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April 9 - 15, 2019

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Scherffs, Silverbird, and the Paper Plane (important)
The New Steve-Scalise Revelation

I've got to say how ridiculous some of my sub-titles sound these days. Just so you know, I do realize. I never thought I'd come to write on such matters as have been my recent writings. As crazy as they appear, yet the heraldry seems to confirm that I've got to trudge onward in this direction.

Over the last couple of updates, I provided information to convince me that God was pointing to James Alefantis. Within the first hour of uploading the last update, I fell upon more evidence that God is pointing to him, only now I'm much-more intrigued. It began when finding a few websites telling that Alefantis was born a Rothschild. I think I have evidence for that claim, but it'll require quoting here from the last update, and I've got to walk the reader point by point to it. It'll take a while, but not too long.

I'm going to begin at the medallion. One day, I ended off talking about Miss Hicks at the HOOD of her car in a God-given dream of 1979. I went to town, and the last thing done was to bring groceries to my vehicle. On the HOOD was someone's MEDALlion; I took it home with me, and checked the MEDAL surname because I suspected it to be an act of God. I found that Medals are listed with Dougals (use the link above to load any Coat of Arms, which you need to do in order to follow best; it's a big task to follow along, I know, but you'll enjoy it a lot better taking it slower).

Some significant time later, I was working on Hoods, discovering that they share the crescents of Scottish Bauds, and finally, after some more time, I realized that the Baud quadrants were those of medals/Dougals while the latter surname has a "Buaidh" motto term in honor of a Baud liner, we can assume. (Use the link above to load any Coat of Arms, which you need to do in order to follow best; it's a big task to follow along, I know, but you'll enjoy it a lot better taking it slower).

Question: why are the Baud and Medal/Dougal quadrants those in this Arms of Rothschild? is it possible to link Bauds and/or Medals/Dougals to James Alefantis. Yes, to my amazement, it is possible thanks to a realization in the last update:

I would like to add that the side exterior door at the landing Helen was on was the scene of a chocolate event, when her previous boyfriend (Dave) came to see her. Not being home, he left her a CHOColate treat on the door knob which proved to be heraldically interesting (though I can't remember the details.) The CHOCKs/Chicks were looked up, and they share the three lions of James', which might be the beginning of a pointer, of that particular event, to James Alefantis...

WOWIE! I was trying to figure why James' / Chocks/Chicks should link to the Comet Ping Pong pointers, when the first thing noticed is the blue lion in the James Crest, recalling that Reines' and Pisa's have a blue lion. I then instantly realized that the three white James lions are the three white ones of Raines' (Rennes of Brittany), and simultaneously realized that the James / Chock lions were in both colors of the Reines / Pisa lions! That is astounding. Chocks and Raines' were first found in the same place (Essex).

What are the chances that the white-on-blue lion of Chocks/Chicks / James' / Reines' / Pisa's is that also of Medals/Dougals? That's proof so compelling of God's involvement that it is no longer a theory in my view.

If you're new here, you might want to take it slow and re-read that quote, for here is the significance: Reines use the pizza-like Pisa Coat in colors reversed, as well as a comet, and James Alefantis owned Comet Ping Pong pizza, which was by all reports a satanic club where boy sex could be obtained. The boys in the FANTES Coat were found only two updates, as though God arranged it to point a guilty finger at AleFANTIS. And it was a shocker to find that the Chief (top 1/3 of a Shield) of Fantes Coat is that also of PING/PONGs/Paganells. It's obvious that God's involved in this.

I was, and still am, absolutely sure that God set those heraldic "coincidences" up to point to Alefantis. I therefore asked why the chocolate was left on the door KNOB, and remembered the event set up by God (my age 17/18) at KNOB Hill Farms in which He pointed to Rothschilds. Is that not amazing? If you've never heard that story before (told about 10 times), let me tell you. Mr. Kepke and I were both working at Knob Hill Farms, while I was dating a cashier, Allison Bauer. One day, as Kepke and I were sitting on the HOOD of my car (is that not amazing?), in the parking lot of Knob Hill Farms (grocery store), Allison was spotted getting into the car of a fellow stock boy, Mike Denardo. When I went over, she refused to come out, and that was the end of us. I returned to the hood. And sat on it. The Knobs (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothsteins and Bauers) share the arrow, we may assume, of Rothschilds/Roddensteins. And that's why the chocolate on Helen's door knob should point to James Alefantis, if indeed he was a Rothschild, for the first Rothschild was Mayer BAUER, that's right. That's why God use Miss Bauer, apparently, because Alefantis is a Rothschild.

The medallion was found at a grocery store, and my vehicle then was a Keep-like Jeep. Jeepma's are Kepke-like Cheps too, as though I am to link the hood at Knob Hill Farms to the medallion on hood. And we just saw why Medals link to Hoods. The Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire, same as Bauds, yup, that is absolutely right.

The bird design in one Allison Coat is the bird in the Hood Crest, which match looks arranged by God to convince the reader that He was in that event. PLUS, the MacDonald branch to which Allisons are traced in their write-up is the KEPPOCH branch, and God arranged for Mr. KEPKe to sit beside me on the hood. PLUS, Keeps use a so-called "galley" ship, as do MacDonalds, but this ship is also in the Coat of the Bauds who share the Hood crescents. I didn't know these things when sitting on the hood with Kepke at 18 years of age. The Allison birds are called, "black BIRDs," likely part code for Birds/Burds, who share the flory cross (in colors reversed) of Baud-related Bouillons.

I'm not finished. There's two points left that were known from the start of this discussion. After that, who knows what else will come to mind. Let me repeat as per the chocolate on the door knob: "The CHOCKs/Chicks were looked up, and they share the three lions of James', which might be the beginning of a pointer, of that particular event, to James Alefantis..." I then went on to realize that the James lion is that of Reines', Raines' and Pisa's, just as I shared in the quote above.

But, now, I have two more points as per Kepke's basement, where he kept a white, pet rat, and where he had a PING-PONG table that he would play vigorously with me, lots. And it was this Kepke who was used on the hood with me. Then, Hoods were at RATTery. It is very possible to link Ratterys to Rats/Raids (same place as Bosco- and Rothschild-beloved Rose's, and beside the Ratterys).

I'm still not done. As I said, Allison Bauer left me for Mike DENARDO, and so let me quote from the last update where Narbonne's/Denardo's made a brief appearance with the topic of Towers/Tour...which is not only suspect in pointing to the Trade towers at 9-11, but to the towers of Comets, in the colors of the giant Tower/Tour tower. But first, let me remind that the Trade surname was checked in the last update, with a flooring revelation just as it was proving true that Towers and kin were pointing to president Bush. As you read here, know that Cindy was herself a pointer to Alefantis' pizzagate (details last update):

I am not lying, I have said it many times, that Cindy's father was pastor Richardson, my pastor at that time. By what coincidence do French Pastors use an undeniable version of the Dutch Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat? Bosco's are in the Rose write-up, and we just saw the Parent / Scherf / Walker roses. Spanish Pastors have a tower (it's black eagle suggests the Murena tower), in both colors of the Tour/Thor towers, is that not incredible? There is a Bush-Tower link I didn't know of until coming to Cindy's parents just now, and with Bush living in Texas, I suppose he could know Bill Richardson.

...The fleur-de-lys of Parents are half in the colors of the Bush/Busch / Bosch fleur-de-lys, but the latter two do share the TRADE fleur-de-lys! Trade's/Trothe's/Trote's were looked up as per Trade Towers! Did God arrange the Trade fleur to point a guilty finger at the Bush family? Looks like. Variations of the Trade surname look like they can belong to Trots/Truths (hmm, "truthers" were born of those suspecting Bush in the 9-11 scam)...

You see, it's as though God named truthers to point to the Trade surname, and it just so happens that while Trots are Truths too, "Truth" is a motto term of Allisons. You have just got to be amazed. I'm going to pick up exactly where the above quote ended, starting here:

...The Trotus tributary of the Siret is not far north from the Bush-suspect Buzau tributary of the Siret. The northern side of the Trotus is marked on my atlas with a Buzau-like Bacau region, and then Bacons share the BUS cinquefoil.

Aha! Vrancea is on the southern side of the Trotus while Rance's/Rands/Rynds share the Bos/Busch/Bosch lion! Rynd-like Rinds, who seem to have Rands in their motto, use a flower pot while Flowers and Potters share the same cinquefoil, in white like the Bus and Bacon cinquefoil. English Bacons/BEACONs, suspect with the never-Trumper Bushites at Washington Free Beacon, share a white boar in Crest with Rance's/Rands/Rynds, thus clinching Bacons with Bacau.

They say that the Steele dossier was started as opposition research against Trump by the Washington Free Beacon. Ratterys share the red heart with Trade's/Trothe's, and the Rattery heart is called a "flaming heart," the symbol also of in the Arms of the Salesians of Don BOSCO (see two updates ago for more on that).

Next, we go back to Mike Denardo, and then quote from the last update where Bauds made a brief appearance, though having not to do with them sharing the Medal/Dougal / Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants:

Pontivy is at the Oust river with a Baud location, and Bauds were first found in Auvergne while the Auvergne tower is that of French Tours (Languedoc), Falcons (Languedoc, same as Narbonne), and even of Narbonne's/Denardo's. The Shield of Auvergne's (Dauphine, same as Payens/PAGANs) is filled with the same fleur as used by Pings/Pongs/PAGANells / Fantes' and Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's.

I was trying to remember what other surname (besides Auvergne's) have these fleur as wallpaper on their Shield, but was unable until now, and wow: it's the Pools, who share the Medal/Dougal, James, Reines', Pisa lion! Bingo. The giant Pool lion is even in the color of the giant Auvergne / Denardo / Tour tower. WOW, more: As the Denardi/NORDi lion is the North lion too, what about the North fleur-de-lys, in the colors for them of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs!? Is God pointing to Oliver North's activities in the Bush camp?

WOW, I can barely believe this. I've just checked the Oliver surnames, and three can apply. First, I need to repeat from two updates ago that the hood in the Miss-Hicks dream was resolved with the Hoddam location of owl-using Oldhams/Oltans, for an owl is used by Spanish Olivers. But the biggest boom here comes where Italian Olivers have a version of the Ping/Pong / Fantes / Pane/Panetta/Panico Chief!!! Wow, it looks like God is pointing to a Bush scam(s) with Oliver North. Owls/HOWLs were important because Howells use more white towers, or the Thor/Tour towers in colors reversed, and so here we see once again that towers are pointing to Bush. The giant Oliver fleur-de-lys, almost the giant Bush/Busch fleur, has roses on stems stemming from it, and Bosco's are in the write-up of Rose's.

I've just learned that Scottish NORTons, who share the Thor/Tour tower, can link by their NAUGHTon variation to Hoddom of the owl-using Oldhams/Oltans. That's because Miss Hicks, who pointed to Hoddam, married Mr. Kilpatrick, while Kilpatrick castle is on the NITH river, where NITTs/Naughts trace because both were from Dumfries, the location also of Hoddam. Wikipedia calls it, Hoddom: "Hoddom Castle, the old Maxwell fortalice, to the south-west of the parish, was once part of the Scottish border defences." That explains why Kilpatricks use a "make" motto term while sharing the Maxwell/Makeswell saltire. The Maxwell Crest has a "holly BUSH." The Kilpatricks have Shera-like variations linkable to Shere's/Share's (Carrick dog) and therefore to the Schere's/Schare's/SCHERFs and Shops (Carrick dancette).

Recall how Pattys are in the motto of Sheldons (same place as Pattys), for the Patty Coat looks linkable to the Nitt/Naught Coat. Prescott SHELDON Bush (mother = Miss Sheldon) "adopted" George Herbert Scherff, the Nazified president of the United States. Pattys and Sheldons were first found in Worcestershire with Tower-loving Hills (share the Farmer / Bush fesse). Knob HILL Farms looks like one pointer to Rothschilds, one to Bush's, and another to Walkers. Hills are in Hull / Hall colors, and Hulls with Halls share the three dogs (same colors) of Allisons. Allison Bauer of Knob Hill Farms. It's interesting that Trade's (share Bush/Busch fleur) are said to have been at a Trothe location near Halle.

The "Industria" motto term of Walks (same place as Kilpatricks) is in the Arms of Rothschild. That motto term can be identified well for the Dusters (compare with Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'), and then Dusts/Dousts look like they can be of Brittany's Oust river, location of Baud. Scottish Bauds share the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants.

In the past few weeks, evidence was building that the dream with Miss Hicks is God's pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks, former Communications chief for Trump, and perhaps a mole in his administration. Why else would God point to her? I now find a motto, "I HOPE in God," in the Norton/Naughten Coat. "My" Miss Hicks was born Charlotte RENA Hicks as a pointer to Reines' and Reno's (i.e. Comet-Ping-Pong elements as God is defining them here). For the record: "The earliest reference to Hoddom is in a copy of an eighth-century letter sent from Alcuin to Wulfhard, 'abbot of Hodda Helm'" Hodds are listed with Hoods, perfect.

Ahh, I get it. Irish Nortons/Naughtens share three white swords with Aude's, but also in the colors of the two Tax/Dach swords. Aude is an area of France beside Narbonne, and we saw that Narbonne's share the North lion, thus tracing Nortons to a Narbonne-North and/or Aude-North relationship. The reason that I mention Tax's/Dachs is that I've mention Miss Naughten a couple of times, a sweet-looking young lady that I wanted to date, when I drove her home in my TAXi cab (but I didn't have the guts; taxi-driving takes away your self-esteem). I now think that God set that taxi drive up, because I trace Tax's/Dachs to Dachau, Hitler's headquarters for his Bavarian concentration camps. Isn't this pointing to the Bush's? The Arms of Dachau has a sling SHOT while Shots/Shute's have three swords in the colors of the Tax/Dach swords.

Wow, I've got to go where things lead, and Miss Naughten is leading to the 9-11 memorial, when I sat beside Miss Hicks on a night where God pointed to the Bush part at 9-11. For this discussion, I'm not going to repeat all details of the memorial, which you can find in the last two updates, and many before that. I remember that Miss Naughten lived on the Gamble sideroad in Richmond Hill. Gamble's share the giant fleur of Rench's, and the latter are a pointer to Ranch Road, also called the Leakey road by locals, where God gave an event between myself and Miss Hicks about an hour after the memorial ended. The Gamble / Rench fleur is that also of Leakeys and Hicks.

The additional point is when she said to me, "you can SCOOT over," when I asked if I could sit beside her (before the memorial event began)). In other words, she said yes, but that, if her daughter arrived, I could just scoot over to make room for her. The point is "scoot," for Scute's, probably a branch of Shots/Shute's whom we just saw with the Dachau sling shot, share the crane with Gamble's. I have read the Scute description; it is a crane. In the 4th update of September, 2012: "...important where a crane is used in the Gamble Crest..." The Scute Crest shares a stemmed rose with Schere's/Scherfs, Sherwoods/Sharwoods, Walkers, and Olivers. There is a stemmed rose in the beak of both the Scute and the Gamble crane, believe it or not, excellent evidence that God set up my taxi drive to Gamble road that night.

Olivers, hmm. Let me deviate a little. Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with SIMMs and Keiths, and the Keith-related KIMs/Kems (Keith stag head), said to be a Simon branch, and to have lived in the lands of Keiths, speak on an Oliver castle (on the Tweed river) of Keith SIMON. It looks like the line of Simon and Salome Boethus because Vaux's (suspect with Baux's/Bauds/Bode's) share the Solomon/Salome bend! Bingo. The hexagrams of Simms, in the colors of the Solomon/Salome stars, are now a testimony that Simms were Boethus liners. Jewish Solomons have a Chief like the Kim/Kem Chief, yet the latter use the Chief of the Thomas' sharing that Saluzzo Shield, suggesting that Salome's were of the Sales-like Salemans. The salesman in the yellow-BED dream applies here, doesn't it? The bed is God's code for Boethus', isn't it? Simms' even share a hand holding a feathered pen with Michaels.

[Later in this update, it's discovered that Kids share the Chief of Jewish Solomons. Do you see it? That's why the yellow-bed dream had a salesman. The Kid and Solomon Chief shares the stars of Morays, and the Moray motto happens to be, "TOUT pret." What are the chances that the Solomon/Salome stars are, by pure coincidence, in the Pret Coat? Salome Boethus provided a Herod (= Edomite) line, and, as I said, houseofnames had another Moray Coat showing once with a "DUM TIME" motto, suspect as Edom-Timna, Timna being the Biblical wife of Elaphiti-like Eliphas, son of Esau of Edom. This other Moray Coat used FETTERlocks, and Fetters happen to share the giant sun of Hesse's. This is new material here, and it's huge. Morays have FRESkins. What could Freskins have been?]

Note that Kims/Kems were kin of FRASers, PHARISee suspects. Simms share "Fortuna" with black-boar Rollo's, and PHARia is not far from the Elaphiti islands, where I trace Oliphants (share "tout" with Rollo's) having an Oliver-like Oliphard variation. It appears that Elaphiti liners were at the Oliver castle of Keiths. I trace "Keith" to the Cetina/Tilurius river, very near Pharia. As I must trace Keith Catti to the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, note that Hazels/Hessels share crescents on a fesse with Tillers (from Tilurius/Cetina river). Hesse's are also Hessels (Austria).

I see a Dachau link to the Nith river, especially in the holly bush of Maxwells. Hollys can be gleaned with Plunketts (tower), and the Herod, Plancia Magna, is in the Walker motto while Walks were first found in DUMfries too. George Herbert Scherff was secretly "adopted" by the Walker-Bush's. Plancia is of the Perkins who share the fleur of Walks, and the Hill tower is that also of Plunketts.

Scute's were first found in Lancashire with Towers, and Scute's even use a tower, in the gold color of the Patent/Padyn tower; the latter were first found in Dumfries with Hoddom. As Lancashire is where Furness' were first found, while Miss Hicks moved to Forney, I'm going to quote from Wikipedia's Hoddom article: "The twelfth-century 'Life of St Kentigern' by Jocelyn of Furness records that St Kentigern established his see at Hoddom." Jocelyns may be using the chaplet, and there is a chaplet around the buck's head in the Hick crest. Forneys were first found in Languedoc, which is the Aude / Narbonne theater. I think I'm only scratching the surface of what God intends here.

Aha! Jocelyns share the talon with Hixons/Hicksons, and show a "deVOIR" motto term while Voirs share the North / Narbonne/Denardo lion! Zinger. Oliphants, who share "Tout" with Hicks, and who love the Voirs in their motto, are suspect as a pointer to "Alefantis." The North-interesting thing is that the Oliphard variation of Oliphants is like "Oliver," and then while Hicks have a "bon" motto term, Jocelyns are said to be from Josceline de Bohon. Bone's, who share the Voir / North lion, apparently, are also Bohuns. Isn't that a pointer to Oliver North? Was he a Skull-and-Bones guy? Norths (Bush fleur) were first found in Sussex with Bone's.

Voirs are said to have been at Gripel of Vannes, and the Oust river near Vannes has a Josselin location. Baud is very near Vannes, and while Feins/Fane's/Vans are suspect in naming Fanano, the Arms of Fanano is also the fesse of Bodens (Boet roses?), Bode's and Boits/Boitou's. Feins/Finis' and Windows may thus have the same lion under discussion. Josselin is in Pontivy, which place I link to the Ponts/Ponds and CHAPman-beloved Ponders/Ponters. The Arms of Josselin has got to be the Montfort lion because Montfort is nearby. The double Montfort lion is in the Arms of Bohemia. CHAPLet-like La Chapelle-CARO is near Josselin, and JOSlyn-like JOSephs have a "charo" motto term. In the 2nd update of January, 2014: "...the Jocelyn chaplet..." I was able to read all descriptions at that time (webpage no longer active so far as I know). The Jocelyn chaplet has "hawks bells."

[I didn't know until an hour after adding the Fanano and Bodens to the paragraph above, days after this section was written, that English Bodens/Boydens have a "Contra" motto term. Lookie: "[Oliver North] was convicted in the Iran–CONTRA affair of the late 1980s..." Narbonne is in Aude, and the full motto happens to be: "Contra AUDentior." There is an Iran/Iron/Hiram surname from Raines-like Airaines, and Reines' are the Comet-Pisa liners. As per the mention of Skulls below, this may be a good place to say that the Wombwells in the Jump write-up have a version of the Skull Coat. End insert]

Look at the write-up of Irish Bohuns (Stick and Guth/Good Coat): "The surname Bohon was first found in County Cork, where Irish FIANTS show the earliest records of this surname." Did God arrange that to point to Fantes' (version of the Italian Oliver / Ping/Pong / Pane/Panetta/Panico Chief). Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's were first found in BONonia, land of the Boii who named Bohun-suspect Bohemia. Bone's/Bohuns are also Bohums (use a Coat like that of Skulls). The "animo" motto term of Norths can be for Nimo's, kin of Bosco-line Bois'/Boasts. Nimo's are NEWmarsh's/NEWmarch's, and NEWtons use crossed "shin bones," the skull-and-bones symbol. Amazingly, it's only after writing the upper parts of this paragraph that I came to the "COMITE" motto term of Schims/SCHIENs/Chands (branch of Skins), suspect with the SHINs in the Newton Coat.

And Schims/Chands even share "fortuna" with Boethus-liner, Schim-like Simms!!! WOW, look at that. I've been tracing "Boethus" to Boeotians for a long while, and the Schims were from Schimatari of Boeotia! That's the great value of having clinched Simms above with Salome Boethus. It appears that Simms were Simons who named themselves after a Schim-like surname that they merged with.

The Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants are those of Pettys for a related reason, and those particular Pettys have an Alefantis-like elephant in Crest. Did God arrange that, and why? Does Alefantis belong to satanic Rothschilds soon to break out in persecution against us? Poor Rothschilds, for when they do that, it's the end of their financial empire. Their wealth will go to the meek of the planet whom they despise. Why are they taking so long? Is God weakening them? Hope so. Is He setting a trap for them. Without a doubt. Bring out the singers.

British prime minister, Arthur Balfour, was a satanist in league with lord Rothschild of Britain. The "FORward" motto of BalFOURs (Fife, beside Sutys) is shared by Seatons, and the "hazard' of Seatons is shared by their Suty branch along with "Nothing." The Nothings (share green dragon with Seatons) are also NORTHens. Sutys were first found in Perthshire with Oliphants/Oliphards. Balfours link to Windsors by their otter.

Seatons, suspect at the naming of the Setta valley, the Bononia stomping grounds of Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's, had named Sitten, at Sion, and Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Jocelyns/JOSSelyns. The latter may have been a branch of Josephs. Chaplets share the swan of French Josephs (now showing a martlet). Bone's/Bohuns were first found beside English Josephs, the latter having been kin of Chaplet-like Chaplains and Caplans. French Josephs were first found in Maine while the giant Gamble fleur is that also of Demaine's (Maine). That drive on the Gamble road might just be indicating that the line of Joseph Caiaphas was at the Nith river with Naughtons. Nitts/Naughts (compare with Pattys) are suspect with the Raines lions, and Raines' with Reines' can be from the Reno river, where the waters of the Setta drain. Kilpatricks of the Nith share a green dragon in Crest with Seatons.

I've had the sneaky suspicion (for many months) that the Balfour chevron should be that of Forneys, but here I've found that Ferneys/Farmys (Farmer lion heads) were first found in Fife with Balfours.

When Miss Hicks said I could scoot over, God entered her sandals into the pointers, partly for Sands, an area near Furness. Plus, Sanders use more elephant heads. Here's from the last update:

But as I saw here walking down the center isle, God, I assume, caused me to get up from my seat, and walk to greet her. I asked whether she would like me to set up her video CAMERA, which I did. I then returned to her, saw an empty seat beside her, and said, "Is that taken?"

She said it was for her daughter, but if she arrives, "you can SCOOT over," she said...As I was stepping in front of her to my seat, I saw the soft-GREEN TOEnail polish she had on, and this allowed me to see her SANDALs too, which I remember. That's why I looked for a toe-like surname, coming to the Tows/Touch's with a GREEN lion. I also noted that Sandals have a GREEN cross. It took me a while, but eventually, I saw the pertinence in the Sandal write-up: "Further to the north in Scotland, John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius SCOCie, c. 1361 and was listed as an Englishman." I didn't know this in 2002, when I had set up her CAMERA! So, God wants you to know that He set me up that night beside her...

Look at how "Scocie" is like the Skeoch variation of Skits/Skeets, a branch of Skate's/Sheets/Skeets said to be from Scoot-like "Skjotr". Why would God want to point to this, which I say he pointed to in the Obama dream? I went on to say that the Camera/Cameron surname shares the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild. You see, God is pointing to the Rothschilds all over the place.

Recently, I've emphasized mythical Odysseus of Ithaca, and, hmm, here I find that the Bush's descend from Obadiah Bush and Harriet Smith, whose son, James Smith Bush (did not believe that Jesus was God in the flesh), died in Ithaca, New York. Harriet gave birth to James in Rochester in 1825, and the Mormon founder, who likewise lived in Rochester, was Joseph Smith, meaning that Harriet may have been Joseph's sister. Joseph founded the Mormon church in 1830. There was evidence that the Irvingites, who founded the Apostolic Catholic Church (1830) in Britain, were connected to Mormons. Irvings show nothing but holly.

Dettlers/Dutters share the flower design of Mattres'/Maistre's. The fact that Dettlers/Dutters were first found in Bohemia with German Michaels tends to support further my claim that God was behind my dream with Michael's kids jumping on a yellow mattress. Jumps share the stag head of German Trumps/Tromps, and the latter were first found in Pomerania with Dettler/Dutter-like Deeters/Teters and Dols. The latter share the fesse of Dettlers/Dutters. Dutch Tromps share the acorn with Bede's, I wonder why it took me so long to find this latter part. The dream had me ordering a yellow BED, and only afterward were the kids jumping on the bed's mattress. So, it appears that the bed was a pointer to Bede's in order to point to president Trump. Bede's are in Dol colors, and were first found in Brittany with ALAIN Bede. Bede's were at St. BRIEUX with Alan-like Helens.

[Here's two updates from now when looking up the surname of Mike Pence's former chief of staff; "I've looked up the Pitcock surname, finding both acorns and a "GARDE" motto term! Zinger. I've been saying for a while that acorn-using Dutch Tromps along with German Trumps/Tromps trace to Val Trompia at lake GARDA. German Gardners even share the vertically-split Shield of Pitcocks!"]

These Bede's must have eluded me. Or, at least, their link to Val Trompia, at Brescia/BRIXia, must have eluded me. Recall Helen's bare breasts in the last update, because Helens were near Brest, a line from Brescia. Recall how the chocolate on Helen's door knob led to Comet Ping Pong, for the Bede's have a REIGNER entity in their write-up, and Reiners are listed with comet-using Reines'. It was just as I suspected, that the kids jumping on the bed are code for pedophiles. Let's not forget that the Children surname has a bird in Crest that looks like the Arundel swallow i.e. Children link to Alans of Brittany too. However, the Schims use a similar bird to that of Arundels, and the Schim bird seems to be a dove, looking identical with the Kidd bird. The wing attachment to the body of the Arundel bird makes it not quite the same design. The Children design looks more like the Schim bird, making it uncertain whether Kidds and Children use swallows. I know for a fact that Lille's have a swallow, and the Swallows share the tree design of Kids so that I'll assume the swallow for Kids.

Watch and see how Bede's can connect with Bauds, the latter being the kin of Medals who were in-turn pointed to by the medallion on a hood. It was the topic at the outset of this heraldic discussion that tended to prove that Alefantis was a Rothschild: "Alain Bedel, a knight, is mentioned in historic documents. The members of the different branches of the family became the lords of la Reignerais, in the diocese of Saint-Brieuc, and the lords of Lairye and of Tertre, in the region of Vannes." Baud is less than 25 miles from Vannes. Helens were resolved with the Este horses, and Este is in the land of Italian Veneti while Vannes was named by the Brittany Veneti. It could appear that the Oust river was named after Este liners.

BRIEux got suspect in the last update with Bra, and that latter place is beside Monforte while Baud is near Montfort. The Arms of Baud has ten gold billets in the pattern used for the ten gold ones of Saltire's/Salters (Shropshire). On the Oust river, a Redon location the Arms of which has a ship in the colors of the ship of Balds. In fact, Balds and Redon share the same Chief-Shield color combination. As Bauds use a ship in the same colors, I assume that Bauds and Balds were branches, from the Bautica river, also called the BALTea. Balds were first found in Peebles-shire, same as Bauer-branch Bowers (five, bunched arrows, same as arms of Rothschild).

As was said, the "industria" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild is for Dusters while Dusts/Dousts is suspect as a D'Oust term for the Oust. And then while Dents use "industria" too, the Bald Crest is a triDENT. It appears that Rothschilds descended from things at the Oust. Rennes is near the Oust, and Raines' share the Rothes' lions. I think that explains it. The Oust begins in Cotes-d'Armor, tending to explain why Dusters share armored arms with Armors. Dusters share the bend of Rodhams/Roddens and Jewish Rothchilds/RODDENsteins, and thus appear to have named Redon at the mouth of the Oust.

As Rothschilds can be gleaned with the Rothes location of Scotland, where the first-known Pollock built a castle, it stands to reason that Fulbert, Peter's father, was in the Redon area. Rothes is at Moray, explaining why Armors share the stars of Morays. Fulbert is suspect with Fullers (beacon), whose three fesses are in the colors of the three pale bars of Redons/Reddens, first found in Roxburghshire with Pollock-related Maxwells. The Pollocks became a Maxwell sept via the Mearns kin of Maxwell, and the last update showed why Edith of POLESworth is linkable to Maxwells via Worths, but here it can be said that the Polworths (Berwickshire, same as Armors) share three piles with Mearns' while the Polworth piles are in the colors of the similar pale bars of Redons/Reddens. While German Belli's share the beacon with Fullers, Italian Belli's (six pale bars) almost share the three piles of Redons/Reddens.

Belli-like Baileys and their Baliol branch were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/Roddens, where I trace the swords of Pollock- and Roxburgh-related Aude's, and then the Oust is the Oud locally, perhaps not named after Este, but Aude of France, location of RoqueFEUIL, the term suspect with "FULbert." Thus, proto-Rothschilds were with proto-Rockefellers. Baileys share the Armor / Moray stars.

The horizontally-split colors of German Belli's are those of Bauds and Medals/DOUGALs, and here it can be added that DOUGLas' share the Moray stars, and were first found at Moray with Scottish Belli's/Bellys (share blue chevron with Armors). As we can see that German Belli's are linkable to the medallion on hood, it may not be a coincidence that GROCE's share their horizontally-split colors, for the medallion was found at the GROCery store. The question then becomes: why would God want to point to Belli's with that medallion? Is is only to help prove that He was in the event, or is there more?

Scottish Belli's/Bellys use a "PER" motto term, which proved to be that my pressing Miss PEARE's belly (see "belly" last update) was a pointer to Belli's/Bellys, and that they are in the "Bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with French Bauds. That's perfect for proving that God is pointing to Bauds with the medallion. The Auvergne's share the white tower with the Belli/Belly Crest. In the Belli/Belly Chief, the moor heads of Murano's, though Moray-like Moirs have black Moor heads too. The Moirs came up in the last update with Parents, whom themselves were a pointer both to pizzagate and to the Bush circle: "...the Parent write-up: 'By the 14th century they had branched to Chatelet near Paris, to Launay in Valois, to MOIRon in Soissennais, to TOUR in Forez, and to TOURNelles near Paris.'" The Tours share the giant Auvergne tower, and Towers/Tours share the Comet tower.

I'm about to serve evidence that the medallion points to Dick Cheney, so bear with me while I show how things are pointing to the Free Beacon. To prove that Moirs apply to the Belli/Belly moor heads, the Moir motto is, "Mediocriter," while the Bacon/Beacon motto is, "Mediocria FIRMa." The motto of Beacon-loving Fullers: "FERMiora futura." Finally, Armors have a squire's helmet, and Squire's/Squirrels have the motto, "Tiens FERME," while Tiens' were kin of Peare's.

Pointers to Dick Cheney

Two updates ago, God proved to me that the first president Bush was born a Mr. Scherff. The proof was from a dream starting with my RIDING a SHOPPING cart like one rides a skateboard on the side. I was riding the shopping cart down a HILL on a ROAD. It seems that the medallion at the grocery store, found when my groceries were in a shopping cart, applies to that dream's Bush-Scherff pointer. The Square variation of Squire's/Squirrels (Worcestershire, same as HILLs and Sheldons), as well as Shop variations, link well to the Schere's/Schare's/SCHERFs. The next scene, after riding the shopping cart, is where I was seeing a missing part on the door HANDLE of my Jeep, the same vehicle involved with the medallion. And Handle's do use the Moray Coat in particular. As was said: "Silesia is beside Moravia, and while Moray of Scotland was called, Moravia, the Handel Coat is the Moray/Murray Coat exactly."

The "riter" ending in the Moir motto may be code for Ritters/RIDERs, and as they almost have the horizontally-split colors of Beacon-loving Belli's and Groce's, there appears to be an allusion here to RIDING the shopping cart. The split Ritter/Rider colors are those of Comets too. Ridings/Readings share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs. (Just want to record that the "MELITae" motto term of Ritters/Rutters is like one of Ticks/Tucks.)

The "crie" ending of the Beacon motto looks like code for ship-using Cree's/Craths (could be of the Wrath variation of Rothes'), for Bauds use the ship, though I will say more on this momentarily. I did not know, when starting this paragraph, that the other Scottish CRIE's/Cree's/Craths, wow, almost have the Washington Coat, suggesting the Washington Free Beacon! It is a Republican news establishment suspect with an attack from never-Trumpers, where we could expect Bushites seeking to elect Jeb Bush. The "integrity" motto term of Cree's/Craths is like the "integitas" in the Arms of Rothschild, the Arms with the Baud / Medal/Dougal quadrants. It appears that God intended for the Cree's to be in the Beacon motto for this cause.

Is the lion in the Rothschild Arms that of Bos'/Bush's/Boschs? It could very well be, for Jewish Rothchilds love the Bosco-related Rose's. The billets of Bos'/Bush's/Boschs are colors reversed from the ten in the Arms of Baud (Brittany location), and Billets are kin of Bellows, both sharing the cinquefoils of Bus' (Norfolk, beside Bacons/Beacons) and French Bacons. German Belows/Bellows (Pomerania) share the double-headed eagle (both colors) of JEEPma's/Cheps, and the latter's hexagram is that also of French Billets/Billiards. Billiards/Hilliards share the Moray / Bailey stars so as to be connectable to Belli's/Bellys.

As Ping Pong pizza always seems to work into Bushite topics, I'd like to add here that the Crie's/Cree's/Craths share a version of the RIM/Rome Coat, and then the shopping-cart dream had me releasing a container (resolved as a BUSHel) onto its RIM. The Rims/Rome's (Dumfries, same as Hood-liner Hoddom) are the ones with a "Pungit" motto term, for the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs/Paganells. The latter's three bends are colors reversed from the same of French Cree's/Cressys. Can you believe this? The Beacon motto was ultimately responsible for this entry. Some of the Cree surnames are also Rays, and the three courant stags of Rays are in the colors and format of the three courant horses of Free's.

As promised, I had another ship to show aside from the Cree/Crath ship. The medallion (see photo) had four links of its CHAIN left, suspect as a pointer to Dick Cheney, though that's not been proven so far as I can recall. I don't recall checking the Dick surname, which is with Dyke's while another Dyke surname shares the red squirrel of Decks/daggers and Squire's/Squirrels. Can you dig it? The Dicks/Digs with the ship happen to share the double-red stars in Chief with the Baud-branch, ship-using Balds!!! The Medals/Dougals led to the Bauds, but here we are at Dick Cheney, are we not?

Dicks/Digs were first found six miles from the Roslin location of Sinclairs, and then the Sinclair cross is also the CHAIN cross. It's as though God wants to verify that Digs/Dicks apply to the chain of the medallion.

Hope Hicks started with Bush, and so I should add that "spes" may be a motto term shared by Hope's and Dicks/Digs for a God-directed reason. Hope's share a globe in Crest with the Carpenters (Suffolk, same as Beacons) who in-turn share the full motto of the Moray Belli's/Bellys. Zikers, I didn't realize until ending the last sentence that the Hope motto is the full Dick/Dig motto! The six Carpenter pale bars are colors reversed from the same of beacon-using Belli's, the ones with the split Shield of Groce's. Are you not impressed? It's only taken me a year or two to figure all this out about the medallion.

Recall that Bush's trace with Trade's to tributaries (Buzau and Trotus) of the Siret river, for that's at the Carpenter-suspect CARPathian mountains. The Squire-branch Sire's (share green snake with Austrian Schere's) come up as Sirets, but here we can add that the Siret was anciently that AGARus while the Hagar hexagram is the same one as per the JEEPma's/Cheps. To boot, the Austrian Schere's share "ears of wheat" with Chappes'/CHEAPs, the latter first found in Stirling with Scottish Bauds, yup, the kin of Medals/Dougals. I know that sounds like a jeep shot, but there you have it. The vertically-split colors of Austrian Schere's are even those of Gore's and Bauds (but see Tarves' too, for Chappes-suspect Chives' were first found there).

French Chappes' share the Moor head with Stirlings/Sturlings, Belli's/Bellys and Bello-loving Bouillons, and the first grandmaster under the rule over Jerusalem of de-Bouillon's brother (BALDwin, yup, that's right) had married Elizabeth Chappes. Things can't get much clearer than this.

Why do we suppose the Schere snake is entwined around a "stick"? Because, Sticks are from/of Astikas' of Vilnius, and the Sire/Siret Coat is related to the Arms of Vilnius. The Oust river even enters Vilaine, where tower-liner Plunketts were first found who are of the "magna" motto term of Walkers, the latter suspect from Wallachia at the Siret river. It works, don't fix it. The black eagle in the Schere Crest, suspect with the ACHELous river, location of Astikas-liner Astakos, can be the black one in the Crest of the Arms of Rothschild. The Astikas-connectable Chandos' (of the Kyle candleSTICKs) share the single pile of black-eagle HAGELs. The Candle's/Kentwells share the annulets of Magna-loving Walkers, and the latter might have a green snake in its Crest with a white tower. Rose-loving Belli's/Bellys share a partial, white tower in Crest with Walkers. If Carpenters are from the Carpathians, Belli's can trace to the Buzau with Bush's.

This gets interesting where OPgalli is suspect with Galatians at Galati, a location about 35 miles (as the bird flies) from the mouth of the Buzau. Opgalli can be to the Hope surname (DERBYshire), sharing the globe with Carpenters. And the ships we've been seeing may all be, or at least may be linkable to, "galleys." We might consider "Baud" from the namers of the Buzau.

Between the Trotus and the Buzau is a RIMNa river, where I trace Benjamites of RIMMON, and then Benjamins were first found in Norfolk with Bus'. A comparison of the Benjamin Coat to that of the Roxburghshire Walsh's/WALCHs can convince you that Benjamites were in Wallachia. Benjamins and Walsh's/Walchs share gold annulets with Walkers. George Bush married Laura Walsh (a sort of Testimony of Bush's guilt?). French Benjamins share the bear with Trade-suspect Trots, and the latter's six pale bars are half the six of Carpenters. I discovered that "Rimmon" named the Romans, and for this it appears that Rimna-like Rims/Rome's are from the Rimna river.

Next, I think I've got to tell the dream again where I was purchasing carpenter glue to put into the wheel bearings of my car (yes, instead of grease). I had the car up on four jacks in a PARKING lot of what I assumed was a car-repair place. I found myself on the MontaCUTE's as per the "acuta" motto term of Carpenters, and then the Cute's have a white greyhound head in crest while the white Glue dog head, though it looks like a Labrador / talbot, is said to be a greyhound. As Glue's share "sine" with Julian-liner Gulls and Gullys, it appears that Julius Caesar was from Galati, for his mother, Aurelia Cotta, traces with Cotta's to the Cotesii on the Buzau. This trace of Gulls and gully to Galati is made more compelling where MontaCute's have a "reGULa" motto term, tending to assure that the Carpenter motto touches upon Montacute's.

From the Montacute write-up: "Montaigu-Les-BOIS in COUTance" There's more evidence that Montacute's linked to Buzau liners. Lookie at the Cheney write-up: "The family originated in 'Quesnay (Chesnay), near COUTances, from which came De Chesneto or Kaineto in England.'"

French Bois' (Brittany) may have the Trot bars as fesses. The three Bois fesses are in the colors of the three pale bars of French Sturs (more roses) and Scottish Walkers, which are almost the six Trot pale bars. The three Bois fesses are those of the Hampshire Sturs/STYRE's while Nimo's, first found in STIRlingshire with Bauds and Cheaps, love the Bois surname as Boasts.

English Bois' may have the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion, and their write-up is marvelous: "De Bois-Herbert who were barons of Halberton, Devon..." Dick Cheney's HaliBURTON (!) was in the Middle-East / Iraq with Bush's 9-11 scam. Conrad BLACK (formerly the owner of the Jerusalem Post) is a Montague/Montacute liner. Blacks share "Lux" with BURTONs (same tree as Kids and Smollets?), who in-turn may have a gold version of the Glue dog head because Burtons are traced to Drago de Bewere while Montague's have Drago de Montacuto in their write-up. This "coincidence" may be God's evidence that this dream too is pointing to the Bush-Cheney criminality. The Bois/Boast Coat is even a version of the Cheney Coat, and Robert de Bois is said to descend from Buckinghamshire, where Cheneys were first found.

Haliburtons, sharing the black boar with Bush's, use a "MAJORes SEQuor" motto while Cheneys use "FATO pruDENTia MAJOR." I stumbled over Doths/Duthie's earlier in this update, who have a "FATA seCUTus" motto phrase and the same lion as Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. Recall the "PER ACUTa" of Carpenters, for the Feets/FATE's share the martlets of Pavia's (where Pero's/Pierro's were) and of Wolbecks; the latter's three lozenges are those also of Reno's/Rhyne's and Montacute's. French Lannoys: "They were to become Princes of RHEINa WOLBECK and Princes de Sulmone." Wolbecks were first found in Nottinghamshire with Bearings, and the carpenter glue was purchased for my wheel bearings. Doths showed up when I accidentally misspelled a surname (left out the 'r') like one of Trade variations.

Rance's are also Rhynds, making Reno's suspect from Vrancea. The black wings in the Montacute crest can be those of Fulks, important where FOCSani is a location between the Rimna river and VRANCea. The English-Bois lion is in both colors of the RANCE/Rand lion, but there is more, for God pointed to 9-11 at the Ranch road in Camp Wood, and the Rench's (Cambridgeshire, same as Cute's) share a version of the Polly/PolWHELE Coat while the English Bois (WHEEL) are said to have been "the counts of Breteuil, sires of Poilly,..." Poole is near the mouth of the Stur. In the dream with carpenter glue, all four WHEELs were off the car as it sat on four blocks in the Parking LOT. Lots use another dog head in the design of the Glue / Burton dog head, and the Lot Coat has the double-headed Worth eagle suspect with POLworths. Haliburtons were first found in Berwickshire with WHELE's/Whale's, and the latter may have the Bois lion. Whele's/Whale's have a Coat reflection of the Keeps/Keepers, whom I view from Kiev, home roughly of the ancient Budini, the possible or even probable proto-Bauds.

I'd like to mention that while the presidential Bush family attended Yale, Yale's, first found in Denbighshire with Glue's, share the saltire of Carts, recalling the shopping cart that proved the Bush adoption of Mr. Scherff for nefarious reasons.

I can't find any of my files verifying that the Hope Crest is called a globe, but as globes are suspect with the Golpiani, namers of GOPlo, it appears that HOPE's are a branch of those peoples, also called, GOPlans. German Gobels probably have the Bush/Busch fleur. Glue's are also Cloughs/Cluffs, which, along with Glove's, I can see as terms from "Golp."

Food Basics and the Torney General

Months ago, I learned of some indication that Lorraine's bus stop (see last update) was a pointer to George Bush, especially the Bosch's with the "tufts of grass," because my last night with Lorraine was due to the grass stain on the butt area of her pants when coming back to her place with a married man (I was waiting there for her). Then, after telling convincingly over the past two weeks or so that God chose a babe symbol for Lorraine for some important reasons, I found, in the last update: "Bushers/BOSCHiers, first found in Dorset with Babe's". Today, just a few minutes ago, I ventured to check for a Basch surname, and there is one, with roses, Bosch-important because Bosco's are in the Rose write-up. I then re-loaded Bushels (share water bouget with Rose's), to find this: "the Old English word busshel and would probably have been used to describe one who made bushel-baskets." After a decade of doing heraldry research, I know that write-ups like that often place kin secretly in the proposed definitions / derivations. I therefore loaded Baskets: "The surname Basket was first found in the Isle of Wight and Dorset..." So, you see, Baskets are likely a Basch branch of Bush's/Buschs.

The BasKITT variation gets interesting where Kitts and Kite's are almost in Basket colors and format. One Kitt-like Kidd surname seems to share's the swallow of Arundels yet it's in the design of the Children bird, and while Kids/Kidds have the Chief-Shield colors combo of Saluzzo's, Alice of Saluzzo married FitzAlan of Arundel. And that's a good reason for seeing BasKITTs from Busca, beside Saluzzo. Here's the Arundel write-up: "The family name derives from the western branch of Somerset, DORSET, and Wiltshire, where they held about twenty lordships during the taking of the Domesday Book in 1086."

Wikipedia reports that a Saluvii peoples may have been the Salyes Ligures. The latter are suspect with "Saluzzo," and Saluvii-like Sullivans share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs (share spread eagle with Baschs). The Boths/Booths (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/Buschs) share the black boar too, and the Bothwell Coat is the Linch/Lynch Coat while the Arundels have this: "Linchmere [in Sussex] was held as of the honour of Arundel, by William de Perci..." Linch's (likely Alans of the Lang type) are in the colors and format of Kitts and Kite's.

The ARUNDel motto term, "hiRUNDine," has just revealed to me, for the first time, that Arundels are Vrancea liners of the Rance/Rand/Rynd kind, for Runds ("fragRANTior") are listed with Rinds (Perthshire, same as Cluns). Rance's even use the Bos/Bush/Busch lion, exposing an Arundel-Busca merger. This recalls a Rance river passing about 10 miles from Dol, home of FitzAlans, though they lived also in Clun of Shropshire, explaining why the Clun Coat is exactly the Saluzzo Coat. One can see how "Saluvii" can become "Salop," the alternative name of Shropshire, and this made Salop suspect with the Selepitanoi Illyrians, at lake SCODra, where I trace Scotts who use a version of the Rund/Rind Coat. Lissus is at the southern side of where Selepitanoi are placed on maps, and Lise's/Lys' share the courant greyhound with Scott-branch Scotts/Scougals.

The Rind scallops are shared by English Mallets, and French Mallets happen to be Malo's while Saint-Malo is a location at the mouth of the Rance river. The Arms of Saint-Malo has an ermine wearing a SCARF, and we know now that the presidential Bush's were from Scherffs.

As Vasto's ruled Saluzzo and Busca, we now take it to Fasts and the "Grip fast" motto of Leslie's, for the latter have a buckle-on-bend version of the Rund/Rind Coat, and while the latter use the Mallet scallops on their bend, French Mallets/Malo's use buckles, which are for a Buckle location near the Rothes castle of Peter Pollock. Two Peter surnames share the bend in the colors of the Rund/Rind and Leslie bends, and it's known that Pollock's Rothes castle went to Leslie's by marriage with them.

Now the Fast quadrants are those of Bauds too, who are from the Bautica river, home of the Arduinici, from the Ardiaei Illyrians on the north side of the Selepitanoi. These Ardiaei married Doria's, and the latter's eagle is that of BASCHs too. The latter came up because the medallion was found on the hood of the Jeep at Food BASICs (grocery store), where I happened to be shopping (I don't always there). Pretty amazing, isn't it? It's as though God is verifying a pointer to Bush.

The Medals/Dougals share the Baud and Fast quadrants, and the Hoods share the Baud crescents. The bend-with-crosses of Fasts has always been suspect with the bend-with-eagle's of Lorraine's. I'll now turn to Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine because there is a modern Bar location smack where the Selepitanoi are marked on maps. I want to know if God is pointing to Bill Barr, who was the attorney general of president George Herbert Scherff. But how do I even start to include Bill Barr into things even if the Hicks dream pointed to the bar area? There has to be more than things like that.

Is there an Attorney or General surname? No and no, but I just did find Torneys, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, in almost Food/Foot colors and format, big hmmm. The Torneys even use three black bulls as do Beautys/Bowoods, and God gave Miss Hicks a Seeping BEAUTY symbol, for when I heard the voice telling me to wake her up, I thought to kiss her awake like Sleeping Beauty. Plus, in the dream, when I first saw her close-up (from when she was at the hood in the distance), I said, "she's beautiful." I've mentioned these things many times before. Beautys/Bowoods were first found in Dorset with Babe's and Bushers/Boschiers, which is, wow, beside the Bills (same place as Roets) who share the Chief-Shield colors of Roets, and, wow, get a load of this, I remember that the crossed items in the Bill Coat are called, "WOOD bills"!!! The BOWoods look like they were merged with Woods, yet they show signs of being a merger with Bows/Boughs who happen to share the full Roet motto! It looks like God just provided a way to point to Bill Barr using the hood at Food Basics along with the Miss-Hicks dream. I am amazed, because I know how unlikely this paragraph could have made it to topic, but here it is. Wild! And just look at how TORneys can be of Tower / Tour liners who are already pointing to the New-York World-Trade towers.

What I'm trying to say is that the paragraph above would never have made it to print if the links involved were not compelling, because the claim that the Hicks dream could point to Bill Barr is a drastically-wild endeavor to prove off-hand, and yet there it is on my first attempt starting with attorney-like TORNeys. Two updates ago, I began to wonder whether God might be using the Bill surname to point to him, and it had been said: "A pointer of Bar-le-Duc (Lorraine) to Bill Barr might just be why God uttered "what a babe" at my Lorraine." But I didn't know that Torneys share three black bulls, in the same position, as the Beautys/Bowoods of Dorset. And God gave Lorraine a BEAUTIful Feet symbol while you just saw Foods listed with foots who have a good reflection of the Torney Coat.

Plus, to make the Torney-Foot link harder, TORNs/Turins (definitely from Turin, Italy) were not only first found in Aberdeenshire with Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's, who likewise share the Torney chevron, but share gold boar heads with Roets. Moreover, the Feet/Fate "FOOTless martlets" are in the colors of the Torn/Turin boar heads, and while Fate's are in the "Fato" motto term of footless-martlet Cheneys, the latter's 'pruDENTia" motto term looks linkable to the "AuDENTes" of Torns/Turins. Besides all of this, the Torn/Turin bend is shared by Lorraine's.

But there is more, so keep in mind that Torns/Turins came to topic with Torneys, and ask again whether God provided them to link well to Torneys via Food Basics, for Turin is near CHIVASso while Chives' of that place were first found at Tarves, in Aberdeenshire with Torns/Turins. Then, as you saw the Medals/Dougals sharing the BAUD quadrants for a related reason, we now tell you, staggering, that Chivasso is on the BAUTica river!!! Zikers, that's not a "lucky" strike, but more like Intelligent Design!

But there is more. For while the Lys river is a Bautica tributary, the Lys river of France is near TOURNay, where Childeric's family ruled France, and the Child eagles are on the Lorraine bend. But there is yet more, for the Chives' were from Lissus (i.e. beside the Selepitanoi in Sleeping Beauty), and the Lise's who share the Babe pale bars are linkable to the pale bars of LIZarts/SARDO's, who were traced recently to the SARTHE river, which has a source very near Argentan. The Torney write-up: "The Tournay estates were originally at Tournay-Sur-Dive at Orne in the arrondisement of ARGENTAN in Normandy." It's got the same name as Tournay of Hainaut, where Childeric ruled / lived.

Added proof that Bauds and Balds trace to the Bautica/Baltea river is the saltire of Baldrics, shared with Nagle's/Nails who apparently named Oneglia, where Arduinici lived (where they married Doria's), yet the Arduinici were at Ivrea on the Bautica too. Moreover, the Baldric Coat is split vertically in the colors of the same of Austrian TURNers, and Turin is near the Bautica. German Turners use the tower as well as sharing elephant trunks with Thors. (For what it could be worth, the Turner tower is in the colors of the Pellican and Howell towers).

Two updates ago (5th of March), I had suggested that my giving away my one, surviving duck to a Bill character might be a pointer to Bill Barr, because Ducks can be traced to Bar-le-DUC. German Ducks/Duckers have fessewise BARs looking linkable to the bars of Cavetts, from the Cevetta river at Cavii-like Ceva. That's the Cavii from Lissus. Luis of Ceva was mother to Alice of Saluzzo, and the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors are those also of Bills. One can't make easy links like this in heraldry even if you try, for there are 30,000 surnames all with vastly-different symbolism, colors, codes.

Picardy is where Parents were first found who share the quadrants of Jewish ARENs/Aarons, linkable to the FitzAlans of ARUNdel (named after Arun), the CHILDren-related ones who married Alice of Saluzzo. Launays were first found in Picardy too, and Parents are the ones said to have "branched to LAUNAY in Valois...Tour in Forez, and to TOURNelles near Paris." As Childeric's son, Clovis, moved the royal residence to Paris, Tournelles looks like a Tournay element. The Parents share stemmed roses with Schere's/Scherfs (they made it to the door-handle dream), and almost have the fleur of German Bush's/Buschs. The Parents came to topic with Cindy's parents, one of which was my pastor, and Pastors have a version of the Bos/Bush/Bosch Coat.

Two updates ago: "I'll let you decide whether God would want to prove that the door handle was a pointer to BILL Barr where Bills share the Chief-Shield colors of Barrels. The enigma is that Barr was appointed attorney general many years ago by Bush Sr., and here the first part of the door-handle dream is now proof in my eyes that he was born a Scherff Nazi." The missing part in the door handle was said, in the dream, to be in the shape of a barrel. Barrels use the Saluzzo Shield but with someone's white dog head.

I left the topic one day at the Miss-Hicks dream, when talking about her being at the hood of a car. The next scene was her facial CLOSE-up, suspect with the Close's/CLOVSE's (like "Clovis"), from Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle. Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick. I left the topic at the hood, then went to town and found the medallion on the hood of my Jeep. But let me tell you that, the scene after her close-up, I was standing right beside the DOOR of the car, and this door, and possibly the door handle too, must have is a pointer to the Daorsi Illyrians, who lived amongst, or beside, the Selepitanoi. It is therefore Food-Basics suspicious that Basch's share the Doria eagle, though the latter has two background colors, one half a giant black-on-gold eagle, the colors of the giant JEEPma/Chep eagle. That works. Daorsi were also, DAVERsi, and Davers happen to use a jay while Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels.

I always link Davers (Suffolk, same as a Diss location) to Diss'/Dice's (possibly from Issa of the Ardiaei). Both are in Arthur colors and format, and Daorsi lived on the Neretva river with Ardiaei Illyrians. The Diss'/Dice's are mentioned because DICK Cheney is pointing to Dicks/Digs/Dyke's/ Diss'/Dice's have a gold version of the Tarent Coat, and the latter's is a colors-reversed version of the Child Coat. When the English Bush Coat was showing with a red fesse, the Bush eagle's were in the colors of the Diss/Dice eagles. I almost missed it: Belgian Dyke's share the Coat of German Bush's/Buschs, looking like God's work to link Bush and Cheney.

I've now got to repeat that Diss'/Dice's (Norfolk, same as Rove's) are also Deise's, the name of an area at WATERford (Ireland), that being suspect with the water bougets of Bushels (share the hurt with Irish Arthurs). The Arms of County Waterford has a "Deise" motto term, and is suspect with the stag head of Trumps. I'm just wondering whether this is telling of a Trump-Barr-Cheney-Bush partnership.

Wow, I have just realized that the Salesman surname was first found in Surrey with Michaels (Salesman colors). In the yellow-mattress dream, it was Michael's kids who were jumping on the bed, after I asked the SALESMAN about an item on a sheet of paper. Jumps share the Trump stag head. The reason that I looked Salesmans (probably Saluzzo-of-Cuneo liners) up just now is that they use a Coat form of Cheneys (Cuneo suspects) but with the Bush eagles. How does that easy link happen without Intelligent Design?

After Miss Hicks was at the hood, she was hovering over the seats, asleep, and a voice told me that its me she loves, and to I should wake her up. When she awoke, we were embraced, RISING into the sky together. I resolved her being asleep as a pointer to Sleeps, first found in Salop, this being from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians, at Bar, and near rising-like RHIZON. The latter location is smack beside Kotor, where Wikipedia's Saraka article has Saraca's living before they moved to Ragusa. The dream with Miss Hicks started with a Saraca-like shark and a bullDOG.

By what coincidence were Torneys first found in Shropshire too? Is the Hicks dream now pointing again to Bill Barr, Trump's AtTORNEY General? Risings/Risins were first found in Norfolk with DICE's and Rove's. Reminder: Dicks/Digs share the double stars in Chief of Balds, and the ship with Balds and Bauds, these latter being the surnames pointed to by the medallion at Food Basics, and it's the Foods/Foots who tend to prove a link of that event to the attorney general, who could very well have had a close relationship to Dick Cheney and Carl Rove. The Dicks/Digs proved to link to the CHAIN of the medallion for being first found in Midlothian with Sinclairs (share the Chain cross). The Sinclair cross is shared by BALDers of West Lothian, and by Chain-like Conans (Aberdeenshire, same as Food-branch Fothes'/Fette's).

As you can see in the photo of the medallion above, there are FOUR, even FIVE, links remaining on the chain. There are four links of the chain left, and one more link to where the chain attaches. The amazing thing here is that BalFOURs (share black chevron with Foods / Fothes') were first found in Fife! The Five's/Fifys are a branch of Fife's, both sharing the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion, which is red, the colors of the Angus lion. Angus is beside Fife, and the Angus Chief shares the two stars in the Dick/Dig Chief. It looks like more Intelligent Design, like the Ancient of Days laying a trap for some of the most detestable schemers on this planet at this time.

Five's/Fifys were first found in Aberdeenshire with TORNs/Turins and Fothes', which recalls that the Fothes chevron is in both colors of the TORNey chevron. The Five / Fife lions are in the colors of the Semper lions, and while the Five/Fify Coat is linkable to the VIVians, the Arms of L'VIV (Ukraine) has a "Semper" motto term. The double lions in pale of Sempers are colors reversed from the two lions in pale of Barr-related Brunswick. Criminal Ukrainian collusion is now in the news, and the medallion shows the inscription, "SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA". The Pere/Peere variation of Sempers looks linkable to the "oPERA" motto term of Fife's.

The "FORward" motto of Balfours suggested the Fore variation of Forez'/Forests; the latter happen to have a "travers" motto term while Travers/Travis' are very suspect with the namers of Tarves, from Treviso/Tarvisium. (For the record, I've just spotted Mestre about 15 miles from Treviso, about 80 miles from lake Garda. Mestre's are listed with Mattres', suspect with Masters, and then the Meschin scallops are shared by Travers/Travis').

Back to the sharks of Ragusa. As Wikipedia thinks that "Ragusa" means "deer," though I do not think so, I traced the Mallet deer to Melita, near Ragusa. And we saw the Mallets above, probably the namers of Saint-Malo, where there was a scarf. The Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf, and while Traby married Astikas' of VILnius, the Rance river (Cotes-d'Armor) to Saint-Malo flows almost along the border of ILLE-et-Vilaine. As Ragusa was called, LAUS, I realized one day that the Arms-of-Saraca fish was part of the design for the fleur-de-LYS, which has a central part of a lily that still shows what looks like a fish, with tail at the bottom. In order to prove the theory, I needed to find someone's curved fish to explain why the outer sides of the lily look like curved fish, or even dolphin heads at times.

I don't recall how long it took, whether weeks or months, but I came across the two, gold, curved fish of the Barrs of Brunswick, and the article at which they were found led to the Arms of Bar-le-Duc, with two white, curved fish in both the colors of the Saraca fish. Just a lucky strike? I don't recall whether I already knew that Bar is near Kotor, but the nearby LISSus location egged me on with this theory, for Lys' were Lisse's too (I assumed that Lissus elements named Laus at Ragusa).

Next, I set my sights on anyone's fleur-de-lys in the white-on-blue colors of the Saraca / Bar fish, and the first to come along were the ones of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs (the latter have two fleur twinned). Just a coincidence? I now think God set that up to make a Bush-Barr link.

Much later, years, I found the Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys in the Coat of Ragusa-like Raggs/Ragges'. That settled it. I had discovered that the fleur of France was earlier the Saraca fish, which should explain why fleur-de-lys are used by the Fish's, and why Fishers look linkable to Rose-loving Butts/Bute's/Boets (share fish on a fesse with Saraca). Kotor is right beside BUTua (now Budva). Fish-like Vis/Issa was, for a time, an Ardiaei island, not far from Ragusa.

It's notable that stag-using Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex with the Downs who have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head. The latter's, in colors reversed, could be the blue stag head of Stage's/Staggs, who share a cross between antlers with Stacey-branch Eustace's and Vise's/Vice's. Stage's/Staggs (Devon, beside Vivians) share the chevron of Vivians and Five's/Fifys.

The medallion was found at FOOD Basics. There is a Food surname listed with Foots, a branch of Fothes'/Fette's. Recall how the medallion topic led to Rothschilds and their "industria" motto term, for that's the whole motto of Fothes'/FETTE's. Why wood God point to Fette liners at Food Basics? Because, I assume, the "fato" motto term of Cheneys (share gold martlets with Feets/Fate's) is for Feets/Fate's. Foods point to Cheney, and Basic-like Baschs to Bush.

The minute that God gave Lorraine her beautiful-feet symbol was when she got the babe symbol. And we saw Babe's first found in Dorset with Bushers/Boschiers, where Baskets were too. Baschs were first found in Prussia with Trade's who in-turn share the Bush/Busch fleur under discussion. Here's from two updates ago which happens to include Lise's:

Lorraine was given beautiful feet as her symbol, and God showed me that this was connected to the blond hair of she and Kepke, which surprisingly pointed to the foot in the Crest of Blonds. Kepke is Lorraine-connectable Lawrence, which is why I was pointing out that they both had "sun-bright" blond hair, as I put it, a moment before finding that the Blond foot is inside or on a sun. We saw that Laurens are said to be from "Laurence," but let's now add that the Lise's sharing the double Lauren chevrons are also FEETers, is that not wild? Yet there is more, for at the very instant that God impressed me with her beautiful feet, He must have caused Michael to blurt, "what a BABE" when he first saw her. I was walking right by him when he said this, with Lorraine a small distance away. The Babe Coat, it turned out, share six fessewise bars, and a sun in Crest, with Blonds, yet the point for repeating this here is that English Babels (gate, Kid-linkable) share the six pale bars (same colors) of English Lise's! Whammo, there's your evidence that God has orchestrated the Lorraine events with me.

I've just realized that Foods/Foots are in Blond colors probably because Blundville's are known Meschins while Foods/Foots (Cheshire) have been resolved with Ranulph de Meschin-Gernon, the second Meschin ruler of Cheshire. Gernons use a "cyFOETH" motto term.

Bar-le-Duc and Lorraine are at MOSELLE area while Meschins use a version of the MUSSEL/Muscel Coat, and, zowie, as Bars of Bar-le-Duc were at Brunswick, how about Gernons sharing the double lions in pale of Brunswicks. It gives the impression that Meschins were of the Lorraine's. Masci's (use the fleur of France) likely named Meschins, and CHILDeric (first French king) was around the Lys river and lily-like Lille of Artois while CHILDs share the Lorraine eagle. The medallion event pointed with Bauds to the Bautica river, which as a Lys tributary in the land of Saluzzo-like Oust-like Aosta (Baud is near the Oust).

Gernons lived at MontFIQUET, and Fiquets are also Foot-like Fiots. This can be linked to Cheneys / Feets/Fate's by way of the Gernon home in Birch (Essex) and Birches (Cheshire), for Birch's (Masci fleur) have the motto, "Prudentia simplicitate,' sharing "prudentia" with Cheneys. It is my impression that Birch's are kin the Comine's and Comets, from John de BURGo (the line of Birch-like Berks/Burghs) of Conteville and Comines, the line to Meschins. Cindys/CUNTys share the cinquefoil in the Arms of Comines. Variations of Cindys have potential to reveal Conte's as Kennedys.

So, with the medallion linking to Lorraine's feet symbol, and Lorraine linking to Bush's, that makes sense. But why? What am I saying, that God named FOOD Basics so that he could point to Bush's and Foots/Foods simultaneous with a pointer to Dick Cheney? I dunno. What about "medalLION"? The Medals are DOUGals, and Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with the Lions/Lyons (share green lion with Lorraine's), right beside the Bauds. Plus, Dogs/Doags share the cinquefoils of Bus' while I met Lorraine at a bus stop. This cinquefoil is colors reversed in the Arms of Comines, and Comine's (Arms-of-Cheshire garbs) were first found in Norfolk with Bus'. The Courage's in the Comine motto share the Coat of Birch's (Essex, same as Courage's) in different colors, and Courage's happen to use the fleur of Perkins, so beautiful because Plancia Magna was at Birch- / Burgo-like Perga, while Perkins use a "Simplex" motto term while Burch's use "SIMPLiciTATE." I've always suspected Plancia elements at lake TATTa, location of Perth-like Perta.

Now I think I have a better idea why I claimed that a Masci liner from the Italian hometown of my Masci-line mother took a photo of me and his wife beside the birch tree at my parents' place. I had suggested that it was a set-up by God, but I do not recall knowing at those times of the Gernon-branch Meschins at Birch locations. It appears that this is tracing Meschins to Plancia Magna, but let's repeat that TATTons (Cheshire, same as Birches) are said to have married Massys while I have a Taddei great-grandmother.

The photo at the birch tree was taken with Franca (the wife) kissing me on the cheek. Italian Franca's were first found in Piedmont with Masci's (share the Birch fleur). But I can see that both German Franks (Bohemia) can apply here, for one of them shares the TATE saltire, and the other shares the column with the Piedmont Pelosi's/Pilati's. Stick with me here.

The Pilati-like Pilate's were at Burgundy's Mont Pilat, one of the peaks of which was PERDrix, now tracing very well to Perta. Burgundy is where Sire's/SIRETs were first found who share the green snake with Birch's, a snake I trace to the Marsi snake cult (Angitia) in the area of my mother's hometown i.e. where Franca was from. Marsi were at AVEZZANo, the line to AVESNes, near Comines, which one can prove where Comine's share the AVISON Coat. It was the Comine motto that led to Plancia-liner Perkins.

The Sire/Siret lozenges are those also of Bricks (Massey fleur), likely from Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of the first Meschin, father-in-turn of Ranulph de Gernon seen above. Gernons were at MontFIQUET while Fiquets/Fiots, having lozenges in colors reversed from those of Sire's/Sirets, were first found in Burgundy too, along with Pilate's and Boii-like Boits/Boitou's (share Fiquet lozenges). The column of Bohemian Franks goes to Malcolms/Columns, who love the Petits in their motto who were in-turn first found in Kent with Petts/PERTs (mascles, code for Meschin liners). The Malcolm/Column stag heads are those of the PERThshire Celts/Colts, who in-turn have the Pilate pheon in colors reversed because Perthshire is from Perdrix at Mont Pilat.

Mr. Briquessart was a count of the Bessin, home of the Baiocasses, suspect from the Boii, namers of Bohemia. The Birch / Masci fleur are in the Chief of the Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's (Bologna, same as the Boii), kin of Comet liners and their Ping/Pong kin, the latter beloved by Rims/Rome's from the Rimna river at the Siret theater. And while Franca's husband is August, there was an Angusta location, likely Augusta originally, on one of the Siret tributaries, the Trotus, I think. "Angustis" is the motto term of Cabbage's (share Food/Foot chevron), and Plancia-liner Planque's/Plants use cabbages. The Rimna river is smack-near FOCSani, which got suspect above with Fulks. Plantagenets were Fulks, beautiful...except that Plancia was a Herod, not so beautiful.

Trots were first found in Birch-like BERKshire, and Berkshire's share the Coat of Tatta-like Duttons (Tatton quadrants), which has frets (part mascle), code likely for FERTE-Mace's Masseys/Maceys.

The Bush's traced to that Buzau / Rimna / Vrancea area, and the English Bush's/Buschs once showed their black fesse in red, in both colors of the August fesse. Perty amazing, isn't it? The Augusts share eagle's legs with Brays/Brae's, suspect from Bra, smack beside SAVIGliano, where column-liner Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found. I see the Savage's, whose Coat is that of Eagle's in colors reversed. Eagle's are from the Achelous, location of Astakos. Did you STICK with me? The Sire's/Sirets trace to the Arms of Vilnius, and that's the home of Astikas'. The Sticks use a black version of the Comine Coat.

More. The Cliffs/Cleave's (wolf-version of the Bush Coat) say they married Styche's (Shropshire, same as Meschins) are suspect with Clavers/Cleavers (version of the Meschin Coat), who share the black key with the Arms of Comines (Bus cinquefoil in colors reversed). Clavers/Cleavers (Norfolk, same as Bus' and Fulke's) share the PLUNKETT tower, wherefore "Claver" is from GLAPHYRa Archelaus, the ancestor of PLANCia Magna. Plunketts were first found in Vilnius-like Vilaine, and they share the tower of Opgalli-suspect Hoppers. Opgalli was another descendant of Glaphyra. Hopper-like Hope's were first found in Derbyshire, a place from Derbe, near lake Tatta. German Hope's are also Hoods. Hoppers were first found in Durham with Maccabee-suspect Smiths, the latter sharing the Perkin fleur.

Glaphyra married Herod, which is how he got the Archelaus surname. This Herod was at the Lyon area. The medalLION on the hood at your service, for Bush's use the black boar, symbol of Edom, and Herods are known Edomites. Bush's / BUSHERs are suspect from BOZRah, the Edomite capital. That's a great reason for tracing Bozrah elements to the Buzau, for the Siret must have been from the Seir Edomites. Esau was the grandson of Abraham, and the latter's concubine was HAGAR. The Siret was the AGARus. Hagars were first found in Perthshire with the Dogs/Doags (Bus cinquefoil), like the Dougals who come up as "Medal." Hagars share the hexagram of JEEPma's/Cheps, and the medallion was on my red Jeep, the color of Edom.

I had finished all I wanted to say, when I started to find the other surname, besides the Justine's, who use a gold border, because the Basch's have a gold border too. Justine's are a part of the Sire / Vilnius bloodline. Justine of Picenum married the son of Gratian, and so I showed in the last update that Gratian-like Greats share the gold border with Justine's. And so i was eyeing the Basch Coat to see whether I could see any evidence of a linkage to Greats, but I could not, though just as I was about to forget about it, a songline played in my speakers, "how GREAT is our God" (that's the name of the song too).

Why should Baschs be from Gratian's line? Well, Baschs came up as per "Food BASICs,' and Valentinian, Gratian's son, was the namesake of Valence, near Lyon, tending to explain why the Valentin squirrels are in the colors of the Lyon lion. The MedalLION at Food Basics. The wings of Bushels are likely of Vinkovci, Gratian's home. Wings/Winks (same place as Justine's) share the Hagel pile for a trace to the Achelous. Bushels figured into the door-handle scene, of my Jeep. I was just singing, dum-t-dum-dum-dum to a song without lyrics, and then saw the "Dum" motto term of Bushels, suspect with "Edom."

Recall first that Savage kin are from the Achelous area of proto-Astikas. Savage's are also Sava's while Gratian was living near the lower Sava river. Then, I'd like to say that Justine's (Pilate colors) share the erect sword of Mochs, first found in Burgundy with the Perdrix peak, and with Sire's/Sirets (Squirrel branch). It just so happens that I trace Mochs to Mokissos, near the northern shores of lake Tatta, and therefore near Perdrix-like Perta. Justine's were first found in PERTHshire with Lyons. Mokissos is on the Halys river, where I think the Halybes were who smack of Eliphas, son of Esau, and husband of a woman from Seir.

Halys-like Haleys use three boars in pale (vertical, erect) in the colors of the Moch sword in pale. Scottish Mochs use a SCIMitar while SCHIMs/Schiens/Chands share the Haley boar head. Their Skene branch have three erect swords.

Scottish Mochs share the CRIE/Cree/Crath Coat exactly, and Crie's came to topic with the motto of Bacons, a surname suspect from Bacau on the northern side of the Trotus river. My best shot at locating Angusta was at the Trotus, and here one can add that the Crie / Moch Chief has three of the two ANGUS stars, suggesting that Angus was named by Angusta's Romanians, Trypillians, or Moldavians. Scottish Mochs even share the August (and Rim/Rome) fesse.

Angus is beside FIFE, suspect with L'VIV on the Bug river of the Nahor-suspect Neuri. Nahor was Abraham's brother, and the Bug is not far from the Siret/AGARus river. Bugs share the water bouget with Bushels and Rolphs (Norfolk, same as Bus'). Scottish Mochs have an Esau-like "esse" motto term, and share "esse quam videri" with Scherff-like Sheriffs. D'Esse Court is in the write-up of English Ash's ("omniBUS") while German Ash's have the triple chevrons of Waters in colors reversed while Bushels have WATER bougets. Assi's are Justine kin.

The connection between the Halys river and the Siret is similar to the connection of Galati on the Siret with Galatians on the Halys. Galati is where the Siret meets the Prut, and the latter was anciently called by such names as the "Paratus" motto of Swords (three swords in the colors of the Skene swords).

The Basch/Besch/Bisch surname is shown properly as "Beschefer" and similar variations. Bos/Bush's/Boschs come up as Bischs too. As the latter have a Coat version of French Pastors, the Spanish Pastors might have the Basch/Besch eagle. The Basques of Spain come to mind...creating the theory that they were Edomites. As Spanish PasTORs use the tower, the endings on their variations may indicate a Pas-Tour merger, though this tends to indicate that Pas liners were Bush's/Boschs. Evidence of this is where Rollo's share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs while also have a "passe" motto term that gets the PASCals, who were at a Moch-like Much location.

Aha, the Pasi's share the crossed spears of Speers (Rollo boar heads in colors reversed), and Bushels have a motto, "Dum spiro spero."

The Buschels/Busshells/Buschers (Austria) were just found with almost the fleur of German Bush's/Buschs.

The Yellow Bed Unraveling

While on the Lille's ("SeDULo") in this update, I noted again how they can be a branch of Ille's/Ile's, only this time it was put together with Dol in ILLE-et-Vilaine. Ille's are the Ylleys too, like the Yelley variation of Yellows, thus revealing why Michael's KIDS / CHILDREN were jumping on a yellow mattress / bed. Zikers, God was pointing to the namers of Ille-et-Vilaine, and so I want to say first that Boets share the Alan fesse. Then, Boet-like Bede's (Dol colors), in the colors of Boits (share Dol fesse), were first found in Brittany! Wow, what flappy, smelly thing have we got here by the tail? Boits look like Boii, the namers of Bohemia, and German Michaels were first found in Bohemia. Scottish Michaels share a hand holding a black feathered pen with CarLYSLE's/CarLILE's. It looks like God knows what he's doing in dreams. Can the deep-state stooges do things like that? I think it's about time to pound the daylights out of the stooges.

With the yellow bed looking above like it's a strong pointer to Ille-et-Vilaine as well as to Joseph Caiaphas, the suspicion now is greater than before that the yellow bed was a pointer to ILE-de-France, where Mattres'/Maistre's were first found with Lys'/Lise's, Chappes' and Levi's. Ile's/Ille's/Ylleys might even have been Lys variations. Lille's are also LYSle's. In other words, God may have provided the yellow mattress to assure that the Mattres' were being pointed to, and from there one can bounce to Joseph Caiaphas from Cavii elements at Lissus. After all, Caiaphas got suspect in the ancestry of LAEVillus, king of Cetis, where I trace Kids. It's likely that Caiaphas was of the Boethus house of Sadducees, and Bede's are probably a Boet branch. The ACORNs in the Bede Coat are from Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee.

Poitou-like Boits have a "repROCHE" motto term, and the POITvins of Poitou have what looks like a rock, in the colors of the double rocks of Roque's (Languedoc, same as Roquefeuil). Irish Roche's/Roach's almost use the Boet fish. Looks like we just hit Rockefeller bedrock. Aha! French Roche's (Burgundy, same as Boits/Boitou's and Mathis'), share the moline of Chives'! Excellent. Zinger, the yellow-mattress dream was a pointer to Caiaphas liners through Roquefeuil.

Roque's share "vero" with Baud-related Bouillons. French Bauds are also Bode's, and German Bode's/BOEDe's (Brunswick, same as Rothschilds/Roddensteins) have a clear version of the Boit/Boitou Coat (both use roses). Jewish Rothchilds share the Jay bend with roses, and upon the Poitvin rock is a jay. The Rothchild bend is also that of Rodhams/Roddens, suggested also by the bendwise arrow of Rothschilds/RODDENsteins.

Alans of Dol liked the Walter name, and German Walters (Silesia) have a reflection of the German Michael Coat, yet the Walters use the Dol fesse (and probably the Voir lions). English Walters have a bend in the colors of the Yellow/Yelley fesse. The hexagrams of German Michaels are the giant one of Walt-like Vlads/FLATTens, and the first-known, direct ancestor of the Dol Alans was FLAAD. Perfect. Heraldry doesn't lie; only the guardians and managers of public heraldry do.

English Walters trace to a Walter of Lorraine in some relationship with a Saxon Edith. Lorraine is the location of Bar-le-DUC, and it just so happens that Ducks/Duckers and Alan-related Velens and Velins were first found in Westphalia with Vlads/Flattens. The latter's Coat is essentially that of Goths/Gothels (Gothelo was duke of Lorraine), first found in THURINgia, part of the Torn/Turin / Torney/Tournay line. In fact, Childeric of Tournay married Basina of Thuringia. This makes the gold hexagrams of Walters linkable to the same of the Thuringia Talls. Childs share the Lorraine eagles.

Edith in the Walter write-up recalls Edith of PolesWORTh's link to Worths. The latter share the black, double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/CHEPs, yet the latter add in the Michael / Vlad/Flatten / Goth hexagram. We are on Joseph Caiaphas' Jeep line here, aren't we? There is a CHEPstow location in Monmouthshire, beside Magor, the latter suspect with the "mago" motto term of English Josephs because the same motto has Vlad-suspect "wlad." Chappes'/CHEAPs share the ear of wheat with the Crest of Yells (share a black fesse with Yellows), but let's add that Yells were first found in sheet-like Shetland with Assi's. The latter's fasces must be code for the Fieschi of Genova, suspect with the Feschs who have two swords in saltire while Assi's have one sword in saltire with their fasces. The Fesch swords were linked to those of Tax's/DACHs, right down the Duck/Ducher alley, I sense.

Watch. There was a salesman in the kids-on-mattress dream. I've just checked Solomons, wow, to find them as the Salome's/SALAMANs, yet the Jewish Solomons share the Kid Chief!!!!! Wow, that's what God pointed to. That's why there were kids. Solomons/Salome's are suspect from Salome of Boethus de Herod (as I call her). They share the stars of Ducks! Zinger. As those Ducks can be gleaned with the Bos/Bush/Busch lion, let's add that German Bush's/Buschs were first found in Rhineland with Solomons/Salome's, and that the red-fesse version of the English Bush/Busch Coat has all three colors (gold on red on white) of Solomons/Salome's.

The Salesman/Salian Coat shares the Ghent eagles, colors reversed from the eagle of Doria's, first found in Genova with Fieschi. In the dream, I walked into a shop or store that I thought was a fake retail store, and so I tested the SALESMAN, pointing to order an item on a SHEET of his PAPER. The salesman said that I was pointing to the yellow bed. Thus, the sheet now looks like a pointer to Shetland's Yell location. And the English Ducks above were first found in Norfolk with Sheets/Skate's.

It's more than interesting that Papers (carNATIONs) use a reflection of the Vivian Coat, which recalls how the four and five links on the medallion's chain pointed to Dick Cheney in multiple ways. God knows, from the Rockefeller-pointing event he provided in Crystal City, that I know the Nation/Nathan Coat well, that it has a bend in both colors of the Yellow/Yelley bend. Therefore, the sheet of paper was Intended as two pointers to related subjects. It's a good bet that the pierced heart of Nations/Nathans (Rothschild kin) is that of Ducks/Logans. Also, English Ducks (suspect with Bos/Bush/Bosch lion) share the Coat of Vivian-related Fife's; this is the one with the full Bos/Bush/Bosch lion...which is why the three, same-colored lion heads of Ducks (same place as Bus') should be of Bos'/Bush's too. What might this mean if God is pointing to Bill Barr with Bar-le-Duc? Recall the ducks of Sheldons who married the father of Prescott Sheldon Bush.

Ducks/Logans pierce their heart with nails while Nagle's/Nails were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duchers and Vlads/Flattens. Yet Nagle's named Oneglia, where the Doria's of Genova married the Arduinici of the Bautica river. It seems clinched that Yellows/Yelleys and Ille's/Ylleys were at Yell of Shetland, home of the raven vikings that included proto-Rothschilds.

I now recall that in the Obama dream (he owned a billiard hall), I was taking a shot on one of his billiard tables, but the cue ball was a FLAT piece of PAPER (on the table) that I had to turn into a paper plane before I could shoot it. That now looks like a pointer to the Papers and Vlads/Flattens together. Lookie: Flatts/Fletts were first found in the Orkneys, part of the domain of the raven vikings (the Stouts in the write-up of Salesman-like Cheneys), and right beside Shetland. How did that happen? Vlads/Flattens were not first found anywhere near Shetland, yet Flatts got us there. At the beginning of the dream, as i have said many times, all the billiard tables were covered in a single, L-shaped black SHEET. It appears that Obama was/is in cahoots with certain Rothschilds. Might the BILLiard tables be code for Bill Barr?

Why are the footless martlets of Cheneys colors reversed from the one of French Josephs? I am very open to the Bills acting as a pointer to Bill Barr, and the Bill pelicans are code for Pellicans, the latter first found in Maine with Billiards/Billets (wow), and with French Josephs. Could this mean that the sheet over the billiard tables is Bill Barr covering for the Obama stooges? I saw no evidence of anything disturbing the sheet. The L-shape was suspect with Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general, wow. Will Barr now look at Lynch's files? Hoping. And what about the files of Eric Holder? Hoping.

Pellicans use a giant tower in the colors of the three Howell towers. Howells were first found in Monmouthshire. Repeat: "There is a CHEPstow location in Monmouthshire, beside Magor [Monmouthshire], the latter suspect with the 'mago' motto term of English Josephs because the same motto has Vlad-suspect 'wlad.'" I have always suspected that the Owl/Howl owls are in the colors of the Joseph martlet for a related reason, and so there's one way to serve evidence.

The Flotts use a version of the Flatt/Flett Coat, both looking linkable to the Food/Foot Coat, which might reveal that Flotts had been Fiots / Foots. The Cheneys use a "major" motto term, and Footes is a location of Guernsey, home of Majors. There we see another Cheney link to the medallion-on-Jeep at FOOD Basics. Yet here we need to add that the medallion was on my hood in relation to the hood of Miss Hicks, for her hood led us to Hoddom, which is in the write-up of owl-using Oldhams/Oltans. I now recall the event given by God when miss Hicks came to take my hands in church (not a dream), and prayed for me. After church that morning, I walked out to find a FLAT tire on my van. Hmm. Fane's/VANs were first found in Monmouthshire with Owl-like Howells.

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS! Our pastor one day announced that we would have an outdoor church service, where we would have a cowboy theme. So I got on my white cowboy hat and cowboy boots for this event, but when Miss Hicks arrived with her husband, she was not at all dressing the part, and the thing that came to my mind overwhelmingly was how she looked (not her face, but her attitude) like Mrs. HOWELL on Gilligan's Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you know Mrs. Howell, she was a spoiled, rich woman. That's how Mrs. Kilpatrick looked that day, trying way too hard. She never the Mrs-Howell impression at any other time, just that one day. I was nice and greeted her with, "you look colorful today." When the pastor started the service, he commented on my cowboy hat, that I had put it on backward. It was cute, just reminding the people that this outsider was no real cowboy. I tipped my hat, and Miss Hicks laughed. The Hats (Dorset) might be using chaplets, the Hicks symbol.

It wasn't until ending the last paragraph that Colors were re-loaded. I had forgotten that they use a heart pierced with arrows, roughly the Nation/Nathan symbol. "You look colorful today." Does this mean that Howells were Nathan liners? Were the Howells on Gilligan's Island a spoof on over-rich Rothschilds?

As was said, the day she took my hands in church, we both wore green. I had a green shirt under a checkered blazer. The checks were very small, green and black, the colors of the LINKletter checks. I don't know any other surname with checks that color. It had floored me to find that Linkletters (more ducks) were first found in Orkney with Flatts, which convinced me that God gave me the flat tire on that day. Is this another pointer to Loretta LYNCH? Isn't a hood a cover? Miss Hicks' hood led to Hoddom, of the Holder-like Oldhams. Wasn't it Holder's and Lynch's job to cover for Obama? Of course. Holders were first found in Gloucestershire, beside Howells.

WOW! Linkletters were at Sandwick, and the Sandwick Coat is a version of the Dunham Coat! Aside from the number of indentations in the dancette, the Coats are identical. After I took the pool shot with the paper plane, I was instantly in the backyard of the billiard hall, where Obama was dancing. I took that to be part of the proof that God set the dream up, because his mother's surname, Dunham, uses a dancette (it's in the colors of the Holder dancette). Dunhams were first found in the same place as Sheets/Skate's, and immediately after his dance, he was SKATEboarding up a ramp. In the dream, I instinctively knew he owned the billiard hall with an unidentified partner, and as I pegged the partner as Loretta Lynch, this Linkletter cascade to the Sandwicks may be verifying the correctness of that idea.

Linkletters and Lynch's are likely from LYNCestis, in Macedonia / Paeonia right beside Pellican-like Pelagonia. These location are near lake LYCHnidus, the line to swan-liner Licks/Locks and Lochs/Lokens, who look linkable to the Ducks/Logans with a heart pierced by nails. I'm writing this only because I looked up Looks, listed with Licks/Lucks (pelican). I said to her: "you LOOK COLORful today." What did Colors have? Amazing, it is not?

On that day with the dark-green blazer, I wore a tie for the first time to that church. When the pastor asked people to get someone to pray with, I suppose she liked me dressed up, and came over (God must have had this arranged), with her husband standing there (32 years older than she, she married money at about 20 years of age). And she grabbed my hands to pray, and I lifted both our hands up a little higher as she started, because I thought this was to be my God-given, future wife. One Tie surname is with Dutch Thigh's, and this goes to Tease's/Tyes', who happen to have been first found in Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans, the ones who share the arrow-pierced heart with Colors. Amazing, is it not.

Blazers use a version of the Kilpatrick Coat, but I didn't know that when Mrs. Kilpatrick came to pray with my blazer. I've said it before, that I remember the shoes I wore that day, brown-leather Dockers. Ducks/Duchers are also Dockers.

Blazers share the crescents of Yells, in case that applies. And it can, for Yells link to Flatts/Fletts (beside Yells) while my vehicle got a flat tire while I was in church with her, because it was not flat when I went in (at least not fully flat). I think God gave me a flat while she was HOLDing my hands. Flatts were first found in organ-suspect Orkney, and "organ pipes" are used by Letts/Late's, first found in Gloucestershire with HOLDers. I think that means something, because Letts/Late's share black stars in chief with Tie's/Dye's, and the latter have got a reflection of the Yell Coat. I wore a tie that day for the first time.

I can add to this, wow. The Yells share the Stick garb, and as I said, my tie had musical clefs on it. It's not a tie design suitable for church, but that's what I wore, a birthday gift. Cleffs are listed with Cliffs/Cleave's who married Styche's! Is that not funny?

I trace the STOUT vikings of Shetland, Orkney and Rothesay to STUTTgart, on the Neckar river (Germany). There are Rodham and Rutherford reasons for tracing the "nec" motto term to the Neckar. Holdens/HOLDINGs use "nec" twice. She was HOLDING my hands when I was getting the Orkney-pointing flat tire. The Tire's are obvious MacDonalds ("Per MARE per Terras"), sea-farers in the Scottish Isles that included the Orkneys. The MacDonald ship is used by MARE's/Mere's and DeMere's (both from Cheshire, same as Hands), and Demere's are suspect in the "temere" motto term of Holdens/Holdings, because the latter's motto is used in full by Cheshire's Buckleys, a branch of Buckle's now suspect at a Buckle location near Rothes.

It's possible that God was pointing to Irish Hands/Lavins with her holding my hands, for they have a good Coat reflection of the Lett-like Leiths while Letts are the ones with ORGAN pipes. The only problem is that Miss Kilpatrick didn't smoke a pipe, so what's with that? WOW, if i had mentioned the following before, i had forgotten. Lookie from the Hand/Lavin write-up: "The Hand surname name is derived from the Gaelic Laimhin, a reduced form of FLAITHimhin. The Gaelic word "flaith," means 'prince or ruler, but this name has sometimes been mis-translated as 'hand.'" There's my FLAT tire!!! Hilarious. God likes to surprise me.

You can find my tie / blazer story for three updates straight starting in the 3rd of September, 2018. I've checked all three for "Flaith," but it's not in any.

On Gilligan's Island, Mr. Howell (played by Jim Backus, the voice for Mr. Magoo) was Thurston. While Stouts are shown properly as Stows, Thurstons ("Esse quam videri") were at a Stow Suffolk, where Owls/HOWLs were first found! It's as though God set this up to assure that I was correctly interpreting Miss Hicks as Mrs. Lovey Howell. In fact, the Howell towers are colors reversed from the Pellican tower, itself in the colors of the Tewkesbury castle, and a Hicks family married Arthurs (pelican) of Clapton; the same Arthurs of Clapton can be found online as having married Tewkesburys and pelican-using Meads. THURstons look like Tour liners, and, in fact, Thors/Tours use the three Howell towers in colors reversed.

[Insert, April 27 -- Here's from a Politico article of April 22: "The federal judge overseeing the case against former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig has revealed the existence of...In a scheduling order Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson disclosed that a dispute relating to attorney-client privilege was previously submitted to Chief Judge Beryl HOWELL and could arise again as the government proceeds against Craig in the case stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe." I thought that was interesting. End insert]

I deviated a ways from the original topic of Michael's kids jumping on the bed, as it led to Walters and Vlads. The amazing thing is that Michael is married to a sister of a wife of a Vladimir from the Ukraine. The Kid-interesting thing is that the hexagram stars of Michaels / Vlads are in the colors of the Kid stars while the upright Kidd goats look linkable to the upright ram of Bouillon-related Bauds/Bode's. As Michaels share the Goth/Gothelo hexagram while Gothelo was the great-grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, it appears that the yellow bed links to the Bouillon line, excellent because Michael was resolved in other ways (he was in two more dreams) as a pointer to emperor Michael I Rangabe while the Arms of Rangabe shares the Bouillon flory cross, though on a different-colored background. The Jump stag heads, in Rangabe colors, are code for Stage's/Staggs, the line of Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon.

Rangabe's were Byzantines who had Varangians of the Ukraine in their service, and Melissena Rangabe (Michael's granddaughter) even married Inger, one of the first-known Varangians. Vladimir was one of the Varangian kings. That's why it's amazing that Michael of the dream married (yes, in real life) the sister-in-law of Vladimir of the Ukraine.

Repeat: "Scottish Michaels share a hand holding a black feathered pen with CarLYSLE's/CarLILE's." In colors reversed, the Bouillon flory is red, the color of the Carlisle flory. Carlisle's were first found in Cumberland with Ducher-like Dockers and Daggers. Ducks/Duchers are themselves Dockers. So, thus far, we have followed the yellow-mattress dream from Gothelo and Walter of Lorraine, and now bumped into Bar-le-DUC elements. I'm mindful how things in this regard can point to Bill Barr, and once I'm familiar with pointers to him, I'll try to guess or learn whether God has indicated whether he is our friend or the friend of the Bush deep state. Even if Barr goes against the Democrats, it doesn't necessarily mean he'll go after Bush-circle corruption.

I have loaded English Randolphs many times. Either I never read the description, or it's new since last I read it. It was loaded above while on Dunhams, because I know that English Randolphs use their Coat. I had speculated and then insisted that Scottish Randolphs were from Ranulph le Meschin, and here I now find this in the English Randolph write-up:

Randulf (died 1129), also named Le Meschin, Earl of Chester was the son and heir of Randulf, called 'de Brichessart' (from Briquessart, his family seat), hereditary vicomte of the Bessin in Normandy. However, his position and name was historically in dispute. "According to Dugdale, he came over with the Conqueror, and received the city of Carlisle, of which he became earl.

That tends to prove that Obama's mother, because she was descended also from Randolphs, was from the namers of Dunham-Masci (Cheshire), likely the entity that named le Meschin. I assume that Briquessart's wife (a Conteville) was a Masci. She was the sister of Hugh Lupus, and Lupus' Wikipedia article once said that he had an alternative name, "Flaith(e)." We saw that term in the write-up of Irish Hands/Lavins, and, zikers, they share the red-on-gold lozenges in the Arms of Thomas Randolph!!! Wikipedia has yet to remove those Arms from his article, miracle of miracles. The write-up of Hands/Lavins, as it explains the terms, looks like cover-up garbage. I now claim that their Flaith term is from the family of le Meschin's Conteville side. This can explain why the Flatt/Flett and Flott Coats look linkable to the Foots whom I always link to le-Meschin's son.

Take a look at the Tire write-up apparent code work: "One legend has the Clan-an-t-Saor (Children of the Carpenter) arriving in Lorne in a galley with a WHITE COW, another says that the GALLEY, set adrift, developed a leak below the water line and the MacDonald Chieftain placed his thumb in the hole to keep the boat aFLOAT. " The Flatt-branch Flotts are Floats too, and I was given a FLAT TIRE, as though God knew of the Flatt-Tire relationship. The Tire's are a MacDonald merger, and the MacDonald motto loves the galley-using Mare's/Mere's (Cheshire, same as Hands) and galley-using Demere's, the latter like the "temere' motto term of Buckleys who use white cows (almost).

However, I think the white cows is code for the Cows variation of Cuffs, who, if I recall correctly, have a baton in Crest. One Baton surname shares the bat with Scottish Randolphs. Battins/Badens were first found in Somerset with the Bath's who in-turn use the cross of bat-using Randolphs (Moray). Cows'/Cuffs share the Coat, roughly, of the Cheshire Sales'. As I trace Sales' to Saluzzo, where the rulers were Vasto's, note that Fists are FAUSts, and then see the Cows/Cuff write-up: "...'Cuffe' through mistranslation, since the Gaelic word 'dorn' refers to 'a FIST.'" It looks like lying code. "Dorn" can be for a line from "Durance," the river of the Salyes Ligures. Dorns use a bend in the colors of the Cows/Cuff bendlets.

I'll bet that the Tire myth once had the story cutting off the hand instead of the thumb. Recall that the man put the thumb in a hole to stop the leak. It continues: "Spotting help at a distance, he cut off his thumb so that he could wave." I see heraldic wave from Cheshire's Weavers. In Roman myth, proto-Massey Mucius cut off his right hand, and this resulted in Massy liners using left-hand / sinister features, like the left-rising bends of Masci's, Massena's and Rasmussens...and German Dorns. Funny that. Dorn-like Darrins and Darwins both share bends with bendlets with Cows/Cuffs ("AniMUS"), and while Charles Darwin was the nephew of ErasMUS Darwin, the Erasmus surname is listed with Rasmussens. Rasmussens can be gleaned with the bends of Pepins (share camel in Crest with Darwins) and Weaver-branch Webbers (wavy bars).

Note how "Darren" is like "Arran." The latter term traces very well to Airaines because MacAbbe's were first found in Arran (beside KinTYRE," the namer of Tire's) while Airaines is near ABBEville. These are locations in Picardy, and someone on the Cevetta river at Ceva is suspect as the Progenitor of Picardy's Cavetts. Might they have been at Airaines? Here's the Darrin write-up: "Hence, conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Arraynis..." I assume that's Airaines. I always forget how Alice of Saluzzo was related to Montferrats, but the latter put out the Vasto's, and had a member, RAINier, now suspect as naming Airaines. That's the comet-using Reines', isn't it?

Dorns are said to be derived in "thorn," more garbage. Thorns, traced in their write-up to a thorn bush (stinking liars), use a version of the Bush Coat when is has a red fesse, and Busca was ruled by Vasto's too. Plus, Thorn-like Turin is nearby. Torns are listed with Turins/Thurins. Sales' are Salletts too, and the Salto river of Italy is beside the Durance- / Turin-like Turano river. The "spinis" motto term of Thorns looks like code for a branch of Sabine's / Sabina's, because the Salto and Turano flow along mount Sabina. The Sabines of that area were Safini to Italians, and the Safins/Savona's were first found in Somerset with Thorns.

The Hoods and Bauds can play into this, for they share the crescents of Spine's. Bauds, remember, are from the Bautica, near Turin. And Somerset is where Leavells were first found, said to be from Yvery, like the Ivrea location on the Bautica. Plus, the Sabina's/Savarys/Savards share the Coat of Hope's while German Hope's are Hoods too. Lookie: "The Spineys were originally of Spine Villa or Epineville of Scine in Inf in the arrondisement of Yvetot, and held lands in Feltwell in Norfolk and Cloughton in Warwickshire." Feltwells, whom I'm not familiar with, share the double lions in pale of Jewish Levi's. The Arms of Yvetot has WEAVER's shuttles.

The Cloughs are listed with Glue's, yet I've always said they look like Glove's. As Sabina-suspect Spine's were at Cloughton, it doesn't look coincidental that the three crescents of Glove (version of Spine Coat) are the white ones also of Safins/Savona's, in the format of the three Spine crescents. Recall my dream with carpenter's glue, for it can be for a Glue-Carpenter merger, and the Tire write-up hints that Carpenters were involved with their thumb-in-ship-hole theme. I've just found Thombs/Thoume's/Thomeys with a ship. Thoms are listed with Thomas', suspect with Thomas of Saluzzo for all sorts of reasons since talking about Tire's. Was Thomas Randolphs from Thomas of Saluzzo? Masci's were first found in the area of Saluzzo. That works.

Thomas Randolph was the son of MARJory/MARGaret Carrick, and Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with Margys/Mackeys, who share the raven with Thoms/Thomes'. If those are two spears in the Crest of Thoms/Thomes' (share dancette with Dunhams), they are like the two in the Dunham Crest. I'm guessing that the Thom/Thomes dancette is that of Wests, whom I see from Vestalis of the Cottians (off the VIU river of Piedmont, same area as Saluzzo). I see Wests ("VIE") as a branch of Wessels/Waistells, and the latter use the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire. Thoms/Thomes' were first found in Cornwall, while Cornwalls (Devon, same as Wests, Hoods and Tours/Thors) use the raven too, but probably call it a "cornish CHOUGH" (as do Hoods), which recalls the Cows/Cuffs. The other Cornwalls use the Levi-suspect motto, "La VIE DURANTe," which shares "vie" with Wests.

English Durante's (Durance-river liners) share the fleur-de-lys of Sales' and Cows'/Cuffs, and throw in the West / Thom dancette in colors reversed. English and Scottish Durants were first found in Warwickshire with Spine's (and Spoons). We saw Spine's with a version of the Glove Coat, and Cows/Cuffs are said to derive in glove makers. There's the liars for you, lying but using their lies as codes for kin. French Durant have a ship. It looks TURano-meaningful that Italian Durants share the French TOUR tower. Glove's were first found in Perthshire with the Dogs and Cluns, the latter having the Saluzzo Coat.

The Thor/Tour write-up: "The Sire de Tour conquered Cameys in Wales and became the Lord Marcher of South Wales. His sons either took the name FitzMartin or Tour, sometimes Tower. He built the Benedictine Abbey of St. Dogmael's and, of course, his great Castle at Newport..." There is a Newport location on the Isle of Wight along with a Cows-like Cowes location. There is a Cowes/Kow surname (pennants, probably the Julian cross). The father of Thomas Randolph was Adam Kilconquhar, who is in Adam/CAW surnames, and Mackays are Caws too. Margys/Mackeys (share arrow with Scottish Adams) are likely from Adam's wife. It simply means a Macey-Cuff merger, yet what were Cuffs from? Caiaphas? Maceys use gloves, and Cows'/Cuffs are said to derive in glove makers. Were Glove's a variation of Cows' or Cowes?

Recall that WHITE COW in the Tire write-up, now looking like code for Cowes of Wight. Margesons/Mackesys almost have the "Loyal" motto term of English Wights/White's. That's how this game is played, taking the secret codes and using it against the big mouths. The English Wights love the Deaths/Darths in their motto codes, and Deaths/Darths share the Glove crescents. Meschin-line Gernons and Margesons/Mackesys share a black lion with gold collar in Crest. The Mackesy motto term is "LoyaLITE," and Lite's/Lights are probably in the "Lighter than air" motto of Airs/Ayers (Carricks were first found in AYRshire).

As Mackays were first found in Sutherland, the gold-on-red Adam/Caw stars are likely those of Sutherlands (said to be the Moray stars), and also those of the Moray-beloved Prets/Prettys. But, zowie, we can also identify these stars with those of German Solomons/Salome's/Salaman, for Jewish Solomons share the Moray stars in Moray-star colors. We are now on the salesman-Kid entity that God has pointed us to. This allows us to identify the Pret/Pretty lion as the Gernon lion, excellent. Michaels (Meschin kin) share the hand holding a feathered pen with Carlysle's. Until seeing the write-up of English Randolphs, I didn't know that Meschins ruled Carlisle, and I'm only now learning that Meschins were up-front and center at Annandale. Reminder: Morays share the Mason/Massin merMAID, which may be part-code for Cheshire's Maids/Mauds/Molds, who share a version of the Monmouth Coat (glove-using, Macey-related Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire).

I can add that the Gernon / Pret/Pretty lion is that also of Roberts and Propers/Robins/Roberts (Cheshire), which tends to explain by the royal Bruce's were Robert Bruce's. As per Meschins in Carlisle, see the English Adams/Caws: "Adam son of Adam was one of the witnesses to the charter by William Bruce to Adam of Carlyle of the lands of Kynemund, c. 1194-1214..." The Bruce's (from Annandale) here should explain why Adams/Caws were first found in Annandale, and why their cross is in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire. Annandale is near Carlisle.

This is a good place to remind that Kids use an "impLEAT" motto term while Leats/Leish's share the lozenges of Thomas Randolph. Lets/Leish's were first found in Lothian, and the Lothian surname has roughly the same hunting horn hanging off its tree as Kids have hanging off their tree. A link of Boethus liners to Meschins doesn't surprise me.

Recall the "AniMUS" motto term of Cows/Cuffs, for Bruce's use "FuiMUS," making "ANImus" look like it's partly in honor of Annandale elements. In white, the Pret/Pretty / Solomon/Salome / Adam/Caw star is that of ANNas'. The Cowes-beloved Pennants almost use the Cows/Cuffs motto term, but have "aniMO" instead, and Moo's happen to be with Mole's. Eschyna de Molle married the Alan line to royal Bruce's, yup. Italian Croce's share the Post and Pool lion, probably because Molle's use a "Post" motto term while Eschyna's daughter married Robert Pollock. Poole is a location directly on-shore from the Isle Wight, location of Cowes, yup, that is exactly right. It looks like I've finally deciphered "animo" correctly. It looks like code for Nimo's, however. Instead, I take it now that its for an Annas-Mole merger, important where Mole's are in the mole hills of Shechemite Shake's. Croce's use a stork by the way, not a heron.

Pollocks use an "Audacter" motto term for Aude, location of Narbonne, and while Narbonne's are Nordi's too, their North branch have another "animo" motto term. As Norths share the Bush/Busch fleur, I have the sense that Bosco-related Nimo's were named after the "animo" motto term, not vice-versa. Nimo's are properly NEWmarsh's/NEWmarch's, and while North's are suspect with the Bone lion, NEWtons use "shin bones," crossed bones, like the skull-and-bones symbol. Moreover, NEWport is on Wight. It just so happens that Shin-like Skins/Skene's are a branch of Shechemite Schims/Schiens/Chands who share the Moo/Mole boar head.

If I recall correctly, Adam's wife (Marjory Carrick) was the wife and mother of Annandale Bruce's. It just so happens that the Dol Alans wormed their way right into the forthcoming royal Bruce's, which now tends to reveal that Meschins were right there with the Alans. A Dol woman, daughter of a Dol ruler at Oakhampton (Devon, same as English Stewarts sharing the Maid/Maud lion), married ROBERT D'Avranches, whom was placed in Ferte-Mace by one writer (perhaps only born there). It's recalling that Wikipedia withdrew the "Flaith" name from the article on Hugh d'AVRANches. The latter term is suspect with the Macey-line Maccabee: AVARAN Hachorani. Robert's sister was MAUD D'Avranches, and his mother was a FitzBALDWIN.

Baldwins (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans and Meschins) have an early Baldwin de Redveriis, tending to explain why Redvers/Revere's (Devon, same as Oakhampton) share the Mason/Massin Coat. It's revealing Baldwins (Hunter saltire?) from Miss Fitzbaldwin. The green dragon in the Baldwin Crest now reveals that the Roberts, which included her husband (Lord of Oakhampton), were from the royal "Robertians," known to be from Worms, for the Worms use the green dragon in Crest too.

Robertians were Caiaphas-like Capets (from HUGH Capet, suspect in relation to HUGH D'Avranches), suspect in the motto of CETIS-suspect Geddes', excellent, for we just saw God's pointer to the Salome-Kid merger, and Kids are from Cetis too, I feel very sure. Meschins were from the area of Caen, and Caens have a motto, "PeriMUS liCITIS." Cetis was also, Citis. As per "PERImus," the Caen fesse becomes suspect with the red one of Pierre's/Pero's, and this is wild because the latter's Coat is a clear version of the Butt/BOET Coat, while there is no dispute in my head that Solomon's/SALOME's are from Salome BOETHus!

That's why the bed that the kids were jumping on led to Bede's and Boits/Boitou's earlier in this update, in relation to Dol!!! WOW. The kids jumping on the BOETHUS, so to speak are thus telling us what I had already suspected, that Sadducees were at Sadducee-like Cetis. God is brilliant with just a little dream, so simple, yet so packed with secret information. Annas of Israel was a Sadducee, chief priest and killer of Jesus along with his son-in-law, Joseph Caiaphas. That's why the jumping-on-bed discussion earlier in this update was veering toward Caiaphas suspects.

I have been maintaining for years that Caiaphas descended from QUINTus Caepio, and that his descendants included Laevillus of Cetis, wherefore it's absolutely wild that French Roberts (Gernon / Pret lion) share the vaired chief of QUINTs! Caiaphas' descendants thus go to the Robertians, who ruled at Paris, location of the first-known Chappes' and Levi's!!! Look at that.

If you load the link above at Robert D'Avranches, you will see his Arms shown as a giant castle in the colors of the French Martin castle, excellent because Capets share crowns with Martels, the latter first found in Gascony with Martins. The royal Capetians followed the royal Carolingians named after Charles Martel). If we then click to Italian Martins (Brescia, a branch or even the origin of Bruce's), we find the two upright goats of Kidds!!! Plus, this Martin Chief is that also of Pings/Pongs / Fantes' / Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's. Spanish Martins share the white, eight-pointed star of Moray's Belli's/Bellys ("Per"), the surname that God pointed to with Miss Peare. The Sempers/PERE's happen to use the double Gernon lions in colors reversed, making Miss Peare my distant cousin if my mother's Masci line named the Meschins, and I think this is why I was chosen for this job. Martins were likely Marsi in the area of my mother's birth. Marsi were the Merovingians royals. French Roberts were first found in Burgundy with Mars/More's/Maurs.

Heraldry applies to surnames only as they were important to FreeMASONry. That's why all three Robert surnames at houseofnames can be from the line of Robert D'Avranches. The Crest of Welsh Roberts thus become suspect with the black Gernon-Crest lion just because Gernons share the gold-on-red Robert lion, but then the Quint Crest has a black lion paw. As Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia with Italian Martins, and because we got to the Martins from the Arms of Robert D'Avranches, the "laen" term buried in the motto of Welsh Roberts looks like code for Lane liners. It's be expected that English Lane's use the Macey stars, especially as these Lane's were first found in Staffordshire with Prets/Prettys (in the Moray motto), the other ones sharing the Robert / Gernon lion. , It just so happens that the royal Pepins are in the Pipe's, first found in Staffordshire.

I almost missed it: English Lane's share the Robert lion. This lane Coat looks like a version of the Morell Coat, and here we can add that while Avranches is suspect with Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee, the Brittany Morels/Maurels use ACORNs.

I'd like to go back to my Obama dream, the one with the paper plane. As per the news this week on Julian Assange's arrest, I'd like to remind you of his second-last tweet before Moreno cut him off from the Internet. The Tweet was named, Paper Planes. In the dream, after I saw Obama very happy, dancing and skateboarding, he became downcast with one of his employees. The latter was looking over his shoulder at Obama. The dream ended there with no further clue as to what this may have meant, aside possibly from the employee being squatted low to the ground. This scene became suspect with CIA man, Mike Morell, because Morells have a lion looking back over the shoulder. However, I don't know whether the "NeSCIT" motto term of Morels/Maurels was mentioned. The Skit surname shares the Coat of SKATE's/SHEETs, and the Obama dream had both a sheet and two skateboards. That is, there were two identical Obama's skateboarding (side-by-side) up a curved ramp, as when one sees a scene with double vision.

Morells use a "Bono" motto term while Bono's (Gates Coat?) were first found in Milan with Italian Maurels. French Morels/Maurels share the giant fleur de Lys of Brocks, who have a "VireSCIT" motto term, and the Brock Crest even shares a red lion with the Morell Crest, the one looking over its shoulder. Both surnames use "virtus," code for Vardys/Virtys of Ferte-Mace, exactly where we expect Maccabee descendants. Vardys/Virtys share the Fier/Fear moline, and this points to Firman-related Formans/Fermans that share the Worm-Crest dragon. As we therefore expect the Formans to be Robertians, that's why the Forman Crest has the Robert lion. The Fire's share the white unicorn with Morels/Maurels. (Formans were first found in Edinburgh with the Leiths who share the lozenges in the Arms of Thomas Randolph i.e. a Meschin and a son of Marjory Carrick with Adam. Leiths share the fitchee of Carrick-related Shere's/Share's.)

Ferte-Mace is at the Orne river, and Orne's/Horns use herons, as do Avaran-like Haverans. The McCabe's/MacAbbe's are also MacAbee's, as though playing on their Maccabee past, and Labbe's/LABBEYs may apply because they are in colors reversed, and because they might be from ABBEYville. Labbe's/Labbeys use a "Sine labe" motto, and acorn-using Morels/Maurels (same fleur as Masci's) use "labi." Heron-using Smiths can play into this.

Repeat: "[Arran] traces very well to Airaines because MacAbbe's were first found in Arran (beside KinTYRE," the namer of Tire's) while Airaines is near ABBEville." Look at how "Arran" looks like "Avaran," suggesting that Arran-like Irons/Hirams of Airaines were Avaran liners. J.J. Tolkien had a fictitious island, NUMENor, which I deciphered as code for Numans/Newmans (RAINES lions), who happen to be in the "numine" motto term of heron-using Smiths (Numan/Newman colors). I had pegged Numenor with Arran many years ago, long before coming to the Abbe-like motto terms of Numans/Newmans. Is that not too wild for the anti-Israeli historians? It's verifying that the Herons / Haverans / Orne/Horns were merged with Maccabee liners.

The last time I saw babe Lorraine was when I was sitting with my fisherman friend, Paul Smith. The Babe's were first found in Dorset with Numans/Newmans.

WOW! I think I have just deciphered the last scene in the Obama dream. To put this into perspective, I've got to say what was decided minutes ago not to say, that the fitchee type of Smiths is almost the one of plane-like Plains. I wasn't going to mention this because Plains have never led anywhere in regard to the Obama dream, so far as I can recall. I had previously shown that Plains share the fitchee exactly of Crutch's. I had also shown that Smiths's share the Crutch fitchee (in spite of not being quite identical in shape) because I had a dream where Paul Smith was on crutches, walking up my driveway. The similarity between the Crutch and Smith fitchees is the part to convince me that God provided the dream (I didn't know the similarity previous to the dream).

Staring at the Crutch Coat moments ago, while the Plains were on my mind as described above, I saw it: the CROUCH variation of Plains. The last scene in the Obama dream was an employee crouched low to the ground!!! I don't know whether this has occurred to me in the past, but it's telling us that God intended the Plains with the paper plane of the Obama dream. And so here's what I'm expecting now, that, as per Assange's arrest this week, someone will rat out on Obama, perhaps MICHAEL Morell. The Obama CIA is now a target of the hunter Republicans; Morell had best behave. Nunes, go get him.

We now go to MICHAEL's kids, recalling that Michael was a pointer to Michael Rangabe. This is amazing, for Michael Rangabe was married to Procopia, like the Procops variation of Brock-related Brocuffs (share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks). Hold on to your crutches, for Brocks were first found in Essex with the Brooks, the latter sharing the scallops of Michaels! That's huge because Morels/Maurels share the things of Brocks, indicating that the kids-jumping-on-bed dream pertains to the last scene of the Obama dream. This makes it imperative to decipher the jumping part. The Brocuff/Procop almost has the Randolph / Dunham Shield. Recall how Boits were brought into the Bede picture, for the Boit Coat is a good reflection of the BolingBROKE Coat. That remains on the Meschin line, for the first Meschin married Lucy of Bolingbroke.

Lookie: the potent cross, which is in the Brocuff/Procop Chief, is said to be designed after a crutch (the top of a crutch). That can't be a coincidence. God apparently arranged for Brocks / Brocuffs to link to the paper-plane scene (it was a pointer to dossier plotters), which itself linked excellently above to the last scene in the Obama dream, suspect with Michael Morell. Crutch's/Crouch's/Crooch's (share potent cross with Croce's) are likely a branch of Crozier's beloved of Odins and Greenwich's, both of whom share the lion of Morell-beloved Bono's. Odins can be gleaned here with OTTONE Visconti of Milan, where Bono's and Maurels were first found. (Eschyna de Molle married Robert CROCE).

The beauty here is that Skits and Skate's/Sheets, who can be gleaned in the "scit" terms of Brocks and Morels/Maurels, use the potent cross too. So, I am now convinced that such a simple thing as a man crouching while looking over his shoulder is code for Michael Morell. As I said, the last scene had the employee's BACK to me, and I focused on his back, suggesting that God wanted Back liners in this. See Backus below.

Plains were first found in Suffolk with Thurstons and Howell-like Owls/Howls. Thurstons have hunting horns so that their Crest bird is suspect with a heron. It does look like the Smith heron. This gets God-pointer interesting where Irish Smiths are listed with Gows/Gowans, for while Gone's/Gows/Gowans come up as McGoo's, Thurstons came up with Thurston Howell, who in real life was Jim BACKus (wow), the voice for the Mr. Magoo cartoon. What's going on here? It recalls that Gows were suspect with the "Get'n GO," where God gave Miss Hicks her beautiful-knee symbol in regards to what I claimed was directly a pointer to the situation between president Moreno of Ecuador and Julian Assange.

The Get'n Go is on the Leakey road, which suggested either WikiLeaks in general, or that a certain leak is coming from WikiLeaks which I assume to be by God's handiwork. Reminder: Thurston Howell came up when I was on the flat-tire topic, as it veered to the day when I compared Miss Hicks with Mrs. Howell. The idea coming to mind is that there will be a WikiLeaks leak against Obama from this Morell / Backus picture. However, I'm not satisfied with my understanding of this Backus addition to the topic. Is the only purpose of this entry to connect the Obama dream's implications and subjects to the same of the Get'n Go?

My shot on Obama's billiard table was resolved with things surrounding the FISA scandal, yet there needs to be a reason that the flat piece of paper, which was code for Lisa Page and/or Carter Page, was turned into a paper plane. That has pointed to Julian Assange's troubles at his embassy prison. While Plains have now been justified into the paper plane topic, it's interesting that they were first found in Suffolk with Fiscs/Fisks ("iTUR"), for the FISA court is called, FISC. However, I'm lamenting that I see no link of the Fisk Coat to the Plains, Thurstons or Owls. However, there is a Thurston-like Thurst surname sharing an estoile with Fisks and Feschs, and Thursts might just have a FISH hook on either side of the estoile as code for Fisks. That in a nutshell could link our Jim Backus picture to FISA.

I've known Thursts since a few days ago, but had no cause to include them until now. They have the Chief-Shield colors of Leaks, and both were early in Yorkshire.

The Flatts/Fletts and Flotts/FLOATs (wow) can be gleaned on their trefoil upon the white wolf in the Crest of FLEETwoods, and, zikers, hold on to your floating bodies, because Gore's/Core's and Gore's/GOWers both have a white wolf in Crest! It's verifying that the Get'n Go is God's pointer to Gow liners (but why? Al Gore?). The impressive knees were related to when I touched a knee of Miss Hicks, in my dream, when she was hovering in the car i.e. FLOATING in the air!!! I get it. Look at the timing of these finds touching upon Assange.

Insert With Another Song Miracle

I didn't mean for this insert to become long. I will return to the topic above after it.

It wasn't realized until a couple of hours after writing here that AIRs/Ayers (quatrefoils) share the chevron of Flotts/Floats (trefoil). The Derbyshire Airs/Ayers happen to share a bent, human leg with Leaks/Leakeys (share the Knee bend). That's so impressive that I will now view her hovering event as floating in the Ayer, so to speak, a Flott-liner merger with Airs/Ayers.

The bent leg of Airs/Ayers is share in giant form by Prime's (owl), and the latter are likely in the "Praemium" motto term of Lecks. This pointed to Fusion GPS, because Fussen/FOETes (its Arms use bent legs) is on a Leck river. The Leak leg is suspect with Lecks. Miss Hicks considered herself a prophetess, and the Prophets/ProFETTs use another bent and giant human leg. One can grasp that Foots and Fothes/Fette's (same place as Profetts) are in this who are suspect with the Flatt/Flett / Flott/Float trefoil and chevron. It again begs whether Flotts were Foots / Fiots. Profetts look linkable to Scottish Adams. I'm just wondering why the Jump stag heads are in the colors of the Legge stag head, and why Legge's were first found in Dumfries. YES! The Gaudets in the Legge motto have a version of the Children Coat! Wow. I did NOT know that when asking the question.

And the Gaudet-like GORDys/GAUDEYs have the white Gore/Core / Gore/Gower / Fleetwood wolf again, which has just linked Gower liners to the Get'n Go on the Leakey Road again, incredible! It means that my head can barely take this anymore, because the kids-on-bed are now linking even to the Leakey road...which recalls that the Michael of the dream came over one day, and took me to work for about an hour, when I watched him turn a wrench to fix/replace a check valve. The Rench's were found with the lone Leak(ey) fleur, and that Leakey road is officially, RANCH rd!

I hadn't loaded Gore's/Gowers until now to find their "FLECtes" motto term. Gore's/Gowers were first found in Yorkshire with Leaks, Jumps and Thursts, but please tell me why Jumps are in this?

The Gordys/Gaudeys/GOWDYs (pointer to Trey Gowdy?) share the tortoise / turtle with the Sichs suspect in the "sic itur" motto phrase of Fiscs/Fisks. I include "itur" because it looks connectable to Thurst liners. Thurst-like Turris'/Terras' share the bend of Children and Gaudets, and Gaudets share hunting horns with Thurstons. Yet this is way too complicated to make a clean conclusion, unless its all about pointing to Trey Gowdy's part in the FISA scandal.

Wait. Here's from the Sich write-up: "The farm of Linton, the property of Sir Tatton Sykes, was the site of a monastic cell subordinate to the abbey of Scarborough." I sold shoes at Scarborough Town Center, on MacCOWAN rd (Toronto)! That is pretty amazing, as Cowans (Annandale Coat) share "sic itur" with Fiscs/Fisks. If you don't believe me, see that mall mentioned in the 3rd of February, 2018, and a couple up updates also in March of that year. Cowan-like Gowans are listed with McGoo's. It means that we followed the FISCs/Fisks by their motto to Sichs, and found what looks like a Sich-loving branch of MacGowans/McGoo's just after Mr. Magoo's Backus was possibly linking to the FISA scandal. As was said: "...Thursts might just have a FISH hook on either side of the estoile as code for Fisks. That in a nutshell could link our Jim Backus picture to FISA." Later in this update, Page's link to hook-using Prestleys.

I almost missed it. The Cowan Chief is the Leak(ey) Chief! I sold shoes at Scarborough Town center, and Shoe's use "a knight issuing at the KNEES"!!! The Knee-Leak relationship right there, and Miss Hicks' knees were stressed at the Get'n GOOOO!!! She married Kilpatrick from the Annandale area. As Cowans were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, the Cowan saltire links well to Adam Kilconquhar's circle of kin.

The Cowan Crest must have the Cabot scallop because the Cowan Coat is a version of the Army/Ermine Coat that substitutes the Leak fleur with the Robert lion. It's the Robertians = Capetians, apparently, and as Cabots / Capets are expected in the Geddes/GETTES motto, there we have Cowans pointing again to the GET'n Go. This is what God must have been setting up with her knees; it's only taken years to figure it out, sorry about that, and it wouldn't have happened unless God gave me a little help by giving the Mrs.-Howell look to Miss Hicks. Magoo is responsible for my coming to Cowans at this time.

Here's another knee thing used by God. McGoo-like McGee's/Magee's (Dumfries, same as Annandale) share a couple of white swords with Fisc-like Feschs, suspect with the Fieschi of Genova, where I trace FACE's/Fessys for good reason. The other McGee's/Magee's use leopard FACES. It's another reason, if McGee's/Magee's were McGoo's, to link things-Backus to FISA (makes my head spin).

I have mentioned my childhood friend, Jim McGee, many times, which is how McGee's came to topic in the first place. I have said many times that he and I would hang out at Greg FISHER's, yup, that's exactly right. Fisk-suspect Fishers. I met Kepke at the side of Fisher's house, and then Kepke and I later both sold shoes at Scarborough Town Center. He met Miss Peare in that mall, at REITmans, and German Fishers have a "wahREIT" motto term. It's apparently code also for Wahrs'/Warins/Wahreens (Saxony, same as Fishers)

The overwhelming thing here is that the 9-11 crime is being linked to FISA at the Get'n Go. It's even interesting that Loges' and Loches'/DeLOGES' may have been Leck / Leak/Lekes liners, for Loches'/Deloges share the green-on-white cinquefoils of Gows/Gowans/Mcgoo's.

Leaks have a song in their write-up with "Wake" in the title, which goes to when God asked me to wake Miss Hicks up, at which time I touched her knee, which is what woke her. Leaks (Lincolnshire, same as Wake's) share the engrailed Knee bend, and the Get'n Go is where her knees looked very beautiful, don't ask me how that worked. Long before mentioning any of this, I told of my goal against Jim McGee in organized hockey (age 12), when I raised the puck over his KNEE pad, as he kicked his LEG out to block the shot. As I said a few times (Backus was not yet a topic then), it was a BACKhand shot, I remember it so clearly. In the previous game, I slid in on my knees and poked the winning goal into the net, as it sat on the goal LINE. These things were later a part of the first-ever inklings that God was pointing me to the Knee surname, but I'm sure that the Hicks knees were the clincher. The Line's share "virescit" with the Brocks to which Morels/Maurels linked before BACKus / Magoo started to link to Mike Morell.

The Wake's were extremely important because they love the Ore's/Orrs in their motto, and even share red roundels in Chief with Ore's/Orrs. It floored me, therefore, when, soon after theorizing that Ore's were God's pointer to Bruce and NELLY Ohr (major parts of the FISA scandal), that Nellys were found with red roundels. That's why God told me to wake her up in the 1979 dream, and why He made me touch her knee to do so. German Line's, by the way, look linkable to Leaks and Thursts. Loretta Lynch was Ohr's boss. Lynch must have known what Ohr was doing with the Steele dossier, and Obama must have known what Lynch was doing. Hmm, Loretts were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls, Thurstons and Plains.

As Hicks use "bon" while Ore's/Orrs have the motto, "Bonis omnia BONA," it makes me suspect that Hope Charlotte Hicks was involved with the Ohrs. In any case, by what coincidence are Bona's listed with the Bono's of Milan, where Italian Maurels were first found. I can understand the Ore-Milan link because VISconti's were resolved as a branch of Guiscards/WISharts, who in-turn share the three Ore/Orr piles in colors reversed.

The Backus surname shares the Oddie saltire, which recalls the day, which I have told a few times, Mike Oddie came out of the blue, a guy I didn't even know, while I was walking along with McGee at about age 12, and punched me very hard in the FACE. Would God do that just to point at the Face's/Fessys, likely of the FISCs/Fisks? Yes, because McGee, Fisher and crowd were from the wrong side of the tracks from God's will, and He warned me at age 11 to live for him, but I ignored it. One of that gang was Robert Powell, and it just so happens that Powells are said to be from Howells!!! Whether it's correct or not, it's pointing to Thurston Howell = Backus = Mr. Magoo! Wow. If you don't believe me about Robert Powell, he's in many updates, for example, the first three updates of May, 2015.

Did you notice JIM McGee and JIM Backus?

My only "complaint" is that Thor-like Thurstons don't use the three Thor/Tour towers, for they are colors reversed from the three of Howells. Wow, the counterchanged Powell lion is colors reversed from the counterchanged Robert lion (he was Robert Powell), and Roberts were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs!!! Believe it or not. It interesting that Powells were first found in Brock-like Breconshire while Brecons share three piles with Ore/Orrs.

I'm intrigued with the Magoo entry in this update, now going way back to events in my childhood. I need time to wrap my head around it, to understand why God would go this particular route to get across that which he wants. Powell's house backed up on Sherwood forest (Senator Reesors drive, Markham, Ontario), and SHERwoods share stemmed roses with SCHERE's/Scherfs. Didn't Towers/Tours get suspect as a pointer to the 9-11 crimes? Lookie: Gows/Gowans/McGoo's use a "JUNCta" motto term, and Junks show only three white towers, the color of the three Howell towers.

I've just learned that Mr. Magoo's first name was Quincy. Junk-like Yonge's/Youngs were first found in Essex with Quints. The Bachs share the blue vair fur with Quints (Dorset, same as Palins), and the Quint lion paw has been resolved with the Palin/Pawley lion, which is also the lion of Pawley-like Powell lion. As Fane's/vans appear to be in the Powell motto, while Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells, I'll pet that Powells were a Palin marriage with Howells, thus forming Howell-like "Powell." As you can see, even "Quincy" has taken us to Howells. The titles of Visconti's went to Sforza's, and the Sforza lion holds a quince.

I was just scrolling back through all the Coats to find the elephant trunks I had seen, which are also in the Crest of Swedish Thors. When I was passing Brecons, a song line played "break me of impatience." The song is, "This is the Stuff," by Francesca BattiSTELLI. Her surname is not only from Batti's and Stelli's, but linkable to Steele's (share billets in Chief with Battistelli's). It's unbelievable that Battistelli's share the pyramid with FISCs/Fisks, for the Steele dossier was used in the FISA crimes. God has used Battistelli songs like this before. The first time was when I was loading Page's, trying to figure whether the piece of paper on Obama's billiard table was meant as a piece of paper, or a page. And as I was looking at the Page Coat, a Battistelli line sang in my hearing, "I'm an empty page," in the song, Write Your Story. That's how I knew that my the shot of the paper plane was a pointer to Lisa Page and/or Carter Page (the FISA scandal was against him).

[It wasn't until the day after writing here that the Stuff/Stiff surname was loaded to find them sharing the estoile with Fiscs/Fisks. The Stuff/Stiff estoile is in the colors of the FESCH estoile!!! "This is the stuff," by BattiSTELLI!!! Wow! Has God yet convinced you that He Lives? HE IS.

I then realized that the pool CUE was a pointer to Perkins COIE, Hillary's law firm that hired Fusion GPS, who in turn hired Nelly Ohr and Mr. Steele. When I shot the paper plane, I missed the red ball, and the plane went straight into a corner pocket, a sewer. The Sewer surname is also "Suter," like "Soetoro," Obama's former surname. "SUTER" is also like "STRzok." it just can't be another coincidence that English Steels use billets while French Billets are also Billiards while English Billiards are also Hillary-like Hillards. Go ahead and compare the Steel Coat to that of Clintons. It appears that God even arranged the Clintons to share the six fitchees of Hillarys.

As was said, while scrolling BACK, I was passing Brecons when "break me of imPATIENCE" played in my ears, and so let's add that Brechs/Breakers share gold hunting horns with Thurstons. Jim BACKus. Breconshire is beside Monmouthshire, where Howells were first found. Thurston Howell. The Patience/PATENT/Padyn surname has a tower in crest, and the other Patents share a green griffin in Crest with Powells. The elephant trunks, by the way, were with Wahrs' from the motto of Fishers.

Good morning. Back now to the theory that Charlotte Hicks was used in the 1979 dream to point to Hope Charlotte Hicks (I hope this is not a mistake), because she was HOVERing OVER the seats in that dream, immediately after being at the hood, and Hovers/Hoffers can be Kaufers/KAUFmans (HanOVER!), who share a giant, vertical anchor with Hope's/HOODs. Mr. Magoo was created by Mr. Kaufman, and the Kaufer/Kaufman anchor is white, as is the giant anchor of English Hoods (Cornish CHOUGH in Crest!), first found beside the Coffers/Coffare's who share gold crescents with Hoods. That's pretty amazing on top of the things that Magoo has already applied to, but I happened to have remembered something not mentioned above that is just too much, hee-hee.

First, we go back to the Cows'/Cuffs/COUGHs, who came to topic with the white-cow code in the Tire write-up. Tire's came to topic with my the FLAT tire, and the Tire write-up also has the word, "afloat," while Flatts/Fletts have a version of the Flott/Float coat, and so allow me to repeat what was said in a paragraph that happened to include Gows/Gowans/McGoo's suspect at the Get'n Go:

The Flatts/Fletts and Flotts/FLOATs (wow) can be gleaned on their trefoil upon the white wolf in the Crest of FLEETwoods, and, zikers, hold on to your floating bodies, because Gore's/Core's and Gore's/GOWers both have a white wolf in Crest! it's verifying that the Get'n Go is God's pointer to Gow liners (but why? Al Gore?). The beautiful knee was related to when I touched the knee of Miss Hicks, in my dream, when she was hovering in the car i.e. FLOATING in the air!!!

I went to bed last night realizing that God included the Howells of Gilligan's Island to make a focal point on the Get'n Go. I neglected to repeat that an online article of the McGee clan has them as McGETHs too, which is what caused me to look up Gethins, as per "GET'N go," which brought up the Gettens who had been previously suspect with that store's name. In other words, the Magoo theme leads to the "Go" term in that store's name, yet the McGee's lead to the first part of the name. I therefore sense that the giant Gethin/Getten lion is the same-colored lion of Howell-related Powells, is that not amazing? But I still haven't gotten to the hee-hee part.

Again, my sense is that God wants to connect the unknown ending of the Obama dream to things to which the Get'n-Go event points. The beautiful knees I saw through the GLASS DOOR of that store pointed to Mr. Glas, vice-president of EcuaDOR, the allies of Julian Assange at WikiLEAKs, for there had been an event back in 1994 where I drove up hwy 83, a road to Leakey, where I saw a political sign for Mr. Moreno. Why do I remember that? Mr. Moreno just had Assange arrested. I was about 20 minutes from Leakey when seeing that sign. The only reason I was there that day is due to the newspaper and COFFEE I got in VICTORIA that morning. It was an event set up by God the day after I passed Miss Hicks' Baytown home. The Coffee/COFFER surname happens to have a "VICTORIA" motto term, which is the proof i need to know that God set up the event. The other Coffers are the ones mentioned above with the crescents of Hoods, we can assume, for Hoods have a "Cornish CHOUGH."

The newspaper was purchased because I had decided at that very time to scout for a land purchase in southern Texas, and my first visit to land-for-sale was almost exactly where I saw the Moreno sign. My second and last visit was in Crystal City, where Miss Hicks was probably attending church at the time, for she later told me she attended at that place. I didn't see her for the first time until about seven months after I was in Crystal City.

I now have reason to believe that the coffee in Victoria is a pointer to the KAUFman surname in relation to Mr. Magoo. Hold on to your anchor, because Gilligans share the winged horse of Motels in the colors of the horse-and-rider of CAFFERys/Caffertys, the latter being in the colors of Coffee's/Coffers! Incredible. Mr. Howell on Gilligan's Island was Mr. Magoo! But I still have not arrived to the hee-hee part.

At 1 am one night, i was mugged while sleeping on a quiet Texas street, in the back of my pick-up. After the mugging attempt, which failed thanks to a miracle, I checked into a MOTEL. And i stayed at a motel also the next night, in Crystal City. Yes, I was mugged the night before the coffee in Victoria. I had blocked the thrust of the "weapon" (it was a fake weapon) of the mugger with my KNEE. The MUGGer becomes interesting whether or not the coffee cups in the Coffee/Coffer Coat are called MUGs. "MAGoo" may be applicable. Just found Maggs/Moggs, first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's.

Muggs look like they share the giant Tile wyvern, in the colors and upright position of the giant lion of Palins/Pawleys (Dorset, same as Tile's), likely the lion closely of Howell-related Powells, and yet the Powell lion is half in the colors of the Tiller / Tailer lions. That works because Mr. Magoo was played by Mr. Howell, and Tillers were early in Monmouthshire with Howells (I had forgotten this when on Tillers above)! It very-much appears that the Coffee in Victoria was a pointer to Magoo because Mugg / Magg/Mogg liners are involved. As one can glean the Mussel/Muscel Coat with Tillers, we take it to the Cetina-suspect and Catti-related Keiths/Mascals (Lothian, same as Gillilands and Vaux's) of the MUSSELburgh area.

In case it applies, the lion of Powells (Breconshire, beside Monmouthshire) can be that of French Simons because the latter have a "mon" motto term (as do Chaplet-loving Jocelyns). Simon Boethus was, if I recall correctly, the grandfather of Salome Boethus, and the Solomon/Salome stars are also the Victor(ia) stars.

The sharing of the same, winged-horse design between Motels and Gilligans is new here, for Thurston Howell was never a topic until this update. The Motels are not new, but were discovered directly due to the coffee in Victoria because I knew that the naked rider in the Coffee/Coffer crest is a symbol in the Arms of Taranto. It was then discovered that Motels were from Taranto. Years later, the Mota's were discovered, an obvious Motel branch, and Portuguese Mota's are in Coffee/Coffer / Coffer/Coffare colors. I almost missed it: the Mota fleur-de-lys are those also of Gows/McGoo's! You can now see that God was setting these things up in preparation of entering Gilligan's Island to topic. When I finally did purchase land in Texas, the previous owner, to the best of my recollection, was Mr. Gilliland. The property was riverfront, on the NUECES river, like the Nuces variation of the News', which surname, I gathered, was pointed to by the NEWSpaper I purchased for the purpose of buying land.

Aha! Gillilands (probably the Vaux Coat) have a cup in Crest held by an arm with blue sleeve, same as the Cows'/Cuffs/Coughs! Vaux's, Gillilands, and the Arms of Meulan share the checkered Shield of Louvier's, and La Louviere is smack beside Mons while the French Simons' have a "mon" motto term while Simon de Montfort married the line of Beaumont-Leavells of Meulan while Montforts share a white and giant lion with French Simons, and the Italian Simons even have the Montfort lion in colors reversed. As Scottish Vaux's share the Solomon/SALOME bend-with-stars, the line of Simon > Salome Boethus has got to be to Simon de Montfort.

[When she had a pale-green toe polish on at the 9-11 memorial (the night of the Get'n Go knee event), it was reckoned partly for the green TOW/Touch lion, and we are about to bump into a Clan-Chattan member, the galley-like Gillie's of Gilliesland, yup, using a "Touch" motto term.]

Okay, now for the hee-hee part. Here's from the 4th of September, 2018:

Flake's are interesting because, on the day that I wore the blazer, I went out to my vehicle, in the church parking lot, and it had a FLAT tire on the rear...As I was squatting, there drove Mrs. Kilpatrick, with her husband, out of the parking lot past me, and I WAVED [caps added now] as they came toward me. I had wondered about this FLAT tire for days since the last update, but not until Jeff Flake entered the discussion did it become meaningful, for Flats/Fletts (Flake/Flack colors) can be linked to Flake's/Flacks (probably the Fulk wing, in Flag/Flack colors). How amazing.

Flake's clinch Flags/Flecks with Fulke's/Volks because Flake's share the black Fulk wing. Jeff Flake was the first person, in a faked video online, to go out to see Steve Scalise when he was supposedly down on the baseball field, shot in the hip. Flake became suspect with the plotters of the shooting because this video was faked on a day other than when the shooting took place. The government plotters didn't want the world to see the real event on the day of the shooting, but rather they had a faked version of that reality.

The wave to Miss Hicks (the hee-hee part) you see has got to be God's pointer to the following in the TIRE codework: "Spotting help at a distance, he cut off his thumb so that he could WAVE." I don't remember waving at her at any other time, but as she had taken my hands that morning to pray, I felt compelled to be friendly as she drove by. As I said, we both wore green that day (never saw her in a green dress before that morning), and green is in the Coats now under discussion.

Recall that thumb-like Thoms/Thomes', suspect with Thomas of Saluzzo, for the other Tire "legend" (just mythical codework) has a white cow on the ship while Cows'/Cuffs share the SALES bend-with-fleur. The only difference is that the Cows/Cuff bend is WAVY, yup. There is even a wave line between the Shield and Chief of the Breconshire Thomas', the ones sharing the Chief/Shield colors of Saluzzo's. Moreover, the Thomas Shield is split in colors reversed from the split of Dossier's/Hosier's, and English Galleys share the checks of English Steele's, the latter being the ones sharing billets in Chief with the BattiSTELLi's who in-turn share the pyramid with Fiscs/Fisks. There you have a pointer, thanks to the Tire galley, to the Steele dossier used to acquire a FISA warrant to spy on Trump's Carter Page.

Wavy features are code for the Weaver / Webber bloodline, and Webbers (wavy bars) happen to have been first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's, expected with Cows'/Cuffs because Cowes is a location on the isle of WIGHT (like the white cow) off the Somerset coast. Recall the "floating in the air," for Airs/Ayers and Airs/Eyers (Derbyshire, same as Hope's) share quatrefoils with Scottish Wights/White's, and Airs/Eyers even have a Victoria-connectable "inVICTa" motto term. At this point, I've just remembered the small similarity between the Victor(ia) and FISC/Fisk Coat. To put it another way, the Fisk-like Feschs have Victor-like variations such as Fechter/Wachter/Factor. Victor(ia)s are also Fichters.

Compare "WIGHT" to "VICTor / FICHT." The Wight/White-Chief quatrefoils are in the colors of the Cows/Cuff fleur-de-lys. The "parta" motto term of these Wights/White's reminds that Derbe is near Perta of lake Tatta. I see QUATRefoils with the wife of Laevillus, the line both to Leavells (same place as Webbers) and Vaux's. Scottish Vaux's were first found Lothian with Gillilands, and the latter share the Leavell-line Coat of English Vaux's (Cumberland). The write-up of Scottish Vaux's: "They possessed Dalston and GILLIESLAND in Cumberland..."

Now, recall that the Cows/Cuff write-up claims to derive in "cuffe = glove," and that the write-up of white-cow Tire's has a galley ship, for Gillies' (split-Tarves colors?), first found in Lothian with Vaux's and Gillilands, shows the MacDonald galley (MacDonalds call it a galley), and the Gillies motto is that of Clan Chattan (share cat with Chives' of Tarves), using a "BOT a glove" motto phrase. I'm seeing a Boethus-Caiaphas line out of Cetis to Cows/Cuffs and Cowes'/Kows. Why do Clintons and Hillarys share the six fitchees of Tarves'? Do Cowans apply here?

Why do Tire's share the black fitchee with cat-using and Get'n-like Cetins/Cattans and Tarves'? The Gethins/Gettens even share a lion in white-on-black with Tillers and Tailors, from the Tilurius river, otherwise called the Cetina!

Gilliesland is called Gillesland by English Vaux's. It therefore gets a little stunning to see the Gilles Coat as a version of the Morell Coat. The Scottish Gilles' called Gillesland by, "Gilsland." This recalls Gill at Knob Hill farms, my manager there. I already know that I'm going to bounce below from the Tire write-up to ALLISON Bauer of Knob Hill farms.

As the coffee in Victoria was immediately before driving to the Moreno sign near Leakey, just go ahead and load the Irish Victorys/NABo's, for they use white-bearded old men's heads looking a lot like the pictures we just saw of Julian Assange when they NABBed and arrested him. If you look closely at the video, they have Assange suspended fully off the ground, carrying him horizontal (legs and feet can be seen for an instant), similar to the position of Miss Hicks hovering horizontally (though face up) in her car.

I'm a little disappointed (just kidding) that the GALVES' use a castle rather than a tower in colors reversed from the Murena/MORENO tower. Had they both been towers, He could have convinced you more that I was mugged in GALVESton for His pointing to president Moreno of Ecuador. But hold on to your dossier's, because the Galves Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from the same of TRENTs (Somerset, same as Coffers/Coffare's) and Dossier's/Hosier's, while Trents are the line to TERENTia MURENA!!! You see, God had me mugged in Galveston as a pointer to president Moreno, and that's why I saw the Mr. Moreno on a political sign the next day, immediately after my Coffer-pointing coffee.

Just want to say that Scottish Gilles' share "spes" with Hope's. For years, I've suspected that term to be for the Space's/Speccots, who happen to share the bend of French Gilles'. Space's/Speccots were first found in Devon with Hoods and Space-suspect Spice's/Spicers. Not only are German Hoods also Hope's, but English Hoods use a "chough" while the Cows/Cuffs/Coughs share a blue-sleeved arm with Spicers, and the latter throw in a CUFF at the end of the sleeve. I can't remember whether Hope Hicks was Trump's Communications director when Sean SPICER was Trump's press secretary, but, in any case, isn't the Communications director the boss of the press secretary? Did Hope Hicks get Spicer fired? Am I correct or incorrect to view Hope Hicks as nefarious, or is that too strong a word?

Spicers share the gold tower with the Patience/Patent surname. I have had a new realization just now, hold on to your globe. This realization took place after writing the first sentence in this paragraph. I remembered from last night, when looking at the lyrics of, "This if the Stuff," that the chorus with "imPATIENCE" ends with "world." The Hope Crest is either a globe or a world! It's not really a globe, for a globe is used, in a different design, in the Carpenter Crest, and we saw Carpenters in the codework of the Tire write-up. Here's the chorus:

To break me of impatience
Conquer my frustrations
I've got a new appreciation
It's not the end of the world.

I've always thought that the last line in that chorus is out of place. Did God move the writer to use "world"? It doesn't even rhyme with anything in the chorus. Is Hope Hicks secretly with the Steele dossier? Scottish Steels (they use "furisons"): "The Domesday Book shows a place named Steel, in the HODnet hundred..." WWWOOOOW, I had forgotten that the Hodnet surname shares the BAUD / MEDAL/Dougal quadrants!!! The MEDALlion was on my hood!!!

Here's from the 3rd update of February of 2018; "The Medals, looked up on the day that the medallion showed up, are curiously listed with Dougals/Dowells, who happen to use the HODnet quadrants in colors reversed. The medallion was found months ago, but Hodnets were not found until the last update, and they were found in the Steel write-up while Christopher Steele included in his dossier that Trump was having sex parties and Russian ties in Saint Petersburg." The medallion has the inscription, "SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA." Hodnets has a Hodnet location in Shropshire (beside the Cheshire Steels), and Shropshire is where Breakers/Brecks were first found. "To break me of impatience...not the end of the world."

The Hodnet quadrants are also the ones of Vasto-line Fasts (same bend as Gilles?), and while Vasto's ruled Saluzzo, the English Steels have the Chief-Shield of Saluzzo's. Just go ahead and compare the Steel Shield with that of Clintons and Snipe's/Snape's, the latter suspect in the "pair of snips" of Meullers. Recalling that the fast quadrants are in the Arms of Rothchild, let's repeat that Fasts are a branch of FALstaffs, suspect with Fals'/Fallis (Midlothian, same as Gillilands), Fellers, and other Rockefeller suspects.

Hodnets were in Drayton, and the Drayton Coat (Otone/Olten colors) is so much like that of Bono's/Bona's (Milan, same as Ottone Visconti) that one gleans OTTONE Visconti behind Hodnets, Otone's/Oltens (Cheshire, same as Steels), Hoods and Hoddom of the Oldhams/Oltans. Reminder: the dossier-related Ohrs are pointed to by the Visconti-related Ore's/Orrs with a "bona" motto term. The Drayton Coat is even more like that of Gates' that one is now justified to ask whether the GIDDy Hall location of Steels applies to Gates' and to the Get'n Go. Until this update, the Get'n Go was viewed more in relation to 9-11 than to FISA crimes. Giddys/Geddys, can you believe it, share the red roundels of Ore's/Orrs, Nellys, and Ore-loving Wake's! Wow! It's undeniable: God is in this. The Giddy Crest's flag scene is, on the whole, like that of Foods/Foots and Brocuffs/Procops, a thing already written beneath this long insert (didn't mean to go so long, but, this material is fantastic). Giddys/Geddys are Get'n-like Gideons too.

The Tire write-up: "One legend has the Clan-an-t-Saor (Children of the Carpenter) arriving in Lorne in a galley with a white cow..." Galleys share the Steel checks. The Lorne-like Laurens/Clarens share the triple chevrons of Clare's and Dutch HOLE's/Halls, and so see the hole: "...the MacDonald Chieftain placed his thumb in the hole to keep the boat afloat." Miss Hicks was afloat in the dream, hovering as a possible pointer to Hood-related Coffers, and she was at the hood immediately before she was hovering. The Keppoch-branch MacDonalds are in the write-up of Hall-like Allisons, and they share the three dogs of Halls/HOLE's and Hulls. We can see why "Hull" would have formed from Hall-line users of the galley ship.

Keppock-like Keeps use a "galley" (I've seen the description), and the Keep bend is also the Gilles bend. Kepke and I, and Allison my girlfriend, worked for GILL, the manager at Knob Hill Farms, and Farmers share the red lion heads of Galley-related Steels while Farms use a version of the Keppoch/Kippax Coat. Just look at that, because, as I've said, Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my car when Allison was seen slipping into the car of a fellow worker, whom she left me for at that very time. To prove that God was in that event, the Allison "back BIRd" is in the design of the black "Cornish chough" of Hoods. As I tend to link Hoods to Hope Hicks, why do Birds/Burds share "spes" with Hope's and Gill-like Gilles?

The Farm hunting horns are in the colors of the same of BREAKers/Brecks. "To break me of impatience." As was said, the Patience tower is also the SPICE/Spicer tower, and God showed me that Kepke was a symbol for the Numidian leader, Spice-like SYPHAX. That is, "Kepke" and "Syphax" are related terms so that the line of Syphax is suspect with the Keppoch MacDonalds.

The Birds/Burds were at Broxton, and then the giant fitchee of Broxtons is evocative of the Plain fitchee, which I was led to link to the fitchee of Crutch's/Crooch's/Crouch's, repeated here because "Cruce" is a Bird/Burd motto term. This sort of talk led to the crouching of Obama's employee, the one who looked like Michael Morell, and we saw French Morels/Maurels with two items connecting them to Brox-like Brocks. I suggest that the Bird/Burd cross is the Crutch-related potent cross of Brocuffs/Brox's. As the latter's Chief/Shield colors are reversed from those of Saluzzo's, the red griffin in the Brocuff/Brox Crest should be the Thomas griffin. As the Saluzzo Shield is used by Steels, the FURisons of Scottish Steels looks connectable to the FUR tree of Alis'/Alice's, and thus from Alice, daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo.

Hmm, let's take a little closer look at "fuRISON". Isn't that of the RISING symbol when I was told to WAKE Miss Hicks up? Wasn't that waking scene a pointer with Wake's to the Ohrs? Didn't we see Wake's in the Leak write-up? Why do Birds/Burds share the Leak / Hicks fleur? Sometimes they say that a little birdie can tattle. In fact, the heraldry can prove this Wake connection to Steels correct, for Maurels are from Maurilion, father of Bird-like Berthe, mother of Babon, and while Babons/Bavons (Suffolk, same as red-roundel Bullis/BULLIARDs) share the double fesses of Wake's, Berthe traces to Berta's, whose giant griffin is in the Coat of German Steels. The latter share the red pale bar of Tullia's/Tulls while Babon was descended from Tullia of Lyon.

Haha, I was just loading Galleys as per the paragraph below, and as soon as it was loaded, saw the bends upon the Galley horse head in Crest, like the black-and-white bends in a Bird Crest, and just at the instant that Birds came to mind, I found myself singing "birth," from the line, "our dear Savior's BIRTH" (Oh Holy Night, by Martina McBRIDE). Does this mean that a Bride of McBride surname is a Birth branch? Plus, as per the "dear" in that line, the Dears, if their pale bars were not counterchanged, might have a white pale bar on black, same as the Crutch/Crooch pale bar. It's the Birds/Burds with a "Cruce" motto term. The very next line in the song: "long LAY the WORLD". The world is suspect in the Crest of Hope's who share "spes" with Berthe-suspect Birds/Burds. Lays are with Leghs (Cheshire, same as Steels and Birds/Burds).

McBride's were first found on Arran, beside KinTYRE. In a legend on Tire's, there was a Mr. MacDonald with his thumb in a HOLE to keep the boat afloat. It says, the galley "developed a LEAK BELOW the WATER line". There's a Ship surname that probably wasn't that originally, but may have developed that spelling when marrying one of the galley-related lines of MacDonalds. The point is, ships use so-called BELLOWs. One Bellow surname (Cheshire) shares the Billet Coat while Steels love Billets. Waters share the triple chevrons of Dutch HOLE's/Halls.

I always think to compare the Shipton variation of Ships to SKIPtons. Gilligan's Island had the character, Skipper, and there is a Skipper surname, first found in Essex with Saviours/Savers. The Skipper Coat looks linkable to that of Savarys/Savards. Saviours/Savers share the annulet of Vito's, explaining why English Savarys/Saffers have a "vita" motto term, yet how do we explain that Bellows use another "Vita" motto term? All we have to go on is that Bellow-loving Shiptons look like Skiptons, and from there the Skippers were a natural entry. This paragraph comes just because the songline, "our dear Savior's birth" fell into my ears. Otherwise, I wouldn't have loaded Saviours (which I've long known about), though I would probably have gone ahead to load Skippers with Skiptons, because Skippers were on my mind to load all day as per Gilligan's Island. I was getting around to it, and got there just as that song line played. I probably would not have loaded Savarys had Saviours not been loaded, and we would have missed all that, yet, lookie here: Savarys/Saffers were first found in Devon with Births/Berts.

Birds/Burds were at Broxton, and Bellows were at Oxfordshire, where Ships/Shiptons were first found. The Broxton fitchee is in both colors of the CETIN/Cattan fitchee, and I trace the Vito line from Julius Avitus to the CETINA Dalmatia, where emperor Caracalla stationed Julius Bassianus. Avitus married the latter's daughter, a sister of Domna, whom herself married Saffer-liner Septimius Severus, father of Caracalla. Domna's sister had a Maesa surname, explaining why Birds and Bellows were at Cheshire with Masseys.

The Sheeps share the estoiles (both colors) of Thurts and Fiscs/Fisks, and here it needs to be said that the Fisc/Fisk / Battistelli pyramid is shared by Tulls/Toole's, from Tullia of Lyon, line to Berthe's husband. It seems from above that the Dalmatian elements of Avitus / Bassianus should be somewhere in Tullia's family, and here one can point out that while Tullia's mother was Galley-suspect Gallia, Gallia's were first found in Milan with the Maurilion line to Maurels (beside the Battistelli-related Batti's/Batto's), and while Maurels use a Coat version of the Batti-like Butts/Bute's ("VIDEnter"), the latter share gold estoiles with Sheeps, Thursts and Fiscs/Fisks. Vito's are Vido's too. While Cetins/Cattans have a Saracen's head, Spanish Vido's share the fesse in the Arms of Saraca. Saraca's of Ragusa wee beside the Edomite Elaphiti islands.

Bude's have a rare seven-pointed star, and Stelli's an eight-pointed star in the same colors. As Bute's trace to BODEgisel, Babon's brother, "ViDENTer" can include Dentons because they share two red fesses with Babons, and even share three cinquefoil in Chief with Bellows. The "PosSUNT" motto term of Butts/Bute's can be for Sunters (compare with cats of Keats), first found in Berkshire with Boots. It's likely that Bodegisel was a Bode/Baut liner from Baut / Bautica elements, especially the Arduinici. Sunters use the black boar of Edom, as do BOThwells of Bute.

Caracalla's brother, Geta, was named, I think, from a Geta family in his father's African ancestry, from the Getuli Numidians, likely, the same stock of people as furnished Masseys from the Maezaei Illyrians near/on the Geta-like Cetina. It just so happens that Cetins/Cattans are split in the split colors of Cetis-like Gate's/Gates', and we saw Bono's/Bona's of Milan with a Coat like that of Gates'. Hodnet of the Steels is at Drayton, and Draytons look like they have a Gates-version Coat too.

The Getuli furnished Syphax, and I his tribes named Spice's, first found in Devon with Savarys/Saffers. Syphax-like Sheeps share pellets with the white lion of Tillers and the white cats of Cetins/Cattans, and while the latter use a "Cautes" motto term, the Cuts/Cute's/Cuttes' use a bend with so-called plates, which are roundel, as are pellets. That is, the Cuts/Cute's use a bend with roundels in colors reversed from the Sheep bend with roundels, and then the code-work of Tire's, which can explain the Ship surname from Sheeps, says that Mr. MacDonald CUT his thumb off to wave in order to save his ship.

Back to the Carpenters, for they are implied in the Tire write-up with Gilles liners. We now go back to my dream with the carpenter glue, which I was happily purchasing as an alternative to grease, for my wheel BEARINGs. As was said, my car was jacked up on stands, all TIRE's off the car. The Bearing Coat is identical to that of Gillilands. Carpenters have a Cute-suspect "acuta" motto term. When I had my flat tire at church, I had to JACK the van up, and Jacks are suspect with the Ajax cult at Cetis' Olba location. Severus' son, Caracalla, minted a coin with Olba upon it. The van was a Saffer-like Safari. Gillilands were first found in Lothian with Mieszko-liner Haldans, who have the motto, "Suffer." Tire's were first found at Argyll and BUTE, yup, that's right.

I wanted to get back to Battistelli's lines, "To break me of impatience,
Conquer my frustrations..." KilCONQUHAR was in Annandale, where the first-known Patience's/Patents were roughly or exactly. I don't see much to comment on here, but I often have break-throughs where at first I see nothing.

I didn't mean to deviate from Michael's jumping-on-bed topic, at the start of this insert, that was part of the below. To refresh your memory, it was focused on Bede's.

Backus to the Bed

Flatts/Fletts (probably the Palmer trefoils) and their branches are a further branch of Flags/Flecks, and then Brocuffs/Procops have a flag in Crest having what could be the fesse of Italian Palmers, because English Palmers share a version of the Flag/Fleck Coat (Meschin scallops). The black trefoil is shared between Flatts / Floats / Fleetwoods and Meschin-liner Foods/Foots, and the latter happen to share a red griffin holding a flag with the Procopia-line Brocuffs/Procops.

Alright, I've collected some thoughts with these new clues. I'm going to assume that God led me to link Michael of the kid dream to Procopia Rangabe so that I could view Michael as Michael Morell, for Morels/Maurels are Brock kin. In the dream, the salesman, whom I thought worked for a fake store, pointed to the yellow bed on the paper, saying that kids are not able or allowed to jump on it (why did God include this prohibition?). I then turned to Michael, and asked if his kids were able to jump on the bed (the dream assumed that Michael owned one of these bed models), and he said something like, "oh yeah," like no problem. Hold on to your bed posts, for midway through this paragraph, bed-like Bede's (Brittany, same as Morels/Maurels) were re-loaded to see them with the same acorns as Morels/Maurels!!! Its comical. And it means I'm on the right track with Michael Morell. I'm going to assume that Mr. Morell has already betrayed Obama. Here's to hoping. But that may be a too-hasty interpretation. Maybe he yet needs to be pried with a Barr.

That was unbelievable. Trudging, I somehow got things deciphered correctly. What does it mean that the kids of Michael Morell were jumping on the yellow bed? The dream ended there. What could it mean that the kids were not permitted, by the salesman of the fake store, to jump? If Morell is at the end of the Obama dream, it appears that Morell will do something to cancel Obama's celebrations over the past two years, when he "skated" from justice under Sessions. Morell was Obama's, short-term CIA director in the middle years of Obama's presidency, at the Benghazi scandal, and in Hillary's final months at State.

The Bede's are helpful for expanding on things, because Dutch Tromps share the Bede acorns in both colors while German Tromps/Trumps use the Jump stag head exactly. It appears we have a break-through, a dream pointing to president Trump. Did the Steele dossier claim that Trump was jumping on beds with Russian prostitutes in Saint Petersburg? Some things may not be for you and I to know. Some things may be for prosecutors to know. One or more of my readers might know more than we are allowed to know what kids jumping on a yellow bed means. When Julian Assange let out his Paper Plane tweet in the wee-hour of Jan 1 (New Year's Eve), I had wondered (very-fat chance, really) whether he had read about my Obama dream. His next and last tweet was a famous chess game where one of the players was Marshal Davis, if I recall correctly, like the American communist, Frank Marshall Davis, whom some think was Obama's real father.

Lookie: Morell took over the CIA from Leon Panetta. Repeat from shortly above: "If we then click to Italian Martins (Brescia, a branch or even the origin of Bruce's), we find the two upright goats of Kidds!!! Plus, this Martin Chief is that also of Pings/Pongs / Fantes' / Pane's/Panetta's/Panico's." This is absolutely wild. Brescia is at Val Trompia!!! Recall that God used Martini McBride's song in the insert above, for Italian Martins are Martina's too. They use the two, combattant goats of Kidds, first found in Suffolk, smack beside the Children of Kent who share their swallow. In the meantime, this paragraph is pointing to pizzagate pedophilia, where children are "appropriate" (for the topic).

On his second stint as Obama's CIA director, Morell took over from John Brennan, the pimple on Obama's face who's now an unabashed television personality i.e. a political animal in the nude. He was once a secret political animal, but is now confessing it openly. "Brennan" evokes the Brenner's Pass, just up the Alps from Val Trompia. Hmm. Perhaps God didn't want to make this link to John Brennan too obvious, and arranged it to be the Brenner Pass to leave doubt. I can tell you this, that John Brennan is being fingered, by the investigators close to the issues, as the kingpin of the onslaught against Trump, suggesting that the Saint-Petersburg / dossier accusations may have been born in him. The horizontally-split Shield of Brenners (Basil) is colors reversed from the same of Groce's, and while the medallion showed up at a GROCEry store, the Medal/Dougal lion is in the colors of the Brenner lion while the quadrants of Medals/Dougals and related bed-like Bauds are in the colors of the split-Brenner Shield. This would not have been found had not the jumping-on-bed led to Val Trompia. Is there a jumping on bed accusation in the Steele dossier?

It just so happens that Brennans were first found in Kilkenny, right beside County Waterford, where the Arms has a white stag head, though not in the design of the jump / Trump stag head. As you can see, the motto of Country Waterford has "brath," which as the Brath/Bread surname (Edinburghshire, same as Leats/Leiths!!!) has a lion head in the colors of the Jump / Trump stag head, and it just so happens that the Brenner / Medal/Dougal lions are in these colors. The Kid motto has "impLEAT!!! Wow. The Vaux's who share the Solomon/Salome Coat were likewise first found in/beside Edinburghshire. The "faithful" motto term of Vaux's suggests that they were with the kin of the Roslin (Midlothian) Sinclairs. The medallion was at FOOD Basics, and Foods/Foots can be a branch of the Feyth variation, for example, of Faithfuls (share plates with Mussels).

Braths/BREADs are suspect with Sitric CAECH to Cake's/CakeBREADS, and Sitric was a ruler of Ireland in or near Waterford. I trace Sitric to SEATONs/Sittens, who share the Leit/Leith crescents. Sitric probably ruled over Leith-like Louth, but I don't know his history much at all. The SETANtii Brigantians were between Louth and Lancashire. The BRIGantian-suspect Brights/Brode's (Macey and Bride stars) are much like Bread variations. Martina McBride's song, "Oh holy night, the stars are BRIGHTly shining," so coincidental, or not. Did God even write parts of songs for this Revelation? Or did he merely cause McBride to do this song to make these points at hand?

Brenners in KilKENNY. One Kenny Coat has a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the split-Brenner Shield. The Brenner lion is the passant lion in the Arms of Brescia, I gather, in colors reversed, and the Brescia-line Bruce's share the giant Brennan lion. However, the other Brennans share the two lions (BRIAN-lion colors) combattant of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, verifying that my trace of "Bruce/Brusi" to "Abrussi" is accurate. Briancon was BRIGANTium.

The other Kennys have the motto of Keiths (includes "vincit") in colors reversed, and Keiths were first found in East Lothian with the Vaux's sharing the Solomon/Salome Coat, and then the other Solomons share the Kid Chief. Both Kennys were first found in Galway with Irish Berks/Burghs while the Arms of Kilkenny has the Berkshire Coat. These Berks/Burghs are from the Conteville's whose kin in-turn are in the motto of Kenny-like Kennedys. Berkshire is also where Shaws/Sheaves' were first found who share "vincit" with Kennys and Sheaves/Shaws. Kenny- / Kennedy-like Kenneths have an "itur" motto term that's buried in the "patitur" of Sheaves'/Shaws. It just so happens that the Kenneth stag head is all gold, and that the same stag head (faces viewer) in the Arms of Waterford has gold antlers. Therefore, Kennys look like a Kenneth branch, suspect with Kennedys from the Kennati priests of Ajax at Kid-suspect Cetis.

I realize that this is perhaps a too-roundabout way at pointing John Brennan to the FISA scandal, but the Kenneth motto, "Sic itur as astra," is one letter off from a motto phrase of the FISC/Fisk surname. I keep in mind that "STRzok" may have been a Stur liner merger with Soggs/Suggs (Hampshire, same as Sturs), and then the Sturs/ASTERs appear to be in the "astra" motto term above. The rare color of the Sogg/Sugg vair fur is shared by Vigils suspect in the "Vigila" motto term of the wake's who point hard to Bruce and nelly Ohr. I don't know whether I've ever noticed that the double Wake fesses are in the colors of the three of the Hampshire Sturs, wow. French Sturs use the three bars as pale bars, and their roses make them appear to be the pale bars of Scottish Walkers (colors reversed from the three pale bars in the Keith Chief). The Esturmy variation of Sturs is suspect with Stormys/Esturme's, and the latter's lion is the giant one of Bakers, evoking James Baker, the former FBI lawyer in the thick of the FISA scandal. Just look at all that. Take your time. Is Stormy Daniels in that? Baker's even have a near-copy of the Feyth/Faithful saltire.

As Kenneths share a gold border with Justine's (and Food-Basics-suspect Baschs), I'd say that "as" is code for the Assi. As the line of Justine of Picenum is connectable to Squire's/Squirrels, the "DEClan" motto term in the Arms of Waterford, along with it's "Deise" motto term, suggests the Deise's/Diss'/Dice's and red-squirrel Decks and Dyke's, which recalls that Dick Cheney was being pointed to by Dicks/Digs. From there we remind that the Cheney motto term, "Fato," is likely for Feyth-like Fate's/Feets, and from there we go to the chain on the medallion because Chains share the Sinclair cross, though the latter's is engrailed, as is the same-colored saltire of Feyths/Faithfuls. There is a Sikes-Dyke location (Cumberland) in the write-up of Sichs (share "qui" with Sheaves/Shaws), suspect in the "Sic" motto term of Kenneths. The Sichs ("ASSIduus"!) happen to share the fountains of the Waterford surname, perfect. While red-squirrel Decks are also Daggers, the Sichs (share Sheaves/Shaw chevron) were first found in Cumberland with English Daggers, and the latter, believe it or not, share the scallops of Ajax-suspect Jacks (compare with Fate's/Feets).

Therefore, the Kenneths, thought to be the founders of the Scots, were from the Kennati priests, yet I still trace Kenneths to queen Kenza of Aures, where Shawia lived. The founder of Scots, Kenneth MacALPIN, is thought by some to be a mythical thing, which for me means codework by cover-uppers. It just so happens that Alpins share a version of the Alis/Alice Coat while the latter's motto is that also of Kennys.

Next, I've loaded the Backus', seeing that they can be with the saltire of Odin-branch Oddie's. Odins trace to Ottone Visconti at the same place as Italian Maurels and the Morell-beloved Bono's. The Morells are the ones with lion looking back over the shoulder. Obama's employee doing the same had his BACK emphasized, the first clue that Jim Backus is to be included here [the insert above expanded on this]. Odins are the ones with a crozier, and Crozier liners are very linkable to the Crutch surname; the latter surname shares the Plain fitchee exactly. The paper plane is a fake plane, and the paper in the fake store had the yellow bed. My sense here are false-flag events, like 9-11.

While some Odo's are also called, EUDES, the daughter of Melissena Rangabe was EUDOKia, suggesting the possibility that Ottone Visconti was her descendant, especially as Oddie's have a saltire in the colors of the Arms-of-Rangabe cross. As Michael of the bed dream was a Rangabe symbol, we can test whether Michael Morell was a Rangabe too. If so, it's further evidence that God is pointing to Morell. The test can prove positive with Ottone Visconti, in Milan with Maurels. By what coincidence do Italian Morells share the Boit fesse (Ottone / Odin / Oddie / Rangabe colors)? By what further coincidence are Boit-like Boyds said by some to be from Bute while Italian Maurels have a Coat reflecting the Butt/Bute Coat?

Having make that Backus link to Mike Morell, we can add that Bede- / Boit-like Boyds share "Confido" with the Backus motto. That's compelling, acting as extra evidence of God's pointer to Morell. It seems almost clinched already. It can be added that Yell- / Yellow-like Yale's were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs. It appears that elements at Val Trompia had moved it not far off to Milan, explaining why Bede's share the Tromp acorns with the Morels/Maurels.

Recall how Jim Backus came to topic, as I told of my wearing cowBOY BOOTs and a COWboy hat for the first and only time to a church service, when Miss Hicks arrived looking like Mrs. Howell, wife of Jim Backus. I read that BOTHwells were from boot-like Bute, and I've read the Bothwell description: a BOY pulling down a pine tree. Now, from here you need to hold on to your saddles, because the Bothwell Coat is exactly the Lynch Coat!!! In the Obama dream, now suspect as ending with the back of Jim Backus, he had a partner that, thus far, I've identified as Loretta Lynch. Wow. You've never seen anything like this. I think Mike Morell, in charge of a giant spy machine, knows a little something about Loretta Lynch, don't you think?

The biggest thing I see with Jim Backus is his role as Magoo for a trace to Get'n GO. The latter was, I think, resolved with Gettens, who share a lion (not the same position) with Bakers, first found in Durham with Backus'. It just so happens that the Bakers share the scallops of Fleet-liner Flags/Flecks, and it's the Fleetwoods who have the Gore/GOWer wolf for a return to Get'n GO. I've not had the Fleets in this update until now; they have a version of the Flag/Flack Coat, clinching Flatt/Flett / Flott/Float liners with Flags/Flecks.

WOW. James Baker, or JIM Baker, like Jim Backus! Baker is said by many to be a talker, a traitor to the guilty Obamaites in the FBI. In all the time that I was on Backus, Mr. Baker did not come to mind. As was proposed in earlier times, the two songs that Miss Hicks sang on stage at the 9-11 memorial were taken as God's pointer to sang-like "Assange," and for the slang, "sing," which means to tattle, what we expect from Baker. Now watch this closely. I was sitting beside Miss Hicks, and was so pleased with her song that I got up, and approached the pastor, asking him to have Miss Hicks do a second song. When returning to my seat, God, I assume, wouldn't let me sit back down. I was thinking that it might give bad appearances to sit back with a married women, and so I sat across the center isle to her rear. The pastor then called her up to do a second song, and either before or after it, Stanley came and took my seat beside her, holding the American flag! He momentarily went to the stage with it.

[Update -- See another Jim Baker, of the military, in the 3rd update of next month, which fits Jim Backus better for a Lovinger reason you will see. Also, here's from the 1st update of June: "I don't know where my head was when concluding, in the 2nd update of April, that Jim Bachus was a pointer to Jim Baker. I neglected to see that Backus' are BackHOUSE's/BAKEhouse's. French House's happen to share the leaf design of Dutch Bakers. Perfect." Thurstan Howell comes up in June with a Turres location in Dardania.]

It just so happens that Stanleys (Kenneth stag head?) share the Leak and Knee bends, suggesting that God wants his event into the picture he's pointing to. Stanley-suspect Stans share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks. And we just saw Bakers above in a paragraph involving the Get'n Go, suggesting that Baker is the "singer," or at least one of them, and that leaks should come forth from his influence. Some say that leaks from other FBI people have already occurred. Let's repeat that paragraph, noting how Bakers work into it at the Flags:

The biggest thing I see with Jim Backus [I see JIM Baker here] is his role as Magoo for a trace to Get'n GO. The latter was, I think, resolved with Gettens, who share a lion (not the same position) with Bakers, first found in Durham with Backus'. It just so happens that the Bakers share the scallops of Fleet-liner Flags/Flecks, and it's the Fleetwoods who have the Gore/GOWer wolf for a return to Get'n GO...

The Bakers are in the same sentence with Flags, and the flag was beside Miss Hicks between, or immediately after, her two songs. All interesting. I just saw a weasel go by. I'm not lying. This is incredible. I had been wondering whether WHISTLE blowers would be pointed to by Whistle's/Wissels or Wessels/Waistells, and Weasels are listed with Wessels/Waistells!!!!!! Just look at the timing, just as I was on the topic of whistle-blowers. [Later in this update, you will see some exciting whistle-blower material as presented by God himself, very apparently. He is revealing this now. Why?]

This is more incredible because, before the weasel came along, ever since ending the first sentence of the paragraph above, I had been wondering whether the stage at the 9-11 memorial should link to the stage in the sleeping-bag dream. I even loaded Platte's, Rivers, Nets and Works, because the stage in the sleeping-bag dream pointed as a PLATform to Platte River Networks, Hillary's private server. I found that Works' share the double Flag/Fleck and Stan bends, but I had decided not to write this out, as it's too vague as a pointer...but then the weasel came by!!! As was said many times, the sleeping-bag dream ended with my pulling Miss Peare toward me, on my platform, by the WAIST as code for Waistells!!! It's like the best-ever aid-miracles keep on getting better and better with time. The Lord spurred me just now to writing all that.

I went for a ride (may have been a gallop technically) on Miss Peare's white horse once. Wessels/Waistells have a white horse said to be on a Gallop, and the white horse head in the Crest of Gallop-like Galleys (Steel checks) has black bends, as does the lion in the Gallop Crest (one of the bends is in the tail). GallOPs are said to be possibly named after Hope's, what now looks like a Halley-Hope merger. French Galleys share the Hope chevron. Bushers/Boschiers (Dorset, same as Gallops) have the Gallop lion in colors reversed.

It now appears that the man with the back at the end of the Obama dream could be James BAKer. Don't take my interpretations as gospel, but don't disregard my interpretations outright because I have Special help at times. It may be that the backward-looking lion of Morells does not, or maybe still does, apply. Jim Backus played Thurston Howell, and Thurstons were first found in Stow location, as were Coys. I have no proof that Coys point to Perkins COIE, but I can go to the Stow location of Coys in Cambridgeshire, where Coys and Stows/Stouts were first found. Stows/Stouts share three fesses with Sturs/STOWers, and Sturs/Esturmys are likely a branch of Stormys/Esturme's sharing the Baker lion.

Stow of Suffolk has a Thurston location, and then the probably importance of Thurstons being at topic at all is that they share the Sheriff motto in full. Thus, Thurston Howell can help link to the Baker lion, but also to the BEDingham location of Stows/Stouts, for Bedinghams and Sheriffs both have one of the three Stow/Stout fesses, and both share the same colors and format. Bedinghams are also BODENhams. The Sheriff Coat: a version of the Masters (Kent, same as Kidd-related Children) who smack of the Maistre variation of Mattres'. The kids / children jumping on the mattress of the bed! The Bede's were paired with Boits, and here we find that Boits share the fesse of Bodens while the latter share the red roses of Butts/Boets.

The "quam" motto term between Sheriffs and Cambridge's is suspect with the Cams at the Cam river of Cambridge. Cams/Kams were first found in Gloucestershire with KEMMis', and the latter look connectable to Bachs. Kems/Kims (variations suggesting Kemmis')

I'll let you decide who you think is pointing to the yellow bed in the paragraph above, but the only person I see there is Jim Baker. Jumps have been resolved with Bede's with Val Trompia, and therefore the Jumps are code for president Trump. We could say that Baker has conformed to being a Trump ally, so to speak, in order to save himself from prosecution. Trump loves the idea of being a hero. His ego wants nothing more, meaning that he's got something to hide for not actively going against the deep state. Instead, he wants others to do it, and he has in mind to obstruct justice if the wrong person is attacked who will spill the beans on Trump in return. Rosenstein comes to mind, because Trump refused to punish him. Barr is keeping Rosenstein in his department, a very stupid move because Rosenstein is highly suspect as a mole in his department, with the potential to leak some of Barr's programs to his enemies. Barr will start to look like an idiot if he keeps Rosenstein for even another two weeks...unless Barr aims to keep him on the job to embarrass and then nab him somehow.

Back to the Brenner / Brennan link to Kennys and Kenneths. The only difference between the Kenneth motto and the same phrase of Fiscs/Fisks is "as" versus "ad." I view the latter with Ada of Warenne, and it just so happens that the Warren Coat is shared by the Aincourts in the Jump write-up: "The Anglo-Saxon name Jump comes from when the family resided in the hamlet of Jump, which is in the parish of Wombwell in Yorkshire. The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de Bully and Walter d'Aincourt at the time of the Domesday Book..." Ada of WARENNE is from the Varni Germancis, who link by way of Varns and Gells to Yell and Yellows. That's a hit on the Jumps. I'll clinch Yellows with Lille's in the next section.

Here's the Wombwell write-up, "Wombwell Hall, near NorthFLEET in Kent was built by a branch of the family in 1471. It was held by the family until 1646, when the local branch of the family died out and John Forterie, a Huguenot refugee from LILLE, purchased the estate."

With James Baker promoting leaks from other FBI people, why are the Leaks in the Aincourt write-up: "In Derbyshire at Morton, another branch of the family was found. "The manor, previously given to Burton Abbey, belonged at the Domesday Survey to Walter Deincourt...The estate passed, with other lands, to the Leakes." Bakers and Backus' were first found in Durham with Sherwoods.

The day after ending this section, Jeb's were loaded to see whether Jeb Bush could be pointed to. Also on that day (today), Dutch Sewers (show no other variations) were loaded to find a giant white rose on a stem, linkable to the white roses on stems of Sewer-like Sherwoods. Jebs use a lure for some type of falcon, usually called a hawk's lure but not always. Lure's (rose's, Bush-line kin) use an engrailed chevron in the colors of the engrailed leak bend, and both surnames share "agendo," a term I trace to Euganeo, a location beside Este. The latter's rulers merged with Barrs, whose Scottish branch was first found in Ayrshire with Lure's.

At the 9-11 memorial, God used a flag held by Stanley, suspect with Morgan-Stanley's role in 9-11, to assure that Leaks were being Pointed to, and here we find Jebs, kin of Lure's, a sept of flag-using McLeods, explaining the flag in the Lure Crest. Yet, the flag in the Lure Crest is on a tower, and some heraldic towers, when they apply, have become suspect for pointing to the Trade towers. There's a flag also in the Euganeo-like Eugene Coat, which shares a slightly-different version of the Lure chevron. Jeb's have rare-colored quadrants, which might someday help to link them to the Plains (Suffolk, sane as Jebs).

The floors of Morgan-Stanley were plenty at one Trade tower. To the best of my recollection, the company's top floor was directly under two floors used for maintenance i.e. where the plotters could have operated in privacy to set up the explosives in the wall, to make it appear as though a plane crashed into the building. In this picture, the flag held by Stanley might even indicate, "false-flag."

The Trade's use a heart along with the same single fleur as Bush's/Buschs. Wow, a song just sang "heart," as I finished that last sentence. The song is, Before the Throne of God Above," by Selah. Heraldic hearts are expected to the Heart surnames, one of which share the Pollock saltire, in Jeb colors. The other Hearts use a flaming sword, connectable to the flaming heart of Bullys. I ended yesterday at the Leakes' in the write-up of Aincourts, who are in the Jump write-up with Bullys.

The Douglas heart is very linkable to the Hardys from which Douglas' are said to descend, and the Hardy cross is engrailed in the colors of the engrailed features of Leaks and Jeb-beloved Lure's. There seems to be a tidy package here to explore.

OH WOW, this is incredible. The only other surname I know of (with my memory, anyway) with quadrants in the colors of the Jeb quadrants are those of Espaine's/SPINeto's. The Throne's/Thorns have a "spinis" motto term!!!! That is huge. I had no reason to look Throne's/Thorns up while on the Jeb topic but for the song that just played, "Before the Throne of God Above." It's another song miracle, assuring that I was on the right track with the Heart link to Jebs, and that God wanted Jebs in the Bushite picture of 9-11. The Throne/Thorn Coat is even in Bush colors and format when the Bush Coat was showing with a red fesse. Jeb Bush. What does he know about 9-11?

Sherwood Forest

I have a story to re-tell, from about age 13. I was at the home of Robert Powell, to my surprise, because I had never been there before. We were not compatible as friends. As was said, his house backed up on Sherwood forest, and Sherwoods share stemmed rosed with Schere's/SCHERFs. On that day, he played a record, with the song, Silverbird. I liked it, so I asked him to replay it. Why do I remember this? Is this silver bird (passenger jet) about the fake planes on 9-11? I guarantee you, not matter what anyone says, there were no planes that struck the Twin Towers. I can bet my life on it because the holes in the buildings are too wide, almost from tip-to-tip of the planes they claimed for the scam. There is no way that mere jet wings can strike that fast on very-hard columns, and not bend back drastically so that the hole would have been much less wide. In fact, I don't think any part of the hard, wing structure (the spars) could have sliced through the columns of those towers.

Okay, but why would God give a dream in Obama's billiard hall, about the fake planes on 9-11? I see no logic, unless Obama was part of that crime. I shot the paper plane into the corner pocket without hitting any balls, a sewer, and therefore a pointer to Barry Soetoro (as explained earlier in this update). The alternative theory is that the paper plane represented the meeting of Bill Clinton on Loretta Lynch's plane to Phoenix.

Convinced that the Plain surname applies, let's go to the fact that Plain-like Palins have three stars in their Chief in the colors of the three fleur in the Plain Chief, and both Shields are white, topped with a single black item in each case. From here we go to the Powells who share the giant Palin lion, and we are back to Silverbird in the home of Robert Powell. I'm thinking that God used a paper plane in the dream for to link to Powell's house at Sherwood forest, and that's why the faked planes on 9-11 seem to apply. As I write, Martina McBride's song is back on, the one with "our dear Savior's BIRTH." SilverBIRD. McBRIDE. BIRTH/Bert.

At the opposite end of Sherwood forest (this was a tiny forest) was the home of another friend, Michael WITHERspoon. It recalls Bill Ayers, a friend of Obama's, of the American-terrorist, socialist organization, WEATHER UnderGROUND. It's a little interesting that English Grounds look linkable to one Bird Coat, but here's the silver bullet: Withers are also Weathers, and use an Ayer-like hare, but you now need to hold on to your fake birth certificate, because Scottish Hare's/hairs, first found in AYRshire, have the Coat of Dunhams (but add the HARcourt fesses), dancette included...a solid pointer to the surname of Obama's mother. Who arranged for these "coincidences", and why?

One of the two Bird Coats (rose, Bush-line beloved symbol) looks connectable to the fesse-with-fleur of English Bush's when it was showing with a red fesse. The Birds and Scherf-like SHERIFFs both have fleur-de-lys and the rose on their fesse, and Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire with Spoons (i.e. as per the WitherSPOON residence that backed up on Sherwood forest). Unfortunately, I can't make a link of Spoon symbols to Sheriffs. The Spoon-like Spine's, likewise first found in Warwickshire, have the Wither/Weather Coat but in different colors, which looks as though God set the Witherspoons up on that forest with a son the same age as myself. Michael Witherspoon has a brother, Philip, and Philips share the Powell lion, more evidence that God set this situation up.

What follows is blowing me away. It started with the martlets of Grounds, in the colors of the Covert/Coffert martlets. I hadn't yet come to Hare's, who share the double fesses of Maness'/Manners in colors reversed. An emailer, who lived smack beside Aryan Nations (something linkable to the Scherff-Bush's) in Idaho, emailed me for years as Mrs. Maness, though she was born Miss Covert. As I just started to come across the WARWICK location of Spoons, I recalled finding (2012) her ex-husband and their son listed in Warsaw, Indiana, location of a WARS white-supremacist organization. This ex-husband and his mother both had an Intelius listing in West Islip, Long Island, right beside Patchogue, the area that was home to William Hitler, Adolph's nephew. There was no word, in his Wikipedia article, on what happened to William's three sons, born in the United States. William had joined the U.S. navy, and there's no word whether he made it high-level fast. TWA 800 was shot down right about, if not exactly, above his Patchogue home.

The thing that really grabbed my attention was that the same ex-husband had a sister who married Mr. Sheriff-like Scheriff. It's as close as one can get to "Scherff." It appears that God sent to my email box the wife of some relatives, or somewhat distant cousins, of the Scherffs who made it to the White House. But why? This could get me killed. I don't want to die like that. The ex-husband even emailed me. They might have been looking for me.

But this story is not about wee-wee Aryan Nations or WARS. God's trying to convince my readership, in all sorts of pointed / pointing ways, that the real Nazi's made it to the White House, explaining why the lunatics took down the Twin Towers without concern for human life.

If I recall correctly, the Nazi supporter, Prescott Bush, married Miss Walker. I kid you not that, at this point in my writing, a song from Newsboys was singing the line, "strong TOWER." That's the name of the song. I always feel that, when I get these signs, I'm writing accurately. I was going to say that English Walkers share the annulets of Ladys, and the first line in the chorus of Silverbird is, "Silver bird, fly my LADY away." It seems that Strong Tower is verifying that God had me involved with Silverbird, at Powell's house, as a pointer to 9-11. It recalls that Bush's state-department chief at the time was Colin Powell. How about that.

Ahh, NewsBOYS. The Boys' are with the Busch-line Bois', who have a version of the Cheney Coat. Yup, God knows what he is doing here. If the paper plane had to do with Loretta Lynch's plane to Phoenix, let's repeat that the Bothwells use a boy in Crest and the Lynch Coat exactly, while Boths/Booths share black boars of Bushs (Yorkshire, same as Boths/Booths and Lady-suspect Walkers). I have just remembered while mentioning English Walkers, that they too use three crescents, the Wither/Weather symbol, and it just so happens that both surnames share the same chevron to boot. Did God set this up to reveal that Bill Ayers was a Scherff stooge?

Ahh, I've just recalled "Lady Fortune" in the Coat of Glass-like Klassens/Classe's (Westphalia). The father of Adolph was married to Miss GLASSl (not Adolph's mother), as well as to Miss POLZl (Adolph's mother). William Hitler (Adolph's father's brother, I assume) changed his surname to hide his identity in the United States. He chose Stuart-Houston. Houstons were first found in Renfrewshire with Polz-like Pollocks and GLASgow. The Houston martlets are colors reversed from the same of Cheneys (ask whether God arranged this), and in the colors of the Colin martlets (ask whether God arranged this as a pointer to Colin Powell).

Houstons are said to descend from HUGH Paduinan, whose surname looks like it's of the Patents/Padyns/PATIENCE's (three crescents).

IMPORTANT MUST READ. The Houston martlets are also the giant one of French Josephs. However, years ago, I saw and reported that French Josephs showed a giant swan in the same colors, and the swan design used was the same one in the Crest of Lindseys and Platters. This is unbelievable. Hold on to your thermite. Let me first tell that Lindseys were first found in Lanarkshire, beside Glasgow, with Swans/Sions, but for the explosive part: Silverbird was sung by Mark LINDSEY, and the Plains are shown properly as Platers/Platters! Zing.

God wins. God has their number. I was writing exactly what He wanted me to write in this section, things He wants all, or just some, to read. And, guaranteed, with me dead or alive, they will read it whomever He intends it for, and it will make a difference, maybe small to some, maybe big to others, but God has not done all of this work for no fruit. The Bodens who had pointed to Iran-Contra share the same swan design in the white of Platters. "I'll Fly Away" is now playing on my speakers.

The Plains were deemed long ago as a Palin merger with Platters, and to this we can bring John McCain into the picture, for he chose Sarah Palin. John McCain, a deep state actor, right? Didn't he pose as a war hero, as did George Herbert Scherff?

So, let me spell it out in case some of it flew over your head. Silverbird was proposed as a pointer to 9-11, not knowing that I'd eventually be writing on Houstons, not knowing I'd be connecting the Houston martlets to those of Josephs, not knowing I'd be connecting the Joseph swan to that of Lindseys or Platters. I didn't even have the swan of Platters/Plate's on my mind, for I'm not very familiar with it. I've known for a long while that the Lindsey Crest is in the swan design of the Joseph swan, but I hadn't connected it to the Platter swan, even though I knew of the Platter variation of Plains from the start of this section, at which time the Silverbird song was loaded on google to see who the singer was. It didn't hit me that the Lindsey swan was the Platter swan until loading the Platters just as I wrote above. It proves that Silverbird and Sherwood forest was Intended to point to 9-11.

It tends to prove that the paper plain in the Obama dream applies to the fake planes of 9-11. But this picture still has me stumped, though the inclusion of Bill Ayers into the picture reminds me of my theory that Obama is the actor who feigned Osama bin Laden in the CIA-produced media pictures of him. Today's make-up artists can do anything to a face.

But there is more. Years ago, I proposed that the 666 system would be put into effect by the Nazified lunatics in the United States, brute beasts. For years, from time to time, I've been showing the International marine flag for the number, six. It has just three sinister-rising bends in blue on white, the colors of the three (wavy) bends of English Platters/Platers (Suffolk, same as Plains/Platters/Platers).

Is it necessarily correct that the paper plane is to be connected to the Silverbird and 9-11? French Josephs were first found in Maine with BILLIARDs/Billets. Is this why God chose a billiard hall to send His message? If He wanted to point to Obama's Soetoro surname, he could have used a different sewer than one on a billiard table. Why didn't he use a platter / plate as the cue ball if He wanted to point to Platters? Why a paper airplane? I assume the paper was necessary to point to Lisa Page / Carter Page, but there may be more due to the additional gleanings from Platter liners.

He may not have wanted to point to Platters, though I can see why, for they involve the line of Pontius Pilate (compare Plate's, Mars, and Pilate's), Herod Archelaus and Joseph Caiaphas. Did He arrange the Palin marriage to Plate's / Platters to point additionally to John McCain's supporters?

I found it strange when Miss Covert didn't return an email, for she always responded. Her last email was the unviable claim that someone was trying to hack into my computer through her computer system (suspicious on her part). Her not writing back made it look like her "joke" on me, as a parting gift to me. So I started to find her address, and found it beside Aryan Nations, with further finds on not-quite-right things. She wasn't adding anything to her Christian website, making me wonder whether it was a Christian front for some nefarious purpose in her life. Just a thought it was.

When she read my material on she and her ex-husband, finally she emailed back (not happy) to say she had been away to Alaska (for months, by the looks of it). She didn't have access to a computer up there, she said, which I did not believe. It just so happens that Sarah Palin is from Alaska. More than that, I can't say.

I had found that she was married to Mr. SURbrooke. It looks maybe like a Sherwood branch, incredibly enough. There is a Shurbrook/SHERbrook/SHIREbrook Coat (Derbyshire, same as Hope's) at houseofnames which shares the bend-with stars of Solomons/Salome's (Rhineland, same as Bush's/Buschs). It looks like it has the basic variations of the Shop/Shoreland/Shopland/Sherland/Shireland/Schawland variations that proved to me that president Bush was born a Scherff.

German Schaws are listed with Schere-like Schore's/Schauers, who come up as the Shows in in the motto of Nimo's: "I show not boast." The Boasts are then the Bois'/Boys', said to be Bosco liners, and it just so happens that Bosco's use Pilate-suspect pillars in the colors of the Rose-loving column of the other Schore's (Hamburg). Scottish Schaws are with the Shaws sharing the Coat of Pilotte's (two t's) and Pellets. Pillars/PILOTs happen to share the Plain / Powell lion, and pilots fly plane's, right? Entering "Pilot" brings up only one Coat, that of Pilate's, the latter first found Burgundy with the Mars who in-turn have a version of the Plate Coat. And that's why Plains/Platters look like they descend from Pontius Pilote, but we find here that Bush elements are stacked with Plain kin.

Next, we go to the Silvers as per the Silverbird to see whether God moved for this. Why was the song named that? Did God decide on the use of "Silver"? One Silver Coat shows itself as a version of the Saffer/Savary Coat, suggesting that "Silver" was a modification from "Sever(us)-like surname. But German Silvers share (almost) the giant crescent of Krume's, first found in Hamburg with Schore's. This crescent is colors reversed from the three of English Walkers, and in the colors of the one in the German Walker Coat, the one with a, red, stemmed rose in the white of the five stemmed roses of German Schere's/Scherfs. Austrian Schere's happen to share ears of wheat with Chappes'/Cheaps, first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's.

Recall the smallish evidence of the Bird-Coat link to English Bush's, for I can now add that the near-fitchee of Schere's/Scherfs is in the colors of the Broxton fitchee, and then it's Birds who were at Broxton. THEREFORE WOW, "SilverBIRD" appears to be Chosen in order to make a Bush link to Scherfs!!! Excellent, work, my Lord. Let us now march into battle. There is some pruning work to do.

Recall the hare in the Wither/Weather Crest, as it linked with Hare's/Hairs to the Dunham Coat. There is another Hair Coat, identical, except that it's on a red background instead of blue. The one on red background is the HARcourt Coat, and this is the one used for German Walkers, what a hoot. The Harcourt Crest shares the peacock with Maness'/Manners, and the latter's double fesses are those of the former Hare's/Hairs in colors reversed. Miss Covert / Mrs. Surbrooke told (or implied to) me she was married to Mr. Maness, and that he was lending his helicopter assistance to Haitian-earthquake relief...when Bush and Clinton teamed up to pillage the relief effort. Clinton, at least, pillaged it, such a sick man. Where in his grave will he put that money?

Mr. Maness has a listing in Texas where I drove past on the morning after my mugging in Galveston, on the morning God stopped me in Victoria for a coffee as a pointer to Coffers. Coverts are also Cofferts, as well as Harcourt-like Courts (pale bars in the colors of the Maness/Manner fesses). The Harcourts have a "Le bon" motto phrase while Lebons/Bone's have a reflection of the Maness/Manner Coat. "Bon" is a Hick motto term, and the one Hick fesse is in the colors of the two of Hare's/Hairs and Harcourts.

The listing for Mr. Maness is at Markham / BAY City, and the second line in the Silverbird chorus is: "Silver bird, take her over the BAY." It's incredible because the night before I had driven by BAYtown (home of Miss Hicks), and English Bays happen to share the double fesses of Maness'/Manners while the French Bays (looking Pilate-ish) have three crescents in the colors of the Silver crescent. Often, I don't know how to read these things, whether the connections are simply proof of God's handiwork, or whether the things pointed to are nefarious or otherwise. The husband of Miss Hicks was a pilot, as was Mr. Maness with his personal helicopter. Was the family of Miss Hicks involved with whatever Maness or Covert were involved in. What does this mean?

Let me tell you another story I've never told. This could be incredible. My post-trib book went online around 1998. I was back in Texas in 1999. From 1996, I suspected that Miss Hicks was the woman in the 1979 dream, but then one day I received an email from a woman in Texas asking if I'd go on her television show with the post-trib material. I declined. She told me about her book, Out of the Darkness; Into the Light (I might have that title not quite right), which I ordered, and which had a close-up of her face. I was wondering whether this was the woman in the dream, for she had the look and the story to match. She said that she worked out of Houston, though I don't know whether she lived there. Baytown is beside Houston.

In her book, she told of her witchcraft, though it came off faked, like someone trying to sell a book on sensationalism, for she said that she was levitating over her bed, and that she saw demons, etc. etc., not exactly my cup of tea for a wife. But in the dream, the woman was levitating over car seats, and so it really had me going.

As was said, the first time I saw Miss Hicks was in church with a sexy black dress. Maybe it wasn't so sexy as her body was, but she should not have been wearing it to church in that case. In the book with the witch-come-Christian, she talked about her great body, and that she was in love with a doctor, who thrilled her when he bought her a black dress. The husband of Miss Hicks, maybe too old for her sexual needs by this time, was himself a doctor, and so perhaps Miss Hicks had gotten herself another doctor by being in medical circles through her husband, and perhaps she used a fake name on the book cover to protect against the true or false revelations she was making, for this author's name wasn't Hicks. Her husband gave her birth. Yup, he pulled his own wife out of the canal. Miss Hicks had been a stripper as a teen, not my cup of tea for a wife. As it turned out, the dream was Intended for heraldic value, not marriage. It seems to me that, when I touched her knee, it resulted in something victorious between us. Will me meet again someday?

For a few years later, I had wondered whether Miss Hicks had called me up that day to ask me onto her local television show. I doubted it then that it was her, but seeing what God is doing with me now, nothing of that far-fetched, coincidental sort is out of the question anymore. I spoke with the book writer on the phone, and she sounded like Miss Hicks, but then many women in Houston are expected to have a Houston accent (I liked it). Put it this way, that judging from the close-up on the back cover of the book, I could not say she was NOT Miss Hicks.

I don't know what to make of this, but am still perplexed by what looks like God's using my life to make a Miss Hicks connection to Miss Covert. The latter is online claiming to have been a witch before her conversion. What's going on?

Varni Explanation of the Yellow bed

This section shows that the section above is all over the yellow bed. However, this section is on the heraldic value of the yellow-bed dream, not on anything that it might be pointing to in the news.

Miss Covert / Mrs. Surbrooke, with her daughter, sold bed-like beads, and Beads/Beadle's were first found in Yorkshire with Jumps. That's being said because the Yellow-branch Lille's were at SHIRburn, like the ShireBROOKs. It just so happens that Michael's share the Brook scallops, a very big deal because Brock / Brook liners are from Procopia Rangabe, perfect for Michael of the dream. Also, I've now got to say that Mr. Maness was Michael himself; what could that mean? This looks like a new mystery, and my head is very heavy at the end of this week with the workload.

I wouldn't have been at the Beads, thus far, if not for the beads sold by Miss Covert's daughter. The Shirland location is good for solving a key part of the dream: "The surname Lille was first found in Oxfordshire at Shirburn, a parish, in the union of Thame, hundred of Pirton." What could PIRton be but a Peare entity, for Peare's and Thames' share parts of their Coats, yet, unbelievably, the Thames Coat shares the three martins of Coverts while the gold Covert leopard head is used by Peare's. But this is not the end of this mind-splitting development.

Miss Covert's ex-husband, the one with a mother from West Islip, whose daughter married Mr. Scheriff, was Miss or Mrs. Abbott. I've mentioned her before to show that she had an address beside William Hitler. The Abbotts, you see; 1) were first found in Oxfordshire too; 2) share the Peare / Thames chevrons; 3) use pears while Peare's are also Pears. I can't grasp this. I can't understand how this has just popped its face into my face. Why is this happening?

The selling of beads by her daughter seems very arranged by God because the Thames Chief has the Bully mascles in colors reversed, and the Bullys are in the Jump write-up. The Beads are Beadle's and the Beatle's have checks in half the colors of the AinCOURT checks, and Coverts are also Courts. The Aincourts are in the Jump write-up too. The Aincourts share the Warren Coat, and Warrens are from the Varni at the area of SCHWERin. Boy that looks like a Schere/Scherf / Scheriff thing.

The Varni represent the heraldic dragon, the wyVERN dragon in particular. Prior to delving into heraldry, I identified the dragon bloodline with the Varni-like VARANgian Rus, which married the line of Michael in the yellow-bed dream. That is, Melissena Rangabe married a Varangian, and so we can see that I'm on the right track here with deciphering the bed with the Varni.

Platters use three blue bends. Two blue bends are used by the Dule's/DuLYS'/Doleys/Ollie's (Oxfordshire again suspect in the "SeDULO" motto term of Lille's/LYSle's (Oxfordshire, share Dule/Dulys colors). The Lille/Lysle fitchees are the rarish ones of Plains/Platters (though in different colors). As Dule's look like Dol liners, which included FitzAlan of Arundel, note that Lille's/Lysle's share swallow with Arundels and Salop-liner Swallows. Lille's/Lysle's are said to have been at Dibden while Dibdens/Debbie's likewise have two blue bends, this time in the colors of the three of Platters. The Dibdens/Debbie's have a red, stemmed rose, perfect for suggesting that the Shirburn location of the same Lille's is of the rose-on-stem Schere's/Scherfs and rose-on-stem Sherwoods. Is the bed dream connecting to the paper plane?

Lille's/Lysle's likely share the cross of Winchesters because of the Dibden/Debbie write-up: "...Depedene [location] was held by Odo of Winchester." We can now link to Plain-branch Palins because the QUINT fitchee is behind the blue lion in the Winchester Crest while Winchesters share mascles with QUINCE's due to Saer de Quincy of Winchester. The Bully mascles are colors reversed from the same of Winchesters; it seems to be connecting the elements of Jumps to these Lille relatives.

I say that the Quint fitchee is held by the Palin lion, though it could also be the Faucet lion because Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up. Faucets were at MUSSELburgh, and mascles are from Mussels/Muscels. The latter happen to use PLATES, yup, that's right. Faucets were at FAUXside, and Jewish Simons use a fox. We saw the line of Simon Boethus in the Simms and Vaux's of East Lothian...location of Musselburgh. And while Boethus' were from SADDUCees, the SADDOCK escutcheon is in the Coat of MASCALs (Sussex, same as Saddocks). Keiths of East Lothian are also Mascals.

Doesn't it appear that Joseph Caiaphas is somewhere in the paragraph above. All the right elements are there. Did one of his lines name Coverts/Cofferts from Coffers? The day I drove past the home-town of Miss Coverts husband (Mr. Maness), I stopped in Victoria for a coffee. The Coffers/Coffee's. If they use mugs, it can be for the Muggs using what look like wyvern dragons (sometimes they are modified to cockatiels), defined as two-legged dragons with eagle parts and pointed TAIL (assume Tile's / Tillers). [I just saw a partridge go over the same rock as did the weasel. The partridge was seen during the spell-check while it was on "cockatiels". The Partridge Shield is that of Spanish Majors/MAGors too who happen to come up as Mugg-like MAGGors. Is there more, or something else, to this partridge?]

Rangers, featuring one man from Angers, have a cross half in the colors of the white-on-blue cross that is the Arms of Rangabe. English Rangers/Raingers/Ringers were first found in Essex with Quints, and while the Quint fitchee is in the Winchester Crest, the cross of French Rangers is colors reversed from the Winchester / Lille cross. The Lille's are a Yellow branch and thus Rangabe's seem to be linking to this picture here. The vikings of Normandy were at and around RINGERike of Norway.

"WinCHESTER" is suspect as a Quince-Chester merger, from the Chester of Meschins (version of Mussel Coat). The earls of Cheshire's Macclesfields are said to have had their seat in Shirburn location of Lille's/Lysle's, and the sharing of same-colored crosses between Winchesters and Lille's suggests a Cheshire link to Lille's. The Winchester mascles are in the colors of the Lille/Lysle fitchees, these being in the design of the Plain/Platter fitchees. Also, CarLYSLE was ruled by Meschins, who likely ruled Macclesfield too.

We now come to another coincidence or not linking Miss Covert to this bed dream. Her ex-husband had a Dein surname, first found in Sussex with Coverts, Saddocks, Mascals and Diens/DIVES'. As the Dives river of Normandy is beside the Orne river of Ferte-Mace, I trace Diens/Dives' to Diva, an alternative name for the Cheshire city of Chester. And, by the way, with Cheshire being a Massey stronghold, let's add that the Massey fleur are used by Ringers (bell, probably for the Bellamys who married Ferte-Mace).

The first Meschin (ruler in Chester) was married to Lucy Taillebois, and the Tailboys/Tailbois' share the scallops of Beads and Mauls/Morleys, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Jumps and Beads. What are the chances that the other Dive's/Dives'/Diva's (Cambridge) use the same scallops??? You see, either God arranged Miss Covert's family to be in beads, or something else was arranged to make this story work like so. "Diva" could easily have been/become "Dibe," with a further modification to, "DibDEN," what looks like a Diva-Dien merger. Who was it that were at Dibden? The Yellow-line Lille's, at our service. We'll soon see a Lille branch with the fleur of the Cambridgeshire June's.

The Dibden's/Debbie's first came to my attention when asking self whether God arranged Debbie at Knob Hill Farms, whom I liked, but she wouldn't go out with me. However, she came to a party I threw for the employees, and we got to talking in the back YARD. That's all I have to say about Debbie and me, yet the party was in Gormley, and while Gormleys/Grimes' use three martlets in colors reversed from the same of Coverts, Grime's not only use martlets in the same colors as the Covert martlets, but were first found in Cheshire with Diva. Grime's are said to be from East Cheshire, and that's where Macclesfield is along with the first-known Diva-possible Davenports. Do you remember me saying: "The earls of Cheshire's Macclesfields are said to have had their seat in Shirburn location of Lille's/Lysle's"? That's the home of Lille's who were also at Dibden. That's all petty incredible.

Hold on to your Dibdens, because Debbie and I were talking just once at the party, in the back YARD, while Yardleys, if their martlets were colors reversed, would be in the green of the Grime and GARD martlets. Life just doesn't follow heraldic links like this, unless God is arranging things. What do you see besides the acorns of Tromps and Bede's? I see lake GARDa right beside Val Trompia, where the yellow bed has already traced. It appears to mean that Bede's were a Bead/Beadle branch, but his comes thanks to Miss Covert, whose surname just linked to Grime's before we arrived to lake Garda.

Remember that Miss Covert's family by marriage (the Abbott mother of her Dean ex-husband, that is) linked to Peare's by a mind-splitting way, for the Grime martlets are on fesses all in the three colors of the same of Pavia's, where Peare-branch Pierro's/Pero's were whose variations are linkable to such things as Pettys. The latter use the Yardley Coat exactly. That's petty incredible. Guess what the Petts/Perts use who were first found in Kent with Petits? They have the mascles of the Bullys in the jump write-up, and these are colors reversed from the same of Winchesters and Peare- / Abbott-related Thames mascles. If we then reveal that the Yardley / Petty quadrants are colors reversed from those of Bauds, we could ask whether ABBOTTs were Baud liners? It just so happens that Botts are listed with the Butts/Bute's/BOETs, the ones with a six-rose version of the five-rose Pierro's/Pero's, so incredible. I didn't make this story up. I didn't name Covert's mother-in-law.

Mrs. Abbot's daughter was April, and Aprils share the rose of Boits/Boitou's. Just saying, I don't want to put limits on God's pleasure. If he enjoyed doing this project, I had best enjoy it too. The other Abbott-like Botts are with Botters/Budins, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens (share the Bott/Boet fesse) and Potters, the latter likely from Boitou-like Poitou (Poitiers).

I know what happened. I died at birth, and He decided to save me so that he could justify owning my life, whether I gave permission or not. My mother took so long getting to the hospital, I was born blue, she said, as good as dead. I think she had a small miracle to get me there in the nickers of time.

I'm going back to Perts/Petts and Petits to do another petty-incredible thing. They were first found in Kent with Children and Masters, the latter suspect with Mattres'/Maistre's and yet having a version of the Scheriff-like Sheriff Coat. April above married Mr. Scheriff, and so we might want to know whether it's by chance that Pettys with the Yardley Coat were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs. Okay, maybe that's not so hot, but the other Pettys use parrots while the Pierro-like Perrot surname shares pears with Abbotts. Are you not impressed? I didn't name her Mrs. Abbott, nor did I make her daughter marry Mr. Sheriff-like Scheriff.

It may be irrelevant, but I'll mention it anyway. My two week drive to Texas, when I got mugged and passed the address of Mr. Maness, etc, was in APRIL, ending on April 30. The end of this week is exactly 15 years from when I departed. Just wondering; is there something more to the April/Audri surname that God wants us to know? It's a rose version of the Clinton Shield. The Auvrill-and-similar variations look like the same-colored Overs/Offers, potential Coffers / Cofferts.

Repeat: ""The surname Lille was first found in Oxfordshire at Shirburn, a parish, in the union of Thame, hundred of Pirton." What could PIRton be but a Peare entity, for Peare's and Thames' (same place as Clintons) share parts of their Coats, yet, unbelievably, the Thames Coat shares the three martins of Coverts while the gold Covert leopard head is used by Peare's." I didn't cause Covert to marry Mrs. Abbott's son. Yet there's the heraldry right there as though it has eyes. It's possible that PIRTon elements named the Pert variation of Petts, but, in any case, Pirton-like Pertons (Tiss/Teece chevron?) use the same-colored pears as Parrots and Abbotts.

Pertons are also PRINGtons, and while Mr. Kepke left Miss Peare for Miss Walsh, the Roxburghshire Walsh's use a Coat version of the Prings/Pringells (Roxburghshire). That's perty amazing. The Pring Coat looks Varni-ish. George Bush married Laura Walsh. Prings lived in a Stow location, as did Thurstons. Repeat: "Thus, Thurston Howell can help link to the Baker lion, but also to the BEDingham location of Stows/Stouts, for Bedinghams and Sheriffs both have one of the three Stow/Stout fesses, and both share the same colors and format. Bedinghams are also BODENhams. The Sheriff Coat: a version of the Masters who smack of the Maistre variation of Mattres'."

The Sheriff motto is that of Thurstons, by the way. Is that meaningful? I recall talking about a Baker location in Montana when investigating Aryan Nations in neighboring Idaho, home of Miss Covert and Mr. Dein. Otto SKORzeny, the Nazi who, on his death bed, said that George Herbert Scherff was George Bush, also said that Hitler escaped to Montana (it was with the help of rose-on-stem Roosevelt). And this is part of the reason that I take this deathbed report as fact: one leader of Aryan Nations was Charles Mangel of Montana, whose surname smacks of the infamous Nazi, Josef Mengele. Mangel is of age to be Mengele's son. "Mengele was born on 16 March 1911 to Walburga (nee Hupfauer)..." Walburga HUPFAUER? Is that a Coffer branch? There's a Kopff/Kopfer surname with a goat in the design of the one for German Steins; English Steins share the gold leopard face of Coverts/Cofferts. Heffers share the Coffer/Coffare crescents in Pfiefer colors. There's also a Kaipff surname.

Reminder: the Lille swallow suggests connection to the YELLOW bed as per the Ile's/Isle's/YLLEYs. The latter's Crest has a lion paw holding a cross, as does the Quint Crest, tending to assure that Lille's were a Ylley / Yell / Yellow/Yelley branch. It also makes the Ile/Ylley fleur look like those of June's, as per from Junia Caepionis, great-granddaughter of Quintus Caepio. God had revealed through a dream of a reader that the Caepio lion is blue, and that was later found in the Winchester Crest with the Quint fitchee while it was realized immediately that the same lion is in the Arms of Macclesfield ("copia" motto term). The kids-on-bed here in the Lille picture is reinforced where Michaels share a hand holding a pen with Carlysle's. Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's and their Shirburn location.

These Cambridgeshire elements link well to Stows/Stouts (Cambridgeshire). The bed-line is suspect with their Bedington location. The Stout / raven vikings were in Shetland, location of Yell. Jells are in Yellow/Yelley colors, but use the bend of Varns, likely from the proto-Varangian Varni. The Bedington Coat is in the colors and format of Sheriffs and Masters, and the latter two share the same griffins heads (from Griffins having lived in the Varni theater), the more-pertinent point being that Maistre-like Masters are probably of the yellow mattress as opposed to the yellow bed.

German Plate's/Platters are also Blate's, as are English Blade's, and the latter actually share the white pheon with Pilate's (Blate's look like Pilate's). Blate's/Blade's are said to be from Drago de BEWERE, and "beware" is a motto term of Wombwells. The kids jumping on the Varni bed, right? Yes. The Jump write-up: "The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de Bully and Walter d'Aincourt at the time of the Domesday Book..." Aincourts share the WARREN Coat, from the Varni/Warni. The Trumps in the Jump stag were first found in the Varni theater, but what does this mean?

Walkers and Wagers were both first found in Yorkshire with Jumps, and while Roger de Bully suggests heart-using Bullys (Dumfries, same as Walks/Wachs), but then Wagers, suspect from the Wagrians on the Warnow river of the Varni, uses hearts too.

Walks/Wachs are suspect with the Wake's whose "vigila" motto term can be for Italian vigils using the split-Shield of Fulke's/Volks and Belgian Flecks. The Belgian branch are good here, for Pal de Calais (Artois) is on the French-Belgian border (where the flames of Bullys and BEATle's/BEDwells likely trace), and it's where Plancia-Magna-line Plants/PLANQUE's lived who were from Fulks of Angers. Walkers have "Magna" in their motto, and Walks/Wachs share the Perkin fleur.

Varni were a fellow tribe with Angers-suspect Angle's. Angers is the line, in my opinion, of the Rangabe's represented by Michael. Rangers are said to be from Pas de Calais too. We could say that Rangabe kids were jumping on the Varni bed / mattress.

The base of the BROXton fitchee is sharpened to a point in the same style as the Wach fitchee, and the latter's is in the colors of the near-fitchee of Scheres/Scherfs. This is the German Wach surname, first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/PROCOPs, the line to/from Michael Rangabe's wife.

The Other Bed and Steve Scalise

A ladyfriend of my youth, Mamie, was a pointer to Nazi's. God showed me this when, on our last date, I was driving taxi, a pointer to Tax's/Dachs, traceable via Schutz-like Shots/Shute's to Dachau, headquarters of Bavaria's concentration camps. Lookie: "Josef Mengele...was a German SCHUTZstaffel (SS) officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. He performed deadly human experiments on prisoners..."

As I've been saying repeatedly for months, God gave Mamie a tease symbol on our first night together, and a thigh symbol the following day, to assure us that she was a symbol for Tease's/Tyes'/Tighs, suspect as a branch of Tickhills. Tease's/Tyes' were first found in Nottinghamshire with MANSfields, who had a Mamie-like Mamesfelde location there to which God definitely pointer her. From this find, I learned that the Mens surname came up as "Mame" and "Meme," which did more than verify that Mamie was a pointer to MANSfields, who share the maunch with MANGELs/Mansells and Tickhills. Do you see it? The Mansfield Coat is identical to the Mangel Coat.

But there is more, for Mens'/Mame's are said to be a branch of Manners, and Maness' are listed with Manners. Miss Covert was with Mr. Maness. I didn't arrange for that. I didn't arrange for the heraldry. Is this telling us that Covert and Maness were somehow connected to Charles Mangel? Looks like.

As was said, God used Mamie and I together at home PLATE when pointing to the attempted murder of Steve Scalise. Was that a pointer to Nazi elements in the Bush camp as the attempted murderers? Are the ones who wanted Scalise dead the same people behind the paper plane of the Obama dream, since the Plains are plate-like Platters/Platers too?

When I gave Mamie a Bible, she went away on a TRIP, and came back without it, saying she left it under a bed. I don't remember the details, but I resolved that this bed was code for Bedingham/Bodenhams. The TRIP seemed like a pointer to the SCALING ladder of Trips, for the Scalise's use a ladder. I do recall tracing Drummonds, first found in Hampshire with Trips/Treffs, to Shetland, home of the Stout vikings. The Stouts were at Bedingham. Shetland, home of Yellow-branch Yell.

Bible's/Bibo's are said to have been related to the Hahns, and it checks our where Hahns share their rooster, but the point here is that Hahns (Trump / Drummond colors) and Bible's/Bibo's were both first found in the Varni theater with Drummond-like Trumps, and Hamburg is right beside that theater. The Jumps share the Trump stag, and thus the bed is implied, in the dream with the jumping, as though God could be connecting things in the bed dream to whatever the Mamie event points to.

If one asks what Scalise has to do with the trace to Hamburg, there is an answer. Or, put it this way, the items in the event are so few, one doesn't expect heraldic links at all. There is only a trip, a Bible, and a bed, yet expected to link to Scalise because God used the baseball diamond, at roughly the same time, to point to him (via Cindy at second base; see last update). Scalise was reportedly shot by Mr. Hodgkinson. English Hodge's happen to use one fesse in the colors of the three of Drummonds, and crescents in the colors of the one crescent of Krume's, the latter first found in Hamburg with Drummonds and Trips. From there we note CROOMs/Crone's, and from there to the Crane's/Crauns, whose annulets are colors reversed from the other Hodge's. One might say that the only think this proves is that Hodge's were related to Drummonds and Krume's, so what? Yet the Trips were in Hamburg too, while English Trips share the Scalise ladder.

Crane/Craun liners are from the Ceraunii Illyrians whom I assume named the Ceraunii mountains near Bullis, and then the Bulls/Bule's share the annulets of Hodge's, in colors reversed from the Crane/Craun annulets. The Hodge surname with the links to Hampshire has a motto term translated, "rising," and, in colors reversed, the Rising cross is green, the color of the same-style, Hodgkinson cross. Rhizon/Risinium is at Butua/Budva, the possible origin of Boits/Boitou's and Bodens/Budins/Boedens/Botens who both share the Hodge fesse.

I got all the way down here before realizing that the other Hodge's, with the annulets, are in the colors and format of Bede's!!! Wow. LOOK AT THAT. The bed pointed to Mr. Hodgkinson!!! Who was behind the shooting, and the faked video of the shooting?

It was decided to delete the Bible-under-bed part, when most of the way through, because there wasn't enough to prove that God was in it toward Hodgkinson. But the tidy Ceraunii link the Bulls and Hodge's kept me from deleting. After that paragraph's Boits, the Bede's entered, to my great surprise, which wouldn't have happened had Bede's and Boits not been paired earlier in the update. Exclamation marks are used because, after I've committed myself to a certain direction, hoping for things to pan out compellingly, they do.

I had read that Steve Scalise was after pedophiles before he was shot, though he never returned to that project, at least not publicly, after the shooting. So far, the kids jumping on the bed are suspect as a pedophilia pointer, and to this I will remind that pizzagate pedophilia is pointed to by the Reines' (comet and Pisa lion in colors reversed). This is stunning, first because the Bede write-up has a term looking like the Reiner variation of Reines': "The members of the different branches of the family became the lords of la Reignerais..." Secondly, shortly after Cindy was at second base, as Mamie and I were at home plate, Cindy appeared in the pizza restaurant I was working in (about two months only), and I served her table on maybe the first and only night I was asked to serve tables. I was still with Mamie at the time, but she was taken away from me, by God, I assume, soon after Cindy was in the restaurant.

I didn't see Mamie again until, the following year, the taxi dispatcher had me pick her up, which happened twice, because God wanted to point to Dachau, I propose.

Those of you who've been reading even lately might know that Mamie's thigh symbol was given at her GARDen, as proof that she was a pointer also to MUMmolin, father of Babon, for the Babon surname (Suffolk, same as Bullis') shares the black boar head with Gardens. And Gardens can be from lake Garda, where the jump-on-bed theme traces. The case was just made that God did use Mamie's bed, when she was away on a trip, to point to Bede's, who share the acorns of Dutch Tromps, from Val Trompia at lake Garda. There's probably more to this than I can say at this time.

The tease and thigh symbol of Mamie plays well to the Tax's/Dachs/Dacks, for one Tease surname is also "Teck," a German part of the line to the British royals. These surnames are suspect with German Decks/Deckers/Daggers, and the latter's Coat is a good reflection of the Hips Coat. Scalise was shot at second base in the HIP.

Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and here even his two names are interesting. For example, Bernie's/Barnys share the Saraca fish and the fesse of Boits and Bodens, while Butts/Boets are suspect with the Saraca fish in gold. In the Miss-Hicks dream, SARACa's are suspect in the SHARK that swallows a BULLdog, which led to the idea of an explicable Saraca-Bullis merger, and then Sanders share bull heads with the Bulls/Bule's we saw above. The other Sanders happen to use ELEPHant heads, and Saraca's of Ragusa were right beside the ELAPHiti islands. While Trunks use bull heads, elephant trunks are used by Varni-suspect Wahrs/Wahrens (Saxony, same as Fishers) in the motto of the Fisher's whose fish looks to apply to that of Butts/Boets and Saraca's together.

Previously, these Saraca's were at Kotor, beside Butt-like BUTua/Budva, and near Bar, the latter suspect with the Barnys/Bernie's with the fish. German Barney might even have the Tax/Dach sword. Or better yet, German Barneys have a single white sword on red Chief while English Gumms have crossed, white swords -- the Tax/Dach symbol too -- on a red Chief, and then German Gumms are Jump-link Gumps, hmm. This Shield with red Chiefs is that also of Mens/Mame's, to reinforce the Dachau implication. The amazing thing is that, as per my belief that God has paired Tooths and Gumms for special reasons, Tooths have a single white sword, likewise on a red Chief, crossed with a branch of acorns!!! WOW. I almost missed it. It took me several minutes, after the "hmmm," to come to that. Good surprises are why three or more exclamation marks are used. Elephant heads are used by Levens too, and on my last date with Mamie, we went back to my place at LEVENdale.

Why do we suppose the Leven Coat has the look of the Tease/Tyes Coat while using the Quint chevron? Isn't this the line of Laevi on the Ticino in connection with Quintus Caepio? Now we know why I met Albert, who asked me to share his basement apartment on Levendale. English Alberts (Kent, same as Masters) share the Master griffin while Masters love the Minors who share a black lion paw in Crest with Quints and AUSTINs. Albert was Mr. OOSTEYN (or perhaps, Oostyen). Both Austin Coats share the Quint chevron with Levens, and while Bedfords have more black lion paws, Austins were first found in BEDfordshire. While living in his basement, I once found his male-porn book at the head of his bed? Aren't Masters part of the kids on yellow mattress? One Austin Crest even has the upright, white stag of Jungs/Youngs/JUNE's, and the latter's is in both colors of the Jump stag head, amazingly enough.

Was Mamie at the garden? Yes, and Trump's, with the Jump / Jung/June stag, were from lake Garda, and here we add that Garden's have a "JUNGunter" motto term. Pure Genius.

Lorraine was my ladyfriend immediately before Mamie, and we met on our first date at a plaza on Levendale, but because she pointed to Bush's in at least three ways, "Leven" became suspect as a pointer to nine-ELEVEN. There is a Nine surname listed with Nons/Nevins (Master love them), yet I have found no evidence of a link between Nine's and Levens.

In both cases, the first date with Lorraine, and the last with Mamie, I was living in the home of Edith (and Albert), who had a German accent. But between those two dates, I had not lived in Edith's home. She pointed to Edith of Polesworth, part of the Polworth-Worth-Maxwell bloodline, and here we can add that the Maxwell Crest is the lodged stag of the other Austins, though Maxwells add a "holly BUSH." It's the Austins in this picture that tend to justify a pointer to Edith of Polesworth, and as we saw that the other Austins share the Jung/Young stag, let's add that I met Lorraine that night at the very corner of Levendale and Yonge street (RICHmond Hill, Ontario). Rich's/Richess' were from Lorraine.

The Lodge's/Loge's can be linked to Loges' and Loches'/DeLOGEs, the latter sharing the cinquefoils of Hodgkinsons. The latter's green cross is in the style of the green cross in the Arms of Pola/Pula, while the latter's is in both colors of the Pollock saltire. As Pollocks are a sept of Maxwells, they can be gleaned with Polworths. Is this Scalise-important?

Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and Sanders share the elephant head with Levens. Lorraine was a pointer to Bar-le-Duc (Lorraine), which has fish in its Arms in the colors of the Barney/Bernie and Saraca fish. Bars of Bar-le-Duc were Este kin, and Este is down the Adige river from lake Garda. Bars of Bar-le-Duc had been in BRUNSWICK, where Rothschilds/RoddenSTEINs were first found who share the eight-pointed star with OOSTEYN-like Steins.

I half expect God to use "second base" in some way to prove that He's in this pointer to Scalise, and here one can say that English Base's share the double lions of Brunswicks. One can go from the Este eagle in the Coat of Segni's/SEGURana's to the SECOND surname listed with SEGURs. That's tidy enough. As you can see for yourself, the Barrs share the Este eagle, and you can find online that they were at Brunswick. Can someone second the motion that Bill Barr should look into these matters?

Amazingly, German Base's share black hunting horns with Brun- / Bernie-like Burns and Bernice's, as if to verify a pointer to Scalise by way of the BERNIE-Sanders supporter who was alleged to be the shooter. Then, Scalise's were first found in Florence with Brunswick-suspect Bruno's, the latter said to have had a branch at Asti, at Langhe with Bra, where Lorraine pointed as per our first date.

Hmm, when writing "shooter" above, I recalled that the Arms of Dachau has a sling SHOT as likely code for Shots/Shute's/SHOOTs, for they have swords in the colors of the Tax/Dach swords. These are the Sword swords too, and while SWORDs are from SIWARD of Northumberland, he's suspect in the Sewer variation of SHOOTERs/Suters/Suits, the ones that God pointed to with the sewer of the paper plane. Could this reveal that BARRY SOETORo was behind Scalise's near-fatal day? Hmm, why were Scottish Barrys first found in Angus with Sewers/Shooters/Suters??? Why do German Barrys (kin of Weis') have fish heads if not from Bar? Scottish Barrys share "fidelis" with Weavers, and Weavers add, "esto," as some indirect evidence of a Barry trace to Bars of Este / Brunswick.

This inclusion of Barry causes me to repeat my story on Barry, who called me up one day asking if I'd be joining the drinking buddies on a weekend camping. I declined, as I was a new Christian at the time, but he said that Mamie would be there, and so I changed my mind. She and I had met only once before. I can remember only three things that happened that night. I remember asking where Barry was when I arrived, and someone promptly opened the hatch of a pick-up truck, and there were Barry and Mamie inside, alone. I thought she had no BRA on, and seemed to be putting it on when I looked away. The point here is whether this event is a pointer to Barry Soetoro amid the things that Mamie points to, namely, the attempted shooting of Scalise. Bra is beside the Bruno's of Asti, and Bruno's were first found in the same place as Scalise's, but, the problem is, why would God create this vague trace to Scalia, if that's what it is? Perhaps because there are no ladders at camp sites. How else would he point to ladder-using Scalise's/Scalia's?

The second event I remember that night was when, as we sat around the camp fire, Mamie plopped herself on my lap uninvited, and I put my arm around her waist. I remember that, but only that while she sat there. I don't remember how long she was on my knee, or her getting off. The third event I remember that night is when we got into the tent, and into her sleeping bag, when she refused to let me hug her warmly, or at all. We went to sleep with she faced away from me, my arm hanging over her waist, the latter being a symbol now, for whistle-blowers. This third event was the tease symbol I spoke about.

The next day at her home, her beautiful thighs impressed me, and, decades later, I realized that Tease's and Thighs / Tease's/Tyes' / Mamesfelde go together. The Thigh's/Thy's may even be using a wolf, and, if so, wow, its in the color of the red wolf head of Scottish Barrys, first found in Angus with Sewers/Suters and Gardens!!! Her thighs were noticed at her garden! But there's more, for she was in her bathing SUIT at the time, and Sewers/Shooter/Suters (Barry Soetoro, right) are also Suits! Immediately after the sewer on Soetoro's billiard table, he was dancing in a SUIT, and after that he was skateBOARDing in the same suit while Boards have a version of the Sewer/Suter/Suit Coat. WOW. I'm very aware of how hard it is to see links this easy and tidy, because non-links happen all the time. I often need to struggle to find them, and sometimes, just as I'm about to give up, whammo! But if the links don't exist, there can be no whammos.

I was wondering whether Hodge's were a branch of Hogs, and after seeing that Hogs share black-on-white boars with Gardens, there was spotted the tree design of Kids, the latter first found in Dundee, smack at Angus. That's pretty amazing seeing that Mamie pointers led to Bede's.

Aha! The Angus Barry's use a "legi" motto term, and Legge's, who have a stag in the colors of the Jump stag head, have a "TENTamine" motto term as a possible pointer to the tent I slept in with Mamie on the night she was in the pick-up with Barry. In fact, I think it's correct, because the Legge motto also has "Gaudet." The Gaudets not only have a good reflection of the Children Coat, but they smack of "Gardet." I therefore loaded Gardets (not familiar with that term), and up came the Jardins of Brittany! The Gardens were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardins!!! But there is more, mind-blowing: The Jardins of Brittany show nothing but lilies in the colors of the Dundee lily!!! While Kids were first found in Dundee, lilies have got to be in honor of Lille's, the ones who were of the YELLOW bed that the kids / children were JUMPIng on!!! The Legge's are thus highly suspect with the Jump stag. Legge's were first found in Dumfries with the Bullys in the Jump write-up.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just asking why Barry and Mamie were in the back of a pick-up when I arrived, and loading Picks/Pixts/Piggs' (Kent, same as Children), there in the Crest was the tree design of Hogs and Kids. Incredible. The Pict peoples were at Angus.

Lookie: She plopped herself on my LAP at a PICnic table. There is a Picot/PIGot surname, with arrows heads called, "pike heads," and, per-chance, the fish heads of German Barrys are pike fish. Picots/Pigots share a wolf head (different color) with the Angus Barrys, and Picots/Pigots are said to be from BUTley, evoking the Butua-Bar relationship. Butley is in PRESTbury (Cheshire), and Prestwicks (from Prestwich of Cheshire) happen to share the mermaid with Lapps. She sat on my lap at a picNIC table, and NICKle's/Nichols, first found in Cheshire with arrow-head Pigots/Picots, use pheon arrow heads. That works, but why would God to point to those things? Is it to make a solid link to Bar > Barry liners? <> While there is no Butley surname coming up, Butlers use a version of the Dunham Coat, a possible pointer to Barry Soetoro again. In fact, Butlers share five, white ostrich feathers in Crest with the Arms of Traby, and the Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf while Scarfs share a white wolf head with Picots/Pigots of Butley. [Some hours after writing to this point in this paragraph, Pike- / Pig-like Page's were loaded, who use pheons too, and were first found in Devon with Pike's. It floored me to see that they were from Dunham-like Dinham, for I knew Dinhams to be with Diamonds, a potential pointer to the baseball DIAMOND that Mamie and I were at, almost alone.

When I kissed her at home plate, I looked up and saw Cindy looking at us with displeasure. A little earlier, on my first date with Lorraine, I remember nothing but meeting her at Levendale, and kissing her at picnic table, when Nickle's/Nichols were clinched with "picNIC" because I had met her (the day of the kiss) at her bus STOP while Stops/Stubbs share the Nickle/Nichole pheons.

In the case of Mamie's kiss, at least, we go to red-rooster Kiss'/CUSH's, suspect with the red rooster on a CUSHion of Bible's/Bibo's. The Bible I gave her went on her trip, or so she said, and so see Mamie's plane trip below, already written before this insert. With Plains/PLATers now clinched with the paper plane, we still need to ask whether Mamie's kiss at home PLATE applies to the FISA scandal, for I had rather seen it in relation to Scalise, though there is a potential fork to judge Scalia. If the Cindy lion were not in Home-lion colors, I might have more reason to believe that we kissed at Home plate for Plate-line reasons instead of God using Home's to verify that Cindy is a pointer. The Cindy pale bars are blue, the color of the pale bar formed by the ladder of Scalise's/Scalia's.

Lisa Page on the billiard TABLE, so to speak, was turned into a paper plane, and Page's (PRESTley colors and format) now look applicable to picnic TABLES with Cheshire elements. Lorraine was God's code for Babe's while Babcocks (part of Mamie's Mummolin > Babon line) use another red rooster. I see no evidence from Carters that Carter Page was on the billiard table, but Lisa-like Lise's happen to use the Babe pale bars, three of them in the colors of the two of Cindys...meaning that home plate can now be a pointer both to the attempted murder of Scalise, and to the FBI as touches upon Andrew McCabe (Lisa was his FBI-appointed boss). McCabe's happen to be in Home colors, and I can bring McCabe into this picture compellingly below.

Sorry for going so long on this insert. It started with Pike-like Page's of a Dinham location. Recall how the pike-head topic linked to Prestwick. Dinhams use a "PREST" motto term, and Table's (Devon, same as Page's, Pike's and Dinhams) were early in Cheshire with Prestwicks. There is a Prestwick location in Ayrshire, where Pike's/Pickens and CARRICKs were first found, which recalls that the hooks of PRESTleys were once in the design of the "caltrap" of KERRICKs, the latter said to be from PRESTbury of Cheshire, where Picots/Pigots are said to be from.

Pike's/Pickens / Picks suggest Picenze (I was almost born there) in ABRUZzo, for Prestleys/PRESleys share two symbols of Abruzzo's/Abreu's. Dinhams can be a Dunham entity from the Dunham-Masci location of Cheshire, where I see Diens/Dives'/DINE's (Masci wing). Presleys were once said to use "grappling hooks," which was changed to grappling IRONs. The Iron/Hiram surname is the one from Airaines, near ABBEville, which together trace to Arran, where McAbbe's/McCabe's were first found. Hooks (Masci fleur) were likewise first found in Devon. Andrew McCabe's personal motto: By Hook or Crook.

In short: Page's led by not too long of a path to McCabe's, without my forcing any stretchy argumentation into it. Follow the bouncing insurance policy from Page's of Dinham to the grappling irons of Prestleys, and we have arrived to McCabe elements. Voirs, suspect with the Maschi lion, were at grappling-like GRIPEL, and Voirs are said to be of the Carrick-suspect Margesons/Mackesys.

Wow, lookie: recalling that the Voir Crest is said to be the lion of "Saint Mark the evangeLIST," Lists were given a whirl to see whether they would be listed with Lise's, and though first found in Silesia, Lists yet use the three pale bars of the Hampshire Lise's! Amazing.

It seems to mean that God wanted me to come down this Voir way at this time. I would never have looked up Voirs at this time if not for the GRAPPLING irons of Prestleys, and I would not have brought Prestleys to topic if not for starting this insert on the Page's of Dinham, for it's the Dinham motto which brought Prestleys to topic, and so just look at how Lisa Page is pointed to by the final result at the List surname, which happened in the midst of finding McCabe's via the same Prestley grappling IRONs, so incredible. Only God could have set this up. "Grappling" found Lisa Page, and "iron" found Andrew McCabe, which tends to indicate that God arranged to change the Prestley symbol from grappling hooks to grappling irons. End insert]

We are now close to Sava's/Savage's, first found in Cheshire, and sharing "In te" with the Prestwick motto. Jack Sava (married to, or common-law with, Lisa, a Uranium-One lobbyist) was the physician who handled Scalise's hospitalization and public announcements on his progress, but Jack Sava had part in murdering Seth Rich at his hospital, me thinks with many others.

The Prestwick Crest is a PORCupine, linkable to black-boar Porcia's, because Hogs use the black boar and meanwhile suggest the formation of the Pics/Piggs' and Pigots. Pigs/Picg's even have black-boar heads, and were first found in Northumberland with Hogg-like Hodge's. The latter share gold annulets with Barone's (Waterford), who share "Fortuna" with black-boar Rollo's. It just so happens that Berone's/Byrums use Hodge-like hedgeHOGs. It thereby appears that Hodgkinson is pointed to via Mamie sitting on my lap at the picnic table, even as her trip pointed to Hodgkinson. I cannot recall where she went, but as she didn't own a car, she likely took a PLANE. The paper plane in the Soetoro dream had linked to Mamie's bathing suit, at her Barry-related garden.

I can now repeat the first night I met Mamie, a few weeks before she was on my lap. My ladyfriend of a few weeks, Lorraine, had invited friends for dinner, and so I went to Mamie's party. When she was walking by me in the living room, we suddenly came to a slow dance, in front of everyone, with no dance floor, nobody else dancing. If this happens to a man even once, it doesn't happen a second time. It's a rare thing in context, because I don't think Mamie and I had ever spoken before. But, I guess, I could see it in her body language that we could start a dance...yet it ultimately looks like God's will to set me up with her at the picnic table a few weeks later. I went to Lorraine's shortly after the dance, and don't recall spending more time with Mamie after the dance.

That dance gave her the justification, she thought, and the confidence, to plop onto my lap uninvited, and unannounced to me. She didn't even have eye contact with me before she plopped. She just did it like, surprise, here I am, put your arm around me and act like my boyfriend. Or, sorry about being in the truck with Barry; here, will this make an acceptable apology? This will go to the door-handle dream momentarily, but, first, the LIVING ROOM. Recall our last date at LEVENdale, for Livings are listed with LEVINs, and they use a reflection of the Plain Coat. Rooms are the ones with a "PUNGit" motto term for Pungs/pings/Pongs, the pointer to Comet Ping Pong pizza, the theme pointed to by Mamie and Cindy at the baseball diamond.

What could be the relationship between the paper plane and pizzagate? If God was pointing to the Papers, maybe it's because they use carNATIONs while Nations/Nathans were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes' and Mamesfelde. To this it can be added that Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (probably of the Ticino/Tessin river) be gleaned by the Laevi-depicting leaves (Living/Levin liners, right?) to have the Annandale saltire in colors reversed, and Rooms are said to have been in Annandale. It looks like God has things all together in his mind as though he were a genius or something. Do you think?

Repeat: "Why do we suppose the Leven Coat has the look of the Tease/Tyes Coat while using the Quint chevron? Isn't this the line of Laevi on the Ticino in connection with Quintus Caepio?" Is this why Livings/Levins use a version of the Plain Coat? For while Junia Caepionis was from Quintus, Plains have the June fleur in colors reversed while Plain-branch Palins have their lion in the Quint lion paw. Palins and Quints were first found in Dorset with the Babe's to which Lorraine pointed at the time that God impressed me with her Pavia-related beautiful feet. As I said, her feet were on the PAVEment of Yonge street, and Yonge's (Essex, same as Quints) love the June-branch Jeune's in their motto while Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat, you have just got to be amazed, for the other Yonge's even have the three Leavell piles.

But why were we DANCing in the living room instead of, for example, talking about the furniture? Well, Italian Dance's/Donnas' are from Donnus, the Cottian king, grandfather of VESTALis, the line to dove-using Wessels/WAISTells. Recall that I put my arm around her waist when she plopped, and again when she teased me in the sleeping bag. I mean, guys, I was in my early, healthy 20s, and she's in the tent making her bed, and I'm in there with her, and she has no bones about this at all, and she lets me slip in with her, no resistance at all, and, as you would do with a beautiful, young woman, you start a nice warm hug...but she resists, maybe afraid of what it might lead to, or maybe this, or maybe that. Is that not a teaser?

I've gone over the waist symbol of Miss Peare, and she is of the Ticino-liner Pierro's/Pero's. My first kiss with her involved going up the Scalia-suspect stairs at the La Paloma bar, and while Italian Paloma's use a dove -- as do Leafs/Leve's, suspect in the Tease/Tess leaves, and as do Wessels/Waistells -- Spanish Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the four of Dance's/Donnus', and of the one pale bar of Pero's/Perino's. The latter's star is exactly the comet of pisa-gate Reines'. You can't fail to see what the Genius is pointing to.

PLUS, the paper plane was a PAGE on the table as a pointer to Lisa Page / Carter Page, and Page's have more doves. Feel very free to load French Page's/Lepage's to see four fesses in the colors of the four Dance/Donnas pale bars. SO, that DANCE in the LIVING room not only points to pizzagate with the Room motto, but Livings have a version of the Plain Coat, itself pointing to the FISA scandal on Soetoro's billiard table.

One thing I don't recall saying: the three Lise / List pale bars are in the colors of the three bends of neighboring Platters/Platters and Plains/Platters/Platers. That is a very strong piece of support structure for linking the paper plane to Lisa Page, tending to clinch Lise's as God's pointer to her. Her mate, STRzok, was suspect with Sturs and Soggs/Suggs, both first found in Hampshire with Lisa's.

Repeat: "...why would God create this vague trace to Scalia, if that's what it is? Perhaps because there are no ladders at camp sites. How else would he point to ladder-using Scalise's/Scalia's?" This recalls the door-handle dream, when I released a container from ladder height, though I saw no ladder. But there was a round patch of ground, looking whitish like sand, and I dropped the container into that patch, where it caught fire. This patch with flames can indicate a camp site, meaning that the ladder implied in the dream looks connectable to whatever God intended to point to with Mamie at any of the three things I remember of her that evening. In other words, we maybe should be seeking a pointer to Scalise / Scalia at the camp site with Mamie, but also in the door-handle dream.

Why did I need to be up high when dropping the bushel into the sand? Why did I need to fall down into the sand to smother the flames with sand? Why did I yell, "fire," as I fell? Unfortunately, I have just found the Yellow fesse with the Falls, which is a black fesse, as is the Yell fesse. It's unfortunate because it's breaking my head to see this possible link to the kid-bed dream. I'm not made of steel. I can crack.

The Yell fesse is in both colors of the West fesse, and Wests are a branch of dove-using WAISTells, as a comparison of the Dove and West Coats will tell us. As Page's use the dove too, we can grapple with the fact that Page's are in the colors and format of Bushels. At this point, I just want a suicide pill, I don't want to live anymore. Can't I just have a vacation? Who can follow this? It's too complicated? I now need to remind that there were two WAIST events with Mamie at the camp site. If the Fall Coat had a white Shield, it would be in Bush colors and format, and Bushels are a Bush branch. So why are Page's linking to Bush's? Who can figure out these riddles?

Wait, some light, I just sang, "I FALL down on my knees," as I was looking at the Dutch Fall Coat. It hadn't been loaded but two or three seconds; the song is, "Here With Me" by MercyMe, and Mercys/Maiseys have a fesse in West-fesse colors while their Crests are similar. I did fall on my knees in the dream, because that's how one smothers a fire. I did look up the Smothers', and this is why I decided to mention Wests, as my head was very tired, because I had seen Wests before loading Smothers, and had seen this: "Sir Thomas West...possessed of the lands in Devonshire [same as Page's], and at SMITTERfield in Warwickshire." When Smothers' (must have the final 's') were loaded: "The surname Smothers was first found in Yorkshire where they held a family seat from very ancient times, as Lords of the manor of SMITHERs." It doesn't look like a coincidence. And Smiths are the kin of Crutch's who in-turn use the rarish fitchee of Plains. The latter MUST link to Lisa Page, and here we are from the Page doves to the Smitterfield location of Dove-related Wests.

I've decided to postpone my suicide. I might be able to grasp this now. This has been a long update, and it's Sunday night, I would rather die than do the spell check between now and tomorrow noon. Just so you know what sacrifices I make. My spell-checker does NOT like all the surnames or the partially-capitalized words I capitalize, just for you, to give you a heads-up on what terms are being emphasized.

Go ahead, try to guess why Lisa Page and Obama's billiard table should link to Bushels in the door-handle dream? I'll give you up to half my kingdom, in my will, if you solve it. You can really use some lucky horseshoes here, which you can find in the Smitt Coat. I fell to smother, and Falls share an eagle head in Crest with Smothers'/Smithers. So, now I know why I was up high, but I do not remember a ladder. This dream opened as a piece of evidence that the presidential Bush's were from Mr. Scherff the Nazi. If the Smithers and Smitterfield were not in this, I would not have much reason to include Page's, but the Smith link to Plains compels the addition of Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe into the bushel scene. Isn't that like schizophrenia? How can the two relate? Only by the shifting of the Washington Free Beacon's "research" into the Steele dossier. Okay, that can make sense, but how does the dossier relate to 9-11?

I don't have a problem seeing the FBI behind the attempted murder of Scalise and the murder of Scalia. I do not think the goons would have dared to kill Scalia without the FBI nod and support. But to think that the Bush Republicans were behind these events is a little hard to grasp, unless they were upset with a Scalia ruling or two, or an up-coming ruling. Remember how Albert Oosteyn was a pointer to Austins, for George Bush lives in Austin. It's possible that God chose ALBERT Oosteyn for heraldic value only, as Austins are a part of the Caepio line, but, maybe, it also points to Bush. Recall the Bois write-up: "De Bois-Herbert who were barons of HALBERTon, Devon..." Albert Oosteyn, a pointer to Cheneys Haliburton? Why do Italian Alberts use CHAINs? Hmm. Haliburtons almost share a Cheney motto term.

The SLEDGE/Sleigh surname (owls, Howell colors), in Bushel colors and format, shares a lion holding a gold fitchee with Quints. English Alberts use "A savage with a SLEDGE HAMMER over his shoulder." Now we know why he was named, Albert Oosteyn.

It recalls that the nearby Hammers and Hams (share colors) were first found in the same place while Hams share the salmon of McCabe's while Nelly Ohr was getting her ham-radio license when she was working for Fusion GPS i.e. when McCabe with Page were plotting against Trump simultaneously. The Ham link to her ham radio had been complimented where radio-like Radi's/Radice's are in Ham / McCabe colors, but I can now add that Radii's/Radice's (in Smothers'/Smither colors) were first found in Dine-like Udine, and it was the Page's who were in DINham. That's all wonderful, but how does one justify the use of Alberts to begin with, for this proposed picture? If he was Albert McCabe, that would be a lot better. However, this Ham link to Nelly's radio works with or without Alberts to simply suggest that McCabe was behind this radio operation. Alberts are not the only surname with a hammer.

I can link page's to billiards with just a couple of hops, starting with Lambert Page in the Page write-up. English Lamberts are in Page colors and format, and French Lamberts (Dauphine, same as Page's/Lepage's and Payens/Pagans) use a version of the Billiard Coats. That was easy. It's yet more reason to see the page on the billiard table as Lisa Page.

If one enters "Page," the French Page's/Lepage's were first found in Dauphine, and use the same Coat as Lepage's/Lapps, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'. Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes. No one in the world wants a Caiaphas surname, so they changed it to Chappes and other such variations, we may assume. The Chaffs (Dorset, same as Quints) share a giant, gold griffin with Hammer-loving Alberts. The Chaff Chief has the three lozenges of Fells, first found in Dundee with Kids, in case they inter-married.

Hmmm, the dream had Michael's kids, and while Scottish and English Michaels (Meschin kin) were first found in Surrey with English Lamberts, German Michael's (Bohemia, loved by the Mieszko's who had Mieszko II Lambert) share the hexagrams of Lambert-related Billiards/Billets. The Alberts share the Master griffin, to be assumed, and that's the mattress line. Whatever species they are, the flowers of Mattres'/Maistre's are in the colors of the Dundee / Cetis / Waterford lily. Elements of the kids-on-bed dream were from Val Trompia, location of Brescia, the line to Brests/Brix's whose three lozenges are colors reversed from the three of Chaffs. The Trump / Jump stag head is in the Arms of Waterford, and the Currys, first found in Waterford, share the saltire of Scottish Brisons while Brests/BRIX's are likewise Brisons. Moreover, the Whelans/FAILin, first found in Waterford, have the Chaff / FELL / BRICK lozenges. Recall the FALLs with the Yellow fesse. Scottish Brisons probably have the BRECK/Breaker hunting horn, and while Brays'/Brae's (Northamptonshire, same as Waterfords) have a flax breaker, BRASwells (Yorkshire, same as Lambert-related Billiards) share the double chevrons of French Lamberts. Brays/Brae's were at FALAISE.

Wow, lookie. Braswells just linked to Billiards and the jump-on-bed line. Wikipedia says that the ancestors of Donna Brazile were Braswells. She was put in charge of the DNC in the wake of the Seth-Rich scandal. Barr's DoJ has some fixing to do in that ballpark. It should be fun. Revealing the clamoring dinks in the Democrat party should be like a continual party. Lots of party whistle-blowers desirable. Hmm, I had loaded Blowers a couple of days ago, noting their goats in the colors of the same of Moline's, the latter said to be related with Falaise too. Falls'/Fallis' share trefoils with Rocks and Fellers. [Note how "Falls" is like "WALSer," for I have something special to add below.]

Okay, now for the candy. Anyone who's read this far deserves it. May I not be wrong about this. The sleeping-bag dream ended with my pulling Miss Peare toward me by her waist, and it felt so good. If Waistells/Wessels are God's code for whistle-blowers, I predict that whatever the dream was pointing to -- and I've made it clear it includes Hillary's dossier crimes -- then the dream predicts an outcome I will LOVE, and if I love it, you will love it, because no one reading this far would be a Hillarite or Obamaite.

With this interpretation of the waist, let's go to Mamie's waist. I arrive to the camp site, and she's in a COVERED pick-up with Barry i.e. Barry Soetoro, who was a secretive president. The next scene I remember, victory for me. She stuns Barry right in front of him, by sitting on my lap, and I put an arm around her waist, code, I will assume, for a whistle-blower against Obama. I told you you'd love this candy. The next scene I remember, she teases me in the sleeping bag, which God set up partly because he was pointing to Tease liners, but also because he knows how carried away I could get if she were to be warm and open. She forces me to go to sleep with my arm draped around her waist, code, I will assume for another whistle-blower event. Which one? Well, because it happened in the sleeping bag, we take it over to the sleeping-bag dream, and that's where there was the it-felt-so-good waist scene with Peare.

Now, for something I've mentioned a few times before, though not yet in this update. After Mamie and I stopped seeing each other (I don't remember how that happened), I ended up moving into a certain house where another tenant was a taxi dispatcher, and he landed me a job as a taxi driver, set up by God, I feel sure. His name was Bill. Why Bill? One day while driving cab, Albert calls and says he's going to WHISTLER mountain to work for the winter. He had gotten multiple sclerosis (MS), and couldn't get a job easily, but this is where he got a job, all the way across the country in British Columbia. God did this, didn't he? God had whistle-blowing on His mind, didn't he, with Whistler ski resort?

So Albert says, would you like to move into my apartment so that I don't lose it? I promise, he said, that when I return, I'll live in the lower-quality half of the basement...which is where I had lived previously. I agreed. So, I moved in, and he left. And then came the day when the dispatcher had me pick up Mamie, and I drove her home, and I spoke with respect, but things were on the nervy side, I recall. Then came the second call to pick her up, and this time, things were relaxed, and I asked her out, and we went out shortly afterward, and I took her home to Albert's place after an evening at a little cafe with live music, while Albert was at Whistler. So, I'm pretty sure that this represents another victory for the good guys by a whistle-blower that only He knows of.

I've told this story before, I'm not lying. Our last moments together were on Albert's COUCH, and after that, I sensed God saying, don't see her anymore. So, we never saw each other again, and she never called, anyway. I happen to know that the Tent-like Tint surname use a "COUCHant" (lying-down) lion. The neighboring Tintons use "royal tents." Mamie and I were in a tent in one of the waist events with her, and it just so happens that Whistle's/Whistlers/Wissels, first found in Somerset with Tints, share a white-on-red lion with them. Amazing.

In other words, Tints were probably Whistle kin because God had it arranged in preparation of the event with Mamie. I can see the importance for proving that the waist symbols are correctly interpreted as whistle-blowers. Some of these Coats, and the marriages that provide the symbols, go back a thousand years. Tintons were at Tudy while Tudys were at Staffordshire with WESTons, which could appear as proof that Tints are using the Whistle lion. Staffordshire is where Blowers were first found, hee-hee. "It was originally a name for someone who worked as a blower, or one who plays the horn."

Some Nordics / Germans can't pronounce, "whistle." It comes out, Vissel, which is a surname using only fish in the colors of the Ham / McCabe salmon. Is this a "prophecy" that whistle-blowers are going after McCabe. Have they already blown their whistles? Hams share the unicorn in Crest with Tints.

[Insert, the day after writing above. This is shocking. The Walsers, who essentially share the Blower / Moline goat head, use "halbert" axes!!! STUNNING. I have seen these axes described as both halperts and HALBERTs as code for axe-using Halperts/Halberts. It means I was correct in the theory that God set up the Blowers as code, with Albert Oosteyn, for whistle-blowing as He predicts / plans it. Here's from the 4th of February, 2014: "Place's/Plaise's, who share the axe with Halperts, use a Shield split in the colors of the split Shield of Abers/Alberts, very important because the so-called "halpert" axe is used by Walsers at Sion..." German Halls even have the horizontally-split Shield of Abers/Alberts in colors reversed.

The Bavarian Halberts/HALLbergs, who have a giant Rockefeller-line rook, were first found in Bavaria with Walsers, and so recall how Walsers came to mind above with Rockefeller-like Falls', suggesting that Feller liners were from "Valais/Wallis." This is being inserted during the spell-check at the very end of this week. End insert]

When asking why it's Miss Peare who has the waist symbol, maybe it's a prediction that something's going to be with judge Jeanine Pirro. She's one who would gladly carry a whistle-blower story, maybe even if it's deemed dangerous by others.

When asking who Mamie's waist points to, I reflect on her in the backus of the pick-up with Barry. Jim Backus = Jim Baker. That makes sense. Repeat:

The Bakers are in the same sentence with Flags, and the flag was beside Miss Hicks between, or immediately after, her two songs. All interesting. I just saw a weasel go by. I'm not lying. This is incredible. I had been wondering whether WHISTLE blowers would be pointed to by Whistle's/Wissels or Wessels/Waistells, and Weasels are listed with Wessels/Waistells!!!!!! Just look at the timing...

The Weasel had gone over the bedROCK jutting above the soil, toward the Beaver pond.

One day, I brought some garden produce to church in Texas, because my garden had an over-abundance. I gave the guest speaker a watermelon, and for Miss Hicks, all I had left was cantiloupe. She put it on her lap because she was sitting inside of a vehicle at the time. I don't know whether this can be regarded as her knee, however. I'm telling this story only due to the Waistell-related West surname "...'having married the heiress of CANTILUPE, and thus became possessed of the lands in Devonshire, and at Smitterfield in Warwickshire.'" It may have nothing to do with whistle-blowing, or may not even be a Set-up, but I wanted to record it here just in case it's needed at a later time.


I wonder whether Joe DiGenova's claim below was disallowed on Fox. He says that a declassified file from the FISA judge back in April of 2017 had caught the Obama administration red-handed in media leaks and illegal unmaskings:

The British and Ecuadorian governments lied to the world last week, for Assange was released by Moreno into the British street, late this week, and arrested by the British. "London police said they were invited into the embassy by Ecuador’s ambassador."

Moreno is talking like a typical fake-news media, lying or, at best, grossly exaggerating the reasons for the release, to justify it's own betrayal of the man: "Today I announce that the discourteous and aggressive behavior of Mr. Julian Assange, the hostile and threatening declarations of its allied organization, against Ecuador, and especially the transgression of international treaties, have led the situation to a point where the asylum of Mr. Assange is unsustainable and no longer viable." Nobody's fooled by that. No one can deny that the American government operates way too secretly and criminally. It was Assanges' task to reveal those things as much as possible, yet the government operatives under Obama did a fine job of exposing themselves all apart from Assange. And those of us willing to accept it know the 9-11 crimes under Bush, and that they wouldn't have stopped at that one crime alone. The unfettered heist of the American tax payer has been on-going and non-stop since Bush in 2,000. Off hand, I think the debt went up from roughly one trillion in 2,000 to more than 20T now. There's your evidence that the government cares not for the people even as its leaders claim to live and work for the people. It's a sham. The actors need to be exposed.

[Insert May 15 -- See the 3rd update of May for what looks like a Halpert/Halbert pointer to Stefan Halper, who was a dossier actor and was revealed in-part by a whistle blower. That whistle blower, Mr. Lovinger, is now being pegged as pointed to by Lovey Howell. You will be amazed near the end of the heraldry, in the May update, because it proves to point to Lovinger with Albert Oostyen central in the picture. End insert]

WikiLeaks should have been more careful in the things it revealed. It should be bound within the law and moral code as much as possible. Other than that, the world needs 25 non-partisan WikiLeaks, and lots and lots of whistle blowers. Assange showed that he was not a Democrat political animal, and that he was very willing to support Trump against Obama thick-skulls. A criminal is a thick-skull. I never heard a Russian media despising Assange's support for Trump, though this was not so much support for Trump as it was Assange's disdain for the Democrat deep state. Trump is, in my opinion, under pressure to help Assange now, but when asked about the arrest, he just said he knows nothing about WikiLeaks i.e. no comment. Trump is apparently guilty of not seeking to find what Assange has on the Seth-Rich matter, or on any other matters that expose corruption in the Obama government. Who really is the bad guy here, Assange, or turn-a-blind-eye Trump, or turn-a-blind-eye Pompeo, or turn-a-blind-eye Wray? How many turn-a-blind-eyes are there? Countless. A turn-a-blind-eye is a guilty person when he/she is in a position to act. Trump said when seeking election, he likes Assange.

Let me put it this way. I dislike crime. A lot of people are like this. If I were the president of the United States, wild horses couldn't stop me from calling Assange on the phone, during business hours or otherwise, asking what he had on the DNC heist of information. I'm sure he'd then want to arrange a meeting, and I would find out what he had. I would feel very guilty if I did not. I would feel like I were closing my eyes to criminality in my own country. That is what Trump is guilty of. He may as well be the criminal if that's how he thinks he'll serve his presidency. In God's eyes, he may as well be the criminal if he closes his eyes to high-level crime when he has the power to act. I'm not saying that he needs to get involved in all crimes, of course, but that when they involve such things as the DNC and upper-level politicians, it's time to partake in some inquiries if your justice department is neglecting the issue altogether. He maybe can't force the attorney general to investigate a matter, but he has every right to inquire on his own.

There was every appearance that the Obama deep state created Guccifer 2.0, the same deep state that was trying to thwart his presidency. How dare this president not call Assange to inquire on what evidence he has to prove that Seth Rich stole the DNC material, rather than Guccifer 2.0. How dare, Mr. Rump, do you absolve yourself from this responsibility.

What's wrong with Trump that he didn't ask his FBI to check the DNC computers to either assure that Guccifer is real, or reveal that the deep state invented him? There is no excuse for President Rump. He seems to do things only as benefits himself. Kick the bum out! But then who comes in? That's the problem. Someone worse could fill the vacuum. Still, if he's a bum, that's what I'll call him. A bum is defined here as a slacker. Trump is a slacker in the things that count, and a worker toward re-election. It's called the sin of selfish ambition, and the sin of omission simultaneously. He's content in creating an image of working hard and successfully.

Why hasn't he asked his FBI to charge sanctuary cities, if he cares so much about border security? I would consider that hard work, but tweeting his displeasures and opposition, or announcing them when a news camera catches him outdoors, is not hard work. His hardest work goes toward creating a successful image for himself; let the attitude not rub off on us. This week, instead of arresting sanctuary-city bosses, he said he's going to dump overflow illegal aliens into sanctuary cities to make it complicated and heavy for them? How can that help the federal-tax payers? That's not the solution in the short-run, but the sanctuary cities would change their tune in the long run.

Trump recently said that he plans to declassify the FISA material, but that he's waiting for the best time. Yup, the best time for a Rump is when he needs it most for re-election. This is the low-class type of man this is. He's a rich, low kind of guy who thinks about his own self. Everyone else has to suffer due to his inaction. The country moans waiting for his action.

Devin Nunes is doing great now that Sessions is gone. He's got the right passion. Mercy to those who repent, but there has been more than enough time for repentance, and still the left continues its offensive.

Here is Barr this week NOT at all looking like a Rosenstein or a Wray or a Strzok. Instead, he looks more of what we've been waiting to see. It's hard to say whether Barr is hiding his passion for going after corruption in order to better keep Democrats and other guilty parties off his back. He seems honest and concerned about coming across true and sincere. The potential problem with having a bent on keeping his enemies off his back is that, when he finds corruption he's not known about previously, he may decide to hush it up, even ignore it. It's not enough to have a Law chief who hates corruption; he's got to have the fortitude and the morality to punish for the purposes of deterring criminality tomorrow:

Hey, they found collusion and election interference after all:

In a news conference this week, Trump sounded sincere and passionate for Barr to look into the foundations of the Mueller scam, which will naturally spill over into the FISA scam and all sorts of related things. I'm keeping in mind that Barr's promises to investigate the things needing investigations are not yet a victory. It only opens the door toward victory, but, in the end, it's possible that Barr will direct all investigations to end as fire crackers. Or, at least, the things the public gets to hear will be non-explosive, a major disappointment, wholly non-reflective of the gross realities.

Barr has said this week the Horowitz's report will not be out until May or even June, which may suggest that Barr added to Horowitz's tasks the things he (Horowitz) may have wanted to leave out. Hoping. Here's Barr before the Democrat committee this week:

We learn here that Barr did not yet show Wray the Mueller report. Perhaps that's due to rules, or maybe Barr doesn't trust or like Wray due to his poor behavior under the Sessions years. Barr reveals that Sessions was busy reducing crime and drugs in the nation, a good thing, yet he refused to do anything about high-level criminals in government, some of whom could be involved in the drug trade. It is to be expected that high-level drug people capable of using the FBI would use it to go against the opposition drug dealers. You can't get more corrupt than that. The Clintons are suspect in that "game."

There seems to be no doubt that Trump secured for himself two attorney generals willing to secure the Mexican border, etc., yet we hope that Barr will go against the Clinton crime ring. In the 30th minute of the video, Barr says he's trying to wrap his head around the Democrats who attacked Trump in 2016, and that he will oblige Nunes on his referrals if their is cause.

In the 32nd minute, Barr tells a knit-picky Democrat that, when he started his DoJ job, there was general word in the upper levels of the DoJ, including Rosenstein, that Mueller had nothing on Trump. This was before Barr received the Mueller report. Barr is openly making Rosenstein look bad here, another good sign. Rosenstein would have had us all thinking that the Mueller investigation had merit to continue.

In the 33rd minute, Barr seems to be frightened or out-off to answer whether Trump or other White-House staff was shown to report to date. He refuses to answer by saying he doesn't want to talk about the report further. He may not be frightened; he may merely feel that he wants to protect Trump, but I see no problem with Barr allowing the White House to see the report. So why didn't he just answer the questions? Perhaps he allowed some White-House people to see the report, a move that could or would look bad on him from the perspective of Trump or his supporters. Perhaps he showed the report to the Bushites in the White House.

Judicial Watch has scored another victory, now getting a court order for the release of documents surrounding Clinton's Platte River Networks. Judicial Watch has just sued for communications of key Obama people, only this time Bill Barr is the boss. Requesting material from Barr might be more efficient now than requesting from the FOIA, and Barr really shouldn't want to keep the information covered until his people have finalized the investigations. All things that took place with government people belong to the people yesterday, not 12 months from now. Barr is not ethically in a position to withhold what government people did. It's not Barr's job to be the sole framer of what went on. It's part of Barr's job to unveil criminality. This is a convenient myth created by the bad guys that nothing can be released publicly that touches upon an ongoing or prospected investigation. In that case, investigations can be good for the bad guys, especially when they arrange one of their bad guys to lead / oversee it.

Barr cannot hide behind investigations. We know that arrests are warranted yesterday. If Barr does not arrest even one Obama- or Mueller-related person in the coming 60 days, call him a sham. Don't be fooled by the investigations. Arrests can be made already, and the investigations can then be continued after the arrests. It's a no brainer that the country needs to hear the prison bells ringing, otherwise, nobody in the bad-guy camps will straighten out their act. Nobody in the good-guy camp can be inspired with hope if no prison chains are heard rattling. It would be a travesty if only some lower-level bad guys are arrested, leaving the chiefs to go free for fear of repercussions. In that case, the mob rules the country. Abandon all hope.

Here's a story from the 3rd of July, 2018:

Roughly the day after I had found [the mystery mouse] dead in the attic, I opened the coat-closet door, and smelled a smell I had not smelled there before. On the floor I saw pieces of tissue torn apart. The mouse had done it. Immediately after tiling the floor, I had stuffed paper tissue into a hole in the tile floor to keep the foul air in the damp basement (natural-rock floor) from coming up. The hole was prepared for the safety-overflow hose in the tankless water heater that hung in that closet. The mouse I heard in the soffit had worked its way down the wall to beneath the main floor, where it came upon this tissue. It chewed it up and went through the hole, onto the main floor, was seen under the fridge, then returned to the attic via this hole, and was promptly killed in the trap [it's been the last mouse in this house since].

...If the 17th squirrel is a symbol of National Intelligence, then the death of this young mouse this week could be a symbol of Dan Coats in the news this week, which is to say that I maybe should be predicting his political death sometime soon. And wow, I didn't realize until after writing the last sentence that the hole in the floor is in one of the two COAT closets! DAN COATS is the current chief of National Intelligence.

If that's not enough, a couple visited me yesterday as I write here. The male amongst the couple is DAN! And he was in that closet, asking about that heater hanging on the wall. Amazing.

In the video below, you will learn that Nunes is trying to get 50 transcripts declassified, but that Dan Coats is blocking it. This promises to be a fight:

Youtube was hiding the following Judicial Watch video; I had to ask for it even after watching a few JW videos:

John Solomon headline this week: "Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don't you want our evidence on Democrats"? It sounds like Tony Podesta is in trouble, mainly because Mueller mistreated Manafort so that Justice is now bound to treat Democrat criminals as badly as Mueller and Wray treated Manafort.

Ukrainian law enforcement officials believe they have evidence of wrongdoing by American Democrats and their allies in Kiev, ranging from 2016 election interference to obstructing criminal probes. But, they say, they’ve been thwarted in trying to get the Trump Justice Department to act.

Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Prosecutor General’s International Legal Cooperation Department, told me he and other senior law enforcement officials tried unsuccessfully since last year to get visas from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev to deliver their evidence to Washington.

Hmm, okay, which is it? Is it Trump's DoJ that is blocking the story from coming out, or is it Trump's border people? Either way, how can we explain this? Dan Bongino wants to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, suggesting Trump has the power to get that information with a phone call. Within a week, we would expect him to call Ukraine and get it. But if the Ukraine continues to complain about not being able to unveil it, then we might figure that Trump is behind the cover-up.

However, let's first ask how it happens to be true that the Ukraine government is wanting to reveal the Democrats in the first place? Is this due to Trump befriending that government, and making a deal(s) / partnership with it which lead to giving Trump his request to unveil the material to the DoJ? If so, then the guilty finger for the cover-up starts to point to Barr. If Kirstjen Nielson (chief of Homeland Security, in cahoots with John Kelly) was in charge of the visa requests from the Ukraine, it would be great if Trump got rid of her for trying to cover the story. That would be a great sign, the first-ever sign of Trump actually doing something. But not so fast, because there is another explanation (the border situation) for her removal. I'm quite sure that visa applications are under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security.

The article goes on: "'We were supposed to share this information during a working trip to the United States,' Kulyk told me in a wide-ranging interview. 'However, the {U.S.} ambassador blocked us from obtaining a visa. She didn’t explicitly deny our visa, but also didn’t give it to us.'" Hmm, what could that mean? Did the ambassador just not get back to the Ukrainians? If Ukraine wasn't denied, why didn't Kulak's people call back to see if it could be granted until either accepted or rejected? The paragraph above says that they've been trying since last year to get the visa, meaning that they understood they were not welcome to see Trump's people?

Yet, that picture creates a problem? I cannot fathom the U.S. ambassador denying a visa for such an important matter without first notifying the DoJ about the request. Who was this U.S. Ambassador? She must have been acting as per Session's request, or, because he recused himself on anything-Russia, I'll bet that Rosenstein is guilty in suppressing this story.

The first visa requests came under Sessions' watch, apparently, and so what are we to assume, that Trump agreed with Sessions to block the story? Did the DoJ hide this story from Trump? Impossible. Ukraine has phones. They can get Trump's hot line. Trump knew about this, therefore, at least the bare bones of the story. Was Mueller's job to rattle his chains to scare Trump into keeping the lid on the story? Will there be a different outcome with Barr? If so, what's the hold up? Why isn't Solomon reporting success on the part of the Ukrainians? Barr's been the attorney general long enough for the Ukrainians to come see him. The rest of the article has some juicy material, some against Joe Biden.

The ambassador to the Ukraine has been Marie Louise Yovanovitch. She was first chosen by George Bush (uh-oh) to be an ambassador to two nations on the Russian border, but smack in August of 2016 -- when Obama was overseeing the attack dogs against Trump, at which time Ukrainian criminality was probably red-hot already -- Obama made Yovanovitch the ambassador to Ukraine, how about that. Will Trump release her from that job now that this story has made the press? If not, isn't Trump a sham? While Manafort sits in jail, will Trump do anything to even the score with the guiltier Democrats? Solomon needs to watch his back because he may be the only one reporting on this story's progress.

In another article from Solomon: "'Unfortunately, from the first meeting with the U.S. ambassador in Kiev, {Yovanovitch} gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute,' Lutsenko, who took his post in 2016, told Hill.TV last week." There you have the criminal word of Obama in the Ukraine, yet Mueller did not charge Obama with obstruction of justice. Will Barr give Obama the Manafort treatment? That would be sweet. Once they go after Obama, the other rats will run and hide, maybe in other countries.

Problem: "The State Department called Lutsenko's claim of receiving a do not prosecute list, 'an outright fabrication.'" Which state department, that of Barr or that of Sessions? This story is rather new? Who would have brought it the DoJ earlier than when Solomon had the story. The article above is dated March 20, five weeks after Barr became the DoJ chief. Was it his office who denied the Ukrainian story? I wish Solomon would be more specific as to who he's talking about. Let's see what RT has to say on March 21 with the headline: "Top Ukrainian prosecutor attacks US ambassador, hints he may help Trump manage Russiagate". Wow. The Ukraine is willing to help Trump blow this case into the open, and yet Trump's not wanting it??? Where's his tweets? Wow, this president's followers must be blind. Look at how old this story is already, as old as the end of the Mueller report. I've got Trump's Twitter account open all the way back to March 21, but "Ukraine / Kulyk / Yavonovitch" does not appear anywhere on the page. Are we to think that Trump's been silenced? That's not permissible. As president, he MUST risk his life for justice on these levels.

Here's Trump's tweet on March 20: "John Solomon: As Russia Collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges." Uh, yeah, but, Mr. Trump, aren't you going to fetch those juicy bones the Ukrainians are throwing right at you? Mr. Trump? Are you there? Are you sick? What's going on? Don't you want to know more? Some would say that he does know more. But I'm skeptical of this man. He only tweets, and then does nothing to help the cause of justice.

Why hasn't Fox sent word to the White House for some feedback on this issue? At least, I've not heard of it. Hannity has had Solomon on with this story? Why doesn't Hannity reach out to the president since Hannity has been his biggest mouthpiece on the collusion business? This not only blows collusion to Hell, but exposes the real collusion. Hannity? Are you there? Are you sick? What's going on? What says the president on this important matter? Is Trump now obstructing justice for real? Looks like. Has he been obstructing justice ever since Sessions' days? Looked like.

The RT article is saying that Yavonovitch was slamming the Ukrainian's attorney general in March (Kulyk is/was one of his top lawyers), hoping he won't be re-elected. Isn't that election interference?

Here's a bit of the story back on March 23 by Laura Ingraham:

As you can see, Joe DiGenova claims that Trump told him that he removed Yavonovitch from her post in the Ukraine, yet there has been no such word elsewhere. Is Trump lying to Joe give appearances of doing the right thing in the eyes of his supporters? Is this d-day for Trump? Or, is he in fact doing the right things? The truth will come out. Wikipedia says that she still holds the post in the Ukraine.

Whew, Mueller got lucky, because if this story came out while he was still the Big Prosecutor, he would have been compelled to investigate it. He might even have been involved with its crimes. This story may be the reason that Mueller gave up the ghost and its chains. If Trump wants to divorce himself from this story, he could just say, wrongly, that the Ukrainians were full of hot air only. But if that's untrue, it would be a travesty of justice. It would make him a chief criminal in the first degree.

The article below claims that Kulyk thinks he's going to be arrested after papers were seized from his domain, but this makes no sense. As I understand it, his boss, the "attorney general," is a close ally to the Ukrainian president. How possibly could Kulyk think he's going to be arrested, therefore? Is he a whistle-blower in opposition to the Ukrainian president? I don't get it.

This story from Solomon claims that American Democrats were in cahoots with the former, pro-Russian president in laundering money internationally. Why would the latest Ukrainian president (pro-West) have a problem with releasing such information? If you want to dive deep into this story, see also
Kulak's work against Kurchenko.

Ahh, found this headline: "Prosecutor Kulyk says Presidential Administration putting pressure to slow down charges against Poroshenko's allies". Okay, there we see the current Ukrainian president (since 2014) as an "ally" of some charged people. Might this mean that the president will not permit the story of American concern to come out? Hmm, I wonder why my browser broke down just as I was writing here. It no longer has the menu's capabilities.

Kurchenko goes back to the previous Ukrainian president in the middle of Obama's years, about the time that the Obama people were starting to frown on Putin...maybe because it was expected of them, as per Russia's intrusive activities in the Ukraine. We didn't know at the time that Hillary had been scoring American Uranium for Russians from years before the toppling of the Ukrainian president (2014). I've read that the "reset button" with Russia was Biden's idea, and here we find that Biden's son was involved in the Ukraine in such a way that Obama's people tried to force the Ukrainian law people to not prosecute some guilty Ukrainian parties. It seems obvious that some Obama people were involved with these guilty Ukrainians. We should like to know what went on.

Dick Morris says that the Clintons are going on a "tour" in April. Are they wanting to relocate in another country permanently? Maybe they can drop in on Kurchenko, wherever he escaped to.


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