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February 26 - 28, 2010

No Guff: Putin and Medvedev from Patterson-Rus Lines

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February 26

Lookie here:

"The son of one of Hamas' founding members was a spy in the service of Israel for more than a decade, helping prevent dozens of Islamist suicide bombers from finding their targets, it emerged today.

Codenamed the Green Prince by Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, supplied key intelligence on an almost daily basis from 1996 onwards...the daily Haaretz said.

...Mr Yousef, a 32-year-old convert to Christianity who now lives in California, has revealed the intrigues of his years as a spy in a new book called Son of Hamas, much to the concern of Shin Bet, whose operations will be revealed in detail.

One could argue that, if prophecy were not about to be fulfilled, we wouldn't have the following situation. The leader of the Hezbollah joined A-Madman in Syria to tell the West that they aren't rolling over:

"Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syria's President Bashar Assad [yesterday] together unleashed vicious rhetoric against Israel, with Ahmadinejad declaring that the 'criminal'; state of Israel is doomed...

Visiting Damascus, Ahmadinejad vowed that Arab nations will usher in a new Middle East 'without Zionists and without colonialists.'

...'[The Americans] want to dominate the region but they feel Iran and Syria are preventing that,' Ahmadinejad said during a news conference with Assad. 'We tell them that instead of interfering in the region's affairs, to pack their things and leave.'

...Assad, for his part, said Syria was 'facing an entity that is capable of aggression at any point, and we are preparing ourselves for any Israeli aggression, be it on a large or small scale.'

Israel had no formal response..."

While Obama has been looking the other way because it's too painful to be reminded that he doesn't deserve a Nobel prize for world peace, Iran and who knows how many others have been stock-piling weapons for the coming war. Obama's part in this drama wouldn't allow him to muster a cry on the world stage when, not long ago, Russian and Iranian ships loaded with weapons were seized off the Syrian coast.

The president is more interested in removing the government burden for health-care patients, forcing the insurance companies to foot all the costs if possible. The president's number one job, so far as his actions have shown, is to rake in, or save, as much government cash as possible, for to lead globalism as best he can on behalf of those circles of control-goons to which he belongs. He hasn't forgotten the Middle-East, though, and has ordered his administration to back the Sunni movement in the Iraq election less than 10 days off:

"Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says Iran is trying to influence the outcome of Iraq's national election next month.

In testimony [yesterday] before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Clinton said other neighbors of Iraq also are trying to influence the election, although she did not mention the others by name. She said Iran's role is of the greatest concern.

Clinton said the U.S. is doing what it can to promote broad [i.e. Sunny-inclusive] voter participation in the March 7 election, believing this will minimize the effect of any Iranian [i.e. Shi'ite] efforts to manipulate the outcome."

It is becoming clear that Iran has been working secretly with Iraq's al-Sadr movement. The latter doesn't lead the Iraqi effort to oust Americans from Iraq apart from A-Madman participation. The O-people must be deeply concerned about this very threat:

"[Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council] officials are quietly acknowledging that the Sadrists are likely to emerge as the biggest winner in the bloc, thus robbing their own party of the chance to secure the prime minister's job.

They say Iran, which wields a great deal of influence within Iraq's Shiite establishment, is throwing its weight behind the Sadrists in the hope that they would do its bidding in a new government.",0,3284165.story?track=rss

DEBKAfile sees an offensive in the planning, and I tend to agree:

"[Ahmadinejad] will find [Syria, Hamas, and Hezbolah] refusing to go to war against Israel without clear guarantees from Tehran that Iranian military forces will fight alongside them. They want Tehran to abide by their mutual defense pact in full, meaning that Iran will not only open a third front against Israel but also send troops over to fight shoulder to shoulder with Syrian soldiers and Hizballah militia units."

So, with Obama requiring his concerns to be on chalking up his first political "success story," and bringing up his poll numbers to bolster Democrat scores in major elections this fall, the evil axis knows it and continues to position itself against Israel. FOX News is predicting still lower numbers for Obama as he tries to enforce his health-care agenda...because failing to pass a bill, they say, will hurt Obama more, politically, than ramming it through. The question then is: with the Obama bubble completely deflated, and the Iraq troops packing their bags, will Gog take the opportunity to start his mission in Iraq? We are on the threshold of finding out.

Granted, it doesn't look like 2009 was the first year of the 70th Week, but I'm not disregarding the possibility completely. This Iraqi election could prove to create the Biblical situation, if not during the election, then a little time afterward as per its wake. Obama's fortune's may disappear still more in the American elections (November) so that, should Gog tarry until then, his opportunity for an Iraqi entry will be yet better, much better.

Gog knows that an attempt to enter the Iraqi theater, with guns ablazing while the American troops are still there, would only give Obama a reason to stay longer. But it doesn't mean he can't enter Iraq on a non-military basis as early as tomorrow. If the Week started in the fall of 2009, then the 2300 days would begin in the spring of 2010, meaning that we w/should see a strike against Israel this spring. Therefore, in order for 2009 to be the first year, things have got to start happening very, very soon.

Russia has a bloodline thing going too:

"Putin named Medvedev as his preferred Kremlin successor in late 2007 and has said the two men -- who divide power and claim to agree on all major issues -- are 'of the same blood.'

Asked about the comment in an interview with the French weekly Paris Match published [yesterday], Medvedev replied:

'On the blood group, I think Vladimir Putin was right -- we really do have the same blood group. We found this out recently.'"

"Putin" is listed under the Padyn/Paddon surname, and when I sought Medved-like surnames, a Mead Coat was found with pelicans on both Coat and Crest, just like the Scottish Patterson Coat (see verification). Hmm, does anyone see a similarity between "Putin" and "Patterson."

As per the Paddon variation, I tried "Paddan" and got the Patten Coat, one with a motto: "Nulla pallescere culpa." The Pullen Coat uses exactly the same motto. PLUS, the Pullen Crest has roughly the same pelican as the Mead Crest, AND the Pullens and Meades share the same footless martins/sparrows, in the same colors!! The Patten and Pullen motto smacks of the Arthur surname's "Impelle" motto term, AND the Arthur Crest is the very same pelican design (not quite the Patterson pelicans) as the Mead Crest. The Meads were first found in Sommerset, the location of the Arthur and Hicks surnames (Clapton).

I don't know what to make of it, but I do know that Pattersons et al link to Rus families in Britain, and that Putin and Medvedev are Russians. I also know that the Rus to which the Pattersons et al (including Meschins) link were Varangians, a branch of which co-founded Moscow with Slavs. Slavs? I found a "Slapton" variation of "Clapton" some days ago, and while there are no Slap or Slapton Coats, the term smacks of "Salop," tending to confirm the "Clap(ton)" link to "Salop." I traced "Salop" to "Slav" some years ago.

I had traced Pole-like surnames to the same Etruscan region of Italy where the Musca/Mosca surname was first found, and had found the surname in the first place as a result of the Drake motto's use of it; the Drake dragon is red, as is the color of Communism. I traced not only the Arthurian cult, but Etruscans, to Rus bloodlines. What have we rot here (pun intended)?

As we now know (see yesterday) that the Arthur Coat uses organ rests, I looked up the Organ surname to find it listed with the Harrigans (Arthur colors). I was going to mention this surname yesterday as a possible Herridge and/or Kerridge alternative. The latter is also "Kerrick" so that the Harrigans could apply to the Rus-Saracen fold.

Let's not forget that Saracens could link to Sauviat-sur-Vige, a Soviet-like term if ever we saw one.

It's not out of the question that the Mead surname links to "Medvedev," for it's known that the latter term is rooted in a bear theme, i.e. honey, as in "mead." Seeking other possibilities, I entered "Medler" and got a Medley/Medleigh Coat! That exclamation mark is for similarity to Matley/Matleigh, what I thought to link (in the fourth update of this month) to Iraq's Sunny leader with Mutlaq surname. Here's what I wrote:

"...Saracens will be traced to, not only the Bugs surname, but the Matlegh/Matley surname (first found in Cheshire). I kid you not that, a moment ago, as I went to fetch any news for today's update, I came on the article below stressing the Baathist situation in Iraq. The apparent leader of the Baathists is one Mutlaq. I of course rejected the idea off the bat (pun intended) that he could be linked to the Matle(i)gh, but then re-considered.

Since Saracens were the true Arabs, and since God will likely allow Saracens rule over Jerusalem in the last days, they should prove to link both to the False Prophet and to the anti-Christ."

To now find a Medley surname while seeking Medvedev roots, wow. Could Mutlaq be a Putin-Medvedev plant, from their common bloodline?

The Medley write-up tells that they held a family seat in Buxsted. The Bux term smacks of "Bug," and the Bux surname is listed with the German Buche/Bucher surname (red lion on white, the Russell symbol, likely a symbol of other Rus groups too). If one compares the mottos of the Medleys, Buches, and English Bucks, a link can be gleaned. We saw these sorts of surnames just yesterday in Templar-important bloodlines linking to Meschins.

The Buck Coat uses three antlers, black/white on white/black. Three black antlers on white are the Arms of Wurttemberg, but belonging to the Zahringer-Veringen fold (of Wurttemberg) whom I trace to Varangians. It's hard to say whether the Bucks were in the first place named after the Zahringer antler fold, so that the other variations (e.g. Bugs, Buches; perhaps Bouges, Bogen, Boagency) were after-effects). Note that "Zahr" evokes the Russian "Czar"...and "Khazar". In pre-Templar times, Varangian Rus pirates and Khazars connived against the Arabs in their midst, though in the end the two ended up warring. Doesn't "Zahring" evoke "Saracen"?

The German Bugs Coat uses horizontal martins/sparrows, the symbol of the Matley Coat! I have already shown how the German Matt surname, with Mattler variation, has a Coat design (in Bugs colors) reflecting the Ottone Coat.

Last night I opened an aging email from LG (with Gust___ surname). She had shared a Spanish Guzman Coat before I had stressed the Italian Guis/Guido Coat. If you look at both, you will see the common design, wherefore it tends to prove that the Italian family linked to Gus, and therefore, Guiscard elements.

There is also a German Guzman surname with Goesman variation, wherefore I took another look at the Goes Coats. The Dutch one smacks of the Gisburn Coat (not to re-mention the Sammes lion), and I recalled tracing Gisburn to the Oettingen clan, yesterday's topic. Coincidence?

I made the Oettingen trace to Gisburn because storks were a symbol of Oettingen, and meanwhile the English Oddie Coat write-up: "First found in Yorkshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the manor of Storkhouse, Gisburn, and Withernsea." The Oddie Coat is a white saltire, the Oettingen symbol, and while the Oettingen saltire became a flag of Gascony (in the same two colors), the Oddies use a white-on-blue saltire, the colors of the modern Gascony-flag lion. The Oddies are in the Ottone colors; I link the latter surname with Ottone VISconti ("Vis/Wis" modifies to/from "GUis").

As Gisburns were first in Yorkshire, I note the Meatham/Medham surname, blue and white, and first found in Metham, Yorkshire. The write-up: "Metham was occupied by Ilbert de Lacy, a Norman noble." Yorkshire is also where the purple-lion Skiptons were, and they married there with Lucys who I argued recently became purple-lion Lacys. The other Lacy Coat shows a Savage-like design (I'm sure the Savages were a branch of the Sauviats). The Middle/Mittle (Savage lion color) surname could apply.

Do you know what these potential links remind me of? Several months ago I shared a dream about a bear and two stags, which dream was definitely from God, and definitely related to Russia's invasion of Georgia. The first of two (or was it three) imaginary mice running on my bed mouse woke me up as I was having the bear-stag dream, and to make this short, I later concluded that the mice were included as a sign that Meschins would be involved with the end-time players. At the time, I had not stressed Meschins very much, except that I was getting the impression that Obama traced to them.

I privately began to suspect that the anti-Christ would be from a Meschin bloodline, though I don't think I shared it with readers; I shared only that the False Prophet would be from Meschins. Now we have Mutlaq as a leading Sunni rebel in Iraq, and the topic of today on Medleys and other Medvedev possibilities that seem to link to Meschins as well. As I now know that Meschins were fundamental to Rothschild ancestry, isn't it conspicuous that Rothschilds founded Communist Russia, and planted a Lenin there as the leader?

When one enters "Lenin," the Irish Lennon surname is found. When one enters "Lennon," the Scottish Lennon Coat comes up, with red heart. We discussed the red heart yesterday as belonging to the French Sauviges, near Sauviat-sur-Vige. NOW LOOK. As the Lennon write-up traced to "Logan," we enter "Logan" to find the Irish Logan surname, first found in WestMEATH! The red heart is also in the crest of the Alcorns of ROTHERfield.

If we go to the Meath article, we find that it's named after the surrounding region of Mide. If we fgo to the Mide article, we find "Its name means 'middle'," and whether that's true of not doesn't necessarily nullify a Meath link to the Middle/Mittle surname of Shropshire/Salop, where Meschins were first found. Savages were first in Cheshire, where Meschins ruled.

LOOK SOME MORE. Obama's Wolfley bloodline traces to Cheshire: "First found in Cheshire where they held a family seat in Longdendale." The Wolfley Coat is white on green, with some gold, the colors of the Arms of Mide. In Mide is the county of Longford.

In the sixth update of August, I argued that the Longdendale location linked with Lang terms, but I also happened to show the German Langdon Coat, bears! AND, UNBELIEVABLY, I just found that the German Lang Coat is the VERY SAME pelican as in the Mead Coat, blood drops included!!! The Lang and Langdon write-ups both derive from "long," and the English Langford Coat is virtually identical to the English Longford Coat.

Make your own conclusions and draw your own lines, but to me it's evident already that the very pelican-using families of Meschin associations, that have been stressed in updates for weeks and months, are in charge in Russia today. THAT, my friends, should explain why I have gone on so long with bloodline hunts.

BUT, the point is, Obama traces to Wolfleys of Longdendale so that he may have bloodlines common to Medvedev and/or Putin. By the way, the Putin/Paddon Coat's symbols were not known to me until now. They are crescents on fire, if that helps to trace him to the Rus-Saracen fold. I'm not suggesting that Putin traces to the Scottish Paddons, but that Paddons and Putin may have a common stock elsewhere in Europe.

I once found some reason to trace Putin to the bat peoples of Georgia, and shared that Obama's line to the Moray Randolphs uses a bat in the Crest as evidence of a connection (this connection may be known only by God, not by Obama or Putin). I suggested at that time a Bat-of-Georgia link to the Bath surname, the Baath party, and Bute in Scotland, which makes a Bute-Putin link possible. NOW LOOK. The Bute Crest is a horse head, used also by the Irish Craig Crest. I mention this because Scottish Craigs (Saracens?) use white crescents on black, colors reversed from the Putin/Paddon Coat. Coincidence? Or do the Paddons and Butes come from a black-and-white crescented family (of Saracens) leading in another direction to president Putin?

The Arms of Longford (Ireland) uses a "dilis" motto term, as does the Arms of County Clare...where the Irish Craigs were first found.

Pattersons ("grege" motto term) not only use pelicans, but the Irish Pattersons use a lion in Savage colors, with blood drops. The Bute surname above is also "Butt," not far off from "Patt," but in any case I remind you of yesterday's Bug trace to the water-bouges symbol used by the TrusButt/TrusseBuz surname. I found this surname in an article where the Roos surname was likewise shown using water-bouges (red an white). The Bouzes Coat uses them.

The German Butts/Butes, using six red-on-white roses, could easily be a Rus bloodline. Remember, the island of Bute was earlier, Rothesay.

Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, and I now note, as per a Patrerson trace to the Alis clan, that the Ross Coat uses "alit" in the motto.

February 27

Cathy Ashton, the EU's foreign minister who wishes to ram a two-state solution down Israel's throat, is coming to Russia:

"A high-level meeting of the Middle East quartet will take place in Moscow next month [March 21], Russia's foreign minister says.

...Lavrov made the announcement [February 24] at a news conference with EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton."

We await the outcome. In the meantime, I have more interesting findings on possible Putin and Medvedev roots...and am wondering if "Lavrov" links to European families of similar names.

As we try to imagine what common surname both Putins and Butes may have derived from, we naturally check out "Butin." The Coat that pops up is the same one when entering "Biden"! The variations shown include: Buton, Biton, Boutin, Budden, Boudin, Buddin, Butten, and Buttin.

In this picture, one could imagine vice-president Biden, who happens to be in charge of Obama's Iraqi affairs at this time, becoming the anti-Christ with Obama acting on his behalf with fire from the sky. BUT, how can it be that Putin is destined to become the next Russian president? Might we instead expect the anti-Christ to be a Putin agent with Biden and Obama in support as the two-horned False Prophet...because the two come from the same circle of socialist Illuminatists as Putin?

It's strange what just happened. I was going to ask "What in [blank] is going on" after writing the last sentence, and as I considered a term to fill the blank with a Putin-appropriate term (it all took a second or less), "Putnam" came to mind. What in Putnam is going on? I then checked the Putnam surname to find that it was first found in Hampshire, where the Butin/Biden surname was first found! Coincidence? I don't think so. A message from Above? Possibly. Let me repeat a clip from the Butin/Biden write-up:

"William Button was a medieval Bishop of BATH and Wells. His nephews included another William of Bitton (d. 1274,) was also Bishop of BATH and Wells; and William's brother, a Thomas of Bitton (d. 1307,) an ARCHDEACON and dean of Wells..." (caps mine).

Coincidence again? I don't think so. There is a Bath and Wells in Kent, but the associated Bath and Wells of Somerset is where the Bitton bishops operated. Near Bath and Wells of Somerset, the Archdeacon surname was first found, which surname, along with the Deacon surname, I happened to stress (fourth update of February) in a discussion wherein the Visconti family of Milan was being traced to the Attis and Kybele cult of the Cabelees. There is a Putter surname, in Archdeacon colors, first found in the same general area (Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall) where Archdeacons were first found. The Putter symbol is a black eagle, a symbol also of the Visconti>Sforza family.

The Butin/Biden Crest, called a "chapeau," was found recently to be the symbol of the Italian Capelli family, first found in Ferrara (northern Italy, near the Veneti). It appears that the hat was named after this family [wherefore I think prime minister Putin traces to an element of the Capelli family; I'll explain further below]. After sharing this on January 11, I commented: "I don't know if the coincidence of tracing the Capelli term just days ago (on January 5) to the Kybele cult of Cabelees Lydians has significance in these surnames..." But, in February, I did trace the Visconti family solidly to the Cabelees/Kybele cult.

As the Visconti snake became blue on white (colors of the Capelli Shield), we suspect those colors to link to the blue and white Ottone rings. I've only assumed that the first Visconti ruler of Milan had the given name, Ottone, after the Ottone surname, or vice versa, but now, thanks to Tim, who shared the Fortner Coat with snake AND Ottone-style Shield, there is evidence.

The Ottone surname in Italy was first found in Perugia (south of Ferrara), and zowie, not only is the Arms of Perugia essentially the Ali griffin, but the article says: "Galeazzo Alessi is the most famous architect from Perugia." In other words, the Ali and Ales families may have been responsible for the Perugia griffin, or vice versa. I should include here a small bit (in italics) that I added to the previous update:

By the way, the Cragg Coat uses the Carrick black talbots. A black talbot head is in the Griffin Crest, and the Coat uses the Ali griffin [as per the Mohammad Ali discussion]; the motto is "Ne vile Velis," as if to be code both for Nevils and the Elis'. The Nevil Coat? The Oettingen saltire!! Nevils were first found in Gacey.

The Putnam Coat is a stork!!! (the stork-symbolized line of Oettingen has been stressed in the past two days). As the Carricks were a branch of Craigs, let me remind you that the Greg Crest is a stork; Greg-Coat colors match the Carricks. [As this update will end on an oak link to the Baath party, let me remind you that the Gregor surname uses the oak tree used by both the German Elis' and Italian Ales'. We might ask whether the Wells surname, of Bath and Wells importance, traces back to Elis roots, since after all a "Velis" motto term appears used for the Elis clan.

The Putnam surname is said to link to a British locale of Puttenham. The clue gets us out of Britain, to the Dutch Putten surname, but unfortunately I see no uniquely-German variations. Ahh, there is an English Putten Coat with black stars on white, same as the Medley Coat, and THEN, when trying Putt, we get the Pott Coat with the same lion/tiger, essentially, sitting on it's rear, as the Medley Crest! DING DING. WE HAVE SOMETHING. (The Matley beast, green, is said to be a tiger.)

The "astute" motto term of the Potts leads me to the Ashton Coat's black-on-white star, suggesting an Ashton link to Puttens. If correct to trace Ashtons to Estonia, we're past Germany, and more than half way to Moscow, already! The "Quid" motto term of the Ashtons should link to the Quid/Quade surname, especially because it's wolf head is the same as per the Putnam Crest!

Does this mean that black-on-white star Medleys are also from Estonia? Hmm, the "fides" motto term of the Medleys leads to the Fidelow Coat, with red wolf head, exactly like (in the same color too) as the Putnam Crest!! Who would have thought yesterday, when starting this exercise, that the Putin surname would be found to link with Medleys? WHO made this all possible? Is HE not astounding??? HE wants to reveal it, HE really does.

The Medleys were first found in SUSSEX, where the Deacon surname was first found. As I showed, the Deacon Coat uses the same symbol as the Arms of Milan, but encircled with the Ross and Russell lions. We expect Rus bloodlines in placed to which Putin and Medvedev trace. The Russells were first in Dorset, where the Putters were at first. BUT NOW I get to mention that the English Laver surname (I'm thinking roots of Russian foreign minister Lavrov) was first found in Essex. The Laver page shows a Laufer variation.

One of the source locations of the Lavers was called Magdalene Laver. The Laver Coat is the same red cross used by Milan and the Deacon Coat. Laver Crest is a crowned (symbol of real royalty) talbot, in the Rus color of red. That talbot suggests linkage to Meschins (Shropshire, Cheshire), and indeed the English Lewin surname, in Laver and Luff colors, was first found in Shropshire. PLUS, the Lewin Coat uses red elephant heads, while Mascalls, who use an elephant in the Crest, were first found in SUSSEX! Both "Laver" and "Lewin" are said to derive from "leof." The Welsh Lewis Coat is the same white-lion as in the Laver Coat. We might ask whether these clans were from the Luwian Lydians.

AND the Louvin Coat, USING THE MASSIN/MASON BLUE LION ON GOLD, was first found in Kent, where the Massins/Masons (traces to Massino Visconti) were first found...who use the very same lion!! This is a very good place, as per the original/early Visconti snake being green on white, to show the Mackesy Coat (compliments of Tim), a green-on-white snake! Note that the snake is on an upright sword, the symbol in the Arms of Cheshire, where Makesfield was named.

The Scottish Mascals (one 'l') are listed under the Keith surname of Haddington, Lothian, while the Haddington Coat is the same red cross as used by Lavers (the namers of Roslin were also in Lothian). NOW, as I surmised that "Hadding" (probably rooted in an Ad-like term) traces to "ab-Atha," the derivation of the Welsh Bath surname, so I loaded the Bath Coat to find the same fat Crusader cross of the Haddingtons (shared also by the Deacons), but white on red, with the same lions used by the Deacons.

In fact, as the Deacon and Bath Coats are identical aside from colors reversed, I would suggest kinship, especially as the Archdeacons may have been named after the Bitton Archdeacon of Bath and Wells.

Next, I asked if "Oetting(en)" didn't have 'P' variations. After trying "Poet" without luck, on-fire crescents (!!) were found in the Poe Coat. The Putin/Paddon Coat also uses on-fire crescents! I am reminded that "Odin" was also "Woden," while the latter may modify to/from "Boden/Poden." In the past, I suggested a Woden trace to "Budini." Among the blue-eyed Budini came to live the Geloni, claimed (by Herodotus) to have been Greek refugees, wherefore I would identify them with the Hellen>Aeolus the Elis/Ales clans of southern Italy. I've traced the Budini to Bude in Cornwall, though on no merit besides similarity of terms, and a gut sense.

Keep in mind that I trace tribes of Buz, son of Nahor, to the naming of the Budini, for among the Budini lived the Neuri. But I also identified Buz with "Pos-Eidon" (from the Sumerian Apsu/Abzu) and therefore with the Pisidians (fellow-tribe with the Cabelees and the Solymi) who (I say) named Pisa in Elis. If not from the British clans, prime minister Putin could trace to Budini elements. The Budini lived at one point in southern Russia, where the Ukraine is now.

No surprise, the Bath surname was first found in Somerset, the location of Bath and Wells. But the Bath surname was also first found in Gloucestershire, to which I trace the Gels/Gileki (mythical Glaucus) Iranians, whom I figure were the proto-Alans leading to Hellen>Aeolus of Greece. Note the similarity between Gel, Geloni, Hellen, and Wells (think Guells).

In the past, I've lumped the Gels in with Cadusii Armenians, but, according to Wikipedia, they were an Iranian-based Delymite peoples, wherefore, as they lived at/near Rhagae/Rey (Iran), I would identify them with mythical Uranus, father of Cronus, husband of Rhea, mother of Zeus. Moreover, I sensed that Zeus was a Delymite peoples, as per the god, Zeus-Solymi.

The symbol of Uranus was a sickle (a drepane in Greek), which I've traced to the sickle symbol of Sicily, likely at Trepani (west Sicily)...but apparently coming to name the Sicels of Scylla on the other side of Sicily. In my early part of the dragon hunt, I traced Uranus, after he was castrated with a sickle by Cronus, to Elis (Greece). I NOW, many years later, trace the Elis peoples to Scylla. Coincidence? I strongly suggest that the Gels named Elis, therefore.

The Poe crescents could link to the Black and Blackwood crescents because Poes "held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of Blackborough [Devon, I assume]." The Blackwood crescent is in colors-reversed from the Poe crescent, and Blackwoods (Lanarkshire) were the Vere-Meschin line to Randolphs, earls of Moray. Let me repeat that the black bat of the Randolph-of-Moray crest links to the same of the Bat surname, especially as the Bat Crest is the Wolfley wolf.

As per the Putin link to Pattersons (see yesterday), the Black Coat is a black saltire on white, as is the Bat Coat, as is the Patrick Coat, while "Patterson" is said to derive from "Patrick." I haven't been able to trace the Bat surname to Georgian Bat peoples (e.g. Batumi) yet, but that's the assumption. Perhaps not by coincidence, I mentioned the Acorn and Auchin surnames after mentioning Putin's mother, in the sixth update of August:

Interestingly, Putin's mother is said to live near a Bath location in Georgia, in/near T'bilisi.

The Aflack/Afleck Crest is "an eagle rising". The fat cross is called an embattled Crusader's cross. The Aflacks were "originally found in the barony of Auchinleck in Ayrshire or from Affleck in Angus."...

...The Auchin crest is an oak tree with my count being seven acorns. There is an Atkin variation, and English Atkins (another black-on-white cross, also greyhounds) were first found in WestMOREland. The English Atkins Coat also uses black stars on white, as does the English Robert Coat.

...[two paragraphs later] To no surprise, the Acorn Coat (I'm thinking an Auchin variation)...

First, as per the Aflack rising eagle, let me repeat what I wrote yesterday: "The Esque/EskiBELLE surname, which by the way uses an eagle rising that looks exactly, so far as my eyes can tell, like the Saffer eagle." Thus, the Aflack/Afleck surname must apply, for its eagle is exactly that of the Esque Coat (the Syrian Aflaq surname co-founded the Baath party to which Saddam's Baath party traces). The point is, there's a link also to the Saffer/Sforza clan.

Curious variations of the Aflack surname are Auchlek, Achleck, and Achinfleck, and when one enters "Auchin," the Echen Coat shown yesterday comes up. It's a term meaning "oak" in German and therefore uses an oak tree with acorns. One gets the impression that these acorns lead to Baath party roots.

That brings me to the Stork surname. Instead of a stork, however, the family uses three acorns in the colors of the three Moorhead (= Sinclair Rus) acorns. The Auchin/Echin (= Atkin) Coat's roosters likely link to the Sinclair rooster, therefore. The point is, I get the sense that the acorns of the Stork surname may link to the stork symbol of the Putnam Coat; if so, Putin could trace to the Auchins=Aflecks, you see (not to mention to Oettingen-based Basques).

As the Auchin surname is listed as part of the Atkins clan, we check other Atkin Coats, finding "holey" (i.e. pierced) black stars on white, the symbol of the Medley Chief! The Auchins were first found in Lanarkshire, while the Atkins were first found in WestMOREland; the Moorland surname, remember, uses acorns, and Auchins were highly likely a branch with the Acorn/Alcorn family because the latter use a red heart, a Lanarkshire symbol. This is all important because the Aflack surname is also "Auchin." Aflacks were early in Ayrshire, beside Lanarkshire (it's conspicuous that Carricks were in Lanarkshire and Ayrshire).

IN OTHER WORDS, roots of the Baath party go to Medley, and possibly, Putten/Putnam, bloodlines.

One gets the impression that Baath party roots were in Saracen-Rus peoples of Lanarkshire, and it cannot therefore be a coincidence that the Coat popping up when "Bitar" is entered uses, not only the same cross, in the same colors, as the Aflack Coat, but red hearts!! Bitar was a co-founding surname, with Aflaq, of the Baath party.

SO, the Echen Coat uses roosters, linking to the Sinclair Rus of More and Moray, and the Rus of Lanarkshire contributed to the Randolphs of Moray. Then we find a Ruth and Randolph family stemming from Moray to a Randolph location in North Carolina, for the write-up includes a book: "The Rouths (also Ruth) of Randolph County, N.C. by Lawrence W. Routh." Babe Ruth was part of this family, if that hits home with anyone.

The conclusion is that a Ruth peoples were in the Randolph family of Moray, and likely they were the Sinclair Rus and/or the Russell Ruthene. The same Coat comes up when entering "Rother." But where else did the Ruth-Randolph clan go in America? I know, to the Dunham clan that gave birth to Obama.

Entering Ruthen brings up a "Deed Shaw" for a motto, smacking of the Fleming motto, "Let the deed shaw". The Scottish Flemings were first in Lanarkshire, and neighboring Ayrshire uses the motto: "God shaw the richt." As expected if the Shaw clan is being honored by these terms, the Ruthen surname was early in Perthshire, where the Scottish Shaws were at first.

This is a good place to show the grails of this other Arms of Staufen (think Hohenstaufen), because I traced it's grail cult to the Shaws as per the Shaw-Coat grails (same colors as the Staufen grails).

See the colors of the Bath surname, the colors of the Atkin Coat. I say this because the Atkin surname ought to be understood as At-kin, or kin of the At surname. Meanwhile, the Bath surname is said to be derived from "ab-Atha." If one enters "Atha," another red and white Coat (Hohen-type checks). For good reason, I suggested that the "dispertire" motto term of the Baths was code for the Deth surname (as per Daffy Duck's "dethhhhspicable"), said to be from "D'Ath, wherefore see the Deth Coat's white crescents on black, colors reversed from the Putin/Paddon Coat!

As I suggested that prime minister Putin is a Russian Hebrew, as are many in his circle, let me remind you of the "Habere" motto term of the Bath Coat.

I can't believe that it has taken me this long to see that the Spanish Ros Coat is the Maxwell/Makes (also "Maccus") eagle (I usually enter "Ross," which doesn't bring the Spanish surname up). That certainly clinches the Rus(sell) link to Meschins. THEREFORE, the white cross on red of the Bath Coat MUST BE the same of the Macclesfield/Makeslesfield Arms (or see Macclesfield-surname Coat).

The Bath-surname lion is exactly (though many use it) the Ros/Ross/Roos lion, the point being that the Baath party seems overwhelmingly rooted in Rus bloodlines. Of course, I'm gambling on a Baath party link to the Bath surname of Britain. It looks like a very good gamble, however, especially if the At(kin)s/Au(chen)s (= Aflacks/Achinflecks) were a branch of Baths/Athas.

Apparently, Auchinflecks were a Bath merger with the Flecks/Flechs, explaining why Aflaq and Bitar called their party, "Baath," though, technically it's the Ba'ath party!! We get it. The Atkins. The oak/acorn bloodlines.

The Oak surname uses the same old Oak shown repeatedly, albeit a taller version is used by the Ales/Alicea surname of Messina. And that speaks of the Elis clan, using white crescents on black (!) and the same oak tree. The point is, the oak-depicted family branches trace to Saracens of Messina, and the Guiscard Rus who merged with them.

Amazing, after writing that line, not a split-second later, the thought entered my mind that Putin's line should go out from that south-Italian family, and immediately "Potten" entered my mind. I have not seen this Coat for a while; it's the Pottinger Coat, and it too uses pelicans! The motto includes "ardua," as per the Apollo oak trace to Avalon. It's the same pelican as per the Mead Crest.

Remember above where I saw a Putin trace to the Capelli>Butin/Biden chapeau symbol. The Capelli were in Ferrara, north of Perugia, the latter using a griffin similar to the Ali Coat. I therefore expect the Putins to issue out of the Ali or Ales clans.

As these are traced back to Elis of Greece, where Pisa is found, might the CabELLES (situated beside their Pisidian brothers/cousins/allies) have been responsible for the Elis term? Might they have been named in the first place as a Cab-Elis combination? Does Kabala trace to the Gels (Delymites), therefore? I think so, for on independent lines, I traced Kabalists to sons of Elam(ites), who may have named Delymites. Elam was the brother of Aram, whom Josephus says was founder of Armenians.

The German Elis clan is from Oldenburg, suggesting, perhaps, that "Olden/Alden" are rooted in "El(is)," to be understood as Al-town. Hmm, the English Olden Coat (surname first in WestMOREland) uses white crescents too. The Alisons, said to be derived from "Elis' son," were first in Lanarkshire. The Alison white talbots on black are likely colors reversed from (i.e. a family branch of) the black talbots of the Carricks and Craggs. BUT THE CRAIGS USE WHITE CRESCENTS ON BLACK i.e. the Elis symbol.

The paragraph above was to be the end of today's update, until I decided to look at the Eidelstein Coat, for Vladimir Zhirinovsky's blood-father was an Eidelstein. The archer in the Coat, in the colors of the Bogen bow and the Bogen Crest archer, could link to the archer in the Alten Coat! That exclamation mark is there because I had traced Putins to the Aldens.

If you read yesterday, you may know that Bogens were traced to the Bugs surnames of both Germany and England; both Bugs Coats are in the colors of both the Bogens (Bavaria roots) and Eidelsteins.

AMAZING. I recalled tracing Zhirinovsky to Susan Boyle's surname, and thinking that "Boy" and "Bug" were variations, I checked the Boyer surname to find that they were first in Nottinghamshire! AND, the Boyer surname is also BOWyer!! AND, the Boyer Crest is the same rising eagle as per the Aflack/Afleck Crest!!! AND, the Boyle Coat is the same old nine-acorned oak tree!!!! AND, the Boyle Crest has a red heart!!!!! AND, Boyle variations use "Bog," as in Bug and Bogen!!!!!! AND, the Scottish Boyles were first in Ayrshire, beside Lanarkshire's red heart!!!!!!!

Just like that, at the cost of only 28 exclamation marks, Zhirinovsky is traced to the very same clans that I've been dealing with, which were the roots, in all likelihood, of the Bowers>Bauers>Rothschilds and the Bavarian Illuminati. BUT, for an eighth point, I have eight more marks: the Boyles are said to be from Boivils, and while Boii peoples founded Bohemians, the Eidelstein surname was first found in Bohemia!!!!!!!!

AND NINTH, the Scottish Boyle Coat uses three red antlers, the symbol of the Veringens, the proto-Varangian Rus (!!!!!!!!!), I think. As per my suspicion that the Boii were given the bee symbol, so the Boy/Bouie/Bie Coat uses bees. The Boy Crest is Two crossed oak branches!!!!!!!!!! I am overjoyed for getting out to the International Monetary Fund last week to borrow more money for buying more exclamation marks.

I always keep the theory that Buz, son of Nahor, links to a bee-using peoples, especially the Bajocasses/Baiocasses of Bessin. Some trace Bajocasses to Bohemians, and some trace Bohemians to founders of Bavarians.

The Bouges/Boggs are said to be from Viking elements, and were first found in Berkwickshire, as were the Boys. The Coat uses black stars on white, as with the Medleys and Atkins. The Bygges Coat? A red lion and red leopard head. The write-up: "...the name Bigge was recognized on the island as a name for a large, stout, or strong man. The name is Old Norse in origin..." Forget the trace to "big man," as that seems simpleton. The use of "stout" could be clue to the Stout-surnamed vikings that conquered, and perhaps named, Rothesay.

There's little question as to whether the Eidelstein surname links to the Heidel surname, though I'm convinced, as per Zhirinovsky's book, "My Struggle," that it links better to the Hiedel/Hitler surname. The Heidel Coat uses the white lion on red seen in the Bath/Atha Coat, and possibly "Heidel" (as well as "Heidt") is rooted in the same At term as the At(kins) surname. The "et" motto term in the Bath/Ath Coat may be code.

I think the Catti of Hesse-Cassel are in view. An alternative Atkin Coat shows a blue lion on white, the color of the Macclesfield (of Cheshire) lion (scroll down to see Arms). I had traced the Catti of Hesse-Cassel to the naming of Cheshire, and to its Cheatle/Cheddle surname. But there are also the Hattons/Attons, first found in Cheshire. That term could be rooted in At-Town (as for example the Hatton location of Cheshire), no doubt from "Cat." The Hatton write-up traces to a German name, "Hatto." The Hatton Coat uses the Arms of Cheshire, if that tells how Cheshire-important the clan was. Wikipedia suggests that "Hesse" was a variation of "Chatti," if that helps to make the Catti link to "Ches(hire)".

February 28

There's nothing to do but wait and see how well the Sunnis accept their election losses.

"When the Iraqi government pressed ahead with its anti-Baath campaign by seeking to bar more than 500 candidates from running in the election, Mr. Allawi suggested that such heavy-handed tactics could lead to civil war.

With only a little more than a week until the election, though, Sunnis still view the voting booth as the best place to secure influence in Iraq, according to American and Iraqi officials and dozens of interviews with residents.

...How they will react once the votes are counted, especially if there is a perception of fraud, is uncertain."

The question is not whether the following charge is true, but how far-spread it is: "Baathists are working with terrorists at night and with politicians in the morning." The situation is such that dissatisfaction with election results could prompt cries of foul play, and give the violent Baathists a small but passionate army to work with.

Hmm, why is Obama putting a missile-defence shield in what was Transylvania:

"Russia has serious concerns about U.S. plans to deploy missile interceptors in Romania, the Foreign Ministry said February 26].

The statement from ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko reflected Moscow's irritation...

'We are worried that we find out about important decisions regarding the U.S. missile defense in Europe from the media rather than our official counterparts in Washington or Bucharest,' Nesterenko told a briefing.

...'Russia has serious questions regarding the true purpose of the U.S. missile defense in Romania...'

...Russia has applauded President Barack Obama's decision to scrap Bush administration plans for missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic. But Moscow has grown increasingly critical of the planned site in Romania and also criticized the U.S. plans to deploy Patriot air defense missiles in Poland."

Poland, Moravia (eastern Czechoslovakia), and Transylvania are the three places to which my traces of Meschin>Obama ancestry have gone. One gets the impression that both Bush and Obama know their family roots in those peoples. The article goes on to mention "General Nikolai Makarov, chief of General Staff of the armed forces." He recently accused Obama of pointing, so to speak, the missiles toward Russia.

I have just entered "Makar" to see what family it might belong to. Would you like to venture a guess at whether it brings up a Meschin-family branch? IN FACT, the same Coat comes up as when we enter, "Makes," as in Makesfield or Mackesy. Variations include Mack, and nearly the same vertical red and gold bars can be seen in the Mascal/Keith Chief too. These Mascals must be related to the namers of Musselburgh in Haddington, for the Mascals and Keiths were first found in Keith, of Haddington. The English Mascalls were first found in Sussex, the place to which I traced the stock/branches of the Putin, Medvedev and Lavrov families yesterday. Four Coincidences????

We can also trace them to Holland's Macki/Mackay surname, which is obviously a branch of the English Masseys. The Mackay variation of the Dutch family is evidence that the Scottish-highland Maceys/MacKays are linked to the Massey/Macey clans of Cheshire...rather than tracing back to Kay roots. That is, if Kays were from this clan, it was Maceys>Mackeys first, Kays descending afterward.

As we can see that the Masseys were first in Manche (Normandy) before coming to Britain, it allows me to expand on the newest Meschin clan to be introduced here, the Mackesy surname, the one using the green-on-white snake of assumed Visconti links. The motto is: "In deo manogue fides" (italics mine), and just before coming to this topic at hand, I had been wondering whether the motto was code for Manche, and/or the Manx at the Isle of Mann. The Mann Shield is identical to the Massey Shield, thus verifying Massey links to a Mann family.

The Mackesy Coat shown in the paragraph above was compliments of Tim (not houseofnames), who may or may not have further details on this family. As Mackays were highlanders (i.e. from northern Scotland), there are likely Mackesy links to the highlander Mathie/Mann surname, with Maken variation. The Scottish Mann surname (first in Aberdeen) has a Mangus variation that may apply to the Mackesy motto (manogue). I earlier traced the Mackays to the Claro Rus of northern Scotland; and Rus links to the Manns are apparent where the Russell Crest (goat) is used in the Mann Coat. By the way, the latter's Crest is blue droplets on a dragon; we've seen droplets before in Meschin-related clans such as Pattersons and Samsons.

I don't know where Mackesys lived, unless they are the Margessons that come up when one enters "Mackesy." The Margesons are said to be from Argenson in Normandy. When I went hunting to find where in Normandy, wow, I came across this webpage wherein we find an "Editor" of a report on a castle square called "Voyer d 'Argenson in Asnieres-sur-Seine" (Paris). The point is, the Editor's name, Xavier Massary, so very close to the Russian general, Makarov.

I wouldn't be mentioning any of that if the Massar Coat didn't show something interesting. IN FACT, it has the same indented separator line (I can't recall ever seeing others like it) as does the Margesson/Mackesy Coat! That would be quite a coincidence, unless it's not.

The Massar Coat is Italian, and the write-up derives from "massaio." The Coat is green and white, the Visconti and Mackesy snake colors, wherefore I would venture to link the Massars to Massino. Massars are said to have been first in Tuscany; there is a coastal Massa location in Tuscany. As the Massino crowd became the Massins/Masons out of Kent, it's not inconceivable that the Putin administration is from Freemasons of the West.

[Insert -- IN FACT, AFTER I FINISHED THIS UPDATE, I CHECKED FOR A Dargen surname," as per the Margenssen write up's "D'Argen term," and found a Dargen family first found in Kent!! It uses a black saltire, the symbol of the Maxwells and the Pattersons!! That saltire is black on white, the colors of the crosses of the two surnames that founded the Baath party...which by the way are likely connected to the Sinclair-Rus cross. It's not inconceivable that the same Rus put out families in Russia by the fact that Varangians founded Moscow, and moreover lived in the Ukraine. End insert]

NOW, for more Obama links to the bedrock of the Putin's administration from either the Sussex clans under discussion in the last couple of days, or from Sussex-clan stock somewhere else. The Mackesy surname from Tim has the Shield design used also by the Wolfley Shield (surname first in Cheshire), which is also green and white!

Earlier in this update page, the Wolfley green and white was traced to the same of the Arms of Mide (a location in Ireland after which a local Meath was named). I shared that while Wolfleys are said in their write-up to be from Longdendale, there is a county of Longford in Mide, I then showed that the Longford and Langford terms are inter-changeable, and that the Longford and Langford Coats are nearly identical. BUT NOW I FIND that the English Langford Coat is a near-reflection of the Borderlands Makar/Mack/Makes Coat too.

NOW, if the Makarov surname does trace to the Makar surname, -- and if he is Biblical Gog -- astounding would this story be, for the blue diagonal bar rising from left to right in the Makar Coat, with gold symbols, is used also by the Masci Coat, AND, when one enters "Mascar," the Masci/Mascarello Coat comes up!! If Makarov is Gog, and if he traces to the Mascar surname, then he traces to my mother's Masci mother! I'm shaking my head, even laughing, and hoping I'm not the anti-Christ.

Guess who else uses the Wolfley and Mackesy Shield design?? The Nobel Shield. I was amazed, because I discovered this when seeking who else used the Margesson/Mackesy Coat!! THAT IS, the Nobels and the Margessons/Mackesys share slightly-different versions of the same lion design, while the Nobels and Mackesys share the same Shield design, tending to verify that the Margesson family is indeed a Mackesy branch. Will the anti-Christ win a Nobel prize because he'll be a part of the family?

AHA!! After trying "Marg" without success of bringing up a Coat, "Margie" (also "Markie") found the SPECTACULAR I was after but didn't think I'd find so easily. Margies are listed under the Mackie/Mackey surname!!! PLUS, the Mackie/Mackey Chief is the EXACT lion used by the Margesson/Mackesy Coat i.e. they are the same family without doubt. The Mackie write-up traces to "Hugh," as does the Mackay write-up, but I'll ignore it, for these are definitely Meschin clans. The Mackie Coat uses an arrow superimposed on ravens, reminding me of the raven riding upside down on an arrow (can't recall the surname).

This reminds me of the Mackay trace to the raven-depicted vikings...who I think were the proto-Randolph/Ralph Rani vikings (the Ralph surname also uses ravens). The Scottish Rait/Raith Coat (Nairnshire, highland) uses what should be the Sinclair cross, and a "meliori" motto term, perhaps code for a Rus-honored honey/bear-related family linking to Medvedev roots.

I say that because the Margesson/Mackesy motto includes "me lie," and when Mele/Melle (= honey) is entered we find a surname first found in Sussex, where the Margesson/Mackesy surname was first found...and where the Putin-et-al surnames appear to trace. The Mele Coat uses a mascle in a design exactly like the Hood/Hutt Coat. The Hood Chief uses crescents, and the Crest uses the same bird used by the Kay Crest.

Because Hoods are "derived from the settlement of Hood in Rattery in Devon," we check for the Rattery surname (red heart in Crest) and find one. Ratters were first in Perthshire, but due to their "Super" motto term they can be linked to the Hoods of Devon because the Super surname was first in Devon. The Supers use a black-on-white saltire.

The Margesson/Mackesy write-up: "Their name, however, is thought to be derived from a location in Normandy called Argenson, which would have been used as a name in its local form, D'Argenson..." The Dargen/Darque Coat uses a black saltire on white too, and a PURPLE arm in the Crest. The write-up:"William d'Arques was Lord of Folkestone in [Kent]...descended from the Vicomtes of Arques who held a castle four or five miles from Dieppe in Normandy." The "Arque" term evokes "Arca," the mythical bear that founded Arcadia in Greece, after which the Dipper/Ursa constellation(s) was named.

Dipper? Dieppe?? The German Dipper surname has Depner/Daepner-like variations including "Deppe." The Coat is in the colors of the Ark/Arch Coat, and evokes the two Pollock Coats. Plus, the Arks were first in Berkshire, while the write-up for the Arms of Berkshire link its six-pointed star, which star design I have found in Poland, to the Herschel surname...which is also red and white, and was first found in Silesia/Poland.

IN FACT, I traced the Jewish Pollock Coat to the Dobers and Dobermans, wherefore compare the Doberman Coat with the Dipper Coat!! AND, while the Dober variations include Tober, Teuber, Taupfer, and Teupfer, the Dipper variations include Dauber, Doepker and Toepner. I think it's a match. (The French Dupper Coat looks like the Herschel Coat.)

Months ago, I shared that Dober variations smack of "topf," the German word for a pot, which led to the discovery that the Dovers, using a black cinquefoil on white, were a branch of the Potters, using a cinquefoil in colors reversed. AMAZING! Isn't a dipper a pot??? AND, let me repeat what was said yesterday:

Amazing, after writing that line, not a split-second later, the thought entered my mind that Putin's line should go out from that south-Italian family, and immediately "Potten" entered my mind. I have not seen this Coat for a while; it's the Pottinger Coat, and it too uses pelicans! The motto includes "ardua," as per the Apollo oak trace to Avalon. It's the same pelican as per the Mead Crest.

Bears and honey. There were surnames with those themes.

As per William D'Arques of Folkestone, we check the Folkes/Fulk Coat (a spear with tips at both ends), using "Qui sera sera" as motto, and thus linking, likely, to the Russell clan. NOTE that this surname was in-particular from Fulco Nerra, i.e. the Black, for a variation of the Dargen/D'Arque surname (black saltire) is "Dark." The Black Coat also uses a black-on-white saltire! The Blacks are said to link to ancient Nigers, and we then see that the Niger surname was first found in Cheshire.


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