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January 22 - 28, 2019

Protecting Ourselves

A few days after sharing a couple of videos in the last update, the following was added, in case you missed it:
Here's a video suggesting something seriously wrong with Chan. Before he gets into Chan, note the worst-ever, demonic false prophet I have ever yet seen, you will be shocked. What's worse is that his audience isn't exactly walking out of his church:

Francis Chan doesn't come up until about the 50th minute, where he goes on to say that he loves Mike Bickle, a real shocker for me. I'm shocked, it's just unbelievable. I was starting to like Chan. I met him a few weeks ago at youtube, and the latter keeps suggesting his videos, so I watched eight or nine. He seems sound and true to the word, yet here he is supporting IHOP garbage (the IHOP tremors shown were not much as compared to what I've seen at the "Toronto blessing"). It makes me want to warn that Chan turns out to be a money lover (may not realize how much yet) while disguising himself as not one. It's the new way to deceive believers by avoiding a prosperity-gospel approach, using another means to rob the churches.

It seems that somewhere in that soft heart of his, Chan has some wicked thing, some wicked plot in the works for his ministry. Too fool the sheep, if possible, for an agenda only he himself knows, and maybe Mike Bickle too. Chan maybe sees the fools who give their money for man-made world missions and evangelism, and he walks to soak his feet in all that easy cash. That's my guess from what I've seen. Once he has a taste of some of the money in his bank account, he'll plot his next moves in the guise of the powerful move of God, he being a leader of it...but, it's only a man-made move of God, a fantasy. When Chan was an official pastor, there was only a paycheck. The false evangelists who start their own movements have ways to direct a lot more money to themselves, by surrounding themselves with crooked partners who all share in the booty. The idea is to keep the membership excited about God, and to trick them into thinking that God is doing amazing things.

The video is by Servus Christi; the speaker says he's coming out with a follow-up video in case you want to search for it by that name.

Go to the 1:47 point of this video to see Trump's promise to open a special counsel on Hillary Clinton:

Trump does have the power to direct his attorney general to fulfill that promise. Bill Barr, albeit he's being called a swamp rat by others, might just be inclined to opening an investigation on Hillary, and the Democrats may not counter this move very hard because the polls have now given some firm assurances that Democrat voters are in favor of president Cortez. In other words, who cares about Hillary now?

The video above takes the position of Q-Anon, that Mueller, Sessions and Rosenstein are working for Trump secretly. Duh. How can they still take that position now that Trump has swept Sessions and Rosenstein away? Trump fired Sessions as soon as the Senate won a couple of extra seats, assuring that he could get Barr nominated without much risk, suggesting strongly that Sessions was not pro-Trump. However, at least since the appointment of Giuliani, it has appeared that Trump has joined the Bush circle in a political alliance, explaining Barr's appointment instead of an anti-Bush man. The alliance probably tends to include judicial cover for the 9-11 crimes, but what is this alliance against the power of God?

The start of the video below speaks to what could be a Bush agenda at the southern border:

As you can see, Trump acknowledges that the American people are not all comfortable with military at the southern border. It resurrects the spirits of martial-law professors. However, under the setting of Trump's cause, as he calls the setting, anyway, Republicans are easy on this military move, and some are even celebrating it. But I see the Bush-circle military involved, the same that did 9-11, and for me, this is cause for high suspicions. Now is a good time to keep a list of the top / passionate shakers in support of this military move on the border.

Can we think any sinister things that might shape up with a sinister military on the border? I'm not talking about the soldiers on the streets, but the leaders who continue the 9-11 plot to this day, and who are horrified at Trump's pull-out from Syria. We first of all need to decide whether Trump wants the border military at the border as a good alternative to having it in the Middle East, or whether he knows this to be a plot of the 9-11 goons? The 9-11 plot is to Americanize the Middle East in great robbery of the American tax payers. Lots of military money goes missing in the Middle East.

Well, that means we know what to expect at the southern border. Money allotted for border protection will disappear into military pockets, and into the pockets of the invisibles who keep the military leaders in power. If Trump were Bill Clinton, he would hire a company to build the wall that would skim some of the wall money and plop it laundered into Clinton's bank account. That's how conflict-of-interest happens with corrupt politicians. It's not only Clinton that has a Foundation, by which he white-washes even international money, but Trump has a Foundation too.

The first few minutes of the below is a thorough gist of the Q movement as seen by an avid follower:

As you can see, the speaker views everything very logically, with many powers firmly in Trump's hands. When Trump was first the president, I expected that picture too, but, as things unfolded, I saw very differently. Instead, it seemed that Trump was Mr. Strange, very suspicious. The speaker says that Trump has the Marines and the NSA on his side, but while that would have seemed to be a good thing two years ago, it now seems to be more like a Trump capitulation to the Bush deep state. This is the problem: the Q people are not making the proper distinction between the military on Trump's side and the Bush-circle military, even if they want Trump to jail Bush. How does anyone on the street decide whether the military today is still under the Bush umbrella? Just look at James Mattis, who quit Trump weeks ago. Does anyone expect that Mattis cleared the military of Bush-circle people to the best of his ability? I've read no evidence that Mattis would have so-much as desired to oust them.

In the 14th minute of the video (who is this guy, anyway), the man says that, in order for Trump's new currency system to go into effect, "we must have a crash." Apparently, Q is the one pushing this thing, very suspicious. He's / they're now urging Republicans to tolerate a stock-market crash by design. What? Are these guys part of the financial-crash prophets? Big red flag here.

As it continues from the 14th minute, the purposes of Trump's new financial system includes the derailment of the international banksters, and who amongst us wouldn't like to see that? But wait. Is this the trick of the banksters? Is Q working for the banksters? Call me Mr. Cautious, but I don't trust Trump. Let's hope that Q is not who they think he is, Trump's right-hand man. Look at how this speaker (Kenneth Storey) is so confident in the stories he's claiming as fact.

The first comment on the page alarms me: "Halleluyah!!! Praise to Yeshua for giving us the greatest President and most brilliant man on the planet to make America great again." Who really wrote that, a bona fide Christian, or an imposter? Either way, it alarms me. The second comment: "For those people who keep saying Q is a hoax, you clearly haven’t done the research..."

I will say that God could have chosen for a Republican to become the president in order to stop the Democrat agenda for the supreme court. I gave special / unorthodox reasons for this view in the last update. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the Republican who won the presidency is somehow God's special agent. Please. A casino owning, adulterous billionaire who never knew Jesus should NEVER be viewed in that way. Has the Church gone mad, or are statements like the one above those of imposter Christians? This Ken Storey says that he's a Christian. This Christian-Q movement troubles me. There is no good sign whatsoever that Q's predictions are coming true. Is Q a wholly "Christian" movement? Makes sense, since Q claims to be a Christian. But what are they really doing? Are they trying to move believers into a deep-state trap? Mr. Cautious here, at your service.

Yes, Jesus opposes the Rothschild banking system, and all of its money-worshiping tricks to amass more of our money. Yes, we can expect God to weaken such things on our behalf. But isn't Trump-the-billionaire more in that enemy camp than in ours? Yes, of course. Why would we think that Trump would oppose other billionaires on merely our behalf? Don't the bankers own the gold too? Yes, and there have been many Christians pushing gold for years, a riddle I cannot grasp. I've tended to view such Christians as tools of the banksters. At the end of the Storey video, we see that he has a Holy-Spirit financial club. Yikes. He's a stock-market goon, beware. God has zero love for the stock market. BIG RED FLAG, stay away.

Another comment on the same page: "Most people don't know this , but, Trump was chose by GOD to be President. This was Prophesied back in 2011! GOD is backing him up!!" This is all over youtube. He who loves the world hates Jesus. It's as simple as that. There's no shortage of world-loving Christians in the United States. Make a distinction.

It could be true that Trump despises the Federal Reserve. But let's not get onto that bandwagon without evidence. The question is, has he always been opposed to the federal reserve, or is this temporary where it's now countering a part of his agenda? The only thing I know now is that Trump does not approve the raising on interest rates just as the corporate economy is going well. Otherwise, he might love the federal reserve. Or, at least, he could fall in love with it if he could come to a deal with it. That's Trump in my view, a man who'll go to bed with the devil if it prospers his goals. If anything Trump does is the will of God, I predict that, by-and-large, God needs to move his hand in what would otherwise have been against his will.

I can see Trump vehemently opposed to the huge interest rates Americans must pay for the huge loans of the last decade. Trump would rather be able to use those tax dollars for his own agenda, which is to prosper corporations, which gives him the ability to claim that it's good for everyone. Trickle-down economics is the Republican way to get back the votes of the man-on-the-street from the Democrats who pretend to be the saviors of the workers. But prospering corporations has its bad sides, obviously, since it's they who exploit the consumers, which is everyone.

Until one can tame (control) corporations by force, prospering them will not allow the theory of trickle-down to work, for the corporations will raise prices to take back all the extra trickle-down. The corporate goons use their stock-market news channels and magazines to monitor the exact amounts of trickle-down at any given time. Is there more money floating around? If yes, it's time to raise prices, yippee, and Republicans are our free-market friends, vote for them.

Still on the same page (from Jerri Bales): "Q lost credibility with me when he said a plane went into the Pentagon on 9/11." RED FLAG, BEWARE, STAY AWAY. In the same comment: "One of several holes in this man's [Storey's] presentation is that he said the NSA was cleaned up with the CIA having Snowden releasing documents trying to destroy the NSA. If that were so, Snowden would be welcome by the CIA back into our country..." Ha-ha, where does Storey get such an outlandish idea? Present your evidence, Mr. Storeyteller, for even if you are correct, why should anyone believe you?

Snowden was a CIA employee who revealed spy secrets in the middle of 2013 while the Democrat, John Brennan, was the fledgling CIA director (started March, 2013). Does any Christian believe that Brennan was trying to do a good thing by sabotaging the NSA at that time? Where does Mr. Storeyteller get off making such a claim? What planet is he from? Does he even have the basics nailed down on what the real situation ought to be in spyland? Storey even gets it wrong where he has general Flynn as a former NSA director, which he was not.

One problem with Christianity is mistaking our thoughts for God's thoughts; we who want a close relationship with God all do this, but we have got to be more careful. It is best not to consider myself a prophet, or I will begin to think that most my thoughts are God-implanted. This is how false prophets arise. Have the humility to reject impulses that want to make you advertise yourself as a prophet, or as a gifted man of God's end-time message. I plug away at what God may or may not be doing in these days, but I am never adamant, nor do I proclaim the agenda ahead of time, especially not as systematically as do Q followers. Most Biblical prophecies are for the end-times i.e. to our future, but of the few prophecies that come well before the end, one is on the MANY false prophets.

I don't know what's ahead even for this year, nor have I predicted anything as a word of God. I may have my personal predictions based merely on my own understanding, which may be partially thanks to the Holy Spirit, and I may even say that a certain thing is predictable. But I don't lay anything out, in the name of God, as coming soon to pass. I find it logical to believe that God will weaken our mortal enemies in-time for the end, and I expect their exposure from God progressively, but beyond that, I haven't got even a clue from God, probably because He wants to work secretly rather than to have me blab the entire program. Right, Q? Right Do you get that?

I can fathom that God might want to predict some things ahead of time from certain people, maybe even me, in order to strengthen the faith of some, but false prophecy ruins faith. It lets us down when we follow a self-proclaimed prophet only to find them wrong. It hurts. How do you think I feel to promote my dreams of late when, for decades before that, I frowned on the dream-messages of other Christians because I tended to think that they were hearing self for God's voice? How do you think I feel when I think that these dreams I offer you might not be from God at all? Don't I realize how awful it will be for me if I am wrong? But even into the last update's claim, that God apparently chose my comforter as a pointer to the murder of judge Scalia, it just floors me on how these "coincidences" do look like there is a supernatural force behind them. I can't be absolutely sure, but it sure looks like it.

The following story about a Muslim, Taheb, is mainstream news this week. You can see it in the video below, where the story is overlapped with Nancy Pelosi's departure time of mid-afternoon, January 17, just hours before the FBI sting operation that arrested Taheb. The idea being kicked around is that the Democrats convinced this Muslim to kill Trump, and that Pelosi wanted to be out of the country at the time in case things went sour, which, however, doesn't make a lot of sense unless she was directly responsible for hatching the plot.

There are some "funny" things in the story above. First, why did the FBI release the story when it seems to want to cover everything else up? Second, how did the FBI manage to become an "accomplice" to Taheb's White-House bombing? Did the FBI urge Taheb to do the bombing? Is this some sort of theater for a political purpose? Is this story supposed to make us trust the FBI under Trump? Are we getting the true story? Does anyone trust the FBI anymore, even the one under Trump?

In the 4th minute of the video above, you can clearly see Q claiming to be part of the government, with: "He doesn't have 6b[illion]. We froze his assets." The video turns into garbage after this 4th minute, though I'll admit I did laugh at Trump's cancelling Pelosi's trip the way he did. Nobody here said that Trump wasn't different. If only he would keep his promise with Hillary and then the others too, I would be thrilled. And once the thrill takes its course, we could enjoy some calm, right? Sorry, it would be more like a civil war, but it's got to be done. It would be a great time to start arresting the media bosses for seditious "news."

Victorsleeps said: "Trump made a mistake, he should have let [Pelosi] go to Afghanistan. Then he should have canceled her return flight.." Thumbs up.

Q predicted the storm to begin in early December, and then said that it would be postponed when it didn't happen, meaning that his followers, whoever is left, are waiting to hear from him as to when the B date for the storm is set. Q's a little nervous about setting another date, isn't he? If Q and his followers are all merely wrong, we can forgive, and say they meant well, but if he is with a sinister force pretending to be his Christian supporters, then that's another matter. I've taken it upon myself to provide you with answers eventually, if the lack of news allows me to keep tabs on Q's messengers and interpreters.

So far as I've read, Q has not answered to the removal of Kelly and Mattis, which neglect is like a wart on his face. If he can't answer to that in some way, maybe he needs to go away. To the contrary, he's still claiming to be a Trump-government member. Just think of this: Q claims that Sessions is really on Trump's side, which is fine to say if Q were not part of the Trump team, even if Q's wrong. Yes, it's fine to give that opinion, even if he's wrong; we can understand making mistakes, but if he's truly a Trump-team member, he's not going to spill the beans that Sessions is a Trump player if Trump and Sessions are trying to hide it. Therefore, Q is a big dope, whom in this way has set his own trap, and put his own foot in it. He got caught by his own admission, his own vanity.

And when his followers claim that Mueller is pretending to be for the deep state in order to catch the deep state, these are traitors, for if that's true, shouldn't they remain silent about it? What loyal follower betrays the plan? The reality seems to be that Q got it wrong, and then the followers got it wrong when they trusted him. But, the question is, what is Q's motive as per getting it wrong?

It's hard to believe that Trump's tweets are all his tweets rather than a team he pays to make tweets in his name. The following, dated January 22, is one of over a dozen tweets for that day: "Former FBI top lawyer James Baker just admitted involvement in FISA Warrant and further admitted there were IRREGULARITIES in the way the Russia probe was handled. They relied heavily on the unverified Trump 'Dossier' paid for by the DNC & Clinton Campaign, & funded through a..." News in this regard (from Jim Jordan, I think) has hit some mainstream, but not the left, apparently. The story means that the congress is still looking into the FISA scandal. Nunes had said recently that he's still working on his Hillary investigation, which can pick up steam now that the House needs it badly to regain Republican power there.

Trump must do more than tweet. It is his responsibility to "ask" Bill Barr to begin investigations into the entire gamut of this scandal, and to allow it to mushroom into any area, discovered along the way, not known to date. It is obstruction of justice for Bill Barr to claim that, just because Trump makes the request, the DoJ doesn't need to comply. Any American citizen is free to ask the pertinent law office(r) to investigate a piece of FBI corruption, no matter how small on the known face of it, that significantly violates a part of his life. How much more does the president have the right to request an inquiry into what has become part-and-parcel with his political assassination, including character assassination, and even has the real potential to cause a guilty party to shoot / poison / bomb the president? For roughly two years, Trump failed to make this request on his own behalf, and on behalf of those who love him who wanted to see him doing it. What is going on?

Judge Napolitano will tell you in the Fox video below that the FISA court is the one of choice for shady FBI activities due to its low bar as compared to a regular court. In other words, the FISA court is in bed with FBI corruption, in which case there ought to be an investigation against the FISA court as per its part inn the dossier scandal. Napolitano goes further and says that FISA corrupted the FBI, not vice-versa:

"Fake news" doesn't necessarily mean false news. At the root, fake news is defined as pure-political news on behalf of one party. In this regard, CNN is fake news, and so are some Fox shows. If all the news always supports one party, that's not news. Fox has a right to always support Trump, but that's not an orthodox news organization. Fox does oppose Democrats much, but even that is warranted in almost every case due to Democrats being so bad in many ways. It's not bias to attack Democrats most of the time if they deserve it, if Democrats play into the hands of pro-Trump news people by making a stench of themselves, which they have been doing for decades.

Then there is fake news that includes premeditated false statements, which devolves from a political-action agent into character assassination, which should be illegal. "Character assassination" does not apply when telling the truth about a person's bad choice / statement / action, but is defined as CNN's staple, when it daily mischaracterizes its political opponents. The American Democrats and Canadian liberals have been doing this ever since I began following news in the 1980s. Fox does not score high on character assassination; in fact, Fox is pretty clean in this regard. Fox doesn't need to create bad news for Democrats; Democrats do it all on their own, giving Fox a steady flow of sociopathic things to talk about in the liberal camp.

The video below shows an example, out this week, of CNN's character assassination. CNN has been caught doing this type of fake news before, where there is a sort of false-flag event first staged and taped, and finally used as news for a political agenda. Judge for yourself:

I'm not saying that CNN necessarily staged that native intruder's action, but that whoever did, CNN lapped it up, with the creators (the antifa movement perhaps) being intent on making it news, apparently. CNN was, in the least, working in concert with the stagers of the event. This type of fake news needs to be prosecuted, or it will never cease. This is not a small thing. It's societal engineering based on the actions / words of imposters to create a false reality for the mere moment while seeking to broadly paint an entire group with it for the long haul. It's not just cheap, it's immoral and should already be illegal in some way.

As you can see, the real story is that the natives were harassing the whites, telling them to go back to Europe. The natives were being racists, yet CNN chose to tell the story in reverse, a fraudulent act that should be punished. CNN was itself guilty of racism for this character-assassinating story. If anyone / anything has the power, CNN should be stripped by him/her / it of its license to tell the news, for this is a regular staple of this organization. Moreover, CNN turns a blind eye to Democrat corruption and deception when the very definition of the press proper is to report such matters to the people. CNN is screwing with the people's heads while making screwballs of naive people in the Democrat camp...who rub shoulders daily with normal people and spoil their society, exactly what George Soros, for example, wants. Trump's chief agenda should not be the Mexican wall, but a cage for fake-news producers.

Most of the drugs entering from Mexico come through the main cities, where a wall becomes irrelevant. The drugs just drive or sail across the border. The more screwballs that the leftist media makes, the more the drug customers there will be. No one will bring drugs across the border if there are no customers, but liberals want to legalize pot in order to solve the drug problem, the stupids. If they legalize pot, the drug lords will exclusively send the harder drugs for the customers, and won't that be wicked? Yes, for once your children are taking pot legally, it's on to the harder drugs soon enough, because illegal drugs are more fun than legal in the mind of a naive child. The liberals mainly are guilty for this situation, but there are many Republicans going that way too, totally perplexing.

Although the school is Catholic, we see here that the staged event may have been laid as a trap against Christians in general, with more to come to slime the entire gamut of Christianity. Likely, the hope was to get the Christian kids to speak meanly or vulgar, or even to throw some fists, so that the media could isolate those things on the news in order to slime them. Again, that's not just cheap, its got to be a crime for news organizations to conduct themselves in this way. If Bill Barr can see to it to arrest and try a single man who unlawfully secures a few million dollars for himself, how much more damage does CNN do year-in and year-out than that one man alone? See this as follow-up, because it signals extreme and vile Christian persecution:

What were those natives doing at the school, and why was one of them hurling foul language at them? Provocation. A set-up. A frame job. The kid with the red hat even said as much, that the old native man was trying to provoke him to anger, and we saw that evidence (story done very well here in long form, gets better as it goes). Bill Barr, are you doing anything important in February besides protecting Mueller's frame job? How about taking CNN to court with its pants down? Any judge will be able to see the hairy grizzle with its infestation of racially-transmitted diseases. Castrate this hideous thing; put it permanently out of its misery. (Ezra Levant, in the video in the brackets, is a Canadian anti-liberal activist whose job is to expose Canadian liberalism.)

The word is spreading that media are the enemy of the people, my long-awaited dream come true. Media initially willing to tar the high-school kids didn't re-do the story to tar the Black goons or the native goons, because they are not news organizations. They are the blow horns for the anti-Christs. CNN was condemned for this fakery by one ABC segment I saw, and even by The View, if that tells you how damaging it is to the media bottom line. However, these same hypocritical players are expected to have contributed to, and enjoyed, the show had CNN not been caught. That's where we are, when one piece of fake news, if it succeeds, is pushed by the entire lot of leftist media in a conspiratorial agenda. The good guys shrink back from using dirty tactics and therefore have a grave political disadvantage, which is why the Democrats have power at all. The devil is in Democracy as free as a bird.

Jesus was the Law of God Walking, and still is, only now he's also the Judge Sitting. He came as the Law Walking without condemnation, but since the Resurrection, he's become the Judge Prepared. God has granted him the Judge's Seat, to be the one who punishes. Has he received the power to judge yet, or is this reserved for Armageddon and thereafter? Good question.

The Law of God is wonderful for others, because it makes them behave, but we don't like to apply it to ourselves, because it's like a walking on eggshells (that's just one way to put it) to be careful not to break the laws. It's requires our attention, our care, our practice, resistance, patience and long-suffering. The devil's world, on the other hand, is free-wheeling, wild, dogged, risky, unashamed. The Law of God is wonderful to contemplate upon, except that it comes with hard penalties. The Law of God makes for the basis of a perfect society, that man might enjoy life. But God's penalties weigh upon us.

John decided to call Jesus the "Word" instead of the Law of God. "The Word" carries the idea of The Instructor while Law of God carries The Doer. Do this, and do that, and you shall live and thrive. If we aspire to be the Law of God fully, wretched, wretched, wretched, we fail. And when the world failed, God used mercy to get our attention. I am the Doer, knock and I will open. I do it for you, if only you will walk with Me. I will instruct you, walk with Me and I will have mercy upon you. The penalty will not be applied.

Everything Jesus said and did was a reflection of the Law. He was the Pentateuch Breathing until the day that the curtain of the temple was torn. He is the Mosaic tablets walking until the sun no longer shines.

I am the Brave One; I command. I ask the Father on your behalf, and He will relent. I do not take instructions from my mother, thou daft Catholics, for she needs mercy as much as you do. Come to me directly, thou daft Catholics, and cease your clinging to the Roman pope. You have only one Poppa, thou daft Catholic. What can the pope do for? But Poppa is right there, as close as your own mouth. Talk to Him, with Jesus in mind, and break free from the rituals of men.

I am not speaking these words in this way as though they are the words of Jesus. They are not His words; they are mine. I am speaking them in this way to make points, to bring understanding.

I am the Brave One. I am not some vulnerable and aspiring teacher in sandals. I Was Always. The Law Within Me insulted the religio-political leaders of Israel in broad daylight, in their own faces, because they were dirty. I was not afraid of them. The Law Within Me could not help but speak out. I tempted them to kill me, because I am the Brave One. I am not soft only, not someone who holds a little lamb on my breast only; I am also the Dread Penalty of the Law for anyone and everyone who rejects me. This is The Decided Thing. I am Mighty, and I am Angry with those who sin willfully. Mary could not contain me; she was ashamed for not following me; she could not agree with her own son because He offended the killers and tempted them to come get Him. No my son, she said, you've become crazy. They'll kill you.

There is nothing to fear when you speak to Him and put away your transgressions of the Law. You must be BORN in the Spirit, or Transgression will rule you. If you want God with Jesus, you can be born in the Spirit, the new you. You will desire different things; you will come to understand plainly. All of your rolling uncertainties and underlying fears will be replaced with peace and health of mind. If only you respect the Law of God, if only you see the value of the Word, you are born again in Him. You are on your way. The work of our enemies is to portray us as crazy, and even to convince us ourselves that we are crazy for trusting in a Son of God. But you take the authority you have in Jesus, and make them draw back in fear with your voice. Being born again comes with authority over dangerous situations. You can win every argument with your enemies. You will learn that they fight against us without even one weapon, for their weapons are fake. The lie will not kill you because you wield the Truth as your own sword. Dash, little ones, dash them to pieces, for mighty does he make us.

Just don't put yourself into a dangerous situation on your own initiative. That is not how it's done. Jesus told Paul not to go to Jerusalem, but, fearless, he went anyway, and suffered a long jail term. But when our enemies confront us, then we can exercise might. Go into a land of savages at your own risk. One thing I didn't appreciate from Francis Chan (youtube pastor) was his implication to a young audience that they should go into other nations in total abandonment. Even if this is not dangerous, I have come to reject this method of evangelism. God has enough home-grown Christians now in every nation; he doesn't need to waste $50,000 annually per missionary family to get the Word out in far-off places. If God wants to convert 100 people in a Nigerian town over the next 12 months, he doesn't need Mr. America or Mr. Europe to do it. It won't cost a dime because there are many more than 100 believers already in that town, and they already know the language. Get your acts together, you reckless missionary agencies. We are no longer in the Book of Acts where no nation had believers. "Go ye into all nations" was specific to the apostles, not to the end-time generation. Neither Paul nor Peter nor John tells the youth of their churches to pack up and go ye into all nations. Missionary agencies and others are taking advantage of the zeal of young believers.

One thing I appreciated from Francis is his opposition to the tithe. Way to go. Any church that says, "tithes and offerings," is not worthy of you. That church is second-rate and possibly viewed by God as a thief of your labor. I'm not saying that it's wrong for you to give 10 percent if you decide on that number, but that it's dead-wrong for a church to make you feel that 10 percent is your requirement before God. That's clearly theft in my view, for every pastor can clearly understand that the Temple Levites are no more. When God tore the curtain of the temple, he also did away with the Levites and the tithe that got them their food, roof and coffee money. Eleven tribes were required to give ten percent of all their farm / garden / barn production for 1/12th of Israel.

Protecting Ourselves

What if there was a civil war with the anti-Christs versus the Trump supporters? How many followers of Jesus would break with his command not to take up arms against our enemies? What if this civil war is fomented by a false-flag operation(s) from the left because they have plots in place to kill many Christian groups? Would that change the commandment of Jesus? Such a good question needing some deep insight. Surely, Jesus is saying that we should not go on the offense with weapons of war. Instead, do good to your enemy and defeat him in that way. But what about when we need to defend our families from certain or near-certain death? Hmm, recall that, at the "last" supper, Jesus allowed his men to bring swords. Hmm, was that an admission that the Church can defend itself? If so, why did Jesus rebuke Peter for using one of the knives? Perhaps because Peter swung too early, before there was any mortal danger. Or, God wanted to use the knife to teach love to the enemy, for Jesus repaired the ear. Things went a lot better for the apostles that night than had they all started to swing swords. Learn. When it's the dark hour of the enemy, a dark hour permitted by God, I think Jesus wants some of us to be lambs to the slaughter for the sake of less horror / damage to brothers and sisters.

How do we know whether it's the final dark hour? How could we know whether a civil war at this time is part of that final hour? My hope: that this civil war does not manifest, at least not involving Christians. The enemy outnumbers us. Think. You kill one, they kill two; you've just killed two of your own. But if it's not yet the dark hour, the enemy is defeatable. Should we help to defeat it? Yes. With weapons? Such a good question, it needs deep insight. Can we only be the weapons carriers? Maybe just the purchasers of bullets secretly?

The passage I'm referring to begins in Luke 22:35:

And he said unto them, "When I sent you out without a purse, wallet and sandals, were you short of anything?...but now, whoever has a purse, let him take, likewise also a wallet, and the one not having let him sell his garment to buy a sword, for I tell you that what has been written must be finished in me."

The context is not robbers breaking into their homes, nor their being mugged on the streets, but specifically it's on those "government" enemies prepared at that moment to find him in order to arrest him. Yet one can argue well that a sword an be used for self-protection in any situation. It's the only word of Jesus that we have on the topic, and it's logical enough, no explanation need be given. However, it seems, this message was mixed with one wherein we are not to become swing-happy, using the sword to begin a mass rebellion against the government when it comes to arrest us. I think this latter message was adhered to by the apostles, and even added to by them.

Jesus was telling them that when they went out to preach, they could and should carry a sword because people will hate Jesus and therefore hate us who believe. If they are trying to kill us, we can kill them, as long as we don't exaggerate the danger and kill unwarranted. Preserving the life of an enemy is important because we are not the judge and executioner, and, besides, we don't know whether any enemy might actually become a believer. Or, once again, if we are kill-happy (that's evil), they outnumber us anyway, and we don't want to draw the wrath of the enemy only to be hurt in return. Makes sense.

If someone is breaking into our home and we have the ability to merely wound, that's honorable. This is the position of the courts, because it's the right way to be, not kill-happy. But if we sense or know that we're up against a ruthless killer, the numbers of which have grown drastically while this world has been controlled by anti-Christs, we just might need to shoot for more than a knee or hip wound, especially as we could miss on the first couple of shots.

I can't imagine a situation in which a Christian home is encircled by night by a gang, with the Christian man inside having at least one gun and not picking it up to protect his family. On the other hand, not using it could save his family. One needs to feel the situation out. Are they there to kill or to just rough-up? If you shoot first, won't they shoot back? Should you take the chance that they are not overly dangerous, drop your gun, answer the door, talk to them? Should you get a gun for your wife too? Will calling the police help or hurt in a civil war?

How much does a bullet- and hammer-proof closet cost? You could put a hole in the exterior wall into an outdoor shed. Keep old coats and/or extra clothes in the shed if needed in cold weather. This is probably by far the safest method, if your get-away doesn't cause complications. Make sure that your get-away path doesn't have noisy twigs and leaves. When the gang comes into your home to find you not there, they might look for you outside if it's you they came to rough up.

Here's a scenario. You have a couple of shovels and a rake in the shed, and a box of old coats. There is a full sheet of plywood leaning against a wall, hiding a small door (say 16 inches wide) into the house. No gang outside will think anything of this shed if they take a peep inside. They won't see the door, which allows you to slip into the shed from inside the house. The shed should not be on the same wall with any exterior door because those doors may be manned by the goons for a time. You want this shed ideally around a house corner from a back or side door. The shed must be built light proof, because you will need a light (flashlight seems perfect) for a minute or two. Leave nothing on the shed floor that makes noise. Keep few things in there that could get knocked over. Hope that God is involved.

Behind the plywood, and right beside the door, you've prepared a bullet-proof shield, which I think could be layers of plywood (or doors) rather than steel for saving cost (but see this shoot out and this one to get an idea). Or here's some bullet-proof fiberglass. The shield is maybe 20 inches wide, more than enough to cover the small door, and higher than your head. You cover most of the interior, house wall (say six feet across) with the same shield material to keep bullets from passing through most of the shed. It's a cheap peace-of-mind policy, anyway, and probably needed only on country tracts where you are isolated from neighbors. Don't make the shed look like it's part of the house interior, leave it rough in case they peek in before entering the home. Don't stuff it with things or they might go in to check for valuables.

This is your protection if they shoot from inside the house while you're in the shed. If one does shoot, at least one of them is a killer better off dead. You slide (rolling on wheels may be too noisy) this heavy shield over the door on a smooth surface prepared for the purpose, and you have a means to quickly fasten it in place. If you have a track (u-shape) for both top and bottom of the shield, the latter is automatically fastened. But you don't want it to block the sound of your voice because you may need to talk to the gang (or lone gunman) as a matter of life and death.

By the time that they rip out the door, you could be getting away upon your get-away path. But to where does it go? Into the dark woods? Is that a safe choice? It's noisy in the woods as you step along.

To both sides of the closet door, upon the inside wall, you can apply a thick-wood, decorative paneling, because if this wall is only drywall/sheetrock, they will get through too quickly to find that you have a fishy closet, with plywood on the inner wall. They could then realize that this closet is an escape hatch to the outside. You've got to make them believe that this is a closet for as long as possible. They might not be killers, they might not shoot. They might just leave you in there while they seize your food, your valuables, in which case they will leave their vehicle at the house. They would be very happy to have you locked in a closet.

It may or may not help if you had an alarm siren that you could turn on manually (before getting into the closet), for they might then decide to torch your house (less likely), or just shoot into the home, before retreating for a getaway. If it's a civil war, we haven't got a clue what their mindset. Your own neighbor(s) might be your enemy in a civil war. But for a non-civil war situation, especially on a town lot, a siren makes sense.

Okay, so you've locked the closet door (it's got to have a key lock or they will get suspicious if it locks only from the inside), and you're in the shed totally quiet because there could be a man near it outdoors. If you try to make a get-away while they are still anywhere outside, whether near or far from the shed, you could get hurt. For the moment, leave yourself the option of going back into the house. Slide and fasten the shield after a man starts to make noise breaking down a door or window, or after you know that one man is on the inside. Once the first man enters and finds no resistance, the time should come when he calls the others in too, depending on how large the house is. For best listening, the closet door should not be a solid one, and you should have a gap of four of five inches between the door and the sliding shield to carry your voice clearly to their ears. This is the gap that you will drop something heavy and loud in, right next to the bottom of the door, because you want to make them think you accidentally made a noise in a locked closet. If what you drop spills small things that go under the door and into the house, all the better for them to find you quick.

The gap between door and shield is what you speak through to continue your deception, when they arrive to check out your noise. They will either speak to you or start to break the door down. They may need to work fast because they probably think you called the police. If they speak first rather than break the door, answer back. Should you tell them you have a pistol to keep them from knocking the door down? You'll learn right away whether they are shoot-happy murderers with that question. You talk with long pauses. After your first words, and after they respond, you let 10 or 15 seconds go by before speaking again. After they talk again, let 20 seconds go by without a response. Then 30. You want to make them think that silence on your part is just your inclination under this circumstance, for when you make your get-away, it will get you at least a minute, maybe two, before they get suspicious of the silence. You may or may not get away, but you at least have a chance.

As soon as they shoot through the door or wall, you can get out right away because they won't find the silence immediately strange...if they shoot one bullet only. Instead, they'll think they missed you, and figure that you're scared to death. They won't want to shoot many times unless your property is very remote. If they do fire many shots and hear no noises from you, they are probably within seconds of figuring out your scheme. I don't know whether there are thud sounds from bullets into layer of plywood that would tip them off, but you need to make your escape once the bullets hit the shield.

You will have options once on the outside. With two exterior doors, and one adult with you, each with a weapon (this shed is a great place to keep and hide your rifles), you might just stay on the property instead of fleeing, manning the two doors to keep them trapped in the house. If you don't want to kill or wound them as they come out the doors, you'll need to let them know, before they exit, that you're shooting at them from the outside. You may need to sacrifice a couple of windows for the purpose, but with shots ringing out on the outside, they will become very determined to get out of the house, even desperate if they think neighbors can hear the shots. Nevertheless, with you armed on the outside and they on the inside, that's a lot better than vice-versa. It's maybe the safest option as opposed to letting them out to chase you down in the dark. Do they have night-vision?

You shouldn't shoot through a window for a kill, unless they had shot at you into the closet door. If you don't yet know whether they are there to kill you, don't give them a reason unless you feel it's absolutely necessary. There's no reason that you can't equip yourself with night vision too.

If you kill in a civil-war situation, or in an anti-Christian uprising in the final years, you could suffer terrible consequences for killing one or more of the gang. Their defence lawyers, which may be the state, may argue that you should have fled, once on the outside, rather than shooting. I say the gang members are best off shot dead at the property, because they are dangerous to society, but the state legal team, if liberal, is twisted enough to argue on their behalf. That's where we are today.

I do not imagine many gangs in remote areas. But in a civil war, gangs form naturally. They may need food if industry is adversely affected, and they may be entering your house only for food. If your food is life and death for you too, then you'll either need to fight, or go steal someone else's food, or starve in the Lord. Which option will you pick?

You may think that a better plan is to get into a basement (with rifles) that has a window / door to the outside in case they set the house on fire. They won't be able to come down the stairs if you're armed, and they won't likely hang around after they torch the house. Wouldn't it be better to trap them in the house as described above, using the closet escape hatch? I think so. If you have friends or family right next door, it could be a huge, life-saving bonus. Christians, congregate on properties together, as side-by-side as possible. Have a means to signal / talk to one another from within your homes.

Dig a trench about 30 inches deep and 24 inches wide. It's not an enclosed tunnel because that's too hard to do. You can rent a manual trencher if only to loosen the dirt. You don't need to go far, only to a second, free-standing (not attached to the house) shed maybe 25 feet from the house. You can make this shed small, giving it the appearance of part of, or even using it as, a small barbecue station. There could be some patio slabs outside the shed to make it look like a sitting area, because a free-standing (not against the house) shed in a yard looks wrong unless it's decorated for some other use than a tool shed. Cover the trench with pressure-treated planks, making them look like a wooden walkway to the shed's patio stones. You shouldn't have the walkway going fully from shed to shed, as that looks incorrect where one shed is acting like a tool shed. You get the gist. Have the walkway going to something else but as near as possible to the shed acting as your false closet.

If you have the false closet in contact with your wood deck, you can put a skirt around the deck to hide you when you get under it. The trench opening would ideally be under the deck, perfect, just leave an opening the false-closet shed to the underside of the deck. The idea is to crawl through the trench to the second shed in order to see what's happening at the house, or to be able to get a good shot at the enemy, if needed. The free-standing shed can be "bullet-proof"; they hopefully did not chose the loudest, most-powerful guns.

This is a real hassle, to go into all of this detail for a dangerous situation that may never befall you. You probably won't do this much unless you have a lot of time on your hands. The tribulation would give you that time. You can have a second door on the far side of free-standing shed so that you can get out of it without anyone seeing you from the house. You shouldn't have a trap door on a hinge in the floor in order to get into this shed, because anyone going in can spot the cut-out that is a trap door. Instead, just have a couple of pieces of close-fitting plywood as the floor, with only one nailed down slightly (don't plug it with nails so that it looks odd beside the piece having no nails), and never put any object on the piece that remains un-nailed, so that you can flip it up and get into the shed quiety. Providing that the ground is not saturated at the time of the invasion, the trench can be dry enough to use comfortably. Leave a flashlight in the trench.

Okay, so you are out of the house, in the yard hiding, and there are men in your house. You don't know how many for sure. You don't know how dangerous they can be, and you may not know why they are there. They know the police is 30 minutes away, and so they allot themselves 20 minutes to accomplish their task from the time that the homeowner knows they are there. Five or ten minutes have already expired. Should you stay and fight, or just scram? What if you get caught escaping down the driveway? Should you abandon your good position over them from behind a tree in return for making an escape attempt? The government might argue that you should have, but this may be a fatal choice for you. You might be able to prepare a quiet path to the road (what if the leaves just fell?) that doesn't use the driveway, where they can't see you to shoot, but what do you do once on the road on foot? What if you have been at war with your neighbor(s)? Uh-oh.

What if the get-away car comes by and spots you, and the ditch at that point in the road is unsatisfactory to hide in? What if they see you getting into the ditch? Should you leave your advantageous position behind the tree, with your gun pointed at the front door? Won't you need to shoot if they come out the door or windows? Will the government become your enemy if you take that choice? Should you shoot the tires out of their vehicle(s)? Will you decide that this is going to go the end, winners take all?

A possible weapon of choice is a switch on the outside of the house that turns on a loud and nauseating alarm system (or two) inside the house...that drives the men nuts, keeps them from thinking straight. You just allow them escape. Or, at least, that could be the plan. What if they come looking for you instead of getting into their vehicles? What if they come back at a later time to punish you? In order for this to work, you've got to keep them from getting to the electrical panel so that they can't knock out the power, but it's probably illegal (it is where I live) for a homeowner to block entry to the main shut-off switch. Is there such a thing as a door lock that locks remotely from outside the house?

This alarm option will likely cause the men to exit the house fast, unless you've already indicated to them that you are outside pointing guns at the doors. If they fail to shut the sound off, be ready for them to come pouring out with guns ablazing. Gangs are why homeowners should be permitted to purchase semi-automatic weapons. If you kill them while you are on the outside, the government might jail you. You need to think hard, and study well, beforehand on what your legal options might be under various circumstances. If fleeing on foot down a remote road in the middle of the night is dangerous, are you permitted to shoot an entire gang that has invaded your house? I say, yes, but the liberal pawns of the devil would like for you to be jailed, Christians, or worse. You could get an anti-Christian judge.

If you decide it's best to fight, what will you stand behind to protect yourself while having a clear sight to the doors? I would rather they come out frantic and fearful, taken off-balance by the extreme noises of alarms, than for them to have time to act as snipers from any one or more of the several dark windows. But maybe not if all I had was a pistol. Shooting from behind a tree means that you'll become vulnerable while taking aim. You don't want them comfortable at a dark window aiming at you already, waiting for you to peep out.

It's a shame that, when someone violent enters my house, I have two enemies to consider, one the government. It really is an crying shame that I should have to think about legal consequences while I'm trying to save the lives of my family. If I remain in the house, I will have far less chance of the government taking me to court if I shoot them dead as they break through. However, as I don't know how many men there might be, and if all I had was a gun each for my wife and I, they could fire so heated from both doors simultaneously that we could be overwhelmed, seeking cover rather than shooting in return. I think I would rather be on the outside behind a tree than on the inside, with them on the inside, each man needing to exit one at a time from a door. If one wanted to exit at a window, I still get a clear shot if I have night vision. But, from inside the house, with a storm of bullets coming in, it's chaos and great fear in my mind, especially as I would have one eye on them and one on protecting my wife. As soon as either of us shoot, they will know our positions. We have no trees to hide behind in the house. You need an escape route to the outside that they don't know about after circling the house.

It's high time we begin to consider such situations. We should never fight the police in the tribulation period, but we as Christians can fight gangs or lone civilians at anytime if warranted. The world has become evil enough, thanks to evolutionists and anti-Christs, for the arrival of violent, Christian persecution.

Chuck Grassley recently released a memo detailing corruption at the highest levels of the Marshall's Service. Part of the "culture" of corruption includes officials not holding themselves to laws and rules that they themselves hold lower employees to, no surprise. In other words, when a lower employee is deemed a threat to the hypocritical yeast, they can be demoted or fired on any throw-the-book at him frame-job. Another way to state it is that they are very hard on would-be whistle blowers. Where do we think this culture comes from? It's everywhere in police forces, the brotherhood of shamelessness, and we don't want these types to deal with our tribulation preparations, do we? If we have less to worry about from federal police forces, then what about local governments and police forces? Will they become our worst enemies? If so, it's good that youtube videos and brave people therein are exposing police officers everywhere for the hypocrites that they are. You get the book thrown at you, and they get away with murder laughing. The Romans are back.

The report to which the memo speaks reports on the regular forging of a judge's signature to acquire subpoenas (800 false subpoenas over ten years in southern Indiana alone), which is an excellent tool for corruption that we could expect in the FBI too. It's a tool very useful for framing innocent enemies. Why stop at forging signatures for subpoenas? Why not do the same for acquiring spy rights or when forging frightening judicial orders against an honest enemy? It's the very top of the organization that does these shocking things, and, for their own protection, the tops seek to make the lower levels as corrupt as they are, wherefore it's a smoke-screen for any legislator to comfort the people with the claim that lower-level officers are by-and-large honest and good.

By-and-large, the lower levels we meet on the streets will be "good" to us if we have the "right" respectable attitude toward them, by making their day, but at any sign of willful disrespect, whammo, they become the demons. We are not allowed to show our dissatisfaction of law officers; they take this personally, resulting in a people-versus-police war. So, in a tribulation situation, just kiss their feet if you need to. That's the Biblical call under caesar, and so let it be the Biblical under the final caesar. Hopefully, God will set up an exposure program beforehand resulting in scrutiny of all officers of all levels by the judiciaries. However, I don't have confidence in the media to expose police corruption against us, for the media must hold a close friendship with police forces in order to get regular news stories. Plus, we are seeing how the main media twists a single scene out of context to make the political enemy appear guilty of punishable things.

This is the vortex to Hell, the end-time testing of the masses. Predictably, not only will the media not protect us from police abuse, but will speak against us to repay us for all the political activism that we engage in now, for all the media exposure and disgust that we now promote. We hope for victory against it, but, first, a backlash in a dizzy vortex to Hell. The devil's claw will swipe at us, and cut deep into our flesh collectively, as his world slips down the drain, when Jesus comes to drain the swamp. The great thing about a drain: it's out of sight. The demons suffer in private; no one hears their screams. Abandon all hope ye who slip down the drain. But under Trump, the demons train their human workers in the drain, and they pop off the drain plug at will, coming up to exercise their schemes unashamed, in the open for all to see.

In a 666 situation, Christians who have been watching the world, rather than swimming with the world, will retreat into wilderness properties, many of them owned by like-minded individuals. The problem is, the tree-hugging anti-Christs feel that they are the supervisors of nature, and the wilderness happens to be the epitome of nature. We will therefore be portrayed as a blight upon their sacred nature, and stories will circulate in the media that we are mistreating nature. You can imagine the vanity in the stretchy accusations that we are somehow hogging the water, the trees, and the food, but I expect such battles in the preliminary stages of the war.

As you can see, it seems that God is busy keeping the deep state busy protecting itself so that it doesn't have the time nor will to persecute us. I think we can expect this exposure to continue for our protection. The exposure can tend to keep the deep state on its best behavior, because, at any time, deep state leaders can end up in court, and every leader is a potential traitor to other rats.

Growing our own food is good for nature. No law can be made against it, but the state is attempting to forbid, under the guise of safety concerns, even the single farmer from sharing his meat with a neighbor without a licence. We are already in the preliminary stages of our war. In a 666 situation, we all become farmers in the eyes of the state. However, our 666 tribulation is expected to arrive while the globalist anti-Christs are still fearful of over-population, and it just so happens that one of their over-population concerns is the mowing down of forests to produce crops. In other words, one of their global programs will be to urge masses to grow their own crops, in their own yards, perfect and excellent for us. We win.

Below is a battle between the sheriff (Texas) and a man not willing to show his ID. Will this issue allow us, as 666 tribulationists, to keep our identity to ourselves when the sheriff comes knocking? Start at 2:55, save yourself three minutes of nothing:

The two officers have every right, and even a duty, to be suspicious of a man standing near their facility. But, as you can see, the man knows his rights, and the police are willing to ignore laws in certain cases to obtain ID. The more the man refuses police demands, the more suspicious they get. Youtube is in the hand of the man, but in a 666 tribulation, we may have cell-phone cameras, but we probably won't have youtube power to make officers afraid of us. The officers are arrest-happy, and always threaten to arrest us if we don't fill their demands. Should we lie down flat, allowing an empty threat to be their weapon? Maybe we should make citizen's arrests on them for breaking a law. Maybe we should grab his arm, saying, "I'm making a citizen's arrest, you have the right to remain silent..." I wonder what would happen. Could a police officer in his pristine uniform handle being touched like that by a mere bacteria? I'm waiting to see this on youtube.

The man admits that he must show his driver's license, to a police request for it, only if he's driving a vehicle. In this case, he's not driving, and, in fact, he is a journalist who's set himself up to educate the public on how police officers ignore laws to obtain ID. So, if Americans are not driving, a police officer has no right to see your license, at the doorstep of your home, without just cause. A homeowner can ask for the just cause, and, if we feel they are being abusive, we can also ask to see written proof that there is just cause to continue the conversation. If we close the door on their faces, they may go away, but, will there be a repercussions later?

The man says he doesn't have his ID on him. In a 666 tribulation, should we burn our ID, since we won't need it in day-to-day living? It would be better to bury it safely, in case we absolutely need to prove who we are.

The journalist tells that there was a court ruling permitting the people to tape any officer on duty anytime, anywhere. A camera at our front door for this purpose would be dandy, therefore. That way, they won't get upset if we pull out a cell-phone camera. It would be great if we had the conversation recorded, and we should probably find a nice way to let them know that the camera's rolling, to help guard against their creating undeserved plots against us. The day is here when the police are the bacteria.

In the end, the officer above calls his superior to check on whether an arrest can be made, and admits defeat, walking away head down. That's a very good turn against police abuse, though I'm not suggesting that the officer was trying to be abusive more than he was trying to figure whether the journalist was a dangerous person. Having said that, see the short video below where an officer points a gun at a testy man filming him, very shocking because, if it was at night, the officer could have gotten away with pulling the trigger. How many of these bruised egos are WANTING to pull the trigger?

The people who are testing officers are seeking to put officers into their place as lawful servants of the people. The officers, many of them Mexicans, may actually be trying to suppress white confidence and to raise Mexican confidence. In any case, this is going to culminate in officers clubbing Christians with the heavy sides of their bats. The officers are building an internal hatred that will explode on anyone, anytime, wow, in many cases all because of protecting their egos, all because they want to be the bosses. Below is another example if you wish to see it, with a blue-eyed blonde mistaken by the border patrol as a Mexican, hee-hee, and the officers love to harass her for no other reason than to make sure that they become the supreme control freaks. My question: if the border patrol has no right to detain, why don't the educators in these videos just drive off? That's got to be coming to youtube soon.

I was addressing an EMP attack as an insider job in the last update, and in this update, a January-24 article starts with:

Several nations, including China and Russia, are building powerful nuclear bombs designed to produce super-electromagnetic pulse (EMP) waves capable of devastating all electronics—from computers to electric grids—for hundreds of miles, according to a newly-released congressional study.

A report by the now-defunct Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from EMP Attack, for the first time reveals details

It makes perfect sense that if the deep state decides to shut down the power, they would blame it on Russia or China, and therefore the article above should be viewed as preparation for such a scam. It is not credible that China or Russia would attempt such a thing, for those countries are by-far more sane than the American Morons, the Republican war hawks. It is easy to see that the Morons are now pushing for a world-war scenario while they still think they have a chance against Russia. The Democrat Morons were doing corrupt business with Russia and China, but the Republican Morons want to absorb Russian and Chinese wealth by cutting off the arms and legs of those two nations.

To make the scam work best, Russia and China should be demonized for years prior to the attack. The demonization has been in progress for years to date. American fingers in the world predict that China will invade the Middle East with the "kings of the east." Israel is at this time seeking to weaken Iran inside Syria, but American / military bad-mouthing of Putin is making Russia work hard with Iran to remove Western influence in the Middle East. Putin was offering friendship if only the West would allow it to do unhindered business with its Middle-East, Ukrainian, and European neighbors, but the US military (not the president or the congress) decided that it would take on Iran instead, with Russia in support, a program that goes back to the 9-11 scam. We could say that the war hawks are frantic to finish their 9-11 program under a Republican president, yet upset in that he's not an orthodox Bushite.

The government will have no excuse if they don't have enough transformers on hand to make instant repairs. If the people are made to suffer brutally due to an EMP attack, the government will be held responsible. It might be the best thing ever to happen for the purposes of attacking and nearly destroying the deep state. The deep state realizes this. If the government truly believed that the Chinese were planning an attack, it would have extra transformers, etc., but if the attack is a deep-state plot, the government will feign not having sufficient replacement parts of all kinds.

Youtube comment from Chris Campbell: "If Germany's gonna continue to buy their natural gas from Russia then The US shouldn't be paying for nato to protect them from Russia" But I say that a Germany-Russia oil deal is in the direction of not needing NATO at all; think of the military dollars saved, and the more-peaceful world. But it's the NATO goons in America who want the oil deals and the related animosity toward Russia, more now that Trump is selling American-grown oil, which is why Trump is sliming Russia from time to time. So, to Armageddon we march on, because the anti-Christs don't believe in Biblical prophecy.

Here's a long video by the John Birch Society that tries to understand whether Trump is secretly a New-World-Order puppet. It shows evidence that Trump had several anti-deep-state views, and yet he ended up taking deep-state programs too. In my opinion, he was afraid to go with a government team of pure, anti-deep state peoples for fear of what the deep state would do to him, and so he played mind games with himself, convincing himself that it's okay to meet half-way with the deep state, they're not so bad after all. In other words, he became luke-warm useless (which is why I spat him out of my mouth). This video is now old-ish; Trump has since disappointed in other ways. Keep in mind that when Trump claims to oppose a globalist / deep-state agenda, he could be faking it.

Steven Anderson's Check-Point Story

The video below shows you that even law officers are torturous, brutal goons. While it's debatable as to whether this AMERICAN (not Mexican) man should have opened the trunk for the border people, the fact is they broke the law in how they reacted, and they had no fear at all in breaking the law in a violent way that would get you and I jail time had we done the same to anyone. Multiply this situation by a million times to get the full picture on what we Christians are up against when finally the powers take us on systematically...probably under a Democrat president. If Trump was permitted to be the president to buy us some time, what are we doing with it?

The video below has the same man in court, and it shows what happened because he has it recorded. I'm not sure whether he was initially willfully belligerent in order to make his point of unlawful searches, but if they are unlawful, why are the border-patrol officers setting up such check points? It turns out that they were given a congressional mandate to check vehicles (for illegal aliens) going to and coming from the border, and they expect American drivers to simply state their citizenship. Those who refuse are punished immediately, you see. This is what we learn, that those who refuse to do as expected are brought through the ringer IMMEDIATELY, as in the officers love to do this; it makes their day.

The incident below is in the Obama years, when Republican voters were edgy for good reasons. A dictatorship was forming under Obama, a massive spy system, with Homeland Security having become abusive and intrusive, with the people ganging up against this attitude problem. This picture needs to be side-by-side with this pastor's bad / rebellious attitude. If the law officers mistreat him in ways that his bad attitude does not deserve, it only serves to prove that his rebellion is justified. People all over the country are deliberately setting law officers up in scenario's intended for youtube, to expose the real attitude of the lower-level "good guys".

Does the pastor fear that violation of freedoms are on the line? Yes, that's exactly his position. Is there a balance in this issue between protecting the people versus a small sacrifice of freedoms? Or, or this, as the pastor says, conditioning of the people to accept progressively-greater police intrusions into our cars? Fifty miles from the border today, 500 tomorrow. Asking out citizenship 50 miles from the border today, testing us tomorrow, from sea to sea, on whether we kiss the butts of law officers. Is this a war that people want? No, but it will expose police corruption. The pastor sees himself as an equal with the law officers, but is about to learn the hard way that the officers don't quite see it that way. If you're interested, and it's a "slow" video at first, here it is (this video, part 7, begins the trial by jury; previous parts were pre-trial):

At first, I thought he was being immature not to tell the original officer what citizenship he had, but later, we find that this is his fourth check-point stop over a short time from the border patrol, when he was NOT crossing the border. So, he's fed up. His argument is that the officers know darn well he's got no drugs or a human in his trunk. The officers are clearly in the wrong, using the drug-sniffing dog as an excuse to detain him. However, the pastor was on the rude side, giving the officers a reason to be suspicious. When he started to taunt them (especially after the 30-minute mark), he was building their hatred, and we all know by now that when this is done, police brutality often follows. Some would say that he was asking for it, but that doesn't give the law officers a right to use brutality, of course, which makes his angry attitude look angelic by comparison. He proved the hard way that they are unworthy and bent of authoritarianism.

The pastor, who doesn't speak as orthodox pastors do, was probably making a movie to show his wife, friends, and church. I think that was his game, to educate. At the 60-minute mark, they put him under arrest on an empty charge of refusing to obey an officer...after they refused to bring the dog to his car, at his request, to prove to him his guilt. The video goes further than exposing the officers; it shows even the state's trial attitude, where the state ignores the parts of the story that are obvious to the rest of us. The state would have us look only at a small part of the picture, that which favors the officers. Therefore, it's not just the police who are our enemies in the end-times, but the states who protect them.

The video was no longer shown (in court) when the pastor (Steven Anderson) started to scream with glass in his head and/or when shot was a taser, when the law officers started to become brutal. I assume that one of the officers shut the camera off at that time. The only thing I saw was a man resisting unlawful arrest, but things will get a lot worse for pastors, we may predict. In the last seven years, especially during the 666 system, we won't need to worry about the country going to pot to a dictatorship, because it will already have become one, and, the point is, that world will only have a few years to live. It will be no time to taunt or fight for our rights. Do what they say at that time, and be nice. Just do it, for they will be punished hard soon after.

In the court case, which is not the civil case brought against the government, the state is taking the pastor to a criminal court hoping to get a conviction that will aid their defence in the civil suit. We discover here that the pastor was charged and arrested for not moving his car from where he was parked, at the order of a state officer. This is, under the full circumstances, petty. It is best not to anger the beast that not only has power over you, but knows the tricks of the trade to make you suffer. But, as for me, I can hardly resist getting angry if a law officer bullies me, speaks to me like I'm his dog, or mistreats me. Why? Not just because it's human nature to despise an authoritative law man, but because I want a better system for my children. The worldly class are turning a blind eye to cheating, brutal ways, and this goes for Trump the "savior". SPIT! You see, I just spoke up. He says the lower guys are the good guys, and so I spit him out of my mouth.

It was fine for the pastor to park where he was on the road at the order of the border patrol, but when he didn't move his car for the state officer, suddenly they felt they had the right to break his windows and damage him brutally. Actually, they wanted nothing more than to brutalize him, and they arranged any way possible to get that accomplished. The officers are shown in court arguing that they did nothing wrong, and this goes for situations all the way to outright murder by police officers. It's a horrendous situation save only the Christian officers. Any officer whose an anti-Christ is headed down the vortex of slavery to demonism. Bank on it.

The courts are sending the message that goons can be more goony yet, and get away with murder too. I had best behave, right? Hmm, should I really? It's a good question. Do we just allow goons to get worse? If we behave, are we allowing them to grow their powers over us? If they grow to expect our salute and clicking our heels in their presence, won't they become bigger goons the moment anyone doesn't pay them their expected respects? Isn't this like an invader into the nation, against the nation? I had read that emperor Caligula (37 AD), the first head of the Revelation dragon, killed people on the spot if they didn't pay him a proper respect while passing.

Closing arguments are in part 10. It's clear that if the pastor was guilty of parking hazardously (for about 60 minutes) on the exit ramp, then the border patrol should have been arrested for making him stop there for 45 of the 60 minutes. As I said, this is a petty charge to somehow help justify beating the pastor's face. It's all so disgusting, all protected by state lawyers and even courts. That's a police state. When police brutality is tolerated by the government, the people become the enemy of the state. It means that we are at war, and it's not only Christians taking the war to the police, but plenty of liberal, anti-Christians. I expect these types to turn in full hypocrisy, favoring the cops when they abuse the lives of Christians.

I didn't know anything about this pastor's doctrines, by the way, until now. From a couple of issues I've just seen, he's pretty rough or gruff while correct, not on the soft side. I can't judge him for being stern or black-and-white. That's the jurisdiction of God. The jury's verdict is in this short part 14.

I think that the same pastor is in the video below once again thumbing his nose at a border patrol officer, and he's got the camera rolling. So, this is why he's being "rude," for educational show. He's provoking the officers into mistreating him, which should perhaps be against the law. The video is education also for those who smuggle Mexicans into the country:

I don't think they should be able to ask people what citizenship they have if they sound American, look American, and have American license plates. The cases in the video above look like harassment by the police. It would be fine for the officers to show disappointment at a rude attitude. If they were truly big, they would just lecture the pastor briefly on his bad attitude, and let him drive through. Instead, the border patrol is petty, as in useless servants of the state, having the very anti-serving attitude that Jesus spoke of when speaking of Roman officers. Capitol Hill and the White House look like they are Roman transplants in Washington.

The border patrol cannot have the right to check every trunk, and if their policy is to check every 100th car, for example, to make it appear more risky to smuggle Mexicans, that's probably unacceptable too. There needs to be a better reason to check cars on the highway than just random checks, for that's what happens under marshal law. The people don't want to see bossy officers in their faces in non-emergency times. Their job should be to secure border crossings, not to harass whites on highways 50 miles from the border (500 miles tomorrow). Trump has been pushing an emergency at the border, to the point of calling in the military. Is this really a good thing? Even if it starts as a good thing, and even if Trump wants it sincerely as a good thing, is it a good thing in the longer run? I wonder how the marshal-law watchers are treating this plot?

Before the nine-minute video below is ended, you will see Trump doing the very same as Obama did to federalize police forces. I assume this means that all police forces will be connected to federal tentacles so that local police will be forced to conduct policing as the federal government / police dictates it:

Trump announced his plan to federalize in 2016. Does this mean that the FBI will head all local police in certain respects? Yikes. One headline on the topic: "New Legislation Would Make Local Police Officers Federal Agents". Plain as day. Is this good for trib survival? Could the federal government make all local police better toward us? Yes. Or worse? Yes. This could be like the introduction of the Internet, people-friendly at first, and later deep-state friendly and exploiting of the people. Therefore, whatever the details, or however innocent-looking, once the federal police is formed, it can be dressed with other clothes almost immediately.

Less than twenty-four hours after accepting his party’s nomination and delivering the longest acceptance speech in nearly four decades, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his plan to restore law and order in America, which he bleakly described as being under siege by illegal immigrants, the Islamic State, and race-related violence.

“We’re going to put an end to that,” Trump said during a post-convention interview with The New York Times. “We’re going to federalize every police department in this country. We’re going to eliminate the red tape and it’s going to give police the ability to do their jobs effectively and, believe me, this is something that’s going to happen within my first one hundred days in office.”

Hmm, the basis for forming a federal force was partly his immigration crisis. It may be that he and his federal-police schemers have been manufacturing a border crisis to create a police force that answers to one man at the top, probably not the president. Knowing that Christians are apt to opposing a federal force, they may have put a Christian-friendly Republican president in office in order to form the federal police. Once formed, the nation is ready to become a police-force dictatorship, explaining why Obama wanted the federal force. This is where the deep state wants to go. Republicans, you had best strangle Trump to death.

"Under Trump’s plan, city and state police departments would fall under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security..." Umm, once you spit Trump out of your mouth, put the tread of your toe upon him, and squash him into the dirt. Then boot him into the swamp, where he belongs. Elect another Republican in 2020. "“They're going to receive the best weapons, training, and resources this country has to offer,” Trump promised. “We’re going to put an end to jurisdictional restrictions and increase police capabilities in terms of surveillance and the use of deadly force." Wow, he wants to make the police bigger, more dangerous, even though its job by-and-large is to hand out speeding tickets and harass Americans in other ways.

I once read that almost all policemen go through an entire career (40 years) without ever having had a situation that gets close to a gun fight. Officers become disappointed because after all of that gun training, they never get to use their guns. Therefore, the government gave them their next-best toy, the taser. "Oh goodie, I finally get to feel like I shot someone. All I need to do now is make someone mad at me."

The only thing that comforts me today is that God has the last say in things touching the apple of His eye. The only thing that brings me discomfort amid that comfort is prophecy that promises Christian persecution. Some of us will be protected, some of us will be given the stamina to endure painful, frightening things.

Headline: "Obama and Hillary Exploit Murdered Cops to Federalize Police". Trump, ditto. Mr. Trump, you BIG GOOF, you want to create a single police force that you know full-well will be infiltrated by mobsters. You saved the nation from Hillary's federal police, only to push your own?? Who are you working for, Mr. Trump? A faction of the Rothschilds?

In the video below, we learn that Q-Anon predicted the building of the Mexican wall by the military. This should be of huge concern to us. The video is by a Christian who asks us to pray, and this woman is for the wall. Just listen to it with the thought in mind that the wall is a plot by the military to keep Americans inside. Don't be fooled into thinking that the wall has anything to do with free trade or globalism's quest to remove borders, for cargo, and the regular crossing of borders by workers, do not need to climb walls at any time. Walls are totally irrelevant to an open-border, EU-like situation because Mexican workers could cross legally on the established roads, wall or no wall.

At this time, even Fox news claims that the majority of Americans do not want the wall, a perfect situation for getting the military to build it. This wall fight might therefore be mere theater to justify a military at the border. If this is the truth, think of how demonic the plot is to get Christians to agree to a thing that ultimately harms their own safety. In a Christian-persecuting situation where even Catholics are opposed, who resist the 666, we would expect many Mexicans (typically Catholic, but not all) to take flight into Mexico as refugees, and it is they who would tend to cause the Mexican government at that time to accept refugees, and by that standard non-Mexican Christians could find safety in Mexico too, if they can get over the wall, that is, if Trump succeeds in building it. I therefore oppose this wall because it comes at a bad time, while Trump shows significant evidence that he's a fake in many regards.

Q followers are being told that Trump did not cave due to the low-side support amongst the people for the wall, but rather that this opening of the government is a well-calculated strategy to make a come-back in a few weeks. If Trump shuts the government down again in the middle of February, it's not expected to change the political resistance against the wall, and so we seem to be on the way to a military-funded wall.

I'm now reflecting on why I may have been living in Texas, about 90 minutes from the border. I purchased property in Texas in late 1994, and started to write the post-tribulation-rapture book in the middle of 1995. Hmm. I took note that Texas is a vast and excellent region for Christian retreats, to resist the 666, but also took notice of Christians warning against a UN plot to militarize the border, and here we are.

This wall project may be the very reason that Trump opposed the UN, with his words, anyway, which could have been a well-calculated plot to give Christians the false impression that Trump's wall has nothing to do with the Rothschild elements in the UN. However, ever since Christians started to fear a UN program at the border, I tended to find it based more on the American military, for, obviously, Rothschild elements can do nothing at the border without the wink of the American military. In other words, forget the UN, and view the American military as the head demon in opposition to us.

Are you as perplexed as I am? Iran hangs a man for faggotry, and Israel empowers faggots. What's wrong with that picture? Porn in Israel; Putin opposes porn. What's wrong with that picture? China blocks Western Internet porn, the United States swims in it, and Christians think God is for American against China. What's wrong with that picture? Jews in America have been empowered in the highest places, and they are largely liberal anti-Christs? How can America be God's nation under these circumstances? Prepare for America's punishment, the good and the bad will feel it together. If China bombs Washington (85 percent liberal), maybe we could consider it a good thing. Better to run the United States from a barn than from the White House, wouldn't you say? Let us desire the fall of Masonic Washington. When evangelicals begin to speak this way, I will celebrate them better.

Even aside from Catholic Mexicans, evangelical Christians tend to rule wide swathes of semi-desert hill country on the edges of the pristine mountains that cascade into Mexico. It really is an excellent situation for vast numbers of Americans, in other states, to go to for tribulation survival, and this begins on the vast ranches owned by Christians. Our enemies can see this advantageous situation from miles away in 666-loving Washington. I purchased land (with a pecan forest and a clear river with excellent garden soil) from a post-tribulationist Christian having a ranch in the thousands of acres.

The Nueces river, as well as others, have clean-stone bottoms, making the waters crystal clear. And, these river-rock bottoms penetrate into the dirt on both sides of the rivers for many feet. For example, about 100 feet from the river, I dug down (with a shovel, in a day or less) about nine feet to find this stone, and waters were passing through it abundantly. That became my shallow well, very dependable. It's just an excellent situation. There was little fuss in planting the water pump in the gravel; all that was needed was a small hole a foot deep in the gravel, and an electrical wire to the pump.

However, in case you are interested, I could have had the jet pump at the house (about 10 feet above the well water). A jet pump will get water up to about 20 feet above the foot valve, and my house today is about 16 feet above a beaver-dammed pond 160 feet from the house. That is, my jet pump is as many as 160 feet from the foot valve in the pond, and it worked excellent last summer (which is when it was installed for back-up water). I imagine that one could easily go as far as 200 feet i.e. without having to string out electrical wire to the water source. All I do is leave a $10 valve at the top of the 1" pipe, stick a garden hose in it until the pipe is filled with water, and turn on the pump. Done.

Ron Paul is warning of a financial martial law, which he defines as a money grab by the U.S. government. While its debatable as to whether the deep state would dare try something like that, one way to avoid it: don't invest cash. In fact, people who own country tracts of land probably have a great investment in two ways. Later, when more people get into the game of buying cheap country land, pricing will increase, obviously, though that's not all bad because it causes landowners to severe their large tracts (because there's more money to be made selling some off). High volumes in available land, at trib-time, is a good thing even if we need to pay more.

Although country land doesn't go up by much if one's looking for a good return on their dollar, these bad times remind us that cheap land is a great insurance policy against certain disasters. However, raw land alone won't be enough. One needs to get a water system first of all, and then provide a winter's worth of cut firewood, easy to do, protected from rot. Next, build a 16-foot square box for a home, very easy and cheap to do (let it be your barn if ever you build a proper house). You don't need decoration on the interior. All you want is a dry, warm place, for now. Let it be your week-end hobby, you will likely love being there for years, until the novelty wears off. Get a hunting license, and a rifle.

I've built my home (2,600 square feet) for resale option, and so I had to do it properly, in case I wanted to build another home to provide daily-living money (sell this one, have cash on hand while building). Since starting here, I've become too old, too down-hill to tackle the challenge again. But I have a large place with room for others, and lots of firewood unless the government forbids us to cut living trees. However, I've got dozens of acres with enough dead branches alone to supply winters of firewood. I currently have the option of clear-cutting the forest to sell it, or even to give it away to like-minded ones. The beaver pond is wet all year, and the shallow well has clean water.

The bad news: I've discovered nematodes in the front yard, which destroy or downgrade quite a few species of crops. If they are throughout the soil in other areas, this place becomes a poor place to live out a long-term disaster. To kill nematodes (microscopic worms), one needs to dry the soil out in the sun. It is doable, and the soil then needs to be placed into buckets, one plant per bucket. It's doable. Plants in buckets are easily made worm and weed free, a bonus because plants growing amongst weeds don't grow as well for sharing soil/fertilizer and sun with them. Buckets could even save most plants from moles.

Nixing Roger Stone

Roger Stone was humiliated by the Mueller team, arrested by a swat team surrounding his home, without evidence that he deserved this treatment. Stone thinks that Mueller is trying to silence him, but I say that this latest Mueller attack is because he was expecting someone to leak something damaging to him. He wants to send out the message of harsh treatment for any such leaker. That's a logical explanation for this, and, once again, I blame Trump for allowing this snake to fester.

As Stone has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back, he might just be a Bush-circle goon, and a spy upon the Trump team. It's even possible that this arrest is a staged operation wherein the plan is for Stone to frame Trump. If he gets no jail time, that may explain it. Stone, who just claimed that under no circumstances will he throw Trump under a bus, has been charged only with process crimes, which makes the method of arrest seem overblown. Trump deserves to be framed, even if he's innocent of their charges, because he allowed the Republican deep state to fester, because he didn't attack the Bush circle for its 9-11 crimes, and because he actually supported the Republican deep state to a fair degree.

However, the truth may be that the Mueller team has caught wind that Trump is gearing up to punish the Republican deep state, or, at least is moving in that direction, so that the arrest of Stone becomes a shot across his White-House bow. In this case, I would hope that Trump not back down, yet he's got almost no friends left to help him survive. He abandoned his anti-deep-state friends, you see. And he's just raised the white flag on the government shut-down at the same time that he lost the battle with Pelosi on the State of the Union speech. One day, he comes on TV saying he won't back down, and the next day he's capitulated, always giving it spin to make himself look successful.

Trump has a lot more than the Mueller circle to contend with, for the Pelosi team is about to bite his arse for the next two years. Excellent, exactly what he deserves. How dare this imposter get elected promising to clean swamp only to let it bring down his own party? He needs to take the blame square, for he assisted the DOJ in obstructing justice upon the deep state. He let Nunes work in vain.

Did you note that Trump didn't argue much for the wall for the purpose of keeping illegals from becoming Democrat voters? That's because Trump's advisors recommended against it. That is, Trump was forbidden to tell the crux of this fight. Trump is thus half the liar for keeping half the truth out of his fight. The reason that Democrats want the illegals is for votes, yet Trump refused to enter this crux of the matter into his fight. I don't understand why the Republican establishment behaves in this way.

The swirling madness into which the United States now finds itself twirling is going to land on Bill Barr's desk shortly. His decision on how to go forward can either drill a hole clear through his desk in political self-destruction, or dissipate as a sweet aroma for the Trump team, or something inbetween as controlled by Barr himself. I do not think that Trump can well handle, politically, another attorney general who ignores the Mueller crime-in-progress. We need a leaker on the Mueller team, exactly why his 17 rats are none Republican. Mueller couldn't afford any lawyer on his team who would leak his crime. His crime is to put fear in would-be whistle blowers, but look, his own report, everyone is saying, will be a whistle against him, which is why Mueller wants to continue, if possible, to the brink of the 2020 elections. We need a leaker to create great controversy leaning our way because, I think, Barr will try to ride the fence between what Trump voters wants and what the Mueller side wants. Hopefully, Hannity's regular guests are sincerely opposed to Mueller (they sure sound sincere), and would therefore fuel any such leak.

Barr has promised to allow Mueller to continue. Until when? I'd say until someone makes a public spectacle of his probe with undeniable evidence, when shame covers the probe's boss. At that time, Barr will put Mueller under the bus to save his own reputation. The CIA has the power to know virtually everything that Mueller is doing, but the CIA's not the one to blow the whistle, we may assume. Who will be the star whistle blower? We should like to know.

If you had read my treatment (4th update in December) on the Ham surname pointing to the ham-radio license of Nelly Ohr, I'd like to enlarge upon that now, because, in the last update, I told that I saw two squirrels at my place for the first time in years. I told that squirrels at my place, especially one of the two I saw, is a pointer to Mueller. The timing of my seeing the two squirrels was while discussing Barr, and so, the theory became, Barr and Mueller are pals together in the quest to destroy Trump.

For days after seeing the two, I saw only one squirrel. It was either on the day of seeing the two, or perhaps the day after, when I started to feed the squirrel chunks of canned ham. When I went out to check whether it took the ham on the first instance, I thought it did not eat of it, but when I returned later in the day, the entire block of ham was gone. The reason that I was feeding it the ham is that, after eating half the can myself, I awoke with a bad taste in my mouth, and decided not to eat more of it. I did NOT have the ham radio in mind whatsoever. After leaving a couple of more chunks out in the following days, I saw both squirrels in the garage at the same time. It/they arrive each morning, because I put a little food out each morning. My motive has been purely to help the one squirrel get through the winter.

The Ham surname shares the salmon of the McCabe surname, you see, and I was asking whether God arranged this for pointing Nelly Ohr's ham-radio license to the McCabe's part in the dossier scandal. Nelly was obtaining her license during the dossier scandal that she herself was committed to. It all makes perfect sense that she was communicating with the FBI and/or the DoJ, under Obama, with her ham radio, because it's much safer for committing crimes than email communications.

Sometimes, God verifies His use of heraldic pointers. Another example here may be where the ham brand is Mario's, for the Mario surname (Ham / McCabe colors) shares the giant lion of Ham-like Hume's/Home's (suggests that Hams and Hammers and a Hume branch). Did God arrange for me to buy Mario-brand ham so that he could verify His pointing to Hams? It's a green lion, partly, in the case of Mario's, which is used by Lorraine's, and then the Marionel branch of Mario's were in Lorraine. I can't make a federal case against the FBI with this story, but there you have it in case you think that God may be suggesting that we keep an eye on the dossier scandal as concerns Bill Barr.

Lorraine is the location of BAR-le-Duc, known to be named by Bars. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc share the curved fish of the Barrs of Brunswick, perhaps closely connectable to the heraldic salmon. Here's a quote from my 5th update of October, 2015: "...the Arms of Bar-le-Duc were first found (by me) when following the Bars/Baars of Brunswick, for they too used the identical curved fish (though in gold instead of white)."

Another thing I have been feeding the squirrel are pieces from a package of Cheesy (Selection brand) party-time snacks. In fact, a large cheesy fell off my table to the floor so that I gave it away yesterday morning. Checking the Cheesy surname, it shares a giant and upright lion in the colors of the same of Hammers/Hemmers. More-importantly, Cheesy variations are possibly a branch of the Chesney variation of Cheneys, and the latter's Coat has for a long time been suspect (by me) as a version of the Saleman Coat, itself in the colors of the salmon of the Salmon surname. We are therefore brought back to Ham and Hammer liners by way of Cheesys/Chesse's, if the latter are a Cheney branch. I have every confidence that Robert Mueller and Dick Cheney worked together in the 9-11 scam (Mueller was made the FBI chief six days before the 9-11 disaster-crime).

If we now compare the Cheney/Chesney and Saleman Coats to that of Bois'/Bosts, we can see why the giant BOSTon lion is that of Cheesys and Hume's/Home's. German Bos'/Boschs share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs, and just like that we have a connection between the cheesy I fed to the two squirrels and the Bush-Cheney team at 9- 11. Bill Barr, who was caught in high-level corruption, was the attorney general for Bush Sr.

French Bois'/Delbos' (Alan / Rundel fesse, likely), first found in Brittany with Mario's/MARIA's, included the "Bois' of LocMARIA" and the "du Bois' de la Salle," the latter clearly a FitzAlan line from Alice of Saluzzo (i.e. the Salmon line), beside Busca. These FitzAlans were of Rundel-like Sussex, where Hams and Hammers were first found. Rundels were first found in Kent with HAMburg-related Trips.

Here's a story in which we learn that thousands of hours of NASA footage on Apollo 11 was withheld from the public until now. The story makes it sound wonderful to have this new footage, but this amounts to added evidence of a moon hoax, which should begin to come out soon enough.

Social engineering:

Edge users on Android and Apple devices can now just click one button to enable its “green-red rating signal if a website is trying to get it right or instead has a hidden agenda or knowingly publishes falsehoods or propaganda.”

Among the green-rated websites: Voice of America, CNN, Buzzfeed, the Guardian, New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as left-leaning upstarts such as Vice News and Refinery 29. Ones that are given the red warning label of “failing to maintain basic standards of accuracy and accountability”: RT and Sputnik (obviously enough) and the right-wing Daily Mail, Breitbart and the Drudge Report, in addition to hundreds of other non-mainstream news websites such as Wikileaks.

Thirty minutes before this update was due, at noon (my practice to have it done by then), the two squirrels were, for the first time, making loud noises in the garage while sharing the food in a single container. They were arguing, I saw, as I opened the door. There were not three or four, but only two. Does this mean anything as per Mueller and Barr not getting along? I feel very silly sharing this. But God may want me to. The squirrel spat has carried on for 15-20 minutes to 11:54 now. At this time, I don't even know when Barr gets his vote to confirm. Keep watch, stay warm, and have no animosity toward Jesus as we continue through uneasy times that must get worse, eventually.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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