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January 8 - 14, 2019

Below is a Twitter account (of Roscoe B. Davis, January 2) on the Benghazi scandal, claiming that general Flynn, when with Trump and beyond, was attacked because he knew the truth on Benghazi. The purpose for attacking him with legal woes was, therefore, to threaten worse if he talked:
On July 25, 2012 Taliban fighters in Kunar province Afghanistan successfully targeted a US Army CH-47 helicopter with a new generation Stinger missile. The terrorists didn't properly arm the missile, so it didn't explode, it only downed the chopper.

The next day, an EOD team arrived to pick through the wreckage and found unexploded pieces of a missile casing that could only belong to a new generation Stinger missile. Lodged in the right nacelle, they found one fragment that contained an entire serial number.

...Marc Turi is from Phoenix AZ and was a neighbor of John McCain. McCain who has been on the Senate Arms Committee for years helped Turi secure billions in arms contracts with the DoD. Then Clinton and McCain came up with a plan to arm Al-Qaeda to get them to overthrow Qaddafi.

The material in the article above is in this video:

There you have McCain in the thick of things in Benghazi, the same McCain who was later in with the FISA / dossier scandal in attempts to quash / silence Trump before he evolved from a harmless Tweety bird into a real squawker. So far, Trump has not squawked. Get it over with, dodo, and send the deep state running. But, no, Trump won't, because he's concerned more with making political deals with Democrats. In the Davis article, there's a brief video (a few years old) on Turi, another guy the CIA tried to silence. The more this story comes out, the worse Trump looks with expending himself so much on the Mexican cartels while he leaves the CIA / Clintons alone.

The implication in this story is that Obama was arming the Muslim groups who hate America, exactly what I expect Obama to do because I think he wanted to ruin the nation in order to make way for a new power base to he fill the vacuum. He didn't stand a chance against the military, but I think he was looking for ways to accomplish it, anyway.

Is Davis reliable? Beats me. He continues: "Those containers in Qatar that were diverted on the docks from Turi's shipment delivered between 50 and 60 of those same Stingers to the Taliban in early 2012, and an additional 200 SA-24 Igla-S SAMs." Why would the Obama government get these weapons to the Taliban? Was it a CIA choice in order to keep the Taliban strong enough to justify further American presence in Afghanistan? Did the American military send its Christian soldiers to the most-dangerous missions in Afghanistan, and were these men sacrificed merely to justify further American presence in Afghanistan? Chilling thought, isn't it? I say Obama is capable.

Davis: "Documents made public by Judicial Watch & separately by Wikileaks Julian Assange back up Turkish President Erdogan’s assertion that US-led coalition forces have given support to terror groups, including ISIS in Syria. When HRC is called before congress and asked directly she lies...Who was the director of the DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency] at the time Benghazi went down and who was warning HRC and the Sate Dept, & Leon Panetta that an attack was planned? @GenFlynn and now you know why they were so desperate to get Flynn out of the seat of [Trump's] National Security Advisor. He knew the truth". Better yet, now we know why Trump let Flynn go without lifting a finger to save him. Trump is an imposter. More and more, he appears to be on the side of Obama-Clinton while pretending to oppose it. Whatever are his reasons for doing it, he's obviously protecting the Obama-Clinton team. OBVIOUSLY. You who worship him need to snap out of your fantasies.

Question. Why did Trump hire Flynn in the first place? To thwart, or to continue, a little of what Obama had been doing in league with the CIA? I say that Obama went above and beyond CIA wishes with his own foreign policy, to reinforce even Iran after reinforcing Russia with the Uranium-One deal. While the Clintons made money off of Uranium One, it was yet an Obama hatchling. He wanted to cripple the United States on behalf of his communism. I don't think that group has given up. They want to come back in 2020.

I'm viewing Trump's border-wall operation with suspicion now. First of all, he has Lindsey Graham as his ally in this quest, who is not to be trusted. I wonder, is this wall a Bush plot via Trump? In 2006, Bush signed into law a fence on the Mexican border when perhaps the idea wasn't so popular. Here's an interesting thing:

During his untethered Rose Garden news conference on Friday, President Donald Trump boasted that “some” former presidents privately told him they wish they would've built a border wall during their terms in office.

After announcing he’s demanding $5.6 billion for a wall made of steel in return for ending the partial government shutdown, Trump said, “This should have been done by all of the presidents that preceded me and they all know it. Some of them have told me that we should have done it.”

...There are only five ex-presidents that could conceivably have told Trump such a thing — Jimmy Carter, the recently deceased George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. But Carter, Obama, and Clinton are all Democrats who have been publicly critical of Trump, and the Bush family, despite being Republicans, aren't close with Trump and haven't expressed support for a wall.

Three days later, it’s now clear that Trump was making stuff up. On Monday, the Carter Center released a statement from Jimmy Carter that says, “I have not discussed the border wall with President Trump, and do not support him on the issue” (Vox).

Not so fast, because it might just be true that the two Bush presidents talked to Trump concerning a wall...only, the Bush's don't want anyone to know they support the wall. Much of the wall will be in Texas, where Bush Jr. (lives there) politically befriended the Mexicans, and for that reason doesn't want to offend them with something like a hideous wall between neighbors. Texas is also where Bush may have friends in the steel / concrete business. If Trump's not delusional, the Bush presidents let him know that they would have loved a wall along the Mexican border. But why? Even from around the year 2000, there was scare-talk of UN elements at the Mexican border. Initially, Trump chose John Kelly to oversee that border, and so we may wonder who it was that talked Trump into the idea of placing a military man over it, and why. Something stinks, and it might just be that Trump caught wind of that smell, deciding therefore to cancel his deal with the Kelly / Mattis circle. But the Grahams of the party are trying to sway the flip-flopping Trump back to that odorous thing.

Graham (was a military man) is the new chair (replaces Grassley) of the Senate Judiciary Committee. This body is tasked with oversight of the DoJ and FBI, and Homeland Security. I fear that Graham will talk like he's in opposition to the McCabe circle, but, like Trump, do nothing to appropriately punish the guilty. I predict more television yap-yap, leaving the criminals free to muster counter-measures. The less the Republicans yap on the news to justify their measures, the less that the liberal media can stomp on them one way or the other. The best thing that can happen is for Trump to lose the wall battle, and to finally strike back on the dossier criminals as his come-back.

For 2020 purposes, Graham's judiciary committee seems the last hope for the Republicans to gain the best zeal of their voter base, working in conjunction with Trump's DoJ in jailing Democrat offenders under Obama. This is what the base wants to see, a party that takes seriously (beyond yap-yap) the crimes of Obama and the Clintons. Alas, at his Wikipedia article: "[Lindsey Graham] was a member of the Judiciary Committee during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998. He was the only Republican on the Committee to vote against any of the articles of impeachment..." Yup, that Lindsey Graham. The good news: McCain and Flake are no longer with the Senate. The bad news: Graham chairs Oversight.

The good news: Obama was unable to get the Brotherhood in charge of Egypt. The bad news: there's a Washington brotherhood acting the part of angel while being of demons. Masonry is the lover of all religions because it puts one or two prongs of satan's pitchfork into the churches. How so? By having a few Christianized Masons as intruders into the churches. Such infiltrators always go for leadership positions, including higher than pastors. There's big money in Christianity, and Masons know it. Ask the Mormons and JW's about that.

Here's a young guy with a nine-minute Christian message that is simple and to the point, yet comments from Christians disagree. The video speaker has said absolutely nothing in error, and so we have got to admit and confess that those in the comments section who disagree are the hypocrites, i.e. those who want salvation by faith alone without obedience to God's commands. I think it's safe to say that many professed believers recoil at the words, "God's laws." They dislike these two words so much they call it "legalism" to attempt a life of service to God's laws. A law feels like a law only for those who don't want to do it.

Legalism is to do the will of God in motions only, for show, not because one wants to be like Jesus. There is nothing legalistic with doing something pleases to God out of fear for God, for this is exactly the purpose of the "fear of God," to get us to doing the right things. The one who wants to do the right things has no fear of God. The one who fears God and begins to do the right things is doing great; don't tread on that's person's services to God by calling it legalism. The one who depends solely on faith can be in danger of missing salvation; that's what Jesus said. If we can't even get our teaching correct where God-pleasing deeds and thoughts are the proof of our faith, we are in danger. Do not treat works with contempt, as do foolish believers. Do not treat works as though they are the enemy of faith, or as though works are necessarily of the flesh and therefore ruinous to faith in the Spirit. Only bad thinkers talk that way. The flesh is defined as the tool used by demons to get us to disobey God. Even mere attempts to be obedient can never be called, the flesh. If you do something genuinely good, it's nutty for me to tell you that you did it only in the flesh.

Nobody claims that one needs to obey perfectly to be saved. It's only a bad thinker who argues that, since we can't be perfect, we may as well not depend on works to be saved. It's important to have works to be saved. God decides whether our obedience level is sufficient to prove our faith. As I don't know what level or quality of service God expects of me, I had best stay close to Him, to make sure I take the narrow gate, if I'm being tempted to stray in a trial, or if I get upset with how hard / harsh life can be, or if I'm confused about the veracity of certain scriptures or the honesty of the Gospel reporters. There should be times when we don't need to try to be loyal, because we sincerely want to be like Jesus. If we agree with his words, then we can be on our way to being like Him. When His words go deep into us, we tend to retain them in daily life. A born-again person is one who takes the words of Jesus to his daily tasks. The Word resonates in his being, and they change the personality. This is the one who has the gift of the Holy Spirit, for whoever has, more will be given.

Once a person applies the Word in daily thoughts / change-of-life, that's the Biblical definition of love for God, which can be viewed as our loving God in return for His loving and accepting us. Yet there is also a transfer of the "stuff" of love from God to the human inside, or inner sensation, or inner Witness. This is a part of Grace, and should not be taken as an excuse or opportunity for sneaky / neglectful disobedience. There must also be demonic sensations acting as a counterfeit Holy Spirit, so watch out for that. If your thoughts veer toward evil, you could have some demonic things going on at you. It's not a sin to have them; it's a sin to welcome their evil impulses. We can't do the right unless we know the right, and for this we read the words of Jesus, not making up our own right and wrong, which is what liberals do in their so-called progress. What progress is there in going back to the common sins that felled entire societies by God's wrath?

The Witness of God within us can never be proven in a court of law where the judge is a reprobate. The Witness of God is shared by millions, and we think that God makes Himself known to us by this extra-Biblical method: the Comforter. The Bible is a poor Witness of God without the inner Living Waters acting as a witness for exposing that the texts are reliable. That's how it worked for me. Apart from the Witness, the Bible was nothing more than words of ancient, irrelevant writers I probably didn't want to know about. That's how I tended to view the Bible as a child of 11, and also later in my late teens. For others, it may work differently, with God making the words on paper seem to be alive or Authentic, yet that too requires Something working on the inside. This inner Thing is taken as imaginary by those who've decided that Jesus is a lie.

? If we start to think that the apostles may have been giving a false testimony of Jesus for selfish purposes, then that's when God watches what we do, because we are then in a test of faith. Do we tend to welcome this thought, that the apostles were lying? God wants to know our motive, whether it's because we relish a sinful life. Or, do we lament and get all bothered with the thought that Jesus may have been a lie of the apostles? Are we grieved to think that Jesus may not be what we read in the Bible? That's the one who passes the test, brother, sister, you know what I mean. But many will fail that very test, as the anti-Christ onslaught rolls on with every reason under the sun given to doubt the testimony of the Bible writers.

Bottom line: I want there to be a Jesus with a New Thing with he as Wonderful Counselor and Mighty King Forever. Peace and Security, so much unlike what the West or East can achieve. He's asking us to go our entire lives as "strangers" to this world, which discloses that the worldly class will have power over us. To be a stranger is to be aloof from the worldly class who deny Jesus. We are not to jump into their boat. There is no use even starting out for Jesus if we aren't willing to live as such strangers for an entire lifetime. It's all or nothing.

It's predictable that people will come to Jesus for the "goodies" of eternal life, and all what the preachers promise them in His name that is of worldly stuffings. It's predictable that God would weed out some believers who want eternal life, but never-mind about Jesus' societal system, for example. Sure, they'll take eternal life if they can live how they want to. Wow, prosperity gospel and eternal life too; this is how many believers approach things. These may not fall away from faith, and so they might just be the ones who make it to the end, yet are rejected as those who prophesied in His name, or did many works other in His name, but did not emphasize the things needed for salvation. If we really think that faith is enough, we haven't understood that part of the New Testament.

We are saved by the vehicle of Faith, but to make good that faith, we need to be sufficiently like Jesus in our thinking / values / beliefs / qualities / ideologies. Faith is not merely, oh yeah, I believe that Jesus is the Son of God; the pope told me so, or the 19-year-old Mormon "Elder" told me so, and I believe it too.

One of the most-important qualities to attain is to be one with one another, in spite of our differences of thought or background or class. We hope the best for one another, otherwise we are not a brotherhood-type family. We do not want to be like those who knock on doors to spread the message of Jesus, but then view all other Christians outside of our JW / Mormon / Catholic / Charismatic cult as heretics. That's the same as rejecting the people of Jesus while claiming to be part of the only church of Jesus. These are some of the many, I assume, who will be rejected even though they do many works. The way to deal with such erroneous believers is to point out their errors, but hope the best for them. There's an argument to be made for despising cult leaders, however, for the damage that they do, but let's not lump typical pastors in with cult leaders without just cause. If a pastor demands the 10-percent tithe that is no longer mandatory in New-Testament times, expose his gross and blatant error, but hope for the best for him; hope that he is accepted into the kingdom...unless he's obviously a Benny-Hinn type imposter.

It's pleasurable for me to write to you on these matters because I feel good about contributing to correct doctrine, and to have the opportunity to write to fellow believers. It's just all good. I don't want to call it a work or good deed, but that's how God views it. I'm concerned about correct doctrine, it's all good. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but to show that good works are not necessarily like "work." It's not a big deal whatsoever for me to write what I've just written, which took maybe an hour or two of my time (whoopee); the big deal is that I wrote it at all. It shows what I care about, and I trust you care about it too. We are a team, a unity, if we care about these things together. This is what it is to be the family of God, to strive to the end of our lives with passion for the Plan of Jesus to renew the planet, and to drain swamp. If men are incapable of draining the wicked swamp, you just watch Jesus do it.

The Crucifixion was not the end of the Plan. It was a vehicle for renewal. It provides God with the family he's always wanted from the foundations of Creation. I love the idea of God loving us as a father. I love it that the only Creator is not a wicked beast but rather wants a family based on love for one another. Our differences can keep us from loving one another fully, but our differences will one day vaporize to nothingness. I suppose one could say that, apart from satan in our midst this past history, no one would ever grasp how lucky we are to have a Willing Servant as the only God. As a Father, He is a Willing Servant, can you grasp the height of such luck? What if the only God were a monster? By what stroke of luck is he willing to be our Father?

It's nice to have a Father-God when we need help, but can't fathers also be demanding? Isn't it the father's job to make for brave and productive children? Yes, but does that sound to you like God would demand for us to do, w-w-work? Yes, that nasty word. If you think God is all service to you for all your joy, you must be retarded. Yes, that nasty word. To be retarded means way in the back, out of the thick of things. In left field all alone with other retarded ones. God saves retards so that they no longer stay retards, but if you insist on being a retard after God saves you, that's the choice God allows you to make and keep. A retard is a good-for-nothing. Take Hillary Clinton, for example. God has just exposed a massive number of retards all playing together in left field, and we are witnesses of their sins, even though we don't know most of their sins as yet.

Some people love their cats and dogs, their sports, good times with family, their friends, strangers who do heroic things for others, and they love both life and nature, yet they hate God. I have a great idea. Why not love cats and dogs, sports, good times with family, friends, strangers who do heroic things for others, life and nature, and God too. Why be a fool who takes life from God, and all the good of it, only to despise the One who made it possible??? What sickness ails liberals? Why do they chose to be retards? Why can't they confess that good times and everything good is thanks to God? Here's a way to have some fun and no need to hate God about it:

Why can't liberals do the following and love God too?

Why couldn't my generation enjoy music without adultery and fornication? Look at what it's come to now? Just one generation is all it took for such steep devolution. Have some fun, Christians, and be playful too:

What I don't understand is why people dress up, with lots of make-up on the women, to Gaither events. Is that necessary, or desired? Why is it desirable for Christians? I am absolutely sure that there's no make-up in God's Kingdom. I'm absolutely sure that women wouldn't wear it when having a one-on-one meeting with Jesus. So why do they wear it to church? Is it important that they be attractive on the face? Why? Have they no inner beauty? Do they have no inner stuff by which to be appreciated? Surely they do. So what's with the paint? Isn't it time to drop it when becoming a Christian? Isn't this the time to let your personality flower, all that you want to be, all that you are? Jesus calls us to a better personality than that which the world succumbs to. The way I read Jesus, he's devoted to making us better than them. Though the devils trip us and stomp on us, yet we must come out refined. If we acknowledge our flesh, our weaknesses, there's hope for us, because the willful sinners don't know their sins, won't admit to them, won't recognize how impoverished they are. Truthfully, a billionaire without Jesus has nothing. It's only a matter of decades, or less, until he falls to nothingness. It's right around the corner for that person. It's as good as true right now.

If we Christians insist on remaining much like the world around us, there's a question as to whether Jesus will serve our personalities much at all. We may find ourselves devolving into a worse personality. I'm not talking about a world-popular personality, whatever that is. A Christian personality needs to be genuine, not calibrated or masked for self-gain. A Christian personality cares more for humans than for pets. The Master Plan is humanity. We are not to be one of the animals. We do not apply "survival of the fittest" to ourselves. If some people value their dog more than humans, it can be partly due to the dog being genuine whereas humans are often wearing masks. Humans can be brutal or murderous whereas your pet dog usually cannot. A dog or cat is selfish, however, in the main, and driven more by instinct, whereas humans have free will, freedom to choose.

We are special amongst the living, and were created to evolve into perfection, not by our genes, but by our thinking, and Godly knowledge and choices. For us, it's not, "I came, I saw, I conquered," but rather: I came to Jesus, I saw the Light, I sold all I had in return for the Prize. God offered me a deal I couldn't refuse, when this world let me down in obedience to the anti-Christs. As the world changed around me toward "humanism," it got cold and ugly, making the Warmth of Jesus so-much better to the senses. I was sold. Now is the time for us to conquer, not kingdoms in order to rob their wealth and control their ways, but to conquer the ones going "forward" with demented minds, who apply a form of godliness while denying God Himself. You can be as good as you like, and even outshine Christians in your "humanism," but if you reject God, you aren't coming to His party, and no one will care. All alone you will be, rejected, alone, forgotten. This is why anti-Christs cross their fingers, hoping that Jesus is not the Son of God. It's their gamble.

If anti-Christs do good, and honor people who do heroic things for others, it testifies against them. For if they really love the good, why do they reject the Good One, the Best One?? He's not demanding anything but good things. Do not seek nor desire the wife of another man. That's a good thing. Do not sleep with your mother or child, another good thing. Don't take that which others rightfully own, whammo, yet another good thing. Respect and honor the One who created you, who is far superior to you in every way; it's such a reasonable request on God's part. Accept God as the leader of humanity, and follow Him to His plan for us. Who would be so stupid as to resist this thing? And for what? For the glory of man; to see what man can do on his own, apart from God? It's going to be a shipwreck, can't we predict this already? God has allowed the anti-Christs to steer the world ship, and we are seeing the results in this one generation. At anytime, disaster can strike the West if God does not intervene, chaos, starvation, horrors.

New-Testament ideals are a program for a healthy society. It first of all calls for unity in Christ, and therefore argues against divisiveness. Once a society abandons unity in Christ, divisions set in due to the over-abundance of people who desire to be leaders. It's bad enough that some Christians refuse to be pew sitters, who must become pastors at all costs, the wrong motive to become a pastor. But when anti-Christs try to set up leaderships, well, we are seeing how useless and destructive that system is. It's going nowhere but to its destruction. Leader pitted against leader, and then war. One would think that the anti-Christs, faced with impending doom as we speak, would cancel their humanism projects. Instead, liberals are lock-step together indicating that they are taking their slap in God's face to their end.

It is proper to create divisions when, for example, Paul says that we should not make our table with pagans / anti-Christs. God never intended, "Do not kill," to mean that there should be no capital punishment. In all teachings, we don't go by the black-and-white text alone, but in the spirit or context. Do not kill for selfish purposes, because you want a man's wife, for example. It's a good thing. What do anti-Christs have in argument against such a good law? Do not kill just because you are angry with someone. But if a person destroys society for the rest, there can be justified a capital punishment, which is why God has warned in advance that He will execute anti-Christs, for, as we can see, they have destroyed society. For as long as they continue to argue that this society is progressing their way to something better, and for as long as they argue that they are not destroying society, God will simply keep his hands off of the situation to expose the futility of humanism. This is where we are at this time. We should not think that God has abandoned the human race, or that He does not care. Instead, it's necessary for Him to show what terrible things take place when He ceases to save society for the sake of His chosen ones. We are being asked to cringe, and so prepare yourselves for more shudder.

Eat at a restaurant at your own risk, because people today have become such that they will do far worse than spit in your food. After they are no longer excited about the fun of spitting in your soup, they will put things into your hamburger meat that you would rather not know. High-level Republicans, eat at restaurants at your own risk. Guaranteed, these things will happen, and are happening, but it's going to get worse.

Christians in the military, be prepared to take the front lines, for the anti-Christs would rather kill / maim you than one of their own. If we lament the plight of Christians in the Middle East, ask instead how many Christian soldiers Obama put on the front lines because he wanted to give satan his delights.

If you end up in court for any matter, and they discover that you're a Christian, be prepared to take the full weight of the law's penalties, or worse, but, as we can see, the anti-Christs are getting away from being brought to court at all. For Christians, they will have a special attitude, to frame us for crimes we did not commit. We have lately seen a super example of the American federal police enacting conspiratorial plots; beware, it's not predicted to get better. Society is crumbling under this attitude, but the anti-Christs do not see the cracks beneath their feet. Instead, they celebrate their wicked, reactionary ways, thinking that it enhances their interests. We Christians are being asked by God to endure patiently a cracked and ailing society. We are not fooled by the glitter of the marketplace, for goons lurk there who would kill both God and you if they had the opportunity. They have been trained by their parents and teachers alike to hate you, an attitude spreading like yeast in a culture. This is the bloating filth inside the lovely cup. There is a cover-up to keep us from seeing what's on the inside, but, I think, God wants us to see it all.

And when we all do see it, the anti-Christs will practically ignore the realities therein. As we have seen already, the liberal media has given liberals their marching orders to ignore FBI corruption as long as it acts against Republicans. God's law: do not show favoritism. We don't read that out of context. It doesn't mean we can't favor believers over non-believers, or good people over bad people. It means that the same punishment or blessing is to be given an individual in return for an identical deed. However, judges punish individuals based also on past performance. If an offender has a past history of offenses, he/she should be punished harder than one not having such a history, yet the time is here when this will be done in reverse, when criminals will be favored by anti-Christs over Christians. Ask Barnabas about that. It was not this way a generation ago.

Jesus scores again because both God and His apostles decreed that favoritism is wrong. The Bible is full of RIGHT ways to order a society. The Bible does not give rules for living based on the individual's right alone, but rather on the health of the entire society. No individual is permitted to do anything that is harmful to others. In this Western world, there is no punishment for adultery or incest, and hardly none for prostitution. Selling drugs is now non-punishable. How are we getting better under liberals? Faggots are filthy yeast spreading throughout the dough; they must be outlawed and punished. Instead, they are favored more than we are.

It's a lie to suggest that what people do in their own bedrooms is their own business. God is correct in knowing that faggots are not in their bedrooms only, but walk the streets seeking game. Moreover, practicing faggots, and especially activist faggots, are Spirit-less goons amongst us who by that very fact contribute much more demonism than rightness in any area of life. God prescribes a yeast killer long before the yeast controls the military and the courts. This is where this thing is headed. It's nothing new; it's all been done before, under cover. Yet, having come out of the closet, we will discover how rotten this situation has become. Prepare to be shocked. Faggot scratches the back of faggot until they rule. The wicked tend toward power because demons steer them. Sin is bad, right? It harms society, right? Sin is not merely a personal choice, end of matter. Sin affects all.

If the New Testament teaches all good things, what argument do anti-Christs have against Jesus? That's why we claim that anti-Christs reject Jesus because of their propensity to sin. But anti-Christs don't like to be labeled like that; they would rather claim that Jesus is a fantasy invented by the apostles. That can't be right. If the apostles invented Jesus, then, as imposters, they must have had a motive for forming the churches. It was no small task to build churches all over pagan Rome. It was even dangerous. Surely, there could be only one motive to knowingly build a cult around a fake Messiah; surely, they would do it only for the money, hoping to get into an easy-money situation. However, I know of no historical report claiming that the apostles were fleecing the churches. Surely, if that was the case, half the church members would have discovered it and written about it, even forming a counter system to combat it. Surely, the Romans would have discovered such a thing, yet there is no historical document I know of stating that the Romans discovered, or suspected, a fleece job.

Would Paul have spent even a month in prison if his mission was to rob his churches? Wouldn't he, soon, have made a deal with the Romans, promising to never again preach on religious matters? Instead, it appears that Paul went from prison even to his execution.

How can it be that we don't know how Paul died? Why do we have no written record of this? One possibility is that he lagged in jail for so long that he was forgotten. Some church leaders whom he railed against may even have been teaching that he was abandoned by God. Paul was creating his churches under Nero, a dangerous situation. The risk was so high that the apostles made it a point to order their members to respect the caesar of the day. At least, when putting anything in print, they were sure not to bad-mouth the caesars, and Paul even said that Rome wields the sword for to do the right, which looks like a ploy to appease the Roman leaders.

So, when Paul appeals to caesar rather than quietly making a deal with the Jews never to preach Jesus again, he was placing his own head in the lion's mouth. At one point, he himself says that God saved him from death at the Colosseum. I've got to assume that God decided for us not to know how Peter and Paul died.

No one doubts anymore that Western leaders are creating a database on all citizens with as much information that can be mustered. No one doubts anymore than the goal is to be able to hear and even see us all in our own homes, cars, places of work, and wherever we go. This is the doctrine of demons, let's make no mistake about it. It's part of the plan to curb our thinking and actions, and the sooner in life they can change our thinking, the less complications they think they will have when children are adults. Jesus will become their greatest complication, and they will hate us for it, which is exactly why I write about them, because they plan to coerce us, abuse us. Here's a law in the works as we speak:

[Bill] HR 4174 sponsored by Speaker Paul Ryan is due for a vote this Wednesday [January 16]. This bill creates a government-wide "evidence building plan" that will lead to a national citizen database...

...Their big idea was to remove the prohibition on lifelong tracking of students through college and the workforce.

Paul Ryan is a sick cookie, the enemy. But he didn't get to be the speaker on his own. It means that there are demonic Republicans in that party, and it would be well to know who they all are. Anti-Christs want to own our children. They want to make them into societal tools for their own society, while we want to make them their complications. We had best define this battle properly, as it really is, because they will invent facades to protect their evil plots. Their intrusions into our lives are being built with empty excuses, and most of all they use the safety factor. It's all for our own safety. They will argue that it's their duty to keep us safe i.e. we have no argument against them. We had best find the best ways to demolish such a fleece job. Trump installed a Christian minister of education who believes in school vouchers. When will she allow poor Christians to send their kids to a school of their choice? Why have we not heard anything about this? Guaranteed, such a move will get the liberal media involved to shoot it down. Our enemies want our children in their schools, this is how demonic they have become, in one generation. They feel, without blushing, that they should own our children.

If this bill makes it to Trump's desk, we get to see where he stands on the issue. We knew this was coming, but I doubt very much that Fox news will make it their task to inform us on this dictatorial move...meaning that many will not know that this is even an issue at this time, shame on Fox the devil with sheep's skin:

History itself must be holding its breath to see what happens next. H.R. 4174, Foundations of Evidence-Based Policy, a bad bill for liberty and privacy, awaits President Trump’s signature –or his veto.

...In reading, I noticed:

1. The bill creates an inventory of citizens, their land, and their money. It includes identifiable info (pii).

2. It is actively hostile toward, and seeks to alter, policies and laws that uphold privacy rights.

3. The bill allows the federal government to collect, archive and share personally identifiable information.

4. The bill authorizes government to break confidentiality pledges and punish citizens based on the perceived accuracy of data citizens submit.

5. The bill actively seeks to “convert” databases that don’t match its machine-interoperability standards.

6. An agent who shared/sold sensitive information from these databases might receive zero punishment.

7. The bill forces agencies and instrumentalities to share data with other agencies.

8. The bill empowers the Deep State, not allowing elections for data heads. Bureaucratic appointees only.

9. The bill authorizes federal agents to use private organizations and individuals to mine data.

10. The bill replaces informed consent with (pointless) informed public comment.

The bill replaces informed consent with (pointless) informed public comment. Below this video is a detailed, language-focused, page-specific, quote-laden excavation of the bill. It is more detailed than the video.

This looks like nothing short of moving wholesale into the rejection of privacy rights. We knew it was coming in ever-increasing steps, and here it is like Bigfoot and his club. Each of the 10 bullets above has its own section with added comments. Below is a video (no benefit to watching it) of one of the bill's sponsors, who claims that a database is needed in order for leaders to make the best policy decisions. Uhh, there's also the issue of abuse of data in these days.

Remember, the American spy world was greatly enhanced by Bush as part of the 9-11 scam, and so expect other Republicans to still be pushing this entanglement. Bush Sr. must have had a lot of talks with Bush Jr. on what he knew from his days at the CIA helm, and we can imagine that Bush Jr's agenda was a carry-over of Bush Sr's. But the Homeland-Security spy program inside the United States was not about catching al-Qaeda, for the Bush's knew full well that such a threat was non-existent. Therefore, we can glean that the program was for Bush's "new world order." What can we learn about the fact that it wasn't a Democrat president who used that phrase? There's a new-world-order machine inside the Republican party, isn't there?

Some Q-Anon followers, or perhaps his enemies, have started to play with numbers, as though they are loony, but I think this could be a purposeful plot to make monkeys out of Q followers. There are different ways to interpret the appearance of play-with-numbers videos. The one below is the most absurd I've seen so far. The basis of the numbers used has no merit, no justification for starting off with the numbers started off with. It's an obvious sham, and we would expect to see people in the comments section crying foul on this. Instead, on the day I saw the video, the first 37 posts were filled with glorious praise for the video speaker, and not until the 38th post was there a negative response, which started with: "I think “Q” are Deep State operatives who are keeping Trump supporters distracted and placated with fantasies of justice being served while Mueller's team frames Trump for treason to face a military tribunal. Q is lulling people into thinking the exact opposite is true..."

All 38 posts are 4 days old as I view the video, but, the point is, I'm apt to thinking that the video owner came with an orchestra of faked posts, by his fellows, all giving praise for the purpose of turning Q followers into numerology dingbats. For all we yet know, Q could be a part of this orchestra, the vocalist. Not until the 47th comment (still 4 days ago) do we find a normal, expected response: "The code breaking stuff, is just BS as far as I am concerned. Nobody dose that stuff, no normal person would take unrelated documents and call them related and build a different message altogether. Then in the end none of it says anything of value, it is just Ra Ra. Q is talking to normal people not military code breakers." It begs the question: has Q himself come out to cry foul on these numerology nuts? After all, they are putting ideas into his mouth, and he should be concerned about it. I have not yet seen any evidence that Q has opposed this garbage, tending to make me think that he's in the orchestra.

Further on down at the 49th post at "7 hours ago": "I can not find videos or a you tube site from Mr TN Homesteader. Is he only on GAB?. Thanks from Holland." The Homesteader is the speaker in the video. It appears that he came out of nowhere to present this garbage, which took quite some time to work out. Lots of effort went into this deception. Who's behind it?

The possibility is that the video owner is removing all comments that shoot down the deception. Here's another comment at "7 hours ago" that may be slated to be removed when the owner gets around to it: "Has it ever occurred to ANY of you that it should not require being a "super sleuth" to "decode" Q Drops? If Trump wanted Q to present veiled information he would not have it put out in such a way that everyone decodes the information differently. You people are spending way too much time on Q. Wake up. None of those Funeral Criminals are in Gitmo..." Wow, another normal person.

Here's one from "4 hours ago" that gets a hint as to why the deception is conveyed in the first place: "I believe Q is out there, but really, do you think he or them actually went that deep into the symbolism? At times I think its being over thought which gives the critics ammunition they need." Translation: they are trying to make stupid monkeys out of anti-deep-staters. Similar tricks are played by the deep state with false-flag controversies. Likely, per one deep-state worker, they have a dozen or two different youtube names so that one person alone can give appearances that many people love the video.

The numbers will dazzle a lot better if Q is one of their workers. That is, he can post pre-arranged things geared with a pre-arranged video on the numbers behind his codes. I saw one video where the person revealing the codes could not possibly have known that the numbers work so well, unless the whole thing was pre-arranged to work so well. It was obvious then (a week or two ago) that there is a game being played. Keep your reality bearings oiled by being on top of the games seeking to twist reality as we see it. It stands to reason that deep-state operatives will feed their enemies wild, false conspiracies for them to spread that make monkeys out of them all.

On January 13, a video title: "Q+ TRUMP TWEETS "IT'S ALL SO CLEAR" Q CONFIRMS JFK JR LIVING _ TRUMP TWEETS, WE HAVE THE SERVER". The Christian video starts off with numbers, so disgusting. Are kabalists behind this? Just look at the Christian connection to America, as though Masons are trying to convert us to Americanism as a new form of our Christian religion. Q claims to be a Christian. The video suggests that Biblical gematria is at work with both Trump and Q. It's a trick to make Christians love Trump, isn't it? Just watch:

I got to the video (3852 Views) above when the oldest posts were just two hours old. It read "100 posts" at the top, but I counted only 73. I've never seen this "By_the Book" youtube channel before, and so the number of views in just two hours seems inflated, which can be explained where there are faked comments by those having many names. I expect Christian after Christian to denounce this video due to its kabbalistic nature, yet here are the first 14 comments when I arrived:

Michael Groat 2 hours ago
You don't play fair! The end of coincidence is always a time of action. Let's roll!

Miguel Racelis 19 minutes ago
Thanks for the coding. I understand the messages better. Keep up the great work. Hilda Page 17 minutes ago
"I can't help it if I'm still in love with Q" and BY_THE BOOK!!!

Leonora Anderse 14 minutes ago

maria elena Segura 1 hour ago
Q has done a wonderful job woken up millions. who needs the fake Media. shutting cable off. thank you Q &Q+ saved 200 DLL bill monthly. Trump 2020

Audrey B 1 hour ago
Love the music! Each day I love POTUS & Team even more! For God & Country!

La Pepina 1 hour ago
It would be miraculous, incredible blessing from GOD for many people!!! I include myself!!!

Michael Scott 1 hour ago
ThankQ from UK Brothers in Arms

kristi glinkaj 1 hour ago
Thank u for feeding the sheep friend. Blessings love and peace be with n upon u. Christ Jesus Saves the world. #ThanQJESUS #LetsQthis4Jesus

Mary Matejka 2 hours ago
Awesome as usual!! God bless you as you keep awakening those who still need eyes to see ears to hear a mind to absorb and a heart to embrace the truth. WWG1WGA

Liberty Banjo 1 hour ago I am impressed. Good music with a comm line too. Have subscribed!

idreamyou100 1 hour ago
(Dedicated to JFK JR! WWG1WGA) Inspired by THE HOLY SPIRIT, to his servant (idreamyou100) (copied and signed exerpt#23) WWG1WGA...

Bella DJ 1 hour ago
Awesome as always! Ricky Nelson was a nice touch, too! I haven't heard that song in ages. Thanks and God Bless!! Much love from Mid Mo

CMsJean 1 hour ago

Sigh! Thank you for your work. Dreamy to hear Rick Nelson again. Another one gone way too soon in his time.

This trend continues over many more comments, suggesting that probably not one post is from a genuine viewer, and that all of them were prepared in advance as part of the video. Not until roughly the 50th post (from Cabins Nook, 32 minutes ago) did I find evidence of a genuine person, saying, "Q has NOT confirmed that JFK Jr. is living. When asked by an anon about it, Q answered “NO”. Don’t fall for the click bait, people." Yet not one Christian on the page thus far has cried foul over the numerology, serving as absolute proof that some Q people are manufacturing an online trick of some vast proportion. In this case, it appears that the troublemakers want people to spread a wild lie concerning Q's claims, which doesn't necessarily mean that Q isn't part of the goons. The last thing needed is fake, cursed Christians spewing garbage to give all a bad name, and the runner-up for filth are those Christians who seat Trump on the right hand of Christ's throne. These things can be considered attacks on Christianity.

When watching a Hannity video a week or two ago, I watched Sarah Carter tell him a few times consecutively that there are sealed indictments. She mentioned it at least three times, as I remember it, because, each time, Hannity ignored her. He never did respond with any attitude, surprised or upset, but, it seemed to me, Hannity knew not to go to that topic. Why? Why can't Hannity / Fox give an opinion on that social-media issue? There are countless social-media stories that Fox won't touch, not even to denounce or discredit them? Why not? Wouldn't we all love for Fox to ask the Bush's what that alleged note was at the funeral? But nope, Fox won't touch that story, so far as I've seen.

By Monday, just a couple of weeks after Trump announced a pull-out from Syria, the U.S. government did what it hasn't done much: released the name of an American leader (Zulfi Hoxha) for ISIS, for which has a large story. In other words, my words, the CIA has decided to create an ISIS monster in order to: 1) get Americans to oppose the Syrian pull-out, and/or 2) prepare for more false-flag events in the United States. Note that there was a rash of car killings, and that they suddenly went away...because they were staged, right? Well, this story could signal more to come, which is very welcome (so long as they don't hurt anyone) because each instance reveals that the program is a government-sponsored operation. Each false-flag event makes more conspiracy theorists, we have seen this, and the car killings were especially good for this. I never heard again from SonofNewo since the last time I shared his videos, and his channel now says, "This channel doesn't have any content". Some of his videos were excellent for exposing the Charlottesville false flag. There was nothing in his videos to justify any punishment from youtube. There's nothing I can find from SonofNewo on any other platform to inform us of what happened to him.

There is no hope in humans to combat this detestable CIA beast, and certainly Trump is a void hope. The Nazified beast is intent on wasting money for its projects not the peoples' projects, and it will kill Americans when it deems it necessary to fool the rest. If there are more false-flag operations, then it indicates that Trump's pick for FBI boss is on the beasts's side, CLEARLY. No group can get away with a false flag unless the FBI supports the hoax. And if the FBI supports it, we would like to see the president exposing it, yet Trump did not do so in the last false flags under his watch. He is a false hope. Americans are being strung along. It is imperative that the CIA "owns" the justice department, in order to carry out false flags. The guard is changing at Justice, and we can only wonder how hard the deep state is working to fix its own pawn there with Trump's agreement. As we go forward, we should look for signs of Trump's support for the deep-state agenda, which is why this wall project he's on should perhaps frighten us. The CIA, they say, plays a part with selling drugs to Americans, and so one would think that the wall is not what the CIA wants...unless this beast has a plot to enforce things on Americans at the pain of severe punishment for failure to comply. At that time, the wall becomes a tool to keep Americans in the country by force.

Youtube still has the SonofNewo video below, as shown by another channel (None None). One of the best of his finds is shown starting at the 3-minute mark. It shows the crash-scene van just sitting at the intersection, prepared by the false-flag team for the "crash". A lot of people witnessed that scene and therefore know that it was a false-flag operation. It was a dismal failure, and alerted a massive number of people that Antifa is itself a government-infected operation to divide Americans. As you can see, there is a detestable female driver (needs to be in jail) in the parked van just awaiting the "crash" as Antifa goons approach on cue, who can be seen owning the corner near the 7-minute mark:

None None's video has only 206 views since September 2, 2018, suggesting that youtube is suppressing it, doing its share for the deep state. I found the video via a google search. Youtube does not display a page for None None.

This coming week (the one in which you are reading this) begins confirmation hearings for Trump's pick for the new attorney general, William Barr. The latter told Lindsey Graham that he's for the Mueller witch hunt. I ask you, if president Rump is not supporting the deep state, how possibly could he choose a cactus-up-his-arse to replace the previous pickle-up-his-arse? Why would Rump kick his own arse unless he's marching to a deep-state piper? Is Trump insane, or a master of intrigue whose every breath is a passionate lie? Catherine Herridge said on the 14th that "Barr laid the foundation for government surveillance..." Oh no, Trump really is a deep-state thorn whether he wants to be or not. I predict that this president will prick his voters, because, obviously, he is a prick.

"William Pelham Barr (born May 23, 1950) is an American attorney who served as the 77th United States Attorney General from 1991 to 1993 during the first Bush administration." Oh no, Trump is looking like a thorny prick in the Bush. Maybe the funeral had the tricky purpose of convincing the voters that Trump opposes Bush. It could appear that Barr is Trump's part in a deal made between he and the Bush circle.

George Bush Sr. was with the CIA as early as the Kennedy assassination, and then became the CIA director in 1976. On Trump's pick: "From 1973 to 1977, Barr was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency." Oh no, not that. It appears that the United States could now get an attorney general steeped in Nazified ideology. How much worse can things get?

Some are saying that Barr is on Trump's side with the Mueller controversy, in which case Barr is merely pretending to legitimize the Mueller probe. Will Barr surprise us? Will he be the tooth on the White-House Thorn? What will he bite? What assurances did Trump get from him before the nomination? None? Did Trump pick him only because he was "advised" to by a powerful group he succumbs to? We shall see. Barr probably gets to choose his new deputy as Rosenstinger resigns, which may tell us a little more on what he stands for.

Trump reiterated on the morning news, from New Orleans, that the FBI scandal under Comey is a disgrace, and the president apparently wanted the credit for the firing of several FBI people since his firing of Comey, yet he doesn't deserve the credit. His polled popularity is down amid this resurgence of the FISA topic, which can explain why he brought it up with such passion again at this time: to fool his voters into loving him again who've become disillusioned with his hapless role in sinking swamp creatures.

The only good news is that House Democrats are promising a major assault on Trump's collusion, which might get Trump to actually do one single thing, then maybe two, on his own initiative, to drown some swamp creatures. Since the firing of Comey, I haven't seen one thing yet from him.

Mueller's main purpose is to continue as long as possible to check Trump's coming out with dirt on his circle of criminals. Mueller is guilty of covering for 9-11. This is the way to view this fiend. Mueller and Bush are likely speaking secretly to assure Trump's lameness.

Those who've been reading my squirrel saga may know that squirrel Signs around my house have pointed (I think) to Mueller's probe, especially to his 16 or 17 lawyers. The last mention of the squirrel situation had me telling that, for more than a year, I have seen only one squirrel around here, and that I've been feeding it lately, because it's winter. This could be the 17th squirrel in my attic, of two or three years ago, after I caught 16 with a rat trap up there. This Monday morning, on the same morning that I spoke on Bill Barr, I saw, for the first time, two squirrels playfully climbing a maple tree outside my computer-room window. I lost sight of one, but the other stopped on a ranch of the tree to eat some of my popcorn offerings of this morning. I'm just wondering whether this is a Sign to indicate that Barr and Mueller are about to work together, hopefully against Trump. If God is in this, He may be laying a trap for these rats who likely worked together on the 9-11 cover-up.

It's interesting too, that I haven't put out popcorn in about a week. Popcorn has become a symbol of the Q-Anon crowd, as in their awaiting a popcorn fest when watching the coming indictments on television.

In the next update, supreme-court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes it into the heraldic discussion surrounding the Scalia murder.


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