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January 29 - February 4, 2019

Gog Overlap With Seleucids and Romans
Melita and the Edomite Hammer
The Ananes Gauls on Malta Tickle us to Death

Although these updates are still called, Middle-East Updates, the underlying reason for them was to glean the arrival of the last seven years by way of my understanding of Daniel 11:21-25. Since about 2010, when I claimed that we could not yet be in the seven years, the Russians with Iranians have become a significant force in Iraq and Syria, which I think is the theater touched upon by Daniel's prophecy above. Prior to 2010, I was waiting for the Americans to leave Iraq in order to allow the Russians to become involved in that theater, and that thing started to happen a couple of years later. Since then, Russia has shown itself to be firmly entrenched in Syria.

I have been standing with Russia's presence in Syria since then because, as a Christian, I go for the good guys. I see the American military as the bad guys. I see Putin as a better man than the Republican war hawks. I call it like I see them, and I see the Americans causing the cold-war scenario. No one thinks that Putin has caused this. I fault Putin for permitting Korea and Iran to be his allies, but this is a survival strategy because the war hawks have sent Putin the message that they would like to topple Russia. Can you understand this Russian stance, therefore?

I have known all along that Putin was leaning pro-Muslin against Israel, but then this Israeli nation today is the evil partner of the war hawks. Do you get this? Are you able to take this position against those pre-tribulationist (and post-tribbers too) Christians who would judge you badly for taking it? Yes, God wants to save Israel from her Muslim enemies, but he also wants to punish her, the adulteress. What does it mean when God calls his nation an adulteress? It's always been that she comforts herself with the gentile nations instead of Him, and there is no more-wicked thing on earth today than Washington, except for the Bush war hawks who've undertaken the conquering of the Middle East. Do you get this?

Do you really think that Zionist Jews are on the side of Jesus? If not, then why would you side with Zionist Christians who applaud modern Zionism? Okay, God will work with modern Zionism to establish an Israeli nation after Armageddon, but, surely, Rothschild fingers in the making of the end-time Israeli pot have nothing to do with God's shaping of eternal Israel. We can't slice the pot's dirty insides, Rothschild Zionism, and mix them with the Wonderful Counselor, the Eternal Father. We have got to make a drastic distinction between Rothschild Zionism and Christ's Zionism.

Why do we think that Isaiah has Jesus coming to Armageddon from the east? Surely, if pre-tribulationists are correct in lumping Western Zionism in with God's Israel, Jesus would be coming to destroy Israel's end-time enemies from the west. Surely, if the American military represents the holy ones of God at Armageddon, Jesus would not be coming from the direction of Iran. Surely, the prostitute in Revelation 17 represents a Western thing, and she may even be portrayed as a prostitute due to being a Western-Israeli / American-Rothschild thing.

"Who has stirred up one from the east, calling him in righteousness to his service? He hands nations over to him and subdues kings before him..." (Isaiah 41:2). That's not the translation in my interlinear, which has "to His foot?" instead of "at his service." The question mark is, apparently, included because the Hebrew word, Strong's 7276, is translated as a stone heap. I would therefore translate the statement as: 'Who raised the righteous [assumed, Righteous One] from the east whom He called to His heap of stones?" I don't have a problem with this, as per Israel's desolation by the anti-Christ. No one's ever come from the east yet who's received rule of all nations. It can only be referring to Jesus.

While prophecy as a whole can weaken faith due to it's being confusing, especially to anyone not having delved into it, prophecy can also strengthen faith...if it seems that prophecies are coming true. There has never been a time, since the Crucifixion, in which prophecy appears to be in wide fulfillment as seems to be the case now. It feels as though we are on the verge of full fulfillment, yet, I lament, this situation can linger another 50, even 100 years. There is nothing we can do but stay close to Jesus, learning and knowing the tricks of our enemies to damn us, for they hope to turn us against Jesus by our turning to their "logic."

Some of our worst "enemies" have been those who predicted the end too soon, or those who have wacky ideas on prophetic fulfillment, giving the impression that the end will never arrive because it's purely in their imaginations. But the world situation today is not imaginary. Iran, with Russian backing, is at Zionism's doorstep, wanting into Israel with passionate destruction in its hand. While Obama was hoping to advance that situation, Trump's effect seems to be for Zionism in all sincerity; I don't expect that Trump will suddenly turn on Israel. I don't expect the American military to turn on Israel because that military is likely ruled by Rothschilian elements. Christian Zionists support the American military for that reason, but, please, make a distinction between Rothschild's Israel and the True Israel of Jesus. Prophetic fulfillment can be summarized as Surprise Day. Lots and lots of surprises.

I cannot fathom the fulfillment of Daniel 11:25 at this time, which verse speaks on the anti-Christ's defeat of Egypt. This seems "far" into the future, not any year now. Under Obama, it appeared to be in its early-fulfillment stages, but ever since al-Sisi ruined Obama's quest, no situation has re-arisen to make Egypt appear susceptible to invasion by anything that could fulfill the anti-Christ. If I try to predict how that situation will come about, I falter. The best I can do is to expect a Muslim uprising against a West-supported Egypt, but as long as American military is in the Middle East, it doesn't appear possible, unless an American president allows it to take place. If Trump wins in 2020, I doubt that it will take place until after 2024.

We are all witnessing at this time an open-socialist movement amongst the Democrats (which has me asking why it's the Republicans who are given the red color as their symbol). Is this a sign that a Democrat president will ally with Russia in an anti-Zionist quest? Impossible, we think, because influential American Jews are almost-wholly in the Democrat party. An alternative scenario is some catastrophe to take place in America that renders the nation too weak to maintain a Middle-East presence, at which time anti-Zionist Muslims do as they please.

It's possible that a Democrat president will consider an anti-Israeli program more important than keeping the Jewish vote, especially as the numbers of Jewish voters are very small (around two percent overall). Besides, almost 25 percent of Jewish voters didn't vote Democrat in the 2018 mid-terms. To top it off, Democrats and their Jewish block are very unhappy with a Trump-Netanyahu partnership, meaning that an anti-Israeli program from a Democrat president can arise solely to wipe out a right-wing Israeli government. The Israeli left is very-much like the American liberals, you see, and, right now, the Israeli left is starving for power for not having eaten over many years. We might guess correctly that God will stave off the fulfillment of the anti-Christ with Republican presidents, and then bring on the fulfillment while the Israeli right presides. In this way, American liberals all support / honor the anti-Christ, terrible for us because he will urge them to make mortal war with us. Be happy that the end has not yet arrived, but get used to the possibility of suffering in your lifetime.

Some good news is that liberals are the majority almost wholly in large cities, while God's program for end-timers is to live in the country, where conservatives are the majority, leaving our enemies weaker. The main thing in this picture is whether the local governments are anti-Christian at that time. If not, there is a question on whether they will honor any federal demands to persecute us. If you are thinking of purchasing a trib retreat, first look into whether the local government has had a record of being liberal. If so, you might purchase in a neighboring county / state having a better record.

Look here at this American abomination:

Today’s third generation American Jews are open-spirited Freedom-formers, pro-choice, and deeply, proudly American...They want freedom from traditional inhibitions and legal restrictions against pre-marital sex, divorce, abortion, homosexuality – and often define that as their Jewish identity. American Jews are perceived as voting for Jewish interests, especially regarding Israel, however American Jews are more pro-choice than pro-Israel when voting, but pro-Israel nevertheless.

The sexual and violent pollution of Hollywood, from the beginning of the immoral slide in the 1970's, was from Jews, in my opinion according to my reflections. For fast, big money, these dogs made the West a satanic bastion. These wolves are our enemies, and they live and rule in Israel too. We are not racists just because we hold such a view. Until we cease to be afraid of what these Jews will call us for calling them the dogs, we will never be respected. Stand up for what you believe in, in Jesus, and call the synagogue of satan for what it is. If you want to whitewash the situation, you get no respect, because it's plain to see that you cave to pressure. Support moral and Messianic Jews; and be a true Israelite yourself, for any follower of Jesus is in very fact the true Jew. Jews by blood who call for sexual freedoms are cut off from God's Israel, we get it. So speak it that way. Rothschilds are not Jewish, they are imposters within the dragon's den.

I have a hard time seeing the anti-Christ as a Rothschild or Rothschild supporter, unless there is an unknown, anti-Israeli faction of Rothschilds that no one yet knows about. Of all the surprises yet to come, this would be a biggie. If I would rather predict that Rothschild Zionism permits a temporary invasion of Israel in order to destroy the right-wing government, once and for all time, then I would probably suggest that Rothschild Zionism will make a pact with the anti-Christ not knowing how fully the latter wishes to annihilate Israel until it's too late. There is nothing in Revelation 13 to indicate how late into the final 3.5 years the 2nd beast will support the anti-Christ. There is indication that the second beast will support the first prior to the setting up of the 666 commercial system, which for me is prior to the 3.5 years. So, when we see a world power supporting a God-hating individual that breaths murderous fire toward Israel, we could be at the door of prophetic fulfillment.

Alas, I am still questioning whether the 666 will be local to Israel / Middle-East versus throughout the West. I simply don't know which is the correct view. I need to go forward with the view that it can be Western-wide, for it seems that the second beast is a world power such as the United States. I reject the notion that the second beast's fire from the sky is some non-military, magical fire produced by satanic spirits. It seems much better to view the partnership between the two beasts as a military-based one, and because the people are extraordinarily amazed with the fire from the sky, I peg the second beast as a leader of the United States, a president and/or perhaps a military chief supported by the president (two horns?). Note that Masonic Washington can be deemed like a lamb but speaking as a dragon. The quasi-Christian attitude of Masons can fool, and has fooled, Christians into supporting the American military as a moral organization.

As the new, bigger "caravan" comes: "Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan says the U.S. will be sending 'several thousand' more American troops to the southern border to provide additional support to Homeland Security." I don't trust this initiative. Christians in Texas should NOT want military presence. Put it in liberal California.

I still think that the best candidate for the anti-Christ is a Russian. I've ruled out Putin because he supports the orthodox church and other Christian groups. There is no hint that he wants to persecute Christians. That alone makes him unlike a Stalinist, for example, or a mainline Soviet of the atheist kind. Putin's last year as president, according to Russian law today, is in 2024. However, it's possible that a Russian anti-Christ will not be the Russian president; I don't think he will be because he's called the "king of Babylon." Isaiah calls him an Assyrian, which is a rather difficult thing to grapple with. As an Assyrian, he becomes the king of Babylon by conquering it. Assyria was northern Iraq, and Babylon was central Iraq. That doesn't sound like a Russian to me, either way, yet I cannot fathom a mere Iraqi on the throne of Europe. At this time, it's even harder to fathom a Russian on the European throne.

Perhaps it's time to re-assess my take that the anti-Christ must be a Roman king in some way. Is this absolutely necessary? Why would Daniel 7 make him a small-horn king that follows 10 Roman emperors of the first century. I guarantee you, that I have the correct view of Daniel's 10 kings. I'll admit when I'm stumped, but on this matter it has just got to be true that Daniel's ten-minus-three kings are the seven heads of Revelation, and that the 11th of Daniel is the 8th of Revelation. I know who the ten are by name: Gaius Caesar, Claudius, Nero, Galba, Otho, Vitellius (latter three were uprooted), Vespasian, Titus, Domitian and Nerva.

I've not noticed until now that "ViTELLius" looks like my trace of Julius AVITus to the Tilurius river, which I say named Tillers, Tile's and similar surnames.

Why does God connect the end-time anti-Christ to these ten emperors? I know the answer exactly: to thwart us. He doesn't want us to know the identity of the anti-Christ until after he has arisen. He doesn't want us all to be pointing to a certain nation as the one to which he will belong. The mystery needs to be debatable, with several options, so that the masses will not believe us when we say, "aha, there he is for sure," for many have already come, saying, "aha, there he is for sure." If prophecy on his national identity were straight-forward, and if we could say, "aha, there he is for sure, we've been predicting it for centuries," then the masses will be tipped off, yet God does not want the masses saved. He just doesn't, because, when tested, they become despicable. So, he skims off those He likes.

Do and decide things so that God likes you, for if he does, he'll also take care of you. Show Him that you are not eager to jump into the ship of fools. Show Him that you want much better, because you are much better. Be good, don't just want to be. Help those in need, honor righteousness, do the right. If you like Jesus, the father will like you. If you like Jesus but chose evil, He will disown you. If you like what Jesus represents, and make decisions accordingly, God will LOVE you. Love is to take care of you. The definition of worship must be: I love to love the Spirit of God. When we love to love Him, we can sense Him stirring / moving within us. Some love to love Trump; they get a rush from it, apparently. But this is wrong, the makings of a cult. The anti-Christ will have a cult following.

No one bothers to understand prophecy unless they have faith in Jesus. Prophecy is all about Jesus' return. It is not about the anti-Christ. The reason that the latter is in many prophecies is that God wants to tip us off on his animosity toward the end-time Christian generation. His hatred for both Israel and Christianity, along with his military rise in the Middle East, makes him fit the shoes well of a Muslim. But how is this picture an extension of the Roman caesars? I see no possible solution.

The Gog prophecy fits the anti-Christ excellently. And Gog had named Gogarene off of Lake Sevan. That's a little to the north of Assyria; there's no reason that Gog could not also have been in Assyria, therefore. When I studied prophecy prior to 2000, no Christian writer I had read pointed Gogarene (or Gugar) out, yet Wikipedia now has an article on the Gugars. Was this thing being hid from Christians? Surely, historians have known about it? Why didn't they point it out to prophecy writers?

The article says almost nothing, and, as could be expected of typical ignoramuses at Wikipedia, does not mention "Gog." The article's map has Gogarene as a province along the Debeda river, though this area is north of Sevan while this old map has Gogarene to the other side of Sevan. Note SODUCena on the old map, for the Debeda flows through Georgia's SADAKhlo. Hmm. Gogarene was in "Hebrew"-like Iberia. Some equate Iberia with "Tiberius," and a Roman emperor of that name ruled when Jesus', enemy of SADDUCees," came to his ministry. The Tiber river through Rome may have had some Soducena elements who eventually became Sadducees as Roman elements found their way to Israel. At the first rise of Sadducees, Israel was hounded by the Seleucids, the people to which Daniel connects the anti-Christ.

In fact, Daniel 11 has Seleucid history right up until Antiochus IV, who invaded the Jerusalem temple, and this character, in the prophecy, appears to double as the end-time anti-Christ. You see, it gives historians the idea that we are crazy, for they view the character as Antiochus, not an end-timer. But Jesus spoke (in Matthew 24) verify that this character had not yet arrived in His days on earth. Jesus strongly implies that this is the end-timer anti-Christ.

If you're familiar with my trace of QuadRATUS Bassus to Sub Radice and neighboring Tyle in Thrace, note that Antiochus IV was born, MithRIDATES. Later, there was a Mithridates, king of the Pontus, brother of Nysa, queen of Cappadocia. Nysa was also called, Laodice, the name also of the wife of Antiochus IV. Nysa married king AriaRATHES V. Nysa's mother was likewise called both Nysa and Laodice, but the article has no link for the mother in order that we might follow her back to her Seleucid ancestry. The husband of Nysa (of Cappadocia), Pharnaces, whose name is almost, "Pharisee," had ancestry in the Seleucids on his father's side, and was the son of this Laodice:

Laodice (fl. late 3rd – early 2nd centuries BC) was a Greek Princess from the Seleucid Empire and the wife of King Mithridates III of Pontus. Laodice appears to have come from obscure origins. Laodice could have been a supposed daughter of the Seleucid King Antiochus IV Epiphanes. This is based on the assumption that the sister of Alexander Balas who appeared in Rome with him in 153 BC as a genuine daughter of Antiochus IV Epiphanes was the Laodice who married Mithridates III. Antiochus IV Epiphanes had two daughters who were Laodice VI from this marriage to his sister-wife Laodice IV...

Nysa became the queen in 130 BC, one generation after the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, who was the son, some say, of Antiochus IV. Although the five Maccabee brothers were at war with Antiochus, Balas had formed an alliance with one of the five (Jonathan Maccabee), and thus the Alexander names that cropped up in later Maccabee families can be suspect with a Maccabee (or even a Sadducee) marriage with the line of Alexander Balas. When Herod "the great" married a Maccabee, she named her son, Alexander...husband of Glaphyra Archelaus, princess of Cappadocia. Herod's father, Antipater (not born with that name), gave himself the same name as king Antipater of Macedonia, the ancestor of queen Nysa of Cappadocia. Why did Glaphyra marry two sons of Herod "the great"? Was her family linked to the family of Nysa, and did the latter produce the Herods in the first place? Looks like.

It appears that Daniel 11 concerns itself with the line of anti-Christ through the Herods and diabolical religious leaders of Israel. Gogarene and Soducena are on the map in Armenia, where Tigranes VI, grandson of Alexander and Glaphyra, was king. You can see that prophecy, which doesn't mention the Israeli connection to Seleucids, secretly drags the killers of Jesus into the picture, suggesting that the descendants of those killers will seek to rule the planet in the end-times, and/or issue the 666 system. I personally believe, with mountains of evidence put out in these updates, that Washington Masonry, and all of Masonry, is from those killers. Plus, while Pharnaces and his ancestry were kings of the Pontus, it speaks to me of PONTIUS Pilate.

As I said, Wikipedia once had an article tracing the ancestry of Seleucus I (father of the Seleucids) to an undisclosed/unknown relationship with Thesprotians of Epirus. This made me suspect that "Balas" was named after Epirus' Bullis/Byllis, a location between the Ceraunii mountains and Antipatria, the latter being where I see the ancestry of Antipater above. However, I didn't realize until now that "Ceraunii" is virtually in the name of "Seleucus III Soter, called Seleucus Ceraunus". The latter king, born, Alexander, is probably in Daniel 11, but if not, his brother, Antiochus III, is.

The Ceraunii mountains are at ancient AULON/Avlona, which was of the Alan Huns and therefore to the FitzAlans who married Alice of Seleucus-like Saluzzo. "Epirus" smacks of the ancient Hebrew tribe of Apiru. "Saluzzo" is suspect with the Salyes and/or Salassi Ligurians. The FitzAlans lived at Sussex, where Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks were first found. Arun named the region of Arundel, and there is even a Rundel/Roundel surname sharing the Alan Coat (both use Levi-suspect leaves). One can easily glean here that heraldic roundels are code for the Rundels of Arundel, and it just so-happens that hollow roundels are used by Ceraunii-line Crauns/Crane's upon a fesse in colors reversed from the Rundel / Alan fesse. The "PROpositi" motto term of Rundels is therefore a give-away code for their marital linkage to Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's, the latter sharing the Rundel / Alan fesse, and first found in Pavia, a city founded by the Laevi Ligurians. Just look at that.

Grounds/Crannys (show a crane) share the elephant with Mascals, the latter first found in Sussex with Saddocks/Sedgewicks, and sharing their escutcheon in colors reversed. Moreover, if you check the escutcheons of Chaddocks and Chadwicks, you will glean their being a branch of Saddocks/Sedgewicks. Then, see how a version of the Chaddock Coat is with Morleys/Mauls, and finally note that the latter's symbol is in the Crest of Aids/Ade's, who are in-turn in the motto of the Levi surname. We expect Levite liners to use the name, Aaron, and there is an Aren variation of a Jewish Aaron surname.

German Arens can be assumed to share the Pierro/Pero rose, and because this surname shows Petty-like variations, the Aren quadrants must be the Petty (and Arms-of-Rothschild) quadrants, yet these are also the quadrants of Fasts whom I trace to the Vasto rulers at Saluzzo. The Aaron/Aren quadrants are almost the Fast quadrants too, and, to boot, Pettys use the elephant, itself highly suspect as code with Herod ancestry in Eliphas, son of Esau. Irish Pettys can therefore be gleaned with the star of Pero's/Perino's, and to this note that while Busca is beside Saluzzo, Dana Perino was a Bush woman while her first name can trace to proto-Danaans at Tanais, on lake Maeotis.

Red roundels are called, torteaux, and this seems to me to be code for a Toreatae peoples from lake Maeotis, general location of the Alan Huns. Another tribe at lake Maeotis was the Sadducee-like Sittaceni, who could have named Soducena. If I recall correctly, Alania (near Maeotis) had an Ardon river, which speaks to me of myth-code, king Arthur, of Avlona-like Avalon. I trace Arthurs to Ardahan, between the Pontus and Armenia, or very-much expected with Gogarene elements. Ardahan was at the Moschi mountains, the Meshech of which I trace to the Maezaei Illyrians beside the Ceraunii Illyrians. The Keiths, who come up as "Mascal," were first found in East Lothian with Sittaceni-possible Seatons/Sittens ("HazARD" motto term). Just look at that.

The dragon in the Seaton/Sitten Crest can be linked well via a Dragon/Drainer surname (Pendragon helmet) to mythical Pendragon, father of king Arthur, and the Pendragon surname (from the Penestae peoples, probably Paeoni) share the fleur-de-lys of Saluzzo-suspect Sales' (pheon in Crest, probably a Paeoni symbol).

Bone's, suspect with the Boii of Bononia, were first found in Sussex with Mascals, the latter definitely being a Meschin branch of the Mussel/Muscel kind. Let's go back to the Morleys/Mauls, for while Malls/MarleyBONE's (same place as Maezaei-line Masseys) share the quadrants of the neighboring Says (Shropshire, home of FitzAlans), Seatons/Sittens are said to be from Say...along the Orne river, location of Ferte-Mace, home of Masseys. This allows us to link the Morley/Maul scallops to those of Meschin-related TailBOIS', and from here we go to the so-called TALBOT dog of Halls (Lincolnshire, same as Lucy Taillebois, wife of the first Meschin) and Hulls/HULE's, the latter likely of king MALaHULE of MORE (Norway, though Shropshire has a More location too), ancestor of Meschins (first found in Shropshire with the Alan-beloved Bellamys who share the Seaton/Sitten crescents). Mrs. Taillebois can be suspect with the Boii of Bononia, but also with the Bois'/Busts of the last update.

The reason for the paragraph above is that the Hall and Hull dog is in colors reversed with the Pharnaces-liner Furness'/Furnace's. I'm trying to show you that heraldry can discover the line of Pharnaces and Nysa, but also the related others, for even the line of Quadratus Bassus (suspect with ancestry in "Phasis") is to the Bessin, where Meschins lived with Taillebois'. The Bessin and BISTon Coats even share the black bend of Sales', Marleys and Malls/Marlybone's. Hulls were first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls.

We then go to the Hall-like Hills that have the Hopper tower in the colors of the Hall / Hull talbots, which makes Hoppers suspect from OPgalli, wife of Tigranes IV (ruled at the Gogarene / Soducena / Moschi theater). One can be more sure that Hoppers and Hills are from Opgalli because the their tower is shared by "Glaphyra"-like Clavers/CLEAVers (version of the Meschin / Mussel Coat), and then the Cliffs/CLEAVE's are said to be from Mortone-Say (Shropshire) of the Says. It's full-proof evidence, especially as the same tower is in the Coat of PLUNKetts while PLANCia Magna was Opgalli's granddaughter and therefore a descendant of Glaphyra Archelaus. To assure this trace even better, the Hall-like Hollys use a version of the Plunkett Coat, and throw in the Hall / Hull dog, as well as, probably, the Marley dolphin. The Dolphin/DOLphin surname has dolphins in the colors of the Dol whale, and Dol was the home of the Alans / FitzAlans of Shropshire, but, better yet, Dol is in Brittany's Vilaine region, where Plunketts were first found.

I sense that there are only two possible, perhaps three, reasons that what I've just told you, which is a repeat over countless times, isn't plastered all over the Internet amongst Christian websites: 1) I am despised / rejected / discredited by pre-tribulationist Christians; 2) Christians in general think I'm nutty as per my heraldic claims, my heraldry-related dreams, and other things that I claim to be God-given aids to help me discover these things; 3) Google is hiding my work. It is no mere boo-hoo situation when Google hides peoples' work (without justification, anyway), because work is work, a sacrifice, not a plaything. I didn't sacrifice a decade of my life with online work for God only to be destroyed by Google; Google will pay the price, and God will make a way through its cheating ways, hopefully with a slashing of Google's head.

Guess what the Hollys place on their bend? Red roundels, yup, torteaux. I can't recall for sure, but I think that Holly crest uses laurel, important because a "garland of laurel" is used in the Hill Crest. While Scottish walkers share the Garland pale bars, English Walkers use a "magna" motto just can't deny that my heraldry work in this regard is bang-on. There is probably no other heraldic piece of work that this compactly traces to the Glaphyra-Herod line known to have married Quadratus Bassus. And who did the latter's daughter marry? A Laevi-suspect Laevillus character who had been a ruler in Jerusalem. It appears that Google is hiding Wikipedia's article on Laevillus, which I have never before noticed (i.e. my writings are concerning to the deep state Masons / Illuminatists). Google is not bringing it up today even when I search, " laevillus wikipedia ".

Compare the Holly Crest with that of Bistons and Bessins (and load also the Mieske's/MESECHs), then note that Bistons were first found in Worcestershire with Hills. The Bistons / Bessins are easily traced to "Piast," and to "Bistue," the latter being an ancient location (see left side of map) between the Ceraunii and Maezaei (probably named Julia Maesa Bassianus). The white tower in the Bistone Crest must be the Hill / Hopper / Holly / Claver tower, and the crown of Bessens/Besants must be code for "Ceraunii" (Crauns use a crown). The sword in the hand of the Tillis lion suggests that Tillis' were merged with Mieske's/Mesechs (Prussia, same as Tillis'), and Mieszko's of Poland were Piasts whom I trace to "Bistue," near the Tilurius to which Tillis' may trace.

Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus (70–117), was a Roman senator and general. He rose from provincial aristocratic origins to occupy the highest offices of Rome. He served as a legionary commander and as imperial governor of Judea, Cappadocia, Galatia, Syria and Dacia...Bassus was suffect consul in the nundinium of May–August 105 with Gnaeus Afranius Dexter as his colleague.

Note Mr. Dexter, for Dexters are from the Dexaroi of Antipatria. Dexters are suspect with a version of the double fesses of Parrs, and the latter, first found in Lancashire with PHARnaces-line Furness'/Furnace's, share the black border with Furness'/Furnace's. If that's not enough, Nysa-like Ness'/Nice's/Nessans use double fesses too, and Nissans share the double-Parr fesses. Hello? Is anyone listening?

You cannot argue with the facts, you ignoramus, hypocritical, anti-educational historians who fail to share these things. And it's more than historians who refuse to share these things. The end-time world wants nothing to do with anything that looks like it can give credibility to the Bible, Jesus and Biblical prophecy...but what is the excuse of pre-tribulationists??? Not to worry, for if God is behind my work, it will have the intended fruit. May it be destructive. May it be a hazard to our enemies. May they be exposed.

More from Bassus' article: "Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus was born in Pergamon to a family related to the Attalid dynasty and the Galatian tetrarchs. His father was Gaius Julius Bassus, who was Proconsul of Bithynia in 100–101." Nysa, granddaughter (or was it the daughter?) of Nysa of Cappadocia, was queen of Bithynia. Opgalli was a Galatian, but her Wikipedia article asks whether she was also Jewish, though for Wikipedia writers, "Jewish" in this case can also mean Herodian.

Rollo's of Ragusa, Edomites

Much regard to Julie, who was still reading when I checked my tracker recently (for the first time in many months). I can't be sure, but Santiago may still be reading too, and I think he holds the record for the longest-time reader, about 10 years straight, I can scarcely believe it. No one deserves that much punishment. I just want to give you two a heartfelt greeting. I haven't been counting the years, but someone in Friendswood, Texas, has been reading for some years too, and some others have a similar familiarity.

Julie made herself famous to me by her short emails, always egging me toward certain topics, one of them being the Herods at a time that I refused to entertain a heraldic connection to them. That is, until I had proof, I was not going to consider what would automatically seem like a sensationalized Herod link to Freemasonry and to royal heraldry. Heraldry is indeed the special invention of Flemish and Norman royals. As Meschins were Normans, I expect that Maezaei worked their way to More of Norway, and as this was the home of Rollo (Malahule's nephew), note the "par" motto term of the Rollo surname.

The clan badge of Rollo's (easily traced to Edomites), a brown/gold stag head, can be seen down the Rollo page. As Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Colts/Celts, I assume that they share the latter's stag head, which is red, the colors of the Ragen stag heads, important because Rollo's father was RAGNvald. The Rakon variation of Ragens suggests the Rake's/Raiks who show a Coat version of the Masci-related Hamons (Kent, same as Ticks/Touque's), but also a version of the Tick/Touque Coat, and then it's known that Malahule's Tosni line was from Les ANDELys, in the area of the Touques river, but also near Rouen, Rollo's Normandy capital. I suspect "Andelys" from "ANTALya," beside the Perga home of Plancia Magna, and the Hamon Crest even has an ANTLer, though it's officially called, "attires of a stag" The Stagg/Stage Coat (stag heads) is a reflection of the Rollo Coat. The three dolphins of Scottish Ragens/Reagans are in the colors and positioning of the three boars of Rollo's. TickHILLs share the maunch with Tosni-branch Tony's.

The Rake and Tick/Touque Coat (Kent, same as Rundels) is very linkable to the Coat of Opgalli-liner Teague's/Teegers. Perthshire is where Cluns were first found who use the Saluzzo Coat, and while Alice of Saluzzo married FitzAlans, I've read that the latter lived in Shropshire's Clun, which must have been near Shropshire's More. Moray is essentially beside Perthshire. Moreover, Rake's had a Rake location in Sussex, which must be near the Arun location of FitzAlans of Arundel. The "uTILi" motto term of Rake's is highly suspect with the Tyle location suspect in "QuadraTILLA," daughter of Quadratus above. The Tile's use a dragon in the colors of the Rake griffins, and Tylers/Tillers share the crescents of Seatons/Sittens of Say, a Normandy location near Tilley of the Tile's. The latter are said to descend from Hamon-likely Haymon of Tellia. While Tile's have Mandeville's in their write-up, the Says of Shropshire share the quadrants of Mandeville's and Malls/Marlybone's, the latter suspect with Malahule, Ragnvald's brother.

The Intelligence community came out publicly this week with its assessment of the world's danger level, crying the blues about the scary monsters -- that it itself creates -- saying that ISIS is not yet defeated, and, of course, this means that Intelligence needs MORE MONEY globally. Thieves. If the CIA didn't make a stench of itself in the Middle East, there would be no vacuum being created today by Trump's pull-out. That vacuum will be filled with America's enemies exactly due to what America did in/to the Middle East since 9-11. The alternative to creating the vacuum is to make the situation worse with MORE MONEY MORE TIME MORE STENCH, the stupids. Republicans were lulled into supporting the Bush war, which caused the spy monsters to arise, very conspicuous because his dad was a chief spy monster.

The CIA's new female director is saying this week: "[North Korea] is committed to developing a long-range nuclear armed missile that would pose a direct threat to the United States." There you go, Trump's pick for the new CIA boss is a tool of her underlings, speaking as they themselves would have spoken, and for me this threat is fakery because the CIA knows darn well that Korea would never send a missile into the United States. Instead, the CIA WILL send in such a missile (disguised as a Korean one) in order to: 1) create a vast hoax for a big power grab and self-gain, and/or; 2) protect itself by pretending to be badly needed to thwart foreign threats.

I say, dissolve the CIA before the CIA destroys the nation further. Or, get a new leader who ceases to pretend that monsters lurk all around the country just waiting for an opportune time to strike a fatal blow. But if the CIA is permitted to spew hatred toward other nations to vilify them, then, yes, it is logical that they will build and point more missiles toward the United States. In other words, the CIA is the most-dangerous thing to the country, but it gets worse because the NSA and the FBI essentially agree with the CIA. This is what Trump needs to fight against, but he has been a fool, failing to appoint the proper leaders with the commission from him to change things. It seems to myself and others that Trump is told by the wrong people who to appoint as leaders, with a negative result, of course. Fool, fool, fool. He's wasted his presidency.

He tweeted in opposition to the CIA and NSA this week, but, whatever the motives, this only shows how wrong he was for not installing the correct directors who would scale-down global animosities. Trump himself rails against China, and brags about China's financial fall due to his own policies. In the meantime, he feeds his voters the line that the Chinese leader loves him, or that they get along well. The CIA chooses to warn about a Korean missile because feigning a Chinese missile is more complicated.

Every once in a while, a story comes across the news that China is the biggest lender toward American debt, amongst all the nations. This may be true, but I saw an article that named the Chinese debt at only 1.1 trillion, yet the debt is now over 20 trillion, which all suggests what is logical, that the biggest lenders are the nations, but the private, international bankers...and how can we dismiss the Rothschild bankers as insignificant in this picture? Rothschilds and related corporate tentacles own the country because the nation is in debt to them, and they seem to want the nation further in debt ever since George Bush Jr. Having trillions in assets, these bottomless stomachs are never satisfied. Hell burns hot for them. Proto-Rothschilds are from a Rothes location at More-suspect Moray, and the Rothschilds were also of the Rus-line Rose, Rolph and Ross clans of that area, the ancient Rosh that Ezekiel lumps in with Gog and Meshech.

Ezekiel's prophecy has a key part, the inclusion of Persia in with Gog, Meshech and Tubal. What end-time entity that originated in the Armenia-Georgia theater could this possibly be that has Iranians on-side? There is another key in the inclusion of TOGARmah, which to me speaks to mythical TEUCER, whose daughter, Batia -- suspect with the Bat peoples of Georgia -- was made the mythical mother of Trojans with Tanais-suspect DarDANUS as the father. Trojans became the Romans, you see, and some say that the Tiber river was named by a Tubal that even the Gog picture blends with the Roman beast of Daniel. Rosh is highly-likely from the kings, Rusa, at Lake Van, in Armenia, yup. They alone may have been the proto-Rus Varangians that are known to have founded Moscow. So, clearly, Russia was named by Varangian Rus out of Kiev. There can be no doubt, and Moscow is a Moschian entity out of the Georgia-Armenia border area. And, yes, the West had the opportunity recently to create distance between Putin and Iran, but, lo, the stupids decided to push Russia back into Iran's arms.

Hell burns hot for the deviant, sinful stupids. They will not merely be responsible for Middle-East upheavals, but will be exposed as the satanic elements defiling all citizens with their Catholic / Masonic / anti-Christ programs.

So, when I try to predict whether the anti-Christ will be a Rothschild tool versus a Russian nationalist, I favor the latter due to Ezekiel's Gog-Meshech-Iranian alliance against Rothschilian Israel. It's a no-brainer that Rothschilds will seek to embrace Zionist Christians to support the need of the American military in-support of Israel. It is the opinion of quite a few that British Rothschilds were behind the Zionist movement of Charles Taze Russell (founder of the Jehovah's Witness cult). Russells use the Ross lion in colors reversed, and I say that Russells (Meschin scallops) named Roslin, near Musselburgh of the Meshech. Russells were first found in Dorset with Bushers/Boschers.

There is an historic way to link Gog with Romans where the Royal Scythians were ruling Media about the time that their Cimmerian cousins were ruling over Rusa's Lake Van (started out in 722 BC). These peoples both conquered into Lydia way (especially as per king Gugu of Lydia in about 700 BC), the proto-Latins from Lazona in Georgia. The Lazi of Lazona were smack in the ballpark of the Bats who named Batumi (edge of Moschian mountains), and one can therefore glean that mythical Latona -- worshipped by Romans, and especially Augustus Caesar -- was that Lazi entity, even the Ladon dragon of myth that can be connected to a mythical Lotan dragon that, amazingly, had seven heads. The human writer (took dictation) of Revelation probably knew not this Lotan dragon, but God did. Rolphs and Rose's share the heraldic water bouget with English Bugs, but Bugs have a BAT in Crest. German Bugs share the raven with Rolphs and Rothes'. What don't we understand about this? The Bug river in the Ukraine, between the Cimmerians and the Royal Scythians, was probably under the Varangian Rus in AD / Templar times. By what cosmic coincidence was this dragon named by the same name as Timna's sister?

The Neuri lived on the Bug, and are expected from the Nairi of Lake Van. I say that these were Nahorites, the pagans in the family of Abraham. One of Nahor's sons, Buz, can be suspect as the proto-Bush surname. English Bush's share the black boar with the Rollo Crest, and the Rollo Shield has boar heads colors reversed from the Roet boar heads. The "tout" motto term is shared between Rollo's and Oliphants, the latter easily traced to "Eliphas," the son of Esau, a not-too distant relative of Nahor. Eliphas operated out of Edom's BOZrah, you see, and the fake book of Enoch even says that the black boar was anciently a symbol of Edom (just because it's a fake book doesn't mean that all of its parts are false). The Bush Crest shares the goat with the Russell Crest, and Russell-suspect Roslin is beside EDINburgh, a potential Edom entity. Dutch Bos'/Bosch's/Bush's share the red and upright lion with Russells.

I was connecting the white-on-blue Saraca fish to the same-colored fleur-de-lys of German Bush's and Boschs because I had discovered good evidence to show that the Saraca fish became the fleur-de-lys (lily) once Lys-river elements merged with something in Lille. But this was years before learning of the ELAPHiti islands, smack beside Ragusa, home to Saraca's. As I've said many times, the "Deum Time" motto of a Moray Coat once shown at has got to be code for a line from Timna of Edom, wife of Eliphas. Timna was the sister of Lotan. Rollo was also, Rolph. It's telling us that the Edomite line of Esau was the Biblical dragon likely at Norway's More along with the Rollo Rus. How many times has anyone told you this, and explained it too? Why am I alone in this? Is it because the worldly rulers cause love and even worship for the Normans?

Amazingly, a Christian emailer, Tim, is the one who prodded me to find Edomites in heraldry at a time when I was opposed to using what I thought were sensationalist ideas along the lines of British-Israelism. To my surprise, Edomites were in heraldry, and, what's more, Tim's surname is, Rolph. It's staggering how God works huge using simplicity. There is a Timm/TIME surname that must be in the Moray motto, "Edom Time," so to speak. It's verifying for me that Edomites were in the family of Rollo. Timms/Time's were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins who in-turn use a "Dum" motto term while sharing the mermaid in the Moray Crest. Thus, one can glean that Timms/Time's (Masci fleur-de-lys?) are almost in Rollo colors and format for a related reason. The Timm/Time Crest is another goat head (the color of the Bush goat head and the Russell goat).

The motto in the Arms of Edinburgh is, "NISi DOMinus Frustra" which tends to assure me that domino-like heraldry terms can be code for Edomite elements. Queen Nysa is linkable to the line of DOMNa Bassianus, and the Bessin's elements trace to Musselburgh, smack beside Edinburgh. The Norman Gills/Gilles' use a black boar along with a "domine" motto term. Henry Gille is in the Gilles write-up while French Henrys are said to have been at Mott-Henry in Saint Gilles, at Brittany's Montfort. "Frustra" can be for Frosts, who might have a Saracen's head in Crest. If so, the Frost Coat looks linkable to that of Saraca-suspect Sharks, the latter first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys. "Herod" is suspect with "Rodez," and Henri of Rodez (red colors, same as Edom) is to the Rod surname that shares the Shark and Frost trefoil. Frosts were first found in Hampshire with Josephs, said online to descend from a Henry Joseph or Joseph Henry (I forget which) in Templar times. The Frost Crest uses the so-called "garland of laurel" of Hills, and the Laurel surname shares the giant gold lion with the Rodez surname, first found in Languedoc with Laurels, Herod Antipas, RENNES-le-Chateau and Henri-Rodez-related Roquefeuil. Then, the Brittany Henrys were at Montfort smack beside Rennes.

Aha! The Frost like Forests/Forez' ("Tout") shares the fesse of Herods/Heralds/Heraults, and Herault is a region beside Roquefeuil. The Chambre's were first found in Savoy with Forests/Forez', and while Chambre is on the Arc river suspect with Herod ARCHelaus (he was banished to the French foothills of Savoy), Modens/Modeys (Berkshire, same as Arks/Arch's) share the fretty of Henry-liner Enrico's. Savoy is where French Masseys were first found who share the Tout/Tute / Tatton crescent because Massys are in the Tatton write-up.

The apparent code for queen Nysa suggests that the Eliphas line is thought by the dragon-line nobles to have been through Herods. The Arms of Edinburgh uses what I see as a deer (no antlers for it to be a stag), and I've read what is likely false, that "Ragusa" is derived in "deer." False or not, there is heraldic evidence in the deer of Mallets (probably a Malahule line) that Masonic elements believed Ragusa to be somehow of a deer, for Mallet-like Melita is an island between Ragusa and the Elaphiti islands. I've seen the Mallet description telling that they use a "deer."

Mallets share scallops with Edins as proof of an Edinburgh trace to Ragusa elements, and while Samsons (Meschin scallops) once showed the same cross design as Eatons (Cheshire, home of the Malahule > Meschin line), the Samsons ("letho") now show the same cross style (patonce) as MELTons (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks in the Samson motto). We can now nail down the SARACa's with Samsons, for there was a SARACen leader, Samsam, who betrayed his Saracen people along with another ruler, Timnah (can you believe this?), and fought against them on the side of the Sicilian Guiscards, who are said to have been related to Rollo. Guiscards were of the Tancreds (Yorkshire, same as Pullens), who share the red-on-white scallop with Pullens and Sabine's. This gets important below, for Pullens and Sabine's are of the Revelation dragon along with mythical Leto, suspect in the Samson motto.

Mallets use a "haut" motto term, and Tancred was a HAUTeville, no kidding.

On this map, Melita is "Meleda." Mallets share a crown gorged around a neck (of their deer) with Ceraunii-liner Crauns/Crane's, though the latter use a stag, interesting where the map shows a STAGno area beside BISTINa. The Bistons and Bessins are from the Bessin, home of Meschins but also home of the Samsons according to their write-up. The Stagg/Stage Crest has a cross between antlers, as does the Vice/Vise stag, and that suggests the island of Vis (Issa), not very far north of Melita and still off of Dalmatia. Necks put a crown on their antler.

Note the Slano region, for Slane's (Shropshire, Meschin / Samson / Tiller colors) share the green griffin of Leslie's while Leslie's share buckles with French Mallets/Malo's. The same green griffin head is used by Patents/Patens, explaining the patonce cross of Meltons i.e. the latter were indeed from Melita. Another patonce is used by Scottish Jansons/Iansons/Ansons who moreover add the green Slane / Patent griffin head once again. Note how the island of Pharia, on this map, is called, Lezina/Lesina, for Lessins (Norfolk, same as Meltons) share ten, gold items, in the same pattern, with Saltire's/Salters, the latter first found in Shropshire with Slane's.

The Deans/Deins can be in the "d'en" motto term of Mallets, for the latter use "force" while Deans/Deins use "forte." Jansons/Iansons/Ansons happen to share the Fort quadrants. Due to the link of Herman Hansons to Visconti's and Lombards, the German Hanson Coat likely shares the lion of Visconti-related and "Force"-like Sforza's, and then because the German Hansons share the white castle with Forts, while the Sforza / Hanson lion is also with German Forts, it could mean that Jansons/Ansons were Hansons. [This gets more important soon, when Melita elements link to Ann of Malta. At that time, the Touque's become clinched with Melita, and so let's add here that the castle of German Hansons is in both colors of the TEWKESbury castle, and that Tewkesburys were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons.]

There is a Melton location in Suffolk, where Davers (and Mallets) and were first found whom I trace to the Daversi, who were the Daorsi of the Melita / Ragusa theater. I can definitely see the Daorsi evolving into the Deer surname. Doors share bees with Bistons and Bessins. As Sinclairs are also Suns, it's notable here that Slane-like Silano's are listed with giant-sun Solana's/Sole's while English Sole's/Solneys/SOLA's use fish. "Sola" is a motto term of Irish Miles'.

The Vere's ruled Oxford, and Miltons were first found in Oxfordshire while Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (a stupid "prince" of warlocks) claimed that the first count of Anjou was MILo de Vere. There is reason here to see his fictional Milo character as a Melita liner of the Milton / Miles kind.

Another patonce cross is used by Taylards, and that works excellently because Taylors and Tillers can be traced well to the Tilurius river not far north of Melita. The Tile's are said to be, as with Samsons, from near Caen (in the Bessin), which adds to the evidence that Bistina, new to me now, was a Bessin element, perhaps even the proto-Bessin. I have been tracing the Bessin to Bassania, a location in the Cavii theater smack beside Lissus, and it just so happens that Taylards have the quadrants of Cavii-liner Chives' in colors reversed. But see also the quadrants of the Hykes'/Hacks sharing the Edin / Samson scallops, making the fish of Hykes'/Hake's (Tancred colors and format) suspect with the Saraca fish. Chives' share the moline cross (fish-tail ends, it seems to me) with the Brittany Sarasins.

The Chives "cats" are expected to be a version of the Taylor and Tiller lions because the cat is the symbol of Cetins/Cattans (Saracen heads) while the Tilurius is also the Cetina. Cetins/Cattans are split in the colors of the split-colored Milton Coat. I trace Keiths to the Cetina, making the DALkeith location of Keiths suspect with DALmatians. Dailys share, I think, the lion of Slone's, the latter said to have included William Slowane near DalKeith. It makes Slone's (Galloway theater) suspect with Slano, which was the heart of where king Pinnes could have lived.

DalKeith is in Lothian, making the Lothian-surname pine tree suspect with the family of Pinnes around the Cetina theater. The Slone lion should be the Russell lion as per my hunch that Russells named Lothian's Roslin. I trace the Russell lion to that of Sauers while the latter's Mr. Galleri can be of the Gallery variation of Galloways. The Dalkeith Coat (in the colors of the fesse in the Arms of Saraca) is that also of Scotts, whom I trace to lake Scodra, beside Kotor, home of Saraca's before they moved to Dalmatia. The dart of Cuthberts, first found in the same place as Slone's, is code for Dardanians. Lake Scodra was home to Selepitanoi, and Sleeps share the ermined fesse of Darts/Dards...who named the Dartington location of Moline's (Devon, same as Pine's and Moons). King Gentius (of the Ardiaei), related a little distantly to Pinnes (boy king), married Etuta, a Dardanian woman, daughter of Moon-liner Monunius II.

Gentius' Wikipedia article: "Gentius' principal city was Shkodra." His father, Pleuratus III, appears to be named after the Pleraei people on the Neretva. Players have a "ServITUTE" motto term suggesting Etuta. Players were first found in Middlesex with Fiers, and the Vardys (looks like a boy king in Crest), from the Vardaei version of "Ardiaei" share the Fier moline. Players ("clarior") share drops with Drops/Trope's (Norfolk, same as Irish Tute's), suspect with Tropoje in the Dardania theater.

The Darts and Moons were first found in Devon with early Chives', from the Cavii of Lissus. However, "The southernmost city of the Ardiaei state was Lissos..." (same place as Lissus). In the Lissus article: "The city dates back to at least 8th century BC. Around 385 BC, a Greek colony was founded by Dionysius I of Syracuse by the name of Lissos." Syracuse, city of Sicilian Saracens, near Sicilian Ragusa.

The Geds show fish in the colors of the Saraca fish, and as Geds were proto-Geddes', note that the "flaGITium" motto term of Samsons can be for a Geddes branch. Geds were on the Nith river of DUMfries, where Scottish Patents/Paddons were first found...who can thus be discovered with the crescents of Saracens/Sarasins and the bend of Bistons / Bessins. Kilpatricks of Dumfries are a branch of Pattersons/Cassane's, both using drops, and descended from Antipatria, upstream from Fier county (Albania), the latter being the location of Tropoje-like Topoje.

Back to Melton of Suffolk, where I trace Daversi Illyrians, and where the English Norman surname was first found. Somehow, the Saracens who fought with the Guiscard Normans had become the Saraca's of Ragusa, or, at least, the heraldry under discussion tells me so. It explains the naming of kings Timnah and Samsam from Timna-rooted Edomites at the Elaphiti islands, perfect. There is a Saracena location in southern Italy smack beside a Laus location that explains the Laus naming of Ragusa, but this Saracen picture all connects from Lissus, apparently.

MASONry is a convoluted disgrace that includes the same Gog elements as constitutes the bedrock of the Russia-suspect anti-Christ. I therefore tend to see the second beast of Revelation 13 as a Western Meshech-Rus entity from the Lys river of Aosta, home of the Seleucid-suspect Salassi. Wikipedia says that the Salyes Ligures could have been a branch of the Saluvii, and then Sullivans have another black boar, yup. The lys lily has a central part looking like a fish in honor, I think, of the Saraca fish, but that fish is the fill Pesci Coat while Piscinas is a Sardinia location smack beside Seleucid-line Sulcis. The Pesce fish is expected in the Coat of Verona's, the latter surname first found in Ile-de-France with the Lys surname, which itself shares the Massey fleur-de-lys, which recalls the evidence first found in this update that Seleucids were of the Ceraunii, beside the Maezaei, both people groups near Ragusa...which was also called, Laus/Lausa.

One only needs to start with the "LAUS Deo" motto of Oliphant-related ArBUTHnotts to find how the Lys/Lise surname traces to Ragusa and the Elaphiti islands, for BOOTHs (Yorkshire, same as Bush's) share the black boar with fleur-de-lys Bush's. The BOTHwells share a version of the Verona Coat. Bothwells (Bute/Butt colors) were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars (Bug-river liners?), and the Dallas' who share the Biggar Coat were first found in Moray while Morays share the Arbuthnott stars. The Arms of Shetland shares the raven with Rolphs / Rothes' and also uses a "Byggar" motto term, we get it. As far-fetched as it may sound, there is a Reghin location in Romania's Mures area to which I trace the name of Ragnvald of More. The mouth of the Mures river is not far from Bihor/BIHARia, where I trace Biggars. It argues for the presence of the Rollo Normans in Shetland.

Biharia's Khazars could have been the Togarmites, for king Joseph of the Khazars said that Khazars were Togarmites. Ezekiel places Togarmites and Gog specifically in the "far north," and Khazars lived in the area of Togarmite-like Tocharians.

This is about the Moray link to Peter Pollock (lived in Renfrew, beside Lanarkshire) builder of Rothes castle. The Renfrew surname has been gleaned with the ship of French Durants, and because English Durants share the fleur-de-lys of Sales' (Cheshire, same as Masseys), this thing is from the Salyes Ligures upon the Durant-like Durance river. I've read that Peacocks are a Pollock sept, and then Arbuthnotts have a peacock in Crest.

I've got to assume that God supplied me with a reader in Switzerland who informed us that the Walser surname lived in Aosta's Lys river, and that they were named after Switzerland's Wallis canton. This canton is the location of Sion/Sitten, and it just so happens that the Sion/Swan surname was first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars and Arbuthnotts. Bute, origin of Bothwells, is where Biggar-related Glass' were first found who share the Moray and Walser mermaid. As Glass' and Biggars share the stars in the Arms of Wallas canton and the Arms of Sion/Sitten, I reason that "Glass" is a hardened "Wallas" variation. The Wallis/Wallace Coat has the Russell lion in colors reversed.

Rollo married Poppa of Valois, and the Valois surname happens to be listed with Valais' while Wallis canton is also called, Valais. "Wallas" is suspect with AULUS Murena, a Roman general who conquered the Salassi of Aosta. Murena's/MORATINs can be Myrina-of-Lemnos elements to mythical Myrina at the Numidian theater (think Mauritanians), home of king Massena whose name is like that of Cilnius Maecenas; the latter married sister of Aulus Murena about a century after Massena. This line is suspect in naming the Maccabees. I see Murena's with Morano's (Moor heads) from Morano, near Saracena, and it just so happens that the Wallis/Wallace lion is shared by Marano's/Mauritano's, the latter first found in Modena with Morano's (Saracen colors and format). "Modena" is like "Modi'in," Israeli home of Maccabees. Where are the historians who've bumped into these writings before? Crickets.

If just one historian, no matter how hard-headed and spiritually crippled, compares the Trent Shield to the split Shield for the Arms of Sion, one can trace Trents to Terentia Murena, Maecenas' wife. Cilnius-like Kilners use a giant, white eagle, and then the three Child/Chill eagles are white and colors reversed from the three eagles of Tarents. The latter's eagles are red, perhaps honored by the red legs of the Kilner eagle.

"[Juba II] was raised by Julius Caesar and later by his great-nephew Octavian (future Emperor Caesar Augustus). While growing up, Juba II accompanied Octavian on military campaigns, gaining valuable experience as a leader. He fought alongside Octavian in the battle of Actium in 31 BC. They became longtime friends." Born about 20 years before Juba II, Cilnius Maecenas "was an ally, friend and political advisor to Octavian..."

Maecenas' Wikipedia article shows his bust at Ireland's GALway, which has been suspect from king Galla, father of Massena, for they say that Galway is related to Scotland's Galloway while Galloways share the giant, blue and upright lion with Masons/Massins. Massena himself had formed an alliance with a Roman general. The CILNius-suspect Killins, who share a tower with Murena's, have a write-up saying that Killeen castle is in Galway. The Killin Coat is the Plunkett Coat, suggesting a Cilnius-Murena link to the line of Plancia Magna. That works, for she descended from Glaphyra, wife of Juba of Mauritania. I've read they had no children, but how does anyone really know just because one child wasn't recorded?

Massena's descendant, Juba II, who married Glaphyra Archelaus, was a king of Mauritania. The Marone's, with a version of the Mar/MORE Coat, and with the Googe/Gooch / Schim/Shand boar, are also MULLrooneys while Mulls/Melodys (Melita suspects) share the Moore / Morgan / Rooney Coat/lion. I've just realized that "Juba/Iuba" can be in the "Ubi AMOR IBI" motto phrase of Numidian-possible Numans/Newmans, but as I trace "Ubi" (been doing it for many years for a good reason) to the Maccabee-like MacABEE's/MacAbbe's, note that the latter share the salmon with Hams (Sussex, same as Hammers), the latter in Hammer colors, for the historians, or at least the Jews, wrongly believe that Maccabees were named after a hammer...which is a mallet. Thus, Mallets from Melita! The Newman lions could be the Wallis/Wallace lion on black, for the latter's giant one is colors reversed from the same of Russells, first found in Dorset with Newmans. The Palins, likewise first found in Dorset, use a giant lion colors reversed from the Newman lions. As the Palin lion is in the lion paw of the Quint Crest, the Quint vair fur can be that of Nero's/NERETTi's. DORset is thus suspect with the Daorsi on the NERETva river, and while I tend to link Daorsi-line Davers to Diss'/Dice's, the latter use a gold version of the Tarent Coat.

JJ Tolkien had a fictional Numenor island that I decipher as code for Newmans. If I recall correctly, Tolkien said that Avalone could be seen from Numenor, and so because I identified Avalon with Bute, I figured that Numenor was Arran. This was deciphered years before finding that MacAbbe's were first found on Arran. I reasoned that Newmans were likewise on Arran, but here we can mention mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon, for suddenly, she, as code for Morgans / Moore's, can indicate that Melita elements of the Mull kind were on Bute. The latter traces well to Butua, beside Kotor, and so the Saraca's of Kotor should have been on Bute with Butua elements, which reminds that the MacAbee salmon is white, the color of the Saraca fish (I don't know the latter's species).

Morano (anciently Murunum) is at the Sybaris river. It's known that Sybaris was founded by Greeks from Boura, and it just so happens that Burleys/Bourleys, a branch of Bauers by the looks of it, share white boar heads with Marone's. It appears that a good number of heraldic boars are specifically code for Boura liners. The mythical Caledonian boar can link to the Enotri that I see in the motto of Boura-colored Simsons, for Enotri, who lived around Saracena and Laus, are also called Oenotrians, from mythical king Oeneus, I assume, of Calydon. His daughter was made the real city of Modena-like Methoni, also called, Modon. Morano's were first found in Modena. Therefore, Boura's Greeks may have been behind the Caledonian boar.

Enter Malta

Wikipedia has no article on the island of Melita, but, zowie, it has one on the city of Melita on Mallet-like Malta! I can already sense that the Masonic elements of Malta are about this Melita thing: "Melita was an ancient city located on the site of present-day Mdina and Rabat, Malta. It started out as a Bronze Age settlement, which developed into a city called Ann, Ghonan, or Maleth" Is Mdina and Modena thing? Lookie: Ann must be on the Annan(dale)s because they use a "SpeRABo" motto that can be for the Rabat in the quote! Zikers. Malta's Melita was founded by Phoenicio-Carthaginians, and I suspect the Ananes Gauls with the Hannibal Carthaginians.

The Malta surname even shares the lion of Modena's Marano's/Mauritano's. And, ahhhhrg, the Arms of Malta, the Arms of Rabat, and the Arms of Mdina are with the split Shield in the Arms of Sion and the Arms of Wallis canton (13 stars). And Rabbits/Rabetts were first found in Suffolk with deer-using Mallets! Rabat is new here; in all my files, "Rabat" comes up only once, a location in Morocco: ""The children of the Idrisid dynasty lives mainly in the North of Morocco: Casablanca, Fes, Ouazzane, Tanger, Taza, Rabat, Sale..."

I had read that the heraldic GONfanon banner was owned by Montforts, and there in the quote with Ann is Ghonan. The Banners became suspect with "Panaro," the river upon which Modena's Marano location sits. That's why the Morano lion is the Montfort lion, and why Banners named the Panaro. Indeed, for the gonFANON is part-code for Modena's Fanano location. As Belgian Gone's/Guenets share the bend of Gaunts, the Flemish location of Ghent/Gaunt could have been of Ghonan elements.

The Tarents are said to have had a Rawston family from Antioch, the Seleucid capital. The Tarents are in the colors and format of Sardinian-suspect Shirts, and the Tancreds too, and Sardinia, where Malta's were first found, is the location of Sant-Antioco, at Seleucus-like Sulcis. Note Tanger above, for the Tancred > Guiscard line is suspect with Visconti's of Sardinia. Rawstons, in the split colors of Trents, show a tower in colors reversed from the Murena/Moratin tower. Perfect. Mallets were first found in Suffolk with Bullis'/Bulliards, suspect from Bullis, suspect with the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas. Rawston variations suggest kinship with Thorns (Somerset, same as Trents) and the neighboring Thors (towers) as well as the Torns/Turins who share boar heads and "fortuna" with Rollo's. The elephant trunks of German Thors/Torns can not only trace to the Elaphiti islands (i.e. at Melita), but to the "tout" motto term shared between Rollo's and Oliphants. "Turin" is a lot like Tarin variation of Tarents.

Torns/Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Chives'. Turin is near Chivasso while the Chives' of that place trace to the Cavii at Lissus and neighboring Bassania, the latter being the namer of Basina, wife of king CHILDeric, and then CHILDs use the Tarent/Tarin Coat in colors reversed. Basina lived in Turn-like Thuringia, yup, it works, because it's correct. Childeric's family owned the fleur-de-Lys, and the Lys/Lise surname is from "Lissus." That was, for a time, a city of the Gentius and Etuta, which now allows me to trace Tute's to Etuta instead of the Ardiaei queen, Teuta, for English Tute's were first found in Yorkshire with the Rostherne location of Rawstons. Then, the write-up of Tattons, who not only share the crescent of the English Tute's, but the quadrants (in colors reversed) of Irish Tute's, are said to be from Rostherne of Cheshire. Tattons are said to have married a Withenshaw, and Withens show three besants in Chief in the colors of the three Chief items of Ghents. The Withen Coat is a reflection of the Treeby Coat, and because Treebys were first found in Devon with Darts/Dards, they can be a branch of the namers of Tropoje.

WithenSHAW suggests Shawia Numidians, and it's known that Numidians were in the army of Hannibal at his war of Trebia. Shaws come up as "Seth," the name of Annas' father, and Annas is suspect from the Ananes Gauls on the Trebia. Treebys can be using the lion of Numidian-suspect Newmans/Numans.

If the Malta's are using a column (rather than a pillar), that's the symbol of Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found in Savigliano, smack beside Monforte, important because the Marano/Mauritano Coat is the Montfort Coat, except that the latter has the two-tailed lion in the Arms of Bohemia. And while the German Franks, first found in Bohemia, use a column in the colors of the Malta column, the Boii who founded Bohemia had been from Modena!! Bingo. It not only links Modena with Mdina, but explains why the lion in the Crest of Scottish Franks has a tail split into two. The other German Franks (no longer showing a Coat), likewise from Bohemia, once showed the same saltire as Annan(dale)s, to the best of my recollection. Yes, I have it recorded in the 5th update of September, 2011: "German Franks use a saltire in the Annan(dale)-colored saltire" (bad grammar).

[A day after writing here on SAVIGliano, I was reminded that the Montfort-related Panaro river has a SAVIGnano location."]

Savigliano / Monforte (Cuneo) is either in Langhe or beside it. The Italian Dere's use a LANCE, which can trace the Mallet deer to something in Langhe, especially as Savigliano is beside Bra, which God had linked (through me) to Conys / Conns with a coney RABBIT. Suddenly, Cuneo elements are tracing to Malta's Mdina / Rabat / Melita elements. The Coneys have a Pansy in Crest, and Pansys were resolved with Paeonians, who lived at Astibus, making that place suspect with Asti, smack beside Bra. Paeonians also lived at Stobi, and Stubbs share buckles with French Mallets. God used my girlfriend, Lorraine, when pointing to Paeonians of Stobi and the rabbit line at Bra too, and I then discovered the Lorraine lion with Asteys (Lanarkshire), which I now find colors reversed from the same of new-to-me, Melita-suspect Melodys. Amazing. Earlier, I had found the Melodys as "Mull," but I have just entered "Melody" to bring up that Irish surname, which finds an English Melody/Moody surname first found in Suffolk with Mallets! In fact, the proper Moody variation smacks of a Melita-Modena / Malta-Mdina merger. Compare Conys / Conns to Glaphyra-line Clavers (from Cappadocia, same as one queen Nysa).

I asked Lorraine out for the time when she was standing at her BUS STOP, and while Stops are listed with Stubbs, the bus stop tended to nail AstiBUS as God's pointer. We agreed to meet at a LAUNDRomat that evening, which was resolved as definite code of God for the Landens/Landers that use the six pale bars to Langhe-liner Langleys. Pepin of Landen was at issue, and Pepins use a version of the Stop/Stubb Coat. The bra that I touched at age nine, which brought the Bra-Cuneo topic to my readers, was on a LAUNDRY line, you see. I can remember living in only one place that had the old, concrete laundry sink for my kitchen sink, and that's where I caught the landlord clubbing a rabbit to death in the sink a couple of years after I was with Lorraine. What are the chances that I would be walking around the corner of the hall, into the kitchen, at the very instant that he started to club it to death? He probably thought I wasn't home at the time, a mistake that I sense God had set up for this purpose. The landlord lived right (first house) beside the Levendale plaza that had the laundromat where Lorraine and I met.

I repeated all of that because I didn't know that Lorraine's pointers included Melita elements until now, and I recall by heart that Millets (English) use a giant cinquefoil in the colors of the same of Bus'!!! Wow. The bus stop had two purposes, one for a pointer to Melita liners. Recall now the link of English Forts to Melita elements, for they are said to be of the FortiBUS family. Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Meltons, and German Bush's were first found in Rhineland with German Forts. The latter's lion holds a club that is often held by a savage, code for Savigliano liners. I wonder what MonFORTE was named after?

French Millets, who are said to have lived in Lorraine, have what could be a Coat version of the German Hammers (possible Maccabees out of Modi'in and to the Moody surname). These Millets use the giant, eight-pointed star of German Teegers, and then the Irish Teegers/Teague's have a the solid chevron, in colors reversed, of Tooks/Ticks//Touque's who in-turn have a "MILITia" motto term along with a Malta-like "multiplex" term!! Zinger. This inclusion of TICKS/Touque's gets more stunning because we saw Malta's Melita at Ann while Anne's are said to have lived at TICKhill!!!!!

There is even a Tickhill/Tickle Coat share the maunch sleeve with Asti-like Hastings!!! It's raining God's pointers. But why was he pointing to this? Julia Tyche was the daughter of Artemidoros, and the mother of Julia Polla, whom can be traced very well to Vespasia Polla. TickHILLs are suspect with Hills, who share the Hopper / Plunkett tower, that being the line of OPgalli in the "OPtem" motto term of Teegers/Teague's (from TIGRanes, Opgalli's husband), and moreover the father of Plancia Magna (granddaughter of Opgalli) was a Galatian i.e. as was Opgalli and Julia Tyche. Plancia Magna was married to Tertullus, and Tertulla was the wife of Flavius Petro (Rieti), father of Flavius Sabinus, husband of Vespasia Polla. Teague's/Teegers were first found in Galway, where Cilnius Murena has been traced, for the first time in this update.

Cotes-e-Nord is in the Meu-river area of Brittany, and that's where Mea's trace who are in the Tick/Touque motto. Artemidoros was the son of Amyntes, the line to Mynetts (probably the Pendragon helmet), the latter said to have been in Cotes-de-Nord, where Moody-like Motts/Mottins are said to have been who share the crescent of dragon-using Deaths/DARTHs (Dragon/Drainer colors), suspect with mythical Pendragon (Paeonians, likely), father of the Arthurs, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Artems, making "ArtemiDORos" suspect with the Arduinici who married the Doria's. Plancia Magna's mother was the chief priest of the ARTEMis cult in Perga, and Amyntes' father (Galatian) was the chief priest of Cybele at Pessinos. Cable's share a fretty Shield with Moody-like Modens/Modeys, and fretty has been resolved with the Vardy rulers of Ferte-Mace, from the Vardaei = Ardiaei, though fretty is also suspect with MontFERRAT elements at the Bra / Monforte theater. The dragon of Deaths/Darths should be code for the Dragon/Drainer surname (Kent, same as Mynetts) having the Mynett helmets in colors reversed. "Drainer" seems like a dead give-away for the Drin river, home of the proto-Pendragon PENEStae (beside the Paeonians), suspect in naming king Pinnes. The Tick/Touque griffins are in the colors of the Mynetts helmets, and the Tick/Touque chevron is in the colors of the Pendragon chevron. I had read that Pendragon had some untold elements in Kent, and here they are.

King Arthur was made to die in a myth, "Le MORTE d'Arthur," part-code for the Mort variation of Death-related Motts/Mottins. We get the play-on-words. He was made to die in Avalon, home of the witch, Morgan le Fay, and we just saw the Morgan lion with Mulls/Melodys.

Modena is also where Morinis' were first found who are in the write-up of Deerings (Kent, same as Timms/Time's) as per Norman de Morinis, yet another reason that "Ragusa" can be said to be from a deer. Deerings were first found in Kent with Perts/Petts and Petits, the latter being in the motto of Malcolms/COLUMNs (stag heads). Thus, the Malta-surname column traces to this picture. And ZOWIE, my head she's a spinning, for Deerings have nothing but three stag heads in the colors of nothing-but three stags heads of Anne's!!! Tickle-tickle, I see the writing on the wall.

Back to the Pendragon helmet, for Helms (version of Sales bend) use Paeoni-suspect pheons, as do the Sales' suspect with the Pendragon fleur. The Sales / Helm bend is shared by Huberts, the latter using the Death/Darth / Mott/Mottin/Morte crescent. The Maltese cross looks like it uses pheon heads (pheons are arrow heads), and Arrows/Arras', from the Artois capital, have the Murena tower in Crest. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta uses the same cross as Mea's, and the latter's blue fitchees are those of Albins while Albino's were first found in Modena. It begs the question on whether the cross of the International Order of Saint Hubertus is a Maltese cross, and it sure looks like one.

In the Maltese-cross link above, there is shown a Maltese cross for John of Jersey that has a green background. The cross of the saint-Hubertus order is green. In this photo of the Hubertus Order, John B. Poindexter is the tall man in the front row, and it just so happens that POINdexters were first found on Jersey. It sure looks like it. By the way, the photo at the link above with judge Scalia wearing the Hubertus robe is probably faked by someone who wanted to pretend that Scalia was of that group, for he was murdered by that group at Poindexter's ranch. There's a photo on the page with Poindexter and Obama shaking hands, very suspicious if it's not a fake.

Here's a large view of the Hubertus cross, showing the motto that includes Ann-likely "ANiMALia" (Mallet-possible kin) and Gentius-suspect "diliGENTES." I trace Gentius to Genova, home of the Fieschi, a branch of Fessys who share the Mea / Malta cross. In the sleeping-bag dream that was a pointer to Scalia's murder, there was a MALL.

In the page for the Maltese cross, there is a "Tilted Maltese cross of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus," having the Bouillon flory. As Godfrey-de-Bouillon was a son of Eustace II, note that the Eustace crest has the black cross, between the antlers, of Eus-like Vise's/Vice's between its antlers, and then see the cross between antlers of Staggs/Stage's, for there was a stage inside the mall in the sleeping-bag dream. Upon that stage was an old girlfriend (40 years before the dream), Miss Peare, whom God showed to be a symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon. Then note how this Hubertus cross has Jesus upon a cross between antlers. Vise's/Vice's had a branch in Devon's MORTHoe, and while the Hubertus motto includes "DILIGentia" and "DILIGite," Dilgs (English-Macey Coat?) share the chevron of Melodys/Moodys.

In the sleeping-bag dream, David MORley, of the Morleys/MAULs, circled the sleeping bag on his MOTOR BIKE, wearing a Nazi-like HELMET. We saw why the Helm pheons should link to both the Maltese cross and the Huberts, the latter first found in Cheshire with Malls/Marlybone's. Biks/Bicks share the Ann stag heads, apparently, for Biks/Bicks were first found in Berkshire with Modens/MODEYs, a possible branch of Moters/Mottier's (Auvergne, same as Bouillons). Moters/Mottier's share the bend of Fes'/FAYs (Auvergne). Morgan le Fay has become connectable to MULLs/Melodys, suspect as a branch of Melodys/MOODYs. Anne's were at TickHILL, and the sleeping bag was circled upon a steepish hill. Hills share the white tower with Auvergne's.

[I hadn't yet discovered, when writing above on the Biks of Berkshire, that Anne's have this write-up: "The Hanney (Hanny) variant likely arose from East or West Hanney, the latter a parish in the union of Wantage, partly in the hundred of Ock, but chiefly in that of Wantage, Berkshire." It tends to affirm that the motor bike was God's code for Anne-related Biks, and that the Hills are the reason for "Tickhill".]

Hubertus is a hunting group sharing the hunting horn with Huntingdons, and Ada of Warenne, very connectable to Davids, married Henry Huntingdon (son of a royal David). Ada is in the Ade/Aid surname (version of the David Coat) that shares a Morley symbol. David Morley. The Helms were first found in Surrey with the father of Ada of Warenne. Malls/Marlybone's (same place as Davids) share the Vere quadrants, and David Morley's sister is Vera (old friends of mine). Maceys (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's) speak on a Walter Masci of Huntingdon, and one can find antlers in the Crest of Mynett-branch Hamons (Kent, same as Mynetts), the line of Hamon de Masci of Cheshire. Hamons use a "PEAN" feature in their ermine colors, smacking of the Helm pheons. Peans/Payens were first found in Dauphine with Auvergne's, the latter sharing the Masci fleur in the style of French Chambre's ("funDAVIT"). Chambre is a location on the Arc river, downstream from Maccabee-suspect Modane, and Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's. Italian Davits use the hunting horn. We saw earlier that Henrys link to Edomite Forests/Forez' and Frosts, and then Scalia's murder included Mr. Foster (Poindexter's friend) while Fosters (hunting theme) are also Forrests/Forresters, evoking Lynn Forrester de Rothschild (not saying she had part in the murder, but I'm open).

Maceys use a mace (= hammer) as well as sharing the gauntlet glove of Fane's/Vans, the latter suspect with Fanano of Modena. The Brittany Davids are said to have had a Perdreauville branch at the Montfort area along the Meu, and the Brittany Henrys are said to be of the Mott location (at Gael-Montfort) along the Meu, suggesting strongly that Henry of Huntingdon was a line to/from the Brittany Henrys. Enrico's share the Moden/Modey fretty.

Here's a repeat from above while on the Gilles-line Edomites at Saint Gilles, home of the Brittany Henrys:

The Chambre's were first found in Savoy with Forests/Forez', and while Chambre is on the Arc river suspect with Herod ARCHelaus (he was banished to the French foothills of Savoy), Modens/Modeys (Berkshire, same as Arks/Arch's) share the fretty of Henry-liner Enrico's. Savoy is where French Masseys were first found who share the Tout/Tute / Tatton crescent because Massys are in the Tatton write-up. French Masseys once shows boots while Boots (show boots) were first found in Berkshire.

The Massey boots were exactly the Trip/Treff boots, yet the latter now show shoes while the Shoe's share the single, Poindexter star. English Trips use a SCALing ladder, apparent code for ladder-using Scalia's. The Savoys share the Mea / Arms-of-Malta cross. The Savoy write-up: "The founder of the [Savoy] family was HUMBERT I, who held the county of Savoy and some surrounding regions in the eleventh century." Humberts, listed with Humbers, are almost "Hubert." Humberts are almost "Hamburg," and Hamburgs (could be Ham / Hammer liners) share the crosslets of ladder-using Trips while Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg. Hamburgs share the Knee bend while Shoe's (share tree with the Savoy Masseys) use a "knight issuing at the knee's."

The Morinis fleur-de-lys is in the Timm/Time Coat, yup, the Edomites. The "Deum" in the Saint-Hubertus motto looks to apply, especially as per the "Deum time" motto of one Moray surname. The Tree's/True's were first found in Warwickshire with Dilks/Dills, which recalls the Dilgs suspect in the Saint-Hubertus motto. A son of Eliphas with Timna was AMALek, and he can certainly be to the naming of Melita, beside the Elaphiti islands. Shocker. My emphasis on Rollo, further up, has morphed to emphasis on Melita, and so lets mention Caria's Miletus, near Clarus. Was Miletus a city of Amalekites? Yes, possibly, for myth writers made Sarpedon of Crete the founder of Miletus, and Crete was home to mythical AMALthea. "Bozrah" (home of Amalek, we may assume) can be to the Bush-like Bus surname (Norfolk, same as Meltons) that shares the symbol of Miletus-like Millets. Pretty darn staggering there. So, it suggests Amalekites to the naming of Malahule, and we've already seen the evidence that his family was Edomite. EDINburgh was suspect as Edomite, and SarpEDON was suspect with a proto-Serb merger with an Edone element that could have been a n-version of "Edom."

Take the Eliphas-like Halybes, metal makers, to the mythical metal smith of Lemnos, for Dionysus, suspect with Edom's Horites (from Horites of Nuzi) took Sarpedon's sister, Ariadne, to Lemnos. "Ariadne" could have been an Ari-Aedon combination, for Dionysus was a grandson of Cadmus of Thebes, where Aedon was a mythical queen, and Thebes had the Kabeiri cult that was also on Lemnos. Aedon's grandfather, Merops of Kos, is suspect with Kos, an Edomite god. Kos is near Miletus. Another Merops was a mythical king of Ethiopia, where there was a mount Nysa after "DioNYSus," and where we can expect proto-Somalians responsible for the coining of "Semele," mother of Dionysus. The Smalls/Smale's share a shortended cross of the same type with Meltons.

The ancestry of the queen Nysa's are in king Cassander, the line to Modena's Cassandra's who share the fesse in the Arms of Saraca (Timm/Time colors), and then the Nysa-Pharnaces line to double-fesse Ness'/Nice's looks to be to the Hannibals/Annabels too. Can we believe it: the Hannibals are also Honeyballs, and Honeys ("ProgreDERE NE regreDERE") share the double Parr fesses, colors reversed from the double fesses of Morinis'! Bingo. I win and the detestable Masons lose. Hell burneth, child killers. The Honey / Parr fesses are blue, the color of the Cassandra fesse. The Honey motto can be partly for Greys who share the Marano / Montfort lion.

The "ne" motto term can suggest that Honeyballs/Annabels are a variation of "Hamberg," for the latter share the Knee/Nee bend. Knee's were first found in Down while Downs (Sussex, same as Hams and Hammers!!!) are showing the very stag design in the Honeyball Crest! This is a new-to-me set of links. HoneyBALLs can be suspect with the Brittany Balls, for the latter share the giant ermine with Ermine's/Armys who in-turn share the Annandale Coat. The Cheshire Balls were first found in/near Dunham-Massey, and Dunhams are DOWNhams too.

The line of Aulus Murena should go at least to the stars of Biggars, which are almost-certainly the stars of Wallis canton shared by the Glass' (Buteshire ) of Glasgow (beside the first-known Biggers and Sions/Swans). The Biggar motto, "Giving and forgiving," looks a little like play on the motto of Sarah's/SAYers, which recalls the Say location of Seatons/Sittens, and "sara" is a Russell motto term. Givers/Ivers/Eure's (Massey and Vere quadrants), with a version of the Mall/Marlybone Coat (from Malahule of More), and suspect with the Givern variation of Biggars, have the Say quadrants in colors reversed. The Sion/Swan swan is expected with the Given/MacGivern surname (Lanarkshire), which uses three swans in the colors of the three of Reed-like Readys, and Reeds happen to share the red stag head of Ragens while Roets, who share the Reed book, have the Rollo boar heads in colors reversed. It's verifying that Ragens are from Ragnvald, father of Rollo, and brother of Malahule. The Roet boar heads are those of Speers (beside Lanarkshire), and Shakespeare's share the Sarah bend.

SWANs are code for peoples from Lake SEVAN, which lake actually had a Gog-like name as per its Gogarene/Gugar entity, and so see that the boars are used by Googe's/Gooch's/ and Goughs/Goffs in the colors and format of the three swans above. Note how Givers/Ivers smack of "IVRea," home of the Arduinici, likely from Ardahan of the Moschi- / Sevan theater. Gooch's/Googe's were first found in Rus-liner Roxburghshire, and that's where Mole's were first found who share the Gooch/Googe boar while throwing in the Moray stars.

French Goffs/Goffarts are said to be from Dol. A daughter of Eschyna de Molle (latter married the Roxolani line of the Dol Alans) married Robert Pollock, the brother of the builder of Rothes castle. It appears that Gog and company were amid the Pollocks. Mole's (same stars as Biggars and Glass') share the boar head of Schims/Shands who in-turn share "fortuna" with the Rollo motto. The SCIMitar, suspect with Schims, is in the Crest of Scottish Mochs (Lanarkshire, same as Biggars), and the Moch Chief is the Mole Chief too. Mochs trace to a Mokissos location on the Halys river, explaining why the Haly surname has the Mole / Googe boar yet again. I'll show later why Rollo's ancestry traces to Mokissos. The ancient Halybes, suspect on the Halys river, smack of "Eliphas." The "tout" motto term of Rollo's and Oliphants gets the Tute's, likely in the "VirTUTE" motto term of Schims/Shands. I'll show later why Tute's should trace to a Tatta entity at Mokissos.

Schims can be shown to be from Shechemites (once in Israel), as per the mole hills of Shake's, suggesting that Shakespeare's were Shechemite liners. The Crest of Fulke's/Volks, who use a "sera" version of the Russell motto, is the double-tipped spear of Shakespeare's. As Samson-beloved Flags/Flecks are a branch of Fulke's/Volks, note that Fulke's are said to be from Fulk Nerra III, suggesting the Naro/Neretva river ("Narenta" on the old map presented earlier). Samsons are from the Saracens who included the leader, Timnah, right? I'll show later why Mokissos elements were at Clarus with the cult of mythical Leto, the latter suspect in the Samson motto.

Scottish Mochs were essentially at Glasgow, and Glasgows love the Lords/LAUDs, the latter having a version of the French Pine Coat. Lord-like Lorts almost use the Coat of Marone's i.e. which once again has the Schim / Mole / Googe boar. To put it another way, Lorts use the Rollo Coat in colors reversed. Or, Lorts share the boar heads of Glasgow-area Spears, the latter suspect in a merger with Shechemites as per Shakespeare's.

The cinquefoils of the French Pine's -- a surname suspect with a line between a king Pinnes of the Ardiaei and the Arduinici of the Bautica -- look connectable to the More/Moor cinquefoils because Sinclairs of Roslin (and Shetland) were of the Claro line of Rollo while French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Pine's. Limousin and its neighboring Santones, who likely named the Saint variation of Sinclairs, trace to Sintians in Myrina of Lemnos (where MORmons trace themselves), explaining why the CLERmonts'/Clements share a Marina symbol. Clermonts'/Clements were first found in Powys with Goughs/Goffs, and the Powys surname has a bear paw colors reversed from the same of Belli-branch Bellino's, the latter two first found in Verona while Lorts are in the colors and format of Verona's. Both Paw surnames share the peacock with ArBUTHnotts, and Bothwells use a boy pulling down a PINE tree. Roslin is in Lothian while Lothians use another pine tree.

The Lys river of Aosta flows into the Bautica river, location of Ivrea, which expects Russell ancestry in Rozala of Ivrea, an Italian royal. The Arduinici of Ivrea were from the Ardiaei Illyrians at the Ragusa theater. The Ardiaei king, Gentius, is suspect in the Bothwell motto term, "urgentia," and it just so happens that Ghents share the Bush fleur-de-lys for yet another trace of Edomites to the Ragusa theater, which is in DALmatia, where the Dallas surname may thus trace. This RAGusa topic recalls the Rake's/Raiks, who came up as per a Rakon variation of the Ragen surname. If you study the fleur-de-lys of Bush's/Buschs, for example, the two side petals look like dolphin heads, and dolphins are used by Scottish Ragens/Reagans (Rollo colors and near-format), George Bush Sr. was elevated by Ronald Reagan.

The Bug-like Bags, who share the Coat of Gog-like Cocks, use cinquefoils in colors reversed from the same of Gog-like Geggs and English More's/Moore's. Geggs were first found in Norfolk with Bags, raven-using Rolphs, and Shetland- / SCYTHian-suspect Sheets/Skate's. While Scottish Rolphs (Nairnshire) share the BOUGet with the Rose's of NAIRnshire, suggesting Neuri/Nairi on the Bug, the Norfolk Rolphs share the trefoil of Rods and Rocks from the marriage of Henri IV of Rodez to a daughter of the Roquefeuils, the proto-Rockefellers. The Fellers share the trefoils of the Verona's and Bothwells, and while Italian Belli's and Bellino's were first found in Verona, the Scottish Belli's (roses) were first found in Moray and share the motto of CARPenters. Reghin at Mures is upon the CARPathian mountains.

Back to the "Laus "DEO" of Arbuthnotts, for "Deo" (and "Regi") is a motto term of Bags, and of Dallas-like Dailys who share the Bos/Bosch/Bush lion (DEE lion in colors reversed). "Regi fideLIS" (from Lissus of Chives liners) is a motto term of Mallet-like Maltons/Moltons/Molsons, suggesting that it's a term for a Ragusa element, begging whether "Ragusa" was a Reghin branch. I expect Reghin elements at Moray, and then the Sutherlands are said to use the Moray stars in gold on red, the colors of the Malton/Molton/Molson stars. The latter surname was first found in Devon with the early Chives', the Chives-related Hykes'/Hacks, and the Chives-related Moline's, begging whether Moline's were a Molson branch.

On the light map shared earlier, there is a DALLuntum location smack at Bistina, and then to the near-east of Bistina, a BAGnaloup location smack beside Slano, seemingly important because Bagleys and Slane's were both first found in Shropshire. To the north of Bagnaloup is METRovich, which reminds that Mathers can be a branch of Madariaga's. The latter were related to Javier Solana, and we saw Solana's coming up as Slane-like Silano's. Moreover, Mathers share the stars of Mile's/Mylles' while the Bagley lozenge is on the moline cross of Mile's/Mylles'. Very interesting. Bagno's/BagNARA's are one of the few surnames showing "royal blue."

While I trace Sinclairs to Clarus, that place is beside Latmus, home of mythical Selene. I've been tracing proto-Masseys (included Maezaei) to Masa Sea Peoples of that area, and here I can add, for the first time, that Juba II had married Cleopatra Selene II. Therefore, Slano may have been of that queen, for I see Massena Numidians with the Maezaei.

The Neretva-like Nerets, first found in Brittany with Sarasins, share the three bends of Cressents/Crests/Crete's suspect in the crescents of Saracens/Sarasins. The three Neret bends are in colors reversed from the three bends of Paganells in-turn suspect with the Painells in the Sole/Solney write-up. The Paganells/Pings/Pongs have been traced excellently to Pane's/Panico's who share the Bagno Chief. English Pane's/Paine's use a "Malo mori" motto phrase suspect with Malahule of More, and as that line birthed the Masci-related Meschins, note that the Pane's/Panico's and Bagno's share the Masci fleur-de-lys. We are clearly on Templar elements here.

Arbuthnotts were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans (swans), and there is a giant swan in the Dale/Daile/Dales Coat, excellent evidence that Dale's were a Dallas branch and therefore connectable to Bag-like Biggars. The Daily motto even has a "fideLIS" motto term, and here it's important to repeat that the Lise variation of Lys' is from Lissus, an ancient city of the Cavii who named Chivasso (my personal discovery) on the Bautica river. The Dee motto links easily to the motto of Reeds (Aberdeenshire, same as Dee's), and here it becomes fairly evident that Reeds were from French Redones to the Rollo Normans.

I've claimed that God set up many situations in my life to help me make many heraldic links for historical insights into the lines stemming from the killers of Jesus. I've mentioned NORMAN Miles before, a classmate in grade eight. I never saw him again after he briefly befriended me over two months only, until I fell asleep in my taxi cab at the corner of Keele and highway SEVEN (its called Concord out that way). God showed me by other things that my taxi was His pointer to Tax's/Dachs, likely out of Dachau, for the Arms of Dachau is a sling SHOT while Shots/Shoots share the Tax/Dach sword, though, the point is, so do Irish Miles' who in-turn use a "virtus" motto term for the Vardys/Virtys, a surname from the Vardaei (alternative name of the Ardiaei) on the Neretva/Naro river, and very connectable to the proto-Varangian Varni, suspect as the proto-Vere's who pushed fictional MILO de Vere. The Daversi lived on the Neretva too, and they are to the Davers, first found in Suffolk with English Normans. Norman Miles befriended me, not vice-versa, and I think I now see why. Normans were Varangians, weren't they?

I was asleep, and God showed me by another method that sleep is code for the Selepitanoi Illyrians, between the Cavii and the Ardiaei, and smack at Kotor, where the Saraca's of Ragusa had previously lived. The Sleep surname (probably the Dard/Dart fesse) was first found in Sleep-like Salop along with Bagleys and Slane's. The Ardiaei king, Gentius, who married a Dardanian woman, is suspect to the Ghent surname, which itself has a version of one English-Norman Coat. Scottish Normans are said to be from DAL RIATA, which looks like it can now be deciphered as a DALmatian element in cahoots with Mr. Sabinus of RIETI. You see, Norman Miles was in my life for pointing to the Vespasian dragon. Gentius-suspect Genova, where Daorsi-suspect Doria's (share Ghent eagle) lived who married Arduinici of Oneglia, is smack beside Savona.

Norman Miles woke me up while I was taking a quick nap in a taxi because he had become a police officer. He recognized me, and I just went on my way, never seeing him again. It was at the corner of Keele street, and while Keele's are Kills, the motto of Scottish Normans includes, "auXILLium." In this picture, the Cheile's (Lincolnshire, same as Keele's/Kills) may be sharing the bend of Royals/Roille's/Rialls.

Keele and Seven is the center of Concord, and the Arms of Rothschild, with a "concordia" motto term, has five bunched arrows, also in the Crest of Camerons who in-turn use a "cheile" motto term!!! Plus, the Mile's/Mylles' use the motto, "Ex industria" while the Arms-of-Rothschild motto is: "Concordia Integritas Industria" The Cameron Coat has three fesses colors reversed from the same in one of two English Norman Coats, believe it or not. "Rothschild" is a term from Rieti liners, isn't it?

A decade after knowing Mr. Miles, he woke me up at Keele and highway seven, apparently God's pointer to Savone's/Safins/Savins, which is right down the dragonline way. The Seven surname, with a Coat version of Payen-beloved Rowells (Savard/Salford colors), shares besants with Sabina's/Savards/Savarys. The Rows share the Pascal lamp with Scottish Normans, and that suggests the VesPASia line of Pasi's/Pascels / Pascals (probably the Reed eagle). Payens/Pagans, using "spur rowells," were first found in Dauphine with French Pascals, which is where Lepage's/Page's were once said to be first found, who share the Rita Roll/Rael lion. Lepage's/Page's are now said to have been first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes', and Hugh de Payens (first Templar chief) did marry Elizabeth Chappes, though others say he married Catherine Sinclair (of Roslin), suspect with Catherine Roet...daughter of Payne Roet, whom I have seen from MontREUIL. (See the locations of French Millets).

I went to the school of Norm Miles for only two months, which is where I met Dennis, who turned out to live in my neighborhood. Three years after I met them both, I dated Miss Hanson, who had probably went to that school too, for she lived closer to it than Dennis and I. As I've said, Miss Hanson was placed into my life to give pointers to the ancestry of Annas, killer of Jesus, in the Ananes Gauls around Crema and/or Cremona. Crema is near the Milan (Lombardy capital) of Ottone Visconti, whose snake is in the German Hanson Coat along with the lozenges of Scottish Lombards/Limbaughs.

Visconti's are regarded by me as a branch of Guiscards/Wisharts, and so we are back to the Guiscard-Saracen entity suspect with Saraca's, and it just so happens that I resolved Miss Hanson's first name, Katrina (almost Catherine), as God's code for Kotor, home of Saraca's, for Catters share the white fish with the Arms of Saraca, and in the Catter Crest it has a griffin, symbol of Ananes-liner Annans.

On my first date with Katrina, Dennis allowed me to take her out in his parents' car, a valiant, and it turned out that the Valiant surname has the only heraldic shark I know of, code for Saraca's, right? As Dennis' surname is Quinn, the Quinn snakes become suspect with the Visconti snake. Ottone's share the long and solid chevron in the colors of the same of French Chappes', and Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps/Chaips were first found in Stirlingshire with Guiscards/Wisharts, you see, and so it seems that God, via both Katrina and Dennis, was pointing to Caiaphas, son-in-law of Annas. The Saraca's somehow apply to that moronic thing.

Repeat from above: "...the Touque's become clinched with Melita, and so let's add here that the castle of German Hansons is in both colors of the TEWKESbury castle, and that Tewkesburys were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons. Katrina worked at SAM's restaurant when I asked her out for the first time. She's thus pointing to the Samsam Saracens. Samsons share the patonce cross with Janons/ANSONs, and the latter's quadrants are those of Forts while Forts share a white castle half in the colors of the Tewkesbury / Hanson castle. God knows what he's doing, and Sam apparently has God to thank for his famous hamburgers.

It's online that Tewkesburys of Gloucestershire married Arthurs of Clapton. This latter location is at Portishead, and then Portis'/Porchers (Norfolk, same as Bus') share the giant cinquefoil of Bus' / Millets.

Ottone Visconti can be traced to Otone's/Oltens, who share the Fort / Janson/Anson quadrants, and use the Odin lion (same as Marano / Montfort lion). Odins are said to be of Aumale, which is a version of "Albemarle." The Fortibus write-up: "Odo, Earl of Albemarle, married a sister of Duke William [the Conqueror] thus acquiring the earldom." So, now we know who Odins and Oddie's trace to, but isn't this the Sforza-Visconti relation. The Fortibus Coat is in the colors and format of the Arms of Albemarle, the latter having the scallops of Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Odins), which can suggest that "AlbeMARLE" was a Morley branch.

As the first earl of Albemarle was Mr. Keppel (probably a Keep branch), the Arms must be using the three scallops of the Caiaphas-like Capes surname. The French Marle's share the Joseph martlet, and Caiaphas was Joseph, suspect to the two Joseph surnames at, the English branch known my me to be kin of Keppel-like Caplans and Chaplains. English Marle's/Merle's use the martlets in colors reversed, and show the same deer-head design as per the Mallet Crest. The article above stresses king William of Orange, and as I now see Orange as a Rangabe entity, it recalls EUDokia, daughter of Melissena Rangabe (9th century), a name like "Eudes," the alterative name of Odo of Albemarle (11th century). It reminds me that I see Caiaphas ancestry in Quintus Caepio, who fought a war at Orange. I think Quintus was to the Quince surname, beloved on the quince held by the Sforza lion. The Oddie saltire is in the colors of the Arms-of-Rangabe cross.

Having inserted all of that on Melita elements, which took me off-topic from where I was a few days ago, I am reminded that Reeds and Roets (Somerset, same as Savone's/SAFINs) along with Rita's trace excellently to Rieti (in the land of the Safini/Sabines), the city of three Roman emperors, the 4th, 5th, and 6th heads of the Revelation dragon (the 6th is said to be alive during the dictation of Revelation). The 4th was Vespasian, whose mother, Vespasia Polla, traces without doubt to Pollocks, suggesting strongly that Rothes (Scotland) was a Rieti branch or element. In fact, Vespasia Polla (wide of Flavius Sabinus) traces without doubt to Pullens and Sabine's while Pullens come up as "Pulling" while Bothwells, from Bute = Rothesay, use a boy PULLING down a pine tree. Pullens share the Patent/Paten motto, and while we saw this surname linking to Melita elements, note that while Pullens share the red-on-white scallop with Sabine's (Norfolk, same as Meltons), the old map above of the Ragusa area shows a SABIONcello area on-shore of Melita.

While the Yorkshire Rolls/Rowles'/Rolstons have a fesse colors reversed from the Tiller fesse, German Rolls/Raels share the Rita lion. Rollers look to be with the fesse of Dardanian-liner Darts/Dards. We should ask Rollo why Rolleys/Rawles'/Raleigh's share the blue vair fur on red of Nero's. Was emperor Nero from the Neretva/Naro river? The Rolley/Rawles Coat is virtually the Coat of Rabys (suspect in the Annan motto along with Spears), and the latter's cross design makes it look like a version of the Royal/Roile Coat. Scottish Roys (Lanarkshire, beside Pollocks and Spears) share the Rita / Pool lion, and Roets share the boar heads of Spears. It was right after Nero's rule that the line of Flavius Sabinus took his place on the dragon throne of the world. We can ask why the Rows (Norfolk, same as Sabine's/Savona's, Rolphs/Rove's and Nerra-line Fulke's) use a "TIMidus" motto term. The other Rows (Norfolk again) should be sharing the besants of Sabina's/Savards/Savarys.

I can trace Rollo, due to the Saint-Clair sur Epte name of his treaty with France, to Mopsus, a false-prophet club at Clarus in the part of Lydia that was special to Latona, whom the Greeks called, Leto, mother of Apollo. It can be gleaned that this was the beginnings of the Revelation dragon, the same as Lotan. Mopsus was also called, Muksus, and his Wikipedia article compliments my trace of that term to a Mokissos location on the north side of lake Tatta. We then note that Tute's/Touts, in the Rollo motto, share the crescent of Tatta-like Tattons, and the latter's write-up has them married to Massys of Cheshire, who were Moschi-like Masci's in Italy. It could be that "Mokissos" is a consonant-reversed version of "Moschi."

Mokissos was on the Halys river, and there is a Halys surname sharing the boars we saw with Gog-suspect Googe's/Gooch's. The three Halys boars are vertical, which heraldry calls, pale, and then the Moch sword is in pale as well as in the colors of the Halys boars. These boars are in the colors of the boar head of Schims/Shands who in-turn share the Rollo motto term, "fortuna." And Rollo's use boar heads of their own while being first found in PERTHshire, which I trace to a Perta location on the shores of Tatta.

GOOGle has become almost useless for educational studies, and is not good enough to bring up a wealth of articles on this Perta location when asking for it with "tatta." At one time, 20 years ago, Google would have brought them ALL up no problem right at the start of the search results. No more. The Google computer now insists like a bonehead that I'm looking for "Petra," and therefore ignores most files with "Perta." This type of result is deliberate to make our research useless, because knowledge is power, and the powerful do not want us to know too much. Or, if we do know too much, it doesn't want us to share things because the anti-Christs in power desire to be the chief educators. It's important to them because they are the control freaks, in the vast minority, who Christians oppose. They have the big money, but we have the big numbers, more teachers than they do, though they do have a host of anti-Christs rising in numbers now. If I type "ancient perta" alone into Google, the bonehead brings up Petra articles just as though it doesn't know what I'm talking about. Perta is at modern Gimir, and Schims/Shands are said to have been at Gamrie.

The Carolingian Carians

I now have evidence that Mallets were Montfort kin. I missed this when telling that Mallets use a "force" motto term. I was at the Montfort write-up, seeing, "Simon IV de Montfort, Seigneur de Montfort-l'Amaury, 5th Earl of Leicester," and remembered that I had seen this: "Another branch, the Davids of Perdreauville, in the county of Montfort-l'Amaury..." As this area is beside Rennes, one might sense that the Raines surname has the white Montfort lion on black (but maybe not). When I loaded the Maurys, there was a version of the French Mar/More Coat, which recalled that Scottish Mars use lions in both colors of the Montfort lion, and as the earls of Mar were near Ross-shire, one can glean that Ross' use the Montfort lion. But as the Ross lion is colors reversed from the Russell lion, we then go to Italian Simons, who have the giant Russell lion, suggesting that Russells were linked to Simon de Montfort. And by the way, his family had married the BEAUmonts, who might just have been Boii from Modena, who were in that city when Hannibal was (thanks to Julie for pointing that out).

As Ross-shire is beside Moray, one can glean that French Mars/More's were Moray elements, and while the earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy castle, and while I trace the first Drummonds to the founders of the Ross clan, the Maury-like Damorys/Amori's share wavy fesses with Drummonds. Moreover, the first Drummond was Maurice while French Maurice's/Morise's (Guyenne/Gascony, same as MARtins and MARtels) use a version of the Mar/More and Maury Coats but with the Moray stars. Welsh Morris' (Herefordshire, same as Maurice's/Morise's) share the ladder with English Trips while German Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. Therefore, no matter that the Maurice/Morise write-up traces to a Welsh Maurice (son of MORgan = Moor line), this looks like a like from Maurice Drummond...who was involved closely with queen Margaret, whose cup-bearer was Henry Sinclair of Russell-suspect Roslin, and whose son was king David i.e. expected at Montfort-l'Amaury's Davids/Davits. Margaret's husband, Malcolm III, is likely of the Malcolms/COLUMNs suspect in the Malta surname, but how did Scottish-royal blood get to Malta elements?

Let's repeat that the Irish-Melody lion is shared by Morgans and Moors, for this expects Melita elements with Maurice Drummond. I'm noting that the so-called Andrew's Cross, the royal flag of Scotland (just a saltire), which is in colors reversed in the Malcolm/Column Coat, is perhaps to be gleaned in the Melton cross. And king Andrew of Hungary, who was together with queen Margaret in Kiev, was the grandfather of Maurice Drummond.

One wonders whether some proto-Hungarians had been in Melita. I trace the Hungarian founder, Arpad, to Arvad/Arados (Syria) on some excellent evidences, and Arados may have named Rhodes. Arad up against the Hungarian border is at the mouth of the Mures river, and while I trace Mures-river elements to Moray, that's beside Ross, the rulers of which are said to be founded by an Andrew. Amazingly, I've just realized, because I've just looked at my atlas, that the TIMIS/Timisoara area to the south side of Arad is in the "Deum Time" motto of one Moray Coat!

Another amazing thing is that Michael has been recently revealed by God to be His code for Michael Rangabe, and it just so happens that Andrew's Cross is in the colors of the Rangabe cross while Michael's son, Andrew, was named after Michael's father-in-law from Moldova, in the ballpark of the Kiev Varangians who had taken prince Andrew into their protection before he became the Hungarian king (Rangabe's predated him). Michael's granddaughter, Melissena, married Inger the Varangian, and gave birth to EUDOKia while Oddie's, from Odo/EUDES, use the same saltire as Andrew's Cross!!! Wow. Odo was of AlbeMARLE, and Marle's share the Mallet deer head, apparently! And Bingo! The Marlins, who share the black martlet with French Marle's/Merle's, have three wavy fesses in the colors of the fessewise wavy bars of Damorys, and these can now be clinched with the three, wavy Drummond fesses!

Amazingly, Marle-like David Morley rode his motor bike to my place when I lived on a Marlin street, otherwise I would not have known that he owned a bike, which was in the sleeping-bag dream about 35 years later. English Davids are from king David, whose mother was in exile, in Kiev, with prince Andrew! Maurice Drummond piloted the ship that brought Margaret to Scotland. The Bags share the Grimaldi Coat, and before I inserted this section here, I had already written of the Grimaldi-Mallet link below, which includes Pilgrims having staves in the colors and format of the Marle/Merle martlets. The Stave/Stevenson surname has the Moray stars. The Other Stevensons have a version of the Aid/Ade Coat, itself a version of the English David Coat.

By the way, Scottish myth is known to trace proto-Scotts to Caria's Miletus. It was near Clarus, and we saw the Maurice's of the Wales theater, home of Strongbow Clare, who named County Clare in Ireland, where Irish Mulls/Melodys were first found. Mulls reminds of the Morleys/Mauls, and suggests a link between Hungarian elements at Melita (still just a theory) and proto-Morleys of the Mures/Maros river. The sister of David Morley, Vera, can be God's pointer to Varangians.

Might the Malta surname (same lion as Montforts) not be from Malta? Might it be strictly from Mallets, for example? Apparently yes, for the "Ma force" motto phrase of Mallets gives it away where Maa's, though expected with Mea's from the Meu river at Montfort-l'Amaury, are listed with the Scottish Mars. Mea's share "numine" with Beaumont-like Bomonts/Bowmans/BOYmans, which is how we can glean that the Newman lion is the Rennes lion. The Bomont/BOWman chevron is in the colors of the three of Clare's, suggesting that surname's word-play on StrongBOW Clare, and English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Mallets. We can now ask whether Charles Martel was so-named due to kinship with Mallets, for a mallet is a martello to Italians. The Force's (leopards in Door-lion colors) in the Mallet motto were first found in DORdogne (Gascony), which is at least near the first-known Martels (share the crown with Maurys/Morise's). Dordogne is not far from the Clairs of Limousin, who share the passant leopard with Force's. The Clare's of Limousin are said to have been in Perigord, which is at Dordogne.

Let's recall that Forts, who may have named Montforts, have a castle shared by the Gascony Martins. Irish Martins share the Martel crescent, and English Martins (Hannibal/Annabel Coat?) were first found in Leicestershire, where Simon de Montfort ruled. BEAUmonts share the Montfort lion, and so do BEAUforts (Savoy), while the latter are a known "branch" of Roets; I trace the latter to Perigord's Boofima elements, suspect from the child-sacrifice cults of Carthage. Roets (compare with Karens) have a motto suggesting Carians at Rhodes. I had read that Boofima priests (from an ImPERI peoples) wore leopard gloves, underscoring the Clair / Force leopards, which are in the Arms of Normandy too. Leopard FACES are in the Coat of Irish Doors, the latter first found in Galway with Irish Martins, and the Face's/Fessys (share the Savoy / Mea cross used also on Malta) are from the Fieschi of Genova, home of the DORsi.

As Charles Martel was founder of the CAROLingians, it's interesting that the Irish Carols have a sword in the colors of the Fesch swords, and moreover I had read that Charlemagne (Martel's grandson) used a black eagle, which is the color of the Doria eagle. There's a question on whether the Crest of Irish Charles has a version of the Fesch Coat. Carols share the lion of Scottish Normans who in-turn share "Auxillium" with Irish Martins, probably a branch of Charles Martel.

I had read that Fieschi were kin of the Genovese GRIMaldi's, and here we can add that the Charles Crest substitutes one of the Fesch swords with a pilgrim's stave, used by the PilGRIMs too, you see. Excellent find. And I finally have some decent evidence for my theory that "GriMALDi" indicates a Grey-Mallet / Gris-Mallet merger, for Pilgrims were first found in Norfolk with Meltons, and beside the Mallets of Suffolk. Greys (same place as Bomonts), a branch of which is at the root of Roets, share the lion of Beaumont-related Montforts.

English Charles' (Suffolk again), with a "Virtus" motto term that I trace to Vardaei on the Neretva with Daorsi, probably use the Child eagle, but it's on a horizontally split Shield, as is the Doria Shield. Child's bring us back to Vilnius Murena, who was traced above to Galway, where Irish MARTINs and Doors were first found. The Doria write-up: "First on record were MARTINo and Genuardo 'de filius Auriae,' in 1110." Zowie, this apparent Carolingian link to Genova is new to me. The Face/Fessy motto loves the Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genoa and using a white eagle (same as the Este eagle) of their own. The Carol Coat thus looks linkable to the ladder-using Morris', and as I now decipher the heraldic ladder with Lauders/Letters, who got suspect with the Carolingian king, Lothair, let's add that Lauders/Letters have a brown tree stump in Crest.

The Bomont/Boyman Crest shares that tree stump with the Maurice's/Morise's (same place as English Doors for a potential trace to Daorsi at/near Melita), and because Bomonts/Boymans were in NorthUMBERland, they probably share the Rodham/Roddens tree stump too (i.e. Rodhams were linked at least round-about to Maurice's) for what looks like another line from Carian Rhodes. Heraldry can tell us the marital links, but does not indicate, as far as I understand heraldic codes, how closely those links are.

As Clare's were Carians, so might the Charles' and Carls have been. The Carian Ceraunii are to the Crauns, first found in Suffolk with both Clare's and Miletus-likely Mallets. Repeat: "Mallets share a crown gorged around a neck (of their deer) with Ceraunii-liner Crauns/Crane's, though the latter use a stag..." That's mighty evidence that even a bonehead historian can't refuse, but Hell will freeze over before they share anything discovered by a Christian writer, especially if he traces to Herods and the killers of Jesus. Darkness they want, into darkness they shall be thrown. They will not trace their beloved Carolingians to Carian and Rhodian pirates, just as they refuse to trace Franks to pot-smoking Trojans. The mythical-Paris Trojans could have named the Parez location of the Crispins, the latter known to be Clare's. Wakie-wakie. But did the Paris Trojans also name Pharisees?

The Masa Sea Peoples of Caria can be traced with the Mazzo Coat to Pembroke's/Penbroke's (probably from the Penestae Illyrians) because Strongbow Clare was a ruler at Pembroke. Strong's and Strings share the gold, spread eagle with Irish Clairs, and Bows share the motto of Carian Roets. StrongBow. Strings held an Eaton location, and while Eatons are Edomites suspects, Strings share the Bush eagles. Eaton was held by Mr. Bully, and Bullys use a Herod-suspect heart. The vast number of Crispin variations look like Agrippa possibilities.

Mythical CHRYSIPPus comes to mind with "Crispin." He was the son of Pelops (beside Caria), whose father (Tantalus) has been resolved (by me) as code for the Pisidians of Antalya (the other side of Caria). "Martel" is much like mythical Myrtilus, a son of Hermes, and the latter's mother, Maia, traces exactly to Antalya/ATTALeia because it's the reason for the spelling of mythical ATLas, son of Pisidia-like Poseidon. Pelops ruled Pisa, we get it. "The death of Chrysippus is sometimes seen as springing from the curse that Myrtilus placed on Pelops for his betrayal..." The Martins and Martels might therefore be from the entity that named Myrtilus (or Myrto, his mother), and the Mire's/Mireux's, who use a myrtle tree (could be related to the Maia tree), have been resolved with the MIRROR of heraldic Melusine (in the Moray Crest), whose name I have been tracing to Melita and Miletus for years.

On Wikipedia's page for Myrto: "Myrto, daughter of Menoitios of Opus..." On the old map presented above, there is an Opus island at the mouth of the Neretva. Melita is just over the Sabioncello peninsula from Opus, and while Sabines were on the Abruzzo border, Abruzzo has the MAEIllo mountains where there had been a Maia-like goddess, Maja. The same Wikipedia page: "Myrto, a possible eponym for the Myrtoan Sea." There is/was an island, Myrtus, at that sea. Myrto was also an Amazon (all-female symbol), and, not surprisingly, one of the all-female Maenads. Yip, Carians, making Menoitios suspect as something from the Minoans, who could have named the Maeander.

The Maenads had THYRSus (like "Tyrus = Tyre) rods, suggesting the Tyrian-Minoan mix that Cadmus followed to Thebes (myth had him following the Zeus bull). Myth writers made the Tyrian-Minoan merger brothers to the Cadmus Tyrians to mythical Laius of Thebes. The thyrsus rods were tipped with pine cones, meaning that Maeander-river Maeonians were merged with the neighboring pine-depicted Attis cult of Phrygia, and Attis was a form of "Aeetes," king of Colchis in the Lydia-related Lazi region, explaining why the Lydians were made sons of Attis. Aeetes ruled smack near a Tyndaris location, and mythical Tyndareus was husband of Leda, we get it: the Lazi who had settled upon the Ladon river were depicted by the Leda Spartans...a branch of the Leto/Latona Lydians. Cadmus had killed a dragon at Thebes who became the "Sparti," let's not be naive about what the myth writer was implying. Leda's daughter, Helen, married MENeLAUS, code for LAS (yup, that's right, and I've seen it written as "Laas") at the Mani peninsula of Sparta, suggesting strongly that Maeonians in merger with Attis Phrygians named the Mani peninsula.

Maeander-like Manders use a "Laus" motto term, just as though they knew where they were from. Manders share the same saltire as Irish Desmonds while French Desmonds are also Demons while Spartans were Lace DAEMONians too. The latter trace to the Dumnonii, founders of Devon, and Manders were first found in Devon, meaning that historians really need to alter their British history, not tracing British history to monkey-related Neanderthals, the stupids, but to Greeks of two or three thousand years ago. Dumnonii were founders of Somerset too, which is where Terres'/Tarrs (MacDonald colors) were first found while "per terras" is in the MacDonald motto too. The Terras Coat is the Scott Coat (share the crescent of Rhodes-liner Roets) while the Irish-Scottish people trace themselves to a mythical Scotia (this myth includes fantasy-garbage from the British-Israelists) out of Miletus, yes, at the Maeander area. The writers made Scotia's husband, Gaythelos Miledh, code for a line out of Miletus. The other Scott surname (has the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet) shares the black griffin with Tooks/Touque's, the ones with a "MILITia" motto term.

As both Scott Coats are versions of both TALbots Coats, "GayTHELos" looks like part-code for Talls/Thals/Thales', first found in Thuringia with German Roets, and using items on a bend in the colors of the same of the Scotts who share the crescent of German Roets and Karens/Kerns (same Zionist stars as Talls/Thalls). This Scott link to Basina elements means that Scotts trace with the Childeric Merovingians to Kos. The sleeping moon of Karens/Kerns is code for the Carian moon goddess (beside Clarus), and it seems that she, Selene, traces to "Slano," smack beside Melita! Bingo. Were NeanderTHALs named secretly as play on a Maeander-Thal relationship?

Repeat: "Juba II had married Cleopatra Selene II". Juba descended from king Gaia, the line to Gays, suggesting that this Numidian line was to mythical Gaythelos. Gaia (father of Massena) was also, Gala, and, can you believe it, Galli's, who share the Gay rooster, were first found in the same place (Dauphine) with Galleys (and Payens) while MacDonalds use a so-called, "galley" ship! Therefore, the myth writer knew that Scots descend from MacDonald-line Numidians. Payens share the Zionist Tall/Thal / Karen / Massena stars (in the colors of the Scott / Galli stars, five-pointed, sometimes called, mullets), and the Payen Coat is with Melita-like Mullets who thrown in the German Jagger hunting horn, which helps to clinch my theory that Jaggers are from Jagurtha, a descendant of king Massena. The Mullet and Austrian-Jagger horn faces sinister; the Karen/Kern symbols rise bendwise sinister, as does the Massena / Masci bend, and the Mander-Crest "plOVER" faces sinister while Overs (same place as Masseys) use a bend with fret in the colors of the Scott / Tall/Thal / Masci bend with items. Talbots (same place as Meschins) probably use a version of the Masci / Massena bend.

The FERTE eagle shared by MacDonalds got suspect with a FERDinand-of-Spain (Aragon) line merged with the Mosca's of Chiaramonte and Montechiaro (Sicily), suspect with the Carian Charo's/Chiaro's/CLARO's who happen to share the same bend as Scotts / Terras' / etc. The leopard of Mosca's (Pisa, beside Massa-CARRara) is therefore likely in the Crest of German Ferdinands, whose Coat can be with a version of the Dauphine, MacDonald-beloved Galleys. The Barons of Ferte (or Ferte-Mace) were of the Vardy/Verty surname, from the Vardaei smack beside Melita. Ferdinand II of Aragon was grandfather to Beatrice of Savoy, where Galli-related Gays were first found. The Vardy/Verty surname shares the moline cross of Fiers, and the latter's Coat as a fair reflection of the Charo/Claro Coat. Fiers are a branch of Vere's, and the Drakenberg Vere's (who love Melita-suspect Melusine) likely trace to the Drago river, near Chiaramonte, for Mosca's are in the Drake motto. Short for the Fernando variation of Ferdinands is, Nando, evoking those NEANDerthals again, for Thals (Thuringia) share the Zionist Mullet stars.

The inclusion of Charo's/Claro's in this part of the picture suggests that the Sinclair rooster is the gold one of Gays and Galli's.

The Varangian-suspect Keeps use a galley ship too, and historical Melissena Rangabe married a Varangian of Kiev. She needs to link to Melita elements if she is, as I think, behind mythical Melusine. The Mullets were first found in Auvergne with the Bouillons who in-turn share a white flory cross with the Arms of Rangabe. "Rangabe" has become suspect with "Orange" (in or beside Dauphine), and Orange's (with rulers of Orange) share the giant hunting horn with Mullets. The Bauts of Auvergne trace to the Bautica river, suspect from the Botters at the Pisa theater, and while the Ferdinand Crest is the demi-leopard of the Chives Crest', Chivasso is on the Bautica, so near Thuringia-like Turin that the bull of Charo's/Claro's can apply. The Austrian-branch of Turin-like Turners shares the split Shield of Dutch Jaggers (share the German-Jagger horn), and the Oxfordshire Turners use a giant MILL rind, suspect with Milo de Vere, son of Melusine, part of the myrtle-tree line of Mire's. The Mills/Mylles' who share the Coat of Oxfordshire Turners were first found in Hampshire with Drake's. English Gays (Rollo colors and format) were first found in Oxfordshire.

At the link above: "Scotia, her eight sons, and the Milesian army invaded Ireland but the Tuatha De Danann wizards had raised a fearful storm that killed five of Scotia's sons." The MacDonalds were Dumnonii-like Damnonn, and their "Per mare" motto phrase could be of Mire's/Mireux's because English Mare's (MacDonald ship) are Myers too. English DeMere's use the same ship, and then French DeMere's/MERITs/Merrys can be traced with Kos' to Kos, an island off the mouth of the Maeander.

I have "Damnonn" in many pages, but Goggle pretends those pages don't exist when searching "damnonn." Instead, Google brings me articles on Damnon, just one of many examples as to how Google has knowingly or deliberately spoiled our educational work when using its system. The Google computer knows the difference between "damnonn" and "damnon," and so we want to know why it isn't behaving correctly? Who programmed the computer to ignore "domnamm"? Or, did someone program the computer that way only when I make the searches? Is it not the height of willful ignorance for Google to play this way with the people?

It really does appear that Myrto elements go to Mire's/Mireux's, and from this it's possible to take them to things such as MAYER Bauer, the MacDonald motto, and Marsi Merovingians, which could reveal that mythical Mars was a Myrto element, which can explain why there is a goat with the Melusine MERmaid (two tails) in the Walser Coat, for mythical Marsyas was a goat of Frank-suspect Phrygia. Pan was a son of Hermes, and his cult named the Hermus river (downtown Lydia) to Foca, suspect with lake Fucino of the Marsi. Merovingians were from Kos, and so compare the Kos Coat to that of Myrto-like Merits/DeMere's.

Crauns share the crown with Martels and Irish Charles', good reasons to see Martels named in word-play from Mallets. Repeat: "Roets (compare with Karens) have a motto suggesting Carians at Rhodes." Rhodes is off of Caria, but also near Perga, and the line of Tertullus and Plancia Magna of Perga connected with Tertulla of the imperials in Roet-line Rieti. When we go to the Rhodes surname, a gold leopard, jibing with the Boofima cult to which I link Roets. The leopard was the symbol of mythical Dionysus, whose crazy Maenads were code for Caria's Maeander-river Maeonians, which river flows right past Miletus. Spanish Martins share the tree of Irish Charles' and Maio's/Maiolo's/Majo's, and if correct that mythical Maia / Maja was an Antalya entity, that place is smack beside Perga.

Maio's/Maiolo's/Majo's are also MAITani's, while Mate's share a version of the Rhodes and Mander Coats, all evidence of a trace to the Maeander river.

Irish Charles (share "meum" with Rhodes') use the tree while Tree's/True's were first found in Warwickshire with Montforts. Rhodes is beside Kos, suspect with Edomites, and Irish Charles' use a "domino" motto flag there. Merops of Kos was the proto-Merovee = Merovingians, whose first king was Child-liner Childeric. Charles Martel was half Merovingian. Wakie-wakie. Mythical Paris was a brother of king Hector, and the Hectors (looks like a Ceraunii symbol in Crest) almost use the Kos/Kosinski Coat.

Irish Clare's are studded with pertinent links, including their sun, for Sinclairs are Suns too. Clarus was on the Caria-Lydia border, and Pelops, father of Myrtilus-related Chrysippus, was king of Lydia, another good reason to trace the Claro-Crispins to whatever named Chrysippus. The Chriss/Christ surname, to which God traced Christine Peare, suddenly looks like a version of the English Charles Coat, especially if that white wing in the Chriss/Christ Crest is from the white eagle of English Charles'.

The Beaumonts at the root of Simon de Montfort married the family of Waleran de Leavell. Carls share the pomegranate with French Crispins, and English Crispins (Oxfordshire, same as Damorys, Amore's and Laevi-suspect Peare's) look very linkable to Damorys/Amori's and Amore's, whose Coats I link to Leavells of CARY castle, in Somerset, where Roets and Trents were first found. The split-colors of the Trent Coat (eagle) suddenly looks linkable to the English Charles' who in-turn share the eagle of Tarent-related Childs, but it happens to be the Road/ROED eagle too.

There was presented evidence that English Charles' are using a version of the Doria Coat, and here it can be added that Doria's of IMPERIa, where I trace the Imperi priests of Boofima, married the Arduinici of Ivrea, a location like the Yvery location of Leavells.

English Charles' share a horizontally-split Shield with Italian Carlo's, and because the latter were first found in Milan with Ottone Visconti, the Carlo lion is suspect with the Sforza lion. The Carlo colors are those of Ottone's, first found in Parez-like Perusia with Cris-like Grazio's, the latter sharing the pomegranate with Crispins of Parez and with Carls. The MARTLets of French Carlo's/Charles'/Charlemagne's is all the evidence we need that martlets, usually footless, are code for Charles Martel's line. "FootLESS" is suspect with Foot-branch Fothes, first found in Aberdeenshire with LESlie's and Carls. As Fothes' have a Feet-like variation, note that the Feet/Fate martlets are those of Pavia's and Carlo's/Charles' too. It thus becomes clear that Irish Leslie's are with the gold-on-silver lion of Carlo's, but Hell freezes over before any family historian will quote me on this massive discovery followed by massive discovery. They are in love with their fallacious derivations for surnames, constituting a grand cover-up of the true natures of royal and noble families.

Irish Leslie's even share the single white wing in Crest with Chriss'/Christs. Leslie's loved the Drummonds, and were Hungarians along with them. Scotland's flag was secretly made in honor of an Hungarian king, shame you cover-up monsters. What were they ashamed / afraid of? Chriss'/Christs are in the Bouillon motto, and Bouillon-Baldwin elements of Templar Jerusalem had been from the Bautica river.

I've just realized that CRIspins are related to GRImaldi, for there is an online quote from a Mr. Grimaldi saying that a Grimaldus character married Crispina, daughter of Rollo. The latter's line was from the Mures river, right? This is wumberbar. The Gormleys/GRIMES' use the three Carlo/Charles martlets in colors reversed, and Carls share the pomegranate with French Crispins. Hang in there. The Grime's/Grimms share the Carl/Charles martlets in the same colors, and upon three fesses that are in the colors of the three wavy fesses of Drummonds (Perthshire, same as Rollo's), all connectable to the wavy bars of Damorys/Amori's (Mures river?), the latter first found in Oxfordshire with English Crispins who have eight of the six Damory bars!!! Wumberbar!

I see "NorthUMBERland / Cumbria" from "Umbria," where the Crispin-branch Grazio's were first found, and because Crispins were founded by Clare's, let's repeat that the chevron of Bomonts/Bowmans (Northumberland) is in the colors of the Clare chevrons. The Perusia location of Grazio's and Ottone's/Otto's is also "Perugia," perhaps a Perga line. Tertullus of Perga traces to Rieti, about 50 miles only from Perugia. The English Grass Coat shares the same bend as French Crispins, and throws in what could be the Rita / Pool lion. Early English Crispins are said to have been in Lincolnshire, where the Grasse's above were first found, and the UMBERs/Humbers must be from the Humber river of Lincolnshire. GRIMsby is on the Humber. So, my own mother, a Grimaldi on her father's side, could have been a Crispin element.

The CRIMMons/Rimmons are almost in Rollo colors and format, but beyond that all I can see at this time for an heraldic Grimaldi connection is that the Crimmon/Rimmon lion may be that of Monaco's, for Grimaldi's of Monaco were somehow special enough to warrant their own country. That lion happens to be in the colors of the Maschi lion, and while Maschi's were first found in Rimmon-like Rimini, God may have provided a Mr. Masci to birth my mother's mother just for this cause of tracing "Grimaldi" to "Crimmon." King Pinnes was the son of AGRon, suspect with HAGARs, first found in Perthshire with Rollo's (i.e. who birthed Crispina), and sharing the Zionist star of Grimaldi's! Maschi's use PINE cones, I kid thee not, as code for Pinnes liners. French Pine's, first found in Limousin with Crispin-related Clairs, almost use the colors and format of Crimmons/Rimmons. It's possible that "CrisPIN" was a Pine / Pina merger with something.

WOWIE!!! To put this another way, Grimaldi's were partly named after Rimini elements, and those were traced with proto-Masci's, thanks to a dream from God, to Rimmon of Israel, home of some nasty Benjamites. I learned of this trace thanks to a dream from God that pertained to mythical Chrysippus!!!! I had not known of this mythical; character until the morning of that dream. In the dream, I saw execution papers with "Masci" and "Micah" upon them, followed by a man being lowered into a well by a rope around his neck. he was being hanged to death. When I awoke (about seven years ago), I found myself immediately at the Chrysippus article, where I read: "Chrysippus's death was related in various ways...Hellanicus of Lesbos and Thucydides write that he was killed out of jealousy by Atreus and Thyestes, his half-brothers, who cast him into a well."

That (from the 5th of December, 2012) raised an eyebrow, but I was floored when reading further. Here's from another article:

In other versions, Chryssipus was killed out of jealousy by Atreus and Thyestes, his half-brothers, who cast him into a well. They had been sent by their mother, Hippodamia, who feared Chrysippus would inherit Pelops's throne instead of her sons. Atreus and Thyestes, together with their mother, were banished by Pelops and took refuge in Mycenae. There Hippodamia hung herself.

There you go, God gave me the dream to emphasize those two mythical deaths. And the reason I got to the Chrysippus page that morning is that I was on mythical Laius (raped Chrysippus, son of Cadmus, whom I was entertaining as code for Laish. It just so happens that while the dream included Micah's name, there was a Micah (book of Judges) who owned a Levite-pagan priest that was taken to Laish with 600 nasty "Danites" whom I see as the proto-Danaans of Greece, which can explain why some made Danais the mother of Chrysippus. CadMUS himself was made the descendant of Danaus. Mythical Perseus, a Danaan, was placed by a myth writer in Israel's Joppa, a city perhaps named by elements from "Jabesh" (to mythical Abas of Argos?) the latter location being where the 600 Benjamites of Rimmon got their 400 wives.

I therefore claim at this time that God gave the dream to nail Chryssipus as the proto-Crispin / proto-Grimaldi line to my very own mother. Amazing. I must be from Laish blood. She was born in Hebrew-suspect Abruzzo. Laish traces to Lissus and therefore to the fleur-de-lys, which is used by Masci's and Masseys. The Micks (LUSatia theater) were just looked up as per "Micah," and they too use fleur-de-lys, but also three fesses in the colors of the fessewise bars of Crispins!

It just dawns on me here that "Abas" can be to the Massey-related Bassus surname, though I had traced it suggestively to "Phasis." Yet that location was home to the Lazi Caucasians that I tend to see with Laish elements! Zowie. I did trace proto-Danaans to Tanais, not far north of Phasis, and Danaans lived in Argos, home of mythical Abas. Cadmus' sister birthed the Minoans, mythically speaking, and the Minoan symbol, king Minos, married Pasiphas, whom I trace to Phasis. Tanais was up by the CRIMean.

I had read that the Imperi conducted goat sacrifices as an alternative to human sacrifices, which begs the question on why Italian Martins (Pane/Panico / Paganell Chief) have upright goats in the colors of the upright ram of Bauts (Auvergne, same as Bouillons), the latter from the Bautica/BALTea river, location of Ivrea. Why do Ivers share the Massey quadrants? Is this of the proto-Masseys out of Laish and into the Yvery of Leavells? I had traced Botters (at Massa-Carrara, a Carian entity) to Boofima on much of a whim, and eventually realized that they, as the Butteri cowboys around Rome, could have named the Bautica, but here it can be added that the Botter bend with lone red star looks like the Crispin bend with red cross. If the Bautica was named by Boeotians, it's notable that Crispin-like Chrysippus was raped by Laius in Boiotian Thebes, home of mythical Aedon, granddaughter of Merops of Kos. Aedon's father was Pandareus of Ephesus, smack beside Clarus. Ephesus was the home of Artemis and Leto, Amazonian Lydians, and I think Lydians, and the Lasonii of their area, were from the Lazona country of the Lazi Caucasians.

I did start to trace the pagan Levite of Laish to the Laevi Gauls years ago, which trace hardened with time; I've never abandoned it for another theory. Therefore, when God put CHRIStine Peare into my life as code for the Chriss/Christ surname, it can verify that Chrysippus Lydians trace to the Laevi, for the latter founded Pavia while Peare's (Oxfordshire, same as Crispins!) were eventually clinched with Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's, first found at Pavia. The Pavia martlets are connectable to the Grime/Grimm / Grimes/GORMLEY martlets. My parents once lived in Gormley (where I dated Katrina Hanson). For good measure, these Pavia's were first found in Somerset with Leavells, and the latter's six fessewise bars are in the colors of the Grime/Grimm fesses.

As I said, God gave Lorraine a beautiful feet symbol, and here I can add that Feets/Fate's share the Pavia Coat while French Crispins were first found in Lorraine. She was given the beautiful feet symbol when Michael Oullette was there and part of the Sign, perhaps indicating that Michaels are Micah liners. As Michael passed me, walking in the opposite direction, when he first saw blond Lorraine, he blurted, "What a babe." And when I turned around, I saw her beautiful feet on the PAVEment of Yonge street (I met her at the corner of Lorne and Yonge). Pavia's/Pavys apply to that pavement, and Yonge's share the three piles of Scottish Leavells (share the red fesse with Pavia's/Pavys), you can't make this stuff up. The other Yonge's share a French-Clare Coat. The girl in my life immediately before Lorraine was Christine Peare, at that time for a weekend only. Pavers share the checks in the Arms of Meulan/Mellent, that being the location of the Beaumonts who married Waleran de Leavell.

I had always linked Foots to Ranulph de Gernon, son of the first Meschin. The Babe's share a version of the Blond/Blund Coat (both use suns), and Blundville's descended from those very Meschins. There is a foot on the sun in the Blond Crest, important because the Blond Coat (compare with Levi's) is a black version of the Leavell Coat. I've told this story many times before, that Blonds (Suffolk, same as Clare's) were looked up initially after telling readers that Lorraine and Mr. Kepke were both "sun-bright blonds." Signs like this spurred me on toward completing this job for God. I have no idea when the end is.

Kepke almost married Christine Peare, but after he left her for good, she called me up, and we spent that final weekend together. I decided not to see her again after we went into a BAR for an innocent drink, when a guy sat himself down beside her as soon as we had sat down. Gazing into her eyes with a stark message for sex that I was watching, he asked her to dance, and when she was up there dancing, I walked out of the bar (she had left me a few years earlier for Kepke, and I didn't want a repeat). Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine with the Crispins of Parez, and the Dance's were first found in Piedmont with Masci's and Italian Pavia's.

Lorraine's share the Charles / Child eagle, and the last I had ever saw of Lorraine, she was carrying an infant child.

I'd like to go back to the idea that CrisPINs/CREPons were a Pine line, for Pine's and Pinners/Penders are in Crispin colors. Pinners/Penders (could be the Grasse lion) were first found in Cheshire with a slew of Masci liners, and so the Pinner/Pender Crest can have the gold lion of pine-code Maschi's, wherefore, regardless of the Crispin name being of Pine's, it still traces back to Chrysippus (did God arrange for the latter to look like "Crispin," or vice versa?).

As Crispins share the pomegranate with GRAZio's, by what coincidence are Irish Penders also PenderGRASS'? The latter were first found in Pembrokeshire, where the Clare line ruled that also furnished Crispins. Moreover, as Pembroke's/PENbroke's (GRIPP/Grape bend?) use the dragon while Dragons/Drainers are kin of Pendergrass-like Pendragons, it seems clear enough that these elements all trace to the Pinnes-like Penestae Illyrians. The red color of the Pembroke wolf head can be due to the red color of the Penes/Penny greyhound.

The Pender-Crest lion could just as well be the lion of the Brittany Gris' (at Mott), especially as German Gris' are also Griims. That is, CRISpins look like a Gris-Pine merger. The Henrys of Mott share martlets of Gormleys/GRIMES'. Is that not startling, thou bonehead, anti-Christ historian? Does any of this shake up your simpleton derivations for surnames? The Brittany Gris' look like they have the Coat of Carlo's (Milan), and so let's repeat that Carls share the pomegranate with Crispins. Scottish Milans/MELLENTs (could be of Meulan/Mellent) share the Pembroke/Penbroke lion, and it's the Well lion (two tails, expected with Montforts) too while Wells were of Bec-Abbey elements along with Beaumonts of Meulan. The Becs/Bez's even use a Coat like that of Brittany Gris'. The Brittany Maurels (linkable to Stewart-beloved Brocks, a branch of Brooks suspect in Pembrooks) can be of the Milan Maurels.

God must have arranged the move of my parents to Gormley, where I met Katrina Hanson. It was she whom I dated with a Valiant automobile, and while Valiants use a shark, the Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys. The Brittany Henrys share the Gormley martlets. The Brittany Sarasins share the moline of Valiant-like Vallans and English Becks, and Sharks are suspect with Saracens. Did you know that Crispins were at Bec Abbey? Katrina, with her surname that heraldicly honors Milan elements, is expected to be God's pointer to line of Annas of Israel, and here we can add that German Gris'/Griims use a giant star in colors reversed from the same of Annas', the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with the Mea's from the Meu area of Mott, where Henrys and French Gris' were from, and that was the area of Montfort too, the line of which married Beaumonts of Meulan. Am I making this all up, or am I speaking the truth? Why would I waste my time inventing stories like these? There's no money to be made by this. The masses, the book publishers, the blockheaded historians, don't want evidence that God is the Father of Jesus, and they don't want to think about their being tossed into the Scrap Heap as they try to enjoy their lives with what little more they can squeeze out of their remaining years, fools. It's God who views them as fools.

"[Milo] came of the noble race of Crispin descended from the Neustrian, Gislebert, who first received the name Crispin because of his erect curly hair." There you have the stooges again, looking through their many dictionaries for what they think is the best derivation of someone's name. While Crispin descended from GISLEbert, it just so happens that Gisels are listed with Gris', which nails the Gisel/Gris Coat with the Bec/Bez Coat. "All Gislebert's sons distinguished themselves, and the family proved generous benefactors to the Abbey of Bec." Gisels must have been named after curly intestines or something close to it.

As Vere's ruled Oxfordshire for centuries, their fictional Milo de Ver von Drakenberg of Anjou looks like play on Milo Crispin. As I see the mother of Milo de Vere in the Moray Crest, note that the "Tout PRET" motto of Morays can link to the "verTUTis PRETium" of Mills (Hampshire, same as Mile's and Drake's). The Mill Crest can therefore have the red Oxford-surname lion. "MeluSINE" looks like part-code for Sine's/Sions, and it just so happens that the Moray mermaid is with Sion-area Walsers. German babe's use the Walser mermaid, and English Babe's were first found beside the first-known Lapps that have her too. I've just noticed that Lapps trace the name to "rabbit," which, while wrong, seems like a code, an excellent confirmation that Melusine was a Melita element, from Melita on Malta, beside RABAT!

Vere's are also Weirs, and so we now ask why Irish Vere's share (almost) the lozengy of Grimaldi's.

On Gislebert: "Gilbert (or Giselbert) (c. 890 – 2 October 939) was son of Reginar, Duke of Lorraine, and possibly through his paternal grandmother was great-grandson of the Holy Roman Emperor Lothair I. He was duke of Lotharingia (or Lorraine) until 939." That can explain why Gisel liners could have named the Crispins of Lorraine. Recall that I asked Lorraine out at her bus stop on Yonge Street (in Richmond Hill), for German Becks are expected with the Young/Jung stag because Bec Abbey was related also to the Leavell family's kin. I asked Lorraine out at her bus stop on my 24th BIRTHday, and this was deciphered as code for Berthe, wife of Mummolin (Merovingian), daughter of MAURILion, whom I traced very well to Maurels of Milan. Mummolin, who ruled from the other side of the Maas river from Lorraine, was descended from Rusticus of Lyon, and Lorraine's are suspect with the green Lyon lion.

Mummolin, who predated GisleBERT by centuries, was the father of BodeGISEL and the grandfather of GRIMo, can you give God some crisp applause? Mummolin was also the grandfather of BABon (father of Grimo), recalling Lorraine "what-a-babe." Babons/Bavents (black boar, uh-oh) were first found in Suffolk with Crispin-liner Clare's (Babon/Bavent colors). MumMOLIN can explain the Beck moline. La Louviere is beside Mons, the Hainaut capital, and Louvier's happen to use the Arms of Meulan. A part of Hainaut was ruled early by one Amaury character whose line could have named Montfort-l'Amaury if MONTforts were of the Mont/Mons surname, which uses a giant lion colors reversed from the same of Valenciennes (almost the Montfort lion), where Amaury ruled.

Giselbert of the Crispins was descended from the counts of Hainaut, who used the three Levi chevrons. I know no one or nothing else using those apparently-exclusive three chevrons on a gold background. The Marry surname can have the Montfort lion, which I point out, because, before I asked Lorraine on a date at her bus stop, I saw her for the first time as I turned the corner of Yonge and Lorne, and as we walked past each other, I was so impressed by this creature that I blurted, "I'm going to marry you."

I kid you not that, that as I wrote "so impressed" above, a song was playing the word, "babe." The song is, In Christ Alone, and the line is, "in helpless babe." This is not the first or second or third time God has played a word in my ear from a song at just the right time to confirm what I'm writing. He's done is several times. "HELPless babe" is interesting where the Helpe river is only about 30 miles south of Mons.

As I've said, Lorraine was a Jehovah's Witness, and the only Purpose I've been able to glean, if indeed God had a purpose with it, is Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the JWs. The Marrys share the Russell lion, but this recalls the Marrs and Ross' who had worked into the Montfort discussion. Ross' of the area of the Mar earls share the Montfort lion, and Russells with Italian Simons use it in colors reversed, wherefore Marrys should indeed be using the red-on-white Russell lion. But in the Marry Crest, a white lion, the color of the Montfort lion. The Mont/Mons lion is red. Monts/Mons' were first found in Peebles-shire, which place name I see from "Pavia," home of the Laevi, which can explain the Levi chevrons with rulers of Mons. Can you believe it? French Simons (giant, white lion) have a "mon" motto term, meaning that I've been led into the right direction with this attempt to link Montforts to Mons. And zowie, I didn't know until the last sentence was ended that French Simons were first found in Lorraine!

Recall that Crispins were descended from Giselbert, and he from Reginar, duke of Lorraine and count of Hainaut. Reginar was also RAINerus, and the French Simons can thus be using the Raines lion. This picture doesn't disqualify Raines from Rennes, for that place is near Montfort. Rather, it drags Reginar to Rennes elements. And then there was Rainier of Montferrat, son of William V; the latter's daughter married Guido III, and Guido's happen to use the Montfort lion, though they use it in colors reversed too. Guido's were first found in Bologna, home of the Boii who named Bohemia, which uses the double-tailed lion of Montforts.

The Mont/Mons lion (it's in the Arms of Hainaut) is in both colors of the Legh/Ligh lion, and as I trace the latter surname to the Legro river of Leicester, the Mont/Mons lion can be from Montfort rulers at Leicester. Makes sense. It's the lion shown at Wikipedia's article for Ranulph le Meschin, and I think Masci's could have been behind Monforte of Cuneo. Recall how Foots are Meschin elements with Foot-beloved Blonds, and how this all linked to both Babe's and Pavia's by that act of God on the pavement of Yonge street. And Pavers share the Louvier / Arms-of-Meulan checks. Isn't it obvious what God is revealing? The Ferrats, suspect with Monforte-like Montferrat (Cuneo), use a Shield full of checks too.

The Legh / Mons / Meschin lion is also that of Spanish Tells, who appear to be using a version of the Talbot Coat. The latter are suspect with Lucy Taillebois, from the Bessin, and Talls, first found in Thuringia with queen Basina, share bees with Bessins. Lucy married le Meschin, and Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Talbots. The Lucy surname was first found beside the Bessin.

After Lorraine and I split up due to a GRASS stain on the thigh of her pants, I moved into the apartment of Paul Oullette, bother or "what-a-babe" Mike. I've not mentioned it before that his apartment was on Yonge street too. I was living there when I started going out with Mamie, God's pointer to Mummolin but also to Mansfields of Mamesfelde, who share the maunch of Asti-like Hastings, which is in the Arms of Leicester. Asti is beside Monforte. The Astey surname happens to share the Lorraine lion. I've not mentioned the grass stain in relation to Crispins before, so far as I recall; I have never before considered why God would want to link that grass stain to Grazio = Crispin liners, but this update warrants it.

Bosco's use "tufts of grass" while Busca is in Cuneo. Bush-like Bus's have their ermined cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicester. Lorraine's grass stain on her white pants was suspect with the Pansy/PANTzer surname because the Cuneo-liner Coneys use a pansy. But the Pant(h)ers can also apply because they share "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans while Pages share the dove with Pansys/Pantzers.

I have told several times of being asked, by Joe Oullette (a third brother), to visit an old friend in the big city. Neither of us had a car at the time. We took the Bus down to the Finch station, to get onto a subway, and as I stepped off the bus, there was Lorraine, the first in line to get on. We eyed each other, but she was still angry. I had accused her two or three weeks earlier of rolling on the grass with her friend's husband. He had been on a walk alone with her (she was gorgeous, no young husband could resist trying to get her if he's a cheat) about ten in the evening on a fine summer night, leaving his wife at Lorraine's place. I dropped in on her place while she was on the walk. When she returned, there was the grass stain. I reason that, because she was entertaining the couple for dinner, she would not have put on white pants with a grass streak along the butt area. I was shocked. A married man, her friend's husband. Is this what JW's do? Goodbye, beautiful feet.

The point is that I've brought up the Station/State surname before, as per seeing her at that bus station. Remember, the Bus cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester, and Montforts are suspect with Montferrat's rulers. So, the Station surname uses four red lozenges, in the colors of the three of Reno's/Rhine's. I reasoned that, since the Reno river passes through Bologna, where Guido's were first found, Reno elements named Rainier/Renier of Montferrat. Renier was the son of Miss BABEnberg, you see. It's sometimes on the comical side, what God does to get His points across. "State" is like "Setta," the latter being a tributary of the Reno at Bologna, and the Pansy-like Pane's/Panico's were at the Setta valley. I've long been tracing Panico's to a merger with things in the city of doves, Cuppae, not far from Panico-like PINCum. Pansys use doves. Pincs/Pinks share the Reno / State lozenges. Pings/Pongs are with Paganells.

As I said, the Raines-like Reines' use a comet (that's what it's called) as well as the Pisa Coat in colors reversed, which, I must assume, is God's pointer to Comet Ping Pong, a satanic bastion that made the scandal news as Pisa-like "pizzagate." I kid you not, that shortly after splitting with Lorraine, while living at Paul Oulette's for just a couple of months, I got a job at a pizza house. The Raines Comet is the so-called "FLAMING star" of Pero's, suspect as part-code for Flemings, who lived at Hainaut. It's telling us that Laevi of Pavia were in the Hainaut area. I'm reminded that John Podesta is at the center of pizzagate theories, and here I can remind that Puddesters/Poindexters share the fist of Fists/Fausts, suspect with the Vasto-branch (at Saluzzo) of Montferrat? Just look at how that all fits together, as though Someone arranged it. It gets deeper where Pero's use a pale bar connectable to the pale bar formed by the Scalia ladder.

Pizzagate is alternatively, PEDogate, and so, as per what I've just written, with pointers to Piedmont, did God arrange that term as a pointer to PIEDmont? It just seems too coincidental to be coincidental.

As I've said, Comets use towers in the colors and format of Comyns, but here I can add that the Comyn Coat is that also of AVESNes-like Avisons. Plus, Avesnes is near the Comines location of the Comyns. Herluin de Conteville of Comines married Herleva of Falaise, and Oulette's are said to be of Falaise elements. Herleva was the daughter of "the tanner" of Falaise, whom I trace to the Tanaro river across Montferrat. Herleva birthed another William, the Conqueror. The helpless-babe song is on again as I wrote this paragraph, though I didn't realize until ending it.

Hmm, the song is, "In Christ ALONE," and so I've just tried for an Alone surname, finding it with the English Alans who share the fesse of Pierre's/Pero's and Arundel-branch Rundle's. The Arundel Alans can be shown married to a line of Montferrat, which I will do below.

It was proven without any doubt that Lorraine the babe was a pointer to Pepin of Landen, but before realizing this, I had insisted that Pepin was related fairly directly to queen Bebba of Bernicia's Bamburgh castle (Scotland), home of Bebbanburgs. By what coincidence do the German Babenbergs come from Poppo I, of Bamberg, Germany? It recalls that Crispina, daughter of Rollo, married a Grimaldi, and that she was likely a daughter of Poppo-like Poppa of Valois.

One of the daughters of William Montferrat with Miss Babenberg was Alasia of Saluzzo, mother of BONIface, perhaps a name used for Bononia=Bologna elements. Her great-grandson via Boniface was Thomas, father of Alice of Saluzzo, wife of FitzAlan. This latter couple led immediately to a marriage with Percival-like Percys, and Leavells/Lovells descended from Gouel de Percevil (his son married Beaumonts). Wikipedia's article on Percys tells that Percys (lozenges) used the lion of Flemish Louvains, and one Louvier surname happens to be listed with Louvains so that this Pavia-suspect thing can trace to La Louviere in Hainaut. It seems to me that the Saluzzo line here led to the salmon of the MacAbbe's in Rainier-like Arran, a term that traces excellently to Airaines, near Abbeville, both in Picardy. Might the salMON be part-code for Saluzzo-related rulers to Mons? The mother of Alice of Saluzzo was Luisa of Ceva, and while Ceva is on a Cevetta river, Cavetts were first found in Picardy, wow.

William was the name also of William I, count of Hainaut, brother of John of Beaumont, sons of ALICE of Hainaut, herself a daughter of another Hainaut count, John of Avesnes, which location is on the Helpe river. "Helpless babe." Impressive, is it not? Did God arrange to have me record that song for the Avesnes purposes here? Soon before John of Avesnes, Margaret of Avesnes married William DamPIERRE of Champagne, and then Avesnes-like Avezzano's share the potent pattern upon a bend with the Arms of Champagne. Was Dampierre from Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia? Was this how the Levi chevrons got to counts of Hainaut? As Avezzano's were first found on Sardinia, where VISconti's ruled, is Avesnes a VisCONTI entity, and were Visconti's of the Conteville's of Comines? Looks like.

English Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire, and they use vair fur while Vairs can be gleaned as a branch of Fers/Ferrats, a new realization right here. Are French Champagne's with the Crispin bend since Champagne is beside Lorraine? French Champs (Gris stars?) were first found in Picardy (!), location of Airaines, to the near-south of Avesnes. Scottish Picards share gyronny with Williams, and the Brittany Picards look like they are with the lion of Crispin-suspect Gris' (Brittany). Raines' have a "leges terrae" motto phrase that can be partly for Leicester / Legro / Legh/Ligh elements and partly for the Tyre's at KinTyre, an island beside Arran. Kintyre is where Alexanders were first found who are virtually in the colors and format of Raines'. The main river in Picardy is the Somme while Soams, first found in Suffolk with Mallets, look to be using mallets. Let's not forget the "ATTIREs of a stag" of Masci-line Hamons, for Masci's were first found in/near Saluzzo.

Dampierre's ("Dominus petra MEA") can be with the Arms-of-Hainaut / Arms-of-Flanders lion, and the Dampierre's share a label in Chief with Pane's/Panico's. Domino's (Piedmont, location of Montferrat), are also DAMino's so that DAMpierre's look like a Damino-Pierro merger. Domino's may have been related to the naming of Domna Bassianus, perhaps a term from Edomites. Petro's don't call their star a "flaming comet," suggesting that they were related to Stars, who are in the colors of MacAbbe's. The latter's Crest could be the green Slane griffin so as to be linkable to SOLNeys, who use sole fish, perhaps play on the MacAbbe salmon. Slane's now trace to Slano at Mallet-line Melita, perfect. Slane's (Champ/Camp colors) happen to use a Comet-like "comite" motto term that I'm sure is code for variations of Conte's, the Conteville's of Comines. The "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs/SUNs can apply here because Solneys are Sole's, as are sun-using Solana's/Silano's. Sinclairs easily link to HerLEVA of Falaise, wife of Herluin de Conteville. Hurls/Herods almost use the MacAbbe fesse.

Back to the Cevetta river of Picardy. What kind of fish do Cavett-like Cabots use, and why were they first found in Jersey with Vasto-possible Poindexters? Weren't Dexters first found in Leicestershire? Do Cabots share the salmon of MacAbbe's? Did Cabots name MacAbbe's, since that latter are McCABE's too? Did a Cabot branch therefore name Abbeville? Looks like. The Cabots are suspect in the motto of Geddes' (pike fish), which includes "majora," and it just so happens that Majors (Mayer liners, could be from Kos) were first found in the channel islands (on Jersey-like Guernsey) with Jersey. The Cabot fish look linkable to the Lucy fish, and Lucys were of Falaise elements. Moreover, Lucys were at Domna-suspect DOMfront, for Geddes' can be from the Geta family that named Geta, son of Domna Bassianus.

Domfront is in Orne while the Orne river flows to the Bessin, named by the Bassianus bloodline. The three Lucy fish are in the colors and format of the Orne/Horn herons, and Orne's/Horns were early in Hertfordshire with Childs that use the same colors and format. CHILDeric married Bessin-line Basina. I trace "Geddes" to "Cetis," home of Proculus CHARAX, son of LAEVillus with Miss Bassus, and then another son of Domna was nicknamed, CARACalla. It gives cause to trace Bassianus' to things in Piedmont. The cats of Chivasso-line Chives' could be a Cetis element, especially as the cats of Cetins/Cattans trace with Tilurius liners to Tile's of the Bessin. Tilley is near Caen, and the Caen motto has a "CITIS" term buried. Caens look very linkable to Cabot-possible Cabels (MacAbbe/McCabe colors), the latter's Crest looking linkable to the Crests of Bessins and Bistons. Recall Bistina near Slano.

Slone's are said to have included William Slowane, near DalKeith. Why are Keiths also MASCals?


Over the last couple of updates, I was concerned about the American government faking an EMP attack by a foreign government, but I had not known until now that the Washington Post was an accomplice for such a faked story:

I predict that the talking "image of the beast" will somehow be facilitated by youtube.

The Inspector General of the DoJ put out a tidbit on January 29 for notice to the public, one wonders why he felt compelled to do this. He says that three FBI agents, two of them still with the FBI, and one retired, are in trouble. They are probably in legal trouble, but not from the Inspector General, who has no power to prosecute. That thing will be up to Wray or Barr, and we doubt that Wray would bring charges against his own FBI. Will Bill Barr step up to the plate? I have my doubts. Story here:

In the video below, also out this week, the same Inspector general has announced that he's going after child molester, Jeffrey Eppstein, but check out in the 3rd minute as to how close Barr was to Eppstein's legal team along with Ken Starr.

Evidence that Rothschilds wish to make Westerners despise Russia, based on the scam now in proliferation by the CIA, for example, is in this video, by White Rabbit News, which focuses on Lynn Forrester de Rothschild:

Just before the 3-minute mark, there is an email shown from Miss Rothschild to Nick Merrill, the latter having a Morley-like surname. Does Lynn speak for the general position of the House of Rothschild? When she speaks publicly, probably. It suggests that Trump is not a tool of Rothschilds, at least not those around Lynn's family. It appears that Rothschilds and Trump are cut from the same too-rich cloth, the cloth of the devil.

Here's a journalist asking if there's a shadow government seeking to make puppets out of presidents:

The pro-Trumpers at youtube are largely cheap click-baiters, the video owner above included. Their purpose is to make money (make a living if possible) off of Trump's popularity. They therefore hype Trump's popularity, as they hype everything in order to get clicks, and many channels give old news disguised as new. It makes Trump news look cheap, and frankly I'm sick of covering it at youtube. I trudge painfully on, to where I'm going I know not. This is of concern:

The video above supposes that the military-weapons suppliers are the ones in the shadow of the shadow government, pushing for more war because war is big business. And, the conspiracy theorists say: Rothschilds sell weapons to both sides in a war, and even start the wars for that greedy, devilish reason. Well, that makes sense. The Republican war hawks are probably of this unholy cloth. Along this vein, see what the liberal media in Israel has to say to defame Trump's Syrian pull-out:

There is no doubt about it, Trump chose a foreign-policy leadership 180-degrees at odds with his own Middle-East policy. It's what this fool president does best. He's given lots of money to the military, and the military wants nothing more than to use it in the Middle East, what better word than "fool" would you pick for this immature man? The click-baiters want you to think that he's a genius, beyond our understanding. That's how sick and sickening Republican youtube has become. Help me, I'm faltering. I'm about to enter a coma. My mind can't handle this lunacy. Trump says A, then changes his mind in the morning due to a shadow-government stunt, but click-baiters still find a way to spin it as his success story.

Here's part of the shadow-government stunts, from "American Troops Die in Syria as Trump Team Squabbles". No more need ne said than that January-16 headline. The shadow government arranged to kill its own troops to change Trump's mind. It's clear as glass. More will be killed if Trump doesn't fully change his mind. Or, at least, they will feign that Americans were killed. To make the news more sickening, the left always spins things to mar Trump whether justified or not. If it's justified, the tarring goes over-board.

For Trump to make my day, he would need to come out to say that the CIA's not going to change his mind, that the troops are pulling out immediately, that Russia has agreed to behave itself in Syria, especially toward Israel, and that he's firing Pompeo and Bolton in favor of someone like me who thinks the military thinks it's its own boss. Then, for icing on the cake, he's going to take back the 700 billion he gave to the military, and spend it on poor people like me. He's going to send every poor family a check for $20,000 instead ($20,000 x 35M families = $700B). If he did that, I would begin to say, God bless Trump. When was the last time 100s of billions were sent as gifts to the poor? I don't remember one time. Are the rich going to frown, calling this socialism, or redistributing people's money? Why can't we call it charity, or giving back the people's over-taxed money?

But don't elect the Democrats to redistribute money to their own morally-bankrupt people, for they like to buy their voters, and their minority voters are their prostitutes, gladly giving them the vote in return for money. Elect me in 2020. I would then take the tax cuts Trump gave to corporations, and give them instead to working families, every year for the rest of their lives. A nation could handle a dictatorship in me, who really cares about the fears of people to make ends meet, who have no security in a disaster. Prices of things would go down, if I had my way, so that businesses struggle a little instead of the week-to-week survivors. The country can never elect someone like that due to the deep state wanting to rob the peoples, for which they require a corrupt president whose either on their side, or who turns a blind eye too busy conducting his own corruption.

: There would be no gambling in my country, including no stock market. If you want to start a company, do it on your own dime, for this will keep huge corporations from forming who then strive to monopolize, and in the meantime they seek to control politicians in order to make more money, filthy swines. And I would make laws for Internet porn, make porn stars eat bread and water in jail, you need a dictator like me. Come, Jesus, hurry, with your iron rod, and bash them on their heads until they cease to do flagrant harm for their dollar. The corrupt have installed their pro-porn judges, and the faggots are installing their control boards wherever they can. Soon, the good people will be robbed of all power, and mafia bosses will teach our children. They will make porn stars of the young daughters, and every man will neigh for his neighbor's wife. Israel, thou Western swine, I don't hear you crying out against such things.

In my country, the James Mattis' shall not make the foreign-policy decisions. In my country, the military bosses shall go to other nations to make friends, and he will bring them gifts, and party with foreign leaders, seeking an atmosphere of peace for the world. In my country, the CIA shall cease to exist. Imagine how many dollars will be in your pocket if the spy organizations were disappeared. The people shall not feel that they are being watched by the Muellers of the nation who use information out of context to jail their political enemies. Horrible. And Trump allows Mueller to continue, what sort of wimp is this president? Oh, he fears a backlash if he attacks Mueller. Then step aside and let a more courageous man do it.

Take a look at the best-ever, finest super-woman of the planet:

Talk about going out of your way to help an unfortunate soul. But if she gets paid too much for it, I take the compliment back. If she does it for no money, wow, she would become my vice president.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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