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February 12 - 18, 2019

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Here's a skit you might like:

I've got time to waste, nothing to write on, for a change, at the start of this week. Do you like beautiful horses:

Beautiful music too, so nice. They have a majesty with their movements, God had a good day when he thought up the horse. Animals can be very human oriented, to be expected wholesale in the next Age. Then I come across more bigfoot videos and was reminded that some people can be less intelligent than the animals, for the latter at least know to appreciate their Creator, but evolutionists are bent silly on proving the impossible. Now I'm depressed again.

If God is so cruel, as evolutionists would suggest due to the cruelty they see in nature, why did He give us thousands of different foods, each mix-able with others for endless numbers of tastes? Why did he make the day so sweet at times, and so terrible at others? He wants the good, doesn't He, yet he shows his displeasure too. Why? Because, blockheads like evolutionists set his heart to burning. Beware the evil that you see in nature, because, is the message, God can and will be evil toward his enemies. You know what I mean by "evil." The horse is obedient and useful, but the evolutionist is a nutbar while in rebellion, and he loves his boundless deception. Here's the final fate of every evolutionist versus Christians:

Of all the animal videos on youtube, very, very few ever give the Creator credit for the animals. Here's proof that the family members of Charles Darwin are better behaved then he:

As you can see, Charles' family members act like lovable kids, as God intended them to be, but Charles became a spoiled brat, an example to other brats. They fail to see that God made Gorilla's to be a reflection of humans. Why do we think that God did this?

Actually, Darwin didn't create the cult of evolutionism, but rather the cult created Darwin's fame, and made him infamous. He was touted as their genius, and became their stepping stone to bizarre, unlikely theories. If it's not bizarre to you that an animal should evolve its vital needs for an environment that genes are blind to, then you are one of their WILLING, and therefore stupid, victims.

For example, how did genes know that while all insects tend to get their bodies stuck to a spider web, the one insect that happened to spin a web also had the ability to walk with finesse upon a web? How did the genes know that the spider required a hole in its abdomen that could release the web material? How did the genes know that the tip of the abdomen was the perfect spot to release it? How did the genes know how to make the web material so that it didn't clog the hole, or come out as a lump of useless material? How the did gene material know how to make the web material in the first place? How did the genes know to build the web-making organ(s) so that the web material could have all the features required by a food-catching system? It's quite an impressive system, wouldn't you say, when it's not needed for survival by the spider. This is one of many reasons why I say that the thinking person is stupid, really stupid, but willingly evil too, if you cling to evolutionism. You're not thinking right because you are evil, willing to deny your Creator for specific reasons that maybe you alone know for sure.

Yes, it's the thinkers like Darwin who are stupid. We can forgive the naive youth who trust their teachers when told by them that evolutionism is a proven fact, but when the scientific thinkers push this fantasy, that's how we know that they have a hate-God attitude. Only they alone may know for sure why they chose to reject the existence of a Creator. A scientific thinker knows that genes cannot provide all the required, or non-required, special features of animals without a genetic program. They choose to believe that "luck" alone caused genes to warp and twist their way to building all special features, every last one of them. If questioned, they will admit that genes are dumb and blind to earth's environment, yet they speak as though the process of evolutionary changes somehow sees or knows the environment, to fool their victims. They know that their best tactic to make the theory spread is to fuel hatred of God, for this is the underlying reason that people will become willingly naive to the Creation fact. The mere word, "Creationism," has become the second-worst dirty word in their camps, followed only by "Creator."

A squirrel doesn't need to jump perfectly from branch to branch to survive. It doesn't need to scale a tree with magnificent finesse. How many animals do you know of that eat pine-cone nuts? Ahh, the very animal that eats pine nuts is also adapted to maneuver through trees as though it was created for it. Ahh, the light is shining on my mind. I see a Creator. But not the stupid and evil evolutionist.

A bird can survive even if it had trouble landing on a tree branch. Most of a bird's diet is not from insects upon trees. But just look at how well a bird handles the tree? Have you ever seen one bird crash into a tree branch, and fall unconscious to the ground? have you ever seen one bird land wrong upon a branch? How easy is it, really, do you think, for dumb and blind genes to perfect this one ability alone in a bird? It takes more than excellent wing control; birds also need the correct feet for clinging to a branch. How did the genes get this right? Luck? Really? Every special ability all across the spectrum of living species was luck? Are you insane? Give your head a shake.

Where are the birds landing perfectly on trees that haven't yet developed the ability to cling well to a branch? If evolution were the creative force for making special changes, we would expect most birds to land less than perfectly. Where are the bird species midway to perfecting their landings? Why don't some birds roll painfully or oddly on the ground when landing upon it? Surely, the genes didn't perfect this feat on the first attempt, did it? Ahh, you must be very, very stupid, have you never realized it, evolutionist? There is no better word to use, for when the countless special abilities are claimed as evolved by a non-intelligent force, BIG STUPID is the word. And it's due to your stupidity that you count yourself highly intelligent for pushing evolution as a "science." We'd be laughing at you if you were not so dangerous to the human race, to our children and our brothers. You seek to make them Hell-bound. You become hateful to us. We who have Faith despise you for this.

Faith is needed, not because the Creation doesn't prove the existence of God, but because God has chosen to remain unseen to all of us. Why do you think that this is so? I say it's for the cause of proper testing and judgment of individual people. God wants to know what we would do when we don't think He's watching. If even we Christians are filthy-white rags, pity the evolutionist, blood-drenched rags growing hairy clumps of disgusting bacteria. Do we want to start a war against them? Aye, for they started it against us, and God is coming with literal war to finish them off. Until then, we are a testing. If God were visible to all at this time, evolutionists would be on their best behavior as phonies.

Evolutionists aren't stupid in the sense of using knowledge to their best advantage. They know enough to decide that birds didn't evolve directly from fish because the two don't look similar. There are not many reptiles that walk on two legs like a bird, but evolutionists have painted lots of dinosaurs walking on two legs precisely to fool us into believing that birds evolved from reptiles. How many reptiles do you know that feed their young? Online quote: "The young of those female snakes that carry their eggs inside the body until they hatch also receive no parental care. Among reptiles only crocodiles and their relatives tend both eggs and hatchlings. In contrast, nearly all birds provide extended care for their offspring." Once born, reptiles are on their own. The Creator made them capable of fending for themselves to eat.

So, the evolutionist is compelled by his madness to believe that all birds feeding their young evolved from one reptile, for it seems highly unlikely that the genes of two reptilian lines would both form the similar things needed for birds to feed their young? It first of all requires that birds have a built-in program to seek the food, and deliver it to the young. This program requires a "desire" in the bird to do it. It's not a simple thing to provide such a program, and so the evolutionist is left looking like an idiot to suggest that birds evolved from dinosaurs that did not have the ability. A few similarities between species (they both have legs, oh wow) doesn't cut it when we get just a little beneath the surface of the realities, and this is where the evolutionist doesn't want his students to be snooping around, because the Creator pops up there.

When a Christian starts to lose faith in the existence of a Creator, the great news is: evolutionism is the only alternative, and it's for-sure incorrect. That's why God made special abilities in animals, probably, but also why God gave other proofs in the world, so that people have sufficient cling-to-Him material for when blood-soaked rags like pagans and evolutionists try to wipe their yeast and fungus on their brains.

"Nestlings can live 24 hours without food." Birds would have gone extinct if the parents did not feed them immediately. The idiot must assume that a reptile started to grow feathers, and at some point during this evolution, the reptile started to feed its young in a nest. Moreover, the time came when this reptile could not fend for itself, whereas it did fend for itself previously. But the truly intelligent person realizes that a bird feeds its young because birds are not born with the ability to fly. They can't fend for themselves without the ability to fly. That's why God put the young-feeding program in mamma bird. The Light shineth; the evolutionist remains in his dark hole because he doesn't want the Light to shine. He allows the fungus to cover over his brain, and stupefied, he goes that way to his eternal destruction after having infected others.

So, let's get this straight. The reptile started to evolve feathers with no reason nor rhyme because genes don't know what air is, nor do they know the dynamics of flight, etc., etc. The front legs and feet had become terribly deformed to the point where claws or fingers disappeared, and truly these quasi-wings became useless to catch food because the poor reptile could barely move around with this sad deformation. But, says the evolutionist, the species did survive anyway, somehow, because the reptile also evolved, at the very same time, the understanding that it had to get food for the newly-born. How did it know? Did it realize this when it saw that the young died without food? No, because if that were true, the species would have gone extinct.

Go ahead, try to imagine a reptile that is fending badly at birth. Put demi-wings on a crocodile, for example. It's born that way. Go ahead, stupid, think of it. Momma croc is horrified, but, don't forget, she has the very same deformation. How will she get food for her young if she can barely feed herself with demi-wings? Maybe the apes brought the crocs food for a few millions of years while they could not crawl around well. Or, maybe they used the demi-wings to swim, and evolved into ducks or geese. The evolutionist has that option, whew, lucky for him.

"The adults of common backyard birds have to feed their young. Ducklings and goslings, on the other hand, hatch with their eyes open and already have feathers because they will soon have to feed themselves. Remarkably, young waterfowl spend only about a day in the nest." Whew. But wait. Ducks can't land on tree branches. Their feet look like they were designed for moving in water. Not only did they evolve front feet that could get them off the water into beautiful flight in the air, but they could now paddle around beautifully, turn on a dime, so much fun, with their back legs. God made the noise of a duck to call the evolutionist a quack. The duck is laughing at you, stupid.

Okay, so the evolutionist might say that a duck evolved into all the birds that live in trees. There was no way that the feet of branch-clasping birds could paddle in water. With the feet of a duck evolved midway to the feet of a crow, it could neither paddle well nor land on a branch. We imagine that it still had its reptilian tail for maneuvering in water, in which case it's head was still horizontal, more seal-like than bird. The reptile-duck couldn't paddle fast enough to get lift for flight into the air, but, anyway, its horribly-deformed front feet were still incapable of flight. It's a long way yet to birdhood.

Try to imagine a duck floating on water with semi-legs for wings, but you are incapable because it comes with the ridiculous attached. You inevitable imagine more wings than legs as though the reptile jumped suddenly to having wings. You've got to ask how it came to float on its belly with head upright. Can a crocodile do that? What does a water-slithering reptile look like that evolves a neck pointed straight up? The evolutionists are asking us to be their fools. Go ahead, draw one for us with paddles for rear feet. No easy task.

Eventually, the reptile-duck-to-tree-bird will loose its paddles, and won't be able to paddle away from the otter or anything else that lurks in water, and so we imagine that it came to spend little time in water, only near the shore. It spent most of its time on land...until the day came that its deformed front legs turned into wings that could fly. Wow, is this what you believe? If this were only merely stupid. But you come out looking like a lunatic if you adhere to this.

The long reptilian tail was almost useless for helping to achieve brilliant flight capabilities, but, somehow, the genes formed it into the tail feathers we see in tree birds today. And once the tail and wings were perfected, the genes knew enough not to let evolution continue to the point that perfection was spoiled. Indeed, where are the tree birds that have evolved too far to continue flying well? Chickens can't fly well probably because the Flood pushed much atmosphere into space i.e. the air was thicker before the Flood. Or, God made chickens incapable of flight to give us easy eggs and chicken meat for food.

Sure, we can quickly imagine the feet of a reptile forming gradually into wings, but it's a different matter to ask the genes to actually produce it over millions of genetic changes. The more that evolutionists insist that the genes did succeed with this, and countless other special abilities, the more we realize how evil they are, for they throw themselves even into the loony bin for their anti-Christ cause. They are clearly dangerous, and they will foment and lead Christian persecution. They are doing it actively as we speak because we have jeopardized their sacred evolutionary theory, because too many people still believe in a Creator. Their evolution fight is going badly, and so they will come at us using other grounds. They are thus-far decided on using the tactic that belief in a Creator is the stuff of fantasy, for this happens to benefit evolutionism, but what will they use as their weapon when people stick to the concept of a Creator? Well, there is always the vatican. Turn evolutionary Christians against Biblical Christians. Yes, the vatican is an evolutionist body.

The American supreme court is now stacked with Catholics and Jews. My bet is that the four Jews on the court are either liberal in their religion, or all-out atheistic. How does it bode for Christian persecution to have the courts stacked with Catholics and Jews? Won't Catholics desire to punish Biblical Christians for decades of bad-mouthing Catholicism? By what coincidence are the majority of Catholics in the Democrat party, the party now of the anti-Christs? Can you see it coming? An anti-Christ alliance with vatican tools everywhere, in most nations. Do we really want to support Trump's supreme-court nominees?

If you want to see an unashamed, anti-Christ murderer (may he be struck down, life taken away) in the House of congress, see to the 5th minute of this video:

The Democrats say that, if the mother wants the child while someone kills it, it's murder, but if the mother wants it killed, it's not murder. That's a fine example of minds overgrown with fungus, way up in the power structures. You cannot expect these animals to reason understandably when it comes to their reasons for persecuting us. For this, I am absolutely ready to kill Democrats, physically, if only there was a war proclaimed, I would be amongst the first to join. I do not want to live in the midst of those who would kill newborns or legislate the legal ability to do so. They deserve to be killed in the same way many times over. But when the 666 arrives, I don't think we're permitted by Christ to fight.

I caution: the 666 may be local to Israel, and may not reach the West. The False Prophet might be a Muslim rather than a vatican tool, in which case "two horns like a lamb" (Revelation 13) is not used to indicate his false Christianity. The "fire from the sky" could possibly be from a Muslim nation's military, yet I see a problem with this where it says that the people were amazed with the military force to the point that it was the strongest one. No Muslim nation is expected to have the world's strongest military anytime soon, but then perhaps it's the strongest one only in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the way I understand it, the Greek word that English translations translate as "earth" can also be translated as "land" so that the chapter having the 666 doesn't necessarily include the entire planet. Just the same, we are now very alert to the electronic purchasing system because we well see how it can evolve planetary-wide into a skincode system.

The way things are shaping up, we can see how Western liberals and anti-Christs will be stupid and hate-filled enough to receive the 666, gambling. Some will gamble, hoping that it's not the fulfillment of the Bible, or that the Revelation-13 prophecy by mere luck predicted a thing that merely looks like what's coming. Others will receive the 666, not because they gamble, but because they want to win a war against Christ. This height of stupidity doesn't come overnight; it's got to evolve, and we are watching it evolve right now. They would rather die than accept Jesus, and so they will rather fight against Him and die. God does not want us to give them any reason to harm us, and so we are not to war against them at that time. Revelation 13:10 says as much:

If anyone is for captivity, to captivity he goes. If anyone kills by a sword, by a sword he must be killed. Here is the endurance and faith of the saints.

What does it mean that Christians should not be pro-captivity? Does this mean I'm wrong when calling for the jailing of deep-state criminals? Does it mean that they are keeping records on whether we desire their jailing so that they jail us instead? Hmm. Or does this speak to a future situation only, at which time we should not show animosity against them whatsoever? Immediately after the quote above, the text launches into the so-called "false prophet," though it only calls him a second beast in this part of revelation. It is to be assumed that this second beast is as anti-Christ and anti-Israel as is the anti-Christ beast.

Where the writer talks about the first beast (or both together) having strongest military in the world (verse 4), a reader not understanding end-time prophecy would get the distinct impression that he's referring to the Romans of his day. However, the Romans didn't have fire from the sky. The human writer of Revelation had nothing in mind that he understood with such a phrase. Nobody in 90 AD who wants to become famous as a prophet predicts fire from the sky? There was nothing set up by the Romans like a number in the skin for purchasing. The first beast slanders Christians openly, and here we are today with his prophecy imminently fulfillable.

The part that troubles / confuses me is where the first beast has one of its seven heads resurrected, and because his seven heads are seven Roman emperors from 37 - 98 AD, I have no choice but to view this beast as a ruler over an end-time Roman kingdom, even as Daniel 7 has the same personality as a ruler of end-time Rome. It very-much suggests that we should not be expecting a Muslim anti-Christ, but rather one presiding over the European Union. This is where an American False Prophet makes sense, especially Joe Biden in 2020, for he's an EU advocate and was officially involved in Iraq under Obama. A president Biden could probably become a Biden-Obama team (not necessarily with Obama as the vice-president). Obama's unfinished business against Israel can then materialize, which I see with an Obama-Muslim team. It makes a lot of sense, and because Biden is probably too old to run in 2024, he just might win in 2020. He's a Catholic who will have a supreme court stacked with Catholics, more so if Trump replaces Ginsburg with Cooney.

If God gives the vatican the opportunity to persecute Christians via the American government, will Catholics persecute us? The test may soon be on. A secret vatican alliance with a God-despising EU leader makes a lot of sense, especially as Joe Biden is looking like a pedophile at youtube. This week: "Former Vice President Joe Biden [29%] and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders [22%] – neither of whom has declared his candidacy for president yet – are the leaders of the pack in the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination, according to the results of a new poll." At this time, Biden could become the president because Democrats have no one better to field.

In the video below on Biden's interest in young girls, note the girl with Coons surname, for the Coney / Conn surname became a topic when God pointed me/us to a white-rabbit theme with Podesta pedophilia at it's core. In fact, God pointed directly to Mrs. Cooney, founder of Sesame Street, though there's no reason that God can't point to multiple things with the same event.

The sickening thing is, Democrats who launch Biden's run-away rocket into the presidential field will ignore the scenes in the video above (1.5M views and counting). How can this be this evil already? Demonic infestations. I'll bet Biden was desirous of a penis rise as he stroked the faces of those girls. Not one Democrat mother cared enough to give Biden a dirty look. I think Biden should be shot and put out of his misery, but, on second thought, I had best not anger the enemy. I wonder if president Biden will have a special limelight job for John Podesta.

I feel that, to curb persecution against us, Trump needs to jail offenders on a large scale now. I think that his failure to even try will embolden them to become worse. A massive persecution against the government criminals who deserve it will put them on their best behavior for years, even decades, to come. It will also expose the true situation in America, which Trump's advisors probably advise against due to the bad global press that will result. The West lives in a cesspool, and thinks it's the greatest thing ever. The harlot has blood on her hands, but the people point instead to her terrific fingernails, the best ever.

Biden has proved me wrong to say that a reptile can't evolve into a quack. Wickedness is defined as knowingly doing wrong while approving, or being proud of, it. The second definition is: Obama and his far-leftist activists.

The "green new deal," a thing I have wanted to avoid talking about because this is a waste of your time (which Fox doesn't mind doing to you), is proof that the global-warmest scammers had some nasty things prepared for us that includes the elimination of gasoline lickety=split. This was the wicked agenda that Trump upset globally, but there are countless others who would do the same. The scammers were planning to force us on very-expensive alternative energy, and cashing in on it, no doubt at all about that. Fox news won't shut up these days on that political upstart, the naive and ignorant Cortez, whatever the rest of her name is, I don't even want to know. If she's so ignorant on the issues, why does Fox plaster her face on its pages every single day??? Fox, shame, money-making is your priority rather than decent news. Does anyone really believe that Democrats would outlaw airplanes in 10 years, even if they wanted to?

The latest revelation from Judicial Watch, this week, is that the FBI turned a blind eye to Hillary's email-server woes in return for favors from State-Department chief, Hillary, at overseas FBI operations. Some are asking whether a crime was committed here. YES, of course. It's obstruction of justice toward a guilty party, for the motive of self-gain, using the guilty-party government office.

A few weeks ago, when Trump caved on the government shutdown, his best supporters were insisting that Trump wasn't caving because he'd shut the government down again on February 15. But, already, days before that deadline, he's said that he won't be shutting the government down...because, ouch, he was getting politically hurt by that chess move. Looks like he's not quite the made-of-steel genius his avid followers claim he is. Looks like he's vulnerable to the polls. Trump is poised to sign a deal with Democrats WITHOUT his demand of 5-plus billion dollars. That's a cave immediately after he promised he wouldn't cave, and the spineless Republicans urged him to go this route. Spineless Republicans will forever sacrifice principle in return for merely keeping their jobs. Trump is exactly such an animal. There shall be no sacrifice, no passion, no heroics in order to topple the corrupt left that holds the rotten media to their feet. Therefore, the left shall prosper.

I could cut Trump some slack when he loses a political fight, if only he were man enough to admit it. He could say, "I tried hardball with Pelosi, but as my fellow Republicans are paying a political price, as I am, I've decided to cave in return to go ahead with the national emergency." Honesty, he's going to justify signing the bill el-rusho like Speedy Gonzalez as part of this strategy.

When Trump signs this bill, Democrats get things they are happy with at the border, to be defined as Trump caving. The people don't know what's in the bill, meaning that no one yet knows how badly Trump caved. Why is this bill a secret????? What is Trump signing away? I thought only Obama signed bills the people didn't know about. How dare Trump do the same. Does he even know what's in it??? How much money is being robbed from the people this time? Who's it going to? News article this week:

It feels like it was yesterday when I was watching the news as a kid with my parents in 1995, listening to Newt Gingrich, during the infamous shutdown fight, warn about the dire consequences of crossing the $5 trillion debt milestone. It feels like it was yesterday when I was writing press releases for candidates in “the year of the Tea Party” on how Obama and the Pelosi Congress took the debt to $14 trillion in such a short period of time. Now, over eight years into varying degrees of GOP control of Congress and the White House, we have crossed the $22 trillion mark, expanding the debt more rapidly than at any time in our history. Whereas the debt exploded by $5 trillion during Bush’s eight-year tenure, a shocking figure at the time, it has now increased $8 trillion just since Republicans controlled the House in 2011 and by $4 trillion over the past four years, since they controlled at least two of the three political organs of government.

...Thus, this bipartisan era of debt is worse than anything we’ve seen this generation, and it is all happening with record revenue and a booming economy – with no world war consuming our economy and budget.

What is wrong with Republicans that they would create the frightening Bush scenario almost twice over immediately after Obama created it almost twice over? What sort of irresponsible, CRIMINAL screwers do conservatives vote for? And here's Trump, the very stupid man who pretends to be a real somebody, signing yet another lucrative deal without a complaint whatsoever on the amount. This phony with a paper-tiger mouth is hoodwinking his voters. There will be no success until the Democrats and their media are ruined. A paper-tiger mouth will not accomplish the task. Use the courts, STUPIDS, because you now have the supreme court largely on your side. Alas, the Republican law makers aren't interested in spoiling the Democrats; instead, they are becoming like them. They lured voters by promising to get the debt down, but now lure voters by other means. Trump is an expert in luring voters, routinely exaggerating his successes.

Here's a preview of the Millennium, much better than Trump news:

So many animals can be made wonderful, sociable. But nasty Democrats love animals more than they love humans, and they divide humanity. here's a comment on the video p[age: "This is true love without any agenda. Some of these animals will die protecting u. I feel very ashamed that those we call animals can love so much but we humans are only good at spreading hatred and killing and damaging all that is good." Actually, animals kill too, how did this person forget it? The animals are being sociable to humans because humans are doing likewise, and this person forgot that too because, I assume, this person wants to advance disgust for humanity, a "quality" I notice amongst liberals who want the world to be pristine and gorgeous for their own sakes. They hate the sinners who pollute and rape the earth.

So, the very liberals who love animals and wish for a glorious creation (oops, mother earth, in their jargon) are in the political camp of disgusting humans, the sinners. Liberals want love too, share it with one another, but they reject the love of God, and they therefore set themselves up in hatred toward me. They want a glorious world, but reject God's calling to the New Creation, where animals love animals. What kind of an animal is that, who would love the created animals but hate the Creator? It's called minds overgrown with yeast, a debilitation on the brain. Someone taught them to hate God, and I know exactly the quacks who did it, those who pretend to be scientists.

When Daniel 7 makes a distinction between the seven heads (10 horns minus three) and the anti-Christ, he says that the latter will be "different." There are many ways to be different. The most-obvious way, from our perspective today, is that the EU "representative" (they won't use "king") is not like the ancient Roman emperor. The latter was expected to expand the empire until it was fully global. Revelation 13 says that the end-time peoples recognize that the ancient Roman empire has a rebirth, or resurrection, and they marvel at this. It could be referring to the past formation of the EU as a quasi-empire, or it could include something yet future, a leader who sets his heart on a global conquest, in which case NATO would seemingly be used, which is an organization led by the United States. This makes perfect sense with an American president, as the second beast of Revelation 13, allied to a EU president, with the people convinced that no one can defeat their combined military, which of course would be a NATO alliance with the American military. However, this view obliterates Gog as the anti-Christ.

Moreover, as things now stand, one would probably choose a Republican war hawk as the False Prophet because Democrats lean toward getting out of the Middle East, though this may be a misconception at present. Democrats want to disconnect from the military, until there is a Democrat president. Judging from what are seeing now, it's not expected soon for an American Democrat president to form a strong alliance with Russia. Still, all-in-all, Revelation-13 prophecy, which extends Daniel prophecy, is in the throes of fulfillment. Everything seems to be in place, except for an openly, God-hating EU ruler.

What's wrong with people that they would cherish love between one another, and even love of animals, yet never think that God can love a lot better than we? A loving God is the perfect solution for mankind, yet they rail against Him. They blame Him for the things humans are ultimately responsible for. They blame Him for wars, for example. If we ask why God tolerates wars, the answer seems to be that God allows wars, even opens the doors to war. If we ask how a loving God can be this way, the answer is before us this very day. The abandonment of God in return for sin and greed, not a new thing at all, is a thing that a patient God can tolerate only so long, and once the situation gets terrible, God doesn't mind seeing the wicked die in the torments of war. The liberal heart today is no different than the human heart of centuries ago.

Nearing the end of this week, there is still no evidence from the liberal media that Ginsburg is even alive. Put it this way, that I am ashamed of the Republicans for not trying to visit Ginsburg for the express purpose of making sure she's still making the decisions on supreme-court issues. If someone is submitting pages on her behalf, in her her words, that's fraud. How long will Republicans put up with fraud at the hands of Democrats? Why why why do Republicans allow all of the fraud that we have witnessed the past two years? Why does Trump allow it? Can't Trump find it within himself to check up on a supreme-court judge who hasn't been seen in a month or more?

If Ginsburg were well, she would show it to the world. If she were well, the liberal media would show it to the world. She's therefore not well. Yet the White House has not announced that it's looked into the matter to discover one way or the other. No Republican legislator, no Republican lawyer, no Republican judge, no Republican media, has publicly claimed to request a look-see of Ginsburg to assure that she's actually fulfilling her court duties. It's unbelievable that something like this can take place. Washington is a farce in both parties.

The day after writing here, a Hill article came out: "The Supreme Court’s Public Information Office told The Hill that Ginsburg was attending the regular closed-door meeting in which the justices consider requests to review cases." But this is just incredible, for you would think that all sorts of people would have snapped her photo had she appeared at the court. Word would have spread like wildfire, and people would be waiting outside for when she left the building. But if this story is a farce, how did the liberals get the court's Public Information office to be a part of it?

The good news: the Democrat agenda for the supreme court has been railroaded by Trump's victory over Clinton. The bad news: we don't know yet. If Bill Barr turns out to be another smoke screen for Democrat corruption, we can guess that Trump's court nominees are on the corrupt side.

Looks Like God Pointing to Think Tank for EU Globalism

Revelation 13 says that the beast had one of its heads wounded by the sword. Revelation 17 says that the 6th head was alive during the writing of Revelation. If correct that Revelation was written in 90-95 AD, that would make Domitian the 6th head. Domitian was the third and last Flavian on the throne: "On 18 September 96, Domitian was assassinated in a palace conspiracy involving members of the Praetorian Guard and several of his freedmen. On the same day, Nerva was declared emperor by the Roman Senate." I assume he was assassinated by the sword. Nerva, who was not rudimentary, was still made part of the seven heads, perhaps due to his short reign of 16 months. Nerva was not killed by the sword. Revelation 17 says that the seventh must come but for a short time, which tends to assure that the 6th was Domitian.

Revelation 17 is the best prophecy to disclose an gap in time between the seven heads and the end-time anti-Christ. It says that the seven were in power, then was not in power, yet will come again to power. It tends to date Revelation at the very end of Domitian's rule. It tends to suggest that the ceasing of this Roman beast was not in the 5th-century fall of Roman empire, but was a result of Domitian's rule coming to an end in 96 AD, with just one more, inconsequential emperor yet to go. It tends to inform us that the end-time anti-Christ could be a revival of the Flavians, and it just so happens that my heraldry work was able to uncover a vast amount of information on Flavian bloodlines to Masonic Washington, especially to the Rhodian / Rothschild Illuminati.

Ask: why do almost all prophecy experts get the identification of the seven heads wrong? What is wrong with them? Ask: how possibly can prophecy experts approach Revelation-13 prophecy like babies who yet need to go to school? Isn't it made clear that ONE of the seven heads receives a fatal wound by the sword? Yet they claim that the literal head of the end-time anti-Christ will receive a fatal head wound, and that he will then be resurrected, to the amazement of the world.

The experts also fail to properly identify Daniel's ten horns. Instead of realizing that they are the seven heads of Revelation, past emperors, they claim that these ten horns are end-time European nations. The purpose for the ten horns is obvious to me because I correctly identified the seven heads (not the first to do so by any means). I have been telling this for 20 years, but prophecy experts have not picked it up and repeated it; I feel dismal toward their performance to this day. The purpose of the three uprooted horns of Daniel 7 is to identify the seven heads. Of the 10 horns, only seven are important. In 69 AD, between the reign of Nero and Flavius Vespasian (Domitian's father), three emperors were rejected in succession. Thus, they were uprooted, their names being Galba, Otho and Vitellius. Vespasian was the one who benefited from their removal.

Note that Vespasian was placed in power on Canada Day: "After Galba and Otho perished in quick succession, Vitellius became emperor in April 69. The Roman legions of Roman Egypt and Judaea reacted by declaring Vespasian, their commander, emperor on 1 July 69." Those of you who know my heraldic writings may know that I trace the 666 to end-time lovers of mythical Mucius, known code for the Mucius / Mucianus surname that I see as the proto-Mason surname. Lookie: "In his bid for imperial power, Vespasian joined forces with Mucianus, the governor of Syria, and Primus, a general in Pannonia, leaving his son Titus to command the besieging forces at Jerusalem. Primus and Mucianus led the Flavian forces against Vitellius, while Vespasian took control of Egypt."

Mythical Mucius was given a right-hand symbol, but as his myth had him losing his right hand, Masonry gave him a left-hand symbol, the "sinister" feature of heraldry used by Massey-branch Masci's, Massena's and RasMUSSENs, as well as Jewish Rothchilds (horse faces sinister). The left side of an heraldic Shield is to the viewer's right, and the so-called bend (bar) of Jewish Rothschilds is said to rise toward the sinister. Rotenbergs use three bends in the colors from the one Rothchild bend, and probably the Russell / Rhodes lion round-about. Rhodes liners were traced heavily to "Rieti," home of Vespasian. The Assmann variation of Rasmussens named Assmannshausen at RUDESheim. The Erasmus variation of Rasmussens (first found in Hesse) evokes Erasmus Darwin, the real founder of evolution according to some. Kos is a Carian island beside Rhodes, explaining why the Kos/Kosinski Coat is nearly the Rotenberg Coat. Mythical Merops of Kos was made father to PanDAReus (of Ephesus), a good thing to trace the Darwin surname to. Out to sea from Kos is Patmos, with the city of Skala to which I trace heraldic scallops, shared by Darwins. Patmos is where Revelation was written.

The right-hand symbol is suspect with Dexters/Decksters, who are suspect as a branch of Deckers/Daggers and Daggers/Dacre's, the latter sharing the scallops of Darwins and the red bull of Sabine's. The latter are definitely from Flavius Sabinus, father of Vespasian. Daggers and dagger-using KilPATRicks were definitely from AntiPATRia, making that place suspect with something on PATmos. The Kilpatrick Crest uses a lion with a so-called "DEXTER paw" on the head of a dragon. The Nith river of Kilpatrick castle was named by the Natt/Nathan / Nitt/Naught bloodline. Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries, same as the Nith) share the Rothes lion head.

NATO looks to be named in honor of Natts/Nathans / Nations/Nathans i.e. Rothschilds. The previous NATO chief was Anders Rasmussen, and while the current NATO chief is Mr. Stoltenberg, the Stoltenberg surname, according to a website no longer active, claimed that it used a heart pierced by an ARROW, the symbol of Nations/Nathans, the latter likely being the reason that the first Rothschild (had a partnership in Hesse-Cassel) named his first son, Nathan. The Arms of Rothschild share the five arrows of Bowers, a branch of Bauers. The Arrow/Arras surname, the tower of which I trace to Cilnius MAECENas, can be gleaned as kin to Pepins and Pipe's (Staffordshire, same as Arrows). The Darwin surname has a bend in colors reversed from the Rothchild bend, and the Darwin Crest shares the camel with Pepins / Pipe's who in-turn share the bend-with fleur of Rasmussens, even throwing in the Rasmussen and Rothchild horse, apparently.

It appears that greedy satanism, the type that wants to rule the planet, is in charge of the EU right now. The only thing for us to do is to watch it fall while predicting it, and warning against it. Do not respect this beast. Do not depend on it as the world edges closer to a fearful scenario. They will try to deceive you into thinking that the end cannot come, that all is rosy thanks to the military power of the over-confident beast.

Webbers (Somerset, same as Roets) share the blue roundel with Arthurs and Danish Bauers (the first Rothschild was Mr. Bauer). Arthurs were from Artois, where the capital is Arras i.e. where the Arrows/Arras' were from who share the fleur of Webbers. The Webber bend with fleur-de-LYS is also the Rasmussen bend with fleur-de-lys (a lily), and while the Lys river of Artois is near Lille, the Webbers honor that location in their "Lillae" motto term. The Arms of Lille share the fleur-de-lys of Lys'/Lisse's and Masseys (probably share the Rasmussen horse). German Webbers probably use the white Masci wing and the stars of Maceys/Macys (Cheshire, same as Weavers), Bauers (blue wing) and the EU flag.

Online: "Who will be the new European Commission President? German MEP Manfred WEBER and Finland’s former PM Alexander STUBB are favourites to replace Jean-Claude Juncker". The Stubbs/Stops (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's and Arrows/Arras') use a version of the Pepin / Pipe Coat. "According to media reports, Weber is the favourite to win. The Guardian reports that the 'softly spoken' politician has claimed that European values are 'inspired by our Christian roots' and is running 'a campaign stressing his Bavarian village background'." He doesn't sound like anti-Christ material.

It is my opinion that the mythical crow, Coronis, was named by the people who named Chora, on Patmos. German Rothchilds/Rothes' (and Peters) use the crow or raven. Rothschild liners named Rothes in Scotland, where a castle was built from Peter Pollock, the latter named after a POLLok location that was from the line of Vespasia POLLa, mother of Vespasian. Coronis mated with Apollo, the latter being in Revelation 9. Peter's father lived in Shropshire, where English Rothes' and Rudes' (Rhodes cross colors reversed) were first found, the latter sharing the cross of Sinclairs, a family from Caria's ancient Clarus (beside Ephesus) and descending through the Charo's/Claro's who share the red bull with Sabine's.

If you know why I trace QuadraTILLA Bassus through DOMna Bassianus to Caen in the Bessin, see here: "[Vespasian's] wife DOMiTILLA and his daughter Domitilla both died before Vespasian became Emperor in 69. After the death of his wife, Vespasian's longstanding mistress, Antonia CAENis, became his wife..." DOMATilla was herself a Flavian by birth, and the mother of emperor DOMITian.

Perhaps for the sake of having us make the connection between Daniel and Revelation, the Revelation dragon has ten horns too, though I think that Daniel's ten horns are this dragon's seven heads. In other words, the ten horns, each with a crown, in Revelation 13 represents ten powers that the future anti-Christ will have for his causes. There is absolutely nothing said by which we could identify them. In the dragon of chapter 12, the seven heads have the crowns because this dragon is the ruler of the 1st-century Roman empire. In chapter 13, the ten horns have the crowns because this dragon is the end-time Roman beast. One dragon is a continuation of the other, explaining the resurrection theme in chapter 13. There is nothing to suggest that the end-time 10 will suffer three uprooted powers. It's logical that the ten will include top EU nations including Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Austria. It makes sense that Italy could become a leading player, amongst the ten, due to the Roman nature of prophecy.

Back to ALEXANDER Stubb, whose first name could indicate a Seleucid liner. If you know my material on Lorraine at her bus STOP, which was partly God's code for the Stubbs/Stops, I'd like to repeat what I've said many times, that I approached her at her bust stop, to ask her out for the first time (never spoke with her before) on my 24th birthday. I'm reading that the present EU leader (Juncker) started in 2014, and that presidents have five-year terms. If he gets a second term later this year, the next president could be Stubbs in 2024. Might the latter date be why it was my 24th birthday? Just a thought.

As I've said many times, her bus stop was at the corner of YONGE street and Lorne, and it just so happens that while Yonge's are Youngs too, German Youngs (stag in Trump stag-head colors) are Jungs/Jungers too, like "Juncker." Another interesting thing is that, before realizing this thing, as I looked at a photo of Mr. Stubb at the theweek page above, he reminded me of Albert Oostyen, at whose place I was living when asking Lorraine out on my birthday.

I didn't know until now that there is a European Council on Foreign Relations. It appears named as a partner of the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States. Lorraine was, in my opinion, connected by God to my white-rabbit event which itself pointed to the Coney surname (has Coat reflecting the Nation/Nathan Coat) months before discovering Mrs. Cooney, wife of Peter Peterson, recent former chief of the Council on Foreign Relations. I found Mrs. Cooney because the white-rabbit event was at the home of a Peterson family. The Scottish Peterson surname (could be the Rudes cross) shares the Rothes lion heads, in the colors of the Juncker lions. One of the Juncker lions faces sinister. I think Rudes' were from Rudesheim, location of Assmannshausen. Petersons (share swan with Peters) were first found in Aberdeenshire, beside Rothes castle, meaning that Petersons descend from Peter Pollock.

From my reading of the news over years, the EU is much-more in favor of Democrats in the Unites States than Republicans. As we see even with Trump, there's not much glue between them. The so-called think tank, the European Council on Foreign Relations, "was founded in 2007 by Mark Leonard together with a council of fifty founding members, chaired by Martti Ahtisaari, Joschka Fischer, and Mabel van ORANJE, with initial funding from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Communitas Foundation, Sigrid Rausing, Unicredit and Fride." Uh-oh, that socialist creep, beloved of anti-Christs in America. "The membership includes former prime ministers, presidents, European commissioners, current and former parliamentarians and ministers, public intellectuals, business leaders, activists and cultural figures from the EU member states and candidate countries."

This could be a useless goose chase, but Mabel Oranje is interesting as per a dream of two or three months ago in which the kids of a certain Michael were jumping on a yellow mattress. He was virtually resolved as God's pointer to Michael Rangabe, the name of an Orange location (in my opinion), even before this dream took place. Bare with me; here's from the 1st update of last December:

This new finding [on Rangabe's wife] came on a week, last week, when I awoke from a dream telling Michael that I felt so "orangey" after taking a drink of something. This Michael had already been pegged, some months ago, as God's code for Michael Rangabe. Why would God want to stress the Rangabe's?...

The second dream last week was Michael's kids jumping on a yellow mattress / bed. The Sinclair Rus of ROSLin ruled the Orkneys, and Ile/YLLEY,s with a variation like the Yelley's of Yellow's, share the Flatt/Flett chevron, and were first found in Norfolk with raven liners.

The two dreams (explained to the best of my ability in the 5th of November) were on back-to-back mornings. The reason that Mabel Oranje is at topic is due to the mattress-like Matter/Mather surname that I had linked as a possible branch to Madariaga's. The so-called EU "boss," Javier Solana, was born, Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga (related to Madariaga family), and websites state(d) that this family was much involved at the founding of the EU.

When God gives dreams to me, He proves they are from himself using heraldic proofs. For example, there is a Matres surname listed with Maistre's, and they share tulips with kid-like Kitts. Michael's KIDS were JUMPing on the mattress. The tulip design of Tulips/Tewlops is used for the Kitts, and has similarity with the Matres/Maistre flower. And so we should probably ask why the Jump surname shares a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head? Is God pointing to a secret Trump partnership / deal with Mabel Oranje's European Council of Foreign Relations? Or will this be in the future?

The EU stars are in the colors of the Madariaga stars, and colors reversed from the Matter/Mather stars.

WOW, I didn't know until now that Javier Solana, as the EU's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, was preceded by Jurgen TRUMPf. This can't be coincidental. This looks like the thing to make the mattress dream look like a pointer to the EU's think tank, but why now that the Trumpf bloodline is in the White House? It doesn't look like a goose chase after all. God was apparently pointing to the EU's SOCIALIST globalists. "[Solana's] His older brother Luis was once imprisoned for his political activities opposing the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, subsequently became a distinguished leader in the Spanish telecommunications industry and was one of the first socialist members of the Trilateral Commission...In 1964 [Solana] clandestinely joined the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE)..."

Hmm, "In 1965 he went to the United States, where he spent six years studying at various universities on a Fulbright Scholarship.[9] He visited the University of Chicago and the University of California, San Diego, and then enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville." Did he meet Obama in Chicago? Was Obama raised by Solana-circle people? Charlottesville was recently the location of a Soros-like disturbance (he pits people against people for political advantages), where we heard of antifa for the first time, at a false-flag car crash supported by the American government. Even the Republicans have been a part of that hoax. Trump hasn't said peep about it.

"On returning to Spain in 1971 Solana joined the Democratic Co-ordination of Madrid as the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) representative." One can get the impression that certain Rothschilds want to create a communist thing of the EU, as they had of WWI Russia. When Russia was turned communist, the Rothschilds had a hand in forming the League of Nations, the proto-EU. Solana's uncle: "In 1931 [Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo] was appointed ambassador to the United States of America and a permanent delegate to the League of Nations, a post he kept for 5 years; chairing the Council of the League of Nations in January 1932...The Madariaga European Foundation has been named after him, promoting his vision of a united Europe making for a more peaceful world."

From the 5th update of November:

I have read that Kidd-like Kitts use tulips, and so if those Matres flowers are tulips too, we have a iron-clad Matres-Kidd link. Immediately after writing that, the Tulips/Tewlops were loaded, because I remember (from a previous treatment on Kitts and Kite's) that they use tulips, and, I kid you not, their tulips are in the design of the Matres flowers!!! Astounding. This is affecting me.

[Update February 15, 2019 -- I was back to this topic in the 3rd update of February, a thing you should read because it's pointing to bosses of the European Union. I noted that the Tulip/Tewlop tulip design is that of the Kitt tulip, not the Matres flower. Sorry for the mistake, if indeed I made one. From time to time, houseofnames changes its designs for no apparent reason but, perhaps, to thwart my links. The Matres flower does look like a tulip.]

I know what you're thinking if you are the average, unspiritual person, that I invented the kid-on-mattress dream knowing beforehand of the Matres-Kid link, but, no-sir, I did not make it up. You will not find the Matres surname in all my updates or files, because it's new to me this morning. I did show the Matre/Matres Coat in an update of 2013, but I didn't know it had a Matres variation until today: I had said: "Feasibly, the Matre's/Maitre's (in Madariaga, Mador/Mather and Master/Mester colors) can link to Madariaga's and Mathers. The Maistre/Mestre variations suggest the Masters/Mesters..."

The Kid Chief is possibly a version of the Bauer Chief (has the EU stars). The Jumps are said to be from Mr. Bully, and there is a FLAMING heart in the Bully Crest that can apply to the Nation/Nathan heart in Crest. The Douglas' that are said to be from heart-suspect Hardys use both the heart and the Kid Chief, as well as a salamander in FLAMES. The so-called "flaming stars" of Pero's is the Zionist star in the Tulip/Tewlop Coat, highly suspect with the stars of Weis' (Bavaria, same as Rothes', Bauers and Hertzogs). The Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Mr. WEIShaupt in the days of the first Rothschild. Douglas', first found in Moray, are using the Moray stars, and this suggests linkage to proto-Rothschild-liner Peter Pollock at Rothes castle in Moray. Is the "JaMAIS" motto term of Douglas' in honor of a "MAIStre" branch? The Wies' (another heart) share the double-white wings in Crest of Weis', but these are in the Crest of German Webbers who in-turn share the Wies / Madariaga / Bauer / EU star. The Herod-suspect heart can be code for the line that named HERTzogs and Here's, for both share the blue wing with Bauers.

Mabel Oranje: "Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau, better known as Mabel van Oranje and also as Mabel of Orange (Dutch: Prinses Mabel van Oranje-Nassau; formerly Mabel Martine Wisse Smit, born Mabel Martine Los, 11 August 1968), is the widow of Prince Friso and sister-in-law of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands." We read above that she is the co-chair of the European Council on Foreign relations with Carl BILDT and Emma Bonino, and Bonino's happen to be listed with Bono's/Debons, suspect from the "De bon" motto term of Bennets who share the Bonino/Debon lion. Bennets are from the Pierleoni Jews of Rome.

The French Bone's/Dubons look to be sharing the dolphin of James' (in the Douglas motto?) because the other James share the Bonino/Debon lion. The Bildts look like a branch of Billets beloved by Nassau's, and the gold Nassau billets are suspect from the gold bars stolen by Quintus Caepio in TOULouse, where TULips/Tewlops may trace. General Quintus Caepio had a war with Boiorix in Orange the year after he stole the gold bars from the Roman empire. Some or much of his gold stash (the Romans could not find it) became suspect by me with the real reasons for vast Rothschild fortunes.

The Swedish Petersons bring us back to the Zionist stars of Weis / Pero's, the latter suspect with PIERleoni (named partly after a Peter). The lion of Swedish Petersons is that also of Nassau's. These Zionist stars are almost those of Billets/Billiards, though the latter use them in Moray-star colors.

I'm concerned about Trump's "national emergency." I don't think I want to see his wall. I don't trust Trump with military in southern America, especially if he concentrates on Texas. His national-emergency push comes just as "El-Chapo" was convicted in New York on ten counts of drug-related crimes. Legislators have said that Trump should use the $14B seized from El Chapo, yet I have not heard Trump mention this at all, though I'm not following his wall news fully. A national emergency can only get him $3-6B from the military, and so one would think that he would instead focus on El-Chapo's $14 B. I don't think anyone could justifiably argue that Trump can't have that money for border security, since Chapo was working out of Mexico.

In other words, if Trump doesn't mention El-Chapo's money, I'd say he's trying to hide it from the voters, as though it's nothing to speak of, because he's committed to placing military on the border...for a reason I do not trust.

Ted Cruz advanced the "El-Chapo Act" way back in April of 2017, wanting congressional approval to seize that $14B, and Cruz is out right now (for obvious reason) seeking to popularize the idea? The Republicans could have passed the El-Chapo Act in 2018, but they did not. Why not? Why didn't Trump speak on it, push it, argue for it, in all of 2018????????????????????? With Pelosi running the House now, how can they get that Act approved? Didn't I tell you that Trump's not to be trusted? I covered Trump news closely all 2018 long. Why didn't I hear about the El-Chapo money until recently???????

The fact is, Trump can by-pass Pelosi with an Executive Order, which, if challenged, will go to the Supreme Court now leaning toward Trump. Trump owes the people an attempt because El-Chapo's money is not American money, and he would look like the fool I say he is to go after American money instead. El-Chapo appears to be enlightening us on Trump's bed with Mystery Babylon. Trump and his love of trade is suddenly starting to appear more sinister than I thought at first.

I've seen quite a few El-Chapo videos, but not one has Trump going after his money. The videos all urge Trump to go after it, but He does not appear to want this money. It defies explanation, unless Trump is a sinister goon. He's going to soon need an excuse as to why he doesn't go after it? He'll probably say something like, "I've been looking at it, we'll see. We'll see." It's his way of making it appear he doesn't oppose it when in fact he does. In the Fox video, the anchorman implies that the $14B is lost i.e. it needs to be found. I find this suspicious. Others have said that it was seized, meaning by the American government, wherefore it's not lost at all. So why is Fox protecting Trump from his voters by misleading them into believing that the money is in some unknown location?

As you can see, the anchorman FAILs to ask Roger Williams (Republican lawmaker) whether the money is lost or found. It's the only thing that matters, and this failure is seconds after he himself claimed that it was lost. Mr. Williams neither supports nor shoots down the claim that the money is lost. What's going on? The two men shift too-quickly to another aspect of the wall topic, so bizarre. The reason that Williams doesn't want to talk about it is, I think, because he knows Trump doesn't want to talk about it.

Breitbart, at least, was one of the media to announce that the United States seized Chapo's $14B. If true that the money is somehow proving to be unobtainable, we expect Trump to provide the details. We expect Fox to provide the details. WHERE ARE THE DETAILS? Where is this money hung up or hiding or problematic? If not for Cruz's push to use it for the wall since early 2017, I could give Trump a pass at this time. But he's had that much time to look into seizing Chapo's money, and here at this time the president offers not a squeak on the merits or chances of obtaining it for his wall. If he ignores this for even one more week, I say: he stinks. He's stinks with corruption, stay away, something's wrong, something's fishy-stunk about his White House.

Cruz's proposal went beyond Chapo's money to all monies seized from drug convictions on Mexicans, yet I never did hear Trump address this excellent plan. On Trump's Twitter Archive page for February, "Chapo" or "Guzman" does not exist. One reason that he may not want to mention El-Chapo is that the latter is infamous for sophisticated border tunnels, as the video below shows. A wall is useless against tunnels:

Why doesn't Trump talk about going after El-Chapo's cartel? Trump appears to be so concerned with drugs, yet El-Chapo's kingdom is still chugging along through tunnels. In the video above, we learned that his main terrain is on the border to the west of Texas, not through Texas, which can be explained by the liberals of California, i.e. who use drugs more. The drugs still get in, in other words, in spite of walls that prevent trucks and cars to simply drive large amounts of drugs across wilderness regions. The game being played on the people is that no money for a wall is to be given, and Trump, involved in this game, has the task of putting military on the Texas border as a result of "failing" to provide the wall.

Here's a video with a man claiming that, when he wanted to join a militia, it was operated by the FBI. I think this is a credible claim, and I think the deep state poses as its enemies in many ways in order to discover their enemies. In the same way, the anti-Christ deep state can pose as Christians to discover who we are, how we think, what we plan on doing against the deep state. Whatever you do, stay legal, but even then they can frame you for a crime you did not commit, because they are indeed stacked with criminals:

When the deep state has fake militias all over the country, they can rise up and cause a civil unrest, and they can give an entire group a bad name, which is what I think they intend to do, in order to persecute that group. This is wickedness against those trying to expose the deep state. Bill Barr and all the Republican legislators are going to support the FBI, won't they, against abused, non-mainline Americans like the one above? And what happens when the Republican stars today, Bill Barr and Donald Trump, are faced with a choice between supporting FBI-targeted Christians given a bad name, and the FBI doing the persecution in a "good" name. It's something to think about, Trump-loving Christians.

The youtube channel of the guy above, FisherOfMen, is by a "Christian" who's not acting very Christian in the regard to the material in the video below. He's been influenced too far, into a dangerous zone, by the very values I myself hold. All Christians with the idea of holding out in a tribulation retreat should watch this video, which is part of his actual court case where the state tried to jail him for four years for going too far, with the desire to kill his satanic enemies, in his youtube channel. Watch:

If I understand the sentence correctly at the end of the video, FisherOfMen got a little less than four years of probation, probably a fair sentence, and he was to refrain in the future from urging murderous behavior on his youtube channel. I agree. Yet, at the start of the video, he says he's spent three years in prison, which confuses me. It says he was out on January 3, 2019, yet if you pause at 14 seconds, where his face shows, please go ahead and load the video below where a different man, I think, is claimed as FisherOfMen:

We now have a reason to believe that FisherOfMen (Bryce Cuellar, odd combination) is an FBI operation. In the video directly above, the Latino man's nose is very near his mouth, but not so with the man (doesn't look Latino) in the video above that. The two men do not strike me as the same. What am I suggesting, that the court case was faked? Hard to believe. I'm confused. No, the court case looks real, but then the Latino-looking man at FisherOfMen looks fake. Why really did the video with the court case cut out the entry into the courtroom of this man? Note how the video directly above has Christians all over it (comments section included), which could be of fake Christians seeking to spy on Christians willing to fight a corrupt government. Beware. The two men at the start of this video, supposedly the same man, don't strike me as the same man.

The deep state must be all over youtube feigning all sorts of programs. In the news, he was carved out as a Christian terrorist, which serves the spy system's greater intrusions into our private lives. Someone would ask: if FisherOfMen is a spy operation, why would FisherOfMen have a video with FBI agents posing as militias? Good answer: to discourage people from joining militias. The deep state, so long as it's firmly supported by an active president, is not worried about losing a battle or a war against militias, but it is worried about losing the lives of many officers / soldiers after it itself sets up a war situation.

The trick would be to make Americans angry, especially Christians, with faggots and other sinners daily in our faces, until we begin to vent our anger, and then they will create fake videos and fake news with fake Christians saying and doing violent things. The idea is to turn the rest of people into non-sympathizers during our persecution period. So, what to do?

I agree that our enemies do deserve not to live, for the sake of goodness to prosper, but that we must leave their sentencing to God. If our enemies start a physical war against us, then we can kill them to defend ourselves, at which time it could be debatable as to whether we could go on the offensive for the cause of stamping out evil. The American constitution gives the people the right to fight the government if the latter deserves it (who decides if it deserves it?), but, even so, I claim that we must not fight the government, no matter how it deserves to be warred against, during the enforcement of the 666. There will be nothing (no society) to fight for at that time, for it will be the last day. Let the Judge pass sentence.

Look at how this discomforting (bad language included) FisherOfMen video looks staged = faked (presented like a Nazi invasion into a home at Christmas) by crisis actors. I suggest you stop watching the garbage soon (I stopped at the second minute):

Do you know why liberals hate Trump so much? Because Christians vote Republican. Ask: if a war broke out today because the FBI and CIA began to persecute Christians with murder, whose side would Trump take? Here's Trump announcing the official start of a national emergency, on Friday:

Is Friday the first step to martial law? We shall see. If so, expect the military at the border to fake a scenario with Christian militias. I don't know whether Texan militias will take the bait. I might expect the deep state to bait their enemies so that they can conduct a "crystal night." Hmm, what choice of words. It reminds me that my last stop in Texas, in 1994, was at Crystal City, near the Mexican border, at which time God pointed me to Rockefeller roaches.

Perhaps a good sign as per Bill Barr: no sooner was he confirmed that the DoJ announced an internal investigation on the soft sentence received by Jeffrey Epstein. Just wait until you reach the 3rd minute of the video to see how sick this individual is:

"Instead [of getting a deserved life sentence], Epstein — whose friends included President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton and other politically connected people — was allowed to quietly plead guilty to prostitution charges in state court. He served 13 months in the county jail, where he was allowed liberal work release privileges rarely given to sex offenders in Florida and barred by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department’s own rules" (Miami Herald).

Let's hope that this Barr offering, if it is a Barr offering, isn't a mere token to make himself look good, but a sign of much more to come that is truly good. Barr had promised to look at the Epstein case while under review by congress. But Barr's appointed investigation agency is a secretive one that NEVER reveals its findings to the public. How will we know whether Barr does this case justice?

It's hopefully true that McCabe came out and made his confession, on 60 Minutes this week, because he was afraid of what he heard through the grape vine concerning Barr's anger against the FISA scandal. In other words, McCabe may want to show Barr that he's repenting by turning in Rosenstein now, and others later. Barr now has access to FBI records / memos, etc., if he wants it. Barr may go against Hillary supporters like wildfire, but against Mueller and other Republicans like water on a fire.

A New Dream

Good morning, a beautiful sunny Saturday after days of snow. I awoke knowing I had a dream near waking point, but couldn't remember a thing until I tried harder, and recalled my cousin throwing me a small package like a candy in a plastic wrapper, which I slipped into my pocket. It was some illegal drug. At the time that it was thrown to me, there had been an attractive blond standing nearby to my right, and only after I slipped this thing into my pocket did I realize that she was an undercover officer. I was hoping she wouldn't check me out, and she did not as she walked by. I then looked at the scene from where the package was thrown to me and wondered why this drug was called, door, instead of the usual name for it, glass. Well, when I awoke, I couldn't think of any drug called, glass, but when I checked, I remembered that "glass" is the name of CRYSTAL Meth. Hmm, how amazing.

This dream comes AFTER my mention of Crystal City above. Crystal City is where an attractive blond went to church who lived about ten minutes away from my place in Texas. On September 11, 2002, I sat beside her at our church's 9-11 memorial. After this event, I met her in a corner store. As I was walking in, I was taken by her beautiful knees seen through the GLASS DOOR of the store. I have deciphered this God-given event with the vice-president of EcuaDOR, Mr. GLAS. This was the correct interpretation of that event, which I will not repeat here completely (I've told maybe eight times), but will repeat that it included a local politician, Mr. Moreno, which happens to be the surname of the current president of Ecuador who replaced the administration of Mr. Glas.

As there was a blond in this morning's dream, I can only conclude that this drug called, door, is speaking to drugs from Ecuador. Why? I did not have the sense, in the dream, that it pertained to the glass-door event.

The blond at the corner store is Miss Charlotte Hicks. Previous to her living near me, she lived in Baytown. On the day before I ended my Texas trip in Crystal City, I had driven past Baytown, headed for Mexico to find some cheap land where I could build a snowbird's retreat, for I had a small business at the time that could be run from anywhere in the world with a telephone, and winter was the off-season with less business. In the evening, after passing Baytown, God fulfilled an event, my fearful mugging, that changed my mind on going to Mexico, and decided the next day, at Crystal City, to come back and buy land six months later, which I did.

I was in Crystal City looking at some land for sale, but did not like it. The land I saw previously was up hwy 83 to Leakey, and this is where I saw the road-side sign with Mr. Moreno on it, who was running for a local-government office. It was the first piece of land I saw. Crystal City was only the second I saw. Black smoke in my tailpipe helped to convince me to head home, but this was God's verification that he was pointing to Rockefellers with my stop in Crystal City, for I slept the night in a motel with loud cockROACHES behind the wallpaper, behind the headboard of my bed. Decades later, after realizing that God arranged many events in my life as pointers to surnames, I looked up the Smoke surname, thanks to the black smoke out the tailpipe, and found it listed with RAUCH's/RAUCHES', I kid you not. This surname happens to share a sinister-rising, white-on-red bend with Jewish Rothchilds (no 's').

So, this morning's dream has the potential to link the glass = crystal-meth drug to the event in Crystal City that pointed to Rockefellers. The latter got their infamy from the American oil industry, which is portrayed perfectly with black smoke out my tailpipe, give God some praise for this excellent symbolism. I assume that Rockefellers are extremely happy with Trump's policy of selling record amounts of American oil abroad. But why was the drug in this morning's dream called, door??? This is a mystery. I've just checked for drugs in Ecuador, to discover that it's not a big drug center.

I've now got to repeat that Miss Charlotte Hicks seemed like a pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks, a former Communications chief in Trump's administration who was dating Trump's Rob PORTER at the time. Shortly after Trump had to let Porter go, Hicks quit. The Porter surname claims (probably wrongly) that it derives in a "DOORman," so amazing. I now need to repeat a dream I had, a week after I became a Christian, in 1979. I didn't see Miss Hicks until 1994, and by 1996 had pegged her as the beautiful woman in the 1979 dream. Later, I found bulldog-evidence that she was indeed the woman in the dream.

The German Hope surname is also the Hood surname. In the 1979 dream, Miss Hicks was standing in front of the HOOD of a classic-model car in the distance. I was then shown a close-up of her face, where I said to self, "She's beautiful." In the next scene, I was standing at the passenger DOOR of the car, and she was then inside the car, hovering over the seats. I heard a voice behind me say, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." As I did so, my hand grazed her KNEE, and she popped into my arms, and we were then RISING together into the sky, end of dream. It seems to me that God used that latter scene to verify that the door of the car was His intension because the sleep-like Selepitanoi Illyrians lived at rising-like Risinium, home for the door-like Daorsi Illyrians.

I'm not going to limit God by saying that, since the door in the dream was a pointer to Daorsi liners, he cannot simultaneously be pointing to the beautiful-knee event at the glass door of the corner store. For the door scene in the dream was immediately followed by my touching her knee.

Recall now that, in this morning's dream, I slipped the door drug into my pocket, for I always link to Pocket/Poucher surname to the PORTis/Porcher surname, for they share the same giant cinquefoil. Are you not impressed? But there is more, for the Portis surname was initially found by me when seeking surnames that could have named Portishead, a location at Clapton. : "Juliana Hicks (Arthur)...Daughter of William Arthur, of Clapton...Wife of Robert Hicks". The Arthurs are from the Ardiaei Illyrians who lived on the Neretva river with the Daorsi.

There is perhaps more, for the Portis'/Porchers share the giant and ermined cinquefoil of Bus', the latter first found in Norfolk with Pockets/Pouchers. This can suggest connection to the bus stop of Lorraine that is now pointing to Alexander Stubbs, possibly the next EU "king." Norfolk is also where the Fulke's/Volks were first found who are said to be from Fulk Nerra, a surname that is perhaps from the Naro version of the Neretva.

As the dream seems to be pointing to Hope Hicks (started off with Bush) and Rob Porter, what to make of it? One suspicion is that they became spies on the Trump campaign, working for his enemies, Republican the deep state responsible for 9-11. But as the glass drug is also called, ice, let's add that Ice's were first found in the Varni theater along with Trumps. The Varni worshipped NERTHus (earth goddess), which I trace to "Neretva." God gave us an ICE-cream symbol through blond Katrina Hanson, who had the model-like look of blond Miss Hicks, and while German Hanson (probably the Visconti snake) linked excellently to Lombardy's Milan, and it just so happens that Tacitus lumped the Lombards in with Nerthus worshipers. Milan is where the Bonino's were first found, as well as Maurels who use a version of the Bute Coat.

"KATRina" was resolved with Kotor, a location smack beside Risinium and Butua, the latter being the namers of Bute, where the Glass surname was first found (we can't limit God with his genius to make all sorts of connections with simple symbolism). I saw Miss Hicks hovering in the car through the glass of the car door. The Cars share the stars of Glass', and the Car's have a "serio" motto term while the Serio river in Lombardy flows to cream-like CREMA. I asked Katrina Hanson out, for the first time, without ever speaking to her before, while she was selling me an ice CREAM.

I asked Lorraine out, for the first time, without ever speaking to her before, while she was at her BUS stop, which, for the time being, can be suspect as a pointer to George Bush. The first president George Bush made Bill BARR his attorney general, and I always link the Barr surname to Bute's partly due to a Bar location at the Adriatic shore of lake Scodra, near Butua (now Budva). Plus, Barrs share the Este eagle while Bute's use ESToiles, and the Bute Crest is the same black horse head once shown by English Este's. Bar-le-Duc is in the Lorraine part of France. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc has fish in the colors of this Saraca fish.

On my first date with Katrina, I took her out in a Valiant car (owned by the parents of my friend), and the Valiant surname shows a giant shark, while Shark-like Saraca's were, according to Wikipedia's Saraka article, from Kotor. The same Saraca's were later in Ragusa of the Daorsi theater. While all of the links seem to be God's verification that He's speaking to us by the events and dreams, they are also pointing to personalities. Before I had realized that God used events in my life for this purpose, and before he started to give me a string of morning dreams, I had traced the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's and Boschs to Ragusa, yet here I am on the Ragusa topic with Bill Barr too. German Bush's were first found in Rhineland with Rothschild liners and Scodra-suspect Schutz's.

The longer I go on making links, the more I confuse myself as to how one might read these things as per connection to world leaders. The Crystal surname (fir tree) shares a "Mens" motto term with Poppins and Pepins, and the latter share the Pipe Coat, which is partly why I had black smoke out my tailPIPE in Crystal City. The one who gave me the door drug in this morning's dream is the son of Pepin. The drug was about the size of a dice, and in a clear (crystal?) plastic, twisted-at-the-ends wrap. I'm seeing Rockefellers in the crystal-meth drug trade. The Meth/Methley surname, first found in Yorkshire with Bush's and Crystals (Dutch-Bush/Bos colors), has three fesses in the colors of the one Bush fesse.

Men's were first found in Lothian with the Roslin location of Sinclairs. The Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with their related Stops/Stubbs, and with Arrows/Arras' (same cross as Sinclairs). Stops/Stubbs have the fleur-de-lys of English Bush's, and thus there we have the BUS STOP of Lorraine, making for an around-the-bush connection to Bill Barr, especially as Pepins loved the Este's. Those fleur-de-lys are in colors reversed in the Pipe and Pepin Coats, themselves having version of part of the Webber Coat, and the latter's "Lillae" motto term is code for Lille, near Arras. The top candidates at this time for the next EU king are Mr. Weber and Mr. Stubbs.

The Stops/Stubbs use pheon ARROW heads in place of the Pepin / Pipe horse heads. As I said, the red tower in the Arrow/Arras Crest links excellently to the line of Cilnius Maecenas of Arras-like Arezzo (ancient Arretium), for the Murena/MORENO (!) tower is red too. Cilnius married Terentia MURENA, and while the Terrent/Tarent Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Child Coat, Lorraine's share the Child/Chill eagle, suspect as the white Este / Barr eagle. When Miss Hicks moved from her Texas location near me, she moved into a house owned by Mr. Childs. It once again could seem as though Hope Hicks and/or Rob Porter is to be linked to president Moreno of Ecuador, who now holds the fate of WikiLeaks Julian Assange in his hand. The knee in the glass door was linkable to WikiLEAKs because the Knee surname shares the engrailed bend of Leaks/Leakeys (probably shares the Hicks fleur-de-lys). The glass door was at the Get'n Go gas bar on the so-called Leakey road in Camp Wood. The Lorraine eagle is known to be the Piast eagle (of Poland) because Richeza of Lorraine married Mieszko II Piast.

The Arms of Arezzo has a sinister-facing horse in the black color of the Este Crest horse.

Bill Barr replaces Jeff Sessions, and then the English Sessions surname has a "HOPE for the best" motto. Amazingly, while we saw the Hicks family marry Arthurs of Clapton, that location is at the border of Gloucestershire, and Gloucestershire is where Sessions' were first found. It's yet another reason to bring Hope Hicks into part of God's pointers. The Hykes'/Hacks were first found in Devon with Hope's.

By the way, the Staffordshire location of Pipe's was named by Staffs, who share the chevron of Colchesters, and the Colchester location was previously CAMULOdunum, tending to identify the Pepin and Pipe CAMEL with that place. Colchester is in Essex, where the Este's were first found who share the Pepin horse heads in both colors. Mythical Camelot of the Arthurian cult looks linkable to "Amelot BEST, or D'Est" in the Este write-up. The Sessions motto: "Hope for the BEST". My first ever traces of the French Best surname was to Mieszko II. English Bests (Kent, same as Masters suspect with the Sessions griffin heads) share the cinquefoil of Hurts, and Arthurs use blue roundels called, hurts. There is a blue roundel in the Crest of Webbers, first found in Somerset with Clapton / Portishead. The four fesses of Dutch Bests are therefore likely the same-colored BARS (official name) of Portis'/Porchers. PORCius CATO has been suspect to the Porchers.

The Sessions Coat looks like a version of the Master Coat, and Masters share "est" with Pepins. It just so happens that Session-like Sassys use Saraca-like Saracen heads. Sassys were looked up initially because my white cat, Sassy, sucked her TAIL regularly as an adult!!! I've told this story several times, I'm not making it up here. Saracen heads are shared by cat-using Cetins/Cattans, which clinched for me the fact that God provided that cat. As both Pepins and Crystals have a "Mens" motto term, it seems that God is connecting Sassy elements (code for Jeff Sessions?) to the black smoke in the tailpipe at Crystal City. Jeff Sessions claimed to be prosecuting illegal-drug providers, but, judging from his no-performance against the deep state, perhaps he was prosecuting only the competition of the deep-state drug traffickers.

The suck-like Sauchy variation of Sassys also tended to clinch the fact that God provided Sassy for me. I tend to think that there is something more to my stripping a banister than what I've said so far on the topic. That's what I was doing for a lady who gave me Sassy as a kitten. The Kittens/Keatons (share black boar with Bush's) were first found in Leicestershire with Sassys. The latter's crescent upon a bend are in all three colors of the Arms of Saraca given at a link above.

This morning's dream seems to be about drugs from Ecuador, yet it's touching on George Bush, even as the 9-11 memorial at the Leakey road is expected by me to be God's revelation that He's going to expose some 9-11 schemers. As I said, the little package of door / glass drug was tossed to me in a plastic wrap that looked like typical candy in a twist-wrap. The Candy/Gandy surname can be a branch of Ghents who in-turn share the Bush eagle, in colors reversed from the Doria eagle, itself being the giant Candida/Candi the colors of the Murena/MORENO eagles! Wow, look at all that EcuaDORIAn substance. Scottish Doors use leopard FACES probably because Face's/Fessys (love the Segni's in their motto), who have a cross in the colors of the Candy saltires, are from the Fieschi of Genoa. Thus, Scottish Doors look like a Doria branch. Doria's were first found in Genoa with the Segni's/Segurana's who share the Este / Barr eagle. Does this mean that Bill Barr will continue the drug program of Jeff Sessions? There is so much here to digest that it gets terribly confusing.

There we now have proof that God wants some of these surnames connecting with the drug He named, door. The Doria's married the Arthur-line Arduinici, and while Arras (connects to Murena's/Moreno's) was earlier called, Atrecht, known to be named after the Atrebates of Hampshire, the latter is where Ghents were first found. That's probably why the Ghent eagle is in the colors of the Arrow/Arras and Bush fleur-de-lys.

I kid you not, I've said it many times, that the surname of the guy who tossed me the drug in a candy wrapper is of the Taffs, who not only share the Face/Fessy cross, but share a "hoc signo" motto phrase with Face's/Fessys!!! Wow. It was just a few minutes ago when I felt stumped at asking why the drug came to me in a candy wrapper, and here the answer is blown wide open. There is even such a thing as taffy wrap, and Taffs are also Taffys! Amazing. I've mentioned this guy before, FRED Taff, and it just so happens that the Taff/Taffy cross has so-called FRETty within it, and it's colors reversed from the Caen fretty while Caens (DORset) themselves use leopard faces (in heraldry, an animal head without a neck is technically a face).

[Later in the update, a Syphax trace to princess Lady Diana. I'd like to say here that, after Fred tossed me the drug, I was FRETTing, hmm, due to the blond police officer near me, and Ferte's share the red eagle with Syphax-suspect Spicks/Specks while Speccots use frets].

Fred's sister, TERESa, can thus be God's pointer to the Taro river into which the Caen-related Ceno flows, making the Tarrs/Terres' suspect from the Taro along with Terrents/Tarents, for Trents were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Terres'. The Terras' (with an 'a') happen to use rooks, a Rockefeller-line symbol.

I get confused after an link-laden dream like this because I spend all my energy making links rather than trying to figure out what God is trying to say or reveal. Let's go over this again. Fred Taff tossed me a candy-like piece of door drug that was also called, glass. Why didn't he hand it to me? Why did he throw it to me? He threw it to me in front of an attractive, blond police officer suspect with Miss Hicks, whom I had embraced in a 1979 dream as code for Daorsi / Ardiaei liners immediately after seeing her through the glass of the car door. Why was she an undercover police officer in this latest dream? Does it speak to the FBI now under the attorney general, Bill Barr?

I put the candy-drug in my pocket as part-code for the Hicks marriage to Arthurs of Portishead, and part-code for the Candida relatives of Doria's. Daorsi, also called Daversi, were likely in the area of Bar with Arduinici. Bar is to the near north of Lissus, the line to the Lys river of Artois i.e. near Arras and Webber-beloved Lille. The six BARs of Webbers are shared by Blonds, the latter first found in Suffolk with Daversi-line Davers (Arthur colors and format) and the Dice's/Diss (Arthur colors and format) who use a gold version of the Terrent/Tarent Coat. The door drug came to me as a cube in a wrapper that was about the size of a dice. The Deise variation of Dice's named Ireland's Deise at Waterford, and the Arms of County Waterford ("Deise" motto term) has a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head. The same Arms also has what could be the long perchevron of Chappes', now suggesting El-Chapo. On the other side of the Waterford stag head, an eagle in Barr-eagle colors! Wow.

The only heraldic dice I know of, showing three 6s', are those of QUINTana's, in CANDy colors and format!!! WOWWW! Until this find, it was mere speculation that the door drug was God's code for the Dice's. It now appears clinched. If I recall correctly, a Miss Quintana married a baron Massy of Monaco's Grimaldi princes, and it just so happens that the door drug came to me in a plastic BAG while Grimaldi's, who had a branch at Genoa (same place as Candida-related Doria's) share the Bag Coat! Quintana's and Quints (share Colchester chevron) thus look like Doria-related Ghent liners, likely from the Ardiaei king, Gentius. Gentius married the daughter of Monunius II, and his line is to the Moons, first found in Devon with Monaco-like Monks and Dards/DARDs, making Monaco look like a line from Monunius DARDanians.

The Grimaldi princes of Monaco have a purple throne. Barons Massy surfaced in Monaco when Grace Kelly married the Grimaldi prince of Monaco; the Kelly surname is said to be from near Dublin while Dublin had barons Massy too. "The surname Kelly was first found in southwest Ireland, south of Dublin," and Waterford happens to be in that area. The Monaco surname (Gaunt fesse?) is thus suspect with the Kelly lion. John Kelly, Trump's former chief of staff, loved Hope Hicks and Rob Porter. Compare German Munichs to Grimaldi's, for the Crest of the Hiedlers/Hitlers has the enfield griffin of Gaineys, which is the Kelly Crest too. It's suggesting that Monaco liners named Munich, where Hitler's Nazi's were concentrated.

The candy drug was thrown to me. If we say that he THREW it to me, we can point to the Hamilton motto, "Through," for Miss Charlotte Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick. This can help us to identify the blond police officer as Miss Charlotte Hicks, God's pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks, for while her boyfriend, Rob Porter, is now being pointed to by Portishead, home of the Arthur-Hicks family, Portis'/Porchers share the ermined cinquefoil of Hamiltons. Coincidence? You can find HW Kilpatrick online as the husband of Charlotte. I don't ever tell one lie with the events or dreams I speak on. I never fabricate one thing.

The Waterford/Waterville surname (water lilies, connectable to Lille), in the colors of the Arms of County Waterford, is said to be from Seine-Maritime, very near to the first-known Chappes' and the Lys'/Lisse's expected from the Lys river near Lille. The Waterford surname shares a white-on-blue chevron with the Chappes' and the Arms of County Waterford. I trace Chappes' to QUINTus Caepio.

I shared a dream several times of simply a spider on a strand of web trying to approach a fly stuck to the strand. I blocked the spider's path with a piece of cardboard. The only spider-like surname I could find was the Spitzers, who use "hills" with a so-called tunnel, evoking El-Chapo's drug trade via tunnels. I'm only just starting out with this theory, bare me out with a few more words.

The Fly surname (Hampshire, Atrebates country) was first found beside the Webbers, and both use the same fleur-de-lys. It's what I need to see to verify that God is in the dream. Spitzers were first found in Styria, suspect with the Styre variation of Sturs, and the latter's Coat can be gleaned in the Crest of Portis'/Porchers because Portishead is near the source of the Stur river (beside Hampshire). Porcher-like Porcia's use boars in the colors of the one boar of German Corners, and the spider was at the corner of the ceiling.

There is a second Stur/Stour river in Worcestershire, where HILLs (and Lilys/Lillie's) were first found suspect in the Spitzer hills. I have read the Spitzer description (website no longer online), and they are hills with a tunnel. The Moor head of French Chappes' is shared by Stirlings/STURlings (version of Stop/Stubbs Coat), and Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirling. Thus, the heraldic tunnel is linkable to el-Chapo in this unusual way, especially as Waterfords use lilies as likely code for Lilys/Lillie's. The Joels/Jewels, first found near the Stur river, and not far from Worcestershire, use lilies in Waterford-lily colors, and German Joels happen to share the Zionist stars of Tunnels, both surnames (almost with matching Coats) using the stars in two colors schemes. Tunnel-like Tonys/Tonelli's use a "flower" (on a water wave) in Joel-lily colors.

I'm therefore wondering whether God arranged for the Trump stag and the Chappes perCHEVRON to be in the Arms of Waterford, along with the Barr eagle round-about, in order to point to a Trump-monster and/or Bush-mobster connection to El-Chapo. Trump operated out of New York, where that state's attorney general was the disgraced Eliot Spitzer. The latter was the attorney general of New York during 9-11, when Rudy Giuliani was the New York mayor who's now Trump's public-relations lawyer. Adolf Hitler's nephew (alias William Stuart-Houston) had settled Long Island, and had sons.

I had traced the Corner/Garner surname to lake Garda, off of which is a Val TROMPia, for while Corners/Garners are said to be a GARDner branch, they share the acorn with Dutch Tromps. German Tromps are also the Trumps. The spider in my dream was trying to catch the fly in the CORNER of my bedroom ceiling (the corner where one wall meets ceiling). The Corners/Garners are in Trump colors, and use the red griffin likely of Pomerania, where Trumps/Tromps were first found.

Both the water waves in the Arms of Waterford County, and the water waves of the so-called "fountains" of the Waterford surname, suggest German Drummonds, for they use three wavy fesses in the colors of those water waves. Fountains (Norfolk, same as Portis'/Porchers) use three fesses of their own. Moreover, Scottish Drummonds have three wavy fesses in the colors of the three Stur / Portis/Porcher-Crest fesses. This is why "TRUMp" is expected to be a branch of German DRUMmonds (Hamburg, near Pomerania), but the main point to all this is that wavy bars fessewise are used by the Webbers to which the spider-fly dream points. Heraldic waves are suspect as code for the Weaver branch of Webbers. Thus, Donald Trump appears to be washed out from amid the codework of that dream.

Question? Does Trump want to build the wall to stop the competition of the El-Chapo drug trade? Hmm, better that than using the wall to hamper persecuted Christians in the future. Yes, a wall stops the others, but not the El-Chapo tunnels. How ironic, if true, that El-Chapo was tried and convicted in New York.

Again, the spider failed to get the fly at the top of my bedroom WALL. The spider was not where two walls meet the ceiling, but only where one wall meets it. The fly was a dead duck if not for my intervening. After I stopped the spider, I felt it wiggling in my arm pit. It was awful, because I was paralyzed, I could not get up, because I was asleep. You may have experienced that sort of thing: a horrible dream makes you semi-conscious, but still unable to get up.

I can now ask whether God arranged any of the Wall surnames to point to this thing already pointed to by the spider dream. English Walls, first found in Gloucestershire, which is between the two Stur rivers, but also near Portishead, look to be with a version of the Master Coat, only substituting the Master griffin heads with the Masci fleur. The GRIFFin family was of Pomerania, where Trumps were first found, and are suspect from Julius AGRIPPa, uncle of Julius Bassianus, father-in-turn of Masci-liner Julia Maesa. Wall-like Walters, who are suspect in the write-up of Waterfords, share the GRIPP/Grape bend, which is also the Varn bend, and Varni were a people group in Pomerania / Mecklenburg. In this Wall-Walter way, thanks to Trump's wall, we just explained why the Arms of County Waterford should be with the Trump stag head.

If it seems egotistical of me to suggest that God would manipulate heraldic symbols, and even cause marriages between heraldry-using families, just to speak these end-time messages through me, yes, it is amazing to me too. I'm not trying to be egotistical. I make these claims at the risk of being viewed as a nut.

I will add that English Walls, if indeed they are with a version of the Master Coat, are linkable to Maistre's/Matres', which recalls the kids of Michael (Joel's brother!) JUMPing on a yellow mattress!!! Hee-hee, Jumps use a stag head in Trump stag-head colors!!! Nut or not, them's the apparent facts. Irish Walls have a "Caesar" motto term while Caesars were first found in Kent with Masters.

This recalls my claim of years ago that my first kiss from a girl, just a peck she stole that I didn't return, was from 13-year-old Christine Masters. The Kiss/Kush surname shares fountains with Caesar-possible Cass'/Cash's and Waterfords.

By the way, in the yellow mattress dream, I had walked into a store that I thought was a fake store. I therefore tested the man there by suggesting I wanted to but this yellow bed. Why would there be a fake store in the dream? Well, criminals laundering money could open any business whatsoever, and then create fake sales, banking money from crimes rather than money from real customers.

According to published reports, investigators alleged that Spitzer paid up to $80,000 for prostitutes over a period of several years while he was attorney general, and later as governor. Spitzer first drew the attention of federal investigators when his bank reported suspicious money transfers under the anti-money laundering provisions of the Bank Secrecy Act and the Patriot Act. The resulting investigation was triggered by the belief that Spitzer might have been hiding bribe proceeds and led to the discovery of the prostitution ring (Wikipedia).

If we ask the significance of the fly, it's only partially for the fact that Fly's share the Webber fleur. The Fly's were first found in Hampshire with CAPlans and Josephs, and the Fly's even have footless martlets colors reversed from the one of French Josephs. To solidify the involvement of Masters here, they happen to share the griffin heads of Caplans, which is totally amazing where Walls use a version of the Master Coat, for Caplans can again point to El-Chapo's tunnels i.e. the potential reason for Trump's wall. Josephs together with Caplans and their Chaplain branch (share the double-gold chevrons of the Hampshire Josephs) speak to me of Joseph Caiaphas, but I'll add that Hampshire is also where Bidens/Buttons (a "chapeau" cap owned by Capelli's) were first found while the next president may be JOSEPH Biden.

Bidens/Buttons share horns in Crest with Cheneys, and the latter share the Fly martlets while Flys share the Bush fleur. Can you now dig out why God used the fly? Eliot Spitzer was involved in the Bush-Cheney cover up of 9-11 wasn't he? Lookie from Spitzer's Wikipedia article: "Silda WALL and Eliot Spitzer married on October 17, 1987..." The article says that Spitzer was, like Trump, in the real-estate business, and, moreover, Spitzer was involved mobster-like with a Russian woman about the time Trump was sizing up the possibility of a tower in Moscow.

Here's from the 5th update of last November:

Good morning. I recalled another dream as I awoke. If I don't have them while waking, I don't remember them. This time, I was at a store where I doubted that it was a legitimate store. To test the owner or salesman, I told him I would like to order a certain product I pointed to at random on a line upon a piece of paper in my hand, which had a list of codes / numbers as the product names. "Oh, the salesman said, you want the YELLOW bed," and I then saw the word "yellow" in the midst of the numbers on that line. The man said to me that the mattress is made of a material that was not good for jumping on, and so I asked Michael beside me -- the same Michael who was in the Orangey dream -- whether his kids were able to jump on the bed, and he said "oh yeah," no problem. I then awoke with my bladder about to burst, which is why I remember the dream, and I went straight away to put this YELLOW liquid into the toilet. I was amazed, because urine is the symbol of mythical Orion, to whom Orange had been traced...

I didn't know until this update that "As bizarre or disgusting as it seems, there are people who try to get Meth [the drug] from urine..."

The toilet could be God's pointer to Tollets/Tolle's (Staffordshire), who share the Tool lion, and, perhaps, they are a branch of Tulips/Tewlops that might just be in the flowers of Master-suspect Matres'/Maistre's. The Tollets/Tolle's almost use the Aincourt Shield, and WALTER d'Aincourt is in the Jump write-up. The point of quoting from the November update is to show that God used Michael's kids (Kitts use tulips) as part of the pointer to Jumps with the Trump / Waterford stag head. Why Michael? German Michaels happen to use what looks like a version of the German Walter Coat, and we saw why Walter liners can link to Walls having a version of the Master Coat.

As the Master griffin is in honor of the Pomeranian Griffin family, let's add that while Scottish Barrs were at TOLLERton, Tollers/Tolls/Tollens were first found in Pomerania and Mecklenburg with Trumps. Bill Barr and Donald Trump, up to something criminal? Tollers/Tolls share the Pepoli checks, and Popoli's (in the poplar tree of Mole-loving Shake's?) recall the POPLar tree of Crystals) have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of the Mecklenburg Schwerins (from SchWERIN of the Varni/WARNi / Warnow theater). Barrs share the Steele lion head while Steele's share the black-and-white checks of Tollers/Tolls.

Scottish Michael (Surrey, beside the first Masters), you see, use one wavy fesse in the colors of the wavy, fessewise bars of Webbers. It's therefore possibly that the three gold mascles of Michaels are those of Bullys who are likewise in the Jump write-up. The Michael and Michaelson fesse is colors reversed from the Yellow fesse, though I suspect that there is more to the yellow bed than this verification alone that Michael's are being pointed to.

Bullys share the heart with Wagers (same place as Jumps), suspect with the Wagrians on the Warnow river of the Varni/Warni. The Warnow flows to ROSTock, and if the Gump/Gumm/Gomer rooster is code for that place, Jumps look like a Gump branch.

Ada of Warenne had a father from Surrey, and Warrens share the Aincourt Shield. Ada of Warenne married Henry of Huntingdon, and the hunting HORN (Orion liner) is used by Orange's, and was used by rulers of Orange. Warrens are expected from the Varni Germanics, and it just so happens that Varns (Ayrshire, same as Barrs), in Yellow colors, share the scallops of English Michaels. Trumps were first found in the Varni theater, and the Varn bend is that also of Yellow-like Gells, first found in Yorkshire with Jumps. So, you see, Michaels help along with Jumps in pointing to Donald Trump. Norwegian Michaelsons use nothing but a fesse in half the colors of nothing-but-a-fesse Yellows.

Michaels were first found in Surrey with James', and the two share scallops in colors reversed. It just so happens that while James' use a "J'AIMe" motto term, Aims are listed with Ains i.e. looking like they named Jump-related Aincourts. The blue lion in the James Crest can be the one in the Ward/Varde Crest, for Wards/Varde's share the Aincourt Shield.

The "ne" motto term of Varns can be for the Nee variation of Knee's, for the lion of English Michaelsons is neither demi nor full, but taken from the knees. English Josephs use "ni" and Walt(er)-like "wlad." Knee's were first found in County Down while Downs use a stag in Trump / Jump stag-head colors. The Hampshire Josephs are known to descend from Henry Joseph or Joseph Henry, I forget which, but linkable to Henry Huntingdon (this link was made probably less than a month ago). Henry Huntingdon with Ada is definitely of the Davids, the Ade's/Aids, the Aitons and EYtons, which should explain the Ay- / Ey-like motto term of Josephs. English Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Eytons, and Scottish Hunters were first found in AYRshire with Scottish Barrs while German Barrs have a hunting horn in the colors of the Hunter horns. Ayers/Eyers are also EYES'.

Orion was a mythical Hunter of Boeotia, and Boeotians are suspect at Butua, where the sleep and rising symbol of Miss Hicks traced, and so let's repeat that the SELEPitanoi Illyrians were at modern Bar, and therefore likely at Butua. The Sleeps (probably the Dart/Dard fesse) were likewise first found in Shropshire, which was also named, Salop.

It's hard for me, and probably you, to read how these links can apply to the real world, or to the current news, or to predictions of future events. But this is a progressive revelation out of my hands. I regret for readers' sakes that it must take so long. It's only taken 10 hours of my life so far to write this section on this morning's dream, but I'll probably need to revisit it. I'm very interested in revelations concerning Bill Barr's agendas. If he ever tackles the murder of judge Scalia, suspect with a Mr. Foster and the International Order of Saint HUBERTus (hunting group), it may explain why Fosters love the Hunter surname that shares the Barr horns, which is the Hunter surname with a "Cursum" motto term expected with the Curzon kin of Huberts. Curzons were first found in Derbyshire with Ayers/Eyers/Eyes'. Curzons were of Notre-Dame-de-Courson just off the Horn-liner region of Orne.

Curzons use a Coat like that of Cheneys and Bush-possible Boasts/Bois', and while Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire, Buckings use a reflection of the Sassy/Sauchy Coat and throw in what could be the Bush/Bos lion. As my cat, Sassy, sucked her tail, I had looked up Suchs/Zouche's, and here I find: "Assheton Curzon, 1st Viscount Curzon, and his wife Harriet Anne Bishopp, 13th Baroness ZOUCHE..." The Bishop bend with besants is reflective of the same of Sassys/Sauchers, and the latter share the crescent of Corsons/Carsons ("Ne"). Suchs/Zouche's were first found at ORMskirk (Orms are also ORRINs/Oruns) Lancashire, where Banisters were first found. I was given Sassy by a lady whose banister I was refinishing, on her stairs = scala (pointer to Scalia?). The Corson/Carson motto is almost that of Varns, and the Varn bend with three scallops is in the colors of the Curzon / Cheney / Boast bend with three items.

Corsons/Carsons were first found in Dumfries with the Turks/McTorks who in-turn share the Hunter hunting horns. These are the Hunters with the "Cursom" motto term. In the 1st update of last December, wild turkey appeared out my computer window in six inches of snow, and these creatures caused me to load Turks/Torks and to get onto the Scalia topic. I said:

Aha! I think I can decipher this Sign with the murder of judge Scalia. The Scalia's use the ladder, remember, and Hounds share the lozenges of Schole's/SCAYLE's, likely part of the "scaling ladders" of Trips and Bennets. When I saw that the turkeys could lead to Scalia's murderer, I hadn't yet recalled this online claim: "[Scalia's] vigor for killing was on display when he told Joan Biskupic in her Scalia biography, American Original, that his favorite prey was the wild turkey...'"

Look at how Joan BISKUPic looks like a Bishop branch. The lozengy Shield of Schole's/Scayle's is shared by Orms/Orrins, and we just crossed them above in the Sassy-Zouche-Bishop discussion. The Curzon / Courson location above is at the Touques river, and the Touques surname has besants in the colors of the Sassy/Sauchy besants, suggesting the possibility that Turks are a branch of Touques-river liners. In fact, the Touques-river area was home to Tosni's, who were a branch of Leicester's Tonys, and Sassys were first found in Leicestershire. Sassys are said to be of HarCOURTs, and Harcourts were at Tork-like Torcy/Torville.

Aha! The turkeys were in snow, and Snows use ANTELopes while Tosni's were from Les ANDELys. Snows (colors of Italian Tonys) were first found at Rutland, and Rutland is at Leicester. Plus, amazingly, the Banisters are in the write-up of Meschins with what look like Rutlands: "...who held the honor of Skipton, in Yorkshire, from Richard Banistre, a Norman Baron of Cheshire who also held lands in Capite in Shropshire. Robert is mentioned as witness to a deed in 1106. There is also a vague relationship to Robert of RHUDLAN, kinsman of Duke William." Skipton was ruled by Rumillys, who share the Sassy / Corson/Carson crescent. The Rumilly write-up: "There was conflict between two Norman nobles, Roger de TOSNY and Richard de Romilly between 1190 and 1200. Overriding this dispute was another Norman Lord, Gilbert de Miners, who eventually lost these lands, and other unnamed lands in Buckinghamshire."

If the Corson/Carson Crest is a scimitar, that traces to Schimatari, the Boeotian home of Orion. Schimatari has been resolved with the Biblical Shechemites, and Shake's (Lancashire, same as Ormskirk and the Orms) share one chevron of Hunter-loving Fosters. A Mr. Foster, supposed friend of judge Scalia, was instrumental in getting Scalia to go hunting on Poindexter's ranch, where Scalia was murdered.

The Arms of Middlesex uses, I think, scimitars, and the Corson/Carson Coat is a near-version of the Bute/Butt Coat, important because I trace Bute's to Boeotians. Wikipedia's Butt article: "The surname can also be found in England where it is again of patronymic origin, meaning "son of Butt". First found in Middlesex where they were anciently seated, and were granted lands by William the Conqueror, and recorded in the Domesday Book compiled in 1086."

Thunder and Lightning in Markham

I trace Butts to "Bodegisel" (son of Mummolin) in about the 5th century. Amazingly, I had a girlfriend, Miss Whelan (Brick Coat), who lived on a Corson street along with the parents of Mr. Kepke. I have remarked that Corsons/Carsons (Brix lozenges) use the Whelan lozenges in colors reversed, and I've told several times before that the last I ever saw of her was when Kepke said to me, "BE non-CHALANT." It was when I was getting up from the table to go speak with her as she with her new man were walking into a restaurant. The Chalant surname is listed with Chalons, and Mummolin ruled from Chalons-sur-Marne. Mummolin married Berthe, daughter of MAURILion, and Maurels happen to use a version of the Bute Coat, which is why I trace Bute's and Bude's to Bodegisel, which is to say that Bodegisel was probably from Butua elements.

I've read that Bothwells were from Bute, which tends to check out where Bothwells are in Bute/Butt colors. There's a BOY in the Bothwell Crest, and Boys/BIE's use bees. BE non-chalant," he said. Boeotians were also BOIOtians, and some say the Boii named the Baiocasses of the Bessin, which can explain the bees of the Bessin surname. Ranulph de BRIQUESsart of the Bessin (in Calvados along with Courson) is probably the root of the Bricks and Brix's who linked above to Corsons/Carsons. Corrys/Currys and Correns were first found in Waterford with Whelans.

Miss Whelan lived on the corner of Henry Corson Place and Senator Reesors drive in MARKham. The Reesors are also Reasons, suspect from Risinium, right-near Butua. Just check out the cross of Ferrands, for it's the vaired cross of Reesors/Reasons, and so let's add that Mummolin and Bodegisel descended from Tulia of Clermont-Ferrand. Italian Ferrands even share the Shield of Tollets/Tolle's, both sharing the checks of French MARKs. English Marks share the giant Reesor/Reason lion, and Jewish Marks share the checks on a bend of Butua-suspect Boyds, and the Zionist star of Pero's. Impressive, but Jewish Marks even share roses with Pierro's/Pero's. Now I know why I lived in Markham.

The MARKhams can be traced to the MARICi partners of the Laevi Gauls, two founders of Pavia on the Tessin/Ticino river. The Markham motto, "MiTIS et auDAX" is a dead giveaway, for the Tiss' are expected as a branch of Tess'/Tecks (LEAVES), first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton. Mr. Kepke was dating Miss Peare when I was with Miss Whelan, and Peare's were resolved with Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia. Kepke lived beside Mr. Young on Henry Corson Place, and Youngs share the three piles of Laevi-liner Leavells. Henry Corson Place runs parallel with, and smack beside, John DEXter Place. Who put all of these "coincidences" together???

I'm not finished, because Markhams were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes' while Tess'/Tecks come up as Tease's too. Tease's/Tyes' share the star of Annas', likewise first found in Nottinghamshire. I trace the Laevi Gauls to the Levite bloodline in Annas of Israel, the high priest at whose home Jesus was placed on trial the night they sentenced him to death. The Tease's/Tess'/Tecks use the ANNAN cross in colors reversed, and Annans were first found in Dumfries with Corsons/Carsons.

When I was 11 years old, and living near Henry Corson Place, I awoke, saying, "No, I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe...." at which very second lighting and thunder blew up in my face, sending the BRICKs of our chimney all over the roof. This is why I think my mother's Masci bloodline is from Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of Ranulph le Meschin, a Masci liner. You see, God spoke to me with lightning at my waking time, and he now speaks to us with dreams at my waking minute. At age 12, I joined organized hockey for the first time, and, as I've told so many time, God created two events with my teammate, Steve Tarr. His surname was from the Taro river, wasn't it?

The proto-Annans mentioned above were from the Ananes Gauls, who lived between the Taro and the Trebia, at Piacenza, and my mother was born in Piacenza-like Picenze. The Ceno river which flows into the Taro is the proto-Caen surname because Caens share five white ostrich feathers in Crest with the Arms of Traby (from the Trebia river, right?). Caen is in the Bessin, home of Ranulph de Briquessart. You see, God did some pretty neat and tidy things in my life to reveal the bloodlines of Jesus' killers, meaning that the Creator is indeed the father of Jesus Christ. Is this revelation important today, as most slip away from Faith?

When I was 13, my parents moved away from the area of Henry Corson, at which time I began to attend a new school, MARK II in Unionville. It looks like God set that up to point once again to the Marici. I trace Marici to the Marsi of Abruzzo, in the area of my mother's birth, what a coincidence. When I was 18, I met Miss Peare and dated her for a couple of weeks only, when Kepke took her away from me, all God's will. Miss Peare then moved into an apartment with me, though I did not touch her, for she was with Mr. Kepke. After she moved out, God arranged for Mr. Young, my friend on Henry Corson, to date Miss Whelan's sister, and this is how I came to date Miss Whelan. Again, the Youngs/Yonge's share the three piles of Laevi-liner Leavells, and the latter share the red fesse of Caens.

I met Kepke when we were 11 years old. I was gathering my papers at the time, for my paper route, which included Henry Corson and John Dexter. I delivered the Telegram, and Ken Savage, my schoolmate, delivered the Toronto Star. It has been resolved that the Savage lion (could be the Levi lion) is the black lion paw of Quints, and Quints are suspect from Quintus Caepio, the one who I thing was ancestral to Joseph Caiaphas (haven't yet proven it), son-in-law of Annas the high priest, killers of Jesus together. I have had indications that "Kepke," a Ukrainian name, is a version of "Caiaphas."

As I've said before, Kepke was walking across the lawn of Greg Fisher when I first saw him. I think we greeted each other that day. German Fishers look like they share the Bute/Butt/BOET fish, and it just so happens that while Annas and Caiaphas were Sadducees, the Sadducees had a house of BOET(H)us at the time. You can't make this stuff up. It was Kepke who said, "be non-chalant," in regards to Miss Whelan, which was God's pointer to Mummolin, father of Bute-suspect Bodegisel. It's telling me that Kepke was a pointer to Caiaphas of the house of Boethus as it traced to Mummolin's family.

It took me months, but I finally realized that the Bute/Butt/Boet Coat is a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat, wow, what a bombshell.

It has been resolved that the Laevi Gauls named king Lupus Laevillus of Cetis, in the first century AD. Cetis was also, Citis, and a "citis" term is buried in the Caen motto probably for that reason, for Caen is in the Bessin while Laevillus married Miss Bassus, also called, BASSIANus. Laevillus with Miss Bassus birthed Proculus CHARAX, whom Wikipedia is hiding. He is the proto-Carricks without doubt. Carricks are said to descend from Craigs, but Carricks are in Greg colors. Hence, GREG Fisher suggests that Proculus was from the house of Boethus, making perfect sense. Gregs were first found in Yorkshire with Kepke-like Keppocks and Crags (share Carrick dog), the Crags using leaves on their bend, code for Laevi > Laevillus liners, right? It appears that God used Kepke at Fisher's place to teach that Caiaphas was the ancestor of Laevillus.

I ended up hanging around Greg Fisher and Jim McGee, who both lived on Captain Armstrong lane with Ken Savage. We did a lot together before Kepke and I become good friends at age 12 and 13. In the hockey finals, at age 12, Steve Tarr passed to me alone in front of the net, where I one-timed it over the KNEE PAD of Jim McGee (we went on to win the trophy). McGee's were first found in Dumfries with Corsons/Carsons (Briquessart kin), Patents/PADyns, and KilPATicks, the latter with the same lion as Levi's. The Knee's may play into this picture where they have a bend in Greg-bend colors.

In the previous game, Tarr took a shot that came to rest on the goal line. The goalie was sprawled way out of the net, and there was me, alone, skating in, facing this puck, with the game tied 2-2 and a minute or less to play in the game. I fell to my KNEES, too overwhelmed to stay on my feet, and poked the puck across the line as I slid by the post. You see, God has been trying to stress the Knee surname since age 12, but as yet, I don't think I know why. Kepke played a goalie that year too, on another team.

So, what about that TROPHy we won? My team has God to thank for it. What are the chances that Trope's/Drops share the Chief of Tollets/Tolle's? Yup, that's right. Even the trophy points to the line of Mummolin.

What about that STICK I used to poke the puck across the goal line? Why do we think that Sticks were first found in Somerset with Tarrs? As dirty Annas was from the Ananes Gauls at the Taro river, near the Trope-like Trebia river, let's go to his father, Seth, for the Sett surname is listed with the Shaws (share dagger with Kilpatricks and Mackays), said to be from Stick-like "Sithech." Pretty neat and tidy. And Shaws share the Coat of Christine's, first found in the Isle of Man, home of king Maccus, the line to Mackays ("Manu" motto term). Pretty neat and tidy of God to name Miss Peare, Christine. The Christine and Shaw Coats are even those of Pilotte's / Pellets. Mackays share a bear head, decked out with straps like a horse, with Berwicks.

Again, God used my stick to poke in the puck that had come from the slap shot of Steve Tarr. The Sticks are from the Astikas', whom are at Wikipedia's article on Traby as the marital mates of Trabys. You see, Steve Tarr descended from the Taro, didn't he? Trebys were first found beside the Tarrs, who by the way are also Tara's.

Let's go to Tarr's SLAP SHOT at the Markham hockey rink. The Shots/Shute's, who share the swords of McGee's and Tax's/DACHs/DAX's, are suspect with the sling shot in the Arms of DACHau (Nazi headquarters), recalling the "MiTIS et AuDAX" motto of Ticino-liner Markhams. English Dax's/Ducks have the stars of Tease's/Tyes' in colors reversed, and share the falcon design of Stevens, which may reveal that God named Steven Tarr, especially as Stevens share a solid chevron (perchevron) in the colors of the Chappes perchevron. But it's also the perchervon of Ottone's, and Ottone's, what a coincidink, share the ANNulet of German Pucks. The latter themselves have a long chevron in the colors of the Ottone and Chappes perchevron.

When my father was too tired to drive me to early-morning practices (still dark out), I would walk down Major Buttons drive to the rink. The Capelli-related Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with BODE's/Botters/Budins, which looks connectable to Bodegisel liners to Bute's/Butts/Boets. In fact, the roses of German Bode's/Boede's are in the colors of the Jewish Marks/Marx's who in-turn share the Boyd checks on a fesse. After going down Major Buttons, I'd cut through Rouge park (the arena was at the corner of hwy 7 and Markham road). The Rouge/Roger surname, to my amazement, may be with the Knee bend, but, in any case, if has the same six roses as Bute's/Butts/Boets. The latter's fesse is that also of Buttons/Bidens, can you believe this? Here's the map again, check it out to be sure I'm not making up names.

The Rauger variation of Rouge's/Rogers evokes the Smoke/Raucher surname. As the latter was revealed as a Rockefeller branch, let's add that the Bothwells use a gold version of the Feller Coat. And, zowie, English Rogers (Rookby colors and format) share the black stag with Knee's!!! It tends to verify that Rouge's/Raugers use the Knee bend. And while God linked the Knee's to Steve Tarr at this hockey rink, what about Rookbys and Rooks sharing the chess rook with Terras' while Tarrs are Terres'? Unbelievable. Roach's share the fish with Bute's/Butts/Boets.

I kid you note, Rick Spence, a classmate (age 11) whom I've mentioned before, lived at John LYONs road near the corner of Major Buttons. Can you believe that Tulia of Claremont-Ferrand, ancestor of Bodegisel, was born Tullia of Lyon? Incredible, this is staggering. The Scottish Spence surname shares both two red fesses, and a black boar head, with Babons/Bavents, and Bodegisel's brother was, Babon. Nobody's ever seen anything like this. Imagine all the work that God did to set these things up.

The Spence's were mentioned briefly when I told that his sister, Janet, was raped by our gang. I was there, but didn't lay a hand on her, and it was just a mock rape across the street from her place (in the school grounds), just giving her a scare, though one guy (Robert Powell) took the liberty to squeeze her breast, which I saw. This is amazing, because Mummolin was pointed to by big-breasted Mamie, my girlfriend (age 24) immediately after Lorraine (Mummolin ruled across the Meuse river from Lorraine). Mamie, whom God gave a THIGH symbol at her GARDEN, was code for the Mame/Meme/Mens surname, and therefore for the Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/TYES'), who had a MAMESfelde location. The Mansfields are wrongly said to be named after breasts, but it serves the purpose at hand.

The Gardens (Angus, beside the Spence's) share the black boar head with Babons and Spence's, you see, but I now have more to add, for while Gardens are expected with lake Garda, beside Brixia/BREScia, which is the line to Brest (Brittany) without doubt, Janets share the Brix/Brest lozenges. Janet Spence had her breast squeezed. In fact, the Corsons/Carsons share the Rape crescent while the Corson/Carson Chief is the Janet Chief, can you believe this? Rape's share the Knee / Rouge/Roger bend, in case it applies. Here's from the 4th update of April, 2017, where Corsons and Brix's/Brests were mentioned:

We now have greater evidence that the Janet-Spence rape by Robert Powell applies to the Revelation dragon, and in the meantime, Janets can be suspect with PlantaGENETs and Gennes'/Jennes', feasibly in the Gennes term of the Jeune write-up. Again, that rape traces to BREST in Finistere while Finis', expected in the so-called "unFINISHed pyramid" in the Great Seal of the United States (Masonic garbage, spit on it), share the same lions as Sforza's / Saint-Pols. A pyramid is shared by Tulls/Toole's (Stewart / Mattis / Ferrand checks), from Tullia in Auvergne, where French Jeune's were first found.

This is pretty incredible, for Tullia of Auvergne was Tullia of Lyon (Janet Spence lived on John Lyons rd.), and Jeune's are in the motto of Youngs/Yonge's while Rick Young of Henry Corson Place was dating Miss Whelan of Henry Corson Place at the time that I was dating Miss Whelan's sister. MumMOLIN's family was involved with Mattis-like Metz, very likely of the Mathis river (of the Cavii) to the Mathis' who share the MOLINE of Chives'. Miss Whelan lived at the corner lot of Senator Reesors drive, and Reesors/Reasons, kin of Ferrands (Clermont-Ferrand is in Auvergne), are likely from Risinium/Rhizon, to the near-north of the Cavii.

Robert Powell (lived on Senator Reesors) squeezed Janet's breast, and Powells were first found in the BREConshire / POWys area of Wales, as were the Clermonts/Clements who share the Clair besants. Therefore, even Powells can link to Clermont-Ferrand liners. I have told several times before that, as Robert Powell and I walked toward his place, we had a ROCK fight on Senator Reesors just as we passed the house where the Whelans would later move to. We started to lob rocks at one another, and it got tense. I'll bet that was God's pointer to Rockefeller lines. I see the Rice's, of Wales, as Rockefeller liners, and Reesors are probably a Rice branch i.e. from Rhizon liners. Welsh Rice's share the raven with rook-using Rooks, and are in the colors and format of Rookbys.

Powells have a "fynw" motto term can be for Feins/Finis' because Feins/Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire, Wales. The latter share GAUNTlet gloves with the GUNTers (Breconshire, yup) suspect in the "JunGUNTER" motto term of Gardens (Angus, near the Glove's and Lyons of Perthshire). Feins are in the motto of Windsors, the latter connectable to Spencers, as you will see shortly.

Back to the "be non-chalant" phrase used my Mr. Kepke (next-door neighbor of Rick Yonge) in regards to Miss Whelan. For when Kepke left Miss Peare, he got engaged to the Welsh woman, Miss Walsh, who lived on Wootten Way, a street that passes Senator Reesors. This is incredible, for the Wootens, first found in Kent with Rusts, share the Rust saltire. Rusts are suspect with Decimus Rusticus of Lyon, husband of Tullia of Lyon. You can't make this stuff up. "Be non-chalant" is code for the Chalant/Chalons surname to the Chalons location of Mummolin. The latter descended both from Decimus Rusticus, and a later Rusticus of Lyon.

[The day after writing here, I loaded the Walsh's to recall that one of the two uses the Rust / Wooten saltire!!! Absolutely amazing. "Woten street" is in the 4th update of April, 2017, and in the 1st of May, and though I spelled it wrong, here's what I said: "The school where Janet was raped was off of a Woten street, the street where Kim Walsh lived."]

The Rusts were first found in Kent with Rothes-suspect Care's, and French Care's/Quarre's use a version of the Tollet/Tolle Coat, perfect. The Stewart checks are highly suspect with Care's/Quarre's and Tollets/Tolle's because Rothes' were first found in Shropshire with the Alans of Tolle-like Dol.

French Croziers were first found in Auvergne while the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne uses the Coat of English Croziers, and German Rice's/Reis' use croziers.

It's interesting that while the Whelan bend-with-lozenges is in the colors of the Knee bend, the Knee's were first found in County Down, which itself has a crozier in the Crest of its Arms. The Rogers with the colors and format of the Welsh Rice's share the black stag with Knee's, while French Rogers/Rouge's share the Knee bend. Whelans were first found in Waterford, where the Arms uses a stag head in the colors of the Down stag, but it's also in the colors of the Young/Jung/June stag while Rick Young dated Miss Whelan. It's just all incredible to me. I like to say that, before God created the universe, he was working out all these links, it took so much time. Jungs are suspect in the "Jungunter" motto term of Babon-related Gardens.

The Youngs/Yonge's with the "jeune" motto term may be with the Pierro/Pero roses, for these Youngs use a black wolf in Crest suspect with the line of Lupus Laevillus (the other Youngs/Yonge's share the Leavells piles). Waleran de Leavell (see Waleran write-up), which may be the Whelan line, married Miss Beaumont of Meulan, and while the Arms of Meulan shares the Shield of Louvier's, the latter's Chief has the black Young/Yonge wolf.

When I was new to the school of Rick Spence, having come a little late, he noticed that I was a fast runner, and so he had me a race. When I beat him, he said I was the fastest RUNNER in the school. That's why I looked up the Runners just now (for the first time), but saw nothing to say in the symbolism, and so I clicked the back button, at which time, while the page was going back, I caught "Spencer" in the write-up: "'...the widow of Richard de Renacres of Bickerstaffe, granted to Hugh le Spencer of Ormskirk certain lands which had come to her after the death of her husband.'"

I've just looked up the Richards, since I assume that Rick Spence was born, Richard. I caught sight of the "Prade in Lyonnais, Vaux in Roannais" in the write-up of French Richards, which is exceptional since he lived on John Lyons rd. I was wondering whether Roannais is named by a branch of Runners, but no luck finding evidence. I then loaded Prade's to find them first found in Auvergne (i.e. with Rusticus of Lyon), and sharing the trefoil of rook-using Rocks. The rooks get a little interesting where I won the schools chess championship that same year (God was pouring things on for me at that age), for the Chess surname shares the lion of French Richards. Both surnames add a gold lion in their Crests.

As "LyonNAIS" has the same suffix as "Roannais," the Roans/Rogans are to be expected, for they share the Rock / Prade trefoil. They also share the checks of Meulan and have a Pero-suspect "per" motto term. Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, founded by the Laevi, the line to Laevillus, the line to Leavells of Meulan. The Marici also founded Pavia, and while two Mark surnames share checks on a fesse with Roans/Rogans, English Marks share a giant gold lion with Chess'. English Marks share the fleur-de-lys of Spanish Petro's, and the Pierro's/Pero's have variations applicable to Petro liners...whom I trace to Flavius Petro of Rieti, the line to Roets who share the Maple boar head. Markhams (Maple colors) were at Mapleford, and use a lion colors reversed from the one of English Marks.

Princess Diana and Other Syphax Liners in Nazi Woodwork

Maple's are absolutely linkable to Tarves' and Chives' of Tarves, though Chives' were previously said to have been first found in Devon with their Hykes/Hack kin, relevant where Hicks share the Petro / Mark fleur. Spencers share the scallops of Hykes'/Hacks. As princess Lady Diana was a Spencer, it's notable that Diane's/Deans share a Shield and Crest looking like the surname married English Marks. After her death, Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles, whose personal Arms shares the blue boar with Maple's. What maketh thee of this? Tarves of Scotland was likely of Tarvisium/Treviso of Italy, where I trace Travers/Travis' who share the Spencer / Hykes/Hack scallops. Treviso is not far from UDINE while Dine's/Diens, first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans, share the white wing with Spencers (Meschin scallops) and Meschin-related Masci's. The latter were first found in Piedmont, location of Chives-liner Chivasso. Treviso is near Venice, where Italian Deans/Diano's were first found who share the Dean/Diane crescents.

Lady Diana Spencer was murdered in a TUNNEL, which recalls how Tunnels linked well to Tonys earlier in this update. Early Meschins married Clare's of TONbridge. English Tonys were first found in Leicestershire with Spencers. Lady Diana was a tallish model-like blond, as was/is Miss Hicks, and the latter was asleep in a car, hmm. Lady Diana was murdered in a car in the tunnel. We just saw Spencers with the Hykes/Hack scallops. Miss Hicks was named, Charlotte, and Charlotte's (Hicks colors) are listed with Charles', hmm. A tunnel is used by Spencer-like Spitzers.

Tonys were Tosni's from not far from the Dives river, and Dine's/Diens are also shown as Dives'. Incredibly, the Dive's/Dives' share the MAUL / Tailbois crescents. Tosni's descended from MALahule, as did Meschins, and Mauls (scallops very linkable to the Meschin marriage to Tailbois') share the split-Shield of Tunnels, suggesting again that Tonys were Tunnels, and making more Tunnel links to Spencers (Meschin scallops) though God arranged for her murder in a tunnel so that He could reveal it as a murder. Or, instead, He could have arranged the heraldry to speak of it. This is all quite compelling. Why else would God point to this if it wasn't a murder? Or, am I mistaken that God is pointing to these things?

Again: Dine's/Diens/Dives were first found in the same place as Diane's, and Dive's/Dives' share the scallops of Tunnel-related Mauls/Morleys. It sure looks like intelligent design. Spencer-like Spitzers (not yet convinced that they are branches) use a tunnel in HILLs, while I had a dream where David Morley, who did point in that dream to Mauls/Morleys, circled a sleeping bag on a HILL. After he rode up the hill, he drove away while I walked into the parking lot of a MALL. I then walked into the mall where I met Miss Peare, the old girlfriend of Kepke, who had himself been linked to Spitzer-like Spice's/Spicers, as per his trace to Caiaphas-like "Syphax." Kepke left Peare for Miss Walsh, and one Walsh surname has an "AuSPICE" motto term.

If we now say that the spider-and-fly dream was to Spicers and well as Spitzers, it's pretty incredible that Fly's link to both Joseph surnames, from the Jewish general, Flavius Josephus (claimed to descend from Jewish priests), but with he suspect as a descendant of Joseph CAIAPHAS, which tends to nail the Dive/Dives / Maul/Morley scallops as those of CAPES'. Wow. This then means that the Tunnel stars can be the Annas star. I can see the motive behind the intelligent design in these pointers.

And Kepke-like Keeps were first found in Sussex with Deans/Diane's and Diens/Dives'! The so-called Keep galley (ship) traces to the Numidian king, Gala/Gaia, and then Syphax was himself a Numidian leader who tried to conquer Hannibal's Carthage. English Josephs use a "mago" motto term, the name of Hannibal's brother. At Syphax's Wikipedia article, there is (or was) a coin with Syphax's image (it has been removed, it figures) which reminded me of Kepke as soon as I saw it, before any heraldic links between Kepke items had linked to him. If it sounds crazy that the Jewish priests in Jesus day descended from Numidians, there is a logical explanation for a trace of the Maccabee brothers to king Massena, Gala's son.

It seems to me that Kepke and I, as friends, represented Massena versus Syphax. Walsh's can be traced excellently to Aulus Terentius Murena (conquered the Salassi near Sion/Sitten), brother-in-law of Cilnius MAECENas, whose family ancestry is suspect with "MACCAbee." The Walsh's can also be traced excellently to Sion/Sitten, the Arms of which uses a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Mauls/Morleys and Tunnels, and colors reversed from the same of Trents. The Tunnels stars are very reflective of the stars in the Arms of Sion and the Arms of Wallis canton. In fact, I have just recalled that Doug Wallace, a classmate, lived smack beside Rick Spence! The Wallace's are also Wallis'. It's telling me that Spicers and Spitzers can be a branch of Spencers / Spence's. I've just realized that the double fesses of Spence's are those also of Hannibals/Annabels.

Tunnels, I've just realized, were first found in Northumberland with Hebrons/HEPburns who use a "Keep" motto term, spectacular evidence that God is behind these "coincidences." It tends to support the tunnel-loving Spitzers as a line from Syphax, wow. Spicers share the tower with Murena's. As I've said, Syphax was captured by a Roman alliance with Massena, and was placed in house arrest in Rome, where the PIERleoni Jews crept up later. Syphax's wife, also married to Massena, was taken to Rome as a prisoner too, and I don't believe the report that she swallowed poison there. She may have left Syphax's and/or Massena's child(ren) there.

As I said, I first saw Kepke as a boy walking across the lawn of the Fisher residence, and Fishers use a "ReSPICE" motto term, you just can't make this stuff up. The Fishers lived on Captain Armstrong right beside Wootten Way (there may have been an empty lot between their house and Wootten Way). Kepke met Miss Peare when she worked at REITmans, and German Fishers use a "wahREIT" motto term while Jewish Reitmans share the Zionist (six-pointed) Tunnel stars and probably the rose of Pierro's/Pero's!!! Miss Peare at Reitmans is the thing that convinces me more that Flavius Petro of RIETI named the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, but then the Leo's, from the Pierleoni, use a lion in the colors of the RITA lion, and Rita's were first found in Rome.

Back to the "AuSPICE" motto term of the Walsh's having the Wootten saltire. Both the Walsh's and Spice's/Spicers (share tower with Murena's) were associated or related to Mortons, and Murena's are also Moratins while the lion of Walsh-branch Wallis'/Wallace's is that also of Marano's/Mauritano's, first found in Modena, like the Israeli location of the Maccabee brothers, Modi'in. The quadrants of Spencers are colors reversed from those of English Mortons (Wiltshire, same as Spencer-related Berkshire's), and these Mortons share the goat with Walsh-line Walsers (known to be from Wallis canton), thus tending to confirm that Spencers were of the Spicers. The Cheshire Mortons have the colors and format of swan-using Walsh's (code for Swans/Sions), and the Walsh swan is pierced while Pierce's/Piers share the rare and wavy chevron of Fish's! As I said, the Fisher residence was smack next to Wootten Way, the street of Miss Walsh.

The German Fishers are suspect with the Bute/Butt/Boet fish, and here one can add that while Miss Walsh is Kim by first name, the Kims were first found in Bute with the Glass' whom I view as a branch of Walsers / Wallis'. Glass' share the stars in the Arms of Wallis canton. It seems that God either named Kim, or that he arranged for the Kim surname to be first found on Bute in order to make the links in this paragraph and more. It tends to nail Walsh's with Wallis canton. Kim's house had a backyard touching either upon Henry Corson or John Dexter, and this can relate to the Dexaroi peoples at Antipatria, a very-important thing as to Herod ancestry but touching also upon Cassandra's of Modena.

The Kim cinquefoils are in the colors and format of the Moray stars, and while Morays are said to be from Freskin, Frasers share the Kim Coat. The Moray Crest is the mermaid in the Glass Crest. Early Morays are said to have married Bute-liner Bothwells.

Here's from the 1st update of may, 2017: "The last update spoke on Woten street [spelled wrong], beside Dexter and Corson street, and here the Clench's are said to be from a location east of the Wootten rivers, near Marlborough, explaining why the Crests of Marlboroughs and Wotens use the same Moor head. MARLboroughs (MORLey-fleur colors!!!)..." As Marlboroughs were first found in Cheshire with Nickle's/Nichol whose pheon arrow heads they share, but what coincidence did Kepke's brother marry NIKKI (probably born Nicole) Walsh, Kim's sister? [After writing here, Spitzer-like Spate's were found sharing the Nickle/Nichol pheon].

Lookie at this set-up: "The surname Nichol was first found in Cheshire, where Nicholas D'Albini..." What are the chances that Italian Albini's, first found in Modena, where Wallace's/Wallis' trace, share the trefoil of Dutch Nicole's? I don't yet know the significance, if any, as to why the Brittany Nicole's should have a reflection of the Covert/Coffert Coat, but Miss Covert had married Jeffrey Dean, and the latter's family married Scheriffs while Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire with the Fishers sharing the Dean/Diane lion. I trace Warwick for good reason to Poland's Warsaw, and I say the address of Jeffrey Dean and his brother in Warsaw of Indiana, where there is a WARS white-supremacist group. I'm not saying that Dean is/was necessarily a white supremacist, for God can arrange for links like this to lead to important things.

Warsaw is the capital of Masovia, and the dukes of Masovia used the red-on-white wyvern dragon shared by the Fly-loving Drake's (Hampshire, same as Flys). The Flys share black martlets with the Brittany Nicole's, and Coverts/Cofferts themselves use martlets. The "muscas" motto term of Drake's is translated as "fly," but it's a word-trick, for in reality the term is a variation of the Mosca surname while honoring the Flys. Mosca's were related in Sicily to Palma di Montechiaro, and Palmers/Parmers share the Coat (almost) of Flags/Flecks while Flys are said to be from a Flagi/Flavian location. Mosca's use the giant leopard, and "...Palma Montechiaro. "City of the Leopard"..." Whose leopard did this thing use? Why were Leopards/Lippards first found in Sussex with leopard-face Coverts?

Parma at the end of the Taro river comes to mind, and because the Trebia is nearby, note the Nicole write-up: "The surname Nicole was first found in Brittany where they held a family seat in the seigneurie of TREVidy." The Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf, and Scheriff-like Scarfs share the wolf head (different colors) with Nicole's. If the Nicole wolf heads are those of Skene's, note that the latter are a branch of Schiens/Schims/Shands (suspect from Boeotia's Schimatari), and that the latter surname shares the boar head of Marone's.

David Morley (owned a bike in real life) was driving a motor bike in the dream, and looking like a WW2 Nazi, and it just so happens that Jeffrey Dean lived with Miss Covert a few miles (less than 10) from the Idaho headquarters of Aryan Nations. Dean's sister married Mr. Scheriff, and their mother was from Long Island's West Islip, smack beside Patchogue, home of William Hitler, Adolf's nephew. It was Adolf's bodyguard (Otto Skorzeny), if I recall correctly, who reportedly claimed that there was a Nazi, Mr. Scheriff-like Scherff (George Herbert Scherff), and that Adolf escaped to Montana, beside Idaho. I'm not suggesting that Dean or his mother were neo-Nazi's, even if they were related to old Nazi's. Not everyone born from Joseph Caiaphas, for example, becomes an anti-Christ.

Dean married Miss Covert who emailed me for a few years. She claimed to be married also to a man, Mark, who had an address in Markham, Texas, which area I drove through several years earlier, the day after my mugging, on the day I ended up at Crystal City. I stopped in at Victoria on that morning (through Markham) only for a coffee and a newspaper (that's wherein I found properties for sale). More than a decade later, it was realized that Coffee's/COFFERs use a "victoria" motto term. The woman above was born a Covert, part of the COFFERt bloodline, first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts, Deans/Diane's and Dine's/Diens/Dives'. Your guess is as good as mine as to what this could all mean in real-life events. I suppose that the Court/Covert eagle is becoming linkable to the same of German Marks.

On the day of the mugging, I had a bad omen with a small cloud covering the sun, just as we see in one Jeffrey Crest. Was this omen a pointer to Jeffrey Dean. Let me rephrase: was this omen a pointer to the things God's pointing to using Jeffrey Dean? Jeffreys were first found in Pavia-liner Peebles with Pierro-suspect Pettys, the latter first found in the same place as Scheriff-like Sheriffs. Jeffrey Dean lived in POST Falls, Idaho, and Jeffreys use a "Post" motto term. It seems clear now, along with what more is to be said below, that the omen was pointing to some dirty thingies behind neo-Nazis at Aryan Nations.

It had been resolved that six pale bars, which happen to be shared by Jeffreys above, were the symbol from Pepin of Landen. Pepins/People's are Peeble's/Peoples' (share Petty parrots) are highly suspect with the Papia version of "Pavia." How could so many unrelated things keep pointing to Pavia in this discussion unless God has arranged it? Posts were first found in Hampshire (beside Poole) and therefore likely use the Pool / Rita lion for a trace to Vespasia Polla of Rieti. Tidy simplicity. It's connecting Flavius Petro to Pierro's/Pero's, isn't it?

Spencers, first found in Leicestershire with Woods, share "defend" with Woods, and the Rita lion holds "pieces of wood." Why should Spencers trace to Rita's of Rome? Were Spence's and Spencers Syphax liners? Looks like.

I am not very familiar with Nicole's, nor with their link to the Covert/Coffert Coat. That's why I've just been shocked. First of all, recall the six pale bars of the Jeffreys that have my (or God's) omen in Crest, for Courts/Coverts use six pale bars too. I had toyed around and found some evidence (which I can't recall) for having the omen point to the Oman/Osmund surname, and here I find that it shares the Nicole martlets. Zinger. I think God is trying to point my readers to something dangerous looming on the southern Texas coast around Houston.

Wikipedia: "Markham, Texas is a census-designated place (CDP) in Matagorda County, Texas, United States. Named in 1903 for Charles H. Markham, a railroad engineer for Southern Pacific (and later President of the Illinois Central Railroad), the town was founded in 1901 as CORTES." Coverts are also Courts, what a coincidence. Neither Miss Covert nor Mark could have arranged this, and so it seems that God did this too. I trace the Coffee/Coffer Crest to the Arms of (Terentia-like) Taranto, and Trents were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's. Tending to verify that Coffers were a Covert branch, Courts/Coverts have the Courcys in their write-up while Courcys happen to share the Terrent/Tarent eagles.

Irish Cortes' share gold martlets with Coverts/Cofferts. How can it be a deanincidence that Italian Diana's/Diane's share the crowns of Martels and Cortes'/Curtis' (Court/Covert colors), while Martels are the surname honored by the Charles/Charlotte MARTLets, in the colors of the Covert/Coffert martlets??? Whew. I didn't cause Miss Covert to marry Mr. Dean. Irish Cortes' use six fessewise bars in the colors of the six palewise bars of Courts/Coverts.

I had driven past the BAYtown home of Miss Charlotte Hicks the day before going through the Markham area, which has a Bay City location, and while Mark's surname is, Maness, the Maness/Manner surname shares the double fesses of English Bays, how can this be mere coincidence on top of coincidences? David Morley married Carol, and Charles Martel was the founder of the CAROLingian dynasty. I would not have known that David owned a bike if he did not pop in on me one day with Carol riding on the back. The Biks/Bickers were not only first found in Berkshire, but probably share the Windsor stag head. The Spencer Coat shares the Berkshire Coat, and Berkshire is the location of Windsor castle. Prince Charles is the prince of Windsor, isn't he? Couldn't this suggest that Miss Charlotte Hicks asleep in a car was God's pointer to the killers of Diana?

Did Windsors (descended from Germans) secretly support the conquering of Europe with Hitler? With the Hiedler/Hitler Crest suspect with the so-called "enfield" griffin of Gaineys, note that Gains/Engains, in Enfield colors, share the Windsor crosslets while Enfields were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle.

Speaking of Bickers, here's a repeat from the Runner write-up, recalling that Rick Spence was the reason that Runners were looked up: "'...the widow of Richard de Renacres of BICKERstaffe, granted to Hugh le Spencer of Ormskirk certain lands which had come to her after the death of her husband.'" The Berkers/Barkers, feasible from Barca, Hannibal's father, share the Rita lion for yet another example of a Spencer / Syphax trace to Rita's of Rome. Lest you've forgotten, Spence's share the double Hannibal/Annabel fesses, and Biks/Bickers share the Anna/Hanna stag heads while the latter were in Tickhill while TickHILLs (linkable to Annas'), suspect with a Ticino-Hill merger, share the maunch sleeve of Tonys (it's in the Arms of Leicester), first found in Leicestershire with Spencers. Lady Diana Spencer died in a Tony-related tunnel! Amazing. The Morleys/Mauls who share the Tunnel Shield just brought us to this amazing thing via David Morley's bike connection to Biks/Bickers, it's just incredible.

Berkers/Barkers (Cambridgeshire, same as June's, Jeune's, Capone's and Chapmans all suspect from Quintus Caepio's line to Junia Caepionis) share the motto of Nickle's/Nichols and Holms (chapeau cap), for what it may be worth. Also, the Stanleys, first found in Cambridgeshire, look to be using a Knee-version bend of the Bik/Bicker Coat, and the Knee / Stanley bend might just be, therefore, in the Berkshire Coat. The Morley-related (round-about) Dive's/Dives' were first found in Cambridgeshire too, along with the Rumillys who look to be using a version of the piles of June-liner Youngs/Youngs (Essex, same as Quints and Windsor-related Gore's). Rumillys were in Craven of Skipton (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls and Rumney/Romney-related, Rieti-liner Pullens), and I link Cravens to Coverts. Skiptons were from general Scipio, the one (if I recall correctly) who captured Syphax and brought him to Rumilly- / Romney-like Rome.

Kepke got a friend whom he called, Burk, his surname, I think. Burks/Berks/Burghs (Galway, could be a Gala line) apparently love the Youngs / Jungs/June's. Burks/Berks/Burghs (share cat with Berkshire Croms) are said to have been barons of TONSburg.

Windsors are from Saxe-COBURG and Gotha, and we see a Covert-like term there. Miss Covert said to me that her father was descended from a German kaiser (emperor) Koffert, though I could not find him under that name. Saxe's ("firMUM"), in the colors of both Coffer Coats, share the partridge with Char(d)s, the latter first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's. Aryan Nations was smack beside a Clark House mansion, and the builder of it, Mr. Clark, is online going sailing with a German kaiser, Wilhelm. I found reason to believe that Adolf Hitler was hiding out at Clark House. God has brought you this material by getting Miss Covert to email me. She's very upset with me, as is Mr. Dean, for bringing these things up. But I've got to go where this is taking you. If they have nothing to fear, then they have nothing to fear. Miss Covert claims to have been a witch, and she has/had a Christian website that she did not contribute to much at all, making me wonder whether it was a smoke screen.

David and Carol dropped in on me with a bike when I lived on Marlin court, and Marlins/MARKlands use black-on-white martlets on white-on-red fesses, the symbol essentially of the Nicole's sharing a reflection of the Covert/Coffert just stuns me to no-end to find these "coincidences." Compare Coverts and Marlins to Gormleys/Grimes' and Grime's, for when my parents moved away from Markham, they moved to Gormley. As much as I could be in danger from Nazi types for speaking on this topic, I feel compelled to give you what I think are God's movements in my life toward some important thing as concerns future Christian persecution.

Saxe's use a Mummolin-suspect motto term, and Grimo was the son of Babon, son of Mummolin. When I was living in the home of a Babon liner, I sent Miss Covert a check for a couple of hundred dollars because she said that her husband, Mark above, was using his helicopter for Haitian-earthquake relief. I'm just wondering whether this is a pointer to the reported child abductions from Haiti during the Clinton-Bush Haiti scandal. I have believed the nutty report online that George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff, and this is where I think Mr. Scheriff from Long Island comes in.

If I recall correctly, the woman who married Mr. Scheriff of West Islip was April, and so I've just loaded April's to see whether God has pointers there. Keep in mind that, if God named April to make heraldic connections, it doesn't necessarily mean that April and her husband were connected to Nazis. The April Chief shares the Mark/Marx roses, in the colors of the Hazel crescents, and Hazels are a branch if Islips/Haslops. The latter use LEAVES, very connectable to Mark-suspect Marici, and they call these leaves, "hazel SLIPs," obvious code for Islips. Hazels (Cheshire, same as Nickle's/Nichols and Weavers) share a version of the Weaver Coat, which gets us back to wavy-bar Webbers and therefore back to the spider-fly dream that touched upon the Nicole / Covert martlets, the Nicole martlets being on the wavy fesses of Marlins/MARKlands. How neat that is, thanks to the naming of April, Dean' sister. And Deans share the lion of English Marks. All of these things are coming at us from things beyond their control.

When we load Sheriffs, we are to April colors, and a fesse colors reversed from the Hazel / Weaver fesse. How can it be another coincidence that Cortes'/Curtis', in Court/Covert colors, were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs? The two surnames use the same colors and format. The Sheriff Coat looks like a version of the Master and Wall Coat, with likely the Pierro/Pero roses thrown in, for not only were Pierro's/Pero's first found in Marici-founded Pavia, but Sheriffs (Petty-quadrant colors) were first found in Warwickshire with Pettys (more martlets, in Coffer colors) who can be of the Petro-like variations of Pierro's/Pero's. The Petty parrots speak loudly to a Pierro link to Parrots, and so be astonished that Parrots share the pears of Abbotts because the mother of Dean and April was Mrs. Abbott. Abbotts (Boet / Boethus liners?) were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/PEARs, can thouest believeth this? Abbotts use a "patria" motto term very connectable to Pierro's/Pero's.

Google is now hiding material of Abbott / Scheriff / West Islip / Idaho. I have multiple webpages with the following terms, " intelius dean scheriff "west islip" ", yet Google fails to bring up even my pages. Shame on Google. But Google brings up the pages when I search, " tribwatch dean scheriff "west islip" ". Shame on Google for hiding my work; it shall pay the price as God hands it out. Here's from the 2nd update in May, 2015:

The way this works (not theoretical) is that Corinne Abbott (beside Patchogue) birthed April and her brother, Jeffrey Dein, and April is suspect in marrying a Carabia to birth Jennifer Carabia, wife of a Mr. Scheriff. It looks like it really does link to William Hitler, important because some of these people lived at the Hayden / Post Falls area, but Jeffrey Dein's sons were listed at Warsaw (Indiana), home of another white-supremacist group (WARS).

Dean or his sons must have called Intelius up to remove their names from the Warsaw listing, for they disappeared after Dean contacted me by email. I have no war with Dean if he has no connections to white supremacists; even if he does, that's not my business. If God is pointing to this thing, it's for something far bigger than merely Aryan Nations or WARS.

The quote above was as per sharing the Intelius website below, with Jennifer A. Scheriff listed at Babylon, Long Island, location of West Islip. Dean himself was listed with kin in West Islip. In the 2015 update, I had said: In the same update, I had also written: "On the same page, there is one Oonagh Mary Scheriff (56) listed in both Patchogue and North Babylon {the ancestry of Jennifer Scheriff is from Babylon}. In the Intelius page below for Jennifer A Carabia, she's listed also as Jennifer A Scheriff, with April as a relative, thus clinching that this Jennifer is Corinne's granddaughter." But Intelius has changed its format since them, and no longer shows April as a relative (the family likely begged to have it removed). I am not insinuating anything foul, and neither should anyone without evidence. This goes only to the likelihood that people connected to William Hitler moved to Idaho; it doesn't necessarily make them Hitlerites.

The page I said had Oonagh Mary Scheriff is no longer correct, but on the page below, there's a Maryellen El Scheriff (now 53 years old) who went to East Islip high school.

Ahh, I find Oonagh Mary Scheriff of North Babylon on page 5:

So, is there evidence in the Hicks dream that God was pointing to Nazi elements in the Baytown / Houston area? Yes, for as I came out of a blue body of water, onto a sandy beach, there was Miss Hicks in the distance, standing at the hood of a car. The Hoods share a white anchor with Heidlers/Heidts, and Hiedlers/Hitlers share the sun with Cars. Irish Carrs (estoiles in Este / Barr colors, uh-oh) are almost in the colors and format of Dutch Heids.

In the dream, Miss Hicks was a beautiful actress, as was Grace Kelly, wife of RAINier III of Monaco. Miss Hicks middle name, RENA. Miss Kelly died in a car accident too. Kellys share the Coat and Crest of Gaineys, and the latter's griffin design is in the Hiedler/Hitler Crest. Hiedlers/Hitlers were first found in Monaco-like Munich.

Adolf Hitler's father married both a Miss POLZl and a Miss GLASSl, and Cars share the Glass stars. Houstons were first found at/beside GLASgow along with Polzl-like Pollocks (Vespasia-Polla liners), and that should explain the Houston hourGLASS. William Hitler of Long Island changed his name to William Stuart-Houston (why that?), and the father of Pollocks (Fulbert the Saxon) was a vassal of the Dol Alans (see Clan Pollock at Wikipedia), i.e. the proto-Stuarts/Stewarts who concentrated in the Glasgow area. Stewarts had been part of the royal Windsors.

Variations of Irish Carrs look linkable to Kerns/Karens, kin of Rieti-liner Roets. The line to prince Charles is known to be partly through the Tecks i.e. the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, of the Ticino i.e. where I trace the Marks/Marx's who share the Zionist Kern/Kern stars. Roets were first found in Somerset with Carys and with Cary castle of the Leavells. The sleeping moons of Roets and Kerns/Karens might play to Miss Hicks sleeping in the car. The Moon surname, first found in neighboring Devon with Leavell-line Walerans, looks linkable to Italian Pavia's (same scallops as Morleys/Mauls / Dive's / Capes'), and English Pavia's, sharing the Charles/Charlotte martlets, were first found in Somerset too. Pavers share the checks in the Arms of Meulan, and Waleran married a BEAUMont of Meulan while I said in the Hicks dream, "She beautiful," because, as i discovered decades later, Beautys (Dorset, same as Beaumonts!) share three black-on-white bulls with Walerans.

DORset is beside Somerset, and I was looking at Miss Hicks through the GLASS of car the car DOOR, and Dorsets happen to share, not only a sun with Cars and Heidlers, but the Roet / Kern/Karen crescent, all new to me right here.

Thus, Beaumonts can be using an upright version of the Irish Cary lion, and, besides, I've just realized, the gold, giant Beaumont lion is surrounded by eight, gold fleur, as is the giant, gold lion of English Marks! Bingo. Both surnames add a gold lion in Crest. I do not recall ever seeing this near-match (only the Shield colors different), but if I did, it didn't sink in. It's clinching Leavells with the Laevi and Marici Gauls! English Marks were first found in Cornwall, beside Devon's Walerans.

Back to the Cortes'. The checks on a fesse of Irish Cortes', suggesting the Marks, are those of English Galleys (Pepoli checks), and these Galleys (probably the Pepin horse head) look linkable, under these Pavia/Papia circumstances, to Pape's/PapeGAEYs, what I suggest were the Gaia/Gala Numidians in Pavia. French Galleys (Dauphine, same as Gay-related Galli's) can therefore be with the Pierro/Pero roses. Coverts were first found in Sussex with galley-ship Keeps, and Scottish Allisons (Pape dogs in colors reversed), said to be from the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, have a good reflection of the Galley Coat.

This is new: English Marks share the English Keppel/Cappels lion in both Shield and Crest, and German Keppels/KAEPlers (Quint colors) use lozenges bendwise in the colors of the Keep bend! Just like that, Mr. Kepke traces to something Marici on the Ticino, and I expect them to be of the Syphax Numidians too. English Keppels share fitchees with a slew of MacDonald liners. Kepke, Allison Bauer (my girlfriend) and I all worked at KNOB Hill Farms (immediately before we met Miss Peare), which has me wondering whether Knobs/Knobels are a Keppel branch. I then discovered, just a couple of minutes after wondering, that Keppels/Cappels share the motto of Nobels!!! This is a new secret burst open, very useful. One motto term is "fortituDINE."

Now I know why God caused me to get Kepke a job at Knob Hill Farms. It's where we both sat on the HOOD of my car watching Allison Bauer leave me for a co-worker, Mr. Denardo. Decades later, I discovered that the Allison black bird is the Hood bird, and to this I can add that Knobs/Knobels can be sharing the Heid arrow, very suspect with the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow because the first Rothschild was a Bauer i.e. as was Allison. Hiedlers/Hitlers share the Bauer stars.

I spent a lot of time over two months with Allison, picking her up at her home, but, unfortunately, I cannot recall the name of her street. It was north off of hwy 7 in MARKham, midway between Markham road and McCowan road. On the Markham map, I see a GALsworthy drive right where I expect her street to have been, which plays to the galley topic above. There is a Galsworth(y) surname, and here it's mentionable that Worths share a giant two-headed eagle with Syphax-like Spicks/Specks. The latter is a red eagle, however, as is the Worthy eagle, and the latter is definitely the MacDonald / FERTE eagle while SPECcots use a FRET. It just can't be a coincidence that Speccots share the Keep bend. One thing I do not remember, however, is Kepke with Rick Spence. I rarely saw Rick after we graduated from grade six.

One can spot a merger here between the Numidian lines of Gala and Syphax, and I suppose the inclusion by God of Allisons takes Numidians to the MacDonald clan, especially to king Maccus of the Isles, who was the line to Maxwells (Maccuswells), who happen to share the double-headed Worth eagle in both colors. Therefore, Galsworth(y)s have proven so instrumental that I can see God planting Allison's parents on Galworthy drive. However, to be honest, I think she lived on the next street over, Robinson street.

Maccus' grandfather, they say, probably married the Saxon, Edith of PolesWORTH, and as Saxon-descended Pollocks are said to be a Maxwell sept, there you have the line of Vespasia Polla to the namers of Polesworth. Prior to Edith's days, there were the Bebbanburg Saxo-Bernicians at Bamburgh castle, and so it appears that German Bamburgs are using one of the piles of Polworths (Bernicia), which connects Bebbanburg solidly to the German Babenbergs of Bamberg, Bavaria, a family founded by Poppo I, a Pavia suspect yet again. Babenbergs use three of the two Bamburgh (with a 'h') chevrons. The double Bamburgh chevrons are shared by Perche's, suspect with "Barca" because Hannibals/AnnaBELs use two fesses in the same colors. BELL-branch Bellamys were at Perche. Bellamys share red crescents with Bamburgs (no 'h'). English Bamburgs/Banburys can thus be using the Berk/Burgh cross. The first Pollock, Peter, thus traces well to Pavia's Pierro's. One chevron in the colors of the Bamburgh chevrons are used by Ticino -suspect Tiss'/Tice's/Teece's, recalling the "MiTIS et AUDAX" motto, for Pollocks use, "Audacter."

Maccus' grandfather, SITRic, was in Northumberland, where SITTERs/Sidewells were first found who share green pale bars with Landens, suggesting Pepin of Landen. Pale's share the camel with Pepins, and Pile's (three piles) were first found in Northumberland with Maness'/Manners, making the latter suspect with the Isle of Man, where Maccus' family ruled. This then makes MARK Maness look like God's pointer to Maccus liners at the Marici of Pavia. Pile's are probably a branch of Pilotte's and Pellets because they both share the Coat of Christine's, first found in the Isle of man...making it appear that God named Christine Peare to show us that Maccus liners had been in Pavia. Maccus-liner Mackays use a DAGGER, and Daggers are Decks too. When we go to Dexters, more double chevrons, a Bamburgh symbol, and Bamburghs throw in the fleur-de-lys of Dagger-branch Acre's. The latter look like they have a version of the OMAN Coat, making my omen look like an Isle-of-Man pointer. Runners/RunACRE's share cups with Christine's. Omen-liner Jeffreys share six pale bars with Pepin-of-Landen liners. The omen occurred as I drove near BAYtown, and Bays (Colchester = CAMULodunum) share the double fesses of Maness'/Manners.

The double Bamburgh chevrons are shared by Janets, and the latter share the Oman martlets, for example. As it seems that God set up the Spence's in my life, I figure that He named Janet Spence for more reason than this. The raven symbol can be of Rape-like surnames such Rabe's (raven) as Ralphs (ravens), and she (about 13) was "raped," sort-of (her clothes were not removed, she was traumatized). The Isle of Man has a raven in its Arms. It's interesting that while her brother was Rick, Ricks use the Coat of Raven-like Cravens in colors reversed. I do trace Cravens to the Krvati = Croatians, and I did trace the mythical crow to Croatians and Serbs together. Skiptons of Craven (Yorkshire, same as Spence's) are in the Meschin write-up as belonging to Banisters, and the latter share the water bouget with raven-liner Scottish Ralphs. Both John surnames use ravens, and the Spence's were on John Lyons road. There is more Intelligent Design here.

God works way above my head, but it's neat to finally work things out, after trying for years and years, with lots of help from Him...because this is His project, not mine, otherwise I could pray till blue in the face for help, if it were my project, but He would not assist.

The Acre / Bamburgh fleur are colors reversed from the giant one of Cake's/Cakebreads, and Maccus' grandfather was Sitric CAECH. Cake's/Cakebreads were first found in Cambridgeshire, "luckily," where June's were first found who share the Acre / Bamburgh fleur.

Landen/Lander kin include Metz, and six-bar Langleys, Langfords and Longfords, and then Langle's/Lanels (Lorraine, beside Metz) use a reflection of the Mackay Coat. Bernicia is at Berwickshire, and so let's add that the black bear of Berwicks is shared by Langdons/Landons. You see, Pepin of Landen links to queen Bebba of Bernicia's Bamburgh castle. German Langs were first found at LUNEburg, which was paired with BRUNSWICK, like the BRYNEICH term for ancient Bernicia.

Scottish Langs use letters, suggesting Lang-like LINKletters, who happen to share checks on a fesse with Marks.

The Ratcliff 666 Liner

Immediately after ending above, I went to the news, loading Drudge, which depresses me fiercely. There is continual divisive, troublesome material, and sexual garbage, all things to feed Drudge's bottomless stomach for money, no concern for quality, he dishes out liberal and conservative tickle-nonsense with only a few tolerable stories I'm concerned with. Tonight, I learned that Jim Ratcliffe is moving to Monaco to save taxes. Jail him. He makes so much money, but wants to contribute nothing for taxes, letting the workers pay without choice. Jail him.

The point is, Ratcliffe lumber in Gormley supplied my father moving from Markham to that village to build his house. Gormleys/Grimes' are expected with Grime's to be Grimaldi's, my mother's maiden name. As she's a Masci on her mother's side, it just can't be coincidental that Grace Kelly married Monaco's Grimaldi's while bringing baron Massy to royal Monaco. You see, God picked me for this project maybe partly due to my trace to the purple throne of Monaco, so I would cover the related heraldry. Just a theory. Recall the baron Massy who married Miss Quintana, for Quintana's use a possible 666 in their three dice each showing a six.

RatCLIFFE? Cliffs/Cleave's are from Glaphyra Archelaus, who married two Herods as well as Massena-liner Juba II of Mauritania, the latter being possibly the line to Murena's/Moratins, etc. My mother's sister named her son, Mauro. Italian Mauro's, who happen to share a white-on-blue fesse with Monaco's, are the Maurels/MAURINI's, and the Morinis' of Modena share two of their fesses. So far, so good, as though God is leading here. Modena is the location of Fanano, and the Arms of Fanano has the same fesse. The Cassandra's of Modena have been resolved with the line of Macedonian king, Cassander, the known ancestor of Nysa of Cappadocia. Glaphyra's father was a pagan high priest of nothing in Cappadocia, he died a fool, as did the Herods. Glaphyra's family was named, ARCHelaus, and the Arc river has a Modena-like Modane location.

Mauro's sister was Maria, and Italian Maria's (same fleur as Masci's, colors reversed from the Morinis fleur) were first found in Genova, where the other Grimaldi branch was concentrated. The Arc river is in Savoy, and the Fieschi of Genoa were of the Fessys sharing the Savoy cross. The Genova/Geneva surname has white wings, the Masci symbol essentially, but upside-down, like the white Dien/Dives wing. In the top half of the Genova/Geneva Coat, the same lion as Deins/Deans/Diane's. Lady Diana died in a car accident, as did Grace Kelly.

The Abreu's/Abruzzo's use two lions facing one another, as do Kellys, and both surnames place a white tower between their lions.

The Masci's were once shown with two white wings, but now show with one white, the other gold, which is the Portuguese Abreu/Abruzzo wing. I happened to hire a Portuguese woman with the Abreu surname, and while her mother was born with a Ribello/Robello surname, German Rebels/Robels share the white Masci wing. You see, this was from Intelligent Design working in the events of my life. Rebels may have named the Ribble river flowing near Cheshire, especially as Ribble's have the Maschi Chief. Ribble's use a dancette between the Shield and Chief, as do Dunhams, and the two Coats are even in colors reversed from one another while Cheshire had a Dunham-Masci location.

My mother was born seven miles from the Abruzzo capital, L'Aquila, and the Aquila surname happens to share the eagle in the Chief of Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova. Seagars/Sugars, once said to be first found in Norfolk, with Dunhams, use the snakes of the Marsi goddess, Angitia, and Abruzzo is where the Marsi lived. In the Seagar/Sugar Crest, two wings with the green snakes, each in the colors of the two Masci wings. Sugaar was a snake god, husband of Mari, we get it. It's telling me that a snake cult was in Genova (explains upside-down features), for Seagars/Sugars share the moline cross of Segni's/Segurana's.

Dunhams share the Coat of English Randolphs, while Scottish Randolphs are kin of Baths, both surnames sharing the Fessy cross. The first earl of Moray was Mr. Randolph, and Morays have the Melusine goddess, which, though it shows a fish tail in heraldry, originally had a snake tail. I can't recall one surname showing a woman with snake tail, suggesting that the families decided not to use it due to the hiding the satanic connotations. The ends of the Seagar moline look like fish tails, and this moline is in the colors of the Saraca fish. Saraca's are likely a branch of Sarasins, who use another white moline. It is my strong hunch that the Drake motto honors something in L'Aquila, and so note the 666-like tail on the Drake dragon.

I didn't mean to get away from Ratcliffs. They are Radcliffs too, and Rads happen to share the Zionist stars -- hexagrams, witchcraft symbol -- of Monaco's. They are in the colors of the Seagar/Sugar moline, and the pentagrams of Morays. The three Morays stars are in the colors and format of the three Rad stars. Moray is beside the first-known Rats/Raids. The Arms of Traby have what looks like a 666 in the three strings of the hunting horns. Wikipedia's article on Traby has the family married to RADziwills. Rads use three hexagrams (six points each) in the colors and format of the three wolf heads of Scarfs (in Seagar colors), and Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf. Impressive. Note how "Scar" is like "Seagar." My mother was born in Picenze, and Piacenza (Placentia) is at the Trebia river. It appears that God called me to show you things about the 666 mystery. I won't be happy until I (we) identify the anti-Christ's name, in how it adds up to 666, at which time I'll probably get very unhappy.

The Scarf wolf head was used in both colors by Cheshire earl, Hugh Lupus, uncle of the first Meschin, and at least a friend of Hamon de Masci of Dunham-Masci. The Traby scarf is shaped as a Q in honor (likely) of Queens and/or Quade's, both of whom use black wolf heads, the color of the Saracen/Sarasin wolf. Meschins are also Mascal-like Masculine's.

I trace the elephant to the Elaphiti islands beside the Ragusa location of Saraca's. Mascals, first found in Sussex with Saddocks/Sedgewicks, use both the elephant and the Saddock/Sedgewick escutcheon in colors reversed. It makes Sadowski's a little suspect as a Saddock branch. We then note that the Arms of Saraca has a fish on a fesse, as does the Bute/BOET Coat, and from that a potential Saddock link to Boets smacks of the Sadducee house of Boethus.

Sarks are listed with Surreys, and it just so happens that English Michaels, first found in Surrey, have scallops in the colors and format of Sticks, the latter being the line of the Astikas', whom Wikipedia says had been the Traby-related Radziwills. Then, to our amazement, German Michaels share the Rad hexagrams. There we have proof that Rads were from Radziwills, or vice-versa. The Sarks suggest that Saraca's are involved here. The Stick garbs are in the format, but colors reversed from, the Saracen crescents.

The blue fleur held by the Saracen wolf can be gleaned to be the one of Morinis', for the Saracen crescents are in the colors and format of the three Moor heads of Murano's (Modena), they being of Murunum in southern Italy smack near Saracena. Murunum is at the border of Bruttium, smacking of the old Abruzzo capital, Aprutium. The Savage motto appears to honor Aprutium elements, and then, while the Savage lion has been resolved to be the Palin lion, Palins have been resolved from PALINurus, at the bay of Laus smack near Saracena. Wikipedia says that peoples of Sybaris founded Laus, but then Murunum (now Murano) is on the Sybaris river.

The SIX Savage lions are those of Eagle's in colors reversed, and Eagle's trace to the ACHELous river, which flows by Astakos, the like to Astikas'. The peoples of Sybaris are known to be from Boura, in the Laden-river area of Greece. Myth placed Daphne in the Ladon river, but she was code for Taphians, who lived at the Achelous. Daphne was a real place smack beside Laish, the proto-Laus. Yes, for Laish and Daphne were beside Panias, and the Ladon river is beside the Peneus. Panias (in Phoenicia) was the reason for mythical Phoenix, and I once found that "Phoenikia" added up to 666. It made sense because Phoenix was made the father of Europa. Although "Europa" uses the omega Greek letter rather than the omicron, "Europia" adds up to 666 if we use the omicron. E = 5, U = 400, R = 100, omicron = 70, p = 80, I = 10, A = 1, total 666.

For Phoenikia: Ph = 500, omicrom = 70, e = 5, n = 50, i = 10, k = 20, i = 10, a = 1, total 666. However, Wikipedia has the ancient Greek term as, Phoinike (= 665), though I imagine that other versions were used, for example, Phoinikae = 666. Greek has no 'c' for to use "Phoenicia." There's no evidence that the human writer of Revelation knew these things. In this picture, the Laish > Ladon dragon is behind the Revelation dragon, and so we repeat that the mythical Lotan dragon had seven heads. Why does the Lotan-like Lothian surname use a black hunting horn with gold stripes, the same as the horn in the Arms of Traby? Why do the Sinclairs of Lothian share the black cross of Rats/Raids? Moray is beside the first-known Rats/Raids, and I see Moray from the More location of Rollo Sinclair.

Why do Rotens and Reitmans share white-on-red hexagrams, almost the Rad hexagrams? It's because the 666 bloodline comes out of Rieti's imperial family, Domitian, the 6th head of Revelation 17. The Marsi were up the Salto river from Rieti. Avezzano is at the upper Salto in Marsi land, and Avezzano's share a red rose on stem with Reitmans. Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia, location of Sant-Antioco, at Sulcis, location, obviously, of the Seleucids of Antioch, the proto-anti-Christ. It makes Seleucus I suspect as a branch of the namers of the Salto, such as the Salassi or the namers of Saluzzo.

Seleucids were from Epirus, location of Bullis, the likely namer of Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king. The Bullis surname has red roundels, as do Sardinia-suspect Shirts, and then the Reitman stars have what could be red roundels at their centers. Roundels are code for the Arundels who married Alice of Saluzzo. The Arundels were FitzAlans, and they were from Dol, in the VILAINe part of Brittany, very traceable to VILNius, home of the Astikas'. Bullis is near Aulon/Avlona, named by the proto Alans, yup, God has taught me well.

Sticks share garbs with Avezzano-like Avesnes'. The latter share the Coat of Comine's, and while Comines, near Avesnes, uses a key in its Arms, keys are used by Avezzano-like Vezina's, and by Sheaves/Chiava's of L'Aquila. Garbs are sometimes called, sheaves (of wheat). The Avezzano / Reitman / Rothchild rose can thus trace to the Rose's, first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids, and it just so happens that the Sinclairs, who share the Rat/Raid cross, love the Conte's/Comite's in their motto, who made up the Conteville rulers of Comine's. If that's not enough, Comets are in Comine colors and format while the hexagram of Pero's is the Reines "comet," and it was Miss Peare who worked for Reitmans. we have seen why Pero's should trace to Petro of Rieti, grandfather of VESpasian.

Irish Clairs share five, white ostrich feathers with the Crest in the Arms of Traby, and Clermonts use keys. The nasty Sinclair vikings, Norman historians are in love with them, there is no hope for academia. It's leading the people to Hell's precipice.

The Reitman Chief-Shield color combination is shared by Annas', and the latter's giant star is in the colors of the Reitman hexagrams. That combination is colors reversed in the Let Coat, which has the Peare stars in Chief, and ORGAN pipes in Crest suspect with ORKNey, where the Lothian Sinclairs came to rule. The Arms of Shetland is the Rothes raven. The raven vikings of Shetland conquered Rothesay, later called the Sadducee-Boethus line, right? The Bute's/Boets have a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat, and the latter's roses are in Reitman-rose colors. Early Rothschilds were in the clothing business, as is Reitmans.

Good morning, it's Monday. I have less than four hours before putting out this update. I remembered when in bed last night that Cliffs are said to have married the Stycke's, can you believe it? Rads proved to be from the Traby-Astikas marriage, and yet the section had started with the Radcliffe family. I had the sense that I just had to talk about Sir Jim Ratcliffe as soon as I saw his story at Drudge. I even added up the numbers of his name because I'm suspicious that the anti-Christ will come out of Monaco.

I want to tell of a "funny" story. At roughly the age of 16, in the days when hitch-hiking was common, I stood at the corner of Woodbine and Stouffville sideroad in Gormley, hitch-hiking south to see some friends. A man picked me up and gave me a New Testament. I never could read it, something was blocking me, but I did open it up one day, perhaps as much as a year or more later, and noted that it had a name inside the front cover, Jim Masci. I was shocked. I had never met a Masci outside my own family, and there are just not many around in North America. I knew I didn't write that name because I'm not Jim. I counted it like a small miracle, but still could not read it. At about 17, instead of reading it, I spoke to Jesus and asked if he could just appear to me to prove that he exists, because I had a problem believing it. My mother always had a Catholic painting of Jesus above my bed's head board.

Just before 22, I saw Jesus' face in a vision. I'm not talking about an image in my head, but one that was on the wall. It lasted a few seconds, long enough that it could be ruled out as a snap vision, which the mind can do with any sort of image. The image on the wall lasted long enough to assure that it was on the wall, not in my head. And that's when I began to read the Bible, and I believed it to be the Word of God. I'm just saying, a Masci miracle in Grimaldi-suspect Gormley. Why did God arrange a Masci miracle in Grimaldi-likely Gormley? Was it to get my attention only, or to pass on to you today a message that baron Massy in Monaco is something to acknowledge?

I wanted to say that, by the time of the spider-and-fly dream recently, I had already started to say that "Caiaphas" is related to "Syphax." There is just no way that the spider-fly dream indicated to me, at first, that it pertained to those two terms. I did know already that Flys linked hard to both Joseph surnames, and therefore was very connectable to Caiaphas, but not until this update, thanks to entering Rick Spence into this update, did I know that the spider was a pointer to Syphax lines.

It recalls a story I've told a couple of times. I saw a spider move quickly in its web as a child, and became afraid of spiders ever since. Kepke knew I was afraid, and at roughly the age of 15, he started to chase me with laughter with a spider on a strand of web, in front of Karen Graff even, the girl living across the street from me in Gormley. Karen's father was Simon, and Simons can trace to Simon de Herod be Boethus. Simon would often come visit my father, while he built the house with Ratcliffe lumber, with a beer and his pipe. That's why I've just loaded the Beers to find the Dutch branch (the one linked to Rothschild / Rhodes diamond mines) with a saltire in the colors of the Rat/Raid cross. Hmm.

Can we believe that Graffs share a demi-lion with Monaco's!!?? I almost missed it. I've not known this before. I'm not making up his surname now. From the 1st update of May, 2017: "Last night, I was thinking of Karen Graff, who was always riding her BIKE up and down the street past my house when we were both 13 years of age...Karen was mentioned recently, but I couldn't remember her Graff surname (German), until last night."

Graffs use an upright, gold lion in both Shield and Crest, a combination that has crept up three or four times in this update as a match with English Marks. And while the Marici founded Ticinum, the Pipe bloodline later renamed it, Papia/Pavia. The Ticino canton is in Switzerland, and Graffs were first found in Switzerland. Pepins were related to the Bernician Bebbanburgs, and Berwicks of that thing share the bear with the two other Beer surnames. The English Beers shares nearly the Rook Crest. German Beers were first found in Silesia with Kerns/Karens, and his daughter is Karen. Repeat: "Mackays share a bear head, decked out with straps like a horse, with Berwicks." Mackays were first found in Sutherland, and Sutherlands share the stars of Salome's, suspect from Salome de Boethus. She was related to the Herod Agrippa's suspect in such surnames as Griffins, Gripps/Grabbens, and Graffs/Graffins. BERENICE Agrippa is suspect in naming Bernicians, can you believe how neat this is working out?

Right next to our house, and directly across the street from the Graffs, there was a barn, and German Barns, I kid you not, are the bear-using Berne's, first found in Switzerland. German Beers were first found partly in Bohemia, same as the Michaels who share the Rad / Monaco hexagram! Michaels were first sound in Surrey, and I have suggestively traced the Surrich variation of Surreys/Sarks to "Zurich," in Switzerland smack near Berne. To the near-north of Zurich is Baden, where the Zahringer founders of Berne ruled. James' were first found in Surrey too, and so let's note, Sir James Ratcliffe. James share the dolphin with Dauphine, where French Barneys were first found. The Dolphins/DOLfins (dolphins in Dol-whale colors) look like a branch of Dols, and Dols likewise share the Monaco fesse, as do French Barneys. Look at what that barn has wrought.

French Barneys may have the Saraca fish in this Sark picture that can link to the Berne area. Dols were first found in Pomerania, home of the house of Griffin. The Graffin bloodline lived across from the barn with a Simon. Dols use the whale, and Whale's, with the bend that is the Arms of Baden, were first found in Berwickshire, tending to prove that Berne was a Bernician branch. The Barn and German-Barney lion is even in the colors of the Brunswick lions, and I've been tracing the Alans of Dol to Brunswick or years. The red lion in the Whale Crest is probably the lion of English Stewarts (Devon), and the latter's comes with a so-called ragully pattern in the bend, suspect with Ragusa liners. It's a gold bend, same as the Barn/Berne bend.

If God arranged the Ratcliffs in Gormley, he didn't need to do it with a lumber yard. The Lumbers are a branch of Lambs (English Lambert colors), and Lamberts are highly suspect from Mieszko II Lambert, the direct kin of Casimir of Poland, whose family included Varangians of Kiev. The Casimir surname must be from Casimir of Poland because it shares the red antler with Varangian-like Veringers of Baden. The Zahringers use the blue anchor, and so that you have a link of Ratcliffe lumber in Gormley to the barn in Gormley beside the home of Miss Grimaldi. I asked Katrina Hanson out, in Gormley, at Sam's restaurant, right beside Ratcliff lumber, and she was given the ice-cream code party for Crema in lumber-like Lombardy (!), on the Serio river suspect with Sere's, Sears, and Zahringer-like Zerrs/ZEHRERs. Just noticed: English Lamberts were first found in Zurich-suspect Surrey! French Lamberts (Dauphine, same as Barneys!!!) use a version of the Billet/Billiard Coat, itself sharing the Monaco stars! My first date with Miss Hanson was in a Valiant, and Valiants use a Sark-like shark!!! Amazing. There is less doubt now that Surrey was a Zurich branch.

Amazing: English Barneys use a lion-version of the Salome Coat! It's speaking to us about a Bernice-Agrippa merger with Salome de Herod de Boethus. This barn I'm talking about was not way out in a field, but right next to the road. It was a big garage, but built just like a barn, with standard barnboard. Monaco is near Antibes, from which I suspect the surname of Herod Antipas, brother of Herod Archelaus who married Glaphyra Archelaus, herself the line to Cliffs/Cleaves and Clavers/Cleavers (share the key with French Barneys).

The Salome stars are pierced, and Pierce's were first found in Somerset with Badens, and their Percival branch (and Karen-related Roets). Percivals, who had connected with Leavells (Somerset) from the Laevi of Pavia, share a black bear head, with strapping, with Berwicks. Pierce's share the Fish Coat for a potential trace to the Boet fish. The Percivals have a Chief version of English Billets (Devon, same as Beers), and French Billets/Billiards, first found in Maine with Fly-related Josephs, share the Rad hexagrams, though pierced. The Billets are suspect from Bullis/Byllis, and the Bullis surname (Billet / Percival colors) is also Billiard-like Bulliard. The English Billiards/Hilliards use a form of the Billet/Billiard stars, but as the Moray stars, and the Sutherland write-up claims that the Sutherland stars are the Moray stars. They are the Pret stars too, and the Moray motto is, "Tout Pret." Touts (Yorkshire, same as Billiards/Hilliards) share a red canton with the Beers (Devon, same as Leavell-related Walerans). Inside the red roundels of Bullis/Bulliards are the Annas star, possibly, but in gold they become the Salome star.

Prets (Salome stars) even share the Brunswick lion, probably connectable to the Barn and Barney lions, tending to verify that the Gormley barn is a pointer to Salome de Boethus and Berenice Agrippa. Berenice Agrippa was engaged to marry emperor Flavius Titus of Rieti. Pratts (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks suspect as Flagi of the Flys), who are probably in the "pratus" motto term of the Arms of Rieti, share a version of the Fly Coat. You can't argue with the facts.

I have told this many times before, that directly across the street from our Gormley home there lived the Elliots (Simon Graff was one house over). My first crack at deciphering "spider" was with "Spitzer," and when I searched online for a possible, relevant Spitzer, I came only to Eliot Spitzer of New York. Hmm. When I opened this update on the impossibility of the evolution of the spider, I had no idea I'd be focusing on the spider-fly dream. I still do not know what it means that I blocked the spider from catching the fly, but I should repeat here that the fly in the Drake motto is code for Mosca's. The Drake motto translates, "fly-catcher." ("Aquila non captat muscas. Motto Translation: The eagle is no fly-catcher.") The Nons/Nevins, first found in Ayrshire with Aquila-like Kyle's, share the Monaco fesse, and Kyle's use candleSTICKs, right down the Rad alley, recalling that Monaco's share the Rad stars.

[Insert -- I was amazed that I was able to finish the spellcheck and upload this update by noon, for I was running late. It was 12:00 exactly when it was uploaded. Now, at 12:03, with the Plocks loaded on my browser, and wondering how they could fit into the spider-fly dream, since Plocks share the Joseph martlets expected with Flys, I recalled my routine link of Plocks to Blocks, which recalled what was said above, "I BLOCKed the spider from catching the fly." You can see how this related to Drake's too. Emailer Pollock told me that a daughter or granddaughter (whom she called, Lady Rothes) of the first Pollock (Peter), who lived at/near Paisley, married Watsons, and this checks out where English Watsons share the chevron of English Blocks (share Paisley roses) while the latter share black martlets with Plocks. Moreover, English Blocks share the tree stump with Scottish Watsons.

That leaves a mystery: why would God place Pollocks in the middle of the spider and fly? Is it only to indicate that Pollocks were from Joseph Caiaphas, or is there more to it? As I said, the Jewish general, Josephus, who claimed in his history works to be from Israeli priests, betrayed the Jews and went over to Titus and Vespasian, and that's how he adopted the name, Flavius. The Flys are said to be from Flavian. There is no mistake here. Now we know partly why God caused me to block the spider's path, but why is the spider in with the Josephus picture?

Spitzers use hills. Hills (Worcestershire, same as Watson-branch Watts) use the tower of Dol-area Plunketts, and Peter Pollock's father was a vassal of the Dol Alans. Plocks, you will be amazed, have this write-up: "Plucknett is of Norman-French origin and derives from the name PLUNKET...Alan de Plugenet (died 1299), an English Baron, son of Alan de Plugenet. His family was settled at Preston Pluchenet in Somerset. He fought on the king's side in the barons' war, and was rewarded in 1265 with the manor of HASELberg, Northamptonshire..." It explains why Watsons share the HAZEL crescents, in the colors of the sleeping Roet / Karen crescent. The write-up speaks on another Somerset, where Webbers were first found, and Hazels have a version of the Weaver fesse.

There you have absolute proof that my wild guess in deciphering the spider with Spitzers was correct. Haselburg is in the same area as Cabbage's, the latter beloved of the "cabbage leaves" of Hazel-like House's. I have read the description of the French PLANQUE's/Plants; they use cabbages, yup. You can check it out for yourself, that Plants are also Plantagenets, and that Geoffrey Plantagenet was a Fulk, and that Fulks trace themselves to a Tertullus. No mistake, it means that Plocks are out of their minds to trace Plunketts to "blanket." Go ahead, laugh at your simpleton family historians, who tell lies while acting professional.

Plunketts were not named after blankets, but descend from PLANCia Magna, whose husband, Tertullus, is very traceable Tertulla, wife of Flavius PETRO and grandmother of Vespasian. Plancia's father was a Galatian, as was Julia Polla, and the latter looks very related, therefore, to Vespasia Polla (the proto-Pollock), mother of Vespasian. This dream has been so well deciphered here, I can imagine doubters thinking that I concocted it. But you cannot find Spitzers in my files prior to the dream. Without Spitzers, this clickety-click revelation doesn't work.

I have told before that I threw a party in Gormley for my fellow workers at Knob Hill Farms. On that night, someone dipped into the pool of the Elliots across the road, after I took them out to it. The Pools share the Rita lion and thus trace to Vespasia Polla. It now appears that God provided that pool in the first place, and then set up the event above, in order to point to Eliot Spitzer. Only he and his fellow criminals may know why.

His Troopergate scandal is much like the FISA scandal, where he ordered the police to keep tabs on a Republican opponent, Joseph Bruno. There is even a Troop surname first found in Banffshire, smack beside Rothes castle of Peter Pollock. The border of Banffshire appears to be the Spey river, and one can see Rothes on this map at the west edge of the Spey. The Speers, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and Glasgow, are also SPEYers. To the direct east of Rothes, there is shown a Glass location. Wikipedia's Rothes article: "At the south end of the village lie the remains of Rothes Castle (57.5252°N 3.2092°W), built on a hill by Peter de Pollok..."

The Poole location is near the mouth of the Stur river, and while Sturs are Styre's too, Spitzers were first found in Styria. One can see how a Spey surname could also be, Speigh, and it just so happens that there is a Spitz-like Spate/Speight surname (blue jay) with a version if the Hill Coat, though more like the Craig Coat. Spate's/Speighs use two motto terms of Chives', the latter first found in Tarves to the east side of Banffshire.

Recall my telling that I had a fear (terrible) of spiders ever since seeing one as a child. That was at my home on Jay street, and so let's add that Jays are highly suspect with the bend of Jewish Pollocks because the Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use the Jay bend-with-roses, and Rose's lived very near Rothes castle (these Rose's look like a Rothes branch). There seems to be a little tell-tale here that links the spider at Jay street to the Spate/Speight jay, in which case God was pointing to Eliot Spitzer as early as my sixth or seventh year. There was a bedwetting event in my 6th year that pointed to Podesta's suspected involvement with the killing of judge Scalia. The spider at Jay was at the front corner of the house, and Corners/Garners were first found in RUTland with Watsons.

Rose's were first found at Nairn, and Nairns have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Sprows'/Spruce's, a possible Spey-river branch of the Spree kind. Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers/Speyers, and Spree's (in Roseland of Cornwall) use a "simple" motto term, suspect with the "Simplex" of Plancia-liner Perkins. Online: "...Julia Tertulla, a close relative of Plancia Magna, married Lucius Julius Marinus Caecilius SIMPLEX." BE AMAZED, for while God would want to point to Perkins COIE and Hillary Rodham Clinton at this time, COYs share the pheons of Spate's/Speights!!! And the Jay / Rothchild / Pollock bend is shared by Rodhams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I recall correctly, Nairns use a chaplet while Chaplets use swans in the colors of the giant swan once shown by French Josephs. That swan was changed to a giant martlet in the same colors, which is the Plock martlet.

Hold on to your sprigs of broom, for Geoffrey Plantagenet was given that symbol, and Brooms/Brome's do use sprigs of broom. The Spriggs/Spraggs shoe ROSE leaves, and can therefore be from a surname like the Spray variation of Spree's of Roseland. There is a Roseland surname with Roslins, and they have square buckles, and there is a Buckle location near the mouth of the Spey. As Sinclairs lived at Roslin, let's repeat that the Sinclair cross is likely used by the Rats/raids of Nairnshire i.e. where Rose's were first found. Therefore, Spree's and Speers/Speyers are Spey-river liners, and with Spriggs suspect with them. Roseland is said to be at Powder (Cornwall), and Pouters/Pewters, with possibly a version of the Sprows/Spruce Coat, were first found in Cornwall, thus tending to link the Sprows/Spruce Shield with that of Nairns.

The big wreath or chaplet of Nairns is shared by Buckle's (Suffolk, same as Sinclair-suspect Clare's) in the same colors, a big deal.

Sprows/Spruce's are Dutch, as are the Puttins that can be of the Putter variation of Pouters. Then, when we go to English Puttens, they were first found in the same place as Medleys (suspect with the Elgin stars), and share the same stars as Elgins and the same fesse as Spate's/Speights.

Watch this. Craigs, who trace to Proculus Charax, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves, and while the Chives motto uses a "Vi et" phrase," Craigs use a "Vive ut vivas" motto in honor of Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus and therefore PROCulus' grandmother. The, Brocuffs/PROCops (named Procopia, wife of Michael I Rangabe of Byzantium), use a version of the Speer/Speyer Coat! Zowie. Let's repeat here that the Speer/Speyer boar heads are those of Rothes-like Roets (Rieti-Fly liners without a doubt), tending to support a Speer trace to the namers of the Spey. As Spree's share the Speer crescents, I trace Speers to the Spree river of Lusatia, and while that Polish area overlaps with Silesia, that's where Brocuffs/Procops (!!!) were first found, as well as where Kerns/Karens were first found who share the sleeping Roet moon!!!

The Chives Crest ("cat") is suspect with the Mosca leopard, for they are in the same design. It just so happens that while Rothes is in Elginshire (part of Morayshire), Elgins use leopards in Mosca-leopard colors. As Drake's love Mosca's, let's repeat that Mosca's were involved with PALMa di Montechiaro, smack beside the Drago river, for the mouth of the Drago is where I trace Craigs! I'll show you later a great proof for a trace of Craigs to the Drago's ACRAGus location. The PALMers share the Coat, almost, of Flags/Flecks, and that's where the Flagi location of Flys traces, and so let's repeat that the Drake motto honors both the Flys and Mosca's! It explains why Flags/Flecks share the scallops of Masci-liner Meschins, but let's add that these scallops are also those of Travers/Travis, likely a Tarves branch. Ore's/Orrs (same place as Speers/Speyers and Pollocks) can now be suspect in the Brocuff/Procop motto.

As per the a Buckle location near the Spey, Travers/Travis' share the motto of Buckle-branch Buckleys (Cheshire, same as Meschin liners). And, aha, Travers/Travis' share the tiger in Crest with Medleys while the pierced Medley stars are on the Elgin fesse! Medleys (Sussex, same as Puttens) share the Plock motto, virtually. Medleys were first found in the same place as their Mead branch, and the Meads once again have the Fly-related martlets of Plocks, Pullens, and Josephs. All of these spanking-new links are thanks to Troopergate, which brought us to the Banffshire location of Troops, but as I trace them with Drops/Trope's to Tropoje, it's a location to the near-east of the Clausula river, itself a topic below as per Pollock / Mieszko elements there. My Masci-line mother is related by blood round-about to a Mr. Masci on ELGIN street (Newmarket)!!!! As Medleys (share Elgin stars) were first found in Sussex with Keeps, it's interesting that Plocks can be with the Keep bend for a SPEYcot reason in the next paragraph. Kepke chased me with a spider on its strand of web.

Recall how the "pret" term of Morays traces to "pratus" in the Arms of Rieti, for Meads use "pret" too. To refresh your memory, Flys have a reflection of the Pratt Coats. Peter Pollock could have grown up in Shropshire with his father. Shropshire has the Plock martlets with COLINs, whose bend is colors reversed from the Plock bendlets. There is one Holly surname (compare with Glass-related Gleasons) with a reflection of the Plunkett Coat, as well as a Holly/CULLEN surname sharing the Glass / Moray-Crest mermaid.

By the way, and Hollys/Cullens are in the colors and format of Childs/Chills, they could be from the CILNius family of Cilnius (Gaius) Maecenas, suspect with the Mucianus line that was mythicized by a Mucius character having a right-hand symbol initially, though he sacrificed it, having only the left hand remaining. Hollys/Cullens use right hands. A Hand surname developed from this thing, apparently, that itself uses hands, and Hands happen to have been first found in Cheshire with Masseys/MACEys and Maceys/MACE's. This Cullen - Cilnius liner is a new idea here, and Masons/Massins even share the Holly/Cullen mermaid. While Masci's, Massena's and Rasmussens use a left-side bend, I've just noted that the gauntlet glove of Maceys/Macys is a left-hand glove.

More. Thanks to the inclusion of Watsons and Hills into the spider picture, one can speak to the so-called SPECtacles of Watts and Vatts, for the spider was identified with Syphax liners, as were SPECcots/Space's/SPEYcots (share the Keep bend). The specTACLEs can also be part-code for Tickle's/TickHILLs, for Spitzer-beloved Hills were first found in Worcestershire (location of the Stour river) with Watts (it appears that Styria elements were Stour elements too). I am beside myself, this is fantastic material. The spectacles can be seen hanging off the tree, and Watsons use the tree too, while Blocks share nearly the brown bird in the Watt Crest. By blocking of the spider thus tends to prove that Spitzers can be a branch of Spice's/Spicers (Devon, same as Speccots/Space's), especially as Speccots/Speycots share the same bend, almost, as Plocks.

Blockers (same area as Dols) are shown with the same Coat (keys in saltire) as French Clermonts, expected at Clermont-Ferrand, home of Dol-suspect Tullia of Lyon. In fact, thanks partly to Hume's/Home's, the Watt- / Watson-beloved Tree's/True's can be connected to the feathered helmet of English Lannoys while French Lannoys share the Lyon lion, colors reversed from the lion of Home's/Hume's ("True" motto term). Perfect, suggesting that Blockers were Polla liners to Pollocks. Feathered helmets (coin of Herod Archelaus of the Lyon area had one) can be called plumed in honor of the Brittany Plume's, but then the German Plume's share the hexagrams of Spitzer-beloved Tunnels.

Back to the Plocks, and their being said to be from blankets or sheets. This looks more like deliberate code of the writers than ignoramia, for Sheets/Skate's were first found in Norfolk with Rieti liners such as Flags/Flecks, Fulke's/Volks, and Sabine's. The Charo's/CHIARO's share the red bull with Sabine's, and Isabel Mosca is in the write-up of Wikipedia's Chiaramonte article. Chiaramonte (beside Messina) is related to Palma di Montechiaro, and the latter is about 25 miles from the mouth of the Drago river, explaining why Drake's love Mosca's.

I distinctly recall reading that the German Klassens have "Lady Fortune" holding a blanket. I reported as it. The idea here is that the heraldic blanket was known by some to be code for Plancia Magna. However, after some time, the Klassen description was found to have her holding a "banner," code for the Panaro river in Modena. German Banners look to be with a version of the Fulke/Volk Coat, and with the banners, it appears to be the Cake fleur. Both Fulke's and Banners use the giant, white fleur-de-lys, and Plants/Planque's are said to be from Artois, location of a Lys river. As Marano of Modena is on the Panaro while Marano's share the Montfort lion (Montforts own the gonfanon BANNER), and because Montforts use the two-tailed lion of Bohemia, Banners are likely Bohemians of the Bononia / Bone/Bohum kind, suggesting that the Boii of Modena named / settled the Panaro.

The Sine motto term of English Banners then takes the Marano lion to the Wallace's/Wallis', for Sions and also Sine's. From Walsers and Wallis', we take it to Glass', and to Glasgow, important for what's still left to say on the Plock-blanket entity, for Pollocks were at Glasgow. The motto of Glasgows loves the Lords/LAUDs (share AMPTON cinquefoils) while Planque-beloved Cabbage's were first found in NorthAMTONshire with LADYs/Laudymans, the line very obviously of "Lady Fortune" of the Glass-like Klassens/Klaas' (Westphalia). I hate to beat-up on the family historians so badly, but they work to keep secrets under the bedspreads with the devil. Italian Fulks were first found in Tuscany with Mosca's and Fortune's/Fortuna's, the latter's dog being in the colors of the Fulke/Volk fleur. As Paisleys share the Block roses, it's a good bet that Glasgows share the Block chevron. The spider must be in Paisley.

As one Holly Coat is a little like the Plunkett Coat, it's notable that Cabbage's use holly. I have no idea what Cabbage's/Cobbolds are by other branches, nor can I figure out the branches of their variations. If they are a branch of Cobbs, note that Cobbs share a version of the Clovis-suspect Club Coat (Child colors and format). Clubs were first found found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's, and the latter share the Cabbage/Cobbold fleur. Both Cobbs and Cabbage's/Cobbolds seem to love the Ticino-suspect Tiss', and then the Cabbage chevron is in Levi-chevron colors while the Cabbage lion is the Levi lion in colors reversed. Amazingly, it was in this update that MARKets were loaded for the first time that I recall, and they are with the Margesons/Mackesys who share the Cabbage lion. Excellent, it's tending to verify that Cabbage's are Ticino liners. The Stems/Steins, suspect in the Cobbs motto, share the leopard faces of Peare's. That works, and while Coverts share the same leopard faces, they were first found in Sussex with Markets/Margesons, which recalls all the other times that Coverts worked into Mark discussions.

It was resolved that the green heraldic snake is largely of the Marsi, and I do have an alternative Mackesy Coat with a green snake. The Markets, because they come up as Mackesys, suggest that Marsi were Marici on the Ticino. What's more, it's known that the Marsi of Abruzzo were Merovingians, and we just saw Cobbs looking like Clovis Merovingians. The Market Crest even shares a black and passant lion with Levi's. The Market write-up: "The surname Market was first found in West Sussex where the family held estates in Offington. One source claims 'John D'Argenson, living in 1449, had two sons, one of whom fought at the battle of Pavia, in 1524...'" Pavia, there it is. Offingtons look like Cove's and therefore like Covingtons (Tease/Tyes stars?), and then the old Colban version of Covingtons has its own page were the surname was Covenham and shows a Cobban variation.

Cabbage's, expected to bump into Peter Pollock via Plantagenet liners who merged with Cabbage's, use their lion in the colors of the Rothes lion, and the latter's wears a gold crown, same as the Levi and Capua/Capone lion. Capone's are suspect from Quintus Caepio, and Quints are a branch of Quince's, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys and Cabbage's. Quince's have mascles in the colors of the similar Anchor lozenges, and the latter have three in Chief with a blank Shield, much the Lady Coat. The Laudyman variation of Ladys traces well to the "Lord, let" motto phrase of Glasgows. If correct that Pepins / Pipe's named Pavia, let's add that Lets'/Late's (Peare stars) use organ pipes. The Latto's/Latters, first found in Ayrshire, should partially explain the motto of neighboring Glasgows, because Latto's come up as "Lordy." Why do Latto's/Lordys have three piles colors reversed from the three Leavell piles?

The Rothes lion is used by Rennes-line Raines', and Rennes is in Vilaine with Plunketts (Raines colors). Pero's are suspect with the Reines comet. We are making sense for a Rothes-lion trace to the Laevi on the Ticino. Markhams almost have a Pollock motto term. Cabbage's have "tis" endings, as does the Markham motto. Tiss' are Tice's too. Markhams have nearly the Guerin Coat, but Guerins add the Payen stars, and Hugh de Payens married Miss Chappes.

Margys/Mackeys, who seem like Margesons/Mackesys, share the raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds (Bavaria, same as Loys) and a Peter surname. Margys/Mackeys were first found in Ayrshire (near Glasgow) with Kyle's, and while Ayers use a "Lighter" motto term, suspect with Lights/Lite's, Markets (Margesons/Mackeys, that is) use a "loyaLITE" motto term, and Loys use an upside-down chevron in the colors of the Cabbage chevron. Kyle's, who share the Glass stars, use CANDLEsticks, and Candle's share the annulets of Ladys/Laudymans, yup, it's true. Be shocked, family historians, for the same annulets are in the Coat of Walkers, who use a "Magna" motto term. Family historians don't want to accept that the European rulers became one family pot from Israel's bad guys, and they sure won't advertise it. Niceties they promote, fantasies they swallow, onward to Hell go the people.

So, I wasn't likely imagining things when reading that the lady of Klassens has a blanket. Both a blanket and a banner trace back to Pollocks/POLKs of Glasgow through the VOLK-Planque's, revealing that Fulk V, king of Templar Jerusalem, was a Vespasian liner on the devil's Jerusalem throne. I have insisted that the Anchor Coat is a version of the Arms of Agrigento, and here I can repeat that the Anchor Coat is a version of the Lady/Laudyman Coat. Agrigento is at the mouth of the Drago.

The Fortuna dog is owned by a Canossa family ("cano = dog") said to be out of Lucca, which is the area of Mosca's, Massai's/Massars, and Massa-Carrara. The rulers of the latter used the same checks as Italian Fulks and Massi's/MATTIS', and then the Fulke fleur-de-lys traces to Lissus near the mouth of the MATHIS (now the Mat) river in Albania.

Why was the spider in my armPIT? The Pits happen to share the Fulke/Volk checks, but on a fesse so that it becomes the Stewart fesse, perfect, for Pollocks and Stewarts were like one in Glasgow. The Pit write-up: " Governor Pitt, ancestor of the Earl of Chatham and of Lord CAMELFORD..." As I've said several times, emailer Pollock said that her grandmother had a Comfort surname, and Comforts share a Comerford variation with Camelfords, both surnames using peacocks in Crest. I've read that Peacocks are a Pollock sept. Comforts (probably share the Pollock hunting horn) happen to use dogs in the colors of the Fortuna / Arms-of-Canossa dog. So, again, Lady Fortune of the Klassens must have waved a blanket at one time.

The ComFORT quadrants are colors reversed from the same of FORTs, and the latter use "Audax" (as do Markhams) while Pollocks use "Audacter." This makes the Comfort / Fortuna dog suspect with the same-colored MontFORT lion. If correct, we've just come to the gonfanon banner, which is a vertical banner, used for example by Scottish Banners in Montfort colors.

Finally, the ARMpit can be deciphered with the Armors, for they use a version of the Block chevron-with-items. Not much in this late section would have been possible had I not realize the blocking of the spider as code for Blocks. But as I used cardBOARD to block it, it's interesting that Boards, with a "PerFORATus" motto, are split in the colors of the Fort quadrants. The Board Crest is an ANTELope, suspect with Antalya, beside Plancia Magna. In my dream on Obama's Billiard table, he was on a skateBOARD where Boards did play with certainty for more reason than the following. Boards use a version of the Chaddock and Chadwick Coats, and Chads (almost the Shed Coat), first found in Norfolk with Skate's/Sheets, share the potent cross with Skate's/Sheets. Their Skit kin were first found in Ayrshire with Kyle's.

The Board Coat is much like the Enfield / Chaddock / Saddock Coat, and the Joseph / Pullen / Plock martlet is in the Enfield Crest. Recall how Adolf Hitler was the son of Miss Polzl while the Hiedler/Hitler griffin is in the design of the Gainey griffin.

If you know why I trace Pollocks to Dober on the Clausula river, it seems that a trace Klassens to "Clausula" makes sense. The following was written earlier in the week. If the Deeters are using the Fortuna dog on a blue Shield, it's connectable to Dobers and Dobermans (from Dobrawa, wife of Mieszko I), who both use griffins as well as what I think is the Jewish-Pollock / Jewish-Rothchild bend. Deeters, first found in Pomerania with the house of Griffin, and with Dobermans, use Agrippa-suspect grapes.

There is the question on whether griffins and grapes trace to different Agrippa's. For example, the Safe/Saffes Coat uses grapes, and is highly traceable to emperor Septimius Severus, husband of a sister of Julia Maesa, wife of Julius Avitus and daughter of the nephew of Julius Agrippa (2nd century). Severus-like Saffers use a "vita" motto term in honor of the Avitus line. The Vita's/Vito's share the annulet of Savers, clinching Saffers and Savers as a liner from Severus, which is why the grape-using Safe's/Saffes' ought to be a Severus line merged with one from Julius Agrippa. Reminder: Ladys of Lady Fortune use annulets too, and Deeters use grapes as well as the Fortuna dog, possibly.

Saffers, by the way, have unicorns in the colors of the same of Spitzers, and if the latter were Syphax liners, compare "Syphax to "Saffes"...which recalls my hunch that Caiaphas was a direct relative of Severus of Akmonia (time of Jesus), father of the Bassus'/Bassianus' (his wife could have been a Bassus if he was not). Septimius Severus married Miss Bassianus. Reminder: Ladys use a version of the ANCHOR/Annacker Coat, and ANKARA is smack near Akmonia. Big hmmm.

Back to the earl of Chatham, for this surname (besants, red griffin) looks like the line of royal Cetis under the Bassus' through Julius Agrippa, whose sibling was a parent of Julius Bassianus. If Julius Agrippa wasn't an Agrippa by marriage, it makes Bassianus an Agrippa too. We read of a Cheetham location at Manchester's Salford area, and Salfords come up as SAVARds (Septimius SEVERus married Bassianus' daughter). Salfords share the black wolf with Quade's, from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Lupus Laevillus. There were many reasons for suspecting that the line of Quadratilla bumped into the line of Pharnaces and Nysa, and Pharnaces is to the Parrs and Furness', both first found in Lancashire with Chathams, and both sharing a black border with them. Quade's are also Quoids, and Chathams use a "Quod" motto term, yup, we have just found another trace to be rejected by the nicety-happy historians. It tends to mean that Severus traces back to Quadratilla's great-grandfather, Severus of Akmonia. If you don't know, Quadratilla's father married the Herod-Maccabee line through Glaphyra and Opgalli.

I always trace Bassianus to the Tilurius river that formed the Tillers and Tailers, both of whom share the Cabbage / Market lion, but here I'd like to say that Chats/Keats use a cat-version of the three Tailer lions in pale, and the Tilurius was also the Cetina of cat-using Cetins/Cattans ("lupus"). The latter's fitchee has got to be that of Tarves' in order to explain the Chives cats, in the colors of the lions under discussion. It's important that both Cetins/Cattans and Tillers use pellets, for Pellets are a branch of Pilotte's while PONTIUS Pilate is expected to be from the Pontus, where Pharnaces ruled.

It's likely that Berenice Agrippa had a child with Titus, and this gets interesting where the gyronny pattern is shared between the Titus and Fortune surnames. It's used by Opgalli-suspect Hoppers, and Opgalli (Galatian, same as Severus of Akmonia) is likewise suspect as a direct relative of Caiaphas. The Hopper tower is the tower of Hills (beloved of Spitzers) and of Plunketts, and Plancia Magna, descended from Opgalli, had a father from Galatian. When we bring this line to Jewish Pollocks, they share the bend of Chaucers, first found in Kent with Chalkers, possibly from Herod of CHALCis, who married his brother's daughter, Berenice Agrippa. Yup, it's not a wonder historians don't want to trace European nobles to where they really trace, into the septic tank of humanity.

Chalkers share the three wavy fesses of Marlins/MARKlands, and while Pero's were at Pavia with Marici, Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Damorys/Amori's who almost use the Chalker fesses. Catherine Roet's sister, a Rieti liner, married Mr. Chaucer, and Roets even share the boar heads of Speers, first found in the same place as Pollocks. They are the boar heads also of Maple's, and Markhams were at Maplebeck. The split Shield of Maple's is in colors reversed with the spear-using German Marks. Catherine Roet's father was Payne, and Guerins (Markham Shield) love Payens. While writing "was Payne," a song was singing in my ears, "there MAY BE PAIN in the night" (Newsboys, Your Love Never Fails). MAYBE's/Mabbe's (almost the split-Maple Shield), I kid you not, share the stripeless tiger with Ditts, and the paragraph below was already written at the time, and sitting right where you see it! Wow, it appears that God is verifying both the Payne-Roet discussion and the Teague-Ditt discussion. (This entire paragraph was inserted here when the miracle took place.)

Opgalli is in the "optem" motto term of Teague's because their Teeger variation is from her husband, TIGRanes. The "diem" motto term (i.e. the Diems/Dittmayers, Pomerania area) of Teague's leads to tiger-using Ditts (stripeless tigers, I saw the description), making the Deeters look like a branch of the Ditts who married a Tigranes line.

[Insert - As I said, the paragraph above was sitting here before the "Your Love Never FAILS" played, and Fails/Falls share the black griffin head with Ticks/Tooks/Touque's, whose Coat looks linkable to the Teague Coat. Teague's trace to TIGRAnes IV, the line of which married the line of Artemidoros, father of Julia TYCHE, is that not amazing? One can see why God would inject this song, for he always wants to point to Love-like Laevillus. Later in the update, Bois' become a topic, and this song is from NewsBOYS. English Bois' mention their Herbert kin, and one Herbert Coat share's the three LOVE/Luff fesses. Your LOVE Never Fails. Love's/Luffs were, until now, said to be first found in Suffolk, where TIGERS and English Herberts were first found who share the lion of Fail-like Fallis'. It can be gleaned the Herbert-like Huberts (Cheshire, same as Sales' and Edin-like Eatons) share the Coat of Sales' who in-turn share the fleur of NEVERS, and the latter's cross is that of Sinclairs, who lived at Midlothian (Roslin), where English Falla's/Fallis' were first found. EDINburgh is in Midlothian, and Edins, first found in Suffolk (i.e. where Love's/Luffs were early) share a distinct version of the Lovekin / Luffkin Coats (the latter two have identical Coats.

The Eatons (I say from mount ETNa, Scylla / Messina / Saracen theater) once showed the same cross as Samsons (still used by Dickens), but houseofnames changed the cross of Samsons too, meaning that design matters to houseofnames. Samsons now use the patonce of Chives-liner Taylards (Eaton quadrants), first found in Huntingdonshire with a branch of Eatons. The Hykes'/Hacks are obviously linkable to Eatons, and Edins share black scallops (Scylla symbol) with Hykes/Hacks though the latter use them in the colors of the Samson scallops. I make all kinds of important links like this that houseofnames has ignored. For the new, eye-opening Sardinia link to Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire) below, which was part of the line to Windsor castle (Berkshire), it's important that Sicilian-liner Eatons are said to have been in Berkshire. As "Vincit" is shared between Eatons (same place as Masseys/Maceys) and the Shaws/Sheaves' of Berkshire, this thing also includes Shawia Numidians. The Numidian king, Massena, can be expected from Messina, location of mount Etna. Meschins share the Samson scallops, and the Samsam Saracens could have been at Etna, for all I know about them. Maltese elements from Melita, beside the Saraca's, are now expected in the Tick/Took motto.

Watch this, for God is a genius. The location of Nevers is at Eaton-like Autun, and Datons/D'Autuns share the red-on-white lion with Love's/Luffs. "Your LOVE NEVER Fails." I didn't know that God was a song writer until he pointed to several songs with heraldic messages. The red fitchee in the Love/Love Crest can thus be of the red PATEE in the Daton/D'Autun Coat, and the patee (now shown for Eatons) traces to Patti in Messina.

Houseofnames and historians might share my super findings if only I didn't mention Sadducees and Herods and Edomites, for this makes worldly people sick, to think that virtually all of Europe's rulers stem from that batch. And, besides, it makes people think about Jesus, which makes world rulers today even more sick. I am not going the right way in their eyes, for they want to paint a more-glorious picture for themselves according to their own achievements, but God will expose their achievements as rot from the sinfulness of their lying spirits. Lies on behalf of human gain is in every child, but God expects adults to exercise self-control and maturity, to stop lying for the purposes of self-gain. Liberals refuse, and they are being exposed as liars and hypocrites as we speak. Their facade has come to an end. The world I have traced the Aedui of Autun to mythical Aedon of Boeotia, and I am very sure that God wants to point us to Schimatari and Tanagra of Boeotia as the root of Sadducees.

Falla's/Fallis and Fellers share trefoils with their Bothwell kin, who in-turn use a BOY in Crest. Your Love Never Fails, by NewsBOYS. Bothwells are Bute liners, suggesting that God, with this song miracle, is pointing to the Aedon-line Boiotians, even the house of Boethus to which the Herods and Sadducees belonged. The Bothwells have an "ADversus" motto term suspect with ADA of Huntingdon. The Love-like Levi's love the Ade's/Aids in their motto. The Perthshire Dure's (share Clun / Saluzzo Coat) have a Dol (French) branch sharing the Warren Coat while Ada above was a Warenne by her father, explaining the "ObDURa" motto term of Bothwells. Warenne's were also Varenne's (ravens), and Verona's share a version of the Feller / Bothwell Coat. It looks like Rockefellers have Sadducee blood.

Later, the Bois' will be linked to Saluzzo once again, whom I see in the Sales' sharing the fleur of Nevers/Neve's. German Dure's love the Rose's, first found beside the first-known Fails/Falls, in Nairn with Geddes' and RATs (could be with the Nevers/Neve cross), and the Dol Dure's are also DuRATs, who are the entire motto of Geddes-branch Geds who in-turn share the Verona fish, white like the fish of the other Neve's. The Neve fish is in both colors of the Roach fish, believe it or not. Roach's (Rock kin) share "mon" with French Simons, suspect from Simon Boethus, and the Levi ruled at Mons. The fish head in the Ged Crest looks like the Ling fish heads, and Lings are in Feller colors and format while Ling-like Lynch's (same place as Teague's and Berks) use the Bothwell Coat, a gold-trefoil version of the Feller Coat.

The eye-opening Sardinia topic starts with Constantine I of Gallura, and the six Constantine fleur are also those of YORE's (same special pattern), though the latter use them in both colors of Nevers/Neve fleur. YORE Love NEVER Fails. French Constantine's share the pine tree with the boy in the Bothwell Crest. Yore's were first found in Northumberland with Velis'/Vails, who share the eagle of Fails/Falls (the latter are Vails too). There are red fitchees in the Velis/Vail Crest in the design used for them by the Crest of Love's/Luffs, hee-hee, YORE LOVE NEVER FAILS, is that not spectacular? End Insert]

What follows is new material right here. The Dyot variation of Ditts suggests the Dye's/Tie's/DEI's (Yorkshire, same as Methleys) because the latter share the Chief of Methleys and Medleys ("deo"), the latter having a tiger too. The Dye's/Tie's are said to be from near Wakefield, and Wakefields are split in the split-colors of the DIEms/Dittmayers.

Wakefield plays well into what I wanted to say on Wake-like Aikens, the latter's "vigiLANTia" being almost the motto term of Wake's. While the English branch of Lant-like Lands has another gyronny Shield, German Lands/Landens/Landers share the black rooster with Aikens, but the Land/Landen rooster is in both colors of the Kopple rooster, and Kopple's are from Koplik, about three miles from the Dober location above (on the Clausula river). Kopple's can be gleaned with Poland's Goplo, origin of Mieszko I, husband of DOBRawa. In myth, Goplo was first ruled by Pepinid-suspect Popiel, and Lands/Landens are likely from Pepin of Landen, near Aiken-like Aachen.

Next, we go to the Aiken-like Akmans, a term like "Akmonia." Both surnames use the oak theme, and both use a "robore" motto term. One wonders whether the Akman bend isn't the Doberman bend in colors reversed. Another surname that uses the oak theme and Aiken / Akman colors is the Liebers, and it just so happens that Severus line Saffers use a "libera" motto term so that, indeed, Akmans could feasibly be Severus-of-Akmonia liners.

"Akmonia" has been suspect with "Hasmonean," the original name of the Maccabees, founded by Mattathias the Hasmonean. As unreal as it seems, I traced his name to the Mathis river, one major river south of the Drin, and the northern-most part of the Drin, which is near the Clausula, has a Has location (see Has, Albania). Whatever named has is expected to have been there for centuries. It's suspect with "Hesse" because Hasmonean-suspect Rasmussens/ASSMANs were first found there. Rasmussens share the Pepin bend, but Rasmussens have it rising sinister in honor of the Mucianus surname, making a branch thereof suspect with "Maccabee." Lands/Landens and Dobers use a sinister-rising bend too.

The Rasmussen unicorn is almost the Spitzer unicorn, and Saffers use that symbol too, as do Cnuts/Knots while Wake's use a wake KNOT. Cnuts/Knots happen to share the crescents of Has-like Hazels (wow, makes them Hasmonean suspects), and Hazels share a version of the Weaver Coat while Webbers (share the fleur of neighboring Flys) can be gleaned with the Rasmussen / Pepin bend-with-fleur, for Weavers and Pepins both love the Este's in their motto. Webbers were part of the spider-fly dream that had the Spitzers, how about that. Hazelwoods (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans), who share the Hazelton/Heslington Coat, and Alans use oak leaves, amazingly enough.

I trace both the Mieszko Piasts and the UNIcorn to the Una/Oeneus river, home of the Maezaei, beside the uniCORN-suspect Ceraunii, who themselves lived at Piast-suspect Bistue. See map is you haven't already:

The Clausula and the Cavii are on the dark map below, but I think the Clausula is wrongly drawn. Has is at the northern-most part of the Drilon:

If it's correct to trace the oak-themed Aikens and Akmans with Liebers to Severus of Akmonia, then there must have been a connection between he and/or his location to the CLAUSULa area, which should explain why oak seeds, acorns, are used by Clauds/CLAUSELs. It just so happens that ACORNs were resolved with Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee. Flavius Josephus, part of the Fly line, traced himself to Maccabees. In fact, he traced himself to JONATHAN Maccabee, and Jonathans, hold on to your seat, share roosters in the colors of the Kopple rooster for a Maccabee trace to the Clausula. The Jonathan rooster-head design is that of Gorms/Blue's (were they the namers of Gormleys/Grimes'?), first found on Avaran-like Arran with MacAbee's.

As Spitzers were resolved with the spider, while Spencers and Spence's seemed to apply as a Spitzer branch, let's go back to Janet Spence, for English Janets (share black martlet with Fly-related Josephs) are also Jonathan-like Jonets. There are five martlets in the Janet/Jonet Chief, the number of brothers in Jonathan's family.

I first caught wind of the acorn trace to Hachorani via the Tromp acorn, and Val Trompia is beside Brixia/Brescia, where Brix's/Brests trace (hold on to your head, don't let it explode), who share the lozenges in the Chief of French Janets!!!!!!!! I saw Robert Powell squeeze Janet's breast that night she was "raped"! As I said, the rape theme can be God's pointer to raven liners such as Rabe's and Ralphs, but here we can mention the ravens of the Jone's/Jones'/Joanes', like the Jonas variation of Jonathans!!!! Mighty is God for the way that he does things! Astounding, give God some praise.

I once lived beside Rick and Jane, smacking of Rick and Janet Spence. Jane's use a giant and upright lion colors reversed from the same of Welsh Jones' (same as Pool / Rita lion), and throw in red-on-white scallops, the symbol of Flavian-line Pullens and Sabine's. There you have a Jane trace with Jones' to the Flavians who adopted the Maccabee / Fly liner, Josephus, and Jane's were first found in Worcestershire with Spitzer-beloved Hills. Welsh Jones' were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs (compare with Saffers), and then German Bachs use the steer, suspect with Styria, where Spitzers were first found.

Rick and Jane. Watch this. Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed, and Cravens were from Croatia, where I trace the Mieszko's that were related to Dober and Koplik. I had looked up the Plaster surname because Rick was a plaster man, but I had nothing to say. Then, shortly afterward, wanting to see if there is any proof that Dobers use the Pullen bend, the English Dobers (Yorkshire, same as black-martlet Pullens and black-martlet Janets/Jonats) came up first, and they have this write-up: "The name was a medieval trade name for someone who was a plasterer." Amazing. How many surnames do you think have a trace to plasterers? English Dobers are in the colors of the Saffer unicorns, and Dobys were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks.

The Jane's are also Jeans, which recalls the Hicks dream in which I was walking on a BEACH with no short on, just Jeans. Beach's are also Bach-like Bechs, and both use vair fur. Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus' (share the Chappes Moor head). I've worked until midnight to get this extra section in.

Aha! Plaster variations suggest the Spanish Pelaiz's (Bils checks), who share the checks of Tobeys, making the later suspect with the Tober variation of German Dobers (Austria, same as Bils'). Pelaiz's/Baez's have half the Pollock saltire. Is that not amazing? Just look at that Intelligent Design? Rick the plasterman is in the English Dober Coat, and Plasters link to German Dobers. If God isn't behind it, then the Tober write-up used "plasterer" as code for the Plasters. Plesses'/Plesse's share a wavy bend with nothing else on the Shield with Jewish Pollocks, and the Plesses bend is sinister, as is the Dober/Tober bend, and colors reversed to it. Perfect.

Plesses' were first found in Hamburg with Krume's, and there is a Krume location on the Drin a little up-river from Has, in the area of the proto-Pendragon Penestae peoples. The Drin is in the Dragon/Drainer surname, which shares the helmet with Dobys and Pendragons. Amazingly, the Dragons/Drainer helmets are colors reversed from those of Mynetts/Minute's (Kent, same as Dragons/Drainers), who are from Amyntes, the grandfather or great-grandfather of Severus of Akmonia. It's a good bet that Dragons/Drainers were a branch of Fly-related Drake's, and so let me repeat that while I trace Anchors to the Arms of Agrigento, a location at the Drago river, Anchors can also trace to Ankara, smack near Akmonia. Penestae lived near the Apsus, and the Drago is also the Hypsas.

Part of the Sava river is in Austria, and here it should be added that the Sava is also the Save while the Save's (Severus liners?) share the bend of German Dobers (Austria). The Dober Crest shares a griffin head with Leslie's (Save bend in colors reversed), whom I trace to upper Sava, at Lesce, near the Austrian border. The green Leslie griffin is shared by Bards (suspect with Bartholomew, Leslie founder), and BARTons share the three boar heads of Plasters (same Coat), in the red color of the Less/Lush boar head. Leslie's took the titles of Pollocks by marriage with them. A green griffin in Crest is used by Powells, and they share the lion of Sava's/Savage's.

Save's were first found in Burgundy with Bleds, and Bled is a location smack beside Lesce. The Bles variation of Bleds can reveal that Plesse's and Plasters are Bled liners. Bleds/Bles' use a "TOUS" motto term, and Bless'/Blois' use "virTUS." English Blois', first found in Suffolk with Bled-related Clare's, use dragons. AMAZINGLY, Bled and Lesce are at the Croatia theater, and Ricks were merged with Croatian liners (Cravens) in Yorkshire while Rick brought us to the Plaster bloodline. Recall my being on a beach without a shirt but with jeans, for while Rick was married to Jane, Jeans are Jane's while Shirts are beloved of TOUS' (a "man" said to be wearing a "shirt" with buttons). It really does look like Intelligent Design. The Bless' look like they love the Felix's (Flag/Fleck branch?), who share the quadrants of Snells and Comforts.

As Rusticus descended from rulers at CLERmont-Ferrand, it should be said that Blazers/Blase's use a version of the Rust/Roost Coat. Decimus Rusticus was married to Tullia, suspect with "Dol," and while the latter traces excellently to the Dulo house of Attila, BLEDa was Attila's brother. Mundzuk, Attila's father, was traced to Munderic, grandson of a later Rusticus of Lyon (father of Artemia, mother-in-law of Munderic). This tends to clinch Clermont-Ferrand with the Bled-related Clare's of Suffolk.

German Bartons can bring us back to the Clausula with their snails, if they are code for Snells. In the Crest of English Snells, a red dog that could be the FORTuna dog in colors reversed because the Snell quadrants are those of Forts in colors reversed. German Snells share the acorn with Clauds/CLAUSELs, and so the Klassens with Lady Fortune can trace to the namers of the Clausula, suspect with Glass' and Glasgows (lead to Ladys), and therefore with Wallis'/Wallace's who share the MontFORT lion, which is upright, giant, and in the colors of the same of the Fortuna dog. In fact, the Snell quadrants are those of ComFORTs, and they use a passant dog in Fortuna-dog colors.

Do Blue's/Gorms apply to Bled/Bles / Blois liners? French Blue's use three bends in the colors of the three chevrons of Bleds/Bles'. Blois is near Angers/Anjou (home of Rieti-line Tertullus > Fulks), and the Anger Chief is a blue version of the Anchor Chief, which can trace Flavians to Ankara and therefore to the Akmonia Galatians, which recalls that Plancia's Galatian father (Mr. Plancius) is suspect with Julia Polla (daughter of Artemidoros, Galatian father or grandfather of Severus of Akmonia) because Plancia's husband (Tertullus) is suspect with the wife (Tertulla) of Vespasia Polla's father-in-law, Mr. Flavius.

Blue's/Gorms were first found on Arran with the MacAbee's that use a SALMON, suspect with Salome de BOEThus because Arran is smack beside Bute. Salome was the great-granddaughter of the high priest of Israel, Simon, son of Boethus. In GORMley, I lived across the street from Simon Agrippa-suspect Graff. French Simons have a "plaisir" motto term, which may explain why I lived beside the plasterman. Plasters are also Plaisters.

Anchors can be linked to the Craig > Carrick line, a thing I may not have done yet, but it helps to clinch Anchors with something out of Agrigento, for the latter was also, ACRAGas, which is why I trace Craigs there. The AnnerCAW variation of Anchors gives it away, for Adams, from ANNANdale, are also Caws, and are from Adam Kilconquhar, husband of Marjory Carrick. They say that this couple had a son, Thomas Randolph of Moray, and it just so happens that his three lozenges are shown at his Wikipedia article, in colors reversed from the three Anchor lozenges.

Back to the Plesses / Plaster liners. Recall Pollock links to Spate's/Speights, for Spade's/Speetens/SPATZ's (Spitzer branch) use a version of the Place/Plaise Coat. If the Spade's formed due to the shovels in their Coat, let's add that Shovels (Child colors and format) were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs and Titus'. "Born John Shovell in 1650, he assumed the first name of Cloudesley..." The latter term is like the birth name of king Clovis, son of CHILDeric.

If you're keeping up on the political news, you've probably read on Mr. Schuler, the senate's Democrat leader. Schulers/SCHOLers share the Massey fleur with their Shovel branch, and Masci's are definitely from Clovis lines, as even Pollocks are said to be descended from Clovis. Mythical Scylla of Sicily's Messina seems to apply while Schulers, which can explain the Scilly Isles in the Shovel write-up. As Shovels (Skull colors) use the colors and format of Palms, who likewise share the Schuler / Massey fleur, Palma di Montechiaro is back to topic, about 25 miles from Agrigento. This recalls that Carricks descend from a Gilbert while Gilberts share the chevron that is the Arms of Carrick, and so let's add that the Schuler Coat is a version of the Deck/Dagger Coat which shares the red squirrel with Gilberts. Neat and Tidy, yet another way to trace Carricks to Acragas.

SCHOLfields, in Shovel / Schuler/Scholer colors, share a red bull with Joseph-beloved Chiaro's/Charo's, helping to prove that Palma di MonteCHIARO applies to Shovel liners. Schulers/Scholers throw in the Jay roses, I gather, because Jays share the bend of Skulls (Herefordshire, same as Jays). The following was written earlier in the week. End insert]

This week, a deep-state bombshell in favor of Trumpists:

CBS News’s Scott Pelley appeared on “CBS This Morning” Thursday to discuss his interview with McCabe, saying that McCabe told him about the efforts to figure out “what to do” with Trump during the eight days between the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey and the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“There were meetings at the Justice Department at which it was discussed whether the vice president [yup, Pence] and a majority of the Cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment,” Pelley said Thursday. “And the highest levels of American law enforcement were trying to figure out what to do with the president.”

Pelley said that McCabe told him Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offered multiple times to wear a wire in meetings with Trump.

..."McCabe ... says no, it came up more than once and it was so serious that he took it to the lawyers at the FBI to discuss it," Pelley said.

In two immediate tweets by Trump, he attacked McCabe instead of Rosenstein. This is the same Rosenstein that Trump protected near the mid-term elections on exactly the same issue as McCabe speaks out here. Is Trump afraid of Rosenstein? Looks like. Was Pence really a part of the Rosenstein scheme to remove Trump? Does Trump want to know?

Barr was confirmed on the same Thursday with a 54-45 vote. How can Barr not do justice to this scandal? But how long will he take? Let's go back to sleep.

Update on Devin Nunes (nice to hear he's not quitting his thrust), who's planning to get indictments with Bill Barr:

If Barr is simply a normal person, he cannot refuse Nunes' request / mandate to look into Hillary's crimes. It's going to be some months before Barr digs in because his inspector general is slated to take that much longer to come out with his report on Clinton and related issues. We hope that Barr doesn't simply depend on the inhuman inspector general (he gives the impression of being robotic), but rather that he has his own animosities (human-ness) toward crimes in high places. Horowitz doesn't seem to get upset at anything, like one who doesn't want the people to be outraged, or one who doesn't want to stir the pot in order to encourage a hammer upon crimes by the justice department. It's outrageous for police chiefs and judges to be crooks, but in Horowitz's last report, he may as well have been playing tiddlywinks.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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