taman-like Tiens/Thames'/Tame's. Rumble's share the leopard face of Peare's. That's all new on Rumble's, and pretty amazing. The Tiens/Thames', together with the Rumble leopard head, look linkable to Coverts/Cofferts, first found in Sussex with Rumble's and same-colored, Kepke-line Keeps. Coffert-like Coffers/Coffare's share the crescents of Mercia's/Mercier's, and Edith of Polesworth was a Mercian.

Repeat: Guiscards, with a "Mercy" motto term, share the three Polworth piles. But now, we can add that Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire while Stirlings use a bend-with-buckles in colors reversed from the same of Stops/Stubbs. The latter are said to have been in some cahoots with Roger of MontGOMERY, sheriff of Shropshire. Apparently, Montgomerys follows the father of Pollocks, and the Dol Alans, to Renfrewshire, for Montgomerys were first found there...with Hamiltons who share the Bus / Rumble cinquefoil.

Knowing that I asked Lorraine out on my birthday, I can say that our last night together was within days of July 15, the feast day of Edith of Polesworth. My last day with Lorraine was the night I danced with Mamie at her weekend party, and a few weeks later, God gave her a garden symbol to show that Mummolin's son, BABon, the Lorraine-Babe line, was to the black boar head of GARDens and Babons. This is where the Egbert-suspect, Garden-like Eggerts/AGARDs come in, for they too have black boar heads. It's telling us, I think, from God's set-up, that Edith of Polesworth was indeed a daughter of Egbert. Mummolin's wife is said to have been BERTHE, explaining why I asked Lorraine out on my BIRTHday, and while Berthe traces well to Berta's, we have EgBERT to suggest that he descended from Berthe. That's pretty amazing.

But there's more. My apartment in Edith's basement was shared with AlBERT, and English Alberts us a giant griffin in half the colors of the same of Berta's. These Alberts were first found in Kent with Masters, who have griffin heads in the colors of the Albert griffin.

German Eggerts have roses in the colors and format of Montgomerys, and the latter use the motto, "GARDez bien" (nearly the Carrick motto). Didn't we just see Gardens? Yes, and Gardens have the motto, "junGUNTER," while Gunters (Breconshire) use the three gauntlet gloves of Gomerys/Gomershalls. The latter use them in the colors and format of the Glove's. Dutch Gunters have the three Montgomery fleur but on a red Shield. "JUNGunter" can also be for Jungs/Yonge's/JUNE's, whose stag is in the colors of the stag head of Jumps, the latter first found in West Yorkshire with Gomerys/Gomershalls.

German Gomers/Gumms can bring us back to Gumms/Come's, first found in Cambridgeshire with June's. Gumms/Come's look like they used the curved swords in the Arms of Middlesex, that being a part of London, and then Tooths were first found in London. God has given me many unpleasant events for making this revelation, and I suspected that He provided a bad tooth with a fistula bump in the gum to link Gumms to Tooths. I didn't know why, until now, perhaps, because Tooths share a white griffin with Berta's. The Tooth griffin traces with the Tooth motto to the Tine-river area of Berwickshire, namely to the Latters/Lauders of Lauder, who share the Tooth griffin in both colors. Letters/Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with Polworths. So, just like that, Babon, to be expected as Berthe's son, can look like his family named queen Bebba's Bebbanburgs.

One day, the filling on the bad tooth fell out, and the fistula bump no longer formed. The decay was forming at the bottom of the filling, but with the filling removed, I could keep the tooth clean. It's back to 80 percent now, but I've got to watch sugar intake.

Berwickshire is where Hume's/Home's were first found who might just have been Gumm liners, for they have the motto, "True TO THE end," with tooth-like "tothe" apparent. Toths/Totts share the swan of Tooth-beloved Palmans/Pelhams. The latter can be gleaned with the Philip swan. A swan with the Tooth and Feather feathers is in the Crest of Lights.

The Hume/Home lion is that of Lyons in colors reversed, and Mummolin descended from Rusticus of Lyon. True's/Tree's were first found in Warwickshire, near Edith's Tamworth. While Tooths love the Feathers, True's/Tree's share the feathered helmet with Lannoys, and while the other Lannoys (French) share the Lyon lion to reveal themselves as a Lyon branch, the Lannoys with the feathered helmet have the MontGOMery Coat, yup, that it very true. The bad tooth and the gum bump.

You are not going to believe this. I have never looked up Bumps before as per the fistula bump, but I did just now to find the giant Tooth griffin!!! The Bumps have both the Tooth-Shield, and the Tooth-Crest, griffin! I tell you, God has a sense of humor when he treats me this way. I have been agonizing repeatedly for well over a year to understand where He was going with this bad tooth, without an answer, and here we are. He was just playing it cool, "don't worry, you'll find out."

WOWIE!!! A fistula bump is defined as one which carries decay out with PUS to the outside (inside the mouth). It's essentially an acne on the gum trying to clean the tooth as best it can. The point is, the BumPUSS variation of Bumps...just in case you doubted that He arranged my fistula! I can't stop chuckling. AHA! I almost missed it: French Poussins/Poseys have three suns (Montgomery colors and format), and while Tooths share feathers with Feathers, Fetters have a giant sun while English Poussins are Puss' too!!!! Only God can make this stuff up. Poussins/Puss appear to be related to Amore's and Damorys, who are beloved in the motto of Tooth-beloved Palmans/Pelhams.

The Tooth motto looks linkable to the Bernice motto, and Bernice's, the likely namers of Bernicia, are suspect from Berenice Agrippa while her surname is like, "griffin." I would say that Herods are like a rotten tooth. Bernice's share black hunting horns with English Berts while Italian Berts are the griffin Berta's (share white griffin with Tooths). Bert-like Brets were at neighboring Samford, and while Samfords are SANDfords, it appears that Brets share the Sand/Sandall / Sandy fitchees, which are red, what the Bert fitchees would be in colors reversed. It recalls the green toenails of Miss Hicks in her sandals, for Tows/Touch's share the Lyon lion, suggesting that the sandy beach in the Hicks dream, and the sand of the door-handle dream, are both part of the Lyon > Mummolin line.

Okay, while this has been fun to see, why is a bump on gum leading to Berta? I mean, so what? I think Tooths and Totts/Toths are likely Toots / Touts, at least one of them from Etuta of the Dardanians and Ardiaei, or even from Teuta of the Ardiaei, suggesting the Ardiaei named Artemia of Lyon, Mummolin's grandmother. As we saw the Gomerys with Gaunt liners, and the city of Gaunt/Ghent on the north side of Artois was likely named after king Gentius, husband of Etuta. I even claimed that king Arthur (code for the supremacy of the Arthur surname) represented (secretly, to the myth writers) a Merovingian peoples in Britain, and here we are at the Merovingian, Mummolin. Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with Artems.

The people of Lyon in this family were like kings, because the bishopric passed from father to child. It goes back to Artemia's gr-great grandfather, Egger-like Eucherius (5th century), bishop of Lyon, possibly the ancestor of the Saxons in relation to Edith of Polesworth. On Eucherius: "on the death of his wife Gallia (born c. 390), he withdrew for a time to the monastery of Lerins, founded by Saint Honoratus on the smaller of the two islands off Antibes..." As there is reason to see the Lyons with Herod Archelaus, brother of Herod Antipas, here's where my theory may get some teeth, the theory that "Antipas" is of "Antibes."

In other words, Eucherius was a Herod, and because it's known that Herods were Edomites, who had a black boar symbol in the book of Enoch, let's remind that Eggerts/Agards use black boars, as do Babons/Bavons and Gunter-loving Gardens. German Eggers/Ecgers share the hurt roundel with Irish Arthurs, and may also have the plate of Papins (Maine) because Merovingians had become Pepins from at least the time of Bebba. Biebers/Bybens, like "Babon," have a diagonally-split Shield in the colors of the same of German Eggers/Ecgers. You haven't forgotten that, since Berta's / Tooths / Bumps have a griffin, they are expected from Agrippa's, especially from Julius Agrippa, uncle of Julius Bassianus, the line to the Merovingian queen, Basina.

With Papins of Maine in the picture, let's add that Maine's (Devon, same as Dardanian Darts/Dards and Monunius-liner Moons) have a dart in Crest, and even share the black pheons with Eggertons as well as the Walsh's (Maine colors and format) who love Trents/Trans' from Terentia Murena (the century after Etuta). King Monunius II was the father of Etuta above.

Lookie. We saw Merciers/Mercia's with the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, first found in Somerset with Trents/Trans'. The latter's vertically-split Shield is colors reversed from that of the Bumps (suspect with the Berta griffin), and so let's add here that Terentia MURENA is where I've traced Morinis'. If correct, one can spot the Maurilion > Berthe connection to Murena. The Bumps I never knew until now are thus acting huge because Terentia married CILNius MAECENas (1st century BC, same as the first Herod), which look like they should trace to AQUILINus, son of Tullia (of Lyon) and daughter of Eucherius under discussion. Aquilinus was father to Rusticus, archbishop of Lyon, and we may expect Aquilinus to be in someone's eagle, suggesting the giant eagle of Eggs/Edge's. Cilnius / AQUILINus-like KILNers, can we believe it, share the giant eagle of Eggs/Edge's, first found in Cheshire with Masseys/Maceys and their EGGERton kin. Amazing. The Bumps have been responsible for this set of excellent links.

Note that Eucherius was at Lerins, for both Lerin surnames are listed with both Lauren surnames, one being the Clare-related Clarens, interesting where Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Babons/Bavons (Clare colors), but more than interesting where Babon descended from Tullia of Lyon, she having married into CLERmont-Ferrand. Lerins/Clarens were first found in ARGYLLshire (like "ARCHELaus") with Herods/Haralds, suspect from king Harald, Maccus' father, and Argyllshire is where Galls/MacAuls were first found in case they are from Gallia.

Galls/MacAuls share the Bave/Bevis pheon, and Babons are also Bavons. Pepin of Landen (died 640) had a son, Bavo. Bave's/Bevis' are in Pilate colors and format while sharing the Pilate pheon in colors reversed with Colts/Celts, the latter first found in Perthshire with the Edomite Oliphants and Glove's. This gets interesting where James Alefantis had been linked to Comets/COME's, in the colors of format of Comine's/COMMINGs (and MontGOMerys), and then Herod Antipas was banished from Israel to COMMINGes, which was earlier called, Lugdunum, the same name by which Lyon had gone. His brother, Archelaus, was banished to Vienne, near Lyon. King Maccus was likely from Ferte-Mace, and Ferte's have the giant Vienne eagle in colors reversed. Vienne's (Burgundy, same as Vienne) share "tout" with Oliphants, and "bien" with MontGomerys. It's making the "Gardez" motto term of Montgomerys linkable to Eucherius-suspect Eggerts/Agards. The Vienne eagle is half in the colors of the Egg/Edge eagle. Bumps have causes us to tread upon a Herod bombshell.

Reminder: Agard-like Gardens (Edomite boar) love the Gunters sharing the gauntlet gloves of Gomerys/GomerSHALLs (Shalls share the hurt with Eggers/Ecgers), the Gomerys/Gomershalls being in the colors and format of TatterSHALLs/Tateshalls. Eggertons were related to Tattons, very linkable to the Oliphant motto. Gauntlet gloves are used (different colors) also by Maceys from Ferte-Mace, and by Fane's/Vans -- now linkable to Font / Fontana liners -- in the colors and format of Montgomerys and Comets. Fantes' share the fleur-de-lys of Montgomerys (and Masci's). It's as though God is wanting to peg Herods, for us, to the line of Alefantis. Tattons married Massy, and Masseys share the SHELL fleur, the latter's being in the format of the Montgomery fleur. That's the Meshech-Gomer combo. Shells were first found in Westphalia with Ducks and duck-using Velins while SHELdons use ducks and an "OptiMUM" motto term suspect with Mummolin and the Timnah line of Edomites to Time's/Timms, who are roughly using the Montgomery fleur.

The same "OPtimum" motto term is suspect with the Galatian, OpGALLI, traceable by the Galatian king, ARTEMidoros, to Artemia of Lyon (Mummolin's grandmother). It just so happens that while I trace heraldic TIGERs to Opgalli's husband, TIGRanes, Sheldons ("Optimum") use tigers. Prescott Sheldon BUSH (descended from Sheldons) was an Edomite, and he secretly adopted George Herbert Scherff. Mrs. Teague's first name, Adana, might point to Dana Perino. Her presence on The Five gives me the impression that she's often opinionating on the darkish side of societal engineering, an impression I had from Laura Bush.

There's a question as to whether there was a d'Eucherius-like surname, like the Ducher variation of the Westphalia Ducks. The other Duchers (Cumberland, same as Daggers) have an "EADem" motto term appropriate for Atheling Saxons who descended from EDOMites. These English Duchers share a bridge, wow, with Galways, and tiger-like Teegers/Teague's ("OPtem"!) were first found in Galway. In consideration of the ducks of Sheldons, I've now got to say that I purchased a property from Mrs. Teague, and bought two ducklings with six chicken CHICKs at that property. Checks/Chicks have the Oliphant Coat in colors reversed while throwing in a fitchee in the red color of the POND/Pont patee. It was said not very long ago that I made the two ducks a little POND. I know where I'm going with this, but I'm still going to use an exclamation mark: Ponds/Ponts and Ponders/Ponters use more black boars while Spanish Ponts and Italian Ponti's use a bridge! Amazing.

Checks/Chicks were first found in Suffolk with black-boar Babons, and beside black-boar Ponds/Ponts. Ponders/Ponters are in the motto of CHAPmans (Cambridgeshire, same as Ponders/Ponters), who share the Check/Chick crescent!!! Amazing. I'm pretty sure we can include the other Chicks who share the three Warwick lions, for I trace Warwicks to Warsaw (Melusine mermaid in its Arms), capital of Masovia, the dukes of which used the red-on-white wyvern of Drake's (Hampshire, same as Ponds/Ponts). The Drake write-up derives the name in the walk of a duck, but that's poppycock jargon for the shelDRAKE ducks of Sheldons.

My files reveal that the Chapman Crest is "a broken LANCE with a wreath on the POINT, all proper. Lances are used by Dere's while Chapmans have a "ponDERE" motto term. It appears that Points/Pointers (said to be of Arras) are a Pont / Ponder/Ponter branch.

Ponds/Ponts use the patee cross, and the Sheldon motto uses "pati" because Pattys were first found in Worcestershire with them, but this traces to Patti of the Scylla (Sicil) area of Messina. SHELdons with Shells/Schells / Shalls/Scalls should all trace to Sicils. Are heraldic scallOPs part-code for Opgalli liners? One cannot discuss Herods without Masseys popping up.

Some people have said that the older president Bush was killed by poison. It's a wild theory. One of my two ducks died of poison (bacteria) in the stagnant pond water (Texas is a dry place). Did God arrange the two ducks as code for Prescott Sheldon Bush's presidential "family," the two George Bush's? Who would the six chicks represent? As I said not long ago, one chick was killed by a ferret, and the other five were mangled to death by Bill's dog (according to Bill) when I had to leave Texas, giving them all, including the lone duck, to him. Was he code for BILL Barr? Is Barr the dog who's going to mangle the Bush crime family? I hope. I saw, many years ago, the Bush Coat (I have one in my files) with a red fesse, making it a version of the Ponder Coat! Wow.

Sheldons can be gleaned with the Meschin Coat but substituting the scallops with sheldrake ducks. Drake's, from dukes of Mieszko-ruled Masovia, love Mosca's in their motto, yet Drake's also have an "Aquila" motto term that might just be for Aquilinus. Lookie: Drake's translate their "muscas" motto term with "fly," and Tullia's use butterflies. Tullia was the mother of Aquilinus! Zikers, I've never made this connection before, yet I feel sure that Drake's also trace to L'Aquila, meaning that there should crop up a L'Aquila connection to Aquilinus. My Masci mother was born seven miles from L'Aquila. The Egg/EDGE eagle is traceable via the Adige river near Este to the Este eagle, yet Aquila's use the same giant eagle.

Tullia's mother, Gallia, when she died, saw her husband going to Lerins. The other Lerins (CAPES and SCALE SCALLops!) are the ones of Provence, where Maisons/Masons were first found who led to the Morinis', whom I link to the Maurini variation of Maurels/Maurs, first found in Milan with Gallia's. Maurels/Maurini's have one of the two Morinis' fesses, in the colors of the triple Gallia bends. MURTONs use the same triple bends, and Morinis' were first found in Modena with Marano's/MAURITANo's. I've assumed that these Gallia's were from Eucherius' wife because Maurels have a version of the Butt/Bute Coat, making them suspect with Bodegisel, son of Berthe, daughter of MAURILion. The latter name looks like a Maur-Lyon combination, and French Mars/More's/Maurs have a version of the Maison/Mason Coat.

To this it should be added that the neighboring Gallia-suspect Galli's are from the Numidian king, Gala, father of Mason-like Massena. Mars/More's/Maurs were first found in Burgundy with Masseys/Messier's that have the flag of Mercia.

"VirTUTE" is an Eggerton motto term that traces to Ardiaei / Vardaei, who landed at Ferte-Mace, home of Maceys. The three arrows on the Eggerton Crest are very welcome because Arrows are listed with Arras'. As this was the Artois capital, I trace "Arras" to "Arezzo," anciently Arretium, home of Cilnius Maecenas. The latter's ancestry is still suspect in naming Maccabees, and descended from king Massena. Eggerton of the Eggertons was also, EGARDiton, linkable to black-boar Eggerts/Agards and Gardens. MOREOVER WOW, while Jarrie's share the giant boar head of gardens, Irish Jarrie's share the Lyon lion!!! The latter's lizard connects to Lizarts, kin of Lise's whose branch shares the double chevrons of Lerins/Clarens, which brings us back to Eucherius' monastery at Lerins off Antibes. This is near Grasse, and so add that French Grace's/Grass' (Provence, same as Lerins/Laurens) have triple chevrons in the colors of the triple Gallia bends while one of those bends is with English Grasse's.

The Dumas write-up has the family's trace to Le Mas, and there is a Le Mas location near Grasse while lamas' share the lamb in the Arms of Grasse. This bears repeating from a Mercier write-up: "Amongst the many titles and lands they were awarded for their contributions to the King were...MAISONcelle, de Richemont, DU MAS..." It should be added that while these Mercier's were at Lorraine too, Richeza of Lorraine is to the Rich/Richess surname, suspect with the Richmonds that may have named Richemont in the above quote. Alans of Brittany ruled Richmond, and French Maurels were first found in Brittany. Richeza (a Pepin liner) was technically of LOTHERingia, which I trace to Tooth-related Letters/Lauders.

German Maurs have a giant crane in the colors of the giant griffin of Tooths and Letters/Lauders, for Leto's/Alitto's have a giant crane in the same colors while Aliotti's (Messina) have the giant Tooth / Letter/Lauder griffin. Therefore, German Maurs look very connectable to Maurels/Maurini's/Maurs of Milan, making them more traceable than before to the Maurilion > Berthe line, which is to say that the Tooth griffin is more traceable than before to the Berta griffin. Berta's were first found in Ferrara with Leto's/Alitto's and CLARO's/Charo's.

The upright Claro-Charo bull is in the Crest of elephant-using Sanders (plates), suspect from Oliphants (Tute/Tout kin, share Massey/Masse crescents), suspect from the EDOMite, Eliphas, husband of TIMna, herself to the Time's/Timms (Kent, same as "Dum"-using Masons/Massins) sharing the Morinis' / Masci fleur and the goat-head of black-boar Bush's. Oliphants were first found in Perthshire with Tout-loving, black-boar Rollo's. Masons/Massins hare the mermaid in the Crest of Morays (share "Tout" with Oliphants), and a Moray Coat no longer showing at houseofnames had the Edomite-expected motto, "Deum TIME," code for Eliphas-Timna liners. Meschins (branch of plate-using Mussels) were first found in Shropshire with elephant-head Levens, the latter suspect (from Edith and Levendale) now with Edith of Polesworth (married Macey liners, some say).

Let's be reminded that Oliphant-associated Bothwells share the boy with Masculine's and look like a branch of black-boar Boths/Booths. The Bothwell boy is pulling down a PINE tree, suspect with king Pinnes of the Ardiaei, who happened to be a boy king in relation to Tout-like queen Teuta. The Tute's/Tuits are linkable to Tattons (Tute/Tout crescent), and Tattons to Eggertons, suspect from Eucherius and Gallia.

Back to the Checks/Chicks and Babons/Bavons, both first found in the same place. Recall the Bave's, for Pepin of Landen, who lived shortly after Babon, had a son, Bavo. Pepin had a daughter, Begga, and another son, Grimoald, for which reason we would think that Bags share the Grimaldi Coat because they are from Begg and Grimoald. Yet Babon's brother named a son, Grimo. Pepin looks related to Mummolin's family. "Through the marriage of his daughter Begga to Ansegisel, a son of Arnulf of Metz, the clans of the Pippinids and the Arnulfings were united, giving rise to a family which would eventually rule the Franks as the Carolingians." Note how either Ansegiel or Arnulf can be in the capital 'A' in the Coat of Beggs, which Coat, aside from that letter, has the Check/Chick Coat.

Bave's, with helmets in the colors of the Hermit / Helm helmets, were first found in Hampshire with Checkers (Bave colors). English Helms share the pheon with Bave's. Helms were first found in Surrey with the James' who share the three lions of the other Chicks. Checkers share the Coat of Florence Ferrands/Ferrants (and Fers/Ferrats) so as to be from Clermont-Ferrand. The Ferrand write-up: "The Ferrant surname comes from the Old French word 'ferrand,' meaning 'iron gray,' and is thought to have originally been a nickname, for someone with gray hair or for someone who dressed in gray." So stupid can they appear when talking like that as though it's a fact.

I'm reading: "The British territorial name of Bryneich (Bernicia), was retained by [king] Ida, as was the British name of the stronghold at Bamburgh, Din Guaroy, from where Ida and his successors ruled. Later it became Bebbanburg after the Saxon Queen Bebba and finally Bamburgh." Ida was about two generations before Pepin of Landen, who married Ida-like Itta. I don't trust the writer and so don't know if his sequence is accurate. If it is, Bebbanburgs predated German Babenbergs, who are said to have gotten their start from Poppo of GRABfeld.

Recall how Checks/Chicks were part of the Pond/Pont / Ponder/Ponter paragraph along with the bridge of GALways, Ponts and Ponti's. The Bridge surname happens to use a grab-like crab, and Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Ponders/Ponters and their kin, the Chapmans with the crescent of Checks/Chicks. German Grabs/Crabbe's use two white bends and nothing more; GALLia's have three white bends and nothing more. As Ponts are suspect from the Pontus, I can see Opgalli in the ancestry of the Galway-Bridge merger. One Bridge Coat shares the Tooth / Bump griffin, I'll assume, for the Grub Crest has it in the two color schemes used for it by Bumps. Bump-like Pumps are listed with Pape's/Pope's, suspect from Poppo of Grabfeld. The other Pape's/Papenburgs happen to share the black dog with Furness', from Pharnaces, king of the Pontus! Zinger. Look at what Bumps just found, if they be a Pump branch.

Grabbens/Grabners are Agrippa-like Gripps/Grape's too. As I said, I see Herod born from the Antipater > Cassander line of Macedonians, who, according to Wikipedia, were ancestors to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, yet she was the daughter of Nysa, wife of Pharnaces above.

I was set to hit the hay about an hour ago, but the Grimaldi-Bag link came to mind from Pepin's children, and that I thought I had best jot them down before bed. I'm writing here after midnight on the same day that Bumps had been found. Three or four hours ago, I noted that I had a pressurized bump on my gum (same place as always) for the first time in months, but talking to Jesus about it, telling Him that I know why it's back today (to confirm to me that he arranged the bump for this revelation), I kid you not that, within roughly 30 minutes, it was gone. And it's perfectly flat now.

The Nysa's are to the Nissan surname, for they share the double Parr fesses, and Ness'/Nessans / Nice's have double fesses too. Parrs (Lancashire, same as Furness'), share a black border with Furness', making Parrs suspect from PHARnaces too. This is being repeated because Nissans were first found in Hampshire with double-bend Grabs/Crabbe's (in colors reversed from the double Ness/Nice fesses). It seems that the bump is tracing things between Pharnaces and the Bebba Bernicians, then to Poppo Babenberg of Grabfeld.

Grubs use a Chief-with-roses in colors reversed from the same of Capote's/Shapus', and the latter were first found at Forez, very near Mont Pilat. PONTIUS Pilate is suspect from something at the Pontus.

I was just sing, "how GREAT is our God," while looking at the GARDeray" motto term of Bridge's, making me wonder whether Gratian of Cibalae was a lake Garda liner. Gards use griffins too, in the black of the griffin head of the Crest of Bridge-like Bride's, first found in Angus with Gardens who share the black boar head with Eggerts/AGARDs and Babons. There you have what one expects from the Bridge motto, a Bridge-line connection to Gard liners. Black griffins are used also by Vince's (sibi"), very traceable to "VINKovci" (Cibalae).

French Bride's were first found in Savoy with BRIGantium. Aha! Be amazed, for I recall by heart that French Brians share the blue saltire of GREATS!!!! Brigantium is also BRIANcon! Zinger, it comes when I sang "how GREAT is our God" while looking at "Garderay" of the Brigantium-like Bridge's, and Bride's share the three stars of Brights. It expects lake-Garda elements on the Durance with Briancon. Irish Brians: "Prior to the 10th century, the sept was a DalCASSIAN Clan..."

Just realized: the full motto, "Je garderay," looks like code for Jays too, first found in Herefordshire with Greats! Is that not amazing. I have never before even considered that Gratian or Greats should be a Gard liner, so far as I can recall. It's also where griffin-liner Jeffersons and Babe-related Jeffreys were first found.

Gratian's Cibalae is to the Sibals (Justine his daughter-in-law is in the motto), first found beside Gardens and Bride's, and Greats share the gold border of Justine's, likewise first found beside Gardens and Bride's. It looks like Gratian was named after Gard elements. Irish Brians share lions split in gold and silver with Gratian-like Grass(e)'. French Brians may be honoring Deeters, using GRAPEs, and first found in Pomerania, home of the house of Griffin.

I was just listening to, "the GREAT I Am, who is WORTHY," in the chorus of a song, Great I Am. It recalls a topic that has gone by the wayside for the second half of this day, Edith of PolesWORTH. Do English Brians share three piles with Polworths for a related reason? To help prove that Edith married the Maccus line from Ferte-Mace, the giant Ferte eagle is in the Coat of Worthys/Murchie's/MacUrchie's/MacVurchie's.

Good-night at 2:58.

Good morning at 9:38. Fire's on in the wood stove, coffee's hot, and the squirrel was fed wet oat meal with cinnamon because I can't eat cereal with sugar. I watched it eat. I sometimes crave sweets, but can't have. I'm giving God the opportunity to heal this tooth that dentists say is a goner. They say a tooth with a fistula is infected to the nerve, end of tooth. Yet my fistula, which would release a wee-bit of pus every couple of weeks or less, is no longer active at all. I feel only a small sensation in the tooth, but not always. Sometimes it feels absolutely normal, no sensation.

Here's something interesting and new. "FISTula" brings to mind the Fist/Faust surname sharing its fist with Poindexters. "FisTULA" brings to mind, Tulia, ancestor of the line from Berthe, the one to which the Tooth and Bump griffin traces. The Bump Shield is split in half vertically in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/Hosier's, and while Mr. Steele was paid to advance the dossier in the news, the German Steele's not only share the upright Berta griffin in both colors, but have two pale bars in the colors of the Tullia/Tull pale bar.

I could add that PoinDEXTER-suspect Dexters were first found in Leicester with Hosier-like Hose's, and that the How/Howes surname mentions a Hose location in Leicestershire. I checked Hows as per "how GREAT is our God." At this point, the topic can spill over to the kids JUMPing on the mattress, especially as GUMPs are listed with German GUMMs/Gomers, who share the black rooster with great-like Grazio's. Hows (Berwick colors and format) were first found in Berkshire, beside the Oxfordshire of Yellows, which is where Grazio-branch Crispins were first found. Oxfordshire and Berkshire are near Middleton (London, same as Tooths), the Arms of which has swords similar/identical to the ones of English Gumms. It just so happens that while French Crispins were at Parez (Lorraine), the Parez'/Paris' (Lorraine) use an APPLE! Zikers, Gumms and Gumps are leading us to the Kids and Smollets. (Just noticed on my atlas a Reading location in Berkshire, recalling the Riding/Reading surname expected from my riding the shopping cart. The yellow mattress-dream had a shop).

The apple is important because: from the Yellows and Hows/Howes' with a HOSE location in Leicestershire, we can take it to the Hucks, who share the double chevrons of Dexters, first found in Leicestershire with Hose's. The Hicks are thus suspect in the "AdHUC" motto term of Smollets, and the latter are the ones sharing what looks like an apple tree with Kids (the trees are in the same design, in any case). But there's more, because Parez'/Paris are the ones from Bruney while Bruneys share the Comet tower, and it just so happens that Bruno's share the Smollet bend! Wow. And Hucks use the owl while Owls/Howls have three owls in the colors and format of the three wolf heads of Hows/Howes'. Howells use towers, and the Tower tower is the Comet / Bruney tower too. ("ADhuc" can be for Ada of Huntingdon because Smollets use a hunting horn.)

There is the Hue/HUSE surname with a Huck-like Hugh variation, which can link well to the How/Howes wolf heads via Hugh Lupus D'Avranches. It doesn't appear like a coincidence that French Hue's/Huets use three bends in the colors of the similar bendy of Italian Barone's (Florence, same as Bruno's). AND, this recalls that Hugs share the three fesses of Fantes-like Fountains! JAMES Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong! Might the James lion be in the Smollet Coat as a pointer to Alefantis? You'll momentarily see why it's important that Hugs were first found in Languedoc with Conte's/COMITes' (Lafin/La Font kin), but that is also where FONT-de-Ville's were first found. Fountains share the Hug lion. So, if Hugs were a branch of Hucks in the Smollet motto, or even if not, this appears to be lumping Jussie Smollet to Comet Ping Pong.

Ahhh, thanks to Houstons below, I've just found HOWstons with the Fantes / Ping/Pong / Pane/Panetta/Panico Chief (minus the label)! Wow, what strike. And while Howstons share the heart with the Cords/Courts expected in the "corda" motto term of Howstons, Cords/Courts share the How/Howes / Yellow fesse. I wonder what that could mean as per the kids jumping. It's not surprising to find Hugh liners bumping into Comet liners, since Hugh Lupus was related to Comets, but what we have here is a Hugh-line link to Pings/Pongs, not so expected unless Pings/Pongs use the Masci fleur. Still, when Alefantis named his pizza restaurant, he didn't know of these heraldic links, nor that Mosca's were first found in Pisa while the comet-using Reines' have the Pisa Coat (Mason/Massin lion?) in colors reversed. Might Bruneys / Bruno's / Barone's have been in Pisa?

To help confirm that Smollets are Smalls liners, French Hughs are implied from Hugh D'Avranches, and HUGHStouns/Houstons were first found at the Renfrew / Glasgow area with Scottish Smalls. The three Houston martlets are in the colors and format of the three How/Howes wolf heads. Why might the Hue/Huse lion be that also of English Gumms?

Smalls have a "RaTIONE" motto term while Toeni's (Tony's) have their sleeve in the Arms of Leicester, and Leicestershire has the Hose location in the How/Howes write-up. The latter use wolf heads, perfect for Hugh LUPUS D'Avranches, and Italian Tonys/Toni's happen to have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Loops/LOPPO's. I had found one article saying that the Vis-de-Lou location of wolf-liner Fiddle's was, Vis-de-Loop. If this location was from Ottone VISconti (Conte/COMITISSA suspect), it's notable that Ottone's were first found in Parez-suspect Perusia with Grazio's. Toeni's lived at Les ANDELys, near Avranches, suspect with the heraldic ANTELope that can be read as, "anteLOPE." Clever.

There is a good chance that "AVRANches" was named after a line from AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee. Avranches is in Eure while the Eure's are also EVERs (Vere quadrants in colors reversed). The Crest of Eure's/Evers ("obliVIScar") has the gold Weir/Vere boar while the English Vere's are also Avers. The latter share the blue boar with Irish Barone's, first found in Waterford, where the county's Arms share the Jump stag head. Waterfords have three water lilies in the colors of the three unidentified flowers of Mattres'. Kids / Children were jumping on the yellow mattress. The Smollet / Bruno bend is colors reversed from the ChildREN bend, and Childrens were suspect as a Child-Ren/Wren / Child-Reines merger.

To help clinch the "RaTIONE" with Tonys, the Smalls who have that motto term use a horizontally-split Shield in half the colors of the same of Tonys/Toni's, and both separate their halves with a wavy border. I know that Tonys/Toni's call their flower a "flower," and the unidentified flowers of Mattres'/Maistre's are in the same colors. As waves are code for Weavers (Cheshire, same as Hugh D'Avranches), it's notable that the Parez/Paris fesse is the Weaver fesse too, both blue, as with the Parr fesses. As the Weaver fesse is the Hazel fesse, we can add that Belgian Paris share the squirrel with the Hazel Crest, and that Hazel-related Heslington Hall was also called, Heslington HOWE. I wonder why? If I recall correctly, Heslington house is in Yorkshire, where HOWtons/Houdans were first found.

The "KYMMER" motto term of Hue's/Huse's/Hughs' (Wales, beside Cheshire) helps to assure that their lion is the Gumm lion, for while CIMMERians have been suspect with Gomer since at least Josephus, German Gumms are also Gomers. Plus, they think that Wales was populated by Cimmerians. Let me repeat one of my best moments above:

WOWIE!!! A fistula bump is defined as one which carries decay out with PUS to the outside (inside the mouth)...The point is, the BumPUSS variation of Bumps...just in case you doubted that He arranged my fistula! I can't stop chuckling. AHA! I almost missed it: French Poussins/Poseys have three suns (MontGOMery colors and format), and while Tooths share feathers with Feathers, Fetters have a giant sun while English Poussins are Puss' too!!!! Only God can make this stuff up. Poussins/Puss [bars] appear to be related to [the bars of] Amore's and Damorys, who are beloved in the motto of Tooth-beloved Palmans/Pelhams.

There are further points to be added. Poussins/Puss had a Pusey location at Oxfordshire, not far from Tooths. The Fetter sun (in the colors of the Poussin suns) is the giant HESSE sun while wavy-depicting Weavers share the fesse of HAZels and Parez'/Paris while Crispins of Parez had a branch at Oxfordshire, where WAVY-bar Amore's and Damorys were first found who share bars in Crispin- / Poussin/Puss-bar colors. These bars thus look like code for a Bar-le-Duc merger with the Parez-of-Lorraine Crispins, and Bar-le-Duc was related to BRUNswick while Parez'/Paris' were at Bruney. The latter share the tower of Comets, and Conte's/COMITissa's are expected with Conteville's, who provided Emma de Conteville, mother of Hugh D'Avranches, and the grandmother of the Masci-line Meschins. That's why Hugh liners are expected to bump into Comets, and into Ping-Pongs / Fantes' / Pane's too if they have the Masci fleur. It explains the comet of Reine's from the Reno area of Pane's, yet James Alefantis did not ever know these things, we may assume. From the Amore and Damory bars, one can link to the bars of sun-using Blonds and sun-using Babe's, the latter known to be Lorraine elements thanks to God's help.

With Jussie Smollet suspect as a porny-type guy who may have been sex-trafficked as a boy by Hollywood goons, according to a video presented below, it's notable that the discussion has bumped into the Comets, begging whether Smollet is/was connected to the people of Comet Ping Pong. Everything above from when I came back to write at about midnight last night, was written after most of the following section (excuse the repetition).

Kids Jumping on Mattress

[Insert -- If you can stomach a set of good theories on Chicago child sex as it touches upon Jussie Smollett and Rahm Emanuel's brother, see here:

Many paragraphs of this section were written before I watched the video above. While watching, I loaded the Smollett Coat, and found that it's tree has the same red items, probably apples, as the Kid tree. They are the same tree, in other words, at least by design. Just look at the timing of that find. The Smollett bend is colors reversed from the Children bend.

Rahm Emanuel was Obama's advisor. Tony REZKO made headlines as per a house purchase beside Obama's new property in what looked like some funny business on Obama's part but using Rezko to do it. The Smollett motto may have a "viRESCO" motto term as God's pointer to a Smollett-Obama partnership in Smollett's faked event now in the news. My take is that Emanuel was on the news acting angry with Smollett when in reality his purpose is to brainwash the public into thinking that Smollett acted alone, not with a gang of high-level players. Evidence came out last week that the Obama's were responsible for the dropping of the charges against Smollett. End insert]

Recall that the shopping cart in the door-handle dream exposed president Bush Sr. as George Scherff. The store where I was inquiring about the yellow bed was deemed a shop when the Children surname (shares the swallow with Kidds, same bird design, anyway) was discovered, first found in Kent with Shops and Masters (like the Maistre variation of Mattres'). The reason I'm bringing this up as due to the buried "orb" motto term shared between Kids and Bonds/Bundys, for a so-called orb is used by the METZ/Mets surname (shares besants with Bonds/Bundys).

Bonds/Bundys had been looked up while on the Ponts/Ponds, when the topic was looking like it pointed to the president Bush's with my duck pond, but also pointing to Prescott SHELDON Bush, a known Nazi partner.

To my shock, the fact that I looked into Bonds, while deciding to re-load Shops to refresh my memory on what they use, discovered that the Shop Chief-Shield colors are those of Dutch Bonds. Neither surname has symbols on their gold Shield. It's a hit, and allows us to assume that Bonds were related to Kids.

Metz is a location near Chalons-sur-Marne, the latter being the city of Mummolin, father of Babon. I've only just now looked up Mattres-like Meters to find them sharing the double fesses of Babons. The latter were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds.

English Bonds (same chevron as Ile's/YLLEYs), the ones with an "Orbis" motto term like the "orbem" motto term of Kids, share the fesse of Michaels (colors reversed from the Yellow/YELLEY fesse), and it was Michael's kids jumping on the mattress. The Yellows and Yells just caused me to reflect on the Skull and Bones of YALE university to which the Bush presidents belonged. And it was less than an hour ago when I say a skull and crossed bones symbol in a painting of John Cassian, an associate of Eucherius. I just want to say that Cassian's clothes (in the painting) are in the colors of the Cassandra/CASSANO Coat, a surname that I see from Cassander, son of king Antipater, the founding line (my theory) of Antipater, father of the first Herod.

[Update May 2 -- Christopher Steele has/had a business, ORBIS Business Intelligence.]

In the mattress dream, I took a SHEET of paper into my hands, seeking to prove that this shop was a fake store. I POINTED to a line on the sheet, asking the salesman about a certain item there, and he said it was the yellow bed. In the Obama dream, all his billiard tables were covered with a black SHEET, and, later, he was on a SKATEboard. Skate's are listed with Sheets, suspect with Scythians of Thrace, and so see here:

Cassian was born around 360, most likely in the region of Scythia Minor (now Dobruja...

...As a young adult he traveled to Palestine with an older friend Germanus, with whom he would spend much of the next twenty-five years. There they entered a hermitage near Bethlehem. After remaining in that community for about three years, they journeyed to the desert of SCETE in Egypt...

...Evagrius was, however, the single most important influence on Cassian's ideas, due to his reverence for the "Origenist" monks (who also relied predominantly on Evagrius) of Nitria, Kellia, and SCETIS, three early monastic centres in the desert of the northwestern Nile Delta.

The Skate's/Sheets are also Skete's (Norfolk, same as Chads). Scetis was a place for hermits, and there is a hermit in the Crest of Sheds/Sheddens, first found in Ayrshire with Skits/Sheds/Skeochs (share the Skate/Sheet Coat). Sheds/Sheddens share the scallop of Sodans/Sowdens (Shedden branch?), highly suspect with the scallops of Pattersons/CASSANE's because the latter are said to be of Sodhans. When we go to English Sheds/Scheds (share the Chad Coat essentially), we find the patee crosses of Bond-like Ponts/Ponds, first found in Hampshire with Cassandra's/Cassane's. It appears that we have found the Cassano's and Cassane's tracing to this Cassian character.

The Hermits were first found in Yorkshire with English Sheds, and the three hermit helmets (in Helm-helmet colors) are in the colors of the Berta griffin, and both surnames use a gold-on-blue border. We already saw this discussion going the Berthe's husband, Mummolin, a descendant of Eucherius. "With the thought that he might join the anchorites in the deserts of the East, [Eucherius] consulted John Cassian, the famed hermit who had arrived from the East to Marseille..."

Scottish Sheds/Sheddens use a "Meum" motto term along with their hermit. I almost missed it, but the white griffin heads of Sheds/Sheddens are in the colors of the Berta griffin. DOBys use a helmet in the same colors, and John Cassian is said to be from DOBRuja, perhaps the namer of Dober on the Clausula river; I do trace Thracian elements to the Clausula river, the waters of which drain into lake SCODra, where I trace Skete's and Scotts, etc. There had been a Scoder-like Phrygian element in Thrace the name of which I have forgotten.

I almost missed it: Dobermans (branch of Dobers) have a white griffin head. English Dobers/Tobers were first found in Yorkshire with English Sheds and Hermits.

The sources of the Clausula is near drop-liner Tropoje while Pattersons/Cassane's used lots of drops. Drops/Trope's (Norfolk, same as Skate's/Sheets/Skete's and Chads) even share the lion of Tulls/Toole's (Tullia liners likely). This recalls that the pale bar of Tulls/Tulia's is in the colors of the two pale bars of German Steels who throw in the Berta griffin.

The "OrBEM" motto term of Kids has been suggested for Beems/Beams, whose Shield and Crest lion is in the Crest of English Sheds. It's a red and upright lion shared by Clausula-like Claus', and the latter, good think, share a black border with Skate's/Sheets and Skits/Skeochs. Amazingly, which I almost missed, the trefoil on the Beem-Crest lion is also the trefoil of the Yorkshire Dobers/Tobers, begging why the motto of Cetis-suspect Kids should trace to Clausula elements.

The "impLEAT" motto term of Kids suggest the Leats, with a Tooth-suspect motto, "Trustie TO THE end," like the Hume/Home motto, "True to the end." Trust-like Trysts/Trists use a Tropoje-linkable "trepidum" motto term. The True's/Trees can thus be gleaned in the Kid tree, off of which hangs the same hunting horn hanging of the Lothian-surname tree, and Lothian is on the edge of Lauder, where Leat-like Letter/Lauders share the Tooth linked hard to the Berta griffin thanks to the Bumps. Leats were first found in Edinburgh (Lothian), that's right. The Leat crescents are those of Bellamys too, and Beems/Beams are said to be a Bellamy branch. Holyrood of king David (from Henrys of Rodez) is said to have been at Leith of Edinburgh.

Tropoje is essentially in the old land of DARDanians, who are of the dart in the paw of the Brock Crest lion, the same red lion as in the Crest of Sheds and Beems. Brocks use a "VireSCIT" motto term, and their Brocuff branch has the potent cross of Skits/Sheds/Skeochs and Skate's/Sheets, that's right. The Chief-Shield colors of both Brocks and Brocuffs are those of Sheds/Sheddens, we can't go wrong here on what links to what.

I think we can make a good case of a Scythia trace to lake Scodra, yet we can add that Dobruja covers the Odessa area, which was fairly-recently treated with mythical Odysseus, also called, Ulysses, suspect with a Lissae-of-Thrace trace to Lissus on the south side of lake Scodra. The chapeau cap of Yale's is owned by Capelli's who can be traced well via Buttons and the shirt-with-buttons of Tonso's to Thrace's Cabyle on the Tonzus river, between Lissae and Odessa. The river at Lissus gets one near Antipatria, where I trace Kilpatricks who share drops with Pattersons/Cassane's, exactly the reason that I trace both to the Antipater > Cassander line.

Pattersons/Cassane's link to Sodans/Sowdens, who in turn have a Coat linkable to the neighboring Yale-like Gale's, who in-turn are beloved by the nightinGALE of Nagle's (Gale-like Coat), and (K)Night liners have been resolved with the Nith river across Kilpatrick castle. It's near Annandale, and the Annandale saltire may therefore be in use by Yale's. The Gale saltires are those of Nagle's/Nails, first found in Westphalia with duck liners and Ducks/Duchers, which recalls the question on whether Duchers were a line from "EUCHERius." Velens (Westphalia), once showing ducks, now have footless martlets in colors reversed from those of Dutch's/Duche's/Duchmans. English Duchers/Dockers, first found in Cumberland with Daggers, can link to the drops upon the Kilpatrick dagger, and so all Ducher liners can be from the Dexaroi (Dassaretae, by their alternative name used on maps) at Antipatria.

The Deuce/Duce surname (Staffordshire, same as St. Chad) happens to share the double lions in pale of Sempers in the motto of English Duckers/Dockers. There is a EUCHERius-like Deucher surname (Duck/Ducker colors) with one bend (Dober bend?) in the colors of the three of Gallia's. Eucherius was married to Gallia. Duke's look somewhat linkable to Ottone's and Pucks. Ottone Visconti was in Milan, where Gallia's were first found. Pucks can be from the Peucini of Peuce at the northern end of Dober-like Dobruja, begging whether Duce > Duck liners were from variations of "ODESSa." There is a Deutch(er)/Deuch surname with what might be a boar, the Eggert/Agard symbol.

The Peucini are near the Buzau river, itself at the Wallachia area to which I trace Walsh's/Walchs / Walkers, and perhaps also Walks/Wachs. It tends to explain why the Bush's (Like "BUZau) married Walkers while president Bush Jr. married miss Walsh. But then we saw the Sheldon ducks, and the Bush-Walkers were Sheldons.

When on Odysseus, the theory was formed that "Odessus" was a Esau line to such surnames as Dess' / Tass' / Ashs'/Aschs. , but it didn't hit me until now that ITHAKi/Ithaca, Odysseus' island, could have been named after an Isaac in Esau's bloodline, because the Biblical Isaac was Esau's grandfather. The Scythian, they say, had a SAKA tribe, and I have heard British-Israel proponents claim that Saxons are from the Biblical Isaac, which I have doubted. But an Isaac in Esau's bloodline, I can accept. Ithaca is off the coast from where I trace pagan Levites out of Ulysses-suspect Laish, at the Achelous river. Ithaca liners may still have names in surnames in the circle of Skete-like surnames out of Lissus and Scodra, but also out of Scidrus near Laus at the Calabria-Lucania border. Laish was a SIDONian city at or near Mount Sion, and Saxon is a location near Switzerland's Sion, also named Sitten by a Sidon-like tribe of that area.

I had read one article where the writer seemed skilled in ancient languages because he claimed to break a language barrier to de-code an inscription upon a tombstone in Lemnos, where he identified one word as, "SAKA." I've probably only mentioned this once. I was thinking of this now as per my trace of Lemnites to Limousin's Lemovices, and the Saxon-like SECONd surname, in the Levi motto, came to mind, as it was first found in Limousin, though it's listed with Segurs. The Segni's of the Segurana's is another Saxon-like term, and I link the Segni eagle to the white Geneva/Genova wings while Grand-SACONnex is right beside the city of Geneva. It's interesting that Miss Hicks, mother of a Geneva, is a tall, blue-eyed blond, the traditional epitome of Scythians. The SEQUANI were at or beside Geneva.

Seconds were first found in Limousin with Towers/Tours, which recalls that I trace Tower liners to the Tuareg Berbers (probably Amazighen = Amazons) at and around the Atlas mountains, where the Amazon goddess, Myrina, lived, though she was from Myrina of Lemnos, obviously enough.

Segni-like Sagans/Segans share the salamander-in-flames with Douglas', who in-turn share the heart with Skate's/Sheets and Skits/Sheds/Skeochs. The potent cross of the latter two is likely in honor for Potentia (in Lucania, I believe). If Douglas' were of the Dogs/Doags, they share the Bus cinquefoil for a potential trace to the Buzau river of Scythia.

Miss Hicks? Wikipedia claimed that Hyksos were the Hayasa-AZZI, and HephAEStus with AESon looks related to that Asia-suspect thing. Was it named after "Esau" in its beginning?

As I trace Segars and similar surnames to the SAKarya/SANGARius river, might that have been named by Saka? Miss Hicks is a singer, and Singers/SANGARs look to apply. Singers/Sangers happen to share the three garbs of Sticks, from Astakos near the Achelous river i.e on shore of ITHAKi. Compare the latter term to "ASTAKos." On the dark map, there is an Astica along the black sea nor far from Odessus.

Repeat from above: "Berwickshire is where Hume's/Home's were first found who might just have been Gumm liners, for they have the motto, "True TO THE end," with tooth-like "tothe" apparent. Toths/Totts share the swan of Tooth-beloved Palmans/Pelhams. The latter can be gleaned with the Philip swan. A swan with the Tooth and Feather feathers is in the Crest of Lights." Feathers have a "Valens et volens" motto suspect with Valentinian and his brother, Valens. The Lights/Lite's came to mind when I was writing on Poussins/Puss'/PUSSYs, for the latter have a SPOTTED cat in Crest as apparent play on "pussy." The other Poussins show a "Fors" variation, looking odd by itself, but then the Force surname has spotted leopards.

The Bump griffin is half red, the color of the griffin in the Crest of Letter-related Tooths and Velis'/Wills, the first found in Berwickshire with Letters/Lauders.

The Lights/Lite's came to mind with the spots because of SPUDS MacKenzie, the mascot for Bud LIGHT beer, was at an event with Miss Hicks and her husband. As was shown two updates ago, her husband is in a photo with Spuds MacKenzie and their two CHILD-age sons. As God has been pointing to pedophilia through Miss Hicks, might we gather that this photo is another such pointer? Her middle name is highly suspect as a pointer to Comet Ping Pong, and while the apple in the Parez/Paris Coat is suspect with the Smollet / Kid apple tree, if that's what they are, I have some surnames recorded with apply trees: Asburys, Murphys, Haskells, and Irish Barne's/Berne's, the latter the most-important, at least at first sight because it has the Chief/Shield colors of Kids, and moreover looks connectable to the Barrels.

However, it seems that Kids and Smollets do not use have apple trees, as one can gather when comparing with the apple trees of the above. Neither do they show acorns as do oak trees. The apple could include such surnames as Apollo's/Polloni's (Florence, same as Bruno's), who have a giant oak tree (acorns visible). The Pane/Panico tree is called a "green tree" and does not have the detail of the Kid / Smollet tree.

Here's a way to link Kids to the door-handle dream along with Barrels. We note that Kids, Barne's/Berne's, Barrels and Welsh Thomas' all have the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, the line of Thomas of Saluzzo, and so we find that Welsh Thomas' have three items in Chief in the colors of the same of Kids. In the Barne/Berne Chief, the same sun as Poussins, which recalls that the Puss variation of Poussins can link to the BumPUSS surname which happens to use the griffin in two colors schemes of the two griffins in the Welsh Thomas Coat, which itself is split vertically in the colors of the same of Bumps! That was unexpected.

I was hoping to come to these Saluzzo's since yesterday, prepared to say that Luis of Ceva (happens to be the wife of Thomas of Saluzzo) was at the cavity-like Cevetta river. My tooth had a cavity! You see, God has it all covered. It's tending to prove that the Tooth / Letter/Lauder / Bump griffin is that also of Thomas', yet I didn't know of the Thomas griffins until this moment, led there by the fact that Kids and Barne's/Berne's and Barrels share the Saluzzo Shield.

There was a shop in the kid-jumping dream, and a shopping cart in the dream with barrel-shape part missing from the door handle. The Thomas Crest definitely has a seahorse, the Shop symbol too. Yet the seahorse is also used by Welsh Mericks, and that was the line of Richard Amerike, whose Arms were shown in the last update with the six pale bars of Lise's, roughly the pale bars of LIZarts, and then there is a lizard at the bottom of the Barne/Berne apple tree. The Borns who share a sun in Chief with Barne's/Berne's share a winged hose with BERNice's, which can start to reveal that the door handle applies to Berenice Agrippa. She's suspect in the Thomas griffins, right? DORsets, first found near the first known Doors/Dors' and Handle's (same stars as Kids), use a sun-crescent combo, and the Barne/Berne Chief has two symbols, a sun and a crescent.

The Borns thus look connectable to Dutch Bors/Bors' (there is a mythical Bors in Arthurian lore), suspect in the "b'or" motto term of Thomas'. Plus, Bors' use pots while Potters, first found in Hampshire with Lise's, have another seahorse (see also the pot of German Pots/Potters/Botts). Moreover, Potters share the cinquefoils, apparently, of Dews/Deweys in the "ddyw" motto term of the same Welsh Thomas'. The Dew/Dewey dragon heads suggest that they and Potters share the Dragon/Drainer fesse, and the latter surname was first found in Kent with: 1) Shops (seahorse); 2) Children (swallow), and; 3) Rundels expected from the Arundels (swallows) who married Alice, daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo. Lise's are expected from the Lys river near Lille, and Dews/Deweys are said to be from "near Lille." Lille's, believe it or not, have a swallow in Crest. German Potters were first found in Silesia with Handle's, of the door-handle dream along with Shops.

I have read the Lille description; it is a swallow, and although I've not read the Children description, the Children birds are in the design of the Lille and Arundel-Crest swallow. Lille's can be expected with variations of Ile's, who are the ones with a Ylley variation like the Yelley of Yellows. The CHILDREN jumping on the yellow mattress.

Next, we note that the Welsh Thomas Coat under discussion has the same cinquefoils as Kims, first found on Bute, which the myth writers called, Avalon. And they said that this place means, "apple orchard," but I'm too surname-wise for receiving that bull. Avellino was home to the wolf-depicted Hirpini, and while the city was earlier, ABELLinus, Apollo was also Abello, and he had a wolf symbol through Greece. So, Apollo elements at Avellino named Avalon, suggesting that apple trees can be in honor of the Apollo/Polloni tree, whereas apples alone should be in honor of the Apple / Appleby bloodline. The MURphys/MORCHoe's/Morfie's use the apple tree and even have a lion in the colors of the Morgan / Moore lion, a great way to trace apple trees to mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon.

Next, we go to Luis of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo, and note that while Ceva is at the Cevetta river, variations of Cavetts are like those of Cabots/Chavots/Schavo's and Capote's/SHAPus', which plays to the SHAPE of the missing part from the door handle. The missing part was said, in the dream, to be barrel-shaped, and Barrels share the Chief-Shield color combination of Thomas' and Saluzzo's. I could invent a dream that worked this well while conscious, let alone unconscious in a dream.

The Lys-river Lille's we saw are important here for the Lissus location of Ceva-suspect Cavii. Lissus is at the end of the DRIN river, and I know for sure that the Dragons/DRAINers above, whom we took from the motto of Thomas-beloved Dews/Deweys, are from Pendragon elements at the Drin river, explaining why Pendragons (open helmet) share the helmet with Dragons/Drainers, and why the latter's Coat is that of Mynetts (KENT again) in colors reversed while Mynetts use so-called "open helmets." The Kennedys share this helmet, while Scottish Kennedys "Avise") love the Avis'/Avisons who named Avesnes of Artois, near the Lys river, and sharing the black anchor with the Thomas Crest having the seahorse, perfect. The sea horse has the anchor, and Majors (share the Capote/Shapus Chief).

French Cabots are said to have had a Savoy branch. As English Cabots (share the French-Cabot Coat) were in the English Channel with the first-known Majors, we now take from the latter's write-up their Germain branch in Savoy, and what do we find with the French Germains (Savoy) but the fleur-de-lys of Lise's/Lys', which is also in the Arms of Lille. Lille and its Lys river are in Artois, where Luis-like Lois' were first found, and this line is in mythical GorLOIS, whose wife was made to mate in myth with Pendragon. Yes, that's right. The Lise/Lys surname (ILE-de-France, same as Chapus-like Chappes') shares courant GREYhounds with Lise's/Lys', and Greys love the Anchors too. Moreover, the Hampshire Lise's share six pale bars (different color) with English Germains, tending to nail French Germain's with the Lise/Lys fleur. It's a good bet that the Germain pale bars are those of Knights because Knightons/Nightons (eight fessewise bars) almost use the four fesses of Cavetts.

Once we are at Knightons (dragon heads), who named a Knighton location not far from Hampshire, where Cnut invaded England, we can take things over to Danish Cnuts and their "POT hangers." We note that Potters and Poitou's Porters/Pawters (Potter colors) were first found in Hampshire with Anger-related Hangers (and dragon-using Drake's), and, what do we find here but that the Anger Chief is a version of the Anchor Chief while the Anger Chief-Shield colors are, once again, that of Saluzzo's. Angers share the "escarbuncle" with Hangers. Plus, the Saluzzo-Arundel marriage produce a Percy while the Percy lozenges are in the Anger Chief. Angers were first found in Essex with Germains (share six pale bars with Hampshire's Lise's).

In the write-up of French Angers, we find that Anjou/Angers touches upon SARTHE, which is likely of the Sardo variation of LIZarts, for the latter's pale bars are those of the Hampshire Lise's, which we can glean in the pale bar of French Angers. Scottish Lise's share the double chevrons of Larins/Clarens, and French Larins were first found in Provence with French Cabots. The two red chevrons of Larins/Clarens are thus connectable to the two red chevrons of Perche's because the Sarthe flows along the Perche hills. Cabots are said to have been at Nice, and it just so happens that while Cabots link without doubt to ANCHOR-loving Majors, NICaea was also called, ANCORE. Historians owe Jesus some thanks for making these exceptional links to prove people-group migrations they have not known.

Greys even use the motto, "Anchor FAST anchor," tending to prove that Fasts are from the Vasto rulers of Saluzzo. The "Fides" motto of French Angers can be of the Fido variation of Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's, and while Guernsey (where Majors were first found) has a Footes location, Fothes'/Fette's were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Cavii-line Chives'/Shewas', who look like a branch of Shapus' and Cavetts.

Greys (Child/CHILL colors) can get us to lake Scodra with the Scotts (Kent again), right near Lissus. Scotts were at CHILLham castle, and Greys: "After the conquest, Anschatel Groy settled in Chillingham, Northumberland." It should explain why the Scott border is colors reversed from the Grey border. Chilling-like Clings/Klingens use ducks while which can connect to the "falcon KILLING a stork" of Gray-like Grahams, kin of Varns who in turn share with Tracys "a falcon seizing a mallard duck," the latter having the same Coat as MADdens/MacCAVADans (Cavetts or Ceva liners?). Mallards/MILwards share the moline of Chives' and Mathis' (Lissus is beside the Mathis river). I'm going to guess that Tracys were a branch of Trysts in the motto of Chillingham's Hebrons (Northumberland, same as Greys).

Mallard ducks are in the Coat of LINKletters/Linklaters, and a LYNX is in the Crest of PENES'/Pennys (share courant GREYhounds with Lise's/Lys'), the latter likely from the proto-Pendragon PENEStae on the Drin river to Lissus, and very near the sources of the Mathis.

English Falcons/Falkons have the motto, "Vis COURAGeux FIER," very helpful for proving that COMYNs/Comine's (same Coat as Avis'/Avisons), with a motto, "Courage," are from KUMAN of Albania's Fier county, not far south of the Mathis river. It seems that Falcons/Falkons (look like Bernice / Burn kin) should be from the Fulks of Angers/Anjou, and to this we can add that Fulke's/Volks (Norfolk, same as Fulke's/Volks) share the giant fleur-de-lys of French colors reversed, yup, from the Courage fleur=de-lys. Falcons/Falkons were even first found in Cumberland with the Daggers (in the Comyn/Comine dagger), from the Dexaroi (Dassaretae) further up on the Apsus river from Fier (though Dexaroi may have been in Fier too). Falcons/Falkons are excellent for confirming this trace of Western elements to Albania. The other excellent thing here is as per my insistence that PERKins are from Plancia-Magna elements from PERGa. Perkins share the fleur of Courage's, who we just saw linking to Fulke's above, and then Fulks of Anjou became the Plantagenets, a branch of PLANCia-like Plants/PLANQUE's (Artois, same as the locations of Comines and AVESNes, the latter of the Avisons). For new readers, Fulks are said to descend from one Tertullus, who I think is a mythical code for Tertullus, husband of Plancia Magna. Historians need to be thankful to Jesus whose work behind my tasks reveal things they have not yet known. Tertullus-like Turtle's/Tuttals/Toothills share the Falcon/Falkon chevron.

The Perga Trace to Pero's and Laevi Gauls

Turtle's/Tuttals share the crescents of Labels/La Bells in the label of English Plants/Plantagenets, the latter first found in London with Tooths who share the feathers of Perkens (with the second 'e') and Feathers. Perfect. The Tooths are the ones with the Bump griffin, and the latter's Coat can be gleaned with Welsh Thomas', the ones sharing the black ANCHOR (Angers/Anjou line) with Avis'/Avisons. Plancia Magna was related to a Mr. Simplex in the Perkin motto.

I've never noticed before that the Perkin chevron-with-stars is, if the chevron were gold, the Peare chevron-with stars. It took me quite some time before realizing that "Peare" can be a PERkin branch, wow. It can mean that Perga elements of the Perkins / Perkins were to the Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's of the Ticino. This is most excellent because Plancia's Galatian father (Mr. Plancius below) has been traced to the family of Julia Polla. Lookie: "...Julia Tertulla, a close relative of Plancia Magna, married Lucius Julius Marinus Caecilius SIMPLEX." Marcus Plancius Varus was "a citizen of Perga, who was proconsular governor of Bithynia and Pontus." Nicaea/Ancore is at the Bithynia theater.

Just look at this. The royal Galatians in Plancia's days included Julia Polla, daughter of Julia TYCHE, suspect from the TICino river because the Laevi there need to work into this very Galatian line in order to get to the Levite liners who murdered Jesus. Julia Polla can be linked to Tertullus where Tertulla, way over in Rieti, was the mother-in-law of Vespasia Polla. To put it another way, Tertulla was wife to Flavius PETRO of Rieti, suspect with variations of Pierro's/Pero's, and that's got to be why I was put together by God with Christine Peare when she worked at REITman's clothing. Dutch Reitmans even share the stars of Perkins in colors reversed (!!!), and even have an anchor. Wow, I get it. Perkins even share the Levi lion, and were first found in Leicestershire with Hosier-like Hose's (and Dagger-like DEXters).

Miss Peare was in my sleeping-bag dream right after I walked into the PARKING lot of a mall. Parkings are listed with Perkins, and Perkens are also Parkinsons. That dream had the Mauls/Morleys who share the split Shield of Dossier's/Hosier's and Bumps, and here we can add that the Steele dossier was purchased by the law firm, PERKINs Coie, of Hillary RODham Clinton. I walked into the mall's parking lot immediately after walking across a Rod-like Road. When I entered the mall, Miss Peare was on a PLATform with me, suspect with PLATTE River Networks (Denver, same as one Perkins-Coie office), one of the companies that Hillary had a private server with after her private-server scandal.

I am beginning to realize why the bump on my gum was so important, because Bumps are now becoming meshed with Tooths in the line of Plancia Magna to/from the Laevi on the Ticino. Let's also ad that the Turtle/Tuttals (probably from lake-Tatta elements) are also Tooth-like Toothills. Repeat: Tooths share the Perkens feathers while Turtle's are expected from Tertullus, Plancia's husband from Perga.

I can add that while God pointed CHRISTine Peare, as per her being on a platform with me, to the "bello CHRISTi" motto term of TADDei-related Bouillons. Amazingly, Perkins use "veri" in their motto while Bouillons use "vero." Taddei's are amazing here for a couple of reasons. Early in my heraldic studies, in roughly the year 2005/6, I was talking to a Miss Tuttle who was herself seeking the origins of a porphyria disease that, like PARKINson's disease, is a genetically-based illness (though other factors can apply). I was telling her about the Taddei's at that early time before knowing that they share the flory cross of Bouillons. In the last two or three years, I learned that Godfrey III, grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, assisted the PIERleoni of Rome, a Jewish group of Catholics known to be named after a Peter, and then both Perkins and Perkens are thought to have been named, or at least related to, a Peter. The Reitman- / Rieti-like Rita's were first found in Rome, and share the lion of Polla-suspect Pools.

In other words, the Taddei's are probably traceable to Plancia Magna's kin along with Tuttals/Turtle's/TOOThills, yet I was more than a dozen years from knowing it when speaking to Miss Tuttle about Taddei's. Tattons, I should repeat, share the quadrants of Touts/Tuits. If I recall correctly (I'm sure I do), Miss Tuttle said that one of her immediate lines was a Hamilton one, and Hamiltons were first found in Renfrewshire with Simple's.

MAULs/Morleys were in the sleeping-bag dream with DAVID Morley, who pointed hard to Davids (version of the Aid/Ade Coat) and their Aid/Ade kin. Aids are excellent for this discussion because they are in the motto of French Levi's while Perkins/PARKINGs share the lion of Jewish Levi's. David Morley was riding his motor bike down the ROAD (code for Rodham Clinton) as I was crossing the road into the PARKING lot of a MALL. Now lookie because the other Toothills share a version of both the David Coat and that of Aiton-like Eytons/Eitons. Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with AITons, can we believe it? And the Aid Crest has the specialized leopard face of the Derbyshire Morleys (and Morlands) while Derbyshire was named after Derbe, between lake Tatta and Perga! It's all just incredible.

Eytons/Eitons were first found in Shropshire with SLEEPs and HUNTERs. The leopard face above is gold, the colors of the Peare leopard face. It's likely code for the LEO's who named PierLEOni. David, Earl of HUNTINGdon, is in the Mauls/Morley write-up, and he was directly related to Henry, husband of ADA of Warenne, the line to Aids/Ade's.

The platforms (there were two of them) in the mall doubled as stages because Stage's/Staggs can be gleaned with Eustace's / Staceys, from Eustace II, who married a daughter of Godfrey III, the one who assisted the Pierleoni (wanted the papal seat) against the vatican. This daughter (Aid-like Ida) was the mother of Godfrey de Bouillon.

Plus, the sister of David Morley is Vera, like the "vero" motto term of Bouillons, or the "veri" of Perkins/Parkings. This sleeping- bag dream is one in which we can see God chewing gumm and creating my bump at the same time, for it not only points to the Galatian line (to Lupus LAEVillus) that I think furnished the killers of Jesus, but simultaneously points to Hillary's crimes. The Clintons were even first found in Oxfordshire with Peare;'s, and, moreover, while Tooths and Bumps have been resolved with the griffins of Thomas's (from Thomas of Saluzzo), Clintons share the Chief-Shield color combination of Saluzzo's and Thomas'. The other Welsh Thomas' share the raven with Toothills.

Now why might we be pointed to the Jewish Pierleoni if they were not from the Laevi? That question stands even if "Pierleoni" didn't look like "Pero." The next question is whether Pero's / Pierleoni were direct descendants of Caiaphas or Annas? The indications from Peare's job at Reitmans is that Pero's were from Flavius Petro, but how does that link to Laevi? The answer is, tentatively but with some evidence, from Julia Polla's Galatians. The implication is that these Galatians provided both the Laevi priesthood amongst the Maccabees, and the line to Tertulla, mother of Flavius Sabinus (with Flavius Petro as the father), father in-turn of the emperor Vespasian. Amazingly, Flavius Josephus, who was not born a Flavian, was a Jewish general in Israel's war against Vespasian, but he betrayed his people (murdered his entire army) and went over to Vespasian to the point of adopting that family's surname.

Josephus claimed in his writings to be from the Israel priesthood, and even from Jonathan Maccabee, son of the first HASMONian, a term like "Akmonia," home of Severus, son or grandson of Artemidoros. And who do you think was this Artemidoros? Father of Ticino-suspect Julia Tyche, mother of Julia Polla. Again, the latter's surname is identical to that of Vespasia Polla, mother of emperor Vespasian. Surely, this secret is something I would never have discovered had not God pointed me to it. It's as though God arranged for a Roman line of Laevi to attack and conquer the line(s) of Laevi who formed the wicked priests of Israel's inter-testamental times.

I can do more with the Pierleoni, because they were named also after pope Leo Benedictus, and German Leo's happen to show a PYRzewski variation. What would be the chances of that had not these Leo's been from Pierleoni? There is only one other Leo surname at houseofnames, yet there have been many Leo's who could have formed Leo surnames. But Freemasonry isn't concerned about the others, we may assume, only those who were important, who trace from Pierleoni. Italian Leo's, with a lion in the colors of the RITA (Rome, same as Pierleoni) lion and POOL lion, share the red-on-blue (rarish colors) fesse of French Paine's/Payne's, while English Paine's/Payne's (Somerset, beside Poole) have lions in the colors of the Bennet lion, a known branch of BENEDICTs. Pope Leo Benedictus.

Amazingly, the Bennets above (Lancashire) use double scaling ladders. I had read their description. And while one scaling ladder is used by English Trips, German Trips were first found in Hamburg with German Leo's/Pyrzewski's.

If that's not enough, the first grandmaster of the Templars was Hugh de Payens, whose surname is a Paine/Payne branch, right? There are online articles saying that he married Elizabeth Chappes, and one can't help but assume that she was from Joseph Caiaphas. That's got to be why de Payens spent many years at the Jerusalem temple i.e. because he married a line from one of the temple priests, the one who killed Jesus along with Annas. And the Annas star is shared by Scottish Bennets (Perthshire). If you study the Crusaders, you will find that Godfrey de Bouillon, whose grandfather was assisting the Pierleoni (this is the part that the historians conveniently leave out), was made the first ruler of Jerusalem in the first, Crusader invasion of that city. There is no way that we can miss the reality: the Pierleoni had the bloodline of Joseph Caiaphas. Or, the Pierleoni were instrumental in convincing the pope to build the army for the invasion.

Apparently, God put me together with RoxANNE, my girlfriend just months before Mamie, with a Bennet surname. Annas-like Anne's/Hanne's are said to have lived at TICKhill, that's right, like "Tyche," and there is a Tickhill surname sharing the maunch sleeve with Mansfields, that latter having named Mamie-like MAMESfelde in Nottinghamshire, where Annas' were first found. This is why God gave Mamie a tease symbol on the first night we were a couple, and then a thigh symbol the next day, because Tease's/TYES'/TIGHs, who use the Annas / Bennet star (this is so incredible), were first found in Nottinghamshire. There is the obvious question of why God didn't name her "Anne" instead of Roxanne, and while I suspect that He wants to point to Roxburgh liners, I'm not sure I know the full reason for it.

I have read that Hugh de Payens went almost-straight-away to visit the Sinclairs of Roslin after leaving Jerusalem, and some say that he married Catherine Sinclair of Roslin. This place happens to be in Midlothian, where the MANSfield-like Mens' were first found who come up as "Mame" and "Meme." One can therefore easily spot why God put me together with Mamie soon after Roxanne.

Now just watch this. Roxanne and I split up (because I wasn't willing to marry her, half convinced by then that I had to wait for the blond in the 1979 dream) in the winter of 1981, in roughly February. Mamie first came along in July, when I danced with her in her LIVING room (there is a Living/Levin surname). However, out of the blue in roughly April of that year, Christine Peare called me, and we spent the weekend together. I assume that God assured we not have sex, and that we should not see one another further after that weekend. The weekend was sufficient for God's pointer to the Pierleoni, right? That's what I think it was.

Not only the Rita and Pool lion, but the Bennet lion, is in the Coat of DeBons/Bono's (Milan) in the "De bon" motto phrase of both Bennets and Benedicts. As Milan was home to Ottone Visconti, we first note that Ottone's share the long Chappes chevron, and secondly we find that while Visconti titles went to Sforza's (Rome, same as Rita's), the Brittany Leons share the giant Sforza lion, half in the colors of the Rita lion. We can even add that the white hexagrams (or Zionist stars, as I call them) are shared between Leo's/Pyrzewski's and Jewish Reitmans. If they are the same stars due to a close relationship, that's got to be why God arranged for Miss Peare to work at Reitmans when we met.

Milan is where Maurels/Maurini's were first found, and French Maurels were first found in Brittany. Maurels were linkable to the Drummonds, first found in Hamburg with Leo's/Pyrzewski's and Trips/Treffs.

Those who have followed my writings know that my first kiss with Peare took place (1976, before I was a Christian) as we rushed up the stairs of a La Paloma bar, and this all pointed with Spanish Paloma's to the Pero's because they share the same pale bars. However, the Scalia's use a ladder as a pale bar, and it's colors reversed from the Paloma / Pero pale bar. It should now seem obvious that the Scalia's were the reason for our rushing up the scala (stair case), because Bennets use scaling ladders, as do English Trips. At first, and for years, German Trips/Treffs showed the boots of French Masseys/Masse's, my bloodline, but then houseofnames switched the Trip boots for shoes. What would be the chances that I was selling shoes when I first kissed Miss Peare, who at the time was a saleslady for Reitmans? I don't think I know off-hand any other surname with shoes. We kissed that night outside the front door in the PARKING lot. God arranged for Mr. Kepke to take her away from me, because she was not intended to be my wife.

Back to the Brittany Maurels, who had a branch at Scalia-like l'Escale, and were, moreover, of "Mr. Morel of La Colombe of La Chapelle." "Colombe" and "Paloma" both mean, dove. Yet there is the additional point that Malcolms/Calome's/COLUMNs use a "petit" motto term that, we may venture to guess, is code Pierleoni liners from a variation of Pero's/Pierro's (same fesse as the Brittany Alans and of the Kent Rundels). French Petits share the giant lion of the Brittany Leons, and English Petits (Kent, same as scaling-ladder Trips) share the giant Leo/Pyrzewski lion. How could God have made it more plain?

We saw the Mansfields and Mens'/Mame's, whom I feel sure were from the Isle of Man, where Christine's were first found. Christine Peare. Maccus of Man was a Macey liner, from FERTE-Mace, and the shoe store I was working at was, FREDelle's. German Manners/Mans happen to share the Massey quadrants, and the Mens'/Mame's are said to be a Manner branch. Manners/Mans share the passant Paine/Payne lion, and, in the Manner/Man Crest, there could be the Bennet lion, which is colors reversed from the Leo/Pyrzewski lion. So, this is the message that God apparently wants to go out (not the girlfriends in particular), and, I suppose, He would bless anyone who tried to get it out.

Scottish Mans/MANGus' (dragon in Crest) are perfect for this Tyche discussion, you just can't go wrong by disseminating this material, for these Mans have a Coat version of the Dragons/Drainers (Kent, same as Mynetts/Minute's), the latter's having the helmets of Mynetts/Minute's (Kent, same Trips and Petits) in colors reversed, who are from "Amyntes," the grandfather of Julia Tyche. And Ticks/Tucks were first found in Kent too. If that's not enough, the Man/Mangus motto includes, "PER ardua," obvious code for Pero's, and sharing "Ardua" with Petit-loving Malcolms/Calome's. A motto term of Ticks/Tucks look like a motto term of Rutters/Ruttys sharing the Paine/Payne lion.

The stag heads of Malcolms/Calome's are those of Celts/Colts whose pheon in-turn can be linked well to the Pilate pheon, explaining why Mans/Mangus' have black roundels called, pellets, for Pellets and Pilotte's share the same Coat, the Coat of the Christine's also, they being first found on Man, the people of which are called, Manx, like "MANGus." And for that matter, the Mansfield Coat is shared by Mansells/MANGels, and they both share the MAUNCH sleeve with Tickhills, yes, that is absolutely correct. Everyone who cares about this topic will be amazed by your pointing these things out. Google is suppressing tribwatch, but if there were a small army sharing these things, we could set God against Google with a fury. Google is nothing before God but a fall waiting to happen.

One of the peaks of Mont Pilate is, PERDrix, and this speaks to PERTHshire, where Celts/Colts were first found along with Scottish Bennets. As Roxanne's surname is Bennet, we can now begin to glean that the small saltires of Roxburghs are the Malcolm/Calome saltire. Roxburghs have a blue pale bar, and the Scalia ladder acts as a blue pale bar. RoqueFEUIL liners use treFOILS (Fellers, Fallis' and Rocks, for example), and thus quatrefoils and cinquefoils are likely code for Roquefeuils, but then TREFoils are special to the Treff variation of Trips, we can assume. And the Kent Trips (same place as PERTs/Petts and Malcolm-beloved Petits) have the scaling ladder.

Having said that, one can do one better to show why Roxanne was code for Roxburghs. For this we go to the POLTalloch location of Malcolms/Calome's, and then load Pollets, who happen to share the three white swords to a point of Aude's in the "Audax" motto term of Roxburghs. One can glean that Aude's are a branch of Aults/Aulds in the "loyAULTe" motto term of Pollets. You probably guessed right that Pollets, first found in Somerset, beside Poole, are Julia-Polla and/or Vespasia-Polla liners.

Aults/Alda's (*Mens Shield) were first found in Ayrshire with Margys/Mackeys, suspect as a branch of Margarets/Mackesys, and the MARJory/Margaret Carrick was in Ayrshire too while Carricks are said to be from Craigs. Back to the Malcolm /Calome write-up: "Their ancient Clan seat was at Poltalloch near Loch CRAIOGnish," yup, that's right, God is giving this all to us like undeniable dragon guts before our feet. Carricks and Craigs are from Proculus CHARAX, son of QUATRefoil-suspect QUADRatilla and Laevi-liner Laevillus. Charax is, through Quadratilla, a descendant of the Amyntes > Artemidoros line. I can only assume that this line went through Julia Tyche.

If we compare the Hill Coat to the Craig Coat, we might be convinced that the tower of TickHILL-suspect Hills is in the Malcolm/Calome Crest; GraigNISH makes its possible. There is even a NISH/Ness/Kness surname (Perthshire) that loves the Nons/Nevins of Ayrshire. "Non" is shared between Nish's/Kness' and Nagle's while the Nagle/Nail saltire is that also of Malcolms/Calome's (and Roxburghs). Those who say "Malcolm" was named after "big head" are ridiculous buffoons, aren't they? Would you name your royal heir, Big Head? I didn't think so.

The Leo/Pyrzewski lion is that of Spanish Leons, and Italian Leo's are Leons too. French Leons had a branch in Brittany, where Boullier's were first found who use rooks suspect with "ROXanne." The "audax" motto of Roxburghs/ROKESbys trace's them to Roquefeuil because it's in Aude, and Roquefeuil (see Roque's/Rocks) is the line using rooks, such as Rooks/Roke's, Rookby and Rocks. Boulier's sure look like Bouillons, and the only reason I bring them up is that German Benedicts use T-shaped items called, boilers.

Bouillons share the Taddei cross, and Taddei's were first found in Florence with Italian Alda's while Scottish Aulds/Alda's share a griffin version of the Taddei Chief. It just so happens that while Tattons share the QUADRrants are Tout/Tuits and the crescent of Tute's/Toots/Touts, the Alda griffin is also the Tooth griffin. The Italian Alda Coat is even a Coat version of the Debons/Bono's (same place as OTTONE Visconti) in the Bennet and Benedict motto, but compare Debons/Bono's with the Oltons/Otone's and Odins (Yorkshire, same as Tute's/Toots), then check out the Oddie branch with the Malcolm/Calome saltire. Italian Alda's included TADDEO AldeROTTI's, and Rotti's can thus be sharing the Rita lion.

Here's from a couple of updates ago: "I've just loaded Rotti's (Piedmont), whom I'm not familiar with, to find the lion of Roet-related Rita's, and Rotti's (flag) happen to be listed with Perona's and other such variations. This find suggested a look for Perotti's, and they happen to be with Pero's/Perino's. This recalls the trace of Rieti (the city) liners to the Peter-like variations of Pierro's/Pero's (Pavia of Piedmont, same as Laevi Gauls = proto-Galatians)." English Perrins happen to use LEOpard faces, as do Peare's. Compare Benedict-beloved Debons/Bono's to Italian Pavia's. Compare English Pavia's to Butts/Boets, and the latter to Pierro's/Pero's.

The Tooth motto, "PERseverantia," looks linkable to the Bernice motto while Bernice's share the French Perrin chevron. We can read, "PerSEVERantia" as code for Severus of Galatia, whom I suspect with OPgalli in the GallOP surname: "And yet another source claims that the name could have been 'local -- the last syllable being a corruption of Hope-Galhope.'" Hope's were first found in Derbyshire while Derbe, conquered by Severus' ancestor, was roughly between Severus' home and lake Tatta (location of Perta).

French Perrins were not only first found in Lorraine with Crispins while English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, but Crispin-branch Grazio's were first found in Perrin-suspect Perusia with Ottone's (this was pointed to by the grass stain on Lorraine's pants on the same night I DANCED with Mamie in her LIVING room). The reason that Perrins are suspect as a branch of the namers of Perusia is that the Lorraine Crispins were at Parez while Parez'/Paris' are in Perrin colors. As I said, Miss Peare had a dancing symbol with the Piedmont Dance's/Dana's use four of the one Pero/Perino pale bar. In colors reversed, they become blue pale bars, and while Lorraine was my ladyfriend immediately after Roxanne (with a weekend with Miss Peare sandwiched in-between), Roxburghs have a blue pale bar. The white horse in the Roxburgh pale bar is thus suspect with the white horse owned by Miss Peare, which I rode once, just enough for God to point to it.

It just so happens that while Peare's share the chevron-with-stars of Tams/Thames' (Oxfordshire), Roxburghs have a "Tam audax" motto phrase. Tams/Thames' have mascles colors reversed from those of Petit-branch Petts/Perts i.e. suspect with Pet-like variations of Pierro's/Pero's. The martlets of the Tams/Thames' are those of Pavia's (Somerset, same as Leavells and WISSELs/WHISTLE's) too, and Pierro's/Pero's (share red fesse with Pavia's) are said to have been first found in Pavia. In the sleeping-bag dream, the last scene was God giving Miss Peare a waist symbol for white-horse WESSELS/WAISTells. The Waistell horse is on a gallop, says the description (website no longer active at any URL I know of), and Gallops happen to share a version of the David / Toothill Coat while Davids were a part of the sleeping-bag dream.

If the right person were to tackle the sharing of this information, God could add to the insights through that person that I haven't yet caught.

The Lise's use pale bars in the colors of the Roxburgh pale bar, explaining the "fideLIS" motto term of Roxburghs. That's how you play this game so that you could be leaps and bounds better at family history than the family historians who've yet to realize that motto terms are almost-always code for kin. If they do know it, shame on them for not letting it be known. It's possible that Roxburghs share the motto of a related family that was itself related to Lise's. It's not necessarily true that Lise's were directly related to Roxburghs, just so you know.

The reason that one can connect the Roxburgh horse to the Waistell horse is by way of the Davids visible with Gallops, for Davids turned out to be from king David, son of Malcolm III, and it's the Malcolms/Calome's who share the Roxburgh saltire. Gallops were first found in Dorset with Poole and Pools. I missed it earlier while on Pollets, that Pools have a "Pollet" motto term. Pollets came up as per Poltnish of Malcolms/Calome's. Isn't this fun? I hope you're having fun. Pools are said to have had a branch in Derbyshire, where Hope's were first found who were thought by at least one person to be a part of the GallOP surname. RADBOURN in Derbyshire is said to have passed to Pools via the Chandos'. The Trabys who married the Astikas-RADziwills are in the Chandos-like CANDlesticks of Kyle's, and in the Stick surname. Recall that Davids trace with Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's to Ada, wife of Henry Huntingdon, for Radborns were first found in Huntingdonshire.

Rads share the hexagram with Rotens while the latter use it in the colors of the Reitman hexagram so that the Pool-Radbourne merger seems to be clearly from Vespasia Polla of Rieti. Radborns are good for their black boar head, sharing the boar head with Schims/CHANDs, very good. The Radborn write-up: "Radbourne Hall is an 18th-century country house and now the home of the Chandos-Pole family. The hall has been held by the Chanods [spelling error?] family since the Norman Conquest. REDbourn is a village and civil parish in Hertfordshire dating back to the Domesday Book of 1086 when it was first listed as Redborne." Redbourne may explain why Revere's/REDvers have a giant blue lion, which is what the Pool lion would be in colors reversed. In other words, Revere's may have been Radziwills.

The Chandos surname shares the single, red-on-white pile of Hagels, and I've been tracing Hagels and Eagle's to "ACHELous" for years, yet I've not known the Chandos surname until about now. I've been tracing "Astikas" to Astakos very near the Achelous for years. The Chandos' must therefore have been a branch of the namers of CHANDOLin, near AYER in Switzerland, for that location must surely trace to the CANDLEsticks of Kyle's (AYRshire). As the same pile is used by Wings/Winks, one can glean that heraldic eagle wings are used by surnames connected my marriages to a Vinkovci merger with Achelous elements. That Achelous river was at CALYDon, and CELTs/ColtS/Cults were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks and Justine's, the latter from Justine of Picenum, whose husband was born in the Sava river, explaining why Sava's/Savage's use the Eagle Coat in colors reversed. The Oeneus river happens to be a tributary of the Sava while mythical Oeneus was a king of Calydon.

Oeneus ("oen" is the Greek for "wine") was likely the reason that Dionysus was made the wine god, and while "DioNYSus" can be tracked to Nuzi at the Zagros mountains because he had the alternative name, Zagreus, this is relevant where Horites are known to have been in Nuzi, but also amongst the people's of Edom's Seir, where Esau's son got his wife (she was a Horite of Seir, and traces to the Morays with MeluSINE in Crest).

The CALEDonians of Scotland were PICts, and Justine was from PICenum. Greek myth had a Calydonian boar at Calydon, and Gardens with Radborns use the black boar of Edom. Justine of Picenum is in the "justitia" motto term of Seir-like Sire's, and, if I recall correctly, the Arms of Vilnius (home of Astikas-Radziwills) has the same motto term while sharing scales of justice with Sire's and Justine's. You can't go wrong here. The latter share a "sine" motto term with Julian-branch Gullys and Julian-branch Gulls, and while Radborns share the Julian cross, AYER and Chandolin are near Sion while Sions/Swans list "Sine." The Nons/Nevins in the Justine motto were first found in AYRshire.

It appears that Radborns were indeed Radziwills and/or Astikas-Radziwills. If the "causa" motto term of Justine's is for Caus'/Caustons, they share wolf heads with Scarfs, the latter being in the so-called scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's. It's clear enough to me that the Astikas-Traby marriage had a line bumping into a line from Valentinian and Justine. Caus'/Caustons (look like they merged with Fiddle's/Fidelows) explain why Cass'/Casts (Cust branch) have a "pair of scales" in Crest. Cass'/Casts, Kiss'/Cush's and Custs all share the Caus/Causton chevron, and to this we add that all three share "fountains" while Fountains were kin of Hugh-like Hugs, suspect with Hugh Lupus (Cheshire, same as wolf-head Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus'). There is a question as to whether "Caus" is a hard-C version from whatever tribe "Esau" went by through Greece. The Kos cult of Edom comes to mind. The Caus/Causton and Fiddle Crests look linkable to the Crest of Chandolin-like Candle's/Cantwells.

Why did an heraldic SQUARE become a CANTon, and why do Candle's/Cantwells use one? Why did the property of Mr. Kentewell go to Mr. Valence? Why were English Valence's (wings for Vinkovci) first found in Kent? Why do Radborns share the crosslet of Velis'. Repeat: "Feathers have a "Valens et volens" motto suspect with Valentinian and his brother, Valens." Perkens love the Feathers, and Radborns are suspect with Valence-related Radziwills. The "God" motto term of Velis'/Wills can be for the English Goods/Gode's, though it's interesting that German Gode's/Goddes' have the giant, red wolf / fox (don't know which) of Thigh's. As it-felt-so-good is applicable to Pierleoni-liner Miss Peare, it's very notable that Leo's/Pyrzewski's were first found in Hamburg with Gode's/Goddes'. Also, Felts share the flory cross of birds who in turn share red martlets with both Valence surnames.

I was at dinner on a date with Helen, where one of us had duck, and Helens are suspect with the Este horses, wherefore it appears that God set up that evening to indicate that Helens (Brittany) were of the Velin-related Alans (red martlets, once showed ducks). One of us ordered buffalo meat that night, and perhaps this plays to the buffalo head of Pohls. It was shown to me, on a stair LANDING, that Helen was a Brescia line to Brittany's Brest, but here it can be added that LANDENs/Landers are expected from Pepin of Landen while Pepins ("est") share the Este horse heads. Also, the Pepin Coat is linkable to Weaver-branch Webbers (wavy feature) while Weavers have a "FIDELis ESTo" motto term while Weavers are suspect with the wavy symbol while Velis' have a wavy feature.

The ASSi's/HOSEasons who share the fasces, the white sword, and the weight scale (Justine symbol) with the Arms of Vilnius, and who were therefore suspect from Azzo of Este, look like they can be in the "AS God wills" motto of Velis'/Wills. The other Velis' (wavy bendlets) share the black Radborn crosslets. The five Valence fesses are colors reversed from the same of Ducks/Duchers, first found in Westphalia with duck-liner Velins and Velens/Valence's. Ducher-like Dexters/Decksters were first found in Leicestershire with HOSE's.

This Kiss link to Hugs recalls my kissing and hugging Mamie at HOME plate while CINDY gave us the evil (or unhappy) eye from second base. Cindys/CUNTy share the double pale bars in the Arms of VILAINE, and look to be a branch of CONTEville's, who included the mother of HUGh Lupus. This Lupus link to the event is new material. Cindy's surname, Richardson, was first found in Cheshire with Hugh Lupus. I link the Home/Hume lion to that of Lyons (Perthshire, same as Justine's), and trace "Valentinian" to Valence, near Lyon. The Lyon / Lannoy lion is in the colors of the Valentin squirrels. Does it not appear that "VALENtin" was related to "VILNius / VILAINE." I thought so. Custs are said to have been "near Grantham," and then while Grants are Grands, the motto of Courts/Coverts has a "GRANDesCUNT" motto term.

I need to repeat here that while Herod Archelaus was banished to Vienne, near Lyon, Wikipedia once had his coin at his webpage which had a grape vine on one side, and a feathered helmet on the other. Lannoys and True's/Tree's share a feathered helmet on a knight, and while Mamie and I were at HOME PLATE in connection to Cust liners, the Home motto has "True" while the Home lion is the Lyon lion in colors reversed while German Plate's show a grape vine. It seems that God arranged Mamie and I at home plate kissing and hugging for this connection to Herod.

The thigh and tease symbol of Mamie now kicks in because she received her thigh symbol at her front garden, and this proved to be a pointer of God where the boar head of Gardens (beside Justine's) is that of Babons too, thus making Mamie a pointer from the Mummolin > Babon line to Babe's, first found in Dorset with Poole. She was also a pointer to Mens'/Mame's/Meme's, who are said to have been at GlenLYON, in Perthshire with Lyons. You see?

Tease's/Tyes' trace to the Tessin=Ticino river with the Tease's/Tess' (LEAVES), first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton. And I've been insisting that Laevi came from the line of JONATHan, the pagan Levite in the book of Judges, after they settled in Calydon with the OENEUS cult in particular. The Justine's are also Justice's while Justine's father was Justus. In the Justine/Justus write-up we see old versions such as "JusTEIS." What could that be about?

It's important here that the Teck variation of Tease's/Tess' is like the Deck variation of German Daggers sharing the red squirrel with Sire-like Squire's/Squirrels, for Valentinian-like Valentins show squirrels. The Square variation of Squire's thus links well to the Schere's/Schare's that come up as Scarf-like "Scherf." We can even add that Sheriffs were first found beside the Squire's/Squirrels. The latter have a "Tiens FERME" motto while Azzo, founder of the house of Este (had a Welf branch very traceable to Hugh Lupus whose wolf head is that of Scarfs) was at FERMo, at the southern realm of Picenum, and, moreover, Valentins were first found at Vicenza, near Este, all near the Adige river flowing past Garden like Garda.

Let me tell you what is amazing. A Mr. Lovegrove from Dorset was over at my place yesterday, and he sold me a ROUTER for my computer system. We could easily see why Rutters/Ruttys (Reitman / Roten colors) and Routs/Roots are Rieti liners, and so his home in Dorset really packs a punch as per the Polla > Poole line. It's then quite amazing the Lovegrove's share the leopard faces of Peare's, for CHRISTine Peare was given the code, "it FELT so GOOD." It was a phrase I used for two events: 1) concerning her belly when she and I were teens, and, 2) concerning her waist in the sleeping-bag dream roughly two years ago. As it turned out, Felts have the flory cross of Bouillons in colors reversed, and Bouillons are the ones with a "BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase, explaining why it felt so good when I awoke in the middle of the night, pressing CHRISTine toward me with my hand on her BELLY (we were not a couple at that time, we had no sex, just slept in the same bed).

And Goods got suspect as a pointer to Goths/GOTHELs (share the Rad star) because Gothelo was the father of Godfrey III, the one who went to assist the Pierleoni with his army. And here I have just bought a router from a Mr. Lovegrove while Lovegrove's are also LoveGOODs. A Laevi-Gothelo merger, right? What are the chances that German Goods/Guths (Switzerland) share the Stick Coat as well as the feathers of Pero-suspect Perkens?

While the Feather-loving Tooths were kin of LETters/Lauders, LETHams, first found in Berwickshire with Letters/Lauders, share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins. Might Lethams reveal LITHuanians? (Farmys/Ferneys were at Letham in Fife). n

This recalls that while Stick-like Astikas-RADziwills were in Lithuania, that nation's God was Perkunas, looking like "Perkin." If you don't know, Astikas' were in Lithuania's VILNius, and Plancia-like Plunketts were in Brittany's VILAINE. It seems like full-proof evidence that Plancia Magna is in the Perkin / Perken line to Astikas'. Miss Peare's waist symbol came in relation to a PARKING lot, and then Peare's share the chevron-with-stars of TIENS' while that's the motto term of the Squire's/Squirrels whom we just saw linking to Vilnius' Radziwills. Perkens share stars on a chevron with Peare's / Tiens'. Miss Peare worked at REITmans, part of the Polla line to Pollocks, and the Peacocks, said to have been a Pollock sept, have a "JUST" motto term while Pollock-like Plocks are said to be from a Plunkett-suspect location.

In the sleeping bag dream, I walked off a Rout-like road into the PARKING lot of a mall, and finally, when inside the mall, Peare appeared on a stage with me, where I was pulling her toward me by her waist, when the dream ended just before I awoke, and I remembered that the feeling in this dream was just like the it-felt-so-good moment with hand on her belly. The importance of the stage is where Stage's/Staggs can be gleaned by their spelling, and by their Crest, with Eustace's and Staceys, from Eustace II, obviously, son-in-law of Godfrey III, and father of Godfrey de Bouillon.

The Roads are router-like Roeders too, and Rodders/Rodez' happen to share the giant lion of Dutch Bennets/Benedicts. In this picture, what are the chances, without blood connection, for English Goods to share the Bennet lions? Routs/Roots have the BAGley Coat (expected in a sleeping-BAG dream) and the same tree as Kids and Smollets. Roets themselves use the tree.

The benefit of the TIGH variation of Tease's/Tye's, and the benefit of Ticks/Tucks sharing a version of the TEAGUE/Teegers Coat, is that we can now connect the crossletts of Radborns to the same ones of Teague's/Teegers. For Radborns are the ones with the Garden boar head while Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden. The Radborn write-up says that Chandos-Pool was "Chandos-Pole" by the 17th century.

Radborns had a branch in Derbyshire, where Ayers/Eyers were first found, and Switzerland has an Ayer location smack near Chandolin.

I'd like to go back to Lannoys, for I've just gleaned that they are of the Alefantis / Comet Ping Pong pizzagate theme. It starts with French Lannoys (share the Lyon lion): "They were to become Princes of RHEINa WOLBECK and Princes de Sulmone." Wolbecks/Walbanks happen to share the three lozenges of Reno's/Rheina's, and while Ping/Pong-related Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's were at the Setta tributary of the Reno river, the English Lannoys share the fleur-de-lys in the Crests of Pings/Pongs, Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's, and the Alefantis-like Fantes'. That's pretty amazing when we recall that Steve Scalise was investigating pedophilia when he was shot at second base, for I was at HOME PLATE HUGging Mamie when Cindy was eyeing us unhappily from second base.

You saw why Home's (Lyon / Lannoy lion colors reversed) and Plate's both link to Herod Archelaus along with Lannoys and Lions, is that not incredible? Reine's/Reines' are the ones with a comet and the lion of pizza-like Pisa's in colors reversed. The lion of Pisa's and Reines' is COUNTERchanged, as they say in heraldry, and Counters/COMITissa's are also Conte's, suspect with Cindys/CUNTys!!! Wow. God is suggesting that pizzagate bums had Scalise shot, or, in any case, that Scalise was involved with them one way or the other. As I said, mere weeks after Cindy was at second base, she with her parents walked into a pizza restaurant, where she did not know I was working at the time, and I happened to be serving tables that night, and I did serve her family at that time.

WOW! I have never looked up Parents before as per Cindy's parents. Parents not only share the fleur-de-lys of Lannoys / Pings/Pongs, but were first found in Picardy with French Lannoys! So incredible. And wow some more, for when I was talking above about the trace of Helen between Brescia and Brest, I was wondering whether Launays, from a Launay location near Brest, were a Lannoy branch, and so see part of the Parent write-up: "By the 14th century they had branched to Chatelet near Paris, to LAUNAY in Valois, to Moiron in Soissennais, to TOUR in Forez, and to Tournelles near Paris." This recalls that Tours/Towers share the Comet tower; I think that is a very big deal under previous circumstances where Cindy was already a pointer. I didn't know that Launay is in Velis-like Valois.

The three Lannoy crescents are shared by LABELs/La Bells and French Conte's/Comites', and then Pings/Pongs / Fantes' (boys) and Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's use the so-called label. As I link Conte's to Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's (Languedoc, same as Conte's), I suggest that Font-like Fantes' link to Cindy's/CUNTys for obvious reason in those capitals. In this way, Parents are linking heraldically to Cindys.

The Chief-Shield colors of Labels/La Bells are shared by Capote's/Shapus' (Forez, same as Parents of Tour), and the three red roses in the Capote/Shapus Chief are therefore likely the same ones in the Valois/Valais Chief. Labels have a differing number of so-called "points," which indicates a La Bell merger with Point/Pointer liners, which recalls that I trace Ponts/Ponds and Ponders to Pontivy, in Brittany not far from Launay. Capote-like Chapmans love Ponders and share the white crescent with Labels/La Bells. Pontivy is at the Oust river near a Baud location, and Bauds were first found in Auvergne while the Auvergne tower is that of French Tours (Languedoc), Falcons (Languedoc, same as Narbonne), and even of Narbonne's/Denardo's. The Shield of Auvergne's (Dauphine, same as Payens/PAGANs) is filled with the same fleur as used by Pings/Pongs/PAGANells / Fantes' and Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's.

I always link Bauds directly to the royal family of Godfrey de Bouillon / Baldwin I. Sions/Swans, who almost have the colors and format together of Valois'/VALAIS, use "falconer's gloves," and Sion is in Valois canton. The Walsers, named after the Valais/Wallis canton, were on the Lys tributary of the BAUTica, where I trace Bauds.

I've just come across Bernard RENE Jourdan, marquis de Launay, son of Rene Jourdan. French Jourdans/Jordans were first found in Brittany, and Jardans are a GARDen branch while Brescia is beside lake Garda. Gardens share the giant and black boar head of Jarrie's (Dol, Brittany), and, can we believe it, Irish Jarrie's/Hare's share the Lannoy / Lyon lion! Now we know that Launays, of Lane's/Lano's of Brescia, were Lyon liners likely from the Herods.

Helen did a funny thing when she got her Brest symbol. She was my tenant when we started to date, and one night while going to her basement apartment, she stopped on the landing partway down, and with me standing at the top looking down, she raised her top above her breasts, and let them hang out for me to see, then continued down the stairs. I had trouble dealing with whether God would actually cause such an event, but here it seems to be proving true. She was on the Lane-like landing when she did the act.

[Insert -- The day after writing this, I was adding the Label and Pontivy material above, when I went to the atlas to see how far Pontivy was from Brest and Launay. I saw LANDERneau smack beside (12 miles from) Brest! That is amazing. Helens are said to be from Brittany's St. Briec, about 75 miles from Brest. There is a Lannion location roughly between Brieux and Brest, and the bird shown for the Lannion surname is a falcon in other Coats (e.g. Stevens). The Falcons (Languedoc) share the Label/La Bell / Conte/COMITes crescent. Brescia is also Brieux-like Brixia.

I have Landerneau in one other update (3rd November, 2018): "Thus, her exposed breasts is partly to confirm that God set up a woman with Helen surname, in my life, for to make a pointer to the Breuci bloodline that named Brieux, smack beside the Brest / Launay theater of Brittany...though more can be said as to the reasons. And Brest is beside landing-like Landivisiau and Landerneau." I had forgotten about this. I didn't use exclamation marks, but they are warranted. I trace Alans to Aulon/Avlona, near Bullis, and so it's interesting the Bullys share the mascles in the Arms of Landivisiau. The Arms of Pontivy has nine of them, same as Rouens.

As Landens/LANDERs share the pale bars of Langleys (see Longfords and Langfords too), I suggest that BRIEux is from Bra of Langhe, where the bra on the LAUNDRy line pointed to. It belonged to a blond tenant in the basement of my friend, and I was the one who reached out to touch this bra, at age nine. About 30 years later, Helen was my blond tenant. On my first date with blonde Lorraine, I asked her to meet e at the LAUNDRomat, and so see what I don't recall showing before, the Brie's/DuBRAYs (roses for Rose's, Bosco kin), first found in Lorraine, and using what look like the Bos/Bush/Bosco lion!!! Whammo! I asked her out that day at the BUS stop. Launays are also DeLORNeys.

Brays/Brae's/Bree's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quince's (at Bushley) sharing the Bully / Landivisiau mascles. As Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up, the Faucet lion may be in the Arms of Landivisiau. The black lion paw of Quints can apply to that black lion. Arriving to a Bushley location, thanks to Quince's, Bushleys were loaded to find them with Bushers/Boschiers, first found in Dorset with Babe's!!! Lorraine the "babe" (God used that term to describe her) from the bus stop. Quince-like Quints were first found in Dorset too.

When I collected funds for World VISION (like "LandiVISIAU"), my "boss" (I was a volunteer) at that organization was GLEN(n) Langford. Langfords were first found in Bedfordshire with English Lannoys, making Langs look like a branch of the namers of Lyon. The Mens'/Mame's (pointed to by big-breast Mamie, suggests Brest again) were first found beside Faucets, and are said to be from GLENlyon of the Lyons. The Glens and Glennys (said to be in BRAEmar) are obvious branches, with Glennys sharing the Chief-Shield combo of Mens'/Mame's. It begs whether "Glenny" was from a MacLyon/MacLannoy-like surname. This has potential to trace Mame's to Launay and Brest, right?

I would like to add that the side exterior door at the landing Helen was on was the scene of a chocolate event, when her previous boyfriend (Dave) came to see her. Not being home, he left her a CHOColate treat on the door knob which proved to be heraldically interesting (though I can't remember the details.) The CHOCKs/Chicks were looked up, and they share the three lions of James', which might be the beginning of a pointer, of that particular event, to James Alefantis. This James Coat is in the colors and format of Valois'/Valais'.

WOWIE! I was trying to figure why James' / Chocks/Chicks should link to the Comet Ping Pong pointers, when the first thing noticed is the blue lion in the James Crest, recalling that Reines' and Pisa's have a blue lion. I then instantly realized that the three white James lions are the three white ones of Raines' (Rennes of Brittany), and simultaneously realized that the James / Chock lions were in both colors of the Reines / Pisa lions! That is astounding. Chocks and Raines' were first found in the same place (Essex).

Repeat from earlier in this update: "...I purchased a property from Mrs. Teague, and bought two ducklings with six chicken CHICKs at that property. Checks/Chicks have the Oliphant Coat in colors reversed while throwing in a fitchee in the red color of the POND/Pont patee. It was said not very long ago that I made the two ducks a little POND." "Oliphant" is a surname that God can use for pointing to Alefantis. The Chicks/Checks and Oliphants share the Chapman crescent. End insert]

Landing-like Landins/Landons share the black bear head with PERCivals, and Launays use the lozenges of PERCYs. The latter married the FitzALANs of ARUN(del), and Jewish Arens/Aarons happen to share the quadrants of the Parents whom we saw linking to Lannoys. When we were on the latter topic, it included Scalise, and as the Scalia/Scalise surname uses a ladder, or because "scala" means stairs, we note that Helen did her playful act on the landing of the stairs.

Lookie. Percivals can be gleaned as a branch of PIERS/Pierce's. The Percival Coat is a version of the Billet / Bellows Coat, the latter sharing the red fox with Jarrie's/Hare's and possibly the Thigh's and Gode's/Goddes' (they both have the giant and assumed fox of Jewish Fox's). As Gode's/Goddes' can be gleaned from Gothelo, Bellows must be in the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons. Bellows are loved by the "bellows" (fans) in the Coat of Shiptons, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, that's right, the ones who had the it-felt-so-GOOD theme linking to the Gothelo > Bouillon line by other methods. Gode's/Goddes' were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs while English Trips (Kent, same as English Gode's/Goods) have a scaling ladder.

With this entry of FitzAlans of Arundel, it brings up to their wife, Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luis of Ceva at the Cevetta river, the line suspect to Cavetts, first found in Picardy with Lannoys and the Aren-suspect Parents.

Recall Rheina WOLBECK in the write-up of the Picardy Lannoys, for God apparently gave Thigh-liner Mamie a breast symbol, not only because she had large breasts (small-cantaloupe size, in case you doubt me), but because MAMESfelde of the Mansfields is said (probably wrongly) to be named after breasts. Wolbecks/Walbanks were first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde and the thigh-suspect Tease's/Tyes'/Tighs. The martlets of Wolbecks, upon the same chevron as Teece's/Tiss', are those of Pavia's and Tiens'/Tams/Thames, the latter being Peare kin to show that their martlets are the Pavia martlets. Again, the "flaming star" (hexagram) of Pero's/Perino's is in the design of the Reine/Reines comet, this being a surname linking without doubt to Rheina Wolbeck.

I can't get over how Cindy's parents in the pizza store found topic here today. Do you think that PARENts were a branch of the Pero's/Perino's? Watch this: I don't think it's a coincidence that Miss Peare worked at Reitmans while Jewish Reitmans share the Roten hexagram while Rotti's are listed with Perino-like Perona's, and, finally, while the Reitman / Roten hexagram is in the Coat of wine-like Weiners/Wienners. As said several times, Cindy's parents, in the pizza store, ordered wine. I know, because I served them. In colors reversed, the Pavia / Wolbeck martlets are red, the color of the martlets of English Parents/PEARants.

Weiners/Wienners come up as Wansteads, and then the Childs at Wanstead are in the colors and format of Wolbeck-suspect Wools, the latter using Wolbeck-like woolpacks as likely code for Packs (Sussex, same as Wools), who in-turn look like a Saluzzo liner to such things as Clintons. Obama is a line back to Wolfleys/Wooleys, who likewise use woolpacks. That is, it's online that Obama was descended from a mayor of Orsingen, Mr. Wolflin, and then Wolflins are said to have been Wolfleys when in America.

I just can't get over how Cindy's Parents pointed to pizzagate after she on second base had already pointed to Scalise's/Scalia's. As her parents are the Richardsons, I have more cause now to point to Bill Richardson (mayor, wasn't he?) of New Mexico, for El-Paso, smack at the Texas-New-Mexico border, is where Scalia's murderers arranged to bring his dead body. Scalia was convinced to go hunting in Texas on his fatal weekend by Mr. Foster. I showed how Fosters/Forrests can link to the Forez/Forest surname, and that the sleeping-bag dream, which started as a pointer to Scalia's murder, had a sleeping bag in a forest, though it was also interpreted as a bush for a pointer to George Bush, who was descended directly from the Scherff Nazi's, I now believe with little doubt. And this is where the stemmed roses of French Parents can come in, for stemmed roses are used also by Walkers, Sherwoods/SHARwoods, and Schere's/SCHARE's/SCHERFs.

The shopping-cart dream led me to believe, in the last update, that George Herbert Walker Bush was born, George Herbert Scherff, son of a Nazi by the same name. In the last week or so, i developed a theory wherein the Towers/Tours (enter "Tower"), who share the Comet tower, should point to Bush's part in the downing of new york's twin towers. I'm open for that idea. here we can repeat from the Parent write-up: "By the 14th century they had branched to Chatelet near Paris, to Launay in Valois, to Moiron in Soissennais, to TOUR in FOREZ, and to Tournelles near Paris." Just look at that Tower/Tour link to Forez'/Forests, as though to confirm that the forest in the dream was indeed also a bush.

I am not lying, I have said it many times, that Cindy's father was pastor Richardson, my pastor at that time. By what coincidence do French Pastors use an undeniable version of the Dutch Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat? Bosco's are in the Rose write-up, and we just saw the Parent / Scherf / Walker roses. Spanish Pastors have a tower (it's black eagle suggests the Murena tower), in both colors of the Tour/Thor towers, is that not incredible? There is a Bush-Tower link I didn't know of until coming to Cindy's parents just now, and with Bush living in Texas, I suppose he could know Bill Richardson.

Murena's/Moratins are very traceable to Marano's/Mauritano's, first fond in Modena with Murano's, the latter sharing the Coat (almost) of MOIRs/Moyers. See the Parent write-up again: "By the 14th century they had MOIRON in Soissennais, to TOUR in FOREZ, and to TOURnelles near Paris." Recall the Tuaregs suspect with Towers, for Tuaregs were probably at MAURITANia.

I have just recalled the robin that played on by glass window for hours one day, flying up and down the glass, looking at its reflection, I assume. I resolved later that day that it was a pointer to George Bush's speech in a Palm-like location (around Philadelphia / Bucks county) that I think he canceled (wasn't carried by the media). I think it was in honor of Mitt Romney. The point is that the Brittany ROBINs share a version of the Belwood and Malpas Coats, and one can read in the Richardson write-up that they were descended from Belwoods, rulers of Malpas.

Wasn't Mitt Romney's father in Mexico? That's where the leader of the International Order of Saint Hubertus lived at the time of Scalia's murder, and while El-Paso is at the Texas-Mexico border with New Mexico, the owner of the ranch where Scalia was murdered was himself a member of Saint Hubertus, and moreover 30 or more Hubertus members there at the ranch on the day of his death. They made it appear that he died in his sleep, which plays to the sleeping bag in a bush / forest.

The fleur-de-lys of Parents are half in the colors of the Bush/Busch / Bosch fleur-de-lys, but the latter two do share the TRADE fleur-de-lys! Trade's/Trothe's/Trote's were looked up as per Trade Towers! Did God arrange the Trade fleur to point a guilty finger at the Bush family? Looks like. Variations of the Trade surname look like they can belong to Trots/Truths (hmm, "truthers" were born of those suspecting Bush in the 9-11 scam). The Trotus tributary of the Siret is not far north from the Bush-suspect Buzau tributary of the Siret. The northern side of the Trotus is marked on my atlas with a Buzau-like Bacau region, and then Bacons share the BUS cinquefoil.

Aha! Vrancea is on the southern side of the Trotus while Rance's/Rands/Rynds share the Bos/Busch/Bosch lion! Rynd-like Rinds, who seem to have Rands in their motto, use a flower pot while Flowers and Potters share the same cinquefoil, in white like the Bus and Bacon cinquefoil. English Bacons/BEACONs, suspect with the never-Trumper Bushites at Washington Free Beacon, share a white boar in Crest with Rance's/Rands/Rynds, thus clinching Bacons with Bacau. Prescotts likewise have a white boar in crest, and then there was the Nazi supporter, banker, Prescott Bush, the one who adopted the first president Bush. Note "PresCOTT, for Cotessi were on the Buzau river.

This set of links as per "VRANCea' is new to me, and it can go to Ranch road at the Get'n Go gas bar, where God gave Miss Hicks her beautiful knee symbol that was all part of God's pointer to 9-11, for her knee symbol was given on the night I had sat beside her on September 11, 2002, when our Texas church put on a community memorial for 9-11. No one at that time knew the 9-11 hoax, but God and the criminals.

I'm going to jot down here that while beacons are in the motto of Fullers, suspect with Fulbert, progenitor of Pollocks, the Pollys share bendwise crossletts in the same colors of the same crosslets of Ranch-like Rench's. German Rench's share the Leak/Leakey and Hicks fleur while the same Ranch road above is called the Leakey road by locals (because it goes to Leakey). Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Bus-related Hamiltons, and Rance's/Rands were first found in Norfolk with Bus', Bags and Benjamins. I trace Benjamites of Rimmon to the Rimna river between the Buzau and Vrancea. Perfect. It's also where I trace Walkers i.e. at Wallachia.

Here's a movie on the Clinton crime ring, just look at the demonism in the human heart, behind the angelic faces:

Question: why hasn't the Trump administration jailed the Clintons when the evidence is overwhelming? Is it true that the Trump justice is working on it secretly? Why would any voter take the chance of that possible outcome when it can just be plain wrong? Why are voters saying thank god Hillary didn't get elected when Trump may be doing similar things, for all we know, with his presidency? Until Trump does something to harm these criminals, he's a fake in my eyes, or, worse, an irresponsible coward.


Here's the biggest story of the week, with Devin Nunes fully prepared to, and in the motions of, testing Bill Barr. I'm not saying that Nunes is testing Nunes, but that I'm viewing it as his test. Story here:

The problem with the video above, we weren't given the names on the eight referrals to Barr for criminality. Nunes thinks that dozens of people should get caught up in the investigations. We are to assume that it's the Obama-circle FISA people. This can be a big deal if Barr has the sort of passion that Nunes does. If Barr does not have passion, then he is a sham. The blame for him will go square on Trump.

Do you remember when Netanyahu wanted to build in the West Bank, Obama and the like-minded European mouths would roar at him, threatening him. Things have changed. He's now making it an election promise to ANNEX parts of the West Bank. But what happens if Netanyahu loses power to the Israel left? I haven't got a clue. Maybe Obama is in Europe with his fellow plotters against Netanyahu, because Obama is known to have been seriously interfering in the elections of other countries. Under "international law," Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal. How's that for interference?

WikiLeaks announced this week that Ecuador is ready to release Assange into the hands of British police. The only purpose for this leak from WikiLeaks is to drum up public support against the forced release from his embassy protection. My questions are: what will Barr do with Assange if he's forced into a U.S. prison? Is Barr responsible for this story? What will Trump do with him? Is God in this? Will the imminent report of the DoJ's Horowitz have anything to verify that the DNC "hack" was not from Guccifer 2.0? Will it support Assange's version of that "hack"? I find that doubtful. Ecuador quickly came out to say that there were no plans to expel Assange, at least not yet. Here's the story from Assange's advocate, RT:

Our enemies are pieces of human garbage. They have the money and power over us in many respects, but that doesn't change what wee souls, if they even have souls, they are. Trump is leading us to the lion's mouth my spurring Christians to speak out openly against their enemies, but Trump will no nothing to reduce their powers so that, eventually, when they get the White House back, fiends will work against us terribly. That's what Trump is accomplishing, angering our enemies but doing nothing to reduce their powers. I expect this for another 1.5 years. After that, I have no idea what happens. Christians are the intelligent ones, the easy victors in a social-engineering battle, if only we had a media platform equal to the pieces of garbage. But that's how God is apparently allowing things to go, with their having the powers over us to form their society, so that, when the Civil War comes, the Robe Dipped in Blood can appear and smack the pieces of garbage with a single swipe into the junk yard of eternity.

This is the sad reality, thanks to the rebels who will not stop until they are dead. Never mind the American dream, you idiot Trump. There is a civil brewing that cannot allow a dreamy-pie state, you idiot. What is wrong with you that while you experience the rebels first hand, you think that American can become great again??? Are you nuts? Are you that stupid? The nation is headed to a war state. The rebels have declared it. They are ready to commit themselves to it in hard, dictatorial ways, the writing is on every wall. And yet you lull your voters into thinking that a greatness is possible under your presidency??? This man is a sham. His tax cuts to our liberal, corporate enemies are being used against us. They are the ones with the propaganda machines, the "soviets" in our midst. They are the ones who will create the KGB against us. Fear them, not Russia, not China. The pieces of garbage are laying out their plots against us.

But this useless Trump does nothing to weaken them. The more he speaks out against them, the angrier they become, the more they hunker down to react, but he has yet to do what needs to be done, to send hundreds and thousands of them into prisons, to send a shock wave through their camps, to put out their fires. Now is the time while he has the military on his side. Now is the time to expose which police departments are the lawless ones. Let them openly disregard the laws so that police chiefs can be imprisoned. Start the battle rolling against them; release the thieves to make room in prisons for police chiefs and mayors. But no, this president wants none of it. He allows whole cities to break immigration laws, doing nothing. It's a sign of things to come. He promised to investigate Hillary, and nothing took place. Do not be fooled by his excuse on Jeff Sessions. It was a sham. My prediction: our enemies will be left intact when he is gone.

The U.S. supreme court is not yet safe. It can still vote 5-4 in favor of a liberal agenda. The fact that the eight judges have not revealed the scam surrounding Ginsburg is troubling, suspicious. There has been no evidence that she is back on bench. No one has yet shown a photo of her coming out of the court house, or in the parking lot, or from her home. She is clearly not at the court, let's face it, yet liberal media are happy to report that she is back at the court. This is the type of thing taking place to expose the sham that the United States is to its highest levels. Everyone knows by now that the judges decided politically biased, but isn't that the very definition of a sham? Are not such judges worthy of prison? When the highest court decides on behalf of abortion, and faggot-marriages, isn't that worthy of Hell? How possibly can Ginsburg be at the court? Yet none of the judges are telling the people that she is not coming in to work. What really is going on? Are their people controlling even these judges? I would like to know who they are. Google is suppressing the real stories on Ginsburg. That's where we are, totalitarianism coming over us, removing our voices.

February 19: "Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes first public appearance since cancer ..." Yet the Post has not provided one photo of this women in her ordinary course of life. The Post is lying to us the lie that the highest levels have decided that we should hear. The Post is lying and knows it. This should be a crime. On March 4 from Reuters; "U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg showed little evidence of slowing down on Monday, issuing rulings in two business-related cases just 11 days before her 86th birthday and two months after undergoing lung cancer surgery." But there's no photo from Reuters, but Reuters can easily get one. Surely, on a story such as this, the Reuters boss will send a photographer to snap her photo as she leaves the court house. Is there a law against snapping such a photo? Is she a goddess deserving protection from a media photo? Why doesn't she volunteer to have her photo taken by a media? This is not about Ginsburg, but about Trump's picks for the supreme court, and all of them, who seem to be playing to the piper that is conducting this Ginsburg hoax.

If I could have one wish: that all sincere believers in Jesus could live on a country tract of land for self-sustainable living, and enjoy it without fear of going hungry. Let the cities be populated by the pieces of garbage who have no understanding.

You need to be wiser than riding the celebrational band wagon that Trump brings to speech after speech. It's really dishonest to take credit for rising wages without telling whether prices are rising too. If a president doesn't make a comparison between the two, what sort of a sham might he be? When he boasts that he's responsible for the fact that America is now the biggest oil exporter in the world, should he also speak to how much American oil is being sold to Americans? Shouldn't he also tell how much oil imports have gone down while oil exports have gone up? No, not if he's a sham president. If you're looking to know whether or not he deserves praise, you should want a little more information than he offers at his speeches.

How can America become the biggest oil exporter without a drastic reduction in oil costs for Americans? Easy. The oil companies don't want to sell cheaper to Americans. Why is Trump leaving that part out? He wants to claim a victory when there isn't one. With this additional oil exporting, Trump is making up for the reduction in tax intake due to his corporate tax cuts. In other words, American oil is not benefiting workers at all, not even when the government rakes in extra taxes from oil sales. The extra taxes have not been used to lower the great national debt that's upon the shoulders of all workers against their will, and government spending is higher than ever, but this part doesn't make it to his speeches, because he's a political animal, not a man of truth. Isn't that the very definition of a sham? Isn't it the definition of fake speeches?

Trump supporters have been saying that never-Trumpers are dead and gone, but that leaves the question as to why? Is it because Trump has compromised with them, joined them? Yes, if by never-Trumpers we mean the war hawks. So, up goes the debt some more to increase military might, which the war hawks hope to use in the Middle East just as soon as they can get rid of Trump. Nice going, foolish president.

I'm wondering who it was that decided for the FBI to review the Smollet charges? Was this a Barr order? I have my doubts that Wray would have ordered it. That would suggest Barr. It's a bit of glimmer in the DoJ after a lot of thick darkness. But not so fast. Is Barr just making a show of things, or will Smollet truly faces charges? Will Smollet squeal on Obama? I hope so. You really need to be naive to think that Smollet staged this event all his lonesome. Staging events is big business now, and someone(s) pays big bucks to get them done. On the Laura Ingraham show, on a Smollet story, Fox news, or maybe herself, would not cease to put different photos on the video of this dirty, disgusting faggot. What is wrong with Fox and/or Ingraham? Are we being programmed to accept dirty, sick, and disgusting faggots even by Fox? Where can I get a breath of fresh air?

At the near-beginning of the following video, we see that the concept of the shadow government was in existence since about the time of Rothschild powers in Britain;

Another definition of a mechanism for societal engineering is "correctness." The invisible engineers tell us what is correct, then make you feel ostracized if you don't get correct. That's precisely why I will not use "gay,' but instead use "faggot," or why I call the ungodly leaders the "idiots" and other such terms, because it reminds people that we must rebel against anti-Christ correctness. We must speak against it for the dishonorable thing that it is; we must not use their chosen words; we must not tolerate the human junkyard that wants to control our spirits, and steal the minds of our children. We must continually use the appropriate terms so that we neutralize their brainwashing techniques, and even undermine the respectability that they need and manufacture for their techniques.

It may sound childish to call these neo-soviets stupids and idiots, but they leave us no choice because, in fact, they are very stupid who seek to obliterate any trace of Jesus. He is not a religion; He is a real person in line to rule the planet with pure rightness. We must prepare for His rule by first accepting it, secondly by protecting ourselves against the tricks of the social engineers, and thirdly by doing battle against them. They are the garbage destined for the eternal junk yard; view them like so. Do not fear a relatively few pieces of satanic garbage. I'm sure you will agree that George Soros is a total piece of idiotic junk.

You cannot fight this thing by being a "patriot," because you then become a stupid yourself, for the United States is not a power, nor a life force, nor a Being. The United States is just a piece of paper, so to speak. It doesn't exist. Patriots can only become a camp or group with common purposes, but if the group is the church of Jesus, then it has a Ruler / Person, and POWER, and He has a victory strategy too, though this strategy requires a temporary defeat in order to condemn the shadow-government junk.

The fact that our side is being suppressed means that we were winning. We had a platform (the Internet) to throw the pies into their faces, to pull the wire at their feet, to make them trip, and they are reeling inward, wondering how to best continue the battle now that they are being charged with cheating. What happens if they are no longer allowed to cheat, to suppress us? We are the normal people, and they are the control-freak lunatics. How possibly can they win on a fair battlefield? We will expose them. We will expose their tricks, and without them, they will lose. Cheating us will become a part of their punishment. How will they live with themselves when they cheat half the population just because they can't beat us on the arguments? It will dig into their brains. They will begin to feel inferior, because they will realize that their society is the loser society. They cannot win against our brand of society.

Nobody wants their society but the wicked, and how can that be a winner? Their best soldiers will be the degenerates, the delinquents, the porn witches, the queers, haha, what losers, what junk, they don't stand a chance. So, cheat they will do to their own condemnation, and their minds will sink into depression, a crazy depression. It depresses me to read about them, and I don't live in their boat with them. Imagine how depressed they must be, all clinging to one another, degenerate clinging to degenerate, none of them having stuff. An air head teaches an air head. Their end is obvious: insanity. Just let time destroy them. Let them destroy one another, yet expect their assaults...which we don't yet know the shape of. Expect them not to go down without a final fight, and expect them to rally their troops, and their spirits, around that fight, with the false belief that, if only they can wipe us out, they can have their happy society. False. They are not conducive to a healthy society; all the ills you see are their creations.

We just watched a huge brain-washing technique from the media, making people despise Trump. There you go. The liberals were indoctrinated, and they fell for the lie, then, fueled by the lie, acted in belligerence against Trump, himself innocent of the charges. They were so willingly brainwashed that they still believe that Trump was conspiring with Putin to do some damage to the United States, though many of them were not duped, but were rather contributors to the brainwashing. These types quickly see their marching orders the minute they turn on their liberal media. It's not hard to see the strategy.

On the other hand, Fox brainwashes the people to love Trump. Is that any better? Do the opposing media bosses use one another, play off of one another, because the political fighting creates a larger viewership? Sinful human nature. Did Jesus brainwash the people? What's the difference between teaching and brainwashing? Good question. We tend to use "brainwashing" when there is a false teaching seeking to replace the true. But if the teaching is true, it's not brainwashing. Liberals believe they have the truth, and that Christians are brainwashed. But if they really do have a handle on truth, how did they agree so willfully to believe the collusion myth? If Christians have a handle on truth, how can they love Trump whose speeches merely cater to Christians for his political advantage? Shouldn't we as people of Truth know better? Aren't we supposed to be made wise by the Spirit of God?

Dan Bongino talks here on one of Obama's crimes in the Ukraine, where the Ukrainian government was opening its little birdie mouth so that the United States could fill it with U.S. tax money and favors, so long as the corrupt players in the Ukraine returned the favors by lining Biden's pockets, and who knows how many other in the Obama circle:

How do we know that the following dozens are packed with moles to begin with:

Democrats on Capitol Hill say that beyond Newbold, a small army of whistle-blowers from across the government has been working in secret with the House Oversight Committee to report alleged malfeasance inside the Trump administration. Lawmakers and aides are reluctant to discuss information they have gleaned from anonymous government tipsters in detail. But the list of whistle-blowers who either currently or previously worked in the Trump administration, or who worked closely with the administration, numbers in the “dozens,” according to a senior aide from the committee now led by Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland.

This Atlantic article may be sourced in the deep-state actors trying to frighten Trump into more inaction. Like, if Trump comes after us, we'll come after you with this small army of traitors.

As could be expected, leakers from Mueller's staff are gone into some action:

Where are the good-guy leakers? These Mueller-team leakers are giving liberal media ammunition that the media can fire out while justifying the story because it's from the leakers, otherwise the media doesn't want to put its foot into its mouth any longer with it own-founded ammunition. So, leakers will continue to form a narrative that keeps the "witch hunt" going, which is the best thing that can happen, especially if it makes Trump as angry as possible. It's the only way Trump will spring into the needed action, for his plan was to not stir waves with an attack on the deep state. Mr. Trump, whom too many Christians are nearly honoring for no justifiable reason. He will need to do a lot of sacrificial work to get into my good books after two years of nothing. Here's the highest-level leak from Mueller's team, saying that the poor slobs, whose job was to smear fabricated dirt, are "frustrated," boo-hoo lets weep for them:

It sounds as though the Mueller team fashioned the report in the way that a painter might add some ominous clouds to an otherwise innocent scene to suggest a second interpretation of the scene. It is completely expected that Mueller's rodents, not finding their silver bullet, or not being able to fire one, anyway, would do exactly that: fashion the report in such a way that leaves questions of possible guilt. No surprise, because they need to justify their drawing out their investigation for so long. They are not going to come out with a fully, innocent scene.

In the 4th minute of the video, we find that the leak included the knowledge that some of the lawyers added their personal, written summaries to different part of the report, and so Nadler wasted no time writing to Barr requesting him to expose those summaries too. We can guess that the summaries are filled with strokes of ominous colors upon the otherwise fluffy, happy clouds. What Barr needs to do in response is to paint a bulls-eye between the eyes of all these lawyers, and stand them up before as firing squad.

The more that Democrats clamor to have the unredacted report, the less they should be able to argue against an unredacted release of the FISA documents. But Democrats have no rules to play by. They are for black today, and for white tomorrow, whatever serves their needs on any given day. They have no shame concerning their own hypocrisies, like soul-less creatures.

This week, Trump went back on his threat to close the border. His advisors told him that's going too far. So, Trump now needs to give his voters the impression that Mexico is really sca-a-ar-ed of his bark. By now, everyone knows he's all bark. He's done everything spectacularly to earn that reputation. The best thing he's ever done is to look like he's making fools of his voters. He'll string them along right up until the next election.

Here is an ex-leftist who tells the reality we Christian know on the anti-Christ war against us. Make sure you don't get deceived into thinking that God's natural law involves the human right to the pursuit of happiness. I'm not saying that God is opposed to us being happy, but that it's not a RIGHT from him, and He sometimes desires that humans have unhappiness, depending on their decisions, aspirations and actions:

Democrats need to die, but, unfortunately, God says that we can't kill them. God says that Democrats need to die, and that we must wait for Him to kill them. I'm not talking about the mere voters, like the disgusting Blacks who vote Democrat because Democrats buy them off with false promises, or scare them back to the party by convincing them that Republicans are racists. I don't dislike Blacks, unless they are so detestable that they will vote-in the Democrat beasts whose open secret is to destroy God for their own idea of utopia.

When I say that Democrats must die, I'm not taking about mere Democrat voters, such as the detestable Catholics who allow themselves to partake in an anti-Jesus party and movement, just because they despise Protestants. I'm not talking about the mere voters, such as the sickening Mexicans who vote for demonic Democrats just because they promise them favors. It's all so sick, but those who need to die are those who push this animal, because they will not stop pushing even if someone were to stick the sword through them. They are programmed by demonic spirits to overthrow all that is normal, and unless they die, they will continue to spoil the world, which is exactly what God will allow them to do so that their utter pain, as their reward, is justified.

What we see from liberals at this time is their confession of sins but without repentance. They are confessing their crimes by openly committing them while arguing that they are not. They don't seem to realize that their arguments are nonsense because they need to convince one another that they are the righteous ones. They are destroying in the name of their self-proclaimed righteousness, but will accuse us of doing that very thing. Therefore, God will allow them to trap themselves in hypocrisy. God will arrange the many traps, and we will see them trapped; the world will see it. That's what must take place.

And look. The Jews who think they are the special people of God are infested in the Democrat party. This the explosion of the planet. We are headed for war, and they must die, but we must refrain from doing the killing.

The way to happiness for us as we go through this period is to think on lovely things, to sing songs while the fury passes. God said that we are permitted to do so. Don't be depressed for the destruction of this world as though it belonged to you, as though you valued it. DO NOT VALUE the United States, for this is the pillar-of-salt trap. Do not value your ungodly nation in the West. Make a break from it. Live in separation from those who want to make America great based on money matters. Greatness is not measured by how much money people make. Greatness is achieved by a nation's leaders when they are mindful of the poor, when they chastise and punish the rich for gobbling up so much wealth for themselves, thus creating the poor. It is not enough to allow the greedy to run rampant while shoving a little social-security hay into the stables of the poorest of the victims. The leaders must prohibit the greedy from practicing their greed successfully. That's the measure of greatness before God.

Yet the leaders are the greedy. How can a nation be made great when every second congressman was a lawyer by trade, and when every other second congressman is fabulously wealthy? Why do lawyers get to rule a nation? Isn't a lawyer a person who learns to tailor reality as best fits the client's interest to win a case? Isn't a lawyer a master of spin? Why do the voters continue to elect lawyers even when they make fun of their evil? It's hopeless. Make a break, or you will fall into Korah's chasm. Get on the side of the Second Moses, and with Joshua the Deliverer. He first delivered from sin, but must yet deliver us from sinners. The Kingdom comes as deliverance from our enemies. They have always been there, but in the end times, God will remove Himself as the restraining power, allowing the enemy to prosper, and while prospering, the anti-Christs will think that their time has come to form their utopia on earth.

Apparently, Trump has blamed all of the illegal-immigrant releases (into American streets) of late on his Homeland Security chief, and she's now being replaced as of late this week. This is critical, obviously, because it looks very bad on Trump to allow the department to release illegals inside the country. I personally cannot see why they can't be shipped / flown back to their countries of origin, if they are not true refugees. My point in saying this is that Trump's sincerity on the border wall is being tested by these releases. If Trump is replacing Nielson just to make a show of things for himself, it won't last long if illegals continue to flow out onto the streets. On the other hand, Nielson may have been directly responsible for the immigrant releases.

There's an anti-abortion movie maybe playing near you, Unplanned. I'd like to see it one day.

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