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September 20 - 23, 2010

Bavarian Illuminati in Ayrshire
The Nerve of the Nahorites!

September 21 -- 22 -- 23

September 20

Julie has been instrumental in revealing the Bavarian Illuminati in Ayrshire, and leads smack to the topic of the last update page wherein I was linking Ayrshire elements to the Hungarian Gyula family in Arad (Transylvania). Understand, the Wittelsbachs had been linked to the Buto cult at Budapest and to the Gyula line already, and rulers of Bavarian/Franconia to the Arpad king, Stephen, so that what you are about to see must be a further description of that Bavarian link to Hungary.

Here's how it happened. I opened an email from Julie last night, and she mentioned only that the Wittelsbachs descend from the German locality of Scheyern. The term so smacked of the Shay variation of the Shaws that I dug in seeking heraldic links. Wikipedia confirmed Wittelsbachs roots in Scheyern, but added that they moved to Aichach, a term smacking of yesterday's AIGI terms that I had, for the first time ever, linked to Hagarites. ZOWIE, what a huge break, and so timely, for I had just finished talking about Ishmaelites of Ayrshire in that day's (yesterday's) update. AND, I had just finished sharing then that the Hagar surname was first in Perthshire, where the holy-grail Scottish Shaws, the ones said to be derived from "Sithech," were first found.

Here's the Wikipedia low-down:

Berthold, Margrave in Bavaria (died 980), was the ancestor of Otto I, Count of Scheyern (died 1072), whose 3rd son Otto II, Count of Dachau acquired the castle of Wittelsbach (near Aichach). The Counts of Scheyern left Burg Scheyern ("Scheyern Castle", constructed in about 940) in 1119 for Burg Wittelsbach ("Wittelsbach Castle")."

It was a rather long (about an hour) and determined hunt, for in the beginning I was disappointed and could find no heraldic links between Scheyern and Shays. There wasn't a Scheyern surname, nor even a Schay or Schayer. No Cher, no Shayer, no Shaer. All I had at first was the (black on white) diamonds of the English Shay/Seth Coat, what only MIGHT be linked to the Wittelsbachs diamonds (so-called "lozenges"). The lozenges are in blue and white, the colors of the Arms of Scheyern.

The Shay/Seth Crest, however, uses bunched arrows tied at the middle, the symbol of the Arms of Rothschild, AND a symbol of Hungary's founding. diamonds are not . to uses , what could be from the Wittelsbachs diamonds, but that's not enough evidence. Many are convinced that Rothschilds were at the foundation of the official Bavarian Illuminati (started in 1776), but I've suspected that this Satanic organization was of much-older Bavarian roots, in the Garibald>Grimoald line of Bavarian dukes.

The Grimaldis use red and white diamonds, and that makes me suspect that the Wittelsbachs lozenges, on the Arms of Bavaria to this day, were from the house of Garibald. I already mentioned that the AGILolfing clan, from which Garibald was derived, smacks of the Hungarian Gyula family. The Carolingians ruled Bavaria after the Agilolfings, and Gyula was from a clan using the name, Karolt/Carold. You've not read this anywhere before.

FE just wrote in to say that she found a Gyl in Argyllshire, beside Ayrshire, but when I entered "Gyl," I got a Gill surname from Yorkshire and CUMBerland, using a diamond pattern. The Scottish Shaws show a "Mac Ghille-Sheathanaich" variation.

My one-hour hunt traced Scheyern straight to the Vere-Meschins of Scotland, in Ayrshire, wherefore keep in mind that I have rooted Rothschilds in Meschins/Maceys/MacKAYS (I link Kays to Shays), and that noble Veres have historically been of obvious Illuminati stripes. The Shay/Shaw write-up says that Cummings (Chemmites?) were in "the Shaw lands of ROTHiemurchus." The Cummins were in UMBERland, and as they evoke the Comnena family of Byzantine and Khazar relations (who ended up in Cyprus), to whom I and others trace porphyria (the purple disease), it should explain why the Shay topic traces today to purple-arm Darks/Arques.

After I had done my one-hour hunt last night, and just moments ago, I learned that Manching is in Bavaria's district of Pfaffenhofen (smacks of Paphla(gonia), the district wherein Scheyern is found. That's not only meaningful because Veres lived at Ver(e) in Manche (Normandy), but because the Arms of Manching uses a key, the symbol of the Italian and Spanish Shaws.

Yes, I have mentioned the key symbol of the Shaw line many times, and here it proves to be enlightening. I'll say it again, therefore, that shown variations of the English Shaws/Shays are Sheaves and Shaves, and that entering "Sheaves" brings up the Italian Cheaves/Ciava Coat with blue keys on gold, the colors of the keys in the Spanish Chaves/Chavez Coat that comes up when entering the Chaves variation of the Italian Cheaves.

The same-style key is found in blue in the Betty/Beatty Coat, amid hollow diamonds called "mascles" in honor of Meschins/Masculines. The Beattys were first in ROXburghshire (Piast-bloodline haunt), where the Meschins had a Maxwell and Maxton branch, and where the Kyle Arms and Scimitar was traced. The "coeleste" motto term of the Beattys is code for the Kyles, who trace themselves to king Cole/Coel, and we are about to see the Scheyern clan traced to the very Coat that I had linked to Kyles days ago. The "Lumen" motto term of the Beattys is likely code for "Illuminati."

See the Beatty key (in the color of Betty Rubble, by the way) in the Barnier Coat so that you know we're involved with bloodlines important to the Hanna-Barbera creators of the Flintstones. The Barney surname was first in Norfolk, but from Calvados where the Meschins originated before they arrived to Cheshire, near the Ribble river, and beside Flint.

I am lost for breath nearly here as the clues keep coming in. I opened an email from Emailer Patterson days ago where she had shared some things on the Key surname (that I link to Kays>Shays). She mentioned the Akey Coat, which I left open on a browser because I wanted to come back to it to investigate links to the Key surname. I still haven't had the opportunity, but now I can report that the Akey Coat, what I've stressed as Hyksos-important because it's what I've called the Scottish Hykes/Hack Coat, using so-called "hake" species of cod fish. The Barnier Coat uses a fish also, AND the Akeys/Hykes/Hacks were first found in Norfolk, where Barneys were first found.

I still haven't got to my report on last night's one-hour hunt for the magnitude of what's coming down my pipes here. The Hykes/Hacks surname was linked to the Gust___ bloodline of LG (from Scandinavian parents), another prolific emailer, while the Swedish Gust Coat uses a curved chevron, a rare symbol in my hunts, found in two (perhaps three) other surnames, the topic of just two days ago as per the same chevron in the STRub Coat and Polish Past (Piast? Bast?) Coat. The Strub surname was in the discussion of the Stur/Esturmy family that I think will trace to the Ister river (where Budapest was built) and the Ishtar cult that likely named it.

The Gust surname was traced the Hykes family by way of the Gaut variation of the Gusts, for it brings up the Cott Coat (using red and white diamond-like lattice, a GUIScard the Fox symbol), while the Codd Coat (evoking the hake species of cod fish) brings up a red chevron on white, the symbol of both the Hacks/Hykes and Gusts.

Then, last night, I emailed Emailer Patterson because she had also shared on her Garrison bloodline, mentioning the Chace motto. I wrote back (days ago) that the Garrisons use the Wilder tree, for she is also of the Wilder bloodline. But last night I emailed that the Case Coat is the Kay/Key Coat minus the red part (this Kay family was mythical Kay or Arthurian importance, son of mythical Hector, who depicted the Hykes/Hack/Akey-like Hector/Heckie surname).

I also shared with Emailer Patterson that I had traced the Cassane/Kissane variation of the Irish Pattersons to the Cash/Cass surname (uses the "fountain" symbol, a Nahorite symbol, I think, and was first in CAMbridge), and that the Kissane Coat was in the colors of the Cases. I didn't share with her this time that I had also traced the Cassans/Kissanes to GUIScard et al as well (of course I'm thinking Edomite Kos/Kas and/or the Khazars). Aside from traces to the Nile Chemmites, the common link between Bavaria's Illuminati, Hungarians, Budapest/Sicambria, and Guiscard, is the Gyula and related Khazars of the Mures, at and around Arad, for I had traced Guiscard, known to be of the Rollo Rus line, to the Mures-river Khazars.

The Kay-like Case Coat uses a "jungit" motto term, what smacks of "Hungary." I have already shown that the "Franconian rake" symbol of Hungarian king Stephen is used in the same proportions by the Scottish Yonge Coat. English Jungs (using the same black-on-white Illuminati colors) were first in CAMbridgeshire.

Now for the one-hour hunt of Scheyern roots, which started with black-on-white Shays/Shaws. I suspected links to the Massey-related Says and Saytons/Seatons whom I had traced to Sais and therefore Seth/Sutekh Chemmites, but could not find heraldic links. I tried the Sears Coat but did not find links. Then I recalled the Seagers whom I arrived at as per the discussion on the Sarah/Sayers surname et al. The Seager Coat is white on blue, the colors of the Arms of Scheyern. I'll give you a heads up that, later in the one-hour hunt, I found a white pillar on blue in entering "Share" to get the German Schor Coat. That looked good.

Note the entwined green serpents in the Seager Crest, for later I was about to come across them again, for one, in the Austrian Scher Coat!! By that time, I knew that Seagers were from the Scheyern Bavarians. But immediately after the Seager surname, I entered "Share" to find black a talbot-dog head in the Crest. I had seen a blue one just like it a day or two ago, but could not locate it. Soon I would discover Ayrshire reasons for talbot in the Share Crest. The surname has Sheer and Shier variations, and as it was first found in Surrey, that seemed conspicuous.

I recalled my trace of the Surrey/Sark surname to the Gastons of Surrey, who were from the SADowski/Traby clan of Poland, a clan that I think links to the Set(t )cult too. The Gastons (owl for a Crest), use the red and white checks of the Surreys/Sarks. This time, I saw that the Sarrey/Sark checks, because they are on a chevron, are positioned as are the Wittelsbachs lozenges. And as red and white checks belong to the Hohen Illuminati, so Wikipedia tells that an early Wittelsbach of Bavaria was married, likely, to a Hohen.

Next, I recalled that the Sark surname had been linked (by me) to the black-on-white Dark/Arques surname, using a (purple) strong arm for a Crest, a symbol of the Rothschilds and of the Communists that they founded. I can also add that I had traced Darks/Arques to Argensons/Margensons, who come up when entering "Mackesy," and that this Mackesy Coat uses a green snake entwined around a white object, same as the green Scher snake.

Also, while the Mackesy/Margenson Coat is in black and gold, the green Mackesy snake is on a white-on-blue Shield, the colors of the Arms of Scheyern. Black-on-gold is about to flood this topic, and so I should add here that: not only are they the colors that I give Ayrshire-related Ishmaelites; not only did my previous trace of Masseys/Maceys go to Ishmaelites on different grounds altogether; not only was I able to trace Masseys/Maceys to Bavaria by different means than those found here; but as the Wittelsbachs are not identified in Wikipedia other than to have lived in Scheyern and at Wittelsbach, I figure that they were the black-on-gold Bogen surname, for I had discovered/read that the Wittelsbachs lozenges were previously owned by the Bogens of Bavaria.

The two Bugs Coats also use black on gold, and the one from Normandy uses what should a reversed Meschin Shield. Some days ago, I opened an email from Tim with an Arms of Rothschild (that I've since deleted) showing the bunched arrows with a strong arm, and at the center of the Arms was a white scallop, the Meschin-Coat symbol too. (If you can share the URL of that Arms, Tim, I'll share it with all in another update.)

Next in the one-hour hunt, immediately after finding the green Scher snake, I found the diamond mine: the Irish Sherry/Sharry Coat. It uses exactly the "perfesse dancette" as per the Arms of Scheyern, and of course the Sherry surname smacks of "Scheyern." The Sherries were "First found in at CourtmacSHERRY in County Cork," wherefore the Bavarian Illuminati was likely in Cork.

I had written on the Sherry surname previously in seeking links to the Cherry surname. BUT, here's how I had come to the Cherry surname in the first place, in the seventh update of July: "...the Kerysche variation of the Kerricks that tipped me off to the Cherry-surname possibility." Therefore, see the same-type dancette used by Sherries and Scheyern, in the Scottish Carrick Coat (!)...the surname first found in Ayrshire (!!) and using talbot dogs (!!!!) in black-on-gold!!!! I can't scream any louder. But I'll try. Carricks/Kerricks were from the Scheyern Illuminati!!!!!

It was immediately after seeing the Sherry Coat that I entered "Share" to find the talbot dog head in the Crest, and a black-on-gold Coat (!!!!!!) (that's six exclamation marks for the sixth Carrick point in a row), but at the time I still hadn't connected it to the Carrick surname, not until I went to the update where I had mentioned Sherry. The Share/Sheer/Shire surname is said to be from the Norman name, Essira, and as they were first in Surrey, which I traced to Surru=Tyre, that may be the older root. A trace of Carricks to Surreys does not necessarily contradict my previous trace of Carricks to Saracens, for by the time that I had found the Shares, I had looked at the black-on-gold(!!!!!!!, seven and counting) Sarah/Sayer Coat, the first surnames that I had linked to Rus(sell)-based Saracens.

In that July update, I had written:

Zowie, I came across the Shirley Sherrod story just now, and thinking that her surname might be linked to Carricks, sure enough...Sherrod' smacks of "Sherry" and uses the Cherry Shield, apparently. Entering "Sherry" brings up an Irish clan first in Cork, where the Irish Hayes were first found. The Irish Sherry Coat has a black zig-zag bar, partially on gold, like the black-on-gold zig-zag bar of the Scottish Carrick Coat!! Clinched!! But why has this "coincidence" in the news, just minutes after ending the Carrick/Cherry topic, occurred today? It's as if I was moved by God to write on the Carricks/Cherrys just before coming to the Sherrod story, which I found only because of being at the Recorded Future site above."

After re-reading that, I loaded the Hayes surname to find the English clan first, using gold-on-black leopard heads, smacking of the leopards in the black-on-gold Sarah/Sayers family. "Sayers was also "Seager," and it was the latter that uses two green snakes entwined around a staff. THEN, I clicked to the to find a green snake around a white sword held by a cuffed arm (i.e. as per the Mackesy and Scher snakes around a white sword/staff). Like the Sherrys, the Irish Hayes were first found in Cork, a location smacking of "Carrick et al.

The German Share/Schor Coat uses the white-on-blue colors of Scheyern, but it's a white pillar entwined with green vines.

Next, as per Hayes, I entered "Hayer" to first find the Scottish Hay/Haya Coat, and glossed over it so fast in going to the English Hayer Coat that I didn't notice that Scottish Hayers were first in Perthshire, the place to which I had traced the Ayrshire Ishmaelites. In fact, I had forgotten the main reason for making that link, and it happened to be in the Perthshire Hayers. When I got to the English Hayer Coat, it was the black-on-gold Ayer Coat!!!!!!!8 (that's Exclamation Math to the power of eight).

The Ayer Crest is the spurred boot that I mentioned yesterday as linking to the spurs in the Cool/Cull Coat. It's Kyle-of-Ayrshire family; note the Kyle-Crest coiled snake, and the "sola" in the Ayer motto.

And that's the one-hour hunt come to a close. But moments after that I wrote to Emailer Patterson and thereby came to the black-on-white Case Coat with Kay/Key Shield, and that seemed to be Directed from above because I had linked Kays to Mackays and Shays, and therefore Kays should be of the Scheyern Bavarians.

All that for a tip from Julie.

Apparently, "Ayer/Ayr" is somehow cogged to "SchEYERn."

I can't opinionate specifically on the so-called "cult-like" group now being sought by California authorities. The AP article made the Jerusalem Post even, yesterday:

"PALMDALE, Calif. -- Deputies searched a wide swath of Southern California early [yesterday] for a break-off religious sect of 13 people...awaiting an apocalyptic event and would soon see Jesus and their dead relatives in heaven, authorities said.

The group of El Salvadoran immigrants, described as 'cult-like' by sheriff's officials...

The group left behind cell phones, identifications, deeds to property, and letters indicating they were awaiting the Rapture.

'Essentially, the letters say they are all going to heaven to meet Jesus and their deceased relatives,' sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said [Whites/Whits/Wittels] trace to "Uat"]. 'Some of the letters were saying goodbye.'"

It's too early to know whether this is a distorted post-trib group that was planning, as the above seems to imply, a suicide program, or whether the above is a distorted implication of a normal/acceptable post-trib group just saying goodbye as per moving to a trib retreat. Nothing else in the article suggests anything dangerous, illegal, or weird. The article goes on to say:

"The men told investigators they believe group members had been 'brainwashed' by Chicas, and one expressed worries that they might harm themselves, Parker said.

Friends of Chicas said she was devout but hardly fanatic in her religious beliefs.

...Giron's wife, Jisela, said the church she attended was a typical Christian congregation and Chicas did not have a leadership role.

...Whitmore said the major crimes unit, helicopter patrols and many other deputies were looking for missing people.

...About six months ago, the group had planned to head to Vasquez Rocks, a wilderness area near Palmdale, to await a catastrophic earthquake or similar event, but one member of the group revealed details of the trip to relatives, Parker said. The trip was called off and the member kicked out."

The group appears to have moved to their trib retreat, and the first plan to do so failed due to a traitor. Beware, anyone you plan to retreat with could betray your position, and make you a target of the authorities by slandering your mission, by telling police things about you that are not true. "'We've got a group here that's practicing some orthodox and some unorthodox Christianity,' Parker said. 'Obviously this falls under the unorthodox.'" Really? Post-tribulationism is "unorthodox"? What else will it be called, as the devil's sons weigh in on such groups?

The Parker Coat and Crest uses the designs of the Mackesy Coat, including the cuffed arm. The same design, and cuffed/sleeved arm, are used in the Wolfley Coat, the bloodline of Obama. If I recall correctly, the Wolfleys (of Cheshire), who were Wolflins in Germany, were from Bavaria. It's online that Obama traces to "His eighth great-grandfather, Conrad Wolflin, served as a mayor in Orsingen..." I stand corrected. Orsingen is just outside the Bavarian border.

The Viscontis of Milan, who used a coiled green snake originally (with human/infant in mouth), were first headed by Ottone Visconti. A few months ago I showed the German Ottone Coat while on that topic, using roughly the same Shield design as the Wolfley and Mackesy Shields. But today, timely enough, in searching for it, I mistakenly found the Otone/Olten surname, first in Cheshire (!), using white-on-blue (Scheyern colors), both Ottone colors and the current colors of the Visconti snake. Perhaps the Wolfleys of Cheshire were Viscontis, somehow, and I do note that the Wolfley Shield is green on white, the original color scheme of the Visconti snake.

I had traced GUIScard to VISconti, and as Guiscard is now more suspect than ever as a Kos-of-Edom entity, note that there are owls used by this English Olten Coat (Otones/Oltens were from Oulten, Cheshire). The owl cult of Edom was, among other names, the Asclepios cult; the latter was symbolized in Greece by one snake entwined around a staff.

Who else uses the owl? Oh, yes, the Gastons!!! That seems to verify what may have been hazy until now, that the Kos cult of Edom was indeed an owl cult. And I did trace, yesterday, the Ishmaelites to Kassites.

We should expect that, at a certain time, the Illuminatists will sit and agree to begin a slander program against those who will reject/rebel against their skincode system. Expect that slander program from the media, just before globalists decide to implement their plans for ushering in the skincode system. To clarify, I say we should reject, but not rebel against, the skincode system. Reject it peacefully. Or else the authorities will come down harder upon us.

There are many post-tribbers across the United States planning retreats even now, and so we can ask whether this one case in liberal California is being deliberately used, and blown out of proportion, as a kick-off to a slander campaign by Illuminatists. I hope so, for the sooner, the sooner they get Buried by the Y'Shua of God kicking up His dust.

Pray for my enemies? I pray they fail to thwart us, and that the Day comes fast when the Heavenly Dust arrives in a Whirlwind of answered prayer. Our enemies are free to become our friends, and we will embrace them, and God will embrace them. They will know new joy, and they will pray all on their own, and learn that there are enemies out there, the crazy thoughts of whom even God cannot comprehend. Nor can God change their minds, even though nothing is impossible with God, for they refuse to change their minds. The only prayer I have for those who hate God is that they will change their minds and love God. Otherwise, the Dust be upon them. Not my dust, but the Dust of Him who...hates them. But as Ezekiel said, God does not delight in the death of anyone. He does delight in the death of His enemies only for the Son that can then shine unobstructed upon His wheat. There's a fine line there, and it's called Justice.

September 21

Let me tell you what made me exceedingly happy yesterday, and what can energize your faith in some of my writings. As soon as I ended the update and shut down the computer, I went out to get some sun, taking the Bible along. When I opened up it up to Jeremiah, I thought that this was not the book to read, as it has few allusions to end-time events (so far as I have been able to glean). And I thought this time to go to the minor prophets, which I don't usually do. Turning the minor prophets area, I landed on the first page of Nahum, and thought it to be an excellent place to read, as Nahum concentrates on Assyria, and sometimes on end-time Assyria = Mosul. Perhaps this time I could find a little new clue to share with you.

When I got to the third verse of the first chapter:

"The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, the Lord shall not leave the guilty unpunished [= Justice]. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet" (NIV translation)"

If you read the very end of yesterday's update, you know that I spoke on God's Wrath, and that I said, "the Heavenly Dust arrives in a Whirlwind of answered prayer." I was alluding to the whirlwind symbol of Armageddon. You can believe me, brothers and sisters in the Lord, that I'm not making this up. It happened just that way, and I suppose it's conformation for you that what I wrote in that Dusty section was proper. God hates his enemies today, and is coming in the Storm of Armageddon...that Nahum 1 continues to describe after verse 3.

The mountains will quake and melt, it says, and mount Carmel withers, which is the Israeli area around Megiddo. And it goes on to say that He is good even though an overwhelming flood of destruction will come to the world from His hand. Then in verse 11, the appearing of the cardinal snake, the proud Gog-atiel, from Nineveh, which was directly opposite the Tigris river from Mosul. Then, after some prophecies that seem to relate to ancient Assyria (though they could be Spoken to describe the end-time Assyria as well), we find the destruction of Assyria by soldiers described as locusts. Still in the same verse, the Assyrians are themselves described as locusts, which evokes my view of Joel's waves of locusts and other such critters, that they depict first the anti-Christ coming to Israel, followed by others, and finally the Kings of the East.

In my opinion, the grasshoppers that swallow Nahum's Assyria are the Kings of the East that Revelation implies will come to destroy the Dragon, his Gog-atiel, and the supportive false lamb. Nahum 3:14 seems to support my view -- adopted aside from any Nahum considerations -- that Abaddon's locusts of Revelation 9 are to be identified, not as Satan's trio, but as the Kings of the East (arriving to Iraq initially, in time to unleash the sixth Trumpet and Sixth Bowl, the prelude to Armageddon). Revelation seems to be going out of its way to make a distinction, by using "Abaddon," between Satan's end-time kingdom and that of the locust army.

I found it very "coincidental" that I should be reading the locusts of Nahum just after treating Abaddon heavily in these updates (see previous update page). I was starting to entertain that, perhaps, Abaddon referred, not to the Kings of the East, but to a Western Apollo cult i.e. the Illuminati. Perhaps God is trying to tell me to stick to the Kings-of-the-East position. The fact that I was in Nahum immediately after describing Him as the Heavenly Dust in a whirlwind suggests that He wrote that through me because He wanted me to be highly attentive to that message, provided not just for me but to you, from the Nahum read. I did not glean anything new in Nahum on yesterday's read aside from what I'm describing here on his locusts.

The New York Times has painted the current picture in Iraq, not especially different than previously, but one feels the pressure-balloon about to burst. It turns out, if one assesses the situation, that the present jam has the Obama administration to blame. We will see at the end of this discussion that Obama has been politically involved in the Iraqi election mud from the start.

At the start, Maliki openly rejected Western/American involvement, indicating what was obvious by other means, that Obama favored the Sunni block. We can imagine correctly that the American think-tank, which is also a policy-provider for Western leaders that amounts to a shadow government -- the Council on Foreign Relations -- was holding meetings for to discuss and muster its desired solution for Iraq...which of course involves a solution favorable to the corporations that it typically supports. That's classic conspiracy theory, but it's true, and its called Fascism.

When Maliki's hold on the Big Chair of the government was threatened by the opposing Shi'ite block, who refused to form a government so long as he was made the prime "minister," Maliki had to back off, swallow his lion, and humbly offer the Globamists some bait. The Globamists, hoars that they are, took the bait gladly, for we now read that Obama favors Maliki for Top Dog.

The Globamists know that, if they are influential in making the next king, they can control him because that lucky dog will be indebted to them. The longer the situation lingers, and the more the candidates sweat it out, the more lucky, the more indebted, the next chieftain will be when he is crowned. Or, the more the Globamists can interfere to shake a king into being, the more the king becomes their puppet.

Maliki is now accepting this puppet role, or at least making it appear that he will, if only Obama can save him from the wrath of the Iraqi people, who would like to see him step down if that's what it takes to form the next government. (Lightning just struck a rock right outside my house, I heard the smack. It was the first lightning bolt in my area, but I had unplugged the computer and the phone line five minutes before. The electrical system's ground plate is buried just two feet deep, just inches from the solid rock that comes above the dirtline nearby, like where the lightning just struck; that's what killed the mother board the last time. Whew.)

Maliki has the irony of having saved himself in the first place, legally, by forming a coalition majority with the opposing Shi'ites, who, as it turned out, would rather see him in the Electric Chair than on the Throne. Thus, he now needs the Globamists, but just in case has also offered a hand to Iran. The Council on Foreign Meddling, of course, wants to offer their puppet more dancing power than Iran can offer him. That's the situation as you read from the New York Times:

"Two dozen members of Iraq's newly elected Parliament, including leaders of most [i.e. excluding Maliki's] of the main coalitions, actually met in Parliament here on [September 21].

...Members demanded that they should convene a session, only to emphasize that they were not doing so officially [because an official meeting requires the official choosing of a prime minister]...

...Nassar Rubaie, another member of the main Shiite alliance, said the alliance would meet again, in secret, to begin the process of choosing either Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki or Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi as the candidate to be the next prime minister.

He said a decision could be made in a week, to which Mr. Mahdi later replied, with a look of astonishment, &'Really?'

...The gathering on Sunday, which included Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, but no one from Mr. Maliki's State of Law, amounted to little more than a gesture of deliberation, if not action..."

The article said that the courts have ordered an official meeting in about a month, giving them that much time to reach a decision. If the Americans were not involved, Maliki might have stepped down by now, but as it is, he's hanging on to their coat tails. From a September 9 article:

"The Obama administration is encouraging a major new power-sharing arrangement in Iraq that could retain Nuri Kamal al-Maliki as prime minister but in a coalition that would significantly curb his authority.

The compromise plan was promoted in Baghdad last week by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr...

...American officials said that the approach, which aims to bring Mr. Maliki's State of Law party, Ayad Allawi's Iraqiya party and the Kurdish alliance into a governing coalition, represents the best chance to break the political logjam...[note that the Iran-supported Shi'ite block of Mahdi is left out of the Glo-alition]

A senior American official said that the plan was likely to result in a new government over the next month or so, and that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton could travel to Baghdad at that time [wow, she really gets to go?].

'We don't really see what other option there is out there,' said another American official [deliberately ignoring/snubbing the Maliki-Mahdi possibility]...

...Doubts remain whether the Americans can close the deal and, meanwhile, Iran has stepped up its efforts to press an alternative coalition in which Mr. Maliki might remain prime minister but in a coalition with his Shiite rivals and not Mr. Allawi...

Mr. Biden said in an interview in Baghdad last week that if Iraq went another six months without a new government it would raise concerns that Iraq&'s military might intervene in politics. 'My worry will be that generals in the military will start saying, 'Wait a minute, which way is this going to go?' he said.

...'We have been deeply involved with each of the parties from the day after the election results came in,' [Biden] said, adding, 'This has been constant.'

The idea of a new power-sharing arrangement has been discussed for several months. Soon after the election results were certified in June, Christopher R. Hill, the American ambassador in Baghdad at the time, and his political aides drafted a paper in consultation with Mr. Biden reflecting ideas discussed among Iraqi politicians."

In the beginning, the Obama administration would have the world and Iraq believe the lie, that they were not involved whatsoever in king-making. Now, thanks yet again to Biden's big mouth, the world knows the truth. The slowness in forming a government would therefore appear to rest with the main Iraqi contenders waiting for the globamists to hack out a solution. Had the globamists not been involved, the contenders would not have been so pathetic. It is now clear to me why they have been pathetic, because they could rest assured all the while that the Council was to blame, for the Council sent them the message, to the effect, "Hang on. Give us more time to work out a solution." And they spoke with the Kurds, and they spoke with Allawi, and they spoke with Maliki, and they will bring Iraq the solution. So they hope and think.

But there is a Council on Prophecy Relations that might think differently, and It might have reached a solution ultimately by the coup that Biden spoke of. The Solution will be -- if not now, then at a future time -- by the snaking into the political situation by a cardinal snake, a serpent that's more slippery, more foul, than the globalists. Whether globalists will be responsible for the entrance of this snake, I do not yet know. It could be that the snake will come in opposition to them, who then need to make an alliance with it in order to reinstate stability.

You see, while the peoples may think it wise and good for the Council on Foreign Relations to hammer out a West-friendly Iraqi government rather than sitting idle and allowing Iran to chew on the bone, God has plans to destroy matter what George Bush may think of it. The locusts are coming to Mosul, but even before that, the proud Gog-atiel will intervene to set the stage, against his own will, for the coming of the locusts. That is, the locusts won't like his methods of intervening in Iraq, and they will come like a cloud to chew his legs to the bone in an instant.

The solution that the cock will then choose is, globa-cide (see last verses of Daniel 11). It will be demon upon demon, destroyer destroying destroyer, no matter that Satan won't like it, for the Council on Prophecy Relations has resolved that very Solution. Yes, Jesus said that a house divided against cannot stand, but indeed the House of Satan will become divided, and it will fall, because a proud Dragon comes to act un-rationally, in haste. Yes, the very leader of the house of darkness will finally be allowed, by the Restrainer of 2 Thessalonians 2, to enter upon the sensitive political organs, and doing what he does best -- kill, steal and destroy -- he will make other dragons concerned until they bury the kingdom of his cardinal snake in a locust cloud, even in the mushroom cloud of Revelation 9.

On the bloodline topic of yesterday, the link between the Gyula>Carolt Hungarians/Khazars and the Agilolfings of Bavaria explains very nicely why the Wittelsbachs of Bavaria are link-able to Budapest/Sicambria. It suggests that Gyula and his son, Carolt/Sarolt (this line of Hungarians married the royal Arpads), were from an Agilolfing royal line that had merged with a royal Carolingian line. As enlightening as that is, it suggests further that Agilolfings and/or Carolingians were themselves of the Khazar family.

Cohen/Hohen proper (Byzantine Khazars in my books) didn't enter the European scene until the ninth century, long after the rule of sixth-century Agilolfings. I have the formation of Cohens before that of Hohens, and the formation of Cohens in my book is from Melissena and Inger, 800-850 AD, in or just after the rule of Charlemagne's Carolingians. In this picture, the Gyula Hungarians could have been Cohens/Hohens.

Charlemagne's grandson, Charles Martel, was a Merovingian, and as Merovingians ruled at CAMBRai, so Buda and/or Pest was SiCAMBRia in those early centuries. We wonder if Merovingians named the city, Sicambria, or whether the peoples (Chemmites/Nahorites?) of Sicambria named Cambrai.

As a son of duke Pepin II, Charles Martel is traced by me to PAPHlagonians in Europe, for I identify the PEPinids (= Merovingian bloodline) as such. I also linked the Illuminati fundamentally to Paphlagonians, as they became the Venetians, wherefore one can suspect that the Bavarian Illuminati ties in with the Pepinid Merovingians. Merovingians ruled during the rule of the Agilolfings.

Moreover, as I identified Garibald I of Bavaria, the Agilolfing, as a Garebite, it is very conspicuous that I also traced Garebites to Cohen relations, Babenbergs of GRABfeld (Thuringia), and even linked Rollo's wife (Poppa) to those Babenbergs, namely to the Frankish founders of the Babenburgs of Franconia, Poppo (they were from counts of SAARgua). The Wikipedia article, scanty, on Grabfeld says: The Grabfeld is a region in Germany, on the border between Bavaria and Thuringia...The Grabfeld gave its name to the Bavarian district Rhon-Grabfeld and the Thuringian municipality Grabfeld." That could certainly link Garibald to Grabfeld elements, and therefore to Babenburgs or proto-Babenburgs.

It seems hardly coincidental that the Poppo characters of Franconia ruled just after the Peppinids of France had become powerful. It would suggest that Peppinids were the proto-Babenburgs, even as "Baben" and "Pepin" similarity would imply.

As possible evidence of Pepinid/Merovingian ties to Agilolfings, Pepin of Herstal named his son, Grimoald (II), evoking the contemporary Grimoald I, son of RAMhilde, and grandson of Garibald I of Bavaria (another b-to-m switch, common in the Nahorite/Nile discussions). The latter Grimoald named his son, Garibald. Apparently, the Agilolfings were likewise Paphlagonians.

The Grimoald-of-Garibald family ruled Benevento, a region in CAMPania near Avellino (= Apollo elements), and that jibes with my identification of an P-less "Paphla(gonia) with "Apollo." If correct that Grabfeld/Grapfeld and Garibald were terms in honor of Garebites (from ancient Jerusalem), then what of a trace of Hungarian ARPads to Garebites? Wouldn't the Arpads want to join the Garibald family under that distant-cousin scenario? The Arpad link to Franconians (as per the use of king Stephen of Hungary of a Franconian Rake design) can now be made to the Babenburgs in particular, for more reason that the known origin of Babenburgs proper in Bamberg of Franconia.

As per Martel's Battle of Soissons (not to mention his Battle of AMBleve not far away), let's talk about a possible Sois trace to Sais on the Sebannytos branch of the Nile. Soisson was named by the Suessiones of Belgium, a term smacking of the Swiss and the Svi/Swedes to which I trace the Swiss. It doesn't evade me that I traced "Sebannytos," also called, "Samannud," to the Sabines and their Samnite tribe, who were then traced to the Suebi Swedes and their Semnone tribe (who in their right mind would trace Egyptians to Swedes? "Me" is a very small word for the way I sometimes feel). The Suebi were also the German Swabians, it is well known, and Swabia is a region of Bavaria. A BIG hmmmm. "Soissons was the birthplace of the Frankish Prince Charlemagne, in the year 747, son of King Pippin the Short and Bertrada of Laon."

AND: "The city of Soissons has remained the regional capital of the contemporary provence of Aisne, north of the region of CHAMPagne." I trace "Champagne" and its Avallon to "Campania" and it's Avellino, wherefore one has reason to trace Paphlagonians to Champagne. But as these peoples led to Arthurian Avalon, note that the Aisne river (from "Sais"?) flows past the ARDennes, itself a region overlapping Champagne. Ask whether Arthur, code for a peoples but also a surname in Britain, derived from "Ardennes," therefore, not far from Artois. PicARDY forms part of the Aisne watershed.

The Aisne flows into the Ois. If per chance, therefore, the Oise was named after "Soissons," might "Aisne" have been named after a Saissons spelling??? In any case, you know by now that I trace Sais elements to Argos, and so let me say that Argives are known to have built Arpi, a city in Sabine Italy, a city that could link to the Hirpini (= "wolf people") of Avellino. We know already that Apollo depicted Chemmites of the Buto and Sais region, thus suggesting that Campania and Champagne were named after Chemmites, as I think Cambrai was, itself in the Artois theater. The Aisne is where we find the locality of Guise. It is to this region that I had traced the Seatons of Saytown, and much later (recently) I saw good "Say" and "Seaton/Satan" links to Sais.

Yesterday, Bavarian-Illuminati roots in Scheyern location was discussed, in the Bavarian district of Pfaffenhofen. Does not that latter term smack of both Pep(p)ins and Paphlagonia? And Hohens?

Carolingians are said to originate in the Liege area (includes Herstal), and smacking of the lys symbol of the Franks, I should add that the Lys river, and Lille, are not far from Liege, in the Aisne theater. Aisne not only uses the heraldic symbol of Champagne, but the Aisne river dumps into the Oise river near Compiegne (in PicARDY). It's new to me that there is a Guiscard location in the arrondissement of Compiegne.

The Pepinid ancestry of the Carolingians goes back to the father of Pepinids, Pep(p)in of Landen, died 640. This Pepin's father is named Carloman by the Chronicle of Fredegar, the chief source for his life. His byname comes from his probable birthplace: Landen, modern Belgium." Thus, Carol-ingians do not start with CHARLES Martel, but with CARLoman of Landen. The German Landen surname, found first in Switzerland, uses a rooster, a symbol I saw just this morning in the Babenberg investigation (I can't recall exactly what family used it).

The English Pepin Crest uses a camel, and jibing with my trace of Merovingians to the Arthurian cult (I view them as brothers/cousins), the English Pepins use black fleur-de-lys, the symbol of the Pendragon surname (first found in Cornwall). Black-on-gold were the original colors of the Kyle candles, and Kyles were from Cole's CAMULOdunum.

I had traced Carolingians to mythical GORLois, duke of Cornwall, whom in myth was made identical to, or a mirror image of, Pendragon. That fits nicely with a Carloman>Pepin trace to the Pendragon-colored fleur-de-lys of the English (though said to be from Normandy) Pepins. A motto term of the English Pepins is "Mens," while "Carl/Charles" means, "man."

The French Pepin Coat (surname first in Gascony) uses the bird found also in the Kay and Kinner (as per "Cyner, an alternative name for Kay's father, Ector) Coats/Crests. I see similarity in the Kinner and English Pepin Coats.

As evidence that the CAMPbells/Cammells were of Camelot/Camulodunum, the Land Shield is identical with the Campbell/Cammell Coat (new discovery just now, while seeking Landen alternatives). The Pepin camel can now be traced to Campbells/Cammells, and of course I'm wondering whether Pepinids, and Paphlagonians, were Nahorites named after Kemuel. "Land" also brings up the German/Swiss Landen Coat.

The Scottish London Shield has a design similar to the Land and Campbell "windmill" design. I had traced it on that idea to Holland, and Landen/Belgium is beside Holland. Note that the London Coat uses the Fleming double=border (Flemings use a "shaw" motto term), a symbol of Flemings from Flanders, Belgium! That would suggest strongly that Londons were from Landen. The Flemings who use the double border in Scotland were the...Seatons of Saytown!!

The Scottish Londons were first found in Fife, where the Kinners were first found. I had traced "Fife" to "Pfiefer," a surname looking a lot like "Pfaffenhofen," the region wherein I traced Shaws/Shays/Seths yesterday. Note that Pfiefers use an anchor, as do the Kinners...of Fife.

Therefore, if the Shaws/Shays/Seths from Scheyern of Pfaffenhofen trace to Sais, the peoples who named Pfaffen(hofen) could also trace to Chemmites? The Egyptian term, Pepi and/or Apophis (= Hyksos pharaoh) come to mind, as does mythical Epaphus of Euboea, whom Io of Argos married. As I think the Chemmites of Argos named Argyll in the Ayrshire theater, note that Flemings were first in Lanarkshire (= an origin of the Scheyerns>Carricks of Ayrshire), while the Lanark surname was first in Argyllshire. The area looks like a Chemmite haunt.

September 22

Earlier on this update page, I suggested a little evidence that Obama's Wolfley bloodline (first in Cheshire) was linked to Ottone Visconti, which idea seemed to fit well with the Otone/Olten surname that I mistakenly came across at that time, for it too was first in Cheshire, which in turn supports my long-held theory that Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, was from a Dunham family out of Dunham Masci/Massey (a Dunham town named after a Masci/Massey family). I'm about to show more evidence of these things from previous writings.

Today's investigation started by seeking "Oldenburg" in my files, for I suspected that the Oltens of Cheshire were from that German entity. The first page I got to was the third update of February of this year:

This never ends. Check out the [English] Duman/Doman Coat, the double dancette in Dunham/Dowman colors, but lined with garbs [Cheshire symbol]. The German Duman surname (Edomites?] is registered under the Damann surname (i.e. like "Dumnonii/Domnann"). As the German Damanns were from Oldenburg, where we saw the Alden/Alten surname, see that the English Alten Coat is essentially the Acton Coat [nearly an Arm and Scimitar in Crest].

I can't recall ever saying that "Acton," a surname first in Cheshire and Shropshire [i.e. where Meschin-branch Masseys were first found], may have formed from "Maxton," since after all the Acton write-up derives the surname from "Axton." This [axe-like surname], coupled with other traces of the Hykes' to the Meschin fold, could reveal mythical Ector to be a Maxwell/Macclesfield/Meschin family...if the Ector surname was indeed linked to [same-colored] Actons.

The Duman garbs are gold-on-blue, colors of the grabs in the Arms of Cheshire (Gascony has gold garbs on red). This Doeman [i.e. Dunham/Dowman above] surname shows many Dol-like variations so that the surname is appropriately, DOLman!!! Once again, we see a fundamental Alan-of-Dol link to the Meschins."

AMAZING, for yesterday, while on the Babenberg topic, I noted that Babenberg Arms of Austria use exactly the Axton/Acton Coat! In fact, it's the symbol of the Arms of Austria. AND, the Babenberg/Bebenburger Coat shown at is a red triple chevron on white, colors reversed from the English Singletary white triple chevron on red. IT IS A STATED FACT ONLINE that the Singletary bloodline in Obama's family tree changed its name to DUNHAM.

Thus, the fact that the Babenberg topic veered into the Otone/Obama topic does not look coincidental. Obama is of the Babenberg et al Illuminati, we can almost be certain, and of the Meschin/Masci family of Rus. Note the dancette of the Damann Coat, how it smacks of the same of the Arms of Scheyern, thus possibly making an Olden link to the Bavarian Illuminati.

To summarize the above quote, the Dunham surname (thought to be from "Dane") was linked to a Dumnonii/Domnann-like (thought by me to be the British Danann) surname from an Oldenburg of Germany, out of which came Altens, Oltens, and similar variations, wherefore we can expect a link of Cheshire Oltens to Dunham-related Dano-Germanics of Oldenburg. As you can see that I thought to throw the Axtons and Ectors into the above quote (a topic of yesterday too as per the Kinner/Kenner link to Pepinids/Babenbergs), so read now from the sixth update in May:

I've just found which surname uses the Kay goldfinches but that are called canaries. For I entered "Kenner" (for obvious reason), a surname I had discussed some months ago as per Ector's alternative name, "Kyner." The Kenners were first if Fife, beside Angus, the latter location is where Ectors were first found. Therefore, we are not surprised to find that Kenners use the Kay bird.

I recall finding gold Adler eagles on green a Fife-related topic. That topic included the German Pfiefers [smacks of yesterday's Pfaffen(hofen) term that I linked to Pepinids], who use a gold anchor on green. The Kenners (of Fife) use two anchors in the Crest.

The Adler eagle was obviously named after the Adler surname [uses an "Alsen" motto perhaps code for an Alten variation of "Adler"], but note how the Fertes [= direct Masci/Massey ancestors] use the eagle in Adler-eagle colors...

That little exercise led to the Elton surname [same Arm and Sword as the Acton Crest], first found in Cheshire [!!], and having a HELTon variation. Now that is very good, for the German/Silesian Helts were discovered this morning to use the same Coat as the Cheshire Hicksons ["Fide" motto term]. The symbol is crossed legs of a hawk/eagle. The Adler eagle??? Eltons use the Arm and Scimitar [sort of], and "Artibus" for a motto term [fits nicely with yesterday's Arthurian link to Pepinids]. The German Mieske/Mesechs (= proto-Meschins of Cheshire, in my opinion) [probably from king Mieszko OF SILESIA] and the Irish Maghans/Manns/Mathunas use the Arm and Scimitar [sort of, but with a straight sword like Eltons and Actons].

You may have read yesterday that the latter surname is a branch of the Arthur cult out of Ireland, but also a variation of the Manson/Magnuson surname. Therefore, I would peg Eltons/Heltons as within the families to which pertained Charles Manson's "helter skelter" codework. The Manson Coat is in Elton/Helton colors, and uses the [central] symbol of the Kyan Coat (I'm thinking Kyner/Kenner-related).

The last time I discussed (second update in February) the Eltons et al, it traced to the Oldens/Aldens ["Sola" motto term, same as the Ayers, code for Kyles/Coles/Cools] of Oldenburg (Germany) in the Brunswick theater.

There's flirting there around a link to Hyksos, but I don't know that I was yet (in May) linking the Kyan surname to Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan (said to be from "John"). I did so later, anyway, and felt very comfortable revealing him as the evil Exodus pharaoh. I linked Khyan to the Janina (Jan/John?) clan Poles, which included the buckle-using Sobeks/Sobieskies, which I mention now as per the same buckles used in the Case/Casse Coat...that was shown on this update page as a variation of the Kay Coat. It all fits excellently where Kays were MacKays who were themselves of the Maceys/Masseys/Meschins of Cheshire, and who were named in honor of Polish king Mieszko, whom I firmly linked to the Kyles for more reason than the Mieszko Arm and Scimitar/Sword.

The Case/Cass crest uses a sleeved and cuffed arm, same as the Wolfleys and Mackesys, if that helps to make the Case/Cass link to the MacKays/Maceys. There are many ways to trace this to Hyksos and/or the Buto cult, but I don't have room today to go over it all. As I'm about to enter the Barney facet of Brunswick, and the Hohens, suffice it to show the Kyne surname's Cohen and Barnicle variations, assuming a link to the Kenner/Kyner cult of Kay.

The point is that Polish Piasts came into a merger with Arthurian elements, the Eltons and Oltens of Cheshire, and the latter seem to have been from Oldenburg. What's the Oldenburg importance? The Samson-based Saracens (use crescent symbol), I think.

In the seventh and eighth updates of February, I pointed out: "...the Olden/Alden Coat's white crescents (same as the [English] Elias/Elis clans), for the O/Aldens were first in Westmorland (Meschin-ruled region) while the German Elias/Elis' were first in Oldenburg." I had traced the Elis clan to the Meschin Alis/Alice name [uses MacKay/Macey bear], and to Messina's Ali surname. Saracens who merged with Guiscard were in Messina (Sicily). Later in the update, I made an Alten/Oldenburg link to the root of the Bavarian Illuminati: "Note the archer in the Bogen/Buger Crest, because we saw Robin Hood in the English Alten Coat [excellent evidence for a Bogan-of-Bavaria trace to the Babenbergs Arms that is identical with this Alten Coat]. I call him Robin Hood because the Altens (no doubt from Oldenburg, Germany) were first in was the Bugs surname!" Bugs=Bogens out of Bavaria, merged with Altens/Oltens. [German Bugs were "connected to several place names in the Holstein region," and may therefore include Oldenburg of Holstein, discussed below].

Recalling from the top of this page that Wittelsbach (they were probably Bogens) Bavarians out of Scheyern turned out to be Carricks of Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, then read from the eighth update in February, keeping in mind that the Neuri-branch Nahorites lived next, and were likely related, to Alizones:

"The German Elis clan is from Oldenburg, suggesting, perhaps, that "Olden/Alden" are rooted in "El(is),"...Hmm, the English Olden Coat (surname first in WestMOREland) uses white crescents too. The Alisons, said to be derived from "Elis' son," were first in Lanarkshire. The Alison white talbots on black are likely colors reversed from (i.e. a family branch of) the black talbots of the Carricks and Craggs. BUT THE CRAIGS USE WHITE CRESCENTS ON BLACK i.e. the Elis symbol."

That's apparently another Bavarian-Illuminati link to Oldenburg, and in fact a variation of the Elis/Alis crew may have named "OLD(enberg)." That location is now suspect as a Nahorite/Alizone settlement, that ended up in Cheshire, where the proto-Stewart ALANs of Dol (D'Old?) also concentrated. The Alan-of-Dol Coat is, possibly, a reversed-color variation of the Acton and Babenberg-of-Austria Coat. But where is the Babenberg link to Oldenburg?

As the Hanna-Barbera creators of Barney Rubble were Saracens/Berbers of Hannibal colors (I trace Masseys to Meshwesh Berbers, and independently traced king Mieszko to Hannibal-founded Sulcis of Sardinia), we expect the same Berbers in Oldenburg because it's in BRUNswick, an area that I identify with Barney Rubble i.e. the Barney-at-all surnames (linked earlier on this update page with Bavarians of Scheyern) that I trace to the Ribble river in Yorkshire/Lancaster, near Cheshire and Flint. The owl-using Oltens/Oldans were first in Lancashire, as were the Kos/Kaus-like Cases/Casses.

It's clear to me that Barney-like surnames were of the Bernicians of the Yorkshire theater, and it just so happens that certain Bernicians called Bebbanburgs ruled at Bamburgh castle (Britain), wherefore they are easily revealed as Babenbergs of Bamberg, Germany. Therein is a possible/likely Babenberg link to Oldenburg...i.e. to Barneys/Bernicians of Oldenburg.

The Oldenburg link to Cheshire could be centered around the trace that I make of "Cheshire" and "Chester" to the Catti of Hesse (not far from Oldenburg), and thought to be Bavarian-Illuminati important.

It is believed that the first Rothschild, a Bauer/Bower and therefore likely from the Bogens (= "bowman/bower") of Bavaria ("Bauer-like term there), stole the money of William IX of Hesse-Cassel in becoming super-rich. Recalling my trace of the Will and William surnames to "Gyula" Hungarians/Khazars, I also reflect (on my belief) that the five bunched arrows of the Arms of Rothschild are a take on the formation of On-Ogur = Hungary ("On-Ogur" is said to mean, "ten arrows"). Moreover, it is widely believed that Rothschilds were somehow from Khazar "Red Jews." In this picture, William IX (and the Williams that preceded him) appears like a Gyula-based relative of Mayer Bauer, the first Rothschild.

Five bunched arrows are in the Crest of the English Dunham/Dowman (mentioned above).

The Alan link to "Olden(berg), if not also the suggested "Dol" link to "Old," may be indicated by the following from the fourth update of July, 2009: "The English Hallen surname [gold blood drops on a blue lion] is listed under Hallam branches, using a blue lion on white [Bruces of Yorkshire symbol], and also because it was first found in Hallam of Yorkshire, it is likely an Aul [from Alden/Oldenburg] branch merged with Bruces." The topic went on to the Whallens and other Rockefeller families, wherefore note the makings of the Bogen/Wittelsbach/Bavarian lozenges/diamonds in that Whallen Coat.

In my "Blue Gold Found in Templar Sweden," implying the blue Templar lions of both the Danes and Swedes (the blue Bruce lion is also suspect as the Templar lion), I said:

Greece recently saw yet another Constantine I (died 1923), of the Oldenburg dynasty going back to 1448. Oldenburg [not Oldenburg of Brunswick but possibly related] is in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, now on the border of Denmark. Behold that the Oldenburg dynasty uses two blue lions on gold background, an old Templar symbol! For new readers, the flag of Jerusalem today uses a blue lion on gold. However, these lions belong to the Danish dynasty that preceded the Oldenburg.

Blue Gold Found in Templar Sweden

I went on to add:

Constantine I of Greece married Sophia of Prussia, a HohenZollern, who was the granddaughter of queen Victoria of England...The Oldenburg dynasty (via Friedrich Wilhelm) produced queen Elizabeth II and the current prince [Charles] of Wales. Another daughter (Helen) of queen Victoria married into this family. As the English royals claim to descend from king David of Israel, the natural question to ask is whether the Oldenburg dynasty was [instead, secretly] a continuation of the Georgio-Armenian Bagratids? No sooner did I ask that I found this: "Oldenburg was the chief town of the Wagrians, one of the Slavic peoples...also known as Wends and Obotrites." Doesn't "Wagrian" evoke "Bagrationi"?

As per the Oldenburg dynasty being rooted Friedrich Wilhelm, note that prince William of Hesse-Cassel was from a family using other Williams and Fredericks, and that William VIII before him was the son of CHARLES, which may indicate again that these Williams were named in honor of Gyula/Carold elements. Going back a few generations past a couple more Williams of Hesse-Cassel, we find a Maurice, jibing with the Marot/Maurice Khazars that were, like the Gyula clan, on the Mures river. Note in the Maurice box that this Hesse-Cassel family ruled ROTENburg not long before the first Rothschild developed. Going back much further to Louis I of Hesse, one finds marriage to the HohenZollerns, daughter of Frederick V of Nuremberg.

Compare the red part in the Arms of Nuremberg with the Merit Coat that I trace to Mures-river Marots. Then know that I traced the holy grail cult both to Frederick HohensStaufen of Swabia (Swabia included Wurttemberg and Bavaria), and to the Mary Magdalene cult of Merit elements. The Arms of Nuremberg could trace, additionally, to the Ector Coat, thus potentially revealing the Ector>Kay cult as Nahorites.

NURemberg smacks of the Neuri, that is, and it is a Bavarian locality. I should add that the Hesse-Cassel bloodline inter-married also with Wurttemberg families, and was itself originally from Wurttemberg. That can align very well with Orsingen, the town on the Wurttemberg-Bavaria border in which Obama's Gr8-grandfather, Johan CONRAD (= Red Cohen = Hohen) Wolflin was mayor.

Early Templar England, as you may know, had known links to Caucasian Georgia, and the Jerusalem Templar flag was also the Georgian flag, and the Rosicrucian flag. Georgians were, apparently, in Oldenburg. You may have read on the Gyula/Carold family in the fourth update August:

As per the Carols being from the "Lord of Ely," who may have been the Gyulas, I should mention that in the Bassett-hedgehog quote earlier, the Mares/Aumaris/Damorys were linked to the Ellis/Alis clan...meaning that the Ellis' and Alis' may have been from the Gyulas...The Gyulas may have evolved into/from the Holle witch cult, therefore, and the Holstein region of Germany."

I had earlier (first update August) treated the evil European goddess, Holle, finding her to be of "Hol(stein)," but I long-before had traced her to the El(l)is surname (of Oldenburg, Brunswick). Therefore, Oldenburg of Brunswick appears to have been Holle's haunt too, along with Oldenburg of Holstein. In that update, I had found an article making a Bavarian link to the Holle cult, and it included Hesse: "Where Frau Holle seems to originate from the area which is now the northern part of the German state of Hessen, so originates Berchta or Perchta from what is now the German state of Bavaria."

I went on to say:

The Holstein-surname Crest is "A stag between a pair of blue wings, each charged with a gold star." The stag and star are seen as the symbol of the English Dunns/Douns/Downs.

Earlier in that update:

Tim found the Irish Dune/Dunn Coat...The Crest uses a holly bush with a lizard, which would seem to apply to the nordic goddess, Holle/Holla. CHECKING JUST NOW, after writing all of the above, I find that she was also "HOLDA/Hulda/Hilda"!!! That SHOULD apply to the Oldham/Odon surname [smacks of the Otones/Oltens of Cheshire] with owls. Tim found that the same Coat pops up when entering "Odien." But both "Odien" and "Odan" are registered in the Scottish Dunn family [Sheaves/Chaves-like key in Crest, and first found in Angus, beside Shaws of Perthshire].

The "habito" motto term of the latter surname could be code for Habsburgs (big-time rulers of Austria, but rooted in Swiss Aargau), who used the Babenberg Arms (see near-end of Wikipedia's article on Babenbergs; "Coat of arms of the Babenberg, later used by the Habsburgs..." I didn't mention Oldenburg in that piece, but there you have it, yet more evidence of a Dunham>Obama trace to that black-light location/name/entity.

As Frau Holle was made a wife of Woden, the Holle cult could have been the Alizones and Neuri-based Alan Sarmations, especially if "Woden" was from "Budini."

I've maintained a theory that Obama's German line to Wolflin>Wolfley was the Arthur-related Waldwin/Wolfin surname of Britain. On that topic, I said:

I had traced the Waldwin line of Obama, and therefore the Rodham surname (the two surnames have coats almost identical), to Alden/Oldenburg (Germany), and found that the Aul/Ault/Auld surname (a variation of "Waldwin") derives from that place. The [French] Aul/Ault Coat uses a white castle on blue, and I showed other white castles on blue (e.g. Howels/Houls)... (fourth update of July, 2009)

The Waldwin/Wolfin Crest is a green dragon sitting on a white castle, and the Waldwin/Wolfin Shield smacks of the English Alden Coat with similar Crest. It seems very apparent, therefore, that "Waldwin," the term linked in the write-up to an unidentified sister of king Arthur, is from the Alden/Olden entity of Arthurian importance. It also appears that the Wolflins>Wolfleys tied into that Oldenburg entity, and may even have been fundamental to it. It didn't escape me that the "gward" motto term of the Waldwins/Wolfins links to the wolf symbol of the Gard surname, the same wolf design used in the Wolfley Coat.

The Waldwin/Wolflin write-up says: "the family claim descent from Gualgnain or Gwalwynne, who was King Arthur's sister's son..." "Gual/Gwal" smacks of "Guilliam/William" i.e. the Gyula Hungarians.

The Parker surname should also link to those Hungarians, because the Parker Coat uses a stag (symbol of Hungarian Arpads), and the Shield design of the Wolfley Coat as well as a sleeved and cuffed arm as used in the Wolfley Crest. The Case/Casse Crest uses a sleeved and cuffed arm too, and a "jungit" motto term smacking of the Hungarians. BUT, one problem seems to be, the Case/Casse Coat uses buckles that I've linked to Janina Poles. However, the same buckles are used by green-griffin Leslies, and they are known to be founded by the Hungarian, Bartholomew. Expect a Janina/Sobek link to Hungarians, therefore. It dawns on me for the first time that the Leslie motto, "Grip fast," could be code for the Garebite elements of the Arpads.

The Parker motto term, "Fideli," was linked to Obama several months ago. In fact, I discovered the Obama link to fido-like motto terms such as "fideli," as per my original linking of the Wolfleys to the Gards. That brought me to the Fido (Aberdeen, same as Leslies) and Fidelow/Fiddle surnames, which I feel will become important again before long. As Parkers were first in Somerset (Cornwall peninsula), think duchess Parker-Bowles of Cornwall, wife of the present prince Charles of Britain.

The "jungit" motto term (of the Cases/Casses) smacks a little of the "jugum" motto term of the Scottish Hays/Hayers, which I wouldn't have mentioned unless both surnames used red-on-white (the Hayers emphasize a Janina-type Shield, it appears). Also, as I see the Cases leading back to Edom's Kos/Kaus cult, I also note that I traced Ishmaelites to the Hagars of Perthshire, a surname much-resembling "Hayer." It just so happens that Hayers were first in Perthshire too, and that's why I see them as the Hagar/Ishmaelite link to the other Hayers called, Ayers.

Obama was a friend and more of anti-American terrorist, Bill Ayers, who somehow escaped a long prison sentence and leads a "normal" life to this day in America. Escaping the trap seems to be typical for Obama tricksters, as though Freemasons in high places are scratching each others backs.

As per my trace of the Kos/Kaus owl cult and Ishmaelites to Ashkelon/Ascalon, we read in the Ayer/Hayer write-up: "In the early legends of the Eyre family, it was recounted that a Knight named Eyre who fought with Richard the Lionheart at the Battle of Ascalon during the Crusades..."

September 23

If Bavarians of some sort were Nahorites because we expect them among the Illuminati, then Nuremberg is suspect, as "Neuri" is pronounced, NER or NUR. Wikipedia's article on Nuremberg tells not to confuse with Nurburg in Rhineland-Palatinate (west-central Germany). Starting the Nur investigation on Nurburg last night, I was amazed right off the bat. I was looking for clues of traces back to Danaans, Argos, the Neuri, etc., and came to the historical facts that 1) early rulers of Nurburg were of Castle Are, at ALTENahr (read as Alten-Ahr), 2) "built by a group of counts, probably the Ahrgau counts, and, 3) the counts of Are/Ahrgau ruled the court of Adenau.

First, "Ahrgau" smacked of Switzerland's Aargau, from which came the Habsburgs...who might have been named after the same term that named "Baben." Then, as I read that "the counts [of Are] were divided up between several ancestral lines: the Are-Hochstaden line held the property in the village of Nurburg," I checked the Hoch surname (swan) to find that it was first found in Switzerland. Variations include "Hok."

THEN, I entered "Ahr" and got...the Scottish Ayer Coat!!! It's the same design as the English Hayer/Ayer Coat, but the point is, I once traced "Aargau" and its Aar river, to "Ayer." For example, in the third update of April, 2008: "But a half hour ago, after deleting a short paragraph on Ayrshire, built on the Ayr river (Scotland), I learned that Berne (Switzerland) was built on the Aar river."

As I trace Berne to Bernicians, note the antler in the Hoch Crest, for Berne was founded by Zahringers (from "Ahr"???) of Baden-Wurttemberg, who used an antler for a symbol. That suggests that the early rulers, and perhaps the founders, of Nurburg were of the Zahringer line to Bernicians. Queen Bebba of the Bernicians smacks of the Babel surname that was first found in Basil (smack beside Aargau, itself near Baden of Switzerland)), said one website, though the Basil write-up has Babels first in Baden-Wurttemberg to the direct north.

Baden of Switzerland (shown on the Aargau map above) is beside Wettingen, who may have been the Wettins (that I identify with the "Betty" Rubble code) at the root of the British royals. I linked Witt/White/Wittel terms to Wettins, and therefore I would suggest a trace of them all to the "Uat" cult. Keep in mind that the Uat/Buto cult was traced by me to mythical Batia of the Trojans, who depicted Abydos, for the Rhine river passing by Nurburg goes straight to the Batavians, a major root of the Merovingians. Let's not forget that Merovingians trace themselves to the Trojan line (i.e. mythical Antenor) to the Veneti, and that Antenor was a known depiction of the Heneti...Paphlagonians! Thus, the Batavii are traced by me to Padova in Venetia.

The Batavians, at the mouth of the Rhine, were neighbors to the Nervii Belgians!! This is the first time (so far as I recall) that the Nervii (see map) have become a Nahorite topic, and I had even traced Batavians to Nahor's son, Buz, by way of a trace to the Budini among the Neuri. Nurburg is smack beside the Belgian border, and could therefore easily form the root of Pepinids/Babenbergs/Carolingians in the Belgian region of Liege.

The Batavians are said to be a tribe of Catti, of Hesse, and so as I identify the Catti with the pagan holy grail, and moreover identify that holy grail line with HohenStaufens of Swabia, note that "the counts of Are-Nurburg were supporters of the [Hohen]Staufian imperial family."

As I typically trace the dragon cult of Switzerland from Liguria's swan cult, which I in-turn trace to the Gugars/Gogarenes of lake Sevan (I recently suggested that early Nahorites were there too), I do note how the swan-depicted Hok/Hoch surname can trace back to "Gog."I point that out as backdrop to a location of Nervi in Liguria. It's just four miles from the city of Genoa, the latter being a Grimaldi-ruled domain. As I trace "Grimaldi" to the Bavaria of "Garibald," see this: "The pride of Nervi is the Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi...The Parchi di Nervi is a park of about 22 acres (9 hectares) created from the gardens of the Villa Grimaldi, Villa Gropallo..." Lots of Gareb-like terms there, not forgetting Grabfeld of the Bernician-related Babenbergs.

As evidence that the Nervii were Nahorites, we recall the link I make of Nahorite Chemmites to Camb terms, and then see that Nervii Celts lived in relation to the Sambre river, itself connected to the Oise. I traced the Aisne and Oise terms earlier in this update to Sais (Chemmite haunt on the Nile delta), and so the Roman name of the Sambre, "Sabis," smacks of the Sebannytos branch of the Nile upon which Sais was built. Moreover, I traced the Sebannytos term to "Sabine/Safina" of Italy, and then to "Savona" of Liguria, which I identify as the mythical swan, whom in myth was Cygnus, very likely a root of the Hoch/Hok surname at the root of the Nurburg counts of Ahr/Are.

I then traced the Sabines, not just to Swabia (= parts of Wurttemberg and Bavaria), but to the Swabian tribe of Suebi/Suevi, who are labeled on the Nervii map above smack off the the Nurburg ballpark.

As per an old theory (of mine) that "Netherland" is named after Neuri-based Nahorites, we note that Nurburg is near the Netherlands border too. The Arms of Nurburg, a gold lion amid rectangles, is a near-copy of the gold-lion amid rectangles in the Arms of Netherland!! PLUS, there is a Nettershiem locality in the district (Euskirchen) that borders Ahrweiler (itself the district wherein Nurburg is located). AND, as I trace the Neuri, and the Geloni among the Neuri, to Alans and to mythical Hellen of Greece, the Euskirchen district also holds the locality of Hellenthau (my Nahor=Netherland theory includes that the Geloni named "Holland"). I should add that, when the Danaans took over Argos, they sent mythical Gelonus of Argos fleeing, while Herodotus reported that the Geloni among the Budini/Neuri were refugees from Greece.

As Nurburg and Euskirchen are not far from Hesse, note the dancette in the Arms of Euskirchen, for I trace the Catti of Hesse to Cheshire. The dancette above is like the one in the Arms of Scheyern, but there's also the dancette in the Chee/Chettle Coat, a surname first in of Cheshire that could have named Cheshire and its capital, Chester, in honor of the Catti. But the Chee write-up tells that they were of both Cheshire and STAFfordshire, the latter evoking the Staufens holy grail. That's quite a "coincidence," that while I traced the holy grail to both the Catti and the Staufens, we find that combination in the background of the Chee/Chettle surname.

On the Euskirchen dancette, the article says that it belonged to "the counts of Manderscheid-Blankenheim." The Blanks were Whites, and therefore from "Uat." As for the Mander term, aside from reflecting the mad Maenads of the Maeander river, where I locate the Dionysus cult, see the "Laus Deo" motto phrase in the English Mander Coat!!! Zowie, that's like the "Laus Deo" atop the Washington Monument that I traced to Dionysus, in particular to his Lyaios alternative name. For new readers, I traced early Nahorites of Mesopotamia Nuzi and to the Nysus term in "Dionysus." AND, I suggested eventually that Freemasonic America (including Washington DC) was founded by Nahorites, and that the Illuminati knows it.

The "omnibus" motto term of the Manders is used also by the Wayne-Coat motto, and so we see that the Wayne Coat seems easily a modification of the Mander Coat. The Mander-Crest bird is called a "plover," likely code for a related entity.

I've just realized, when asking how "dancette" could be a symbol of the mythical Maenads, that they, you will find, are always described as mad dancers.

Laus is a location in southern Italy. Remember here that mythical Hellen was made the father of Aeolus, probably another Alan-Sarmation tribe, and that Aeolians settled, en route to founding Nahorite Atlantis, the Aeolian islands off the coast of Sicily/Messenia. For I can make a Nurburg link to Messenia now, in particular to Robert Guiscard of Sicily.

For this we turn to the Vulkaneifel district (also beside AHRweiler) with a capital/seat at Daun! In this picture where we're making a trace to southern Italy, Vulkan(eifel) may have been named after mythical Vulcan, for his cave was located somewhere in or near the Aeolian islands. Remember too that both Hephaestus and Dionysus were given limps/lameness from birth, and both were a peoples on Lemnos. Apparently, they were two tribes of the same stock. (Scrolling down the page we find a lattice symbol in the Arms of Vulkaneifel, said to be "the arms of the Counts of Daun". One can verify that by clicking to the Daun article, but the point is, see the same lattice symbol exactly, was shown by the Wikipedia article on Robert Guiscard (no longer shown) in a portrait of Robert and Roger Guiscard.

I just found it at this page, and this time I'm saving it. As the Guiscards were sons of TANcred, take note of the likely trace to "Daun"!!

The Daun lattice, called "fretting" (code for a Frederick/Friesland?) goes back at least to Richardus de Duna of the 12th century.

NOW, as I trace the scallop symbol to Euskals (= the Basques), and while we're wondering whether Euskals were from "Euskirchen," how is it that the Tancred Coat uses scallops? The write-up traced to a Tancred that was governor of Antioch, yes, Harbiye in Syria. I traced Tancreds previously to the Gust/Gaut family of Sweden, and therefore to the Gaut/Cott Coat...with lattice.

Tancreds were also the NORman elitist Tankervilles of TANERdevilla in Normandy. It makes one suspect that NORmans were Nurburg- and Daun-branch Nahorites/Danaans (I recently resolved that ancient Nahorites and Danaans were one and the same). The white-on-red cinquefoils of the Tankervilles match the one in the Blank Coat, and then I note that the SCOTTISH Blanken Coat (surname evokes Blankenheim, part owner of the Euskirchen dancette) is likewise white-on-red, and is the same Shield as per the SCOTTISH Randolph Coat of Moray. And zowie, the Blankens "lived in Blencarne, in the parish of KIRKland [caps mine], in the county of Cumberland." "Euskirchen" is said to break down as Eus-Church/Kirk. (Blankenheim is a city in the Ahr river, along with Hellenbach.)

Obama's Dunham line not only traces to the Randolphs of Moray, but the English Randolphs use a dancette too (identical to the Dunham-surname dancette). I traced this dancette to holy-grail Butlers, who would now appear to be from the Catti tribe of BATavians, nicely explaining the bat symbol in the Scottish Randolph Crest! The pelican in the Butler Crest is not only on a crown, the latter symbol upon the Blanken variation of the Randolph cross, but the pelican is a symbol of the Waynes, who use the same colors, but were found above to use a variation of the Mander Coat, excellent because the Euskirchen dancette was owned also by the Manderscheid entity!

We are looking up the skirt of the Wicked here, the fools who fool mankind, who have nothing to offer but the fruits of their selfishness, a cult that hides from us all that they represent, even the legs that they stand on. But here are those legs inside that secret skirt, and they have the hairs of the mad Obamaenads who would "legally" steal from us everything we work for.

If we think it's a stretch to identify Butlers with Batavians, consider my link of mythical Bedivere, an Arthurian knight, with the Beetle/Bedewell surname (diamonds in Euskirchen-dancette colors) of Bedfordshire. "Bedivere, along with Kay and Gawain [is that the Wayne surname?], is one of the earliest characters associated with King Arthur."

As proof of Bedford links to Euskirchen and/or Euskals, the Arms of Bedfordshire use white SCALLOPS on black (Meschin- and Russell-scallop colors). (Those Arms also use a water wave, similar to one I saw in the Arms of a location in or near Euskirchen. The Bedfordshire Shield is like the Massey Shield.) This is not the first time that I've linked the Meschins of Cheshire to Batavians; I found that those Meschins were linked to Batavians via Ligurians, and it just so happens that it involved a trace of Ligurians to Luton of Bedfordshire.

I and others trace Euskals to northern Caucasia, and that's where Alans lived. If "Euskal" derives from "Euskirchen," and if correct that it means, "Church of the Aue," the Basques would be from an Aue entity. Ow, I'm stabbing myself in the heart now for not recently (September, I think) recording what Coat used "AVE" across it's Shield. But, I often suspect definitions like that to be more off-the-cuff than dirt-real, wherefore a Basque root in an Eus (Gos/Gas?) entity is open game for me.

NERdlen, in the Daun (anciently "Duna") municipality, uses an eight-spoken wheel that I thus-far think was unique in Egypt to the chariots of the Hyksos, and the 18th dynasty that followed. "The municipality's name was originally Zu den Erlen ('At the Alders'). Through faulty separation of the last two words [or as play-on-words to describe the Neuri of the region?], this later became Nerlen, and then eventually Nerdlen." It could be that "Erlen" was never a term to describe the Alders, but was rather a corruption of "Nerlen" in the first place, later reverting to it. In any case, one sees an Alder/Olden-like term associated with a Neuri-like term.

The Arms of Rhineland-Palatinate (where Daun and Euskirchen are located) use a six-spoke wheel, and a gold lion on black that I think traces to Flanders. In seeking the earliest instance of the Flanders lion, I can't recall who, aside from the Baldwins of Flanders, used it. But I did trace the Baldwin surname to the Waldwin/Wolfin surname, for both use green griffins/dragons in Crest.

I see that the Baldwin Shield is a black saltire on white, the symbol of the Darks/Arques, which reflects, I think, the fact that TANkervilles/TANerdevilles (from red-scallop TANcreds) married the Arques, according to the Tankerville write-up: "Ralph [Tankervilles's] son William was Treasurer to King Henry 1st, and Justice of England. He married Matilda, the daughter of William, the Viscount d'Arques." In other words, Baldwins appear to be the Euskirchen peoples of Daun, then the Tancreds and/or Tankervilles, but using the black Arque saltire.

That in turn traces the Waldwin/Wolfin surname (related to the Gard wolf family) to Neuri of Euskirchen, and that works excellently because the Neuri (of Ukraine) were said to worship the wolf. Perhaps the black saltire traces to the black-on-white cross in the Arms of Adenau. "Adenau was mentioned 992 for the first time under the name 'Adenova'. In 1162, Ulrich, count of Are donated his mansion to the Saint John Order (also called Order of Malta)."

As Argos is traced by others back to the Adana region of Cilicia, where the Cati holy-grail peoples lived, and as the Are/Ahr terms of Ahr-ville trace to Ayrshire, the Argyll region beside Ayrshire appears to link to the Ahrgau and Aargau terms, themselves from that Danaans out of Adana and Argos. Therefore, the Adenova locale seems to apply very well to those Danaans. And that's where the Nurburg counts were from. I am convinced, therefore, that they were Nahorite Danaans.

The black lion on gold of Flanders is seen in the Arms of Ahrweiler and, in colors reversed, the Arms of Rhineland-Palatinate. But if this is not convincing, and it isn't very if all we go by is the design, then see the black lion with white outlines, and red claws and tongue, exactly like the Flanders lion. That's the lion in the Arms of Nettershiem, in Euskirchen too. In the Nettershiem area is Bouderath, smacking of Herodotus' "Boudini."

"Vulkaneifel" is a Vulkan combo with the Eifel region. "The Eifel and Hunsruck mountain chains are found on the west bank of the Rhine in northern Rhineland-Palatinate, while the Westerwald and Taunus mountains are found on the east bank." Taunus? Who would have thought at the start of this Nurburg investigation that we would have a Tanais and Tanis like city in Illuminati central? But it figures.

There's even an HochTaunus region there. We're in the state of Hesse now; look on that map to see how close the Taunus region is to Weisbaden, for Weis is the root of the surname of the visible founder of the official Bavarian Illuminati...that the first Rothschilds are said to have fostered.

On that map, HochTaunus is highlighted. We read: "The wealthy towns in the district's densely populated southern part belong to the Frankfurt urban area." The first Rothschilds lived in Frankfurt. And we might expect the Khazars/Kabars at HUNSruck.

As per my trace of Drummonds to Rothschilds, we find HochTaunus in the DARMstadt Administration, a term that I once traced to Drummonds (from Magyar Huns), before I figured that they were from the Sepharvite god, ADRAM(melech). The Arms of Hochtaunus uses the Nassau lion, a surname that could trace to Nysus entities of Nahorites/DioNysus.

We're not looking at the mere secret skirt here, my fellow dog-bone diggers, but at the grimy legs, made filthy over centuries by the royal glories in the name of a false YHWH, the name of Set. What Golden Dawn could such ugly legs ever produce for mankind? What rotting disease do we expect from touching the skirt of Ishtar the Great Mother of Abominations. Yes, the Rothschild/Rothstein Coat even uses the eight-pointed star of Ishtar. As per the Rutten variation of that surname, see the ROTENburg area on the map. And is the Odenwald area named after the Budini?

As per the raven/crow in the Rothes Coat, is that I raven/crow I see in the Arms of Starnberg (Bavaria)? We read: "Starnberg regained its status as the wealthiest town in Germany from the Frankfurt suburb of Hochtaunus." The HochTaunus article says: "The Hochtaunuskreis and the Landkreis Starnberg regularly compete for the title of the wealthiest district in Germany." How did all that money get to the Rothschild domain? Who was stealing it from the workers? The Rus crows, pirates, and other filthy fiends? And is Starnberg the Rothschild-of-Hesse link to Bavaria??? It certainly looks like the Weishaupt connection.

I had traced the Raven-depicted Rothes, and the proto-Rothschilds, to raven-depicted viking pirates (called Stout) who conquered Rothesay, an island off-shore of Argyllshire and Ayrshire.

I can't recall what entity, but I found the red triple chevron in northern Frankfurt. I know that "Jewish" Epp(stein)s (first found in Hesse-Nassau) use it, and they smack of "PAPhla(gonia," while Babenburgs (who I traced to Paphlagonians before finding the Eppsteins) use the same symbol. German Papes use Papel and Papen variations.

NOW LOOK. As I traced the Bavarian Illuminati to Bogens, who were related to the Bugs surname, read first the Pape write-up: "First found in Hamburg, where the name contributed greatly to the development of an emerging nation which would later play a large role in the tribal and national conflicts of the area. In later years the name branched into many houses, each playing a significant role in the local social and political affairs. Pape is also connected to several place names in the Holstein region."

Now see the Bugs write-up: "First found in Hamburg, where the name contributed greatly to the development of an emerging nation which would later play a large role in the tribal and national conflicts of the area. In later years the name branched into many houses, each playing a significant role in the local social and political affairs. Bugge is also connected to several place names in the Holstein region."

Apparently, the Bogens of Bavaria, who I think were proto-Rothschild Bauers/Bowers named after "BAVARia," were merged with Pape and/or Pepin Paphlagonians, long ago from the Merovingians, likewise Nahorites...from Batavians. And that should explain why the English Bugs surname, in German Bugs/Bogen colors, uses a bat for a Crest (it uses water bougets for a Coat symbol). And to help make the Bug bat link to the Randolph bat Crest, the German Bugs use the little sparrows used also amid the white triple chevron on red of the Singletary Coat.

This is a good place to mention that the Garvil variation of the Carol surname smacks of "Garibald," suggesting a trace forward in time of Bavaria's "Garibald" to "Carloman/Charles" (i.e. the Pepinid line to Carolingians). One again starts to get the impression that Nahorites of Nurburg were Garebites, or at least merged with them.

This shouldn't be the end of the discussion. We have yet to strip the skirt off of the beast, and inspect the bones inside of those terrible iron legs.

For a look at Bill Clinton's heart on the Israeli peace deal that has yet to materialize for him, see Bill doesn't like Russian Israelis anymore."

Does Bill know that the Mother of Whirlwinds is drawing near, and is he seeking money even now to build a brighter tomorrow, as God prepares to shake the kingdoms of the Iron Legs to the ground:

"Former President Bill Clinton [two days ago] warned of the growing devastation of the global economic downturn and said the dangers posed by natural disasters around the world had been increased by the effects of climate change.

The former president spoke in New York on the first day of the annual Clinton Global Initiative...

Clinton announced...a new program to help Louisiana's gulf coast, which is still recovering from the massive oil spill and the effects of Hurricane Katrina five years ago.

Clinton said the gulf region had been hit by 'everything but a plague of locusts' and said climate change had made events like hurricanes and flooding more frequent and deadly.'"

I don't trust him with the money he and his foundation raises. I just don't. He's after building the global economy on behalf of the Illuminati. His job, like that of his wife and even Obama, is to gather poor and distant nations into the new world order. There is someone in this world who wants to be God. May we know him?

Here's a good example of Foundation robbery:

"Bono's anti-poverty foundation ONE is under pressure to explain its lavish salaries after it was revealed...

The non-profit organisation set up by the U2 frontman received almost 9.6m in donations in 2008 but handed out only 118,000 to good causes (1.2 per cent).

The figures published by the New York Post also show that 5.1m went towards paying salaries. Friends in high places: U2 singer Bono meets French President Nicolas Sarkozy [AQ Dark/Arques?] in Paris at the weekend ahead of the UN summit in New York ...In 2009, the group campaigned to have enshrined in British law a commitment to development assistance abroad."


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