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February 5 - 11, 2019

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In light of Mr. Rotenberg in the quote below, I'd like to say up-front that while the first Rothschild is said to have made his fortunes with a prince William of Hesse-Cassel, the Rotenberg write-up has: "...the Rothenburgs became the Grand Duchy of Hesse." It appears that Rotenbergs use a version of the Kos Coat for a decent trace to Rhodes. I've always thought that the Russi of ROUSSILLon (not far from Rodez or the Rhodanus river) were Redone Franks, from Rhodes, and here one can add that the RUSSELL lion is shared by Rotenbergs.

In the quote below, Trump is made to appear guilty of promising Putin some political favors in return for a thumb-ups on the tower project. Unless Sater was Trump's mortal enemy in disguise, at that time, the buck for this apparent conflict-of-interest goes to Trump, unless Trump can show that he favored an alliance with Russia prior to having any business in Russia. There is nothing here on Trump-Putin collusion to help win him the election; no American is going to vote for Trump just because he's building a tower in Russia, with or without Putin's nod:

Sater emails Cohen saying that he is traveling to the Bahamas with the Russian developer, who has rented a private island for $175,000 for the two men and another individual who was linked to some of Putin’s oldest friends, the billionaire Rotenberg brothers. Sater tells Cohen to get him the video clip of Trump promising improved relations with Russia to share with Putin. “It will help our cause,” he writes.

The way that this story unfolds, Trump and Putin don't know one another. Trump's advisor (looks like he had a healthy financial stake in this deal) is the one who sees opportunity knocking with Putin's thumbs-up, and that's not the same as Trump initiating that tactic.

The article then has Sater emailing Cohen with what looks very suspicious on Sater's part:

Michael, Putin gets on stage with Donald for a ribbon cutting for Trump Moscow, and Donald owns the republican nomination. And possibly beats Hillary and out boy is in.

It's completely ludicrous for Sater to think that, just because Trump and Putin agree to a tower deal, that Trump automatically beats Hillary. Instead, it looks more like Sater was working for deep-staters wishing to destroy Trump. Everything Sater says to Cohen looks like a script to make Trump look TOO-NEATLY, and too to-the-point, guilty.

Earlier in the article, I found it unbelievable that the planners found a banker to finance the tower too-neatly overnight. I don't know anything about building towers, but I imagine that no bank is going to fund even a small skyscraper without a long hard look at the prospects of success. I saw none of that in the emails shared by this article. The entire thing reads like a fast-paced novel with only one purpose, to make Trump look bad.

Throughout the article, it is never specified why the tower's life blood depends on Putin's thumbs up. It is of course possible that a foreigner can purchase land to build a skyscraper apart from the president's nod. Why are we not reading about the obstacles to building the tower without Putin's involvement? We expect at least one sentence identifying the obstacle(s), unless this story is a fabrication. "Cohen receives an email from [the office of Putin's press secretary], asking him to call her back. They speak on the phone for 20 minutes about the Trump Moscow project, and Cohen requests assistance in securing the land and financing the construction of the tower." Unless Sater and Cohen can identify the problem that required Putin's help to solve, this story is on thin ice. Besides, why would Cohen go to Putin's press secretary for the purposes of a tower project?

If someone in Russia wants to bring a shady request to Trump, do they contact Sarah Sanders??? I don't think so. The last person that Trump wants to learn about a shady deal is his press secretary, for it would only lower Sarah's confidence in himself. The quoter above continues with this laughable thing: "In this conversation, as BuzzFeed News has previously reported, Cohen tells the aide the Trump Organization plans to give the tower’s $50 million penthouse to Putin." Cohen may had said these words, but they look like a frame job to vilify Trump, for Putin, unless he's insane, isn't going to take the penthouse of the Trump tower only to make himself appear as the kingpin in Trump's conflict-of-interest scheme. It's a ridiculous offer by Cohen, in other words. It doesn't happen in a real situation. If Cohen was truly trying to get Putin to help secure the Trump tower, he and Sater would want Putin involvement kept secretive, deep in the hull, which has the opposite effect of putting him on top of the mast beside the pirate flag.

The story gets more ridiculous yet: "Sater continues pushing for dates when Trump can break off from the campaign trail to travel to Russia and meet Putin." They now want to shape the pirate flag into a tie and wrap it around Trump's neck, as if Trump's stupid enough to go meet Putin, anyway, under these circumstances. It's not a wonder that the deal didn't work out, the way that Cohen and Sater were going about it. Here's Wikipedia on Sater:

Felix Henry Sater (born Felix Mikhailovich Sheferovsky...) is an American former mobster, real estate developer...out of New York City. Sater has been an advisor to many corporations, including The Trump Organization...

In 1998, Sater pleaded guilty to his involvement in a $40 million stock fraud scheme orchestrated by the Russian Mafia, and became an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal prosecutors, assisting with organized crime investigations. In 2017 [same year as part of the story above], Sater agreed to cooperate with investigators into international money laundering schemes

Ahhh, Sater became a friend of the mobsters in the FBI when the latter were in the midst of launching torpedoes against Trump. That explains this story, hahaha, what a joke this is, the latest, empty torpedo. I don't believe this story, for the moment anyway, as anything but a frame job. "Prior to pleading guilty to lying to Congress, Cohen had testified that their discussions on the project officially ended in January 2016." Perhaps that was true, and the statements above, after January 2017, are all fabrications by Sater and Cohen for the purpose of lessening their punishments from the FBI.

Sater plotted to get Cohen to meet Putin in St. Petersburg in mid 2016 (as the forerunner to having Trump meet Putin), and this was as the Trump-Hillary battle was out of the gate; the FBI (Comey / McCabe, right?) had to push and rush Sater, in other words, to get some major dirt on Trump. This story, as told by BuzzFeed, ends with: "Later that afternoon, Cohen and Sater meet in the atrium at Trump Tower in New York. Sater will later recall in an interview with BuzzFeed News that this meeting was when Cohen told him the Trump Tower Moscow deal was off." What? Why was the deal called off. BuzzFeed (mouthpiece of the Democrat deep state) says zero, like someone cut its tongue out. It doesn't look like Cohen was a part of the plot to frame Trump, but that Sater was trying to suck Cohen into it to frame Trump. Later, Cohen, after he was detained, may have become part of the fabricated story, with Sater always trying to make Cohen seem happy to play a part. When Congress looked at this, when Republicans had the helm of the committees, they saw no Trump-Russia collusion. Story here:

Sater had ties in Russia and may have been the one to initially suggest to Trump that he build in Moscow; this may have been a deep-state enterprise from that time onward. The FBI may have been holding a blackmail noose over Sater's neck at the time, promising to remove it if he could destroy Trump. Someone leaked this story, that's probably part of Mueller's report (or was part of it), on the day of Trump's state of the Union address, meaning that it's a political ploy, showing further how the deep state is a political animal for the purposes of its exploitation of the peoples' tax money. The FBI and the CIA are mobsters preying on the tax monies to many government contracts.

The problem is, the peoples have been taxed out. It seems that there may have been a deliberate attempt to make the peoples week-to-week survivalists by the extra taxes needed due to the national debt. Trump had no moral right to give the military his first $700B when the nation is already $20T in debt. I've read that there are 150 million U.S. workers, probably not including housewives. Let's say that there are 200 million people who need to pay their bills. Trump's first military offering alone required the borrowing of roughly $6,500 per one of those 200 million people. As they are generally taxed out already, unable to pay that amount, the taxes, visible or invisible, will go up in the amount of the interest paid on that $6,500. And that's not including all other annual, government expenditures.

You can see from the fact that not even the Republican party is concerned for paying the debt (lip-service = nothing) that there is a plot afoot to reduce the power of the peoples by making them week-to-week survivalists, and for this cause the military fighters will do whatever they are told (or else starve to death when removed from the payroll), even if they needed in a civil war to kill six million Jews, so to speak, or six million Christians. People needing their daily bread will tend not to rebel against a martial-law situation. At least, this would be the hope, which is why they don't want the people able to survive on their own. It was already high time for Christians to get a country place when I did, about a decade ago, if they are able to maintain themselves in the country. I made my place big enough to rent, which brings me the money I need to survive without a regular job. I'm pretty much set up, and would do even better when growing my own food.

If the 666 system were to be enforced while I was renting to someone who took the 666, and if I saw prophecy fulfilled assuring that the anti-Christ is within his final 42 months, I would sign a contract with the tenant's lawyer saying that the tenant will own my property completely in return for a deal wherein I needed to remain alive in the house, over that duration, and paid a high "rent," the entire time, with food and others needs. Who could refuse a deal like that? It shows God that I have faith in the return of Jesus, and that I value my soul and His rule over me more than my property.

If you have a city home that's even almost paid off, you have more than enough money to set yourself up in the country. Let's say that you are 40 years old with less than 40 years to live. Ask: what are my losses if I abandon my job here in the city, living week-to-week with a good spending money, vacations, new cars every eight years, etc., if I rent a place in the county, all prepared for a disaster? If you are like me and many others, you will not regret leaving the city. I DO NOT yearn to go back. But then, I was never material-loving, especially after I understood the beauty / advantages of not being materialistic from the freedom ways of Jesus.

It's something for you to consider, but you may never know whether you would regret such a move until maybe a decade after doing it. Just so you know, building this place was a lot of work, and much of my cash-on-hand went to survival during the period in which the house was not rentable for any income. You could buy a place with a least a small house already on it, but you can't have rent in such a place until you build an addition, an apartment out back (or out front so that the place looks nicer for resale purposes). Always build high-enough quality so that it can be sold if needed. If you want a dirt-cheap cabin, build it in your spare time after you've got yourself in a situation with survival income.

I don't know whether being 100 miles from the nearest town is any safer in a 666 situation than being 10 miles away. Obviously, getting a place near a town with all your basic needs has its advantages, and savings in gasoline and tire tread, while the world is still half-normal. You could more-happily keep a job in town, even if part-time, if you're close. In the United States, there are few places without a town (should have a building center) within 25 miles, but Canada has many such places.

I would go nuts on my country place without something to do, but I would go nuts on a city place with nothing to do. The good news: a country place has far more maintenance. The bad news: a country place has far more maintenance. That is, the extra work in milking goats, feeding chickens, etc., is good for health, but you'll have to do it even when you don't feel like it, and we might get tired of that routine. Then again, we might also get tired of the city-life routine. You might love to sacrifice city traffic EVERY DAY WOW, which tends to give you a stone-face, in return for milking goats yuck. I don't relish wrapping my hands around some living thing's tit...which is why God gave wives, hee-hee. Women don't relish cutting the heads off chickens and hanging them to dry, which is why God gave husbands. It's the perfect deal, and, I guarantee you, you won't grow a stone face. Instead, you'll grow a wilderness face, and, before long, you will lose touch with the personalities of city people, and they will be able to spot that's there's something "wrong" (or different) with you the minute you open your mouth. In the same way, the locals in the country will be able to spot, at first, that there's something "wrong" with you. You will turn out to be a half-breed, half city-slicker and half wild man (I have twice a week, once rough, once clean, and even cut my own hair). Just so you know. I as an outsider get along fine with locals; half of them or more are not loony / disgusting / brainwashed liberals; you can put that too on one side of your decision weight scale.

I've passed about six winters here, and haven't yet cleared an acre of forest. You don't need many trees. A ten-acre wood tract is great, unless you want to be helpful to others who do not prepare. A tree-less tract is fine providing that you build a structure big enough to keep a few-year's supply of firewood dry. You can use it partially as a barn when the 666 system arrives (if it arrives while you still breathe), as the wood is depleted from it. If it's hardwood, and it probably will be if you purchase it, you can move the firewood outdoors when the 666 arrives, if you need the barn for animals and food storage. Hardwood can last a few years while outdoors, but why not cover it with some clear, 6-mil plastic?

Always cover it for a few months before bringing it indoors; clear plastic lets more solar heat in, and keeps the heat in. Last year, I took the pains of removing the plastic immediately after rain, and replacing it immediately before rain, but the wood is nicely dry. The glass of the wood stove has not once become black this year, which it does when the wood is on the wet side.

I lucked out. I live on solid rock. My basement has a solid-rock floor, which allows water to seep in through crevices, and it drains naturally to one end of the basement without any significant pooling, except for the pool at the sump pump. It's perfect. They say that the perfect cold cellar is a degree above freezing and high humidity. Virtually no bacteria grows on foods in high-humidity air at that temperature. Last winter, on the warm side, the basement remained a few degree above freezing. This year, it has dipped to about one degree above freezing, but this was not until the end of January. It could easily dip to freezing now, dangerous for some vegetables, but chances are there will be few vegetables still edible by this time of year, if I were using it as a food-storage area, which I am not.

It's easy for me to bring it up a few degrees because my floor is insulated. Just remove some of the insulation to get it up a couple of degrees, if needed. That's what you can do, if you make for the added expense of providing a basement. In a self-survival program, do that. If your basement dries out, you can allow a little water to come in from a roof pipe. If you slope the entire basement floor from one end to the other, the incoming water will wet most of the floor without need of you, great for storing food in the cold (I get rainy / warm days every winter). You would stop the water from entering when temperatures are too high in the fall. It will be a great place to store your jarred foods for years.

I think that a dirt floor in the basement could allow populations of insects to thrive, and get you mold through the floor in warm months. A temporary but not-full-proof fix (will last several years) is 6 mil poly over the dirt, and a couple of inches of gravel. For the little added expense, use more than one layer of poly, as the humid dirt will rot it with time. To plug crevices on my rock floor this past year, I used some left-over stucco mixed with the white concrete additive, and before applying the stucco to the floor about a quarter in thick, I brushed on some concrete glue. It worked. I just don't know for how long it will work. The additive keeps the thin layer from cracking when I walk on it; don't be stingy, use it to the max. My only concern is how long it will take for the water at the crevices to rot this stucco mix before water starts to run fully underneath it. The top of the stucco gets humid, but at least the flow of water on adjacent rock has been eliminated. A parging mix would probably be identical to using stucco. In a 666 situation, I would just chip off the stucco, when I wanted the high humidity. Four inches of concrete is much better for keeping the basement floor dry, if money and hard labor is not a problem for you, and if the walls don't let water in.

The day after the BuzzFeed article above, there was this story: "Testimony from President Donald Trump’s former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, before the House Intelligence Committee this week has been delayed, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) announced Wednesday." Oops, it looks like Mueller needs to pry Cohen into another direction so that his testimony doesn't conflict with or torpedo the BuzzFeed story. The latter will give the liberal media lots of ammunition to carve away Trump's latest popularity due to his speech.

Midweek, Drudge (his page is a shameless money-making tool geared to sinners) has no stories suggesting that the liberal media is advertising the BuzzFeed story, if that tells us how unreliable it is. It's the perfect story to carve away at Trump's rise in poll numbers. Google brings the big, liberal media up at the top of searches, but, on Thursday morning, in a search for " buzzfeed sater ", CNN, MSNBC, etc, are nowhere to be found. But USA Today took the bait with the headline, "Report: Trump Organization planned to give $50 million penthouse to Putin amid Moscow deal". How juicy is that? But, the story has no wings just when Trump's enemies need them. "It's unclear whether Trump was aware of the plan, which never came to fruition due to the Trump Tower deal in Russia falling through." Come on, USA Today, give us the reason that it fell through, just as Sater was trying to get Putin involved? Surely, if Trump thought it was a good idea, he would have embraced it. Clearly, when Cohen scrapped the deal in mid-plot, it was because Trump scrapped it, but USA Today is not putting it in those words.

Sater looks exactly like a partner with the FBI in seeking to frame Trump. It's the biggest political scandal ever to be unveiled, and yet Trump himself has refused to unveil it further (he's put a lid on it) because his agenda is to sit at the same table with his enemies, to get some things done for which he can boast, for his 2020 win. In my eyes, this makes Trump a low-life, a partner with the most dreadful sinners. His speech this week was tainted with pandering to his enemies, and he even shamelessly used such things as the presence of Christian-convert prisoners, and the relatives of murdered people, to promote his agendas.

Sara Carter has vanished from youtube. Although I haven't been watching Hannity for weeks, where she regularly appears, there were several youtube channels sharing her messages on Hannity, but no more now for some weeks. The last time I saw her on Hannity, she was telling Hannity, three times, that indictments are coming. Hannity did not respond to her. It sounded as though Sara was swayed by the Q movement, but we can't be sure. Maybe she knows something about real, sealed indictments that include some of the FISA-scandal plotters. But Hannity seemingly cut her off from his show as per that one night. Perhaps Hannity took her aside after the show, asking her not to bring that topic up, and when she refused, Hannity cut her lose. Perhaps it was a Fox decision above Hannity's head. Many, including myself, would like to know more of what she meant. There are many sealed indictments, but, of course, we can't know what or who they involve unless someone leaks the information, which Sara won't do on national TV even if she did have some details. She has a February 5 story on one of the people who attended the State-of-the-Union address, a woman (Ashley Evans) whom Trump used to advance his border-wall agenda.

On the very night of writing above, a youtube video (by Gorka) with Mrs. Carter came up, dated February 1. She's following the child-killing, by "abortion," issue now in the news. Let me tell you what you already know, this is more than outrageous (Gorka's favorite word). This is why Hell burns the hottest:

With the country 20T in debt, Trump announced that he wants to renew moon missions. Here's how conflict-of-interest works with politicians. Start of government program, get it funded, and then put your fingers on the money strings so that the money ends up in the pockets of your friends, who will then send you gifts as dirty-money put through the laundry machine. It's hard to prove that the gifts were initiated as thanks for the political scheme. There is no greater waste of tax money than with NASA and the military, two things that this imposter president is pushing.

Furthermore, while we can applaud Trump's use of American crude for oil / gas exports, there are downsides: 1) Trump wants to boast about this success story by competing with Russia, which tends to keep the cold war going toward boiling point, which requires more military money that all people, including anyone who fills a car tank with gasoline, or who uses natural gas for home heating, must pay for. So, while the too-rich oil people are making more money, and sending the government more tax dollars that can be used to pay off some of the debt, the regular people need to fork out more tax dollars to keep the military strong enough to defeat both Russia and China should they gang up on the country, which would never happen if the three superpowers shared their trade turf like gentlemen. Besides, the extra tax dollars from home-grown oil will NOT go to lowering the debt because neither party is interested in reducing it.

2) With Trump's desire to boast on his oil program, it will tend to keep the price of oil high. Greed will accomplish this.

Americans should ask: why does the United States buy foreign oil (some from Venezuela) and then export oil at $50 per barrel, as it's now doing? Why isn't the U.S. cutting off all imports, and why hasn't it been doing so for decades, if it has the potential to be the world's leading oil exporter? It's because the American government isn't willing to do its own people any favors, isn't that right? Trump's government isn't forcing the oil companies to give Americans cheap fuel, but instead allows foreign sales at high prices for the sake of tax intake to itself. Cheap gas has less tax intake. That's the true color of Trump's face, don't deny it, thou Trump worshipers. I'm not putting a bad spin on anything, because plain truth is no spin at all. The deep state has refused to sell cheap oil to Americans, and the government has winked all along.

The oil belongs to the people, just as the government belongs to the people, yet the deep state (uses the military abroad) doesn't think that way, and neither does the billionaire, Trump, don't be deceived. Our hope should be in the Arabs undercutting American prices, yet, I feel sure, it's an arm (international corporations) of the deep state that manipulates / controls the price of oil. I simply cannot buy into the belief that the price of oil is somehow governed by world demand. The bald-faced truth is that the Arabs alone can decide what to sell their oil for, since they own their oil, but that the Arabs are happy to sell at higher prices than they need to, wherefore they love it when the deep state keeps prices high.

Arab oil is very shallow. Imagine how cheap electricity is in the Middle East. Imagine how little money is needed to pump up one lousy barrel of crude oil (probably weighs as much as water) a mere three or four thousand feet. Yet some/most of this oil, as we saw when oil wells were set on fire under George Bush Sr., is under pressure so that it comes up all on its own power. It costs pennies, or maybe two dollars at most, to bring up one barrel of Arabian crude. The American government has not been the angel of the world on this matter, but happily permitted the price to reach $145 per barrel during the 9-11 scam. Tons and tons of tax dollars rolling in across America, yet the debt skyrocketed at the same time, not one dime in oil tax money going to pay it off. And after years and years of wasting American money in the military scams of the Middle East, Trump increased military funding, robbing the people even more, on top of announcing new moon / Mars missions, this man is a tool of the devil.

The 9-11 scam is still with us today, and Trump has surrounded himself with 9-11 scammers. Pompeo has placed a Bush-era war hawk over the Venezuelan situation at this time. The situation is getting that cold war closer to boiling, but Trump is the conductor blowing the whistle with the train at full-speed ahead. Russia has become a threat to Trump's home-grown-oil baby, and, perhaps, the only reason that Trump wants out of Syria is because Trump would rather sell American oil than seize Middle-East oil, unlike the deep state before him, which wanted to reserve American oil, perhaps for the times when it's over $100 a barrel.

Ahh, we may have hit the nail on the head here. The deep state thinks it owns American oil, and it wants to artificially boost the price of oil to obscene rates before it's prepared to sell it off. Imagine how much money can be skimmed off the top of super-high oil by all of the deep-state players. Nothing makes more sense than this theory, for big-oil is seeing the writing on the wall in a break-through toward another form(s) of energy that could eliminate super-high oil prices forever. Now is the time to get the price way up, and sell American oil off. But, apparently, something went wrong; they were unable to keep prices high, probably because other industries were hurting, and therefore hurting tax flows there (i.e. significant powers were complaining about big-oil greed). Besides, high oil was making Russia too rich at the very time when the deep state wanted to reduce her to nothing.

Not even the Republican establishment wants their Christian voters to rule. Alas, the nation is a goner. The time is getting ripe for the anti-Christ spirit, but not yet. Trump is not letting that spirit prosper, but neither is he killing it off. It's not in limbo, for the fires of the liberals rage against us even as Trump puts his umbrella over us. Have the wisdom not to get under his umbrella, won't you? If he offers it to us, it's because he wants our votes. Give him your vote, but don't get under his umbrella. View the hypocrite for what he is, and yes, it's fine and good to pray that he might become a genuine man of God.

The situation at the supreme court is excellent for exposing Trump's heart. When he chose the last two supreme-court nominees, there were two women (shame, great shame) promising to vote against any pro-life nominee. At that time, Republicans had only 51 seats in the senate, and two votes against his nominee would leave a maximum potential of 49 votes, not enough, because one could argue that not one of the 49 Democrats would vote for a pro-life nominee. However, Republicans now have 53 seats, which means that Trump has no excuse for failing to put up a super pro-life nominee. However, the Republican establishment can scheme (feign) to have a few other Republicans come out publicly to say that they will not vote for the nominee for one reason or the other, the purpose of which is to get heat off of Trump for picking someone who's not an avid pro-life person. The establishment has other agendas for which they will want their own pick for Trump's nominee. The question is whether trump will cave, and front their person instead. There is no reason that Trump can't at least try to get a pro-lifer voted in. If it fails, the president can still chose another nominee. The test is on. Whatever his motives, it's best to vote for him in 2020 if only to curb abortion "liberties," for Trump has moved to restrict abortions, if his followers can be trusted who say he has. He knows that it he supports abortion, he'll have the all-important Christian votes, and Democrat admissions this week are such that a good percentage of Democrat Catholics might give Trump a vote based on his anti-abortion platform. If it's a fake platform, he will pay the price. He has but a few years before he meets our God. No one escapes who does evil to the end of life.

As much as I've been mesmerized in my life for God's permitting of abortions, the day is here right now when God is justifying the abortion of anti-Christs by their pushing the brazen / ruthless killing of a fully-grown child. The population-control freaks, afraid that there are to many eaters in the world, which humans they view with disgust, are pro-abortion. Therefore, God will abort them from life for all-time, no mercy. He has the right to choose too. The good thing: the death of any human, including babies, is not the end of life necessarily. May all of the aborted babies get life while their killers, refusing Jesus to their deaths, get their just rewards.

I'm guilty of aborting two babies, if a certain girlfriend can be trusted who told me she had conceived (twins). I (age 19) didn't want to marry her. I regretted this thing with tears when turning to Jesus at 21, at which time my thinking started to be corrected from the twisting it had undergone under the influences of liberal friends. We all know that young people today (wrongly educated by the anti-Christ schools systems) tend to vote liberal because they are easily deceived into evolutionism, and their strong sexual desires are much the reason that they allow themselves to be deceived. Jesus to them means no sex, and they pick evolution instead. That's how school systems know it works, and that's why schools offer both "sex education" (sexual freedom) and evolution.

It is very difficult to understand how God works at times with our humanity. At 19, a boy's sexual desires are incredibly strong. There is this thing inside this longish thing that needs to be handled, a God-given drive that makes a man want a women for the purposes of marriage, and this needy got-to-have-it inside this longish thing never goes away for long after it's satisfied, it just keeps on coming back, and is worse when women don sexy appearances, and this world knows that putting sexy women in our faces daily in advertising and movies keeps men "horny." And so why does this world do this? Because, it has become anti-Christ since the 1960s. There was an agenda to throw God off from the minds of children, and liberal sex was the key to deceiving us. There was evidence that the CIA was behind our drug use, and the liberals stacked the courts with anti-Christians, legalizing the devil himself.

I actually take issue with God (so to speak) for giving us this got-to-have-it, and then saying that we are not allowed to so much as desire a woman in our hearts. Ouch. Impossible. Only Jesus can do this, and maybe that's why he had no human father, so that he also didn't have the got-to-have-it. Maybe we get that from our fathers alone.

Perhaps I need to re-word. Jesus said that anyone who looks lustfully on a woman has already committed adultery with her. This implies a wife, or a woman we know to be married, especially a wife in our churches. That is a thing we can easily overcome. We just don't do it; she doesn't belong to us, we stay off another man's turf. This we can do for Jesus.

But the general desire that crops up suddenly when we see a picture of a beautiful woman (or man, for the ladies) is, I think, most-everyone's natural reaction / inclination. I don't think this is yet into the realm of sin or lust. I have got to reason that God permits fantasizing for the purpose of single people relieving themselves. How else can it be done? Just don't fantasize with a wife not your own. Does this make porn acceptable for the purpose of relief? No, because the porn witches are sinning profusely.

Why don't we get the choice of turning our sex drives off? Some will say that we do, but I find that, if I try to deny, it begs to return, and does return stronger the longer I deny it. Sooner or later, it's at the got-to-have-it point. Isn't this what Paul was talking about when he called himself, wretched? He said that he doesn't inwardly burn, but maybe he was picking his words because, in fact, he did have desire, maybe not to the burning point, but longing just the same. Oh those lonely nights, you married people have forgotten, haven't you?

Some might ask, why did God do this to men, knowing that it would increase abortion, rape, adultery, prostitution, divorce and STD's? My answer: I have a sex drive that doesn't give me perpetual peace, but I don't rape or commit adultery or visit prostitutes or chase unlimited sexual partners. We have the ability to control ourselves, but sinners refuse, and instead chase sinful opportunities, because they care not for their victims. This is the man despised by God, and it includes the man who would make your son a queer. Here we are in the end times, when the women have become the pagan Romans again, chasing men for partners that are the husbands of other women. Shame, yet American liberals have given rise to far worse.

Jesus said that it would be better for us to cut it off if it causes us to sin. Ouch. I'd rather have a button in my hip to turn it off. I have Internet ads turned off, and so should you. So long as the world bombards us with anti-Christ material, we have the right to use load their pages without giving them money on their ads. Just as soon as the Internet is cleaned up, I'll click my allow-ads button again. Fair enough? They want to condition us until we become the sluts that they are.

People have made the excellent point that, amid the rumors of the death of Ginsburg (slut promoter), the liberal media has not shown even one photo of Ginsburg (God-forsaking slut promoter). In fact, at least one media claimed that Ginsburg (horrible) had appeared early this week at a certain gathering, yet, in an age where everyone carries a camera, there is still no picture online of her being at that gathering...meaning that the media is lying to us, wanting the world to believe that Ginsburg (junk on two legs) is still able to function on the supreme court. How long can this game go on? How long will the other supreme-court judges allow the game to continue?

The Washington Post (laughable) and others are saying that photos were not allowed at the event; it figures that they would use this excuse. But what about outside the event? She had to go outside to get into a car, and every media boss would have wanted her photo to prove that she was still alive and kicking. Cosmic failure: not one media reporter snapped her picture, not even a picture of her get-away car as it drove off onto a PUBLIC road, where there can be no rules on taking pictures. And, of course, Ginsburg herself would want her picture in the news to quell the rumors of her death. Right?

Washington Post, laughable, corrupt, sick as a filthy cup, promotes lies to the people. The Post can call Ginsburg, ask if a reporter can come by before lunch to snap a photo at her home, and she wouldn't refuse such a thing, since she's all healthy now, right? The onus is on her to quell the rumors, right? If she turns down the Post, what could possibly be her reason for being such a snob? The Washington Post, playing for corrupt politicians seeking to set up the anti-Christ generation.

There was evidence on Fox and Friends that Fox was preparing to announce the death of Ginsburg, but that Fox changed its mind. Who convinced Fox to change its mind? Does Fox play to a pied piper? Are some of the conservative judges being forced to remain silent on her death? Was Scalia's murder a shot across the bow of the supreme court, warning them that the other judges are expendable? Youtube brings up the liberal side of the Ginsburg scandal when asking it for videos of "ginsburg dead". Even with all media firmly in the liberal camp, Republicans yet have powers, because liberals are evil, and everyone knows it. They get half the power because half the country is bent on an evil program.

Watch this until at least 10 minutes:

What Rush calls "genius" on Trump's part, at his anti-abortion torpedo, is more like proper judgment in their faces, and for this I will applaud the president. I am also for allowing parents to chose the school of their choice, and to get government money transferred to those schools from the public-school monies. But I'll celebrate this when I see it passed as law; until then, I'll treat it as a deliberate, false promise for the purpose of increasing his votes. The entire speech, which he may not have written, is geared to winning 2020. Trump is going for more women, Black, and Hispanic votes. He forced the Democrat women to get on their feet due to his mention of their women's cause. If they didn't get on their feet, they realized, they would appear to be against the cause, so on their feet they got, and clapped their hands, though if I recall correctly, Cortez refused, or was one of the last on her feet.

I predict, not in the name of God, that Trump will not get his wall. A wall is not needed. All that's needed is a man in his bullet-proof office/station every half-mile (as the bird flies) along the border (doesn't need to be exactly on the border as long as he's a half-mile from his two "neighbors"). It would be a lousy job and needs to pay well as a result. There is a military helicopter every 20 miles. Some men can be flown to their stations by helicopters. Every man has equipment 30 feet off the ground to catch human movement by day and night in his half-mile turf. There was recently some failed legislation from RINOs that called for 20,000 new border workers. One man per every half mile of river-less land doesn't need that many. This will work. I'm sure that there will be men willing to do the job (generally a safe job) for $60,000 annually, which is $60M per 1,000 men. When any one of them spots human movement, multiple helicopters can be at the scene in an hour. In no time at all, Mexicans will cease to attempt the entry. It will make for a long and boring day for each man (get each man a dog for company), unless he's given some computer work to do.

The video below talks on some potential bombshell news, in which Robert Mueller, back in 2002, shortly after 9-11, was summoned by FISA-court people and reprimanded, or worse, for allowing His FBI to fool with FISA judges, as in cheat them. The 0-11 scam required that the scammers keep eyes and ears on all sorts of possible whistle-blowers, you realize. Start at about 4:20:

The claim is that there were 75 cases of FBI applications for warrants that were suspiciously problematic, a high number to be expected in something so important as 9-11 damage control. How else can we explain that high number?

It turns out that Matt Whitaker did show up for his hearing in Congress, where Democrats want to do their political job upon him in order to protect the Mueller probe. This situation is thanks to Trump's failure to expose the pro-Democrat FBI and CIA under Obama, allowing the Democrats to sweep in on their brooms to take the House back. Instead of being ashamed of himself, he told the voters that it's better to let Democrats have the House, because he can now get more done. The man was delusional as well as dishonest, and, as usual, his ego got in the way of his proper attitude. He owes his voters an apology, but look, he still refuses to declassify the FISA scandal.

If not for his speech writers / public-policy makers, he'd be toast already. He's despicable because he allows corruption in government to go unpunished, and he's a moron because that corruption was acting even against himself. He witnessed the corruption first hand, yet remained a moron within the hands of the corrupt. Can you understand this? He is willing to play friends with those who broke the law, who have no respect of the law, in the law-and-justice departments. Why do his voters point the finger at his enemies when he himself has one leg in their bed? I won't be swayed into honoring this man just because he has a pro-abortion platform. He needs correction, not praise. If we praise him, it only gives him confidence, and political clout, to continue in his errors. We do man and God a disservice.

Whitaker is saying today that he has less than a week left in his job because Bill Barr is slated to be the new attorney general next week. We shall then get to see what sort of provisions Trump assured for Americans with this man. Did Trump assure anything for Americans, or did he assure only the things needed for his own agendas? What are the motives for his agendas?

When Jim Jordan first questioned Whitaker, to the point of an angry tone, Whitaker took the side of Rosenstein rather than that of Jordan. The latter wanted to know whether Rosenstein had peoples' names in the redactions of a memo wherein Rosenstein gives Mueller licence to investigate certain matters not yet know to the public. Whitaker refused to answer whether there were names in the redacted parts, meaning, not only is Whitaker part of a cover-up, but that there were names in that memo. Jordan only wants to know whom Rosenstein was after. Whitaker refused to say. But on whose behalf did he refuse to say, on Rosenstein's, or Trump's. I say Trump's. What's your guess? Ask: is Whitaker in knowing concert with what Barr's attitude will be? I guess, yes.

The good-guy Republicans want to know whether the DoJ will go after Obama-era mobsters-in-government as hard as Mueller has gone after Trump, Manafort, Stone, and Flynn. It should be obvious to all but the bad guys that the DoJ should go after Obama-era monsters 10 times as hard as Mueller has gone against Trump, since Mueller has gone after Trump when nothing existed of his guilt either before going against him, or while going against him, whereas the guilt of Obama's team is already blatant apart from a special investigation. If Trump permits this to come to pass, this travesty of justice, I will personally spit in Trump's face. The president had Sessions to blame for his first two years, but if he has chosen another Sessions, let Trump suffer be ever so severely for abandoning the nation to mobsters.

When Whitaker was asked whether the DoJ should involve itself against the murder of unborn babies, he did NOT answer the question. He only said that he was concerned, and that he would follow the law. Therefore, the abortion laws need to be changed, and for this Trump needs pro-life judges on the supreme court willing to change the laws. In the next many years, if Trump replaces Ginsburg with the right person, the supreme court will have enough pro-life judges to change all the abortion laws, but will they? Has Trump really succeeded on this issue, having had the golden opportunities to change abortion laws? Or is he just a fake? He is but a few years from the judgment seat of Christ; he will get away with nothing unless he acts on behalf of Christ. I will continue to portray this president as I would any other one not worshiped by Republican voters. I have no peer pressure acting upon my soul from those who worship this man as a genius, and game-changer, a miracle worker. What stuff he truly is fully has not yet been made known, but the revelation has begun. It is not mine to judge, but it is mine to warn about imposters whom the people of God support.

Just this week, the supreme court made a decision on a Louisiana abortion law, and pro-lifers lost the vote, 5-4, thanks to justice Roberts joining the bad guys. The question is: is Ginsburg alive? Did she really vote? How did she vote? It's clear from this story's articles that she wasn't on the bench for the decision-making process. How can that be? The liberal media told us she was back to health again. Will Republicans not demand proof that she's alive? Are the Republicans that soft and helpful to the enemy?

All of the liberal media are carrying this story like a proud flag. However, it means that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh possibly voted due to their pro-life position, a good sign at least. But how pro-life will these two Trump-appointed judges vote when it matters much more than this minor issue in Louisiana? It's incredibly hard to believe how passionate the liberals are for their abortion "baby." It's a nightmare in our midst.

Whitaker Hearing

I've been listening to Whitaker for a couple of hours at least today, and his attitude has been no different than the ones used by Wray, Rosenstein and others who refused to answer the key questions. Some would say that they are enjoying the way Whitaker treats the democrat questioners in the same way Wray, for example, treated Republican questioners, but two wrongs don't make a right. If leaders come before congress with an attitude to fearlessly disrespect and obstruct, so much for oversight, perfect for the deep state. I have heard nothing from Whitaker to the effect that he's disappointed in Mueller's investigation, which tells me EVERYTHING. How can this guy not speak to that as soon as he has the opportunity? Who controls his mouth? Clearly, Whitaker, regardless of the details behind the scene, looks just like another Sessions-imposter.

When the Democrats repeatedly grilled him on the Mueller matter, Whitaker had, in each instance, the opportunity to reveal Mueller's sins. But Whitaker never once took the opportunity, for as long as I've been listening thus far. Congress is EXACTLY the place to reveal the sins of elites who wrongly investigate the president. How can this clown (juggler of facts, actor) not support his own president while before Congress and the people he pretends top serve? How dare he not support those who want to see the Mueller mobsters in criminal court? Therefore, Whitaker must be doing Trump's will when obstructing justice in this way. I see no better explanation. It is Trump who doesn't want to see his enemies in court. If Whitaker were a Democrat, we could understand his protecting Mueller, but what's his excuse as a Republican who himself had revealed his opposition to the Mueller probe?

When Whitaker was asked by a Republican whether he things Mueller is honest, Whitaker not only answered in the affirmative, but said without hesitation, and with some passion, that he respects Mueller's investigation. When the republican asked him whether Trump is correct in describing Mueller as "conflicted," he denied it and then showed disrespect to the Republican (the video I was watching didn't show him or mention his name) by not only refusing to answer a simple question, but saying that he wasn't the congressman's puppet so that he should need to answer the question. The congressman's question is whether Whitaker would tell Trump that Mueller is honest and non-conflicting (biased / political / self-protecting). The Democrat Chair did not force him to answer the question acceptably, but the take-away is plain enough, that while Whitaker claims to respect Mueller as honest, he will not say it to Trump's face. How should we interpret this contradiction-tainted thing?

As the hearing went on, Whitaker heartily admitted, with a simple yes-or-no question, that white-supremacist threats are rising, and outnumber all other terrorist threats. But as this question was from a Democrat, beware, for Christians were being lumped into this home-grown "terror" threat under Obama, and here's Whitaker playing that same tune just as Trump is getting military along the south, where, I think, most of the Christian militias live along with many-times more the Christians who are not part of militias, but who own rifles and fear deep-state persecution. The Democrats want power back in order to continue their plots to persecute Christians, all-the-more now that the highest court could overturn abortion.

Whitaker was brutal for in refusing to answer yes-no questions, but that was NOT the case on the home-grown terrorists. He did not suggest that Democrats should make a distinction between racist brutes and the Christianity that some profess / keep.

On several occasions, Whitaker said that he would not discuss what he said with the president, with the reason that the president deserves privacy. Achem. No one argued this "logic." So, if a president is involved in conflict of interest, everyone on his team has a built-in right, in Congressional oversight, not to make light of the corruption? Perfect, just as the insider mobsters want it, in case they need it. If the affairs of government officials are the peoples' business, and therefore open to them, why is the president not a part of that transparency, in the eyes of Whitaker?

At the end of the day, the Chair of the House ordered Whitaker to return for another session because he was skirting questions. My take is that this DoJ official is a wee man in a big, muscular body, a protector of corrupt agents while mastering the art of appearing angelic, and claiming similar appearances on behalf of the entire DoJ. We are not at Armageddon's door because the DoJ, in the most-immoral country in the world, is purity incarnate. No one believes this anymore, Mr. Whitaker. The evil of men is exactly the definition of the DoJ; we know this more now than ever thanks to the way that Sessions was made to conduct his DoJ. You can't fool us, wee-wee. Big muscles on a wee mind don't look right on you.

The Chair of the House for this meeting is Mr. Nadler, a Rothschild-related surname.

Tom Fitton came out to say that Whitaker is just like Sessions. In the video below, he says that Judicial Watch's lawyers are, right now, in the discovery process for the Hillary-email scandal. This means that the government of Trump must hand over certain documents to Judicial Watch, and so we ask: why doesn't Nunes (or other Republicans) use this court method to discover the truths they claim to be after?

In the video below, by a Canadian who shames the Canadian liberal media for a cover-up that protects the Canadian prime minister, Trump signs an executive order (this past week) that doesn't allow steel imports from China and other nations. We do realize that it's not China's fault if Americans prefer to buy Chinese steel because it's cheaper than American steel, but Trump is telling the American consumer, too bad, I'm here, and I say you've got to buy American whether you want to spend the extra money or not. That's because Trump needs to boast in his 2020 election bid that he created more jobs. Trump spins this move in a way that sounds good for America, but it's not good for all Americans. Someone's financial gain is another's loss.

However, when Americans buy American, the money stays in the country rather than going over the border. This keeps the nation wealthier. It means that Trump's booming economy can pay down the debt, right? But of course. Let's dance and hold hands because this is what the people need most of all. Er, Trump's not going to pay down the debt, is he? Er, why not?

Right now the Gross Federal Debt is $21,957,560,953,101.45.

At the end of FY 2018 the debt was $21.46 trillion...

At the end of FY 2018 the federal deficit was $779 billion...

So, Trump's government spent $779B more in 2018 than it raked in. When will he start to bring the debt down? Isn't this his job as a Republican? His voters spent eight years horrified at Obama's heists, and yet after two years, Trump has not brought Obama's debt down at all. Where's the success story? There's more jobs, and higher prices. The glass is half full, but he doesn't mention the empty half. By angering Russia and China with trade wars, there's no chance of reducing the roughly $700B annually forked over to a needless military. In a perfect world, no military is needed, but instead of working toward perfection, the CIA, and Trump included, are making enemies of Russia and China. Therefore, more military it will be, and they will do miracles from the sky. The peoples will bow down to the military machine until they are burnt to a crisp by it. Peace by strength will go wrong sooner or later. Ask the extinct Romans.

If you are a Christian, having tasted His wealth, you have no business honoring or elevating the American military. How does Jesus define greatness for a nation? With a moon race? By making the best smart bombs? You have not been called to these things, Christian. Jesus didn't die for you in order that you might be lost to the quest for Trumpist Americanism. Jesus made you a citizen of another country. You are not permitted to blend or conflate his Nation with Americanism of any kind.

Watch this until at least the 7th minute; you can start at the 4th if you're rushed. The man said the right thing to God, and God wanted him to know it:

The man was willing to be self-sacrificing, and God can't help but be moved at such deep, genuine love. He didn't hesitate to look to God in a crisis moment. It's when God acts the most, in crisis moments. The man is radio man, Dave Janda, who has the illusion that Trump's mission is to drain the swamp. Dave is delusional, self-submersed in the swamp of Trumpist Americanism. There is no utopia here. There is nothing for the Christian in Americanism. No matter how you design the new or reformed Americanism, it's infested with demons. There is hope only in prohibiting the powers of the anti-Christs, and that's not going to happen on this side of Armageddon. The most we can do is call out for God's ways in every fold of society, and when they reject us, to know that we have done the right thing. The nation of God is Israel. Why does Janda do shows with the Mormon, Glenn Beck?

Random, activist Christians aren't strong enough on their own to take America back from evil ones in power, and so they have thrown their hats in with "patriots" of all stripes, thus basing the movement on Americanism. They feel that unless they base their foundations on some form of Americanism, their numbers will not increase to where needed. Every American president-wanna-be takes the same tack. So, the patriot movement includes non-Christians and Catholics who will never let power go to Christians even if they all do succeed in "draining the swamp." They, as with Janda and Q, hope that the military will be their victory; a literal coup against the deep state is what they are promising, and this is where I see them delusional. I wish it were true, I really do, but I do not see Commander Rump permitting the military to attack the deep state. At least, not unless it's his last choice for self-survival. My senses are that, instead of attacking the deep state, he'll try to make deals with it, one branch at a time.

Still, there is a good chance that the deep state will refuse to make deals with him, and, as a result, will attack him mortally, forcing him to attack back with the passion we all have been waiting to see. The more he succeeds politically, the less he feels he needs to attack. In other words, the more the patriots support him, the less the Christian patriots get his help for what they want most. It's ironic, a lost cause, because Christians can't help his causes in any ways aside from just voting for him. It's about all he really needs them for. He cannot get re-elected without a sizable percentage of Christians, but he refuses to weaken our enemies while he's in power. The Great Satan is the enemy of Christians in every country, and Rump is allowing it to flourish.

Delusional? Or is there a group trying to make monkeys out of Christians? In a video, "Bush Jr Said to Be Executed for 911, Obama, Clintons, Biden Jailed at GITMO," the first comment: "Barbara is absolutely right. Previous Presidents collapsed under the pressure of fake news and concerted Luciferian cabalists. Not Donald Trump. His Presidency was ordained by the Creator. He was born and raised for this day and time." We have entered the Twilight Zone. Alfred Hitchcock didn't think of this one. It really makes Christians look dumb, especially as these channels use click bait. Who's behind this drive? There are quite a few of these youtube channels. In a video, "NAMES IN TRIBUNALS REVEALED Area17 Question Everything," the first comment, which can be from the video producers under another name: "1 Peter 1:23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever. Psalms 68:11 The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it." It's luring Christians, isn't it? It could be from those who really know what Trump is all about, fooling the Christians, laughing at them.

Dave Janda is calling for an economic collapse, and is pushing the idea that February 15 is a special day for Trump's assault on the deep state. He advertises silver dollars to make money off of his videos. It's such a disgrace for Jesus. He's pushing a Trump genius as one whom Christians should follow. It's the follow-the-white-rabbit theme. Follow to where? Janda is saying that Trump is ripping apart the Rothschild empire. The greater likelihood is that Rothschilds are setting Christians and other enemies up for a severe backlash, for all the years in which they have bad-mouthed Rothschilds. Janda is claiming that, because Trump opposed the raising of interest rates by the federal reserve, Trump is superior to Rothschild bankers, and has them right where he wants them. Delusional? Or is this guy our enemy?

Where is Q-Anon these days just when his predictions of a deep-state crushing are to be fulfilled imminent any day now? Why is he so silent? There's a video (garbage), "Red ALERT: On February 15, 2019; The Fed Won’t Be Able to Stop What’s Coming. Get ready Now?" It's dated February 4. Who in their right mind would torpedo their own youtube channel with a prediction set to fail only a dozen days later? Who is behind this carrot-on-a-stick? Some of these people just change their youtube names after dishing out a series of click-bait presentations. The know that Christians will click their video channels.

The Patriot Hour: "National Emergency To Be Declared On February 15 [Sovereignty] WWG1WGA". The problem is, some channels seem sincere when sharing these ideas, though they almost all involve Trump supporters hoping to make a living on their channels. Second comment: "IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME ,WILL HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY , AND TURN FROM THIER WICKED WAY'S ; THEN I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN, AND HEAL THIER LAND." When the video opens, February 15 turns out to be merely Trump's "deadline" to build the wall. Talk about misrepresenting the news. The man looks like a joke, one of those people who wear ear phones on their shows to appear professionally geared. Subscribe, he begs. Give me your money in return for the best garbage I can dream up today. Thank you, I love you so much. I'll be back with more juicy garbage tomorrow; I'll think of something.

Another channel: "Q Anon WARNING TO MILLIONS AMERICANS! The Great American Purge Coming 15 Feb 2019". Sub-title: "( DAVE JANDA ) Update URGENT Donald Trump Starts Arrest on The Deep State in Feb 15, 2019". This video honors / mentions, Monkey Man. I think the owner is putting words in Q's mouth with this title. Q's not prepared for another false prediction, not yet, anyway. He's still trying to recover from bad predictions made as a self-proclaimed Trump insider.

The idea could be akin to what could be a deep-state plot to lump flat-earthers in with people who deny the moon landing. In this case, Christians are made to appear extremely gullible too so that their voices have less power to change the political / social-engineering game.

The worst thing happening to youtube is people trying to make a living on it. It's filling the system with click-bait garbage. No one will know the truth anymore. No one will know whether coffee is good or bad. People are putting on presentations with the secret tasks of showing product labels for which they make extra money, clever, little low-lives. There's biggish money in Trumpist Americanism, and even the Democrat, HA Goodman, has become an open Trump supporter.

Here's a channel I tend to respect aside from his delusional views of Trump's assault on the deep state. Black Conservative Patriot claims here that he loved Whitaker's attitude wherein he did to the Democrats what Wray or Rosenstein, for example, did to Republicans. The better tack by far is to say that Whitaker was a low-principled, disrespectful player just like the Democrats, but there's no fun in this. Trump followers crave good times, celebration. To them, the political fight is what a sports event in the finals is to avid sports fans. It's all for bashing the other team, getting in more licks than the other guys. Okay, but where's that going to go? It's going to bring deep pain when the Democrats win the White House again. Therefore, the better tack to take is to hold the fire to Trump's feet, because he's not really doing anything to ruin the Democrats. He's playing Black Conservative Patriot for his puppet, and the latter is doing a fine little dance for him.

The political fight is more than a sports game. It's a fight that includes the devil, with more devils in the Conservative camp. Yes, there are even anti-Christs there. This political fight promises brutal persecution against Christians, eventually. I don't know how long before it's brutal, but I expect the plots of the engineers to leak out.

Black Conservative Patriot says that Whitaker deserves not to answer yes or no because Democrats are trying to paint him wrongly with yes-no answers. However, this means that our enemies in congress should have their right not to answer questions too. In that case, as we saw, congressional hearings become useless, and the deep state wins. It is important to make our enemies look sinister for skirting questions, but Republicans cannot succeed with this if they too skirt questions with disrespect.

Black Conservative Patriot gives his viewers the impression that Whitaker is presidential material, yet this is the same weakling who could not muster even a small criticism against Mueller. Instead, frightened, he portrayed himself as a traitor by honoring Mueller. Achem, Mueller was hired by Bush to be the FBI director six days before 9-11. Achem, where is your head, Black Conservative Patriot? Did you miss this part about your Mr. Clean? Youtubers like Black Conservative Patriot are deceiving believers into supporting a president who's not yet fully known. We don't yet know what or who is behind his policies, but we do know that he was anti-Christ before he became the president.

Black Conservative Patriot says that Whitaker is exactly the kind of bulldog that a Republican White House needs. Achem, Jesus is no bulldog. Jesus is mighty on the principles, not on playing the game in the dirt. Principles will win the Day like an iron rod to the head of the muscular wee-wees. Bulldogs and Whitaker have muscles in common with football players, and Black Conservative Patriot has commonalities with political animals. I just know that Black Conservative Patriot can do better, if he puts his mind to it, for winning these dark days for Jesus. We Christians are not to accept / honor a politician based on whether he plays for the Trump team; we are deeper than that. We shall not be wee-wees. Our banner shall be with the winning team, and God will win this game on values, morals, principles with lambs, no need for hound dogs. Does Whitaker shave his head? If so, why?

Trump is himself viewed by his lovers as a bulldog in the White House. Yes, correct. But this dog has softened his approach, and has the appearance of a lamb at times, beware, this could be a trend in the White House.

Talking about wee-wees, Drudge, who pushes faggot, transgender and sex-robot news, is now showing a photo of a woman making love to a robot. It's exactly what all parents want for their daughters, right Drudge? What mud will we get next from this "conservative" swine? Yes, anti-Christ conservatives, and fake-Catholic Christians, they do not want Christians in power with Trump. And that's probably a good thing.

Black Conservative Patriot failed to show Jim Jordan's joust with Whitaker. Here's a video from liberals wanting to portray Jordan as a madman for attacking Whitaker:

I can find no Republicans advertising this Jordan segment. The excellent thing is, Jordan's face is showing at all times. He's fearless after introducing his first, rub-Whitaker-the-wrong-way question. He knows he's surprising Whitaker with his attack, and he's ready for it. I say, Jim Jordan for 2024. He rightly cuts off Whitaker repeatedly in mid-sentence as the latter needs to obstruct and tick-down the five-minute clock. Jim Jordan is the noble doberman with morals, mighty on the inside. Whitaker never does answer Jordan's key question, but we all know the answer, thank you Mr. Jordan for your righteous ferocity.

Black Conservative Patriot wants to know (doesn't he?) who Rosenstein sicked Mueller on two and a half months into the probe. Whitaker says that he knows what's in the redacted parts of Rosenstein's memo, and so we need to judge Whitaker based on whether he approves Rosenstein's agenda, and, very apparently, he did, and still does. He's protecting it, at least, as an honorable thing, something that should send a bolt of indignation through Black Conservative Patriot. Instead, nothing. It's as though Black Conservative Patriot wants to remain ignorant. Why? Is it because he wants to give Trumpers something to celebrate when there's nothing to celebrate? Is he trying to raise the flames with fake fuel? That's Q's job, isn't it? What happens when Christians prepare to celebrate the crushing but no crushing comes? Down goes the anti-deep-state movement like a soda-pop stand on a cold, winter's day.

Definition of a wee-wee: 1) someone who claims that Mueller's investigation is rotten until he becomes the acting attorney general; 2) someone who knows the wrong until he's compromised by the wicked; 3) a traitor of his own principles; 4) Jeff Whitaker Sessions. Definition of a wee-wee's tool: Q that doesn't have a clue.

Deep-state tools are all claiming that they cannot comment on ongoing investigations. Does this mean that congress has no means to know what the DoJ is doing with any of their victims until after all of the abuse and damage is done, until after all of the spying has been conducted with secret things recorded on innocent Americans? Yup, exactly. That's the sort of power that the DoJ wants over congress. And Trump? He's been on the side of the DoJ. Definition of thin ice: 1) Trump 2020; 2) people with morals and keener eyes might not show up to vote.

I do pray that wee-wee Trump finds it necessary to weaken our enemies in a long-term, permanent way, for short-term damage isn't going to help us. Perhaps our biggest enemies at that time, if I'm correct in predicting an American False Prophet, will be in the military. Trump is not now weakening the military. I predict that the military will be used to root out those who seek to live the 666 period in the wilderness. I don't know what laws they will / can pass to keep people living off of the land on their own properties, but one thing we can know for sure: many 666 resisters will not be living on their own land. What will law enforcement do about these faithfuls? Jail. Jail camps. Will they be able to harm those jailed? That's why we should pray for God to use all American presidents / legislators to politically weaken the brutes in our enemy camps. Remember what the FBI did at Waco, for it can happen to us too under the current FBI, and therefore under the future FBI. Mueller gives me that sort of creeps, and Rosenstein gives the impression of being a killer Nazi, if the situation arose. Perhaps my fears are getting the better part of me, but maybe not.

Surely, the social-engineering deep state is all over on youtube with fake personalities, working its work. The Internet is the only threat against the deep state. The common people have no other way to communicate on a massive level. Reading books that reach massively isn't as good, because readers can't communicate to one another on the key points in the book. The Internet has been fabulous for exposing police corruption and brutality. Everyone now hates the common, brutal police officer, and therefore police people are weakened when it comes to using brutality further. They still get away with it, but the Internet focus will therefore turn to the judges who allow brutality to go unpunished. Trump is guilty of letting deep-state lawlessness go unpunished, and he speaks well of police departments because he wants votes. Trump is a traitor to the good standards of society due to his hunger for re-election. We can't depend on politicians like him. He's your false hope unless God forces his hand.

Military brutality is far worse than police brutality. Military leaders are killers as a rule rather than those who hand out speeding tickets as a rule. Military leaders think nothing of killing an enemy, and once we become the enemy, so goes the situation. Do we really want Trump making the military richer? Do southerners really want the military in the border zones? Trump worshipers are saying, bring it on. Bring on martial law under Trump, they are saying? Who's they? We don't know. They claim to be patriots. I sometimes see the Vatican behind it. Two horns like a lamb? What does that mean?

For the Democrats, they are now saying that the Catholic, Joe Biden, leads in the polls for 2020. Could he beat Trump? Yes, for Trump is permitting the Democrats to consolidate powers. The police departments that Trump respects publicly are infested with Democrat police chiefs, for in the same way that Democrats control media as a specific means to consolidate powers, ditto for police / FBI chiefs. Hello? Who knows this better than Trump? But, fool, he let them off the legal hook. I can never say enough about this sin of omission. This is like having your hand on the dagger with Rosenstein down on the floor, but Trump makes a peanut-butter sandwich with it instead, and offers half to the enemy. Deal? I won't kill you, and you'll go soft on me. Okay, deal.

I'll bet that God knows how badly we need to get rid of our cell phones. I'll bet that the 666 is much for the Purpose of making us cancel our cell-phone accounts. The enemy may make lists on who we are today, and where we live, but a 666 situation will scatter many of us all over the country, and they won't be able to follow us easily if we are forced to abandon our cell phones. Keep them busy; don't let them know where you're going. We need only to run out a 3.5-year clock, and God knows how to keep them busy with new crises at that time. Where will they put us when they find us? They don't have the jails. It costs them money they don't have to feed us, house us. They'll leave us on our lands, won't they? Very possibly, yes. It's not necessarily a lost cause.

Could we say that the deep state has been suffering a paralyzing crisis thanks to Hillary's FISA scheme? Yes, the witch's scheme backfired on the whole lot of her over-confident wizards. Caught in the flood lights of just a few Republican heroes, they had to concern themselves with saving self rather than attacking their political enemies...and then, shocker, Trump gave them a new footing to stand on. Trump gave them a brand new day on the day he shut the flood lights off. Hillary even wants to run again in 2020. This is Trump's legacy thus far, to be nailed to his forehead if he loses 2020.

I await the return of the flood lights. Trump's not interested in that now because his numbers have reached 50 percent this week. He's got a good portion of the political center applauding him now, though half his success story is thanks to childish Democrats making a stench of themselves. The left will get bigger flood lights on him, now, yes, this has already started. The congressional House will cancel the flood lights on the FISA scandal, and bring them over to the White House. Yes, instead of Trump exposing them, they will expose Trump. Will he finally cave? Will he finally expose the rats as recompense for how they expose his secrets? If he has nothing to fear, he will not seek to expose them, because, as we have seen, he'll just let them investigate himself all they want. But he does have dirt, I think, because it's a good explanation for his cutting a deal with his enemies, on why he removed the flood lights from upon them.

The focus now shifts to Bill Barr. When he sees Trump immersed in the flood lights like never before, this time with Nadler's eye peering through the electron microscope, will he save Trump, or abandon him to his misery? Did Trump choose yet another enemy to run the DoJ? What will tip us off on where he stands? The Mueller report. Barr will have the decision on what portions of the report are made public. We should be able to glean whether Barr favors Mueller versus Trumpist Republicans at that time. There will be peer pressure in the DoJ for Barr to view Trump as a bumbler, unfit for the White House. This is how the deep state has chosen to go forward, by setting this air about Trump: he's a bumbler.

Here's what would have happened had Trump run his dagger through Rosenstein. The people backing Rosenstein would have come out publicly in a fury, thus revealing to Trump his next targets. This game could have been heavily stacked in his favor by now, yet, for the sake of winning the House in 2018, he let Rosenstein go free. He miscalculated and lost the House anyway, with Rosenstein laughing. Trump came out of those elections with a fury, firing Sessions and Rosenstein. And, a laughing matter if it were not so important, he may have installed Jeff Barr Sessions as the new attorney general, tending to prove that he is a bumbler. In fact, this would be the best outcome because his entire voting bloc would see him as a bumbler, for which situation he would need to rectify, hopefully by finally exposing the mobsters thus-far protected by the DoJ.

In a nutshell: our best hope may be Trump's failure, but his worshipers are passing him off as a grand success story, with the opposite effect to what we, and the country, truly needs. Granted, it is possible that Trump may go against the deep state after he wins 2020, when his re-election is no longer his issue, but there may be some fireworks a lot sooner. My hope is that God has created the situation in which Mueller was appointed to trounce Trump, for Mueller carries 9-11 secrets that need to be exposed. If Mueller is brave or stupid enough to fabricate a foul story against Trump, or even if Mueller reveals a true story against him, we might see a backlash from Trump that doesn't amount to useless theatrics. We saw just days ago that Mueller's FBI was corruptly utilizing the FISA courts immediately after 9-11, what better scandal to pick up on.

It would be dandy if Trump were to accept 9-11 as an inside job along with his entire base. He's not ready for that now because he's riding high, and such a claim that 9-11 was an inside job would ruin him. He needs a situation in which others expose 9-11 for what it was, with finality no one can deny. Once the political center accepts it as an inside job, Trump will change his tune...unless he's been part of the 9-11 team from the start. It's actually possible that Trump knew the real reasons that the twin towers were downed, it really is. He does know that 9-11 was an inside job, but, as we have seen, he's lied about it. Nobody with any pertinent sense believes that building 7 was downed by fire. Trump can't be that stupid. But he is that much of an imposter. He's been protecting the Bush circle to this point, and he may even know that Mueller's job is to keep him in check so that he doesn't spill the beans. Best theory.

The new head of the House Intelligence Committee is Adam Schiff. Ironic for him, he's been caught meeting (mid-2018) with the founder of Fusion GPS in Colorado, the state in which Hillary had a private server (Platte River Networks). By what coincidence does this story come out just as Schiff is gearing up for his assault? Won't there be calls for him to recuse himself. Ahh, sweet music in Nunes' ears. Here's Lou Dobbs and John Solomon with the story, though there isn't much yet to report:

Mr. Solomon says he thinks the time has arrived to investigate the basis of the Mueller probe, something that Trump will be itching to contribute to until the wee-wee hours of the morning, right? Not if he's a wee-wee, which is what he is. The only thing he's good for at that time is tweets. He's probably going to say that Barr calls the shots on whether Mueller is investigated, and we know already that Trump chose Mueller's friend to oversee the DoJ. Coincidence? In other words, Barr is the perfect man to nominate for to keep the Mueller crime under cover, and Trump is the nominator rather than a terminator.

Nobody has flood lights bigger than those of Jesus. Wow, these are heavy-duty with a form of light not known to man. But if I know God, He'll use a pee-wee light just in the right spot, focusing on a little broken nut in the Mueller machinery that says it all. Mueller engaged at least 75 FISA warrants with suspicious details. That looks like a broken nut if ever I saw one. There's nothing to do but to take a look at those warrants. What do they tell us? On what bolt does this nut sit? Who installed the bolt? Why is it crooked? Who will assure that Barr applies the torque wrench to Mueller? We saw Trump's useless mechanics with Sessions. Who will force Barr's hand if Trump's not good-man enough?

Nunes has more time on his hands now to investigate things, but he's not willing to say that 9-11 was an inside job. I think I have Nunes pegged right, that if he saw the undeniable evidence, he would come out with it. Schiff tried to run Nunes out of town probably for this reason that Nunes couldn't be trusted by government mobsters. Mr. Trump, when you ignored the calls of Nunes, you pierced your own skin. Make amends now, because he was your best friend.

Schiff is the one taking the flood lights to Trump. What Mueller is unwilling to fabricate, the Schiff team might. Oh goodie. There may be fire at Trump's feet after all. Mueller is a Republican, but Schiff is expected to be a Clintonite, meaning that Hillary can act through Schiff, especially as he's already been meeting with Fusion, the company purchased by Hillary that failed to sink Trump (she was mad, lost her head and never found it again). The Democrat rats are now coming together, empowered by Trump's neglect in trapping them, to play out their rolls in this drama. May his feet be burned to a crisp as a sacrifice for the good of the country. Let him become lame, but let one hand survive so that he can give the signal to declassify the H-bombs.

When Trump became the president, he reneged on his promise to jail the Clintons. They're good people, he said. Therefore, let Hillary unleash all of her goodness upon Trump at this time until he absolutely needs the bombs with her name upon them. I wonder, who will the military side with during this war of the wee-wees? How many military people are game for a coup, a real coup? With Mattis and Kelly now in opposition to Trump, who's left on his side? Just imagine what risks those two posed, since Trump had to unload them in spite of losing military support. Mattis may have been on Mueller's side, two old Bush buddies.

I wonder. The big media refused to cover the BuzzFeed story concerning Trump tower in Moscow. I wonder, did the media refuse because the Mueller team requested it, since BuzzFeed was stealing his story? Is the Moscow tower part of Mueller's report? Is the liberal media gearing up to convey that part of the report only once it's revealed by Mueller / Barr? Mueller has no power to reveal it. Only Barr does. He's already said that he won't reveal it all; Barr already looks like a crooked bolt topped with a cracked nut. I'm very sure that Bush strip-threaded this thing with his make-a-monkey-out-of-America wrench. His father is the head of the bolt, nothing looks right with this part of the machinery.

Barr even indicated that he won't release Mueller's report to Congress. But why not? He claimed that he had not read it yet, but on the other hand he's adamant that it can't be released to congress? How could he know if he hasn't read it? How can it be the case that a political-animal DoJ investigation against a sitting president has no oversight but by someone working for the DoJ? We need some judicial quick-lube on this stubborn bolt. Take it out by force of the courts and lay it naked on the bench for all to see.

How can it be coincidental that, of all the options, Trump picks Mueller's friend to be the next AG? That looks more like pre-conceived theater, as though they are all dancing to the same piper.

At his address, the president said: "We recently imposed tariffs on $250B of Chinese goods, and now our treasury is receiving billions and billions of dollars."" Deceiver, making it appear that China is paying the taxes when in fact the consumer pays them, one way or the other. Here's one way: Machine Provider Inc. calls a Chinese manufacturer to order $3M worth of machinery, only now, it's going to cost more because the seller needs to pay the tax when the cargo arrives to the American border. If the tax is a half a million, the Chinese company needs to increase its selling price to $3.5M. The buyer then follows suit, increasing its selling prices per machine so that, ultimately, the end-user pays the tax.

The other way that Americans pay is: American companies decide it's not worth buying Chinese due to the large increase in cost, and so American companies supply the product instead, at a cost of roughly $3.5M, meaning that consumers are, just the same, penalized with higher costs on goods. Trump and his speech writer(s) are not mentioning this part because no one will clap much if they did. It serves to expose Trump's duplicity. Most anyone in business realizes this duplicity, yet Trump uses it anyway because most people are not in business. That is, Trump is willing to deceive openly in return for political advantage.

Moreover, the tariffs are, according to one side of Trump's mouth, supposed to have the purpose of forcing Americans to buy from American companies, but Trump's statement above shows that he favors the other side of the coin: he would rather that China pay the tariffs. Therefore, the scheme must be to keep tariffs low enough that American companies can still order Chinese and turn a profit; Trump's government makes more money by this route of accepting Chinese tax money (instead of the extra $.5M going to an American manufacturer, it goes to the government). Therefore, Trump is a hypocrite too, not minding if hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars go to China after all. It is better, for the American pot, if the full $3.5M stays in the United States, obviously.

Once I know that Trump can't be trusted even as he speaks before the entire nation of voters, he's reduced himself to a little man in my eyes. He's nothing but a player. And that's what he was before entering the White House. He's a player with women, with mobsters, with everything. As president, he knows enough to give the impression of an honest man. The trick is to figure out his game with the DoJ, the military, and the Intelligence agencies, for therein abides the shadow government, a conglomeration of rich-class sons of perdition seeking to control mere politicians for more gain than they already have. It may be true that Trump resists some of these men, but that doesn't automatically mean that he's resisting them due to some moral principle. Trump may have in mind to funnel tax dollars to his own friends rather than some of those in the shadow government. Tariffs on steel may indicate that he has friends in the steel business to whom he wants to grant contracts for his Mexican wall.

In the same way, Trump's opposition to global warming doesn't necessarily mean that he's a high-moral roller, incensed with world governments seeking to pillage tax payers for their green schemes. Instead, he may oppose paying global-warming taxes because he would rather use the taxes for his own agendas. Simple enough.

Although the heist of tax dollars by the rich upsets me, my ultimate concern is the nature of various U.S. movements that promise to make life hard for the end-time Christian survivor. Although there is nothing I can do to change these movements, I can keep tabs on the degree of fervor by which they set themselves up. Timing is everything. We would do well to know the timing of their pouncing upon us. I feel relaxed, however, with a Republican presidency. Republicans need Christians at this time like they need an entire leg to stand on. Woe may be to us when Democrats regain the White House. Until then, I wish for their demise, their downfalls, their loss of credibility, anything that forces them to act less dictatorially against us.

Patriots are defined by most as those who stand for traditional Americanism versus the socialist / anti-Christ wave in the Democrat party. In that case, patriots are pro-capitalism. But what is capitalism? To capitalize with capital. It's the age-old system wherein the rich class are the merchants, and everyone else is the buyer. The merchants always charge what they can get, always as high as they can get, for which reason Jesus came to preach generosity and a ceasing of chasing money. It's not been Trump's ideology. He gave his tax breaks to the giant merchants rather than to the workers. Is it really socialism if the government gives tax breaks to workers instead of corporations? Just because Democrats claim to oppose corporations while pulling workers to themselves doesn't mean that government generosity to workers is socialism. It's called protecting workers from greedy merchants. I don't care how anyone defines socialism, generosity to workers is not a bad or wrong thing.

Having said that, it is important to get everyone a job, and Trump's tax breaks to corporations has opened up many new jobs. But there are other ways to make more jobs, by legislating a maximum increase in annual prices so that people's buying power is greater. When they can buy a little more, a few more jobs will be needed. Keeping prices low means that the rich don't get to be too rich, perfect. You might say that Walmart prices are low, but that cannot be true if the owner of Walmart is so rich. The prices are still too high. There needs to be a referee or governor between seller and buyer. As the volume of sales goes up, the price must come down. It doesn't take away all of the seller's extra profits, but it does keep the profits down on behalf of buyers. I don't care what bad word the sellers call it, it's for the sake of the buyers who would otherwise be at the mercy of the greedy.

It is fully blockheaded to tax corporations at 70 percent, as leftists would like to do. That policy would stifle jobs, and increase prices at the same time, because taxing corporations only caused them to pass the tax money to buyers. The only solution is to regulate (dirty word) or control (dirty word) price increases. If it's fair for corporations to increase wages according to the increase in the cost of living, which they do by law under union rules, then it's not a bad word to limit (dirty word) corporate price increases according to the increase in the cost of living. Wunderbar, elect me, but you never can as long as the rich control the news messages. They will slime any candidate who opposes their money-making machines.

The real dirty word is "venture capitalist." It's the word beloved by the free-enterprise (no rules) merchants. They like to say that the market should regulate itself, where there is a top price for everything, whatever the market can bear, which translates as, "sky is the limit." Hello? Are Republican voters that dull as to fall for this deception?

Free enterprise is price according to demand. But that's a farce. In reality, it's a gouging, giving the buyers no choice but to pay high prices. For example, hotels charge more on holidays because they know they can get it, but by forcing people to pay more, they have less money for other things. So, it's a form of theft, in the eyes of the Referee in the Sky. Corporations are not playing by His rules. The Referee allows merchants to lower prices in generosity, but forbids it due to greed by opportunism. We all know when we are getting too much for what we sell.

For example. My generation has cheated the consumer by not stocking products yet charging exactly the same price as those who purchase and stock. The latter has a right to charge a little more, but the one who doesn't stock a product gets paid for it weeks before it needs to be paid. That's right, retailers have weeks before they are required to pay for the products they buy. If you want a bed set from me at $2,000, in which I make $800 profit, is it okay to the Referee that I make that much merely for making a phone call? Moreover, companies once charged delivery costs at no profit to themselves (cover gas and the driver's wages), but my generation is now viewing deliveries as a typical business process and therefore making hefty profits on them. Every lifting of a finger now has an easy-money price tag upon it thanks to a greedy generation.

There needs to be a rule, that if someone finds a means to make high-volume sales, such as youtube found, the pricing needs to be geared to a just rate by law. The higher the volume, the lower the pricing. That's fairness, not socialism.

Capitalism breeds poverty. There is no escape. Not everyone in the game of life can have fortune; some people by force will become the mere workers, and it might have been you, greedy merchant, but you somehow escaped that fate. Maybe you got lucky, or maybe you worked hard and made it happen, but now that you are the seller, you shouldn't have the right to make too-easy money at the expense of the workers. Your gain is always someone's loss.

The results of allowing retailers to sell at high prices without stocking items has caused too many businesses to spring up. If there are twice as many shoe stores in town as are needed, shoe prices are twice as high as they need to be. Stores go quiet while still turning an acceptable living because shoe prices are raised to twice as high as they should be. If there are three times as many shoe stores as are needed in any population center, they will raise prices to three times as high as they should be so that all shoe-store owners can make an acceptable living. The solution is to weed out these retailers by not permitting them to charge as much as the store does which stocks products. This will naturally regulate the number of providers so that there are not too many of them. Such business rules would not put retailers out of business, but prevent them from starting a business that's not needed by the community. It's nice to have more stores to choose from than are needed, but if the consumer knew that they are paying more because of it, they might sing a different tune.

When coffee went up from a quarter a cup to one dollar (isn't America wonderful for the greedy?), suddenly four times as many coffee shops sprang up (duh). At that point, all coffee shops will be required to charge a dollar a cup i.e. there will be no going back to a quarter per cup, because, with four times as many coffee-shop owners, they all make four times less sales as the original coffee-shop owner made, meaning that their bonanza of charging four times as much has been sacrificed to lower volume in sales. The victim here is the buyer. He/she pays four times as much just to keep those shop owners putting food on their tables, such an unnecessary waste. The problem then becomes whether the coffee shop owners wink together to raise their prices together, and that's how we got coffee at two dollars per cup. Price fixing.

The government allows price fixing while claiming to oppose it because higher prices brings more sales tax, which makes sales taxes, therefore, another evil, because the greedy in government exploit the situation. The government looks after itself and not the buyers. Is the price of gasoline way up? The government celebrates while you stew at the gas pumps. The government has thus, thanks to greed, set itself up as your enemy. It becomes an organism feeding on your flesh rather than being your servant, as things were designed to be.

It is important to be grateful in life because being ungrateful spoils the face and the spirit. But with so many detestable things in the world due to the greedy, it's hard to be grateful. We complain more, we get uglier, and eventually the people can riot too. Life is not becoming more pleasant, but rather we are being turned into the robots of the too-rich. Do we still want to be fooled into the capitalist lie, that we are socialists if we take a sledge hammer to capitalists? Let's do the right thing: speak out against greedy capitalism today. Fair capitalism is fine, but greed needs to be controlled because the greedy won't control themselves.

The day may be coming when youtube will hide videos that speak on self-survival. You might want to view and record the URLs of these videos. Or, better yet, you might record them on your own hard drive with an online youtube recorder. There is a wealth of self-survival material on youtube, suggesting that the anti-Christ powers have not yet taken to task a 666 system. When they finally do take it to task, they will probably contact youtube, asking it to hide or delete prepper videos. I would guess that half the prepper videos are by those who want to be prepared for a disaster that is not from a 666 situation, and this plays well for us, for if all prepper / homesteading videos were for the purpose of combating the 666, youtube would tend to hide them more. The greedy are on youtube thinking to make a living on prepper videos; it stinks on them, but perhaps some are desperate to make some money. When the motive is wrong, their information may be false (to a degree) due to being hyped. That does stink when Christian tries to think up a juicy video topic for money purposes. We would rather have them produce for no money at all. Youtube stinks, and therefore youtube buries all videos where people come on to say that youtube stinks.

The government has seized the underground water system, and can make laws against using groundwater without a licence. Technically, the government could charge us for stealing its groundwater when we use water off of our roofs, because it would become its ground water had we not stolen it first. Good luck, government, with that reasoning, but anti-Christs will be exactly that diabolical of mind.

I've been saving as Favorites some youtube videos on homesteading, in case you'd like to do the same:

You don't ned to watch the whole of every video, just get the gist, and you can always make adjustments to improve the basic ideas.

Never Ending Hot Water from Underwater Woodstove [this is great with a few adjustments]

Stovepipe water heater [shows doable method of getting the wrap]

Making A Quick and Dirty VERTICAL Chainsaw Mill [make your own shelving]

Splitting Wood With A Tire (Improved Design) | Wranglerstar [bend over less, saves your back]

DIY | How To Make A Firewood Splitter [save your swinging arm, and your thumb]

Wood Splitting Tips [learn the easy way, listen to the master]

Choosing a Splitting Maul - Is Bigger Better? [have a second, lighter axe]

DIY Geothermal Greenhouse Part 4 [has its limits, but great 666er "luxary"]

Geothermal Greenhouse: It worked. It REALLY Worked! [hope it's not click bait]

Sunken Greenhouse Part 3 - [needs higher-in-the-sky sun]

Building a Greenhouse with Cattle Panels [needs north-side insulated wall]

The Best Tomato Trellis [it probably is]

Vegetable Gardening Raised Bed [weed- / pest-free supplement]

Solar Thermal COPPER COIL Water Heater! [final temperature looks way exaggerrated, i.e. he's lying]

Old gasoline test [if not a lie, suggests others are lying]

How nematodes damage plants [extreme caution; you might have bad nematodes]

Beneficial Nematodes [sounds too good to be true]

Rain Roof - Rainwater Harvesting Project [if needed far from the house]

Rainwater Harvesting Off Grid [must keep tanks clean]

Difference between Plastic Water Tank & Concrete Water Tank [all bases covered]

Rainwater Capture Systems [need $$$, but saves a deep well]

A Wood Cookstove is a Must Have! [it's the house heater too]

Solar water Distiller [start at 6 mimnutes, then see Part 2]

How to purify large quantities of water with a food saver bag [bacteria killed by sunlight]

Survival Superfood Will Last On Your Shelf For 150 Years!

How To Make Jerky - No Dehydrator Required [raw meat]

Canning Meat (Super Easy Raw Pack)

How To Make The Survival Food Pemmican [oven jerky].

100 Days Worth of Food for $100: LASTS 25 YEARS! [$500 security for one year]

How to Build an Earthen Oven [sounds like he knows his stuff]

How to build a simple PVC Hand Pump [why no technical details on performance?]

Poor Boy's Sawmill 2 [uses up chainsaw blades and hours]

A good and obvious security plan, where money is not an issue, prepare $2,000 of food per person that spoils little, and start eating it immediately, replacing half of it when half is gone. You will always have much food on hand, and none will go to waste.

In the water distiller, more water can be made when facing the box directly to the sun. Just make the box extra-large to get lots of water, and make it tiltable. You take a great risk using glass. Use plastic. Insulate the bottom and sides of the box; keep wind off of them. The thinner the clear plastic, the faster heat penetrates it, the more the condensation. Water forms on the plastic as heat pushes the air's water particles against it; the faster heat streams through the plastic, the greater the water volume against it. Thin plastic film should be better than hard plastic, therefore. Make the boxes double as a "greenhouse" for seedlings in spring.


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