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January 18 - Present, 2010

King Arthur was a Hick

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January 18

Bill Clinton is "leading" the Haitian disaster relief, says one television news show. His Clinton Global Initiative organization is not set up as a disaster-relief organization, however, so that the money he asked on five television news stations (in one day alone) would be better going to World Vision and other such teams who know better what they're doing. Obama knows that he is in danger of repeating what Dems accused Bush on in New Orleans, but, clearly, there seems to be a major failure in Haiti too, thus far:

"...In the absence of large scale foreign help, Haitians were trying to help each other, our correspondent said, with some turning homes into hospitals to treat the wounded and others giving away food, but food supplies and other resources were running out.

People could see helicopters flying overhead, US military vehicles in the city and aeroplanes arriving at the airport with supplies, so it was difficult to understand why little aid appeared to be reaching the people, she said.

Meanwhile the European Union pledged over $575m in emergency and long-term aid, the bloc said [today].

The union is also moving towards sending 150 people to assist the police force and help beef up security, as tensions in the Caribbean nation rise."

A whole 150 people??? For nearly 30 member nations? Merely 550 (one report says 600) million??? That's less than one dollar per European. Obama pledged 100 million, less than one dollar per American. It seems to me that the globalists are waiting for the people to make the donations because they don't want to use what money they have secured over the years. Are these the globalists who want to run the world?

On Pat Robertson's quake-related comment that the Haitians made a pact with the devil many years ago? All I can say is that there is one known act: God allowed this quake to destroy much of Haiti, but that doesn't necessarily mean the quake was set off by Him. He has the right to save, or not to save. His Spirit surrounds every rock atom, and therefore every event. He can interfere with rocks, or not. Christians know that when they are in a tough bind, they spontaneously ask God for help, and He is right there, on the spot, to help.

Jesus addressed the disaster question when the Jews asked about a tower that had fallen on the people. He told them that unless they repent, they too would suffer similar things. He didn't necessarily mean that God makes towers fall on people, but that, if a tower begins to fall on a people who despise Him, the tower will fall as it will fall. On the other hand, if a tower begins to fall on a people who honor Him, He can interfere and keep it erect, or move the people aside before it falls.

Liberal/humanist globalists will take what I have just said, and make it sound worthy of Christian persecution. The future will see disasters increase, and what Christians believe, that the Revelation disasters are prophetic warnings to the world, will be used to persecute us.

The slow world reaction to Haiti's food, water and medical needs may be explained by ruined airports without electricity, but the telling fact is the low amounts of money donated by Obama, the EU, and the UN, etc. Again, it's as if they are waiting for private peoples to make the donations, a process that is a huge time waster. Meanwhile:

"The US military's takeover of emergency operations in Haiti has triggered a diplomatic row with countries and aid agencies furious at having flights redirected.

Brazil and France lodged an official ­protest with Washington after US military aircraft were given priority at Port-au-Prince's congested airport, forcing many non-US flights to divert to the Dominican Republic.

Brasilia warned it would not ­relinquish command of UN forces in Haiti, and Paris complained the airport had become a US "annexe", exposing a brewing power struggle amid the global relief effort. The Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières also complained about diverted flights."

It's a sad situation, but a small taste of circumstances after the Armageddon earthquake yet to come. That one, I believe, will be triggered by God. Does this belief make me indifferent to the sufferings and the horrors of "natural" disasters? No, for as our spiritual enemies can see, we are warning the world. That shows concern, does it not? May I ask how the liberals are warning the world? If they truly care about people more than Christians do, why don't the liberals warn even their own children that God is angry and about to destroy much of the planet? Why do liberals go full-steam ahead in ways that anger God all the more??? Revelation reveals that, even though God sends disastrous warnings, the liberals will not repent. Therein is the true disease of mankind, so DO NOT let the liberals convince you that it's the Biblical fundamentalists who are mentally "sick."

The article above says: "The Obama administration has enlisted former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton to spearhead relief efforts." I find this very odd; it makes me uncomfortable. I don't have an educated opinion one way or the other on whether Tesla-related quakes can be created by modern science, but that's what comes to mind when seeing the Obama "invasion" of Haiti while Clinton comes immediately on television, five shows in one day alone, asking outright, and/or insinuating a request, for people to send money to his organization. Does this mean that Clinton will now seek world money for every world disaster yet ahead?

Another question? Is Bill using the Clinton Global Initiative to worm his way back to the world stage? You bet! He's painting himself as one who cares for the world. It's not my job to judge whether he does or does not care for disaster victims, but one thing I can say, it makes me uncomfortable to see him leading the disaster-relief donations program. Can the man who cheated on his wife, repeatedly, be trusted? Can the man be trusted with human life who approves the legalization of abortions of infants half-in and half-out of the womb? Can a man who works for the Rhodes people, who fuels globalism, who sides with sinful liberal issues, who hates Biblical fundamentalists, who disguises himself as a Christian, be trusted? These are the questions I pose..for as long as the globalists allow us to ask such questions.

If a Republican wins the Massachusetts senate-seat race, it's only because the liberal majority of that state is largely angry with Obama. Plus, with the Democrat-led legislators promising to ram through their health-care bill even if this new Republican should thwart the effort, Obama will become even less popular. The bottom line: too many Democrats think that Obama is stealing money from them. And that's what globalism is all about.

In Iraq, we're waiting to see how the Sunni disappointment goes with the government crackdown in election season on some 500 Baathist-related would-be government officials. I would not predict the imminent entry of the "king of the north" into Iraq at this time if all there is to go by is the stability of the situation. More or less, the security situation seems to be under control. However, the anti-Christ does not necessarily enter Iraq on account of instability, but on account of the threat of instability. The present situation is, in my opinion, VERY conducive for someone to step in and make like he's going to work on, and fix, the threat. The Sunni-versus-Baghdad situation has been worsening month by month, and here we are now, in election season, with the election in the first week of March (last I heard).

I have much to say on explaining the Magdalene holy grail, like I've never explained it before, after yesterday's revelations on the Arthurian Dano-Halybe peoples, as they converged in Shropshire and Cheshire with the Batavians, the Leigh/Ley Ligurians, the Allens/D'Allen Brits, the Goz-rooted Gascones and related Estonians, the Polish-Bohemian bloodline from the Bessin, and the Abruzzo factor. I will attempt to explain how the concept of Mary Magdalene presented itself in pagan colors having nothing to do with Mary Magdalene, and how the merger of the pagan holy grail bloodline, of Arthurian entities, gave further opportunity to create a pseudo Jesus-and-Mary marriage plot...that could claim the blood of Jesus in their one veins.

I seek to peg one of the seven entities above as the original holy-grail bloodline, and so far in my thinking the finger points to the Batavians = Bedivere = the Bedow family. I'm wondering whether BEDfordshire relates, and will investigate.

However, I noted last night that large letters, a quarter of an inch high, and one or two feet from my eyes, were blurry (due to seeing the letters double). This condition has progressed shockingly fast, and I need to do something about it. One thing is to spend less time on the computer until I can verify whether long-term computer use has been the main cause. In the past three weeks since starting my "winter vacation," I've been on the computer (with these updates) at least eight hours per day, every day, sometimes 10 or 12. That can't be good for the eyes.

January 19

What do you think of this?

"Coded references to New Testament Bible passages about Jesus Christ are inscribed on high-powered rifle sights provided to the United States military by a Michigan company, an ABC News investigation has found."

Is this to promote the idea of killing people in the name of Jesus? Not that I think American soldiers are that warped by nature, but that someone might be trying to get them so. Military organizations have the task of finding ways to get Christians, and other young men with anti-kill morals, to kill.

FOX news dares not criticize the Obama relief task in Haiti, but that may be due to liberals accusing FOX of not caring for Haitians as much as CNN does. FOX is even saying that Obama is being "generous" to Haiti. At this time when the O-team is poised for a bad Massachusetts bruising and a remarkable humbling experience not exactly on their wish list, Democrats can't handle Haitian-rescue criticism from high-flying FOX. But if FOX can't afford the risk of criticising Obama so soon, then let's at least tell how the Haitians are starting to feel let down already. The following could be the first reason why:

"Some 14,000 ready-to-eat meals and 15,000 litres of water were dropped north-east of the capital Port-au-Prince, the US said.

It had earlier said airdrops were too risky but congestion at the airport has hampered aid distribution. The US is now considering airdrops across Haiti.

More than 2,000 US Marines are set to join 1,000 US troops in Haiti.

...Mr Gates warned that [airdrops] could trigger riots if there was no proper structure on the ground to distribute supplies."

Only 1000 troops during the first week??? People in the tens of thousands have been enduring a daily process of dying horribly; people rescued from buildings are in large part maimed; there's no running water or electricity for any cause, no bacteria killers or pain-relievers...yet airdrops were not used immediately because riots might have started? What nonsense, the Haitians must be saying. Who cares if the brutes among the people get more food than the gentle ones; the brutes would then have less reason to pillage others. With air flights to Haiti being about two hours long, think about how many packages could have been dropped in the past week right into the heart of the areas of need, no airport landings or unloading or truck routes needed. BUT, if the plan is not to spend government money, but to wait for private donations before purchasing essentials, it would explain why airdrops are starting only now.

How disappointed are the Haitians?

"Angry Haitians set up roadblocks with corpses in Port-au-Prince to protest at the delay in emergency aid reaching them after a devastating earthquake, an eyewitness said..."

Apparently, the road blocks were intended to divert food elsewhere. One comment on the page: ""With all the billions of dollars we throw at the UN why does America have to spend more money that we don't have to bail out Haiti? Let the UN lead the charge instead. That's what they are supposedly there for." Good point. The UN sets aside disaster-relief money, and is supposed to have in-place methods of acting immediately. What is the UN's excuse for not dropping food by air starting on the first day of the quake? I don't know what the UN budget allows in disaster relief, and the article below on UN assistance doesn't even mention a UN money figure:

"...The UN World Food Program says it expects to boost operations but says it needs 100 million prepared meals over the next 30 days.

At [yesterday's] meeting, the European Commission pledged 30 million euros in immediate aid to support medical aid, water purification and shelter. A further 107 million euros have been earmarked for long-term efforts to rebuild Haiti's devastated infrastructure and re-house up to 3 million people left homeless by the quake.",,5138828,00.html

Inside Story claimed that the UN is trying to raise 550-600 million (roughly matching the EU pledge). A hundred million prepared meals alone would use up at least half that amount. And a mere 107 million toward housing for three million people is just 35 dollars per Haitian. That amount won't repair much of a house let alone rebuild one. Haitian leaders must be feeling that globalists are penny-pinching at a time when the tap needs to be fully open. YET, globalists want 100 BILLION annually JUST to fight global warming! Absurd!!

George Bush told people to not send blankets, etc., but "just send money." "I'm here" he said, to make sure the "money is spent wisely" (his emphasis on "wisely"). Clinton and Obama were standing beside him when he made this statement. The Inside-Story video below tells, albeit through an Al-Jazeera video, that Haiti was toppled by American Intelligence, and later (1994), under Bill Clinton's presidential term, given to the control of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank...that now controls Obama, and likely Clinton too, who is now the UN's special envoy to Haiti.

We hope Al Gore has no stocks in bottled water.

With the Iraqi president blocking Sunni Baathists from running in the election, and thus appearing anti-Sunni, he reminded the people that he has installed many Sunni government workers. But look at the number to be integrated this year, and ask whether most of them will be used to topple the president after the king of the north arrives to Mosul:

"The Iraqi government has hired nearly 50,000 'Sons of Iraq,' former insurgents who switched sides and helped U.S. forces battle al Qaeda, and expects to absorb the [other 46,000] by mid-year, an Iraqi official said [today].

...'I think by the middle of 2010 all of the Awakening groups will have their jobs and start their professional lives,' Salman said at a news conference in Baghdad.

The Pentagon warned last year that the slow pace of Sahwa integration could jeopardize security gains...",000_former_insurgents_in_govt_jobs.html?cid=8119356

The U.S. military led by Odierno has no idea that these once-terrorists are likely to revert to fighting when the king of the north announces his ideology in conjunction with a take-over of Iraq? That ideology may already be spreading though Baathist channels. Will it be religious? Unlikely, for even as the Baathists are secular, so the king of the north will be an atheist (Daniel 11:37). Will it be anti-West in order to bond the terrorists groups? Likely. Will it promise money to those who help topple Iraq? Likely, for Daniel 11:39 makes that very claim: that the anti-Christ will make government agents out of his fighters, and dole out lands (why not also other spoils of war?) in return for their support.

If some do not believe that the Gogi anti-Christ will be from Russia, might they identity him as a Kurd? There are Kurdish terrorists groups in greater Kurdistan bent on an anti-Maliki, and even anti-Kurdistan, program. The two reasons for my rejection of a Kurd Gog is that Kurds are enemies of Sunnis/Baathists, and Isaiah 13's telling that Medes, which I view as Kurds, will destroy Iraq. I tend to view the destruction of Iraq by the Medes as the very-end-time event that destroys the anti-Christ-governed Iraq.

BUT, feeling pressed in early 2010 to understand who Gog might come from, I conceived another theory just now. What if Isaiah's destruction of Iraq by the Medes has to do with the destruction of Maliki's Iraq at the hands of the anti-Christ's fighters? That picture could allow for a Kurdish Gog. Re-reading Isaiah 13 just now with this theory in has been ruled out, for the said Medes will not regard silver and gold (13:17), while Daniel 11:38 says that the anti-Christ will worship a "god" with silver and gold, and precious stones.

The curiosity is that he will invade with assistance from a "foreign god" (v 39). We might assume that he will give this god some of the lands/kingdoms that are taken in war. In this day and age, one doesn't invade with a typical, pagan god. My sense is that the foreign god is the False Prophet of Revelation 13, the one who acts on the anti-Christ's behalf by making a good image out of a war hog. It is presently very difficult for me to view the False Prophet as an anti-terrorist Western agent, such as Obama. BUT things may be far different than they seem in the dark rooms that shape Obama's foreign policy. Or, at any time, the Iran axis may explode into war, requiring exceptional responses from the West that tolerates, or even facilitates, the toppling of Maliki with a Baathist spearhead.

January 20

I'm trying to make sense of the latest revelations on the Arthurian cult, after finding exceptional clues at the end of the last update. One clue yet to be broken wide open was that mythical Ector was assigned lands in "Forest Sauvage," something found immediately after being led to the Savage/Sauvage surname by another root (when tracing the Russell code, "sara." Tim, who wishes to dig into the Russell surname, found the following:

"Hi John, remember on the 25th of August last year I sent you this message 'The Russell's were the Dukes of Bedford and early on lived in Latimer in Hertfordshire. You mentioned Latimer in your June 8th update. Oh and Luton is in Bedfordshire.'..."

Before I continue with Tim's quote, I would like to strengthen the Russell link to the Meschins via Bedford. In the last update, I suggested that the Meschin tie to the Bedow surname, and therefore to mythical Bedivere, might have been to "Bed(ford)," a locality named after a Bede term. I also suggested that the Sauvage term goes back to Italian Sabines, who go forward to Savona Ligurians, who moved to the south of Bedford in Luton. Today, I looked at the Luton Arms and was able to expand the Meschin picture to it, thus clinching the Meschin tie to the Leigh/Legh/Ley-clan (of Cheshire) Ligurians.

The Arms of Luton show a wheat bunch (or garb) in the Crest as well as in the Coat. That was seen in the Arms of Macclesfield (location, in East Cheshire, was associated with Ranulf le Meschin). I then saw that the white cross in the Luton Arms, on partially red background, smacks of the Macclesfield-surname Coat, but that was not all. The wheat bunch in the Luton Crest is said (on this page) to be of the Whethamsteade family, and when checking the Whetham Coat, it looks like what could be construed as a version of the Maxton Coat. Note that the crosslet type in the Maxton Coat is identical to the ones hanging on the stags in the Arms of Macclesfield.

The black crosslet of the Macclesfield is known to be of the Davenports, but let me share one more time the Davenport write-up, for as I've had the impression that the Mieszko Poles were somehow linked to Aston (of Cheshire) Estonians, the following point could begin to prove the Meschin link to Estonians. "The Davenport family lived in the township of Davenport, in the parish of Astbury in East Cheshire." NOW, see the "esto" motto term in the Maxton Coat!! This means that Meschins were indeed linked closely to the Astons and Estons/Ashtons...and I would like to know why Poles were close to Estonians.

NOW, in consideration of "Maccles" being likely linked to the Maccus root/surname of the Maxtons and Maxwells, see that the bee in the Arms of Luton is almost exactly the Maxton bee. I have been keeping an eye out for the Maxton bee, and have learned by it that not all bee designs are the same (the Maxton bee exactly is used in the Arms of Manchester, by the way). The Luton bee and beehive could then trace to the Bessin, for I think the Bajocasses of that region are named after "bee house"...or in any case the term sounds so much like a bee house that a beehive symbol was adopted by Bajocasses bloodlines.

This then links the Meschins to the Bohemians if (as some claim) the Bajocasses trace to the Boii (founders of Bohemians). I don't think it's a coincidence that I traced the Meschins to the Polish king, Mieszko I (died 992, pre-Templar)...father of Boleslaw I of Poland, whose mother (Dobrawa) was a daughter of Boleslaw I of Bohemia. Dobrawa's mother was Biagota, also "Bjegota" (to Bulgarians), and the German Dobe Coat uses a cartwheel, symbol also of the Piast Poles.

In other words, the above opens the possibility that the Pull/Pole surname of Cheshire was in honor of the Poles and/or Bohemians of the Bessin who named themselves after one or both Boleslaws. Keep in mind that the English Bole Crest uses the shot boar of the Pollock Crest, and that the Bole Coat uses golden cups/grails, for I will claim that the "holy-grail" bloodline was that of the Bedows=Batavi(ans) and therefore may have named Bed/Bedanford.

The Leghs/Leys of Cheshire also link to Luton, apparently, because "The foundation of Luton is usually dated to the 6th century when a Saxon outpost was founded on the River Lea, Lea tun. Luton is recorded in the Domesday Book as Loitone and also as Lintone." The English Bole surname was first found in Lincolnshire, said to derive from "Lin Colony," and "Lindsey." Therein we have, in my opinion, the Meschin-Bole link to the Rhodian-Rus of Lindos, Rhodes, which should prove to be the Meschin link to the Russells.

Before continuing with Tim's email, after leaving off at his pointing out the Russell dukes of Bedford, who lived in Latimer, let me show the Latimer Coat, using the symbol of the Eaton Coat but also of the Samson Coat. The latter surname was first found in Breconshire (Wales), which came under the powers of Bohun (i.e. like "Bohemia") and Bigot (like "bij" = "bee") surnames.

Plus, recalling that Flecks use the Meschin and Samson design, and that Flecks link to the Aflecks who co-founded the Baath party (Syria), see that the Arms of Breconshire uses bats, the symbol of the Batt/Baat family (Baathist roots, I think)...and of the Randolphs of Moray, whose bat symbol I trace to the Bedow family, which family was "ap-Eddow" in Wales, what I thought could link to the Eatons! But before writing this paragraph, I had learned that Edward the Elder (son of ALFred the great) built Bedford's first fortress, and that his name, on his coins, was "EADVVEARD," what could be the makings of "Eaton."

Tim's email continues: "And after that (i.e. sending an email on the Russell dukes of Bedford), I sent you this 'Hi John, Interesting just after I sent the last email about Rousell I noticed Sauviat-sur-Vige." Remember, Tim broke the Pulsipher family of Cheshire wide open by finding that variation of the Pulciphers. But these emails on the Russells and Sauviat-sur-Vige came BEFORE the Pull-of Cheshire topic, as if Tim knew the topic would steer to the Russel-Sauvage bloodline (He didn't know, but it seems that the Spirit is sending us key messages from Tim). As soon as he mentioned Sauviat-sur-Vige," he suggested a link to the Savage surname, and now here I am trying to figure out the importance of that surname as per revealing mythical Ector, father of Kay/Cai, Arthur's right-hand man along with Bedivere.

The revelation of mythical Kay/Cai/Kes in the last update was that he represented peoples from Caux (Normandy) but also the Caix surname first found in Languedoc. That's what has Tim so excited, for he reckons that Russells originated in Roussillon of the Languedoc theater (the location of Sauviat-sur-Vige is towards Gascony, however).

Tim reminded me that I had traced the "sara" code of the Russels to the Sarah/Saire/Sauer surname, which then led to the Sava/Sau-river location of Austria where the Sauers (English Sawyers, I'm assuming) sprang up, and that I had written, "I entered 'Sava' (after the river) just for fun, and got the Savage/Sauvage surname surname of Cheshire! Six black lions on white." On Sauviat-sur-Vige, Wikipedia says: "Inhabitants are known as Sauvigeois"(!!)

PLUS, the black lion of the Savage surname should be the black lion of the Sauviat Coat (the latter found first in Burgundy)! These revelations should trace Ector and/or Kay back to the Sauviats/Sauvages. But Tim's effects on the Arthur topic were not yet over, for he sent another email that blew open the Arthurian link to Ex-Caliber in a way that should be pivotal. His email sought to reveal the meaning of the Arthur-Coat symbol, "three rests, on each, a hurt." To speed this up, I'll quote what I wrote back:

Tim: The clarion definition offered by one writer on the Arthur surname sounds bang-on because the Clares were in the border region between Wales and England, and so are Shropshire and Cheshire. Plus, it's looking like peoples with the Randolph Meschins from this border region ended up in Moray, where I see proto-Claro viking blood (of Rollo) ruling before the Norman conquest of England. I recently traced the Clares to the Kleever/Cleaver surname using a key in Crest, and thinking that the Arthur surname in Clapton could relate, I tried Claver [sorry, I meant "Clave"] just a minute ago, and got two blue keys on gold, using the very same "K-shaped" end as in the key-end in the Kellner/Keller key!!! I was going to suggest that "Clapton" was a Chalybe term and therefore linked to Ex-calibur, and this potential link to "Cleaver/Claver" would tend to support the idea. Claver [I meant "Clave," but Clavers also use a key] is just what was needed to make the Excalibur link, but to find it using the Kellner symbol, that's no small find. I guess we could say that, if not for this email of yours, I might not have thought to check "Claver"[I meant Clave]."

In other words, the Claves/Clavers were the essence of the ExCalibur code, and were also the root of the Clare surname to which the Arthurian cult was meshed. This news comes only days after discovering that the Cleavers/Kleevers/Klavers were Clares. On January 9, I ended up with this conclusion: "Therefore, it looks as though the Claver/Cleaver family, a branch of Clares, has another branch in the Kellners/Kellers." At that time, I did not make the Claver-ExCalibur connection.

The Arthur link to Clares is support for my earlier findings that Arthur depicted a Rus bloodline. The trick has always been to identify which Rus bloodline in particular, and I note now that the Rollo was a Dane-Rus viking (in Norway). BUT, the Russell surname is also in this picture now. Tim suggested that "Sauviat" might link to "Soviet" (as well as the Sauvage term), but I thought the idea was too much of a stretch. However, seeing now that "Sauviat/Savage" could be linked to the Rollo Rus, whom I've identified with Varangians, is it a coincidence that Varangians co-founded Moscow??? This is not the first time that someone's "crazy" idea proves to have merit; LG reminded me often that I was too slow to make her crazier connections.

The importance, therefore, of the Clave family demands a quote of the write-up: "First found in Poitou, where the family was anciently established in a village of Aunis, in the department of Charente-Inférieure, in the district of La Rochelle." Sauviat-sur-Vige is on the outskirts of Poitou, AND, the English Rochelle surname has Rockwell and Rockewell variations, probably tracing back to the Roquefeuils (= proto-Rockefellers as a KNOWN FACT) of Languedoc...who were merged (= KNOWN FACT) with the Rodez surname there.

It's worth recording here my trace of Rockefellers to the Welsh Rhys/Rice surname, for the German Reis/Ris/Rice surname was first found in Bohemia. I should also record that the Herault Crest uses a hawk's lure, for that symbol came up in the Cheshire-surname (on Januray 12). [The Roque surname] comes from when the family lived in La Rocque, in l'Herault, Languedoc."

The victory of the Republicans last night in Massachussets is a red light in front of Obama's forehead. But, we will have to wait to see, Obama (who is a part of modern Rockefellers and Rhodians) may drive reckless through the light:

"Democratic leaders insisted they planned to press ahead with health reform, and met late into [last] night in Speaker Nancy Pelosi' office. But they made no decisions about how to proceed, now that [Scott] Brown has swept away the Democrats' filibuster-proof 60-vote majority in the Senate."

This Massachussets election victory, wherein the Democrats outnumber Republicans more than three-to-one, spells an obscene word directed from a large percentage of Democrats to the Obamacrats. Hillary might actually be drinking champagne, secretly, with 2012 burning in her brain.

[End update]

PS -- I forgot to mention that a Bes/Bez-like surname in honor of duke Bezprym, the son of the Polish king Boleslaw, likely named the Bessin...meaning that there is a slight distinction to be made between "Bessin" and "Bajocasses." It's the French Bes/Bez surname (first in Languedoc) that I trace to the Moray stars. The German Bes/Bez surname (first in Austria) uses a gold eagle on black, the same eagle exactly, so far as i can tell, in the Whetham Coat (surname of Luton/Lintone AND Lincolnshire). I'm sure it's a coincidence, but: "The name Bez became...played important roles in the SAVAGE tribal and national conflicts which resulted as various groups sought to maximize their power and status in an ever changing territorial profile" (caps mine).

Speaking of Massachusetts and Bes, I had tentatively traced the white-on-blue Bes star to the same in the Seal of Massachusetts. The Kennedy clan (that has "owned" Massachusetts' Senate seat for the last 50-60 years, uses the Maxton/Davenport crosslet, remember. The Seal-of-Massachusetts motto includes "Ovietum," close to "Sauviat/Soviet," and the Massa/Masse/Massey surname was first found in Savoy. Hmm, Savoy, what I figure is the root of the Suebi/Suebi Swedes (from the Savona post-Sabines). Keep this in mind because I hope to explain my theory that the Arthur surname -- the root of the Arthurian cult, I now am convinced -- became Lombards, a major branch of the Suebi.

Is the capital of Massachusetts to be viewed as Beston??? The Dutch Bos Coat uses an upright red lion on gold (Massa/Massey colors), the symbol also of Ranulf le Meschin. In consideration that the key symbol of the Claves/Kellners/etc., link to the Shaw surname, note that Boston is on the Shawmut peninsula...which is said to be named after Mashauwomuk term ("of uncertain meaning") of the Algonquins.

ZOWIE. That caused me to check the Mash (also "Marsh") Coat: the same birds used by the Ectors and Kays!!! In the last update, the Ectors were linked with Kenners because mythical Ector (Kay's father) was also "Kynyr," so I showed the same bird used by both the Kenner Coat and Kay Crest. I also see that the sun used by the Mash Coat could be the same of the Ector Coat!!

Since mythical Ector was also called, "Anton," while Kenners were likely named after Kenneths, let me say that I trace both "Kenneth" and it's "Cunedda/Gwynedd" root to the Venedotia of Wales, who I trace back to the Veneti, who were founded by mythical Antenor of Greece. I get it!

"The first recorded use of 'Shawmutt' to describe the peninsula occurs in 1630, by the lone settler William Blackstone..." The Black Coat uses the Maxwell saltire (i.e. Blacks look linked to Meschins); I've linked the Blacks to the Cree surname of Cree-Indian elements. Is it a coincidence that these things are being discussed here while Massachusetts is in the news bigtime??? Perhaps not by coincidence, the Brown Coat (i.e. Scott Brown just won the Massachusetts election) uses fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Masci (of Piedmont, in historical Savoy) fleur-de-lys.

Could the key symbol be the reason for the Kay surname? In Italy, the Shaw bloodline was also "Chiava," the Italian word for "key." Not only do "Shaw" and "Chiava/Chave" evoke "Sauv," but "Savage" becomes "Savoy" with a common 'g' to 'y' switch. "The name Savoy stems from the Late Latin Sapaudia, referring to a fir forest" (Savoy link above). I would give that definition little attention, but I do see that "Sapaud" smacks of Sauviat."

Much more to say, but for now this PS is over. Thank you, Tim!!

January 21

Did any readers of yesterday miss the PS above? It would be useful for today's read.

Last night on the news I saw Errol Southers; he had facial mannerisms that made me believe that he was related to Obama. When I went to Wikipedia to check out his age and background, it was the first time (I think) that I've not seen background information from Wikipedia on a political person. No birthdate, no place of birth, no parents. Possibly, Southers himself, or perhaps someone on his behalf, asked the Wikipedia people not to include his background information.

My first reaction was that Southers may have been a brother or son of Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's true father. Perhaps Southers was not Errol's birth name. It is said that Davis worked for the FBI. Southers has been "an FBI special agent"! Davis and Obama's mother (Ann Dunham) were in cahoots with Rockefellers; the Southers/Souters Crest shows the Rhodes leopard, AND the South surname was first in Lincolnshire, where the Rhodes were first recorded. Both The English and German Leopard surnames use a blue Shield, the color of the Southers Shield. The English Leopards were from Sussex i.e. "the south". Nicholas de Vere traces the pagan leopard symbol to Transylvania, now Romania.

The Souths were "Lords of the manor of Ferraby, some say well before the Norman Conquest..." The Ferrabys/Feriebys/Verbys (first in Lincolnshire) and the Veres use Rhodes colors. The Veres used a green dragon, the color of the South-Crest griffin. The Ferie-Coat page shows a Ferrier variation, same variation used by the Ferrer surname of Cheshire associations. In the last update, I wrote: "the Randolph horseshoes likely trace to the Ferrer horseshoes." Obama traces to Randolphs without a doubt (see Obama's genealogy)) through his mother's Dunham surname. The Ferrer Crest uses a spotted unicorn.

Both the Ferie and the Farrah Coats both use white horseshoes on blue, and the Ferie write-up has a "Forez" link (where the French Feries were first found), saying: "Forez is a former administrative region of France found on the west bank of the Rhone river and extending to the Alps. The ancient tribes of the area were the Ligures, Celts, and Massaliotes."

Hmm. Another Massa term. It reminds me that Errol Southers, nominated by Obama to become the chief of TSA (Transportation Security Administration), withdrew his nomination only after the massive Massachusetts massacre two days ago. That's right, he withdrew yesterday, and it's in the news today. He's withdrawing because Obama can't afford another controversy from the hands of high-flying Republicans. As chief of TSA, Southers would have been in charge of airport screening!!! He would order the screening machines! Who owns stock in those machines, anyway? Someone online insists that the underwear bomber's father is in cahoots with Israeli Intelligence, and meanwhile:

"Southers' background in counter-terrorism study in Israel, at the invitation of the ministry of foreign affairs, has made him a reputable source in counter-terrorism education. He returned to Israel in December for an International Consequence Management Seminar hosted by the Israeli Defense Force's Home Front Command's Civil Defense School.

...Southers is currently developing a certificate program, 'Executive Program in Counter-Terrorism' that will unite six nations in combating terrorism beginning in August 2007."

There is also an article by Rich Cooper wherein Southers' credentials for the TSA position are praised. The English Cooper Coat uses three crowned leopards (the Coopers merged with royalty), AND the Crest uses a leopard very reflective of the Southers Crest!! The article is back-scratching, in other words, from one "family member" to another. English Coopers were first in Sussex! The Scottish Coopers were first found in Fife, and the thirteenth-century "Salomone de Cupir" sounds Hebrew, and smacking of "Kypris" = Aphrodite. The Southers were first in Angus, smack beside Fife.

Some months ago (ninth update of April), I traced the Foret/Forez surname/term to Fife and neighboring Forfar! And on June 13 I wrote: "The Ferrars of Forfarshire used blue-on-gold horseshoes, the reverse of the Aberdeen (next to Fife) Leslies..." This is Southers-important, not only because the South family was lord of Ferraby/Ferieby, but because the Southers were first in Angus. Forfar is the administrative seat of Angus!

You might sense that I'm sensing Southers ties to Ranulf le Meschin, as per the apparent Randolph link to Ferrers (who were granted lands by Hugh D'Avranches, Ranulph's uncle, in order that Hugh might become the chief of Chester/Cheshire). Look at this: the Forez/Foret motto uses "travers," and the Travers Coat uses white scallops on black...the Meschin symbol!! PLUS, the Travers Crest is a spotted leopard or tiger!!

But that is not all. Yesterday I traced certain Meschins/Mascis to Savoy. Today, I find that the Foret/Forez surname was first in Savoy. Then, a moment later while fishing through my old updates, I found a link to the Savoy-surname Coat. It's a white cross on red, the same as in the Randolph Coat (!!) but also used by the city (Macclesfield) said to be founded by Ranulph le Meschin. The white cross on red is the symbol of Switzerland, thus supporting a trace of the white color used by Meschins to Swiss elements.

Yesterday's topic on Massachusetts suggested a trace of the Brown surname to the Mascis of Piedmont/Savoy, but also to the root of "Massa(chusetts)" itself. Today I learn that Errol Southers attended Brown University. The Browns were named after "bruno," a term that I have consistently traced to brown-dressed Barney Rubble. Recently, I discovered that both the Barnier and Betty surnames use the Shaw-line key symbol, and meanwhile Boston is on a peninsula names after Shaw and/or Mashaw elements. Today I find, and only due to seeking Southers roots, that ancient Forez was inhabited by Ligurians and Massaliotes. That latter term smacks of "Maccle," but also of the Masculin/Mascle variation of the Meschins. Mussolini comes to mind.

I am reminded that I traced the horseshoe symbol to central Poland's Podkowa Lesna (white on red) in Massovia (white on red). It's near Warsaw, a city using the Vere-cherished Melusine, also called Mari (of the Basques). The Hugh D'Avranches (from a Goz surname) trace to Basques now becomes Warsaw (Vere-saw?)-connectable, keeping in mind that Nicholas de Vere traces mythical Melusine de Vere from Bute/Avalon to Anjou i.e. near the Basques. BUT, speaking yesterday of the Shaw link to the Sauv (and "Sawyer") term, see that "Folk etymology attributes the city name [Warsaw] to a fisherman Wars and his wife Sawa."

One article of yesterday:

"President Barack Obama's choice to lead the Transportation Security Administration withdrew his name [today], a blow to an administration trying to explain how a man could attempt to blow up a commercial airliner on Christmas Day.

Errol Southers said he was pulling out because his nomination had become a lightning rod for those with a political agenda. Obama had tapped Southers, a former FBI agent, to lead the TSA in September but his confirmation has been blocked by Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, who says he was worried that Southers would allow TSA employees to have collective bargaining rights."

The article shares one good reason for his quitting: he once, as an FBIer, wire-tapped private persons illegally, an issue that has bounced around in the Senate recently. The Globamists seem to be cut out of the same fabric, and Obama can't handle a scandal like that right now without suffering party implosion. The article says: "Senate Democrats also have accused Republicans of stalling the nomination of Caryn Wagner, the administration's nominee to be the top intelligence official at the Homeland Security Department." The German and Jewish Wagner Coats both use cartwheels, and the German Coat uses gold fleur-de-lys on blue, possibly borrowed from the same families from whom the Masci surname borrowed them.

Gold fleur-de-lys on blue were early the symbols of Anjou. The English Wagner Crest uses a swan, the symbol of Liguria's mythical king Cygnus. I trace one line of mythical Leda (= swan symbol) to Ligurians, and another Leda line, via Pollux, to the Poles.

Before writing all the above today, and before knowing about Southers at all, I had the following topic already prepared for inclusion today. Amazingly, the topic touches on Angus, where Southers were first found. A few days ago, I quoted from an article showing that the Arthur surname uses clarions as symbol. In that article, we read of the Hicks/Hykes surname extensively, and I zeroed in on this phrase: " described in every Hicks pedigree as Juliana Arthur of Clapton in Gordano, near Bristol."

I didn't realize at first that the Hicks were important to the Arthurian bloodline, but soon-after realized that they could link to mythical Ector, since the Ector Coat page shows a Heckie variation. But Heckie also sounds like "Caix," the surname to which I've traced Ector's mythical son, Kay/Cai/Kes. In fact, and CC might be very interested, these terms smack of "Hyksos."

Had it not been for the Hicks surname in the archive above, I would have known only the Hicks (no 'y') Coat, for I have viewed it in the past many times. The Coat shows no links to Meschins that I know of, but as a result of seeing the Hykes variation in the archive, we can know the scallop-filled Hykes Coat in the Meschin-scallop colors!! Keep in mind that the Aflecks, likely from the Flecks (same-colored scallops), were in Angus early, and Aflecks use a Randolph- and Macclesfield-like cross in the Meschin colors.

The Hykes surname (first in Devon) appears with variations, Hack or Hache. The write-up: "The name Hykes comes from the baptismal name for the son of Haki, which was originally derived from the Scandinavian forename Haki or Hako." BEHOLD: the Scottish Hykes Coat uses red fish, as does the Dutch Cleave Coat (!!) shown on January 12 when on the Claver-Claro topic. The Arthur surname that was merged with Juliana Hicks was in Clapton (as the archive above reveals), and apparently the Claptons were Clavers/Clares.

The archive reads: " the earliest edition of the Hicks arms, the arms of the Arthurs of Clapton, gules, a chevron argent between three rests (or clarions) or [= gold], are impaled." I knew the Hicks were merged with the Arthur surname when finding that quote, but I didn't know how important the Hicks surname was to the Arthurian cult until I saw the Hykes linked to "Heckie."

The Scottish Hykes/Hake/Hacke surname is said to derive the Norse, "haki," meaning "hook". The English Hykes/Hacks from Devon should be related because the Hook/Hoke surname was first found in Devon. There's also an Ecke/Ecker surname (using Hook colors) that looks related to the German Eckarts ("Dietrich Eckart (and likely Alfred Rosenberg) wanted Hitler to be the Anti-Christ.)" For further investigation, see also Heck and Hock.

I can't find any Hick/Hack-like surnames that also look like "Caix," but I should mention what I haven't yet, that both Kay Coats trace to "key," and that the Scottish Kay Crest appears to have a key in the beak of a griffin. The write-up traces to the Old-English "Coeg" (capital 'C'), said to mean "key," but also to the Old-Welsh, "Cai" (capital 'C'), meaning "key."

The Kays were first found in Yorkshire, where the Wag(o)ners were first found. Possibly, "Wag(on)" links to Cag(an)/Kag(an) = "Kay." I am reminded that Wayne is sometimes said to be a variation of "wagon." Remember, the Wayne Crest uses the same pelican in the Arthur Crest, and the Waynes of Cheshire were very-likely the representation of mythical Gawain. The Gawain surname uses gold fleur-de-lys on blue, the symbol in the German Wag(o)ner Coat! Remember, I found the Wagner Coat only this morning as a result of the news on Errol Southers (that caused my investigation on him).

The idea that the Wagoners might link to the Kagan surname warrants a look at the sun of the "Jewish" Kagan/Cohen Coat, like the sun of the Ector Coat. The Ector blue lion holds a palm branch (i.e. what might be an Israeli symbol). NOW, look at the red and white diagonal bars in the "Jewish" Wagner Coat, the same bars used also by the Ector Coat!! See also the Wegens for further investigation, using a crowned leopard in Crest.

The Scottish Eckart Crest uses "A nude lady holding a sword in one hand and a palm leaf in the other." It's Melusine/Mari, also called "Holle."

As per the Cooper/Copper surname (that links to the Southers), I've noted that the Coop/Cope/Copp Coat also uses gold fleur-de-lys. I also learned that the Copper Crest is a leopard holding a holly branch ({see verification)...which may be the symbol of Melusine, for the English Holly Crest uses Melusine. AND, by accident, while typing "Coper" instead of "Copper," I found this staring me in the face on the Coper/Cupper surname: "An ermine pelican..." Recalling the Capi(te)/Copps terms related to the Shropshire Meschins, we now find the Copers/Cuppers were first in Shropshire!!

Yesterday, I heard that a floating hospital (ship) was turned away from docking in Haiti, but before that I was notified of this:

""Doctors Without Borders (MSF) complained [January 19] that a fifth planeload of its emergency medical aid for earthquake survivors was denied permission to land at the U.S.-run airport in Haiti's capital.

The Paris-based medical humanitarian organization said the cargo plane carrying 12 tons of drugs, surgical supplies and two dialysis machines was turned away three times and diverted to the neighboring Dominican Republic.

...'We cannot accept that planes carrying lifesaving medical supplies and equipment continue to be turned away,' said Rosa Crestani, a MSF medical coordinator."

There are multiple explanations for this situation, none of them justifiable. The main reason that Haitians will die a few days after the quake is due to bacterial poisoning and loss of blood. Barring that globalists want some Haitians to die, it could be that globalists want only their own hospital ships to rake in the medical dough. The US Comfort (a navy ship) was the first ship to treat injured Haitians.

Celebrate. Obama's troubles are world-reaching:

"The timetable to reach a global deal to tackle climate change lay in tatters on Wednesday after the United Nations waived the first deadline of the process laid out at last month’s fractious Copenhagen summit.

...But Yvo de Boer, the UN's senior climate change official, admitted the deadline had in effect been shelved.

...The result of Tuesday's Massachusetts senatorial election, which took away Barack Obama's super-majority in the Senate, is likely to push climate change further down the US agenda. It was the latest in a series of setbacks..."

Putin is celebrating the O-bysmal hole now opening up the United Sates: "Russia will strengthen its Baltic fleet in response to U.S. plans to deploy Patriot missiles in Poland, Russian state news agency RIA reported [today], citing an unnamed senior navy official." The more the O sinks into the night, the more the P sings a morning song. Watch it, Poland, for Daniel 7 says that Gog will send fire into Europe, and you seem to be a prime target at this point, for more than one reason.

It's conspicuous that the Massachusetts election was timed for the one-year anniversary of the O-term. Then there is an O's state of the union address scheduled for January 27. There was supposed to be an in-your-face party, in other words, to smite the last vestiges of Republican power-plays in the Senate, with great elation over the passage of socialist health under-the-table "benefits" to organizations in cahoots with Obamacrats. Instead, what seems to have happened is a classic God-move coming timely in the back door, to instantly and too-easily wipe that celebration from the face of the earth, and to replace it with great humiliation. The Republicans have been all smiles, in great jubilee over the turn of events called "game changer." It's not just a loss for the O-team, or a regression of its plans, but love-loss for him the world over as the nations hear the corrupt charges that are bringing him down further.

The Dems, as soon as they come up for air, will blackball Scott Brown as best they can, though Obama may have ordered, "not yet," "not until we're safer."

More swine-flu fears:

"So let's see: 61 million [American] people are injected with a potentially dangerous vaccine, and the actual number 'saved' from the pandemic is conceivably just 22. Meanwhile, the number of people harmed by the vaccine is almost certainly much, much higher than 22. These vaccines contain nervous system disruptors and inflammatory chemicals that can cause serious health problems. Some of those problems won't be evident for years to come... future Alzheimer's victims, for example, will almost certainly those who received regular vaccines, I [Mike Adams] predict."

The negative effects come much later. Just what's expected if the vaccine is for population control (i.e. murder) and/or raking in big bucks in hospitalization as the murder process progresses.

Just found a larger article on the blocking of medical supplies into haiti:

"...the US military is blocking doctors and American aid workers with longstanding relationships in Haiti from bringing in desperately needed aid, and the US is also being slow to expand airdrops of water, water purification tablets, and food. Where is the United States Congress? Because the US military is involved, does that mean no one can say anything?

Yesterday, Doctors Without Borders reported that...

...Groups ready to deliver aid to Jacmel - the fourth-largest city in Haiti - were told they would receive no clearance to land there from the U.S. military, even though they already had both aid supplies and the means for distributing them. This aid is only now being delivered - thanks to assistance from the Dominican Republic, not the U.S.

Finally, the US has started to airdrop water and food. AP reported that "The U.S. military has airdropped water and food into Haiti after earlier ruling out such a delivery method as too risky." But the airdrop AP reported was merely a test, not an effort to distribute supplies widely.

The risk cited earlier by Defense Secretary Gates was that airdrops might trigger riots if there were no infrastructure on the ground to distribute the supplies. But the primary driver of potential violence is shortage: if there is plenty to go around, there is no reason to fight."

See also Doctors Without Borders. Consistently, operations the world over conducted by the US military come with peculiar signs without logic, and contradictory to the public image presented to the American people. My understanding is that Rockefellers et al have large financial interests in hospitalization and other medical operations (e.g. Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research). My understanding is that the American military is controlled by Rosicrucian globalists.

CNN says today that Obama has proposed a solution to Iraq's Baathist problem. The banned Baathist would-be leaders are to be permitted to run in the election, and if any win positions of power, they would be required to swear opposition to Saddam-loyalist causes.

There's no sign of malicious Russian agents in Iraq. But nearly every week we hear things like this: "On [January 18], Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chaired a special meeting in Voronezh, southern Russia, to review the procurement of modern weapons for the Russian Armed Forces. The meeting focused on the delivery of state of the art automated troop-control systems." The building of his military seems to have no end, but with the falling of Obama, Putin's voice can become louder to this end. And then there is no end to Georgia's claim:

"President Saakashvili said on January 21, that 'Russian leaders are still planning to destroy us' and are still promoting 'so called regime change policy in Georgia.'

Saakashvili, who is paying a working visit to Estonia...

...'I was shocked how much the Russian invaders managed to shape this surrealistic perception that Georgia -- the country that they invaded -- was provoking the Russian leadership,' Saakashvili said."

So, the question is: was the massive Massachusetts massacre a key event fashioned by the Heavenly Master for the purposes of weakening the United States to the end of raising Gog to his lofty position?

ZIKERS! I went to another article at the news media above, one on the Georgian meeting with Estonia, and finding that the Estonian leader is Thomas Hendrik, I checked for a Hendrik Coat (Scottish) to find the same red and white diagonal bars seen in "Jewish" Wagoners and Ector Coats. Remember, I tied the Ectors to Actons, they in turn to Astons, and they in turn to Estonians! The Hendrik Crest uses mythical Cupid, said to be the Greek Eros. See also the Hender scallops.

The Hendriks were first found in Fifeshire!!!!! That convinces me already; they were linked to the Ectors/Heckies (first in neighboring Angus)! The timing of this Estonia article, dated today, is "too much"! This happens over and over again in these updates.

The Hendriks are said to be from Picts, as are the Scottish Anders/Enders from the Ross clan.

To reinforce the Hykes link to their clarion symbol = the Clares, I've found an Irish Hickie Coat; it uses what looks like a variation of the English Wagner-Coat symbol. The point is, the Hickie surname was first found in County Clare. Note the stag (symbol of Hungary's Arpad royals, of which Andrew was one) in the Hicks/Hix/Icke Coat, for there is a gree "Chaplet" (= a ring) around it's neck, likely the same green ring seen in the Scottish Ross Coat.

The conclusions to be made, and the new trails opened up by these compounding revelations, seem endless. But they are not endless; they keep returning to the same families over and over again. What's very interesting now is that, finally, we can identify families, not only linked to the Arthurian cult, but the Arthurian bloodlines themselves. The Hicks appear to be quite central to "king Arthur," but it's too early to peg them as the very heart of the cult. Let's not forget the Pendragon surname first found in Cornwall, and the English Pender surname using the lion of the Bradd surname...which surname I trace to George Drummond's bloodline in PodeBrady, Bohemia. I also link the Scottish Ross clan to George Drummond (i.e. the father of the Drummond clan, son of king Andrew I of Hungary). The Drummonds and Hungarians are much too late to have been the Arthurian cult, but they apparently merged with it.

January 22

The movement to persecute Christians has been creeping along in the Obama camp, and we shouldn't think the current backlash against it will have the result of taming malicious spirits. Quite to the contrary, leftist Democrats will not take this lying down, and will do the only thing their darkened hearts know of: criticize, attack, and destroy. They will attack like never before now that power seems to be slipping to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and the dread FOX News cast. Errol Southers is part of the malignant tumor infesting the liberal party:

"...Southers put global warming on 'parity' with Islamic terrorism as a threat to national security, and said that 'anti-abortionists' were as great a threat to national security as Muslim jihadists."

You may have heard about Southers remarks spoken in a capacity to protect the country: "Most of the domestic [terror] groups that we pay attention to here are white supremacist groups. They're anti-government, in most cases anti-abortion, they are usually survivalist type in nature, identity oriented...Those groups are groups that claim to be extremely anti-government and Christian identity oriented." Southers could have made that statement without lumping pro-lifers, Christian faith, and survivalists in with terror groups, but that would not have begun to satisfy his liberal thirst for Christian persecution, apparently.

In reality, he could be more the terrorist type by far than Christians I've become accustomed to, who are truly gentle lambs. Armed with the political power the likes that Obama wanted to give him, Southers could have been dangerous. Often, what appears to be a good copper when speaking publicly can be the devil incarnate when operating in secret. You've seen the police-brutality videos. If cops have been spying on Christians in the name of finding home-grown terrorists, they may have learned to wink at each other when spying on anti-abortionists of all gentle types, just in case.

The Lamb of God will expose them, shouting from the rooftops what goes on in secret. I've at times wondered whether God uses the Michael Savages of the Conservative-radio world to expose the Democrats while not bringing persecution on Christians, for Savage (a Hebrew) does not respect Jesus for Who he is, but lumps Him in with other religious icons. Nor does FOX News label its Conservatism with Jesus. FOX is doing a fine job bringing the Conservative-radio world to television, even to the point of sinking CNN in its wake, but FOX is NOT a Christian movement. Caution. Ask yourself what FOX News values, what sort of country it envisions in building, and how it aims to use Christians to succeed in its political goals. I don't think it's possible to love both FOX and God. I think you will find that FOX's god is Capitalism. Money. Yes, its morals are better than what the liberals hold to, but then atheistic China opposes porn much more than FOX.

If you would like to compare Southers' face with Obama's, open two browsers and half them on your screen so that both browsers can be viewed together. Then play this Southers video on one browser with this Obama photo on the other. Compare the stuck-out ears, the forehead, the eyes, even the mouth area. When I saw Southers on television a couple of nights ago, I was shocked at how I could see Obama in his facial mannerisms, far better than in the video above. Cousins maybe?

If the Scott-Brown win was indeed a God-move, and I don't know that it was, then it's a classic example of how God can quickly and easily change the goals of globalists. The Globamists got right to the brink of succeeding with government-run health care, and they were celebrating over it, when in the back door this Republican stepped in and said, "I'm here. Party's over!" In the same way, during the tribulation, it may appear as though darkness is at the very brink of overcoming the Elect, at which time, quickly and easily, God turns the tide on His enemies. It will happen to Israel, that while it is at the very brink of being utterly destroyed, in steps Jesus from where He is not expected: "I'm here. Party's over!"

Prophecy writers have been stumped who've asked over the years how the anti-Christ can invade Israel while the U.S. watch dog stands guard. Some have suggested that the U.S. needs to be wiped out by war in order to allow that prophecy to proceed. I don't think America's fall will be that great in order to fulfill it. Yesterday, Obama said that he had over-reached in seeking a Palestinian solution, a statement indicating, apparently, that he needs to lay off the problem while he spends time instead fixing his political woes at home. The Muslims may now feel that they've got to handle the problem without the West's help.

In the meantime, Russia is growing taller, now over-shadowing Turkey and the Ukraine under it's political umbrella. Obama and his fellow European fumblers may now be lame for to get either country back in under the Western umbrella. At any time, as the Americans pull out of Iraq, a God-move might be played that quickly and easily directs the little-remaining future of this sick theater called "history."

Scott Brown is being eyed for the next Republican nominee for replacing Obama in 2012. He came out of nowhere, and could become the leader of the free world. In the same way, a complete unknown, Gog, will enter the political stage and become the mother of all God-moves, the move that ends this sick joke called empirehood. Go home, globalists, and tend to your children; the world does not need a global government, especially one built on lies and manipulations of all kinds, with money as its god. But, no, the globalists are not going home:

"Three months after the United States announced a reformulated missile-defense plan for Poland, the Polish defense minister has announced that American surface-to-air missiles will be deployed near Russian soil.

The minister, Bogdan Klich, said [January 20] that an undisclosed number of missiles would be deployed in the vicinity of Morag, in northern Poland, just 35 miles from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. He said the missiles could arrive as soon as late March or early April."

Unbelievable. I just went to Wikipedia's article on Morag, because the term smacks of "Moray," and there was a white scallop on black in the Arms of Morag, all on a gold background. It's so evocative of the Meschin Coat!! It could be better deemed a coincidence if I hadn't traced the Meschins back to Poland's ancient royals, and then ahead to the Randolphs of Moray. ZIKERS! Wasn't the decision to deploy missiles in Morag that of Obama, who is from the Randolph family???

Perhaps it was also the decision of Obama's world advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Pole from the Traby family. The "The original inhabitants of [Morag/Mohrungen] were emigrants from the southern Harz." The current mayor, Tadeusz Zbigniew Sobierajski, seems to be from the Sobieski clan. Keep in mind that the Arms of Macclesfield city use three black bugles (on white) while the Traby bugles, designed so as to create a 666, are in gold and black (on white).

The article continues: "He said the decision to base the missiles near Morag, and not Warsaw, had no political or strategic significance. 'The only reason was the good infrastructure,' Mr. Klich said." The Klich Coat uses a white-on-black (!!) stork, and the surname was first found in Silesia (Polish border). The Crest is "Fortuna holding a banner." GREAT BARK! Mythical "Fortuna had a retinue that included Copia, 'bounty'" A motto term in the Arms of Macclesfield is "Copia"!! In mythology, plenty was also represented by a cornuCOPIA, which is goat's horn doubling as a bugle.

The Klich/Klitch surname reminds us of "Clinton," and the Clinton Coat uses black crosslets seen also on the stags of this other Arms of Macclesfield. See also the English Clitch/Clack Coat; an eagle of that design was shown in recent days, but I cannot recall which surname it belonged to. There is also a Clinch surname using an eagle on a metal glove (in the Crest), symbol of the Macy/Macey surname.

Keeping in mind that the stork symbol was traced (by me) to Yorkshire's Storkhouse and GISburn (i.e. "Gis" should represents Basque elements that I think link to the Goz surname of Cheshire), note that both the Clint and Klinger Coats use Gascony symbols. In fact, this search of the Clint surname has revealed something new to me, that Bill Clinton's birth surname, Blythe, uses the same garbs (wheat bunches) as do the Clints, in the same colors!!! Therefore, Bill Clinton comes from both the Clintons and the Blythes...and the Basques of Gascony. The Clints were first found in Yorkshire too. The Arms of Macclesfield also use the garb.

You may have read recently where the stork symbol was traced to Marlays of Cheshire from the German Oettingens, to the Wotans of Marlay (Kent) and finally to the Odins of Yorkshire. I may have neglected to say then that the Stork surname was first found in Kent.

Since the Traby family descends from the wolf-line Astikas/Radvila surname (Lithuania), there is a question of whether these contributed to the Astons of Cheshire. My eyes are peeled.

For those who believe that the Haiti quake may have been man-made as per Tesla technology, the American/Western motive could be Cuba. That is, perhaps the Russians are planning to use Cuba again, as in the days of JF Kennedy, as a missile site. That could explain the missiles going suddenly to Morag, and the "invasion" of Haiti by U.S. troops...who apparently care little for the lives and well-being of Haitians. Keep in mind what Zhirinovsky said days ago: "Equal reductions of warheads would be detrimental to Russia and lead to Moscow's 'geographical lose-out,' said Liberal Democratic leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, as Russia is surrounded by multiple U.S. missile bases." In other words, Zhiro wants to increase the number of Russian missile sites in order to catch-up with the number American sites along the Russian border, wherefore missiles in Cuba make absolute sense.

Does this mean that America should start biting its nails in fear of a Russian threat? It depends on what God has in store through the back door. Ultimately, yes, America needs to fear the buttons that globalists are pushing, the emphasis being on "pushing," for one push nets a push in return. The days ahead will tell whether the Democrats decide to continue being pushy. I predict that they will be pushier than ever, as though thinking they have fallen recently due to not being pushy enough.

Russia is being pushy into Armenia too:"Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev [yesterday] held a meeting in Moscow with the spiritual leader of all the Armenians, the Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church Garegin II, and the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill." From South Ossetia, a path of Russian military through Armenia seems ideal for reaching northern Iraq. This map has a pointer at Moraq, but you can zoom out and scroll around, studying the landscape from Ossetia to northern Iraq, noting the Syria-Turk border where the anti-Christ is prophesied to conquer early in the Week. That border leads Latakia near the Russian naval base at Tartus. There has been talk of a Russian base also at Latakia: "Originally Russia started using the Tartus base in 1971. Today Russian workers are dredging the harbor, and also building a dock at Latakia. Syrian marines guard the Russian workers."

And in the Syrian news yesterday:

"Vice President Farouk al-Shara and Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Marcos Rodriguez Costa [today] discussed the situation in the Middle East and countries of Latin America, highlighting the importance of activating joint political efforts to end occupation and domination plots and achieve international peace and security.

Talks dealt with a number of regional issues of mutual concerns, particularly Israeli practices against the Palestinian people and Arab rights, calling for supporting international efforts to force Israel to abide by international legitimacy resolutions.

Means of enhancing bilateral relations between Syria and Cuba in the interest of their peoples were also touched upon.

...[Mr. Costa] expressed Cuba's appreciation of Syria for its support to his country in its struggle to maintain its independence and lift the American sanctions imposed on it, stressing Cuba's support for the Arab countries to restore the occupied Arab lands."

Could this outreach to Cuba be a Russia-Syria axis at work? Wouldn't it include Iran?

I should record that "The Russian naval base at Tartus covers 100 acres. About 300 Russians work under the command of sea captain Vladimir Gudkov, a former officer in Russia's North Sea fleet." I have no other info on him.

I have no further info on Kurt Haskell; Wikipedia still has no article on him in order for the people to acquire updates on the identity of the two "Indian" agents that were a part of the bomb plot. We have yet to hear from the airport screener that redirected one Indian and the bomber to airport management. No media that I know of has claimed to attempt contact with that screener. Is there no one in the Netherlands that could make the attempt, and then tell Kurt Haskell what results take place?

January 23

With the Scott-Brown win, things are changing all over the place:

"...'The unthinkable has become a very real possibility -- risks are rising that the Senate will unseat Bernanke," said Michael Feroli, economist at JP Morgan.

In-trade, an online betting platform, [yesterday] showed only a 68 percent chance that Bernanke will be confirmed, down from 95 percent just a few days back.

Several Republicans have already come out against Bernanke and some have moved to block his confirmation, forcing Senate leaders to secure a super-majority of 60 votes in the 100-member chamber to move the nomination."

Bernanke's biggest problem is that he won't reveal which bankers received whopping amounts of money from the Obama money-spreading tree. This reflects a fundamental reason for the Scott-Brown win in the first place: Obama's back-room (i.e. non-transparent) tactics on health care. Republicans can now make Obamacrats pay the price for Bernanke's back-room deals, and best of all, the people whom Bernanke paid off might be exposed. Will they turn out to be Democrat supporters whom Obama needed to reward in return for their election support? Bad, very bad.

There's more than one way to create money; Obama did not need to print it (i.e. borrow it from Bernanke's Fed) for to depend on his stimulus plot to end the recession. He took the political risk because he wanted the money for fundamental-Democrat causes. Yesterday, the president defended both his stimulus and bank programs as absolutely required. Obama's stimulus plots put more money into the economy that turn into taxes of all sorts, as soon as the money is spent by consumers and/or earned by workers.

Of the near-trillion dollars being spread around in the stimulus plot, most of it goes to people already employed. Only a very small portion (roughly one percent) will go to the unemployed who land new jobs (roughly one percent of the workforce), and worse, the effect of pumping more money into the economy will raise prices of things, exactly what governments want. So, in the money battle between the people and government, Obama's stimulus plot is all for the government side of things, AND Republicans/Independents are being forced to pay (roughly half a trillion) for the Democrat causes that the stimulus money tends to go to.

Printing/borrowing money to create money also makes the lender richer, and that's where Bernanke comes in. People have a right to know where their borrowed money went.

The only way to create money in a national economy, aside from printing/borrowing, is by selling more things through exports than buying through imports. That too has the effect of creating inflation, what governments like to see. Money (i.e. money value) can also be "created" by reducing the prices of services and products, though this method would not bring in new tax money, and moreover would bring less tax money than would be the case with higher prices.

The Godly way to "create" money is to have the rich share it with the poor. Democrats do this through their social services. But taxing the rich to pay the poor taxes the good rich people as well as the bad, and moreover makes bad poor people who depend on the money as a "right." AND the good rich people then have less incentive for growing their businesses because the government's going to take too-large a chunk anyway. The solution is to take from the bad rich people and give it to the good poor people.

Who are the bad rich people? The business people (e.g. manufacturers) who price fix. Companies who would otherwise compete, so as to have product prices remain reasonable, secretly agree to fix their prices above a certain number. Governments like this because it brings more tax money, but if governments rid the economy of this crime, then the peoples' money would go further, i.e. they would buy more things per dollar earned, requiring more workers to make the extra things purchased. That situation would end recessions lickety-split.

AND, the "created" money wouldn't go so much to the bad poor people who live off of welfare, but to the poor who work for a living and pay the lion's share of taxes (employees cannot evade taxes the way that businesses can).

Obama said yesterday that prices on the whole went down in 2009. That's not due to dealing with price-fixers, but because a recession has the effect of lowering prices to egg more spending. So long as gas stations all change their gas prices in unison, we know that price fixing is allowed to roll on.

If Obama fails to get Bernanke in for another term, the position will go in the interim to the Fed chairman, Donald Kohn. Note: "Kohn" as a variation of "Cohen." There is also a Belgian Kohn surname using a red and white design matching that of the Pullens. There is a unique and interesting "Gosne" variation shown for the Belgian Kohn family. It smacks of the Goz surname of Cheshire...that surely merged with the Pullens of Cheshire, thus explaining why Kohns use a similar symbol. It's as if some Cheshire Cohens, when merging with Hugh Goz D'Aranches, honored the latter with a Gosne variation.

That then brings up the Gasson/Wasson/Gaze/Waze surname that is the proto-Washington surname. I've been claiming for many months that the Washingtons trace fundamentally to the Gascony/Vascone Basques, and it could be that Washingtons trace fundamentally to Hugh Goz, for as we saw in the last update that Meschin elements in Cheshire/Shropshire ended up in Lancashire (as mythical Ban and his son, Lancelot), so there was a Wassa branch of Gassons/Wassons that ended up in Lancashire as the Washingtons proper. Also, the Astons of Cheshire were first found in Lancashire as "Ashtons."

Plus, as you've seen that Cheshire held elements of the Wotan family leading to Odins of GISburn (Yorkshire), the Washingtons are traced (by others) to mythical Odin/Woden.

Compare the Washington Coat with the Gose/Goss Coat. The Gosses were first in Staffordshire, smack beside Cheshire and Shropshire. I've held a theory that "Cheshire" was not named after Chester=castle, but after Hesse (Germany), wherefore note that a Goze surname was first found in Hesse. Caution, for as Goss variations include Goetz/Gotz, it appears to be a variation of the Goth/Goeth surname. However, it may be that Gasson/Gaze-branch Basques were so-named after Goths. Both the Goth/Goeth Coat and the Gasson/Gace Coat use the Zionist star.

I should clarify. I didn't trace Meschin elements to Lancashire with rock-hard evidence. I simply assumed that baron Richard Banister of Cheshire and Shropshire, who passed his holdings in Yorkshire (Skipton) to the Cheshire Meschins, was mythical Ban(t), father of LANCelot because the Banister surname was first found in LANCashire.

Since supposing that view, a Banes Coat has been found, using the two colors of the French Ban/Bant Coat (uses oak leaves as do the Alans/Allens of Brittany>Shropshire). I'm assuming that the Banes were Banisters because Banes' were first found in Yorkshire. If Banes is a Banis(ter) variation, then Banisters can be linked to the Arthurian cult (i.e. to Lancelot) by the "arte" term used in the Banes motto! Then there is then an Italian Banis Coat using the same colors, colors of the Italian Masci Coat, and as the Macy/Macey branch of Cheshire Mascis use a mace with metal glove, I don't think it's coincidental that the Welsh Vanes Coat (shown previously as the Fane Coat) uses the same metal gloves in the same (gold-on-blue) colors. The Vanes were first found in Monmouthshire, evoking the Arthurian writer, Geoffrey of Monmouth. There is a Monmouth surname, first found in Heresfordshire, beside Shropshire.

To support a Washington link to the Banister/Banes family, see the Dutch Vannes Coat!!! It uses the Washington Shield, and meanwhile it could be a variation of the Monmouth Shield, which itself looks like a variation of the Wassa Shield. The only problem with this conclusion is that the Vannes surname is registered under Ness-like surnames, but it's possible that the family started out as Vannes' but ended up "Anes(s)" and "Nes(s)." IN FACT, see same-colored "holy" Anis/Anness Coat using what could have become the Washington stars. As the Anis/Anness star is white, it might even be the star of the American flag.

NOW, check out the Bavarian Goz Coat, using a white star on black, the symbol of the Pulciphers of Cheshire (colors reversed from the Ashtons of Cheshire>Lancashire) in the colors of the Meschins. BUT, the Goz Coat also uses a white star on blue, the Moray star (no doubt) that I've claimed leads to the stars on the American flag. I'm assuming that the Goz surname belongs to Hugh Goz of Cheshire; his Arms used a white wolf on blue. His son (white wolf on red) married the daughter of Stephen, count of Blois, who himself used the Arms of Blois, what MUST be the Pullen-Shield design (!), giving some reason for linking "Bl(ois)" to the Pulls. The French Blois Coat, I've just learned, uses white scallops on blue, as well as the "cross" used by the Welsh Samson Coat, thus indicating that the white scallops of Blois link to the Meschin and Samson scallops.

It's now more obvious that the Vince/Vinch surname links to Cheshire, as I argued recently via it's "sibi" motto term. For the English Blois Coat uses winged dragons as does the Vince Coat, while the Eatons (first in Cheshire) use both the Blois "cross" and a "vincit" motto term. It strikes me only now that the Davenports of Cheshire (Astbury) may have been the Magdalene cult as represented by "DaVinci code." If true, then I would lump the Downs/Douns/Dunhams of Cheshire in with that code's cult.

I thought to check the Vannes surname only because it came to mind as a variation of "Vanes," but isn't it conspicuous, as I trace king Arthur's wife to Vannes/Gwenea (Brittany)??? In myth, Guinevere was made to commit adultery with Lancelot! I get it. Lancelot represented the Vannes>Vanes>Banes family to Lancashire, a branch of the Gwenea>Venedotia/Gwynedd family of Veneti, and they merged while warring temporarily with the Arthur surname and/or its branches.

The French Banes/Bannes Coat (Languedoc) uses a red triple chevron, which I'll record here because I trace this symbol to the founding families of the United States. Previously, I had traced this symbol to Iestyn ap Gwrgant (died 1093), "the last Welsh ruler of Morgannwg, which encompassed the counties of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire."

WELL, behold. I had to go through my files to find the correct spelling of Iestyn ap Gwrgant, and finding it, I read myself discussing the original find of Iestyn's triple chevron placed in conjunction with the Clare red triple chevron in the Arms of Mid Glamorgan County Council. I almost did not bother to go back to that webpage (below) to take a look at these Arms, but when I got there (scrolling down past mid-page), there they were, the same clarions/rests (with colors reversed) in the Arthur Coat!!! See the Arms of Mid Glamorgan. This verifies my theory that the clarion is code for the Clares, perhaps of the Strongbow/Welsh Clares in particular. The write-up says: "The two clarions perpetuate the de Clare's badge, a playful pun upon their name."

What does this mean when Iestyn's symbol, seen at the Wikipedia article, is the Crest of the Mid-Glamorgan Arms, but also borrowed by the Norman Clares...who merged with the Arthur family (and/or the Hicks family that also used the clarion)? Apparently, the Arthur/Hicks bloodline comes forward to Iestyn's Welsh blood in Morgannwg. But how? Perhaps the Arthur bloodline goes back via Morgannwg to Arthurian times. Further clues could stem from the fact that Hugh Goz D'Avranches warred against Wales and installed his relative, Robert of Rhudlan, in Gwynedd. And remember, the Pullen Crest uses the same pelican as the Arthur Crest.

Reading further down the page, in the write-up for the Arms of Port Talbot: "The three gold clarions are the arms generally attributed to Robert Consul and William Earl of Gloucester (his son)." Yep, the Consul/Counsell-surname Coat: three gold clarions on red. The surname was first found in Berkshire (domain of Windsor castle).

The Tudor ostrich feathers in the Talbot-Arms Crest should connect with the five ostrich feathers in the Irish Clare Crest, and the gold-on-blue lion of the Spanish Clare Coat should match with the same in the Welsh Avan Coat, for the Talbot write-up reveals that Iestyn's family "were the Lords of Avan at the time of the Norman Conquest of Wales..." Noting already that the English Clare Crest is a Cheshire-familiar stag, a little further searching found that the Avan Crest uses a stag identical to the Pulsipher-Crest stag.

Robert Consul was Robert of Caen. The Caen Crest uses the white five ostrich feathers of the Clares. The surname is said to derive from Caen, near Calvados, Normandy." As a son of Henry I of England, Robert was a Sinclair/Claro Norman.


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