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October 11

Yesterday's inkling that the original Templars/Crusaders were from Mascy-related Timperlys and the Cheshire Temple surname jibed very well with a months-old trace of "Masonry" to the Massin/Mason surname of Kent, which family I trace to Massino Visconti, and the Massi-Matt surname of that region.

Second, after emphasizing the Mascy trace to the Mittani in the last couple of days, I found myself asking once again where "Mitanni" originated. As I often do, I add a capital vowel to a term in seeking it's derivation, and I think it's correct to say that, in Latin languages, a-mittani means "of the Mittani." In any case, "Amitanni suddenly looked like "Amazon," an idea that I can't recall stumbling across before. The Mittani were Meshech, therefore.

That thought came only after wondering where "Mazzar" originated, as per Tyrian king Baal-Mazzar, father of king Mattan/Mittan. I was thinking that it was an Amazon term, so that the natural realization from that was an Amazon=Mittani equation. The fact that Mittani crop up where Massey clans were settled verifies that Mittani were Amazons, if correct to trace Masseys to Amazons.

Not only is Methoni in Messene (Greece) while the Massino region and associated Massi/Matt surname seem likely to trace to Messina (Sicily), but Nicholas de Vere, dragon chief of the modern day, claims that Veres descended from Mittani; their city of Vere, in Manche, is smack where we find Macey, the origin of the Massey/Macey surname. Thus, we now know the dragon guts of the FreeMasons, in the Mittani and Massey clans, but with some of the families mentioned yesterday included, some from king PygMalion , father of Dido and son of Mattan/Mittan.

The dragonic Veres, who are not ashamed to use a boar for a symbol or even a dragon as it applies to Satan, are nothing but goofballs who desire to be honored. They wouldn't be dangerous if not for their great wealth. Without money, let me be straight, they are total goofs, errors, junk, stink, rot, but with money they are the corruption of mankind. The Golf Club in the Sky is about to hit the goof balls right out of the Fer-way.

Perhaps the Vere boar is ultimately play on words for "PGY(malion)." Recall in the last update that the Tyrian dynasty ruling before the Mazzar>Mattan>Pygmalion dynasty was of the Abaddon>Apollo cult, so that tracing the following dynasty to Amazons explains why Artemis (= Amazon goddess) and Apollo were made twins. The last Tyrian king of the Apollo cult was Phelles, smacking of Pelops too, and even Pylos in Messene.

In this picture, the Tyrian dynasty that ruled after the Apollo cult was the Hyksos Baal-and-Anat cult linked previously to the Pelops fleece-line Heneti, which jibes with a trace of the ram/fleece line to the Hyksos Shepherd kings. Clearly, Tiresias, who I identify as the Hyksos in Tyre, were of the Mazzar>Mattan>Pygmalion line, and that jibes too with the Hyksos link I made to the Mittani of the AkhenkAten cult in Egypt.

In short, the Apollo and Amazon dynasties in Tyre (rather late in mythical Greek history) were from the Pelops cult, not vice versa, and as such were from Mysia's Amazons, and Leto's Lydians, which is exactly the Biblical dragon cult leading to the Latins and Romans. In Ezekiel 28, where Satan is marked out as a king of Tyre, one reads that Meshech were doing business with Tyre. In that chapter, it is clear that Tyre is the Mystery Babylon the Great of Revelation 17, and that's where Ashtart comes in, for she was the goddess of the Apollo dynasty of Tyre, as for example her name is found in king Abdastartus= Abt-Ashtart (his nurse was mother to Phelles).

Just now, while using the Find feature to find "Abdastartus" (because I had forgotten it's spelling), I just punched in "Asht" for short looking for "Ashtart" (the king's name was right where I had mentioned Ashtart), and the following term was found too: "Qart-hadASHT." That was the ancient name of Carthage, and suddenly, regardless of those who define the term as "New City," it appears to be short for, MelQART-HadadAshtart.

It is also known that this very Ashtart of the Phoenician theater became Tanis, the evil goddess at Tunis(ia), indicating that Hyksos Danaans were there, at Tunis, and that they stemmed from Melkart, who was also known as Hercules. Carthage was a Danaan city, in other words, and these are the Scythians tracing to the dragonic Veres, the most loathsome animals ever to partake in the human race.

I haven't checked my interlinear yet, but the NIV writes that "Danites and Greeks" did business with Tyre too, as though Danites were Greeks, but I think those Danites were the Atlantean Danaans>Danann. Nicholas de Vere traces his Vere bloodline from the Mittani forward to European "Scythians" that he does/did not identify, who then became the Irish Danann , who then became the Picts and Scots, who then put forth mythical Melusine (of Avalon) and her son, Milo de Ver, count of Angers/Anjou. As this quasi-mythical Milo seems like code for the Fulks of Anjou (as they are the first-recorded counts of that place), we can trace Veres to Ingelger, direct ancestor of the Anjou Fulks. By way of the names of mythical fathers given Ingelger, I traced him (years ago, before the topic at hand was a topic at all) to Danish Harcourts in Torcy/Torville, who later appeared to be from Tuareg Amazons. That idea looks much better this morning, after yesterday's trace of the Veres and Masseys to north Africa's Mali and Moor elements.

I was on a roll earlier this morning, as with just about every morning that I can recall these past many weeks, for I have more keys now, and a far-less cloudy picture of things (which is not to say "perfectly clear"), than ever. As I considered the origin of "Wassukanni" (Mittani capital), and after starting with the premise that "Wass" was a form of "Uat" (pronounced "Wat, and leading to the all-seeing Watt surname), I concentrated on the similarity between "Wassuk" and "Eusk, the latter term being what the Basques call themselves. I recalled that I traced Euskals to Ash-term, Ashkelon, and that the Wassa-surname's Gace variation traces to GASCony-branch Basques. At that point I saw "Ashken(az)" as the term that should have provided "Wassukanni." That seemed excellent where Mittani were Meshech, for Ashkenaz was the son of Gomer, Meshech's brother. In this picture, George Washington was a Gomer.

Moreover, the fundamental link of Nahorites to Cimmerians is thereby in play, serving as evidence that the link existed. For the Mittani kingdom was practically centered on Haran, the city of Nahorites. I had not in the past found Cimmerians linked to Nahorites of Haran, aside from knowing it to be true for circumstantial evidence. And I traced Washington to Nahorites as a fact, not a theory, so convinced was I of that conclusion.

One now has the tools to trace the Mittani Gomarians>Cimmerians to the Chemmites on the Nile, which is a troublesome picture where I trace Chemmites to "Kemuel." But as I reasoned before, Kemuel may have been named in honor of Cimmerians just due to Nahor's merger with them. And as the Uat-cult Chemmites were identified with Nahor's sons, Uts and Buz, a trace of "Uts" to "WASSU(kanni)" makes sense. Other variations of the latter included Ash terms, for it was also "Washushukanni."

I just noticed that the Watt-Crest eagle, which I now view as a Fulk falcon, is the Norton/Nachton Crest symbol (in a slightly different position). The latter Coat uses a red and green Shield, the two colors of the Fulkes/Folk Coat. Note that these Nortons are traced by their write-up to a MULAlly clan, said to be from "O Maolalaidh." Mali comes to mind once again.

The Scottish Millans/Milans/Mullens, introduced yesterday and traced to Tiye and Tey of the Nile-river Mittani, were from "MaolaNACH" (i.e. seems related to the MaolaLaide Nortons above), and as they are said to descent from clan Buchanan, I reasoned that they were from TimBUKtu (Mali). Let me re-quote and see if you can spot a Mittani>Pict>Vere theme:

"...Buchanan of Auchmar says that the MacMillans are descended from Methlan, second son of Anselan, a Buchanan Chief of the thirteenth century...However, tradition may more properly ascribe the origin from a particular tribe in Moray that has descended from the ancient Pictish tribe of Kanteai, thought to have existed in the first half of the second century AD"

The Kanteai tribe smacks of the Cantii founders of Kent, Ixion's Centaurs.

I was on a roll earlier this morning, which is very appropriate for one slicing goof balls all over the turf. I had also placed a capital A on "Lapith" because I still didn't know where that term derived, and I got "Aleppo," which was anciently Halab, a Syrian city in which Mittani (i.e. under Idrimi, sounds like "Adram" and "Drummond" of Thermodon) ruled with certain Hebrews. I had identified those Hebrews as the Hyksos, and I traced "Halab" to the Halybes...on the Halys river (Helios?), where lived the Hatti Hurrians (Mittani were Hurrians too).

Recently (2nd update of September), to my sheer relief, I found a city on Cyprus called, Lapithos. As Aphrodite was born on Cyprus, note that there is a mythical Pygmalion who loved Aphrodite on Cyprus (she was born at Paphos, who was mythized as their son, so that I trace Paphlagonians to both that place and to Byblos, both tentative theories, but good ones because I trace Ixion's CENTaurs to "Heneti" Paphlagonians). As Ixion's horse cult was that of Ares' horse cult (the latter had an extra-marital affair with Aphrodite on the Hebros) , it's now easy, as per the above identification of Ixion (ruler of Lapiths) with Aleppo/Halab, to trace Ixion to Hephaestus (something I've already done in multiple ways), the official husband of Aphrodite (whom she committed adultery on with Ares). For while Hephaestus was the (ugly) metal-making craftsman god, the Halybes are credited by historians as the founders of iron.

In the past, I traced the so-called "Elvin Princess" -- Melusine/Milouziana of the Veres -- to "Halybe" and Alba branches of those metal makers, wherefore it seems certain that Scotland's alternative name, Alba, ruled by Picts, was founded by Halybes, the same basic Halybes that I trace the Arthurian cult to, and especially the ExCALIBer-sword code.

The article on mythical Pygmalion says the he and Aphrodite: "In some versions they also had a daughter, Metharme." Mittani of Aram? Wikipedia insists that Pygmalion should be identified with "the Phoenician royal name Pumayyaton", but whether or not that's true, I would mention that the portion after "Pu" smacks of "Meggido(n)" I suggested that a capital P was added to both "Paphlagonia" and "Pamphylian," and then found evidence for that that there must have been certain peoples who added capital P's to terms, as might be the case also with "Pumaggaton."

As Halybes were also Khaldi (proto-Celts), or at least closely merged with them, while the Pyxites river (proto-Picts) was in the Khaldi theater (itself in the Thermodon theater), I would trace "PYG(malion)" to the PYXites region.

Yesterday I realized that Daedalus of Crete was of the Pygmalion>Dido line. That Tyrian line must have been at least merged with the Zeus Taurus (i.e. Zeus/Baal-cult Tyrians) to Minoans. I traced Daedalus to Tolkien's Melkor (= Meleager CALYDonians=Khaldi) of the Orkney theater, and as that was extreme northern Scotland, I'll add that a region of northern Scotland is named something like "Galybe" (can't recall the exact spelling). Sudden;y, with the trace of Dido Tyrians to Hephaestus at Lemnos, which island was off the mouth of the Hebros, we understand why she and Aeneas, who depicted Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros, had an affair together (as per Virgil's mythinking) leading to Mysio-Tyrians of Carthage.

Today, in the Pygmalion article, I find: "The story of the breath of life in [mythical Pygmalion's] statue [of Aphrodite] has parallels in the examples of Daedalus, who used quicksilver to install a voice in his statues; of Hephaestus, who created automata for his workshop; of Talos, an artificial man of bronze...The island of Rhodes was particularly known for its displays of mechanical engineering and automata..." We can imagine the Hephaestus cult today busy in robotics and the quest to integrate human brains with computerized machines.

Pygmalion made love to his Aphrodite statue (when giving birth to Paphos), which is another good reason to call these peoples, goof balls. Who else but a goof, an error, a mutation of the human race, would make love to a doll or statue? Who else but a stain would want to integrate human minds with computers at the risk of destroying/mutating humanity forever? It's not like one can throw a pair of genes into the laundry machine for a clean wash; once genes are altered, they stay that way. Sometimes, new-fashion genes go out of style, and no one wants them anymore. And computers are always getting "hung up."

There's a good chance that the Vere boar was in honor of some Picts, for the CALYDonian boar traces to the Caledonian Picts. Thus, the Vere pig would indeed trace to PYGmalion elements. And Milo de Vere, and his Milouziana mother, appears to be from the Malion entity of that character, after the entity had migrated right across the Mediterranean, over centuries.

I don't forget that I traced two bad-gene diseases -- porphyry and Parkinson's disease -- to the Meschins.

I had traced Duttons and Tattons to Dido, and that's yet another Vere link to Masseys (and to Pygmalion), for Duttons and Tattons were Mascys to a large degree. The Dutton Coat uses a swastika-like cross that I always recall as English Hood Coat. Well, okay, it's not at all a swastika, but I see the makings of the swastika in that cross because i trace Hoods, who were also Hudds, to the Hutter/Huttler root of the German Hiedler/Hitler surname. AND, the similat Heidler Coat uses a white anchor, the color of the anchor in the Hodd/Hudd Crest. The diamond at the heart of the cross, which is sometimes a rose on a cross when symbolizing Rosicrucians, is a mascle depicting the Meschins, albeit the mascle and cross together is called a "fret." German Hoods, who use an anchor also, were first in Bavaria.

The swastika was found at ancient Resht of the Gileki region on the Caspian sea, and I trace the Gileki to mythical Glaucus and Scylla...proto-Masseys at Messina. The swastika was used also by Varangian Rus (probably from Resht, which could be the Biblical Rosh) in the service of Byzantine emperors (says/said Wikipedia's swastika article; see Rus prince, Oleg), and that's where historical Melissena Rangabe came from, wife of Inger the Varangian Guard in Byzantium. It is her Rangabe line that I traced to "Anjevin" = Anjou, wherefore she must be the Melisine line of the Veres.

The Fulks of Anjou were traced to her father, TheoPHYLACtos Rangabe, but I didn't know this when I wrote the Ladon-book chapter, "All Ing the Family," where I started by saying: "When I first noticed the similarity between 'Phocas' and 'Fulk' (anciently "'Foulques'), I checked Byzantine nobles..." Phocas was the name of Byzantine "nobles..." I even ventured to de-code "Milo de Vere" as the bloodline of Michael I Rangabe of Byzantium, Melissena's brother.

Therefore, as both Veres and Fulks have been recently traced to the Bogen roots of the Bavarian Illuminati, the Hoods/Hudds of Bavaria are suspect along those lines, which then seemingly connects Adolf Hitler, a Titanist goof ball with all of its inner elasticity wound up too tightly, and his particular Rosicrucian-Thules cult, to Byzantium-based Varangian Rus. You'll note that the Hood cross is white on blue, the color of the Rangabe cross.

Duttons are traced in their write up to "Odard Dutton, nephew of Hugh Lupus"; Ranulf le Meschin was likewise a Nephew of Hugh Lupus as per his Gos/Gois bloodline. The Gois surname was first in Gloucestershire, where I trace mythical Glaucus. The Gois write-up links to the Burghs, which was the Conteville bloodline, Ranulph's mother's bloodline. There was simply too much inter-marriage in these Rus lines, leading to genetic mutations such as Adolf Hitler.

With the trace in recent days of the Dido Tyrians to Tiye and Tey of the Nile, it's expected that Duttons were Daytons, for the latter are said to be named after Autun, and I did trace (years ago, before Duttons=Dido was a topic) pharaoh AkhenATEN, and his NEFERtiti queen, to the Autun and its adjacent NEVERS region, while the Tiye and Tey families served that very pharaoh! Daytons use Dutton colors and the Clapton "patee" cross.

Entering "Day" brings up green-on-white snakes that were identified with mythical Glaucus just yesterday. The surname is also Dea/Deie, smacking of mythical Dia, wife of Ixion and traced (by me) to the Deylamites/Delymites...that lived in the Gileki region! That's a new one, I think, fresh this morning on the continuing roll that's par for the course on this bright-shiny morning. Helios would have been proud of me for finding his goof ball in the thickets of Templar secrecy.

The Dee/Dei surname, important to Elizabethan Rosicrucians, was first in Cheshire, and uses a lion in colors reversed to the lion displayed at Wikipedia's article on Ranulf le Meschin (who was from Glaucus and Scylla, somehow, as Meschin and Mackesy symbols indicate). The "Hic" motto term of the Dees spells Ixion Hyksos in my mind, which mind is proving to be not so twisted as some might have thought.

I went back in my files to find surnames associated with Hoods, and found the Hyksos-type axes used by the English Hooders/Hodders. The axes appear purplish, as does the eagle in the Bowland Coat. That's said due to the clip below from the 4th update of last January, when I was on the Hood surname:

A major tributary of the Ribble is the Hodder. Hmm. There is a Hodder Coat, the surname said to derive from 'hood' and a Hudd locality of Yorkshire. We then read: "The Hodder drains much of the Forest of Bowland..." I recall that "Bowland" is a variation of the Beolan/Bollen surname...

I would definitely trace the Hoods and their Hope branches to the Ribble river's mythical Hobbits (the river flows from Yorkshire into Lancashire, rose-ville so to speak, explaining the roses in the Hopkin Coat). Hobbits were Tolkien's Moormen, the Mormons...who baptized Rollo post-humorously (ha-ha) because they love Rollo...the pirate, the pirate who became a "Christian" in order to merge with the Vatican beast, a sort of twisted beast with the face of Jesus but a body of the pagan idols. I believe it was the Mascys of Dunham that were given the Hopland area, while Meschins had the Copeland area. Malahule was ruler of Opland/Upland in Scandinavia.

If there is any "Christian" branch more likely to produce a lamb-like devil, I don't know it. Mormons are a Freemasonic cult that twist Biblical concepts to the shape of Helios' helix...the Gileki serpent entwined round the magical staff of Hermes, the double=bogey-man of Armenia. This cult began as a teen-abusing sex cult, and its close wraps kept on the children of multi-wife husbands threatens the DNA pool of the human race all the more, yet Republicans might just elect to High Office the Mormon, MITT Romney.

For the record, the English Mel/Mell Coat uses the Hood "fret," in Ferte-eagle colors.

The Welsh Dodd surname use a "copia" motto term, used also by Macclesfield in Cheshire, and the Dodd Crest is a garb, Cheshire symbol. One has good reason to link the Dodds to Duttons, therefore, and therefore to Dido-branch Tyrians. The "cautis" motto term of the Dodds (first found in Cheshire) supports a trace of Cheshire to Catti elements at Hesse. Yes, Chris Dodds could be a caddy specialist for the goofball pros. Just be happy that I haven't given a birdie pun yet.

Tim might like the pomegranates in the French Dode/Dodds/Dodier Coat. It looks like a Bellamy Shield with Ranulph-le-Meschin lion. I recall the trace of the pomeGRANATE code to Ranulph de GERNON, Ranulph le Meschin's son and likewise ruler of Chester.

German Dodes also use a Dodier variation, smacking of the Alancon>Bellamy-related Didiers mentioned yesterday, and looking again at the Didier Coat, the Day/Dey variations such as Deydier, Daydier, Deydiez, and Daydie give the impression of the Daytons of Autun, especially as the Didiers were first in Languedoc, not far from Autun.

The Tuttle Coat gives another Bellamy-Coat impression, and that remands me of a woman who used to write to me, sharing her traces of Porphyry to Toledo bloodlines in Spain. She herself has the disease, and was seeking its deepest roots in her own bloodlines. I believe that one of her bloodlines was Tuttle (I also recall Hamilton). I recall her asking me about the location of Toot Hill, which is a variation of the Tuttle surname. Entering "Duddle" brings up the Dodds of Cheshire. In this picture, porphyry traces to the Tyrian kings from Mattan>Mazzar>Pygmalion>Elissa of Carthage (the latter was mythical Dido, see yesterday).

I had traced porphyry (the "purple disease") to the purple-lion Skiptons that had married Meschins in Yorkshire, and I noted at the time that the daughters of those families were named, "Alis," smacking now of princess Elissa above.

It's been a long road. I feel that there is truth to my madness, which is not a bad consolation.

There is hope for the genetically-deformed, and in fact old age and death is a genetic deformation. The sting of death has been conquered by One in whom we place our hope. When he drives ahead, it'll be a hole in one, a perfect shot, between the eyes of the coming Goliath. At that time, says another crazy person with Truth, the dead will rise, and the sick and lame and poor will rise with them, and be healed with un-human bodies far better than one toting a computerized brain. The devil and his machines will be a thing of the past, and Family will return once again in all its splendid simplicity...and even fun, more fun than scoring a birdie. And there shall be no more goof balls in the earth. In that Day, the robins will sing. Right Robin?

Netanyahu is a brilliant antagonist. Knowing that Abbas is trying to make him look like a peace-talk stickler by refusing to extend his settlements freeze, he comes back with this:

" Israel's prime minister [today] offered to extend a moratorium on Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank, but only if the Palestinians meet his demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

...But with its tough conditions, it was swiftly rejected by the Palestinians."

The swifter the offer is rejected, the swifter Netanyahu makes monkeys out of Palestinians...and simultaneously exposes again that Palestinians don't deserve their own state next to Israel, simply because they harbor dangerous animosity to the point of rejecting the Israeli state outright. It's like me asking Mr. Obama for a small country of my own inside the United States, but not accepting the United States as a country. Yet, Obama, the fink, supports Palestinians in their quest to form a state in Jerusalem. I simply cannot understand the magnitude of this goof, this error, this empty suit.

In Iraq, one day closer to it all.

October 12

Today we're going to go into a different direction. Strap on your space suit.

Did you know that the earth is falling into the sun continually, or that the moon is falling toward Earth continually? It has to be, for gravity pulls planetary bodies together. The only reason that planets are not moving closer to the sun is that they are simultaneously traveling away from the sun at all times. Yes, contradiction of contradiction, it is a fascinating thing...that evolutionary processes can provide only in the dreams of pago-Rosicrucians, the founders of many modern scientific establishments, including astronomy and cosmology.

Planets, in order to remain at the same distance from the sun, must be orbiting in a path that is an ever-enlarging circle. A planet cannot be circling the sun perfectly parallel with the sun's surface, or it would be pulled by gravity into a continuously smaller spiral. Something had to force planets to spiral in an enlarging orbit, and to do so with just the precise amount of energy and direction that the spiral is, not canceled whatsoever, but married perfectly to the planetary fall toward the sun, giving the illusion that planets are orbiting parallel with the solar surface.

Every planetary orbit has it's own particular outward angle and velocity, depending on the planet's attraction to the sun, which itself depends on the specific planetary weight and distance from the sun. To state, as modern goofs do, that every planet was directed without a God at just the right velocity and angle as per their distinct particulars, is a dream that has helped to create a social nightmare for modern humanity. Rejection of the Creator has been the worst blunder in the history of the universe.

The evolutionary theory is that proto-solar-system material was at first a hot nebula without planets. The nebula is by definition a gas, which is itself defined as atoms not in contact with one another, spread out due only to the heat in the nebula. Modern physicists wrongly explain the method by which gas atoms resist bonding with one another, meaning that they wrongly explain the definition of heat. The reason that they are wrong, most Christians don't realize, is because they have chosen a definition of heat grounded purely on the basis of their cosmic evolution: the "big bang."

Scientists not only err when claiming that gas atoms attract one another, but they err when claiming that gas atoms remain unbonded due to their bouncing off of one another. The atoms are always flying about, they tell us, but they might not tell us the reason they make that claim, that all atomic motion to this day is the energy from the explosion that was the big bang. Therefore, if you know the big bang is a lie, then you should also know that atoms don't bounce off one another continually. Instead, gas atoms repel one another because they are all negatively charged, and like charges repel.

The more heat added to a gas, the more negative the atoms are made, that's the reality. And the more they repel, the more they seek to move further apart from one another, thus increasing gas pressure or gas volume.

In their scheme, atoms fly through a perfect vacuum (yet another error that denies the existence of heat particles, which are free electrons), and even when they collide, the gas atoms never lose energy, or at least not much, wherefore the explosive big bang is that set them into motion is what also keeps them in motion to this day. This is ludicrous, as science plainly shows. Colliding objects lose energy. Ask any two cars that crash into one another, both transferring energy to one another and therefore coming to a sudden stop or near-stop. Ask two billiard balls coming directly at one another at the same velocity, and coming to a dead stop at contact. Scientists imagine that atoms are different, bouncing off of one another with whatever energy they made contact with, thus without losing energy, they go on and on deflecting off of one another.

That is not only a fantasy, but it's their explanation of heat. Their theory sees no heat particles between atoms because their theory needs atoms to fly through a vacuum. Thus they define heat as the motion of atoms, and nothing more. It's a fine-sounding theory because, the greater the heat in a gas, the harder atoms make contact, and the harder they deflect so as to increase gas pressure. While that part of the theory works, the fact that heat transfers through a vacuum about as well as through normal air does not work for their theory. In their theory, there can be no heat in a vacuum simply because their are no atoms to make contact.

What, then, increases the volume of a thermometer fluid when a thermometer is placed into a heated vacuum? I know the correct answer because my thinking is not dependent on the big-bang explanation of atomic energy. The vacuum is filled with free electrons, which surround atoms to give them their negative that atoms too, like the electrons themselves, inter-repel. If there are no atoms in a container, the free electrons are yet there, causing any object in the vacuum to increase or decrease in heat, depending on the changing number/density of the vacuum's electrons. There are wild electrons in a flame that, when applied to the container walls of a vacuum, go through that container and into the vacuum, increasing it's heat. The sun puts out untold electrons, called the "solar wind." These are the heat of the planets.

Electrons have no weight, though they have mass. They have no weight because they are the source of gravity. The heat at the core of the planets (or in the sun) is the true source of gravity. Our wise men have that wrong too. Gravity is a subtle negative charge, therefore, that repels anything negatively charged, wherefore free electrons are continuously being repelled upward, away from gravity. All atoms are attracted by gravity because gravity has "blown" some captured electrons off of all atoms, thus making all atoms net-positive in charge. All atomic cores, which are positive in charge, have attracted and therefore captured their specific compliment of captured electrons, all such electrons surrounding the core and having the ability to "roll" about, but not orbiting, the cores.

Weight is defined as the pull of gravity on atoms, but if gravity repels particles, they have no weight. Therefore, electrons -- heat particles -- have no weight. The so-called "ether" that Einstein did away with while ushering in evolutionary thinking, is a sea of weightless electrons surrounding the planets, and surrounding all atoms, whether they be in the gas state, or liquid or solid. Every atomic "pore" (i.e. the space between atoms) is filled with heat (particles).

The process of atomic bonding is always being offset by the repulsion provided to atoms by the free-electron ether surrounding them. If the number of ether electrons is sufficient, liquid atoms will be forced to separate and revert to gas atoms. When the density of free electrons is not sufficient, gravity will force gas atoms together into a liquid bond, as for example dew falls to the top of any object, where water molecules are forced to bond.

Atoms have a bonding mechanism that is at play only when they make contact; they merge into one another because they are all surrounded by an electron cloud, defined as electrons hovering above the atomic core due to their inter-repulsion. Think about it and you'll figure it out. It's just like the earth's atmosphere, where atoms, though captured by the earth's gravity, yet hover above the planet due to their inter-repulsion.

Every atom is a mini-planet with an "atmosphere" of captured electrons (this is so basic and so logical that it needs to be true). Atoms can thereby merge into one another because their perimeters are not solid surface, but "gaseous." As soon as the atmosphere/cloud of one gas atom enters the cloud of another gas atom, the cores of each atom attract one another's electron cloud, thus making the atomic bond and turning gas atoms into a liquid state. Add enough heat to the liquefied/bonded atoms, and they can be forced apart again.

Okay, back to the solar-system nebula that evolutionists, the blight of humanity, imagine. The problem is that the nebula is said to have been hot in the beginning, and cooler over time (they need such a scenario in order to make the formation of planets work). But hot gases expand and do not collect at a central location. The hotter a cloud, the more it expands. What formed the nebula in the first place where hot particles tend to dissipate a cloud? There is no answer, and you are not likely going to be informed of the problem by those proud of their theory.

Between nebula particles in evolutionary thinking, only space could exist. There was no wind, no fan, not one blowing, no one lighting a match or a torch, to set the nebula spinning. Why should the nebula spin at all rather than just dissipate outward in all directions? Does a cloud of smoke spin? Does a rain cloud spin? Where is the experiment in a vacuum showing that a group of gas particles can all spin obediently around a central axis? The atoms will not obey this demand. They were move away from one another in all directions, and the longer they exist, the more they will dissipate. Over millions of years, they will thin out to nothingness, and will not form a central blob.

No matter, evolutionists insist that the nebula was in motion, moving in one direction (away from the big-bang location) through space, and as a result of that motion, it went into a spin around its center point. But even so, there was no orbiting material, in the technical sense of an orbit, for no core gravity existed in the beginning because there was no sun at the core.

It is then imagined that, in time, a proto-sun with some gravity formed at the core, and this is credited to a lie, that gas atoms attract one another. Without this atomic attraction, the proto-sun could not have formed, you see, so that a gas was then defined as atoms in attraction but bouncing off one another to resist bonding, and the energy of bouncing off one another was conveniently derived from the big bang that had formed the huge nebula in the first place. Therein was the blunder that defined the basis of atomic physics, wrongly.

We imagine a proto-sun for entertainment value only. It is very comical, indeed. There is the question of how the core particles/atoms came together in the first place, even if they did attract one another, for gases expand (i.e. gas atoms try to get away from one another) with more force where heat is the greatest, and for certain it was hottest at the core of the nebula. Therefore, if proto-suns formed at all in the nebula, they would have formed on the outer edges, where it was coolest, not at the core. Evolutionists, dopes, are mere children making sand castles in the sky, denying the laws of physics that they know full well, and keeping it from you, the student.

Okay, with a sun somehow forming at the core, and gravity therefore building there, the cloud's spinning materials were forced to form orbiting material. There was a time without orbit, and then, with gravity at the core, orbit was formed. Zillions of orbits, each individual atom now a satellite in orbit.

We are left to imagine that the orbits were, like the spin from which they were hatched, parallel to the "surface" of the central solar blob. Not good at all, for the gaseous atoms could not toss themselves into an outward orbital spiral, very necessary to counteract gravity. Ask any satellite maker. Without the outward-directed orbit, all atoms would have been pulled into ever-smaller orbits until they crashed into the central blob.

The only SOL-ution for the EVIL-utionist is to envision particles in an outward spiral in the first place, before gravity was formed at the core. That's impossible, for a spin is a spin is a spin. A spin is by definition a perfect circle. There can be no outward spiral because that's a property of an orbit. Without gravity, there can only be spin.

If he argues that the spin was accompanied with a constant outward thinning of the nebula, he can claim that the atoms were moving away from the core while simultaneously spinning around it, and this moving away could be appealed to for forming the outward spiral needed to form a perfect orbit. But he then has the contradiction where he claims that the central blob formed in the first place because atomic material spun ever-closer to the core due to atomic attraction, thus accumulating at the core.

The scenario he would then appeal to is that while some atoms spun and simultaneously moved closer to the core, some outer atoms spun away from the core (due to greater centrifugal force, for example). But no matter what idea he offers for the outward spiral, he can't have both an inward and outward spiral scenario unless he's happy to have just one planet, which would have formed at the distance from the solar core where the spiral developed just perfectly, neither moving away from, or closer, to the core.

Everything further out from that planet-potential orbit would have spiralled into space continually, and everything further in from that same planet-potential orbit would have spiralled continually toward the core. Yet there are at least nine planets, all of them different in nature and composition, and in orbital velocity. Adding to the shame of evolutionists, God put moons in perfect orbit around the planets too, which the evolutionists continued to name after the wicked gods/characters of paganism and witchcraft.

The present orbit of the earth around the sun is 365.25 days long, and the time for one lunar orbit around the earth is roughly 27.25 days, though a month is 29.5 days (because the earth moves a little around the sun during the month, so that it takes an additional 2.25 days for the moon to return above the spot that it started out from 27.25 days earlier).

There are ways to figure that a 360-day year would produce a 30-day month exactly, and therefore 12 months exactly per year. One could suspect that God created that perfect scenario, but that the slowing of the planets (over time) in their orbits has provided longer years and longer lunar months. However, if the earth did a 360-day orbit, it wouldn't in itself increase the 29.5-day month to 30 days, not even close.

If one can reason a way by which there was a 30-day month, it would be evidence of Creation. One can't appeal to the slowing down of the lunar orbit, for it makes the months of past centuries less than 29.5 days long. The only solution is the slowing of the Earth's spin. As that spin defines the duration of the day, an ever-slowing spin grants that days of the past were less than 24 hours, meaning also that there were more days to the month, wherefore the 29.5 day month (or be it 29 days in the past) could have been exactly 30.

One could use trial-and-error to figure out how long the days, years and months had to be for a perfect 360-day year with twelve 30-day months. Anyone up to the challenge, pass on the results and I'll mention them here. In order for the math to work, the slowing down of the two orbits and of the days has got to be gradually in proportion to time passed. The earth's orbit had to begin with less than 360 days of the current-day duration (in hours), and the moon's orbit had to be more than 30 days of the current-day duration. If the original day was, for example, 23.75 hours, start with a lunar month of 30 x 23.75 hours, and an earth year of 360 x 23.75 hours.

The fact alone that the moon rotates on its axis exactly once per month is evidence of Creation. We see the same lunar face, even though the moon spins, because it spins at a rate balanced perfectly with it's orbital period.

Plus, while there are two directions possible for lunar spin, either to the left or right, it happens to spin in the direction that results in the same face showing continually. If lunar spin were in the other direction, we would see all parts of the moon. Obviously, God wanted us to see the same face continually, or perhaps used that situation as evidence of his existence now that evolutionists have taken over the world with their lie.

Now so far as I know, no one in history has reported that different faces of the moon were exposed to them. We assume that they too saw the same face continually. If the lunar orbit were decreasing in velocity, the lunar spin or "day' would likewise need to decrease in velocity by a proportional amount. If this idea seems unlikely, then ignore it and assume that neither the lunar month nor lunar days has changed over the last 4,000 years, since Noah. But then by what reasoning do we see a slowing earth year and earth day if the same has not occurred with the moon?

I'm not waiting for anyone to do the math. It likely won't happen until I do it some day.

I've used the info from solar and lunar eclipses to prove to me great satisfaction that the solar system is not as large as we are told (i.e. the earth is not anywhere near 93 million miles from the sun), meaning that the sun is no where near as large as they claim. They need a hugely increased size of the solar system to justify the increased size of the universe so as to make it appear older in light-years. They need that age for granting the time needed to their evolutionary processes of geology (e.g. formation of mountain peaks, with fish fossils, from sea floors) and life forms.

At one time, what they now call galaxies were viewed as single stars in our one galaxy, which was all the universe that existed. These stars were different than others because they had exploded their interiors. I hold to that view today, and galaxies were invented to create a vast size and age for the Creation. If you look at a photo of a galaxy, keeping in mind that the camera lens has been held open for a long time to get the galactic haze to show as brightly as it dies, you can't necessarily make out individual stars because those spots can also be interpreted as the exploded matter from the one star that the "galaxy" had in the past been.

You are being lied to on a phenomenal basis. Every problem encountered by evolutionists that threatens their theories is covered with an additional theory until the absolute bizarre is taught for fact. Electrons in orbit around atoms? Absolute absurdity. They keep that theory because it's the basis of their heat-energy theory. Electrons orbit at wild speeds with energy still in existence from the big bang, and all energy, heat or otherwise, is from that super-fast orbiting electron.

But in the mind of a rational man, an teensy electron cannot orbit around the teensy atom in the head of a nail after the humongous hammer comes crashing down on that nail's atoms. Orbits are too fragile to survive such violence, and electrons have very teensy electric charge by which they could hold an orbit in the first place.

The reality is that captured electrons tend to go to the stationary position on an atom, unless something, as for example, incoming light, moves/excites therm. But even then, they don't orbit in the technical sense of the word, but instead vibrate, or, as when a hammer strikes them violently, they are sent "rolling" around atoms (if they are not knocked off altogether) until they come to a stop again due to their being in atomic attraction to their central proton.

There can only be one proton to each atomic core. Evolutionists are insane to clump multiple protons to the core of every atom (besides the hydrogen atom, which they assign one proton and one electron). In order to have the protons bond to one another, which is impossible, they invented the so-called "strong atomic force."

Evil men disguised as intelligent men, they make every scientific theory conform to evolutionary theory rather than to logic and the fundamental principles of physics.

Start thinking for yourself.

I received the following email from my third child not long ago, who has started college with a mind for the building trade. I wasn't sure whether he was going to decide for God or against him, and I didn't want to push anything on him for fear that he might rebel. I don't live with him:

"I'm thinking I will like electrical and welding too at least but will have to wait till next semester to find out...

And yeah the license thing. I just mean I wouldn't be able to work with a non-licensed one for my hours, but for sure either way you can make good money. I haven't been thinking about the money at all though. Everyone tells me that its going to be amazing money, which ya is a good thing I guess, but its not that important to me and I have been learning that through reading the bible. I have been reading the New Testament, I'm on Luke now and as you know it says over and over how hard it is to receive the kingdom if you are rich and do not use the money for the right reasons. I am God's servant and want him to work through me, so a lot of money or not I will be ok...

Talk to you soon, hope everything is going ok up there and your not to stressed, God bless you, I will pray that everything goes ok

Sort of brings tears to my eyes, folks. But I won't tell him that, as I'm supposed to be "the man." I've never heard him talk like that. All four children have chosen the Lord now. But the test is on because evolutionists, pornographers, cultists, his peers, and other pagans seek to spoil his faith.

The Great Nebula in the Sky is coming with a spin of His own, to send the spin-doctors reeling like atoms in the head of a nail. The Hammer is being dressed with military gear, and the Mace of Heaven will come down hard on the heads of the chiefs of the Lunar Society, and of the Invisible College. The gravity of the situation is heavy, and the rocks will split, heat bursting forth, and the earth's rotation will be altered.

I'll go fetch the news...

Mr. Obama, I don't think you'd mind if I started my own little country in Washington DC, and with a small piece of the city itself, even though I totally oppose the United States, hate it with a vengeance with all my heart, and refuse to state that it deserves to be a country lest all my jihad fighters get the wrong message. And the reason why, Mr. Obama, that I think you should grant me my own little country is because I don't see any relevance between my hatred for your country and my forming a new one right beside the your country's capital:

"The Palestinians immediately dismissed Mr. Netanyahu's offer. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told VOA, Mr. Netanyahu's demands are unacceptable.

'I don't see the relevance between his need to stop settlement activities in compliance with international law as an occupying power and his demand for us to recognize his country and its religious character,' Erekat said. 'We have recognized the State of Israel as it exists and we cannot go further than that...'"

That sounds like double-speak. The fact is, Palestinians fighting for a state at Jerusalem refuse to give an official statement recognizing Israel's right to exist. The entertaining Israeli foreign minister is flying so high at this time due to the Palestinian refusal that he's lashing out at high-level Palestinian partners in the EU and UN:

"Israel's foreign minister has told visiting European foreign ministers to solve Europe's problems before taking on the Middle East.

Avigdor Lieberman's remarks came during a visit by Bernard Kouchner of France and Spain's Miguel Angel Moratinos.

...They are in the region as part of efforts to save the Middle East peace talks, which are in danger of collapsing.

...'We want to be able to soon welcome the state of Palestine to the United Nations... The international community cannot be satisfied with a prolonged deadlock. I therefore believe that one cannot rule out in principle the Security Council [we're biting out fingernails here] option,' [Kouchner] said.

But he was told to mind his own business by Mr Lieberman during a meeting later on Sunday.

'Before coming here to tell us how to solve our conflicts, I would expect you could have at least solved all the problems within Europe,' Israel's outspoken foreign minister said in comments published in the Israeli media."

THE SECURITY COUNCIL OPTION? Is that to be dreaded? Is it a threat? What is it? Is it the Revelation beast, or part of it? "Bring it on," says the Outspreading Nebula in the Sky. "I've got some hot rain prepared for the mouths of your toads on the mountains of Israel."

So, you see, even though Palestinians won't recognize Israel's right to exist, Kouchner, Moratinos, and company, who are suspect as end-time Hyksos, perhaps even Ishmaelites, forge strongly ahead with threats to Israel because, as they say, they desire the Palestinian nation to became a UN member.

October 13

You may recall the Bagg-terms of not many days ago that were linked to Bogens of Bavaria. I don't recall all the details of that discussion, but this morning a Baggelegh surname has come up from another mailing from Pots. The Duttons were lords of Cheatle and Ashley (Cheshire) , and so I keep in mind that I trace Cheatles to Hesse, wherefore Duttons and/or Tattons should be from some Hesse elements.

The Bagg surname was found important because it uses red and white diamonds, making it possibly linked to the Garibald>Grimoald line of Bavaria (that I think gave the Bogens their blue and white Bavarian diamonds).

The only reason that I'm mentioning this again is that Templars could have been directly named after Timperley elements, especially as the Temple surname was first in Cheshire. I had traced Keiths/Keaths to the Cheatle surname, and as Keiths were named after Catti in Lothian, I note that Roslin, a wealthy Templar haven, was also in Lothian. Roslin was special to the first grandmaster of the Templars, Hugh de Payen.

A Mascy of Cheshire married a Geoffrey Dutton, lord of Cheatle and Ashley, and her ownership of Timperley went into his hands as a result, though Timperley shortly afterward reverted to the Richard de Mascy of Tatton (Cheshire), lords of the Duttons.

A granddaughter (Clemence) of the Geoffrey Dutton above married a BAGGalegh, which looks like the Bagg surname. It was surely the Baggaley surname, first found in Cheshire, using a ram's head for a crest, and the same type of blue diamonds used by the Gois Coat. Also, Baggaley colors are the same as the Bagg Chief.

The "tutier" motto term of the Gois surname smacks of "Dutton," a surname that is "Dutt/Tutt" apart from the ending. The Dudley surname is from "Dudda," for example, and it uses the same Coat as the Massin-Mason Coat (not to mention the Louvan Coat, important because Louvan is a Belgian location while this topic is about to turn to early Termplars of the Belgian kind).

The "ley" ending on Dudley may seem innocent, but that ending was also "legh" in many cases, a term that I ventured to trace to Ligurians in Leicestershire's founding. In fact, I traced Legh-term Ligurians to a relationship with Meschins, and Meschins happened to be founded by Ranulph le Meschin, whose mother was a Gois. The Gois crest is a swan, you see, symbol of Ligurians.

BUT LOOK at what the Gois diamonds are called: seven blue lozenges, the official term used also for the blue Bavarian diamonds!!

Thus the Baggaleys, who are likewise said to use lozenges, and who use lozenges even with their ram's head, are highly-suspect as the Bavaria link to Mascys and Meschins...that I've been crowing about for over a year as the reason why I was chosen by God to report on these things.

But even when I started finding Meschin traces to Bavaria, I never would have thought that Mascys were at the thick root of the Templars, as I'm now investigating. While the Temple surname (in Bogen/Bugs colors) was first in Cheshire, the write-up points to a Temple manor in...Leicestershire! French Temples use three stars in the colors of the three Bauer stars, and we now have several reasons to link Temples=Templars to Bavarians, if indeed Templars were secretly of the Temple surname.

As the same-colored Mascis were in interior Liguria, it's time to mention again the Ferte-Mace root of the Cheshire Meschins, for they surely trace to MontFERRET and a Monforte location (Alba/Langhe) in the Montferrat theater. Before I had realized (years ago) that the Montfort surname was from Montferrat/Monferrat, I had traced it to Monforte. NOW, as of just days ago, I can trace Fertes there with confidence, for as the Bellamy clan, which had a branch in Ferte-Mace (Normandy), was fairly-solidly equated (by me) with Beaumonts/Bellmonts, we can't ignore that the Leicestershire domain passed from an early Beaumont to a Simon de Montfort, fifth earl of Leicestershire.

This Templar/Crusader, Simon IV de Montfort, was also styled, "lord of Montfort l'Amaury," and this can be linked to the Damory/Morency surname treated in depth some days ago, for he married Alix de Montmorency. "His mother was the eldest daughter of Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester."

In my opinion, the Montforts had already been related to Beaumonts=Bellamys of Fert Mace, which is to say that Ferte Mace was inhabited by the Montfort bloodline from Montferrat and/or nearby Monforte. I traced the ALBa region of Langhe, in Cuneo of Piedmont, to the code, "ELVin" princess, Melusine.

Now as I'm convinced that Templars were from Sion of Switzerland, let me show Melusine with two tails, for Montforts have historically used a two-tailed lion. Some weeks ago I asked FE in an update to remind me of what the family was called that was named after Wallis, the Swiss canton where Sion sits, and she delivered (I had no idea whether she was reading at that time), but I opened the email only over the past weekend. It's the Walser surname, and it uses a two-tailed Melusine.

I might not have linked this Melusine (and therefore the Walsers) to the Montforts had I not been planning to show the Walser Coat this very morning in which the topic happened to take me back to Montferret. In the past, I did trace Sion-of-Switzerland to Ligurians, especially at Savona, which is at and around the coastal-Ligurian realms ruled by Grimaldis. Thus, Walsers are suspect as Garibald>Grimoald Bavarians.

Note the goat in the Walser Coat, holding an axe (symbol of the Danish Bauers), and that Walsers were first found in Bavaria!

Let's not forget that German Bauers, no doubt named after Bavaria (also "Bayern"), or vice versa, use the same wings as the Italian/Piedmont Masci Coat (albeit the latter Coat splits the wings into two parts). Note in the write-up that the Mascis were in-part from Cuneo (see map), and that the wings are in the white-on-red colors of the Montforts, which are the colors of Switzerland (there are many white symbols in Switzerland no doubt from the snow-capped Alps).

Cuneo sounds like the Italian for rabbit, and so note that the Meschin-like English Cony Coat uses rabbits, and that the surname was first in Lincolnshire (Ranulf le Meschin married into Lincolnshire), where also the Cuny/Commin surname was found. Yes, the Cuny clan is registered under the Cummin/Commin surname (I and others trace porphyry to Comneno clans), but that only evokes the Cunninghams/Coons that were also "Cummingham."

In the first update of October, the Cunningham 'Y' or fork symbol was realized as code for York(shire), where Cunys/Cummins also lived (I trace porphyry to Meschin-related Skiptons of Yorkshire, and they were linked in the first update of October to Damorys/Morencys, and to the Sheep surname/symbol). The Cuny/Commin Coat uses garbs in Cheshire-garb colors, and these symbols are traced to GRABfeld elements near Hesse, a location that I trace further to "GARIBald" of Bavaria.

The Masci write-up also traces to Allesandria and Turin, and generally, therefore, they can be centered on the Tanaro tributary of the Po valley that runs from the Cuneo district (see map above). There you see also Mantova, thought to be founded by Manto, daughter of Tiresias, and below Mantova is Modena, which I trace to Mitanni that I imagine at Modon/Methoni of Messene (Greece). This Po/Bodincus valley is the Milan theater, wherefore recall the discussion of a couple of days ago that traced the Methoni Messenians and proto-Mascis to Messina of southern Italy, where the Milan surname was first found. In this picture, where proto-Mascis were traced to Mali-region Berbers, where the Tuareg Berbers/Amazons stretched forth, the Turin theater is suspect for Tuareg elements.

Note the location of Macon, on the Sion-like Saone river, and to the west of Sion. BESANcon to the north smacks of the Bessin. I need to repeat for what else is about to be said that the Bessin was founded by the Baia/Baja peoples thought to have been from founders of Bavarians and/or Bohemians.

I think I might need to admit a mistake, but then maybe not. Tracing "Bellamy" to Baal>Bel doesn't appear correct any longer. It might yet be true by coincidence, but I now think that Beaumonts/Bowmonts came first, or at least separately, and as "beau" means "beautiful," as does "belle," the Beaumont transition to their Bellmont variation seems to be the origin of the Bell and Bellamy surnames.

I see the Beaumont/Baumont term coming first because the Montforts use a two-tailed lion in the colors of the two-tailed lion of Bohemia, and it is thought that Boii founders of Bohemians became the Baia founders of Bavaria.

In that picture, "Beau" and "Bow" would have developed first from "Bogen>Bower/Bauer," though ultimately from "Boii." On Boii history: "They first appear in history in connection with the Gallic invasion of north Italy, 390 BC, which displaced some Etruscans in the Po Valley and resulted in the assimilation of the rest."

On the map of the Rhone river (see Macon link above), note Grenoble, for Ranulph le Meschin's son was styled, Ranulph de Gernon. I don't yet know whether Gernons were Grenons, but the latter surname uses the Templar cross (almost) used by the Crusaders/Templars that first conquered Jerusalem (1099) with the leadership of Godfrey de Bouillon, who is often said to be the originator of the Priory of Sion. I also read that the Templar cross of Jerusalem had been the personal symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon (he is shown wearing it at that website). I also read that the swan was his symbol.

Quite long ago, I was convinced that Bouillons, known to be descended directly from counts of Boulogne, were from Italian Bologna (near the Po and near Modena). I had no idea at that time what relevance it might become that the Boii appeared to have founded Bologna, for it was their station when they came into the Po valley. "With the downfall of the Carthaginians came the end of the Boii as a free people, the Romans destroying many settlements and villages (Monte Bibele is one of them) and the founding of the colonia of Bononia in c.189 BC" (Boii article above). Bononia, apparently, was the Roman name or re-name of Bologna.

French Boulogne is on the Belgian frontier, and "In Roman times, Boulogne was situated in the Roman provinces of Belgica..." That so smacked of "BOLOGna" that I traced Belgians to it. But now we have what could be a trace of "Bellmont" and "Bellamy" to BELgians from the Boii of Bologna. "Bouillon" itself appears to have been from "Boii," but why not also from proto-Bellmonts/Bellamys of Bologna?

Unfortunately, I don't know where "Bologna" originates, whether or not in "Baal/Bel," but I tend to link it to Po>Poles...probably the Veneti migration to the Venethi of Poland.

As per Monte Bibele in the Bologna quote above, note that the German Biber surname (first found in Bavaria and likely named after it or vice versa) is also "Beibel/Bybel." Like the Bavarian Walser Coat, the German Babel/Bebel Coat uses Melusine. There is an English Bologne/Boloyne Coat, in Biber colors.

From previous traces of the Piast dynasty to a plaza-like surnames including the Spanish Baez/Palaez, Piasts could trace to PIACenza shown on the Po-river map above. Recalling this minute that the Piast trace was also made to the Italian Pace surname, see that a Pace variation is "Pacenti"...which explains why I saw the largest woodpecker I ever saw last week, twice, thinking that God was giving a sign that I would soon be to the Picenti topic again (my Masci-and-Grimaldi mother was from a town of Picenzo in Abruzzo), a term said to be derived in (though more likely symbolized as) the Italian for "woodpecker" (this was a symbol for the god, Mars, wherefore it traces to the Marsi of Abruzzo).

And here I am on the Pacenti surname, by no design of my own, via the Piacenza topic that cropped up only because I was on the Po-river valley; and because I had left the map open since the last time I used it. There was never an intention to show Piacenza or even mention it, and even in the first few seconds of mentioning it, the woodpecker had not come to mind. It seems, therefore, that the Piacenza location is Picenti/Picentini important, and that these elements are important to Templar roots. Remember Albert Pike.

English Paces were first in Cheshire, and they use roundels (on a purple Shield) reflecting the roundels of the Arms of the Counts of Boulogne. Other variations of the Paces/Pacentis are Pascelli and Pascel, and I do see that the Pace Coat is in the colors of the Pascal lamb. I'm almost yawning now when I feel I need to repeat that Pascals were traced to the Heneti>Veneti lamb cult.

Hmm, the woodpecker had a large and bright tuft of red "hair," and when I saw the flag in the Pascal Coat, it reminded me of that tuft. The other Pascal Coat uses what could be the cross of Milan.

The German Baez surname uses an eagle in the colors of the Temple eagle, and although the eagles are not the same, the Temples were first in Cheshire.

I feel sure that a woman with porphyry, of the Tuttle bloodline, had been introduced to me (several years ago) by a woman with porphyry of a Pollock bloodline, because those surnames and the disease were together going to be part of my dragon-line hunt. The Tuttle surname was not very important in the beginning, though I left on the back burner the possibility that it might link to my father's Taddei bloodline. I've already mentioned that the Taddei Coat uses the Bouillon three-fingered cross, in the same colors, but NOW the Tuttles seem Dutton important, especially as "Tutton" brings up the Dutton Coat.

I kid you not that when I was linking Bouillons above to Bellamys, I had not seen the Bouillon Coat, which was loaded only now while on the Taddei topic. The Bouillons use "bello" for a motto term, and while I have mentioned that before, I had forgotten.

The Title/Tattler surname, like the Tuttles, use crescents, and as these are Bellamy symbols too, while the Tuttles use a Bellamy-like Coat, I'd say Tuttles were definitely related to the Bellamy>Masci line. This is the first time that Tuttles have been solidly linked to Mascis, making the old hunch prove very correct. It also supports my claim that porphyry traces to incest in the Meschin clan.

ALSO, the Titles/Tattlers were first in Haddington, where the Keiths/Keiths were first found. The Title motto includes, "Occultus," and the entire motto means, "hidden but not extinct," as if to say the clan is in secret the witchcraft of old, surviving the Roman-Catholic onslaught of Europe.

I had traced the Taddeis to the Tudors, but not only for the white-on-red of the Tudor Coat, the colors of the Taddei Chief. Tudors are said in their write-up to trace to Tudor Trevor, son of a CADforch bloodline, perhaps linked to the Keith Catti. I deleted this paragraph for lack of anything much to add, but decided to undo the delete. Moments later the Cadd Coat was loaded due to "Cadforch," and zowie, it uses the Guiscard symbol and the Grenon Templar cross in Grenon-Shield green.

That caused me to take another look at the Gernon Coat (Meschin's son's surname), and the "cyfoeth" motto term smacks a little of "Cadforch." That's a good fit because the Cadd Chief uses gold garbs, likely Cheshire's garbs. AND, the Gernon write-up: "First found in Montfiquet, in the district of Bayeux. Robert de Guernon accompanied the William the Conqueror at Hastings in 1066 A.D. Robert held estates in Herefordshire, Suffolk, and a great barony in Essex." The Tudors (from Cadforch) were first in Herefordshire while Tuttles were first in Essex.

I don't agree whatsoever with the derivation of "Tuttle" given by its write-up, though I do think that the surname was linked to "ketill," as the write-up states/implies. The Cheatles/Chettles of Cheshire, that is. This is all good evuidence that Titles, Tudors and Tuttles were related to Cheatle-branch Catti, even the Keiths/Keaths of HADDingtonshire.

AND, there is a Kettle/Ketill Coat that I've shown several times...but had no idea what the motto terms stood for. The motto, "Bono vince malum," may not only link to the Mali/Milan root of the Mascis, but to "Bonogne," the alternative name of Bologna I've remarked in the past that the kettle/Ketill stags look like the Keith stag, and now that the Guiscards are being linked to these Cadds and all, the red-on-white cinquefoils of the Kettles/Ketills should link to the white-on-red cinquefoils of the Tankervilles/Tancreds (Robert Guiscard, a major Crusader, had a Tancred for a father).

ZOWIE, the Bonne Coat shown several times (with Ferte eagles, Bellamy colors, and Beaumont symbols) in the past several days was found in the first place due to the "bonne" motto term of the Tain/Thames/Botville Coat, and may just be from Bonogne elements.

Did I mention that while the Tains/Botvilles, named after the Thames river, Oxfordshire, use a possible variation of the Arms of Trebizond empire? I had traced the Thames river to "Themis" on the Thermodon river (Turkey), which term morphed from/into "Trebizond." I then traced Trabzon/Trebizond to Polish Trabys, and Trabys were traced to Tudor TREVor mentioned above!

The Bonnie Coat looks like a match with the Italian Masci Shield, and moreover the Bonnie surname was first found in Bedfordshire and Leicestershire, two places that were traced to Ligurians merged to Meschins.

The Leicester surname was first found in Cheshire, and it uses what smacks of the Patterson motto, and even uses a "patria" motto term, clinching that as code for Pattersons. The Leicester Coat apparently uses the Bellamy Shield with Masci/Bonnie fleur-de-lys. The Leicester Crest is a swan (!!), but with bloodrops like the Patterson lion!!!

The Leghs/Leys were also first found in Cheshire, and they link no doubt to the Leicesters/Lesters. I've mentioned before that the Legh/Lee lion is that of Ranulf le Meschin. It is suspect that the Leghs/Leys -- Ligurians -- link to the fleur-de-lys. I'm thinking Lacydon, origin of Leicester's Ligurians.

October 14

It's not very often that surnames are found that were first in Haddingtonshire. Yesterday's find that Titles/Tattlers were first there supports a Mascy/Dutton/Tatton trace to the Keiths of Haddington, but this morning, promptly, the Basson surname was found, which likewise was first recorded in Haddington.

The papers sent in by Pots on early Mascy interests are written by Pat Faulkner, and so looking up that surname (uses stars in colors reversed from Bauer stars) because I've found that Fulks are central to the Massey and/or Bogen>Bauer fold of Bavarians, I saw a Fauconer variation that was possibly "Bogen" and/or "Bacon" at one time (I recently linked "Fulk" to Fugger-branch Bogens). I didn't find a Baucon or Bucan surname so as to prove a Faulk(ner) link to Bacons, but after trying those I tried "Basson," the Coat of which is in Keith colors ( I trace Keith Catti to Hesse elements in Cheshire, and especially to Cheatle in Cheshire, held by Mascys), and of course "Basson" smacks of the Bessins/Beastons of Cheshire.

The Basson Coat is also in Massey colors, and the English Bessen Coat actually uses the Massey Shield. Although the Bassn Coat shows no links to Faulkners, their Bassen branch use an alternative Coat with the following for a Crest: "Out of a ducal coronet two wings proper." They look like falcon wings, and the Faulkner Coat uses a falcon coming out of a heart.

The Bassons use "A demi greyhound issuing out of a red mural coronet with a rose between two leaves in its mouth." (the object under the dog's mouth is the chain to the collar).

I trace greyhounds now to the Graeae Amazons/Gorgons, and the "red mural" crown smacks of the north-African Moors. ZOWIE, after writing that, I looked up the Collar surname because the greyhounds wear "collars," and there were three Moor heads! The surname is properly "Collard."

The Basson/Bassen crosslets are the three-fingered type discussed yesterday as Templar-like and used by Gernons...that were linked yesterday to the Keith Catti. German Bassens use striped bugles, and this could link to the Bugle-like Bogen variations (I have a mind to link the bugle symbol to Bogans).

Next, I tried the Beth surname (I was thinking king Macbeth too) to see if more ideas could be gleaned, and there was a Shield-on-Shield exactly of the design used by Haddington Bassens. That's no small detail. The Beth Crest is a green snake that should link to the Mackesy green snake. And, the write-up could reveal links to Bessins/Beastons of Cheshire: "The name Beth is derived from the names of Macbeth and Bethune, or Beaton. The Macbeth and Bethune families, who were hereditary physicians to the Chiefs of Macdonald, practiced medicine [witchcraft?] on the Isles during the Middle Ages and their names merged in English into the one surname of Beaton. The Macbeths were concentrated in Islay and Mull..." I'll come back to Mull.

Entering "Beaton" only brings up the same Beth Coat, but "Bethune " brings up a Bellamy Shield with mascles. They are clearly mascles (because they're hollow), but a write-up calls them "lozenges."

The Debonnair motto term of the Bethunes smacks of the Bonne surname which I've insisted (without the hard evidence that is now presenting itself) use a Bellamy-Shield variation and the Ferte eagles! Entering "Debonne" brings up a Shield in colors reversed to the Bellamy Shield.

As the Debonnes use a Bonnet variation, the Bonnet surname (shown yesterday as the Bonnie Coat) should apply, which uses the Italian/Piedmont/Ligurian Masci/Mascelli bar, nearly. I had shared that "the Bonnie surname was first found in Bedfordshire and Leicestershire, two places that were traced to Ligurians merged to Meschins." The Bonnies/Bonnets are from Bonnet in Calvados, Normandy, where Meschins/Masculines were first found before landing in England, and where the Bessin is situated.

At this point. the thought of entering "Turin" occurred, and though not thinking that the Italian Turin/Ventura Coat would apply to the above paragraph, not only did I find the makings of the Bellamy Shield, but the variation, "BonaVentura."

The Meschin write-up mentions a "Richard Banistre, a Norman Baron of Cheshire," which could link to the Bonnes. I had traced "Banister" to mythical Ban/Bant, Lancelot's father, but note that the Banister Coat uses a water bouget that I trace to Bugs/Bogen-related clans. The Banister write-up suggests that a BALestier term somehow applies, "which was transformed into arbalester which was an occupational name for a cross-bowman." The Collar Crest (Collars/Collards are found linked above to Haddington Bassons/Bassens) uses a cross-bow, and not only does "Bogen" mean "bow" in German, but the Bugs Crest uses Robin Hood with a bow and arrow in hand. .

The balestier term above caused a look at the Bales surname, which is said to derive from a Besle location in Normandy. The Bales Shield is just like the Fulkes/Folk/Fooks Shield, which should be a family match because bales and Fulkes were both first found in NorFOLK. The Bales surname is said to be matched with "Bailey," a possible Bell/Bellamy variation/branch. The Bales Crest lion holds a broken spear, suggesting that the broken spear, seen often in heraldry, links to the Fulkes spear, which is the Shakespeare spear, and some believe that Shakespeare was Francis BACON!

That's a fairly long road for showing that Faulkners/Faucons and Bassons were Bacons and Bogans, but it all seems to work. And I didn't try to make it work; I just followed the leads one by one, and obeyed whatever presented itself in my head.

After seeing the possibility that Bonnes were Banisters, I looked up the Banes surname because I had in the past linked it to Ban/Bant of Lancelot, and to BANESters, and there i re=discovered that French Banes'/Bannes'' (red triple chevron of white) were first in Languedoc, where the Debonnes/Bonnets were first found! The English Banes motto shows clear links to king Arthur and Merlin. AND, of course, an apt symbol for "LANCElot" is a lance=spear. I think that "Lancelot" is play on words both for a spear and Lancaster, where Banisters were first found. The Baines variation of the Bannes smacks of the Bains and Vains, septs of the Mackays, and therefore of the Veyns (likely "Vikings") and Waynes that are ground zero for the Arthurian cult, and who use metal gloves like the Macys/Maceys (Bauer-colored stars in the form of pierced "mullets").

The latter were from Macey in Manche and are therefore the Masseys of Manche . French Masseys/Masses were in Savoy, not far from Languedoc and closer yet to Piedmont, and French Messys/Messiers were first in Burgundy, not far from Languedoc and Savoy.

Compare the Macy Coat with the English Sion/Swan Coat (uses swans), if that helps to link Macys both to Macon and Sionists Templars. In my opinion, "Savoy" traces to the Savona, swan-line Ligurians, thus tracing those Ligurians to both Savoy and Sion. But the red heart centrally located in the Sion/Swan Coat suggests a trace also to SAVages/Sauvages, for the French (Champagne) Sauvage Coat uses the same heart.

The first Templar grandmaster, Hugh de Payen, is routinely linked to Champagne elements, but has anyone seen the similarity between ChamPAYNE and "Payen"? The English Champayne surname (uses the Haskell Shield bell/vair pattern) was first found in Leicestershire. The Payens were first in Dauphine (on the Savoy and Piedmont border), located at the Macon and Lyon theaters; the capital of Dauphine was Grenoble.

French Champagnes use a crowned Moor head for a crest. Scottish Pagans (who were a Payen branch) use the same symbol as in the Arms of Burgundy.

Hmm, as the Pagan Crest uses a black eagle coming from a crown, as is used by the Bassen Crest, one could entertain that Pagans and Bassens/Bassons were variations of one another. That easily allows Bassens to have been Bogens. In fact, as the Pagan=Bassen idea suggests that Bassens had also been Bagans, it is striking that entering "Bagan" brings up an English Bogan/Boggan surname (!), which was not discovered until after I said all the above in this paragraph!! I am not contriving anything, just following the lines of reason, and playing with terms as would be expected. This Bagan variation now allows us to link German Bogans to Bagg surnames, and to Tolkien's Baggins myth character (his Frodo Baggins was also "Maura Labingi").

NOW LOOK, for as the French Sauvages (in Wassa/Washington colors), first found in ChamPAYNE, were "in the district of Wassy," is it coincidental that Spanish Pagans use the Washington Shield (Washingtons had stemmed from the Wassa/Gace surname). The Washington bird is a raven.

Some days ago I had discovered a pheasant (I suspect a symbol for the Bessin and/or its elements) in the crest of the French Chambre Coat, and I left the browser open in case i soon needed it. I think that time has come. Chambres were first found in Savoy.

The "Altissimus" motto term of the Chambres evokes mountain heights, and therefore the Maud surname (first in Cheshire) that is said to derive in "Montalt" and "Monto Alto" of Italy.

I had looked up the Chambre surname days ago only because I was seeking Chalmers variations after discovering that "Chalmer" was a Campbell variation. This could support my trace of "Campbell" (and their Argyll home near Avalon) to "Champagne" (Avallon) and "Campania" (Avellino) of Italy. What I now find amazing is the Chalmer Crest, the same eagle as in the Spanish Eskibel Coat, which I would not have realized had I not opened the Eskibel Coat just moments ago. I opened it because I had traced the Haskell surname to Spanish Eskibels. Now I discover that Chalmers were likely Chambres who were likely Champagnes...and that the English Champaynes use the Haskell Shield! Very likely, Eskibels were Euskals, the term that Basques call themselves.

WOWWWIETTE( that's the French version), I was thinking that if "Pagan" was a Bogen variation linking to Bassens, then "Bogan/Bogen" should show a Bosan variation, and what do Ii find in the Bosan Coat but ARROWS!!! In short, the Bessin's Baiocasses/Bajocasses founders trace to the Baia founders of Bavaria, and Bogens were from those Baia peoples. In this picture, "Bogen" may have been after a "Baja/Boja" term.

As I tend to trace the bee-line Bessin (sees bees in the Bessin/Beaston Coat) to Buz, son of Nahor, see the Buz-like variations of the Bosans. The Italian Bosen Coat is the Boso Coat mentioned in the last update as per the Mande-related peoples with Bozo branch, founders of Djenne, Mali.

WOWWWIECROUT (the Bavarian version), there is even an English Bossen Coat with arrows!!! The surname is from Bosham in Sussex. The Bosham/Basham Coat looks like the Arms of Aragon (and Roussillon of Languedoc) and the Aragon-surname Coat. BUT the Bosham/Basham Coat is exactly like the Keith Chief, though in colors reversed, which recalls the Bassens/Bassons of Haddingtonshire. This is interesting where "Hesse" (origin of the Keith Catti, we can assume) is traced to "Esau," for he ruled at Bozrah (Edomite capital) while Basham/Bashan variations show a Bosham.

The Macy mullets evoke the Mull location where the MacBeths/Beatons/Bethunes were concentrated. The Irish Mull surname is registered under a surname very much like "mullet," for example, Melody, Malody, Moledy, Mullady, Mylady, and Mulledy. "The name claims direct descent from Maolaneididh, who was King of Conmacne..." Interestingly, William Shakespeare detested king MacBeth, the rival of the Dunkeld dynasty to the Scottish/Moray throne.

I should add to yesterday's mention of the Leicester surname that it and the Lyon surname use the same motto linking to Pattersons. The Lyons surname is said to be from Lyons-la-Foret, but the Foret surname was first in Savoy (near the other Lyon location), and the Forest Coat is in Mull colors. The Foret motto is "Tout travers," smacking of the Tuttles/Toot Hills that were linked yesterday to Tudor Trevor...all in the Dutton/Tatton family of the Mascys, in my current opinion, and all traced to dark, Molochian Tyrians of the Dido-Carthage kind.

As Leicesters are traced (by me) to Ligurians, note that Lyon location (thought to be named after mythical Lug of Ireland but traced by me to Ligurians) is on the Rhone (where it meets the Sion-like Saone) just south of Macon.

There not far from Macon is Besancon n(at the Swiss border), having the same peculiar ending as "Alancon," which was discussed days ago as a root or family relation of the Bellamys of Ferte Mace in Normandy. As the Alancons married the Perches (Bellamys of Ferte Mace originated at Perche), who I traced tentatively to Burgundians, note that Besancon (in Franch-Comte) in historical Burgundy. Wikipedia's article on Burgundy says, "the County of Burgundy became the French province of Franche-Comte."

Interestingly, while I identify the Burgs of Meschin relations with Burgundians and therefore likely with Perches, the Burgs were also Contevilles, smacking of Franche-COMTE, the latter term meaning "count." That thought caused a loading of the Comte/Contes surname (striking resemblance to the Valois/Valais Coat), first found in Languedoc and using a possible Bellamy-Shield variations (Bellamy colors are Burgundy colors, by the way).

French Burgs, using a "molline" cross, were first in Languedoc. I had found that Rockefellers, first in Languedoc as Roques/Roquefeuils, and merged there to the Rodes surname (likely linked to roses in the Valois/Valais Chief) , were linked to the Valois/Valais surname and to Vallais/Wallis of Switzerland. I had also found that Rockefeller branches used moline crosses, and the rook symbol (see Rooks and Rokesbys) that are just like the ends of moline crosses. The Rook crest is a rook-species raven on a garb.

German Bergs/Burgs use a Shield like the Bonnes variation of the Bellamy Shield, and the Berghe/Bergge variation smacks of "Perche." I have every inclination to link the Perche-Coat double chevron to the triple chevron (in the same colors) of the Languedoc Banes surname. Dutch Burgs use a triple red chevron on gold (not shown any longer, though three diamonds in the colors of the three used by Thomas Randolph of Moray are shown).

The Conteville of Meschin-line importance married a Falaise, suggesting Falaise roots in Conte elements (these families apparently loved incestuous marriages). While there is no Contville or Conteville Coat, the Italian Conte surname is from the Po-river region and could therefore apply. Milan is shown as one Conte haven, and that's where the VisCONTEs ruled. The English Contes/Counts (using a Comitesee variation) use three antlers, a symbol of the Zahringers of Berne, Switzerland.

With all of these clues, one may have a better understanding of what the Templars and Zionists were as they related to the Rollo-Rus bloodlines taking over the British throne. In the Bessin there seems to have be a merger into the Rus clans that is identical with the Moor merger with the same Rus. The Bessin merger included Piast Poles, and the Meschins and Masseys themselves. The difference between the latter two may be that one, the Meschins, were from king Mieszko, while the Masseys, likewise from the Meshwesh, may have by-passed the Piast Poles, going directly from the Rhone river into France, then across Gascony into Brittany, and finally into Normandy. I don't know who the Mascis in Piedmont linked to, whether the Piast line or the Rhone line, or both. I did glean some Piast links to Burgundy and Languedoc, which makes sense as per the Mieszko trace to Sardinians (near Liguria and the Rhone).

The Vicks surname (i.e. seeking Veyn-related Viking clans) were first found in Bavaria. The English Vicks write-up: "First found in Lincolnshire [Rhodes-Rus were there] where a Henry le Euske was on record..." Basques=Vikings? Who would have thought?

As the Vikings were largely Danes, the Tandem motto term of the Vickers/Vicers (use the MacDonald ship) seems conspicuous. I recall Britannica 1970 tracing "Viking" to a bison-like term; the Bison Coat is a bee-using variation of the Bessin/Beaston Coat!

Bicks/Bickers were first in BERKshire, and that causes us to wonder whether Berkshire was named after Vikings, and whether the Bergs/Burgs were likewise. Burgundians trace to Bornholme (or is it "Borneholm"?) off Denmark's coast, and the Nibelungs of the Vexen and of Friesland, who were at the root of the Varangian vikings, were Burgundians. Bicks/Bickers use three stag heads that evoke the three Zahringer and Veringen antlers. "Jewish" Bergs use a stag.

Entering "Voke" brings up the Fulkes/Folks, wherefore it seems evident that all Templar-important clans were Rus vikings. Pirates laying claim to Jerusalem with the hand of the Vatican that turned the pirates into Christianized fake-ings.

In Iraq. Before Maliki was assured of his re-post as prime minister, he railed against his competitors if they went abroad to seek support. But now that's he's been made a virtual shoe-in for the top-dog spot, he's abroad:

"Sources close to the Iraqi premier said in Baghdad on Tuesday that in continuation of his visit to Syria, Maliki will travel to the Iranian capital of Tehran, IRNA reported.

The sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity added that Maliki may also pay visits to Jordan and Turkey for talks with officials of the two countries.

The main objectives of Maliki's tour of the region have not been disclosed yet but local reports indicate that the Iraqi minister intends to discuss the latest developments in the region as well as the establishment of the Iraqi government.

This is the first visit by the Iraqi premier to neighboring countries after the country's parliamentary elections in March. "

Iran is the scary monster from globalist nightmares, and it's arising too high above the rim of its abyss lately:

"Tehran has been a strong advocate for democratic developments in neighboring Iraq, the Iraqi foreign minister said.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari told Iran's semiofficial Fars News Agency that he appreciated Iran's support for political developments in Iraq.

'The Islamic republic of Iran has always supported democratic changes in Iraq,' he said."

Not what Bush or Obama globalists want to hear. The article goes on to say that "Maliki's rival, Iyad Allawi, is courting Arab allies during the government stalemate. Allawi during talks in Riyadh expressed his concern about Iranian influence in Baghdad with the ruling monarchy, which is wary of Maliki's ties to Tehran." This is why the West wanted Allawi in as prime minister, but seeing that he lacked the political machinery to get in, the West went for a Maliki-Allawi partnership. That too has failed. Now what? Watch the scary monster arise even higher, drooling all over Obama's shoulder, and looking like he wants to bite somewhere vital nearby it?

The coup word is now making Iraqi headlines:

" The Iraqiya slate would join forces with incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki provided a series of conditions are met, the party's leader Iyad Allawi said.

...Allawi suggested to The Wall Street Journal that he would agree to power-sharing talks with Maliki provided all top government positions, including prime minister, were up for debate.

...Meanwhile, an Iraqi official told London's pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat on condition of anonymity that there was the potential for a coup in Iraq. 'We do not completely exclude a military coup, since Iraq's political history is replete with military coups,' the source said."

That article was very very long ago, from way back on October 8th, six days ago. Much has changed since then because the wheels finally started rolling out of the election mud. Now comes the low-down, each party seeking Middle-East allies for the ultimate victory in post-Saddam Iraq.

The website above is very good for Iraqi news. I've just bookmarked it. It had (October 7) a story on the potential Gog-Iran merger:

"One of the key Iranian-backed warlords in Iraq threatening U.S. forces is a Shiite former member of parliament known as Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

Al-Muhandis is leader of the Kataeb Hezbollah, Arabic for Brigades of the Party of God, a Baghdad Shiite organization that specializes in funneling weapons and explosives from Iran to other Tehran-backed militants across Iraq, among them the dismantled Mahdi Army militia of firebrand cleric Moqtada Sadr.

Kataeb Hezbollah, branded a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, is an important part of the elaborate web of clandestine networks in Iraq that U.S. commanders say is run by Tehran to destabilize it as American forces withdraw.

Al-Muhandis, 56, is widely known as 'the Engineer,' one of the 19 aliases he's reputed to use.

...The white-bearded al-Muhandis has more influence in Tehran than most of his contemporaries because, U.S. officials say, he's the right-hand man of Gen. Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps' clandestine operations arm, the Quds Force.

Suleimani has masterminded Iranian covert operations in Iraq since before the U.S. invasion.

Unlike most of his contemporaries, al-Muhandis makes no secret of his links to Tehran.

...While Kataeb Hezbollah, formed in early 2007, isn't the most powerful of the Shiite groups, it's considered one of the most important for its links to other anti-U.S. organizations.

...The U.S. military says that Lebanese Hezbollah, which after years of guerrilla warfare drove Israeli forces out of south Lebanon in May 2000 to end 22 years of occupation, has helped to train and fund al-Muhandis' organization and those associated with it since 2006.

Hezbollah has repeatedly denied that. But Arab intelligence sources say that in recent months Hezbollah has stepped up activities in Iraq alongside the Quds Force as part of Tehran's push to dominate the country."

That truly looks like the Iran connection to the destruction of Israel, but I think that the anti-Christ will hold Iranian terror groups secondarily to his primary pro-Saddam Sunni. Prophecy (Isaiah, anyway) suggests that the anti-Christ will invade Lebanon when he comes to Israel, but I don't think that's an invasion on Hezbollah of Lebanon.

Is Obama worried now that the drooling beast of Iran's cesspool is coming up to breath new life? From October 7:

"Washington may find it difficult dealing with an Iraqi government that contains ministers advocating violence in the country, the U.S. State Department said [that could be a statement made in advance of U.S. interference (I/m thinking Central Commander, Mattis), when needed to curb the Shi'ite dominated situation now forming].

Sadrists, lawmakers loyal to anti-American cleric Moqtada Sadr, announced last week they would back Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for a second term...

...The position, meanwhile, gives Sadr political clout in Iraq, where U.S. military forces spent much of the war battling his forces.

U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns is in Baghdad discussing the political situation with key leaders, including the incumbent prime minister and his rival Iyad Allawi.

P.J. Crowley, a spokesman for the State Department, said that while Washington wanted a representative government in Baghdad, there were certain parties that may be troublesome.

'There are areas that are of particular emphasis within our bilateral relationship and it is just something for Iraq to keep in mind, that we might have trouble dealing with a ministry that is led by an entity that still believes it's appropriate to promote violence within Iraqi society,' he said without offering specifics."

I get it; if the Maliki government doesn't want trouble from the O-government, Maliki had better not give key positions to the Sadr factor's violent side. BUT Maliki says he owes the Sadr factor his second term, and to the High O-ffice of the United States, that is just the bad breath from the Iran drool that's doing the taking.

Not all the Shi'ites have given Maliki his hopes:

"Despite backing for a major Shiite political party, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki doesn't have a ruling majority in Baghdad, the country's vice president [= Adel Mahdi] said.

...Members of the allied Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council didn't attend the announcement [that the Sadrists supported Maliki], however. Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Iraqi vice president and SIIC favorite for prime minister, said in a statement released to London's pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat that there remains 'competition to obtain the required majority' in parliament despite the support for Maliki.

Ammar al-Hakim, the influential clerical leader of SIIC, said he opposed the Maliki nomination and was considering talks with the secular Iraqiya slate. Sadrist sources told the London news agency, meanwhile, that Sadr gave Maliki until Oct. 15 to form a ruling coalition [yikes, that's tomorrow].... Iyad Allawi, the leader of Iraqiya, arrived in Monday in Cairo to discuss the political stalemate in Iraq."

It sounds as though the cesspool's Shi'ite is about to hit the fan. The Mahdi Shi'ites are WILLING now to form a union with the Allawi Sunni, and so far as I understand it, Iran would rather have Mahdi in as prime minister than Maliki. If Maliki's talks with the Tehranosaurus don't pan out, or let's say that the flip-flopping Americans succeed in turning Maliki into a flip-flopping Iran-ignoricus, the shortened arms of the Tehranosaurus will then seek to support Mahdi and his Allawisaurus friend, and the three together could be the Gogo-Beast. The problem there is, I envision an American False prophet supporting the Gogo-Beast.

Hmm, in this scenario, a comet will land in the sea, as per the revelation plagues, to make the "dinosaurs" extinct. Well-deserved end of the evolutionists, murderers of God spiritually, and, if they could, murderers of God literally.


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