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October 18 - 21, 2010

Coynes are the Root of all Evil
Batman Spills the Beans

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October 18

Yesterday was an excellent example of how God is making revelations to us. The night before yesterday, I had gathered a few quotes from Wikipedia's azur article, and pasted them in yesterday's update, but not before I had pasted a couple of quotes from Tim. Then, as I awoke the next morning, I asked God what he wanted me to write on, as I had nothing in mind. Momentarily (I can't recall how long), I found myself thinking that the Danish Templars should be linked to The Tuatha de Danann and their Fomorian/Bolg partners as they might have linked to Belgian Flanders.. And deciding that I would, I got up to write the update.

I started with Tim's quotes, and being sidetracked into other topics thereby, I forgot to mention the Danann. After uploading part of the update, I left a note saying that I'd be adding more, on the color blue, After finishing the blue topic, which was on the azur=cyan heraldry blue, I still had forgotten to mention the Danann...until I checked the Lapis surname and wrote: There is a Lapis/Lapo surname first found in Bologna...This [Bologna similarity with "Bolg"] reminds me to tell what entered my mind early this morning, that the Danish Templars trace back to the British 'Tuatha de Danann,' pirates in Ireland..."

I had loaded the Lug article at Wikipedia as part of that topic, but I didn't read much of it as the time was late. After ending the update, I got round to reading a little of it (It had been years since I had read it). I was seeking clues of Hercules and Geryon in the myth writers' codes, and found some. When I learned that Balor was Lug's grandfather, I made the correction in yesterday's update, and going immediately to see who Lug's father was, I turned blue as it turned out to be "Cian."

My explanation is that God, seeing that there was concentration on heraldic blue the day before (that could have been His idea too), and that I was also coming round to write that day on cyan, steered me early in the morning to write on the Danann and Fomorians because He wanted us to know that myth writers gave Lug a Cian father in relation to the cyan/azure importance of heraldry codes.

This morning, it hit me that "cyan" sounds like ":Sion," and that the Zionist star on the Israeli flag is in the azure or cyan color: "The blue colour [of the Israeli flag] is mandated only as 'dark sky-blue', and varies from flag to flag, ranging from a hue of pure blue, sometimes shaded almost as dark as navy blue, to hues about 75% toward pure cyan and shades as light as very light blue." Who mandated the sky color? Isn't the blue/sky a term that was anciently "kok/gok," as some explanations of "Kok-Turk" will inform us? Didn't Khazar Turks -- i.e. the Rothschilds -- mandate the sky-blue color of the Israeli flag?

But this morning, before getting out of bed, I realized the significance of Cian, father of Lug. It related to what was claimed yesterday, that Lug depicted the CYCnus Ligurians in Ireland. And those Ligurians founded Sion in Switzerland. That city is also "Sitten," which is a clue to the Sitone founders of the city along with the Sviones (Tacitus said that Sviones of Scandinavia lived beside Sitones), for "Svione" is nearly "Sion." Thus it appears that both Sviones and Sitones passed through the Geneva region of SWItzerland, and that SVIones named the country itself.

Geneva should trace back to Genoa of Liguria because Sviones should trace to Savona, and as the latter sounds like "swan," one has cause to link CYGnus, mythical king of Liguria, to that city, for in Greek, "cygnus" means "swan." Two more points clinch this theory as virtual fact, that entering "Sion" brings up the Swan-surname (azur Shield), and that the father of king Cygnus, likewise a ruler of Liguria, was given the Sitone-like name of STHENelus, smacking of the Sithone branch of Edones, which makes complete sense in that mythical LYCURGus (i.e. like "Ligur"), was king of Edones.

Okay, now you know the Templar secret. But I have entered this hunt by the direction of God due to my Masci bloodline, and after writing mountains of material on this quest, I came to realize that Mascis/Maceys were the root of the Rothschilds, proven by several things in concert, not least of which is the similarity of the Macey and Macy symbols (both surnames on an azur Shield) with the Sion/Swan Coat.

After coming to realize that a Massi/Matt branch of Piedmont Mascis, no doubt in Massino of Piedmont, were at the root of the English Massin/Mason surname, it was further gleaned, very recently, that Mascys of Cheshire were merged with the Temple surname that must have been named after Templars.

But the forehead is a temple too, and that is a pagan/witchcraft idea, the idea of the serpent in Eden who wants us all to worship self. The one-eye of paganism is on the temple forehead, and this is where the eye of the CYClopes is situated, you see. Myth writers had Lug shoot Balor's evil eye out with a sling, meaning that they used the David-and-Goliath story as basis for their portrayal of Lug, though I think they had in mind that Balor and Lug were Gogi giants (i.e. like Goliath).

The Biblical story of Goliath does not ring like myth; there is nothing in the story out of line with real events. God was sending a message to Satan's Gogi, possibly, when He had the Messianic bloodline shoot Goliath, to a quick and surprising death (globalists will be very surprised), in the temple between the eyes.

Balor should trace to north-African Gorgons (depicted in Greek myth with one eye), for as the Medusa Gorgon (it was her sisters that had one eye to share between themselves) could kill all who laid eyes on her, so Balor's evil eye would kill all that he looked upon: "Lugh faces Balor, who opens his terrible, poisonous eye that kills all it looks upon, but Lugh shoots a sling-stone that drives his eye out the back of his head..." A Balor trace to north-Africa jibes with the trace that Heberite Irish make of themselves to north-Africa/Egypt.

If you're convinced that the Cian term applied to Lug refers back to Ligurian CYGnus-branch Gogi, and to the cyan sky-blue color that became a play-on-words symbol for the Gogi/Gorgons, then what about my trace of Cycnus to the historical Kikons, whom I claim with giant confidence to be the Ixion cult that looks like it has a "Sion" built in (as code for Sion in the Tyre theater, not the Swiss Sion)? It was BEFORE coming to the cyan topic that I had traced pharaoh Khyan to Ixion-branch Hyksos.

Isn't that the cyan-message that God wants us to know, that Lug and his Danann proto-Templars were Hyksos Sea Peoples, from the Exodus pharaoh whose cult and bloodline will, in the end and on the Great Day, be treated as David treated Goliath? Very recently, I traced Masseys of Dutton/Tatton to the Dido Tyrians, and was then able to see that Dido and her father Pygmalion (an historical Tyrian king, father of princess Elissa) depicted the Hyksos in Tyre as opposed to the previous Apollo/Abaddon-cult rulers of Tyre (I trace that cult to Narmer and king Scorpion of Abydos in upper Egypt). I identified the Pygmalion dynasty as the Mitanni that had supported the Upper-Nile Aten cult, at Amarna, that location trace-able to Myrina on Lemnos (this jibes with Pygmalion's merger with Aphrodite in Cyprus, wife of Hephaestus on Lemnos). But somewhere in Tyrian royalty, the Khyan cult must have wormed itself, and if it wasn't the Zeus-Taurus cult to Cretans, it was the Zeus-like Ixion cult from Sion of Tyre.

But when did Sion elements rule Tyre? It must have been before the Apollo cult ruled, for Khyan was early in history. However, as Ixion's wife was made Nephele, it speaks to an alliance between Khyan-Hyksos and Nibelungs that I trace to the Aten cult. That merger could have survived right into the Mitanni royals (as per king Mattan/Mittan) that produced Pygmalion. Still, there was an Ixion-Nephele wave)s) to Greece long before king Mattan, and the candidates are the Cadmus>Dionysus wave, the Daphne>Taphian wave, the Hermes>Pelops wave, the Perseus>Danaan wave, and the Samson>Hercules wave. It's hard to distinguish between these waves i.e. they could ALL have been Khyan- and Apophis-related Hyksos.

I don't mean to mess your head with these difficulties. We who have a lower impression of our foreheads, and what's inside of it, are more prone to taking it easy than ruling the world. We don't drive forward as though all there is to worship is ourselves, and that tiny 5-inch brain that caused the ancients to be stupid enough to worship gods of stone and precious metals. The anti-Christ will be just as stupid, worshiping self and precious stones (Daniel 11 says so).

Rothschilds got intro diamond mining, but where did they get that occupation? Who were miners before them? Masseys use hollow diamonds as symbols, and Bavaria uses "lozenge" diamonds. Grimaldis of Genoa and Monaco use diamonds. Haven't I been tracing the Grimaldi and Bavarian diamonds to Garibald and Grabfeld, and therefore to Garebites? Didn't I trace "Gareb" to "Jerevan," not far from lake Sevan, a lake also named after the Gogi of nearby Gogarene? Is that the proto-fleur-de-lys we see in the Seal of Jerevan?

Can't we trace "Sevan" to the Cycnus Gogi of Savona? Doesn't this mean that Sion of Switzerland is ultimately named after the namers of lake Sevan? What about the Svaneti Georgians, who lived anciently in "Suania"? Could that place have named, not only lake Sevan, but Sion at mount Hermon and/or mount Zion in Jerusalem? I did trace "Hermes" to "Armenia," and to the "Hermes"-like Armenian god, ARAMAZd. Wikipedia: "[Svaneti/Suania] is inhabited by the Svans, an ethnic subgroup of the Georgians....The Svans are usually identified with the Soanes mentioned by Greek geographer Strabo..."

Apparently, Gorgons were at Armenia's lake Sevan, and likely they were the namers of Gogarene (I've read that Gogarene was on the Georgian-Armenia border region, but one map shows it (perhaps in later times) to the south-east side of lake Sevan).

Caucasians even assigned themselves a mythical Caucas/Kavkasus, son of Togarmah, smacking of the Togarmah link to Gog in Ezekiel 38. Both Gog and Togarmah are said by Ezekiel to be in the "far-north." As I saw here that "Caucasia" evolved into "Cavc" and then Caf-like terms as a result (Caucasia is "Qafqaz" to Azerbaijani, "Ghafghaz" to Persians, and "Kafkasya" to Turks), I entered "Caf"f just now to see what might come up as evidence of a Caucasia/Gogi link. It was the first Caf-like surname I tried. In the Caff Chief, three azure diamonds. In the Caff Crest: a blue Indian peaCOCK...that I trace to Sintians of northern CAUKasia. (I had found kok-like terms that meant "egg" and therefore must have also meant "CHICKen/cock").

The COMERfords/CUMBERfords (evoking Gomer, father of Togarmah) also use a blue Indian peacock. Remember, I trace Cumb(er)-like terms of Britain to Chemmites/Danaans in Egypt, but then trace those Danaans, from Tanis, to Tanais in northern Caucasia.

As per the Chafey variation of the Caffs, I entered "Caffey" to find an Irish clan first in Cork, which evokes "Gorgon." The Crest is a dolphin with rider, a recent topic. The Caffeys/Coffeys trace themselves to Lug, apparently, which find seems very conspicuous in that Lug is the central topic this morning: "First found in County Cork, in Ireland, where the claim descent from the Irish monarch, Luy Mac Con, from the line of the Kings, ancestor of Cobthach Fion, who in turn was the ancestor of the name Coffey or Caughey (both pronounced the same way)." "CAUGhey"?

There is neither a Luy nor Lug Coat, but it's known that Lug founded Lugdunum, now the French city of Lyon. The Lyon Coat uses a green lion, the color of the Caffeys/Coffeys. The Lyons are said to be from Lyon-a-Foret, and the Foret Coat (surname first in Savoy, near Lyons) is in the gold and green colors of the Caffeys/Coffeys.

Then it dawned on me that Cave-like surnames should apply, which recalls the Keller/Kelner (means "cellar" or "cave" in German) topic, and it's link to the azur-Shielded Shays/Shaws that use grails, very interesting because the Caffeys/Coffeys use cups too; yes, in apparent play-on-words with a coffee mug, but why not also a holy-grail symbol secretly?

I had traced the Lyons and Caffeys months/years ago to the same-colored Pfiefers (Paphlagonians?), who I linked to Foret/Forfar elements that ended up in Pfiefer-like Fife. The Shaw write-up: "First found in Perthshire...While some claim that the Clan originally descended from a MacDuff, one of the ancient Earls of Fife, the first official mention in documents shows them to be present at the General Council held by King Malcolm at Forfar in 1061. However, this ancient leadership was challenged by many other Clans Commyns (Cummings) who had leased the Shaw lands of [Rothschild-like] Rothiemurchus." English Shaws use diamonds and what I imagine are the Rothschild arrows. I can't recall how hard the trace was made some weeks ago of Shaws/Shays to Bavaria's "Scheyern," where I know the Buto/Uat cult (near and/or in Sais) had settled.

The related Irish Shaws/Sheaves are traced by the write-up to "Sithech," which I suspect is of Seth-cult elements out of Sais, and possibly linked to mythical STHenelus, king of Liguria. The Sheaves variation looks like "Caffey/Coffey," if that helps to make the link to the Coffey mugs. The Italian and Spanish Sheaves/Chaves use the blue Kelner key, and I really do think, folks, that "Chaves," and president Chavez, link back to the Cavk spellings of "Caucasia."

The Cave Crest (azur Shield) is a greyhound, what I now (as of a week or two ago) trace to the Gorgon Graeae that had one eye between them. "The surname Cave may also be a variation of the Anglo-Norman name Chaff , a nickname for a bald man." Ignore the bald and think the Caffey and Caff surnames.

German Kelners were first found in Swabia, founded by the Suebi Swedes that I trace confidently to Italian Sabines. I have yet to find a hard Sabine trace to "Savona," but I'll maintain that theory because I think the Marsi of Sabine realms named Marseilles at the mouth of the Rhone, where the Lacydon Ligurians were founded. From there, Sabines could have managed their way up the coast to found Savona.

I trace Sabines back to Daphne-branch Hyksos out of the Nile delta's Sebannytos branch, at Sais. It dawns on me that "Sais" could have been a Cauc variation, and as I tentatively hold a Sais connection to Edomite Kos/Kaus, that too may have been a Cauc variation.

Let's not forget the Coffer and Covert surnames that were linked to Swabian Cohens/Hohens. Coffers use Caffey/Coffey colors too, and could trace to north-African Gorgons/Amazons by their crescents and green Shield. "Coffer" is registered as a Caffey variation. "Covert" smacks of under-cover coven activities, and a political/military caucus comes to mind, even the invisible Illuminati "round tables" that decide what our lives should be like, in their favor of course. The Covens/Gowens (very Cohen-like) use green and gold again.

It's not likely that "cyan" is derived from "Cohen" cognates. "Kagan" is a Cohen variation, wherefore the two terms seen synonymous, but "Gogen" comes to mind too. In that way, "cian" could be distantly related to the kagan entities among Turks and Khazars that brought about the Cohen surname. Cian Coat uses a red lion on white, the symbol used in the Coven Coat, and generally being a Rus/Russell symbol no doubt from Redones of France. The Cian lion holds a rose, symbol of Rhodes.

The Cian write-up tells of cianferone coins, and coins smack of the Cohen/Hohen checkerboard symbol. Emailer LG reported that checkerboards were used by bankers to somehow count coins. I had traced the Cohen checkerboards to the coins of the Amorian emperors of the Byzantium (who called their coins, bezants). That is, Amorian emperors carved on their coins show checkerboard designs on their royal clothes (I trace Cohens to Byzantine princess, Melissena Rangabe, who had royal-Khazar ancestry).

Entering "Calf" brings up the Cauf/Caufe surname in Redone colors, which I say because the surname was first found in Lincolnshire, home of Rhodians, themselves from Helios, a Gorgon sun god that landed in the Rhodanus and Eridanus of the Geneva/Sion region.

The previous secretary general of the UN, Kofi-Annan, comes to mind, but so also the Cuevas surname (red-on-white lions) that now rules the UN military in Lebanon. Is that a red diamond in the Coat?

Why does the Diamond/Dymott Coat use red diamonds called "fusils"? The Gaelic variation, "Diamain," smacks of the Dumnonii/Domnann, who I trace back to Samnite=branch Sabines, also from the Sebannytos branch of the Nile.

There is a French Fusil surname, first found in Dauphine, making sense because I trace Sabines to Daphne. AND ZOWIE, the Fusul/Fuzier Coat (azur Shield) uses diamonds (in Dauphine-dolphin colors) called lozenges. That smacks of my trace of Daphne to mount Saphon, where she was the daughter of the seven-headed LOTAN dragon. That is, just as I thought, "LOZENge" is code for the Lotan>Ladon dragon depicting the Laz Caucasians/Georgians.

NOW LOOK. The "Miseris" motto term of the Diamonds can trace them to the Redones on the Rhone river, exactly where I expect Dumnonii, for I link them to Redones. Entering "Miser" brings up a page telling of an English Messervey surname (uses cherries and a cherry tree) tracing to the French word, "messier." I remembered that "Messier" is a variation of the French Messey surname, and loading the Messey page I found it in Fusil colors, and first found near Dauphine, in Burgundy, which is on the Rhone.

And, loading the English Messier/Mesher Coat, we find no Coat shown (drats!), but we find the same type of write-up as per the English Miser page, likewise tracing to the word "messier" (said to mean "reaper"). This time, the Messier surname is said to be first in Lincolnshire, which also traces to the Rhone/Rhodanus river.

That has brought me full circle to claim once again that Maceys/Masseys were Gorgons/Amazons from north-Africa, and merged with Helios-based Gorgons from Rhodes. It's the Rus and Meshech, ruled by Gog, in our faces.

And LOOK, the Diamond surname (that uses the "Miseris" code) was first found in LONDONdary, smacking of the Lindos city on Rhodes that Ii trace to Lincolnshire (= Lin Colony or Lindsey). The other Rhodian city that was linked by myth writers to Helios is Kamiros, smacking of the Cimmerians, thought to be named after "Gomer."

The Miser and Messier variations smack of my trace of Masseys to Tyrian king Baal-Eser II. who was also "Balazeros" or "Ba'l-mazzer." This was the Dido line to Mascys of Dutton, for this king was grandfather to Pygmalion. The "lazer" in "Balazeros" looks conspicuous in this lozenge discussion, especially as I trace the azur blue to Tyrian and Biblical-dragon purple. The French Lazer/Sardo surname was on the Rhone too, and German/Austrian Lazers/Lozars (Zionist stars) use what I think is the same gold-on-red griffin as the Caff Coat. The Lazers do look like Leslies, who also use a griffin (in green), a dragon. Therefore, were the Bavarian lozenges of the proto-Leslie clan?

BUT, if Lazers are not from a "Baal-Lazer," perhaps "Balazeros" should break down as Baal-Azer>Baal-Azur.

The cherry symbol of the Misers could be code for the Cherry and Sherry clans that were traced to the Carricks and further back to "Scheyern" of Bavaria, where the Wittelsbachs owned the Bavarian lozenges. The Sherry surname was first in CORK. It was the dancetty chevron that clinched to link to the azur-colored Arms of Scheyern.

Technically, cyan (Greek "Kyanos") is a green blue (though Wikipedia shows an azur-like cyan too), and that allows Khyan-related bloodlines to use either blue or green. Mythical Glaucus, whom I identify as a key Gileki>Colchian peoples leading to mythical Helios, is a green-blue term. I have little doubt that Khyan was a Gogi king in Egypt...whose relatives produced offspring that led to the Gogi rule of Tyre. The Gileki, if it's correct to trace them to one of the caduceus serpents, were in mount Sion/Hermon with the Hermes cult, and I trace the Cadusii peoples of that Tyrian theater to Kadesh. But the caduceus symbol was also given (by myth writers) to Tiresias, who was the guts of the Avaris Hyksos. As I traced Hyksos out-of-Egypt to Cilicia, I would suggest that the Gileki named that place, and that they were therefore mythical Cilix, brother of Cadmus.

It was when I noted that "cilix" was like "chalice" that I began to see the holy-grail cult in Cilicians, but I traced the holy grail to the Cati of Cilicia, in the Khassi region, for that seemed to be where CADmus and the Cadusii settled. BUT, on independent investigations, I found that the Hyksos, known in Egypt as Khase-Wet, were the founders of Kizzuwatna, in Cilicia, and likely linked to the Khassi region. Not wanting to be redundant with the trace of Cilician Cati to the Catti of Hesse, what about a Kissinger trace to "Kizzuwatna." It was just yesterday that I saw a "Kissin" similarity with "Hessen," if you get my point: "Hesse" could have been named, not after the Catti as some claim, but after their related Kizzu elements.

It is very possible that Kizzu elements were from Kos/Kaus, and therefore possibly from "Cauc/Gog." The Great Cup in the Sky, it's starting to tip over; inside it is a bloodbath reserved for Gog.

Mythical Kay (Shays?) was an Arthurian grail character, given a father that Wikipedia says was sometimes "Cynyr/Kyner," and both Kay and Kyner smack of "cyan" and Khyan. The Kay write-ups trace to "Coeg," said to mean key (the Sheaves/Chaves key symbol comes forcefully to mind), but that looks like a Cauc/Gog term to me. The surname was Qua/Kaa/Ka in olden days. A Kay motto term is "Kynn," and the Kinner surname uses the same bird as in the Kay Crest, said to be a CANARy in the case of the Kinners.

As I've said, the father of mythical Kay was normally Sir "Ector," code for the Ector/Hector surname, the root smacking of "HYKsos." The "Kynd" motto term of the Kays reminded me of the Heneti, and indeed yet another alternative shown at Wikipedia for Ector is "Antor," what appears like code for Antenor, Greek code for the Heneti. The Kay griffin has a key in its mouth.

The Heneti were the golden fleece (= a sheep) line from Pelops to Atreus, and the Hyksos were encoded as "shepherd kings" as per the shepherd-depicted seer, Everes (father of Tiresias), who surely was code for Avaris, the Hyksos capital. But as APHRodite was a Heneti>Veneti>Venus peoples, so she must have been connected to AVARis elements. We expect an Aphrodite link to the Kays and Ectors, therefore, and that's where the blue-key Italian Sheaves come in, first found in ABRUZzo/Aprutium. The Sheaves have a Cioffani variation expected of surnames going with f-version "Caucasia."

We also expect the key-using Hyksos to link to Daphne, and so we find the azur-Shielded Barnier surname first found in Dauphine. A key in colors reversed (same colors as the Sheaves) is found in the Betty/Beaty Coat (thus clinching the identity of Barney and Betty Rubble), and though I've mentioned this many times, I don't recall mentioning the "Lumen" motto term that should be code for Aphrodite elements on Lemnos. The Betty/Beaty clan could be the Bats from Caucasia, even the Batavian tribe of Hessian Catti, who I trace to "Padova" (Venetia), where the Abreu/Abruzzo surname was first found. The "sequamur" motto term of the Bettys could be code for the Saka Scythians and/or the Sequani Celts near Geneva and/or the Saxons.

The English Barny/Berney Coat (surname from Calvados) uses gold lions on red (of Normandy, no doubt), the symbol of the Abreu Coat. As you may know, I trace Barney Rubble to Paphlagonian Babenbergs and Bernician Bebbanburgs (on/off the Ribble river), they being a key Heneti branch. I bring that up again, a little like vomit, because it suggests a Hyksos trace to one of my favorite childhood cartoons.

And the Hyksos trace to the Heneti-based Kays explains why the MacKAYS use the Bernician bear. I haven't proven that it's the Bernician bear, but I'll gamble my entire pot of honey on that claim, and that's no pooh-pooh. It's been a long time since I've mentioned my trace to WINNIE the Pooh bear to the PO river VENEti. It's hard to understand why modern Gogi are in the business of cartoons, though many are in hard-core movies that defile the soul mercilessly.

The forefather of the Mackay clan is said to be from Ugadale, a Gug-possible term. The Dutch Mackay Coat makes it clear that Mackays were royal Masseys. I maintain that Kays were named after Maceys when the surname was mistakenly viewed by Irish and Scots as MacKey. I trace the Mackays to Eystein, father of Malahule, the Dane-Rus leaders of More. The Hyksos Sea Peoples thus come round to the Tuatha de Danann as they founded the Dane vikings. It was one century of pillaging followed by another, the blight of mankind. There were macho Scots who patterned themselves after Highlander brutes, and yet they wore kilts.

There's an Eyston Coat in Massey-Coat colors, using sea dragons, apparently as code for a sea-faring viking pirates, and proud of it.

Speaking of pride, the "Jewish" Einstein saltire (a pirate symbol) is in Eystein colors, and uses the Rockefeller rock. The sun on the azur Shield is in the colors of the "Jewish" Cohen sun. Without the red part of the saltire, the Einstein Shield is the Messey/Messier Shield (not necessarily meaning that the two were related, but it's feasible, if not expected).

As Eistein was ancestor of the Sinclair bloodline, the Keystone surname with Sinclair-like cross seems to apply. The surname is shown as Kelston/Kelton properly, however. Suddenly, the Keatons (Keyston colors) come to mind, who I think were the Keaths and Seatons of Lothian, where the Sinclairs were first found!!! YES!!! It looks like Eystein was of the Keith/Keath line of Cheshire Catti/Hessians. Both Celts and these Keltons are in the same colors as the others.

That gives the impression that the Cati Cilicians from the Cadusii Armenians were the Khaldi line to the Celts, and if true, one could link the Cadusii to the Chaldeans, the Hebrews of Babylon, and very likely the heart of the Great Mother harlot.

Hmm, the Skeltons use a rooster in the Crest, in the color of the Sinclair-Crest rooster. The Shelton Coat looks like a variation of the Messey and Einstein Coats. I trace Skeltons and Sheltons to the Scylla Sicels, and they to the Szekely Transylvanians on the Mures river, which now better explains the trace of the Sinclair line to Transylvania. The Keaton Coat, if you didn't see, used leopards in Sinclair colors.

The Irish Cohen Crest uses a similar sea creature to the Eystons, and the Kyne variation smacks of the Kyner>Kay line, not to mention that a variation of the Cohen/Kyne clan is "Barnicle," smacking of "Varangi" but likely linking to Mackay-related Bernicians. In this picture, the German/Khazar Cohens were "father" to the Maceys/Mackays, as when Kyner was made the father to Kay, suggesting that Cohens were among the Bernicians that I routinely trace to Cohen-related Babenbergs of Germany/Austria. In that picture, Cohens were larger, or else arrived sooner, than the Maceys/Mackays.

As per the mention of Cohen checkerboards and coins, note that Irish Cohens had been Coynes and Caoins. And isn't that a bezant-coin in the corner of the Irish Cohen Coat? YES, it is. How do we explain such a coincidence? Perhaps "coin" was coined by the Cohens of the Khazaro-Byzantine gold racket. My dictionary does not trace "coin" very far back, but only to the French wedge, called a "coneus." Cuneo of Piedmont comes to mind, as do the Coyney and Coyny variations of the Cony surname.

It is starting to appear that Masseys were Cohens somehow. The Coy Crest (I'm assuming a Coyne-to-Kay/Coy evolution) even uses a green snake, a symbol of the Mackesy surname. We know that Stewarts use Cohen checks, but now we see that Coys were from "Quy a chapelry in the parish of Stow."

The raven-depicted vikings of Scotland were of a Stout surname that brings up the Stow Coat (Mackay colors), which looks like a variation of the Scottish Stutt Coat. "Some instances of the name in Scotland may have come from the Viking name Stoti, which likely arrived with the 9th century Norse colonization of Strathclyde and Aberdeenshire."

The Stutt Crest is a red-on-white heart, the symbol of the French Sauvages, evoking that mythical Ector was from Forest Sauvage (see Wikipedia's Ector article). That's where the dirtballs of humanity hid their stolen treasures that will some day go to the meek of the earth. We wonder where "con man" originates if not from "coin" and those who coined it.

Well folks, that's another days' better part of my energy on what it could be worth to you or the world. It's time for Freemasons to cancel their memberships, and to open wide their mouths in betrayal of the secret societies. Tell everything, and save yourself from the Wrath to come.

None of anything I report on is to say that anyone having the surnames being treated are necessarily the scum that were the vikings of old, and the empire builders of new. It is not for man to build an empire, for God made us free. An empire is a cage where the birds are controlled for the benefit of the proud and lofty, selfishly stupid, emperor. If he were not stupid, he would step down from his perch and join the better part of his community. Wasn't king Herod stupid? And Caesar? Where is the righteous emperor? Great and intelligent they were and are for killing and amassing the wealth of others, but stupid thereby they are.

I see the SlingShot in the Sky, and five Smooth Stones picked out for five empires about to fall. If the pirates of today value their one eye not yet behind the eye patch, let them give back to the peoples what they have forced them pay too much for. That is the message of God in the last days.

October 19

Today's update is important enough to warrant blue ink on the Iraq Update's Index page. That means that it's very anti-Christ important.

Some months ago I mentioned that Obama started looking demonic in some of his photos Yesterday there was a story out:

"'These pictures [of Obama], they look demonic. And I don't say this lightly,' Limbaugh said as he opened his program.

...'It is strange that these pictures would be released ... it's very, very, very strange.' ...'An American president has never had facial expressions like this,' Limbaugh said. 'At least we've never seen photos of an American president with facial expressions like this.'"

Rush could be playing politics to the Christian belief of some that Obama is the anti-Christ. The photos shown in that article above are not very demonic-looking to me. I have seen worse but in a manner different to the ones shown.

News is telling that Obama will lose much of his House majority in the elections next month. It could be the Bill Clinton show all over again, lame and persecuted, after he lost the House after his second year.

Unemployment is back up to 10 precent just at the worst time for Obama. Many reports have come out saying that Obama's stimulus package (about $4,000 per working American) did little. Tell me, did you happen to find $4,000 more in your bank account these past months as the stimulus money was spent? No? Then where did the money go...that you now need to pay back?

"Obama-care" will haunt Democrats too in this election. One article on the subject happened to have a Mollohan surname that smacked of Malahule, Eystein's son (see yesterday for some on Eystein, grandfather of Rollo). The Mollohan Coat turns out to be the Moline Coat with moline cross and goats in the chief. The write-up would indeed suggest linkage to Malahule: ...twenty-nine other lordships throughout England. William of Moulins, Sire de Falaise, Lord of Moulins in 1030, in Normandy, uncle of William the Conqueror, was granted many lands by King William." The Coat is in the colors of Flanders. I'd be very interested in knowing who the goats had been acquired from.

The following headline suggests that American powers in Iraq will seek to punish Chinese oil interests there: ...U.S. Fears Chinese Companies Are Breaking Iran Sanctions.. If China is developing a special oil-friendship with Iran, it's not small potatoes, as it amounts to a monopoly on oil deals at this time when O-sanctions forbid others to operate those deals.

A few days ago, when realizing that India/Indu was founded, or at least named, after Heneti elements (from the Caucasian Sinti/Sindi), the 200 million-man, the "kings of the east," came to mind. That's because I see a merger of the Heneti with Abydos elements of Apollo, the latter being part of the Abaddon entity that are the locusts of Revelation 9. I hold a theory that these locusts are the first appearances into the Middle East of the 200-million-man army.

Iran is openly warming up to Maliki as per his visits with the national and "spiritual" leaders:

"...[Tehran's envoy to Baghdad] backed Maliki's visit to Tehran, saying it was aimed at 'consulting and exchanging views with influential regional and neighboring nations.' Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Rauf Sheybani said Maliki was an 'appropriate' choice. 'Choosing Mr. Maliki as the candidate... is respected by the Islamic Republic of Iran,' Sheybani told IRNA. 'With the occupying forces exiting Iraq and given the current sensitive circumstances, he seems to be one of the appropriate choices for Iraq.'"

There is little doubt that Iran is smiling on Maliki because he's crippled and using Iran as his cane. But more than that, Maliki is using the al-Sadr Shi'ites, who have the mind and mouth of Iran, as his walker. The problem is, the al-Sadr walker has no breaks, and Maliki is bound for a terrible fall in due time because of it.

Revelation 13 says that the anti-Christ, Isaiah's "king of Babylon," will have the feet of a bear i.e. of Iran. What could that mean? In my mind, it means that he will operate on the powers of Iran, as though Iran is his vehicle i.e. his wheels.

The same Revelation text says that he has the mouth of a lion = Iraq. What could that mean? In my mind, it means that he will have the political force of the Iraqi government. But does he have that government's voice because he rules it officially as prime minister, or because the government and prime minister simply give themselves to him in trust? In the latter scenario, Iraq falls to some dire troubles out of which the anti-Christ arises as a promising savior (where else was there a promising savi-O-r recently?)

The same Revelation text says that he will look like a leopard = Greece. What could that mean? The West's clothes are on his back, apparently. He comes across as a Westerner. Maliki fits the part on all three counts at this time, as both Iran and Obama cater to him in competition for his influence.

Others might see the bear as Russia rather than Iran, but Daniel 7 mentions the lion, bear, and leopard, and identifies them for us as defined above. I don't think the Writer of Revelation would contradict those identifications, as it would mislead us.

Can Maliki be the anti-Christ? I don't think so. First, his launch pad cannot be in Mosul/Nineveh (as per Nahum 1:11), nor is he an apt king of Assyria (as per Isaiah 10, 14, and 30-31). Nor is he able to arise/rule on behalf of, and in cahoots with, the two fallen Sunni groups (as per Daniel 11:21-24).

Therefore, I await an American/West sponsored leader out of Mosul, who not only makes a deal (whether sincere or not probably doesn't matter) with the Sunni of Mosul, but with Iran and/or Iranians. Allawi doesn't fit that picture entirely. If the anti-Christ is to arise anytime soon, we would expect that he come close to Allawi, but then Allawi is railing against Iran at this time, accusing it of destroying the New Iraq. Clearly, Allawi is pinning his political hopes on American opposition to Iran.

If Maliki warms so closely with Iran that it alienates O-merica, the latter will tend to take sides with the Allawi-Sunny factor. That's what Allawi is gunning for. But Allawi has not the political machinery to attract O-mericans. Yet they might use him as their door mat for re-entering into the New New Iraq, the one that has the colors of Iran. And although I expect the anti-Christ to enter the Iraqi door, I don't think he'll be this O-merican re-entry that I speak of above.

I do think that O-mericans will take sides with his entry, however, but not because he is opposed to Iran, for he will be using the wheels of Iran to get around. What reason could there be for O-merican support of a pro-Iran leader in Iraq? I envision him arising with the wings of the Sunni: "here I am, your savior, let's take Iraq back."

Allawi will say, "Deal, because without you I'm a nobody."

And the O-mericans will say to the anti-Christ, "O-kay, we're with you too because (I don't really know why). But you need to do a few things on behalf of O-merican interests in return for our support."

In that picture, the anti-Christ enters with money on the brain, and Obama always has that on his brain too. With Iranian influence promising to shut American business out of Iraq, in vengeance for the O-sanctions now in effect, the zeroes of the world will need to resort to the devil to stay in, or re-enter, Iraq. And that's where Commander Mattis comes in. It'll be his job to take care of business in Iraq, the sooner the better because the O is very worried about the 2012 U.S. election season, which essentially starts right after the dismal elections next month. If the New Iraq goes to the Iran axis, Americans will blame it on Obama.

A Russian anti-Christ? Let's assume that Putin has in the past been laying his hopes for Iraqi business deals in befriending Iran. Iran was going to open the door into Iraq for Putin. But let's assume that, more recently, with a blind-bat Obama catering to him like a loyal lap dog, to the point of turning a blind eye to the Russian spies, that Putin has been re-thinking to use the American foot in Iraq to do business there, which could explain why Russia opted out of the S-300 missile deal with Iran, which Iran found to be the ultimate insult. It could be that Putin secured, on secret paper, certain alliance rights with Obama for betraying Iran.

But even so it doesn't mean that Putin will truly betray Iran. He's offered nearly 200 million dollars to Iran in return for opting out of the S-300 contract, and in this way Iran might be his friend again, especially as Iran needs to pull him away from Obama. The problem is, Obama is money bags, and Putin seeks money at this time as his primary mission. Yes, recent articles have pointed out that Putin is involved in a political crusade to enrich Russia though endless business deals everywhere.

While Putin had to wait long for Americans to leave Iraq, his problem now is, they haven't all left yet, and the foot they still have in the door is quite fat. His choice is to wait until he's an old man for the O-merican influence to be-gone, or to make a deal with Obama for having some access to Iraq business. It's possible that Putin and Maliki have not been getting along, for I have not seen any relationship between the two in the news.

I've never seen a Putin comment on Iraq, neither for or against Maliki, but then I don't read all the Russian news. It could be that Putin needs some other influential country to get him into the Iraqi door. And in an article earlier (August) this year:

"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has discussed energy cooperation in the Middle East with Chairman of the Board of Directors at oil company Crescent Petroleum Hamid Jafar, the Russian government's press service said on Saturday.

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, who is a member of the board of directors, was also present at the meeting.

'During the talks, future cooperation in the energy sector of Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries was discussed,' the press service said.

Crescent Petroleum is the oldest private oil and gas company in the Middle East. It has held operations in Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Canada, Tunisia, Argentina, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates for more than 40 years. The company's headquarters are located in the emirate of Sharjah."

In that picture, Putin is apparently in bed with Maliki's primary political opponent. He now has reason to support the Sunni that are fundamental parts of Allawi's political machine. Putin could crank that hapless machine in just the right way so that it starts to run, and then feed it some fuel conditioner so that it keeps running.

I found that article after writing all that was above the quote. I had no idea about it, and found it only because I Googled "Putin Iraq" in search of any Putin relationship with Maliki. Another article telling the same adds:

"A spokesman for the Iraqi List Haider MULLa [caps mine, see reason below] said, that the Leader of the existing Iyad Allawi went to Moscow on an official visit aimed at the readiness of the Iraqi List to rebuild trust between Iraq and neighboring countries and regional and international powers, on the basis of respect for sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs, according to Mulla."

Wikipedia's article on the oil company:

"Crescent Petroleum is also the largest private shareholder in Dana Gas, the first and largest publicly listed private-sector natural gas company in the Middle East...

Crescent petroleum traces its origins to Buttes Gas & Oil Co. International Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crescent Petroleum...

...In May 2010, Crescent Petroleum and the Russian government-owned oil company, Rosneft signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to jointly develop material oil and gas opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa region. The following month, the two companies signed a Farm-Out agreement under the aegis of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin. Under the terms of the agreement, both companies would jointly develop the Sharjah Onshore Concession, with Rosneft holding a 49% stake as participating interest.

...The bonhomie between the Russian government and Crescent Petroleum was underscored in August 2010, after Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin hosted a high-level roundtable conference between senior executives of Crescent Petroleum and Russian industry senior executives. Putin applauded the pursuit of joint projects in the Middle East region and also welcomed Crescent's entry to the Russian markets."

That deal was signed in the thick of the Iraq Election mud. It's no wonder if Putin were making no inroads to the Maliki party. This is indeed an important topic that comes to my attention only now. It can explain the entry of a Russian anti-Christ into Mosul while in search of oil wealth. In fact, the Wikipedia article reveals the company's involvement in Kurdistan:

"Crescent Petroleum, in a 50-50 joint venture with Dana Gas PJSC, has invested over US$ 700 million as of 2009 under a Strategic Alliance Protocol and a Petroleum Contract signed with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq in April 2007, making it the largest private-sector investment in Iraq in several decades. As part of the project implementation, the primary phase was completed in 15 months, with the companies having installed a 180 kilometres (110 mi) gas pipeline across mountainous terrain that required the clearing of several minefields...In May 2009, the companies announced a strategic partnership with OMV of Austria and MOL of Hungary who jointly announced their intention to invest a further USD 8 billion in this project and aim to carry excess gas produced into Turkey and also across Turkey into Europe as a source of gas for the Nabucco Pipeline Project."

OMV and MOL are shareholders of the Nabucco project. Putin wants the same gas for his South Stream pipeline, and would dearly like to take it away from Nabucco.

Under "Key People," Wikipedia lists two CCEOs, Zsolt Hernadi and Gyorgy Mosonyi. Checking the Moson surname brought up a Welsh Mosten clan, not likely related but possible, and I thought to mention it because it, not only smacks of "Massin/Masin (I'm expecting the anti-Christ to be a Massey member), but because it uses the Welsh Trevor Coat that I link back to Polish Trabys...that could be in Hungary, where MOL is based. In Budapest, in fact.

Tudor Trevor, we read, was lord of "both Maelors in Powys," those referring to Welsh regions but smacking of "MOL." Entering "Mael" brings up a family first in Cheshire, with Meol, Meal, Mele variations. The write-up mentions the river Dee that passed along the Maelor regions: "The lands [of Meolse] were described as a coastal village on the southern shore of the Wirral peninsular on the River Dee..."

I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY PEEPERS. Looking at the Mael/Meol Coat, the thought entered my mind to see if the Putin Coat also used the same black-on-white bar. As it was loading, I repeated to myself that i just couldn't recall what the Putin Coat looked like, except that it too was black and white. Compare the Putin/Padyn Coat with the Mael/Meol Coat!!!

The question is, are the Maels/Meols of Cheshire from the Malahule bloodline to Cheshire Meschins??? It's astounding that this topic should crop up here just after mentioning the Malahule earlier in the update. I awoke this morning telling God that I knew not what to write on today. So I got to the news instead of starting on bloodline topics.

NOW COMPARE the two Coats above with the Bessin/Beaston Coat, surname also first found in Cheshire. It uses the same black bar in the same direction, with bees to the side, smacking of the Mele variation of the Maels/Meols. That's a honey of a match if ever we saw one. I have never made a link of the BEASTon location and surname to the anti-Christ, as that seemed far fetched, but now...who knows.

It just entered my head that the Beaston bees, if one includes only the darker parts, looks like the ermine symbol. Then, when I entered "Ermine" hoping to find ermines for a comparison, I found that the Ermine clan is "descended from the tenant of the lands of Osgooby, held by Odo the Bishop of Bayeux, the [Conqueror's] half brother..." Bayeux is the Bessin! And the Ermine Shield does use ermines.

This suggests that ermines were secretly bee symbols in depiction of the bee-line peoples who named the Bessin. Yes, ermines are known to be symbols on Brittany, but it was reported not many days ago that Mascys of Normandy originated in Brittany. From the third update of this month: "Meysy is a place-name from at Meisi in Calvados, Normandy. However, the family is traditionally considered Breton, not Norman." That's the Maisy Mouse entity that I claimed would be involved in the anti-Christ cult. I still hold to that theory, therefore.

The Meysey Coat is also black-on-white, as are the similar Bitar and Aflack Coats (both use black crosses on white that could link to the Sinclair cross), those two surnames at the root of the founders of the Middle East Baath party...that I insist will be partnered with the anti-Christ in forming the neo-Seleuicid BEAST. And remember, the Batt Coat (same cross as the Ermines) is in the same colors again and should link to the Randolph-Crest bat that leads to Obama's mother's surname. I identify Putin's true mother in a Bath location in T'bilisi/Tubal (Georgia) that should link to Georgian Bats.

The Batt Crest is the Wolfley wolf, and the Batt cross (black on white) is a variation of the Sinclair cross. The Batts were first found in Leicestershire's Rutlan district (where I trace Hillary's Rodham bloodline), meaning that they could have been Gogi from CYGnus/CYCnus of Liguria. The Rodham Coat (black and red witchy combination, with ermine bar) smacks of the Ruth/Rother/Randolph Coat (ermine chevron)...which surname is also (i.e. as with the Scottish Randolph Coat above) of Moray.

Holy radar, Batman, do you sense something to all this?

Yes, Robin, and it looks like the work of the Roddler. Quick, into the Batcar!

Why, where'r we going so fast?

To find Tribwatch before he spills the beans...

Isn't it interesting that the Wayne Coat smacks of the Ruth/Randolph Coat? The original Batman was played by Bruce Wayne. The Wayne Crest is moreover the same as the Mead crest, and I recall tracing "Medvedev," meaning "honey-bear," to the Mead clan (mead is a honey drink). Waynes were a Rus peoples, you see, and Rothschilds founded modern Russia and stacked it with Western "Red Jews."

The Mead Coat is then essentially the PATTerson/PATTIson Coat (both use pelicans), first found beside Moray. Entering "Battison" brings up the white-on-black Bates/Bats surname. The hand symbol is then complimented with a "manu" motto term, suggesting that the Cheshire Hants/Hands (= Heneti) were linked to a Manu-like surname, and the Mackay motto is "Manu forti." Mackays ruled at Moray when it was called "Fortis." From the sixth update of May:

BEHOLD!!!! MacBeth was a Mickey Mouse!!! His father was Findlaich, wherefore it's no coincidence that they use "FORTIS in arduis" as a motto, as well as what appears to be the Mackay swords. AND, the Findley Coat uses a red double-headed eagle on white, the SAME, THE VERY SAME, as the Mickey Coat (!!) which itself appears to use the Mackay sword in Crest. AND, the Findley write-up traces to a Catti-like clan [Chattan]:

...ZOWIE, I am BANG-ON this day. I've just noticed that the English Fort Coat ["fortis motto code] uses the SAME BEE as the Bessin/Beeston Coat! If I'm not mistaken, the Fort castle is the Beeston castle...

As you may know that I link Waynes/Weyns fundamentally to the Vain/Veyn and Bain/Bane septs of Mackay, and to the Macey metal glove, I should add that the Waynes use a "Tempes" motto code. I haven't seen the Wayne motto since linking Maceys with the Cheshire Temples, Timperleys, and the Templars all around.

The Scottish use Moray stars. The Mole Coat is easily connected to the Innes Coat, that surname first in Moray...and Moray elements trace to the Khazars that were at the root of the Arpad Hungarians. Now I find a MOL oil company in Hungary.

The two Post Coats are in Mole/Moray colors, which I mention as per the "post" motto term of the Moles. The German Mole Coat, a white lion on blue, is the Dougal symbol (Dougals use "mori" motto term), and I link Dougals to Douglas'...who likewise use the Moray stars and were merged to some point with Biggars that I traced to Biharia on/off Mures. Douglas' ruled MORton, but the Scottish Morton surname was first found in Cheshire.

Aha. The English Moreton Coat uses goats, and that reminds me of the quest above:

The Mollohan Coat turns out to be the Moline Coat with moline cross and goats in the chief. The write-up would indeed suggest linkage to Malahule: ...twenty-nine other lordships throughout England. William of Moulins, Sire de Falaise, Lord of Moulins in 1030, in Normandy, uncle of William the Conqueror, was granted many lands by King William." The Coat is in the colors of Flanders. I'd be very interested in knowing who the goats had been acquired from.

As Malahule's family ruled at MORE (I still don't know where this More was located if it wasn't More on Shropshire), shouldn't the MOREton goat link to the MOLlohan goat??? AS RIDICULOUS as it at first seems to link the MOL oil company to the Mollehan and Mole/Moll bloodlines, there you have it, stranger than holy radar.

MOL purchased Mantova refineries in northern Italy, and Mantova/Mantua is not far from Massino...that I trace to the Massin/Mason surname. That could somehow explain the Mosonyi surname of MOL's CCEO.

Recalling that Saracens were traced to Massino-Visconti (and they to Brittany's proto-Stewarts, if that helps to make MOL the connection to Meyseys), might Crescent Petroleum have been named after Saracen elements (I typically assign the heraldic crescent symbol to Saracens).

The other company that is with Crescent is OMV from Austria, where German Bauer's were from initially. I say this because I suspect that MOL is a Rothschild company (this could be totally off the wall, however). I recall tracing the heart-using Saracens, as for example the French Savages (and Scottish Douglas'), to the Sau/Sava river near the Austrian border, mentioned in the Sua/Sauer-Coat write-up. The Sua/Sava/Save (tributary of the Danube) runs through Croatia, and the Crescent company had deals made with Croatia. The source of the river is in old Veneti regions.

LOOK. "The Sava is created by two headwaters, Sava Dolinka (left) and Sava Bohinjka (right) which join between the Slovenian towns of Lesce and Radovljica." That smacks of the Radziwill surname at the root of the Traby family of Poland, who I trace to Tudor TREVor. It was the Mosten Caot, found when entering "Moson," that uses the Trevor Coat!!

And as the Sava flows through SERBIA, why not trace that term to "Trabzon." I had traced mythical Sarpedon to the Sorbs of Lusatia/Silesia before knowing of the Traby fold, and then linked the Trabys to Sorbs (of Poland/Lusatia) even before it dawned on me that "Trebizond/Trabzon" was the identity of "Sarpedon." The Serbs are know to be from the Sorbs. Therefore, I am confident that Trabys were from the Sava river too.

I had wondered whether the black bugle in the Post Chief (Posts were accessed from the "Post" motto term of the Moles/Molls) was the 666-like Traby bugle. I now find the Save Coat to be in Post/Mole colors, and using serpents, which reflects "Sarpedon." There are several Sey/Say-using Save variations that could link to the Says/Saytons...that I had traced to "Sais." The Saves were first in Burgundy, not far from Sauvages first in Champagne. In fact, with Tim's fine help, we were able to trace the Sauvages to the Sauvigeois peoples of Sauviat-sur-Vige, and we both wondered whether that term was at the root of "Soviet Union."

BUT NOW I note that Sauviat-sur-Vige "is a commune in the Haute-Vienne department in the Limousin [think Lemnos Heneti] region in west-central France." The OMV company of Austria is headquartered in Vienna. We are likely dealing with Heneti/Veneti in "Vienna," rooted in "VINDobona," and therefore connect-able to the Venethi of Poland. "Vindobona" smacks of "Benevento," the Avellino-theater city situated in Campania that I trace to "Champagne."

The Vienne surname has some Wayne/Wayn/Veyn-like variations such as Vyen(nes). It was first found in Burgundy (!!), where the Save/Sayve surname was first found. The Vienne Crest uses ermines (I think), the Wayne symbol too, but I once read that ermines of Brittany were the product specially of Vannes/Gwenea, where the Veneti Celts lived!! Entering "Vanne" brings up the Macey-related Vain/Veynes Coat!!!

The Vienne motto uses "tout," and the Tout/Toot Coat uses a crescent only. Moreover, the Toot variation smacks of Toot Hill, a variation of the Tuttle surname (more crescents) that I trace to Dido-branch Tyrians/Carthaginians.

I recall linking the small red squares at the top-left of Shields, including the one in the Tout/Toot coat, to the Mary MagDALENe cult, which cult turned out to be a mix of Mures elements to proto-Stewart Allen/D'Allens in Brittany. I also recall in the Magdalene hunt (that led to the red-on-white lions of the Dallens and Allens) a string of Crests using spotted symbols, such as the Vanne/Veynes Crest shows.

When we enter the "bien" motto term of the Vienne Coat, we find crosses Hyksos-style axes in the French Bien/Bienvenu Coat (Benevento?). These could be the Bains/Vains/Beans of Clan Chattan.

INDEED! See the similarity between the Save Coat and the Chattan Coat.

The Seyve variation of the saves morphed into Seybe, and from that also to "Saitbe," which could be hint of the Traby/Sadowski surname. I've seen the Save serpents before, but can't recall where. Entering "Sava" brings up the English/Cheshire Savage Coat, which I think is patterned deliberately after the English Lacy Coat as a sign of kinship.

From an online article, I was able to find Leslies or proto-Leslies in Venetia, Padova if I'm not mistaken, but cannot recall the surname's spelling. I'm now going back to the Sava river that have two stream sources that meet between the Slovenian towns of LESce and Radovljica. I have every impression that Leslies should link to Radziwills and Trabys, and Lesca, close to Venetia, might just be the proto-Leslie station I have been wanting to know for years.

By the way, one of those two headwater streams is the Sava Dolinka (Dol elements?) and the other is the Sava Bohinjka (Boii/Bohemian elements?). Certainly, "Bohen" could become "Bogan." There is a Bohan/Boone surname, AND WOW -- I wrote the first part of the sentence while waiting for it to load -- and found it to be a Save-like Shield!!! We are totally expecting Bogans/Bowers in the Sava river region because Bauers/Bowers were originally from Austria.

Batman, I think he's on it.

Yes, Robin, the beans are all over the place now.

The Bohan Coat reminds me that the Arms of Champagne also use the Save Shield. The Shield is Mackay- and Macey-like, which I say because the Bohens were from (Bohun in) Manche, where Masseys were first found. Moreover, the Bohan symbols (very common, I know) are those of the Italian Masci Coat. The Irish Bohan Coat uses garbs in German/Bavarian Bogan colors, the Cheshire symbol, and the Irish branch shows a Boughan and Bowen variation!!! I think we have found the Bogans, folks, not so importantly in Ireland as in the Sava-river clans.

The Irish Bohans/Boughans are said to be from a Fiant clan, which smacks of the Veneti. A little fishing hooked the Fant surname...first found in the Venetia region. AND the Fant Shield looks very Bellamy like, which is made more important because I traced Bellamys to the Boii of BOLogna just days ago, and "The earliest Origins of this [Fant] surname have been traced to Bologna."

"Fiant" smacks of the Viennes and Biens, and aside from the axe-wielding ones shown above, there were German Biens thought to have been from Bienau of Silesia. THIS IS EXTRA-EMELY IMPORTANT, for as I trace Meschins from Silesian elements of king Mieszko, so the Bien Coat shows a Mackay and Macey Shield i.e. a white chevron on blue. But the Bien Coat is in dark azur, which is said to be "royal blue" (in a Wikipedia article featured recently here). That royalty could link to Mieszko, in other words. At the bottom of the Bien Coat is an arm with sword, very much a Mackay symbol.

I view Silesians as Seleucids, and my expectation of the anti-Christ's Meschin links. along with his Seleucid links, makes this Bien surname important.

When the first Rothschild started five banks across Europe with his five arrows = five sons, one of them was in Vienna. Therefore, might the gas companies now part of Crescent petroleum be the Rothschild door into northern Iraq? Waiting.

October 20

Yesterday's emphasis on the Sava river peoples (Slovenia, near the Austrian border) and those who honored Vienna needs to be enlarged upon and put on paper because, otherwise, nobody might figure it out that the Arthurian cult was, at least in part, from Austria and Serbia.

First, there was a trace of Vienna elements to the Vains/Veyns and Bains/Beans of the Mackay clan. Second, there was a trace of Vienna elements to the Veneti of Brittany who no doubt named its capital city of Vannes/Gwenea (at Morbihan), this city being regarded by me as "Guinevere," king Arthur's wife. I know that Meschins were merged with proto-Stewarts of Dol, and that Meschins were linked to the Arthurian cult in Shropshire, the latter place having been traced to "Sorb" months before I arrived to the Sava river running through Serbia, a Slav domain.

It's been years now that I've traced king Arthur to a "Slav-"Rus peoples; I usually place "Slav" in quotation marks when on that topic because I trace him to a branch of proto-Slavs, or the Halybe stock from which I think Slavs came forth: that is, from the Halybes of Calabria/Btuttium. I figure that the "Bruttii" not only trace to the Brits (Arthur was a Brit), but to Brittany, you see.

Yesterday's trace of the Sava-honoring peoples (who named themselves Sauvages) to Champagne was no small find. For I traced "Pen(dragon)" and "Pender" to the English Pine/Pyne surname (uses the Wayne Shield), and from that gleaned that they were Payens/Pagans, afterwhich it was realized that Payens were from ChamPAYNE/Champagne elements, even as Hugh de Payen is linked to Champagne elements.

French Pines (first found in Limousin=Lemnos elements, likely the Aphrodite Heneti to Venetia) use a Coat that should be a variation of the Meysey Coat, and as Meyseys were first in Brittany before settling at Meisi in Calvados, I'll assume that Meyseys were the origin of, or at least a branch of, the Meschins of Calvados and Masseys of Manche. That assumption suggests a trace of Meyseys to Vannes/Gwenea, because Masseys were Veres (compare their Shields), thus explaining the code for Arthur's wife, GuineVERE.

The trace of Masseys/Mascis to Vannes and therefore to Vienna of Austria explains why Mascis and Bauers were one, and why I found the Savages (months ago) linked fundamentally to Meschins. But the pine cone was found in Rimini (Italy), in the Mascie/Maskala surname, and I traced (it felt risky) "Rimimi" to "Reims," the capital of the Merovingians under king Clovis. It just so happens that Morbihan (i.e. a very "Merovi-like term) is situated at Vannes, and that Merovingians traced themselves to the Veneti of Italy...near Rimini AND near the source of the Sava is the location of Lesce. Reims is in Champagne-Ardenne!!

Clovis was the fleur-de-lys king. Both Pendragons and Masseys/Mascis use fleur-de-lys, which I'm now tracing to the Sava-sourtce location called Lesce (see yesterday), for as I traced the fleur-de-lys to Lusatia ("Luzica" to the Sorbs) and to Lusignan, both locations appear named after Lesce elements.

All the important Illuminati branches are now tracing to the Sava river, suggesting that it was their common origin. It is known that Melusine (= Vere-of-Avalon origins) was code for the MeLUSines (peoples Lusignan), and yet I traced her "elvin" code to "Albania," for it was out of Albania that Greeks/Illyrians spread out to form a slew of Alba locations. I think it's safe to say that "Albania" was named after "Halybe," and that Slavs arose out of the Albanians.

Illyrians were depicted in myth as Cadmus and Harmonia (probably "Hermes" in a different form), two snakes entering Europe...the two entwined/merged CADuceus snakes, which was the Hermes cult that possibly named the Ermines that I now trace to the Vannes location (I'm keeping in mind that the Save Coat uses snakes). It's seems a no-brainer that the Cadusii among the two Illyrian snakes went on as the Catti of Hesse, explaining why Bauers>Rothschilds were linked to Hesse.

Very apparently, the British Illuminati and "holy grail" under the Arthurian cult was not so Scandinavian/Germanic, but Greek, albeit Tyrian-Greek...along the Mediterranean. It was exactly the same for the Atlanteans who had earlier founded the British isles.

I'm not figuring all this out because I'm extra intelligent, for God reminds me how useless I am without Him. I've not only spent the eons needed to close the gaps at this time, but I was simultaneously Directed secretly into the Bat Cave; not even the Cattiwoman spotted me. Not even the Butler. The Butler Crest looks like a pelican, the Wayne-Crest symbol, suggesting that BATman had a butler as code for the BUTler clan. The Butler Shield has already been linked to the Randolph and Dunham Coats, and we keep in mind that the Scottish Randolphs use a bat for a Crest.

For further investigation, read the Butler write-up and then see the Bottles/Bootles of Liverpool (apparently the Beatles too) and Bolts, both from Lancashire, but descended from POITou, where the Melusines of Lusignan were located. More precisely, Lusignan is in Poitou-Charentes, smacking of "Carinthia" in Austria! The Arms of Carinthia uses red hearts as symbols, the symbol also of the French Sauvages (i.e. from the Sava river).

Carinthia was "Carantania" as far back as the late Arthurian period. That term is said to be derived from Celts; Arthur depicted a Celt people, and historians trace Celtic origins to Illyria, but I trace them further back to the Khaldi among the Halybes, and I also traced the namers of the Pyxites river -- in the Khaldi theater of Trabzon -- to the Picts/CALEDonians by way of the Pictone Celts...founders of Poitou!!! It's all BEARING out because God led me into the Bat Cave, and there I saw the Arthurian bear wearing a harness.

The Austrian bear went to Bavaria/Bayern/Bair wearing a saddle, where CORBinian of Bavaria picked it up, and the same cult has managed to get the present Pope in power who uses the Corbinian bear as symbol on his own personal Arms.

"CarANTania" could be understood as Car-Heneti or Car-Antenor. On the map of Carantia, see the Drava river, for I had traced Polish Trabys to a Drava-like river(s) in Polabia. I had traced the Traby to the Sorbs of Lusatia, which is also bearing out now. The Arms of Slovenia shown at the Carantania article show gold Zionist stars on azur (Bauer-star colors), the symbol of the German Weis Coat (I'm thinking Adam WEIShaupt, the "Jewish" "founder" of the Bavarian Illuminati).

Note lake Balaton (I'm thinking the Bolt terms found in the Bottle/Bootle/Butel write-up. As the Bottle/Bootle leopard should trace to TranSYLVanian Slavs, which I assume were on the Mures river, see the Mur river (!!) flowing between lake Balaton and the Drava river. THEN, the GOSpa location between the Mur and the Drava smacks of the Gos surname...using red stars on white, the WASHington Coat symbol (significance below). German Gos' were first found in Bavaria (!) and use the Moray star color, making sense because I trace Moray to the Mures river.

Washingtons were first in Lancashire, where the Bolts and Bootles were first found. Boltens were also first found in Lancashire, and their "Vi et" motto phrase smacks of the Soviet term that I trace to Sauvages of SauVIAT-sur-Vige.

French Sauvages were found in the Champagne district of Wassy, and that might be related to the Weis clan. BUTT, "Wassy" brings up the proto-Washington surname (Wassa, Gace, Gasson, etc.)...also (i.e. like the Weis') using a Zionist star...... in Sauvage colors.

I hate to inform you folks, but Americans are Slovenians and other Slavs, all of the Rus family. The Savages were linked fundamentally to Russells, but now I know the Russell goat is the Rollo-line goat (see yesterday).

My inclination, as per realizing that Bavarian Bogens and Bessins/Bessens/Bassons were one bloodline under different variations, is to link them all to Boii>Bohemians, and that's where the other Sava branch, called the Bohinjka, comes in. It certainly supports by trace of Bogans to Bowers/Bauers, for Bauers were first in Austria.

I prayed a couple of days for God to have mercy on my readers, to finally reveal the low-down for all the meandering that I've put them through. I think the prayer is in the throes of being answered. And the best thing of all, I might get to go on vacation from this topic, and then have a new life doing something else. One can only take so much battiness.

I wrote that paragraph above while waiting for the Bilder Coat to load because I wanted to know if it links to "Balaton." By that time I had already loaded the Belt Coat because I suspected links to the Bolts/Boltens. The noted that Belts use a chevron in colors reversed to the Bolten chevron, and then saw that the Bilders/Bulders use a chevron in Bolten red-on-white.

Bilders appear to be Bert/Birte relations, and we're wondering whether the black bugles shared by both link to the black "666-bugles" in the Arms of Traby (see Wikipedia article on "Traby").

German Bilders/Bilderbacks seem related as per their similar Coat and colors. They are the Beck colors (pelican in Crest, suggesting a Wayne branch) too, which I add because the Bildersbacks were also BilderBECKS. AND, Becks were first found in Yorkshire, where English Bilders were first found. We wonder whether Glenn Beck is a Bilderberg traitor, or working for them while appearing opposed. German Becks are also "Bachs," which surname recalls the Bagg-like surnames linked to Bogans...and to the Mormon-Rus that Tolkien -- who emphasized rings (Bert symbol) and Baggins -- created codes for.

Manipulation and secrecy is the joke of the caves to these invisible, under-the-table, bloodliner worshipers. But the Great Exposer in the Sky is coming, leaving no rock unturned, and making even the mountains crumble...while they hide in their caves, not joking anymore.

The Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin? Probably codes for the Bat/Wayne-related bloodlines. So I checked the Riddle Coat (Bilder/Bolten chevron) immediately after writing that, and ZOWIE: "First found in Aquitaine where this baronial name was derived from a Gothic race." It's as if the writer knew that Riddles were of Batman/Gotham elements. The fictional Gotham City (i.e. think New Yorks "Jews") is where Batman lived.

The Goth Coat: a Zionist star. The Goeth variation of the Goth surname evokes "Goeth's oak" Stump (Germany), for the Rodham Crest is a stump.

One can follow the Riddle/Ridel write-up to the Blayes, who "are believed to be originally from Blay, 3 miles north east of Le Molay in Calvados." Both Blayes and Blythes use garbs and crescents. Bill Clinton's father was not a Clinton, but a Blythe, and I did suggest a trace of "Blythe/Blithe" to "Bilder(berg)."

There is even a Batman/Badman surname using crescents (in Blythe red), and that jibes with the greyhound in the Riddle crest (that I trace to north-African Gorgons/Amazons).

I trace Rodhams to Rutland ("suburb" of Leicester) due to both Rodhams and Leicester using cinquefoils and ermines. In yesterday's update, I used "Roddler" as play-on-words for the Riddler but also for the Rodham surname. I now find that "Ridel" smacks of Rutland . The Arms of Rutland (Leicester) uses a horseshoe, used also by the Moray Randolph surname (uses bat in Crest), BUTT the other Ruth/Rother/Randolph Coat of Moray uses a Rodham-like Coat, wherefore the trace of the Rodhams to Rutland appears solid.

There's a good chance that Rutlands all trace to the Rhodians of neighboring Lincolnshire. The riddle is no more; it has been solved with the help of the Eye in the Sky.

There are other Rutlands, as for example those mentioned in the Rutlin/Rutland write-up. The Rutland Crest looks like the Massey Pegasus, and the Rutland Coat is likewise in Massey colors (therefore, think Medusa Gorgons here). That makes sense where I link Meschins/Masseys fundamentally to Ligurians (Leicester was named by Ligurs).

Moreover, the Rutland write-up traces to Mitcham in Surrey, held by the Canons of Bayeax/Bessin (Meschins were from the Bessin). The Rutland motto uses"Post," a motto term seen also yesterday as per the Mole Coat, that surname being traced to the Rollo-Rus, Malahule of More, he being the ancestor of the Meschin bloodline to Briquessarts. The Post Chief uses a black bugle.

LOOK. The Riddles were Blayes, and Blayes were "originally from Blay, 3 miles north east of Le Molay in Calvados." Therefore, the Moles and Posts must have been from the Molay entity, explaining why Rutlands also use "Post." Molay was a big name in Templar mud.

Mitchams (first found in Surrey) use a Meschin-like Shield with mascles. The Mitchell surname is found under that surname, and Obama has directed George Mitchell to over-see the O-strategy in Jerusalem. Interestingly, English Mitchells (also from Surrey) are said to be Michaels, a Hebrew name meaning, "like God." Didn't I trace "Surrey" to "Surru/Tyre," where the king of Tyre likened himself to the True God? The Mouse Trap in the Sky is loaded for the fiend who tries to take Jerusalem away from Israel.

The Blaye write-up continues: "...French saint Blasius of Armenie (Armienes,) and later introduced into and adopted by Yorkshire people as their saint of wool-combers from a Norman noble." The Armenies smack of ermine-using Ermines/Armines (red-on-white Sinclair-Rus cross, and first in Lincolnshire). German Armens (red-on-white rose, symbol of Rhodians) were first in Bavaria, and we should not forget that primary Germanics trace themselves to HERMINones of the Zio/Sio cult, and that fact traces easily to Tyre's mount Hermon that had Sion as its summit. We're talking the Hermes cads here, imposters and other lunatics. The English Hermon Coat uses the Sinclair cross, almost, and roses.

Batman's Joker can now be traced to the Joke/Yoke surname, using gold scallops on black, the colors of the English Mitchell scallops. That is, it can't be coincidental that Mitchams/Mitchells were root to Riddles/Ridels while Jokes use the Mitchell symbol. As Riddles were from Aquitania, but because that term is a variation of "OCcitania," I would suggest that Jokes/Yokes were from the JOKtanite founders of Occitania!!

Therefore, we're dealing with primary Hebrews of the non-Israeli kind, even the dark Sepharvite cult that sacrificed children in the fires to...ZERO. They sacrificed to less than zero, killing their own children, or more likely the abducted children of others, PAINFULLY, to their dark god, ZERO. The fires of Hell are justified for these peoples, O God! They do the same today by corrupting all of our children if possible, and subjecting them to miserable and painful lives.

Batman's Penguin could have been code for black-and-white Pendragons and Penders. The Penn surname is also black and white, and the "clarum" motto term should link to the clarions used by the Arthur surname (thus supporting a Penn link to mythical Pendragon), which clarions had also belonged to the Hicks. I maintain that Hicks were Hyksos, but because Hyksos were Apiru=Hebrews, they could have been Joktanites. The "supero" motto term of the Scottish Mitchells could be code for the Sepharvites that were Joktanites to a large degree.

Batman's sidekick, Robin, looks like code for the Scottish Robin surname, the motto of which uses "post funera," smacking of the Mole motto, "Post funera foenus." Moles were from Molesworth in Huntingdon (Huns?), and the Molesworth Coat s Shield filled with the "vair' bell pattern, as with the Champayne Coat.

French Robins were first in Brittany (I feel the heat, like we're getting close to the Vannes Meschins/Masseys), and the pheon arrow heads used by the Robins smack to me of the ermine symbols. The pheons are used also by the Thistle Coat (English Robin colors), which is Robin-important because the English-Robin symbol is the thistle.

The "Vivet" motto term of the Robins should be code for the Vivian/Vey surname that uses a coat similar to the Robins/Thistles. This surname was traced to mythical Morgan la Fey, chief witch of Avalon.

Robins are said to be Roberts/RODberts, but in particular I'd link them to French Roberts (likely named after French king Robert the Strong) using the Mackesy and Mackie lion.

The low-down is really coming down today. As yet I haven't had much chance to dwell on yesterday's discovery that Putin could be in bed with Allawi, a Director on the Board of, and likely part-owner of, the Crescent petroleum company. I did ask myself by what coincidence Allawi could be involved with that company. I figure that Allawi was chosen as the interim Iraqi prime minister (years ago, under Bush) because the Rothschild globalists willed it. It suggests that Rothschilds are behind Allawi. Stay tuned, same Bat channel, same Bat lunacy.

The MOL company in Budapest is part owner of Crescent petroleum, and one can only suspect at this point that the term was after a Mole branch. The Moles of Molesworth are from Mouldsworth in Huntingdon, and it is very reasonable to trace HUNtingdon to HUNgariuan elements. MOL has headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. Coincidence?

Entering "Mould" brings up the Mold/Montalto Coat, that surname said to be from Monte Alto in Italy. There are two mountains by that name shown online, one in Veneto/Venetia, the other near Rome. The Venetian one makes sense as the Heneti/Veneti seems central in the Sava valley and in Vienna. Molds were first found in Cheshire, and using a red lion, it could be the lion of Ranulph le Meschin, likely the English-Stewart lion too.

The Molton/Moulton/Molson surname was from "Meules in Calvados, in the arrondisement of Lisieux in the canton of Orbec, Normandy." The Lisieux term smacks of the Lesce location at the source of the Sava (proto-Leslies, I think), and the description of the Molton Crest smacks of the purple Lacy lion: A lion's head perpale...

The Lusty-branch Leslies use "Suivez" for a motto tern, smacking of the Sauvages and Sauviats from the Sava river. AND ZOWIE, the Lusty Shield is in colors reversed from the Save Shield!!! The only reason that the Lusty/Lasty Shield was re-loaded (it's been months since it was mentioned last) was in seeking Leslie links to the Sava, and there it was!!!

I didn't even realize yesterday that the Save Shield was a version of the Scottish Leslie Shield. BUT I was going to mention, and then didn't, that the Seibe, Saiebe and Seiebe variations of the Saves could link to the Polish Sobeks/Sobieskis (purple "buckle"), who use the Leslie "buckles." ZOWIE, though I wasn't sure of that yesterday, I now am sure.

The Sobies-like Save variations smack of the Seubi Swedes, and Swabians. As I trace Seubi to the Italian Sabines/Safina, I see that the English Safin Coat is in Save colors, only that the Safins use "royal blue." Safins were first in Somerset, the place founded by Dumnonii that i trace to the Samnite-branch Sabines.

When I had found the proto-Leslie surname in the Venetia region years ago (the surname that I can't recall the spelling of), I linked it to the Miltons, and today I find Sava-rooted Leslies linked to Moltons. I don't think that's coincidental.

Fortunately, I had loaded the Strong Coat earlier when mentioning Robert the Strong. I now need it because the Miltons use the same Coat, almost. AND, Strongs were first found in Somerset too!

The Milton relations, the Camvilles, smack of "Campbell," but in any case, the Camville Crest is the Sarah-Crest leopard. The Sarah surname was the first, I think, surname that I had traced to Saracens. Immediately after finding it, the Sawyers were found as per the Sayer variation of the Sarahs, and soon after the Sauer surname from the Sava river was found. I believe that Savages were found on that same day.

The Sauers are said to be rooted in one Galleri surname, and so now it can be reported that the gallery Coat is in Save colors. The Wigton locale of the Gallerys evokes the Hanna Saracens first found there. The Gallery Crest is ears of corn, and that's the symbol in the Riddle/Ridel Coat (greyhound in Crest).

The other Riddle Coat uses mallets, possible code for the Mauds/Maults and/or Moultons. Riddles/Ridels evoke the Riddings Hall (1.5 miles from Timperley Hall) owned by Mascys (see last update page), and in that discussion was the Ready surname (in Save colors I can now add) using swans, which possibly helps to link the Riddles to Ligurians. The Ready Crest is an arm-and-scimitar, an apt Muslim/Arab/Saracen symbol.

October 21

Did anyone see the "contradiction" yesterday that turns out to be a major compliment of past identifications for the Illuminati line to Sion? I had traced Sion of Switzerland to Ligurians, and yet yesterday I claimed that the Sava river was the common root of all Illuminati lines. When I made that claim, it didn't dawn on me that it appeared to contradict the Ligurian theory.

Before waking this morning (it's now 3:33 am) , I again wondered what I'd write on, and this contradiction needed to be addressed. It didn't take me long to realize that "Sava" smacks of "Savona," though I'm not bragging because I failed to make the connection yesterday. It is the Savona Ligurians that I trace to Sion.

I did mention yesterday the Sabine-like variations of the Save surname, and so if it's correct to identify "Savona" with "Sabine," one could expect that Sabines/Safina were from the Sava river, which is a good theory based on the geography wherein Sabines lived around the corner of Venetia from the Sava. Or, the Sava flows on the opposite side of the Adriatic sea to where Sabines lived.

There are a few points I can start with, but first this: in the past, I wrongly assumed that the Sava is in Austria (it's starts in Slovenia and flows away from Austria) due to the Sauer write-up telling that the surname, first in Austria, was named after the "Sau." Seeking info on the Sau, I found it to have Save and Sava variations, and this turned out to be the Sava beginning in Slovenia, near the Austrian border. That webpage tells that "Sau" is the German spelling. Possibly, there could be another Sau river in Austria.

I had identified the OSTRICH-feather symbols of the Polish Trabys (used also by Tudors) as code for AUSTRIA (" Osterreich" in German). I now find that the Drava river (Carinthia) is in Austria, and that the source of the Sava is near Radovljica, a location smacking of "Radziwill," the root of the Traby surname.

I've just realized that yesterday's emphasis on the Rutland and Riddell bloodlines might apply to "Radziwill." Also, the Ready Coat uses swans in the colors of the French Save Coat. These are also the colors of the English Sauers/Sawyers. PLUS, the English Sauers use "trouveras," an obvious code now for the Trabys that led to the Welsh Trevor surname. As that surname was from Tudor Trevor, it's not likely coincidental that Tudors also used ostrich feathers as their heraldic symbol.

The Mitchams/Mitchells discussed yesterday use what could be an ostrich feather. The "supero" motto term of that surname reminds me of the Sobek/Sobieski trace that I made to the Super/Soper surname (because Sobieskis use a Zober variation).

If you missed yesterday's trace of the Saves to the Leslies, then let me repeat that Sobieskis and Leslies use the same buckle symbol, suggesting family linkage. The point is, Mitchells are suspect now as a Leslie and/or Sobek bloodline. BUT MORE, one can now trace Mitchells to the Sava (serving extra evidence that Leslies were from the Lasce location near Radovljica) due to the red hearts used in the English Mitcham Coat! This Coat is new to me because it does not come up when entering "Mitchell." (For new readers, the red heart is a French Sauvage symbol who link to the Sava river; see the previous update page).

I now recall that the Lacys, who I identify as Irish Leslies, were also "Lasci," smacking once again of "Lesce." The write-up: "The Lacy family appears to have originally lived in the settlement of Lassy in the region called Calvados in northern France. The name of this place is derived from the Gaulish personal name Lascius, which is of uncertain origin... It's not uncertain anymore. Clearly, the clan was from Lesce.

But there are indications coming through this morning that the Sava-river clans were in the NURburg region of Germany, where EusKIRCHen is found. The first indication was the "Cherches" motto term of the English Sauers/Sawyers. The second indication was their first being in NORfolk. The third is the dancety chevron of the Mitchams, a symbol used also in the Arms of Euskirchen district. The fourth is the trace I made recently of the black-on-white cross of the Merit Coat to the same in of the Arms of Euskirchen. That is, the Irish Lacy/Lascius motto includes "Meritus" as code for the Merit surname.

YES, for one now sees that the Merit-Crest griffin fairly-well matches the Leslie-Crest griffin!! This Sava link to Euskirchen can now explain why I had emphasized the Nurburg region in recent update pages.

It's time to re-mention that both Leslie Coats use a blue diagonal bar on white which links to the white-on-blue diagonal bar of the Save Coat. This is being mentioned because I JUST FOUND (!!) an ostrich, in Save colors, in the French (Artois) Lois Coat, which surname was entered only due to it being found (as "Loisde") in the Irish Leslie Coat. I kid you not that I had no knowledge of this when I started on the ostrich symbol an hour ago, and it is very good evidence that the symbol depicted Austrians from the source area of the Sava.

The "Sava" term brings up the Lacy-like Savage Coat with "pro te" motto phrase while a motto term of the Saves is "prosis." I had identified the "pro te" phrase as code for the Welsh Pruits/Pruets, who use the Savage lion exactly. Tim found that Pruits were also Prothers, said to be derived from "Rydderck/Roderick." Both surnames were first found in CARmarthen, and it occurs to me that the "Car" part may be from "CARinthia." The footless martins of the English Sauers is code for the Merlin/Myrddin cult that is traded by many to CarMARTHEN.

A further point is that the Prothers and Pruits use the German (first in Bavaria) Rothe/Rother raven, and that should link the Rydderch/Rodericks to those Rothes.

This brings me to the Bauer>Rothschild bloodline again, which was first found in Austria. As the theory went, Bowers/Bauers were Bogans of Bavaria, and as such Bogans should trace to Austria too. The theory then suspected Bogen/Bohen links to the Sava river (before I knew anything about the Sava), which suspicion is highlighted now by the Rothes-of-Bavaria link to Savages. Then, two days ago it was discovered that one Sava-source river is called, Sava Bohinjka. This was discovered just fays after tracing Bauers solidly to the proto-Alan Stewarts of Dol, and the discovery included the other Sava-source branch, the Dolinka.

Again for those who missed it: the Bohen/Bohan Coat uses the same Shield as the Save Coat, and the Bohen design smacks of the Arms of Champagne, where Savages were first found.

As per the Joke surname mentioned yesterday, very important if indeed it was in honor of Joktanites, the English Bogan (with an 'a') use the Joke-Crest cockatrice (not quite the Vere wyvern dragon, but close), wherefore this cock symbol could be in honor of Joktanites and/or their Occitanian tribe. The crown in the Joke Crest indicates that the family made it to English royalty, or that it merged with a royal English line.

There is a good chance that the Jokes/Yokes were Johannes/Johns, and so see the Welsh John Coat, for it uses the same motto and raven as the Pruits and Prothers, and like them, the Johns were first found in Carmarthenshire. If the question is, who came first, the Jokes or the Johns, the answer is, I don't know. But the crossed axes in the John Crest was the symbol of mythical BritoMartis of Crete, for which reason one can trace CarMARTHEN Brits to that Cretan entity. The "bien" motto term of the Vienne Coat brought up the same crossed axes.

The German Hock/Yoke Coat (surname first found in Switzerland) uses a swan in Save colors. I would remind you of the HOCHtaunuskreis of Taunus (Hesse) that was part of Nurburg roots.

It can be ascertained that the Pruits were Brits from the Bruttii, who I trace in turn to Aprutium/Abruzzo, the Aphrodite cult in Sabine-realm Italy. That's where the "prosis" motto term of the Save Coat comes in, for it smacks of Abruzzo elements, and that jibes with a trace of "Vienna/Vindobona" to the Heneti>Veneti, for Aphrodite depicted that line. In other words, expect that Sava-river cults of the Rothschild-Illuminati kind moved to Vienna, Austria. That's where we should also expect Bauers and Bogens.

I had traced "Aprutium" to "Epirus," which is not far down the coast from the Sava river. The bigger point is the Thracian station of Aphrodite as the Hebros-river Hebrews: the Hyksos. I had traced the related Kikons to mythical Cycnus of Liguria, and he to Savona, wherefore we should expect Kikons in the Sava valley if indeed Save/Sava stock were the founders/namers of Savona. The first thing coming to mind is the Rhodope region of the Hebros that was made the mythical mother of both Hebros and Kikon. That is, "RHOD(ope)" smacks of the Rydderchs/Rodericks>Prothers>Pruits>Savages. And let's not forget my trace of Khyan (Hyksos pharaoh) to Kikons, and that "Khyan" is thought by some to be a John variation, or that Hyksos could trace to Joktanites and therefore the Joke surname.

At this moment, while wondering what surname to enter, besides "Hicks," for finding Sava-river Kikons, the term "Kicks" entered my head like when I know the Spirit is doing it, and as the Coat was loading I expected a SURPRISE, and got one. It's the SAVE Shield in colors reversed!!! And it uses crescents, the symbol I trace to Saracens. The surname is also Keck, Keach, and Kech(ler). The Dutch branch shows a "Gegh." The family had a seat in Giengen of Baden-Württemberg.

The Arms of Giengen is a unicorn, an apt symbol for horse-depicted Hyksos. In fact, a horse is uses in the Arms of Stuttgart, and Giengen is in Stuttgart. It was Stuttgart elements that I traced to the Stout-surnamed vikings in northern Scotland who used the raven as their symbol, and now it can be proved because those vikings were in Shetland, which also uses a unicorn!! ZOWIE, that appears to trace Kikons to Shetand.

The same Shetland vikings conquered Rothesay i.e. Rothesay was founded by German Rothe/Rother elements. And the Shetland unicorn was traced to the Macclesfield (Cheshire) unicorn, which is not only conspicuous in that Savages were first in Cheshire, but in the Hixons/Hicksons who were likewise first in Cheshire. Besides that, I imagined that trace the Hicks of Clapton followed the Claptons to their family town of Shropshire (beside Cheshire).

"Giengen" could be a variation of the Gech variation of the Kecks. I that picture, with the 'n' removed from "Giengen," one gets a near-Kikon look-alike. Entering "Ging" brings up a Gigg/Gegg surname in Kicks colors!

The English Savona/Sabine Coat page has a write-up tracing to the Sabines, and they were first found in Norfolk, where the Sauers were first found. It makes sense, supporting a Sabine trace -- and a Kikon-of-Sava trace -- to mythical Cycnus at Liguria's Savona. Entering "Savone" instead of "Savona" gets the Safin Coat in Save and Sauer colors. AND, the Gings/Geggs were first in...Norfolk!!!

The French Savona/Savard/Savary clan (these were traced to Sepharvite-Joktanites) was first in Poitou, where I traced Melusine-related Sava clans yesterday. The GINGrich surname (in Save colors) was first found in Poitou!!! And here's the write-up with links to Vienne:

"First found in Poitou, a part of Aquitaine [think Occitania], where the family has been a prominent family for centuries, and held a family seat with lands and manor. The family were well established in the region of the Vienne and several members of the family distinguished themselves through their contributions toward the community in which they lived and were rewarded with lands, titles and letters patent confirming their nobility. They held a family seat from ancient times at La Rochelle."

Aha! There's another Roche. The Rochelle-surname page shows a Rockewell variation, and it uses a black-on-white chevron, the same as the Rooksby Coat that I trace to Rockefellers. The related Rook Coat uses the raven again. CROOKS! Vikings!! Pillagers of mankind!!! They care not for society but to use it.

I knew nothing about Vienne in France until I saw it in the Gingrich write-up above. Now that I'm very interested in proving links to the Sava-river clans that moved to Vienna (Austria), I can report that Vienne is in Poitou-Charentes, that latter term traced yesterday to "Carinthia" in Austria, where the Illuminati seems to have dug down.

Convinced already that Vienna was founded by Heneti, I see that Haute-Vienne is part of Limousin, which makes sense as per Aphrodite's Heneti cult on Lemnos. The Arms of Haute-Vienne uses an ermine Shield where the ermines are large enough to be viewed as arrow heads, perhaps a variation of pheons.

The Arms of Charentes are used also by ANGouleme, and I think the latter was Melusine>Lusignan elements because, according to Veres, Melusine founded ANGers/Anjou.

Interestingly, the Arms of the city of Angouleme are in Rangabe colors (I trace Rangabes to Anjou). The Vienne location of Moulismes could be mythical Melusine, whom I trace to Melissena Rangabe. Lusignan, in Vienne, uses Rangabe colors; you may have read yesterday that I trace "Lusig(nan)" to the LESCe location at the Sava.

The checkered Arms of Angouleme and Charentes smack of the same-colored checks of the Meulan, ruled by Beaumonts/BELLmonts, that being suspicious because Bellac is part of Haute-Vienne. I'm expecting Beaumonts -- and therefore Bellamys>Fertes>Masseys -- to have the same geographical root as Bauers and Bogans, wherefore it should be noted that the checks are in Massey-quadrant colors. Not only are these the colors of the Fertes as well, but the entire Ferte Coat is an eagle in colors reversed to the same eagle that is the entire Vienne-surname Coat. And with Fertes and Masseys both being traced to Veres, the Melusine Vere-factor of this same Vienne region suggests a trace of the Vere Illuminati to the Sava-river-Illuminati clans.

The Arms of Vienne could be construed as a variation of the Arms of Austria and/or the identical Arms of Babenbergs. This reminds me that I've yet to find Babenbergs proper in the Sava or Vienna regions, except that I identify Babenbergs as Heneti. Any of the clans thus far traced to the Sava or to Carinthia could have been Babenbergs. It could apply that the German Babe/Babel Coat uses Melusine.

There are Baben (Vienne colors) and Bebban Coats if you're interested, showing Baven(t) and Bevan variations. The point here is that their location of BaVENT might have been in honor of VINDobono=Vienna.

I've just found a Beaumont location in Vienne. There is also a Bellefond location in Vienne. Recalling that the Bonne Coat was related to the Bellamy Coat, I should add that Vienne is also home to a Bonnes location. AND, as the Meulan and Angouleme checks are used by the Vaux surname, I should add that Vienne is home also to Vaux--sure-Vienne as well as another community of Vaux.

"Giengen" looks like "Vienna." In any case, The Giengen theater is also the theater to which I traced Obama's Wolfin line. His Gr8-grandfather was from Orsingen in the Konstanz district, and that deserves a mention of the "constans" motto term that I just saw in the Welsh Bebban Coat. NOW LOOK. I traced the Bebbanburgs of Bernicia to Berne (Switzerland), founded/ruled by the Zahringers of Baden-Wurttemberg (Giengen is in Baden-Wurttemberg), and it just so happens that the Chief of the Arms of Orsingen uses the Zahringer/Veringen ANTler (i.e. which I say is code for ANTenor-branch Heneti), thus tending to prove that the Welsh Bebban surname was from the Zahringer family in Konstanz.

Entering "Zahringer" brings up the crosses axes once again, this time in the Zehrer/Sehrer Coat (Saiers or Sauers?). The surname was first found in Bavaria. In this picture, Zahringers could trace to Hyksos of the Giengen kind.

Giengen is in the district of Heidenheim, and so we want to take a look at the Heiden Coat, and there we find black horseshoes on white, the very same as in the Scottish Randolph Coat, that being a major bloodline of Obama. Suddenly, there is cause to trace Obama's Wolfin line to Heidenheim and perhaps even to the proposed Ixion-branch Hyksos of Giengen.

AHA! As per the Ginge variation of the Gings, "Hinge" was entered to find crosses axes once again. The write-up's trace to "Inge" suggests that these were the Ingaevones or Yngvi, the root of certain Scandinavians, including the Danes. Some think that Ingaevones (a Germanic tribe distinguished in some circles from the Herminones) were the Angles.

The Inge/Hinge surname evokes the Ince/Ines surname because I had noted (but wasn't going to report for lack of evidence until now) that their related Innes clan (Morayshire) uses a castle that could be a variation of the castle in the Arms of Vienne. If "Giengen" is a variation of a Vienne-like term, that could explain it while simultaneously linking the Hinges/Inges to "Giengen." A very major point in all this is the potential trace of Kikons to the Ingaevones and/or Angles. Remember, the Ging surname is also "Gigg," and the Gingrich Coat is in Innes colors.

Now the Ince/Ines Coat has been shown lots as a variation of the Kay Coat. And it just so happens that it was about time now to mention what i had already written below but placed in suspension until I finished the above. The below is this in italics: The Italian Savona Coat uses the Kay and Kinner birds in the now-forbidden colors of silver-on-gold (indicates an old Coat before the rule was made)."

Remember, I trace Kikons to Savona of Liguria, wherefore the Inces/Ines clans once again come out looking like Kikon/Cycnus-branch Hyksos. As these were Ligurians moving much to Leicestershire's Legro river, see the point in the exclamation mark in the next paragraph

Let's not forget that the Kinners are linked to Kay's father, Kyner, otherwise called Anton, otherwise called Ector, the latter mythical code representing the CYCnus-like Ector/HECtor surname. I had traced Ector to the Axtons/Actons of Kent, which region was founded by mythical Hengist, a term smacking of the Hinge/Inge surname...first found in Leicestershire! Actons use the same Coat as Austria and the Arms of Babenberg.

AND, I had traced Horsa, the other mythical founder of Kent, to ORSingen, which I now find near Giengen! WOWWEEWWEEWOW! Is that ever truth. It has got to be. I know truth on this topic when I step on it. I had traced Ixion's CENTaurs to the CANTii founders of KENT years ago, before I knew that Ixion depicted Kikon-branch Hyksos.

The same Centaurian Hysksos, as a Cycnus branch this time, should apply to the house of Candia in Savoy.

The Great Axe in the Sky glistens along the wide round of the blade.

What kind of feather is it in the Arms of Leicestershire?Does the lamb in the Arms indicate the Heneti golden fleece line? Why the fox in the Crest? Is the white-on-red two-tailed lion that of the Montforts...who I trace to Monforte and Montferrat of Liguria/Piedmont/Savoy?

Why does the Soar river running through Leicester have a source at Giengen-link Hinckley on the west of the city? Why a Wigston on the south-east part of town, which evokes Wigton in Galloway, where the Gallery surname was from? Does anyone recall why the Gallery surname was ever mentioned here? It's the root of the Sauer/Sour surname according to the Sauer write-up!!! ? The Soar river looks like it was named by the Sauer/Sours. There is a Soar Coat without a write-up (hmm), using the Say Shield (i.e. recalls the Sey/Say-using Save variations), and a purple lion on gold, the symbol of the Irish Lacys/Lascis (!)...who have already been traced to the Sava river!!!

Stepping all over this beast is becoming fun. I'm still waiting to find the illumination that Illuminatists claim to have. Where is it? Hidden in all the buried treasures that were stolen from the peoples? Why do Illuminatists hide their light if indeed it is light? Why have a secret light only for initiates? Because they are evil and know that normal people would reject their "light."

I'm looking through the window and all I see in the Illuminati cellar is stacks and stacks of the blood, sweat and tears of the common peoples. I thought that Light was defined as help and support for the peoples, something they can depend on for making life better. Why would anyone want to hide such a thing in a secret society?

Wikipedia's write-up on the city of Leicester (brackets not mine):

"It is believed the name 'Leicester' is derived from the words castra (camp) of the Ligore, meaning dwellers on the 'River Legro' (an early name for the River Soar). In the early 10th century it was recorded as Ligeraceaster = 'the town of the Ligor people'."

The French/NormanLegros Coat uses the same cross, in the same colors, as the Arms of Rangabe.

Although I leave room for not equating the Legro (no"s') clan with Ligurians, that surname was first found upstream of the Lacydon Ligurians. The Legros/Gros greyhound holds a laurel branch, indicating the Daphne cult that I see at the root of the Sabines. Possibly, therefore, "Sava" could originate in "Daphne." The Legro/Gros surname was first found beside Dauphine, but then let me repeat that I trace the Savidge variation of the Savages to "David," for both use the same-colored lions. As I think the Davids (first in Cheshire) were from Daphne>Devon>Deva>Davenport elements, it's possible that Deva (Chester's earlier name) was from Sava-element Hyksos.

The Grau variation of the Legro surname smacks of the mythical Graeae to whom I now trace the greyhound symbol. Coincidence? It could very well be that the heraldic greyhound is a special symbol of the Grau/Gros/Legro surname. The motto of the Scottish Grey/Groy surname evokes the Leslie motto, and the surname is rooted by the write-up to France's Haute-Saone (Sion elements?), in the same theater where the Legro/Gros surname was first found. The wave in the Arms of Haute-Saone compare somewhat with the same-colored wave in the Arms of Vienne.

I came across a term in the news that evoked the Sorely surname, and checking found it to use the MacDonald ship that comes with a red eagle on gold, which is also the Ferte Coat, which as I said earlier is in colors reversed to the eagle in the Vienne-surname Coat. I wouldn't mention it if I didn't think Sorelys/Sourlys were not linked to Sauer elements and/or the Soar river.

What's National Security got to do with bankers?

"Obama last week tapped Tom Donilon as National Security Advisor. What's Donilon's resume? I summarized it when folks floated his name as potential White House chief of staff:
'He was a top lobbyist at Fannie Mae during the housing bubble...

...In 2008, according to his financial disclosure forms, Donilon was a paid consultant for Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Apollo Investments.'

The idea of giving National Security over to money men is for the control of American citizens by globalists of the Rothschild/Rhodian kind, not for protecting Americans from overseas or internal threats. Threats will be exaggerated for to seize more than they already control:

"The U.S. Defense Department is quietly taking on an expanding role in defending U.S. critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. In a break with previous policy, the military now is prepared to provide cyber expertise to other government agencies and to certain private companies to counter attacks on their computer networks, the Pentagon's cyber policy chief, Robert Butler, said Oct. 20.

...While the Department of Homeland Security officially remains the lead government agency on cyber defense, the new agreement 'sets up an opportunity for DHS to take advantage of the expertise' in the Pentagon, and particularly the secretive electronic spying agency, the National Security Agency, said Butler, who is a deputy assistant defense secretary.

The two agencies - Defense and Homeland Security - 'will help each other in more tangible ways then they have in the past,' Butler told a group of defense reporters.

...In the event of a cyber attack, it's still extremely difficult to tell who is attacking. It's not even clear what constitutes an attack."

I don't trust that mix because I don't trust either entity apart from one another. And they are ruled in their spying capacity by the word of the president of the United States, who I also do not trust.

In Britain: "Every email, phone call and website visit is to be recorded and stored after the Coalition Government revived controversial Big Brother snooping plans." To Hell with what the people think about it, they say. We can only wonder how long the Snoop Factor will hamper the global village, or how badly it will alter it. Will it last a generation, two, four, ten?

Jimmy Carter is not going to his grave a wise man:

"Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin [today] told former US president Jimmy Carter that after his visits to Hamas senior official Khaled Mashal and Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, Israelis see him as 'supporting Hamas and encouraging terror.'

Rivlin met with Carter and others on the Elders mission as part of an international group of veteran statesmen..."

The Israeli peace talks...what talks? Apparently, we're waiting for the UN to impose a solution. Obama could weigh heavily in AFTER the U.S. elections.


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