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January 1 - 7, 2019

Watch this in case the Gitmo part is correct and true:

This is going around as a sign for Q followers that arrests of the Obama circle is imminent:

Caution, because there's some evidence that the notes at the Bush funeral were staged, wherefore the elites, not having the expected Christmas messages, can be part of the trick, in which case this would be some pretty-big trick. How can we explain that neither the Obama's nor Clintons put out expected Christmas messages if they are not yet arrested? What would keep them from putting out a short message, if they are not yet arrested or detained temporarily?

The trick could be for the deep state to make Christians believe that Trump is about to bash the deep state, only for the big-change operation to end up bad for us when we are celebrating. Watch deeper than what you see in videos or on the news. Keep thinking for other ways to explain the messages at face value. Already, I'm seeing the anonymous Christian angels of Trump telling us beforehand to just follow their directions when the chaos / storm hits. Caution, lots of caution. Do not swallow immediately the face-value messages. If it looks too good to be know. I have seen some very erroneous and suspicious things from these Christian angels (they may be posing as Christians).

On the other hand, Trump's shedding of Mattis and Kelly last month does not appear to be part of a trick. Mitt Romney, a Bush ally, has even written a piece in the Washington post lamenting his support of Trump, suddenly. Here's part of what he wrote: "His early appointments of Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Nikki Haley, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster, Kelly and Mattis were encouraging. But, on balance, his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this last month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office."

You see, Trump was not in the driver's seat at the time, choosing all the bad apples wanted for Republican globalism, which unattainable thing he and his partners do not want to pay for out of their own pockets. Instead, you've got to pay for it, Westerner, and as it inevitably leads to wars to interfere in other nations, you've got to pay for that too, American citizen. So, on this issue, regardless of the motives, Trump's claim of a pull-out is to do the right thing, and the Romney circle would continue to steal your money for overseas partnerships.

But if I read Trump right, he wants to use the military at home, and this could get dangerous as military leaders begin to devise plots on how best to rule the nation apart from the peoples' will. Once the military is on the streets at the border, the leaders will begin to eye other parts of the country in order to make little monsters out of some of them, to justify the implementation of their plots there. The best thing: let the military do nothing if there is nothing to do. Save military money for when a nation decides to attack the United States. Imagine if all the money spent in the Middle East went into a military bank account for a rainy day. It could be used for emergencies, but, alas, all that money has now gone to the winds of nothingness. These are the globalists, the masters of vain pursuits (having more bad than good).

To his credit, Trump is apparently directly responsible for lowering gas prices, something Obama did not do. If Trump also deals with the Federal Reserve, I think it could be a huge score for partially dislodging a very fat parasite from upon the people. The global-warming scum are out to destroy him for 2020 from all around the globe. How is it better than Obama's $800B rip-off for Trump to take $700B for the military? Wouldn't it be cheaper and better all around to end the neo-cold war?

The week-to-week survivors get a little trickle-down from the corporations, but it would have been vastly better to give them the direct tax savings, allowing the corporations to be content with what they were making. Instead, the tax cuts for corporations led to a boom, but fat money cats then raise the prices for things needed by those who survive week-to-week. You have got to deal with those who raise prices whenever the survivors get a little extra money. There is such a thing as increasing wages based on the increase of the cost-of-living, but then why not put caps on the percentage of price increases for the needy things (energy, building materials, low-cost clothing, for example)? For if companies can increase prices the moment they give higher wages, there's no change, no benefit for the workers.

In my area, Home Depot's 2x4's went up from $2.88 to $3.60 (more than 25%). It's just a matter of having the government prohibit a large increase that isn't justified. Housing and clothing are needs, not always luxuries. If all price increases were, by law, kept at the rate of the cost of living, the cost of living wouldn't increase enough to justify higher price increases. If the lumber mill can't increase prices unjustifiably, neither can the lumber retailer. If the land can't increase in price, neither can the trees for lumber production. That's the idea, to stabilize pricing, not allowing the whims of the greedy to make a bad roller-coaster ride for everyone else. A free market plays to the greedy, those who care nothing for others.

In a thriving economy, the regular worker should be allowed the capability to save good money for a rainy day. Instead, most people would starve in a month or two if they were cut off from more money. The secret is to get rid of the stock market, for this is why companies are not permitted to be generous to their workers, because CEO's strive to maximize profits on behalf of the share holders, whom I view as gamblers, just like those who own casino's.

On January 2, Trump, in a very-transparent "speech" from the White House, said he essentially fired James Mattis, and for the reason, he said that Mattis didn't come up with a good plan for Afghanistan. It appears that Trump has finally taken the wheel. This could be good, unless he caves. There was bad news when Trump came out to say the Syrian pull out won't happen right away, just after he talked to a war hawk, Lindsay Graham. He seems to be WANTING to do things more unilaterally now, which could be good, unless he caves.

The Democrats are by a million miles more dangerous to the world than the Taliban, and this is what needs to be eradicated, yet Trump lets them continue with the same old. Until he gets that right, he deserves no praise. Is he bringing home 2,000 troops from Syria? That's not a big deal. [By Sunday: "The Trump administration wonít withdraw U.S. forces from northern Syria unless Turkey offers a firm commitment not to target Americaís Kurdish allies, White House national security adviser John Bolton said, underscoring the challenges in executing the presidentís wishes to end the military campaign...Bolton said U.S. troops would remain at the critical are of al-Tanf, in southern Syria, to counter growing Iranian activity in the region. " This is not how Trump defined the pull-out. There were no conditions in his words. Trump once again makes himself look like the willing tool of the war hawks, who never want out of Syria until there is a pro-American government there, and, after that, there will be never-ending conflict because of it. Trump is not to be trusted. He seems to be trying to fool some of his voters in this matter too.]

That's the same Graham who I think slipped a secret note into the inner pocket of John Kelly's suit jacket at McCain's funeral, just seconds after Mattis was eyeing Graham. They seemed up to something with the Democrats. Perhaps Trump saw this too, and knew what it was about. This can explain why Graham went to speak to Trump on the Syrian pull-out, because he's in cahoots with Mattis and Kelly on a military-wise globalization.

Mark Meadows suddenly strikes me as a deep-state tool in the recent exchange below. He's angry when he can't get the information he's required to get, to protect, I assume, the Clintons. That's what it looks like. It's like Meadows has the task of discovering exactly how good the evidence is against the Foundation. Note how passionate Meadows is, though he and his team were next to useless to expose Hillary when the Republicans had both the Congress and Senate. Meadows sound like the enemy of those two men wanting to expose the Foundation. There's no need to be angry; he's using threats to get the information rather than having the expected, friendly tone with those who are supposed to be on the same side. I think I've just been enlightened on Meadows. Those two good guys should have said less, for the more they talk, the more the goon Meadows becomes (in the second half of the video). Meadows starts to look like he has Bill Clinton's eyes and mind. The best line from the good guys comes after Meadows uses "cute" on them:

A decade ago, more than half the comments in the video below (few months ago) would have been in favor of the official storyline on 9-11, but now, more than 75 percent are in favor of an inside job. You can easily tell that the insiders are making comments on the page where they claim to be witnesses of seeing a plane hit the Pentagon. It's easy to lie about that on a youtube comments page, and should be expected. Also, the insiders probably had maybe ten false witnesses prepared (paid off) from day one, to speak to the news people, and, as they needed more witnesses when people began to doubt the official story, the insiders just paid more of them.

Some good people just don't grasp the magnitude of the evil in the American government. That's the problem. For the military, the CIA, the FBI, and similar others, paying off 100 false witnesses is peanuts. They paid full-time workers whose job was to thwart truthers in blogs, etc. No surprise. When a good video like the one above comes out, these dangled clowns are back at it in the comments sections, whatever it takes to put food on the table and to keep their government jobs. I counted no less than three eye witnesses (of the Pentagon plane) on this video's comments page, within the top 30 comments when I was there, which looks like proof that they are fakes.

An example of Christian fakes is this guy (dnajlion7) below who claims to pray nightly with a group, and one of his favorite sports is to announce new Billy Graham, hoping to get other Christians to spread these lies. He's also attacking Mike Pence on similar charges, but without evidence. I'm open to anything, but first some evidence. There's a guy out there (Tim Holmseth) who claims Pence is a satanic murderer based on a tip from a CIA agent. But wait, what if the CIA guy's lying? Beware these types arising with no evidence on their wild claims. They could be our enemies planting garbage to get us way-off into the ridiculous. Don't trust Q; keep a level head, demand evidence before you praise them in comments sections.

Not only did Hillary's Twitter account post an old photo for her Christmas tweet, but an old photo for her new year' eve tweet. Is she sick, arrested, or is this part of the twick? What could it mean if Q is a part of this trick? When I read his posts, he seems genuinely opposed to the deep state, but he pushes anti-pedophilia, and we've got to ask whether all the emphasis on this topic is to get us numb to it all so that sex with younger people works into fashion.

The video below on the moon landing has a super majority of comments in favor of a moon hoax, way up from a decade ago.

The American state can't recover from this; the people are now suspicious of everything the leaders do. It can only get worse because the a significant majority will spout their monstrous anger at how the leaders have taken them for fools. The party's all but over for the deceivers. Trump has been more their supporter than their destroyer. In fact, he hasn't wanted to attack the left hard because he needs it, as well as the Republican war hawks, to get re-elected. He needs to cut deals with the left, meaning that he'd rather go lightly on exposing them, only enough to put on a show of things for his base, not as the left deserves, which is outright banishment from politics.

The people in the comments section are collectively aghast at the producers of the video above, yet some or most of them will let Trump off the hook for wanting a new moon mission. The time is here when the Sean Hannitys of conservative talk will feel stupid to continue the claim of a moon landing. The people will not respect them more for this. The people will see them, not as wee-little minds, but as part of the deception. The time has arrived. Truthers are telling their children the truth, but even my own children tend to believe their public teachers over me when it comes to the moon landing. It's such a hard thing to believe, that the government would fake such a thing. To know this truth is actually liberating, otherwise we are in their trap. They are not to be trusted with anything. Youtube buries anti-moon videos, that's for sure.

Go the 5th minute of the video below to see that a younger Trump had the same hard-ball mentality as George Soros in a certain respect. This attitude favors the granting of U.S. money to nations in order to control them, with the overhanging threat of removing their grants, that is. That's exactly what's wrong with the American military, global control, with killing, maiming and tormenting, done with peoples' hard-earned money that they did not give permission to use. It's a deep-scarlet crime to operate that way, to use the American youth as fighters, convincing them that it's for the glory of the nation. One goes away from this short video wondering whether Trump can be trusted for "we the people." I don't trust him for that at all. As badly as this world needs a savior from the American deep state, this man doesn't have the stuff to do what's needed. His greatest passion is to succeed and brag about it, because he thinks highly of himself. This is his face, the one he never stops showing.

I'm not prepared to jump in with the video speaker's suggestion that Trump, of decades ago, may have been tailored by a back-stage elitism to conduct Israeli affairs their way, as a president. Trump shed many of the people who got him elected, and then hired, for his government leaders, actors he was unhappy with ultimately, not a sign to us that he's been swinging a controlled program from a secret force. It seems more as though the secret elite opposes him for the threats he poses for not being part of their cloth.

My hope is that the president will find it politically expedient to expose the criminals, though to date he has done absolutely nothing. Why doesn't he do some of the exposing, since he has the easy power to do so? The firing of James Comey cannot be counted as part of Trump's swamp cleaning because the president did not fire others, nor did he even expose them, who were discovered to be more crooked than what we know about Comey. If this is the token president, spit! No one elected him for a mere token of his commitment against the insider-enemies of the country. Trump has acted more the traitor of the people than for-the-people. When the ball was in his court to reveal FISA abuses, Trump covered them up. He personally passed the ball to the worthless inspector general in nothing short of a cover-up. Trump's aspirations are not more important than convicting government criminals. There is nothing more important than convicting the reckless sort of government crime in the United States these days. Mexican illegals cost tax dollars, but nowhere near what the cabals cost.

Here's a thought. Suppose the 666 system went into effect with Trump's wall clear across the Mexican border. Suppose that the False Prophet is an American leader, perhaps the president, and that he badly persecutes Christians at that time, so badly that they might want to escape temporarily to the Mexican hills, with the only problem being the wall.

What hellish nightmares are in store for some of us where the NSA Intelligence organization has been found corruptly (needlessly, goolishly) generating files on all individuals for use whenever needed? Here's an NSA whistleblower in 2012, telling that the NSA took jurisdiction over the FISA court:

I sense this Intelligence beast and its tentacles want us to think that we are being watched at all times, hoping that it will curb our speaking out against them. But, obviously, the capability to spy on all is not the same as actually doing it. It's got to be very boring to watch any random individual's emails daily, one person after another, and, of course, they don't have the physical manpower to watch all our correspondence. When there is an over-abundance of people speaking out against them, the latter are at a loss to stop much of it with threats. Their own employees are ruined who are charged to spy on people, and they became utter fools, as we have seen in the faces of Brennan and Clapper. Just look at what low lives they are now. They become stupid, because being a spy makes a man a worm. If there is anything to fear, it's the man in power too stupid to realize that he's become stupid.

I don't think it's normal to release intimate video of a funeral, especially of the grieving family, as was done with the Bush funeral. To me, this is a red flag, signaling that the family agreed to be taped for public release. That's another argument for what I'm leaning toward, that those dramatized cards / notes talked about on youtube, but nowhere to be found in the main press, were a staged show. How do we explain that this story never made it to CNN? The story looks so obviously a story.

It seems inconceivable that any person in government would give a grieving family bad news at a funeral. Couldn't it wait until the next day? Forget it, it makes no sense; it looks like they staged that thing to give us a false impression that Trump is really going after some guys, in which case Trump and Pence are both in on the "gag." I do not rule this out, that Trump is now feigning his opposition to the Bush / Cheney deep state. He might even be having dinner with Mueller now and again. I don't rule this view out. I don't advance it because I have no proof, but Trump's behavior or lack thereof gets me to keep it as a theory.

In the least, the video would not have been released apart from Bush's permission, and, if indeed this is a bona fide video of his receiving some very bad / embarrassing news, it's doubtful he would have agreed to having it released.

There is so much garbage, old news claimed as new, and lying click-bait in conservative youtube...and youtube makes sure it gives it to me (us) daily. This is no minor issue as it's a trend amongst the Internet giants. Ever wonder how it could be the case that the Internet giants are all, or almost all, pro-Democrat? Isn't it because they make it a specific mission to control knowledge and teaching? That's why there needs to be court solutions for these cheating ways.

Q-Anon, whom I'm looking into lately to see whether I can definitively understand what he's mostly about, disappeared from the Internet on December 22, not seen again until January 5. Why didn't he at least give his followers a clue that he was still alive? I find his claim it highly suspicious that the deep state orchestrated Bush's funeral, specifically on December 5, just to keep Trump's DoJ from making the massive arrests scheduled for that day. It seems that the cards / notes at the funeral play exactly to that Q story, giving some cause for us to see Q as one of the enemy.

On January 1, some of his followers started to make claims, without evidence, that tribunals at Gitmo had started under the oversight of general John Kelly and James Mattis, for Q claimed, long before they lost their jobs with Trump, that these men are Trump's hatchet men for draining the swamp. Instead of admitting error on Q-s behalf, the followers seem to be inventing a fantasy on his behalf. We thus have a super way to be sure that Q's followers include some demented / illogical claims / predictions, and it could be that those who initiated these ideas are secretly partners with Q in a scam we don't yet understand.

On January 3rd, Twitter's "SgtMajMike@9999patriotUSMC account claims that "Commissions are in full swing in GITMO..." In the comments section of his own post, Mike admits: "Yes we are all batshit crazy - but this tweet was never meant to be a revelation. Only info from a couple of my friends. I have no details, I have no names. Nothing classified was revealed to me. Only that it is extremely sensitive and the ppl on the Commissions are angry." In other words, we can chalk it up just as well as just another teaser from disinformation goons. A false narrative of this magnitude on social media can have a highly-negative impact on the "conspiracy nuts" who seek the truth for to tell the truth. Don't we expect Q to comment on the tribunal claims? Yes. But he hasn't, yet.

Every one of his followers expects Q to talk about the firing of Kelly and Mattis, but, so far as I've heard, he did NOT do so on his January-5 come back. It could be that the boys he's working with had to think long and hard on how to explain the firings so that Q's followers could be successfully duped, but not being able to dredge up a good enough plan, Q just stayed offline. Perhaps I'm wrong, but this is the most-logical scenario for understanding who he is, according to this situation at hand.

If Q were just an average Joe with his two-cents worth on deep-state scandals, fine. But his followers have raised him up as a government insider who has key knowledge of Trump's swamp-cleansing agenda...that I see forming in no way, shape or form. Yet Q allows these followers to so-portray him. It is coming, he keeps saying, but I see nothing to substantiate it. Stay away from Q until something happens that he's predicted, is my advice, if you've been reeled in by him.

I've just learned that Q uploaded several posts on January 5, but none on Kelly or Mattis. It appears that he wants to stay clear of that subject, move his followers elsewhere. Not a wonder.

This video (by an anti-government crusader) makes a good point on Trump worshipers:

Scalia in Heraldry; it Sounds Ridiculous, I Know

I thought the last section in the last update should be at the front of an update, and so I'm moving it up here. Here's the first part of that section:

I've got a new find, the Kellings sharing the ladder with Scalia's/Scalise's. The Kellings were found as per a Kelling location in Norfolk, where Bags were first found, and the amazing thing is that, while wondering whether the killing-like Kelling surname was clue to supreme-court judge Scalia's murder, the sleeping bag was highly suspect with that murder. I then saw that Kellings were first found in Worcestershire, with Hills, and that warranted a new section for a launch into a new investigation.

In the dream, I saw a sleeping BAG on a HILL, and picked it up. The morning of the dream, I found Poindexter's International Order of Saint Hubertus in a group photo with black robes, though each robe had a red stripe down the right side, as does my black sleeping bag which I slept under that night (in real life). This gave me a theory on how he was killed, for he died in a tidy bed (sheets still crisp) facing up, after complaining at dinner of feeling lousy. Poindexter, the host of the dinner and the hunting party (more than 30 from Saint Hubertus), himself said that Scalia sat beside him for dinner, but left early to bed, saying he was feeling well. They put something in his food, right? He then got in bed and passed out. They then put a bag over his head (tight to not let oxygen in) to make him die while passed out on some dope. That's what the sleeping bag can indicate, for he was proclaimed to die in his SLEEP. The sleeping bag. They drove his dead body to El-Paso, i.e. maybe God arranged this to indicate that he had passed out.

I would not think that El-Paso was a clue from God except that I feel He's using me to disclose things about this murder, and so if he's using heraldic clues, why not El-Paso too? Who arranged for a killing-like surname to share the ladder with Scalia? Not any human with Scalia in view, but God is able to do such a thing. That single Kelling surname started the section, and it only got more compelling in pointing to a murder, as I went along. Here's the next part:

David Morley rode his motorbike down the hill to circle the spot where I picked up the sleeping bag, and I was crossing the road in the meantime into a mall PARKING lot, which is the only thing assuring me that the rider was indeed Morley, for Mauls are also Morleys. The reason for repeating this is that Parkings/Perkins are considered by me to be kin, or even a branch, of Plunketts, and when I checked Killins, as per "killing," there was the Plunkett Coat used by Killins. That was very compelling for proof that Kellings do apply here. To nail this thing, Killin-like Hills share the Killin / Plunkett tower. It appears that God wants us to know that someone killed Scalia in his sleep.

So, what was the purpose of David Morley if not to reveal the killer? Why did he come on a motorbike? Why was it necessary to have him ride down the road (toward the direction from which he arrived) after circling the sleeping bag? I was walking across the road as he drove up onto the road, behind me. And away he went. He looked more like a WW2 Nazi when he arrived, definitely not with modern helmet and bike. The parking lot is suspect with Perkins Coie, Hillary's lawyer-in-crime. Perhaps the road can be code for Roddens/Rodhams. The killer was sent by HILLary.

I neglected to add that while Scottish Picks are Pike's, the English Pike's share the vertically-split Shield of Mauls/Morleys. I PICKED up the sleeping bag in the WOODs. Nothing else happened with the bag. After I picked it up, I never saw it again. I was not carrying it across the road. The only possible meaning is that God wants to use the Pike's, either as further evidence that David Morley was the rider, or for something else too not yet come to light. English Picks (not "Pike") were first found in Kent with ladder-using Trips, and look to have married the Woods. I've assumed that someone with a Morley or Morley-like surname was central to the murder, otherwise I can't understand why Morley circled the bag. David's happen to use a version of the Rodham Coat, and have a "Pax" motto term while English Picks are also Pex's.

Woods love the Tree's/True's and the Savage's/SAVA's. This actually links to Jack Sava because he's the/a killer of Seth Rich, according to what was presented in the last update. The tree-using Picks can be useful not only for linking to the tree-using Woods, whose fitchees they share, but the Pick fitchees are also those of Ratterys, and they are in the colors and format of the cups of SETHs/Shaws (Sava-like surname), first found in Perthshire with Ratterys. The latter are useful for linking to Hoods, and therefore to the medallion of the last update, for Hoods, who are said to have been at a Rattery location, were first found in Devon with Pike's and Supers, the latter being in the Rattery motto. This certainly creates quite the mystery, for Seth Rich was murdered four months after Scalia.

The way to know that RATTerys are Wood kin is not only by their sharing of the same-colored fitchee crosses, but by the Wood surname being traced in its write-up to Bosco's, known kin of Rose's, the latter first found in the same place (Nairnshire) with RATs. As Geddes' of Nairnshire were related to both Rose's and Bosco's, it explains why the Wood savage hold a club, for Clubs share fish with Geddes' and Geds, the latter having a "DuRAT" motto term and said online to have been on the Nith river of Dumfries as the proto-Geddes. The Woods were in Dumfries: "The surname Wood was first found in Leicestershire, England. However, during ascension of William to the English throne, the family were stripped of their land holdings in Leicestershire by the king, and moved north to Dumfriesshire, Scotland. The first of the family in this region are said to descend from a Norman knight by the name of Ernald de Bosco (Bosco is a Latinized form of wood,) who accompanied William the Conqueror." The Closeburn location on the Nith is of the Close surname having a Club-like Clovse variation, and the Close spur is for the Super-like Spurrs (Devon, same as Rattery-loving Supers). I don't know whether Wood connections in this paragraph relate to Scalia or the Clinton crime ring, but I thought I should add it.

The picking up of the bag in the woods seems to want to point to the Woods, and yet a woods is also a forest so that it can point to the Mr. Foster who seems to me to have been part of the Scalia murder. I don't know whether the purpose of the Woods is to point solely at Jack Sava as part of the Clinton / Democrat crime ring, or to bring in the Hoods by way of their mutual Rattery connections. The Hood motto is suspect with Saluzzo elements, and Bosco's are suspect from Busca, beside Saluzzo.

Note the Cluns (Saluzzo Coat) were first found in Perthshire with Wood-related Ratterys. FitzAlans of Shropshire's Clun location married Alice of Saluzzo, and Sleeps, first found in Shropshire, share ermined-white on red with Rodhams/RODDENS who had a Rodden river in Shropshire (according to the Rodham/Rodden write-up). The sleeping bag can thus link to Hillary Rodham Clinton yet again.

Woods use a "DEFend" motto, and Rodhams/Rodens use a "DEFicit" motto term. The Wood write-up: "A number of Boscos are thought to have moved northwards with other Anglo-Norman families in the train of Margaret, King Malcolm Ceanmore's second wife, to escape the ponderous rule of William." That's to the parents of David I, part of the David surname sharing a version of the Rodham bend. It appears that these elements named Rothes, where Peter Pollock was commissioned by the king to build a castle. The Shropshire Rothes' share a lion on bend with Davids.

I have just found some interesting things from the Little Houghton in the Rodham/Rodden write-up. There are at least two such locations in England, one in Northamptonshire, and the other in Yorkshire at BARNsley, which recalls that Barnstaple's (Devon, same as Hoods) use a bend version of Stevensons (same place as Rodhams/Roddens) that is a version of the Rodham/Rodden / Aid/Ade bends. The Arms of Barnsley Borough (escarbuncle) uses PICKS, which recalls how Picks share the fitchees of Ratterys while Hoods were in a Rattery location. The Hoods are also Hoots, suspect recently with Hotten variation of Haughtons (Cheshire, same as Davids). The latter have a variation of the Houghton Coat.

Shropshire is where Foster-beloved Hunters were first found who have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Nairns, and so the cross of the Barnsley surname (Gloucestershire, same as Stevens), especially with its roses, looks like the Rat cross in colors reversed. Who, humans or God, arranged for Fosters to have a "Hunter" motto term? Fosters share black hunting horns with Berns (Bernys location) and Bernice's, and Barnsleys are in Barn/Bernys colors. Barnells/Burnells were first found in Shropshire. It all looks so Bernician Saxon.

Let's continue with the last update's treatment on the sleeping-bag dream:

For years I told readers that the Hill Crest is a crescent, but lookie, just look at this, behold, what I wrote in the 2nd update of last June: "Excuse me, I goofed. I've been saying that the Hill Crest has a crescent. It's a "garland of laurel." I learned this just now when the ArcHILL Crest looked like it had the Hill "crescent, and, checking, the Archills use a "garland of laurel" too [the descriptions website was still active then]. The Archills were loaded as per the Archill character (Saxon) to which some Simsons trace themselves. The same write-up has Symon, son of Mr. Clynt, as a Simson ancestor, and the Clent hills are near the first-known Hills." Is this not the wildest thing? God seems to care about this, no surprise.

The Clints/Clents even use the garb of Blythe's. Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. Who arranged for Clents/Clints to use the Blythe symbol? The Jacks, not far from where Blythe's were first found, use a similar Coat, and then the other Jacks use holly while Hollys use a Coat like that of Plunketts / Killins. The Clent Hills are in Worcestershire with the first-known Hills and Kellings.

So, I am assuming that the sleeping bag was on a hill in order that Hills can assure certain important pointers to the Clintons, but also to ladder-using Kellings. Hills may even help to nail HILLary. We just put all of the "coincidences" together, asking if the entire lot of them points to God as the author of the dream. There's a Hillend surname with a version of the Kelly Coat.

The Garland surname has the Coat of German Stevens, and Stevensons/Stave's (could have version of Clinton Chief, the Muriel fleur, and Moray stars) use a garland in Crest (virtually the Ross Crest), therefore.

Let's continue with the last update, where I was checking a Kelleng-like surname and came abruptly to ladders, the Kelling symbol:

Wow. Keele's are said to have had an old Kiel variation [Kellings are Keilings too], and there is a killer-like Kiel/Kieler surname with the same griffin as ladder-suspect Lauders/Letters! Zikers, it was very recent when the ladder was gleaned as code for that surname. It was suspect from "LOTHERingia," which is now Lorraine, and Lorraine's use laurel too. What are the chances that Lorraine's share the Road eagle? Sam Alito is still on the supreme court; if you check the Ali's/Aliotta's and Leto's/Alitto's, you'll see why they're branches of Letters/Lauders.

To be sure that Letters/Lauders are Lorraine elements, load "Lauder," and go to the Scottish branch, and see that Lauders share the Laurie motto ('RepulluLAT") and Crest symbol, for Laurie's have laurel in their cup. And then be amazed, because the Laurie / Lauder symbol is in the Rodham Crest!!! That is astounding.

...Back to the Kielers for more amazement. They use the Letter/Lauder griffin comBATTANT with a lion in the colors of the Bennet lions, of the particular Bennets with two scaling ladders!!! These things just floor me. I haven't been at this section for more than two hours, and just look at all of the things falling into our laps.

Immediately after my girlfriend, Miss Bennett, I was with Lorraine (don't recall her surname). Miss Bennett and I became a couple at my apartment which I would later be asked to paint, for which I needed to purchase a 32-foot extension ladder, yup, that's right. I carried this ladder to my new address at HUNT street (hmm) because I lost my vehicle at that time.

There's an online coin of Lothar I in Pavia having a potent cross; this was more than 200 years before the first Crusaders used the potent for Jerusalem. Lothar was the son of king Louis, son of Charlemagne (conqueror of Pavia), and the Louis surname was first found in Lorraine. The Lothian-related Lots are also L'Otters and Lotters, and were first found in Kent with ladder-line Trips. This gets more than interesting where Windsors, with the Trip crosslets, are said to descend from the Other/OTTER Lombards (see Other/Otter write-up). Charlemagne conquered Lombards in Pavia. The Windsors share the saltire of Ticino-line Tess'/Tecks, which is how Windsors can be from Pavia / Laevi elements (depending on whether Laevi were still in the Pavia area in the 800s). Others/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire with otter-using Fenders. God gave Lorraine a Pepin and a beautiful feet symbol, and Feets/Fate's and Pavia's share the Martel-liner martlets of Charles'/Charlemagne's (Charles Martel, son of a Pepin, was Charlemagne's grandfather).

Ada of Warenne was a wife of Henry of Huntingdon, the latter the blood of David I, and while Davids share a version of the ADE/Aid Coat wile Levi's have the latter surname in their motto, Morleys share the specialized leopard face of Ade's/Aids. David Morley circled the sleeping bag, and we are in the midst of ladder liners here who could have created a Scalia surname when merging (marrying) proto-Scalia's. I walked into a parking LOT as Morley rode down the Rodham-suspect road, and Roads share the Lorraine eagle. Why do Lothians share the brown dog of Lots and the gold-striped hunting horn of Traby, while the Traby Crest has the five ostrich feathers in the Crest of Scalia-like Scale's??? Why do Schole's/Scayles' share a Shield filled with lozengy with Bags, Lombards and Annas-suspect Hansons?

Again, Morleys share the Scale scallops, and Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, who not only share the Road / Lorraine / Charles eagle, but descended from king Childeric, the ancestor (probably) of Charlemagne, Lothar, and other CAROLingians. As I've said many times, Morley married CAROL, the church secretary.

"Lord Robert de Scales (died 1304) was a Knight Templar..." Where Laevi are involved, let's repeat that the Scale scallops are shared by Capes' too (both in the same general area), for the line of Caiaphas, because I think it descended from Laevi (founded Pavia as "Ticinum") in the first place, may have found and married later generations of Laevi within the Carolingian Franks, explaining why Caiaphas lines trace to the family of Godfrey de Bouillon, the first ruler (not official king) of Templar Jerusalem. The first grand master of the Templars married Elizabeth Chappes. The Chappes' Coat is very linkable to the Ottone Coat while Ottone Visconti ruled Milan, the Lombard capital.

The scallops of Lorraine-like Larins/Laurens/Lorrens are those of Scale's too because Scottish Larins/Larens are the Clarens too, using two of the three chevrons of Clare's (Suffolk), same as English Charles') while Irish Clare's share the five Scale feathers. They are white like those of Tooths, the latter first found in London with Capes'. Larins/Laurens/Lorrens were first found in Provence, very near Grasse, and, as I've told many times, Lorraine and I split up after she came home (where I was waiting) with a GRASS stain on her white pants while on an evening, summer walk with the husband of her friend.

Now is the time, after focusing on Dick Cheney at the top of the last update, to repeat that I asked Lorraine out for the first time at the corner of LORNE and Yonge, at her BUS STOP. Stops/Stubbs use a version of the Pepin Coat, though Lorraine was found to be God's code for Pepins in yet three more ways. The Feets/Fate's are suspect in the Cheney motto because the two surnames share gold martlets while Cheneys have a "Fato" motto term. Can we see God pointing, via the BUS stop, to George Bush and Dick Cheney? By what coincidence do Bosco's use "tufts of GRASS" on their pillar?

A week or two, three at most, after we split up, I was on a southbound bus to the Finch bus / subway STATION, and was the first in line off the bus, when I saw blonde Lorraine standing outside as the first in line onto the bus. I walked right by her with the brother of Michael Oullette behind me. Michael was there, saying, "What a babe," at the time when I spotted her beautiful feet (we were together at the time, and Michael had not seen her before)), which impressed me so. Some 35 years later, I found Babe's sharing a version of the Blond Coat, both sharing suns in Crest, and with the Blond sun having a foot within it. Previous to that find, I was tracing Pepin of Landen (married a gal from Lorraine) to Babe-like queen Bebba.

A daughter of Pepin of Landen was Bag-like Begga, and her brother, Grimoald, looks like part of the proto-Grimaldi's. The bus station. The Stations/State's/Stathams use lozenges in the colors of the Bag / GRIMaldi lozengy (bags and Grimaldi's have the same Coat). A pilGRIM's stave is in the Crest of Irish Charles'. Pilgrims (staves) were first found in Norfolk with bags. The Irish Charles' have three crowns-upon-fesse (Martels and Capets use the crown too) in the colors of the Feet/Fate and Pavia martlets-upon-fesse. Irish Charles' have clues to linkage to Gore's/Core's sharing the Trip / Windsor crosslets, and Stations/Stathams share the red greyhound with Gore's/Jore's and Cheney-beloved Majors, yet the latter are in the Geddes motto along with what I think are Capetian-Frank royals.

The last time I saw Lorraine, she carried a Child as code for Childeric, I feel certain, whose royal house had Pepin rulers. CARLOman was the father of Pepin of Landen. Geddes' had married Bosco's. Barry's share fish heads with Geddes'. There was a good chance that Pepin's Lorraine liners merged with Lorraine's BAR-le-Duc, which has fish in Ged-fish colors. Some Barrys use bars as code for Bars, who named Bar-le-Duc.

Bavo, another son of Pepin of Landen, seems to betray his descent from Babon, father of Grimo. I met Mamie on my last night with Lorraine as my girlfriend. I didn't break up with Lorraine to have Mamie. While living with yet a third brother of the Oullette's, Barry called to ask me to go camping, and when I declined, he lured me by saying that Mamie would be there. She turned out to be code for Mummolin liners.

This webpage as a Carloman of Landen (6th century), father of the wife of Mr. Babon, the latter said to be the son of Berthe (of Angouleme), the name also of Mummolin's wife. I asked Lorraine out at her bus stop on my BIRTHday. She said, yes. We met that evening at my LAUNDRoMAT, code, I reckon, for Landens/LANDERs and METz, the latter where Pepin of Landen got his wife. As the website makes Berthe a daughter of Maurilius (Son of Mr. Rodez), it sounds like Berthe, daughter of Maurilion, wife of Mummolin, but it's not regarded that way by this website.

It seems that the sleeping bag dream is sheer Genius in pointing also to Jesus' enemies on earth, from Caiaphas and the "HOLY" Roman empire (willing to be Christians in name only for securing political Vatican support, the devils).

I'm skipping plenty while taking from the last update's Scalia section, but here's a little more I can add to here:

Miss Peare and I were sitting at a table in the La PALOMA bar, and she was more or less Kepke's date (they hadn't yet connected romantically, however), but when he left the table, I asked Miss Peare outside for some kissing, which was our first kiss. We rushed up the stairs, suspect with scala = Scalia, for Spanish Paloma's use two pale bars in colors reversed from the Scalia pale bar, and meanwhile the Pero's have one pale bar in Paloma-pale-bar colors. I think that worked great even aside from the apparent Chamberlain link to Peare's here.

In the sleeping-bag dream that Miss Peare appeared in about 40 years later, as I said, she was given a waist symbol of Waistells/Wessels, who I say were from Vestalis, grandson of king Donnus (Cottians). Follow this. She ended up going to Kepke as the will of God, and they danced and danced on every outing that I accompanied them to. Donnus ruled in Piedmont, near the Pero's (Piedmont) of the Ticino, and I think he can be proven to be of the Donnas/DANCE surname (Piedmont, share the dove with Paloma's) because Vestalis-like Wests use a so-called dancette. The Donnus/Dance pale bars are in the colors of the one of Pero's, you see. I was selling shoe's at the time that we first kissed, and Poindexters share the Shoe star. It seems that God put Miss Peare and I together as a pointer to Poindexter, killer or co-killer of Scalia.

It just so happens that French Page's/Lepage's have four fesses in the colors of the four pale bars of Donnus'/Dance's, and Page's were on Obama's billiard table (my dream of February, 2016) as code for Lisa Page, crime partner with Andrew McCabe. The page I saw on the billiard table was the cue ball, and I shot the page with my pool cue while Cue's share the garbs of Waistells/Wessels. Is there justification to connect the night at La Paloma to the Obama dream? English Page's have the dove in the colors of the dove of Italian Paloma's (first found in bar-like Bari).

In the sleeping-bag dream, I walked through a mall parking lot just before seeing Miss Peare in the mall. It's perfect to view the parking lot as God's pointer to Perkin COIE if the road I crossed, in getting into the parking lot, was code for Hillary Rodham. But the pool CUE was also code for Perkins Coie, you see, for Lisa Page is exactly about the dossier owned by Perkins Coie. There is therefore a clear connection in the dream, and with the La-Paloma event, between the Scalia murder and the dossier goons between Clinton and the FBI.

It strikes me that there should be a connection between the Scalia killers and the attempted killers of Steve Scalise, for the following reasons. The Coie-like Coy surname (shares pheons with English Page's) has a rough version of the Malpas and Belwood Coats. The lords of Malpas and the Belwoods, in Cheshire, are said to be ancestral to Richardsons, which has to do with Cindy Richardson, the daughter of my pastor when God, I think, gave me an event with she at second base as a pointer to Scalise being shot at second base. Mr. Richardson was also the pastor of David Morley at that time, and Morley married his only secretary. It seems to be connecting the sleeping-bag dream to Scalise too, as though the same political crime ring was involved for Scalia as was for Scalise. Makes sense.

English Page's have a Coat reflection of the Malpas'/MalPASS', who may have been part Pasi's/Pace's to Cheshire's Page-like Pace's. That make's sense. Cheshire also had the Nichols with a "cui" motto term having the downward pheon of Coys. It just looks like something God would arrange to make me score on this part of the puzzle. The Cue's use the garbs that are the Arms of Cheshire, and the Cue Crest therefore looks to have the lion-with-garb in this Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire) in colors reversed. The Malpas and Belwoods have pheons too, and so here's the Nichols write-up; "...Nicholas D'Albini, who was of the junior line of the Dukes of D'Albini in Normandy, settled in 1054, and his successor William became Baron of MALPAS". You see, all of this comes from Cindy Richardson on second base, or I wouldn't have been writing it. But God is always concerned about the Levites who killed his Son, and so I had best mention that Seconds/Segurs are possibly in the Levi motto.

Here's a video on the artwork kept or given away by the Podesta brothers, which I'm offering you due to its criminal-admitting connotations:

One of those Podesta's was chosen by Hillary Clinton to run her 2016 presidential run. What's wrong with Hillary? Didn't she hear through the grape vine that Podesta is a sick soul? Or was that the very reason that she chose him? Does trump care that monsters are running around elite circles? Apparently not. Where's his new, acting attorney general. He's as asleep as Sessions was, what a trumpincidence. Only this time, it's known that his acting AG is anti-Hillary. Maybe it's too early to tell what the acting AG will do, but then he doesn't have a lot of time. Rosenstein's still there. Trump fired his own chief of staff but not Rosenstein, the one whose trust had evaporated ever since he covered up for the Clinton machine. Trump saw this, but Rosenstein's still there. If you think Trump is on our side, as a fact, you aren't being honest with yourself. Leave room for his being an imposter. Don't listen to his words only, for politicians and imposters know the right words, or they wouldn't be in "high" places in the first place. Do you imagine Trump talking with his new DoJ leader for to discuss the arrest of Hillary? I don't.

Two updates from here, Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes it into this heraldic discussion.


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